Martial Arts Master Chapter 281-290

Chapter 281: The News Report

The next morning, the noise Xing Jingjing made as she got up roused Gu Shang who did not manage to have fun yesterday. Gu Shuang picked up her phone to look at the time in a daze and complained in a low voice. "It's only seven. Sister Jingjing, I won't sleep in the same bed as yours anymore."

She felt miserable. Why was her group of girlfriends the type who did not love sleeping in?

Xing Jingjing calmly replied, "Ke left for her morning practice at 5.30."

"Inhuman! None of you are humans!" Gu Shuang cried. As she browsed Weibo and other news websites, she ended up finding a piece of local breaking news:

"The rise of a new martial arts superstar!"

Gu Shuang became more awake. Her finger slid across the screen as she pressed in the news article. She first glanced at the source and found that the news came from today's provincial newspaper.

Her eyes moved down as she began reading the news.

"19-years-old, Dan Stage, Professional Eighth Pin. He has only been learning martial arts for a year, but is now the champion of Youth Tournament of Xing province. These glorious titles and beautiful words made up the young genius who is as brilliant as Peng Leyun and Ren Li. This genius is Lou Cheng, a sophomore in Songcheng University, originating from Xiu Shan... "


"It has been many years that our province is eager to welcome such a brilliant genius in martial arts, so many years... "

... "The road to reach the peak of martial arts is so long. So what stage would this new superstar reach or what kind of glory would he get? Let's wait and see!"

"Yo, yo, yo... " An excited Gu Shuang instantly downloaded the e-version of the provincial newspaper. After saving it, she sent the link and the pictures to her close friend. "Ke, look at your boyfriend! He's on the second edition of the provincial newspaper! He's on the local hot news of the portals!"

She was basking in some of Lou Cheng's glory!


The morning coolness had faded as sunshine began pouring in, rays of the golden light descending from the sun.

Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke met each other's eyes and smiled, finishing their tempering of the day at the same time. The girl took out her phone to check if she missed any important messages or calls, while asking in concern, "How do you feel? Does your head still hurt?"

Cheng said earlier that he did not sleep well last night, similar to the way one would feel too exhausted to fall asleep. He could not meditate either, so he merely closed his eyes and rested. It was two in the morning when he finally fell asleep in a daze. The throbbing pain in his head persisted.

"I feel much better now. I feel alive again after finishing the still stance for half an hour," Lou Cheng answered with a big smile. "I think I couldn't sleep last night because no fairy came to massage my temples."

He could finally feel calm again.

"My fault?" Yan Zheke glared at her boyfriend, both tickled and annoyed. She then looked down at her phone.

Her eyes lit up. "Cheng, Cheng! You made the big news! You're on the second edition of the provincial newspaper! And the local hot news of the portals!"

She repeated what Gu Shuang texted her.

"What?" Lou Cheng came to her side and wrapped one arm around her waist, reading the news together.

As Yan Zheke was reading the news, she could help suppressing a smile. She was both proud and a little embarrassed as the main character who was getting a lot of praises was currently next to her.

"The write-up is okay, but the photo isn't good enough! It doesn't show even one tenth of our Cheng's good looks!" The girl said, her eyes crinkled and the corners of her mouth upturned.

"Your exaggeration has become better and better." Lou Cheng laughed. Yan Zheke pouted and then said with a smile, "As the mentor in your life, I should be better than you in all aspects. And after I got used to your looks, I think you're much more handsome than those hot guys!"

"Beauty is the eyes of the beholder!" Lou Cheng made a conclusion with great satisfaction.

"Tsk... " Yan Zheke blushed and turned to face the other side. She seemed to have thought of something and turned towards him again, her eyes bright as she said, "Hello, Beauty Lou!"

"W-What are you thinking... " Lou Cheng smiled as he wiped his sweat. He recalled he had not look at his phone yet and checked it, unexpectedly finding a new message from a stranger.

"Hello, Mr. Lou Cheng. I am Little Zhao from the TV station of Xing province. Do you have time today or tomorrow to join our Apotheosis of Fighters in the Youth Tournament of Xing province recording for a couple of hours?" "Oh, it's time to record this program. I'm looking forward to your nickname!" Yan Zheke smiled, having read the message with him.

Smelling the subtle smell of sweat off the girl, Lou Cheng glanced at her. "Why do you look like you're gloating?"

"Well, not really... " Yan Zheke chuckled. "I always thought the fact that no one was hurt or killed the group of people in charge of making up nicknames in the program is proof of the self-restraint and grace of our province fighters."

"Are you implying that my nickname will be weird and strange?" Lou Cheng naturally did not miss the implication of his girlfriend's words.

Yan Zheke snickered and began praising him. "You understand me more and more!"

"Today we're going on a date. I'll tell him I'll go tomorrow." Lou Cheng was asking the fairy for advice. Yan Zheke pursed her mouth and laughed. "Just go today. I'm really curious about your nickname. And if we delay it, we'll just think about it and can't enjoy our date."

"You're right. I'll go there later and we can have our date in the afternoon. But the weather is so hot. Where should we go? The water amusement park?" Lou Cheng suggested.

"Next time. I didn't bring my swimsuit... " Yan Zheke hesitated to answer.

Though she could buy one in the mall later, she was embarrassed to wear one in front of Cheng. She was not ready for that yet.

Without waiting for Lou Cheng's reply, she said, "How about playing the board game? I'll show you what the IQ of a genius means! We can have dinner with Shuang, Sister Jingjing, and the rest tonight. Oh, but there's usually a post-competition gala. Then we can have dinner tomorrow... " After discussing their plans, Lou Cheng responded to Little Zhao from the TV station.

"Can I come to the station at 9:30 a.m?"

"Yes, I'll pick you up at the door. This is my phone number. Sorry to bother you, Mr. Lou Cheng." Little Zhao's response was quick.

Yan Zheke burst into laughter seeing Lou Cheng making plans with such a serious attitude.

"To be honest, the thing I want to do most is bringing my textbooks and finding a place to study with you. It doesn't matter if the place is air-conditioned or not. I've a walking air condition by my side anyway!"

"We can do that after returning to Xiushan! How about coming to my home then? I still haven't shown you my photo albums. My parents won't be around in daytime except for lunch," Lou Cheng proposed happily. Yan Zheke thought it over and agreed as she could not restrain her curiosity.


What would Cheng look like when he was young?

The bed that he slept on for many years, the house he lived in for many years home, what would they look like?


After deciding with Yan Zheke where to meet later, Lou Cheng first dropped her outside his parents-in-law's house in Gao Fen. He then took a taxi to the Xing Province Satelitte Television.

On his way there, he received a message from the bank. It said that the after-tax bonus of 600,000 yuan had been credited into his account. He could not help counting the figure several times, unable to hide his joy.

That was the largest sum of money he had ever seen!

His last deposit was not even one-tenth of the bonus!

After becoming a fighter of Profession Eighth Pin and entering the martial arts circle, things had truly changed for him. His income had even increased by several times.

Lou Cheng had received the payment for his coaching in July. He added that figure along with 10,000 yuan in his bank, and the 9,000 yuan security fees he received from Director Xing, and over 9,000 yuan of personal coaching fees. After deducting what he spent on medicinal herbs, dating, occasional gifts for Ke, and food, he had 54,000 yuan remaining. That was indeed less than one-tenth of 600,000 yuan.

He wondered what kind of gift he should buy for Ke and his parents. He also needed to get something for his three cousins. This he had to ask advice from his life mentor, Coach Yan! There were only two bedrooms and one living room in his house, so it was more and more inconvenient. Plus, the house seemed too old. Should he get a bigger house?

For himself, he was content with just buying a good computer!

Of course, he could not waste the money as matches set for his level with such great bonus were rare. They were usually held every couple of years. What was more, after reaching the Dan stage, the martial arts practice had be accompanied with medicine soup and red pellets. In addition, dating was permanent!

All kinds of thought crossed Lou Cheng's mind. As he was dreaming of the future and joyfully imaging how to spend the money, he arrived at the TV station. He saw a young man with messy hair waiting for him.

Seeing Lou Cheng, he raised his phone and waved.

"Mr. Lou Cheng, I'm Little Zhao!" "Hello," Lou Cheng replied politely.

Little Zhao glanced at him. "We don't have much time. First come with me to put on your makeup."

"Sure." Lou Cheng knew nothing about the recording process, so he did not raise any objections.

In the dressing room, he finally remembered what his girlfriend mentioned as he was getting powdered. He asked Little Zhao the question.

"Excuse me. Could you tell me what's my nickname in the Apotheosis of Fighters? I'm thinking if I can prepare myself first, I won't make mistakes during the recording."

Little Zhao swallowed with great difficulty.

"S-Sure. Your nickname is, uh… Our leader came up with it… Sky Shaking Roar... " "Huh? Sky Shaking Roar?" Lou Cheng was initially at a loss, then he instinctively raised his voice and asked again.

Little Zhao was so scared he could barely stand. He leaned against the wall and explained, "Yes... Sky Shaking means to shock the heaven, and Roar means to roar like a beast. I think... I think it sounds powerful."

"Yes, it's powerful... " Lou Cheng did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Their aesthetic concept was so twisted!

But it was much better than the nicknames in the past two sessions!

There was the briefest of moments where he wanted to kill everyone in this TV station... When his makeup was done, he told Yan Zheke his nickname with a lost emoji.

"Sky Shaking Roar... "

After one long minute, the girl replied.

"Hahaha, I laughed myself into convulsion... Hahaha, every time I see this nickname, I'll imagine a husky howling to the moon... Sky Shaking Roar... Hahaha… "

"Just laugh. Laugh. Enjoy laughing... " Lou Cheng helplessly buried his head in his hands. Little Zhao was nervous to see him like this.

He cautiously said, "You can enter the studio now."

Chapter 282: The Interview and The Phone Calls

Looking at the mysterious studio, Lou Cheng glanced at the light and the staff. At last, his eyes fell on the host of the program.

She wore a white shirt and a black suit dress, and stood in the middle of two sofas which were facing each other. Her legs were very beautiful, but too thin, just like bamboo. Lou Cheng could barely look at them. It was as if her legs would be broken off by the wind. He felt like he was looking at something very horrible.

This hostess was one of the TV celebrities that he was quite familiar with, because he often saw her when he was watching programs with his parents. What was more important, she had also taken charge of the last session of the Apotheosis of Youth Fighters. He had watched it several times, so he was deeply impressed with this beautiful and intelligent hostess.

Five years ago, Wei Ya had become a hostess on satellite TV in Xing province. She had then become more and more famous, and gradually began to host some famous programs. As for her age, Lou Cheng never paid attention. But he did know clearly that she had appeared on television frequently this year. It seemed that her status was quite high at this television station.

Curious about the celebrity, Lou Cheng did not cover up his staring. He found that the present image of Wei Ya was completely different from how she had looked at the beginning of her career. Her long hair was raised in a high bun and she was painted with exquisite makeup which deliberately highlighted her intellectual elegance. It was clear she was trying to appear more mature but not old-fashioned.

"She looks more beautiful in reality than she does on TV, but still not as good looking as my Ke...", Lou Cheng's mind flashed as the corners of his mouth upturned. He recalled Yan Zheke’s smile, "My little fairy is so perfect!"

Of course, I probably feel this way because beauty is the eyes of the beholder.

Aware of his staring, Wei Ya turned around and looked back at him. As they made eye contact, Lou Cheng smiled slightly and nodded to greet her with becoming modesty.

At first, Wei Ya showed a look of surprise, and then she recognized that he was today's guest. She gently nodded as a response before she continued to communicate with the assistant

"Mr. Lou, this is the outline for today's interview. You can look through it, so you have a general idea in mind. You don't need to recite it, as long as you have a preliminary draft in mind. It seems more real if you make some mistakes or you stammer a little in the interview." Little Zhao, with his messy haircut, gave him some papers and said with a flattering smile, "In short, you can answer the questions as you wish. You just need to determine which questions are okay and which you don't want to talk about."

"Thank you." Lou Cheng accepted the outline. While he was reading, the staff member tied a black box-shaped speaker to his pants. Then they covered the speaker with his clothes. The wire raised up inside his clothes to the collar where it connected to the microphone. After being reminded of some other issues, Lou Cheng turned off his cell phone. He stood at the entrance, listening to the director conduct other staff.

After a few minutes, someone said, "Action!", and then Wei Ya stood up from the sofa. Facing the camera, she elegantly introduced the Youth Tournament of this session, "... this time, we will call the top four fighters in the Apotheosis of Fighters, The Four Heavenly Sons. They were born to be great and will have a bright future... Let's welcome the champion of this session, the genius fighter who is only nineteen years old, 'Sky Shaking Roar'-Lou Cheng!"

Even though he had known this nickname in advance, Lou Cheng still didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he heard the words 'Sky Shaking Roar'-Lou Cheng. He even quivered several times.

What the f*** is with these people!

Judging them silently, he walked onto the stage and arrived at one of the sofas. "Lou Cheng, it's your first time to participate in this kind of program, right?" Wei Ya led the rookie with a soft gesture.

"Yes." Lou Cheng tried to calm down and appear at ease.

This is a high-ranking program which means thousands of people will see it. So, if I make an embarrassing mistake, Ke will certainly laugh at me for a lifetime.

When I am old, she will still laugh at me because of this embarrassing moment, even sitting next to the fireplace.

Wei Ya smiled, "First, please say hello to the audience watching at home."

"Hello, everyone." Lou Cheng made a slight bow towards the camera.

After finishing the greeting process, they both sat down. Wei Ya put her legs to the side to show her delicate and mature elegance. She laughed, "Lou Cheng, I should call you student Lou. You are still a student ah... You achieved the Dan stage less than a year after you began to learn martial arts. Now you have become the leader of your fighters group in one province. You really can be called a legend. I am curious, before university, you had really never come into contact with martial arts?"

"No, I certainly knew about it before. With the popularity of modern martial arts, if a person really didn’t know anything about martial arts, he must be isolated from society, right?" Lou Cheng answered with a smile and tried to make his words sound humorous, "but I mostly knew it from media, like watching matches, talking about the Mighty Ones and collecting related data. As for the systematic practice of the martial arts, Well, uh, should PE class be considered?"

"No, mostly not," said Wei Ya with a smile, "Since you had never learned any martial arts practically before turning eighteen, why did you join the Martial Arts Club as soon as you got to college?"

"I have always loved the martial arts. In my home, the wall is covered with posters of several fighters of physical invulnerability. I did not pass the selection before, and I felt that I would never succeed in this aspect. I chose to focus on studying and trying my best to take the exams." Lou Cheng smiled.

Wei Ya understood. She said, "So, after you entered university, the pressure on studying was reduced. And you also had more free time, so you joined in the Martial Arts Club with the passion and love you had for the martial arts? This is the reason that you suddenly began to learn martial arts?"

"No." Lou Cheng shook his head with a serious face.

Both joining the Martial Arts Club and beginning to learn the martial arts are because of my fairy!

"Well, then what did you want to say just now?" Wei Ya kept calm, relying on her rich experience.

Since it wasn't the reason, then what did he mean by saying so many things about it just now! Dude, do you know that your answer is quite irrelevant?

Lou Cheng smiled and said, "This is why I did not begin martial arts for the previous eighteen years. But the reason that I joined the martial arts club as soon as I entered university is another story. And this story I don't want to share with other people just yet. "

Brother-in-law, I am so happy that you set a good example!

If I had answered truthfully, this news would be spread very quickly. The whole country could be watching. Although the fact that he’d begun to learn martial arts so that he could catch the girl he loved could be regarded as a romantic story, his father-in-law and grandparents certainly wouldn't think the same...

The headline would be, "The champion of the Youth Tournament of this session fought with others on the street, and was beaten black and blue by an old man of seventy years old!" Hearing of this, Wei Ya bit her teeth tightly, slightly agitated. She controlled her temper and asked him with a perfectly elegant smile, "Student Lou, I feel you are very humorous. Maybe now that you’ve said this, we are eager to know more."

"Really you want me to tell the story? That's okay, but does it mean anything that you would be listening to several minutes worth of lies? Isn't this a waste of time?" Lou Cheng was gradually adapting to the atmosphere of the exclusive interview, so he behaved more comfortably and easily. Of course, it also meant he showed his true colors completely.

Wei Ya could not help laughing and said, "Well, I won't ask then, in case you have to make up a story now. Student Lou Cheng, with only one year of studying martial arts, you have become a fighter of Professional Ninth Pin. Would you say that the mind can't keep up with the progress? Because other fighters usually begin to learn martial arts around the age of ten. They improve step by step, and they gradually adapt to realizing that they are stronger than the majority of people around them. Also, this helps them to avoid the arrogant mentality, so they don't look down on normal people." "Maybe a little." Lou Cheng thought for a moment and answered, "My parents are ordinary people. So are most of my other relatives and friends. So I never had any prior mentality. But, after I mastered the martial arts, my thoughts became more direct and different from the past when I am dealing with things."

"Oh, what kind of thoughts?" Wei Ya asked with interest.

Lou Cheng chuckled, "Thoughts like 'nothing would fix things better than a fight'."

Wei Ya laughed with her hands covering her mouth. It took her many efforts to stop laughing, "You are more humorous than you look."

"In the past I was not so funny. Maybe when a person develops abilities, he becomes more confident. I am that kind of person. Also with the guidance of my friend and mentor, no, it should be with the influence, of their words and deeds, I can communicate with people more leisurely and easily." Lou Cheng said eloquently. The interview was going quite smoothly. Lou Cheng didn't use too many smart words or scintillating witticisms, but he showed his own style and shared some of the martial arts experience as well as some interesting things that could be spread.

After finishing the interview, Wei Ya stood up and offered to shake hands with Lou Cheng. She smiled and praised,

"You have done a very good job in this interview. To behave so well at your age the first time you have an exclusive interview, that's great."

"Thank you. Owing to your good guidance." Lou Cheng answered her modestly.

After chatting for a while, the staff came to take back the collar microphone and megaphone. He turned casually. As he was walking out of the studio, he turned up his phone and never looked back at the hostess. Wei Ya paid no attention to this. She had interviewed a lot of people, and had naturally met all kinds of men; men who begged for her phone number, men who always looked at her sensitive parts, men who had a habit of having affairs with female stars, men who were arrogant and strong enough to ignore her and men who were frank and only treated her with good manners.


Walking out of the studio, Lou Cheng saw that there were a lot of missed calls and unread messages on his phone.

He called them back one by one, according to the relationship. First, he called his mother who told him that they had checked out and were ready to return to Xiushan. Also, she warned him to come back home as soon as he was finished.

Then he called Fatty Jiang who said that because Qiu Hailin and Cao Lele had been out for too long time, their parents felt a little worried. They would also check out this afternoon, and they would take Lou Cheng's parents back with them. After that, he called Qin Rui who asked him whether he wanted to go back home by bus.

Suddenly, words like "happy ending" and "All good things must come to an end", flashed in Lou Cheng's mind. He smiled and sighed. He told everyone that he would like to stay here for another two days.

As for the other messages, most of them were sent to congratulate him.

Suddenly, there was a new call. Lou Cheng readily answered and heard a girl’s polite voice,

"Hello, Mr. Lou Cheng, tonight there will be a celebratory cocktail party at seven o'clock. You are the champion, so we hope that you can take the time to attend it. The invitation card has been sent to your hotel's front desk."

"Okay, I will attend." They had just rewarded Lou Cheng with six hundred thousand Yuan, so he was certainly willing to cooperate with them. What's more, he also wasn't a poser. He believed that people should respect each other.

Hanging up, he suddenly remembered the scene when he as the audience had watched Zhang Zhutong followed by many cameras going up step by step before the pre-match party.

"Things really change so fast... " Lou Cheng thought. He had time to send Yan Zheke a message that he had finished and was ready to pick her up.

As he was waiting for the girl's reply, his phone rang again.
This time the call was from a familiar number.

Master? Lou Cheng was shocked and inexplicably frightened.

Don't I always call him? Why is my Master taking the initiative to call me today?

Did I not share the good news with him last night? "Hello, Master?" Lou Cheng connected the phone cautiously, like holding a bomb in his hand.

Geezer Shi coughed and said, "Little boy, you have become more and more well-known now. Well, you asked for a leave recently. You need to go to Wu Yue for I have to let you know our faction.

"Damn, my original idea was that this brat could achieve the Eighth Pin at the end of the summer break, then I could coach him for another six months. Until he truly mastered his ability, I would take him back to visit the fellow disciple and officially take him as my apprentice. However, he not only entered into the Dan stage within a month, but also became the champion of the Youth Tournament. He has become known by a lot of people which made me receive interrogatory calls in the morning."

To acknowledge my faction and to visit the fellow disciples?
Lou Cheng suddenly felt a little nervous.

Chapter 283: Undercurrent

While feeling a bit nervous about meeting other disciples from different schools, Lou Cheng picked up Yan Zheke and arrived at a reputed restaurant where he made reservations. The restaurant was famous for cooking many kinds of beef, such as fried beef, steamed beef, stewed beef, griddled beef and so on.

After ordering, the girl grabbed something from her orange satchel that looked a lot like tissues and handed it to Lou Cheng. "Clean your face," said Yan Zheke.

"What's this?" Lou Cheng asked with a dumb look.

"Makeup removing wipe. You wore makeup for this program recording, right?" Yan Zheke said while smiling.

"Makeup removing wipe… Never heard of it… " Lou Cheng answered in embarrassment. Yan Zheke tilted her head slightly and could not help smiling when she said, "Silly, you should know what it is by its name. Use this tissue to wipe your face. It will be easier. When you remove everything yellow from your face, you are done with the facial cleansing."

"But… But I washed my face after the show." Lou Cheng explained in puzzlement.

"I knew you would say this. You can't clean your face with water when you wear so much makeup. Why do you think girls prepare makeup removing lotion as well as cleansing oil? That's the reason. And I think you should feel uncomfortable with your level of sensitivity and skin control." Yan Zheke said and then smiled at him gently.

"Oh, I see… No wonder I did not feel refreshed. I assumed I had washed my face too quickly, so I planned to take a bath before the dinner party tonight." Lou Cheng said after he finally came to the realization.

If it were not for the protection of the brain, he would use vibration from the Internal Training Methods to cleanse his skin. But the brain was a forbidden area, even for Mighty Ones with Physical Invulnerability.

While speaking, he took a piece of tissue and started washing his face. Something yellow came off immediately.

"So… Did you learn something new again?" Yan Zheke said while raising her head and curling the corner of her lips. Obviously, she was proud of herself.

"Thank you, Coach Yan. No, you are my life mentor. I have learned so much thanks to you!" Lou Cheng said and then gave an honest smile after the clean-up.
Yan Zheke suddenly let out a sigh. "Cheng, we might not be able to go on a date tomorrow. My parents are going to visit a friend and they are forcing me to go with them. Gee, I hate these types of social activities. If I know their friend, I would be fine with it. But if I don't, it makes me feel very uncomfortable. What am I supposed to talk about with a guy who I only see three or four times in a year? And I have to sit tight and pretend I actually care about what they are saying during the whole damn conversation. Sometimes they make me answer questions that I do not like. And that isn't even the worst part. If I meet some naughty kids there, the chaos is, is beyond my imagination… "

When Yan Zheke went on with her complaining, she noticed Lou Cheng was smiling at her attentively. She pouted as she said, "Why are you staring at me? Are you disappointed in me? Will you ever get tired of my complaints?"

"Nope, never. Actually, I'd love to see you complain more. You looked super cute," Lou Cheng said with a smile, and added, "To me, it makes you more of a person and draws us closer together."

Yan Zheke rolled her eyes at him, smiling, and said, "So what are you saying? I was not a normal girl to you back then or is it that I didn't have the bearing of a normal girl?"

"Yep, you definitely had the bearing of a fairy." Lou Cheng wore a serious look on purpose. Puff. Yan Zheke laughed, curved her lips and turned sideways, "What could I do? I feel like I was tricked! You know, last year when we got to know each other, you weren't like this. And at that time, I did not expect to have a conversation like this with you."

"People grow up, so have I. Plus, I have a good mentor." Lou Cheng answered without blushing.

"Yep. Somebody's skin indeed grew thicker," said Yan Zheke gruffly.

Lou Cheng chuckled. He held her hand, helped massage her acupuncture points, and changed the subject. "Ke, will you attend the Celebration Party for the Youth Tournament tonight?"

He heard from Zheke that Empress dowager had received an invitation as well.

"Nope," Yan Zheke said, shook her head, and continued, "I am afraid that somebody is going to talk to me if I go. And, If my dad finds out about our relationship, em… "

When two people in love attend the same party, people will notice something from their words, their body language, and their eyes, unless they maintain a certain amount of distance from each other.

Can her boyfriend keep his distance? She didn't think so because she doesn't have confidence in herself either.

"Ugh," Lou Cheng sighed with regret and said, "I thought I would get to see you in an evening dress."
"You pervert," Yan Zheke cursed jokingly. "But I hate attending those types of parties and banquets. Although I can put on beautiful dresses, I also have to talk with a bunch of people who I am not familiar with. My face freezes because I smile too much… Anyway, it's super boring. I might as well use the time to do more papers."

She complained about all kinds of boring stuff on this occasion. The more excited she got, the gentler Lou Cheng smiled.

When the dishes were being served, Lou Cheng suddenly remembered something and said, "Ke, actually I can't go out either. I think I am kind of famous now because I got the Champion in the Youth Tournament. Master told me to go to Wuyue for my apprenticeship acknowledgment."

"Formal acknowledgment of your apprenticeship?" Yan Zheke said, not hiding her joy. She was happy for him from the bottom of her heart.

"Yep. It was so sudden that I am a bit nervous. I don't know which sect I belong to and what my peers will be like." Lou Cheng said, honestly sharing his feelings and expecting some advice from his girlfriend. After all, she was born in an aristocratic family of martial arts.

Yan Zheke looked up and continued after a moment of silence. "Cheng, you should be nervous. Do you honestly expect your fellow disciples to be nice to you? It's not a sure thing even if your master is a Mighty One with Physical Invulnerability, or even if he is one of the leaders that control your sect."

"How come?" Said Lou Cheng. Obviously, he knew nothing about surviving in a sect.
Yan Zheke took back her hands and seriously explained the situation to him. "A sect is like an interest group. The distribution of interest was settled before you appeared. But when you show up as the champion of this Youth Tournament, not to mention you are going to be a Professional Eighth Pin or a Seventh Pin in the following year, you definitely break the balance. Of course, we are not just talking about the benefits you will receive. Your problem lies in your growth speed. The disciples who are raised to be the next leader of your sect are around your age, but they can't compete with you. In the future, who will be the leader, who will be the assistance? They know pretty well. Now, do you still think they will be nice to you?"

She recalled things her grandfather and uncle used to talk about, as well as certain books she read, and then she retold all of it to Lou Cheng in an incisive and cold tone.

"… Cutting off their money is like murdering their parents." Lou Cheng concluded with a proverb after thinking about it for a moment.

His fellow disciples spent so much time together practicing martial arts from childhood. Of course, they were close. He was different. He was an outsider. They, for sure, would reject him, isolate him, and hate him.

Seeing her boyfriend change into a serious look, Yan Zheke chuckled and said, "It's not that serious. You are under your master's protection. They won't go too far. They might provoke you, trying to give you a little taste of humility. But don't get mad at them. Follow the rules and everything will be fine."

"OK." Lou Cheng replied, nodding with an occupied mind.

"Also, don't trust the passionate fellow disciples. People who confront you directly aren't the worst. Mind those who fight dirty. They will accompany you, bringing you out to eat and drink, to trick you and make you fall from virtue. Once you form a bad habit, you will only have yourself to blame. My grandpa has a martial nephew whose talent was wasted like that. he made bad friends and did bad things, so he had to suffer on his own." Yan Zheke said, then pursed her lips.

She knew Cheng would not screw around in nightclubs, but she feared he might be too embarrassed to turn down others' invitation.

Lou Cheng listened in a trance. After quite a while, he spoke in relief, "Everything gets complicated when there are people around… "

Around 6:50 p.m., Lou Cheng, wearing a white and black- edged martial arts suit, came to the venue in high spirits. The Celebration Party of the Youth Tournament was about to start.

A long red carpet was already on the ground. Fans were there too. They held various cameras and signs, which reminded him of the day he and Zhang Zhutong first met.

When his gaze swept across those fans, he found signs and bands that actually had his name on it. He finally understood how many fans he had gained on the forum in the last two days.

He took a breath, put on a small smile, stepped on the red carpet, and walked toward the entrance with his head up.

Snap! Snap! Snap!

People kept screaming Lou Cheng's name. Under the flashing lights came tonight's leading character.

He enjoyed everyone's admiration while he was on the red carpet. Once he entered the venue, before he could look around, an old man with white hair walked toward him. He was meticulously dressed. "I will call you my nephew since your master and I are friends for years." The old man laughed, "Well, this old man forgets things. And I haven't introduced myself. I am the former director of the provincial police agency. But, since I retired, I am only She Dawei, an old man who hasn't died yet."

"Uncle She, nice to meet you. Thank you for helping me so much before." Lou Cheng greeted him according to the seniority of his master.

Geezer Shi turned to Director Xing for help with what happened to Wang Xu through this connection.

She Dawei let out a big laughter, "Just a small favor. Stop mentioning it. Come on, I will introduce some elder masters to you."

He led Lou Cheng to Yin Huaming and started introductions again, "This is Little Yin. He is the chairman of the Martial Arts Association in our province. According to seniority, you can call him Brother Yin. But considering his age, just call him uncle Yin. In this martial circle, we don't mind such things." "Uncle Yin, nice to meet you." Lou Cheng said, almost failing to hide his smile. He greeted Yin Huaming as instructed.

Yin Huaming shook his head with a big smile and said, "Martial uncle She, I am only ten years younger than you."

Calling him Uncle Yin indeed brought them much closer, after this reintroduction.

"Who told your master to accept apprentices at the age of 20?" She Dawei cursed jokingly.

Next, he introduced Lou Cheng to several other people. There was Luo Zhong, vice governor in charge of martial affairs; Yu Hong, vice principal of police school, who was also the boss of Divine Fire Club behind the curtain, and 60-year- old Gao Jianxi, a Mighty one of Professional Fourth Pin. She Dawei introduced almost all the big shots in Xing martial arts circle to his martial nephew.

One stranger after another, one greeting after another, Lou Cheng finally knew what it was like when he smiled too much. After another round of greetings, he excused himself by going to the restroom and snuck onto the balcony, where he hid in the corner complaining to his girlfriend by writing, "… I guess this is the trouble of being famous. I'd love to study in the classroom with you rather than spending time in parties
like this."

Before Yan Zheke could reply, Lou Cheng saw a tall man carry a bottle of red wine into the balcony. He was a lean man under 40. Lou Cheng could sense the tiredness behind his eyes, yet he looked so energetic from his appearance.

"Lou Cheng?" The man said, raising his bottle with a gentle smile.

"Hello," Lou Cheng answered instinctively, raising his bottle of water as well.

"I'm Wang Zhou," He said and smiled. "Last night, I received a message from the underworld. Somebody paid 30 million for your life." "What?" Lou Cheng said, both surprised and puzzled.

Who would want to set me up?

Wang Zhou sipped his wine and added leisurely, "But there was no follow-up after the message. People who have the ability to kill you would not risk their stable life for that amount of money. Right now, our society is stable and harmonious. Even if somebody got the money for doing the job, they might not survive long enough to spend a penny of it. You don't have much to worry about. The message only means that somebody doesn't like you, for now."

"How did you get this information?" Lou Cheng thought for a while before asking.

Wang Zhou gently shook the bottle, turned his back, then walked away and said.

"People in this circle normally call me Master Ba." "Master Ba? Master Ba from the Virtuous Hall… That makes senses now…" Lou Cheng thought, then exhaled and once again felt how this championship had changed his life.

What will happen when his apprenticeship is acknowledged?

Inside the venue, Gu Shuang, in a black evening dress, peeked at the balcony and then texted Yan Zheke.

"Hey, Ke, your man is so honest. He won't even look at those debutantes. You know they flirt with men all the time, but he leaves them completely disappointed."

"Why should you care!" Yan Zheke replied, annoyed and amused at the same time. "Right, bring me four bottles of Ningshui hard liquor. Original-proof spirits, please! Cheng will visit his master tomorrow and he is not going empty-handed."

… The next day, Lou Cheng grabbed his luggage and headed toward the airport. For him, it was a new journey.

The destination, Wuyue Province!

Chapter 284: Martial Niece

After checking four bottles of Ningshui hard liquor of original-proof spirits, Lou Cheng carried his bag, held the boarding pass and came to the security area by airport instructions.

Since Yan Zheke helped with ticket booking, she habitually chose the first-class cabin for Lou Cheng, so he did not take much time lining up and finished the security check through VIP channel pretty soon. Afterwards, he came to the VIP lounge of his airport company and treated himself with a free buffet.

As the boarding time drew close, Lou Cheng did not hear any news that the airplane was late, which made him quite satisfied. It was his first fight and there was no delay. He had to brag about it to Ke. After that, he left the VIP lounge and got on the plane without waiting in line.

This was a medium-sized passenger aircraft, so seats in the first-class cabin and business cabin didn't differ much from those in the economy-class cabin. The only difference was the space. The first two cabins had four seats in a row, with two seats on each side while the economy cabin had six seats in a row.

According to the boarding pass, Lou Cheng found his seat, put his bag in the overhead compartment and then sat beside the window, watching the blazing sun outside.

Honestly speaking, what Master Ba mentioned last night got on his nerves. It was too much for a person who had not seen the world. He was so paranoid that he could not control his thoughts. Although it was something that was not likely to happen, like an interlude in a movie or a spray in an ocean, what if he really encountered a maniac!

He had read many novels, so he knew killing had nothing to do with one's level of martial arts. In fact, as long as there was a good arrangement, a good plan, even a powerless kid could kill a strong adult. Mighty ones in Dan stage or with physical invulnerability had their family and career. They belonged to the upper-middle class and definitely would not risk their lives for this sum of money. But what about other people? I am not afraid of shooting, but poisoning would be impossible to prevent. Am I gonna spit out the food the minute I sense something wrong? What a waste of food! Moreover, bomb, car accident or any accidents could just kill me... Lou Cheng was wandering in his mind. Unconsciously, seats next to him were occupied. Soon the plane started to taxi, the air traffic flow management was over and the plane took off smoothly.

According to books he read from stalls, intelligence organization of certain country excelled at killing people with an airplane crash because it was not easy to be found out… When Lou Cheng thought of this, his heart skipped a beat out of fear. He had to force himself to get rid of this idea. He took a deep breath, visualized a scene of turning water into ice and started to recall what Coach Yan had analyzed before.

It won't go out of control. You guys are in the same sect. These elders and the government would not stand by and let you disciples fight between life and death. It's the bottom line.

Thirty billion RMB for your life? It sounds strange. I put two and two together. There are only two possible situations. One is that somebody discloses such information on purpose, like beating the grass so as to scare the snake. The other is to make a mess. Nothing will happen afterward.

Don't think too much. Act normal and follow the rules. You leave the rest to your master. Just have some faith in his experience and ability.

Coach Yan is indeed a rational girl who is good at analysis… Lou Cheng felt the turbulence when his plane hit a rocky air stream. Again he looked outside and was instantly amazed by this beautiful sky view.

Below the plane was a boundless sea of cloud. The cloud looked a lot like white snow, piling up like a mountain and then changing into waves and other sorts of strange shapes. Meanwhile, the blazing sun from afar cast gleaming lights on the earth, dyeing everything to gold.

The real heavenly palace! The real fairyland!

Two and a half hours later, his plane arrived at Shanggao Airport of Wuyue Province on time. Lou Cheng let go of his final worry.

If anything happened during that flight, there wasn't much he could do. He would be a sitting duck. However, when he stepped on the real ground, he was not 100% sure he could decide his fate rather than the god, but at least he could make the best of everything accordingly.

No wonder some mighty ones had no love for airplanes. They preferred taking trains or ships regardless of the distance. Taoist Wuguang, the head of Shangqing Sect as well as the master of that Warrior Sage Qian Donglou, acted exactly like this.

Upon landing, Lou Cheng restarted his cell and messaged Yan Zheke about his safe arrival. After that, he took his bag, got off the plane, collected four bottles of hard liquor and came to the airport pickup hall.

Looking around, he suddenly saw a sign that read like "Xing Province, Lou Cheng". As he took a close look, Lou Cheng found it was a young lady holding the sign. The girl was about five-foot-seven, wearing a pair of sunglasses that almost cover half of her face. She had a roman nose and pouty lips.

With her shiny black hair going straight down, she was wearing a light-color T-shirt, a white knee-high skirt and a pair of sandals, which attracted many men's sight.

Do not underestimate that pair of legs which looked straight and fair. Judging from her qi and blood boiling inside, Lou Cheng knew she had no problems whacking some brains with her kicks.

Welcoming service from the sect? At second thought, he walked toward the lady. She also noticed him from his constant glance. She was puzzled for a while and soon waved her right hand in excitement.

"Junior master, junior master Lou Cheng."

"You are?" Lou Cheng came near her and asked with caution. The lady, still wearing her glasses, answered with a big smile, "I'm your martial niece, your adorable, cute and pretty niece. I heard you were coming, so I volunteered to pick you up at the airport. Shall we go to the parking lot? Meanwhile, we can have some small talks. My name is Mo Jingting, you can call me Jingjing, Tingting or Jingting."

"Mo Jingting?" The name sounded familiar to Lou Cheng. However, he kept calm upon hearing these playful words since he had seen his little fairy being coquettish. He took out his phone and answered with a smile, "Let me give a call to my master first."

"OK." Mo Jingting collected the sign and waited for him in a graceful posture. Still, she did not take off her glasses.

"Hello, master, I am here. Do I have a martial niece called Mo Jingting? She picked me up at the airport." Lou Cheng asked.

Geezer Shi chuckled, "That girl is a hard nut to crack. Tell her to give me a ride as well. Em… Never mind, hand the cell and I will talk to her in person." "Fine." Lou Cheng passed the cell to Mo Jingting.

"Uh-huh… OK… Grandmaster, rest assured. We are coming… " Mo Jingting hung up the phone and gave it back to Lou Cheng.

Without confirmation, Lou Cheng surely would not go to the parking lot with a strange woman. During the ride, Mo Jingting acted all open and outgoing. She kept asking around as if she was about to do a thorough background check on Lou Cheng.

On the contrary, Lou Cheng was reserved. He responded with discretion.

When they got on an Audi Q7, Mo Jingting finally took off that giant pair of glasses. Her face appeared in delight and shyness.

She looked beautiful and innocent with her thick but not ugly eyebrows. Her eyes seemed to be out of focus by nature, making her glances so affectionate that people might easily develop feelings for her.

Lou Cheng checked at her again. Suddenly he understood why her name sounded so familiar.

He even listened to her song last night!

She was that star who started her profession as an actor and by far had released two albums. She only became popular in recent years. Now she was about 21 or 22 and many guys fantasized about her during their bedtime talk. Old Qiu and that animal next door all took her as their dream girl.

OMG! She is my martial niece!

What the fxxk! She was several years older than me. How could she still give me the puppy dog eyes? Catching the look of surprise on Lou Cheng's face, Mo Jingting expertly fastened the seatbelt and explained, "Did you recognize me, junior master? You know, my beauty and youth will be wasted if I spent all my time fighting in the ring. So, I become a martial actor, plus our sect has some connections in
the entertainment circle. And in case you wonder why I am here, I take a few days off after finishing my concert the day before yesterday. When I heard the sect is about to throw a ceremony for your apprenticeship, I volunteered to help, out of curiosity. That's all. Right, junior master, help me adjust the
rearview mirror. Up a bit and turn outwards. Oops, it's too much. Never mind, let me do it."

She unfastened the seat belt, leaned forward to Lou Cheng and reached out to adjust the rearview mirror near the front passenger seat. Her light yet lasting perfume kept penetrating into Lou Cheng's nostrils.

Moreover, from Lou Cheng's angle, he could see a tempting view, a view that every man was dying to see, as long as he looked down.

Instead, he backed up a bit and looked steadily forward. Currently, what occupied in his mind was his martial niece being a superstar.

But my Ke is a lot more beautiful than that superstar… He tried to hide his smile but his look had already given him away.

Lou Cheng did not talk until Mo Jingting finished adjusting the rearview mirror, refastened the belt and started the car again.

"Ma – martial niece, what's the name of our sect?"

"Grandmaster did not tell you?" Mo Jingting replied in astonishment.

"Nope… " Lou Cheng honestly answered.

Mo Jingting could not help laughing, "Junior master, did grandmaster lure you into our sect? Jesus! He was so irresponsible. How come he didn't tell you anything?" "Our sect is called God Ice Sect and we acknowledged Ice Queen who created the Ice Magical Kungfu thousand years ago as the founder. However, as a matter of fact, our sect started around 573 years ago thanks to Yang Chenhui from Wuyue. He got the incomplete work of Ice Magical Kungfu. Around 100 years ago, to compete the Ice Magical Kungfu, our sect founded the Wuyue Club with other sects like Haixi, Hanchi, and Dinghai. Owing to this, we became the strongest power at that time. Now there is only one movement missing in Unique Skill of the Ice Sect and we also have the incomplete work of Death Sect."

Speaking of this, Mo Jingting turned to Lou Cheng and pursed her lips.

"Junior master, if you have heard some bad rumors recently, don't trust. Haixi, Hanchi, and Dinghai all want to put our Ice God Sect into disorder. They'd love to see our sect caught up in endless infighting."

Do those sects give out the information that somebody paid 30 million for my life? If so, what's their purpose? To stir up the disorder in God Ice Sect? Lou Cheng was lost in his thoughts. He took a minute and then started to talk again, "Were there any conflicts inside the Wuyue Club?"

As speaking, he quickly messaged Yan Zheke with a shocking emoji.

"It is Mo Jingting who picked me up at the airport, the one who sings 'Wait for the Wind'. I can't believe she is actually my martial niece!"

"It's her… Cheng, you belong to the Ice God Sect… " Yan Zheke instantly replied.

Looking ahead, Mo Jingting signed, "In Ice God Sect, there are four fighters with physical invulnerability. They lead the Wuyue Club. Three of them are aged grandmasters. In the next generation, only martial uncle Yuejian could help keep up the appearance of our sect. Outside we had to deal with the pressure from Huang Ke in Haixi Sect and 'Clown' in Dinghai Sect. Those guys do not want to compromise the cooperation, yet was willing to change the current situation." "Huang Ke from Haixi sect…" Lou Cheng whispered his name. Everyone who frequently watched top professional events must know him.

The forty-five-year-old Mighty One!

The "Spear King" in our generation!

Chapter 285: Being Straightforward

§§§Chapter 62 Being Straightforward

Dinghai Sect's "Clown," Gu Jianxi, was someone with a colorful history. His parents died when he was very young. Then, he was kidnapped and sold to the war-stricken Southern region. He never went through orthodox or formal martial arts training. He merely relied on a few tattered and torn books on the street, talent, passion, concentration, and rigorous training to develop a set of skills unique to him. He also developed his rebellious and strong but chilling character.

People like him would usually die in some brash battle before they came of age. However, luck was on his side. An Elder from the Dinghai Sect was out on some official business when he passed by Gu Jianxi and noticed him. The Elder appreciated his talent and his abilities. So the Elder used his connections to bring him back to the country. At that time, he was just a little past 17, with abilities well above Professional Ninth Pin.

After he entered Dinghai Sect, unlike the other Mighty Ones in the Wuyue Club who only trained in the specialty of "Ice Sect," Gu Jianxi chose skills from "Death Sect." After training, his path had been smooth sailing, creating miracles one after another. Time and time again, as the "weaker" side, he defeated "stronger" opponents. At the young age of 22, he had already achieved Fifth Pin and stepped into the realm of Inhumans. At 25, last year, he mastered physical invulnerability, making a great leap, displaying his great potential with a force.

The origin of his nickname was from the clown tattoo on his arms and neck.

As Lou Cheng thought about the "Spear King", Huang Ke, and "Clown", Gu Jianxi, he somewhat understood why Mo Jingting said that Senior Sister Yuejian was sandwiched. She had mountains in front of her, and a formidable force chasing her.

Based on the published information, Shi Yuejian attained physical invulnerability when she was 29 years old. Then, she was classified as a Third Pin. Now that six years have passed, she was still at Third Pin. She was no longer a force to fear as compared to the "Clown" and Huang Ke who were chasing so closely behind. In these few years, before the three Mighty Ones with physical invulnerability in the previous generation go past their prime, the Ice God Sect's status within the Wuyue Club should not change much. Nevertheless, time is cruel, once the older generation of heroes starts to retire from the stage, and if the new talents are unable to fill their shoes, the Ice God Sect must give up a huge portion of their benefits.

In the world, everyone gathers for benefits and works towards their own benefit.

After understanding this point, Lou Cheng could not help but exclaim,

"Falling behind means losing... "

"Of course. I heard that Junior Master attained Eighth Pin in a year, chasing Peng Leyun, Ren Li and the others fiercely. Everyone is excited for you." Mo Jingting twisted her to one side while saying so. She blinked her eyes and smiled. Her eyes seemed to give off electricity whenever she looked at someone.

Hearing her words makes it seem like the whole Faction had great expectations and good sentiments towards him... Lou Cheng's heart skipped a beat, and he became even warier of Mo Jingting.

From the bigger picture, most in the Ice God Sect looked forward to prodigies, so for them to have expectations of him was a rather natural thing.

But, there were simply too many people in this world who cared only about themselves, and not about the bigger picture!

"You flatter me too much. I still can't compare to Peng Leyun or Ren Li." Lou Cheng answered in a superficial manner. His hands flew across his phone screen as he replied to Yan Zheke's message. "Yep, I just found out that I'm a member of the Ice God Sect... " He had already had his master for a year, entered the Danqi State, and yet he only knew about his sect today...

Master's too unreliable!

Yan Zheke replied with an emoji covering its mouth laughing. "You live a difficult life... So this means that Shi Yuejian from the Wuyue Club is your direct senior sister. Coach Shi is definitely her direct elder."

"Maybe it's not that simple. My master has a daughter." Lou Cheng could somewhat guess the relationship between Shi Yuejian and his master.

At the same time, he multitasked and continued to listen as Mo Jingting shared Wuyue Club's internal affairs and politics.

After talking about Shi Yuejian randomly, Yan Zheke sent a curious emoji and wrote, "Why did Mo Jingting come and pick you up? By herself... " "Is there anything wrong? I called Master earlier, but he had no objections," replied Lou Cheng, unable to understand the question.

But then again, his master also said that Mo Jingting was someone hard to handle...

"There's nothing wrong if we look at this matter from the surface. But my intuition tells me that there's something wrong! She already has one foot out of the martial arts community, which means she has no reason to be enthusiastic about you... Tell me what has she done recently. Don't leave out any details!" sent Yan Zheke, with arms crossed emoji.

"Nothing at all. She was just holding a card with my name at the arrival hall. Acted cute a little, talked to my master a little, and then she brought me to the car. So far she introduced the Faction and Wuyue Club. Oh, and she asked me to help adjust her back mirror," replied Lou Cheng, trying to recall the details while he typed.

After being silent, Yan Zheke sent a spaced-out emoji and wrote: "... Silly boy, you've been led on... " "Huh?" Lou Cheng was confused and could not catch what Yan Zheke was talking about.

"Did she think you didn't do a good job with the back mirror and then leaned over to adjust it herself?" Yan Zheke replied with a huge laughing emoji.

"Yes, how did you know that? What's wrong with that?" Lou Cheng asked, extremely surprised.

He recalled the earlier scene where Mo Jingting leaned over to adjust the mirror. "Yea, that's a little strange... "

"... Silly boy, her car wouldn't be cheap, so such mirrors could be adjusted electronically. Plus, she drove all the way to the airport. Do you think her mirror was out of place?" Yan Zheke sent a message with an emoji covering its face.

"What the... " Lou Cheng was enlightened and realized how naive he had been. "I, I don't know anything. I've never taken a driving test and I don't even have a car at home... " "I believe you... She probably knew about this, that's why she did those actions to seduce you." Yan Zheke sent with an emoji huffing out a puff of air. "How did it feel? How did it feel to be seduced?"

"Nothing much. I'm such an upright person. Plus, Coach Yan's wise teachings are always on my mind—To always be careful of people in the Faction who are extremely nice to me. To be cautious and not get stuck in a trap of sugar-coated bullets." Lou Cheng explained hurriedly.

"If you're not afraid of the sugar-coated bullets, you'd feel something? She's a star and she's throwing herself at you!" Yan Zheke sent the message with a "Get lost" emoji.

"Ah, tricked by Ke again... " Lou Cheng sent an emoji screaming that he had been wronged. "I'm someone who has been seduced by a fairy. Why would I fall for someone below that level?"

"When did I seduce you? You better not leave after school, explain yourself clearly!" Yan Zheke sent, with a furious looking emoji. "Some year, some month, someday, I woke up with my lips coated in lip gloss." Lou Cheng sent a "sneaky smile" emoji.

"Nothing like that! And, how could Mo Jingting be considered below standards? You're being too fake!" Yan Zheke replied with an emoji turning aside and looking up into the sky.

"My standards are based on the fairy benchmark." Lou Cheng gave a naughty smile and tried to change the topic. "What motive does Mo Jingting have in seducing me?"

Yan Zheke sent a list. "... The first possibility, to spoil your reputation. It's a scandal if an elder is together with a junior in the same Faction. The second, just like I've analyzed earlier, to seduce you, bring you onto the wrong track. Today she'll get some little stars to entertain you, tomorrow some models, the next day some big party and may even ask you to take some stuff to get high or something... "

"Why are you being so detailed... " Lou Cheng sent a "face with a hand wiping cold sweat" emoji. "Pfft, I'm just afraid that you'll fall for her antics, so I specially asked someone and listed all the possibilities!" Yan Zheke sent an emoji with its chin proudly lifted.

Lou Cheng was about to say something, but then he sensed the slight sourness in her words. He smirked and replied, "Someone's jealousy?"

The usually reasonable Zheke, who knew what was going on, could not control her feelings and become jealous?
"No! " Yan Zheke denied without any doubt. In a flustered mood, she tried to continue writing, "The third possibility, since she's in the entertainment industry with the Ice God Sect and the Wuyue Club as her backing, she always has the best resources and has been able to avoid any shady business. At the same time, she is clear that she has chosen to give up the route of martial arts, and will never be able to step into Dan stage in her lifetime. This also means that she will never have too high of a position in the sect. Once her original backing has lost its power, she would have a hard time, so to try to seduce you who has some potential, doesn't come to me as a surprise... " Lou Cheng thought about it carefully. With a tiny smile on his lips, he continued tapping on his phone's screen, replying, "What a pity, I only have my fairy in my eyes."

"So cheesy!" Yan Zheke chided him.

Mo Jingting glanced over at Lou Cheng and asked, "Junior Master, what are you smiling at?"

"Chatting with my girlfriend, saying that my niece here, is a big star." Lou Cheng gave an ambiguous reply.

"You've got a girlfriend?" Mo Jingting was a little taken aback by his words.

"Yup." Lou Cheng answered brightly with gentle eyes.

"Seems like you like her very much." Mo Jingting tried to ask a little more. "Of course. " Lou Cheng answered directly with no hint of shyness.

Mo Jingting pouted a little and said, "Seeing how Junior Master is, I'm starting to be a little envious of her."

At this moment, a car in front swerved into their lane and Mo Jingting stepped hard on the brake. This made the handbag by the side roll down, and because the bag was unzipped, all the bottles and small things came rolling out of it.

"Junior Master, could you help me pick them up?" Mo Jingting asked with a coquettish tone in her voice.

Lou Cheng bent over, with one bag in his hand, he started to pick up the things that had scattered around him. There were two lipsticks like things that had rolled under Mo Jingting's legs.

He looked at her long, fair, and soft-looking legs. Lou Cheng was about to lean over to pick them up. Then, he stopped what he was doing and chuckled. He said in a straightforward manner,

"The remaining, we can pick up after we are done parking.
They will be fine there anyway."

Seeing his unwavering eyes, Mo Jingting fell silent for a while before she smiled brightly again.

"Yo! Junior Master, a gentleman, aren't you!"

She joked to reduce the awkward tension in the air. Mo Jingting continued on the topic of the happenings within the Faction. At this time, Yan Zheke sent new messages to Lou Cheng.

"I asked some people. Mo Jingting is the grand-disciple of the Ice God Sect's leader, He Yi. She's the disciple of He Yi's first disciple, Yang Xianlong. He Yi is a Mighty One with Physical Vulnerability. He's considered your master-uncle. Yang Xianlong is considered the same generation as you and 'Spear King', Huang Ke, your first Senior Brother. But, he hasn't been able to advance to physical invulnerability stage. Now he's 50, at Fourth Pin Dan stage. Among his disciples, he initially cared most about his second disciple, Zhu Tai. Zhu Tai entered Dan stage at 20, but only went into higher Pin stages at 28. Since he seems to have exhausted his potential, Yang Xianlong is focusing his energy on nurturing a junior disciple. He's the only disciple after Mo Jingting. He's called Lei Fang, 23 years old, Sixth Pin... "

"Anyway, later, just listen to your master. If you've any thoughts, tell him or discuss them with him honestly. Don't hide anything."

"So Mo Jingting is considered one of the elders in the Faction... " Lou Cheng nodded slightly.

At this time, Mo Jingting parked the car by the road. Near them was an estate of villas. Geezer Shi was waiting there, in his old-fashioned shirt. He stood there, in a slack and slanted pose, completely void of any sign that he was a Mighty One.

Lou Cheng hurriedly got off the car. He opened the back door and passed the bottle of original-proof spirits, that was next to him the whole time, to his master.

"Master, this is our local specialty. "

Geezer Shi smiled contentedly. He took the bottle and sat in the car. He twisted the bottle cap and drank a mouthful. Clicking his tongue happily, he said,

"This is good alcohol! You've some conscience, kid.
Remembering to get me something and all!"

"It's your daughter-in-law being considerate... " Lou Cheng answered silently in his mind. He did not return to the passenger seat next to Mo Jingting. He sat next to his master in the backseat and relaxed.

"From now on, I'll just listen to Master's instructions!"

"Grandmaster! You're getting more and more agile and spirited as you age. Living so freely!" Mo Jingting smiled and gave a superficial comment.

Geezer Shi chuckled and said, "Of course I'm living freely. I don't need to care about the matters of the Faction. Still taking some money, enjoying the benefits without having to busy myself left and right about petty stuff. I only need to step forward from time to time. Why would I not be carefree?"

After saying this, he turned and looked at Lou Cheng. In front of Mo Jingting, Geezer Shi said, "Rascal. In the future, after you've established a high enough position, do you want to be so busy or do you want to be as carefree as this old man. Just fight a couple of battles, and accompany your wife?"

Before Lou Cheng replied, he could already feel Mo Jingting stiffen.

He took in a deep breath and recalled the busy times after getting the championship. Feeling a little bored and frustrated, he said earnestly,

"I want to devote myself entirely to martial arts."

Chapter 286: Ice God Sect

"I want to devote myself entirely to martial arts."

With these words, Lou Cheng felt like the debris in his mind had been cleared off. He despised the troublesome trivialities like networking, quarrels, and secret conflicts.

Faithful to martial arts; faithful to his beloved. Even if it was just carrying textbooks and discussing about coursework, it was so much better than playing power politics to get to the top!

He realized Mo Jingting's tense body had relaxed. With a smile, she said sweetly, "Junior Master, your words earlier are incorrect. Nowadays, professionalism is key. We have professional managers and talented disciples to take care of the company. The leader Grandmaster just does the monitoring. How is he busy? He's still carefree!"

What did she mean? Where was her true position? What were her true feelings? Or was she coming up with idle talk to dissipate the awkwardness... Lou Cheng paused, confused by the words coming from his niece apprentice.

Compared to her, Lou Cheng was still inexperienced with life.

"You lying girl, I can never hear a word of truth from your mouth. Since the beginning of our company, how many subsidiaries we have started? How many industries have we entered? Just supervising them alone is enough to give me a headache. Besides, I don't only have to worry about these things. I also have to worry about our internal affairs, alliances, and the entire martial arts world. I've completely jumped into a pit where I'm forced to work hard," Geezer Shi said, wearing a smug expression of superiority.

"There are professionals who aid you. The Grandmaster has so much free time as he only needs three to four hours to deal with work," Mo Jingting said, grinning.

Geezer Shi ignored her and turned towards his silly apprentice. "Don't rush into your answer. Think about it carefully. Don't worry about external factors. If you're intimidated by such small obstacles, how will you survive the martial arts world?"

"Don't consider other things and ask yourself what you really want. Someone once said a taste of power is enough to get one addicted. Don't rush into your decision to supplement your inexperience."

He spoke in his usual voice without a shred of seriousness, but Mo Jingting who reading between the lines became stunned. She subconsciously frowned.

Was this the strength of a Mighty One with physical invulnerability?

Lou Cheng need not care about external factors, because everything was fine as long as he was around?

"Yes, Master." Lou Cheng closed his eyes, recalling the past.
He imagined certain scenes on TV and hearsay. Geezer Shi grinned. "I won't say much about the benefits of leading the sect. If you want to stay out of the limelight, you can apply for the top professional competitions. You don't have to put all your eggs in one basket."

"I don't have to join Wuyue Club?" Lou Cheng was wide-eyed in surprise.

Knowing the conditions of the sect, he thought he would have to join the Wuyue Club for sure once he acquired High Pin and gained his physical invulnerability.

Could he betray the sect?

Geezer Shi tutted. "Wuyue Club is just an alliance, it's not sect. We'll have done our jobs if we can have even one fighter of physical invulnerability to represent Wuyue Club and fight in the top career competition. Other clubs are more willing to enroll external talents. You're neither imparting martial art outside, holding the power, nor damaging the foundation of the club. It's not a betrayal to join. There are a few examples of this." "But sects like Daxing Temple and Shangqing Sect need not invite guests. Just take Yanzhao League and Longhu Club for examples. They have no shortage of Mighty Ones wanting to join them. Oh, you can also marry into Shushan Study. I don't mind it."

Marry? Lou Cheng broke into cold sweat and even wanted to roll his eyes at his master.

Marry into Shushan Study? Mo Jingting's full lips were half- open. Deep in thought, she took a breath.

Geezer Shi sighed.

"Shang Qing, Shushan, and Longhu. These three held the Restriction Sect in the Taoist School. I've been longing for it for years... "

Shangqing Sect, Shushan Study, and Longhu Club held the first Restriction Sect of the Five Sects Unique Skill in the Taoist School? Upon discovering such a secret for the first time, Lou Cheng blurted out, "I thought the government would have some of them... "

No wonder these three dominated the Top Six lists year after year.

Geezer Shi looked as if he was speaking to a group of fools. "It took Longhu Club only about 30 years to catch up with our established sect. Who do you think is behind them?"

"Oh, I see!" Lou Cheng ignored his master's expression.

He took out his phone and habitually shared this with Ke.

"I know… My grandparents have experienced… I think the one Shushan Study has is called Tai Qing Article... " Yan Zheke sent a bewildered emoji and shared her secret with her boyfriend. "I only recently found out about Longhu Club. I'm so ill-informed… It's totally my grandparents' fault. They rarely tell me these things!" "Exactly! My master looked at me as if he was looking at a fool... " Lou Cheng grumbled.

"You're silly indeed. Silly Cheng! You don't even know someone's hitting on you!" Yan Zheke humped.

"This shows that I'm honest and simple. I only have my fairy in my heart." Lou Cheng flirted with ease.

After their conversation earlier, Mo Jingting drove the car in silence.

Leaving the roundabout and turning into the hillside road, she returned to her usual liveliness and smiled. "Junior Master, sect is still formally located half way up the Yanbing Mount, but people seldom go there except for formal ceremonies. But it's a great vacation place, especially in the summer."

"Why?" Lou Cheng asked with suspicion. Geezer Shi was gruff. "The present cannot match up to the past. To establish sect in the wild, thousand miles from any inhabited region, are you waiting for someone to bombard or rob it?"

Mo Jingting chuckled. "The sect operates in the so-called Ice God Tower in the most prosperous business district. They handle everyday affairs there, but live separately. Only junior apprentices are accommodated together. Hehe, every year they'll be grounded here for extra training."

Moshang was the capital of Wu Yue.

As Mo Jingting introduced the place, Lou Cheng was looking at the information his fairy provided, such as the famous disciples and the master-to-disciple succession of teachings in sect.

Halfway up the mountain, he already had a preliminary, but complete understanding of Ice God Sect. He Yi, Sheng Guitian, and his little-known master were the Three Great Heads of physical invulnerability of the former generation. There were still several peers of the Dan stage, but their physical conditions had degraded and they rarely came out in the public.

In his generation, there was Senior Yuejian, who had physical invulnerability, and four high-ranked seniors of the Dan stage. They were responsible for different affairs in the sect and aided the leader. There were also ten other peers of the Dan Stage who took care of the business side of the sect.

And in his generation, the oldest one was only in his thirties. There were two people of the high rank and 10 of lower rank, including Zhu Tai. Some of them entered the Wuyue Club and tempered themselves with the Mighty Ones of the physical invulnerability while others fought in professional competitions.

One of the sects in the Wuyue Club had more than 30 people in the Dan stage, showing its terrifying power. The Shangqing Sect alone probably had more people of the Dan stage than the whole Xing province. For the next generation, there were not many disciples and they were all underage.

"We're here," Mo Jingting said briskly, stopping the car outside the gate.

Nearby was a sea of pine forest, the leaves fluttering in the wind like waves, bringing a cool breeze in the hot summer. The gate was made of huge stones inscribed with the words of Ice God Sect on it, quaint and simple.

"Let's first visit the Grand Uncle. You will officially take him as your teacher tomorrow." Geezer Shi got out of the car slowly.

"Okay." Lou Cheng followed after him.

Mo Yanting unbuckled her seatbelt and leaned out of the window with a smile. "Junior Master, let's add each other on WeChat. We'll be fellow disciples from now on. Little poor me will be under your care in the future."

"I barely use WeChat." Lou Cheng's refusal was polite.

He did register a Wechat account, but since the people around him seldom use it, he could not be bothered either.

"Okay then." Mo Jingting pursed her lips, looking a little chagrined. She sat upright and drove the car to the parking area.

Geezer Shi stood watching them in silence. He tutted and said, "This lying girl is so mischievous. When she was still in the sect, so many seniors lost their minds over her and even quarreled from jealousy. Heh, in the end none of them even manage to touch her hand."

"Master Shi, it's probably not nice to say that?" Lou Cheng said, his mouth twitching. He was their elder. How could he say that about the younger generation behind their backs?

"What's not nice? If they dare do it, then I can talk about it!" Geezer Shi chuckled. "That little girl has grown so sociable and mischievous after becoming an actress. You shouldn't let her cheat you. What's not nice? If they dare do it, then I can talk about it!" Geezer Shi chuckled. "That little girl has grown so sociable and mischievous after becoming an actress. You shouldn't let her cheat you."

"Master Shi, don't worry. I'm not that kind of guy." Lou Cheng replied calmly.

His type was the fairy kind!

As these words were spoken, a text from an unknown number arrived.

"Junior Master, this is my phone number. Hope we can take care of each other in the future. Your cute and lovely niece apprentice : -D." Lou Cheng shook his head, finding the girl a little annoying.
He then saved the number as Niece Apprentice Mo.

Geezer Shi said nothing and led Lou Cheng through the hall into the inner chamber. Passing the scouting disciples, they arrived at place with a plaque that read 'Ice Queen Pavilion'.

"Have you considered what I've said before?" Geezer Shi stopped at the door and asked his question once again.

"Master, my answer is the same. I want to devote myself entirely to martial arts," Lou Cheng replied earnestly.

Once he became stronger, he will definitely receive corresponding advantages and leave the intrigues and power struggles behind!

Was it not better to live simply and freely? "Alright. Let's go." Pushing the door open, Geezer Shi led his disciple in.

An grey- and thin-haired old man sat behind the desk, with sagging cheeks and deep wrinkles around his eyes. He went up to them with a smile. "Jian Guo, this must be Lou Cheng."

Jian Guo?

Shi Jianguo?

That was his master's name?

Lou Cheng wanted to burst out laughing. He calculated his master's age and decided the name really carried the characteristics of his generation!

But what it lacked was a feeling of greatness! How about Great Master Shi Jianguo?

Geezer Shi glared at Lou Cheng and said, "Yes, senior. This is my good-for-nothing disciple!"

Chapter 287: Do They Deserve?

He Yi, the head of the Ice God Sect burst into a faint laugh. "If he was a failure, what about other disciples?"

While the two seniors were chatting, Lou Cheng took the slot to step forward and greeted courteously, "Master Uncle."

"Good. Good." The lines at the corners of He Yi's eyes gradually softened. "I watched your last two matches. You've gone beyond the Professional Eighth Pin within one year... Possibly already at the Professional Seventh Pin. It is rare as hen's teeth in our Ice God Sect's history."

"Hmm... Master Uncle knows better than master... " Lou Cheng gave a silent judgment before answering with a smile, "I can't reach Professional Seventh Pin within one year. I won't sign up for the October's Ranking Event. I'm preparing for the April one."

I defeated Zhang Zhutong and Han Zhifei because no one knew about my abnormal physical strength. The rival made a bad decision and I was blessed with good fortune and quick wit. I got the championship of the Youth Tournament with great difficulty, during which I've revealed my condition to the world.

I'll have a less than 50/50 chance of qualifying the Professional Seventh Pin if I attend the October Ranking Event. Better to wait until my foundation becomes firm and my body limits are surpassed to sign up for the next Ranking Event in end of April or beginning of May with everything under control.

The prerequisite, of course, is there's no significant difference in strength improvement when the Jindan is pressed again.

He Yi nodded his approval. "That's good. Not imperious or short-tempered like your master in his youth."

"I was full of energy!" Retorted the grey-haired Geezer Shi Jianguo. He Yi shook his head with a smile, "The childhood shows the man and vice versa. Okay. Take Youth Lou to settle at Songtao Pavilion. Tomorrow morning 9:15 sharp he'll become an apprentice officially."

He turned to Lou Cheng. "Tomorrow we'll just go through the motions

. You are pretty much already a disciple of our sect and here is your home. Don't feel tied up. Take a walk tonight and communicate with your fellow disciples. Don't be shy. Everyone is friendly."

He emphasized the word friendly as if it was final.

"Don't get too close to Tingxuan Pavilion so the guests won't be disturbed. There are guests from Haixi Sect, Dinghai Sect, and Hanchi Sect for the ceremony," added He Yi.

"Guests for the ceremony?" Lou Cheng blurted out in surprise. Isn't it too much?

"We are of the same breath and branches all these years to achieve the current situation. They came with good intentions and we can't turn them away," said He Yi thoughtfully.

"Hey, we old blokes are here. Let them watch. What could happen?" Said Geezer Shi gruffly. "I'll take him to Songtao Pavilion."

He Yi nodded. "Go ahead. If you are too tired, wait for tomorrow to meet your fellow disciples."

Watching the two step away from Ice Queen Pavilion, a robust man came down the stairs. Appearing to be around 40 years old, his eyes bore heaviness and vicissitudes, his hair black and skin with few lines.

"Master, isn't this ceremony too serious?" asked the man with a frown. He Yi laughed, "Serious? It wouldn't be necessary if it was only a man of the Professional Seventh or Eighth Pin to join the sect. But he reached this level in less than one year... He's not even 20 years old yet.

"You've heard his conversation with your Uncle Shi. He's not interested in management. Xianlong, don't think too much or secretly make mischief, which would ruin the atmosphere of the sect and make us a joke in front of the Haixi Sect and Dinghai Sect."

This is the eldest disciple Yang Xianlong, a 50-year-old Professional Fourth Pin Dan stage fighter, in charge of the Bingshen Sect's routine matters.

His brows were not soothed. He muttered out of concern, "The spoken words fly."

"So you want a contract? They have given their words before me. They won't break their promises as long as I'm still capable." He Yi shook his head. "Tell Lei Fang. If he can reach the physical invulnerability, it will be his and no one can take from him. But if he can't and someone else succeeds first, it's not his and he can't get it. Strength is everything in a martial arts sect. He can get rid of one or two with his relations and outside support but he can't push out everyone."

"Yes, master." Yang Xianlong bowed low before turning around to leave from the Ice Queen Pavilion.

Standing in the lonely room, He Yi heaved a long sigh.


The Songtao Pavilion had a great view of a sea of trees dancing with the wind from the second-floor window.

"Don't stroll about tonight and have a good rest. Tomorrow you get over with the ceremony, take a look at your fellow disciples and come to mine. I've got the visualizing chart of the Zhu Rong Force." Geezer Shi disappeared quickly with four bottles of the original-proof spirit. "Zhu Rong Force?" Lou Cheng was full of joy and anticipation.

It had been a long journey and he felt a bit tired mentally. Chatting with his fairy in bed while bullshitting with his friends and browsing forums and Weibo, he felt free from restraints and had no intention to make friends with his fellow disciples.

Half a day's leisure from an ephemeral existence!

After dinner served in the room, he took out his laptop, planning to play some game before a video call with Yan Zheke.

Ke is visiting someone.

"Anybody fancies a game? I'll ask again if no one is available now." Lou Cheng sent the same message to his university dorm group and high school friends group. Little Ming laughed, "You are either spending time with Yan Zheke or busy in the Challenge Tournament when we are short of hands. Now you are free and want a game with us? You can't have everything. Treat us to some seafood at least. Bro Cheng... Master Cheng... The award money was 600,000!"

"You see the bills? I can buy so many presents for my Ke.
Why should I buy you any seafood?"

To quibble with Casanova every day can be fun.

"Gross! You are getting nastier and nastier! Your Ke... " Cai Zongming was close to throwing up. "Your fingers are more and more flexible and your head more and more responsive. Playing with you is not fun... "

Of course, it's no fun to be bullied all the time...

"I've been holding back or the screen would have been broken." Lou Cheng laughed loud with his hands on his waist. "By the way, Casanova, how's your training in the summer holiday?" "Ha-hah... I find no match in my city. That would be bragging. Honestly, I think I'm the best in my compound. I've made great progress, close to the Amateur Second or Third Pin level," answered Cai Zongming with some hesitation.

Qin Mo the Beast, a rich kid from Songcheng and a roommate of Cai Zongming's, interrupted, "Excellent! You are both here. Please help me vote! One phone number can give vote ten times."

"What vote?" asked Lou Cheng casually.

"An evaluation. Vote for my Jingting!" Qin Mo sent a link to a poll of a music program.

"Holy cow! I can't believe you beast is a true fan!" Cai Zongming jeered at him mercilessly, showing his nature of a talker.

Qin Mo looks up in the wind. "There is a white beam of moonlight in everyone's heart. She happened to hit me." "Get lost! Jingting is mine!" Old Qiu gave his usual response.

Zhao Qiang the Erudite sighed, "It's the estrus again... All we can do is to give some insignificant help."

Reading this random conversation, Lou Cheng's lips twitched.

I was once a fan of Mo Jingting's shows and songs. Not... She's nothing like the image her company created for her. Meeting someone in person is not as good as knowing her by her reputation!

Jiang Fei responded before he could answer. A few of them began to play.

As soon as Yan Zheke got online at home, Lou Cheng immediately pretended to fall offline, defrauding his teammates. A message from Nephew Mo came in during his video call.

"Junior master, is Munekado beautiful at night?"

"Nope! Go away!" Lou Cheng gave a silent judgment before putting his mobile away. He continued with the video call and planned to reply when he got time but he soon forgot.


On the second floor of Tingxuan Pavilion, a well-shaped long-haired girl was watching the sea of pine trees at night.

"Sister, why do you think Master sent us here to watch the ceremony? Their senior masters are here and we are no match." A youth with a cherubic face came out of a room.

The long-haired girl laughed, "Simple. We stand there for comparison. A 25-year-old high Pin fighter and a 22-year-old Six Pin fighter. This is a comparison." "That Lou Cheng has reached the Seventh Pin within one year. Pretty impressive." The youth with a cherubic face flung up his hands and started to browse Weibo.

All of a sudden, his eyes shone upon seeing a hot piece of news.

"Apotheosis of Young Fighters in Xingsheng - Four Heavenly Sons!"

The most liked comment was:

"Do they deserve to be called Heavenly Sons? In my opinion, only Peng Leyun and Ren Li of their generation can live up to this reputation!"

Chapter 288: The Heavenly Son of the Age

Wherever there was ridicule, there would also be praised.
The one that earned the most likes stated,

"The one who has reached the Professional Eighth Pin, even the Seventh Pin, within one year of martial arts training, is not good enough for you guys? I, Zhao Ritian, will go under the table."

Support and opposition often came hand in hand. The next few hot comments included,

"Real heavenly sons all level up every year before reaching the physical invulnerability. And there will be a certain period of time when they rise by two or three levels a year thanks to their previous rich accumulation and willingness to take risks! Lou Cheng has shown a good trend and great potential. However, I see nothing in him as great as Peng Leyun and Ren Li yet." "He has only one year of martial arts training. So? Peng Leyun was selected by the Shangqing Sect at a very young age, but his professional training didn't start until he turned 16 or 17, when his body was fully grown. By the age of 18, he was already at Professional Eighth Pin in the Dan stage."

"The bro two floors up said it very well. I think Peng Leyun is at the stage where he takes risks to overtake others. During the final match of the University Martial Arts  Tournament  in April, his strength, and combat skills were close to Professional Sixth Pin fighters. He might enter the High-ranked Dan stage by next year and keep Lou Cheng and Lin Que suppressed throughout their university years!"

"Ren Li displayed her level of top Professional Seventh Pin during the finals in April! Don't forget she attended school earlier than average and skipped grades! She's, in fact, one year younger than Peng Leyun and of the same age as Lou Cheng. Half a year has passed. Considering her speed of improvement, I bet she can reach Sixth Pin by the end of the year!"

"Would you stop using so many exclamation marks? Can't you talk like a normal human being? I, Ye Liangchen, am not convinced!" Those comments were followed by some reposted content written by a VIP user.

The VIP user, called Superstitious Belief Is Bad, remarked on "Famous commentator He Xiaowei".

It was a long post with a lot of writing.

"With no intention to get in this argument, I'd like to list my four Heavenly Sons of the age, from martial artists under 26, according to the criterion of Xingsheng Youth Tournament (Mr. Clown, I'm sorry but don't look at me like that. I might get a nightmare, but I have to say you are half a year too old).

"Just like the Four Heavenly Kings have five members, the Four Heavenly Sons should be a group of five as well. For the first, I'll go with an inhuman beast outside of the system, Shi Shan the Reincarnated Buddha from the Daxing Temple. I know some people find similarity in his face and Liu Huan's, but reaching the physical invulnerability at the age of 20 makes him one of the first three in martial arts history. He just turned 22." "The No. 1 Heavenly Son on my list will be Zhi Hai, a disciple of the Daxing Temple. Bright and handsome, he often dresses in white and stays unaffected by the Reincarnated Buddha. He successfully made it to the physical invulnerability state last year at the age of 23.

"The second Heavenly Son will be Peng Leyun, a disciple of the Shangqing Sect by direct lineage. A real genius. He's known for walking on unusual paths and daydreaming... No... I meant thinking about life. According to a reliable source, he defeated three seniors of Professional Sixth Pin last month during the Shangqing Sect's internal practice. In other words, at the age of 20, two years into his degree, he already has an 80-90% chance of becoming Professional Sixth Pin. If nothing goes horribly wrong, he can easily achieve a high level before his graduation. He might even reach Professional Fourth Pin by 22. Of course, it will take him loads of effort to catch up with Zhi Hai. Unless something unique or special happens, he has little chance of reaching the physical invulnerability in one year.

"The third Heavenly Son is Ren Li from the Kongtong School. She just turned 19 on the seventh of July, a bit younger than Lou Cheng. She was already at the level of Professional Seventh Pin earlier this year and it should be easy for her to reach Professional Sixth Pin by the end of the year. I'm confident that she can achieve a higher level before graduation but she has to work really hard to surpass Zhi Hai and reach the physical invulnerability by 23... She has a lovely nickname, Sunny Star, and another very friendly one, Little Li.

"The No. 4 Heavenly Son is not yet determined.

"Why is it not yet determined? Ann Chaoyang from Huahai is still working on his Professional Sixth Pin certificate in his senior year. Not to mention, Queen of Thought from the Xinghai Club has selected him to join Xinghai and called him a rare talent who is to be remembered in martial arts history. We must believe this brilliant fighter's eyes for her over 20 titles throughout her career. Maybe Ann Chaoyang does have something special that has not been revealed yet. A sleeping tiger can be very dangerous when it wakes up.

"Of the same reputation, Zhen Huansheng from Guangnan had his heyday in the past. At the level of Professional Seventh Pin, he's said to be self-conceited and insolent on account of his ability and has wasted his best years. There's not much potential left in him. I'm afraid he might not be able to suppress his teammate, Li Xiaoyuan, in next year's finals of the National University Martial Arts Competitions, let alone the robust, overwhelming Lou Cheng, who is aiming at Peng Leyun and Ren Li.

"So we've got quite a few capable competitors for the fourth seat of the Heavenly Sons, yet each of them has their own problems. Some are less competitive, some are not in ideal condition and some have little more than the potential to offer at this stage. We need more time to decide it."

"The candidates are Ann Chaoyang from Huahai, Zhen Huangsheng and Li Xiaoyuan from Guangnan, Lou Cheng and Lin Que from Songcheng University, Fang Zhirong from Shanbei, and Qing Song Taoist from Mount Shu."

"The last Heavenly Son should come from this list. These are all martial artists with a good chance of reaching High Pin before the age of 22!"

On the second floor of Tingxuan Pavilion, the youth with a cherubic face put on a wry smile after reading the list in this long post and the following discussion. "A Professional Sixth Pin fighter at the age of 22 such as me is not worth mentioning or comparing... "

"Ahh?" The long-haired girl took his mobile and read carefully. She said with bitterness and indignation, "A High Pin martial artist at the age of 25 such as me is not qualified either... Why do those people love to compare fighters?"

"Wherever there are people, there are comparisons, or there wouldn't be any professional challenge tournaments held all over the world. Never mind, sister. No point getting angry. Whoever can reach physical invulnerability wins." The cherubic-faced youth spoke and then heaved a sigh.

The post killed his interest in tomorrow's ceremony. He didn't even have any desire to point out that his sect has no lack of successors that could steal the show from Lou Cheng.

How should I put it? At this moment I'm confident I can suppress him with ease but he's only been training for a year... And he's two years younger. Moreover, he is compared with Peng Leyun and Ren Li while my name has no chance of being remembered on such an occasion.

Who is suppressing whom?

"Sigh... I hope Lei Fang will stir up some trouble tomorrow," said the long-haired woman with little passion.


In Songtao Pavilion, Lou Cheng was having a video call with Yan Zheke who just took a shower and changed into her nightie. Her bare skin, white like snow, and her cheeks, pink like roses, delicate and attractive. Lou Cheng wished he could become part of the radio waves and travel to his girlfriend via the fiber optics to hug and kiss her.

"Hmm... It's turning into a horror film... " Lou Cheng withdrew his thought and continued to report his earlier conversation with his master. "That's really good. Not too much social Interaction or trouble, and quite aloof, like a long-sought dream of mine!" said Yan Zheke with her eyes shining. She sounded very agreeable.

The longer a relationship lasts, the more important it is for the pair's point of view must be in unison.

"In this way, even if your fellow disciples don't like you, they won't pose much hostility against you. Tomorrow you play along with Coach Shi's plan. He'll take care of you and you will be okay." Her voice rose slightly with happiness.

Her cell phone suddenly rang.

Yan Zheke took a look and blurted out, "Cheng, Shuang told me the Apotheosis of Fighters' Four Heavenly Sons episode has been released on Weibo."

"Really? Let me take a look." Lou Cheng picked up his phone and unlocked the screen, realizing he didn't reply Mo Jingting's message. "Never mind. It's been so long. No point in replying now... " thought Lou Cheng liberally. He lowered his head to browse the comments, in uniformity with Yan Zheke.

Yan Zheke suddenly lifted her head and opened her mouth with concern, then said, "Cheng, don't mind those keyboard warriors. You haven't trained long enough to change their deep-rooted thoughts. Look at my cousin. A man as proud as him also feels stimulated by your performance in the Youth Tournament and he's training even harder now."

"I'm not angry, just a bit upset. I'm actually pretty pleased." Lou Cheng's face bore no haze or heaviness, his smile mild and calm.

"Ahh?" Yan Zheke blinked.

Lou Cheng laughed and said, "Think about it. Half a year ago, I was a nobody in front of Ren Li and Peng Leyun, but now my name is put next to them. What should I be unhappy or dissatisfied about?" "Besides, having a target gives me power!"

Listening to his words, Yan Zheke's eyes changed and a mixture of feelings developed in her heart.

I didn't realize Cheng had grown this much. Not just on martial arts, but also in other aspects...

Looking back at last year, it seems like it was so long ago already.

The next morning, Lou Cheng got up around the same time for his morning training, outside Songtao Pavilion, before the ceremony.

Right before 7 am, out of the corner of his eye, he saw Mo Jingting running over in her pretty navy blue martial arts suit. She greeted spiritedly, "Morning, junior master. Are you used to getting up early for morning practice as well? What a coincidence!"

She didn't mention yesterday's message at all.

"Morning." Lou Cheng responded briefly and concentrated on his training.

Last night Lou Cheng consulted his Fairy about Mo Jingting's attitude. According to Coach Yan, she kept leaning towards Lou Cheng after he had made known his position because she wanted to make some emotional investment in this junior master with great potential and a bright future, keeping their relationship equivocal so she could bask in his reflected glory one day. This was a usual move of actresses and female singers.

Lou Cheng's coldness kept Mo Jingting cautious and well disciplined. Instead of staying to watch her junior master's practice, she stepped away from Songtao Pavilion. The further she went, the fainter her smile became. She clenched her teeth while taking out her mobile to change his contact name from Junior Master to Impotence and then to Monk after a moment of thought.


At 9 am, Lou Cheng took a shower, burnt incense, and changed into a navy blue martial arts suit of the Ice God Sect before following two reception disciples through a few buildings to the Ice God Hall.

In the hall, two statues stood tall in the center. One was Queen of Ice, the alleged founder of the Ice God Sect, and the other was Yang Chenghui, known as Ten Thousand Feet of Ice, the actual founder of the sect.

Memorial tablets for every master of the sect were placed on either side of the two statues.

In front of the burner table, He Yi, the head of the sect, stood to the left while Lou Cheng's master, Shi Jianguo, stood to the right. Elders, disciples, and guests lined up one by one. With this distribution of people, solemnness and dignity were noticeably in the air.

Chapter 289: The Vast World

Standing outside the hall, Lou Cheng looked around and corresponded each face with the photos Yan Zheke found.

The one who stood forefront of the elders was a stout, middle-aged man, with an air of natural dignity and power. He was Shen Guitian, one of three elders with physical invulnerability. He seemed to have maintained himself better than Lou Cheng's master and head of the sect, Grand Uncle. He did not look old at all.

That sturdy man with black hair and no hint of wrinkles ought to be Senior Yang Xianlong of Lou Cheng's generation. He was the one with authority within Ice God Sect. With the gradual dwindling of Master He Yi, he was practically the leader of the sect.

Besides the elders, the only woman who had a seat was most definitely his true senior Shi Yuejian. With her dark eyebrows and large eyes, she looked above average and gentle. Though she was more than 30, but she only looked like 24 or 25. Noticing his stare, her gentle eyes turned towards him. She nodded at him with a smile. Among the next generation of disciples, Yang Xianlong's second disciple Zhu Tai sat in front, on the right. He was 29, a fighter of Fifth Pin. He did not originate from the current martial arts circle. Since he had joined a place like Xing province, where the local martial arts scene was not thriving, he would surely be in endless glory and pursued after. But he now wore a pair of black-rimmed glasses and was silent. A
simple glance was enough to see that those glasses were not the prescription type. They seemed more like a veil to cover the windows to his heart.

Opposite Zhu Tai was the angular-faced Lei Fang. This highly anticipated disciple had ordinary looks, but looked smart and was filled with confidence and vitality, if he walked down the road, he would certainly attract no less attention than many handsome boys. As Lou Cheng observed him, Lei Fang was also looking at him with a conflicted expression.

Mo Jingting sat next to Lei Fang. From time to time, she would whisper to her junior. She controlled the volume of her voice very well, not at all affecting the atmosphere of the hall.

After looking around, Lou Cheng had a basic understanding of the situation. The strong ones in the Dan stage or above who could return had already returned. They could be regarded as giving a lot of face to the sect. As for the weaker disciples, there were too many of them. Only ten or so participated as representatives.

Among the guests in the ceremony, he saw the two people Coach Yan once especially mentioned.

They were the two proud disciples of Huang Ke, the Gun King. One was 25-year-old Zheng Yu in level-five Dan, the other was 22-year-old Qian Qiyue in level-six Dan. They were a pair of handsome man and beautiful lady who were also observing him with interest.

Those sent by Dinghai Sect and Hanchi Sect were all fighters in the Dan stage. They were about 30 of them and they looked polite, but distant.

As for the other guests, Lou Cheng could not recognize any of them. He could only guess that they were representatives from the Faction. From the corner of his eye, he observed the people in the hall. He noticed Master He Yi leaving his seat and walking up to the incense table. Master He Yi respectfully bowed at the plaques of the founders of the sect and then stood upright.

"Bring the Ice Marrow Bead!"

Ice Marrow Bead? After catching up on relevant knowledge of the sect under the little fairy's guidance, Lou Cheng became excited. He held his breath.

This bead was said to be formed from the first founder Yang Chenghui. It was full of mystery and was the safeguarding object of the school.

Just as the thought crossed his mind, he saw a faint blue light rising slowly and turning the incense case clear, making it look like a cold fantasy.

He Yi took a clear bead half the size of his fist out of the secret compartment under the statute. The bead seemed to be formed out of condensed pure blue light, creating an illusion of ice and snow.

Zheng Yu, Qian Qiyue, and the rest stared at the bead without blinking. The bead was not usually kept here, making it a rare sight.

Yet Lou Cheng was stunned, as the bead had some similarities to the Jindan in his body. But they were not actual resemblances, but rather abstract.

What was that ice bead exactly?

He Yi placed the ice bead in the middle of the case. Turning around, he announced the start of the ceremony.

Lou Cheng cleared his thoughts and followed the orders. He headed into the hall, and walked to the front of the incense case step by step. He stopped when there was a distance of one meter. "Thanks to the founders!" Yang Xianlong shouted in a sing- song voice.

Lou Cheng respectfully did as ordered. First he kowtowed, then he offered three incense sticks on the altar.

He was rather nervous as he followed the procedure. If he went by how things developed in certain novels, the Jindan in his body might trigger the ice bead and create an illusion that will shock everyone.

Fortunately, such thing did not happen!

If something did happen, it showed that his Jindan will interact with the outside world without his control. That would be dangerous!

"Thanks to the masters!" Yang Xianlong continued "singing". Lou Cheng thought of his master's hard work and sacrifice to get him the looking-thinking picture from Zhu Rong Force without asking for any returns. Without the slightest resistance in his heart, he kowtowed again.

"The ceremony is complete! Disciple Lou Cheng, serve the tea!" After finishing, Yang Xianlong returned to his ranks.

Lou Cheng picked up the cup of tea from the disciple beside him. Carrying the cup with two hands, he handed it to Geezer Shi.

When the cup of tea entered the range of the dark blue light of the ice bead, the temperature rapidly lowered and a thin layer of ice covered the surface.

Geezer Shi accepted the cup and took a sip. He grinned.

"Hurry up and give your greetings to your Grand Uncle." "Nice to meet you, Grand Uncle." Lou Cheng turned towards He Yi.

He Yi took out a card that flashed ice crystal colors and gave a slight smile.

"You're now the disciple of the 27th generation. In accordance with the rules, you have no title in the door and no subsidies. But with this card, you can get practice-related learning materials and Dan medicine from our sect and Wuyue Club once a month."

Sure enough, even the martial arts Faction was advancing with the times. On TV, sects usually used things like token. But in reality, they have upgraded to membership cards. Loud Cheng could not help wanting to laugh, but he suppressed his mirth. He accepted the card and thanked the Grand Master.

The welcoming process for a new disciple was considered over. He Yi began introducing the other disciples to Lou Cheng. Zheng Yu and Qian Qiyue who was watching the ceremony turned to Lei Fang, looking as if they were waiting for a good show. Yet, what surprised them how unexpectedly well-behaved Lei Fang was. The willful and arrogant Lei Fang did not even try to verbally attack Lou Cheng. Rather, it was Mo Jingting who was constantly laughing, as if she was very familiar with Lou Cheng.

Just as they were wondering what was going on behind the scenes, Geezer Shi coughed twice.

"Let's go, you brat."

Let's go? Lou Cheng looked at his master in surprise.

He had just finished meeting his fellow disciples! Should there not be some kind of ceremonial feast to welcome him?

"You've already worshiped the founders and met your fellow disciples. If you're not leaving, what are you still doing here?" Geezer Shi did not say anything else. With his hands behind his back, he proudly walked out of the hall. The sky outside had already darkened, with gathering grey clouds with cold wind blowing, covering all the features of the summer.

"This... " Zheng Yu and Qian Qiyue turned to look at Shi Jianguo. They could feel that, though he had yet to start anything, he had already commanded a certain degree of harmony with the surrounding nature.

The wind became more ferocious as it poured inside the hall, causing Lou Cheng to shiver. He obeyed his master's command, as per Couch Yan's instructions. He turned around and walked out of the hall, catching up to Geezer Shi who was walking slowly.

Today he would follow his master. Whatever Geezer Shi commanded, that was what he would do. Even if the sky fell, there was a tall mountain that would shield him!

Shi Yuejian frowned. She helplessly sighed and followed after them. Hualala!

The wind whistled and many white flakes fluttered down. Zheng Yu reached out her hand to take one. It was slightly cold to the touch. She had seen real snowflakes.

The snowing became heavier and heavier, turning the trees white and covering the earth with in a blanket of snow. The snow piled up at the top of the houses, enveloping the entire Ice God Sect.

It was early August, the peak of summer. Even if the hillside was cool, it was simply relative to the temperature outside. But at this moment, a storm was brewing here!

Qian Qiyue stared at the snowflake dumbly, but the coldness on his face and the snow in his palm felt incredibly real.

He turned towards his senior in surprise and saw the same shock in Zheng Yu's eyes. Not even their master was capable of reaching this level!

Mo Jingting, Lei Fang, and the others stared motionlessly and shivered involuntarily. They recalled there was once a rumor in the sect that Geezer Shi was once one of the strongest, once approaching taboo levels of strength, but unfortunately...

Was this his terrifying full strength?

Lou Cheng inexplicably looked around and wore the same expression of shock. He stepped on the squeaky layer of snow and followed his master and senior out the Faction.

The vast world was entirely white, how clean!

He Yi stood there, staring at this scene. He suddenly understood what his junior wanted to tell him. It was not that Geezer Shi did not have the ability to compete for power. He simply did not want to and disdained the power struggle!

Chapter 290: The Brilliance Would Go with the Wind

Lou Cheng was born in the south, where he had grown up and gone to school, so he had barely seen snow in the past 19 years. It was not until he went to Yanling for the Little Warrior Sage Challenge Tournament that he saw a world of ice and snow while touching large snowflakes for the first time.

However, the scenery in front of him greatly surpassed his prior memories of snow, for at least 5cm of snow had piled up under his feet in less than a minute, which was now creaking and showing footprints under each of his steps. In the vast expanse of whiteness, he could see nothing several meters in front of him except for the wind and snow.

Lou Cheng was subconsciously about to say something, but all of his words were blocked from his mouth by the wind and snow.

A man with this level of Kung Fu could definitely be called a living immortal! No wonder my master said that there were lots of myths and legends based on the deeds of mighty warriors!

When can I develop such a strength?

While all of these ideas flashed across his mind, Lou Cheng followed his master and older sister to leave the school. In the clean white world, he looked to a nearby parking lot, where he saw all the cars were covered with a thick frost.

As Shi Yuejian waved her right hand, the wind immediately grew stronger; enough to blow away all the frost that was on her car. Until this time, Lou Cheng did not get a clear view of this stylish sports car that bore an unfamiliar brand name.

After opening the door and seeing her dad get in, Shi Yuejian spoke gruffly,

"Cough if you want…" A fit of violent coughing burst from Geezer Shi's smiling mouth before he could say something in response, making Lou Cheng scared and worry greatly.

At the same time, Lou Cheng's feeling of being at the mercy of a never-ending Brutal Blizzard abruptly stopped, and big snowflakes pouring down from the sky also began to slow down and tail off.

"Senior, senior sister, is my master OK?" he blurted out.

Shi Yuejian took a deep breath and sighed. "Not severe enough to kill him…"

Saying this, she put on a soft smile for she could do nothing for her dad. "Your master's too proud to accept his old age and declining health. He could've taken other precautions to protect you instead of making such a special effect…"

"Cough, I'm fine! cough, I, cough, I'm not like your junior brother, cough, not as stupid as him, cough, I secretly, cough, borrowed, borrowed some strength, cough, from the Ice-core Bead," Geezer Shi explained stubbornly.

Seeing him appear to come around, Lou Cheng breathed a sigh of relief.

"Master, it'll be fine as long as you come around. Rest up and I'll be back soon!" Stepping to the other side of the car, Lou Cheng took out his cellphone to record the snow-covered landscape and blizzard, then sent it to Yan Zheke.

Shi Yuejian whispered with a strange facial expression,

"I can't understand the youth nowadays, either... "

If I had suffered such a shock at his age, I wouldn't have the mindset to take photos!

"Cough, I don't know, either…" Geezer Shi turned to look at his stupid disciple through the window, who was intently recording the amazing scenery regardless of the snow covering him, which stunned his master.

Without Geezer Shi's support, the snowflakes turned smaller and sparser, gradually stopping along with the blizzard weakening, in dozens of seconds. The dark cloud vanished and then the sun came out to shine on the snow-covered Binshen Sect in silence.

Lou Cheng stopped taking photos, and patted his head and clothes to brush off the snow. He then came back to Shi Yuejian's car with an embarrassed smile. "Senior sister, sorry to keep you waiting because of me being impulsive."

"Don't be so polite. You are my dad's first disciple and my first junior brother, I'll protect you for any reason. So just withdraw your honorifics and regard me as your sister." Shi Yuejian smiled softly and pointed at the car. "Get in and let's discuss it on the way."

"Okay." Lou Cheng replied briskly, being affected by her attitude. He sat by his master's side and closed the door.

Shi Yuejian started the car and drove up the mountain highway.

It took no more than four minutes for the cloud to thin out and the snow to stop. In another black car, a man who was focused on his cellphone tilted and raised his head to relax his neck.

Then all of a sudden, his gaze froze on the white trees and field outside.

"This is…" Unfastening his seat belt unconsciously to get out, he saw that the car was also covered with a layer of snow. There were some kids making a snowman in a strange shape on its hood.

He immediately took out his cellphone to make a call. "Honey, what's today's date? Which month is it?"

How come I forgot that winter had already come?


In the Ice God Palace, the guests looked at each other in shock, unable to speak for a long time.

Seizing the time to take photos and videos and email them to her master, Zheng Yu walked out of the hall to find a secluded area where she made a phone call while Qian Qiyue was on the lookout.

"What happened in the Ice God Sect?" someone asked in a deep, low voice.

His two disciples, who were usually calm and rational, would not bother him if nothing happened. "Master, check your inbox. I've sent some photos and videos to you… Shi Jianguo, the elder Shi of the Ice God Sect, just threatened us with his almighty power." Zheng Yu was still talking incoherently since he had not yet calmed down.

Huang Ke, the Spear King, spoke without asking more questions. "All right, I'm right near a computer."

Though being in his 40s, Huang Ke was still struggling to learn computers as digital devices grew more and more popular presently.

Hearing the sound of a mouse clicking on the phone, Zheng Yu could do nothing but wait patiently for his master's comments.

After a while, Huang Ke broke the silence in a low voice.

"No wonder he's a legend…" ......

While the car was running quietly, Lou Cheng suddenly heard a snore-like breathing.

Following the sound, he turned his gaze and found that Geezer Shi had already fallen asleep sitting against the seat and appeared to be very tired.

"Senior sister, my master is in ill health, isn't he?" Lou Cheng lowered his voice, but he knew that Shi Yuejian could clearly hear him.

Shi Yuejian gave him a wry smile. "You can say that it's not very good, or else I wouldn't control the drinking of this mighty one of physical invulnerability. But sometimes, I turn a blind eye to it since I don't want to force a poor old man to quit his hobby…"

After grumbling for a long while, she concluded, "My father's only three years older than your headmasters. Most physical- invulnerability warriors are able to keep a youthful appearance like your senior uncle Shen, who looks like a middle-aged man with some gray hair. Anyway, none of them would look like my dad as a man in their 70s or even 80s."

"What? My master is just in his 60s… But another senior uncle of mine, the chief of this sect, also looks like an aged man. Why?" Lou Cheng asked in confusion.

Shi Yuejian was amused. "Our senior uncle is very old actually, for he's the eldest disciple of his generation and three years older than my dad. His 90th birthday was celebrated last year. As the chief of this sect, every day he would deal with all kinds of sect affairs, heart and soul, so no wonder he is aging quicker than the other physical-invulnerability warriors…"

She paused to sigh with concern. "Senior uncle had already been a physical-invulnerability warrior and began to help his master to teach his junior sisters and brothers when my dad entered the sect. He was both a teacher and a brother to my dad. Dad would never argue with him about something unless it was of principle…"

She was actually prompting Lou Cheng. "Considering his age, Yang Xianlong should not be senior uncle's eldest disciple. Maybe his senior sisters and brothers had all died in that age of war…" Thinking about this, Lou Cheng asked cautiously, "Is master's poor health caused by past wounds?"

"Yeah, don't ask more about this. We'll let you know when the time is right," replied Shi Yuejian in a soft voice.

Considering the self-healing capability of a physical- invulnerability warrior, what a bad injury it must be to almost destroy his body!

And what a horrible might his enemy must have to be able to injure him so severely!

Lou Cheng was almost struck with fright by the ups and downs of his thoughts.

"Can it be healed? Have you found any radical cures?" he asked with great concern. He should also devote all his efforts to treating Geezer Shi.

Shi Yuejian slightly shook her head. "None at present. We have tried all kinds of treatments but none of them have succeeded. Hope that the newest military study will come out soon, or maybe those seniors that are studying cultivation methods will make breakthroughs…"

"Cultivation?" Lou Cheng was lost in deep thought as if he could see the dawn but had not found the right direction yet.

"Let's stop talking about it. Anyway, it's not difficult for my dad to live seven or eight more years, and maybe the problem will be solved before then." Shi Yuejian changed the subject into an anecdote of this sect to enliven the atmosphere.

At that time, Yan Zheke's response to his videos arrived.

"What happened? How could it be snowing in June? Or no, August! "Cheng, you're there to formally acknowledge Coach Shi as your master, not to move the heaven to tears~"

She said jokingly with a "bewilderment" emoji to show her confusion.

Not to mention that the Ice God Sect was not at the mountaintop, and even if it was, it could not be snowing on such a small mountain as Yanbin during this season!

Typing with both hands, Lou Cheng summarized what had happened just now in vivid words with the help of the videos.

"…How powerful Coach Shi is…" Yan Zheke sent a "Dodge" emoji. "Even my grandpa couldn't be his match…"

"She only mentioned grandpa instead of both of her grandparents, so her grandpa must be the tougher one…" Lou Cheng thought for a while and said, "I once watched a video of Warrior Sage, and he seemed to be also able to do these kinds of things. But what he made was not a Brutal Blizzard…" "Yeah, I've watched it, too! So Dragon King should also be able to do this. Cheng, what a terrific master you have!" Yan Zheke acclaimed in surprise and joy, and then sent a "scratching its head" emoji. "But coach Shi seems to be in, in poor health…"

"Yeah, it is said that he was once badly injured, or he wouldn't have come to our university to be a coach." Lou Cheng sent a "sigh with relief" emoji.

Maybe it was fate…
All of a sudden, a text from niece Mo arrived.

"Grandmaster is really a mighty one, I can hardly believe what I've seen!"

Lou Cheng was not afraid of Mo Qianting, he just wanted to keep her at a distance instead of avoiding seeing her or turning a deaf ear to her message. Besides, as a conscientious boy, Lou Cheng did not want to make friends with someone who was so calculating. So he just replied politely, "I'm also shocked."

"Wow, little uncle finally replied to my message! Hey, I thought that you changed your phone number!" Mo Qianting replied quickly.

Taking a glance at the text, Lou Cheng decided to ignore that nonsense and continue to chat with his senior sister and Yan Zheke, or log into the forum to see that his area had become more active than before. "Eternal Nightfall" and "Brahman" agreed with what the Weibo article said about the present four Heavenly Sons—Lou Cheng had greatly improved his strength, which was too dream-like for them to accept. So maybe he should be more moderate!

Without their noticing it, the car had arrived at Shi Yuejian's house, where Geezer Shi had gotten into the car yesterday.

"Well, back in the day I would not be tired at all after doing all of this." Geezer Shi woke up just in time and sighed with emotion. "After all, I'm old."

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