Martial Arts Master Chapter 381-390

Chapter 381: Flying Immortal

Huahai University Martial Arts Club's coach, Ge Lie, had often been teased by the team behind his back for being an "Akalin" (a character with minimal sense of existence in a Japanese manga). With regard to Ann Chaoyang's request, he pushed his glasses up and said,


He was a coach that had been around the universities' martial arts circle for many years. Like Shanbei and Huang Qing, he was an expert in guiding newbies, pulling out the layers of body refining training, and training fighters who had just entered the Dan stage. However, he had little experience in training talented fighters.

With his coach's approval, Ann Chaoyang slowly stood up and straightened his body. With his hair banded up, he looked around the changing room. With a casual tone, he said to Piao Yuan and Xing Jingjing, "Time really flies. In the blink of an eye, we're already in our final year in school. We've less than three months left before I have to say goodbye to everyone and report at Xinghai."

"I still remember in freshman year, when I entered the school, I was of Professional Ninth Pin. Besides carrying airs around me, I had nothing else. It was thanks to senior brothers and sisters who were kind and generous enough to accept me. Only because of your kind acceptance was I able to grow and attain Dan stage before the annual Nationals, and fight alongside with everyone else for the highest honor of the martial arts circle — the Feitian Cup. "

"Till today, I still remember that scene clearly. Remembering how everyone tried their very best, being moved to tears by the sweat of everyone. Remembering the indescribable crazy happiness. "

"All of this seems to have happened just yesterday. But the senior brothers, sisters, and the teammates from my year have already left here long ago. They've started on the next journeys of their lives. Before the new semester started, I considered carefully, whether I should retire earlier and head to the Xinghai Club every day to train with the Mighty Ones with Physical Invulnerability, instead of going there every once in a while."

"I'll just be a little cheesy here. I feel that I can't let go. I want to end what I've started well. I want to share with you guys the gripping joy and moving moments. I want to pass down the 'DNA' of being a champion. I want to pass it down to generations and generations of juniors to come. I want to tell you all this one line."

He stopped for a little while. With a solemn expression and a louder voice, he said,

"We are champions!"

Piao Yuan, Zhang Dongliang, and the others were all moved by his words. Even the cold-hearted Xing Jingjing's eyes wavered a little. Their hearts started to race and thump as Ann Chaoyang raised his voice into a cheer.

"We are champions!" We must take back the honor that belongs to us!

Inside the locker room of the Songcheng University Martial Arts Club, seeing that Lou Cheng was asking for a fight, Geezer Shi clicked his tongue and said,

"It's good to be young. Back in those days... Ay... Forget it. A good man never digs the past up. Go. Go and get the victory that everyone needs!"

"Yes, Master!" Lou Cheng nodded solemnly. His energy seemed to be spilling out of every cell within him.

Geezer Shi coughed twice. He looked towards Lin Que, Yan Zheke, and the rest.

"I don't need to reiterate how important this match is, right?" "No!" Lin Que, who seemed to be infected by Lou Cheng's fighting spirit, chimed together with Cai Zongming and the rest of the team.

"That's good that I don't need to repeat myself. One more word: don't look down on Huahai. But also, don't be afraid of them. Just think about the highest honor to be won. To win, to climb to the top, we must overtake the past champions one by one!" Geezer Shi said these words seriously. Such a rare occasion for him to do so.

"Yes!" Lou Cheng and the rest nodded strongly. They came together in a circle again, each one had their left arm on the shoulder of the person next to them. Their right hands in the center, piled up on top of one and another.

They looked at each other. They all pressed their right hands down and pulled them back immediately as they cheered at the top of their lungs, shouting and releasing all the nervousness and excitement within them.

"Victory!" After they had released the negative energy within them, Geezer Shi turned around and opened the door of the locker room. He walked out slowly.

Lou Cheng was about to follow him, but he was pulled back by Yan Zheke. He stopped in his steps.

"What's wrong?" Lou Cheng asked curiously in a low and quiet voice.

The two became last in line, shielded from view by the teammates who were in front of them. Yan Zheke did not say anything else. She grabbed Lou Cheng's clothes with both hands, got on her tiptoes, and kissed him on the lips.

Their tongues started to entwine. The girl responded to the deep kiss for a couple of seconds before she pushed away and stepped back. She blushed and her eyes were twinkling. With her hands in a fist, she said softly,

"Darling, all the best!" Lou Cheng was still recovering from the sudden sweetness. He was still trying to figure out what had just happened. After being still for two seconds, he realized what Yan Zheke meant. Happily, he said to her,

"Darling, you too. All the best!"

He had a hard time tearing his eyes from her moist and glistening lips. He tried his best to focus again and both of them quickened their steps to catch up with Lin Hua.

Woo, he realized that they had been caught in action... Lou Cheng's lips arched upwards. Each step became steadier and steadier. He ignored the teasing looks that Cai Zongming was giving him.

At the moment, the sound of the vuvuzelas echoed across the arena continuously. The arena erupted like large, passionate waves.

Once the teams from Songcheng University and Huahai took their seats, a silver-haired judge wearing a black martial arts suit appeared in the middle of the arena and signaled to both sides. Upon seeing this, the broadcaster announced,

"Huahai University Martial Arts Club against Songcheng University Martial Arts Club, competition start!"

"First round, Ann Chaoyang, Lou Cheng! "

Boom, cheers erupted. It was like an airplane had flown past close to the ground.


Lou Cheng pulled down his zipper and removed his thin jacket. He stood upright.

On the other side, Ann Chaoyang stood up slowly and the white towel wrapped around his shoulders fell off. The fight between the Heavenly Sons was about to start!

After giving Yan Zheke, Lin Que, and the rest of the team high fives, Lou Cheng started to take the steps up. With each step, his will got stronger. With each step, his momentum got stronger. Ann Chaoyang, on the other hand, was absorbing everything to keep within himself. The closer he got to the arena, the quieter he got.

Just as they were both about to take the step onto the stage, they saw each other. When their eyes met, there was a gleam in both pairs of eyes.

Within Ann Chaoyang, he felt that Lou Cheng was a tall and steady snow mountain. With each howl of the wind, he was closing in, giving the sense of "almighty" and "worship". Within Lou Cheng, Ann Chaoyang was like the endless oceans with waves and currents ready to take in everything, swallow everything!

Bam! As their eyes met, there were sparks like fireworks being set off.

This was a battle of the momentum, the comparison of the wills!

Deng, deng, deng! Both men's footfalls started to be heavier with each step they took. They both arrived that their positions, forgetting the referee, forgetting the dialogue time.

After three minutes, neither had the upper hand. The referee raised his right arm, his voice ringing in the air,


With the sound still in everyone's ears, Lou Cheng lifted both arms in a single movement. He had already visualized the lines of ancient characters in his mind. In a swift move and a low roar, a sign was born. "Attainment!"

Bam, his body smashed through the air barrier, and without much effort, he closed the eight meter gap between them and appeared in the face of Ann Chaoyang. Following the strength of the movement, he slanted his body to one side. His muscles swelled up and became actual mountains of iron. He leaned towards his opponent.

With such speed, such force, even if the person was not made of flesh and was made of iron skin, he would probably not be able to take such a blow!

The match just started and Lou Cheng was attacking in full force. With Ann Chaoyang's current level, it was impossible for him to avoid the blow!

Facing this, Ann Chaoyang quickly took in a deep breath, placed his weight on both feet, pulled strength from his waist and back, and pushed out his left arm. Just as his palm came into contact with Lou Cheng's right arm, he felt the tremendous crashing force and speed. He immediately contracted his fascia, shook his body, and took a step back.


At the point where Lou Cheng's Sticky Back was blocked, he pushed a force from his waist and back. Like it was in hiding, an explosive force moved forward with the earlier force and blasted the left side of his rival's torso. The fist was surrounded in a layer of white mist, and in his mind there were the visuals of a huge frozen river.

Frost Force! Consecutive move!

At such close distance, Ann Chaoyang had no way to avoid the blows. He could only rely on his instincts. Two of his rib fascia vibrated, he raised his right arm, and extended his palm to block the front of the Lou Cheng's fist. Pam! The cold current gushed forward and the force rushed into his body, freezing Ann Chaoyang's muscles, making his joints move slower.

However, at this time, Lou Cheng could only feel that within Ann Chaoyang's body, there were only endless oceans. After putting his Frost Force in, it seemed to disappear almost immediately, without even the slightest ripple.

The Water Sect's core force, the Ocean Force!

Just as the Frost Force was being neutralized by the Ocean Force, Ann Chaoyang blocked Lou Cheng's left fist with so much strength that his veins were showing. He was about to release a force to capture it, aiming to pull and tear it apart!

Lou Cheng had already expected this. Calmly, he took in a deep breath and his left arm's muscle and fascia swelled. It swelled so much that it pushed apart the five fingers of his rival, not allowing any chance for the strength to enter deep into his body. At the same time, Lou Cheng's thigh muscles were raised and the tips of his toes went straight for his rival's knee joints — aiming for the common weak points.

Pam! Ann Chaoyang seemed to have "heard" some movement. So, instinctively, he did a flying kick and used his own leg to block the sudden attack.

Pam, pam, pam! Lou Cheng's upper body did not move at all. Both of his legs were moving nonstop. They were like hurricanes continuously kicking and aiming for the rival's knee joints and ankle joints. From the start to now, he was just attacking, attacking nonstop!

After those two rounds of near-death battles, he clearly understood the key winning element in a match where both parties were about the same level — whoever obtained the upper hand, that person would be closer to victory. The defending party would have to waste more effort and energy or have to adapt quickly so that he or she could have a chance to fight back.

First step first, all steps first! Bam, bam, bam! Ann Chaoyang was also crazy fast in kicking. Perhaps he had used the Listening Skill and had barely avoided each blow, each attack.

When Lou Cheng saw that he would not have a chance to give a blow, he stopped suddenly and stepped onto the ground just as he released his left leg into a kick. With the force, he rebounded and threw out his elbow, shaking his right arm, releasing himself from Ann Chaoyang's left palm. He went straight for his face.

This blow comprised of the release of the Zhu Rong Force and supernatural ability. The moment that it hits or gets blocked, it will release a blaze and burn the opponent's face, making the opponent avoid in haste, exposing weak points.

Just at this moment, Ann Chaoyang's hairs stood on their ends. He could sense danger. He tried to catch Lou Cheng's left arm and tried to push it away so as to make Lou Cheng's whole body move backwards and lose balance.

Following almost immediately, his torso released energy. Another hand pushed upwards and blocked the wrist of Lou Cheng's right punch.


Lou Cheng's fist was pulled upwards by his body leaning backwards and the hit on the wrist. The fiery red flames brushed past Ann Chaoyang's head, burning a few strands of his hair.

With his body leaning backwards, Lou Cheng went with the flow and retracted. Ann Chaoyang had tried so hard to turn the tables around. Since he finally managed to do it, he immediately made his move, turning defense into attack.

However, just as he took a step with his left foot, he felt that the floor was abnormally slippery. He was losing control of his body and he was about to fall!

Somehow, some time, the ground between the two of them was covered with a crystal clear layer of ice! Earlier on, with every kick, Lou Cheng's foot had released the Frost Force. He had set up a trap in secret!

Ice Sect, 17th move, Polar Ground!

This was one of the ways to use it!

Lou Cheng had intentionally moved backwards so that Ann Chaoyang could fall into the trap!


Ann Chaoyang's left foot slipped! He lost his balance. His pupils contracted and he retracted his qi and blood.

Although, as a unique point of the Dan stage, to use the mercurial balance to control the body was not difficult, Ann Chaoyang was very clear that his rival would definitely grab this opportunity to launch attacks. If that was the case, he would unlikely be able to make any move just after regaining his balance. So he would be better off using Force Concentration to neutralize and counter the attacks while waiting for the opportunity to attack again.

As Ann Chaoyang started to concentrate his qi and spirit at his dantian, Lou Cheng did not choose to attack. Instead, he raised both arms and made a sign. He exhaled deeply before saying loud and solemnly,


Since you have a secret skill and ability to absorb all mental attacks, I'll use this move when you're focusing all your energy in your abdomen! Let's see what else you have that can take this move!

The surrounding atmosphere was terrible. The exchanges between the rivaling armies were cold and extraordinary. Ann Chaoyang's spirit was just recovering, and he had to face this move. In a split moment, he had entered into the abyss of no return and was just waiting to be taken down by his opponent.

He could not help but to shiver a little. His trembling movement dispersed the explosive impact of his Dan stage.


Lou Cheng's spirit and qi contracted and relaxed in a rhythm. His right arm was tight and he threw his fist forward, towards his opponent.

Ann Chaoyang was indeed strong. In such a situation, he had actually managed to lift both his arms.

Pam! The forces of the two exploded. He was hit backwards and he lost his stance.

How could Lou Cheng let this chance slip? He took huge strides forward and consecutively visualized the Cold and Frozen and Frozen River diagrams. He lifted his left arm high above and made a warning pose!

Ssiii! Hooo!

The spectators were either taking in deep, cold breaths, or letting out surprised shouts.

From the moment the referee had shouted "Fight", they were "tormented" by the nonstop fight between the two fighters. The spectators were out of breath, almost afraid that if they batted an eyelid, the tough battle would be over.

In the midst of this whole process, they only felt that Lou Cheng, who was on the offensive, had an impressive and strong fighting stance. He was exuding the essence of beauty and strength in all his moves. They were all on an adrenaline rush. Their souls were shaken.

Now Lou Cheng was ferocious and Ann Chaoyang seemed like he was going to lose!

"With inches, the line between life and death... " With regard to the earlier half of the match, the guest commentator, Chen Sansheng, could not help but exclaim in awe.

Yan Zheke's beautiful eyes were sparkling. She could see nothing else but her boyfriend.

Ann Chaoyang had just retreated when he saw Lou Cheng continue to make his aggressive advancement. He understood that victory and loss were just moments away. He immediately did visualization, moving his fascia, twitching his muscles.

Dang! Both of his feet sank and suddenly his body was steady. The ground beneath the arena started to shake.

This second, he seemed to have transformed into the earth and become one with the arena.

However, just as he had steadied his body's rhythm, Lou Cheng's raised arm had become an iron rod. Bam, it smashed down and did not give him a chance to hide, nor did he have the chance to do Force Concentration and visualization!

Simplified Physical Invulnerable Move, Severe Warning!

Ann Chaoyang seemed to have given up all hope. Using little strength, he lifted his right arm and moved upwards.


When Lou Cheng's fist landed on the arm of his rival, it immediately released a cold wave, so cold that that it would freeze all thoughts and movements. At this very moment, he felt Ann Chaoyang's spirit, qi, and blood contracting quickly.

This timing was perfect. Ann Chaoyang's body was already showing signs of frost and his eyes were losing focus. But his Force Concentration was still ongoing!

Every sense felt like it was exploding and then contracting again. The freezing force was expelled out and Ann Chaoyang regained his focus. His body started to swell and he swung his left fist out!

To use such a method to neutralize Severe Warning, the person would need to have an accurate grasp of when Lou Cheng was going to strike. If not, it would be impossible to retaliate, because if they were too late, the mind would be frozen and unable to do the Force Concentration. If they too early, the cold wave would not have entered the body yet and the mind would still be in a daze!

"Lake and Mirror Liked Wisdom"! At this point, a famous saying appeared in Lou Cheng's mind. This was an ultimate skill of the Water Sect, and it was similar to Ice Mirror. One of those skills besides physical invulnerability that were terribly difficult to master!

Surprisingly, Ann Chaoyang had actually managed to master it!

As expected from a true disciple of the Queen of Thought!


Ann Chaoyang's left fist was like a swift dragon tearing through low ground, bursting through the shallow sand, and going straight towards Lou Cheng in the most elegant and agile form.

Lou Cheng did not have enough time to hide or enter the Dan realm. He could only follow what his rival did earlier. He raised both arms and tried to block the attack as it came. Pam!

His body shook vigorously. It was obvious that he had lost his stance and was wobbling backwards.

At this critical moment, Lou Cheng drew back his qi and blood as fast as possible and sat on the gold carriage, maintaining his core and balance.

Ann Chaoyang let his arm follow the flow and swung his arm back again. He entered the Dan realm and used the water flow continuation pose to execute a Double Explosion. He shook his right arm, clenched tight, and smashed forward!

Lou Cheng knew that he could not avoid that blow. He sucked his dan thin, made his arms swell, and raised them up again as a shield.

Bam! In the midst of the echo, Ann Chaoyang now had the upper hand. He took the opportunity to strike again.

Pam, pam, pam! Triple Explosion, Quadruple Explosion, Quintuple Explosion, Sextuple Explosion! To Lou Cheng, all he had in mind was that his rival's attacks were very much similar to his very own 24 Blizzard Strikes. Each strike more powerful than the previous, each strike stronger than the previous. Plus, they had the smoothness and roundness of running water!

Bam! Bam! Bam! Septuple Explosion, Octuple Explosion, Nonuple Explosion, Decuple Explosion! He was still in defending position. Lou Cheng, who had trouble gaining strength from elsewhere, was being hit by Ann Chaoyang's Deluge Stance into a retreat, wave after wave. Each step that he took backwards left a hole in the ground. Soon, there were cracks on the ground along with footprints.

However, although he was in such a situation, he did not panic. This was just being suppressed for a bit, being hit into a retreat. After that night where we took down the building, I've already experienced such a situation. In addition, there's no wall to restrict my retreat and to hurt my back!
Hendecuple Explosion! Duodecuple Explosion! Tredecuple Explosion... Within one breath, Ann Chaoyang went all the out till the 14th consecutive explosion. The hairband on his head was ripped and his mid-length hair was flying in the air. Lou Cheng tried his best to hold on. Although he had to retreat, he did not panic, but to face 14 consecutive explosions, the path that the two of them had went along was completely destroyed.

"The tables have turned. As expected from Ann Chaoyang. As expected from the Sleeping Tiger!" In the broadcasting studio, Chen Sansheng cheered on.

At some point, Yan Zheke, Cai Zongming, and the rest of the team all stood up. They were all looking nervously at the arena. The spectators were all roaring as the match heated up.

After the 14 consecutive explosions, Ann Chaoyang slowed down his crazy attacks. He changed his footwork and started to go around Lou Cheng. He pushed out his palm, palm after palm, each move with the Ocean Force weaved in.

Lou Cheng did not allow himself to continue being in the weaker position. He started to use the Frost Force and Zhu Rong Force in alternating order to fight back. However, the cold waves and hot currents continued to be absorbed and neutralized by his rival's ocean like waves.

Of course, his forces had supernatural abilities and were stronger than his rival's. Hence, Ann Chaoyang's face started to change from pale to red in an alternating rhythm. He was definitely affected, and the effects of each move were compounding on top of each other!

Lou Cheng, too, was exhausted a little by the Ocean Force. His tendons and vessels started to swell and he started to have difficulty breathing, just like being pushed into the sea inch by inch!

Water Sect, 15th move, Drown! While being locked in such a fight, Lou Cheng tried several times to use the Ice Burning and Snow Cover to break out of the momentum so as to catch a breath. However, Ann Chaoyang continued to be offensive. Since Ann Chaoyang was somewhat familiar with Lou Cheng's moves, he never gave Lou Cheng the chance to break away.

With the match progressing till now, Ann Chaoyang's eyes swept the surroundings. Suddenly, he decided to change his tactic. He visualized the diagrams of Crashing Waves and Crumbling Dam.


All his muscles started to swell and he was floating in midair.
His right fist pulled way back and thrashed straight forward!

Lou Cheng used the time when Ann Chaoyang was visualizing to do Force Concentration. He minimized the feeling of drowning and expelled the effect with a spray of his dan. He moved his waist and back and threw out his thick right arm. Bam!

The sound was scary. It echoed across the arena. Lou Cheng, who had gone all the way out, was actually hit back two steps by Ann Chaoyang, who did not even use Force Concentration.

The simplified physical invulnerability of the Water Sect, Deluge!

It was impossible to defend against such a ferocious attack. It drowned any counter-attack intentions.

It did not have any freezing or numbing effects. It was pure power. Pure strength to stimulate the power to produce a force stronger than what the Dan could neutralize.

Of course, Ann Chaoyang would not dare to use such an exciting qi and blood move too many times. At most three times in one competition. This was a perfect time to use it! Bam!

Lou Cheng took two steps back and steadied himself. Through the corner of his eye, he suddenly noticed the border lines of the arena.

If he took another step, he would fall off!

Ann Chaoyang had held back for so long, waiting for this perfect moment to execute the Deluge!

He rushed forward. His mind was full of diagrams and images of crashing, dangerous waves that only kept growing taller and taller, and then the mind became the image of the dam walls crumbling against strong waves!


The dam was reduced into gravel. The Deluge rushed forward. Ann Chaoyang's right fist came straight out again! With terrifying strength, he hit Lou Cheng right off the arena!

"Lou Cheng has lost... " In the broadcasting studio, Chen Sansheng sighed.

Cai Zongming and everyone else held their breaths. Yan Zheke bit her lip nervously.

Countless thoughts of defeat flew through Lou Cheng's mind.
Right behind him was the line of defeat.

He grabbed on to one of his thoughts and let his soul visualize a large red sun right in the midst of the bright sky.

This heavy and threatening "fireball" appeared. The hot currents within Lou Cheng's body started to come together. They started to concentrate together, they started to compound into a ball together! After that moment, the image that Lou Cheng visualized changed again. It became an image of a half-beast, half-man fire god, Zhu Rong, appearing and riding a red dragon. In one moment, the vicious burning fireball "calmed down" and became controllable.

The simplified physical invulnerability, Internal Explosion!


With two legs straightened, he threw out his fists.


The two fists solidified and Ann Chaoyang felt that something in his body had just exploded. He was boiling internally. His qi and blood were flowing irregularly, his mind was ringing and at his throat, he could taste rust. He did not think much. Instinctively, he carried out the Force Concentration to neutralize the waves in his body.

Lou Cheng did not manage to avoid the crazed Deluge attack.
He took another two steps back and fell off the arena.

In the midst of sighs of disappointment, his eyes were calm and cold, as cold as ice. He made a turn in midair, and with all the Power of Blaze channeled to his right hand, he swung it towards the ground.

A "fireball" appeared and exploded against the ground.


On the ground next to the arena, there was a huge hole.
There was thick smoke and dust everywhere.

Using this opportunity, Lou Cheng adjusted his muscles. Like an immortal, he rebounded "against the air" and returned to the arena with huge wings. Then he charged towards his rival!

With his body in midair, he concentrated all the cold waves and turned them into a crystal clear river. Then he threw it towards Ann Chaoyang. Ann Chaoyang was still carrying out Force Concentration to reduce the turmoil within him.

Almost immediately, Lou Cheng stretched out his right arm and aimed for his opponent. Within his mind, there were the images of Frozen River and Thunder Cloud Roaring!

There was a bright flash. An Chaoyang, whose spirit was contracting, was hit directly. On the surface of his body, a layer of frost appeared and slowly became a layer of ice. However, he quickly used his dan to blow and neutralize it. His body swelled and broke the ice layer.

The harsh cold caused him to be slow. Before he could react, in the midst of the thick fog, Ann Chaoyang saw the "descending" Lou Cheng charging towards him. Lou Cheng's right arm was just inches from him! Flying Immortal, Severe Warning!


Instinctively, Ann Chaoyang lifted his arm to block Lou Cheng's fist. However, his mind was void of thoughts. His thoughts were completely frozen.

Lou Cheng had just gained the upper hand with one move. His fist transformed into a palm. He did a cartwheel and flipped over Ann Chaoyang's head. He used his hands to press and apply pressure on his temples.


Lou Cheng's feet landed on the ground, only feeling that the cold wave, hot current, and spirit were all gone and that he was left with emptiness. He almost caused the Jindan to lose its balance. At his back, Ann Chaoyang was just standing there, dazed and facing the arena spectators. At this moment, the referee retracted his hands that almost tried to stop the match. He raised his hands and announced,

"First round, Lou Cheng wins!"

Chapter 382: Half Rank

"First round, Lou Cheng wins!"

The referee's words echoed throughout the arena. Yet the spectators were slow to react. They remained where they were. They did not cheer, neither did they boo.

The scene of Lou Cheng crashing down the arena was still fresh in their minds. The sound so loud like an explosion, still ringing in their ears. How could he? How did he just turn the tables and bring down Ann Chaoyang in a split second?

The big screen replayed what happened in slow motion. Through that, the spectators finally managed to see how Lou Cheng had borrowed the strength of the explosion wave and flew back to the arena like an immortal. Only after the screening did the spectators become clear about what had happened and what to remember from this battle. The crowd started to ruffle and gasps of astonishment could be heard.

What was an absolute counter-attack? This was an absolute counter-attack! What was rebirth from the depths? This was rebirth from the depths!

The spectators roared uncontrollably. They could not believe their eyes. They were still basking in the incredible turn of events — how Lou Cheng had managed to pull himself back into the game despite being so close to losing. The spectators were cheering their hearts out.

An exciting battle! An invigorating battle!

The powerful Ann Chaoyang, the even more powerful Lou Cheng!


At the same time, the vuvuzelas played, pumping the atmosphere further.

… "First round, Lou Cheng wins!"

In the midst of the seats of the Songcheng University Martial Arts Club, there was Yan Zheke, who had never taken her eyes off the stage since the fight started. The moment the referee announced that Lou Cheng had won, her arms flew up in excitement. Her expression was filled with so many emotions. No words could describe what she was going through right now. On her lower lip, there were faint teeth marks.

I knew it! I knew that Lou Cheng would not throw his arms up and give up like that!

While being engulfed by the happy cheers, she heard Cai Zongming nearby mumbling to himself in surprise.

"I think I've seen this scene somewhere before!"

Before Yan Zheke could ask him what he meant, Little Ming muttered to himself again. "Yes! Dragonball! That episode where he used Kamehameha to propel back to the arena!"
Huh... A thought flashed past her mind. Yan Zheke suddenly recalled something in the past. That time, Cheng mentioned that his family was not doing very well after elementary school. So he did not have money for new manga, he could only rely on his cousin's, Lou Yuanwei, and his classmates' old collections. That was how "Dragonball" became his favorite manga.

At that time, what Yan Zheke replied was,

"Uncle Cheng, I've never read manga from the previous generation!"

"Wait, was he inspired by Dragonball?" Yan Zheke's dimples surfaced. Her eyes sparkled as she looked towards the arena. She saw her boyfriend standing there, straight and upright. His martial arts suit, drenched in sweat, was sticking to his skin, revealing his good figure. Seeing this scene, the girl again was reminded of Lou Cheng in the first half of the match. He was bright, strong, and manly. These were great contrast against his usual gentleness, attentiveness, and calm atmosphere. Her heart skipped a beat.

Hmm, how should we describe this contrast?

As she was immersed in her thoughts, Yan Zheke burst out in giggles. This made Lin Hua, who was beside her, very curious.

"Ke, what're you laughing at?"

Yan Zheke's eyelids fluttered, she pressed her lips into a smile, and said,

"Just thought of a sentence to describe how different Cheng is during a fight and normal times... "

"What?" Lin Hua got even more interested. With her dimples deep, Yan Zheke smiled brightly and said,

"Yup. 'Quiet like a virgin, active like a fleeing hare!'"

"First round, Lou Cheng wins!"

In the midst of the Huahai University Martial Arts club, Piao Yuan touched his bald head like a monk. In fact, he forgot to stand up at the first moment. Xing Jingjing, Zhang Dongliang, and the others who were next to him were all silent. It was like they had trouble accepting the fact that Ann Chaoyang's near victory had turned into a loss.

Senior Brother Ann had already displayed strength and abilities that had surprised everyone, including himself. But Lou Cheng had still won!

… From the moment that Lou Cheng fell out of the arena and threw out the fireball, the broadcasting studio was silent. Only after the referee had announced the results did Chen Sansheng utter a broken sentence.

"Amazing... Superb... "

Lou Cheng had actually managed to turn the tables with such a move!

"This, this doesn't count as a defeat?" Host Liu Chang asked subconsciously.

"No. He did not touch anything outside the arena. Uh, except for air." Chen Sansheng regained his composure and started to explain with examples. As for the fireball that he hit against the ground, it didn't count as part of his body. In usual fighting situations, there'll also be the use of supernatural abilities that would fall outside of the arena. Those can't be considered defeat, right?" Liu Chang had mixed emotions on his face. He smiled and said, "Except for top professional competitions, I've never seen anything like this before. So my brain is not exactly working properly."
In top professional competitions, the arena was arranged based on environment. It would be advantageous for the home team. For example, the Xinghai club used the advantage of a large, abandoned vessel at sea as the match ground. This allowed the Water Sect to exploit the environment to their benefit. The spectators would take their own boats and watch from afar. The VIPs would be in helicopters above.

"Not just you, even I couldn't think straight," Chen Sansheng exclaimed. "I thought that Ann Chaoyang was going to win. I didn't expect Lou Cheng's Power of Blaze to be so strong at full strength."

Of course, this must have been a result of training. Only when the fighter has exceptional control over his or her body's transformation can the fighter push out all the supernatural ability in one go. If not, most would only be like how Lou Cheng was when he was going through awakening — use it bit by bit until it is depleted. Since matches were fast-paced, rivals could retaliate and avoid, so the effectiveness of using supernatural ability bit by bit was rather low.

Liu Chang went along and said, "The two of them have performed well beyond my expectations. Ann Chaoyang has the abilities and standards of a strong Sixth Pin, right? "

"Yes. In fact, he is stronger than that. It was because he made a mistake at the end. That's why he lost. If not he could still battle on... " Chen Sansheng took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly. "Lou Cheng... tip top Sixth Pin for sure! "

In less than four months, he moved from a weaker Sixth Pin to a top Sixth Pin!

Although this speed of development was not exactly out-of- this-world, it was definitely not like what An All-knowing Man in Ganghood said about him slowing down with a steep drop!

"Top Sixth Pin? Didn't Lou Cheng just win by a little?" Liu Chang asked in surprise. Since Piao Yuan had not taken the arena yet, Chen Sansheng quickly explained, "From my perspective, my personal opinion, Lou Cheng is stronger by half a rank. It's not about being strong in the realm, abilities, and such things. I'm talking about his momentum, his fighting strategy. Don't you think
that Lou Cheng was much more aggressive today compared to
the past? There was an overpowering sense of fighting between life and death. From the crazy attacks in the beginning, his control on being the aggressor, he was attacking so much. If not for his mistake, Ann Chaoyang probably wouldn't have been able to find a chance to attack him. He was pushing his opponent bit by bit, until his opponent could not come back from the depths of failure."

"What are you talking about? You just said Ann Chaoyang made a mistake, now you say that Lou Cheng also made a mistake... " Liu Chang saw Piao Yuan stand up and rush towards the arena. Liu Chang quickly threw out his last question.

A glitter of exclamation appeared again in Chen Sansheng's eyes. He quickly replied, "In such a match where both are in the same stage, same standards, win-loss is largely determined by who has the upper hand, who makes the least mistakes. Even one mistake could mean defeat. If this was a real fight in the actual world, it could even mean losing your life! "

"Lou Cheng's first attack strategy was too aggressive. It was obvious that Ann Chaoyang was not used to it, and hence, he was placed in a disadvantageous position. Weakened one step at a time. But once the chance to retaliate and to grab that victory appeared, Lou Cheng wanted to win too badly. So instinctively, he chose to transform the paralyzing Ice Sect into physical invulnerability and he tried to end the match then. But Ann Chaoyang grabbed that opportunity to use the Lake and Mirror Like Wisdom to retaliate. That move that I mentioned earlier."

"At that moment, if Lou Cheng was not so anxious, if he had transformed his last move, the move he was struggling with, Deluge, into a new physical invulnerability... That's an explosive physical invulnerability. It wouldn't be possible for Ann Chaoyang's Force Concentration to dispel it entirely. This also means that he wouldn't be able to retaliate, and on the other hand, he would be affected and his defending position would continue to the end." "This mistake by Lou Cheng caused him to lose a great upper hand and fall into a dangerous situation. However, at the critical moment, Ann Chaoyang also made a mistake. After he took a physical invulnerability blow from his rival, he probably thought that Lou Cheng had fallen out of the arena and was going to lose for sure. So he didn't move, he didn't defend. He just stood there and tried to enter the Dan Realm to recover. Then he became a target board instead."

The crux of the simplified physical invulnerability is about visualization, and the changes within the body matches the muscles and fascia. It had nothing to do with the moves. Chen Sansheng could only watch Lou Cheng through the screen, hence he could not see what move Lou Cheng had used. They had wait till the match was over. Only through the report and interview with Lou Cheng could they possibly figure out what move it was.

Liu Chang listened and nodded vigorously. With an emotional tone, he said,

"A match of such standard is simply breath-taking. That moment of victory, who made more mistakes, who had to receive that punishment. Ok, let's look towards the arena once again. The second round of competition is about to start! "

Just as the host and commentator were taking apart the battle, He Xiaowei used the name "Superstitious Belief Is Bad" and with a "rolling on the floor laughing" emoji, he wrote:

"See, see! Didn't I say it? Lou Cheng will definitely win! The favored fighter will definitely win! Next time all of you who say I'm poison milk, that my words will curse his victory, and throw whatever superstition in the air, wait for the lightning to strike! "

The moment his Weibo post was uploaded, there were multiple replies. They were all sad and negative.

"Damn, I only thought of your cursing abilities and forgot that Lou Cheng could reverse curses!" "Tomorrow's news headlines will be 'The Lucky Star Who Will Never Be Cursed'!"

"You're gloating? The person that you support and depend on for a living has been beaten by Lou Cheng!"

As she read these replies, Yan Xiaoling, Unparalleled Dragon, and the rest could not stop smiling. They quickly moved to the fan forum, hoping to share the joy with everyone.

At the same time, they glanced at An All-knowing Man in Ganghood's Weibo page. They found that he was still stubborn and posted this:

"Victory and defeat are a matter of thought. In a situation where abilities are evenly matched, it is not surprising whichever side wins!"

Tsk! Yan Xiaoling raised her middle finger at the screen. …

In the bar, Xu Wannian, Fang Zhirong, and the rest were silent for a short moment.

After a few seconds, Corvine Mouth's classmate said with a sigh,

"Lou Cheng is really awesome... "

"Yup." Peng Leyun nodded lightly. He looked at the screen thoughtfully.

In the office of the Capital College Martial Arts Club, Ren Li's expression was similar to Peng Leyun's, only that the five fingers on his right hand were slightly separated, as though he could not wait to strike a move. This set him aside from Shen You, Chen Diguo, and the rest, who were just standing still. In Li Xiaoyuan's room, Zhen Huansheng leaned his head back, as though the baggage on his shoulders had just grown heavier.

On the arena, Lou Cheng was panting heavily, trying to make up for the lack of oxygen from the mental dissipation that had just occurred.

Within his body, the Jin Dan started to turn silently, churning warm currents, relieving the fatigue of the muscles and fascia. However, the supernatural ability was recovering slowly, like a gentle stream trying to fill the sea.
In the last fireball explosion against the ground, because he did not practice this move previously, he was not very sure about its strength. He could only try his best. Hence, the rebound wave did not only push his body back up, it also jolted his inner organs. Although it was not very strong, he was definitely affected. "My spirit could probably still do another Double Explosion... " Lou Cheng quickly assessed his condition.

To be honest, he had thought that his spirit had reached its limited. However, because of the hard-earned victory, the adrenaline rush had pumped some strength into his spirit.

As for the Swordsman Formula, either it should be trained for internal strength, or he had to use it on others. It was ineffective on himself.

At the moment, Ann Chaoyang recovered from the blow. He used whatever remaining strength he had to turn and shook hands with Lou Cheng. Unstable, he wobbled towards the stone steps with the svelte manner of a past champion. He looked even more pitiful and sad.

Piao Yuan came up and high-fived his Senior Brother Ann. With quick steps, he climbed onto the arena, not giving Lou Cheng any more time to recover.

Round two was about to start!

Chapter 383: A Faint-Hearted Bandit

When Piao Yuan ran up the steps to the arena, Lou Cheng was immediately drawn to this fierce-looking strong man. He instinctively began thinking about how he could win this round.

Though his mistake earlier had pushed him close his limits, he would not just relax and perfunctorily fight in the upcoming round.

This was a group competition! The winner was the one who laughed last!

Though Lin Que was far superior to Piao Yuan, Yan Zheke could not match up to Jingjing at all. Thus, from the overall look of things, the outcome could still go either way. So he should do as much as he could to weaken his opponents for the sake of his teammates!

Too bad it was no longer a secret that his stamina was not limitless. Otherwise, he could try and trick Piao Yuan and find a chance to win… When Piao Yuan placed his feet in the specified position, his heart was rapidly beating in hesitation.

He knew his opponent was close to exhaustion after defeating Senior Brother An, but Lou Cheng was nevertheless a mighty Sixth Pin fighter even if he was currently incapable of making the Dan stage burst. Piao Yuan dared not look down on him at all. A cornered beast struggling in its last minutes was typically the most dangerous!

He was an impulsive person and constantly had conflicts with others, resulting in constant punishments since primary school. In the eyes of his classmates and neighbors, he was a bad person. However, aggressive as he was, he was never sent to jail. Was that not enough to mean something?

True, he had a strong physique and a fierce-looking face. His terrified opponents would never dare to fight back. But that also meant that he knew how to control his strength when fighting others. He would never lose control simply due to anger. He was still quite a thoughtful person! He was precisely what people called a coarse-looking but thoughtful man! Facing Lou Cheng in his current weakened state, he still emphasized on giving a steady performance. He had no plans to risk his life to win!

With these thoughts flashing across his mind, he parted his feet and went into his stance without hesitation.

The referee took a deep breath, deciding to switch with the game supervisor after this round.

He raised up his hand and put it down suddenly, making his announcement.


Disregarding what his opponent was planning to do, Piao Yuan gathered strength in both legs. Swaying like a massive bear, he ran more than ten meters to his right with unsteady steps. No matter what, dodging first would never be the wrong move!

He must not give Lou Cheng the chance to accelerate his movement with the burst of the Xing Formula. Senior Brother An was forced into passivity since the start of the match because of his carelessness!

Lou Cheng watched in surprise and nearly burst out laughing. He decided not to move and lowered his eyes. His expression seemed to suggest that he was daring Piao Yuan to run even further, while he would remain in place. He was actually taking the time to adjust his condition with pranayama to restore as much of his vigor as possible.

Seeing this situation, Piao Yuan became alarmed and immediately changed his direction to interrupt Lou Cheng's relaxation.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Stomping the ground with his elephant feet, he rushed to Lou Cheng like the wind regardless of his tall and strong body.

The Elephant Bumping move of the Elephant Style!

Elephants were heavy, but they could run fast!

Thump! Thump! Thump! The arena was shaking under Piao Yuan's feet!

He swung the center of his gravity when he neared Lou Cheng and dashed behind Lou Cheng like an antelope, his figure making a perfect arc through the air. He limbered up his muscles and joints and transformed into a fierce bear pouncing on his prey!

The Giant Bear Hitting the Tree move of the Bear Style!

This trick was close to the strength of Seventh Pin. Never mind a tree, Piao Yuan could even break an iron pillar with this move!

The minute he was about to touch his opponent, the unmoving Lou Cheng suddenly jumped one step ahead. Both looked as if they had rehearsed the scene hundreds or thousands of times.

The back of Lou Cheng's head may not have eyes, but his mind had an Ice Mirror!


Completly missing his target, Piao Yuan's terrifying force sizzled and exploded in the air. He could tell something was off and immediately drove all his qi and blood to flow back with his Force Concentration.

Stepping onto the ground with his toes, Lou Cheng turned around to pounce at his opponent. He raised his arm high up in the air, visualizing an ice-bound river and shaking thunderclouds.

The simplified physical invulnerability, Severe Warning!

Lou Cheng didn't choose Internal Explosion, for he was still looking for a chance to win the match instead of just weakening his opponent!

Since he had used up all his Power of Blaze and Frost, his simplified physical invulnerability moves like Severe Warning and Internal Explosion were all significantly weakened. So his punch with the latter would just impact Piao Yuan's internal organs and deal him a light injury; it would not strip him of his ability to fight.

Severe Warning, on the other hand, was still capable of slowing Piao Yuan down and making him rigid, though it would not freeze his spirit and mind as efficiently as before. It would be very brief but enough to give Lou Cheng an advantage in their hand-to-hand combat. Pop!

Lou Cheng pulled his punch downwards, causing a sound that seemed like a bell echoing throughout the arena.

Piao Yuan's gathered qi, blood, spirit, and force suddenly burst out and caused his body to swell. However, he could neither punch nor kick back like usual. Instead, he carefully stomped the ground, breaking several black tiles in the process, and retreated quickly.

No matter what, escaping from Lou Cheng would never be the wrong move!

Smack! Lou Cheng did not know if he was annoyed or amused when his fist once again touched the air. This man looked like a strong and fierce one! He had heard about Piao Yuan's bad reputation and that he was an expert at bullying others. How could he be so cowardly and cautious?

He did not allow himself to be disappointed. He immediately withdrew his force and made a burst under his feet. Crack!

Lou Cheng jumped in the air, leaving the floor cracking behind him, and threw himself at Piao Yuan. He stretched out both hands and shook his wrists to cover his opponent's body with the Force of the Ice Sect. He faked some of his moves to confuse Piao Yuan.

The thirteenth movement of the Ice Sect, Endless Snow!

Without his supernatural ability, he could only depend on the motions of Frost Force to lower the surrounding temperature and create the thin, white mist.

Knowing he was unable to dodge in time in the mist and snow, Piao Yuan tightened the muscles in his thighs and kicked at Lou Cheng in advance, for he had already made a plan to deal with Lou Cheng's movement while watching the video of his matches before. He knew that Lou Cheng's next movement was usually the one called "Cold Starting from the Foot", while his kicking in advance would throw Lou Cheng's action into the net. Simultaneously, Piao Yuan shook his elbows and raised both hands to hide his vital parts. He gave the impression of inviting Lou Cheng to just hit him.

Lou Cheng had already foreseen all this in his Ice Mirror. He did not panic and took a step back to his left, leaving Piao Yuan's kick to land in the air.

He then leaned forward and forcibly changed the moving direction of his hands. After dodging his opponent's attack, he hit Piao Yuan squarely on the shoulders.

Not every action of Snow Cover was fake!

A shocked Piao Yuan immediately landed his feet heavily on the ground upon seeing that his shoulders were about to get hit. He forced his body to squat so Lou Cheng's fists may hit their targets but would not be able to use their force.

Crack, crack! Lou Cheng exerted strength in his joints and stretched his fascia. His fingers were stretched wide, holding onto Piao Yuan's shoulders as he jumped using the borrowed strength.

This frightened Piao Yuan so much that he recalled the trick that made An Chaoyang fail. He first dodged, simultaneously trying to make his qi and blood flow backward and creating a burst of force in his Dantian aimed at his front.

Just then, Lou Cheng grasped his shoulders with his fingers. Gaining strength from his abdominal muscles, Lou Cheng lifted Piao Yuan up and threw him midair!

"Beautiful move!" In the studio, Chen Sansheng instantly praised Lou Cheng's performance.

This series of movements were so great that they deserved a spot in textbooks and training manuals!

In the seats for the Songcheng team, Yan Zheke's mouth was slightly open. She looked both dumbfounded and happy. After throwing Piao Yuan into the air, Lou Cheng landed on the ground and visualized a massive and great sun in his mind.

This time, he knew he was at his limit and decided not to use Severe Warning. He switched to the use of Internal Explosion to cause the most damage possible!

He wanted to see how Piao Yuan would dodge this time!

Though he had adjusted his body in time in midair, Piao Yuan could not stop himself from falling at a high speed since he did not have a flying supernatural ability. Contracting and relaxing all his muscles, Piao Yuan fell upon Lou Cheng like a meteorite.

The hot air instantly condensing, Lou Cheng's great sun transformed into Zhu Rong, the God of Fire with the head of a human and the body of a beast whose feet were upon on a fiery dragon. Lou Cheng neither dodged nor blocked the attack. Instead, he lowered his center of gravity and threw his punch upwards. Crack!

Soaring Blast!

Bang! Piao Yuan's fist met Lou Cheng's Internal Explosion.


As the force and qi exploded within his body, Piao Yuan felt all his five viscera and six bowels shaking. Even his eyes turned red.

Under the great force of the burst of Dan, Lou Cheng, who was at his limit, dashed backward to prevent a leg fracture.

Thump! Piao Yuan was unable to keep his stance and was about to fall. At the urgent moment, he defused most of the outburst with his Force Concentration and once again balanced himself. He then dashed away, keeping a 20-meter distance from Lou Cheng. Yes, nearly 20 meters from Lou Cheng!

How could such a fierce-looking man be such a faint-hearted bandit? How could he be so cunning and flexible? Lou Cheng, who had planned on bullying the guy for a while, could no longer hold back his smile. He shook his head.

Seeing that his remaining strength was not enough for him to maintain his Ice Mirror, he raised his right hand and gave up the round.

The referee seemed dumbfounded by Lou Cheng's relaxed manner. He only reacted after two seconds and raised his arm.

"Round two, Piao Yuan wins!"

Piao Yuan was inexplicably moved. If Lou Cheng continued to persist, he had no idea if he could really win this round. In the seats for Songcheng, Lin Que jumped up immediately. He was long prepared for this moment, having changed out of his jacket and put away his towel.

He had been waiting for this for a long time!

Chapter 384: Flaunt

In the studio, Chen Sansheng sighed with emotion as he watched Lou Cheng stepping out of the ring.

"What a pity…"

"What's pitiful, Sansheng?" Liu Chang, the host, asked to cooperate with him.

Chen Sansheng sighed. "Lou Cheng was pretty close to defeating Piao Yuan… It is unbelievable that he was still able to do this when he was already worn out!"

Noticing that Liu Chang was still bewildered, Chen Sansheng added, "In his final attack, if Lou Cheng had frozen Piao Yuan's thoughts and spirit as he usually does instead of using his newly-learned physical invulnerability, Piao Yuan would be like a trembling lamb in mid-air, waiting for Lou Cheng to kill him at any moment." "Yeah! Why didn't Lou Cheng use that movement? Did he make a mistake again?" Liu Chang tapped the table slightly.
"No, he actually reached the limit of his stamina and was unable to make that series of attacks then, and that's why I feel sorry for him. If he could have made another Force Concentration, Piao Yuan would have definitely lost the match. By the way, this proves that Ann Chaoyang was not easy to deal with, since even Lou Cheng defeated him at the expense of all his stamina and energy." Chen Sansheng explained to Liu Chang, "Did you notice what Lou Cheng did after being forced to take a few steps back by Piao Yuan's burst of the Dan Stage? Piao Yuan was actually frozen then, and Lou Cheng wouldn't have been able to seize the opportunity if he used the simplified physical-invulnerability movement of the Ice Sect without the aid of Force Concentration. So Lou Cheng used his newly learned simplified movement of physical invulnerability instead, which injured Piao Yuan and will save Lin Que some time to win the next round."

"I get it!" Liu Chang showed an expression of dawning comprehension and began echoing Chen Sansheng's words. "Besides, Lou Cheng wouldn't be forced to retreat by a Dan- stage fighter of the top Eighth Pin if he hadn't reached his limit." "Yeah, he had to take steps back to weaken the force of Piao Yuan's punch, or his joints and bones would've been broken." Chen Sansheng turned his gaze to the broadcasting screen, in which Lin Que walked towards Lou Cheng to encourage him.

There was not much time left for them, and Liu Chang hurried to raise his final question. "I was wondering, when Lou Cheng grasped Piao Yuan's shoulder to throw him into mid-air, why didn't he throw him onto the ground directly to stun him?"

He was still able to win the match!

Once he caught Piao Yuan, why did he leave Piao Yuan the chance to counterattack?

His abundant experience of hosting broadcasts of the Martial Arts Competition was enough to change him into an expert.

"Of course Lou Cheng would have seized the opportunity if he was able to do so. But actually, it was inertia that helped him catch Piao Yuan, and he couldn't pour any amount of force into this action to restrain the moves of Piao Yuan's joints. So Piao Yuan was still able to take actions under those conditions and counterattack. Since that Force Concentration was enough to help him out and even offer him an opportunity to counterattack, Lou Cheng knew that he couldn't block Piao Yuan's punch and thus threw Piao Yuan into mid-air to keep away from him…" Chen Sansheng was replaying the
competition in his mind with great enthusiasm like a drunkard
getting access to old wine.

Liu Chang nodded slightly. "Well, competition between superiors is indeed filled with knowledge. The next round is coming, let's focus on the ring."


In Lou Cheng's fan forum, Yan Xiaoling, Eternal Nightfall, published a post:

"QAQ, that commentator is really a good man. Now even I could understand the specific changes of the fight!" "The more I understand, the more sorrow I feel…" Brahman replied with a crying emoji.

Heavenly Horse, a newcomer, said jokingly, "It is also because we are still too weak! If each one of us was able to lend a second, no, a little of our stamina to Lou Cheng, he would have easily won the match!"

Okamoto's Fan soon began leading the topic toward a dirty direction. "You are wrong here! What if someone in this forum is affecting him with impotence? Even one second is of great importance to him!"

Since the whole competition had not yet come to its end, they did not spend much time on the celebrations. Instead, they soon turned their gazes back to the screen except for Yan Xiaoling, who @Unparalleled Dragon King in a strained tone:

"Do you think Songcheng University can win the competition? Even Lou Cheng was forced to use up his stamina!" Unparalleled Dragon King replied with a funny face, "It's hard to say. Huahai was not a fruitcake and Piao Yuan is going to reach Seventh Pin with the ability to make five strikes in a short time. Piao Yuan's failure in the Ranking Event was just because he didn't get a chance to develop his own Force
systematically. As for this match, his three Force Concentrations were not used in a short time, so they actually didn't cost him much energy. However, Lou Cheng's simplified attack of physical invulnerability had actually injured him and he may have less than 70% of his energy remaining now.

"It's not difficult for Lin Que to defeat him, but Lin Que must control his use of energy while fighting against him. Xing Jingjing is Lin Que's next opponent, and this girl with illusion supernatural ability was said to be able to match an Eighth-Pin fighter when she joined in the Youth Tournament of Xing Province last July, and she was thus recorded in the Apotheosis of Fighters. Now nine months have passed, so she must have made more progress even if she hasn't reached the Dan Stage yet. Since she is known for her illusion supernatural ability, it's hard to judge how powerful she is now unless she is compared with a certain tough opponent in a competition.

"As a result, even if Lin Que is unable to get two straight wins, he must force Xing Jingjing to use up her stamina like Lou Cheng did just now. Or Xing Jingjing will bully his teammates in the next rounds since most of the fighters of the same level are unable to resist her illusion supernatural, including Yan Zheke, who is now a Professional Ninth Pin. I hope that Yan Zheke has learned some special Kung Fu like Ice Mirror, but I remember that even Lou Cheng had spent quite a
lot of time to manage it."

Brahman had been watching Unparalleled Dragon King analyze the situation. Then she sent a punching emoji. "I initially had much faith in Lou Cheng, but now you make me feel nervous!"

"Yeah, I'm trembling while praying," Yan Xiaoling replied with a funny emoji.



As Lou Cheng stepped down from the ring, his sweat was falling onto the ground and breaking into countless drops. Though the Jindan within his body could restore his stamina and relax his drawn body, it could not prevent him from feeling hot while using his Force to make a punch. So Lou Cheng believed that even this Jindan had its limits, for at least it could not create water from nowhere, and without water, even a Mighty One would soon shrivel up.

As soon as he left the ring, Lou Cheng saw Lin Que walking toward him in a quick but relaxed pace.

Stretching out his right hand with a smile, Lou Cheng intended to say, "Now it's your performance time." But he soon gave it up since Lin Que used to keep all the stress to himself instead of relieving it through words.

"Good luck!"

Lin Que gave him five and then nodded slightly. There was an invisible flame jumping in his eyes.

After brushing past Lin Que, Lou Cheng saw Yan Zheke waiting for him with a towel in her hand, which made him accelerate unconsciously. "Come on, dry your sweat!" Yan Zheke gave him the towel, getting herself drunk in the familiar smell of sweat.

Shaking her head slightly, she smiled with bright eyes. "I knew that you could defeat Ann Chaoyang, but I had never expected that you could nearly defeat Piao Yuan."

Though it was a little pity that Lou Cheng had reached his limit and missed the chance to get two straight wins, it was not proper to mention such minor details now.

Coach Yan was also good at praising others!

"I might have won this round if that bald-headed man was not so cowardly and cunning." Lou Cheng walked back to their seats with the girl while drying the sweat on his head and face with the towel. It seemed that he was now in a good mood instead of feeling depressed after losing the match.

Cai Zongming approached them, giving him a smile. "Cheng, you learned that movement from Dragon Ball, right? You just bombarded the ground with a fireball to create the chance for rebound?"

Lou Cheng squinted at him, showing him a smile.

"That's a secret!"

"Secret…" Little Ming was stunned, and there was a moment that he felt as if it was Lin Que standing in front of him.

"Damn it." It was true that different environments provided different influences, and even Cheng had been infected by Lin Que's deadpan humor!

When he was still in confusion, he saw Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke sit down shoulder to shoulder, and then heard the girl ask in a low voice,

"Cheng, did you really get inspiration from Dragon Ball?" Lou Cheng smiled and replied honestly,


"Er… Forget what I said… I have never seen such a ditching of friends for a girl…" Cai Ritian refused to give in to him! Cai Zongming sighed, covering his face with both hands.

After puting down the towel, Lou Cheng saw Ke delve into the bag near her foot and then pull out a transparent bottle with liquid waving in it.

"A gift from me, your elder sister~" Yan Zheke handed the bottle over to Lou Cheng, pretending to be casual.

Lou Cheng found no label on the bottle, so he asked in confusion, "What's this?"

"Sedative and Brain-invigorating Fluid! Haven't you mentioned it before that it was not your stamina but your energy that had been consumed in large amounts during a match? Well, there is an ancestral formula in the Ji family, and my mom has recently improved it. I'm sure it will suit you well." Yan Zheke whispered in his ear in order to keep the secret from others.

"You have already gotten it prepared?" asked Lou Cheng, pleasantly surprised.

"Of course~! I'm always reliable, unlike you reckless men!" Yan Zheke raised her chin to squint at Lou Cheng.

Lou Cheng was greatly satisfied, feeling more comfortable than when he defeated Ann Chaoyang. When he was able to give Coach Yan a compliment, he heard Old Shi calling someone near them.

"Haha, my stupid disciple isn't that stupid when fighting against someone." Holding his cellphone, Old Shi was wearing a big smile and Lou Cheng could hardly see his eyes. "You routineer, you haven't even taught Ann the Nine Words Formula.

"Don't be so modest. If Ann had learned the Nine Words Formula, my stupid disciple wouldn't have won the match unless he used up all his energy…"

His master was showing off to the Queen of Thought, right? Was it not showing off? Lou Cheng pretended that he had not heard what Old Shi had said, with the corners of his mouth twitching. Again turning his gaze toward his fairy, Lou Cheng began praising her reliable deeds and consideration.

After opening the bottle with his fingers, Lou Cheng spread the nice smell of Sedative and Brain-invigorating Fluid all over the room.


In the ring, a cold shiver ran down Piao Yuan's spine as he saw Lin Que's emotionless face, and then he recalled the fighting video of this new opponent. Lin Que was also good at launching quick attacks as soon as the match began!

Not to mention that he had mastered the Xing Formula now!

So again, I'd better dodge first!

After looking around, the referee raised his right hand and then waved it downward.

"Begin now!"

The third round between Huahai and Songcheng University began!

Chapter 385: Copy Others Blindly

"Begin now!"

Just like in the last round, Piao Yuan immediately ran sideways without taking a glance at Lin Que. Unsteady though he looked, he was actually running at a high speed like a bear.

He even slightly adjusted his running direction since Lin Que might have learned from Lou Cheng's mistakes and might preemptively block his way.

Since he dodged to the right in the last round, would Lin Que believe that he would run to the left this time?

It was a great possibility, so he could not take the risk and run to the left!

But it was also unsafe even if he dodged to the right. What if Lin Que was more clever than he was? What about retreating directly? Lin Que would catch up with him easily with the Xing Formula.

Finally, Piao Yuan chose to dodge to the right since it was safer!

The feeling that Piao Yuan's footwork gave the audience was a weird mixture of heavy and light. Imagine there was an elephant trying to get across a river—steadily as he walked, he was wavering at the same time because of buoyancy.

The resilience of the floor was supporting Piao Yuan's steps like a wave in a river. It was not until he had made the most of his Elephant Movement did Piao Yuan spare the time to look at Lin Que.

It seemed that Lin Que was in no hurry to take action, but what he was doing now made Piao Yuan's heart almost jump out of his throat. Using his waist and legs like a bow and string, Lin Que shot himself at Piao Yuan like an arrow and was now flying at a high speed, tearing up the air and creating a strong wind. Even the dust and pebbles on the ground were blown up to form a straight, grey line. Meteor Force could not only shock someone, but could also help the fighter accelerate!

Now Lin Que was moving like a meteor or a bolt of lightning, even faster than the legendary fiery steed!

Piao Yuan hurried to calm himself down in order prevent himself from being overwhelmed. Stretching out his elephant leg, he began circling on the ring after changing his direction.

He clearly knew that he was initially weaker than Lin Que, not to mention that he had been injured by Lou Cheng just now, which took up much of his energy. Now that there was no possibility for him to defeat Lin Que, Piao Yuan had made up his mind to turn the match into a fight of attrition and create more opportunity for Xing Jingjing. As for the third fighter of Songcheng University, even "Semi-Disabled" and "Hallucination Clam" were able to defeat her with ease.

Now that it was a war of attrition, he just needed to stop trying to uphold his image and just run as he liked. He would not fight against Lin Que directly unless he was caught.

While Piao Yuan kept changing his running direction with stable footwork, Lin Que was gradually reducing the scope of Piao Yuan's activity with the speeding-up of Meteor Force and the magical turning with the help of mercurial balance and Yin-yang Twist. The distance between them was narrowing, but he had not found any chance to launch an attack yet for the ring was too broad.

While running as fast as he could, Piao Yuan took a glance at Lin Que, intending to find some trace of Lin Que's impatience and thus prove that his strategy was efficient. However, what he discovered was still Lin Que's deep, black eyes and emotionless face!

He is still not in a hurry?

Doesn't he want to defeat me as soon as he can and then focus on Xing Jingjing in the next round? Piao Yuan felt so depressed as his effort did not work. But he still kept running with great caution, avoiding facing Lin Que directly until the final moment.

"Thump! Thump! Thump!"

As they got closer and closer to each other, Piao Yuan noticed that Lin Que would soon be able to use the Xing Formula within such a distance, and it would be impossible for him to dodge it. Taking a deep breath, Piao Yuan came to an abrupt stop.


Gathering strength in his knees, Piao Yuan sent a piece of tile flying with a swift kick.

"Woo!" Because of the air friction, the piece of tile made a sharp sound while flying at Lin Que at a high speed like an arrow. After that kick, Piao Yuan took the opportunity to step downward and then bounced to catch up with the arrow.

During the whole process, he had even expanded his body with the help of Force and Danqi, making himself a real fierce giant bear!


The ring was shaking slightly along with Piao Yuan's steps. Turning sideways, this "giant bear" was about to land on his opponent like Mount Tai.

"The Giant Bear Hitting the Tree move of the Bear Style!"

The sound of the wind was very sharp and the explosion of force was quite horrible. In the eyes of those in the audience, Lin Que was in danger since there was a tile-arrow in front of him and a human-bear at his back. If Lin Que made a small mistake, he would quickly lose the match under such a series of attacks!


Lin Que came to an abrupt stop without the process of slowing himself down. The kinetic energy accumulated in the high-speed run was totally turned into the impact force of the Yin-yang Twist.

Keeping the impact force within his body, Lin Que stretched out his left hand to draw a circle in the air following the pattern of Taiji, which soon slowed down the flying tile and finally stopped it in his palm. All of the horrible force that the piece of tile carried initially seemed to be absorbed by an invisible sponge with none of it remaining.

As his muscles were shaking, Lin Que swung his swelling right arm quickly with the help of Yin-yang Twist and greeted the tree-knocking bear with a Meteor Blast!

Poom! As if a bomb was set off in mid-air, the shockwave was burning as the giant bear knocked into the "explosion zone" and collided with Lin Que's fist directly.


They stopped at the same time as if they both had failed to defeat each other, and a network of cracks began crawling outward from the ground under them.

In the face of the burning blast, Piao Yuan felt so frightened that he hurried to close his eyes, drop his ears, and hold his breath.

At the same time, he took the opportunity to turn around and throw his right arm out like a whip, aiming at Lin Que's neck.

A true man was able to adapt himself to his environment, being cowardly or fierce when it was needed. Again shaking his body, Lin Que waved his arm with the force borrowed from the collision just now and punched toward Piao Yuan with his left fist.

Rocket-like Punch!


Their fists collided into each other with a dull thud, and there was a moment that they both paused in mid-air.

In an instant, Lin Que and Piao Yuan withdrew their arms separately. While they both began shaking under the great counterforce, Piao Yuan could not even keep his balance.

In the fierce battle between a Seventh-Pin fighter and a Mighty One born with abnormal strength, Lin Que gained the upper hand with his Yin-yang Twist! As an experienced fighter, Piao Yuan immediately forced his Qi and blood to flow back and thus maintained his stance. Then he began gathering all of his force and spirit in his lower abdomen.

Instead of taking actions to dodge, Lin Que continued adjusting his Qi and blood to complete this explosion in a more fierce and quick way.

Pop! They tightened the muscles in their legs at the same time and each withdrew their left foot.


In a sudden blow of wind that came from nowhere, Lin Que managed to borrow the force with his shaking body and immediately withdrew his leg to again gather all of his Qi in his Dantian.

Two consecutive strikes of Yin-yang Twist! Piao Yuan found that Lin Que was so disgusting to always attack him in the same way. However, he had no choice within such a distance but to also make a Force Concentration to face Lin Que's attack directly!

Pop! Drawing his right arm back like a bowstring, Lin Que fiercely punched toward Piao Yuan with his fist.

Pop! Piao Yuan was unable to block Lin Que's fist in time, so he chose to punch downward only to protect himself.


When their fists met, a new gust of wind began wuthering in the ring. They both tightened all of their muscles.

There was still no expression on Lin Que's face. Shaking his fascia, he again drive the force within his body to gather all the Qi, blood, spirit, and the other influential factors into his abdomen. Crack! Standing with his toes inward, he punched at Piao Yuan with his left palm in order to cleave him.

Triple Explosion!

Piao Yuan felt extremely desperate, but he still struggled to make an explosion of the Dan Stage and suddenly raised his arm to block Lin Que's attack.


Being totally suppressed by Lin Que's series of actions to borrow force, Piao Yuan shook his body, trying to retreat.

As soon as he took a step back, Piao Yuan suddenly realized that he was going to lose the match however he struggled. So without hesitation, he gathered all of his Qi in his Dantian to pull himself back and then pounced forward toward Lin Que. At that moment, Lin Que finished the gathering and realizing of his Qi and force in a short instant, and then stepped heavily onto the ground!

Outside of Piao Yuan's expectations, Lin Que did not launch a new attack. Instead, he used the Earth Cracking of the Fighting Sect!

Four consecutive explosions!


As if there were a volcanic eruption within the ring, all of the tiles on the ground were broken and sent flying upward. Piao Yuan's feet were injured by the tiles and thus he lost his balance just at the moment he was about to pounce forward with the explosion of the Dan Stage.

After stepping once onto the ground, Lin Que took the opportunity to flash to Piao Yuan's side. Noticing that Piao Yuan had missed his target and lost his balance, Lin Que drove the Qi in his Dantian and threw his arm fiercely at his opponent.

Five consecutive explosions!

He was indeed a Seventh-Pin fighter!

In the face of Lin Que's attack, Piao Yuan was frightened and hurried to lower the center of his gravity by bending his back, which helped him pounce onto the ground as a Lazy Donkey Rolling!

Of course, Lin Que would not miss this opportunity. Straightening his knees, he strode forward to catch up to Piao Yuan.

After making several rolls, Piao Yuan felt the wind that was caused by great force blowing at his back. At that urgent moment, he suddenly recalled a scene that had left a deep impression on him, which encouraged him to pick up two handfuls of rubble and throw them at the chaser. Whoosh!

All the rubble was flying at Lin Que's face like bullets!

Lin Que again came to an abrupt stop. While his muscles were still shaking, he caught the flying stone when it was about to touch his face, and the stone was still spinning in his palm!

Taking this opportunity, Piao Yuan stood up with Carp Jumping Moves.

All of a sudden, Lin Que threw the stone at Piao Yuan backhanded, and the latter hurried to bend to dodge it in a difficult position.

Sliding towards Piao Yuan, Lin Que launched a fierce attack with the Meteor Force!

His arm swung at a high speed and suddenly punched somewhere between Piao Yuan's chest and abdomen. Having no time to take any other actions, Piao Yuan stretched out both arms to block Lin Que's attack.


He was shocked greatly as if he was hit by a cannon, and the shock even awakened the injury within his body that was caused by Lou Cheng in the last round.

As if a bell was ringing in his mind, Piao Yuan felt dizzy and blood rushed to his throat.

He still struggled to defuse the shock with Force Concentration, but the inner injury prevented him from taking action in time before Lin Que's fist arrived at his throat.

The referee lifted his right arm and announced loudly,

"Round Three, Lin Que wins!" In the seats of the Songcheng University Martial Arts Club, Yan Zheke smiled and then turned her gaze toward Lou Cheng.

"The scene just now was so familiar!"

Cheng had once used Blowing Sand into the Eyes to dodge Wei Shengtian's attack and pull himself through that urgent moment.

It surprised her that Piao Yuan had also done so just now!

But the result was different.

Lou Cheng laughed.

"Totally different. I was in no hurry to stand up after using the Blowing Sand into the Eyes then. Instead, I approached Wei Shengtian to fight hand-to-hand against him, which finally helped me to turn the tables. "However good this coward may be at using Carp Jumping Moves, he lacks the courage to fight to the bitter end, and naturally, he can't save himself."

Was it the so-called "blindly copying others and making oneself look foolish"?

Chapter 386: Eight Arms

Yan Zheke began laughing at both Lou Cheng's comments on Piao Yuan and Lin Que's victory. Now Huaihai had only one fighter remaining.

While laughing happily, she still felt a little worried. "My brother seemed to be in a hurry to defeat Piao Yuan, so will it affect him in the next round?"

"No. Piao Yuan is an Eighth-Pin fighter born with inhuman strength, and he was able to make five explosions within a short period. If he were lucky, he would have already gotten the certification of Seventh Pin. If Piao Yuan made up his mind to make the matches a war of attrition and fight like a coward, it would be very difficult for his opponents to find a chance to win. Piao Yuan even escaped with the help of the Dan-stage explosion, so there was nothing he wouldn't do!" Lou Cheng took a sip of the Sedative and Brain-invigorating Fluid and then continued with a smile, "Your brother's series of attacks are well-known to every fighter, so he had to use them as quickly as he could and destroy Piao Yuan directly without leaving him the chance to relax. Once Piao Yuan had escaped out of your brother's attack range, they would have had another round of attrition and he would have suffered a lot." She recalled his first competition with the Wensheng Sect, in which Zhou Zhengquan was unwilling to expend much energy on her since he wanted to prepare for the next round against Lin Que. However, the more stingy he was with his energy, the more he suffered the loss of it, which finally stopped him from accomplishing his goal.

It was not advisable to hold too much back in Martial Arts Competitions!

"I know… I'm just worried about my brother's condition after using up so much energy," Yan Zheke said with a little concern.

Shaking the empty bottle, Lou Cheng felt better now, so he smiled and said in a relaxed manner,

"Your brother is a normal Seventh-Pin fighter now, who is able to make six, or even seven, explosions within a short time. He has also learned the Zhe Formula and many other types of special Kung Fu, which is enough to support another five of his explosions in the next round if needed. So he has actually controlled the use of his energy well." When he taught Ke his Zhe Formula, the girl asked in embarrassment if her brother could also learn it, for it might help him to break the limit of his energy as soon as possible and reach the real Seventh Pin. Lou Cheng promised without hesitation since Lin Que was not only his relative but also his teammate.

Even if Lou Cheng was able to defeat Peng Leyun within two years, he could not overthrow Shanbei University by himself!

With the Zhe Formula's help, Lin Que succeeded in advancing by leaps and bounds, promoting himself from a weak Seventh Pin to a normal Seventh Pin within two months.

"Yeah… I almost forget that…" Yan Zheke's facial expression read: "I'm just worrying too much about my brother, and you dare to have anything to say about it?"

"Haha." Lou Cheng smiled, feeling an urge to rub Ke's head. But he stopped himself in time since he did not want to ruin her hairstyle. ...

"Round Three, Lin Que wins!"

In the live broadcast, the guest presenter, Chen Sansheng, smiled.

"Though Songcheng University's substitutes are weaker than the other four universities', their second-leading fighter is tough enough, even tougher than any other team's."

"The four universities" referred to Shanbei, Capital, Huahai, and Guangnan, and their second-leading fighters were Fang Zhirong, Chen Diguo, Piao Yuan, and Li Xiaoyuan. Piao Yuan was nearly a Seventh Pin, and Li Xiaoyuan was the same as him, whose fighting style was more flexible. Fang Zhirong was stung to practice hard after being defeated by Lin Que and was now a weak Seventh-Pin fighter. As for Chen Diguo, who was going to graduate from school this year, he was a normal Seventh-Pin Mighty One with no special ancestral Kung Fu. "The gods favored two are enough to conquer the world, we all know that," Liu Chang said jokingly and then changed the topic to a serious one. "Piao Yuan was finally hit by the Meteor Force, which shocked him and triggered his inner injury. So he couldn't dodge it in time, right?"

"Yes," Chen Sansheng replied briefly.

Liu Chang was confused. "Why didn't Lin Que use the Meteor Force at the beginning to create more opportunities for himself? Why did he have to make explosions?"

"He didn't have a chance to use it at the beginning." Chen Sansheng smiled. "Not to mention that the frequency that a Seventh-Pin fighter at the Dan Stage can use his force is also limited, except for some special force…
"When Lou Cheng hit Piao Yuan with his newly-mastered simplified movements of physical invulnerability, he was actually at the end of his rope and thus his attacks were not as powerful as before, which didn't injure Piao Yuan very much. If he hadn't forced Piao Yuan to make the Dan-stage explosion, Piao Yuan would have defused the shock easily with Force Concentration and immediately ran out of his attacking range. Yeah, while the others were blocking while fighting, Piao Yuan was blocking while escaping."

He could not help complaining about Piao Yuan's fighting style, even though he was just a commentator.

"Haha, I hadn't expected that the fierce-looking Piao Yuan would fight in such a manner!" It took Liu Chang great effort to prevent the word "coward" from spouting out of his mouth. "He was not like this in previous matches…"

"That was because his previous opponents were all weaker than him, so he was fierce and aggressive." Chen Sansheng smiled. "To put it in another way, he carried out his plan firmly."

While they were chatting, Xing Jingjing stood up. Ann Chaoyang knew that she was afraid of touching others, so he just waved his arm instead of giving her five.

"Good luck!" Xing Jingjing nodded slightly and then walked toward the stone steps quickly. When she was halfway there, she encountered Piao Yuan, who was spitting out blood with his spit!

"Are you badly injured?" Xing Jingjing asked unconsciously while keeping a distance from him.

"No." The muscles in Piao Yuan's face were twitching. "Lou Cheng's Internal Explosion, well, Internal Explosion exactly plus Lin Que's Meteor Force—they shocked my teeth to the point of bleeding. Go on, give him no chance to restore his vigor!"

"Okay." Xing Jingjing moved round Piao Yuan and arrived in front of the stone steps.

At that moment, on the broadcasting screen, she suddenly appeared in the ring.

"Teleportation?" Liu Chang could not believe his eyes. "No, she has just made the most of her illusion supernatural ability." Chen Sansheng was interested in it. "Quite interesting…"

It seemed that he was even more skilled at creating illusions than Xing Jingjing!

While his opponent was getting herself prepared, Lin Que stood still silently. The rhythm of his breathing was even and there was not much sweat on his forehead.

The referee of this round was the competition supervisor of the previous matches. Now he was standing in the center of the ring, raising his right hand.

After pausing for several seconds, he waved his arm downward as Lin Que and Xing Jingjing caught each other's eyes.

"Begin!" he announced. While the referee's voice was still echoing above the ring, Xing Jingjing pounced at Lin Que with a breaststroke kick. Though everyone knew that it might be an illusion, Lin Que could not ignore it since it might be a real attack without using her special supernatural ability.

Closing his eyes partly, Lin Que counted to two in his mind and then suddenly raised his arms to punch dozens of times in all directions with the help of his stretching fascia and swinging joints.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

In the explosive sounds, Lin Que's attacks covered most parts of his surroundings as if he had more than two arms.

Eight-Arm Divine Punch, the 113th movement of the Fighting Sect.

It was derived from the first movement of the Fighting Sect, Meteor Shower! The first nine movements of the Fighting Sect were all special Kung Fu of physical invulnerability, among which the ninth movement was the most powerful. As for the rest of the movements of the Fighting Sect, they were all derived from the movements of the Dan Stage and were led by the 10th
movement, Doomed Death.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The wide-ranging quick attack continued for a while before the audience heard a dull thud from mid-air as if Lin Que's fist had hit something. At the same time, Xing Jingjing's figure suddenly disappeared!

Less than one meter from Lin Que's left side, the tall girl appeared again with her right arm raised to block Lin Que's attack.

Once Xing Jingjing's real location was confirmed, Lin Que put his right hand on his abdomen, gathered strength under his feet, and then turned sideways to rush at the girl like a shooting star. The 35th movement of the Fighting Sect, Meteor Falling!


Lin Que's action created a gust of fierce wind and even shook the air. However, when he was about to collide with Xing Jingjing, the girl's figure immediately disintegrated like an inverted reflection in the water!

At that moment, Lin Que's right hand quickly slid down from his abdomen to grasp and to block the girl at the same time.

He had really touched Xing Jingjing just now and fought hand-to-hand with her, so he was sure that she was standing right there and that she could not make an efficient dodge in such a short time.

Now there was only one possibility!

Bang! A delicate pale fist appeared from nowhere, which was thrown toward Lin Que's abdomen but was finally blocked by his right palm.

Since her location was exposed just now, Xing Jingjing immediately squatted while making an illusion to appear that she had not moved at all. With this series of actions, she dodged Lin Que's "Meteor" punch, then she took the opportunity to throw her fist at Lin Que's vital part!

In the various changes of Meteor Falling, it was an expected movement and had already been analyzed by the other fighters. Otherwise, Lin Que would not put his hand on his abdomen while using this movement in order to block the possible attacks from his opponent!

The top ancestral Kung Fu was always standing on the shoulders of all the martial arts masters from generation to generation.

Chapter 387: Doppelganger


As soon as Lin Que's right palm was hit, it bounced back and his arm began to shake and fling forth mechanically, drawing a beautiful curve towards the enemy's wrist.

After the miss, Xing Jingjing pulled back her fist and made an aerial cartwheel to avoid any further contact and the rival's catch.

Bam! Almost at the same time when her body moved, Lin Que's left leg tightened like a whip. His kick missed by a tiny little bit and touched the tip of her clothes.

If Xing Jingjing was a split second slower, she would have suffered the strike.

Watching her rolling away, Lin Que memorized the trend of her movement. As he curved and then immediately flicked his spine, his body was fired out after the enemy, giving her no opportunity to get up.

He understood the rival was able to affect air, bent light rays, and create illusions. He ignored the sudden disappearance of her figure and threw himself to the spot he had predicted she would roll to.

He had predicted her position based on the trend of her rolling. It was pretty much the instinct of a capable martial artist.

Bam! Lin Que suddenly stopped, switching from Yin to Yang and turning his kinetic energy into strength in his right leg. His kick charged forth to the spot where nobody seemed to be with a fierce wind and a crispy sound.

He was confident Xing Jingjing was there.

Phew! The sound of wind broke out when Lin Que's whip kick missed his target. His eyes narrowed. He had a moment of doubt about his own judgment about the enemy's super power but soon he came to a realization.

"Yes, my prediction about Xing Jingjing's rolling trend is right. But is this location actually the spot I had foreseen in my head?

"Xing Jingjing can't cover the trend of her movement immediately after physical contact, but she can distort light rays to interfere with my sensations and move her landing spot in a horizontal direction. Hence, when I thought I was following the route in my head, I was actually inclined to one side or didn't move far enough. Of course my kick missed."

A few meters ahead of him, the tall and slim figure of Xing Jingjing reappeared, her face cold and her eyes grim. She slid towards him, her left fist reaching out towards his lower stomach.

Lin Que's eyes were back to normal, but deeper and gloomier. He calmly inhaled, condensing all of his feelings at one particular spot within his lower belly, hollow and withered as if he no longer existed.

Bang! Like a volcano suddenly exploding, his Dan force dashed out and his right arm inflated and tightened, smashing forth like a massive hammer.

The 127th move of the Fighting Sect, Meteor Blast!


A bomb seemed to have detonated between them. Noticeable white waves appeared in the air, billowing to all directions from Lin Que and tearing Xing Jingjing's body into pieces at once. She disappeared instantly.

Seven to eight meters away to the right, a tall and slim figure appeared, and that was none other than Xing Jingjing. Lin Que knew that the key to her superpower lay in the air, the communication medium for light rays, sound waves, and smells. She could create illusions that were extremely real, which he couldn't compete with but could destroy.

Shockwaves from the exploded Meteor Blast could put the air into a frantic status, making it hard, if not impossible, for Xing Jingjing to control it.

"Destruction is usually easier than construction!"

That was Lin Que's method to break the illusion. It was exhausting but effective. It was the last round and he had no other concerns left.

Among the rolling airwaves, Lin Que's waist lowered and bounced and his qi and blood shrank and released. The Double Explosion was completed.

Crack! With the cracking sound, he dashed towards Xing Jingjing to his right at full speed in an extremely secret and mysterious way.

The distance of seven or eight meters took this Dan stage martial artist no time to cross. In a split second, Lin Que arrived at the face of his rival.

He stopped on a dime about one meter away from Xing Jingjing and the dead silence was replaced by an ear-piercing noise of friction.

His body shivered to the unpleasant noise and he switched between Yin and Yang, his left fist reaching out fiercely, tearing apart whatever stood in the way.


Another intense explosive sound as he once again performed the 127th move of the Fighting Sect, Meteor Blast! The airwaves took a physical form, rolling and billowing. Xing Jingjing's body shook violently and broke into numerous pieces. Less than two meters away from her figure, some hair was floating in the air and a human figure was appearing.

She had managed to make a slight movement and created an illusion during Lin Que's approach.

She didn't expect Lin Que to be this careful to use another Meteor Blast instead of a direct strike.

Right after the punch, Lin Que withdrew his qi and blood and completed the Triple Explosion.

Bam! Before the airwaves settled, he had already flown his strength to his right foot smoothly. He suddenly stamped the green tile as if he intended to damage it.

Clang! The ground under Xing Jingjing shook abruptly and cracked open, shooting shards out. She lost balance and fell backwards.

The 16th move of the Fighting Sect, Earth Cracking!

Only until now, Lin Que slid forward rapidly towards the spot he had predicted in his head with the force coming back from the stamp, his eyes closed and his mind free from all the obstructions.

Bam! His right arm shook and his right palm reached out to catch his target and finish her with the Doomed Death.

In such a dangerous situation, Xing Jingjing gave up on the attempt to control her balance and let her body fall back to the ground, her right leg turning into a whip to launch a powerful upward kick.

In the meantime, she exerted her superpower to the fullest. Lin Que's right hand paused, his body shivering gently and muscles on his thighs swollen, his knees straightened and insteps tightened. He quickly threw a kick to block the whip kick.


Their legs sprang back. Lin Que was about to throw another kick to finish the enemy when his back hair suddenly stood up and his skin and muscles felt a gentle tingle from a strike.

A few dozen centimeters behind him, Xing Jingjing's figure formed, her right fist reaching out to the center of Lin Que's back.

If it was another Dan stage martial artist, he would have taken on a defensive position or dodged when he sensed dangers through the Absolute Reaction. A miss would be better than a mistake. However, it was Lin Que. His face remained unaffected, eyes deep and introverted, very confident in his own judgment. His right foot rose, and this powerful kick was targeted at Xing Jingjing's collapsed body. Bang!

Xing Jingjing lifted her arm to take the kick. Her entire body was sent backward by the kick and she completely lost her ability to defend and react.

At the very same time, the Xing Jingjing behind him hit his back. A stream of force pushed the single-legged Lin Que out, close to a fall.

It was not a play or a fake move!

To be more exact, it was not a real false move!

Xing Jingjing's superpower had improved significantly in the past six months. It was now able to condense the air to create a minor explosion, which could then be combined with her illusions and create a doppelganger of herself in a fight. She was currently capable of creating two clones at the same time, each of which could throw one punch with the power of an average human. Truth and false became hard to tell, and fiction and reality seemed impossible to differentiate. Lin Que normally wouldn't be affected much by such an attack. However, he had one foot in the air and lost his balance.

Withdrawing his qi and blood rapidly, Lin Que gently touched the ground with his right foot and managed to regain his balance with the Force Concentration. Xing Jingjing was still rolling, unable to get up.

Bam! With his force concentrated, Lin Que stamped the ground with both of his feet and threw himself out.

He didn't aim at the rolling Xing Jingjing but slightly tilted his focus.


As his body stretched out into a side bump, a figure was pushed out of the void. That was none other than Xing Jingjing. The moment when Lin Que lost his balance, she created another illusion to cover her physical form and got up with the Carp Jumping Move.

Lin Que strode forth, his shoulders exerting strength to throw his arms out. His hands stopped at Xing Jingjing's temples.

The referee looked carefully to make sure it was her actual body before making an announcement.

"Round four, Lin Que!"

"The final result of the match... Songcheng University Martial Arts Club wins!"

In Huahai's seating area, Ann Chaoyang burst into a quiet laugh, a bit upset. Piao Yuan knocked his bald head with his own fist. Losing to Songcheng University left them one and only way out: fighting Shanbei, Capital or Guangnan to the death.

In the ring, Xing Jingjing asked bluntly after a moment of blankness,

"How did you figure it out in the end?"

He didn't destroy the illusion with another Meteor Blast...

Lin Que put down his hands, his eyes deep but less intense.
He answered in an unconcerned way,

"The arena told me."

Xing Jingjing was able to manipulate air, distort the propagation, and create illusions. However, the arena was another medium that couldn't be affected by her power. When they were close enough, Lin Que could hear how his rival got up from the ground and how the rolling figure in front of him had no actual weight.

"What did my cousin say? He looked so cool... " asked Yan Zheke out of curiosity after a wave of cheers. "Sister Jingjing began a conversation with him!"

"Looks like I should pick up some lip reading skills," joked Lou Cheng. Behind him, Li Mao and Sun Jian stood up, clapping and cheering for the victory.

"Lin Que never fails to impress me! He scored another win when everybody thought he was exhausted."

Yan Zheke pouted and complained quietly,

"I'm so annoyed. I didn't have a chance to get in the ring again!" "Don't be upset. I'll probably go in last after you in the quarter-final. I would be very concerned if you had to fight with Sister Jingjing." Lou Cheng comforted his girlfriend with a warm smile.

"As long as Xing Jingjing is still able to fight with her superpower, she makes a very hard rival for any professional ninth pin fighter."

Yan Zheke looked about before getting close to Lou Cheng's ear. She lowered her voice in a timid manner.

"Cheng, I have a secret to share with you."

"What secret?" Lou Cheng's interest was instantly aroused.

Yan Zheke bit her bottom lip gently and turned her head away. "I told you the source of Sister Jingjing's superpower was her fear. It was real. I also told you she would feel too safe in front of me to perform her superpower fully. That was just my assumption...

"I made it up to embolden myself...

"It has been many years since Sister Jingjing first discovered her superpower. She is probably able to manipulate it at will."

Phew! Lou Cheng burst into a laugh. He found Yan Zheke extremely adorable and cute and wanted to kiss her so badly. He moved closer and lowered his voice,

"Ke, I also have a secret to share with you."

"What is it?" Yan Zheke's eyes widened, filled with curiosity.

Lou Cheng answered with a smirk, "I want to kiss you right now."

Chapter 388: The Meaning of Born at Wrong Times

Apparently, Yan Zheke didn't expect her boyfriend's secret to be this. She glared at him, annoyed and amused and complained silently with her lips,


"How come Cheng suddenly began to tease?

"How embarrassing it would be to kiss in front of so many people?

"Is it really like what is written in those books that a man will become aroused and secrete more hormones after a fierce fight?"

While she was thinking about it seriously, Lou Cheng added with a grin, "The little fairy encouraging herself is too cute. I can't resist."

"Ahh... " Yan Zheke got it, shy and pleased. She eyed him with a secret smile.

"Go ahead and think about it."

"Only thinking?" Lou Cheng burst into a laugh and almost moved forward to plant a kiss on her cheek. He glanced about and saw cameras on them, capturing images of the victors. He forced himself to resist the temptation.

In Huahai University Martial Arts Club's seating area, Ann Chaoyang heaved a silent sigh after glancing at the disheartened Piao Yuan and low-spirited Xing Jingjing. He clapped and put on a wry smile.

"What is it? Are we eliminated already? "Losing to Songcheng University is not the end of the world. We still have a good chance. We might get Guangnan in the quarter-finals. We have a one-third opportunity getting them from the draw.

"Even if we got Shanbei or Capital, we will not be doomed to a defeat. We don't have many options, but we can fight all out with our backs to the river!"

Listening to Brother An's words and thinking about him leaving the martial arts club after this tournament, Piao Yuan and Zhang Dongliang were suddenly filled with emotions and passion.

They exchanged a glance and shouted in chorus,

"Fight all out with our backs to the river!"

Standing a bit far from them, Xing Jingjing kept her mouth closed, but there were emotions in her eyes and her fists grasped tightly. …

In the studio, host Liu Chang commented with a tinge of emotion,

"Congratulations, Songcheng University, for advancing into the top eight. A seat in the top four is not far. Good luck, Huahai. I hope you guys can continue in the tournament further."

"This is martial arts. Everyone is becoming better, and a championship doesn't grant you any privilege," responded Chen Sansheng. "I didn't expect Ann Chaoyang to bid his farewells to this tournament and the university martial arts circle like this."

Liu Chang was obviously surprised. "Isn't it too early to say that? What if Huahai meets Guangnan the next? They still have a chance."

"Of course. Even if they get Shanbei or Capital the next, I'm sure they still have a chance. However, what can they do the next? More injuries? More exhaustion? How much could they recover by the semi-finals?" Chen Sansheng heaved a sigh. "A seat in the top four would be the best result for Huahai in this tournament. The very same results three years in a row for Ann Chaoyang. What a pity for him!"

Liu Chang continued in the emotional tone of a professional host, "That's right. Huahai University under An Chaoyang's reign has come to an end, but Huahai will go on with many capable fighters. Piao Yuan and Xing Jingjing in their third year, Zhang Dongliang in his second year, and the freshman Liu Yuntao. They will begin a new era and rise again next year."

A wry smile climbed on Chen Sansheng's face.

"I want to be honest with you. I know it might hurt the feelings of students from Huahai, but the truth is the truth... Huahai's team-building is pretty decent with capable fighters in each year. However, there is a saying about being born at wrong times."

"Peng Leyun and Ren Li are in their third year, and Lou Cheng and Lin Que are only sophomores. Piao Yuan, Xing Jingjing, and Zhang Dongliang were born at wrong times."

"If it was a few years earlier or later, they would be capable enough to shine in the university martial arts circle. However, these days, there are nine suns blazing in the sky. How can they shine?"

Liu Chang sighed. "That reminds me of one phrase. I better keep it to myself."

"One should fight for his own destiny, but the historical process can't be denied. Piao Yuan and Xing Jingjing are apparently in a good but brutal era."

"There is someone setting the bar, making up examples, passing on experience, and providing challenges. The university martial arts circle is becoming better, and many not- so-promising amateur fighters are inspired and provoked to attend professional competitions and live a completely different life."

"The harsh part about it is that they can only serve as a foil." "Sigh... No matter what, I wish Ann Chaoyang the best. I hope he will shine brighter in his new chapter in life!" said Chen Sansheng genuinely. "The duo of Lou Cheng and Lin Que have displayed their outstanding performance. They have a great chance of winning the championship this year. I would say they are the third favorite for the title, only after Shanbei and Capital."

Liu Chang giggled. "I can't wait to see the quarter-final matches draws."

"That will determine the semi-final match table!"

"Just the thought of it makes my blood boil!"

"Two more days of wait. Anyway, congratulations, Songcheng University, for advancing into the top eight as the head of the group!" said Chen Sansheng with his fist grasped gently. "Lou Cheng is indeed one of the Heavenly Sons."

… In Lou Cheng's fan forum, Yan Xiaoling, Eternal Nightfall, published a celebration post.

"A battle to rewrite our name!"

She didn't have the opportunity to be the first one to reply to her own post because Brahman got it with a firecracker.

"Victory! Victory! Victory!"

"Don't you have more things to say?" replied All Good Names Are Taken By Dogs with the same emoji. "Victory! Victory! Victory! Victory! Victory! Double!"

"Upstairs, your math teacher would be mad," Unparalleled Dragon King joked.

Yan Xiaoling coughed. "Calm down. Everybody, calm down. Wherever you are, calm down. Let's get ready for the first-hand report from our journalist Gao from the front. Hmm... I'm so excited that I feel hungry. I need a moment to think about what food I have in my dorm room... "

"Why not order some takeaway?" asked Road to the Arena in disbelief.

"I'll have to go downstairs to get it if I order takeaway... " Yan Xiaoling was very honest about how lazy she was.

"I have difficulties understanding girls in their teens... " sighed Road to the Arena.

Many Cats finally published a post.

"Lou Cheng and Lin Que just finished their post-match interview. They are in the bathroom taking a shower right now. I can hear singing among the water sounds. 'This mountain road has 18 curves'... Well, I'm not telling you who is singing for Lou Cheng's privacy since I don't want my ass kicked. "During the entire interview, Lin Que said only three words: Hmm, yes, and no, which is a new record for himself. To be honest, I really miss the interaction between journalist Shu and him.

"Coach Shi is on the phone with someone unknown. His face is beaming with joy, his brows dancing and his spirits high...

"Sister Yan is playing with her mobile with a beautiful smile. I guess she's laughing at your clowning around. She has some specially made ointment next to her, waiting for Lou Cheng to show off their love. They are going to kill us single dogs. Don't ask me how a cat can be a single dog.

"Brother Sun Jian and Brother Li Mao are discussing their possible rivals in the coming quarter-final match, who will get the opportunity to fight, and how they should spend their bonus money... "

The national university martial arts tournament was watched and followed by many, and its royalty check was much fatter than most professional preliminaries. Teams that failed to make it to the top eight would get enough to cover their flight tickets, accommodation, and food expenses. Once they advanced to the top eight, they would have extra to share with all the team members. The exact number, of course, would depend on their final achievement.

"That's enough about them. What about you? Anything exciting besides reporting from the front?" asked Unparalleled Dragon King with a grin.

Many Cats blushed.

"I'm working on my shopping cart and waiting for my share of the bonus money!"

To celebrate their advance with the best result from their group and to prepare for the quarter-finals, Geezer Shi generously granted a day off tomorrow and treated all members to a dinner of crayfish with their public fund. It was almost 10:30 when they arrived at the hotel after dinner. Lou Cheng walked Yan Zheke to her room and bade his farewells while noises from their team members were still echoing in the corridor.

"Talker didn't come up?" asked Yan Zheke casually so she didn't have to say goodbye yet.

"His girlfriend is coming to visit. He must wait on his knees at the entrance." Lou Cheng poked fun at Ming.

After some small talk, Yan Zheke checked her watch and smiled.

"Aren't you ready for bed? The Sedative and Brain- invigorating Fluid is not as good as a sound, deep sleep."

"Sure." Lou Cheng rubbed his swollen temples and waved goodbye when some stranger passed by. When he was about to turn around, Yan Zheke looked left and right, with light glittering in her eyes. She said in an almost whispering manner,

"Didn't you say you want to kiss me?"

Chapter 389: The Top and Bottom Halves

Yan Zheke knew exactly what would be resulted from her words, and she was ready for it and kind of excited about it. After watching Lou Cheng overtake Ann Chaoyang, experiencing Songcheng University's victory over Huahai, and being teased by her boyfriend, she longed to get intimate with Cheng.

However, Lou Cheng's response was way beyond her expectations. He casually took over the keycard, hugged her tight, and carried her into the room. She felt high above the clouds, dizzy, and moony until Lou Cheng's last wave of passion settled. She saw faint lights shining through the window and sensed the softness of the bed and the heat from the naked body lying next to her.

Phew… She was still panting, recalling what had just happened. Bashful and shy, she kicked Lou Cheng's calf gently and complained like a spoiled child,

"I thought you said kiss." Stroking her silky back with his right hand, Lou Cheng answered with a grin,

"Yeah, I was kissing. Yeah."

He was proud like a cat after its secret intimacy.

A scene flashed back in her head where Lou Cheng buried his face in her chest and her hands unconsciously rubbed and grabbed his hair.

Hit by a rash of embarrassment, her face was hot, shoulders shaking, and fist reaching out to his chest.

Bam! In the sound of wind, she suddenly remembered she was no longer a weak girl. A capable Professional Ninth Pin fighter like her she could smash a rock with one punch. She quickly scattered her concentrated force and touched Lou Cheng gently. "Don't worry. I concentrated my force to dissolve your strike," said Lou Cheng with a loving smile.

Yan Zheke rolled her eyes at him, but her scold was replaced by some laughter.

"What is so funny?" asked Lou Cheng, confused, as he tightened his hug.

Yan Zheke pursed her lips, moved her eyes about, and answered in a glamorous manner, "I suddenly remembered an awkward incident with my cousin."

"Ji Lingxi?" Asked Lou Cheng out of curiosity.

"Yeah. My grandfather's family trait is reserved and prudent. My cousin didn't date any boys until her freshman year in university. Of Professional Ninth Pin, she was gifted with some odd might by birth." Yan Zheke had joy in her eyes. "Her first kiss happened in a pavilion in the university. She was sitting on a stone bench and he was kissing her from a commanding position. She was so excited and confused that she couldn't control herself. He right hand grabbed the stone bench so tight and broke it into two… "

"Ha! What next?" Lou Cheng was amused just imagining the scene.
"Next? He turned pale with fear and broke up with her on QQ after a few days. My cousin was so lost… Ha-hah." Yan Zheke laughed so much that she couldn't continue. After a dozen seconds, she began to compliment herself. "Fortunately, I have the idea of self-control deep in my head. It has become part of my instinct."

Lou Cheng put on a doubtful look on purpose.

"Really? Look around first."

Yan Zheke looked around, puzzled. She noticed how messy the bed was with sheets and duvet piled up in the middle. She suddenly remembered another fascinating moment when she bit her lip hard, pulled the sheet in with both hands, and kicked Lou Cheng every now and then in hopes of making him stop, but he lay tight on her.

If only they didn't have a last bit of rationality left in them in the end, they would have already moved to the next level…
Sigh… When love and feelings thickened to a point, it would be really hard to keep things under control…
As the scenes flashed back, Yan Zheke's face turned very red, hiding her eyes from Lou Cheng and pinching him here and there. She bent over, reaching to her underwear hanging on her ankle with her right hand.

"It's your fault! Your fault!" She gave Lou Cheng three punches with some strength but not very powerful.

Lou Cheng smiled, satisfied and pleased, recalling the thrill and excitement they had earlier. "That's my little fairy!" Liu Cheng thought to himself with a smile.

"You… How could you… " Yan Zheke moved her body slightly away from him, scared a little bit.

"Didn't Tong say every man has some non-responsive period?"

"Cough… Because you are so attractive and I'm completely drawn by you." Lou Cheng had become an extremely sweet talker.

Yan Zheke stared at Lou Cheng with mixed feelings of joy and annoyance. She remembered how they changed a new position so it wouldn't spill on her body and felt the soreness in her legs. She kicked Lou Cheng. "Bring my nightie over! I need a shower."

"I'm so sticky everywhere." Lou Cheng nodded happily and went nakedly to take her pajamas from the couch.

Yan Zheke took a quick glance at him and then immediately closed her eyes and buried her face between pillows.

She put on her pajamas under the duvet before getting out of bed and going to the bathroom. She suddenly stopped, afraid of turning her head around. "You… You make the bed… "

"Yes, Coach Yan!" answered Lou Cheng with a sneer.

Yan Zheke had her eyes closed, relaxed under the hot water, thinking back to what had happened just now. She was still a bit panicked as it went so fast. But she liked being so intimate with Cheng.

She asked herself if she was ready for this and if she was sure about this relationship. She was very positive that she wanted to give herself completely to him. However, she held fears for that thing that she had not yet experienced. She was afraid that things which came too easy were not to be cherished. She felt scared that the passion between them would fade and the feelings they had for each other would change once they moved to the next stage. She feared for all the unknown.

She trusted Cheng, but she couldn't put away those fears that were pulling her from moving forward.

"All girls are swayed by considerations of gain and loss, aren't they?"

After the shower, she stepped out and dried her hair with a towel. She looked into a distance and said to Lou Cheng bashfully,

"It's your turn."

"Yeah. I'll blow dry your hair after my shower." Lou Cheng's heart was extremely tender. "It's almost 11:30. Are you not doing your morning exercises tomorrow?" Yan Zheke turned with a puzzled look.

"I'll do them. I've spent quite some time here. A little bit longer won't be a problem. Lacking sleep for a day is no big deal." Lou Cheng smiled brightly. "I know what is more important. Heheh."

"You know nothing. Go and take a shower!" Yan Zheke rolled her eyes. The dimples in her cheeks were so obvious.

Lou Cheng came out of the bathroom with a hair drier and plugged it in. Yan Zheke sat next to him. He carefully blew her long hair.

Yan Zheke sat elegantly, her eyes half closed, enjoying this moment of gentleness and tenderness.

Lou Chen saw a piece of cloth on the bed from the corner of his eye and asked without thinking, "Are you not wearing your bra?"

Yan Zheke puffed out her cheeks and answered casually,

"It's not comfortable to sleep with it."

"You used to sleep with it." Lou Cheng was actually confused.

"I didn't really know you before." Yan Zheke chuckled.

"You didn't know me? We were sharing a bed… " Lou Cheng felt amused. "Do you know me well enough now?"

"Not really, but I have abandoned myself," answered Yan Zheke. "I don't know any girl who likes to sleep with her bra on."

Lou Cheng nodded. "I think I have just gained some new knowledge." "Of course. I'm your Coach Yan!" Yan Zheke rolled her eyes and transformed into a curious kid. "Cheng, I have a question to ask you. Are all guys different when they are doing that? Like a pervert? You usually are calm and gentlemanly. How could you talk like a pervert?"

Lou Cheng laughed and cleared his throat. "That's pretty normal. Should I keep my face straight in bed? Should I chant political slogans while kissing you?"

"Stop it… Don't make me laugh." Yan Zheke hammered the bed with her hands.

It was after midnight when they finished with her hair. Lou Cheng fell asleep with the soft and tender Yan Zheke and got up at 5:30 without waking her up.

Lou Cheng planted a gentle kiss on her lips after carefully putting on his clothes and washing his face. He walked out of the room, his heart soft and warm. The sun came out very early in the capital. Red clouds were already vaguely visible in the sky.

Two days later, the group stage of the tournament ended and the committee held the quarter-finals drawing ceremony. Lou Cheng and his team members were all invited to the arena as guests.

Except for some ups and downs in Group D, other groups had nothing surprising. Seeds Shanbei, Capital, and Guangnan, along with second grade teams Guoyang, Jinfeng, and Jiuqu had advanced to the next stage.

According to the rules, the quarter-finals would be held in two halves and the winners of the two halves would confront each other in the final match. In other words, the four teams in the first places of their groups would be separated into two divisions and the two of them would meet each other in the semi-finals unless something went wrong. After a brief speech and some introduction, Fang Jinyu drew the first team from the four group leaders.

"Songcheng University Martial Arts Club!"

Err… Unconsciously, Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke changed their sitting positions, looking forward to finding out their next rival and guessing their potential enemy in the semi- finals.

"Jinfeng University Martial Arts Club." Fang Jinyu pulled out Songcheng University's rival for the quarter-finals from the three second-position teams other than Huahai.

"It won't make much a difference." Lou Cheng didn't really care. He kept his eyes on the second guest who was about to draw the other group leader for the top half.

After a moment of waiting, the guest pulled out a ball and showed it to the audience with a smile. "Capital College Martial Arts Club!"

Phew. I knew we wouldn't have the fortune to have Guangnan… Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke exchanged a glance, not really disappointed but full of the will to fight.

We are going to challenge Ren Li and her teammates.

The top half was settled and the first team for the bottom half would be:

"Shanbei University Martial Arts Club!"

And Shanbei's rival would be:

"Huahai University Martial Arts Club!"

Ann Chaoyang leaned back on his chair upon hearing the announcement, half high-spirited and half relieved. "Well, this can be good."

Yeah, it's not bad to have the opportunity to fight with the old rival again without being distracted by the one who threw me down from the throne.

Chapter 390: All's Fair in War

When Huahai drew the lot, the match between Guangnan and Jiuqu was set. During the broadcast, viewers posted their comments:

"I think Shanbei is lucky!"

"Right. The winner of Capital VS Songcheng will be exhausted. Even if no one is injured, their fatigue alone would not be recovered in two or three days."

"Not likely. The only hard enemy Capital or Songcheng have to fight is each other, and the rest of their rivals are mediocre. But Shanbei is about to fight against Huahai and Guangnan consecutively. Who has a better arrangement is hard to tell."

"I'm looking forward to the match between Shanbei and Huahai. I don't think Peng Leyun took the game seriously in his previous matches, and now we can finally find out his true strength." "I'd like to skip all of the quarterfinals and see how Ren Li fights against Lou Cheng."


Despite all of the discussion, the odds of winning predicted by the lottery companies had changed. The odds for Shanbei to win dropped lower because more were expecting them to win, while the odds for Capital and Songcheng became higher but their order remained. And they both ranked lower than Guangnan. The odds for Huahai were way up since they were not considered the team to take the crown.

The expectations and speculations reflected the audience's opinions and mood.


At 10:20 PM, after watching several match videos of Jinfeng University and reading the latest comments and analysis in Yan Zheke's room, Lou Cheng had been kicked out by Yan and he went back to his own room. After washing his face and brushing his teeth, Lou Cheng lay on his bed, where he tossed and turned restlessly. He just couldn't fall asleep.

Since their relationship had lifted to another level, Lou Cheng tried his best to restrain himself and not to affect Yan Zheke's fighting state. He could not afford to expose their intimacy as it may turn into a subject of widespread gossip. Nevertheless, when night fell, Lou Cheng couldn't help but stay over in Yan's room or sneak off to her room to make out with Yan. He was satisfied.

Lou Cheng could stop on a dime, but when it came to Yan, he doubted his self-discipline. He always held the horse at the last minute. He was the fighter who could get up at 5:30 AM every morning and never touched tobacco or alcohol. He set a good example for the other fighters, but he couldn't control himself when it came to seeing his fairy girlfriend.

"Maybe Yan is just too attractive, or perhaps I love her too much..." Lou Cheng went off on flights of fancy and a faint smile appeared on his face. He thought about the fact that except for the things he had read in books or seen in movies, all of his romantic experience came from Yan, including his first and most exciting experience. His heart and his bones were shaped by Yan Zheke's love...

Everyone told him that his first would be the most unforgettable, and Lou had many first experiences with Zheke...

Lou Cheng's mind was in a tumult and he suddenly picked up his phone to send Yan Zheke a message.

"I was just thinking that you're my first love and that it is so great."

Yan Zheke did not have to wake up at 5:30 AM, and when she received the message, she was just playing with her phone. Her astonishment mingled with amusement, plus a sense of pride.

She immediately replied to Lou Cheng. "It's late. Go to sleep."

Huh, don't think I'll be disoriented by your tender words.

"I can't sleep without my fairy hugging me... " Lou Cheng pretended to be pitiful.

Yan Zheke was annoyed and amused at the same time.

"Conceal your Spirit and Qi and meditate. Then you will sleep like a log!"

Lou Cheng was amused. As he was typing "Yes, Coach Yan", he received a second message from Yan.

"Fine. Come over. But all you can do is sleep!"

Lou Cheng was surprised at first, then he became wild with joy and he quickly jumped out of his bed. Yan Zheke turned sideways and rested her blushing face on a pillow as she sent a third message.

She also sent an emoji of a serious and honest-looking creature.

"You are a naughty boy!"

"And you are my love." Lou Cheng replied shamelessly. He grabbed his martial arts suit, opened his door, and looked around. He then snuck off to Yan's room. and instead of knocking. he sent her a message — "I am here".

On this night, Lou Cheng controlled himself as usual and he just held Yan and talked into her ear before falling asleep. Yan Zheke, however, was quite clear-headed and enjoyed this intimate moment.

In the early morning, Lou Cheng woke up on time only to find himself in the place of Yan's body pillow. Yan was holding him tight with one of her legs draped across his body. It took Lou Cheng a whole three minutes to make up his mind to get out of bed. Yan's skin and sweet smell were incredibly tempting. Gently, he removed her leg and carefully escaped the lovely trap. Moving quietly, he tried to not wake her up.

Nevertheless, Yan Zheke still woke up due to the loss of her warm pillow. She blinked slowly at Lou Cheng, wearing an expression of slight disappointment.

As the sunlight fell on Yan's body through the curtain, she looked like a beauty from a vintage or classic photograph.

Lou Cheng memorized this moment as he bowed his head to kiss Yan Zheke on her lips.

As a sweet scent greeted Lou Cheng, Yan Zheke's tender tongue slipped into his mouth and he knew she wanted him badly.

They kissed for a while and then Yan pulled back. She looked up at Lou Cheng with her dreamy eyes as she said, "Work harder to be a better fighter and make more money to support our family!"

"Huh..." Lou Cheng laughed and kissed her forehead as he said, "Ok".

He changed his clothes and left. While walking through the empty corridor, he recalled everything that had just happened and could not keep from laughing.

"Make more money to support our family... " he muttered to himself with a broad smile on his face. He quickened his steps as if he were about to step from the darkness and embrace his bright future.


Two days had passed, and on the third day at 7 PM, the martial arts arena of Capital city was once again overcrowded with people. The quarter finals were about to begin, and first two matches in the upper section were to be held today. Lou Cheng and his teammates had arrived by bus and they ran into the fighters of Capital College, including Ren Li and Chen Diguo.

They remained silent, greeting each other from a distance.

"Every time I see Ren Li, I find her to be incredible for she is too cute to be a fighter..." Yan Zheke sighed.

Ren Li was a girl with big eyes and straight hair, her features were delicate and soft.

"You can't judge people by their appearance. The more beautiful, the more dangerous. I recall some kind of beautiful jellyfish that is extremely venomous," Lou Cheng blurted out without thinking

After he had hardly finished speaking, he sensed a trace of derision in Little Ming's eye, so he whispered in Yan Zheke's ear, saying, "My fairy is the exception!" However, Yan Zheke didn't buy it, and he had to give an excuse. "Anyway, I am a fighter with Sixth Pin, but you are the one who makes decisions for us. Therefore, you are way better than me."

He emphasized the phrase "for us".

Yan Zheke gave a snort, but a slow smile crept between her brows. She stopped quibbling over such issues and said, "The substitutes for the Capital team are good, even better than Shanbei's."

"That's right. If it were not for Peng Leyun, the Capital would have taken the championship at least once in the last two years."

Ren Li and Peng Leyun were called the Heavenly Sons in the Martial Arts Club of Capital College. The senior student, Chen Diguo, was a fighter with Seventh Pin. A sophomore, Jiang Kongchan, was about to enter the Dan stage next year, while a junior, Shen You, was expected to carry on Chen Diguo's lead and be the second leading player, but he had a terrible accident that caused his brain and left eye to be damaged. So far he had not fully recovered and had not made any progress within his level. Nonetheless, he remained as a top fighter with certificates though. Hence they had no choice but to put the rest of their hopes on the club manager, Ren Li, who was always busy with club matters and unreliable at the same time.

Besides, another senior student, Jiang Jinfeng, was a fighter with Eighth Pin who entered the Dan stage.

While talking to each other, the team members of Song Cheng entered the locker room and began to get ready for the coming match.

According to the draw, the first match was Songcheng VS Jinfeng!

Jinfeng made into the national competition as the first in their division but was at a disadvantage to Hudong. Jinfeng's leading fighter, Wei Rong, was a fighter that had barely reached Seventh Pin, and another fighter, a junior student, Gao Shengli, was an Eighth Pin fighter and he practiced Iron Cloth, so he was indeed a good fighter. Liu Chunlai was another leading fighter with a top certificate. Unfortunately, the fighters of Jinfeng were no match for Yu Zhi or Han Peipei.

Geezer Shi looked around and said,

"Lin Que, take a rest this round."

"Huh?" Lou Cheng and his teammates had no clue what the coach was talking about.

Although Jinfeng was not a strong competitor, there was no need to take such a risk. What if, as the saying goes, they shot themselves in the foot?

Before Lin Que could voice his objection, Geezer Shi added,

"We will have some tougher matches to fight later. You take a good rest this round and get ready to meet the Capital. As for Jinfeng, Lou beat three fighters from Hudong, so there will be nothing to worry about. If Lou loses, you can square the whole account with him."

"Well, there were tougher matches to fight and fatigue will be accumulated, but the thing is, I have been practicing the Swordsman formula, and it's the formula that can ease and restore my brother-in-law, Lin Que, in no time!" Lou Cheng pondered.

Of course, his master must've known that.

Therefore, was he throwing out a smoke screen by saying that?

If Lin Que took a rest this round and fought the Capital next, Shanbei could estimate that he would not be at his best in the final. But that may not be true.

Currently, they were not even in the game with the Capital, and their master had already masterminded a scheme for the final. As Lou Cheng vaguely comprehended his master's intention, he shot a glance at Yan Zheke. She seemed lost in thought, while Lin Que remained silent the whole time.

Geezer Shi seemed pleased and said,

"Jinfeng has never thought to beat us, so they'll put their leading fighters in the field, as many as possible, and so will we. Lou will be the last, Cai Zongming the first, and Li Mao the second."

"Me?" Little Ming pointed to himself, astonished and amused.

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