Martial Arts Master Chapter 421-430

Chapter 421: Plans Always Fall Behind Changes

Ding! A new message came in, and Lou Cheng picked up his phone. Apparently, his champion prize had arrived.

"Your account XXXX has received 250,000.00 yuan at three quarters past 9 AM on April 30. The current available balance is 904,724.84 ..."
Since the National Martial Arts Competition drew so much attention, the cost of copyrighting and admission tickets soared. Each team would have to at least spend 500,000 yuan to cover the car fare, board, and the lodging for two weeks. Along with the bus fare and rental for the practice field, etc. Anything remaining was used as a subsidy for the coach and team members.

The prize for reaching top eight was 800,000, followed by 1,100,000 for semifinalists, 1,400,000 for second place, and 1,800,0000 for the champion. This time Songcheng University had been quite generous. They required only 300,000 yuan for administration fee after a deduction of 380,000 yuan to cover expenses. As a cadre, Geezer Shi, Lou Cheng, and Lin Que received 250,000 each.
Yan Zheke received 100,000 since she had fought many matches and won the key battle at the Capital; Li Mao, who had fought strenuously and been injured, received 80,000; Cai Zongming, who had fought alone, received 60,000; Lin Hua, who joined the fight with the He Brothers, received 40,000; the three substitutes, Sun Jian, He Zi, and Wang Dali, received 15,000 each; and Li Xiaowen, who took care of the everyday errands, received 10,000.

As for the rest of the team members, those who had taken part in the training but did not fight at the Capital, were subsidized with 3,000 yuan each. The rest of the bonus went into the public account of the martial arts club to cover the daily expenses, such as PC maintenance, parties, and meals ...

"I didn't realize that I was already a millionaire ..." Lou Cheng was cheerful as he took a screenshot to show Yan Zheke the money he had earned. He was convinced that he was not rich. However, as a college student, he had no mortgage, no marriage or honeymoon plan, and he didn't have to pay for a nursery or elderly care.

Besides, he received a set of red pellets from Ice God Sect every month. He lived on campus, and he only went out for one or two dates every week. So food wouldn't be a huge expense. Although he had spent some money on red pellets for the practice of theSwordsman Formula, his total expenses from mid-February to the present added up to less than 100,000.

That was not a small amount to Lou Cheng, but when he agreed to the contract with Wu Ting's father, he got a 700,000 fee for the endorsement and a 250,000 bonus for winning the National Competition, he couldn't help feeling excited about the money he had earned.

"Am I too simple?" he couldn't help but think.

Yan Zheke replied, "I also received my bonus. We are millionaires." "We are a family of millionaires." Lou Cheng sent an emoji of "pushing up sunglasses with pride" and said, "I have packed up my things. Should I come over?"

They had made travel plans for Labor Day. Considering they had already skipped class for two weeks, one more day wasn't going to be a big deal for them. So they decided to plan in advance and come back one day later than scheduled, thus avoiding peak traffic and increasing the length of the holiday!

What a wonderful plan!

"Wait a minute. I need to clean up my face," Yan Zheke said, bewildered.

"Are you putting on makeup? This is serious and I'm flattered," Lou Cheng joked.

"You complained that I am not taking you seriously when we go out on dates. Well, I'm making it up to you," Yan Zheke replied with a cute emoji. "I'm looking forward to it." Lou Cheng became lost in his fantasy.

Lou Cheng put down his phone and looked around. He noticed Zhang Jingye, the Model Worker, carrying his package as he passed by.

"Are you going on a trip with your girlfriend?" Lou Cheng asked with a teasing smile.

"Sure. You too?" Zhang Jingye saw a huge bag on the table.

"Yep. Skipping class this afternoon?" Lou Cheng laughed.

Zhang Jingye found him amazing as he said, "I bet you are not attending class either."

"I am afraid you are right," Lou Cheng answered playfully. "Aha!" Zhang Jingye replied with a smile as he exited the dorm.

At that moment, Zhao Qiang was putting some books into his bag, and he commented,

"I am so envious of all of you! I have to go to class!"

"Hey, Qiang, you once mentioned an old classmate, didn't you?" Lou Cheng asked him.

During winter break, Zhao Qiang had reconnected with one of his high school classmates who also happened to be a student in Songcheng. They caught up so quickly that Zhao Qiang once announced in the dorm that he was about to take the opportunity and get rid of his single label.

Zhao Qiang coughed and looked shy as he said, "I'm just thinking ..." "Hey. It takes more than thinking to pursue a girl. You have to give whatever it takes and not be a coward." Lou Cheng sounded serious and then he smiled. "After you've failed enough times, you will get used to it. There is a walking casanova in our neighborhood, you should ask for some advice."

Zhao Qiang sighed, saying, "If I were half as good as you, I would have won the girl's heart already!"

"What can I do if you insist on your opinion?" Lou Cheng shrugged his shoulders. "Nevertheless when I am with Yan Zheke, I am practically nobody, and I mean it."

He then tossed his hair jokingly.

To be honest, Lou Cheng made a substantial breakthrough in regards to his relationship with Yan Zheke because they shared a common experience during the Challenge Tournament of the Warrior Sage, which had been an inspiring and miraculous journey. Lou Cheng's quality and potential had won Yan's heart. Bravery was necessary when pursuing a girl, but it wasn't enough. After all, any girl being chased after does not have to accept.

"You are right..." Zhao Qiang understood and muttered, "Nevermind. Some adults reminded us to spend more time on studying instead of dating."

"..." Lou Cheng was speechless as he watched Zhao Qiang leave the dorm with his bag.

After killing time by playing with his cellphone, Lou Cheng finally received a message from Yan Zheke. "Five minutes and then you can come."

"Sure." Lou Cheng replied as he carefully picked up his bag.

He would rather wait the five minutes outside of Yan Zheke's dorm. As he left through the door, Qiu Zhigao came back with his face covered in sweat and said,

"It's late. We're about to be late!"

Seeing Lou Cheng, he put on a smile and asked,

"Cheng, please be honest with me. Can I achieve the Amateur Third Pin before graduation?"
After hard work, for four semesters, Qiu sadly found out that he was not a gifted student. Although he had passed all of the exams, he never ranked in the top 20%, so a scholarship was out. So he started to face the reality and picked up martial arts. He hoped to get a certificate of the Amateur Third Pin to be more competitive in the job market.

"Based on your physique and strength, insist on working out three times a week and we will see," Lou Cheng answered affirmatively. Qiu Zhigao was exhilarated. Lou Cheng was a master in the college martial arts circle in his mind. If Lou found him OK, it would be OK.

"Alright. If possible, could you give me some advice, or if there is anything I can do that will help, please let me know." Old Qiu was in a rush to the classroom, so he picked up his bag, and took a quick shower in the bathroom.

"Everyone chooses a different path..." Lou Cheng sighed and left the dorm with his bag. He then glanced into the neighboring room and he was astonished with what he saw.

Little Ming was either focusing on studying or writing something.

"What's wrong with you?" Lou Cheng blurted out in confusion.

Cai Zongming raised his head and answered gruffly, "What's wrong with learning? We will have almost a month without school, so I decided to keep up with my studies." And then he put on a relaxed smile as he said, "Though, Fang Yuan said so..."

"Why don't you go to the classroom?" Lou Cheng asked absently.

"Is there something wrong with studying in the dorm?" Little Ming asked in reply.

"You cannot withstand the temptation of computer games there."

"Actually, phone games are even more popular. I can play wherever I like, even if I don't have a particular place to study." Cai Zongming sounded quite serious.

Lou Cheng retorted, "But the atmosphere in a classroom is different. Everyone else would be studying, and it would be shameful for you to play your phone game." Cai Zongming replied in disapproval, "Cheng, do you think I am the kind of person who would be influenced by others or the atmosphere? And you think that that would cause me to focus on my studies instead of games?"

"No..." Lou Cheng gave him a thumbs up and then left through the door.

Lou Cheng only had to wait a few minutes outside of the no.
3 dormitory building before he saw his girlfriend come out carrying a new suitcase. She was pretty and elegant, like a fairy from a painting.

Yan Zheke was beautiful when she put on some makeup... Lou Cheng couldn't help but stare, and Yan Zheke felt satisfied as she raised her head.

"Here, let me." Lou Cheng tried to take her suitcase "Nevermind, you disabled man, I'm fine," Yan Zheke joked.

Lou Cheng laughed, saying, "Seriously? Disabled man?"

"Haha..." Yan Zheke chuckled as she responded, "You have to take my hand!"

Lou Cheng smiled. "It's fine. I can walk and I can take my fairy's hand."

Yan Zheke heard her cell phone ringing as she was about to say something.

"It's my grandpa..." She looked at the screen in puzzlement before she answered, saying, "Hey, Grandpa?"

"Hi, Ke ..." Ji Jianzhang said, while smiling, in his slightly old voice. "Bring Lou Cheng home this holiday so your grandma and I can get to know him."

Chapter 422: Ji Family

"Ah..." Upon hearing her grandfather's instructions, Yan Zheke was a little stunned. Unknowingly, she looked towards Lou Cheng, who was standing in front of her. She did not respond immediately.

What is this all about!?

Why did Grandpa suddenly ask me to bring Cheng to Jiangnan?
He should have said it earlier!

Lou Cheng had become someone with a strong grasp of the senses and emotions around him. He had already heard and expected the conversation. With a small smile, he gave his girlfriend a small nod to indicate to her that he did not have any issue.

Even though he could not travel solo with Ke, which was disappointing, to be able to gain the approval of her elders meant that he could enter her home with his head held high. This would give her a great sense of security.

Anyway, there would be more opportunities to travel together!

After she had asked for her boyfriend's view, Yan Zheke somewhat recovered. She puffed her cheeks and said,

"Grandpa, why didn't you say so earlier? Cheng and I have other plans. Alright, alright, we'll go over. We'll go and change our tickets now. "

Ji Jianzhang gave a small smile and said, "I thought you would take the initiative to bring him to me. I just kept on waiting day after day. There was still no word from you, so I had to be be this thick-skinned and ask him myself. "

After hearing all these words, Yan Zheke turned pink with embarrassment. She smiled forcefully and said, "I was waiting for the summer vacation... " She was worried that her silly Cheng would be bullied. So she intended to bring him to the Ji family after he had entered the Inhuman stage.

"There's no better day than today! Send Lou's details over, I'll get someone to make arrangements." Ji Jianzhang chuckled.

After the call, Yan Zheke peeked at Lou Cheng. She said in a cute but embarrassed manner,

"This grandpa! We've already booked our tickets and accommodations! "

"It's alright. A vacation to anywhere is still a vacation, right?" Lou Cheng laughed good-naturedly. "But then my strategy won't be of any use anymore. I can only rely on Coach Yan to lead the rest of the way! "

"Don't worry, I won't lose you! " Yan Zheke's eyes transformed into a happy upwards arch. Then, to intentionally liven up the atmosphere, she said, "So upsetting! We can't get a full refund. This is all Grandpa's fault. We need to get him to give you a huge red packet! "

"Red packet?" Lou Cheng asked, not understanding her words.

"Jiangnan's customary practice. Those official couples, cough, cough..." Yan Zheke's face flushed bright red again. She looked away and twisted her head towards the sidewalk. "The first time the partner visits, the elders of the family will give a red packet."

"Grandson-in-law's red packet!" Lou Cheng concluded with a bright smile.

To be honest, he was not nervous about meeting Yan Zheke's grandparents. In his generation and teachings, the parent-in- laws were the ones directly related to his girlfriend. Hence, he would naturally pay more attention to them or feel more nervous about them. Grandparents were one generation away, so their "influence" would not be too great. As for the point about Mighty Ones with Physical Vulnerability, he had met them before, and it was not that he did not have them to support him!

In the midst of their happy conversation, Yan Zheke sent Lou Cheng's details to her grandfather and waited to hear from him again. The details were already stored in her phone. Around them, the eyes of the Songcheng University's students followed their moves, as though greeting them as they walked past. Some even gathered the courage to ask for an autograph.

Since he won the nationals, Lou Cheng had become someone known throughout the university. He was now an idol and someone that many juniors and even seniors admired. No matter where he went, he would attract attention. And people had been very kind to him.

He was thinking about the strong sunlight and bright smiles from the people around and wanted to pull Ke along to look for a cafe to take some shelter from the sun and the crowd stares. Yan Zheke received a call about a couple of options regarding first class seats. The person even said that if she was not satisfied with any of the options, they could use the Shushan Study's private jet or airline. "The noon flight is good." Yan Zheke did not trouble the person too much and made a quick decision.

After this, they would go by their original plan - to take the school bus out of Songcheng University and travel towards the airport. The only difference was that their flight had changed, and the destination on the air ticket had switched from the neighboring province to Jiangnan province.

There was no delay, no postponement. The flight departed on time. As Lou Cheng drank the mineral water that he chilled, he asked his girlfriend casually, "Ke, I'm thinking of a question."

"What?" Yan Zheke turned to look at him. Her eyes clear and looking at her boyfriend prettily.

"Are you going on a trip with your girlfriend?" Lou Cheng asked with a gentle smile.

Because he knew that he had passed the Empress Dowager stage, and that his father-in-law had no objections, he was asking this question for fun. Just a way to have some couple's interaction.

Yan Zheke looked upwards. While biting her lower lip and her dimples appearing, she said, "Of course, I'll have to listen to them..."

"Oh..." Lou Cheng was a little surprised.

Ke, our dear Ke, this answer is not right!

Seeing his reaction, Yan Zheke covered her laugh as she giggled. With great joy, she said, "You're so easy to trick! "

After teasing him, she pursed her lips. As she considered the question carefully, she said, "I'm the one who's getting married. Not them. So my opinion matters the most. Of course, I'm happy that they have no objections. But even if they do, I'll still go for what I want. As long as I've the ability to feed myself, and have a good time, the opinions and views of others are just decorations. I never thought that the blessings of parents from both sides were important. Back then, Empress Dowager didn't give her blessings, but they're still living happily, right? "

"I just realized that you're greatly influenced by Empress Dowager..." Lou Cheng broke out in a smile after hearing her.

"What matters most is what is in front of me right..." Yan Zheke ended her sentence with a slightly higher pitch. She asked him, "How about you? If your parents don't like me, what will you do? "

Damn, karma does bite back with such questions... Lou Cheng chided himself. He tried to squirm his way out with a compliment. "Our dear Ke, you're so cute, so kind, so beautiful, so lovable, my parents will definitely like you... "

Then he stopped for a bit and with a more serious tone, he said, "My thinking is about the same as yours. Yup, brainwashed by Coach Yan. Also, maybe my wings have hardened. I now have some ability and the foundation not to rely on my parents. I could live well by myself, so their opinions would only be references. I'll be filial, but that doesn't mean that I have to listen to them all the time. Actually, at home right now, I make my own decisions. "

His current position in the family was a natural progression. As long as he did not have a weak character and was not blinded by filial piety, he could make his own decisions. So since he had some career achievements, it was almost always him who was making the decisions on behalf of his parents, and not the other way round.

Yan Zheke listened to Lou Cheng's words quietly. Her eyes sparkled, but right at the end, she burst out in giggles.

"Cheng, haha, I just thought of a sentence. Haha, forgetting one's mother after marrying a wife! "

"Hey! Be serious!" Lou Cheng helplessly raised his hands.

For couples, as long as they were serious about their relationship, as long as they thought about spending their lives together and wanted to get married, they would have fantasies about the future together and discuss details of marriage life. Before they knew it, the plane started its descent and then landed steadily. After the plane had slid for a while, Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke got off the plane and walked towards the arrival hall.

While making their way there, the girl received a call. She turned towards Lou Cheng and said,

"Cheng, let's head to the carpark directly. Brother Lingqian is here to pick us up."

The previous generation of the Ji family had "Ming" in their names. This generation it was "Ling". Ji Lingqian was not from Ji Jianzhang's bloodline, but from his brother's. He was a 28- year-old fighter. He had entered the Inhuman stage two years ago, a Fifth Pin. He was the Deputy CEO of the Ji family's security business and had good relations with Yan Zheke's side of the family.

Yan Zheke's uncle's daughter, Ji Lingxi, was the closest cousin of Yan Zheke. Her second uncle had two children. Her older cousin, Ji Lingfang, and younger cousin, Ji Lingyun. "Brother Lingqian will come personally? Haha, every time you say his name, I think of pocket change ("Lingqian" is a similar-sounding word referring to pocket change in Chinese."
)..." Lou Cheng joked. His left hand pulled the suitcase along, and his right hand held the girl's hand.

Yan Zheke pressed her lips and laughed softly. "Actually, me too. Sometimes I burst out laughing when I call him. Uh, later, you can just call him Brother Lingqian with me. For my grandparents, you can call them Grandpa Ji or Grandma Dou. You could also call them Senior Ji or Senior Dou... "

She talked about how he could greet them seriously.

Before long, the pair had found the spot where Ji Lingqian had mentioned earlier. There was a navy blue sedan there.

Ji Lingqian was tall and lean with good-looking eyes. He was calm and was dressed casually in dark colors. After seeing Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke walk over hand in hand, he shook his head and smiled. "Lou Cheng, didn't you hurt your arm? Don't spoil my sister.

"Brother Lingqian, what are you talking about? He's the one who is holding on to my hand and didn't allow me take my own luggage! " Yan Zheke whined a little.

"Brother Lingqian." Lou Cheng copied how Yan Zheke called her cousin. He smiled and moved his right arm a little. "It got a little better already. "

Ji Lingqian sighed. "Seeing you guys like that reminds me of my first love. Ay, get in. We can continue in the car. "

The car door opened, revealing a spacious carriage. There was a curtain that separated the back seats and the driver's seat, blocking the driver's view of what was happening behind. The seats were facing each other. There was a small fridge and a bar. There was plenty in the car.

After they had loaded their luggage, Lou Cheng did not explore the car further. He followed Yan Zheke and sat into the car. Ji Lingqian swiftly sat opposite them.

"Anything to drink?" He smiled and pointed to the bar.

"I'm good. I drank a lot on the plane." Yan Zheke looked at Lou Cheng. "How about you? "

"I'm good too." He shook his head in response.

In the midst of their chatter, the door closed and the car started to move steadily and quickly in front.

Ji Lingqian crossed his arms in front of him and leaned backwards. He chuckled and said, "Lou Cheng, hmm, I'll just call you Lou. If I don't, we'll seem too distant. I've watched a couple of your key matches in the university tournament. Not bad! Ke has a keen eye for talent. So much better than me during the old days. No wonder Granduncle invited you over. " He turned towards Yan Zheke. "Granduncle has been a little hasty with this matter. Not everyone is around because it's the holidays. I'm around because I just came back from an exhausting work trip in the south. So I got called to add to the numbers. "

"I thought Grandpa had it all planned out... This is also good..." Yan Zheke was slightly suspicious at first, then she let out a sigh of relief.

In this case, Cheng only needs to meet the grandpa and the grandma. This would be less awkward, much more manageable.

He was her boyfriend, so of course she would be worried and feel pity for him!

"What's so good? Lingxi and Lingfang said they'll rush home to meet the favored fighter of the age." Ji Lingqian added mischievously. Regardless of whether Ji Lingqian was honest or sincere, after hearing this sentence, Lou Cheng felt somewhat proud.

During the journey, it was mostly Yan Zheke and Ji Lingqian talking. Lou Cheng would just speak a couple of times. However, it was not awkward or too formal. When the car arrived at the Ji family's old mansion, it entered the premises. After the engine was turned off, Lou Cheng looked outside the window. Through the tinted glass, he saw a man with slightly white sideburns standing.

"Grandpa..." Yan Zheke leaped off the car and greeted her grandfather joyfully.

Lou Cheng followed behind and greeted the elderly man respectfully.

"Good evening, Senior Ji."

This was the famous "Heaven Leaning Sword". As expected, his aura was strong and deep like the seas! Ji Jianzhang smiled and gave a small nod. He looked at Yan Zheke and said, "Ke, you go in first to see your grandmother."

Then he turned to Lou Cheng and said,

"Lou, come, take a walk with me. "

Chapter 423: Secret Boost

"Grandpa..." Yan Zheke was shocked and scared. Instinctively, she took a step forward, putting herself in front of Lou Cheng.

What does Grandpa want to do with Cheng after asking me to leave?

Seeing his granddaughter's reaction, Ji Jianzhang laughed and shook his head. "Young lady, you're a total copy of your mother. Girls always help their lover, always support their lover... Don't worry. I'm just going to have a couple of words with Lou. "

Yan Zheke's clear, bright eyes blinked a couple of times, almost saying "You must promise".

"Ke, it'll be fine. Go in and see Grandma." Lou Cheng took a deep breath, pretending to be calm so that he could comfort his girlfriend. If Senior Ji wants to make things difficult for me, no one can save me from this match...

"Then, I'll look for you later." Yan Zheke lightly squeezed Lou Cheng's right hand. She said this sentence on purpose before making her way into the house. She did not leave without turning back a couple of times. Meanwhile, Ji Lingqian asked the driver to park somewhere, pretending not to notice what was going on.

"Let's go. We can make a round around the mansion. " Ji Jianzhang was wearing a loose, dark blue martial arts suit. His hands were placed behind his back as he walked slowly forward.

"Yes." Lou Cheng walked at a good pace without hurry, intentionally keeping a step behind.

The lake next to them was clear. The pathway had pretty flowers and grass. Ji Jianzhang was walking straight, and while he walked, there was a sense of longtime authority. He did not speak, but the more he was silent, the more oppressive he felt. If it were not because he had faced Mighty Ones like the Divine Enchanter of Sin Flame and the Queen of Thought, or didn't have the experience with his eccentric master, Lou Cheng would've probably been a nervous wreck who could not walk properly right now. But Lou Cheng was taking every step steadily, maintaining a respectful attitude towards his elder, and at the same time, exuding confidence. He did not scramble
to find topics to fill the silence, all he did was enjoy it.

I respect you. It's for no other reason than you're Ke's
grandfather, and also an experienced senior in martial arts!

After walking for a while, with his hands still behind his back, Ji Jianzhang looked ahead and laughed.

"Although the two boys that Lingxi and Lingfang brought home were learned and could be considered elites, they couldn't even spend a few minutes alone with me, not to mention take a walk, without breaking out in cold sweat..."

He shook his head lightly as he spoke. "Senior, I am just used to my master's drills." Lou Cheng answered humbly.

He was filled with caution, feeling that Ke's grandfather's words could not be as simple as that.

Senior Ji was world famous for his Yin-yang Magneto-optical Sword. Now that he was using the sword skill to enter their conversation, there must be some catch here.

"With your master's temper and character, it must have been not easy to have a disciple like you." Ji Qianzhang let out a deep laugh. He turned and looked towards the sky. With a somewhat old but floating tone, he said, "Ke, that girl, she has always been physically weak. Congenitally deficient, so naturally, us, the elders, would spoil her a little more. "

"I'll take good care of her and not let her experience anything bad." With simple words and a short sentence, Lou Cheng gave his promise. "How she could get better in the end, and grow up healthily, was mainly because her grandmother and I had taken some measures. We know her body condition even better than her parents. There's this one thing that we've always kept hidden from them," Ji Jianzhang said slowly. He had already lowered his eyes and kept them at the ripples of the lake.

"What is it that has to be hidden from Empress Dowager, Father-in-law, and even Ke, herself?" Lou Cheng thought about it to himself. Somehow it did not feel right and he started to be anxious.

With Senior Ji's status and position of today, with his love for Ke, he would never joke or cheat me on such matters!

What's going on?

Just as his mind started to run wild, Ji Jianzhang stopped walking suddenly and turned back to look at Lou Cheng. His eyes were sharp, and with his deep voice, he slowly said, "Because of Ke's body, it may be difficult to have children in the future. Can you accept that? "

His words were like his sword - hard and sharp, with nothing to hide, straight to the heart.

Phew! Lou Cheng heaved a huge sigh of relief. This, compared to the crazy thoughts of her not being able to live past 30, was so much better!

For him, at this age, with the school environment that he was in, he did not have many thoughts about the next generation or children. At most, only when Yan Zheke talked about it. He did not have too deep a desire for it. His felt heart heavy after hearing this news, but what he felt was heartache for his girlfriend. He felt sorry for her.

He looked up and met Ji Jianzhang's eyes. Lou Cheng was silent for a good ten seconds before he started to say something. "I'm with Ke because I like her, not because she can give birth."

Ji Jianzhang squinted a little. He let out a small laugh and said,

"Don't say it in such an absolute manner. You're still young. Perhaps you still can't imagine it. Wait till 10, 20, 30 years later. Everyone around you, your friends, your relatives, will all have children. Will you still say that you have no regrets? No disappointment? No wants? "

Because he was describing it in such a vivid manner, even with Lou Cheng's current age and experience, he felt an indescribable sense of heaviness in the heart. His expression darkened a little.

He shut his eyes and tried to imagine such a future. With a deep and firm voice, he said,

"I can accept it. At most, we can adopt a child..." Even if we didn't adopt any children, there is a saying, right? When a couple is together, the love will eventually become family. Then I can just treat Ke as my daughter and love her like that. This could be considered having a child...

Of course, this saying was not sufficient an explanation to someone outside their relationship!

Ji Jianzhang's expression was solemn, his hands still behind his back. He then asked another question.

"Even if you can accept, can your parents accept it as well?
Your family?"

The atmosphere of their talk was getting heavier and heavier. Lou Cheng could almost imagine the heavy silence of his parents. He took a deep breath and relaxed his fist. "Ke is marrying me. Not my parents, not my relatives. If they can accept it, it'd be good. If not, it doesn't stop us from being together. At most, for my family, I'll handle it, and not let them have any contact. Less contact, less interaction, less friction. " Ji Jianzhang looked at Lou Cheng solemnly. He did not continue asking questions. He turned back away and continued walking forward. With a relaxed tone, he said,

"Not bad. But don't mind this too much. It's just difficult for her to conceive. Doesn't mean that there is no hope. With your vigor, qi, blood, and body that is almost entering the Inhuman stage, the odds are with you. "

While he spoke, the corners of his lips edged up, revealing a faint hint of a smile. It was no longer as solemn and serious as earlier.

Ah... Lou Cheng was stunned.

No need to mind this too much... The odds are with you...

This means that all the worry, struggle, and heartache that I experienced just now were just part of a speculation? Did I just waste my emotions for nothing? Grandpa, you're the serious and revered elder that Ke talked about. You're a senior that I respect and look up to. How could you? How could you cheat and test me with such matters! I'm just a kid!

No, wait. He didn't cheat me. He just didn't finish talking about the matter...

This... No one fears real skills, the only fear is a deep ambush!

Ji Jianzhang could somewhat sense what Lou Cheng was thinking. He started to smile brighter. He stopped walking and waited for the young man. He tried to change the topic and said in a relaxed manner,

"Actually, I've known for a long time that you both were together."

"Huh?" Lou Cheng was lost once again. Known for a long time? For how long a time?

Seeing that he had caught up, Ji Jianzhang put his hands behind his back once more and proceeded to walk slowly. Grinning, he said,

"It's an old mansion, so the sound isolation is not too good. My ears are functioning rather well. Although I wouldn't intentionally go and eavesdrop or something, Ke, that girl, sometimes she gets too happy and doesn't bother to control her volume. Coincidentally, I walked past her room one day, and I heard a couple of lines. Plus, that boy from the Xie family mentioned it once or twice. You've always been performing well. During the New Year celebrations, that girl pretended and found a whole load of excuses just to get you the Nine Words Formula. So I just went with the flow and agreed. "

Damn, Grandpa, you're so sharp! Does Ke know that? Lou Cheng's mouth was half opened. He was having difficulty in closing it.

To think that we've been so careful all this while, secretly doing this and that. In the end, we didn't even manage to hide it from anyone!

Wait, no. Just Father-in-law... Poor him...

On that note, since Empress Dowager had a similar experience, Senior Ji would obviously be extremely sharp and sensitive to such signs.

Once bitten, twice shy!

At this very moment, within Lou Cheng, the impression of Ji Jianzhang had transformed. It was no longer a strict and serious senior, but a doting grandfather.

If he were to say that his master was one who pretended to be deep but was a straightforward person, Senior Ji was the true cunning fox.

"At that time, Ke was so pleased with herself..." After he said so, Lou Cheng almost laughed out loud. He mischievously thought about Ke's reaction if she were to hear about this.

Ji Jianzhang shook his head and laughed. The next time he opened his mouth again, it was on a different topic already.

"Lou, do you use the balance of ice and fire to do your Force Concentration?"

As an elder of the Shushan Study, he had experience with countless cultivation theories and manuals. So, naturally, he could see more than the usual physical invulnerability Mighty Ones. Plus, his topics were jumping and changing constantly. Lou Cheng could never figure out what was next. Just like when facing the hard-to-predict sword moves, he could only be in a passive position.

After thinking for a while, Lou Cheng answered frankly, "Yes, my master has some relations with the military. So I've had early exposure to cultivation, and together with other physical conditions, I combine them together. " Ji Jianzhang thought about it for a while and nodded. "Then, if you are to advance further, if you want to break into Inhuman, you need to have greater grasp and enlightenment about ice, fire, yin, and yang. "

Before Lou Cheng could respond, he continued talking. "I entered martial arts with the Yin-yang Magneto-optical Sword, and I'm also in charge of the Taiqing Moral Chapter in the Shushan Study. So I have got a good grasp of yin and yang..."

Just as Ji Jianzhang finished his sentence, Lou Cheng suddenly felt the sky darken. It was like the starry skies were almost touching the ground and melted into one with the lotus pond. Like dream, like reality.

He did not speak another word. As he walked with Ji Jianzhang, he had his eyes half shut, trying to sense and feel the intriguing momentum of not being able to tell the state of fantasy from reality.

Fire as yang, ice as yin, bright stars as yang, the endless dark sky as yin... To move as yang, to be still as yin, to turn naturally as yang, to counter as yin... Everything in the universe all come from one. Each and everyone, each and everything have two sides, yin and yang.

With overflowing senses, Lou Cheng remembered what he had learned - zero as yin, one as yang, 00111100, infinite things, matters all can be described as such...

Unknowingly, Ji Jianzhang had stopped walking. The surroundings were bright, flooding with sunlight. There were no deep, dark, starry skies.

At this moment, the two men had returned to where they started.

"Understand it already?" Ji Jianzhang asked as he gave a gentle smile.

"A little," Lou Cheng answered honestly and somewhat embarrassedly. "A little is good." Ji Jianzhang laughed and waved his arm. He started to walk towards the main hall.

Lou Cheng stood there, surprised. In his mind, countless thoughts started to fly.

Ke and I aren't married yet. It's not convenient for Senior Ji to teach me anything directly. So he could only use such a method for me to feel and understand his yin-yang balance and momentum?

This! Is he trying to give me a secret boost into Inhuman?

Chapter 424: Blood Inheritance

The minute Ji Jiangzhang entered the house, Yan Zheke rushed out and asked Lou Cheng with both worry and curiosity, "What did Grandpa say?"

Looking straight at his girlfriend's clear eyes, he stifled his laughter and replied solemnly, "He's worried about our future children."

Full score on his ability to summarize things!

"What…" Yan Zheke appeared dumbfounded, blood rushing to her fair cheeks. She said in disbelief, "That's impossible! Grandpa would never talk about things like that with you!"

How embarrassing! What kind of person would discuss future children in their first meeting?!

Lou Cheng burst out laughing. Clearing his throat, he said, "In the beginning, Elder Ji said you were born weak and may have trouble giving birth." "Why am I unaware of this..." Yan Zheke blurted out.

"He said only he and your grandma know about this. Even your parents are being kept in the dark." How could he stand his little fairy being upset? Of course, he told the truth. He added, "It's difficult, not impossible. Your grandpa is happy that I'm strong and close to reaching the Inhuman stage. Besides, I'm energetic and full of vigor. It's not a big deal. Either way, we're just like any other couple."

Yan Zheke's lips parted as if she wanted to say something. In the end, she made a little complaint, partly irritated and partly amused.

"You make it sound so perverted!"

Before she could lament over her poor physical condition, all her feelings of dejection were dispelled. She felt rather complicated about this.

"Perverted? Don't let Dirty Tong influence you too much. Either way, this proves that we're a match made in heaven," Lou Cheng said, taking the chance to flirt with his girlfriend.

Yan Zheke rolled her eyes, but her eyes were full of laughter even as she snorted.

"Grandpa must be testing you with this…"

She didn't ask for Lou Cheng's reply. Grandpa's satisfied expression told her everything she needed to know!

Her eyes gleamed with soft light when she thought of the answer, attitude, and determination Lou Cheng had prepared. Her heart leaped with embarrassed joy and for a moment; she was too embarrassed to look at him. She gave him a quick glance and put on a show of calmness. "Let's go and see Grandma."

"Okay." Lou Cheng grasped her hand and walked with her side by side. On their way inside, he described how her grandpa helped him with momentum. "Love me, love my dog, you know?" An elated Yan Zheke began praising herself.

"Yes, yes. It's all thanks to my association with my fairy." Lou Cheng burst out laughing as he continued,"Your grandpa was already aware that we were dating. The Nine Words Formula he gave me during the Spring Festival was actually a gift."
"What?" Yan Zheke was briefly stunned and only reacted after hearing a complete explanation from Lou Cheng. She withdrew her hands to cover her face, voice shaking with embarrassment and nervousness as she said, "I don't want to go in anymore! Cheng, let's leave! This is too embarrassing! Grandpa and Grandma must have been laughing at me back then!"

Back then, she was even proud of her acting skills and wisdom!

Lou Cheng struggled to contain his laughter, appreciating his girlfriend's reaction. He finally reined in his feelings and began comforting the girl. "Forget about it!" Yan Zheke glared at her boyfriend before entering the living room. Though she had calmed down, she was still pouting.

In the living room, Ji Jianzhang and Dou Ning were seated in the first two seats. They exchanged a look and a smile when they saw their dearest granddaughter's expression. Feigning ignorance, they asked Lou Cheng to sit.

When it came to Ke's grandma, Lou Cheng had always carried a deep respect for her. She became a mother of three by the time she was 29 years old, yet was capable of reaching the physical invulnerability state. That was something worthy of respect for 99 percent of fighters out there!

Some people's sole purpose was to pressure other people into succeeding! Ke's grandma was one of these people for easily achieving the physical invulnerability state!

"Lou, you're nearly one year older than Ke, right?" Dou Ning appeared radiant and energetic, without any visible wrinkles on her forehead. Only her temperament forged through the passing of years indicated her age. She appeared to be in her forties and resembled Ji Mingyu and Yan Zheke.

"That's right. My birthday is in February, hers is in December," Lou Cheng replied with a smile.

Dou Ning gave a gentle nod. "Good. If you can reach the Inhuman stage within the year, there's quite a big hope for you to reach the physical invulnerability state soon. Hehe, it's better than what Ke's grandpa and I had in the past."

"Grandma, you're also aware of the bet about Lou Cheng reaching the Inhuman stage this year?" Yan Zheke asked in astonishment, forgetting her 'anger' earlier.

"Don't think I'm some old fogey who doesn't know how to use computers and smartphones. I've already learned how to use Weibo half a year ago…" Pretending to 'accuse' her granddaughter, Dou Ning said, "Ke, you're not concerned about me!" Yan Zheke was momentarily rendered speechless. Obediently lowering her head, she apologized 'sincerely' and said, "Grandma, it's my fault. What's your Weibo nickname? I'll follow your account immediately!"

"The Swordsman Whose Longings Never Die." Dou Ning revealed her signature dimples on her face.

"Er, that handle sounds like mine…" Yan Zheke was stunned.

Her nickname was Swordsman Dislikes Drinking.

"I made my nickname based on yours," Dou Ning replied cheerfully.

Upon hearing the conversation between the grandparent and grandchild, Lou Cheng was dumbfounded. Ke's grandma differed from his imagination. He had expected a female fighter who managed to give birth to three children during the critical ten advancement years would be the traditional kind, tender, and gentle. But this was not the case at all!

As for why she became a mother of three, there was no other reason. She simply wanted to and was willful...

He finally knew whose genes Ke's mother had inherited the most…
He subconsciously glanced at Ji Jianzhang and saw a helpless smile on the well-known Heaven Leaning Sword's face.

Just then, Ji Lingqian entered the room as if it was his own house and found a seat. Using her Weibo nickname as the starting point, Dou Ning began telling them old stories about her travels across the country with her husband and swords.

Back then, professional competitions were just newly established and none were standardized. There were limited matches a fighter could participate in, allowing them a lot of free time. In order to temper themselves as well as fulfill their dream to be a sword-wielding couple, newly-weds Ji Jianzhang and Dou Ning went to southern China and experienced many things there. There were stories of a sword-wielding couple parachuting off the mountain pass and killing the Great Sun,
destroying the oasis cult, hunting down the famous Tame Head Wizard in the tropical rainforest, assassinating the head of missionaries in Moro city, slipping into unfriendly territories to catch a warlord…
The couple didn't have anything to do with the military, so they had no need to be careful with their words. They were unlike Geezer Shi, whose boasting was dampened by his non- disclosure agreement. That was why Lou Cheng's attention was completely captured by those stories, as if he was experiencing them himself. Already familiar with the stories, Yan Zheke and Ji Lingqian occasionally raised questions and livened up the mood.

Still lost in their old memories, Dou Ning and Ji Jianzhang continued telling stories over dinner.

When they were done with dinner, the couple went out for their walk in high spirits. Ji Lingqian said to Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke jokingly,

"They're relieved to have such a good grandson-in-law."

"You're being too kind." Lou Cheng smiled. "It's all thanks to Ke."

"Glad you know…" Yan Zheke rolled her eyes at Lou Cheng and giggled.

Ji Lingqian suddenly paused, shaking his head and sighing. "Sure enough, empty vessels make the most noise. Lou, I was pretty worried before picking you up today. I thought you'd be arrogant and prickly due to your fame. But once we started talking, I realized you're self-confident and introverted in nature. You really have the air of a wizened master. Let me ask you a question. Are Peng Leyun, Ren Li, and other fighters like you?"

"They're all different in their own ways, but their pride is ingrained in their bones. They don't manifest it outwardly, so it's pretty easy to get along with them," Lou Cheng said. He had answered based on his feelings.

Ji Lingqian laughed. "Just as the rumors I've heard… So that's what the favored fighters of the age are like… When I was a Sixth-Pin warrior at 22, I was truly prideful and regarded everyone around me as idiots. Then karma hit and it took me more than four years to enter the Inhuman stage. I basically have zero hope for achieving the physical invulnerability state. I only realized then and started practicing as hard as possible. Sigh. If only I had met you a few years earlier and learned my lesson sooner. Perhaps I would've made better achievements."

"Meet me in those years? I was still an ignorant child then," Lou Cheng deliberately joked. "Brother Lingqian, just think of Elder Liang Yifan. You still have a promising future ahead of you."

Ji Lingqian merely smiled. "Do you guys want to go out and play? I can be your driver."

"It's alright, Brother Lingqian. I know how to drive!" Yan Zheke grinned. "Okay, then. I won't be disturbing you two on your date." Ji Lingqian waved at them, smiling.

After sending Lingqian away, Yan Zheke lifted her chin to look at her boyfriend. Raising her voice at the end of her sentence, she said,

"Let's go, this elder sister will show you Che River!"

"You can drive?" Lou Cheng had never asked her about this.

"You want to worship me, don't you? I sat for my driving test in the summer of my senior year in high school!" It was as if there was a tail wagging behind Yan Zheke.

"You're amazing!" Lou Cheng complimented her.

He followed the girl into the garage and boarded a white car. When he saw her fiddling about for a while without starting the engine, Lou Cheng became confused. "What's wrong?" Before his voice even faded, he heard the sound of the engine roaring to life. Yan Zheke made a cheering sound.

"Let's go!"

She turned to look at him, smiling somewhat embarrassedly.

"I haven't touched a car since getting my license…"

Lou Cheng was shocked and his mouth made an O-shape. He then blurted out, "Can you still drive then?"

"Of course! Driving is so easy! I just need to familiarize myself with it!" Yan Zheke turned her focus forward and started the car.

Momentarily, Lou Cheng felt like he had accidentally boarded a pirate ship.

Chapter 425: The Guests

Outside the windows, the landscape was rapidly receding as the car drove on at a high speed. Seeing this, Lou Cheng was somewhat frightened and couldn't help trying to persuade his girlfriend.

"Ke, there's no need to go that fast…"

She shot him a glance and eased the accelerator to slow the car. She smiled in embarrassment and said, "When I see other cars overtaking us and driving so quickly, I can't help wanting to catch up to them. I think it's no big deal driving a little faster. Aren't they doing the same?"

Lou Cheng was stunned. He began to look around carefully, measuring every detail of his surroundings.

"What are you thinking about?" Wearing her white flats, Yan Zheke once again subconsciously pressed on the accelerator. He replied with a complicated expression on his face, "I'm considering my options if there's an accident: how will I gather strength, stop the car with my feet, and resist the collision."

She eased her foot off the accelerator, not knowing what to say. When the car stopped at the crossroads, her voice carried both mirth and frustration as she asked, "Is my driving that bad? Except for the ignition part, I think the drive has been pretty smooth."

"It's not the matter of bad driving. Ke, your way of thinking isn't right. You can't keep wanting to overtake others and drive so fast. You should control yourself and the car, or you'll suffer one day." Lou Cheng was worried Ke might get into an accident when he wasn't around some day. That was why he gave her a rare serious warning.

Yan Zheke pouted. "Okay, I'll try my best."

The light turned green and the car once again moved. Taking Lou Cheng's suggestion, she drove smoothly and steadily this time. Even though she wanted to surpass the other cars occasionally, she managed to control herself in time. "Where are we going?" It was only now that Lou Cheng relaxed and began enjoying the scenery of the skyscrapers and rivers of light outside.

Yan Zheke smiled, revealing her dimples, and said softly, "Elder Sister will show you the night market of Lin Ning. Later, we'll go enjoy the breeze by the riverside."

Lin Ning was the provincial capital of Jiangnan Province.

"Night market? What kind of night market?" Lou Cheng recalled the flea market he once saw in Xiushan.

"Hehe. You'll know when you see it." Yan Zheke cheerfully kept it a mystery.

They finally stopped at a lively street half an hour later after driving on erratically. Lit up with countless street lights, the street was as bright as it was daytime. Many pedestrians chatted as they thronged the three rows of simply-decorated shops. Yan Zheke successfully parked the car with the help of the automated parking system, greatly satisfying her. She took Lou Cheng's hand and pulled him into the night market. There were many cheap products for sale here, such as clothes and phone covers. There were plenty of delicacies to be tried as well.

Lou Cheng extended his left hand, putting it on his girlfriend's shoulders. He pulled her close to him so she wouldn't be touching any of the other night market shoppers.

The two thronged the night market, occasionally stopping at the stalls. Yan Zheke was enjoying the fun of bargaining. Though she didn't think much of the goods, she wanted to experience life. She even criticized her boyfriend for never learning how to bargain. His conversation with the seller was always in this order: "How much?" "150." "Can you make it cheaper?" "Nope." "Okay. I'll take it."

After walking for a while longer, she took him to a roadside stall and ordered two chicken chops. As they waited for their food, she said, "They started their business here and it's now a national chain restaurant. But only the food here is still delicious."

"Really? I think the rest of the chain restaurants are still pretty good…" Lou Cheng asked with interest.

"That's because you've never eaten anything good in your life." Yan Zheke shot him a 'despising' look and said pitifully, "Such a pitiful child. Let Elder Sister broaden your horizons!"

Their orders arrived midway through their conversation. They each grabbed one piece of chicken chop and began eating as they walked hand in hand. As they walked, they both felt like they were high schoolers on a date.

"Ah, you're right! This is really better than the one in Songcheng!" Chewing on the tender flesh of the chicken chop, Lou Cheng praised the food and devoured half of it within seconds.

She looked up at him with a smug smile. "I told you so! You're the one who didn't believe me. Come, let's take a photo." She took out her phone and made Lou Cheng lean into her. They both lifted their chicken chops and took a photo together.

She had never been the type of person who enjoyed taking photos. Yet, for some reason, she had begun recording all their interesting experiences together this way.


Yan Zheke pursed her lips and tilted her head, putting on a pretty image. Lou Cheng remained indifferent and casual before suddenly chuckling. "Ke, didn't you say you rarely eat at roadside stalls? Where did you hear about this chicken chop stall?"

"From my cousin! Sister Lingxi once took me here," Yan Zheke replied, a sweet smile appearing on her face.

Lou Cheng nodded. "Sister Lingxi really knows how to enjoy life." Ji Lingxi was the eldest female in Yan Zheke's generation within the Ji clan. She was four years older. Though born with abnormal strength, she didn't like martial arts and chose to major in management. But she still reached Professional Ninth Pin in her first year in university and touched the threshold of
the Dan stage in the second year after graduation.

She was a particularly playful person. She had dabbled in everything from skateboarding, surfing, singing, dancing, traveling, hiking, sailing, to collecting things. She was also interested in experiencing different local customs and exploring different food stalls and interesting shops. All in all, she was the kind who enjoyed both formal and casual life.

As they chatted and laughed, they walked from the chicken chop stall to the end of the night market. They tasted food from stall after stall, all recommended by the food expert Ji Lingxi.

They took a detour, finally returning to their car outside the night market. They drove to the riverside and took a walk in the breeze to help with their digestion. Ning River was broad and rippled with jade blue water. The water vapor refreshed their skins and souls. Pulling Lou Cheng by hand, Yan Zheke balanced herself along the guardrail, staggering and giggling like a child.

Taking a look at her watch, she said with regret, "It's pretty late. We should go back…"

"We can stay out tonight," Lou Cheng said half-jokingly.

Yan Zheke rolled her eyes and replied in his tone, "Then my grandparents will chase you down through eight whole streets!"

"I'm trembling..." Lou Cheng joked.

It was his first time visiting his girlfriend's family, and he was already abducting her away. Was he asking for a beating... They went inside the car from both sides. Yan Zheke was about to fasten her seatbelt and start the engine when she felt a great force pulling her to Lou Cheng's chest.

"You…" When she lifted her head, she met Lou Cheng's burning eyes.

Considering the fact that they had shared a bed during the National Competition, Lou Cheng had long became deprived of his girlfriend's affections after being under the careful watch of Yan Kai and Ji Mingyu.

It was easy to go from depravity to decadence, but difficult the other way around!

Yan Zheke closed her eyes and straightened her neck, cooperating with him.

Curled up on the passenger seat, she was almost sitting on his lap with their bodies pressed tightly together. He had observed the surroundings earlier and knew no one was around. As he kissed her passionately, he began touching her. His hand gradually moved from her shoulder to her back and legs, and finally somewhere more private.

"Ke… Can this seat… be reclined…" Lou Cheng asked eagerly when his kiss fell next to her ear.

He couldn't do anything in this posture!

"I-I don't know… Look it up online…" Yan Zheke whispered vaguely, not knowing what she was actually saying.

Right now? He was unwilling to divert his attention at all, wanting nothing more than using his Force Concentration to knock the seat down.

Just then, her phone rang. The ringtone went on and on. Yan Zheke pushed him aside, glaring at him with her glistening eyes and a red face. She bit her lips and took out her phone to answer the call.

"Sister Lingxi?"

"Oh, you're back? Yeah, we're outside. I took Cheng to the night market."

"Okay. We're about to go home."

Lou Cheng smiled wryly as he helped her straighten her clothes.

"Hmph! It's too dangerous to stay with you!" Yan Zheke returned to the driver's seat and calmed herself. Her cheeks began flushing.

Lou Cheng adjusted his pants. "Hasn't it been some time since we've been intimate?" She glared at him, biting her lower lip. "Just wait until these few days are over. Either way, I'll be on my period tomorrow."

She burst out laughing.

"Got it… Well, where's your aunt?" Lou Cheng changed the topic.

Having calmed herself down, Yan Zheke started the engine and answered, "She went to Shushan Study to take care of my brother."

Their drive home was smooth without any accidents. 40 minutes later, they arrived at the old house of the Ji clan.

Having parked their car, they entered the front gate and overheard people talking incessantly.

"This is 300,000 yuan per gram… It has the aroma of herb… It can cure many diseases…" "It's just so-so. It's not as good as your string of beads, Brother Li…"
"My beads are just made of ordinary materials, but an eminent monk from Daxing Temple blessed these beads and chanted scriptures in front of them for half a year… Remember my bad luck last year? My father laid down his pride and begged for this string of beads. It's hard to say how much it truly costs…"

"That's enough. Don't brag about this each time you come. If you're that great, get us a string of beads each…"

What was that... Lou Cheng was astonished. He completely didn't comprehend the conversation earlier.

Yan Zheke glanced at him and said in a low voice, "Don't worry about them. That's the kind of nonsense they like playing with…" She twisted the knob and pushed open the door. They saw two men and two women chatting in the living room.

Lou Cheng recognized Ji Lingxi at once without any need for introductions. The girl resembled Yan Zheke's mother even more than Yan Zheke herself. Tall and graceful, her only flaw seemed to be her lackluster eyebrows.

"You're back?" Ji Lingxi's attire of white T-shirt, jeans, and heeled sandals showcased her perfect body shape. She stood up and greeted them with a smile. "Come, let me introduce you to Zhang Li, the young master of Jingdi Corporation. His father is very close to the eminent monks in Daxing Temple."

Zhang Li's skin was tanned with ordinary facial features.
There was a string of brown beads wrapped around his wrist.

Ji Lingxi pointed at the other man, smiling. "This is Han Zhengcao. His mother is the chairman of our Provincial Martial Artist Association." Han Zhengcao was more handsome, but his dark circles were dark, indicating his lack of vigor. There was a green pendant in his hand.

Ji Lingxi turned to the girl with long, curly hair. "This is Guo Guo. Ke, you should know her. We dined together several times. Her father is now the sole person-in-charge of his company."

She then pointed at Yan Zheke. "I don't need to introduce her, do I? My cousin Yan Zheke. So many boys pursued her, but some other guy managed to get her… Ke, introduce him yourself."

Yan Zheke looked at Lou Cheng and thought for a while. Her lips curved and she said, without any fanfare,

"This is Lou Cheng."

Chapter 426: Things Are Different Now

"This is Lou Cheng."

She introduced him simply, without fanfare, but it was enough to turn the mood in the room solemn. Zhang Li and the rest of the guests momentarily became quiet.

"Look, this is the favored fighter of the age." Ji Lingxi was the first to break the silence. Smiling, she turned to Yan Zheke and complained, "They were so excited and curious about Lou Cheng that they came here to wait for you shamelessly. They wanted to see the favored fighter of the age in person to confirm if he really had three heads and six arms."

"So I'm a monster in your eyes?" Lou Cheng joked.

"No, no, no! You reached the top Sixth Pin after only learning martial arts for one and a half years. You're not a monster but a superman!" Zhang Li smiled. This relatively level-headed man kept rotating his string of brown beads.

"Yes, a superman!" Han Zhengcao gave an exaggerated laugh before asking in confusion, "Lou Cheng, why do I find you a little different from the one I see on screen?"

"Different?" Lou Cheng smiled, looking at Yan Zheke and finding the same confused expression on her face.

He had just appeared on the screen five or six days ago!

Guo Guo was a petite girl, but her facial features were rather imposing. She thought for a while and replied, "You're a little different. On screen, you're, uh, more aggressive. The kind of person no one will dare to meet eyes with."

"Haha, I got it! In a fight, I'd release my momentum to pressure my opponents. In my post-match interviews, I usually haven't come out of that state," Lou Cheng replied. The one they saw on screen was probably his 'combat form'!

Zhang Li nodded. "I see. You're calm and kind in your everyday life, but the atmosphere on the arena sets you ablaze."

None of them was a fan of martial arts, and they rarely read related news unless it was about the most popular competitions. Therefore, they paid little attention to such details even though they had many Mighty One elders.

With such an ice-breaker, the atmosphere in the room turned warm and lively. Ji Lingxi and her guests sat down and began chatting happily.

Their main topic was obviously Lou Cheng and what he had done. Noticing Lou Cheng's lack of interest in the beads, jade, and ambergris, they didn't bring those up again. Instead, they began gossiping about the martial arts field.

Lou Cheng wasn't concerned about their conversation. Even if he couldn't afford any one of their collections, he never had an inferiority complex and instead wanted to take the opportunity to broaden his horizons. So he listened on quietly.

Nothing could affect his self-confidence.

As the clock ticked, Lou Cheng took a look at his phone and stood up with a smile.

"It's getting late. I need to rest. You guys continue with your chat."

He was speaking normally but gave the rest the feeling that he resisted any form of rebuke. Ji Lingxi stood up and asked in confusion, "So early?"

"Ever since he started learning martial arts, he has been operating on an old man's schedule. Well, me too!" Yan Zheke explained in her boyfriend's place and made up an excuse for her to leave as well. "It's time for us to leave too." Zhang Li smiled. "We're going sailing tomorrow. Would you like to join us? We can go fishing in the sea breeze. There are several covert boxing matches on the high seas too."

The existing Challenge Tournaments were exciting but not stimulating due to the presence of referees. To fulfill their desires, some rich folks would organize covert Challenge Tournaments in areas of conflict or on the high seas without referees!

Even though there were no deaths, the audience would at least see some blood and flesh during these ferocious matches. That would awaken the beast within them.

Of course, the fighters willing to fight in these covert matches and earn quick money were not that great. If they were able to reach the Dan stage or the Sixth or Seventh Pin, there would definitely be people willing to be their guarantor, or the opportunity to repay their debts slowly would arise even if they were heads over heels in debt. Glancing at Yan Zheke, he rejected them with a smile. "No, thanks."

Tomorrow, he would stay at home with Ke and help her massage her stomach. When he made his travel plans earlier, he had already accommodated a day for this task.

"Okay, we'll invite you again the next time. With your Listening skill, you're sure to get plenty of fish." Zhang Li didn't insist on his offer. He left with Han Zhengcao and Guo Guo and boarded his SUV.

He took off the string of brown beads and wrapped it around the gear lever. He was deep in thought for several minutes before asking, "What do you think about Lou Cheng?"

Han Zhengcao rubbed his eyes and replied seriously, "He's pretty kind, reserved, and friendly."

"But… don't you think his momentum is quite strong and terrifying? We could only obey his words earlier…" Guo Guo frowned. "Haha, that's normal. It's the confidence of a Mighty One, accumulated little by little from his victories. My mother's the same. Even though she has never used harsh words to talk to me, I can only obey all her advice without being able to offer a different opinion," Han Zhengcao said self-deprecatingly. "As
the favored fighter of the age, Lou Cheng is even more terrifying than my mother."

"Yes." Zhang Li started the engine and moved the car.

"Either way, he'll be sure to morph into the Inhuman stage and become a physical-invulnerability warrior in the future," Han Zhengcao said. "We're all weak and don't have the heart to practice. It's a good idea to befriend someone like Lou Cheng!"

"Wow! I didn't think our Master Han, who loves alcohol, cars, and beautiful women, would say something like this," Guo Guo teased.

Han Zhengcao was usually the stereotypical playboy. "This is called preparing for danger in times of peace!" he retorted.

Zhang Li nodded in agreement. "I'm glad you understand. That proves my persuasion all this time isn't useless. Why do you think Lingxi went home today? Just to see her cousin?"

"Isn't it?" Guo Guo and Han Zhengcao asked in astonishment.

Zhang Li snickered. "The Ji clan is your typical martial arts aristocratic family. They may be influential and rich, with many properties under their name, but within the family, they're still ranked according to strength…"

Twirling her long, curly hair, Guo Guo interrupted with a frown, "Uncle Ji gets on quite well with his three siblings."

"That's because their parents are holding down the fort. Don't you know where there are people, there's the pugilist world; and where there are money and power, there's conflict? Uncle Ji kept so many mistresses just so he can have talented children to lay a foundation for himself. But none are promising enough for him to bring home." Zhang Li sighed. "You don't know how many tears Lingxi has shed for this. She seems to play around with all her heart, but she knows this truth better than anyone.

"She knows she won't go any further in her martial arts career, and she doesn't want to fight for anything. She just wants to maintain her current position and lifestyle. That's why keeping up her relationship with Yan Zheke, who she already gets along with, is the most practical choice. Never mind the fact that Yan Zheke also has a truly great fighter for a boyfriend…"

Lou Cheng might've thought that there were many tough fighters close to his age after meeting so many favored fighters of the age recently, but the truth was, such fighters were pretty rare. The only person Zhang Li and Han Zhengcao knew who was even close to that level was Lin Que.

In a world where a high-ranked Inhuman fighter of the Dan stage could enter the upper levels of civil service, it was completely reasonable to assume Lou Cheng, a favored fighter of the age likely to reach the physical-invulnerability stage, would be greatly favored in the Ji clan. "Brother Li…" A stunned Han Zhengcao couldn't help gasping. "You've kept so many secrets to yourself!"

He could see through everything so clearly!

Zhang Li sneered. "With the size of my clan, do you think I could survive if I'm not at least that smart? Do you think I would still be the young master?"

He paused and sighed again. "I truly admire Lou Cheng and his fellow fighters. They're invulnerable and have no need to fear all these struggles for power… Either way, I'm looking forward to the opportunity to help or get help from him."

Whichever way it was, he could develop a closer friendship with Lou Cheng.

… Under the watchful eye of a physical-invulnerability mighty one in the house, Lou Cheng didn't attempt to sneak into his girlfriend's room and instead stayed inside the guest room of the Ji clan's old house. After washing up and lying on the bed, he received a call from his mother.

After chatting for a while, Qi Fang said mysteriously, "Your brother hit the jackpot lately!"

"Ah?" Lou Cheng wore a dumb look on his face.

Lou Yuanwei had really succeeded in his business? He didn't tell Lou Cheng!

"Erzi has expanded his business to Xiushan and asked your brother to help him. He even gave your brother shares," Qi Fang said, gossiping with great enthusiasm.

She didn't envy Lou Yuanwei. After all, her son was far more promising, and not everyone could match up to his achievements. Lou Cheng momentarily blanked.

"Who's Erzi?"

Qi Fang was speechless for a while. "One of our relatives from Qingfu, our hometown. He's been visiting your grandparents often recently."

"Ah, I remember him! He's pretty nice," Lou Cheng said.

"But short-sighted. He actually asked your brother to help him with his business. Doesn't he know how many businesses your brother has failed in?" Qi Fang said, insisting on her perception that Lou Yuanwei didn't have the talent for business.

Lou Cheng laughed. "It's fine. We're not the one suffering the losses." "That's right. Oh, by the way, your father got promoted recently. Fatty Guo is letting him manage the entire factory and even wanted to give him some shares… Cheng, is it thanks to you? Fatty Guo mentioned this as soon as you became the national champion. As the saying goes… Um, what is it again?" Qi Fang was not well educated and had forgotten what she was supposed to say.

"Gild the lily," Lou Cheng chimed in. "Fatty Guo is a pretty decent guy. Didn't he help us through hard times in the past?"

"Yeah. But if he really asks for your help, don't worry about us. Do it if you can and just say no if you can't," Qi Fang advised with concern.

"Yes, yes," Lou Cheng replied, smiling.

When the conversation ended and the surroundings fell into silence once again, Lou Cheng sighed with emotion.

Ever since he was crowned champion in the national martial arts competition and was even dubbed the favored fighter of the age, everything around him was changing. These changes might have begun a long time ago, but they were never this clear. Without him even opening his mouth, the fate of his relatives was also changing...

Only now did he truly understand what it meant to experience a change in one's social identity and position.

Chapter 427: The Sudden News

While Lou Cheng was engrossed in his conversation with his mom, Ji Lingxi had removed her shoes and was seated cross- legged on Yan Zheke's bed. She smiled faintly at her cousin, who had just put on her nightdress.

"Ke, you're so good at keeping secrets! Am I still your sister? I didn't even know you were dating until I saw you two embracing in the finals several days ago!"

If Yan Zheke heard this yesterday, she would have felt a little smug for being able to keep her relationship a secret. But after Lou Cheng told her the reality of her family, all her self- satisfaction dissipated. She replied helplessly, "I didn't lie to anyone. Grandpa and Grandma already knew about it! Isn't it because you're so busy enjoying life that you didn't spare a thought about your sister?"

She had kept everyone in the dark, yet who shouldn't know the most - her father - found about it! She wondered if there was any meaning at all to the secrecy and caution she and Lou Cheng adopted back then!

Momentarily tongue-tied, Ji Lingxi combed her hair and said, "Didn't I tell you there were a few boys who wanted to pursue you? What did you say then? You said you don't want to date at the moment! Weren't you lying to me?"

Midway through the conversation, she mimicked her cousin's voice and tone.

"I didn't lie! I already have a boyfriend then, how can I find another? I have to be faithful in my relationship. How can I cheat on him?" Yan Zheke argued with faux seriousness.

As she said that, her lips curled with unconcealable mirth.

She had already prepared her excuses! The corners of Ji Lingxi's mouth twitched. "I really want to pinch your cheeks!"

Yan Zheke used to have a baby face in her childhood, causing Ji Lingxi to nearly develop the habit of pinching her cheeks.

Without waiting for her cousin to reply, Ji Lingxi changed the topic and gossiped with great enthusiasm,

"Ke, when did you start dating Lou Cheng? How long have you been together?"

Ji Lingxi had asked similar questions on QQ, but Yan Zheke would skilfully deflect the topic. She didn't really want to share her private romance with Lou Cheng with others, even if it was her cousin.

Now Ji Lingxi had finally found the chance to ask her face to face! Yan Zheke frowned. She bit her lips and replied reluctantly,

"We started dating on Valentine's Day last year…"

She suddenly felt a sweetness in her heart and added subconsciously, "He had been pursuing me for almost a semester before that."

She really wished she could experience being pursued by Lou Cheng once again! Back then, she was still ignorant and didn't manage to enjoy the feeling.

Recalling the introduction of Lou Cheng she had read, she asked, "Valentine's Day last year? He hadn't reached the Ninth Pin then, right?"

"He was probably a weak Ninth-Pin fighter then," Yan Zheke retorted seriously. Ji Lingxi took a deep breath and her eyebrows knitted. She said in astonishment, "In other words, he was still a rookie without any signs of being the favored fighter of the age when you started dating? Ke, you really have an eye for choosing your boyfriend…"

"I didn't expect him to be so talented and reach the Sixth Pin in such a short time." Yan Zheke looked up and bit her lower lip. "I just found him to be a pretty simple boy who was particularly attentive to me. He was motivated and willing to work hard. I only fell in love with him after talking to him and experiencing many interesting moments in the Challenge Tournaments together…"

Her voice gradually became soft and happiness was apparent on her face as she spoke. Ji Lingxi could even read the happiness in her watery eyes.

For a moment, Ji Lingxi felt like she couldn't meet her cousin's eyes. That was how glaring Yan Zheke's happiness was.

Why? Why were all her three boyfriends trash without any sense of responsibility? Why was Ke so lucky to just simply get a favored fighter of the age by choosing a random Ninth Pin rookie classmate?

Was there something wrong with her eyesight? Or was it her criteria for choosing a boyfriend?

When Yan Zheke was done reminiscing, she turned toward Ji Lingxi, who appeared stunned. She waved her hand in front of her cousin. "Sister Lingxi?"

Ji Lingxi came to herself and decided not to continue this depressing topic. She laughed. "Ke, did my call earlier disturb you and Lou Cheng?"

Yan Zheke was momentarily confused before realization dawned on her. Her cheeks immediately flushed when she recalled what she had done with Lou Cheng in the car. She still blurted out in embarrassment,

"No!" "Heh. I'm pretty experienced after all. Never mind my first love, I've already gone through a couple of serious relationships. Do you know what you sounded like on the phone? Even as a woman, I was attracted by you! What would a man think? I'm sure they'd kneel down and satisfy all your
demands," Ji Lingxi joked, pointing at her cousin's clavicle. "Isn't there evidence here?"

Yan Zheke looked downward in bewilderment and saw the visible love bite on her clavicle.

Her top earlier had a tulle fold collar and she was careful to mask the love bite in an act of elegance. Not even Lou Cheng was aware he had left a mark behind. It was only when she put on her nightdress that everything was revealed.

She felt her cheeks burn with embarrassment and wanted nothing more than to dig a hole and hide in it. She vaguely felt like she was caught committing adultery.

Embarrassed and frustrated, she jumped out of bed and rushed to the full-length mirror. She took a photo of her clavicle and sent it to Lou Cheng. "It's all your fault! My cousin saw it!"

Lou Cheng was just done lamenting how his relatives were experiencing a change in fate because of him when he saw his girlfriend's message. Replying with a blushing emoji, he hurried to explain, "I was too excited then…"

Witnessing what Yan Zheke was doing, Ji Lingxi suddenly felt dejected.

This was the kind of pureness that one could only experience with their first love!

Her first relationship ended without fanfare and was not even worth calling 'first love'. She then threw herself headfirst into her second relationship and gave it her all. But when it ended, she felt as pained as if she was hovering between life and death. By the time she dated her third boyfriend, she felt like an aged woman who did more thinking than doing. She had already lost that kind of pureness. When Yan Zheke returning to bed with an embarrassed face, she controlled her mood and put on a smile.

"Ke, let's sleep together tonight. I still have many questions for you!"

"… Okay." Yan Zheke hesitated for a while before agreeing.

When Ji Lingxi returned to her room to shower and put on her nightdress, Yan Zheke threw herself onto her bed. She buried her face in the pillow, her legs swinging behind her.

She was planning to calm herself down and reduce the redness on her cheeks, but inexplicably recalled what had happened on the riverside and her excitement at the time.

The familiar scene crossing her mind, she suddenly sat up and clicked open the search engine on her phone while biting her lower lip. She seriously recalled the brand and model of the car they drove and typed some words in the search bar, her eyes filled with embarrassment and joy.

"Can XXX car's passenger seat be flattened? How to do that…"

The results came up instantly. She had just gone through the top few results when she received Lou Cheng's call.

"Ke, what's the brand and model of the car we drove?" Lou Cheng asked.

Yan Zheke flushed when the familiar question came up again and she replied with gnashed teeth,


Pervert? Lou Cheng was confused by the weird answer. He simply found the car to be fast and steady. If he wanted to buy a car someday, he could consider the same model.

How did he become a pervert?

Not managing to get an answer out of Yan Zheke by the next morning, Lou Cheng temporarily set it aside. He woke up on time, washed up, and went outside. He found a corner in the Ji clan's old house and took in the fresh air. He started visualizing the Zhe formula as well as its corresponding Internal Training Methods of Frost Force and Zhu Rong Force.

His injured arm would only be healed by late May, so he was in no hurry to practice his movement. Instead, he began withdrawing his qi and blood to get a better understanding of Force Concentration on the base of ice-fire balance. At the same time, he started digesting the Yin and Yang information from Yan Zheke's grandpa. The key to the Inhuman stage was enhancing his root pulp and controlling the spirit with his willpower before gradually changing himself with Internal Training Methods. As time passed, the sign of supernatural ability would appear within his body and his physical condition would also morph. But that didn't mean that anyone with supernatural ability could enter the Inhuman level without putting in effort.

It was one thing to gain skills after entering this field, but another to enter this field because of some skills. The two concepts were fundamentally different!

Lou Cheng's Ice and Flame supernatural abilities were awakened by his Jindan and driven by the mixed power within his body. They were different from his Frost Force and Zhu Rong Force. To enter the Inhuman stage, he still needed to polish himself with Internal Training Methods and adjust his root pulp to meet the need of his kungfu instead of his Jindan. When his supernatural abilities could mesh with Frost Force and Zhu Rong Force perfectly, he would acquire the main key to the Inhuman stage.

He withdrew all his qi, blood, spirit, and force to keep them in balance. He then released them to form a flood of power… He did this to observe what was happening within his body, especially the changes of Yin and Yang, ice and flame.

Before he knew it, the sun had risen and his surroundings became dazzlingly bright. He withdrew his stance and ended his morning exercise.

He hadn't reached the standard of a top Sixth Pin fighter in all aspects. He still had a long way to go before he could enter the Inhuman stage.

With a calm mind, he returned to the house. He came across Ji Jianzhang and Dou Ning, who nodded at him with satisfaction.

Ji Lingxi went sailing after breakfast, leaving Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke at home. Yan Zheke returned to her room when her stomach started hurting, with Lou Cheng sneaking in with her. He laid down beside her, massaging her stomach with his warm palm. Burying herself in the familiar chest while enjoying meticulous care, Yan Zheke felt like her pain wasn't that bad.

She glanced at Lou Cheng and recalled her conversation with Ji Lingxi.

"Ke, are you still going abroad?"

"Of course."

"You're willing to leave Lou Cheng behind? You're not, well, worried something may happen?"

"I believe in him, as well as myself."

"Then enjoy your relationship. You only have a year and three months left." Yan Zheke became dejected upon recalling Ji Lingxi's words.
She couldn't help moving closer to Lou Cheng.

She only had one year left. She should cherish each day with Lou Cheng.


After Yan Zheke's pain from the first day of her period receded, she and her boyfriend followed 'tour guide' Ji Lingxi and had a good time in Lin Ning. On the afternoon of the 4th, they left on their return journey.

Other than Yan Zheke's aunt, who was in Shushan Study to take care of Lin Que, her two uncles and two cousins, Lingfang and Lingyun, gave a thousand excuses to not come back and see her.

After returning to campus, Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke once again lived productive lives. Their special training remained on schedule each day and they also took on additional classes to make up for the lessons they had missed. Luckily, they had spent most of their spare time studying during the National Competition after analyzing their opponents. They managed to catch up with other classmates and good graces were within their grasp.

After the end of her last exam, Yan Zheke was about to go and wait for Lou Cheng when the monitor told her to go to the dean's office.

She texted Lou Cheng: "Cheng, I'm going to the college office. Wait for me!" She then followed the monitor to the dean's office, where she saw three students in the same co-cultivation plan as her.

The half-bald dean cleared his throat when he saw that everyone was gathered.

"Iven University requested to bring forward the date of the co-cultivation plan date. They hope you'll go there in your third year, one year ahead of time. This way, you can adapt yourself to the new environment sooner and get better grades through it. We're in favor of this suggestion…" Seeing the opening and closing of the dean's mouth, Yan Zheke could not digest anything he said at all. There was only one thought running through her mind.

One year ahead of time, one year ahead of time…

Chapter 428: What If…

"A year earlier, a year earlier…"

Instead of feeling happy by the surprise, Yan Zheke was confused and depressed, as if she had been diagnosed with a fatal illness.
In early May, when Ji Lingxi asked her whether she still wanted to go abroad, she answered with such firmness and certainty. Now at the last minute, she was reluctant to leave Cheng. She had promised Cheng that they would go traveling during the summer break, go and see the Aurora in the north the next January, and spend her 20th and Cheng's 21st birthday together. They also planned to go to Yuanyang Hill and ask for a romance padlock as a token of their affection. And she even began to fancy the sweet simple life after visiting Lou Cheng's parents and wanted to make their affection known to friends and relatives…
Now she didn't have enough time to realize her dreams and keep her promises... "Bring me all the materials mentioned as soon as possible, and the Dean's office will arrange everything for you. If everything goes as planned, you'll set out in August. When you arrive there, you will take a short-term language course. Don't worry, I'm sure that will be easy for you considering your
grades… Okay, go back and make the necessary preparations, and if you can't remember all the materials needed, then come and get a list …" The dean touched his remaining hair as if it was his treasure.

In early August? We are in late June… she'll only have a month to say goodbye to Cheng and they might get only two or three chances to see each other per year… Yan Zheke choked on the sad news and felt her heart tighten. Refraining from all these negative emotions, she took the list and went out of the office with the other students.

"Yan Zheke?" She heard a sharp voice.

Yan Zheke looked up and saw Huang Xiwen, who had also joined in the co-cultivation project.

"What?" she replied in bewilderment. "What were you thinking about? Why don't we stay together when we get there? We all know each other. We're all classmates. We can take care of each other." Huang Xiwen grumbled, repeating her question.

The girl's baby face softened her gorgeous facial features and made her approachable. The two boys besides her were also talking about this.

Yan Zheke didn't like to express negative emotions with tears. Instead, she was used to keeping them to herself and prevented them from affecting others. When Huang Xiwen stopped speaking, she had already managed to control herself and put on a smile, "All right, I'd love to if my parents don't have other arrangements."

They left the academic building and decided to keep in touch by cellphone.

Walking towards the school building under the shade of trees, Yan Zheke felt that the sad news had made her mind gloomy. There was even a moment when she thought of giving up this opportunity. She would be abroad for three to six years without Lou Cheng around, and her time there would be longer than the time she spent with Lou Cheng in the past year. Such a long time would undoubtedly be a test on their relationship, and accidents might happen at any time. What if they got suspicious of each other during that period? Was their relationship strong enough?

On the other hand, she could still get good grades without going abroad and help her mother with her business after graduation. She could even develop her own hobby…
She would rather stay with Cheng and see him gradually reach the peak of martial arts. Sharing his pain and suffering, feeling his joy, anger, and sadness, watching each other grow old little by little until the end. Wasn't this also not one kind of happiness?

But she would regret it for the rest of her life if she really gave up. All her years of hard work would all go down the drain. There was a possibility that she would become Cheng's dependency and lose herself without her own career and dreams… Ideal or love? Yan Zheke felt she was like a hero facing a difficult choice between a beauty and his ambitions.

Maybe she should have listened to her parents and devoted herself to her studies instead of dating Lou Cheng at such a young age. Now she had to make a choice…
Yan Zheke suddenly recalled a melody:

If I hadn't met you in the past, I wouldn't feel sad now. But I'll still fall in love with you if we meet again!

Yeah, she still loved her silly Cheng no matter what happened!

Biting her lips, Yan Zheke finally pulled herself together and decided to grasp this opportunity and go abroad for further education. She believed in Cheng and herself, believed that their affection would endure the test of time and distance. She was sure that they would finally come back to each other's side and spend the rest of their lives together!

Sigh… she wanted to pour out all the sadness in her heart when she heard the special tone of her cell phone ringing.

Taking out the cellphone from her bag, she checked the message. It was from Lou Cheng,

"Ke, have you finished? Shall I go to the academic building and pick you up?"

Yan Zheke was almost moved to tears by the simple words. Turning to look aside, she held back the tears and then replied with a wry smile:

"I'm done. Stay where you are and wait for me…" Her fingers paused and then continued tapping, "I'm coming to pick you up~"

"Okay, same place!" Lou Cheng responded with a silly smile.

Suddenly, his phone rang. The call was from his mother.

"Hello, Cheng. Have you finished your exams? How were they?" Qi Fang, as usual, asked about his studies.

"They were OK." Lou Cheng didn't really know what to say.

His grades might've been between 60 and 70, just above the passing mark.

Considering her son's achievements in the other field, Qi Fang turned to the topic she cared about the most instead of making detailed inquiries about Lou Cheng's studies. "When will you come home? Have you booked the ticket?" Her voice was low but filled with excitement. "Cheng, what about bringing the girl home to see us? I mean Yan Zheke, the girl you always mention to us. You were mates in high school, university, and the martial arts club; what a predestined relationship…"
After defeating Shanbei in the final match of the national competition, Yan Zheke and Lou Cheng could not help hugging each other on the arena and almost shared a passionate kiss, which attracted the envy of all the bachelors and also exposed their relationship to Lou Zhisheng and Qi Fang. Afterwards, Lou Cheng had to spend that night answering his mother's questions and gossip.

There was a moment Qi Fang felt unhappy since Lou Cheng had finally grown up to be a real man and began transferring his love from his mom to a girlfriend. But she soon calmed down and found that Yan Zheke was a girl from a decent background and that she met her standards perfectly. Besides, they lived in the same town, grew up with the same customs, and knew each other very well, which only added to Qi Fang's satisfaction. So Qi Fang had been urging Lou Cheng to bring the girl home so that the old couple could meet her. To be honest, if Lou Cheng hadn't won the national championship and thus hadn't been called the favored fighter of the age, Qi Fang would have been nervous that the girl might have been too good for her son and their relationship would face many challenges. She usually saw the same plot in TV
"Mom, I mentioned it to Ke. When we come back to Xiushan, I'll bring her home as soon as it's convenient." Lou Cheng didn't release the specific date, for he wanted to go traveling with Ke before going back home.

"Okay, okay. Tell me in advance and I'll go and buy some food and make preparations. Of course, I have a gift for her…" With all the endless chatter, Qi Fang suddenly recalled something and asked, "She was here, she was here. Last summer break, Han's second wife said that she saw a pretty girl in our neighborhood and was wondering whose girlfriend she was… Cheng, tell me the truth, was that girl Yan Zheke? Was she coming to look for you?"

"Yes." Lou Cheng wiped the nonexistent sweat on his forehead, admiring his mom for her good memory on gossip. Of course, he also remembered that time as it was deeply engraved in his memory, because that was his first time seeing and feeling his beloved girl's soft body.

"You were already dating at that time?" Qi Fang's tone suddenly rose. "You brat, you're really out of control! How long did you hide it from us? Nearly one year!"

"Sorry, Mom, it's my fault. I intended to tell you about it after we went steady." Lou Cheng had already perfected the art of apologizing to his mom with beautiful words.

Qi Fang was not really annoyed. Thinking about it, she said, "No wonder you have been dressing decently the whole year!"

Luckily, it was only after Lou Cheng entered university that he dared to bring a girlfriend home secretly. Qi Fang knew that there were many senior or even junior high students who were caught fooling around at home!

Chatting for a while, Lou Cheng hung up the phone and saw Ke walking quickly towards him. The girl was wearing a T- shirt, denim shorts, and white sport shoes today, which only made her look more youthful and gave energy to her movements.

"What were you doing in the Dean's office?" Lou Cheng asked with concern.

Yan Zheke bit her lip and slightly frowned, but soon she put on a smile. "Something about that co-cultivation project. There are some changes and I'll tell you later. Who were you speaking with just now?"

"My mom. She urged me to bring you home to visit them." Lou Cheng raised his eyebrows, talking in a deliberately low voice. But he was actually murmuring to himself, "Some changes? What changes?"

He always took Coach Yan's affairs seriously.

Yan Zheke, who had intended to act in a pettishly charming manner, only gave Lou Cheng a smile and said two words, "All right."

"Aren't you nervous?" Lou Cheng asked in surprise.

Yan Zheke was amused and rolled her eyes at Lou Cheng. "Why should I feel nervous? You've been telling me that both your parents are kind and that they like me."

"Sounds reasonable. It's good that you're relaxed." Lou Cheng asked with great expectations, "When shall we go home? How about you and me go traveling before that?"

Yan Zheke looked up and suggested,

"Well, what about spending a few more days in Songcheng?"

They had too many memories here. "All right. I'll make a plan and list all the delicious food and famous tourist spots." Actually, Lou Cheng actually didn't care what they were going to do. It was with whom he did all these things with that mattered.

Yan Zheke tilted her head, showed two dimples, and waved her hand excitedly.

"Let's go to the ocean aquarium this afternoon. We have been planning to go there but always missed the chance."

She paused and smiled. "How much of marine biology do you still remember?"

"Nearly forgot all of it..." Lou Cheng sighed while covering his face with his hands.

Yan Zheke laughed. "Thank goodness, or else I'd look so stupid! I'll go back, change my clothes and put on some makeup. It's a date with Cheng; therefore, it's very important." Being cheered up by the girl's abnormal excitement and joy, Lou Cheng rushed to the dorm, packed all his belongings, and waved Zhao Qiang and Cai Zongming goodbye.

It was a cool day, perfect for their travel plans. After a while, Lou Cheng saw Yan Zheke coming out of the building with her suitcase. She had on a white cotton one-piece dress, a pink jacket, and a pair of cute canvas shoes with skin-colored silk stockings. The light make-up made her pretty face more attractive.

She had once dressed the same way when she invited Lou Cheng to the ocean aquarium in March, and Lou Cheng was stunned by her beauty at the time, which left him with a deep impression. Taking the girl's suitcase, Lou Cheng smiled awkwardly. "Ke, are you going down memory lane?"

"You still remember?" Yan Zheke was surprised and pleased at the same time.

"Of course, you were drop-dead gorgeous! How can I forget?" Lou Cheng said softly. Yan Zheke smiled proudly and then waved her palm,

"We're going to make up for our aborted date last year, so everything should remain unchanged!"

"I'm looking forward to it!" Lou Cheng replied with a big smile. Coughing to hide the expectation in his tone, he added, "I've already booked a single room in a hotel…
"Considering our relationship, there was no need to book two rooms, right?

"Okay." Yan Zheke nodded slightly while looking forward.

Chapter 429: Bookmark the Sweet Memories

Getting his girlfriend's approval and regarding it as a breakthrough in their relationship, Lou Cheng couldn't help walking at a brisk pace with great joy. So as not to annoy the shy girl, he stopped talking about the accommodations and raised another question instead.

"A date that makes up for last year's regret? To make up for everything? But I forgot what I was wearing last time "
Yan Zheke thought for a while and then burst out laughing.

"I also don't remember!"

What she could remember was Cheng's tired look and wrinkled brows, which evoked in her a desire to kiss him.

Recalling the old memories, she smiled silently and looked down at her toes, putting her arms around Cheng's elbow to get closer to him.

"It's alright. We boors pay no attention to how we dress, and we can even wear the same kind of suit every day," Lou Cheng said with a self-deprecating humor, using his nickname given by the girl.

Chatting and laughing, they arrived at the downtown area and got off the school bus, finding the five-star hotel where Lou Cheng had booked a room for them.

On their way to the reception desk, Yan Zheke came to an abrupt stop and then turned her gaze aside. Taking her ID card out of her purse as if all was normal, she told Lou Cheng, "Go and check us in, I'll wait for you here…"

Her cheeks began to flush.

Lou Cheng could barely hide the smile on his face since he could easily read the girl's mind. After taking Ke's ID card, he calmly said,


Every time they spent a night out together, they always booked two rooms. When they became close enough to share one room, he began checking in alone since it was impossible for the shy girl to check in together with him.

Well, she'll eventually get used to it. For now she'll just leave it to her cheeky Cheng!

After unloading their luggage, Lou Cheng went to the reception desk with their ID cards. "We have an online reservation."

The reception girl glanced at him and was stunned. "Lou Cheng?" she blurted out.

"You know me?" Lou Cheng smiled. "Of course!" The girl nodded vigorously. "I watched you in the national competition! I liked your performance very much. So cool, so amazing!"

She was too excited to form words.

Well, I'm a celebrity now. Should I cover my face and wear sunglasses next time... Lou Cheng was dumbfounded.

"Thank you, thank you."

"Could you please sign an autograph for me!?" The girl began checking him in, but was immediately taken back by the ID cards. "Two people?"

Darn it, so embarrassing… Lou Cheng replied calmly, "Yeah, me and my girlfriend."

"Okay…" The girl got a copy of the ID cards and checked them in without saying anything. Finally, she gave Lou Cheng a receipt. "Sign your name here, and also on that blank paper, please, 'to Yue Xiaohui'!"

Returning to Yan Zheke's side with the room card, Lou Cheng said,


Yan Zheke glanced at the reception desk with curiosity. "What were you talking about?"

"That girl at the reception desk recognized me from the national competition and asked me for an autograph," Lou Cheng replied honestly.

"…" Yan Zheke was stunned, and her cheeks flushed again.
Turning backward, she whispered with shyness, "Let me go!"

She never expected that they would run into one of Lou Cheng's fans the first time she decided to share a room with him. Now she was too ashamed to face anyone!

If only I had known earlier, I would have checked in by myself and let Cheng sneak into the room!

"What are you worrying about? We are perfectly justifiable!" Lou Cheng comforted her with a smile.

Now that we have the room card, those who like gossiping have already begun making up stories about us… Just let them go!

After thinking about it, Yan Zheke curbed her mood swings and went to the fifth floor with Lou Cheng, putting their luggage in the room.

"What shall we eat for lunch?" Lou Cheng looked at the overcast sky outside the window. They finished the exam at 10 AM, and it wasn't even twelve yet.

Yan Zheke replied without thinking as if she had already made preparations, "Dingshang sautéed crab in hot and spicy sauce!"

"Where we went for our first date?" Of course, Lou Cheng couldn't forget it.

"Yes! Let's reminisce the old days!" Yan Zheke nodded with a cute expression.

After arranging their belongings, the two of them went out hand in hand, arriving at their first rendezvous by taxi.

Luckily, it was still in business… Lou Cheng felt so happy when he saw the restaurant's sign. He hoped that all the sites that bore his sweet memories would remain unchanged forever.

So did Yan Zheke, who wore a sweet smile, showing her dimples.

As they entered the restaurant, before the waiter could say anything, Lou Cheng glanced at the menu and then ordered, "Two people, a 199-yuan set, 12 crabs, handmade noodles, steamed shrimp dumpling, beef…"

The waiter was stunned. "Please, please slow down a bit so that I can take notes."

Don't all the customers order their crabs first and then the other dishes after they sit down?

Yan Zheke couldn't help smiling. Lou Cheng was just repeating the name of the dishes that they had ordered during their first date, but this time he doubled the amount. How could Cheng still remember them… She was greatly moved and said jokingly, "Well, you are good at answering questions in advance!"

"We ordered them the first time we came here, right?" Lou Cheng held Ke's hand in his and they found themselves two seats.

"You still remember that?" Yan Zheke rested her head on one hand while watching Lou Cheng with her glittering eyes.

Lou Cheng smiled. "I watched you carefully to see what you liked or disliked, so the dishes we ordered left a deep impression on me. But it was not until we came here that I recalled them…"

Yan Zheke was moved almost to tears upon hearing Lou Cheng's explanation. Turning her gaze aside to hide her expression, she calmed herself down and then changed the topic. "I also paid attention to the dishes you liked or disliked. But, but you seemed to like everything!"

"So I am easy to feed, right? I can eat anything you give me," Lou Cheng said proudly.

Well, if Little Ming were here, he would have answered, "Will you eat sh*t if I feed it to you?" Of course, Ke wouldn't have said that.

"I will give you all my leftovers from now on," Yan Zheke said with a light tone.

The dingshang sautéed crab in hot and spicy sauce was delicious as usual. The two of them were so satisfied with the meal that they even ordered extra dishes twice. This stunned the server, and the manager insisted on giving them a restaurant VIP card.

It was a moderately priced restaurant without any luxurious dishes, but their meal cost around 3,000 yuan, which surprised the manager, who insisted on treating them as VIP customers. After lunch, they began walking along the route of their first date.

"Cheng, do you still remember where you began holding my hand?" The girl asked with enthusiasm.
Lou Cheng thought for a while and then, laughing at himself, he replied, "I paid no attention to where we were, for my mind was filled with a series of thoughts such as: could I hold your hand? How could I do it without annoying you? Will you shake me off? Once I managed to, I was so excited that I even lost my sense of direction. All I could see were you and your hand, which gave me a magical feeling, as if I was walking on the clouds…"

Biting her lower lip, Yan Zheke gazed at the young man with her watery eyes. Lou Cheng's words showed her how much he cherished their relationship and her, and this suddenly brought her so much joy.

She turned aside to look at something on the street, finding herself unsure on whether the decision she had made this morning was the wise one. "What about you? Do you remember where we held hands?" asked Lou Cheng.
Yan Zheke rolled her eyes. "I can't remember it either. I was particularly nervous then, and all my focus was on your hand, which kept approaching mine. I was wondering whether you wanted to hold my hand or not. I actually didn't know how to react if you really did that. If I refused, you might have been disappointed. But I didn't want to accept you in a hurry lest I be regarded as ungraceful… All in all, I was in wild flights of fancy, and I felt lucky that I didn't bump into other pedestrians. However, I finally found you a dull boy who dared not to touch my hand, so I took the initiative to hold yours!"

Recalling all of their feelings and thoughts in the old days, they smiled at each other and raised their clasped hands at the same time.

Though they were no longer so excited as to lose their sense of direction, they held each other's hand firmly, believing they would never be separated. Walking along the street shoulder to shoulder, they both got lost in the sweet memories.

"Remember that we bought a fresh cream cake here?" Lou Cheng pointed at Meimei Bread's sign, smiling.

Yan Zheke bit her lip and laughed slightly. "I also remember how you tricked me!"

"Huh?" Lou Cheng was lost.

"You told me that the fresh cream cake here wasn't too sweet and I would like it. You said you found the store online," Yan Zheke complained, "Sure enough, it tasted good, but I couldn't find the store online!"

Lou Cheng suddenly realized what she was talking about, and he chuckled. "I had come here earlier to taste the cake. At the time, you had just told me that you were still making preparations and adjusting yourself, so I was afraid that if I told you the truth, it might dull your senses and add to the pressure. That was why I didn't show you all the effort I had put in…"

Yan Zheke was almost moved to tears before Lou Cheng could finish his words. Suddenly, the girl took a step forward and threw herself into Cheng's arms, giving him a big hug while burying her face in his shoulder.

"What's wrong with you?" Lou Cheng was shocked.

Yan Zheke wanted to laugh and weep all at once. "Can't I be moved?"

"Okay, okay." Lou Cheng was overjoyed to see that his effort had paid off. Stroking the girl's long hair with his fingers, he smiled with great satisfaction.

"Buy a piece of fresh cream cake again and let's share it at night~" After a while, Yan Zheke let go of Lou Cheng's arms, calming herself down.

"Sure!" Lou Cheng entered the bakery with her.

Their next destination was the Ocean Aquarium, and this time no one disturbed them.

"Look, a starfish. If you tear it up, each part of its body will grow into a new starfish." Lou Cheng pointed at a figure in the aquarium.

Yan Zheke was surprised. "You said that you had already forgotten marine biology."

"I've been cramming for this moment," Lou Cheng replied proudly, and then pointed at another creature. "It is, it is…"

Damn it, I forgot its name! I want to show off, I am making a fool of myself instead!

"Haha." Yan Zheke burst out laughing to tears. "There should be an information sign nearby, or you can check it online, commentator Lou~"

They walked and laughed in the aquarium until it closed. Afterwards, they went to the restaurant where they had had their second date to have dinner. While waiting for their dishes, Lou Cheng went downstairs, pretending to go to the toilet, but he actually went to buy a bunch of flowers.

"Belle, you've dropped something." He smiled at Yan Zheke with one hand behind his back.

The familiar lines and scene greatly moved Yan Zheke, who slowly opened her mouth, and tears filled her eyes. "Flowers?" she asked with a forced smile.

"Yeah, sure enough you dropped something!" Lou Cheng bowed slightly like a gentleman and gave the girl her flowers. Holding the flowers with both hands, Yan Zheke pretended to enjoy their fragrance with closed eyes. After a while, she looked up at Lou Cheng. "But I still have something missing."

"What's that?" Lou Cheng asked, smiling.

Yan Zheke's watery eyes were glittering as she turned aside to hide her expression.

"My boyfriend~"

Lou Cheng was so happy that he moved toward the girl to clasp her hand. Ke was acting a bit abnormal today. He thought, "I have never seen her so clingy."
After dinner, they took a walk and went back to the hotel with their cake. The room was dimly lit, the stars and rivers were outside the window, and the quietness and privacy around them made everything look like a dream. Though it was not the first time for him, Lou Cheng still felt his heart racing uncontrollably in the silence. Just then, Yan Zheke put the bouquet on the table, sat on the edge of the bed, touched his calf, and said softly,

"I'm so sore. Cheng, come and massage my legs and feet~"

They were comfortable around each other, but Ke's face suddenly flushed as she said those words. Looking down at her right hand supporting her body like a budding flower, the girl smiled shyly.

Lou Cheng was immediately stimulated by the scene and the girl's words.

Chapter 430: All Night the Fish and the Dragon Danced

Is Ke dropping a hint here?

Obsessed by this thrilling thought, Lou Cheng threw the fresh cream cake aside and stepped to the bedside. He crouched down and grabbed Yan Zheke's left ankle.

As soon as his hand reached her smooth skin, he felt the shaking of her skin and muscles, her heart beating increasingly fast, and her body temperature rising. It was completely different from her previous reaction prior to the massage.

Dup! Dup! Dup...

Lou Cheng's heart experienced a physical resonance to Yan Zheke's every heartbeat, his mouth dry and body hot. Unconsciously, some expectations began to brew. Without further contact or any flirtation, he felt his blood flooding down. His hands, however stable they were in battle, were shivering involuntarily as he pulled up her left foot. He took a deep breath and slowly loosened her shoelace and took off her shoe.

Yan Zheke's heart beat even faster and Lou Cheng held his breath as if he was going to turn into a werewolf.

Dup! Dup! Dup...

Her beautiful foot was revealed in a see-through sock and Lou Cheng placed it against his knee. His hands began to massage, but soon the pinching motion changed to gentle strokes which became more and more intense.

"Hmm..." Finally, a long-suppressed sound slipped out of her throat, her lips pursed tightly.

It was the straw that broke the camel's back, a call from his little fairy, and the firing of the starting gun. Lou Cheng suddenly lost control and lowered his head, moving up slowly and leaving a hot, exciting line on her body.

When he finally straightened his body and pinned the girl down on the bed, Yan Zheke had begun to respond, shy but just as intense.

"Pervert... Quit kissing me..." she complained in a very gentle tone while pushing her lips forward and sticking her tongue out to engage in Lou Cheng's hungry kiss, feeling her cotton dress close to being torn apart under his rough movements.

Her pink jacket fell on the floor, followed by her white dress that was light like a cloud and Lou Cheng's clothing.

"Turn off the light..." Yan Zheke shouted subconsciously between her heavy breaths.

However, this time, Lou Cheng didn't listen to her. In the warm light, Lou Cheng kept the incredible beauty in his head in the manner of making a pilgrimage or a blasphemy. He once again lowered his body and began to kiss her from her forehead, her palpitating eyelids, her long, thick, and gently trembling eyelashes, her ruby red ears, to her lovely nose tip...

In the opposite direction from earlier, Lou Cheng moved all the way down and Yan Zheke grabbed the sheet with both hands, tight or loose, her lips pursed closely, and once in a good a while an inviting sound slipping away.

Her brows suddenly knitted, face red and hot, and gritted teeth opened, letting out a long, soft whine from her throat.

Lou Cheng's blood was boiling. He quickly removed their one last piece of clothing, her underwear hanging by her stockings at her ankle. They were finally completely naked in front of each other.

He pressed his body down, supporting his weight with both hands so Yan Zheke didn't have to bear the entire heaviness. He had been longing for this final physical and spiritual connection with Ke. Every time, he would advance aggressively and then quit with respect when she firmly demanded him to stop. At this very moment, he was passionately kissing, touching, and moving his hips, pretending this was all he planned to do.

All of a sudden, he felt surrounded by wetness and a slippery smoothness. His surging joy was soon replaced by an abrupt terror. He looked up at the girl, seeing the flush of her face, around her collarbones and further down, and tears in her sparkling eyes like stars.

She turned her head away and bit her lower lip hard, without knowing Lou Cheng's further advance.

"Ke..." Lou Cheng called.

Upon hearing her boyfriend's scorched, desirous voice, Yan Zheke's eyelashes flapped quickly. She slowly closed her eyes and squeezed out a very quiet answer, "Hmm..."

The heavenly hum made Lou Cheng more excited.

"I'll... I'll find us a condom..."

"Why didn't I listen to Talker's advice and keep one condom on me? There has to be one in a five-star hotel room. Well, I'll receive some odd eyes during checkout, but nothing is more important than this now."

Before Lou Cheng could get off the bed, Yan Zheke grabbed his wrist. Afraid of looking at his eyes, she tilted her head and said,

"No need..."

"Ahh?" Lou Cheng was stupefied. "Grandpa... Grandpa said... Before you reach the Inhuman stage... It's hard... Very hard for me to..." Yan Zheke was too shy to finish her sentence.

On her mind was a crazy idea. "Grandpa said it would be hard for me to have children. I can't get pregnant easily before Cheng reaches the Inhuman stage. Let's give it a try. If it happens at such a low chance, it must be fate and I'll stay.

"I want to be irrational once for Cheng..."

"That's right." Lou Cheng was not willing to part with this soft, warm body at all. He got back to the position and resumed his kisses and strokes, adjusting his movements while gazing at her tightening frown and increasingly red face. He advanced carefully and gently.

Inch by inch, he finally reached the end and felt their bodies become one. Yan Zheke suddenly straightened her waist and wrapped her arms around his neck, her lips close to his ear, her breaths fragrant and hot, and her cries bearing pain and affection. "Cheng... Cheng... Cheng..."

There seemed no end in her voice, and Lou Cheng's heart became friable. He felt the girl little by little melt into his marrow.

"Ke..." he responded in a very low voice, and completely lost control of himself.

Squeak... The very stable hotel bed started to make noises. A while later, a suppressed moan burst out like a heavenly note, followed closely by stronger squeaky noises and a satisfied male sigh.

They spoke out their love to comfort each other's body and soul, and their whispering went on and on.

"You didn't take a shower! Gross!" Abruptly, Yan Zheke let out a low scream and tapped Lou Cheng's chest. Lou Cheng returned a low chuckle, his heart extremely pleased and his body still burning.

"How could you!?" As Yan Zheke struggled to cross over him to get off the bed, she accidentally touched Lou Cheng's weapon, up and ready.

"Cough... Considering my recovery ability and vigorous blood and qi, this is very normal..." Lou Cheng sounded rather proud of himself.

"Hmm..." Yan Zheke abandoned her plan to go to the bathroom and started to touch about aimlessly.

"Hey, stop! I can't resist much longer!" Lou Cheng wanted to call it a night thinking about the pain his little fairy had just gone through, but the girl took the initiative to provoke.

Yan Zheke's eyes were shining with a tempting glow, more inviting than before. She scolded in a very soft tone, "You are allowed to take advantage of me. Why can't I take advantage of you? Stay still!" Lou Cheng couldn't bear her tease and turned around to pin her under his body.

The night was short and their love was intense. When Lou Cheng woke up at his usual hour, a faint fragrance flew under his nose and a tender body lied next to his. Everything was perfect like a dream.

Recalling their last night, a silly grin climbed on his face. His body and heart both felt content, his spirit complete and everything in this world beautiful.

He raised his head a little to look at Yan Zheke curled up like a baby in his arms, her innocent face with a faint pained expression, her dark hair, fine face, and her delicate, unforgettable skin. Feeling her tight hug and dependence, Lou Cheng knew his heart was melting in her fascinating cries of his name.

This is the connection of flesh and spirit...

This is the person I'm closest to... This is the girl I will spend my entire life to protect...

He lowered his head to kiss her long eyelashes and rosy lips. His hands automatically began to move around and his morning passion turned fiercer.

"Hmm... No more..." Yan Zheke threw a punch at him in her sleep, turned around, and fell back asleep.

Lou Cheng struggled hard to get up, concerned about how upset and uneasy Ke would be if she woke up alone without him. He almost gave up on his morning exercises.

"Is this what Ke meant by 'a good man caught in the long- lasting affection?" He poked fun at himself before getting changed for his training. His body and mind were both very excited. He slept merely two hours last night, but he didn't feel tired at all.

"People are in high spirits when involved in happy events." When Lou Cheng started to feel the Force Concentration after his basic training, he could tell his determination was firmer and no one and nothing could defeat him.

This is the life I'm going to defend!

The ice and fire twisted and embraced, pulling the most subtle responses from his body. The ghostly chill was flicking and the dark flame dancing. Lou Cheng's heart finally caught the sign in the perfect satisfaction and grabbed the tip of every cell and every drop of his body that made up his body.

"This is the root pulp!"

He opened his eyes, very pleased. The grasp of the root pulp indicated his path to the Inhuman stage.

"This is not sufficient, but a necessary condition." Since the beginning of May, Lou Cheng's physical quality had reached the top Professional Sixth Pin level after two months of training. He expected a long wait until the next big progress, but a night in bed with her had hardened his mind, polished his temper, boosted his spirit, and brought his will back. His performance had smoothly improved.

"Six more months till the new year. I have a good chance of opening that gate..." thought Lou Cheng happily. He got out of the stance and returned without delay. Every second seemed too precious to waste.

The curtains were tightly shut and the room was dark and filled with a strange but arousing scent. Yan Zheke was deeply asleep, sucking on her finger with a bright smile on her face. Feeling peaceful and joyful, Lou Cheng quickly undressed and took a shower before diving into the bed and hugging his soft, fragrant little fairy for some more sleep.

When he woke up, Yan Zheke's eyelashes flipped. She slowly opened her eyes and sank in his passionate kisses. "Morning... No, good afternoon!" Lou Cheng chuckled, his elbow supporting his head.

Yan Zheke curved her eyes and brows and circled her arms around his neck with a sweet smile.

"Good afternoon, darling."

She didn't feel shy at all about this appellation.

As Lou Cheng was debating whether they should eat first or do something else, Yan Zheke pursed her lips, her eyes shining. She plucked up her courage and opened her mouth.

"Cheng, I have something to tell you... I... The training program of my department has shifted one year earlier..."

Her voice was not firm at all, full of hesitation and confusion, as if looking for an answer.

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