Martial Arts Master Chapter 361-370

Chapter 361: Just A Favor


It was unnaturally quiet. Once Lou Cheng saw the wheels stop spinning, he let go of the car. The damaged car hit the ground hard. The driver, who was above age 30, was shocked and frightened.

When Lou Cheng was about to step forward and drag the drunkard out so he could beat him, some neighbors rushed over and asked,

"What happened?"

"What have you done?"

"What's going on?" At this moment, the kids who were struck dumb with fear, started to cry out. What a mess!

Mr. Yue, the middle-aged man, finally recovered. After gazing at Lou Cheng from behind for a while, he barely managed to swallow his saliva while trying to concentrate on what really mattered.

Suddenly, rage filled his heart. He held his kid and shouted loudly,

"That drunk bastard was driving and almost hit Junfei and his friends! If it was not for that young man, the kids would already be dead!"

Infuriated, the neighbors began swearing as they rushed toward the black car while the kids were still crying.

"Damn you!" "You bastard!"

"I want to strangle you!"

Amid shouts of cursing, the crowd went around Lou Cheng and opened the door of the car, dragging the driver out to the river bank nearby. The driver received a good beating from the crowd.

"Ah! Help!" The driver gave piteous cries. Lou Cheng's lips twitched as he stepped back, pretending he did not hear the shouts. The drunkard deserved to be punishment.

Honestly, Lou Cheng was also shocked by the indignant feelings of the public, so he missed his chance to give the driver a bitter lesson.

As the saying goes, "One cannot afford to incur public wrath". "Help ..." The driver was pushed into the river and began choking on a mouthful of water. After he was dragged out, he finally sobered up a little. He started to understand the situation he was in, so he shouted out in a sobbing tone, "Call the police! Now!"

Again, he was pushed into the river and beaten some more. Due to venting their anger, everyone seemed calm now. Mr. Yue came back to his senses first and tried to stop the other villagers from doing anything that might kill the driver.

In light of the situation, the driver was beaten by the crowd for a good reason, so the law and the police might overlook them. However, if the case involved the loss of human life, it would be a whole different story.

The driver rolled himself into a ball and called the police. Then Mr. Yue walked over to Lou Cheng. Seeing the indentation in the surface of the black car and the tire marks on the ground, he was still filled with horror. "Thank you. If you had not stopped him, they would have probably died!"

"I just wanted to help you out," Lou Cheng replied politely. Recalling the young man lifting the car, Mr. Yue had nothing left to say.

It was as easy as lifting a hand ...

"You are one hell of a fighter!" Mr. Yue did not know how to praise him. Then he asked, "Would you mind coming to the police station with us as a witness?"

"Do you need me to go?" Lou Cheng asked in reply.

Lou Cheng hated going through the processing, and he had to join his family for lunch as well as the tomb-sweeping.

"Fine. I believe we have enough witnesses." Mr. Yue imitated the tone of an actor from a TV show, saying, "The police will not make things difficult for a fighter who stopped a runaway car. You just stood up and bravely protected their lives. As for that bastard, he is going to jail!" "Of course. If you do need me as a witness, call me." Lou Cheng left him his phone number and his name.

Mr. Yue wrote it down and replied back, "I am Yue Zhong. When we are done in the police office, I will find you in your ancestral hall and thank you personally!"

"I appreciate your kindness. It's no big deal really." Lou Cheng waved his hand.

Yue Zhong replied, "Well ... If you would like to try some of the animals and birds we hunt, give me a call. As long as it's not a protected species, I will definitely find it. I promise."

"Okay." Lou Cheng found it difficult to refuse.

While gazing at Lou Cheng and his friends going homeward, Mr. Yue touched his kid's head and the fear still lingered. The image of Lou Cheng stomping the ground and lifting the car flashed before his eyes. Hell, what did I intend to tell him when I first saw him?

I was about to say, "Young man, you look pale. You should exercise more often..."

On their way back to the ancestral hall, Lou Cheng coughed and took out some "Six Life" pills to ease the coughing.

Ma Xi, who had remained silent since the incident happened, was roused by Lou Cheng's coughing. She stared at her cousin, sighing with all sorts of feelings, and said,

"Brother, you were like a Gundam, a robot warrior..."

"Absolutely ..." Lou Yuanwei agreed. Most people could not tell how formidable a fighter was by his performance in the fight ring, but what just happened proved Lou Cheng's capabilities!

As they returned to the ancestral hall, the relatives were busy enjoying their gossip. But their topic had been changed to the story of Lou Cheng's grandfather and his grandfather's generation.

Lou Cheng, Lou Yuanwei, and Ma Xi sat in a corner and enjoyed their conversation. After a while, they began to talk about the incident and everyone condemned the act of the drunken driver unanimously.

Since Yue Zhong was in the police office as a witness, the rest of the villagers only knew that there was a young man who helped save the children. But they had no idea who the young man was and how he had successfully saved them, which happened to save Lou Cheng some trouble. It was almost time for lunch when Lou Zhilin, driving his Benz and bringing his wife, joined his relatives in the ancestral hall.

Lou Zhilin, Lou Cheng's father, and his uncle all looked alike. Though Zhilin wore glasses, he was uncouth and fierce- looking. He had built up a family fortune from construction and decoration, so he had to be ruthless to win over his subordinates in such a business.

"Dear Uncle, at last, we meet. I have been telling my wife and my son that among my elders in the family, you adored me most, even more than my father did." Lou Zhilin was quite enthusiastic, but no one knew whether he meant it or just said it for show.

Lou Debang was pleasantly surprised with tears flowing from his aged eyes. "You are the eldest son in this branch family. You are the future of the family!"

After Lou Zhilin met with Lou Zhisheng and Lou Cheng, Lou Deguang asked, "Where is Erzi? Has he not come back?" "My dear Uncle, I am so sorry. He and his partners formed a battle team named 'Bat' and the leadership of municipal administration thought highly of it. They have a match today, so they could not make it. He asked me to send his regards to you," said Lou Zhilin, holding Lou Debang's hand.

"It doesn't matter. Business comes first." Lou Debang did not mind.

A battle team named Bat ... Lou Cheng held back his laughter.

Afterward, while sitting with everyone at the table, Lou Zhilin made sure to pay attention to everything. He never ignored those of his generation or his elders, all while still paying ample attention to Lou Cheng and his cousins. He asked Lou Cheng about his studies, showing his high esteem for a college student.

After lunch, they took a rest. Zhilin accompanied the whole family on a visit to the mountains and swept the tombs of ancestors. At 4:30 P.M., Lou Zhisheng, Lou Cheng's father, wanted to call it a day and leave, although the rest of the family urged them to stay repeatedly. Lou Zhilin went with them to the entrance of the village, while Lou Debang and his wife joined them for the drive home.

The car sped past. Lou Cheng recalled what he had experienced today and found that the only relatives he recognized were Lou Deguang and Uncle Zhilin. The impressions of his other relatives became dim because Lou Cheng had a huge family.

I really am bad at remembering faces...

But none of that was important. They were heading to Qingfu County for its famous Tofu banquet. All the dishes were made out of Tofu!

At 8 o'clock in the evening, a Maserati pulled up in the driveway of the old residence of the Lou family at Liang Tian Village.

"What took you so long?" asked Lou Deguang at the gate, putting on a stern face.

The side door of the fancy vehicle opened and a man in casual clothes appeared. He was less than 30, with dense hair, a round face, and regular features.

"I've got to take care of my business, don't I?" He played with his keys.

"Your granduncle, Lou Debang, has left already." Lou Deguang pointed out with regret.

Erzi smiled, saying, "Fine. I am here to ask Uncle Yue for some venison. There is a friend of mine who wants to try some." "Everything is a joke to you." Lou Deguang slipped into the house.

Lou Zhilin smiled by the side. "Erzi, show some respect for your grandpa. Your granduncle is a rare visitor. At least you should pretend to take this seriously."

"Yes, Sir," said Erzi, half-jokingly.

When he entered the room, he saw the red envelop on the table, so he asked, "My granduncle made a donation?"

Did they donate the money for revising their family records?

"Of course. You granduncle really cares about the family records," said Lou Deguang with an impatient look, smoking his long-stemmed pipe.

Erzi said nothing. In a quick glance, he noticed three characters, "Lou Yue Qi", written in black ink on the red envelop.

Lou Debang... Lou Zhisheng... Lou Cheng... Lou Cheng? Erzi raised his head suddenly, with his eyes wide-open, and asked his grandpa,

"My granduncle and others, are they from Xiushan?"

Chapter 362: New Year's Coming Again

"Yeah, I mentioned it to you earlier, remember?" Lou Deguang glared at Erzi.

"That was too long ago for me to remember..." The poor guy patted his forehead and said in a tone of frustration.

When Lou Deguang introduced his relatives to him, he didn't listen carefully and thus forgot the names.

After pausing for several seconds, Erzi asked, "When did fourth grandpa's family leave?"

"Didn't I tell you? They left a long time ago!" Lou Deguang got a little angry and began smoking a pipe fiercely.

While Lou Zhilin, Ezri's father, was looking at him in confusion, Erzi paced back and forth and then said, "Grandpa, give me fourth grandpa's phone number and I'll call him to give my regards and offer an apology." Lou Deguang was satisfied with his grandson's attitude and smiled again.

"That's more like it! Well, his phone number is…"

He was happy to see Erzi starting off on the right foot with his relatives.

After writing down the number, Erzi called it immediately.
After a while, he heard an old man answering in confusion,


"Hello, Fourth Grandpa, this is Erzi." He smiled and introduced himself first so that the old man wouldn't regard him as a swindler.

"Erzi? Are you home? Why are you calling me?" Lou Debang felt so happy and excited, though he was still slightly confused. Erzi said respectfully, "I was too busy to come home on time.
So I'm calling to apologize."

"You needn't apologize to me. Business is more important." Lou Debang was overwhelmed by his unexpected courtesy.
"I remember I was in my teens when I met you for the first time. After that, I never had the opportunity to meet you again, and I have always regretted that. Fourth grandpa, how about I visit you during the New Year's festival? Will you welcome me?" Erzi said as if he had known Lou Debang for a long time.

"Okay! Just come here whenever you want!" Lou Debang replied with great joy.

After chatting for a while, Erzi wished the old man good health and ended the call. Seeing the satisfaction in his grandpa's eyes, he turned to look at his father and said, "Dad, let's visit fourth grandpa's home during the New Year's festival." We can't change our attitude overnight and become too enthusiastic towards them. Visiting them as relatives is the best way!

Lou Debang's grandson, Lou Cheng, was a 19-year-old fighter of Six Pin Dan stage and could be regarded as a local hero. Not to mention the two giant forces that were supporting him, the Ice God Sect and the Wuyue Club.

"What?" Lou Zhilin was stunned.

He did not know why his son's attitude had changed so quickly and immensely as if he had been bewitched!


In Lou Zhiqiang's living room, Lou Debang put down the cell phone, feeling satisfied with being respected by his relatives. The wrinkles in his face smoothed as he smiled happily. "Erzi's good, Erzi's good. He respects us old guys," he murmured and began to talk about Erzi with Lou Cheng's parents.

Even now, Lou Cheng, who was sitting in the living room, had not heard Erzi's name. Smiling as if he recalled something, he continued chatting with his little fairy through his cellphone.

"I've finished eating. Now you can send me the photos of the tofu feast!" Yan Zheke said with a "sitting in a cute manner" emoji.

Her family had dinner a little late today since some relatives were visiting them.

"Okay." Lou Cheng sent all the dishes made of tofu to her, like tofu ball, crab tofu, tofu and pork, etc.

"Are these all made of tofu? So rich in variety! They all look delicious." Yan Zheke sent a drooling emoji. Lou Cheng snickered. "But my favorite tofu was absent."

"You Lothario!" Yan Zheke sent an angry emoji.

"What are you thinking about… I was talking about the crunchy tofu that absorbs soup. It's usually served with shredded radish, vinegar and soy sauce, and you'll never forget its taste once you take a bite of it… tut-tut, am I really such a Lothario? What was going through your mind just now?" Lou Cheng sent an emoji of "pushing up sunglasses".

"… I, I won't talk to you anymore…!" Yan Zheke replied without an emoji.

Feeling it hard to keep a serious face in front of the elders after seeing Zheke's reply, Lou Cheng stood up and went to the balcony, where Ma Xi, his youthful cousin, was enjoying the view of the city at night.

"Xiushan has been developing so fast." Lou Cheng took a glance out of the window and saw many estates, skyscrapers, and the lights of every family. "I envy you so much…" Ma Xi sighed to herself, and Lou Cheng could sense the sadness in her tone.

"Why do you feel depressed about everything from such a young age?" Lou Cheng pretended to chide the girl, smiling.

Ma Xi was amused by him. "Brother, didn't you go through adolescence? Don't you know that teens at my age are often sentimental?"

"I wasn't so rebellious or sullen and downtrodden during that period…" Lou Cheng was speechless.

He had been studying hard in junior and senior high, which resulted in his good grades. In his leisure time, he liked reading and playing games instead of hanging out with his few friends, who were all nice guys and did not like fooling around all day either. So Lou Cheng was never a rebellious or sullen and downtrodden boy.

As for his unrequited love towards Yan Zheke, he had never expected that it would one day come true and just regarded it as a nice dream.

"… Are you a robot?" Ma Xi did not know what to say and thus changed the topic. "Brother, I moved to the school dormitory."

"School dormitory?" Lou Cheng asked in surprise.

"Yeah, I felt unhappy at home since Dad and Mom both favor Ma Jiale. In school, they would call me occasionally, which was better than how things are now," Ma Xi said like an adult, still looking out of the window.

"Not bad. Remember the saying? The closer you…" Lou Cheng wanted to show he was knowledgeable but forgot the sentence.

"The closer you are to someone, the more you'll dislike them. It doesn't suit my situation!" Ma Xi laughed. "Brother, have you started forgetting what you've learned in school?" "Well, in spite of the professional knowledge, I've actually gained most of my comprehensive knowledge in the last year of senior high." Lou Cheng felt embarrassed.

Seeing his sister finally straighten out her thinking, Lou Cheng sighed with relief.


Several days passed and Lou Cheng again began training alone. Both Yan Zheke's father and mother, his future parents- in-law, came back home on furlough, and Zheke was now in her grandpa's home in Zhengque County with them. They would stay there until the third day after New Year's Eve.

Lou Cheng felt a little depressed about it since he had expected Zheke's parents to invite her grandparents and other relatives to Xiushan for the long holidays. Now he had to be separated from Zheke for several days.

The first day after the New Year's Eve, February 2nd, was Lou Cheng's 20th birthday! However, his depression did not last for too long since he received a call from Old Shi and was ordered to go to Wu Yue and light incense in front of the memorial tablet of the founder of his sect. He would do this for the first time as a formal disciple of the sect on the first day after New Year's Eve to show its importance.

Both Zheke and him were busy these days, and he could do nothing but accept that fact.

After spending several days in his grandparents', Lou Cheng came back home before New Year's Eve. On the last morning of the lunar year, he was still doing exercises in the chilling wind, feeling that he had broken through the bottleneck of a weak Six Pin and was now an authentic six-pin fighter.

This time last year, he was still a greenhorn fighting for the rank of Professional Ninth Pin.

After morning exercise, he went out jogging but suddenly came to a stop. There was a pretty girl in a white coat sitting in the park bench, smiling at him. Lou Cheng blinked to make sure it was not a dream, and then shouted excitedly,


Isn't she suppose to be in Zhengque County?

Yan Zheke stood up and turned her head in another direction.

"I forgot to give it to you."

"What?" Lou Cheng said as he rushed to her side.

"Well, your birthday gift. A custom wallet." Yan Zheke handed him a blue wallet while trying to feign a casual manner. Feeling too happy to hide his smile, Lou Cheng grasped her hand as he received the wallet, feeling Ke's hand that had become cold because of the winter wind. "You coming here is the best gift for me."

Dis-gus-ting… Yan Zheke turned her gaze sideways while complaining with joy in her mind. "Your old wallet has been offending my eyes for a long time!"

She was hiding her true thoughts with such an excuse.

Driving the hot current within his body to warm her hands up, Lou Cheng sat down again with her and began reminiscing.

"I felt so excited when you called me on my birthday last year and sang a birthday song to me. I even wanted to shout on my aunt's balcony!"

"Hm, did you know how much courage it took me to call you? You dared to force me to sing that song!" Yan Zheke complained with joy in her eyes. "Well, you gave me an inch and naturally I wanted to take a yard." Lou Cheng slipped his arm around the girl's waist and gave her a kiss while there was no one around.

After whispering sweet nothings to one another, Yan Zheke suddenly realized how late it was.

"I must go back home. I just told them that I was going out to buy something. They wouldn't think I dared travel to Xiushan!"

She took the earliest train here and had to get back before lunch.

"Er…" Lou Cheng came up with a good idea. "Let me send you back to Zhengque."

"Okay." Yan Zheke nodded in joy without hesitation.

~ On New Year's Eve, Lou Cheng, who had just finished traveling back from Zhengque County, was enjoying a happy time at his grandpa's. Every once in a while, he would put his hand inside his pocket to touch the new wallet.

Lou Cheng had made some big achievements, and Lou Yuanwei had not caused trouble. Therefore, the Lou family, satisfied with this year, was cheerfully waiting for the new year.

When 12 o'clock was approaching, Lou Cheng received someone's call as he was about to go to the balcony.

It was the little fairy's call.

"What a coincident. I was about to call you," Lou Cheng said with excitement as he leaned against the balcony wall.

"I wouldn't have called you if it wasn't your birthday." Yan Zheke sent a proud emoji. "Let me say happy birthday to you and then I can go to bed!" "Anyway, I feel surprised and happy. " Lou Cheng smiled to show his excitement.

"Haha." Yan Zheke laughed.

They did not chat for long since firecrackers started exploding violently outside, preventing them from hearing each other. Just like the previous year, they stopped talking so they could use their keen ears and listen to the sound of each other breathing, which kept echoing in their minds

When the noise winded down, Lou Cheng said calmly and gently,

"Happy new year."

"Happy new year~ and happy birthday~"

"Happy birthday to you, too." "Haha, my birthday?"

"It's my birthday, but naturally you feel happy, too."

"Okay, okay."

"Could you sing a song to me again?"

"Which song do you want? Birthday song?"

"Sing I'll Marry You Tomorrow."

"No way!"


"…Just one sentence, one!" …

The new year arrived with fireworks filling the sky brilliantly and magnificently.

Chapter 363: Internal Explosion Punch

It was dark until late in the morning after the New Year's Eve. After exercising and eating the longevity noodles cooked by his mother, Lou Cheng left home early with his backpack and a bottle of original-proof spirits. He was still humming the tune of "You'll Marry Me Today".

Only after he got on the bullet train to the airport did he have time to browse through the web pages while replying Yan Zheke's message.

The moment he logged into the forum, Lou Cheng saw the top post from his girlfriend.

Yan Zheke had made a post yesterday night.

"Happy new year to everyone. Here's wishing everyone good luck!"

"The same to you!" Brahman was the first to reply with a jumping emoji. Wonton Seller said under the ID Glutinous Rice Dumpling, "May everyone be happy in the new year. I hope that I can pass the college entrance exam smoothly. I'm looking forward to the internet pals meet-up this summer vacation."

"So sad that I failed to reply in time. Both my hands were occupied by snacks just now!" Eternal Nightfall Yan Xiaoling knew in advance that Yan Zheke would make a post, but he still missed it. "Well, I'll just rewind the tape and may all of you a happy new year. Happy birthday to Lou Cheng!"

"Haha, we can't say 'a 19-year-old fighter of Sixth Pin' anymore, for he is now a 20-year-old fighter." Unparalleled Dragon King laughed.

"I'm really late, so I just want to wish you good health and spirits! Give birth to a baby soon!" Okamoto's Fan said in his funny style.

… Enjoying their jokes and best wishes, Lou Cheng felt like he was like the morning sky outside, gradually becoming brightener and warmed by the sun.

Wherever he was, there was a group of guys supporting him even if he didn't know who they were in reality. What a strange but great feeling.

He arrived at Shanggao Airport in Wuyue Province at noon, safe and sound. Then he saw Shi Yuejian in the hall.

Shi Yuejian was wearing a pair of black-framed glasses. She raised her hand and talked to him from a long distance. Though her voice was soft, Lou Cheng could hear it clearly.

"Why did you bring your master wine again?"

"I'm afraid that I won't get access to his house without the wine," Lou Cheng said jokingly. Shi Yuejian could not say anything but shook her head. "You should keep an eye on him and control his drinking."

Lou Cheng put on a wry smile. "Senior Sister, do you think Master will listen to me?"

"Repeat the warning frequently enough and he will finally get bored and thus follow it." Shi Yuejian smiled while sharing with Lou Cheng some of her experiences.

"That's his special attitude towards his daughter, but I'll end up receiving a good beating," Lou Cheng said with self- deprecation.

"Okay, I know you're in a difficult position." Shi Yuejian smiled and turned to lead Lou Cheng to the parking lot, finding her car there.

Geezer Shi, who was sitting in the back seat, immediately stretched his head out of the window, eyes lit with expectation. "You are a naughty boy, but you're becoming more and more considerate. Come here, come to your master." "Dad, stop drinking so much. You've been coughing violently and frequently these days!" Shi Yuejian kept grumbling.

"Okay, okay, just one sip, one sip." Geezer Shi rubbed his temples and gave in to his daughter.

After they got on the bus, Shi Yuejian introduced the driver, a man in his thirties, to Lou Cheng, "My husband, Wu Huikang."

"Nice to meet you." Lou Cheng greeted him with a smile.

Shi Yuejian's husband was not a disciple of the Ice God Sect but a professional manager. He had also learned some kung fu and reached Dan stage several years ago, and now he was managing a part of the Ice God Sect's properties for Geezer Shi.

Wu Huikang was a tall and elegant man with short hair. As he started the car, he chatted with Lou Cheng happily. "Hello, Junior Brother. For the past half year, your senior has been praising you, saying you're talented and promising. I envy you so much." "I'm just telling the truth!" Shi Yuejian protested.

"Aren't you afraid of spoiling your junior brother?" Geezer Shi echoed his son-in-law. "He will soon feel too proud of himself and will begin making trouble if you don't warn him frequently."

He paused and turned his gaze to Lou Cheng. "I've gotten you compensation for the previous affair. A simplified Internal Explosion Punch of the Fire Sect for physical-invulnerability fighters. I'll give it to you later. Besides, I'm going to teach you another three movements of the Ice Sect, which are North Wind, Polar Region, and Frost Coldness."

"Okay." Lou Cheng pulled himself together.

Geezer Shi took a glance at him and continued, "I would have asked for more than that, for example, the complete Explosion Punch. But your martial arts base is not stable enough, so acquiring too much might ruin you. Well, your master is well- known for killing countless Dan-stage or even Inhuman fighters with Thunder Roar Zen on the battlefield, but what are you doing now? Do you still remember the last time when you used the Thunder Roar Zen? That's all because you haven't perfected it thoroughly!"

"Yes, Master." Lou Cheng also realized the mistake he had made.

He almost abandoned his greatest kung fu in order to acquire less important ones.
Shi Yuejian was listening to them carefully from the copilot's seat. Only at this moment did she add, "Internal Explosion Punch? Junior Brother, you should be careful and avoid using it while training with someone. The key movements of the Fire Sect are all fierce and violent, which are totally different from our Ice Sect movements. Once you use Internal Explosion, your opponent will get badly injured even if he or she is at the level of Inhuman. Just three punches are enough to kill them."

While saying this, she smiled. "When you reach the Inhuman stage, you can learn how to use a blade from me since the Ice Sect's blade art is also famous." "Why must he learn to use a blade? It's not convenient to carry a long knife wherever you go, and a knife is easily broken in competition. The most powerful part of a fighter is his fist, his physical body." Geezer Shi sneered.

Only now did Lou Cheng realize that his elder sister's nickname was Black and White Magic Blade!

While they were chatting and laughing, the car drove out of the city and finally arrived at the Ice God Sect after taking the road around Yanbing Mountain.

There were more people in the sect than Lou Cheng had seen last time, which made it more like a sect instead of a lonely yard. Of course, all of these people would leave here in two or three days.

When they entered the sect, all the disciples that passed by them would stop to greet Geezer Shi with great respect. While some of them called Geezer Shi "Junior Uncle", some even called him "Grandmaster" with an expression of worship. — The amazing performance of Geezer Shi last time in creating a snowstorm had been spread by the elders and disciples, and thus Geezer Shi became an immortal in most disciples' minds.

Geezer Shi coughed to clear his throat while strutting in front of these disciples, feeling satisfied with their attitude.

Lou Cheng didn't speak a word since he could barely keep the smile off of his face.

The older his master was, the more childlike he was.

When they arrived at Bingshen Palace, they found Sect Master He Yi waiting there with a group of elders and direct descendants.

"Hello, Grandmaster!"

"Hello, Seventh Junior Uncle!" "Hello, Junior Master."

Zhu Tai and Lei Fang's greetings were also mixed with the others' greetings. Lou Cheng was already familiar with them.

After lighting incense in front of the sect founder's memorial tablet with Geezer Shi, Lou Cheng went for dinner in Xuefeng Palace with the others. Mo Jingting, who was wearing a plain suit today, approached him and whispered,

"Junior Master, your competition with Peng Leyun stunned Senior Brother Zhu and Junior Brother Lei. They admire you very much, and we have been discussing the National University Martial Arts Competition this April. Peng Leyun of Shang Qing, Ren Li of Longtong, Ann Chaoyang and Zhen Huansheng of Xinghai and you, the Junior Master of the Wuyue Club and the Ice God Sect, these are the most popular fighters this year."

"Just think about it, the five talented Six-Pin fighters are all younger than 22 years old, and there might even be a future Inhuman-stage warrior among them… I'm afraid that this will be the most attention-grabbing competition except for the Top Professional Competition and the five title matches."

Lou Cheng also began looking forward to the coming competition upon hearing Mo Jingting's words. He felt his blood roaring within his body.

In April, he would meet the representatives of different great forces. Peng Leyun, Ren Li, Ann Chaoyang, Zhen Huansheng, and Li Xiaoyuan — he would fight against them one by one for the championship!

"They're even betting with each other and spent quite much money on it," Mo Jingting added.

"It sounds like you've also joined them." Lou Cheng gave up on asking who was the favorite amongst them since he would also bet on Peng Leyun or Ren Li if he were in the audience.

"How could I dare to join them? Peng Leyun and Ren Li are monsters like you. Us normal people are unable to make a prediction," Mo Jingting said with a smile, "But I still bet 100,000 on you, my Junior Master, since supporting relatives is more important than being rational."

"More important than being rational? It sounds like it's irrational for me to win." Lou Cheng smiled.

"… " Mo Jingting was speechless for a moment and then put on a smile. "You are so funny. I haven't seen this side of you before."

"Well, if you treated me like a real junior brother instead of trying to pursue me, I would naturally be funny," Lou Cheng replied casually with both hands in his pocket.

After another period of silence, Mo Jingting sighed with emotion.

"Junior Master, are you really a 19-year-old young man?" "I'm 20 now, thank you!" After replying, Lou Cheng began thinking about the National University Martial Arts Competition this April.

Who would be the champion among all the young heroes?

Though he was looking forward to the competition, Lou Cheng didn't forget that his martial arts root was still unstable and that there were many movements that he hadn't mastered yet. He needed to keep practicing and making progress before fighting against Peng Leyun.

When Lou Cheng was lighting incense and paying respects to the sect founder, the Lou family was also welcoming someone.

Unlike many other cities, visiting relatives on the first day after new year's eve was permitted in Lening, so Lou Zhilin and his second son soon came to Xiushan to visit Lou Cheng's family. Lou Debang was overjoyed. He called Lou Zhisheng and Lou Zhixian's family back to enjoy a good meal together.

The moment the second son entered the house, he began looking around in search of Lou Cheng but was unsuccessful. Thinking that it was strange, he asked the others, "All of our generations should have the character Yuan in our name, but there were only a few people nowadays who attach importance to it."

"Yeah, you are Yuanchang and he is Yuanwei. You both have Yuan in your names." Lou Debang smiled. "But we didn't name Cheng according to the rule."

"So Cheng should've been named Lou Yuancheng?" Lou Yuanwei continued leading the topic.

Ma Xi added, "No, Lou Yuanba suits him better."

Taking the opportunity since everyone was amused by Ma Xi, Lou Yuanchang asked, "Cheng? He's not here?" "He went to Wuyue to visit his master and pay respects to the founder of the sect," Qi Fang declared proudly.

He had gone to Wuyue… Lou Yuanchang looked at his father, feeling depressed.

After lunch, Geezer Shi found Lou Cheng and asked him with a smile,

"Your senior master wants to know if you are free to do a task."

"What task?" Lou Cheng asked carefully.

"Visiting the Haixi Sect, the Dinghai Sect, and the Hanchi Sect on behalf of the Ice God Sect." Geezer Shi kept smiling kindly.

Chapter 364: Disappointment

Lou Cheng was stunned at Geezer Shi's odd smile.

"What am I supposed to do? Challenge them?"

"What are you thinking about?" Geezer Shi said gruffly. "Haixi, Dinghai, and Hanchi all have their own physical- invulnerability warriors. And you are just a Sixth-Pin fighter, no, not even Sixth Pin yet. Why do you think you can challenge them? Are you going to court death?"

Lou Cheng carefully chose his words and said,

"I mean challenging the younger disciples."

Geezer Shi gave him a "you're overthinking" look and explained, "Now that you are being compared with Peng Leyun and Ren Li, do you think that you've surpassed all the young disciples in the Wuyue Club? The youngest Inhuman fighter here is 25 years old. That's a good five years older than you! Apart from meeting you during competitions, why would they challenge you normally? Don't you think they would feel embarrassed? Even Peng Leyun would be defeated in such situations."

"As for the young Sixth-Pin fighters except for you, the youngest is already 23 years old. Though he began learning martial arts earlier than you, you are actually likely to defeat him. So he won't feel proud if you lose to him while fighting and learning from each other, but he would be disgraced if he were defeated by you. Are they stupid enough to do this?"

"You're also not arrogant enough to challenge those boys, right?"

"Sounds reasonable." Lou Cheng nodded. "So what's Senior Master's intention in asking me to visit those sects? It's not just to say 'happy new year,' right?"

Geezer Shi laughed. "Of course not. Just think about it, since you are one of the most talented fighters among the younger generation, comparable with Peng Leyun and Ren Li, all the other sects will respect you when you visit them, right? And all the girls and boys there will admire us!" "So Senior Master just wants to show me off in front of the other sects?" Lou Cheng finally understood it. "Then what shall I do if there are some aggressive young disciples challenging me?"

"Are you afraid of them?" Geezer Shi stared at him.

"Of course not!" Lou Cheng smiled. After thinking for a while, he asked Geezer Shi, "But what do you mean by that odd smile?"

The smile was actually kind and gentle!

This unusual smile made him worry that something terrible was waiting for him!

"I always smile like this!" Geezer Shi denied everything.

Lou Cheng still looked at him with great suspicion. Geezer Shi sighed while turning the flagon upside down to let the remaining drops of wine flow into his throat.

"I just think that those sects may think that you are showing off in front of them and thus will no longer have a good impression of you. When you want to join the top competitions for the Wuyue Club in the future, you might be marginalized by the other team members, and Longhu or Shushan Study are likely to be your next choice"

"So you just want to force me out!" Lou Cheng didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Well, you should go out and see the world!" Geezer Shi cooked up an excuse to change the topic back. "Yes or no?"

"Okay, I want to see the King of Spear and Clown in person," Lou Cheng said with expectation.

"While Gu Jianxi seldom joins in the fun, Huang Ke is a man of few words. It's so boring to meet them." Geezer Shi refuted what Lou Cheng said. "That's it, I'll tell your senior master and you can go tomorrow morning and visit them one by one."

"Okay." After Lou Cheng finished talking, he went out of Xuefeng Palace and saw Mo Jingting waiting for them.

"Junior Master, let's go to KTV tonight. Senior Brother Zhu and Junior Brother Lei will both be there to celebrate your birthday. Do you want to listen to my voice in its full glory?" Mo Jingting smiled happily.

"Well, probably another day. I've got something important to do tonight," Lou Cheng replied.

"Something important?" Mo Jingting began considering his words. "Okay, let's go there another day."

The so-called important thing was to spend his birthday night with the one most important to him. After eating his Senior Sister's cake, he began learning the 12th movement of the Ice Sect, "North Wind", the 17th movement, "Polar Ground", and the 28th movement, "Frost Freeze". As for the simplified physical invulnerability, the Fire Sect's "Internal Explosion", Geezer Shi did not bring it with him this time since they were in the Ice God Sect and it might not be proper for them to practice another sect's kung fu.

After finishing all this, Lou Cheng gave his mom, Qi Fang, a call and then began spending his birthday with Yan Zheke through video chat.

The girl was wearing a bear-shaped outfit with freshly washed hair. Her hair was black and shiny, setting off her flushed cheeks. She looked so precious.

There was a small cake in front of her with two candles. The candle flames glimmered and swayed softly, accompanying the sunset.

After hearing Ke's birthday song, Lou Cheng laughed. "The sign of a 20th birthday is great. Look, a pair of candles to represent each decade and to represent us."

As a tradition in Xiushan, one candle represented ten years. Yan Zheke smiled. "So what about your 30th birthday?"

Three candles would look like three incense sticks used for prayers.

She hurriedly withdrew the words as soon as they came out of her mouth. "Take no offense at a child's babble. We can use two candles to represent three and zero!"

"When you said it earlier, I didn't realize what you were talking about. I was thinking why do three candles look bad? Doesn't it just represent a family of three?" Lou Cheng chuckled.

A family of three… Yan Zheke turned her gaze aside to hide her emotions. "Come on, make a wish and I'll blow out the candles. You said I could share your birthday!"

"Make a wish… " Lou Cheng began murmuring something seriously with eyes closed. First, may my beloved ones stay healthy and have a trouble- free life.

Second, may my martial arts road stay open and let me go further!

Third, I hope that Ke and I will be in love forever and be together for an entire lifetime.

From now on, I'll repeat the three wishes on every year's birthday. Not to move the heavens, but as a reminder to myself that I must cherish my loved ones and keep my dreams in my heart.

"I'm done." Lou Cheng smiled after opening his eyes.

"What was it?" Yan Zheke asked curiously.

"Same as you. Didn't you say that if we speak of them, they would not come true?" Lou Cheng continued smiling. "Petty!" Yan Zheke complained about joy in her face. Then she blew out the two candles and began eating the cream with a small spoon. "Cheng, happy birthday. I'll eat your part of cake for you~!"

"Be careful, do you want to gain weight?" Lou Cheng teased her.

"Hmph, so what?" Yan Zheke made a face.

"I'd like to see you gain some weight. I'll feel more comfortable when holding you." Lou Cheng chuckled mischievously.

"Pervert!" Yan Zheke yelled.

Before Lou Cheng could defend himself, the girl looked around and then asked in curiosity and hesitation, "Cheng, I have a question for you, and don't make fun of me." "What question? I promise that I won't tease you!" Lou Cheng tried hard to control his facial expression.

"Well, well, well, when you have a physiological need, what do you do in the bathroom? Take a cold bath to calm yourself down or… " Yan Zheke stuttered with a flushing face.

Dirty Tong had always mentioned things like this, so she was curious!

Lou Cheng could barely keep the smile off of his face. Pretending that he did not know what Ke meant, he asked, "Or what?"

"That, that, that, you know… " Yan Zheke made up her mind and blurted out, "That handjob that you boys are always talking about!"

Seeing Lou Cheng's facial expression, she immediately turned away, her flushing face. "I won't talk to you!"

"Well, I'd say both. Sometimes I take a cold bath, and sometimes I… " Lou Cheng replied with a grin.

Yan Zheke was silent for a few seconds and then gnashed her teeth in anger. "What are you laughing about?"

"I'm not laughing, I just think that we should eventually talk about such things as boyfriend and girlfriend. That's fine." Lou Cheng was still smiling.

Since it was his little fairy that started the topic, he would seize the opportunity and seduce the girl step by step!

"Hmph!" Yan Zheke again turned her gaze aside, still flushing.

… The next morning, Lou Cheng got into the car provided by the Ice God Sect after exercising and arrived at the Haixi Sect.

Haixi Sect was located near the Mingsheng Lake of Moshang with beautiful scenery and high land price. When Lou Cheng walked into the sect, he saw lots of young disciples glancing surreptitiously at him, looking at him from head to toe. He could sense the complex emotions in their eyes, like inferiority, depression, admiration, anger, and envy.

After three steps, he reached Haichao Palace and was taken inside by the disciple waiting there.

"Dear Master Huang and Master Chen, I'm Lou Cheng from the Ice God Sect… " Lou Cheng gave them a salute before raising his head to take a careful look at them. Then he began wishing them a happy new year.

Chen Bailing, the sect master of Haixi Sect, replied with a smile, "Martial Nephew Lou, you are very well-known and I've been hearing a lot about you."

Only at this moment did Lou Cheng raise his head and see Chen Bailing in an ancient Chinese suit. The old master seemed similar with Geezer Shi, and the color of his sparse hair was a mixture of white and yellow. The one standing near him was Spear King Huang Ke, who looked like a man in his thirties with a broad forehead and deep eyes. His gaze sent chills down Lou Cheng's spine.

"You speak too highly of me." Lou Cheng handed over the congratulatory message.

Chen Bailing took the letter and smiled while touching it. "I thought that Old He might ask you to visit us this year and I guessed right. It's a good thing since you also need some stimulation from outside, something other than inner practice as a warrior."

While saying this, he turned his gaze to the other young disciples, like Zheng Yu and Qian Qiyue, as if telling them, "You see, the challenger has arrived. Can you be as hard-working as him and try to catch up?"

Zheng Yu, Qian Qiyue, and the other disciples nodded and clenched their fists tightly in response.

"Damn it, this Elder is being too frank. How should I respond?" Lou Cheng could do nothing but put up a silly- looking smile.

"You're right, master."

"Will the disciples of the Haixi Sect be stimulated by Elder Chen's words and thus come out to challenge him?" He was a little worried.

After chatting a while, Chen Bailing asked Zheng Yu to visit the Ice God Sect this afternoon and then picked up the teacup as a suggestion that it was time for Lou Cheng to leave. When he turned to go outside, Lou Cheng noticed that Qian Qiyue and the other disciples were eager to challenge him, but they managed to hold back their feelings and did not step out.

After coming out of the palace, Lou Cheng sighed in the winter sunshine as he felt a little disappointed.

He had never expected the young generation of the Haixi Sect to lack the courage to come out and challenge him…

Chapter 365: Girls Always Favor Their Boyfriends

Next, Lou Cheng went to the Dinghai Sect and then to the Hanchi Sect. Unexpectedly, he did not see the "clown" Gu Jianxi. But the younger generation was slightly weaker than the Haixi Sect and, therefore, no one impulsively came out to challenge them.

Upon returning to the Smokey Iceberg, he reported the whole story to Uncle Master He Yi.

"The young people in their sects are very calm." He Yi shook his head and said with a smile, "That is also a good thing. Your sudden catfish effect has muddled our Wuyue Club and encouraged everyone to put out greater effort."

His meaning was that Zheng Yu, Lei Fang, Qian Qiyue, and the others had originally joined the Sect when they were about 10 years old. Their contemporaries witnessed their growth and had long been accustomed to backwardness. They were gradually becoming prouder, until Lou Cheng appeared unexpectedly and smashed into the scene. Their inherent perception was suddenly broken, which aroused all sorts of emotions in the disciples.

"Uh, Master Uncle actually knows about the catfish effect..." Lou Cheng was silently judging, but said nothing about it and instead bade farewell, followed the Master downhill, and returned to the villa of Shi Yuejian.

After arriving there, Geezer Shi dug up a visualized diagram, on which was a red, abnormal, heavy sun. After just catching a glimpse of it, Lou Cheng felt the hot current of his body, which represented the Power of Blaze running, being adsorbed, and being compressed!

"Internal Explosion is more difficult to practice than Severe Warning. First, visualize this Red Sun Diagram, then control it with the Zhu Rong Diagram. When shooting, there is a combination of the power skills... You must be very careful when you practice. An explosion in your body is no laughing matter..." the old man rarely explained in much detail. "When you fully grasp it, I will teach you the 10th and 11th parts of the Ice Sect, two simplified physical invulnerability methods. Of course, I guess that will be in the second half of the year." "Good!" Lou Cheng gladly took the Red Sun Diagram.

When he saw that, Geezer Shi laughed loudly. "Don't be so cautious. Whether it's lost or ruined, it will all be on them this time!"

"I'm not such a stingy person..." Lou Cheng said, with his mouth twitching a bit.

Venting anger on things is so boring!

Because they had to go home to celebrate New Year's Eve, Mo Jingting, Zhu Tai, and Lei Fang did not try to see him again. On January third of the lunar calendar, Lou Cheng bade farewell to Master's family and embarked on the journey back to Xiushan.

The next day after he arrived home, Yan Zheke and her parents flew to Jiangnan Province and went to the Ji family for a reunion. ...

The family was gathering together for a reunion banquet in the ancestral home of the Ji family in the Jiangnan Province.

Deeply loved by her elders, who constantly inquired about her well-being, Yan Zheke looked at her grandfather, Ji Jianzhang, and grandmother, Dou Ning, and ventured to make a brave gesture.

"Grandpa, someone from our Martial Arts Club has learned to use the tactics of Swordsman, Army, and Forwarding of the Nine Words Formula."

She wanted to start the topic this way and gradually lead up to the relevant contents of the Nine Words Formula of Shushan Study. The reason she said it in full view of the public was so she could appear calm, acting like she had just said it by chance, so as not to arouse the suspicion of the elders.

After she spoke, she felt her grandmother's chopsticks stop moving. Her grandmother looked up at her with a faint smile. It makes me a little anxious!

Ji Jianzhang had thick and dark hair. Except for some white spots on his temples, he looked thin and unconventional. Upon hearing her words, he smiled and said, "I know. Lou Cheng."

"Pff!" Yan Zheke almost choked on her saliva.

Grandpa knows about Cheng!

Am I making it awkward?

When she saw that she had lost her composure, she acted surprised. "Grandpa, have you been following our matches?"

As she spoke, she found that the smile of Empress Dowager appeared grander and full of gloating. And her cousin next to her, Lin Que, slightly tilted the corners of his mouth. Well, Brother, didn't you agree to remain indifferent and silent?
How dare you laugh at me!

Seeing the blank and confused looks of Yan Kai, Ji Lingxi, and others, Ji Jianzhang shook his head with a smile. "That young fellow has recently become very famous. When I returned to the sect, there was always someone nagging in my ear, saying that he was a genius who could compete with Peng Leyun. And since you and your brother are both in the matches, I take a look at them from time to time."

Shushan Study headquarters was in Jiazhou. As a native of the Jiangnan Province, Ji Jianzhang had been sent there decades ago to guard the East Foundation.

"Phew...!" As she slowly started to feel relieved, Yan Zheke heard grandmother Dou Ning ask with a smile, "I hear Lou Cheng's name from time to time. You three are all from the Songcheng University Martial Arts Club. How do you feel about him?" Dou Ning looked only 40 years old. She had her hair tied in a bun, looked graceful, and her facial features were somewhat similar to Ji Mingyu's and Yan Zheke's. But when she looked around, her stature was really electric, exhibiting the posture of a Mighty One.

"Grandma, why do you ask that?" Yan Zheke tried to be cute, blinking her eyes.

How am I supposed to answer that? It will be very embarrassing if I praise him too much!
Since Yan Zheke was a child, she had moved back and forth between Jiangnan and Xiushan, and there were several northerners in the family. Thus, she got confused about addressing her elders, which was no longer the combination of maternal grandfather/maternal grandmother and paternal grandmother/paternal grandfather, but maternal grandfather/paternal grandmother. By the time she was old enough to go to school, she had gotten used to it and was now too lazy to change it. "I'm just asking. Is it not easy to answer? Tell it like it is." Dou Ning was in high spirits and said with great interest, "You two, Lin Que and Keke, tell me."

She looked at Lin Que and Yan Zheke and did not include Ji Lingxi and Ji Deyan.

Once again she felt the gloating gaze of her mother and the interested look from her father, Yan Kai. Yan Zheke looked up and tried to make her eyes less tender and sweet. She said with a chuckle, "He is a very talented and hard-working man. Um, a very nice guy."

Extremely nice...

At that moment, Lin Que spoke and attracted everyone's curious gazes to himself.

"Very skilled, very powerful." He said it succinctly, which only made the people at the family banquet more curious about Lou Cheng.

Since when does our Ice Prince praise other fighters at his level?
Yan Zheke listened with gratitude and pride—proud that her cousin had such a high opinion of Cheng and grateful for his help in distracting their relatives' attention.

"Yes, having such a teammate around is a good thing—like Dragon King and Warrior Sage—encouraging each other and chasing each other and, hence, making their current achievements." Ji Jianzhang nodded with satisfaction. "Que, over the past year, you have benefitted from this and made faster progress than I expected, and now you nearly have the power of Seventh Pin. The genetic mutation of the root pulp has also shown signs. Train carefully, but do not be agitated. Going slowly does not mean that you can't go far."

When he saw Liu Que's slight nod, he turned to look at his most beloved granddaughter. "Keke, why are you talking about Lou Cheng?"

"Pff...!" Yan Zheke almost choked again. She hurriedly replied in a tender voice, "Grandfather, I did not mention Lou Cheng! My focal point is on the Nine Words Formula, the Nine Words Formula! Hasn't the Shushan Study collected lots of things related to the Nine Words Formula? How come nobody has ever succeeded?"

Ji Jianzhang rubbed the wine glass in his hand and said with a sigh, "From the flourishing era of the Nine Words Formula until now, there have been too many wars. Many books and other things were seriously damaged, and those Nine Words Formula diagrams inside the Faction have lost their soul and charm. Only the ancient sound and seal are more complete."

"What a pity." Yan Zheke sighed from the bottom of her heart.

"Yes. But, well, we will not feel inferior to the ancients. The predecessors were able to create the Nine Words Formula, so why can't we restore them? Our faction has been groping for generations, trying to infer the meaning of the words according to the secret—the secret and the content of the ancient books." Ji Jianzhang's tone was flat, but it contained some lofty ambition.

With everyone's curious eyes on her, Yan Zheke asked solicitously, "Then... have they gotten any results?"

"I'm not quite sure about that, because I'm not in charge." Ji Jianzhang said with a laugh, "It seems that we lack the crucial thing."

"Grandpa, can I take a look at the notes?" Yan Zheke asked tentatively.

Ji Jianzhang thought for a moment, then said, "If there hasn't been much progress, there is no harm in showing you. But if it were close to success, you could only look at the notes of the predecessors. Oh, maybe a good idea will strike you. You might score a lucky hit and then come up with something, right?"

"Right!" Yan Zheke replied happily. If you were able to see it for yourself, then it was not classified. It was fine as long as you did not show it to others.

If I showed it to Cheng, would that be called exposing secrets?
Maybe Cheng really could realize something, so I can also make a contribution to the Faction!
Soaked in emotional excitement, she glanced at her mother, Ji Mingyu, who showed a "dislike" for her "daughter's favor of her boyfriend".

Chapter 366: The End of Winter Vacation (Part One)

On the eighth day of the Lunar New Year, Lou Cheng happily made another change in his exercise location and came to Back Water Lake.

Ke had returned from the Jiangnan Province yesterday!

Not long after he sent her a message, he saw her jogging out of the villa estate in the early morning mist. She was wearing a white martial arts suit and her hair was in a ponytail.

When their eyes met, they were full of warmth.

They jogged, with him following behind her. Both did not speak as they turned into a side road, approaching their familiar spot.

Lou Cheng gradually quickened his steps and soon they were side by side. He inhaled that fragrance that put his mind at peace.

When they arrived at their regular spot, Yan Zheke raised her chin and shook the bag in her hand with bright eyes. "Cheng, I want to show you something!"

"No rush." Lou Cheng chuckled. It was still dark and no one was around. He pulled the girl over and embraced her in his arms.

"You..." Yan Zheke's eyes widened and her faint protest was suppressed in her mouth.

She finally pushed Lou Cheng after some time and twirled her messy hair. "I'm talking business! Business!"

"This is an even more important business." Lou Cheng grinned. "Hmph!" Yan Zheke pouted and turned her head, happiness buoying her. She handed him the bag. "H-Here, it's for you!"

"Is it something to do with the Nine Words Formula?" Lou Cheng asked, having made his speculations earlier.

"Yes. My grandfather made a call to Shushan Study and had someone deliver this to Jiangnan." Yan Zheke wore an expression that said to praise to her quickly.

She had not mentioned that she would receive it so quickly just so that she could give her boyfriend a surprise.

"Coach Yan, you're so nice!" Lou Cheng was truly delighted, but most of that feeling came from being touched rather than surprise.

He opened the bag and took a look inside. He found not only the Nine Words Formula diagrams, which had lost their soul and charm, but also handprints and other secrets. Inside were also several generations of Shushan Study masters backtracking words and relevant notes, each with its own charm and characteristics. Of course, since these were allowed to be given to Yan Zheke, they were definitely incorrect practices.

It would be very difficult for others to distinguish between the false practices to gain something useful out of them. For Lou Cheng, it was a piece of a cake. He could just verify them with his Jindan!

"See? It's business, isn't it?" Chin raised, Yan Zheke pouted.

"You're right, but I also said that earlier was a more important business. Don't put the cart before the horse!" Lou Cheng deliberately raised his eyebrows.

"You are becoming naughtier!" Yan Zheke said with faux anger, but in her eyes was an unconcealable happiness.

After finishing his routine exercising step by step, Lou Cheng glanced at the girl who was doing her Meteor Force practice seriously. He took out a stack of notes from the bag and carefully studied them, trying to visualize. He was trying to accomplish this through trial and error.

"Confrontation!" His hands gripped. He outlined the 19 different Confrontation formulae written by Shushan Study predecessors in his mind.

He did not complete the visualization on purpose. That was not something that could be done in just a few days. He was just grabbing the gist of it to see if it would resonate with his Jindan.

The Lin character was gradually disclosed, one after another. The nebula around his lower abdomen was still running slowly. Nothing changed.

By the time Lou Cheng excluded the thick notes of the Confrontation Formula and the Fighting Formula, it was already close to eight. He stopped visualizing. Yan Zheke had finished exercising as well. They left the Back Water Lake from another direction to have breakfast. "Cheng, don't be too anxious. There's no rush to return them. Keep it until my grandfather asks for them." Yan Zheke comforted him at the villa area.

She had noticed earlier how hard Lou Cheng had been trying. She was worried his impatience and anxiety would lead him astray.

Lou Cheng made a joke and said, "Don't worry. I'm fated with the Nine Words Formula."

Back at home, he continued his trial after a hot shower. He excluded the Wholeness Formula, the Formation Formula, and the Dequeuing Formula this time.

Though he did not gain much, he was not disappointed. With the mistakes made by the Shushan Study predecessors, as well as the lessons they had learned, he could deduce the rest himself with his knowledge and find the charm. However, that could take several years or even much longer. Taking out the last stack of notes, he cleared his mind and once again became engrossed in his trial.




The ancient tone came from his lips and the handprint gradually became more familiar to him. When Lou Cheng tried the Attainment Formula already deduced by Wu Zan, the recent master of Shushan Study, the bright nebula inside his body accelerated its rotation and rippled as it shook.

The ice crystal and Great Sun merged within the water ripples, forming hundreds of blurry ancient characters. They were surrounded by a large Attainment character, rotating as fast as the wind! Got it! Lou Cheng's heart leaped with joy. He suppressed his excitement and tried to recall the charm of Attainment of the Jindan in his mind over and over. He then wrote down the hundreds of ancient characters one by one in his little notebook.

The Attainment Formula could be used for the external practice of his legs to enhance speed. It was a natural fit for the North Wind footwork he had recently learned!

Nice! He had learned four of the Nine Words Formula. He was nearly halfway there!

The next morning, at Back Water Lake.

"How did your practice go? Any comprehension?" Yan Zheke asked casually. Lou Cheng cleared his throat and formed the handprint. His abdomen twitched with peristalsis and his vocal cords vibrated. He exhaled.


He was already running before his voice even vanished, tearing through the airflow at a high speed and stirring a thunder in the silence!

Yan Zheke was taken aback that he had already learned the Attainment Formula.

She had just given him the information yesterday!

And that was just a summary of mistakes, not even a specific practice method!

Yan Zheke stared in astonishment. Her rosy lips opened little by little, almost forming an O-shape. This time, Coach Yan also experienced the same treatment as Coach Shi...

"I only figured out the Attainment Formula. Not sure when I will complete the rest. Years, I suppose," Lou Cheng said modestly, smiling.

Yan Zheke snapped into focus and said, with a mix of confusion and lament, "You are truly destined with the Nine Words Formula..."

She really wanted to give Cheng a bite and see if he was really a human!

Lou Cheng coughed once when he noticed her expression as she ground her teeth. "I will try writing down the charm of the Attainment Formula afterward so that you can also practice it. You can also take it back to Shushan Study as a way of accomplishing your duty. Um, if it works, I want to exchange this formula for my master's approval of me teaching you the Swordsman formula. That will benefit your body greatly…" As she listened to his chatter, brightness replaced the surprise in her eyes.

"Okay..." she replied with a smile.

She did not want to bite him this time, just kiss him...

Over the next few days, Lou Cheng wrote the word 'Attainment' over and over using the ink, writing brush, and high quality paper he had bought. He tried to put to words that feeling of being as fast as the wind.

He failed again and again, wasting stacks of paper. However, right before the end of the winter vacation, he finally comprehended the true meaning and method. He wrote them down while visualizing the character.

With every stroke of his brush, the word 'Attainment' gradually came to form. A wind suddenly rose in the room, blowing the wasted paper nearby. Lou Cheng put away the brush and gazed at the paper. An "Attainment" full of ancient sense appeared as if it was made of wind!

His own understanding was still not good enough. Perhaps he had only understood one-tenth of the true formula, but it was enough as an entry-level for Ke to master the formula... Deep in thought, he took a look at the calendar.

The relaxing winter vacation was coming to an end, with only two days left.

But he still had one more thing to do.


The next afternoon, with the help of Director Xing Chengwu, Lou Cheng went to the prison 100 kilometers away and met Wang Xu in the reception hall. Wang Xu was wearing a drab prison uniform, and he had recently-shaved hair. With shallow scars on his cheeks, he appeared rather emotional.

Lou Cheng spoke first. "How are you? Are you okay?"

"Not bad. Director Xing spoke to the prison supervisors, so they have been taking care of me. No one bullies me here," Wang Xu answered gratefully. He had seen how those bullies took care of other inmates.

Speaking of this, Wang Xu recalled the past things and smiled bitterly. "I really regret not listening to you then. If I had left Le and the others, maybe I would have a home and a wife now."

"Just behave well here. Who knows, you might be released before I graduate from college. You will still be young then, the world is your oyster," Lou Cheng comforted him.

"Yeah." Wang Xu took a breath and nodded. They did not share much in common, so Lou Cheng brought up things happening in the estate and then planned to leave. Before parting, he asked with concern,

"You look pale and the circles around your eyes are really dark. Are you ill?"

"No. I have just been sleeping poorly. I keep recalling what happened that day and keep having nightmares." The horror of that time still remained in Wang Xu's eyes. "I can sleep well with sleeping pills. I can't do without them."

Lou Cheng thought for a while and then turned to look at the caretaker officer.

"Do you have any ink, paper, and pen? Just ink and paper will do too."

The police officer notified by the caretaker did not refuse. He said enthusiastically, "I will send someone to get those for you." "What do you want to write?" Wang Xu asked in puzzlement.

"A talisman for you," Lou Cheng replied half-jokingly.

"Talisman..." Wang Xu was increasingly puzzled.

A moment later, another police officer brought the ink and paper here.

Lou Cheng expanded the white paper and stretched his palm and fingers. He stained them with ink and closed his eyes, outlining the ancient characters that suppressed negative emotions in his mind.

He used his finger as a brush and drew the ancient character 'Forwarding' on the paper in front of Wang Xu. The character appeared vividly, like a dragon dancing.

"Hang it in your cell and look at it for five minutes before bedtime." Lou Cheng wiped his finger with the rest of the paper.

"Can it help?" Though the character made him feel at ease, Wang Xu always found these Taoist things hard to believe.

"There's no harm in trying." Lou Cheng smiled.

"That's true." Wang Xu nodded indifferently.

At night, Wang Xu hung the character by his bed and carefully looked at it for 10 minutes before falling asleep.

The next morning, when the first ray of light entered his prison cell, he opened his eyes and woke up naturally. He felt completely refreshed.

It was not a dream! Wang Xu sat up in astonishment. He stared at the ink character on the bedside in surprise, finding it mysterious and powerful!

Chapter 367: Our One-year Anniversary (Part Two)

On the 13th day of the first lunar month, Lou Cheng bade farewell to his parents and once again went back to school carrying his luggage. He walked into the high-speed rail station of Xiushan.

Wu Qingui sent the 700,000 yuan endorsement payment to him yesterday and also planned to send him the martial arts shoes, which were specially designed for him, in March so that Lou Cheng could try them before the designers made the final adjustments.

The moment Lou Cheng received the endorsement payment, he went to the bank and transferred 150,000 Yuan to his mother for renovations without telling her. His mother was shocked and she thought that something had gone wrong with the banking system because she suddenly received such a large amount of money; she even almost called the police. After Lou Cheng told her on the phone, she understood the whole thing, so she scolded her son a little bit with joy and surprise. She no longer pretended to refuse the money but spread Lou Cheng's filial actions on to the whole estate. Once again, he became a real "good boy" in others' eyes. All of the young men in this estate had no way to get rid of Lou Cheng's great influence.

"Hey, what a coincidence ~!" In front of the ticket gate, Yan Zheke pretended to meet Lou Cheng by chance and patted his shoulder with a sweet smile while dragging her luggage.

"What a coincidence! You're also going to Songcheng!" Lou Cheng acted exaggeratedly while smoothly taking the luggage from the girl's hand, then he grabbed her waist.

"Your acting skills are poor!" Yan Zheke looked up and commented to him.

Without the need to worry about the existence of parents, these two people were like two wild horses, feeling free and happy.

After having their tickets checked, they got on the high- speed train. Lou Cheng put the baggage on the baggage holder above and then sat next to the girl. He then asked her casually, "How is your practice of Attainment Formula and Swordsman Formula going?"

He had asked his master on the phone and had gotten his permission to exchange the Attainment Formula with the Swordsman Formula. Geezer Shi also suggested that it did not matter at all to teach "Lou Cheng's wife" more... By this way, he could pay those men back, for they had asked Lou Cheng to suffer an ordeal without telling him first.

"I have a little bit of feeling for it now." Yan Zheke looked at Lou Cheng and asked jokingly, "Are you trying to get a sense of superiority from deprecating me? To show off the fact that you have mastered the formula in only one day?"

She had not told her grandfather and grandmother about the Attainment Formula yet because she planned to tell them before the National Games for fear that this turn of events would scare them.

Some people really were amazing and could not be regarded as normal people! At the same time, she also looked forward to one thing, which was that her cousin could also learn the Attainment Formula, because it was Cheng's compensation to Shushan Study. So if he mixed the speed of Meteor Blast with the Attainment Formula, what kind of changes would happen?

"No, I'm not showing off. Coach Yan, I'm just showing my concern for you. I'll never show off in front of you!" Lou Cheng replied to her with a smile.

It was at that moment that Yan Zheke let out a "Hmph", looked sideways, and said with emotion,

"The National Games will be held this semester. I'm looking forward to it, but I also feel so nervous..."

"So do I. But I am looking forward to tonight. It's Valentine's Day and it's our first anniversary. Oh, what gift will you give to me?" Lou Cheng laughed.

In fact, Songcheng University would officially open on Monday, February 17th. But both of them had lied about this in order to celebrate Valentine's Day and their first anniversary together. So they went back to Songcheng in advance.

Of course, it should not be regarded as a lie. Preparing for the upcoming National Games in the school was a fair excuse!

"I didn't prepare a gift for you!" Yan Zheke glanced at Lou Cheng, but suddenly she laughed. "Could my period be seen as a gift? Cheng, I think that you have predestination with my menstruation. I'm always menstruating whenever we go out."
"I have nothing to do with this. Last month, you had your period on the 17th. And because its cycle is 26 days and there are 31 days in January, your menstruation will definitely be around today." Lou Cheng threw up his hand helplessly and looked forward to the future. "Next year, you won't have your period."

"So what?!" Yan Zheke puffed out her cheeks and moved her body closer to lean on Lou Cheng. She gave one of her earphones to him and invited him to listen to songs and surf the internet with her. At about seven o'clock in the evening, they arrived at Songcheng. Instead of going back to the campus, they went to a five-star hotel which Lou Cheng had booked before.

Outside the window, it was dark with colorful neon lights shining. Inside the room, it was as warm as a spring day. While Yan Zheke wasn't watching, Lou Cheng called the telephone in their room and pretended that it was a call from the receptionist.

"There's one more thing to take care of. I need to go downstairs," he said to Yan Zheke after he picked up the phone and talked for a while.

Yan Zheke did not suspect him at all. She answered him in a light tone while looking for her pajamas. "Okay, get back quickly."

"Okay." Lou Cheng walked out of the room and was ready to buy flowers! After walking out of the hotel, in order to save time, he found many children on the street who were wandering around selling flowers and bought a bunch of roses from them without even asking the price.

Then he wrote a message to the girl and sent her an e-mail.

After Yan Zheke took a bath, she put on some comfortable pajamas and wore slippers without socks. When she went back to the bed, she picked up the phone.

"Please check your email!" Lou Cheng said in his message.

"My email?" Yan Zheke was confused but also began to expect some surprises. She quickly opened the Mailbox APP on her phone and found a video from her boyfriend.

After downloading the video, she changed her posture and leaned against the bed more comfortably. She then played it. Even though the video was shaking for a moment, she still saw Lou Cheng in the video. "From now on, every Valentine's Day will become our anniversary day. I'm afraid that you will be losing a holiday." Facing the camera, Lou Cheng smiled shyly.

"As long as you know it..." Yan Zheke answered him silently in her heart.

Lou Cheng cleared his throat and looked straight at her.

"On Valentine's Day this year and on our first anniversary, I want to tell you a story about a boy, about a boy that pursues a girl.

"There was a boy who held an unrequited love for a beautiful and kind girl in his highschool. He regarded her as his goddess, but back then, he was still slightly self-abased and dared not to pursue her or to give it a try, because he thought he wasn't good enough to be her boyfriend and he wouldn't have any chance.

"However, because of fate, they were admitted to the same university. The longing that shouted in his heart made him want to do something."

Yan Zheke quietly listened to his words and gradually let out a smile. She knew what story Lou Cheng was about to tell.

"How will he tell me the next part of the story?" She had some expectations.

"That day, he saw the girl wearing traditional Chinese clothes in red and white. Standing in front of the martial arts arena, the boy was once again stunned by her beauty. He was encouraged by the theory of fate and finally found the courage to talk to her. In order to make himself feel less nervous, he specifically ran in a big circle around the campus. He was breathing so heavily that it made his blushed face and stammer seem insignificant." In the video, Lou Cheng recalled these memories with a blushed face.

"I don't even know the story behind... " Yan Zheke opened her mouth slightly, feeling surprised and pleased. While recalling the scene at that time and listening to the story behind it, she could not help but scold him in a low voice.

"Dumb Cheng!"

How dumb was he? He even ran around the campus!

At that moment, a beautiful melody began and the background of the video changed. A photo appeared and occupied the whole screen. It was of a gorgeous girl wearing a suit of traditional Chinese clothes who stood in front of the martial arts arena.

"Oh... " Yan Zheke stretched out her hand and covered her mouth.

How does Cheng have a photo of me from that time?

Didn't he say that he was too nervous to take a photo of me secretly? "The girl was friendly and her personality was even better than what the boy had imagined. These two people had a good conversation. He even became cheeky and asked her for her QQ number. Then his dreamy and unbelievable life began.
"He restrained his desire and dared to talk to the girl for only a few minutes every time for fear that she would get annoyed and feel herself being entangled. As time passed, they became more and more familiar with each other and their chatting time also became longer. He was surprised to find that the girl actually was very cute..."

While the background music was still playing, emojis jumped out one by one. There was a Dodge emoji, a "well-behaved sitting" emoji, an emoji with both hands crossed holding the chin... Watching those emojis, Yan Yan almost laughed out loud.

"He made a fairly good video..." she thought happily.

"When it came to her birthday, the boy did not dare to do too many things for her, because he was afraid that his enthusiasm would scare his fairy. So, holding much desire but also feeling nervous, the boy went to Yanling City to participate in the Warrior Sage Candidate Challenge Tournament.

"During this Challenge Tournament, he found more common ground with the girl and let her enter into his life. It was also at this Challenge Tournament that he heard the first cheers for him since he began to learn martial arts. The cheering sounds came from the girl."

The man in the video stopped telling the story while an abnormally familiar, soft sound of a girl suddenly played in the video.

"Lou Cheng! Lou Cheng! Lou Cheng, come on!"

"This... " Yan Zheke once again covered her mouth and was surprised to look to the other side.

Cheng still kept the voice message I sent to him at that time? "The fact that the first cheers for him were from the girl he had a crush on made the boy filled with power and courage. He defeated several mighty opponents and then advanced to the group competition. This time, the girl sang a cheering song for him after he begged her several times."

While the background music was playing, the same clear voice from before hummed a passionate song.

"Continue to run, with the pride of youth,

"Life's brilliance cannot be seen unless we persevere,

"Rather than to live mediocrely, why not burn with passion?"

"He kept all of those messages... " Yan Zheke let out a sigh and was moved to tears.

"All these memories are worth being remembered throughout the boy's life. He keeps all the voice messages, all the chat logs, all the happy moments he spent with the girl, and hides these things in different places. He wants to sit on a rocking chair and recall all these memories together with the girl when they are old."

Later, many photos appeared on the screen and a lot of screenshots of their previous chats floated out. While hearing Lou Cheng's narration, Yan Zheke also began to recall the past, the happy moments that they spent together this year.

On New Year's Eve, both of them held their cell phones and quietly listened to each other's breathing while waiting for the coming of the new year...

In the early hours of his birthday, the girl called and sang a celebration song for him...

On Valentine's Day, shining by the moon, one sentence of the girl saying, "At first let me feel happy for five minutes," was exchanged for a video about amazing fireworks which was sent by the boy. He also shared details about how he checked those places before their first date and his complex feelings he had on that first date, which was that he was too nervous to hold the girl's hand. Furthermore, the first time that they held each other's hand, both of them were so nervous that they lost their direction and wandered aimlessly...

He then told her the great effort he made for their first kiss, the passionate and amazing kiss they had beside the lake...

The contradiction and misunderstanding caused by his keen desire and passion...

The feelings they had as if they were a longtime couple when they got up early in the morning...

The solemn moment they spent when they sent each other a ring, and the fun they had when he first called the girl "my wife"...

While recalling the past, Yan Zheke was about to cry. She seemed to be drunk and had lost herself in her mind. She felt like she was once again lying on Lou Cheng's bed and bathing in the sunshine while he was taking off her clothes piece by piece. She again experienced all the memorable moments when he had moved her. Those moments were too many to be present in this video.

You are so dumb. How can you only remember what I've done for you and forget what you've done for me!?

"... And again it's Valentine's Day. I want to give you this story. I hope the boy and the girl in this story can have new stories every year so that I can tell their stories to you every year like today," Lou Cheng said in a low voice. Yan Zheke listened to his voice carefully and was deeply touched by what he said.

Yan Zheke saved this video because she wanted to record their memories just like Lou Cheng had done.

At that moment, she pursed her lips and smiled with tears remaining in her eyes while sending Lou Cheng an audio recording that she had prepared previously. …

Outside the door, Lou Cheng took the flowers and counted the time in his heart because he intended to give Yan Zheke the flowers when Yan Zheke was watching the most touching moment of the video.

His cell phone suddenly rang at that moment, and he found a message from Yan Zheke.

"What?" Lou Cheng was confused but also had some expectations while holding the phone to his ear.

"Cheng, I've been thinking all the time about what kind of gift I can give you on Valentine's Day. Finally, I decided to give you an answer as a gift." Lou Cheng heard the soft and low voice of Yan Zheke.

"Do you remember the last Valentine's Day? You told me that you liked Yan Zheke, you liked Yan Zheke very much. I was not only very happy but also quite frightened. I also felt very panicked because I hoped that you could wait for me until I liked you as much as you liked me and until I could gradually make some changes to allow another person to enter my life.

"I remember a lot of things you have done, but I don't quite remember a lot of the words that I have said. I don't know whether I have answered you before or not. Anyway, now I want to tell you formally.

"Cheng, I like you. I really like you. I like you very much."

While her voice was gentle and full of emotions, Lou Cheng's heart was hit by her open and honest mind.

"Cheng, I like you, I like you very much... " The corners of his mouth were lifted and he opened the door with his room card while holding the flowers.

… The flowers were scattered on the floor. Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke lay on the bed and cuddled each other.

Yan Zheke seemed to think of something suddenly. She nimbly moved her right foot upward so that it was resting on Lou Cheng's legs.

"What are you doing?" Lou Cheng asked, shocked by her sudden movement.

Yan Zheke pulled herself backward. She seemed to be scared of Lou Cheng's penis, but she also felt very curious about it, so she touched it with her toes.

"It's strange. It's so soft and is totally different from before!"

Instead of using her hands, she felt less scared of it and less awkward because she thought touching it with her toe let her keep a safe distance from it. "... " At that moment, Lou Cheng felt speechless, so he only watched the girl touch his sensitive part with her toes.

"It will be much funnier if it keeps being soft... " Yan Zheke said with her face blushing as she seemed to feel more relaxed. However, before she finished her words, she was very surprised to see that his sensitive part stuck out bit by bit. She could not help crying out.

"You need to handle this!" Lou Cheng looked into her eyes as there was a flame burning in his eyes.

"How, how can I handle this... " Yan Zheke was slightly stammering, but she still looked like she had made mental preparations for this.

"Help, help me... " Lou Cheng did not say it directly, he only pulled the girl's hand on his sensitive part.

"Hey, why are you only putting two fingers on it? Are you trying to take food... "In this way, like this... "

After a while, thanks to Lou Cheng's specific instructions and guidance, Yan Zheke finally mastered the basic skills. She was too shy to look at it, so she turned to the other side and was shocked by its frightening size.

After a long time, she gradually dared to look straight at it.
She asked him quite curiously with her shy and bright eyes,

"Cheng, why do boys call this 'jerkingoff?'"

"Don't, don't stop. I'll tell you later... " Even before he finished his words, Lou Cheng let out a sigh with satisfaction and then he said timidly, "Do you understand now?"

"You are a pervert!" Yan Zheke got off the bed and rushed into the bathroom.

… After spending a good night with Yan Zheke, Lou Cheng tried so hard to amuse her and make her stop being angry. They then came back to the new school campus of Songcheng University and saw Lin Que, Li Mao, Cai Zongming, and other members.

At the first special training session of the semester, they stood in a circle and covered each other's hands while shouting in unison,

"The National Games!"

Chapter 368: Let's Fight! (Part Three)

"The National Games!"

After the members of the Martial Arts Club shouted their cheer, Shu Rui asked the cameraman to stop recording. She then stood in front of the team and bent slightly over while smiling with emotion.

"Thank you sincerely for your care and cooperation over the past few months. For more than 40 days, we have to say goodbye to each other. Our team wishes you to make a great achievement in the National Games!"
Shu Rui was a gorgeous and reliable beauty. Neither did she behave very frigidly nor arrogantly. From early September until now, she always came to the martial arts club to film the daily lives of the team members except for holidays, so the members were getting more familiar with her and had developed a good relationship with her team. Therefore, when they heard what she said, all of them expressed their dismay and sad emotions. With such an atmosphere, the first special training session of this semester started. Everyone in the martial arts club tried their best and worked hard to prepare for the National Games.

As the training was about to end, Lou Cheng laughed and, while seeing that Shu Rui was interviewing his teammates one by one, said to Yan Zheke,

"Suddenly, I have many expectations for the show they'll put on."

The moment Yan Zheke saw his smile, she recalled the scene that happened last night, so she could not help but turn away and purse her lips to give a snort of anger.

I've tried so hard to find the courage to become more proactive and to take the initiative to satisfy your desires, but how dare you, how dare...

She was too embarrassed to think about it. "What's wrong?" Lou Cheng blurted out. But he immediately realized where her anger came from; he then wanted to slap his own face.

He could not afford to mention the pot that doesn't boil!

"I just, just feel that I'm not pure anymore!" Yan Zheke actually was not angry, she just was too shy. After she settled down, she changed her attitude and decided to let this thing go. She looked down at her tiptoe and answered Lou Cheng in a slightly "plaintive" mood.

When she returned to her dormitory this morning to put back her luggage, she was too embarrassed to look directly into Dirty Tong's eyes when he was talking with her.

"I think that a girl who has already been married or who has had a love relationship with her boyfriend for more than a year can't be that pure," Lou Cheng said with a smile.

Yes, we have been in a relationship for more than a year, to put it more specifically, it's one year and one day! Yan Zheke turned back and glared at him. When she saw that Shu Rui was approaching her, she changed the topic as soon as she could. "Cheng, didn't you say that you were too nervous to take a picture of me the first time you approached me? How did my picture appear in that video last night?"

"When I was making the video, I thought that it would be a pity for me to miss that picture. However, I also couldn't tell you in advance so that you could wear the traditional Chinese clothes and let me take another picture of you. I thought it over and over again and suddenly I realized that my fairy was so beautiful that someone else must have taken it. Therefore, I went to ask the people I knew one by one, and finally, I got that picture from our previous club manager, Chen Changhua," Lou Cheng explained in detail.

Yan Zheke suddenly understood. "Oh, I see. At that time, Senior Brother Chen had asked me to pose for a picture because he wanted to save it among the other Martial Arts Club activities."

Her eyebrows gradually stretched and she was about to laugh out loud because she once again felt Lou Cheng's deep love for her. After last night, she felt that she seemed to be more intimate with Cheng.

She had even touched such a private body part of his, so it seemed that secrets between them also became fewer.

At that moment, Shu Rui came toward them and began to interview Yan Zheke, mainly to ask her about the preparations for the National Games that she had made during the vacation.

Lou Cheng moved two steps back to stand beside Little Ming and did not intend to interrupt her interview.

Cai Zongming moved as if he was Hercules and said excitedly, "Cheng, I think that I'm about to achieve the Professional Ninth Pin!"

Lou Cheng looked him up and down, then he nodded with a light smile. "Not bad."

"Ah, why do you f**king show such an expression in your eyes and in your tone?" Cai Zongming glanced at him annoyedly.

"I only showed my care to you from my eyes and tone." Lou Cheng laughed. He would not say that what he did was just like what a fighter of the Professional Sixth Pin would do to a fighter of the Professional Ninth Pin.

"To show your care to an idiot?" Cai Zongming answered him gruffly.

"That's what you said, I never said it." Lou Cheng replied to him "innocently".

"Talker" actually was speechless at that moment! Cai Zongming hurled out these two words when he found he was trapped by Lou Cheng.

"Get lost!"

When he saw that Lou Cheng was trying hard to stop laughing, he decided to change the topic, so he said,

"Ah, you came back to our dormitory in a rush this morning, so you must have done something bad last night. Both Qiang and Old Qiu are deeply stimulated by you."

What he did on Valentine's Day caused double hurt to those two single men!

"It can't be that you took the bullet train back to school at night?" Lou Cheng asked him with a smile.

"Of course it can. But I still need to remind you as a predecessor, you should at first be well-prepared for sex whether there is a chance for you or not. Because when you are surprised to find that a girl has agreed to have sex with you, you then will be kicked out to look all around for a drugstore, supermarket, or a vending machine... " Cai Zongming recalled an embarrassing scene in the past which happened like that.

Lou Cheng's lips twitched and he said,

"Casanova, I think that you can write a book about your funny experience."

"The encyclopedia of how to hurt single people?" Cai Zongming took a glance at Lou Cheng.

As they were talking like it was crosstalk, Shu Run finished her interview with Yan Zheke and stood in front of Lin Que. She at first laughed out loud before she said, "I come to interview you again."

"Yes." Lin Que still wore an emotionless expression on his face. Shu Rui bent over toward him slightly before she smiled very gently and said,

"Looking forward to learning from you."

Time flew by. They worked so hard during such a dull and repetitive period. In a flash, April 2nd arrived. Furthermore, the final round of the National University Martial Arts Competitions would be officially held on April 5th!

At the school bus station of Songcheng University, Lou Cheng pulled Yan Zheke by one hand and dragged her suitcase by the other hand while carrying his own luggage on his back. They were the first two people who stood in front of the bus that was going to be driven to the airport.

A minute later, Lin Que arrived. He wore a dark shirt and loose, dark jeans while dragging a bright yellow suitcase with his left hand. "Oh, my God... " Watching this scene, Lou Cheng opened his mouth for he felt very shocked, and he turned around to ask his girlfriend, "Why does your brother, your brother, have such a cute suitcase?"

You can't judge a book by its cover!

Is it because my brother-in-law has the heart of a young girl?

Yan Zheke covered her mouth with her hand and laughed. "My brother is very casual in this aspect. He uses whatever what my aunt buys for him. He isn't picky at all. That suitcase actually belongs to my aunt... "

"Well, okay then." Lou Cheng showed his remorse for the misunderstanding. He then saw Cai Zongming walking toward the bus with a handsome posture, and he found that Li Mao was behind Cai Zongming carrying a super bag that was higher than his head.

Then Sun Jian was wearing a pair of sunglasses and was holdinga couple of pieces of luggage. He showed up together with Lin Hua, who was wearing a plain, white dress.

Furthermore, He Zi took off her round glasses and her long hair had been cut. She had a short haircut like a man, which made her look cool and beautiful. Yan Xiaoling stood beside her and repeatedly reminded her,

"He Zi, I'm depending on you this time. You must be sure that you'll send me the freshest news about the matches as soon as you can!"

The team members who would go to the capital were: the three leading players, six bench fighters, and two students who would take care of chores named Li Xiaowen and Jiang Fusheng. The other students had to stay at school, including Yan Xiaoling and Mu Jinnian.

At Shanbei University's school bus station— Xu Wanning talked about some funny things with Fang Zhirong. He found that this younger brother was easy to get along with as long as he was not angry or irritated, except that he liked to prank others.

After a long time, all the bench fighters also arrived and stood around these two people.

"Well, let's get on the bus and go to the airport!" Xu Wannian waved his hand.

The substitute of the leading player, Mao Chengjun, was confused, so he looked around before he asked,

"Aren't we missing one member?"

The most important one!

Xu Wannian replied with a big smile while pointing to the bus, "Brother Peng has already arrived!"

All the people followed his finger and took a look at where he was pointing. They saw that Peng Leyun was sitting by the bus window and his back was against the seat with a lost expression in his eyes. Nobody knew what he was thinking at that moment.

"Let's go!" Xu Wannian got on the bus first.

At Huahai University—
Xing Jingjing put away her luggage and got on the bus. She saw that Piao Yuan, who was bald and looked very violent and strong, was holding a cellphone to take a selfie while Zhang Dongliang, who looked like an old farmer and had a round shape, was chatting and laughing with several bench fighters. She then turned left and saw Ann Chaoyang with half-length hair, who was wearing professional-grade headphones and listening to music quietly. He closed his eyes and sat against the seat leisurely.

Xing Jingjing walked directly to the last row and chose a seat by the window without greeting anyone else. Her seat was far away from the others.

In Guangnan city—
Because Li Xiaoyuan had a good figure and looked very handsome, he attracted many people's attention by just standing there.

"That junior sister who passed by just now is very good," he said with a smile. "Very good?" Xi Meng, who was rather strong and had a buzz cut, looked once again with his own eyes. "Her skin is so dark. She is so thin and has no meat on her body. What's more, she looks much older than her real age. She has no other strengths except for her tall height!"

"... Anyway, I feel that she looks pretty good," said Li Xiaoyuan with his hands outstretched. His taste in women had been criticized again and again.

Xi Meng decided to give no more comments to Li Xiaoyuan, because he thought it would be good for others if his taste in women stayed this way. Otherwise, he would attract more beautiful girls with his handsome appearance!

"Senior Brother Zhen hasn't arrived yet? Time is up!" Xi Meng changed the topic.

Li Xiaoyuan looked at the martial arts arena and said, "Senior Brother Zhen has worked so hard for the past half year." "Oh, because he is motivated. Many people said that he had a problem with attitude and used up his potential, so he had little possibility to achieve a high rank in martial arts." Xi Meng sighed. "What's more, Lou Cheng appeared out of nowhere and his strength grew so quickly. Senior Brother Zhen might not want to lose face even though he's now in the fourth year."

While they were talking, they suddenly felt that the earth was trembling slightly. They then turned around and saw Zhen Huansheng moving toward them with heavy steps while carrying his baggage.

He had bronze skin and a clear face. Even though he was not so handsome, he was still very masculine. Every step that he took was so strong that he was like a tank was treading through the street. However, the closer he got, the weaker the trembling of the earth became. This situation was just opposite of a normal one!

Zhen Huansheng said in a low voice, "Let's go!"

… At Hudong University—
"The walking fatty." Yu Zhi, took a glance at Wu Yong, Han Peipei, and the other people, as he was the first one to squeeze through the bus door. He then turned around and shouted,

"This year, our goal is to advance to the final eight!"

"The final eight!" All members of his martial arts club followed him and shouted in unison.

At Mingdao University—
Because they lived close to the capital, the three brothers of the He family led a group of bench fighters who just regarded this match as a trip and arrived at the bullet train station. He Yifang looked around and asked, "Do we need to say any slogans or anything else?"

While He Santai was playing the game Strike of Kings, he answered his bother without raising his head. "Do not bother me."

In the Capital College Martial Arts Club—
"Kong Chan, where did our club manager go?" Shen You asked a cute girl who had a round face.

"Senior Sister said that she wanted to go to the martial arts arena to get familiar with it." Jiang Kongchan replied to her innocently.

Shen You immediately became very nervous. "You didn't take her there?" "I took her to the subway station. Anyway, the last station on the fourth line is our city's martial arts arena. No matter which exit she went out of, she wouldn't get lost. Within such a close distance, she could just ask someone for directions... " Jiang Kongchan explained.

"I hope so... " Shen You still felt worried about her.

In the subway station, on the waiting platform of the fourth line, which went from Kaiyang Meng to the City Martial Arts Arena.

Ren Li, who had long and straight hair, narrowed her big eyes and looked deeply at the station nameplate:

"Kaiyang Meng!"

… On a medium-sized passenger plane, Lou Cheng asked Yan Zheke to sit by the window, while he sat right next to her.

He held the girl's hand and looked into her eyes. He read the same excitement and expectation in her eyes as his, Li Mao's, and Cai Zongming's also had.

Yes, I have been in the university for a year and a half and finally, I can participate in the National Competition!

The door of the plane closed. After the aircraft slid along the ground and accelerated, it finally soared and flew up into the sky!

Chapter 369: The Broadcast of the Program

At eight o'clock in the evening, April 3rd—
Yan Xiaoling lay on her bed and opened the computer. While she was waiting for the computer to be ready, she also updated a post in the forum with her phone.

"Hello, is anybody here? No baby should ever miss the program, no matter what happens. Maybe I will also be on the program tonight, can you guess which one I am? Because I look different in reality than I do in the pictures."

The program that was made by Shu Rui's team would be broadcast on Songcheng Television during its golden time. Although Yan Xiaoling missed watching the drawing part several times, she still had been recording video because she frequently stayed in the martial arts arena. As for what would be in the final edit of the official broadcasting version, she was still not clear. "Hey, aren't you the shortest one?" "Unparalleled Dragon King" would take every chance to ridicule Yan Xiaoling.

Yan Xiaoling replied with grievance, "I am not. Huh, there was someone shorter than me in our Martial Arts Club. The girl I met recently, Qingqing, is one centimeter shorter than me. And Xiaohei is two centimeters, no, three centimeters shorter than me!"

"But still, can this difference be observed with the naked eye?" "Road to the Arena" also made fun of her.

Ridiculing "Eternal Nightfall", Yan Xiaoling, had become a show in Lou Cheng's fan forum. Even the fans in the forum of the Longhu Club would often join in on this activity.

"How big a difference two centimeters makes! They all say that if I don't talk when I stand with them, I look like their sister." Yan Xiaoling talked back to them excitedly. "I won't talk with you from now on because the show is starting!" "Get yourself a small bench and watch the program quietly (holding the chin with one hand emoji)." "Wonton Seller" also came from the other forum to have fun here.

"Little Wonton, how can you watch it if you have a self-study lesson at night?" "Brahman" was shocked.

"Wonton Seller" sent a "glutinous rice dumpling" emoji and said, "Because I have a cold, so I asked for a leave... But wait, how about my plan of doing some exercises?"

"I can do the exercises while watching the program!" "Brahman", this little girl, replied, showing no embarrassment or sorrow.

At that moment,a picture of the new campus of Songcheng University appeared on Yan Xiaoling's computer screen. With lakes, mountains, and brightly-colored buildings, this university looked just like a garden.

"It has been many years since the Songcheng University Martial Arts Club last went to the National Competition. However, now they will finally take the best opportunity. The two geniuses in this university bring us lots of hope. From the beginning of this semester, led by Lou Cheng and Lin Que, they will try their best to fight in the National Competition. We chose to accompany them during the entire process and record their life honestly.

"And while I'm recording what I said just now, I don't know what kind of performance the Songcheng University Martial Arts Club will put out later on... "

As Shu Rui was speaking like she was narrating a documentary. The long shot changed and moved the scene from a place far away to Songcheng University's martial arts arena. The camera recorded the scene of many students going in and out of the arena.

"Da da da!" Some typing sounds were made by a typewriter. On the screen, there was a sentence: "In early September XXXX ".

Inside the martial arts arena, the atmosphere was warm and soft. Several members who had arrived earlier had already been doing warm-ups. The scene shifted to a doorway, and a man that everyone was familiar with then entered in.

"Hey, Lou Cheng, you have come so early today." Shu Rui greeted him.

Lou Cheng did not feel embarrassed when he was facing the camera; he behaved very calmly and naturally. He even made a joke. "It's not early right now, Reporter Shu. Even your team has already arrived."

Next, he answered her about his goal of this martial arts competition, which was: "He who doesn't want to be a general is not a good soldier". Yan Zheke also appeared on the scene without any make-up and accepted the sudden shooting of the program. At last, the audience was amused by the scene in which Lin Que cheered for Shu Rui under the condition that Shu Rui was the interviewer.

The camera recorded their life truthfully. The audience could clearly see the surprised expressions on the faces of members when they got the Internal Training Methods. Furthermore, the scenes of all the members tempering so hard while still sometimes telling some jokes to relax one other were recorded. While the audience was watching this program, they also calmed down and immersed themselves in it. They seemed to follow all the members of the Songcheng University Martial Arts Club to advance to the final round of the National
University Martial Arts Competition step by step.

Because it was a real scene, it was exciting. That was the charm of the documentary.

Yan Xiaoling, who was still talking and chatting in the forum, unconsciously put the phone down and focused on the computer screen. She saw the scene showing that after finishing the special training, Lin Que took the initiative to ask Lou Cheng to fight with him. She felt it was a pity that this program did not record that fight. In addition, she saw the reactions that the members had after they had drawn the first time. She also saw He Zi, who shrank in the corner and sent the freshest news about the team. He Zi was also called "Cat Reporter".

Yan Xiaoxia thought while inexplicably laughing. Then she saw that all vspectators were shouting, "We're coming" in unison before the first match of the Martial Arts Club. The mysterious locker room also clearly appeared on the screen. In the program, Lou Cheng was smearing ointment to cure redness and bruises. The scene in which Lin Que was
drying his short, wet hair as he came out of the bathroom was also recorded. The audience also saw that Yan Zheke, who was much more beautiful than movie stars, was also standing in front of the window of the cafeteria like millions of other college students and left with a dish in her hand. They saw that Lou Cheng, who was one of the candidates for the favored fighters of the age, was as normal as everyone else around him
when he was eating bread and drinking soybean milk.

In the bright classroom, as students, they were concentrated on learning. Meanwhile, they also kept going with their special training. The program also recorded Li Mao, Sun Jian, Cai Zongming, and others. They showed their real lives to the audience and showed their strong desire to go to the National Competition.

Their team successfully advanced in the group competition. Then they easily defeated their opponent in the quarterfinals. During this process, the details of their competitions were linked together, so the audience felt refreshed while watching it. After watching this program, they felt that they understood the members once again from a different perspective. For example, they saw that while Lou Cheng got the supernatural ability to rebound Misfortune, other members would unconsciously be afraid of Lou Cheng and would avoid meeting him.

When Li Mao and other members learned the fact that, in the first round of the semifinal, their opponent was Shanbei, they were shocked. However, the audience still saw the faint excitement and nervousness in Lou Cheng and Lin Que's eyes.

The first climax of the program appeared when their team fought with Shanbei on away ground. The camera also recorded the story of Lou Cheng, who kept getting up to practice at half past five every morning. The program also perfectly portrayed the unspeakable feelings Lou Cheng had when he happened to meet Peng Leyun on the grounds.

After watching the intense competition, the audience saw the depressed emotions on the faces of all the members, the inspiring speech that Geezer Shi gave to encourage them the next day, the hard-work attitude that Lou Cheng and other members showed, and the touching scene of students of Songcheng University spontaneously going to the arena on the weekend to use the slogan "Come On" to cheer for the Martial Arts Club.

They then defeated Sanjiang and Haiyuan and successfully advanced to the final rounds. The program also presented the process of the members of the Martial Arts Club going to a food stall to celebrate their victory, which made the audience think that this group of young people was very real and modest.

With the new year came a new start. In the program, people could clearly see the sweat that the members had when they were practicing and the violent pair exercises that they did every day. The camera then shot the moment when Lou Cheng and the other members got on the bus one by one, which was then driven to the airport.

And finally, the scene focused on the image of all the members of the Martial Arts Club standing in a circle hand in hand as they shouted in unison,

"The National Games!" The typing sound was played while the background became more blurred. Several black words were highlighted on the screen:

"April 5th. The National University Martial Arts Competitions. The final round!"

"Huh... " Yan Xiaoling exhaled a breath and felt satisfied after she watched the program. She intended to collect a copy of this video and keep it.

Yes,  just  like  my  idol,  Lou  Cheng,  I  am  also  a  qualified squirrel-man!

"All Good Names Are Taken by Dogs" sent the first post in the forum and sighed. "Lou Cheng is actually a funny person... Raise your hand if you agree with me! Did anyone else feel the interaction between Lin Que and reporter Shu was very cute?"

"No, I think the interaction between Lin Que and everyone else is cute." "Shuilan," who had a sign like "Forever Eighteen," talked back to him.

"You make sense... What's more, I always thought that Lou Cheng may have a relationship with Yan Zheke!" "All Good Names Are Taken By Dogs" had found some details and facts.

"Didn't you come to this forum during the last match?" "Okamoto's Fan" threw up his hands.

"I have become a fan of Sister Yan. She is really pretty, so pretty, gorgeous... " A new member of the forum named "A Heavenly Steed Soaring Across the Sky" said.

"Unparalleled Dragon King" sent a post to ridicule them. "You guys, ah, just pay attention to adultery and gossip. Shouldn't you focus on the matches between the favored fighters of the age, such as Lou Cheng, Peng Leyun, Ren Li, Ann Chaoyang, and Zhen Huansheng? They are about to trade ferocious fists with each other. Their fights will make us fume with anger and wonder who the real favored fighter of the age should be."

"Trade fists, fuming in anger... I'm sorry, I was thinking something about sex. Wait for me to stop my nosebleed." "Bull Demon King" made a dirty joke again.

"Dragons, dragons, I seriously want to discuss this. No. First, let me wipe off my saliva because both the real Lou Cheng and Lin Que are very attractive!" "Wonton Seller" asked, "Which level do you think Peng Leyun and others have achieved?"

"Holy sh*t, Little Wonton. You actually want to discuss such a serious topic!" "Unparalleled Dragon King" chose to ridicule all the people who talked to him. "This year, whether the result will be clear depends on Peng Leyun. Has he achieved the Inhuman stage? So it's hard to tell the result now. Ren Li may have already achieved the top strength of the Professional Sixth Pin. I can't guess Lou Cheng's strength, because he always makes miracles. But he definitely is a fighter of strong Professional Sixth Pin. Ann Chaoyang and Zhen Huansheng also were said to have achieved the Professional Sixth Pin. As for whether they are powerful fighters of the Sixth Pin, it is hard to say. But Lin Que, he probably is a powerful fighter of the Seventh Pin."

"It sounds like our idol is great." "Brahman" covered her mouth and laughed. "Wait a minute, have you seen Little Changye?"

"No, isn't Lingling too short to be seen by us?" "Nie Qiqi" made fun of her.

Because the National Competition had attracted many people, there were many new fans in Lou Cheng's forum. His forum became more and more popular. Some people praised him, while some disdained him.

While the fans were talking about the program, Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke also took their eyes away from the computer screen. "Reporter Shu is a good person. She never broadcasted anything about our relationship," Yan Zheke said with her bright eyes.

"Of course, I specifically asked her not to." Lou Cheng laughed.

And he also asked Shu Rui to cut out the moments between Ke and him and send it to him because he intended to use it in the future!

But for now, he would not share this secret with Ke!

"Do you actually talk to Shu Rui behind my back?" Yen Zheke turned around and gazed at him.

"Eh, why does she focus on this point..." Lou Cheng blinked his eyes and said innocently, "I just called her once... " After seeing his reaction, Yan Zheke let out a laugh. "I'm just trying to scare you!"

She then looked up and said while thinking something over, "I don't think you only asked Reporter Shu to not broadcast those moments. But, hmm, as far as I know, you have a habit to collect moments like this, so you also asked her to send you those moments! Yes or no?"

"... Dear classmate, can you allow yourself to be surprised?" Lou Cheng at first sat there dumbly for a while, and then gave her a funny answer.

When did Ke learn so much about me?

"Because I want to see the moments right now," Yan Zheke said with emotion in her eyes.

They again began to watch another version of that program together. …

The reason why the Songcheng University Martial Arts Club had chosen to come to the capital several days early was to adapt to the dry weather and the great temperature difference between day and night there so that they could keep these conditions from influencing their health.

After they had adjusted themselves for two days, at 7:40 PM on April 5th, it was time for the C group to begin their group competition. From this group, Shanbei University Martial Arts Club had won the championship last year.

In the city stadium, surrounded by cheering sounds, Lou Cheng saw that Peng Leyun was the last fighter on his team and had defeated the leading fighter of Xinghai School. Peng Leyun's team had the first victory of the group competition.

"I still don't know which level he is at now... " At the beginning of another competition of Group C, Lou Cheng looked toward Yan Zheke, who was sitting next to him, and whispered to himself. All the National Competitions were held in the evening, so there was only one group competition per day. That is to say, each team would have about a four-day break after they finished their group competition. Furthermore, before the quarterfinals, they would be given two days to adjust their health states. The same went for the semifinals and the finals.

Because the group who had the championship team should compete first, the order of the group competition was CDAB. The Songcheng University Martial Arts Club would fight against the Hudong University Martial Arts Club in the second round on April 6th.

As for this fight, Lou Cheng dared not show any ignorance or carelessness. Because once a team advanced, the rule would be that the group which ranked first must fight against the group which ranked second. If they happened to become second, they would be forced to fight against Shanbei or Capital in the quarterfinals. So even if they could gain a victory, they would be hurt badly and would simply be unable to confront the following opponents, because the teams that could advance to the national finals were really powerful and were hard to deal with! As for Huahai Club in particular, Ann Chaoyang certainly had the strength of Sixth Pin, while Piao Yuan's strength was closer to Seventh Pin. The other team members were also more powerful than Lou Cheng's Martial Arts Club!

Chapter 370: Fight!

"The defending champions attacked so ruthlessly, defeating their opponents so effortlessly!"

"He KO'ed his opponent in just 10 moves! That's just a warm- up for Peng Leyun!"

"Shanbei is terrifying! Peng Leyun too! Is there any question as to who the champions will be this year?"

"He is the true God's Favored One!"

After the first match of the Group Competition ended, the martial arts columns of major websites, Weibo, and forums uploaded the video of the match with exaggerated titles. Lou Cheng looked up news about the match and then put down his phone. He closed his eyes, ready to fall asleep.

Just then, he heard the ringtone he specifically set for Ke and knew that she had sent him a message. "I was so busy in saying 'good night' that I forgot something serious." Yan Zheke sent a blushing emoji. "Darling, good luck!"

The corners of Lou Cheng's mouth twitched. He picked up his phone and replied with a voice message.

"Darling, let's both work hard for it!"

Their conversation ended after this message and they fell asleep immediately. When the sky was just beginning to brighten, Lou Cheng woke up on time and went to the park nearby to practice.

He returned to the hotel at eight. After enjoying a reasonably delicious free breakfast with Yan Zheke, he followed the other members to the martial arts arena they had reserved for their relaxation training.

He took a nap after lunch to recover his energy. Then he went to Yan Zheke's room to review the matches that the Hudong University Martial Arts Club had participated in in the past six months. They had a simple dinner together at 5:20 PM. The two of them followed the other members to board the bus in order and successfully arrived at the City Martial Arts Arena in the Capital before rush hour.

When Lou Cheng was about to get off the bus, he made a status update on his Weibo.

"Here it comes, my first national competition!"

Once the post went live, he did not look at the comments. He directly put his phone into his pocket and made a little shouting cheer to himself.

"Definite victory!"

There were eight rather luxurious locker rooms in the City Martial Arts Arena in the Capital, with a bench, a sofa, a massage chair, and a television in each room.

Since it was not even 6:30 PM, Geezer Shi told the members to stop their being nervous and to do whatever they wanted.

He did not check his phone, not wanting it to affect his mood. Instead, he chatted with Yan Zheke idly in whispers until 7:30 PM. When the first match was about to start, he chose to close his eyes to conserve his energy. Though this fight between Huahai and Mingdao would undoubtedly reveal a lot of their tactics, there was no need to watch them tonight. He still had another four days to study their matches. He had to stay focused before his fight against Hudong. It was a good habit to keep himself distraction-free.

Yan Zheke's period came on time last night. Though she was hurting less today and thought she could still force herself to fight, she was still nevertheless not in her best condition. She felt weaker than Li Mao and the other members, so she gave up the chance to fight and prioritized the victory of their Martial Arts Club.

But she vowed to be full of energy in the upcoming matches! She opened her eyes, interlocking her fair and slender fingers with Lou Cheng's as she recalled the three leading players of Hudong University Martial Arts Club.

Yu Zhi was a fourth-year student born with a unique figure that could just barely be counted as his supernatural ability. He was a direct beneficiary of Peng Leyun and Ren Li joining the university martial arts circle.

People thought that he was bogged down by his natural ability and would be hard-pressed to achieve the Dan Stage. However, after suffering defeats in the hands of Peng Leyun and Ren Li, he seemed to be affected strongly and had managed to open the governor and conception vessels in his body thoroughly. He finally took that important step forward and successfully mastered the Force Concentration after the last national competition.

The moment his strength improved, he turned his natural ability into his advantage. He instantly had power similar to that of a top Eighth Pin fighter. He then went on to advance by leaps and bounds over a period of time. Now that 11 months had passed, his strength ought to be even more terrifying! Some betting companies had set out the odds for this, thinking Yu Zhi now likely had the power of a top Seventh Pin fighter.

He might've been the reason why Hudong was able to rank first in their division, but not why they were considered an outstanding team in the second round. The latter was thanks to the improvement of another team member, Han Peipei, or better known as Soul Voice!

Han Peipei was a female third-year student. Her supernatural ability was sonic. She could make ultrasonic and infrasonic moves skillfully. When she was a Professional Ninth Pin fighter, her ability was not as strong as it was now. Just before this district contest, she made a major improvement after two years of hard practice and formed Dan in her body. Though she did not improve as quickly as Yu Zhi did in the past few months, her supernatural ability became more and more chilling. Her integrated strength was considered as strong as Seventh Pin.

Thanks to their two powerful leading players, Hudong was ranked the seventh most likely to win the championship on the odds list, behind Shanbei, the Capital, Huahai, Guangnan, Songcheng, and Mingdao. That was why Group D was known as the super-death team.

In such a group, the team who could defeat the rest to advance to the top eight would not emerge unscathed!

The third leading player of Hudong was the second year, Wu Yong, a top Ninth Pin fighter. He was considered one of the likeliest to achieve the Dan stage.

Their benched fighters were no weaklings. Two were Professional Ninth Pin fighters and four were Amateur First Pin fighters.

The plump, sumo-like Yu Zhi was in the other locker room, not turning on the television. He was listening to the movements outside, smiling. "The three brothers in Mingdao will definitely apply for the special competition format so they can fight together. Their match will be faster than normal, maybe taking five or 10 minutes, so it will be our turn very soon."

Yu Zhi glanced at the bright-eyed, tanned-skin Han Peipei and turned to Wu Yong and the others. His expression turned solemn.

"Lou Cheng is strong, incredibly so. Lin Que is not weaker than Peipei and I. We can neither deny these facts nor act like we don't know."

"You are right. Songcheng is stronger than us. They are a strong team equal to Guangnan and Huahai and weaker only than Shanbei and the Capital in this competition!"

"But this doesn't mean we will lose. There is a gap in our strength, but not so wide that we cannot bridge it no matter what!" Realizing his team members were also becoming as solemn as he was, Yu Zhi raised his somewhat sharp voice.

"And we have a major advantage! Our goal is only the top eight."

"Before we left, I told everyone our goal is the top eight and only that!"

"In other words, we don't care how we fare in this group competition! It doesn't matter even if we suffer injuries, lose our leading player line-up, and fail at the quarterfinals! We are all okay with it!"

"Songcheng is different. They want to become the top four and try their luck at the championship. They need to conserve their energy as best as possible to deal with the following knockout matches. So they will hesitate when they have to go all out against us!"

"Where there is nothing to lose, there is nothing to fear. This is our advantage!" His words inspired and excited Wu Yong and the other team members. They seemed to have seen the hope to defeat a championship candidate, a hope aroused by their courage and perseverance that could help them defeat a powerful team!

The fat on Yu Zhi's cheeks shifted as he glanced at Han Peipei.

"Peipei, you are the first player. Whoever your opponent is, hurt them with your supernatural ability as much as possible to create opportunities for the next players!"

The Hudong team once had a coach named Shen Jinfu. But since he had a conflict with Yu Zhi and was unable to control the naughty members, the university finally, reluctantly, fired him.

"Okay!" Han Peipei was an introvert, so she did not say much.

After looking around, Yu Zhi pointed at himself. "I will go second. I will defeat my opponent at any cost!"

"Wu Yong, you will go last. Don't worry about who your opponent will be. Just try your best!"

He breathed a sigh of relief after making the player order arrangements.

"I didn't tell you how to defeat Lin Que and Lou Cheng because I don't want you to think about that! Just focus on the present and fight them step by step. Just use all your strength and do your best!"

Wu Yong and Han Peipei nodded in agreement.

The team shouted in unison, "Fight!"

… In the locker room for Songcheng University.

With a clap of his hands, Geezer Shi pierced the silence of the room and drew everyone's attention to him.

"Go on, Little Yan. Tell us what arrangement Hudong will most likely make," he said, smiling at Yan Zheke.

Li Mao and the others felt much more relaxed thanks to the familiar script and ritual. They felt like this was not a national competition, but a normal match they would have every day.

Already accustomed to this situation, Yan Zheke pondered for a moment before looking up at him.

"It is arrogant of me to say this, but if Hudong wants to win, they can only try their best."

Everyone burst out laughing at her words and the tension haunting the locker room somewhat dissipated. Yan Zheke pursed her lips and chuckled. "Since Hudong wants to give this match their all, they will most likely send out their most destructive player, Han Peipei, first. If she can defeat Lin Que and injure Cheng, then it will be their victory."

"Yu Zhi will be the second and he will try his best to defeat his opponent. Wu Yong or another Professional Ninth Pin fighter will round out the match.

"If nothing else, they will definitely show their spirit."

Geezer Shi nodded in satisfaction and asked, "What should we do in this situation?"

"Stay calm and just do what we need to do," Yan Zheke answered with a smile. "We will do as per your arrangement."

"Let's be cautious in the first round lest any accidents happen. We don't want the result to affect our mood later," Geezer Shi said after coughing twice. "Yes! Let's be cautious!" The team completely agreed with his opinion.

"Our caution is also in consideration of our future matches. We can't have anyone injured. How will we handle Mingdao and Huahai later?" Geezer Shi chuckled. "Who is most likely to be safe from Han Peipei?"

Before he even finished his sentence, everyone turned to Lou Cheng. That included the spirited and eager Lin Que, who felt persuaded to consider the next two matches.

Lou Cheng smiled and moved a step forward.

"Master, I want to be the first fighter."

Let him be the one to win the first victory for their Martial Arts Club in this national competition! "Go ahead. But if you lose, see if I won't slap you with my shoe!" Geezer Shi scolded laughingly before turning to Lin Que. "Lin, you are second. I don't think you will need any instructions."

"No need!" Lin Que answered in a deep tone.

"Li Mao, you will be the final player to sweep the rest of the opponents. No need to be nervous. Since the first two are so powerful, you may not even have the chance to fight," Geezer Shi said, grinning.

All of Li Mao's nervousness melted away and he laughed.

"I still hope they will save me some 'leftovers'!"

He had become a true Professional Ninth Pin fighter after training hard for several months and mastering meditation and Internal Training Methods! His confidence had been boosted a fair bit! "The benched fighters are as usual: Cai Zongming, Sun Jian, and Lin Hua," Geezer Shi said, waving his hand.

They received news of the ongoing match outside after waiting a while. Huahai had paid the price of having their leading player, Zhang Dongliang, and his substitute, Deng Yuntao, getting injured to barely break the tactical formation of the Three He brothers from Mingdao. Further, He Erlong also showed his true Dan stage strength in this match!

So their tactical formation formed by three Dan Stage fighters had worked!

Lou Cheng and the rest were not too concerned about this news. To be more precise, they were too focused to think too hard about it. It was their turn next!

Outside the locker room, with bright lights shining above their heads, Lou Cheng opened the door and was the first to step out of the room! Various sounds soared around them in a medley of cheers and boos.

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