The Strongest Gene Chapter 791-800

Chapter 791: Equal Distribution

“Haha, I just got another 10 apostles.”
“Same here.”
The major gods were all overjoyed. Different from the minor gods like Chen Feng, who were busy taking in awakened ones that could be transformed into resonators, the major gods were taking in the truly powerful believers. So what if those minor gods could gather a huge number of believers? A single apostle was equivalent to a hundred normal believers.

Naturally, the major gods did not know that this was the human world, the world that Chen Feng had once belonged to. Of the millions of life-forms here, nearly half of them had become his believers the moment they saw him, the moment he rescued them, with no hesitation whatsoever. These were the firmest of Chen Feng’s believers.

Thus, Chen Feng had no need to fight over believers with these gods. He only needed to focus on integrating into his divine system the half of the life-forms of this planet that had decided to believe in him. That alone would be sufficient.

Shua! Shua!

Chen Feng’s hands grabbed at empty air. Clump after clump of the terrifying power of faith appeared without stop and entered Chen Feng’s body. This was the greatest power of faith to have ever appeared, an amount of faith nobody could surpass, even the Sin God of the past. After all, this was the faith supplied by half of the human world’s life-forms.

Chen Feng sensed the power within him. Was he a minor god? Yes, he was. He was the lowest of gods, but due to the faith he was gathering, the speed he was growing at was unsurpassable. His strength was growing crazily.

Bang! Bang! With each surge of godly power, Chen Feng could feel a tremendous growth in his strength. So powerful and inconceivable.


He shut his eyes, entering a brand new world. This world belonged to him alone. In this world, faith poured in without stop. After entering this world, it split into three parts. One part was used for Chen Feng’s growth, and the other two parts were transmitted to Spirit and the Misfortune Goddess. The Misfortune Goddess’s consciousness seemed to be on the verge of awakening.

Is she going to awaken soon?

Chen Feng wore a pensive look. Under normal circumstances, he alone would enjoy all the faith. Now, though, due to the fact that the Luck Goddess and Misfortune Goddess were residing within him, part of the faith was being shared with them. However, it did not matter. Since these goddesses had already returned to him, their growth would be equivalent to his growth. At the very least… Chen Feng’s heart jolted.

Boundless godly power surged out. In addition to his godly power, he still retained his control over the godly powers of misfortune and luck. Indeed, these two were now tied to him.


Faith poured into him crazily. Chen Feng and the two goddesses started growing at a rapid pace. The god realm was the final realm one could reach. Based on Chen Feng’s understanding, the so-called god realm was split into several stages. The first stage was the minor god, the stage he was presently in, the lowest of all gods. Next were the elementary gods, then the journeyman gods, the major gods, and finally, the most powerful of the gods, the gods comparable to existences like the Creation God.

The gods of each subsequent stage were more powerful than the gods of the previous stage. As for the method of increasing one’s stage, it was quite simple: faith. The more believers one had, the more faith one would have. With this, the growth of one’s godly power would increase as well. Only by obtaining believers without stop could one grow.

That was why the minor gods could only struggle for survival amid the major gods and slowly grow. Only after a long time would they have a chance to advance into an elementary god. Next, they would have to continue to slowly grow… This was how gods grew.

The path between minor godhood and major godhood was a long one. As for Chen Feng… He looked at the faith that was frantically surging in. This was an amount of faith that even the Sin God would envy. Even though it was actually only one- third of this amount, as the other two parts were being shared with the Misfortune Goddess and the Luck Goddess, this amount was already sufficient to pump Chen Feng full of godly power.

In a short seven days, Chen Feng had already reached the peak of the minor god stage.

Bang! He entered the elementary god stage.

Nearly all the gods were alarmed.

Their eyes went wide with disbelief. Seven days! In only seven days, Chen Feng had entered the elementary god stage? How was this possible? One ought to know that in the past, they had spent a very long time to reach that stage.

“This… Is it because of this world’s believers?”
The gods’ eyes became bloodshot as they looked at the human world. They knew that the believers of this world were all rather intelligent. As such, the faith they provided should be rather powerful as well. However, they had never expected it to be this powerful, powerful enough for Chen Feng to reach the elementary stage in seven short days. “Since even Chen Feng can advance so quickly, what about us?”
The other minor gods were getting excited.

Including the minor god that had brought Chen Feng into the resonance realm, all the minor gods started frantically spreading their godly power through the human world in the hopes of gaining more recognition from the population there. Chen Feng’s breakthrough had given a lot of gods hope. This was especially true for the gods that had been stuck for way too long.

Naturally, none of them were aware that, during these seven days, although they had all started from scratch in their search for believers, the instant Chen Feng had rescued the human world, he had obtained a huge number of believers. From the start, Chen Feng’s speed of growth had been the fastest of all.

Bang! Bang! His godly power surging, Chen Feng continued growing. Under the nourishment of that terrifying amount of godly power, Chen Feng continued his rapid growth. In a short 10 days, he reached the peak of the elementary stage. That’s right. He was on the verge of yet another breakthrough. If he
continued, he would without a doubt become a journeyman god.

And yet he stopped. He looked at his stage while in contemplation. Ultimately, he decided to put his breakthrough on hold. The moment he proceeded and broke through, he would put all the gods on high alert. It wouldn’t matter if he only broke through a single stage. At most, he would gain some attention. However, if he continued and broke through two stages in a row while all others god had yet to break through even once, they would probably start taking this seriously. The various gods that were all busy gathering believers simply had no idea just how many believers Chen Feng had.

I will stop for now, Chen Feng decided. Ultimately, he sent all the godly power to the two goddesses instead. 
Spirit’s strength increased without stop. She had been a major god in the first place. Even though the Luck Goddess’s actual consciousness was already dead, the divine seat was still occupied by her. She had merely lost all strength after inheriting the divine seat.

Now, her godly power was recovering. From minor god, she reached elementary god, then journeyman god… at a speed even faster than Chen Feng’s own. When Chen Feng had been hesitating over his breakthrough earlier, she had already broken through into the journeyman stage. Yet this was just the beginning. The Misfortune Goddess’s consciousness was awakening at a rapid pace as well.

The Misfortune Goddess, whose strength had originally been stuck at the level of an awakened one, had under the nourishment of Chen Feng’s massive supply of faith, finally awakened. The translucent silhouette representing her now appeared lifelike.

The petite silhouette transformed into a physical body. Somewhat regretfully for Chen Feng, the instant she formed her body, her clothes were formed as well.

Cough, cough. Worthy of being a goddess indeed.


Godly power spread out as the Misfortune Goddess fully awakened. As for the stage of her divine seat, it was a major god the moment she awakened. Naturally, she was similar to Spirit; even though her divine seat was that of a major god, her actual body contained a pitiful amount of godly power.

Chen Feng waved his hand, instantly increasing the amount of faith flowing to her. She was directly pushed to the journeyman god stage, at which point Chen Feng adjusted the flow of faith so that both goddesses were receiving an equal amount. 
With this, the strength of both goddesses would be balanced. Chen Feng was extremely satisfied with this. As the master of this illusory world, which hosted both the goddesses, he felt like it was necessary to maintain a certain amount of balance. He was of the impression that he was giving them both equal treatment.

Chapter 792: Piss Off!

The power of faith was still surging in. Even though both goddesses were able to easily reach the journeyman stage, the amount of godly power required to reach the major stage was truly too terrifying. As such, even with the quantity of believers Chen Feng had, they were still stuck. But this was reasonable. Regardless of the amount of faith one had, could the amount of godly power required for a journeyman god to become a major god be low?

After all, in a way, major gods were already considered the strongest existences. Apart from existences like the Creation God and the Sin God, major gods were the top of the food chain.

Godly power accumulated without stop. The radiance surrounding Chen Feng dimmed as this radiance signifying a breakthrough finally faded. It was only at this point that the gods that had been paying attention to Chen Feng heaved a sigh of relief.

“I thought that he might even become a journeyman god.”
“Seems like we have been thinking too much…”
“Well,  we  were  given  quite  a  fright  by  his  previous advancement speed, after all. Looks like the amount of this world’s faith he has under his control is not too great after all.”
“Well,  that  is  understandable.  After  all,  he  was  indeed  a minor god when he appeared here.”
“Where has the faith of the humans gone to, then? When accepting believers, I keep feeling like a huge number of this world’s believers have already been monopolized by someone else.” “Some other gods, I suppose?”
“After all, nearly all the gods have arrived here in this world.”
“But it isn’t possible for them to have been faster than us, right? We, the major gods, should have been the fastest of all.”
“Is it possible that Chen Feng inherited some believers from the divine seat?”
This possibility was immediately rejected by a certain god. “That is not possible. Think about it. If Chen Feng had truly inherited believers from the divine seat, the moment this world appeared, how could those strongest resonators have been godless, waiting for us here?”
“True,”  the gods all exclaimed in realization. Indeed, they had nearly forgotten this point. When they had first arrived, all of this world’s strongest believers had been partitioned between them. Due to the limited number of these believers, they had been cleanly split among the major gods. As for minor gods like Chen Feng, they had gotten nothing. As such, it was clear that Chen Feng had
not inherited any believers from the divine seat.

“In that case, his first-stage breakthrough was probably due to the accumulation of the divine seat.”
“Mhm… After all, this divine seat has an entire world attached to it. Perhaps it is not a simple seat. As such, it might indeed have left behind some godly power that subsequently helped Chen Feng break through.”
“That must be it. If he indeed inherited believers from it, he would have broken through into the journeyman stage already.”
The gods were all clear on this. Chen Feng had only taken seven days to enter the elementary stage. If this was truly thanks to the faith he was obtaining from his believers, he probably would have only required around 10 days to enter the journeyman stage. However, 20 days had passed since then, but he was still stuck. This proved that he was still quite far away from the journeyman stage.

“Well then, we can ignore him for now.”
“Mhm. Gathering new believers is still the priority. However, to be safe, it is better to prohibit Chen Feng from coming near this world.”
“Yes, we must do that.”
The gods all reached a common understanding. If they had to restrict the other gods, it would give rise to quite a lot of trouble and resistance from the gods. Although the major gods were sufficiently powerful, at a time like this, none of them wished to waste any time dealing with that kind of trouble. However, what if they only had to restrict Chen Feng? Heh. Most likely, all the gods would agree to this proposal. They would even allow the minor gods to enter this world for believers, restricting only Chen Feng.

“As for who will be the one to get the most believers—or if anyone plays any tricks—we will naturally find out after all of this world’s inhabitants have been fully converted into believers.”
“That’s right.”
“That does not seem too far away.”
“Mhm… Based on our present speed, at most, the entire human world will be thoroughly split up among the various gods in 30 days.”
“Then we will decide on the next step at that time.” The gods began busying themselves with gathering believers once again.
They guessed that there some gods might have used some unique method to gather a huge number of believers. However, they were now too busy to try to figure out who that person was. In any case, after all the humans were split up between the various gods, there would be a struggle among the gods to snatch the believers of other gods.

And thus the gods placed their attention on gathering believers. All of them reached a tacit understanding to prevent Chen Feng from entering this world. Although that minor god wanted to help Chen Feng, he was helpless and could only continue gathering believers in silence. At most, he would transfer some over to Chen Feng when he was done here. After all, he was the one who had kick-started Chen Feng’s journey to godhood.

And thus, time passed quietly. Finally, 30 days passed. The entire human world had finally been totally split up among the various gods. At this time, all the major gods had unsightly expressions, as they had finally noticed that something wasn’t right. The total number of believers did not match the total population of the world.

Moreover, the difference was incredibly huge. The total believers these gods had gathered was half of what they had expected. With the population of this world, how was it possible for them to have so few believers?

“Something isn’t right.”
“Definitely,” a god said with a solemn expression.

“Could it be Chen Feng?”
Someone had instinctively thought of Chen Feng. After all, this world had only appeared when Chen Feng obtained the divine seat. However, after they checked, they found that Chen Feng was still an elementary god. “Mhm… Looks like the missing believers are not under him.”
The gods started looking all over, wondering who was monopolizing the believers. After all, each of the gods had gathered way fewer believers than they had expected. If the sum of missing believers were totaled, it would reach quite an astonishing amount. Which god, exactly, was messing around? Chen Feng was the first suspect to be cleared. After all, he was too weak, so weak that he did not seem like he could be the one that had monopolized so many believers.

Secondly, during the process of gathering, Chen Feng’s entry had been restricted. As such, it was virtually impossible for him to be responsible for monopolizing the missing believers. As such, they started doubting the other gods. Alas, their investigations resulted in nothing.

“Damn it.” Some gods began to surge with murderous intent. If this was the Primordial Era, who would care about those weak gods?
They, the major gods, were supreme existences. How would these minor, elementary, or journeyman gods have any chance of playing tricks on them? Naturally, they had no idea that the Sin God they all feared had already lost his divine seat. As for the believers they were fighting over, these were the treasured believers of the Sin God himself.

A certain major god was furious. “There must be someone who has monopolized the hundreds of millions of believers—or even  billions  of  believers.”  He  could  accept  the  lower  gods being able to obtain more believers than they had expected. However, if a single god alone was monopolizing as many believers as all the other gods, they could not accept that. This was something no god could accept.

“Now, time to find out who that god is. Next, get him to hand over 90% of his believers to be divided equally among all other gods. Otherwise, he will be declared the enemy of all gods,” the major god said coldly. In fact, 90% of his believers was already rather lenient. 
All the gods were filled with indignation. Unfortunately, none of them knew who the culprit was.

“Erm…” Suddenly, Chen Feng quietly asked, “Can I have a share of that as well?”
“Scram!” The major gods weren’t even bothered with being polite against him.

Chen Feng appeared indignant. “But… Since all the gods are potential suspects and are allowed to stay behind and have a share of the split, why can’t I join?”
That god sneered. “I don’t like your face. Is this answer acceptable?”
Chen Feng: “Actually…” 
The other gods all agreed with this. They did not know whether it was a good thing or a bad thing to have Chen Feng staying here among the numerous humans. As such, since he was no longer a suspect, he was naturally the first they kicked out of this world. And thus, our dear friend Chen Feng was kicked out.

Chapter 793: Thank You for the Praise,

“I feel like you are the biggest suspect. Everywhere I went to get believers, you were always there first.”
“How could it be me?”
“Make public your believers, then.”
“Why me?”
“Stop talking nonsense…”
The gods started casting their suspicions on the other gods. As for Chen Feng, he could only leave dejectedly. With this, the situation in the human world had calmed somewhat.

“They  seem  to  be  publicizing  their  believers  one  after another to find the culprit.” Qin Hai had a faint smile. “Yeah.” Chen Feng sighed and bitterly said, “They all looked down on me and forbade me from joining them. When the believers are split after the investigation, each god will probably get several million believers.”
Qin Hai merely sneered. “Hehe.”  He was certain that Chen Feng was the culprit. Why was he still pretending?

Suddenly, Qin Hai said, “It has been two months, right?”
“Mhm…” Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. The battle between the Sin God and that silhouette should have produced a result by now, right? If they hadn’t gotten involved, the Sin God might very well have fallen this time. If that silhouette had been able to occupy the divine seat, it would indeed have brought the Sin God great trouble. However, due to Chen Feng and Qin Hai’s involvement, the silhouette had been greatly weakened as well. As such, the result of the battle was now unknown.

The Sin God would not die so easily. As for the silhouette, he was obviously not a simple person either. If the two were similarly not at their peak strength, their battle might result in their mutual destruction. This would be the best conclusion for Chen Feng. Suddenly, Chen Feng’s heart jolted as he thought of this. Regardless of whether or not this happened, if he wished to be so, it would be so.


His senses returned to himself. Instantly, the faith, which was being split fairly, was adjusted so the Luck Goddess was the only person receiving any. She had originally been accumulating godly power for more than a month here. With this, she instantly broke through and became a major god again.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. “Very good.”
“Spirit… the rest will depend on you.” Chen Feng transmitted his thoughts over.

Spirit’s eyes went wide. “You are trying to…” Nevertheless, she had been with Chen Feng for quite a while. Despite her astonishment, she still as she was told without the slightest hesitation. Nearly all of her godly power was utilized for this task.

Bang! Bang!

A massive amount of the godly power of luck started operating.

Shua! Shua!

At the same time, Chen Feng’s godly power was nearly emptied. Despite this, the exhaustion never stopped. As the torrential faith arrived, it was instantly converted into godly power and then cleanly absorbed by the Luck Goddess. This was godly power being unleashed by a major god with all her might.

The faith of the massive human population erupted, supplying her with unending godly power. This allowed the Luck Goddess to erupt with a power surpassing her realm. 
The boundless godly power of luck started radiating. Noiselessly, all the power of luck was used to influence a battle that they couldn’t even hope to lay eyes on. Perhaps the Sin God and that silhouette were battling it out now. However, only one result would be allowed. Ye could definitely not die, because if he died, the silhouette’s plan would come to fruition.
Although Chen Feng did not know who that person was, he had obviously planned each of his steps, and the death of Ye was definitely part of his plan as well. When that happened, the silhouette would probably be unstoppable. And thus, the silhouette was not allowed to win. However, he could not die either.

Ye’s strength was too scary. The silhouette had only reached this level by existing beyond this world. That was also why Chen Feng had been given the opportunity to ascend. If that silhouette died, after Ye figured out everything that silhouette knew, something even scarier could very well happen. As such, the silhouette could not die either. Both of them had to suffer the same fate. 
The endless godly power of luck surged up. Time slowly passed. One day, two days, three days… It reached the point that even Chen Feng himself did not know how many days had passed. On a certain day, a huge figure appeared in the sky. No godly power could be sensed from that figure, yet the figure’s oppressive might was sufficient to cause all of creation to shudder in fear.

Chen Feng’s heart trembled as he realized that Ye had returned. Finally, the exhaustion of the godly power of luck stopped as well. A result seemed to have been reached. Chen Feng took in a deep breath. He had no idea what the result of their battle was, nor did he know if the godly power of luck had been effective. After all, the target this time was truly too powerful. The only advantages Chen Feng had were Ye’s temporary lack of a divine seat and his ignorance of both what they were doing and the existence of the two goddesses.

If one thought about it, it was truly quite scary. The illustrious Luck Goddess unleashing her full power with the assistance of millions upon millions of believers had still been how scary Ye was. Fortunately, this had finally ended.

“Lord Ye is finally back.”
“I have been waiting for Lord Ye’s return for far too long.”
“That damnable clown has been hiding for so many days.
This time, we ought to get Lord Ye to drag that person out.”
The gods were all furious. These days, they had been searching for clues without stop. The suspected gods had all been forced to publicize their believers. Alas, after half the gods had been forced to publicize their believers, they had still found no clues. Granted, they would still eventually discover the culprit if they continued investigating, but if Ye was willing to help, the culprit would definitely be found. 
In the sky, that huge figure descended. Just like always, Ye was cold and dreadful. Even without any godly power emanating out from him, his every motion still caused everyone to feel fear.

“Hey… No divine seat can be felt from Lord’s body?”
“His godly power has vanished as well.”
“Perhaps he his hiding it?”
“True. A lord is, after all, a lord.”
The gods no longer dared to stick to this topic. After all, Ye was an existence far surpassing them all. he was not one they could talk about. He was one who had started this era, the one giving this life to all these gods. 
“Mhm.” Ye’s gaze swept past them, killing intent occasionally pulsing out. Whenever this happened, the gods’ hearts would flutter. They did not know how they had angered this lord. Ultimately, Ye’s gaze landed on the distant human world. At present, the entirety of the human world had entered an age of gods. All of the godless humans now had their respective faiths. They had all become believers.

Nearly each human pulsed with godly power. The humans… had been fully split up by these gods.


Ye tightly clenched his fists. His heart started burning with rage. After all, he had poured 12 years worth of effort into this world. His anger was especially pronounced when he saw that the tens of thousands of resonators he had cultivated with great difficulty had been transformed into the apostles of various gods. After all, the apostle’s contract was irreversible. “You all, very good,” Ye said coldly.

“Thank you for the praise, Lord.”
The gods were all overjoyed. As for Ye’s present attitude, which did not seem too friendly? It did not seem to matter to them. After all, as far as they were concerned, Lord Ye had always been possessed this cold bearing. They had long grown used to it.

Chapter 794: These Underlings Can’t Make It

Ye had returned. However, his aura appeared comparatively weaker than before. He maintained a calm expression, yet his heart was boiling with killing intent. His hard work over the last 12 years had been ruined in a short two months.

A bunch of idiots.

It wouldn’t be long before he let these fellows know the price they had to pay. However, now was not the time. As he thought about this, his expression appeared even calmer.

“He’s actually not angry?”
Chen Feng and Qin Hai were surprised. With the present situation in the human world, Ye should be enraged, right? He was still so calm? Qin Hai scratched his head in confusion. “Do all gods act in such an unpredictable manner?”
Could it be that the Sin God was just this patient?

Chen Feng shook his head. “No.” Ye’s reaction wasn’t due to his identity as a god. After all, gods were just stronger life- forms. They felt what all life-forms felt. Most likely, the only thing that would affect their decision was their strength. Ye was the perfect model of a person who acted decisively. So why did he appear so calm now?

Chen Feng looked at Ye’s aura, which appeared weaker, and then at the might of Luck Aura. Suddenly, he understood. Ye had truly sustained a rather serious injury. Only this could cause him to endure this anger. That was the only reason he would feign calmness.

Ye was seriously injured and lacked his divine seat, so he had no intention of fighting these gods. He only wanted to rest, to prioritize recovering his combat strength. Chen Feng finally understood. He glanced over at Qin Hai. It was obvious that Qin Hai had reached the same conclusion as well. “What do you think he will do?” Chen Feng asked.

Qin Hai smiled. “He will probably leave calmly. “Then he will challenge a minor god’s divine seat secretly to recover his godhood. After that, he will gather believers at a rapid speed to recover his combat strength. Ultimately, he will eliminate these fellows one by one. Probably more than half of the gods that have plundered Ye’s believers will end up dead.” Qin Hai finished his analysis indifferently. “After all, that is the only way Ye can keep his secret and regain his believers.”
At this moment, the gods were revealing all their believers to Ye. After all, as far as they were concerned, Ye was a supreme existence. He would not deign to fight them over so few believers.

“Not bad.” Ye put on a satisfied expression as he looked at the information presented to him, “Let me take a look. Mhm…  I see.”
After he looked at the information, he sighed and shook his head. “I will not take part in this. As I said before, this is a fight between you all. If I get involved, it will not be fair to you guys.”
After finishing his words, he turned around in preparation to leave. The various gods could only wallow in disappointment.

“Ah,” Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration. What a fine Sin God. With this, he had obtained clear data on all the believers yet still managed to keep himself outside of this struggle. Next, he would only need to secretly retake these believers. How treacherous. However, since Chen Feng had seen through him, how could he allow Ye this chance? Chen Feng’s mouth curled up into a smile.

Some things would require the influence of Luck Aura. However, there were also things that were better handled personally. This was especially true for something so simple. And thus, just as Ye was about to leave, the various gods respectfully sending him off, a flash streaked past. Suddenly, some words appeared in the sky above them. “The numerous believers of the human world were originally the exclusive property of Sin God. They were also his only source of believers. Along with the loss of the Sin God’s divine seat, the human world appeared in reality. Now that Ye has returned with serious injuries, he has discovered that his believers have been split up by the various gods. What would he do? Would Ye, without a divine seat, regain a divine seat before killing off the various gods to regain his believers?”

Instantly, the world lapsed into silence. The bodies of the various gods that were respectfully sending Ye off went rigid. This… With their eyesight, they were naturally able to instantly see all the words. The content of the words caused their bodies to go rigid.

Ye lacked a divine seat?

Ye had no faith?

These believers had originally been Ye’s? How was this possible? Their instinctive reaction was to deny this. That was because Lord Ye was a supreme existence, the master of the universe. Alas, what they saw was an ashen expression on Ye’s face. Ye appeared somewhat flustered emotion.

“Hold on, why would Lord Ye feel flustered?”
“No, this is not the main issue here. The main issue here is why can I see through Lord Ye’s aura? He is supposed to be the most enigmatic of gods, right?”
Suddenly, the various gods realized something. When they looked at Ye once more, they finally saw clearly. Ye was no longer a god. Even though his aura was still the same, without his divine seat, the enigmatic aura shrouding him was gone. Ye’s strength was now clear for all of them to see.

This… Their pupils shrunk. In the past, Ye had been an existence none dared to try sense out. Yet now, with Ye’s secret being made public, the gods started scanning Ye with their senses. What they saw was precisely what they wanted to see. Although Ye was still as powerful as ever, he was no longer a god. He had truly lost his divine seat. Naturally, if that were all, it wouldn’t mean much. After all, Ye was still Ye. Even without his divine seat, he was an ancient god, not someone they could hope to contend against.

However, that single sentence saying that Ye had returned with serious injuries… The comparatively powerful gods scanned him with their senses and found that Ye’s aura indeed appeared rather unstable. Indeed, Ye had truly sustained serious injuries!

Of course, even this much wouldn’t mean anything. However, the human world turned out to have been the sole supply of believers for Ye. This sentence had indeed alarmed all the gods. This world and those believers had all belonged to Ye?

In short, they had been splitting Ye’s believers among themselves? The mere thought caused their hearts to chill. If that was truly the case… They took in a deep breath in shock. They exchanged glances and were able to see the nervousness in each other’s eyes. On top of that, an indescribable fear started creeping into their hearts. Whatever the case, this was still the Sin God. They had actually done something like this. Even more crucial was the
fact that Ye had pretended to not care and was intending to leave. Heavens, was this truly Ye? Based on his past style of doing things…
All the gods felt a chill creeping into their hearts. The moment Ye recovered his combat power, he would probably kill them off in an incredibly cruel manner. After all, this was not something he had never done before. The gods trembled in fear.

Some of the gods were on the verge of kneeling down and begging for forgiveness. However, a voice suddenly resounded. “What if… we do not allow him to recover?” At this question, all their gazes landed on Ye. The gods in fear suddenly came to a realization. True, what if Ye was not allowed to recover? Ye was indeed powerful and terrifying. However, he hadn’t only lost his divine seat; he was even seriously injured. He was greatly weakened and lacked the
replenishment of faith. This might be their best chance to deal with him.

At this thought, all the gods gulped in agitation. True, since Ye would definitely get rid of them after his recovery, they might as well eliminate him while he was still gravely injured. After all, none of them had the courage to face Ye at his peak power. However, they still needed to confirm one thing.

“Is this information true?”
They started consulting their respective apostles. From the apostles they had obtained from the human world, they were able to easily find out that this world had indeed been ruled by Ye previously. So this was indeed the world of Ye. It was no wonder that they had never seen Ye’s believers in the past. And thus, all their questions were answered. The mysteriousness surrounding Ye slowly vanished.


The gods all stood up, their gazes focused on Ye. They were truly planning to make a move.

Chapter 795: Shocking and Oppressing Everyone

Ye laughed in anger. “You all… dare make a move against me?”  He  had  never  expected  that  after  his  believers  were cleanly split up, these gods would betray him before he could show his anger. How ridiculous and lamentable. He was Ye, the strongest god.

And yet he had never expected that a divine seat trial would result in his divine seat being challenged by Chen Feng, or that he would be backstabbed by that damnable silhouette. Or that, upon returning from dealing with all that, he would still have to face this. The illustrious Sin God had fallen so far.

“You are all courting death.”
Ye’s terrifying aura rippled out. Even without godly power, his strength was still astonishingly terrifying. And yet those gods did not step back. Rather, they approached him because, from Ye’s reaction, they could sense that Ye was clearly lacking confidence. This almighty god had indeed aged. One ought to remember how astonishing Ye’s strength used to be. Even him letting out a small portion of his aura had been sufficient to cause everyone to revere him. Yet now, even after pushing himself, he was only capable of this much. He was now far weaker than he had been.

Was this due to his injuries? The gazes of the various gods became vicious. There were innumerable life-forms in the human world, and the absorption of faith from these people had caused the strength of these gods to increase greatly. It was impossible for them to hand out the believers they already had under their control even though these believers belonged to the Sin God.

After all, these were the believers they had obtained after two months of painstaking effort. Give them back to the Sin God? They were not willing to do so. Moreover, even if they decided to truly give the believers back, would they truly be fine? After all, among the believers they had obtained were apostles, which couldn’t be transferred between gods. These were the believers the Sin God had spent 12 years painstakingly cultivating. Who would be willing to give such believers away? There had been tens of thousands of these resonators on the verge of reaching the apostle realm. Yet now, all these resonators had been snatched by these gods. As they thought about this, their hearts chilled. In all honesty, if this happened to them…
Even if it was only two or three apostles, they would probably flip out. If tens of thousands of their apostles were snatched away in such a manner, they would probably collapse emotionally. What about Lord Ye? He had not shown his anger, nor had he gone mad. Rather, he had merely decided to leave calmly. What did this signify? This signified that he did not care, because as long as he killed the gods that had snatched his apostles, he would be able to regain those apostles, since the apostle’s contracts would dissolve with their deaths. As such, Ye had no intention of showing them any anger.

This was the most terrifying aspect of it all. So it turned out that Ye was planning to get rid of them secretly? True, only like this would Ye be able to once again obtain a divine seat and regain his believers.

At this thought, their enclosure around Ye tightened. They were afraid, truly afraid. Therefore, they could not allow Ye to leave.

Ye laughed in a somewhat deranged manner. “Hehehehehe…” Evidently, he had never expected these people to surround him due to their fear of him and his revenge. Therefore, they had decided to eliminate him first. Did they think that they might succeed because of his lack of a divine seat? Hehehehe… How pitiful. Had these people forgotten how strong Ye was?

The reason he had even fallen into that silhouette’s trap in the first place was due to his negligence of outer space and the gods there. Even now, he was still unaware of that fellow’s identity. But these fellows here? Even this trash dared to challenge him?

Ye laughed in an extremely joyful manner. Even without his divine seat…
Slowly, Ye’s gaze became cold. At this moment, the veterans that had been following Ye for a long time, including Zero, were extremely worried, as what was happening now was simply a repeat of what had happened back then. Back then, to ensure the rapid growth of the world, the Creation God had hoped that more gods would rise in power. And thus, powerful gods had been groomed, including Ye.

And yet the powerful Ye had instead issued a challenge to the Creation God, resulting in the subsequent great war. What was happening now was so similar to what had happened back then. What Ye had done to the Creation God was now happening to him, and similarly, he was being challenged by the gods he himself had groomed.

The only difference was that the Creation God had been challenged by Ye, who the Creation God had groomed himself, whereas Ye had, in order to prevent that, ensured that not a single god under him was excessively powerful, hoping that all the gods would grow in a balanced manner. He had originally thought that, with this, history would not repeat. Unexpectedly, what happened instead was all the gods betraying him at the same time.

Zero trembled. “Lord…” Ye smiled. “Fear not. Perhaps it is time to show them my real strength. I can regain my apostles with this as well.”
His tens of thousands of apostle candidates had been divided among the major gods. He had originally still been contemplating whether or not to spare these gods. Now, though, there was no need for that. These gods had given him the answer he sought.

“Come. It has been way too long since we last did battle…” The Sin God had a chilly gaze.

A major god sneered. “Do not fear him. He has obviously suffered a grave injury.”
“Yeah. Not only that, he has also lost his divine seat. He lacks the replenishment of believers. So long as we take this chance to get rid of him, he won’t be too strong…”
“Yes, that makes sense.” The gods eyed the Sin God. Since it had come to this, they had no choice but to fight. This would be a battle where the major gods were the main players.


Terrifying godly power surged out as those gods started attacking.

“He won’t be able to survive this.”
“We must eliminate him while he is injured.”
Numerous powerful attacks blasted toward Ye.

“They are going at it.”  Chen Feng was in a solemn mood. Even though he had merely urged them on to deliver more injuries to Ye, he was hoping that Ye would truly fall here. If that happened, it would be excellent. Unfortunately, this was Ye…

Ye raised his hand lightly.

“I have indeed lost my divine seat… However, you guys seem to have forgotten one thing. Before this era even started, I was already one with this world. I am the master of this world.”

A horrifying power erupted suddenly. This unique power that was completely unlike godly power, that was so powerful that it caused one to suffocate, began to descend from the sky.

“This… The power of the world! Damn it!” “You have actually fused with this world!”
“Leave, fast!”
The major gods’ faces fell. The entire world operated as Ye willed. A massive power akin to numerous rotating mountain ranges headed toward the gods, suppressing them. Their instinctive reaction was to flee. Alas, it was already too late.

Bang! Bang!

The boundless power of the world descended, and just like that, the powerful major gods turned into ash and smoke.

All the other gods took in a deep breath in shock. Dead! All the major gods were dead! Ye, even without his divine seat, had only required a single attack to accomplish this feat. “This…”
The lips of all the gods there felt dry, and their scalps became numb. This was truly too scary. Was this Ye’s strength?

“Fusing with the world…” Chen Feng muttered inwardly. So it turned out that after fusing with the world, one could employ the world’s power? That seemed reasonable. The moment one fused with the world, the world would be equivalent to that person’s weapon. As such, that person would be able to control the entire force of the world, becoming an unequaled existence.

But in that case, how had the Creation God suffered defeat back then? Exhaustion. Even though such a person would nearly be unequaled with access to the entire force of the world, the exhaustion rate of mobilizing such a force should be rather astonishing as well. In short, our adorable Lord Ye was presently…
Chen Feng instinctively looked at Ye. Mhm… Ye’s aura, which had already been heavily injured in the first place, was even more unstable now. As for the remaining gods, who were in lower stages, none of them dared to look straight at the Sin God. However, Chen Feng could clearly see that Ye’s aura was now near collapse.

Suddenly, Chen Feng understood something. To awe and scare all these lower-stage gods, Ye had exhausted nearly all his power. In that case…

Chapter 796: I Am Not Willing to Accept This

“Greetings, Lord.”
The lower-stage gods were all filled with reverence. With this single battle, they had all thoroughly submitted. Against Ye, they no longer dared had any thoughts of resistance. Even though they could guess that Ye was rather exhausted and that he might not have much strength left, not a single one dared to gamble that their guess was right. They only dared to keep their thoughts to themselves, as this was Ye they faced. This was Ye, who, even in death, could still ensure all the gods would die together with him if he wished.

They were all clear that a person at Ye’s level would most definitely have a trump card that could be unleashed at the moment of death. As such, even if they were to use all their might to fight him, even if the battle progressed smoothly, the best conclusion would still be everyone’s death. Was there a need for that? After all, none of them were major gods. They did not have such courage, nor did they have such capability. Ye mere regarded them coldly. Only after a long time did he start speaking. “Very good. Hand over half the believers you guys have gotten from this world,” he coldly said. He was now clear that if he was too kind, these people would doubt him more. As such, he did not need to feign kindness. His ice-cold bearing could still be unleashed as he wished.

The low stage gods all heaved a sigh of relief. So long as he did not require them to hand over all the believers, everything would be fine. And thus, the battle came to an end. All of the apostles and believers of the major gods were returned to Ye, and all the other gods handed half their believers to him. With this, this incident came to an end.

Ye walked to the corpse of a certain major god he had killed.

A translucent radiance flickered. An imprint shone on the dead god’s forehead. This…

The eyes of all the gods there went wide. However, soon after, they realized what was going on. Right, Lord Ye was recovering a divine seat. As far as this Lord Ye was concerned, regaining a divine seat was nothing special. So long as he was not interrupted, he could ascend to godhood again at any moment. At that time, Ye would fully regain all his strength.

After ascending, with the replenishment of believers, he would be able to recover in a short while. Everything would return to normal soon after. However, right at this moment, light laughter resounded. This laughter resounded throughout the area and was heard by everyone.


Everyone turned around instinctively. There, in a certain corner, a shadow had appeared.

… Ye stopped what he was doing. Since there was an enemy, he could not continue with the process of recovering a divine seat. After all, the several minutes of time he would require would be sufficient for an enemy to kill him. As such, he stopped. Coldly, he looked at the shadow expressionlessly.

“Interesting. There are more suicidal clowns around?”  Ye asked coldly.

That shadow merely laughed. “Hehe.”
“Clown… Are you talking about yourself, Ye?” the figure said indifferently.

“Why don’t you reveal yourself before you continue talking,” Ye said in disdain.

“I am already out here,” the shadow replied toyingly. “This is my main body.” What? Nearly everyone was stunned. Main body? A shadow? Hold on… Their eyes widened as their gazes focused on that corner. There, they had initially seen half a shadow, seemingly the shadow of someone hiding in the corner. However, now that they focused on it, they found that it was precisely a
shadow that had walked out of the corner.

There was no body, only a single shadow there. What life- form was this? The gods were all amazed. Shadow… Ye had an ominous feeling as he saw this.

Suddenly, the shadow asked, “I believe you have met my junior brother, right?”
“Your   junior   brother?”    Suddenly,   a   certain   silhouette appeared in Ye’s mind. Finally, a minute change appeared in his expression. Even though his face immediately returned to its previous expression, the slight change was still noticed by some of the gods present. That expression of his… was an expression of fear! That’s right, Ye was actually scared.

“Correct. It is exactly as you guess.” The shadow smiled as he looked at Ye. “My junior brother is the silhouette you fought a few days ago. Mhm… Originally, I thought that he would succeed in killing you. Mhm… Looks like you are stronger than I imagined.”
As the other gods heard this, their hearts jolted furiously. That silhouette… That person that had seriously injured Ye was actually this shadow’s junior brother? Senior brother, junior brother…Heavens, what kind of existences were these two? The hearts of all the gods present started to palpitate. This was too scary a thought. This was too astonishing. As for Ye, his expression was incomparably solemn.

He could ignore all these regular gods. However, he could not ignore this shadow, because if this shadow was truly that silhouette’s senior brother, his strength should be…
Ye’s voice became hoarse. “Who exactly are you people?” He truly had no idea. If that silhouette was an existence he had overlooked, then who exactly was this shadow? This world… How had such terrifying existences appeared in his very own world? This was not supposed to be possible. If these two were the existences of an alien world, with how sensitive this world was, he would have been able to detect their appearance long ago rather than them arriving without him noticing. That silhouette had hidden in outer space, so he could accept the reasoning that the silhouette had avoided the senses of the world. However, this shadow here… Ye was truly
clueless. And thus, he had asked the question he was most
curious about.

“We?”   A  faintly  discernible  voice  drifted  out  from  that shadow. “Do you truly not know? Back then, before Master left… We were created. Light representing the light of the world, darkness representing the darkness of the world. We have never gotten involved in the events of the world, instead distancing ourselves from everything. We have only maintained the order of the world in secret. Are you curious about why we do not suffer any of this world’s repellence? The answer is rather simple. Because… this is our world! Before your arrival, this world belonged to us!”

Ye’s mind boomed. Master left… Created the two… Maintaining the order of the world… The world belonged to them… Could it be…
“You! Two!”  said Ye, one word at a time. “Left! By! The!
Creation! God!”

All the gods’ eyes went wide as they heard this. Creation God… How could this…
The shadow laughed. “Hehe. You have finally thought of this. Did you know? I have been waiting a long time for this moment. Master used his very own body to create this world, yet the world was conquered by you, the ambitious traitor. Do you truly believe that master didn’t have any trump cards? You were wrong. Master is merely too benevolent, so he had intended to give you one more chance. Evidently, you have not treasured the single chance given to you.”
The shadow appeared rather disappointed. As for Ye, he trembled, his eyes bloodshot. Creation God! Him again! How many years had it passed since the Creation God had transformed himself into the world? Yet even now, his shadows were still lurking in this world, still capable of judging Ye’s actions! How ridiculous!

“If it wasn’t for the Creation God’s benevolence, you would have died a long time ago. However, you have nevertheless still crossed the line.” The shadow spoke indifferently. “If you had truly focused on improving and managing this world, so what if the world was given to you? The benevolence of the Creation God is sufficient to accept your existence. Alas… You are truly disappointing.”
The shadow looked over at the dead major gods. Their aura still lingered in the air.

“Too many gods have died.”  The shadow sighed. “So many that the world’s operational system is on the verge of collapse. Therefore, sorry, I shall implement the Creation God’s command and erase you from this world…”
“Hehehehe.”   Ye’s  expression  warped.  The  Creation  God! Again! Who did he think he was? A mere dog! With the two toys he had left behind, he wanted to put the Sin God under his control? How utterly ridiculous!

“I do not accept this!” Ye howled.


Instantly, he erupted with power. While the shadow was still talking, while everyone was still contemplating, Ye unleashed his attack. A horrifying power surged out once again. The attack came at an incredible speed, a speed that caused the hearts of all the gods present to chill. Ye had actually preserved some of his strength. If they had tried to fight him earlier, they would probably have died. And now…

That attack directly blasted into the shadow’s body.

Chapter 797: This Seems to be Progressing Wrongly

“Shadow?  Die!”   Ye  said,  his  gaze  cold.  Next,  he  fully unleashed his formidable power and blasted the shadow’s body. Before this powerful attack, the shadow’s body started to fall apart.

“I, the Sin God, Ye, am the master of this world!” Ye said in a tyrannical manner. The various gods trembled in fear before the might displayed by Ye. At this time, nobody dared to challenge the Ye’s majesty. However, after using all his power to destroy that shadow, Ye’s expression became somewhat strange. He felt like something wasn’t right. Ye frowned as he pondered this. Was the shadow too strong? No, rather, the shadow was too weak!

The shadow, which was supposed to be a powerful existence, had crumbled apart the moment his attack touched it. This gave Ye a bad premonition, as his attack had been no different than attacking a mosquito with a nuclear warhead. It was too much of a waste of his power. Could this shadow be a mere clone? So they were so arrogant to the point that they had only sent a clone to deal with him? If so… Indeed, right at this moment, another shadow appeared in the corner, proving Ye’s guess correct.

Here again! Ye’s heart trembled. This time, this should be that fellow’s true body. However, Ye was nevertheless still Ye. Having suffered a loss once, he would no longer be tricked. In his mind, he replayed the scene where he met the silhouette’s clone as well as the silhouette’s real body. Since they were fellow apprentice brothers, the difference between their clones and their main bodies should be quite similar. Therefore…

The shadow appeared slowly. In Ye’s heart, a standard had already been set. He calmly waited for the shadow to fully appear. When he saw a familiar symbol on the shadow, his guess was confirmed. This was indeed the shadow’s real body.

Ye sneered. “You are so powerful, yet you still need a clone to test the waters for you?” “Of  course.”  The  shadow  smiled.  “Otherwise,  how  am  I supposed to exhaust your strength? Earlier, in order to eliminate my clone, you should have exhausted quite a lot of strength, right? Ah, you, despite already being exhausted in the first place, were forced to once again release an attack of such power… Tsk tsk. How much more of your power can you still draw on? Or perhaps you are already at your limit?”
The  shadow  laughed  and  continued,  “Nevertheless,  it  no longer matters. Since even that fellow is capable of fighting you to the point that the both of you are seriously injured, you clearly are not that powerful even at your peak, let alone the current you. Let me be the one to end this struggle.”

The shadow strode out, taking the initiative to attack. The various gods around them were all trembling in fear. This was not a battle they could hope to join. The enemy was too powerful, possessing a strength they could only look up to. The enemy’s aura alone was sufficient to cause them to tremble in fear. “I’m afraid Lord Ye is in deep trouble this time.”
“Sigh, I never expected a new war of the gods would occur after so many years…”
“I suppose this is why Lord Ye has been so angry.”
The various gods lamented. In the war back then, Ye had suffered defeat and been forced to wait for countless years before the Creation God finally decided to fuse his body with the world. After that, he had still needed to wait for many years to confirm that the Creation God had indeed sacrificed his body. After confirming the disappearance of the Creation God, he had waited many more years before daring to do anything.

Unexpectedly, not long after he had reappeared, the people left behind by the Creation God had appeared yet again to deal with him. How could this not anger him? Wasn’t the Creation God somewhat excessive? Back then, the war between the various gods of the Primordial Era had been completely ignored by him, resulting in countless casualties. Yet after several tens of thousands of years, when Ye appeared, these leftovers of the Creation God’s had appeared as well. What was with this bullying?

If Ye were still oblivious to this, it wouldn’t matter much. Now that he finally knew the truth, though, how could he stay calm? The most terrifying part was the fact that these two fellows were truly too strong!

“Can Lord Ye win?”
“I reckon it will be quite hard.”
“A single silhouette was already sufficient to seriously injure him. Now that the shadow has appeared and has even tricked Lord Ye into wasting a huge portion of his strength before the fight even begin…”
As they thought about this, they were all alarmed. This shadow was so strong, yet he was still using such tricks. Just like that, one of Ye’s trump card had been wasted by a trick. Now that the shadow was personally making a move, could Ye stop him? None of them knew the answer to that. At present, they could only watch on silently.

Indeed, this was the real body. Ye understood clearly. Unlike the clone, which had spoken way too much, this real body attacked the moment he appeared. This was how they should have acted, given their strength. Shadow… Ye’s gaze became cold. He clenched his fists tightly as he sensed the empty supply of power within him. Had he been forced into desperation? It did not matter. He still had a single chance remaining, a trump card he had kept hidden for a very long time.


As the shadow arrived with a terrifying might, Ye finally moved. He had been waiting calmly until the instant the shadow reached him before moving. He lightly raised his right hand. This single motion produced an earth-shattering effect.

Bang! With this single motion, half the sky seemed to crack apart.

“This is…”
All the gods’ eyes widened. How strong! This was their first thought. Ye still had a trump card hidden away? This was their second thought. Heavens! He was obviously already incomparably weakened and near death, yet his trump cards seemed never-ending, each as shocking as the last.

This was too scary. They all observed a moment of silence, mourning the major gods that had dared to move against Ye earlier. Nobody had the slightest idea exactly how strong Ye was.


Slowly, the radiance from Ye’s attack faded. Was it over? The various gods looked over. Indeed, the shadow had vanished. Under Ye’s superpowerful trump card, the shadow had been completely decimated. However, they felt doubtful when they saw that Ye’s expression was incredibly unsightly. “Something feels wrong.” Ye shut both his eyes. Yet another clone? No, he was sure that the shadow earlier was the real body. However, that feeling… was completely wrong! After all, he had faced the silhouette in a battle before and was aware of how strong that fellow was. However, this shadow here, although he had indeed erupted with a rather remarkable strength, was still giving Ye a certain feeling, a feeling that he was so very weak!

This was clearly not how strong the shadow was supposed to be, yet that had clearly been his real body. Ye was at a loss. Had he been too nervous and thus been overthought this? Or perhaps there was more than one enemy? There was a dark shadow and a shiny silhouette. Perhaps there were other figures of different colors? No, that shouldn’t be the case.

Instinctively, Ye looked at the corner while his mind was in a mess. Next, with astonishment, he saw that yet another figure had appeared there. This figure was red.

Ye’s eyes went wide. There was indeed a figure of a different color! Could it be that… “If you have the guts, come out together!” shouted Ye, as he had a bad premonition.

Shua! Shua!

And behold, from the corner, seven figures appeared. Each of the figures was a real body. There was not a single clone among them. The seven figures were of differing colors: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple. Amid the dusky world, the seven shining figures were so dazzling that the various gods nearly went blind.

“This… What is this?”
All the gods were stupefied. Had these all been left behind by the Creation God? They all had such unique characteristic… The characteristics of RGB?

The gods were all stupefied. Ye was stupefied as well. This… did not seem right?

Chapter 798: Extraordinary Imagination

Amid the dusky sky, in a certain far-off corner of the battle that all the gods were focusing on, in the same corner where numerous figures had appeared, two people were crouching, their heads aching.

“This plot seems rather wrong?”  Chen Feng was extremely distressed. A problem had occurred with the plan.

“Yeah.”   In  front  of  him  was  a  youth  with  a  similarly distressed expression. This was precisely his disciple from a long time ago, Wu Hui. With the descent of calamity and the arrival of the era of gods, apart from Chen Feng’s group of three, there were a few other unique existences that had also relied on their unique fortuitous encounters to free themselves of this crisis. It was obvious that Wu Hui was one of these unique individuals.

He was now an apostle. He was also the guy who had planned the ambush on the fast guy with the various words carved out of mountains back then. After that incident, Chen Feng had resumed contact with him. This time, they were planning to eliminate the Sin God.

Mhm, their plan was supposed to be very simple. They would first force Ye to fight the various major gods to exhaust his strength. The second step would be to force the exhausted Ye to fight the shadow’s numerous clones, exhausting his trump cards. With that, when Chen Feng’s group emerged in the end, they would be able to defeat Ye.

This was quite a simple plan. After all, the so-called shadow and the various figures were creations of Wu Hui’s ability that had combined with the godly power Wu Hui had obtained when he became an apostle. What he had unleashed was precisely Ye’s imagination. Moreover, these figures had been created with Wu Hui’s comparatively weak godly power. As such, the shadows were in fact quite weak.

This was not a trick they could repeat, as Ye was not a fool that would endlessly fall to their tricks. As such, their plan had been to use these shadows to trick Ye once. Everything had progressed smoothly, successfully exhausting one of Ye’s trump card with the “clone” before exhausting another of his trump cards with the “real body.” This was supposed to be the time for Chen Feng to step out and end this. However, surprising them, before they could do anything, an unforeseen circumstance had arisen.

Just as Wu Hui was about to stop using his ability, his ability produced another figure. Chen Feng was stupefied at this sight. Wu Hui was the same. There were more?

Chen Feng’s confidence vanished. “What’s going on?”  Holy shit, it couldn’t be that their lie had transformed into reality, right? After all, the previous time he had lied to the gods, his lie had transformed into reality with the appearance of Sin God. And now, the so-called dark shadow and bright silhouette…
“This can’t be, right?”  Chen Feng’s hands shivered. If this truly became reality, it would truly be over for him.

“No, not quite.” Wu Hui laughed bitterly, “It’s my ability.”
Chen Feng heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s good.” So it turns out that the figure was created by Wu Hui. That’s fine, then. Hold on. Chen Feng seemed to have realized something.

“Didn’t I tell you to stop?” Chen Feng was confused.

“Yeah, I was about to stop, but this image appeared in Ye’s mind, creating this figure before I could stop.” Wu Hui’s head ached.

“You are saying… this figure is the product of Ye’s imagination?” Chen Feng was astonished. He had initially thought that Ye would see through the lie after witnessing the “clone” and “real body.” Unexpectedly…
“Should I turn this figure off?” Wu Hui asked cautiously.

“No.” Chen Feng waved his hand. “I am quite curious; what else his mind can create?”
Just as he finished his words, several shiny figures appeared. Chen Feng and Wu Hui witnessed the birth of this group of rainbow figures with their very own eyes. Or perhaps one could say that this was a group of RGB figures.

Chen Feng: “…”
Wu Hui: “…”
What else could they say in response to this? Ye was worthy of his identity as a god, possessing such a rich imagination? Even the figures he imagined were so brilliant.

“The limit of my creativity is creating a dark shadow-like figure. Look at Ye’s imagination…” Chen Feng lamented endlessly.

Wu Hui: “…What should we do now?”
He was somewhat anxious. “Wait  and  see.”   Chen  Feng  focused  his  gaze  ahead.  At present, he too was clueless about what Ye was thinking.

At the same time, when the figures appeared before Ye, he finally started going crazy.

“Haha. I knew it. It’s impossible for you to be so weak! Since that bastard Creation God left behind some trump cards to deal with me, how can the trump cards be so weak? That bright silhouette was so strong. How is it possible that the shadow is weak? Hahaha, so turns out this is your actual trump card?”
Ye was furious. He felt like the shadow was playing around with him. Real body? Indeed, all of these were real bodies. However, one could also have various real bodies. Clones were something one could create or destroy at any time. As for real bodies, they would exist forever. However, what if someone had numerous real bodies? Since this fellow had decided to face him, it was inevitable that he himself would also suffer damage from this encounter. Therefore, he was prepared to sacrifice several clones, while this shadow was precisely a person whose ability was the creation of numerous clones that were also real bodies at the same time. So it turned out that this was the case. Ye finally understood clearly. If this shadow looked for him alone, there was a possibility of him dying. That was because, despite his numerous clones, his strength was rather unremarkable. He was not at all match for Ye. Therefore, he first had the bright silhouette exhaust Ye’s strength, then sent the dark shadow over…
Ye finally understood everything. The plan was to send figure after figure at him to exhaust him.

What a fine scheme, shadow. Unfortunately, since this plan has already been seen through by me, sorry, I will not give you the chance to defeat me.

Ye’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Come out.”
Ye inhaled deeply as he decided to no longer retain any power, as it would be completely meaningless. If he continued retaining his strength, he would probably be exhausted to death by this damnable shadow’s inexhaustible clones. Therefore, he might as well thoroughly eliminate this shadow.


A tremendous power started emerging from the deepest part of Ye’s body.

A faint radiance started converging around him.

“Come out!” he howled. A wondrous-looking string of light appeared in his hands. This was the Karma String, a weapon capable of linking all the figures together and dragging them out. That’s right, Ye was planning to use brute force to drag the enemy out. This was his final trump card, a power he had never dared use before.


Ultimately, more than 200 figures were dragged out, each a different color. Around them, the various observing gods were already thoroughly stupefied. These figures… Ye  laughed.  “Very  good.  You  guys  have  finally  revealed yourselves. To be capable of forcing me to this extent, you are quite a terrific person. Remember that even that silhouette only managed to injure me, and the injuries were merely flesh wounds. Yet you…. hehe,” Ye muttered. “Worthy of being the
something the Creation God created. Unfortunately, this is the end for you. It is time to show you guys exactly why I was able to rebel against the Creation God back then.”

A terrifying power erupted and engulfed the entire area. The figures that were linked by the Karma String started shaking.

Next, something terrifying happened. Instantly, all the figures linked together transformed into ash and dust and waffled through the air, presenting quite a horrifying sight. Ye sighed. “Let this end.”
Karma… Before the eyes of so many gods, the 200-plus figures turned into ash. Was this… finally over? Ye stood up and turned around in preparation to leave. Right at this instant, an astonishing radiance flashed. Ye turned around abruptly, and before he could even do anything, an immense force could be felt piercing through his chest.


Instantly, that massive force penetrated his chest and destroyed his entire body.

Ye’s eyes went wide, unbelieving. Before his eyes was a person he was incredibly familiar with: Chen Feng.

Chapter 799: The Final Trump Card

Prior to the elimination of the numerous figures, the appearance of the 256 figures had rendered even Chen Feng speechless as he wondered exactly what was contained in the Sin God’s brain, to be able to give birth to so many figures with his imagination. As for why the figures had stopped appearing at this point? It was quite simple. Rather than this being the limit of the Sin God’s imagination, it was due to the total exhaustion of Wu Hui’s energy.

“My godly power is already fully exhausted.” Wu Hui smiled bitterly. This was the first time his godly power had been fully exhausted since he had entered the apostle realm. After all, he normally relied on the imagination of his enemies and so did not need to expend too much of his own energy. One could say that his normal exhaustion rate was extremely low.

Yet this time, the more than 200 figures had fully emptied him. The scale of Ye’s imagination was truly so great that they could only gasp in amazement. And that was why the figures had stopped appearing at this point. Naturally, from the Sin God’s point of view, it was thanks to his Karma String that he had been able to drag all these enemies out. He had absolutely no idea that this had nothing to do with his Karma String. Nevertheless, the moment Ye made his move, both Chen Feng and Wu Hui were truly alarmed. This was especially true when all the figures transformed into ash at the same time. That shocking sight gave Chen Feng quite the fright. So it turned out that Ye had such a trump card? Worthy of being Ye!

If so, were there any trump cards he had yet to show? Chen Feng used the godly power of luck to obtain an answer through deduction. After obtaining the answer, which he found favorable, he acted without hesitation. He unleashed the strongest attack he had ever launched, amplified to the power of three. The might of this attack reached an extremely terrifying level.

Perhaps this attack couldn’t have done anything against Ye at his peak. However, against this weakened Ye, this Ye who had no trump cards left, Chen Feng’s attack displayed an astonishing effectiveness, immediately piercing through Ye.


Through Ye’s chest the attack went. “You… have joined them…”
Ye did not dare believe his eyes. Chen Feng, that pitiful human. All along, Ye had merely seen Chen Feng as a chess piece, a chess piece that was struggling for survival with great difficulty amid Ye and the silhoutte’s conflict. Chen Feng had only been able to survive by fluke alone.

Even Chen Feng’s godhood was something Ye had personally bestowed upon him. And yet, Ye had never imagined that Chen Feng, whom he had personally gifted a divine seat, would be one to kill him with godly power.

Ye sensed the pain in his body and, at the same time, Chen Feng’s power, which was absolutely beyond Chen Feng’s level, a power that normally only major gods could unleash. Ye was indignant. He had calculated everything. He wouldn’t be bothered even if all these elementary and journeyman gods were to rebel right here. That was because his body was sufficiently powerful to the point that a regular elementary or journeyman god was completely incapable of doing him any harm. As the strongest god, his body had been tempered to an extremely terrifying level.

However, this attack of Chen Feng’s… major god…

Ye laughed bitterly. This little fellow, who had received the gift of godhood from him, had reached such a height? He had been defeated, thoroughly defeated.

“Creation God… Bright silhouette… Dark shadow…”
Ye’s eyes were filled with hatred. He was indignant and felt great hatred. He was the illustrious Sin God! How could he suffer such a miserable defeat? He was truly indignant. The only person he did not hate was Chen Feng, because as far as he was concerned, Chen Feng was still a pitiful chess piece. Ye laughed softly. “Hehe. Do you know that even after killing me, they won’t let you off?”
Ka! Ka!

He could feel his power weakening and the organs within his body going rigid. Without the replenishment of godly power, his unequalled body was on the verge of collapse.

“Perhaps the Creation God is a kind person. However, too long has passed. That silhouette… I can feel the surging ambition within him.” Ye laughed. “You will die. Ultimately, that silhouette will subjugate the entire world. Be extremely sure that his goal is definitely the subjugation of the entire world, including the world of humans. Your strength as a mere major god is far from enough…”
Ye’s gaze was filled with pity as he looked at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng: “…” Of course he was aware of this. However, he had no other choice. He had to eliminate these two one at a time.

“After killing you, I will naturally go kill him as well,” Chen Feng declared coldly.

Ye howled with laughter. “Hahaha. Is that even possible? His strength is not below me. Perhaps, he has similarly powerful trump cards as well. What can you use to kill him? Do you even stand a chance? If… if it wasn’t for the appearance of the shadow forcing my hand, how would you even have stood a chance against me?” Ye said with disdain.

Major gods? He had killed many of them not very long ago. If not for his fight with the shadow exhausting his trump cards, how could Chen Feng have had a chance?

“Trump cards?”
Chen Feng did not deny this point. Indeed, an existence comparable to Ye would most definitely have terrifying trump cards. This almost certainly applied to that silhouette as well. Well, he would find out with time. Chen Feng took in a deep breath. Because he had lied about that silhouette being left behind by the Creation God, Chen Feng was the only one that was aware that the silhouette’s real identity was still a mystery.

Who exactly was that fellow? Chen Feng hadn’t the slightest idea. Perhaps the day would come when he figured out who that person was. At that time, he would perhaps be able to figure out what his trump card was as well. As for now… As Chen Feng looked at Ye, a thought suddenly surfaced in his mind.

Ka! Ka!

Ye’s body was gradually going cold. His consciousness was becoming blurry as well. Even so, a firm gaze was still maintained on his face. He was indeed worthy of being the once strongest god. Even with such an injury, he was still not fully dead.

… “I will be waiting for you.” Ye had a faint smile as he looked at Chen Feng. “Within that endless abyss.”
He had been defeated. Thus, he would admit his defeat. However, he would never allow a mere chess piece to ridicule him.

“You  won’t.”   Suddenly,  Chen  Feng  laughed.  “There  is something I have forgotten to tell you.”
Ye’s gaze focused on Chen Feng. “Mhm?”
“There is no such thing as a bright silhouette and a dark shadow, nor is there anything like the leftovers of the Creation God…” Chen Feng whispered into Ye’s ear. “All of that was but a lie told for the sake of killing you. What you killed with your trump card was just a fragment of your imagination…”
“How is that possible?”  Ye would not believe these words easily. “Look over there… and imagine the Creation God. See what’s going to happen,” Chen Feng said lightly.

“Creation God…”  Subconsciously, Ye did as he’d been told. And next, he saw that in that corner, a figure indeed appeared… This was the figure of the Creation God…
Instantly, Ye’s blurry consciousness recovered a moment of clarity.

“It’s you!”  Ye’s gaze became bloodshot. Chen Feng! It was actually him! Everything had actually been his plan! How was this even possible?

Chen Feng spoke unhurriedly. “I told you, I will return. The moment you conquered the human world, I said I would return and retake the human world right before your eyes…”
Bang! Ye’s mind trembled, his heart filled with unwillingness. He could admit his defeat toward the Creation God. However, this Chen Feng, a mere bug, an existence he could ignore, had actually…
Suddenly, Ye calmed down. “You shouldn’t have told me this.”
Chen Feng blanked. “What?”
Suddenly, Ye’s voice became faintly discernable and illusory. “With my title as the Sin God, I hereby curse you… to eternal depravity!”
“God’s curse!”
The surrounding gods were so shocked that everyone retreated. The god’s curse was a curse unleashed by a god with all his might and potential. It was an extremely terrifying curse. The stronger the user was, the scarier the curse. And Ye… “Even though I no longer have anything, even without my divine seat… my accumulation throughout the years is sufficient  to  consign  you  to  eternal  damnation!”  Ye  howled with laughter. “If it had been the silhouette and the shadow, seeds left behind by the Creation God, I would truly be
helpless, as the Creation God is a greater god than me, an existence I can’t curse. But you… Haha.” In his final moments, Ye appeared deranged. “You shouldn’t have told me the truth.”

A black beam pierced through the void and directly entered Chen Feng’s body.

“Let this end now.”
Ye’s gaze became calm. Finally… everything was over… even if he was no longer immortal. However, this had concluded with an ending he found acceptable. However, right as his consciousness was fading, Chen Feng’s voice sounded by his ear. “Thank you.” What was there to thank him for? Before Ye could even react to this, his consciousness sank into slumber, an eternal slumber.

Chapter 800: Who Are You?


A black radiance surged. The curse made by the Sin God before his death was also his final trump card. That black radiance streaked past the horizon and, under the shocked gazes of the various gods, hit Chen Feng, entering his body and vanishing without a trace. That’s right, it vanished. This seemingly terrifying curse did not seem to do anything to Chen Feng.

“What happened?”
“No idea.”
The various gods were in a daze from the extreme shock. The things they had seen today had truly shocked them. This was especially true for the final scene, where Chen Feng erupted with an astonishing might and killed Ye. Heavens, that was Ye! Even more terrifying was the fact that the curse Ye had made before his death, his final trump card, was seemingly useless? That bizarre black radiance had no effect on Chen Feng. Not quite. The gods all opened their eyes wide and focused their gazes on Chen Feng. Next, they saw that when the black radiance entered Chen Feng’s body, an expression of comfort appeared on Chen Feng’s face. And next…

An astonishing aura roiled out. This…
“Major  god!”   the  gods  cried  out  in  alarm.  What  was happening with Chen Feng presently was the sign of one breaking through into the major god stage. In short, Chen Feng had made use of this to directly break through to the major god stage? The various gods did not know what to say. They knew that the era was going to change yet again.

Ye was dead, as were the various major gods. Only a single recently broken through major god was left behind. Despite this, this major god possessed extremely terrifying strength. This was Chen Feng. The various gods trembled, not daring to move at all. “Ah.”
An expression of utmost comfort was plastered on Chen Feng’s face. He had finally broken through. Naturally, the breakthrough didnt refer to himself. Rather, it was the Misfortune Goddess. Due to the redistribution of godly power to Spirit alone so that they could deal with Ye, the Misfortune Goddess’s had growth stunted. That was why she hadn’t been able to recover to the major god stage. Fortunately, before Ye’s death, he had given them a huge gift.

God’s curse? As far as the Misfortune Goddess was concerned, this was an extremely helpful tonic. As such, she was able to instantly reach the major god stage after absorbing this curse. And now, even though Chen Feng still appeared to be a elementary god, within him were two major gods whose strength couldn’t be measured with conventional methods. Chen Feng stood up, his gaze slowly sweeping past the various gods around him.

Among these gods, the strongest was at a peak journeyman god. At present, all of them were prostrating before Chen Feng. In this era, hierarchy was extremely important. As Chen Feng realized that they were all prostrating before him, he blanked momentarily. So it turned out his plan to kill Ye had indeed succeeded.

He had truly reached this height, had truly killed the Sin God, becoming an expert of this era. Apart from that, all the other major gods were dead as well. And thus, he was now the strongest among these gods. However, he was able to calm his surging emotions shortly.

Even though it might appear like he was the strongest god, he was clear that the only reason he had even been able to defeat Ye was due to the various major gods serving as cannon fodder earlier, the Sin God’s fear of the Creation God, and the injuries Ye had suffered at the hands of that silhouette.

For now, he needed to first stabilize everything. First, he had to put his strength in order, then find an opportunity to get rid of that silhouette. At that time, he would truly be the strongest of this era, a supreme god.

“You may stand,” Chen Feng said indifferently. 
The various gods stood up.

“We need a new leader,” Chen Feng said nonchalantly.

“Yes. We are willing to follow your lead,”  the various gods said without hesitation. They pondered slightly and continued, “As for the believers… we are also willing to hand them over.”
This was something they had to do. What kind of person was this Chen Feng? A lot of people actually had a slight idea now. When they heard that Chen Feng was actually a human, the gods with human believers trembled in fear. They were not willing to die for no apparent reason.

Chen  Feng  shook  his  head.  “There  is  no  need  for  that. Believers are, after all, believers, not murderers. Since you guys are gods they have voluntarily selected, just allow them to continue with their faith. There is no need to think about this too much.” 
The various gods were overjoyed. However, right at this instant, a figure appeared in the distance.


Chen Feng’s heart jolted. This figure… It couldn’t be that his lies had indeed transformed into reality again, right? This wasn’t something left behind by the Creation God, right? Chen Feng’s heart trembled.

Fortunately, that figure revealed itself in front of them soon after. This figure turned out to be a major god Chen Feng was extremely familiar with: the Forest Goddess.

“Major god?”
The hearts of the various gods thumped. So there was another major god alive? Oh, true, she hadn’t been around when they were ganging up on Ye.

“If it’s her…”
Some gods were tempted and walked to the Forest Goddess. “I am willing to follow you, Lord.”
Evidently, not all the gods liked Chen Feng. After all, his identity as a human was truly somewhat too shocking to them. Moreover, compared to a new major god like Chen Feng, the Forest Goddess, who had been a major god for countless years, a primordial god, seemed like a much better choice. And thus, a large number of gods immediately abandoned Chen Feng.

Chen Feng had a faint smile on his face. These fellows… “You guys swore an oath earlier.”
Shua! Shua! The Forest Goddess walked over slowly. As for the various gods, they all stood behind her, not daring to say anything. However, some of their gazes were already filled with some sort of pride when they looked at Chen Feng. Evidently, they were of the opinion that this was the correct choice. Mhm… At the very least, this was what they believed.

“It has been a while,” Chen Feng said. The last time they met had been during the death of the Luck Goddess.

“Yeah. You two are truly adept at having fun,”  the Forest Goddess said grudgingly, “Even if you two wanted to play, why not play at home? Why must you two drag me in as well?”
Evidently, she had already noticed a familiar power about Chen Feng: luck.

Chen Feng was still together with that Luck Goddess. Moreover, their relationship seemed even more intimate now. If that was the case, what exactly happened back then? Had they been playing around with her? “She  indeed  died.”  Chen  Feng  smiled.  “This  Spirit  is  the Spirit that accompanied me for many years.”
The Forest Goddess had a pensive look when she heard this. Consciousness separation! This thought surfaced almost immediately. What a fine Chen Feng! Was this how he had tricked her back then as well? She shook her head. In terms of strength, she was naturally stronger than Chen Feng, past and present. Even though Chen Feng had killed Ye, the Forest Goddess was clear that Chen Feng wasn’t particularly powerful.

However, the last time they had met, Chen Feng had still been a normal human. Yet now… Was this the potential of the human race? Or perhaps it was this Chen Feng that was abnormal?

“I hope you can reach your goal.” The Forest Goddess sighed and left noiselessly. She had no intention of getting involved in Chen Feng’s matters, nor was she interested in competing against him. As such, she drifted away to continue being a major god that was not bothered with the affairs of the world. After all, this was how she had survived the calamity that befell the various major gods earlier. “Many thanks,”  Chen Feng replied calmly. As for the gods that had switched camps when the Forest Goddess appeared, they were all dumbstruck. Holy shit… So it turned out that these two knew each other? And from their conversation, it seemed like they had even done something naughty together?

The gods all collapsed emotionally. If they had known this, would there have been a need for all this? Holy shit, they had believed that the Forest Goddess was here to fight for authority.

“Erm…” They looked at the Chen Feng with cold expressions, their scalps going numb.

“You  guys,  hand  over  the  believers,”   Chen  Feng  said indifferently.

Although this pained them greatly, they were relieved as well. At the very least, they could stay alive. Chen Feng wasn’t bothered about what they were thinking. His gaze was focused on the sky. Even though he was already the lord of these gods, even though he was already the strongest on this piece of land, he was aware who his actual opponent was. Beyond that sky was a certain shiny existence that was incomparably terrifying.

Who… exactly are you?

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