Martial Arts Master Chapter 311-320

Chapter 311: The Beginning

The shouting voice pierced into the door of the locker room, in which all the resting fighters were cheered up and also began roaring in their mind.

When they were looking at each other in excitement, Geezer Shi coughed to attract their attention,

"Now it's time to arrange the fighting order. Lou Cheng, you're today's anchor and join in the third round."

"Me?" Lou Cheng was surprised.

Isn't my Brother-in-law supposed to be the anchor and thus compensate for the game he lost last year?

I've even prepared to play with my towel on the substitute bench! At the same time, Lin Que stepped forward and volunteered, "Coach, let me fight!"

Geezer Shi smiled, "Still obsessing about the game last year? Why do you even bother to remember someone of low level like him? It's good to have the desire to win but don't lower down yourself. Ok, that's it. You'll be the anchor last week."

He made up his mind without leaving Lin Que a chance to say any more.

It was rare that Lin Que ever made some requests. He became even quieter with mouth closed tightly.

Geezer Shi looked around, took a sip of his wine and then said with a smile, "You all see it that Yan's performance was the best during this period of training. Oh, forget those two guys, they are abnormal! So if Yan be the leading player, I guess there is no one against it?"

It was the first time that Coach Shi praised Yan Zheke publicly. Being too happy to hide her joy, the girl turned her gaze at Lou Cheng and nipped his hand secretly.

I'm so happy!

Yeah, it was only when Coach Shi gave me the compliments that he turned serious!

Obviously the Internal Training Methods had been helping Yan Zheke to make rapid progress, so all the team members shook their head to show they had no objections.

No one dared to lie about the truth since offending Yan Zheke was equal to offending Lou Cheng!

What they didn't know was that offending Yan Zheke was also equal to offending Lin Que.

"You're the first to fight today, just try your best in the purpose of improving yourself. Don't worry, there are always someone supporting you." Geezer Shi told her. "Yes! Coach Shi!" Yan Zheke folded her legs and straightened herself to stand like a soldier. But her cute tone with excitement in it immediately gave her away.

Geezer Shi shook his head with a smile, for the girl's action reminded him of what his daughter looked like at Yan Zheke's age. Sighing slightly, he turned and asked Li Mao, "Are you confident enough to be the second one?"

Though Li Mao used to get nervous in the arena, he had almost gotten it over after so many actual combats and matches. Not to mention that he got Lou Cheng's help this time, which thoroughly took the load off his mind. So Li Mao replied loudly,

"No problem!"

Though I've stood up from where I fall, I still want to challenge the gully that defeated me!

After arranging the order of leading players, Geezer Shi said while pointing at his team members casually, "As for the substitute, I'll put them in rank order and old members first, okay?"

"Sun Jian, Lin Hua, Cai Zongming"

According to the rule of this University Martial Arts Competition, which was slightly different from the former one, at most nine fighters were permitted to enter one locker room, and it was the capacity of a team. Besides, the number of substitutes was also restricted to three.

Hearing his name being announced, Sun Jian felt a little depressed, "You see, you're really a substitute now… " He said to himself.

Sun Jian hadn't reached the stage of meditation yet and already fallen behind Yan Zheke and Li Mao. Maybe Cai Zongming would also surpass him within the next year.

On the other side, Guo Qing was even more depressed, feeling she was now placed in an awkward position in the Martial Arts Club. Not only did she fail to be a leading player, she was even not in the substitute list. What was sadder was that, considering her rank, she wouldn't have been in the team if the coach hadn't given consideration to elder members!

As for the new members He Zi and Wang Dali, they were curious about the locker room and kept recording everything with their eyes as if they were cameras. Obviously, they had no negative emotions at all.

Cai Zongming sighed with emotion and whispered, "Our preparation is in vain."

"What preparation?" asked Lou Cheng, full of curiosity.

"I've made full preparation for the chat time before competition," Cai Zongming sighed, "What a pity that my great victory is going to be postponed."

Lou Cheng rolled his eyes at Cai Zongming. "You're over thinking… " While they were satirizing each other, Geezer Shi let Jiang Fusheng write down their leading players and substitutes' name and hand the list over to the competition monitor.

After no more than one minute, he applauded and said,

"Alright, let's get out there!"

When they reached the entrance, Lou Cheng asked Geezer Shi with lowered voice,

"Master, there won't be much difference whether Lin Que or I join in this round, so why must you stop him?"

It was so confusing and even coach Yan was wondering the reason.

Geezer Shi let out a "heh" and said, "Haven't you heard the saying that the hardest thing is usually easy to break off?"

"You are refining Lin Que?" Lou Cheng suddenly realized Geezer Shi's attempt.

Geezer Shi smiled, "He should learn to soften his character, or else he might one day break himself off. Since great changes may trouble him, I have to refine his character from all these small aspects."

"I see." Lou Cheng took two steps back and came to Yan Zheke's side, and then he told the girl what Geezer Shi had said.

After several seconds of silence, Yan Zheke sighed,

"My brother is too harsh to himself." Suddenly the door of the locker room was opened and all the shouts and cheering outside poured into everyone's eyes, igniting their passion.

"Songcheng University! Songcheng University!"

At this moment, students outside saw Lou Cheng and his team members, which fueled their cheering as if they had made a burst.

"We're coming!"

Lou Cheng blinked his eyes and then turned to look at Yan Zheke, from whose eyes he could read the same thoughts as him.

National University Martial Arts Competitions, we're coming!

... There was no broadcasting or webcast of competition at this level, and even no reporters recording the process. Only Shu Rui was recording something with the help of her team as a preparation for her show.

Standing at the edge of the stands, enjoying the cheering wave came from the crazy audiences, she could not help sighing with emotion,

"It's so nice to be young… "

I've once spend my youth on such things like them!

However, now she was a woman fighting to survive, to maintain her romance in reality, to see her future more clearly and to keep a good relationship with others. All the business wore her out and swallowed up almost all her young dreams.

But it might be a good choice to give vent to her pessimistic feelings and thoughts… Shu Rui felt her blood also began burning like the other youth, and she even wanted to follow her feeling to yell and scream, forgetting the reality. Not far near her, Li Liantong and the other members had already raised their hands to make a Mexican wave. In a farther place, Zhao Qiang and others were also yelling with a flushing face regardless of their usual urbanity.

In the locker room of the guest team.

Hearing the cheering outside, which recalled him of the previous match, Gu Yue suddenly thought of a saying,

"Times have changed."

Taking a glance at his father, he spoke first, "As the accepted practice, I'll join in the first round and you decide your own orders. Let's have fun, even if we are doomed to lose the game."

Obviously the last fighter of Songcheng University would be Lou Cheng or Lin Que in order to give their substitutes enough chances to practice in actual combat. So Gu Yue and his team were able to take a breath in the first few games. Considering all this, he should appoint Ji Lan as the vanguard to gain more experience from joining in more game, and thus make a contribution to the upgrading of our Martial Arts Club.
However, he was a senior student now and wanted to graduate from school with the honor he deserved, so he was eager to draw a perfect conclusion to his school life with a great victory in the last Martial Arts Competition.

It would not be called a failure if he lost the game to Lin Que or Lou Cheng after winning two rounds!

Fei Sanli encountered a tough group in the Ranking Event two weeks before and failed to advance, which made him depressed and unwilling to discuss Gu Yue's arrangement with the other members. Taking a glance at Ji Lan, he accepted it in silence.

As for Ji Lan, she actually did not care about the arrangement and just wanted to gain more experience of fighting against mighty ones of Dan stage They stood up one by one to leave the locker room, but the momentum of last year's competition was hardly to be seen in them.

After calling the leading players and substitutes name along with the broadcast, the referee went onto the arena, make a gesture to stop the excited crowds and announced loudly,

"Competition between Songcheng University Martial Arts Club and Guannan School Martial Arts Club, round one."

"Yan Zheke versus Gu Yue!"

Upon hearing the impressive beauty's name, a new wave of cheering and vuvuzela burst out from the stands.

"Fighting against Gu Yue…" Lou Cheng gave Yan Zheke a smile without leaking his worries, "Your challenge comes." "Yeah!" Yan Zheke nodded with a serious look. Then she stood up, gave Lou Cheng, Lin Que and other fellows five, and then walked toward the arena.

The charming girl had put up her hair to show her bright eyes and white teeth.

Gu Yue had never expected that his first opponent would be this girl and was stunned for a moment. When he regained consciousness, he saw Yan Zheke standing in front of him and the referee's raised hand.

"The talk time starts."

"According to the collected information of Yan Zheke, she was just of Amateur Twice Pin but she was absent from the Ranking Event this September… Now that she replaced Sun Jian, who was of Amateur First Pin, to join in the first round, she should be at least an Amateur-First-Pin fighter and even higher than that… She looked graceful as a well-educated girl who didn't know how to quarrel with others and was easy to be influence by opponent's words… " As the thoughts flashed through Gu Yue's mind, he laughed deliberately. "Though there are lots of female physical-invulnerability warriors, I have to say that the arena belongs to men and you women had better come home for housework! Special case is after a special case!"

Yan Zheke was immediately annoyed by him and was about to argue back. However, she calmed down before acting as she knew Gu Yue would not debate with her peacefully. When it came to cursing and calling someone's names, she could not even match a pupil.

He was so disgusting!

Obviously he is being unreasonable!

Taking a deep breath, Yan Zheke closed her eyes to calm herself down regardless of Gu Yue's continuous taunt. Then she began reciting in her mind a sentence Lou Cheng often told her.

It's a competition of martial arts, not a debate. It's a competition of martial arts, not a debate. It's a competition of martial arts, not a debate…

When Gu Yue realized the pretty girl was not affected by his words, he stopped talking. The three minutes was nearly up.

Yan Zheke opened her eyes as she had adjusted the body condition to its peak.

The referee looked at the electronic clock and raised his right hand. Then he swung it down with great force before announcing.


The National University Martial Arts Competitions started!

Chapter 312: Catching

Being an aggressive fighter, Gu Yue took the initiative to attack Yan Zheke because he thought she was a tender and pretty girl that he could completely suppress with his strength.

He exerted force into his legs and ran toward her as fast as an arrow. In an instant, he crossed his left hand and twisted his back, hurling a right hook at her.


His fierce attack cracked in the wind. In his mind, it sounded like the roar of the king of the beasts. This was Black Tiger Digs Heart!

Facing such a ferocious attack, Yan Zheke neither dodged nor avoided him, despite her weak and powerless appearance. She stamped on the ground and allowed the force to travel from ankle to knee, into the spine, and finally into her arm. She raised her left arm to block Gu Yue's sound attack, while simultaneously punching with her right fist. They traded hard blows and fought strength with strength.

Her response was somewhat beyond his expectations, but he was still confident enough not to amend his strategy.


A dull sound echoed. Yan Zheke was trembling and her shoulder was forced backward, as if she was unable to withstand her opponent's force. Though her movements were agile by the rules, her face was flushed and her center of gravity unstable.

He harrumphed; annoyed she dared to compete with him when it came to brute strength! Seeing an opportunity, Gu Yue stretched his body and transformed into the Herculean Spirit. He took large steps, gripping his right fist like it was a giant hammer, and fiercely smashed onto Yan Zheke's head without any show of mercy. Watching such a scene, everyone in the audience all gasped.
Their hearts raced as they held onto their breaths.

How could a young girl of Amateur Second Pin trade blow with a strong man of Professional Ninth Pin?

Just then, Yan Zheke stopped abruptly without any previous indications. Though she was still trembling, her temples were bulging in an odd manner.

Crouching with her legs pinned together, she was like a swaying wooden human ornament. Her right hand was made into a fist, seemingly to block her opponent's attack.

Bang! The sound of their collision rang in the air, as web-like cracks appeared by their feet. Gu Yue was surprised to find Yan Zheke's fist was only slightly less powerful than his own. Coupled with her defensive stance, she had actually become his match!

How could this be? Deeply shocked, he watched as the girl extended her left foot, borrowing power to land a kick. Snap! She stretched the muscles on her straight and slender leg tight and lean, yielding it like a hair-raising whip that landed on Gu Yue's knee. His pupils contracted as small as needlepoints.

There was no ceasing of the Brutal Blizzard!

This scene stunned Yan Zheke's classmates who sat in the audience and they wore similar astonished expressions. They never expected such a gentle girl to not only rival the large, muscular man, but also take the initiative to retaliate.

The reason Yan Zheke accepted Gu Yue's sound attack head- on was because she wanted to determine the level of her power. Of course, she only made this decision because she was sufficiently confident in herself. Earlier, Lou Cheng had assured her that her physical state was close to the Ninth Pin.

After the first blow, she was finally sure of her state. Her power was inferior to Gu Yue's, but not so weak that it was an unbridgeable gap. By moving a step back to unload her power, she was able to steadily block his attacks. She only moved backward because she was using the skill she had advanced by Leaps and Bounds, the Yin-yang Twist. This tactic borrowed her opponent's power to bridge their gap. Using this, she managed to gain the upper hand and attack with the 24 Blizzard Strikes.

With the start of her blizzard strike, her attacks would only be stronger and fiercer!

Gu Yue had no time to think. Confronted with her kick that constantly whipped the air, he tightened the muscles in his thighs. He twisted his waist and returned with a kick of his own out of defense.

Boom! The moment their legs touched, they were bounced in opposite directions. Yan Zheke touched the ground quickly with her tiptoe. She leaned forward and pulled her right arm like a bow as she visualized gale and snowstorm in her mind.

Pop! She punched violently, swinging her fist like a drill.

Gu Yue had once suffered 24 Blizzard Strikes thanks to Lin Que, so he had a deep impression of it. He understood he could not allow his opponent to accumulate momentum to attack. He had to interrupt her, or else he would be in a very dangerous position.

The muscles in his arm bulged and his back swung as he punched with a fist as violent as a whip. He withdrew his fist the moment he blocked her so he would not lend too much power to her.

Pop! Gu Yue quickly retrieved his arms after he hit Yan Zheke's right fist with his Single Kick and tried to change a position to interrupt her rhythm of Brutal Blizzard.

However, Yan Zheke once again began to tremble and she swung her right hand backward to prepare for another attack with her left hand.

Pop! She yielded her left arm violently, like a gun shooting at Gu Yue's throat. She also continued to use Brutal Blizzard, which had become more and more powerful, not giving her opponent any chance to escape. This was the combination of Yin-yang Twist and 24 Blizzard Strikes!

How could this be real?

Gu Yue wondered how she managed to borrow enough power to launch this attack.

He found this horrifying and dared not to look down upon the girl who looked very tender and pretty. He collected his power and exerted force in his shoulder to punch with his left hand.

He cannot let this continue, or she will suppress him regarding both power and momentum after two or three attacks. In the end, all his resistance would be eliminated in the "snowstorm" she made!

He needed to fight back with his killing shot! He was defeated by Lin Que last year, so he knew how ferocious 24 Blizzard Strikes was. Having thought for long about a way to counter such attack, he found he could use a temporary eruption method and secret mind disciplines like Thunder Break to interrupt her. In addition, there was another method, called Catching!

That method was holding down his opponent's arms and interrupting her convergence!

Gu Yue did not have Thunder Break, secret mind discipline, or martial arts with temporary eruptions like Blast Punch or Bear-shaped Movement. So he chose to use Catching to get himself out of his current difficulty. He has worked hard on this method after his match with Lin Que.

It was now the time to use it!

He hit out his left elbow violently and blocked Yan Zheke's attack with his fist. Crack. Exerted the abrupt explosive force into his five fingers, he instantly grasped Yan Zheke's forearms.

So what if she has now achieved a mature level of meditation? He too has mastered the concealment of spirit and qi, so his Listening Skill was just as good!

"She's done for!" Cries of concern came from the audience in the stand. Lou Cheng had his arms crossed, having stood up without even being aware of it.

A little happy, Gu Yue was just about to shake all the joints in his body and use great power to defeat his opponent. But just then, Yan Zheke took a deep breath and bulged her temples, tautly pulling the muscles in her left arm inwards.

Gu Yue's five fingers lost their target due to the tightening of her muscles and slid to the other side, giving Yan Zheke an opportunity to escape his hold. In the end, she even caught his wrist! Yan Zheke has been waiting for this opportunity for a long time!

As a girl who liked making plans, she definitely has made good preparations when confronting with Gu Yue!

She clearly knew it was impossible to defeat Gu Yue with the combination of Yin-yang Twist and 24 Blizzard Strikes in this round with her present stamina. Even Lin Que in this martial arts level last year could only finish one round of 24 Blizzard Strikes without the Yin-yang Twist. If she kept attacking him with this martial art, she would deplete her stamina before he would.

So she decided to scare Gu Yue with the combined attacks first. Taking advantage of the fact that Gu Yue's ignorance of her abilities and his anxiety to rid of this difficult position, she then induced him to use Grasping Hand that he was good at.

And when it came to such this catching method, Yan Zheke's family has a unique method to deal with it. Lin Que has also used this method against Lou Cheng in the past! In a split second, their roles changed. The audience was stunned to watch this change and they stopped cheering.

Gu Yue was frightened when he found that Yan Zheke had held onto his arms, so he tried to tighten his arm and shake her away.

"Hearing" his intention, Yan Zheke shifted her left hand back and forth like she was doing Tai Chi to offset his struggle.

She lifted her waist and kicked her right leg violently, forcing Gu Yue to counterattack with his leg.

Bang. Both of them withdrew their legs. After Yan Zheke borrowed force from the kick, she trembled and activated many joints. She exerted force into her five fingers to tear Gu Yue's arm ferociously like a tiger tearing its prey apart.

"Ah!" Gu Yue screamed as the muscle in his arms distorted and his tendons were all fractured from one another. As he was screaming, Yan Zheke withdrew her arm and changed her posture. She visualized a scene about the collapsing of snow in her mind and fiercely bumped into Gu Yue.

The mighty Mega Avalanche!

Bang! The referee intercepted her deadly hit. The muscles in Gu Yue's face twitched and he was in so much pain that he was flushed with shame.

"Round one, Yan Zheke wins!" The referee raised his right hand.

Lost... He lost... He actually lost to a woman who was obviously weaker than him... Gu Yue forgot his pain and stood there, still in bewilderment.

Was this the end of his four-year martial arts career in university? Bursting with joy, Yan Zheke turned around and waved her fist at the stand where the host team sat.

She won, she really won! She had defeated a Professional Ninth Pin fighter!

Lou Cheng smiled and waved his fist in response, afflicted with some inexplicable feelings.

Ever since they started dating, he had gradually taken in charge of their exercise and practice. In other words, he was the one who instructed her to make progress step by step. It was such an unbelievable satisfaction to see her use a power close to the level of Professional Ninth Pin and defeat an unimaginably strong opponent.

Unconsciously, Ke had also become powerful...

"What are you thinking about?" Cai Zongming stood behind him and asked curiously. "How can I put it?" Lou Cheng made an analogy. "Watching Ke defeat Gu Yue is like watching my daughter grow up day by day, and who has unknowingly become an adult. Do you understand this feeling?"

Cai Zongming thought for a moment and glanced at him. At last, he said contemptuously,


"F*ck, dirty people have dirty thoughts!" Lou Cheng also thought his friend's answer was hilarious.

Just then, Ji Lan followed the referee's gesture and quickly entered the arena under the audience's cheering for Yan Zheke.

Lou Cheng took a step backward to stand by Lin Que's side and smiled gently. "See? I may not even have the opportunity to fight this time. Maybe Ke and senior brother Li Mao can defeat all our enemies. There's really no need to mind opponents at this level."

Instead of preaching lofty principles, he only told the truth to comfort his Brother-in-law because he thought his Brother- in-law was the kind of stubborn guy who would never obey the principles even when he knew they were right.

Lin Que nodded slightly and felt a little relieved.

"I thought you'd say something to me... " Lou Cheng casually added, too happy over Yan Zheke's victory that he was not truly thinking.

Lin Que gave Lou Cheng a fleeting glance and answered with emotion.

"I don't like cross talk." "What?" Lou Cheng wore a dumb look on his face.

Cai Zongming next to him mused and said,

"I think he's mocking us both... "

Chapter 313: The Triple Kick

Looking at Cai Zongming, Lou Cheng exclaimed with sudden realization.

"It's not just a feeling, it's the truth... "

F*ck, he was ridiculed by his Brother-in-law!

He had always regarded him as a serious and cool man!

Turning his back against Lin Que, Cai Zongming laughed and cocked his eyebrows. "Cheng, go ahead! Hit him!"

He knew Lin Que would hear him at such a close distance no matter how he lowered his voice, so he was only joking around.

"What you said is just like asking a dog to bite others." Lou Cheng looked at his friend contemptuously. "Why don't you hit him yourself?" "Me? If it's me, I'll be hit badly." Cai Zongming showed his powerlessness.

"Haha! This reminds me of a joke about a hunter who tries to hunt a bear... " Lou Cheng pursed his mouth to hold back his laughter and did not manage to finish his sentence.

Even so, Cai Zongming still completely understood what he meant for he had read many similar jokes. He also trembled and barely restrained his laughter. He cursed Lou Cheng, "Jackass."

Just then, Ji Lan passed the stone stages and stood in front of Yan Zheke.

Looking at her, Yan Zheke wondered if she should surrender so senior brother Li Mao could have his chance to fight Ji Lan. It would help him get a closure.

Li Mao's nervousness had caused his defeat in Ji Lan's hands in December last year, resulting in Songcheng University Martial Arts Club failing to advance in the tournament. After considering it for a moment, Yan Zheke turned down the idea. It was so obvious and ritualistic, showing no respect to Ji Lan and placing more pressure on Li Mao. It might even backfire.

She should just let it go... Yan Zheke sighed quietly and seized the precious remaining time to restore her body's condition.

Even though the previous fight did not last long, she still expended a fair amount of energy with a powerful Professional Ninth Pin fighter. Especially during the process that she was trying her best to create opportunities, she had to remain in focus all the time. Once the fight ended, exhaustion was inevitable.

After she let out her breath in a long exhalation, the referee raised his right hand and made a loud announcement.

"Round two, start!" When Ji Lan first gathered information about Songcheng University Martial Arts Club, she noticed Yan Zheke did not participate in the amateur Ranking Event in September. Thus she suspected that Yan Zheke might be stronger than an Amateur First Pin fighter and was going to achieve the level of Professional Ninth Pin in late October. But Yan Zheke did not apply for the position, making Ji Lan doubt her speculation. But it turned out that she really did achieve the level of Professional Ninth Pin and even defeated the leader, Gu Yue, in a violent head-to-head match.

Everyone in the Songcheng University Martial Arts Club were all monsters!

Changing her opinion, Ji Lan decided on her familiar skirmish fighting style. She slid next to Yan Zheke with agility, kicking her so strongly that a crack rang in the air.

Yan Zheke moved her right shoulder backward so she could confront Ji Lan face-to-face. She also whipped her leg into a kick that tore the air current and produced a sharp sound.

Bang! Once their legs collided together, Yan Zheke used the borrowed power to retrieve her right leg and punched Ji Lan's abdomen at the same time.

Ji Lan also used the borrowed power from the collision to agilely move backward. Given that she knew how horrifying and powerful 24 Blizzard Strikes was, she chose not to give her opponent any opportunity to continue this attack. Once the momentum accumulated, the attacks would only become more and more ferocious.

Under this condition, Yan Zheke rushed forward silently to chase after her. While one retreated, the other chased, like they were dancing. The distance between them became closer.

Throughout this process, Ji Lan made changes in direction several times. Yet she was still not as agile as Yan Zheke who has mastered the ability to control the center of her gravity. Ji Lan saw that she had no way of escaping and would be hit by Yan Zheke.

She suddenly stopped, leaving Yan Zheke no time to stop and move a step closer to her. There was only an arm's length distance between them.

Crack. Ji Lan lifted her right leg as fast as lightning to kick her opponent's chin.

Her action, like the kicks in a dance performance, was to lift her leg to the shoulders. But had she not practiced her muscles to a great extent, she would hurt herself and would not stand there firmly as she exerted such fierce and rapid force in this kick.

She kicked all of a sudden, without any indication, just like an assassin attack. The situation has just changed. Cold sweat ran down her back as she realized in that moment that she had been careless.

In a split second, she chose to use her waist as a fulcrum point. She bent backward as fast as she could to avoid this ferocious kick.

At the same time, she raised her hands to block the following killer moves as per her practice. Crack. The kick just barely passed before her eyes. She could even feel the roaring wind brought by the kick over her face.

Because her aim had lost its target, Ji Lan exerted force into her waist to pull her right leg down. She launched an aggressive Downward Axe Kick, targeting her opponent's abdomen.

The Interlocking Kicks!

Half bending, Yan Zheke raised a hand to hold Ji Lan's Achilles tendon just in time and pushed it aside with a clenched fist.

The moment two sides came into contact, Yan Zheke moved her lifted arm to unload the force in the kick. Combined with her fist, she barely managed to block the Downward Axe Kick.

While watching this scene, the students in the stand were relieved. But because Ji Lan has borrowed some power from Yan Zheke's defense, she jumped into the air and kicked violently at Yan Zheke. The triple kick!

Yan Zheke had no extra hand or leg to defend herself, so she was about to lose. She then bounced her waist and straightened her body with great power.

With the help of the bouncing power, she pushed Ji Lan away with her arms. With Ji Lan forced so far away, Yan Zheke successfully avoided her killing kick.

Ji Lan once again began the skirmish fighting style after failing with her triple kick. She moved and changed her positions constantly. She attacked her opponent with a low kick, sidekick, or back kick from time to time.

Yan Zheke also calmed down as she blocked Ji Lan's attacks. But she maintained her attacking style, which was to take any opportunities to storm her enemy. This time she has become more careful.

During the chasing process, she once again set her target on her opponent. Relying on her flexibility, she gradually narrowed her distance from Ji Lan. This time, she would definitely catch her.

Clenching her teeth, Ji Lan jumped and abruptly kicked at her successively, quickly, and violently!

She had been waiting for her! Yan Zheke had seen recordings of Ji Lan's matches and also had previous experience, so she was well prepared for her counterattack. Her spine suddenly bounced like a dragon bursting out of its shackles.

She pulled her muscles taut and forcibly changed her center of gravity, pulling herself to the other side to avoid Ji Lan's flying double kick.

Seizing the opportunity, she extended her hands to push Ji Lan, causing her to fall unsteadily.

Before Ji Lan could get on her feet firmly, Yan Zheke had already rushed in front of her. She kicked her right leg at Ji Lan's abdomen and moved closer to her, causing Ji Lan to completely lose her center of gravity and close to falling over. Yan Zheke grasped Ji Lan's arm on time, pulling her back on her feet. She threw her right fist at Ji Lan's temple.

"Round two, Yan Zheke wins!" the referee announced.

Though Yan Zheke withdrew her fist happily, she was wheezing. She was physically and spiritually, feeling like she was experiencing qi deficiency and was close to her limit.

She had been so focused during their fight earlier that she did not consider this issue. She was only concerned about winning against her opponent before completely exhausting herself!

Ji Lan glanced at her and sighed in dismay before turning around and leaving the arena. Fei Sanli touched his own bald head and stood up reluctantly. Both Gu Zhen and his father were humiliated because their Martial Arts Club might lose before even having the chance to fight Lou Cheng or Lin Que.

Yan Zheke wore a sweet smile and waved to the audience sitting on both sides of the stands. Without waiting for Fei Sanli to enter the arena, she took the initiative to leave, accompanied by cheers from the audience.

Walking forward to welcome her, Lou Cheng bumped fists with Yan Zheke and sincerely complimented her.

"You were awesome!"

Before, he was only expecting Ke to win against Gu Yue. But who knew she would defeat two of her opponents!

Yan Zheke laughed, her chin raised in a show of pride. "Do you feel like worshipping me?"

Lou Cheng smiled at her. "Yes, I worship you very much!"

He did not mind Shu Rui who was recording the game nearby. The journalist should already be aware of his love affair with Ke since a long time ago. After all, she almost saw both of them making out. Li Mao had left his seat and walked towards them.

"Good luck!" Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke bumped fists with him.

Since Li Mao and Fei Sanli were both new players, they did not need to recover their stamina. The referee beckoned the staff to clear the ground.

Standing on the clean ground and watching the bold fighter not far away from him, Li Mao could not help recalling the match last year. Many emotions abruptly came to him.

He was too nervous back then and was full of regrets and pain. At that time, he really did not imagine he would make such big progress.

He was barely affected by tension in the match now! Even he had the potential to achieve the Professional Ninth Pin! He closed his eyes, recalling Coach Shi's comfort and guidance, Lou Cheng's suggestion and encouragement, and the Special Training Team members' understanding and support.

Thank you, everyone! Thank you!

After Lou Cheng helped an exhausted Yan Zheke find a seat in the host team stands, he looked up at the arena.

"What is he thinking of now?" Seeing that Li Mao had closed his eyes, Lou Cheng gossiped for fun.

Cai Zongming next to him took the initiative to answer, "Probably things like thanking the country, TV station, and Songcheng University."

"Can you stop talking nonsense?" Lou Cheng glared at him.

"So you know it's nonsense? We're not mind readers! How could we know what he's thinking of? Your question is inherently flawed!" Cai Zongming laughed.

After hearing their meaningless but funny conversation, Yan Zheke went closer to Lou Cheng and whispered in his ear.

"Do you think he can win?"

"There's hope. Though Li Mao only began mastering the Internal Training Methods a month ago, he's now in the level of powerful Amateur First Pin. Fei Sanli is close to the Profession Ninth Pin level, but he participated in the Ranking Event and fought intensively for several days. His condition isn't tip-top. I'd say Li Mao has 40 percent chance of winning."

"Sounds like you want our senior brother to lose." Yan Zheke widened her eyes, chuckling.

Lou Cheng replied, "Hey. I can only fight if he loses." Yan Zheke pursed her mouth before looking at him with a big smile. "Do you think there's meaning to bully someone who hasn't even achieved the Professional Ninth Pin and has even experienced many intensive matches?"

After considering it, Lou Cheng covered his face and sighed.

"No, not at all... "

Chapter 314: Bullying the Weak

After the arena was cleared, the referee allowed Li Mao and Fei Sanli to come a little closer to each other. He then raised his right hand and announced the start of their match.

Having successfully meditated for several months, Li Mao was no longer a complete rookie at 24 Blizzard Strikes and has grasped it inside out. So he took the initiative to step forward as if he wanted to attack, looking for an opportunity to showcase his moves.

Just then, his body slightly shuddered and left a little nervousness in him. Yet this was not the nervousness that could affect his judgment and performance, but rather an ordinary psychology reaction of wanting victory and fearing defeat. The secretion of the hormone excited his nerves.

Fei Sanli had already expected Li Mao's opening attack. He neither circled around nor avoided the 24 Blizzard Strikes. Lowering his head and bulging his muscle, he turned into a buffalo that charged forward angrily without reason. His bald head reflected the light within the stadium, creating a somewhat sinister feeling.

Just as they were about to crash into each other, Fei Sanli turned sideways and held his left arm taut. Swinging his elbow in a quick motion, he punched his opponent in the chest, causing a mid-air crackle.

Li Mao was calm as he visualized the avalanche rising to a momentum. He raised his arms, one hand lifting and the other pushing, to firmly block his opponent's elbow. He seized the opportunity and straightened his back, getting ready to land a kick.

But Fei Sanli was a stubborn person who was unwilling to lose. He followed at once to meet the collision head-on. Twisting his waist, he rapidly waved his arm to land his right fist on his opponent's face. He aimed at Li Mao's glabella!

Li Mao straightened his spine to get strength and balled his first arm, holding it firmly before his face. Bang! It was as if Fei Sanli's fist has hit steel bones and the dull sound echoed, stirring up the surrounding wind.

And at this distance, Li Mao's eyes were affected by the wind. He subconsciously squinted, lest wind came in and stimulated them!

This was precisely what Fei Sanli wanted him to do. Taking advantage of his opponent's affected sight, he used his left elbow as a fulcrum and threw the forearm forward. Opening his fingers, he fiercely and quickly caught Li Mao by the throat.

This Throw Fist could be used from the very beginning, but he forced himself to be patient and waited for the moment Li Mao's vision was obstructed by the wind.

Li Mao was unable to see momentarily and lost the ability to make judgment. He was inevitably panicking and dared not rely on his instinct to block. He took a large step backwards and instantly adjusted his muscles, trying to control the center of his gravity in the shortest time possible. Now that Fei Sanli had this opportunity, he would surely not let go of it. Though he ended up hitting the air, he rapidly closed onto his opponent. His shoulders strengthened, he yielded his palms like knives and cut Li Mao down from both sides.

Li Mao was barely firm on his feet when he opened his eyes. It was too late for him to dodge and he could only fling his arms to block his opponent's palm knives.

The moment he attacked, Fei Sanli twisted his palm knives to face down and adopted a pressing motion. He pulled the muscles in his back taut, triggering those in his thigh as well to extend his left foot and hit his opponent directly between his legs.

Snap! His left leg stretched into a whip, tearing the airflow. It caused Li Mao's hair to stand and he abruptly turned his waist, his lower half slanted away from his opponent.

Raising his right leg, he bent his knee to block the attack. Fei Sanli's series of attacks made him flustered and shook him to the very core. Fortunately, he did not lose his judgment and managed to deflate the situation.

Bang! With the muffled noise, Li Mao borrowed his strength. His right foot dropping by a step, he was about to lean in for a punch, using Brutal Blizzard to start his counterattack.

However, the moment Fei Sanli realized he had failed, he had sensibly moved out of the way a long time ago. He moved behind Li Mao, not giving him a chance to showcase his skills.

Seeing such situation, Li Mao dispelled his feelings of impatience and recollected his emotions. He readjusted his position and met each of Fei Sanli's trick with his countermeasure. At the same time, he did not forget to look for the opportunity to create a favorable situation for himself.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Bang! Bang! Bang! The two occasionally fought hand-to-hand, sometimes circling one another from a distance. Fei Sanli was shrewd and evasive, firmly maintaining his rhythm without allowing Li Mao to use 24 Blizzard Strikes more than two consecutive times. Their fierce match went on for several minutes, putting on an enjoyable show for the students. They experienced what it looked like for a fist to hit the flesh. From time to time, they would sound their little trumpets and wave their inflatable hammers, as if they were here for a vacation.

Li Mao knew Fei Sanli had fought in many matches and had less than a week of recovery, which explained his calm fighting style. He fought in a straight and proper way, waiting for his opportunity to come.

The match reaching a climax, Li Mao abruptly noticed the bald guy's knees going soft. Fei Sanli's sliding seemed to have gotten slower.

An opportunity!

Instantly refreshed, Li Mao took a large step forward, swinging his right arm and launched a crackling blast punch.

Fei Sanli immediately lowered the center of his gravity and lifted his arm to hastily block the attack. Bang! Li Mao's right fist failed to keep off the opponent's stance and was bounced back. But he was already visualizing the scene of gale and blizzard. With a slight change in posture and toning of his muscles, he stretched out his left arm and thrust at his opponent's throat like a gun barrel.

Fei Sanli's gaze was unwavering as he used his other fist to firmly counter this blow.

There was no stopping Brutal Blizzard after it started. Li Mao withdrew his leg and sent a whizzing kick at Fei Sanli.

Just then, his thigh turned limp and painful. He nearly fell down.

Smiling, Fei Sanli stepped forward and stretched out his right hand, opening his fingers to grab Li Mao's neck.

Humph. Who would not know 24 Blizzard Strikes was a test of stamina? The only reason he allowed Li Mao to try and hit him so many times was to let Li Mao expend his strength, step by step bringing him closer to the limit. In the end, he even faked a flaw to force him to use Brutal Blizzard. Yet at this time, how many attacks could he deliver in his current state?

Hehe. If Li Mao was a little steadier, he would really have a flaw for him to manipulate. But the winner was still undetermined in this match!

The referee raised his right hand and announced the result.

"Fei Sanli wins!"

Hearing these words, Fei Sanli retrieved his right hand and looked at Li Mao with a smile.

"Young man, you're still too inexperienced."

Though they were both juniors, he was by far more experienced. Li Mao exhaled, feeling both dejected and sad. But most of all, he was reflecting upon himself and did not experience any of those painful emotions.

When it came to martial arts competition, there was no such thing as only winning and never losing.

And Fei Sanli was indeed stronger than him.

He turned around and walked down the stone steps, while the students on the stands was shouting and exclaiming.

"Li Mao, you're the best!"

"You did well!"

They were very confident about the final result, so a momentary failure did not affect their moods. Hearing them, a smile appeared on Li Mao's face. He raised his hands to clap in gratitude, leaving behind no remorse or pressure.

In the home team seats, Lou Cheng looked at Yan Zheke and smiled.

"Looks like he's bullying the weak."

Yan Zheke rolled her eyes, harrumphing.

"If you don't win your opponent within three strikes, then you don't have to come back!"

She reached out her hand and bumped fists with Lou Cheng.

"Three strikes? Aren't you too lenient of Cheng?" Cai Zongming beside her interrupted their conversation. "I bet he'll do it within one strike!" "Bet what?" Lou Cheng did not immediately rush to the arena and bumped fists with each and every of his team members.

Without hesitation, Cai Zongming said, "I bet on my integrity! But don't you dare perform worse on purpose!"

"Forget it. What's the point of betting on something you don't have?" Lou Cheng adjusted his sleeves and walked towards the stone steps.

The moment he appeared, the stadium rose into a momentum. Yan Xiaoling in the aisle, Zhao Qiang, Li Liantong, and the others in their seats raised their voices, all shouting a single name.

"Lou Cheng!"

The sound was overwhelmingly loud, as if they were welcoming their hero! Lou Cheng waved as he came to the stone steps along the road. Mu Jinnian at the stands stamped his feet, secretly complaining Coach Shi actually did not let Lin Que fight.

Standing opposite Fei Sanli, Lou Cheng looked calm and his eyes were clear. He chuckled.

"Rest assured I'll be going all out."

This was a form of respect towards an opponent.

Rest assured? He scorned, not at all feeling assured! He secretly begged Lou Cheng to not respect him! Fei Sanli took a breath, seeing the referee raising his right hand again and shouting.


The referee was too lazy to say which match this was. It was the last one anyway. Fei Sanli estimated he had used up most of his strength and did not want to struggle against an inevitable death. Either way, it was not shameful to lose to Lou Cheng. Back then, he was already far behind Lou Cheng by eight streets. What more today?

He charged forward, ready to wave his arm and vigorously punch his opponent.

Lou Cheng gave a slight smile. He opened the fingers of his right hand and gripped Fei Sanli. Just as they were in contact, he returned qi and blood, condensing it in his lower abdomen.

Fei Sanli felt like his fist caught in the nothingness, soft and without any power to grip. He then saw his opponent's arm muscles bulging and felt a wave of mad and vast strength, as he was meeting a real life, soaring dragon.

Danqi gushing, Lou Cheng rapidly twisted his waist and flicked his arms, hurling Fei Sanli and sending him flying in the air. Without any resistance, Fei Sanli entered into a state of riding on a cloud. He immediately readjusted his center of gravity, trying to stabilize the body, but he was shocked to find that he did not lose balance. He had simply flown.


When his feet were back on the ground, he was standing firm. He saw the edge of the arena, from outside looking in!

In an instant, he was thrown out of the arena even when he was standing in the middle of it. H flew god knows how many meters, with his center of gravity steady. He did not even stagger!

This kind of method of lifting someone as if he was weightless was simply too frightening!

Looking up with surprise, Fei Sanli found Lou Cheng had come out of his stance and was standing around leisurely. The referee loudly declared the result.

"Lou Cheng wins!"

"Songcheng University Martial Arts Club wins!"

The students were all stunned by the scene earlier, feeling as if they had seen something unrealistic. They only recovered when they heard the referee's voice and sounded their little trumpets, creating a boisterous atmosphere.

When Lou Cheng turned to walk down the stairs, they shouted.

"Lou Cheng! Lou Cheng!"

"Lin Que! Lin Que!"

"Songcheng University! Songcheng University!" Enjoying this atmosphere, Lou Cheng returned to his seat and smiled at Yan Zheke.

"One strike!"

Yan Zheke snorted, turning her head to smile. She returned her gaze to the arena as well as the sides. Her thoughts naturally turned to the next sub-division and the finals in April next year.

Just then, Shu Rui and her team approached, recording snippets of their celebration.

"Lin Que, I rarely see you playing with your phone." She glanced at the impassive young man pressing on the screen of his phone.

Lin Que looked at her, but did not answer. He continued typing, entering characters in the search box. "What's the joke about hunters and bears... "

Chapter 315: I Understand This

After running a lap of honor, members of the Martial Arts Club returned to the locker room with great joy from the first victory.

Shu Rui followed in with her crew, carrying a big smile. "You do whatever you usually do. Just pretend we are not here."

Geezer Shi approved her request for filming in the locker room during these matches to add some details to the documentary.

Upon hearing her words, club members looked at each other with fear. "We are no exhibitionists. How can we not do what we usually do in front of a camera?" Lou Cheng felt worse than the others since he lost the opportunity to massage his little fairy with ointment.

He didn't intend to show off their love with such intimate moves in front of these not-so-familiar junior members in the locker room. It was just something sweet and warm, part of their routine. However, they had to do it themselves separated in these uninvited guests' presence.

Yan Zheke looked at him subconsciously and noticed something odd, her eyes rolled, lips pursed and head turned. She lowered her voice, "I'm in such a good mood. Let's go for a walk tonight."

"Err... Did Ke misunderstand something? Hmm... Great!" Lou Cheng burst into a smile and accepted the offer at once.


The bright moon was accompanied by few illuminating stars.
By the lake, there was a refreshing breeze.

Wearing her boyfriend's jacket, Yan Zheke held his arm while strolling slowly on a path with gentle water sounds, her head raised up, filled with excitement and expectation.

"Cheng, how far do you think we can make it in this martial arts tournament?"

Her hair was a little bit messy, face rosy pink, lips moist, and eyes shiny and bright.

With one hand in his pocket, Lou Cheng smiled after a moment of pondering, joyfully and free from worry,

"I'll only say this to you and no one else because I don't want to be laughed at. My goal is the champion. The national champion!"

"So is mine!" Yan Zheke raised her voice and smiled, with amazement and joy in her eyes.

"I know Shanbei is strong. So is the Capital College, Huahai and Guangnan. Everyone thinks they are better than us but I want to win and I'm confident that I do have a chance!" In front of his girlfriend, Lou Cheng revealed his ambition with no cover.

"Yeah. By next April, who knows how great my cousin and you will become?" Yan Zheke's dimples appeared along with her high expectation. "We shouldn't take the enemy lightly. I heard Qu Hui from Sanjiang has grown a lot. Shannan is no easy target, either."

Walking along the lakeshore, the pair carried on to plan their future in high spirits with endless topics. When they were close to the long bridge, they suddenly noticed a familiar figure standing by the wooden rallies.

"Qing?" shouted Yan Zheke with some hesitation.

Guo Qing turned her head immediately and hurried to dry her eyes while forcing a wry smile.

"Ke and Cheng, what a small world!" "I wasn't sure it was you." Yan Zheke smiled but soon realized something was not right with her. She asked, deeply concerned, "Qing, what's wrong?"

She was crying...

As she was thinking if she should send Cheng away to avoid embarrassment for Qing, Guo Qing lowered her eyes and gripped her hand. "I... I don't want... I want to quit the special training!"

"You don't want to take the special training anymore? Why?" Yan Zheke blurted out and Lou Cheng was shocked.

Why would Guo Qing think about quitting all of a sudden?

Guo Qing took a deep breath and put on a forced smile. "We are already in the second year... I'm feeling more pressure from classes... I'm afraid my results will go worse... Maybe... Maybe I should put more effort on my study." Yan Zheke came to some realization but she didn't bring it up to her right away. She remained silent, carefully organizing her words.

Guo Qing paced about fretfully as if her tensed string had finally reached the limit. She suddenly collapsed.
"Ke, I... I find myself very useless! I feel so much pressure. I've been practicing on visualizing for over a year but I still can't enter the meditation state. More and more of you have surpassed me... You guys are running faster and faster, and the distance between you and me are getting bigger and bigger. I'm very sad... I already cried many times! Even those junior members are better than me now! I can't even get a seat on the bench. Soon I'll be out of the list! The boy I like doesn't like me. My grades keep on dropping. The counselor has scolded me. I... I'm pretty much a failure! I'm useless!"

Listening to her hysterical abreaction, Lou Cheng felt he had never really known her. He didn't know this hearty, outgoing sister had secretly accumulated so much negative emotion and carried so much weight on her shoulders. He turned around to look at Yan Zheke, seeing the same shock, sympathy, and pity on her face.

Qing has always been the funny one, concealing her pain and sorrow from everyone and covering her weak, helpless side.

She appeared quite gloomy this afternoon in the locker room.

"Relax, Qing. Relax. You are giving yourself too much pressure. Hmm... If you really want to quit, quit temporarily. Loosen yourself and throw away all the pressure. You will succeed! We always welcome you back! You are always one of us!" Yan Zheke bit her lower lip and put on her most gentle voice to comfort her and offer her suggestions.

Guo Qing rubbed her face and forced a smile, her eyes shiny with tears. "Ke, no need to comfort me. I feel much better after venting it out. I get it now. People are different. Probably I'm just not gifted for this. I'm already at the Amateur Third Pin level. That's something for my job hunting. I'll continue to attend the martial arts lessons twice a week but I'll devote the rest of my time to my study. You guys go on! This time we'll have a great result!"

She sobbed a bit before continuing, "I'm out of the special training team but I'll cheer for you on the stand. I'll be proud of your great performance!"

Guo Qing was getting lost in her own words. She eventually came to a stop and pointed at the long bridge.

"We should go back now...

"I wouldn't hurt this badly if I didn't have my expectation high.

"I would have chosen to stay if I came for a certificate like Sister Wen.

"Ke, Cheng, and everyone... Sorry, I'm a quitter... " Neither Lou Cheng nor Yan Zheke had any experience dealing with such a problem. They had no idea what to do but to watch Guo Qing leave in a rush but determined manner.

With feelings welling up in his heart, Lou Cheng turned to look at Yan Zheke who looked very down and low spirited, her lips pursed tightly.

He tried to comfort her with a hug. "Ke, don't be upset. Like you said, we have two kinds of friends. One will stay with us for the rest of our lives and the other will cross their path with us for a period of time but then go on their different journey."

Guo Qing's roommates are still in touch with Qiang, Old Qiu and the Model Worker but I've long forgotten their faces. Although they are from the first and is very likely to be the only social meetup dorm room that I have ever had.

Yan Zheke buried her head in his shoulder and tapped him gently.

"Don't talk... I understand this but I can't help feeling sad... " Lou Cheng stroked her back gently while watching Guo Qing gradually disappear in the dark. A line of lyrics flashed in his head that might not be perfect for this situation very pretty close to it.

"Hundreds of thousands of gates... One of us must leave first."

Sigh... For this precious get-together, we must write down the most beautiful and unforgettable memories! We must get the National University Martial Arts Competition's champion!

Guo Qing's leaving also shocked Li Mao and Sun Jian. The low pressure hovered above the martial arts club for a week until the end of the second round of the knockout. The joy of the victory and the fun from teasing Cai Zongming helped leave this matter behind. Guo Qing was no longer a topic in the club.

This is cruel but this is the reality. They pulled themselves together and advanced steadily, entering the group stage with ease. Their first rival in the group would be Shannan University Martial Arts Club, the seed of the group.

On a Saturday morning, the express train sailed away from the station. Lou Cheng and other members of the club were either watching out of the window or chatting about the opponents.

The first powerful rival of this tournament, here we come!

Chapter 316: Shannan

"Mu Yu is a top Professional Ninth Pin fighter, specialized in ancient Xingyi, including the dragon, tiger, leopard, bear and eagle styles, and modern styles like the blast punch and the Shooting Fillip. However, his blast punch hasn't awakened the Tremor force yet. He's known as the Bane for his supernatural ability to cause misfortune to a specific person within 20 meters. The boomerang of this power is that a random friend or family relative within the range might suffer the bad luck. He's also nicknamed the Old Fellow Mu for his over-matured looks.

"Lin Xiaozhi, female, is also a top Professional Ninth Pin fighter, highly gifted with a good chance of entering the Dan stage before her graduation. Trained by Mu Yu himself, she's skilled in similar styles with her master. Although she loves to say that she once believed in science, she carries amulets from different sects and religions with her all the time. She's still the one most frequently hit by her master's supernatural ability."

"Jin Dali is a capable Professional Ninth Pin fighter who just got his certificate last October. He's of the same style with Mu Yu and Lin Xiaozhi but known for his aggressiveness and seeking death. Brought up in an engineering family, he likes car racing and often rides his powerful motor to school. Very easy going and a bit too active... "

As the express train ran fast, leading members of the Shannan University Martial Arts Club flashed in Lou Cheng's head. He discussed with Yan Zheke often to avoid shipwrecking in a ditch kind of accident. If they advanced in the second place of the group, they would have to confront Shanbei at the Quarter-final.

His mobile suddenly vibrated with the notification for a new message.

Lou Cheng picked it up and saw Mo Jingting's name.

"O(∩_∩)O~ Junior master, I'm having a vocal concert in Songcheng next week. As an elder of mine, don't you want to treat me well in your territory? I've saved you a few VIP tickets. Share with your friends if you want."

"Attempting to be cute with no good intention... " Commented Lou Cheng before passing the phone to Yan Zheke who was leaning to his shoulder. "I wanted to take you to her vocal concert before. But maybe no point."

Going to a vocal concert is one of our date options.

Yan Zheke wasn't in her best form, her lips pale due to blood loss. She took it over and read with a faint smile.

"Why not? Let's go together."

"Ahh?" Lou Cheng was surprised by Ke's response and didn't know what to say.

What show are we playing now?

"This kind of thing... Just be natural and poised. She is a younger disciple of your sect. You will meet her here and there no matter what. We take her out together and go to her concert. She will get the point." Yan Zheke tilted her head and glanced at Lou Cheng. "She will know that her current attitude annoys you. Right?"

"Yes! Coach Yan has a point!" Lou Cheng answered without any doubt and added, "I'm just concerned she will dig out your background and spread it to the Shushan Study and your grandparents."

Yan Zheke rolled her eyes. "She might if she found it out herself. But if we meet her generously, she'll keep it between us. She wants to please you and gain advantage from all sides. She won't do things to annoy you unless she actually falls in love with you."

Teased by her, Lou Cheng hurried to clear things up. "No way! Girls in the entertaining industry never fall for anyone."

He took his mobile back and replied,

"My girlfriend and I would love to take you to try some Songcheng specialities if we can get out of school." A few minutes later, Mo Jingting's message came in. "Great! Looking forward to it! Please... How should I address her? Say thanks to her for me."

Yan Zheke leaned to Lou Cheng's shoulder and read the text with a smile, her chin raised. "See? The tone is a bit different now."

"No emoticons... " Lou Cheng nodded and then asked out of concern, "Is your stomach feeling better?"

In the middle of her menstruation, Yan Zheke couldn't fight today and felt a bit down. Lou Cheng was quite pleased about it because odd things might happen during the fight with Mu Yu. Once a male fighter's crotch broke open itself and revealed his everything in front the audience...

"Damn it! I hope nothing strange happens or it will be an embarrassing moment in my history forever..." Thought Lou Cheng with fear. "Much better. I already felt okay before the train took off. Your ginger tea helped." Yan Zheke played with her boyfriend's fingers while watching the desolate early winter scenery in the distance.

The train pulled in right before noon. Members of the Martial Arts Club gathered at the exit.

Different from the preliminaries, no car was sent to pick them up. They had to split into groups and take taxis over.

"Anybody doesn't know the direction?" Asked Cai Zongming thoughtfully as the club manager.

"I!" "I!" "I! I!" He Zi raised her hand. So did Li Xiaowen, Yan Xiaoling and Mu Jinnian who came as fans.

Cai Zongming's mouth twitched. "Everyone in your dorm room has no sense of direction?" "Things of a kind come together!" Answered Yan Xiaoling seriously, quite proudly.

"Then you better go separately with others. Don't get lost," said Cai Zongming with a smile.

Yan Zheke turned slightly sideways and whispered to Lou Cheng's ear, "I'm pretty bad at directions actually."

"I didn't know that." Lou Cheng was surprised.

"I can't tell which direction north is... But my phone can navigate... " Yan Zheke pursed her lips. "Also I have a human navigator."

"I used to think people good at science have a pretty decent sense of direction," commented Lou Cheng with a smile.

"I thought so, too... " Yan Zheke looked helpless. "However, there are always exceptions." Once Shu Rui and her filming crew arrived, the group had a simple lunch in the station before taking taxis separately to the old campus of Shannan University.

Very thoughtful and caring, Ming didn't assign anyone into Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke's group to protect others' ears and eyes.

There was not much traffic in the early afternoon and the taxi sailed smoothly. The driver took a look at them from the mirror and smiled, "Kid, you are a student of Shannan University?"

"Me?" Lou Cheng pointed at himself with one hand while holding Yan Zheke's fingers with the other.

"Yeah. You look like a student. Just picked up your girlfriend from the station?" Asked the driver casually.

"Why did you guess so? Why can't she be a student of the university who just picked me up from the station?" Lou Cheng asked in reply, amused. The driver burst into a laugh. "In this world, only men come to pick up women. It's never the other way round."

"Not necessary." Lou Cheng turned to Yan Zheke with a sneer. "Would you come to pick me up?"

Yan Zheke glared at him and snorted. "That depends."

The driver continued as if he had confirmed Lou Cheng was a student in the university. "My daughter also studies in Shannan University. She's in the macromolecule department."

"Hmm? Not many girls take this major," replied Lou Cheng at ease.

"What can I do? Nobody in my family really knows this. We picked it randomly," answered the driver carelessly. "She should have gone home last night but she's staying in school to cheer for some martial arts match. Why would girls watch this kind of brutal stuff?" "It's not bad. Get stronger and protect themselves," said Lou Cheng apathetically.

"The Shannan University Martial Arts Club is pretty good. We often hear the Old Fellow Mu can take down ten rivals single-handed." The driver didn't seem to care about Lou Cheng's opinion.

"Mu Yu with some supernatural ability is known by the name Bane," added Lou Cheng enthusiastically. Yan Zheke was listening with full interest.

"Yeah. Yeah!" The driver felt more certain about Lou Cheng's identity. "You are also a fan of Martial Arts Competition?"

Chatting casually with the driver all the way, Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke gained some direct impression of Shannan University's martial arts atmosphere. The driver was about to introduce his daughter to them.

At the north gate, all martial arts club members gathered and headed towards the venue through a road with hundreds years old trees growing on both sides. There was still one hour until the match. The stadium was quite empty with less than a dozen students doing exercise.

Fortunately the receptionist of the Shannan University Martial Arts Club had waited at the door after communicating with Li Xiaowen and guided them into the visiting team's locker room.

At the entrance to the Strength Training Gymnasium, a tall figure with her hands in her pockets watched them walking in and sighed,

"The Songcheng University is here early."

Wearing a high ponytail, the clean and refreshing looking girl was garishly dressed with Buddhist prayer beads, Taoist amulets, Christian crosses, and Arabic scripts. She was none other than Lin Xiaozhi, a leading member of the Shannan University Martial Arts Club. Before the fight with capable rivals, she felt a bit uneasy and decided to come to the Martial Arts Club earlier to warm up.

Lin Xiaozhi stepped to the home team's locker room while swing her key around. She put the key in but only to realize the door had already been unlocked.

As soon as she walked in, she saw the team leader Mu Yu the Old Fellow Mu who looked as if a man in his late 40s with little hair.

"Chief, you are early!" Lin Xiaozhi blurted out with surprise.

Mu Yu's arms were hanging down and his body leaning forward. He heaved a sigh. "A bit nervous. Just like last time when we were confronting Shanbei.

"Two fighters in the Dan stage, where one of Professional Seventh Pin and the other capable Professional Eighth Pin. Pretty much identical to last year's Shanbei." The locker room's door was pushed open and Jin Dali came in wearing a hippie hair style. He was apparently surprised. "Holy cow! Even earlier than me! What the heck are you guys doing here?"

"Quite concerned about this match. If we lost, we would very likely meet Shanbei at the quarter-finals." Lin Xiaozhi had no intention to hide her feeling.

She soon adjusted herself and burst into a smile. "However, we do have a decent chance. First of all, they might underestimate us and send only Lin Que or Lou Cheng to the ring."

"Impossible. This is a vital match." Mu Yu negated it.

"Second, they are still training their bench players. The first one we fight won't be Lin Que or Lou Cheng because they must be very concerned about your supernatural ability. Lou Cheng with unbelievable physical strength will be the last one. As long as Jin and I can deal with their first fighter quickly, we can play dissipation warfare against Lin Que. We might not be as powerful as Lou Cheng and him that could team up to defeat a Dan stage fighter but we can greatly consume his strength which is his weakness." Lin Xiaozhi continued with confidence, "He will be close to his limit and Chief, your supernatural ability will work very effectively on him so you can save most of your strength to fight Lou Cheng.

"I used to believe in science, but now I'm more into metaphysics." She finished her opinion with a wisecrack.

"Songcheng University's bench fighters have grown fast. They are no easy targets to be handled quickly." Mu Yu heaved another sigh.

Lin Xiaozhi said while outlining her lips, "That's great. I haven't had a chance to perform my new skill yet. Everyone thinks Songcheng University will win this match. They will be bloated with pride... "

She glanced at Mu Yu and Jin Dali and straightened her face.

"Here is another line." "An oppressed army fighting with desperate courage is sure to win!"

Chapter 317: The New Opponent

The match was about to begin. In the visiting team's locker room, Geezer Shi clapped his hands to get the attention of the fighters.

"It's about time. Let's get started. When we fight against Shanbei, we have to get the misers in our school to book a hotel and pay for it, and we also need to arrive there one day earlier. We should never be exhausted like this again."

Actually, their Martial Arts Club had a budget, but Geezer Shi would make sure to get some assistance if he had a rightful cause. All he really had to do was excite the Principal and join him for a drink.

For the group competition, Songcheng University Martial Arts Club, who had not displayed a favorable performance last year, would have to fight on its opponents' home ground. Even in the quarterfinals. Li Liantong, Zong Yanru, and the others deeply regretted that none of their matches would be fought at Songcheng University. They wouldn't have the chance to join the crowd and cheer for their team. Therefore, Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke were energized when they chatted with each other and promised to do better this year. That way they would have more matches in their home ground next year.

"Coach Shi, I am afraid that the school would only pay for a hostel," said Cai Zongming, warming up and teasing.

"They wouldn't dare!" Geezer Shi said, "Are we beggars or what? They can either turn us down or pay the bill."

As they talked, Li Xiaowen stepped in, smiling, and said, "Coach Shi, the supervisor is asking for the list."

"Alright." Geezer Shi took a look at Lou Cheng and his teammates, saying, "We cannot let ourselves' accidentally trip over such a small stone, right? Both Lou Cheng and Lin Que are fighting today."

At this point, Lou Cheng couldn't help glancing at Lin Que. He noticed Lin Que looking at him, and they could both sense each other's will to fight. Since the beginning of the semester, for the first time, the two leading figures of the Songcheng Martial Arts Club would fight as a team!

Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke exchanged a smile, while making eye contact, as they reached a mutual understanding. They had both expected the arrangement, while Li Mao, Lin Hua, and others who were relaxing a little bit became more determined.

They worried that Coach Shi would be headstrong and deploy a substitute at this critical point, saving part of the main force.

"However," said Geezer Shi, "Shannan is not a formidable opponent, and we still need to accumulate combat experience. Here is the order. Lou Cheng, you will be the last to fight. Otherwise, your teammates would only get to watch, right?"

The locker room exploded in roars of laughter. Everyone was aware of Lou Cheng's incredible physical power, and they were excited. "As you wish, master!" Lou Cheng answered joyfully.

After he became a formal apprentice, Lou Cheng was entitled to call Geezer Shi master in public.

"Another one. Let us stick to the principle of taking turns. Sun Jian, you are first." Without hesitation, Shi Jianguo pointed at the most experienced fighter in Martial Arts Club.

With the support of Lin Que and Lou Cheng, Sun Jian had no pressure as their vanguard, so he laughed and said,

"I can finally enter the arena today!"

Lou Cheng turned his head to hide his laughter. It was in preliminaries when Sun Jian, the senior brother, had been made fun of, and he still remembered!

Yan Zheke also smiled and winked at Lou Cheng, hinting that it was all his fault! She was excited. Although she was in good condition, it seemed she might not be fighting today.

Li Xiaowen, standing beside them, wrote down the list swiftly, "Sun Jian, Lin Que, Lou Cheng".

When the crowd calmed down, Geezer Shi waved his hand and said, "As for substitutes, let us follow the old rules: Li Mao, Cai Zongming, Lin Hua."

After his announcement, Geezer Shi looked at He Zi and Wang Dali, then said, "Neither of you may enter the field this semester. Feel free to look around, gain some experience, and concentrate on your Ranking Event."

"Yes, Coach Shi!" Both of them, feeling fresh and honored, answered with determination.

Of course, He Zi was interested in becoming a reporter in the field. The first team and substitutes were confirmed. Li Xiaowen turned around and headed to submit the list.

When the door of the locker room opened, Lou Cheng found the arena was crammed with cheering students, and very few empty seats.

"The fans of martial arts in Shannan are passionate... " said Lou Cheng. He was impressed. The scene reminded him of the daughter of the taxi driver.

She must be one of the students among the crowd, not attracting any attention. However, since many little drops make an ocean, every single viewer contributed to the lively atmosphere that made a fighter like him deeply touched and inspired.

"Let's get started," said Geezer Shi, as he waved his hand and coughed.

The gate was opened. The martial arts arena of Shannan University greeted the eyes of Lou Cheng, Yan Zheke, and the others.

The audience held huge banners bearing the slogan,

"Stand together through storms and stress!"

Win or lose, we will stand together through storms and stress!

As the fighters of Martial Arts Club of Songcheng University came in, one side of the grandstand burst out cheering,

"Shannan University!"

The audience on another side of grandstand shouted loudly in response,

"We will never give in!" The audience made a sound so loud that any fighter with weak mentality would be shivering and would not be able to bring their full potential into play.

However, most of the members of Songcheng Martial Arts Club were experienced fighters. After experiencing the home ground match in Yimo, a hell on earth, they were not terrified by the audience here.

As waves of cheering quieted down, the referee mounted the arena, while the first match was announced on the loudspeaker,

"From Songcheng Martial Arts Club — Sun Jian!"

"From Shannan Martial Arts Club... "

The broadcaster paused deliberately, giving some time for the audience to respond, and then he raised his voice. "Lin Xiaozhi!"

"Lin Xiaozhi!" The audience answered with extreme passion. The Shannan team actually seemed to have the upper hand, instead of looking hopeless like they appeared in public opinion.

"Lin Xiaozhi... " Lou Cheng seemed lost in thought.

He shared the same view as Yan Zheke, that, regardless of supernatural ability, Lin Xiaozhi was better than Mu Yu in martial arts, and Lin Xiaozhi stood a good chance of making it to Dan stage!

"I have a feeling that Sun, our senior brother, might slip a little... " Yan Zheke whispered in Lou's ear, suppressing laughter.

"Do not say that... It would be helpful for Sun, before he becomes a professional, to experience the full power of a leading fighter." Lou Cheng answered earnestly and then said with a teasing tone, "Anyway, his opponent is not Mu Yu, right?"

Sun Jian did not hear their discussion. He gave fist bumps with his teammates and then strode to the stage, standing on the right side of the referee. He noticed that Lin Xiaozhi was taking off her beads and cross, handing them to the supervisor.

"So the story goes..." Sun sighed with emotion, and widened his eyes because Lin Xiaozhi has not done yet!

She took out a small Tantra bell from her pocket, rolled up her trouser legs, untied a red string with strange characters on it, and drew out a lucky star from her coiled hair...

"Holy, what else does she have hidden...? She is quite a superstitious fighter." Sun Jian was at a loss whether to cry or laugh.

After a while, Lin Xiaozhi was all set. Before stepping on the stage, she urged the supervisor again, "Sir, please look after my stuff. I had a feeling our team leader will outperform himself tonight! I do not want to be out of luck... "

She mumbled in silence, and moved in front of Sun Jian, showing an apologetic smile.

The referee announced the start of the greeting ceremony.

"May I ask if they work?" Sun Jian yielded to curiosity.

He was not trying to stimulate his opponent because he wanted to behave with dignity in front of a lady.

Lin Xiaozhi nodded sincerely.

"They do indeed!"

"I have tested them myself. When our team leader used his ability, the rebound would affect me 7 or 8 cases out of 10 if I did not wear them. Now it is 4 at most."

"I used to believe in science but now I'm more into metaphysics."

"It seems like an unbearable situation to me." Sun Jian felt pity for her and replied.

Lin Xiaozhi opened her mouth as if she was about to speak about her suffering. However, she just heaved a sigh.

"Alas... "

Sun Jian made no more comments so as not to arouse bad luck. On the other side, Lin Xiaozhi spent every minute getting accustomed to fighting without all the amulets.

Once the audience settled down, the referee raised his right hand and the match began, "Begin now!"

Lin Xiaozhi's back curved into a bow shape. Using the elasticity of her muscles and bones, she suddenly bounced forward like an elegant yet dangerous cheetah. Sun Jian barely had time to react.

Instead of drawing back, Sun Jian moved forward. Most of the audience was stupefied. Sun Jian dashed towards his powerful opponent as if he was going to fight her face to face.

They were about to ram into each other. At this point, Sun Jian stamped his right foot hard on the ground, forcing himself in another direction and moving quickly to Lin Xiaozhi's side.

That was the Catapulting Movement of modern Xingyi!

Crack! Sun Jian drew up straight, moving his shoulders and waving arms. It was his best Forward Punch in recent matches. He tried to take the upper hand and leave no opening for Lin Xiaozhi to exploit. Lin Xiaozhi failed to catch him, but she secured her position and maintained her balance by adjusting her spine immediately.

And then she swung her left arm backwards violently.


Sun Jian stepped back, using some of his force to decrease Lin Xiaozhi's momentum. Then Sun Jian leapt forward a little, attacking with a Half-step Burst Fist!

The Brutal Blizzard was roaring harder!

Lin Xiaozhi kept a straight face and took a deep breath. And then her face flushed a little bit and her temples began to swell up. She swayed her body, striking with a Modern Blast Punch.

Pop! Her fist was trembling in the air as if it was influenced by the wind.

Bang! The fists met causing a great thunder to resound. Sun Jian was dazed and knocked out by the blast!

His Qi and blood were rolling, and his internal organs were suffering. His muscles and bones were shaking so hard that he could not put forth any strength.

Lin Xiaozhi took this chance to attack. Her Eagle Claw stretched out, stopping in front of Sun Jian's throat.

"The first round, Lin Xiaozhi wins!" The referee declared.

"Tremor Punch?" Yan Zheke stood up, murmuring to herself, and unwittingly caught a glimpse of her boyfriend.

"Yep." Lou Cheng nodded. It was Lin Xiaozhi's Modern Blast Punch that brought about the Tremor force!

And that was something new she had never shown!

Li Mao and others were astounded. The poker-faced Lin Que got up and flung his clothes on the ground!

Chapter 318: Absolute Strength

"Lin Xiaozhi! Lin Xiaozhi!"

The silence of the audience was broken by the scattered sound of trumpets, followed by a burst of thunderous cheers and shouts.

They knew Lin Xiaozhi could defeat Sun Jian, but no one thought it would so fast, like defeating a rookie. It seemed she had reached a new and more amazing level of strength.

What an exhilarating fight!

At the home team seating area, Jin Dali and several bench members stood up, swinging their towels with excitement.

"Holy cow! Why is it me? Why do such nice things always happen to me?" thought Sun Jian in the ring with a wry smile, trying to cease the dizziness and gather his qi and blood by shaking his head. "Luckily I've got a good attitude!" He turned around without delay and met the battle-ready Lin Que halfway down the flight of stairs.

"She's learned Tremor force!" whispered Sun Jian while reaching out his fist.

Lin Que nodded coldly and gave Sun Jian a fist bump as they passed each other.

Watching him come up in an awe-inspiring manner, Lin Xiaozhi exhaled and visualized pale clouds and a little breeze to calm herself down.

To confront Liu Que, her only strategy is to exhaust him. The more Dan stage explosions she could make him perform, the greater her victory.

She never hoped to defeat a Dan stage Professional Eighth Pin fighter. Especially one as aggressive and fierce as Lin Que and Lou Cheng. Even before they advanced, they were able to work together and barely knocked out Wei Shengtian, who didn't have any special power.

With waves of screams and shouts echoing in his ears, Lin Que remained calm and introverted. When he reached his position next to the referee, Lin Xiaozhi suddenly felt overwhelmed as if he was a towering mountain or a surging river.

"Is this the pressure from Dan stage fighters?" She took a deep breath, trying to pull herself together.

"Cheng, how many bouts do you think Lin Que needs to score a victory?" asked Cai Zongming leisurely.

Lou Cheng glared at him and said gruffly, "You don't have the moral integrity to gamble anyway."

The number of bouts his brother-in-law needs to defeat the opponent completely depends on his strategy and how much strength he wants to save for the next round or even the third round. "I have a feeling he'll try to finish her quickly. Within three to five bouts." Cai Zongming didn't seem to care about Lou Cheng's tone at all and continued with a sneer, "Don't you think those Shannan University students' martial arts style can be described with one line? The eye of an eagle, the speed of a leopard, and the strength of a bear!"

He noticed the confusion on Lou Cheng's face and realized he didn't understand.

"Haven't you watched that cartoon?" sneered Cai Zongming.

Lou Cheng tilted his head as he turned to Yan Zheke. She looked just as puzzled, shaking her head to signal that she didn't understand either.

"It must be a really old cartoon... " She rolled her eyes and made a conclusion.

"Got it!" Lou Cheng nodded seriously and turned to Cai Zongming. "Uncle, please excuse us. We are too young for such an old cartoon." "Damn you!" said Little Ming, almost choking on his words.

Their relaxing attitude eased Li Mao and Wang Dali from Lin Xiaozhi's new achievement in Tremor Force.

Right. What is so impressive about Tremor Force?

The two leading fighters in our club can both do it too!

The referee waved down his right hand and announced over the noises from the stands,

"Round Two. Fight!"

His voice was still sounding in the stadium when Lin Que suddenly inhaled and exhaled to perform a Dan stage explosion.

Bam! The ground under his feet exploded, shooting countless shards out. His body seemed to be expanding as he threw himself at Lin Xiaozhi.

The distance between them disappeared in an instant. Lin Xiaozhi was still thinking when her opponent appeared in front of her face like a meteor falling from the sky or Mountain Taishan smashing down on her head.

So fast! So powerful! So direct! In a split second, she stayed calm and decided to draw her body backward. While swaying her hips, she took a few steps back.

She moved like an elegant antelope, which was steady and stable while blending with the heaviness of the elephant style.

Upon realizing that Lin Xiaozhi intended to evade his attack and keep her distance, Lin Que suddenly came to a stop and gathered his qi and strength before stamping down and charging towards Lin Xiaozhi.

Boom! The ground under Lin Xiaozhi's feet split open as if a stream of energy was shooting out, raising her left leg and causing her to lose balance.

The 16th move of the Fighting Sect, Earth Cracking!

"This!" Lin Xiaozhi was stunned and showed some panic while moving her spine up and down to stabilize her body. Lin Que seized this opportunity, taking one stride forward, he appeared in front of her face again. Next, Lin Que visualized a scene of meteors piercing the sky while swelling his temples and swinging his right arm to launch a thunderous punch.

Lin Xiaozhi responded in a rush with a blast punch, even though her body was still wobbling.

Bam! Lin Xiaozhi felt like her body was hit by a meteor when the shock waves from his punch arrived. Her blood and qi boiled, which gave her an intense feeling of vomiting, and her internal organs nearly jumped out of place. A low but continuous rumble of explosions sounded from her stomach. Lin Que swung back his right hand and leaned the left half of his body while visualizing and preparing another punch.

Lin Xiaozhi had just relieved the vibration with her Internal Training Methods and had to deal with another strike immediately. She blocked her lower stomach with both hands, attempting to confront Lin Que's Meteor Force with her Eagle Claws.


Her head was buzzing, her muscles and fascia shivering, and her entire body was freezing, so her five fingers failed to block Lin Que's fist which stopped right by her stomach.

The referee stood still and shouted,

"Round two, Lin Que wins!" In a flash, the fight was set. Students of the Shannan University opened their eyes wide, covered their mouth, or had a frozen expression on their face. The stadium fell into a dead silence.

Like the last round, they knew Lin Xiaozhi would very likely lose to Lin Que, but didn't expect such a crisp and helpless defeat. Lin Xiaozhi, the top Professional Ninth Pin fighter, lost her shine from her previous victory over Sun Jian.

Lin Xiaozhi barely managed to recover with the Inner Training Method and hold back the urge to vomit. She took a look at Lin Que with fear before walking down the stairs, slowly recalling what had just happened.

Was I defeated?

"I lost, just like that?"

She considered herself at the same level with Lou Cheng back when he had defeated Wei Shengtian. She thought she could handle Lin Que's two explosions in a row. She expected to make him perform Force Concentration three times. She planned to hang on there for more bouts to put down a solid foundation for Jin Dali. However, she lost in less than one minute!

Is  this  the  talented  Dan  stage  fighter  with  a  long  family tradition?
Is this the power of absolute strength?

At the foot of the stone stairs, she met the hippie looking Jin Dali and forced herself to cheer up.

"Jin, he just performed Double Explosion. It must be pretty tiring. Do your best and exhaust him as much as possible."

"Yes!" Jin Dali put away his usual cynicism and hurried up into the ring to save time. Lin Xiaozhi closed her eyes for a second and retched, walking back to the home team's seating area with her shaking legs.

If Jin could completely exhaust Lin Que, the chief, in his best form, has a 50/50 chance of defeating Lou Cheng.

"Chief?" All of a sudden fear appeared in her eyes. Despite her awful health condition, she ran back to the ring and reached her hand out to the supervisor with a smile.

"Master, my things!"

"Don't believe in these. They're useless," said the senior supervisor amiably.

Lin Xiaozhi winked and put on a grievous smile, then said, "Master, you don't understand."

At the visiting team's seating area, Cai Zongming looked about, self-satisfied. "As I said, Lin Que got it done quickly. Within three bouts!"

Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke whispered to each other sweetly, ignoring his words, delighted and relaxed.

Lin Que became so strong. We can set our mind at rest now.

At this moment, the audience finally recovered from the defeat and pulled themselves together to cheer for Jin Dali.

Inspired by rounds of cheers, Jin Dali shook his body and reached his best form.

Taking the last few seconds, he quickly deliberated his strategy.

Lin Que just dealt Sister Xiaozhi a bitter rout in a flash with two Explosions and one miraculous strike. His body must be pretty drained. I bet he will play it safe in this round. He will probably aim at defeating me with the lowest consumption of his physical strength so he can save more of himself to confront the chief.
In this case... I...

Before he could finish this scenario, the referee fairly raised his right hand after one glance at the heavily panting Lin Que.

"Round Three. Fight!"

Jin Dali instantly made up his mind to move swiftly with the Crane steps, taking the initiative to attack with the Huxing (tiger form tactic) and follow up with Eagle Claw and Alligator Bite. Suddenly, he saw Lin Que concentrating his strength and once again breaking out his Danqi.


Is he not saving up at all? Lin Que transformed into a heavy truck, galloping towards Jin Dali.

He moved at the speed of the wind, brewing some horrible strikes.

Because he had plenty of actual battle experience, Jin Dali instantly stretched his body like a giant bear instead of ducking like an antelope.

Jin Dali swelled his muscles and turned his body sideways, advancing forward to throw himself into Lin Que.

Giant Bear Hitting Tree Moves of the Bear Style!

Bam! Jin Dali in the giant bear form was knocked into the air. He stumbled and struggled to regain his balance rashly.

Lin Que's next move was interrupted. His eyes shone abruptly as he performed another Force Concentration. No mercy!

Boom! Like a bullet fired out of a barrel, he reached Jin Dali in an instant.

His feet paused, forcing his body to a stop. Accompanied by loud friction sounds, he threw out his expanded right arm.

Move 127 of the Fighting Sect, Meteor Blast!

Roar! Jin Dali had barely stabilized his body when a brutal shock wave charged at him. It was so aggressive, like a bomb exploding, that he was almost blown away and his flesh felt like it was being torn.

With no time to think thoroughly, he leaned back and rolled on the ground to avoid his sharpness.

Lin Que has just performed his second Double Explosion. He's got to be tired. He should need a moment to recover. This is my opportunity to get back in the game with the Carp Jumping Moves.
Lin Que's eyes became darker and deeper, his qi, blood, strength, and spirit were all gathered together.

Triple Explosion!

"Triple explosion... " Lou Cheng blurted out as his eyes lit up.

Boom! With this Danqi explosion, Lin Que slid forward, scratching a line on the ground, and reached Jin Dali before he could get up. His right low kick stopped at Jin Dali's temple.

"Round Three, Lin Que wins!"

The referee's announcement was received by the audience with silence. Mu Yu rose and took a deep breath, taking off a Taoist amulet from his neck.

Chapter 319: Bane

"Round Three, Lin Que wins!"

The referee's voice echoed across the Shannan University martial arts arena, reaching every student's ear and disintegrating their morale. Their mouth opened wide but no sound could be made.

He's too powerful!

Lin Que's too powerful!

Two leading fighters of the club together couldn't last one minute in front of him!

A dead silence hovered in the stadium, stunned by Lin Que's brutality and sharpness. They turned their eyes to their last hope, the chief and coach of the Martial Arts Club, Mu Yu the Bane. A crispy female sound burst out enthusiastically,

"Lin Que! Lin Que!"

Among the silent crowd, Mu Jinnian with her hands waving in the air passionately stood out sharply, drawing all the attention and making her a common enemy of all.

Yan Xiaoling next to her was terrified like an ostrich, pulling her arm, shivering.

"Jin, quiet down! Quiet down a bit!"

I'm very excited for Lin Que's victory but we are in their stadium!

After some counting, Yan Xiaoling confirmed their team of fans had only six members, including herself, while the number of Shannan University supporters was over 6,000! Their saliva could flood me!

I'm not being dramatic!

Mu Jinnian calmed down and quieted herself but her rosy cheeks, bright eyes, and tempting posture kept Yan Xiaoling worried. She updated in the live broadcasting post in the forum,

"Among thousands of Shannan University supporters, the young lady next to me is so excited, trying to challenge them. What should I do? Urgent! Waiting online!"

"Ha-hah. Pretend you don't know her and shout out your love for the Old Fellow Mu! It's not hard at all considering your personality!" Unparalleled Dragon King laughed hard while hammering the ground.

Brahman suggested, "Get more godfathers!" "Shake hand with them and challenge them to beat you up so the young girl can stay safe... " Okamoto's Fan sneered.

"What about pretending you are a quail!" With a front-line reporter in the forum, Nie Qiqi knew about the quail story.

"I can lend you a wig and they won't be able to recognize you!" Said Naive to make reprisals.

He was given many nicknames by Yan Xiaoling for his balding head, such as Bald Naive and Big Tool.

Yan Xiaoling raised her head with grief, moving her eyes away from her mobile while muttering,

"These goddamn kids!"

… In the guest team seating area, Sun Jian rose the first with a cheer.

Lin Que is awesome!

He has knocked two rivals out so easily!

He has broken through his own limit and performed Triple Explosion!

Everyone was in high spirits. Lou Cheng leaned towards Yan Zheke and her pleasant fragrance and asked in a low voice out of curiosity, "What has your cousin been practicing? His physical strength has been greatly improved!"

He used to think hard about how to help his brother-in-law improve his physical strength. He even sought aid from his master. But Geezer Shi sent him away with little care. "That kid has seniors in his family to help him. It's not proper for me to get involved." "Look at my face!" Yan Zheke pursed her lips and tilted her head, looking at her boyfriend like a spoiled little girl.

"You don't know?" Lou Cheng tried to read her facial expression.

"If I knew, I wouldn't have been so excited and surprised earlier," answered Yan Zheke in a rising tone before mouthing quietly, "Stupid Cheng!"

She was in a great mood, with radiance in her eyes.

"Well, your cousin is really good at creating breaking news inconspicuously." Lou Cheng poked fun at his brother-in-law.

Yan Zheke rolled her eyes, refusing to speak evil of her own cousin. Extremely relaxed, she stretched her body and said calmly, "I know my grandparents got a few martial arts sets for physical strength training for him but it didn't work very well. Maybe my cousin has mastered all of them to achieve such a great improvement." They turned to the ring tacitly, watching Lin Que standing there taking his time to inhale and exhale, sweat dripping down from his forehead and forming a small pool on the ground.

He must have trained hard to make this step forth beyond his limit!

God helps those who help themselves.

"Cheng, how many Dan stage explosions do you think my cousin can perform?" asked Yan Zheke, expectant and concerned.
After a moment of pondering, Lou Cheng answered, "It's too far for me to have a clear look at him. Don't take me too seriously. I reckon your cousin can concentrate his force once more. He's better than a top Professional Ninth Pin fighter even without any Dan stage explosion. Although he has consumed much of his strength and his body is no longer at its peak, he can still have a decent fight. "In short, Lin Que has a good chance of winning if he's facing a regular Professional Ninth Pin fighter."

"However... " Yan Zheke got her boyfriend's unspoken words and heaved a sigh.

"However, his rival is a powerful martial artist with a supernatural ability!"

The overly matured Mu Yu reached the stone stairs and handed his personal belongings to the supervisor.

The peculiar Taoist School amulet he had taken off earlier was lying in Lin Xiaozhi's hand.

This is nothing magical or divine but my own mental shackles.

Because the side effect of his supernatural ability might cause a random relative of a friend of his misfortune for three days, he couldn't perform it at ease. He would use martial arts moves only unless it was necessary.

For this reason, he failed to pass the Professional Eighth Pin ranking event though he had defeated more than one Professional Eighth Pin Dan stage rivals.

The loser of this round will probably rank the second in this group and encounter Shanbei at the quarterfinals. Xiaozhi and Jin both implied that they were willing to suffer the misfortune. How could I disappoint their self-sacrifice? How could I let down all our supporters in the arena?

Remove the shackles and go all out!

From this moment, I'm Mu Yu, the Bane!

Up the flight of stairs, he resumed the position where Lin Xiaozhi and Jin Dali both once set their feet on. Lin Que moved to his position, panting heavily. After one quick glance at Mu Yu, the referee straightened his face and shouted with strength from his chest,

"Round Four. Fight!"

Mu Yu hooked his toes and flipped the two big muscles on his back, adopting the skirmish tactic. Lin Que didn't do another fiercely offensive opening with his danqi.

Upon Jin Dali's defeat, his body was burning with desires for fight and longing for victory. Until this moment, everything was resolved and he was calm like the water and stable like the earth.

Lin Que shifted his weight and moved with the Yu steps, faster and agiler than Mu Yu, shortening the distance between them.

The rival was almost in his range but abruptly his right foot sank into the ground as if stepping on a trap. Crack!

His body fell out of balance as his right foot stuck in the ground!

It was one of the bricks he stepped on earlier while accumulating strength for the Meteor Blast which required instant explosions like small bombs. The Yin force of his feet kept the bricks complete but softened the ground underneath, causing it unable to bear any weight.

Within such a big arena, it was a really rare chance to perfectly step on one of them. How misfortunate!

As Lin Que's body tilted, Mu Yu approached his side with the Crane steps and visualized a scene of tiger crying in the jungle while raising his right hand for a brutal downward slash!

Losing balance like this would be a terrible problem for any Professional Ninth Pin fighter but a mighty Dan stage martial artist could easily turn it. Lin Que swelled his muscles and stretched his tendons, resuming his weight immediately and stabilizing his body for a left backward hook, half blocking half whirling.

As soon as he exerted his strength, muscles of his arm cramped and strained!

Martial artists would suffer such injuries quite often but it usually occurred when exhausted. How could mighty Dan stage fighter with nearly perfect body control hurt himself during strength exerting?

Lin Que's condition had dropped, close to his limit. However, as a Dan stage fighter, all forces within his body should be blended as one. It would be impossible for him to experience such an accidental injury under normal circumstances.

How unlucky he must be!

If he was in his best form, the chance of such an accident would drop to almost zero and it could be avoided! It was why Lin Xiaozhi said the chief could win easily if the enemy was exhausted.

If Lin Que engaged this strike rashly, his stance might be broken by Mu Yu and the minor strain might be turned into a severe injury. His eyes deepened as his thought sank. He drew in a deep breath and let his qi and blood flow back, forming his forces into one from head to toe.


His danqi burst out. Lin Que's left arm paused for a split second before continuing to swell. Then it swung backward to work off the minor strain.

Bam! Mu Yu's Downward Cut in Tiger-hug Posture couldn't confront this reverse punch with Force Concentration. He took several steps back, leaving deep and shallow footprints in the ground.

His eyes cold as ice, Lin Que hurried forward to snatch this opportunity to perform the 24 Blizzard Strikes. His feet slipped and his body leaned forward to the ground!

The very brick was wet by Jin Dali and his sweat!

He stepped exactly on this one by chance.

Mu Yu put strength to his foot and slid to Lin Que's back like a crane. Taking advantage of his low physical strength and slow recovery of balance, Mu Yu transformed into a giant bear and bumped against his back with a stream of Delicate Force.


Lin Que staggered off the arena and barely managed to save himself from falling down.

The referee withdrew his hand after nearly interfering to stop the match and announced, "Round Four, Mu Yu wins!"

The Big Devil was defeated by Old Fellow Mu within several bouts! The audience burst into rounds of cheers, almost as passionate as the opening. They cried out their praise for the leading member of the club,

"Mu Yu! Mu Yu!"

"Bane! Bane!"

"Such a troublesome supernatural ability... " Thought Lou Cheng. He took a deep breath and stood up to take off his jacket.

Yan Zheke's eyes were filled with worries. She blurted out,

"Cheng... " She wanted to ask him to be careful but didn't want to sound like a Corvine Mouth. She was stuck there, speechless.

"What is it?" Lou Cheng looked at Ke.

A smile blossomed on Yan Zheke's face. She waved her fist and said,

"Go for it!"

Chapter 320: A Strange Match

Lou Cheng bumped fists with Yan Zheke and said to her in a low voice,

"I need Coach Yan's ray of moral light to bless me!"

Though the supernatural ability Misfortune was troublesome and strange, it was not so powerful as to be invincible. This was especially true as Old Fellow Mu had limited strength. The fight ought to be simple. As long as he paid attention to all aspects of the situation and fought more carefully, it would not be a big deal even he was unlucky. His strength was enough to offset Old Fellow Mu's supernatural ability.

"Come, I'll lend you all my luck!" Yan Zheke's gaze faltered and she opened her pink lips to respond. She then took the initiative to bump Lou Cheng's fist again.

Placing his coat on the seat, Lou Cheng turned around to clap with his team members one by one. "You'll win for sure!" Li Mao, Sun Jian, and the other members shouted without concern.

Though they were confident in Lou Cheng, they could not help feeling nervous thinking of the strange and frightening way Lin Que lost as well as Old Fellow Mu's past victories.

Fortunate people were all alike, while unfortunate people were all different in their own ways.

Lou Cheng gave a slight smile. He balled up his fist and waved, replying decisively,

"We'll win for sure!"


Watching Lin Que fall, Lin Xiaozhi jumped up so excitedly that both the rosary in her hand and the cross in her palm swayed. "Team leader is so awesome!" She had once again tied her hair into a ponytail, shouting with clear happiness.

He really did not fail her expectations!

Jin Dali was also waving his fist in excitement and asked, as if asking for validation, "Our leader probably didn't expend a lot of his strength, right?"

He had blocked Lin Que's Dan stage explosion only once, and he did not even use brute force to resist it!

"Yes, looks like he can go all out to fight Lou Cheng!" Lin Xiaozhi nodded, her ponytail swaying behind her.

Misfortune was truly an amazing supernatural ability!

Thinking of this, she looked down to once again check if she has forgotten any amulets or if she brought some wrong ones. Misery usually went hand-in-hand with happiness!

In the stands, Mu Jinnian who had been shouting excitedly now looked dejected and was pouting.

"Isn't this too much of a coincidence?"

"Isn't he cheating?"

In her mind, she dared Mu Yu to fight without his supernatural ability! If he had the guts, he should fight Lin Que purely using martial arts!

He made Lin Que lose this match too pitifully!

While Mu Jinnian was complaining unreasonably, Yan Xiaoling began to feel nervous. All sorts of scenarios where Lou Cheng was unlucky flashed in her mind.

"He's in the arena! Everyone, hurry up and regard yourselves as his lucky stars from now on!" She posted her appeal in the live broadcast chat.

"I'll take the lead!" Unparalleled Dragon King tried to make a joke.

"Uncle, what do you mean? I don't understand... " Yan Xiaoling replied in puzzlement.

The audience around her once again regained their enthusiasm and became eager to see the outcome of this match.

There was only one fighter left in both teams, so why not let them anticipate victory? Though Lou Cheng was a skilled martial arts fighter, any accident could happen when both fighters were in tip-top condition. More importantly, his opponent's ability Misfortune could increase the probability of these accidents.

Old Fellow Mu was not good at creating miracles, but he was skilled at dragging his opponent's strength to his level.

They did not have much hope to win, but who knew? What if?

The audience screamed, creating a wave of rolling echo.

"Win him! Win him!"

"Win him! Win him!"

Lou Cheng ignored the rising waves of screams and walked steadily along the road to the arena. He met Lin Que halfway there. Lin Que's expression was neutral without any indication of pain, but he seemed to be deep in thought. He bumped fists with Lou Cheng simply out of habit.

What, this did not seem like the Brother-in-law he knew! With Lin Que's persistent desire for victory, he ought to be feeling disappointed and dejected right now. Lou Cheng was surprised at his attitude.

But in another moment, he immediately understood why. If he was Lin Que and lost a match without any rhyme or reason, he would also not feel pain. He would start evaluating why he lost so he could avoid making the same mistakes again.

Brother-in-law ought to be thinking something along these lines.

Just as they were about to separate, Lin Que suddenly said,

"There's no problem as long as you're a little more careful." As expected... When Lou Cheng verified his thoughts, he laughed.

"Don't worry!"

Ending their conversation, he walked past Lin Que and headed towards the stone steps. As he walked, Lou Cheng's momentum gradually accumulated as a brutal snowstorm swept the arena, making Mu Yu fall into a sudden delusion that the surrounding temperature had dropped sharply. He subconsciously shuddered.

When he stood before Mu Yu, Lou Cheng's momentum has already become as strong as the sea. Without even needing to launch any attacks, Lou Cheng was already weakening his opponent's wrath and affecting his judgment.

The referee looked at them carefully and raised his right hand. He announced aloud,

"Round five. Begin!" Instead of taking the initiative to attack, Lou Cheng chose to be careful. He cautiously observed his surroundings to make sure he everything on the arena and his own physical condition were within his grasp. He kept calm to prevent any accidents.

Mu Yu unleashed his supernatural ability without any reservation. He ran in circles like a crane, approaching his opponent.

But his right foot got caught abruptly on the ground, forcing him to involuntarily fall forward!

There was, of course, more than one spot of soft ground that Lin Que had stepped on earlier!

Before misfortune could befall Lou Cheng, Mu Yu first experienced this disappointing trap.

Crack! With his right leg failing to reach the ground and his body falling forward, he realized he was about to kneel at Lou Cheng. He quickly bounced his spine and used the force in his muscles to pull the center of his gravity back in place.

He pulled a little too hard this time. Though he did not fall forward, he ended up bending backwards and taking a few steps back instead.

Tear! When he was moving back, Mu Yu was too confused to not notice that he was stepping on the slippery traces Lin Que made when he was sliding to kick Jin Dali.

Sliding, his left leg slipped backward, forcing him into a split.

Then he heard the sound of cloth tearing, a sweet and stirring sound.

Tear! His pant was torn apart, revealing a crimson color underneath.

Lou Cheng stood still and stared at this scene with his mouth open. The situation was so weird that he did not even dare to attack for fear of falling into a trap.

"What's going on exactly?" Lou Cheng was confused.

Mu Yu stood there firmly amidst the chaos. When he glanced down at his boxer briefs, his face became as red as his underpants. Several thoughts crossed his mind.

How was this possible?

Was his martial arts suit finally reaching its limit after wearing it for almost half a year?

What was the reason behind this series of mishaps? "How is it possible?" Lin Xiao was holding her cross, watching the arena in a daze. She did not understand what had happened.

The one who was unlucky was actually her leader, not Lou Cheng!

She glanced shyly at Mu Yu's crimson boxer briefs and a thought suddenly came to her mind.

Well, her leader also believed in metaphysics!

"How is it possible?" Jin Dali rubbed his eyes, suspecting Lin Que had knocked him unconscious and he was currently in a dream.

"How is it possible?" Yan Zheke stared at the arena with her mouth wide open. She was rarely this unladylike.

The Bane himself became unlucky instead of Cheng! Does such a thing like ray of moral light really exists?

"How is it possible?" Touching his chin, Cai Zongming abruptly gave Li Mao a punch.

"What are you doing?" Li Mao snapped into focus and looked at him.

He was not dreaming... Cai Zongming grinned and said,

"Don't you find the situation very strange?"

"Yes, it's very strange. Could it be that Bane's boomerang has come early? But doesn't his boomerang only affect others?" Li Mao had forgotten that Cai Zongming had punched him earlier.

How could it happen... Lin Que frowned. He rarely felt puzzled. However, Geezer Shi beside him nodded as if he knew the reason. How was it possible… The audience in the stands were all stunned and confused. They even suspected it was a masquerade. The man wearing Lou Cheng's face actually was the leader Mu Yu and the unlucky one was Lou Cheng with Old Fellow Mu's face.

The audience had the time to sigh or be surprised, but Mu Yu did not. If Lou Cheng approached him while he was still stuck in a split, he could only block his attacks two or three times!

With so many thoughts in his mind, he made a quick decision to lie down and roll to the other side, hiding his killer move, the Silent Kick.

Lou Cheng merely watched and did not blindly attack. He still had not figured out what was going on or if Mu Yu's supernatural ability could affect him. Of course he had to be cautious.

Mu Yu was relieved that his opponent did not take the opportunity to attack him. He stopped rolling and exerted force into his waist and abdomen. He was seemingly trying to stand so he could fight Lou Cheng again. Just then, a few round stones that he accidentally dragged with him as he rolled stopped where he stood.

Tear! Mu Yu once again slipped, falling before he could straighten his back. He fell heavily on his back, to the point where his head was dizzy.

He rolled to the side again in a flurry to avoid Lou Cheng's attack.

Lou Cheng was watching Mu Yu's 'performance', face twitching. He has almost forgotten he was still on the arena.

What was he was trying to do?

After rolling several times, Mu Yu suddenly found himself over the edge of the arena. More than half of him was outside the arena and floating mid-air! Shocked, he tried to straighten the fascia muscle in his palm and stretched his five fingers out to hold onto the arena. But it was too late. In the end, his fingertips only grazed the edge of the arena.

Flop! Mu Yu fell down on the ground next to the arena, stunned and confused.

He was the only one shocked. So was Lou Cheng, whose mouth was open in surprise. He almost blurted out, "What the hell!"

He did not even attack once and he already won?

Never mind that. He did not even move an inch since the match started!

The referee was dazed for a while, before glanced at Lou Cheng with a stunned expression. He raised his right hand to announce, "Round five, Lou Cheng wins!"

"The final result is that Songcheng University Martial Arts Club wins!"

Dang! The cross in Lin Xiaozhi's hand fell to the ground. She murmured to herself, surprised, "This metaphysical isn't right.... Yes, that's right. If it's something people can understand, it won't be called metaphysics... "

"God has taken the wrong script, right?" Jin Dali blurted out as if he was in a dream.

The audience in the stands looked at one other with confusion. So far, they were not feeling the pain of failure.

They may have been watching a fake match!

This could be considered as one of the incredible events on campus, right? The Bane, famous for making his opponents experience misfortune, defeated himself in a match where his opponent did even make a move at all!

A shocked Cai Zongming gradually opened his mouth to say, "This is the strangest match I've ever seen... "

So far!

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