Martial Arts Master Chapter 291-300

Chapter 291: Legendary Twins

Having spoken his mind, Geezer Shi was about to roll down the car window to take in the fresh air when he found Lou Cheng staring at him with a complicated expression. So he asked gruffly, "Brat, what are you thinking about with such a stupid look on your face?"

Lou Cheng was pondering his master's condition with a heavy heart. He first thought it was due to his old age and chronic coughing problem. Perhaps it was the after-effects of such a stunning performance. He thought his master would be fine after a while. It was only after he had a chat with his senior sister in the car that he realized how bad his master's condition was.

The science and technology developments in modern society meant the average person was likely to live past 70. It was astonishing that a physical-invulnerability master had just entered his 60s only had seven or eight years to live!

Lou Cheng recalled his master's lonesome figure walking along the snowfield in the Brutal Blizzard with his hands behind his back. How could he not be dejected and feel like he want to cry?

His senior sister's comments about Geezer Shi being a person who valued his image, verified by his personal observation, meant he was not to give Geezer Shi a pitying look or say sentimental words… He finally forced a smile after considering all this.

"I'm recalling what happened. I always know you're a powerful master, but your performance is still beyond my expectations. You're just like an immortal, making snow in August without even waving your hand! You've painted the world white… "

Geezer Shi beamed and replied in faux modesty, "Just so-so. I'm not as good as I was in the past. Those days, I could make it snow without borrowing energy from the Ice Pulp."

He snickered mentally, having finally shocked his bratty disciple for the first time! Shi Yuejian shook her head with a smile. She navigated the car into the villa district, finally parking it in her garage.

After they entered her home, she put on slippers and smiled at Lou Cheng. "Make yourself at home. I won't be treating you as a guest. I'm going to cook Rock Candy Snow Pear Soup for your master."

She tilted her head to one side when she noticed Lou Cheng's confusion. "What's so strange?"

"No, I just didn't expect a physical-invulnerability master to cook herself," Lou Cheng explained with a smile.

"It's my hobby. I like to make dishes in free time. If I didn't have my talent in martial arts, I'm probably a chef or baker by now." Shi Yuejian chuckled as she headed towards the open kitchen.

"Remember to cool it down. In this hot summer, how do we drink it if it's not cold?" Geezer Shi shouted at her daughter's back. Lou Cheng was about to take the initiative to complete the task with his power of frost when he heard Shi Yuejian chuckle in defeat. "Okay, fine. I'll cool it down with Ice Spirit Force."
No wonder she was a physical-invulnerability master of the Ice Sect. He had better not embarrass himself in front of such an expert… Wiping off the imaginary sweat on his forehead, Lou Cheng sat down in front of Geezer Shi and asked with concern, "Master, is there any progress in the study about Cultivation?"

If there was, perhaps he could comprehend by analogy and lay the foundation to cure his master in the future.

"Those old guys would've already called me to show off if there were any," Geezer Shi replied with a contemptuous look. "Since I'm going to the secret base of the military tomorrow, I'll visit them on the way and fetch you some materials. I've made contributions, so they'll give me a regular physical examination every year. I would've gone two days ago if you hadn't won the Youth Tournament's champion and let all your senior uncles know." Regular physical examination? Lou Cheng recalled one of the first things Geezer Shi had told him. He had said that his job was to be the object of examination.

Lou Cheng struggled to suppress his laughter and Geezer Shi coughed.
"Now that you've decided to merge cultivation methods with martial arts, you won't have predecessors to learn from, making your journey that much harder. I can only advise you to base it on my experience. It's still fine before the physical invulnerability state, but you should be prepared for beyond that."

"Master, I understand." Lou Cheng took a deep breath.

It was the price he must pay for his unwillingness to forsake his greatest advantage.

Geezer Shi's serious demeanor did not last more than a minute. He began tut-tutting, "It's not necessarily terrible since misfortune and fortune are interdependent and inter- contained. You may be talented, but that's only in comparison to ordinary warriors. You're still no match for those once-in-a- century talents like Warrior Sage Qian Donglou, Zhi Hai of Daxing Temple, Peng Leyun of Shangqing Sect, and your master…"

"If you cultivate according to normal procedure, your progress will be predictable and your future level won't exceed expectations. There won't be any surprises. How will you catch up with those ahead of you? Your new path will have many changes, but only with changes can there be hope."

"Ah, but it's still too early to say. If you properly follow the path of martial arts cultivation, you may achieve great things. You're quite similar to Dragon King."

He did not mention Shi Shan, the Reincarnated Buddha of Daxing Temple.

From the kitchen, Shi Yuejian protested, "Dad, where's the resemblance?" Placing the stockpot on the stove, she washed her hands and returned to the living room. "Dragon King's lust for victory is so abnormal. How is Lou Cheng anything like him?"

"How is Dragon King's lust for victory simply abnormal? It's abnormal beyond imagination," said Geezer Shi, agreeing with her.

As Dragon King's fan, Lou Cheng was immediately intrigued.

"Senior sister, can you tell me about Dragon King in detail?"

Whether it was in interviews or TV broadcasts, the image of Dragon King was always veiled. But Shi Yuejian, as the Wuyue Club leading player and a physical-invulnerability warrior in the upper martial arts circle, often interacted with Dragon King. The Dragon King she knew might be more real.

Shi Yuejian noticed the change in his attitude and smiled. "You're a fan of Dragon King? Our club will be heading to south China to challenge Longhu Club. I might not be able to fight him directly, but I can still introduce you two after the match. Do you want to come? Dragon King is usually kind to his fans."

Lou Cheng was naturally interested but he resisted the temptation after recalling that he had already taken several days of leave. He replied pitifully, "I need to get back to work in two days. I can't keep going on leave after taking someone's money. Please bring me next time. Dragon King won't be running anyway!"

The income from his part-time job seemed pitiful in comparison to his 600,000 yuan bonus. But the bonus from Youth Tournament was a coincidence and he had never expected to receive it. Since he had promised to help the Gushan Martial Arts School, he was morally obliged to continue.

A real man's promise was heavier than gold!

"Sure. You have quite the self-control. I suddenly feel you resemble Dragon King a little." Shi Yuejian nodded with emotion. "You're going back to Xing province tomorrow? Your brother-in-law is still abroad and won't be back in a few more days. Looks like you'll have to see him next time. Your trip here is so rushed. I really don't know what the chief sect is thinking."

They discussed this for a while longer before Lou Cheng steered the conversation back to the original topic, all while wondering the implication of Shi Yuejian's words.

"You mentioned Dragon King was kind to his fans. What about to the other warriors?"

According to his anti-fans and gossip news, the Dragon King, Chen Qitao, was a contradictory character of both pride and inferiority. He was said to be vain, harsh, overbearing, and narrow-minded.

Shi Yuejian replied after some thought, "As mentioned, Dragon King has an abnormal lust for victory. He's kind to his teammates and fellow disciples in some ways but harsh and merciless in others. When it comes to his opponents and enemies, he's unwilling to fail. If his team loses to some underdogs by luck, don't expect him to be a good spirit or have the grace of a mighty one." "He'll get particularly angry if the winner is also a Warrior Sage. He's very concerned with external evaluation, especially compared to other Warrior Sages."
"But he's undeniably a fighter that commands respect. Not even those physical-invulnerability warriors would deny this. There's acknowledged fact among us. Warrior Sage, Qian Donglou, in a once-in-a-millennium talent capable of surpassing all his contemporaries. It's shocking enough for one to be a physical-invulnerability warrior at 23 or 24, but he has already reached the First Pin and won his first title at that age."

"There's a large talent gap between Dragon King and Qian Donglou. You won't be able to imagine how much effort he had put in, how many sacrifices he has made, all so he won't lose to Warrior Sage Qian Donglou."

Geezer Shi tut-tutted. "I know what you mean. After all, I've once fought Dragon King, no, the boy Chen Qitao, for some time back then."

"Ah? Master, when did that happen?" Lou Cheng asked in confusion. How could he be unaware of this as Dragon King's big fan?

Geezer Shi giggled. "Do you remember that Chen Qitao has once disappeared for almost a whole year without attending any Challenge Tournaments, which he explained as being treating with his injuries."

"I remember. He hadn't won any titles then." Lou Cheng was coming close to the truth.
"Last year, he made the finals of several Title Tournaments but lost to Qian Donglou each time. This disappointed the media due to his reputation and they published numerous articles doubting his qualification to parallel the Warrior Sage," said Shi Yuejian taking over her dad's explanation. "This affected Dragon King greatly. He shaved his head and he applied to enter the war zone. Using his life as a bet, he spent ten months on the edge of life and death to cultivate. When he returned, he defeated Qian Donglou thrice and won three titles in a year."

Leaning on the sofa, Geezer Shi said with some nostalgia, "Chen Qitao was already of First Pin at that time, so there was little room for progress. But you don't know how insane and stubborn he was. He completely transformed into a different person."

Excitement surged in Lou Cheng as he listened to Dragon King's past.

A true fighter should be like him!

"Qian Donglou is younger than me, but I still call him Warrior Sage out of respect. He has many flaws common to talented ones. He's not hardworking enough, or should I say, he's lazy. He's the kind who wouldn't stand if he can sit and wouldn't sit if he can lie down. Initially, he was able to keep working hard out of his desire for the titles, he soon relaxed after winning. He thought he could win just with minimal effort. Just then, Dragon King appeared and nearly destroyed all his self-confidence. Qian Donglou only recovered his spirit after much difficulty. This forced again him to make the most of his talent," said Geezer Shi, gossiping with great enthusiasm.

"We can say there won't be the present Warrior Sage without Dragon King's stimulation and no Dragon King without Warrior Sage as his goal. So they're worthy of the title Legendary Twins." Shi Yuejian sighed with emotion once again.

Lou Cheng listened with great interest, his blood boiling with excitement.

Were these the true facts of Dragon King and Warrior Sage?

After lunch, Geezer Shi led him to the second floor and gave him two visualization pictures. He joked,

"These are the Prairie Fire Diagram and the Zhu Rong Diagram. Find their core and charm yourself. You can bring them home, but if you lose them, I won't be responsible. You'll have to think of how to compensate for them yourself."

"Thank you, master." Ignoring Geezer Shi's joke, Lou Cheng took over the visualization pictures in excitement. One picture was filled with colorful flames, making him feel like he was standing by a burning sea. In the other was a god of fire with the face of a beast, suppressing the flame. He looked fierce and powerful.

Noticing Lou Cheng's excitement, Geezer Shi walked towards the door, cleared his throat, and said calmly,

"Brat, remember to email me the videos you took earlier."

"Ah?" Lou Cheng turned to his master in bewilderment.

Chapter 292: C'est La Vie

"Uh" ... Lou Cheng was stunned for a moment, then he quickly understood what his master meant, and he burst out into laughter,

"Okay, ok, I'll send it to you later!"

Haha, does he want to create a scene where he can show all his strengths? Or, does he want to show off in front of his old friends?

He is indeed the master who is perfect at showing off!

Thinking about it, since he is a man obsessed with backup, he decided to copy the videos to his computer, that way they were safe, even if something happened to his mobile phone.

This is the "great achievement" of my master! Changing thoughts, he suddenly slowed.

F*ck, where is my computer? And, not just my computer, where is all my luggage?

Geezer Shi cleared his throat before going to leave the room. He was going to go downstairs and take it easy, but he heard Lou Cheng mumbling in a helpless tone,

"Master, it seems that I left my luggage back on the mountain... "

"On the mountain?" Geezer Shi was also stunned for a moment, and then he suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to pack-up for his stupid apprentice back in the Songtao Pavilion. He had been too busy with covering the mountains with snow.

After they had chatted leisurely, for more than two hours, they even enjoyed a substantial lunch, and then, both of them completely forgot this whole packing thing. They stood there for half a minute, looking at each other in shock.

Geezer Shi, being mature, was able to calm down instead of becoming flustered, and he laughed while saying,

"You, little boy, are so shocked by such a normal scenario? Even though you forgot your luggage, Haha, it doesn't matter at all... Why are you looking at me like that? You can easily find a nephew to send your luggage to you."

After saying this, he walked out through the door quickly and went to take a nap.

Lou Cheng didn't know whether to laugh or cry, as he watched his master leave. He covered his face with his hands and sighed deeply.

Showing off his great power was exciting as long as he didn't forget his own luggage on the mountain... What's more, master, because you were so rushed to show off your great power that you didn't even give me an opportunity to exchange my contact information with my other nephew!

Currently, I only have Mo Qingting's phone number. Will I have to rely on her?

Well, she looks like a troublemaker. If I had it my way, I would never have anything to do with her. I should find my senior Sister and ask her to help me find a nephew on the mountain to do me this favor.

Lou Cheng stopped overthinking and took out his phone. He intended to write an e-mail with the videos attached, to his master.

While writing the email he was smiling, hoping it would cheer up the old man, but, midway, he became sad.

Will my master still have a chance to do something like this in the future? Is it possible for him to recover from his injury?

Will he really only live for another seven or eight years?

Thinking about all of this, Lou Cheng felt very uncomfortable. He wanted to do something for his master, but under the condition that he did it by his own identity, his own strength, his own circle friends, and his own knowledge, even though it was much lower than his master's. "How can I deal with this thing which even my master and Senior Sister can't solve?"

Even I can't find any clue or the location of his injury. I hope that his cultivation will be effective.

Even if the way of cultivation was effective, I'll have to wait for the results of the study to help me to extract things. This process would last, at least, one to two years. Especially the extracting part, which needed more time, because, under the condition that Longhu Immortal has achieved the peak of physical invulnerability if there were any crucial things in the Jindan, it could only appear in the process during which I achieve the physical invulnerability. I still find this fact from the "Ice and Fire sky" which he has practiced for about a year.

There was still a long way to go.

As a boy of nineteen, Lou Cheng was confident and he believed that he could change the world. He also thought that as long as he made the effort, he would be rewarded for it. His experience last year only solidified this belief. However, he was currently feeling helpless and sad. He was feeling small and weak, wanting to help his master, but not knowing how.

All I can do now is burying this feeling, deep in my heart, and leave it untouched. Over the next few years, I will strive to find new hopes and enhance my strength as much as possible.

Even though there were a lot of uncomfortable and helpless feelings in one's heart, people would still have to face life with a smile.

This is life, and, this is growth. Lou Cheng took a breath and slowly exhaled it. He moved his thumb to send the videos.

Lou Cheng changed over to another application and sent a message to Yan Zheke,

"Ke, is there an expert who is very good at curing internal injuries in your grandfather's sect? The main symptom is a cough... "

Of all the people I know, it seems that only Ke's grandfather might be able to find a man who would be able to help my master.

Yan Zheke at first sent the emoji with the "face with a hand wiping a cold sweat", then she added a "hold your head" emoji. She replied, "Stupid Cheng, you could directly say that you want to help Coach Shi... "

While they were chatting that morning, she had heard him mention that Coach Shi had been injured and was in bad health. Now, even though Lou Cheng was trying to hide it, she was keenly aware of his depression and sadness. She felt a shock in her heart and then she connected it to the previous words he had said. So, she added in a hurry, "Is his body hurt again because he changed the weather? Has his health condition gotten worse?"

Coach Shi had taught her martial arts for about a year. Even if he always often made fun of her, she still felt that he almost became her master. What's more, Coach Shi was Lou Cheng's master. If you love a person, you also love his dog. So how could she not worry about Coach Shi?

Lou Cheng told her about the current health condition of his master and what his Senior Sister had observed. At last, he was too worried to send an emoji,

"I don't know what I can do now... "

"Do what you can do. Never feel that you are omnipotent... Try to practice your martial arts more and more, and become a powerful person as soon as possible. This may be the most urgent thing which Coach Shi wants to see. While you are achieving your higher level of martial arts, you can gain contacts with stronger people and find more ways to help him... " This was the first time, for Yan Zheke, to face such a sad thing, so she had no idea how to comfort the foolish Cheng.

Lou Cheng knew that this problem wasn't going to be solved immediately, nor was it an easy idea for him to tackle now. His mood slowly eased after he heard the girl's soft words and it eased his feeling of helplessness.

By the end, Yan Zheke's words returned to the initial topic and she said, "The Shushan Study has some forefathers who are always reading about discourse and practicing alchemy. I will call my grandfather and ask him right now. Coach Shi is also my coach. So, my grandfather will understand and provide assistance."

"Well, okay. Although, I think my master must have asked someone from the Shushan Study before... " Lou Cheng replied with a bitter smile.

Since I am feeling so down, I can get Ke to keep me company. Her gentle words and understanding. I am so lucky to have her in my life.

After waiting a moment, Yan Zheke sent him an "opening a pair of stunned eyes" emoji, "My grandfather said that your senior sister has specifically gone to Shushan for your master. But, unfortunately, even the leader of the Shushan Study and the other elders tried, together, to cure your master, it still didn't work… "

"That's what I thought... " Lou Cheng looked at the phone screen with another bitter grin.

If there was anyway, my Senior Sister and my master's old friends had certainly tried them.

"You needn't worry too much. You said that coach could live another seven or eight years and now with the fast development of science and technology, there are many innovations. The mighty fighters who are at the peak of martial arts often fight against each other, so their unique skills will integrate with each other. They then will surpass their predecessors, which means, that maybe after a few years, people could discover a way to cure Coach Shi. Maybe Dragon King or Warrior Sage will someday break to a higher level? My grandfather said that Coach Shi had a close relationship with the Longhu Club and also developed a good relationship with the Wu Guang Taoist in the Shangqing Sect. And, as long as he is alive, there is hope!" Yan Zheke made an effort to say this with a positive attitude.

"Yes, as long as he is alive, there is hope!" Lou Cheng repeated her words to help ease his feelings of sadness and depression.

While I'm waiting for science and martial arts to develop, I can try to improve myself to achieve my physical invulnerability as soon as possible and unlock the secret of Jindan, so I will be able to find an effective way in the end!

If the old friends of my master worked out something through Cultivation, I would be willing to cooperate with them wholeheartedly!

That afternoon, after he had adjusted his mood, he began his daily tempering. He also began to learn the marrow and charm of the Prairie Fire Diagram and the Zhu Rong Diagram. At the beginning of his learning, he hadn't intended to use the Jindan to speed up his progress, because it would hinder his perception of visualizing other diagrams in the future.

Not every visualizing diagram would be about ice and fire, so he couldn't rely on the Jindan completely!

After he practiced martial arts for three hours, Lou Cheng was sweating. In addition, he felt more relaxed and relieved.

As the Youth Tournament ended, I officially visited my sect. Later, I may be able to stop running around and worrying about trivial things like social interactions. So I can focus on practicing martial arts and spending more time with the person I love.

Life is too short, so we have to cherish the time we have, when we are together.

... The next day, he said goodbye to his master first, who was about to go to the secret military base. He then took his luggage that a nephew named Liu Tang had brought to him and got into the car of Senior Sister, Shi Yuejian. She drove him to the Shang Gao airport and he took a plane, successfully returning
to the Xing province.

After, Lou Cheng changed from a plane to take the high- speed train from the nearby the airport. Lou Cheng arrived at the bullet train station in Xiushan while carrying his backpack.

Before departing, he reported his agenda to Yan Zheke, and then he moved to a big step outside.

At that moment, a young girl, who looked like a high school student, suddenly stopped him. She said with curiosity and excitement, "You are the champion of the youth tournament, aren't you? I have seen you on the television, several times!"

"Yes, yes." Lou Cheng was too caught off guard to deny it.

When had the young girls become so brave? "Oh, I know I'm right. Can you sign something for me? You are so powerful. Many students in my class like you and think you are the big hero of Xiushan~!" This young girl threw her backpack in front of her body so she could find her pen and notebook.

Big hero? Hey... Although his mood had not completely recovered yet, he still couldn't help but feel happy. He took the pen and signed his name which was written like the flying dragon and Phoenix.

The little girl solemnly put away her notebook and waved goodbye to him while wearing a big smile. She took a few steps and the suddenly turned around, dragging her luggage. She laughed while saying,

"Hero Lou, you need to practice your writing ~!"

Lou Cheng froze there for two seconds and watched her run away. Until then, he came to God and thought to himself, "My calligraphy isn't so bad. It is fairly good. Well, not like a writer whose pen name is very long, if compared to that my calligraphy was as bad as a primary student's." He then complained about this issue to Yan Zheke, which made her laugh for a long time. At last, she sent a "laughing while covering the mouth" and said, "Cheng, you will become more and more famous in the future. It's time for you to buy a pair of plain glasses to cover your face just like movie stars. I don't like that there were a bunch of onlookers around us when we were together in public."

After saying this, she sent a "touching the round bulging belly and exhaling" emoji before adding, "It also doesn't make sense. If you really did that, the following day the rumors would be spread through the campus like wild fire. It would be like the time that leader of martial arts, named Lou, was brutally dumped by his girlfriend. The muscle man defeated by an intellectual with glasses."

Puff... Lou Cheng laughed aloud, then he felt a warmth within his heart

Ever since last night, Ke has been trying to cheer me up because she wants to resolve my depression.

How could I not notice what's in her warm mind? Walking out of the train station, he decided not to take the bus and, instead, took an illegal taxi because he wanted to get home as soon as possible.

On the way home, one of the ideas he had entertained became clear after the experience with his master, and that was to buy his parents a house, a house in Xiushan!

Cherish the time with our parents and treat our parents well when they are alive!

Love the one you're with now! This was what his experience had taught him to be the most significant.

Chapter 293: Cherish the Present And Go For the Future

After Lou Cheng arrived back home, he washed his clothes that had been stored for two days because he realized it was still early. He also made a backup of the valuable things on his computer. He even did some household chores.

After he completing the chores, his mother, Qi Fang, slowly came back from the community office. The moment she walked into the house, she saw the clean coffee table, so she looked at her son suspiciously and just found him standing there proudly like he was waiting to be praised. She blurted out,

"Cheng, what has happened to you?"

"Nothing's wrong." Lou Cheng denied, "While I'm in school, don't I still need to clean up my dormitory? I didn't have anything else to do just now so it was more of an impulse."

Qi Fang didn't pay much attention to his words. At first, she smiled with satisfaction, but then she began to complain, "You, as my child, how could you not tell us that you will go to visit your sect officially, in advance! We had no time to prepare specialties for your master. That was very impolite. What's more, I know that your master is great, so he may have looked down upon our little gifts. But, we still had to express our appreciations to him. In some TV series, some people say that it's not the gift that counts but the thought itself."

"Mom, that was because my sect held the ceremony too quickly. And, be easy, I helped you prepare the specialty for my master, the four bottles of hard liquor from Ningshui County that were the original-proof spirits. My master was very satisfied. He liked the liquor very much." Lou Cheng comforted his mother with a smile.

Or, was this because your daughter-in-law is very considerate?

Qi Fang looked him up and down, revealing a suspicious look, "When did you become so thoughtful... "

Although her son had grown up and become mature, it was still hard for her to comprehend the details of these interpersonal communications with himself.

But, I didn't even have time to teach him that!

As for his father, well, it would have been great if he hadn't neglected those details!

"Yes, uh, thanks to you. You influenced me by your words and deeds." Lou Cheng flattered his mother, ignoring his own consciousness, which made Qi Fang feel very happy. She walked into the kitchen and began to prepare dinner.

Lou Cheng stopped himself from telling his mother about his plan to buy her a house. He decided to wait for his dad to arrive and bring it up while they were chatting over dinner. Bringing it up he started solemnly, "Mom, dad, you can you find time to look at the real estate around our house? Something that is within a three year period. "

"What?" Qi Fang replied confused. Lou Cheng explained it thoughtfully, "Since I won the championship I have the six hundred thousand reward. So, I was thinking that I could buy us a new house. Not to mention, our house is so small it is inconvenient to entertain guests."

"Oh... " Qi Fang was surprised and then laughed happily, "Cheng, I'm so glad that you are so thoughtful, but you don't need to buy it! While we wait for another two years, we will be able to save enough money for the downpayment. Also, Fatty Guo and his family are treating your dad well and even raised his salary. He even gave him the technical bonus as well."

Lou Zhisheng also could not resist laughing. He could barely contain his happiness and said, "Your mother is right, you are so thoughtful to offer. But, we are not so poor that we can't save money. Six hundred thousand Yuan is a large amount of money for us in this small place, but I have also heard that you need to spend a lot of money on practicing martial arts. You shouldn't waste your money like this, you should save it for yourself since you will need to spend plenty of money in the future."

"Yes, Cheng, your future is bright, so you won't be staying at ritual places like Xiushan in the future certainly. I have even heard that the housing price in big cities is quite high, more than ten thousand Yuan per square meter. So, if you want to buy a comfortable and roomy house, you wouldn't even be able to afford the down payment with just six hundred thousand Yuan. You should just save it to marry your wife in the future." Qi Fang said with a smile.

"Why the script change? How did we start talking about the housing price in big cities?" Lou Cheng's mouth twitched slightly. However, he didn't correct his mother's misunderstanding.

Not all the house prices were over ten thousand Yuan in the large cities.

He thought for a while. He then deliberately showed a confident posture,

"Dad, Mom, why are you talking about things so far into the future? I mean, with my current strength and level, even if I don't make any progress in the future, I could still earn one or two million Yuan a year. Also, if I am lucky enough, I can win several championships and get the higher rewards, so, I will be earning more money than this six hundred thousand Yuan. Until then, the downpayment doesn't mean anything to me."

"What's more, the housing price in Xiushan isn't that high. You have said that the housing price nearby is only 3,500 per square meter. The housing price of the better district is only 4,000 Yuan, so if I buy you a house which is one hundred and twenty square meters, I can still have ten thousand Yuan left which is enough for my spending within two years. In addition, I can earn money by myself later... You keep your savings. Besides, don't you plan to give it to me in the future?"

Lou Cheng couldn't help but joke to get rid of the concerns in his parent's minds.

Qi Fang was persuaded a bit by his words, "I also heard that the housing price of Xiushan is rather low, but it will rise later and if we don't buy a new home now, we will be wasting more money on it in two years... "

"This housing price is low? Xiushan is not a big city, how would its housing price rise? Maybe, it will fall later." Lou Zhisheng shook his head in disagreement. "But, we just want to live in the house instead of investing." Lou Cheng added, "Don't you feel that our house is rather small?"

"However, we have so many acquaintances in this community. They are your uncles and aunts you know. Your dad and I usually chat or play cards with them. So, if we moved to another community, we would be very bored without your company."

"Mom, you think too much. We are going to select a new house in the surrounding buildings. After you have dinner, you could come back here by walking. What's more, you also have to work in the community during the day." Lou Cheng continued to persuade her.

Qi Fang stopped talking. She began to look at Lou Zhisheng and just found that he was also was pondering, instead of objecting.

"Actually, our house is small and it is inconvenient to serve our guests. In two years' time, Cheng may come back home with his girlfriend, and we can't make his girlfriend feel like an imposition... " Qi Fang rambled, beginning to agree with Lou Cheng unconsciously.

Lou Zhisheng poured a little wine from the bottle and drank it in one gulp. At last, he had made a decision,

"Cheng, you only need to provide us with four hundred thousand Yuan. We will make up the rest money. Also, you should write your name on the real estate license."

"Well, okay." Lou Cheng could tell that his father had made up his mind and that there was no point in arguing further.

Qi Fang sighed, and soon she became excited, "Then, I will ask somebody tomorrow and look for a new house nearby through the real estate company!"

"It would be better to hire an agent to deal with this kind of thing. The person that others recommend can't always be trusted. Wasn't Chen Hui cheated out of over ten thousand Yuan last time?" Lou Zhisheng said seriously. Watching his father and mother talking about the house thing so excitedly, Lou Cheng smiled by their side. He felt very happy and satisfied. All of the depression he had been feeling during the last two days had dissipated.

Cherish the present moment and look to the future. Try not to worry about the things that you can't solve now and try to love the people around you!

After chatting for a while with his parents, Lou Cheng took out his phone and sent Yan Zheke a message,

"Ke, I plan to take four hundred thousand Yuan out from my bonus to buy my parents a new house... "

He usually felt the need to discuss this kind of thing with Coach Yan...

Yan Zheke had heard about this plan before, so this came as no surprise. She "snickered" and said, "That's good. But, why are you telling me this? Deciding how you spend your money should be left up to you~!"

"I am your Cheng. Of course, I have to tell you." Lou Cheng replied her with a "sinister" smile.

Yan Zheke gave a "rolling eyes" and said,

"So, if I do not agree with you, will you not buy it?"

"I believe you will agree with me." Lou Cheng sent a "smile with red face" emoji.

This is the tacit understanding of a worldview, values of worth, and philosophy about life which was shared by both of them.

Yan Zheke sent a "single-hand holding her chin and looked up" emoji and said, "I mean what if?" Lou Cheng felt the weight of her question, how was he to answer it?

This kind of tricky quandary is an eternal problem!

Just as he began to type, his girlfriend sent a "smile with a covered mouth" emoji and replied, "Are you frightened by my question? Well, you don't need to answer me, because I will answer you. If two people have such a big contradiction on their basic values, their relationship won't last for too long."

"However, Cheng, I recently read many posts and Weibo, so assuming that you can only earn a few thousand Yuan per year and you are so lucky to win six hundred thousand Yuan. In addition, the house, in which your parents live, is a little old and small, so you will still take out four hundred thousand Yuan to buy them a new house even though they already have one?"

Lou Cheng thought a moment and sent a "smile bitterly" emoji, "In that case, I think I shouldn't buy it because people need to know their limitations." "Yan Zheke sent a "sitting well-behaved" emoji and replied him, "So, you can see, whether the fact you are able to buy your parents a house with no psychological burden or the fact I only think that you are so kind and thoughtful for doing this instead of having other ideas, is based on our full ability and our strength. Money isn't equal to strength, but it definitely is an important part of strength.

"Ah... I feel I have been instructed by my life instructor once again!" Lou Cheng said with sincerity.

"Hey hey." Yan Zheke sent a "make progress" emoji, "So, young man, work harder! Try to earn more money and improve yourself!"

This is the key to solving this problem.

Seeing this sentence, Lou Cheng suddenly understood that Ke was still comforting him over the thing with his master, even though she was trying to do it indirectly. She was trying to stop me from sticking to my own decadence so that she can help me see the light and hope in life. He smiled and sent her a "kiss" emoji,

"Yes, I'll work hard... "

From now on, show a smile.

From now on, I will not blame myself and I won't feel helpless. Go for my goals with excitement.

From now on, I will hold a firm belief and hope.

At that time, he felt so firm and clear-minded, so he also made another decision. He found Wei Renjie's phone number in his contact book, and then he called Chairman Wei, Wei Renjie.

"Hello, Lou, ah, have you already gone back to Xiushan?" Wei Renjie said with a smile. "Yes, ah, because I have to go back to work at the martial arts dojo on time. You know, I can't receive my salary for doing nothing." After Lou Cheng greeted him, Lou Cheng directly got to the topic, "Chairman, I can only help with guiding their special training one day a week. You know, I am unable to teach them the martial arts from my sect, so, I can only be an instructor or be their sparring partner. That is to say, I can accomplish all this in just one day a week."

Because he was born here, he loved the mountains, the river, and this city deeply. If he could, he still wanted to do something good for his hometown.

Wei Renjie said gladly, "Great, okay. One day is enough. Even if you just stand there and do nothing, you will be setting a good model for them."

Today, things had become different from the past. Right now, Lou Cheng is the most powerful young fighter in our province. He ranked the first.

Lou Cheng hung up the phone and told Yan Zheke about the conversation. His mind became quiet and peaceful, as calm as the scene outside the window. Through the window, he could see some lamps shining in the darkness.

Tomorrow, I will do my morning exercises with Ke and practice martial arts even harder.

Tomorrow, I will take up my responsibilities by going to the martial arts school and instructing the VIP students.

Start with the small things, start from dribs and drabs!

Chapter 294: The Young Master

When Lou Cheng was about to fetch his clothes and take a shower, Qi Fang knocked on his door and came inside. "Cheng, you just won the Tournament. It's a big thing in Xiushan. How about throwing a party? Let's celebrate your victory!" She said with a smile.

"Mom, no need to make a fuss." Lou Cheng said in frustration upon hearing this.

Qi Fang stared at him and said, "Why not? I do not want people to talk behind our backs. Saying things like our eyes are above our head because we do not want to look at them, or that we do not contact friends and family because we look down our nose at them after you won this championship… "

"Just let them talk, why should I care…" Lou Cheng thought to himself. Suddenly an idea occurred to him. He put on a big smile and replied, "Mom, if you decide to hold a party, people might gossip more about us. Just think of it, if you are invited, will you go empty-handed? Help them avoid the expenditure. They will be happier. After all, it's their hard-earned money… Plus I just threw a party last year for getting into the college, and now this? Who knows how many championships will I win in the future? Should I throw a party every time I get a title? People would hate our entire family for this. It's not like wedding ceremonies where all the gifts and money will return to you one day… "

He tried his best to make up an excuse, while holding his moms arm, and went outside together.

He knew he was talking nonsense but it did not matter. He had made his point and his mom wouldn't feel so embarrassed about being refused.

Qi Fang did not quite get what her son was saying. She glanced at him, took a breath and said,

"Well, that makes sense… We will not throw a party then. But I will ask your dad to order some champion cakes to share with our friends and families."

As a special custom in Xiushan, special cakes were made for different celebrations so that guests could take them back home as gifts. There were all kinds of cakes, specially-made for celebrating longevity, marriage, getting into college, having a daughter, or even having twins.

"Fine. Let's do that." Lou Cheng said and grinned.


The next morning, in Back Water Lake Park.

"That's how you talked your mom out of this?" Yan Zheke asked curiously.

She was wearing a female martial arts suit with a sign that represented Longhu Club, and also matched the outfit Lou Cheng was wearing.

Lou Cheng was smiling as he said, "Actually, I did not talk her out of it... Now that I have more achievements in martial arts and more money, I'm more confident in front of my mom. When we disagree with each other, I still insist on my opinion. Now my mom thinks I am not a kid anymore. I am all grown up. I am a mature man now. So she will ask my advice and see what my attitude toward a certain event is. But in the old days, by no means would my mom ask my opinion. She would just say, 'Cheng, we will throw a celebration party in a couple days, remember to act properly. Greetings always matter.'"

That was exactly how his mom celebrated his college admission last year.

Yan Zheke laughed out loud and said, "Do you think you can make your own decisions now? I hate it when a man acts like a baby that hasn't been weaned. A grown man still asking for help from his parents because he can't make a decision on his own. Funny!"

She secretly thought to herself, "if it was like that, his mom and I might not get along well. Luckily Cheng is not a mama's boy."

OMG, what am I thinking? Pooh, get along with his mom? I am not his wife yet! Taking note of his fairy's attitude toward this event, Lou Cheng put on a shocked expression and asked, "What should I do now? I think you might stop loving me."

"Ahh?" Yan Zheke blinked in bewilderment.

"I do everything you ask. I never have my own opinion… " As he said this, Lou Cheng could not help but laugh.

"Gee, you are so funny!" Yan Zheke said, amused by his words. She kept laughing until she gasped for breath. She continued with a blushing face, "Haha, remember your words. You better remember what you just said!"

After a few seconds, her facial expression finally became normal. She looked up a bit and cast a quick glance at her boyfriend. Her lips were moving as if she wished to speak but stopped on second thought.

"What's wrong?" Worry clenched Lou Cheng's heart as he asked anxiously. Yan Zheke pursed her lip and confessed, "I worried about you just now. I did not want you to become unhappy because of what happened to Geezer Shi. But I see you are still joking, still being so humorous. I am so relieved that I almost mentioned it again in front of you, so I stop myself from making you feel bad again."

Lou Cheng held the girl in his arms and sighed with a gentle smile before saying, "Actually I was feeling under the weather today, but I did not want my mood to affect the people around me. I will try my best not to let that influence my current state, to turn these worries into motivation, and to keep improving."

This is the meaning of being a guardian.

"I can feel your changes. Back then, if we hadn't seen each other for few days, you will definitely kiss me before morning practice… " Yan Zheke said while comforting Lou Cheng jokingly.

"So I am not a qualified pervert right now?" Lou Cheng said as he adjusted his mood and chuckled. He lowered his head, ready to make his move, but she pushed him away. "Nah, did I say it was okay? Just focus on your practice. Work harder!" Yan Zheke said and then ran away laughing.

Lou Cheng did not force her. After several minutes talking with Zheke, he already felt better.

Yan Zheke positioned herself and suddenly remembered something as she suddenly looked up. "Cheng, Song Li has been asking us for a treat. So I was thinking about inviting Sister Jing, Shuang Shuang, and your friends like Fatty Jiang. Without their cover-ups, our relationship won't go so well. We should give them a nice treat."

"Okay, I will call Fatty Jiang and the other guys at noon. Fix a date. Gee, he has been bugging me for a treat," said Lou Cheng. He had no problem with this kind of social activity.

Actually, it was not a social activity, instead, it should be considered as reinforcement of friendship.

After their discussion, Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke started their practice separately. Yan Zheke was exercising Meteor Force from inside and outside while Lou Cheng just repeated his daily practice. He could feel his inner changes when his body was about to make a breakthrough. Upon finishing his last step, he finally understood Prairie Fire Diagram and Zhu Rong Diagram.

Without the help of the Jindan, he undoubtedly made no progress on his second try.

Yet he did not feel frustrated or sad at all. That was the normal speed he should have. He could not rely on the Jindan for everything. Plus, his master told him to slow down and work on his foundation. There was no need to rush towards the Dan stage. As long as he roughly mastered these two visualization blueprints, that would be enough.

After withdrawing his thoughts, Lou Cheng submerged his spirit into the diagram again.

The fire was burning so furiously that the Zhu Rong diagram had to suppress it. It looked a lot like his current mood. He wanted to improve himself as fast as possible and help his master treat his Burning Flame, but his sense and determination, like the Zhu Rong diagram, was telling him to slow down.

If the burning grew out of control it would only hurt himself.

Though he did not know the exact date, he felt he might master Zhu Rong Force in less than a month.

After trying the Sichuan style sweet noodles with Yan Zheke, Lou Cheng hurried home, took a shower, grabbed an outfit, and took a cab to Gushan Martial Arts School.

When he stepped into the entrance, the receptionist at the front desk immediately stood up and gave him her brightest smile. Her eyes became brighter as well.

"Coach Lou, you came back to work! Why not take a few more days to relax?" She said, smiling timidly and full of awe, not as active as she usually would be.

"School starts soon." Lou Cheng answered casually. His attitude was so mild that nobody would believe he was condescending.

While speaking, he passed the front desk and walked to the training room for VIP students.

"Hello, Coach Lou!"

"Morning, Coach Lou!"

Students in the summer class and disciple class stood in two separate lines, giving their warmest greetings.

Someone must have organized this… Lou Cheng shook his head while smiling. He saw Chu Weicai, Dai Linfeng, and Qin Rui there as well, standing in front of Wu Ting, Zhang Qiufan, and the other students.

When Wu Ting noticed his arrival, she guided people around. Everyone lined up quickly and greeted him together.

"Sir Lou!"

They were so excited and proud that their voices became loud and sharp.

"Do not assume welcoming me like this will convince me to cut you some slack. Those who took a break in the last couple of days will be found out easily once practice begins." Lou Cheng said, standing in front of the team and smiling.

"Sir Lou, with you as our model, everyone works harder! Sir Lou, Sir Lou, now you are the number one youth fighter in our province, can you teach us some impressive movements?" Wu Ting asked with a smile. She already learned to talk like an adult.

"Impressive movements? You guys are too young for that. If I teach you now, em… you might develop a stocky and imposing build. Do you want to look like a bear or a tiger?" Lou Cheng said while chuckling.

"Ah… " Wu Ting, Zhang Qiufan, and other girls hesitated upon hearing this. Wearing an awkward look, they continued, "Then, then just forget it."

Imagining themselves with a stocky and imposing build, they could not stand it!

Lou Cheng corrected their moves separately so each could complete their stance well. When he finished the guidance, he turned to three guys standing at the side and asked, "Master Chu, is there anything I can do for you?"

"Nothing important." Chu Weicai said, and then laughed before changing the topic, "Luckily you aren't living in the old days. Back then, if someone got a championship and the news went out, people would queue up to challenge them."

Nowadays, it was the age of information. Through videos, people saw the fighters' performance, and also had a pretty good grasp of his level, thus knowing whether they had a chance at defeating that fighter or not.

Moreover, among all fighters in Xing Province, those who were able to challenge Lou Cheng all participated in the Youth Tournament. That's to say, nobody would be challenging him so soon after the youth tournament.

Lou Cheng's sight swept across Dai Linfeng and Qin Rui.
Suddenly, he let out a laugh and said,

"Master Chu, what are you trying to say? Somebody came for a challenge?"

"Who would dare challenge you? It is about my disciple. He wants some guidance." said Chu Weicai and then smiled at Dai Linfeng. Dai Linfeng spoke with a bitter smile, "I want to know how big the difference between us is, so I can set a goal for myself."

Instead of watching videos, he'd rather have a real battle with Lou Cheng.

Dai Linfeng had a strong ego. When other disciples paid for a solo training session, he never got involved. However, after the Youth Tournament, his pride was gone.

Lou Cheng looked at Qin Rui, the other guys, laughed, and then said,

"Fine, but only for learning. That's all."

"Okay, thank you for your guidance." Dai Linfeng postured with great respect.

When he finished his stance, Lou Cheng suddenly strode forward, united all qi, blood, spirits, and force, and got ready to explode all at once.


His right arm was like an iron whip, immediately striking toward his opponent.

Dai Linfeng had no time to escape. He blocked the attack by lifting both arms, trying to minimize the damage to his body.

But when they actually made contact with each other, he felt a ferocious force coming toward him. The bones in his arms cracked as if they were about to break within the next moment.

It might really break.

Not only his arms, the momentum from the attack might even shatter his sternum. He could be severely wounded by this one move.

Is our strength this different?

In a flash, Dai Linfeng suddenly felt the weight in his hand disappear. That Ferocious force disappeared out of nowhere as if nothing had happened.

Lou Cheng drew back his right arm with ease, put both hands on his back, and then gave a gentle smile.

"With the help of Internal Training Methods from special training, you are likely to become a Professional Ninth Pin."

Dai Linfeng was both shocked and amazed. He looked at Lou Cheng in a trance, as if standing in front of him was a stranger.

Before this battle, he only thought Lou Cheng was an impressive young man.

Chapter 295: Some People Just Drift Apart

Dai Linfeng had this weird feeling, which was hard to describe accurately in one word.

Back then, he thought Lou Cheng was only a young man who had powerful strength, that's to say, they weren't that much different. They were about the same age, so they didn't have any generation gap between them. No matter how strong Lou Cheng became, he was still a young man like him. In the old school days, there were students with all levels of academic achievements. Of course, he would envy students who got good grades and dared not mess with them. He would feel inferior, but still, in his heart they were just students.

But now Lou Cheng has been more mature than his age, which reminded him of Chu Weicai. He felt exactly the same when he and his master first met.

A complicated feeling haunted his mind and he was silent when he came upstairs. Chu Weicai only took two steps up the staircase and suddenly stopped. He sighed but did not turn back.
"Linfeng, like Lou Cheng said before, with this special training, you are very likely to become a Professional Ninth Pin in one or half a year. But if you want to make more progress, it will be difficult… If, if you aren't ready for this, then first go out and see the world, after all, you can't raise a dragon in a pond, right?"

"But master, what about our martial arts club… " Dai Linfeng blurted out as if he was actually thinking of this.

Chu Weicai held the banister and chuckled, "Don't worry. Your junior masters are learning fast and I am not that old. Teaching some kicks and punches isn't a problem for me. Don't worry about the consequences. If you fail, come back to our club, you will always have a place here."

Qin Rui was touched by his words. Although he was suspicious that his master was exploiting them for their labor, Chu Weicai was indeed a responsible master. When I manage to enter meditation, master the Internal Training Methods and rank as a Professional Ninth Pin, shouldn't I venture out into the world?

Dai Linfeng did not speak. After a long silence, the answer he gave had nothing to do with the question asked.

"Master, which level do you think Lou Cheng can reach?"

Chu Weicai leisurely went upstairs, smiling gently.

"Regardless of his rank in the future, you can't reach his current level in your lifetime. I am not being harsh. It's just that people have to be realistic. They should not reach for what's beyond their grasp. Fight for something that could actually happen."

"As for Lou Cheng, if there aren't any accidents, I believe he will not stop in Dan stage." Dai Linfeng and Qin Rui understood his meaning without any further questions. Lou Cheng would become the first Mighty One with Physical Invulnerability in Xiushan.

It was no longer a compliment like it was at the beginning of the summer vacation. It was a conclusion after a month's observation.


Even though Lou Cheng was an expert with hope to become a Professional Seventh Pin, he did not put on airs. He conscientiously corrected Wu Ting and other students' basic movements like he always did.

During the break, he seized every minute to temper himself.

The blazing sun high above the sky indicated that noon was coming. Lou Cheng took out his phone, checked the time and then clapped his hands. "Well, that's all for today. Everyone has been working hard recently, I am proud of you guys."

Before Lou Cheng could finish his sentence and Wu Ting could speak, long-term students and inner disciples who had been watching their training rushed up, surrounded Lou Cheng, and begun asking all kinds of questions.

"Brother Lou, I want another two hours of private training!"

"Coach Lou, let me pay you, I want the private training as well!"


There were at least 30 applicants after a round of screams and shouts.

What a great opportunity to get trained by the top 1 youth fighter in our province! Even if they learned nothing from Lou Cheng, they would feel flattered by having him.

Plus 800 RMB for an hour? It was almost free!

Which Mighty one in Dan stage would charge so low? More importantly, Mighty ones in Dan stage did not offer private training anymore.

As long as Coach Lou agreed, they'd be more than happy to pay him more.

Those inner disciples who hesitated to ask Lou Cheng for help before the Youth Tournament regretted so much. Their income was modest and now the price of training was more exorbitant than the price of housing.

They could only ask money from their family. Lou Cheng was quite surprised. He counted roughly and realized he could not say yes. He wanted more time with Ke, with his parents. He definitely would not waste his training time for this amount of money.

He kept his hands down to stop their rumbling and then casually said,

"Everyone gets one hour of private training. I will let you know the price tomorrow and it will not be cheap. I want you guys to give it a second thought. Is this special training necessary for you or not? Is it worth paying so much money for?"

His voice was deep and mellow but everyone heard it clearly.
They became quiet and made way for him.

At this moment, Ding Yanbo in the crowd decided to come into the spotlight.

He held his excitement, took a deep breath and yelled, "Big brother Lou Cheng!"

All of a sudden, everyone looked at him in astonishment. When Lou Cheng responded with some encouragement, that astonishment changed into admiration. Ding Yanbo's blood was boiling inside his veins, he was so proud that he could not hide the joy on his face.

"Haha, that's my brother Lou Cheng!"

After Lou Cheng won the Youth Tournament, the students in my class are now extremely nice to me. They think he is my cousin!


Lou Cheng did not talk much with Ding Yanbo. He grabbed his phone, went back to the locker room and changed his clothes. Yan Zheke had already sent the date after her discussion with Song Li and other friends. The date was tomorrow night or the night after tomorrow. She asked Lou Cheng to check with his friends like Jiang Fei. If they weren't available, the dinner could be rearranged.

As he walked outside the martial arts club, Lou Cheng made a phone call.

"Hello, Fatty Jiang. My treat is coming. The dinner is set for tomorrow night or the night after tomorrow, just pick one!"

Jiang Fei was quite confused, "Cheng, something is wrong.
You invite me to dinner without me pushing you?"

"Just one word. Yes or No?" Lou Cheng asked while laughing.

"Yes. Definitely. What about tomorrow night? In case anything happens and you change your plan." Jiang Fei replied without a doubt. "Fine. I will call you when I know the place." Lou Cheng hung up the phone and called Cheng Qili — the old Cheng in his address book.

Cheng Qili was playing video games. Upon hearing the buzz, he checked the phone. "Cheng" showed up on the flashing screen.

He seemed to be in a trance and it took him a few seconds to answer the phone.

"Hello, Cheng?" When he called his name, Cheng Qili thought about Lou Cheng standing in the arena, enjoying all the attention and admiration, which made him all the more embarrassed about himself.

"Old Cheng, you guys are always bugging me for a treat. What about tomorrow night? The dinner is on Ke and me." Lou Cheng said with a smile.

Cheng Qili was about to say yes, when suddenly a mixed feeling of anger and regret nagged at him and he seemed to be out of breath. He blurted out without a second thought.

"I, I will visit my grandpa tomorrow. I haven't seen him for a while. The date was set a while back."

Ever since the youth tournament, when he was reminded of Qiu Hailin and Cao Lele's compliments of Lou Cheng. When he thought of his good friend winning the championship and how he himself might never have a chance, he just wanted to lock himself in the house and never ever talk about this again.

"What about the night after tomorrow?" Lou Cheng pressed.

Cheng Qili spread his finger and he was not smiling at all. "We plan to stay at my grandpa's house for several days. It sucks. You guys just eat without me. I am fine with it. When I am back, let's meet alone and then grab dinner together."

"Okay, see you later." Lou Cheng answered regretfully. When the phone call was over, Cheng Qili quietly looked at his cell in front of him and gave his pair of glasses a shove.

As he came near the exit, Lou Cheng consecutively called Qin Rui and Tao Xiaofei and checked their availability.The dinner was scheduled for tomorrow night. Later, he took a cab to the villa district beside the Back Water Lake and met Yan Zheke there. They decided to have their lunch at that new restaurant
— "Old Tan Private Kitchen", as they tried out some dishes for tomorrow night.

"You invited Jiang Fei, Qin Rui, and Tao Xiaofei, right?" Yan Zheke confirmed with Lou Cheng so she could make the reservation ahead of time.

"Yep." Lou Cheng nodded.

Yan Zheke's rolled her eyes and she broke into a smile all of a sudden. "Actually, I know Qin Rui. He is tall and strong. I always saw him in our classroom with Cheng Tao. But at that time, I had no idea who you were. My future boyfriend was in the classroom next to mine, who could have guessed? And I had never noticed you before... " Amazing!

"Em… Back then, I never thought you could be my girlfriend." Lou Cheng also became emotional. Destiny was so amazing.

While speaking, their hands intertwined and they smiled sweetly at each other.

It was their fate. High school strangers became lifetime companions.

They had their lunch in this warm atmosphere. When they were almost finished, Lou Cheng got a call from his Senior Sister Shi Yuejian.

"Senior sister, what happened?" Lou Cheng unconsciously worried about his master because Geezer Shi had just had his medical examination in the Army's secret base. However, Shi Yuejian was smiling.

"Good News!"

Lou Cheng relaxed the minute he heard about this and then he laughed, "What's this good news?"

Yan Zheke rested her head in his hand and quietly listened to their conversation.

"The Army has been using your master's cells for some experiments. They didn't make much progress, but recently they developed a by-product, and it seems helpful in treating his injury. Last time, he gave it a try and it really works. Now he can live several years longer!" Shi Yuejian could not hide his excitement.

The news got Lou Cheng all excited and he replied,

"Really? For real?" "Why should I lie to you?" Shi Yuejian answered cheerfully.

"Great! That's so great!" Lou Cheng turned to Yan Zheke and shared his joy.

By the time he hung up the phone, he made no secret of his happiness and told his girlfriend the good news like a child.

"Sounds great! I told you so. The technology is improving, so is martial arts. As long as your master is alive, there is hope for him and a chance for change for him." Yan Zheke was both happy and content.

When I was a kid, I used to think AIDS was an incurable disease. Once infected, people would die from it. But now, if patients with AIDS control themselves well, they could live a normal life.

That's the magic of improvement and progress! "Coach Yan is indeed full of wisdom!" Lou Cheng sincerely gave his praise. He'd love to pick his girlfriend up, but considering they were in a restaurant and his girlfriend was wearing a knee-high skirt, he gave up this idea.

The news also worked up their appetite. Both of them ate another bowl of rice. When they finally finished, Yan Zheke rubbed her round belly and asked with satisfaction,

"Where will we go this afternoon?"

Lou Cheng thought for a moment before saying,

"What about my place? I have some old photos to show you!"

"Okay." Yan Zheke did not object to his suggestion. Actually, she looked forward to it.

Chapter 296: Photos

The Uber car stopped outside his neighborhood. Lou Cheng quickly alighted, and opened the umbrella to shade her from the merciless afternoon sun.

Yan Zheke squinted and looked around. She waited for her boyfriend to close the door before asking with great interest,

"Is this where you live? It looks like the hospital staff and family courtyard my family lived in before... "

She was wearing a white T-shirt with colored lines and a black mini skirt. Her black and red sandals showed off her pink toenails. She looked not only young and beautiful but also very mature and sexy.

"Estates built in that decade all look similar." Lou Cheng agreed with her casually. Mindlessly, he held her hand and pulled her along into the estate. Yan Zheke took her hand back and looked at him, "Didn't you say that almost all the residents know who you are? If you continue holding my hand like that, it would only take five minutes before your mother found out that you've brought a girl home. "

"Less than five minutes..." Lou Cheng said with embarrassment. Holding her hand had become a habit.

He laughed. "Actually, I don't care. It would be okay for my mother to know. She'll be so happy to see that I brought such a good wife back home."

He displayed an open attitude. "Why can't I introduce Ke who is such a great girlfriend to others? I want to show off our relationship to everyone!"

Unfortunately, I have to consider the feelings of her family.

Yan Zheke looked at his face and murmured, "Who's the wife you're bringing back home? I'm not coming with you!" "Yes, yes, girlfriend, girlfriend!" Lou Cheng looked at the entrance to his estate. "How about I go in first to check if there is anyone home and then I'll guide you to my place?"

"Okay." Yan Zheke moved her beautiful eyes upwards. She did not have any other good ideas.

After handing her the sunshade, Lou Cheng ran into his community with haste and agility. All the neighbors along the way greeted him with a smile.

Reaching his house, Lou Cheng found it was quiet. This meant that both his father and mother had gone to work. He felt completely relieved. He went to the balcony and checking the door and road from a high position.

"Ke, after you go through the entrance, just go straight and turn right when you get to building No.4... Yes, there are some people playing chess there... Ok, ok. Now stop, stop, stop. Turn left, turn left. Do you see the word 'eight'? Yes, this is my building. My house is on the fifth floor, unit two... I left the door open..." As soon as he saw the girl's figure disappear from the building entrance, he quickly turned and left the balcony. His eyes swept over the familiar living room and suddenly he felt a little nervous.

Does my place look too old, too shabby or too small?

It’s nowhere near Ke's home.

Will she get a bad impression...

Lou Cheng gulped. He was happy and excited for he was about to share his past with Yan Zheke. Yet he also felt a little nervous, worried that she would look down on him. It was inevitable for him to have some inferiority complex.

What's more, there's no air-conditioning. We just use fans. But that doesn't matter, I am a walking air-conditioner... He looked at the bright sun, feeling its heat, and waited for her at the door. After only a minute, he heard the light footsteps of his girlfriend and saw her beautiful figure.

Yan Zheke's eyes swept across the scene inside his home. She pursed her lips before saying,

"It’s like we're shooting a secret agent movie, so sneaky."

Lou Cheng handed her his slippers. Closing the door, he put on his father's slippers and said with a wry smile,

"Actually, we wouldn't need to be sneaky, if you were willing to announce our relationship to others."

"I am not stupid..." Yan Zheke raised her head slightly and laughed. "Do I need to bring my sandals to your bedroom?"

She was ridiculing Lou Cheng for how he had behaved in her house before. "No, it'll be much better for my parents to see them when they come back." Lou Cheng answered her with a smile.

"Hmm!" Yan Zheke bent over to take her sandals and gave them to Lou Cheng, "Take them. Oh, your shoes are so big..."

She lifted her right leg and shook the slippers dangling on her toes.

People feel more comfortable wearing bigger slippers." As Lou Cheng led her to his bedroom, he peeked at her, trying to catch any reaction to his home.

Yan Zheke looked around with curiosity. She pointed to the door of the second bedroom and laughed with her hand over her mouth, "That's the place where you watched TV in secret?"

Lou Cheng had once told her a story from his childhood. One time he had been so eager to watch TV, that he’d secretly left the door open and stood behind on tiptoes so he could watch it in front of his room. However, the movie his parents watched that night had turned out to be a scary movie. He was frightened by it and could not fall asleep.

"Yes, ah, it scarred me." Lou Cheng answered her in a low voice and smiled. He then took the courage to ask her, "Ke, do you feel that my home is a little, a little shabby?"

Coach Yan had always said that they needed to communicate timely and actively, leaving no tension!

Yan Zheke tilted her head and pursed her lips slightly. She smiled and said, "What do you mean? Your house is okay. It's very clean and neat. Anyway, it isn't my home. I have only three requirements for other places. Clean, neat, safe. And there are so many of your past memories in this house, it'll be interesting for us to live here occasionally."

Pfft, what am I saying? Why did I say that we can live here occasionally?

Lou Cheng was relieved and became confident again. He also understood the viewpoint which she had inadvertently showed. He pulled her beautiful hand into his and said with a smile on his face,

"In the future, we'll have our own home."

It'll be spacious, warm and clean.

"Who wants to have a home with you!" Yan Zheke raised her head and looked to the other side.

Lou Cheng laughed and said, "In fact, I was worried that we would have some contradictions about concepts. After all, we lived and grew up in such different family environments."

After being firm again, he became frank. He could share the worries in his heart with her openly.

"The contradictions in values and concepts are not that important." Yan Zheke looked up, smiling. "For example, if we have problems with housework, we can hire a maid to do it. We only need to wash our own private things. If we have issues about who will cook, we can hire a maid who is good at cooking. We can also cook by ourselves if we like cooking. If we have problems taking care of our parents if their health declines, of course, we will feel tired. But we can also hire a professional nurse to do the main work so that we won't be so exhausted..."

She said these words in a plain tone. It was like such things came naturally to her.

However, Lou Cheng was surprised. What she said just now seemed to have solved most of the contradictions and problems he was worried about.

Of course, what she said required a solid economic base!

"I guess a lot of my imagined problems may not be as important as I think..." Lou Cheng said.

Money was not everything, but people could not live without money. It sounded exaggerated, but many problems would be much more obvious if people were poor. As a saying went, nothing goes well for a destitute couple.

Thinking of this, Lou Cheng was much more eager to earn more money to support the family!

"I instructed you again, didn’t I?" Yan Zheke said with dimples on her face. She laughed happily.

It made her happy to know that her beloved one agreed with her point of view.

"Yes. Ah... You've taught me a lot since we’ve been together." He put her sandals in the corner and let her sit on the bed while he looked for the albums. When he found them, he handed them to her, as if he was giving her a treasure.

"I used to regret that there were so many classes in our grade. We couldn't take a photo with all the students in one grade and I couldn't have a photo with you. But, now, hehe." He expressed his feelings about the past. Yan Zheke opened her mouth, but then closed it again. A tingling sweetness lingered.

Cheng had been a real fool back then!

She put an album on her lap. While she was looking through it, Lou Cheng turned on the fan and used the Power of Frost. He moved to her side and circled her waist with his arm.

"Really refreshing!" Yan Zheke praised him with a smile. "Is this your graduation photo from senior year? Your hair was so long, it almost covered your eyes. You looked a little sloppy..."

"Not sloppy. I was just lazy, and I didn't know how to take care of myself. Usually I’d get a brush cut, then let my hair grow freely. When the hair started getting in my eyes, I would go to the barber and get a brush cut again. So for two months, I didn’t need to worry about my hair. " As Lou Cheng was explaining the mentality he had had at the time, he felt a little guilty. Yan Zheke glanced at him and snickered, "If you still have this kind of haircut in the future, I will help you cut your hair!"

"Are you good at it?" Lou Cheng asked her with surprise.

"No, I am not. In fact, I've never done it before. So I dare you to be lazy!" Yan Zheke laughed covering her mouth as she continued looking through the photos.

After their family became poor, there were less photos of Lou Cheng. Besides, after he’d entered high school, he didn't like taking photos. So after looking through half of the album, Yan Zheke only found pictures from when he was in primary school.

"Haha, there was a red dot on your forehead. You looked like a girl!"

"That was the class dance. Every student in my class had a red dot on their forehead. I don't know why the teacher made us do that..." ...

"Hey, this is the naked photo taken in the bathtub you told me about? Your body is totally exposed!"

"I had no choice. At the time, I was so innocent, giving my father the chance to take such a photo. This photo is a black mark in my life..."


Sitting there, side by side, they discussed the photos and the stories behind them together. Both of them felt excited. They could hear each other's breath.

Lou Cheng could smell the fragrance of her body. Holding her in his arms, he had some ideas. Whether he looked up or down, all he could see was his girlfriend's attractive figure. We are at home without other people. It’s very comfortable and very secure...

Also, my mom and dad won't be back for a while...

It has been a long time since we made out...

Lou Cheng turned to the other side and saw her pouty lips. When he lowered his head, he noticed her beautiful fair legs. He suddenly stood up and walked toward the door.

"Where are you going?" Yan Zheke looked at him, confused.

Lou Cheng closed the door to the second bedroom and pretended to explain seriously,

"Shutting the door. I forgot about it. So, my parents wouldn't notice anything even if they came back suddenly." "Ok." Yan Zheke's long eyelashes fluttered. She lowered her head to look at the album on her lap.

Lou Cheng sat beside her again and circled her waist with his arms. This time, he tightened his hold. It was like he wanted to wrap around her.

Yan Zheke wriggled twice, then quieted down. She was still staring at his childhood photos.

Chapter 297: The Problems

The sunlight came in through the window and decorated the desk with a layer of golden color. It also helped to sketch out the perfect outline of the girl. Her skin looked pink and white under the shining sunlight

Lou Cheng again pulled Yan Zheke to his side with his left hand. Although he had thought of several opening remarks in his mind, he vetoed them quickly.

"Ke..." In the end, he only pronounced her name with a charming voice.

"Yes?" Yan Zheke's body tightened slightly. She turned to her boyfriend and gently gave a response, but she consciously avoided looking him in the eye.

Under this condition, Lou Cheng did not say anything. After he heard the word "yes", he moved his right hands to touch the girl's face and lowered his head. At first, he touched her lips with his own lips, then he kissed her gently. As Yan Zheke’s tightening body gradually relieved, she seemed to find the familiar feeling. She raised her head and closed her eyes. She then opened her mouth unconsciously.

Their tongues were chasing each other. Lou Cheng controlled the passion in his heart and released it bit by bit.

After a while, Yan Zheke moved her head backward to escape from his increasingly fierce kiss. With shiny lips, she said in a peevish tone, "Let's continue to see ph..."

Until she finished her words, she found that she was held into Lou Cheng's powerful body. All coldness of the frost faded, leaving the burning ripples in their heart lake. Her lips were covered by Lou Cheng's lips who put his tongue into her mouth excitedly.

The atmosphere between them grew hot. After Lou Cheng tasted the sweetness of her mouth, heard her gradual heavy breath, and felt the intimacy from their tangled tongues, he felt his blood was burning. His left hand which was circling the girl's waist suddenly moved back. He then moved his right hands downward to reach the bottom of her T-shirt and touched her seductive and delicate skin. He found that Yan Zheke again tightened her body, but he continued to engulf her mouth and moved his hand forward slowly with expectation and tension.

Realizing that he was about to reach the destination, his heart beat heavily like a drum. At this moment, Yan Zheke lifted her left hand to press his palm and made a thin voice from her throat.

Lou Cheng at first felt very lost. He was going to have to endure his passion. He took back his hand. However, he found that the left hand the girl pressed on his palm was extremely weak and her body was trembling gently.

Boom, the happiness in his mind seemed to explode. Blood rushed to his face. He gently moved his right hand and broke through her pretended prevention easily.

Yan Zheke's legs closed together with her toes bending and grasping. The album on her knees slid forwards and dropped to the ground. It was turned to the photo of Lou Cheng standing naked in the bathtub. Time went by, and the girl's white T-shirt fell down covering the album. Her legs moved to the edge of the bed.

The sunlight coming in the room through the window had become abnormally beautiful. Lou Cheng thought that he would never forget the scene before him. He would never forget his amazement as he witnessed Yan Zheke's body.

He lowered his head to lick her body as if he was going on a pilgrimage, as if he was violating it.

Time passed slowly. Suddenly Lou Cheng's right hand which was exploring the lower part was pressed tightly. Yan Zheke who had been biting her lips and only making the occasional sound opened her charming eyes and said in a gentle but firm tone,


Feeling her insistence, Lou Cheng took back his hand. He then kissed the girl and said with a bitter smile, "I need to go to the bathroom." "Ok..." Yan Zheke lowered her eyes and answered him. She grabbed the quilt by her side to cover her body. She breathed heavily, and her face flushed red.

When Lou Cheng opened the door and ran out quickly, she suddenly curled up and raised the quilt to cover her head. She even cursed him several times from under the quilt,

"Lecherous Cheng! Lecherous Cheng! So lecherous!"

After Lou Cheng handled himself, he washed his face. When he went back to the room, he saw that his girlfriend had already put on her clothes neatly. She reclined on his bed against the pillow, with the album which had fallen down earlier open at her side.

"Hmm!" The moment she saw him, Yan Zheke turned around, and said the word with a heavy voice to show her dissatisfaction. "Deviant!"

She muttered in a low voice, while Lou Cheng's heart was full of joy and satisfaction. He walked over and lied down next to her. He held her in his arms again.

Yan Zheke struggled slightly, but then she relaxed her body. She leaned her head on his body again and pinched his arm with her right hand to show her shyness and anger.

"You only want to make out with me!"

Lou Cheng recalled what had happened just now. He’d then felt that the sunshine coming into the room was so bright, the room was hot but comfortable, everything was so great. So there was a sincere smile on his face. All his mind was filled with happiness and sweetness because he found that their relationship had been assured they’d become closer.

Yes, she is my wife!

My wife! Yan Zheke found that he did not answer her, so she quietly raised her head and glared at him. Annoyed, she asked, "Why are you laughing like a fool?"

"I feel like you have already become my wife!" Lou Cheng replied with a smile.

"Pooh..." Yan Zheke cursed him with a blush remaining on her face.

Thinking of the previous scenes, Lou Cheng chuckled with relief. He sighed,

"Girl's undergarments are really hard to unbutton. Even with my flexible fingers and smooth force, I almost failed to unbutton your bra. Yes, mainly because I'm too impatient."

In the past, he would never have said such shameful words directly in front of Yan Zheke. However, he didn't know why. He thought that they didn't need to avoid this topic anymore for their relationship had achieved a new level. Hearing his words, Yan Zheke was stunned. She had never thought that Lou Cheng would talk about something like this with her. On the one hand, she felt shy and annoyed. On the other hand, she felt what he’d said was a little funny, so she fiercely twisted him,

"You are a hooligan!"

How can you say such a thing to me!

"Hey, hey." Lou Cheng bore her twisting with a smile.

He knew that Ke was not really exerting force into her fingers. She could tear a piece of meat from his body with her fingers’ current power!

"Are all the boys so dirty?" Recovering from the shame, Yan Zheke blinked her eyes, and questioned him with slight curiosity. She found that the topic Lou Cheng talked about before wasn't so resistant and repellent to her.

My bra has been unbuttoned by Cheng, so to talk about such things seems to be normal...

"I think except a few men, most men are the same. But the problem is how dirty they are, is different. This is a feature people are born with. If they are not curious about sex or don't look forward to having sex, then they may have some problems... How about girls? Except for girls like Dirty Tong?" Lou Cheng felt so relaxed, he answered frankly.

"We are not," Yan Zheke at first denied. She looked at her toes and pretended to say it normally, "But we still know something, emm, something, not, we are not as innocent as boys think..."

Speaking of this, she began to blame Li Liantong, "I learned a bit about it through reading romance novels. What I learned next was all taught by Dirty Tong! She even said that she had entered many online chatrooms and found that married women were much more dirty and violent than most men..." "Really?" Lou Cheng asked in astonishment.

"I don't know whether it’s true or not. I’ve never entered into such groups..." Yan Zheke played with Lou Cheng's stomach using her right hand. She pressed it, pinched it, rubbed it and outlined his muscles with her finger like a naughty child.

She was stunned to see Lou Cheng react again to her touching.

"You, you..." She stammered.

Lou Cheng would never tell her that he had recalled what happened just now because he was stimulated by her touching, so he said with a hollow laugh,

"My qi and blood is particularly vigorous, isn't it..."

"Super invincible pervert!" Yan Zheke blushed slightly and gnashed her teeth to say this sentence. She turned over to get off the bed before putting on slippers.

"Where are you going?" Lou Cheng asked quickly.

"The bathroom." Yan Zheke answered in an annoyed tone.

After washing her face, Yan Zheke stood in front of the mirror. When she saw her pink face and moist eyes, she suddenly felt it was time to become a woman.

Love, was not only in the spirit. Love was also about sexual desire.

The blending of body and soul is the basis of a long-term relationship.

She thought it over and over for she was naturally sensitive as a girl. She also thought about many unrelated things and had all kinds of emotions. Her mind was complicated. After a few minutes, she patted her face and went back to Lou Cheng's bedroom.

However, the moment she saw this fool, all her emotions suddenly disappeared leaving only softness in her heart. She pursed her lips and said with pretended gruffness,

"I want to continue to see these photos! I blame it on you, the big pervert!"

"Okay." Lou Cheng answered happily, hugging her once again.

Compared to before, he felt that more inexplicable burdens had been put on his shoulders.

It is my duty, but also my happiness.

I can't relax the practice of martial arts at all! Later, they certainly kissed and did some sweet things. Lou Cheng tried to control his desire so as not to push her.

Around four thirty, he went out of the community. After a few minutes, Yan Zheke followed him.

After taking a taxi, they came to a lake where they finally said a reluctant goodbye.

Just as they were about to separate, Yan Zheke suddenly reached out to twist Lou Cheng's right hand, the one he had used to touch her. She then turned around and hummed,


After finishing her words, she ran into her house quickly so that he wouldn’t have time to react.

Touching his hand, Lou Cheng felt very warm and happy. He couldn't stop laughing, so he just stood there, watching the girl as she disappeared from view.


Even during dinner, he was still occasionally thinking about their afternoon.

Girls had a special fragrance, not just the aroma of a shampoo or shower gel. Something more.

What excuse could he make next time to get her to come to his house?

Glancing at her son, Qi Fang looked at Lou Zhisheng and said casually,

Han Er’s wife told me that a particularly pretty girl came to our community this afternoon. I don't know which boy could have such a beautiful friend..." Eh... Lou Cheng suddenly woke up from his daze. He admired the gossiping ability of his neighbors.

If Ke came to his house again, they would know that he was the boy...

After finishing dinner and helping to clean up the table, Lou Cheng sat on the sofa, chatting with his mother. He listened to her complain that his dad had gone out to play chess again. He took out his phone and began to share with Yan Zheke the impression she had made on the neighbors.

As they were chatting, Yan Zheke suddenly asked,

"Cheng, do you think that I'm being selfish?"

No...", Lou Cheng was confused, "Why would I think that?"

Where was this coming from? Yan Zheke sent him a sentence without using an emoji, "Because of what I said this afternoon. I said that we could occasionally hang out in your home. Didn't you think there was a problem with my words?"

Lou Cheng now understood the meaning of the word "occasional". He asked, "Do you mean that we should live alone instead of living together with parents?"

Ke has planned so far ahead! I have never considered such thing. I think there are at least several years for us to plan!

"Yes," Yan Zheke added, "I have never told you but I am a little selfish. I regard myself as the center of my life and then I draw circles outside the center. The innermost circle is the parents, then followed by relatives and best girlfriends, and I draw other circles in turn... "

"Yes, I know. I have asked you which circle your husband belongs to." Lou Cheng thought of this thing. "Well, I will tell you the answer now. My husband also is the center of my life. After we have our own family, we should maintain a certain distance with our original family. Thinking like this is very selfish, isn't it?" Yan Zheke asked him again.

Chapter 298: Another Instructor

Considering himself a lot more mature than his actual age, Lou Cheng had dreamt about tying the knot with Yan Zheke and living to a ripe old age in conjugal bliss although he had never thought about the details. He felt lost for a moment.

Are girls generally more precocious than boys? Do they have a different mindset built for planning the future while thinking of the details?

Or are only a very few mature and intellectually inclined with a nearly perfectly developed worldview and having their own opinions and thoughts on everything in life?

After a moment pondering in silence, Lou Cheng answered honestly, "Of course not. I find it very normal and realistic. If my grandparents moved over, my mom would be arguing with them because of their partiality for my uncle. Sooner or later something bad would happen."

"I think that there are already many things to work on between two people in a relationship. If the immediate families also get involved, then the two families will find it more challenging and prone to trouble. Our parents are already in their mid-40s and pretty set in every way. It would be really difficult to make them change. It's better to keep some distance from each other to avoid frequent quarrels. We can go back to stay with them when we miss them. Of course, we'll look after when they are ill..." It was rare for Yan Zheke to explain her opinion in such detail.

She had no intention to talk about this to Lou Cheng at this early stage. Instead, she gradually influence him slowly through their daily communication and interaction. However, after becoming more intimate this afternoon, she felt a lot closer to him as if they were completely on the same side. It seemed a good time to reveal things hidden in her heart.

"Can't agree more... I never really thought about it... I feel that there is still a long time before we have to face such issues. It is a bit early to worry about it... " said Lou Cheng while thinking deeply.

Yan Zheke smiled with her chin resting in her hands, "It's great that you never thought about it in the past. As Dirty Tong would say, I can train you better this way. Drawing on an empty piece of paper is a lot easier than fixing someone else's work!"

"Hmm... It sounds dirty!" Sneered Lou Cheng, with his brows raised.

He began to accept Ke's idea on this matter.

"You are dirty! Your head is full of dirty stuff!" snorted Yan Zheke as she lay on her side while grinding her teeth.

Who kissed me and touched me this afternoon?

Her words brought the earlier scene back to Lou Cheng's mind. He recalled the brilliant sunlight and the shocking beauty.

He replied with a shy smile, "Ke, you are gorgeous... " "Ahh... " Yan Zheke was puzzled by this sudden compliment but soon she realized what he was talking about. Her face blushed, burning with fire.

"Cheng, you are a pervert! A terrible pervert!" She covered her head with the duvet and pounded her bed a few times.

After venting her annoyance, she sent an emoji that said "Go away", bashful, indignant, aloof yet sweet. "Hmm! I don't talk to perverts!"

Before Lou Cheng could write something back, she suddenly remembered something and saved a photo from Weibo. She sent it to her boyfriend and asked, "Which one is sexier? Which one do you prefer?"

One was slim and the other curvaceous.

Lou Cheng took a quick glance and laughed, "You are the best!"

Yan Zheke burst into a laugh and rolled on her bed. "Ha! Now you know those standard answers!"

"Of course. Coach Yan has taught me well!" Lou Cheng laughed with his hands on his waist.

"Hmm! It's not fun when you don't fall for it!" Yan Zheke had joy in her eyes.

Their flirting continued. Qi Fang would have noticed her son's excitement if only she wasn't so obsessed with the TV show.

"By the way, Ke... Is Sister Jingjing ready for a big get- together? Shall we dine with her separately?" Lou Cheng expressed his concern regarding tomorrow's dinner.

Sister Jingjing hates men... Yan Zheke sent a salted fish, "Song Li wanted to bring her boyfriend at first. So Shuang suggested doing it all together. The more people, the more fun. I was pretty concerned about Sister Jingjing and wanted to meet her separately but she refused... It's better to treat those with anxiety as normal to give them an opportunity to adjust themselves. The more sensitive we appear to be, the more uncomfortable they will feel and the more serious their problem will become."

"That's right... " Lou Cheng let go of this matter and decided to have a word with Fatty Jiang and Qin Rui to remind them of not bringing up the issue during dinner, as Coach Yan had asked.

Tomorrow afternoon he would have to instruct the special team of Xiushan for the preliminaries for four hours as he agreed with Chairman Wei Renjie.

At 10:30 that night, neither Lou Cheng nor Yan Zheke appeared ready to cease this conversation after the breakthrough in their relationship this afternoon. They forced themselves to say goodnight to each other ten minutes later. Lou Cheng lay on his bed, bathing in the moonlight and recalling every detail from today. He could still smell that fascinating fragrance and this raised his spirit. He felt contented yet motivated.
"Shall we do it in Ke's home next time? Should our wedding be traditional or western? How would Ke look like in a wedding dress?" The corners of his mouth went upward as he let his thoughts go wild about their future. Several minutes later, he finally froze water to ice, condensed his spirit and qi, and fell asleep deeply through meditation.

Tomorrow we can see each other again!

Tomorrow will be another beautiful day!

On the other end, Yan Zheke lay on her side with her hand under her cheek, her lips pursed into a beautiful curve, her dimples showing faintly. Her eyes were shining while her mind strayed. She blinked before closing her eyes and then murmured quietly,

"Cheng, good night."

The next morning, Lou Cheng got up, full of energy, and ran to Houshui Lake to wait for his fairy.

Yan Zheke arrived a few minutes earlier than before. She intended to act normally but Lou Cheng's smiling eyes brought back memories of yesterday afternoon. She quickly turned her head away as her face turned red. They hugged and kissed good morning.

"Okay. Get to work!" She pushed her boyfriend gently, her eyes shining like stars. "Sure! Full of energy!" Joked Lou Cheng while focusing his mind and preparing for his routine exercise.

Towards the end, he took out the visualizing picture and tried to understand its profound meanings.

When he once again buried his mind in the Prairie Fire Diagram, his body felt burnt and his muscles, tendons, organs, and nerves underwent subtle changes.

The feeling went away in a split second. Lou Cheng attempted to feel it again but he couldn't grasp it.

He didn't feel impetuous or annoyed since it was already a good start!

I'm on the right path! The experience from the visualizing picture of Frost Force worked! The breakthrough in my relationship with Ke yesterday brought me more happiness and responsibility, which has strengthened my determination to protect her. He opened his eyes and turned to the girl who was training her marrow and organs.

Yan Zheke just finished and looked back subconsciously.

As their eyes met, they smiled at each other in silence.

They withdrew their gazes tacitly and went back to their training.

Yan Zheke's health had improved and she could handle more intensive training. They returned to the same spot for two more hours of exercise after breakfast.

Lou Cheng went to the library with her for an hour and had lunch together before heading to Gushan Martial Arts School.

Before he entered the gate, a black Audi pulled in front of him. A driver got out in a hurry and asked with great respect, "Is it Mr. Lou? The chairman sent me to pick you up for the special training."

"A special car just for me... " Lou Cheng didn't decline. He confirmed that Qin Rui would go on his own and took the seat behind the passenger seat. They arrived at an average looking temple that sat at the foot of Mount Xiushan after a short scenic drive.

"Welcome, Lou Cheng." Wei Renjie was waiting outside.

Lou Cheng was flattered. He smiled politely, "Chairman, you shouldn't have waited for me outside. I'm not a kid and I know the way."

Wei Renjie handed his bag to his secretary and walked Lou Cheng to the temple.

"I just happened to come out... We've selected 13 amateur fighters with great potential. And Xiao Sun who is a Professional Ninth Pin will be our leading fighter." A martial arts hall with white stone tiles appeared. Lou Cheng saw Zhou Zhengyao and a few fighters from other clubs as well as an aged monk in a grey robe.

"This is Master Wenguang, the head of the Bodhi Temple. He's well traveled and widely known, a martial artist of Professional Sixth Pin and a senior fighter of Xiushan. I've invited him as another instructor," introduced Wei Renjie with a smile.

Wenguang put his hands against each other in front of his chest and chanted with a smile.

"At this age, I'm no longer capable like before. I'm not a match for this young warrior at all."

As he spoke, Lou Cheng felt the monk became taller and greater with a layer of golden shine as if an Arhat or a Buddha from the heavenly world. He was tempted to worship him!

In fact, Wenguang's body remained the same. "Is this a competition? Has his bearing overwhelmed mine?
Is it a secret mental trick?" Lou Cheng's eyes narrowed.

Chapter 299: Wenguang

In front of Monk Wenguang, Wei Renjie appeared normal, but Lou Cheng kept on feeling watching a Buddha with a brilliant shine. He could think sensibly and tell something was off but he couldn't develop any will to fight.

A martial artist with no will to fight can't raise his spirit to respond quickly and a slow reaction can be deadly.

Wenguang stood still, smiling and looking at Lou Cheng in a leisurely manner, with no intention to fight.

Lou Cheng attempted to visualize the scene of water freezing to ice but a golden Buddha statue appeared in his heart lake oddly. Grand, stately, bright, and solemn, the statue suppressed all his other thoughts.

"Interesting... " In a flash, he made up his mind and sank his spirit to have it connected to the Jindan, expanding its conception. The surrounding changed and shifted into a boundless void. Lou Cheng found his heart floating and sinking in a freezing darkness like a blue planet and that golden Buddha statue standing at the center with pity on his face and mercy in his eyes.

Hmm! His spirit raised and touched the Great Sun, causing his heart and the Buddha statue to shrink rapidly at once!

Soon after, Lou Cheng saw the galaxy, the Milky Way, a majestic sky full of stars.

With this scale, the golden Buddha statue became too small to be seen.

Your bodies and souls will fall into decay. While their fame will last as the river flows forever.

Wenguang's leisurely, warm smile suddenly froze as he noticed Lou Cheng becoming vague yet deep like the starry sky at night. His chest smoothed out when he felt so negligible in front of the grand nature. The countless stars in the sky shone like Lou Cheng's eyes, staring at him in silence with little feeling.

Tick! A cold sweat came out of Wenguang's forehead and dripped along his face down to the ground, making a splash before disappearing.

His body swayed and his eyes closed unconsciously as he opened his hand and fell two steps back.

"Master Wenguang?" Wei Renjie began to notice the subtle oddness in the air.

Wenguang steadied himself and opened his eyes, looking into Lou Cheng with astonishment. He saw the young man fresh and calm with a gentle smile, introverted in his usual form.

The starry sky was like a dream or an illusion of his own! "The youth is to be afraid of... " Wenguang forced a bitter smile, his hands pressing against each other in front of his chest. "Seeing this young master so successful and vigorous, I couldn't resist trying out my own skill in secret. But I got the worst of it myself."

That was an imposing attack that combined the Buddha's Most Virtuous and Awe-Inspiring Secret Art and some true desire. He didn't believe a young man close to Professional Eighth Pin could handle it. He expected the rival to irritate his own Qi and blood and torture his own body to escape. However, his great force was deep like seas, grand like mountains, and vast like the boundless starry sky, totally overwhelming!

Training beyond Professional Eighth Pin would turn inward towards root pulp and further blend one's spirit, Qi, blood, and force, grounding for the coming connection between heaven and earth. During this process, divine abnormality would take place. For instance, some Professional Seventh Pin fighters would develop the Absolute Reaction to dangers and malice within a certain distance and some Professional Sixth Pin martial artists could launch imposing attacks without secret mind discipline. Wenguang didn't expect such an experienced Sixth Pin reaction from a Professional Eighth Pin youth.

Lou Cheng responded with a smile. "Master, you are being too humble."

The further up one advance on the path of martial arts, the more skills and means become available.

"I'm not being humble. A Buddhist monk never lies. You are very talented with great potential!" Wenguang chanted before turning to Wei Renjie. "I'm off."
Watching him stepping into the meditation room, Zhou Zhengyao and other special training members were all in disbelief. They had experienced how great Master Wenguan was in the past few days and they almost worshiped him like a Bodhisattva or an Arhat. However, this powerful, experienced Professional Sixth Pin fighter and the reputed senior martial artist of Xiushan just suffered a loss from Lou Cheng? Although Master Wenguang is no longer in his best form and unable to continue for a long time due to his age, his temporary explosion shouldn't be much weaker than any capable Professional Sixth Pin fighter!

While they were still in shock and disbelief, Wei Renjie pulled himself together and took out the secret books and graphs of the inner training for Lou Cheng to skim over before giving instructions. Qin Rui, Dai Linfeng, and Xu Rongfei from the Gushan Martial Arts School arrived and noticed the odd atmosphere.

"What happened?" Dai Linfeng asked a disciple from the Foguang Martial Arts School quietly.

He described Master Wenguang's abnormality and repeated his words to Lou Cheng from beginning to end. The three newcomers were stunned as if listening to a legendary tale.

"It makes no sense!" They thought to themselves.

The more you know Lou Cheng, the deeper he appears. Lou Cheng soon browsed through the inner training materials provided by the foundation and realized it was at a much lower level than his Thunder Roar Zen. Possibly no one could master the Tremor Punch through it.

"Okay. Let's get started. I'll be watching." Lou Cheng put away the graphs and smiled at the members in three rows.

Qin Rui and Dai Linfeng led the crowd to answer in unison,

"Yes, Coach Lou!"

Their loud voices echoed in the peaceful temple with no hesitation.

In a room at the depths of the temple, Wenguang was typing an email with two fingers. "Just got in contact with the target. I can confirm his great potential. Catching up with Peng and Ren rapidly."

After four hours' instructing, Lou Cheng changed his clothes and took the special vehicle to pick up Yan Zheke from her villa by Houshui Lake. A relative of hers had come to visit this afternoon so she couldn't meet Gu Shuang earlier.

"Nervous?" Not long after, he saw his girlfriend coming out gracefully, wearing a white cotton dress and a pair of canvas shoes to emphasize the feeling of a young girl and the art of the youth.

Yan Zheke rolled her eyes. "Nervous for what? They already know you are my Cheng."

Nervousness usually comes from the lack of confidence. I'm pretty confident in front of Cheng's friends! They joked and laughed during the taxi ride to the restaurant Drunken Xiushan and went straight up to the VIP room according to Gu Shuang's text message.

Inside the room, Qin Rui was there chatting casually with Fatty Jiang, Tao Xiaofei, and Du Liyu while glancing at the mellowed and beautifully dressed Gu Shuang in secret.

Sitting between the delicate, adorable Song Li and her bestie Gu Shuang, Xing Jingjing appeared normal with some faint coldness. She chatted quietly with her friends and recalled some old memories about the No. 1 Middle School with Jiang Fei as a senior student.

She heard footsteps and turned around to see Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke come in hand-in-hand.

Jiang Fei unconsciously held his breath. The girl he used to watch seemed even more beautiful and elegant than ever. Her distant courtesy and politeness had faded and her eyes were more agile with a taste of the mundane world. His friend was not tall or handsome but straight and pleasant to the eye, calm and gentle, confident and modest. The pair coming in hand-in- hand was like a scene of some TV drama.

"They make a perfect match!" The little upset and gloominess in his heart vanished completely.

The room was quiet until Du Liyu raised his cup with a smile once Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke took a seat. "Cheng, you must apologize to me! Propose me three toasts with tea!"

He added before anyone else could open their mouth, "You are doing too well! Your lady often speaks highly of you in front of my Song Li. Then I'm in trouble. Comparison brings harm! Song Li frequently asks me to learn from you. Blablabla."

Song Li pinched him with an annoyed gaze before he could finish. Lou Cheng burst into a laugh as he turned to Yan Zheke. He didn't know she had been praising him in front of her besties.

Yan Zheke turned her head away and raised her chin as her response. "Sure. I deserve these three cups!" Answered Lou Cheng gladly.

He was about to raise his cup when Gu Shuang knocked the table with her cup. She laughed,

"Let's make a toast together first! To Lou Cheng and Ke remaining a devoted couple to the end of their lives!"

"Where did you get this line?" Yan Zheke pretended to be annoyed by Gu Shuang.

"He-heh! Congratulate you beforehand... " Gu Shuang continued to agitate everyone to join the toast.

Tao Xiaofei joined to stir up more trouble.

"To the newlywed remaining a devoted couple to the end of their lives! Ha-hah!" Lou Cheng looked at Yan Zheke with a loving smile and instigated,

"We should drink. For remaining a devoted couple to the end of our lives!"

Yan Zheke stared at him with her teeth grinding and took a deep breath before raising her cup without much shyness to accept the toast.

The atmosphere was instantly heated up. They joked and made fun of each other. In the end, they even requested Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke to drink cross cupped wine from one another's cup.

With extra pressure from Lou Cheng, she couldn't resist it and eventually had a cup of juice with their arms crossed, her face bashful.

Days flew by after the get-together. Lou Cheng trained hard every day following the prescribed order, taught the VIP class, gave instructions to the special training team, and visited his grandparents on both sides and other seniors like Chief Xing.

Of course, there were many dates between him and Yan Zheke. His home was no longer a secure place so they had to make out in the girl's bedroom. They only had it a few times but every single one was satisfying and unforgettable for Lou Cheng.

In the blink of an eye, it came to the end of August and summer holiday would soon finish.

By Houshui Lake, Lou Cheng was training as always but Yan Zheke was called to her grandparents' for a couple of days because the next term would soon begin.

After thinking about his fairy for a moment, he withdrew his thoughts and visualized a scene of an intense fire burning across the ground. His body felt burnt and painful and his muscles and tendons underwent more changes. Without taking advantage of the Jindan, he managed to grasp the essence and core of the Prairie Fire Graph and the Zhu Rong Graph in just over 20 days.

Towards the end, Lou Cheng adjusted his tendons and muscles and wiggled his organs to the Prairie Fire Graph accordingly to allow the fire and hot stream to break forth. In the back of his head, he drew the half-monster-half-human god riding a red dragon.

Once the fire quieted down as if suppressed or completely tamed, Lou Cheng took one step forward and threw his right fist into the void.


A loud explosion was followed by several fire waves rolling out of his fist. The heat distorted the light.

Lou Cheng took back his hand and felt satisfied to call it a day. He turned around facing the lake with his back, very excited about the new term. National University Martial Arts Competitions, I'm coming!

Peng Leyun and Ren Li, I'm coming!

Chapter 300: The New Leader

The cool breeze in the morning slowly blew away the hotness of autumn. Yan Xiaoling carried her luggage and left the registration stand. Following her senior sister, she found her dormitory, No.401, third unit, second block.

She wore a large white T-shirt with a knot on the lower hem and a pair of hidden heel shoes. Rather than active and outgoing as she often appeared online, she looked quiet as a quail.

After saying thanks to her senior sister, she opened the half- closed door and found the A room. The moment she entered the room, she saw a black kitten running away.

She was frightened to jump up. She cried for a moment, then turned around to look outside. She wanted to find where the black cat had gone, but at that moment, she came face to face with a set of eyes hidden behind a pair of glasses.

She leaned aside and moved her head slightly. Then she looked around the empty living room, but she still couldn't find the black kitten.

"Have you seen a cat? A black one, it runs fast." She asked the roommate in front of her directly.

She should be my roommate... She thought suspiciously. Because the girl was wearing a pair of round glasses and dressed in dull colors, she looked a little old-fashioned. She also looked as if she was wearing her aunt’s clothes and had left home too quickly.

"You must be seeing things." The girl answered her calmly.

"Probably..." Yan Xiaoling looked for it once more, but still couldn't find the black kitten. She then laughed embarrassedly, "Hello, I am Yan Xiaoling. From now on, we are roommates!"

The other girl nodded, "He Zi, the bed beside the window is mine." She pointed to the left side.

"He Zi (Box) ?" Yan Xiaoling did not understand, so she asked again.

"You can read the name list on the door." In addition to her round glasses, her face was also very round.

"There is a name list on the door?" Yan Xiaoling looked to the other side in bewilderment, then noticed a white paper with black words, "He Zi (He Purple), ah, if I pronounce it quicker, it will sound like He Zi (Box)!"

"Box is my nickname ..." He Zi pushed her glasses and smiled politely. "How do you know that you are a member of A room if you didn’t see the name list?"

Yan Xiaoling was stunned for a few seconds and answered her in a low voice, "by my intuition ..." The moment she finished her words, she saw there was a flash of light passing through He Zi's glasses, as if she recognized delusion.

But, but my intuition is right!

Just then, another girl came into the room wearing a suit of red traditional Chinese clothing with white decoration on it unusually. She was pretty and young.

One girl dresses like an aunt, the other wears traditional Chinese clothing. It is worthy of being called the Academy of Art because everyone is so independent and unique. But they are all good-looking, including me... Yan Xiaoling was lost in her mind until the new Girl made a self-introduction, "Hello, I am Mu Jinnian, I arrived last night."

"Hello, hello, I am Yan Xiaoling." Yan Xiaoling answered her happily. She wanted to shake hands.

"What should I do? Both of them are taller than me! Even with my hidden heel boots!" She thought sadly. After chatting for a while, Yan Xiaoling took out her phone and looked through the forum. She saw many replies.

"Go to the Martial Arts Club as soon as possible. Do a live feed about Lou Cheng!"

"Don't be afraid!"

"If you dare not to see him, then I will call you Coward Xiaoling!"

"Do a live feed about visiting the Martial Arts Club, or make a live show about eating sh*t. It depends on you!"


F*ck, why did I make so many promises? I even said that I would go to the Martial Arts Club and take a photo of Lou Cheng as soon as I reached Songcheng University... Grr, I am so aggrieved, I am so sad... When Yan Xiaoling saw the urgings of Brahman and the other people, she felt a little excited but still had some irresolvable tension in her heart.

I'm going to see my idol, my idol!

She looked up and asked her roommates without holding any hope,

"I want to go to the Martial Arts Club, will you join me?"

Normal freshmen should have been more concerned with military training...

However, the moment she finished her words, two answers came in unison,


"Yes." Uh ... Yan Xiaoling first looked at the girl with the round face, He Zi. Then she turned to see the cool girl, Mu Jinnian. Suddenly, she did not know how to react to them.

I was just asking to be nice...

Soon, she recovered from her loss. She would receive courage from her roommates' accompaniment. She laughed.

"Ok, let's go now!"

As for my luggage, I will clean it up when I get back!

La La, Lou Cheng, I'm coming!


Walking through the square, passing the bridge and the teaching area, the three girls finally arrived at the Martial Arts Club.

Because the school had not officially opened yet, they found several people in the stadium. Only a few people were busy posting slogans on the wall.

The red slogan with black words filled the arena with a burning passion. All the slogans had the same content, which was setting goals,

"The National Final Round!"

The moment Yan Xiaoling saw these four words, she suddenly felt like fuming in anger. She subconsciously moved closer to the people who were posting slogans, suddenly feeling so familiar with the boy who was directing the work.

"I, I, I know you!" She stammered for a long time and finally cried out excitedly. Cai Zongming glanced at the girl who looked like Lolita. He thought suspiciously but smugly, "Maybe I have my own fan? Because of my handsome face?"

He had no time to answer her. Yan Xiaoling continued, "You are Lou Cheng's classmate, aren't you? You did an interview at the tv station together! I have seen the video many times!"

Cai Zongming covered his face with his hand and said in a half self-mockery and half-joking tone, "I have degenerated to such a level? People only recognize me because I'm Lou Cheng's classmate?"

Yan Xiaoling took a few pictures of the martial arts club and updated them in the forum. It took her courage to ask,

"Where is Lou Cheng?"

Standing next to her, Mu Jinnian asked, "Where is Lin Que?" He Zi was looking around the arena carefully.

Cai Zongming sighed and with his hands outstretched, he replied, "It isn't time for them to start the special training officially. They have to find places to temper themselves."

"Then why are you still here?" Yan Xiaoling blurted out disappointedly.

I finally gathered the courage to come here!

"Why I am here? I have to be here because I am the manager of the martial arts club!" Cai Zongming found this annoying but funny at the same time.

"You are the club manager?" Yan Xiaoling almost showed the "how can you be the manager" look. Mu Jinnian also doubted his words. "What's the problem? Don't I look like the club manager?" Cai Zongming was not annoyed for being doubted. He only smiled and said with gnashing teeth, "Yes, I really don't look like a manager! I agree! The last club manager graduated this year. Normally, the new manager should be selected from the members who were best at martial arts so that he could convince people to follow him. Well, they all said this job was troublesome, so they glanced at it and left without a word... I was also about to refuse it, but the teacher said the school has decided to let me be the manager. As a substitute, I don't know how I became the manager of the Martial Arts Club?"

He had learned some sentences modes after being influenced by Comrade, Zhao Qiang.

"Oh oh oh, it sounds like Lin Que's style..." Mu Jinnian smiled with her eyebrows bending slightly.

Oh, she is a fan of Lin Que ... Yan Xiaoling lifted her small chest and laughed happily, "Also sounds like Lou Cheng's style! Haha, well done!"

She gave him a complimentary expression. After chatting for a while, they were much more familiar with Cai Zongming, so Yan Xiaoling gradually showed her true character. Full of expectation, she asked, "When do the martial arts classes begin? Can I register now?"

"You’re a freshman, aren't you? There is an official recruit for you after the military training..." As Cai Zongming was finishing his words, he suddenly noticed two familiar people approaching. He raised his hand and greeted them quickly, "Senior Brother Sun, Senior Sister Lin! "

Sun Jian laughed: "You are indeed the new club manager.
You are so diligent, right? We passed by and found you easily."

"I serve for the people!" Cai Zongming pretended to say it seriously which amused everyone. "Senior Brother Sun, Senior Sister Lin, I thought you would be busy writing essays and finding jobs and wouldn't have time to come to the Martial Arts Club."

Relying on his outgoing and talkative character, he had developed good relationships with many members who participated in the special training of the Martial Arts Club. Sun Jian paused for a moment. Then he smiled and said, "We have studied in this university for four years, and would like to leave a beautiful end for our school life. The two Dan stage fighters are so powerful and competitive all around the country now. Our club can definitely make more new progress than the last several years. Hehe, Lou Cheng and Lin Que can help us win the glory! That's the reason why we are here! Fighting for the national final round!"

"For the national final round!" Cai Zongming took out his hand to touch their fist. There was expectation and hope in his eyes.

Watching this scene from the side, Yan Xiaoling suddenly hoped that time would pass more quickly so that November could come.

Oh, it’s a pity that I didn't get to see Lou Cheng!

Even after walking out of the martial arts arena, Yan Xiaoling still felt melancholy. On the contrary, He Zi said thoughtfully, "The confrontation between muscle and blood, I really want to write an article about it ..." "Uh, you can write articles?" Yan Xiaoling looked at her roommate in surprise.

"I am not only good at writing, but also chatting. After we are familiar with each other, I can chat with you until you’re cried out." He Zi smiled.

What a strange roommate she is... Yan Xiaoling rubbed her face and quickly began to think about other things.

I am so pissed off I didn't see Lou Cheng!


"Well done. Practice makes perfect." Beside the lake, Geezer Shi folded his arms and watched his foolish apprentice practicing the "Zhu Rong Force".

Lou Cheng changed his practicing posture. He smiled a bit proudly before making his request, "Master, I want to awaken the supernatural ability to the second degree."

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