Martial Arts Master Chapter 301-310

Chapter 301: Lou Cheng's Attitude

In the morning, it was not very hot as a cool breeze was blowing by the lake. Hearing Lou Cheng's request, Geezer Shi became happy.

"I know you can't help yourself. Even before you have mastered the martial arts of the Dan stage, you want to awaken a new supernatural ability. Just do it. I'll help you and be right by your side. Nothing will happen to you."

"Hehe." Lou Cheng simply laughed without further explanation.

After seeing his master's power in the "snowy mountain", Lou Cheng completely believed in his strength.

As for the problem of which supernatural ability he should improve first, he had already analyzed the advantages and disadvantages. He had made a decision.

"The Power of Frost!" He chose it just because people always chose the lesser of two evils. Human beings are better at withstanding the cold than resisting the burning of a flame.

If I suppress the Jindan this time, something will come out other than a hot current and a cold wave. There may be some substantial changes to those things.

After Lou Cheng had thought about those things, he began to meditate to calm his mind and then walked toward the lake to prevent causing a fire.

First, he adjusted his fascia, his muscles, the five viscera, and six bowels to create the burning feeling brought about by the Prairie Fire Diagram, and to expand the Power of Blaze in his body, which was strong enough to change a "stream" into a "tide".

Then by visualizing the beast-headed and human-bodied Zhu Rong, who stepped on the fire dragon, he imitated Zhu Rong commanding the flame and suppressing the tyrannical power and changed is body movements and spirit. This helped him control the blaze that was about to fly away. "Bam! Bam! Bam!" He punched to the left and right and bombed the air in front of him constantly. His fists were powerful enough to blow up the red blaze, which looked like fireworks from a distance.

Geezer Shi stood by his side, holding a silver flagon. He leisurely enjoyed drinking the liquor brought to him by his own apprentice.

He did not know many fists he punched out, but he made the air increase to such a high temperature that it distorted the light and made the vicinity around him look like a vague, illusory dream. Until now, Lou Cheng had used his Power of Blaze to the limit and had consumed almost all of it.

He did not hesitate and continued to firmly repeat the previous process. He twisted his waist and swung his arms. While visualizing Zhu Rong, he threw a blast punch forward.

Bang! The airflow scattered, which affected the Jindan in Lou Cheng's body. At first, it expanded to make its own nebula brighten to the fullest, and then it quickly retracted and shook out several layers of the "great sun", making them turn into the Fire Meteor which followed the force and rushed outward.

Boom! The waves roared on the lake. A fire pillar suddenly rose up several meters high surrounded by a white gas, which produced a scene that looked imaginary.

"This..." Geezer Shi opened his mouth halfway and was so shocked that he even forgot to pour the alcohol into it.

Is this the performance of the supernatural ability of the Seventh or Eighth Pin?

Even the abilities in the Inhuman Level couldn't create such a tremendous power!

The fire pillar quickly scattered and turned into a fire wave that covered the area of the lake near the shore, making it seem like the lake had put on a red robe. About five seconds later, everything returned to normal.

On the bridge, several students who were going to study in the teaching area rubbed their eyes and gave up the idea of calling the fireman because they suspected that they were hallucinating.

However, at that moment, the Jindan rotated in balance and flung out the extra ice crystals one by one to disintegrate into the coldness and released it to the host body.

Lou Cheng lost his consciousness directly. He could neither see nor hear anything.

Then the hot current poured in from the Baihui Acupoint on his head to protect his brain and his heart, and he slowly recovered from the frozen feeling. He then heard his heart beating violently and his blood running through his body like a rapidly flowing river. At that time, he experienced the "natural change", which was like ice floating on a lake that melted gradually. After a few seconds, his Qi and blood strengthened, which softened the coldness and also gave birth to the vitality that revived "everything".

"Cold... Cold... It's so cold." With his teeth chattering, he was shivering because of the cold. He saw his master retract his left hand from his head.

Geezer Shi furrowed his white brows. "Fortunately, you did not try it by yourself... Wait until next month to try to awaken the Power of Blaze..."

Lou Cheng quivered and nodded. He totally agreed with his master's opinion.

If my master hadn't been at my side helping me, I would have probably suffered from severe frostbite and that would affect my organs. Even if I didn't die from this, I would have still lost my health.

The boomerang of Jindan is several times more severe than I expected! Fortunately, I didn't flaunt my superiority this time!

It would be much safer to awaken the Power of Blaze if he waited until the body could adapt to the "frost" and improve its strength.

"If you awakened the supernatural ability for the third time, I guess that thing in your body would collapse by itself, so the damage would be very frightening. If you don't have a strong physique that is physically invulnerable, never try it," Geezer Shi reminded him. But he then smiled and said, "Do you want to drink a sip of alcohol to warm you up?"

Hey, haven't you already decided to quit drinking?

"No, I have hot water." Lou Cheng finally was able to talk.

"I know, your girlfriend has been waiting for you there the whole time." After Geezer Shi made fun of him and put his bottle away, he then walked toward the long bridge with his hands clasped behind his back. My apprentice's awakening process of supernatural ability is a little weird... I still don't know enough about this Cultivation, so I need to remind them to get me some information as soon as possible...

When he left, he coughed twice intentionally to remind the girl in the woods.

Yan Zheke blushed because he had poked fun at her. She walked toward Lou Cheng, carrying the down jacket and the thermos cup. While helping Lou Cheng put on his clothes, she asked with great concern,

"Are you okay?"

She knew that Lou Cheng would try to awaken the Power of Frost today. Although she knew that Coach Shi would guard him so nothing would happen to him, she still worried about him and could not calm down. She finally chose to make sufficient preparations and wait for him nearby. "Fortunately, my master helped me by my side..." Lou Cheng did not directly speak of the danger that he had just encountered.

He took the thermos cup handed over by his girlfriend and could not wait to take a sip of water. He felt the warmth go down his throat and spread out, making him feel very comfortable.

"Hoo." Yan Zheke was relieved and glanced at her boyfriend. "Why are you so eager to awaken that supernatural ability? Your speed of improving martial arts has not slowed down."

Even though she had asked him, she seemed to have guessed Lou Cheng's thoughts. He had chosen to awaken his supernatural ability because he wanted to catch up with Peng Leyun as soon as possible. However, if he waited until Peng Leyun achieved the Inhuman Level, it would be much more difficult for Lou Cheng to defeat him before he graduated from university.

"You should know why I'm so eager to awaken the supernatural ability," Lou replied with a smile. He took it for granted and drank the hot water again.

Yan Zheke pursed her mouth and looked at him angrily. But then she began to smile and shifted the topic. "After this awakening, how much could your Power of Frost increase?"

"My physical ability has not recovered yet, so I don't know. But I know even if I don't use the method of Frost Force, I can still hurt people only with the supernatural ability, but the effect may not be so good." Having completely recovered, Lou Cheng stretched his body.

Yan Zheke nodded and suddenly smiled. "Yan Xiaoling went to the Martial Arts Club."

"What?" Lou Cheng had a dumb look on his face.

"She is 'Eternal Nightfall', the moderator of your forum. She has posted a live show about her visit to our Martial Arts Club," Yan Zheke said while looking at her boyfriend with a smile. Lou Cheng did not know why, but he was a little frightened by her smile. He said with a forced smile, "Idols should keep a distance from their fans. Otherwise, the fans will find all sorts of flaws in the idol, so the fans would at first stop loving the idol, and then hate the idol."

"What are you talking about? I did not mention anything." Yan Zheke blinked innocently, but the corners of her mouth curved slightly upward.

Lou Cheng quickly switched to a serious face. "I just expressed my own viewpoint and principles. Well, Zheke, do you want to participate in the Amateur Ranking Event held in the middle of this month?"

Yan Zheke did not stick to the previous topic. She looked up and shook her head. "No. Well, because you always praise me, now I have even become arrogant. I now think it'll be easy for me to win the Ranking Event of Amateur First Pin and it won't help me to practice my ability in actual battles, so I don't want to participate in it. I plan to register for the Ranking Event of Professional Ninth Pin held at the end of October." "That could be rather difficult for you." Lou Cheng told her the truth.

After Yan Zheke began to really understand the Internal Training Methods, her physical state improved rapidly. With the unique martial arts moves of her family, her overall strength had indeed exceeded a fighter of Amateur First Pin. But to get the certificate of Professional Ninth Pin was still hard for her. After a few months when she had basically mastered the Meteor force, she would have a higher possibility to win the certificate.

"I know, I never thought that I could get the certificate this time. I only want to fight with the experts so that I can practice and temper myself." Yan Zheke spoke with her eyes bright in an excited tone.

She was enthusiastic about martial arts.

"Okay then. This month, you need to find some opportunities to fight and to beat two Amateur First Pin fighters. Otherwise, you can't register for the ranking event." Lou Cheng mended his clothes and drank up the hot water. He pulled the girl's hand while walking toward the long bridge and, with his smile and his gait, he looked very carefree. "At that time, I'll book the hotel and ensure all the logistics for you to participate in the Ranking Event of Professional Ninth Pin!"

Hearing those words, Yan Zheke could not help but recall the previous experience—the scene which was somewhat touching, somewhat warm, and also sexy. She subconsciously turned to look to the other side and took a sip, but she did not say anything.

I hope that stupid Cheng can hold in his desires and doesn't influence my condition for the match.

As for the time after my match, well, it depends on his behavior...

Lou Cheng understood his girlfriend's attitude, so he was so glad and full of expectations.

After the term began, they could stay together every day, but simultaneously, they lost the space in which they could be alone with each other. Lou Cheng respected his girlfriend, so he would not do anything that would cross the line. He was still looking forward to staying together with Yan Zheke because he already knew how great he felt when he made out with her.

Oh, you can't have it both ways...

Following this topic, the moment she stepped on the long bridge, Yan Zheke asked Lou Cheng curiously, "Cheng, do you want to participate in the Ranking Event of Professional Seventh Pin at the end of October?"

That was the ranking event on a large scale and it was not held in Songcheng.

"Probably not." Lou Cheng did not conceal his plans.

"Why?" Yan Zheke was quite surprised. From her point of view, with Lou Cheng's martial arts improvement rate and the practicing methods and martial arts of the Dan stage that he mastered, he could definitely advance by leaps and bounds during the two months before the end of October. Also, because his supernatural ability would be advanced to the second degree, he would have many possibilities to get the certificate of Seventh Pin, so he did not need to wait until April next year.

She believed in Lou Cheng very much.

"I want to give Peng Leyun a surprise," Lou Cheng said as he exhaled and shared his real thoughts with her.

Once I participate in the Ranking Event held at the end of October and in early November, all my strengths and weaknesses will be exposed...

It's no big deal. I can register for the Ranking Event of Professional Sixth Pin directly because my winning record is sufficient. If I told others this plan instead of my fairy, would they definitely laugh at me and call me naive?

"To give Peng Leyun a surprise?" Yen Zheke again looked up at him. "Do you want to leave him in the shadow of failure in the district contest?"

"Yes, but I can't do it on my own. I have to cooperate with your cousin." Lou Cheng looked ahead and took off the jacket. Even though he was very weak and powerless, he still went steadily. "Peng Leyun will probably still be at the level of Profession Sixth Pin before the winter vacation. This is our chance.

"By that time, I also will have made progress in all aspects and I will achieve at least the level of the top Seventh Pin. What's more, your cousin will not be too slow. I guess he'll also achieve at least the Seventh Pin. So we can fight with him by using attrition warfare, which can help us defeat Peng Leyun who goes so smoothly after entering the university. In addition, we can suppress his will, affect his confidence to win, and delay his speed of breaking into the Inhuman Level by defeating him. "Only in this way, we won't be confronted with a monster who is strong enough to defeat everyone in the national match held in April next year and we will retain our hope!"

Hearing those words, Yan Zheke turned to look at Lou Cheng next to her. Looking at his profile and his firm and straight eyesight, she suddenly lost her mind. It took a few seconds for her to recover, and then she smiled.

"Didn't you say that you don't care about those topics about the favored fighter of the age?"

Lou Cheng laughed and answered honestly,

"Which fighter is not eager to win?"

I'm also a fighter!

I don't care too much. I am not blindly arrogant. But it doesn't mean I fight so hard to prove Peng Leyun's talent!

Chapter 302: Shanbei and Sanjiang

Lou Cheng was still weak since he had yet to completely recover from his severe illness, so Yan Zheke forced him to relax in his dorm.

He sniffed and opened the door, discovering that Old Qiu and Qiu Zhigao were still in the dorm.

"Haven't you gone to study?" Lou Cheng asked in surprise while putting down his jacket and thermos cup.

Pigs might fly if Old Qiu abandoned his pet phrase "plan your day as soon as you wake up in the morning".

While staring at the computer screen while constantly shifting the mouse, Qiu Zhigao replied without looking up,

"I'm waiting for the ticket!" "For what?" Lou Cheng laughed as he opened his wardrobe, folded his jacket, and tucked it into the corner.

"The ticket for Mo Jingting's vocal concert! There's going to be a scramble for it at half past nine!" said Qiu Zhigao while staring fixedly at the webpage.

Old Qiu had started looking for a girlfriend as soon as he entered college. Unluckily, on the one hand, girls who wanted to pursue him all failed to meet his standards. On the other hand, the ones he was attracted to were not interested in him at all. So he had to remain single, devoting all his energy into his studies and idols.

Mo Jingting? Lou Cheng twisted his lips slightly and smiled before asking, "Where's the vocal concert?"

Since he came back to Xing province from Moshang, his little niece Mo hadn't contacted him as frequently as before except sending a message occasionally as proof of her existence. For Lou Cheng it was indeed good news because he didn't have enough energy to deal with other girls. "In Songcheng, don't you know that? It was announced officially several days ago that in November she would hold a vocal concert in Songcheng! I can't miss it!" Old Qiu replied excitedly, "Time is up, time is up…"

"Songcheng…" Lou Cheng frowned and soon beamed again.

It doesn't matter. It occurred to Lou Cheng that the Universities Martial Arts competition kicked off in November. With their previous record, most of the games would be away from home, and he wouldn't be in Songcheng for the weekend.

It would be perfect because he could avoid encountering Mo Jingting!

According to his master, Lin Que and he would take turns being the key player in the first half of the district contest in order to train the substitutes.

"Of course, otherwise, why would I bother waiting to book the ticket? What a chance this is!" Old Qiu said. Suddenly, he felt blue, "Qin Mo intends to buy second-hand tickets at a higher price!"

"If you fail this time, will you also buy a second-hand ticket?" Lou Cheng asked with a smile, and then climbed onto the bed and covered himself with the quilt.

Old Qiu was left gnashing his teeth in anger.

"Of course! It just requires me to save money for several days!"

That's true love! Lou Cheng said to himself.

Old Qiu's family situation was average, just like Lou Cheng's before he came into contact with martial arts. As a student, with no stable income, he still relied on his parents.

So he had no choice but to economize on food. Lou Cheng stopped talking so he would not disturb Old Qiu. Taking out his cellphone, he found a photo sent by Yan Zheke, in which the girl was cleaning her dorm.

Smiling, Lou Cheng quickly typed praises to his fairy.

While the girl was busy cleaning, Lou Cheng logged in Longhu Club's forum to scan the news of the top professional tournaments and news about Mighty title-holders such as Dragon King.

As a fighter who had set physical invulnerability as his goal, Lou Cheng focused on it not only as something he was interested in but also because it was closely related to him!

Lou Cheng still didn't have enough fans in his own forum, so they seldom focus on other fighters, offering him very little news on this subject.

"Could some experts tell me which house layout is better?" The first post that came into Lou Cheng's eyes reminded him of his mom. One month had passed since she announced the decision to buy a new house, but obviously, she hadn't found the house yet and had even expanded the search to other areas beyond their old neighborhood.

What a bore… Luckily I have transferred the 400 thousand to her… Complaining about his mom silently, Lou Cheng began to take account of his savings.

On the one hand, his private instruction fee had increased to 3000 per hour. The crowds' enthusiasm had died down and he only earned 40,000 yuan this time around. On the other hand, the part-time job brought him 20,000 yuan, so the balance in his account was now around 290,000 yuan after he deducted his expenditures. Lou Cheng didn't need to worry about money for the time being.

He browsed through the post, taking notes on all the useful information. He planned to call his mum tonight so that he could guide her.

As he exited the post, he saw a hot post from "Unparalleled Dragon King": "Favored fighter of the age, the battle is about to begin. Lou Cheng VS Peng Leyun!"

Er… They still had two months to go before the opening ceremony of the University Martial Arts Competition, and at least three months before their match with Shanbei. So why was there someone paying attention to this right now? This topic had even become hot in such a popular forum like Longhu Club! Lou Cheng took a deep breath.

At this moment, Old Qiu jumped out and shouted cheerfully,

"I got the ticket! I got the ticket!"


In the male dormitory area of Shanbei University.

Xu Wannian, the Martial Arts Club manager, was standing outside the dormitory building and browsing through the news of "Heavenly Sones Competition," forwarded by someone on his phone.

I'm really looking forward to it! He said to himself and then called Peng Leyun.

"Junior brother Peng, hurry down! The training's going to start and we're all waiting for you!"

"Okay!" Peng Leyun answered concisely.

Before the sound of Peng Leyun's voice had died away, Xu Wannian saw a window in the fifth floor burst open as a figure jumped down through it.

"There he goes again…" said Xu Wannian while sighing with his hands on his face. In the background, he could hear some freshmen screaming,

"Someone jumped off a building!" "Someone jumped off a building!"

All of a sudden, the figure, while in midair. expanded as he stretched out both arms, like an eagle, and glided gracefully before he landed.

The moment he stepped onto the ground, there seemed to be a small earthquake.

"Let's go." taking advantage of the rebound, Peng Leyun flitted to Xu Wannian's side and greeted him with a smile.

Taking a glance at where he landed, Xu Wannian didn't find any obvious traces left, which shocked him and left him singing the praises of this junior brother.

He was getting more and more powerful!

There was dead silence. All the freshmen around looked as if they had seen a monster. Just then, the dorm supervisor rushed out and yelled,

"Peng Leyun! Why didn't you take the stairs again!"

"What if you scared someone?"

Instead of acting like an elegant but indifferent master, Peng Leyun shrugged and put on an embarrassed smile and said, "I was thinking about a problem, a very difficult one, and out of habit I took the shortcut."

A shortcut? All the freshmen around widely opened their mouth in astonishment.

Xu Wannian could barely keep a smile off of his face as he apologized to the supervisor of the dorm.

"I'll keep an eye on him!" After saying this, he hurriedly left the "crime scene" with Peng Leyun.

"What do you think about the post?" he asked, handing over a cellphone without mentioning what had just happened since he was already quite used to it.

Peng Leyun looked through it and then laughed and said,

"Quite interesting. Everything will be okay as long as you don't encounter Lou Cheng."

"Yeah, the idea of my supernatural ability being subdued by him worries me. Luckily, Fang also has Big Dan now," replied Xu Wannian.

As his Corvine Mouth supernatural ability had been enhanced gradually, he had a good chance to defeat an eighth- pin or even seventh-pin warrior to some extent. However, once his supernatural ability was subdued, his professional-ninth- pin body condition was absolutely unable to resist the attack from a dan-stage fighter. At this point, he couldn't help gossiping," Junior brother Peng, when are you going to get to the inhuman level? I heard that Ren Li will soon reach Sixth Pin, and Lou Cheng is catching up fast."

The championship of the upcoming Martial Arts Competition will be fierce. But everything would be easier if his junior brother could just step up a higher level.

As for whether Ren Li and Lou Cheng would also reach the inhuman level in the next session, it was not his concern since he would soon graduate from the university!

His face was clean, his eyes clear. Peng Leyun looked up at the skies and murmured to himself,


The light in his eyes gradually emptied, and his movements became diffused, as if moving forward by instinct, but he was able to dodge obstacles like trees, stones, and frolicking students. Ah, junior brother Peng has gone into a trance again, even when he was walking…" said Xu Wannian while sighing. He turned his thoughts from the Martial Arts Competition to the red-light district of Pingjiang, as well as the girls there.

Pulling down his collarband, Xu Wangnian felt his body heating up.


In the only campus of Sanjaing.

Qu Hui, who wore a white shirt today, was floating 30cm off the ground in his Martial Arts Club Office.

Looking at the group in front of him, he put on a faint smile and said, "Well, what do you think of this discussion?"

All the leading players and substitutes of the Martial Arts Club remained silent with their heads dropped down, as if they had done something wrong and dared not say anything.

"Luo Haizhe, you speak first." Qu Hui had the authority to look down on others since he was also the Martial Arts Club's coach.

Luo Haizhe was tall and simple, the childishness of his face had faded. He touched his half-bald head and replied,

"Those beasts of Songcheng University are growing too fast. Last year it was a walkover, this year they have two dan-stage warriors, and Lou Cheng is close to Seventh Pin."

It was just like a nightmare!

Of course, there were talented fighters and Mighty Ones in the university martial arts circle. However, Dan-stage warriors were still scarcely seen in most schools. All in all, Dan stage was the real entry-level of martial arts. Though Sanjiang was a famous university with several professional-ninth-pin warriors in the previous sessions, no graduate had ever become a Big Dan and let Qi arise from within their body! So, how difficult was it to reach Dan stage?

Given the fact that two students of Songcheng University Martial Arts Club had reached Dan stage within one year, wasn't that the same as cheating?

"It was because of their talent, and we can't do anything about it no matter how envious we are." Qu Hui crossed his arms and said insincerely. Then, all of a sudden, his facial expression changed and he said, "Haizhe, you are actually talented. Even if you aren't Peng Leyun, Ren Li, Lou Cheng or Lin Que's match, and can't reach the inhuman level. You are sure to get to the Dan stage. But look at yourself now, you're such a playboy! You'd better stay away from your evil associates!"

"Okay," Lou Haizhe replied and lowered his head.

This was his greatest shortcoming. He couldn't deny it.

After scolding Luo Haizhe, Qu Hui turned his gaze to another team member and frowned before saying, "Be careful. You are also likely to reach the Dan stage. Don't you want to take a step further before graduation? Then you'll have a good life in the future."

Yin Xiangxi put on a wry smile and said, "We've known each other for more than three years and you know my character."

He was famous for his radical fighting style, being at ease, never using any defensive play unless it was absolutely necessary.

Because of this shortcoming, he had been injured several times in the recent years even though the referees had stopped him in time. His talent was also wasted since he was unable to keep practicing martial arts.

They were all troublemakers… Qu Hui stared at the cellphone on the table without saying more to them.

In the discussion of this division, they only mentioned Shanbei and Songcheng University. The fighters they mentioned were Peng Leyun, Fang Zhirong, Lou Cheng, and Lin Que, which meant they had totally ignored Sanjiang College! They had totally ignored Qu Hui!

Sorry, I've also reached the Dan stage and improved my supernatural ability!

Shanbei, Songcheng University, just wait for my surprise!

Chapter 303: The 13th Movement

When the freshmen began their military training three days later, Lou Cheng had made a full recovery from the boomerang effect. He stood at Weishui Lake with eager eyes, waiting for his master to teach him something about Dan stage.

He focused on rehabilitative practice in his two recent morning training.
Pacing back and forth with both hands behind him, Geezer Shi snickered. "Not bad. You managed to be patient, only asking this now. As for the Dan stage, we all have a common understanding that it's about inheriting the past and ushering in the future. How should I put it? You should keep your concealment of spirit and qi simple and still. Direct it towards your own spirit refining. That means to combine your spirit with qi, blood, and force as a preparation for connecting heaven and earth. Second, you should surpass the limit of your physical body and mortal condition to refine your root pulp. Third, after doing all these, your speed, responsiveness, coordination and body-controlling ability will be greatly enhanced. You can then combine the basic skill of gathering strength with the corresponding body moves to form real movements." "Combine them to form real moves?" Lou Cheng asked, confused.

Was what he was using all along not moves at all?

Geezer Shi took out a small wine pot, took a swig, and smacked his lips. "Think about it. Didn't you notice that the moves in 24 Blizzard Strikes and Thunder Roar Zen are simple and practical? Besides strength-gathering skill, strength- borrowing method, and corresponding visualization method, you only have to learn basic moves like avalanche, blast, chop, whip, burst, pound, and smash."

"But in my fights, I'll combine them basing on the situation. Aren't those considered moves?" Lou Cheng gradually understood what his master meant.

"Yes, those are the most basic of moves. Why else would the fighting style of the Dan stage be called the link between the past and the future?" Geezer Shi replied smugly. "But the moves at Dan stage are the result of our pioneers' adjustment and improvement. They're of course superior to the moves you come up with on the spot. As you go further, you will learn killing moves."

"Of course, you can't be restricted by our predecessors' moves. However powerful they are, you still need to apply them to actual combats. When you've truly mastered them, you can use them in different combinations as you will. Then you'll be truly a master."

Lou Cheng asked in bewilderment, "So what's the difference from the basic moves I've been using? They're all used in combinations based on my situation at my will."

"Of course they're different! It's just like taking an exam. One doesn't know anything and rakes his brain during the exam, and the other has studied known knowledge before comprehending his own, do you think there's no difference?" Geezer Shi scoffed.

So it was the difference between professional and laymen... Lou Cheng suddenly saw the light. "Is it the so-called three stages of learning kungfu? First, learn what's visible. Second, learn what's invisible. Third, realize that what is the invisible is actually hidden in the visible?"
"If you put it that way, you're not wrong." Geezer Shi coughed. "I'll start from visualization method. You won't have much problem with the parts about the Dan stage since you're already acquainted with it. As for the spiritual cultivation, you'll progress from Condensation Stance to Ice Mirror. It's fine if you haven't reached the threshold of Ice Mirror. It's fine if you apply what little you know onto Condensation Stance."

"Master, I'll soon reach the threshold of Ice Mirror," Lou Cheng said joyfully.

After the preliminary combination of energy and force, Lou Cheng had gotten some feel for the practice of Ice Mirror on the base of meditation and was about to slowly reach the threshold. Though he could not progress at lighting-speed, he was sure to begin practicing the real Ice Mirror in two or three months, at most half a year!

"That's not what I want to hear!" Geezer Shi glared at him. "When you reach the threshold of Ice Mirror, your spiritual cultivation will be based on it. You can continue practicing until you reach the physical-invulnerability state. As for body- refining, you can depend on the Cold and Frozen Blueprint and Frozen River Diagram that you've already learned. They're both above the mortal level."

"What? Isn't it called Frost Force?" Lou Cheng was perplexed.

Geezer Shi gave a smug smile. "It's called Frost Force when used as martial arts move and Body-Refining Method when used within your body. That's why it is called the Core Force of Ice Sect. I didn't bring it up earlier because your body wasn't tough enough to bear the pressure of force-withdrawing. Once you practice it, you'll definitely get injured and be destroyed."

"That's also why a warrior needs to determine his cultivation methods at the beginning of the Dan stage. You need to distinguish between the primary and the secondary. The corresponding Force will affect your martial arts root and change your body condition from the biological level. If it's a mess, it'll contradict each other. You'll end up suffering a genetic breakdown!" After reading so many military research reports, he started using one of their jargons.

"Is that so… " Something suddenly occurred to Lou Cheng. "Master, since I'm rooted in the balance of Ice and Flame Force, what can I do to keep them in harmony and prevent any harm to them?"

"I don't have experience in this!" Geezer Shi's answer greatly shocked Lou Cheng. "Who told you to awaken both Ice and Flame supernatural abilities and combine cultivation method with martial arts?"
Leaving Lou Cheng no chance to raise another question, Geezer Shi continued with a smile, "But to be honest, these are all non-issues. Your root has long transformed. Why else would you develop a supernatural ability? Besides, isn't your supernatural ability under the influence of Immortal Longhu's remains and your Balance of Dan? There's no contradiction, is there? This means your foundation has always fused with it and your body has always got used to it. As long as there isn't any huge gap between the two forces, you won't suffer a genetic breakdown." He had been so terrified earlier... Lou Cheng wiped the imaginary forehead off his forehead. "Master, does that mean I have to cultivate my Flame Force to keep up with Frost Force?"

"Exactly. It's the same even after you reach physical- invulnerability state." Geezer Shi nodded with a relaxed expression.

Lou Cheng became intrigued and asked, "Then what's the corresponding physical-invulnerability force of Zhu Rong Force?"

How could he get it at a later stage?

"Fire Force, Emperor Yan Force," Geezer Shi answered with a grin.

"Emperor Yan Force… Why does it sound so familiar?" Lou Cheng blurted out. "It'd be weird if you're not familiar with it. It's Dragon King's special skill." Geezer Shi coughed twice and straightened his back with his hands behind him.

"Oh, right... " Lou Cheng subconsciously mimicked Yan Zheke's favorite saying.

After getting to know each other for some time, they gradually became affected by each other.

Lou Cheng suddenly came to himself and asked in astonishment, "Is it a kungfu from the Fire Sect?"

Fire Sect! Fire Sect from the Five Sects Unique Skill of the Taoist School!

Unlike the Ice Magical Kungfu, which was dubbed the Unique Skill of the Ice Sect, the kungfu itself was called the Fire Sect! "Exactly. I've exhausted a lot of my connections and reputation to get this." Geezer Shi nodded triumphantly, satisfied with his silly disciple's reaction.

Lou Cheng was greatly moved, but he knew what his master wanted was not words of thanks. Thus, he replied in a manner befitting his master's taste.

"You're amazing! You managed to get even the Fire Sect kungfu!"

"Though I'm a little old, my network is quite useful." Geezer Shi's cough became smooth as he added, "And some people think rather highly of you, so perhaps… "

"Perhaps what?" Lou Cheng asked.

"Nothing. I'm just saying," Geezer Shi replied casually. "Let's continue our topic. Inner Withdrawing is done in the reverse. First, use the Frozen River Diagram and then Freezing Cold Blueprint. This way, you can refine even the smallest parts of your body and gradually adjust your root and core. When you reach the immortal level, you'll be able to transform bit by bit... "

He explained the Inner-refining Method of the Dan stage, showing Lou Cheng its difference from the combination of Frost Force and Zhu Rong Force. His explanation was detailed, lest his disciple made mistakes in the future.

After Lou Cheng made several attempts and Geezer Shi confirmed that there would not be any initial problems, he said,

"There are two kinds of kungfu at the Dan stage. The first one, as I've mentioned, is our predecessors' combined movements. The other is simple moves as an application of materialized Force at physical-invulnerability level. Your supernatural ability is quite similar to this. You can practice it in advance, though it naturally won't be powerful."

"In the coming few months, practice the three moves first." Geezer Shi's expression suddenly turned solemn. Lou Cheng immediately held his breath and waited for his master to announce the three moves.

Geezer Shi cleared his throat.

"The 13th movement of the Ice Sect, Snow Cover!"

"The 19th movement of the Ice Sect, Cold Swallow!"

"The 26th movement of the Ice Sect, Ice Burning!"

In Lou Cheng's excitement, a thought suddenly came to him.

This was the privilege of a first-class disciple!

From now on, he would widen the gap between him and Zhang Zhutong, Han Zhifei, and the rest of his former opponents even without his Jindan. Feeling fortunate and grateful, Lou Cheng began to pay full attention to his practice of the new movements. He then heard his master say,

"Okay, practice by yourself for a while. Remember it's your first special training class today. Don't be late."

Recalling something, Lou Cheng left his stance and asked,

"Master, have you prepared the Internal Trainning Methods for the Martial Arts Club?"

He, Ke, and Brother-in-law already had a method, but not the other members!

"I'm still considering it." Geezer Shi took a sip of wine.

Lou Cheng gave him a smile. "Then I won't trouble you for it. I've prepared one for them."

"Where did you get it from?" Geezer Shi gave his disciple an once-over.

"Remember I went to guide Xiushan Team in their special training? When the chairman wanted to compensate me, I remembered that our team members still lacked an Internal Trainning Methods. So I asked him for something related to their team's Internal Training Methods. It's not the best, but good enough for them." Lou Cheng grinned.

This would not only help his teammates but also friends and relatives who wanted to enter the martial arts circle but was unable to enter the Ice God Sect.

Geezer Shi huffed. "You exchanged your tiny bit of contribution with an Internal Training Method? You only taught them once a week!"

"I was also embarrassed and thought I needed to chip in some money. But Chairman Wei agreed easily. He's really a good guy," said Lou Cheng.

"Yeah, he's good. The method isn't his anyway. Taking something belonging to the Foundation to exchange for goodwill with a promising mighty one like you, isn't that very cost-effective?" Geezer Shi thought it was ridiculous and laughable.

Lou Cheng chuckled dryly without replying. Ke had already come up with the same analysis for him.

"Give me the diagram of the Inner-refining Method then." Geezer Shi tut-tutted and turned around. "I didn't think you'd be so concerned about the Martial Arts Club."

Internal Training Methods of this level do not touch the core and spirit yet.

Lou Cheng smiled. "Our foundation is weak. If we want to catch up to other famous martial art schools, we need to make the most of everyone's strength." "You're pretty ambitious," said Geezer Shi, pretending to scold him.

"Hehe. Master, don't tell them I'm the one who gave them the method. I don't want them to be uncomfortable in front of me." Lou Cheng requested it of his master sincerely.

"Oh, you want to be an anonymous saint? Okay, deal." Geezer Shi waved him goodbye and walked towards the long bridge.

That was because he was not narrow-minded! Lou Cheng complained a little in his mind and then continued to refine his stamina.

Chapter 304: Filming Special Training

§§§Chapter 81 Filming Special Training

Having eaten breakfast, Lou Cheng pulled Yan Zheke along. He was in a great mood as he headed towards the martial arts arena, preparing to join the new school semesters first special training.

Feeling the gaze of each and every new classmate, he couldn't help but sigh and think to himself,

It's been a long time since I've gotten this kind of attention!

"It feels good to be back at school and displaying our affection like this."

"What are you laughing at?" Yan Zheke's elegant eyebrows moved slightly as she shot him a doubtful glance. Lou Cheng snickered, then said, "I'm so proud of myself, I have my own fairy!"

"Ugh... " Yan Zheke laughed despite herself. She felt like Cheng really was a secret charmer. The longer she got along with him, the more she could sense this.

Her spirits were soaring. The sky was blue, and the wind was clear.

Bantering back and forth in this way, the two of them reached the arena. They headed through the entrance and saw a few figures that shouldn't have been here at this time.
One of them was a woman wearing a white shirt on the inside, draped over by a light gray western style suit, complemented with a skirt that accentuated her graceful figure. Her short hair was perfectly cropped, giving off a cool and intelligently beautiful aura. There stood the Songcheng University television station reporter who had interviewed the martial arts club quite a few times before, Shu Rui. There was a small team beside her, busily preparing for the recording. Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke stared at one another and saw the same question in each other's eyes. Without having to say anything, they released each other's hands in order to avoid being recorded by the cameras as they walked in.

"Hi, Lou Cheng!" Shu Rui said while she looked all around her as if she'd suddenly discovered an old friend. Then she immediately waved in excitement.

"Reporter Shu, you've come this early for an interview?" Lou Cheng asked curiously as he walked over.

Yan Zheke followed behind with her hands behind her back, and her ears pricked up.

Shu Rui's dimples appeared as she smiled and said, "Not an interview. I'm here to record a program."

"Record a program?" Lou Cheng blurted in astonishment. What here was worthy of recording a program?

Exposing her upper teeth, Shu Rui said, "You and Lin Que have matured up until this point today. You're considered the finest in the entire university martial arts circle. Song Cheng University Martial Arts Club certainly can advance to the District level, perhaps we can even hope to strike out into the semifinals. It's the focal point of everyone's interest lately. Haha, I must first say congratulations."

"Since we represent the Song Cheng University Television Station, how could we possibly let this story slip by? Our leader's already approved for me to come and do a special program."

"Special?" said Lou Cheng as mulled over this word.
Confusion could also be seen on Yan Zheke's face.

Shu Rui chuckled lightly, "It's just a kind of documentary program. Starting from now until just before next April, I'll be coming over every once in a while to film some things, such as your special training, exercise drills, preparing for matches, warm-ups, competitions, and just ordinary daily life. Through all of these aspects, we'll be able to develop your true appearance. Once we've got all those materials, we'll be able to put out a special story to help encourage you all as you join the national competition."

"So it's that kind of program... " Lou Cheng thought for a moment and said, "Sounds really interesting."

"I've done a survey, many people are quite interested." Shu Rui responded with her eyes beaming.

This program was my plan, all mine!

Yan Zheke cracked a smile and observed this silently. She could practically see Reporter Shu's tail wagging in pride.

"We'll try to cooperate as much as possible." Lou Cheng politely responded, then pointed over to the other fighters, "I'm going to go join them first." "Oh, no need to rush! Since you're here, can you give me two sentences, even just one, just one sentence. Classmate Yan, wait a moment and you can also say something!" Shu Rui made the video camera point at Lou Cheng, and Yan Zheke moved to the side with great agility.

"Fine." Lou Cheng was already well experienced in this area and was no longer a novice.

Shu Rui giggled, then said, "Just relax, pretend we were chatting like a moment ago when I greeted you. Hi, Lou Cheng, you've arrived quite early!"

"It's not early Reporter Shu, you're all here too." Lou Cheng joked.

"You're in a good mood! You seem quite relaxed and full of energy. Do you have a definite goal when it comes to the National University Martial Arts Competition?" Shu Rui asked with a smile.

"One should always aim high", Lou Cheng answered wittily. "I understand. I don't want to hold up your special training, bye bye," Shu Rui said, and waved her hand.

"Bye." Lou Cheng stepped towards the other fighters, greeting Cai Zongming, Li Mao, Guo Qing, Sun Jian, Lin Hua, Jiang Fusheng, Li Xiaowen, Wu Meng and others.

As Yan Zheke was stopped by Shu Rui, she had no choice but to remain for a moment.

"Classmate Yan, you really are a beautiful girl, there's no need to be worried about being in front of the lens without makeup or not having photoshop." Shu Rui loosened into her everyday attitude as she began the interview.

"I'm not worried about that!" Yan Zheke innocently responded as she flashed a glance.

Shu Rui laughed, then said, "You haven't been interviewed many times before, it makes it hard for me to avoid any misunderstandings!" "That time I was a substitute. There was no need for me to steal the limelight," Yan Zheke said stiffly.

"Then, being a substitute, is that what you are preparing for in University Martial Arts?" Shu Rui asked, returning to the topic.

Her eyes bright, Yan Zheke said, "That's what I'm doing, but I still have a long ways to go. I'm hoping that before the District Contest I can approach the level of Professional Ninth Pin."

She wasn't modest, nor was she grandiose.

"Wow, that'd be amazing, I'm jealous!" With a gesture, Shu Rui said, "You can do it, Classmate Yan!"

"Thank you." Yan Zheke turned politely and with a handsome figure, headed towards the group. Just then, Lin Que brilliantly appeared from the locker room.

Shu Rui motioned to the cameraman to keep up as she marched forward, a nervous smile blooming on her face.

"Hi, Classmate Lin Que."

Hopefully, he is in a good mood today.

"It's you again." Lin Que glanced at her.

"What does he mean by 'again'?" Shu Rui's mouth twitched upon hearing this.

Was he ridiculing the fact that I've been an ordinary reporter for more than a year? That I'm still interviewing the Song Cheng University Martial Arts Club?" But being promoted for doing a job only a year isn't very long! Especially since I've disregarded a few suggestions from the leader...

She drew her lips back and said with a cold smile, "Yes, it's me again. I'm just an ordinary reporter. I have to make a living and the leader told me to do this, so all I can do is listen and reluctantly come over here."

"You can do it." Lin Que answered blankly as he walked past, not stopping as he went by the cameraman.

"You can do it? Just who in the hell is the interviewer here?!"
Shu Rui went lifeless for a moment.

This guy doesn't make any sense!

A few minutes later, Geezer Shi arrived and the cameraman pointed at everyone. "It's been almost a year that we've known each other. I won't talk nonsense. Instead, I'll get straight to the point," Geezer Shi said as he drank a mouthful of alcohol, "This semester we only have one objective. That's to advance into the University Martial Arts Competition District Contest, and by next April go to the capital to join and pass through to the finals of the competition!"

Afterward, he coughed twice and glanced at Lou Cheng, "And to accomplish that objective, this old man has prepared some Internal Training Methods to give you all."

"Internal Training Methods?" Li Mao blurted out, half frightened and half excited.

Cai Zongming was also shocked. He, Lou Cheng, Guo Qing, and others glanced at each other, their faces full of disbelief.

Things such as Internal Training Methods were priceless!

Other than dealing with a sect or an outstanding Martial Arts School, there were only three definite and precise channels to get access to Internal Training Methods. One was to join a professional competition and obtain it as a reward. The second was to set up a contribution fund and receive one from the government. The third was to dedicate oneself, slowly accumulate bit by bit, and then trade with the Martial Artist Association. Ordinarily many that circulated throughout the marketplace were fake, and furthermore, the government as well as the Martial Arts circles both detested businesses that caused Internal Training Methods to become widespread, simply for the sake of maintaining their own interests.

In other words, when a fighter with no inheritance obtained Internal Training Methods, it would be OK for him to use them to teach his disciples or even sell to someone. But if he sold to more than one man, he would be given a warning. This whole thing was technically a continuation of corrupt customs in the martial arts circle.

From the time Chu Weicai first opened a Martial Arts School until now, it had not been possible to obtain an Internal Training Method. That just goes to show how difficult it is.

Of course, this difficulty was only universal in regards to fighters. After Li Mao entered meditation, he himself felt that within a year he could obtain the Professional Ninth Pin qualification. Now he was a fourth year student and finding a job was of higher importance. Occasionally he would fantasize about going through a Martial Arts Club competition and obtaining an Inner Training Method reward. If that happened, he could possibly become a Ninth Pin in less than six months, play through a few games, and then open a small martial arts school in his own hometown!

However, if he was honest with himself, he also felt that this didn't seem truly attainable. However, at this very moment, the Inner Training Method was clear and vivid, right in front of his eyes.

How could this not make him excited? How could he not be ecstatic? He wanted to cry out for Coach Shi to live long and prosper!

Cai Zongming also felt this way. Even though Classmate Talker's family was well off, he didn't have any contacts in the martial arts world. After he had achieved meditation, he had tried to obtain Inner Training Methods, but they'd all ended in ignoble defeat. After school had started, he wanted to find Cheng and speak to him about this to see if he had any connections.

To beat this age and have Inner Training Methods, I couldn't say for sure if I'll walk the path of Martial Arts, but I can definitely use it to charge out into my own life!

Sun Jian, Lin Hua, Wu Meng, Li Xiaowen, and others were exceptionally happy. Even though they had failed to achieve Solemn Silence, using Inner Training Methods to practice asceticism was essential. In addition to the other content, it could possibly allow them to save time with physical practice. For example, Li Xiaowen's goal before was to be at an Amateur Third Pin level by the time she graduated and obtain a good certification. Now she was looking forward to the semi-finals where she could obtain this qualification.

After having this, one's life would be completely different.

"What's wrong? You don't want it?" Geezer Shi mumbled kiddingly. "We want it!" Li Mao, Cai Zongming and others responded in unison, their spirits high and their faces beaming with joy.

Seeing their reaction, Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke glanced at each other, their hearts filled with a sense of satisfaction and pride.

Even though they don't know the inner training methods come from me and they all show gratitude to Geezer Shi, I still feel very good from the bottom of my heart.

Hahaha, was this what it felt like to enjoy some good karma after doing a good deed?

Shu Rui watched, full of exhilaration, and made the cameraman record the proceedings.

In the following refining exercises, they recorded quite a few images of the team. They also went outside to film some environmental material, then afterwards they came back in and prepared to take their leave. Just then, Geezer announced that they were going to begin pair exercise drills.

According to their usual groups, Lou Cheng found Yan Zheke and talked for a moment about the recording of the program, but he saw an expressionless Lin Que approaching. Lin Que stared and said darkly,

"Let's fight to learn from each other."

It was as if two flames were burning in the depths of his eyes, and an intense fight would set them ablaze!

Lou Cheng thought about his brother-in-law's pride and how he couldn't accept a loss, so he was confident Lin Que would take the initiative and ask to fight to learn from each other. Due to this, he wasn't in the slightest bit surprised. He chuckled, then said,


Chapter 305: Fighting Sect VS Ice Sect

Shu Rui heard this right as she was going to retreat. After hearing their conversation, her eyes suddenly became bright.

That would be amazing! Amazing!

A direct confrontation between two Heavenly Sons. We can distinguish who is stronger on the first day of the special training!

Is the internal sparring within the Martial Arts Club of Songcheng University always this exciting?

Her feet stopped, her spirits rose, and her eyes sparkled as she signaled the cameraman to get a better spot and grab the golden spot beside the ring!

At this moment, Geezer Shi turned around and asked," Shu, aren't you gonna leave?" Shu Rui pretended she did not understand what he had just said. She replied in a very cute way," Please allow us to stay a few more minutes, please."

"No, no, I'm sorry, but you can't. We're going to have to clear people out as this concerns the secret of the Martial Arts Club's preparations for war." Old man Shi had a lot of experience, so it wasn't easy to deceive him, and he directly answered the question.

Shu Rui begged him, as if she had been wronged, "Coach Shi, we aren't strangers! We have had so many interviews before and we guarantee you that we will not divulge the secret to other people. Before the show is broadcast, I will ask you to go over it and see if there is anything I should not display."

"No, sorry, we can't." Shi Jianguo said and then shook his head with a smile.

"We can sign a guarantee!" Shu Rui raised her arm to swear. Geezer Shi stayed emotionless and said," Please go and keep the audience in suspense."

"All right." Realizing the resolute determination of this Mighty One with physical invulnerability, Shu Rui replied dejectedly. She told the camera team to leave, but they walked at a snail's pace, turning one step into three, which almost trampled all the ants on the ground to death.

The moment they exited the arena, she heard the sound of footsteps behind her. She became excited because she thought Coach Shi had changed his mind.

Constantly bear it in mind, we will get good results!

Shu Rui turned back. Then she saw Cai Zongming. She smiled very gently and asked,

"Club manager, what brings you here?" Cai Zongming looked at her in a very appreciative way, but even if he was willing to help he was powerless to render assistance, so he said,

"Locking the door."

Locking the door... Shu Rui looked at him while he closed the door and as she was turning back she heard the sound of the door shutting, "bang!", the lock clasped.

The wind was blowing, and her hair was dancing with it.

After a long time, she turned around and asked the photographer and the rest of the team to leave, in a low voice,

"Let's go"

"Shu, don't worry too much about this. This happens all the time. No one would allow strangers to leak out their secret by letting them shoot their private competition." The beauty frowned, but the photographer didn't have a heart of stone, so he comforted her.

"I understand," Shu Rui was full of energy again as she replied with a big smile, "but I don't know whether I should say this... "


Wu Meng and Jiang Fusheng helped Li Xiaowen invite all the students who were training in the arena to the Strength Training Gymnasium and told them to stay inside for a while, and maybe use the training devices to kill time. But they returned to the arena themselves and surrounded the arena in order to watch the game.They were waiting for the next game to begin with a lot of interest.

It looks like this has become a Martial Arts Club tradition?

It was the first day of the special training, and also the fight between Lin Que and Lou Cheng! Even though Lin Que had defeated Lou Cheng last time, Lou Cheng progressed a lot and even won the championship of the Youth Match, which endowed him the capability of being a Seventh-Pin. This time, who can tell which one is stronger?

——However, they didn't think that Lou Cheng was guaranteed to succeed because Lin Que had already entered Dan Stage this June. After three months of hard training, it was difficult to say which level he was really at!

But Yan Zheke knew them very well. She was going to say something about this, but, in the end, she decided to remain silent.

This sort of thing, I'd better let them solve by themselves. It's the basic principle among fighters. No matter how close we are, we shouldn't get too involved in their fights.

Based on what she knew about Lou Cheng and Lin Que, she was sure that they would spend all their might fighting, without considering any other factors. Lou Cheng smiled at his girlfriend and stepped onto the stage. He was very curious about how much his Brother-in-law had improved during these two months.

The Dan Stage training method?

The moves to deal with other moves?

He has officially become an apprentice of Shushan Study and has probably learned some tactics from the Fighting Sect.

What a pity. I just learned a new move this morning, but I haven't made any progress on it. Other than the external release of force and some rough applications. Because I can replace it with my supernatural ability, I can, for the moment, skip the hardest part... Lou Cheng was thinking about many things simultaneously, and at the end, he stood beside his teacher.

Fighting to my full potential is the only way to truly respect Brother-in-law! Lin Que was already there waiting for him. His eyes were cold but also burning in a rather contradictory manner.

"It's just a simple fight, so we won't leave you time for meaningless chatter." Geezer Shi cleared his throat and said, "just begin."

The moment right after he said that, Lin Que's qi and blood immediately expanded and contracted. He was like a bomb that was about to explode as he bombarded the enemy. It was so fast that Lou Cheng almost thought that he was going to break the speed of sound.


The explosive sound of qi and Lin Que arrived almost at the same time, which didn't give Lou Cheng any time to dodge, nor the time to use his "Severe Warning". So instead of retreating, he just readjusted his center of gravity, contracted his muscles, and used all his energy to counter-attack. He gave him a hard blow, like thunder. We'll see which is stronger, my exploding 24 Blizzard Strikes of Dan Stage or your Yin-yang Twist of Dan Stage!

When they were about to collide head-on, Lin Que stopped suddenly, his right arm swelled, and his fist swung out. It was so fast that it appeared to be dragging his shadow.

But this hit didn't land on Lou Cheng. Instead, it landed on the vacant space between them.


Starting with Lin's empty fist, it seemed as though a small bomb had been detonated in place, and the shock wave, wrapped in the air, rushed toward Lou Cheng, tearing at his body.

A hit like an exploding mountain!

Fighting Sect, No. 127, Meteor Blast! Lou Cheng was very surprised by this move. He defended against the attack, being knocked directly backwards, with his fingers wide open as his left arm bounced back.

He wobbled backwards from the huge shockwave while defending skillfully.

After his first move, Lin Que continued attacking with the rest of his moves. First, he continuously erupted twice. With his right leg supporting him, he took a step forward with his left foot, as if he was digging up soil.

Bang! The ground he stood upon was intact, but the surface around him exploded into pieces like a volcanic eruption. The pieces turned into hidden weapons that shot upwards.

Fighting Sect, NO.116, Earth Cracking!

The moment when Lou Cheng was confronting the shock wave, he felt the big explosive force from Lin. He lost his center of gravity and he had to deal with all the pieces that were attacking him. At the crucial juncture, Lou Cheng bent his leg and held up his qi. First, he used the Dan realm to relax his muscle, which counteracted part of the force from the hidden weapons, and then he used all his energy to pull off an explosion to defend against the pieces. His muscle even began to swell and turn black.

At this moment, Lin Que still didn't let him fight back. When Lou Cheng was approaching, Lin Que stretched out his right hand and opened his hand, reaching out towards him.

Continuous attacks!

In the Fighting Sect, a move that can attack seven times in a row, with both ranged combat and close combat, would be the famous move of physical invulnerability, Fighting Sect No.6, "Big Dipper Kill"!

If you can only manage five, four or three attacks in a row, then that would be the subordinate, No.1. But of course, "subordinate" was a relative word. It was still too formidable. There were only 9 levels in the physical invulnerability stage of the Fighting Sect, and what Lin Que used at the moment was just a rudimentary one.

Fighting Sect, No.10, Doomed Death!

Seeing that the right hand of his Brother-in-law was about to catch him and finish his continuous attacks, Luo Cheng took a breath and shook his right hand.

A glowing white light shot onto the floor and leapt from one side to the other rapidly, rushing at Lin Que!

The 26th movement of the Ice Sect, Ice Burning!

Chapter 306: Recruitment

The cold light with Lou Cheng's punch ran close to the ground, instantly hitting the opponent who was almost within reach. The punch left a trail of frost as if bringing early winter to the Indian summer.

Lin Que seemed as if he had stepped on a landmine. His leg was swallowed by the snow-white "blaze" rising from the ground, forming a layer of translucent ice.

He could not help shivering and slowed his move to seize Lou Cheng.

The time was now! Lou Cheng moved to his brother-in-law's side. He concentrated his qi, blood, and force, concentrated and they rose, lifting his muscle so he seemed larger than ever.

In a sudden snap, he whipped out his metal-like right punch from below with a tremor force. It made a sharp ringing sound through the friction against the air currents. At such a distance, he did not have to worry about Lin Que dodging him!

That scene stunned Li Mao and the rest speechless as if they were watching a fight between warriors of physical vulnerability!

Since when can Cheng use his Power of Frost?

In the Youth Tournament last August, he did not show this even in the final two most challenging rounds!

In just a month, he has made a breakthrough in his supernatural ability and transformed it completely?

No wonder Coach Shi tried to send Journalist Shu away. This really was a "surprise" for Shanbei!

On the arena, Lin Que seemed still affected by Ice Burning. He subconsciously pulled the left side of his back, trying to dodge toward the right but was hit straight in the ribs by Lou Cheng's single whip.

With a sudden snap, his body trembled violently. His bones and muscles, skins and channels, all collapsed and contracted as his qi, blood, and force, concentrated and surged. It seemed that Lou Cheng only managed to hit the air. The shock from the burst also vanished.

He twisted his waist at a sharp turn at his waist and his Big Dan gushed. Lin Que's muscles bulged one by one, scraping the airflow at high speed and causing a series of sounds that excited the audience.

Yin-yang Twist, Dragon Whispered!

Leveraging part of the borrowed force, Lin Que swung his arms. He threw a violent punch, attacking his opponent's lower abdomen at close range.

When he was simulating the explosion of the Dan state, he did not use the Meteor force. Once he had completed the genuine Force Concentration, he may not be able to do it in his current state.

They were so close Lou Cheng could hear his opponent's breathing. He knew one passive move would only force him to be more passive. An old saying went that victory would go to those who take the initiative. Thus he gritted his teeth and induced Double Explosion.

With a swing and lift of his right arm, he threw his punch.


The shock waves coming from these punches caused a strong wind in the arena. Lou Cheng swung his body and withdrew his right arm, attempting to transform the coming force into Mega Avalanche. But he found only emptiness, without any force for him to borrow.

Lin Que's violent trembling had yet to cease as he moved like a puppet. He stood on the side, condensing the incoming force and the force from himself. Almost bursting out of his martial arts suit, he charged furiously at his opponent like a meteor storm!

This was the perfect mix of Yin-yang Twist and Force Concentration!

Double Explosion!

The wind snapping and sizzling, Lin Que turned into a mountain made of metal and was about to close in onto his opponent. Their distance was less than a step away.

Lou Cheng's weight shifted and moved sideways. He lowered his body and dodged the attack. He kicked at his opponent's weak point on his lower body, trying to make Lin Que lose balance and fall by himself.

Just then, Lin Que's body became still and screeched to a stop, the same way he did at the beginning of their match. The sound of the friction was sharp and terrifying. He restrained the accumulation of his power and stopped just before Lou Cheng's right foot before his kick made contact.

Almost immediately, Lin Que took a step forward and skillfully avoided this attack. He threw his right arm from below with a snap, so furious that it could break even metal and stone!

Depending only on the mysteries of Yin-yang Twist and Meteor Blast, he had sustained himself this far using the Force Concentration and the borrowed force!

Under such circumstances, Lou Cheng decided to withdraw his Qi and blood and brought together in the Dantian. He reached out his hands expressionlessly, with his blue tendons, vessels, and muscles bulging.

He used one hand to grasp Lin Que's fist and the other to pull sideways.

Boom! The attack threw his right hand backwards and his fingers kept shivering. Thanks to the pull, the false grasp of Lin Que's fist, and the unloading of the force in his palm, he managed to avoid a fracture.

He dared not stubbornly resist and retreated two steps back along the counterforce.

With Lin Que's successful attack, he stepped even harder and approached Lou Cheng in record time.

Lou Cheng exhaled suddenly and used his Force Concentration again, bringing the Qi and blood back in the Dantian and steadied himself.

His martial arts suit stretched tightly over his body, outlining his muscles. He moved his left shoulder and threw out the arm. His punch crackled in the air, aiming for the middle of Lin Que's torso.

Lin Que managed to fend off this punch with his arms. He tried to visualize and adjust his posture again, borrowing and released force with his Yin-yang Twist.

However, he was fundamentally different from Lou Cheng because he had not reached the explosion of the Dan stage yet. So he could only release a little force and his head also fell back with this hit.

Lou Cheng followed him without any hesitation, delivering his Thunder Roar Zen persistently and furiously.


Lin Que shivered violently, feeling dizzy and frozen in place.

Before his master announced the outcome, Lou Cheng stopped and sighed quietly to himself.

His brother-in-law was just recently promoted and the limit of his body had yet to realize the change, thus he was still in the level of normal Eighth Pin of the Dan stage. He was not strong enough to complete the serial explosions. Otherwise, he would have put an even tougher fight.

A fighter at the normal Eighth Pin of the Dan stage could make Double Explosion at most. Even Zhou Zhengquan who was training to improve his endurance could only do the Triple Explosion. Though Lou Cheng's previous opponents, Qiu Lin and Meng Jiefeng were Eighth Pin fighters, they were professionals and their physical bodies were closer to the Seventh Pin.

Lin Que's consecutive moves in the beginning had impressed Lou Cheng. Lin Que had showed a completely different fight mode from before. If not the breakthrough of his Power of Frost and his preliminary understanding of Ice Burning helping him to interrupt Lin Que's moves, he would have likely lost.

Was this the powerful and historical Dan stage?

His brother-in-law has made such amazing progress in mere three months since his breakthrough. Peng Leyun had already received the certificate of the Sixth Pin after entering the Dan stage two years ago and also had the Unique Skill of the Thunder Sect. What about himself?

One could not realize it through mere videos and could never develop a deeper understanding of it without experience.

Thinking of these, the giddy self-satisfied feeling he had since winning the Youth Tournament vanished.

He had underestimated Peng Leyun!

Breaking out of his reverie, he watched Lin Que who was standing there stupefied and panting. He said with an honest smile,

"You have to work on your physical strength."

He knew that any other comments would have annoyed Lin Que since his brother-in-law was such a proud and aloof person. It was better to give direct suggestions. Lin Que came round again. Without saying anything, he turned back and walked down the stone steps. Near the end of the stairs, he paused and gave a gentle nod.

Lou Cheng exhaled and turned toward Yan Zheke, who wore a complicated expression. She seemed both deeply moved and sorrowful.

Since young, Lin Que had always been her idol.


In the late September after the military training, Yan Xiaoling hurried to the square with He Zi and Mu Jinnian.

Today was the recruitment day for all student organizations!

They did not hesitate or allow themselves to get distracted by the cosplayers and advertisements. They headed straight for the Martial Arts Club stand. There were a large group of students there, almost forming a line.

"We came so early, but we still have to wait." Yan Xiaoling pretended to sob.

She had become more comfortable with her roommates.

"Isn't it because a certain someone woke up late today?" He Zi lifted her two palms helplessly. There was a change to her style today. She wore a cartoon T-shirt, shorts, a pair of sports shoes, and a backpack. Only her round-shaped glasses remained the same.

"Ah, I'm exhausted after the military training." Having queued up, Yan Xiaoling noticed the one manning the stand was Cao Zongming.

Just as she was thinking if she should be shameless and enter through the back door, Mu Jinnian patted her on the shoulder and pointed to another direction. "Here comes your idol." Ah? Idol? Lou Cheng! Yan Xiaoling turned around and saw Lou Cheng who was usually separated by a screen appear by the stand.

The real person was even more charismatic!

It was him in real life! In real life! Having cheered, Yan Xiaoling stepped back and hid behind He Zi as if she had transformed into a cowardly quail.

What to do? What to do? Lou Cheng was just right there...

"Didn't you say you'd throw yourself at Lou Cheng to get an autograph and photo once you see him?" He Zi turned back and asked indignantly.

"I-I'm nervous. I-I can't even talk." Yan Xiaoling hung down her head, stared at her feet, and stole glances at Lou Cheng from time to time. "He Zi, He Zi, can you ask him for me?" He Zi glared at her. "Had you not acknowledge me as your godfather, I'll definitely not help!"

Er, how many godfathers had she acknowledged... Yan Xiaoling suddenly thought of this issue.

He Zi took the notebook and the marker from Mu Jinnian and ran to Lou Cheng. With a smile, she said, "Nice to meet you! Can you please give me your signature?"

Lou Cheng had long noticed Yan Xiaoling but pretended not to recognize her to hide his habit of visiting his fan forum. He smiled.


He took the notebook and signed it.

Thinking for a moment, He Zi added, "Can you write 'for Quail'?" "Of course." Lou Cheng agreed easily as a way of thanking Yan Xiaoling for her contributions to his fan forum.

He wrote a 'for' and then paused.

"What's wrong?" He Zi asked in confusion.

"N-Nothing. Let me look at my phone." Lou Cheng laughed with embarrassment.

Damn it. How to spell quail?

Chapter 307: One Year After Another

Lou Cheng forced himself to remain cool and typed "quail" on his mobile while pretending to reply a message. He memorized the characters and then wrote it down flamboyantly, pretty pleased with himself.

"Done." He passed the notebook back to He Zi and secretly felt a bit ashamed.

To be honest, he used to be able to spell quail in his senior year. But ever since he got in the university, the keyboard had replaced papers and he often found himself unable to spell words.

That was the peak of my erudition in my life!

He Zi looked at Lou Cheng with suspicion before expressing her gratitude. As soon as she returned to the back of the team, she tore that page off and gave it to Yan Xiaoling.

"Stupid chicken!" said she. ("Such a coward!") Yan Xiaoling was brightened up by joy and answered exaggeratedly, "He Zi, I admire you! I worship you!"

Her voice was crispy and tender as if an elementary school student.

He Zi and Mu Jinnian exchanged a glance and answered with no expression on their face, "I don't need a stupid chicken to worship me."

Used to such cold treatment, Yan Xiaoling didn't seem to care. She glanced at Lou Cheng secretly and appeared very concerned. "I feel his face looks a bit pale. Is he sick?"

"Considering his current physique... It's not easy for him to get sick besides injuries and the sequel of the secret skills of the Plague Sect." Mu Jinnian answered in a flat tone. She was a true fan of Lin Que and had no special feeling towards Lou Cheng. As a devoted fan of Lin Que, Lou Cheng was just another passer-by. "Maybe something went wrong during his training or practice... " He Zi let her imagination go wild and created an exciting story in her head.

With Lou Cheng's current listening ability, an open conversation in such a distance was heard clearly. He shook his head with a wry smile.

If only my power of blaze wasn't awakened the second time yesterday... If only I wasn't still ill and suffering from the boomerang... If only I wasn't banned from training by my master and Coach Yan... Why would I be here helping Ming with the recruiting?

The improved power of frost slightly changed Lou Cheng's root pulp and pushed his physical strength further up to the standard for the second power of blaze awakening, a few days earlier than the beginning of October as Geezer Shi had expected. After this awakening, Lou Cheng's strength, speed, and agility would officially catch up with any Professional Seventh Pin fighter in the Dan stage. As time went by, Yan Xiaoling finally made it to the front of the line, facing Cai Zongming and Li Xiaowen.

"It's you!" Smiled Ming amiably as he passed three application forms to them.

Yan Xiaoling didn't feel shy or nervous at all in front of Ming. She asked cheerfully, "Can we get an autograph by joining in the Martial Arts Club?"

She didn't mention Lou Cheng's name as her idol was right there.

"Of course. Come. I'll sign one for you. Keep it safe. It will be worth a fortune!" Joked Cai Zongming.

The atmosphere was suddenly relaxed. Yan Xiaoling picked up a pen and began to fill in the form. As she put a slash in the Martial Arts Rank field, she felt inferior. Spending all your long holidays in bed meant she had no time for any exercise. Not to mention martial arts training.

Once her application was done, she looked about out of curiosity to check on her roommates.

He Zi, Amateur Second Pin... Err... Jinnian, Amateur Third Pin... Yan Xiaoling's mouth opened wide to an O shape.

When did they become so good at it?

They are both at least Amateur Third Pin!

I'm the only weak chicken...

In a flash, a popular joke came to her mind.

Thank you, roommates, for sparing my life! Cai Zongming took back the form and glanced at it with a bright smile.

"Welcome to the Martial Arts Club. The orientation will be held after the holiday. I'll call you once the time is set."

"Wow! Manager, you were never this enthusiastic before!" Teased Yan Xiaoling, surprised.

Cai Zongming withdrew his smile and answered thoughtfully,

"Of course. Now I know who you are. How can I be not nice to you?"

"Who we are?" Yan Xiaoling looked at He Zi and Mu Jinnian, all puzzled.

Don't I know who I am at the age of almost 20? Am I a lost daughter of the boss of Taobao? Cai Zongming laughed,

"The future of the communist career!"

The three girls and many other students burst into a laugh.

This manager is really funny!

When the crowd got smaller, Cai Zongming sneaked to Lou Cheng's side and whispered,

"Cheng, this year's freshmen are pretty decent!"

"You mean their martial arts skill or their face?" Lou Cheng looked at Talker, feeling unsure.

"Damn. How could you doubt my chastity! Anyway, the peak year of good-looking students is ours. Your girlfriend, Lin Que, and me. Super!" Cai Zongming posed before continuing, "I've found four new members of or higher than Amateur Third Pin within two hour."

"Err... That is pretty decent." Lou Cheng's eyes lit up, very glad.

Different from those professional teams, a university martial arts club would suffer greatly from fluidity as every year there would be members graduating from school. The freshmen's quality became very important.

Lou Cheng could leave everything behind after his graduation but he had developed feelings for the club and the school after one year of training side by side with other members and the unconditional support from the audience. He had taken over the responsibility to keep it going strong on his own initiative.

"In general, they are better than us. He-heh... Don't look at me like that. You had no rank, no strength, and no experience back then." Cai Zongming poked fun at him. "That's right. When we first joined, the imposing Lin Que of Professional Ninth Pin was followed by an Amateur Fifth Pin student... " Lou Cheng tried to argue, "My brother-in-law can fight ten single-handed!"

Cai Zongming sneered and answered after a moment of thinking, "I bet next year we will get some even better ones. Think about it. When these kids filed their university applications, our club was still struggling at the division stage and earned some fame in the finals where Lin Que at the edge of Professional Eighth Pin and the Dan stage was the only selling point and you were merely a talent with some potential and insane physical strength. Next year I'm sure more capable youngsters will consider our school."

"True. A great result from the national finals and Internal Training Methods are enough to draw some talents' attention." Lou Cheng stood up to exercise his body, looking forward to the future.

Until this day, he still wouldn't call himself a talent though he was used to being called one by many. ...

After the long holiday, soon it came to the middle of October.

A sharp alarm went off, waking Yan Xiaoling up from a sweet dream. She struggled to get out of her bed.

She sat there still, very confused, and finally realized why she got up so early.

The Martial Arts Club's orientation is on this morning!

She opened He Zi's mosquito net and muttered, "He Zi! Oh!
He Zi! Wake up! Wake up!"

Inside the mosquito net was a black cat with green eyes, sitting by the rally carelessly. "Err... " Yan Xiaoling was lost for a second but soon shouted in shock, "I knew there was a cat! He Zi, you are transformed from a cat! There are monsters in this world!"

She suddenly felt odd and turned around to the door, seeing He Zi come in from the washroom.

She took another look at the black cat and understood there was some misunderstanding.

"Idiot... " He Zi's mouth twitched.

"Ha-hah... I was kidding." Yan Xiaoling watched the cat jump down from the bed and run out of the room. "He Zi, this is your cat?"

"No, we can't have any pet in the dorm. I think its owner is a teacher living in that teachers' apartment. It often comes here to see me." He Zi suddenly softened talking about the cat, her eyes shining brightly. "How did you know it?" asked Yan Xiaoling curiously as she got off her bed.

He Zi smiled while recalling, "This is destiny! "I got to the room first and found it trapped behind the wardrobe, meowing. I tried really hard to get it out. I even planned to tear the bed apart... "

"Then? You moved the bed away and saved it?" Asked Yan Xiaoling with great interests.

He Zi was lost for a second and then smiled,

"Not really. It broke free before I got there."

Why the heck did I waste so much effort and sleeping time?

Yan Xiaoling frowned and nodded solemnly. She walked to He Zi and patted her shoulder to comfort her. "I think we will be good friends."

After washing up, Yan Xiaoling, He Zi, and Mu Jinnian headed towards the martial arts club. The last student of this room, Chen Youni was still not here. According to the counselor, she was sick and wouldn't come until her disease was cured.

Thanks to the two members in the Dan stage and their outstanding performance last term, the martial arts club attracted many new members, including a decent number of students in their second or even third years. The stadium was packed, way busier than last year.

"How lively!" Yan Xiaoling looked about excitedly.

Her eyes shone when she spotted the pretty Yan Zheke in her white martial arts suit. "Can you see? How beautiful that senior is! She's prettier in real life than on the screen!" Yan Xiaoling pointed her out for He Zi and Mu Jinnian with joy.

"Yep." He Zi took a quick glance and nodded.

"I really want to take a photo of her!" Yan Xiaoling whispered with excitement.

She saw the elegant, fresh Yan Zheke turn and move towards them.

"The closer, the prettier!" Said Yan Xiaoling with a fascinated smile. She suddenly stopped when she realized Yan Zheke was heading towards her!

Coming to me?

Coming to me for what? Confused and stressed, as soon as Yan Zheke stopped in front of her, she nervously greeted, "Hi, sister."

What is the matter?

Yan Zheke smiled gently, "Hi, Little Changye."

"Ahh? Little Changye? Little Changye!" Yan Xiaoling was shocked, opening her mouth wide like a stunned cat.

All of a sudden, she no longer knew who this beautiful senior was.

Chapter 308: Meet With the Internet Pal

"I... I... You... You know me?" Yan Xiaoling interrupted when she recovered from the shock.

Even Box and Jin don't know this nickname Little Changye.
My current QQ name is Master Hua!

At this very moment, the stunned girl had two ideas.

My hidden identity is revealed!

I'll talk! I'll tell everything!

Amused by Yan Xiaoling's response, Yan Zheke tried hard to restrain her laughter. She waited for a moment to answer. "I'm a frequenter on the forum and have seen many of your posts and your photos. I always find you cute and adorable. I've been looking for you." She added silently, "Also very amusing!"

Yan Xiaoling blushed. "I'm not that good... "

Hang on. She must know how I got an online father and a bunch of online elder relatives... She must know how I poked fun at myself... She must know my nickname Shit Eating Moderator...

Hmm... I'd rather die! I'll hide in my room for six months without going out!

"Wait! She's a member of the Martial Arts Club. She often visits Lou Cheng's forum. She's a gorgeous senior sister... " Yan Xiaoling's brain worked hard and finally reached some conclusion. She blurt out, "You are... "

Her high pitch drew much attention from the crowd. Their eyes quieted her down and her imposing manner shrank. She continued with a lowered voice, "Are you Lou Cheng's Girlfriend?"

Otherwise, how could she have the first-hand information on his matches?

She claimed to be a student of the Songcheng University. She called herself a cute girl.

"Yes!" Yan Zheke answered with a faint smile.

To be honest, my heart had quite a journey before deciding to come over and say hi generously.
A female fan of her boyfriend... Watching in a distance online seems fine but once she physically appears in reality, I can't help feeling complicated. I always try to act maturely and rationally but after all, I'm a young girl just under 19 years old. I do have concerns and I do lose control of my imagination. I sometimes make several plans to respectively handle each specific situation. However, after I made all those plans, I found it rather ridiculous and I decided to be simple and bright. Maybe Little Changye in real life is just as amusing and funny as the girl online.

"Ohh!" Yan Xiaoling nodded continuously with excitement.

There is a forum member in the Martial Arts Club! And she is a cute girl!

The excited girl could no longer hold her mouth. She asked curiously, "Sister, are you really Lou Cheng's girlfriend?"

Otherwise, why would she pick such a name?

He Zi and Mu Jinnian had totally lost in their conversation until this question popped up, their eyes locked, attention paid fully, crying out their desire for gossip.

"Yeah," answered Yan Zheke calmly, her lips curved. Considering how shameless Cheng and I can get showing off our love, Little Changye will figure it out herself in no time once she joins in the Martial Arts Club and comes to classes for a week.

"I knew it!" Shouted Yan Xiaoling in great delight with her right hand waving in the air.

How exciting it is! I'm chatting with Lou Cheng's girlfriend now!

Hmm! They doubted my intuition!

"I saw you guessed so." Yan Zheke's dimples appeared along with a sweet smile. She then naturally changed the topic to interesting stuff on the forum.

She was a girl of details, very good at socializing. She didn't mention any of Eternal Nightfall's dark history, so she wouldn't feel embarrassed in front of her roommates. However, she underestimated Yan Xiaoling. How could a girl so used to self- deprecation control her mouth when it came to a familiar topic? She immediately revealed her true form and exposed many of her embarrassing moments.

He Zi and Mu Jinnian didn't know much about Yan Zheke or Lou Cheng's fans club. It would have been hard for them to get involved in this conversation but Yan Xiaoling's self- deprecation made it a lot easier. They couldn't help asking for details and the conversation went on merrily.

Once Yan Xiaoling calmed down, she at once realized how wrong it had been and noticed her roommates' strange eyes on her as if saying,

Yan Xiaoling, we didn't expect this from you!

"Boo... I want to die!" Yan Xiaoling covered her face with her hands.

Yan Zheke covered her mouth and chuckled, her body rocking back and forth slightly. She took a glance at her watch and asked, "Little Changye, will you participate in the special training?" "Special training?" Details about the special training flashed in Yan Xiaoling's head and her face turned paler.

"I... I don't think I will... Look at my skinny arms and legs... "

Four hours training every day... I'd rather die!

Lazy as me, I only eat one meal a day so I don't have to get up early... No way I'm joining in the special training!

However, a sudden disappointment and pity hit her. "Not in the special training, I can't watch Lou Cheng exercise or get first-hand information... "

"I... Knew... It..." Yan Zheke said word by word silently before putting on a gentle smile. "What about some office work for the club? Do you want to help Sister Xiaowen organize on- site cheering?" Yan Xiaoling was pleasantly surprised! "No special training but I can hang out in the Martial Arts Club all the time! This is amazing!"

"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" She happily agreed.

"Go and find Sister Xiaowen later. That one." Yan Zheke pointed at Li Xiaowen before giving her QQ number to Yan Xiaoling. "I have to go back now."

"Bye, sister. You are so nice!" Yan Xiaoling waved excitedly.

She's a perfect match for Lou Cheng!

Yan Xiaoling took out her mobile and published a new post on the forum, beginning with an arrogant and complacent emoji.

"Ha-hah... Breaking news! But I'm not telling anyone!" "Not interested! Get lost!" Brahman, waiting for her live broadcast, replied at once.

Yan Xiaoling didn't feel scolded at all. She sent a waggling emoji and replied, "Brahman, I really want to share with you but the senior sister is so sweet. I must keep the secret for her."

Ask me. Ask me!

How soft-hearted I am!

"Senior sister... Lou Cheng's girlfriend?" Okamoto's Fan hit right at the point.

"I... I didn't say anything!" Yan Xiaoling pouted innocently as she typed.

"Really? Is it the beautiful member of the Martial Arts Club?" There were not many possibilities. Brahman began with the most likely one. "How did you get it so easily? That makes me feel less good about it!" Yan Xiaoling added the "face full of tears" emoji.

Mu Jinnian asked out of confusion, "Ling, do you know how to organize on-site cheering?

"You agreed to it so fast with zero hesitation."

"Of course!" Yan Xiaoling straightened her chest. "I'm a pro...

She felt disbelief in He Zi and Mu Jinnian's eyes and quickly added,


Hah... A professional fan.

… Yan Zheke stepped back to Lou Cheng quickly and lightly, carrying a smile while recalling Little Changye's amusing responses.

"You... You went to meet Eternal Nightfall?" Asked Lou Cheng nervously. He didn't quite understand why he felt so nervous.

"Can't I?" Yan Zheke tilted her head with a faint smile.

"Sure. No problem!" Lou Cheng made his attitude clear before continuing with his questions, "I'm just curious... I thought you would stay away from her just like me."

He didn't forget to give himself some credit.

Yan Zheke chuckled, her eyes glancing across Lou Cheng's face. "I had a very complicated feeling at the beginning. Then I thought it through and decided to be more open-minded about it. Hmm... Little Changye didn't let me down. She is a very interesting and honest kid." "Don't try to sound old. Ke, you are only 18 years and 10 months old." Lou Cheng felt relieved and poked fun at his girlfriend.

Yan Zheke bit her lower lip and said with some emotion,

"Cheng, sometimes I feel confused. Am I too rational, too polite or too concerned about interpersonal relationships? I want to do my best at everything. This time when I went back for my grandpa's birthday, some relatives made improper jokes at me and introduced me to some youths promising and talented to their standard. They said I should keep these options open for after my graduation but I just wanted to walk away and yell at them that I have a boyfriend already. Then I thought that would be silly and rude. So I smiled hypocritically instead of saying anything.

"Sigh... Sometimes I just want to be capricious and be myself."

At the beginning of the special training, the Martial Arts Club only gave three days off during the long holiday. Yan Zheke went back to attend her grandpa's 70s birthday celebration and Lou Cheng's short trip plan failed before made.

Listening to his girlfriend's rare complain, Lou Cheng tried to comfort her humorously. "Aren't you already capricious? Your family doesn't want you to have a relationship during your university years but you are dating me. How does it feel to free yourself?"

Yan Zheke glared at him with affection, her lips pursed and her head turned away. She lowered her voice so no one could hear her,

"Not bad!"

Cai Zongming walked into the ring to host the orientation as the club manager.

Lou Cheng burst into a laugh as soon as he saw him. "Ha-hah... Is it really Talker?

"He used to describe Manager Chen's brows as flying bugs... Now his hair is so sleek that no bug can land! Any bug would slip on his hair!"

Yan Zheke was also amused by Little Ming but her comment was interrupted by the vibration in her pocket.

She took her phone out, confused, and saw a message from Yan Xiaoling with an emoji brimming with expectations.

"Sister, may I ask you a question? What kind of person is Lou Cheng? We are all very curious."

Yan Zheke pursed her lips and smiled, recalling the past and praising her thought into words, her eyes softening gradually.

She lowered her head and began to type, the corners of her mouth turning upward subconsciously. "Just like what you felt before."

A boy very warm, very thoughtful and very caring.

About how funny he is... I'll keep it to myself.

Time went by quickly in their hard training. One week before the Professional Ranking Event, the sortition ceremony for the regional stage of the national university martial arts competition took place, two weeks earlier than that of last year.

Every member of the martial arts club gathered in the office, waiting for the live broadcast.

Their performance last year was awful. Lou Cheng and Lin Que were not invited to the scene of the event. A teacher of the university was assigned as the representative.

Chapter 309: Every Dog Has Its Day

In the office of Martial Arts Club, there was not only veteran players, like Lou Cheng and Lin Que, but also new members, like He Zi, Mu Jinnian, and Wang Dali, who had only been training for two weeks. Even Shu Rui was there guiding the cameraman to record the daily life in the club.

It was late October, so the weather has gradually turned cold. Shu Rui, who often came here recently, was wearing a casual thin sweater and a skirt that went down to the knees, instead of something more professional. Dressing in such a youthful style made her look like a college student, causing Li Mao, Wang Dali, and the others to glance at her occasionally.

"Take it easy, don't worry about the camera. Just pretend that you don't see us and keep chatting like you would usually." Looking around with her sharp eyes, Shu Rui was trying to find topics for them.

However, no one took her words seriously. They all wanted to show a good image to the people who watched this interview. While all the new members like He Zi were so nervous that they kept moving slowly to hide behind someone's back, Geezer Shi, who was still enjoying his wine and spicy peanuts, didn't seem to care about the reporter at all. On the other side, Lin Que was standing quietly with his hands in his pockets. From this angle, Shu Rui could see his sharp profile and stoic

On the computer screen, those several special guests were still making their boring speeches.

Leaning back in his seat, Lou Cheng took out his cellphone to text Yan Zheke, who was sitting next to him. He typed, "I feel so uncomfortable in front of the camera," followed by a crying emoji.

Having been informed in advance that Shu Rui would come to take videos of them, Yan Zheke even applied makeup before she went to the martial arts club today. While keeping her makeup simple, she was wearing a cotton skirt and silk stockings, which made her as pretty as a picture in the interior light. Lou Cheng had been praising her as a little fairy. Noticing what her boyfriend was doing, Yan Zheke also took out her cell phone. After replying to Lou Cheng with a "laughing behind hand" emoji, she wrote, "Isn't it weird? Why can't we chat face to face?"

"We have no choice since the reporter is staring at us!" Lou Cheng sent a painful emoji.

"Can't you keep quiet for a while instead of annoying me?" Yan Zheke replied with a "looking upwards" emoji, pretending to get angry. But she was actually feeling happy.

Lou Cheng replied with finality. "I can't!"

Yan Zheke arched her eyes and eyebrows and sent a "touch your head" emoji. "Okay, let elder sister take care of you~!"

"Hehe, you're so cute when you call yourself senior sister." Lou Cheng "giggled". "Really? Is that the only time you think I'm cute?" Yan Zheke replied with a "sit and wait for praise with a lovely face" emoji.

"Not exactly. You are even cuter when you call me Pervert!" Lou Cheng replied with a sinister smile.

Puff… Yan Zheke bit her pink lip as soon as she saw the text. Her body was trembling because she was having trouble stifling a laugh and resisting the urge to give her boyfriend a supercilious look, as well as a kick. Gnashing her teeth, she typed with great force.

"I'll call the police!"

Lou Cheng's mouth twitched with laughter unconsciously, and it took him great effort to control his facial expression. In the eyes of Shu Rui, and everyone else who didn't know they were flirting, the two of them were just playing with their cell phones as a retreat from the boring speech.

After a while, Lou Cheng suddenly remembered something, so he sent an emoji with a question mark above its head. "Ke, isn't it said that when someone reaches the Inhuman level, his foundation will gradually change and his offspring might be born with a supernatural ability? Why hasn't your cousin awakened any abilities?"

He had been considering how to decrease Lin Que's vulnerabilities, due to low stamina, when the question occurred to him.

Zheke's grandpa, Ji Jianzhang, was an elder of Shushan Study, who had already reached First Pin with physical invulnerability decades ago. Zheke's grandma, Dou Ning, was also an elder of Shushan Study, so there was a great possibility that their kids might awaken a supernatural ability.

"Stupid Cheng, just as you said, it's a possibility, not a certainty~" Yan Zheke replied with an emoji laughing with tears, "Besides, the foundation change at the inhuman level is actually small and unstable, so most kids are unable to inherit a supernatural ability unless their parents had both become physical-invulnerability warriors before giving birth. My uncle and aunt were born while my grandpa was at a low-level Dan stage and inhuman level, so neither of them inherited any supernatural abilities unless their abilities just haven't appeared yet. My mother was the only child born after my grandparents had both gained physical invulnerability, and that was why she awakened a supernatural ability."

"What? Your mother has a supernatural ability?" Lou Cheng wrote while slightly dazed.

Yan Zheke replied with a "Cheers!" emoji, which was preferred by those aged ones. "Bingo!"

"Since she never paid much attention to martial arts and supernatural ability training, she's at most an eighth-pin fighter now… " Yan Zheke said and then added, "My aunt was born in the period when my grandparents were both at the Inhuman level, so she might have inherited the superior foundation, and my brother might awaken a supernatural ability one day… Sigh, though I'm also capable of awakening a supernatural ability, being congenitally deficient might prevent me from inheriting it… "

Lou Cheng replied to her with a "hug" and replied, "Don't worry. Your technique and Martial Arts are both developing, and it's likely that your condition will be cured one day!" "You are copying me~!" Yan Zheke complained.

"I'm actually reviewing coach Yan's instruction!" Lou Cheng seized the opportunity to praise her.

Yan Zheke put both hands on her hips and shook her head to show her pride, then she sent another "laugh behind one hand" and wrote, "Actually it doesn't matter now because I've already become used to it and let it go. To be honest, I even feel a little lucky."

"Why do you feel lucky?" Lou Cheng asked in confusion.

"Hehe, I'll tell you later~" Yan Zheke replied with a soft voice and lowered eyes.
If she hadn't been born congenitally deficient, she would have lived a different life, in which it is unlikely she would have stayed in Xiushan during senior high and come to Songcheng. They would remain unfamiliar with each other, never getting the opportunity to encounter, hug, and kiss each other. It's the luckiest thing for me to meet you in the best years of my life.

When our hair turns grey and we are still together hand in hand, that's when I'll tell you.

Finally, the performance on stage came to an end with the guests finishing their speeches. Then, the mighty one of physical invulnerability, who was invited to draw the lots for this ceremony, stepped onto the stage.

She was Qian Hui the Witch, who had just reached the physical-invulnerability level in the first half of the year. This 27-year-old girl was the leading player of Haiyuan Club, a second-class club that was aiming for first class.

Qian Hui was closely related to the University Martial Arts Competition, and that was why she was invited by the committee to attend the ceremony, even though she was a new mighty one. Before Peng Leyun, Ren Li, and the other talented fighters flooded into the university martial arts circle, Qian Hui was already the representative character in this circle. She was one of the rare examples who were able to climb to the top of martial arts, step by step, after graduating from university. Her successful image was of great importance to the junior brothers and sisters following her.

Qian Hui cropped her hair in a brush cut, which gave her the appearance of a feminine boy, but her eyes were as deep as the ocean and full of magical charm. Even the hostess was afraid to make eye contact with her, causing her to look away unnaturally while reading the rules.

The most popular rumor about the Witch was that she would hypnotize anyone who dared to look into her eyes.

While Qian Hui was making her short speech, the television camera turned to the stands to catch the top two teams in the last competition, Shanbei University Martial Arts Club and Sanjiang College Martial Arts Club. Peng Leyun was leaning back in his seat with unfocused eyes, relaxing in his imaginary world. While those familiar with him knew it was just part of his personality, anyone who didn't know him well might think of it as arrogant behavior that meant he was looking down on his opponents and the ceremony.

Xu Wannian, who was still wearing heavy pouches, as usual, straightened his body unconsciously while focusing on the upcoming ceremony. The one sitting beside him was Fan Zhirong, a good-looking boy with a freckled face, was currently wearing a ferocious expression.

In Sanjiang College's area, Qu Hui was wearing a tailcoat, looking both poised and composed. But he had changed the position of his hands unconsciously, locking his fingers in front of his stomach, giving away how anxious he was.

It wasn't long before Qian Hui turned the subject to the committee's adjustment to the University Martial Arts Competition this year. The first part of the competition, four groups with four seeded players, remained unchanged. The other teams would then draw lots and join in two or three knockout rounds before finally entering the corresponding group. The teams who drew the left position would compete at home. Group competition also adopted the single round robin system, and only the first two would remain in the competition.

Then there would be cross duels. The first would fight against the second as part of the knockout for the top-eight, and only four of them would remain in the arena.

In the previous competition, the top-four groups joined in another knockout round, and the winner went to the capital. However, there was a chance promising teams might encounter each other in the advancing competitions, losing the chance to advance. Because of that, the committee adjusted the rules. The top-four teams would still adopt the round robin system, but the top two teams would go to the capital for the National Finals.

It added an extra round to the competition this year, and that was why the district contest for the martial arts competition was being held a week earlier than the previous year, which was on the same week as the end of the Professional Ranking Event.

"Good news!" Cai Zongming said with a big smile.

It meant that Songcheng University Martial Arts Club was still likely to get a spot in the national finals, even if they encountered Shanbei University's team before the national finals.

"It seems we'll fight against Shanbei University at least once." Li Mao said and then sighed.

The top-four teams would fight in the single round robin system!

Exchanging a look and a smile with Yan Zheke, Lou Cheng turned his gaze towards Lin Que, his Brother-in-law, and gave him a victory sign while clenching his fist. Peng Leyun came, as expected!

Withdrawing his hands from his pocket, Lin Que returned the same gesture to Lou Cheng with a fire burning in his eyes!

Geezer Shi let out a 'heh' and poured the last drop of wine down his throat.

"Group A, Shanbei University… Group B, Haiyuan School… Group C, Shannan University… Group D, Sanjiang College… " Qian Hui drew the seed groups first.

These dominant teams were also the top-four last year.

As the lot-drawing continued, groups were picked one by one. While some of them immediately appeared to be happy, some of them were instantly depressed.

"Group C, the fifth Knockout, Home Field, Songcheng University Martial Arts Club!" The special guest said as eyes immediately lit up.

Lou Cheng and Lin Que were both well-known warriors!

"Fight against Shannan University in the group competition… " Murmuring to herself, Yan Zheke smiled and showed her dimples.

While Shannan and Haiyuan were both weaker than Sanjiang, Sanjiang was also weaker than Shanbei.

Failing to keep a serious face in light of the good news, Li Mao and other team members began giving each other a high- five to celebrate their good luck in front of the television camera.

Lou Cheng cleared his throat and said as a warning to them,

"Shannan is not as weak as you think since they have three Professional Ninth Pin warriors this year with Mu Yu as the leading player. Mu Yu was also a warrior with a supernatural ability. He is called Bane and known to be a tough opponent."

"Yes!" Several members of the Martial Arts Club agreed gladly.

Why should we be scared of Bane as long as you and Lin Que are with us?

In the area of Shannan University, the team members also gathered together to wait for the drawing result.

Hearing that Songcheng University was in Group C, they immediately held their breath and froze along with the atmosphere.

"Nothing serious, we are still able to take second place even if we lose to them." Mu Yu said, after a long pause, breaking the silence with comforting words.

Because Mu Yu Looked like a man in his forties, which is twice his real age, he got the nickname Old Fellow Mu from his companions. His supernatural ability was Misfortune and it caused all of his opponents to be unlucky during the match. But the use of his supernatural ability came at the expense of fortune of those around him. For each time he won a match, one of his friends would be a bit unlucky in the following three days.

That was why there was no coach or counselor in Shannan University Martial Arts Club…
"Maybe we can win against them? Captain, although I used to believe in science, now you are my only faith!" said Lin Xiaozhi. As another leading player in their Martial Arts Club, she was attempting to cheer the others up.

Though Lin Xiaozhi's ponytail gave her a fresh and clean look, the way she dressed was actually awkward and funny. She was wearing a necklace strung with a Taoist amulet, a string of blessed Buddhist beads on her left wrist, and a small and exquisite cross in her right hand. Even her clothes were embroidered with Arabic prayer words. Obviously, she was trying methods from many different religions to resist the misfortune caused by her dear captain.

"Let's give it a try, and then we will know the truth!" Mu Yu said while clenching his teeth and fist.

"The fifth knockout, Opponent's Field... " The special guest drew out the Songcheng University's opponent in the first round of the knockout, "Guannan School."

"Guannan School!" In Songcheng University Martial Arts Club's office, Li Mao, Sun Jian and Cai Zongming were stunned but immediately began cheering.

They lost to Guannan School last year, missing the opportunity to advance, which they would never forget! Now they had a chance to get revenge and prove every dog has its day!

Blinking his eyes to calm down, Lin Que put his right hand back into his pocket and clenched the fist secretly.

Lou Cheng was instantly cheered up by the news and gave Yan Zheke a joyful look. Then he gave the television camera, which had just turned towards him, a big smile.

What a good opponent!

They would rise from the place where they had once fallen down!

Chapter 310: We Are Coming

While everyone was cheering in the office, Guo Qing tapped the table and yelled happily, "Senior sister Lin, tell us something about Guannan School's current situation!"

One of Lin Hua's close friends was studying in Guannan School, and they would often give her inside information about the school. So she began revealing that information while thinking, "Gu Yue was a senior student, of Professional Ninth Pin, and he was one of the toughest ones in Guannan School. Fei Sanli is said to be close to Professional Ninth Pin, but he hasn't attended the Ranking Event yet, so his real level remains to be seen. Ji Lan got the certification of Amateur First Pin in June, and the highest level out of all the newcomers was Amateur Second Pin."

Hearing the current situation in Guannan School, Li Mao, Sun Jian and others were all lost in thought.

A year has passed. Ji Lan had advanced one Pin further, and Fei Sanli had advanced a half-step. Though Gu Yue had also advanced to some extent, he was still unable to reach the threshold of Dan stage. All these changes were common to see in normal martial arts clubs. However, things were different in their own club. Last year, they only had one Professional Ninth Pin fighter, one Amateur First Pin fighter, and several fellows of Amateur Second or Third Pin. Now, there were two Dan-
stage warriors, one borderline Professional Ninth Pin fighter, and several students at Amateur First or Second Pin in their club, which was more like a dream for the other schools!

In Guannan School Martial Arts Club.

Seeing the results after the lots were drawn, Ji Lan blurted out with great astonishment, fear, and depression.

"What a coincidence!"

What a coincidence, that they would draw Songcheng University, the same opponent as last year. "Damn it!" Gu Yue tightened his muscles so much that they quivered beneath his clothes, then he grabbed a glass off the table and threw it on the ground.

Hearing the sound of the glass breaking, several new members stepped back out of fear, not daring to face their angry club manager.

After Gu Yue strode out of the office with broad steps, Fei Sanli touched his bald head and smiled wryly.

"We can already see the result of this year's competition. I'd better join next week's Ranking Event for Professional Ninth Pin, in order to not waste time. Let's go, let's go."

Waving his hand, Fei Sanli also exited the room, leaving the speechless new members behind with Ji Lan, who was still clenching her teeth.

"Ji Lan, read the ranking list of Songcheng University's substitutes' strength. They mustn't let both Lou Cheng and Lin Que fight against us," said coach Gu Zhen, as he touched his grey hair and sighed.

After aking a deep breather, Ji Lan pulled out her cellphone and began to read the list in a stifled voice.

"Li Mao, Amateur First Pin; Sun Jian, Amateur First Pin; Yan Zheke, Amateur Second Pin, but she didn't attend the Ranking Event on September; Lin Hua, Amateur Second Pin; Cai Zongming, Amateur Second Pin; He Zi, Amateur Second Pin; Wang Dali, Amateur Second Pin; Jin Lu, Amateur Second Pin; Guo Qing, Amateur Third Pin; Mu Jinnian, Amateur Third Pin… "

After reading it all, Ji Lan thought to herself,

"As for their leading players, Lou Cheng is a Professional Eighth Pin warrior with Seventh Pin strength, and Lin Que is a Dan-stage warrior that is stronger than some Eighth Pin warriors. They are definitely among the top-four of this competition!" Is it possible for us to win this fight?

Friendship first, competition second?

The autumn sky was clear, and the crisp night-air carried a refreshing breeze.

Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke were taking a walk hand in hand along the lakeside, basking in the joy of the good result from the drawing. They were also reminiscing about was last year's competition and their future goals.

The freezing air was flowing against their faces, so gently that not even the water was rippling. After chatting for a while, Lou Cheng was preparing to leave, when he noticed Zheke lightly pulling his sleeve.

"What's wrong?" He said, looking towards her while smiling. He seldom saw Zheke act like this.

Yan Zheke stood there wearing Lou Cheng's coat, with her long black hair hanging casually behind her, serving as the background to her small white face. Her eyelashes were trembling as she carefully said, "Cheng, I have something to discuss with you."

"What's the matter?" Lou Cheng said in confusion.

"I don't want to attend next week's Ranking Event for Professional Ninth Pin… " Yan Zheke said, less confidently, "I'm not confident, and I just planned on training myself in the Ranking Event to gain some experience for the district contest. Now that the Martial Arts Competition will be held one week earlier, I'm afraid there won't be enough time for me to recover from the Ranking Event, so I've decided not to put the cart before the horse."

Normally, She would have talked to Cheng in a rational and direct manner that matched her character and style, but she felt insecure and guilty when she was about to tell the truth. Damn it! Why should I feel guilty?

Lou Cheng had already anticipated Zheke's change of mind when he heard the adjustment to the competition's schedule, so he responded with a smile instead of feeling surprised, and said,

"It's reasonable. The Ranking Event for Professional Ninth Pin will last for two weeks and four days, with three high-level matches per day. Since you don't have the same abnormal stamina as me, it would be difficult for you to recover from the Event within one week."

Though saying it like this, Lou Cheng was actually feeling slightly regretful and disappointed. Though they were back in Songcheng for two months now, he had yet to find a chance to spend time with Zheke. He had intended to book a hotel room for their precious time together during the Ranking Event, but now it seemed unlikely. What a pity…
Thinking of this, Lou Cheng smiled in order to let Ke know he wasn't annoyed at all, and said, "It's okay, we will have plenty of chances in the future."

Yan Zheke pretended to be irritated with him while giving him a punch out of both anger and joy.

"What are you talking about!"

"I mean that we will have more chances to attend the Ranking Event for Professional Ninth Pin in the future… " Lou Cheng said while giggling.

Before he could finish his explanation, Yan Zheke closed her eyes, stood on her tiptoes, and kissed the corner of Lou Cheng mouth. Then she deliberately said with a soft voice,

"Honey, you're perfect."

Right after the kiss, Zheke turned to run away with a red face while waving her hands, leaving behind a string of laughter as she left. After being stunned for two or three seconds, Lou Cheng touched his mouth while smiling, and then lengthened his stride to keep up with her.

Only at moments like this could Lou Cheng, a mature young man who had experienced many things, see the 19-year-old boy living in his heart.

Yan Zheke went back to her dorm at a brisk pace. As she opened the door, Yan Zheke asked, in order to prevent being made fun of by Li Liantong, "Dirty Tong, are you still studying? It's already so late."

Li Liantong gave out a sad cry, "It's not what I want!"

"I'm only a sophomore, but professional courses are piling up with an increasing degree of difficulty. Damn it, I'm already worn out from translating all these Latin words!" Yan Zheke could understand Dirty Tong's feelings since she was also suffering. "Me too! Just listening to the teacher isn't enough to help us comprehend the subject. We used to go out and have fun once a week, but now it's once every two or three weeks."

Of course, such hard work helped maintain her spot in the top 5% of her class. As for those who just wanted to graduate with an Undergraduate Diploma and Degree Certificate, they only needed to listen to the teachers carefully and review before the exam. So they still had enough time for fun.

Sigh… Recently, she was open about going on dates with Cheng in the self-study room and library…
"Once every two or three weeks? How could your Cheng bear it?" said Li Liantong, while turning to give Zheke a surprised look and implying something lewd.

"What are you talking about! We see each other every day!" Yan Zheke pretended not to understand her words. Li Liantong tut-tutted, "You have been dating for nearly nine months, right? Hasn't your relationship developed? I don't believe that your Cheng is an ascetic monk! He is an energetic young man, who can't help wanting more once he's had a taste… "

Before she could finish talking, Yan Zheke picked up the decorative telephone and said angrily,

"Hello, 110? There is a female hoodlum here!"

Their conversation amused Shi Xiangyang and Zong Yanru. Even so, Zong Yanru helped change the topic because she was close friends with Yan Zheke. "Dirty Tong, I can't agree with you. What's wrong with a monk? I remember this saying from a book. One for Buddhism, two for the monk, three for the lustful devil, four for Asmodeus."

Li Liantong nodded immediately, "Yes, yes, yes, there are lots of face time with a monk as the main character!" Being successful in changing the topic, Yan Zheke breathed with relief. While listening to the girls' chatting, she took out her cell phone to reply to Lou Cheng's text and logged in to the forum to see the public's attitude towards the result of the drawing.

In the Lou Cheng fan forum, "Eternal Nightfall," Yan Xiaoling posted a topic titled "Broadcast for 'Martial Arts Club's Reaction to the Drawing!'"

In the main post, she wrote, "So sad. I didn't attend the ceremony because I was scared of the television camera, no, cross this part out, cross this part out. I wasn't allowed to enter the office since I'm not a special-training fighter, but I had an undercover source in the office. Let's welcome reporter He Zi, no, reporter 'Many Cats,' for the scoop~"

In the second post of this topic, "Many Cats" wrote,

"… When drawing Guannan School, Lou Cheng gazed at senior sister Yan for the 28th times tonight, and senior sister Yan looked back for the 28th time, too." "What?" Yan Zheke opened her mouth with an innocent look, and then looked up while recalling all her actions tonight. She began seriously counting the number of times she made eye contact with Cheng.

She's lying! I only made eye contact with Cheng 19 times.

Turning her gaze downwards, she continued to read the report. "… Lin Que closed his eyes and put both hands in his pockets with usual, emotionless, expression. He doesn't know that Jinjin is always looking at him. Club manager Cai Zongming is chatting with senior brother Li Mao happily, but it seems brother Li Mao wanted to cover his ears with his hands several times. Reporter Shu is like a shark that smelled blood, constantly shifting her attention from one fighter to another. Senior sister Guo Qing gave Senior sister Lin Hua a big hug. Coach Shi finished drinking all his wine and is now shaking his bottle to see if there is an extra drop. It seems he doesn't care about the drawing at all… "

While reading the descriptions, Yan Zheke kept a soft smile on her face. She was now surrounded by a warm feeling. This is our Martial Arts Club, ours…
"Then what about you, reporter Cat?" Unparalleled Dragon King asked out of curiosity.

"Many Cats" replied, "Meow, meow, meow?"

The busy and fulfilling days passed quickly, and the University Martial Arts Competition was nearer and nearer. Finally, Saturday came.

Mu Jinnian and Yan Xiaoling, who failed to enter the competition, came together to the gymnasium. There were already so many people here, among which they saw many schoolmates.

"I'm so excited, we are playing on our home ground!" Taking advantage of her height, Yan Xiaoling jumped around in the stands until she finally found seats for both of them.

Mu Jinnian was wearing a white Songcheng University martial arts suit with black borders and a backpack, from which she took out a banner with Lin Que's name on it and cheering equipment, a vuvuzela, and an inflatable hammer.

"Wow… Jinjin, you brought all this?" Yan Xiaoling said while staring in astonishment.

"Shouldn't I bring these things?" Mu Jinnian said while looking at her in confusion, "You didn't prepare anything for the competition? Aren't you a big fan?"

"I, I'm too excited… Well, I'm going to help senior sister Wen!" said Yan Xiaoling, leaving her seat in embarrassment.

Fanfan, Dragon King, Okamoto, Bull Demon King, Naive, Qiqi… I fail to live up to the forum! …

In the locker room for the home team, Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke were sitting on a bench shoulder to shoulder. They both leaned back against the wall to relax and wait for their turn.

He heard the cheering and yelling from outside, which reminded him of what had happened last time they played on home ground.

They lost the game to Wensheng School and Zhou Zhengquan, but none of them got discouraged. Instead, they all shouted, "We'll be back"!

With all these thoughts flashing through his mind, he found the cheering outside was gradually amplified and kept in good order.

What were they cheering for? Lou Cheng turned his ear to the door out of curiosity and focused on listening. The sound became distinct and formed a tidal wave.

"We're coming!"

"We're coming!"

"We'll be back… We're coming?" Lou Cheng soon understood the intentions of his schoolmates. They were actually extending their cheering from the last competition! It was their answer to last year!

While fighting to keep his tears back, Lou Cheng clenched his fists.

Yes, we are coming!

Thank you for waiting all this time!

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