Martial Arts Master Chapter 371-380

Chapter 371: Round One

The weibo post Lou Cheng published earlier had gotten quite some forwards and comments.

Wonton Seller said, "You can do this (tapping shoulders)!"

Brahma 001 sent a cat head emoji and replied, "My snacks and screams are ready!"

Eternal Nightfall had "love hearts in front of her eyes" and commented, "Fighting! Songcheng University is going to win! So are you!"

Lou Cheng's post simply stated the fact that the national tournament was about to start. No anti or opposition factions were attracted. Of course, there were always odd people. "Don't let Peng Leyun steal the show!"

"I don't really think you can make it to the top four, but you should be able to nail this one."

"Yesterday, Peng Leyun ended it in ten bouts as a warm-up.
What about you today?"

"Don't hurt yourself so you can use it as an excuse."

After reading all this, the program had cut back to the live broadcast studio. Host Liu Chang turned with a smile to the well-known commentator, Chen Sansheng.

"Sansheng, you didn't expect see Lou Cheng in the first round, did you?" "Well, I did think about it." One of the Sixth Pin capable martial artists, the amusing-looking Chen Sansheng majored in commentary. A bit slothful by nature and without a strong attachment to the pursuit martial arts, he slowly left the professional tournaments after he became able to make the same income as an online host. "This is the very first time these Songcheng University students are attending the national tournament. It's perfectly normal for them to have
fear, and it's totally understandable that they are handling it with the greatest caution."

"What do you think about the first fight between Lou Cheng and Han Peipei?" Liu Chang led the conversation.

Chen Sansheng laughed. "The result is obvious. If Lou Cheng can't defeat Han Peipei, he won't be a qualified candidate for the favored fighters of the age. The highlight of this match lies in how much of Lou Cheng's physical strength will be consumed and how much damage Han Peipei will inflict on him."

"Yeah, Han Peipei's supernatural ability of sound waves is hard to deal with. Even a capable martial artist of Professional Sixth Pin might not be able to walk away unharmed. Sansheng, could you briefly spell the possibilities out for us?" Liu Chang threw out another topic.

Chen Sansheng came prepared. He opened his mouth with high confidence without peeking at the notebook on the desk.
"The supernatural power of sound waves can be used in many ways. I'll mainly cover three aspects here. First of all, the reflection of sound waves can be used to probe and examine, allowing Han Peipei to know the enemy's next move beforehand, which is more effective than the Absolute Reaction. Later I'll come back to it as it is actually the core of her style. Second, it can be used to create ultrasound waves. We all know that ultrasound waves can crush rocks, don't we? I'm not a scientist and I'm not sure if my following analogy is suitable. Anyways, with this super power, Han Peipei is able to leave a subtle impact on her rival, interfering with his exertion of strength and Dan stage explosion.

"The third one is the most important. He-heh. You heard me, the most important one. Han Peipei's infrasound waves are her most powerful and deadly weapon. Through resonance, she is able to create the feeling of dizziness and nausea in her rival, shake his internal organs, and even cause internal injuries to him that could be fatal. For martial artists that are not yet at the Inhuman level, they can't put on any effective defensive measures against this. They could put some effort on controlling the vibration frequency of their organs, but that would leave an obvious physical opening for their enemy to take advantage of."

Liu Chang responded, "Very well said, Sansheng. In the real world, martial artists can't just develop some internal force to protect their bodies physically from sound waves like in some fiction books. They will have to either take the hit or control their bodies by force. Hmm… Sounds like it'll be hard for Lou Cheng to not get injured."

He played innocent.

"Not necessarily. The influence of infrasound takes time to actually work. Err… It will depend on her energy… I have some data here. Since Han Peipei's entry into the Dan stage with the Professional Eighth Pin certificate, it takes her five seconds to cause dizziness and nausea in her rival of the same level. Only five seconds. The effect will grow significantly over time. Internal injuries will take place within 20 seconds." Chen Sansheng flipped over the notebook on the desk and cleared his throat before continuing, "A Professional Sixth Pin martial artist is considerably stronger than his Professional Eighth Pin peers in terms of physical attributes. We can infer a bit here with reasonable assumptions. I think Lou Cheng will begin to suffer physical discomfort from Han Peipei's super power within 20 seconds and internal injuries will take place in about 90 seconds. The longer the match lasts, the worse his
internal injuries will be."

"So… Taking into consideration the relieving effect from his force concentration, Lou Cheng must end the fight within three to five minutes to avoid possible internal injuries and keep himself at a better form for the following matches?" Liu Chang put on a look of a sudden realization.

"No. Two minutes." Chen Sansheng negated Liu Chang's conclusion.

"Why is that?" Liu Chang sincerely looked puzzled.

Chen Sansheng laughed again. "He will begin to suffer dizziness and nausea within 20 seconds. How bad will his condition become after a bit more time? Yes, the force concentration can reduce the effect, but it can't completely dissolve it. If he fails to finish this fight within two minutes, he will fall to Han Peipei's tempo and will be trying to resist the effect with his force concentration constantly. This will consume him greatly and will leave him vulnerable to injuries if anything goes wrong."

"That's right. But two minutes should be enough for a Professional Sixth Pin martial artist to finish Han Peipei of Professional Eighth Pin, right?" Lou Cheng only had a Professional Eighth Pin certificate, but Liu Chang apparently treated him as a Professional Sixth Pin fighter without a doubt.

Are you kidding me? Lou Cheng was already close to the Professional Sixth Pin level in December. Half a year has passed. He's certainly of Professional Sixth Pin by now considering his improvment speed.
"I'm not sure about that," laughed Chen Sansheng. "Speaking of which… Now we must talk about Han Peipei's martial arts style. She mostly plays ranged guerrilla, affecting the enemy with her ultrasound waves and weakening the enemy with her infrasound. She will wait until the right moment to get close… "

"But Lou Cheng is not a piece of wood, so she won't be given opportunities to use ranged attacks comfortably." Liu Chang expressed her doubt.

"Lou Cheng is not wood!"

"Since Han Peipei reached the Dan stage, she has become able to produce different sound waves at the same time. With the same amount of total energy, she usually probes and examines while attacking with infrasound waves. In other words, she can read if the enemy is about to perform a Dan stage explosion or launch a counterattack with his super power, which allows her to duck like a sneaky bunny that you can neither catch nor hurt. Her rival will be in a passive position while dealing with her strikes," explained Chen Sansheng.

"Err… This sounds like a bully… " Before Liu Chang could finish her comment, the director's voice came into her earphone. She adjusted her facial expression and cut the discussion with the commentator. "Okay. The conversation time will start any second. How will Lou Cheng break Han Peipei's terrifying style and super power? Let's wait and see."

In the ring, the lights were so bright that it was as if the sun was still out there shining. Lou Cheng and Han Peipei came up from either side almost simultaneously, ready for their first match of this tournament.

Conserved and introverted, Han Peipei remained silent during the conversation time. Lou Cheng adjusted his physical and mental status, deliberating his plan.

In the Songcheng University Martial Arts Club seating area, Yan Zheke's hands made a tight fist unconsciously. Her concerned eyes were locked on the arena.

She knew her boyfriend would win, but she was afraid he would consume his energy or suffer an internal injury. On the other side, Yu Zhi from Hudong University appeared relaxed and pleased. Obviously he was pretty happy about the coming battle. "As long as Peipei can damage Lou Cheng, I can enjoy an easy victory. Lin Que is at a similar level as me. If I do my best, a win is not impossible. It will all come down to the third fighter."

The referee glanced at the clock and raised his right hand. He took half a step back and announced clearly,


Songcheng University Martial Arts Club's journey in the national tournament had officially started!

Once the referee's voice faded in the air, a seal formed in Lou Cheng's hands and the ancient character "Bing" was visualized in his head.

Nine Words Formula, "Army" Formula! He wanted a quick victory!

Han Peipei wiggled her stomach and opened her throat, firing an odd sound.

It sounded far but also close, exploded next to Lou Cheng, and dissolved his chanting of Army in the air.

The chant was dissolved, so the Nine Words Formula couldn't work!

As a skilled user of sound waves, she confirmed Lou Cheng's "Army" Formula was a mental assault after watching his combat videos over and over again and practiced hard to cancel it out with her own sound waves. Based on her martial arts style, she had made the sound at the perfect time to directly dissolve Lou Cheng's "Army" Formula chant in the air.

Pleased by how perfectly her sound waves worked, she stamped her foot and suddenly changed her direction. Lou Cheng had just completed a Dan stage explosion, jumping at her like a whistling wind. The fierce wind missed its target.

As soon as he landed on the ground, Lou Cheng withdrew and then released his blood and qi, performed the second explosion immediately, and threw himself at Han Peipei once again just like he did in the fight with Liu Xunzhen. Suppress the enemy with his stage superiority. Suppress the enemy with his physical strength.

Han Peipei saw this coming. She slid away and dodged the strike.

The Triple Explosion. Then the Quadruple Explosion… One continued to attack and the other swiftly ducked. Seemingly, Lou Cheng could do nothing but shorten the distance between them little by little.

In the broadcast studio, Chen Sansheng checked his watch and reminded the audience with a smile,

"Ten seconds." After his failed explosions, Lou Cheng remained calm and changed his footwork. He agilely followed Han Peipei like the northerly wind and continued to shorten the distance between them.

Han Peipei didn't feel nervous at all as she was very confident in her probing ability and ducking skills.

When the distance between them was shortened to a point, Lou Cheng raised his arm and prepared for another seal while approaching.

"Again?" Afraid of receiving any mental assault which might slow her down or numb her mind, Han Peipei took it seriously and made the odd sound again.

Surrounded by the odd sound waves, Lou Cheng exerted strength from his five fingers, changed the seal abruptly, and chanted a different ancient word,

"Attainment!" Bang! He sprung out suddenly, piercing through the air with crispy sounds, and reached Han Peipei in no time, with his arm swinging rapidly.

"Err… " Han Peipei's vision was blurry. The enemy was right in front of her, leaving her no room to dodge and no time to produce a loud sound to affect his hearing and balance. She had no choice but to concentrate her strength and receive the attack with a punch.

Lou Cheng's tendons flicked to withdraw his arm, his foot stamped, and his weight shifted to avoid Han Peipei's punch and move to her side.

"The nineteenth movement of the Ice Sect, Cold Swallow!"


Lou Cheng visualized thunder clouds above an ice-bound river. His right arm cut downward like a club, aiming at her head. Simplified Physical Invulnerable Move, Severe Warning.


Han Peipei threw another punch to barely block this strike. Her entire body felt frozen and her mind had a temporary short circuit. She stood there stiffly with white frost appearing on her skin.

Lou Cheng threw his left arm out and stopped at Han Peipei's neck.

"Round one, Lou Cheng!" announced the referee.

In the broadcast studio, Chen Sansheng blurted out,

"14 seconds!"

Han Peipei had lost in 14 seconds…

Chapter 372: A Living Target

"14 seconds!"

Viewers in front of the TV were shocked by Chen Sansheng's shout. It took them a while to realize what had just happened. Then they all felt stunned.

Not two minutes. Not even 20 seconds. Lou Cheng had defeated Han Peipei before her infrasound could cause any effect.

The host and the commentator had talked so much before the fight, making Han Peipei look like a tough rival.

Phew… Yan Zheke loosened her fists and waved at the ring. Cheng had betean Han Peipei and was safe and sound. There would be nothing to worry about. Next to her, Li Mao and Lin Hua both rose, relieved from their biggest concern.

Yu Zhi suddenly stood up, gazing at the ring, his fat shaking on his body.

He couldn't hear the commentator and didn't check his watch, but he knew how fast Han Peipei had lost.

Lou Cheng was not injured. The fight didn't even last long enough for the dizziness or nausea to take place.

How should I engage him in the next round?

… "A 14 second real man… " Okamoto's Fan posted in Lou Cheng's fans forum first.

"My Lou Cheng is too cool! That commentator's mouth was wide enough to fit in a goose egg!" Eternal Nightfall sent an "I'm so awesome" emoji.

Brahma "wiggled back and forth" proudly. "That is my idol! Including the conversation time, the fight was not as long as the commentators' analysis… "

"Super Master Lou of one punch!" Wonton Seller rolled about in the form of a sticky rice ball. She liked to make emojis herself.

After leaving their comments with a tinge of emotion, Unparalleled Dragon King published his long post beginning with an amusing emoji. "Fighters with super powers can be very strong. Theoretically and practically, they can have a good chance in defeating those of a higher level. However, once an accident that they are unable to handle takes place, they become very fragile and their defeat will come like a collapsing mountain. I'm talking about fights between these kinds of fighters and a higher level rival."
"Yeah. Who would have guessed that Lou Cheng had mastered another sound of the Nine Sounds Spell and that it happened to be a dramatic speed boost. It makes perfect sense for Han Peipei to lose like this," replied Road to the Arena. Since their first encounter in Yanling, Lou Cheng has never failed to surprise him.

With the hints of Lou Cheng's Army Formula and Forwarding Formula, someone got to the bottom of these ancient sounds and associated them with the Body-guarding Magic Arts of Nine Chinese Characters. Since Daxing Temple had a style called the six-syllabled Sanskrit mantra, he named this secret discipline the nine-syllabled Sanskrit mantra.

"But… But… Now Lou Cheng has revealed his trump card?" asked Wonton Seller, very concerned. Unparalleled Dragon King laughed. "I think it's worth it. It was necessary to finish Han Peipei fast, as fast as possible. Or he would've been injured over time and his performance in the upcoming matches would've been affected."

"Internal injuries take quite some time to recover!"

In the broadcast studio, listening to the screams and claps from the audience, Chen Sansheng shut his mouth to resume his normal bearing.

"Yu Zhi doesn't look good," commented Host Liu Chang, watching Yu Zhi step to the flight of stone stairs like a heavy tank.

"Of course. Han Peipei lost the match that easily… Yu Zhi is going to suffer." Since he was well experienced in the ring, Chen Sansheng quickly adjusted his mood and appeared relaxed again. Liu Chang tilted her head and looked at her co-host of the day, puzzled. "Why is Yu Zhi going to suffer?"

"He is someone who is highly gifted. Yu Zhi is gifted with a layer of fat that provides him great might way beyond his level and protects him like a suit of armor. It's too soft and sleek to be damaged by regular attacks." Chen Sansheng tried to simplify his point. "If we were in a game, a character like Yu Zhi would be high in attack and defense and low in agility. Lou Cheng restrains him perfectly in every possible way."

Liu Chang recalled the past matches. "I don't think Yu Zhi is slow. His punches and slaps are almost too fast to follow."
"His strikes are not slow, but his mobility is poor. Doesn't that make him a living target for Lou Cheng?" Chen Sansheng gave his conclusion before adding details. "Yu Zhi's current strength and Dan stage explosion power are close to a minor Professional Sixth Pin fighter. Those of his level can take two or three punches of his at their very best. He can easily take a few explosions in a row without being badly injured as long as his vital parts are secured. In case of any minor wounds, his fat will help him recover fully in no time. "Because of this, he likes to play the 'You give me one punch and I return you one' game with capable rivals to cause damage at the cost of suffering damage. Usually, he can drag his enemy into a very difficult situation and then enjoy a fairly high chance of winning. But Lou Cheng is different. Simplified Physical Invulnerable Move plus super powers of ice and fire. When Lou Cheng throws these down, how many bouts can Yu Zhi handle? How many punches will Yu Zhi dare to take? When it comes to speed and response, Yu Zhi is no match. Isn't he a living target?"

Liu Chang drew a deep breath in. "So… Yu Zhi is pretty much waiting for death?"

"If Lou Cheng was worn down greatly during the fight with Han Peipei, or if he was slowing down and suffering from dizziness, nausea, or even internal injuries, Yu Zhi would have the odds. Now… He-heh." Chen Sansheng answered the question with his signature laughter.

"The Simplified Physical Invulnerable Move is deadly," said Liu Chang with a tinge of emotion. "Very! But not everyone can master the Simplified Physical Invulnerable Move. First, you need someone to pass it on to you. You can't just create it from nothing unless you are one of those rare talents that can establish a sect. Then you must be able to achieve the full meditation status, which is actually rare
among the Professional Seventh Pin martial artists. Thirdly, you need a super power or your body must reach the Professional Sixth Pin level physical attributes; otherwise, your Simplified Physical Invulnerable Move won't have much of an effect… " Chen Sansheng took the opportunity to popularize some science to the audience.

Partially recovered, Han Peipei concentrated to form the chill in her body into some white qi and breathed it out.

She turned around to leave, with apparent disappointment on her face and heaviness in her feet.

Yu Zhi tapped her shoulder before getting in the arena, his footsteps loud and showing off his weight.

It had become clear to him. Fighting his best was the only thing left for him. He must break open a path of blood through difficulties and hardships.

He must play with the odds and drag himself out of the desperate situation.


Yu Zhi took his position, his fat shaking and shining.

The referee took a deep breath before raising his right hand.
He called in a loud and clear voice,


Lou Cheng took half a step forward, his left hand hooked and left wrist shook, sending out a crystal clear white light along the ground. His right arm swung and shook to the opposite direction, throwing a fierce, red fireball at the enemy's head. Burning Ice and Flame!

He was taking advantage of Yu Zhi's poor mobility.

Yu Zhi curved his back and jumped forward to dodge the cold light and confront the fireball like a rocky mountain.


The fireball burst open, flames dancing in all directions and tearing Yu Zhi's clothes apart. Yu Zhi's fat was shaking, slightly burnt, displaying his excellent defense!

Bam! When he landed on the ground, the stage wobbled as if it had been hit by a giant stone.

Lou Cheng slid close to him, shrinking and then releasing his qi, blood, and spirit. Pop!

His right arm inflated like a giant hammer, cutting towards Yu Zhi's thick neck.

Yu Zhi didn't give him a second look. He quickly swelled his neck and stretched out his right arm, making use of his height and long arm to slap Lou Cheng's head rapidly.

My neck might not hurt badly from your strike, but your head can't handle my slap for sure.

I might even hit you before you reach me!

Simplified Physical Invulnerable Move or not, you are going to lose!

Lou Cheng didn't meet force with force. He released his forces and leaned forward to duck the slap. Then he quickly moved to Yu Zhi's side and concentrated his force to throw another powerful punch at his waist.

Yu Zhi tightened the fat around his legs and threw a side kick to meet Lou Cheng's strike in hopes of hurting him at the cost of his own injuries.

Lou Cheng flicked his tendons and pulled strength from his waist, dragging his body to Yu Zhi's back. Yu Zhi kept up his footwork and turned around just in time.

"Not bad… " Lou Cheng praised silently, his left arm blocking his chest and right fist reaching out to the enemy's lower stomach like a lightning bolt.

Yu Zhi played the same trick by stretching out his long arm like an ape, fat tightened and swollen, towards Lou Cheng's head.

Lou Cheng suddenly drew his qi and blood back, concentrated his force at his lower stomach, and stopped his right punch by force. Relying on the balance of ice and fire, he didn't release his qi this time. Instead, he quickly terminated the concentration of qi and calmed his strength down.

The left arm in front of his chest abruptly swung outward to engage Yu Zhi's slap.

He visualized an ice bound river with frozen sprays and spindrifts.


Thunder clouds appeared and the entire world seemed to be shattering.


Lou Cheng's left arm hit Yu Zhi's palm. A layer of white frost instantly spread over Yu Zhi's skin, the light in his eyes replaced by dullness and his left leg slowly whipping. His defense was indeed very impressive.

Lou Cheng swiftly slid to the side of Yu Zhi and again concentrated his force, taking advantage of his temporary dullness and slowness to throw another punch at him.


The punch hit Yu Zhi's ribs, his fat shaking wildly, soft and sleek. He barely recovered from the Severe Warning and rushed to shrink his blood, qi, force, and the cold wave.

Lou Cheng picked up his pace at once, moved rapidly, and exploded again and again, leaving his enemy no time to recover.

Double Explosion… Then Triple Explosion, Quadruple Explosion, Quintuple… Bam! Bam! Bam! Lou Cheng continued to move agilely, both his arms swinging, hitting Yu Zhi in turn. Yu Zhi's fat turned red as if it were about to break open. Even an iron body couldn't handle such strikes from Lou Cheng. He was very close to a severe injury when he suddenly threw himself forward at Lou Cheng, attempting to pin him down with his entire body weight and turn the tables.


The sound of wind whistled as Yu Zhi smashed towards Lou Cheng like a collapsing mountain. Lou Cheng, after watching many of his fight videos, came prepared. His tendons flicked and he switched to the northerly wind footwork to duck the bump swiftly. He turned around and concentrated his force to throw a whip kick at the rival's back.

Bam! Yu Zhi flew out, hitting the ground really hard. Tiles were smashed and small pieces of rocks flew up into the air.

He struggled on the ground but couldn't pull himself together to get up. If it was another fighter, he would have been killed long ago and the referee would have interfered long ago. The referee glanced at Lou Cheng, knowing Lou Cheng had no intention to continue striking. He then raised his right hand and announced the result,

"Round two, Lou Cheng!"

The audience in the stadium was in a dead silence. Liu Chang and Chen Sansheng in the broadcast studio were left speechless.

It was too fast… And too brutal…
Nobody knew what to say at that moment.

After a moment of silence, the audience's passion was ignited. Shouts and yells came from the stands.

"One vs three!" The shouts gathered and formed a flood.

"One vs three!"

"One vs three!"

"One vs three!"

Chapter 373: One Against an Entire Team



Lou Cheng smiled as he watched his teammates cheering him on wildly. He turned his gaze toward the seats of the Hudong University team. The thin and tall Wu Yong was gradually rising to his feet, wearing a solemn expression.

It seemed rather pointless to leave a Professional Ninth Pin opponent to his brother-in-law…
Everyone could also tell that he still had the strength to continue. If he left the arena now, he would be blamed for being arrogant. This was a form of disrespect toward Wu Yong… Besides, he had never fought three matches in one go. He wanted to try it!

If he had already defeated two of them, what did it matter if he added another one? He might as well go for it!

With his decision made, Lou Cheng shifted his feet and once again adjusted his body into the proper stance to indicate he was ready for the third round. Inside, he was getting excited.

Whatever life experience he had, however mature he gradually grew, none of that could mask the fact that he was still just a 20-year-old. Vigor and vitality had yet to leave him.

Wasn't there a song that described such a feeling? The song probably meant that no matter how a person aged, the young person he once was would always remain in his heart.

The moment Lou Cheng made a stance, the audience understood his intentions and began another wave of cheers. One-versus-three was not a common sight in the finals of National University Martial Arts Competitions!

In the studio, the host, Liu Chang, was laughing. "Looks like Lou Cheng really plans to fight three matches."

Chen Sansheng shook his head with a smile. "It can't be helped. In a situation where your opponents are clearly stronger, one mistake will lead to your demise. We could already predict the result from when Han Peipei failed to avoid Lou Cheng's newly-learned Nine Words Formula. Earlier, I predicted Yu Zhi would be a live target, but I didn't think he would lose so quickly and badly."

"Exactly. I thought he could take at least a few moves from Lou Cheng with all that fat on his body. Who knows…" Liu Chang sighed.

In the end, Yu Zhi was defeated effortlessly while his team was having a three-game losing streak. That was too embarrassing!

"He can't help it. Yu Zhi's method is to force his opponent to fight him recklessly. With such circumstances, coupled with his personal aptitude, it is too much to ask for him to defend himself against Lou Cheng's simplified physical invulnerability movements. It is only a matter of time before he loses." While staring at Wu Yong, who was slowly making his way to the arena, Chen Sansheng said, "Lou Cheng's balance of the Dan realm and qi and blood have attained perfection. Few can avoid his attacks. It is not unreasonable for Yu Zhi to lose."

"The third round is starting soon. Sansheng, can you please briefly comment on the match earlier?" Liu Chang chimed in, keeping a firm hold of the broadcast timing.
"The details were as I expected and I have nothing to add." Chen Sansheng paused before continuing, "As for Lou Cheng, he managed to raise his combat effectiveness with powerful movements against Peng Leyun in November last year. He barely reached the level of Sixth Pin with many obvious shortcomings. But now he is a true Sixth Pin fighter in all senses of the word." "Oh, wait, no. Isn't he still uncertified as a Sixth Pin fighter and still in an Eight Pin? A 20-year-old Eight Pin fighter is just so-so." Liu Chang was actually sharing a popular joke in Weibo.

Chen Sansheng smiled good-humoredly. "Putting aside Peng Leyun and the rest, Lou Cheng's power makes him truly deserving of the title 'God's Favored One.' He is not merely a candidate!"

"Haha! I am getting embarrassed by all the compliments from the commentators. Modest! We should be modest." Eternal Nightfall, also known as Yan Xiaoling, made a post with an overjoyed emoji.

"Exactly! I feel embarrassed on Lou Cheng's behalf!" Wonton Seller sent a dancing emoji.

"I don't want to say anything! Just one-versus-three! One- versus-three!" Brahman sent an emoji waving a flag. …

"You girls only know how to fawn over Lou Cheng. Can't you contribute something more substantial?" Unparalleled Dragon King sneered. "I say that fatty was unlucky to have met Lou Cheng. He might've won if his opponent was some Sixth Pin fighter without a supernatural ability or simplified physical invulnerability!"

"His fighting strategy was restricted and his teammates were too weak to support him. What could he have done?" Road to the Arena chimed in, shrugging his shoulders.

Flying Horse laughed. "I laughed so hard at that fatty's tragic expression earlier! When he saw that Han Peipei had failed to cause any damage to Lou Cheng, he probably lost all hope."

"Good thing the opponent was the fatty! If it was someone else, he would have been killed by this series of bursts with red blood and white fluid spouting out! Don't get any twisted thoughts! I meant his brain!" Okamoto's Fan made a joke. With the defeat of the two leading players, Songcheng was practically guaranteed their victory. That certainty made the forum lively and everyone relaxed and happy.

In the seats for the Songcheng team, Yan Zheke changed her posture to sit in a graceful manner and took a secret glance at her cousin. She wanted to know what Lin Que thought of Cheng taking on all three fighters himself.

Lin Que was still wearing his thin jacket and an indifferent look on his face. He did not show even the slightest desire to fight.

He had zero motivation to bully a Professional Ninth Pin fighter or join this unimportant match.

He might as well wait for Cheng to fight the third player himself! Yan Zheke finally relaxed and turned her attention back to the arena. Li Mai and the rest already had their phones out and became part of the audience, ready to record the first victory for the Songcheng University Martial Arts Club in a National Competition after so many years!

On the arena, Yu Zhi barely managed to stand with his hands propping his body. His face was beaten black and blue, with blood gushing down his nose.

He nodded at Lou Cheng and then walked toward the stone steps, his fat quivering along with each of his steps. Though he seemed to be staggering, he took steady steps.

Lou Cheng looked at the fatty as he left and at the man- shaped pit. He could not help sucking in a breath, impressed by his opponent's capacity to take beatings.

Even if this fatty was hit by a car someday, he would probably just turn around, dust himself off, and leave safe and sound.

If it was Lou Cheng, he would've definitely been badly injured if he used his flesh to take on the great force instead of using his strength to resist the attack! Leaving the arena with slow steps, Yu Zhi looked down at the path. An inexplicable regret suddenly overcame him.

His four-year martial arts career in university was nearing its end…
After exchanging a look and a wry smile with Yu Zhi, Wu Yong finally unloaded his mental burden and went onto the arena step by step.

In his opinion, the only way to win was if a meteor suddenly crashed onto Songcheng and destroyed them. Otherwise, it was impossible!

So he decided to throw all his worries away and just enjoy fighting a Sixth Pin fighter of the Dan stage!

After stopping in front of Lou Cheng, he entered his stance.
His gaze turned to his opponent. Lou Cheng changed his center of gravity to his lower body and then extended his hand to invite Wu Yong to attack.

The referee did not make any delays and waved his hand.


Crack, crack, crack. All the muscles and bones within Wu Yong's body were roaring as if a sports car was accelerating.

In the withering wind, he flashed to Lou Cheng's side with flexible footwork. His toes turned inward as he twisted his back and waist, wielding his arm like a whip.

Bang! Lou Cheng raised his arm to block the attack without moving his feet.

Taking this opportunity, Wu Yong kicked with his left foot. He was sure no one would notice in advance since his muscle movements had cloaked the scuffing noise. Fatal Hidden Kick!

However, just as Wu Yong was beginning to gather strength in his leg, Lou Cheng's kick had already landed on his foot to stop him.

Suppressing his disappointment, Wu Yong began pounding Lou Cheng from all directions while flashing around him with his marvelous footwork. But Lou Cheng was always able to block his attacks in time without moving. It was as if he was a master demonstrating to Wu Yong.

Wu Yong was about to take a step back to rest after a round of crazed attacks when Lou Cheng swung his right arm at Wu Yong's fist.

He immediately withdrew his fist in panic, but Lou Cheng had caught Wu Yong's wrist in an instant, pulling his opponent back at him.

Unable to withstand Lou Cheng's great force, Wu Yong's body began to be pulled forward. Lou Cheng took this opportunity to lower his shoulder and stretch his elbow against Wu Yong's chest.

The referee secretly yawned before raising his arm.

"Third round, Lou Cheng wins!"

"Songcheng University Martial Arts Club wins this match!"

Not bad, not bad… Wu Yong breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing the referee's voice. He felt that he had given his usual performance and did not bring shame to his team.

Of course, it was all thanks to Lou Cheng's grace for not using Force Concentration and killer moves with his supernatural ability against him.

He straightened his body and his eyes suddenly became frozen. He realized a very painful fact. Since the fight began, Lou Cheng had not moved his feet a single step!

Lou Cheng had beaten him just by standing still!

The audience burst out with enthusiastic cries.

"Three kills!"

"Three kills!"

"Three kills!"

The audience eventually changed their slogan under someone's guidance. The cheering gradually became united, echoing in the stadium.

"God's Favored One!" "God's Favored One!"

"God's Favored One!"

Curving his lips, Lou Cheng waved his arm at the excited audience. He left the arena and returned to the seats for Songcheng. His eyes visibly met Yan Zheke's.

"The rule says whoever pulls a one-versus-three has to treat the whole team to dinner!" Like a lightbulb, Cai Zongming cut into their eye contact.

He was feeling great in all aspects now that they were in the capital and his girlfriend was close to him.

"What rule? Why don't I know about it?" Lou Cheng looked at him in confusion.

Little Ming smiled smugly. "A rule that our team committee adopted unanimously." "Where did the team committee come from?" Lou Cheng asked humorously.

"Just now!" Cai Zongming answered with a smirk.

"I will treat you all to skewers here then." Lou Cheng had been planning to invite everyone to dinner to celebrate their first victory.

"Well." Geezer Shi cut in their conversation. "Since you are not tired at all, I will replace your relaxing exercise tomorrow with coordination exercises. Don't overdo the supper."

The next match was Songcheng versus Mingdao!

Geezer Shi did not urge the members lacking basic knowledge of the formation to learn something related. He just made them do the coordination exercises in groups of two or three. "Yes, Master!" Everyone agreed joyfully.

After the dinner, Yan Zheke spent a while flirting with Lou Cheng before retiring to her room to rest.

After telling her boyfriend good night through phone, she clicked on the martial arts forum of each portal site to see how people were praising Cheng.

As soon as the web page appeared, the relevant titles popped up to her.

"10 warm-up moves? So what? Lou Cheng defeated the whole Hudong team himself!"

"It's the first one-versus-three in this competition! Lou Cheng kept fighting with skill and ease!" "Thanks to him, the super-death team won't die!"

"Remove the word 'candidate'! He is the true God's Favored Son!"

Chapter 374: Bet

Besides making the news, Songcheng's victory also resulted in a heated discussion on Weibo. Many netizens tagged the well-known verified commentator of martial arts, An All- knowing Man in Ganghood.

"Do you have anything to say?"

"Come on, say something."

"I'm waiting for your comment on Lou Cheng's performance."

In the situation where most netizens were following the general trend to support the winner, An All-knowing Man in Ganghood once again made a lengthy Weibo post. "What do I have to say? What else can I say?"

"I clearly expressed my thoughts in the long Weibo post I made in December last year. After gaining special kung fu and combat experience, Lou Cheng had the hope of advancing from a weak to a normal Sixth Pin fighter in April this year. Was I mistaken? Weren't those within my predictions? Did you think he had just jumped to the Inhuman stage without any signs or warnings?"

"I mentioned his title of Favored Fighter of the Age remained suspect back then because his incredible advancement was thanks to the double awakenings of his supernatural ability. He was unlike Ren Li and Peng Leyun, who advanced step by step through hard work."

"Such differences would steer them in wildly different paths of development. We can all tell Peng Leyun's improvement has only accelerated in the recent year. He will reach a breakthrough soon. So is Ren Li. Her improvement may not be as quick as his due to her age and the time when she began practicing martial arts. But she is still growing quickly compared to her previous performance. Lou Cheng is different. He is beginning to slow down after consuming all his accumulated benefits!"
"He advanced to Seventh Pin in a year and took about four months to go from a weak Seventh Pin to a weak Sixth Pin. That is a terrifying speed of growth. But now? It has been four months and he has just advanced from a weak to normal Sixth Pin. Many ordinary fighters on his level could achieve the same!"

"Of course, Lou Cheng handled his first opponent with ease and skill. He was obviously not using all his strength. What I said earlier is pretty subjective. He may be a strong or even a top Sixth Pin now, but I dare bet that he has not reached the Inhuman level yet. And he won't be reaching that level in a year at the current rate of his progression."

"He will soon meet the first bottleneck in his martial arts career. Whether or not he can overcome it within two years will determine if he is worthy of the title Favored Fighter of the Age!" "As a rational, neutral, and objective observer, I will end my comment here. If Lou Cheng reaches the Inhuman level this year, I will delete my Weibo ID."

The commentator's curt finality impressed many netizens and they made screenshots of his Weibo post in hopes of throwing it at his face one day!

An All-knowing Man in Ganghood had several hundred thousand followers and his daily Weibo posts would be commented and shared hundreds of thousands of times. Just the money he would make from his sponsored posts was enough to make people envy him. If he really deleted the ID, what he would lose would not just be some small amount of money.

"I heard a verified Weibo star like him could earn a few hundred thousand just by making a sponsored post…"

"If he posted once a day, how much would he have earned by now?" "Well, he can't do a sponsored post every day. Either way, he wouldn't have any problem earning several million a month."

"He is really betting a hefty fortune this time!"

"Well, yeah. But it doesn't benefit Lou Cheng at all, except for some emotional stimulation. He is totally harming others without benefiting himself!"
"Tsk, tsk. Don't let An All-knowing Man in Ganghood cheat you. Peng Leyun was already close to the Inhuman level in December, but four months have passed and he has not made his breakthrough yet. As for Lou Cheng, he is definitely not at Peng Leyun's level back then. Besides, his speed of progression has been slowing down. So Lou Cheng will likely need double the time to reach the Inhuman stage. Are eight months enough for him? He will most definitely need more than that. And what happens after eight months? December! And An All- knowing Man in Ganghood predicts Lou Cheng will not make the Inhuman stage this year!"

"Damn! Doesn't this mean he is making a sure bet?" "He isn't betting with anyone. Even if he wins, he gets nothing!"

"Of course he gets something! With such a victory, he will gain a bigger following and the value of his ID will shoot up!"

"What a smart man!"

"Let's wait for the end of the year. Let's see if any miracles happen."

In Lou Cheng's fan forum, a heated discussion revolved around that Weibo post. Since a gambling company had opened bets for this, Yan Xiaoling gritted her teeth and bet on Lou Cheng's victory with 500 yuan. The odds were 1:13!

"Come, come, come! Just place your bets if you want to! You won't lose much by betting a little money! If you win, you can turn a bicycle into a motorcycle!" Okamoto's Fan transformed into an old-timer gambler, rambling on the forum. He betted his one month's cigarette allowance on Lou Cheng!


Lou Cheng woke up on time, calmed all his joy and excitement from pulling off the one-versus-three situation yesterday, and began his daily morning exercise.

When he returned to the hotel to enjoy the free breakfast with Yan Zheke, she showed him An All-knowing Man in Ganghood's Weibo.

"This guy is disgusting! He is using your victory to promote himself," Yan Zheke said angrily.

"Reach the Inhuman level by the end of this year…" Lou Cheng felt stimulated as he digested the guy's words. With a smile, he said, "Is he sure I won't make a breakthrough by then? Though I have been slowing down in my progression, I am faring better than expected… Combat experiences have been pretty useful…" The breakthrough of the will was the most objective aspect of his practice! It was also one of the cores of the Dan stage cultivation. As time passed, the firmness of will would gradually affect his mind and physical body.

Yan Zheke did not continue this topic out of worry of affecting Lou Cheng's mentality and condition. She smiled widely, showing her two dimples.

"Let's 'surprise' him when the time comes!"

"I will try my best! I won't be replying lest he uses me to promote himself again." Lou Cheng put a slice of toast into his mouth.

After their breakfast, they rested for 20 minutes before walking to the booked martial arts gymnasium for their special training.

Since the He brothers of Mingdao had long been confirmed as their next opponents, Geezer Shi gradually increased their daily coordination exercises. But special exercises would never take the place of regular exercises, or they would adversely impact every fighter's self-fulfillment. So it was only after they defeated Hudong that they centered their exercise around cooperation exercises.

Despite his exhaustion, Lou Cheng was planning to tour the Capital with Yan Zheke after lunch and relax. But since she was competing against Mingdao, she was very concerned about it and was unwilling to leave her room. She stayed in and repeatedly watched the video of the Huahai versus Mingdao match last night, grasping every detail.

Lou Cheng naturally obeyed his little fairy's wishes and stayed with her in the room. When they were tired from watching the video and in need of relaxation, they would naturally whisper sweet nothings and become intimate with each other.

Basking in his girlfriend's affection, Lou Cheng thought it was much better staying like this than visiting the forbidden city or going cherry blossom viewing!

… In the female dormitory of Capital College.

Wearing a ponytail in a hairstyle that exposed her forehead, Qiu Hailin walked quickly to the dorm.

During this period of time, she felt like she was living in an imaginary world. Whether she was in the dorm, classroom, or the Student Council office, she could hear most students and teachers discussing the final of National University Martial Arts competition excitedly even though most of them barely paid any attention to martial arts before!

If it was just that, Qiu Hailin would not have thought the world felt imaginary. However, the name that was always on the lips of her classmates and teachers was incredibly familiar! It was Lou Cheng!

The frequency of Lou Cheng's name mentioned was only next to Ren Li and Peng Leyun's names!

To her, Lou Cheng was simply her highschool classmate and a classmate she would occasionally see during her break. To have people around her talking and praising him made her feel like she was in a dream.

She was in the audience during the provincial Youth Tournament, where those around her all knew Lou Cheng personally. When she heard their discussions and exclamations, she merely thought Cheng had become powerful and was no longer someone from their world. That was all.

When she returned to Xiushan, the tournament ended and the hype was all gone. At most, her parents and relatives would casually ask if Lou Cheng was her highschool classmate. They did not ask anything else. In other words, Lou Cheng did not invade her daily life then.

But now, Lou Cheng was often brought up by classmates, familiar or not, and wisdom-preaching teachers. Their words often echoed in her ears. Even her good friend and roommate, Ding Yixin, had become a big fan of Lou Cheng!

Suddenly, an unusual thought came to Qiu Hailin. What if she told them Lou Cheng was her highschool classmate and that they had a pretty good relationship? How would they react?

With much anticipation, she opened the door and saw Ding Yixin and her other roommates browsing Weibo and reading the news on their beds or in front of the computer. They were still discussing Lou Cheng and the He brothers.

"What are you talking about?" Qiu Hailin deliberately asked.

The fair-skinned, ordinary-looking Ding Yixin answered excitedly, "The Martial Arts Competition. The He brothers' formation will definitely fail to contain Lou Cheng."

"Lou Cheng?" Qiu Hailin took the opportunity to ask, "Which Lou Cheng are you talking about?"

"What is wrong, Hailin?" Ding Yixin smiled in confusion since her friend used to ignore their discussions about the Martial Arts Competition. "Lou Cheng and you both come from Xing Province!" "He is also from Xing Province? Show me his photo!" Qiu Hailin showed her surprise and excitement.

Ding Yixin gave her the phone. "Meet your fellow townsman…"

She suddenly heard Qiu Hailin cry in a low voice, "My classmate!"

"Your classmate?" Ding Yixin and the other girls widened their eyes.

"Yeah, he is my highschool classmate. We are quite close. H- He is famous now?" Qiu Hailin unlocked her phone to show them her photo with Lou Cheng that she had prepared for this moment.

"It is true…" Ding Yixin was overcome with excitement and rushed down her bed to pull on Qiu Hailin's sleeve. "I didn't know! To think you were such an important person! Hurry up and tell me how Lou Cheng was like in the past." "You boy-crazed girl! Hailin, can you please get Lou Cheng to give me some signed photos?" Du Yiyi rolled her eyes at Ding Yixin.

The girls chattered on with Qiu Hailin happily, sharing stories about Lou Cheng in highschool. Under their gleaming eyes, she felt a great deal of unconcealed satisfaction.

When they calmed down, she realized that she should check when Lou Cheng's next match would be and decided to watch it if she had the time.

"Oh, it is tomorrow night…" Qiu Hailin murmured to herself.

Songcheng versus Mingdao!

Chapter 375: Three United as One

7 PM in the female dormitory of Capital College.

After failing to buy tickets to the match, Qiu Hailin and her roommates were parked in front of their computer to watch the broadcast. The host, Liu Chang, and special guest, Chen Sansheng, were already seated in the studio. The only difference was that the snacks that would typically be on the table in front of her were replaced with a bottle of yogurt.

"Lou Cheng and his team are in the first match today, right?" Qiu Hailin asked.

"Yeah…" Ding Yixin replied vaguely, her mouth stuffed with delicious salted egg yolk biscuits.

"I heard that there is a special rule this year?" asked Du Yiyin as she tore open a bag of snacks. She was never keen on martial arts competitions but was buoyed by the lively atmosphere this time. Ding Yixin drank a gulp of water and said with satisfaction, "That is for sure. The three brothers of Qingdao, no, Mingdao, will most definitely enter the match together. The news said that they have already applied for the special competition format to fight three-versus-six!"

Would that not benefit Songcheng greatly? Qiu Hailin was confused but hesitated to bother them with another question. She turned her gaze to the screen and carefully listened to the special guest.

In the studio, Liu Chang was leading the conversation.

"The match today is important to both Songcheng and Mingdao. If the former loses, they can basically say goodbye to the national competition. If Songcheng fails, they will be at a disadvantage in the following group competition."

"Shanbei has already won two rounds and the Capital has also been performing well. They will likely emerge winners of their groups. The teams in other groups won't want to come second and meet them in advance." Chen Sansheng joked, "To think we can see such fierce battles in the top eight between Shanbei and Songcheng, the Capital and Huahai University; I can only describe my feelings with a lyric: 'The scene is so beautiful I can't bear to see'."

"This is actually good news. This way, more people will focus on the top-eight competition." Liu Chang looked at his partner. "Sansheng, what are the odds of Songcheng winning?"

"Hard to say. Mingdao is also a tough team. Huahai had to fight so hard, to the extent that some of their members were injured to secure their victory," Chen Sansheng replied after thinking about it.

"You are right." Liu Chang nodded. "The He brothers are always united and strong. If not for Xing Jingjing's illusions, Huahai would have to sacrifice even more to win. An Chaoyang would at least need double the stamina he spent."

"Yeah, that is the biggest strength of the He brothers. They seem telepathic and they can maintain their formation while moving at high speeds, rather than just staying in their positions and suffering their opponents' attacks. That day, An Chaoyang was so concerned about this that he ended up losing." Chen Sansheng echoed Liu Chang's words. "Once Songcheng makes a mistake, it is not impossible to capsize the ship in the ditch (overturn the situation)."

Liu Chang burst out laughing. "How are they a ditch? With their strength, Mingdao can be considered a river. Their direct attacks can overcome their opponents' advantage in numbers and even restrain their strength. But Lou Cheng can launch a spiritual attack with the Bin Formula of his Nine Words Formula. That might just be more terrifying than the He brothers' formation."

"That was why I said Hudong is Mingdao's foil. If they just keep Wu Yong and three substitutes away from the match and conserve their strength, with Yu Zhi as the fighter and Han Peipei launching her infrasonic waves, do you think the He brothers could take the successive attacks of a monster?" Chen Sansheng smiled. "I noticed that Lou Cheng's Bin Formula has to be used with the corresponding hand seal and visualization. It is probably directional. Even if it is not, the one who directly faces Lou Cheng's attack will typically be the one most heavily injured. The effect would be reduced for the rest. This way, the He brothers would not be totally at a loss." Liu Chang took charge of the conversation, concluding the topic with, "I am really looking forward to the match after your explanation. Sansheng, have you noticed the heated discussion in Weibo recently?"

"You mean An All-knowing Man in Ganghood betting on Lou Cheng not being able to reach the Inhuman level within the year?" Chen Sansheng was also a Weibo star in his own right in the martial arts circle. He had met An All-knowing Man in Ganghood several times and he was rather familiar with him.

"Yes. What do you think? Who do you think will win the bet?" Liu Chang smiled.

Chen Sansheng replied diplomatically, "Hard to say. Lou Cheng is a fighter that specializes in creating miracles. He almost always overturns others' predictions. But An All- knowing Man in Ganghood makes sense too. I am in a dilemma! I think both have the chance to win. But after much consideration, I decided to bet on Lou Cheng…"

"Huh? Why? Your honest hand betrayed your mind?" Liu Chang teased. "Not really. I just think the odds are stacked against Lou Cheng. I didn't spend too much money, but if a miracle happens, I will be making a fortune," Chen Sansheng joked self-deprecatingly.

Liu Chang shook his head. "How do you think gambling companies make their money? If you bet on the one with the lower odds, you are basically feeding them money. Okay, let's stop here. Let's look at the highlight reel of the previous matches of both teams."

"Can you even piece together Lou Cheng's first two matches into a highlight reel? In total, they just make up dozens of seconds," Chen Sansheng joked as he waited for the countdown.

In the locker room, Geezer Shi took a sip of wine and grinned at his team members. "I don't have anything to say about this match. You all should know the He brothers very well. Lou Cheng, Lin Que, Yan Zheke, Li Mao, Cai Zongming, Lin Hua, you guys will be participating in this match. Don't be too nervous and keep all your training in mind. Don't look at me, you brat. I am not talking about you. Just play it by the ear with Lin and fight as you like."

"Yes!" Lou Cheng and the rest replied excitedly, showing their high spirit.

When the match was about to begin, they had Sun Jian, He Zi, and Wang Dali join them. They formed a circle and put their hands together.

"Definite victory!"

Definite victory for Songcheng!

If they won this match, they would be a national top eight team! Even if Hudong won against Huahai and their own team lost the coming match, both teams would still meet in the next stage. But the Songcheng team was confident in dealing Hudong a fatal defeat when that time comes!

After yelling their slogan, Lou Cheng opened the door and was the first to step out. He was immediately surrounded by cheering and flashing lights!

Over at the Mingdao team, He Yifang was staring in annoyance at his youngest brother who was still gaming on his phone.

"Can't you just stop a little? We are fighting in the next match! If we lose again, we will have to pack up and go back to school."

"Okay, jeez. Just let me finish this round. Damn it, I am just playing a game, but I still see someone doing PDA," He Santai replied without even looking up. "Brother, why are you so concerned about this competition? You are still a third year. You still have a year to improve."

"Peng Leyun and Ren Li are also third years… Our period of quick advancement has ended. At most, we will advance to Seventh Pin next year. Our progression will be very limited. However, Peng Leyun and Ren Li are basically at the Inhuman level. Maybe even Lou Cheng too. What damned chance do you think we have? Do we even have to fight after I graduate and leave just you two on the team?" He Yifang said angrily, disappointed that his two younger brothers had failed to live up to his expectations.

The substitutes beside them were listening in on their daily argument with great enthusiasm, without any stress or worries about the upcoming match.

When He Santai finally finished his game and looked up, he said with great surprise, "Brother, I didn't know you were this kind of person… Y-You actually want the championship!"

One should really never judge a book by its cover! "N-No…" He Yifang replied, stunned.

"If not, why do you care so much about Peng Leyun, Ren Li, and Lou Cheng reaching the Inhuman level? Either way, there won't be any problem for us to advance from the team competition next year. As for the top four, we will have to see our luck." He Santai's expression said that he thought his brother was overthinking matters.

He Yifang was perplexed. "You are not wrong, b-but…"

He still felt like something was off, but he could not pinpoint what.

He Erlong chimed in, saying, "Everyone should have their ambitions…"

Before he could finish, his two brothers turned around to look at him. "Shut up, you anime addict!"

"Throw away all your figurines before saying that!"

After a short period of silence, their coach, who had zero presence, clapped his hands.

In a faint voice, he said, "It's time to go…"

The brothers exchanged glances and gradually rid themselves of their usual demeanor. Their eyes blazed with visible fighting desire.

"Let's go!" they spoke in unison as if only one person was speaking.

Songcheng might've been a strong team, but they wouldn't wait around to be defeated either! And it was not a completely hopeless situation.

With the number of new posts on Lou Cheng's fan forum dwindling, Yan Xiaoling and her roommates returned their attention to the screen. Nine fighters from both teams had stepped onto the arena.

Yan Zheke was standing with his back against Lin Hua's. So was Cai Zongming and Li Mao. Lou Cheng and Lin Que were standing in front of them, looking at the He brothers led by He Yifang, who stood in a triangle.

There was no talk time under the special competition format. The referee allowed both sides one minute to adjust themselves before raising his right hand.

"Begin!" Thump!

The He brothers walked to the side in uniform steps. Their movements were neat as their feet touched the ground. From afar, they looked like copies of the same person sticking to one another.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

They were walking down the same path at the same speed. To the audience's surprise, they were still able to maintain their position and distance while moving at high speeds. It seemed they were planning to move around Lou Cheng to directly attack Yan Zheke and Lin Ye with their abnormal flexibility and agility.

Chapter 376: Separation to Mount a Joint Attack

"Isn't that the f*cking Kage Bunshin no Jutsu?"

"Besides their height and appearance, they all look the same!"

When the second the match started, comments like these sprang up in every forum, Weibo, and on-screen comments section. On the arena, Lou Cheng shook his wrist and created two balls of silver light and fire respectively. The two balls instantly blocked the path of the He brothers in the air and on the ground.

Burning Ice and Flame!

Like an irritated cheetah, he tightened his leg muscles without any hesitation and turned himself sideways in a flash. He pounced on his opponent's back with a deadly killer move. Yan Zheke and Lin Hua kept very close together. They stepped forward slowly to face their opponents directly, with Lin Que, Li Mao, and Cai Zongming rushing up to them to attack the opponents from both sides.

Just then, the He brothers came to an abrupt stop and turned around to face Lou Cheng. The ball of silver light on the ground and the fireball floating in the air brushed past them, exploding into nothingness not far away and resulting in flames and fog!

Lou Cheng approached them just on time without slowing down. With a great kinetic energy propelling him, he straightened his back and waist. He withdrew his right arm and threw a Forward Punch at He Yifang, who was in the center of their formation.

Using his arm as a sword to fend Lou Cheng's attack, He Yifang felt a flood of force much greater than his the moment he touched Lou Cheng's fist. It forced him to take a step back with his body quivering. He Yifang had already anticipated Lou Cheng's action. He pulled on his shoulder with a sudden strength, drawing a semicircle with his sword-like arm. He changed his whipping and chopping motions to dragging and pulling, forcing Lou Cheng's punch to land on himself to weaken its terrifying force.

Under their combined impact, He Yifang's center of gravity swayed. His body was pulled forward and his feet were forced apart.

He Erlong and He Santai, who had been flanking him half a step behind, made their moves separately but simultaneously. One stabbed Lou Cheng's waist with his right arm and the other stepped to whip between Lou Cheng's legs, in perfect coordination with He Yifang's movements.

Heaven and Secular World Sword Formation!

Lin Ye and Yan Zheke were not their targets. They had just made a feint eastward, while truly attacking westward! Their true purpose was assaulting the leading player of the opposing team just as the match was beginning and the opponents were off guard!

In the face of the terrifying attacks from both sides, Lou Cheng took a quick breath to make his qi and blood flood back into his Dantian so his body would remain upright.


With force emerging from his Dantian, Lou Cheng swiped at He Erlong's right fist with his hand as if he was playing a pipa. An electric current coursing through his coccyx triggered his lower leg to kick at He Santai as he stood on the other leg like a golden rooster.

From the looks of it, it seemed that Lou Cheng had made this series of movements haphazardly. The truth was that he had made careful and calculated moves, clearly understanding what his opponents wanted to do.

Thud! Bang! He Erlong's fist was stained with five blood streaks. He Santai's whipping leg was hurled away by the force of Lou Cheng's kick.

Lou Cheng still took the upper hand when facing two opponents!
If Lou Cheng was their only opponent, the retreating He Yifang would have moved forward to attack Lou Cheng's vital parts. He would make the most out of the constant rotating feature of their formation, something even a mighty Sixth Pin fighter of the Dan stage would have difficulty escaping from. However, Songcheng had a size advantage over them. Lin Que, Yan Zheke and Cai Zongming were closing in!

He Yifang naturally had no desire to be besieged right at the start of the match. He took several steps back, turning around. Taking note that Lou Cheng was preoccupied with his brothers, He Yifang focused his strength at his feet and dashed to the front of Yan Zheke and Lin Hua. He ferociously twisted his waist and back and threw his arm.

Smack! His fist slammed onto Yan Zheke's face like the point of a sword.

Yan Zheke did not panic. Following her daily training, she stood with her toes inward and raised her arm to block his fist.

Lin Hua did not make any defensive moves. She took a small step forward and made a Downward Cut with Fist!

Their modus operandi was having each take up defense and attack respectively when it came to facing just a single opponent.

He Yifang abruptly gave up on pumping strength into his feet and dashed behind Yan Zheke in an eerie grace. He not only tore through the girl's defense, but also rendered Lin Hua's attack useless.

Smack! With his center of gravity lowered, He Yifang punched Yan Zheke on the right side of her back. He Yifang would've most definitely punched his opponent on the backbone had it been anyone else. But when it came to a beauty like Yan Zheke, he could not help restraining himself.

It was just like what someone had once said. Good looks were basically equal to the supernatural ability of charm!

On the other side, He Erlong, whose fist Lou Cheng had injured earlier, took the chance to dash away from Lou Cheng while he was in his golden rooster stance. He turned to pounce at the two girls without hesitation, throwing his left arm at Lin Hua, who was trying to help Yan Zheke.

He Santai jumped to turn around with his toes on the floor, dashing to Li Mao and Cai Zongming like the wind. Noticing his intention, Lin Que changed his direction halfway to rescue the girl. On the other side, Lou Cheng put down his leg to rush to his girlfriend.

It was another rotating pattern of the Heaven and Secular World Sword Formation, dividing the six Songcheng fighters into two groups! Yan Zheke felt helpless knowing she was unable to defend herself. Just then, she recalled scenes that had left a deep impression on her, and those taught her to imitate her boyfriend's reaction. She immediately bent down, taking the chance to lean to her side and whip her tightened leg backward as a Front Sweep!


She blocked He Yifang's arm with her foot just in time to save herself from his fatal attack. But her kick did not touch her opponent for she was much weaker compared to He Yifang, who had been in the Dan stage for a long time. If she borrowed his force to straighten herself, she would be instantly trapped in his upcoming string of killing movements.

An idea came to her. Instead of withdrawing her leg, she pulled the fascia in her leg taut to prevent it from bouncing. She stepped on He Yifang's arm, using the rebound force to reach her approaching boyfriend.

Not wanting to give up his chance, He Yifang closed into the girl who had not steadied her feet yet. Beside them, Lin Hua was barely able to hold on after taking He Erlong's punch.

At this moment, Lou Cheng had grown massively as he had transformed into a giant. With his muscles bulging, he approached He Yifang and punched him with his tightened arm. A ball of light emerged from Lou Cheng's hand, flying to He Erlong to save Lin Hua.

Instead of dodging or trying to protect himself, He Yifang tightened all his muscles, tendons, and vessels. He jumped a small step, fending Lou Cheng's attack with his arm.


The moment their arms collided, He Yifang was forced to take a few steps back to reduce the force pouring into him. On the other side, He Santai gave up trying to attack Li Mao and Cai Zongming and instead turned around to pounce on Lou Cheng's back like an eagle. He was obviously trying to attack Lou Cheng from both sides with his brother. He Santai moved so quickly that Lin Que, Cai Zongming, and Li Mao were immediately left in his dust. Another rotating pattern of the Heaven and Secular World Sword Formation, Rotating Cloud!

Yan Zheke had finally steadied herself and turned to knock into He Santai with her air-piercing arm. She wanted to replace her boyfriend to block the attack from behind.

But neither she nor Lou Cheng were telepathic. Unlike the He brothers, they were unable to cooperate perfectly. Lou Cheng's momentary hesitation in the face of He Santai's attack left a chance for He Yifang to take advantage of. He Yifang retreated several steps to get rid of Lou Cheng and dashed to where Li Mao and Cai Zongming were.

Simultaneously, He Erlong had also given up his pursuit and attack of Lin Hua. After dodging the Ice Burning, he pounced on the two other guys and attacked from both sides along with He Yifang.

Bang! He Santai blocked Yan Zheke's elbow and took the chance to change his direction, dodging Lin Hua's attack from behind. While drawing a semicircle with his flashing figure, he also rushed to Cai Zongming and Li Mao.

Cai Zongming had never felt frightened while standing in the arena, but when he saw that they were trapped in danger within seconds, he felt his heart doing a complete somersault. He immediately calmed himself down, visualizing an avalanche in his mind as he threw a blast punch at the quickly approaching He Yifang.

On the other side, Li Mao used his Brutal Blizzard and swiped at He Erlong with his tightened leg.

Bang! Bang!

Hands chopping and legs kicking, it didn't take much of He Yifang and He Erlong to fend off these attacks. Knowing that his brothers were safe, He Santai dashed across them without stopping and punched Cai Zongming and Li Mao on their faces with both fists. One immediately retreated and the other desperately moved his head downwards. Their stances were immediately broken and they were about to be badly injured by the He brothers.

Luckily, Lin Que and Lou Cheng arrived on time. The brothers had no choice but to give up risking a continued attack on the poor guys. They split their formation once again, leaving the fighting center in different directions.
Smack, smack, smack! Bang, bang, bang! As the match continued, the He brothers dashed back and forth between Lou Cheng and his teammates as if they were practicing their stances. Sometimes they would march separately, sometimes they would make a joint attack. But they never stopped for more than several seconds, never letting their fighting desire get ahead of them. Lou Cheng and his team were forced to follow them without any time to catch their breaths.

In the studio, Chen Sansheng cheered for the He brothers' performance. "The Heaven and Secular World Sword Formation! How unique and powerful!" The core of a formation was not only defense but also moving separately to make a joint attack!

"Sansheng, can you please tell us why this is formation so great?" Liu Chang asked with a smile, knowing it would still take some time before this round came to an end.

Wearing the same smile, Chen Sansheng replied, "We can see that the He brothers may be outnumbered, but they have been on the offense from the start. That is because they have their footwork and the rotating pattern of their formation to give them an advantage."

"Those who are interested can take this chance to observe their moving routes and the changes in distance between them. It is very interesting."

"Considering the stamina of the four weaker Songcheng fighters, the He brothers will wear them out If they keep going at it like this. Never mind their other weaknesses. Very soon, it will be Mingdao who will have the advantage in numbers!" "That sounds pretty neat, but Lou Cheng and his teammates don't seem like they are using their full strength. He hasn't even used his Nine Words Formula," Liu Chang said as if he had recalled something.

Chen Sansheng made his analysis. "It might not work even if Lou Cheng uses the Formula. The He brothers have been keeping a perfect distance between one another. Lou Cheng could at most affect one of them. Not to mention, the brothers could always save each other in time. If Lou Cheng could use his Nine Words Formula continuously, he would have broken their formation with the Bin Formula, followed by the Xing Formula. He obviously isn't capable of that."

"That sounds reasonable!" Liu Chang sighed with emotion.

On the arena, Lou Cheng noticed Yan Zheke and Lin Hua had deliberately led the He brothers to a good position. He made an eye contact with Lin Que and raised both hands to draw ancient characters in the air while speaking loudly at He Yifang.

"Bing!" He Yifang was stunned, feeling like he was surrounded by thousands upon thousands of soldiers and their horses.

He Erlong and He Santai rushed to save him without hesitation.

As long as He Yifang could pull himself through the two- second shock, the effect of the Bing Formula would be greatly weakened.

Just then, they once again heard the deep voice awaking some secret power.


This time the voice did not come from Lou Cheng. It was Lin Que! It was the same Lin Que who they had all neglected!

Chapter 377: Who Knows What They Were Thinking?


His fantastically downcast cadence rang throughout the arena. Accompanied with his silhouette flying out like a shooting star, it was enough to make Liu Chang and Chen Sansheng stupefied as they watched the live broadcast, and scared He Erlong and He Santai half to death.

Lin Que has grasped the Attainment Formula!

Out of nowhere, he has grasped the Attainment Formula!

Is it possible for a fellow disciple of the same clique to acquire this kind of secret discipline?

Thinking about of this, He Erlong and He Santai's pupils shrank into needle points. They were incapable of thinking, and their instincts had taken over. It was as if they had instinctively perceived something and their Qi and Blood rushed forth in a split second. They exerted all of their strength, spirit, and life force and condensing it all into one single point.


The Dan Stage rushed forth in a Volcanic Eruption. The two fighters' figures bulged and the ground cracked beneath their feet as they stomped down. Their figures rose into the air like arrows shooting towards the clouds.

Rushing towards disaster, each of their strengths on their own was enough and they had no choice but to attempt to store their power, no choice but to proceed with the plan as originally scheduled!

The secret know-how of the Heaven and Secular World Sword Formation, Cloud Piercing Lightning Sword!

This was an explosive upgrade in speed from their previous studies. After allowing their fellow brother in the formation to disrupt the enemies' flow and tempo, they each would have time to help and assist each other!

Previously, the He Brothers had twisted nimbly and rotated in successive order. From beginning to end, they had maintained their abilities. Even if Lou Cheng and Lin Que could catch up, they would just run into their strength and have no choice but to react first. It was hard to tangle with the enemy and then smoothly extricate yourself.

At Physical Invulnerability, or rather Training the inner radicular pulp to the Inhuman level, there could be a success with the inner radicular pulp. Warriors and other ambitious men who used the Vajra Body Defending Divine Skill to practice asceticism weren't up to the task. When confronting a lower ranked enemy, you always had to be cautious and proceed gently to avoid losing the forest for the trees. If you were ever not cautious, the chances were high that you would be injured and even perhaps sustain an internal injury.

The great majority of fighters in this stage could be considered to have a strong offense and weak defense. They could create a mortal injury by hitting another person only two or three times, but the same would happen to them if they were attacked by another in the same manner. Of course, they could use Force Concentration to convert their defensive power into offensive strikes, but they were afraid they would be hit in the process. However, the He Brothers' Swordplay was quite impressive, so there was no choice but to play defense, no choice but to avoid. Even if Lin Que employed the Yin-yang Twist, it would be the same.

Due to this and the previous rotations, the He Brothers had not only not used Cloud Piercing Lightning Sword, but they hadn't even been able to fully use their Dan Stage explosions. They had primarily focused on conserving their energy and putting a wrench in their relatively weak enemies' strategy.

Now, however, Lin Que's unexpected Attainment Formula was perfectly in sync with Lou Cheng's Army Formula. All at once, he had thrown the rule book out the window and had no choice but to hurriedly use all of his strength in a massive display of power!

Bang! Bang! The air was hit by the explosion from He Erlong and He Santai's Electric Sword as it pierced the clouds. Their distance between each other was relatively small, and very soon they'd only be a short distance from their brother Lin Que in terms of ability. Unless Lin Que made a forced attack regardless of danger, he wouldn't be able to take on He Yifang, who had nearly recovered from the Army Formula. However, if he went through this route, he not only would be leaving the arena, but there would be a real possibility of him sustaining an injury, enough to seriously influence future competitions.

In this moment, Lin Que, who was on the verge of creating a quick and terrible shadow sonic boom, halted just like he had done every time he had used Meteor Blast in the past.

There was an ear-piercingly shrill sound. He Erlong and He Santai had not thought that Lin Que would stop, and they threw themselves at empty space. Their opposition slid past them and took the initiative by moving to their side.

Bang! Lin Que pulled back as if using an emergency brake to stop his momentum, and soon after, by channeling Force Concentration and Yin-yang Twist through the soles of his feet, stomped ferociously on the ground.

The 16th style of the Fighting Sect, Earth Cracking!


The arena shook beneath them. He Erlong and He Santai didn't have enough time to complete their Electric Sword movement before encountering this and couldn't help but momentarily lose their balance. They hadn't quite collided with their opponent, but they were in a worse position as since the Army Formula had been made, their opponents had seemingly sharpened their skills to a fine point and had reinstated their energy to no small degree. Small cracks had already split open beneath the soles of their feet and a "whooshing" sound rushed forth from the splintering rocks. Afterwards, his left foot rushed forth violently, and his entire body went backward, his head still reeling and his muscles trembling. Lin Que stomped his foot and also borrowed some strength to jump, as if transforming into a bold and powerful falcon. He jumped towards the half-blocking He Erlong and He Santai, who were trembling in fear at the Army Formula, and stretched out his arms. Using the power that had been taken up by the "Earth Cracking" stance, he jumped, twisted in mid- air, and landed on the ground.

The judge beside them was immediately pulled to the side and was dizzily pulled around the arena, causing him to break away from the fight.

Pulled to the side, eliminated!

Lin Que had been very graceful just then. If he had truly unleashed his power, then the entire crowd would have been pulled to the side and you would have heard the sounds of their necks breaking and it would have felt like their brains had entered their chest!

He Erlong and He Santai knew that they couldn't win, but they were unwilling to admit defeat, so they collided into one another and bounced off each other, tracing a treacherous arc towards Lin Que with the intention to take advantage of the fact that his stance had not yet settled. A chain of strikes, left and right pressed together, pressed into one.

But this time, a strange howling emerged behind their backs. An Enveloping Shadow was coming; Lin Que was approaching at high speed!

In the eyes of the crowd, after Lou Cheng had made the Army Formula, he'd postponed his own attack. Lin Que had hurriedly charged, stopped for a moment, then jumped and arrived in a flash.

The hair stood up on the back of their necks and shadows appeared beneath their feet. He Erlong and He Santai's hearts trembled, and they didn't dare continue their flanking attack on Lin Que. They shifted their balance, changed their footwork, and once again traced an arc, progressing into a high-speed interweaving.

However, without He Yifang, Lou Cheng and Lin Que could each lock into an opponent and pursue them to the end. There was no need to worry about sustaining any injuries from their dual twisting and turning attacks.

He Erlong and He Santai really were close. Two against two, who would be scared!?

It also wasn't just the four of them in the arena. Yan Zheke, Lin Hua, Cai Zongming, and Li Mao had already fought hand to hand with Dan Stage Mighty Warriors multiple times. Their physical strength had been seriously depleted, but they still hadn't reached their limits. They could still put up a fight.

Against this interference, a few seconds later, He Erlong and He Santai's interweaving was gradually restricted, and the distance between them and Lou Cheng and Lin Que became shorter and shorter.


Lin Hua summoned his remaining strength, quickly thrust out his leg, and nimbly kicked forward, forcing He Erlong to change direction. Using Mercurial Balance, He Erlong pulled back his spine just in time and dodged to Lin Hua's left side.

However, Yan Zheke was already waiting for him. With a small hop and a skip, she lowered her shoulder and unleashed an explosive Burst Fist towards his abdomen.

After quickly sucking in a mouthful of air, He Erlong quickly sucked in the pit of his stomach and continued to move horizontally, attempting to bypass Yan Zheke.

However, with this kind of delay, Lou Cheng had already caught up to him and, with the force of his Qi and Blood, unleashed a vigorous Dan Stage Strike towards his legs. With extreme speed, he also kicked at his right foot fast enough to nearly create a phantom trace.

Once again, He Erlong was unable to dodge and he focused on Force Concentration. His legs suddenly bulged and he violently kicked to the side.

Bang! He Erlong was directly kicked to the side, and he quickly recovered his Qi and Blood with the Double Explosion. Lou Cheng used his rebound power and channeled it into his own body's Force Concentration, mixing the Brutal Blizzard and Dan Stage explosion.


His fist rushed forward like a hammer, and He Erlong promptly braced himself by putting his arms and shoulders together.

He pulled back one step, and then another. He Erlong repeatedly fell back and then centred himself. Frustrated, Lou Cheng once again collected his Qi and threw another punch, ferociously pouncing forward to take advantage of his opponent recently losing his stance. His right hand stretched forward like lightning, grasping towards his opponent's shoulder.

Qi and Blood, spirit, and strength were again all one. Lou Cheng's body swelled, his back twisted, and he grasped He Erlong. Extending his arm, he then took his opponent and threw him!


He Erlong's feet landed on the ground. Stupefied, he was standing outside of the arena!

When it came down to it, Lou Cheng's consecutive strikes and Brutal Blizzard styles joined together were enough to make any Seventh Pin or Eighth Pin Dan Stage fighter doubt themselves!

In addition, Li Mao's fist became like a whip through his grandiose "Mega Avalanche". The instant He Santai changed his stance, he thrust forward and was very near to Cai Zongming's proximity.

Little Ming's back bowed slightly and his right arm stretched forward to block. Tangled together, his left fist rushed towards He Santai's Dantian. At this kind of distance, He Santai simply couldn't dodge and could only shift his shoulder and violently raise his arm. Just in time, he stretched his fist and rested it on his lower abdomen.


As Cai Zongming hit, he could feel his opponents Qi and Blood, spirit, and strength all coalescing together, to the extent that it felt as if he was hitting a single point.

He Santai had just done Force Concentration and had heard a loud booming sound behind him. It was like he had felt an explosion at the bottom of the soles of his feet that were resting on the arena, causing him to violently sway back and forth.

Lin Que had already done the Fighting Sect's Earth Cracking!

Bam! His Qi released and he subconsciously threw his feet down and pressed against the cracks and cracked, flying bricks in the ground, maintaining his body's balance. Bang! Li Mao caught up and leaned to the side, threw out his elbow horizontally, and hit He Santai directly in the spine. Cai Zongming spread his fingers, his fist wide open. Relying on his joints and tendons, he struck twice, as quick as a bullet, pressing down on He Santai's stomach and sticking to his clothing like glue!

Ahead there were wolves, and behind there were tigers. Furthermore, Cai Zongming had already dissolved his Force Concentration. He Santai could only draw in a breath of air and watch as the judge made his decision. The crowd blasted their vuvuzelas as he heard:

"The final result, Songcheng University Martial Arts Club wins!"

During special competition format, there was more than one judge.

... "The final result, Songcheng University Martial Arts Club wins!"

Accompanied by the judge's announcement, the crowd cheered and cried all around.


"The final result, Song Cheng University Martial Arts Club wins!"

In the live broadcast, ever since Lin Que had taken the Attainment Formula, the speechless and stupefied presenter, Liu Chang, and special guest Chen Sansheng had finally come to their senses.

"Brilliant! I'd never thought Lin Que would say anything like that!" Liu Chang said, full of emotion. "I know, who would've thought?!" Chen Sansheng said in a complicated tone.

Liu Chang thought for a moment, and with rising doubts said, "Now that Lin Que has the Attainment Formula, why is it that he and Lou Cheng never cooperated like this before?"

"As for the matter of distance, the He Brothers are superior in this regard. They would be free from the influence of the Army Formula, and it was more convenient for them to help each other. Even though Lin Que had taken the Attainment Formula, he couldn't necessarily grasp those two or three seconds to invade and attack the opposition's spirit, let alone trap them," Chen Sansheng explained in detail.

"No, no, no, I should say earliest," Liu Chang hurriedly corrected himself.

"Earliest? At the earliest moment, was Lou Cheng not being attacked by the He Brothers? By turning over his hand and making the Army Formula, the He Brothers received the brunt of it. Lin Que figured that by taking the Attainment Formula, they wouldn't be able to get the upper hand on them!" Chen Sansheng analyzed the beginning of the match.

Liu Chang shook his head and once more made a correction. "No, I should say at the beginning, when Lou Cheng used Burning Ice and Flame to stop the He brothers. At that time, as long as he made the Army Formula to control He Santai, He Erlong, and the other competitor to move their inertia forward, he could find a spare moment, an opening. Due to their distance being relatively small, it'd definitely influence them. Afterwards, Lin Que's Attainment Formula would be enough to take care of He Santai. Have I not repeated what just happened?"

In other words, at that time, if Songcheng University had done things like this, the match would have been over in just a few seconds!

"This... " Upon hearing this, Chen Sansheng was dumbstruck. He exerted all of his strength to try and come up with ways and factors that would have prevented Songcheng University from carrying things out in this way, but after a long while, he couldn't come up with anything. All he could do was respond with, "Who knows what they were thinking?"

Chapter 378: Both Parties Win Out

"Who knows what they were thinking? Hahaha, their way of thinking was simple. They were merely planning on seizing the opportunity for a substitute, was it?" It hadn't been long since Chen Sansheng's tone changed. "Superstitious Belief Is Bad." This was barely suitable for such an important individual's thoughts to be put on Weibo. "It's enough to make you laugh."

His remarks were akin to "The famous commentator He Xiaowei".

The two co-workers were mortal enemies...

"Yes, who'd have thought that Songcheng University was this strong!"

"In the next round, Huahai risks facing being broken by Mingdao. With the two of them unexpectedly facing one another, it's like a mouse having to fight a cat!" "And furthermore, Lou Cheng still hasn't properly given a real show. He's been cool as a cucumber from head to toe, contrary to Lin Que, who's exposed a few of his secrets."

"Chen Sansheng, you need to get your eyes checked. You're giving him a hard time, but he was still previously a Sixth Pin fighter. You're not seeing clearly and you still haven't properly complimented the man."

"Who isn't a genius in retrospect?"

In the midst of the discussion, Yan Xiaoling, aka Eternal Nightfall, excitedly swiped through Weibo. As she searched, she saw complimentary words towards Lou Cheng everywhere. Her heart fluttered and she was giddy with excitement as she forwarded the messages and said,

"Doesn't this demonstrate that Songcheng University is stronger than Huahai? That the chances of them leaving the next round as the winner are larger?" Just after having sent the message, she suddenly stopped in her tracks. She'd forgotten how He Xiaowei and the others had jinxed people by forecasting their victory beforehand.

If... if he makes his position clear on this side, then will my good intentions sabotage everything?

As these thoughts surfaced, Yan Xiaoling began to tremble. After a second, she deleted the message that she had just sent, and then silently prayed,

"They saw nothing, they saw nothing, they saw nothing... "

After doing this, she switched her interface to Lou Cheng's fan forum, feeling that consulting "Unparalleled Dragon King" was the best thing to do.

At the moment, a congratulatory post was already occupying the front page. "So easy!" All Good Names Are Taken By Dogs said, using an emoji.

Brahman laughed heartily. "Haha, shame on me for being so nervous when watching. Everything was a trick all along! These idols are all rotten!"

"Gah, they haven't even used this month's set of tricks... " Okamoto's Fan said disinterestedly. "My money is on Mingdao. I reckon if Songcheng University loses, I can at least make enough money to satisfy my needs. If Songcheng University wins, then I'll be trading my money for happiness. Either way, I can't lose... "

Yan Xiaoling couldn't help but look with a smile and laugh at Unparalleled Dragon King.

"My friends, Lou Cheng and them won against Huahai easily.
Isn't group 1 already settled?"

"I'll settle your head! Haven't you heard of self-restraint? Their characteristics aren't the same, their specialties aren't the same. Taking an identical opponent's behavior and judging it to be the norm is completely inaccurate!" Unparalleled Dragon King playfully scolded Yan Xiaoling.

Yan Xiaoling "wept" and replied, "I just don't understand how to ask you for guidance! Should I act like I've been wronged, or that I'm sad, or perhaps that I'm feeling low?"

"Alright, alright, I'll be serious. No one could have predicted that Lin Que would have uttered the phrase 'Attainment', but I'm afraid that's not all. This matches up with Lou Cheng's Army proclamation, and it just so happens that these aspects of self-control all existed in reduced form in Brother He Shishan, so beating them was fairly easy. Also, Ann Chaoyang didn't have enough energy to attack using any secret discipline and also didn't have any supernatural ability. By simply relying on martial arts strength, they were broken. At most they had Xing Jingjing's secret techniques to rely on, so of course the difficulty wasn't the same."

Unparalleled Dragon King explained in detail, "You can see through real combat that Ann Chaoyang was at least at an ordinary Sixth Pin level. It was Lou Cheng's first time meeting a powerful enemy in a competition, and he had to take all of his strength and skill and just hope that he could win against this powerful foe."

Yan Xiaoling paid close attention, and after a long while replied giddily,

"Looking forward to our man Lou Cheng unleashing all of his firepower!"


In the arena, Lou Cheng watched the He Brothers' dejected silhouettes leave the arena. As he heard the cheers and applause of the crowd, and the congratulatory blasting of vuvuzelas, he adopted a stance. For the first time, he turned and went in front of Yan Zheke with an expression of happiness, extended his right hand towards her, traced along the corner of her mouth and asked,

"What'd you think?" Yan Zheke's cheeks were scarlet due to both the intensity of battle and her own excitement. Her pupils were sparkling as she looked down at Lou Cheng's palm and, gasping for air, she said,

"Not bad!"

Even though the He Brothers hadn't attacked her more than twice, and she hadn't quite been able to catch up with Lou Cheng and Lin Que due to their entrapments and rotations, their coordination had been quite remarkable. They again had the superiority of state, and as before, it had allowed Yan Zheke and Lin Hua to together experience no small amount of trials. It had allowed her to gain personal experience through actual combat despite her not being an Eight Pin Dan Stage Fighter capable of using Force Concentration. She'd made out like a bandit.

The two of them laughed at one another. Lou Cheng took a step beside Lin Hua and gave her a high five while also praising her.

"Not a bad performance!" As Sun Jian and Lin Hua both could not meditate, it was hard for them to penetrate and get a grasp on inner training. Under these circumstances, their martial arts strength improved slowly but surely, and the difference in level between the two them was getting smaller and smaller and was nearly equal. At this point, the more attentive Lin Hua surpassed her boyfriend regarding the competition order.

"I feel that way myself," Lin Hua responded humorously.

Shifting himself, Lou Cheng faced Li Mao again and stretched out his hand, laughing.

"You did well!"

Li Mao snorted, slapped Lou Cheng's hand, and added,

"I really didn't think that I could last that many moves with a Dan Stage Mighty One... " Even though they hadn't been consecutive!

Lou Cheng laughed in response and turned his head to the side to face Cai Zongming. He hadn't had enough time to extend his hand and speak when he heard classmate Little Ming, elated, start to speak.

"Haha, I beat a Dan Stage Mighty One!"

It's just that you made the last move, but... Lou Cheng's mouth twitched, and he didn't acknowledge this.

Finally, he faced Lin Que, trying to think of what to say, but once again not coming up with anything, so he simply extended his right hand.

Lin Que's expression was indifferent and his eyes were serene as he slapped Lou Cheng's hand and calmly said,

"You did well." No need to copy me... no need to steal my lines... Lou Cheng was slightly stupefied as his brother-in-law turned and headed towards the stone steps, and he suddenly and vividly recalled Reporter Shu's "dry humor".

It hadn't been long since the term had started, and Yan Zheke was going to hand down the Attainment proclamation to Lin Que, wait for him to grasp the basics, and then allow him to replace herself as the go-between for her grandparents.

The background of the story was that Lin Que was also very interested in the Nine Words Formula and had wanted to get some information on it from his cousin. He would often meticulously study it, and as a result, he and his cousin would together go and consult Lou Cheng, who had managed to grasp the Nine Words Formula. Lou Cheng would, out of the goodness of his heart, disregard any kind of pricing and help them refine themselves. Combined with his own refining studies, he would then finally understand the Attainment proclamation.

The kindhearted and sincere Lou Cheng had not concealed this and had taken the initiative by allowing Lin Que and Yan Zheke to use the Attainment proclamation, to the point of apologetically making up for it with a Swordsman Formula, which was considered to be an extension of Shushan Study.

Look, look at these promising youths! They wouldn't dare cheat one another. They'd return any property they found to its rightful owner, wouldn't steal a penny from anyone, and had both noble character and honest disposition!

As for whether Yan Zheke's grandparents believed this story, Lou Cheng frankly didn't care. At present, he was confident enough to enter the Ji household.

A few members of the Song Cheng University Martial Arts Club waved their arms and sent their greetings from all around. As there were still rounds remaining in the competition, they couldn't stay for long. In succession they stepped off of the arena and met with Geezer Shi, He Zi, and others before walking towards the locker room.

As they were walking, Lou Cheng leaned his head to the side and looked at Yan Zheke. He could only see that she was immersed in her thoughts and her eyes were shining brightly. "What are you thinking about?" Lou Cheng asked in a low voice.

Yan Zheke pursed her lips, smiled with twinkling eyes, and said,

"Thinking about how the fight went."

Unable to conceal her pride, she added another sentence.

"And about how good I did!"

Pfft... Lou Cheng almost lost it. He felt that this Little Ke was too cute.

At the locker room entrance, he turned his head and stared back at his teammates. Coincidentally, he and Cai Zongming locked eyes. "Hehe, I beat a Dan Stage Mighty One!" Classmate Little Ming happily repeated.

"You finished staring or what?" Lou Cheng teased.

Cai Zongming tsked and said, "Of course I'm not done. I'm still waiting for the competition to be broadcast so that I can cut off the last part and send it to all my friends!"

"I've never met such a shameless individual... " Lou Cheng laughed dryly as he derided Talker.

"Thank you for your kind words!" Cai Zongming replied, paying him no mind.

The two still hadn't finished talking when they heard Sun Jian, who had entered the locker room first, and others shouting in unison.

"Top eight! Top eight!" After Shanbei, the Songcheng University Martial Arts Club was now locked into the top eight!

Next up would be the small group fighting for the top place!


Three minutes later, the other locker room door opened. Ann Chaoyang, who was in the lead, walked out together with the members of the Huahai Martial Arts Club.

Like Lou Cheng and the others, they hadn't followed with the fighting of their opponent in the same group before the match.

While Lou Cheng and his fellows, who had just defeated Mingdao, were applying medicine and relaxing their muscles after they had taken showers, they were watching the broadcast on the television. In the first round, Ann Chaoyang had shown the initiative by going on stage and also faced Soul Voice Han Peipei. Under the circumstances where there were no Army or Attainment Formulas, he'd relied on his fluid and water-like footwork to rapidly reduce the distance between himself and his opponent. After doing this to a certain extent, he produced a Dan Stage Eleven Consecutive Strikes, leaning on his speed and reaction time to devour Han Peipei's sound wave feedback, just like when Lou Cheng had faced Liu Xunzhen.

In 43 seconds, Han Peipei was defeated!

In the second round, by using ascetic practice that belonged to the Water Sect, Ocean Star, Ann Chaoyang was able to surpass the usual strength of a Sixth Pin, and for the first time he used a Simplified Physical Invulnerable Move called Deluge. Under the circumstances, which included lingering influences of nausea and dizziness, victory was his.

In the third round, Ann Chaoyang was first to leave the arena. In the fourth round, Piao Yuan easily beat Wu Yong, and Huahai defeated Hudong at the score of three to one.

So far, the two teams in group D to advance had been confirmed. And the first one would obtain an advantageous position in the Top Eight Competition!


In the locker room, after watching Ann Chaoyang's fight, Li Mao, Sun Jian, and the others subconsciously looked towards Lou Cheng.

Lou Cheng patted his martial arts suit with obvious fighting desire in his eyes. He got up leisurely and said,

"Let's go, we should get back."

There were only four days left until the next round of the competition! While taking the bus back, Yan Zheke occasionally would discuss with Lou Cheng with excitement if there was something she could've improved in the previous fight in the arena and talk about the fighting tactics of An Chaoyang.

then they hit a traffic jam half way there, and her excitement began to fade and the aftereffects began to appear.

"Cheng, I'm going to sleep for a bit. Wake me up when we get there." Yan Zheke moved her body, looking for a comfortable position to lean her head on Lou Cheng.

"Alright." Lou Cheng smiled and nodded.

Not long after, Yan Zheke began to dream. As she slept, the corner of her mouth had suspiciously glistening marks that slid down.

More than half an hour later, the bus finally got back to the hotel. Lou Cheng leaned his head and looked at the girl with a smile. Softly reaching out his hand, he reached toward her other arm, twisted his waist, and, using delicate force, managed to put her on his back.

The entire process went smoothly; Yan Zheke wasn't the slightest bit perturbed.

Taking her martial art suit, martial arts shoes, and other various female bits and bobs, Lou Cheng carried Yan Zheke on his back and steadily walked off the bus. Lin Hua and Sun Jian were behind him and they couldn't help but give him grief.

"Look at the way Cheng is treating his girlfriend!"

Chapter 379: The Post

Upon hearing that, Sun Jian felt funny yet awkward. They had been in love before, and were now like a long-time couple, so why should they even care about this?

Cheng had been dating Yan Zheke for more than a year and was still full of enthusiasm. No wonder he started exercising at 5:30 AM every morning regardless of the weather.

"He made himself the enemy of every man!" whispered Sun Jian.

Meanwhile, he turned to the other members of the Martial Arts Club, trying to evoke an echo.

However, after looking around, he sadly found that everyone was indifferent to it. He could even read their minds.

Li Mao: "Excuse me, I am not in a relationship..." Wang Dali: "Me neither..."

Lin Que: "What is a girlfriend?"

Coach Shi: "My wife passed away long ago... "

Cai Zongming: "I have a girlfriend but she is not here to see the public affection displayed by Cheng... "

"Well... " Sun Jian covered his face and sighed.

Carrying Yan Zheke on his back, Lou Cheng passed the hall quietly on his tiptoes. They took the lift to her room. Lou Cheng opened her bag that he knew well, took out the room card, and opened the door.

Groping for the bed, Lou Cheng lowered his head and bent backwards, putting Yan Zheke down on the bed slowly. He then fetched the quilt and tucked her in. Lou Cheng stretched his body and controlled his Tremor force, massaging Yan Zheke's arms, thighs, and lower legs so as to ease the soreness.

Then he squatted down and took off Yan Zheke's shoes and socks to give her feet a relaxing massage. Afterwards, he covered her feet with the quilt.

Finally, Lou Cheng came to the head of the bed, bent down and kissed Yan Zheke on her lips, saying in a low voice,

"Good night."

After drawing the curtains and turning off the light, Lou Cheng closed the door without any sound and left the room quietly.

The room was awfully quiet and dark, except for the little light that came in through the curtains, which made the room tranquil. Breathing evenly, Yan Zheke suddenly opened her left eye and looked around before getting up and gazing at the door.

"You are such an idiot, Cheng. Good night," she said to herself, filled with joy.

As a girl with self-discipline, she woke up when the bus stopped. She was not sleeping on Lou Cheng's back, she was just pretending to be asleep and enjoyed the tender care from her boyfriend.

Ding! A new message came in on her phone.

Err... Yan Zheke picked up her phone and saw Lou Cheng's smiling face on the screen. He said, "Beauty, it's time to get up and brush your teeth."

"You! You knew I was awake the whole time?" Yan Zheke was shocked stiff. "The heartbeat and other body functions are different when you are asleep," said Lou Cheng. "I can easily perceive your body signals with my Listening Skill and Ice Mirror."

Yan Zheke made a wry smile, saying, "I cannot pretend to sleep from now on? Your ability kills all the fun!"

"No. I could play the fool as I did a moment ago." Lou Cheng was delighted.

"…I don't want to talk anymore." Yan Zheke turned sideways, hit the pillow, and then she held it in her arms with a broad smile on her face.

Lou Cheng was already in his own room, sitting on his bed and resting on a cushion when he typed, "Okay, stop talking and kiss me!"

"Nonsense!" Yan Zheke suddenly remembered that she had something to ask. "Cheng, may I ask you something?" "Sure. What is it?" Lou Cheng found his girlfriend extremely curious.

"What is your type?" Yan Zheke sent an emoji of a pensive look. "Dirty Tong goes crazy over the collarbone, others love long hair. What about you?"

"Me? I'm addicted to my little fairy," answered Lou Cheng without hesitation.

I knew it! Yan Zheke puckered up her lips and her dimples surfaced in her cheeks as she replied, "I am afraid that answer is too vague. Relax, I am not trying to trick you."

"I mean it. Your eyes, nose and lips, ears and earlobes, neck and collarbone, I'm addicted to them all. I also like..." Lou Cheng felt a subtle lust while talking about the subject.

"Stop! It's getting erotic!" said Yan Zheke with a blushing face. "Alright. What do you think I love most?" Lou Cheng restrained himself from rushing to her room to do something.

Yan Zheke sent an emoji of a detective. "When I wear a skirt, you glance at my legs a lot, covertly sometimes. Plus, you acted weird when you gave me a foot massage. You are obsessed with my legs and feet, aren't you?"

"Oh... Did she notice? Or is it a woman's intuition?" Lou Cheng felt a sense of shame while saying, "A little bit... And I already told you that I love every part of your body... "

"Don't. Save it. Well, I need to brush my teeth and go to bed now. Good night!" Yan Zheke did not care, because Li Liantong had taught her that it was entirely normal. Actually, Yan Zheke was glad to know Lou Cheng's secret. She got out of the bed and ran to the bathroom.

They said goodnight to each other. Yan Zheke was exhausted and fell asleep immediately. Lou Cheng, on the other hand, still had time to browse the web forum and Weibo, enjoying the compliments and expectations for the Martial Arts Club. Meanwhile, he also checked the Longhu Club web forum.

Since Lou Cheng was busy practicing martial arts, dating, and studying, he skimmed through the news to keep up with the real world, but rarely posted any comments.

In the last year or so, some disputes took place on the Longhu Club forum. For instance, Sun, who loved to post her selfies and won a swarm of followers, was involved in a scandal when her selfies were stolen by others, which caused the anger of the masses. People even doubted whether Sun was a she or a he. Since then, Sun had completely disappeared from the forum.

Nevertheless, there was no aftereffect. For a month or two, another girl posted her selfies and people praised her. It was as if nothing had happened.

A web forum reflects all of society in a more concentrated way. Lou Cheng was always an onlooker and rarely commented. Nevertheless, he learned a lot of strange information and extraordinary affairs online. After finishing the first page of the forum, Lou Cheng quit the app and went to brush his teeth. When he came back, he received a new message from Qiu Hailin, the Old Ban.

"Congratulations on your success in entering the next round."

"As usual, Old Ban's text is like an official statement... " Lou Cheng laughed and replied,

"Thank you."

In the female dormitory of Capital College.

"He replied! He replied!" Ding Yixin and Du Yiyin gathered around Qiu Hailin, making a big fuss. Qiu Hailin had a ponytail, revealing her forehead, and showed a reserved smile.

"It's no big deal. We are good friends."

In a hotel not far from the martial arts arena in the Capital city, Ann Chaoyang, Piao Yuan, and Xing Jingjing were gathered in Ann's room, reviewing the match video between Songcheng and Mingdao.

"Songcheng never fails to surprise us. They already had Lou Cheng, and now there is also Lin Que." Piao Yuan rubbed his bald head.

Zhang Dongliang had not fully recovered from his injuries. He frowned and said, "Lou Cheng preserved his real strength. Only 30% of his skills were displayed." "More or less... " Liu Yuntao, who suffered the same injuries as Zhang Dongliang, answered with a severe face.

Standing at a distance, Xing Jingjing looked serious.

Piao Yuan felt elated and said, "Huh, Lou Cheng is like Peng Leyun from two years ago."

He displayed an aura of death, formidable and unstoppable!

Ann Chaoyang winked and smiled.

"Last year, when Lou Cheng fought Peng Leyun, he was already like Peng Leyun. Since then, Lou Cheng has become a fighter beyond comparison."

He had become a serious and honorable fighter!

… Two days later, when Capital and Guangnan made it to the next round, the official Weibo account of the National University Martial Arts Competitions released a post, showing the key matches in the third round.

On the left side of the post was Ann Chaoyang in a deep blue martial arts suit with a handsome face and bright eyes. He was elegant and refined in gesture. On the right side was Lou Cheng in a white martial arts suit, tall and straight. His well- proportioned features indicated he was a real fighter.

Besides, there were slogans for each fighter on the post.

"Once upon a time, he was a champion. After three years of preparation, he has returned to fight!"

"He's rising in the new generation like a shooting star and he is here to fight!"

"A crouching tiger VS a howling wolf." When he saw the post, Lou Cheng's blood was racing. He almost cried out after reading the last line of the slogan.

Chapter 380: The Unparalleled

When she saw the post, Yan Zheke turned to her boyfriend, who put on an awkward expression. Then she suddenly banged the bed with her fists and laughed wildly.

"Actually 'Sky Shaking Roar' fits you well, especially now that you have accomplished the Nine Words Formula. Especially since you shouted and howled every time you fought."

Lou Cheng had no choice but to agree with her. "The name sounds barbaric and vulgar. As they said, the producers of Apotheosis of Fighters in the Gaofen TV station are safe and sound thanks to the self-disciplined fighters they ridiculed. For example, me... "

Yan Zheke stopped making fun of her boyfriend and refreshed her Weibo to see people's ideas about the upcoming match.

Mo Jingting sent an emoji of a smiling cat, saying, "My junior master is the best!" Shi Yuejian of Wuyue Club used the smiling emoji with a covered mouth, saying, "It seems like a trial match between the Wuyue and Xinghai Clubs."

The Three Gentlemen of Chen posted an article on Weibo:

"I was asked if Lou Cheng and Ann Chaoyang were both in their best condition, who would win the match? Here is what I think."

"Ann Chaoyang isn't a disciple of any school or sect, nor is he gifted at all. However, he holds a special insight of martial arts and has always brought forth new ideas. Finally, he reached the Dan stage and found favor in the Queen of Thought's eyes and came into contact with the top fighters."

"Now, as we have seen, all of these years of hard work turned into actual results. He became a fighter with Sixth Pin and accomplished a simplified physical invulnerability and so on. He has proven himself to be the direct descendant of top fighters with no apparent weakness." "The skills of the Water Sect, the Earth Sect, and Tai Chi are taught in the Xinghai Club, but Ann Chaoyang exhibited none of these skills, which indicates he is actually something more than we have yet to see."

"As for Lou Cheng, since the national competition, he has handled the matches skillfully and easily. Some doubt that he has been preserving half of his strength. Even if it's true, Lou Cheng brought us the surprise of Attainment Formula. What if he spares no effort and goes all out? I am very much looking forward to it!"

"The first two matches cannot be used as a reference due to their limited rules. Moreover, although Ann Chaoyang has a lack of secret skills for a Spiritual attack, the vagaries of the Water Sect can cripple the opponent using similar methods. Therefore, Ann would not be at a disadvantage."

"So, in my opinion, it would be a close contest."

After reading the article, Yan Zheke began to skim through the comments. The first comment expressed Yan's feelings exactly:

"A close contest? Is that your opinion after so much nonsense?"

And more similar comments followed:

"Are you really a professional commenter?"

"You cannot be serious!"


Yan Zheke reposted what she saw to Lou Cheng and she carried on scrolling through Weibo.

An All-knowing Man in Ganghood said, "Lou Cheng seemed an unfathomable rival, but, actually, he's just mastered many skills and tricks to protect against a particular enemy, while Ann Chaoyang hasn't given full play to his strength. He's a senior fighter, more experienced than Lou Cheng, so I personally expect Ann to win."

Superstitious Belief is Bad posted:

"There is nothing worth predicting. Remember, what is a real fighter? He may not be one state or at least two ranks higher than his opponent, but he will always win. Regardless of whether or not you think highly of him, Lou Cheng is such a fighter!"

More comments were popping up as soon as He Xiaowei posted on Weibo.

"Alright. I bet on Ann Chaoyang winning the match!"

"Wei is no less than a prophet!" "He has it all figured out. I gamble on Ann Chaoyang!"

Yan Zheke put on a wry smile and blurted, "Cheng, the so- called prophet is trying to curse you!"

While browsing through the web forum, Lou Cheng was momentarily stunned and then he chuckled. "I am not afraid of his prophecy."

"Why?" Yan Zheke blinked.

Lou Cheng laughed. "Because of you, my dear Coach Yan. I have your blessings."

Ha... Yan Zheke couldn't help but laugh and pretended to be stuck in an awkward situation. "But I will fight the match this time. I can barely fend for myself... "

"You are likely to fight against your best friend!" Lou Cheng added with a little concern. "You are evenly matched rivals in terms of strength, but her illusion supernatural ability that disturbs the air could be a thorny problem... "

"It's fine." Yan Zheke raised her head. "As I told you, Jingjing's supernatural ability arose from her fear. In other words, the fight or flight mental state. She can make the most of that skill when she confronts male fighters. However, I am a girl and her best friend. Her true fear and intimidation may not be aroused so easily."

"If she's in the wrong mental state, her illusion supernatural ability will be weakened. Is that right?"

Lou Cheng suddenly saw the light. "Correct!"

It did sound quite reasonable!

"I know!" Yan Zheke's face lit up and her demeanor clearly showed her joy. "My dear Coach Yan!" Lou Cheng paid her an enormous compliment.

At 7:10 PM, April 14th.

In Capital city, a light drizzle that moistened the climate fell all day. Outside of the martial arts arena, a flock of the audience had gathered and they came pouring in. They jubilantly talked about the impending match, a key moment in this year's competition.

In the office of the Martial Arts Club of Capital College, Shen You, Chen Diguo, and others gathered to set up the projector.

A few minutes passed. They saw Ren Li come in with Jiang Kongchan and everyone relaxed, taking pride in that chubby girl.

Victory was assured this time!

The members of the Martial Arts Club of Shanbei University got together to watch the live match. Martial arts lovers and idlers were also here drinking beer and making noise. The atmosphere had been electrified.

In such a place and surrounded by hot girls, Peng Leyun and the others just ordered some mineral water while the other people kept at a distance of five steps.

Xu Wannian was quite disappointed. He had commented that it was too crowded for everyone to watch the match in one room, so he proposed that they could find a bar and have some fun. Their coach, Huang Qing, consented to his suggestion, but the coach would join them at the bar. He peered at his coach, the middle-aged man with grey hair, and the severity of his coach killed all their fun.

Ah... Let us focus on the match between Songcheng and

Li Xiaoyuan was staying in a well-decorated hotel room. He turned on the lights and TV. There were boxes of food and snacks sitting on the table and across the carpet.

Li Xiaoyuan put away his video games and glanced at Zhen Huansheng, the club manager, who was tanned to a deep bronze. He was awfully quiet, while Xi Meng and the others were having a lively discussion.

"Our senior brother is stressed out... " Li Xiaoyuan combed his hair as he guessed. …

In the broadcast room, with the martial arts suits of Songcheng and Huahai hanging on the wall, the host and Liu Chang took a look at the materials and laughed,

"We will come back to Hudong and Mingdao later. Sansheng, let us talk about Huahai and Songcheng first."

The first match tonight would be Hudong VS Mingdao.

"What's there to talk about? All kinds of rumors and predictions are spreading everywhere." Chen Sansheng played with his pen.

"Who will be on the list of fighters for the match tonight?" Liu Chang was trying to find a topic.

Chen Sansheng carried on playing with his pen as he said, "That's easy. Lou Cheng and Lin Que will definitely be on the list tonight. As for the third fighter, they may choose Yan Zheke, a good substitute. As for Huahai, things get trickier. Zhang Dongliang and Xing Jingjing are close and each have their own strong points. It will not be surprising to see either of them on the list. But Zhang Dongliang has not yet recovered
and I doubt that he would strive to be in the quarterfinals."

Even while saying so, he couldn't help but sigh. "It is common to find fighters who have different levels in a martial arts club in universities. In the professional league, you would at least have to be a fighter with Eighth Pin to be Lou Cheng's substitute."

"There is nothing we can do about that. The universities have their own concerns. There is a fixed number of good fighters the universities can recruit every year, and then every team starts on equal footing. Until Peng Leyun and Ren Li joined the game, the top fighters were getting stronger every year. However, it is not easy to find sparring substitutes." Liu Chang had hosted several times for the National University Martial Arts Competitions and he was stirred deeply. "Well, let us talk about what order Huahai and Songcheng should arrange their fighters tonight." "Since the fighters are at different levels, I guess Yan Zheke and Xing Jingjing will be last. But who will be the first... " Chen Sansheng laughed grimly. "The only possible way is... "

"The only possible way?" Liu Chang interrupted.

"A fighter this young, with such capabilities, is proud and confident. I think Lou Cheng and Ann Chaoyang are longing to fight each other at their best!" Said Chen Sansheng. He seemed immersed in his memories of when he was young and high- spirited and sweeping over the arena.

In the locker room for the Song Cheng University Martial Arts Club, Lou Cheng looked at Geezer Shi, who put on a faint smile as he was unable to suppress the fighting will and stepped forward while saying,

"Coach, I want to be the first fighter." …

Meanwhile, in the locker room for Huahai, Ann Chaoyang pulled out a headband to wind around his hair as he said in a calm tone,

"Coach, let me take the lead."

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