Martial Arts Master Chapter 211-220

Chapter 211: All Is Fair in War

"Win it next time!"

Lin Que nodded slightly upon hearing Lou Cheng's words. A faint but pure will for battle replaced the disappointment and unwillingness, burning in his eyes.

Sun Jian was approaching towards them. He said with a jibe at himself, only half-jokingly,

"I always complained you guys together would kill my opportunity to shine in the ring. But right now I wish you two could save me from having to go in the ring... "

If they were having a conversation online, he would add a laughing with tears emoji here.

Lou Cheng was close to a laugh. He tried to talk with due solemnity, "Do your best. Enjoy the moves of a true Professional Ninth Pin rival."

"Enjoy?" Sun Jian shivered unconsciously. Taking a glance at Zhuo Yanjun who was calm and breathing evenly, he felt like a frog about to challenge a viper.

A competent Professional Ninth Pin rival in nearly perfect status... What can I do?

There's nothing to enjoy. I'm about to be tortured...

However, how could I find my exact problems without confronting one Professional Ninth Pin rival in person? How could I face my father after graduation?

He took a deep breath and reached out his right hand to Lin Que. The usual coldness had recaptured Lin Que's face. He lifted his arm and slapped Sun Jian's right palm.

As a student of psychology, he knew very well that such an action was a way to cultivate collective consciousness and enhance the group cohesion. He didn't want to uncover it or exclude himself.

Sun Jian passed the two teammates and went up the flight of stairs, less nervous than Li Mao but just as anxious.

The gap between Zhuo Yanjun and him was too big to be narrowed by crying out slogans or burning up enthusiasm.

Last year when Chen Changhua issued a challenge to Lin Que, he was one of the better Amateur First Pin fighters, feeling great about himself and getting ready for the Professional Ranking Event. In the end, he suffered a bitter rout. After six months of hardcore training, he was finally qualified for the Professional Ninth Pin level at the end of last month. A long-sought dream had come true. Named one of the capable ninth pin fighters, Zhuo Yanjun should be of a similar level as Lin Que six months ago if not slightly better. I've got the Amateur Third Pin certificate and am probably of the Second Pin at my best, still much weaker than Chen Changhua six months ago. The gap can easily be imagined.

"Whatever. I'll just show my style and spirit... " Sun Jian tried to comfort himself as he got in a starting stance.

Once the referee called the beginning of the match, he launched a surprise attack as planned instead of moving about, dashing at his rival like a tiger coming down a hill, his back bent and knees straightened.

Zhuo Yanjun apparently didn't see this coming, but she was confident and capable, taking one stride forward calmly to block Sun Jian's footwork. Her right shoulder pulled a sudden strength, throwing her arm out downward like a sword.

Bam! Sun Jian's right arm muscles inflated, exerting strength to throw a fierce punch out to block the rival's slash. His knuckles made a sudden sound. Five fingers sprang open with an abrupt explosive force, turning the fist into a claw and biting on Zhuo Yanjun's forearm in a split second.

Flower-tearing and Willow-striking Hand!

Zhuo Yanjun's arm softened like a noodle and then suddenly shook with great might, tightened up like a sword or an iron stick. Sun Jian's hand was shaken off.

She then turned her body sideways, her abs inflating and fascia tugging, pushing her left elbow out rapidly like a dagger.

That was an infusion of the Fly Fall Punch's continuation and the Blackwater Sword's melee piercing, fast and compact.

Sun Jian had no time to duck or to exert strength from his feet. He struggled to drive his shoulders to swing his arms to block the elbow. Bam... He was forced to take one step backward but Zhuo Yanjun went on with more strikes, pushing him into a frantic status. Eventually, her sword hit him right in the chest, almost knocking him out of consciousness.

"Round Five, Zhuo Yanjun won!"

"The final result. Dongling Squad wins!"

The referee's announcement was welcomed by Zhang Jingye's silence and the hometown crowd's restrained claps.

Phew... Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke both heaved a sigh, rather gloomy.

The defeat had been predicted and the chance of turning the table was still there. However, a loss is a loss, an upsetting result. Seeing a Donglin Television Station reporter approaching, Lou Cheng quickly gathered himself together and turned to ask Yan Zheke, "Do I look alright?"

"You look great!" Yan Zheke smiled, her eyes beautifully shining. "Good luck!"

"Yes." Lou Cheng took off the big white towel from his shoulders and stood up.

"Hello, Lou Cheng. I'm Zhang Hai, a reporter from Donglin TV. May I ask you a few questions?" The reporter sounded the note of stereotyped fanaticism.

Lou Cheng didn't try to conceal his disappointment for the defeat.

"Of course." Zhang Hai, a young man in his early 20s, very approachable, put on a smile.

"Lou Cheng, you guys did great today. I would give you a 9/10.

"I've read your information. This is your first time confronting an eighth pin Dan stage rival in nearly perfect status, isn't it? What do you feel?"

Lou Cheng took a moment to reflect on it. "He's very powerful, suppressing me in every way. However, I think I could have done better."

"Ohh? What made you say that?" asked Zhang Hai, seemingly very interested.

Lou Cheng forced a bitter smile. "I guess I cared too much about it and didn't have much experience. I was rushing it a lot in the first fight, intending to finish the opponent quickly. I made many mistakes and the emotion went on to the second match. I couldn't make a better, wiser choice at the critical moment." He didn't reveal Hou Yue's supernatural ability and acted as if he didn't notice it at all to trick Dongling Squad to bet heavily on this in the next round.

All is fair in war!

"Understood. You've only trained for under a year. It's perfectly normal that you don't have enough experience. Take it easy." Zhang Hai gave some comfort before continuing with his list of questions.

He stopped politely after a few more questions and turned to Lin Que.

Lou Cheng took a few steps back, getting closer to Yan Zheke, and asked in a low voice, "Ke, did I do okay?"

Could anybody tell I was lying? Would Dongling Squad be alarmed? Yan Zheke smiled and nodded, showing her dimples. "Very sincere and real."

Her limpid eyes rolled as she wiped her smile partially off. "You look like a great liar. Would you lie to me like that?"

"Err... " Lou Cheng's mouth opened slightly, speechless.

That was very different from what I was expecting!

Shouldn't you give me some compliment?

This deceiving strategy was from you!

Feels tricked again...

After a brief thought, he started to find it amusing. "How can my small thoughts ever get away from Coach Yan? I can fool everyone but you!" "Hmm... " Yan Zheke nodded first but soon her pretty face straightened. "You fool everyone but me? Tell me, which girl do you plan to fool?"

Another trick... Lou Cheng was stunned, afraid of giving an answer.

Yan Zheke burst into a laugh looking at the stunned Lou Cheng. The gloominess from today's loss completely faded away.

The silly Cheng is so adorable!

On the other side, Zhang Hai had just finished his opening remark in front of Lin Que, about to get on his first question.

"Lin Que, today you experienced the eighth pin Dan stage rival's continuous explosions. What do you think?" Lin Que holding a white towel to wipe the sweat answered calmly,

"Very powerful."

"A man of few words indeed... " Zhang Hai kept his smile. "What would you comment on your own performance?"

"I lost." Lin Que squeezed two words out of his mouth before leaving for the visiting team locker room.

"I lost? What kind of answer is this? I was asking for a comment." Zhang Hai was totally lost.

Yan Zheke in a distance sighed and lowered her voice to Lou Cheng.

"In my cousin's dictionary, a loss means a terrible fight." "A loss means a terrible fight?" Lou Cheng pondered on the line.

I also hate to lose but I can't be extreme like Lin Que.

Different people have different personalities...

He felt bad for the reporter. He needed an interpreter to complete an interview with Lin Que...


The trip back was tiring, constantly on the run. The crew arrived at Songcheng University new campus around 9 pm. They ate on the train to save time.

Seeing weariness on Yan Zheke's face, Lou Cheng didn't want to drag her to a lakeside stroll. He held her hand on the pedestrian walkway and slowly walked her to her dorm building. Shortly before they arrived, he intended to ask Yan Zheke out tomorrow to go shopping as the award money had sat in his account, ready to pay for a ring.

In a close relationship as them, a date shouldn't be a difficult thing to ask. But Lou Cheng was trying hard to make an excuse in hopes of creating a surprise.

Yan Zheke looked up, a bit shy as she was also thinking about asking Cheng out on a date to shop for a ring as a surprise.

What should I say if I want to ask him out?

Her lips pursed, eyes looking into the distance. When she was finally ready to bring it up, she heard Lou Cheng's voice, "Ke, could you go shopping with me tomorrow? My martial arts shoes are worn out again. I need a new pair or two... "

Lou Cheng hadn't finished his excuse, a beautiful smile already climbed on Yan Zheke's face, darkening all the street lamps. "Okay!"

"Hmm!" Lou Cheng didn't know why the girl seemed so pleased but her smile totally moved him.

... ...

Back in his empty dorm, he realized Zhao Qiang and other roommates would spend the night in Donglin to have a social meetup there tomorrow.

"Hmm... Only girls can temporarily pull Qiang away from study." He shook his head with a smile and grabbed a thermos bottle to wash up.

He heard the sound of the key turning in the lock and saw Cai Zongming walk in.

"You are back?" Lou Cheng said, shocked by his sudden appearance. Cai Zongming answered with a smirk, "Surprise?"

"Damn your surprise!" Lou Cheng looked behind Ming's back, puzzled. "Where is Qiang?"

"In Donglin. They will take the train tomorrow 5 pm." Cai Zongming sounded as if it was a matter of course.

"How come you are back early?" Lou Cheng let out a laugh and asked.

Cai Zongming clicked his tongue. "I have the special training tomorrow morning. Also, I have a girlfriend already. Setting up for them is enough. Why should I stay there and watch the Model Worker show off his love?"

"Ohh... " Lou Cheng showed his understanding with a smirk and commented, "Talker, I didn't think you could stick to the special training!" Cai Zongming's face suddenly turned.

"Of course! I'm a man who lives up to my words!"

He switched to an aroused voice,

"Cheng, I'll be on the bench next term!"

Chapter 212: Geezer Shi's Teachings

"You want to fill in as a substitute?"

Lou Cheng examined Cai Zongming from top to bottom several times. Suddenly, his shoulder trembled as he stretched out his right hand and made a grab for Cai Zongming's left arm.

His martial arts had been drilled into his very muscles, and while he couldn't claim to break steel chains with the strength of his wrist and finger alone, he could at least tear a person's flesh off their body. Right now, his five steely fingers pierced the air and caused a faint screech. It was incredibly imposing.

Cai Zongming was startled. He immediately swung his left arm backward to avoid the sharp blow.

The grab was just a feint. Lou Cheng strode forwards, and his left leg caught up with student Little Ming at the perfect moment. He pressed his sides against Cai Zongming's body, pushed and forced his friend to take a step backward. Cai Zongming knocked into the back of a simple sofa, lost his balance and looked like he would fall on his back.

It was at this moment Lou Cheng extended his right hand and grabbed Cai Zongming's arm as quickly as lightning. He pulled with delicate force and helped him regain his balance.

Throughout the entire process, Lou Cheng had never put down the vacuum flask he was holding in his left hand.

He stared at the bewildered student Little Ming, lifted his right forefinger and beamed.

"You're too weak!"

You plan to dominate the Martial Arts Club's substitute lineup with just this level of skill? Think again!

Cai Zongming came to a realization and felt a rise of irritation and amusement instantly. "You're so low I want to beat you up!"

This also amused Lou Cheng. "Come on, fight me! The one who backs out is a puppy!"

Cai Zongming was so 'furious' he nearly spat out a proverbial mouthful of blood. He replied in a solemn and dignified manner,

"A cultured and civilized person as I would come to blows with another person."

"Come, let's compete in games if you're not a chicken! We'll pick whatever you can think of!"

"Alright, bring it on!" Lou Cheng was also a young man who loved playing games before he had a girlfriend. But now time was too short, and he didn't have much to spare at all. Therefore, he could only play it at leisure. In the end, Lou Cheng lost horribly because he thought Yan Zheke's messages were more important than the game. As a result, he was tarried during critical moments of the game and was ravaged by student Little Ming. The reason Cai Zongming hadn't replied messages of his own was that his overachieving girlfriend was currently engrossed in reviewing her lessons.


After he was done relaxing, it was time for the regular training again. Next morning early, Lou Cheng appeared beside Weishui Lake before the sky had brightened yet. He repeated the still stance, move stance and moves per his routine. As the saying goes, "Practice makes perfect."

This time, he spent more time on cultivating the simplified physical invulnerability move, 'Severe Warning'. He hoped to master the basics as soon as possible and use it against Zhou Zhengquan.

They were facing a situation where they must make a 3-1 comeback, and he had expressed his desire and confidence to win to Yan Zheke and Lin Que. In that case, he must seize any opportunities that might improve his strength. There was no doubt that the mastery of his current strongest killer move was one of the most important parts of this process.

A man cannot back down from a challenge!

The river became frozen, and the sky became covered in thunderclouds. Lou Cheng worked hard to combine the two types of visualization methods together to complete the very first step of blending Frost Force and Thunder Roar Zen together. However, the difficulty he faced in this regard far exceeded his imagination. The two visualization methods had repelled each other, and if he wanted to switch between them seamlessly he could only adapt, experience and mix them bit by bit. It didn't look like there was a shortcut he could take.

This made him feel a little frustrated and restless while he was training. He had no choice but to open his eyes, inhale the fresh morning air and quell the various ripples in his heart.

Watching leisurely from the sidelines, Geezer Shi let out a chuckle and said, "You plan to grasp 'Severe Warning' before Sunday?" "I have to give it a try." Lou Cheng's face turned red.

Geezer Shi walked over with his hands behind his back and chuckled. "Even if it's just a simplified version, a physical invulnerability move isn't something that you can grasp in an instant. Even if you did create a miracle just like the few times you did before and barely grasp the basics before Sunday's match, it's still just the basics. It's useless for the match!"

"Do you think that Zhou Zhengquan would stand there like a stake and wait until you've finished prepared 'Severe Warning'? Do you think that he'll fight you head on? Even your 'Frost Force' takes a short amount of time to form up, much less the 'Severe Warning' move you just grasped."

"If you really put all your hopes onto this one move, then you'll only feel like a three years old wielding a hundred pound hammer later. Not only would you miss your enemy, but you would also more likely hurt yourself instead."

Lou Cheng felt a chill up his spine when he finished listening to his master. He felt that his words made a lot of sense. He was still thinking too optimistically!

A killer move that he wasn't familiar with could only be a flaw in a battle against an Eighth Pin Dan stage fighter who surpassed him in both strength and experience!

"What should I do then, master?" Lou Cheng finally thought to consult his master's wisdom.

Geezer Shi coughed twice and said, "As a senior in the path of life, and as the master who taught you martial arts, I have a responsibility to tell you a few things. Failure and defeat aren't something that you can avoid just because you want to, and reality is not the games you play. You should know that not every hurdle in life will be within the range of your abilities. Even if we're to survey the history of martial arts' development comprehensively, there're only a handful of seniors who wielded unparalleled talent and luck who managed to live a full life without ever experiencing a single defeat. Now, with the boom of professional martial arts competitions, Mighty Ones clashed far more often with each other than they used to. It's now impossible to replicate those magnificent feats ever again." "Even someone as powerful as Dragon King, Warrior Sage and..." Geezer Shi's eyes looked a little distant when he said this. "And other experts had tasted the flavor of defeat and failure in their lives. It's not a bad thing for you to experience this sooner in your life. Your master had seen many young, extraordinarily talented fighters who cruised to victory every battle when they first started, causing their self-confidence to swell to the max. After they encountered an unexpected and terrible defeat, most of them found it difficult to swallow and was left with severe psychological holes in their heart. From then on their improvement turned slow, hence vanishing from the ranks of geniuses and becoming ordinary people."

"Timely setbacks will let you know your limits, your limits in a year, and your limits in ten years. You'll realize what you should do, and what you shouldn't do; for what you should strive for, and for what you shouldn't strive for."

"Fighters who had truly experienced many life or death battles and survived all shared a characteristic like this. They know what's beyond their reach, what constitutes a risk, and what's the limit of their power." Lou Cheng looked pensive as he listened to his master's words and nodded slightly. It was true that he had noticed his lack of experience and gap in rank after the battle against Zhou Zhengquan. The slight scorn he felt towards the Eighth Pin Dan stage fighters after beating Wei Shengtian had also evaporated completely after that battle. If it weren't for that, he wouldn't have thought to train hard the move 'Severe

A defeat like this would only make him feel more confident in himself. He hadn't experienced too much pain or wavered too much in confidence.

A year later, he might not necessarily lose to him again if he fought Zhou Zhengquan one on one a year later!

That being said, if I'm being entirely honest with myself, this doesn't really feel like a setback at all!

"I understand, master." Lou Cheng exhaled and said, "But what should I do now? I feel like we have a chance to make a comeback!" Geezer Shi chuckled. "Now? Now you should keep practicing 'Severe Warning'!"

"Ah?" Lou Cheng wore a dumb look on his face.

I'm educated okay, so you can't trick me!

That's not what you said just now!

Geezer Shi said unhurriedly, "The reason you practice 'Severe Warning' is not to master it, but to use it and further improve your grasp over 'Frost Force' and 'Thunder Roar Zen'. These two skills are your true assets in the battle against Zhou Zhengquan."

"I got it!" Lou Cheng came to realization.

He nearly fell astray there. As the saying goes, experience counts for something!

When Lou Cheng was done with his training and took off on a jog around the lake, Geezer Shi finally hummed a tune and made his way to the Martial Arts Club, looking so pleased with himself that he might as well have drunk 5kg of good wine.

He had been holding those words for several months now, and finally, he found the chance to spill it all out today. It was a mentally and physically soothing experience, and he felt as if the sky had turned blue, the water had cleared out, the wine had become tasty, and even the air had become pleasant smelling.

Geezer Shi thought happily and drank a sip of wine.


At 2 p.m., Lou Cheng woke up from his nap and relieved some of the fatigue he accumulated from the difficult training. When he recalled that he would soon be strolling down the streets with Yan Zheke, and finding the opportunity to gift her a ring of incredible significance, he immediately felt a wave of excitement. He hastily entered the washroom and cleaned himself thoroughly. His hair was combed to look fresh and cool.

"What should I wear? Should I wear more formal clothes since I'll be giving her a ring?" The inexperienced Lou Cheng returned to his wardrobe and fell into deep thought.

It was the middle of May, and it was sunny for the past few days. T-shirt and jeans were the mainstream to follow.

While recalling student Little Ming's guidance, he picked a pair of casual pants and a navy blue colored shirt. A moment of thought later, he put on another thin jacket.

Although it was kind of dumb to wear a jacket at this temperature, there should be air conditioning inside the shopping mall. If Ke felt cold during this period then his jacket would come into play, haha! Lou Cheng walked out of the door while feeling good about himself and arrived at building 3's entrance. It didn't take more than a few minutes before he saw Yan Zheke appearing at the unit's doorway.

She was wearing a white colored half sleeve one piece dress. The waist area of the dress was tight, emphasizing her slender waist. The hem of her skirt just slightly above her knees was adorned with gauze folds that looked graceful and light. When the attire was complemented with Yan Zheke's exquisite and beautiful countenance, it made Lou Cheng feel as if he had seen a fairy as she walked towards him with her hair swaying behind her back.

Although they could meet every day, and he thought that he had gotten used to her beauty already, he was still often stunned by Yan Zheke's display of beauty. The more he looked at her, the more beautiful she appeared in his eyes.

Perhaps this was what it meant by 'beauty is in the eye of the gazer'? Yan Zheke didn't make the choice that accentuated her look of maturity too much and wore a pair of small white shoes at the bottom only. Overall, her attire fully displayed the most attractive youthfulness and pure beauty of her age.

Sensing her boyfriend's passionate and loving gaze, Yan Zheke drew dimples on her face and looked to the side with a hint of embarrassment. She nonchalantly said, "Let's go~"

Lou Cheng gripped her palm, lowered his voice and said brazenly, "I thought I saw a fairy just now."

Yan Zheke glared at him and said in half playfulness and joy,

"That's so corny!"

"Hehe..." Lou Cheng chuckled. It was only then he noticed that the girl was carrying a light orange colored handbag that added a bright shade of color to her overall plain-looking attire. This kept her from looking overly monochromatic. "Your handbag looks really familiar." he chatted idly. "It looks like..."

Yan Zheke pursed her lips into a smile and helped him. "Like the brown yellow handbags used by elderly women when they go to temples for a prayer?"

"Yes, exactly. It looks more or less the same other than the fact that the color's a bit different." Lou Cheng nodded strongly.

"I'm not sure what the foreign designers were thinking either." Yan Zheke laughed softly and said, "I remember that there's an LV handbag of red, white and blue color that looks almost the same as our PP bag."

"Haha, yeah, I saw that news before too." Lou Cheng echoed with a smile before asking in puzzlement. "But I remember that it says Louis Vuitton on the news..."

Yan Zheke suddenly burst out in laughter, turned her head and cast him a glance. "Stupid! LV is the abbreviation of Lois Vuitton!"

Lou Cheng wiped away the cold sweat that didn't exist.

"I've always thought that they represented different brands..."

I learn something new again today...

Yan Zheke chuckled softly for a while. "I have another cousin who thought the same thing before he had a girlfriend. Mm, remember, it also has a nickname called 'donkey brand.'"

"There is a definite gap between the domain of knowledge of a man and a woman..." Once again, Lou Cheng realized that Coach Yan truly was his life coach.

The two chatted about all kinds of things as if they had an endless supply of topics along the way. It was only when they got on the school bus and sat together that they fell silent for an instant.

"I need to wait until that opportunity shows up before I gift the ring to Ke as a pleasant surprise..." Lou Cheng looked at the aisle to prevent the girl from discovering his thoughts.

"It feels so embarrassing to think that we're going to gift each other rings later... also, how am I going to hint Cheng about this? I can't suggest it directly, can I?..." Yan Zheke looked outside the window in both embarrassment and joy.

Chapter 213: Just As Planned

The school bus slowly rumbled to life, and Yan Zheke broke away from her thoughts. She remembered something and tugged at Lou Cheng's palm while her lips were compressed. "Cheng, I don't think deception will work anymore."

"Why's that?" Lou Cheng grabbed her left palm in return with a confused expression on his face.

Yan Zheke answered him with a hint of upset in her tone, "I forgot about Coach Shi. He's a physical invulnerability Mighty One, so I doubt the elders of Wensheng School would be so naive to think that Coach Shi couldn't tell anything..."

Oh my god, this is so embarrassing!

How could I have made such a huge mistake as the brain of the Martial Arts Club!

It's all because Coach Shi's presence was too weak during the previous match. I was the one who did the general analysis, and before I knew it I forgot we had an 'elderly senior' in our midst!

Yes, it's all his fault!

Lou Cheng hadn't thought about it too deeply at the time, but the moment his girlfriend reminded him he immediately came to realization. "Yeah... we were like children without our mother especially during the preliminaries. I almost forget that we even have a coach!"

"You think so too?" Yan Zheke was so touched that she nearly broke into tears. She stared pitifully at Lou Cheng and shook his hands slightly.

I knew it, it's not my fault!

"He never reminded me about this even after the match has ended until now..." Lou Cheng reacted with a mutter. His master hadn't told him what to pay attention to when he fought the first match of his life in the Little Warrior Sage Challenge Tournament either!

Did he just forget about it? Was he too lazy? Or was he doing this on purpose to 'train' me?

Yan Zheke was relieved from her tension after she found an ally. Then, a thought flashed through her mind as she pondered. "Maybe we can turn this to our advantage..."

"Ah? What do you mean?" Lou Cheng asked in doubt.

Yan Zheke withdrew her delicate palm, unlocked her phone display, opened her notebook and typed swiftly while talking to her boyfriend. "Look, this is the current depth of our thinking. At the first level, we pretended that we didn't notice Hou Yue's supernatural ability. However, Wensheng School knew that we have a physical invulnerability Might One and saw through our pretense. Therefore, they didn't fall for our trap and changed their original Plan A to Plan B." "Now, we go one step lower and reach our depth of thinking just now. This is called the second level. We figured out that our physical invulnerability coach is a hole in our plan, and that our deception had already failed. We now know that Wensheng School would no longer rely on their plan A, that's Hou Yue's supernatural ability to fight their match. What about the Wensheng School? They probably knew that we knew about this too. Even if we didn't, our physical invulnerability coach would have reminded us about this as well. Therefore, the modified version of Plan A should be even more surprising."

Lou Cheng was a little dazed by her explanation, but he was a student who entered Songcheng University with his abilities. He was barely able to grasp the key points of her explanation. "Ke, this game of thinking depth keeps looping deeper and deeper, am I right? You know that I know, and I know that you know that I know and so on..."

"Yeah. There is only one key point to an analysis of thinking depth, and that's to determine which level our opponent is at accurately. Then, we position ourselves one level below him." Yan Zheke typed swiftly while she analyzed with great focus. "Right now, the data we possess are heavily leaned towards Donglin Squad's martial arts and fighting style. We lack data on their behavior, habits, and conduct, so, for now, we can only determine temporarily that their depth of thinking is somewhere around the second level..."

While listening to her serious explanations and looking at the look of concentration on her face, Lou Cheng couldn't help but feel that Yan Zheke was shining so brightly and beautifully that he couldn't move his eyes away.

He worked his sensitive organs and confirmed that no one was paying attention to them. Then, he held an arm up to block off the sight of the person who would most likely notice them, lowered his head, and pecked once quickly on the girl's soft and smooth cheek.

"That being said, there is a high chance that they might choose a more reliable and conservative tactic..." While Yan Zheke was pondering, she suddenly noticed that her vision had become dimmed. Then, she felt a sudden touch of warmth on her face.

She was stunned for a few seconds before she came to herself, lowered her voice and asked in both surprise and embarrassment, "What're you doing?" We're on a school bus right now!

Lou Cheng didn't take it a step further and straightened himself on his seat once more. While gazing into the girl's eyes, he chuckled softly and said,

"Coach Yan is so beautiful just now..."

Yan Zheke immediately understood his meaning and blushed red in embarrassment. She let out a humph, restrained the urge to smile and looked outside the window. She said with gentle eyes,


Her side face looked incredibly beautiful.

Lou Cheng let out a complacent chuckle and accepted the nickname pervert like a duck to water. A few minutes later, when the boiling sensation on her cheeks had mostly subsided, Yan Zheke cast a diffident glance to her surroundings and noticed that everyone was looking drowsy amidst the afternoon sunlight and slightly wobbly drive.

Phew... She let out a secret sigh of relief and changed the topic while feeling sweet on the inside.

"Cheng, how far have you mastered that simplified physical invulnerable move?"

Cheng's face is getting thicker and thicker every day. He could say corny lines like the one just now without any fear or embarrassment now!

Lou Cheng reiterated his master's guidance before concluding. "For now I can only leave it at that. 'Severe Warning' isn't something that I can grasp just because I want to. I would have to prepare myself even for the first hurdle." "The first hurdle? You mean the combination of the two types of visualization methods you mentioned before?" Yan Zheke was extremely curious about her boyfriend's martial arts. When the two methods were put together, the produced effects far exceeded just two.

Lou Cheng nodded helplessly as he looked at his girlfriend's spirited eyes. "Yeah. One is a thundercloud and the other an ice-bound. Not only do they not share any similarities, they also even repel each other."

Yan Zheke's vibrant eyes moved upwards as she pondered. "The core of my grandfather's 'Yin-yang Twist' is the transformation of the two contradicting objects, yin and yang. If I'm to explain this using dialectical materialism, it would be the unity and conflict of opposites. I believe that you should think in this respect."

After she said this, she grabbed Lou Cheng's arm and drew a circle on the back of his hand with a smile.

"For example, this symbol is pretty vivid, isn't it?" Lou Cheng watched and learned the symbol seriously. He muttered to himself in a low voice,

"Tai chi..."

"The unity and conflict of opposites; the transformation of yin and yang..." While thinking, an idea suddenly flashed across his mind. He had recalled a better point of reference.

His Jindan was an entity of unity and conflict of fire and ice, wasn't it?

In that case, couldn't he imitate it by mixing the two visualization methods directly to form some balance, instead of putting them together?

If he did that, would 'Severe Warning' become different when he unleashed it? The more Lou Cheng thought, the more excited he became. He held Yan Zheke's hands and looked at her sincerely, saying,

"I think I have some idea on what to do now... As I thought, Coach Yan is the best!"

"Really?" Yan Zheke was also pleasantly surprised by this outcome. She was both happy and proud of herself.

"Mm." Lou Cheng said with a hint of urgency, "I'll give it a try tomorrow morning!"

Yan Zheke didn't answer him and simply drew her lips into a smile. Today, she felt especially involved and accomplished.


In a fairly reputable shopping mall in Songcheng, Yan Zheke accepted a box from the salesclerk's hand and passed it to Lou Cheng, saying, "Try this one."

Lou Cheng cast a glance at the price tag and said softly, "There's no need to buy something this expensive, is there? It's going to spoil quickly anyway."

Because the first pair of martial arts shoes Yan Zheke gifted him held a significant meaning, he hadn't worn it too many times. He wore it occasionally only when he was doing his daily training, and he would even clean it immediately after he was done and take care of it like he was taking care of his own body.

"I don't think it's too expensive..." Yan Zheke paused before changing the subject and smiling faintly. "I'm a believer that you get what you pay for. A good pair of martial arts shoes could help you exert strength. Even if it gives you less than a hundredth boost, it's still better than nothing. Plus, it's not like those random branded martial arts shoes are much cheaper."

Unless a fighter had cultivated unique skills like Golden Bell Cover, they were ultimately mortal flesh before they reached physical invulnerability state. If they stepped on something sharp while barefooted, they might very well hurt themselves because of their exertion. Martial arts shoes was a safeguard against injury. Unless it was necessary, no one would intentionally damage it.

"Not much cheaper?" Lou Cheng complained amusedly in his head. "That's several hundred yuan of difference! It's a whole month of food expenses for me in the past!"

Although he had gone through some hardships during the three years after he finished primary school and started high school, his grandpa, grandma, and cousins had looked after him. His disposition was leaned more towards the generous side too. Therefore, he hadn't developed a stingy habit despite his love for money. Now that he was at the stage where he had just earned a large sum of income with his own abilities, and brimming with confidence and youth, one might even say that he spent a little too lavishly.

Of course, his spending was mostly on Yan Zheke. He wasn't willing to spend too much. Right now, he reminded himself of the code "everything Coach Yan says is correct" and didn't refute her. Instead, he tried on many, many pairs of shoes.

"Mm, let's go to Feiyue and check out that brand next." Yan Zheke swept a glance across the shoes he had tried on and happily made the decision. She felt happier choosing stuff for Cheng than buying clothes for herself!

"Again?" Cheng experienced a moment of bewilderment that roughly translated into "what did I spend so much time doing just now".

Yan Zheke said matter-of-factly, "Yeah, we should practice comparison shopping, right? Who knows, maybe the other shops are holding some kind of event or discount."

"Didn't you say you don't mind this little bit of price difference?" Lou Cheng expressed his doubt as a good student under Coach Yan. Yan Zheke cast him a slightly scornful glance and smiled faintly. "This is different from buying a cheap pair of martial arts shoes directly. We're planning to buy a good pair of martial arts shoes anyway, so if there is a discount we would be making a profit, right? It may not be much money, but I like making a profit this way."

"What kind of logic is that?" Lou Cheng wore a stupefied expression on his face.

Yan Zheke raised her head slightly with pride. "A woman's logic~"

"Alright." Lou Cheng was left speechless, so he followed Yan Zheke into one specialty shop after another. In the end, they returned to the first shop and bought the first and third martial arts shoes he tested earlier.

"For what did I test so many pairs of shoes?" Lou Cheng wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead that didn't exist. Yan Zheke took out her own card when they were at the cash register.

"Let me pay for this!" Lou Cheng stopped her and said.

Yan Zheke acted tsundere on purpose and said,

"I got my reward money, and I want to buy my boyfriend some stuff~"

"Nod your head if you're my boyfriend!"

"Fine, fine." What else could Lou Cheng do? He could only nod while feeling a tinge of sweetness in his heart.

After Yan Zheke had paid for the shoes, she happily pointed at the floor above and said, "Let's go check out some clothes next. I feel like you only have a few summer wear in your closet. Mm, right now a slim-fit shirt would fit you nicely." "Alright." Lou Cheng followed behind his girlfriend while holding two bags.

In the past, he often saw men complaining about shopping with their girlfriend or wife. The most common scenario was the girl shopping inside while the man sat outside resting, looking so worn out that he might succumb to a paralysis.

Right now though, he wanted to say that the most tiring task was in fact complying your girlfriend's wishes and trying on all kinds of stuff. While it was a sweet and happy experience, it certainly was physically and emotionally exhausting. Couldn't they just make a swift decision?

"I guess only a guy with an abnormal stamina like me could take to this like ducks to water." Lou Cheng thought proudly.

When a few more shopping bags had appeared in his hands, Yan Zheke finally made her way to the first floor of the shopping mall. Lou Cheng stared at the few jewelry shops nearby and began pondering how he should 'abduct' Ke into the shops.

Just when he was done coming up with his excuse, Yan Zheke happily said to him with a pink face, "Cheng, let's go in and check out some jewelry, shall we?"

"Eh? That simple?" Lou Cheng's mind went blank for a second before he hurriedly nodded.


"I'll encourage Ke to test a ring later and memorize her favorite type and finger size. I'll act like I'm dissatisfied with the selection of choices later, take her away, make an excuse to go to the washroom, come back and buy it. Finally, I'll give her a pleasant surprise during lunch... hehe..." Lou Cheng went through his plan once more and thought that it was perfect!

He had even prepared what he wanted to say when gifting her the ring!

Chapter 214: There Is a Long Way to Go

Yan Zheke stared straight ahead, not even daring to look at Lou Cheng. She casually picked a jewelry store and rushed into it. While pretending to look at the jewelry carefully, her heart was beating rapidly.

My purpose must be kept from him, or I'll be so embarrassed!

Thanks to my foresight, I made sure he wasn't holding my hand before I suggested this, or my little secret would have been exposed by his listening skill!
But how do I give him a hint later?

Lou Cheng followed Yan Zheke's line of sight and also looked at the rings in the glass showcase. His heart was also beating heavily, but it due to fear of the prices.

There were diamond rings priced from 17,000 or 18,000 yuan up to hundreds of thousands of yuan, and a few near 15,000 or 16,000 yuan. Even the cheapest rings were at least 10,000 yuan. Compared with the price of these rings, my secret stash is so miserable and shabby... Most of Lou Cheng's complacency about having earned more than 13 thousand yuan within half a year had disappeared. He felt eager and desperate to a great extent rather than feel self-abased.

I will take advantage of my young age while I can still struggle for success, I must climb higher in life!
However, according to what my master said, the Dan stage is considered as the real entry of martial arts in the field of fighters!
Yan Zheke didn't even realize what she was looking at right now, only recovering back to normal after dozens of seconds.

She glanced at the jewelry and then moved a few steps with an easy grace. She came to the counter with the platinum ring and started to study the ring carefully.

After seeing the prices at this counter, Lou Cheng felt like he was back in the real world again. Following Yan Zheke's sight, he pointed at a classic ring of simple style and asked, "Do you want to try this one?"

Uh? Why so active? Yan Zheke was startled for a while and pretended to be very casual.


Because both Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke had an excellent temperament, the clerk showed them a polite smile while putting on gloves. "Miss, what size ring do you wear?"

"I haven't bought a ring before, please help me measure it." Yan Zheke answered leisurely and gracefully because there was no reason to be ashamed of not buying any rings in the past.

Which little child would buy a ring for nothing?

"Okay." The clerk turned around to look for the measuring tools. For Lou Cheng, this was a critical moment. He stared at them with bright eyes and listened to them very carefully.

Yan Zheke looked at him and she felt that Cheng was acting a little strange.

"The middle finger is size 11, so this ring will fit you well," the clerk said as she was looking at the measuring data of Yan Zheke's left hand.

"And what about the size of her fourth finger?" Lou Cheng could not help but interrupt her.

Yan Zheke experienced an epiphany and was vaguely aware of her boyfriend's intent. After she thought about it, she suddenly combined the arrival of the prize money, the sudden shopping invitation, and the proposal for trying the ring. She came to an obvious conclusion.

Does Cheng want to give me a ring? The corners of her mouth pulled up and she couldn't even cover her smile. Her black eyes were filled with a shining brightness.

For bodies no fluttering side by side of splendid phoenix wings, for hearts the one minute thread from root to tip of the magic horn... She thought of this sentence suddenly in her mind and she felt very warm and sweet.

"The size of the fourth finger is 9." The clerk completed the measurement and took out of the ring which Lou Cheng referred to previously. She helped Yan Zheke put it on her middle finger and complimented her with a smile, "It fits so well and looks very beautiful."

"Let's look for another one." Yan Zheke offered this suggestion before Lou Cheng could offer an excuse.

She took off the ring and deliberately looked at her phone to hide her smile, then asked him seriously, "Cheng, I have something to ask you." "What do you want to ask?" Lou Cheng was pulled out of the jewelry store by Yan Zheke. As they stopped in the corner of this store, Lou Cheng was very confused.

Yan Zheke bit her lips slightly and said with a faint smile,

"You want to buy me a ring, don't you?"

"Ah?" Lou Cheng was so surprised by her words.

Was my intent too obvious? What about the surprise!

His girlfriend said with a serious face, "Do not lie to me!"

Lou Cheng blushed, so he had to say frankly, "Yes, I want to. I thought about it once I got the prize money, and I want to give you a ring now that we have dated for almost a hundred days. When children turn a hundred days old, they will celebrate for longevity. Our relationship is like that, like a newborn child. So, on our hundredth day, we also need a symbol celebrating longevity and us growing old together.

This was what he had prepared to say when he gave her the ring. In his imagination, surprising her, along with the appropriate atmosphere, these words would have been quite touching and sincere. But now, without any preparation, he suddenly had to say these words. It made him feel very awkward no matter how he said it.

And his feeling was correct. Under the wrong atmosphere, the more Yan Zheke listened to his word, the funnier she felt. What's the connection between these two things? What a strange metaphor!
His words had her laughing. She laughed so happily with one hand clutching her mouth and the other pressing on her stomach.

Haha, I can remember, remember this proposal from Cheng for a lifetime and I will laugh at it forever! Did he say that our relationship is just like a newborn child and also needs a celebration for its one-hundredth day? Hehe, so should we also hold a party for turning 100 days old?
Lou Cheng took a breath and looked at his girlfriend, who was laughing with a doting face.

It could still be considered as a success since it made her laugh...

Yan Zheke laughed for a while, then she gradually stopped to recall what Lou Cheng has said just now. She didn't know why, but she felt touched now.

Her cheeks became pink and she blushed because of the laughter as she stared at Lou Cheng with her bright and blazing eyes. She grunted and said,

"Since you are so sincere giving me a ring, I will reluctantly accept it~ But all the rings are in pairs. If I'm the only one with a ring then how can we be called a couple?" As she was saying this, she could not help but look to the other side, not daring to make eye contact with Lou Cheng.

Lou Cheng instantly forgot the previous embarrassment. He nodded heavily and said, "Then, I will buy two rings. One for you, the other one for me."

"No, it will only have good meaning if I buy your ring!" Yan Zheke led him step by step and finally set the stage to say this line.

Well, I tackled this complicated problem in a very easy manner without referring to anything about money!
"Yes, you are right." Lou Cheng pulled Yan Zheke along gladly and said, "So, let's go select the couple rings."

While he was speaking, he suddenly felt that the development seemed to be pre-arranged. Who was the one that suggested looking at the jewelry?

I might have fallen for another trick...

He bore the inexplicable smile and warmth in his heart, then asked tentatively, "Ke, had you already planned to take me select a ring today?"

"What are you talking about? I do not understand!" Yan Zheke's beautiful face blushed at once and she answered "without any doubt" while looking away.

She, at first, intended to answer "no" directly, but she didn't want to lie to Lou Cheng.

How did Cheng suddenly become so smart?

Lou Cheng stopped asking her because he already felt so happy, just like a weasel who had stolen a chick. He pulled Yan Zheke back into the jewelry store with a big smile, while this time they looked at the platinum rings for couples.

They examined the rings for a while before Coach Yan made the decision to buy a pair of rings with a simple and classic style. There were two spiral lines around the ring, which intersected at the forefront of the ring, bringing out the polished water droplets. Because the size was different and didn't have a fancy diamond, the female ring was cheaper, only 1,100 yuan.

Lou Cheng paid the bill with his credit card. Then he carried lots of shopping bags and looked around in order to find a quiet place where he could put the ring on Yan Zheke. As to which finger he should put the ring on, he had already checked. It should be the left middle finger!

Yan Zheke watched him as he looked for the place, then she pretended to mention, inadvertently,

"There is a cafe on the fourth floor... " "Is there?" Lou Cheng asked subconsciously, showing no doubt. Then he sighed and said, "You are quite observant... "

Today, I enjoyed the happiness of shopping with her and while experiencing both pain and happiness.
Yan Zheke raised her head with a proud look on her face and replied,

"Of course, I'm a famous detective!"


On the fourth floor, they found seats near the corner of the Yuan Mu cafe.

This time, Lou Cheng sat on the seat in front of Yan Zheke deliberately, then he opened the box of the female ring and solemnly picked up her left hand. Yan Zheke lightly bit her lips with a crimson face and her sweet dimples. Even though she was afraid to look at Lou Cheng, she still watched his actions firmly while he put the ring on her middle finger with his serious and solemn face.

Suddenly, she felt the surrounding atmosphere become very solemn and serious. It wasn't a game, playing house between young couples.

As Lou Cheng was putting the ring on, slowly, he said, half- jokingly with some emotion,

"As long as you wear this ring, you'll be my wife."

The moment he said the word "wife", he felt something heavy, and he felt it would be the scariest responsibility in his whole lifetime.

This time I gave her a normal ring, but next time I will give her better rings for the engagement, the marriage, and the anniversary... Yan Zheke chuckled and wanted to curse him and say that it was a nice try. However, she just opened her mouth without saying anything. Instead, she just watched Lou Cheng completing this ceremony with her charming eyes.

Then, she also opened the box with the male ring, picked it up, and held Lou Cheng's left hand. When she was putting the ring on his middle finger, she was slightly trembling. Then she looked at the shining rings on their fingers, she said gladly and shyly,

"As long as you wear this ring, you are my Cheng... "

At first, her first voice was so thin and low, just like the hum of mosquitoes. But, as she spoke, the words became smoother, more confident, and firmer.

Hearing this sentence, Lou Cheng felt his heart fill with excitement and satisfaction, wishing to hold his beloved girl in his arms, to share his feelings and his passion with her. But the cafe wasn't private enough and often had guests walking around. He could only control his emotions and sit next to Yan Zheke so that she could lean on his chest as he touched her sleek black hair.

Yan Zheke leaned on him quietly and listened to his passionate heartbeat. She could feel the obvious love that flowed from him as she enjoyed his silent tenderness.

After quite a while, she suddenly laughed, then whispered,

"I thought of a word ~"

"Which word?" Lou Cheng asked her with a smile on his mouth. His voice was very soft because he didn't want to break the peaceful joy.

Yan Zheke reached out her hand to hold his arm and chuckled while saying, "You can guess ~"

Lou Cheng thought it over and also considered his own feelings, then he asked indefinitely, "Is it marriage?"

"Yes... " Yan Zheke agreed with him with her crimson cheeks, feeling there was a kind of tacit understanding between them.

Lou Cheng looked at her shy look and he could not help but begin to flirt with her,

"Ke, since we have exchanged rings, is it time for you to start referring to me in a different way?"

"Then, what should I call you?" Yan Zheke looked very innocent and confused.

"Something used between husband and wife." Lou Cheng was thick-skinned and he said it with a laugh.

Yan Zheke suddenly felt shy and angry, so she hit his chest with her hand slightly and said, "That was a nice try!"


After enjoying the time in the coffee shop, in which they talked aimlessly but closely, and eating the local dishes which Cai Zongming recommended, they walked through the old campus holding hands, getting on the last school bus which drove back to the new campus while it wasn't dark yet.

When she was exiting the bus, Yan Zheke suddenly took a deep breath.

"What happened?" Lou Cheng was very sensitive to his surroundings and he always paid attention to his girlfriend, so there was no way he would not notice her abnormal behavior.

Yan Zheke pursed her mouth and turned around as she said a little embarrassingly, "My legs are a little tired... "

After practicing martial arts for the whole morning and going shopping for the whole afternoon, it was no wonder her legs were tired...

Lou Cheng immediately said, "How about we find a place to sit down so I can massage your legs?"

He was not tired, and even his fatigued spirit had disappeared because of the ring exchange. He was completely excited.

Yan Zheke glanced at him with a supercilious look and felt a little annoyed but funny, "I'm wear a skirt today, fool!"

No matter what posture she sat in when he massaged her legs and feet, she would easily be exposed and she would definitely be embarrassed! Lou Cheng patted his head and thought to himself that he wasn't delicate enough. So he then suggested, "So, let's look for a bench to sit on and rest for a while."

Because it was the last bus, once the bus was gone, it became quiet. However, there were still fewer people passing by.

Yan Zheke nodded, following Lou Cheng to find a bench. Then, because she had a tacit understanding with him, so she took out a tissue from her bag and gave it to her boyfriend to wipe the surface of the bench.

After sitting down, she bent down and rubbed her calf while blinking. Then, she said with a curious and shy smile,

"Cheng, I though you would suggest taking a walk along the lake... "

Cheng was so excited and happy when we exchanged the rings this afternoon, I felt like he was suppressing his passion and he wanted to release it and make out with me. It's unbelievable that he is holding back...

After they talked about it on the first of May, Lou Cheng hadn't kissed her so violently while they were taking a walk. But the environment and atmosphere along the lake was so good and the mood was still fiery. Sometimes they would even do something hot and passionate. So, on such a special day, when they had exchanged rings, Yan Zheke thought the suggestion for taking a walk along the lake was a request to make out.

Lou Cheng put his hand around her shoulder and let her lean towards him. Then he turned around and looked into her eyes. Then, he smiled and said, "If I suggested going to the lake now, I would feel that the exchange of rings was an excuse to persuade you to make out with me, or to do something closer. But, in fact, this was very important and solemn for me. It is my promise and my hope, instead of an excuse to convince you to make out with me."

"I want to prove that you are the most important in my heart. It's only because I like you that I want to make out with you and why I am so excited and desperate make out. It isn't because I am eager. I want to prove that I will keep my promise, that I can bear it."

Although this was an impulsive blur, this was also a burst of what he had thought about for so many days.

Yan Zheke's beautiful black eyes seemed to have a layer of mist as she bit her pink lips with her beautiful teeth which were as smooth as shell. Finally, she denounced him cutely,

"You are getting more and more nauseating!"

Now you can even say those lovey words which are similar to the dialogues that appear in TV series!
I even like it a little... I like it more than just a little...

Lou Cheng could understand the real meaning of her words, so he chuckled before saying, "Anyway, I do not want desire to have any part of this particular day for us."

Of course, I had a passionate impulse this afternoon, but I held myself back in the end.
Speaking up to this point, he added with a smile, "In fact, I also like the way we are right now."

"I also like it... " Yan Zheke leaned her face on Lou Cheng's shoulder and then she smiled beautifully and quietly.

After a brief snuggle without any talking, she whispered just like she was playing tricks on him, but also like she was still confused about her own emotions,

"What if, what if I invite you to go to the lake for a walk tomorrow night?" Badump. Lou Cheng's heart suddenly began to beat heavily, and he also felt the rapid heartbeat of his girlfriend from their clenched hands.

He suddenly felt nervous and full of expectation as he said, "I would totally love to!"

Yan Zheke slightly opened her mouth and took a quick breath. Then she tried to recover her emotions, to stop being too shy. She murmured with a smile,

"I just said if ~ if!"

I just want to make fun of Cheng, why do I feel like I am getting into trouble inexplicably right after I said that...
But Cheng's reaction is really funny ~!

Lou Cheng laughed and shook his head. He lightly rubbed his girlfriend's hair and deliberately said with a ferocious face, "Be careful because the beast in me might come out."

"I believe you ~" Yan Zheke sat straight and smiled sweetly with her pure and innocent eyes.

Then she jumped up and walked with her hands clasped behind her back, "Let 's go back to the dorm now!"

Today is a happy day!


Outside the third dormitory building, Lou Cheng pulled on Yan Zheke's hands, feeling reluctant to let her go.

"See you tomorrow ~" Yan Zheke resist the urge to spend time with him as she spoke with bright eyes. Lou Cheng looked at the ring on her left hand and then at his own ring. After staring at both of them, he suddenly felt a burst of impulse, so he pulled her back and held him in his arms tightly.

This is my wife...

"What happened?" Yan Zheke felt his excitement, so she blinked her eyes and asked in confusion.

Lou Cheng said with a half-joking, emotional tone, "I noticed the rings on our hands are in pairs, so I suddenly wanted to call you my wife... "

When he was saying these words, he suddenly became a little shy, "But I still think that I am unqualified to call you that way. I don't have enough ability to give you the life you deserve yet. So I held myself back."

"You are so nauseating!" Yan Zheke gently patted him. After she tried to calm down for tens of seconds, she thought of something and endured the smile. She separated herself from Lou Cheng's embrace and said, like a delicate water lotus, "So, how about, I call you a sweet name?"

"Really?" Lou Cheng felt so surprised.

Did what I said just now touch Ke? So touched that she even gained the courage to call me husband?
"Really!" Yan Zheke said it with a very "serious" face.

"Good! Okay!" Lou Cheng nodded heavily, and he answered without pause for fear that she would change her mind.

Yan Zheke took two steps towards the dormitory, then she turned around and looked at Lou Cheng shyly. She opened her mouth slightly and spoke in a low voice,

"Wife~!" Ha ha ha... After she spoke, she ran into the dormitory with light steps, with her beautiful long hair flying in the air, and with her happy laughter. She just left Lou Cheng alone, looking dumb, and she even laughed herself to tears.

Today is a happy day!

Wife... I was played by her again... Lou Cheng wanted to behave like he was annoyed, but he still couldn't cover the smile on his face.

While he has going back to the dorm with lots of shopping bags, he looked through the bills. Then he found that besides the ring, Yan Zheke also bought him clothes, pants, and shoes which amounted to seven or eight thousand Yuan. Although she didn't buy too many things, the price of each item was relatively high.

And looking at Zheke's attitude, she still thought that these clothes and pants were not good enough... Lou Cheng wasn't a fool, so he could easily notice that Yan Zheke wasn't sensitive to money at all. In other words, she has never had to worry about money.

And just thinking about the grace of her mother, thinking about the martial arts of her grandparent's, I could obviously understand her attitude.
After putting down the bags, Lou Cheng replied to the message from Yan Zheke as he gently let out a breathe of relief.

If I want to marry this girl and give her have a better life, I have to work harder!
If it happened before, he would certainly feel self-abased, but now he had experienced so many things again and again. He felt that he had the confidence to fight and to struggle for success. As long as Zheke and him were always in love, everything else would be okay.

Although I'm not a rich kid, I will become rich on my own! ...

The next morning, beside the lake, Lou Cheng, who was filled with a struggling spirit at first, calmed down and began to do the daily tempering. After he finished most of the homework, he began considering how to rely on the Jindan to complete the combination of the two ways of visualization.

He practiced concealing his spirit and getting rid of stray thoughts. Then he gradually calmed his spirit and approached the Jindan (the Golden Elixir) in his lower abdomen. Before this, he had already considered how the ice and fire were unified.

He was an outstanding student who had experienced the physical course in middle school and high school. He also had two compulsory courses for university physics, so he was already accustomed to the thinking pattern for analyzing natural phenomenon by their pattern. If it was spoken in a similar way or in a bit unclear way, ice was only different from fire on the surface. In fact, they belonged to one of the material states. They are the same material with different forms, different temperatures, different pressures, and different environments! If you think about it in the extremes, "ice" can be replaced by the "frozen state" at ultralow temperatures, while "fire" can be referred to as the "plasma state" at ultrahigh temperatures. The same material with different minute structure and the same thing with different aspects, they are opposite but unified.

Lou Cheng didn't study these two aspects deeply. He could barely grasp this point and immersed his spirit in it slowly, which helped him enlarge the inner image of the Jindan (the Golden Elixir) in the "range of visibility".

Blaze was considered as the sun, as the fixed star which emitted light and heat in the extreme cold and dark universe and which also brought out the color of life for the eternal loneliness.

There were abnormally cold and "ruthless" ice crystals around them that looked like planets and moons. But if you watched them from the outside world, they reflected the light and were shining like the stars in the sky, which also was similar to the fixed stars. Lou Cheng thought it went against his understanding and against the astronomical phenomena he observed. So he dared to make a change from regardeding ice crystals as stars or planets, to a symbol of the dark universe at a low temperature. And what they reflected was the vast sky instead of specific stars!

Because his cognitions have changed, what he saw also began to shake. The sky and the nebula in the Jindan (the Golden Elixir) suddenly magnified to the extreme.

In the infinite and cold dark sky, the dust material accumulated gradually and attracted each other. So they ultimately reached the limit of gravity, and the sky collapsed violently and changed dramatically. It also burned the fire and gave birth to a fixed star...

Lou Cheng at first cognized the "ice" and "fire" in microscopic structure as a diametrical unity, but now they are at the aspect of astronomy.

Minimum and maximum are against each other but also unified together. And this was slightly different form the essence in the image of Longhu Immortal!

The picture flashed through his mind, so Lou Cheng's spirit flew up, forcing him to withdraw from his mind and stop visualizing.

He always had a feeling that Longhu Immortal made some mistakes when he was dealing with the star image of the Jindan (the Golden Elixir). Longhu Immortal regarded blaze as a Great Sun and ice crystal as stars. so his success had some lucky factors.

At that moment, he suddenly understood why Peng Leyun chose to take college entrance examination and attend the university, also why, in particular, he chose the department of physics in Shancheng University!

In ancient times, the fighters neither had tools nor did they have relatively realistic theories, so what they could do was to percept the nature by their own feelings and accumulated them, then passed to the next generation. While nowadays, our society had much clearer understanding to the material and to the universe. If we don't use them on martial arts, then it would be such a big pity!

Geezer Shi stood next to him relaxingly and found that his disciple was in a daze instead of practicing Severe Warning, so he asked, "What are you doing?"

Lou Cheng has been embarrassed to talk about his own ideas before because he was afraid of being despised by his master. However, since now he was asked, so he honestly confessed, "Master, I'm thinking that since Longhu Immortal could balance and unite ice and fire, why couldn't I combine the Thunder Roar Zen with the Frost Force."

Geezer Shi was stunned for a moment, then he laughed himself into fits,

"Okay, good. You have more ideas than I did at your age. Just try it. Having a try won't make anything wrong."

Only if you tried could you know what was whimsical, what was the right direction, what lacked training, and the difficulty of the ideas that can be implemented really.

Lou Cheng turned, blushed, and felt slightly embarrassed. But at the same time he received "encourage" from his master, so he began to calm down and to think about what was in common between "Thunder Cloud" and "Ice-bound".

Chapter 215: The Youth of Today

The very essence of the Thunder Cloud visualization lay in the vibration of thunder, which could touch off the subtle changes inside the body. Combined with the tightening and compression of muscles, the changes exploded the Tremor Force. The Frozen River centered on freeze and cold waves, stilling all even the surging kinetic energy. Lou Cheng, whose understanding of physics was limited to textbooks, could not find in which dimensions or aspects they were in concordance for the moment.

People naturally resorted to something familiar for clues when they had no methods or way of thinking. Similarly, there was only one thing that Lou Cheng was familiar with and could count on, the balance of ice and blaze of his internal Jindan.

"The balance between ice and blaze... The ice is similar to the essence of the Frozen River. But the blaze has nothing to do with the sound of the Thunder Cloud... " Lou Cheng puzzled over this problem, as if trying to solve an impossible chemical equation. "Thunder Cloud, thunder, Thunder Cloud, blaze... " he whispered, attempting to associate the two things together. Shortly afterward he thought about a stance training he had practiced before, Lightning and Fire Stance —— Thunder and lightning made blaze!

Lou Cheng got excited as he thought of it. He believed he had found the right way. The truth was he found he reached a dead end soon.

The key of the Thunder Cloud visualization was the vibration of thunder, rather than the cleaving of lightning!

Lou Cheng heaved a sigh and suppressed his depression with the Freeze Water To Ice.

"Um, Ke had told me that I should think over it from different angles or way of thinking when unable to work out a question." Lou Cheng remembered Yan Zheke's instruction, pulled himself together and started to rethink this problem. He consulted his curve wrecker girlfriend when he had time for self-learning.

"From different angles, change my way of thinking, from different angles, change my way of thinking... " a train of thought came to Lou Cheng's mind. He concentrated on what he wanted and what he was familiar with. New ideas continuously occurred and then were denied.

"The balance between ice and blaze, the balance between ice and blaze... " Lou Cheng repeated it as if delirious. An odd idea flashed across his mind all of a sudden.

"I have the ice of the Frozen River and the blaze of the Lightning and Fire Stance. So the balance between ice and blaze?"

"Although it has nothing to do with the Thunder Roar Zen, it indeed achieved the balance between ice and blaze!"

"Um, I have to temporarily get rid of the thinking of the combination of the Severe Warning and the visualization of the Thunder Cloud and Ice-bound."

"The balance between ice and blaze had been achieved... Master has mentioned Longhu Immortal emulated yin and yang with ice and blaze, yin and yang, yin and yang... " he was stunned at the thought of this.

It might be a sign of a positive outcome!

Yin and yang, negative and positive, negative and positive electric charges generated thunderclouds!

Even though I can not associate the Frozen River with negative charges for the moment, I can think about it from the perspective of the ancient naive materialism. Yin and yang collide to produce thunder and lightning!

The Jindan (the Golden Elixir) of Longhu Immortal obviously supports my opinion! Lou Cheng was suddenly enlightened, in the best of moods. When two reactants cannot react with each other, a catalyst is necessary to be put in, isn't it?

After deliberating upon this, Lou Cheng suppressed his excitement and started his meditation, visualization, and concealment of spirit and qi.

A giant river went rolling, bitter cold suddenly falling, both banks being covered by snow and the waves freezing. A Frozen River picture was visualized in Lou Cheng's mind.

Lou Cheng did not attempt to mix ice and blaze together in his own way, because his understanding was not deep enough for him to do so. Although he had known the theoretical basis of the Jindan, the balance between ice and blaze, he did not know how to put it into practice. What he could do now was to imitate it laboriously with the Jindan as a catalyst.

Lou Cheng put some attention on the following moves. Lowering his weight, he pulled in the brightness of the Vast Nebula to make the visualized picture of the Frozen River change in a marvelous way. He took this opportunity to visualize the Lightning and Fire Pillar through the Great Sun surrounded by the brightness.

A bolt of silvery white lightning hit the frozen river, fire blazing on the surface of the river!

The visualization of ice and blaze struck at the foundation of the other. Lou Cheng straightway withdrew his spirits from the visualization and came back to the state of silence and clarity.

He settled the last clarity and led the "contradiction" to the Jindan following the subtle link between them.

The nebula slightly vibrated and then slowly moved around, immediately assimilating the contradiction. The visualized blaze oddly blasted off and hung on the horizon, becoming an "arctic sun" shining but not warm enough to melt frost.

The sun without some warmth shone upon the frozen river, making the surface glittering in a dreamy way. The fragile balance between ice and blaze recovered! Lou Cheng did not have time to show his excitement. He quickly concentrated on the current feelings and tried to remember the subtle changes of his body.

When his spirit was about to dry up, he controlled the ice and blaze and made them collide head-on.

The Sun turned to be a fireball, crashing down on the frozen river!

At the last moment, Lou Cheng tried to put into the river the essence of the visualization of the Thunder Cloud, cold waves and hot currents. Make the ice act as yin, and blaze as yang.


The ice and blaze collided, yin and yang dashed together!

Geezer Shi leisurely watched Lou Cheng ponder long over the question and perceived his reaction to failures. Finally, he laughed and shook his head. He walked to a tree slowly, taking out his wine pot to please himself with a sip.

After a few of steps, his expression suddenly changed. He turned around in a flash and looked down at the ground.

Blasts of cold air swept through the ground, leaving transient ripples of white frost!

"What's the hell?" Geezer Shi looked up at Lou Cheng with astonishment and rare bewilderment.

Lou Cheng was mentally exhausted. He rubbed his temples for headache relief before he found his master was looking at him with surprised eyes.

The final collision was totally out of control for Lou Cheng. He had to think about the lessons for improvement afterward. It was impossible to succeed in the complete integration in mere a single day!

Geezer Shi cleared his throat before Lou Cheng reported his progress to him.

"What were you doing?"

"Master, you told me that you wanted to integrate the two visualizations. Longhu Immortal followed the example of Yin and Yang with ice and blaze. Yin and Yang generate thunder and lightning. So I pulled in the Lightning and Fire Pillar as Yang, and the Frozen River as Yin to create thundercloud for vibration." Lou Cheng did not explain that the key lay in the understanding and grasp of balance between ice and blaze, which could activate the Jindan to complete the pull-in. Because he thought it might be too difficult for his old master to understand it with a low-level science attainment.

Geezer Shi generally understood the intention of Lou Cheng without much pondering, laughing grudgingly. "Good! A young man of the new age! Good idea. But the power of the Lightning and Fire Stance is far away from the Frozen River. You can't achieve the true balance between ice and blaze. A good blaze visualization is necessary."

Being praised, Lou Cheng smiled, "You don't need to be in a hurry. Take your time for that."

It was precisely because the power of the Lightning and Fire Stance was far away from the Frozen River. The cold waves of frost could run over the hot current of blaze in the last collision, generating the similar effect of the Severe Warning. No one knew whether the ice and blaze would cancel out or intertwine with each other and mutated to something strange if they reached the balance. It was against Lou Cheng's intention. He had better keep it in his heart when there were only six days left for the competition.

Moreover, a good blaze visualization required the fighter to be sensitive to the visualized picture. Even if he was very familiar with the visualization method as if traveling along a familiar road in a light carriage, it would still take several days for him to cross the threshold. He did not have enough time! "Um." Geezer Shi lowered his head and waved his arm, "Go to jogging. Don't force yourself for visualization. It might hurt your brain. You can continue tomorrow."

"Yes, master!" Lou Cheng answered cheerfully and walked away.

Seeing Lou Cheng walk far away, Geezer Shi breathed a sigh of relief and said in a self-mockery way.

"The youth of today indeed have bold vision and courage in action. Give me a fright!"

I narrowly lost face before my disciple!

He paused and shook his head.

"But It's hard to say whether it's good or bad for the competition at the weekend. Back in the day when I was young. Sign... " ...

At nine o'clock, night wind with coolish damp air from the lake dispersed the accumulated heat during days of scorching sun. Students felt long-absent comfort.

Yan Zheke stayed in the classroom to do self-studying after her last class to wait for Lou Cheng.

Lou Cheng took over Yan Zheke's canvas shoulder bag and casually carried it on his own shoulder. He held the girl's hand, walking to the long bridge together.

Yan Zheke was concerned about what they had talked about on the school bus yesterday. She asked, "Cheng, didn't you say that you would attempt to figure out the opposition and unity of the two visualization methods?"

Lou Cheng smiled, "Yes, I did. I initially succeeded with right direction and way of thinking! Ke, can't you pretend to forget it and ask me a few days later? I wanted to give you a surprise!" That was why he did not mention it for the day.

"I have a good memory!" Yan Zheke said with a smiling face, "Your initial success is also a surprise for me... "

She pursed her lips and smiled, gracefully glancing to the side.

Thanks to my advice!

Yet, Cheng is really amazing. He succeeded within only a single day, creating another miracle as he always did.

Lou Cheng never forgot to praise Coach Yan. He said sincerely, "My success should be attributed to the Diametrical Unity that you taught me, and your instruction that I can change my way of thinking when I encounter difficulties."

Lou Cheng described his general thinking process but left out the Jindan (the Golden Elixir) and some details. Sweet dimples appeared on Yan Zheke's cheeks. She smiled with a little bit of proud and shy emotion. Yan Zheke said playfully, "Look, it's my merits!"

"Right, right, you're the pillar of our home!" Lou Cheng pounced on the opportunity to flirt with Yan Zheke in a praising tone.

"Our home... "Her sparkling eyes took a look at him and subconsciously turned to her left hand where there was a simple but classical style of ring.

My Cheng...

Lou Cheng noticed what she was looking at. He smilingly reached out his left hand to touch her, making their rings show in a pair.

It reminded Lou Cheng of his excitement yesterday and the responsibility on his shoulders, as well as Yan Zheke's cute trick. He cleared his throat, "Ke, we still have about half an hour. Why not go for a walk along the lakeside... " It was an unalterable principle that the man should take the initiative in such things!

Yan Zheke blushed after a brief blank, remembering her trick last night. She wanted to say something but only uttered one word looking towards the side with messy thoughts and racing heartbeat.

"Um... "

We are just going for a stroll. It's not a big deal.

The thin voice sounded shy and timid, which raced Lou Cheng's heartbeat too. He held the girl's hand, walking down the long bridge and turning to the path to the lakeside.

They walked for a while in the increasingly quiet lakeside.
Yan Zheke's heartbeat raced up, so did Lou Cheng. "If Cheng wants to go further, to what extent should I permit... " she thought, quivering with excitement and fear.

Yan Zheke had confidence in her boyfriend after their conversation during the May Day holiday and according to Cheng's excellent performance. She believed he could control himself and tried to suppress her imagination. Yet, she still held instinctive fear for the unfamiliar things she had never experienced.

Lou Cheng looked around to make sure no one else here. He asked Yan Zheke to sit on the bench at the edge of the grove, standing in front of her.

Yan Zheke wore her white patterned short-sleeved t-shirt. Her heart beat so fast that her charming and soft body quivered obviously.

His throat was dry when he saw the girl looked down with her long black hair falling as beautiful as a fairy on a drawing. He slowly bent down. Yan Zheke felt Lou Cheng's movement, her heartbeat racing up again. She could not help keeping a firm grasp on her skirt.

Is he coming?

At this time, Lou Cheng got down on one knee and took her nervous left hand. Looking at her ignorant eyes, he lowered his head and gave a sweet kiss on her middle finger where the ring was.

Yan Zheke never thought they began in such way. She felt like drunk after a brief blank with both her body and heart turning soft. She shyly and happily watched Lou Cheng move his lips upward, from her middle finger to the back of a hand, to the wrist, to the forearm and to the upper arm.

Even though his warm kiss was not on some sensitive part, she still felt he kissed on her heart.

When his kiss left the girl's arm, he pushed aside her hair and gently put his lips on her white and slim neck. His kisses fell on her face, her chin, cheeks, tip of the nose, eyebrows. The girl closed her eyes, embracing all of this quietly.

Lou Cheng released his passion a little by a little. He targeted his kiss on her little and cute earlobe, nibbled her rubine-like ear affectionately.

Yan Zheke's body shivered violently and then felt the kiss on her lips.

She attempted to meet the kiss on her initiative this time. The young lovebirds kissed passionately, and Lou Cheng kept his hands to himself.

It was natural and understandable that he wanted to go further. Yet, he knew that they were at the lakeside, rather than a private room. Although there was no one around, he should show enough respect to the girl.

... Sweet time was always fleeting. Coming back to his dorm, Lou Cheng recalled what had happened just now and the success he had made in the morning, high-spirited emotion emerging in his heart with the passion to work hard.

I have to complete the Severe Warning for the competition at the weekend!

Chapter 216: Cheering for the Martial Arts Club

It was Sunday morning. Lou Cheng stood still beside Weishui Lake with his eyes closed. His body was undulating like water ripples in a near indiscernible manner.

The surrounding winds sounded very soft. They were joined with the coldness, wetness, and freshness from last night's heavy rain, and they made everything appear incredibly peaceful and tranquil.

It was at this moment Lou Cheng moved his left leg inwards, flicked his waist and punched out with his right fist as if he was holding an invisible club.


The fist struck thin air, and the quiet wind abruptly burst into waves of rippling wails. Compared to before, they were now tainted with bone-chilling coldness. A translucent glow appeared out of nowhere, covering the ground in a meter's radius with a sheet of thin, silver frost. The further out the ice spread, the smoother they appeared.

This dream-like scenery that went against the law of seasons stayed for a full three seconds before finally disappearing. Lou Cheng himself couldn't quite believe his eyes when he opened his eyes and saw this.

Was this the might of his unique version of 'Severe Warning'?

Although he could only use this one time without a full rest and sleep, not even an Eighth Pin Dan stage fighter could have withstood a blow like this, could they?

After working to improve his skill and perfecting the difficult process of 'imitation' for almost a whole week, he had finally completed the fusion between 'Thunder Cloud' and 'Ice- Bound.' He could declare that he had invented the completely new visualization method called 'Fallen Sun of Ice and Thunder'. He had also mastered the changes of the muscles, fascia, and innards corresponding to this method through lots of work. This also meant that he had mastered the first step of his simplified physical invulnerable move, 'Severe Warning.' Right now, the biggest problem he faced was that he hadn't familiarized himself with the skill and could not use it with a great degree of flexibility just yet!

"It's slightly slower than Frost Force, but the match would be a piece of cake if I could find the opportunity to give Zhou Zhengquan a shot..." Lou Cheng thought happily to himself.

Although he had simplified 'Severe Warning' into a martial art that could be triggered with only one visualization diagram, and it was now no longer necessary to alternate and combine two visualization diagrams to execute 'Severe Warning,' he had just mastered the first step. This meant that he needed time to prepare before he could execute the technique. Therefore, he would have to prepare a 'trap' beforehand and use his excellent improvisation skills to create the opportunity to use it!

This would be something beyond Zhou Zhengquan's expectations. He would not be prepared for it! For now, Lou Cheng couldn't determine the exact might of 'Severe Warning' since he hadn't used it in real combat yet.

He grew excited and eager the moment he thought of the completion of his killer move, the match later this afternoon and the proverbial fight between dragons and tigers. He inhaled once before speaking eagerly to Geezer Shi beside him.

"Master, I'm going on a jog!"

Once he had taken an hour of deep, afternoon nap, then the only thing left to do was to wait for the match to begin!

"Go." Geezer Shi waved his hand gruffly.

It was only when Lou Cheng departed the scene excitedly that he sighed with a smile on his face and shook his head,

"Youth..." ...

At slightly over two in the afternoon, Yan Zheke finished tidying her stuff and put on her black-trimmed white martial arts suit'. She got ready to leave with a little bit of anxiety and excitement.

It was at this moment Li Liantong closed the computer and cried out hastily,

"Ke, wait for me! We'll go together!"

"You're heading over this early?" Yan Zheke knew that her roommate was planning to watch the match and cheer for the Martial Arts Club too, but she didn't expect her to depart this early.

Li Liantong had purposely changed into a short-sleeved t- shirt, a pair of jeans and sports shoes for the occasion. She pointed at herself and smiled. "That's because I feel like I fell in love with the atmosphere of a martial arts competition! Don't you think this outfit suits me well?" The feeling where everyone was working together towards a goal, the atmosphere where one could vent themselves fully without fear of attention, and the excitement when singing and shouting for victory; she loved and yearned all of them.

There, she could become a different Li Liantong!

"It looks fine. Actually, you'd feel a greater sense of participation if you wear a similar martial arts suit." Yan Zheke answered the question seriously first before looking her roommate up and down. She teased her. "Dirty Tong, hmm, are you possessed or something? I'm pretty sure you don't really like martial arts at the beginning. I thought dirty talk and yaoi are your true loves?"

"People will change!" Li Liantong said with a straight face, "A gentle, quiet and sunny girl like me needs a hobby that's slightly masculine to harmonize—pah! I mean to counteract my disposition!"

Zong Yanru had turned her head around to listen to them since a while ago, and she scoffed the moment she heard this. "Dirty Tong, you're growing more and more suspicious now!" "What do you mean suspicious? Look, I've even prepared a cheering trumpet and a balloon hammer!" Li Liantong pulled out her 'weaponry'.

Yan Zheke pursed her lips into a smile and spoke with the bearing of a famous detective,

"That makes you even more suspicious!"

"Yeah, yeah! Dirty Tong, you've never been this proactive and eager about martial arts competition before!" Shi Xiangyang smiled meaningfully while lying at the edge of the bed, saying, "Did you have a crush for a fighter or something?"

Li Liantong stared at her three roommates with an indignant look. "Am I really such a person in your minds?"

"Yes, you are!" Yan Zheke, Zong Yanru and Shi Xiangyang answered in unison. "Seriously, I have fallen in love with martial arts competition. Haven't I been watching your preliminaries all this time? I was touched by Lin Que and your Cheng's performance, and I was attracted by the atmosphere surrounding a competition. Ke, trust me, I'm this close from becoming your martial art club's die-hard fan!" Li Liangtong spoke her mind in a joking tone.

Yan Zheke finally stopped teasing her and gave her a faint smile, saying,

"You're welcome~!"

It feels so good when someone supports you, especially when it's your close roommate!

It was at this moment Li Liantong's eyes swirled as she tossed her serious look to the back of her mind and chuckled. "Ke, you kidnapped Cheng because you were close to him to begin with. I won't fight you for him since we're good roomies. Now, does Lin Que have a girlfriend?" "I knew it! I knew that you have a scheme in mind!" Zong Yanru broke into laughter.

Shi Xiangyang also rubbed her cheeks and said, "I knew it too; that's why Dirty Tong from before was such a strange sight. But this is the true Dirty Tong I know of!"

"Close to Cheng to begin with... I wonder why it sounds weird when this comes out of Dirty Tong's mouth... Thank goodness they didn't know that Lin Que is my cousin yet..." Yan Zheke thought as she pursed her lips into a smile and said,

"Forget it, Dirty Tong. Lin Que's... attitude isn't something that the average person can get used to."

She let out a sudden sigh when she said this. As his sister, of course, she wanted her cousin to have a happier life. But...

Li Liantong didn't pay it any mind. She raised her balloon hammer and said, "Do I look like the average person to you?" After the joke, she beckoned Zong Yanru and Shi Xiangyang to join her seriously.

"Ru, Pak Choi, let's go together!"

Let's go and cheer for the Martial Arts Club!


Inside the art institute's female dorm, Wu Qian finished her makeup and asked her roomies,

"Are you girl going to watch the match?"

"I'm busy..." "I don't want to get off my bed, so you'll have to save the lovey-dovey show for someone else..." Two of the girls immediately raised their objections. They had only watched the Martial Arts Club's competition at the beginning due to a sense of novelty.

Another gentle and quiet girl wearing a pair of spectacles with big frames hastily tidied her stuff and said, "Wu Qian, I, I'd like to go with you!"

"You're going, Yanxi?" Earlier Wu Qian had predicted their reactions, and she thought that Fan Yanxi was the most unlikely person to agree to her invitation. After all, she was walking the path of a gentle and quiet artist.

Fan Yanxi nodded thoughtfully and said,

"Yeah, I quite like watching the Martial Arts Club compete."

Wu Qian cast her a doubtful glance, but she refrained from asking any further and smiled faintly.

"Alright, be quick. I'll wait for you." "Mm!" Fan Yanxi nodded heavily.

She would cheer for the Martial Arts Club today!


As usual, Yan Xiaoling cooped herself inside her bed and swiftly entered live stream website on her computer. At the same time, she was looking at the data 'Unparalleled Dragon King' provided her and the ones she found herself.

Although she often commented in a self-depreciating manner on the forum, saying that she was fine for not knowing anything and her job was to play the role of a smitten girl, in reality she was a very earnest and hardworking girl. She had been cramming martial arts knowledge into her brain all this time in an attempt to catch up to her forum friends' footsteps.

I can't always rely on self-depreciation to maintain my moderator status! I'll cheer for Lou Cheng and Songcheng University Martial Arts Club later with all my heart!


Inside Songcheng University martial arts arena, Shu Rui sat at the reporter's seat and looked at the interview notice on her cell phone's notepad. She let out a distressed sigh.

She could feel a headache coming the moment she recalled that she was going to interview that Lin Que.

Her glowing cell phone screen was displaying a few lines of words,

"Lin Qie, a martial arts fanatic..."

"He's not difficult to talk to if he wins. He could be led to speak about the details of the match. But if he loses, then..." While Shu Rui thoughts were all over the place, she suddenly felt the noisy spectator's grandstand fall silent for an instant.

She instinctively looked towards the main entrance. There, she saw Zhou Zhengquan leading the way into the martial arts arena while clad in a black traditional Chinese clothing with red patterns on it. His temperament was kindly, and his bearing was calm. His presence had subdued the relatively few crowd in an instant.

Behind Zhou Zhengquan, Hou Yue, Zhuo Yanjun, Li Shengnan and other fighters filed into the arena.

On 19th May 2:46 p.m., Donglin Squad officially arrived at Songcheng University martial arts arena!

This was the final match of the Songcheng division quarterfinals!

Chapter 217: Undertaking

The Donglin Squad calmly passed through the arena amidst countless gazes and walked into the away team's locker room.

When passing by the reporter's seat, Zhou Zhengquan swept across Shu Rui before he smiled at her and said,

"Hello, reporter Shu."

The Donglin Squad had often visited Songcheng during the group competition. Therefore, he had seen this rather memorable-looking reporter a couple of times.

Shu Rui remembered the no-interview rule before a match clearly, so she had no choice but to stand up and smile sweetly.

"Hello to you too. Do your best~" After the short exchange of regards, Zhou Zhengquan stared straightly ahead and walked forwards with steady footsteps and a straight back.

It was only when they left the reporter's seat that Hou Yue moved closer to his senior brother with a look of excitement on his face. He lowered his voice and asked, "Senior brother Zhou, why didn't you chat longer with reporter Shu?"
As a standard hyperactive eighteen years old teenager, the next thing Hou Yue enjoyed gossiping the most other than martial arts was games and girls. Every time they met Shu Rui or watched Yan Zheke in her match videos, they would often bring them up in discussion with his senior and junior brothers later. Now that they ran into Shu Rui in the flesh again, he couldn't help but tease Zhou Zhengquan a little about her.

"Accepting interviews before a match makes one susceptible to emotions." Zhou Zhengquan answered calmly and indifferently. "That's true..." Hou Yue nodded. Then he winked and said again, "Senior brother Zhou, do you have plans to get her phone number or QQ ID or something later?"

Zhou Zhengquan let out a soft laugh.

"No, I don't."

Asking a girl for contact on my own accord would damage my image!

"Monkey, can't you focus a little more on the match?" Li Shengnan was perceptive, and she scolded Hou Yue when she heard what he said.

Hou Yue stuck out his tongue in secret before answering with all smiles,

"Got it! I'm always focused when in a match. But it hasn't started yet, has it?" Meanwhile, Shu Rui watched the team vanishing into the locker room's entrance and shook her head. She let out a sneer and said,

"What a showy person..."

Do you really think there's a kind of man that I haven't met yet in my life?


When Lou Cheng, Yan Zheke and the others reached the martial arts arena, there weren't many audiences yet in the venue. However, the students they ran into along the way often recognized them the moment they saw their attire and temperament. Even if they didn't, they would know that he was the leading player of the Martial Arts Club, Lou Cheng from the incredibly identifiable Yan Zheke beside him.

"Do your best! Everyone in our dorm had come over to cheer for you all!" A candid male student swung his fist in midair. "Do your best, Lou Cheng!" Although the girl's voice was obviously shaking from embarrassment, she ultimately gathered her courage and shouted out the words.

Lou Cheng didn't expect that he would receive such warm treatment, and he wasn't sure how he should react on the spot. In the end, he could only return the greeting by nodding, waving and smiling stiffly...

With a smile on her face, Yan Zheke restrained the laughter that was about to escape her lungs and walked forwards calmly as if she didn't recognize the guy beside her.

It was only when they were about to reach the locker room's entrance that she let out a faint chuckle and said,

"It feels good to be a 'superstar', isn't it?"

Lou Cheng gave his stiff facial muscles a rub before smiling bitterly. "I finally understood what it means to be 'overwhelmed by favor'..." This was the support of his fellow students!

They were both a pressure and a driving force behind his back!

While overwhelmed by emotions, he pushed the locker room's door open and allowed Yan Zheke to enter first. He and the rest of the team followed closely behind her.


The bustling noise that filled the martial arts arena was isolated outside.


At 3 p.m. sharp, all the participants of the preliminaries gathered inside the locker room. Geezer Shi took a sip of wine, wiped his mouth and surveyed the surroundings once before chuckling. "Little Yan, you may speak for this pre-match meeting again."

"Me again?" Yan Zheke was both annoyed and amused.

Just who is the real coach here? I'm throwing in the towel!

Everyone including Lou Cheng broke into big or small laughter after they heard their conversation. The tension that were brewing prior to a match instantly dissipated by a lot. Even Lin Que had drawn an indiscernible curve along his lips to express that brief moment of amusement he felt.

Yan Zheke rolled her eyes at her boyfriend before pursing her lips and said, "Judging from Wensheng School's usual conduct and the fact that they'd won the first match, I believe that they'll take the steady approach. They'd likely strive to make as little mistakes as possible."

Fine, I'll speak! I've discussed this plenty of times with Cheng anyway! She didn't describe the depth of thinking the analysis in detail, however. This was to prevent everyone from being confused by it.

"This means that they'll still not risk starting off with their Eight Pin Dan stage fighter, or leaving him for the last match. They'd send out Zhou Zhengquan second just like last time." The girl's eyes were firm as she declared this confidently. "If Zhou Zhengquan went up first and ran into the Lin Que-Lou Cheng order, then they may very well repeat Fearless Squad's fate and be taken out by Lou Cheng's abnormal stamina. But if they sent him out last, there's also the risk that we may start with Lou Cheng and cause them to lose two matches in a row."

Her analysis was built on the basis that the enemy had no idea that even Cheng could become tired or exhausted.

Judging from what happened on and after the match, it would appear that she was the only one who realized this!

"So they'll be going with the same lineup as last time?" Sun Jian raised his hand and asked. Yan Zheke shook her head in a very coach-like manner. "More or less, yes, but I believe that they'd make some minor tweaks to their lineup and put Hou Yue at the last."

"Why is that?" Li Mao and Guo Qing asked in unison.

"Wensheng School knew very well that they couldn't hide the fact that Hou Yue possessed a supernatural ability from us. Therefore, he was no longer usable as a surprise factor. Also, his fighting style works very well as the last member of the lineup." Yan Zheke answered him with bright and spirited eyes, "Imagine this: if we go by the Lou Cheng-Lin Que order, then as long as Zhou Zhengquan performed relatively well during his match, Lin Que would be weary and weakened even if he wasn't as exhausted as he was during the previous match. This outcome is perfect for someone who is well versed in the Monkey style like him."

"Moreover, his supernatural ability is pretty special. Even if Lin Que is guarded and alert against it, once he's weakened he'd still be easy for prey to his ability's influence." "If we let Lin Que go first, then he'd be worn down regardless if he goes up against Zhuo Yanjun or Li Shengnan. Some pressure will be lifted off Zhou Zhengquan's shoulders, and as a Dan stage fighter, even if she couldn't beat Lou Cheng at his full might, there is a high chance that she'd be able to injure Lou Cheng. After all, the 'Waterfall' move of Fly Fall Punch is somewhat similar to Tremor Punch."

"Lou Cheng may have abnormal stamina, but it doesn't mean that he is indestructible. If Zhou Zhengquan left a lasting effect on him, then he'd face great trouble when going up against Hou Yue's hit-and-run style."

Sun Jiang understood Yan Zheke's words and felt that it made a lot of sense. However, another question popped up in his mind: "If Hou Yue is so suited to fight last, then why didn't Donglin Squad do so during the previous match?"

"First, they were planning to surprise us with his supernatural ability. Second, Hou Yue's fighting style is extremely exhausting to himself too. Also, we've only talked about Lou Cheng and Lin Que but not you, senior brother Sun Jian." Yan Zheke smiled faintly. "Hou Yue will be exhausted after he took them out. He may not necessarily be able to beat you afterward, so it's likely that they might lose the match with a 2 to 3 score. That's why they sought for victory last time, and stability this time."

When she was done speaking, she swept a glance across everyone's faces and finally remembered a thing called embarrassment. She spoke with a slight blush on her face,

"My analysis is finished."

In the end, the final say of the lineup fell in Coach Shi's hands.

Beside Yan Zheke, Lou Cheng took the momentary pause to ponder about the pros and cons of the timing of his appearance.

If appeared first, then he would be fighting Zhou Zhengquan at his peak. With Zhou Zhengquan's strength and experience, he might not necessarily find the chance to use 'Severe Warning.' Therefore, the only good thing about this matchup was that he wouldn't be weary from Hou Yue's supernatural ability and would definitely do better than he did at Donglin. He would have the chance to force out multiple bursts from the enemy.

If he appeared later, then Zhou Zhengquan's strength would fall off considerably after battling Lin Que. He was confident that he could create an opportunity to use 'Severe Warning' then. However, the problem was that 'Severe Warning' put a lot of burden on his current self, and it wasn't like he had nothing else to do after beating Zhou Zhengquan. There was still Hou Yue waiting for him as his next opponent. This meant that he wouldn't be able to drop all thoughts of retreat, caution, and reservation of strength and stake it all against Zhou Zhengquan for the opportunity to use 'Severe Warning'.

It would appear that going first would be the better choice for him.

However, Lou Cheng didn't make the most advantageous choice for himself. This was because he noticed another problem. They must win this match with a 3-1 victory to have a chance at turning things around. This meant that the person who showed up later absolutely couldn't afford to lose, and would bear the full pressure of winning the match for the squad. It was one thing if Lin Que won, but if he lost then it would be a huge blow to him judging from the amount of pride and desire for victory he displayed, and the apology he forced out of his mouth during his large match. He would be filled with guilt;
guilt strong enough to upset even a normal person for a long
time, much less a guy with a bit of mental illness like him.

He could not put the burden on him. He could not worsen his condition!

He wasn't pitying Lin Que, but protecting him. He didn't do this just for Yan Zheke's sake, but also because they shared a bond of comradeship built from being the two greatest pillars of the Martial Arts Club, and fighting side by side for many matches!

His shoulders were used exactly for this moment as a leading player and a man! I'll be the one to bear this burden!

Lou Cheng exhaled and interrupted Geezer Shi before he could speak,

"Coach, I wish to go second!"

His teammates immediately focused their gazes on him. There were puzzlement, astonishment, worry and rare surprise.

Volunteers seldom occurred in this team!

Lin Que pursed his lips and took a step forwards. He stared straight into Geezer Shi's eyes and said,

"Coach, I'd like to go second!" Lou Cheng had predicted this reaction from Lin Que from the beginning. While complaining about his brother-in-law's strong pride, he explained his reasons with a calm look on his face, "I learned a killer move as of late. It'll be perfect to use after Zhou Zhengquan had gotten weak."

Geezer Shi chuckled. "I see that everyone's eager to contribute their strength. I know that Lou Cheng has recently learned his killer move, so he shall appear second."

Lin Que turned his head and cast a deep glance at Lou Cheng.
Finally, he gave Lou Cheng an imperceptible nod.

He retreated back to his corner and no longer said anything.

"The order will be Lin Que, Lou Cheng and Sun Jian. Please make your final adjustments before the match starts." Geezer Shi said leisurely.

Yan Zheke was an incredibly smart girl. She figured out her boyfriend's thoughts the moment he made his offer. Therefore, after she pulled him away and sat down at a different corner of the locker room, she lowered her voice with dimples on her cheeks. "Thank you."

"Do we still need to say thanks between us?" Lou Cheng cracked a joke from the past.

Yan Zheke rolled her eyes at him before shooting a smile. "I'm saying on behalf of my cousin!"

"Your cousin doesn't need to thank me either, unless he doesn't think of me as his comrade!" Lou Cheng said seriously. However, he thought his reply was overly serious, and so he chuckled in a low tone and said, "Unless he doesn't think of me as his brother-in-law!"

Yan Zheke stared embarrassedly at the guy who was growing more and more thick-skinned every day. She itched to give him a pinch, but when she recalled that he was about to go into battle, she forcefully restrained the urge and let out an angry humph. Lou Cheng felt happy listening to the girl's coquettish protest. He closed his eyes and prepared to rest.

Yan Zheke's expression grew soft as she watched his movements with spirited eyes. She moved next to his ears and whispered softly,

"Cheng, you're so good~!"

Now this was the proper thank you a girlfriend should say to her boyfriend!

The corner of Lou Cheng's lips immediately curled upwards, but he didn't open his eyes. He simply grabbed Yan Zheke's delicate hands and drew strength from it so he could better steady himself better.

This was pressure, but also a driving force behind his back!

... Inside the away team's locker room, Wensheng School's leader Ni Mingfei cast a glance across his disciples' faces. Hou Yue immediately stopped running all over the locker room.
"We'll focus on steadiness this match. Zhengquan shall enter second just like last time. This way, he could be fight offensively or defensively." Ni Mingfei said concisely but comprehensively, "Little Yue, they must be on guard against your supernatural ability now, so you'll go last. You must win even if you have to eke out a victory. Yanjun, you're the vanguard. Be it Lou Cheng or Lin Que, you must remember no matter who your opponent is, don't be afraid, and perform at your usual standard. Do you all understand?"

"We understand!" Hou Yue and Zhuo Yanjun answered in unison. Meanwhile, Zhou Zhengquan took out his own crimson black colored martial arts suit and went into the shower room.


At 3:27 p.m., Fang Juexiao suddenly looked up spiritedly inside Songcheng TV Station's broadcast room. He said to the guest Gan Le beside him,

"They came out. Both sides had come out!"

The BGM of the broadcast was filled with the noise of blowing trumpets.

The participants of the first match were made clear after they obtained the fresh list of names and order:

Lin Que would be battling Zhuo Yanjun once more!

Chapter 218: Unsheathed Sword Disrupts Water

On the viewing platform, Li Liantong originally was able to contain herself, but when she saw Lou Cheng, Lin Que, and other hangers-on come out from inside the locker room, and heard the eruption of screams of the vuvuzelas all around, it ignited her hidden passion deep inside. Along with the spectators nearby, she raised both hands and waved them frantically, yelling in rhythm.

"Songcheng University! Songcheng University!"

"Let's go, Songcheng University!"

Seeing their roommate losing herself like this, Zong Yanru and Shi Xiangyang were momentarily dumbstruck. It was unbelievable that this was Dirty Tong, who usually was in such control of herself. It didn't matter if she was outwardly quiet, on the inside she was quite filthy. It was nothing like how she was behaving now. When the broadcaster started to announce the names of Songcheng University's leading players and substitutes, Li Liantong and the crowd would subsequently follow with a chant. They felt that something had roused their hearts, and they were eager to let it out. They all felt like they'd assimilated into a kind of craziness that made everyone around feel a strange kind of intoxication.

Even though every person had their personality and different habits as they yelled out, none of them had the fervor of Li Liantong. There were some last remaining remnants of aloofness, but their voices became like beads of water forming tidal waves.

"Lin Que!"

"Lou Cheng!"

Following Cai Zongming and the others, Wu Qian and Zhang Jingye shouted. Fan Yanxi blew her vuvuzela to her heart's content. Her quiet exterior was betrayed by her blushing face and the zeal in her eyes. Amidst the clamor, the referee ascended onto the ring and looked at both sides, conducting a final confirmation.

He breathed in and without the aid of a megaphone allowed his words to penetrate through the clamor loud and clear to every nook and cranny of the arena.

"Quarterfinal of Songcheng Division Knockout. Songcheng University Martial Arts Club versus Donglin Squad."

"Round one, Lin Que versus Zhuo Yanjun!"

Lin Que stood up quickly. Instead of walking directly to the ring, he stepped over Li Mao and Yan Zheke, came in front of Lou Cheng, and extended his right hand.

At first, Lou Cheng stared blankly, but then proceeded to reveal a smile and extended his hand to shake with Lin Que.

"You can do it!" Lin Que nodded, turned around, and taking a few paces, ascended onto the ring.

Zhou Yanjun was already standing there, straight as an arrow.

She closed her eyes. Still happily in her martial arts world, she ascended onto the ring.

Her enemy across from her was not easy to deal with. Last time, even with his strength exhausted, he was still capable of causing fear. Meeting again now, she believed that everyone was certain he would win. All they could see was how large the concrete dissipation was.

However, I still believe that, step by step, I'm becoming a strong Professional Ninth Pin. True, I'm not quite at the Dan Stage, and won't be able to make up for this large deficiency in level. However, just because hope seems far away doesn't mean that it's not there! This wasn't blind arrogance on Zhou Yanjun's part. Rather, it was that she believed when coming up against a powerful enemy, she held onto the belief that going into the fight with an "attack" state of mind would greatly increase the odds of succeeding as opposed to a "slow and steady" approach.

If you were going to settle for second best, you'd better have room to retreat as well! And if you didn't move as if you intended to win, then how could expect to ask for "exhausting opponents"?

As Zhuo Yanjun clarified her ideas, the referee raised his right hand and opened his mouth with utter seriousness.

"Three minutes of talk time."

Zhou Yanjun knew that speaking with Lin Que was like trying to draw blood from a stone. She also didn't want to waste words, so she shut her eyes and went over her state of mind and corresponding moves one last time. Inside the broadcasting room of Songcheng TV station, Fang Juexiao chuckled.

"If Lin Que is any indication, Songcheng University Martial Arts Club really seems like they don't have any fighters skilled in the gift of gab. During a broadcast, it's hard to decipher any trash talk during the match."

He could bit by bit become Songcheng TV Station's resident presenter for Martial Arts Competition for his gifts in many ways, and he even understood lip language!

Gan Le shook his head in laughter. "Aren't you taking into account their background? If they're too good at insulting people, they'll be taken care of by their school. Of course, college students character will be a bit higher."

"Gan, you've been separated from regular society for too long. Spend a little more time on the internet; most college students are better than you at insulting others. Also, I'm merely referring to being witty. Aren't you talking about something else entirely?" Fang Juexiao tried his best to keep the atmosphere lively as Lin Que and Zhuo Yanjun stood silently.

As for the analysis of the outcome of this match, they had discussed it earlier. They all agreed more or less that both sides had a chance. It all depended on their display here.

While Fang Juexiao and Gan Le were talking about fighters with the gift of gab, Cai Zongming looked towards the ring at Lin Que. Feeling the passion all around, it once again made his heart ache to go up there.

If it was me standing there, I'd be as handsome as he was. I also wouldn't waste these three minutes!

Atop the ring, the judge looked at his electronic watch, silently counting. Once again he raised his right hand, and shouted,

"Begin!" With the lingering sound of the announcement still echoing, Lin Que's inner body transmitted a repeating sound, like a sonorous thunderclap. It was like the roar of a motorcycle passing by, or the burgeoning exhaust of a passing car. It made Zhuo Yanjun suddenly remember a line written about the "Fly Fall Punch" in ancient texts; coming events cast their shadow before them.

Just like the wind blowing when it was about to rain on the mountainside!

This was a display of Lin Que's muscle, bone, sinew and internal organs storage of energy. It signified that his body refining had broken the limits, and showed that he was only 20 or 30 days away from reaching the Dan Stage!

In the midst of the reverberating sound, Lin Que had abruptly thrown himself forward with the speed of a meteor. In a split second, he erased the more than six-meter gap between the two of them. It was an astonishing display of power, enough to astonish. Although Zhuo Yanjun was in "attack" mode and had wanted to come out swinging from the very beginning, she'd attached too much importance to herself. Her opponent had claimed the high ground in an instant. She wouldn't dare go with him toe to toe in this standoff.

However, she couldn't retreat. In the face of this kind of confrontation, if you couldn't get out of the way, your opponents strength was like a rainbow ever advancing. It put her at a thorough disadvantage, and made her want to withdraw from the situation completely. Her previous "attack mode" was double the effort for half the reward.

While this thought swirled about, the part of her that was rich with experience in the ring did a sliding step to the left. It looked as if she was keeping away from the frontal "point" and leaning to hit her opponent.

She moved and Lin Que's balance faltered, but his bodies seemed to turn inwards at high speed, not in the least bit blocked up. Seeing that her opponent's right arm muscle had already tightened, Zhuo Yanjun straightened her spine, tensed her back muscles, and again forced her body to pull back.

She wasn't avoiding him, but rather was using this as a pretext to wear down Lin Que's energy!

Regaining her balance, she violently used the crowns of her feet. Pressing on the left side of her waist in a straight incline, there was an accompanying sound of green bricks bursting. It was like a sword rushing out of a small box, or a white mist illuminating the entire room, the point sharp enough to kill.

"Unsheathed Sword Disrupts Water" of Black Water Swordplay!

This was something from the Water Sect, obtained through meditation by the founder of the Wensheng school. It began a long time ago, near the East Ocean, after he had challenged a grand and powerful Kendo master. He took the master's technique of drawing his sword along with his own swordplay and proceeded to mix them, extracting the strength of both sides and casting out both of their weaknesses. Zhuo Yanjun had twisted her waist to execute the special technique and threw out her right arm, quickly and fiercely moving the palm of her hand up from the bottom to chop Lin Que's side. It felt like a breakthrough moment.

What I'm doing now isn't to wear you down but to win!

I'll piece together all of my strength, and I'm not going to hold back!

Lin Que's body suddenly stopped, holding back the energy. He made a fist with his left hand and exploded down like a hammer, and with its small scope ruthlessly beat down on Zhuo Yanjun's "long sword."


Lin Que's arm involuntarily flew back as it was dissipated by the "Unsheathed Sword Disrupts Water". Zhuo Yanjun's body shook, and her right hand reverberated. In that moment, her foot drew back one step. It wasn't that she was making her own path, rather she depended on her opponent. Amidst a snapping sound she pounced, her back straight and her left fist raised high in the "Single-handedly splitting a mountain"!

She knew Lin Que's Tremor Punch wasn't the same as Lou Cheng's. It was more powerful and faster. She couldn't give him the slightest gap.

A moment ago while fighting hand to hand, Lin Que had gotten quite a bit of strength from the Yin-yang Twist. Along with outstretching his left arm, he'd turned his entire body. At that moment his right hand went up in a stance to resist the oncoming blow.


As Zhuo Yanjun's palm slammed into Lin Que's arm, her arm muscles bulged and distorted, bursting through her martial arts suit. She succeeded in storing up double the force a while ago. In the face of this kind of strength, her left palm was like a knife. She would scratch downwards, and using a "Yin attack", do serious damage to the muscle, tendons, and blood vessels underneath Lin Que's skin. If she pulled it off, he would need at least a month to heal.

Black Water Swordplay's Killer Move, "Yin & Yang Double Wave"!

Chopping at the yang and scratching at the yin. With the yang, she could damage bone, and with the yin she could attack flesh!

At this critical moment, Lin Que's face turned red. His temples pulsated and his right arm muscles proceeded to swell up. With an abrupt strength, he counteracted Zhou Yanjun's "Yin Attack".

The veins on the back of his hand bulged out like giant cables. After swelling up, Lin Que first pulled his arm back and then sprang outwards. Zhou Yanjun's palm shakily went out and her waist extended out. Her entire body bent forwards, turning into a defensive posture.

Zhuo Yanjun didn't have time to adjust herself and had to retreat continuously. Right away, Lin Que was getting closer and closer, his temples bulging, and his left arm on the verge of delivering a ferocious blow.

She gritted her teeth and, imitating Hou Yue, crouched down while Lin Que waved his fist, and wrapped her left hand behind her body.

Just then, Lin Que's body trembled. His fist suddenly drew back and, using his waist as a fulcrum, his right leg shot out.


His right foot was stretched taut, splitting the air with a kick. Zhou Yanjun lifted up her left hand frantically, placing it on her side. This way, under the circumstances, with her balance not being steady, she could just block Lin Que's leg.

Bang! Her body shook, but she couldn't control it. In an attempt to turn the tables, she leaned to the right.

Lin Que suddenly withdrew all of his strength, as well as his qi and blood. He momentarily held onto the sphere and then let it overflow.


His power rushing forth, Lin Que stamped down and crushed the green bricks. He launched himself forward, scrambling towards Zhou Yanjun and arriving beside her before she could recover her balance and take advantage of the situation.

Once again, Zhou Yanjun did not have time to dodge. She fleetingly took a breath and reluctantly braced her arms together, putting them forward to block. Bang!

All she felt was the explosion. Her bones rattled, and even her muscles and tendons appeared to shake. Adding to the fact that her balance was not steady, she fell directly on her back, facing upwards. Landing with a grunt, she simply didn't have the ability or the time to shift her abdomen muscles to come back with a counterattack.

Lin Que stretched out his right hand, the one that he had not attacked with. Grabbing her arm, he stood her up.

At this moment, the referee loudly declared,

"Round one, Lin Que wins!"

Chapter 219: Zhou Zhengquan's Transformation

The referee's declaration gave way to the sounds of cheers, boos, and the blast of vuvuzelas. Such immediate victories have always been something that makes people happy.

Upon hearing Lin Que's name fall upon his ears, Lou Cheng couldn't help but move closer to Yan Zheke and sigh into her ears, "Being on the verge of the Dan Stage is admirable."

Indeed, if he and his Brother-in-law switched places, and he encountered Zhuo Yan Jun's "Black Water Swordplay", it would be impossible to take his entire bodies strength and have it be as one, stopping on a dime and promptly slamming down to block. When you were faced with such speed and ferocity and other characteristics such as this, for the most part all you could do was try and seize any opportunity or dodge quickly. Afterwards, you'd fall directly into your opponents follow up attack. If you were even the slightest bit careless, you could end up being like a Shipwreck in a ditch.

This seemed like the original Dark Sect Ninth Pin. Creating a shadow with the Power of Blaze, twisting in a flash and simultaneously unleashing a string of attacks. If he died right then and there, he knew that at that moment, regardless of which aspect of martial arts you considered, he was not as good as his enemy.

Similarly, his Brother in law had broken up the "Double Yin- Yang Wave," something he was at the moment unable to do. He had to learn by "doing" as physical training could only get you so far, and in the end, you were producing something intangible.

Of course, this wasn't to say that if he were to face the Double Yin-Yang Wave he would be completely helpless. If he were able to seize it properly, he could manage to shake loose and break it.

Yan Zheke looked happy, and her lips curved into a smile after she heard Lou Cheng sigh. She lowered her voice, and jokingly said, "This is your little objective!"

Little objective? Smelling her fragrance, Lou Cheng grinned. Achieving First Pin in the first year, physical invulnerability and other things weren't that far off. It didn't feel like it was real, but it hadn't been that long that he'd just entered the world of Martial Arts. Having reached the peak that he was at today, he was entitled to fumble around a bit when it came to learning about unifying his entire bodies strength as one through real experience.

They were all real, right in front of his eyes. He could practically reach out and touch them!

Thinking about how the next step for him could take him to this kind of level, it truly got him pumped up! To use an old popular saying, it was, "exciting."

This will be my "Little Objective" for the rest of the year!


On the away teams side, Zhou Zhengquan pulled at his black martial arts suit, taking large, light strides towards the arena as if he was a fairy. When he ran into Zhou Yanjun, he nodded. "Better than I'd expected."

This was a tactful way for him praise Zhuo Yanjun. Were it not for Lin Que being on the edge of the Dan Stage, the victor wouldn't have been so evident.

Zhuo Yanjun curbed her rising disappointment, and forced herself to say, "Get up there quickly, otherwise you'll give him time to recuperate."

Just then in that round, Lin Que had exerted all of his strength to end the battle quickly, so his exhaustion was quite significant.

Zhou Zhengquan smiled and nodded. His body steady, he pushed down and took a large step onto the arena, standing in opposite Lin Que.

In this moment, the crowds cheering became more spirited. Amongst them, the majority realized quite clearly that the biggest trial had arrived! The referee lifted his spirits and threw down his right hand, not giving either side a chance to adjust,


Lin Que's tendons made a sound and charged towards Zhou Zhengquan with lightning speed as if he wanted to repeat what had happened before: using a scrambling attack to gain the upper hand. He was treating it as if it were a life or death battle and he had to "fight to kill" the powerful enemy.

The battle is to the strong!

It looked like this, but as a matter of fact, Zhou Zhengquan didn't at all have the feeling that he was soon about to be struck.

A Dan Stage Mighty One, Absolute Reaction! However, Zhou Zhengquan didn't dare slack off because he suspected after Lin Que's "Absolute Reaction" he would again utilize the "Hidden Intention" ability. In other words, he would coalesce all of his blood and Qi, strength, and other similar things and charge them all into one hidden point until he truly made a move and in a flash revealed himself. In that case, under certain circumstances, even if he had an Absolute
Reaction, there not necessarily may be enough time to resist.

Zhou Zhengquan withdrew, falling back a few steps, his movements natural and unrestrained like calm running water. Lin Que pushed out and like a rainbow shooting towards the sky, threw his foot out. His body became like a comet in a grandiose display of strength and discipline.

In this moment, Zhou Zhengquan felt like he'd been born yesterday as he was unable to ward off the attack. His own stance was obviously stifled by his opponent, to the point that it caused a kind of spiritual rippling. It was easy to make errors in judgment in similar circumstances such as this.

Chuckling, he stopped on a dime, bound both of his legs together, quickly shook his waist, and balled his right hand into a fist, hammering it down with a scream. This wasn't just a shaking movement, but rather was a twisting move with the help of his waist. Twisting his entire body as one, it was only possible to use an attack that was weaker than "Force Concentration."


Not only did the air crack like an explosion, but his fist clenched and crushed down like a stone, becoming like an invisible arrow flying towards Lin Que's face.

Lin Que felt like a strong wind was assaulting his senses. He could barely open his eyes. While his physical energy was somewhat sluggish, his state of mind was steady and didn't waver in the slightest. He blinked both eyes and, borrowing from the strength of his previous pounce, straightened his back and quickly moved to and fro. Not in the slightest way retreating allowed him to strike with a Forward Punch.

As far as following up with another combination, he'd already prepared. Once Zhou Zhengguan was hit by his hammer, he immediately went into a Yin-Yang Twist to gain power and quickly struck out with a "Meteor Force" He exploded forth as if he was in the Dan Stage, completing two consecutive strikes, as if he wanted to determine the winner of the battle with just these few strikes!


As Punch after punch rained down, Zhou Zhengquan's Qi, blood, and spirits suddenly vanished. His arm immediately became soft and limp, making Lin Que seem as if he was hitting an empty space. It also made the terrible might and verocity of just before seem like nothingness.

His blood began to flow, his strength converged, and his lower abdomen seemed as if it was concentrating into the Dan.


The Human Body Big Dan exploded, it's vast power surging out. Due to Zhou Zhengquan's softness and limpness, the right fist of his opponent sprang back with a resounding crack, spontaneously taking advantage of Lin Que's "Yin-Yang Twist" power. This power was quite enormous. When faced with it, Lin Que body began to shake and he was involuntarily tugged backward as if by an "invisible rope", going back two steps.

Zhou Zhengquan took a large stride and advantageously arrived in front of his opponent. In his mind, he visualized a stream building up power and bursting forth, and accordance with his blood and qi once again contracted and consolidated downwards.

Double bursts!

This was the Fly Fall Punch's "Waterfall"!

All of the strength in Lin Que's entire body was as one. Within two steps he'd already adjusted his balance, but his opponent had caught up earlier. With his right fist held high, he rained down like a hammer blow.

Once again, there was no time to dodge or retreat. He quickly drew in a breath of air and condensed his blood, Qi, and energy into a sphere. Lin Que's temples pounded and his face burned red, and just then, the "sphere" exploded, like a squall carrying everything away.

Lin Que wasn't the least bit intimidated as he compressed his muscles and twisted his arms, tilting upwards as he went into a Meteor Force.


A sound rattled out as if it was a thunderclap. Zhou Zhengquan and Lin Que's fists seemed as if they were frozen in midair. The two mens bodies both vibrated, and their muscles shook violently.

Zhou Zhengquan didn't even let out a groan, once again holding back his Qi and Blood. He was still forming the Dan, shaking as his power, spirit, and everything else contracted into one point.

His inner mind was a deluge of waves crashing forward, like a dammed lake building and building until it finally burst. Bang! Zhou Zhengquan's entire body rushed forth and there was an explosive bang like a dam bursting. Underneath his rapidly twisting waist, his left arm flowed out.

The Fly Fall Punch's "Dam Burst"!

Three consecutive explosions of the Dan Stage!


Zhou Zhengquan's left fist became a hammer ferociously striking out, constantly exploding out with streams of air.

From the beginning, he'd drawn from the lesson he learned from Lou Cheng in the last fight. He wouldn't again be overcautious. He'd use all of his strength and go all out, and wouldn't hold back at all!

This would certainly eat up a massive portion of his energy, but at least he wouldn't be bringing the effects of the Tremor Punch entering the next round. If he was terrified of the smallest thing and kept thinking over Lou Cheng's battle, then it was very possible that he wouldn't merely be able to lower his own bodies energy consumption, but the energy that would be left over would be unstable, making it even more difficult!

Lin Que wasn't truly in the Dan Stage, so it was impossible to link up consecutive strikes naturally. Under these circumstances, his entire body trembled, but his expression was steadfast and his face contained no sign of fear. His temples again pounded, his muscles became taut, and like a meteor his fist flew outwards from his waist.


Both sides collided and a boundless energy rushed forth. Lin Que again couldn't stand steadily. With difficulty, he used the "Yin-Yang Twist" and flew backward to avoid breaking his arms or receiving any other kind of injury.

Zhou Zhengquan had previously expected this and didn't shake at all. He caught up with him in a few steps and before his opponent could regain his balance, twisted his shoulder and threw out his right arm, stopping short of Lin Que's throat.

At this moment, Lin Que's feet had just touched the ground.

The might of the "Three consecutive strikes" could sweep away any and all fighters under an Eighth Pin!

The referee raised his left hand, and yelled emotionlessly,

"Round Two, Zhou Zhengquan wins!"

Lou Cheng took a deep breath and stood up from his seat.

To be honest, he hadn't thought that Zhou Zhengquan would use the Three Consecutive Strikes in the opening round. He'd thought that both fighters would have been intertangled for some time. However, this was also good. Even though Brother-in-law hadn't allowed Zhou Zhengquan to have any remaining influence or shakiness, at least he didn't have to worry about him using his killer move!

Extending his hand and grasping Yan Zheke for a moment, he stepped forward and headed towards the arena.

At first, the crowd was still, and then exploded in screams and yells,

"Lou Cheng!"

Chapter 220: Come On

In Songcheng TV station, Fang Juexiao, the host, shook her head and smiled while saying,

"They finished this round much sooner than I had expected.
Old Gan, could you please give us a quick analysis?"

Gan Le answered with a smile, "I have nothing special to say. On the one hand, under a perfect condition, Zhou Zhengquan's able to fight face-to-face against an Eighth-Pin master with his Triple Bursts of Dan Stage. On the other hand, Lin Que had just defeated a Professional-Ninth-Pin mighty one, which cost him much stamina and energy. So the situation today is contrary to last week's fight, when Zhou Zhengquan, who had just defeated Lou Cheng, met Lin Que in his best state. Thus, the game result is no surprise. I just wonder why Zhou Zhengquan used full strength at the beginning instead of hiding it as he used to. It seemed as if he never expected to enter the next round."

"Lin Que should be proud of himself. Zhou Zhengquan regarded him as a well-matched opponent at the same stage. Anyway, he forced Zhou Zhengquan to use Triple Bursts of Dan Stage, didn't he? So Lou Cheng won't have to worry about it in the following round."

Hearing the director's cue, Fang Juexiao interrupted Gan Le in time,

"Okay. Cheng is in the arena. The second round is about to start. We shall wait and see!"

Yan Xiaoling, who was chatting in the forum while watching the sportscast, suddenly straightened herself, adjusted her sitting posture, and fixed her eyes on the screen attentively.


"Lou Cheng! Lou Cheng!"

Cheering sounds echoing around the whole martial arts gymnasium as Lin Que stepped down from the arena. He was a little shaky from the hand-to-hand fierce battle. He had burned his blood and Qi, which could not calm down for the moment.

Seeing the oncoming Lou Cheng, Lin Que slightly lowered his head and exhaled.

"A near miss… "

That's not good enough!

Though Zhou Zhengquan was forced to use the Triple Bursts of Dan Stage, I should have done better!

"That's enough!" Lou Cheng interrupted him and stretched out his right hand.

Lin Que hesitated for a moment and then gave his response. Instead of merely giving Lou Cheng high-five, Lin Que pressed his hand. Meanwhile, he said in a low voice,

"Come on!"

Lou Cheng nodded, adjusted his condition, and then strode up the stone steps.

It was time for him to find and even create an opportunity to give Zhou Zhengquan a Severe Warning!

As a killer move that could only be used once in the match, Severe Warning required Lou Cheng to make extra certain before using it. Other than that, he could at most use Frost Force once and Tremor Punch three or four times.

At this moment, Zhou Zhengquan was adjusting his breath to calmly refresh himself. His abdomen was swollen and constricted, letting out a humming sound through his throat. Seeing Lou Cheng step onto the arena and then place himself, the referee immediately raised up his right hand and swung it down with great force.


Through his last match and daily practice with Lin Que, Lou Cheng knew for sure that, though with the help of visualization method he could make some realistic-looking feints, it was still easy for him to be seen through by a real Absolute Reaction. Daring not to take the risk to visualize, he straightened his knees, moved his waist, and then directly marched over to Zhou Zhengquan.

Instead of pouncing at his opponent directly, this time Lou Cheng gathered strength, through adjusting corresponding body parts and bulging or tightening different muscles with his steps, preparing for a good Severe Warning!

If Zhou Zhengquan felt Lou Cheng's posture fit his fighting style well, and could not help launching a face-to-face attack with an outbreak of strength, he would be caught in Lou Cheng's trap. To say the least, even though Zhou Zhengquan was smart enough to see through Lou Cheng's trick, it wouldn't cost Lou Cheng much energy since he had just made somebody movements instead of stepping into the stage of visualization!

It was Lou Cheng's first try in this round, yet he was actually baring the iron teeth behind his seemingly straight and narrow attack!

Clump! Clump! Clump! As Lou Cheng's footsteps became heavier, the stone bricks under his feet began to crack. With the overwhelming presence, his body even seemed to be taller than before, which enabled him to "look down at" Zhou Zhengquan.

While Lou Cheng was twisting his waist and back, and stretching out his right arm, Zhou Zhengquan, who had been waiting, suddenly began to move. Swinging his center of gravity, he slid and flashed to Lou Cheng's side, shook his right shoulder, and threw his arm at his opponent as if he was paddling!

Snap! Knowing Zhou Zhengquan had seen through his trap, Lou Cheng gave up using Severe Warning forcibly so as not to make a vain effort.

Quickly adjusting his whole body, Lou Cheng tightened his waist and legs to throw a side kick at Zhou Zhengquan, which was fast, accurate, and ruthless.

Zhou Zhengquan lowered his shoulder to withdraw his force and then swung his center of gravity to change his position swiftly like a ghost, after which he appeared at Lou Cheng's right side.

Gathering strength with his waist and back, he tightened one arm to form an air-piercing iron whip and threw it at Lou Cheng's head!
Sure enough, it was a guerrilla hit under mercurial balance. If he hadn't given up using Severe Warning blindly, he would have suffered a great loss... As the thought crossed Lou Cheng's mind, he suddenly lowered his weight into a steady stance while swinging his fist upwards to block Zhou Zhengquan's attack. Bang!

With a dull thud, Lou Cheng's right arm swung back using the strength he had borrowed. When he was about to make a whip kick at Zhou Zhengquan, with the 24 Blizzard Strikes, his opponent suddenly swung his center of gravity and again changed his direction. This forced Lou Cheng's "wuthering wind" to come to an irreversible pause, preventing it from becoming more fierce and destructive.

Flashing to Lou Cheng's back, Zhou Zhengquan tightened his abdominal muscles and the surrounding tendons, and then punched at Lou Cheng's backbone as swift as lightning.

Continuation, one kind of Fly Fall Punch, which was famous for gathering strength swiftly and its perfect connection with other movements.

Swinging his waist and back to dodge the attack, Lou Cheng threw out his punches at the same time, exploding the air with a sharp snap. After the collision of fist and elbow, Zhou Zhengquan bulged his back muscle and stretched right hand to make a blow, leaving Lou Cheng no chance to take action.

Crash! Crash! Crash! Bang! Bang! Bang! They kept colliding into each other within the small area, while Lou Cheng had to use intermittent 24 Blizzard Strikes to block his opponent's continuous fierce blows.

Though he had learned from their last fight and wouldn't soon be in great peril, he was unable to use Frost Force or Tremor Punch under such condition, not to mention Severe Warning.

Having totally devoted himself to the fight, Lou Cheng raised one arm to block Zhou Zhengquan's Burst Fist. Then he took the opportunity to twist his waist and back, opened all his muscles and joints, and then threw a fierce Swing Force at his opponent.

Just as he did in their last match, Lou Cheng wanted to gain himself a second to tighten and compress his muscles for a Tremor Punch. Once Zhou Zhengquan's body was shocked, he would be forced to calm it down with humming sound or Force Concentration. That would be Lou Cheng's best opportunity to use Severe Warning!

However, this time, Zhou Zhengquan didn't force himself to swing back. Instead, he flew to his original direction, leaving Lou Cheng no target to throw his Tremor Punch at.

Arching and stretching his foot, Lou Cheng broke the stone bricks with an outbreak of strength while pouncing at Zhou Zhengyun like an eagle chasing his prey. Meanwhile, he kept adjusting his muscles in preparation for a successful Severe Warning.

Crash! Crash! Crash! Just like a fierce barbarian, Lou Cheng broke the stone brick one by one with every step towards Zhou Zhengquan. While the latter kept moving back smoothly and swiftly as if having eyes in the back of his head. Occasionally, he would change direction with mercurial balance like a butterfly dancing on the arena.

Chasing and moving back in this way, they had almost gone around the whole arena while maintaining the same distance between them.

By this time, Lou Cheng was unable to keep adjusting his body to correspond with the Severe Warning. Thus, he had to abandon all the preparation actions, which suddenly weakened his strength.

Sensing Lou Cheng's weakness, Zhou Zhengquan immediately stopped to gather all his energy into his muscles and tendons.
Crack! With the groan of another broken brick, Zhou Zhengyun visualized rising water and a waterfall roaring down onto the ground. Taking advantage of his opponent's temporary weakness, he stretched arms to throw a fist out like lightning, giving Lou Cheng a powerful blow with explosive strength.

The Fly Fall Punch, "Waterfall"!

Continuation, one kind of Fly Fall Punch, which was famous for gathering strength swiftly and its perfect connection with other movements.


The thundercloud exploded in Lou Cheng's mind when his palms froze in the air. There were circles of invisible waves rippling outward with great speed, while the two on the arena both felt their muscles and tendons trembling, their internal organs burning and shaking, and all their Qi and blood burning, which prevented them from gathering and releasing force temporarily.

Moving his abdominal muscle and thus activating his internal organs, Lou Cheng's body rumbled, releasing a similar humming sound as from Zhou Zhengquan's throat.

They both made a reverse shock with their inner-body refining method to counterbalance most of the effects and restore their energy!

Swinging his center of gravity, Zhou Zhengquan again used the Continuation of Fly Fall Punch. As long as Lou Cheng had borrowed strength two or three times, he would immediately change attacking rhythms, as an experienced fighter, to interrupt Lou Cheng's follow-up movements.

I can't always be led by the nose… After a while, Lou Cheng was caught by this thought and decided to create an opportunity for his Severe Warning.

When Zhou Zhengquan one again moved around him with mercurial balance, Lou Cheng suddenly gathered strength with his waist and back to pounce forward widely, as if he wanted to keep out of the attacking range of Fly Fall Punch Continuation.

Clump clump clump! Listening carefully to the footsteps chasing him, Lou Cheng began adjusting his corresponding muscles and tendons in preparation for a back thrust as soon as Zhou Zhengyun approached him!

Crack! Stepping heavily onto the ground and breaking the black stones, Lou Cheng bounced back while visualizing a fallen sun with ice and thunder in his mind, preparation for pouncing at his opponent and giving him a fatal blow. However, Lou Cheng froze as soon as he turned around, for Zhou Zhengquan was keeping a perfect distance from him, leaving him no chance to use combinational movements or pounce and attack because Zhou Zhengquan would have enough time to dodge his attack.

Noticing Lou Cheng's blank expression, Zhou Zhengquan smiled and crooked his finger like a naughty cat that was chasing a mouse.

His bald provocation and contempt provoked all the audience's indignation. Yan Xiaoling almost exploded with anger while watching the live TV broadcast.

It's hateful of him to behave like that!

Lou Cheng held himself back, despite the anger that welled up inside him, because he had learned a lesson from Hou Yue's example. In that split second, he realized something crucial.

Zhou Zhengquan was trying to annoy and provoke him deliberately! Why would he do that?

Is he trying to trick me into making an active attack?

The thought flashed through Lou Cheng's mind and suddenly woke him up. "Why must I create an opportunity for Severe Warning by any means?" He thought, "I'll certainly get the chance as long as I wait patiently!"

While in Zhou Zhengquan's eyes, I have inexhaustible superhuman stamina, Zhou Zhengquan himself has just defeated Lin Que with a Triple Bursts of Dan Stage, which greatly weakened him. If he still keeps using Continuation to suppress me, his stamina will soon drain away even before I'm forced to show flaws. By that time he will be unable to make another outbreak of strength.

So he just used Continuation, trying to push me into creating an opportunity for an active attack. Once I've failed several times and gotten my fighting will be paralyzed, he will take the opportunity to make an outbreak of strength and seize victory! I was a little hasty back then. It's risky to assume I have mastered a killer move.

Facing Zhou Zhengquan's provocation, Lou Cheng took a firm stance and waved at his opponent.

Come on! Let's compare our stamina!

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