Martial Arts Master Chapter 341-350

Chapter 341: High Self-Esteem

"Since both of you are able to fight, then the order of play doesn't matter." Geezer Shi displayed a careless attitude. "Yan, you go first. This can help you accumulate more experience in an actual match."

"Yes, sir!" Yan Zheke responded with a clear and lively voice.

Geezer Shi looked at Lin Que and said, "You're second. You should know where your limit is and never exhaust beyond it. Otherwise, you will be affected by the remaining poison force and it may cause damage to your health."

He deliberately exaggerated the severe result. Just in case Lin Que decided to treat it carelessly and ignore it.

Lin Que nodded slightly without showing any expression.

Geezer Shi gave Lou Cheng a fleeting glance and said, "Brat, you also need to take care of yourself."

"Yes, Master!" Lou Cheng now held a strong desire to fight in the arena. It had only taken a week to cure his injuries.

In the host team locker room, after encouraging all the members, Qu Hui glanced at Luo Haize and Yin Xiangxi. He shook his head and said,

"What a pity! If the strength of Songcheng University's bench fighters hadn't improved so much, you two could defeat Lin Que in battle. Provided you two were in peak physical state. Then I would fight Lou Cheng on my own. His injuries haven't healed yet; it would be easy for me to defeat him."

"Songcheng University's bench fighters have grown quickly. They are not easy targets to be handled quickly." Yin Xiangxi heaved another sigh. At present, Yan Zheke was as strong as a Professional Ninth Pin fighter. Li Mao also approached Ninth Pin. What's more, Sun Jian, Lin Hua, and Cai Zongming had the strength of Amateur First Pin. It was hard to defeat them.

Luo Haize agreed with them. "Unless their opponent is you, our club manager."

Qu Hui smiled modestly.

"I have to maintain a relative amount of strength to fight against Lou Cheng, so I can't consume too much in advance. I'm guessing that Songcheng University will arrange their bench fighters to play first so that they can practice their actual ability; under the condition that their bench fighters are as strong as you. In addition, Lou Cheng's internal injuries haven't completely recovered yet. He will certainly be the last player. He'd rather win without fighting us."

As he said this, he looked at Yin Xiangxi and said, "Li Mao always gets nervous when he is in a match. Although this isn't a serious problem, he will still be affected by it. Yan Zheke has experienced less actual combat than you and she is a girl; she will be easily rattled when confronted with an accident. What's more, Sun Jian and Cai Zongming are relatively weaker than you. Also, your playing style can restrain their abilities.

"So you are the first to fight. If you play more ferociously, you will frighten them. Win the victory as soon as you can!"

"Okay!" Yin Xiangxi clenched his fist, eager to fight.

He was famous for his direct and violent attacks. He never defended himself. His courage and good judgment meant he was good at taking chances in a split second. He could scare people easily with his ferocious playing style.

"In short, you need to cooperate with Haize so as to wear down Lin Que as much as possible. Don't spend too much energy on him. This is the key to winning this match," Qu Hui said excitedly. …

The match was about to start. Lou Cheng, Yan Zheke, and the other members followed Geezer Shi. They walked out of the locker room and towards the guest team seats in a line.

Just then, harsh booing suddenly erupted in the arena full of spectators. The boos lasted for a long time.

"I wanted to go to the bathroom after hearing their noise." Talker did not care for their booing and ridiculed them with humor.

Lou Cheng glared at him and said, "Then you need to check your prostate."

"Different away-game venue styles are so different from one another! The students in Sanjiang University won't curse you or attack you, they only boo you!" Lou Cheng thought. Little Ming argued with him, "This is a kind of figure of speech. Don't you understand? You are so illiterate! Haha, hearing those sounds made you want to beat them down until they stopped booing, just like what we did in Yimo, right?"

"It seems that you have experienced the scene in Yimo," Lou Cheng replied amused. "In the match with Yimo, we were the weak side who finally defeated the stronger opponent. But we are stronger than our opponents in today's match. Why should we care so much about them? For the satisfaction that's gained from hitting infants or the elders? Or bullying primary school students?"

"Actually, bullying primary school students is very interesting. Really interesting." Cai Zongming thought for a while and replied to him frankly.

As they were talking, they arrived at the guest team seats.
The members sat down one by one.

"Cheng, is what you said to Talker what you really feel?" Yan Zheke whispered in Lou Cheng's ears and asked him with a smile. "You know me better than anyone in the world." Lou Cheng let out a chuckle, "I'm trying to contempt them in a strategic way while focusing on fighting tactics. Qu Hui has entered the Dan stage. Also, he has made great progress with his improved supernatural flying ability, compared to his previous strength. Since he's defeated Eighth Pin fighters in Dan stage before, it will, however, be more difficult for me to defeat him."

"Makes sense," Yan Zheke whispered to agree with him. She moved her eyes and said with a smile, "But there is still a long way for him to go to reach your level. Especially, since you can restrain his supernatural ability."

Although Cheng can't fly, his supernatural ability of fire and frost can be forced out. So if Qu Hui wants to use the supernatural flying ability, he'll easily be shot down by Cheng's supernatural ability!

Of course, Qu Hui's supernatural ability could not only help him fly but it also helped him control his opponents' movements in the match and use the space. He was much better than other fighters in high-ranking Dan Stage. "Since Coach Yan says so, then I should be proud of myself. Even though I'm reluctant to praise myself like this." Lou Cheng saw the referee enter the ring. He stood in the center, listening to the radio which was announcing the two opposing parties in the first round.

Yin Xiangxi VS Yan Zheke!

"Oh, it's him." Lou Cheng held Yan Zheke's hand and reminded her with great concern, "Never feel panic when you are fighting him."

"Never get rattled either." Yan Zheke smiled and agreed with him.

During the last week and even the last year, she and Cheng had watched many videos about Yin Xiangxi. They had already made a general plan about what they should do when they confronted him.

"Keep calm and avoid being pulled into his ferocious rhythm. Keep cool and wander around. Even if there is a chance for you to hit him, don't do it directly. Not until Yin Xiangxi has consumed a lot or the perfect opportunity comes. When that happens you should take the chance to play your counterattacks without hesitation. To defeat him with one hit is called Clearance!"

If you were stubborn, it would be hard to go further!

Yan Zheke pinched Lou Cheng's palm slightly. She stood up and gave the other members a fist bump. She walked toward the flight of stairs at a steady pace.

The boos became louder, mixed with a lot of flirtatious whistles. The atmosphere in the arena was heating up.

Yan Zheke walked towards the ring step by step. She glanced at Yin Xiangxi who was already standing in the ring. Yin Xiangxi was a Yuppie boy with a beard. He appeared thin and calm. In actuality, he was very crazy and aggressive.

He was also unconsciously attracted by her bright appearance. He found her so beautiful and attractive that it made him eager to show his gentleness instead of being violent.

He shook his head to suppress the ripples rising from the bottom of his heart and again became ferocious.

Sometimes looking handsome or beautiful was also a kind of inborn supernatural ability. It was called Temptation...

The referee waited until Yan Zheke stood in the ring and set a fighting stance. He checked the clock. After more than ten seconds, he raised his right hand and announced,

"Three-minute talk time."

The important match had now officially begun. It would decide which team could advance to the finals and which team would be eliminated. If Sanjiang defeated Songcheng University in this match, then they would follow Shanbei and advance to the National Finals. Songcheng University would have to wait until next year.

Yin Xiangxi took a breath and did not say anything. He stared at Yan Zheke with his dangerous eyes.

Was this what people meant when they said looks could kill? Yan Zheke did not feel nervous at all. For some reason, she even wanted to laugh. She remembered how Cheng had ridiculed his opponents before.

After a couple spent time alone together, they were gradually affected by each other.

Yan Zheke stopped thinking about this. Ignoring the stare from her opponent, she began to adjust her own state.

Yin Xiangxi suddenly opened his mouth and smiled faintly. "Rest assured, I won't attack you so ferociously."

Do you mean that you don't need to go all out when you are fighting with me? Or are you planning to flirt with me so as to irritate me? Just as Yan Zheke began to contemplate his words, she saw that the referee was waving his right hand. He announced,

"Begin now!"

"Well, all the fighters have been affected by my brother's bad habit. They have learned to keep silent during the three- minute talk time and only say one sentence to confuse the opponent!" Yan Zheke thought for a while and was not irritated by him. She swung her waist and began to circle Yin Xiangxi with light steps as a climbing sheep would, agile and balanced. She gave her opponent no chance to perform a sound attack.

She then took a chance to move to her opponent's side and raised her right arm. She quickly clenched her fist and hit him. Instead of defending himself, Yin Xiangxi tightened his thigh and performed a more ferocious and faster sidekick.


If they kept fighting like this, Yan Zheke would be hit by her opponent's attack before she landed a fist on him.

She calmed down and suppressed her impatience and panic. She kept with her planned play style. As Yin Xiangxi was performing a sidekick, she swung her waist to slide behind her opponent. She then dragged her right fist to the other side and bounced her shoulder to slam her fist into her opponent's temple.

BAM! She sank her waist and struck again with her left fist.
This attack was called "strike opponent's ears with both fists"!

Yin Xiangxi suddenly bent down and shrank back his head. He exerted force into his feet and moved backward quickly. At the same time, he raised his elbows. He was about to hit violently towards Yan Zheke's abdomen. No ducking about and no blocking, he was betting everything on this one charge!

Yan Zheke did not want to take this opportunity because the situation was too dangerous. She relieved the force in her arms and jumped backward in an agile and flexible way. This helped her shorten the distance between her and her opponent.

After trading several blows with Yin Xiangxi, Yan Zheke gradually became familiar with his play style. While she no longer felt nervous or rattled, she chose to strictly obey the plan she'd made before the match. She continued to wander around and attack her opponent occasionally. Once the attack lost its target, she would immediately move away.

BAM! BANG! Hearing the sounds from the attacks, Lou Cheng was a little worried. Even though he knew that the referee was a mighty fighter in the high-ranked Dan Stage who could definitely stop the attacks from two Professional Ninth Pin fighters, he was still nervous. He was afraid that Ke would be hurt by her opponent. Qu Hui, who sat in the host team area, was slightly depressed. His expectation for rapid victory was in tatters!

Doesn't Yan Zheke lack the experience of actual combat?

Don't girls feel nervous and panic more easily?

How can she perform so practically and calmly? She wasn't even affected by Xiangxi's rhythm and gave him no target to hit even though he still has so much stamina!

He won't consume Lin Que's stamina this way. Which means that I also can't fight with Lou Cheng in my peak physical state...

So, is he going to risk it and use that "move"?

Well, use it now! If we can win this match, we will advance to the National Finals. We never expected to win the match with Shanbei next week! …

After Yan Zheke wandered around and tangled with Yin Xiangxi for a while, she noticed that his attacking momentum had decreased slightly. He was also becoming impatient. So she came up with an idea. She again approached him and visualized a horrible scene about Mega Avalanche in her mind. She shook her shoulder and raised her right arm slightly. It seemed that she was about to attack him.


Because Yin Xiangxi was impatient, he again performed a violent sidekick.

Yan Zheke bounced her spine and was forced to change her center of gravity. She pulled her body to slide to the back of him right when he was standing on one leg!

Chapter 342: Pennies From Heaven


The moment Yan Zheke moved behind Yin Xiangxi, she exploded with force from her shaking shoulders, her right arm swinging forwards to pierce his temple.

At this moment, Yin Xiangxi was standing on one leg and his opponent was also behind him, so he seemed to have no chance to dodge this attack.

At this critical moment, he still kept his violent and brave play style. While his spine was bouncing like a bow, he forced his left leg, which had just lost its target, to move again and launch a backward Front Sweep. Thanks to this move, he managed to turn his body to the side and successfully evaded Yan Zheke's killing strike.

No ducking about and no blocking, he bet everything on this one charge! This time, however, Yan Zheke chose not to retreat and circle around. She decided to borrow the force in her right arm, which had been dodged, to help her jump forward. After the jump, she again came to the back of her opponent and took advantage of her body's rotation to ward off the whip kick which had swept towards her.

Noticing her opponent's irritation, she took advantage of the opportunity and did not hesitate to perform a counterattack. She struck out with a killing move, Clearance!

Pop! Her leg kicked out like a whip toward Yin Xiangxi's standing leg.

At this moment, Yin Xiangxi lost all of his momentum and was unable to maintain his posture. He had no choice but to give up his stance and rolled forward like a lazy donkey, narrowly avoiding the swift leg!

Yan Zheke stepped on the ground with her right foot and then approached him with sliding steps. She moved her left leg down again to launch an explosive kick to his chest. Boom! Yin Xiangxi barely managed to cross his arms and endure this kick.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Yan Zheke visualized the scene of Brutal Blizzard and kicked out with her legs one after the other. Her kicks becoming faster and heavier as they repeated!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Because Yin Xiangxi was lying on the ground it was difficult for him to exert any force. After he set his arms and managed to ward off Yan Zheke's three kicks, his defensive posture finally collapsed. Yan Zheke followed up with a quick bouncing kick which stopped just above his exposed throat.

"Round one, Yan Zheke wins!" The referee announced after glancing at them.

"Yes!" Yan Zheke showed her overwhelming excitement and turned around to wave toward the visiting team area. She just saw that Lou Cheng had jumped up and was letting out celebratory punches continuously. "He looks even more excited than me," thought Yan Zheke. Before the match, who could imagine that I could defeat Yin Xiangxi in this way?
Things will become much easier for us as long as we can find a play style that can restrain our opponent and then strictly carry out this style!
"Crap!" Qu Hui hid his anger and depression in his heart and did not scold Yin Xiangxi verbally!

Qu Hui thought to himself, "I expected so much from Yin Xiangxi. I always thought that he would be able to quickly defeat the bench fighters of Songcheng University, but in the end not to mention failing to get a fast win, he didn't even manage to win the match at all!"
How can we fight this battle?

My expected plan went wrong from the very beginning... For now, I can only pray that both Lou Cheng's and Lin Que's injuries are more severe than I expected.

"Go on. Try your best." Qu Hui patted Luo Haize's shoulder powerlessly.

I hope he can at least consume some of Lin Que's stamina...

"Yes, Sir!" Luo Haize stood up. He was tall and strong, a physique which meant he was naturally talented for martial arts.

After Yan Zheke calmed down she found that the muscles in her legs had become sore and tight, while her stamina was almost exhausted to the limit.

A skirmish fight needs fast movements, accurate coordination, and agile footwork, which means it consumes much more stamina than most other fighting styles. Yan Zheke had fought with Yin Xiangxi in this way for several minutes and even performed 24 Blizzard Strikes mixed with a Yin-yang Twist at the end of the match. It was only natural for her to feel so exhausted by the end of the match.

She put her hands on her knees and gasped while watching Luo Haize stride up and pass by Yin Xiangxi.

Maybe I'll still able to trade a few blows with him...

After I'm defeated, my cousin and Luo Cheng are up next.
Both of them seem eager to fight...

It seems like there is no need for me to struggle to my limits...

She thought for a while and then held herself upright. She turned around and walked out of the ring along the flight of stairs.

The referee glanced at Luo Haize who was already standing there, stunned, and announced loudly, "Round two, Luo Haize wins!"

"I won? Just like that?" Luo Haize stared at Yan Zheke's retreating figure, wearing a confused face and felt like he was not in an important competition at that moment.

Lin Que unzipped his coat and took it off. After he was wished luck by Lou Cheng, he walked toward his cousin calmly.

"I won't say 'go for it'." Yan Zheke pursed her lips and let out a chuckle while holding her hand up to give her cousin a fist bump.

What she meant was that to fight with an opponent of this class, he did not even need any support.

"This opponent is suited to my recovery." Lin Que answered precisely and approached the stone steps to waves of catcalls. Behind him, Lou Cheng walked toward Yan Zheke and held her steadily. He laughed and said,

"Good job!"

This was a joke they always made after they lost a match to Peng Leyun, about the difference between "You've tried your best" and "Good job".

"Then I'll accept your praise immodestly," Yan Zheke replied in a cute tone and laughed.

While Lin Que was coming up to the ring, the bones in his body made a crack sound, just like a rusty machine which had begun to rotate. His momentum increased in an awe-inspiring manner.

When he reached the position opposite to Luo Haize, his momentum had become as deep as the sea and seemed to have turned tangible. Suddenly, Luo Haize became very nervous and scared, like a rabbit who had run into a tiger. He could not help but think of the scene when Lin Que was fighting with Shannan. In that match, Lin Que performed a Dan stage explosion at the very beginning.

Am I seriously getting scared before the match is even started?

Just as this thought flashed across his mind, he finally heard the referee's announcement;

"Begin now!"

Luo Haize moved without thinking, not daring to spend one more second in the same spot. He moved quickly and steadily.

Lin Que straightened his knees and threw himself straight at his opponent. Even though he did not perform Force Concentration, his speed was still as fast as lightning. With only a few steps, he shortened the distance between the two in a moment.

Luo Haize immediately exerted force into his legs and tried to evade Lin Que's charge. Lin Que, however, swayed his center of gravity and launched his attacks simultaneously.

After a few seconds, Lin Que closed in on his opponent with his faster and agiler movements. He then continued to attack Luo Haize and force him to dodge in a hurry. Luo Haize had to avoid facing Lin Que face to face, otherwise, he would hit by Meteor Force.

In a split second, Luo Haize was forced to dodge several attacks in a row, while Lin Que remained calm and condensed his qi, blood, spirit, and force.

Boom! Lin Que broke out his Dan qi and expanded his right leg before he stamped and pounded on the ground strongly.

Bang! With a muffled sound, the ground under Luo Haize's feet split open as if a volcano was erupting, causing him to lose his balance and start wobbling

Lin Que took the opportunity to move a step forward. He then swelled his muscles and swung his right arm quickly.

He threw a fist toward his opponent, a fist which was like a meteor, flying across the sky.

Luo Haize did not have the time to duck, so he barely kept his balance and crossed his arms to ward off this violent attack.


The "Meteor" fell to the ground and exploded as if it were a bomb. The shock wave swept out, engulfing Luo Haize's whole body, causing his blood and muscles to tremble as if in fear.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Lin Que swung his arms swiftly as he continually attacked his opponent, giving Luo Haize no chance for respite. Bang! Bang! Bang! Luo Haize was hit by several of Lin Que's punches, causing him to fall to the ground and begin retching.

The referee raised his right hand and announced,

"Round Three, Lin Que wins!"

"Round three, Lin Que wins..." In the home team's seating area, Qu Hui felt desperate. He covered his face with one hand and thought that he did not have any hope to win this match anymore.

How could Luo Haize be defeated so fast, before he even consumed some of his opponent's stamina!?

As a result, I'll have to try my best while fighting with Lin Que, and I can't even think of saving energy for Lou Cheng later!

They are just rubbish! He scolded his team-mates in his heart while gnashing teeth before walking out of the seating area and toward the ring in a hesitant manner.

No matter what will happen, I still need to fight!

While he was walking forward, he suddenly stared at Lin Que and was stunned.

Lin Que, who stood by the edge of the ring, changed his attacking stance and turned around to walk down the flight of stairs.

Walking down the flight of stairs?

Walking down the flight of stairs!?

"Ehh? What happened to brother-in-law?" Lou Cheng asked, confused at what he was seeing. Yan Zheke who sat next to him also looked dumb. After a moment, she murmured, "My brother may want to leave you an opponent who is still fresh."

What did she mean by "fresh"? Lou Cheng's mouth twitched and he almost laughed out. He stood up and walked forward by instinct.

He only held hands with Yan Zheke and totally forgot to give a high five or a fist bump with the other members.

While Lou Cheng met Lin Que halfway, he smiled and said,

"Your behavior is really putting a lot of pressure on me."

If I lose, our team will have to bid farewell to the national finals!

Lin Que gave Lou Cheng an emotionless glance and said, "I need to stop where I should stop."

"You stopped too early... " Lou Cheng thought to himself, but he also understood the other meaning hiding behind this sentence from the eyes of his brother-in-law, that was:

If you can't beat Qu Hui on your own, then how can we even hope to advance to the national finals?

"Uh... Is he trying to goad me? Is he worrying that the match with Shanbei will cast a shadow on me?" Lou Cheng suddenly woke up and smiled.

"Then I'll have to try my best."

My Brother-in-law is really a Hinekuremono! [1]

After bumping fists with Lin Que, Lou Cheng stared at the ring and moved forward. Fight with Qu Hui by myself?

No one is a coward here!

While Qu Hui, who now had already stepped in the center of the ring, stood still; as if he was experiencing an amazing dream, and was afraid that moving would mean he had to wake up from it.

I tried so hard to arrange for this match. I kept praying and hoping to have a chance to fight against Lou Cheng by myself only to have my hopes dashed... and now, my dream has somehow come true again?!

After both Xiangxi and Haize lost the match, I almost gave up on this round. Luckily Lin Que got off the ring by himself!

It's like pennies are dropping from heaven! The corners of his mouth even lifted into a smile as he found himself unable to conceal the ecstasy in his heart.

There is only yourself to blame if you refuse an offer from the Heavens!

Chapter 343: The Feeling of Desperation

Lin Que had a strong or even abnormal desire for victory — He wouldn't give up if he was still able to fight — So the remains of Dark Poison Force within his body must have been severe than I anticipated, forcing him to stop after defeating Luo Haize — I need to thank Fang Zhirong for giving me this chance to challenge Lou Cheng in a man-to-man fight. How lucky I am!

Deducing what might happen in his mind regardless of other factors, Qu Hui found it quite logical and smiled unconsciously.

I hope Lou Cheng's internal injuries are more severe than I predicted!

No, even if his injuries are only as bad as I predicted, I'll still be the winner today!

Focusing on Lou Cheng, who looked a little pale, he watched the young man climb up to the stage step by step, finally stopping in front of him. Qu Hui greeted Lou Cheng with a smile, and then took off his top hat, putting it to his chest while bowing to Lou Cheng.

Lou Cheng responded by cupping his hands in recognition.

The referee did not give them much time to chat. He raised his right hand and said loudly,


This is the last round of the match!

Upon hearing the referee's words, Yan Zheke clenched her fists tightly and opened her eyes widely, even though she was confident in Lou Cheng. She saw Qu Hui jump up immediately to levitate in the air, several meters above the ground, and then he threw his hat out in a casual manner.

The hat flew over and landed in the home team's area. As soon as it touched the ground, Qu Hui turned upside down while making a fist with his right hand. In the audience's eyes, he was like a meteor descending on Lou Cheng!

The sound of his fluttering clothes made everyone's heart beat faster.

Though it was not the first time the audience had witnessed such a blockbuster movie scene, they still felt their adrenalin pumping.

Facing the attack from above, Lou Cheng kept a stable stance while visualizing a beast-head statue stepping on a red dragon. The statue immediately suppressed the raging hot wave within his body and paved the way for him to gather strength in his fist as he punched upward.


As if hitting something invisible, his punch caused a flaming explosion that pierced the audience's eyes. Zhu Rong Force, the supernatural ability of blaze!

As the flame flooded out towards him, Qu Hui suddenly stopped descending and turned to fly upward, dodging just in time to avoid the disaster of having his hair and clothes lit on fire.

Squinting at Lou Cheng without any surprise showing on his face, he took a quick breath to withdraw his qi, blood, force, and spirit before suddenly releasing them.

Hum! Qu Hui again descended headfirst with his seemingly inflated body. But this time he began rotating like a drill, diving straight towards his opponent on the ground. The surroundings and even the air were affected by his movement and began shaking oddly!

It was a mixture of the burst of Dan stage, gravitational acceleration, and terrifying rotation, "The Flesh Whirlwind"!

If Qu Hui had reached a higher rank, with access to a weapon, his attack would have been even more shocking! Remaining in his original stance, Lou Cheng took a step back abruptly when Qu Hui's rotating fist was about to touch his head. It seemed that Lou Cheng intended to swipe at his opponent's waist and abdomen instead of directly facing his attack.

At this moment, Qu Hui's falling figure changed direction, suddenly flying sideways, by using the gravitational acceleration to rebound his fist toward Lou Cheng.

He must land a blow on Lou Cheng with his fist by any means!

He not only devoted all his strength to this punch, also taking advantage of the external conditions to make the rotational force increase in strength and impetus!

"It's the most powerful punch I've thrown in all my years of martial arts…" this thought flashed through Qu Hui's mind, giving him the confidence to destroy everything that tried to block his path. Lou Cheng lowered his waist while gathering Force Concentration. Then he raised his right arm up to block Qu Hui's "drill" with the palm of his half-clenched fist.

Bang bang bang! A series of collisions sounded as the fascia stood out on Lou Cheng's palm, blocking Qu Hui's fist. The fingers, which were impacting violently with the spinning fist, gradually radiated a metallic luster.

On the other side, Qu Hui felt as if his most powerful blow had landed on a steel plate that he was unable to break or pierce no matter how hard he tried.

No, even a steel plate would be destroyed by my punch!

Crack! Lou Cheng, in his black martial arts suit with white trim, turned his toes inward while stepping heavily enough to cause a spiderweb of cracks to spread around him. While his whole body stood still, his right arm slightly swung forward like a wave, easily canceling out Qu Hui's Flesh Whirlwind. "He blocked my most powerful punch so easily? Is the gap between us really this wide?" Is the strength of an initial Sixth- Pin fighter this terrifying? A sudden flash of desperation seized Qu Hui for an instant.

Seeing the Flesh Whirlwind slow down, Lou Cheng tightened his half-clenched fist in an attempt to grab Qu Hui's hand.

At this moment, Qu Hui bounced upward with the help of his back and waist as if being pulled by an invisible hand, allowing him to narrowly escape from Lou Cheng's grasp.

He would definitely lose if he was caught by Lou Cheng and filled with his wave of icy cold energy!

Once again floating in the air several meters above the ground, Qu Hui reigned in the desperate and pessimistic thoughts running through his mind while deciding to change his strategy. Instead of dashing and attacking directly, this time he used the advantage of his flying supernatural ability at changing directions quickly and oddly, with a different kind of rotational force, to disrupt Lou Cheng's rhythm. He was sure Lou Cheng would soon expose some flaws because of his internal injuries.

Qu Hui dived toward Lou Cheng like a fighter jet and then leveled out when they were about to collide. Qu Hui's trajectory formed a beautiful arc in the air as he flashed to Lou Cheng's side and released a kick toward his temple.

Bang! Lou Cheng raised his left arm and blocked the kick in time.

Pam! Qu Hui immediately turned his kick into step, borrowing strength from it to kick at Lou Cheng with the other leg, which seemed too quick for Lou Cheng to react.

However, Lou Cheng again raised his arm in advance and blocked the attack in time.

Bang bang bang! Qu Hui made a series of kicks with both feet, which fell on Lou Cheng like a storm, giving him no chance to take a breath. Bang bang bang! Though seeming to be in a panic while blocking the kicks, Lou Cheng would always escape from Qui Hui's attack in time and keep his defense stable.

All of a sudden, Qu Hui changed his direction and appeared behind Lou Cheng, where he sent a kick toward the acupoint at the back of Lou Cheng's head with the instep of his foot.

The series of kicks he made previously was to attract Lou Cheng's attention, leaving him open to this attack.

Bang! Lou Cheng turned sideways and threw out his arm, which barely managed to land on the instep of Qu Hui's foot.

Bang bang bang! Qu Hui continued creating chances to attack time after time by stopping and changing directions abruptly in the air with his flying supernatural ability. However, each time Lou Cheng would predict his attack and barely block it in time, regardless of his minor errors.

After a while, Qu Hui started becoming depressed and desperate again, feeling like he was not facing Lou Cheng but a lofty mountain while being a fool who tried in vain to move it. No matter what he did, Lou Cheng remained steady as a rock!

He had every reason to be desperate.

How did he survive that round of attacks just now? Thinking about it, Qu Hui began visualization in his mind to control his negative emotions and then gathered and condensed all his qi, blood, spirit, force and feelings while floating in the air.

Now that the normal attacks failed, he could only use Force Concentration to strengthen his supernatural ability!


As his Danqi spewed out like a volcanic eruption, Qu Hui cut the airflow and created a fierce wind. He did all this within seconds as if his butt was on fire. He turned to draw half a circle in the wind and again appeared at Lou Cheng's back.

As he stopped abruptly, most of the remaining kinetic energy was transferred to his tightened legs, kicking at Lou Cheng's neck fiercely like a whip.

Will you still manage to escape this time?

Lou Cheng felt his neck arching as the fierce wind approached, but he didn't dodge this time. Instead, along with gathering and condensing his danqi, Lou Cheng threw his right hand at Qu Hui like a whip.

Bang! The whip-like hand met Qu Hui's whip kick with a dull thud.

Feeling his shin arching and body shaking wildly, Qu Hui dared not stay where he was and began flying upward to hide in midair. He desperately fought the urge to rub his legs in consideration of his public image.

Still failed? Qu Hui again launched an attack since he couldn't believe in his eyes. However, after Double Explosions with the help of his flying supernatural ability, Lou Cheng's defense was still stable and Qu Hui still couldn't find a path to victory.

Flying upward while suspended in the air, Qu Hui gasped for breath, feeling extremely tired.

He didn't have abnormal stamina like Lou Cheng, and the long fight had already worn him out. While on the other side, Lou Cheng was still breathing evenly and only sweating a little!

"How can I continue fighting against him?" Qu Hui fell into another round of desperation and depression, almost giving up the thought of attacking.

"He hasn't recovered from his internal injuries, he hasn't recovered yet…" Qu Hui kept telling himself like a self- hypnosis.

"Yeah, he hasn't recovered from his internal injuries yet. I will definitely influence him and create a chance to win through continuous fierce attacks!" Qu Hui took a deep breath and made up his mind.

He began another visualization, working his supernatural ability and stimulating all the spirit and blood within his body!

As a familiar feeling of strength began spreading out, Qu Hui's face turned between red and black, finally calming down. It seemed that his body had become a little larger.

He returned to his peak form with the help of a secret technique!

Come on, let's fight to the end and see who will be the winner! Lou Cheng looked up, took a glance at Qu Hui, and slightly shook his head.

What does he mean? As the feeling of confusion flashed across Qu Hui's mind, he again dived toward Lou Cheng like a fighter jet.

At this moment, Lou Cheng arched his backbone, raised both arms and threw out two separate balls, one of chilling cool light and the other of red flame.

Boom! The cool light and red flame burst and collided to form a mixture in front of Qu Hui, leaving behind a white fog that obscured his vision to some extent.

In the white world, Qu Hui suddenly noticed a figure flying towards him while several meters in the air!

Lou Cheng? His pupils constricted like two pinpoints as Qu Hui realized that his opponent had jumped above him. This brought him both surprise and great joy. It was so unbelievable that Qu Hui doubted his own eyes.

Did Lou Cheng become silly? Is he giving up his advantages to fight me in midair?

What a wonderful mistake he's making! I should kill myself if I still can't defeat him!

This must be a gift from heaven!

When Qu Hui, who was too excited, was about to move, he saw Lou Cheng form a mudra seal with both hands while his facial expression turned serious.


Upon hearing Lou Cheng's low voice, Qu Hui shook abruptly, feeling as if he had been drawn into a battlefield full of thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, whose murderous look frightened him and made him panic.

Nine Words Formula, "Bing" Formula!

Lou Cheng fell down, catching Qu Hui by the shoulder and immediately pouring Frost Force into Qu Hui's body, forcing Qu Hui to fall toward the ground from midair!

As the sound of wind poured into Qu Hui's ears, he regained consciousness but was unable to escape from the control of Lou Cheng's Frost Force. All he could do was to watch as he fell towards the ground.

Am I going to die… As soon as the idea occurred to Qu Hui, he felt himself slow down, suddenly landing on his back lightly.

Lou Cheng withdrew his hands and straightened his body, not intending to continue his attack on Qu Hui. While his opponent was frozen on the other side, unable to move for the moment. "The fifth round, Lou Cheng wins!" The referee announced without hesitation, "The final result, Songcheng University Martial Arts Club wins!"

The referee's words roused Qu Hui, but he still felt like he was dreaming.

I wouldn't have lasted if Lou Cheng had used that attack from the beginning. So why did we fight for so long?

In confusion and desperation, he saw Lou Cheng give him a smile and then say softly,

"It's so interesting to fight against someone with a flying supernatural ability."

Chapter 344: Certain Victory

"It's interesting to fight against someone with a flying supernatural ability…" lying on the ground, Qu Hui looked up at Lou Cheng while repeating what he had just said unconsciously. He almost forgot that his frozen body was already able to move, forgot to stand up, and forgot about his public image.

"He extended the fight just to enjoy the experience of fighting against someone with the supernatural ability to fly?"

Tok Tok Tok! Qu Hui's heart was beating quickly, pumping hot blood and diluting the remaining Frost Force. However, instead of feeling warm, he felt like he had fallen into an ice pit that was gloomy, cold, and oppressive.

Is this what despair tastes like?

Is the gap between us this wide? I could still be defeated within seconds even though he hasn't recovered from internal injuries yet?

All the positive self-images turned into sarcasm and slaps to his own face…
How could a pig fly!

Lou Cheng

made a gesture to show his respect and then turned to walk downstairs.

To be honest, Qu Hui's combat ability was the same as a Seventh-Pin fighter. Any other initial Sixth-Pin fighter who was recovering from internal injuries would end up shipwrecked in a ditch if they underestimated this opponent. However, some of Lou Cheng's special kungfu restrained Qu Hui's movement, enabling Lou Cheng to perform an instakill as if he was fighting against a fighter with no supernatural ability, who had just entered the Dan stage. For example, though the Ice Mirror couldn't help Lou Cheng predict when and how his opponent would use the supernatural flying ability, he knew Qu Hui would kick first instead of crashing towards him directly, so he could still sense Qu Hui's prelude in advance. Thus Lou Cheng was able to
"predict" Qu Hui's movement and react to it in advance. As a result, however odd Qu Hui's direction-changing ability was, all of his efforts were in vain. Meanwhile, the Bing Formula could reach its target from a distance, which helped Lou Cheng attack Qu Hui without approaching him. On the other side, Qu Hui neither had any special defense methods nor a strong spirit that was capable of resisting Lou Cheng's attack directly. Considering all of this, it's no surprise that Lou Cheng was the winner.

In other words, it would be more difficult for Lou Cheng to fight against any other normal Seventh-Pin fighter in his present physical condition.

Of course, the rule of the Challenge Tournament also restrained Qu Hui's actions. If weapons were permitted, Qu Hui would probably be able to change the result by using a bow, a bolt, or a gun while flying in midair. Seeing Lou Cheng leaving the arena and walking towards the auditorium, the audience gradually quieted down, only leaving a trace of the previous boos echoing in the gymnasium.

They would be actually be booing themselves if they continued.

Coming back along the path, Lou Cheng was greeted by Yan Zheke, who yelled with a big smile and clenched fists,

"Cheng, good job! You did your best!"

It was actually a joke in response to the previous "You've tried your best" and "Good job".

Exchanging a tacit smile, Lou Cheng felt even happier. After a fist bump with Yan Zheke, he gave five to Lin Que, Li Mao, and Cai Zongming one by one, and all of them were overjoyed. Since Haiyuan was weaker than Sanjiang, they had practically reached the national competition with today's victory!

"Though I want to celebrate, my reason is warning me that I can't arrogantly look down on Haiyuan," Sun Jian said and laughed.

"I'm so glad that you're being rational! Just lay low and build your good character!" Lin Hua said, casting a glance at him.

Old Shi waved to dissolve the cheering crowd and said, "Go back to the locker room first. You have the nerve to celebrate in front of all these sad students?"

"Of course we have the nerve!" Cai Zongming answered without hesitation.

Though saying that, he still followed the group to the locker room, leaving the depressed audience behind. Yeah, they definitely had the nerve to celebrate, but Cai Zongming was afraid of being surrounded and trampled by young students driven by impulsiveness…
Yan Xiaoling was still in the stands like an abandoned quail, not knowing what to do. The gloomy faces around were so scary that she dared not celebrate.

"Oh, no!" She sighed deliberately and hinted for Mu Jinnian to lower her head and pretend they were also depressed.

Don't beat me, I'm one of you!


At 3:45 pm on January 5th, in the martial arts arena of Haiyuan School.

While watching the fierce match in the arena, Lou Cheng leaned over to Yan Zheke, smiled towards her, and whispered in her ear,

"Your brother doesn't want me to fight today?"

Yan Zheke rolled her eyes at him and said, "Wasn't it enough that my brother left you a complete Qu Hui in the last match?"
It was Sun Jian's turn to be the forward in the competition against Haiyuan School, but he was unlucky enough to encounter one of the opponent's leading players, Cheng Du and Jin Sha, who were both Dan-stage fighters with a supernatural ability. But Lin Que soon replaced Sun Jian and got revenge for him with Doomed Death after a three-minute fierce battle.

In the third round, Lin Que seized the opportunity to defeat a Professional-Ninth-Pin warrior through a burst of Dan stage, and he was now fighting against another Professional-Ninth- Pin with his tired body.

While Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke were whispering to each other, Lin Que discovered his opponent's flaw with mercurial balance and immediately threw out a rapid series of blows full of Meteor force.


Lu Yaqian felt her Qi and blood were burning, almost bursting out from her throat, and all of her internal organs seemed to be trembling along with her fascia and muscles. Trying in vain to raise her arms and gather strength, she could do nothing else but watch Lin Que's fist approach her, finally stopping next to her temple.

The referee raised his right hand and announced loudly with the sound from his Dantian,

"Round Four, Lin Que wins!"

"The final result, Songcheng University Martial Arts Club wins!" Lin Que withdrew his fist and began gasping. While the sweat was dripping from his forehead, his eyes, filled with tiredness, were full of joy.

Lou Cheng and the others sprang up to give five to each other as if saying "Happy New Year" in the Spring Festival.

National Competitions, we're coming!

They were not cheering out of excitement after winning a hard battle, but for finally gaining what they deserved.

When they came back to the campus in Songcheng, Cai Zongming grinned and suggested,

"Shall we dine together to celebrate our victory?"

It was quite reasonable since Song Cheng University Martial Arts Club had not participated in the National Competition for many years! "Okay, where shall we go?" Lou Cheng agreed without any hesitation at all.

After saying that, he suddenly realized it was not his decision to make and hurried to turn his gaze toward Old Shi with an embarrassed look.

"Go go go. Enjoy yourself and celebrate your victory in however you like since it's someone's treat. But don't forget to bring me some good wine. Just chalk up the cost to Martial Arts Club's account." Old Shi promised with a big smile.

The crowd let out a whoop of joy and then began discussing where to meet up. Finally, Little Ming announced,

"Let's go to the sidewalk snack booth. Although it's a low-end restaurant, we are free to enjoy ourselves there and the atmosphere is suitable for our celebration.

After inviting Shu Rui and her team, the Martial Arts Club reached a sidewalk snack booth near their old campus and seated themselves. They ordered a full table of dishes including roasted, wok braised goose lips, etc.

After opening one bottle of wine for Old Shi and serving themselves juice, they all toasted their victory in front of the camera and yelled in excitement,

"National Competition! National Competition!"

It was an announcement from a group of aspiring youth!

The cheering crowd reminded Shu Rui of when she was in her prime, in university, and she couldn't help sighing with emotion.

If she could go back to the first day of school, she would cherish and enjoy every bit of her school life.

Once they graduated from school, they would say goodbye to each other and start pursuing their own goals separately. Then lots of friendships and happy memories would slowly dissipate.

However, they were too excited to control their tone and ended up annoying those sitting nearby. Soon a man with tattoos on his arms went to them and yelled,

"You're so noisy!"

"Sorry, we will behave ourselves." Lou Cheng hurried to apologize in embarrassment, feeling their behavior transgressed social morality.

The young man looked around and then sneered before saying,

"Do you think that's good enough?"

Several strong men stood up from his table. Lou Cheng's lips twitched, then he said,

"What about this?"

With a flip of his wrists, a fireball was thrown onto the ground, exploding in front of the man with tattoos as the flames roared, casting light on their faces.

... The young man with tattoos was stunned, not knowing whether to step forward or back. One of his trembling fellows came to muddle through the affair and then helped him to walk back.

Ignoring the astonishment of people sitting around, Lou Cheng withdrew his hand, sat down, and began biting a stick of beef.

Though we don't want to cause trouble, we are not afraid of trouble! "Cheng, that's not your usual style?" Yan Zheke asked, leaned over toward him, and smiled.

"Why isn't it?" Lou Cheng felt it funny and then asked in response.

Rolling her eyes and slightly biting her lips, Yan Zheke replied, "I expected you to break the cement floor with one step and scare them back, but you used the power of blaze instead. Well, it was more exaggerated than your usual style~!"

" You alone understand me. Actually, at first I intended to lay low after breaking the floor, but I gave up the idea after serious consideration." Lou Cheng said and then sighed.

"Why?" Yan Zheke blinked, bewildered and concerned.

Lou Cheng replied with deep hatred and resentment, "I would be fined if I broke the floor!" Once bitten by a snake, one shies away from a coiled rope for the next ten years!

Haha! Yan Zheke turned to hide her laughter while her body was trembling.

When the dinner came to its end, it was past eight in the evening. Everyone was full so they began toasting and yelling,

"National Competition! National Competition!"


It as almost time for Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke's examination week, so they had to suffer through a mixture of reviewing and testing.

When the 16th of January finally arrived and they only had one last exam, something else important happened. The lot-drawing ceremony for the National University Division Martial Arts Competition!

Sixteen tough martial arts teams from eight divisions would fight against each other in groups!

Every member of the martial arts club gathered in front of the computer in the office, waiting for the live broadcast.

Shu Rui was also there to record their reactions.

For her, Songcheng University was on the same level as Huahai and Guangnan, while being just a little weaker than Shan University and Capital University. So they had a chance to make it into the top four. Since it was their first time joining the national competition, they had no historical performance and were unable to be ranked as a seeded team in the beginning. Now their record would greatly depend on the drawing result since they didn't know whether their opponents were powerful or not.

Chapter 345: Drawing Result

In the specially designed studio, the hostess walked to the middle of the room in a graceful manner. She thanked the special guest for their speech and then invited the old gentleman Fang Jingjue, President of the National University Martial Arts Federation, to the stage.

The large screen behind her began to repeat a collection of all those 16 teams' fighting moments.

"Mr. Fang, you look even more energetic than before." The hostess greeted Fang Jinjue with a smile.

Though his hair had already turned grey, Fang Jingjue was pretty good-looking like a middle-aged man. He replied with a smile, "Little Fan, I remember you said so last year."

"So I'm right! It proves that you are getting younger and more energetic!" Fang Jinjue could not hold a candle to Fan Leqi when it came to cracking a joke, while the latter took the opportunity to change the topic and said, "Mr. Fang, I believe that this year's competition will be more exciting than the previous one!"

"It still remains to be seen since the drawing result hasn't come out yet," Fang Jinjue said cooperatively.
"Obviously it will be! Zhen Huansheng and Ann Chaoyang are going to graduate from Guangnan and Huahai this July. Are they willing to always be suppressed by Peng Leyun and leave the university martial arts circle without as much glory as they deserve? They both had reached the top Seventh Pin before last year's National Competition, and it's likely that they'll join this year's competition with progress. Besides, Piao Yuan of Huahai and Li Xiaoyuan of Guangnan are both talented fighters who have grown up to be possible candidates for the championship!" Fan Leqi was so familiar with all the fighters and their teams.

Piao Yuan of Huahai was a year above Lou Cheng and Lin Que.

"I don't see great differences between this year's competition and the previous one," Fang Jinjue said deliberately, with his crow's feet appearing when he smiled.

Fan Leqi replied, "As far as I see it, the gap between them and the level of Shanbei and Capital University has narrowed! Besides, they are not the only dark horse this year since the Martial Arts Clubs of Hudong and Guoyang University both defeated renowned teams and advanced as the champion in their own division, which showed their great strength. It is a surprise that these teams are among the top four!"

"What's more, don't look down on those teams that advanced after the champions in their own division. Mingdao University was one of the two dark horses this year, for it almost defeated Guangnan and the three He brothers gradually showed their talent in the arena. Not to mention that their formation is still able to be advanced."

In front of the screen, Lou Cheng and the other fellows slightly nodded in agreement with what she said. They had already heard of Mingdao University, who had narrowly missed the chance to create miracles. Just like Songcheng University, who had been struggling among normal universities, Mingdao University was not famous for its martial arts, either. The situation began taking a turn for the better after He Yifang, the eldest brother in He family, entered Mingdao as a Professional Ninth Pin fighter.

The next year, the twins, He Erlong and He Santai, both entered Mingdao University. Though they were just Amateur Fist Pin fighters in the beginning, they reached Ninth Pin in October.

Though the three brothers' development was not as smooth as Lin Que's, no one dared to look down upon them. On the one hand, He Yifang reached the Dan stage in the second half of his sophomore year and was now a junior student. On the other hand, He Santai succeed in learning Force Concentration before this year's district contest, while He Erlong was the only one who had not made great progress and was still at the level of top Professional Ninth Pin.

Considering all of this, they were still not powerful enough to cause any trouble to Guangnan University. However, as a martial arts aristocratic family, the He clan had its own special method named the Heaven and Secular World Sword Formation, which the three brothers had been practicing since they began learning Kung Fu and could now cooperate very well with each other. That was why they were able to fight against an Inhuman Level warrior with their relatively plain Kung Fu.

For them, one plus one plus one was greater than three, or even greater than five!

The first time, the three brothers were not Zhen Huansheng's match as Professional-Ninth-Pin fighters and lost to the Guangnan's huge-crowd strategy without suspense. When He Yifang and He Santai both became Dan-stage warriors of the Eighth Pin and their formation was thus greatly enhanced, they almost made Guangnan fall miserably in that seemingly easy task.

In conclusion, the He brothers would definitely apply for a special competition format and fight together no matter who their opponent was.

"It reminds me of a line in a movie." Cai Zongming laughed while listening to Fan Leqi's introductions. "For one-on-one, you'll fight against us, and for the mass brawl, we'll fight against you."

In "Talker's" bad jokes, Fang Jingjue told Fan Leqi, "Mingdao is actually a dark horse with great potential. There are still two and a half months before the final round, and it's just conceivable that He Erlong might reach the Dan stage during this period. And the Heaven and Secular World Sword Formation formed by three Dan-stage fighters of the Eighth Pin is worth the wait."

"You see, Mr. Fang, you're echoing my views." Fan Leqi complained deliberately. "And the other dark horse is also worth looking forward to. Songcheng University Martial Arts Club was listed among the favorite teams! But Shanbei and Capital were still leading the opinion polls. Well, Shanbei is on the top and much more popular than Capital.

"Mr. Fang, what's your comment on Songcheng University Martial Arts Club? While Lou Cheng's combat effectiveness was equal to a faible Sixth Pin, Lin Que has already reached top Eighth Pin, and they must have advanced a step further or even more in April." Fang Jinjue smiled. "I've been focusing on Songcheng University's news and I can say responsibly that they are a powerful contender for the top four of the National Competition. They might even be able to contend for the title if Shanbei and Capital encounter each other in the semi-finals."

"Mr. Fang, you speak highly of them!" Fan Leqi sighed and said, "What a pity that Songcheng University is neither a seeded team nor the champion in their division. They could only be ranked in the third level and must encounter the tough teams in the first two levels. If advancing has taken most of their energy, it will be difficult for them to advance in the top- eight match."

Fan Leqi's words struck a sympathetic chord among Lou Cheng, Yan Zheke, and the other fellows. But they did not feel depressed, since the drawing rule had already come out and they knew how to face up to reality.

"Don't say that. Little Fan, the converse of this statement may be true. Songcheng University being ranked in the third level is now troubling all the other teams since they are probably to be another team of death!" "Sounds reasonable!" Sun Jian burst out laughing.

"Mr. Fang, we love you!" Cai Zongming said dramatically.

Crossing his arms over chest, Lin Que was standing in the corner quietly, but his lips curved up slightly.

Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke exchanged a look and caught the smile on each other's face.

Since there is no way that we can change the rules, why not just enjoy it!

We newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. It's the other teams that should be frightened!

Fan Leqi and Fang Jinjue introduced every team to the audience through their seemingly casual discussion and then began to explain the rule of drawing lots. This time, all the teams were classified into three levels. While the top-four teams from last year were in the first level and joined in groups A, B, C, or D separately, the other division champions were in the second level, and the rest of the teams were all in the third level.

"Let's welcome Mr. Fang to draw the first-level teams." Fan Leqi pointed at the box in front of her. "First, the seeded team in group A."

Fang Jinjue took a ball from the box, held it in front of the audience, and began to announce the name.

"Capital College."

"Group A, Capital College Martial Arts Club."

"Group B, Guangnan University Martial Arts Club… "

"Group C, Shanbei University Martial Arts Club… " "Group D, Huahai University Martial Arts Club… "

After drawing the first-level teams, Fang Jinjue made an obeisance and left the stage. Then another guest was invited by Fan Leqi to draw the second-level teams.

"Group A, Guoyang University Martial Arts Club… "

"Group B, Jinfeng University Martial Arts Club… "

"Group C, Jiuqu University Martial Arts Club… "

"Group D, Hudong University Martial Arts Club… "

Then it came to the third level, in which there were eight teams. This time the guest would draw two rounds in the order: A, B, C, and D. Li Mao and the other fellows who had been watching the ceremony casually immediately changed posture and slowed down their breathing.

A third guest stepped onto the stage, exchanged some conventional greetings with Fan Leqi, and then put his hand into the box.

"Group A, Hexi University Martial Arts Club… "

"Group B, Moshang University Martial Arts Club… "

"Group C, Huatian University Martial Arts Club… "

"Group D, group D… " The guest paused and then raised his tone. "Songcheng University Martial Arts Club!"

"Wow, the Group of Death!" Fan Leqi sighed with emotion. "We're in the same group as Huahai and Hudong… " Lou Cheng felt neither surprised nor disappointed. For them, the four groups were almost all the same even if Hudong might be a little more powerful than Jiuqu.

"Not bad, at least we are not in the same group as Shanbei." Li Mao sighed with relief while the others began echoing him.

Then the second drawing round began.

"Group A, Hanbei University Martial Arts Club… "

"Group B, Tiedu College Martial Arts Club… "

"Group C, Xinghai College… "

The result was almost clear at this moment. Fan Leqi could not help murmuring to herself with widely-opened eyes. "Super Group of Death… "

The guest took out the last ball dutifully and showed it in front of the camera.

"Group D, Mingdao University Martial Arts Club!"

In Huahai University Martial Arts Club, Xing Jingjing, who was usually calm and cold, turned her gaze to the club manager standing nearby.

Ann Chaoyang was a handsome man with half-long hair, which made him look more like a scholar. But he was always squinting as if he had not yet woken up.

"Songcheng University… " He repeated the name in a low voice. The bulletproof-monk-like man with a shaved head was Piao Yuan, who grinned and said, "Songcheng, Hudong, Mingdao, tut-tut, I'm raring to go for the match… "

The fierce-looking man changed the order of the drawing result in his words unconsciously.

In Hudong University, the atmosphere was heavy, for no one had expected that they would be drawn in a Group of Death.

Yu Zhi, the leading player, clenched his fist while shaking his fat.

"Songcheng University… "

Though looking like a sumo wrestler, his accumulated fat was not flabby, but thick and bouncy. …

In the men's dorm of Mingdao University, He Yifang and He Erlong exchanged a serious look with each other, while He Santai was playing a game on his cellphone with his head down and fingers dancing on the screen.

"Well, the Super Group of Death… " Sun Jian was exhaling heavily.

"Why should we be frightened? We are the team that has defeated Shanbei University and they shouldn't be even more powerful." Lou Cheng initiated the conversation after looking around. "Since they are not Shanbei's match, we have the possibility to win the competition. Now that there is the possibility, why do we feel disappointed? Anyway, it's the first time for us to join the National Competition, we are not afraid of being a discredit! Remember what we said before? We should only keep one word in mind… "
 He paused, and then yelled the word out with Lin Que, Yan Zheke, and the other fellows.


We're going to fight as hard as we can!

After vowing their aim, Lou Cheng took Yan Zheke's hand in his, while Shu Rui was filming the others and did not notice them, telling the girl through eye contact that he was actually looking forward to those tough opponents.

This April, the National Competition!

Chapter 346: It's A Small World

It was a windy night and the stars were twinkling in the sky. Sensing the cold temperature, Lou Cheng put Yan Zheke's left hand into his warm pocket and sighed excitedly.

"I'm teeming with excitement now. We're going to Capital for the National Competition this April."

He found it difficult to calm down after watching the lot- drawing ceremony and thus urged his little fairy to take a walk with him along the lakeside.

"That's still two months away. You should contain your excitement for now." Yan Zheke poked fun at him with a smile.

"Yeah, I know, but I just can't restrain myself." Lou Cheng took a breath of the moist air and replied with a big smile, "However, excited I am. I'll relax and concentrate on practicing this winter break and try to make greater progress before the National Competition." They had lots of professional lessons and away games this semester. Though Lou Cheng did not feel physically tired, he was actually worn out psychologically and was in need of a break so that he could relax and prepare for a new start.

"Good boy~" Yan Zheke deliberately spoke in an elder's manner and then rolled her eyes upward. "I'll go to the south part of the river on January 3rd and spend a few days with my grandpa. Maybe I'll get an opportunity to find you some data on the Nine Words Formula if it's not a secret to our sect."

"Ke still remembered it even though I haven't mentioned it…" Lou Cheng could not help smiling, feeling his heart warm up as if he had drunk a bowl of hot soup in the winter.

"It doesn't matter even if it's actually one of your sect secrets," he joked. "When I become Shushan Study's son-in-law, I'll be one of you and get access to the Unique Skill of the Fighting Sect."

"Stop daydreaming~!" Yan Zheke rolled her eyes at her boyfriend. No one knew whether she was talking about Lou Cheng being Shushan Study's son-in-law or was just jeering at his idea that. As Shushan Study's son-in-law, he would be able to get access to the other sect secrets besides the Unique Skill of the Fighting Sect.

"We should be optimistic about our future and, thus, enjoy our lives." Lou Cheng was apparently in a good mood. Taking the girl's hand, he walked slowly along the lakeside to enjoy the beautiful night.

He paused and again began dreaming. "I'll go to Moshang to pay a New Year's call to my Master and Senior Sister and also light incense in front of the memorial tablets of the Patriarchs. Well, maybe I'll get the chance to learn more about the Unique Skill of the Ice Sect and even gain more if I'm lucky enough."

For example, the elder Queen of Thought and the other elders may tell me something about the words for the 'Army', 'Forwarding', and 'Swordsman' formulas and the latest research findings on cultivation.

"Well, you finally learned to pay a New Year's call to the Ice God Sect!" Yan Zheke said jokingly. "Of course. Coach Yan has taught me well!" Lou Cheng praised her sincerely.

After being acknowledged as a disciple of the Ice God Sect, Lou Cheng knew he could no longer just call them to say Happy New Year casually, since Ke was always warning him about this.

"I'm happy that you realize it~ How are you going to thank me? Well, I guess you're going to say that we needn't say thank you to each other!" Yan Zheke blinked her eyes.

"How about giving you a kiss or a massage?" Lou Cheng suggested.

Yan Zheke stared at him, feeling annoyed but amused. "Are you going to thank me or molest me?!"

"The things that happen between me and my girlfriend can't be called molesting!" Lou Cheng smiled. Before the girl got annoyed out of embarrassment, he suddenly recalled something and changed the topic. "Ke, I remember that you mentioned that the last exam, which was originally supposed to be on the 19th, was moved ahead of schedule and we'll actually have it tomorrow."

"Yeah, what's wrong?" Yan Zheke turned to her boyfriend as her eyes blinked with bewilderment.

"Have you told that to Empress Dowager?" Lou Cheng asked.

"No, I haven't." Sensing her boyfriend's intentions, Yan Zheke looked at him and asked, "Why do you mention it?"

"I'll also finish all my exams tomorrow. What about going for a trip to Gao Fen and coming back home on the 20th? Because I didn't get a chance to accompany you during the Youth Tournament," Lou Cheng suggested in high spirits.

He had intended to have dates with his little fairy in Gao Fen for a few days after the Youth Tournament, but was called to Moshang by Geezer Shi. Yan Zheke turned her gaze upward and replied in a lively tone,


During the New Year's break, they were both busy preparing for their final exams and did not get a chance to date!

Lou Cheng felt so excited since Ke had promised without hesitation. "Just relax over there. I'm going to alter the tickets and book a hotel. You can ask Gu Shuang something about Gao Fen."

"Okay." Yan Zheke gave her boyfriend a tissue.

After cleaning the seat, they sat down and began preparing for the trip. After a while, Yan Zheke said with hesitation, "Cheng, Shuang Shuang said that no one is in her home and invited us to stay there…" She was already used to using her close friend's nickname in front of Lou Cheng.

"We'll feel uncomfortable there…" Lou Cheng began to unconsciously reject the invitation.

After typing a few words on her cellphone, Yan Zheke turned to look at her boyfriend, giving him a sarcastic smile. "Cheng, you've changed! You are not the Cheng that I knew before~!"

"How have I changed?" Lou Cheng asked with a muddled face.

"You wouldn't reply me like that before, you would just say, 'Do you want to go there? If you want to, we'll go to Gu Shuang's home'." Yan Zheke raised her chin with smiling eyes, her long, white down jacket served as a foil to her beautiful figure.

"…" Lou Cheng did not know how to answer, so he smiled with embarrassment. "I just want to give you some suggestions instead of making the decision. In the end, I'll obey your orders."

Yan Zheke combed her hair with her fingers while complaining.

"You're hiding intentions that can't bear the daylight!"

After saying this with a flushed face, the girl turned her gaze sideways and changed the topic. "How stupid I am to ask Shuang Shuang for something about Gao Fen…"

"Why? She still doesn't know about our relationship? That's impossible!" Lou Cheng blurted out in astonishment.

"Not that, actually. Think about it, if I tell her that we're going to visit Gao Fen but stay outside of her place, what will she think of us? She would get the wrong idea! How embarrassing would that be?!" Yan Zheke pouted while making the explanation. "A girl's thoughts are really complicated…" Lou Cheng thought for a while and then said, "What about if you go to her house and I stay outside? Or maybe you can tell her that you're on your period?"

According to Ke's menstrual cycle, her period will come tomorrow…

Yan Zheke tilted her head to one side and burst out laughing. Lou Cheng felt as if there were hundreds and thousands of flower buds opening in front of him.

She replied with soft eyes and charming dimples,

"I've already told that to Shuang Shuang~!"

"She has already told Gu Shuang about her period?" Lou Cheng opened his mouth wide, feeling it was annoying but amusing. Ke almost tricked me again…

"Well, it was you who asked me to insult her and allow her the opportunity to tease me so much!" Yan Zheke replied with a flushing face.

Gu Shuang urged me to use contraceptives and asked when I began having sex with Cheng!

Before Lou Cheng could answer her question, she continued, "Shuang Shuang wants to invite us for dinner at a top-three restaurant in the Xing Province."

"Okay." Lou Cheng promised casually and handed the cellphone over to the girl. "Two rooms with large beds, the Mingqi International Hotel."

He had a good impression about this five-star hotel. "One room is enough…" Yan Zheke said after thinking for a while, and then her face again flushed upon seeing the excitement and joy in Lou Cheng's eyes. Turning to look sideways, she continued, "You must make an excuse like needing to rub my stomach and thus come to sleep with me, right? Am I right?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I must do that," Lou Cheng replied with a smile.

Of course, he really was just thinking that.

"Now that you are going to sleep in my bed, it will be a waste to book two rooms!" Though saying that confidently, Yan Zheke was biting her lips slightly and avoiding meeting Lou Cheng's eyes.

After finishing the exam on the 17th, Lou Cheng gathered with Zhao Qiang, Cai Zongming, and Qiu Zhigao for a meal and then went back to the Xing Province with Yan Zheke in the afternoon. Their first destination was not Xiushan, but Gao Fen.

At seven in the evening, they arrived at Gao Fen and were picked up by Gu Shuang, who was dressed in fashionable black, and then went to that private club near Weiyang Park.

The club was sumptuously decorated, which showed that it was an extravagant place.

"Nouveau riche style," Yan Zheke murmured in Lou Cheng's ear.

"As long as the food here is delicious," Lou Cheng replied to her with a smile.

Gu Shuang complained, "Can't you stop showing off your romance every second? I'm disappointed with love affairs!"

The waiters were in front of them, leading the way. "It was you who dumped the boy, right? How many times have you done that?" Yan Zheke poked fun at her close friend.

At this moment, Lou Cheng noticed that lots of guests here were warriors with flourishing Qi and blood, among which some were even able to withdraw their strength at ease, and thus pretend to be normal people.

They seemed to be familiar with each other as they gathered in threes or fours and went somewhere together after passing the hall.

"Why are there so many people here?" Gu Shuang found it weird.

After all, it was a private club.

The waitress smiled and explained, "Miss Gu, today's the gathering of the Gao Fen martial arts circle, and you know that our boss has a good relationship with them." "The Gao Fen martial arts circle gathering?" Gu Shuang unconsciously took a glance at Lou Cheng.

This young man was not only her close friend's boyfriend, but also the champion of the Youth Tournament!

"The new year is coming and lots of circles will have a gathering." The waitress was unwilling to say any more about it.

"The new year? There's still half a month." Gu Shuang shook her head in confusion.

At that moment, they heard someone making a commotion outside the door. When they looked back, they saw another group of fighters enter the hall, talking with a handsome young man who was surrounded by them.

Lou Cheng was familiar with the young man, Zhang Zhutong of the Divine Fire Club. "What a coincidence…" Lou Cheng could not help smiling to himself.

Just like when he encountered Zhang Zhutong for the first time, he was standing by while Zhang Zhutong was surrounded by a group of supporters. But their thoughts and attitudes were much different than the last time.

Keeping a smile on his face, Zhang Zhutong listened to those talking with him carefully but seldom spoke a word. Then all of a sudden, he got a weird feeling and turned his gaze sideways unconsciously, catching Lou Cheng's eyes in surprise. The unforgettable figure was now standing in a corner that the brilliant light could not reach.

Noticing his gaze, Lou Cheng nodded and gave him a smile.

Chapter 347: The Delegation

Lou Cheng turned around after giving a nod and pulled Yan Zheke by the hand. They moved on, following the waiter.

He had nothing to do with the Gao Fen Martial Arts Club or had any friendship with them. Either way, there was no need to go up and exchange polite greetings and delay his dinner.

Next to Zhang Zhutong was a pretty girl with straight bangs. She leaned forward and followed his line of sight, asking curiously, "Zhutong, what are you looking at?"

She could only see a couple disappearing in the corner, walking hand-in-hand. Besides the beautiful image of the girl leaving, there was nothing out of ordinary.

"No, it's nothing." Zhang Zhutong turned his gaze away and subconsciously denied it.

Everyone dropped the topic and started swarming him, eagerly chatting with him and putting on a show of friendship. After taking a few more steps while surrounded by those with him, he couldn't help looking back even while knowing they had clearly left.

Had that guy come back?

When Zhang Zhutong thought of the time, he estimated it was still winter vacation. Why wasn't Lou Cheng returning to Xiushan?

What was he planning to do in Gao Fen? Was he innocently passing by or was he trying to get involved in something?


Under the warmth of the soft light, a waiter set the table and filled the cups with tea. He pushed the door to leave, waiting to serve the food. "You're joking! Who the hell does year-end dinner this early?" Gu Shuang grumbled. She picked up her phone and started making a call.

Taking the opportunity to tease her boyfriend, Yan Zheke said, "You have quite the fate with Zhang Zhutong."

Lou Cheng deliberately sighed. "It's a small world."

The two of them started discussing this issue before diverging to more nonsensical topics. Gu Shuang ended her call minutes later and raised her eyebrows at them, looking rather gossipy. "I knew it! The Gao Fen Martial Arts Club isn't having some year-end dinner!"

"Then what kind of gathering is it?" Yan Zheke asked, playing along.

Gu Shuang snickered. "Didn't Gao Fen establish ties with Brutale, the famous European city? This time, the mayor of Brutale came here with a delegation of all sorts of people for a business trip. That delegation includes martial artists; therefore, we're also sending some of our fighters to welcome them. Since the Divine Fire Club has a close relationship with the upper classes, they're entrusted with this responsibility."

Grinning, Yan Zheke diverted the topic to tease her good friend. "What do you mean by 'our Gao Fen'? Shuang Shuang, you've only just moved here a few years ago, but you've already forgotten you're from Xiushan? So they called a meeting with people in his circle just for this?"

"Exactly. This is an incredibly great opportunity to show your face. Who knows if it might lead to opportunities for collaborations," Gu Shuang explained before urging her friend, "Ke, why don't you ask your Cheng to join them? He can go earn some prestige in front of the foreigners!"

It was fun simply just thinking about it! "Forget it. I'm not from Gao Fen." Lou Cheng burst out laughing and rejected Gu Shuang's plan to create chaos in the world.

Yan Zheke chuckled. "I heard Brutale is one of the places where European martial arts originated from. They have numerous Mighty Ones, with many strong fighters among the youth. Aren't you curious about them?"

"A little, but there's no lack of future opportunities. There's no need to join such a boring gathering," Lou Cheng said, explaining his thoughts.

The mainstream martial arts systems in Europe was the same in essence, differing only in the details. Both focused on body refinement plus the will to harness the Spirit. Having developed in another direction, the European martial artist system didn't have concepts like Force Concentration or body refinement through Dan. When it came to physical invulnerability, European fighters also trained their inner radicular pulp and contacted with the Heavens and the Earth, thereby reaching the same conclusion as their Eastern counterparts. Yan Zheke cocked her head in confusion. "What do you mean by future opportunities?"

Lou Cheng grinned. "I'll definitely be visiting you from time to time when you start studying abroad. I may even have a short stay there. Of course, I'll have many opportunities to experience foreign martial arts."

"You're already thinking that far ahead?" Yan Zheke asked, eyes gleaming.

"Stop, stop, stop! Can you two stop showing PDA no matter what the topic is?" The forever-single Gu Shuang raised her hand, whining. "Can't we just talk properly?"


"Nope!" Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke exchanged looks and replied in unison with a smile.


In the hall, Zhang Zhutong recalled what he saw earlier and pondered over the reason for Lou Cheng's unexpected appearance in Gao Fen. He was in such deep thought that he didn't snap out of it until someone waved in front of his face.

"What's wrong, Zhu Tong? Are you worried about tomorrow?" the pretty girl with straight bangs asked with concern.

The other fighters in the gathering also turned their attention to him when they heard this question.

"I'm not really worrying. I feel expectant, I suppose," he answered with a smile. Unlike regular Challenge Tournaments, friendly matches in diplomacy visits were always concerned with preserving each other's face. The authorities believed it wasn't a good idea to win or lose too much. They would also pick fighters who could represent them and guarantee to only narrowly beat their opponents at the same time.

"That's right. I've seen foreign martial arts matches online but never experienced one myself," a fighter next to Zhang Zhutong said.

As other people echoed his view, the pretty girl reminded him with concern, "The seniors will be fighting with the inhuman Mighty Ones, so we don't have to worry about it. But I heard there's a genius youth called Oblak. He's barely 20 but is already as strong as our top Seventh Pin or weak Sixth Pin fighter."

Since the ranking system within their country differed from foreign countries, they couldn't use each other's ranks for comparison purposes. Ever since losing to Lou Cheng, Zhang Zhutong had endured hardships for at least half a year and finally made further progress, becoming a rather good fighter among the Seventh Pins. The excellent performance in the match between Lou Cheng and Peng Leyun, however, came as a blow to him. It took him nearly three weeks to recover.

When he finally recovered his confidence and called for a meeting with martial artists to prepare to meet the delegation, he came across Lou Cheng. He couldn't help feeling like his confidence was faltering.

"I'll try my best. It's not like there's completely no chance to win... Even if we lose, we won't lose too badly," he said cautiously.

As the martial fighters began going over every detail of their meeting tomorrow, Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke were in the other room, tasting the top three dishes that Gu Shuang had recommended. She truly deserved her fame. They had such good appetites that they wanted to gobble everything. The kung pao chicken, for example, was so tender. It was creamy and aromatic, tasting just moderately sour and sweet. After having their fill, Gu Shuang sent them back to the hotel and helped them check in to their rooms.

The sky had darkened overhead. Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke went in the door hand-in-hand and turned on the lights.

This was the first time they hadn't booked two rooms as a cover-up and would sleep in the same bed. In the warm, soft light, they felt like they were a married couple returning home.

"Hotel room lights are getting dimmer and dimmer. Even if they want to save electricity, that's not the way to do it!" Lou Cheng grumbled.

Yan Zheke's face changed halfway through her response. She looked down briefly, her face twisting with pain.

"Is your period here?" Lou Cheng asked anxiously. "Yeah." Yan Zheke was already used to telling her boyfriend about this. "I'll go get a change of clothes and wash up."

"Okay. I'll get the kettle cleaned and make you some warming ginger and red sugar tea." He immediately busied himself with the preparations.

It was only after his girlfriend finished the tea, crawled into bed, and laid on her side that he washed up and changed into his pajamas. He laid down next to her, putting his arm around her. He placed his palm on her underbelly underneath her thin clothes.

"Pretty conscientious, aren't you." Yan Zheke praised her boyfriend with a smile as she wasn't in too much pain.

She suddenly asked curiously, "Cheng, why are your hands so warm?"

"Hehe. It's a breakthrough progress of my Power of Blaze," Lou Cheng said proudly. "I've been practicing it since its second awakening, learning to control it so I can use it in everyday life. I finally succeeded recently after several months of hard work. Does it feel nice?"

There was no meaning at all to a supernatural ability without a household use!

"I'll give you a kiss!" Yan Zheke's lips puckered lightly, wearing just a hint of a smile. Her voice had become gentle and sweet. "Cheng, where are we going tomorrow?"

Lou Cheng was feeling much more cheerful after receiving his girlfriend's compliment. Smiling, he said, "I have two plans in mind. First, we can visit the safari park located north of the city. Second, we can just ride on several bus routes and relax. We can travel around the city, stop by every must-see block and street, and savor their specialties along the way. Think of it as slowly taking in the city."

"I choose the second one!" she replied without hesitation. "It sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun."

"I knew it," he said, feeling a sense of tacit agreement. She gradually fell asleep as they chatted, basking in the warmth of her boyfriend's hands. Occasionally, she would frown as if she was enduring pain in her dreams. He couldn't help easing out her knitted eyebrows.

As the night turned darker, he climbed up and kissed her on the corner of her lips.

In a low voice, he said, "Good night, Honey."

He held her in his arms and it had nothing to do with desire.


Lou Cheng woke up on time the next morning. He looked out at the gloomy sky as he cuddled the girl in his arms, breathing in the air tinted with the fragrant incense. He basked in the joy that came with the serenity. When he gave her a tight hug, he saw her stir and look up at him bleary-eyed.

"What time is it?"

"Half past five. Continue your sleep. I'll go for my morning exercises and then bring you breakfast," Lou Cheng replied softly.

Yan Zheke curled back up a little unwillingly before feeling something stiff under her.

Her body went rigid. Lou Cheng smiled awkwardly and said, "Some reactions can't be restrained... As long as one is healthy man, they will wake up like this. Not to mention, I have a fairy sleeping beside me."

He repeated what he had said the other day. "I think you men are really odd," Yan Zheke murmured, slumping over as she tried to get up. "I'm going to do morning exercises too. It's no longer hurting as much."

As the two kissed good morning in each other's arms, the delegation from Brutale arrived at the Gao Fen airport.

Chapter 348: Follow Your Heart

After their morning exercise, Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke returned to the hotel, planning to have breakfast during their leisurely bus tour in Gao Fen.

Lou Cheng waited a short while after his shower until Ke stepped out of the bathroom.

She had just changed her hairstyle, a side fringe hanging down, making her eyes and brows more beautiful, temperament purer and more cultured. Her beauty shone more than ever.

White long down jacket, black leggings, fluffy snow boots, light pink knitted hat, delicate silver earrings... In front of Lou Cheng's eyes was a breeze of youth and agility. He was used to her look, but couldn't resist starting at her.

"Is it nice?" asked Yan Zheke with a shy smile and some pride. "You put on some makeup?" asked Lou Cheng, gazing at her delicate, pink lips.

For a straight man, lips were the easiest part of a girl to look at to determine if she had makeup on. A heavy color lipstick indicates heavy makeup and a light color lipstick signals light makeup. If he couldn't tell from the lips, she probably had no makeup on.

Of course, under Coach Yan's instructions and tutoring, his knowledge grew day by day so that he would no longer be so shallow.

"A little bit. We are going on a date, so of course I'll take it seriously." Yan Zheke raised her chin a little bit, her eyes shining.

Lou Cheng chuckled, tempted to grab her and eat her alive.

Yan Zheke saw dangers from his eyes and took one step back. She waved her hand with little strength. "Doing makeup is loads of work." Don't you mess with me!

"Hmm... " Lou Cheng gathered his thoughts and changed the subject. "I feel your face is too slim."

"Hmm! Easy!" She puffed out her fat cheeks

Look! My face is fat!

"Bear it... Can't do it... Then go ahead... " Lou Cheng stepped forward all of a sudden and pulled the girl over to plant a kiss on her.

"You... " Yan Zheke's complaint was silenced at once as her mouth got sealed by the kiss.

She gave Lou Cheng several gentle punches and gradually closed her eyes as the kiss carried on, hugging her boyfriend and leaving her makeup behind. While feeling each other's lips, they gently licked and sucked.
Their even breaths slowly turned into panting.

"Are we going out or not?" As the atmosphere became hotter and more intense, Yan Zheke tilted her head backwards and glanced at Lou Cheng with her watery eyes, breaking free from his hug.

"It would be nice just hanging in the room all day," said Lou Cheng, locking his eyes on her lips.

"Pervert!" cursed Yan Zheke, annoyed but more amused. She quickly made her way to the bathroom to fix her makeup and then stood at the door, waving her hand. "Let's go."

"Sure!" Lou Cheng stepped over and left the room, holding her hand as they made their way towards the closest bus stop in a leisurely manner. Not long after, bus no. 7 pulled in.

On a random weekend, with less people commuting for work but several old people traveling, the bus wasn't crowded at all. Lou Cheng inserted coins before leading his little fairy to a back row. The bus carrying them slowly drove through the city of Gao Fen.

The scenery changed from modern skyscrapers to old sky buildings. Many houses dating back to the last century were unfolded in front of Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke.

"These used to be factories of different companies. Then, when factories were relocated further away from the city, this land became their employees' accommodation... " said Lou Cheng, pointing at the window. He had done his homework long ago. "There should be a university and a senior high school nearby. They will be bustling with noise and excitement to a level. Let's go eat a private home cuisine."

"Private home cuisine?" Yan Zheke asked in a surprised tone.

A private home cuisine for breakfast?

She was not that type of girl who would simply enjoy dating without putting in her own effort. After the first few times, she began to help make plans and speak out her own opinion, getting closely involved. However, her lower stomach hurt too bad last night, so she had no energy to discuss this with Lou Cheng.

"My private home cuisine has a pair of quotation marks. You will see," answered Lou Cheng with a grin. The bus stopped and he helped Ke up. "It's for us."

Filled with curiosity and expectation, Yan Zheke followed Lou Cheng like an ignorant deer, hopped off the bus, crossed the street, and entered a fairly old estate.

Inside the estate, Lou Cheng led ahead, turning left and right while asking random passer-bys the directions to Building Four.

Finally, after passing rows of buildings, they reached their well-hidden destination.

With no elevator, they climbed some stairs to the second floor, where they saw that the flat to their left was open and a very tasty smell was flowing out. "A noodle shop?" Yan Zheke's nose moved, breathing in the good smell.

"Yes, the old lady here used to be the chef of the Gaoyun Noodle Shop. After her retirement, she moved here with her husband and bought the flat next door under their children's encouragement to open an unnamed noodle shop. There are actually quite a few places like this, mainly serving students and teachers who don't like to eat in their schools' cafeteria. Other people can't find it without a local guide." Lou Cheng introduced this private home cuisine.

Gaoyun Noodle Shop had a long history in Gao Fen. It was recommended by many tourism-related programs. However, it became worse and worse and eventually lost most of its local customers. Only tourists would still visit.

Yan Zheke opened her eyes wide and blurted out, "How did you find this place? Shuang Shuang didn't mention it yesterday."

"I saw it when I was searching for information online and I remembered Fatty Jiang told me Huang Kun studies in the nearby University of Technology. Then I dug out his QQ and asked for details." Lou Cheng sounded very pleased with himself. "The old lady has an odd temper. She never tries to please her customers and instead gives them dirty looks if they refuse to follow her order of eating, which is local special cold dishes, noodles, and noodle soup."

"The odder her temper, the better her business?" Yan Zheke bit her lower lip and asked.

"Yeah. We all love to be scolded. Maybe we all believe odd people are more capable... " Lou Cheng poked fun at himself. He walked in with Yan Zheke and saw several tables placed in two bedrooms and the living room. The old couple was watching TV, paying no attention to them entering.

Their hair was grey but their spirits were high.

Breakfast time had already passed. Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke didn't need to wait at all and ordered two different kinds of noodles and ten dumplings to share. The old lady didn't say a word. She walked into the kitchen and soon came out with several bowls of food. She reminded them strictly,

"Beef noodles first. Then boiled veggies. Then dumplings. Then have the noodles with three delicacies. Last, drink its soup."

"She does have an order... " Yan Zheke muttered quietly after the old lady resumed her seat.

The curious pair began to eat after being given the order. It was amazing, especially the boiled veggies after the very flavorful beef noodles, refreshing and sweet.

Highly satisfied, Lou Cheng looked for the stop for bus no. 19 when they were ready to leave.

Yan Zheke rolled her eyes up while thinking and suggested excitedly, "Cheng, what if we don't follow the itinerary? I don't want to wear you out."

"What do we do if we don't follow the strategy?" asked Lou Cheng, confused.

A smile blossomed on Yan Zheke's face. "Let's take whatever is given to us. We get on whichever bus and get off wherever looks nice. Don't plan ahead and don't care too much about the result. Follow your heart and see where it will lead us."

"A trip of destiny?" Lou Cheng was very tempted. He didn't fight against it and he wouldn't.

"That sounds fun!"

They walked out of the estate and waited at a random bus stop for a random bus. After getting on the bus, they took the back row again, held hands, watched the scenery outside of the window, and chatted casually. They hopped off whenever they felt like it, wandered about in the area, and got on another random bus from another random stop.

They didn't think about where they would end up at nor what to do or what to eat next. They let their minds go free and legs move at a leisurely pace, taking selfies from time to time.

A commercial area, a park, a riverside bridge, a Buddhist pagoda, and a Taoist temple… After visiting many places, they decided to have lunch at the next restaurant they would chance upon.

When the alley led them to a big street, Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke spotted a café almost at the same time.

"A cafe. Shall we?" asked Lou Cheng with a smile.

"Why not? Most cafes serve food," answered Yan Zheke, completely relaxed. Not busy at all, the café had an okay atmosphere but very few customers. Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke ordered a bunch of food, which, to their surprise, was actually really good.

"Your food is great. How come the business is not so good?" Yan Zheke asked the owner casually as Lou Cheng paid the bill.

The very elegant lady put on a wry smile and answered, "I don't know. I guess the residents here don't fancy western stuff. Are you staying in the neighborhood?"

"Not really," said Yan Zheke in a lively tone.

"Are you around for business?" With very few customers to attend, the owner had plenty time to chat.

"No, we are just passing by," said Yan Zheke with a sweet smile. "Done." The owner confirmed Lou Cheng's mobile payment before throwing another question, "Just passing by… Where are you heading to?"

"Where?" After a moment of silence, Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke exchanged a glance and answered in unison,

"We don't really know."

They grabbed each other's hands and turned to leave.

"Don't know where to go… " The owner was completely lost. He watched them from behind until their figures disappeared on the street.

Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke followed their hearts to get on and off different buses without thinking about the past or the future. They enjoyed the present to the fullest, carefreely and leisurely. Surrounded by people in this big world, they knew it would be beautiful wherever they were as long as they had each other.

Clouds moved slowly in the sky as buses drove ahead at a low speeds. Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke continued their destiny trip in Gao Fen, quiet and excited.

When the lights were turned on in the city, they got on another bus with an unknown destination, holding back their smiles.

They had just had an impressively awful dinner in a random restaurant.

However, sharing a terrible meal together was just another fun thing for them.

"Where are we now?" asked Lou Cheng, gazing into the dark.

"How would I know?" answered Yan Zheke. Suddenly, her eyes began to shine as a familiar building appeared in the distance.

"The beetle stadium!"

Gao Fen Martial Arts Arena!

"Sigh… It must be fate. After a whole day of random buses, we are back here," said Lou Cheng emotionally. "The light is on. There are probably matches going on… "

"This is the place I won my very first championship!"

"Hmm… " Yan Zheke nodded and pulled Lou Cheng's hand towards the back door.

"Let's go. I'll treat you to a match." Her voice rose cheerfully.

… Gao Fen Martial Arts Arena was lit up brightly, but the atmosphere was heavy.

Staring at the insufferably arrogant Albrak and his wavy blond hair in the arena, Zhang Zhutong looked very serious as he climbed the flight of stairs up.

Chapter 349: Fireworks

"How annoying! It's not open to the public!" After her failed attempt to purchase tickets, Yan Zheke pouted.

Glancing at the security guards at the gate, Lou Cheng urged, "How about we do something bad? Let's climb in!"

"What kind of match is not open to the public?"

"Nope. I'm a good kid who follows the rules!" Yan Zheke had just spent the day following her heart. As the match was not for the public, she instantly dropped her interest. Her eyes rolled up and she continued, "A dessert shop nearby is pretty good. I tried it with Shuang last time. Their snow slush is super. Come on, I'll take you there."

Without thinking, Lou Cheng blurted out, "No cold food during your period."

"I'll watch you eat." Yan Zheke smiled, raising her chin. "They also serve cakes." "Sure. Lead the way." Lou Cheng forgot about his original goal and his eyes filled with love and joy.

"Let's follow our hearts, our feelings, and our destinies today!"

"Oblak wins!"

"Oblak wins!"

"Oblak wins!"

The same words again and again echoed in the arena, lowering the selected audience's spirit. They bucked up and cheered for the rival for the friendship between the two cities. Zhang Zhutong's body was still noticeably shaking, his face pale, exhausted, and wounded.

After breaking free from the nightmare, he glanced at the VIP stand. The deputy governor of the province, Luo Zhong, and the mayor of Gao Fen, Cao Jincheng, looked gloomy and disheartened.

Feeling his heart sinking, Zhang Zhutong hoped other martial artists could defeat this tough opponent and save their face.

"Even though we can't score a win, we can't afford a bitter rout."

However, he knew his hope might not come true.

"Oblak didn't follow the rules. He has fought three rounds in a row where he defeated Han Zhifei and Qiu Shan and injured me in one bout. He should have been replaced after the first round!" The most capable fighters on his side had been routed. The Gao Fen Martial Arts Group had to play strategically against the rest of those Brutale combatants. Zhang Zhutong gave up fighting the first round and lined himself against the third fighter of the Brutale Delegation to secure one round. However, the rival didn't play by their rules.

"In the worst case, all the young martial artists of my generation will be defeated... " thought Zhang Zhutong bitterly.

"Oblak's physical strength is bottomless, way beyond our level."

"Before reaching the Inhuman stage, bottomless physical strength has great advantages!" A fighter next to him commented with some emotion.

Zhang Zhutong wanted to give a smile as his response, but he just couldn't force one out.

… "Tasty?" Yan Zheke rested her head on one hand while watching Lou Cheng with her glittering eyes.

Lou Cheng slowly took one spoonful of the snow and put it into his mouth, tasting it for a dozen seconds before answering, "Very! It reminds me of the milk powder from my childhood. Icy and cold, it tastes much better!"

"Of course. I've tested it myself!" Yan Zheke put on a proud smile and took a bite of the cake with her spoon leisurely.

The dinner was too terrible to satisfy their stomachs, leaving the pair with a great appetite for dessert.

The darkness floated and drifted outside the window. Lights illuminated the city, projecting their shadows on the glass.

The night crept deeper in. At the entrance of the beetle stadium, security guards cleared out a path where the deputy governor of the province, Luo Zhong, and the mayor of Gao Fen, Cao Jingcheng, walked out with the mayor of Brutale, Dawkins, and his entourage. While waiting for their vehicle to arrive, the two parties chatted politely out of courtesy.

At the fringe of the delegation stood the tall and sturdy Oblak, shaking his legs and arms while looking about.

His blond hair bore a layer of shine under the light as if the light of the rising sun was pouring on the ocean. He was widely known as the Son of the Rising Sun for his handsome facial features and very aggressive martial arts style.

"The young combatants of Gao Fen are nothing special," the black-haired Charles next to Oblak sneered in Brutal language.

Oblak scoffed,

"I heard it is only one of the second class cities of China." He implied his consent to Charles' comment.

"I'm rather disappointed." The brown-haired Johnny opened his hands.

"To be honest, I feel the same. I fought three rounds, but it was just not enough. In their language… " Oblak bent his arms and continued in Chinese with an odd accent, "Not fully satisfied."

The interpreter felt a bit embarrassed but didn't say anything, keeping the professional smile on his face.

Watching their conversation from afar, Zhang Zhutong couldn't understand a word but felt their defiance and disdain. He felt more gloomy and depressed.

He took a quick glance at the deputy governor of the province, Luo Zhong, and the mayor of Gao Fen, Cao Jingcheng, who were both smiling bitterly. ...

"It's getting late. We should go back or we'll miss the last bus." Lou Cheng pointed at the dark night outside.

Yan Zheke's eyes followed his hand, her head nodding. "Yes."

Today's journey of destiny began with a bus ride, so of course, they both wanted to end it by bus.

They paid the bill with his mobile phone and walked into the biting cold winter night. They felt refreshed at once.

Strolling by the arena, they slowly made their way to the bus stop right in front of them, glancing at the bustling entrance of the stadium from time to time.

In an extremely good mood, Yan Zheke hopped ahead, her hands swinging high. Lou Cheng followed her pace and stayed right next to her. "Such a nice day!" She suddenly stopped, looking up at the few stars shining against the city lights. She then closed her eyes and muttered as if in a dream.

The joy hidden in the curve of her lips was faint but lasting.

"I couldn't agree more!" Lou Cheng grabbed her hand.

Yan Zheke opened her eyes and said,

"It would be perfect if there was a fireworks show in the end.
Don't go buy any. I mean a fireworks encounter by chance."

Lou Cheng thought about it and smiled gently, suddenly pointing behind the girl.

"Look! Over there!" Surprised and amazed, Yan Zheke turned around at once, but there were no fireworks, only the dark sky and silent lights.


The cold light exploded, breaking into thousands of ice crystals which then fell from the sky.


The flame exploded, pouring light on the ice crystals, their reflection clear and pure.

The glorious, dreamy fireworks lip up the dark sky as well as Lou Chang and Yan Zheke's faces.

"See? The ending fireworks of today," laughed Lou Cheng. Yan Zheke's shock was completely replaced by amazement. With the reflection of the fireworks shining in her eyes, her face was too beautiful to be gazed at.

Her teeth gently bit her lips, the shine flowing in her eyes.

"Cheng, what should I do? I want to kiss you."

The fireworks drew the attention of those standing at the entrance of the arena.

Oblak was stunned, but the shock was soon replaced by joy.

"Superpower. A decent superpower."

He gazed at the corner of the square where Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke stood closely together. His eyes began to glow with joy.

"I will have a go to that superpower bearer."

"I'm not completely satisfied with the previous fights anyway."

He strode towards Lou Cheng rapidly.

The interpreter was terrified, unsure if he should follow him over.

Oblak's master and the head of the delegation, Mason Walker, chuckled while shaking his head. He instructed Jonas,

"You go as the referee. Don't let Oblak injure the rival."

"It will affect the friendship between our two cities." Looking like a bear, Jonas took it seriously and hurried to catch up with Oblak, followed by Charles and Johnny out of curiosity.

"That poor guy was just trying to please his girlfriend on their date. But Oblak saw him… How unfortunate!"

Zhang Zhutong followed them blankly towards the fireworks. His eyes suddenly widened.


Waiting for a kiss from his little fairy, Lou Cheng suddenly sensed the shaking of the ground and took one step forward subconsciously to protect Yan Zheke.

He saw a blond, blue-eyed young man running towards him, his steps heavy but not weighty, and small explosions taking place in his wrists, arms, and body. All these explosive points connected with each other to form an odd tree.

Strong… Very strong… Lou Cheng's eyes narrowed. He got in a stance and began to visualize a frozen river, a vast expanse of whiteness, and the blood red sun in the sky.

"Fight… Friendly!" shouted Oblak with his foreign accent.

"A friendly fight?" Lou Cheng drew in a deep breath, visualizing the red sun falling down from heaven and smash into the icy surface.

In front of a worthy rival, of course he would do his best.

Abruptly, Oblak's body doubled in size and he threw a downward punch at Lou Cheng.

Bang! The sun and the frozen river vanished at the same time, fire and ice canceling each other at Lou Cheng's fist.

A variety of the Severe Warning!


Lou Cheng blocked Oblak's punch with his fist. Something collapsed and formed an eddy at the point where their hands touched, sucking Oblak's hand tightly along with his horrible power.


The eddy broke out, firing furiously, injecting it into Oblak's body!

Oblak was forced to take three steps back before falling down to the ground in front of Jonas, the referee, as if he had no bones in his body, his eyes wide and body temporarily limp. Pong!

The sound from his fall on the ground echoed in the air, leaving Charles stunned and Mason Walker in disbelief and drawing the eyes of Dawkins and Cao Jincheng.

Just one punch, the invincible Oblak is down on the ground, unable to get up?

He was having a friendly fight with a passer-by superpower bearer.

"What happened?" Yan Zheke's pretty face popped out, asking blankly.

"I don't really know. He asked for a friendly fight." Lou Cheng was just as lost.

Noticing no response from the foreigner's mates, he was done with it and continued to walk towards the bus stop holding Yan Zheke's hand.

"A friendly fight? Why with you?" Yan Zheke asked, deeply puzzled.

Why would a man who couldn't even take one punch seek a friendly fight?

Lou Cheng answered seriously, "He's actually not bad, but his physical strength is running out."

"With little physical strength left, he asked for a friendly fight with you? I don't get it."

"Neither do I. I can't understand what is going on with this foreigner."

"Hmm... This is probably a gap caused by cultural differences and education divergence... " …

The pair went on their way, disappearing in the distance.

Watching the couple walking towards the bus stop, the interpreter felt extremely awkward, unsure if he should translate their comments for the Brutale delegation.

"What did they say?" Dawkins, the mayor of Brutale, asked as his eyes locked on Oblak, who was getting up with assistance from others.

After a moment of hesitation, the interpreter answered, "They said Mr. Oblak is actually very strong but he is too tired to fight."
"Too tired to fight?" Dawkins and Mason Walker fell silent, looking up at the bus stop where a bus happened to pull in. A group of spectators from earlier got on the bus. Lou Cheng, with one hand in his pocket and the other holding Yan Zheke, also hopped on, holding on to the handle with one hand and protecting the girl with the other. The bus took off into the dark, leaving the group in silence.

Chapter 350: Earn the Credit

In the biting cold wind, Dawkins felt a chill, struggling to get out of the unspeakable feeling. He subconsciously turned to look at Cao Jincheng, the mayor of Gao Fen.

Seeing nothing unpleasant, Cao Jincheng's frown smoothed out into a faint smile.

"These days, the capable youths all have very strong personalities, with no interest in getting involved in these kinds of social occasions."

After a moment of hesitation, the elegant, pretty female interpreter expressed Mayor Cao's opinion to Dawkins and Mason Walker, emphasizing two main points.

First, the earlier martial arts competition was just a social occasion in which a win or a loss meant nothing to them.

Second, the real capable young fighters on their side were of strong character and didn't participate in these friendly, social events.

Cao Jincheng would sound like he was bragging and reluctant to admit the defeat if he threw this line out earlier. But now he had nailed it perfectly.

Her interpretation changed Mason Walker's facial expression and stiffened Dawkins' smile. The entire delegation's arrogance and high spirits were brought down.

Fortunately, several luxury buses arrived just in time to end the topic with a friendly farewell.

Oblak, who was being supported by the arm, was finally awake, muttering,

"That punch was magical… Very, very magical."

Members of the Brutale Delegation looked at each other with surprise. They pushed Oblak into the vehicle. When their fleet disappeared into the distance, Cao Jincheng revealed his confusion, tilting his head and looking at Wang Mingkang, the head of the Divine Fire Club.

"Who was that?"

Wang Mingkang was a few steps behind and had missed the engagement. Puzzled, he turned to Zhang Zhutong for help.

Zhang Zhutong heaved a silent sigh.

"Lou Cheng."

"Lou Cheng?" Han Zhifei suddenly realized why the figure seemed so familiar from behind…
"Lou Cheng… The champion of the provincial youth tournament!" Luo Zhong, the deputy mayor in charge of martial arts-related matters, remembered this name. "No wonder." Cao Jincheng felt relieved and gratified, commenting with some emotion, "That young man did it so considerately."

Originally from Xiushan, Lou Cheng's household register had been transferred to Songcheng and he didn't have any career ties to Gao Fen. He had nothing to do with this city at all. If he fought in the competition, the Brutale Delegation might find out and they would lose face terribly for cheating, which would affect the business and commercial trade between the two cities.

When he passed by casually and lured Oblak to start a fight like this, it became a completely different story!

"This young man has a great sense of honor for this province... " thought Mayor Cao.

He didn't even think about the fact that Lou Cheng might just be passing by accidentally.

"He-heh… How is that possible?" "Inform all relevant personnel that no one recognized who the young fighter was in case the Brutale Delegation questions about it," Cao Jincheng ordered his secretary.

Listening to their conversation, Zhang Zhutong looked at Han Zhifei with mixed feelings in his eyes, finding a similar tinge of emotion in theirs.

At this moment, the words Lou Cheng had said to him during the semi-finals suddenly came to his head.

"I don't need anyone to tell me if I'm qualified or not. In one, two, or three years, I hope you still have the balls and confidence to say something like that."

The words were still echoing in his ears. It had only been half a year!

… Getting off across the street from Mingqi International Hotel, Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke crossed the road leisurely and entered the hotel lobby holding hands, putting an end to this date of fate and dreamy day trip.

While Lou Cheng was taking a shower, Yan Zheke changed into cute pajamas with bunny ears hanging down from her chest.

Barefoot, she half sat on the bed and picked up her vibrating phone.

"Hello, Shuang. What's up so late?"

"Ke, your Cheng is terrible!" said Gu Shuang bluntly.

"What did he do?" Yan Zheke asked, puzzled.

Gu Shuang ground her teeth. "He promised he wouldn't get involved in the match with the Brutale Delegation last night. But today he went to the beetle stadium and kicked their promising star fighter's ass!"

"Hmm! He went back on his word!"

"Ahh? That was the Brutale Delegation? No wonder there were some capable foreigners... " Yan Zheke suddenly came to a realization and hurried to clear the misunderstanding. "He didn't mean it. We had a 'following the heart' trip today. We got on random buses and hopped off at random stops. Somehow we ended up at the beetle stadium and that foreign combatant issued a challenge to Cheng."

"Hah... Pretty romantic." Gu Shuang poked fun at her before introducing the foreign fighter. "What a chance! The combatant knocked down by your Cheng was Oblak, who had just defeated Zhang Zhutong, Han Zhifei, and Qiu Shan back to back in the beetle stadium, humiliating those uncles, aunts, grandpas, and grannies."

"I see... Cheng was saying the foreign combatant was very close to exhaustion." Yan Zheke affirmed some details. "But he is best known for his abnormally great physical strength, which is not far from the Inhuman stage, similar to your Cheng." Gu Shuang continued to reveal more information with some chuckles. "Bring your Cheng to the party for me! I must show those jerks I have such a great genius friend."

"Go and find your own!" Yan Zheke pretended to be annoyed and teased her.

Gu Shuang chuckled. "Speaking of which, today I set a new personal goal. I'm going to lure some."

"What can I do with you? Why can't you have a proper relationship? What's the point frequently changing boyfriends?" Yan Zheke couldn't resist teasing her. "It could go terribly wrong if you chanced upon an extremist."

"I never date multiple guys at the same time. I just break up when I no longer feel like being together," argued Gu Shuang.

"Fine. Enough about you." Yan Zheke rationally ended the topic. "We can talk more on QQ." "OK." Gu Shuang hung up.

Holding her mobile, Yan Zheke subconsciously called out,

"Cheng, I have something to tell you."

Then she realized Cheng was still in the shower.

"Err... The water is too loud for him to hear anything... " Yan Zheke heard the water sound suddenly stop.

The bathroom door was pulled open and Lou Cheng popped his upper body out.

"What is it?"

Looking at his bare chest, dripping water, and wet hair, Yan Zheke instantly closed her eyes and spoke like a spoiled child, "Can you ask after putting some clothes on?"

She opened her left eye a little bit to secretly glance at him and chuckled. "Not bad, your figure..."

"You are more than welcome to touch it," replied Lou Cheng with no shame.

"Hmph!" Yan Zheke turned her head away. "Shuang said the foreigner you just knocked out is Oblak, a talented young martial artist from the Brutale Delegation."

Her head turned back and her eyes were wide open, glancing up and down.

"The Brutale Delegation... No wonder... " Lou Cheng was in a trance, shaking his head slightly. "Sadly, we didn't have a proper fight. It feels like swallowing a date without chewing." Brutale was a branch of the Mission Sect, one of the leading martial arts streams in the western world. It boasted the will, manipulated the spirit, and controlled the body with faith. However, they didn't have the process of Force Concentration or the form of the big Dan. They believed in ten primitive materials in the human body, each bearing a specific emblem.
Once these were refined and mastered, a tree of life would
grow to reach the final crown.

These ten primitive materials were located separately. Every time three of them got aroused and revealed, a specific ability would be unlocked as if a superpower had been awakened. And these superpowers would assist and support each other to create strong points, like physical strength and power.

Compared to the Dan stage martial arts, such combat sects were much weaker in terms of the Absolute Reaction without the smooth and thorough unification of the body strength. However, they had the great explosive force and specialty enhancement.

Lou Cheng learned about this from the Longhu Club forum.
Other than that, he knew nothing about them. "Didn't you say there would be plenty opportunities in the future?" said Yan Zheke with a grin.

"True." Lou Cheng went back to the washroom and dried his body and hair before coming out in his nightclothes.

Standing close to the bed, he locked his eyes on Yan Zheke, who was lying there like a doll, and grinned.

"Somebody wanted to kiss me just now?"

"That damn guy interrupted my sweet kiss!"

"Not me! Not me!" Yan Zheke shook her head like a rattle- drum with happiness in her eyes.

"Well, if you don't want to admit it, I'll come and kiss you!" Lou Cheng got in bed. "If you don't smile at your man, your man will smile at you...

In the hotel where the Brutale Delegation was staying...

Oblak was sitting on a sofa in the lobby with a blank expression, lost in a trance.

"Hey, Oblak, don't be like this! You challenged the man after three intense fights. Come! Have a few drinks and you'll feel better." The black-haired Charles approached with two glasses of wine.

Johney agreed, "According to my lovely, beautiful, and bright Sandee, a sudden encounter doesn't mean anything. Have a good night's sleep and get ready for a brand new day!" Abruptly, Oblak stood up and rushed to the elevator to visit his master, Mason Walker, on the 25th floor.

"What's the matter?" Mason Walker gazed at his student with his deep blue eyes.

"Master, I want to fight with that superpower bearer one more time!" Oblak blurted out.

After thinking for a dozen seconds, Mason Walker answered, "We've already asked those gentlemen of Gao Fen but none of them recognized the young man, or maybe they just don't want to tell us. We can't stay long."

"But... " Oblak attempted to try harder.

Mason Walker smiled. "A capable superpower bearer like him will grow more and more famous. As long as you keep on pushing yourself, you will meet him one day!" Foreign countries highly valued Chinese martial arts circles, but their attention was mainly focused on the top class professional tournaments and title matches.

"I hope so... " Oblak heaved a sigh.

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