Martial Arts Master Chapter 201-210

Chapter 201: Origin

Inside the dormitory, Li Liantong and Zong Yanru were watching Lou Cheng's exclusive interview with great interest. This was the first time they saw someone they know on television—random interviews by netizens and brief after match thoughts excluded.

"He's slightly different from the Cheng that Ke usually speaks of..." Li Liantong smiled while watching.

The moment Ke brought up her boyfriend, the one word she used the most was dumb-looking!

Zong Yanru nodded too and said, "He didn't feel quite the same as Ke described when he treated us to lunch last time either."

The duo's relationship was the main point of interaction during that lunch treat. At the time, Lou Cheng had displayed his witty, humorous, caring and generous side to them. Meanwhile, the majority of the questions in the broadcasted exclusive interview were all martial arts related. It was also the area Lou Cheng was most familiar and impressive in. When he spoke his confidence was high and his tone was steady and kind. While he still showed a hint of inexperience and shyness from his demeanor, and the radiance he exuded could no longer be denied. It made a comparative impact on the half strangers who had only met him a couple of times and watched him fight on challenge tournaments.

Li Liantong opened her mouth. Originally, she was going to crack a dirty joke, but in the end, it transformed into a rueful sigh.

"Ke sure has good tastes..."

"Yeah." Zong Yanru couldn't help but add too when she recalled her knowledge of Lou Cheng and the impression she had gotten when they met for a couple of times.

Yan Xiaoling sat at the second-row seat near the windows inside the classroom. The books on her table had already been piled into a book castle.

She rested her chin on one hand, pretended to brush her hair with the other and pressed an earplug each to her ears. She glanced sideways to the edge of her drawer with a tried and tested posture as she foolishly and happily watched the exclusive interview.

This was a pleasant surprise!

At first, she was simply planning to refresh the forum and watch the results of the draw. She wasn't expecting anything to happen at all. However, to her surprise, Songcheng TV station made a piece of 'big news' and broadcasted that exclusive interview that had been teased since a long time ago.

"Heya, this is the first time I see Lou Cheng speak so many words." Yan Xiaoling smiled so brightly that her eyes had turned into slits.

The entire exclusive interview wasn't too different from her expectations. One could see clearly that Lou Cheng wasn't a fighter with an exceptionally distinct character. His personal style was less defined, and he looked like your average 'mature' boy. Although he was very confident, collected and dazzling, one of his personal traits was that he lacked a wow factor.

Simply put, Yan Xiaoling thought that Lou Cheng was the kind of 'neighbor's boy' that matched up with her warm and caring first impression of him. He had not disappointed her.

When she thought up to this point, she sent a message to 'Brahman' and purposely provoked her. "Lou Cheng doesn't seem to have a mysterious temperament, doncha think?"

She had even purposely complemented the message with a 'weeping' emoji.

The Brahman quickly replied her, "I'm not the kid I was before a long time ago. I like anything that my idol likes!"

Right after that, she added, "Call me daddy btw, you cheeky girl!"

"What do you mean you're not a kid since a long time ago? It's only been slightly more than three months!" Yan Xiaoling roasted her inwardly. She was just about to press her display key when she suddenly felt a chill in her heart. She discovered that the light on her cell phone seemed to be covered up by a shadow.

Without batting an eyelid, she stuffed her cell phone back into the drawer and covered her ears up once more. She immediately saw a shadow at the corner of her eyes outside the window right after.

The homeroom teacher was like a phantom!

The lake reflected the remaining lights from the school building beneath the night sky. Ripples appeared on its surface as a slightly cool night wind brushed by. "You recorded this exclusive interview before Valentine's Day, didn't you?" Yan Zheke held onto Lou Cheng's hand and shook it like a swing.

"Yeah." Lou Cheng smiled as he admired the liveliness the girl had often displayed as of late.

Of course, she looked no different from before in front of other people.

Yan Zheke stopped the childish action and sighed ruefully all of a sudden. "It's only been more than two months, and you've changed so much since the interview back then. I can't help but feel that the start of the term is a distant memory."

It was similar to how she felt that they had associated with each other for a very, very long time. She felt as if they'd been together for so long that she had gotten used to her boyfriend's breath and temperature.

She was too embarrassed to point this out, so instead, she smiled and said, "The preliminaries have done you lots of help, I see~"

He had become more mature, more confident and more responsible!

"You know what I think?" Lou Cheng smiled and turned to look at the girl's clear, bright eyes. "I think it's mainly because I got a girlfriend."

It made him mature in more ways than just on top of the ring!

A blush appeared on Yan Zheke's face as she turned her head sideways and spoke as if it was through her gritting teeth,

"Now, this is the change. Your face has gotten thicker and thicker every day!"

There wasn't the slightest hint of anger within her scolding tone at all. Lou Cheng hid a snicker and pulled the girl over to him. He released her hand and circled it around her slim waist instead. This was the way he liked to walk with her as of late.

Wensheng Mountain, Donglin City.

At the back of this holiday resort that resided on a land that was proverbially worth over a thousand pounds of gold, there were many ancient buildings eroded by time that were scattered across this paint-like scenery. It complemented well with the quiet and tranquil night scene of the mountains.

The lights in one particular building were up and bright. They illuminated many rows of bookshelves, a table covered in promotional papers, and a young man dressed in the black traditional Chinese clothing with red patterns.

He looked to be about twenty years old. Right now, he was suspending his wrist, holding a pen and paying full concentration in writing many words that showed his impressive but hidden talent. "Senior brother Zhou, are you not interested in checking out the result of the draw?" Two female guests were sitting on the other side of the study. One of them had a ponytail, and a pair of thick, black but tidy eyebrows. She was relatively beautiful.

Zhou Zhengquan's breathing didn't change, and his writing didn't fall into disorder because of the distraction as he said leisurely.

"What's the point of worrying about the draw result? It's not like we can force those old men to restart the whole thing if we drew Monday, can we?"

There was only one rule in the draw of the preliminaries and knockout matches, and that was teams could not be put into the same group. There was no such thing as the first or second team, and just about anything could happen in this tournament. That was why it was so exciting.

After he said that, he laughed. "Junior sister Ye, you aren't worried about the Yanling division draw ceremony either, are you? You took sister Jiang Lan over to idle around after all." The person who spoke just now was none other than Ye Youting from 'Yiye Martial Arts School', Yanling. Their family shared a relatively deep past with 'Wensheng School', and they both belonged under one of the twelve greatest forces of current times, 'Xuanwu School'. The core of their martial arts both originated from 'Heavenly Water Sutra' (Unique Skill of Water Sect) and 'Xuanwu Divine Sword'. Therefore, they called each other senior brothers, junior brothers, senior sisters or junior sisters when they interacted with each other.

"Who said I wasn't worried? Isn't it a week away?" Ye Youting threw a disdainful glance at Zhou Zhengquan.

She had repeated this three times already. Senior brother Zhou obviously paid it no mind!

The Yanling division was a little huge, and there were more participating teams here than Songcheng. Since the group competition had two extra rounds the draw ceremony was also delayed by a week. Ye .' was idle and had nothing to do, so when she roughly recalled that 'Wensheng School' also had a team participating in the preliminaries that had successfully advanced to the next stage, she decided that she might as well invite Jiang Lan on a short-term trip and exchange opinions with each other.

The gentle and refined Jiang Lan also let out a laugh and said, "I'm looking forward to your expression if we really drew Monday."

She was slightly older than Zhou Zhengquan, so after they mingled she took up the elder sister position of the group.

Speaking of which, 'Monday Squad' was a strong team with the ability to compete for the second stage of the preliminaries. They were pretty famous within this circle.

"And what expression would I have? I can only take it and leave it, can't I?" The tip of Zhou Zhengquan's pen didn't falter in the least. The style of his calligraphy was heavy and impressive. "At the worst, we'll just have to wait for another year. On the other hand, their team would probably fall apart if they still couldn't get out of the second stage this time. Wang Sheng and Li Menglong's hands are filled with invitations from Nanbei district contest clubs and other city teams who planned to build a three or four-man Dan stage team for the Nanbei district contest since a long time ago."

"Isn't their motto to take root in Songcheng, and be as steadfast as brothers?" Ye Youting let the line slip out of her mouth. She felt a little bit of amusement and disdain towards her opponents, but there was also some pity and sadness mixed within as well.

Was their dream finally going to bow to reality?

Zhou Zhengquan's weasel hair brush came to a pause as he picked up a white towel, wiped his palm and let out a sigh. "It can't be helped. Songcheng may be huge, but its space is finite after all. Songcheng is satisfied with just those two teams from 'Eternal'."

While he was speaking, a series of footsteps came from outside the door. Hou Yue leaped into the room and said happily, "Senior brother Zhou, the results are out!" "Looks like it's good news." Zhou Zhengquan smiled and looked at his junior brother.

He secretly let out a sigh of relief while Ye Youting and Jiang Lan weren't paying attention.

He could accept bad draw results, but he couldn't lose his elegant demeanor!

Hou Yue answered with a beaming smile, "It's not bad. We got Songcheng University Martial Arts Club!"

"Songcheng University Martial Arts Club?" Ye Youting experienced an epiphany and asked subconsciously,

"Songcheng University Martial Arts Club?"

There were some defeats that one could forget in the blink of an eye, and there were some defeats that remained as fresh as yesterday! Beside her, Jiang Lan's interest had also been piqued as she waited for the answer in anticipation.

"Yeah, you should recognize one of their leading players, senior sister Ye. He had participated in the Warrior Sage Challenge Tournament before!" Hou Yue could vaguely remember a rough outline of the profile.

Ye Youting inhaled once and asked,

"Lou Cheng?"

Is he one of the Songcheng University Martial Arts Club's leading players now? He should have gotten a Professional Ninth Pin certificate already, shouldn't he?

"I knew that senior sister Ye would recognize him!" Hou Yue was like a monkey who was inflicted with ADHD that couldn't quieten down no matter what. Lou Cheng led Songcheng University Martial Arts Club as one of its leading players and entered the knockout stages? Ye Youting couldn't hide her curiosity as she asked further,

"Junior brother Hou, how strong is Lou Cheng now?"

She knew that Hou Yue was extremely prideful despite looking like a flighty person, and he did have the right to be proud considering that he had become a Professional Ninth Pin fighter before eighteen years old.

Abruptly, Hou Yue withdrew the smile on his face and said with rare sense of gravity,

"Very, very strong."

After he said this, he couldn't help but add again,

"He's very strong!" This was the answer of her proud junior brother Hou Yue?
For a time, Ye Youting actually forgot how to breathe.

When he returned to the dormitory, Lou Cheng began flipping through the Donglin Squad's profile.

Their members were bred in 'Wensheng School', and their martial arts originated from the 'Fly Fall Punch' of the 'Unique Skill of Water Sect'. Their oldest member was the twenty-four years old Zhuo Yanjun, a Professional Ninth Pin fighter, whereas their youngest member was the not-quite-eighteen- years-old Hou Yue who was also a Professional Ninth Pin fighter. Their leading player was Zhou Zhengquan, a Professional Eighth Pin fighter who hadn't reached twenty-one years old yet. Last but not least, there was also a twenty-three years old Professional Ninth Pin fighter Li Shengnan.

"This is a very strong and very young team..." Lou Cheng forgot that he was just nineteen years old. He also forgot that not one leading player and substitute in Songcheng University Martial Arts Club was over twenty-two years old. …

The moon hung quietly atop the mountains, and the night wind seeped quietly into the people's ears.

Jiang Lan closed her laptop and exhaled quietly. Right now the emotions boiling up inside her were extremely discomforting, and so she stood up, opened the door and walked into the winding corridor.

The core force of the Ice Sect... a limitless Tremor Punch... Lou Cheng's massive improvement caused a little bit of indescribable fear in her heart.

She had learned the Tremor Punch only a year after reaching Dan stage, and she was still in the process of figuring out the 'Force'!

"Just how long has it been?" She subconsciously cast a glance at Ye Youting's room, and to her astonishment she found her best friend staring out of the window with a blank look in her eyes.

Chapter 202: The Donglin Expedition

Ye Youting shivered when she noticed Jiang Lan's stare. Her eyes regained their luster as she said somewhat in a daze,

"Sister Lan, you can't sleep either?"

Jiang Lan stared at her for a while before answering with a soft laugh, "Were you shocked?"

Ye Youting fell silent for a dozen or so seconds before sighing quietly.

"A little..."

"I thought that I had become much more mature and strong both regarding mentality and strength after the experience in the preliminaries, but it's only after I watched his latest match videos that I realize what they call complacency..." Before this, she was more surprised than anything else when she recalled her previous opponent. She didn't expect the kid she thought she had in her palm to suddenly awaken a supernatural ability and exhibit a short-term burst of strength that caught her off guard. If they were to fight another match
again, she believed that the results wouldn't be the same!

However, in just less than four months of time, that young and inexperienced fellow had completely transformed into a fearsome opponent. Be it his Ice Sect's core force or his seemingly limitless chain of Tremor Punch, they were all things that she couldn't attain right now.

If she were to encounter him again at this period, the chance of her victory was very, very slim...

Jiang Lan shook her head slightly and laughed in self- derision. "I'm a little shocked. Tremor Punch is one thing; with the proper inheritance and guidance, it isn't too shocking to find someone who can master it in half a year. However, the core force of the Ice Sect is more than enough to turn plenty of Eighth Pin Dan stage fighters green with envy. Didn't they usually say that mastering a visualization diagram's essence and rhythm is pretty difficult? He shouldn't have that much of an advantage even if he is largely accomplished in meditation..."

She learned Tremor Punch by herself. At first, she gradually figured out its inner workings after sparring with similar martial arts non-stop. Then, she spent her Martial Artist Association points to consult about the key to visualization. Finally, she created her own Tremor Punch in a year's time. The mere fine control of muscles wasn't enough to bog down a Dan stage fighter who had reached the stage where her force had become a perfect whole like her!

As for 'Force', there was no point in learning visualization diagrams that didn't require comprehension just like Hongluo Martial Arts School's 'Flaming Force', because they were all of the low rank. A large accomplishment in meditation wasn't recommended, but necessary in grasping the essence and rhythm of a visualization diagram, and even then the fighter still had— as the saying goes—'eighty one bout of hardships' waiting for him.

Ye Youting felt a lot better after listening to Jiang Lan's confession. "I thought I was the only one who got upset because of him, but I guess you were also shocked, Sister Lan. Sigh, he may even exceed me regarding rank before I know it..."
"This, you don't need to worry about too much. Normally, the faster a fighter advances at the beginning, the longer the time they take to gather themselves before the threshold of Dan stage unless they have the knowledge of a lifetime to build their foundation." Jiang Lan consoled her. "Plus, haven't you reached the threshold of Dan stage and is only one step away from grasping the meaning of 'withdraw'?"

Ye Youting pulled the hair strands beside her lips childishly, inhaled once and said,

"Sister Lan, you don't have to comfort me. You know that I'm a little nitwitted. I recover from shocks in the blink of an eye! Plus, I guess it's not a bad thing to receive a little stimulus now. I've always been quite well regarded among my peers in the past. Not only was I born with inhuman strength, my rank had improved rather swiftly as well. I was always able to overcome most people. So to be frank it made me a, a little proud and arrogant. But now? Now I've met my match, my foil, hehe. That's why I was hurt. That's how I realized that I'm nothing at all. If I wish to improve further, then I must be able to calm down and become as steady as a rock."

Jiang Lan nodded ponderingly.

"Perhaps this really is a good thing for you..."

Saturday morning 10 a.m., inside a bullet train zipping towards Donglin.

Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke sat close to each other and chatted idly about some recent popular news. They responsibly and diligently played their role as a spectator who bantered flirtatiously with each other from time to time. Suddenly, his cell phone let out a beep.

When he picked up his cell phone and glanced at it, he saw a gladdening message: "You've received ¥20,000.00 on your debit card with the tail number XXXX. Your current balance is ¥25,813.74..."

"The prize money's been transferred into my account already!" Lou Cheng pushed his cell phone in front of Yan Zheke, not attempting to hide the exact amount of his private money at all.
After the draw ceremony had ended, the committee distributed the bonus of the broadcast to each participating team, but as usual Songcheng University practiced its policy of procrastination and took until Friday afternoon before it finally finished the verification process and sent a member of finance to the bank.

Martial arts prize money like this was normally the amount paid by the committee after withholding and paying said income tax

"Mine hasn't arrived yet..." Yan Zheke's thin, black and long eyebrows wrinkled as she exclaimed in half doubt and joy. "Maybe it's because of a bank difference, and it's a weekend.
It won't arrive this soon." Lou Cheng made a guess.

Perhaps it was because the timing of the university finance department's visit to several banks at once was a little awkward, but some transfers were successful now whereas some had to wait until Monday. It was possible that the message notification he received was due to a lag in the system.

"It's fine." Yan Zheke pursed her lips into a smile. She couldn't help but look at Lou Cheng's cell phone screen in curiosity.

Cheng's only has five thousand or so left in his private money, I see...

I can't let him book such an expensive hotel the next time we go on a trip...

Mm-hmm, I'll take the initiative and invite him to date tomorrow. I also have my own private money! The fact that the prize money was transferred to his account before the match was a huge boost of morale to Lou Cheng. It made him feel less nervous and more eager for battle.

If they could beat 'Donglin Squad' and enter the semifinals, then there would be even more prize money waiting for him!

After two and a half hours later, at 12:15 p.m., the Martial Arts Club group arrived at Donglin North Station and saw the bus sent over by the welcoming staff of the committee.

When they saw this scene, Sun Jian and the others immediately recalled their experience at Yimo. He asked with a foreboding feeling, "How many audiences are there this time?"

Yimo's atmosphere had been so terrifying that it felt as if they would consume all challengers alive!

"Not many." the staff answered after thinking for a moment, "the match will be held in 'Wensheng School's' stadium. It's halfway up the mountain and could only fit a few hundred people at best." Phew... Li Mao exhaled and exchanged smiled with Sun Jian and Lin Hua. This revelation made them feel at ease.

After climbing up the bus, Yan Zheke examined the sceneries outside the window and exclaimed suddenly.

"When I used to watch professional martial arts competitions in the past, I especially like and envy those die-hard fans who would follow their squad on away expeditions..."

Lou Cheng understood her meaning before she even finished her sentence. He moved his head beside hers, followed her gaze and said,

"This can't be rush. The Martial Arts Club had only started to emerge as a contender as of late, so there's no way everyone will care too much about it. It's a five-hour to-and-fro trip after all. Hehe, in the past I thought of earning enough money after I graduate and act as a Longhu Club's squad following fan whenever there's a vacation. An atmosphere like that must feel pretty great." Most of the students felt nothing about the meandering people outside the window.
"You may be too embarrassed to try that when you actually graduate from university..." A thought flashed across Yan Zheke's mind, and she smiled with deep dimples when she thought of a funny scene, "It must be pretty interesting if someone realizes a certain leading player of a club had become a squad following fan of the Longhu Club~"

As long as Cheng successfully ascends to Dan stage while he was still in university, then he'd be powerful enough to act as the leading player within the third level of the Nanbei district contest with his Frost Force and Thunder Roar Zen alone.

If he ascended faster and reached the tremendous rate of growth of one Pin per year such as the likes of Peng Leyun and Ren Li, then he might be taken in directly by Wuyue Club or Longhu Club and nurtured as a substitute talent!

"It'll also be pretty embarrassing..." Lou Cheng thought seriously for a moment before saying. But I don't need to graduate to earn money now. If there is the chance, I can totally bring Ke and let her have a try with me. She seems pretty interested in it as well!

Plus, 'Little Wonton' would be graduating in another year's time, and Longhu Club's forum would soon be organizing a meetup. They might very well plan a joint match viewing or something!

While speaking, his eyes suddenly became transfixed at a particular spot. This was because he saw a few familiar figures.

Wasn't that guy standing and facing away from the entrance Cai Zongming?

He was also followed by Zhao Qiang, Qiu Zhigao, Zhang Jingye and his girlfriend Wu Qian. Wu Qian's three roommates had come over as well!

"Look over there..." Lou Cheng patted Yan Zheke's shoulder once. Yan Zheke gazed over and looked startled. "Are they your roommates?"

She recognized Cai Zongming and Qiu Zhigao.

Cai Zongming, Zhao Qiang and the others seemed to notice their gazes as well as they looked over, waved both hands excitedly and put on a cheering pose.

"Do you think they count as our first squad following fans?" Yan Zheke let out a low chuckle as her eyes turned.

Lou Cheng answered seriously and sincerely,

"I think they're just taking the opportunity to do a dorm social meetup..."

They used following the Martial Arts Club on their Donglin expedition and cheering for them as an excuse to invite the girls from another dorm to have fun on foreign ground, putting a new spin on social meetups. What a brilliant tactic!

We've been roommates for almost a year. How can their intentions possibly escape my notice?

This must be student Little Ming's plan!

As the vehicle drove on, Lou Cheng's group slowly moved further away from Cai Zongming and the others. Half an hour of travel time and lunch midway later, they arrived at the foot of Wensheng Mountain at 2 p.m.

Then, the bus went up the winding road and spent 40 minutes to make its way halfway up the mountain and reach Wensheng School stadium entrance.

The match would begin at three thirty sharp! "This is a different kind of home advantage, isn't it?" Yan Zheke walked down the bus, inhaled the refreshing mountain air and looked up.

Lou Cheng also noticed this as he nodded solemnly.


'Wensheng School' had not purposely created a home atmosphere like Yimo's. Instead, they chose to wait at ease for their exhausted enemy!

It took them almost six hours to depart from Songcheng University new school campus area and reach this place. Although they had taken a short nap midway, the effects ultimately weren't too effective. Except for himself, everyone else pretty much suffered from travel fatigue and became a lot weaker without knowing it.

We should have departed last night and stayed overnight at Donglin! We're inexperienced, so it's pretty normal for us to overlook this. But why hasn't master reminded us about this? Why hasn't he made arrangements beforehand?

Geezer Shi walked down the bus in high spirits and stretched his back sloppily. He coughed twice and said,

"Let's head in!"

Did you think my life as a spy was easy?

Chapter 203: Seize the Opportunity to Educate

Through the gloomy corridor, across the old threshold, Lou Cheng and the others walked into the stadium of Wensheng School.

Through the skylight in the dome, the glazed tiles and the stone ring at the center were illuminated. The surrounding practice area showed clearly the many marks and signs of wear.

On the two sides of the stadium were raised platforms which were divided into several rows, the highest row had chairs exclusively for VIPs.

Here, it was hard to associate this with the character and style of the martial arts club at Songcheng University. The audience was dressed in formal exercise clothes or suits and ties as if they were watching an opera rather than an exciting fight. "Old-timers, officials, celebrities, and students..." Lou Cheng could almost figure out most identities.

Next to him, Yan Zheke also felt the same way. She tipped her head and whispered in his ear, "It feels like a gathering of different schools from ancient times..."

"Right!" Lou Cheng was enlightened suddenly.

This is exactly the perfect summary of my feelings!

In ancient times, different schools had exchanges and fights to learn from each other. They also invited local senior masters of martial arts, officials, and trainers as guests and encouraged their disciples to observe and learn.

There was nothing wrong with this, but the atmosphere here was the complete opposite of what they were familiar with since their early years. In that past, martial arts didn't belong to the general public!

Common people were not even allowed to spectate and cheer!

There was no doubt that Lou Cheng preferred his noisy Martial Arts Club arena.

He discussed his thoughts with Yan Zheke and followed Geezer Shi into the locker room set aside for guest teams.

On a seat at the raised platform, Ye Youting watched Lou Cheng walking away wearing a light-colored coat over her shoulder. She said with a mixture of emotions spreading over her face, "Sister Lan, who do you think will win?"

The draw in the Yanling division would be held tomorrow evening. She didn't hurry back with Jiang Lan since they couldn't affect the final results. Jiang Lan put his head in his hands and said with a smile, "Speaking of odds, Wensheng School is a potential winner. But Lou Cheng and Lin Que have their strengths and they're the top among the Professional Ninth Pin fighters. If they're in the Little Warrior Sage Challenge Tournament, they also have a
great chance to defeat an Eighth Pin fighter in a one-on-one when the opponent is worn out with time. If they took the tactic of attrition warfare, I'm afraid Junior Brother Zhou would not be able to handle it."

"Senior Brother Zhou is stronger than Wei Shengtian indeed, but not by much. Compared to the time when they competed with the Fearless Squad, Lou Cheng and Lin Que have made great progress..." Ye Youting didn't explain explicitly but what she meant was clear. She was afraid that Zhou Zhengquan would lose even more badly than Wei Shengtian.

She paused, and then she said feeling curious, "Sister Lan, do you think Lin Que has entered into the Danqi State?"

"How could it be so easy to enter into the Danqi State?" Jiang Lan chuckled and said, " Lin Que didn't understand the meaning of "contract" until late March. It has been not more than two months since that. Without meticulous work, he can't complete it. It took me an entire seven months to enter the Danqi State from since I mastered the "contract". Even if he is gifted, without three to four months of laying the foundations, he won't progress so quickly just as high buildings won't rise from the ground without sound foundations.

"I see..." Ye Youting nodded, his eyes lost in thought. "But Wensheng School has a better chance to win. Junior Brother Hou, Senior Sister Zhuo, and Senior Sister Li are all strong Ninth Pin fighters.

Especially the former, I'm not so sure that we'll definitely win.

In the locker room of the guest room, seeing the weary faces of Li Mao, Sun Jian, and others, Geezer Shi made a sound "Hey", attracting all attention.

"Yan, what kinds of tactics do you think the Donglin Squad will take? how will they choose their formation?" He pointed to Yan Zheke and said with a smile, "Don't be shy, and give us your opinions."

"Right, right. Say something, Master Yan!" Guo Qing laughed.

Feeling confused and puzzled, Yan Zheke blushed, hearing their laughter. However, she didn't refuse and said in a calm voice,

"The Donglin Squad definitely has watched the video of the fight between the Fearless Squad and us, and they'll try to curbLou Cheng's terri-terrifying strength."

Speaking of her boyfriend's great strength, she couldn't help but chuckle. Then she controlled herself and said silently,

Yan Zheke, Yan Zheke. If it was a speech, a laugh would spoil everything!

You were not like this before... As Lou Cheng was involved in this, he looked innocent and said quietly, "Is it so funny?"
Yan Zheke rolled her eyes to him, took a breath and continued seriously, "They don't know our formations, so don't know when to use Zhou Zhengquan of Eighth Pin in Dan stage, in response to the order of Lou Cheng and Lin Que. I think they'll find settle for a compromise and let Zhou Zhengquan come out second."

"In that case, if Lin Que goes first, he'll begin his fight against Zhuo Yanjun, Li Shengnan or Hou Yue. All of them are of Professional Ninth Pin. Even if he knows who he is facing, barring an accident, he would not be able to enjoy a quick victory. That is to say, after using his energy, he then has to fight Zhou Zhengquan. If so, it's a toss of a coin whether he can provide an advantageous situation for Lou Cheng. If Lou Cheng faces a full strength Zhou Zhengquan, he would not be able to show what he can do even if he has good physical stamina."

"If Lou Cheng comes out first, with his terrifying strength, he does have a chance to compete with Zhou Zhengquan when his enemy is most alert and energetic. So he can create an opportunity for Lin Que to win. But Lin Que's strength is average. After a fierce fight with the Mighty One in the Dan stage, does he have any hope to win in the face of the Professional Ninth Pin of Donglin Squad? But we have Senior Brother Sun Jian with us. We should fight for it."

Hearing her detailed analysis, Sun Jian, Li Mao, and the others all nodded gently. It was likely that these were the tactics that Donglin Squad would use. Balanced and pragmatic!

By the way, they also grumbled silently. "Although we all know you're Lou Cheng's girlfriend, you can't be so biased towards your boyfriend. Don't always disparage Lin Que's average strength. It is Cheng's strength which is actually abnormal!

Is it because you want to display your affection in front of us damn singles?

Be careful. It might damage the harmony, atmosphere, peace, and unity of the Martial Arts Club!" Sensing the long looks from the others and a curious gaze from his cousin, Yan Zheke couldn't help but touch her blushing face.

Is there something wrong with my analysis?

Why is everyone looking so weird, except Cheng?

She restrained her confusion and added, "By the way, watch out for Hou Yue. He is currently undefeated in the group competitions, and the worst result was that he once asked to exit the ring because he got too tired. He never pushes himself to the limits."

That's to say, nobody knows if Hou Yue has any more aces up his sleeve!

All of these above had been discussed between Yan Zheke and Lou Cheng in private. "Very good." Geezer Shi nodded with a smile.

"Coach Shi, another thing..." Yan Zheke raised her hand, face flushed.

Oops, I forgot it. So embarrassing!

"Say it." Geezer Shi nodded with a smile.

Yan Zheke spoke fast, "'Water Sect' focuses on nourishment and longevity, so all martial arts derived from it features good stamina and endurance. I believe 'Fly Fall Punch' of the Wensheng School is no exception."

"Right. 'Fly Fall Punch' does have this feature. Zhou Zhengquan specializes in attrition warfare as a fighter of Eighth Pin in Dan stage." Since Yan Zheke has identified his blind spots that were hidden deliberately, Geezer Shi simply explained a little bit more. "No matter Lin Que or Lou Cheng, compared to the time when they were in Yimo, they have improved. Don't worry about it." "So what's the biggest problem for us?" Geezer Shi chuckled and said, "Apart from our two leading fighters, all the substitutes are somewhat weak. Luckily Wensheng School did not apply for the special competition format because they wanted to spare him blushes and to win the match as usual.
Otherwise, we would have zero chance to win."

At that, Sun Jian, Li Mao, Yan Zheke and all felt embarrassed.
"But, with no more than one year of special training, you have improved so much. It's quite pleasing." After explaining their weaknesses, as an elder, Geezer Shi began to comfort them and said, "Li Mao, I've seen progress in your still stance recently. It won't take a long time to reach Amateur First Pin since you're so physically fit. Try your best to get your capability close to the Professional Ninth Pin by this November."

Hearing Coach Shi's words, Li Mao felt very excited. Although he did achieve some progress in his still stance, he still lacked confidence and would still get butterflies in his stomach. Now that he had heard this, he felt a sense of relief and certainty. "As for you, Yan," Geezer Shi looked at Yan Zheke and said, "with two or three more months of practice, your strength will be strong enough to do 'Internal Training'. By then, you should ask for help from your family and try to improve your capability near to the Professional Ninth Pin by November too."

"Yes, Master!" Yan Zheke set her mouth in a grim line and nodded, eyes shining.

Thinking that she was near to Professional Ninth Pin, the girl couldn't restrain her excitement.

Lou Cheng's Thunder Roar Zen was not only a battle style but also a form of internal training that integrated this into your flesh and bones. It was similar to Meteor force from the Ji Family. But the reason why Yan Zheke didn't use it was because she was not physically strong enough to learn it. If she pushed herself, her five viscera and six bowels would be damaged. In the same way, Lou Cheng was not taught Thunder Roar Zen until this semester.

"Guo Qing, you're so skilled in the Mountain-moving Punch, added to that you are talented. The Ninth Pins like Yan and Li Mao aside, attaining the Amateur First Pin is possible for you. Sun Jian, if you and Lin Hua continue special training in the next two semesters, hopefully, you'll get the certificates of the Professional Ninth Pin before graduation." Geezer Shi gave his comments one by one and seized this opportunity to educate

At last, he looked at Lou Cheng and Lin Que, and said with a grin,

"As for the order of play, don't care too much about it. Bear our original purpose in mind. We came here for the hands-on experience."

"Last time, Lin Que battled with a fighter of Eight Pin in Dan stage, so this time Lou Cheng will go instead."

Then he said with a serious face,

"Lou Cheng, you come out first today!" Lou Cheng took a breath and said in a loud voice,

"Yes, Master!"

What would it be like to face a fighter of Eighth Pin in Dan stage who is in his best physical and mental condition?

Chapter 204: The Groundless Confidence

In the locker room of the home team—Wensheng School,

Master Ni Mingfei wore traditional exercise clothes for the occasion. He stroked his beard and said, "I won't say anything more. Zhengquan, you'll be going out second. Do your best!"

"Yes, Master." Zhou Zhengquan nodded calmly.

Ni Mingfei then looked at Hou Yue, who looked restless on his seat, "Little Yue, you'll go out first. Either Lin Que or Lou Cheng are both very suitable opponents for you. You should go all out to work out the gap between you and the top fighters of Professional Ninth Pin."

When he heard this, Hou Yue abruptly stopped fidgeting and said solemnly,

"Yes, Master!" …

In the broadcast room of Donglin TV station, the host Wang Tian interrupted their guest, Lin Maosheng and laughed, "The lineup order of players has been sent from the front. The order of Donglin Squad is: the first is Hou Yue, the second Zhou Zhengquan, and the third Zhuo Yanjun. While the order of Songcheng University Martial Arts Club is: the first is Lou Cheng, the second Lin Que, and the third Sun Jian."

"Which also means, the first battle which is about to start is between Hou Yue and Lou Cheng!"

Hou Yue VS Lou Cheng!

Yan Xiaoling moved the video window and put it side by side with the live posts in the forum so that she could put more attention on the battle. Once the order of active players was determined, that meant that the battle was about to start any time!

Cai Zongming led Zhang Jingye, Wu Qian, and the others quickly into the stadium of Wensheng School. Because they didn't know this place very well, it took them a lot of time to find the stadium which was located on the hillside and this made them almost miss the beginning of the match.

The moment they crossed the threshold, they were startled by the solemn and quiet atmosphere. They even thought that they had arrived at the wrong place, so they were stunned for a while and looked around. Then they found Lou Cheng and the other players who had exited the locker room and were seated in the reserved seats. They finally felt relieved and could relax a little.

"It feels weird..." Wu Qian whispered to Zhang Jingye in his ear. It feels abnormally solemn and very uncomfortable. This is totally different from the excitement which I would have expected to be able to feel!

In order to "cheer up" the team, Zhang Jingye had studied and read up on a lot of martial arts knowledge in a short period of time, but he still could not understand the strange atmosphere of the host stadium. He could only explain, "Maybe different host teams have different features..."

The mountain breeze that blew made him shudder and he thought that this place was like a grave where ancient zombies were awakening.

It's too old and too cold!

Cai Zongming coughed twice to attract the attention of Zhao Qiang and others. He looked like taking a group of primary school students on tour and took them to find seats to sit.

At that moment, the referee entered the ring and looked at both sides before he said, "The second round of the Songcheng division quarterfinal knockout. Fearless Squad versus Songcheng University Martial Arts Club."

"Round one, Hou Yue vs Lou Cheng!"

Lou Cheng looked very calm. He took off his jacket and clasped hands with Yan Zheke next to him.

"Don't worry about it too much..." Yan Zheke told him with her bright eyes.

Lou Cheng grinned, "Okay, relax!"

He added to say "Coach Yan" silently by only opening his mouth!

He had discussed the tactics of how to battle Hou Yue with Yan Zheke many times. After having seen his girlfriend purse her mouth and smile, he high fived his teammates who were still in their seats and shouted their slogan together. Then he turned around and walked towards the ring along the path under the gaze of the quiet audience.

"Lou Cheng, fight!" Cai Zongming cried out unconsciously.

Because his behavior was entirely different from the surrounding atmosphere, this drew a lot of attention and everyone turned to look at him, making him feel like a fool. He couldn't help but blush as he whispered to himself, "How f*cking embarrassing this is!"

After hearing this solitary cheer, Yan Zheke looked at Guo Qing and Lin Hua. Then all of them stood up from their seats at the same time, and shouted together,

"Fight, Lou Cheng!"

This was the strength of the understanding and friendship they had gained gradually from the months spent together training at the Martial Arts Club.

After hearing their response, Cai Zongming no longer felt embarrassed. He raised his hands and shouted after those girls.

"Fight, Lou Cheng!"

Why should I care about the views of others?

Cai Zongming had set a good example for the others, so Wu Qian, Zhang Jingye, and other students also became braver gradually. They cupped their hands like trumpets and shouted,

"Fight, Lou Cheng!"

The sound echoed through the stadium. They inspired each other and began to shout more enthusiastically. They also cooperated with Yan Zheke and the others, in the end, they shattered the quiet and serious atmosphere of this stadium. Even though their number was limited, their spirits were firm enough!

Some of the spectators in formal suits began to feel restless. They felt that they would appear foolish if they didn't do anything, so they started to applaud messily.

Accompanied by the scattered applause, Lou Cheng stepped into the ring with a smile. He felt very warm after hearing the cheers of Yan Zheke and Cai Zongming.

On the opposite side, Hou Yue shook his legs and scratched the side of the head. Then he smiled sincerely.

"You're very strong, so I'm a little nervous. Could you please not talk with me? Is that okay?"

Lou Cheng was speechless at this and chuckled. He nodded politely. "Sure!

"He is really a kid who is less than 18 years old..." He thought this and just regarded himself as an old man.

During the three minute dialogue period, the guest, Lin Maosheng in the broadcast room of Donglin TV station smiled and said, "I have checked their profiles and found that Lou Cheng is already a fighter of Professional Ninth Pin. So we need to emphasize that he is no longer a fighter without any rank because he is now stronger than most of the fighters of Professional Ninth Pin."

"Previously I thought that Lou Cheng would try his best to develop his own supernatural ability and temper his body to such an extreme state that he would find an opportunity to participate in the Ranking Event for Professional Eighth Pin. Then he could get the Professional Eighth Pin certificate." The host, Wang Tian, also commented, "Coach Lin, do you think that Hou Yue has any possibility to defeat Lou Cheng?" Lin Maosheng thought for a while and said, "The possibility is small. However, Hou Yue is an important disciple on whom Wensheng School had put lots of attention, so he definitely has something very special. If Lou Cheng underestimates his opponent, he may receive injuries and this would influence the final result of this battle to a large extent."

Wang Tian nodded slightly and said, "Coach Lin has got valid points. A few reporters in the stadium have interviewed several disciples in Wensheng School and they found that these members also believe in Hou Yue, perhaps just based on faith..."

While they were explaining the battle, in the fan forum of Lou Cheng, "Brahman" sent an emoji which looked like a person was twisting with arm akimbo and said,

"These people really aren't professional enough. The Little Dragon is really powerful, he even knew that my idol had got his Professional Ninth Pin certificate the same day Lou Cheng received it!" "Unparalleled Dragon King" froze for a while and said, "When did I become a 'little dragon'? Are you guys planning to call me 'little loach' the next time? And, as we know, as long as you know his name and his registered permanent address, you can check his status on the official website."

After hanging around with "Brahman", "Eternal Nightfall", "Wonton Seller" and other girls like them, he felt his mind had become very young and he would say something or behave very cutely unconsciously.

How great but terrible the internet is!

"Little Dragon, Little Dragon, Little Dragon, how many attacks do you think Lou Cheng would need to defeat this unknown 'monkey'." Yan Xiaoling asked without thinking.

"Unparalleled Dragon King" answered with a contemptuous emoji, "Don't underestimate any fighters of the Professional Ninth Pin. Even if there is nothing unexpected, Lou Cheng probably cannot win the match swiftly and quickly!" "Oh-oh-oh, I see!" Yan Xiaoling didn't feel embarrassed and didn't mind exposing her lack of knowledge.

In the ring, Lou Cheng kept his word and did not interfere with Hou Yue. While he was preparing his physical condition to be in the best state, he began to plan his tactics for the battle.

During this process, he vaguely felt some concern and anxiety almost like the calm before a storm.

Lou Cheng knew clearly that this anxiety was not because of Hou Yue, but because of the second player, Zhou Zhengquan. "Others only think that I have unlimited stamina and am not afraid of a drawn-out battle. However, they don't know that my energy is limited and I can only attack with Thunder Roar Zen a few times and only three times with Frost Force. If I waste too much energy on Hou Yue, then I cannot create the best winning opportunity for my Brother-in-law when I am confronted by Zhou Zhengquan. So I have to conserve as much energy as possible in the battle with Hou Yue!

And the best way to save energy is to go all out and not restrain the attacks. I should try my best to end this battle within four or five attacks!"

Lou Cheng took a breath. And gradually his heart lake became quiet and the water in it also froze into ice.

After a while, the referee looked at the electronic clock and raised his right hand. Then he swung it down with great force before announcing.


Lou Cheng was like a sprinter who had just heard the starting gun and exploded with his stored power. He exerted force into his legs, straightened his bent knees and rushed towards Hou Yue as quickly as a hunting cloud leopard. He knew that Hou Yue also specifically visited a teacher to study other martial arts besides "Fly Fall Punch", which was called the "monkey shape". This martial art made him good at dodging, therefore Lou Cheng didn't prepare to use Frost Force and Thunder Roar Zen directly, she thought it would waste his
energy if he could not hit him successfully.

Confronted with this attack of Lou Cheng, Hou Yue swung his body like a flexible tape and moved to the side of Lou Cheng in a flash before he kicked out his right leg away quickly and suddenly.

At that moment, Lou Cheng twisted his spine and spun his waist. He quickly shifted his center of gravity and suddenly changed his direction which made Hou Yue's kick lost its target.

His mind immediately visualized rolling clouds and he pushed the corresponding muscles in his body. Then he twisted his waist and pushed out his right arm which punched heavily like a hammer.

This was the Thunder Roar Zen! Hou Yue's expression slightly changed and he suddenly moved backward and he did the three somersaults which helped him not only maintain a safe distance but also to keep his balance.

Lou Cheng did not give up on chasing him. He exerted force into his feet which even smashed the black bricks and ran after him hard.

Although your somersault is quite quick, it's still slower than my rush!

As soon as Hou Yue stopped, Lou Cheng had been closed in on him. Lou Cheng tightened the muscles in his palms, forearms and upper arms and punched out with his left fist.

The second blow of Thunder Roar Zen!

Chapter 205: Catching the Monkey

The wind rushed towards Hou Yue's face, and his pupils suddenly shrank in response. Before he knew it, Lou Cheng's figure had already dominated his vision. He felt as if that left punch was completely unavoidable.

At this critical moment, he crouched down like an agile monkey and successfully dodged the Lou Cheng's Thunder Roar Zen. Then, he put his left hand behind his hip, pushed out with his right hand and swiftly extended towards his enemy's crotch.

This was the Crotch catching Movement that enabled its user to dodge and attack at the same time!

It wasn't like Lou Cheng had never used a similar move before, but they were all executed on the spot with extremely rough follow-ups since he had never practiced it on purpose before. Meanwhile, the "stealing peach" movement of "monkey shape" was the culmination of god knows how many generations of fighters. One careless mistake would put Lou Cheng into a tight spot due to its follow-up movements. So his heart immediately became calm. He still put forth Thunder Roar Zen with his left fist and the punch created many rings of invisible ripples.

With this subtle anti-force, the rebound of the spine and the change in the center of gravity, he forcefully pulled away from his body and flashed to the side. Then he tightened his thigh and kicked at Hou Yue who was still crouched on the ground with a crisp sound.

Hou Yue didn't succeed in the martial style, stealing peaches, so he pressed down with the left hand in his pocket and exerted a force on it to help him jump out leisurely. He had displayed perfectly one of the changes of Crotch-grasping Movement.

He took this opportunity to rush in front of Lou Cheng and exerted a force on the abdomen. Then he contracted the fascia in his body and punched his opponent with his right arm at an extraordinary speed to not allow the enemy any time to prepare for the Tremor Punch. Lou Cheng crossed his arms in an unhurried way to stop the attack and he even borrowed a little power from this attack.

But at this moment, the force on Hou Yue's shoulder suddenly erupted. He made his left hand into a fist and punched it out which was quicker than Lou Cheng's counterattack and also quicker than his reverberation!

This was the "Continuation" in the Fly Fall Punch!

With features like gurgling and an endless river, the core of this martial style was to give up exerting force from his feet and to purely attack with the corresponding parts of the muscles, joints, and fascia. Although the power this martial style was certainly weaker than the former, it was faster and was quicker. Hou Yue hoped that he could interrupt Lou Cheng's rhythm who was still tightening his muscles and preparing for the Ice Sect Force.

To win by speed! As soon as Lou Cheng saw that Hou Yue's left fist had generated powerful wind force and this was rushing towards him, Lou Cheng took a breath, raised his right arm, stabilized his waist and suddenly exerted force into his feet.

Bang! The moment they collided, Lou Cheng straightened his knee and turned his waist. He shook most of his muscles to throw out a powerful Swing Force!

Hou Yue at that moment felt like he was sitting on a "flying chair" in the amusement park and flew towards the other side involuntarily.

He quickly adjusted his center of gravity in the air. The moment he landed, he rushed forwards step by step just like an agile monkey. While Lou Cheng rushed up to close the gap. At last, he had come up behind Hou Yue after several steps.

With the corresponding changes of the muscles and fascia in his body including the five viscera and six bowels, Lou Cheng visualized a brimming river within his mind. Maybe my Thunder Roar Zen couldn't influence Hou Yue badly with one or two strikes, so the Frost Force would be much better!
If I don't take this opportunity to make this "monkey" stiffen up and slow down, he would continue to jump around and I would consume more energy!
Feeling the breath which was close behind him, Hou Yue suddenly stepped on the ground hard and his two feet stopped just like two nails firmly pinned to the ground. He turned his body with his momentum and swung his waist. Within his mind, he visualized a full mountain dam.


The dam wall collapsed, so all the water poured out in a torrent looking like it was about to sweep everything away. This scene affected the corresponding muscle and fascia in Hou Yue's body so he punched out his two fist ferociously. There was an overwhelming attacking force, punching force, as well as a swing force which could blow away any opponent. He could even integrate several different styles into the one punch, which meant that he had really mastered this fist move.

This was the "Dam Burst" in Fly Fall Punch!

Lou Cheng was so confident that he didn't dodge or hide from this attack. The cold current in his body began to build up and the brimming river in his mind was frozen which made the spray become like crystal in a moment, changing the cold current into a surging tidewater.

This was the Frost Force!


Hou Yue's fist was very skillful. He punched his fist, not to the right and left, but in the up-and-down direction. Combined with the power like a flood overflowing the dam, part of the frost force had been washed away. He even threw Lou Cheng away. However, at the same time, his body was trembling due to coldness infiltrating into his inner body. His lips instantly became blue and his arms stiffened which stopped him from using this opportunity to counterattack.

Pound! Pound! Pound! He heard his own intense heartbeat and felt the blood in his body rushing into his trunk and limbs.

"I'm alive again..." For a moment, he actually thought to himself.
This was the result even after I had punched and dispersed part of the frost force!
That's terrible!

After Lou Cheng was flung out, he stretched his body in the air and landed steadily. He moved forwards so quickly that he even cracked the black bricks. He turned around and began to attack ferociously again. I have to take the advantage of this situation while my opponent's body is still cold and stiff so that I can force him to trade blows with me directly!
Confronted with this unrelenting attack, Hou Yue took a final minute to breathe deeply and to make a humming sound. He shook his muscles, fascia, five viscera and six bowels by his inner tempering. He also resolved part of the chill force. As Lou Cheng was close in on him, he lifted his leg quickly and escaped from this attack with his agility.

One of them kept fleeing while the other kept chasing. They constantly shifted their positions on the ring just like a tiger trying to catch a monkey.

During this process, Lou Cheng thought he had found an opportunity to beat his opponent down, so he attacked him with Thunder Roar Zen. However, at the final second, his opponent would always barely dodge his attack with his strange and flexible movements.

In the stand of the guest team, Yan Zheke wrinkled her soft and beautiful eyebrows and said to herself, "I feel something is wrong with him..."

Geezer Shi sitting next to her said casually,

"He is too impatient."

"Ah?" Yan Zheke turned around in bewilderment.

Geezer Shi laughed. "After experiencing the battle of life and death, he had learned something useful. But he still needs further training to know how to judge the situation. There is no basic strategy that can be suitable for all situations. So confronted with an opponent like Hou Yue, if he is so impatient and attacks ferociously without considering other factors, the result may not turn out well."

"You can recall the battle now to see how far Tremor Punch has missed the target..." Yan Zheke suddenly understood, but she still frowned. She clearly remembered that she had discussed with Cheng how to fight with Zhou Zhengquan and Hou Yue in the previous few days. Their discussion focused mostly on Hou Yue in addition to Zhou Zhengquan. And at that time, they planned that they would fight him by focusing on themselves instead of fighting with him based on movements or sneak attacks. They also decided to block his movements by taking every opportunity to use mercurial balance and to attack him at close range.

But Cheng was too impatient!

Is there anything in the ring that I haven't noticed which is forcing Cheng to behave like this?
Is that Hou Yue's ace card?

On the ring, after they had traded blows for a while, Hou Yue gradually became a little slower because he was affected by the residual frost force and he had consumed some energy. He finally slowed by half a beat because he was forced to change his center of gravity and was being blocked continuously by Lou Cheng. This allowed Lou Cheng to close in. Lou Cheng moved his left leg in front of his body to guard against any Crotch-grasping Movement by his enemy. Then his right arm tightened and compressed the corresponding muscles, combined with the thunder in his mind, he hit out a Tremor Punch.

This time, he had enough confidence and good follow-up changes which stopped the opponent from escaping!

Hou Yue suddenly paused with a solemn face. He dropped his waist and stabilized his center of gravity as the corresponding muscles in his body suddenly shrank.

There were many gushes of water constantly gathering and rising within his mind which finally accumulated to achieve a mighty flood. The water poured down from the cliff and hit the ground ferociously which then splashed with an intense spray.

This was "Waterfall" in the Fly Fall Punch!

This was a difficult technique and had a few shock effects like Tremor Punch! This was the killer move Hou Yue had barely mastered in the recent half year. He had been waiting until today to see how ferocious this blow was!


Lou Cheng and Hou Yue crossed their fists which caused ring upon ring of concentric ripples to appear in the air. Both of them felt their muscles and fascia shaking and trembling!

Because Hou Yue was already prepared for this, his abdomen wriggled. He made a humming sound to barely stop the shock effect. He seized the opportunity to move forwards and punched out his fist which looked like a waterfall!

At this critical moment, Lou Cheng who has been on the alert for Hou Yue's secret movement suddenly breathed out forcefully and grunted. His abdomen sent out this sound which was like thunder. He created a reverse shock to offset most of the effect. He twisted his muscles and straightened his spine. He bounced backwards before Hou Yue's fist hit on him. Then he moved back two steps and calmly escaped from the blow.

Next, he began to move forwards and punched out at his enemy with his left arm as he visualized the Thunder Cloud in his mind.

Because Hou Yue hadn't recovered from the last attack, he couldn't dodge in time. All he could do to defend himself was to cross his arms.


Confronted with the Thunder Roar Zen, his body seemed to be shaken forcefully and his blood roiled ceaselessly.

Lou Cheng would never give him the opportunity to dodge, so he raised his arms and punched Hou Yue arrogantly again and again. Bang! Bang! Bang!

Hou Yue felt so stunned that he could see stars and his blood rose into mouth while he was hit by Lou Cheng. He staggered and stood on the ring by himself relying on his desperate perseverance.

Lou Cheng held his Thunder Roar Zen and stopped in front of his opponent. While Hou Yue had already lost focus and all his energy. He fell on the ground without any external force, and then he retched constantly.

"Oh, finally I won..." Lou Cheng breathed in relief with a clear mind. He felt that the Jindan (the Golden Elixir) in his body was sending out a hot current to relieve the exhaustion in his body. At the same time, he felt that he was a little more light headed.

In the guest team stand, Yan Zheke stood up gladly with her clenched fist, but then she thought of the collection of videos she had seen before. Most of the mighty fighters didn't choose to fight patiently but were ferocious and impatient just like Cheng when they were confronted by Hou Yue!
"Is it because..." She suddenly thought of a possibility.

Is this because Hou Yue had a supernatural ability which could cause his opponents to become impatient?
Lou Cheng subconsciously rubbed his temples and also sensed something wrong. "At first, I just planned to go all out without hiding my ability or preserving my strength. Then I planned to display Frost Force without hesitation if I had the chance so that I could defeat Hou Yue as soon as possible to save more energy. But, the reality was that the more I battled, the more impatient I was. I even started to compete with him against his strengths which made me miss several Thunder Roar Zens.
My consumption is much more than I expected!" After he realized this, he recalled the battle and suddenly understood that the worry and anxiety he had felt in the beginning felt like was similar to increasingly heavy rain falling on a building.

This is not normal!

Can Hou Yue affect my emotions?

Lou Cheng squinted and couldn't help but look at Hou Yue who was held by others so he could exit the ring. Lou Cheng saw that Hou Yue could not even stand independently with his two weak legs.

At the same time, he also saw Zhou Zhengquan taking off his coat and walking towards the ring calmly.

Chapter 206: A Double Bluff

"First round, Lou Cheng wins!"

As the referee's voice echoed inside the arena, Guo Qing, Lin Hua, and the others in the away team's seats cheered excitedly in celebration of Lou Cheng's triumphant first round.

"All that remains now is to see how far Cheng can push Zhou Zhengquan!" Sun Jian said with joy and expectation.

Li Mao nodded and agreed, "Yeah… "

To them, Lou Cheng was famous for his superhuman stamina. Therefore, they assumed that attrition warfare was completely useless against him. As long as Lou Cheng could defeat Hou Yue smoothly without any surprises, he would be able to face the Eighth-Pin Dan stage fighter, Zhou Zhengquan, in his peak form.

Sensing her teammates' high spirits, Yan Zheke chewed her lower lip without saying anything. While the others believed that Cheng would be able to face every opponent in perfect form as if it was the first round, as long as he wasn't defeated, she knew clearly that even Cheng had his own limit.

After Lou Cheng used Tremor force to give her a message during the Ranking Event, Yan Zheke used this opportunity to ask him about his abnormal stamina and got a positive response. According to Cheng, his stamina was ten times or even dozens of times what normal people had. However, his energy and spirit, which were also greatly improved through meditation, were quite normal, and still far weaker than his stamina since they were only three or four times what the other fighters of the same rank had.

In fact, after the fierce battle just now, he didn't feel as relaxed as he appeared to be!

Scenes of past events appeared in Yan Zheke's mind, one by one. Lou Cheng's persistence while struggling to knead her aching muscles with Tremor force, his exhaustion and how he almost fell asleep the moment he touched the pillow, which moved her and let her ache for him and then the kiss between them under that warm and impassioned situation. While all those memories filled Yan Zheke with tender feelings, she still couldn't help worrying about Cheng's safety, with tears were shining in her eyes.


"Come on, Lou Cheng! Come on, Lou Cheng!"

On the other side, Cai Zongming, Zhang Jingye, and the others were still cheering triumphantly to relieve their own tension, regardless of the hostility they sensed from the eyes of the other fighters and the audience.

It wasn't until Zhou Zhengquan was about to reach the arena that they stopped to catch their breath.

"An Eighth-Pin fighter at Dan stage… Can Lou Cheng defeat him?" Wu Qian asked worriedly, with a sweating forehead and flushing face, after shouting for a long time. Though she seldom practiced martial arts, she knew the common sense of rank clearly as a college student growing up in modern society.

Zhang Jingye put on a big smile and said, "Don't worry. Haven't I told you that Cheng has the superhuman stamina? Now his state is just like in the first round. Though he will most likely be defeated by the Eight-Pin fighter at the Dan stage, he will at least cause great trouble to his opponent, facilitating Lin Que's performance in the next round."

Cai Zongming nodded with the others, making the girls in their dorm even more excited.


"What a game we have here today… " As a busybody who liked getting in on the excitement, Ye Youting turned to look at the arena with great enthusiasm.

Though, on the one hand, Lou Cheng had left her with a deep impression from the failed competition and sense of frustration, as she was not a genius as she had believed, on the other hand, Zhou Zhengquan was her senior brother and friend. Ye Youting was still looking forward to an exciting competition beyond everyone's expectation. She wanted to see the two fighters be well-matched in strength and thus end the
match with a fierce hand-to-hand battle.

Jiang Lan smiled, sighed, and then said,

"Considering Lou Cheng's stamina, it won't be easy for little brother Zhou to defeat him…"

What a pity that Lou Cheng hadn't reached the peak of body refining state yet. Otherwise, he might be able to reach the rank Professional Eighth Pin this time, since it wouldn't be impossible for him to defeat an Eighth-Pin fighter at Dan stage. Especially when considering his martial arts strength, Core Force of Ice Sect based on supernatural ability, and his continuous use of Tremor Punch.

While anyone who was at the Dan stage would naturally be ranked Eighth Pin, some Eighth-Pin fighters hadn't reached the Dan stage yet! ...

Unparalleled Dragon King had just made a post in the forum of Lou Cheng's fans,

"Lou Cheng's performance was a little weird. It was like he was trying to hit a mosquito with a 1000 kilogram hammer… "

Eternal Nightfall Yan Xiaoling replied with an emoji whose mouth looked like the logo of Nike, "So what? He still won the round, and he had enough stamina to waste."

"I just said it without thinking. According to his previous performances, Lou Cheng had a talent for fighting. So, he shouldn't have made such a mistake." Though being choked off by the little girl, Unparalleled Dragon King found it hard to get annoyed with her.

"I don't care. Anyway, he won the first round!" Yan Xiaoling replied without any doubt. Brahman, who had been watching the match with full attention, also popped in and said, "Precisely. We all have moments of poor on-the-spot performance! Besides, his coach is really a tough cookie, who should be helping with his analysis and summary after the match!"

Unparalleled Dragon King sent an "I'm too helpless to say anything" emoji.

"Small dragon, small dragon, how fierce do you think the battle between my idol and this Zhou will be," Brahman asked without too many considerations.

Unparalleled Dragon King thought for a while and then answered, "With Lou Cheng's stamina, needless to say, he must still be at his peak. Though he might not defeat an Eighth-Pin fighter at the Dan stage, it is also difficult for his opponent to win the match, which would cost him a lot. Besides, the longer they fight, the more benefits Lou Cheng will get!"

"Ha ha, little dragon, you are such a nice guy!" Brahman praised him generously. ...

In the area of Wensheng School, Zhuo Yanjun couldn't help sighing when she saw Hou Yue, who came back while being supported by others.

"What a pity, little monkey… "

Li Shengnan echoed, "Alas, if it were not Lou Cheng, who had abnormal stamina, but Lin Que, you might have won the match."

He could pin down his opponent with Monkey-like Movement and thus trick him into using killer moves frequently, which would consume his stamina rapidly. It was a good way to defeat those at the peak of Professional Ninth Pin!

"Not necessarily," Hou Yue shook his head with a wry smile and said, "Though I can influence someone's mood with my supernatural ability, I'm unable to change their thoughts. So, however annoyed and impatient a Ninth-Pin fighter might be, it's not necessary for him to keep using such stamina demanding movements… "

After saying that, he suddenly recalled Lou Cheng's performance and felt that Lou Cheng was like a bottomless ocean. regardless of how much effort Hou Yue put forth, Lou Cheng was still energetic, without any trace of exhaustion. Even at the last moment, he could still throw a series of Tremor Punch's at him like a furious storm. What a horrible guy!


In the arena, Lou Cheng took a deep breath to slightly refresh his tired mind.

Seeing Zhou Zhengquan coming up the stone steps leisurely, Lou Cheng quickly thought about the way he would fight in the next round.

He had discussed Zhou Zhengquan's kung fu, strength, and fighting style with Yan Zheke many times, so he was not nervous. He knew what to expect and that all the key points would soon appear in his mind as long as he wanted them.

In view of this, Lou Cheng decided to analyze his opponent's opinion of him, based on Zhou Zhengquan's condition.

The deepest impression I've left him must be the power of flame and frost, while the latter helped me to master a core force of the Ice Sect and obtain abnormal stamina. As a result, I'm not afraid of attrition warfare and able to use Tremor Punch continuously… wait…

Thinking about it, Lou Cheng suddenly noticed something of key importance.

Though he couldn't keep using Tremor Punch because of limited energy, it was still a secret that only Zheke and himself knew. Even his master didn't completely understand his limits.

In other words, he was not tired at all and would never feel tired! Maybe he could make an empty show of strength as a double bluff, and thus create an opportunity to use Frost Force?

It was unfortunate that even though he had just reached the door of Severe Warning, he was still unable to use it in actual combat. Otherwise, it was likely that he could perform a miracle.

Of course, he got a new understanding of Zhou Zhengquan through fighting with Hou Yue. While there were some movements of the Water Sect that required one to gather strength first and then make a powerful eruption, the Dan stage would help him to compress all his Force and finally make an outbreak of strength. Thus, the combination of these two methods could probably bring him something unexpected.

Zhou Zhengquan hadn't fought against Dan-stage fighters in the past half year because all of his opponents were of Professional Ninth Pin. Even though Lou Cheng hadn't seen this fighting style in his fighting videos, it was a possibility Lou Cheng must watch out for. While Lou Cheng was still lost in thought, Zhou Zhengquan, in a consistent gentleman gesture, stopped in front of his opponent, patted his black martial arts suit, and then slightly bent his knee to take the Fighting Stance of Fly Fall, during which process he was always relaxed.

Withdrawing his thoughts, Lou Cheng once again showed his perfect body condition.

It was his first fight against a real Eighth-Pin fighter!

The referee raised his hand up in the air. Then, he took a glance at each of them and suddenly waved his hand down.


In order to confuse his opponent, pretending he was not tired at all, Lou Cheng bent his back like a bow, exerted force against the floor with both feet, and then pounced at Zhou Zhengquan as a forestalled attack without any hesitation. Zhou Zhengquan's eyelid slightly twitched as he stood still with a relaxed expression.

He should have Absolute Reaction, as a mighty one at Dan- stage, but this time, he didn't sense Lou Cheng's attempt at launching an attack.

As soon as he approached Zhou Zhengquan, Lou Cheng swung his center of gravity, making a sliding step with a flying- immortal movement, after which he flashed to the side of his opponent.

Straightening his back and waist, Lou Cheng got ready, raised his right hand, and made a Downward Cut with his fist.

Zhou Zhengquan did not seem to be worried at all as he stretched out his right arm to ward off Lou Cheng's blow while taking a step to the right at the same time.

At this moment, Lou Cheng wriggled his backbone and once again swung his center of gravity, pulling his body back to its original position before taking another sliding step. Then, he landed hard on the ground, switched his waist to activate all his tendons and muscles, and punched at Zhou Zhengquan with his bomb-like right fist.

However, Zhou Zhengquan's back muscle bulged as he straightened and wriggled his back, also pulling himself back with mercurial balance. Then, he gathered strength purely with his abdomen muscle and stretched his right arm out with lightning speed.

This was known as "Continuation" from Fly Fall Punch!

I can easily tell when you are trying to use a feint. Don't try to cheat me!

How funny is it, that you dare to compare with me in terms of mercurial balance? Don't you know that you are showing off your incompetence in the presence of an expert?

Not only did Lou Cheng's Mercurial Balance influence the release of power, it also required a range of motion to swing his center of gravity again. But for a Dan-stage fighter, Mercurial Balance was based on uniting of all his Force, which had already turned into an instinct for his physical body. He could come into or out of Mercurial Balance at any time since he needn't consider how to connect it with other movements.

Bang! As their fists collided with each other, the two fighters reeled to show they were tied in the first round of attacks!

While Lou Cheng gathered strength with his feet, Zhou Zhengquan only used relevant muscles!

This is the gap between Lou Cheng's present level and the Eighth-Pin Dan stage!

Seeing his first blow work as expected, Zhou Zhengquan immediately made a series of attacks which were much quicker and more compact than Hou Yue. Besides, since he was still putting all his Force together perfectly, each of his blows was as powerful as what Lou Cheng made with both feet.

Releasing power with his back muscles, bulging his abdomen, exploding with energy, stretching his tendons and fighting hand-to-hand with the abrupt explosive force of his joints… Zhou Zhengquan kept accelerating his movements while attacking Lou Cheng fiercely and continuously, leaving him no time to tighten and compress his muscles. Daring not to release power with both feet, Lou Cheng could only follow Zhou Zhengquan's movements and block his attacks using his abdomen, back, joints, and tendons. As a result, his stance was almost broken after a few blows while he was also in danger.

However, Lou Cheng was not scared, for he had already foreseen the present situation in the beginning when he made a forestalled attack.

He was actually repeating his previous battle with Wei Shengtian. Though he had no time to compress his muscles and make a Tremor Punch, he could make Zhou Zhengquan's oppression and strength his, and thus complete the movement step by step.

After exchanging a few blows with Zhou Zhengquan, he had secretly tightened the right side of his upper body. When the thunder cloud began exploding in his mind, Lou Cheng swung his waist and back, suddenly bouncing back with a blow from his right fist under the attack of Zhou Zhengyun's Continuous Flood.

The first blow of Thunder Roar Zen!

Chapter 207: Cut off All Means of Retreat


Zhou Zhengquan's shoulders exploded as he swung out his left arm to block Lou Cheng's fist. Upon impact with Lou Cheng's fist, he felt like he was hit with a bomb. After the large explosion, his ears even had the ringing sound. The blast wave spread across the whole field in an instant, making him bounce up and down, while all his muscles, joints, and tendons trembled uncontrollably.

Tremor Punch! Lou Cheng's pupils slightly contracted as he took a short breath.

Lou Cheng straightened his waist and back to push his advantage. His left arm tightened and he got ready to throw a series of punches at Zhou Zhengquan, releasing a terrifying shock wave following the attack of the Frost Force. He would never leave any chance for the opponent to retaliate. At this moment, he noticed Zhou Zhengquan's rolling qi and blood, outer strength, and living spirit all contracted inward, along with the short breath he took.

Is it an eruption of Dan-stage Mighty One's full power?

An idea suddenly came to Lou Cheng's mind. Recalling the similar cases he had experienced or watched, he sprang his backbone to take a step to the side and thus avoided fighting head to head against Zhou Zhengquan with Thunder Roar Zen.

If he did not make this change, Zhou Zhengquan would suffer a more violent shock, but Lou Cheng's stance would also be broken. His whole body might even be launched up into the air. Any carelessness would bring him great loss and put him further from weakening his opponent.

He should bide his time instead of yielding to impulse!

However, as Lou Cheng flashed aside, Zhou Zhengquan calmed his qi and blood down, moving his abdomen to adjust the distribution of energy. There was no sign that he had just contracted all his energy to form a Human Body Big Dan, as if it was purely Lou Cheng's hallucination!

Since the shock was immediately eliminated, Zhou Zhengquan put on a casual smile as if he was saying "I'm just playing you!"

Straightening his knees, he again pounced towards Lou Cheng at lightning speed with incomparable power. This placed an enormous strain on Lou Cheng's heart.

It was so depressing to see his well-designed movements simply destroyed by his opponent, but Lou Cheng soon shook off the negative feelings with the help of the Freeze Water To Ice method in his Heart Lake.

Though it disappointed Lou Cheng, it could still benefit him!

At least he convinced Zhou Zhengquan that he was not tired at all. As a result, he should be more careful and find a better opportunity to make the most of his delaying tactics. Having cut off all means of retreat, one could be as fierce as a tiger or wolf that would fight to the death no matter who they met!

He was going to take actions that were outside of Zhou Zhengyun's expectations!

In face of Zhou Zhengquan's flood-like attack, Lou Cheng remained calm and took a few steps back. While doing so, he maintained his center of gravity and footwork with super ability to control his body, as if he had eyes in the back of his head.

While Lou Cheng was stepping back continuously, Zhou Zhengquan kept attacking and narrowing the gap between them. When Lou Cheng had accumulated enough energy and was about fiercely counterattack with the strategy known as Cut off All Means of Retreat, which Lin Que had once used, he saw Zhou Zhengquan swing the center of gravity, straighten his back and flash to his side without any warning.

By strategically timing his moves, Zhou Zhengquan succeeded in frustrating his opponent. Lou Cheng felt as though he had used full force to hit some puffy cotton. Absolute Reaction, the special ability of a Dan-stage master!

Because of their entirely different fighting style, Lou Cheng failed to apply the same strategy, with which he successfully defeated Wei Shengtian, to defeat Zhou Zhengquan!

Failing to gather strength and launch a new round of attacks, Lou Cheng was forced to approach Zhou Zhengquan and once again trapped under the continuous blows of his Fly Fall Punch, which was actually a combination of a Low flying kicks, an eruption of shoulder strength, an abrupt explosive force, a pointing claw, and Burst Fist.

Having learned a lesson, this time Lou Cheng kept calm while using his Listening Skill to borrow strength from his opponent. Instead of putting strength beneath his legs, he made movements with corresponding body parts to the 24 Blizzard Strikes, which helped him compensate for his weaknesses in strength and movement connections.

Sometimes he strained the tendons on both sides and threw quick punches, sometimes he bulged the muscles in his back and bounced to pounce towards his opponent, and sometimes he tightened the muscles in his abdomen so he could borrow strength to fight back… Gradually he understood more about the 24 Blizzard Strikes and thus repaired many omissions in the connection between movements. Therefore, he became crazier, fiercer, and faster through fighting!

Pam Pam Pam! Bam Bam Bam! There was a series of collisions between the two fighters in such a small area. Even the audience outside could hear the dull thud from the hand- to-hand combat and sense the boiling blood.

Indulging in the fight, Lou Cheng deeply understood the united strength of a Dan-stage master, as whatever effort he had made, he could not escape from his current inferior position.

During this process, Zhou Zhengquan, who was in a black martial arts suit, kept changing his position using Mercurial Balance, and thus changed his fighting tempo in a disgusting way. Lou Cheng was unable to use force and compress his strength to use Tremor Punch. On the other hand, the strength Lou Cheng had gathered with his Listening Skill would be broken up and thus the connection of his 24 Blizzard Strikes would be destroyed. What a solid martial arts foundation Zhou Zhengquan had shown through his strategy!

Lou Cheng was not discouraged. Though he had made great progress with the help of the Jindan and his own hard work, which seemed as if he had shed his mortal body and exchanged his bones, he was still an amateur who had just started learning martial arts half a year ago. So there was still a large gap between him and Zhou Zhengquan, who had been learning kung fu from childhood and was used to practicing in actual combat.

As long as he addressed the problems and the gap between them, Lou Cheng would certainly take actions to make up for it!

No one could be a first-class player as soon as he logged into a new game.

Zhou Zhengquan's strategy was known as "dripping water wears through a stone" or "boiling a frog in warm water," which aimed at destroying Lou Cheng bit by bit without using too much stamina and energy. Sensing his opponent's attempt, Lou Cheng suddenly regained his centre of gravity and lowered his body into a half-sitting position.

He pressed both legs inwardly, abruptly turning his waist and back the moment his arm touched Zhou Zhengquan's fist. With all his muscles and joints widely opened, he threw a powerful Swing Force at Zhou Zhengquan, like a volcanic eruption.

Zhou Zhengquan immediately swung his upper body to avoid Lou Cheng's attack while fixing both feet in their original position.

Crack! A number of cracks appeared on the black bricks under his feet as they fiercely sprang back along with his body!

This did not come as a surprise to Lou Cheng. So he seized the opportunity to visualize a rolling thundercloud in his mind and tightened his corresponding muscles.

Crack! He stepped heavily onto the ground, shattering both the black bricks and his own shoes into pieces, which turned into a number of flying butterflies. The strong rebound conducted along Lou Cheng's ankles and knees, forcing him to straighten his waist and back as he flung his right arm to punch at Zhou Zhengquan with great power.


The thundercloud exploded in his mind, bursting out with a great shock.

In the face of Lou Cheng's sudden movements, Zhou Zhengquan, who was attacking actively and thus unable to dodge, also visualized accumulated streams to absorb Lou Cheng's borrowing-force movement into his own body.


Running water cascaded down and crashed against the ground!

The Fly Fall Punch, "Waterfall"! Bang!

Loops of invisible ripples sprang out from where the two fists collided with each other. Lou Cheng felt his blood burning as well as his muscles and joints trembling, making him feel nauseous.

Fortunately, he had already made preparations for it. Moving his abdomen muscles to cooperate with the thundercloud in his mind, Lou Cheng's body made a loud sound and counteracted most of the influence with another shock to the opposite side. On the other side, Zhou Zhengquan also made the same sound to defuse Lou Cheng's attack.

Pausing for a second, Lou Cheng tightened his bare instep, twisted his waist, and threw out a whip kick.

However, it seemed that Lou Cheng's opponent had regained energy sooner than him. Bulging his leg muscles unhurriedly, Zhou Zhengquan blocked Lou Cheng's leg, precisely, with a flying kick. Bang!

When their legs collided with each other in the air, some frost appeared and then vanished all of a sudden!

Sensing the incoming danger, Zhou Zhengquan felt the rolling cold wave piercing into his skin and bones, blending with his blood, freezing his whole body.

Ice Sect Force? His lips suddenly turned blue, with astonishment and confusion in his eyes.

Lou Cheng withdrew his right foot, bent his body, and was about to swing out his arm. At this moment, he felt the river in his mind was totally frozen and unable to be activated.

The so-called Force could not be merely thrown out with his bare hand! Ever since Lou Cheng defeated the Azure Dragon Squad, though he had not mastered Severe Warning yet, he had managed to apply Frost Force to his feet movements after the one-month practice!

Though his supernatural ability was not powerful enough, the cold wave could be weakened by two pairs of martial arts shoes. Thus, an ordinary fighter could bear it. Therefore, Lou Cheng broke his shoes to make the unexpected kick!

Zhou Zhengquan's body froze for a short while. Noticing that Lou Cheng was taking this opportunity to launch a surprise attack, he gave up hiding his strength until the next round.

In an instant, all of his qi, blood, spirit, willpower, and the force of his whole body flowed towards his abdomen, where he started to compress it. Just like they were uniting to form a Human Body Big Dan, even the cold and stiff feelings were absorbed!

Knowing he would be facing a Dan-stage master's explosive force, Lou Cheng took no actions to protect himself. Instead, he adjusted his body state unhurriedly and once again visualized a murky river flooding onto an ice field.

Having no extra energy and stamina to wait for a better chance, he decided to cut off all means of retreat and launch a last-ditch attack!

While the cold current was flowing, the river froze rapidly along with the splashing waves, which immediately turned into ice crystals. At this moment, when everything seemed to be still, Lou Cheng slammed his foot down and exerted force with waist and back, throwing a fierce punch at his opponent.

This was the power of frost and the flood of cold current!

Bang! As Zhou Zhengquan's Human Body Big Dan exploded, a powerful current of energy spurted out to dispel the cold and stiffness.

Crack! He punched his right fist out as the gigantic flood waters burst through the dyke. Bang!

While Lou Cheng was directly sent into the air by this blow, Zhou Zhengquan's right arm was covered in frost for a brief moment.

Thump, thump, Zhou Zhengquan's heart rate suddenly accelerated as if the audience outside could hear it. Then his blood made a sound of loud-pouring floods, quickly breaking through the layer of ice and the stiffness!

On the other side, Lou Cheng barely made the last blow with Frost Force since his energy was already at its limit. Now, no matter how hard he tried to adjust his muscles to restore his center of gravity, there was not enough strength left for him to take further action.

Thud, suddenly, he fell to the ground in the arena, which was a heartrending scene in Yan Zheke's eyes.

Walking towards his opponent, Zhou Zhengquan was a bit slow but managed to approach Lou Cheng before he was able to stand up.

Crack! All of a sudden, Zhou Zhengquan tightened his leg muscles and threw a whip kick towards Lou Cheng.

Lou Cheng was struggling to block the attack with both arms since he had lost his stance.

Crack! Leaving Lou Cheng no chance to take a breath, Zhou Zhengquan threw interlocking kicks at him, finally stopping just before his instep was about to touch Lou Cheng's neck.

"Round Two, Zhou Zhengquan wins!" The referee raised his right hand.

Taking a deep breath, Lou Cheng stood slowly and firmly, showing no signs of tiredness. He slightly nodded to Zhou Zhengquan and then turned around rapidly to leave the arena. Though his first blow with Frost Force was weakened by Zhou Zhengquan's martial arts shoes, and the second one was just like an arrow at the end of its flight, the superposition of them was of greater destructive force than an accurate single blow of Frost Force, from which Zhou Zhengquan must have suffered a lot. So they must seize the opportunity and leave this Eighth-Pin master at the Dan stage little time to renew his strength!

In view of this, Lou Cheng had narrowly accomplished the goal he had set in the beginning!

In the visiting team area, Lin Que remained calm as he took off his coat and stepped out in strides.

Chapter 208: Misunderstanding

On the viewing platform, Ye Youting propped her hand on her chin. Full of doubt, she said,

"Lou Cheng's final choice was quite impulsive!"

"Should he not have used his legs to dodge Brother Zhou's explosive counterattack, and then patiently wait for another opportunity?"

If he'd have done that, he not only could have successfully dissolved Senior Brother Zhou's "all-out effort", but could have gone on to cripple him and hit him with another Ice Sect Force!

However, he'd neglected the best choice and shown that he was inflexible and impatient. Making all that racket and making up for it with another Frost Force, it was hard to understand.

This and the impression of his skill she had before didn't quite fit! Not waiting for Jiang Lan to reply, Ye Youting suddenly thought of how Lou Cheng and Hou Yue had both been impetuous in their moves during the fight. Her heart stirred, and she started to make the connection. She felt that this change was complimentary.

She recalled some rumors that had been spreading amongst the Wensheng school, as well as her private conversations with Jiang Lan, and it struck her. She lowered her voice and said, "Could it be Junior Brother Hou's supernatural ability?"

Its influence had unexpectedly carried over to this round!

"It's very possible..." Jiang Lan said, seemingly speaking to herself. Afterwards, she added, "But I think the way Lou Cheng dealt with it wasn't that big a problem."

"Why?!" Yu Youting blinked, her face full of confusion.

Jiang Lan chuckled and explained, "Don't you think that Senior Brother Zhou was scared stiff, and was overly cautious?" "Sister Lan, are you saying that Senior Brother Zhou tried to minimize the energy consumption when breaking Lou Cheng down? This's the right choice, isn't it? Lin Que is still waiting afterward!" Ye Youting saw nothing wrong.

Jiang Lan sighed. "This may be because he has only fought in Challenge Tournaments before. According to my experience, the more you want to conserve, the more you want to economize and use the most frugal method to defeat your enemies, you'd end up losing more than you gain. If Senior Brother Zhou had suppressed Lou Cheng with the Continuation pose afterward, regardless of the cost and gone all out one time, the result possibly could have been completely different. Lou Cheng simply had no time to use the Ice Sect Force. At best he could have used Tremor Punch."

"When Senior Brother Zhou discovered that by trying to conserve his energy, he was only opening himself up to an Ice Sect Force surprise attack and he didn't have to in the least bit go all out. His following moves were then different. If Lou Cheng chose to dodge this time, there might not be another chance for him to hit Senior Brother Zhou with another Ice Sect Force." In other words, he could have chosen to hit his opponent with more Ice Sect Force, or allowed him to go all out. Which was better? Different people would have different opinions.

Ye Youting nodded but did not quite get it, rethinking and mulling over the fight.


Over in the home team side, Zhuo Yanjun, Li Shengnan, and others yet again looked towards Hou Yue in excitement, praising him.

"Junior Brother Hou, has your supernatural ability improved again?"

It's been this long, and yet it can still break Lou Cheng's spirits?" Hou Yue was baffled. "Could be, could be that he's easily influenced..."

Even though he didn't quite understand this development, at least it wasn't unexpected ...


In the fan forum, as it cut to shots of Lin Que, "Eternal Nightfall" Yan Xiaoling said with excitement, "I'm so angry! The show needs to record Lou Cheng more. I'd like to see him head back to the substitute seat!"

"Me too!" "Brahman" jumped in. "Didn't you notice last time there was a super beautiful substitute girl in Songcheng University Martial Arts Club? I've always wanted to see how she and Lou Cheng would interact with each other. Wonder if she's Lou Cheng's girlfriend!"

"If she's Lou Cheng's girlfriend, I can accept it..." Yan Xiaoling responded as she daydreamed, "Spending every day together, asking for guidance and direction, studying move sets, their bodies would come into contact from time to time. Agh! It's like a pile of dry sticks, one small ember and the fire will start blazing!"

"Brahman" responded with a blinking emoji, "I also can accept it, after all, I'm still young... We can't say for sure if there still some rich or other powerful suitors. By then, Lou Cheng's martial arts ability has increased by leaps and bounds. Time will change many things. Do not discriminate against a poor young man..."

"Unparalleled Dragon King" used an insipid emoji and interrupted. "What novels and TV shows are you all watching? Furthermore, don't you guys think that Lou Cheng's final hit was a little strange?"

"I've read both boy and girl novels!" "Brahman" responded in delight, "Little Changye, Little Changye, Speaking of this, do you still remember Lou Cheng's Girlfriend's ID? Isn't it similar to yours?"

"Sure is! A lot of interesting ones have been taken!" Yan Xiaoling retorted indignantly. "Fanfan, what did you register as?"

"Me, I registered under 'Lou Cheng's Number 1 Girl', you?" "Brahman" flaunted.

Yan Xiaoling sent a bewildered emoji.

"I registered, registered 'Lou Cheng's Daughter'..."

"Whoah...." The Unparalleled Dragon King, Okamoto's Fan and others expressed their admiration one after the other.

As expected, Little Changye was shameless!

"By the way, Little Dragon, what did you just mention about something being strange?" Yan Xiaoling said, bringing the discussion back around. "Unparalleled Dragon King" responded with a funny-looking expression,

"Nothing, I shouldn't discuss such an indecent topic during such a solemn occasion!"

And furthermore, after thinking carefully and analyzing it over, it seemed that he could understand it.


Facing Lin Que, Lou Cheng extended his hand, and they bumped fist, completing the "Connecting Ceremony." Afterward, he lowered his voice and warned.

"Don't hurt yourself!"

This was the second round of the away competition. If his brother-in-law got injured, even if he was victorious, it would be the beginning of the end for the next rounds. Lin Que withdrew his hand and nodded his head slightly. He went past Lou Cheng, heading towards the steps.

Lou Cheng had not yet gotten back to his seat when he saw Yan Zheke waving a large white towel, beckoning him over.

"Does Hou Yue have a supernatural ability?" She said in a low voice.

Lou Cheng took the towel and wiped off the sweat on top of his head and neck. He nodded his head gently. "I think so..."

"It makes sense now. Otherwise, people who're of Ninth Pin have no reason to push themselves when encountering Hou Yue..." As she said this, Yan Zheke's dimples appeared and a smile crossed her lips. "He doesn't, he doesn't..."

Lou Cheng smiled and changed the topic. "He doesn't have a group of onlookers always wanting to him get a licking?" "Mhmm!" Yan Zheke nodded quickly and went back to the visiting team seats together with him. She also let him drape the white towel over himself to avoid catching a cold from exhaustion and the cold winds. At the moment Lou Cheng was sweating profusely, so he'd end up dirtying any clothes that he would wear.

"Well done!"

"You hit him with two Frost Forces, we're winning this!"


Sun Jian, Li Mao, and others rose in succession, clapping and expressing their heartfelt praise for Lou Cheng.

Shortly afterward, they sat down at the same time, directing their gaze back to the ring. "Are you tired?" Yan Zheke said softly as she leaned to the side, moving close to Lou Cheng.

"Yeah..." Lou Cheng didn't conceal it.

Yan Zheke wanted to dote on him, and it was hard to cover up her curiosity. She looked down at her toes and said timidly, "Compared to last time you gave me a massage, which time were you more tired?"

"Of course it was that massage when I used the Tremor Force... My minds are just a little bit numb now. I'm not going to be out like a light when my head hits a pillow like last time..." Lou Cheng didn't want to make a big display of his exhaustion, so he grinned and said, "About the same."

"About the same..." Yan Zheke glanced at him longingly. She grasped Lou Cheng's hand and pulled him towards her, helping him massage the acupuncture points on his palms and arms.

At the same time, she pretended to be calm, powdering her cheeks and grasping the hood of Lou Cheng's coat to cover the place where both their hands were, covering up their interaction.

The corner of Lou Cheng's mouth twitched slightly, carrying a warm smile as he gazed towards the fight that was about to begin.


Zhou Zhengquan visualized a large river, making his blood surge forth like a raging current, the constant sound crashing in his ears. Using this process, he washed himself of the frost, thawing his own body.

This was the Water Sect School's teaching on how to restore one's essence!

Lin Que stood across from him, bending his waist, biding his time. The referee raised his right hand and announced loudly,


A moment after the words landed, Lin Que straightened his legs and bent his back. He seemed like a meteor as he shot out, seemingly surpassing the attack speed possible of a Professional Ninth Pin fighter.

Gasp.... in his heart Zhou Zhengquan was scared, but he did not falter. His ankles shot forward. His body surged forward like waves released from a dam. It seemed as if he and his opponent were going to have a head-on collision.

Seeing that they were both about to collide, he shifted his balance and slid, dodging to Lin Que's side. At the same time, Lin Que also shifted his balance. Changing directions in this way, it seemed as if both sides were in some unspoken synchronized dance.

Looking at the scene, Jiang Lan lifted her face from her hands and blurted out, "Mercurial balance!"

Lin Que had already grasped the mercurial balance?"

Those who had the mercurial balance ability had to succeed in meditation and depend on their spirit for strong self- control. Every muscle and tendon had to be trained to blend in a single stance for the entire bodies' strength to be unobstructed!

In other words, Lin Que was already very close to the Dan Stage.

After arriving at this stance, fighter didn't merely have "mercurial balance". Due to the bodies muscles and tendons being trained to such a fine point in all areas, and working in tandem with a strong spirit, they were close to "Absolute Reaction"!

"At most, in two months he'll be able to enter the Dan Stage..." Jiang Lan said in shock, unable to stop from gasping. This was nearly 100% faster than herself!

He was worthy of his reputation as someone on the edge of genius!

For an expert, one could tell whether they had it or not based on one punch. After a few short blows, Zhou Zhengquan appeared more dismal upon the current situation.

However, compared to fighting Lou Cheng, he didn't have any hesitations, any concerns, and he didn't have to be needlessly cautious. As a result, his display of his true martial arts strength was obvious!

As he slammed his foot down and recoiled, he didn't slip. He regained his balance, and rushed towards Lin Que, who didn't get out of the way at all. He slid one step to the left, put out his shoulder and threw his arm out, slamming his fist into his waist.

Bam! Zhou Zhengquan was unable to dodge again. His back muscles swole up, his backbone straightened, and his right hand became like a hammer. Ruthlessly beating down, he once again opened up with Fly Fall Punch's "Continuation."

With his two fists together as one, he sunk his waist down to his thigh. His entire bodies' strength, his qi and blood and every perception all contracted and unified as he embraced inwards. His whole body was like a single Dan.

During this process, without any warning, he acted like he was giving an ordinary hit!

I know you'll take advantage of the fact I haven't fully broken free of the Frost Force attack's influence. Here, I'm giving you an opportunity!

Chapter 209: Three Consecutive Strikes

In the face of Zhou Zhengquan's sudden "contraction," it was as if Lin Que had hit something that wasn't at all flesh but rather some artificial object. It felt like he had stepped into a trap.

His arm went soft. His entire being felt like a top being spun around. He shakily slid two steps to the side, using the Yin- Yang Twist to try and find some respite.

Zhou Zhengquan's entire body, as well as his qi and blood, had arrived at a point where he could strike in the blink of an eye. His swollen muscles and tendons seemed to burst through his skin like a volcanic explosion.

In this moment, Zhou Zhengquan somehow seemed like he was both several centimeters taller and several kilograms heavier.

Crack! The green bricks disintegrated underneath his feet, and his body was like an eagle as he violently "flew" and landed advantageously in front of Lin Que. Visualizing the stored up flood within him rushing forth, he bent his waist and threw his arm forward, making a fist and thrusting out.

The Fly Fall Punch's "Dam Burst"!

He was like a wild animal in his violence, making it so that you couldn't evade, and couldn't dodge!

This strength was equivalent to an Eighth Pin in Dan Stage!

Just then, as Lin Que was leaning his legs inwards, he paused. He'd predicted long ago that this "Pitfall" would occur, and using all of his strength, energy, qi, and blood, he used gravity to pull it all down and form into a "sphere"!


The "sphere" rushed forward with an explosive power, surging outwards. Accompanied by the image of a fiery comet tearing through the horizon in his mind, Lin Que threw forth his right fist, lifted up his arm, and heroically slammed it to the ground!

Crack! Lin Que pushed against the inside of his legs, braced his body and waist, and then threw his shoulder forward, throwing out a punch like a fired artillery shell.

"This..." Jiang Lan's pupils contracted as she found that she had a renewed knowledge of Lin Que. "Force Concentration" was the main sign of the Dan Stage. Even though he could only concentrate it into a "sphere" and not a single point, it explained a lot.

Perhaps before Summer Break let out at Songcheng University he'd achieve "Full Dan Stage"!


Zhou Zhengquan and Lin Que's fists collided together with an oppressive sound, creating shockwaves around them and a raging wind! Boom!

It was as if a meteor from above had hit Zhou Zhengquan. Not only did he get a terrible shock, but it was like he had just gone face to face with a giant explosion. All he could feel were his bones and viscera undulating endlessly, and his qi and blood boiling over.

Imitating the explosiveness of the Dan Stage's "Meteor Force" was not a run of the mill occurrence!

Even more importantly, Zhou Zhengquan was already not at his peak state due to the remaining influence of Lou Cheng's Frost Force lingering inside his body. Even in the face of a single punch, his insides and outsides would be moved. It nearly made him paralyzed, and for a moment he'd lost the ability to move.

Snap! Crack! Lin Que had been thrown to the side by his opponent's boundless strength. He stumbled backward, crushing a brick with every step. After five steps in a row he steadied himself and blew out a breath of air. Under the "flood" of the "Dam Burst" his Yin-yang Twist unexpectedly couldn't release that much power. He'd nearly broken his arm!

This was the might of the Dan Stage and the Flying Fall Punch's "Dam Burst" put together. Were it not for Zhou Zhengquan locking up, he could have already taken the opportunity for victory!

Lin Que stomped his foot and launched his body forwards his opponent like a comet rushing towards the ground.

Taking advantage of his weakness and take him down!

Bang! Lin Que adjusted his balance as he rushed forward a few steps and twisted his waist. He tensed his back and arm muscles and ferociously threw out his left fist.

Zhou Zhengquan was always a vain person, and in this critical moment his expression was calm. His qi and blood, strength, vibration, icy chill, stiffness and his spirit came together and once again contracted into a single point. He positioned his arms, and let his inner strength explode, screaming outwards. Abruptly turning his waist, he threw out his thigh in an intense and terrible 'Swing Force".

When Lin Que's fist hit its target, it was as if a 10 wheeler had slammed him. It felt like he was in a daze and that his body was going to fly away of its own will.

In this moment, Zhou Zhengquan again contracted his explosive power and reconcentrated it to a single point. It was like his entire body had lost all of its air, blood and life force.


Due to this sudden explosion and the violent surge directed at his legs, it caused his shoes to split open.

With the help of this force, Zhou Zhengquan could surpass the human bodies' limits. He pounced towards Lin Que, who had just fallen to the ground, with such speed and spanning such a large distance that it caused Ye Youting and other Professional Ninth Pin fighters to feel like it was supernatural. The record average people set in the long jump could not compete with this.

Zhou Zhengquan had planned his attack while Lin Que had been falling to the ground. Pouncing like a tiger hunting its prey, accompanied by the screeching wind, he landed in front of Lin Que in no time. Bending his waist and bracing his thigh, he delivered three consecutive powerful hits with all of his power concentrated into one Dantian point.

At last, in this moment, he'd arrived at the absolute limits of his power. He was now using his Killer Move which was normally used to take down a Mighty one in Dan stage.

"Three Consecutive Fly Fall Strikes"!

Ordinarily, there was a limit to how many times someone at the Eighth Pin Dan Stage could attack. On top of that, when dealing with successive attacks such as this, once reaching three or four hits, the body would simply "overload" and problems would arise. Zhou Zhengquan practiced an off-branch of the Water Sect school, Flowing Condensation. Therefore he could surpass the "Two Consecutive Strikes" that an ordinary Eighth Dan Stage would do and accomplish "Three Consecutive Strikes".

Even if a similar Eighth Pin expert like Wei Shengtian was here, if he were to exert his full power, he would also be in imminent danger!

Three or four strikes in a single maneuver, this was the real deal!


Attacking with that kind of power, all kinds of feelings rushed forward. Zhou Zhengquan's body swelled, his muscles clear and defined, along with vague, indistinct changes.

Inside his mind, he visualized a continuous convergence of the flood, and an unending increasing of power. After bringing back his feet in a majestic display, he slammed them down in a great torrent, violently slamming to the ground with a resounding crash.

He lifted his right arm up, made a fist, and exerting all of his strength, struck down with a loud bang.

The Fly Fall Punch's "Waterfall"!

This time, he'd make Lin Que stay down, rather than letting him get away.

Bang! The explosion rang out as his fist slammed down. Lin Que just balanced himself when encountering such a hopeless strike.

He breathed in quickly. His entire body shivered as his qi and blood concentrated and formed into a single sphere.

In his mind, he again visualized himself as a flaming comet splitting open the sky. He lowered his waist and positioned his legs, arranging his stance.

Since he couldn't escape, he'd have to do his best!

There was a loud rumble. Like a comet falling to earth, Lin Que summoned his courage and threw out the "sphere", his temples pounding. All of the muscles in his body expanded, but his back was compressed and stretched taut.

Bang! His feet pressed down and his waist lowered. He made a fist with his right hand and slammed forward in an attempt to bat away his opponent's fist.


Their fists collided, and the two fighters' bodies simultaneously shook as if they'd been shot out of the cannon.

Zhou Zhengquan absolutely had the advantage, as the tremor that he'd received wasn't at all severe, but his bodies' reserves were far from being sufficient to win against Lin Que. He had all the classic symptoms: something like a ringing in his ears, nonstop shaking, his qi and blood rolling over, and a dry throat.

This made him want to pull out his left leg, but he didn't have enough time to keep up.

As Lin Que was slammed by the fist coming down, both of his legs seemed to sink into the bricks. All of the muscles and tendons in his body all began to tremble, and he was unable to control the shaking.

At that moment, he moved back and forth stiffly like a puppet as if he'd just been launched from a catapult. It looked like there was an invisible giant in the pit of his stomach pushing and pulling him about.

"Yin-yang Twist"!

In this critical moment, he depended on the Yin-yang Twist to lend him some strength. With this "self-banishment," he could get some distance between him and Zhou Zhengquan to avoid being met with another strike.

Zhou Zhengquan's "Three Consecutive Fly Fall Strikes" was exceptionally terrifying. Even after resisting it, Lin Que still was unable to figure it out. All he could do was throw out his thigh, fall to the ground and roll away.

If he didn't do this, he'd definitely get seriously injured!

During this process, Lin Que was in total control of his body, which had been blended together. His tendons throbbed in succession, his muscles swelled, and he quickly slammed to the floor, simultaneously creating and expending energy.

Zhou Zhengquan had difficulty finding his balance as he shook from the cold current. Although he had caught up, he felt like his body was suddenly barren, and he was unable to maintain his natural posture.

"Agh, if I could just strike without any problems, Lin Que would lose..." The sad thought occurred to him that he was fighting a losing battle. Were it not for the two Frost Forces, the consecutive Tremor Punch's he'd received, and his dissipation being greater than predicted, this would have been the time when he could have collected the victory along with the spoils!

Breathing slowly, Zhou Zhengquan took large strides and stepped up to Lin Que. Although his opponent's right fist was at his side, Lin Que took the opportunity to turn and, without the slightest warning sign, threw out his left leg. So quick and fierce was the strike that his foot had about 500kg of force.

Bang! Dan Stage Mighty One's Absolute Reaction. Zhou Zhengquan's body was slow by half a beat and he didn't have time to defend himself. He had no opportunity to grasp the leg, and all he could do was reluctantly brace his muscles and give a low kick to ward it off.

Bang! Amongst the impact, Lin Que hit quickly and stood up once again. Not fleeing, and not yielding, he stood up and punched forward. Fighting until this point, Zhou Zhengquan truly was reaching his limit. However, he saw that Lin Que was sweating like a fountain, and his face was pale. He obviously was also not relaxed. He clenched his jaw as he carried out the Fly Fall Punch's "Continuation," bringing close combat to his opponent.

Until this moment, Lou Cheng had been holding his breath ever since Zhou Zhengquan's "Three Consecutive Strikes". He'd been shaken to his core due to his brother-in-law's narrow escape a moment ago.

If it were himself, even though he was in optimal condition, he was afraid he also would not be able to ward off the kind of attacks Zhou Zhengquan was using. After all, his own Frost Force required preparation, he was unable to do it in a split second.

Was this really an Eighth Dan Stage Mighty one's true fighting ability?

As he turned the thought over in his mind, he suddenly noticed that Yan Zheke who just gave him a massage tightly squeezed his left hand with her right hand. "Relax..." He consoled her, reaching out and patting the back of her hand.

Yan Zheke pursed her beautiful lips and nodded gently.


Bang! Crash! The more Zhou Zhengquan struck, the more fearful he became. It was as if he was facing an emotionless robot, who wasn't in the least bit afraid or worried.

His weariness had begun to be obvious, but his face was still cold and his gaze was steady. It couldn't help but make him suspect that he'd made some mistake.

Lin Que used the Yin-yang Twist as his core technique. He then relied on his entire strength to launch a chain of "24 Blizzard Strikes". The more he hit, the more violent and insane he became, gradually wearing down his opponent. Zhou Zhengquan was powerless to strike out again. He had no choice but to painfully prop himself up and wait for his enemy to reach his limit.

After a dozen or so strikes, Lin Que twisted his body and mixed in rebounds. He raised his left arm above his head, and his right fist flew out with lightning speed in a Seabed Burst Punch!


The shattered Zhou Zhengquan wasn't able to square up his hands in time, and got a direct hit.

Bang! Lin Que's punch reverberated. His left fist once again went out, stopping short of Zhou Zhengquan lower abdomen.

Zhou Zhengquan froze. Panting for air, he said matter-of- factly, "Fine, I submit."

Lin Que sighed heavily and didn't respond. Sweat rolled over his eyelids, obscuring his vision. His expression was just as indifferent as before, the points of his eyes as steady as they always had been.

The referee raised his right hand and loudly declared,

"Round Three, Lin Que wins!"

Chapter 210: Sorry

Phew! Wu Qian and other supporters finally heaved out their worry and anxiety upon the referee's announcement. Although they had little to do with martial arts and rarely watched competitions of the body refining and the Danqi stages, they were shocked and impressed by Zhou Zhengquan's imposing bearing and terrifying strength that was beyond human limit. Unconsciously they felt nervous, horrified and perturbed.

Encountering a tiger in person would be the most impressive and intuitive way for a man with no knowledge of how fierce and brutal a tiger could be to feel its force.

As pressure faded away, joy started to show. They raised their hands up high in the air, shouting out for the victory despite sitting in an away stadium, ignoring the bearing they were expected to hold as ladies.

How handsome and charming Lin Que is! Lou Cheng has a girlfriend already. Is Lin Que available? Similar thoughts flashed by Wu Qian's roommates' mind. By their side, Zhao Qiang and Qiu Zhigao indulged themselves in this victorious moment.

The feeling of oppression from that eighth pin rival of the Dan stage was deadly.

Zhou Zhengquan patted his dark martial arts suit and slowly turned around to walk out of the ring listening to the cheers scattered in the mostly quiet stadium as if time didn't matter at all.

"It'll look ugly if I walk faster!" thought him, feeling his calves cramping, thighs shivering, and body at the rim of collapsing. Strolling was the only way for him to maintain his elegance and grace.

"Would this give Lin Que more time to recover?" It was beyond his concern. "The problem is Senior Sister Zhuo's now."

The distance for him to get down the ring is shorter than hers to come from the home seats! I won't cause any delay as long as I can make it to the bottom of this flight of stairs before she gets here.


At Songcheng University Martial Arts Club's seats, Yan Zheke's tensed body relaxed and pursed lips softened upon Sun Jian and Li Mao's cheers.

She leaned towards Lou Cheng and whispered, "I thought my cousin would lose..."

In her voice there was obvious fear.

The horror of Zhou Zhengquan's triple blow could probably smash any Professional Ninth Pin fighter!

Lou Cheng grabbed her hand under his clothes, comforting her with a gentle smile. "I was shocked as well." Yan Zheke's eyes shone like gems, looking at the figure standing inside the ring. She asked as if she was unsure about her own judgment, "What do you think about my cousin's next fight?"

"Your cousin is not yet a true master of the Dan stage. Two imitated Dan stage explosions driving the Meteor force were quite something for him," answered Lou Cheng, pondering while watching. He used professional terms wherever he couldn't find a better expression. "He also underwent Zhou Zhengquan's continuous blows. I'm guessing he's already close to his limit..."

He was trying to tell her by implication not to expect a victory over Zhuo Yanjun or consuming much of her physical strength.

Yan Zheke's sparkling teeth exposed as she bit her lower lip and sighed. "I agree... Hmm... Can't you say something nice to make me feel better?"

"Something nice?" laughed Lou Cheng. "We've already taken two rounds. Even if your cousin can't consume much of Zhuo Yanjun's strength and Senior Brother Sun Jian can't, can't win in defiance of nature, we'd only lose by 2:3, which still leaves us a good chance to turn the table in our home game."

He paused a little while before continuing, neither arrogant nor humble. "I've learned my lesson today of Hou Yue's supernatural ability that I won't be affected by it this much next time, so I'll have more strength to confront Zhou Zhengquan, consume him more, and hopefully force him to launch his continuous blows earlier, setting up better for your cousin to do better in the last match."

"We have a decent chance of taking it by 3:1!"

Yan Zheke's eyes glittered at her boyfriend's high-spirited face and confident words, the corners of her mouth turning upward and her head nodding.


On the fans' forum, the Eternal Nightfall Yan Xiaoling sent an emoji of touching the chin. "I've suddenly noticed Lin Que's charm, pretty good looking and attractiveness. How come he doesn't have a fan forum?"

"Yeah. I still like our idol better but I have to admit that Lin Que is actually more handsome," responded the Brahman with an emoji of confusion.

The Unparalleled Dragon King replied, "It seems pretty odd to me. Normally you girls are more into good-looking cool guys like Lin Que. He appeared quite a character in the interview earlier, with a unique, unspeakable feeling."

"Pretty cute, isn't it? Little Dragon, I get it and stop hiding your girly heart." Yan Xiaoling sent an amused emoji. "To be honest, I'm a masochist and I'm super into cold and unconcerned guys. But I met Lou Cheng first. Ha-hah... Right now on my mind is the line "meeting Lou Cheng causes the waste of my life."

"what? You're a masochist... I don't know you anymore... we're no friends..." The Brahman used a shocked emoji. The Unparalleled Dragon King sent the emoji with a hand wiping off cold sweat. "Little Nightfall, no girls are more self- deprecated than you..."

He quickly added, "I think Lou Cheng's fan forum is also attributed to his miraculous achievements in the Warrior Sage Challenge Tournament, which gave him a legendary color, drawing wide attention. Attention lasts long enough, turning passers-by into fans."

"I was kidding..." Yan Xiaoling flung up his hands bitterly. "Little Dragon, you've got the point. I was impressed by Lou Cheng's wild bearing when he defeated the Professional Ninth Pin rival, and went on to look for his information, which was very fascinating."

The All Good Names Are Taken by Dogs jumped out. "Who said Lin Que had no fans? I'm a big fan! And I like him and Lou Cheng being a couple, which is why I'm hanging around here. Ha-hah!"

A girl Nie Qiqi replied with a smile, "I think the credit of Lou Cheng's forum goes to Little Nightfall, a persevering supporter. I'm quite a fan of Lin Que myself and thought about creating a forum for him. But the possible boringness from only one or two users put me off. Only you and the Brahman can handle it."

Lou Cheng's forum had a couple of hundreds of fans but only less than two dozen would show up upon his matches, among whom no more than ten were active users. That was how hard for a professional martial artist of a low rank to win supporters. Most people's passion and interest in a particular fighter would die shortly after it developed.

"Ha! A compliment for me... That makes me shy..." Yan Xiaoling sent an emoji with the shy face.

The Brahman interrupted. "Little Nightfall, why not create a forum for Lin Que? We'll help keep it hot!"

"Hmm... I'd love to but my love can't be shared (manual pride). Forget about it unless I register another account." Yan Xiaoling replied shamelessly. "Leave it. Save the opportunity for a true fan of Lin Que's," suggested the Unparalleled Dragon King.

Yan Xiaoling agreed with a nod. "That's right... Little Dragon, do you think Songcheng University will win today?"

"Damn it! Why did you bring up such a frivolous topic while others were discussing so seriously?" The Unparalleled Dragon King teased before answering. "Well, it depends on how much strength Lin Que has left. If he can manage to throw a Tremor Punch at Zhuo Yanjun, Sun Jian will score an easy win. Otherwise, they 'll probably lose by 2:3, which gives them an opportunity to turn the table at their home game. They have been performing pretty oddly today. It'll be a whole different story after their coach's summary."

"Hmm... Got it. I'll hold my tears back if they lose today!" The Brahman cut in a comment.

... In the stand, Ye Youting was lost for a while before turning her face aside. "Sister Lan, what're you thinking?"

Jiang Lan was brought back from a trance and smiled. "I was thinking how big a chance I have to win over Brother Zhou after his triple blow at his best."

"How big?" asked Ye Youting out of curiosity.

"My maths is too bad to reach a result." Jiang Lan rolled her eyes at her. How could she give a number on such a matter where only instinct and feelings were accounted for?

She took another moment on this matter. "I'd be on the downside for sure. It'll be tough... After the preliminaries, I thought I had a good chance of taking the seventh pin certificate. He-heh... Seems like I was too confident..."

The ranking events for the sixth pin and seventh pin might be held for a region of several provinces, such as the southwest district. For cities rich in martial arts resources and talents like the capital, Huahai, an event could be held alone. The events for the fourth pin and fifth pin of the Dan stage would be national. Rules applied to the top three pins were completely different.

"I thought I was pretty good among all the Professional Ninth Pin fighter." Ye Youting joked at herself with some self- deprecation.

Jiang Lan turned to look at her and advised earnestly, "You're already at the peak of the body refining stage. After the preliminaries, it's time to calm down and converge, preparing for the Dan stage. Otherwise, Lou Cheng and even Xiaoyuan might overtake you. He has improved dearly in Guangnan, with a large potential of reaching the Dan stage within this year or as late as the first half of next year.

In the National University Martial Arts Games finals in April, Li Xiaoyuan's team of Guangnan University Martial Arts Club made it to the top four. In the end, Peng Leyun successfully led Shanbei University to defend their champion title.

"Hmm..." Ye Youting nodded her head thoughtfully. ...

As Zhou Zhengquan leisurely walked down the last stone step, Zhuo Yanjun was already in front of him.

Their hands clapped as Zhou Zhengquan lowered his voice, trying to sound genteel.

"He's pretty much done. Don't dash forward prematurely.
Watch out for his last charge."

"Got it." Zhuo Yanjun took a deep breath before passing Zhou Zhengquan onto the flight of stairs.

Different from most Wensheng School disciples, she had been practicing an extra style called the Black Water Sword, originated from the brilliant Xuanwu Divine Sword. She seemed extremely sincere about martial arts that she would bow to show her appreciation for martial arts which had greatly changed her life every time she got in the ring. I'm an ordinary girl with a pretty nice name and an ordinary face, ordinary disposition, ordinary background and ordinary intelligence. I'd graduate from an average college, get an average job, date an average boyfriend, experience once or a few times love before entering an average marriage and living an ordinary life just like my father and mother.

Fortunately, I'm talented in martial arts. Now I'm on an entirely different path of life.

Zhuo Yanjun walked towards Lin Que during her thanksgiving, recalling Zhou Zhengquan's words and waiting for the match to begin.

In spite of Lin Que in the middle of the expiration and inspiration exercise, the referee raised his right hand and shouted,


Zhuo Yanjun immediately started to move about, smartly slashing, cutting, pointing and poking with her arms like two swords, avoiding frontal confrontation.

Lin Que stood there firmly, struggling bitterly to block the attacks with his hands, elbows, arms, shoulders, and kicks from both legs.

Zhuo Yanjun agilely slid to Lin Que's side, slashing down her right arm with great force.

An abnormal flush suddenly appeared on Lin Que's face, his dorsal muscles inflated and spine wiggling, pulling his body by force to confront Zhuo Yanjun face-to-face and duck this slash.

His right foot stepped forward like a meteor, closing in on his rival. His left arm rose to block and his right fist punched out, temples swelling.

The series of moves smoothly and swiftly took Zhuo Yanjun by surprise. She managed to block with her elbow. Bang!

Her body shook upon the hit. Descriptions about the Tremor Punch flashed by in her head.

When she was about to practice breathing exercise to cancel out the force, she noticed how weak the tremor was. She barely felt anything.

"An arrow at the end of its flight?" The classic line Junior Brother Zhou often chanted came to Zhuo Yanjun. She threw her right arm out towards Lin Que's neck, seeing the sweat dripping down from his head and an expression other than coldness in his eyes. It was an expression of disappointment and unwillingness.

"Round Four, Zhuo Yanjun wins!" The referee announced the result.

Lin Que turned around to go down without a word. His face didn't change much but his legs were obviously heavier than before. Lou Cheng dashed out from his seat to give him a hand.

When he reached his future brother-in-law, Lin Que slightly lowered his head and forced a word out very quietly.


"Sorry?" Lou Cheng was puzzled, unsure what he was apologizing for. But soon he felt Lin Que's stubborn desire for victories and undefeated pride.

Last time, I fought two matches after defeating Wei Shengtian, putting the nail in the coffin and making his desperateness meaningful.

This time he knocked Zhou Zhengquan out but had no strength left to fight on. He felt disappointed and painful. He felt sorry! Everybody can accept this defeat but he cannot. He can accept nothing but victories!

This is Lin Que!

Lou Cheng reached his hand out to pat Lin Que's shoulder and said in a very serious tone,

"Win it next time!"

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