Smiling Proud Wanderer Chapter 36-40 (End)

Chapter 36 Grief

Several small shoot had already grown out from Yue Lingshan's grave. Linghu Chong thought, "There are shoots already at little apprentice sister's grave now. How is she inside the grave?" Suddenly, sound of bamboo flute came from behind his back.

Yingying was worried Linghu Chong might be in trouble so she quickly used her qingggong to go back besides her carriage. "Brother Chong, there are people coming!"

But Linghu Chong just laughed. "You're eavesdropping on other people killing chicken and feeding dog again, aren't you? Otherwise, why would you listen for so long?"

"Pei!" Yingying retorted, her face becoming hot as she thought of Yue Lingshan and Lin Pingzhi talking about 'becoming real husband and wife' inside their carriage. "They were... they were talking about practising... practising the Evil Resisting Sword Art."

"You hesitated! There must be some other odd things. Quickly come up and tell me everything. You can't hold anything back from me."

"I'm not coming up! It's not proper."

"Why is it not proper?" Linghu Chong asked while laughing. "I don't know!"

The sound of the horses' hooves had gotten nearer by now. Yingying said, "I think these are the surviving Qingcheng School people coming to take their revenge!"

Linghu Chong sat up. "Let's go there slowly, we still have a bit of time."

"Yes," Yingying knew Linghu Chong was very concerned about Yue Lingshan, and that he must help even though he was heavily injured.

Moreover, her mind wouldn't be at ease if she left him by himself aboard the carriage while she went to help. She quickly supported him to get down from the carriage. Linghu Chong stepped onto the ground with his left foot and felt a slight pain in his wound, causing him to falter and bump the wheel of the carriage. The mule drawing the carriage had made no sound at all so far, but as the carriage was shaken, it thought it was being urged to move so it lifted its head to neigh. Yingying's short sword flashed and the mule's head dropped to the ground cleanly cut.

"Good!" Linghu Chong lightly praised her. He wasn't actually praising her quick swordplay. With her martial art, there was nothing

special for her sword to be able to cut the mule's head off in one stroke. But what was special was her quick thinking which prevented the mule from making any noise at all. As to how the carriage was going to move later and how they were going to travel, it was another matter.

Linghu Chong had walked for several steps when he heard the horses' hooves had come even nearer. He quickened his steps. Yingying pondered, "He wants to get there before the enemy so he's walking really fast, but it'll affect his wound. If I carry him, wouldn't that make him feel ashamed?" She giggled and said, "Brother Chong, I'm sorry." She didn't wait for Linghu

Chong's answer but extended her right hand to grab his waist while her left hand grabbed his collar. She lifted his body up and used her qinggong to quickly go through the field of tall sorghum. Linghu Chong appreciated it but he also felt this was funny. He thought in his heart that he was the respectable headmaster of Heng-Shan School, but she was carrying him like she was carrying a baby. If someone were to see this, he would definitely lose face. But if they didn't do this, then they wouldn't be able to stay ahead of the Qingcheng School people and little martial sister would be in danger. She obviously had lifted him because she knew what he was thinking in his heart.

After Yingying had gone further forward for dozens of steps, the

sound of the horses' hooves had gotten much closer. She turned her head around but all she could see in the darkness was dots of flames of the torches carried by the people on the horses. She said, "These people are really daring, they're actually carrying fire to chase them."

"They're staking their lives to carry out their strike so they don't care about anything. Aiyo, this isn't good!"

Yingying had also thought of it and she said, "Qingcheng School wants to burn the carriage."

"Let's cut them off and don't let them through."

"There's no need to worry, we'll be able to save the two of them."

Linghu Chong knew her martial art ability. Furthermore, Yu Canghai had died, and the remaining Qingcheng School people were extremely insignificant, so he didn't worry anymore. Yingying carried Linghu Chong until they were dozens of feet away from Yue Lingshan's carriage, then she helped him to sit within the field of tall sorghum. She whispered, "Sit quietly here and don't move."

Then from inside the carriage, Yue Lingshan said, "The enemy is coming quickly. They're Qingcheng School's rats."

"How do you know?" Lin Pingzhi asked.

"They're carrying torches to chase us. Hng, they really are fearless." "Everyone's carrying a torch?"

"That's right."

Lin Pingzhi had gone through a lot of trials and tribulations so his mind was very meticulous and he was much more alert than Yue Lingshan. "Quickly get down!” He hastily said. “Those rats are going to burn the


"Yes!” Yue Lingshan agreed. She also thought this was very reasonable. “Otherwise why are they carrying so many torches for?" She leapt down from the carriage and extended her hand to grip Lin Pingzhi's hand. Lin Pingzhi also jumped down. The two of them walked for dozens of feet to hide within the tall sorghum, and they were actually very close to where Linghu Chong and Yingying were hiding.

With thunderous sound of the hooves, Qingcheng School people

arrived at the carriage. They first cut off its path before surrounding it from all sides. One of the person shouted, "Lin Pingzhi, you dog, are you trying to be a turtle? You still don't want to stick your head out?" They heard no

sound coming from inside the carriage.

Another person said, "I'm afraid they've gone off the carriage and fled." Linghu Chong and Yingying then saw a torch arching through the darkness as it was tossed towards the carriage. Suddenly, a hand shot out from inside the carriage, grabbed the torch, and tossed it back.

The Qingcheng people made a lot of noise and shouted, "The dog is inside the carriage! The dog is inside the carriage!"

This was really beyond Linghu Chong’s and Yingying's expectation.

They never expected there would be another strong helper inside the

carriage. But Yue Lingshan was even more surprised. Lin Pingzhi and she had been talking for so long but they never knew there was another person inside the carriage. Looking at how this person had tossed the torch back, it showed that his arm was quite strong and his martial art was quite high. The disciples of Qingcheng tossed in eight more torches, and that person tossed each one back. Even though his tosses didn't injure anyone, it stopped the remaining Qingcheng disciples from throwing anymore torches. They instead circled the carriage from far away and made a lot of noise. Under the firelight, everyone saw that it was a withered and sallow hand with blue veins sticking out. It was clearly the hand of an old person.

A person shouted, "It's not Lin Pingzhi!"

Another person shouted, "It's not his wife either." Another person said, "That son of a turtle is afraid to come out, he's probably injured."

They hesitated for a long time and saw there was no movement in the carriage at all. Suddenly, with a cry, more than twenty of them charged forward with their swords drawn to stick them into the carriage. With a loud cracking sound, a person leapt up from the top of the carriage and a sword flickered in his hand. He flew behind the Qingcheng disciples and slashed out with his sword dropping two Qingcheng disciples to the ground. That person was wearing a yellow gown, appearing to be a person from Songshan School. His face was covered by a piece of cloth and only his bright eyes could be seen. His sword was wonderfully quick, and within a few moves, another two Qingcheng disciples had been struck by his sword and dropped to the ground.

Linghu Chong was holding Yingying's hand, and both of them thought of the same thing, "This person is also using the Evil Resisting Sword Art."

But this person wasn't Yue Buqun, judging by the shape of his body.

The two of them again thought of the same thing, "In this world, besides Yue Buqun, Lin Pingzhi, and Zuo Lengchan, there's actually a fourth person who knows how to use the Evil Resisting Sword Art."

Yue Lingshan whispered to Lin Pingzhi, "This person's sword art looks similar to yours."

Lin Pingzhi gasped in surprise and he asked, "He... He can also use my sword art? You didn't see it wrongly?"

After a time, three more Qingcheng disciples were struck down by the sword. By then, Linghu Chong and Yingying had worked out that person's

sword art. Even though this person was using the sword moves from the Evil Resisting Sword Art, his speed in jumping, rushing, and retreating was way below that of Dongfang Bubai's. He was not even as good as Yue

Buqun or Lin Pingzhi who could mysteriously appear and disappear. It was just that this person's martial art was high and he was far above all of the

Qingcheng disciples there. Added to that, Evil Resisting Sword Art was fantastic so even though it was one against many, he still held the upper hand.

Yue Lingshan said, "His sword art looks really similar to yours but he's not as quick as you."

Lin Pingzhi sighed and replied, "If he's not fast, he doesn't know the essence of my family's sword art then. But... but, who is he? How does he know how to use this sword art?"

As the sound of battle raged on, another Qingcheng disciple was pierced by the masked person's long sword through the chest. That masked man shouted, pulled his long sword, and cut another person's waist

separating him into two. The remaining Qingcheng people trembled in fear and four of them ran away. That person roared and rushed forward for two steps. From among the Qingcheng disciples, some of them cried out and turned their heads to run away. Seeing this, the remaining disciples were discouraged and they all fled. Some of them rode double, while some were in too much of a hurry to ride their horses so they sprinted away on their feet. In just a moment, they had all scattered away. That masked person was obviously quite exhausted as he propped his long sword on the ground and panted heavily. Linghu Chong and Yingying discovered from his gasps that just from fighting for a short time, this person had consumed a lot of internal energy and he had probably been injured internally as well.

At this time, there were around seven to eight torches still burning on the ground. The darkness was interspersed with light from the glinting torches. This old yellow-gowned person was gasping for breath for a long time before he lifted his long sword and slowly put it back into its sheath. Then he said, "Young Hero Lin, Madam Lin, I received Songshan's

Headmaster Zuo's order to help." His voice was extremely faint and hoarse.

Each word was uttered indistinctly as if he had something in his mouth or as if a part of his tongue was missing and that his voice had come out from his throat.

"Many thanks for your help,” Lin Pingzhi replied. “Sir, please tell me your honorable name." As he said this, he walked out of the field of tall

sorghum with Yue Lingshan.

"Headmaster Zuo learned that young hero and madam were heavily injured after dealing with traitors. So he ordered me to protect you and send the two of you to someplace safe to treat your injuries, and to make sure your father-in-law can't find you," that old person said.

Linghu Chong, Yingying, Lin Pingzhi, and Yue Lingshan all thought, "How did Zuo Lengchan know about this?"

"Headmaster Zuo and you have good intentions, I really appreciate it,” Lin Pingzhi replied. “I'll be at your service once my injury is better, but I don't dare to trouble your honourable persons."

"Both of young hero's eyes were injured by Hunchback of the North's poison. Not only would it be hard to heal, this person's poison is extremely formidable and if not for Headmaster Zuo's Daogui medicine, I'm afraid...

I'm afraid... it'll be hard to say what would happen to young hero's life."

After Lin Pingzhi was splashed by Mu Gaofeng's poison, both of his eyes and his whole face had been feeling extremely itchy that he felt like digging his own eyes out. But he endured it and had been restraining himself ever since, so he knew this person was saying the truth. Hesitantly he asked, "Headmaster Zuo and I aren't family or friends so why is Headmaster Zuo being so concerned about me? If you don't say this clearly, then it'll be difficult for me to follow your directions."

That old person let out a laugh. "Sharing a common hatred is just like friendship borne out of a common cause. Both of Headmaster Zuo's eyes

were harmed by Yue Buqun. If we look for the source of the injuries to both of your eyes, the root of trouble was also likely to be Yue Buqun. Yue

Buqun already knows that young hero has learned the Evil Resisting Sword Art, so even if young hero runs to the end of the world, he will still chase

and kill you. He's now the headmaster of the Five Mountains School and his authority is as high as the heaven. How can young hero fight him all by yourself? Moreover... moreover... hey hey, Yue Buqun's own daughter is

already accompanying young hero from dawn till dusk. Young hero has heavenly skill but you'll still find it hard to protect yourself from the plotting from the pillow next to you..."

Yue Lingshan suddenly shouted, "Second martial brother, so it's you!"

As she called this out, Linghu Chong's whole body shook. Hearing this old person speaking, even though his voice was vague, it sounded really familiar to him and it felt like someone he knew. When he heard Yue Lingshan's shout, he immediately recognised that person to be Lao Denuo.

But Yue Lingshan had told him before that Lao Denuo was killed by

someone at Fuzhou so he never thought this person could be him. Then what Yue Lingshan told him before must be false. Then he heard that old person coldly said, "Little girl is quite alert to be able to recognise my voice." He didn't use his throat to speak anymore, his voice was clear and he really was Lao Denuo.

"Second martial brother,” Lin Pingzhi said, “if you pretended to be killed at Fuzhou, then... then eighth martial brother was killed by you?" "No,” Lao Denuo snorted. “Ying Bailuo is only a small kid, why do I want to kill him for?"

"You're still denying it?” Yue Lingshan shouted. “He... He... Little Lin was chopped with a sword from the back, this must be your doing too. I've always wrongly blamed big martial brother. Hng, you did good. You killed some old guy and chopped his face up, then you put your gown on the dead person so everyone thought you were killed."

"Your guess is right,” Lao Denuo acknowledged. “If I didn't do that, how can Yue Buqun let me go that easily? But I wasn't the one who slashed at Young Hero Lin's back."

"Not you? Could there be another person?"

Lao Denuo coldly said, "It's not just another person, it's your father." "Nonsense!” Yue Lingshan shouted. “You did this bad thing, but

you're blaming someone else for it. There's nothing wrong with my father at all, why would he want to harm Brother Ping?"

"Because at that time, your father has already gotten the Evil

Resisting Sword Manual from Linghu Chong's body. This sword manual belongs to the Lin family so the first person Yue Buqun wanted to kill was your Brother Ping. If Lin Pingzhi lives, how can your father learn the Evil Resisting Sword Art?" Lao Denuo explained.

Yue Lingshan didn't know how to answer. In her heart, she knew those words were logical but she could never believe that her own father would plot against Lin Pingzhi. She almost said the words 'nonsense', but

instead she said, "If we take that my father was the one who wanted to harm Brother Ping, how come his sword didn't kill him?"

Lin Pingzhi suddenly said, "This attack was really done by Yue Buqun. Second martial brother isn't wrong."

Yue Lingshan stammered, "You... You... You also believe this?" "Yue Buqun chopped at my back and injured me heavily. I knew that I had no way of fighting back so I dropped to the ground and pretended that I had died. At that time, I didn't know it was Yue Buqun who plotted against me. But as I was beginning to lose consciousness, I heard eighth martial brother's voice. He called out: 'Master!' When eighth martial brother called out 'Master', he saved my life, but gave his life instead," Lin Pingzhi related.

Startled, Yue Lingshan said, "You're saying eighth martial brother was also... also... also killed by my father?"

"Of course! After I heard eighth martial brother called out 'Master', he cried out miserably. Then I lost consciousness totally and didn't know

anything else," Lin Pingzhi said.

Lao Denuo continued the story, "At first, Yue Buqun wanted to give you another stab. But I was watching from the dark and I coughed lightly. Yue Buqun didn't dare to stay and quickly went back to his room. Brother Lin, my cough can be said to have saved your life."

"If... If my father really wanted to harm you, later on... later on he got many opportunities, why didn't he kill you then?" Yue Lingshan argued.

"After that I guard every step of my way so he had no other opportunity to kill me,” Lin Pingzhi coldly said. “You were actually very lucky for me. All day long we were always together, so it wasn't convenient for him to kill me."

Yue Lingshan cried and said, "So... so... you took me as your wife to fool other people, and also... also... to use me as your shield."

Lin Pingzhi ignored her and said to Lao Denuo, "Brother Lao, you're working together with Headmaster Zuo now?"

"Headmaster Zuo is my respected master. I am his third disciple." "So you've changed school and entered Songshan." "I didn't change school and entered Songshan. I've always been under Songshan School. It's just that I received my respected master's order to join Huashan to research on Yue Buqun's martial art, as well as to keep an eye on the movements of Huashan School."

Linghu Chong was suddenly enlightened. Before Lao Denuo joined the Huashan School, he already knew martial art and everyone in the school knew this. But his martial art was very mixed and ordinary, like the martial art around the area of Yungui. They had never suspected that he was

actually a Songshan disciple. So this intention to annex the other four

schools had actually been in Zuo Lengchan's heart for a very long time and he had actually planned this kind of move a long time ago. Then Lao Denuo killing Lu Dayou and stealing the Violet Twilight Secret Manual was obvious and was no longer a mystery. Even Master, who was always very vigilant towards other people, was deceived by him.

Lin Pingzhi pondered for a while then said, "In that case, Brother Lao took the Violet Twilight Secret Manual and Evil Resisting Sword Manual from Huashan back to Songshan for Headmaster Zuo to practice. Your

accomplishment is really great."

Linghu Chong and Yingying were both nodding their heads. They thought, "So Zuo Lengchan and Lao Denuo are able to use the Evil

Resisting Sword Art because of this. Lin Pingzhi's brain works really fast."

With deep hatred, Lao Denuo vehemently said, "I'm going to speak frankly. The two of us, together with my respected master, we've all fallen under this bastard Yue Buqun's hand. This person is really dangerous and we've all fallen into his violent scheme."

"Hey, I understand,” Lin Pingzhi said. “The Evil Resisting Sword Manual you stole was an altered version by Yue Buqun. That's why

Headmaster Zuo and Brother Lao's Evil Resisting Sword Art are different." Lao Denuo gritted his teeth and said, "When I entered the Huashan School back then, Yue Buqun had already detected my deception from the outset but he didn't do anything. He just secretly paid close attention to

what I was doing. When Yue Buqun wrote the Evil Resisting Sword Manual down, the sword art looks really wonderful but it was actually just good to look at and it lacked the internal energy method. He deliberately prepared this fake sword manual for me to steal so when my respected master practiced the sword art, it wasn't complete. As soon as they got into a life

and death battle, he led my respected master to use this sword art so that the real sword art would be pitted against the fake sword art. By doing this, he guaranteed his own victory. Otherwise, how can the headmaster position of the Five Mountains School fall into his hand?"

Lin Pingzhi let out a sigh. "This traitor Yue Buqun really is crafty and fierce. Both of us have really fallen into his trap."

"My respected master understands this matter completely. Even though I ruined everything, he didn't blame me at all. But how can I, as his disciple, be at peace knowing this? So I'm staking my life to climb the mountain of sabres and walk through fire to kill that traitor Yue Buqun and avenge my respected master." These words were said with venom and anger by Lao Denuo. It was obvious this was a matter gnawing deeply in his heart.

Lin Pingzhi hummed. Lao Denuo went on, "Both of my respected master's eyes were harmed, so he's secretly staying on Songshan's west peak. On the west peak, there are more than ten other people whose eyes

are also bad. They were harmed by Yue Buqun and Linghu Chong. Brother Lin, come with me to see my respected master. You're Fuzhou's Lin family sole heir to the Evil Resisting Sword School, so you're the headmaster of the Evil Resisting Sword School. My respected master of course will treat you with respect. If both of your eyes can be cured then that would be best, otherwise, you can secretly hide with my respected master and together plan your revenge. How can that be not wonderful?"

These words excited Lin Pingzhi. Both of his eyes had been poisoned and he himself knew that there was no hope for a cure. All these talks of

curing his eyes were only to cheat and comfort himself. Zuo Lengchan and he were both blind, they both had the same problem and the same enemy, so this was already very good. But he knew Zuo Lengchan's methods tend to be very fierce, so when Zuo Lengchan suddenly turned nice toward him, there was bound to be another plan behind this. Lin Pingzhi said,

"Headmaster Zuo has a very good idea. But I don't know how I can repay him for this. Can Brother Lao please tell us more first?"

Lao Denuo laughed. "Brother Lin is an unequivocal person. Once

everyone has joined forces, then everything will become clear. My master and I were duped by Yue Buqun with an incomplete sword manual. So of course I’m not resigned to it. Along the way, I saw Brother Lin's immense power and wonderfully matchless sword art in the killing of Mu Gaofeng,

and the execution of Yu Canghai and the Qingcheng's clowns. They were all scattering away at the mere sight of you. It's obvious you have the real Evil Resisting Sword Art. I really admire you and really find you interesting. "

Lin Pingzhi understood his intention so he interrupted, "Brother Lao wants me to let you and your master have a look at the real Evil Resisting Sword Manual?"

"This is the Lin family's secret and outsiders mustn't peep into it. But from today onwards, we'll form an alliance in blood to kill Yue Buqun. If Brother Lin's eyes are cured, you're still young and have a lot of energy, so you wouldn't be afraid to face him by yourself. But looking at the situation today, if my respected master and I learn the Evil Resisting Sword Art, then the three of us can join hands, and only then will we have a hope of killing Yue Buqun. Brother Lin, please don't blame me," Lao Denuo said.

Lin Pingzhi was thinking in his heart: 'Both of my eyes are blind and I actually don't know how I'll be able to survive. Moreover, if I didn't promise this, then Lao Denuo will kill both him and Yue Lingshan. If Lao Denuo has spoken sincerely, then his proposal has more benefit than harm.' He replied, "I'm flattered that Headmaster Zuo and Brother Lao wish to be

allied with me. My whole family has been broken up and decimated, and I'm already a handicapped person with no sight. Even though my misfortune was mainly because of Yu Canghai, Yue Buqun's plotting was also the main reason for this. So I have the same idea as you and your

master to execute Yue Buqun. Once we're allies, I wouldn't dare to keep this Evil Resisting Sword Manual as a secret. I'll take it out and give it to you

and your master to peruse."

Lao Denuo was exultant. "Brother Lin is very generous. My master and I are very appreciative to be able to look at the real Evil Resisting Sword Manual. From today onwards, Brother Lin will forever be our Songshan School's honoured guest. You and I will be like brothers, and we'll share everything."

"Many thanks. I'll follow Brother Lao back to Mount Songshan. After that, I'll immediately recite the real Evil Resisting Sword Manual out for you and your master."

"Recite it out?"

"That's right. Brother Lao doesn't know that the real Evil Resisting Sword Manual was actually recorded by my great grandfather Yuantu on a Buddhist robe. This Buddhist robe was stolen by Yue Buqun so he could pry into my family's sword art. Later on, he made a mistake and this Buddhist robe fell into my hands. I was really afraid that Yue Buqun might find out so I memorised this sword manual and quickly destroyed that

Buddhist robe. If I had hidden that Buddhist robe on my body, and with my worthy wife besides me, how could I still live till today?" Yue Lingshan had been staying quiet and listening from the side all this time, but when she heard him ridiculing her, she cried again. She sobbingly said, "You... You..."

Lao Denuo was already inside the carriage listening to their dialog before so he knew Lin Pingzhi was telling the truth. "That's very good, why don't we go back to Songshan together?"

"Very good," Lin Pingzhi replied.

"We must abandon the carriage and get some horses to ride through the small roads. Otherwise, if we meet Yue Buqun along the way, we won't be his match at all," Lao Denuo said. He then turned his head slightly and asked Yue Lingshan, "Little martial sister, are you going to help your father? Or are you going to help your husband?"

Yue Lingshan stopped weeping and said, "I'm not helping anyone! I'm... I'm a cruelly fated person. I'll become a nun tomorrow. I'm finished with my father and husband. I won't see any of you again from now on."

Lin Pingzhi coldly said, "It really befits you to become a nun at Heng- Shan."

Yue Lingshan angrily replied, "Lin Pingzhi, when you had nowhere to go, my father helped you. If not for him, you'd have died under Mu

Gaofeng's hand and would not be still alive today. Even if you reasoned my father was rude to you, I wasn't being rude to you. What do you mean by those words?"

"What's my meaning? I want to make everything clear to Headmaster Zuo." His voice sounded very fierce. Suddenly, Yue Lingshan cried out miserably. Linghu Chong and Yingying cried out at the same time, "Oh, no!" They immediately leapt out from the field of tall sorghum. Linghu Chong shouted, "Lin Pingzhi, don't harm little martial sister."

At this time, the two people Lao Denuo was most scared of were Yue Buqun and Linghu Chong. When he suddenly heard Linghu Chong's voice, he was startled out of his wits. He quickly grabbed Lin Pingzhi's left

shoulder and jumped onto one of the Qingcheng disciples' horses. Then he put his heels to the horse and galloped away in a mad rush. Linghu Chong was worried about Yue Lingshan so he had no time to chase the enemy. He saw Yue Lingshan lay slumped on the driver's seat with a sword sticking out of her chest. He looked for her breath and found it to be slow and faint. Linghu Chong shouted, "Little martial sister, little martial sister."

"Is... Is it big martial brother?" Yue Lingshan asked faintly.

Linghu Chong happily replied, "Yes... it's me." He extended his hand to pull the sword out, but Yingying hastily stopped him. "You can't pull the sword out."

Linghu Chong saw the sword had penetrated half a foot deep into her body and it was a fatal injury. If he pulled the sword out, she would die

straight away. He didn't know what to do and his heart was grieved. He started to cry and called out, "Little... little martial sister!"

"Big martial brother, it's already good that you're here with me.

Brother Ping... Brother Ping, has he gone?"

Linghu Chong gritted his teeth and with tears running down his cheeks, he said, "Don't worry, I'll definitely kill him to avenge you."

"Don't, don't! His eyes are already blind. If you want to kill him, he wouldn't be able to fight back. I... I... I want to go to mom."

"Alright, I'll take you to Master-Wife." Yingying heard Yue Lingshan's voice was becoming fainter and fainter, and knew that she only had a very short time left in this world. She couldn't help shedding her tears. "Big martial brother, you've always treated me well,” Yue Lingshan

said. “I... I'm sorry. I... I'm going to die."

Linghu Chong shed his tears. "You can't die, we'll think of a way to cure you."

"I'm... I'm hurt... deeply. Big martial brother, I want to ask you for something, you... you must promise me."

Linghu Chong gripped her left hand and said, "Say it, say it, I promise."

Yue Lingshan sighed. "You... you... don't agree... I've... asked too much of you..." Her voice was becoming softer and softer, and her breath becoming even weaker.

"I promise, say what you want." "What did you say?"

"I promise, what do you want me to do? I'll do it for you."

"Big martial brother, my husband... Brother Ping... his... his... eyes are blind... he's pitiful... do you know?"

"Yes, I know."

"He's all by himself in this world. Everyone bullies him... bullies him. Big martial brother... after I die, please take good care of him, don't... don't let him be bullied..."

Linghu Chong was startled. He never expected Yue Lingshan to still hold on to the feelings she had for Lin Pingzhi when Lin Pingzhi was her violent killer. At that moment, Linghu Chong really detested Lin Pingzhi, and all he wanted to do was to chop him into thousands of pieces. In the future, it would already be almost impossible for him to spare his life, so how could he agree to look after this bastard? Yue Lingshan slowly said, "Big martial brother, Brother Ping...

Brother Ping, he didn't really want to kill me... he's afraid of my father... he wanted to gain Zuo Lengchan's trust, so... so he stabbed me first..."

Linghu Chong angrily said, "That selfish, ungrateful bastard. You... you still care for him?"

"He... he didn't deliberately try to kill me, it's just that.. it's just that his hand slipped. Big martial brother... I beg you, beg you to look after him..."

As the moonlight reflected off her face, Linghu Chong can see her

eyes were unfocused and her pupils were dull, entirely unlike her normally clear bright eyes. A few drops of blood were splashed on her cheeks, and her earnest face was begging him. Linghu Chong thought of the past ten years he had together with his little martial sister while they were at

Huashan, holding hands and traveling everywhere. Sometimes when she wanted him to do something, she would show this earnest looking

expression to him. No matter how difficult that thing was, even if it violated what his heart wished for, he had never refused her even once. This time, her earnest request was full of grief. She knew clearly she only had a short time left and that she didn't have another opportunity to ask Linghu Chong for anything else. This was the last and most pressing earnest request from her. All of a sudden, Linghu Chong felt his chest feeling hot and he knew if he promised her this, then not only would there be endless trouble in the future, he would even be forced to do many things that he wouldn't be

willing to do. But looking at Yue Lingshan's earnest and sorrowful look, he nodded his head. "Fine, I promise you, you can put your heart at ease."

Yingying heard him and couldn't help interrupt him. "You... how can you promise that?" Yue Lingshan tightly gripped Linghu Chong's hand. "Big martial brother, many... many... thanks... I'm... I'm at ease... at ease." Her eyes suddenly shone and the edge of her mouth smiled, looking like she was

very satisfied. Linghu Chong saw her expression and thought, "Just being

able to see her happy, it doesn't matter how much trouble and pain I have to go through, it's all worth it."

All of a sudden, Yue Lingshan softly sang a song. Linghu Chong felt as if his chest had just received a thump as he heard her singing a Fujian folksong. She was singing the tune, "Sisters, going up the mountain to pluck tea." This was the Fujian folksong that Lin Pingzhi had taught her.

That day on the Cliff of Contemplation, his heart hurt like it was twisted because he heard her singing this folksong. Now as she sang this song

again, she was thinking of the sweet days Lin Pingzhi and she had shared while they were at Huashan. The sound of her song was becoming fainter

and her grip on Linghu Chong's hand gradually loosened. She at last release her hold and slowly closed her eyes. She had stopped singing, and her breathing had also stopped. Linghu Chong's heart sank. It felt as if the

whole world had also died. He wanted to cry but he couldn't. He extended both of his hands and carried Yue Lingshan's body. He softly said, "Little martial sister, little martial sister, don't be afraid! I'm going to carry you to your mom. No one will bully you anymore."

Yingying saw a red patch at the back of his body. His wound had burst open again and blood was oozing out of it. The patch of blood on his gown was getting larger and larger, but looking at the situation, she didn't know how to advise him. Linghu Chong absent-mindedly carried Yue Lingshan's body for more than ten steps while he kept on mumbling, "Little martial sister, don't be afraid, don't be afraid! I'll carry you to Master-Wife." Suddenly, both of his knees lost strength and he fell down onto the ground and lost consciousness.

When he became half aware, he heard a crisp and clear sound of a

zither. The zither sound repeated itself playing a tune that sounded familiar to him and he was enjoying it immensely. His whole body felt weak and he didn't even feel like opening his eyelids. He only hoped that he could listen to the sound of the zither forever. The zither sound really didn't stop and

continued playing. After listening to it for a while, Linghu Chong fell asleep again.

The second time he became conscious, the quiet and beautiful zither sound was still playing and he could also smell a fragrant scent. He slowly opened his eyes and saw all sorts of flowers in front of his eyes. Red flowers, white flowers, yellow flowers, purple flowers; they were all piled

in front of him. He wondered, "What's this place?" Hearing the zither sound repeating, he realised it was the tune Yingying often played called the 'Song of Peace and Serenity'. He turned his head around and saw the back of Yingying's body. She was sitting on the ground gently playing the zither.

Gradually, he realised they were inside a cave. The sunshine entered from the mouth of the cave as he lay on a bed of soft grass. Linghu Chong

wanted to sit up and as he tried, the grass underneath him made a rustling sound. The zither sound stopped abruptly and Yingying turned her head

around looking very happy. She slowly walked up to Linghu Chong and sat beside him. Her eyes stayed on him for the whole time, and her face was overflowing with tender affection.

In a brief moment, Linghu Chong's heart swelled with happiness. He knew he had lost consciousness after he had seen Yue Lingshan die miserably, and Yingying had helped him into this cave. He suddenly felt a wave of sadness in his heart, but gradually, he felt unbounded warmth and tenderness coming from Yingying's eyes. The two of them affectionately sat opposite each other for a long time without saying anything.

Linghu Chong extended his left hand and lightly caressed the back of Yingying's hand. Suddenly, in the midst of the fragrance from the flowers, he smelled roasted meat in the air. Yingying took a branch full of stringed up frogs and laughingly said, "They're burnt again!"

Linghu Chong burst into laughter. The two of them were brought back to the day besides the creek when they caught some frogs and burnt them. From the first time they had eaten frogs together to this second frog feast, many things had happened in between; but the two of them were still together at the end. After having a few laughs, Linghu Chong's heartache returned and he started shedding some tears again. Yingying helped him to sit up; pointing to the mountain outside, she softly said, "Miss Yue is buried there."

Holding back his tears, Linghu Chong said, "Many... many thanks."

Yingying slowly shook her head. "There's no need to thank me. Every person has his own fate, and every person also has his own action and reward."

Linghu Chong felt apologetic. "Yingying, I can never forget the feelings I have for my little martial sister, please don't blame me."

"Of course I don't blame you. If you were just a man who likes to play around and look for girls all the time, then I wouldn't have cared about you." She then whispered, "The reason I started... I started adoring you is because you told me how much you love your little martial sister at the

Bamboo Lane in Luoyang. Miss Yue was a good lady, but she wasn't... she wasn't destined to be with you. If you didn't grow up with her, and she had seen you later, she would most probably have liked you." Linghu Chong pondered for a long time, then he shook his head. "She wouldn't. Little martial sister looked up to my master, so the man she liked must be similar to her father, a man of few words who carry himself in a

stately manner. I'm only her playmate; she had never... never respected me." Yingying said, "Maybe what you said is right. It just happened that

Lin Pingzhi is similar to your master, very proper but with a belly full of secret plots."

Linghu Chong sighed. "Just before little martial sister died, she still didn't believe Lin Pingzhi truly meant to kill her and she still loved him

completely. That's... that's also very good. She wasn't grieved at all before she died. I want to see her grave."

Yingying held his arm as they walked out of the cave. Linghu Chong saw the grave was made up of a pile of rocks. Even though the rocks were of uneven size, they were organised neatly. In front and at the back of the grave were fresh flowers. Seeing they were done by Yingying, he felt

appreciative towards her. A cut tree trunk was erected in front of the grave, and words were written on it with a sword-point: "Tomb of Heroine Yue Lingshan from Huashan". Linghu Chong was startled and shed more tears. He said, "Perhaps little martial sister would've liked to be called Madam Lin."

"Lin Pingzhi is such a ruthless and unrighteous person. In the netherworld, Miss Yue would have understood his wicked heart, and she wouldn't want to be called Madam Lin." While she thought in her heart,

"You don't know Lin Pingzhi and she were husband and wife in name only; they're not real husband and wife."

"You're probably right," Linghu Chong agreeing with her. He then

saw mountain peaks surrounding them on every side, and realized that they were inside a valley. The forests were the colour of deep green and mountain flowers grew everywhere. Birds were calling out continuously from the top of the trees. It was a very secluded and quiet place they were in.

"We'll stay here for some time to look after your injury and the grave," Yingying suggested.

Linghu Chong replied, "That's very good. Little martial sister is alone in this wilderness, even if she had become a ghost, she'll still be timid."

When Yingying heard him said such a sentimental word, she couldn't help sighing.

The two of them lived in the valley comfortably, eating frogs and picking fruits. Linghu Chong only had an external injury so with Heng- Shan School's medicine applied externally and taken orally, along with his abundant internal energy, he was mostly recovered from his injury after

staying there for more than twenty days. While he was recuperating, Yingying taught him how to play the zither every day. Linghu Chong was very intelligent and he concentrated fully on his practise, so he advanced very quickly. One day, he woke up early in the morning and saw several small shoots had already grown out from Yue Lingshan's grave. Linghu

Chong thought, "There are shoots already at little martial sister's grave now. How is she inside the grave?"

Suddenly, the sound of a bamboo flute came from behind his back.

He turned his head around and saw Yingying was sitting on a piece of rock playing the 'Song of Peace and Serenity' with a bamboo flute. He walked over to her and saw it was a new flute Yingying had made from a bamboo branch by using her sword and perforating holes through it. He took the

zither, put it across his knee, and started playing, following the tune she was playing. As he gradually put his mind into playing the tune, there was no other thought in his mind. When the song was completed, he felt his vigour greatly roused. They smiled at each other.

Yingying said, "You're already familiar with this 'Song of Peace and Serenity'. Today, let's practise the 'Smiling Proud Wanderer'. What do you think?"

"That song is difficult to play, I don't know when I'll be able to play it together with you."

Yingying smiled. "This music is very profound, I also still don't understand many parts of it. There's something different with this song, it's hard to explain, but it seems if two people were to play it together, they'd be able to enlighten each other. Compared to one person fumbling around,

we'll definitely advance much faster."

Linghu Chong clapped and said, "You're right! On that day, when I heard Hengshan School's martial uncle Liu and Devil... and Sun Moon Sect's Elder Qu playing this song together, the zither and the bamboo flute were in harmony, and their sound was really moving. Martial uncle Liu said that this song was originally for a zither and a bamboo flute to play together."

"You play the zither, I play the flute. We'll slowly practise it part by


Linghu Chong smiled. "But it's a pity it's a flute and not a se. Zither

and se are very harmonious together and it would've been wonderful."7 Yingying's face turned red and she replied, "These last few days, I

haven't heard you speaking any satirical remarks and I thought you've changed. But you're still the same."

Linghu Chong made a face at her. He knew Yingying was very shy. Even though they were in a secluded valley and there were only the two of them there, she never allowed him to speak indecently. He was afraid if he jested a bit more, she would ignore him for the rest of the day so he quickly went near her to look at the music score. After listening to her explanations, he started to play his part. Playing the zither wasn't an easy matter; added to that, the song 'Smiling Proud Wanderer' was very profound with a lot of

complicated changes, so this made the playing even more difficult. But Linghu Chong was bright, and he was also being directed by a master.

Additionally, he had also improved a lot in his zither playing from the time he started studying it at Bamboo Lane in Luoyang since he had been practising it every chance he got. Even though it was hard for them to be harmonious in the beginning, slowly, they finally managed to play well together. Even though their playing couldn't be as wonderful as that of Liu and Qu, there was a hint of a rhythm in their playing. Within the next ten days, the two of them became very close to playing the zither and flute

together harmoniously. This calm surrounding of this green valley separated them from the world, and gradually they came to forget everything about the fierce fighting in Jianghu. Both of them felt if they could spend the rest of their lives in that green valley, and not be drawn into the killings in Wulin, then they would be very happy.

One afternoon, after Linghu Chong and Yingying had been playing together for more than an hour, Linghu Chong's internal energy was

suddenly disturbed and his mind not tranquil. He made a few mistakes and his heart became more worried which made his fingering method became

even more chaotic. Yingying asked, "Are you tired? Rest for a while before continuing."

"I'm tired but not tired. I don't know what's wrong. I feel a bit

agitated. I'm going to go pick some peaches. We'll practise again at night." "Alright, don't go too far." Linghu Chong knew there were a lot of wild peach trees southeast of the valley, which would have ripened by now. He passed through the bushes and went for around eight to nine li before arriving at the grove of wild peach trees. He leapt up and picked two peaches. The second time he leapt, he picked three peaches. He saw the peaches were quite ripe and there were already a lot of peaches on the ground which had fallen from the trees. In the next few days, all the peaches might have fallen down and become rotten on the ground. He quickly picked dozens more, and he thought,

"After we eat these peaches, we'll spread the seeds all over the valley. Then in a few years time, there'll be peach trees everywhere. Wouldn't that be


Then he suddenly thought of the Peach Valley Six Fairies, "With peach trees growing everywhere in this valley, wouldn't this be called a Peach Valley? Then will Yingying and I become the Peach Valley Two Fairies? Later on, we'll have six children, wouldn't they become Little Peach Valley Six Fairies? If those Little Peach Valley Six Fairies talk like the old Peach Valley Six Fairies, wouldn't that be troublesome?"

He was just about to laugh thinking about this when he suddenly heard a sound from somewhere far amongst the trees. Linghu Chong immediately hid himself in the tall grass. He thought, "My mouth's getting tired of eating frogs and fruits. That sound must be some kind of a beast.

Yingying will be very happy if I can catch an antelope or a deer." He had not finished thinking when he heard the sound of footsteps. It was the sound of two people walking. Linghu Chong started. "How can there be people in this valley? They must've come here because of Yingying and me."

Then he heard the voice of an elder saying, "You're not wrong? Yue Buqun will definitely come here?" Linghu Chong was even more confounded. He thought, "They're chasing my master? Who are these people?"

Another person with a low and deep voice said, "Fragrant Master Shi has already asked around. Yue Buqun's daughter and son-in-law suddenly went missing, and we couldn't find a single trace of them in any market, town, pier, or river. They must've hidden themselves in a nearby valley to look after their injuries. Sooner or later, Yue Buqun will come here to look for them."

Linghu Chong's heart ached as he thought, "So they know little martial sister was injured, but they don't know she's already dead. A lot of people must be looking for her whereabouts, especially Master and Master-

Wife. If not for this valley being completely secluded, they would've searched this place a long time ago."

That elder then said, "If you didn't guess wrong, then Yue Buqun

would come here sooner or later. Let's setup an ambush at the entrance of this valley."

The person with the low and deep voice said, "If Yue Buqun doesn't come, then we can lead him here after we setup the ambush."

That elder clapped twice and said, "This plan is wonderful. Brother Xue, I never thought you have so many ideas."

That person surnamed Xue replied, "Elder Ge said it well.

Subordinate hopes that you'll be able to promote me. If Elder has anything for me to do, I'll do it with all my heart and power to repay Elder's kindness."

Linghu Chong felt disappointed as he thought, "So they're Yingying's subordinates from the Sun Moon Sect. It's best if they go far away from here and don't disturb Yingying and me." He also thought, "At this time,

Master's martial art has advanced greatly. Even though there are many of them, they're still not Master's match. No one in Wulin is capable of matching Master's skill and intelligence. With only their intelligence, how can they even hope to ambush Master? This is called 'playing with axe in front of Lu Ban'."

Suddenly, three clapping sound was heard from somewhere far. That person surnamed Xue said, "Elder Du has also arrived."

Elder Ge also clapped for three times. The sound of footsteps was heard as four people hurried to come to them. Two of these people had very heavy footsteps and as they got nearer, Linghu Chong thought they were

carrying something.

Elder Ge happily said, "Elder Du, did you capture the Yue family's little girl? You've done a great achievement."

A person laughed loudly and said, "It's from the Yue family, but it's the big girl, not the little one."

Elder Ge gasped in surprise, sounding like he was surprised and happy at the same time. "How... How... You captured Yue Buqun's wife?"

Linghu Chong was greatly surprised and he immediately wished to go out to help, but he recalled that he wasn't carrying a sword with him. With no sword in his hand, his martial art was just ordinary. This made him really worried. He then heard Elder Du said, "You're not convinced?"

Elder Ge replied, "Madam Yue's swordplay is good. How did Brother Du manage to capture her? Ah, you must've used the confusion poison."

Elder Du laughed, "This lady arrived in a restaurant absent-mindedly and just drank her bowl of tea without thinking. Other people said Yue

Buqun's wife, Ning Zhongze, is great, but actually she's nothing."

Linghu Chong got angry and secretly thought, "My Master-Wife heard her beloved daughter was injured and missing, but she couldn't find her after dozens of days of searching. Of course her mind would be in chaos. This is her cherished daughter we're talking about! How can you call her nothing? I'm going to kill each one of you with my sword for insulting my Master-Wife." He then thought, "How can I snatch a sword? If no

sword, then a sabre will do." Then he heard Elder Ge said, "Since we have already captured Yue Buqun's wife, things are going well. Brother Du, the plan right now is how do we lead Yue Buqun here?"

"What do we do after we lead him here?" Elder Du questioned.

Elder Ge hesitated before saying, "We'll use this lady as hostage and force him to abandon his sword. I expect the Yue Buqun husband and wife would have deep feelings toward each other, so he wouldn't dare to defy us."

"What Brother Ge said was very reasonable. But I'm afraid if Yue Buqun's heart is very violent, and the feelings between him and his wife

aren't deep, then things might get a little thorny for us," Elder Du reasoned. "This... This... En, Brother Xue, what do you think?" Elder Ge said.

That person surnamed Xue said, "In front of two elders, it's not subordinate's place to speak out. "

He only said till here when there was another three clapping sound coming from the west. Elder Du said, "Elder Bao has arrived." In a short time, two people flew in from the west and their footsteps were really quick.

Elder Ge said, "Elder Mo has also arrived."

Linghu Chong quietly called out in misery, "Hearing their footsteps, it seems that these two people's martial arts are even higher than Du and Ge.

How can I save Master-Wife with only my bare hand?" He then heard Elder Du and Ge called out together, "Brother Mo and Bao have arrived, this is really good." Elder Ge also said, "Brother Du has done a great service by capturing Yue Buqun's wife."

An elder happily said, "Wonderful, wonderful! The two of you have worked hard."

Elder Ge said, "That's Elder Du's accomplishment."

That elder replied, "We all received Chief's order to handle this thing.

No matter who did it, we'll all get a share of Chief's good fortune."

This elder's voice sounded quite familiar to Linghu Chong's ears. He thought, "Could it be that I've seen him on Dark Wood Cliff before?" He then exerted his qi to listen to their conversation, but he didn't dare stick his head out to have a look. All of the elders from the Devil Sect had high martial art, so if he moved even slightly, then he might immediately be discovered by them.

Elder Ge said, "Brother Bao and Mo, Brother Du and I were just discussing how we were going to entice Yue Buqun to come here, so that we can capture him and take him to Dark Wood Cliff."

The other elder said, "What plan did you come up with?"

Elder Ge answered, "We haven't thought of a good plan yet. Brother Bao and Mo must be able to come up with a good plan."

The first elder said, "When the five mountains sword schools were fighting at the place of worship place over the leadership, Yue Buqun blinded both of Zuo Lengchan's eyes and his power shook the entire Mount Songshan. After that, no one else from the five mountains sword schools dared to challenge him. I heard this person has obtained the real Evil

Resisting Sword Art from the Lin family and he's now completely different from before. We must think of all possibilities and we mustn't look down on him." Elder Du said, "That's right. Even if the four of us cooperate, it's still not certain if we'll be able to win against him."

Elder Mo said, "Brother Bao, you've already decided on a plan, please share it with us."

That Elder Bao said, "Even though I've thought of a plan, it's nothing wonderful. I'm afraid the three of you will laugh at it."

Elder Mo, Ge, and Du said together, "Brother Bao is our sect's brain trust. The plan you thought of must be really good."

Elder Bao said, "Actually, it's only a silly plan. We'll dig a deep pit, and cover it with grass and branches on top. Then we'll seal this lady's

acupoints, put her at the edge of the pit and lead Yue Buqun to it. When he sees his wife on the ground, he'll definitely go over to help her. Then 'Boom'... he'll fall... Aiyo, not good..." He was hitting his hands together at the same time he was speaking. The other three elders and the remaining four people laughed out loud.

Elder Mo laughingly said, "Brother Bao's plan is wonderful. We'll all naturally hide ourselves on the side to wait for Yue Buqun to drop into the pit. Once he drops in, we'll cover the top of the pit with blades and don't let him leap out. Otherwise, with such strong martial art, I'm afraid he might not drop in but instead jump out of the hole."

Elder Bao hesitated and said, "But there's still some difficulty with


Elder Mo said, "What difficulty? Ah, that's right, Brother Bao is

afraid of Yue Buqun's strange sword art. Once he fell into the hole, will we be able to stop him?"

Elder Bao said, "Brother Mo's guess is right. This time, Chief sent us to handle this thing and our enemy is the best master from the five mountains sword schools alliance. Even if we die for Chief, we'll still be highly honoured, and we wouldn't be harming the reputation of both the Divine sect and Chief's. As the saying goes: Those who thought of trivial

things are not gentlemen, those who are not violent are not men. Since we're dealing with a gentleman, we must use treacherous method. I think we must add something inside the trap."

Elder Du said, "What Brother Bao said fits well with us. We're carrying a lot of 'Hundred Flowers Soul Consuming Powder'. We can

spread them around the tree branches and grass covering the hole. When Yue Buqun falls into the hole, he'll suck in a breath of this powder..." He said till here, when they all burst into laughter.

Elder Bao said, "We can't be late, we must begin now. Where's the best place to lay this trap?"

Elder Ge replied, "Three li west from here, there's a towering cliff on one side with a deep abyss on the other side. There's only a small road you can walk through there. If Yue Buqun doesn't come then we'll just forget it, on the other hand, if he comes then he'll definitely have to go through this small road."

Elder Bao said, "Very good, let's go there and take a look." After he said this, he started walking while the rest followed behind him.

Linghu Chong thought, "They wouldn't be able to dig this trap in just an hour. I'll go quickly tell Yingying about this and get myself a long sword, then I'll go and rescue Master-Wife." He waited until all the Devil Sect's people had gone before quietly going back.

After walking for a few li, he suddenly heard the sound of people digging. He thought, "How come they're digging here?" Linghu Chong quickly hid himself behind a tree. When he poked his head out to take a look, he saw four Devil Sect's people digging with their bodies bent over

while a few elders were standing by the side. He was quite near to them this time and was able to see the profile of one of the elders. He secretly

shivered in fear. "This person is actually the one called Bao Dachu who I saw in Hangzhou's Mount Gu at the Plum Manor. So Elder Bao is actually

Bao Dachu. Back then when Ren Woxing escaped from the West Lake, the first Devil Sect's elder he took back was this Bao Dachu."

Linghu Chong had seen him deal with Mr. Huang Zhong before so he knew Bao Dachu's martial art was high. In his heart, he was thinking that Master had just taken up the headmaster position of the Five Mountains School, so he must have made some trouble for the Devil Sect. The Devil Sect wouldn't just stay quietly and let this happen, so Ren Woxing sent

some people out to retaliate. So Linghu Chong was thinking there would be more than just these four elders who had been sent. He saw that the four people were using a pair of halberds and hatchets to loosen the ground and dig out the dirt. Linghu Chong thought, "They did say they wanted to dig the hole by that cliff, but how come they're digging here?" Then he realized, "It's rocky beside the cliff, so how can it be easy to dig a hole there? This Elder Ge is a stupid person, speaking blindly without thinking first." With the Devil Sect people digging a hole here, his way back was blocked and he was prevented from getting a sword. He thought it was very inappropriate to dig a hole with weapons and reasoned they were unlikely to finish digging the hole any time soon. But he didn't want to go around them to get a sword because he didn't dare to be too far away from his Master-Wife.

Suddenly, Elder Ge laughed and said, "Yue Buqun is already old, but his wife is still so young and pretty."

Elder Du laughingly said, "She looks good, but she's not that young.

She looks to be in her early forties. If Brother Ge is interested, wait until we capture Yue Buqun and report back to Chief. Then you can ask for this lady, what do you think?" Elder Ge laughed. "I wouldn't dare to ask for her. But there's no harm in playing with her."

Linghu Chong was furious. "Shameless bastard, you got some nerve to insult my Master-Wife. Wait until I give every single one of you a horrible death." Linghu Chong couldn't endure Elder Ge's licentious laughing so he stuck his head out to take a look. He saw Elder Ge was giving Madam Yue's cheek a pinch. Madam Yue's acupoint was sealed so she couldn't fight back nor even utter a sound. The Devil Sect people all laughed merrily over this.

Elder Du laughingly said, "Brother Ge is so wary, you don't dare to play with this lady here?"

Linghu Chong was livid. If this Elder Ge really became rude toward his Master-Wife, then he would come out and stake his life with these Devil Sect people despite having no sword in his hand. But he heard Elder Ge laughing lewdly and said, "It's not that I don't dare to play with her, but I'm afraid I might spoil Chief's mission, and then even if I have a hundred heads, they might not be enough to be beheaded."

"That's the best,” Elder Bao coldly said. “Brother Ge, Brother Du, both of you have good qinggong. Lead Yue Buqun to come here. I predict in two hours, everything will be in place here." Elder Ge and Du

acknowledged together, "Yes!" Then they went toward the north.

After the two of them were gone, only the sound of digging was heard in that empty valley with the occasional instructions from Elder Mo. Linghu Chong hid in the underbrush and didn't even dare to take a deep breath. He thought, "I've been gone for so long, Yingying must surely be worried and

she'll definitely come out to look for me. When she hears this digging

sound, she'll come over to take a look and then she can help my Master- Wife. Once these Devil Sect's elders saw Young Lady Ren, how would they dare to disobey her? Considering Chief Ren, Brother Xiang and Yingying's face, I shouldn't fight with the people from the Devil Sect. That would be the best way." Thinking till here, he felt that the longer he waited the better it would be. That pervert Elder Ge had been gone for quite some time so Master-Wife didn't have to bear with his insult anymore.

At last, the Devil Sect people finished digging and put the branches on top of the trap. They then scattered the confusion poison on top and further added grass on top of it. Bao Dachu and the other five people

separately hid themselves around the trap to patiently wait for Yue Buqun's arrival.

Linghu Chong quietly picked up a big rock with his hand and thought, "I'll wait till Master come. As soon as he comes near the trap, I'll throw this rock onto the trap. Once the rock falls into the trap, Master will see it and he'll be vigilant."

At this time, it was only the beginning of summer. The sound of

cicadas sang throughout the dell, and occasionally cries of little birds were heard. Besides those sounds, nothing else was heard. Linghu Chong kept his breathing slow and light, while straining to listen to Yue Buqun and the two elders' footsteps.

After more than an hour, he suddenly heard a female voice crying out from a far away place. It was Yingying's voice. Linghu Chong thought,

"Yingying has discovered there are outsiders here. I wonder who she saw, my master or those two elders?"

Then he heard the footsteps of two people coming; one was in front of the other as they rushed forward. He heard Yingying continuously calling out, "Brother Chong, Brother Chong, your master is here to kill you. You mustn't come out."

Linghu Chong was startled. "Master is here to kill me?" Then he heard Yingying calling out again, "Brother Chong, quickly go. Your master wants to kill you." She was using all of her energy to shout, it was obvious she wanted Linghu Chong to hear her from far away.

Yingying was calling out, her hair loose, and running quickly with a sword in her hand while Yue Buqun was behind her with nothing in either of his hands. Yingying was now only around ten steps away from falling into the trap, while Linghu Chong and Bao Dachu were anxious, not

knowing what to do. Suddenly, Yue Buqun shot out and grabbed Yingying's back with his left hand while his right hand quickly grabbed both of her

wrists and twisted her arms behind her back. In just a short moment, Yingying was rendered motionless. Her hand loosened and the long sword dropped onto the ground. Linghu Chong and Bao Dachu were too late to

save her because Yue Buqun moved incredibly fast. Yingying's martial art was also very high but she unexpectedly couldn't run away, and in just one move, she was captured by him. Linghu Chong was alarmed and he nearly called out. Throughout all this, Yingying was still calling out, "Brother

Chong quickly go away. Your master wants to kill you!" Hot tears bubbled up in Linghu Chong's eyes as he thought, "She cares so much about me that she ignored her own safety."

Freeing his left hand, Yue Buqun sealed the acupoints on Yingying's back. Then his right hand released her and she dropped to the ground. Just then, he saw Madam Yue was lying still on the ground. Yue Buqun was

surprised, but he was immediately on alert that there must be danger nearby.

He didn't approach his wife but calmly looked around. He saw nothing strange and so lightly said, "Young Lady Ren, that thief Linghu Chong killed my beloved daughter. Were you a part of this too?"

Linghu Chong was again surprised. He thought, "Master said that I killed little martial sister. Where did he hear this from?" "Your daughter was killed by Lin Pingzhi," Yingying answered. "What's that has to do with Linghu Chong? You kept on saying Linghu Chong killed your daughter, that's wrongly blaming the wrong person."

Yue Buqun laughed aloud. "Lin Pingzhi is my son-in-law. Don't you know this? They're newly wed, and so loving toward each other. Why

would he kill his own wife for?"

"Lin Pingzhi wanted to rely on Songshan School, so to make Zuo Lengchan believe that he has nothing to do with you, he killed his own wife," Yingying explained.

Yue Buqun again laughed loudly. "Nonsense, Songshan School? Is there still a Songshan School in this world? Songshan School has merged into the Five Mountains School. Within Wulin, Songshan School's name is no more. Why would Lin Pingzhi go to rely on Songshan School? Also, Lin Pingzhi knows Zuo Lengchan is my subordinate. Instead of coming to his father-in-law who is the headmaster of the Five Mountains School, he went to rely on a blind person who can even barely protect himself. Even among the dumbest person in this world, this kind of stupidity simply couldn't


"It's up to you whether you want to believe me or not. You can ask Lin Pingzhi yourself when you find him."

Yue Buqun's voice turned grim as he said, "The person I'm looking for right now isn't Lin Pingzhi. It's Linghu Chong. Everyone in Jianghu is saying that Linghu Chong was rude to my daughter and that she fought back against that traitor with all of her power until she was finally killed.

You've weaved this lie to hide Linghu Chong, so it's obvious you're working together with him."

Yingying snorted and laughed derisively. "Young lady Ren, your father is the Chief of the Sun Moon Sect. I originally wouldn't have given you any trouble, but to force Linghu Chong to come out, there's no other way, I'm forced to punish you a little bit. First, I'm going to chop off your left hand. Then, I'll chop off your right hand.

Next would be your left foot, followed by your right foot. If that bastard Linghu Chong still has the slightest bit of conscience, then he will show up."

"I don't think you dare," Yingying shouted. "If you harm one hair on my head, my father will kill everyone in your Five Mountains School and not leave a single one alive."

Yue Buqun smiled and said, "I don't dare?" After he said this, he

slowly pulled out the long sword hanging on his waist out of its scabbard.

Linghu Chong couldn't take it anymore so he rushed out of the underbrush and shouted, "Master, Linghu Chong's here!"

Yingying gasped in surprised and hastily said, "Go away, go away!

He doesn't dare to harm me."

Linghu Chong shook his head as he walked a few steps closer. "Master..."

"Little thief, you still have some face to call me: 'Master?'" Yue Buqun said severely.

Linghu Chong's eyes were brimming with tears as he knelt on the ground and said in a trembling voice, "Emperor of Heaven, Linghu Chong has always treated Miss Yue with respect. I would never dare to be rude to her. Linghu Chong has received your kindness and was brought up by you. If you want to kill me then kill me."

Yingying was worried; she called out, "Brother Chong, this person is half-male, half-female, he's lost his humanity long ago, quickly go away!" Yue Buqun's face suddenly turned murderous as he turned toward Yingying and grimly said, "What do you mean by that?"

"You practised the Evil Resisting Sword Art, cas... cas... carelessly disturbed yourself and made yourself half-dead half-alive just like a ghost. Brother Chong, do you remember Dongfang Bubai? All of them are crazy, don't treat them like ordinary people." Yingying was hoping Linghu Chong would flee at once. She knew that after what she just said, Yue Buqun

would never let her go but she didn't care about that.

Yue Buqun coldly said, "Where did you hear those cynical remarks you just made?"

"From Lin Pingzhi's own mouth. You stole Lin Pingzhi's Evil

Resisting Sword Manual, you think he doesn't know? When you threw that Buddhist robe down the canyon, Lin Pingzhi was hiding outside your

window. He took that robe. That's why he... he also learned the Evil Resisting Sword Art. If not for this, how would he be able to kill Mu

Gaofeng and Yu Canghai? With regards to how he finished learning the Evil Resisting Sword Art, of course, you know how this is done as well. Brother Chong, listen to Yue Buqun's voice. It's just like a girl. He... he and

Dongfang Bubai are the same, they lost their normal sex a long time ago."

She heard the conversation between Lin Pingzhi and Yue Lingshan inside the carriage, but Linghu Chong did not. She knew Linghu Chong respected and loved his Master. She also didn't want to add to his sadness, and this topic was very inconvenient to speak of, so she had not mentioned it in the last few months. But at this time, it was very urgent so she was forced to reveal this to make Linghu Chong understand, to make him see that the person in front of him wasn't a great headmaster in Wulin. But he was merely a freak who had lost his sex, and that he was also an insane person who could not be spoken to with reason. The murderous look on Yue Buqun's eyes became fiercer. He loathingly said, "Young lady Ren, I wanted to spare you your life. But after this nonsense you spouted, I can't allow you to live anymore. You courted your own death, don't blame me for this."

Yingying shouted, "Brother Chong, quickly go, quickly go!"

Linghu Chong knew his master's hand was extremely fast, and with just a tremble of his sword, Yingying would immediately lose her life.

When he saw Yue Buqun had lifted his sword, looking like he was going to thrust out, he shouted, "If you want to kill someone, then kill me, don't harm her."

Yue Buqun turned his head around and laughed coldly. "You've just learned a little bit of a three-legged sword art and you think you can run amuck in Jianghu? Pick up the sword. I'll kill you to make you believe."

"I wouldn't dare... wouldn't dare to fight against mas... fight against you," Linghu Chong stammered out.

"Even today, what are you putting on air for?" Yue Buqun shouted. "That day on the boat on the Yellow River and the Five Tyrant Ridge, you allied yourself with the people from the unorthodox path, and deliberately made me lose face. I've already decided to kill you back then, but it's very good for you that I've been putting up with you so far. At Fuzhou, you fell into my hand. If it wasn't for my wife blocking me, I would've sent you to the King of Hell back then. I made a mistake back then, and now you've instead taken my daughter's life."

Linghu Chong hastily called out, "I didn't... I didn't... "

"Pick up the sword!" Yue Buqun angrily shouted. "You only have to win against this sword in my hand and then you can kill me straight away. Otherwise, I also won't spare you. This Devil Sect's witch likes to speak nonsense, let me cripple her first!" When he finished speaking, he slashed his sword to behead Yingying.

Linghu Chong's left hand was still holding the big piece of rock.

Originally, he wanted to use it to help Yue Buqun by stopping him from falling down the trap. At this point, with no time to think, he quickly tossed the rock at Yue Buqun's chest. Yue Buqun leaned his

body to one side to dodge it. Linghu Chong rolled on the ground, picked up the long sword Yingying had dropped on the ground, and stabbed it at Yue Buqun's left leg. If Yue Buqun had slashed his sword toward Linghu Chong initially, Linghu Chong would've stood still and was prepared to get stabbed. But after hearing Yingying revealing his secret, Yue Buqun was so startled and angry that he actually chopped at Yingying first. Linghu Chong couldn't do anything else but help. Yue Buqun blocked three attacks and retreated for two steps. He was secretly amazed. He just blocked three times, but his whole arm was shaken and felt numb. When they fought at the Shaolin Temple, they fought for more than a thousand moves, but Linghu Chong didn't use his true internal energy with his sword. But at this time, he did not give way in his three attacks.

Linghu Chong forced Yue Buqun to step back, while he extended his hand backwards to release Yingying's sealed acupoints. Yingying called out, "Don't worry about me, watch out!"

White light flashed as Yue Buqun's long sword thrust forward. Linghu Chong had seen Dongfang Bubai, Yue Buqun, and Lin Pingzhi's martial

arts, so he knew his opponent's movements were unbelievably quick like a ghost or a demon. If he waited till he saw a flaw in the oncoming attack, he would've gotten stabbed. So he counterattacked by

slashing at Yue Buqun's lower abdomen with his long sword. Yue Buqun quickly leapt back and scolded, "What a fierce small thief!" Actually, even though Yue Buqun had raised Linghu Chong since he was small, he didn't understand him. If he had actually ignored Linghu

Chong's counter attack and kept on thrusting his sword, he would've taken Linghu Chong's life. Even though Linghu Chong was using a

common ruin method, he would never have continued his attack and pierced his master's lower abdomen. Yue Buqun was judging other people by what he would do himself so he immediately leapt back, missing a good opportunity to injure his opponent.

After several moves, Yue Buqun couldn't stand it anymore so he increased the speed of his sword. Linghu Chong concentrated his mind to keep up. In the beginning, Linghu Chong was thinking that if he were to die under his master's hand, there was no pity in that for him except Yingying would also be killed. Furthermore, Yingying's word had

harmed his master so she would definitely be tortured before she die.

Thus, he exerted himself in fighting back with all of his heart so as to protect Yingying. After fighting for several dozens moves, Yue Buqun's

changes became complicated. Linghu Chong concentrated fully on the fight and he was gradually enlightened. His eyes were now only looking at the point of his opponent's sword.

With Dugu Nine Swords, the stronger the enemy was the more powerful it became. That day below the West Lake inside the prison, he fought with Ren Woxing whose martial art was of one of the highest quality which was very rare in this world. But no matter how Ren Woxing's sword rose, shifted, and changed, Linghu Chong's Dugu Nine Sword

adapted reactively against his moves. Whether it was attacking or defending, he countered each move successfully. At present, Linghu Chong had already learned the Art of Essence Absorbing and his internal energy had improved greatly since that time below the West Lake. Even though Yue Buqun's Evil Resisting Sword Art was weird, he

had not learnt it for very long and he was not as good as Linghu Chong who had studied his Dugu Nine Sword for quite some time now. Compared to Dongfang Bubai, Yue Buqun was much worse.

After fighting for more than a hundred and fifty six moves, Linghu Chong didn't think deeply anymore when wielding his sword as there was barely any time to think with Yue Buqun's quick swordplay attacking him.

Even though the Lin family's Evil Resisting Sword Art was made up of

seventy two moves, each move had several dozens changes, and as it went through all the variations, the changes became very complicated. If other people saw this swordplay, even if they didn't become dizzy from looking at it, they would still be bewildered from seeing this complicated swordplay

and they wouldn't be able to execute their own sword moves. But the Dugu Nine Swords that Linghu Chong learned had no set moves to speak of, so it was natural for him to follow the movements of his opponent. If the enemy only had one move, then he would only have one move. If

the enemy had a thousand moves then he would also have a thousand moves. Thus, in Yue Buqun's eyes, Linghu Chong's swordplay was very

complicated and was far better than his own sword art. He was afraid that even if they fought for three days and three nights, Linghu Chong would still come up with more new moves. Yue Buqun thought till here and he couldn't help feeling afraid. He also thought, "This witch from the Ren family has already found out the secret of me learning this sword art. If I can't kill these two people today, this matter will be spread throughout

Jianghu. Then how can I still have the face to be the headmaster of the Five Mountains School? All of my planning would've been ruined. But that traitor Lin Pingzhi already told this Ren witch, so what would prevent him from saying this to other people? This... this..." With anxiety in his heart, his swordplay became even fiercer but his mind was agitated and his swordplay was actually hindered. The Evil Resisting Sword Art depended on speed to take

victory. If you fought for more than a hundred moves yet was still unable to win, then the fierceness of this sword art would unavoidably be lessened. Also, with his heart separated, the power of his sword art was greatly reduced.

Linghu Chong's mind was moved as he suddenly saw a flaw in his opponent's sword art. The most important aspect of the Dugu Nine Swords was to see the weakness in the opponent's martial art. No matter whether it was bare hand, kicks, sabres, or swords, every move must have a weakness.

Once a flaw has been seen, you could take

advantage of if by attacking it. That day at the Dark Wood Cliff, he fought with Dongfang Bubai who, only holding a piece of embroidery needle, moved as fast as lightning and was unbelievably quick. So even though there were still weaknesses in the movements of his body and

attacks, they were only fleeting. Linghu Chong only managed to see the flaws but they were gone in the next instant which made him unable

to attack those flaws. That was the reason why the four masters, Linghu Chong, Ren Woxing, Xiang Wentian, and Yingying, were unable to win against a little embroidery needle. Later on, Linghu Chong saw Yue

Buqun and Zuo Lengchan fighting at the place of worship, and Lin Pingzhi fighting with Mu Gaofeng, Yu Canghai, and the Qingcheng

disciples. Recently, he had been thinking hard about the flaws in the movements of that sword art, but he had always run into the single difficulty -- the speed of the opponent's swordplay. When a flaw could only be seen fleetingly, it was very hard to attack.

At this time, he had endured fighting against Yue Buqun for close to two hundred moves when he saw Yue Buqun exposing a weakness underneath his right armpit in a slash of his sword. Yue Buqun had used this move earlier. Originally, the changes in his swordplay were very

complicated and he didn't repeat any of his moves in the past two hundred moves. But now, he has finally repeated one move. After several more moves, Yue Buqun's long sword slashed out horizontally exposing a

weakness on his left waist. He had again repeated another move. Suddenly, a thought flashed in Linghu Chong's mind, "His Evil Resisting Sword Art is extremely quick, and his flaws aren't actual flaws. Even though there's no

weakness in his sword moves, I've finally found out a weakness in his swordplay -- his swordplay repeats."

In this world, in whichever sword art, no matter how complicated and how many changes your swordplay had, you would eventually finish using all the sword moves. Once the sword moves were used up and you still

weren't able to gain victory, then it would be unavoidable that you would have to reuse the sword moves you had used earlier in the fight. But for masters, their refined sword arts would always have eight or ten groups, and within each group there would be dozens of moves, and each move would have its variations. So it was very unusual for them to fight for more than a thousand moves before the outcome of the fight was decided. Even though Yue Buqun knows a lot of other swordplay he could use, he knew Linghu

Chong's sword art was actually too strong and that Linghu Chong was also familiar with the Huashan School's sword art. So besides the Evil Resisting Sword Art, there was no other sword art he could use that could gain victory. By now, Yue Buqun had repeated many moves. Knowing he now had the opportunities to take victory, Linghu Chong felt happy.

When Yue Buqun saw the corner of Linghu Chong's mouth smiling, he was secretly startled. Yue Buqun thought, "What's this little thief smiling about? Has he figured out a way to defeat me?" He immediately moved his internal energy, and was suddenly advancing and retreating to go around Linghu Chong in a circle. His sword moves were like a violent storm and they were getting faster and faster. Yingying was still lying down on the ground and from her position, she couldn't see Yue Buqun's body clearly

anymore. She felt dizzy looking at him; her chest felt nauseated and she felt like throwing up.

After fighting for thirty more moves, Yue Buqun's left hand stabbed forward while he withdrew his right hand. Linghu Chong knew this was the third time he had used this move. After fighting for so long, Linghu Chong felt tired as his injury was just beginning to heal. He knew the situation was highly dangerous, and under Yue Buqun's lightning fast attack, if he was just slightly careless, he would lose his life and Yingying would be tortured. So seeing Yue Buqun using this move again, he immediately sent his sword out and stabbed it at his opponent's right armpit. The spot that this slanting sword was stabbing at was the weakness of Yue Buqun's next move. This

was really anticipating what the enemy was going to do and made Yue Buqun's really anxious. Even though this move by Yue Buqun was

extremely quick, Linghu Chong's attack was done earlier. The move from the Evil Resisting Sword Art had not changed yet, but Linghu Chong had

already thrust at Yue Buqun's armpit making him unable to block or dodge. Yue Buqun cried out sharply, sounding surprised, angry, and desperate.

Linghu Chong's sword had already arrived at his opponent's armpit, but when he heard Yue Buqun's sharp cry, he immediately thought, "I'm going too far, he's my master, how can I injure him?" He quickly pulled his sword back and said, "The winner and loser has been decided. Let's save Master-Wife, then... then we'll go our own ways!"

Yue Buqun's face was pale as he slowly nodded his head. "Alright! I admit defeat."

Linghu Chong tossed his long sword on the ground and turned his head around to look at Yingying. Suddenly, Yue Buqun shouted and his long sword thrust out as fast as lightning and stabbed Linghu Chong's left waist. Greatly astonished, Linghu Chong quickly extended his hand to pick up his sword. But how could he be fast enough? With a 'pu' sound, the point of the sword had entered the back of his waist. Luckily, Linghu Chong's

internal energy was abundant. When the sword reached his body, his muscle automatically retracted, making the sword slid to one side so that the sword point pierced his body slantingly and did not injure any fatal points. Yue

Buqun was exulted. He pulled out his sword and quickly followed it with a chop. Linghu Chong hastily rolled for a few feet. Yue Buqun rushed forward with his sword slashing ferociously. Linghu Chong rolled again.

'Tang' sounded as Yue Buqun's sword chopped the ground and missed Linghu Chong's head by only a few inches. Yue Buqun lifted his sword, and with a fierce-looking laugh, he lifted his sword high above his head. He rushed forward for a step and chopped his sword down on Linghu Chong's head again. Suddenly, there was nothing underneath his

foot, and his body slumped to the ground. He was greatly surprised

and nervously sucked in a breath of air and was waiting for his right foot to hit the ground to leap up. But all of a sudden, the sky revolved and the ground turned, and he lost consciousness. With a booming sound, he fell into the trap. Linghu Chong had just escaped from death. Using his left hand, he pressed on the wound on his waist and struggled to sit up. Then he heard several people calling out at the same time from the underbrush, "Young lady! Sacred Lady!" Several people rushed out. They were Bao Dachu,

Elder Mo, and the other four Devil Sect people. Bao Dachu was

the first to arrive on the side of the trap. He held his breath, reversed his sabre, and hit Yue Buqun's head repeatedly. He knew Yue Buqun's internal energy was good so the confusion poison wouldn't affect him for long. These hits would put him out for half a day. Linghu Chong hastily

scrambled besides Yingying and asked, "Which... which acupoints did he seal?"

"You... You... Are you ... Are you alright?" Yingying was frightened. Her voice quivered and she found it hard to control herself. Her teeth were chattering.

"I won't die, don't... don't be afraid."

"Behead that bastard!" Yingying shouted. "Yes!" Bao Dachu acknowledged.

"Don't kill him!" Linghu Chong hastily interrupted.

Yingying saw he was worried, so she said, "Alright, then quickly... quickly capture him."

She didn't know there was confusion poison in the trap already and she was afraid Yue Buqun would jump up again since no one up on the ground was Yue Buqun's match.

"As ordered!" Bao Dachu acknowledged. He didn't dare to say that they had dug the trap themselves and that they had been hiding on the side all this time. But when the young lady was captured by Yue Buqun,

everyone was afraid of dying so they didn't dare to go out and help. If

someone looked into this matter, this would become a big thing, so they had to pretend that they had arrived there by luck and sheer coincidence. Bao Dachu clutched the back of Yue Buqun's neck and lifted him up. Then his hand shot out like the wind and he sealed twelve of Yue Buqun's acupoints. He then took out some rope and tied both of Yue Buqun's hands and legs tightly. Confusion poison, hits on the head, sealed acupoints, and tied ropes

-- these were four things that restricted Yue Buqun. Even if Yue Buqun's skill was much higher, it would still be very hard for him to escape.

Linghu Chong and Yingying were looking at each other like they were in a dream. After a long time, Yingying cried and Linghu Chong

hugged her. Having escaped from death just then, they both felt life couldn't be sweeter. After Linghu Chong helped release Yingying's sealed acupoints, he saw his Master-Wife was still lying on the ground.

"Aiyo!" Linghu Chong called out. He quickly went over to help her up and release her acupoints. "Master-Wife, sorry for the offence."

Madam Yue had seen everything. She knew Linghu Chong's personality and knew he had a very deep love toward Yue Lingshan. Linghu Chong had treated Yue Lingshan like she was a goddess from heaven, so he would never have dared to offend her at all. He didn't even dare to scold Yue Lingshan and he was even willing to risk his life for her.

To think that he would torture or kill her, that was just a very ridiculous thing to think of. Moreover, she had seen with her own eyes how well he treated Yingying, so how could his personality be different? Linghu Chong used his sword to stop her husband but he

stilled his hand from killing him. On the other hand, her husband, the respectable headmaster of the Five Mountains School, had suddenly become violent and unexpectedly used a despicable method that even people from the unorthodox path despised and other people would mock at. Madam Yue felt completely discouraged. She lightly asked, "Chong'er, was Shan'er really killed by Lin Pingzhi?"

Linghu Chong's heart was pained and tears rolled down his cheeks.

He chokingly said, "Disciple... I... I..."

Madam Yue interrupted, "He doesn't regard you as his disciple

anymore, but I still regard you as my disciple. If you like, I'm still your Master-Wife."

Linghu Chong's heart swelled with gratitude as he paid his respect to her, while calling out, "Master-Wife! Master-Wife!"

Madam Yue gently caressed his hair and tears were streaming down her eyes. She slowly said, "Was what young lady Ren said true? Did Lin Pingzhi kill Shan'er because he's learned the Evil Resisting Sword Art and has also gone to rely on Zuo Lengchan?"

"That's right."

"Turn around,” Madam Yue chokingly said. “Let me have a look at your injuries."

"Yes," Linghu Chong replied and turned around.

Madam Yue tore the gown at his back and sealed four acupoints around his injuries. "Do you still have Heng-Shan School's medicine?"

"I do," Linghu Chong answered. Yingying took the medicine out from his bosom and gave it to Madam Yue.

Madam Yue wiped the blood on his wound and applied the medicine.

She then took out a white handkerchief from her bosom and pressed it on his wound. Then she tore a piece of cloth from her skirt and wrapped the injury up. Linghu Chong had always regarded Madam Yue as his own mother, so seeing her treating him like this, he was greatly comforted and forgot all the pain from his injury. "In the future,” Madam Yue said. “You will of course kill Lin Pingzhi to avenge Shan'er."

With tears in his eyes, Linghu Chong said, "Little martial sister...

Little martial sister... Just before she died, she asked Son to look after Lin Pingzhi. Son couldn't bear hurting her so I promised her. This matter... This is a really difficult matter."

Madam Yue let out a really long sigh and said, "Retribution!

Retribution!" She then said, "Chong'er, you cannot be too good to other people when dealing with them in the future!"


Suddenly, he felt something warm flowing down the back of his neck. He turned his head around and saw Madam Yue's face was pale. Startled, he called out, "Master-Wife, Master-Wife!"

When he stood up to support her, he saw a dagger sticking out of her chest. The dagger had pierced her heart. She had already passed away.

Linghu Chong was dumbfounded and he wanted to call out but no sound was coming out of his mouth. Yingying was also alarmed. But because she had no relationship with Madam Yue, she was just startled and

feeling pitiful but not mournful. She went besides Linghu Chong to hold him, and after some time, Linghu Chong started crying. Bao Dachu

saw the two young lovers had met with a mournful loss and that they would have a lot of things to say to each other, so he didn't dare to disturb them.

He was also afraid that Yingying would ask the origin of the trap so the six of them needed to consult each other first on what to say to deceive her. So they carried Yue Buqun up and retreated far away.

"Where... Where are they taking my master?" Linghu Chong asked. "You're still calling him master?" Yingying asked. "Ai, I'm very accustomed to it. Why did Master-Wife have to commit suicide? Why did... why did she have to kill herself?"

Yingying answered with hatred in her voice, "Of course it's all because of that traitor Yue Buqun. Married to such a despicable and

shameless husband, if she can't kill him, then it's better to commit suicide. Let's kill Yue Buqun quickly and avenge your Master-Wife."

Linghu Chong hesitantly said, "You're saying we should kill him? He was once my master and he brought me up."

"Even though he's your master and he's also brought you up, he's tried to kill you a few times already. The love and hate between you two have been wiped out a long time ago. But you haven't repaid the kindness shown by your Master-Wife. Didn't your Master-Wife die under his hand?"

Linghu Chong sighed and mournfully said, "My Master-Wife's kindness will be difficult to repay in my lifetime. Even though there's nothing between Yue Buqun and I anymore, I still can't kill him."

"It doesn't have to be you." Yingying then raised her voice and called out, "Elder Bao!"

"Yes, young lady," Elder Bao loudly answered and walked over along with Elder Mo and the other people.

"Did my father send you to handle things here?"

Bao Dachu bowed and replied, "Yes, Chief commanded Subordinate along with Elder Ge, Du, and Mo to lead ten brothers to think of a way to capture Yue Buqun and bring him back to the altar."

"Where's Elder Ge and Du?"

"More than four hours ago they went to lead Yue Buqun here. We haven't seen them since, I'm afraid... I'm afraid..."

"Search Yue Buqun's body." "Yes!" Bao Dachu acknowledged and searched Yue Buqun's body.

From Yue Buqun's bosom, he took out an embroidered flag, which was the five mountains sword schools alliance's flag, around ten gold and silver taels, and two copper plates. Bao Dachu was indignant as he reported,

"Reporting to young lady: Elder Ge and Du have definitely met with this bastard's violent hand. These are the two elders' sect plate." As he said this, he lifted his leg and gave a hard kick to Yue Buqun's waist.

"Don't harm him," Linghu Chong shouted. "Yes," Bao Dachu respectfully answered.

"Bring some cold water and wake him up," Yingying ordered.

Elder Mo took out the water canteen on his waist, opened the lid, and poured the cold water on Yue Buqun's head. After some time, Yue Buqun groaned and opened his eyes. He felt terrible pain on his head and waist,

and groaned again.

Yingying inquired, "Person surnamed Yue, did you kill Elder Ge and Du from my sect?"

Bao Dachu picked up the two copper plates and tossed them up repeatedly making a 'zheng, zheng' noise.

Maybe Yue Buqun didn't feel he would be lucky enough to escape with his life so he scolded, "I killed them. All the demonic disciples from the Devil Sect must be executed."

Bao Dachu wanted to kick him again, but he considered the depth of Linghu Chong's friendship with Chief and also of the fact that Linghu

Chong was going to be Young Lady's future husband. Therefore, since Linghu Chong had already said 'don't harm him', he didn't dare to disobey his order.

Yingying coldly laughed. "You're the headmaster of an orthodox sect but when you handle things, you're a hundred times more wicked than the Divine Sun Moon Sect's people. But you still have the face to scold us as the demonic disciples. Even your wife hated you so bitterly that she'd rather commit suicide than to continue being your wife. Do you still have the face to live in this world?"

Yue Buqun scolded, "Little witch, you're speaking nonsense! My wife was clearly killed by you but you're trying to slander me by saying she killed herself."

"Brother Chong, listen to him,” Yingying said. “He's so shameless,"

Linghu Chong spoke indistinctly, "Yingying, I'd like to ask you a favour."

"You want me to release him? I'm afraid it's easy to capture a tiger but it'll be hard release it. This person's heart is very calculating and filled with hatred. His martial art is also very strong. Later on, when he find you again and we might not be as lucky as today."

"We'll let him go today. Our relationship as master and disciple finishes today. I already know all of his sword art in my mind. If he dares to find me again, then things won't go well for him."

Yingying knew it wasn't easy at all for him to kill Yue Buqun. But if from now on Linghu Chong didn't care about their old relationship

anymore, then he wouldn't be afraid of facing Yue Buqun again. "Alright, we'll spare his life today. Elder Bao, Elder Mo, spread the word in Jianghu of how we have spared Yue Buqun's life. Also say how Yue Buqun has cut off his own limb to learn the demonical sword art, and that he's now not male not female. Let all the heroes in the realm hear about this."

Bao Dachu and Elder Mo acknowledged the order together. Yue Buqun's face turned ashen and both of his eyes turned malicious. But thinking he still had his life, there was a still a trace of happiness in his eyes. Yingying said, "You hate me. Do you think I'm afraid?" She slashed her long sword and cut the ropes binding him. She walked near him and unsealed the acupoints on his back. Her right palm pressed against his mouth, while her left palm hit the back of his head. Yue Buqun's mouth opened, and he felt a small pill in his mouth. At the same time, Yingying's right hand pinched his nose blocking his air. When Yingying cut his ropes and unsealed the acupoints at the back of his body, her back was facing toward Linghu Chong and was blocking his vision, so Linghu Chong

couldn't see her putting the pill into Yue Buqun's mouth. Linghu Chong only saw her releasing his master and he felt comforted. With his nose blocked, Yue Buqun had to use his mouth to draw breath. At the same time,

Yingying used force on her right hand to force Yue Buqun to take the pill along with his breath.

After Yue Buqun had swallowed the pill, he was scared out of his wits thinking the pill he just swallowed was the Devil Sect's most evil pill called the 'Divine Three Corpse Brain Pill'. He had heard people said, that after talking this pill, every year during the dragon boat festival you must take a medicine to prevent the corpse bug inside the pill from coming out.

Otherwise, the corpse bug would come out, enter your brain, and chew your brain out. There was no need to say how painful it would be. Furthermore, you would be crazed and you would become worse than a crazy dog. Even though he was intelligent, full of ideas, and calm under pressure, he was

still sweating profusely and

his face had turned pale thinking of this situation.

Yingying stood straight as she said, "Brother Chong, they sealed his acupoints too heavily. These last two acupoints will loosen a bit only after some time, so he just has to endure it for now."

"Many thanks," Linghu Chong replied. Yingying smiled captivatingly and thought, "I secretly did something and deceived you, but this is all for your own good." After some time, she knew that the pill in Yue Buqun's stomach would have transformed and there would be no way for him to vomit it out anymore. She bent down to release the two acupoints, and as she did so, she whispered, "Every year during the dragon boat festival, come up the Dark Wood Cliff and I'll give you the medicine."

When Yue Buqun heard this, he knew the pill he took just then was really the 'Three Corpse Brain Pill'. He couldn't help shaking as he tremblingly asked, "That... That was the Three Corpse... Three Corpse..."

Yingying giggled and in a loud voice said, "Correct, respected sir.

This kind of wonderful drug is not easily made. In our sect, only people of high positions with outstanding martial arts are entitled to take it. Elder

Bao, isn't this right?"

Bao Dachu bowed and said, "Thanks to Chief's kindness that he gave this divine pellet to Subordinate. Subordinate will always be loyal and will always follow his order. After I've taken this pill, Chief's confidence in me has increased and it has actually given me untold benefits. Long live the

Chief, unify the Jianghu."

Linghu Chong was startled. "You gave my mast... gave him the three corpse brain pill?"

Yingying laughingly answered, "He swallowed it in a hurry himself.

He was probably so hungry that he was just about to eat anything. Yue

Buqun, you must protect Brother Chong and my life from now on to benefit yourself."

Yue Buqun's heart was filled with hatred but he thought, "If this witch met some kind of accident and was killed by someone, then... then I'll die miserably. Even if she's still alive but has received some kind of heavy injury and couldn't make it back to Dark Wood Cliff before the Dragon Boat Festival, then where would I look for her? Also, maybe she doesn't

intend to give me the medicine in the first place..." He thought till here and he couldn't help shivering. Even though he had divine martial art, he didn't know what to do. Linghu Chong sighed thinking that Yingying was originally from the Devil Sect so her action had a demonical air to it, but

she had done this because of him so he couldn't blame her for this.

Yingying said to Bao Dachu, "Elder Bao, go back and report to Chief.

Say that the Five Mountains School's Headmaster, Mr. Yue, has sincerely surrendered to our sect and that he has also taken our sect's divine pill, so it's not possible for him to rebel."

Bao Dachu was initially worried when he saw Linghu Chong wanting to release Yue Buqun. He was really afraid that he would be blamed by

Chief when he returned to the gathering altar. So when he saw Yue Buqun took the 'Divine Three Corpse Brain Pill', he was greatly exulted. With joy, he hastily replied, "Young lady presided over the whole battle and

everything was completed successfully. Chief will surely be happy. Chief flourishes the divine sect and benefits the common people."

Yingying said, "Mr. Yue has already turned over to our sect so we

can't mention the things that would damage his reputation to outsiders. And you also mustn't mention him taking the divine pill. This person's position in Wulin is very high, his wisdom and knowledge are high, his martial art is good, Chief will definitely have use of his position."

"Yes, I will follow Young Lady's order," Bao Dachu answered.

When Linghu Chong saw how distressed Yue Buqun was, he couldn't help feeling sad. Even though Yue Buqun wanted to kill him and had been very violent toward him, he could not forget the past twenty years when he and Master-Wife had brought him up. Linghu Chong had always regarded him as his own father. Suddenly, everything had changed into hatred and he was feeling very bad. He wanted to say a few things to comfort him but it was as if there were something stuck in his throat that he couldn't make a


Yingying said, "Elder Bao, Elder Mo, go back to Dark Wood Cliff.

Ask daddy on my behalf if he is well, ask uncle Xiang if he is well. I'll

wait.. wait for him... wait for master Linghu to get better, then we'll come to the gathering altar to see daddy."

If it were another girl, Bao Dachu would've said, "I wish for Master to recover soon and return to Dark Wood Cliff with young lady. Then we'll all drink a congratulatory wine to you as soon as possible." Toward a pair of young lovers, this speech would've been extremely good. But toward Yingying, how would he dare to say such thing? He didn't even dare to take a look at the two of them as he lowered his head and bowed continuously.

Bao Dachu's face was tense and he just answered yes to everything and was looking very respectful. He was actually really afraid Yingying might find out he was actually laughing inside.

This lady was afraid people would mock her and Linghu Chong for loving each other so she had caused many troubles for the warriors in

Jianghu. This was very well known throughout Wulin. Bao Dachu didn't dare to linger too much longer, so he immediately took his leave from Yingying and Linghu Chong, and took the other people with him as he

went. When they were leaving, he was even more respectful toward Linghu Chong than Yingying. He was an old person in Jianghu who had gone through a lot of experience, so he knew being respectful toward Linghu

Chong would make Yingying very happy.

Yingying saw Yue Buqun was standing woodenly. "Mr. Yue, you can go too. Are you going to take your wife's remain to bury in Huashan?" Yue Buqun shook his head. "I'd like to bother the two of you to bury her in this small mountainside!" After he said this he didn't give another glance toward the two of them before he quickly left. In just a short time, he had disappeared behind the trees. Such quick movement was rarely seen in Jianghu. By the fall of the evening, Linghu Chong

and Yingying had buried Madam Yue's remain besides Yue Lingshan's tomb. Linghu Chong cried out again.

The next morning, Yingying asked, "Brother Chong, how's your injury?"

"This injury isn't serious, there's no need to worry."

"That's very good. Our place here has been discovered by other people. I'd like to wait for you to rest for a few days here, then we'll go to another place."

"That's also good. Little martial sister has her mother to accompany her, she won't be afraid anymore." His heart was pained and he also said, "My master has always been upright all his life, but his temperament has changed greatly because of that demonical sword art."

Yingying shook her head and said, "That's not necessarily true. When he sent your little martial sister and Lao Denuo to Fuzhou to open up the

wine shop, he was already trying to get the Evil Resisting Sword Manual. That's not necessarily what a gentleman does."

Linghu Chong was silent. He had already thought of this matter before but he had never dared to think about it deeply. Yingying went on, "Actually, it shouldn't be called the Evil Resisting Sword Art. It should be

called 'Demonical Sword Art'. If this sword manual were to be circulated in Jianghu, there'll be endless harm. Yue Buqun still

lives in this world; Lin Pingzhi also has the sword manual memorized. But I don't think he would give everything to Zuo Lengchan and Lao Denuo. Lin Pingzhi is such a calculating person. Why would he be willing to give this sword manual to other people?"

Linghu Chong said, "Both Zuo Lengchan and Lin Pingzhi are blind, but Lao Denuo isn't. So Lin Pingzhi would probably be taken advantage of.

These three very smart people are living with each other and yet are

suspicious toward each other, I wonder what would happen. Two against one, Lin Pingzhi would be afraid that he'll be disadvantaged."

"Are you really going to think of a way to protect Lin Pingzhi?"

Linghu Chong looked at Yue Lingshan's tomb and said, "I shouldn't have promised little martial sister that I'd protect Lin Pingzhi. This person is worse than a dog. I hate him with all my heart, how can I go and help him? But I've already promised little martial sister. If I eat my words, then it'll be hard for her to be peaceful under the nine fountains."

"When she was still alive, she might not have known who really treated her well, but after she died, she would definitely understand. She wouldn't want you to protect Lin Pingzhi!"

Linghu Chong shook his head and said, "That's hard to say. Little martial sister and Lin Pingzhi were very loving in the past. She knew Lin Pingzhi's intention toward her was evil but she still couldn't bear to see him harmed."

Yingying thought, "This is true. If it were me, I wouldn't care how you treat me, I'll always wish you well with all my heart."

Linghu Chong stayed in the valley for more than ten days and his new injury became much better. He said that once they arrived back in Heng- Shan, he would give the headmaster position to Yiqing. Then there would be nothing worrying him, and he would be able to travel the world with Yingying and find a secluded and nice place to live in. Yingying said, "This matter of Lin Pingzhi, what are you going to do about the responsibility given by your departed little martial sister?"

Linghu Chong scratched his head and said, "It's the thing giving me the most headache. It's best if you don't mention it anymore. I'll just deal with it when it comes to me."

Yingying smiled and didn't say anymore. The two of them gave their respects in front of the two tombs and took their leave.

Chapter 37 Forcing Marriage

The two figures in the reflection looked exactly the same, both had baggy lady's robes, even the hair bun were no different. It was an exact copy of him. Linghu Chong was so frightened that his heart almost stopped beating.

After Linghu Chong and Yingying came out from the valley, they walked for half a day and arrived at a small town. They went to a noodle shop to eat some noodle. Linghu Chong had picked up a few strings of noodles with his chopsticks when he chuckled and said, "We haven't paid our respect to heaven and earth to get married..."

Yingying's whole face immediately became bright red. "Who said I'm going to pay respect to heaven and earth to marry you?" she angrily replied.

"We'll get married in the future," said a smiling Linghu Chong. "If you're not willing, then I'll grab you and make you pay respect to heaven and earth."

Yingying was looking like she was smiling but not smiling at the

same time. "You were so well behaved when we were in the valley. Once we come out, you're speaking such improper crazy talks again."

Linghu Chong was still smiling as he replied, "We must definitely be most proper concerning this lifelong great matter. Yingying, that day in the valley, I suddenly thought of something. After we become husband and

wife, I wonder how many kids we'll have."

Yingying stood up abruptly with a scowl on her face. "If you keep saying these things, I won't go back with you to Heng-Shan."

"Alright, alright, I'll stop, I'll stop," Linghu Chong laughed. But he

continued, "There are so many peach trees in that valley that it looks like a peach valley. If we have six ghosts, wouldn't they become Little Peach

Valley Six Fairies?"

"How can we have six ghosts?" Yingying muttered as she sat back down. At the same time she said this, she understood what he meant. This was more crazy talk from Linghu Chong. Her eyes widened showing the whites all around them; she looked at Linghu Chong and quickly lowered her head and stuffed noodles into her mouth. Her heart was filled with


"When we go back to Heng-Shan together, there will be some dirty minded person and there'll also be people who thought that we've gotten married. I'm afraid you won't be happy hearing such vulgar nonsense," Linghu Chong said.

This was exactly what Yingying was thinking of. She said, "That's right. It's best if we disguise ourselves as farmers; then no one would be able to recognise us."

"You have such a beautiful and lovely face. No matter what we

change into, it'll always shock people. When other people see us, they'll secretly praise: 'Hey, such a beautiful girl. What is she doing with a silly

little kid? How can such a rare and beautiful flower be inserted into a pile of dung?' But when they look closer, they'll definitely see this rare flower is

actually the Divine Sun Moon Sect's young lady Ren while this pile of manure is the person young lady Ren favoured, Linghu Chong."

"You don't need to be so modest," Yingying smiled.

"I think, when we go back to Heng-Shan this time, I should become someone ordinary and secretly look around first. If everything's quiet and safe, I'll go there by myself and give up this headmaster position to

someone. Then I'll meet with you at some secret place and we'll go down the mountain together. The gods wouldn't know, the ghosts wouldn't know, how can this be not good?"

Hearing him said this; she knew he was being considerate to her so

she felt really happy. She laughingly said, "That's very good. But when you go up Mount Heng-Shan, it's best if you shave your own head and disguise yourself as a Shi Tai, especially when you are going to see those Shi Tai. No one would be suspicious of you. Brother Chong, come, I'll help you change to become a little nun. I'm only afraid you might be too good looking."

Linghu Chong waved his hand. "No, no. Once I see a nun, I'll lose all my bet. If Linghu Chong pretends to be a nun then I might get bad luck later on. That won't do at all."

Yingying laughed. "A gentleman is flexible, why do you need so many taboos for? I have to shave you now."

Linghu Chong also laughed. "There's no need to dress as a nun. But to go up Xianxing Peak, I'll need to dress as a woman. But once I speak, people will know I'm a man. I have an idea. Do you remember the person from the Hanging Temple on Mount Cui Ping beyond the Porcelain Oven Pass?"

Yingying hummed as she thought. Then she clapped her hands and said, "Wonderful, wonderful! There's a mute and deaf servant at the

Hanging Temple. Even when we turned that temple upside down, she didn't hear a single thing. When you ask her anything, she just stupidly looks at you. You want to disguise as this person?"

"That's right."

"Alright, let's go buy a gown for you to change into," said Yingying laughing.

Yingying used two silver taels to buy a head of long hair from a

country girl. She combed it well before putting it on Linghu Chong's head. Then she let him change into a farmer woman's gown and he now looked like a woman. She then daubed some yellow powder and drew seven to

eight black moles on his face. And she also stuck a piece of medicinal wrap on his lower right cheek. Linghu Chong looked in the mirror and he

couldn't even recognise himself. Yingying laughed and said, "Your figure is similar to hers, but your expression isn't. You have to wear this stupid and foolish expression: slow- witted and clumsy like."

Linghu Chong laughed. "Wearing a stupid and foolish expression is very easy, there's nothing to change. Slow-witted and clumsy, that's also Linghu Chong's true colour."

"The most important thing is when someone suddenly tries to scare you from behind, you mustn't give yourself away," Yingying cautioned.

Along the road, Linghu Chong practised to be this mute and deaf

woman. The two of them didn't spend the night in an inn but lodged in an abandoned temple. Yingying again and again suddenly shouted behind him and Linghu Chong was adequately deaf to it. Within a day, they arrived at the foot of Mount Heng-Shan. They made an appointment to meet each other in three days at the Hanging Temple's field. Linghu Chong then went up the Xianxing Peak alone, leaving Yingying to spend her time nearby on the mountain.

When Linghu Chong arrived at Xianxing Peak, it was already evening. He pondered, "If I enter the convent and take a look around,

martial sisters Yiqing, Zheng E, Yilin and the other martial sisters are all very observant, so they'll definitely get suspicious. It's still best if I secretly look around first."

He quickly found a secluded mountain cave and slept there until the moon was in the middle of the sky. Then he went to the living quarters of Wuse Convent at Xianxing Peak. As he neared the living quarters, he heard the sound of long swords clashing continuously. Linghu Chong was startled as he thought, "Which enemy has come here?" He touched the short sword he was hiding inside his bosom and flew towards the sword clashing sound. The sound of fighting was coming from a house more than a hundred feet outside of Wuse Convent. There was light shining out from the house's

windows. Linghu Chong rushed besides the house and heard the sound of fighting become fiercer. However, when he put his eyes to the window, he immediately felt at ease. It was Yihe and Yilin practising sword while Yiqing and Zheng E were standing on the side watching. Yihe and Yilin were practising the sword art that Linghu Chong had taught them before, which was the sword art taken from the cave behind the Cliff of

Contemplation on Mount Huashan. The two of them were already quite familiar with the sword art.

As they fought, Yihe's sword gradually got faster and Yilin was barely able to keep up. Yihe thrust her sword point straight out in front of her

chest. Yilin tried to circle her sword to block it but she was too late. "Ah," Yilin cried out softly. The point of Yihe's long sword was already pointing at Yilin's heart. Yihe smiled and said, "Martial sister, you lost again."

Yilin was very ashamed as she lowered her head and replied, "I've been practising but I haven't improved at all."

"You've improved compared to last time. Let's go again," Yihe said as she hacked her sword down in the middle of the air.

"Little martial sister's tired already," Yiqing interrupted. "Go to sleep with martial sister Zheng. We'll practise again tomorrow."

"Yes," Yilin replied. She put her sword back into the scabbard then took her leave from Yihe and Yiqing. Then she pulled on Zheng E's hand and went out of the door.

When Yilin turned around, Linghu Chong saw that she looked sad. He thought, "This little martial sister is always unhappy."

Yihe closed the door, then looked at Yiqing and they both shook their heads. They waited till the footsteps of Yilin and Zheng E were far away before Yihe said, "I always see little martial sister's mind not being calm. Her heart is always in turmoil; this is a big taboo for people like us. I don't know how to advise her."

Yiqing replied, "It's very hard to advise, she must understand it herself."

"I know why her mind isn't calm, her heart is always thinking of..." Yiqing waved her hand and said, "This is the sacred ground of

Buddha, don't say such kind of talk. If we're not in a hurry to avenge master then we could've let her understand it slowly and there would be no harm."

Yihe said, "Master used to say: everything in this world is destined and there's nothing we can do about it; especially when you have to

concentrate your mind on something that must be done gradually. If it is forced then you can easily fall into the world of evil. I see little martial

sister is emotional both inside and outside, and with her kind of personality, she's actually unsuitable to be a person of Buddhism."

Yiqing let out a sigh and said, "I've never tasted that kind of feeling before, but... but in the end, our school must have a Buddhist to be the headmaster. Martial Brother Linghu once said that he's only going to be the headmaster of this school temporarily only. But first we have to deal with that traitor Yue Buqun, who killed our master and martial uncles..."

Linghu Chong was greatly startled when he heard this. "How can it be my master who killed their master and martial uncles?" Then he heard Yiqing went on, "If we don't avenge this deep hatred, then we, as their disciples, won't be able to eat and sleep peacefully."

Yihe said, "I'm even more anxious compared to you. Alright, we'll intensify her sword training tomorrow."

"The common saying goes: you botch it by hurrying it, but not forcing it will let you advance greatly. However, in the past few days, I've seen little martial sister's vigour becoming less and less," Yiqing said. "That's right," Yihe agreed. The two martial sisters picked up their

weapons and extinguished the light. Then they went inside and lay down on their beds.

Linghu Chong quietly stood outside the window and his mind was in turmoil. "Why did they say my master killed their master and martial uncles? Also, why do they need to avenge their master before getting

someone to receive the school's leadership? And why must they supervise little martial sister Yilin's sword training around the clock?"

He stood there thinking to himself for a long time, but he still didn't understand the reason. He slowly walked away and thought, "I'll ask martial sisters Yihe and Yiqing later."

Suddenly, Linghu Chong saw his own shadow slowly swaying. He raised his head and looked at the moon. The moon looked as if it was hanging on the tip of a tree. He immediately thought of something and he nearly called out. He thought, "I should've realised this a long time ago.

Why did they understand this matter, but I didn't?" He quickly went besides the wall of a small house and leaned on it so that the guards around the

Heng-Shan School wouldn't be able to see his shadow.

When his mind became calm, he thought back to the Shaolin Temple where Dingxian and Dingyi Shi Tai were killed. At that time, Dingyi Shi Tai had already died, and Dingxian Shi Tai passed away straight after she had given him the leadership of the school. Dingxian Shi Tai didn't reveal

who the murderer was. When he checked their bodies, there were no sign of external or internal injuries nor was there any sign of poison on the two Shi Tai's bodies. The way they died was really weird, but it was inappropriate for him to open their gowns to check more thoroughly. Later, after he had

come out from Shaolin Temple, Yingying told him she opened their gowns and checked on their injuries. She saw two little holes on the skin above their hearts. It looked as if someone had used needles to pierce their hearts. At that time, he had jumped up and said: 'Poison needle? Who uses poison needles in Wulin?' and Yingying had replied: 'Daddy and Uncle Xiang's

experiences are vast, but they also don't know. Daddy said that it wasn't a poisoned needle. It's actually a sharp weapon aimed at a fatal point that killed them. But the needle piercing Dingxian Shi Tai was slightly slanted.' He had said: 'Yes. When I saw Dingxian Shi Tai, she was still alive. This needle had pierced into her chest, so it wasn't done secretly, and they were actually fighting face to face. The person who killed the two Shi Tai must've been a master with high martial art.' Yingying said: 'That's what my daddy also said. Since we have this clue, it won't be hard to find out who the murderer is.' At that time, he had slapped the wall of the cave and said loudly: 'Yingying, while the two of us still have our lives, we must avenge the two Shi Tai,' and Yingying replied: 'Yes.'

Both of Linghu Chong's hands were pressed on the wall and he

couldn't help shivering. He thought, "The master who is capable of killing the two Shi Tai by using a small piece of needle must either be using the Sunflower Manual or the Evil Resisting Sword Art. Dongfang Bubai had

always been on top of the Dark Wood Cliff embroidering, so he couldn't be the one killing people in Shaolin Temple. Also, looking at his martial art, his needle couldn't have missed when he tried to kill Dingxian Shi Tai. Zuo Lengchan had learned the fake Evil Resisting Sword Art. At that time, martial brother Lin had only gotten the sword manual so he couldn't have learned it completely; perhaps he might not even have gotten the manual at that time..." He thought back to the snow field when he met with Lin Pingzhi and Yue Lingshan and he thought, "That's right, at that time, Lin Pingzhi's voice hasn't changed yet. It doesn't matter if he had gotten the manual or not because he couldn't have completed his learning of the Evil Resisting Sword Art then" As he thought till here, sweat started to come out from his forehead.

At that time, the person who could use a needle to fight openly from the front and kill the two Shi Tai from Heng-Shan School must have had a martial art which was not that much higher compared to Dingxian Shi Tai because that one needle did not manage to kill her. There was only Yue

Buqun who could've done it. He also thought of how Yue Buqun had deliberately planned to take the headmaster position of the Five Mountains School and had actually allowed Lao Denuo to stay inside the school for more than ten years without revealing his real identity. At the end, he

allowed Lao Denuo to steal a fake sword manual and easily blinded both of Zuo Lengchan's eyes. Dingxian and Dingyi Shi Tai were putting all their

efforts in fighting against the merger of the five schools, so Yue Buqun took the opportunity to do away with them and removed a big obstacle to the merger of the schools. This must have been the reason. Why wasn't

Dingxian Shi Tai willing to reveal her murderer? It must be because Yue Buqun was his master. If the murderer were Zuo Lengchan or Dongfang Bubai, why wouldn't Dingxian Shi Tai say it?

Linghu Chong again thought back to the day when he was inside that mountain cave having a conversation with Yingying. Yue Buqun had kicked him heavily in the Shaolin Temple, but he didn't get injured and instead Yue Buqun's leg was broken. Yingying felt this was really strange. She said her father had also thought for a long time and still could not come up with a reason. Linghu Chong had absorbed the internal energies of many people

and it was true that these internal energies were enough to protect his body. But he must move these internal energies in order to harm others; unlike the completed internal energy art which was capable of countering the enemy's attack without him having to move the internal energies. As he thought of this, he realised Yue Buqun must have deliberately put on such a show for Zuo Lengchan. To make sure the leg was really broken, Yue Buqun must have used his own internal energy to break it and let Zuo Lengchan see it to show that his martial art was just average and that there was nothing to

worry about so that Zuo Lengchan could go forward with his plan of the merger. Zuo Lengchan had made painstaking effort to finally merge the five schools and when it had finally happened, Yue Buqun had taken everything from him. This reasoning was not hard to understand, but no matter what

was said, Linghu Chong had never have any suspicion towards his master. Perhaps, this suspicion had always been buried deep in his heart and every time he arrived at this thought, his mind immediately fled from it because he was not willing and did not dare to think about it. Only at this time when he heard Yihe and Yiqing conversing with each other that he finally could not avoid it any longer.

For his whole life, he had loved and respected his master.

Unexpectedly, his master was such a person. Now he felt his life was all meaningless. At that moment, he felt he couldn't even gather enough

strength to go to the Heng-Shan Other Courtyard to take a look, so he found a secluded and calm field on the mountain and slept.

In the morning of the next day, Linghu Chong arrived at the Tong Yuan Valley when the day was already bright. He walked besides a small creek and saw his disguised form in the water's reflection. He checked his

gown and shoes to see that nothing was out of place before he proceeded to the Other Courtyard. He went around the main entrance, wishing to enter from the side entrance. Just as he arrived besides the gate, he heard noises from the inside.

There were many people from inside the courtyard shouting loudly: "Really strange! Damn it, who did this?" "When did this happen? How come the gods didn't know, the ghosts didn't feel it; the hands and feet are really agile!" "These people's martial art aren't bad, how come they could be played by other people without uttering a word?"

Linghu Chong knew something strange had taken place. He stayed by the side entrance and looked inside. The courtyard and the walkways were full of people looking at the branches of a Gongsun tree. Linghu Chong lifted his head up to take a look and he also felt it very strange that his heart was also calling out like the other people in the courtyard. High on top of the tree were eight people hanging down. They were Qiu Songnian, Madam Zhang, Monk Xibao, Priest Yuling, and their other group members making seven of them, while the other person was ‘Slippery and Hard to Grip’ You Xun. The eight of them had apparently had their acupoints sealed and all of their limbs tied up, and they had been hung up there swinging to and fro.

They were more than ten feet above the ground. Besides following the blowing of the wind, they could not move at all. All eight of them had

embarrassed expressions, which were rarely seen. Two black snakes were seen slithering around their bodies, which were actually the 'Double-Snake

Ruthless Beggar' Yan Sanxing's precious weapons. It was ordinary for these two snakes to be slithering about Yan Sanxing's body, but when they were

slithering about the other seven people's bodies, expressions of fear and loathing was added to the angry and ashamed appearances of these people.

Someone from the crowd leapt up. He was Night Cat 'Nothing He Can't Do' Ji Wushi. His hand was holding a dagger, and he quickly cut the

bindings of 'Tung Cypress Whiz Duo'. These two people then fell from mid air and a short and stout Old Man extended his hand to stop them and put them on the ground. In just a brief moment, all eight of them had been helped down by Ji Wushi and each person had had their acupoints unsealed. Once Qiu Songnian was freed, he promptly hurled some abuses. He then saw the crowd of people were wide eyed looking at him; some were

smiling, some were amazed, some were saying, "Has!", some were saying, "Plot!", some were saying, "Careful!", and some were saying, "Life!".

Madam Zhang took a glance and saw there was one word written on each of Qiu Songnian's and the other six people's foreheads. The words said: 'Plot Has Been Defeated, Be Careful Worthless Life!’

The other people were alarmed and one by one they repeated, "Plot Has Been Defeated, Be Careful Worthless Life!"

Monk Xibao angrily shouted, "What plot has been defeated, your granny! Which worthless life needs to be careful?" While Priest Yuling

extended his hand, spat on it, and then rubbed his forehead trying to wipe away the word.

Zhu Qianqiu said, "Brother You, how did the eight of you get captured? Can you tell us?"

You Xun smiled slightly and said, "I'm ashamed to say it, but I was sleeping peacefully last night, and didn't know how it happened. But

someone sealed my acupoints and hung me from the top of the tree. That thief was most likely using the 'Five Confusion Poison' to knock us out.

Otherwise, how can these brothers' skills be of no use and fell into

someone's plot? How can someone so wise and brave like Priest Yuling and Madam Zhang fall into this?"

Madam Zhang snorted and said, "That must be it." She didn't want to linger and talk too much so she hastily went in to wash her face. Priest Yuling and the others also followed her in.

The crowd discussed about this and many of them were clicking their tongues feeling the incident was really strange. They all said, "You Xun's words aren't true." Some people said, "There are dozens of people sleeping inside the hall. If they used confusion poison, then dozens of us would get it. How come only a few of them got it?"

Many people thought of the word 'Plot' from the phrase 'Plot Has Been Defeated', they didn't know what kind of plot it was pointing at so

they came up with many guesses and couldn't decide which one was right. Someone said, "Which master hung these eight people on that tall tree?"

Someone laughingly answered, "Luckily the Peach Valley Six Weirdos aren't here today, otherwise it'll be so noisy here."

Another person replied, "How do you know it wasn't the Peach Valley Six Fairies who did this? Those six brothers are very eccentric. Most likely it was them who did this."

Zu Qianqiu shook his head. "No, no, it can't be."

One of the earlier person said, "Brother Zu, how do you know?" Zu Qianqiu laughed. "Even though the Peach Valley Six Fairies'

martial arts are high, their knowledge is very limited. I can guarantee you that they wouldn't even be able to write that word 'Plot'."

The crowd burst into laughter thinking what Zu Qianqiu said was right. Everyone was discussing this interesting matter and no one paid

attention towards Linghu Chong who was disguised as a servant and was wearing a stupid expression. Linghu Chong thought in his heart, "What were these eight people trying to plot? It must be something harmful towards my Heng-Shan School."

After noon, on the same day, some people outside the courtyard

shouted, "Weird, weird! Everyone, come have a look!" The crowd rushed out, while Linghu Chong slowly followed behind them. On the right side of the Other Courtyard there were tens of people surrounding something. The crowd quickly sprinted to go there. Linghu Chong walked near and heard some people discussing about this. There were more than ten people who were sitting on the ground facing the cliff. It was apparent their acupoints had been sealed and they were unable to move. There were eight words written on the wall of the mountain and they were the same words as before, 'Plot Has Been Defeated, Be Careful Worthless Life'.

Some people turned those people sitting on the ground around and they saw the Bear Duo of the Northern Desert were amongst them. Ji Wushi walked up to the Bear Duo of the Northern Desert and released their mute

acupoints, but not the other sealed acupoints leaving them unable to move. Ji Wushi said, "There's something I don't understand here that I'd like to ask you about. I'd like to ask the two of you what kind of secret plan are you involved in? Everyone here would like to know."

"Right, right! What plot? Tell us about it," the crowd demanded.

Black Bear scolded, "Damn their eighteen ancestors. What plot? Plot their turtle sons."

"Who sealed your acupoints? Can you tell us about it?" Zu Qianqiu queried.

White Bear said, "It's good if I know. I was just walking peacefully around the mountain when my back suddenly felt numb, ambushed by that

bastard. If it's a hero then he would've fought me with real sabre, real spear. Sneaking an attack behind me, what kind of person is that?"

Zu Qianqiu said, "That's fine if the two of you don't want to say it.

This matter is already known to the others but I see that there's nothing we can do about it. But I think you need to be really careful."

Someone said in a loud voice, "Brother Zu, they're not willing to disclose it, then let them stay here for three days and three nights."

Another person said, "Right, he who tied the bell on the tiger's neck is the only one to untie it*. If you release them, that master will definitely put the blame on you, seal your acupoints, and hang you from a tree. It certainly won't be fun."

(*The meaning of this saying is: He who caused the dispute is the only one to resolve it.)

Ji Wushi said, "What you said isn't wrong. Brothers, I'm not sitting here on the side being a spectator, I'm actually a little bit afraid."

Black Bear and White Bear looked at each other, and they were both furious. But it was pointless to start scolding, and they also didn't dare to publicly scold Ji Wushi's ancestor. Otherwise, with them still being unable to move, they wouldn't be able to fight back if the opponent wanted to be rude towards them.

Ji Wushi laughed while cupping his hands to the crowd continuously. "Everyone, please." Then he turned his body around to walk away. The people crowding around them pointed and laughed, said a few words and they also slowly walked away. Linghu Chong turned around and walked

slowly. When he reached the outside of the Other Courtyard, he heard people clamouring and giggling inside. He raised his head and saw two people had been hung on the Gongsun tree again. One of them was Monk Cannot Have No Commandment and the other one was Monk No


Linghu Chong was greatly amazed as he thought, "Great Master No Commandment is little martial sister Yilin's father, while Tian Boguang is little martial sister's disciple. The two of them would never give Heng-Shan School any trouble. If Heng-Shan School has any problem, they would

exert themselves to help. Why are they being hung on the tree?" He was really sure he knew what was going on before, but suddenly his whole idea had been turned upside down. He thought of one thing, "Great Master No Commandment is innocent like a child, he doesn't have any enmity with anyone. Why would anyone hang him from the tree? Someone must be playing a joke with him. No one here is strong enough to capture Great Master No Commandment, this must be Peach Valley Six Fairies' doing."

But what Zu Qianqiu said before was very reasonable, the Peach Valley Six Fairies couldn't have written the word 'Plot'. He entered the courtyard

slowly as his mind was occupied with doubts. As he entered, he saw there was a piece of yellow paper stuck to each of Monk No Commandment's and Tian Boguang's bodies. There were words written on them.

The words written on Monk No Commandment's paper were: 'World's number one heartless, perverted and lascivious man.' While the words

written on Tian Boguang's paper were: 'World's number one in unseemly behaviour, a person who does everything half heartedly.'

When Linghu Chong read this for the first time, he immediately thought, "These two papers are placed on the wrong persons. How come Monk No Commandment is 'a perverted and lascivious man'? This 'perverted and lascivious' words, they must surely belong to Tian Boguang.

While the words 'unseemly behaviour', they must surely belong to Monk No Commandment. He's not sworn off from killing, eating meat, and he even dared to take a nun as his wife when he's a monk. These are unseemly behaviour. But this 'half heartedly' comment, where did it come from?"

But these two papers were stuck nicely to each of their necks, and it didn't look like someone had hastily stuck them wrongly. The crowd was pointing, laughing, and discussing what was going on. Many people also

said, "Tian Boguang is perverted, this is very well known in the world. How can this big monk be more perverted than he is?"

Ji Wushi and Zu Qianqiu consulted each other quietly, and both of them sensed something was fishy. They knew Monk No Commandment and Linghu Chong were very good towards each other and they must help these two people down first before discussing it further. Ji Wushi quickly leapt up the tree and cut of the ropes binding their hands and feet and released their sealed acupoints. No Commandment and Tian Boguang were both looking very dejected, unlike Qiu Songnian and Bear Duo of the Northern Desert

who started hurling abuses as soon as they were released.

Ji Wushi quietly asked, "Great Master, how did you also end up like that?" But Monk No Commandment just shook his head and slowly took off the piece of paper stuck to him. He stared at the words written on it for a long time and all of a sudden, he cried.

This change was totally out of everyone's expectation. The crowd

abruptly turned deathly quiet and all of them were stupefied as they gaped at him. Both of his fists were clenched as they kept on hammering his own chest; he was becoming even sadder as he cried. Tian Boguang tried to

comfort him, "Grand martial master, you don't need to be sad. We lost to someone's plot, but when we find this person, we'll break his corpse into thousands of pieces..." He had not finished yet when Monk No

Commandment turned around and gave him a hard slap. The palm hit Tian Boguang, forcing him to back away for more than ten feet. He staggered

and had nearly fallen down. Half of his cheek had now started to become swollen.

Monk No Commandment scolded, "Smelly bastard! We were hung up here because we deserved it. You... You... You're very daring. Wanting to kill other people!"

Tian Boguang was confused when he heard Grand Martial Master said this. The person who had captured them must be someone with an impressive background that even Grand Martial Master did not dare to

offend him. So all Tian Boguang could do was agree to his Grand Martial Master. Monk No Commandment stared dumbly, and started to cry and beat on his chest again. Suddenly, he struck out again with his palm towards Tian Boguang. Tian Boguang was really fast so he quickly evaded the strike as he called out, "Grand Martial Master!"

Monk No Commandment did not chase after him even though his hit had missed. He took his hand back and with a slap, he hit a stone bench inside the courtyard, causing the crumbling stones to fly out everywhere.

His left palm and his right palm struck out continuously as he started to cry again. More and more force was used with each strike. After more than ten strikes, both of his palms were covered with blood and the top of the stone bench had also crumbled to gravel. Then with a thunderous crack, the stone bench was split asunder into four pieces. The crowd was amazed and none of them dared to utter a single word. Every one of them was afraid to draw his anger onto them. Besides, whose head was stronger than that of the

stone bench if Monk No Commandment were to turn to them?

Zu Qianqiu, Old Man, and Ji Wushi looked at each other and none of them knew what was happening. Tian Boguang saw something was amiss so he said, "Everyone, please look after Grand Martial Master. I'll go look for Master."

Linghu Chong pondered, "Even though I'm already disguised, little martial sister Yilin is very careful, I should be careful not to let her discover my disguise."

He had disguised himself before as a general and a farmer, but both had been male. This time around, he had disguised himself as a woman and it was actually very uncomfortable. He was not feeling very confident in the disguise and he was afraid his disguise would be revealed. So he quickly took himself inside the firewood house at the back garden, and thought,

"The acupoints of the Bear Duo of the Northern Desert and the others are still being sealed. Ji Wushi and Zu Qianqiu must be wanting to eavesdrop on what they'll be talking about at night. I should go to sleep now and wake up sometime at night to listen to what they're talking about." Linghu Chong drifted into sleep hearing Monk No Commandment's wailing. He was

amazed at this but also found it funny.

When he woke up, the sky was already dark, and he went to the kitchen to look for some cold rice and tea to eat. After a long time, he heard no sound of anyone around. Thereupon, he slowly strolled around to the back of the mountain where the Bear Duo of the Northern Desert and the other people were. Linghu Chong crouched inside the underbrush far away and strained his ears to listen. Soon, he heard the breathing of people hiding in the underbrush all around him. There were at least around twenty people concealed in the underbrush. Linghu Chong found this hilarious. "Ji Wushi and the others must be wanting to eavesdrop as well. They've thought of the same thing. I guess there are many smart people here." He also thought, "Ji Wushi is good. He unsealed the mute acupoints of those two cannibals of the Bear Duo of the Northern Desert, but he didn't unseal the other people's mute acupoints. Otherwise, once the Bear Duo of the Northern Desert open their mouths, they'll be told to shut up by their more competent comrades."

Linghu Chong then heard White Bear swearing continuously, "Your granny, so many mosquitoes on this mountain side. They want to suck my blood dry before they're happy. I curse the eighteen generations of your mosquitoes' ancestors."

Black Bear laughed. "The mosquitoes are stinging you only, but not me. I wonder what the reason is."

White Bear cussed, "Your blood is smelly so the mosquitoes don't want to eat it."

Black Bear laughingly replied, "I'd rather have smelly blood instead of hundreds of mosquitoes stinging me." White Bear replied with curses. After hurling abuses for a while,

White Bear said, "After my acupoints are released, the first thing I'll do is to look for Night Cat and settle our business. I'll seal that bastard's acupoints

and eat the flesh from his thigh bite by bite."

Black Bear laughingly replied, "But I'd rather eat those nuns. Their skins are so white and their meat would be more tender."

White Bear said, "Mr. Yue ordered us to take those nuns to Mount Huashan, not to eat them."

Black Bear laughingly said, "There are hundreds of nuns here, Mr.

Yue wouldn't know if we eat three or four of them."

Linghu Chong was greatly startled. "Master ordered them? Why did he ask them to take the Heng-Shan School's disciples to Mount Huashan? This 'Plot' must've have been this thing. But how did they get my master's order?"

Suddenly, White Bear loudly shouted, "Bastards!"

Black Bear indignantly said, "If you don't want to eat nuns then don't eat. Why do you have to scold me for?"

"I'm scolding these mosquitoes, not you," White Bear said.

Linghu Chong's mind was full of thoughts when he suddenly heard footsteps from the underbrush behind him. The footsteps slowly came near him. Linghu Chong thought, "This person had better not step on me." That person was walking straight at him and stopped right behind him before

crouching down and lightly pulling on his sleeve. Linghu Chong was

started and thought, "Who's this? Did he recognise me?" Then he turned his head around. Under the blurry moonlight, he saw a beautiful round face. It was Yilin. He was startled and happy at the same time, he thought, "So my disguise has been discovered by her. Of course I wouldn't look like a

woman even if I'm disguised in one." Yilin inclined her head to a side with her little mouth pouting, and she slowly stood up. She was still pulling on his sleeve showing that she wanted to talk to him someplace away from there. Linghu Chong followed behind her as she went towards the west. The two of them didn't say a single word as they walked. Yilin led them along a narrow strip of mountain road away from the Tong Yuan Valley. She suddenly said, "You don't listen to what other people said and come up to this troubling place again. That's very dangerous." These few words she said didn't seem to be directed to him, but it seemed like she was talking to herself.

Linghu Chong was startled and thought, "She said I don't listen to what other people said. What did she mean by that? Is she pretending, or she really doesn't recognise me?" He also thought that because Yilin had never jested with him, it was more likely that she didn't recognise him.

Then he saw her turning north and gradually going towards the Porcelain Oven Pass. After going around a level area in the mountain, they arrived besides a small creek.

Yilin said, softly, "We always talk here. Are you sick of my voice?" She giggled gently and went on, "You never listen to what I say. Mute

Granny, if you can really listen to what I say, I wouldn't talk to you anymore."

Yilin said this so sincerely that Linghu Chong knew she only recognised him as the Mute Granny living on the Hanging Temple. His

childlike heart was roused as he thought, "I'll just play along and see what she has to say."

Yilin led him by his sleeve towards a big rock underneath a big willow tree, and sat down. Linghu Chong also sat down with his body

leaning to the side and the moon behind him so Yilin couldn't take a look at his face. He thought, "Is my disguise really that good that even Yilin is fooled? It must be because it's night so it's not easy for her to recognise me. Yingying's appearance changing technique is pretty good."

Yilin gazed up at the moon and sighed. Linghu Chong desperately wanted to ask, "You're still so young, why do you have so much to worry about?" But at the end, he didn't say it out loud.

Yilin said gently, "Mute Granny, you're really good. I often pull you aside to tell you what I'm thinking, but you're never annoyed. You always listen patiently to what I have to say. I shouldn't have bothered you in the first place, but you treat me so nicely just like my own mother. I don't have a mother; if I do have a mother, would I dare to talk like this with her?"

Linghu Chong realized she was going to pour her heart out and thought it was inappropriate for him to hear it. He thought, "What kind of matter is she going to talk about? I'm deceiving her to reveal her innermost secret. I feel really apologetic to her. I should just quickly go." He immediately stood up.

Yilin pulled on his sleeve. "Mute Granny, you... you want to go?" Her voice sounded really disappointed. Linghu Chong took a glance at her and saw her face looking sad and her eyes looking like she was begging him to stay. His heart turned soft and he thought, "Little martial sister looks melancholy and she has a lot of things on her mind. If she had nowhere to vent them then they'll always be in her heart and she might become sick. I just need to listen to what she has to say and don't let her know that it's me; then she wouldn't be bashful." He slowly sat back down.

Yilin hugged his neck. "Mute Granny, how good of you to accompany me for a while. You don't know I have a lot of things in my mind."

Linghu Chong thought, "In my whole life, Linghu Chong is fated to

cross paths with grannies. Earlier with Yingying, I mistakenly took her for a granny. Now, Yilin mistakenly take me for a granny. I called someone else a granny for a few hundred times, now she's calling me granny. It can be said that a good person also gets a good repayment."

Yilin said, "Today, my father nearly hanged himself to death. Do you know that? He was hung on a tree and a paper was put up on him, saying that he's 'World's number one heartless, perverted and lascivious man'. In his whole life, my father only has my mother in his heart. So how can they say he's a pervert? That person must've been confused. He must've wanted to hang that paper on Tian Boguang's body but he wrongly hung it on my father. Actually, it's not a big deal that it's mistakenly hung; just swap them. There's no need to hang himself for that."

Linghu Chong was startled but he also found this funny. "How can she say Great Master No Commandment wanted to commit suicide? She said he was nearly hanged to death, so he obviously didn't die. The words

written on those two papers aren't good words, so once they're taken down, why would you put them up on themselves again? This little martial sister is really naive, she really doesn't understand how things work in the real


Yilin continued, "Tian Boguang hurried up to Xianxing Peak wanting to speak to me, but he met martial sister Yihe instead. She said he came up Xianxing Peak without permission, so without asking, she attacked with her sword and he almost lost his life. That was really dangerous."

Linghu Chong thought, "I once said that the men from the Other

Courtyard must not go up Xianxing Peak without my permission. Brother Tian's reputation isn't good and martial sister Yihe is quick to anger, so once she saw him there, of course she'll use her sword to attack. But, Brother Tian's martial art is much higher than her so Yihe was unable to kill him." He was just about to nod his head agreeing to her when he quickly thought, "No matter what she said, whether I agree or not, I mustn't nod or shake my head. That Mute Granny wouldn't have been able to hear to what she has to say."

Yilin went on, "When Tian Boguang finally told her everything, martial sister Yihe had slashed about seventeen to eighteen moves. Luckily she held back and didn't really kill him. Once I received the news, I quickly went to Tong Yuan Valley. But I didn't see my father. I asked some people, but they all said he was inside the courtyard crying and making a lot of noise before. He was really in a fit of anger and no one dared to talk to him. They didn't see him after that. I went around the Tong Yuan Valley trying to look for him, and finally I found him at the back of the mountain hanging high from a tree. I was really worried and quickly took him down from the tree. I saw there was a rope around his neck and it was cutting off his

airway. It was really a blessing from Buddha that I arrived there in time. I helped and roused him up, then he cried hugging me. I saw there was a paper hanging on his neck, there were words written on it saying something like 'World's number one heartless man'. I said to him: 'Dad, this person is really terrible. He hung you up before, and now he hanged you. He also put up the wrong paper and didn't swap it.' My father was half crying and half

saying to me: 'No one hanged me, I hanged myself. I... I don't want to live anymore.' I told him: 'Dad, that person must've suddenly sneaked an attack on you so you fell into his trap; so there's no need to be sad. Let's find and talk to him. If what he said isn't right, then we'll hang him up on a tree and put this paper around his neck.' Dad said: 'This paper is mine. How can you hang it on other people? World's number one heartless, perverted and lascivious man, this is Monk No Commandment. How can other people

exceed me in this? Child, you're speaking blindly.' Mute Granny, when I heard him said this, I found it really strange so I asked him: 'Dad, this paper wasn't wrongly hung?' Dad replied: 'Of course not. I... I wronged your mother, that's why I wanted to hang myself. You don't need to worry about me, I really don't want to live anymore.'"

Linghu Chong remembered Monk No Commandment had mentioned to him before that he loved Yilin's mother because she was a nun. So he became a monk because of her. Monk marrying a nun, it was really a rare

and strange thing. He said that he had wronged Yilin's mother; it must be because he loved another woman later on and that was why he had admitted to being a 'heartless, perverted and depraved man'. As he thought till here, he slowly came to understand some of these things.

Yilin said, "When I saw dad cried miserably, I also cried. Dad then

advised me: 'Good child, don't cry, don't cry. If dad dies, you'll be all alone in this world. Who would take care of you?' When he said that, I cried even harder." She said until here when beads of tears dropped from her eyes. She looked really sad as she went on, "Dad said: 'Alright, alright! I won't die, but I'm really sorry about your mother.' I asked: 'How did you wrong

Mother?' Dad sighed and said: 'Your mother was originally a nun, you

already know about this. When I first saw your mother, I immediately fell in love with her and wanted to take her to be my wife, no matter what. Your mother said: 'Amituofo, thinking of this kind of thing, you're also not afraid of Buddha.' I said: 'If Buddha wants to blame someone, then he can blame me.' Your mother said: 'You're a lay person, it's natural for you to take a

wife. My body has already been pledged to Buddhism, and I'm free from wordly desires. If I'm to be moved by worldly desires, Buddha will of

course blame me. How can Buddha blame you?' I thought what she said

wasn't wrong. It was me who has made up my mind to marry your mother, not your mother who wanted to marry me. How can I let Buddha blame her and put her in hell when she dies? How can I let that happen to her? That's why I went on to become a monk. Of course Buddha will blame me. If we're sent to hell then we'll go together as husband and wife.'"

Linghu Chong thought, "Great Master No Commandment is really the passionate type. He became a monk just to bear the Buddha's blame. Since he's so committed, I wonder how his heart could have changed?"

Yilin continued, "Then I asked dad: 'Did you marry mother

afterwards?' Dad answered: 'Of course I did. If not, how did we get you? I shouldn't have done that, I shouldn't have. That day you were just three months old, and I was just carrying you outside the door for some sun.' I

said: 'What's wrong with getting some sun?' Dad said: 'As luck would have it, at that time, there was a good looking madam riding past the door. She

saw a big monk carrying a little baby and felt it was weird. After a few glances, she praised: 'What a beautiful baby!' I felt really happy and said: 'You're also very beautiful.' That madam stared at me and asked: 'Where did you steal this baby girl from?' I said: 'What do you mean steal? She's my own baby.' That madam suddenly threw a tantrum and scolded: 'I'm asking you nicely, but you keep on teasing me. Are you tired of living?' I said: 'How did I tease you? Aren't monks people? Can't we have child? If you don't believe me, then let me give you a look.' Who could've thought that lady was so fierce, she took out the long sword slung at her back and

stabbed it at me. Isn't that very unreasonable?'"

Linghu Chong thought, "Great Master No Commandment speaks frankly and everything he says are always the truth. But when other people hear it, his words become nonsense teasing. Since he's already taken a wife and gotten a baby, why didn't he turn back to be a secular man? It's neither fish nor fowl for a big monk to be carrying a little baby girl."

Yilin went on, "I said: 'This madam was too fierce. I was clearly yours, and you didn't deceive her. What was she doing stabbing a sword at you?' Dad said: 'Yes, at that time, I quickly dodged and said: 'What are you doing indiscriminately chopping your sword for? If this baby girl isn't mine, then is she yours?' That madam got even angrier and stabbed three times.

She didn't manage to hit me with her sword so she thrust out even faster. Of course I wasn't afraid of her, but I was afraid she might hurt you. When she stabbed out for the eighth time, I kicked out at her and sent her

somersaulting. She stopped and scolded me: 'What a shameless monk, disgraceful and nasty person, sexually harassing a lady.' It was at this time when your mother returned from the river bank after washing the clothes and she stood on the side to listen. That madam scolded me a few more times before she angrily got on her horse and rode away. She didn't even pick up the sword she dropped on the ground. I turned my head around to talk to your mother. She didn't even reply a single word I said, but she just stood there weeping. I asked her what's the matter but she just ignored me. The morning of the next day, your mother was gone. There was a paper on the table and there were five words written on it. Can you guess what they were? They were 'Heartless man, perverted and lascivious'. I carried you

everywhere to look for her, but I didn't find her.'

I said: 'Mother heard what that madam said and she believed that you really sexually harassed her.' Dad said: 'You're right, wasn't that an injustice? But later on, I thought about it and believed not all of it was injustice. Because when I saw that madam, my heart was thinking: 'This lady is good looking.' Think about it. I was already married to your mother, but my heart was still praising another woman to be pretty. Not only praising in my heart, my mouth was praising her too. Isn't that a heartless, perverted and lascivious man?'"

Linghu Chong thought, "So martial sister Yilin's mother was very jealous. Of course, this was a big misunderstanding, but wouldn't everything be alright after talking about it?"

Yilin continued, "I said: 'Did you find mother afterwards?' Dad said: 'I looked for her everywhere, but where can I find her? Your mother was a nun, so I thought she would go to a convent, so I looked in every convent.

One day, I found the White Cloud Convent of Heng-Shan School. Your master Dingyi Shi Tai saw you to be very cute and she really liked you. You were also sick at that time so she told me to foster you to the Convent, so I didn't have to bring you running around and endanger your little life.'" At the mention of Dingyi Shi Tai, Yilin couldn't help crying and she said,

"Since I was small, I've had no mother and Master raised me up, but Master was killed by someone, and the person who killed Master was Big Brother Linghu's Master. You see how difficult this is. Big Brother Linghu is just like me, he's had no mother since he was small and his Master raised him.

But his life is even more bitter than me, not only mother, he doesn't have a father as well. So of course he respects and loves his Master. If I kill his Master then I'll get my revenge, but Big Brother Linghu will be very sad.

My dad also said: after he fostered me at the White Cloud Convent, he looked in every convent in the world. Later on, he went to Mongolia, Tibet, the frontiers, the western region, he even looked around in the poorest area.

But in all that time, he didn't hear a single word of my mother. Thinking

about it, my mother must've blamed my mother for sexually harassing that lady, so she committed suicide the next day. Mute Granny, when my mother became a Buddhist, she swore an oath in front of Buddha that after she

entered Buddhism, she would no longer be involved in worldly desires. But in the end, she relented to father and married him. She hadn't given birth to me for long when she saw him sexually harassing a woman and got himself scolded as a 'disgraceful and nasty person', so of course she got angry. Her personality was very strong so what she believed was wrong, was wrong. So she was forced to commit suicide."

Yilin let out a long sigh and continued, "When my father explained these things, I then understood why when he saw those words 'World's number one heartless, perverted and lascivious man', he became really sad. I said: 'When mother wrote those words to scold you, did you give other people a look?' Dad said: 'Of course not! I didn't even tell anyone about it. Is it honourable to tell of these kinds of things? There's something fishy here, I think it must be your mother's ghost who has found me. She seeks revenge on me for blemishing her clean reputation and sexually harassing another woman. Otherwise, how come only these eight words were written on the paper and there was nothing else on it? I know she wants my life, very good, I'm going to go with her.'

"Dad also said: 'When I couldn't find your mother, I really wished to join her in the afterworld. It's a pity I was too heavy. The rope broke after I was hanging up there for some time. I tried a second time but the rope broke again. Then I thought of getting my sabre to cut my neck. I knew for certain that sabre was on my waist, but suddenly it wasn't there. It's really not easy to die.' I said: 'Dad, you're wrong. Buddha told us not to take our own lives, that's why the rope broke and you couldn't find your sabre.

Otherwise, you would've been dead when I got here.' Dad said: 'That's also good, it's most likely that Buddha is punishing me to stay in this world to receive more bitterness and not letting me to go to the afterworld so quick to see your mother.' I said: 'I thought at first that the papers on Tian

Boguang and you were wrongly hanged on each other, and that was the reason why you threw a tantrum.' Dad said: 'How can they be wrongly hanged? Cannot Have No Commandment was rude to you in the beginning, isn't that called 'unseemly behaviour'? I told him to be a matchmaker to make that Linghu Chong marry you, but he always failed, isn't that called 'doing things half heartedly'? Those eight words really suit him.' I said: 'Dad, if you tell Tian Boguang to do that nonsense again, I'm going to get angry. Big brother Linghu liked his little martial sister before, now he likes the young lady Ren from the Devil Sect. Even though he treats me well, he's never put me in his heart.'"

When Linghu Chong heard Yilin said this, he felt quite apologetic toward her. She treated him in such a sentimental manner, but he had never felt it in the beginning, and it was only recently that he gradually understood her feeling. But his real feeling was said clearly by her, he first loved little martial sister and now he loved Yingying with all his heart.

During the time he travelled around Jianghu, he also rarely thought of Yilin.

Yilin said, "When dad heard me said this, he got angry and scolded big brother Linghu, he said: 'That Linghu Chong, he has eyes but he can't see, he's even worse than Cannot Have No Commandment. Cannot Have

No Commandment can still see my daughter is beautiful, but Linghu Chong is the world's number one idiot.' He scolded him with so many vulgar

words, they're really terrible to hear, and I also can't repeat them. He said: 'Who's the world's number one blind man? It's not Zuo Lengchan, it's Linghu Chong. Even when Zuo Lengchan's eyes are blinded, Linghu Chong is still blinder than he is.' Mute Granny, dad is very wrong to say these things, how can he scold big brother Linghu like that? I said: 'Dad, Miss Yue and young lady Ren are a hundred times more beautiful than me, how

can I be better than them? Also, I've already entered Buddhism, but I still appreciate big brother Linghu risking his life to save me and helping my master. I still think about him sometimes. My mother was right, after you enter Buddhism, you should be free of wordly desires. If we're not free of those things then Buddha will punish us.' "Dad said: 'Once you enter Buddhism, why aren't you allowed to marry? If all the women in the world entered Buddhism and they didn't marry, then there'll be no one in this world. Your mother is a nun, didn't she marry me, and didn't she give birth to you?' I said: 'Dad, let's not talk about this. I... I'd rather that mother didn't give birth to me.'" She said till here

when her voice became choking. After some time, she again said, "Dad

said, he's definitely going to find big brother Linghu and tell him to marry me. I was really worried, I said to him if he mentioned this to big brother Linghu, then I'll never talk to him ever again, and when he comes to

Xianxing Peak, I won't see him. If Tian Boguang says this kind of nonsense thing to big brother Linghu, then I'll talk to martial sisters Yiqing and Yihe and not allow him to step foot on Mount Heng-Shan ever again. Dad knows I can get what I said so he was dumbfounded for a time. Then he just sighed and walked away. Mute Granny, dad went just like that, I wonder when I

can see him again? I also don't know whether he's going to commit suicide again? He's really making me worried. I found Tian Boguang after that and told him to go with dad and take care of him. After I finished speaking to him, I saw so many people sneaking around going outside of Tong Yuan Valley then hiding inside the underbrush. I don't know what they were doing. So I quietly followed them to have a look, but I saw you instead.

Mute Granny, you don't know martial art and you also can't hear anything.

It was very dangerous for you to hide in the underbrush, especially if

someone sees you there. You should never go with other people to hide in the underbrush anymore. Did you think they were playing hide-and-seek?"

Linghu Chong was dangerously close to laughing, he thought, "This little martial sister is very childish, she even thinks other people are childish too." Yilin said, "These days, martial sisters Yihe and Yiqing always

supervise me practising sword. Little martial sister Qin Juan said to me, she once heard Yihe and Yiqing and a few other senior martial sisters talk with each other. They said, big brother Linghu won't agree to be Heng-Shan School's headmaster in the future. Yue Buqun is the person who killed our masters, so we naturally can't join the Five Mountains School and accept him as our headmaster. That's why everyone asked me to become the headmaster. Mute Granny, I don't believe this at all. But martial sister Qin

swore on it and said that none of it is fake. She said, a few of the senior martial sisters said, from all the nuns of the Heng-Shan School's Yi generation, big brother Linghu treats me the best. If I become the headmaster, it will definitely fit the best with big brother Linghu's wish. So they decided to elect me because of big brother Linghu. They all hope I practise my swordplay well and kill Yue Buqun. Then I'll become Heng- Shan School's headmaster. No one objected to this. When she explained it like that, I believed her. But how can I become the headmaster of Heng- Shan School? My sword art wouldn't be as good as martial sisters Yihe and Yiqing even after I've practised it for ten more years. As for killing Yue

Buqun, it's even more impossible. I was already confused in the beginning, so when I thought of this, my mind is in even more chaos. Mute Granny,

what do you think I should do?"

Linghu Chong had now understood. "So they supervise her practising sword from day to night hoping that she would take my position later on

and become the Heng-Shan School's headmaster. This is very good for me since they've thought about this so thoroughly."

Yilin quietly said, "Mute Granny, I often tell you, I think of Big

Brother Linghu during the day, and I also thought of Big Brother Linghu during the night. Even my dreams are of him. I dreamt of him saving me and not even caring for his own life; Dreamt of him after he was injured and I carried him to run away; Dreamt of him jesting to me wanting me to tell him some stories; Dreamt of him in Hengshan at that Jade House, I... I...

slept on the same bed with him, sharing the same quilt. Mute Granny, I know you can't hear me, that's why I'm not shy to talk to you of these things. If I don't say these things and always keep them in my heart, I'll go mad. I talk to you of these things, and just lightly call out Big Brother Linghu's name, then my heart will be at peace for a few days." She stopped for a time, then lightly called out, "Big Brother Linghu, Big Brother Linghu!" These two cries contained the deep lovesick emotion she felt, Linghu Chong could not help tremble when he heard them. He already knew this little martial sister treated him very nicely, but he never thought she would have such a deep feeling towards him. He thought, "She treats me so passionately, how can Linghu Chong repay this to her in this life?"

Yilin lightly sighed. "Mute Granny, dad doesn't understand me.

Martial Sister Yihe and Yiqing, they also don't understand me. I thought of Big Brother Linghu, only because I could not forget him. I know this is unseemly. I've already entered Buddhism and have become a nun, so how can I think of a man night and day? Moreover, he is our school's current headmaster. Everyday, I ask for Guanyin to help me, I ask Buddha to help me forget Big Brother Linghu. When I was reading scripture early this morning, I read of the Buddha's name who helped the people in the world so I asked the Buddha in my heart to protect Big Brother Linghu from harm, to turn trouble to luck, to bless him and young lady Ren to make a

blessed match and keep each other company till they're old, and to be happy for all their life. I suddenly thought, why did I make so many wishes to

Buddha? When Buddha hear them, won't Buddha feel annoyed? So from today onwards, I'll only pray to Buddha to bless Big Brother Linghu's life with carefree. He loves to be carefree, with no restraint or control, but hoping that young lady Ren doesn't control him in the future." She was quiet for a little while before slowly continuing, "We believe in the Goddess of Mercy who helps the people around the world."

After reciting more than ten phrases, she raised her head and gazed at the moon, and said, "I must go back, you should go back too." From inside her bosom, she took out two buns and put them in Linghu Chong's hand.

"Mute Granny, why didn't you look for me today? Are you sick?" After a time, looking that Linghu Chong was not answering, she spoke to herself, "You also can't hear, but I keep on asking you. I'm really foolish." She

slowly turned around and went.

Linghu Chong, sitting on the rock, looked at her disappearing into the darkness. Every sentence that she just told him was still flowing around his mind, stirring his heart, making it difficult for him to think and he could not help feeling sentimental. After some time, he incidentally took a glance at the water in the creek and he was startled. He saw that there were two reflections sitting side by side on the rock. He thought it was just a trick his eyes were playing because of the way the water rippled. But after taking

another look, there were really two reflections. All of a sudden, his back

was covered in cold sweat and his whole body became stiff. How would he dare to turn his head around?

From looking at the reflection on the water, that person was sitting just two feet away behind his back and with only one hit, that person would have been able to take his life. But in his shock, he did not move forward.

This person had silently come to his back without him feeling anything. It was very difficult to say how high exactly this person's martial art was. A thought flashed in his mind, "Ghost!" but thinking of ghost, his heart became even more frightened. After being stupefied for a long time, he took a look at the water again. The creek water was flowing, and under the moonlight, he could not see clearly the reflection on the water. But he saw the two reflections were identical to each other, and both were wearing the wide gowns of women. Even the buns on top of their hair were the same. The other person was just like his own incarnation. Linghu Chong was even more frightened now that even his heart had seemed to skip a beat.

Suddenly, without knowing where the courage came from, he abruptly turned his head around to face that 'ghost'. After looking clearly, he could not help drawing a breath of cold air. He saw a middle aged woman and recognised her to be the deaf and mute servant on that hanging temple. But it was really strange that he was unaware of her arriving behind him. As his fear subsided, his astonishment was not reduced in the slightest bit. He said, "Mute Granny, so... so it's you, you've... you've really scared me to death." But he heard his own voice was trembling and hoarse. He then saw the hairpin on the Mute Granny's bun, and the light gray gown she was

wearing, they were all unexpectedly completely the same as to what he was wearing. He paused for a tick then laughed loudly and said, "Don't be offended. Young lady Ren remembered really well, she remembered what you were wearing and dressed me up like this. We're just like twin sisters."

He saw the wooden expression of Mute Granny. There was not a trace of anger or happiness. He did not know what she was thinking about, so he pondered, "This person is really weird. Since she already saw me disguising as herself, I shouldn't stay here any longer." He immediately stood up and folded his hands towards Mute Granny. "The night is late, so I'm going to take my leave." He turned around towards the road to go away. Just as he

walked for only seven to eight steps, he saw the Mute Granny blocking the road in front of him. He did not know how she moved, but she had moved noiselessly without any trace or shadow in front of him. When he was fighting the lightning quick and unbelievably fast Dongfang Bubai, he was still able to see his shape and form. But this Mute Granny was just like she sprouted out of the ground. Even though her movement was not as quick as Dongfang Bubai, her noiseless movement was like that of ghosts.

Linghu Chong was greatly astonished as he knew that tonight he had met a master. He had disguised himself as her without asking for her permission, so of course it was unavoidable that she would be angry. He

again saluted her deeply and said, "Granny, I've offended you. I'll immediately change my clothing, then I'll come to the Hanging Temple to apologise." That Mute Granny still wore her wooden expression and was not showing the slightest sign of anger on her face.

"Oh, yes!" Linghu Chong exclaimed. "You can't hear what I'm saying."

He then stooped down to write on the ground: "I'm sorry, I won't do it again." When he stood back up, he saw she was still standing there

expressionless without giving a glance at the words written on the ground. Linghu Chong pointed at the words written on the ground and in a loud voice said, "I'm sorry, I won't do it again!" That Mute Granny didn't even move a muscle. Linghu Chong bowed to her continuously with his hands folded. At the same time, he was undoing his clothing and his hair. But that granny stayed quiet without saying a single word for the whole time.

Linghu Chong did not know what to do anymore as he scratched his head. "You don't understand. I don't know what else to do." He leaned to one side as he tried to go around that granny. But as soon as his left foot moved, that granny moved slightly to block his way forward. Linghu Chong sucked in a breath and said, "Sorry for the offence!" as he strode to the right and all of a sudden, he stepped back and flew past from the left. Just as his left foot touched the ground, that granny was already in front of him blocking his way forward again. He tried to run away a few more times, and each time, he was getting faster and faster. But that granny kept up with him and blocked his way forward for the whole time. He was now feeling


He extended his left hand out to push at her shoulder. That granny

chopped down with her right palm, aiming at his right wrist. Linghu Chong hastily withdrew his hand. He knew that he was at a disadvantage so he didn't dare to fight with her. The only thing he hoped for was to get away as quickly as possible so he lowered his head to charge at a side of her body.

But he had just shaped to move when he suddenly felt the wind from her palm strike. That granny had already sent her palm towards the top of his head.

Linghu Chong quickly dodged by slanting his body to one side. But this palm strike was very quick, and with a clap, his shoulder was hit. That granny also faltered as she hit him. This was because Linghu Chong's 'Art of Essence Absorbing' had reacted in response to the strike and it had

actually absorbed the power in that palm strike. That granny hastily

extended her left hand in a claw, which was looking thin and sharp, at his eyes.

Linghu Chong was greatly startled, and he quickly lowered his head to avoid it. A moment later, the clothes at his back was ripped. Fortunately, that granny was also afraid of his 'Art of Essence Absorbing' so she did not make use of that advantage to hit him. She bent her right arm, and in an uppercut, she again tried to dig his eyes out. It was obvious she had come up with a plan to attack his eyes only. Because no matter how formidable his 'Art of Essence Absorbing' was, once her fingers entered his eyes, he

would still be blinded. Besides, the soft eyes would also not be able to

absorb other people's internal power. Linghu Chong extended his arm to block the strike. That granny followed it by turning her palm around, and used her five fingers to grab at his left eye. Linghu Chong hastily extended his left hand to block, but that granny's right hand had flown out to grab at his right ear. He leapt away quickly. Each move was strange and peculiar, and they seemed like the movements that a farm woman might use to fight someone. But these movements were fiercer and faster. In the next few moves, Linghu Chong had been forced to retreat continuously. That

granny's martial art was actually not that high. She was merely able to walk silently and did a sneak attack rapidly. In reality, her martial art was far inferior to Yue Buqun, Zuo Lengchan, and even Yingying's martial art was much higher than hers. But Linghu Chong's punching and kicking martial

arts were very lacking. If it was not for the fact that the granny was protecting herself from his 'Art of Essence Absorbing', and did not dare to clash with his arms and legs, Linghu Chong would have been hit a long time ago.

After a few more moves, Linghu Chong knew it would be hard to

escape if he did not draw his sword out. He immediately put his hand inside his bosom to take his short sword out. His right hand had just touched the handle of his sword when that granny executed her lightning quick attacks. In the subsequent seven to eight attacks, Linghu Chong had to block with both of his hands and had no time to draw his sword out. That granny's

attacks were getting fiercer and more violent. There was clearly no enmity or hatred between them, but it was obvious she really wanted to dig his eyes out. Linghu Chong gasped loudly. He used his left palm to cover up both of his eyes, while he again put his right hand into his bosom to take his sword out. Disregarding the hit he took from her palm and kick, he finally managed to grab his short sword. At this moment, his head was hurting as his hair was grabbed and both his feet were lifted off the ground. The next moment, the sky was revolving and the ground was spinning as his body was being flung around in mid air. That granny had grabbed his hair in order to fling him away. So he was now being spun around quicker and quicker.

"Oi, oi," Linghu Chong worriedly called out. "What are you doing?"

He flung his arms around trying to grab her arms. Suddenly, his left

and right armpits felt numb as the acupoints there were sealed by her. Next, the acupoints on his back, the back of his waist, chest, and neck were all

sealed by her. His whole body now felt numb and he was completely immobilized. But that granny still did not stop whirling his body around.

Now, Linghu Chong could only hear the whirring sound of the wind and he thought, "I've met with countless marvel in my life. But I've never been made into a big top for someone to play with before."

That granny spun him around until he was feeling very dizzy. She finally stopped and let him fall heavily on the ground.

Linghu Chong of course knew there was no enmity between him and that granny. But when at this time she toyed with him until he was half dead, he couldn't help feeling angry. He scolded, "Stinky granny! You don't know what's good for you. If I'd gotten my sword out, you'd have a body full of holes a long time ago!"

That granny looked at him with her cold eyes. Her face remained expressionless, with no trace of happiness or anger at all. Linghu Chong

thought, "I can't beat her. But if I don't scold her then my loss would be too great. But I've been subdued by her now, so if she knows I was scolding her, then she'll make things difficult for me."

He immediately thought of an idea to prevent the granny from knowing that he was scolding her. He started giggling and scolded, "Bastard granny, stinky granny, the gods know your heart is bad. That's why they made you deaf and mute, can't smile, can't get angry. You're just like an idiot. Might as well become a dog or a pig. They might even be better than you." His scold was becoming more and more malicious, while his face was grinning from ear to ear. At first, his smile was just fake to prevent the granny from knowing that he was scolding her. But at the end, after looking at the granny's expressionless face, he considered his plan had succeeded so he couldn't help feeling proud of himself. He was now laughing heartily.

That granny slowly walked up to his side, grabbed his hair, and dragged him along the ground. Her pace gradually became faster. Although Linghu Chong's acupoints had been sealed, he had not lost consciousness. His whole body was aching from the friction and the collision from the ground. His mouth was continuously scolding, but he could not laugh

anymore now.

That granny was dragging him along the path going up the mountain. Linghu Chong took a look at the lay of the land from the corner of his eyes. He saw her turning westward and she was actually going to the Hanging

Temple. At this time, Linghu Chong had already guessed that Monk No Commandment, Tian Boguang, Bear Duo of the Northern Desert, Qiu Songnian, and the rest of those people were most likely subdued by her.

Besides her, there was no one else who could do those strange and sudden movements, which the gods doesn't know and the ghosts can't feel, to

suddenly subdue people. But he had once gone to the Hanging Temple and had seen it with his own eyes that this mute and deaf granny had no senses, and could even be said to be slow-witted. Even masters like Great Master Fangzheng, Priest Chongxu, Yingying, and Shangguan Yun did not suspect her when they saw her. This mute granny was really very good in

concealing her martial ability. His thought continued, "If this granny hang me up high on the

Gongsun tree at Tong Yuan Valley, then put a paper on me that says I'm the world's number one pervert, I'd lose a lot of face since I'm acting as the

Heng-Shan School's headmaster and I'm also wearing a woman's gown. Lucky she's dragging me to the Hanging Temple instead. I guess it doesn't matter if she just hangs me here for some time and not out in the open." Even though he had suffered a bad luck tonight, he was not going to be hung high above the Heng-Shan Other Courtyard, so he still considered it to one lucky thing from this big disaster he was facing. He also thought, "I

wonder if she knows my real identity. Would she give me a special treatment if she knows I'm the Headmaster of Heng-Shan?"

Along the road up, his body bumped against countless numbers of rocks causing a lot of injuries. Luckily, his face was facing up so there was no injury to his five senses. When they arrived at the Hanging Temple, that granny dragged him straight up to the highest chamber of the Spirit Turtle pavilion.

"Aiyo, this is bad!" Linghu Chong called out.

Outside the chamber of the Spirit Turtle was the flying bridge, which was looking down at a ten thousand feet deep abyss. He was afraid that granny was going to hang him there. This Hanging Temple was rarely visited by people. If this granny hanged him there, it would be unavoidable that he'd starve to death. This turn of event was far from good.

That granny released him in the middle of the chamber, then she went below. Linghu Chong was lying down on the floor thinking of the background of this despicable granny. He unexpectedly couldn't think of

any clue regarding her origin at all, but he conjectured that she must be a famous senior of the Heng-Shan School, someone like Yu Sao who probably attended people like Dingjing and Dingxian Shi Tai back then. As he thought till here, he felt relieved: "Since I'm the Headmaster of Heng- Shan, whatever anger she has towards me, she won't give me too much difficulty." But as he mulled over it, he thought, "I've already disguised myself like this. I'm afraid she won't recognise me. If she thought I was in collusion with Madam Zhang, deliberately dressing up like her and

sneaking around in Heng-Shan. She'll definitely give me something 'special', and make me suffer even more. What a disaster."

He didn't hear the footsteps going up the stairs as that granny came back up. In her hand was a rope to tie Linghu Chong's hands and feet. She then took out a piece of yellow paper out of her bosom and stuck it on his neck. Linghu Chong was really curious to see what was written on that paper. But at this time, both of his eyes were blinded as a black cloth was put over them. Linghu Chong was thinking, "This granny is quite smart.

She knows I'd want to look at that paper, but she's not giving me a look." He also thought, "Linghu Chong is a world's famous loafer so the words written on that paper must be something awful. I don't need to see them to know what they are."

He felt his wrists and ankles tightened as his body soared up high into the air. Now, he was hanging up high from the beam. This fuelled his anger even more and he started hurling abuses. He always loved to play around, but he was actually also very careful. His heart pondered, "I would never be able to escape no matter how much I swear at her. I must slowly move my inner energy to break through the acupoints, and wait till I get my sword then I'll stop her. Then I'll hang her up and hang a paper on her neck. Hmm, what should I write on that paper? World's number one evil granny! Not good calling her world's number one. She might get happy instead. I'll write 'World's number eighteen evil granny'. Let her rack her brain figuring out

who those seventeen evil grannies in front of her are." He turned his head to a side to listen, but he couldn't hear any breathing at all. That granny had gone down the chamber.

After hanging up there for two hours, Linghu Chong became hungry and his stomach started growling in protest. But he was secretly happy as he had gradually broken through his blocked acupoints. Suddenly, his body

swayed and he fell on the floor with a booming sound. It was that granny who had loosened the ropes tying him up, but he couldn't perceive at all when she had come back in. That granny pulled open his blindfold.

However, he had not broken through the acupoint on his neck so he couldn't look down to see what was written on that paper. But he could see the last word written on that paper was the character 'granny'. He quietly called out, "This is bad!" In his heart, he was thinking that this 'granny' character she had written must be because she thought he was a woman. If she had

written that he was a pervert or a loafer, it did not matter. But to regard him as a woman, then it was a really big concern for him.

He saw that granny took a bowl from the table, and he thought, "Is she giving me soup or water to drink? It's best if she's giving me wine!"

All of a sudden, his whole head was warm and he cried out, "Aiyo!" That bowl was filled up with hot water, which was now dripping from his head. Linghu Chong scolded, "Stinking granny, what are you doing?" Linghu Chong was greatly startled when he saw her took out a razor from her bosom. The next moment, he heard scraping sound and his scalp hurt a little. That granny was actually shaving his head.

Linghu Chong was alarmed and angry, he didn't know what this crazy granny was up to. Not long after, the hair on his whole head was shaved

clean and he thought, "Oh well, Linghu Chong will become a monk from today. Aiyo, that's not right, I'm wearing a woman's dress so I'm going to become a nun." His heart suddenly trembled and he thought, "Yingying was joking that I should disguise as a nun. If that prophecy becomes reality, then it'll be a big disaster. Maybe this evil granny already knows who I am, and

she believes that a man becoming Heng-Shan School's headmaster is very inappropriate. She might not even just shave my head, she might even...

even castrate me so I'll become just like Cannot Have No Commandment. That way I won't be able to dirty the sacred ground of Buddha. This woman is so insanely loyal to Heng-Shan School, she's even willing to do anything. Aiyo, today, Linghu Chong has met with a big misfortune. 'To dominate Wulin, scatter your sword and castrate yourself', it's still best if I don't learn that Evil Resisting Sword Art."

When that granny finished shaving his head, she swept the hair on the ground. Linghu Chong believed the situation was urgent so he hastily moved his inner energy to fiercely break through his sealed acupoints. He had just felt that a few of his acupoints was loosened when suddenly his back, waist, and shoulder's acupoints were again sealed by her. Linghu

Chong let out a long sigh, and he didn't even feel like swearing at that granny again.

That granny took down the paper on his neck and put it to the side.

Linghu Chong took a look and saw that the words written on that paper

were: "World's number one blind man, not male not female evil granny." He secretly cried out in misery, "So this granny is pretending to be deaf and mute. She actually heard everything. If not, how could she have known

Monk No Commandment calling me world's number one blind man? She was probably eavesdropping when Monk No Commandment was talking to his daughter, or maybe when Yilin was talking to me. She might even be

eavesdropping on both times." He cried out, "No need to pretend anymore, you're not deaf." But that granny was still not paying him any attention as she opened up his gown. Linghu Chong was startled and he called out, "What are you doing?" A ripping sound was heard. That granny had torn apart the female gown he was wearing into two and taken it down.

Linghu Chong called out in alarm, "If you injure a hair on my body, I'll make mince meat out of you." Then he thought, "She's only shaven my whole head, but how can she stop at only that?"

That granny took a small piece of grindstone, wet it, and sharpened her razor. She extended her finger to test out the razor's edge. Satisfied with its sharpness, she put it aside and took out a porcelain bottle from her bosom. On the bottle was written: 'Heavenly Connecting Glue'. When Linghu Chong was injured, he had used Heng-Shan School's medicine

countless times. So he recognised the bottle without having to look at the writing on it. He also knew the other medicine called 'White Cloud Bear Gall Bladder Pill' which was used to treat internal injuries. Sure enough,

that granny took out another porcelain bottle from her bosom and it was the 'White Cloud Bear Gall Bladder Pill'. That granny then took out some white cloths from inside her bosom, which were actually bandages. Linghu

Chong's old wounds were already healed and he had no other new injuries. The way this granny had arranged everything, it seemed that she was going to make one or two new injuries on his body. He couldn't help sighing in misery.

Once that granny finished her preparation, she gazed at Linghu

Chong. After a while, she lifted his body and put him on top of a table. Her expression was wooden once again. Linghu Chong had undergone many battles, and even when his body got injured heavily or when he was

surrounded by powerful enemies, he was never afraid. But at this time, when facing an old granny, he actually felt unspeakable fear in his heart.

That granny slowly picked up the razor. Light glinted off the face of the razor. Linghu Chong's forehead was covered in cold perspiration which dripped down onto his gown. Suddenly, a thought flashed in his mind, and without thinking he blurted out, "You're Monk No Commandment's wife!"

That granny trembled and took a step back. "How -- Do -- You --

Know?" Her voice was dry and grating. She paused after every word, just like a kid who has just learnt to utter his first words.

When Linghu Chong said that, he had not thought of what he was

saying. Now that she was asking him, he was asking himself how he knew. "Hng," he coldly snorted. "Of course I know. I knew about it a long

time ago." But in his heart, he was thinking quickly, "How did I know? How did I know? Oh, the paper she hanged on Monk No Commandment had the words: 'World's number one heartless, perverted and lascivious

man'. This 'heartless' and 'perverted and lascivious' criticism, besides Monk No Commandment, the only other person who would know about it, would be his own wife." Then he loudly said, "You still care so much for that heartless, perverted, and lascivious man. Otherwise, when he hanged himself, why did you cut off the rope? When he wanted to cut his throat,

why did you take away his sabre? With this kind of heartless, perverted, and lascivious man, isn't it better to just let him die?"

That granny coldly replied, "Let him -- Die -- So fast? How can -- It be -- That easy -- For him?"

"That's right," Linghu Chong replied. "Letting him worried for these last fifteen years. Searching for you from the pass all the way to Tibet, from the northern desert to the western region, searching for you in every single nunnery. But you're actually hiding here enjoying life, that can be regarded as not easy for him!"

"He -- Deserves it," that granny answered. "He's already taken me as his wife. Why -- Did he flirt with other women?" "Who said he was flirting?" Linghu Chong inquired. "She was looking at your daughter, and he was looking at her. What's wrong with that?"

"Once you're married, looking at other women is not permitted," the granny retorted.

Linghu Chong felt this woman was very unreasonable, so he argued, "You're already married, why are you looking at other men?"

"When did I look at other men?" that granny angrily replied. "Nonsense!"

"Aren't you looking at me now? Am I not a man?" Linghu Chong replied. "Monk No Commandment only looked at some women. But you actually shaved my head off and touched it. Let me tell you, we're not related but you actually touched my skin, and violated the rules and regulations. Luckily you only touched my head and didn't touch my face, otherwise, Guanyin will definitely not spare you." He was thinking this

woman rarely went out to the real world so she wouldn't understand about worldly matters. So he was trying to scare her off to avoid being cut up by her.

"I don't need to touch you to cut off your arms, legs, and head," the granny replied.

"Want to behead me. By all means, do as you please."

That granny coldly laughed. "You want me to kill you? It's not as easy as that. You now have two choices in front of you, you can choose for yourself. The first choice is for you to quickly take Yilin as your wife and

stop breaking her heart. If you don't agree then I'm going to castrate you and make you become not male not female weirdo. If you don't take Yilin

as your wife, then you can't marry another shameless and bad woman." She had been pretending to be deaf and mute for more than ten years already, and had not spoken for a long time. That was why her tongue wasn't fluid in the beginning, but after talking for some time, her speech was now fluent.

"Yilin is definitely a good lady, but does that make all the other ladies in this world to be a shameless and bad woman?" Linghu Chong inquired.

"Not far off, good is good no matter where they go. So do you agree or not? Quickly say it."

"Little martial sister Yilin is my good friend. If she finds out you're forcing me like this, she'll be angry."

"She'll be very happy once you've taken her as your wife," that granny said. "All her anger would be gone."

"She's a Buddhist and she's already sworn not to get married," Linghu Chong argued. "Once she's moved by worldly desires, she'll be blamed by Buddha."

"If you become a monk, Buddha won't blame her alone. Do you think I shaved your head for nothing?"

Linghu Chong couldn't help laughing out loud. "So you shaved my head wanting me to become a monk and take a nun as my wife. Your husband did this before, so you want me to learn from him."

"That's right," she answered.

"There are so many bald headed person in this world, " Linghu Chong laughingly said. "It doesn't mean you're a monk when your head is shaved."

"That can be easily fixed," that granny replied. "I'll just burn some incense marking on your head. A bald head doesn't mean you're a monk. But a bald head with some incense marking is definitely a monk." As she finished talking, she immediately wanted to take action.

"Slow down, slow down," Linghu Chong hastily interrupted. "To become a monk requires that person's willingness, how can it be forced?" "You don't want to become a monk," that granny concluded. "Then be a eunuch."

Linghu Chong thought, "This granny is insane. She must get whatever she wants. I must delay her first." He said, "If I suddenly changed my mind to marry little martial sister Yilin after you made me a eunuch, what happens then? Wouldn't you have harmed the two of us then?"

"For us martial people, we do things openly and quickly," that granny angrily said. "Once you said what you want to do, how can you still be in two minds or change your mind? A monk then be a monk, a eunuch then be a eunuch! How can a gentleman be so loathsome?"

"Once I'm a eunuch, I'm not a gentleman anymore," Linghu Chong laughingly said.

"We're discussing a serious matter here," that granny angrily replied. "Who's joking around with you?"

Linghu Chong thought, "Little martial sister Yilin is beautiful and gentle, and she also has a deep feeling towards me. But my heart has belonged to Yingying a long time ago, so how can I just forget about that? This granny is so unreasonable. A gentleman would rather die than bend." So he said, "Granny, I want to ask you something. What do you think of a man who's not loyal to his lover and plays around with woman all the time?"

"Why do you even need to ask?" that granny questioned. "This sort of person is worse than a pig, a dog. A useless and selfish man."

"You're right," Linghu Chong agreed. "Little martial sister Yilin is beautiful and she treats me very nicely. But why didn't I take her as my

wife? It's because I've already had a marriage agreement with another lady a long time ago. This lady treats me so kindly. Alright, Linghu Chong will just give you his body for you to chop up, but I won't disappoint her. If I disappoint her, won't I become the world's number one heartless, perverted and lascivious man? Then Linghu Chong would've taken Monk No

Commandment's title of 'world's number one'."

"This lady, she's the devil sect's young lady Ren. She was the one who saved you when you were surrounded by the devil sect here on that day, is that right?" the granny asked.

"That's right," Linghu Chong answered. "You've seen this young lady


"That's very easy," the granny said. "I'll just ask young lady Ren to

dump you, then you can say that she was heartless towards you, not you being heartless towards her. That's settled then."

"She would never dump me," Linghu Chong said. "She's willing to give her life for me, I'm also willing to give my life for her. I'll never be heartless towards her, and she'll never be heartless towards me either."

"I'm afraid matter has come to a head and it's not up to her," that granny said. "Heng-Shan Other Courtyard is full of those stinking men, she can pick any one of them and marry him."

"NONSENSE!" Linghu Chong angrily shouted.

"You're saying I can't do that?" that granny asked as she walked out the door. He heard the door to the next chamber opened, and that granny came back in again. She was carrying a woman with both her hands and

legs tied. That woman was Yingying. Linghu Chong was greatly startled, he never expected that Yingying would also fall into this granny's hand. When he saw there was no injury on her body, he felt relieved.

"Yingying," Linghu Chong called out. "You've also come."

Yingying smiled and said, "I've heard everything. You said you'd never be heartless towards me, I'm very happy to hear it." "In front of me, you're not allowed to say those shameless things!" the granny shouted. "Little miss, do you want a monk or a eunuch?"

Yingying blushed furiously and replied, "Your words are really not good to hear."

"I've thought of this carefully, I want this little kid Linghu Chong to

abandon you and marry Yilin," that granny said. "But he has decided that he is not willing."

"Since the moment you open your mouth, this is the most reasonable thing I've heard," Linghu Chong loudly acclaimed.

"So I'll have to back off for a step and give in to this little kid Linghu Chong," that granny said. "I'm going to let him marry both of you. He can become a monk and marry both of you; If he were to become a eunuch, he won't be able to marry at all. But after you're married, you mustn't bully my daughter. Both of you can be on the same level, there's no need to decide

who's going to be first or second. You're older by a few years only so Yilin can call you big sister."

"I..." Linghu Chong only managed to utter this word before that granny sealed his speech acupoint. That granny also sealed Yingying's

speech acupoint, then she said, "I've already decided everything and I can't allow the two of you to make it go astray. I'm already letting you little monk to take two lovely and beautiful wives, what else is there to say? Hng, that bald No Commandment, how useless! Seeing his daughter getting lovesick but can't do anything. But when I get involved, everything's solved straight away." When she finished speaking, she flew out of the chamber.

Linghu Chong and Yingying were smiling bitterly at each other. They couldn't speak to each other and they also couldn't hold each other's hand.

At this time, the morning sun was just beginning to ascend and its light

shining in through the window. Linghu Chong squinted his eyes at her. The red candle on the table had not extinguished yet and its flame was still flickering, with its light smoke floating past Yingying's white as jade face, making her looking even more beautiful. He saw her eyes were looking at the razor on the ground, then they shifted towards the bottle and the bandages on the table, while her face was showing a mocking look. It was obvious she was teasing him: 'How dangerous, how dangerous!' But her

expression quickly changed and she lowered her head with her whole face blushing red. He knew this kind of matter should not be said out loud, and it shouldn't even be thought of.

Linghu Chong saw her looking lovable and bashful, like she had just been caught red-handed doing something embarrassing. He couldn't help feeling moved and thinking, "If I were free, I'd have gone there and given her a hug and a kiss."

He then saw her slowly lifted her head up and their gazes met. She immediately averted her eyes. The redness in her cheeks was just disappearing when her whole face and ears went crimson again. Linghu Chong thought, "My feelings toward Yingying are definitely firm and unwavering. That evil granny is forcing me to marry little martial sister Yilin so to save myself, I'm forced to go along with her for now. But wait

until she release my acupoint and I have a sword in my hand, does she think I'll be afraid of her? Even though this evil granny's fist and kicking martial arts are good, she's still far below Zuo Lengchan and Chief Ren. Her

swordplay is definitely not my match. She won only through her light hands and legs, going and leaving without any noise, and ambushing me. If it was a real fight, Yingying will surely beat her, and Great Master No

Commandment will also be stronger her."

When he finished with his thought, he looked around and saw Yingying was again looking at him. This time, she didn't become shy. It was obvious she was not thinking of that eunuch matter anymore. He saw her eyes were looking up and the corner of her mouth was turned up smiling.

She was smiling at his bald head, so she wasn't thinking of the eunuch matter anymore but now she was laughing at him becoming a monk. Linghu Chong laughed but no sound was coming out. But Yingying was becoming even happier with her smile getting bigger.

Suddenly, she rolled her eyes revealing a crafty expression on her face. Her left eye winked once, twice. Linghu Chong had not understand her meaning when she again winked twice. He thought, "She winked twice, what's her meaning? Ah, that's right, she's laughing at me for taking two

wives." He immediately wiped out the smiling expression on his face. With a very solemn expression, he winked once with his left eye. His meaning

was: 'I will only take you as wife, my heart is not divided in two.' Yingying slightly shook her head and her left eye winked twice again. Her meaning was: 'Marrying two then it'll be two wives!' Linghu Chong again shook his head and winked his left eye once. He had wanted to shake his head more

vigorously to show his determination, but most of his body's acupoints were still sealed so he couldn't use any power. Now, his face was looking angry but he was actually very sincere. Yingying slightly nodded. But when her gaze caught the razor, she again shook her head.

Linghu Chong gazed at her. Yingying's eyes slowly shifted and they were now locking eyes. The two of them were separated by more than ten feet but their four eyes were talking. All of a sudden, their hearts were intertwined and there was no need to speak, they both understood what was inside the other's heart. Whether he married Yilin or not was insignificant. Whether he became a monk or a eunuch was insignificant. Whether the two of them live or die did not matter. With their two hearts becoming one, they were both satisfied. This moment was theirs forever. Even if the sky collapsed or the ground split, this moment would never be taken away or forgotten.

The two of them gazed at each other. Without knowing how much time had passed, they suddenly heard footsteps coming up the stairs. They woke up from their intertwined feelings and unbounded emotion. The crisp and clear voice of a young lady was heard saying, "Mute granny, what are you taking me here?" It was Yilin's voice. They heard her coming in to the other chamber and sat down. That granny was obviously accompanying her but her footsteps could not be heard at all. After some time, they heard that granny slowly said, "Don't call me mute granny, I'm not mute."

Yilin shrieked in alarm. She was extremely confounded and tremblingly said, "You... you... you're not... not mute? You're alright?"

"I was never mute before," that granny said.

"Then... then you were never deaf before, you... you could hear... what I said?" Yilin inquired. She sounded really appalled.

"Child, what are you afraid of?" the granny asked. "Isn't it better that I can hear what you said?"

Linghu Chong heard her tone was gentle and intimate as she talked to her own daughter. At the end, her tender affection towards Yilin was


But Yilin was still frightened as she tremblingly said, "No, no! I'm going now!"

"Sit for a while," that granny implored. "I have something important to talk to you."

"No, I... I don't want to listen," Yilin protested. "You tricked me. I've always thought you couldn't hear. I... I talked to you about those things. You tricked me." Her voice was choking, and she was so worried that she finally cried. That granny lightly patted her shoulder and softly said, "Good child, don't worry. I wasn't tricking you. I was afraid you'll get sick from keeping all your feelings in, so I let you speak it out so your heart will lighten

somewhat. When I arrived at Heng-Shan, I've always disguised myself as a deaf and a mute, and no one knows about it. I wasn't deliberately tricking you."

Yilin sobbed sadly. That granny softly continued, "I have something very good to talk to you, you'll be really happy when you hear it."

"Is it about my dad?" Yilin asked.

"Your dad? Hng, I don't care about him," the granny answered. "It's about your big brother Linghu."

"Don't you mention... mention him," Yilin pleaded. "I'll never mention him to you ever again. I'm going to read the scriptures!"

"No, wait a second and hear me first," the granny said. "Your big brother Linghu told me he loves you very much. He loves you ten times more compared to that young lady Ren from Devil Sect."

Linghu Chong and Yingying shared a look and they were scolding in their heart, "Stinky granny, telling such a huge lie!"

Yilin let out a long sigh and softly replied, "You don't need to deceive me. When I first know him, big brother Linghu only loved his little martial sister. He loved her with all his heart, and she was the only one in his heart. Later, his little martial sister ignored him and married another person. Then he only loves young lady Ren, and he also loves her with all his heart and young lady Ren is the only one in his heart." Linghu Chong and Yingying looked at each other and their hearts were filled with unbounded sweetness.

"Actually, he's always liked you in secret," that granny said. "But you're a Buddhist and he's the Heng-Shan School's headmaster, so he can't reveal his feeling to you. But now, he's determined and hopes to take you as his wife. That's why he's gone ahead and became a monk first."

Yilin cried out in alarm again and said, "No... No... That can't be, he can't, he mustn't! You... you tell him not to become a monk."

That granny sighed and said, "It's too late. He's already become a monk. He said, no matter what, he must take you as his wife. If he can't take you as his wife, then he'll castrate himself and become a eunuch."

"Become a eunuch?" Yilin asked. "My master once said that's a vulgar word, and us Buddhists aren't allowed to say it."

"Eunuch isn't a vulgar word," that granny said. "They're those lowly people who attend to the Emperor and Empress."

"Big brother Linghu is a most proud person and he's not willing to be controlled by others. How can he be willing to serve the Emperor and Empress?" Yilin questioned. "He wouldn't even be willing to become an Emperor, so there's no need to say that he'd be willing to attend to an Emperor. So he definitely won't become a eunuch."

"Becoming a eunuch isn't really becoming an attendant to the Emperor and the Empress, it's just an analogy," the granny said. "The person who becomes a eunuch is someone who can't get children."

"I don't believe you," Yilin said. "Big brother Linghu and young lady Ren will get married, then of course they'll give birth to several little babies. The two of them are so good-looking, their babies will definitely be cute too."

Linghu Chong took a look at Yingying. Both her cheeks were blushing, and she looked extremely happy while being bashful at the same time. That granny became angry and loudly said, "I said he can't get

children then he can't get children. Don't say about getting children, he won't even be able to take a wife. He's already sworn an oath, he must take you as his wife."

"I know he only has young lady Ren in his heart," Yilin said.

"His young lady Ren will get married and you'll get married too. Do you get it now?" the granny asked. "He will take two wives. In this world, there are men who have three wives and four concubines, so don't mention of only two wives."

"That can't be," Yilin said. "When a person loves someone, he will only think of this person. Night or day, his mind will be on that person.

When eating or sleeping, he'll still be thinking of that person. How can there still be a place for a second person? Just like my father. After my mother left, he went to the edge of the world to look for her. There are a lot of

women in this world. If my dad can marry two women, then why didn't he marry another one?"

That granny was silent for a long time before she sighed and said, "He... he did something wrong before, so he felt remorse. Some are like that."

"I'm going," Yilin said. "Granny, if you mention to other people about big brother Linghu... wanting to marry me, I don't want to live anymore."

"Why?" the granny asked. "He said he must take you as his wife.

Why aren't you happy about it?"

"No, no! I think about him all the time, and prayed to Buddha all the time wanting Buddha to bless and protect him, and make him happy. I wish for him to not meet with any bad luck or difficulty. I wish for him to get

what he wants and for him to marry young lady Ren. Granny, I wish for him to be happy. I've never once wished for him to marry me," Yilin explained.

"But if he can't marry you, he won't be happy. This will make everyone not to be happy too," the granny argued. "It's all my fault. If only you didn't hear what I said. I said so many things to you about big brother Linghu," Yilin said. "He's the world's big hero, while I'm only someone who doesn't know anything, a little nun who can't do anything. He said before, 'once I saw a nun, I lose all my bet'. Once he sees me, his luck will be bad, so how can I marry him? I'm a Buddhist,

so I must take care to be clear like the water and I mustn't think of these things anymore. Granny, don't mention about this again, I... I also won't see you again."

That granny was worried. "Silly girl, you're odd. Linghu Chong

already became a monk for you and he said he must marry you. If Buddha blames anyone, then it'll be him."

Yilin sighed lightly and said, "He has the same thought as my dad?

Surely not. My mother was intelligent and beautiful, her temper was reasonable, and she treated people very well. She was the world's nicest woman. So it's a given that my dad became a monk for her. Me... I'm not even half as good as my mother."

Linghu Chong was secretly laughing in his heart and he thought,

"Your mother isn't necessarily intelligent or beautiful. But as for her temper being reasonable, there's nothing to say about that. Compared to you, it's your mother who's not half as good as you."

"What do you know?" the granny asked.

"Everytime dad sees me, he always talks about how good mother was," Yilin said. "He said she was soft and gentle, never scolded anyone,

and never threw a tantrum. In her whole life, she had never even stepped on an ant before. Even if all the good women in this world are added together, they still wouldn't be better than my mother."

"He... He really said that? I'm afraid... afraid they're false," the granny stammered. When she said these two sentences, her voice was really small. It was obvious her heart was quite agitated.

"Of course they're true," Yingying argued. "I'm his daughter, why would dad trick me?"

All of a sudden, everything was quiet in the Spirit Turtle Pavilion. That granny seemed to have gotten caught up in her thought. Yilin said, "Mute granny, I'm going. I won't see big brother Linghu from today. I'll

pray to Guanyin every day to bless and protect him." They could only hear her light footsteps as she went down the pavilion.

After a very long time, that granny seemed to wake up from her dream and she quietly talked to herself, "He said I'm the world's best

woman? He went to the edge of the world to look for me? Then, he's not a heartless, perverted and lascivious man?"

Suddenly, at the top of her voice, she screamed out, "Yilin, Yilin, where are you?" But Yilin had gone far. That granny again called out a

couple more times. When she did not hear her reply, she quickly went down the pavilion. She hurriedly chased after Yilin, but her footsteps were still very light like that of a cat.

Chapter 38 Annihilation

Even though Zuo Lengchan was blind, he still had a quick reaction and jumped back rapidly while swearing streams of abuses. Yingying bent down and picked up a long sword.

Linghu Chong and Yingying were looking at each other and in that moment, all sorts of feelings welled up in their hearts. The razor glinted under the sun shining through the window. Linghu Chong thought, "Never thought this problem could be solved like that."

Suddenly, there were some voices from below the Hanging Temple but they couldn't hear them clearly as the voices moved farther away. After some time, they again heard people coming closer to the temple. Linghu

Chong called out, "People!" When he heard his own cry, he realised his mute acupoint was already unsealed. From the acupoints on the body, the mute acupoint was sealed the lightest. As his internal energy was more

abundant than Yingying, his mute acupoint was unsealed first. Yingying nodded. Linghu Chong wanted to extend his arms and legs, but he found out he still could not. He heard seven to eight people talking as they came inside the Hanging Temple and came up the Spirit Turtle Pavilion.

Someone with a coarse voice said, "There's not even a ghost in this

Hanging Temple, so what are we looking for? We have to be really careful." This person was the mendicant monk Qiu Songnian.

"We have order from the top so we must do this well," Monk Xibao


Linghu Chong hastily moved his internal energy to break through the

sealed acupoints. However, his internal energies were mainly from other people so even though they were abundant, he couldn't use them like they were his own. The more he forced it, the more difficult it became to unseal his acupoints. He heard Yan Sanxing said, "Mr. Yue said that after we

succeeded, he'll give us the Evil Resisting Sword Art. I don’t think we can rely on his words. Right now at Mount Heng-Shan, we've done a great merit already but there are so many people working on this matter, and we have not done something big enough. So why would he give the sword art to us?" While he was talking, a few people came up the stairs. When the door to the chamber was pushed open, they suddenly saw Linghu Chong and Yingying hanging from the beam with their hands and legs tied up. They all gasped in surprise.

"How come young lady Ren is here?" ‘Slippery and Hard to Grip’ You Xun questioned. "Hey, there's also a monk."

"Who dares to be so rude to young lady Ren?" Madam Zhang asked as she walked next to Yingying and released the ropes Yingying had been tied up with.

"Madam Zhang, wait, wait!" You Xun hastily interrupted. "Why wait?" Madam Zhang queried.

"There's something strange here," You Xun argued.

"Yi, he's not a monk," Priest Yuling suddenly exclaimed. "He's... he's Headmaster Linghu, Linghu Chong."

They all turned their heads around and looked at Linghu Chong. It took them a while but they finally recognised him. These eight people were usually in awe of Yingying, and they were also afraid of Linghu Chong.

They immediately looked at each other in blank dismay, not knowing what to do. Yan Sanxing and Qiu Songnian suddenly exclaimed at the same time, "What a great accomplishment!"

"That's right!" Priest Yuling agreed. "What's so rare about capturing a few nuns? But capturing the headmaster of Heng-Shan -- now that's a big

accomplishment. Mr. Yue will definitely give us the Evil Resisting Sword Art now."

"So what should we do?" Madam Zhang asked.

All eight of them thought of the same thing, "If we release young lady Ren, we won't be able to capture Linghu Chong. We'll even lose our lives here. So what should we do?" But regarding Yingying’s authority and power, they did not dare to not release her.

You Xun giggled and said, "As the saying goes, if your heart is small you're not a nobleman, to be a gentleman you must be ruthless. It doesn't matter if we're not noblemen, but it's a pity if we're not gentlemen! Very pitiful!"

"You're saying we should take this opportunity to kill her and shut her mouth?" Priest Yuling asked.

"I didn't say it. You said it," You Xun replied.

"Sacred lady has treated us with kindness. Whoever dares to treat her with disrespect, I'll be the first one to go against it," Madam Zhang said


"Even if you release her now, do you think she can understand our situation?" Qiu Songnian argued. "How can she agree to let us capture Linghu Chong?"

"No matter what, we're already in Heng-Shan School,” Madam Zhang said. “Betraying our headmaster is also treachery." After she finished

speaking, she extended her hand to release the ropes binding Yingying. "Stop!" Qiu Songnian shouted fiercely.

"Speaking so loudly, are you trying to intimidate me?" Madam Zhang angrily replied.

With a hiss, Qiu Songnian drew his jiedao* out. Madam Zhang moved quickly and drew out a short sabre from her bosom cutting the ropes binding Yingying's hands and legs. She was thinking Yingying's martial art was very high so once the ropes binding her were cut, there was nothing to be worried of even with those seven people attacking. With a flash, Qiu Songnian slashed his jiedao down. Madam Zhang's short sabre made 'chi, chi' sounds as she thrust three times and forced Qiu Songnian back a couple of steps.

The rest of the people saw Yingying became unbound and they were afraid. They quickly retreated outside the door wanting to be the first to go down from the pavilion. But when Yingying fell to the ground and did not jump up, they knew her acupoints were sealed. One by one, they slowly

came back inside. You Xun giggled and said, "You know, we're all good friends here. Why are we fighting with sabres? Isn't that too dangerous?"

"When young lady Ren's acupoints become unsealed, would we still be able to keep our lives?" Qiu Songnian called out. He gripped his jiedao tightly as he again rushed at Madam Zhang. Jiedao versus short sabre, the fighting was very intense. Qiu Songnian had a big stature and his sabre was big. Moreover, jiedao was very heavy. But against Madam Zhang's close

combat style, this mendicant monk actually didn't find the fight easy at all.

You Xun laughingly said, "Stop fighting, stop fighting, let's talk slowly." His hand was holding a folded fan as he approached them to mediate.

"Scram! Don't be in the way!" Qiu Songnian shouted.

"Yes, yes!" You Xun laughingly replied. He turned his body around and his right hand suddenly shot out. Madam Zhang cried out wretchedly. The steel fan in You Xun's hand had already entered her throat. You Xun laughingly said, "We're all friends here. I advised you not to fight but you

didn't want to hear me. Isn't that a bit too treacherous?" When he pulled the fan out, blood sprayed out of Madam Zhang's throat.

This was outside everyone's expectation. Startled, Qiu Songnian took a step back and then he scolded, "Damn it! You son of a turtle were actually helping me." You Xun laughed and said, "If I don't help you, who do I help then?" He turned around and said to Yingying, "Young lady Ren, you're Chief

Ren's daughter. All of us gives way to you because of your father. But

everyone of us respects and fears you only because you have the antidote for the 'Three Corpse Brain Divine Pill'. But once this antidote is in our hands, Sacred Lady, you'll be useless."

"Right, right," The six people all agreed. "Once we have taken her antidote, we can kill her to shut her up."

"Let's take an oath first," Priest Yuling said. "Whoever leaks this matter out, the 'Three Corpse Brain Divine Pill' in him will come out instantly." These people were thinking they must kill Yingying, but thinking of Ren Woxing, they were terrified. If this matter were to leak out, even though Jianghu was large, they still might not be able to find a shelter to hide in. The seven of them immediately said this oath.

Linghu Chong knew that once these people had finished saying their oaths, they would use their sabres to kill Yingying. So he hurriedly moved his inner energy to those acupoints which were still sealed, but he was still unable to unseal any of them. His heart was worried and he looked at Yingying. He saw she was also looking at him and there was no fear in her eyes at all. He was immediately relieved and thought, "In the end, we all must die. It would be very good for us to die together."

Qiu Songnian said to You Xun, "Do it."

"Monk Qiu has always done things very quickly and you have the most heroic spirit. I'd like to ask Brother Qiu to do it," You Xun replied.

"If you don't do it, I'll butcher you first," Qiu Songnian scolded.

"Since Brother Qiu doesn't dare, then how about if Brother Yan do it?" You Xun laughingly said. "Your granny, why don't I dare? I just don't feel like killing people today," Qiu Songnian angrily replied.

"It doesn't matter who does it. No one will ever reveal it," Priest Yuling interrupted.

"Since it doesn't matter, then Brother Priest, please do it," Monk Xibao said.

"Why is everyone refusing?" Yan Sanxing said. "Let's speak frankly here. No one here trusts anyone else. So let us all get our weapons out and kill young lady Ren at the same time." Even though these people were ferocious and evil, when the moment arrived to kill Yingying, they did not dare to insult her even slightly.

"Wait, let me get the medicine first before we do anything else," You Xun said.

"Why do you have to be the one to take it?" Qiu Songnian asked. "Once it's in your hands, you will coerce other people. Let me take it."

"If it's in your hands, who's to say that you won't coerce other people?" You Xun replied.

"Stop wasting time!" Priest Yuling bellowed. "If we waste time till her acupoints are unsealed then it'll be trouble. Let's kill her first, then we'll distribute the medicine!" With a hiss, he drew his long sword out. The others also took out their weapons and encircled Yingying. Yingying's eyes were wide open as she unwaveringly stared at Linghu Chong. She was thinking of the events in these last few days when they were sharing some sweet moments together. The corners of her mouth were tenderly smiling.

Yan Sanxing called out, "I'm going to call one, two, three. We'll move at the same time. One, two, three!" When the word 'three' came out of his mouth, seven weapons chopped down on Yingying's body. Who would have thought all seven weapons would stop by half a foot before they reach her body, as if they had a prior agreement to do this.

"Cowards, why didn't you kill her?" Qiu Songnian scolded. "You

were thinking the person beside you would do it so the blame wouldn't fall on you!"

"You're more of a coward,” Monk Xibao retorted. “You didn't even chop down with your jiedao!"

Each of them, in their own mind, wanted the person beside them to kill Yingying first so that their own weapons wouldn't need to be stained with blood. To kill someone they had always respected was actually not easy.

"Let's do it again!" Qiu Songnian urged. "This time, whoever stops their weapons will be a bastard son of a turtle, birthed by a prostitute, worse than a dog! I'm going to call out one, two, three. One ------- Two "

The word 'three' had not left his mouth yet when Linghu Chong called out, "Evil Resisting Sword Art!"

The seven of them heard him and they immediately turned their heads around. Around four of them asked at the same time, "What?"

Yue Buqun had used the Evil Resisting Sword Art to blind Zuo Lengchan on top of the place of worship and this had spread throughout Wulin. These seven people were very jealous. These last few days, they had been thinking of this Evil Resisting sword manual day and night.

Linghu Chong recited, "Evil Resisting Sword Art, supreme

swordsmanship, attain sword qi first, then learn the divine sword. Divine qi is the foundation, the essence of the sword art. How to develop the sword qi, how to borne the divine sword? Both secrets are contained in this."

When the first sentence was uttered, the seven people moved towards him for half a step. After the sixth or seventh sentence, all seven of them had left the side of Yingying and had gone beside Linghu Chong. When Linghu

Chong stopped reciting, Qiu Songnian asked, "This... This is Evil Resisting sword manual?"

"If it's not Evil Resisting sword manual, then is it Resisting Evil sword manual?" Linghu Chong answered.

"Continue reciting it," Qiu Songnian persuaded.

Linghu Chong recited, "When practising the qi, mind must be sincere, clear your thoughts. Heart must be pure..." When he reached this point, he

stopped reciting.

Monk Xibao urged, "Continue, continue." But Priest Yuling's mouth was muttering, trying to memorise those passages, "When practising the qi, mind must be sincere, clear your thoughts. Heart must be pure."

Actually, Linghu Chong had not seen the Evil Resisting sword manual yet. The lines he was reciting were actually Huashan sword art's formula, and he just changed the sentence 'Huashan's sword art, light and quick' to 'Evil Resisting Sword Art, supreme swordsmanship'. This was the root of Yue Buqun's 'Qi Branch' formula, where the sentence 'learn sword qi first, then learn the divine sword' existed. Linghu Chong didn't study much so his vocabulary was quite limited. In such a short time, how could he fluently invent those sentences just like a scholar?

But Qiu Songnian and the others had never heard Huashan sword art's formula before. Second, they had been thinking of the Evil Resisting Sword Art and they were very fascinated by it. So once they heard someone reciting the formula of the Evil Resisting Sword Art, each one of them became muddle headed. How could they still have time to think whether the sword manual was real or false?

Linghu Chong continued with his recitation "Flow smoothly, fill the

sword qi, Evil Resisting Sword comes out, everything will be killed..." This sentence ‘everything will be killed’ was made up by him because Huashan sword formula definitely did not have this kind of formula. After reciting till here, he said, "The, the... next sentence is something like 'if unable to kill, sword art is ineffective', but maybe not, I don't remember it that


Monk Xibao and the others asked, "Where's the sword manual?" Linghu Chong replied, "This sword manual... is certainly not on me."

At the same time he was saying this, he was also looking at his stomach. This sentence was really along the lines of 'there's no 300 taels here'8. Right after he said this, two hands promptly reached inside his clothes. One hand belonged to Monk Xibao, and the other to Qiu Songnian. All of a sudden, the two of them cried out miserably. Monk Xibao's head had split open,

while there was a sword piercing from the back of Qiu Songnian's body all the way through to his chest. They had fallen victim to Yan Sanxing and Priest Yuling.

"We've worked so hard to get our hands on this Evil Resisting Sword Manual,” Yan Sanxing laughingly said. “Once this sword manual appeared, these two bastards wanted it for themselves. How can things be that easy in this world?" He then kicked away the two people's corpses.

In the beginning, Linghu Chong pretended to recite the Evil Resisting Sword Manual because he saw Yingying's life was in grave danger. So he thought up of an idea quickly wanting to lead these people away from her

and delay them, thinking that Yingying's and his acupoints might get unsealed soon. He never thought things would come to this point. Not only had he led these people away from her, they had even killed each other.

Now, there were only five of them from the previous seven. Secretly, he felt really happy. "No one has seen whether this sword manual is really on Linghu Chong's body,” You Xun said. “But we've already killed each other first,

that's really impatient..." He had not finished speaking but Yan Sanxing was already rolling his eyes and staring at him hatefully.

"You're saying we're impatient. You don't accept this, do you?” Yan Sanxing said. “I'm afraid you want to get this sword manual for yourself."

"I don't dare to get it for myself and end up like that big monk with my head split open,” You Xun replied. “Where's the fun in that? But this sword manual is very famous in the world. We all wanted to widen our

scope and have always thought about it."

The Tung Cypress Whiz Duo said at the same time, "That's right. No one is allowed to get it for himself. If you want to look then look at it together."

Yan Sanxing said to You Xun, "Ok, then you get the sword manual out from this kid's chest."

You Xun shook his head and smiled. "I don't have this idea of taking it for myself. I also don't dare to see it first. Brother Yan, once you take it out, I'll be satisfied if you just give me a peep at it."

Yan Sanxing then said to Priest Yuling, "Then you go and take it out!" "It's still best if Brother Yan takes it out," Priest Yuling replied.

Yan Sanxing looked at the Tung Cypress Whiz Duo, but the two of them were also shaking their heads. Yan Sanxing angrily said, "Do you think I don't understand what the four of you bastards are thinking? You want me to take that sword manual and then you're going to kill me. But this won't work on me." The five people were looking at each other. The situation was now deadlocked.

Linghu Chong was afraid they might again go and harm Yingying, so he said, "Don't get too worried, let me try to remember more. Hmmm, Evil Resisting Sword comes out, everything will be killed, if unable to kill,

sword art is ineffective... Not right, not right, sword art is ineffective, how

can that be? Terrible, terrible, this sword manual is too profound. I just can't remember it."

Those five people had been intently trying to get the sword manual.

When they heard such vulgar and crude words from this sword manual, their heart itched even more to get it.

Yan Sanxing slashed his sabre and shouted, "It's not difficult if you want me to take the sword manual from this kid's chest. Four of you step back outside the door, so I don't have to worry about you sons of turtle

attacking me from behind when I'm taking it."

The Tung Cypress Whiz Duo just backed out of the door without saying anything. You Xun giggled but he also retreated outside. Priest

Yuling hesitated before stepping back for a few steps. Yan Sanxing shouted, "Step outside of the door with both your legs!"

"What are you shouting for?” Priest Yuling replied. “If I want to go out then I'll go out, if not, then what do you care?" Even though he said this, he still went outside the door at the end. The four people watched Yan Sanxing, and were thinking on his possible escape routes from this Spirit Turtle Pavilion. The stair was definitely the only escape route Yan Sanxing could take since it wouldn't be possible for him to fly out from there.

Yan Sanxing turned around and his back was now facing Linghu

Chong. He was gazing at the four people outside the door, afraid that they might suddenly sneak an attack on him. He reached back with his left hand to grope inside Linghu Chong's bosom, but he could not feel any book in there. He held his sabre in his mouth by biting on it and he used his left hand to grab Linghu Chong's chest while his right hand reached back to grope around. As he used strength on his left hand, he promptly felt his inner energy leaking out. He was startled and hastily tried to pull his hand back. But how could he have known that his hand would be stuck like it

was glued to Linghu Chong's skin and he couldn't pull it back. He was even more startled now and hastily moved his internal energy to snatch his hand back. However, the more internal energy he used, the faster it leaked out.

He struggled mightily as his inner energy was rushing out like the river torrent rushing down a dike.

Linghu Chong was in a desperate situation and suddenly there was an enemy's internal energy being injected into him. He felt really happy and he said, "Why are you stopping my heart meridian? How about if you let me recite the sword formula for you to listen to?" He randomly moved his lips like he was saying something.

When Priest Yuling and the others saw it from outside the door, they really thought he was reciting the sword manual. They didn't want to be disadvantaged since they couldn't hear it so they immediately rushed inside to be in front of Linghu Chong.

"That's it. That's the sword manual,” Linghu Chong exclaimed. “Why don't you take it out and give everyone a look!" But Yan Sanxing's left hand was still glued to Linghu Chong's body so how could he take it out?

Priest Yuling thought Yan Sanxing had grabbed the sword manual but because he wanted to keep it for himself, he didn't want to take it out. He immediately extended his hand to Linghu Chong's bosom to grab it too.

When his hand bumped Linghu Chong's skin, his inner energy leaked out and his hand was also glued to him.

"Hey, hey, don't fight you two! You might tear the sword manual; then no one can see it!" Linghu Chong called out.

The Tung Cypress Whiz Duo exchanged a glance. With a flash, two gold staffs smashed down. Yan Sanxing's and Priest Yuling's heads burst open and they died instantly. As soon as they died, their inner energy disappeared causing both their hands to be released from Linghu Chong's body and their corpses fell down on the floor. Linghu Chong had suddenly received two people's inner energies. These inner energies had come from outside the sealed acupoints and not from inside the sealed acupoints. With these inner energies rushing in, the sealed acupoints were unsealed quickly. His original inner energy was already abundant, with a little bit of power, the ropes binding his hands were broken straight away. Extending his hand inside his bosom to grab the handle of his short sword, he said, "The sword manual is here. Who wants it?"

The Tung Cypress Whiz Duo were slow witted and they didn't think the ropes breaking apart was something unusual. When they heard him

wanting to hand over the sword manual, they were exulted and together they extended their hands forward.

'Pai, pai'

Both their right wrists were cut and their hands fell on the floor. They cried out wretchedly while jumping back at the same time. Linghu Chong broke apart the ropes binding his legs and flew down to position himself in front of Yingying. He then said to You Xun, "Sword art comes out,

everything will be killed! Brother You, do you want to look at the sword manual?"

The sly You Xun was the only one left unharmed. At this time, he was already very frightened that his face was ashen. He tremblingly said,

"Thank you, I... I don't want to take a look."

"No need to be so polite. Have a look for a while, there's no harm to look at it," replied a smiling Linghu Chong. He extended his left hand to poke Yingying's back and waist to unseal her acupoints. You Xun's whole body was trembling incessantly as he said, "Master Linghu... Master... Linghu... Hero... Hero, you you... you..." Both his knees bent and he knelt on the ground. "Your lowly servant has offended you and deserves death. It's... it's useless to say anything more. Sacred Lady and Headmaster still have your lives, your lowly servant will go through fire, go through


"To learn the Evil Resisting Sword Art, the first step is really fun.

Why don't you do it!" Linghu Chong laughingly said.

You Xun kept on kowtowing, hitting his head on the floor as he said, "Sacred Lady and Headmaster are very broadminded. Everyone in Wulin knows this. Today, let your lowly servant atone for my sin. Your lowly

servant will go to Jianghu and declare you two saints... no, no, no..." When he said 'saints', he remembered something and realised he had stumbled into another disaster in his fright. Yingying can get most angered when someone mentioned behind her back that Linghu Chong and she were related. So he wanted to hold back his tongue but it was too late.

Yingying saw the Tung Cypress Whiz Duo were standing side by

side. Even though they had each lost a hand and blood was pouring out of their arms without pause, their faces still showed no fear. She asked, "Are you two husband and wife?" The man from Tung Cypress Whiz Duo was called Zhou Gutong, and the woman was called Wu Baiying.

"Today, we've fallen under your hands. Whether you want to kill or peel our flesh off, the two of us won't bat an eyelid. Why do you ask so much?" Zhou Gutong replied.

Yingying liked his haughtiness and coldly said, "I'm asking if the two of you are husband and wife."

"We're not husband and wife officially. But for the last twenty years, we're much better compared to other officially married husband and wife," Wu Baiying said. "Between the two of you, only one is allowed to live. Both of you are lacking a hand, a leg, also lacking a ..." Yingying thought her own father

was the same as these two people. They all lacked an eye, so she didn't say it out loud. After a pause, she continued, "Two of you can fight and kill

each other. The one who survive can go!"

"Very good!" the Tung Cypress Whiz Duo replied at the same time. A gold flash was seen as the two of them wielded their gold staffs to hit their own foreheads.

"Wait!" Yingying shouted. With a long sword in her right hand and a short sword in her left hand, she rushed forward and deflected the two staffs upward. As she hit the two staffs, she felt her shoulders and arms went numb and both her swords were dangerously close to being disarmed.

However, her left arm was weaker so Wu Baiying's staff still continued and hit her forehead. In an instant, blood was flowing down.

Zhou Gutong loudly shouted, "Once I kill myself, Sacred Lady's

words are like the mountains, and she'll let you go. What's not good about that?"

"Of course I'll die and you'll live. What's there to fight about?" Wu Baiying replied.

Yingying nodded and said, "Very good, the two of you husband and wife are very loving. I really respect you for that. I won't kill either of you. Quickly wrap up your cut hand." The Cypress Whiz Duo were extremely happy. They tossed their staffs away, and rushed towards each other to wrap up their wounds.

"But there's one matter the two of you must do," Yingying said. Wu Baiying and Zhou Gutong acknowledged the order together. Yingying

continued, "After you've gone down the mountain, you must pay respect to the heaven and get married. Two of you travelling together, not becoming husband and wife, how... how..." She originally wanted to say 'how can you do that', but she immediately remembered about Linghu Chong and her being together also without being husband and wife. She couldn't help her face blushing red.

Wu Baiying and Zhou Gutong gave a glance and kowtowed their thanks together. You Xun said, "Sacred Lady is very kind and forgiving, not only did she spare your life, she even look after your lifelong matter. The two of you are really lucky. I've known for a long time that Sacred Lady treats her subordinates really well."

"Under whose order did you come to Heng-Shan this time?” Yingying asked. “What are you scheming about?"

"Your lowly servant was deceived by that dog Yue Buqun. He said he received Chief Ren's Black Command Wood and he wanted the nuns of

Heng-Shan captured and brought to the Dark Wood Cliff. He said the order comes from Chief Ren," You Xun answered.

"Yue Buqun has the Black Command Wood in his hand?" Yingying asked.

"Yes, yes! Subordinate carefully looked at it. He really has the Sun Moon Sect's Black Command Wood. If not, why would I listen to that dog Yue Buqun's order when Subordinate has always been loyal to Chief and Sacred Lady?"

Yingying pondered, "How did Yue Buqun get my sect's Black

Command Wood? Ah, that's it, he took the Three Corpse Brain Pill, so he was listening to dad's order and dad gave him the command wood." She then asked, "Yue Buqun also said: once you finished with the order, he'll give you the Evil Resisting Sword Art, didn't he?"

You Xun kowtowed continuously as he said, "That dog Yue Buqun can really deceive people. Everyone believes him." "You were saying you've done a great merit in Heng-Shan this time around, what's that all about?" Yingying queried.

"There are some people who had gone to the mountaintop and put the confusion poison into the water spring, so all Heng-Shan's disciples got knocked out. There are also some people who didn't know anything inside the Other Courtyard who got knocked out by the confusion poison. At this time, they're already being sent to the Dark Wood Cliff," You Xun related.

"Did you kill anyone?" Linghu Chong worriedly asked.

"Killed around eight to nine people, they're all from the Other Courtyard. They didn't get knocked out by the confusion poison and resisted, so they were killed," You Xun replied.

"Who are they?"

"Your lowly servant doesn't know their names. Hero Linghu... your friends aren't one of them."

Linghu Chong nodded his head feeling relieved. Yingying said, "Let's go down."

"Alright," Linghu Chong acknowledged. He took the long sword that Monk Xibao left behind and laughingly said, "If I see that evil granny, I'm going to dispute this well with her."

"Thank you Sacred Lady and Headmaster Linghu for not killing me," You Xun said.

"Why are you being so polite for?" Yingying replied. She waved her left hand and her short sword shot out. With a 'pu' sound, it was embedded in You Xun's chest. This sly traitor ‘Slippery and Hard to Grip’ You Xun died instantly.

They went down the pavilion together. The mountain was lonesome and only chirpings of birds were heard. Yingying looked at Linghu Chong and couldn't help bursting into laughter. Linghu Chong let out a drawn out sigh and said, "Linghu Chong shaved his head to be a monk, from this time on, my body has entered Buddhism. Shizu, let's part ways."

Yingying knew he was joking, but her heart was still worried and she involuntarily shuddered. She grabbed his arm and said, "Brother Chong, don't... don't say this kind of joke with me, I... I... " Just then when she threw her sword killing You Xun, she didn't even blink, but her voice

sounded scared at this time. Linghu Chong's heart was moved, his left hand patted his bald head and he sighed, "But with such a pretty as a jade girl in this world, big monk here will just have to return to the secular world."

Yingying laughed captivatingly then said, "After I killed You Xun, I thought there wouldn't be anyone with an oily and slippery mouth in Wulin anymore, then we'll have some quiet and peace, didn't expect... hehe!"

"Try touching my shiny head, it's so slippery that your hand won't stay on it," Linghu Chong smilingly said.

Yingying blushed and spit. "We're talking about proper stuff here.

Heng-Shan's disciples have been captured and taken to Dark Wood Cliff

and we're going to save them. This is a big big problem. Moreover, it'll also harm our father and daughter relationship..."

"Also, it'll harm my father and son in law relationship," Linghu Chong added. Yingying glared at him, but she was enjoying the sweet

feeling blooming in her heart. Linghu Chong continued, "We mustn't tarry, let's go catch up to them quickly. Cut them off and save them."

"When we catch up to them, kill them all and don't leave anyone alive. It's best if we don't let my dad know." She walked for a few steps before letting out a long sigh. Linghu Chong understood her heart. She

wanted to conceal this big matter from Ren Woxing's ears and eyes, which was something easier said than done. But he himself was the headmaster of Heng-Shan School, so when Heng-Shan's people were taken prisoner, how could he not rescue them? She had decided to follow her own decision and she didn't care anymore even though it would violate her father's order.

When he thought till here, he decided that it was time to make a decision.

He extended his left hand to grab a hold of her right hand. Yingying

struggled slightly, but seeing there was no one around, she let him held her hand.

"Yingying, I understand your heart. This matter implicates the harmony between your father and daughter. I'm really very sorry," Linghu Chong said.

Yingying shook her head slightly and replied, "If daddy took my feeling into consideration, he wouldn't have taken any action against Heng-

Shan School. But, I'm guessing he doesn't have any malice towards you either."

Linghu Chong immediately comprehended the situation. "That's right.

Your father must have captured the Heng-Shan's disciples to force me to swear an oath to the Sun Moon Divine Sect."

"That's right. Daddy actually likes you a lot. Moreover, you're the only person who has inherited his divine martial art."

"I'm not willing to swear an oath to join the Divine Sect. What 'Long live to chief, unify the Jianghu', what 'Refined scholar, kind-hearted warrior, to the benefit of common people'! I want to vomit just hearing those disgusting talks."

"I know. That's why I've never persuaded you. If you enter the Divine Sect, you'll become Chief in the future. From day till night hearing those disgusting talks, then... then we wouldn't be like we are now. Ai, daddy is

again on top of the Dark Wood Cliff, his temper has also changed really quickly." "But we mustn't offend your father." He extended his right hand to grip her left hand. "Yingying, after we save Heng-Shan's people, you and I should go pay respect to heaven and earth to get married, we shouldn't

worry about orders from parents or some words from some matchmakers.

You and I should retreat from Wulin, seal our swords and retreat into

seclusion. Then we can ignore outside matters and borne some children."

When Yingying first heard of him talking properly, her face turned red and her heart liked it a lot. But hearing the last sentence, she was

startled and used some power to pull her hands away from his. Linghu

Chong laughingly said, "After we've become husband and wife, we don't want to get some children?"

"You're talking nonsense again!" Yingying angrily replied. "I won't talk to you for three days!"

Linghu Chong knew she would do what she said. He stuck his tongue out and said, "Ok, I'll say less jokes. Catching up is most important now.

Let's go up Xianxing Peak to have a look."

The two of them used their qinggong to up the path towards Xianxing Peak. There wasn't a single soul in Wuse Convent or in the resident houses.

Things and clothes were in disarray with sabres and swords scattered

around the floor. Fortunately, there wasn't a trace of blood on the floor,

seemed like no one was injured. They also went to the Other Courtyard to take a look, no one was there too. With the various wines and dishes displayed on the table, Linghu Chong's wine addiction was aroused. But how would he dare to drink these wines, he said, "I'm very hungry, let's go down the mountain quickly and grab something to eat and drink."

Yingying tore the outer garment of Linghu Chong's gown and wrapped it on his head. Linghu Chong laughed and said, "This is presentable. Else a big monk kidnapping a young girl from a respectable family, going places, it will be scandalous."

When they reached the foot of the mountain, it was already at the hour of Wei (1-3pm), so it was easy to find a little restaurant and they ate their fill. They recognised the road going to Dark Wood Cliff and took a deep breath before rushing to catch up. After rushing for a few hours, they suddenly heard a faint murmuring of shouting and curses coming from behind the mountain. They stopped and it seemed those voices belonged to the Peach Valley Six Fairies. They quickly rushed towards where the sound came from and they gradually could hear much clearer. Sure enough, they were the Peach Valley Six Fairies. Yingying quietly said, "I wonder who these six babies fighting with?"

The two of them went around the mountain and hid behind a tree. They saw the Peach Valley Six Fairies were shouting while they fought intensely and surrounded that person. That person hastily went here and there, the body moved extremely fast, and only a grey streak was seen going round in between those six brothers. That person was unexpectedly to be Yilin's mother, the one who was pretending to be the mute granny inside the Hanging Temple. Following a couple of slapping sound, Peachtree Root Fairy and Peachtree Fruit Fairy cried out as their cheeks were slap.

Linghu Chong was happy and quietly said, "Sixth month's debt returns quickly. I'm going to shave her head too." His hand pressed on the

sword's handle, waiting for the Peach Valley Six Fairies to defeat her before jumping out and taking his revenge. But then he heard a continuous 'pai, pai' sound, the six brothers were slapped on the cheeks many times by her.

Peach Valley Six Fairies were furious. They wanted to just grab her arms and legs and tear her into four pieces. But that granny moved really fast,

like a ghost like a demon. A few times she looked certain to be captured but they were always short by a few inches and she managed to escape which was followed by a few whacks to their cheeks. But this granny also saw these six people were formidable so she was afraid her strength might get depleted and after defeating one or two of them, the remaining ones would capture her. After another series of fighting, that granny knew it was difficult to win. She launched both palms and struck four people four times.

Suddenly, she leaped back and turned around to run quickly. She ran fast as lightning, in just a moment, she was already dozens of feet away. The Peach Valley Six Fairies shouted together and went to chase after her.

Linghu Chong took his sword out and shouted, "Where are you running to?" The sword flashed and it was pointed at her throat. This attack was attacking to kill. That granny was startled and hastily withdrew her head to get away. Linghu Chong slantingly pierced his sword towards her right shoulder. There was no way for that granny to dodge it so she was forced to retreat for a couple of steps. Linghu Chong forced her to step back for one more step. With his long sword in hand, how could that granny be his match? With three thrusts, she had been forced to step back for five

steps. If he wanted to take her life, that granny would have died a long time ago.

The Peach Valley Six Fairies cheered loudly as the point of Linghu

Chong's long sword reached her chest. Peachtree Root Fairy and three of his brothers rushed forward, grabbed her limbs, and lifted her up.

"Don't harm her!" Linghu Chong quickly shouted. Peachtree Flower Fairy lifted his hand and gave her a slap.

"Hang her up there first," Linghu Chong commanded.

"Yes, get the rope, get the rope," Peachtree Root Fairy said. But these six people didn't have any rope with them and there was no where to find ropes in this wilderness as well. Despite this, Peachtree Flower Fairy and Peachtree Trunk Fairy still searched for ropes. Suddenly, their hold loosened and that granny escaped from their clutches. She rolled on the ground and was just about to fly out of there when she felt some tingling on her back.

"Please stay!" said a smiling Linghu Chong with the point of his long sword poking her on the back.

That granny was surprised and her face changed colour, all she could do now was stand there unable to move. Peach Valley Six Fairies ran up to her and with six simultaneous pokes sealed that granny's arms and legs

acupoints. Peachtree Trunk Fairy rubbed his swollen cheek then extended his hand wishing to slap her cheek. Linghu Chong regarded Yilin so he

wasn't willing to let her be embarrassed. "Wait, let's hang her up first before we do anything," Linghu Chong told them.

When the Peach Valley Six Fairies heard him, they wanted to hang her high up there so they were jubilant. They quickly gathered up some tree barks and rolled them to make ropes. Linghu Chong asked the six of them why they were fighting with her.

Peachtree Branch Fairy answered, "Six of us brothers were just here taking a dump, minding our own business. When suddenly, this granny

went crazy and she asked: 'Hey, did you see a small nun?' Her tone was very rude and she also interrupted us taking a dump..." Yingying heard him talking something dirty, so she scowled and walked away.

"That's right, this granny is the most unreasonable person in the whole world," Linghu Chong smilingly said.

"Of course we ignored her and told her to go away. That granny just started hitting people so we fought back. Originally, we were of course fighting to win, but since we haven't finished taking a dump yet so it wasn't comfortable fighting with her. Brother Linghu, if it weren't for your timely arrival, she would've escaped," Peachtree Leaf Fairy said.

"That's not necessarily true, we were letting her escape for a few steps first, then we'd have chased her down. To teach her what empty happiness is like," Peachtree Flower Fairy argued.

"Under the hands of the Peach Valley Six Fairies, we would definitely have recaptured a nobody who runs away from us," Peachtree Fruit Fairy


"This is the method cats use to catch mice. It will let them run for a few steps first then recapture them again," Peachtree Root Fairy added.

"Even one cat would be able to catch six mice, moreover six cats would definitely be able to catch one mouse. That's very easy," Linghu Chong laughingly said.

When Peach Valley Six Fairies heard Linghu Chong agreeing to what they were saying, they were all exulted. As they were talking, they finished rolling those tree barks into ropes. They tied that granny's hands and ankles behind her back and tied her high up on a tree.

Linghu Chong wielded his long sword to slash at the tree and cutting away pieces of barks from it. With the brushing of the sword, there were now five big letters on the tree trunk: 'World's Number One Vinegar Pot.'

"Brother Linghu, why is this granny the world's number one vinegar pot? Is she really that good in drinking vinegar?" Peachtree Root Fairy

asked. "I don't believe it. Let's get her down and let me compete with her!" "Vinegar pot is the word for cursing her," said a laughing Linghu

Chong. "The Peach Valley Six Fairies are matchless heroes, your righteousness reaching the clouds in the sky, skilled in culture and martial art, favoured by the common people, so how can this evil granny be even close to you? So there's no need to compete." The Peach Valley Six Fairies opened their mouths wide laughing, they all said, "Right, right, right!"

"So did you actually see little martial sister Yilin?" Linghu Chong asked.

"You're asking about that beautiful little nun from Heng-Shan School? We didn't see any little nun, but we saw two big monks," Peachtree Branch Fairy answered.

"One was the little nun's father, the other was the little nun's disciple," Peachtree Trunk Fairy added.

"Where?" Linghu Chong inquired.

"These people passed about two hours ago. We had an appointment to drink wine with them at the town just ahead. We said we'd catch up with them after taking a dump. But who could've guessed this evil granny would come and bother us?" Peachtree Leaf Fairy said.

Linghu Chong thought for a while before saying, "Ok, I'm going to the town first, you can follow when you're ready. The six of you are big heroes and would never hit someone being tied up. If you slap this evil granny's cheek, it would damage your heroes' reputation." The Peach Valley Six Fairies agreed to this. Linghu Chong immediately left quickly with Yingying. Yingying laughingly said, "You didn't shave her head, it must be because you're regarding little martial sister Yilin so you only took a little bit of revenge on her."

After going for more than ten li, they arrived at a big town. They searched till the second wine house before they saw Monk No

Commandment and Tian Boguang sitting at a table. When they saw Linghu Chong and Yingying, they gasped in surprise and jumped up happily. No

Commandment quickly ordered more wine and dishes. Linghu Chong asked whether there was something unusual happening. Tian Boguang answered, "I was made to look silly at Heng-Shan and I didn't have anymore face to stay there, so I asked grand martial master to quickly leave. We can't go back to that Tong Yuan Valley again."

Linghu Chong thought they still didn't know about the matter of the Heng-Shan School's disciples being taken captives, so he asked Monk No Commandment, "Great Master, can I ask you to do something for me?"

"You can, why not?" No Commandment replied.

"But this matter is a secret and your grand disciple can't get involved in this," Linghu Chong said.

"Isn't that easy? I'll just tell him to go far away and not hinder me in doing this matter," No Commandment said.

"Go towards the south east for about ten li. On top of a tall tree there, there's a person being tied high up there..." Linghu Chong described.

"Ah," No Commandment uttered with an odd expression on his face and his body slightly shuddered.

"That person is my friend. I'd like to ask you to help that person down," Linghu Chong explained.

"Isn't it easy to do? Why aren't you doing it yourself?" No Commandment asked.

"I'm not hiding anything, this person is a female," Linghu Chong said.

He then gestured with his mouth towards Yingying and said, "Young lady Ren and I are together so it's not appropriate."

No Commandment laughed aloud and said, "I understand. You're

afraid young lady Ren will get jealous." Yingying glared at the two of them.

Linghu Chong chuckled and said, "That lady's jealousy is even bigger. Back then, her husband saw a madam and praised her to be beautiful, so this lady just left without saying a word. This caused her husband to look for her till the end of the world for more than ten years." As No Commandment heard him, his eyes were getting bigger and bigger. He said, "This... this... this..." His gasping was also getting noisier.

"I heard her husband didn't manage to find her when he was searching for her," Linghu Chong added. When he said till here, the Peach Valley Six Fairies walked up the stairs giggling. No Commandment looked like he didn't see them, both of his hands grabbed Linghu Chong's arms and

stammered, "Re... really?"

"She told me, if her husband find her and kneel in front of her, she wouldn't change her mind at all. That's why once you release her, she will

run straight away. This lady's movement is really fast, you just have to blink and she'll be gone," Linghu Chong said.

"I won't blink at all, I won't blink at all," No Commandment said. "I also asked her, why is it that she doesn't want to meet with her

husband," Linghu Chong said. "She said her husband is the world's number one heartless, perverted and lascivious man, so she didn't want to meet him and that he's also in the wrong."

No Commandment cried out and turned around wishing to go. Linghu Chong grabbed a hold of his arm and whispered in his ear, "I'll teach you a secret, she won't run away again." No Commandment was startled but he

was also happy. After being dumbfound for a little while, he suddenly kneeled down and, 'boom, boom, boom' he kowtowed three times. With a loud voice, he said, "Brother Linghu, no, Headmaster Linghu, ancestor Linghu, Master Linghu, quickly tell me the secret, I'll take you as my teacher."

Linghu Chong couldn't help laughing as he said, "I don't dare, I don't dare, please get up." Pulling him to get up and then whispered in his ear,

"Help her down from the tree but don't release the ropes or unseal her

acupoints, then carry her to an inn and get a room. Think about it, she's a woman and a Buddhist, how do you prevent her from running away from the inn?"

No Commandment scratched his head then he hesitated and answered, "I... I don't really get it."

"You take off her clothes first then unseal her acupoint. Since she's now naked, would she dare to run away from the inn?" Linghu Chong


No Commandment was very happy and he called out, "Good plan, good plan! Master Linghu, your benevolence..." He didn't finish his

sentence before he shouted happily and went out through the window. Once he hit the ground, he immediately flew out.

"Yi, this monk is really weird, why did he go?" Peachtree Root Fairy was perplexed.

"He must've wanted to pee and can't wait anymore," Peachtree Branch Fairy answered.

"Then why did he kowtow to brother Linghu and started calling him Master? Could it be that he wants someone to teach him how to pee even though he's so old already?" Peachtree Leaf Fairy asked.

Yingying knew these six people most likely would speak some vulgar words as they went on, so she cast a glance at Linghu Chong and went down the stairs.

"Brothers, I've long heard the six of you have wine capacities like the ocean and you're matchless in this world, so drink slowly. My capacity is

shallow so I'm going to take my leave first," Linghu Chong said.

When the Peach Valley Six Fairies heard him praising their wine

capacities, they were all happy and all thought that if they didn't drink a few jars they might lose a bit of reputation, so they called out, "Bring out six jars of wine!" "Your wine capacity is of course much lower than ours." "You go first, if you wait for us to drink our fill, I'm afraid you'll have to wait till tomorrow."

Linghu Chong only had to say one sentence and he had managed to get away from these six people and went down the stairs. Yingying pursed her lips smiling and she said, "You reconciled a husband and wife, what a boundless benevolence. But this method you taught him, it's rather... rather..." When she said till here, her face became red and she turned away her head. Looking at her, Linghu Chong giggled but didn't say a word.

The two of them walked outside of the town. After walking for a

stretch of the road, Linghu Chong was still smiling and was continuously looking at her. Yingying got angry and shouted, "What are you looking at? Never seen me before?"

"I was just thinking, this evil granny hanged both of us on the

ceiling's beam, so we repaid her back by hanging her on a tree. She shaved my head, so I taught her husband how to take off her gown, this is also repaying her back," said a smiling Linghu Chong.

Yingying smiled and said, "This is also called repaying back?" Linghu Chong laughed before replying, "I'm only hoping Great

Master No Commandment isn't rash and that this husband and wife get together again."

Yingying giggled and said, "You should be careful, you're going to be in trouble when that evil granny see you next time."

"I helped her to reunite with her husband, so it won't be too late for her to thank me then," Linghu Chong smiled. After he said this, he again took glances at Yingying and laughed to himself with his expression looking odd.

"What are you laughing at now?" Yingying asked. "I was just thinking Great Master No Commandment being reunited with his wife, I wonder what they'll be saying to each other," Linghu Chong replied.

"Then why do you keep looking at me for?" Yingying queried. Suddenly, she understood what Linghu Chong meant. This loafer was thinking of Great Master No Commandment in the inn taking off his wife's gown. His mind was thinking of this but his eyes kept looking at her, it

could be imagined how hard he was holding himself in. All of a sudden, her cheeks were bright red and she wielded her hand to hit him.

Linghu Chong dodged it and laughed. "A woman hitting her husband is an evil wife!"

At this time, they suddenly heard light hissing sound from somewhere far. Yingying recognised this was her sect's whistling to summon people.

She raised her left hand and put her fingers to her lip, her right hand made a movement and she whistled towards that direction.

They then went forward for dozens of feet before seeing a woman running from the west towards the east. The ground was spacious and vast and there was no where for them to hide. That person saw Yingying and was startled, then she quickly went up to them to pay her respect. "Divine Sect's Heaven Wind Hall's Fragrant Master Sang San Niang, paying my respect to Sacred Lady. Long live to Chief, unify the Jianghu."

Yingying nodded her head a few times. After that an old man came out from the east and walked quickly towards Yingying. He bowed before Yingying to pay his respect. "Qin Weibang also pays my respect to Sacred Lady. Chief revives the sacred sect and benefits the common people."

"Elder Qin, you're also here," Yingying said.

"Yes!" Qin Weibang acknowledged. "Your lowly servant received Chief's order to find information in this area. Fragrant Master Sang, what news have you found out?"

"Reporting to Sacred Lady and Elder Qin, early morning today, subordinate was at Linfengyi9 and I saw sixty to seventy people from Songshan School on their way to Huashan," Sang San Niang reported.

"Of course they're going to Huashan!" Qin Weibang said.

"Why are Songshan School's people going to Huashan for?" Yingying asked.

"Chief obtained the news that after Huashan School's Yue Buqun became the Five Mountains School's Headmaster, he didn't want to be in a disadvantageous position compared to our sacred sect. So later on he gathered all the disciples of the Five Mountains School to Huashan. It

seems like he's going to attack the Dark Wood Cliff," Qin Weibang answered.

"Is this true?" Yingying inquired while she was thinking, "This old traitor Qin Weibang is really sly. The capture of the Heng-Shan School's people is most likely the order he received from dad. He's probably the one in charge but he's distancing himself from this matter. But the words of that Sang San Niang didn't seem to be made up. It seems there's something else going on here." She continued, "Master Linghu is the headmaster of Heng- Shan School. Why didn't he know of this matter? That's really strange."

"Subordinate already checked Taishan and Hengshan School, and they're already moving towards Huashan. Heng-Shan School is the only one which hasn't moved yet. Left Protector Xiang sent us an order. He said Elder Bao Dachu is leading some underlings to go to Heng-Shan's Other

Courtyard to investigate their movements. He also ordered me to stay close to liaise with him. Subordinate is still waiting for the message from Elder Bao," Qin Weibang said. Yingying and Linghu Chong looked at each other and they were both thinking, "Bao Dachu going to Heng-Shan's Other Courtyard is most likely true. This Qin Weibang isn't concealing anything, could it be he's telling the truth?"

Qin Weibang bowed towards Linghu Chong and said, "Your lowly servant is just following orders. I'm asking for Headmaster Linghu's forgiveness."

Linghu Chong cupped his fist returning the propriety. "Young lady Ren and I are going to get married within the next few days..." Yingying gasped in surprise and her whole face turned red, but she didn't deny it. Linghu Chong continued, "Elder Qin received the order from my wife's father, so we as juniors should carry the burden."

Qin Weibang and Sang San Niang turned happy and they happily said, "Congratulations!"

Yingying turned around and walked away.

"Left Protector Xiang urged Elder Bao and I repeatedly not to be rude towards the Heng-Shan School's people. We only have to find the information and we don't have to play rough. Subordinate has followed this order," Qin Weibang said.

Suddenly, there was a girl's voice behind him laughing and saying,

"Master Linghu's sword art is matchless in this world. Left Protector Xiang told you not to resort to violence for your own good."

Linghu Chong lifted his head and saw a lady came out from among the trees. She was the Five Poison Sect Chief Blue Phoenix. He laughed and said, "Big sister, you're well."

"Big Brother, you're also well," Blue Phoenix said to Linghu Chong. She then turned her head towards Qin Weibang and said, "If you're saluting me then salute me, why do you need to wrinkle your eyebrows for?" "I don't dare," Qin Weibang replied. He knew there were poisonous things all over her body and she was not to be trifled with. He rushed forward for a few steps and said to Yingying, "I'd like to ask Sacred Lady for what we should do next."

"Carry on according to Chief's order," Yingying ordered.

Qin Weibang bowed and replied, "Yes." Then Sang San Niang and he gave their proprieties to the three people and left.

Blue Phoenix waited for those two people to walk far before saying, "The nuns from Heng-Shan School have all been captured, you're still not going to rescue them?"

"We just came from Heng-Shan trying to catch up to them, but we haven't seen any sign of them along the way," Linghu Chong replied.

"You're not going towards Huashan, so you're going the wrong way," Blue Phoenix told them.

"Going to Huashan? They've been captured and sent to Huashan? You saw them?" Linghu Chong questioned.

"Early yesterday morning at the Heng-Shan's Other Courtyard, I drank some tea when I tasted something strange but I didn't say anything. Next thing, I saw people falling down one by one so I pretended to be knocked out too," Blue Phoenix said.

"Using drugs against the Five-Sylph Sect's Chief Blue, isn't that just asking for trouble?" said a smiling Linghu Chong.

Blue Phoenix smiled captivatingly. "These bastards really don't know what's good or bad."

"You didn't offer them their poison back?" Linghu Chong asked.

"Why be so polite? There were two bastards who thought I've really been knocked out, so they came over to me and they died on the spot from my poison. The other people were frightened so they didn't dare to come over. They just said that I'm dead and my whole body is very poisonous," After she said this, she giggled and laughed.

"What happened after that?" Linghu Chong queried.

"I wanted to look what they were doing and have been pretending to be unconscious from the beginning. Later on, these bastards took many little nuns down from the Xianxing Peak. The one leading these people was none other than your master, Mr. Yue. Big brother, I see your master is very awful. You're the headmaster of Heng-Shan School, but he actually led people to capture your disciples, grand disciples, old nuns, and little nuns.

Isn't this deliberately trying to shame you?" Linghu Chong was quiet. Blue Phoenix continued, "I could only look on in anger and was thinking of killing him with poison right there. But I kept thinking and wasn't sure what you would think. If I really wanted to poison and kill him, it would after all only take a moment."

"You took into consideration my feelings, thank you very much," Linghu Chong said.

"That's nothing. I heard them said that they were taking advantage of you not being at Heng-Shan so they quickly moved to avoid giving you time to return there. There were also people who said you were really lucky that you weren't at the mountain, or else they'd have captured you too and wouldn't they have less problems in the future? Hng, hng!" Blue Phoenix narrated.

"With big sister there, if they wanted to capture me, it won't be that easy," Linghu Chong said.

Blue Phoenix looked pleased and she laughingly said, "That's their good luck. If they dared to harm a single hair on your body, I can say my poison would've killed a hundred of them." She turned her head around towards Yingying and said, "Young lady Ren, don't be jealous. I'm just like his family."

Yingying's face turned red and smiled. "Master Linghu has also mentioned you often. He said you treat him well."

Blue Phoenix was happy. "That's excellent! I was afraid he didn't dare to mention my name in front of you."

"You pretended to be unconscious, so how did you get out?" Yingying asked.

"They were afraid there was poison on my body so none of them dared to touch me. Someone said it would be better to chop me to make

sure I'm dead. Some said to shoot projectiles at me. But even though they talked big, none dared to make a move. Then they just walked away. I followed them and saw them really going to Huashan. So once I got out, I went to look for big brother to tell you about this news," Blue Phoenix


"We should really thank you for this or else we would've been chasing them to Dark Wood Cliff and found out there's nothing there. Then we

would have to turn around and search for them again. Those old nuns, little nuns, not old not small middle aged nuns, all would've suffered a lot. It's not good to delay this matter, let's go to Huashan now," Linghu Chong said.

The three of them turned towards the west and travelled at double speed to catch up, but they unexpectedly didn't see a single clue on their way. Linghu Chong and Yingying were both very worried and they both

thought, "With several hundred of people in their party, surely, there must be people who have seen them. There must also be traces of them in the restaurants and inns along the way. Could it be this isn't the road they took?" On the third day at a small restaurant, they saw four people from the Hengshan School. At this time, Linghu Chong had changed his appearance and those people had not recognised him yet. Linghu Chong waited to

eavesdrop on them and found out they really were going to Huashan. They were looking jubilant, looking like there were gold and treasure on top of the mountain waiting for them. One of them said, "Luckily Martial Brother Huang was friendly enough to tell us the news, and we were also lucky to be in Shanxi so we could come here quickly. I hope we arrive in time. Our martial brothers in Hengshan have really missed a good opportunity."

Another person said, "It's best if we arrive as early as possible. This kind of matter changes with time."

Linghu Chong wanted to know why they were hurrying to go to

Mount Huashan, what kind of scheme was afoot, but these four people did not mention anything along the way at all.

"Do you want to poison then interrogate them?" Blue Phoenix asked.

Linghu Chong remembered how Mr. Mo Da treated him so generously so he didn't want to bully these people. "We'll arrive at Huashan soon enough. We'll know when we get there so we mustn't disturb the grass and startle the snake."

A few days later, at dusk, the three of them arrived at the foot of

Mount Huashan. Linghu Chong had grown up at Huashan so he was very familiar with the area. He said, "We'll go up from a small path behind the mountain, we won't meet anyone there."

Between the five mountains, Mount Huashan was the most rugged.

The small path behind the mountain was actually a steep cliff and there was no passable path. It was good that the three people's martial arts were very high and they were able to go up the rugged cliff. With this method, they

arrived at Mount Huashan's mountaintop at around two in the morning. Linghu Chong led the other two towards the Hall of Qi Principle. They saw the place was dark with not a single candle to be seen. They hid underneath a window to listen but there was also no sound to be heard. Then they went to the disciples' residence but there wasn't a single soul to be found there as well. Linghu Chong pushed open a window, went in, and lit a candle to have a look. Inside the house was empty, the top of the table and the floor was all covered with dust. After going to a few other houses, they found all the houses were in the same condition. It was obvious the disciples of

Huashan had not returned to the mountain yet.

Blue Phoenix felt something was amiss. "Where are those bastards who went up the mountain? They said they were coming to Mount

Huashan, did they go somewhere else?"

Linghu Chong was surprised and hesitant as he remembered the day when he attacked Shaolin Temple. The temple was also empty and they repeatedly met with dangers afterwards. Could Yue Buqun be using the

same tactic again? But at this time, there were only three of them. Even if they were surrounded, it would be easy to get away. He was just afraid that the Heng-Shan's disciples were being imprisoned in a very secretive place and they had been tarrying for the last few days, so they might not be able to find them anymore. The three of them strained their ears to listen but all they heard was the rustling of the pines and the whole mountain was

strangely calm.

"Let's split up to look for them. After two hours, we'll meet here again," Blue Phoenix suggested.

"Ok!" Linghu Chong replied. He believed that Blue Phoenix's skill in using poison was very high and there would be no one who would dare to harm her. But he still advised, "You don't need to fear other people. But if you come across my master, his sword is really fast, you must be really careful!"

Blue Phoenix saw him speaking earnestly. Under the yellow flame, his concern was seen on his face. Her heart was moved on seeing this. "Big brother, I'll definitely pay attention to your advice." She then pushed the door to go out.

Linghu Chong took Yingying to investigate everywhere around there. They had even gone to Tianqin Gorge where the Yue Buqun's husband and wife resided in, but they still had not seen anyone yet.

"This is really fishy. During the past, our Huashan School's disciples were all over the mountain, there are always people left behind here to

sweep the ground. But why isn't there anyone here right now?" Linghu Chong said.

At the end, they had finally arrived at Yue Lingshan's room. That room was on the side of Tianqin Gorge, and it was situated very close to the Yue Buqun couple's room. As Linghu Chong got to the front of the room, he remembered of the past days when he frequently came here to take his little martial sister to go out and play or to practice sword. But today, there was nothing to see and he couldn't refrain from shedding his tears. He

extended his hand to push the door open but the planks were latched, in that moment he hesitated not knowing what to do. Yingying leapt over the wall, unlatched the planks and open the door. They went inside and lit the candle. The bed and table inside were covered by a layer of dust, and there was nothing on the wall. Even the common objects for girls like comb and dresses were not there.

Linghu Chong thought, "After Little martial sister and Martial

Brother Lin got married, they must've moved to another new house and don't live here anymore. All her everyday items have all been taken with her." He then opened up the drawers and saw some small bamboo baskets, stone marbles, cloth dolls, little wooden horse and many other toys. Each of these things was not made by Linghu Chong, but they were the items the

two of them had played with in the old days. She had neatly kept everything here. Linghu Chong felt sad and he couldn't bear it anymore, tears flowed

and dripped down from his cheeks. Yingying quietly went out and slowly closed the door. Linghu Chong was reluctant to leave Yue Lingshan's room for a long time. Finally, he suppressed his feelings and blew the candle off and walked out of the room.

"Brother Chong, there's one place in Mount Huashan which has a great connection to you. Take me there," Yingying said.

"Ah, you're talking about the Cliff of Repentance. Alright, let's go have a look." He was slightly lost in thought, then he said, "But I'm not sure whether grand martial uncle Feng is there or not?"

He then led the way towards the Cliff of Repentance. Linghu Chong was very familiar with the path. Even though the place wasn't close, they got there very quick. On top of the cliff, Linghu Chong said, "I was inside the cave..." Suddenly they heard two noise of weapons clashing from inside the cave. Both of them were startled and they quickly walked nearer.

Someone suddenly cried out, seemingly having been injured. Linghu Chong took out his long sword and rushed forward first. He saw the sealed front

entrance to the cave with sword moves engraving had been opened up and there was flickering of flame coming from the inside. Linghu Chong and Yingying entered the cave and their hearts skipped a beat.

There were dozens of torches inside the cave and there were at least two hundred people in there. They were all concentrating on looking at the sword moves engraving on the cave wall. Every single one of them was so absorbed that there wasn't a sound heard. When Linghu Chong and Yingying heard that miserable cry, they were expecting that inside the cave would either be pitch black or there would be fierce fighting with blood

spraying all over the place. But how could they have known that the back of the cave would be bright as day and it would also be filled with people. The back of the cave was quite spacious, so even though there were two hundred people there, they weren't too crowded. But with so many people being noiseless, just like corpses, they were really surprised to suddenly see this strange scene.

Yingying slightly leaned on Linghu Chong's left shoulder. Linghu Chong turned around and saw her face was snow white and there was fear in her eyes. So he extended his hand to softly embrace her waist. Then he

saw each of these people had different clothes. After looking for a while, he realised they were the disciples from Songshan, Taishan, and Hengshan Schools. Among them, there were some middle aged people with grey hair, there were also some old people with long white beards. It was clear that many seniors from those three schools were also here. However, the people from Huashan and Heng-Shan Schools were not seen among them. The people from these three schools gathered in their own groups and did not mix with each other. The Songshan School's people were observing the wall where the Songshan School's sword moves were, while the Taishan and

Hengshan Schools' people were also absorbing the part of the walls where their own sword moves were. Linghu Chong remembered that they had met with four Hengshan's disciples along the way. They mentioned they had gotten news and they were hurrying towards Huashan. That it was of the greatest luck. So it was all because they would have the opportunity to see the wonderful sword moves engraved on the wall at this cave. After some time, he saw among the Hengshan School's people was a lonesome person with white hair looking at the stone wall with no expression on his face. This person was Mr. Mo Da. Linghu Chong didn't know what to, whether he should go up to pay his respect to him or not.

Suddenly, a person from the Songshan School group angrily shouted, "You're not Songshan's disciple, why are you looking at the drawings?" The one who said this was an old person wearing a dust-yellow gown. He

angrily glared at a middle aged person with a tall and strong stature, while the long sword in his hand was pointed at his chest.

That middle aged person snorted and said, "When did I look at the drawings?"

The old person from Songshan School angrily shouted, "You're still thinking of denying it? Which school are you from? If you want to steal Songshan's sword art then I don't care, but what are you doing looking at those moves to break the Songshan's sword art for?" At the same time that he shouted, four to five Songshan's people immediately surrounded that middle aged person and pulled their weapons out.

"I know nothing of your honourable school's sword art, so what's the use of looking at those breaking moves for?" the middle aged person


"You must be harbouring some malicious intentions to be peering at Songshan School's sword moves," the old person from Songshan School replied.

That middle aged person put his hand on his sword handle. He said, "Five Mountains School's headmaster, Mr. Yue, is very kind and he's

allowed us to come and have a look at the sword moves on the wall. But he didn't limit us to which moves we can look and which ones we can't."

That old person from Songshan School said, "You're thinking of harming my Songshan School, we won't allow you to." "Five schools have become one. At this time, there's only Five Mountains School. How can there be Songshan School? If not for five

schools becoming one, Mr. Yue would never have permitted you to look at the sword moves in this cave at Huashan," that middle aged person said and that old man was unable to reply back. A disciple of Songshan pushed the back of that middle aged person's shoulder and shouted, "You're very good in turning things over." That middle aged person reached back with his hand and flinged that person's hand away. That Songshan's disciple

staggered and fell on the ground.

At this time, a person from the Taishan School suddenly shouted,

"Who are you? Wearing our Taishan School's uniform and mixing with us trying to steal the Taishan School's sword art." A youngster wearing the

Taishan School's uniform hurriedly rushed out. A person nearest to the exit immediately moved and shouted, "Stop, who are you making trouble here?"

That youngster stabbed out with his sword as he rushed forward. The person blocking the exit sent his left palm out towards his eye. That youngster quickly retreated a step. The person blocking the exit shot his right hand out like the wind, again stabbing at his eye. The youngster's long sword was on the outside so it was difficult for him to block and he was forced to step back again. The person blocking the exit swept his leg, the youngster leapt up to avoid it. Then with a 'peng' sound, his chest had been hit by a palm and he had fallen down on the ground. From behind, two

Taishan School's disciples went up to detain him.

At this time, the four Songshan School's people surrounding that middle aged person had attacked with their long swords. That middle aged person swiftly and fiercely fought back, but his sword art didn't belong to the five mountains sword schools. A few Songshan's disciples watching on the side cried out, "This chap isn't from the five mountains sword schools. He's a traitor mixing in with us."

With two fights going on, the quiet mountain cave had turned chaotic. Linghu Chong thought, "My master told these people to come here, it's not because he has a good intention. I'm going to tell Martial uncle Mo and ask him to lead his people out of here. I'll tell him about the Hengshan School's sword art once we got out of the cave." He immediately leaned on the wall to stay in the shadow as he walked near to Mr. Mo Da. He had only gone for a few dozens feet when suddenly a big rumbling sound was heard. It

was as if the mountain had cracked.

People were crying out in alarm. Linghu Chong quickly turned

around and saw dirt and dust falling around the cave's entrance. He didn't care about finding Mr. Mo Da anymore and was just wishing to go to Yingying, but with lots of people chaotically running away, swords brandished everywhere, dirt falling down around the cave, he couldn't see where Yingying was. He flew out from the cluster of people towards the cave’s entrance while dodging swords slashed at him. He shouted

desperately but he saw a massive rock which was around tens of thousands of catty heavy dropping on the cave's entrance, firmly shutting the cave in. In panic, he took a glance and it seemed there was no crack to get out.

"Yingying, Yingying!" Linghu Chong shouted. Yingying answered but it sounded like she was somewhere deep inside the cave. But with two hundred people shouting in confusion, he couldn't hear her clearly. He thought, "How come Yingying is inside?" He thought for a while and he understood, "Oh, yes. When that big rock fell down, Yingying was standing on the cave’s entrance and she wasn't willing to run by herself, but she was thinking of me. I rushed back to the entrance to look for her, but she was rushing inside to find me." He immediately turned around to rush inside. Originally, there were dozens of torches inside the cave. But when the big rock fell down and with the confusion going on, there were some who threw their torches away. Thus, most of the torches had been extinguished. The whole cave was filled with dust and all he could see was fuzzy yellow. He heard people shouting in alarm, "The cave's entrance has been sealed up! The cave's entrance has been sealed up!" There were also people who

angrily shouted, "It's that traitor Yue Buqun's plot!" Another person

shouted, "That's right. That traitor deceived us to see his ***** sword art..."

Dozens of people tried to push the big rock. But this big rock was just like a small mountain, even though dozens of people were forcefully pushing it, how could they even move it for an inch? There was also

someone who shouted, "Quick, quickly leave from the tunnel." A few people had thought of this earlier. Around twenty of them were pushing each other crowding the entrance to that tunnel. That tunnel was the one

dug by the Devil Sect's elders years ago with hatchets and only one person could go through it at a time. So with twenty people crowding together, how could they manage to go in? With this confusion, ten more torches

were extinguished.

Two big men from the crowd used their strength to push the people away as they rushed towards the tunnel's entrance. The tunnel's entrance was very narrow and they hit each other, preventing each other from going in. The person on the right hand side swiped his left hand and the big man

on the left cried out, a dagger was sticking out of his chest. The big man on the right hand side pushed him away and entered the tunnel. The rest of the crowd pushed and shoved, all of them wanting to enter. Linghu Chong had not seen Yingying yet and he was feeling very worried. He also thought,

"The Devil Sect's ten elders had very high martial arts. But because of this plot, they were all buried in here. Today, I'm not sure if Yingying and I can get out of this difficulty. This would be very dangerous if my master is the one who arranged all this."

He saw the crowd was at the tunnel's entrance pushing and shoving.

They were all anxious and frightened. Suddenly, a murderous intention popped into his head, "These chaps are blocking me, I must kill them all then Yingying and I can escape from here." He lifted his long sword

wanting to start killing people. But he saw a youngster crouching on the ground with both his hand clutching his hair and his whole body

shuddering. His face was ashen. It was obvious he was scared to death. Linghu Chong took pity on him and he pondered, "He and I are friends in difficulty and we've both fallen in this trap. We should cross the river in a boat together, why should I kill him in anger for?" He pulled back his long sword and put it across in front of his chest.

Then he heard the twenty odd people at the tunnel's entrance shouted, "Quickly go in!" "Why aren't you moving?" "Not crawling in?" "Drag him out!" That big man's two feet were still outside and it seemed the tunnel was blocked, but he wasn't willing to crawl back out. Two people stooped down to grab that big man's feet and pulled him out. Suddenly, dozens of people

called out in alarm because they had pulled out a headless corpse. The neck was covered with blood. This big man's head had unexpectedly been cut off by someone in the tunnel.

At this time, Linghu Chong saw a person sitting in the corner of the cave, and under the dusky flame, he recognised that person to be Yingying. He was jubilant and quickly rushed there. But after only taking two steps,

seven to eight people blocked his way. Currently, the cave was in chaos and everyone looked like they had lost their reasoning just like headless flies flying all over the place. There were some who crazily slashed their swords at random, some were beating their chests crying, some were wrestling each other, and there were some who were crawling on the ground going here and there.

Linghu Chong had squeezed out a few steps when he suddenly felt both of his legs being firmly embraced. He powerfully hit the top of that person's head causing that person to cry out but he still didn't let go. Linghu Chong shouted, "If you don't let go, I'll kill you." Suddenly, the top of his

calf hurt as he had unexpectedly been bitten. Linghu Chong was angry and surprised. He saw everyone was acting like they were crazy, and the torches inside the cave were getting less and less. Now, only two torches were still burning but they were already fallen on the ground. Linghu Chong called out, "Pick up the torches, pick up the torches."

A fat Taoist laughed and stepped on a torch extinguishing it. Linghu Chong lifted his long sword and beheaded that person biting on his calf.

Suddenly, everything was dark and nothing could be seen. The last torch had been extinguished.

With the torches extinguished, everyone in the cave suddenly became quiet as they were stunned by this change in situation. But after a short moment had passed, the mad shouting began again. Linghu Chong thought, "We have no chance of getting out of here alive today. It's lucky that I can die here together with Yingying." Thinking up to this point, he felt happy instead of afraid and started going towards where Yingying was. After

walking for a few steps, someone suddenly came towards him and powerfully hit him. This person had high inner energy and the hit was swift and fierce. Linghu Chong staggered back for a couple of steps after being hit and turned around for half a circle. He quickly turned back and slowly

continued on his way to where Yingying was sitting at. With his ears

straining to listen, he heard crying and shouting and dozens of weapons

colliding. In the dark, with so many people frightened, most of them were like half crazy and everyone was afraid so they were slashing their weapons about to protect themselves. Some of them had a lot of experience or high internal energy, and they originally remained calm, but with the people besides them randomly swiping their weapons and the mountain cave so

crowded, also with no place to dodge in the darkness, besides wielding their own weapons, there was no other way. He heard weapons clashing, people crying out in pain around them, also injured people moaning and cursing.

Linghu Chong could only hear the weapons splitting the wind all

around him. Even though his sword art was high, there was no way for him to use it properly as he could be hit from any direction at any moment. He was feeling really worried so he immediately swiped his long sword to protect his upper body. Step by step, he moved towards the cave wall. Once he reached the wall, he could lean on it while walking and avoid a lot of dangers, just like that person resembling Yingying leaning on the wall while sitting down. With that method of walking, he would be able to meet her

soon. From where he was standing, he was still dozens of feet away from the cave wall. But the blades were like the forest and the swords were like the rain, every inch was fraud by danger and every step was fraud with death.

Linghu Chong thought, "If I die under the hand of a master then it would be sweet. But in this situation, I can just get killed anytime by

something mysterious. And the one who killed me is probably some idiot who knows a bit of martial art only. Even if Hero Dugu lived again and met with this kind of situation, I'm afraid he probably also can't find a way out." As he thought of Dugu Qiubai, he was enlightened, "That's right, in today's situation, if I don't kill someone mysteriously then I'll be the one killed mysteriously. When I kill one, that'll be one less person to kill me." His long sword trembled out using the 'Arrow Breaking Stance' of the 'Dugu Nine Sword', his sword stabbed out to the front, back, left, and right. Once he used the sword stance, a few people around him cried out miserably and dropped to the ground. He felt his sword entered the flesh of someone and he heard that person cried out lightly. It was the voice of a girl. Linghu

Chong was greatly startled and his hand became weak and he nearly dropped his long sword. His heart was thumping, "Was that Yingying? Did I just kill Yingying!" He shouted desperately, "Yingying, Yingying, is that you?"

But there was no sound coming from that girl. He was very familiar with Yingying's voice and that light cry was not actually from her and very easily distinguishable. But with many voices mixed inside the cave, the lightness of this girl's cry, his worried heart, and his chaotic mind, he felt that it was Yingying but at the same time also felt that it wasn't her. He

called out again for a few times but there was still no answer so he stooped down to feel around the ground. Suddenly, a kick came flying in and kicked him squarely on his butt. Linghu Chong flew up and while his body was in mid air, his left leg hurt as someone gave it a whip. He quickly used his left hand to cover his head, and with a 'bang', his arm along with his head had hit the top of the cave. As he was dropping back down, he felt his head, his arm, legs, and butt were all covered in pain, like his whole body was about to be shattered into pieces. He calmed himself down and called out

"Yingying" again for a couple more times. Hearing his own voice, he

sounded hoarse like he was crying. His heart was feeling miserable and desperate as he shouted, "I've killed Yingying, I've killed Yingying!" With his long sword slashing left and right, he rushed forward and killed a few people.

In this clamour, he suddenly heard two 'zheng, zheng' sound. This was the sound of a yaoqin. Even though the sound of this qin was light, in Linghu Chong's ears they were just like thunder startling him. He was rapt and quickly called out, "Yingying, Yingying!"

Right at this time, he wanted to go to where the sound of that qin was coming from. But as he thought about it, the sound of that qin came from

some distance away. This one hundred feet distance was a hundred times more dangerous when compared to walking in Jianghu for a hundred thousand li. To be able to walk this one hundred feet distance without dying was actually very difficult. This sound of qin was of course from Yingying and since she's alright, then he mustn't just throw his life away. If the two of them couldn't die together hand in hand then they would suffer endless regret in the nine fountain. He retreated back for a couple of steps and leaned his back on the cave wall. He thought, "This is much safer." Suddenly he felt a strong wind of someone slashing his weapon rushing at him. Linghu Chong thrust his sword out, but just as he moved his long

sword, he immediately knew things were far from good.

The essence of 'Dugu Nine Sword' was at looking at the flaw of the opponent's movements and attacking that point. Thrust later but arriving first, one move to take victory. But in this dark cave, he couldn't even see his enemy or his enemy's movement, so how could he see the flaw in the movement? At this situation, 'Dugu Nine Sword' was completely useless. The long sword in Linghu Chong's hand had only thrust out for a foot when he hastily dodged to the left. Then he heard a breaking sound followed by a crashing sound and lastly a miserable cry. He guessed that person's weapon must have first struck against the wall and broke, and the broken weapon then had stabbed his own body.

Linghu Chong heard that person had gone quiet and guessed he must have died. He pondered, "Although my sword art is high, it is just like any other ordinary person in this dark cave. I just have to bear with it patiently and wait for a chance to meet up with Yingying." But he heard the sound of fighting and the shouting had lessened because at this time many people had been injured or killed. He quickly brandished his long sword in front of his body to form a sword net in case someone suddenly attacked him. The

sound of the yaoqin was intermittent like the string was plucked one by one, and it was not making up any tune. Linghu Chong was again worried, "Is Yingying injured? Or maybe she's not the one playing the qin? But if it's not her, how can there be another person who also has a qin?" After a long time, the shouting finally stopped. There were many people moaning and groaning on the ground. Occasionally, there was a sound of weapon

clashing coming from around the wall. Linghu Chong thought, "The people who aren't dead are around the wall. These people must be masters in Wulin and their thoughts are sharp." He shouted repeatedly, "Yingying, where are you?" The qin sounded a few times as if answering him.

Linghu Chong flew forward. When his left foot landed, he felt

something soft. He had landed on someone's body and at the same time he felt the wind whistling as a weapon was slashing upwards. Because his internal energy was abundant, even though he couldn't see the enemy's

weapon coming, he was still aware of it. He quickly used strength on his left foot and leapt back to the cave wall. He pondered, "The ground is full of people lying down and some are injured. I can't go across." Then he heard the wind whistling caused by the people leaning their backs on the cave wall slashing their weapons about to protect themselves; in this moment of time, a few more people were either injured or killed.

Suddenly, an elder spoke, "Friends, we've fallen into Yue Buqun's trap. We must work together to get out of here. We can't just swing our weapons around and kill one another."

"That's right, that's right!" many people replied together. When Linghu Chong heard their voices, he gathered there were

around sixty to seventy of them. All these people had their backs to the wall and they were standing motionless. One was because they had calmed down. Secondly, because temporarily they weren't worried about their lives so they were able to calmly think things through.

That elder said, "I'm Taishan School's Yuzhongzi. Everyone, please sheathe your weapon. Everyone is in the dark, so when you bump into

someone, you mustn’t hurt anyone. Friends, do you agree?"

"That should be the way," those people boomed their replies and the sound of weapons slashing lessened. Some people who were still brandishing their weapons also stopped after a while.

"I'd also like everyone to swear an oath. If anyone here hurt anyone

else, then he'll be buried here and won't get to see the sky again. I, Taishan's Yuzhongzi, swear to this oath first," Yuzhongzi said.

The rest of the people swore this oath while thinking in their hearts, "This Priest Yuzhongzi is very experienced. If we all work together, there's still a chance that we'd get out of here. Otherwise, we'll be randomly

chopping each other just like before."

"Very good! Please say your name," Yuzhongzi requested.

At that time, people started saying, "I'm Hengshan's so and so." "I'm Taishan's so and so." I'm Songshan's so and so." But Mr. Mo Da's name was never heard.

After these people had finished speaking, Linghu Chong announced himself, "I'm Heng-Shan School's Linghu Chong." The crowd gasped in

surprised and they said, "Heng-Shan's Headmaster, Hero Linghu, is here. That's very good." Their tone of voice was happy.

Linghu Chong thought, "I'm just a waste, what's so good about me?" He of course understood. These people knew his martial art was very high. So with him around, their hope of escaping had gone up by many notches. "I'd like to ask Headmaster Linghu something. Why did your

honourable school only send headmaster here all by yourself?" Yuzhongzi queried. This person was experienced and very careful so he was suspicious that Linghu Chong was hiding something that might be harmful towards them. When Linghu Chong came out of Huashan, he did so as Yue Buqun's disciple. Everyone knew about this. But as they were trapped inside this mountain cave, from amongst the hundreds of disciples from Huashan and Heng-Shan, he was the only person there who belonged to either. It was unavoidable that people would suspect him.

"I have another companion..." Linghu Chong replied and he couldn't help calling out again, "Ying..." But he had only managed to call out 'Ying' before a thought flashed in his mind, "Yingying is the Sun Moon Sect's

Chief's only daughter and both the righteous and demonical are like fire and water. I mustn't put this thing on top of what's happening already." So he immediately shut his mouth.

"Who has a torch beside him? Please light it up first," Yuzhongzi requested.

The crowd cheered loudly, "Very good, very good!" "We're all so muddle headed, why didn't we think of that?" "Quickly light up the torches!" Actually, in the middle of the chaos before, everyone was only thinking of protecting himself so how could they think of lighting up a torch? Besides, as soon as a torch was lighted, that person would be killed instantly by the person next to him. But now he heard many rattling sound as some people took out their flint and steel to make fire. Soon after, many dots of flames were seen and it felt very bright in the darkness. The people inside the mountain cave started cheering. Linghu Chong took a glance and saw the surrounding cave wall was full of people. Their bodies and faces were splashed with blood. There were also some who still slowly swiping their swords and sabres in front of their bodies. These people were extremely careful, even though they had heard

everyone swearing an oath, they still didn't believe the person next to them. Linghu Chong took a step to go to the opposite wall wanting to find Yingying. Suddenly, from among the cluster of people, someone shouted,

"Move!" Seven to eight people came out of the tunnel brandishing their long swords and started killing people.

"Who are you?" the crowd shouted and one by one they drew their own weapons to defend. After some time, the torches had again been

extinguished. Linghu Chong shot forward and leapt towards the opposite

wall. He felt a weapon hacking from his right hand side and in the darkness he didn't know how to block it. He rushed at the ground and heard a 'dang' sound. A sabre had clashed with the wall. He thought, "This person doesn't necessarily want to kill me. He might just be wanting to defend himself in the darkness." He stayed down on the ground quietly. After that person hacked at empty space for a few more times, he stopped.

Someone shouted, "Kill all these dogs, don't leave any behind!" More than ten people acknowledged this order. This was followed by six to seven people shouting, "It's Zuo Lengchan! Zuo Lengchan!" Then some people

shouted, "Master, disciple's here!"

Linghu Chong heard the person barking the order was really Zuo Lengchan, he pondered, "Why is he here? This trap was set up by this bastard, it wasn't my Master after all." Even though Yue Buqun had tried to kill him several times already, the master-disciple and father-son relationship between them had stretched for more than twenty years and they were deep-rooted in his heart. He simply couldn't forget them. Once he thought that the traitor setting this up wasn't Yue Buqun, he couldn't help feeling happy. He was a hundred times happier to die under Zuo Lengchan's hand than to die under his Master's hand.

He only heard Zuo Lengchan gloomily said, "You still have the face to call me master? You didn't report to me before you went to Huashan.

This is deceiving your master and betraying your school. How can our school have such despicable disciples like you?"

"Master," A booming voice replied. "Disciple got the message that a cave in the Cliff of Contemplation at Huashan has our own school's

wonderful sword art. I was afraid I'd be wasting time going back and forth and telling master about this first, and the sword moves on the wall would be destroyed by someone. So I quickly came here. After I look at the sword art, I'd of course go back to the mountain immediately and tell master all these sword arts."

"You're taking advantage of my blindness," Zuo Lengchan said. "I know you all considered me useless since long ago. Once you learned these wonderful sword art, would you still recognise me as your master? Yue

Buqun wanted all of you to pledge your loyalties to him before he'd let you come into this cave to look at the sword moves. Didn't this happen?"

"Yes, dis... disciple should die," that Songshan disciple answered. "But this is just a temporary measure. Our five mountain sword schools

have merged into one and he's the headmaster. So we should... should also listen to his order. But I never thought this traitor would behave so violently and trapped all of us down here."

Another person said, "Master, please lead us to escape from here.

We'll then go find that traitor Yue Buqun to settle our debt."

Zuo Lengchan snorted. "What a wishful thinking you have there." He paused for a while then continued, "Linghu Chong, you're also here, what are you doing here?"

"This is my old place, if I want to come then I just come!" Linghu Chong replied. "What are you doing here?"

Zuo Lengchan laughed coldly and replied, "Death is imminent and you're still so rude towards your senior."

"You plotted secretly and caused the harm of the world's heroes," Linghu Chong said. "Everyone wants to punish you for this, and you still consider yourself to be a senior?"

"Pingzhi," Zuo Lengchan said. "Kill him!"

"Yes!" someone answered in the dark. It was Lin Pingzhi's voice.

Linghu Chong was startled and he thought, "So Lin Pingzhi is also here. Both Zuo Lengchan and him are blind, so these days they must be familiar on how to use the sword blind. Using their ears to replace their

eyes, their technique on listening to the wind to distinguish attacks must be good now. In this darkness, the situation is turned, it is me who is blind

while they're the ones who aren't blind. But why are they the enemy?" But his back was covered in cold sweat.

Then he heard Lin Pingzhi said, "Linghu Chong, you're very glorious and your name is very famous in Jianghu. But today you're going to die under my hands, haha, haha!" His laughter was full of gloom. Step by step he came over.

Just then when Linghu Chong and Zuo Lengchan were talking, Lin Pingzhi had heard him clearly and his position had been given away. The whole cave was quiet and only Lin Pingzhi's footsteps were heard. With

each step of his, Linghu Chong knew he was one step closer to the death's door. Suddenly, someone shouted, "Wait! This Linghu Chong blinded my eyes and caused me to be unable to see the daylight from then on. Let me kill this bastard." More than ten people echoed what he said and they quickly walked over. Linghu Chong was startled. He knew they were the fifteen people who he had blinded on that night outside the abandoned temple. That day on his way towards Songshan for the merger of the five

schools, he met these people on the way. These people had been blinded for a long time, and their abilities to use their ears to replace their eyes must be high. He already couldn't defend against one Lin Pingzhi, now with the

addition of these fifteen people, he was totally outclassed.

He heard their footsteps while he quietly slid for a few steps towards the left. Then he heard a few 'ta, ta, ta' noise as a few longs sword were

stabbed at the wall where he was standing at previously. Luckily, these ten or so people attacked at the same time causing the noise to blend with the footsteps sound concealing his footsteps. No one knew where he had gone to. Linghu Chong stooped down and felt a sword on the ground. He tossed it, and with a clanking sound, it hit the wall. Those ten or so blind men rushed over with their weapons raised, and they started fighting with some people. Shouting erupted and in a few moment six to seven people were killed. These people didn't have weak martial arts, but they couldn't see a thing in this darkness, so they weren't the match of these blind men.

Linghu Chong took advantage of this shouting to slide a few more

steps to the left. He groped around to feel there was no one around the wall before he quietly crouched down and pondered, "Zuo Lengchan brought Lin Pingzhi and those blind men here to do battle in the dark. They're going to annihilate all of us here. But how does he know there's this kind of cave here?" As soon as he thought about it, he was enlightened, "Yes! That day little martial sister was on top of the place of worship, she fought using the moves engraved on the wall here. She defeated the masters from Taishan

and Hengshan. She also used Songshan sword art in front of Zuo Lengchan and used the Heng-Shan sword art to fight against me. Since she came here before, Lin Pingzhi of course knows about it too." As he thought of little martial sister, his heart ached.

He heard Lin Pingzhi shouted, "Linghu Chong, you don't dare to reveal yourself, pulling in your head and tail. What kind of hero is that?"

Linghu Chong was angered and he wanted to get out to fight to the death with him, but he restrained himself. He thought, "A gentleman can bend and straighten. How can I get so irritated over him? I haven't found Yingying yet, I can't die so easily just like that." He also thought, "I once promised little martial sister to tend to Lin Pingzhi. If I come out and fight with him then got killed by him, that would be unworthy. But it's also not right if I kill him."

"There are turncoats in this cave, traitors who need to be killed," Zuo Lengchan shouted. "Even if you forgive Linghu Chong, there's nowhere he can go to!"

A short time later, clashing of weapons and shouting erupted. Linghu Chong squatted on the ground. After a short while, still no one attacked him. He strained to listen to Yingying's voice while pondering, "Yingying is far more careful and cleverer than me. In the middle of this ambush, she'd definitely not play her qin. I only hope no sword is being thrust at her." He heard the fighting between the crowd and those blind men was really fierce, they were fighting fiercely while also hurling curses. The curse 'scram your granny' was even heard. This 'scram your granny' was really grating to the

ears. When common people uses this swear words, they always say 'go to your mum', or 'hold your granny', sometimes people also use 'scram your mother bastard', but it was rare to hear someone uses 'scram your granny'. Linghu Chong pondered, "Is this a swear word special to their provinces?" After listening for a while, he found that this swear word 'scram your granny' was used quite often by a few people. Once this swear word was uttered by both people fighting, the fighting would stop immediately. But if only one person uttered this swear word, then the fighting between them

would continue. He immediately understood, "So this is the code for those blind men to distinguish each other." In that darkness, randomly slashing and killing, it was hard to determine friends or foes. Those blind men had determined a code beforehand and when they started fighting they would first called out this swear word 'scram your granny'. When two people

cursed the same swear word, they were friends. Otherwise, they would kill their opponents. No one uses this swear word, so this code word was

something that the enemy wouldn't use to curse someone with.

Once he understood this, he immediately stood up and put his sword in front of his chest. The swearing of 'scram your granny' was getting more frequent, while the clashing of weapons and the shouting were gradually dying. It seemed the people from Taishan, Hengshan, and Songshan Schools had been massacred. Linghu Chong had not heard of Yingying's voice. He was worried that Yingying had been killed earlier, but he was also happy that she didn't suffer under the hands of these blind men. He also thought, "The disciples of Songshan must've found out the cave in Huashan contained their own school's wonderful sword art so they quickly came here to take a look. This behaviour is quite common in people. But they didn't have time to report, so Zuo Lengchan just decided to kill them all and doesn't hold back at all. He must be thinking of killing me, but since he

can't distinguish anyone, he even killed all his disciples who had only done a little bit of wrong." After some time, the sound of fighting ceased.

"Everyone," Zuo Lengchan shouted. "Go around the cave and give them another chop."

The blind men acknowledged his order, then the sound of sword

slashing was heard going here and there. Two swords were chopping down in front of Linghu Chong, and he lifted his sword to block. Two hoarse voices shouting 'scram your granny' were heard and unexpectedly nobody realised what had happened. After some time, besides those blind men

cursing and the clashing of weapons, there was no other noise. But Linghu Chong was still worried and he nearly cried, wanting to cry out, "Yingying, Yingying, where are you?"

"Stop!" Zuo Lengchan commanded.

Those blind men sheathed their swords and stood still. Zuo Lengchan laughed happily and said, "Those traitors have all been eliminated. These

shameless people, just because they wanted to learn some sword moves, they actually swore loyalty to that bastard Yue Buqun. That little bastard Linghu Chong must've died under your swords! Haha! Haha! Linghu

Chong, Linghu Chong, are you dead yet?" Linghu Chong held his breath and didn't reply.

"Pingzhi," Zuo Lengchan said. "Today, you've killed the person you hate the most. You must be satisfied."

"The whole battle was thought of by Brother Zuo," Lin Pingzhi replied. "It was wonderfully set up."

Linghu Chong thought, "Zuo Lengchan and him are praising each other. In order to get his Evil Resisting Sword Art, Zuo Lengchan is being very polite to him."

"If you didn't know of another secret path into this tunnel," Zuo Lengchan said. "It would've been hard for us to get our revenge."

"But it's a pity," Lin Pingzhi. "In all that confusion I didn't get the chance to kill that little bastard Linghu Chong myself."

Linghu Chong thought, "I've never offended him before. Why does he detest me so much?" "It doesn't matter who killed him, it's all the same," Zuo Lengchan replied in whisper. "Let's go out quickly. I think Yue Buqun should be guarding outside of the cave now. We should take advantage of the darkness to rush out."

"Yes!" Lin Pingzhi acknowledged. The sound of footsteps was heard as their party entered the tunnel. Sound of footsteps gradually got farther

away, and after a while, it was all quiet.

"Yingying," Linghu Chong whispered. "Where are you?" His voice sounded like he was weeping.

Suddenly, someone from above his head whispered, "I'm here. Don't make any noise!"

Linghu Chong was happy and both his knees became soft as he sat down on the ground. When those blind men randomly slashed their swords around, the safest place to be was up there. A place where no weapon can reach. This was a very obvious and simple point, but when faced with death, everyone's mind was in chaos and didn't think of this.

Yingying leapt down. Linghu Chong jumped up and tossed his sword away before embracing her tightly. They were both sobbing happily. Linghu Chong lightly kissed her forehead and whispered, "You really frightened me to death just before."

In the darkness, Yingying didn't avoid it and she lightly replied, "You were cursing people 'scram your granny'. Nevertheless, I heard it was your voice."

Linghu Chong couldn't help smiling as he asked, "You're not injured at all?"


"I heard the qin's sound before and wasn't worried anymore. But then I felt that I've stabbed a girl and the qin's sound became broken, not making up a tune, so I thought I've wounded you. Later on, there was no sound at all and I didn't know what had happened."

Yingying smiled. "I've jumped up there early on. I was afraid

someone might find out so I couldn't call out to you. So I had to toss coins down to strike that yaoqin to let you know."

Linghu Chong sighed and said, "That's how it is. I never knew. I deserve to be hit, deserve to be hit!" He took her hand and lightly hit his own cheeks. "You're marrying such a stupid man," Linghu Chong chuckled. "This can be considered to be Young Lady Ren's bad luck. I felt it was really odd. If you were the one playing the yaoqin, why weren't you playing the 'Song of Peace and Serenity' or maybe the 'Smiling Proud Wanderer'?"

Yingying let him hugged her. "If I could toss coins in the darkness to make the yaoqin play out a tune, then I'll be a deity."

Linghu Chong laughingly said, "You are a deity."

When Yingying heard his words were teasing her, she struggled

wanting to get away from his embrace. Linghu Chong tightly held on to her and asked, "Later on, why did you stop throwing the coins to strike the qin?"

"I'm poor," Yingying laughingly replied. "I don't have that much money on me. After throwing a few of them, I ran out."

Linghu Chong sighed. "It's a pity there's no money farm in this cave, there's also no store here. Young lady Ren has no money to use and there's no place to borrow money."

Yingying also laughed and said, "After that, I even used my hairpin and earrings. But when those blind men started killing, I didn't dare to throw things anymore because their hearings are very acute."

Suddenly, there was a gloomy cold laugh coming from the tunnel's entrance. Linghu Chong and Yingying gasped in surprise. Linghu Chong's left arm embraced Yingying while his right hand grabbed the long sword on the ground. He shouted, "Who's there?"

That person coldly replied, "Hero Linghu, it's me!" The voice was Lin Pingzhi's. Then they heard footsteps coming from the tunnel, the blind men had returned.

Linghu Chong scolded himself for being so careless. Zuo Lengchan was an old bastard and he was also very cunning, so how could he just go like that? They must've stayed in the tunnel listening to the noises inside the cave. If he was by himself, he would've wasted some time before trying to

escape. But with Yingying and him worrying over each other and delighted over their reunion, he didn't think the enemy could've stayed not far from there and was watching them from the outside. Yingying put her hand underneath Linghu Chong's armpit and whispered, "Go up!" The two of them jumped up.

Yingying had earlier rested on the rock jutting out of the wall so she knew where it was. In the darkness, she applied the right amount of force to go up and steadily landed on it. But Linghu Chong missed and he instead landed back down. Yingying grabbed his arm and pulled him back up. This rock only jutted out for around three to four feet. Both of them were

crowded and it wasn't easy for them to steadily stand there. Linghu Chong thought, "Yingying thinks very fast. Both of us are on top looking down, so it won't be easy for those blind men to attack us."

"Those two little ghosts jumped up," Zuo Lengchan said. "Yes!" Lin Pingzhi acknowledged.

"Linghu Chong," Zuo Lengchan said. "Are you going to hide up there for the rest of your life?"

Linghu Chong didn't reply. He was thinking if he uttered a single noise then his hiding place would be discovered. His right hand held his sword while his left hand was wrapped around Yingying's waist. Yingying's left hand was holding a short sword and her right hand was also wrapped

around his waist. They felt comforted to be able to be together, they had no regret even if they had to die right now.

"Who blinded your eyes?" Zuo Lengchan shouted. "Have you forgotten it?"

More than ten blind men roared and jumped up while randomly thrusting. Linghu Chong and Yingying still didn't make any sound, and those blind men stabbed at empty spaces. The second time they leapt up, one of the blind men was only around a foot beyond the jutting rock.

Linghu Chong heard the wind around him as he jumped up, he thrust his

sword forward and pierced the blind man's chest. That blind man cried out and fell on the ground. With that happened, the others discovered their hiding place. Six to seven people leapt up at the same time slashing and thrusting their swords. Even though Linghu Chong and Yingying couldn't see those blind men, the distance between the jutting rock and the ground was around twenty feet. The people jumping up produced a lot of wind noise so they were easy to distinguish. They thrust their swords out and

killed two people. The rest of the blind men looked up and hurled abuses at them. For a while, they didn't dare to leap up and attack.

A short time later, the sound of wind was heard and two people had jumped up from the left and right. Linghu Chong and Yingying lifted their swords to block.

'Zheng, zheng'. Four swords collided.

Linghu Chong's right hand ached and his long sword was nearly knocked out of his hand. He knew the person who had attacked was Zuo Lengchan himself. Yingying cried out in pain as her shoulder was hit by a sword and she swayed. Linghu Chong quickly pulled her in with his left hand. Those two people jumped up again to attack. Linghu Chong thrust his long sword towards the person attacking Yingying. Both swords collided,

and that person's long sword changed quickly into a slash. Linghu Chong knew this enemy was Lin Pingzhi. There was no time to block the incoming sword so he quickly lowered his head and stooped his body. He felt the cold wind as Lin Pingzhi slashed at Yingying. His body was in mid air but he unexpectedly was able to do three moves. This Evil Resisting Sword Art

was truly formidable.

Linghu Chong was afraid he might injure Yingying so he hugged her and leapt down with her. With his back leaning on the cave wall, he started to slash his sword around. Suddenly he heard Zuo Lengchan's long laugh. A sword attacked and with a clashing sound, both swords had again collided. Linghu Chong was shaken and he felt a little internal energy coming from the sword. His whole body involuntarily shook. Suddenly he remembered of the day when Ren Woxing was at Shaolin Temple using his 'Art of Essence Absorbing' to suck Zuo Lengchan's internal energy. Who could've known that Zuo Lengchan's internal energy would be so formidable that in just a short time, Ren Woxing was frozen. This time he was doing the same strategy again and to avoid falling into his trap, Linghu Chong quickly pushed the internal energy out but suddenly he felt a tremendous energy

coming back, and his fingers involuntarily loosened and his sword flew out of his hand. Linghu Chong's whole skill depended on a long sword, so he quickly stooped down and felt around the ground for another sword. More than two hundred people had died inside that cave and the ground was filled with weapons so he could just pick a sabre up and hold up momentarily.

Yingying and he had turned blind in this cave while being attacked by these ten or so blind men who had turned not blind. It was no luck that they had

survived so far, but no matter what, they were unwilling to just give up their lives so easily. After feeling around for a while, he touched the face of a dead person. It was cold and sticky, he hastily hugged Yingying and retreated for a couple of steps.

'Zheng, zheng!' Yingying brandished her short sword to block the incoming thrust from the two swords. This was followed by a cry as the

short sword in Yingying's hand was knocked flying off. Linghu Chong was worried, he stooped down again and found something that felt like a short stick. In this critical situation, he didn't have time to think when he felt a

strong wind rushing from his front. Another sword had slashed at him. He immediately put the stick up to block. With a cracking sound, that short

stick was cut off by the sword.

Linghu Chong lowered his head to let the long sword go pass.

Suddenly, he saw some light dots in front of him. These light dots were very weak, but inside this dark cave, they were just like a star coming out of the horizon. The enemies' bodies and their swords could be distinguished faintly. Linghu Chong and Yingying gasped at the same time as they saw Zuo Lengchan thrust his sword again. Linghu Chong lifted his short stick to stab it at Zuo Lengchan's throat, which was exactly the flaw in his sword move. Unexpectedly, even though Zuo Lengchan was blind, his response

was still very fast as he used the move 'Carp Leaping Over the Dragon Gate' to leap back while his mouth was cursing loudly. Yingying stooped down, picked up a long sword, took the short stick from Linghu Chong's hand, and at the same time gave the long sword to him. She brandished the short stick causing glimmering around the cave.

Linghu Chong's spirit was greatly roused. As this was a matter of life and death, he didn't hold back. With a curse 'scram your granny', he killed a blind man. The sword coming out of his hand was much faster than the

cursing coming out of his mouth. After swearing six of these 'scram your granny', the twelve blind men in the cave had all been killed. Moreover,

some of these blind men were slow witted, so hearing him screaming 'scram your granny', they thought he was one of their own, so why would they need to fight? They had not realised anything when the sword had already pierced their throats and they were on their way to death's door to see their grannies.

Zuo Lengchan and Lin Pingzhi didn't understand what was going on, they both asked, "Is there a torch?" Their voices were frightened.

"That's right!" Linghu Chong shouted as he attacked Zuo Lengchan three times. Zuo Lengchan distinguished the incoming attack from the wind and managed to block the three attacks, but Linghu Chong felt his arm was aching. It was the cold energy coming from the sword again. After a tick,

everything was still as he held his sword motionless. Zuo Lengchan couldn't hear the wind from his sword and he was getting anxious. He vigorously

slashed his sword to protect the fatal points around his body.

Linghu Chong relied on the faint light coming out of the short stick in Yingying's hand as he slowly sent his sword forward, and slowly aimed it at Lin Pingzhi's right arm. Inch by inch, it crept forward. Lin Pingzhi was

straining his ear trying to listen to his sword path, but Linghu Chong's

sword was slowly going inch by inch, so how could he hear anything? The point of the sword was now only half a foot away from his right arm. With a jerk, it shot forward and hit Lin Pingzhi's right arm's bone and flesh. Lin Pingzhi cried out and dropped his long sword, while his body flew upwards. Linghu Chong stabbed twice and got both of his legs. Lin Pingzhi fell down on the ground cursing and swearing loudly. Linghu Chong turned around

and saw Zuo Lengchan. Under the faint light, he saw him gritting his teeth and his expression terrifying while he was slashing his long sword around. Even though the sword moves he was using were very wonderful, but under 'Dugu Nine Sword', there was no place that was flawless.

Linghu Chong thought, "This person is the one who incited the disturbance in Wulin. I can't go easy on him!"

With a roar, he brandished his long sword. Zuo Lengchan was stabbed between the eyes, throat, and chest. Linghu Chong leapt back for two steps and pulled Yingying's hand. He saw Zuo Lengchan standing there for a long time before falling on the ground. His long sword turned over and stabbed his own stomach until it penetrated all the way through. Both of them

calmed themselves down. They looked at the short stick in Yingying's hand but the light was too dim so they couldn't see it clearly. They had no torch on their bodies and Linghu Chong was afraid Lin Pingzhi might attack them again so he cut off the tendons in his left arm. Then he went to the dead people's body to fish out some flint and steel, after feeling out the second person, that person's bosom was also empty. He thought for a while then

shouted, "Scram your granny, of course these blind men aren't bringing any flint and steel." When he felt the fifth person, he finally found flint and steel and light up a paper.

The two of them shouted in surprise.

The stick in Yingying's hand was unexpectedly a bone with one of its ends cut off to a sharp point! Yingying was stupified and she threw that bone on the ground. She then laughingly cursed, "Scram your..." She only uttered these two words when she felt they were not elegant so she immediately pursed her lips up.

Linghu Chong suddenly understood. "Yingying, both our lives were saved by this divine sect's senior."

"Divine sect's senior?" Yingying queried. "Back then, ten elders from the divine sect attacked Huashan. They were all imprisoned in this cave without any way of escaping, and they all died with unsatisfied regret. All they left behind were ten sets of bones.

This thigh bone, I don't know which elder it belonged to. I accidentally picked that one up and Zuo Lengchan luckily cut a section off it. This bone has this phosphorus light that the two of us can use to see," Linghu Chong explained.

Yingying let out a long sigh then bowed towards that bone and said, "So it's our sect's elder, sorry for the offence."

Linghu Chong took a few more paper and lighted them up. Then he found two torches and lighted them up also. "I wonder what happened to Martial Uncle Mo?" Then he shouted, "Martial Uncle Mo, Martial Uncle Mo!" But there was still no sound. Linghu Chong felt in his heart that

Martial Uncle Mo cared for him. So he was feeling sad that he had died in this cave today. He glanced around the ground looking at the corpses, but it was very difficult to search for Mr. Mo Da's corpse. He thought, "We haven't escaped from danger yet, we can't linger around here. I'll come back later to look for Martial Uncle Mo's corpse then I'll bury him properly."

Linghu Chong turned around and pulled on Lin Pingzhi's chest as he went towards the tunnel. Yingying knew he had promised Yue Lingshan to tend to Lin Pingzhi. So without saying anything, she picked up that yaoqin which had holes in a few places and followed behind him. They used the narrow tunnel that had been dug by those elders to go out step by step.

Linghu Chong lifted his sword up to be prepared. He was thinking Zuo Lengchan was very calculating and since the cave's entrance had been sealed, then he surely would have dispatched people to guard the narrow tunnel. He had to be careful of the guard trying to stop him inside the cave. But after walking all the way through the tunnel, he still saw no one. Linghu Chong softly opened the stone covering up the entrance, and he felt the light dazzling his eyes. The ferocious fight inside the cave had gone on for so long that he didn't feel how much time had actually passed, and the

sky had actually turned bright. He saw there was no one outside the cave

and he immediately pulled Lin Pingzhi out, and Yingying followed him out. There was a sword in Linghu Chong's hand, enough light for him to see, he was at a spacious place, they had really gone out of danger. He sucked in a breath of fresh air and felt unspeakable comfort.

"When your master punished you before, was it at this cave?" Yingying asked.

"That's right. What do you think?" Linghu Chong laughingly replied. Yingying smiled. "I think you weren't here meditating, but your..."

She was thinking of saying 'your little martial sister', but why would she mention Yue Lingshan to make him sad? So she quickly stopped.

"Grand martial uncle Feng lives somewhere nearby. I wonder if he's doing fine. I've always thought of this. He first said, he doesn't want to meet anyone from Huashan School, but I'm no longer in Huashan School," Linghu Chong said.

"Yes. Let's go meet him," Yingying said.

Linghu Chong sheathed his sword and let go of Lin Pingzhi. He pulled on Yingying's hand and went out of the cave.

Chapter 39 No Treaty

The earthshaking chanting of "Thousands of years, rule the Martial World" went on and on by cult members kneeling down. Sunshine covered Ren Woxing's face and his entire body. The majestic looking Chief of the Sun-Moon Cult looked like a god.

They walked out of the cave and suddenly saw a black shape moving on top of their heads. It looked like something had fallen down on them.

Linghu Chong and Yingying simultaneously dodged it, but who could've thought the object dropping was a large fish net and it trapped the two of them in there. Startled, they quickly drew their swords to cut the net, but

after slashing for a few times, the net was unexpectedly untouched. At this time, another fish net was thrown from above covering both of them. The person above the cave leapt down with a rope in his hand tightening the net.

"Master!" the word escaped from Linghu Chong's mouth. That person really was Yue Buqun. The net got tighter and tighter as Yue Buqun pulled on the rope. Linghu Chong and Yingying were just like a couple of big fishes being entangled inside a net. They were able to struggle in the beginning, but at the end, they couldn't even move. Frightened, Yingying didn't know what to do. She took a glance and saw Linghu Chong was

smiling, looking very relaxed. She thought, "Has he thought of a way to escape?"

Yue Buqun had a fierce looking smile on his face. "Little traitor, you were complacent coming out of the cave. Didn't expect trouble out here, did you?"

"It's not trouble. When someone's going to die, dying with his wife is the happiest thing," Linghu Chong replied nonchalantly.

Yingying understood. His face was looking happy because he would be able to die together with her. Her fear dissappeared, replaced with a

wave of happiness.

Linghu Chong continued, "If you kill both of us like this, then you wouldn't be able to separate us." "Little traitor," Yue Buqun indignantly said. "Death is imminent and you're still boasting!"

He then wrapped the rope around them for a few times, bunching them up tightly.

"This fish net of yours, you got it from Old Man, didn't you?" Linghu Chong said. "You treat me really well, you know that we don't want to be

apart so you wrapped the two of us husband and wife very tightly just like this. You raised me since I was little and you know my heart really well. In this world, you're my only friend Mr. Yue." He was saying all these smart- aleck comments hoping to drag the time out while looking for some way to get out of this situation. Another hope of his was that Feng Qingyang would suddenly appear to rescue them.

Yue Buqun sneered. "Little traitor, you love to talk nonsense since you were little, and your temperament still haven't changed till now. I

should cut off your tongue first to save you from losing your tongue in hell when you die." His left leg flew up and kicked Linghu Chong on his waist, sealing his mute accupoint and shutting Linghu Chong up.

"Young lady Ren," Yue Buqun continued. "Who do you want me to kill first? Him or you?"

"What's the difference?" Yingying replied. "I only have three medicines for the Divine Three Brain Corpse Pill on my body."

Yue Buqun's face changed colour when he heard this. Ever since he was forced by Yingying to swallow the 'Divine Three Brain Corpse' pill, he had been thinking day and night on how to obtain the medicine. He had been waiting for a long time for this opportunity. The two of them had just escaped danger, happily going out of the cave, without taking care to protect themselves when suddenly this metal fish net trapped them. His original idea was to kill Linghu Chong and Yingying first before searching her body for the medicine. But when he heard her saying there was only three medicines on her body, he realised he would only be able to live for three more years after killing them. Moreover, after three years had passed, the insect would enter his brain and make him insane and die in unbearable pain. This matter was really difficult for him to settle. Even though his inner energy and martial art were marvelous, he couldn't stop both of his hands from trembling.

"Alright, let's make a deal," Yue Buqun said. "Tell me how to make the medicine, and I'll spare both your lives."

Yingying laughed and indifferently said, "Even though I'm still young, I know Gentleman Sword Mr. Yue's personality. If your words are to be believed, then your nickname wouldn't be Gentleman Sword."

"You've learned nothing by being with Linghu Chong," Yue Buqun said. "All you've learned is how to talk a lot. You're not willing to say how to make the medicine?"

"Of course not," Yingying answered. "In three years time, Chong-lang and I will be waiting at death's door to welcome you. At that time, you

won't have your five senses anymore and your whole face will be ruined, I wonder if we'll still be able to recognise you."

Yue Buqun felt a wave of coldness at his back. He understood her meaning of 'won't have your five senses and your whole face will be ruined' was a reference to the time when the poison would come out. If his whole body weren't rotten by that time, then he would destroy his own face through madness. His whole body shivered thinking about it.

"Even if my whole face will be ruined, yours will be ruined three years earlier than mine," Yue Buqun indignantly said. "I won't kill you too, I'll only cut off your ears and nose. And on your lovely white snow face, I'm going to give you seventeen eighteen slashes. We'll see then how much love, how much affection, your Chong-lang has. Whether he'll still love a freak ugly weirdo."

With a hiss, he drew his long sword out. Yingying gasped in surprise. She wasn't afraid of death, but if Yue Buqun were to ruin her face to make it look like a demon and let Linghu Chong look at her, it was even worse than death. Even though Linghu Chong's mute acupoint was sealed, he was still able to move his hands and feet. He knew what Yingying was thinking so he bumped her with his elbow, extended two fingers from his right hand

and pierced them towards his eyes. Yingying again cried out and she hurriedly called out, "Brother Chong, don't!"

Yue Buqun didn't really mean to ruin Yingying's face. He was only threatening her to make her tell him the prescription for the medicine. If Linghu Chong destroyed both his eyes, then his plan would be useless. His left hand shot out unbelievably quick and grabbed Linghu Chong's right

wrist through the fist net.

"Stop!" Yue Buqun shouted.

As their skins connected, Yue Buqun immediately felt his internal energy flowing out.

"Aiyo!" Yue Buqun called out. In a hurry, he tried to get away but it was like his palm was glued to Linghu Chong's wrist. Linghu Chong turned his hand around grabbing Yue Buqun's palm. Yue Buqun now felt his inner energy rushing out even faster. He was greatly startled. With the long sword in his right hand, he quickly chopped it at Linghu Chong's body. Linghu

Chong's hand shook and dragged his body back causing the sword to slash at the ground. Yue Buqun's inner energy was still flowing out. As he tried to slash his sword a second time, he felt weak and powerless that he practically couldn't even lift his own arm. Exhorting his energy, he tried to lift his sword. With the sword aiming at the point between Linghu Chong's eyes and his arm and the long sword unceasingly quivering, he slowly pierced it forward.

Yingying was alarmed and she wanted to use her finger to flick Yue

Buqun's sword away. But both her arms were pressed under Linghu Chong's body and the fish net was tightly wrapped around her body. She exerted her strength to struggle, but she couldn't free her hands. Linghu Chong's left

arm was also being trapped under Yingying's body so he also couldn't use it. He saw the sword point slowly stabbing forward. He thought, "I killed Zuo Lengchan and injured Lin Pingzhi with this kind of slow sword. This time, master is also going to use this method to kill me. What a really quick retribution."

Yue Buqun felt his inner energy was quickly running out, but the

sword point was only a few inches away from Linghu Chong's eyebrow. He was both happy and anxious.

"You... What are you doing?" a sharp female voice cried out from behind. "Take your sword away!"

Sound of footsteps was heard as someone drew near. Yue Buqun saw his sword only had to go a few more inches then he'd be able to kill Linghu Chong. At this time, his life was hanging by a thread so how could he agree to just give up? Staking all his remaining energy, his sword finally reached Linghu Chong's forehead.

It was at this time when he suddenly felt something cold at the back of his body. A long sword had been pierced from his back all the way through to the front of his chest.

"Big brother Linghu, are you alright?" a female voice cried out. She was Yilin.

The blood in Linghu Chong's chest was bubbling up and he couldn't reply her. 

her. "Little martial sister, Big Brother Linghu is alright," Yingying told

"That's very good!" Yilin happily said. She was suddenly startled and frightenedly cried, "It's Mr. Yue! I... I killed him!"

"That's right," Yingying said. "Congratulations for taking revenge on your master's murderer. Can you untie the fish net please? Let me get out."

"Yes, yes!" Yilin replied. She saw Yue Buqun was prostrated on the ground with blood spouting out from the sword wound. Her whole body turned to jelly and in a quivering voice, she asked, "I... I killed him?" She wanted to grab the rope to release it but both her hands were trembling and she had no power in them. She was unable to release them.

"Little nun," a voice suddenly called out from the left. "You killed the honourable chief. I'll teach you today that you can't run away from justice!"

An old man wearing a yellow gown came forward carrying a naked sword. This person was Lao Denuo.

"Aiyo!" Linghu Chong cried out.

"Little martial sister, quickly use your sword to fight," Yingying shouted.

Yilin was stupefied for a moment before she drew the sword out of Yue Buqun's body. Lao Denuo attacked with three quick strokes and Yilin blocked all three attacks. The third attack flitted near her left shoulder and drew blood. Lao Denuo's sword was getting faster and faster with some of the movements from the Evil Resisting Sword Art. But since he had not learned it too deeply, he only had the movement while his speed was way below that of Lin Pingzhi. Originally, Lao Denuo was already experienced and his sword art came from Songshan and Huashan Schools. It was only recently that he learned the Evil Resisting Sword Art. So Yilin was originally not his match. However, as Yihe and Yiqing was hoping that Yilin would become Heng-Shan's headmaster in the future, they had been supervising her practising the Heng-Shan sword art that Linghu Chong gave them. So her martial art had improved. Also, because Lao Denuo's Evil Resisting Sword

Art was not yet perfected and he wanted to try it out, their movements came out in between the Songshan and Huashan Schools' sword art that he was using. His sword movements became mixed and caused his original sword art to be weaker.

In the beginning, when Yilin saw the fast sword art from his enemy, she panicked and the third attack injured her left shoulder. But she thought if she lost then Linghu Chong and Yingying would not escape from danger as well and they were bound to meet disaster as well. She was thinking that if he was going to kill Big brother Linghu, then it was better if she was killed first. Without any fear of dying, she didn't think of preserving herself and just kept on attacking with all her moves.

When Lao Denuo was confronted with her staking-life fighting method, he couldn't win against her for the moment. He swore, "Little nun, you **** your mother real good!"

Yingying saw Yilin's spirit was raised and she was fighting with all her might. But after a long time, she was still bound to lose. She rolled on the ground freeing her left arm and unsealing Linghu Chong's acupoint. She put her hand inside her bosom and took out her short sword.

"Lao Denuo," Linghu Chong cried out. "What's that behind you?" Lao Denuo was an experienced person and he wouldn't fall for

Linghu Chong's trick by turning around to have a look and give his enemy an opportunity to attack him. He ignored Linghu Chong and increased the ferocity of his attack. Yingying held her short sword wanting to toss it out from the fish net, but Yilin was fighting very closely with Lao Denuo. If her toss was slightly off then it might hit her. She hesitated and didn't throw her sword out.

Suddenly, Yilin cried out. Her left shoulder had again been hit. The first time she got hit, the injury was very light, but this time the wound was a few inches deep. The grass around the area was splashed with her blood.

"Monkey, monkey, ah, this is sixth brother's monkey," Linghu Chong called out. "Good monkey, quickly bite him. This is the traitor who killed your master."

In order to steal Yue Buqun's 'Violet Twilight Secret Manual', Lao Denuo killed Lu Dayou who was the sixth disciple of Huashan School. Lu Dayou had a small monkey which usually sits on his shoulder. After he died, this monkey had gone somewhere. At this time, he suddenly heard

Linghu Chong's shout and couldn't help feeling scared. "If this animal jump on me and bite me then my movements will be restricted." So he leaned to one side and turned around to slash his sword. But how could there be a monkey behind his back? At this time, Yingying tossed her sword towards the back of his neck. Lao Denuo stooped down and the short sword flew

above his neck. Suddenly, he felt a rope tightened around his left ankle. The rope was tugged backwards and he fell face forward.

When Linghu Chong saw Lao Denuo stooped down to avoid the sword, it presented a very good opportunity. He quickly undid the rope tying the fish net and sent the rope out coiling around his left ankle and pulled it.

"Kill him, kill him!" Linghu Chong and Yingying called out.

Yilin chopped her sword down on Lao Denuo's neck. But she was a compassionate person and she was also timid. When she first killed Yue Buqun, she did it to save Linghu Chong. With her being anxious, she

quickly wielded her sword and didn't realise she was actually going to kill a person. When her sword was about to slash Lao Denuo's neck, her heart became soft. Her sword leaned to a side and slashed his right shoulder instead. Lao Denuo's collarbone was broken and his sword dropped from his hand. He was afraid Yilin's second sword would slash down again so he endured the pain to get up and struggled to be free of the rope. He then

escaped down from the cliff.

Suddenly, two people came up from around the mountain. The female shouted, "Hey, was it you who scolded my daughter just then?" She was Yilin's mother who was at the Hanging Temple pretending to be the mute granny. Lao Denuo did a flying kick to kick her away. That granny leaned to one side to avoid it and gave him a mighty slap on the cheek.

"You scolded her 'you **** your mother real good'," she shouted. "I'm her mother! You dare to scold me?"

"Stop him, stop him!" Linghu Chong cried out. "Don't let him get away!"

That granny originally wanted to hit down on Lao Denuo's head, but hearing Linghu Chong's shouting. She shouted, "Little rascal, I'm going to let him go!" She leaned to one side and gave Lao Denuo a kick on his buttock. Lao Denuo felt like he had received a pardon from heaven as he

sprinted down the cliff.

There was a person behind that granny, who was actually Monk No Commandment. He chuckled and said, "What are you playing at? Why are you playing inside the net?"

"Dad," Yilin said. "Undo the fish net, let Big brother Linghu and Young lady Ren out."

"I haven't settled my debt with this little bastard yet," that granny said with a calm face. "You can't let him go!" Linghu Chong laughed loudly then shouted, "Once the couple gets together, you throw the matchmaker out. You husband and wife already has a reunion now, why aren't you thanking the matchmaker?"

That granny gave him a kick and shouted, "I thank you with a kick!" "Peach Valley Six Fairies," Linghu Chong laughingly called out.

"Quickly help me!"

That granny was very afraid of the Peach Valley Six Fairies so she quickly turned her head around. Linghu Chong hastily extended his hand out of the fish net and undid the knot and let Yingying out. But he had not managed to go out yet when that granny shouted, "You can't go out!"

"If I can't get out then I'll stay in here," Linghu Chong laughingly replied. "Inside this fish net, there's no difference between heaven and earth. A gentleman can bend and straighten. Bend to enter the net and straighten to get out of the net. What to do? I, Linghu Chong, ..." As he was spouting nonsense, his eyes caught sight of Yue Buqun's body prostrated on the ground. The smile on his face disappeared and it was suddenly replaced

with tears in his eyes. His tears flowed down his cheeks.

That granny was still angry as she shouted, "Little bastard! If I don't beat you up till you're black and blue then I won't be satisfied!" Her left palm shot out wanting to slap Linghu Chong's right cheek.

"Mom!" Yilin cried out. "Don't... don't..."

Linghu Chong raised his right hand and he was already holding a long sword. Actually, when he was lost in thought looking at Yue Buqun's

corpse, Yingying put the sword in his hand. He pointed his sword and

stabbed it at that granny's right shoulder's acupoint forcing her to retreat a

step. That granny got even angrier. Her body moved like the wind, her palm hacking, her elbow striking, her leg sweeping. In just a short time, she had attacked with seven to eight moves. Linghu Chong was still inside the fish net and he just pointed his sword as he wished. Each stab was aimed at that granny's fatal acupoint. But every time the sword point was about to reach her body, he immediately withdrew it. This 'Dugu Nine Sword' was unmatched in this world. If Linghu Chong wasn't giving way then that granny would've died seven to eight times already. After several more moves, that granny knew his martial art was much too high compared to hers. With a long sigh, she stopped attacking and she looked very upset.

"Dear," Monk No Commandment pleaded. "We're all good friends, why do you need to be angry for?"

"Who asked you to speak?" that granny angrily replied. There was no one to vent her anger to so she turned to him.

Linghu Chong put his sword down and came out of the fish net. "You want to hit me to vent your anger, I'll let you do it!" Linghu Chong laughingly said.

That granny raised her palm and slapped him heavily. Linghu Chong cried out as he didn't dodge the hit.

"Why didn't you dodge?" that granny angrily asked.

"I can't dodge it," Linghu Chong replied. "How do I do that?"

That granny spat. She knew in her heart he was considering Yilin so he let her hit him. Her left palm was already raised but she didn't hit him.

Yingying pulled on Yilin's hand and said, "Little martial sister, lucky you came here to rescue us. How did you come here?"

"I was with the other martial sister," Yilin narrated. "We were all (she pointed at Yue Buqun's corpse) captured by his people. Me and three

other martial sisters were being locked up in a cave. Just then, dad and mom rescued me. Dad, mom and I, also Cannot Have No Commandment and three martial sisters, we all separately went around rescuing the other martial sisters. I was walking below the cliff when I heard people talking on top. The voice sounded like Big brother Linghu's so I quickly went up to have a look."

"He and I went around everywhere but we didn't find anyone," Yingying said. "So you were actually being held inside a cave."

"Just then that old bastard wearing the yellow gown is a bad person," Linghu Chong said. "You let him go but I can't accept that." He picked up a long sword from the ground and said, "Let's chase after him."

The party of five went down the Cliff of Repentance. They had not walked for too long when they saw Tian Boguang with seven Heng-Shan disciples climbing out of a valley. Yiqing was one of them. They were really happy to meet each other.

Linghu Chong thought, "There's no one in this world who knows the surroundings in Huashan better than me. I didn't know there was another

cave below that valley, but Tian Boguang is an outsider and he knows of it.

How strange?" He pulled on Tian Boguang's sleeve and the two of them walked behind the party.

"Brother Tian," Linghu Chong said. "There's another cave below that valley. I didn't know about it before but you knew about it. I really admire you."

Tian Boguang smiled. "There's nothing strange about it."

"Ah, that's right," Linghu Chong said. "You must've captured a Huashan disciple and interrogated him."

"I didn't," Tian Boguang replied.

"Then how did you find out? Can you tell me?" Linghu Chong asked.

Tian Boguang blushed and smiled. "This matter is not comfortable to talk about. It's better not to speak of it."

Linghu Chong was even more curious and he just had to ask about it. "You and I are loafers in Jianghu, what's there that's so uncomfortable to talk about?" Linghu Chong said. "Quickly say it."

"After I say it," Tian Boguang pleaded. "Headmaster Linghu, please don't blame me."

"You've rescued many martial sisters from Heng-Shan School and I haven't thanked you for this yet," Linghu Chong replied. "So how can I blame you?"

Tian Boguang lowered his voice and said, "I'll tell you. Before I had a really bad temperament and you already know about this. Ever since Grand martial master shaved my head and made me take the Buddhist name 'Cannot Have No Commandment', I cannot do that again..."

Linghu Chong thought the way Monk No Commandment reprimanded him was really weird and his mouth showed a slight smile.

Tian Boguang knew what he was thinking of and his face turned red. He

continued, "But I've never forgotten the skills I've learned from earlier. No matter how far I'm separated by, as long as there are women there, I... I can feel them."

Linghu Chong was perplexed, he asked, "How do you do that?" "I also don't know," Tian Boguang replied. "I think I can smell

women, they're different than men's smell."

Linghu Chong laughed aloud. "It's said that some reverend monks can have divine eyes or divine ears. Brother Tian unexpectedly has this 'divine nose'."

"I'm ashamed, ashamed!"

"Brother Tian's skill was originally used to do bad things," Linghu

Chong said. "After undergoing some experience, I never thought that today you'd use this skill to save my Heng-Shan School's disciples."

Yingying turned her head around to ask what was so funny. But looking at Tian Boguang's face, she guessed it was something inappropriate and she quickly shut her mouth.

Tian Boguang suddenly stopped. "There seems to be some Heng-

Shan School's disciples on the left." He sniffed around a few times then

went towards the underbrush below the hill. Lowering his head, he searched around for a while. He exclaimed happily and pointed to the ground.

"Here!" he cried out. There was a pile of more than ten big rocks on the place that he had pointed out. Each of these rocks were around two to three hundred catties. He immediately removed a rock away.

No Commandment and Linghu Chong went over to help. After a

while they had removed more than ten big rocks, and there was a green slab underneath. The three of them worked together to lift the slab up. It revealed a cave underneath and there were a few nuns lying underneath.

They were all disciples of Heng-Shan School. Yiqing and Yimin quickly jumped down the cave and helped their martial sisters to go up. After helping a few to go up, there were still more inside, each one was gasping for air. They quickly pulled the imprisoned Heng-Shan disciple up. Yihe, Zheng E, and Qin Juan were among them. There were more than thirty people inside this cave. If they weren't rescued in the next one or two days, they would have all died.

Linghu Chong thought how his master was so violent, he couldn't help being disappointed with him.

"Brother Tian, this skill of yours isn't a small thing," Linghu Chong praised him. "These martial sisters were deeply buried underneath but you can still smell them out. Really admirable."

"There's nothing strange about it," Tian Boguan replied. "Luckily, there are many martial uncles from the secular world in there..."

"Martial uncles? Ah, that's right, you're Yilin's disciple." "If the ones imprisoned here were all Buddhist martial uncles, then I wouldn't have been able to find them," Tian Boguang continued.

"There's a difference between secular and Buddhist people?"

"Of course. Secular female would have this powder fragrance on them," Tian Boguang explained. Linghu Chong was enlightened.

They quickly tried to rescue them. Yiqing and Yilin were using their caps to scoop water in them to give them drink. Luckily, there was a crack in that cave that allowed air to go in and Heng-Shan School's disciples all had learned inner energy. Even though they were extremely distressed, they still had their lives. Yihe had the deepest inner energy so after drinking

some water, she was the first one to recover.

"We've only rescued less than a third," Linghu Chong said. "Brother Tian, I have to ask you to use your divine power to help us search for them."

That granny stared at Tian Boguang, her face looked really

suspicious. "How did you know they were imprisoned here?" she asked. "You were probably here when they were being imprisoned, am I right?"

"No, no!" Tian Boguang quickly replied. "I've been following grand martial master. I've never left his side."

That granny's face sunk as she shouted, "You've always been with him?"

Tian Boguang mumbled indistinctly. He knew they just had a reunion after a long break up. Along the way they had been crying, laughing, fighting, being romantic, and he had heard all of these. This grand master- wife of his could turn angry from shyness and if that happened, it would be very troublesome. He quickly said, "For the last half a year, I've been following grand martial master. About ten days ago, we parted ways. We just met again today at Huashan." That granny was half believing and half doubting him. She asked, "Then how did you know these nuns were being locked up inside this


"This... this..." Tian Boguang mumbled. He didn't know how to phrase it nicely and was feeling very embarrassed. After some time, they suddenly heard the sound of more than ten horns coming from the mountainside, followed by the sound of drums. It sounded like an army of ten thousand soldiers and a thousand horses had come.

They were all startled. Yingying whispered on Linghu Chong's ear, "It's my dad!"

"Oh!" Linghu Chong realised and he wanted to say, "So it's my father- in-law." But he felt it was inappropriate so he didn't say it out loud. The drums thundered for a while, then the horns rang again.

"Has an army come?" that granny asked.

Suddenly, both the drums and horns stopped. Seven to eight people shouted, "Sun Moon Divine Sect's cultured and esteemed martial artist,

benefactors of the common people, Chief Ren has arrived!" These seven to eight people had very deep internal energies so their shout reverberated throughout the mountain and echoes could be heard, "Chief Ren has

arrived! Chief Ren has arrived!"

The power of these cries intimidated them and the colour on Monk

No Comandment's face and the others changed. The echoes had not finished yet when they heard countless number of voices crying out, "Long live to

Chief, unify the Jianghu! Chief Ren flourishes the Divine Sect, long live to Chief!"

Hearing their voices, there were at least two to three thousands of them. The echo was again heard from everywhere, "Chief Ren flourishes the Divine Sect, long live to Chief! Chief Ren flourishes the Divine Sect, long live to Chief!" After some time, the whole place became quiet. Then someone with a clear voice said, "Sun Moon Divine Sect's cultured and

esteemed martial artist, benefactors of the common people, Chief Ren has

an order: Five mountains sword schools' headmasters and all the disciples in the schools hear this: Everyone will meet at the steps of the Peak of

Morning Sun."

He spoke three times in his clear voice. After stopping for a while, he continued, "Fragrant masters and their deputies of the twelve halls, lead the sect's disciples to check all the hills and guard the important paths! Don't let people walk around! Anyone who doesn't obey this order will be killed!"

Around twenty to thirty people immediately acknowledged this order.

Linghu Chong and Yingying shared a look and they understood what was going on. That person said to check all the hills and to guard the important paths to force the disciples of the five mountains sword schools to go towards the Peak of Morning Sun to meet with Chief Ren. Linghu

Chong thought, "He's Yingying's father. I'm going to marry Yingying soon so I should go see Chief Ren."

He told Yihe and the rest of the people, "We still have a lot of martial sisters who are still imprisoned. Brother Tian, please lead the way to save them as soon as possible. Chief Ren is young lady Ren's father so he

wouldn't give us any trouble. Young lady Ren and I are going to the east peak first. Martial sisters, you can follow later and we'll meet up there on the east peak." Yihe, Yiqing, Yilin and the others acknowledged the order and followed Tian Boguang to save their martial sisters.

"What is he relying on barking orders here?" that granny angrily said. "I'm not going to see him. I want to see how this Ren is going to kill me."

Linghu Chong knew she was very stubborn and was hard to persuade. If she were to meet Ren Woxing, her speech would most likely offend him and things would turn out really bad. He immediately took his leave from Monk No Commandment and his wife, then went to the east peak with Yingying.

"The three highest peaks in Huashan are the east peak, south peak,

and west peak. The east and west peaks are particularly tall," Linghu Chong said. "The real name of the east peak is the Peak of Morning Sun. Your father chose this peak to meet with the disciples of the Five Mountains Sword School to make it look like that we are coming to pay respect to an imperial court. Your father said all the people of the Five Mountains Sword School to go to the Peak of Morning Sun. Could it be that all the people from all the schools are at Huashan?"

"In the five mountains sword schools, Mr. Yue, Zuo Lengchan, and Mr. Mo Da have all passed away today. I don't know who Taishan School

has appointed as their headmaster. In this alliance of five big sword schools, you're the only headmaster left," Yingying said.

"Besides Heng-Shan School, most of the heroes from the five schools have all died inside the cave on that Cliff of Contemplation. Besides, the disciples of Heng-Shan Schools have all been captured and are in distress, I'm afraid..."

"You're afraid my father will take advantage of this to eliminate the five mountains sword schools?"

Linghu Chong nodded his head and let out a sigh. "Actually, he doesn't need to do anything. There's not many people left in the five mountains sword schools."

Yingying also let out a sigh. "Mr. Yue deceived the masters from the five mountains sword schools. He enticed them to look at the sword moves engraved at Huashan with the intention of wiping out all the warriors with good martial art. That way his position as the headmaster of the Five Mountains School would be safe and no one from each of the schools

would be able to go against him. This move was originally very clever, but Zuo Lengchan unexpectedly got a whiff of this and took those blind men to kill him inside that dark cave."

"You're saying Zuo Lengchan wanted to kill my master?" Linghu Chong queried. "He wasn't trying to kill me?"

"He didn't know you were going to come," Yingying answered. "Your swordplay is brilliant and you already knew of the moves engraved on the

cave wall a long time ago, so you wouldn't have gone inside to take a look at those sword moves. When we went in there, it was just a coincidence." "What you said is right," Linghu Chong agreed. "Actually, Zuo

Lengchan and I had no enmity. Both of his eyes were blinded by my master, and the headmaster position of the Five Mountains School was also

snatched by him. Those things would be really cutting to him."

"Zuo Lengchan probably had a strategy prepared," Yingying said. "He'd tempt Mr. Yue to go inside the cave and then take advantage of the

darkness to kill him. I don't know how, but this plan was discovered by Mr. Yue and instead of going in, he guarded the cave's entrance and captured people using the fish net. This is really the mantis seizing the cicada not knowing the oriole was just behind10. Now, Zuo Lengchan and your master have both died while the reason for all these would never be known."

Linghu Chong mournfully nodded his head.

"Mr. Yue deceived the masters of the five mountains sword schools to come here," Yingying continued. "There must've been a foreshadowing of this matter a long time ago. That day at Songshan during the fight for the leadership, your little martial sister used Taishan, Hengshan, Songshan, and Heng-Shan brilliant sword moves. The masters from all four schools

witnessed all these and their hearts would itch in getting to know them. Only the disciples from Heng-Shan School had been taught the sword moves from the cave wall by you, so they wouldn't find them extraordinary. While the disciples from Taishan, Hengshan, and Songshan Schools would of course be asking where Miss Yue got these sword moves from. Mr. Yue secretly spread the rumour and decided on a date that the cave would be open to them. The masters from these three schools, wouldn't they rush to be here?"

"For people who study martial art like us," Linghu Chong said. "Once we hear of a place to learn some brilliant martial art, then we'd definitely brave danger and death to go there. Especially when those martial arts are from our own school, we wouldn't rest until we've seen them. That's why people like martial uncle Mo Da and other master-hands all died inside that cave."

"Mr. Yue anticipated that your Heng-Shan School wouldn't come, so he prepared another plan," Yingying said. "He used the confusion poison to knock everyone out and took them up to Huashan."

"I don't understand why master would spend such a big effort to bring my disciples up to Huashan?" Linghu Chong questioned. "This matter

would be easily discovered since they have to go through such a long journey. Why didn't he just kill all of them at Heng-Shan? Wouldn't this be easier?" He stopped for a tick then continued, "Ah, I understand. If he killed all the Heng-Shan disciples then there'll be one less mountain from the Five Mountains School. Master wants to be the headmaster of the Five

Mountains School, but without Heng-Shan School, he couldn't be the headmaster of the Five Mountains School. The name simply wouldn't be right."

"That's one reason," Yingying said. "But I think, there's still one more reason." "What's that?"

"The best thing would of course be to capture you," Yingying explained. "Then he'd trade with something of mine."

Linghu Chong was enlightened and he excitedly hit his thigh. "That's right. My master wanted the medicine for the Three Corpse Brain Pill."

"After Mr. Yue was forced to take this pill, he would've been restless day and night wanting to get a medicine for it," Yingying said. "One day he wouldn't accept it and the next he'd be worried to death. He knew that he

could only get the medicine by getting you."

"Of course, I'm your darling," Linghu Chong agreed. "Only by using me that he can exchange the medicine from you."

Yingying pursed her lip. "If he was going to use you to trade for the medicine then I wouldn't trade. The materials for the medicine are so hard to get and making them isn't easy either. So they're priceless treasure. How could I trade them so easily?"

"The common saying goes: It's easy to find priceless treasure, hard to find a lover."

Yingying's whole cheeks turned bright red immediately. In a whisper, she said, "Like a mouse getting on a scale, scaling and praising himself.

Know no shame."

As they talked, they arrived at a narrow path. This mountain path was perfectly straight as it went up and it was also very steep. They couldn't

walk side by side through this path. "You go first," Yingying said.

"You go first," Linghu Chong said. "If you fall down then I'll grab


"No, you go first, but you're not allowed to turn your head back to

look at me. You must listen to what granny tells you to do." She laughed when she finished talking.

"Fine, I go first," Linghu Chong relented. "If I fall down, you can grab me."

"That won't do, that won't do!" Yingying hastily replied. She was

afraid he would pretend to misstep to play around with her. So she quickly went up the mountain path first.

Even though Yingying saw him making a joke, his expression was

still melancholic. After he laughed, he turned mournful again. She knew it was difficult for him to forget about Yue Buqun's death. Along the way

she'd tried to make him say some jokes to make him forget about his

worries. After a few turns, they arrived at the top of the Jade Maiden Peak.

Linghu Chong pointed out to her which one was the Jade Maiden's face washing basin and which one was the Jade Maiden's dressing table.

Yingying knew this Jade Maiden Peak was the place he used to play around with Yue Lingshan back then, and she was afraid that he might get even more upset, so she just took a quick glance without asking anything.

After going down a slope, they went up a little path towards the Peak of Morning Sun. They saw guards everywhere around the mountain. The Sun Moon Sect's men were dressed in seven different gown colour and they were very discipline in following the flag going back and forth. Compared to the last time he visited the Dark Wood Cliff, there was a different feeling of dread.

Linghu Chong secretly praised, "Chief Ren is a very learned man. That day when I led thousands of men to attack Shaolin Temple, it was a mess, everything was chaotic. How can it be compared to the Sun Moon Sect's army which resembles a body using its arms, like when an arm wants to point at something, with thousands of people resembling one person?

Dongfang Bubai is also one great person. It was only later that he made a mistake and gave the handling of sect's matter to Yang Lianting. That's when the Dark Wood Cliff withered and its power diminished."

The people of Sun Moon Sect respectfully bowed their bodies when they saw Yingying. They were also very respectful towards Linghu Chong. The bannermen roared one by one from the bottom of the peak all the way to the peak, announcing to Ren Woxing their arrivals. Linghu Chong saw all the important places between the bottom of the peak to the peak were all packed with people from the sect. There were at least two thousands guards around those places. It seemed that this time the Sun Moon Sect had gathered many warriors from the unorthodox path to help them in carrying out this massive operation. If all the headmasters from the five mountains

sword schools were still alive, and all the master-hands from the five

schools were at Huashan, and they had also been deployed before hand to meet this attack, it was still likely that they would lose. At this time with the number of talented fighter close to zero, it was impossible for them to fight back.

Looking at the situation now, it was certain that Ren Woxing had a harmful idea towards the five mountains sword schools. Since things had come to this, there was nothing he could've done and now everything was up to the Heaven's will. He could only take things step by step. If Ren Woxing wanted to annihilate the five mountains sword schools, then he

couldn't just stay on the side preserving his own life. He would have to fight to the death and Heng-Shan School's disciples would all be killed on top of this Peak of Morning Sun.

Although he was clever, he wasn't that experienced and didn't have a plan in mind to face this calamity. When he saw all the disciples of Heng-

Shan School fell into the trap, he also didn't know how to free them and

everything was just left to fate and circumstances. He was also thinking that Yingying and Chief Ren were related by flesh and blood so the most she would do would be not to help both sides. So there was no chance she

would help him by thinking of a plan to go against her own father. At this time, facing the sect's disciples at the Peak of Morning Sun with bows drawn and sabres unsheathed, he didn't even look at them and he instead told Yingying some jokes.

But Yingying was already tied in knots in worry, so she couldn't be like Linghu Chong who was unworried. Along the way, she'd been churning her brain thinking on what to do. She pondered, "Chong-lang is a fearless person. Even if the sky collapsed, he'd only notice it when it's right on top of him. I've always thought of a way for him to do." Thinking that her father had led such a big operation here, it couldn't be anything good. When the situation turned dangerous, then all she could do would be to adapt

since there was no other good option.

The two of them slowly went up to the peak. When they reached the

summit, they were suddenly assaulted with horns blaring followed by sound of music from drums and pipes. This was unexpectedly the welcoming of honoured guests.

Linghu Chong whispered, "Father-in-law is welcoming the son-in-law back home!"

Yingying blankly stared at him and she felt really anxious. She thought, "This person really doesn't worry about anything. At this time, he can still joke around."

Then she heard a person laughed loudly and in a clear voice said,

"Young lady, Brother Linghu, Chief's been waiting for you for a long time."

A slim elder wearing a purple gown took a step forward and gripped both of Linghu Chong's hands. His face was full of happiness. He was

Xiang Wentian. When Linghu Chong saw him, he was also very happy. "Brother Xiang," Linghu Chong called out. "You're well, I've thought of you often."

"At Dark Wood Cliff, I keep hearing news of your prestige soaring in Wulin," Xiang Wentian laughingly replied. "I drank to you from far away, I've at least drunk more than ten big pots of wine. Quickly go see Chief." Taking his hand, he went towards a stone structure several stories high.

That stone structure was on top of the east peak. It was extremely big and tall, just like it had been naturally formed. To the east of that structure was Peak of the Morning Sun's highest place which was called Deity's Palm. That Deity's Palm had five big pillars rising to the sky with the

central pillar being the highest. They saw a big chair placed underneath the central pillar, and a person sat in it. This person was Ren Woxing.

Yingying walked to the front of the palm, looked up and called out, "Daddy!"

Linghu Chong bowed and said, "Junior Linghu Chong pays my respect to Chief."

Ren Woxing laughed aloud. "Little brother, you come at the right time. We're all family, there's no need to be so formal. Today, our sect will meet with the world's heroes so we shall talk business first before talking about family matter. My worthy... worthy brother, sit beside me."

Linghu Chong heard him paused after saying this word 'worthy'

seemingly like he wanted to say 'worthy son-in-law'. But since it had not been decided yet, he corrected himself from calling him 'worthy son-in- law'. It looked like he had already approved of the marriage between Yingying and him. He also said 'We're all family' and 'we shall talk business first before talking about family matter', it was obvious Ren Woxing had regarded him as family. He felt happy and straighten his body up. Suddenly, a cold energy rushed up from this 'Dantian' region and he felt like he had entered an icehouse. His body trembled and continuously

shook. Yingying was started and quickly went up to him. "What's wrong?" "I... I..." Linghu Chong stammered out but he unexpectedly couldn't

utter another word.

Even though Ren Woxing was high up there, his eyesight was still sharp. "Did you clash palms with Zuo Lengchan?"

Linghu Chong nodded.

Ren Woxing smiled. "It's nothing. You sucked his polar ice energy, once you scatter it out, it'll be alright. Why isn't Zuo Lengchan coming here?"

"Zuo Lengchan secretly set up a violent plan to kill Big Brother Linghu and me," Yingying told him. "Big Brother Linghu killed him."

"Oh!" Ren Woxing uttered. He was sitting very high up so they

couldn't see his face. But in this voice, there was an air of disappointment.

Yingying understood her father's heart. Today, he had come in a grand manner to intimidate the five mountains sword schools and to suppress the people of the five schools. Zuo Lengchan was his big enemy and now he

wouldn't be able to see him bend his knee and lower his head in front of him so it was unavoidable that he would feel regret. She extended her left hand to hold Linghu Chong's right hand to help him disperse the cold

energy. Linghu Chong's left hand was being held by Xiang Wentian. Together, they moved their energy. Linghu Chong gradually felt the coldness in his body disappeared.

That day, when Ren Woxing and Zuo Lengchan fought at the Shaolin Temple, he absorbed his polar ice energy and turned into snowman in the middle of the snow field along with Linghu Chong, Xiang Wentian, and Yingying. But this time, Linghu Chong had only clashed swords with him and was only exposed to Zuo Lengchan's cold energy for a short time.

Moreover, he didn't try to absorb it himself so only a little amount of cold energy was absorbed by him. A short time later, he wasn't trembling


"I'm alright, thank you!" Linghu Chong said.

"Little brother," Ren Woxing said. "You heard my call and came up the peak to see me. Very good, very good!" He then turned his head towards Xiang Wentian and said, "Why haven’t the people from the other four

schools arrived yet?"

"Subordinate will call them again!" Xiang Wentian replied. He waved his left hand, and eight old men in yellow gown lined up immediately in front of the peak. They called out together, "Sun Moon Divine Sect's

cultured and esteemed martial artist, benefactors of the common people, Chief Ren has an order: Taishan, Hengshan, Huashan, and Songshan Schools, everyone must quickly come to Peak of the Morning Sun for a meeting. Each hall's fragrant master, ask them to come up quickly and not to delay."

These eight old men were all masters with deep internal energies.

When they combined their voices together, they went very far and were able to be heard from all the peaks. Then they heard from all four directions, there were people answering, "As ordered. Long live to Chief, unify the

Jianghu!" These were the replies from the Sun Moon Sect's fragrant masters.

"Headmaster Linghu, please take a seat beside me," a smiling Ren Woxing said.

Linghu Chong saw five chairs arranged on the west side of the deity's palm. Each chair was draped with a brocade of the colours black, white, blue-green, red, and yellow. While a mountain peak was embroidered on each brocade. North Heng-Shan was black, and on the black satin was

Xianxing Peak embroidered with white thread. He saw the embroidering was attractive and with only a layer of it covering the chair, it had shown how meticulous the Sun Moon Sect had arranged this.

In the five mountains schools, Songshan was the leader while north Heng-Shan was last in standing. But in this seat arrangement, the order had been reversed. The seat of Heng-Shan's headmaster was at the head, followed by west mountain Huashan, while Songshan School was last. It

was Ren Woxing who had lifted his position to intentionally humiliate Zuo Lengchan. But since Zuo Lengchan, Yue Buqun, Mr. Mo Da, and Priest Tianmen had all passed away, Linghu Chong didn't try to decline. He bowed and said, "I'll take a seat!" and went to sit on the chair with the black satin draped on it.

The people at the Peak of the Morning Sun were silently waiting.

After a long time, Xiang Wentian again commanded those eight old men to call out again but they still didn't see anyone coming up.

"These people don’t know how to appreciate favours," Xiang Wentian said. "They're so late in meeting Chief. Call our people to come up first!"

The eight yellow gowned old men called out, "Five lakes four oceans, every island, every cave, every clan, every stronghold, every mountain,

every hall, Brothers, come up to the Peak of Morning Sun to meet Chief!" When the word 'Chief' had just been uttered, the mountain peak was drowned by people crying out, "As ordered!" Their cries shook the valley.

Linghu Chong couldn't help being startled. Hearing this voice, there were at least two to three hundred of them. These people secretly hid themselves

and had guessed Ren Woxing's intention. He had wanted to wait for the people of the five mountains sword schools to arrive first before these thousands of people called out in order to startle and intimidate the five mountains sword schools so they wouldn't dare to resist. All of a sudden, people from all directions came out around the Peak of Morning Sun.

Although there were a lot of them, they didn't make any noise at all. Every person stood separately at their places. It seemed that they had practised this before hand.

There were around two to three thousands people who had come up the peak. They were all people from the unorthodox path. The rest of the sect's subordinate were still waiting around the side of the peak.

Linghu Chong swept his eyes and saw Blue Phoenix, Zu Qianqiu, Old Man, and Ji Wushi among them. These people had perhaps been controlled by the Sun Moon Sect, or perhaps they had always been communicating.

That day when Linghu Chong led the heroes to attack Shaolin Temple, these people also took part. They looked at Linghu Chong and were all smiling, but none of them called out. Besides the sound of footsteps

shuffling, no other sound was heard from these thousands of people on top of this peak. Xiang Wentian raised his right hand and drew a circle in the air. The thousands of people simultaneously kneeled down and

simultaneously said, "Jianghu's juniors pay our respect to Sun Moon Sect's cultured and esteemed martial artist, benefactors of the common people, Sacred Chief! Long live to Sacred Chief, unify the Jianghu!"

These people were all warriors with high martial arts and they were using their energy to call out. One person was like ten people's voices.

When they said 'Long live to Sacred Chief, unify the Jianghu', all the Sun Moon Sect's people around the mountain also joined in. The sound was really shaking the sky and earth.

Ren Woxing majestically sat without moving. He waited for the cries to finish before he lifted his hand. "Everyone has worked hard. Rise!" "Thank you, Sacred Chief!" the thousands of people said together and they stood up at the same time.

Linghu Chong thought, "That time when I went up the Dark Wood Cliff, I saw the people in the sect shamelessly flattering Dongfang Bubai that I wanted to vomit just observing them. I never thought when Ren Woxing became chief, the situation becomes even worse. They've now

added that 'Sacred' word in front of his title making him Sacred Chief. I don't think even the hundreds of scholars and warrior officials would debase themselves in such a fashion when they go to see the current emperor and praise him with 'Long live to Emperor'. I'm a person who studies martial art. If I acted like this insultingly towards other heroes and people, can I still be called a man, a gentleman?" When he thought till here, his qi suddenly rushed up. Suddenly, he felt pain in his 'Dantian' region, his vision darkened, and he felt dizzy.

Both of his hands gripped the chair's arms tightly. His teeth bit on his lower lip until blood seeped out. He knew that after he learned the 'Art of Essence Absorbing', he had sworn off never to use it. But when he was trapped by Yue Buqun inside that fish net outside the cave, his life was hanging by a thread and he was forced to use this demonical method to

absorb Yue Buqun's inner energy. By doing this, he had actually done great harm to himself.

He forcefully restrained himself to not groan aloud. But his body was trembling and his whole face was full of perspiration and distorted. The pain he was in was shown clearly in his expression. Everyone was able to

see this clearly. Zu Qianqiu and the others were all looking at him, feeling very concerned.

Yingying walked behind him and whispered, "Brother Chong, I'm

here." Under the watchful eyes of thousands of people, she could only say this before her face turned bright red. Linghu Chong turned his head around to take a look at her, and he felt somewhat better. He immediately thought of the words Ren Woxing said that day at Hangzhou. Ren Woxing said after he had learned this 'Art of Essence Absorbing', he'd get different types of internal energy inside his body and there would come a day when he had to scatter them out. Once he had scattered them, the fierceness would increase by one fold. All those years ago, Ren Woxing gave up his position of chief to Dongfang Bubai also because of these different types of internal energies inside his own body. He always thought on how to solve this problem that he couldn't think of anything else and was taken advantage of by Dongfang Bubai. Ren Woxing was then imprisoned under the West Lake for more than ten years where he finally discovered how to solve this problem. But he wanted Linghu Chong to join the Sun Moon Sect first before he would teach him this method.

At that time, Linghu Chong was unyielding in his thinking that had been ingrained in his mind since he was small. That the demonical and the orthodox couldn't co-exist and that he could never join the Devil Sect. Later on, he saw Zuo Lengchan who was a big master of the orthodox path being deceitful and violent, and his action not differing too much when compared to the Devil Sect. Thus, the line between the orthodox and demonical wasn't that clear anymore. Sometimes, he also thought that if Ren Woxing was determined to make him join the sect then only if he agreed to marry Yingying off to him would he just join the sect without care. His nature was easygoing and he didn't take anything seriously. It didn't worry him whether he joined the sect or not, it wasn't a big deal for him. But that day on the

Dark Wood Cliff, when he saw the heroes being so humble towards

Dongfang Bubai and Ren Woxing and with them speaking so flatteringly and insincerely, he couldn't help feeling a strong dislike against the sect instead. He was thinking that if he joined the sect, then he must also spend his days like a slave and he'd become a useless person. Every person has his own fate in living and dying, if he was required to beg to keep his life then Linghu Chong would never do it.

Now, he had further seen Ren Woxing abused his power and arranged everything like he was better than an emperor. He thought of the day when Ren Woxing was back in the dark prison underneath the West Lake, how there was no scenery in there at all. But today, he insulted the world's heroes like they were not people at all. At this time, he suddenly heard

someone said in a clear voice, "Reporting to Sacred Chief, Heng-Shan School's disciples have arrived."

Linghu Chong was startled. He saw Yihe, Yiqing, Yilin, and the rest of the Heng-Shan disciples helping each other to go up the peak. Monk No Commandment, his wife, and Tian Boguang were walking behind them.

"Friends," Bao Dachu said in a loud voice. "Please go and see Sacred Chief."

Yiqing and the rest of the disciples saw Linghu Chong sitting on the side. They knew Ren Woxing was his father-in-law, so even though they felt the orthodox and demonical shouldn't be together, on account of their headmaster, they paid their respects as juniors. Walking to the front of the Deity's Palm, they bowed to pay their respect. "Heng-Shan School's junior disciples pay our respects to Chief Ren!"

"Kneel and kowtow!" Bao Dachu ordered.

"We're Buddhist," Yiqing replied in a loud voice. "We worship

Buddha, worship Boddhisatva, worship master, we don't worship ordinary people!" "Sacred Chief isn't an ordinary person," Bao Dachu shouted. "He's a divine deity just like Buddha and Boddhisatva!"

Yiqing turned her head to look at Linghu Chong. Linghu Chong shook his head.

"If you want to kill us then kill us!" Yiqing replied. "Disciples of Heng-Shan do not worship ordinary people!"

"Well said, well said!" Monk No Commandment said as he laughed aloud.

"Which school are you from?" Xiang Wentian indignantly questioned. "Where do you come from?"

He saw Heng-Shan School's disciples weren't willing to kowtow to Ren Woxing and the situation was now at a deadlock. If they troubled the female disciples then it wouldn't be good in front of Linghu Chong. So he immediately turned to Monk No Commandment to divide Ren Woxing's attention and make him forget of the kowtow incident.

"Big temples don't want to take me in, while little temples don't want such a wild monk, so I have no family or school," Monk No Commandment laughingly replied. "I heard there'll be lots of people gathering here so I

came here to take a look and join in the revelry."

"Today, the Divine Sun Moon Sect is here to meet the five mountains sword schools," Xiang Wentian said. "Other people aren't allowed to be here. Go down the mountain!"

Xiang Wentian said this politely because he was taking into account Linghu Chong's face. He saw Monk No Commandment had come up together with the Heng-Shan School's female disciples so he expected him to be related to the Heng-Shan School. Thus, he didn't want to make things to difficult for him. "This Mount Huashan doesn't belong to your Devil Sect," said a

smiling No Commandment. "If I want to be here then I'll be here, if I want to go then I'll go. Besides the Huashan School's disciples, who dares to tell me what to do?"

These words 'Devil Sect' were a very big taboo in the Sun Moon Sect.

Even though the people in Wulin often used the word 'Devil Sect' behind their backs, they'd never blatantly speak these words to their faces. Monk No Commandment was a very frank person who spoke his mind and there was nothing he was afraid of saying. When he heard Xiang Wentian telling him to go down the mountain, he was displeased and didn't even care how many people the enemy had, and unexpectedly didn't show any fear.

Xiang Wentian turned to Linghu Chong and said, "Brother Linghu, what's the relationship between your honourable school and this crazy monk?"

Linghu Chong's chest and stomach were in great pain so he tremblingly replied, "This... this is Great Master No Commandment..."

Ren Woxing was extremely angry to have heard No Commandment addressed them as the 'Devil Sect'. He was afraid Linghu Chong might say that this monk was deeply connected to him and then they wouldn't be able to kill him. Without waiting for Linghu Chong to finish, he immediately

shouted, "Kill this crazy monk!"

"As ordered!" eight elders in yellow gown acknowledged. They cupped their fists and attacked No Commandment immediately after.

"You're relying on many people?" No Commandment shouted. He only said a few words and the attacks from these eight elders had arrived.

"How shameless!" that granny scolded.

She leapt in the crowd, got behind Monk No Commandment's back, and used her palms to fight with the enemies. These eight elders were Sun Moon Sect's number one experts, and their martial arts were about similar to that of No Commandment and that granny. Moreover, with eight against two, they soon got the upper hand. Tian Boguang pulled out his knife and Yilin raised her long sword to enter the fight. Both of their martial arts were far below theirs, and two of the eight elders separated to fight them. Tian

Boguang fought with his fast knife chops and he was able to hold up. But Yilin was already pressed by her enemy until she was gasping for air. If it wasn't for the fact that the elder saw her wearing Heng-Shan School's uniform, and that he was giving way to her on Linghu Chong's account, she would've been killed.

Linghu Chong stooped down and pressed his left hand to his stomach.

His right hand pulled his long sword out and called out, "Stop... stop!"

Rushing into the fight with his long sword trembling, he executed eight moves to force four elders to move back. He turned around and executed

another eight moves. These sixteen moves were from the 'Dugu Nine Sword Art' and each move was aimed at an elder's fatal point. The eight elders

were forced back and they didn't dare to fight with him for real so they all stepped back.

Linghu Chong crouched on the ground and said, "Chief... Chief Ren, on my account, please... please let them..." But he couldn't utter the last

word 'go'.

Ren Woxing saw his situation and guessed that the different types of internal energy inside his body were coming out. He knew that his daughter wanted to marry him and he himself liked his personality. Also, as he never had a son, he was hoping that he would someday be the divine sect's chief. So he immediately nodded his head and said, "Since Headmaster Linghu requested this, I'll be lenient today." Xiang Wentian moved in a flash with both his hands striking out to seal the acupoints on No Commandment and his wife, Tian Boguang and Yilin. He struck out really fast and mysteriously. Even though that granny

had fast as lightning movement, she unexpectedly couldn't escape from his strike.

"Xiang... Xiang..." Linghu Chong was alarmed.

"Don't worry," Xiang Wentian laughed. "Sacred Chief already said he's going to be lenient." He turned his head and called out, "Eight guards, step out!"

Eight people wearing blue-green gowns came out and bowed. "We're ready to receive Left Protector Xiang's order!"

"Four males and four females," Xiang Wentian said.

Four males immediately stepped back and replaced by four females. "These four people spoke improperly and ought to have been killed,"

Xiang Wentian said. "But Sacred Chief is lenient and tolerant and on

account of Headmaster Linghu, he granted them leniency. Take them down the mountain and unseal their acupoints."

The eight respectfully bowed and acknowledged the order.

Xiang Wentian lowered his voice and relayed more order, "They're Headmaster Linghu's friends. Don't be rude to them."

"Yes!" the eight people answered. Taking these four people behind their backs, they went down from the peak.

Linghu Chong and Yingying saw No Commandment and the other three people had escaped with their lives so they let out a long sigh of relief.

"Thank... Thank you!" Linghu Chong said in trembling voice from his crouching position on the ground as he couldn't stand back up. Just then

when he executed the sixteen moves, he forced the eight elders to retreat. However, each of these elders had excellent martial arts and his sword moves wouldn't have been able to injure them. Although he used these

sixteen moves in the blink of an eye, he had consumed a large amount of energy to do so. Now, his chest and stomach felt even more painful.

Xiang Wentian was secretly worried but his face wasn't showing it.

He laughingly said, "Brother Linghu, are you unwell?"

Back then, Linghu Chong and he combined together to fight against numerous heroes and became sword brothers. Even though they had rarely met, their friendship would never change through life and death. He took Linghu Chong's hand and supported him to sit back on his chair while

secretly giving Linghu Chong his inner energy to help him fight against the turmoil in his internal energy. Linghu Chong thought that since he had the 'Art of Essence Absorbing' so with Xiang Wentian doing this, he might inadvertently absorb Xiang Wentian's martial art. Thus, he quickly

struggled to break free from Xiang Wentian's grip. "Big Brother Xiang, don't! I'm... I'm ok now."

"From among the five mountains sword schools, only Heng-Shan School came to this meeting," Ren Woxing said. "The disciples from the remaining four schools are unexpectedly afraid to come up to this peak. We won't be polite anymore then."

At this time, Shangguan Yun quickly walked up to the peak and

arrived at the front of the Deity's Palm. He bowed and said, "Reporting to Sacred Chief: Inside the cave on the Cliff of Contemplation, I found hundreds of corpses. Songshan School's Headmaster Zuo Lengchan is

amongst the dead. There are also countless Songshan's, Hengshan's, and Taishan's master-hands. It seems they had killed each other."

"Ah!" Ren Woxing gasped. "Hengshan's Headmaster Mo Da is among them?" "Subordinate carefully examined the corpses," Shangguan Yun reported. "I didn't find Mo Da among them. I also didn't find his traces anywhere in Huashan."

Linghu Chong and Yingying felt happy and surprised at the same time. They looked at each other and both thought, "Mr. Mo Da can mysteriously appear and disappear, and he actually managed to escape from danger. I'm guessing he might have pretended to be dead amongst the

corpses until everything was safe before coming out."

Then they heard Shangguan Yun continuing, "Taishan School's Yuqingzi and Yuyinzi are both dead."

Ren Woxing was very displeased to hear this. "What... What else?" "Outside that cave," Shangguan Yun continued. "There's another


"Who is it?" Ren Woxing asked hastily.

"Subordinate checked and he was Huashan School's Headmaster," Shangguan Yun reported. "He's the newly appointed headmaster of the Five Mountains School, the Gentleman Sword Yue Buqun."

He knew Linghu Chong would inevitably be the sect's chief in the future, and that Yue Buqun was his master, so that was why he spoke so respectfully about him.

When Ren Woxing heard Yue Buqun had also died, he couldn't help feeling disappointed. He asked, "Who... Who else has died?"

"When subordinate was inside the cave on the Cliff of Contemplation checking things out, I heard there was sound of fighting behind the cave," Shangguan Yun said. "I came out to take a look and saw a group of

Huashan School's people and Taishan School's priests fighting each other. They were saying that the other group had killed their master. Both parties fought violently and many died. I've brought them here to receive Sacred Chief's punishment."

Ren Woxing hummed and said, "Yue Buqun was killed by Taishan School? Who in Taishan School has the ability to do that?"

From the Heng-Shan School, Yiqing said in a clear voice, "No! Yue Buqun was killed by a sister from the Heng-Shan School."

"Who?" Ren Woxing demanded.

"The one who just went down the peak, little martial sister Yilin," Yiqing answered. "Yue Buqun killed our Abbess Master and Martial Uncle Dingyi. Everyone in our school hates him to the bone. Today, with the blessing of Buddha, Abbess Master and Martial Uncle Dingyi borrowed little martial sister's hand to punish this evildoer."

"Hmm," Ren Woxing hummed. "That's how it is! That can be said the heaven's net is great and no one can escape." His disappointment was

evident in his speech.

Xiang Wentian and the elders were looking at each other, and were all feeling dejected. This time, the Sun Moon Sect had come to Huashan and had planned everything meticulously. Not only had all the master-hands from the sect came out, they had also gathered all the subordinates from

each clan, each stronghold, each cave, and each island to force the five mountains sword schools to submit to them. If the five schools didn't want to submit, then they would immediately be annihilated. Then Ren Woxing and Sun Moon Sect would control the world. They would continue with Shaolin and Wudang Schools, and none from among the orthodox path

would be able to resist. The business of long live the chief and unifying the Jianghu was to be settled today on the Peak of Morning Sun at Mount

Huashan. Unexpectedly, Zuo Lengchan, Yue Buqun, and the masters from Taishan School had killed each other, and the whereabouts of Mr. Mo Da was unknown. There also weren't many left of the juniors from the four schools. The meticulous planning and preparation that had been done by Ren Woxing had all been useless.

Ren Woxing got angrier as he thought more. He shouted, "Bring those dogs from the five sword schools up here!"

"Yes!" Shangguan Yun replied. He turned around to go down the peak to get them.

The different types of internal energies that were disturbed in Linghu Chong's body gradually calmed down. When he heard Ren Woxing said 'Bring those dogs from the five sword schools up here', he still felt unhappy because even though Ren Woxing wasn't scolding himself, Heng-Shan School was still part of the five mountains sword schools.

After some time, shouting were heard as two elders from the Sun Moon Sect led a group of sect's people herding thirty three disciples from the Songshan, Taishan, Hengshan, and Huashan School up to the peak.

Originally, Huashan School didn't have that many disciples, but most of the master-hands from Songshan, Taishan, and Hengshan Schools who came to Mount Huashan had died. These thirty three disciples were not only nameless, each one of them were also injured. If not for the Sun Moon Sect's people helping them to walk, they wouldn't have been able to get up the peak. Ren Woxing was furious when he saw them. Without waiting for them to come closer, he shouted, "Why do I want these dogs to come up here for? Take them down, take them all down!"

"As ordered by Sacred Chief," those two elders replied and brought those thirty disciples down from the peak.

Ren Woxing swore a few times before he suddenly laughed aloud. "The actions of the five mountains sword schools can be said to be unforgivable by heaven. We don't have to do anything and they're already killing each other. From now on, they no longer exist in Jianghu."

Xiang Wentian along with ten elders bowed and said, "This is Sacred Chief's great fortune. All those little bandits died by themselves."

Xiang Wentian also said, "Within the five mountains sword schools, Heng-Shan School is the only one left. This is all because of Headmaster Linghu's leadership. From now on, Heng-Shan School and our divine sect will have the same root different branches. We're going to be prosperous

and glorious. Congratulations Sacred Chief to obtain a young hero with no equal in this world to be your vice."

"That's right!" Ren Woxing said. "Left Protector Xiang said it well. Little brother Linghu, from today onwards, you can disband your Heng- Shan School. All the Shi Tai and the female disciples in your school are all welcome to come to our Dark Wood Cliff. Otherwise, it won't be

appropriate to stay at Mount Heng-Shan. Then you can take this Heng- Shan's remnants as your Vice-Chief's personal army, haha, haha!" He looked up at the sky and let out a loud laugh that shook the valley.

When they heard the words 'Vice-Chief', all of them were stupefied. A moment later, they all cheered and cries from all directions were heard, "Hero Linghu be our sect's Vice-Chief! It's very good!" "Congratulations Sacred Chief getting an excellent deputy!" "Congratulations Sacred Chief,

congratulations Vice-Chief!" "Long live to Sacred Chief, Long live to Vice- Chief!" All the people from the sect had long regarded Linghu Chong as their Chief's son-in-law, and as he was also appointed as Vice-Chief, it was natural that he would inherit the chief position in the future. They knew he was an easy-going person and when he ascends into power, they most likely wouldn't have to be so anxious like the current time, when they were forever in fear. The rest of the Jianghu heroes here had most likely followed Linghu Chong in attacking the Shaolin Temple and had gone through trials and tribulations with him. Or perhaps, they had received Yingying's kindness in getting the medicine. They all supported him from the bottom of their hearts.

"Congratulations Vice-Chief," Xiang Wentian happily said. "Let's drink your celebratory wine to welcome you to the sect first. Then we'll drink your celebratory wine for your marriage to young lady. What a double happiness, happiness on top of happiness."

But Linghu Chong was at a loss. He knew this matter should not happen but he also didn't know how to decline it. Another thought was if he declined this then his wish to marry Yingying would not happen. Also, once Ren Woxing was angered, he might even be killed. He didn't regret dying, but he was afraid all the disciples of Heng-Shan School might all be killed right here. Should he decline it immediately, or should he agree for the time being to let the Heng-Shan's disciples to go down the mountain safely? He

slowly turned his head around to look at the Heng-Shan's disciples. Some of them were looking angry, some had their heads lowered looking sad, some were looking apprehensive; none of them knew what to do.

Then he heard Shangguan Yun said in a clear and loud voice, "Under the leadership of Sacred Chief and the help of Vice-Chief, let's burn Shaolin, destroy Wudang, Kunlun, and Emei. Then we'll also annihilate the Beggar Clan. This will be done easily. Long live to Sacred Chief, unify the Jianghu! Long live Vice-Chief, your benevolent is endless!"

Linghu Chong was hesitating in making a decision. But hearing Shangguan Yun giving him an ode 'Long live Vice-Chief, your benevolent is endless', even though it was still not as much as what Ren Woxing received, if he really became the Vice-Chief then this ode would forever follow him. Thinking till here, he felt it was very comical and couldn't help uttering a laugh. This laughter seemed like a ridicule and when they heard it, the whole Peak of Morning Sun became quiet all of a sudden.

"Headmaster Linghu," Xiang Wentian addressed him. "Sacred Chief gives you this Vice-Chief position. This means among everyone in Wulin, there's only one person above you and you have tens of thousands of people below you. Quickly thank Sacred Chief."

Suddenly, Linghu Chong was enlightened. Without preparation, he stood up and spoke towards the Deity's Palm, "Chief Ren, junior has two big matters that I'd like to discuss with Chief."

"You might as well say it," said a smiling Ren Woxing.

"The first matter," Linghu Chong said. "Junior was entrusted the position of Heng-Shan School's headmaster by Dingxian Shi Tai and I took up the position. Even if I can't improve the prestige of Heng-Shan School, I mustn’t take the Heng-Shan School into the Sun Moon Divine Sect either. Otherwise, later under the Nine Fountains, how would I have the face to meet Dingxian Shi Tai? That's the first matter. The second matter is personal, I'm asking Chief to let your daughter be my wife."

When the crowd heard him mentioned the first matter, they felt things would go bad. But hearing him following it up with a public marriage proposal, they looked at each other smiling.

Ren Woxing laughed loudly and said, "The first matter is easily

solved. Just give the headmaster position of Heng-Shan School to a Shi Tai here. After you swear the oath to join our divine sect, we can then discuss if Heng-Shan School still needs to join the sect or not. The second matter,

Yingying and you are perfectly suited to each other and the whole world already knows. Of course I agree to her marrying you. Why need to be so worry for? Haha, haha!"

Everyone shouted their agreements and was calling out happily. Linghu Chong turned his head around and took a glance at Yingying. Both her cheeks were crimson and her face showing her delight. He waited until the laughter from the crowd died down before he said in a clear voice, "Because of Chief's kindness, junior has been invited to join the honourable sect and I was also given a high position. But junior is a plain person who doesn't follow custom, so if I join the honourable sect, I'll definitely ruin

Chief's big matter. After careful consideration, I'm hoping Chief withdraw the offer."

Ren Woxing was angered and he coldly said, "You're saying you don't want to join the divine sect?"

"That's right!" Linghu Chong replied.

Those two words were said determinedly and it left no doubt. In that moment, everyone on the Peak of Morning Sun lost the colours on their faces.

"The different types of internal energies you've accumulated in your body manifested today," Ren Woxing said. "Half a year from now, give or take three months, they'll manifest again. Then each time it does, it'll be

even worse. As for the method to harmonize them, I'm the only one in the whole world to know how to do it."

"That day in the Hangzhou Plum Manor and also at the foot of Mount Shaoshi in the middle of the snow field, Chief already told me about this," Linghu Chong said. "Junior just tasted the feeling of these different types of inner energies manifesting. It's like my body was going through a thousand deaths. But a gentleman will walk through Jianghu without caring about being death or alive, sad or happy."

Ren Woxing snorted. "You can still talk so bravely. Today, your

Heng-Shan School is all in my grasp. I won't let a single one of you to go down the mountain alive. I can do that as easy as turning my hand over." "Although Heng-Shan School is mostly women, we have no fear," Linghu Chong said. "If Chief wants to kill us then we pledge to fight to the death."

Yiqing waved a hand and all the disciples of Heng-Shan School stood behind Linghu Chong.

"We as disciples of Heng-Shan School follow the headmaster's order, we're not afraid of dying," Yiqing shouted.

"We're not afraid of dying!" the rest of the disciples shouted together. "The enemies are many, we're few," Zheng E said. "We've also fallen

into a trap. Later, heroes in Jianghu will find out how our Heng-Shan School fight to the death."

Ren Woxing was furious. He looked up to the sky and laughed aloud. "If I kill you today, they're going to say I setup this ambush to harm you.

Linghu Chong, bring your disciples back to Mount Heng-Shan. One month from now, I'm going to personally go to Xianxing Peak. If by that time a dog or a bird can remain alive on Mount Heng-Shan, then you can regard me as gutless."

The sect's people cried out, "Long live to Sacred Chief, unify the

Jianghu! Slaughter on Mount Heng-Shan, dogs and bird won't be spared!"

According to Sun Moon Sect's cries, going up Xianxing Peak to

annihilate the Heng-Shan School was only one climb away. Regardless of how Heng-Shan School prepared their defences once they went back, Sun Moon Sect was certain to slaughter them. Previously when the five mountains sword schools became enemy with the Sun Moon Sect, the five schools supported each other. If one school had a difficulty, the other four schools would come to help. Over the last one hundred years, this had kept

the situation unchanged with no side winning or losing. Now, with only one school remaining from the five mountains sword school alliance, of course there would be no way for them to resist. This point was understood by everyone in Heng-Shan School.

When Ren Woxing said he wanted to slaughter the Heng-Shan School without sparing any bird or dog, it wasn't just big talk. Actually in Ren Woxing's mind, he was thinking of another thing. Even though Linghu

Chong's sword art was excellent, he would be unable to do it alone and Heng-Shan School by itself wouldn't be able to avert disaster. What was actually tugging at his mind was Shaolin and Wudang Schools. He was thinking that when Linghu Chong went back and suddenly asked for help from Shaolin and Wudang, these two schools would definitely dispatch their master-hands to Xianxing Peak to help. Then instead of attacking

Heng-Shan, he'd attack Wudang and set up a three way ambush between Mount Shaoshi and Mount Wudang. Since Mount Wudang and Shaolin Temple were only hundreds of li apart, Wudang would certainly notify

Shaolin when they were in trouble. By that time, a large number of experts from Shaolin Temple would have gone to Heng-Shan, while the rest would definitely come out of their nest to help Wudang. Then Sun Moon Sect

would attack Shaolin Temple and burn it down first. By that time, the ambush would be sprung and it would annihilate the Shaolin monks en

route to Wudang. Once that was accomplished, they'd go surround Mount Wudang but not attack immediately. They would wait for the masters from Shaolin and Wudang who had gone to Heng-Shan to hear of the news first. These master-hands would rush thousands of li to be back at Wudang, while Sun Moon Divine Sect would leisurely wait for them and ambushed them midway and things would go well.

After that, attacking Wudang and annihilating Heng-Shan would be as easy as turning his palm over. At this instant, he had decided on the plan to do away with Shaolin and Wudang, and he had been repeating it over and over in his head guessing that it would most likely succeed. Even though Linghu Chong had insulted him by not willing to enter the sect, it was only by his act that Sun Moon Divine Sect would succeed in uniting Jianghu.

The happiness in Ren Woxing's heart was indescribable.

Linghu Chong turned to Yingying and said, "Yingying, you can't go with me?"

Yingying's eyes were already full of tears a long time ago. She

couldn't endure it anymore and tears flowed down her cheeks. "If I follow you to Heng-Shan, that won't be filial; If I lose you, it's also not right. It's hard to fulfil both filialness and comradeship. Brother Chong, Brother

Chong, don't think about me anymore. In any case, you ..." "What?"

"In any case, you won't live for much longer. I also wouldn't live one day longer than you."

"Your father already agreed to marry you to me," said a smiling Linghu Chong. "He's a Chief with long life, a Sacred Chief who unifies

Jianghu, how can his words not be believed? How about if we pay respect to heaven and earth right here and become husband and wife?"

Yingying was startled. Although she knew Linghu Chong was a rash and unruly person, she didn't expect he would say such a thing. Her face

couldn't help turning bright red. "How... How can we do that?"

Linghu Chong laughed aloud and said, "We'll part here then." He knew Yingying's heart. She was waiting for Ren Woxing to lead the sect to attack Heng-Shan, and once he died, she would also commit suicide. This was inevitable and there was nothing to stop it. If at this time she could do away with custom and agree to marry him on this Peak of Morning Sun and go back together to Mount Heng-Shan, then they could've enjoyed a few days as newlyweds and died together later on. There would've been no regret.

But this act was just too shocking, it didn't matter when Linghu

Chong who lived like a beggar did it. But for Young lady Ren, who was shy and proper, she definitely couldn't do it. Moreover, if she did this, then it

would also make her not filial. So after he laughed, he cupped his fists towards Ren Woxing, Xiang Wentian, and the elders around there.

"Linghu Chong will respectfully wait for you all at Xianxing Peak!" Linghu Chong said. Once he finished, he turned around to go.

"Wait!" Xiang Wentian quickly interrupted. "Bring the wine over!

Brother Linghu, if we don't get drunk today, we won't have the chance later on."

Linghu Chong laughed heartily. "Wonderful, wonderful! Brother Xiang really knows me."

When the Sun Moon Sect came to Mount Huashan, they had planned everything meticulously. When Xiang Wentian shouted 'bring the wine over', subordinates carrying jugs of wine immediately came over, broke open the cover, and poured the wine. Xiang Wentian and Linghu Chong

each drank a bowl.

From the crowd, a short and stout person walked out. That person was Old Man and he said, "Master Linghu, I will always remember your benevolence. I salute you with a bowl today." As he finished saying this, he heaved a bowl and gulped it down. He was only a nobody who was under the jurisdiction of the Sun Moon Sect and his position was nowhere near that of Xiang Wentian. When Linghu Chong wasn't willing to join the sect, he had publicly insulted Ren Woxing. So a small fry like Old Man daring to come forward to toast Linghu Chong would probably meet with death soon. He put comradeship above his own life and didn't think of the dangers facing him in the future. When the crowd saw him so daring, they secretly admired him.

Zu Qianqiu, Ji Wushi, Blue Phoenix, Huang Boliu, and other people came forward one by one and toasted him. Linghu Chong drank his bowl of wines and saw the people coming up to toast him were unending. He thought, "So many friends regard me and Linghu Chong hasn't lived in

vain. But why do I have to kill them?" He lifted his bowl and said, "Friends, Linghu Chong can't drink anymore so let's stop drinking for today. When you come to attack Heng-Shan, I'll prepare wine at the bottom at the mountain and we'll get drunk before we fight!" He gulped down a bowl

when he finished saying his speech

The crowd said together, "Headmaster Linghu, a straight talk from a straightforward person!"

There were also people who said, "After we get drunk, we'll fight a drunken fight. It'll be interesting."

Linghu Chong tossed his wine bowl on the ground and drunkenly walked down the peak. Yiqing, Yihe, and the other Heng-Shan's disciples followed him down the peak.

When the crowd was sharing a drink with Linghu Chong, Ren Woxing was smiling and didn't utter a word. But his heart was thinking on how to prepare the three way ambush between Shaolin and Wudang; How to pretend to attack Heng-Shan to lead the experts from Shaolin and Wudang Schools to go and help; How to open one side of Wudang during the attack to let someone escape through to get help from Shaolin Temple; Also, how to do this in a manner that the strategists in the opponent camp do not figure out the plan. When Linghu Chong went down the mountain, all the plans on destroying Wudang and subduing Shaolin had more or less been formed in his heart. He also thought, "These chaps actually dared to toast that little kid in front of me. This debt will be settled slowly. I'm going to use them for now and not do anything for now. Wait until Shaolin, Wudang, and Heng-Shan Schools are destroyed, then everyone who toasted Linghu Chong today won't have a good fate."

Suddenly he heard Xiang Wentian said, "Everyone hear me: Sacred

Chief knows Linghu Chong is stubborn and doesn't take *** kissing (I can’t think of a better word) but he still tried to persuade him with nice words.

Even though Sacred Chief is a broad-minded person and loves a talented person, he has a deeper meaning in doing this that Linghu Chong couldn't grasp. Today, we could've easily destroyed Songshan, Taishan, Huashan, and Hengshan Schools. Sun Moon Divine Sect, glory to the sect!"

The sect's disciples cried out, "Long live to Sacred Chief, unify the Jianghu!"

Xiang Wentian waited until their voices died down before he

continued, "There's still Shaolin and Wudang Schools in Wulin. They're our sect's biggest dangers. Sacred Chief wanted to use Linghu Chong to set up his plan in destroying Shaolin and annihilating Wudang. Sacred Chief's plan is foolproof and he had the whole idea in his mind already. He had already

anticipated that Linghu Chong wouldn't agree to join the sect and sure

enough, he didn't agree to join the sect. So we toasted Linghu Chong before just as ordered by Sacred Chief!"

When the sect's disciples heard this, they all thought, "So that's how it is!" Then they all shouted, "Long live to Sacred Chief, unify the Jianghu."

Xiang Wentian had followed Ren Woxing for so many years and knew what his personality was like. When the feeling of comradeship was roused in his heart, he toasted Linghu Chong. He knew this would make

Ren Woxing unhappy, but it didn't matter for him. But when the remaining people also toasted him, it was unavoidable that they would be killed later. So he quickly composed a speech in order to save Ren Woxing's face and to also save Old Man, Ji Wushi, and those people's lives. In saying this, when the people toasted Linghu Chong, they had not ruin Ren Woxing's authority and instead appeared to make him look to have foresighted it. When Ren Woxing heard Xiang Wentian related it in such a way, he felt really happy

and secretly thought, "Left Protector Xiang has after all followed me for many years so he knows what I'm thinking. But, even though he knows I want to destroy Shaolin and annihilate Wudang, he still couldn't guess the method on how I'm going to do that. The strategy for this will be revealed step by step, even he wouldn't know of the whole plan before hand."

"Sacred Chief is so knowledgeable. Everything in this world is

already calculated by him," Shangguan Yun shouted. "What Sacred Chief wants us to do then we'll do it, we won't go wrong."

"Wherever Sacred Chief points us to, we'll go," Bao Dachu said. "We'll go through water and fire, we won't balk a tens of thousands of deaths."

"For Sacred Chief, dying a hundred thousands times is better than living without purpose," Qin Weibang cried out.

Another person said, "Brothers, you've all said it. These last few days had been the most interesting days in our lives, we'd been able to see Sacred Chief everyday. Seeing Sacred Chief once gives us strength and refreshes our minds, just like we've practiced inner energy for ten years."

Another person said, "Sacred Chief illuminates the world making our Sun Moon Sect favoured by the common people, also like the rain coming down after a long drought. Everyone's happy and they're giving thanks."

Another person said, "Heroes from ancient times till now, the grand heroes, holy saints, none of them is able to reach Sacred Chief. How can Confucius' martial art be as good as Sacred Chief? Marquis Guan is the measure of braveness, but how can he measure up against Sacred Chief's

wisdom? Even though Zhuge's stratagem is high, how would he fare with a sword against our Sacred Chief?"

The sect's disciples cheered loudly and they called out, "Confucius, Marquis Guan, Zhuge Liang, who can compare with our Sacred Chief!"

"After our divine sect unites the Jianghu, we'll get all the statues of Confucius out of the culture temple and all the Guan Yu's statues out of the martial temple" Bao Dachu said. "We'll erect Sacred Chief's statues in their places!"

"Long live to Sacred Chief, long live!" Shangguan Yun shouted. "Our child and grandchildren, eighteen generations of our descendants, all of them will follow Sacred Chief."

The crowd called out at the same time, "Long live to Sacred Chief, unify the Jianghu! Long live, unify the Jianghu!"

Ren Woxing heard his subordinates flattering him endlessly. Although some of these praises were rather fantastical, he thought he could use some of them. He thought, "Some of these talks aren't wrong. Zhuge Liang's martial art is definitely not my match, and when he conducted the six

campaigns out of Mount Qi, he wasn't successful at all. So talking of

wisdom and knowledge, is he any better than me? Guan Yu crossed five passes and slayed six generals, this is brave. But if he were to fight me alone, how could withstand against my 'Art of Essence Absorbing'?

Confucius only had no more than three thousands disciples, while my subordinates number in the thirty thousands. He led three thousands disciples running here and there, and ran out of food and couldn't do anything. I led tens of thousands of people to across the world and go

whereever I wish without any problem. Confucius' ability and wisdom when compared to Ren Woxing's aren't that far apart." Hearing the cries of 'Long live, unify the Jianghu! Long live, unify the Jianghu!' shaking the ground, the people around the mountain also

started to call out. The echoes resounded throughout the mountain. Ren Woxing smugly stood up.

When the sect's disciples saw him stood up, they all paid their respects by prostrating on the ground. All of a sudden, Peak of Morning Sun became quiet and there wasn't the slightest noise heard. Sunshine

covered Ren Woxing's face and his entire body. The majestic looking Chief of the Sun Moon Sect looked like a god. Ren Woxing laughed aloud and

said, "If only I could live forever like to..." When he spoke till here, he was suddenly mute. He moved his energy to say the word 'today', but he felt his chest contracting and the word couldn't come out from his mouth. He pressed his chest using his right hand wanting to press down the blood bubbling up on his throat but he felt dizzy and the sunshine dazzled him.

Chapter 40 Harmony

The slipcover for the chair was embroidered with nine golden dragons surrounding a rising son from the ocean. On the edges, it was studded with many pearls, diamonds, and gems.

Linghu Chong went down the mountain in a drunken state and it wasn't until midnight that he finally woke up. When he woke up, he discovered he was lying in the wilderness with the Heng-Shan's disciples sitting far away to guard him and that he was also having a splitting headache. He was thinking that he wouldn't be able to see Yingying ever again and his heart

ache thinking about it. When their party finally arrived at Xianxing Peak on Mount Heng-Shan, they first went to Dingxian, Dingjing, and Dingyi Shi Tai's altar to report they had taken their revenge.

They anticipated Sun Moon Sect would attack anytime whether it was dawn or dusk. After the fighting finished, Heng-Shan School would definitely be destroyed. They already foresaw this defeat a long time ago

and instead of worrying, they instead felt relief. Monk No Commandment and his wife, along with Yilin and Tian Boguang, already met with them at the foot of Mount Huashan and they went back together to Mount Heng- Shan. Everyone was thinking that if they diligently practised their martial art, they still wouldn't be able to kill that many more people from the Sun

Moon Sect. So thinking that it was of no benefit to them, they simply didn't practice their sword art at all. Some people would read the scripture diligently every day, while the rest would play around the mountain. Heng- Shan School originally had very strict commandments and they had lessons day and night without any idle time. But these days, they were very relaxed.

A few days had passed when they suddenly saw ten monks walking up towards the Xianxing Peak. They were headed by the Shaolin Temple's Abbott, Great Master Fangzheng. Linghu Chong was in his living hut drinking wine and singing songs when he suddenly heard Great Master Fangzheng was coming. He couldn't help feeling startled and happy at the same time, and he quickly came out to welcome him. Great Master Fangzheng saw both his feet were bare, and he didn't even have time to put on his shoes. He smiled and said, "When the ancient people were in a hurry to welcome guests, they still had time to wear shoes. But Headmaster Linghu doesn't wear shoes to welcome us. Your sincerity is even more than those ancient people."

Linghu Chong bowed to give his propriety. "When Great Master Fangzheng comes, Linghu Chong has never welcomed you from far. So I'm actually very afraid. Great Master Fangsheng has also come."

Fangsheng smiled.

Linghu Chong saw the remaining eight monks all had white beards floating on their chins. When he inquired their names, he found out they

were all reverend monks of the 'Fang' generation. Linghu Chong welcomed all the reverend monks to enter his living hut and they sat on the putuan.

This living hut was originally Dingxian Shi Tai's place and it had no dust

around. But when Linghu Chong lived here, the whole place was filled with jugs of wine, wine bowls, and everywhere was a mess. Linghu Chong's face turned red and he said, "It's messy, please don't blame me."

"I came today to pay respect to the mountain then to discuss an important matter," said a smiling Fangzheng. “Headmaster Linghu, you don’t need to be so polite.” He waited for a tick before continuing, “I heard Headmaster Linghu didn’t accept the Vice Chief position in Sun Moon Sect in order to protect Heng-Shan School. You’ve also disregarded your own life by doing this and you were also willing to abandon Young Lady Ren, who’s such a good companion to you. Everyone from the orthodox path

admires you very much for this." Linghu Chong was startled and he thought, “I wasn’t willing because of Heng-Shan School as well as not to implicate all of Wulin. I didn’t allow the school’s disciples to leak this matter out to prevent Shaolin and Wudang Schools from coming to help and getting involved in the big fight and increasing the number of deaths and injuries. I didn’t expect Great Master Fangzheng to still manage to get the news.” He then said, “Great Master

absurdly praised me, making me very ashamed. Junior and Sun Moon Sect’s Chief Ren have a lot of grudges and disputes between us. I also lost Young Lady Ren’s love. There’s nothing I can do about this. Great Master, don’t wrongly praise me, I don’t deserve it.”

"Chief Ren wants to lead his men to give your honourable school trouble," Great Master Fangzheng said. "Right now, Songshan, Taishan, Hengshan, and Huashan Schools have all deteriorated and Heng-Shan School is standing by itself without asking for help from outside.

Headmaster Linghu, you didn't send anyone to my humble temple to ask anyone to come. Could it be that all the monks in my Shaolin School are afraid of dying and want to preserve their lives? And they also don't care about justice and righteousness in Wulin?"

Linghu Chong stood up and replied, "I don't dare to assume that. In the past, Junior didn't check myself and got to know many people from the Sun Moon Sect. Then all sorts of difficult matters came up because of this. Junior thinks a man must take responsibilities for what he has done. My heart is already restless since I've implicated the whole Heng-Shan School in this. How can I dare to startle Great Master and Priest Chongxu? If Shaolin and Wudang Schools came to help and lost a lot of people, then it'll be Junior's fault that even ten thousands death wouldn't be able to repay."

"Headmaster Linghu, what you said was wrong," said a smiling Fangzheng. "The Devil Sect has wanted to destroy our Shaolin, Wudang, and five mountains sword schools since a hundred years ago. At that time, I wasn't even born, so how does that have to do with Headmaster Linghu?"

Linghu Chong nodded. "My deceased master often taught me that the demonical and the orthodox can't stand together. The Devil Sect and our orthodox schools have been fighting for years and the enmity between both is very deep. Junior's understanding of this was shallow and I thought both parties were able to yield a step and change for the better. Junior never knew that even though Chief Ren and I have a deep origin, at the end, we must still bear arms at each other."

"You said both parties yielding a step and change for the better. What you said is right," Fangzheng said. "Sun Moon Sect and our orthodox

schools have been fighting for years. Actually, the reason for this wasn't something so great that we want them to all die or they want us to all die. The only reason was because the leaders of both parties want to control

Wulin by himself and wished the other party to be destroyed because of it. That day, when Priest Chongxu, Headmaster Linghu, and I talked at the

Hanging Temple, we were there because of the worry that Songshan's

Headmaster Zuo wanted to merge the five mountains sword schools into one. We were afraid of his wild ambition in ruling Wulin by himself." He let out a long sigh when he spoke till here. He then continued, "I heard Sun Moon Sect's Chief has a motto, something like 'Long live to Chief, unify the Jianghu'. Since this is already in his heart, how can Wulin have a day of peace? In Jianghu, each clan and each school has its own purpose and they're all very different. Unify the Jianghu, this will never happen."

Linghu Chong agreed with this and nodded. "Great Master Abbott said it right."

"Chief Ren said that within a month he won't spare a dog or a bird on Mount Heng-Shan," Fangzheng said. "His words are like the mountain and they couldn't be altered. Right now, the master-hands from Shaolin, Wudang, Kunlun, Emei, and Kongtong Schools are already assembled at the foot of Mount Heng-Shan."

"Ah!" Linghu Chong was startled and he jumped up. "Really? All the schools' seniors have come to help, Junior didn't know. I really should be punished."

Since Heng-Shan School knew that the Devil Sect would one day

attack, no one there was feeling lucky so they had not bothered putting up

sentries and guards around the place. So much so that the sentries at the foot of the mountain had even been withdrawn.

Linghu Chong continued, "Reverend monks, please rest up here. Junior will lead my school's disciples down the mountain to welcome them."

Fangzheng shook his head. "All the schools are on the same boat in this and are helping each other to fight the enemy. There's no need for small talk, we've arranged everything."

"Yes," Linghu Chong acknowledged, and he asked, "When did Great Master Abbott find out that Sun Moon Sect wants to attack Heng-Shan School?"

"I received a letter from a senior and found out everything," Fangzheng replied.

"Senior?" Linghu Chong was thinking that Great Master Fangzheng's position in Wulin was already very high, so how could there be someone

even more senior than him?

Fangzheng smiled and answered, "This senior is a famous elder from Huashan School. He once taught sword art to Headmaster Linghu."

"Grand martial uncle Feng!" Linghu Chong excitedly said. "It is Senior Feng," Fangzheng confirmed. "Senior Feng dispatched

six friends to Shaolin Temple to reveal what Headmaster Linghu said on top of the Peak of Morning Sun. These six friends speak in somewhat a roundabout manner and aren't very clear, so it's a little troublesome, and they also like to dispute what each other say. But after talking to them for a few hours and patiently listening to them, I finally understood." When he

said till here, he couldn't help smiling.

"They're the Peach Valley Six Fairies?" a smiling Linghu Chong asked.

Fangzheng smiled. "They are the Peach Valley Six Fairies."

"When Junior arrived at Huashan, I wanted to pay my respect to Grand martial uncle Feng," Linghu Chong happily told Fangzheng. "But

many things kept coming up until I finally went down the mountain. From beginning to the end, I didn't manage to see him to kowtow. I never thought he'd know everything."

"Senior Feng's conduct is like a divine dragon, you can see his head but not his tail," Fangzheng replied. "He already conceals himself living in Huashan, and when the Sun Moon Sect was at Huashan going around

without any fear, how could he just not care? Peach Valley Six Fairies were at Huashan to play around and they were captured by Senior Feng and locked up for several days. Later, he ordered them to go to Shaolin Temple to deliver the letter."

Linghu Chong thought, "Peach Valley Six Fairies were captured by Grand martial uncle Feng. They would definitely hide this matter and won't talk about it. But if I just talk at random about things, they'll finally reveal this." Then he said, "What does Grand martial uncle Feng want us to do?"

"Senior Feng was very modest in his words, he only said that he heard something unusual that needs to be told to me," Fangzheng told him. "He also said Headmaster Linghu is his beloved disciple and how you resisted the Devil Sect's invitation on top of the Peak of Morning Sun. He really liked what he saw and wanted me to take care of you. Actually, Headmaster Linghu's martial art is far above mine. This word 'take care', he was too


Linghu Chong felt appreciative and he bowed before saying, "Great Master Abbott has been taking care of Junior more than once."

"You flatter me," Fangzheng replied. "When I found out about this, don't mention that Senior Feng ordered this, I would've done it myself

solely relying on the deep origin between your honourable school and my school. Also, I couldn't just put my hands in my sleeve on account of our friendship. Moreover, this matter concerns each school's survival. Once the Devil Sect destroyed Heng-Shan, do you think he'd let go of Shaolin and Wudang Schools? That's why I immediately sent out an epistle notifying

each school to assemble at Heng-Shan and fight to the death together against the Devil Sect."

When Linghu Chong came down from the Peak of Morning Sun that day, he was already feeling dejected. He saw the Sun Moon Sect and felt that Heng-Shan School couldn't match them. So he was only waiting for the day that Ren Woxing would attack them, then everyone from Heng-Shan School would exert themselves in resisting and fight to the death. Even though there were people who offered the idea to ask for help from Shaolin and Wudang Schools, Linghu Chong asked them, "Even if Shaolin and Wudang Schools come to help, can they stop the Devil Sect?" That person immediately shut up. Linghu Chong also said, "Since there's no way to help Heng-Shan, why should we implicate Shaolin's and Wudang's disciples and make a lot of them lose their lives here?" In his heart, he actually didn't

want to fight with Ren Woxing and Xiang Wentian. Also, when his hope of marrying Yingying disappeared, he unwittingly tortured himself and felt his life in this world was no longer useful, and that it was better if he died first.

At this time, when he saw Fangzheng received Feng Qingyang's trust and came here to help, his spirit was roused. But he still had no interest to really fight to the death against those people from the Sun Moon Sect.

Fangzheng also said, "Headmaster Linghu, Buddhists have mercy in their heart and I'm not a brave person who would fight violently. If this matter can be settled in a friendly manner, then of course it's the best. But if we yield a step then Ren Woxing would advance a step. We can't yield in this matter at all or Chief Ren will annihilate each school from the orthodox path. Only if each of us kowtow to him and praise him with 'Long live to Sacred Chief, unify the Jianghu! Amituofo!'"

In his 'Long live to Sacred Chief, unify the Jianghu', he added the word 'Amituofo'. It was really comical and Linghu Chong couldn't refrain from smiling. "That's right. Junior only has to hear of that 'Sacred Chief',

that 'Long live to Chief, unify the Jianghu', and I had goose bumps all over my body. Junior doesn't get drunk after drinking thirty bowls of wine but to hear a lot of this 'Long live to Chief, unify the Jianghu', I couldn't help feeling dizzy and become drunk on the spot."

Fangzheng smiled. "Their Sun Moon Sect's incantation is definitely very formidable." He paused for a tick before continuing, "When Senior Feng was at the Peak of Morning Sun, he saw Headmaster Linghu getting dizzy. So he especially ordered the Peach Valley Six Fairies to bring over a secret formula for an internal energy technique, and he wanted me to give this to Headmaster Linghu. The Peach Valley Six Fairies don't speak

clearly, but when it came to telling me the inner energy technique, they became clear. It was really rare. I think Senior Feng must've forced them to memorise this until they're very familiar with it. Headmaster Linghu, please lead the way to the inner hall so I can impart you this technique."

Linghu Chong respectfully led Great Master Fangzheng into a quiet room. This was the formula that Feng Qingyang had asked Fangzheng to impart to him so it was as if he had come personally to impart it to him. He immediately knelt in front of Fangzheng and said, "Grand martial uncle Feng treats disciple with so much kindness."

Fangzheng didn't decline his modesty and received his respect.

"Senior Feng has a lot of expectation on Headmaster Linghu. He hopes you can practise diligently according to this technique."

"Yes," Linghu Chong replied. "Disciple will do as ordered." Fangzheng slowly read aloud the formula for the technique while

Linghu Chong tried to memorise it. The formula wasn't that long, from beginning to the end, there were only around one thousands words. When Fangzheng finished reciting it, he wanted Linghu Chong to remember it.

After some time, he recited it again. In total, he recited it five times. Linghu Chong was able to memorise it and recited it from the beginning to the end without mistake.

"Even though there's only around a thousand words in this internal energy formula that Senior Feng is passing on, it is actually very profound and it's not a small matter," Fangzheng said. "We're good friends, please forgive me for speaking frankly. Headmaster Linghu's sword art is profound, but it seems you're not good at internal energy technique."

"Junior only knows some trivial things about internal energy," Linghu Chong replied. "If Great Master doesn't mind, I'd still like to ask for some pointers."

Fangzheng nodded. "Senior Feng's inner energy technique and Shaolin School's inner energy technique are quite different. But all martial arts in this world have the same goal but use different approaches. The basic essence doesn't differ by too much. If Headmaster Linghu doesn't mind me being meddlesome then I'll try to explain it."

Linghu Chong knew he was the current Wulin's number one or two master. Obtaining his advice was no different than getting Grand Martial

Uncle Feng's advice. That was why Grand Martial Uncle Feng had imparted him this technique so his internal energy could also be profound. Linghu

Chong quickly bowed and said, "Junior will respectfully listen to Great Master's instructions."

"You flatter me!" Fangzheng replied. Then he immediately started to analyze the inner energy technique sentence by sentence, and he also told him all kinds of different things like breathing, energy movement, tuna(a breathing method), and the method to move the energy. Linghu Chong had learned the formula by heart and he originally remembered it very well. But when Great Master Fangzheng was analyzing the formula, only then did he realise how each sentence contained numerous refined principles.

Linghu Chong had a high level of comprehension, but each sentence of this refined inner energy technique took him a long time to understand. It was good that Great Master Fangzheng was there to explain it to him in detail that he was able to take a peek into the marvellous realm of martial

art study that he had never experienced before. He let out a long sigh and said, "Great Master Fangzheng, Junior has been fearlessly going around

Jianghu for the last few years, it was because I didn't know how shallow my knowledge is. I'm really ashamed when thinking about it. Junior doesn't have much longer to live and unable to practise the wonderful inner energy technique passed down by Grand Martial Uncle Feng. But people in the old days had a saying, it's something like hear the right way in the morning, then dying at night won't be too serious. Is that saying right?" "If a man in the morning hears the right way, he may die in the evening without regret!" Fangzheng corrected him.

"That's right, that's the saying," Linghu Chong said. "I once heard master said it. Hearing Great Master's advice today, it's really like a blind man being able to see. Even if I don't have any more time to practise it, I'm already happy."

"Our orthodox schools have all assembled near Mount Heng-Shan,

and they're protecting all the important places," Fangzheng said. "When the Devil Sect comes to attack, we'll all work together and we won't lose.

Headmaster Linghu, why are you being so pessimistic? This inner energy technique requires a few years to finish practising it, but if you practise it for a day then you'll get one day's benefit, and if you practise it for a little bit then you'll get a little bit's benefit. These next few days, there's no harm for Headmaster Linghu to start learning it. Take advantage of me disturbing your honourable mountain and we can also study it together."

"Junior appreciates Great Master's kindness."

"Brother Chongxu should be arriving any moment now. Should we go out and take a look?"

Linghu Chong quickly stood up and said, "I've neglected Priest Chongxu and the others."

He returned to the outside hall with Great Master Fangzheng, the hall was already lighted with candles. When the two of them were discussing martial art, more than six hours had passed and the sky had turned dark a long time ago. They saw three Taoist sitting on putuans talking with Great Master Fangsheng. One of these people was Priest Chongxu. When the three Taoist saw Fangzheng and Linghu Chong came out, they stood up together. Linghu Chong paid his respects and said, "Heng-Shan is in trouble and we've received priests' help. Everyone from my humble school really doesn't know how to repay this."

Priest Chongxu quickly helped him up and smilingly replied, "I

arrived here some time ago. I learned that Great Master Abbott and little brother are inside studying inner energy technique so I didn't dare to disturb you. Little brother has learned a wonderful inner energy technique, once you've learned how to use it then when Ren Woxing comes here, you can try it out on him and teach him a lesson."

"This inner energy technique is very refined," Linghu Chong said.

"How can Junior learn it in just a few days? I heard the seniors from Emei,

Kunlun, and Kongtong Schools have all arrived. I should invite them up and discuss our plan. What do seniors think of this?"

Chongxu replied, "They're hiding in secret to guard against that demon Ren from finding out. If you ask everyone to come up the mountain, then I'm afraid the information will be leaked out. When we came up the mountain, we also disguised ourselves. Otherwise, why didn't the disciples of my humble school announce us first?"

The moment when he first met Priest Chongxu appeared in Linghu Chong's mind. At that time, Priest Chongxu disguised himself as an old man riding a donkey, and there were two other men following him. They were all actually masters from Wudang School. Right now, as he observed the other priests, he recognised them to be the other two elders who

competed sword with him on the Hubei road.

Linghu Chong bowed and smilingly said, "Priests, your face changing technique is very good. If Priest Chongxu didn't mention it, Junior wouldn't have figured it out." Those two priests disguised themselves as farmers at that time, one

was carrying firewood and the other carrying vegetables. Both were gasping for breath, seemed like they were sick. At this time, they looked very healthy and only their eyes could be recognised. Priest Chongxu pointed to the elder who carried the firewood, "This is martial brother Qingxu." Then he pointed to the elder who carried the vegetable, "This is my martial nephew, his Taoist name is Chenggao." The four of them smiled at each other.

Qingxu and Chenggao both said, "Headmaster Linghu's sword art is very high."

Linghu Chong replied, modestly, "I apologize for the offence!" "My martial brother's and martial nephew's sword art aren't very

refined, but when they were young, they lived for more than ten years in the western region and learned one special skill," Chongxu said. "One is an

expert in hidden traps and the other is an expert in bombs."

"Those skills are very rare," Linghu Chong commented.

"Brother Linghu," Chongxu said. "I brought them here because I have another purpose. I'm hoping they can help us in doing one big thing."

Linghu Chong didn't understand and blurted out, "To do one big thing?"

"I took the liberty to take one thing to your honourable mountain,"

Chongxu answered. "Brother Linghu, please take a look." He had a free and easy personality so he wasn't as restrained as Fangzheng. That was why one called him 'Brother Linghu', and the other called him 'Headmaster Linghu'. Linghu Chong felt it was quite odd and wanted to see what he took out from his bosom. Chongxu smiled and said, "This item is actually not small, it doesn't fit in my bosom. Martial brother Qingxu, ask them to come in." Qingxu acknowledged the order and went out. Not long after, he led four farmer-looking men to come in. Each person was barefooted and each was carrying vegetables.

Qingxu said, "This is Headmaster Linghu and Shaolin Temple's Abbott." The four people bowed to give their respects.

Linghu Chong knew they must have high positions in Wudang. He quickly returned their propriety.

"Take it out and install it!" Qingxu ordered.

The four men took some wrapped bundles from inside the vegetables they were carrying. They opened the bundles revealing many wooden

strips, ironware, nails, and springs. These four people worked really fast

and they put those items together. A short time later, they finished making a grand chair. Linghu Chong was even more perplexed, pondering, "This grand chair has so many springs. I wonder what it's used for? Could it be for practising internal energy?"

After installing the chair, the four men took out two more wrapped bundles. These bundles contained the chair cushion and the chair cover which they put on the grand chair. Inside the quiet hall, glitters from the

yellow brocade of the chair cover suddenly dazzled their eyes. Nine golden dragons had been embroidered into the brocade with the sun in the middle rising from the ocean. On the left, writings of 'Glory to Sacred Chief, To the Benefit of Common People' were seen. On the right was the writing 'Long Live the Chief, Unify the Jianghu'. Those nine dragons had their claws brandished and teeth snarling, looking very much alive. The caligraphy on the writings was strong and very pleasing to the eyes. Chains of pearls, diamonds, and all sorts of other precious stones surrounded the letters. This humble and plain hall was covered by the lights from the jewels. Linghu Chong clapped to cheer as he thought of Chongxu saying that Qingxu was once in the western region learning to make hidden traps. He

said, "When Chief Ren sees this precious chair, he'll definitely sit in it. Then the traps in the chair will be sprung and take his life. Am I right?"

Chongxu whispered back, "Ren Woxing can respond really fast and his movement is like lightning. Even if the chair has a trap, he'll feel

something's not right and jump up immediately. We won't be able to injure him then. This bottom of this chair has been installed with a fuse and a pack of explosives."

Once he said this, the faces of Linghu Chong and all the monks from Shaolin changed colour. Fangzheng prayed, "Amituofo!"

"The benefit of this trap is that anyone can sit on it without anything happening," Chongxu explained. "You need to sit for a while before the fuse is triggered. That Ren Woxing is a sceptical person and he's also very careful. When he sees this kind of chair on the Xianxing Peak, he definitely won't sit in it straight away and will get one of his subordinate to sit on it first. The covering on this chair has those gold dragons around the sun,

there's also those 'Long Live the Chief, Unify the Jianghu' words, so anyone from the Devil Sect won't sit on it for too long. But once Ren Woxing sit on it, he won't give it up."

"Priest has considered this very thoroughly," Linghu Chong commented.

"Martial brother Qingxu has also prepared something else," Chongxu said. "If Ren Woxing doesn't sit and told people to take the cover and

cushion off, and even tear the chair apart to have a look then the fuse will still be triggered. Martial nephew Chenggao has brought twenty thousands

catties of explosives to this precious mountain. It seems we won't be able to avoid ruining the scenery on this precious mountain." Linghu Chong felt dread in his heart, he thought, "Twenty thousands catties of explosives! So much gunpowder exploding, even jade will burn. If Chief Ren is blown up, Yingying and Brother Xiang will be too."

Chongxu saw his face looked unusual. "The Devil Sect is saying they want to kill your honourable school. Once they've annihilated Heng-Shan School, they'll attack Shaolin and Wudang. We'll be ashes and this big disaster will be hard to fix. We've setup this treacherous plan to repay Ren Woxing. Although it's very dangerous, we'll get to do away with this head demon and get to save tens of thousands of lives in Wulin."

Great Master Fangzheng joined both his palms together. "Amituofo! Our merciful Buddha must also defeat demons and slay devils to save our lives. Killing a man to save thousands of lives is path of compassion and

sorrow." When he said these words, he looked stately. All the monks and taoists there stood up and joined their palms together while lowering their heads. They said in unison, "Great Master Fangzheng is right."

Linghu Chong also knew what Fangzheng said was very reasonable. Sun Moon Sect wanted to annihilate the Heng-Shan School that even dogs and birds wouldn't be spared, while the schools from the orthodox path had planned to fry Ren Woxing to death. This was a matter of justice and righteousness and no one could say that it wasn't, but his heart was quite unwilling to kill Ren Woxing. As to killing Xiang Wentian, he would rather die first; As to the life and death of Yingying, he wasn't worried. He had

always regarded their lives intertwined together and they will both die and live together so there was nothing to worry about. He saw all of them were looking at him. He hummed for a little while and said, "Since things have come to this, Sun Moon Sect has forced us with no other option. I think Priest Chongxu's strategy will hurt the least people." "Brother Linghu said it right," Chongxu praised. "'It hurts the least people, it's exactly what I was looking for."

"Junior is young and my knowledge is shallow," Linghu Chong replied. "The matter on Heng-Shan today, I'd like to ask Great Master Fangzheng and Priest Chongxu to preside over this big operation. Junior will lead my school's disciples and follow the plan."

Chongxu laughed. "I don't deserve it. You're the master on Heng- Shan. How can Brother Abbott and I, as guests, snatch the host position?"

"This is not Junior modestly stepping back," Linghu Chong explained. "I honestly like the two of you to handle it."

"Headmaster Linghu is very modest," Fangzheng said. "Brother Priest, you don't need to decline it either. The three of us will lead this big operation, but we'll let Brother Priest to issue the order."

Chongxu said a few more modest words before finally agreeing. "We've hidden people on all the passages going up Mount Heng-Shan.

When the Devil Sect comes to attack the mountain, we'll definitely hear of something. That day when Brother LInghu led people to attack Shaolin

Temple, we followed Zuo Lengchan's plan and left an empty city..."

Linghu Chong's face turned slightly red. "Junior made a big disturbance. I'm still terrified by it."

Chongxu laughed. "I never thought enemy from the past would become today's friend. We can't use that empty city plan again as it will raise Ren Woxing's suspicion. From my humble view, the whole Heng-Shan School should defend on top of the mountain with dozens of people from Shaolin and Wudang Schools. You must understand that when Devil Sect

attacks, and if they can't see anyone from Shaolin and Wudang Schools

coming to help, then it would go against reason. This bastard Ren Woxing would be able to guess something is up." "That's right," Fangzheng and Linghu Chong replied in unison.

"The rest of the schools like Kunlun, Emei, and Kongtong don't need to reveal themselves," Chongxu went on. "They will hide inside the mountain caves. When Devil Sect comes to attack, Heng-Shan, Shaolin,

and Wudang Schools will fight back and the fight must look real. The people we send out must all be first class fighters and the more we kill the better while trying not to get harmed ourselves."

Fangzheng sighed. "The master-hands from Devil Sect are like the cloud and they must have been preparing for this. This coming fight will have a lot of deaths and injuries from both sides."

"We'll look for some cliffs and prepare ropes. When we see we're no longer their match, we'll use the ropes to go down to the valley and make it hard for the enemy to chase us," Chongxu said. "After Ren Woxing had gained his victory, then he'll see this precious chair. Of course he'll be

complacent and sit on it. When the explosives is triggered, that old demon Ren will find it impossible to escape without wings. We'll follow this with exploding the thirty two landmines along the eight routes going up Mount Heng-Shan. The Devil Sect will find no way to go down the mountain then."

"Thirty two landmines?" Linghu Chong queried.

"That's right," Chongxu answered. "Martial nephew Chenggao will go early tomorrow morning and go to the important spots of the routes going up Mount Heng-Shan. At each route, he's going to pick the four most important spots and bury the landmines there. When the landmines go off, there'll be no route going up and down the mountain. There'll be around ten thousands people from the Devil Sect going up Mount Heng-Shan, and all ten thousands of them will die of starvation; If twenty thousands go up the mountain then twenty thousands will die of starvation. We've learned Zuo Lengchan's old plan, but this time we won't let them escape from a tunnel."

"That time we were really lucky to escape Shaolin Temple," Linghu Chong chimed in. Then as he thought about it, he uttered an 'oh'.

"Brother Linghu, now that you've learned of this plan, is there anything not right?" Chongxu asked.

"Junior thinks that when Chief Ren comes up Mount Heng-Shan and sees that precious chair, he'll definitely be happy but he'll be sure to suspect it," Linghu Chong replied. "Why would Heng-Shan School make this kind of chair and embroider the words 'Long Live the Chief, Unify the Jianghu'? If this matter isn't made clear, then I think he probably won't sit down on it."

"I've also thought of this point," Chongxu answered. "Actually,

whether that demon head Ren sit or not on that chair isn't crucial. The other fuse we've hidden on that chair will blow it also. When he's being proud of himself, taking all the praises of long live the chief, unify the Jianghu, then this disaster will struck. Later on, this will only become a conversation topic in Wulin."

Linghu Chong nodded his head. "Yes."

"Martial Uncle," Priest Chenggao interrupted. "Disciple has an idea, I'm not sure if it's feasible?"

"Say it out," Chongxu said, smiling. "Ask Great Master Abbott and Headmaster Linghu for their advice."

"I heard Headmaster Linghu and Chief Ren's daughter had a marriage agreement, but because the orthodox and the demonical can't be on the

same road, the marriage was hindered," Chenggao said. "If Headmaster Linghu sends two Heng-Shan disciples to meet Chief Ren and says that on account of young lady Ren, you seek an especially skillful craftsman to make the precious chair for Chief Ren to sit on, and that you're hoping the two parties would have a truce to discuss peace. It doesn't matter if Chief Ren agrees or not, but once he comes up Mount Heng-Shan, he'll see this precious chair and won't suspect it anymore."

Chongxu clapped excitedly and said, "This plan is wonderful. One..." "No!" Linghu Chong shook his head.

Chongxu was startled and knew he had been embarrassed, so he asked, "What's Brother Linghu's opinion?"

"Chief Ren wants to kill my Heng-Shan School, and I'll do my best to fight back and use wisdom to fight a strong enemy, everything can be done," Linghu Chong replied. "He's coming to kill us and we're going to

explode him, but I'll never say false words to deceive him."

"Good!" Chongxu praised. "Brother Linghu is frank, very admirable. Whatever we do, whether that demon head Ren suspects it or not, he only has the intention of harming people to come up Mount Heng-Shan, so we're going to make him suffer."

After that, they discussed the details on how to defend, how to fight, how to cover up their ambush, how to retreat, and how to blow up the landmines. Each of these points was decided on. Chongxu was very meticulous and he was afraid they might have underestimated the enemy, so he dispatched another person to back up the person responsible for blowing up the landmines.

On dawn the next day, Linghu Chong guided them to look at the lay of the land. Qingxu and Chenggao selected the places to bury the landmines, prepared the fuses, and hid sentries to guard these places.

Chongxu and Linghu Chong chose four rugged spots to make their retreats. Fangzheng, Chongxu, Linghu Chong, and Fangsheng would each guard one spot and they wouldn't let any enemy come near them. When the defenders were exhausted, they would be let down by ropes towards the valley down below. The last people to get to the valley below would use their swords to cut the ropes and not let the enemies to chase after them.

On the same day that afternoon, ten people from the Wudang School disguised themselves as farmers and wood gatherers. Under Qingxu's and Chenggao's directions, they planted the explosives. Heng-Shan School's disciples guarded each entrance to the mountain to prevent idler from going up the mountain, to protect against Sun Moon Sect from scouting the area

and finding out all the secrets. After three busy days, everything was ready and they were now just waiting for Sun Moon Sect to come and attack.

Counting the days, it had nearly been one month since they left Ren Woxing on the Peak of the Morning Sun. What that person said was certain to be fulfilled and there would be no error in his decided time. In these last few days, Chongxu, Chenggao and the other people had been busy, while Linghu Chong had been idle instead. Every day he silently went through the inner energy technique Fangzheng had imparted to him and practised it.

Every time he met something he didn't understand, he'd consult with Fangzheng about it.

On the afternoon of that day, Yihe, Yiqing, Yilin, Zheng E, Qin Juan, and other female disciples were practising sword at the sword training hall, while Linghu Chong was at side giving advices. He saw that even though Qin Juan was still young, she quite understood the essence of the sword art. He praised, "Martial sister Qin is very bright. You already have the knack for this move, but..." He hadn't finished saying the words when he suddenly felt a wave of pain in his dantian region and immediately sat down. The disciples were all startled and they quickly rushed forward to help him up, they said in unison, "What happened?"

Linghu Chong knew the different types of internal energies in his bodies were coming out again, and the pain was so unbearable that he couldn't even speak. The disciples were in confusion when suddenly a flapping sound and two pigeons came flying in from the window.

"Aiyo!" they cried out in unison.

Heng-Shan School kept many letter pigeon. When Dingjing Shi Tai was at Fujian and when Dingxian and Dingjing Shi Tai were surrounded at the Dragon Spring Sword-Forging Valley, they had dispatched these letter pigeon to ask for help. Now, the two letter pigeons flying through the

window were from the school's disciples who were guarding at the bottom of the mountain, and there were red paint daubed at their backs. With a glance, they knew the assault from the Sun Moon Sect had arrived. Since Great Master Fangzheng and Priest Chongxu arrived at Mount Heng-Shan, the disciples had seen strong helpers had arrived and everything was

already prepared, and they were relieved. But unexpectedly during this urgent time, Linghu Chong had fallen sick.

Yiqing called out, "Yizhi, Yiwen, martial sisters, go report to Great Master Fangzheng and Priest Chongxu."

Both of them acknowledged the order and went.

Yiqing also said, "Martial sister Yihe, please ring the bell." Yihe nodded her heads a few times before flying out of the hall to go towards the bell tower.

Sounds of 'tang, tang, tang', 'tang, tang', 'tang, tang, tang', 'tang, tang' was heard. Three long ringing followed by two short ringing was heard

coming from the bell tower, the sound traversing throughout the peak. Shortly after that, the bells from Tong Yuan Valley, Hanging Temple, Black Dragon Pass, and other big bells from the other temples were also heard.

Great Master Fangzheng had left an order before hand on the method to

alert the coming of the enemy, the bell was supposed to be rung with three long ringing followed by two short ringing. But the ringing of the bell must be slow and leisurely, and must not appear panicked and frightened.

However, with Yihe being completely worried, and even though there's the word 'peace11' in her Buddhist name, her behaviour was anything but peaceful and the sound of the bell still showed her worry and impatient.

Heng-Shan School, Shaolin School, and Wudang School quickly moved according to the pre-arranged plan. Each of them moved to their

spots to prepare in welcoming the enemy. In order to lower the casualties, no guard was placed in the passages between the foot of the mountain and the top of the Xianxing Peak, and the gate was opened wide to let the

enemy come through. Once the enemy arrived at the top of the peak then the fighting will be joined.

After the bell sounds stopped, the chirpings of birds had become quiet around the peak. The experts from Kunlun, Emei, and Kongtong Schools all hid below the peak waiting for the Devil Sect people to all go up the peak.

Once they received the order, they will cut off the retreat of the Devil Sect. To protect the secret plan, Chongxu didn't tell everyone of the landmines buried on the mountain passages. Devil Sect had a vast influence and for them to have spies within the disciples of Kunlun or the other schools

would not be too surprising.

Linghu Chong heard the bells and he knew the Sun Moon Sect had

come to attack them, but his stomach was like being slashed and stabbed by millions of sabres. The pain was enveloping his belly and it was churning underneath. Yilin and Qin Juan were frightened till their faces were

colourless, and they didn't know what to do.

"We'll help Headmaster to go to Wuse Convent," Yiqing ordered. "Then we'll carry out Shaolin Abbott's and Priest Chongxu's plan."

Yu Sao and another old nun put their hands underneath him. Half supporting half lifting, they carried him to Wuse Convent. They had just arrived at the convent's door when they heard the thundering sound of firecrackers going off, followed by the cries of the horns, and the booming of the drums. As expected, Sun Moon Sect had grandly carried out the operation to attack the mountain.

Fangzheng and Chongxu had found out of Linghu Chong's illness and they rushed out of the convent.

Chongxu said, "Brother Linghu, don't worry. I've already ordered Martial brother Qingxu to cover Wudang School's retreat. I'll be covering your honourable school's retreat."

Linghu Chong nodded his thanks.

Fangzheng said, "Headmaster Linghu, retreat down the valley first to avoid any negligence."

"No... Absolutely not!" Linghu Chong hastily replied. "Bring.. Bring my sword!"

Chongxu advised him further but Linghu Chong was unmoved.

Suddenly, the sound of drums and horns ceased, followed by thundering voices calling out, "Long Live the Sacred Chief, Unify the Jianghu!" From this sound, it can be gathered there was at least four to five thousands people. Fangzheng, Chongxu, and Linghu Chong looked at each other and smiled.

Qin Juan brought Linghu Chong's sword over to him and presented it.

Linghu Chong extended his hand wishing to take it but his right hand was continuously shaking and he couldn't hold it. Qin Juan hung the sword on his waist.

Suddenly they heard a very pleasing suona sound rose up12, it was definitely not the sound of battle.

In unison, a few people said in bright clear voices, "Sun Moon Sect's Sacred Chief wishes to go up Xianxing Peak to meet Heng-Shan School's Headmaster Linghu." These words had been spoken by the Sun Moon Sect's elders.

"Sun Moon Sect is giving their propriety first before fighting," Fangzheng said. "We also can't be too petty. Headmaster Linghu, what do you think of letting them come up to the peak?"

Linghu Chong nodded his head a few times. At this time, a wave of pain had again assaulted his stomach. Fangzheng saw his face full of cold perspiration, he said, "Headmaster Linghu, the pain in your dantian is

already excruciating, there's no harm in using the inner energy method that Senior Feng imparted. Add it and revolve it, see what happens."

The different types of inner energies in Linghu Chong's body were conflicting and clashing about, if he add more to it and revolve it, that

would be no different than using a sabre to injure himself. It would be like adding pain on top of pain, but the pain was already to the extreme and there was no thought of the consequence of doing this. He moved the

energy according to the method and revolved it. As expected the energies clashed and the pain was even more excruciating than before, but after revolving it for a few times, those inner energies were back flowing like before. They flowed and converged like there was a track to flow. Even though the pain was like the old time, it wasn't clashing and striking

chaotically anymore. He knew the place where the clashes happened now.

Fangzheng said slowly, "Heng-Shan School Headmaster Linghu, Wudang School Headmaster Priest Chongxu, Shaolin School Headmaster Fangzheng, we await respectfully for the Sun Moon Sect honourable Chief Ren's arrival." His voice wasn't loud and it was said slowly, but it still travelled very far.

Linghu Chong was effective in moving his inner energy. He now sat cross-legged, eyes observing the nose, the nose observing the heart, his left hand touched his chest, his right hand embraced his stomach, following the method that Fangzheng had imparted to him which he had practiced earlier. He had only learned this technique for a few days only, and even though Fangzheng had spoken to him everyday in details about it, his practice of it was still very shallow. But under the guidance of this method right now, these different inner energies were unexpectedly able to gradually merge.

He didn't dare to be negligent, so with rapt attention, he revolved his inner energy. In the beginning, he was still able to hear the sound of drums and horns, but at the end, he couldn't even hear anything.

Fangzheng smiled seeing Linghu Chong was concentrating on practising martial art. He heard the drums were thundering, and the Sun Moon Sect people shouted, "Sun Moon Sect cultured and kind warrior, benefiting the common people, the honourable Sacred Chief is going up Heng-Shan!" After some time, the sound of drums gradually got nearer.

The path coming up to Xianxing Peak was very long and although the Sun Moon Sect people walked really fast, after some time, the sound of drums had only arrived at the middle of the mountain. The orthodox sect

warriors hiding around the Mount Heng-Shan were all secretly scolding, "Rotten honourable chief, still not dead yet, what the heck are you doing making lots of noise around here?"

The people who were to welcome the enemy all had their hearts bouncing wildly. Each of them had originally predicted the Devil Sect people would kill their way up and they would immediately engage in a fierce battle. After killing a score of the sect's people, and waiting for more enemies to arrive on top and becoming even stronger, they would then

escape down the valley. But they never expected Ren Woxing to act like an emperor going on a tour and making a lot of noise as he came up to the peak. It was inappropriate for them to start their operation, but they had to detain their hearts harder from doing so.

After a long time, Linghu Chong felt the various inner energies in his dantian region had slowly been pushed down and the pain was gradually decreasing. His heart calmed and he immediately thought, "Chief Ren

wants to come up to the peak?"

"Ah!" Linghu Chong gasped, and he jumped up. "Feeling better?" Fangzheng asked, smiling.

"Fighting yet?" Linghu Chong queried. "Not yet!"

"Very good!" Linghu Chong said. With a hiss, he drew his sword.

But he saw Fangzheng and Chongxu were not holding any weapons. While Yihe, Yiqing, and the other disciples were lining up in rows in front of Wuse Convent quietly in Heng-Shan school formation, with their swords still sheathed and hanging on their waists. He guessed that Ren Woxing hadn't arrived on the mountain top yet and that he had been too anxious, so he laughed aloud and put his sword back in the scabbard. He then heard

sounds of suona and drums ceased, and the sounds of flute and huqin rose up. He thought, "Chief Ren is so pretentious, coming up the mountain personally accompanied with live music." The more pretentious he was, the funnier Linghu Chong thought it was.

As the music played on, two lines of Sun Moon Sect people were seen coming up the peak pair by pair. Their eyes were dazzled seeing the sect's people wearing brand new dark green full-bodied gowns and white

belts around their waists. The forty people in front were each carrying a tray with a satin cloth on top which held something. Unexpectedly, these forty people weren't carrying any sabre or sword on their waists. Once these forty people reached the peak, they stopped far away. They were followed by a group of two hundred people musicians who were also wearing full-bodied gowns and continuously playing their flutes. The ones coming up after them were trumpeters, drummers, big and small gongs, cymbals and bells, and all other types of musicians. Linghu Chong found this interesting and he thought, "When we fight, there'll be gongs and drums to accompany us.

Isn't this just like fighting on a stage play?"

The music continued to play as groups after groups of Sun Moon Sect people came up. These people seemed to be arranged according to the halls they belonged to, with the different coloured gowns that they were wearing. Yellow gown, green gown, blue gown, black gown, white gown, each group was beautifully dressed like they were competing in a show. Their gowns

were still new and each person was wearing a white belt tied to their waists. The people who had come up to the peak numbered at around three to four thousands.

Chongxu thought, "They're not organised yet, we can take advantage of this and start killing them. This will be to our advantage. But they're playing trick, wanting to give propriety first before fighting. If we move now, we will be very rude." He then saw Linghu Chong was chuckling

without care and Fangzheng was staring but not looking and maintaining his composure, he thought, "If I seem frightened, it's because my meditation isn't enough."

After the sect's people stood at their places, ten elders came up. With five to each side, they stood to the left and right. The music suddenly

stopped and the ten elders said in unison, "Sun Moon Sect cultured and kind warrior, benefiting the common people, the Sacred Chief has arrived!"

A big blue sedan chair was carried up the peak. This sedan chair was being carried by sixteen porters, its movement fast and steady. The whole sedan chair looked like as if it was a master of qinggong as it floated up to the peak, and the sixteen porters carrying it didn't look weak in martial arts. Linghu Chong took a look and saw Zu Qianqiu, Huang Boliu, and Ji Wushi were among the porters. He was thinking if it wasn't for the fact that Old

Man was too short then he would've been carrying the sedan chair with Zu Qianqiu and be one of the porters. Linghu Chong's anger surged up and he thought, "Zu Qianqiu is a hero from this generation, but Chief Ren forced him to do such a lowly thing. Treating the world's heroes like slaves, of

course people will be angry."

There was a person on the left and right sides of the blue sedan chair.

On the left side was Xiang Wentian, while on the right was an old man. This old man looked very familiar. Linghu Chong started as he recognised that person to be the elder who taught him how to play qin in Luoyang City, he was Elder Bamboo-Green. This person called Yingying as 'auntie',

causing him to mistakenly take Yingying to be an old granny. After he left Luoyang, he hadn't seen him again, but today he was following Ren Woxing up Xianxing Peak. His heart was thumping as he thought, "Why don't I see Yingying?" Suddenly he thought of something and saw the white belts tied around the Sun Moon Sect people like they were in mourning.

Could Yingying have seen her father leading his men to attack Heng-Shan and after painstakingly admonished him not to do so, finally killed herself?

Linghu Chong felt blood rushing up in his chest and his dantian felt painful. All he wanted to do right now was to rush forward and ask Xiang Wentian. But thinking of Ren Woxing inside the sedan chair, he stopped.

Even though there were thousands of people gathered on Xianxing Peak, there was no noise from the birds. That sedan chair finally stopped

and everyone shot a look at it waiting for Ren Woxing to come out. All of a sudden they heard laughter coming from inside Wuse Convent. A person in a big voice said, "Quickly make way, give me a sit!" Another person said, "Don't fight, from biggest to smallest, we'll take turns in sitting on this nine dragons chair!" They were the Peachtree Flower Fairy's and Peachtree

Branch Fairy's voices.

Fangzheng, Chongxu, and Linghu Chong were startled till their faces changed colour. They didn't know when the Peach Valley Six Fairies broke into Wuse Convent, and they were now fighting to sit on the nine dragon

chair. If they sit for too long, the fuse would be triggered and wouldn't that be very bad? Chongxu quickly rushed into the convent.

"Quickly get up!" Chongxu shouted. "This precious chair belongs to Sun Moon Sect's Sacred Chief Ren! You can't sit on it!"

Peach Valley Six Fairies' voices bellowed out from inside the

convent, "Why can't we sit on it? We want to sit!" "Quickly get up, let me sit!" "This chair is very comfortable, very soft, it's like sitting on a fatso's buttocks!" "You've sit on a fatso's buttocks before?"

Linghu Chong knew the Peach Valley Six Fairies were fighting to sit on the nine dragon precious chair. One sat for a while, then another one

would sit for a while. At the end, they would trigger the fuse and explode the tens of thousands catties of explosives buried underneath Wuse

Convent. Then the Sun Moon Sect people, Shaolin, Wudang, and Heng- Shan School heroes on the Xianxing Peak would all be burnt.

In the beginning, he wanted to rush inside to put a stop to them, but he didn't know how to do it and it seemed his heart was hoping that the

explosives would explode. Since Yingying had died, he didn't want to live anymore. If everyone could die in a wink of an eye, how could it not be a

clean death? With a glance, he suddenly saw Yilin's pair of smart eyes were looking at him. But as soon as their eyes connected, she immediately

avoided her gaze. Linghu Chong thought, "Little martial sister Yilin is still

so young, but she'll also be burnt to dust. Wouldn't that be a pity? But in this world, who doesn't die? Even if everyone today is being peaceful and has no enmity with each other, wouldn't everyone here still turn to bones a hundred years from now?"

Then he heard Peach Valley Six Fairies were still quarrelling

continuously, "You've already sit twice, I haven't even sit once on it yet."

"The first time I sat on it, I was pulled down so it doesn't count." "I have an idea, we'll all sit on it. See if it fits or not?" "Wonderful, wonderful! Crowd together, haha!" "You sit first!" "You sit first, I'll sit on top." "The oldest sit on the top, the youngest sit at the bottom!" "No, the oldest sit first! The younger you are, the higher you should sit!"

Great Master Fangzheng saw the crisis was going to happen soon, but he also couldn't say anything that would reveal the trap. He quickly walked inside the hall and loudly said, "Honourable guests are outside, don't quarrel, be quiet!" These two words 'be quiet' were said with the backing of Shaolin School's paramount internal energy martial art called 'Roar of the Iron Lion', and it was aimed at the Peach Valley Six Fairies. Priest Chongxu felt dizzy and was dangerously close to falling down. The Peach Valley Six Fairies lost consciousness at the same time. Chongxu was happy and his hands moved like the wind to lift the two people sitting on the chair. This

was followed by sealing the acupoints of those six people and throwing them beneath the Guanyin's offering table. He then stooped down besides the chair and heard no unusual noise. His hands and legs felt weak, and his head was perspiring heavily. If Fangzheng had come in just a bit later, then the fuse would've been triggered and everyone would have died.

Chongxu and Fangzheng walked back out shoulder to shoulder, and said, "Chief Ren, please come in for some tea!"

But the screen on that sedan chair remained motionless and there was no movement from inside the sedan chair as well. Chongxu was indignant as he thought, "This old demon head thinks himself so highly! Great Master Fangzheng, Headmaster Linghu, and I currently have the highest positions in Wulin. We're standing here waiting but you don't even pay attention to us!" If not for that nine dragon chair having a trap in it, he would have unsheathed his sword, opened up the sedan chair's curtain, and fought with Ren Woxing. He said it again one more time, but there was still no answer coming from inside the sedan chair.

Xiang Wentian bent his waist and put his ear beside the sedan chair.

He nodded a few times listening to the directions from the person inside the sedan chair. Standing back up, he said, "My humble sect Chief Ren said,

Shaolin Temple Great Master Fangzheng and Wudang Priest Chongxu are seniors in Wulin, and that he doesn't deserve for the two seniors to be

waiting here for him. Later, he will personally go to Shaolin and Wudang to express his thanks and apology."

Xiang Wentian also said, "Chief Ren said he has come to Mount

Heng-Shan today especially to meet Headmaster Linghu. He'd like to ask only Headmaster Linghu to be in the convent to meet him." When he finished speaking, he gestured with his hand and the sixteen porters carried the sedan chair into the convent and put it down inside the Guanyin Hall.

Xiang Wentian and Elder Bamboo Green accompanied the sedan chair inside, but they came back out with the porters, leaving the sedan chair alone inside the convent.

Chongxu thought, "Something's up here, I wonder what kind of trap is inside that sedan chair." He looked at Fangzheng and Linghu Chong.

Fangzheng wasn't sure what to do and his face was looking bewildered.

"Since Chief Ren only wants to meet Junior alone, then please wait here," Linghu Chong said.

Chongxu whispered, "Be careful." Linghu Chong nodded and strode inside the convent. That Wuse

Convent was just a little room and if someone spoke loudly in the Guanyin Hall then people outside would be able to hear them clearly.

"Junior Linghu Chong pays my respect to Chief Ren," Linghu Chong greeted, but he didn't hear Ren Woxing saying anything. Linghu Chong

suddenly gasped in surprise.

Chongxu was startled as he was afraid Linghu Chong had fallen under Ren Woxing's violent hands. He took a step wanting to enter the convent

and help, but he thought, "Brother Linghu's sword art is excellent and unmatched in this world. He entered the convent with a sword so that demon head Ren couldn't have possibly killed him with a stab. If he had really fallen under his violent hands, I would still be too late coming in to help. If that old demon head Ren hasn't killed Brother Linghu, that'll be best. But if Brother Linghu has fallen under his violent hands, then this demon head will be alone inside the Guanyin Hall and he'll definitely sit on that nine dragon chair, and if I go inside then I'd ruin everything." In that moment, he felt agitated and pondered, "That old demon head Ren might be sitting on that chair right now. In just a moment, the fuse will be triggered

and this Xianxing Peak will be destroyed. If I quickly run away at this time like a coward, Xiang Wentian will see it and will immediately alert him, then we'll be defeated. But if it explodes now, no matter how fast I move, I still won't be able to escape. So what should I do?" He had originally

calculated everything in detail. When the Sun Moon Sect came up the peak to attack, how they would fight, how to retreat, everything had been predicted that when Ren Woxing sit down on the nine dragons chair,

everyone from Shaolin, Wudang, and Heng-Shan Schools would've retreated down to the valley. They never expected the Sun Moon Sect

would come up without fighting and instead give their propriety first before fighting. Moreover, Ren Woxing wanted to meet Linghu Chong alone inside the convent. Everything that he had predicted had now changed. Even though he was very smart, he was at a lost for ideas at the moment.

Great Master Fangzheng also knew the situation was urgent, and he was also worried for Linghu Chong's safety. But his cultivation was already very deep and his mind was very clear. He felt life and death, glory and disgrace, bad and good luck, victory and defeat were not that big a thing.

People strive to do things but whether it succeeds or not, it is all decided by heaven. Whatever the conclusion would be, it all depends on each person's fate and can't be forced.

That was why even though his heart didn't feel right, he looked indifferent. If the explosives really exploded and his bone was to turn to dust, only this leather sack would be lost, so what was there to be afraid of? The explosives buried underneath the nine dragons chair was a secret.

Besides Fangzheng, Chongxu, and Linghu Chong, the people who buried the explosives like Qingxu and Chenggao were all at the waist of the mountain waiting for the explosives at the peak to explode before they

explode the landmines. No one else on the Xianxing Peak knew of the

situation. Shaolin, Wudang, and Heng-Shan Schools were all waiting for Ren Woxing and Linghu Chong inside Wuse Convent to finish speaking before they would move and fight against the people from the Sun Moon Sect.

Chongxu abided his time. He saw no movement inside the convent, and there was no noise coming out from there as well. Moving his internal energy, he tried listening to any noise. Indistinctly, he heard like Linghu

Chong was whispering something. He felt happy and thought, "So Brother Linghu is safe and sound." As his mind was divided, his internal energy

wasn't as pure anymore and he couldn't hear anything temporarily. But he was worried what he heard was just his own wishful thinking and that his

ears had heard what he wanted to hear, and that the voice wasn't necessarily Linghu Chong's. Otherwise, why couldn't he hear what Linghu Chong was saying?

After some more time had passed, he heard Linghu Chong calling out, "Brother Xiang, please come in and accompany Chief Ren to exit the


"Yes!" Xiang Wentian answered. With Elder Bamboo Green, they led the sixteens porters going into Wuse Convent and carried that blue sedan

chair out of there. The Sun Moon Sect people standing outside the convent bowed, and said, "Respectfully welcoming the honourable Sacred Chief." That sedan chair was brought to its previous stopping place and was put down.

"Presenting Sacred Chief's gift to Shaolin Temple's Abbott," Xiang Wentian said.

Two men carrying trays walked up to Fangzheng, and bowed to him presenting the trays. Fangzheng saw the first tray contained a very old and fragrant strand of prayer beads, while the other tray contained a handwritten ancient scripture which had sanskrit written on the cover. The sanskrit

written was 'Jingang Scripture'. Fangzheng couldn't help feeling rapt. In his research on Buddhism, there was more knowledge to gain from the 'Jingang Scripture'. The 'Jingang Scripture' he had studied was from the Eastern Jin where a reverend monk translated it into chinese. But there were some places in the scripture where it was difficult to understand and he had

always wanted to see the original sanskrit scripture to verify, but there was nowhere to find it. When he saw the scripture right now, he was enraptured. He joined his palms and said, "Amituofo, to receive this precious scripture, my appreciation is boundless!" He extended both of his hands respectfully and lifted that 'Jingang Scripture', then he lifted the prayer beads and said, "Thank you Chief Ren for your generous gift. I don't know how I can ever repay this."

"My humble sect's chief said that my humble sect has treated the

world's heroes rudely," Xiang Wentian replied. "We are deeply ashamed of this. Great Master Fangzheng, don't add more blames on us and my humble sect will appreciate it very much." He leaned his head to a side and

continued, "Presenting Chief Ren's gift to Wudang School's Headmaster Priest."

Two men from the sect acknowledged the order and walked up to Priest Chongxu. They bowed offering the trays. Those two people hadn't

come close yet but Chongxu could already see one tray was holding a long sword. When those two people came near him, he saw the long sword's

scabbard was multi-coloured greenish copper. On the copper was inlaid two characters: 'Zhen Wu'. Chongxu gasped in surprise. When Wudang School was first created by the Grandmaster Zhang Sanfeng, he was using a sword called 'Zhen Wu Sword' which had always been a treasure of the Wudang School. More than eighty years ago, a few elders from the Sun Moon Sect raided Mount Wudang at night and stole the precious sword along with Zhang Sanfeng's handwritten book of 'Taiji Manuscript'. Then a ferocious fight followed, in which three first class masters of Wudang died. Even though they also managed to kill four Sun Moon Sect elders, they couldn't

snatch back the manuscript and sword. This was Wudang School's biggest shame, and over the last eighty years, before each headmaster passed away, their last instructions would be to snatch the sword and manuscript back.

But Dark Wood Cliff was heavily fortified and Wudang School had tried a few times to snatch them back, but they had always failed and had instead lost a few lives on top of Dark Wood Cliff. Unexpectedly, this sword had appeared on Xianxing Peak. When he took a look at the other tray, it

contained a handwritten book with its pages turned yellow a long time ago. On the cover was written 'Taiji Manuscript'. Priest Chongxu had seen plenty of Zhang Sanfeng's handwritten book on Mount Wudang, so once he saw this 'Taiji Manuscript', he knew it was genuine.

Both his hands trembled as he took the long sword. His right hand gripped the handle of the sword and lightly drew it out halfway. He felt a rush of cold air coming from the sword. He knew Grandmaster Sanfeng had a godly sword art in his late years and he could easily not use a sword to fight, but if he was forced to fight with someone then he usually used an iron sword or a wooden sword. This 'Zhen Wu Sword' was the sword he used during his middle age to annihilate the demonical and shake the

Jianghu. It was a very sharp instrument. Chongxu was afraid he might be fooled by Ren Woxing so he flipped open the 'Taiji Manuscript' to take a look. It really was Grandmaster Sanfeng's book. He returned the manuscript onto the tray and kneeled on the ground, then he kowtowed eight times towards the manuscript and the sword.

Standing back up, he said, "Chief Ren has a very broad mind for returning the remnants of Wudang Grandmaster back to Zhen Wu

Monastery. Even if my body is reduced to dust, it will be hard to repay your benevolence." Once he had taken the manuscript and sword, his heart was

so excited that both his hands couldn't stop shaking.

"My humble sect's Chief said my humble sect had offended Wudang School in the past and we're very ashamed," Xiang Wentian said. "Today, everything is settled, and we hope that Wudang School will forgive us."

"Chief Ren is being too polite," Chongxu replied.

Xiang Wentian then said, "Prensenting Sacred Chief's gift to Heng- Shan School's Headmaster Linghu." Fangzheng and Chongxu both thought, "I wonder what he's going to give Headmaster Linghu. What kind of precious gifts are they going to be?" They now saw twenty men coming up, and each of them was carrying a tray as they walked up to Linghu Chong. On the trays were only gown, hat,

shoes, wine pot, wine cup, tea cup, and many other everyday items. Even though each of them was fine, they were clearly not some magnificent items. Only one tray held a jade flute and another tray held an ancient qin, which were clearly treasures. But compared to the presents given to Fangzheng and Chongxu, they were not even close in value.

Linghu Chong folded his hands in salute and said, "Many thanks." He then ordered Yu Sao and the others to receive the gifts.

"My humble sect's Chief said that we've been inappropriate to come to Mount Heng-Shan this time and cause a big disturbance," Xiang Wentian said. "For all the Shi Tai from the Heng-Shan School, we're giving them

each a set of gowns and a long sword. For all the secular martial sisters, we're giving them each a set of jewelries and a long sword. Please kindly

accept them. My humble sect has also purchased five hundred acres of farm at the foot of Mount Heng-Shan to give to Wuse Convent. We'll take our leave now."

After he said this, he folded his hands in salute to Fangzheng, Chongxu, and Linghu Chong, then turned around to walk away.

"Mr. Xiang!" Chongxu called out.

Xiang Wentian turned around and said, smiling, "What's Priest's order?"

"We're indebted to your noble sect Chief's generosity and have received rewards without doing anything. So we don't feel comfortable,"

Chongxu said. "I don't know... don't know..." He just said these words when he couldn't say anymore. He wanted to ask 'I don't know what's the idea behind this?', but at the end, he couldn't say it out loud.

Xiang Wentian laughed and folded his hands. "The items have returned to their original owners, this is naturally right. Why's Priest feeling uncomfortable about it?" He turned around and shouted, "Chief is going!"

The sound of music rose up and ten elders opened up the way, while the sixteen porters lifted the big blue sedan chair and started going down the peak. They were followed by the group of horn players and drum players.

At the end of the line was the sect people from the different halls. They went down the peak in a line.

Chongxu and Fangzheng looked at Linghu Chong and both thought, "Why did Chief Ren change his mind? Only you know his reasons." They couldn't gather anything from looking at Linghu Chong, but he seemed to be happy and also a little sad. After they heard the Sun Moon Sect walking down for a while and the music sound had ceased, the cries of 'Long Live the Chief, Unify the Jianghu' had also stopped. With bluffs and bluster they came, and now everything was quiet.

Chongxu couldn't hold back any longer and he asked, "Brother Linghu, Chief Ren suddenly became generous, this must be because of your enormous reputation. I'm not sure... not sure..." He wanted to ask 'I'm not

sure what you said', but he thought that if Linghu Chong was willing to say it then he'd of course tell them. But if he didn't want to say it, then asking too much would be inappropriate. That's why after saying 'not sure', he

stopped himself.

"Please forgive me seniors," Linghu Chong replied. "Junior has promised Chief Ren. The reason for this is unsuitable to be let out for the moment, but there's no big secrets among the reasons. Seniors will know of the reasons yourself in days gone by." Fangzheng laughed aloud and replied, "A big disaster has disappeared, this is really the good fortune of Wulin. Looking at Chief Ren today, he doesn't have any enmity towards our orhodox sects and schools

and has changed his murderous way. This is very encouraging and a happy moment."

Not knowing the reason made Chongxu's heart itched. Hearing what Fangzheng said, he also felt that it was reasonable. "I'm not being overly

anxious, but Sun Moon Sect is very sly and crafty. We should still be very careful. Maybe Chief Ren found out that we're prepared and he's afraid of being blown up, so he pretended to be nice today. Then when we're not on our guard, he'd do a sneak attack. According to the two of you, can this happen?"

"This... person is hard to predict," Fangzheng hesitated. "We must be on our guard."

Linghu Chong shook his head. "No, it won't happen."

"Headmaster Linghu firmly believes this won't happen, that's very good then," Chongxu said, but he was actually thinking otherwise in his heart.

After some time, reports from below the mountain came. The Sun Moon Sect party had gone past the waist of the mountain, and the people

guarding the road didn't receive the signal so they didn't fight or explode the landmines. Chongxu ordered someone to inform Qingxu, Chenggao, and the people responsible for the nine dragons chair and the landmines to cut the fuses.

Linghu Chong asked Fangzheng and Chongxu to enter Wuse Convent and rest inside Guanyin Hall. Fangzheng perused the sanskrit 'Jingang

Manuscript'. Chongxu touched the 'Zhen Wu Sword' and studied the 'Taiji Manuscript', his joy was undescribably and gradually all his doubts and worries were forgotten.

All of a sudden, someone from underneath the offering table said, "Ah, Yingying, it's you!"

Another person said, "Brother Chong, You... you... you..." They were the voices of the Peach Valley Six Fairies.

Linghu Chong gasped in surprise and jumped up from his chair.

But then he heard voices kept coming from underneath the offering table, "Brother Chong, my dad, he's... he's passed away."

"What happened?"

"That day on Mount Huashan's Peak of the Morning Sun, not long after you went down the mountain, my dad suddenly fell down from the Deity's Palm. Brother Xiang and I caught him, not long after, he stopped breathing."

"Then... then... someone plotted against him!"

"No. Brother Xiang said, he's already old and had been suffering for many years under the West Lake. For the past few years, he had been

completely engrossed in suppressing the various internal energies in his body, and it has actually taken a lot of energies out of him. This time, in order to destroy the five mountains sword schools, his mind has been occupied by this. His time is up."

"I never thought this would happen."

"That day on the Peak of the Morning Sun, Brother Xiang and ten

elders discussed this and they unanimously elected me to be the Sun Moon Sect's Chief."

"So Chief Ren is actually Young lady Ren, not Mr. Ren."

Just then when the Peach Valley Six Fairies were fighting to sit on the nine dragons chair, Fangzheng used the 'Lion Roar' backed by unsurpassed internal energy to shake them up. Chongxu was afraid they might let out the secret so he sealed their acupoints and put them under the offering altar.

Unexpectedly, these six people's inner energies were quite deep that they woke up not long after and heard the dialogue between Linghu Chong and 'Chief Ren'. Now, they had revealed the words that were supposed to be kept secret.

When Fangzheng and Chongxu heard Ren Woxing had died and Yingying had taken up the Chief position, they were startled but happy at the same time. Yingying had given both of them precious gifts but she had given Linghu Chong some gown and shoes to wear, which were actually the wedding presents for their marriage. They still heard the Peach Valley Six Fairies talking one after another: "Brother Chong, I've come to Mount

Heng-Shan today to see you. If the people from the orthodox path find out, they'll jest about it."

"Why's that important? You can only become bashful." "No, I don't want others to know."

"Alright, I promise you not to say anything."

"I ordered them to called out those cultured and kind warrior, benefiting the common people, what long live the chief, unify the Jianghu, so other people wouldn't find out. I wasn't being rude to your Heng-Shan School and Great Master Fangzheng and Priest Chongxu."

"Don't worry about that, Great Master and Priest won't find out." "Also, Sun Moon Sect and Heng-Shan School, Shaolin School,

Wudang School are turning from enemies into friends. I also don't want others to say that it's my idea. In Jianghu, people will definitely say that it's because me... and you... and you is the reason, also the big fight was not fought, so I'll be really embarassed."

"Hehe, I'm not afraid." "Your skin is thick, so of course you're not afraid. The news of dad passing away has been kept a secret by the Sun Moon Sect. Other people will only know my dad has come to Mount Heng-Shan and talked to you and reconciled with each other. This way my dad's reputation will be increased. When I get back to Dark Wood Cliff, I'll announce the death."

"Right, then as son-in-law I'll come to kowtow to him."

"You can come, that'll be best. That day at Mount Huashan on the Peak of the Morning Sun, my dad has personally agreed to our marriage, but... but after I agree. "

Linghu Chong heard the six of them were gradually revealing Yingying and his wedding arrangement so he quickly shouted, "Peach

Valley Six Fairies, you're still not coming out, talking nonsense under there. I'm going to peel your skin and strip your flesh."

But he still heard Peachtree Trunk Fairy sighed quietly and mimicking Yingying's speech, "But I'm still worried about you. Dad hasn't given you the method on how to harmonize the different internal energies. Actually, even if he had imparted it to you, it's no use. Dad himself, sigh!" Peachtree Trunk Fairy pinched his throat and he sounded grieved. When Fangzheng, Chongxu, and Linghu Chong heard him, they couldn't help becoming sad too. Ren Woxing was a strange warrior of this era, and even though he had done bad things all his life, it was still very sad for his life to have ended this way.

Linghu Chong's feelings towards Ren Woxing was particularly

strange. Even though he detested the way Ren Woxing handled his power and his overbearing behaviour, he still couldn't help admiring his ability,

especially his unscrupulous and independent nature which was quite like his own. The only difference was that he didn't have the ambition of 'unifying the Jianghu'. At that moment, in the three people's hearts, they all thought, "From time past, all the emperors, ministers, warriors, even bandits and murderers, they all die at the end."

Peachtree Fruit Fairy squeezed his throat and said, "Brother Chong, I'm... "

Chongxu felt that if they continued to talk then Linghu Chong would be embarassed. He laughed and said, "Peach Valley six brothers, sorry for the offence before. But enough with your talking, if you provoke

Headmaster Linghu, he'll seal your 'lifelong mute acupoint'. I don't think it'll be worthwhile."

Peach Valley Six Fairies were greatly startled. They asked in unison, "What's a 'lifelong mute acupoint'?"

"Once that 'lifelong mute acupoint' is sealed, you'll be mute for the rest of your life and can't speak anymore," Chongxu answered. "But you'll still be able to eat and drink."

The Peach Valley Six Fairies shouted together, "Speaking is number one, eating and drinking are number two."

"The words you said just before, you mustn't say them again," Chongxu advised. "Headmaster Linghu, on accord of Great Master Fangzheng and I, please don't seal their 'lifelong mute acupoint'. Great

Master Fangzheng and I will vouch for them. The conversation between you and Young lady Ren that the six of them eavesdropped from underneath the offering altar, they won't reveal a single word of it."

Peachtree Flower Fairy said, "Injustice, injustice! We weren't eavesdropping, the sound entered our ears so what can we do?"

"You've already heard it, no one cares about anything else," Chongxu said. "But talking about it after hearing them, that you can't do." Peach Valley Six Fairies said in unison, "Ok, ok! We won't say it, we won't say it."

Peachtree Root Fairy said, "But Sun Moon Sect Sacred Chief, those two sentences that were changed, can we say it?"

"You can't say it, definitely not!" Linghu Chong shouted.

Peachtree Branch Fairy mumbled, "Can't say it then can't say it. Only you and young lady Ren can say it, we can't say it."

Chongxu pondered, "Two sentences that were changed by Sun Moon Sect? Those sentences must be 'Long live the Chief, unify the Jianghu'.

Young lady Ren is the chief now, and she doesn't want to unify Jianghu. But I wonder what they've been changed to?"

Three years later, at the Plum Manor on Mount Gu at the West Lake of Hangzhou, bright lanterns were hung and there was a gathering of beautifully dressed people. This day was the day Linghu Chong and Yingying were to be married. At this time, Linghu Chong had already given the Heng-Shan School's headmaster position to Yiqing. Yiqing made every effort to give it to Yilin, saying Yilin had avenged Heng-Shan's big enmity. For avenging their masters, she should get the headmaster position. But Yilin said she would never agree and cried. When all is said and done, they followed Linghu Chong's idea and Yiqing was handed the headmaster position.

Yingying also resigned from being the Sun Moon Sect's chief and gave it to Xiang Wentian. Even though Xiang Wentian was a stubborn person, he didn't have any ambition to annex the orthodox sects. So over the last few years, Jianghu was peaceful.

Today, many Jianghu warriors had come to Plum Manor to

congratulate them. After going through the ritual and finishing the banquet, it was time to have fun in the newlywed's house. The crowd wanted the bride and groom to perform a swordplay. In this world, everyone knew Linghu Chong's sword art was wonderful, and there were a lot of guests there who had not seen it yet.

Linghu Chong said, smiling, "Today, it'll ruin the atmosphere if we use sabres and swords. The bride and I will play a song, how about that?"

The crowd cheered.

Linghu Chong took a yaoqin and gave Yingying a jade flute.

Yingying didn't lift her red cover, and extended her delicate hand to take the jade flute. She started playing a song with Linghu Chong. The tune they

were playing was the 'Smiling Proud Wanderer'. In these three years, Linghu Chong was under Yingying's guidance in studying the qin and he was already quite good in playing this tune. Linghu Chong remembered of that day outside of Hengshan City out in the wilderness, he listened to

Hengshan School Liu Zhengfeng and Sun Moon Sect elder Qu Yang playing this tune. The two of them were very friendly even though they were from different sects and both of them were finally killed. Today, he himself had married Yingying and no sect could stop them. Compared to

the people who composed this tune, he was more fortunate. He also thought when Liu and Qu composed this tune together, they must've been doing it because of their sects' separation and to erase the years of enmity between the sects. This time, the tune was being played by husband and wife, at last their wishes had been fulfilled. As he thought till here, the qin and flute became even more harmonious.

Most of the people in the crowd didn't understand music, but they were very pleased to hear it. When the song was finished, they all clapped and cheered, and happily led the married couple to the newlywed room.

Once the couple were in the room, they closed the door to the room. Suddenly, a sad huqin sound rose from outside the wall. Linghu Chong happily said, "Martial uncle Mo Da..."

"Don't make any noise," Yingying whispered.

They heard the huqin sound playing the tune 'Courtship13' softly, but the mournful air of the song could be felt from start to finish. Linghu Chong were feeling very happy as he thought, "Martial uncle Mo Da really didn't die. Today, he's come to play this tune to congratulate Yingying and I getting married."

The huqin sound gradually went far until finally it couldn't be heard anymore.

Linghu Chong turned around and gently lifted up Yingying's red face cover. Yingying smiled captivatingly, with the red candles shining on her face, she looked beautiful as jade. She suddenly shouted, "Come out!"

Linghu Chong was perplexed. He thought, "What come out?"

Yingying laughed and shouted, "Still not coming out, I'm going to drench you!"

From under the bed, six people came out. They were the Peach Valley Six Fairies. They were hiding underneath the bed to hear to the newlywed's conversation. Then they'd go back to the hall and relate to the crowd what the newlyweds were talking about. Linghu Chong's mind was already drunk so he didn't realise anything. Yingying was still careful and she was able to hear their breathing under the bed.

Linghu Chong laughed aloud and said, "Six Peach brothers, I almost got trapped by your ambush!"

Peach Valley Six Fairies walked out of the room and started shouting, "Long Live, husband and wife forever! Long Live, husband and wife forever!" Chongxu was at the Flower Hall chatting to Fangzheng. When he heard the cries of the Peach Valley Six Fairies, he couldn't help smiling. They had been keeping this a secret for three years and it was finally revealed now. This was the oath that Linghu Chong and Yingying had

sword to that day in the Guanyin Hall. The oath that came from changing the two sentences of the Sun Moon Sect.

Four months later, it was evening during springtime. Grass was long and flowers were blossoming. Linghu Chong and Yingying were newlyweds, holding hands as they went to Mount Huashan. Linghu Chong wanted to bring his wife pay his respect to Grand martial uncle Feng

Qingyang, and to kowtow to him for teaching him the sword art. But they had been going around Mount Huashan's five peaks and three mountain ranges, searched every dell, but they didn't find a single trace of Feng

Qingyang's track.

Linghu Chong was displeased.

"Grand martial uncle is a highly skillful person who's out of this

world, like a divine dragon that we can only see its head but unable to see its tail, so we don't know where he's gone to," Yingying said.

Linghu Chong sighed. "Grand martial uncle definitely has a godly sword art. His internal energy cultivation can also be regarded as unmatched in this world. In the last three and a half years, I've been practising the inner energy he imparted to me. Those different types of energies are almost all gone."

"Then we can thank Shaolin Temple Great Master Fangzheng," Yingying replied. "Since we can't find Grand martial uncle Feng, we'll go to Shaolin Temple tomorrow and kowtow to Great Master Fangzheng to thank him." "Great Master Fangzheng brought the divine martial art and guided me in learning it, so he's like a half master to me. We should give thanks to him."

Yingying pursed her lips smiling. "Brother Chong, you still don't understand. That skill you learned, it's Shaolin School's 'Tendon Altering Sutra' inner energy."

"Ah!" Linghu Chong gasped and jumped up. "It's... it's 'Tendon Altering Sutra'? How do you know?"

"That day I heard you said that the inner energy was given orally by Grand Martial uncle Feng to Peach Valley Six Fairies for them to bring to Great Master Fangzheng," Yingying explained. "I had my doubts on this.

That internal energy method is so profound and mysterious that when you're practising it, nothing can go wrong in the slightest. If something goes

wrong then you'll fire deviate and lose your life. How is it possible to ask the Peach Valley Six Fairies to bring this and pass it on orally? The Peach Valley Six Fairies speak in a tangle, and how can they also talk clearly?

Even though Great Master Fangzheng said it and it's likely that grand martial uncle Feng forced them to memorise it, it's still very dangerous. Later on, I asked these six brothers and they all said it's true. But when I told them to recite a few sentences, one said they've forgotten it long ago, one said they can only tell Monk Fangzheng and can't tell other people. The six of them said a few more words, but their words don't match head to tail, and there were hundreds of discrepancies. Later, they revealed this by denying it, they said in order for Great Master Fangzheng to save your life, he didn't want you to know and pretended Grand martial uncle Feng was the one who imparted this martial art. If you ask them about it, he asked them to keep it a secret." Linghu Chong's mouth gaped wide open and he didn't make any noise for a long time. Yingying continued, "But Grand martial uncle Feng calling them was true. But he called them to tell Great Master Fangzheng that the Sun Moon Sect was going to attack Heng-Shan, and he asked Shaolin and Wudang Schools to help."

"You're so bad," Linghu Chong complained. "You knew about this a long time ago but you only said about this today."

Yingying smiled. "That day in Shaolin Temple, you were very

stubborn. Great Master Fangzheng wanted you to join Shaolin and make him your master, then he'd impart you with the 'Tendon Altering Sutra', but you said you wouldn't agree. You brushed him away and walked out the door. If Great Master Fangzheng again mentioned this matter of imparting you with 'Tendon Altering Sutra', then he's afraid your old stubborness

would come out again, rather dying then learning it. Wouldn't that be a

waste? That's why he was forced to use Grand martial uncle Feng's name to make you think it was Huashan School's inner energy method, and you'd learn it willingly."

"Ah," Linghu Chong understood now. "I know, you didn't want to tell me this because you're also afraid I'll become stubborn and suddenly stop learning it? Since now you know the various inner energies is my body are almost gone, you told me everything."

Yingying again pursed her lips smiling. "Your stubborness, everyone knows it mustn't be provoked."

Linghu Chong let out a long sigh and pulled on her hand. "Yingying, back then you gave up your life at Shaolin Temple so Great Master Fangzheng would impart me with 'Tendon Altering Sutra'. Even though you didn't die, Great Master Fangzheng had already agreed to you to do this.

He's a senior in Wulin and his words carry a lot of weight, so finally he gave me this divine martial art. This was the martial art that you used your life to trade with, even if I don't care whether I live or die, how can I... how can I not care about you and stop practising?"

Yingying whispered, "I also thought of this before, but I was still afraid."

"We'll go down the mountain tomorrow and go to Shaolin Temple. Since I've already learned the 'Tendon Altering Sutra', it's best if I go to Shaolin Temple and become a monk."

Yingying knew he was joking. "A wild monk like you, the big temples won't accept and the little temples don't want you. Shaolin Temple's rules and commandments are very strict, a monk who drinks wine and eats meat like you, they'll drive out of there within half a day."

They walked hand in hand, chatting leisurely. Linghu Chong saw Yingying was continuously looking left and right, looking like she was looking for something.

"What are you looking for?" Linghu Chong asked.

"Not telling, you'll know when we find it. This time coming to Mount Huashan, we didn't manage to pay our respects to grand martial uncle Feng and it's a regret. But if we also can't see that person, it'll be a pity."

Linghu Chong was confused. "We're seeing another person? Who is


Yingying smiled and didn't answer. She said, "You locked Lin Pingzhi

up in that jail underneath Plum Manor. It's actually a brilliant idea. You promised your little martial sister to take care of Lin Pingzhi for the rest of his life. While he's inside that jail, he has food to eat, clothes to wear, and no one can harm him. It's really looking after him for the rest of his life. I've also given your other friend a special treatment." Linghu Chong was even more perplexed, he thought, "My other friend? Who's he?" He knew his wife's behaviour was often outside people's expectation. Since she wasn't willing to say it then there was no use asking. That night, they stayed in Linghu Chong's old room and drank wine. Even though Linghu Chong was looking at his lovable wife, he still thought of many past events and couldn't help feeling sad. After drinking more than ten cups of wine, he was rather intoxicated. Yingying suddenly looked happy and put down the wine cup. She whispered, "I think he's coming, let's have a look."

Linghu Chong heard sound of monkey's cries coming from the mountain in front. He didn't know who Yingying was talking about but he followed her out of the room.

Yingying followed the monkey's cry and walked quickly towards the mountainside in front. Linghu Chong followed behind her. Under the moonlight, he saw seven to eight monkeys gathered. There were a lot of monkeys on Mount Huashan. Linghu Chong didn't know what was going on but surprisingly he saw a person surroundeded by those monkeys.

Squinting his eyes, he saw that person was Lao Denuo. Delight and anger mixed together inside him, he turned around wanting to take a sword from inside the room. Yingying pulled his arm and whispered, "We'll go closer and see clearer."

They went a hundred feet closer and saw Lao Denuo was held between two enormous monkeys, and was being dragged around here and there by them. He wasn't in control of his body at all. The martial art he had learned was all useless to resist against these two big monkeys.

Linghu Chong was perplexed. "What happened to him?"

"Have a look, I'll tell you slowly," said a smiling Yingying. The monkeys were impatient, jumping up and down, and there wasn't a moment of respite at all. Lao Denuo was being pulled to the left and right, and he occasionally let out a roar which prompted the two monkeys to

scratch his face. At this time, Linghu Chong had finally understood what was going on. Lao Denuo's right hand and right side were linked to the monkey on the left, while his left hand and left side were linked to the monkey on the right. It was obvious he had been shackled with iron manacles.

He had understood most of it as he asked, "You did this?" "What do you think?" Yingying asked.

"You destroyed Lao Denuo's martial art?" "No, he did it himself to atone for his sin."

When the monkeys heard the sound of people speaking, they became noisy and took Lao Denuo away with them to go back into the mountain.

Linghu Chong wanted to kill Lao Denuo in the beginning to take revenge for Lu Dayou, but seeing him suffering so much, to behead him with a

sword was natural, but his heart felt it would be too fast. So he thought, "This traitor has been very sly and his evil is much higher than martial

brother Lin. I should let him suffer more." Then he said, "So these last few days, you've been looking for him to give me a look."

"That day when my father came to the Peak of the Morning Sun, that bastard came offering his flattery. He said he'd obtained the sword manual for the 'Evil Resisting Sword Art', and that he'd come to present it to daddy. Dad asked him what for and he said he wanted to become one of the elders for the Sun Moon Sect. Dad didn't have any free time to talk to him so he told someone to look after him. Later, dad passed away and everyone was busy so no one cared about him and we just took him to the Dark Wood

Cliff. After around ten days, I thought about this again and told him to come to ask him some questions. I found out he learned the 'Evil Resisting Sword Art' himself and accidentally crippled his martial art instead. This person is your sixth martial brother's murderer, and since your sixth martial brother loved monkeys, I told people to find two big monkeys and lock him up with them and set him free on Mount Huashan."

When she said till there, she gripped Linghu Chong's wrist and continued, "Never thought that I, Ren Yingying, would also finally be locked up with a big monkey, and never part ever again." She smiled tenderly, her smile soft and loving.

The End

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