The Strongest Gene Chapter 621-630

Chapter 621: Wish-Granting Old Man and Demon King

“Missing?”  Chen Feng was alarmed. Those were two peak beyond A classes. How had they gone missing? “Those two fellows…” Chen Feng paused. “Could it be that they eloped?”
The deputy president: “…”
He smiled bitterly and looked at the news in his hand again before saying, “Based on the report received from the ancients, they have indeed gone missing, and not only them—the ancients that went with them have all gone missing as well. The entire Land of Legacy is shrouded by a peculiar aura.” With a solemn expression, the deputy president finished, “Not a single person who has entered has returned. Something happened there.”
Land of Legacy…
Chen Feng’s eyes flashed. Indeed, something had happened there. He had no idea what had happened there, but he guessed that it was definitely related to Duma. Apart from Duma, nobody had the strength to make this happen.

“Looks like I have to pay the ancient race a visit,” Chen Feng stated with a resolute gaze.

Outer space.

Those battleships remained floating outside the atmosphere. Suddenly, one of the battleships exploded. A terrifying shockwave spread out as the ship turned into numerous light particles before dissipating. No sound, no undulation. Just like that, a battleship vanished, leaving no trace behind. On the other battleships’ radars, nothing was detected. Those people were still busy having the time of their lives in their respective ships. The stars appeared even brighter now.

“Huh?” On the planet, a boy who was making a wish gazed at the stars in the sky. He seemed to have seen a flash earlier. He rubbed his eyes to confirm it, yet it seemed like nothing had happened at all.

“Have   I   seen   wrongly?”   the   boy   muttered.   Next,   he continued making his wish in an excited manner, “I want a female sailor outfit, I want a sailor outfit…”
Suddenly, the space around him trembled. Next, a blue-and- white female sailor outfit appeared out of thin air and landed in the hands of the little boy.

The boy who was making his wish was shocked. With an expression of disbelief, he rubbed the sailor outfit in his hands. Joy surfaced in his eyes. He caressed the outfit, feeling the smoothness of the material… This was actually a real sailor outfit! “I succeeded?”
The little boy was agitated. So it turned out that making a wish really worked!

“I knew it! The stories mommy told me are not lies!”
The little boy returned with his outfit in excitement, cheering along the way.

Where he had stood previously, where the outfit had appeared, a light particle flickered faintly before vanishing cleanly, as if it had never appeared. Half an hour later, a middle-aged woman arrived there with a little boy. In her hand was a chicken feather duster that was being waved around the air. With a gloomy expression, she looked at the boy. “You are saying you got that outfit from here?”
“Yes,” the boy said meekly. “Try again.” The middle-aged woman sneered. “Let me see if you can get other things just by wishing.”
“I…” The boy had a wronged expression. Carefully, he walked to where he stood earlier and shut his eyes. In a devout tone, he said, “I… I want a copy of ‘ Winter Break Homework’…”
Nothing happened.

The little boy panicked, thinking that his motive for wishing for this had been seen through.

The boy decided to compromise. “How about a ‘Summer Break Homework’?”
Yet… nothing happened. This time, the boy panicked for real. “What about ‘ Three Years Simulation, Five Years Quiz’?” the little boy said in despair. And yet nothing appeared.

The middle-aged woman walked over coldly and grabbed the boy before beating him up.

“Why are you being naughty? To even resort to stealing! Every single day, you steal the clothes of the young lady next door to wear yourself! There are so many things you still have to learn, yet you had to learn from your dad to dress up as a woman!”
Pa! Pa! Pa!

The butt of the little boy was flushed red from the beatings. However, the boy, who had rich experience of having his butt beaten, did not weep or lose his reason. Rather, he shouted loudly, “I must have wished wrongly earlier. A wish will only be a wish when it’s something I truly want.” “Oh?”  His mom sneered. “Well, continue wishing then. Let me see what exactly is it that you want.”

The boy had a feeling that he was going to be even more miserable later. The beating he had taken earlier had been for nothing, as he might get beaten one more time after this. What a loss! However, as he thought of his innocence… After all, he was still a real man despite his age. At most, he only dressed up in women’s clothes. How could he resort to thieving?

And thus, the young boy gathered his courage, walked to where he had stood earlier, and yelled, “I want a miniskirt!”

A sky-blue loli miniskirt smashed down at him from the empty air above. “It appeared! It appeared!” the little boy said, agitated.

“!!!” The middle-aged woman was alarmed. She had initially thought that this boy had merely been looking for an excuse after stealing the sailor outfit. Unexpectedly, he had been telling the truth!


Faint light particles gathered around.

“Go!” Suddenly, the middle-aged woman realized something. She might not be an educated person, but she knew one thing clearly: in this world, one would not receive something for free for no apparent reason. For a gift to drop down from the sky… one would ultimately need to pay a price for what one had received.

“Leave this place.” She dragged the little boy and left hastily. As for the little boy who had managed to avoid another round of beatings, despite his longing for that miniskirt, he still followed meekly behind his mother and left. This area returned to its previous tranquility. On the roof of a building nearby, a youth was watching all this with an interested expression while his hand flickered with light constantly.

He smiled. “Looks like… I am rather powerful now?”
If anyone else was here, they would definitely realize that this youth was precisely the representative of carnage, the legendary young demon king Wu Hui!

“Looks like I have the potential to be a wish-granting old man.”
He laughed self mockingly. His unique ability was something that relied on the imagination of others. Granting wishes would be perfect.

Shua! He waved his hand. The miniskirt transformed into a flash of light before vanishing.

“I have reached this level now?”
He was somewhat absent minded. True… Everyone was improving without stop. His master had also reached S class. He had once vowed to be both the right and left arms of his master. As such, he absolutely couldn’t fall behind their progress.

“Work harder,” the youth cheered to himself in the darkness. Light swirled around. Wu Hui walked to where the young boy had made his wish earlier. He cast his senses out and felt the unique power lingering here. The miniskirt was something he had created for that little boy. However… the female sailor outfit had indeed appeared out of thin air!

Nobody and nothing had produced that outfit. Merely because of that little boy’s wish, it had appeared out of thin air. Something had to be wrong here! Wu Hui had arrived chasing after that unique power. That was because this was not the first time something like this had happened. Previously, a certain person had wished for a certain video game. Indeed, the video game vendor had appeared. Ultimately, that person had smashed the video game vendor apart, as he’d had no money to buy any of the video games sold. Similar occurrences had happened several times already.

“These things…”
Wu Hui shut his eyes. Although that power had already vanished, when he had first arrived, there had still been some traces of it left in the air. He could clearly feel that a certain formidable power had appeared.

Chapter 622: Pr-President?

Ancient race.

Chen Feng arrived with Ba Gu and the rest.

“You have finally arrived.” Qin Hai was full of melancholy. It had been a long time since the both of them had been able to meet out in the open like this.

“I have arrived.”  Chen Feng sighed endlessly as well. The both of them were similarly fighting for humanity. Each action of his was shrouded by boundless radiance and was seen by all, whereas Qin Hai had remained unknown, destined to walk this dangerous path all by his lonesome self. For the sake of humanity, it had truly been hard on Qin Hai.

Ba Gu and the ancients looked at them with astonishment. “You two know each other?”
“We once got in touch with each other.” Chen Feng did not elaborate. “Now, let’s focus on what we are here for.” An ancient female walked forth after gently answering, “All right.”

The screen was turned on. This was a special edition designed specifically for the ancient race by Stormtech Co. Ltd. As both races blended together, these products had penetrated the daily lives of the ancient race as well. On the screen, the Land of Legacy, which had previously been full of majesty, was presently shrouded by a mysterious energy. Within a circumference of 50 kilometers, nothing could be seen, nothing could be sensed.

“Have anyone been sent to enter?” Chen Feng asked.

“Yes. None returned.” Qin Hai sighed. “We even got someone to enter with a unique rope tied to them, yet the same thing happened. As long as one enters, one will vanish completely. As for the rope…” Qin Hai got someone to bring the rope over. The rope appeared exceptionally firm, evidently built using extremely sturdy materials. Yet it was this very thing that had been cut off. Moreover, it appeared to be an extremely clean cut.

“This was built using the tendons of some peak beyond A class  beasts.  Even  I  can’t  cut  it  cleanly  like  this,”  Qin  Hai explained solemnly. This was also why they did not dare to enter the Land of Legacy rashly.

They weren’t able to sense anything from that place, but everything that had happened was sufficient to plant fear in them.

Clean cut…
Cut off from the outside world…
Chen Feng gazed at the Land of Legacy and sank into contemplation. If Duma and the rest had truly died or gone missing, that would definitely be a good thing for humans. After all, the biggest threat to the fusion of both races was Duma and his apprentices. But now, Duma and his apprentices had vanished before they had even been able to voice their rejection, and this disappearance coincided with the visit of their president and Tianyu Liming.

Why? Nobody knew the answer to that. What happened there, exactly? Nobody knew. This mystery was akin to a tornado—a major crisis, yet so very attractive at the same time, causing one to be unable to resist approaching it.

“Looks like I have to enter,”  Chen Feng said with a sharp gaze.

Ba Gu stood up. “Chen Feng!” What joke was this? It was too dangerous. The present Chen Feng was the strongest human and the hope of humanity. If something happened to him in there…
“I will go as well,” Qin Hai said calmly. As Duma and the rest had vanished, the present strongest person among the ancient race was Qin Hai alone. “King.”
The harem—no, the fellow ministers were all anxious.

“Don’t worry.”  Qin Hai shook his head. “The ancients and humans have already completed the initial form of fusion. Even if the both of us vanished, a war would still not erupt.”
Everyone wanted to say something, but they couldn’t say anything. There were things that had to be done. As the nominal strongest among the ancients and humans, Chen Feng and Qin Hai had the responsibility to do this.

“Clear the surrounding area of all people.”  Qin Hai took a deep breath. “If Chen Feng and I do not return, label this place a forbidden area and place it on complete lockdown.”
“The same goes for you all.” Chen Feng glanced at Ba Gu and the rest of the Genetic Union. It wasn’t easy for the relationship of humans and ancients to have reached this level. Nobody wished for a mishap to happen now.

“Wait at the outer region. Regardless of whether we can return or not, we hope that humans and ancients can remain safe,” Chen Feng said calmly.

Ba Gu nodded. “Yes.”
“Let’s go.”
After saying what they needed to say, the both of them stepped into the Land of Legacy. Slowly, their figures vanished. Ba Gu and the rest watched on with their fists clenched tight. As for the ministers of the ancients, they were on the verge of crying. Nobody knew what would happen on this trip of theirs. They could only pray silently, hoping that all would be fine with Chen Feng and Qin Hai. At present, Chen Feng and Qin Hai were looking at the swirling light before them with astonishment. The moment they had stepped in, they had been shocked. The scenery here seemed to be completely different from what they saw from the outside world. Here was a world filled with color.

The sky was pink.

The ground was pink.

The trees were pink.

The grass was pink.

Even the energy pervading the air was pink.

All this coupled with the pink horizon and clouds gave this Land of Legacy a rather fantastical feeling. Chen Feng looked at Qin Hai in amazement. “So it turns out that this is the style you guys prefer?”
Qin Hai’s expression darkened. “Scram!”  You are the one who preferred this style. Your entire family preferred this style. Nobody knows how the Land of Legacy transformed into this .

Chen Feng smiled. “Hehe.”
“Spirit, analyze the energy here for me,”  Chen Feng urged inwardly.

“All right.”
Spirit started working. Although Luck Aura was in a dormant state, as an independent consciousness arisen from Luck Aura, Spirit was much more important to Chen Feng.

“Analyze complete. Mhm… no abnormalities found for now.” Spirit found it weird. It was obvious that there were some problems here, what with the pink everywhere, yet the analysis showed that there were no problems. Regardless of whether it was the energy or the aura, all appeared normal.

Chen  Feng’s  eyes  narrowed.  “Interesting.”  It  seemed  like something unfathomable had indeed happened here.

The two walked forth cautiously. Along the way, everything remained calm. No exceptions were found. Not even a single person was found.

Chen Feng frowned. “Has everyone vanished?”
“There weren’t many people here in the first place,” Qin Hai explained in a low voice. “Only some apprentices were here. Subsequently, after their strength increased, they were all sent out to help the ancient race. Ultimately, the only ones left in here were us fellow apprentices and Master.”
Chen Feng contemplated. “Is that so?” Right at this instant, a faint pink figure seemed to appear distantly. Chen Feng and Qin Hai gazed over, and instantly, their eyes shone as they shot in that direction.


Light swirled around. The two of them arrived instantly. However, when they arrived, they were instantly alarmed as they finally got a clear look at that pink figure.

That was…
“President?” Chen Feng cried out in surprise. Qin Hai’s eyes were wide open as well.

President? Indeed. The president of Genetic Union was the one who had appeared. They had only entered several minutes ago and had already been able to find who they were looking for. However, the president’s current condition was truly rather astonishing. Chen Feng had always maintained a respectful attitude toward the president, as the president had been able to maintain his peak strength despite his advanced age. Despite his white hair, he had been able to maintain a majestic appearance. Yet now…
“President!” Chen Feng shouted at him in joy. But the instant the president turned around, Chen Feng’s eyes were almost blinded.

Pink hair…
Pink eyebrow…
Pink skirt…
When all these appeared on the president’s tall and sturdy figure, it truly was quite a sight.

Chapter 623: Miracle Nikki

This sight…
Chen Feng was dumbstruck. He had always seen himself as a calm person, a person able to stand calm facing various crises, yet now he was truly dumbstruck.

“Pr-president?” he asked cautiously.

“Mhm?” The president raised his head, finally noticing Chen Feng. “Chen Feng?” he said gently.

Chen Feng: “???”  This tone of voice…  “Yes, it’s me.”  Chen Feng was somewhat terrified. Instinctively, he took a step back, as he felt that something was wrong.

“It’s   good   that   you   have   arrived.   Let   me   tell   you something…”  The  president  spoke  in  excitement,  and  mid- sentence, a pink radiance flashed in his eyes and his gaze landed on Chen Feng. Killing intent erupted. “It’s you!!!” Bang!

An endless killing intent erupted.

“Not good.” Chen Feng sank into a solemn mood. It was lucky that he had been prepared for this and was able to dodge the attack.


A pink building collapsed from the attack.

“Hmph!” The president snorted, leaped up, and slammed his foot down. Chen Feng looked upward at the president and his expression darkened at the “view” presented to him.

Screw this pink miniskirt!

Bang! Qin Hai charged over and blocked the attack for him.

“Who is it?” he asked with a deep tone.

A snort was his only reply. “Hmph!” The president glanced at the both of them before fleeing, vanishing amid the pink energy pervading the air.

“He left?”  Chen Feng did not chase after him and instead sunk into contemplation. “He was able to call my name out. He should  have  recognized  me.”   Chen  Feng  frowned.  “The president’s strength is still similar to before. This should be the real president. However, his form and mental state seem rather unstable.”
This was the scariest thing. How had the previously fine president turned into that? This place…
Chen Feng and Qin Hai exchanged glances, and both felt their hairs standing on end. “I  have  a  question,”  Qin  Hai  stated  after  pondering  the matter.

“Say it,” Chen Feng replied with a solemn expression.

Qin Hai feigned a calm expression and asked, “Erm… is this the style you people of the Genetic Union prefer?”
Chen Feng gave him a glare.

Qin Hai laughed madly. “Hahaha.” This was indeed instant karma. Chen Feng had sneered at him earlier, and now, his chance of revenge had arrived.

Suddenly, Chen Feng said, “Qin Hai, you have changed. The past you was not like this.”
“Scram!”   Qin  Hai  replied  without  hesitation.  The  both sneered at each other for a while before once again sinking into silence. 

An intense killing intent bloomed from a certain corner as a pink figure appeared there. Chen Feng and Qin Hai exchanged glances as their eyes gleamed coldly. They had been waiting for this person to come out.


A terrifying radiance erupted.

Two pink figures descended from the sky. Both were similarly dressed and styled as the president earlier, tall and buff guys in flashy pink miniskirts. Moreover, both of them were male. Chen Feng could remember clearly that there were not many males left in the ancient race, yet all of the remaining ones had seemingly gathered here. 
Chen Feng gave him a glance. “You know them?”
“The only two gatekeepers remaining in the Land of Legacy.” Qin Hai shook his head. “These two were among the earlier ones to reach peak beyond A class. As such, they hadn’t relied on the beyond X gene reagent and were able to remain male.”
Chen Feng: “…”
He looked at the pink gatekeepers. They presently seemed even worse off than if they had directly transformed into females instead.

The two spoke in feminine tones. “Those who enter the Land of Legacy without permission shall be killed!”
Qin Hai’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Let me deal with them. I know them better. Let me be the one to face them.”

He took the initiative to move.

“Fine.” Chen Feng watched on by the side. Qin Hai’s strength did not need to be doubted. He was a peak beyond A class and the owner of the black diamond. His strength was only second to the awakened Chen Feng. These two gatekeepers were supposed to be much weaker than Qin Hai, yet…
Bang! Bang!

After several clashes, they seemed to be evenly matched. The two of them were actually able to match Qin Hai. Something had to be wrong with this. “It’s  the  energy,”   Qin  Hai  said  solemnly.  “Their  energy remained the same as in the past, and their auras are still the same as well. However, under the effect of this pink aura here, their strength has increased by tenfold.”

This was equivalent to going up an entire realm. These regular beyond-A-class gatekeepers had become peak beyond A classes now thanks to this increase.

Chen Feng pondered. “It is no wonder that the president was able to block my attack earlier.”  These people soaked in pink had seemingly become stronger.

“Spirit, make a record of this aura,” Chen Feng said inwardly.

“Understood.” Spirit started analyzing the aura. Qin Hai did not end the battle quickly. Rather, he dragged it out, as this was their best chance to observe this place. These two gatekeepers weren’t important, but this pink aura, on the other hand…
Shua! Shua!

As they clashed, they were able to notice more things. Soon after, the two noticed that something wasn’t right and unleashed their trump cards without any hesitation. Their trump cards erupted together with the pink energy.


A punk radiance erupted.

“I can’t continue dragging this out.”
Before the two could detonate themselves, he defeated them cleanly. Hu!

The two collapsed instantly.

“Still  alive.”  Qin  Hai  sensed  their  auras.  “Half  the  pink energy is gone from their bodies. At present, they are semi- unconscious. If we want them to recover their consciousness…”
He stared ahead. They would have to first deal with the source of the mystical pink energy before they could solve this.

“Following the trace of the pink aura in accordance to the intensity of the color…the source of the pink energy might be at the very center of the Land of Legacy, the place where Master resides. It seems like this incident might be related to Master after all.” Qin Hai had a solemn expression.

Duma… Chen Feng raised an eyebrow. Pink… Could all this have happened merely because this old man had had a sudden interest in dressing up as a woman?

“Even  if  you  don’t  say  anything,  I  know  what  you  are thinking.” Qin Hai glared at him. “The truth is definitely not as you think.”
“…”  Chen Feng chuckled, “Let’s go the center and take a look, then. I am very curious myself. What exactly is it that is capable of transforming the Land of Legacy into Miracle Nikki…”
Qin Hai blanked. “What Miracle Nikki?”
“A female dress-up game. I feel like this game is suitable for you guys from the Land of Legacy,” Chen Feng explained with a smile.

“Scram!” Qin Hai spat. “I’m telling the truth. Do you want to give it a try?” Chen Feng proposed earnestly.

“Hehe.” Qin Hai sneered. The two berated each other as they headed to the center. Soon, their figures vanished amid the pink. Not long after they had left…

A pink figure appeared in midair. The figure glared at the departing backs of Chen Feng and Qin Hai, hatred filling her eyes.

“Hehe… You guys… will most definitely die here.”

Chapter 624: The Awkward Major Ability

At present, Qin Hai and Chen Feng, who were berating each other as they walked, exchanged glances as regret flashed in their eyes. So the enemy hadn’t taken the bait? They had already sensed that someone was hidden somewhere. As such, they were pretending to have slacked their vigilance in order to lure that person out. Unexpectedly, the opponent hadn’t fallen for it.

Chen Feng appeared regretful. “Seems like the same method can’t be used twice.”
Qin  Hai  nodded.  “Yeah.”  The  both  continued  forth.  They were still in the outer layer of the Land of Legacy. Apart from the two gatekeepers and the alarming president, they hadn’t encountered anyone else.

Qin Hai pointed into the distance. “The center will be further inside. All the resources here are extremely valuable. Each time Master accepts an apprentice, a residence is built nearby.” Chen Feng contemplated. “So that’s the case.”  The both of them walked along the avenue. What they saw first was a tall house. It was a pink house, yet the design was rather modern.

The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth crept up. “This…”
“Mine,”  Qin Hai answered with a darkened expression. He had never expected that the house he had designed so nicely would look like this after turning pink. This truly caused him to be speechless. He glanced inside and noticed that everything in the house was also pink now. The tables, the chairs… even the robot cleaner he had brought here not long ago had turned pink.

Qin  Hai  shook  his  head.  “Seems  like  there’s  no  need  to enter.”
“It’s not as simple as a change of color,”  Chen Feng stated calmly. He could sense that this pink power hadn’t only dyed the items pink. Rather, it had also completely altered the items themselves. Not only the color, the texture… “Ka!”
Qin Hai grabbed at a pink stool to break it down. That feeling in his hand…
“Let me try sensing it.”  Qin Hai shut his eyes. “After this thing became pink, it indeed became more powerful.”
Just as he finished his sentence…

Chen Feng kicked at the pink door of Qin Hai’s house.


The door was instantly smashed apart. “???” Qin Hai was dumbstruck. “What are you doing?”
Chen Feng stated his agreement with Qin Hai’s statement. “It indeed became firmer.”  From the impact of his kick, he had been able to feel that this pink door had become much stronger than the original materials used to make it.

Qin Hai was speechless. At present, he felt like chopping this fellow down.

“Let’s go.”
Qin Hai brought Chen Feng away with an unsightly expression.

Qin Hai was familiar with the road within the Land of Legacy. As such, they headed straight toward the center. Naturally, they would pass by the domains of his various fellow apprentice brothers along the way. These buildings had been built much earlier, and as such, they all had a totally different style of architecture.

Of course, none of the so-called “style” could be seen now, as nothing but pink remained. Soon after, they passed through a manor. This was the residence of Qin Hai’s Senior Zhang, owner of the blue diamond. According to Qin Hai, his senior did not enjoy living in high places. As such, this was a single- floor manor. It was rather low, but its dimensions were very huge.

Qin Hai searched around as he explained, “I remember that within is a route that leads directly to the center.”
This was what the senior with the blue diamond was good at. Back then, the Mysterious Organization’s underground transportation tunnels had also been set up by this senior. As such, it was natural for him to have something similar built here.

Qin Hai found the familiar door amid the pink. “Here. This route  heads  straight  to  the  center,”   Qin  Hai  said  with excitement.

“All right.” Chen Feng walked over and was about to push the door open. Suddenly, a bone-piercing cold aura spread from below his crotch.


Chen Feng leaped abruptly.


The ground, which had been perfectly fine previously, collapsed as a shiny silhouette of light shot up from the ground before entering the clouds directly. With a single look, Chen Feng’s body chilled. If he hadn’t dodged that thing… “Who is it?” Qin Hai shouted.


He attacked directly, yet his attack was dodged by that silhouette of light, which shot back into the ground and vanished directly. In this world of pink… no other person was capable of moving in such a manner.

Qin Hai frowned. “This movement…”
Chen Feng looked at him. “You know him?”
“I did not get a good look at his face, but I can guess who he is.” Qin Hai sighed. “Such a method of attack at this place, only a single person can do it. My mysterious Senior Zhang.”
Bang! The ground trembled. Dragging Chen Feng with him, Qin Hai leaped and avoided the attack. From the ground, a pink flash streaked past.

“Stop!” Qin Hai tried to suppress the pink flash but failed.

Qin Hai frowned. “He has become stronger.”
This senior apprentice brother, who had previously possessed strength similar to Qin Hai’s, had become much stronger under the effect of the pink aura. Now, Qin Hai was not his match.

Chen Feng smiled. “Your blue-diamond senior?”
“…I guess so.”  Qin Hai did not correct him. “This senior of mine isn’t too strong combat-wise. However, his concealment abilities are unequaled. He is able to appear and vanish at will and is incredibly hard to guard against. If we can’t locate him, we will probably be exhausted to death here,” Qin Hai said with an ugly expression. This was the most troublesome thing about this senior. “Blue diamond…” Chen Feng shut his eyes and recalled what he had seen when he’d gone undercover at the Mysterious Organization back then. “In short, this senior of yours is using spatial-related abilities?”
Qin Hai spoke after giving it some thought. “I suppose. It should be some advanced method of spatial manipulation. Why?”
He appeared doubtful. After all, the type of abilities this senior used did not seem related to their current predicament.

Chen Feng smiled. “Hehe, if it’s spatial, this is much easier to deal with.” Despite his shallow understanding of his awakened power, if this adorable blue diamond specialized in spatial abilities…

A pink radiance shot up from below, aiming straight at his crotch. Evidently, the blue diamond fellow was extremely skilled at attacking that part of the human body. “Dodge!”
Qin Hai prepared to dodge the attack as he pulled at Chen Feng. Yet this time, Chen Feng did not even bother avoiding the attack. With a sneer, he glanced at the surging pink before pointing forth with his finger lightly.


Instantly, the surging pink energy disintegrated. That seemingly boundless radiance transformed into countless light particles before the dot of light released by Chen Feng’s finger. In a span of several seconds, it vanished entirely. Only a pink head was left swaying about on the ground.

Qin Hai was astonished. “Senior Zhang!”
“??!” Senior Zhang’s head stopped swaying and he looked at Chen Feng in horror. He had evidently not expected that his ability would be forcibly stopped. How was this possible?

“Witness me…”
Once again, a pink radiance converged in his hands.

Chen Feng pointed. “Disintegrate!”

Instantly, the energy vanished completely.

“???” Senior Zhang was dumbstruck. His eyes gleamed coldly as he attempted to activate his ability again and again, yet every time, it was spoiled by Chen Feng. And thus, what one could see was merely Senior Zhang shouting ferociously—no pink energy could be seen. “Coiling Ground Dragon! Venomous Dragon Drill! Bubbling Earth! Spatial Transportation!”
Senior Zhang assumed numerous poses, yet not a single one of his abilities could be activated.

Qin Hai’s expression darkened, as at this moment, witnessing this sight of his Senior Zhang, he suddenly recalled the wondrous series Chen Feng had once told him of, Dancing Baby.

Dancing Baby.

Chapter 625: Mysterious Existence

“Are  these  poses  not  awkward  without  the  accompanying special effects?” Chen Feng asked with a faint smile. When he was shrouded by the pink aura as he activated his ability, he would appear so very mystical and incomparably tyrannical, but now, with his energy being destroyed, he appeared rather awkward.

Senior  Zhang’s  eyes  gleamed  coldly.  “Hmph!  Trash,”   he muttered to himself, though it wasn’t clear whether he was talking about Chen Feng or himself.


Suddenly, he ignited himself with a dense pink flame.

“This…” Qin Hai’s expression changed greatly. “This is bad.
He is burning his life force.”
“Mhm?” Chen Feng’s expression became solemn. Burning his life force? This fellow… “Senior, it’s me. Do you not recognize me anymore?” Qin Hai tried awakening his senior. And yet…
Senior Zhang merely shouted coldly with hatred in his eyes. “Scram!”
“He is not your senior.”  Chen Feng shook his head. “To be precise, his state of mind is currently being controlled by a certain power, similar to the president. It is pointless to try communicating with them when they are like this.”
He had long seen through this. As such, they had to avoid touching anything pink here. Here, pink signified danger.

Qin Hai had an unsightly expression. “What do we do, then?” Senior Zhang had cared for him greatly in the past. He did not wish to see Senior Zhang die this way, dying with an unclear mind by burning his own life force away.

Chen Feng took a deep breath. “Let me give it a try.” Perhaps…

A berserk power erupted from Senior Zhang’s body. The pink flame increased in intensity. Senior Zhang’s life force was being burned away.

“Hehe.” He gave off a bizarre laugh as his gaze was fixed on Chen Feng. The berserk pink energy converged without stop, forming a powerful and dreadful pink beam.

“I shall…”

He pointed midair. Suddenly, the pink surged toward Chen Feng. Yet before he could even finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Chen Feng, who completed the sentence for him.” “End you!” Chen Feng shouted heroically.


A silhouette flashed out of his body. Spirit appeared and, with a shiny red sword, slashed downward with a powerful force. Instantly, the boundless pink was torn apart.


All the pink vanished.

“You…” Senior Zhang trembled as his eyes rolled up and his body collapsed weekly to the ground.

“Senior.”  Qin Hai rushed over. “He has lost consciousness from energy exhaustion.” Qin Hai shook his head. This senior’s situation resembled the few people they had encountered earlier. All of the energy within them, including the pink energy, had been fully exhausted, resulting in them losing consciousness.

“Mhm.” Chen Feng was somewhat absent minded. The “end you” he had shouted earlier had merely been something he had shouted randomly. After all, in fights, shouting these things could only serve to disturb the opponents as far as he was concerned. After all, shouting that was much better than shouting “those who dress up in my female outfits shall be eliminated”.
Naturally, all this was not important. What Chen Feng cared about was the final expression on Senior Zhang’s face before he had lost his consciousness. This was not as obvious as the expression of that devil expert Chen Feng had defeated previously. At that time, numerous expressions such as shock, disbelief, and adoration had appeared. Chen Feng was still confused about all those. Yet this time, from this Senior Zhang’s expression, dread had been seen. That’s right, dread!

The dread was not something Senior Zhang had felt. Rather, it was the pink energy, not a feeling let off by any specific consciousness. Instead, it was the pure fear exhibited by the pink energy toward Chen Feng’s energy. This was rather astonishing.

Chen Feng rubbed his head. He did not believe that the present him would still see things wrongly. As such, this pink energy was truly capable of emotions? This Senior Zhang’s energy was spatial energy, and it was this energy that the pink energy had combined with. Since Chen Feng’s energy had countered them, it was natural for them to feel fear. But then, this was something inconceivable.

“If that’s true…”
Chen Feng was able to form an initial conjecture as to what had happened here. An unforeseen event had happened here, not initiated by any person but rather by some power instead? Or perhaps a certain formidable power had formed its own consciousness? This was what Chen Feng guessed. After discussing with Qin Hai, Qin Hai agreed with this conjecture as well. He put Senior Zhang down and walked forth to open the door. Yet regretfully, the inside was empty apart from boundless pink.

“Seems like the transportation system has been destroyed as well.” Qin Hai appeared regretful.

Chen Feng rolled his eyes. “Even if it hadn’t been destroyed, I wouldn’t dare to use it anyway.”
Qin Hai gave it some thought and agreed. Even if the transportation system was fine, would they dare use it?

“Let’s continue walking, then.”
Qin Hai laughed bitterly and they both continued walking forth. After the appearance of this Senior Zhang, they were even more careful now, especially when passing through the residences of Qin Hai’s other apprentice brothers. Surprisingly, no new enemies appeared. Those apprentice brothers of Qin Hai had seemingly vanished—not a single one of them appeared. Chen Feng pondered. The world of pink was terrifyingly quiet. Had that thing been scared off?

The memory of the dread exhibited by the pink energy was still fresh in his mind. And with the subsequent absence of Qin Hai’s other apprentice brothers, his conjecture was seemingly proven.

“Although I don’t know what that thing is, it must have been scared off,” Chen Feng guessed.

“Or perhaps…” Qin Hai added, “it feels like it isn’t a match for you even after combining with my apprentice brothers. As such, it has given up on that to avoid additional losses.”
Chen Feng nodded. “That’s possible.” In a few words, the two of them were able to get the general gist of the situation. As such, that energy was keeping a low profile after seemingly noticing how difficult Chen Feng was to deal with. It decided to stop wasting any energy and to save it until it counted. It was presently preparing something even more terrifying… 
Qin Hai pointed at a room nearby. There, another apprentice brother of Qin Hai’s could be seen. He was similarly shrouded in pink. However, the present him was already fully exhausted of energy and was unconscious.

“He lost his strength.”
Chen Feng was able to see it clearly with a single glance. It seemed like Qin Hai’s guess was correct. The pink energy was indeed holding back and saving up its power for something else.

“Ignore him.”
They only gave the apprentice brother a glance and did not approach him. After all, things might be even safer for this apprentice brother now that the pink energy within him was fully exhausted. However… 
“Understood.”  Qin Hai was similarly prudent as well. The presence of intelligence had made this pink energy even scarier. For it to deliberately give up on several fellows who it felt to not be Chen Feng’s match, it definitely had to be preparing something even more terrifying.

One, two, three…
They looked at the buildings all around them, their scalps feeling numb.

“What exactly is this pink energy trying to do?”
They were getting nearer to the center. Just as they concluded that this pink energy was probably planning to have a single decisive battle with them at the center, suddenly, the entire world started flickering, darkening before brightening up without stop. The pink radiance flickered, akin to a breathing lamp. Far away, a pink figure appeared. On the head of that figure was a white hat that appeared so very dazzling. fallen!”

Chapter 626: Magnetic Melody

Senior Mu. This a person had a unique identity and ability. If there were anyone in the Land of Legacy that was immune to the pink energy, it would most certainly be him. Qin Hai had never expected that even Senior Mu would fall to it.

“Be careful,” Qin Hai reminded Chen Feng.

“I know.” Chen Feng gazed ahead. He was aware of how terrifying this senior’s ability was—or rather, how peculiar it was.

A faint pink aura flashed past. The hat on Senior Mu’s head slowly changed color, becoming pink. Next, an aura that caused one’s will to shake gushed out, silently entering their brains.

“Submit… my child…” The hoarse voice resounded by their ears and echoed within their mind. A momentary blankness appeared in the eyes of Chen Feng and Qin Hai. As the voice echoed without stop, they started feeling sleepy.

This won’t do!

Chen Feng gritted his teeth and tried holding on, to the point that his gums started bleeding. He could not allow himself to fall asleep. The moment he fell asleep… he would become a puppet of this fellow.

I must stay awake! Chen Feng roared inwardly. Yet the sleepy feeling became stronger and stronger, seemingly unstoppable even with his S-class strength.

Beng! Beng! Beng!

Chen Feng pointed at the empty air three times. He tried to destroy this power in the same fashion he had destroyed the spatial ability earlier. Alas, this force was coming to him from all directions like a wave. Chen Feng was able to only destroy the small portion of it that was in front of him. He was incapable of blocking the entirety of this force.

“Damn it.”
Chen Feng had an ominous feeling. This Master Mu had already been a peak beyond A class in the past. Now that he had fused with the pink energy, he was already at the doorstep of the awakened realm. Chen Feng had no way of stopping his attack. Moreover, the awakened ability he knew of was ineffective against these soft attacks.

This is getting troublesome…
Chen Feng felt his eyelids getting heavier.

His gaze blurry, he looked at Qin Hai. Qin Hai had a fierce expression on his face, evidently struggling against the brainwashing as well. They would need something, something capable of waking them up from this state of mind. I need some provocation!

Chen Feng pondered with the final speck of consciousness he had. The present him required something exciting, something thrilling, to wake him up from this.

Fast! Fast! Fast!

His drowsiness was getting heavier, to the point that it was almost unbearable. He needed an intense provocation to wake himself up.

Wang Yao? The first person he thought of was Wang Yao, yet he found that his drowsiness increased further. This won’t do. What about horror movies?


Chen Feng got Xiao Ying to replay the horror movies he had watched within his brain. With Xiao Ying’s present strength, it was not a problem to replay a horror movie with the exact special effects and sounds. Yet with Chen Feng’s present strength, this horror movie wasn’t even able to bring any changes to Chen Feng’s emotions when watching it.
What stupid movie! Why was there nothing thrilling in it? Chen Feng tried getting Xiao Ying to replay a porno, yet it still failed to work. Chen Feng glanced at Qin Hai. That fellow was no longer able to keep his eyes open. If this continued, Qin Hai would soon fall under Master Mu’s control. And next, it would be Chen Feng’s turn.

“Damn it!” Chen Feng wanted to clench his fists tightly, yet he noticed that he couldn’t exert any strength, as his fists were no longer taking his commands. At present, the amount of his strength he could control was decreasing without stop.

The drowsiness increased without stop.




Chen Feng got Xiao Ying to replay anything that should be able to bring him some excitement or thrill yet nothing worked. Rather, his drowsiness increased.

Am I out of ways out of this? Chen Feng’s train of thought was on the verge of a complete stop. At this moment, he handed everything in his brain to Xiao Ying and Spirit so they could think of something for him, as he was already incapable of thinking and was only able to watch on helplessly as the sense of drowsiness overcame him.
Right at this instant, an immensely loud voice resounded:

“Wake up!”
“All who do not wish to be a slave! Use your flesh and build us a new Great Wall!”


Instantly, Chen Feng regained a degree of consciousness. What a familiar melody! Back when he had still been a student, this had been his alarm in the morning! Because of that, he had almost been beaten to death by his roommate! This familiar melody had seemingly returned Chen Feng to his previous life, his life as a student… Mhm… Those cute female classmates… 
The newly gained consciousness started fading as his drowsiness intensified.


Spirit and Xiao Ying exchanged glances, appearing to be at a loss. What should they do now?

“Hold on.” Spirit started analyzing everything she had seen. Based on the degree of provocation these things had brought Chen Feng, she selected the one with the most intense provocation.

“Hopefully, I will be correct this time.”  She took in a deep breath. “Xiao Ying, play it. We don’t have much time left. This time, play it directly to the outside world at maximum volume so even Qin Hai can hear it as well.” 
Xiao Ying streaked out hastily.

At this time, both Qin Hai and Chen Feng were on the verge of falling under the enemy’s control. Suddenly, a magnetic melody resounded.

“Zhejiang Wenzhou!”
“Zhejiang Wenzhou!”
“The   largest   tannery,   Jiangnan   Tannery,   has   gone bankrupt!”
“The bastard boss Huang He, dining, whining, whoring, and gambling. Incurred a debt of 350 million and fled with his mistress! Out of choices, we used the produced wallets to substitute for our pay. The original prices were 100-odd yuan, 200-odd yuan, 300-odd yuan, all sold at 20 yuan! All 20 yuan! hard for you for half a year yet have received no salary! Pay us our hard-earned money, pay us our hard-earned money!”

Qin Hai was alarmed. This magnetic melody, these wondrous lyrics, was seemingly describing a story where love and hate interwove. The song was so moving one could cry, the story told so very heart-rending…
At this moment, Qin Hai seemingly saw a scene where an earnest youth worked hard for a great tannery. He entered Wenzhou just to approach his beloved woman yet was unfortunate enough to only be able to take her older sister as his wife instead…
Chen Feng was alarmed as well. However, he was way too familiar with this song. So familiar was he that it only provoked him slightly and was insufficient to wake him. As for Qin Hai, under the effect of the pink and white energy, he had seemingly immersed himself fully into the world of the song… was that possible?

The white hat shone radiantly, bringing them into an illusory dream. Chen Feng and Qin Hai were both engrossed in some sort of dream-like state, yet at this moment, the magnetic song continued, yet the lyrics were changed.

“Gene Production Association!

“Gene Production Association!

“Went bankrupt!

“Bastard boss, Chen Feng, incurred a debt of 350 million, eloped with Xu Fei! Out of choices, we have to use Xiao Rou to repay the debt…”
After taking a deep breath, Chen Feng woke up instantly.

Qin Hai shivered and woke up as well.


The both of them regained consciousness immediately, as if cold water had exploded right inside their brains.

What the f*ck?

This was the first reaction of both of them. are not human. We have worked hard…”
“Spirit!” Chen Feng howled and interrupted her.

“Huh? You’re awake?” Spirit was overjoyed.

“I want to know why did I have to elope with Xu Fei? Even if it was so the lyrics could rhyme, you should have made me elope with Xiao Rou instead, right?” Chen Feng couldn’t understand the logic of this. Why in the world would he elope with Xu Fei, a male? Qin Hai was similarly dumbstruck. He was aware that this music was the work of Chen Feng. As such, could he conclude that these were Chen Feng’s inner thoughts? Holy shit, what in the world was Chen Feng thinking on a daily basis?

“Contrast.” Spirit smiled. “Only extreme contrast could wake the both of you up.”
“Oh.” With this explanation, Chen Feng was satisfied. That’s right. If he was going to elope, it should be a woman instead. gay thoughts?

Seems like I am still straight. Chen Feng was pleased. Hold on…
By the side, Qin Hai recalled something. What the hell, how could forget the fact that the lyrics had used Xiao Rou as a means of repaying the debt, yet now, Chen Feng was even thinking of eloping with her? How could he?

Qin Hai glared at Chen Feng grudgingly. “Chen Feng, don’t you think that you need to explain something to me?”
Chen Feng: “…”

Chapter 627: Before the Remnant


Light swirled around. The pink and white radiance bloomed, instantly attracting the attention of both Chen Feng and Qin Hai. Distantly, that pink and white hat gradually appeared, revealing the main body of Senior Mu.
“You were actually able to escape my ability?” Senior Mu was astonished. He seemed to have heard some magnetic melody earlier.  That  thing…  “Curing  ills  with  poison?”  Senior  Mu understood clearly. “However, if you guys believe that this is sufficient to withstand me, you guys are truly naive. Let me show you guys my supreme special ability…”

An intoxicating power appeared. Under normal circumstances, this level of power would be sufficient to cause Chen Feng and Qin Hai or anyone else at their level to fall asleep. But now… “Special my ass.”  Qin Hai, who had yet to recover from his anger, erupted, slashing at Senior Mu. By the side, Chen Feng erupted as well. Earlier, he had still been thinking of a way to explain the matter pertaining to Xiao Rou. Now that this Senior Mu had interrupted them, he was overjoyed and
directly followed after Qin Hai and erupted with a formidable power.

Drowsiness? It no longer existed.

Senior Mu, who was unleashing his ability, was dumbstruck. How was this possible? The both of them had obviously been affected by his ability earlier, so why were they completely fine now? Moreover, he had obviously activated an even stronger ability this time…
Bang! Bang!

A terrifying power erupted.

Pu! A cold radiance flashed. Countless bloody scars appeared on Senior Mu’s body.

Bang! Bang!

Pushing Senior Mu down to the ground, Qin Hai started beating him up. This Senior Mu was nearly unequaled when it came to mind control. Even Chen Feng had nearly fallen under his control. Correspondingly, Senior Mu’s melee combat capability was… nonexistent.

Thump! Thump!

Qin Hai vented his anger, beating Senior Mu up in a certain corner.

“I am the grand White…”
“White my ass.”  Qin Hai punched Senior Mu’s nose, blood splashed around. “I am the noble Mu…”

Qin Hai’s punch landed on Senior Mu’s face.

“You lowly…”

Finally, Qin Hai landed a kick on Senior Mu’s belly, kicking the noble Master Mu into the shape of a bow. The pink energy on his body faded and ultimately disappeared.


His body collapsed to the ground powerlessly. Shua!

The pink and white energy around them instantly vanished.

It’s over!

“The pink energy has retreated…”
Chen Feng’s eyes shone. At present, he was already able to see through some things. The pink energy here indeed had a consciousness and was seemingly capable of affecting the people here and controlling their minds.

In short, this pink things is what’s creating trouble here? guessed Chen Feng. However, he had a faint feeling that things were not that simple either.

Chen Feng told Qin Hai what he had deduced. “This should be the case.” “So…” Qin Hai was silent for a short moment before he continued, “What’s up with Xiao Rou?”
“??!” Chen Feng’s expression darkened. “She’s fine! I haven’t eloped with her either. The Gene Production Association hasn’t gone  bankrupt  either,”   Chen  Feng  stated  grudgingly.  This fellow was still immersed in the tannery song?

“But  the  lyrics…”  Qin  Hai  muttered  as  he  subconsciously recalled the lyrics.

“Gene Production Association!”
“Gene Production Association!”
“Went bankrupt!”
“Bastard boss Chen Feng incurred a debt of 350 million and eloped with Xu Fei! Out of choices, we had to use Xiao Rou to repay the debt…” …

“???” Chen Feng wiped his sweat. “How many interpretations have you drawn from this song?”
Qin Hai: “…”
This melody was truly too demonic.

Qin Hai gave Chen Feng a deep glance. “This song must never be spread.”
Chen Feng pondered and agreed. The hell, if this song was spread out, it would most probably go viral instantly. And next, everyone would be finished. Chen Feng and Xiao Rou would be finished…Xu Fei… oh, no, this guy would probably be the one to profit.

“I know.” Chen Feng was all too clear how easy it would be for this song to go viral. This thing could absolutely not be spread to the outside world.

“Let’s go.”
As the two rearranged their thoughts and finished their preparations, they continued forward.

After passing through Senior Mu’s residence, they passed through several other residences, but surprisingly, these places were devoid of people.

“None of my senior apprentice brothers are around…”  Qin Hai said with a solemn expression.

Chen  Feng  was  surprised.  “They  have  not  fallen  to  the enemy’s control?” “Either  they  left  right  before  something  happened  here, or…” Qin Hai shook his head as a terrifying idea sparked on his mind.  “They  sensed  that  they  are  not  our  opponent  and stopped coming out one after another to deliver themselves on a platter to us. Rather… they have now formed a group to deal
with us.”
Chen Feng’s heart chilled. True. If this pink energy had a consciousness of its own, something like forming a group… was quite possible.

Indeed. In their remaining journey, not a single person was seen. Even when they neared the center, nobody else appeared. Only a boundless pink could be seen. Qin Hai and Chen Feng increased their vigilance. This situation…
“Still nobody?” Qin Hai had a bad feeling.

Chen Feng frowned. “Wait.” He gave it some thought and decided to send Xiao Ying out to scout ahead of them.

Shua! The red flashed out. Xiao Ying transformed into nothingness and vanished. With the speed of light, Xiao Ying traversed the entire world of pink. Apart from the center, which he couldn’t enter, all the other areas were explored. Not a single enemy was located.

Chen Feng raised an eyebrow. “Nobody?”

Xiao Ying replayed the scenes he had seen. The only thing he had found was those they had defeated earlier.

Chen Feng was now sure. “It seems like they are all hiding at the center.”
Qin Hai nodded with a solemn expression. “That’s possible.”
It would still have been fine if they had appeared one after another, but when they were all grouped together, things could be truly terrifying. The both of them continued forth. They braced themselves for a decisive battle, yet just as they reached their final destination, a silhouette of light flashed by suddenly.

They were instantly on alert.

Shua! Shua!

Numerous pink silhouettes appeared.

“My fellow apprentice brothers, and also…”: Qin Hai looked at  them  and  was  instantly  alarmed.  “President  and  Tianyu Liming.”
Chen Feng followed his gaze and looked over. Every person in the Land of Legacy had appeared together here, right before the center of the Land of Legacy. “All appeared…”  Qin Hai muttered in a low voice. He was clear on the actual amount of people residing here.

“Is that so?”  Chen Feng looked around with a sharp gaze. Xiao Ying had actually failed to notice their existence. Where had these fellows appeared from? Were they here to stop Chen Feng and Qin Hai from stepping into the center? What was happening within the center?


The president’s sturdy figure blocked Chen Feng’s line of sight. If the pink clothes, pink miniskirt, and pink body hair on him were ignored…
Chen Feng was truly curious. With his eyebrow and body hair all dyed pink, what about the hairs at that specific part of his body?

Mhm… The sight he pictured caused him to be speechless.

Swish! Swish!

Several silhouettes flickered, and next, Qin Hai’s fellow apprentice brothers appeared around them, trying to block their advance.

Chen Feng laughed. “Interesting.”  With Tianyu Liming and the president as the main vanguard and four of Qin Hai’s apprentice brothers as support, they were sealing all of Chen Feng and Qin Hai’s escape routes from this place?
Qin Hai sneered. “Looks like we have been surrounded.” He was clear on the strength of these apprentice brothers of his. Although they were very powerful compared to ordinary people, they were still the weaker ones among all the apprentices. Perhaps the pink energy was able to sense this as well and had thus grouped them together?

“Show us, then, how strong these apprentice brothers of yours are after fusing with the pink.” Chen Feng’s eyes became sharp.


A bright radiance erupted. Chen Feng had actually taken the initiative to attack!

Chapter 628: Meet Duma

Genetic Union.

The deputy president was reading the latest update with a solemn expression. This was the information the Research Agency had obtained from the ancient Land of Legacy. The information was rather blurry, yet the verdict pointed to something dreadful.

“That Duma is actually…” Fear appeared on the deputy president’s face as he suddenly asked, “How long ago did they leave?”
“Half a day.”
“…Got it.” The deputy president sighed. Anyone who entered the Land of Legacy would lose contact with the outside world. New information was obtained, yet they had no way of transmitting it to Chen Feng. “What should we do?” The assistant was anxious. If something happened to Chen Feng and the president in there…
“Trust him.”  The deputy president forced himself to calm down. “This child, Chen Feng, has created so many miracles throughout his rise. I believe he will be successful this time as well. After all, he is humanity’s sole S class. Even if this guy is his opponent…”
He flipped open the information in his hand. There, a picture of a huge life-form could be seen, and by the right side of that life-form was detailed introduction on that life0form.

“Chen Feng… Both you and the president must return alive,” the deputy president muttered.

At present, in the distant Land of Legacy, Chen Feng and Qin Hai were engaged in a huge battle against the president and the rest. These opponents were very powerful. Regardless of whether it was the president, Tianyu Liming, or Qin Hai’s apprentice brothers, they had originally been peak beyond A classes. After fusing with the pink power, their strength had increased dramatically. Alas, it was a pity that regardless of how strong they got, they were still not S classes, not awakened.

Chen Feng pointed midair. “Destroy!”
A formidable power of disintegration bloomed, instantly destroying all abilities. This was his present strength. Even though when facing an opponent of his level, only spatial abilities could be destroyed in this fashion, these lower-level abilities used here were in a completely different league than him. A power below the awakened realm was too weak next to him.

Chen Feng hovered up. “Let this end.”

A terrifying power erupted. By himself, he faced everyone yet was still able to maintain absolute superiority. Apart from peculiar abilities like what Master Mu had, he did not fear these people.

Bang! Bang!

Once again, the battle escalated. Qin Hai was thinking of giving him a hand, yet with astonishment, he found that there was no need for his assistance. The present Chen Feng was too powerful.

The president and the rest were all peak beyond A classes. Coupled with the power of pink that they had fused with, they were already pseudo S classes. Therefore, their strength was not something one could underestimate. Yet Chen Feng…
With a single punch!


The president was flung away. Regardless of what attack he faced, what ability he faced, or how strong the attack was, before Chen Feng, nothing could escape that single fist of his. His fist appeared extremely normal, yet every single punch brought about an astonishing effect.

Qin Hai was shocked. “Is this the power of an awakened?” But then, how was this possible? Chen Feng, who had almost fallen under Master Mu’s control earlier, was so powerful now? One ought to know that the strength of all these people combined was much greater than that of Senior Mu earlier.

Bang! Bang!

The battle ended shortly after. By the time Chen Feng stopped, the president and the rest were already lying on the ground. From the start, Chen Feng hadn’t used many abilities or technique as he had delivered them a one-sided beating.

Qin Hai sighed. “Awakened…”  He had still underestimated this realm after all. Chen Feng laughed heartily. “Back then, before I gained an understanding of how to control awakened power, I received quite a lot of beatings as well. Now that I have grasped a certain level of control over the awakened power, it is natural that it’s my turn to beat others up.” This was what one could call suppression from a higher realm. Even those pseudo-awakened ones were still unable to use the awakened power, similar to the previous Chen Feng who had been clueless in terms of how to control awakened power.

As such, facing Chen Feng, these people here were simply delivering themselves to Chen Feng on a silver platter. The awakened power Chen Feng had comprehended was sufficient to disintegrate all their abilities, rendering everything ineffective. The premise for this was that the attacks first had to have some weakness he could exploit. As long as it was a traditional attack, regardless of whether it was a spatial attack, elemental attack, or some other ability, anything Chen Feng could actually see, he had no fear of facing it with brute force alone.

His present power of disintegration, the power he had gained by becoming an awakened, was something that gave him confidence even when facing people at his level. What Chen Feng feared most were those abilities that couldn’t be seen, those with no actual form or shape. Facing those abilities, even if it was unleashed by someone of a lower realm, it might still pose him a threat. An example was the ability of that Senior Mu.

That Senior Mu was obviously a mere peak beyond A class, yet with his white diamond and the pink energy, the unleashed power had nearly caused Chen Feng to fall.

“You shouldn’t have any other apprentice brothers with those abilities, right?” he asked.

“Nope.” Qin Hai shook his head and looked at the collapsed apprentice brothers of his, who were all lying on the ground. “Those of the Land of Legacy were already low in number. And back then, some of them were killed off by you as well. At present, these are the only ones left here. In there, I reckon only Master is left.”
Suddenly, Chen Feng recalled something. Duma? Shua!

He raised his head abruptly. In front, around 100 meters from them, was the center of the Land of Legacy. A trace of a dangerous aura was already leaking out as an alarming power spread out of it.

That old man?

Chen Feng took a deep breath. He had no idea if he was an opponent of that Duma. Yet from the enemies they had encountered thus far, the enemy seemed to be worried that they would intrude upon the center, right? If so, it was certain that the enemy was not capable of insta-killing him.

Chen Feng contemplated. After all, if that Duma was truly excessively powerful, he could easily insta-kill them both. There was no need to use such methods to stop their advance. Either Duma was too weak… or he was presently occupied with something else and couldn’t deal with them. Chen Feng and Qin Hai exchanged glances, both agreeing with this possibility.

Chen Feng lacked any hesitation. “Let’s go.”
Qin Hai nodded. “Mhm.” He was also curious about what exactly his master was planning by doing all this. The two of them advanced prudently. This time, nobody else appeared to stop them.


They pushed the immense pink door open and finally entered the depths of the Land of Legacy. Yet the scene they saw gave them an immense shock. Before coming, they had prepared for numerous possibilities. Perhaps they would have to fight it out with this Duma, whose condition was unknown, putting their lives on the line. Regardless of what conspiracy was waiting for them, they were prepared to face it. They were already fully prepared for a bitter battle.

And yet… Not even in their wildest dreams had they imagined that this would be the Duma they would see. The old man appeared as kind as ever, seemingly appearing exactly the same as before. Yet from the pink beard, pink eyebrow, and pink clothes… it was clear that even Duma had fallen under the control of the
pink power.

Qin Hai’s eyes widened. “Master?” He did not dare to believe this. He could understand his fellow apprentice brothers and sisters falling; however, how could an existence like his master…
“Hiss—” Chen Feng took in a deep breath in shock as well. He had truly wished dearly that all this was the doing of this Duma. Perhaps his cultivation had gone astray, or perhaps he had gone crazy from dressing up as a female, or for any other reason. It would be fine if all this had been the doing of Duma.

Why? Because if Duma wasn’t behind all this, that signified that behind Duma… there was be an even more terrifying existence!

Chapter 629: Duma Is Not a Name

“Master?” Qin Hai called out, his voice shuddering. He truly wished that his master had merely suffered from his cultivation going astray. After all, things like this were rather usual. If that was what had happened instead…
“Hehe, you have arrived.” Duma raised his head and gave Qin Hai a glance, the same kind expression still on his face. Yet in his eyes, killing intent could be seen. Qin Hai sank into silence. Duma’s present state was completely the same as Qin Hai’s fellow apprentice brothers. Even his master had fallen to the pink energy!

“Qin Hai.” Chen Feng took a deep breath and asked, “Your master is only dressed up like this because his hobby is cross- dressing, right?”
Qin Hai: “…” He knew what answer Chen Feng was wishing to hear. Alas… Qin Hai sighed. “He has fallen.”
Chen Feng’s hands trembled. “F*ck.”  That was indeed the case! His lips felt dry. This plot did not seem right. Normally, the plot should have developed in a manner where after they charged in with great difficulty, they would be able to encounter the final boss. After killing the final boss, they could return victorious. Yet now even the final boss had turned pink. This was too excessive! Wasn’t Senior Mu supposed to be the
only one who possessed the power to brainwash everyone here in this Land of Legacy? Yet Senior Mu was clearly already dead.

Fine, Duma had already fallen under the enemy’s control, but this posed a new question. Who was the person behind Duma? Transforming the power within the Land of Legacy and controlling everything here, who was it, exactly?

Suddenly, a feeling of horror arose in Chen Feng’s heart. This was no longer a question of whether he could defeat Duma. Rather, the question was, after defeating Duma, what else would appear? This seemed like game over to him.

“Spirit, is Luck Aura done upgrading?” Chen Feng asked.

Spirit shook her head. “Nope.” Chen Feng: “…” It seemed like he would not be able to rely on his cheat this time. Ever since he had reached S class, it had been unreliable. He could only rely on himself now.


The power of the awakened flashed in his hands. Chen Feng prepared for the start of the battle. Facing an enemy at the level of this Duma, he did not dare to be careless.

Duma looked at Chen Feng. “You are very strong. However, it is ineffective against me.”
“Why are you guys stopping my advance, then?” Chen Feng’s gaze swirled around as he instinctively started searched the area. “Where exactly is the source of that pink energy that was controlling all of you?” Chen Feng fixed his gaze on Duma as he said,  “Perhaps…   it’s  right  here?”   Indeed,  the  moment  he finished his sentence, a nervous expression could be seen on Duma’s face. “Xiao Ying, search,”  Chen Feng urged inwardly. “Be careful of this guy. Do not approach him.”

Xiao Ying flashed out and went underground.

“Looks like it’s indeed here.”  Chen Feng maintained a calm expression. “Therefore, you guys have been trying to stop our advance without stop, since if we battle here, that thing might be affected, right?” asked Chen Feng. He had a feeling that he would be able to obtain some clues from Duma. As for Spirit, she was analyzing all available information faithfully for Chen Feng.

Duma   laughed.   “Heehee.   You   are   indeed   extremely intelligent.”  He  was  clearly  an  old  man,  yet  the  tone  with which he spoke was extremely bizarre. Combined with his pink clothing, he exuded a rather sinister aura.

“Unfortunately, you will not be able to find it,”  Duma said indifferently. Shua!

Chen Feng and Qin Hai exchanged glances. Not able to find… In short, the source of the power that had transformed the entire Land of Legacy was really here? Moreover, from his words, that thing might truly be a certain power, or some other thing, instead of a person.

It seems like Duma might have been influenced by something he obtained… Chen Feng guessed. Qin Hai arrived at a similar conclusion as well. After all, things like items with unique powers that affected their masters were rather common occurrences. Besides, just recently, they had also found out about the existence of that small town called Mysterious Town.

Those primordial remnants there… Duma might have obtained something similar to those things. Both Chen Feng and Qin Hai were extremely intelligent people. In a short period of time, they were able to deduce a rather huge amount of information. Duma might have obtained an item from the Primordial Era and wanted to study it. In the end, he had been controlled by that item instead, and the power of that item had spread and enveloped the entire Land of Legacy. This sequence of events was rather logical. Chen Feng heaved a sigh of relief. “Fortunately.”  If so, all would be fine as long as he could last long enough for Xiao Ying to discover that thing. Chen Feng exchanged glances with Qin Hai. Qin Hai agreed with his conclusion. If that was the case, they still had hope! As long as they found that thing, there might still be a way out of this!


They both decided to drag this out.

Swish! Swish!

Xiao Ying streaked around underground, searching everywhere at a rapid speed.

As the previous awakened they had encountered had been able to discover Xiao Ying, this time, Xiao Ying was moving around cautiously to avoid detection, searching around while hiding carefully. This would require some time. Since this old man was a chatterbox, this was advantageous to Qin Hai and Chen Feng. “Are you both thinking that I am a chatterbox?”  suddenly, Duma asked.

What? Their hearts sank.

“Foolish children…” Duma smiled. “You two… I don’t know what exactly you two are thinking about, nor I am aware of the reason you are trying to drag this out. But dear children… for me, time is a nonexistent factor. It is fine for Chen Feng to not be aware of this, but Qin Hai, my dearest disciple, even you are not aware of this?”
A faint radiance surged out. Suddenly, Chen Feng and Qin Hai felt the energy within their bodies being exhausted at a rapid rate. Apart from that, even their appearances were aging at a rapid pace. Yet in front of them, Duma was turning young instead.

“???” Chen Feng was alarmed. This…
Time! Duma was actually capable of controlling time! Suddenly, he recalled that the young lady from back then was apparently the daughter of this Duma. She had even given Chen Feng a figurine molded after herself. That young daughter lady seemed to possess the power of time as well!

One ought to know that the power of time was a power at a tier far above the power of space. Was this the power of an awakened? Chen Feng was shaken.

“He  is  absorbing  our  time!”   Spirit  said  with  a  solemn expression.

Chen Feng pointed. “Disintegrate!” Alas, it was ineffective.

This power of his that had been able to disintegrate everything was ineffective against the power of time, which had no shape or form. Besides, this was also a power at the same level as his own. As such, the probability of his power working against it was rather low. “Spirit, deduce the operation method of his ability,” Chen Feng said inwardly.

“Deducing.  However,  time  is  required.”   Spirit  appeared helpless.

Chen Feng was walking a path no human had ever walked before. As such, there were no predecessors he could learn from. As the first awakened of humanity, he would have to learn everything himself, including the how to use awakened power.

Two abilities had been learned from studying that devil expert. Now, facing this ancient awakened, Chen Feng had to study once again. Yet, worryingly, with this speed, by the time the study bore fruit, he would probably have been devoured to death by this Duma. The power of time was too scary. Yet at this moment, a trace of doubt and astonishment appeared on Qin Hai’s face. As he immersed his senses in this power, he recalled something.

“Time… Such a power… Master once gave me something to read. Back then, I couldn’t understand it.” Chen Feng recalled the scene back then. Suddenly, he gained some sort of understanding. “That mysterious race… That peculiar species… I understand now.”
Qin Hai seemed to have finally understood something. “Duma… is in fact not a name!”

Chapter 630: What Exactly Is Duma Trying to Do?

Chen Feng looked at Qin Hai. “What do you mean?”
Qin Hai laughed bitterly. “Hehe…  What else can I mean? Before the Holy War, way before that… Master already existed. He had been alive for countless eras. Do you think anyone can stay alive for countless eras? No, that’s not the case. Even the devil race, with their tenacious vitality… That devil expert was only able to increase his life span via a constant cycle of hibernation and waking up. Yet Master…”  Qin Hai looked at Duma.

Chen  Feng  frowned.  “He  can  absorb  life  force,  right?” Duma’s ability of was very terrifying. If he could truly control time, it would not be a problem for him to stay alive for countless years, since he could absorb time. Chen Feng had once had a dream. If each person in the world gave him a penny each, he would be able to be the richest person in the world. Naturally, this dream had gone unachieved.

As for Duma, if everyone gave him a second each… he would achieve eternal life! “This is the story. Qin Hai sneered, “In the history of the ancient race, there was a mysterious period called ‘God’s Anger.’ On that day, everyone was able to feel some abnormalities. Naturally, with their strength at that time, they were not able to discover anything. Even the records of the later generations only mentioned this in passing without an in- depth explanation. However, if one thinks back to this now, one might notice that the so-called ‘God’s Anger’ was merely a leap in time. Each and every person lost a single second of their life. This is what actually happened.”
Chen Feng took in a deep breath. “Hiss—”  Damn, this old man had truly done that? One had to know that in Chen Feng’s previous life, there had indeed… Oh, forget it, that was in the past. Since this old man had succeeded in his undertaking, what was Qin Hai’s intention in mentioning this?

“Do you think that regularly, one would be able to absorb so much time?”  Qin Hai shook his head. “That’s not possible. Don’t think that it is a good thing if a normal person were to suddenly have a lot of time. The moment the time of the entire world gathered in a single person, there would be only one result. That person would have his time extended so much that he suffers death.” So that’s the case. Chen Feng found himself in agreement to that.

Suddenly, Chen Feng recalled the Spirit Bomb from Dragon Ball in his previous life. This was a supreme technique created by gathering everyone’s energy. A power at that level wasn’t something an ordinary person could sustain.

“A human can’t, an ancient can’t, and a devil can’t.” Qin Hai coldly continued, “In this world, for someone to be able to endure such power, there is only one possibility…”
Chen Feng couldn’t help himself. “El… elder?”
“What?” Qin Hai blanked. “What’s that?”
“No, nothing.” Chen Feng coughed. “You are referring to…”
“Scarab.”  Qin  Hai  looked  at  Duma  and  said,  “The  early Primordial Era was a wondrous era. At that time, the war had yet to erupt. At that time, gods were still everywhere. At that time, there was a particular race said to be the descendants of gods. They possessed formidable strength, their bodies were sturdy and strong, and naturally, what others envied the most was their long life spans. Their life spans were second to none. Even a certain powerful deity once said that if a war between races were to erupt, the scarab race might be the race to survive, as they could simply outlive all the other races, including the gods.”
Before him, Duma maintained his silence, merely looking at him with a cold gaze. There were several times where Duma had wanted to make a move yet had been restricted by some unknown power.
Chen Feng’s lip twitched. “Outliving gods…” Truly worthy of being a race with a long life span. However, the term scarab was something he had heard before. Despite his low understanding of it, he could clearly remember from his previous life on earth that this was something related to pyramids, pharaohs, or something similar, a legendary life- form of the west. Of course, if one wanted Chen Feng to describe this thing called a scarab, it would be a dyed beetle. In short… Chen Feng looked at Duma. This old man is in fact a huge beetle?

Duma: “…” He had no idea what Chen Feng was thinking, yet he still felt annoyed by Chen Feng’s gaze. Of course, if he knew what Chen Feng was thinking about, he would most certainly have been enraged then and there.

Qin Hai narrated, “The scarab race is legendary. Due to them being too amazing, it is said that in the beginning of the war, they were the first race to be eliminated. Although the other races all hated each other, if any members of the scarab race were to appear suddenly, they would temporarily forget their hatred and join hands to kill the scarabs.”
Chen Feng remained silent. This scarab race was so hated?

Qin  Hai  shook  his  head.  “They  were  too  powerful,  thus attracting hatred due to jealousy. This was something they couldn’t do anything about either. In a war-torn era, everyone knew that the scarab race was capable of outliving everyone. If so, how could anyone give them a chance?” “Are you sure it’s not because of their smell?”  Chen Feng started imagining a sight where there were so many beetles that the sky was covered, and he was horrified by his own imagination.

Qin Hai blanked. “What smell?”
Chen Feng coughed. “No, nothing.”
“???” Qin Hai glanced at Chen Feng with an odd gaze. He did not think much of his comments and continued, “Back then, Master was the one who told me the story of the scarab race. I never expected that a member of the scarab race indeed survived. That very survivor is Master! The language of the scarab race is very complicated, and I have never studied it. I forgot about it not long after master told me about it. But earlier, I recalled something… and after thinking about Master’s name, I was finally able to understand everything.” Qin Hai completed his narrative, “In the scarab race’s language, ‘duma’ means chief, and the chief was the strongest among the scarab race.”
Duma… was actually the chief of a powerful race from the Primordial Era? This was too inconceivable!

Duma merely laughed coldly. “Hehe.”
He looked at these two idiots as they gradually grew old within his ocean of time. Regardless of Chen Feng or Qin Hai, both were becoming old. Each second they dragged on, death approached. As such, Duma wasn’t bothered with stopping them and merely watched on as they courted death themselves, watching on as they wasted their precious lives, becoming older and older.

“Are you thinking that we are very stupid?” Qin Hai smiled. “My master once told me a lot about the scarab race, the scarab race’s abilities, their legends, and also”—suddenly, Qin Hai’s expression became cold—”the battle of the scarab race.” As he finished his sentence, he lifted his hand lightly. “You are exhausting our time away, but I am also waiting for time. Time is the strongest trump card of your scarab race, yet it’s also your biggest weakness.” 
Qin Hai pointed.


With that point, a bright radiance erupted. A faint power of time bubbled up and started rupturing from within. All the power of time started transforming, aging, and all failed. Instantly, Qin Hai’s and Chen Feng’s somewhat aged appearances reverted, transforming back to their youthful appearances. The backlash of the formidable power of time had started.

“You…” Duma couldn’t believe it. “You actually know of this?”
Qin Hai laughed. “Hehe. Therefore, you are definitely not my master. Even if you are controlling his body, controlling his consciousness, you will never be him… You… are too weak!” 
The terrifying power of time shattered. Chen Feng and Qin Hai returned to normal, and an expression of suffering appeared on Duma’s face due to the backlash. He started yelling, and numerous bizarre radiances flashed past his face.

Finally… accompanied by a loud roar…

An immense black figure appeared. After being ravaged by the power of time, Duma had revealed his real body!

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