Martial Arts Master Chapter 171-180

Chapter 171: The Happy Forum

After executing the Thunder Roar Zen so many times, Lou Cheng was rather drained. Of course, no issues with his physical stamina, just that his mental stamina was reaching its limits.

To tighten and pressurize certain muscles and to maintain control over them until reaching the enemy and exploding in full force was something that took up a lot of energy. Not to mention that during this process, the fighter still had to punch and attack.

With this battle, Lou Cheng estimated that the maximum number of times he could execute the Thunder Roar Zen was ten consecutive times. Anymore he would have physical strength but no mental power to do so anymore.

It was the reason why he did not try to entice Yan Zheke to continue to stay in the locker room and whisper sweet nothings. Instead, he took her suggestion to return early, take a nap and do some revision with her in the evening! At this time, Cai Zongming and the rest were all missing. No one knew where they went. Lou Cheng lay on his bed, still excited and happy. He was unable to sleep, so he picked up his phone and started to check on his fan forum.

When he entered, he saw the Eternal Nightfall's new comment: "It has replayed again and again! If I don't see Lou Cheng soon, I'm going to die! Ahhhh! "

Another lady, the Brahman, responded to her in a serious tone: "I want to call the TV station to complain!"

"Ay, shouldn't you call to make a suggestion?" Nie Qiqi could not really comprehend the thoughts of the other young lady.

The Brahman sent a furious emoji and wrote, "Little Changye and I have already phoned in to suggest! But they're not listening! I want to complain!"

"Eternal Nightfall" quickly replied: "Yes. Plus they said it so seriously, 'Our apologies, this is the broadcasting arrangement of our TV station. Please check the broadcasting time and details.' Heya, this formal tone is so well-done. Hahaha, I really dislike them!"

Lou Cheng felt like laughing after reading. He opened another post, and saw the Unparalleled Dragon King hiding. The Unparalleled Dragon King, a little afraid, wrote: "Never try to reason with girls, especially the two underaged kids!"

"Right, the generation gap is as deep as the Mariana Trench!" The Okamoto's Fan wrote with a crying emoji. "But, to be honest, how can you be sure that they're girls. Maybe with their pants off, they're thicker and longer than you (joking emoji with moving hands)"

In the past few days, the few of them had tried to appease and console "Eternal Nightfall" and "Brahman", the two girls, as much as possible. Sadly, they had failed terribly and pissed the two girls off.

"Ay, no live broadcasting? It's not easy to accumulate those fans, and it would just get quiet from now since there were no more live broadcasts..." Lou Cheng sighed, exited the post and returned to the home page. At this moment, he noticed a familiar ID appearing at the top of the posts:

"Lou Cheng's Girlfriend"!

"Ke?" Lou Cheng was surprised and looked towards the title of the post subconsciously:

"(Video) Songcheng city division fourth round of preliminaries—Lou Cheng VS Peng Chengguang!"

"What video..." Curious and surprised, he clicked into the post and found that Yan Zheke only uploaded a video clip and three words:

"You're very welcome!"

Lou Cheng was stunned. He chose to click play and watched himself walk up the ring, step by step, and Peng Chengguang was already in position, inviting Lou Cheng to the game. The whole video clip was shot from a distance, so the facial expressions would be unclear. However, the person who was filming had very stable hands, which helped to make up for the distance. Because of the stable hands, the video image was very clear and time to time it would move to shoot the large screen. All these captured the tension and excitement completely.

"Looking at where it's being shot from, and how fast Ke got it... She must have asked Dirty Tong to help shoot it..." Lou Cheng was pleasantly surprised when he figured out how the video came about. Then, Lou Cheng recalled how he sprinted two kilometers crazily just to be in time to record Yan Zheke's first battle yesterday.

"When you do something for your lover wholeheartedly and if she does the same for you too..." Lou Cheng felt waves of warmth enveloping him. Undescribable emotions were flowing out from his heart, and he really wanted to run to Yan Zheke and hug her tightly.

The feeling is totally amazing! He held his phone, smiled brightly and turned in his bed. He could not hold back his feelings and pulled out his call record and selected Yan Zheke's phone number.

In just a few seconds, a sweet mechanic voice drifted into his ear.

"Sorry, the number you have dialed is engaged at the moment. Please try again later. "

Yan Zheke stood on the balcony, looking out into the fine drizzle of rain, taking in the scent of spring.

"Hello, Mum? Why're you calling me all of a sudden?" She took her phone, pretending to be taken by surprise.

At the other end of the phone, a light but matured voice said, "You, young lady, I'm your mother. I can call you whenever I miss you. Do I need any other reason to do so?"

Yan Zheke laughed gently and said, "Here I am, missing mum, you, every day, right? Plus, I just called you two days ago."

"No matter how busy, there's always time for my precious daughter." The matured lady voice said good-naturedly. "I heard from your Uncle Xie that you have a boyfriend now?"

Yan Zheke wanted to answer "Of course not", but she was also unwilling to deny the fact about "boyfriend", so she said to her mum in a spoiled manner,

"You trust his nonsense! It's all because Uncle brought Xie Tianque and the others before saying anything, putting me in such an awkward position. I was so annoyed, so I just asked for someone in the martial arts club to help..."

She subconsciously avoided the word "smokescreen." "Why would your martial arts club friend go with you to the Tiantong Taoist temple?" The matured lady asked in a non- pushy manner.

Yan Zheke was already ready with her counter statement. "He was there to see Cousin!"

The older lady sniggered and said, "Your cousin has mild autism, why would he have friends who would travel so far to visit him?"

"Mum, this, you don't know well enough. This is camaraderie among the men!" Yan Zheke tried her best to be lively so that her mum would not pick up any hints. "He collaborated with Cousin and with attrition warfare, and they won a fighter with Eight Pin Dan stage. They probably appreciate each other very much."

"He has professional Ninth Pin level? Haha, your cousin can only make friends with people doing martial arts." The older lady seemed to no longer suspect their relationship. "Ke, your dad and I object that you have a relationship during college isn't because we're conservative. But we feel that real love should appear only after you have had a lot of experience in life, seen far and wide. Only then, can you understand truly what kind of relationship you want to be in."

"And, Ke, have you forgotten your dream? Every time you tell us what you want to do in the future and what you intend to chase, you're glowing, shining so brilliantly. Even I, as your mum, get jealous, and always worry about how some hooligans may cheat our little princess..."

Yan Zheke listened in silence, her lips arching upwards prettily, her dimples dancing in warmth.

She could only feel her mum's love in all these statements. So she did not refute or argue, but only promised and said,

"Mum, don't worry. I'll not enter into a relationship so easily!"

Yes, I'll not start a relationship "easily". I'm very serious, very careful and loving the relationship! …

Since the line was engaged, fatigue started to set in and Lou Cheng fell into a deep sleep.

An hour later, he woke up naturally and picked up his phone. He refreshed the page, wanting to see the responses to the post.

At the second floor, the Eternal Nightfall sent a jumping emoji: "I won't thank, but I'll just offer a bow. One bow!"

Brahman followed almost immediately: "Second bow!"

Nie Qiqi added: "Third bow!"

The Unparalleled Dragon King added a "face with a hand wiping cold sweat" emoji and wrote: "We're just short of a 'Returns from the family' and we can play the funeral music already..." After these few lines, they only added more comments a little later. Obviously, they went to watch the video.

"The secretive video made me feel like I'm watching an R rated video..." The Eternal Nightfall commented with a sniggering emoji. "To be honest, just two weeks without watching Lou Cheng in a match, I could hardly recognize him in the video. He is much more ferocious than before and become so much stronger..."

After her long admiration post, the Brahman sent a laughing emoji and wrote: "Little Nightfall, you're getting dirtier and dirtier! Anyway that's not the main point. The main point is that my idol is now better looking than ever! Better looking than ever! Better looking than ever! Important things must always be said three times! He fought with such manliness! (Very much charmed emoji)"

The Unparalleled Dragon King threw out some questions: "How come I don't seem to be able to understand the competition anymore. There're so many strange details in competition." At this moment, the Road to the Arena, who no one knew when he sneaked into the forum, wrote: "If I'm not wrong, Lou Cheng has already mastered a Tremor Punch!"

"Tremor Punch? No wonder!" The Unparalleled Dragon King sent an emoji hitting its thigh. "This explains why he's a so different and changed man, just after two weeks. He has managed to master the Tremor Punch!"

This is a powerful martial arts move!

The Road to Arena sent a sly looking emoji and wrote: "Even if you pulled out all the Professional Ninth Pin in the country, Lou Cheng, with his Tremor Punch will probably rank in somewhere. Just that he has not competed much yet. If I were to battle him again, within three punches, I would probably shit in my pants! "

"So it's the Tremor Punch. Even though I don't really understand, but it seems like it's very powerful!" The Eternal Nightfall responded excitedly. After some discussion, the Okamoto's Fan wrote: "Come, come, come, everyone. To celebrate Lou Cheng mastering the Tremor Punch, I'll continue to dispatch cars!"

"Tsk! You're no driver!" The Unparalleled Dragon King "cursed" at him and then continued writing: "From the video, 'Lou Cheng's Girlfriend' is from Songcheng University."

"Yes." The Lou Cheng's Girlfriend chimed in with "good child sitting" emoji.

Lou Cheng's heart skipped a beat when he saw this, and continued to read below.

"Really? Then do you know of any gossips? Does my idol have a girlfriend?" The Brahman asked curiously.

"Yes, he does!" Yan Zheke answered with a righteous looking emoji. The Eternal Nightfall added to the discussion and wrote: "Who, who, who? Any photos? His classmate?"

"Me, of course! Just read my ID!" Yan Zheke sent a laughing with its hand over its mouth emoji.

"No one knows if you're male or female..." The Unparalleled Dragon King sent the emoji with cold sweat again.

Yan Zheke responded immediately:

"Of course female, a pretty one!"

No one believed what she said. Only the Eternal Nightfall wrote enthusiastically:

"I'll believe whatever you say! As long as you be a good undercover and provide us with inside stories on Lou Cheng's development. I decided on one matter!" "Father! I'm your long-lost son!"

After a bout of laughter and joking responses, The Lou Cheng's Girlfriend did not appear again. The Brahman wrote in a despising manner: "Little Nightfall, you've chased her away with your dirtiness!"

"Where am I dirty?" The Eternal Nightfall asked in a wronged manner.

"Isn't it dirty to just call anyone father?" The Brahman sent a laughing and hitting the floor emoji.

After reading till here, Lou Cheng exited the forum and went to give Yan Zheke a call, with the brightest smile.

About today's victory, he was somewhat proud, but not arrogant. This was because he almost lost to Peng Chengguang who did not even have proper or any good martial arts skills. How about all those Professional Ninth Pin fighters with such power? …

On the drive back, the four-member team of the Azure Dragon Squad was under great pressure, depressed and silent.

Suddenly, Deng Hua with a Mohican haircut said in a deep voice,

"I have an idea!"

Chapter 172: Azure Dragon Squad's Strategy

"What idea?" The Azure Dragon Squad's leader, Mo Zicong, turned back from the front seat and stared at Deng Hua in shock.

Lou Cheng had mastered the Tremor Punch, and Lin Que was going to return, which seemed that we were doomed to lose. What other ideas could there be?

Deng Hua touched his Mohican hair and exhaled. "We can apply for special competition format!"

"Deng, are you dumb? We don't know how to do formations!" Zhu Tao, a baldy with short stubble, looked at his friend like his friend was an idiot.

Special competition format meant that the team could claim that they fought in formations, and applied for the permission to have three people enter the ring at one time. The opponent could also use formations to fight, or put in up to six people to use numbers to match formations. The Azure Dragon Squad was made up of a collaboration of several martial arts club. Even if they did have formations, the four professional fighters mastered entirely different skills, how could they execute any formations?

Xu Zheng, who was driving could not hold and started to scold. "Deng, stop thinking about the impossible. Damn, something went into the heads of the Songcheng University team right! Do they have nothing better to do? Why are they in these preliminaries? Now, we have to wait till next year!"

When they first formed the squad, they were confident. They were sure that they would come out tops in any division or group. Who would know, Songcheng University would come up as a black horse. In addition, Pan Chengyun from Hongluo Martial Arts School had already attained the Professional Ninth Pin level. Jiang Guosheng and Fang Tong, both, could not be overlooked!

This was completely a "death" team that you would only come by once in a decade. Deng Hua had already planned out the details. He smiled and said, "Yes, we don't know how to make formations, but the substitutes of the Songcheng University Martial Arts Club are very weak!"

"Tsk, share more details." Mo Zicong took a deep breath and kind of grasped what Deng Hua was trying to hint at.

Deng Hua sniggered and said, "We can't beat Lou Cheng's Tremor Punch, and we also can't beat Lin Que who is about to return. But, we can be considered as strong Professional Ninth Pin fighters right, and if we can predict what's going to happen, we wouldn't just fail right? We can probably hold them up for a while. For example, Brother Cong, you can try to fight Lin Que. Wouldn't you be KO-ed within a couple of seconds right? If we intentionally put in the effort to defend, we probably can hold two to three minutes at least?!"

"I have some confidence in this area you're talking about." Mo Zicong nodded lightly, somewhat understanding what Deng Hua was thinking about. Deng Hua looked at baldy senior, Zhu Tao, and chuckled. "Brother Cong will take care of Lin Que. I'll handle Lou Cheng, the rest of Songcheng University team are no-professionals. Maybe not even One-Pin, do you think you can beat the rest of them within a short time?"

"Many mosquitoes can kill an elephant. I can only say the chances are 50-50." Zhu Tao answered cautiously.

"That's it, isn't it?" Deng Hua raised his voice. "Wait till you're done with those non-professionals, you can come and join hands with us to attack Lin Que or Lou Cheng. I doubt they've more than a pair of hands and legs. If they get flustered, they'll probably make more mistakes!"

"Deng is right. If we don't do it this way, we wouldn't even have a 10% chance of winning. We can only hope that Lou Cheng and Lin Que don't perform well, and with the special competition format, we would have at least 50% chance of victory!" Mo Zicong agreed readily. "Let's apply quickly. If we're late, it'll be difficult to get approval." Once the special competition format was used, there would be a huge crowd and mess on the ring. One referee was not enough at all, even if there was a competition supervisor, it was also not enough. A specific arrangement was required, so the earlier you applied the higher chances it would be

Of course, the Azure Dragon Squad themselves had some connections and could persuade the committee to "believe" in their saying of formation play.

"Great!" Zhu Tao and Xu Zhengqi shouted in agreement together, recovering the lost passion and fighting spirit.

Yan Zheke closed her laptop and was just about to do laundry when she heard her phone vibrate.

She picked it up to see and found that it was a call from Cheng. Unknowingly, a smile appeared on her face and she walked back to the balcony and shut the sliding door that separated the balcony from the room.

"Sorry, the number you are calling is engaged. Please try again later." Yan Zheke's eyes sparkled with mischief and said these words as formally as she could.

Why would Lou Cheng not be able to recognize his girlfriend's voice? He laughed and said, "Which telephone company would play the recorded message after a few rings?"

Yan Zheke pursed her lips and smiled. "I've always thought that you're dumb right? So maybe you'll believe when I say such stuff like caller's engaged or something!"

Her bright tone and liveliness infected Lou Cheng, making his mood better. He gently laughed and said, "I saw the video you posted on the forum..."

He spoke with tenderness and as Yan Zheke heard his voice, her dimples surfaced again. Bashfully, she said, "What're you talking about? How come I don't understand!"

She decided to upload the video to the forum and not send it to Lou Cheng because she was too shy. She would never tell her boyfriend that she had specially asked her friends, Dirty Tong and the other all, to help him record a video of the match so that he and his fans could see it in advance.

That would be so embarrassing!

Of course, if Lou Cheng did not check the forum in the afternoon, she was all prepared not to do any explanation and sent it to him directly. Then she would say, "Quick, praise me!"

After hearing her pretending not to know what he was referring to, Lou Cheng burst out laughing, his heart warmer than ever. He asked, "What price did you pay to get this?"

Yan Zheke did not deny any further. She leaned against the window ledge of the living room and said with a small smile, "A meal." Then, she said proudly, "I feel that "Lou Cheng's whatever" such IDs would be in high demand soon. So many people registered just now!"

"Pfft, what're they called?" If it was not because he was using the phone to speak to Yan Zheke, he really wanted to send a lovingly spoilt emoji.

Yan Zheke pressed her lips together and looked toward the sky. In slightly high-pitched voice, she said,

"Not telling you!"

After talking about random stuff for a while, she thought about something important. She took a deep breath and said,

"Cheng, my mum may be coming over these couple of days..."

Lou Cheng was shocked. "Mother... I mean auntie, why is auntie coming over on such short notice? " About "Mother-in-law", this living species, most men feared them. It was like facing a "Queen Mother".

"It's all because of Uncle Xie! " Yan Zheke pushed all the blame to Xie Chengzhen. "That day, not only did Xie Tianque see us holding hands, his dad saw us too. We were all not aware. In the end, two days back, when he went to visit my grandpa, he spilled the beans. So, my mum found out. Good thing my brother covered us up. He said that it was because I was trying to shoo away the pesky Xie Tianque, so I asked someone to help..."

After explaining, she had no more energy to speak. She made a mental note to herself. "Those were words of Cousin, not mine..."

Luckily, Yan Zheke finished explaining in one breath. Hence Lou Cheng's did not beat too fast. He said carefully, "It's all my fault. I couldn't bear to waste time that I could spend with you... Will your mum really come and make her rounds?"

Upon hearing her boyfriend's first sentence, Yan Zheke's frown disappeared. With a serious tone, she said, "Believe me! My mum is the kind of person who would do what she says! I suspect she's probably on her way to the airport already!"

The explanation would not satisfy her intelligent mum! She would not believe!

"Huu..." Lou Cheng exhaled deeply. With some disappointment and regret, he said, "So, that means we have to keep a distance these few days?"

Yan Zheke's pearly white teeth bit her lower lip. She thought about it and replied, "It's not that serious. As long as we're careful at a couple of places Iike from the martial arts arena to the class building, from the conference hall to the bridge, the start of the pathway to my dormitory. My mum probably can't follow me all around, right?"

"Oh yes. During meal times, there're so many cafeterias, so many people, and so many tables. The chance of meeting her is really small." Lou Cheng was rejuvenated and said admirably, "But, how did you narrow down to these three "risky" places?" "Just a guess..." Yan Zheke suddenly blushed. She looked demure and beautiful.

It was because of this matter, Dirty Tong had teased her that her mind was now corrupted and would never be pure again!

After a couple of exchanges on this topic, she worriedly asked, "Cheng, would you be unhappy? Would you feel that we have to play hide and seek and be secretive about us?"

Lou Cheng answered sincerely,

"No. In fact, I feel rather guilty myself. I feel that I'm not good enough yet, and I'm not good enough for you. In fact, I wouldn't have the guts to meet your mum. I don't have much confidence. I'm afraid I wouldn't leave a good impression. If the first impression is no good, it'll be difficult to change it, and it'll be even more challenging to be together in the future..."

"I've been trying hard to improve myself. Hoping that I'll be good enough eventually. Then, I would meet your parents and give them the first impression that I'm a reliable person, and they could give their daughter to me, with confidence..."

"Moreover, I know that I've confessed my feelings for you too abruptly. You probably haven't got used to it or accept it fully yet. If there's any pressure, I'm afraid that you'll feel that this relationship is too troublesome, too restrictive. So, there's nothing bad about being a little secretive now..."

Yan Zheke quietly listened to Lou Cheng's somewhat clumsy words, and thoroughly felt the sincere but somewhat clumsy love. With a warm and fuzzy feeling, her eyes reddened and she said softly,


Actually, I already like you very much...

"Hmm?" Lou Cheng asked. Yan Zheke bit her lip again and smiled. She said,

"Nothing just wanted to call your name..."

About me liking you very much, I'll tell you when the time comes in the future...

"Mother-in-law is coming to visit..." After he put down the phone, Lou Cheng was still a little distracted. He felt that he needed to do something, but after thinking through, he concluded that not doing anything was probably the best strategy. The more he did, the more room there would be for mistakes, and the higher possibility that he would be found out.

"Ay, can't believe that though I'm only 19, I can already understand the awe of mother-in-law..." He laughed at himself. He couldn't understand how his high school and middle school classmates, those who started dating early, managed to face the "mother-in-law" pressure, or rather, didn't they meet at all? After spending some time to calm down and straighten his thoughts, he refreshed and rechecked the forum. He saw how the Road to the Arena and the Unparalleled Dragon King had led discussion through a train of related topics: "Lou Cheng, himself-Songcheng Martial Arts Club-coach". They started to discuss his master.

"Old Dragon, you're my most respected human encyclopedia. Do you know the background of Coach Shi of the Songcheng University Martial Arts Club?" the Road to the Arena asked curiously. "I asked around before and also searched online, but I just cannot find any relevant information. He has skills from the Ice Sect, he has a last name, plus he seems to possess physical invulnerability, it should be easy to find out about him."

The Unparalleled Dragon King sent an emoji with a bitter expression. "I had searched before, but like you, I found nothing... Even his name in the list on the preliminaries website is "Coach Shi". I'm even wondering if he's really called Coach Shi! But, to have the last name, Shi and the skills of the Ice Sect, I feel that he must be related to Shi Yuejian of the 'Wuyue Club'. Of course, he could be using a fake last name..."

Chapter 173: Eureka

"Shi Yuejian..." Lou Cheng murmured. This name was familiar.

Born in the Internet age, he had tried to find out his master's full name via search engines and wanted to know more about him. However, like "Unparalleled Dragon King" and "Road to the Arena", entering "Unique Skill of the Ice Sect" plus "Shi" through keyword searching only produced one result—the Physical Invulnerability Mighty One of Wuyue Club—Expert Shi Yuejian of Three Pin.

Lou Cheng suspected that she was the daughter Geezer Shi had mentioned, also his so-called Senior Sister. But he was not absolutely certain about it. Who knew his master's real last name?

"Why is he so mysterious?" He could not help but grumble. When he remembered that Geezer Shi had a deep relationship with the military and was involved in many secret matters, he felt relieved. "Judging from his appearance, he was probably an expert during the time when professional tournaments had just started. During that time, the Internet was not available and television was not popular. Matches recorded on videotape were all well-known events. But clearly, I can't think of any other Mighty Ones like him. I even suspect that he competed in a few Challenge Tournaments." The Unparalleled Dragon King continued his analysis.

"So, you mean, he grew up with life and death fights?" The Road to the Arena was clearly shocked.

"It's only a guess. But at that time professional events and title matches were still in their infancy and many areas were in turmoil, therefore it was not surprising to witness life and death fights." The Unparalleled Dragon King explained.

Reading the discussions, Lou Cheng suddenly remembered what Geezer Shi had said previously. Before he entered into Physical Invulnerability, he had adventured in war-torn areas and even used the Thunder Roar Zen, shocking a strong opponent to death. It fits in with the Unparalleled Dragon King's thoughts...

Lou Cheng scrolled down and found no more chats. Then he logged out of the forum, discussed the issue with Yan Zheke and waited for dinner.

Near Weishui Lake the next morning.

Lou Cheng came to his regular spot and performed his routine practice of Yin-Yang Stance. However, he reduced the practice of the skills that he had mastered earlier, such as the 24 Blizzard Strikes. He wanted more time to train in Thunder Roar Zen and to meditate on the essence and spirit of visualization.

The ice sheets were boundless in the white snow and the wind was blowing with biting cold... After looking carefully at this picture several times, Lou Cheng closed his eyes and pictured a scene with freezing temperatures. He combined it with his personal experience of winter, attempting to render unity of both form and spirit.

How cold is it on earth? So cold that you have to wear cotton jerseys, thick sweaters, and down jackets.
How chilly is the wind on earth? So chilly that it feels like a knife cutting your face...
Many thoughts flashed through his mind, but he still failed to integrate his everyday feelings and insights into his visualization.

Gradually, these thoughts streamed into his mind and became tangled up, so much so that he could no longer control his spirit and had to stop.

"You're being too impatient today." Geezer Shi chuckled next to him. "You're right." Lou Cheng took a breath and replied in a low voice, also realizing his problem.

Too hasty and anxious!

Since it was already challenging to start with, I should relax, experience it slowly rather than getting too ambitious. However, I keep thinking about succeeding quickly, so it'll have the opposite effect.
Why have I become so rushed? Does it come from the new pressure in my heart?
Ke's mother is coming. My mother-in-law is coming...

After setting his goals for his college career in Tiantong Taoist temple, he was quite clear about the road ahead and felt more motivated to work hard. But this urgency and pressure was not overwhelming since he still had an entire three and a half years to go. But now, the "Queen Mother" was expected to arrive. Even if he didn't have to face this by himself, the reason to succeed was suddenly before him. Since he wanted to prove himself and anxiety would inevitably follow.

Breathing out... he exhaled out the fresh air, calmed down and entered a peaceful meditative state.

How can I capture the essence and spirit of this visualization?
Is everyday observation, experience, and gradual progress the only way to it?
... Would taking advantage of the natural environment similar to the visualization help me master it faster?
But understanding nature can only be attained by rare geniuses or Mighty Ones. Am I capable to do that? Even if I could, I have neither the time nor money to go to the Arctic or Antarctic.
Well, maybe I could replace them with other places, such as Ice and Snow amusement parks or mountain ski resorts?
With many ideas flashing through his mind, he considered the viability of visualizing through understanding the nature while thinking of an ideal place.

I am still a university student who can't support myself financially, also I have to spend so much money on dates and presents, so this method seems unrealistic...
At this moment, Lou Cheng brainstormed what could replace the natural environment for enlightenment!

"How can I be so silly?" He cursed quietly. Since I have a source of cold ready to help me, why do I still need to bother acquiring it from outside?
The Jindan (the Golden Elixir) in my body is half fire and half ice already!
Of course, I can use my spirit to feel the coldness in the

All of a sudden, Lou Cheng felt enlightened as if the world had become clear and bright.

Well, it's a little dangerous definitely. But don't I have my master next to me?
At the thought of that, he decided to do it right away. He calmed down and resumed his concealment of spirit and qi.

This time, he did not attempt to picture a scene in the freezing temperatures. Instead, he came into a state of inward vision slowly and allowed the Jindan (the Golden Elixir) in the lower abdomen to amplify before his eyes inch by inch!

Clear and fantastic, these ice crystals rotated round the fiery blaze with distinctive colors just like stars, reflecting their own light and blazing with colors.

Gradually, as though he felt as if he was in an immense universe and it was difficult to work out any direction due to the vastness.

He came to one of the stars cautiously and amplified it before his eyes, allowing the brilliantly fine crystals to make delicate contact with himself.

Within a minute, Lou Cheng was frozen from within his spirit to his flesh. Before his eyes was a blanket of white devoid of life, by his ears was the howling cold wind, and the surroundings were brought into a state of extreme coldness that froze the fire and any movements. After merely two or three seconds, his spirit bounced back and the dazzling nebula in his lower abdomen expanded and contracted. Such a feeling was so wonderful that this was imprinted in his mind!

At this point, Lou Cheng suddenly understood. With the help of this feeling and after a few more attempts, he would be able to capture the spirit and essence that he had been striving to obtain!

He wanted to have a try at once, only to find that he was exhausted and his mind was sluggish.

"It's Just a couple of seconds and it has consumed so much of my energy..." Left with no choice, he opened his eyes and shook his head.

"If you feel tired, don't push yourself." Geezer Shi watched peacefully and reminded.

"Yes, Master." Lou Cheng listened to his advice, left his stance and started to run around the lake for morning practice. "I had no idea that the Jindan could work!" He thought happily to himself while running. Meanwhile, he felt that there were many hidden abilities in the Jindan waiting to be explored. Some things could only be felt, not explained.

Looking at his back, Geezer Shi smiled and said, "Hey, how could it be that easy to succeed with visualization at the first try? At least he also becomes impatient and rushes into things, otherwise, I would not have believed that he is still a young man..."


After special training on Saturday morning, this was a rare occasion as Lou Cheng did not leave the martial arts arena walking next to Yan Zheke. Instead, he was pulling Cai Zongming along and following his girlfriend and Guo Qing.

"Cheng, to be honest, did you do something bad?" The witty Talker began to interrogate him while smiling.

Abnormal behavior means trouble! Lou Cheng rolled his eyes at him and said, "Her mother will be visiting her."

"So this is about your 'mother-in-law'..." Little Ming realized.

Lou Cheng was inspired and asked curiously, "Ay, Talker, have you ever met your mother-in-law?"

"You want to ask for my advice based on my experience? I haven't met my mother-in-law actually, but I was obstructed by my father-in-law once..."

"How did that happen?" Lou Cheng asked wanting to learn.

With a sigh, Cai Zongming said, "It was when I was a senior high school student. It was a stormy day with thunder and lightning. Her mother was away on a business trip while her father worked overtime. She was alone and afraid at home. I braved the rain to go to her house to keep her company. You know... the reaction you get when you put dry wood and fire together? In the end, her father was worried about her as well, so he had returned to check her. When he saw an unfamiliar pair of men's shoes in the doorway, he locked me in her room..."

"Good thing I was rather skilled. I quickly took the chance to escape. Otherwise, I would have been chopped up by her dad... Ay, after that, she transferred to school, and I was depressed for quite a long time."

There was still some fear and regret in his voice while he recalled the incident.

Lou Cheng did not joke about it, and instead, he gave Cai Zongming a pat on the shoulder and said,

"Casanova, I believe that your journey to love has been hard..."

… After lunch, Lou Cheng went back to his dormitory before going to the bus stop to get in line for the bus. A few minutes later, Yan Zheke showed up, dressed casually. However, she did not greet him at first. Instead, she went straight to the end of the line.

"Does it feel like a secret undercover meeting?" Lou Cheng chuckled and texted Yan Zheke to show that he was quite calm.

Yan Zheke looked down on her phone and texted back immediately: "If you're in a secret gang, you would be a dead man by now because you keep looking at me!"

"With such a pretty girl here, which boy wouldn't look over? If I don't, I'll look suspicious instead," Lou Cheng said with a naughty smile and took the opportunity to compliment her.

In case they met her mother who may have been coming on the school bus, Yan Zheke decided to stay apart from Lou Cheng. Although they were just an arm's length away from each other, they continued to text each other. They were enjoying it and felt that it was fun. Time flew by and the school bus arrived. It stopped and the passengers alighted.

"My mother didn't come!" Yan Zheke exclaimed. "Get me a good seat later!"

After they got on the bus, the two took seats next to each other without any hesitation.

"Finally, the secret gang is together!" Yan Zheke smiled cheerfully.

Lou Cheng said nothing and held out his hand smiling. Yan Zheke chuckled and also reached out a hand.

In silence, the two touched, their fingers interlocked.

Feeling affectionate, they gradually leaned on each other. …

On arrival at the campus, they separated and took a detour to the north gate before heading to Songcheng Ocean Aquarium.

Looking at the magnificent entrance, Lou Cheng felt a little nervous because he had not scouted the place ahead of time. He was uncertain of how to proceed with the tour of the aquarium because all he had was a little information on the Internet. In addition, the notes that he had taken down about the marine life was messy too. If he was not familiar with the route they took, he would not be able to remember whatever he had prepared.

Hand in hand, he walked to the ticket office and continued a chatting while he tried to recall the information he had prepared.

Starfish. Every part will be reborn as a brand-new one after being torn apart...
Sea urchin. Very timid. Jellyfish. Beautiful but dangerous...

Manta Ray. Looks like a bat in the sea...

Angelfish. Has tassels. Appears like dancing while it swims.


When he had almost finished remembering, Yan Zheke's phone rang. She took a close look at it and made an "shh" sign to Lou Cheng immediately.

"Mom?" She answered briskly.

From the other end of the phone came a mature voice of a woman:

"Ke, aren't you in the dorm?" When Lou Cheng Heard Yan Zheke calls her mom, a burst of anxiety and loss seized him.

Alright, I guess there's no need to review...

Chapter 174: Queen Mother Arrives

Although Yan Zheke had been well prepared, she was still a little nervous and she suddenly switched to acting like a spoiled child and said, "All right, but right now, you know, I'm going shopping with Qing. Mom, why do you ask me this?"

"I'm in your dormitory." The woman giggled with her mature voice. "I thought I could give my little princess a surprise, but I guess I failed."

"You're in my dormitory?" Yan Zheke felt her acting skills had gotten better and better these days since her exclamation of surprise and rhetorical question sounded almost perfect.

"Don't you know about your mom? When I want to do something, I do it immediately. No surprise. I came to Qin Yang for business, so I dropped by to see you. Haha, your roommates are quite polite." She smiled. "Ke, where are you now? I can come to you directly."

Qin Yang was the capital city of the neighboring province, a two-hour ride on the bullet train from Songcheng. "Come here directly? Mom, you don't play by that routine at all!" Yan Zheke thought. She was startled and said, "Mom, don't bother to come. Wait for me at the dormitory and I'll come there right away."

The mature voice spoke compassionately, "You already have a commitment to go shopping with someone, and you just started but you want to leave her alone? That's not good. It's better that I go to you, and invite your friend to dinner."

"..." Yan Zheke couldn't help but glance over at Lou Cheng. "Even if it's not appropriate to leave him alone, it's worse still for my mom to 'invite' him to dinner!" she thought.

Then suddenly, an idea came to her mind, and she decided to include Li Liantong and the others resolutely. She said, "Mom, aren't you always talking about inviting my roommates to dinner? Today is a good day to do that! Qing has another friend to keep her company."

"Oh, okay, then you'd better head back soon." The mature voice said, pondering. "Yes, Madame!" Yan Zheke said, acting so cute, and just ever so slightly raising her hand in a salute.

Hanging up the phone, she breathed a sigh of relief. "It was a battle of wits and courage. Lying is indeed very tricky. One lie leads to another. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't go through so much trouble!" She wondered.

"Then should I go and get a cab?" Lou Cheng restrained his mood, indicating her phone with a smile.

Yan Zheke spoke pitifully, with her hands clutched over her heart, "Go on and get a cab. I need to relax some, for that was so stressful just now."

I was so afraid that mom would insist on coming over!

'Even so, how could I magically make a Guo Qing appear beside me now? She is still sleeping in her dormitory!' Watching her behave like this, Lou Cheng felt tenderness and his heart softened. He had completely forgotten the previous feeling of a sense of loss. He chose the address on his phone immediately and booked a car.

Yan Zheke rested for ten seconds, then looked at the clean- cut visage of her boyfriend, and cautiously asked,

"Cheng, are you disappointed? Are you unhappy now?"

Lou Cheng was moved and said, "Certainly, I feel a little disappointed because I was looking forward to visiting the aquarium with you and I wanted us to spend a wonderful afternoon. But, when the Queen Mother arrives, I have to step aside."

At that moment, he held the girl's catkin flower and gently smiled while saying, "Plus, we'll have a lot of weekends in the future, and we'll have a lot of chances to come here again to make up for today. Honestly, I feel sorrier for you, because you just got here and now you have to rush back. I should have waited longer and postponed this date for next week." "We'll have a lot of weekends in the future..." Yan Zheke rolled her eyes joyfully and spoke briskly, with a sweet smile, "Why do you blame yourself? She's my mom, not yours."

At that moment, the taxi from the online car-hailing arrived and took them to the old campus of Songcheng University.

Worrying that his future mother-in-law would be waiting for them at the school bus station on the new campus, Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke discussed it for a while and then decided to take two separate cars back, just in case they would happen to meet her mom head-on.

Yan Zheke found a seat next to the window. She held her backpack in her arms while watching her boyfriend wave at her. Showing a smile on her face, she slightly sucked her lip and felt calmer.

When the school bus started, she took out her phone and typed on the keyboard swiftly. She started with a 'determined to do better' emoji and said, "Everything will be better after this afternoon!"

Lou Cheng replied with a snickering face, "Then we'll chant 'The day of liberation is a bright day'!"

Ha! Yan Zheke broke out with a laugh, and just as if a flower was blooming before their eyes, it made the male students around her stare.

But she didn't pay attention to all of this, and she just fixed her eyes on her phone screen. "Alright, so now you're talking behind my mom's back?" she replied, with a Dodge emoji.

After replying to this message, she realized that Li Liantong, Zong Yanru and Shi Xiangyang, had all sent her messages earlier. Despite the different tones of their messages, the contents were quite similar, like "Hurry back soon, I can't handle your mother anymore! She has a strong mental presence. I'm trembling!".

... "No, no, how dare I talk behind my future mother-in-law's back..." Lou Cheng replied to her with a shocked sticker.

"Bah, she's not your future mother-in-law!" Yan Zheke replied with a cursing sticker.

Lou Cheng stood in the waiting area of the station, smiling. He held his cell phone like a cyber-addicted boy, constantly typing at the screen keyboard. After a while, he suddenly noticed something weird with his keen observation, and it felt like someone was watching him.

He suddenly turned his head, looking at where the weird gaze was coming from. A few girls were looking at him, discussing something in whispers and giggles. One of them used the camera on her mobile and aimed it at him.

"Huh? What just happened?" Lou Cheng murmured to himself.

However, when the girls noticed that he was looking at them, they suddenly stopped their talking and stood up straight, acting like they were previously doing nothing.

But when Lou Cheng turned his eyes to the school bus that had just arrived at the station, he heard the unrepressed laughter around him again.

"Is there something strange on my face? Or on my clothes?" He wondered. He got onto the bus and sat down, at the same time he used his phone screen as a mirror to see his reflection, but he didn't find anything unusual.

When all of the seats were taken, and the bus was about to start, Lou Cheng thought about another possibility. So, he opened the browser on his phone and logged into the BBS of the school's website, and he saw a new post in the social chat area:

"It seems that I met Lou Cheng from Martial Arts Club!"

Clicking on it, he saw a picture of himself waiting at the station and texting on his phone with a smirk on his face! Phew... Lou Cheng breathed a sigh of relief and was quite pleased with himself.

I'm a big figure at the school now...

Since Li Liantong and the others had warned her over the phone, when Yan Zheke walked down from the school bus, she wasn't surprised to see that her mother was waiting at the ticket office.
Her mother's hair was in a bun, and she was wearing light makeup, with a white shirt, black suit, and five centimeter high heels, which pretty much shaped up her professional and mature business style. She shared some similarities with Yan Zheke, but her facial features weren't as delicate as her daughter's. Her eyebrows were too sharp and her nose wasn't prominent enough. She expressed a heroic spirit and was full of vigor. "Mom, why did you wear this suit? I was thinking about taking our campus tour in BBF clothes!" Yan Zheke walked up and took her mother's hand, while smiling and acting very coquettish, she then nodded a greeting to the woman who was dressed in the same kind of business suit and standing next to her mother, "Hello aunt Liu, I feel that you're getting tougher and tougher!"

Aunt Liu was her mother's assistant and bodyguard, the daughter of grandfather's disciples, seven Pin of Dan stage.

"Ke has improved her communication skills." Liu Xiaolin answered with a smile.

Ji Mingyu patted her daughter's hand and said, "I finished my work in Qin Yang and I came here to visit you immediately. When would I have had time to change clothes? And considering my age, is it appropriate to dress in BBF uniform with you?"

She talked while watching the students who got off of the school bus. "You don't look your age at all! When you wear your jeans, whiteboard shoes, and a loose sweater, you look like you're 30 something!" Yan Zheke grinned. She held her mother's arm and let out a cute humph. "Mom, you're here specifically to spy on me, right? Because you don't trust me."

You just called me yesterday to question me about the boyfriend thing and today you came here to visit me. If you pretend as if there is no correlation between these two things, how could you possibly endure your guilty conscience!

Ji Mingyu let her daughter lead her to the dormitory area, she smiled and said,

"It's because I don't trust myself."

"Huh?" Yan Zheke was stunned and looked at her mother.

What does that mean? "You've had the same personality as me since you were a child." Ji Mingyu revealed with a gentle smile. "And I lied in front of your grandparents countless times, so I thought if my Ke has a crush on a boy, certainly she's willing to deceive us for him. So I come here to see if there is such a boy, at least I should know what kind of person he is, right?"

Yan Zheke felt a burst of guilt. "Is it true that no one knows a daughter better than her mother?'"

For a moment, she almost wanted to confess herself, but being cautious was more important. She intended to take Cheng to see her parents when she had confidence in the situation.

"I thought you came here because you missed me!" she said in a spoiled manner, switching the topic.

Ji Mingyu turned her head to look at her daughter, and replied to her with a smile, "Ke, you look better than the Spring Festival." "Of course, with my special training every day, my body is stronger than ever." Yan Zheke clenched and bent her arms deliberately to show her "muscle". "And I participated in a Challenge Tournament last week. I think I fought to my full capacity very well. I even beat off an Amateur First Pin candidate! I didn't tell you before because I wanted to show you when the video was released."

After being re-edited, there wouldn't be any scene of their flirting with each other in the video anymore!

Ji Mingyu was surprised and said, "Then you have to participate in the next amateur Ranking Event. What level of Pin do you plan to sign up for?"

"Second Pin!" Yan Zheke replied proudly.

Ji Mingyu nodded slightly, and suggested,

"The special training of Martial Arts Club has helped you to improve a lot. Since your cousin is here as well, shall I invite all of the members from special training to dinner? And I'd like to meet the boy who pretended to be your boyfriend that day."

Yan Zheke was very frightened, her heart almost skipped a beat, and she replied hurriedly,

"Why do you want to see him? How embarrassing!"

The Queen Mother is too troublesome!

Chapter 175: Can't Jump out of the Buddha's Palm

Ji Mingyu said with a smile,

"Why are you embarrassed? I'm not inviting him alone... Since my daughter has bothered him, surely it would be okay for me to say thanks to him particularly if I gave a treat to all the members in special training. Are there any problems?"

"No problem, no problem... There was a big problem!" Yan Zheke felt very worried that her head almost exploded, so she racked her brain to say, "But mom, everyone has their own activities on weekends. So how can I gather them just by saying it? And, mom, haven't you said that you wanted to give a treat for my roommates?"

"Yes, I'll treat your roommates tonight and then the group of people from the martial arts club tomorrow. We can go just after you finish your special training, so you do not need to worry that you can't find them tomorrow." As for the problem about where to stay tonight, it would be easy to find a good hotel in such a big Songcheng City.
At this moment, Yan Zheke was speechless and she felt that she could not match her mother. She tried to control her panic and frustration and said as she looked up,

"Well, okay. I'll mention it to them during special training tomorrow."

If I refused this plan too vehemently, my mother would know that I am covered something up. Why should I be afraid? It's just a meal. It'll be all right if I urge Qing and Senior Sister Lin to pass on my words and tell Cheng to behave naturally!
As soon as she finished her words, Liu Xiaolin who stood next to her and who was always quiet suddenly said, "Junior master, you have other arrangements tomorrow. You have to attend the signing ceremony in Qin Yang."

Liu Xiaolin was the daughter of Elder Senior Brother Ji Mingyu, so she called the mother of Yan Zheke junior master. However, she was only five years younger than Ji Mingyu and she had also married a family friend of Yan Zheke's family. So Yan Zheke should actually call her auntie.

"I have a terrible memory!" Ji Mingyu patted her forehead and said regretfully, "Ke, I'm sorry that I can't treat the members from your martial arts club who have special training."

"No need to feel sorry..." Yan Zheke silently relaxed, and then she suddenly realized that if she had been making excuses to prevent it, then it would probably have become a reality. Even her mother wouldn't mention anything about the signing ceremony!

Mother, you're really good at setting traps!

"Well, you can treat them next time. Anyway, I haven't told them yet..." She said amiably, and changed the topic casually, "Mom since you're so concerned about my teammates from the martial arts club, do you know something about our coach?" Cheng has always been curious about the coach!

Ji Mingyu chuckled, "I've asked your grandfather about him.
He only answered 'an old guy'."

"An old guy. It seems that our coach is really an expert of physical invulnerability in the same generation with my grandfather. But Coach Shi seems to have no relationship with my grandfather..." Yan Zheke thought for a while. Then she threw all the tangled thoughts out of her mind and adjusted her mood so that she could continue to show her mother and aunt Liu the campus while chatting with them.

Lou Cheng put his phone by his side after he went back to the dormitory as he was waiting for good news from Yan Zheke. He did not play games with Cai Zongming and Zhao Qiang. He took out of his books and sat down to review what he had learned before carefully. The amount of knowledge you had learned in university was dozens of times more than the knowledge in high school. Usually, the teacher would teach dozens of pages in one lecture. So if you weren't talented and only studied by listening to the teacher in classrooms and doing homework, you would only understand a few of the main points. You would barely pass.

Therefore, the university required a higher standard of self learning. Your grades would get worse and worse if you couldn't study independently, review, summarise the main points or find relevant reading material.

Lou Cheng was busy with martial arts training. He also had to go to classes both in the afternoon and at night. So he could go to the library with Yan Zheke only during weekend. Because of that, he could not master subjects very well. He realised that there was something new every page he reviewed after he opened his book.

While he was busy learning, it had become dark outside.
Suddenly his phone buzzed and vibrated strongly. "Was it a message from Ke?" Lou Cheng felt glad and put down the gel pen in his hand. He did not dare have too much hope because this similar scene had happened sometimes where the messages were only spam or replies from Jiang Fei or Chen Qili.

As he picked up the phone, he saw the latest message directly on the screen even without unlocking the phone. And the message was:

Yan Zheke had sent an emoji which was like setting off the firecrackers,

"I'm 'free'!"

"Is the inspection of my mother-in-law over now?" Lou Cheng felt relieved. He felt so happy and he quickly unlocked his phone. He immediately replied,

"So can I ask my fairy out for a walk tonight?" Yan Zheke stood at the bus stop and she almost had the impulse to cry as she watched the bus which her mother and aunt Liu had taken driving out of the eastern gate of her school.

That was hard work!

However, didn't my mother leave too easily? Does she already believe me after only testing me twice?
Or did she do this because she is not suspicious?

While she was feeling confused and drained, she took out her cell phone and saw the reply. There was a slight smile on her face and she now felt relief and happiness.

"Okay~ But you have to wait another hour. The 'fairy' is afraid that the 'Queen Mother' would sneak back like a back thrust!" "It looks like my 'fairy' has been frightened a lot by my mother-in-law..." Lou Cheng felt not only distressed but also amused when he saw this message. "It's good to wait for another hour as I haven't eaten dinner yet."

Once the moon appeared above the willow tree, the people in love would go out on dates with each other. As soon as Lou Cheng saw Yan Zheke coming out of her dormitory, he rushed towards her and grabbed her hand immediately with fingers entwined.

"Let's take a walk along the lake?" He suggested with a smile because there were too many people around.

Yan Zheke stared at him for a while with her eyes shining like stars. She chuckled and said, "Don't you dare think of doing something bad!

It's night now! And that's how I lost my first kiss!

Lou Cheng answered seriously, "I guarantee I won't do anything bad!"

Is making out with my girlfriend a bad thing?

They strolled to the lake holding hands. Lou Cheng asked lovingly, "Are you tired from this afternoon? Is it hard to deal with the 'Queen Mother'?"

"Yes, it is!" Yan Zheke nodded like a chicken pecking grains. "I'm not exaggerating. If it were you, you would have betrayed yourself within three minutes!"

"Haha, is it so hard?" Lou Cheng couldn't believe it.

Yan Zheke took he right hand out of her pocket and counted the reasons with her fingers. "First, the 'Queen Mother' has been in relationships before and she's experienced. Second, she's a successful businesswoman with sharp eyes and a strong mental aura. Third, my mom is wise and she has lots of traps prepared. Fourth, she gave birth to me and raised me up which means she knows me intimately..."

"You must have worked hard just now!" Lou Cheng felt that she was so cute when she behaved like that, but on the other hand, he pitied her for working so hard.

Yan Zheke tilted her face to look at Lou Cheng with aggrieved eyes. "Yes, I really do. So how would you comfort me~!"

Lou Cheng stared at her delicate pink lips and said,

"How about a kiss?"

"Humph, that is not comfort. Obviously, you want to take this opportunity to satisfy yourself!" Yan Zheke said shyly. She turned to the other side and said, "Cheng, answer me honestly, had you prepared a lot for the visit to the aquarium this afternoon?" At that time, they walked to the quiet secluded place where there was nobody around and only the dim light of road lamps shining on the ground.

"Not too much..." Lou Cheng answered humbly.

Yan Zheke turned around and stared at him with her beautiful and sparkling eyes. "Would you please let me have a look?"

Since she asked so gently, Lou Cheng could not help but hand his phone over and unlocked the screen to show the gallery. "I just downloaded some pictures, and made some notes... or how about I set up a password with your fingerprint so that you won't have any trouble when you want to unlock my phone."

"Aren't you afraid that I'll discover your secrets?" Yan Zheke looked over at him with a faint smile.

"In front of you, I have no secrets." Lou Cheng answered with a sweet smile. Yan Zheke chuckled and stopped walking. She looked down at the pictures downloaded by Lou Cheng. One, two, three... She looked through the pictures for a long time.

"So many pictures..." She whispered to herself and looked up at Lou Cheng. It seemed that she was moved to the point of tears in her eyes.

The girl quickly looked down and clicked the notebook in which she saw all this knowledge about marine life. The facts were categorized and some of it was highlighted looking just like the review notes she took before the NCEE (National College Entrance Examination)!

Yan Zheke said nothing for a long time as she stared at the phone. Lou Cheng said feeling slightly anxious, "I looked it up online and didn't waste too much time on it..."

Yan Zheke's hair had fallen down and covered part of her cheek. Lou Cheng could still vaguely see the sweet dimple on her face. "Cheng, I'm very happy..."

"Ah, what?" Lou Cheng was stunned and didn't hear what she said clearly.

Yan Zheke looked up and grunted. "Just let it go if you didn't hear~"

Under the light of the street lamp, her eyes turned slightly red.

Lou Cheng was not a fool, so he understood her tone and guessed that she must have been touched. He said with a laugh, "I heard that you wanted a kiss."

"Beh! Shameless! You big pervert!" Yan Zheke retorted and turned away while blushing with her pink cheeks.

But when Lou Cheng grabbed her hand and pulled her to his side, she came without resistance like she was boneless. She rested her head on his chest with her eyes half closed. Her eyelashes trembled, her nose moved slightly and her mouth opened slightly. She was so shy yet looked like she was waiting to make out with Lou Cheng.

Lou Cheng was so excited that he kissed her without thinking. He kissed her sweet lips and outlined her lips with his tongue. Sometimes he sucked her lips and sometimes he licked her lips.

After kissing her many times, Yan Zheke couldn't hold her breath when they were kissing. She breathed rapidly with her noses. And her smell was so sweet and fragrant that Lou Cheng was enchanted.

In accordance with his belief that trying out once would do no harm, Lou Cheng again put his tongue into her mouth and touched her crystal white teeth. Then he tried to separate her teeth.

If she resisted, he would stop. However, when his tongue touched her teeth, suddenly he felt that Yan Zheke stopped closing her mouth and opened her teeth slightly.

Hum! Lou Cheng felt that all the blood had come to his brain. He didn't mind being bitten and squeezed his tongue through the small gap. When he made contact with the delicate tongue of Zheke, he felt an electric jolt and a soft sensation.

Yan Zheke moaned softly and held Lou Cheng tightly with her hands.

Looking for it, chasing it, entangling with it...Lou Cheng was like a traveler who was dying of thirst. He was desperate to suck the sweetness from Yan Zheke's mouth and caress her clumsy, delicate and fragrant tongue.

He had no experience. But seeking a good thing was an instinct.

At this moment, he completely forgot the surrounding environment and forgot the drama and tension from the day. He lost track of time. When he finally held the tender and fragrant tongue and decided to pull it into his mouth, Yan Zheke suddenly whimpered a cry and pushed him away. Her mouth was bright and red with saliva on it.

Then she buried her red face in his shoulder and took a few deep breaths.

"Pervert, pervert, you're a big pervert!"

Her right hand pounded on the back of Lou Cheng gently and rhythmically.

Lou Cheng seemed to have forgotten to breathe just now, so he gasped in a breath and felt so happy and comfortable.

He said proudly, "If what you said is right, then all husbands and boyfriends are big perverts!" I am proud to be a pervert since it's with my beloved girlfriend!
"Well, I don't care. You're the number one big pervert!" Yan Zheke answered shyly. And suddenly, she cried out an "uh" in confusion, "What is touching me?"

Lou Cheng was so surprised but it was too late for him to hold his stomach in. Yan Zheke quickly lowered her head and saw the eye-catching 'tent'.

The kiss just now was so passionate that Lou Cheng felt that his "little brother" looked like a sword.

"This, this is..." He thought quickly so that he could think of some good excuses.

Yan Zheke just felt so embarrassed. She suddenly turned around and said quietly in a soft voice, "Pervert!"

I'll never kiss you again!

Lou Cheng smiled with embarrassment and again held her in his arms. He explained seriously,

"If I don't have such a reaction, you should be worried!"

"Well, anyway, you're a big pervert!" Yan Zheke did not struggle and answered 'angrily'.

Lou Cheng also recovered from his embarrassment. As he huggedher and listened to her shy and cute answers, he was also breathing in her fragrance and recalling the sweet taste of her mouth. He wanted to shout out the happiness within his heart.

… After Yan Zheke's mother had dropped by, the relationship between Lou Cheng and her became closer during the next week. Lou Cheng would successfully French kiss her from time to time, so he was very happy the whole week.

He practiced harder and became peaceful again instead of being irritable. After two more attempts feeling the cold state of Jindan (the Golden Elixir), he could almost control the real essence of the visualization.

It was slower than he expected, but still was within the normal range.

In a flash, it was Saturday morning. After Lou Cheng finished his morning tempering, he accompanied Yan Zheke and the others to the martial arts arena of Songcheng City.

This was the 1st Annual Amateur Ranking Event!

Songcheng Martial Arts Arena was very large and was divided into several sections. There was a business circle around which was built for the spectators and fighters who came here.

"What should I do, I'm a little nervous..." Yan Zheke held the hands of Lou Cheng and said pitifully.

Lou Cheng comforted her.

"Don't be afraid, the fighters who are competing for the Amateur Second Pin were previously fighters of the Amateur Third Pin. So you have lots of advantages!"

A few hundred meters away from them, there was a coffee shop through which people could just see the entrance of the martial arts arena through its one way window.

And beside the one way window, Ji Mingyu wearing a black business suit held her coffee and silently looked at the couple who walked hand-in-hand.

Chapter 176: Powerful And Influential

At the entrance of Songcheng Martial Arts Arena, Lou Cheng and his friends said their good-byes with fist bumps. Guo Qing had just started learning Mountain-moving Punch a month ago and had not crossed its threshold yet, so she did not have the confidence to enter the competition for Amateur Third Pin. Instead, she went to the No.3 hall for the Ranking Event of Amateur Fourth Pin with Li Xiaowen, Jiang Fusheng and Wu Meng. On the other side, Sun Jian and Li Mao, participated in Amateur Second Pin as planned, entering the No.2 hall with Yan Zheke, for whom competition at this level was a bit of a risk. As for Lou Cheng, he would certainly follow his girlfriend.

Cai Zongming did not come this time. Having neglected martial arts practice for such a long time and having just restarted, he did not have any hope to achieve increases in his ranking.

No.2 hall looked much like Songcheng University Martial Arts Arena in size and was now filled with a writhing mass of people, most of whom were fighters and their families and friends. According to Lou Cheng's estimate, there were thousands of people here. After lining up for the group list and competition schedule, Yan Zheke put on a sweet smile.

"Not bad, only five participants."

There were 439 fighters entering the Amateur-Second-Pin competition, which had already been published on its official website.

Normally, the largest groups entering the Amateur Ranking Event were the Ninth-Pin and Eighth-Pin fighters.

These two ranks were mostly targeted by students and trainees from the hundreds of martial arts clubs and gyms scattered in and around Songcheng City!
Since most of them either had full-time jobs or were still in high school, they had a limited amount of time to learn and practice martial arts. As a result, if not gifted, they would merely build up a good physique and improve their health, or at best be proficient in Basic Moves through life-long exercise. For them, ranking Ninth or Eighth Pin would be a great honor worthy of showing off in front of families and friends. This could even help them to scare off gangsters and save a beauty!

Given this reality, Ranking Event for these two ranks was not arranged at Songcheng Martial Arts Arena but in schools or surrounding counties with players divided into different divisions.

Then came the higher ranks. Although every year there was a large number of Amateur Eighth Pin fighters which had accumulated over the years, most of them did not have the confidence to enter for the Amateur Seventh Pin competition. Thus the number of participants began to decrease sharply from this rank.

From Seventh to Fourth Pin, very few fighters could come out on top without talent or constant hard work. While those gyms were unable to help their trainees achieve these goals, only the elites in those martial arts clubs were equipped with such ambition. Being originally at this level, Cai Zongming was such a fighter who was talented but unwilling to work hard. Ranking Events for these four ranks were arranged in No.3 and No.4 hall.

Logically there should be much fewer people entering for Ranking Events above Four Pin, since only gifted fighters who kept practicing every day were qualified to target them. Those fighters would be valued and accepted as disciples in most martial arts clubs.

However, this was not the case, for there was another group of fighters that were divided into different martial arts schools and sects from the beginning, and they would directly enter for competitions of this rank.

Among the fighters, there were a few elites and they shared the same goal of entering Dan stage and achieving rank Professional Eighth Pin, while the rest of the outstanding ones would start from the Professional Ninth Pin ranking event. Fighters of medium levels would target Amateur First Pin, while those of lower levels would enter Amateur Second Pin or at least the Amateur Third Pin ranking event. Every year many students from martial arts schools in Songcheng would participate in the event, and thus increase the number of participants in Amateur Third to First Pin competitions. But they would not have too much of an effect on the local martial arts environment since most of them would find themselves a proper job after graduation like
joining in the army, being a policeman or serving in security

As mentioned before, this year there were 439 participants in the Amateur Second Pin competition, which was a little more than last year but still in a reasonable range considering the large population base of Amateur Third Pin fighters. There were a variety of reasons for those who were ranked Amateur Third Pin to temporarily or permanently give up on entering a higher level Ranking Event. Some of them would decline naturally in physical fitness due to advancing age. Some may be satisfied with their present grade and would no longer seek progress. Some were too busy due to other commitments and would have less time to exercise, while some knew that they would not be able to succeed at this time and decide to wait for next year's event.

The number of fighters allowed to pass the Ranking Event for Amateur Second Pin was 40, less than ten percent of the participants. They were divided into 80 groups with five or six fighters each. They would compete against each other within a team in the form of a single circle match and finally be ranked according to their performance and accumulated points. When two fighters got the same grade, they would fight against each other. When there were three fighters of the same grades, they
would start another single circle match and so on.

After that, all the 80 group winners would draw lots to determine their opponents in the next round of matches, the 40 winners of which would be ranked Amateur Second Pin.

In other words, a fighter would need to fight at least five times before getting himself ranked, while all the matches were arranged over weekends, which was a real test of endurance.

Taking the list and schedule from his girlfriend, Lou Cheng looked at it carefully and then smiled.

"Chen Jun of Songyue Martial Arts Club…" Yan Zheke was going to fight against Chen Jun this morning, after which she still had three more matches: one at three this afternoon, one at seven tonight, and one tomorrow morning. If she performed well, then she would be qualified to participate in the draw for the knockout battles tomorrow afternoon to obtain her rank—If there were over 20 winning teams in the first round, the knockout battles would begin without waiting for the rest of the winning teams.

Chen Jun was an Amateur Third Pin, he had only entered a Challenge Tournament of Amateur fighters and had never appeared in any preliminaries before. So it was difficult for Lou Cheng to research his match videos on the Internet. Now that he knew Chen Jun was a disciple of Songyue Martial Arts Club, Lou Cheng decided to find some videos recording the styles Chen Jun was good at, in order to give Yan Zheke an idea of his techniques.

Seeing his boyfriend doing research for her battles, Yan Zheke smiled as she searched on the Internet as well. The two of them sat next to each other, discussing and analyzing the characteristics of all the techniques and move. Sun Jian and Li Mao's could only watch them with a hint of jealousy and envy. At nine in the morning, all the players' families and friends moved to the top of the stand as the organizers got ready.

The field was divided into four standard rings, which looked almost the same as during the Warrior Sage Challenge Tournament.

Knowing his girlfriend's match was scheduled for around ten, Lou Cheng sent her a smiling emoji. She settled herself on the edge of the arena. "Don't think too much about it. Let's continue our discussion on your opponent's kungfu. Wait a minute, I'll get you some fruits and energy drinks first."

Lou Cheng was optimistic about Yan Zheke's performance since he was her sparring partner!

"Not bad, you're pretty attentive! I'm going to give you a 'like'~" Yan Zheke grinned.

Leaving No.2 hall, Lou Cheng bought a lot of fruits from a nearby store and then picked up several bottles of energy drinks while still chatting with her. Though it was reasonable for him to ditch friends for a girl, he'd better make preparation for Sun Jian, his senior brother and the other schoolmates!

Lou Cheng went back to No.2 hall with all his purchases and found himself a seat which allowed him a good view of Yan Zheke. There were quite a few male fighters secretly admiring her with their glances, while Yan Zheke was busy replying to his messages with her undivided attention.

At ten o'clock, Yan Zheke stood up and walked towards the ring. Many eyes followed her as they were attracted by her beauty.

"Wow, such a gorgeous girl is my girlfriend…" Lou Cheng felt proud and happy as he noticed this.

At this time, he noticed that there were two figures approaching him. While one of them stopped not far away, the other was still approaching.

He took a glance at this person automatically. Lou Cheng's heart did a complete somersault when he saw who it was, as he had this sinking feeling in his heart.

It was an elegant lady with her hair pinned up, who seemed to be in her thirties. She had exquisite facial features usually seen in the southern regions. But her eyebrows were sharp, which added to her heroic spirit.

What was more important, Lou Cheng realised that this lady resembled his girlfriend!

How could it be so coincidental? Hadn't she just finished an 'inspection' here? Why has she returned?

While Lou Cheng was thinking about this in a state of shock, the elegant lady in a black business suit stopped in front of him, smiling. "You're Lou Cheng, right?"

"Uh, yeah." Lou Cheng forced himself to keep calm. Ji Mingyu smiled slightly and began to introduce herself.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Ke's mother."

Boom! Lou Cheng felt that his brain was about to explode!

She's really Yan Zheke's mother!

She has performed a back thrust!

Just after Ke and I believed that we had survived her inspection!

"Calm down, calm down, she hasn't caught Ke and me at the same time…" Lou Cheng took a deep breath, glanced at Yan Zheke who was talking with her opponent, and then hurried to stand up with a forced smile. "A-Auntie, nice to meet you." "According to the reaction on your face, I'm sure you're Ke's boyfriend." Ji Mingyu smiled.

Lou Cheng was stunned. Finally at this moment he realized why Yan Zheke predicted that he would be seen through within three minutes after meeting her mom…
Did I appear too nervous?

"No matter how calm you pretend to be, I'll say this for sure, since I saw the two of you entering the hall hand in hand." Ji Mingyu was still smiling. She came to sit beside Lou Cheng and then looked at her daughter in the ring.

Lou Cheng was struck dumb by her words and did not know what to do next.

What an astute and powerful lady Yan Zheke's mother is!

Does she come to break us up? Shall I say something I learned from those TV series like "we love each other very much" "don't bully the poor but aspiring youth" "don't insult me with money" or "the pendulum might swing back"?

"Take a seat." Ji Mingyu sighed. "To be honest, I wanted to tell you to stay the hell away from my daughter when I found Ke had been lying to us. However, watching you two reminded me of the days when I was struggling for my own happiness. It was even worse than what you have done, so how can I still get angry with you? It's only when I became a mom myself could I understand my own mom's feelings."

While talking to Lou Cheng, she kept gazing at Yan Zheke without turning around.

Taking a deep breath, Lou Cheng steeled his mind and plucked up the courage to sit down. Then he said seriously, "Auntie, you have something to say to me, don't you?"

Ji Mingyu finally took a glance at him and laughed to herself. "Don't worry. I'm not here to break you up. Ke resembles me in personality you know? However weak and delicate she looks, she's actually so stubborn that if we forbade her, it would help her make up her mind to stay with you. When I was young, I left everything behind and escaped to Xiushan. I'm sure she would do the same."

"Neither will I give you a sum of money to leave my daughter, although I know that you come from a poor family. Lou Cheng, I'm sorry but I hope you understand a mom's desire to protect her daughter after knowing that she has a boyfriend. I have to be clear of your background."

"She's so scary…" Lou Cheng suddenly understood Yan Zheke's feelings. He said sincerely, "Auntie, I understand how you feel."

Ji Mingyu nodded.

"Good. Though your family is not rich, you have great potential to advance in martial arts like what you've been doing recently. As a young man, you are definitely ambitious and have already set a goal of making a big fortune in the future. So I don't think giving you money will work."

"I won't set goals for you in exchange for Ke. Ke will continue to get better and better and you'll definitely feel inferior and leave her if you can't catch up with her in martial arts."

Lou Cheng gradually calmed down but he felt uncertain.

"Auntie, what do you want to tell me actually?"

"Also, didn't you just find out that we're dating? How are you able to get all my details within such a short period of time?"

Chapter 177: Ji Mingyu's Hope

Ji Mingyu turned her head and cast her gaze onto Yan Zheke, who was about to fight again. Faint dimples appeared on her cheeks as she said, "Ke's constitution was weak since young. Maybe it's because she was pampered and spoiled since young, but she is unlike me in that I've fooled around with my senior brothers and sisters since young and learned how to lie a long time ago. While she hadn't used any unnecessary descriptors when she brought up the fact that you and her cousin had taken down an Eighth Pin Dan stage fighter in a preliminary of attrition, she couldn't hide her pleased, proud and joyful feelings from her tone. She was happier than the time she got the highest score in the exam. At the time I could already hear my stomach dropping to the ground: Oh no, my daughter did have a boyfriend."

"So this was how our relationship was exposed from the beginning..." Lou Cheng came to realization but wasn't dismayed by the revelation. In fact, he had the urge to laugh out sweetly. After learning about Yan Zheke's tone and attitude when she talked about him from an outsider's point of view, his love for her had only grown stronger and stronger. He was filled with a sense of satisfaction and happiness. With the girl I love by my side, I will not be afraid no matter how scary mother-in-law and father-in-law are!

It was unfortunate that he hadn't seen Ke's appearance with his own eyes and Ke's tone with his own ears at the time...
"If I couldn't find out your background even with this crucial information in hand, then the experience I've gained after half a lifetime would've been for nothing, don't you agree?" Ji Mingyu said with calm eyes, "The main reason I came to look for you today is to inform you two of my wishes as Ke's mother. It's not a request."

"Do tell, auntie." Lou Cheng regained his usual cool after seeing that empress really wasn't looking to separate him and Yan Zheke forcefully. However, he was not as calm as he used to be, and there were a lot of reverence mixed with his attitude as well.

The mere fact that the "Queen Mother" had given birth, raised and cared for Ke was deserving of his respect already! Ji Mingyu turned her head sideways and smiled at Lou Cheng. "First, you must not overdo it before you're sure that you can bear Ke's life on your shoulders. Can you do this?"

"Not overdo it..." Lou Cheng almost failed to understand the meaning behind these three words until he circulated them several times in his head. "Mother-in-law, your words are almost too implied to fathom!"

"I'm not an irresponsible person. I'll work hard to improve myself for Ke's sake, and I'll not hurt her." Lou Cheng's answer was also more tactful since he was facing his mother-in-law.

Ji Mingyu nodded, "As for my second wish. No matter how compatible and in love two people were before, I know that they have to make a certain amount of sacrifices to fully acclimate with each other before they can truly live together as a family. However, I hope that you won't make Ke sacrifice her own dreams and future for your sake. Believe me, true love will withstand the test of time and distance."

"The test of time and distance? Ke's dreams and future?" Lou Cheng was a little confused, and he wasn't sure exactly what she was pointing at. But still he said sincerely, "Auntie, if that really is Ke's dream, then I'll only raise both hands in agreement."

"Alright, remember what you said today." Ji Mingyu slowly stood up and threw out a comment, "It shouldn't be a big deal for Ke to win this match. Alright, I'll be leaving. Please don't tell Ke about my visit."

"Mm." Lou Cheng was suppressed by the Queen Mother's aura and thus couldn't find the opportunity to say more things. He could only watch her leaving behind a mature and elegant back and meet up with another woman. They walked along the aisle of the spectator's grandstand and exited the NO.2 hall.

"What dreams would Ke have? I don't think I've ever asked her about this, have I?" Lou Cheng withdrew her gaze and saw Yan Zheke suppressing Chen Jun and unleashing the 24 Blizzard Strikes. He felt both a little dazed and afraid for some indescribable reason on the inside.

… Outside Songcheng Martial Arts Arena, Ji Mingyu paused at the entrance and cast a backward glance indoors. She let out a soft sigh.

"Junior master, that wasn't your initial plan..." Liu Xiaolin's senses were far better than a common person's. They weren't close to each other, but she had heard the gist of things nonetheless.

Ji Mingyu smiled self-depreciatingly and said, "When I saw Ke walking wherever that boy leads her to, and when I think the shocked, fearful, worried but absolutely stubborn look on her face, I cannot help but recall the past and falter before I knew it."
Back then, Xiushan's train station was a wreck that hadn't yet been fixed for many years. Back then, there was a girl who carried her only one bag of luggage as she arrived from Jiangnan. When she saw her the man of her destiny at the railway station, she neither cried nor complained about her grievances. She simply smiled beautifully and declared, "I only have you now..." As the memories kept flashing before her mind, Ji Mingyu's expression turned gentle as she felt a sudden, strong urge to return home right away. Therefore, she started towards the parking lot and instructed her companion. "Little Lin, you shouldn't tell this to anyone including your husband. If Ke's
father, grandpa, and grandma hear about this, they will turn the world upside down, understand?"

"Don't worry, junior master. I know what to do." Liu Xiaolin answered with a smile beside Ji Mingyu.

That was true. Back then both grandpa and grandma was pissed and hurt quite badly by their youngest and most beloved daughter. After the incident, they had cast those loves all onto their exceptionally precious granddaughter. If they learned that their beloved girl had been kidnapped by a 'wild' man right after she started university, she literally couldn't imagine what might happen next!

… …

After obtaining the versus list, Chen Jun had also investigated into Yan Zheke. He learned that the girl was good in listening skill, could forcefully regain her center of gravity and had attained a small level of mastery in meditation after he wandered among his circle of friends in Songcheng's martial arts circles. She had also mastered the 24 Blizzard Strikes. Therefore, he was prepared for this and had prepped all the necessary countermeasures since a long time ago.

Unfortunately for him, his own strength was average, and the improvised fighting style he had to adapt into to avoid his opponent borrowing strength through her listening skill made him incredibly uncomfortable. He kept showing weaknesses throughout the battle, and had to pay extra attention to Yan Zheke's ability to regain her center of gravity. It wasn't long before he fell into the unavoidable suppression of the 24 Blizzard Strikes. In just half a round's time, he faltered before her attacks and had to avoid being hurt and hit off the ring with the referee's assistance.

After she was done with the round, Yan Zheke immediately felt lots of assurance on the inside. She now had greater insight towards her own strength:

She did possess the ability to aim for the qualification of Amateur Second Pin now! Joy surged inside the girl's heart as she turned to look towards the spectator's grandstand, searching for Lou Cheng's figure. When she found that familiar figure and looked into his eyes, she suddenly felt a lot calmer for no particular reason and broke into a wide smile. She tightened her fist and waved at him.

Lou Cheng was both overjoyed and dazed at the same time as he stared at Yan Zheke's overpoweringly dazzling smile. Her aura and the Queen Mother's quite literally felt like heaven and hell.

Does this mean that the Queen Mother has acknowledged my relationship with Ke?

It's only a wish, but not a request?

In that instant, he came back to himself and felt so excited that his entire body was trembling. Wild joy surged from the depths of his heart. He wasn't sure what happened to make his mother-in-law give her sudden, tacit approval, but at the very least he had succeeded in the first step and gained a good beginning!

I'm now Ke's official boyfriend!

He swung his fists and looked unusually excited to the point where Yan Zheke cocked her head slightly in doubt.

Why did Cheng look even happier and more excited than I am? This is just the first match of the ranking event...

Oh well, as long as he's happy!

Plus, he looked like he could not help but feel happy from the bottom of his heart, hehe...

The girl left the ring, confirmed her identity at the tournament supervision area and took back her cell phone. She walked along the aisle with light footsteps towards Lou Cheng. Meanwhile, Lou Cheng had long since been welcoming her with open arms, longing to give her a big hug!

Seeing her boyfriend's open arms, Yan Zheke cast embarrassed glances to her surroundings and confirmed that no one was paying attention before she bit her lips, turned her head sideways, took two quick steps forwards and allowed him to hold her.

"Why do you look so happy?" the girl restrained her laughter and asked in a soft voice.

Lou Cheng had so many things to say, and just as many things to ask. But when he considered the fact that his girlfriend still had matches during the afternoon and night, he forcefully held himself back. "I'm just happy that you've started things off with a bang, aren't I?"

Pu! Yan Zheke broke into a laugh and struggled out of his arms. She brushed her loose hair and cast diffident glances to her surroundings before she examined her boyfriend suspiciously. "Why do I keep having the feeling that your laugh is unnatural?" "Sweatdrop, is this what they call a woman's intuition?" Lou Cheng let out a laugh and said, "And how is it in any way unnatural? Let's head over to that seat and wait a bit for senior brother Sun Jian and Li Mao, shall we?"

"Alright." Yan Zheke was feeling happy, and thus she didn't look deeper into her boyfriend's earlier expression. She sat down with him, opened the energy drink he passed over to her and took small sips to replenish her water.

With her stamina, she couldn't help but sweat all over despite executing only half a cycle of 24 Blizzard Strikes.

Since the time arrangement was just right, the duo didn't wait for too long before Sun Jian and Li Mao ended their respective matches and won their first round.

Later on, Sun Jian went to wait for Lin Hua while Lou Cheng and the others met up with Guo Qing, who had finished her match since a long time ago. They walked to an express hotel franchise fifteen minutes away. Since Songcheng University's new school campus area was too far away from Songcheng Martial Arts Arena, it was troublesome to go back and forth between them. As usual, they had booked a room in advance for resting purposes after every match to recover themselves from fatigue to the greatest degree. Of course, once the third round at night was over, they would still rush for the last school bus back to the dormitory if there was enough time.

Lou Cheng ran back and forth and busied himself for a bit before he finally arranged Sun Jian and Li Mao, Jiang Fusheng and Wu Meng, Lin Hua and Li Xiaowen, Yan Zheke and Guo Qing, and himself into their respective rooms.

However, he made an excuse to invite Yan Zheke to discuss her afternoon match after they had obtained their room cards. He wanted to 'kidnap' the girl into his own room.

"You're not thinking of doing anything bad, are you?" Yan Zheke suddenly felt a little nervous standing in front of the door as she bit her bottom lip.

I think this is the first time I rent a hotel room with a boy... Lou Cheng broke into a laugh and said, "Am I that horny in your eyes?"

"Yes!" Yan Zheke answered crisply and without any hesitation at all.

After she said this, faint dimples appeared on her face as a sweet smile blossomed on her face.

Lou Cheng actually couldn't say anything in objection for a time, and he had no choice but to tell the truth, "How would I dare do anything naughty when you have a match later this afternoon? I just thought that I could apply a new skill I've learned today, you know?"

"What new skill?" Yan Zheke's eyes turned with full curiosity.

Lou Cheng swiped his card and opened the room's door. He said with a smile, "It is a massaging skill that can swiftly alleviate your fatigue!" "Really?" Yan Zheke wore a look of plain disbelief.

"You'll know after you try it. Coincidentally, I can use it with this ointment to eliminate the bruises on your body so that you won't be left with any hidden wounds later." Lou Cheng put the room card into the wall slot while saying very seriously.

Seeing her boyfriend's serious expression, Yan Zheke nodded slightly and smiled.

"Then your coach shall tentatively believe you this one time~!"

While speaking, she walked inside and examined her surroundings curiously. She didn't look like she had visited an express hotel like this before.

Clang! Lou Cheng closed the door and isolated all noises from outside. "Sit beside the bed, and I'll help you massage." he suggested while beaming.

Yan Zheke rolled her eyes at him. "I'm completely sweaty. Even if you don't mind the stench I do mind being filthy. I'll test your new skill after I take a bath~"

Plus, ointments had to be applied after a bath anyway!

Once she was done, she accepted the basket from Lou Cheng's hands just like she used to inside the locker room after a match. However, just as she was about to bent down and take off her shoes, she suddenly froze as if she'd recalled something. A blush rose above her pretty face, and she hastily grabbed her shoes and other articles and rushed into the toilet. She slammed the door shut tightly and locked it with a clak.

"What's going on?" Lou Cheng was a little confused as he sat casually beside the bed.

A few minutes later, he heard the sound of the shower coming from inside the toilet. It was a thin, dense sound that resonated beside his ears.

At first, Lou Cheng didn't feel anything towards it. But as he continued to listen, he suddenly realized that his surroundings were unusually quiet. It was completely different from when he was inside the locker room.

Here in this room, Ke and I are the only ones around?

This sudden realization flashed across his mind and instantly nurtured a certain kind of emotion inside his heart. He couldn't help but feel that the sounds of falling water were beating at his heart and drawing forth an ambiguous feeling.

"We're alone in a room..." He inhaled deeply and told himself that Yan Zheke still had a match this afternoon; an incredibly important ranking event no less. He absolutely couldn't disturb her state of mind right now.

He froze water into ice, but the ice then melted right away. The cycle kept repeating as Lou Cheng felt as if he was sitting on needles. At times he was restless, and at times he was calm. It was only when the sounds of the shower had screeched to a halt that he finally exhaled on the inside. He felt as if he had just fought a challenge tournament.

A while later, Yan Zheke opened the door and walked out. She was wearing the black-bordered white martial arts suit belonging to Songcheng University as usual. Her hair was tied loosely with a rubber band, and her neck looked white, clean and delicate.

Her countenance grew prettier and prettier in Lou Cheng's eyes. Her exposed skin looked moist and reddened from the bath. It looked as soft as a bubble.

Lou Cheng stared dumbly at Yan Zheke as if a bolt of lightning had stricken him. His mouth and throat slowly turned dry.

"What're you looking at!" Yan Zheke immediately blushed red the second she noticed Lou Cheng's gaze. She let out a loud, embarrassed humph and followed up quickly in a slightly afraid tone, "I, I think I'd better head over to Qing's..." She kept feeling that Cheng was going to let out a howl and turn into a pervert!

Why had I stupidly decided to come in with him?

Lou Cheng inhaled deeply and caught a whiff of shower fragrance from the girl's body. He hastily froze water into ice and said sincerely and seriously, "Trust me, I really just want to give you a relaxing massage. There's no way I'll interrupt the ranking event you've been looking forward to for so long, right?"

Yan Zheke bit her bottom lip after seeing the sincere look on his face.

"Alright, I trust you."

When she said this, she looked up with eyes that were still a little misty and said somewhat timidly to Lou Cheng, "Don't let down my trust..."

"Of course I won't. Just look at this righteous look on my face!" Lou Cheng purposely cracked a joke to soothe the girl's anxious feelings.

"A dumb look, more like!" Yan Zheke pursed her lips and let out a laughing abuse.

She set down the articles she was holding such as her martial arts shoes and sat beside Lou Cheng. With a bit of embarrassment and worry, she stared at her own feet and said,

"Let's begin..."

"Okay~" Lou Cheng first took out the ointment and set it at the side so he could use it later. Then, he had the girl turn her body sideways while he knelt on one knee at the edge of the bed. He extended both hands and began pressing her shoulders. "A few times later, Yan Zheke said with a hint of happiness and astonishment,

"Cheng, when did you learn this? You're not half bad!"

Lou Cheng let out a mischievous laugh and said, "Didn't you say that you'll let me treat you and help you relax once I've mastered massaging? I've kept it in mind and looked through many videos and searched for much information. With my insight and understanding of the body's minute details, how can their little technique possibly fool my eyes? I picked it up instantly!"

"You still remember that?" Yan Zheke pursed her lips and looked towards the front. Her two cheeks were covered in deep dimples that overflowed with sweet happiness. "But where did you find the time to read this when you're normally so busy? You even found so much information on ocean life..."

"There's time if you cramp things here and there." Lou Cheng moved his hands downwards and pressed the muscles behind the girl's back. He chuckled and answered, "Some general courses didn't require any attention, but couldn't be skipped either. It's the perfect time to use to read on such things."

The only downside is that it seems a little wasteful...

There were plenty of similar courses in the university. Lou Cheng had always suspected these courses weren't specifically prepared to give students an easy time. On the contrary, optional courses that were chosen on the basis of interest could increase one's desire to listen carefully. No wonder a senior brother once said that his state of mind was to choose to skip an optional course, and absolutely skip a compulsory course...

Yan Zheke narrowed her eyes into thin crescents and said, "I use those courses to review my specialized course and read in- depth documents.

"You're a good student!" Lou Cheng praised her once and asked like a child waiting to be praised, "Are you comfortable? Do you want me to continue stronger, or lighter?" "It's alright~" Yan Zheke gave him a reserved answer. "Just a bit stronger, thank you."

Sensing her satisfaction, the smile on Lou Cheng's face grew brighter as he used the ointment and began applying them to the girl's hands and feet where she exerted strength. This is to ease the remaining tension in her muscles after a burst of energy. After the period of familiarization earlier, his handiwork pleased Yan Zheke more and more. She gradually closed her eyes and focused on enjoying the experience.

After some time of 'physiotherapy' later, Lou Cheng wasn't bold enough to tell his girlfriend to lie down. Instead, he crouched down himself and began pressing around her ankle. He looked upward and saw that there was a bruise at the exposed skin of her slippers behind her foot. Therefore, he applied the ointment at that position and began rubbing with just the right strength.

Since the slippers partially blocked the bruised area, he was just about to raise his head and tell Yan Zheke to lift her legs and take off her shoes. However, when he saw that the girl was closing her eyes and enjoying the experience, he thought that there was no need to ask any longer. Of course, she wouldn't turn him down since she was already allowing her to rub that position.

Lou Cheng held the tender and delicate ankle in his hands and lifted it lightly into the air. Yan Zheke instinctively struggled for an instant before relaxing. Her eyebrows were trembling lightly, and her cheeks were covered in rosy red before anyone noticed.

Lou Cheng's breathing suddenly lagged after he had taken off her shoes. The sole of her feet was compact, and her toes looked delicate. Her skin was like fine jade, and the back of her feet was meaty. It didn't quite tally with her beautiful appearance, but it was still very cute.

Before he knew it, Lou Cheng felt that his breathing had turned heavier. His massaging movements also felt more like a caress now.

He thought that it couldn't go on like this, and he hastily looked up towards somewhere else. However, the first thing that entered his eyes was Yan Zheke's round and full chests. Hot blood seemed to run through his veins as Lou Cheng's mouth and throat turned dry. Restlessness overcame him, and he instinctively pushed a pressure point on the girl's leg harder than usual. It caused her to let out a low humph.

When the sound of exhalation entered his ears, Lou Cheng's heart abruptly beat faster. Just as he was about to do something, Yan Zheke opened her eyes and asked innocently and in puzzlement,

"What's wrong, Cheng?"

Why did he press so strongly all of a sudden?

Lou Cheng inhaled deeply and recalled that today was the day of the ranking event. He hurriedly spoke,

"Let me wash my face with cold water for a minute!" Yan Zheke was confused for a second. Then, she saw Lou Cheng running into the toilet with a bent back. She abruptly came to a realization and blushed as red as a tomato.

"That big pervert!" She lay down sideways, grabbed a pillow and buried her head into it. She sounded as if she was both embarrassed and pleased, and when she recalled Lou Cheng's look she couldn't help but let out a low chuckle again. It sounded both a little sweet and touched.

"I wonder how a cold face wash feels... is he going to take a cold bath if it's not enough?..." The girl thought embarrassedly and naughtily.

Right now Lou Cheng was splashing cold water on his face, using the icy feeling of the water to dissipate the heat inside him. He felt as if he had waged another epic battle right there.

What an amazing and painful experience this is!

When he calmed down and returned to the room, Yan Zheke was looking tired already. She wrapped herself tightly inside the blanket and said, "Cheng, I'm going to take a short nap. Wake me for lunch later at eleven thirty, okay?"

"Got it. We'll eat lunch and discuss this afternoon's match later." Lou Cheng walked beside the girl and said.

Yan Zheke turned around once and acted coquettishly. "Give me a rub around my temple until I fall asleep."

"Okay!" Lou Cheng happily accepted this task and rubbed the girl's temple softly.

A while later, he heard that Yan Zheke's breathing had become soft, long and steady. His heart immediately turned gentle as he looked at her quiet and innocent sleep appearance. He forgot about his nonsensical thoughts from earlier and just stared at the girl he loved like that for a very, very long time.

He took the opportunity to gather all the necessary materials. He hadn't woken Yan Zheke up from her sleep and instead went downstairs to buy some food. He woke her with the fragrance of food, and she slowly opened her eyes. Yan Zheke's black hair covered both sides of her head, and her face was white and exquisite. Her black, spirited eyes looked a little confused after waking, and the sight had Lou Cheng spellbound. He felt as if he would never forget this sight in his life.

Because Yan Zheke was sufficiently prepared and strong in the first place, she managed to obtain victory for both the afternoon and night matches. Lou Cheng had also experienced another ordeal of ice and fire as he gave Yan Zheke a massage during the afternoon.

At 8 p.m. night time, the Martial Arts Club group returned to the old school campus area. Guo Qing, Li Mao and the others were rather excited since they had won all of their matches. On the other hand, Sun Jian was unlucky to meet a strong opponent in his subgroup and lost the previous match. His chance of advancing was low because of this, and he was a little discontented as a result. "You're just unlucky. You can still try again this June." Everyone consoled him this way.

After walking for a moment, Yan Zheke slowed her footsteps and said pitifully beside Lou Cheng's ears, "I used too much strength tonight, and my muscles are aching a little."

Lou Cheng looked at his surroundings before he suggested with a beaming smile, "Let me carry you then?"

"It's so embarrassing!" Yan Zheke turned down the offer immediately.

"What're you afraid of? We'll just walk slower and circle around from another path! You can bury your face in my shoulder later, and no one will be able to recognize you then. Then you won't feel embarrassed." Lou Cheng said in half jest.

Yan Zheke broke into a laugh. "You make me sound like an ostrich!" She finally agreed after falling under Lou Cheng's great efforts at seductions. The duo walked slower and slower and completely broke off from the group.

"Come on up, will you?" Cheng crouched and said smilingly.

Yan Zheke propped both hands on his shoulders and allowed him to grab both her legs and lift her up.

"You're so light..." Lou Cheng let out a low chuckle.

By now the sky was dark, and the night wind was a little cold. The thin fragrance of flower was in the air, and the atmosphere was both quiet and peaceful.

Yan Zheke didn't say anything. Her face was red, and faint dimples appeared on her face.

Lou Cheng glanced around and saw no one around them. He inhaled and said, "Ke, your mum came to look for me while you were competing today."

"Ah?" Yan Zheke's face was a look of bewilderment. She thought she had heard wrongly.

Lou Cheng didn't turn around. He smiled and said,

"She was sure that we're seeing each other, but she didn't seem too much against the idea."

Although his mother-in-law had told him not to tell Ke, he had an obvious idea who would become his family in the future, and who was the most important one!

"My mom? She came back?" It was only now Yan Zheke finally reacted to his words. She was both puzzled and shocked as she asked him. Lou Cheng reiterated their dialogue in detail before asking the question in his heart that he wanted to know the most,

"Ke, what's your dream?"

Chapter 178: Femme Fatale

When Yan Zheke finished listening to Lou Cheng's account, she was going to question herself if her tone really was as proud and as happy when she brought up her boyfriend as her mother claimed, and to sigh that the empress truly was a skilled veteran who couldn't be compared by the likes of common people such as them. However, the last question made her fall silent instead.

Beneath the illumination of the street lamps, she looked past the hair on the temples sideways while her arms were propped on top of Lou Cheng's shoulders. As she watched half of his face from an angle that was different from norm, and sensed the restless footsteps transmitting from the steady body beneath her, she pursed her lips and said,

"My biggest dream is of course to make up for the deficiency of my body and tread the path of martial arts for as long as I can. Even if this path may be short, every step forwards will make me very, very happy. However, this is impossible with the current level of medical science, and it has been more than ten years already. I've already accepted this, and it doesn't affect my daily life any longer. "What my mum mentioned is another matter. In the past, I've always thought that I had a talent in math and logic, and was capable of seeing through the pattern of things right away. Humph, don't laugh at me; back then I was such an innocent and guileless girl and now I've been led astray by you! Anyway, because of this I always told my mum that I would inherit her firm properly in the future. It was a piece of cake after all.
However, I dislike interacting with strangers, fighting and
scheming against others, and being constantly on the move all over the place. Therefore, I want to learn maths, economics, business, and finance. I wish to become a professional who wields a strategic advantage, plans strategies and works from behind the scenes!"

"Back then, the first reason I took the exam for Songcheng University was to watch over my brother from a close distance and prevent any trouble from befalling him, and the second reason is that our university and America's Evans University had a cooperative education plan. If I succeeded in the exam during the fourth year, I'd be able to attend Evans University and learn from the greatest scholars in the entire globe. This process will take between three to five years..."

The night wind was pleasant, and the girl's voice softly entered Lou Cheng's ears and caused a brief moment of absentmindedness. Was this the test of time and distance?

Student Little Ming's cross-province love was difficult enough to maintain already, much less a cross-country love?

He inhaled and said anxiously and solemnly,

"Will you be coming back then?"

Yan Zheke broke into a short laugh and said firmly,

"I will definitely come back. My relatives and friends are here, the culture and history that penetrated deep into my bones are here, all of the delicacies I love are here, and the, the boy that I like is here too..."

At the end, her voice turned as soft as a mosquito, but she still spoke out her heart firmly while feeling thankful on the inside: Thank goodness she was sitting behind Cheng's back and didn't need to face him directly. Otherwise, he would see the incredibly embarrassed look on her face.

"The boy that I like is here too, she says..." A smile appeared on Lou Cheng's face, and he exhaled deeply and said, "Then go. Go pursue your dreams, and show me a brighter and more beautiful you!"

"Pu! Cheng, are you stunned silly by my mum or something? Even your words sound cultured now!" Yan Zheke laughed softly and circled both arms across his shoulders, holding them in front of his body. She said with an uncertain tone, "Aren't you worried?"

"I'm worried." Lou Cheng answered honestly, "My little fairy is so beautiful, cute, intelligent and wonderful. God knows how many men are scheming over her heart."

Yan Zheke immediately pursed her lips into a smile, gave it a thought and said, "I'm pretty confident in myself. There're plenty of excellent boys who pursued me in the past, but have I not turned them all down cruelly and coldly in the past? I know what you're thinking, but the fact is I'd persevere until today and will continue to do so in the future. You can call me rational, or you
can call me callous. On the other hand, Cheng, humph! You have so many fans now already. When you step into Dan stage in the future and enter the circle of professional martial arts, there'll definitely be even more girls who like you and even go as far as to seduce you. I have no idea if you can turn them all
down without me around!"

"My mum often said that there aren't many men at all who can withstand a trial like this."
Lou Cheng didn't turn around. He smiled faintly and said, "I'm confident in myself. If I can persist in training every day, then I can persist in maintaining a distance with the other girls every day. I'm a man who'll become an invulnerable physical expert in the future. How can I possibly achieve that if I don't have a bit of willpower that exceeds the common people?"

"Cheng, your words remind me of a term in novels." Yan Zheke went quiet for a few seconds before laughing. "Ascetic type boys!"

"Pu, what the hell is that term?" Lou Cheng didn't think deeply into this term and allowed his thoughts to wonder, "Cross-country love is no biggie, actually. We're in the internet era right now, and communication is a piece of cake. As long as we coordinate our time properly, we can chat every day we want as usual. Moreover, I should have become a stronger Dan stage fighter by then. A monthly flight is completely within my limits. I'm just slightly worried that you wouldn't be able to find someone to help you with many things when you're alone out there."

His words moved Yan Zheke so much that her eyes were sparkling with hidden radiance. She replied smilingly, "I'd be a proper masculine of Professional Ninth Pin by then; what's there that I can't solve on my own? Mm, when I go there, I'd pay attention to my studies, wear a pair of large black framed spectacles on my face and dress like a nun. I'll not participate in any parties, keep myself immune to all harassment and strive to return in 3 years."

"That'll make you a nun killer, wouldn't it?" Lou Cheng experienced a pang of secret delight before he added worriedly, "You absolutely must watch out for those men who try to get close to you by claiming they're a classmate, from the same hometown or country though!"

Yan Zheke immediately laughed so hard that her chin was lifted.

"Are you talking about yourself?"

"We must learn from our mistakes!" Lou Cheng said in half seriousness and self-deprecation.

His optimism infected yan Zheke, and the little sadness in her heart melted into a smile. While looking at the back of his head, she suddenly recalled a line,

"We were young, not knowing the mercilessness of time or the cruelty of distance." The reason I didn't tell that about going abroad is that I'm a little afraid and hesitant after I started dating him. I cannot look back as easily as before any longer, and I have seriously considered whether I should give up on my dream.

But when I thought about doing things that I dislike in the future, or having only Cheng as the central core of my life, I cannot help but feel that a life like that is too pitiful. If I don't pursue my dreams while I'm still young and driven, I'll definitely be left with many, many regrets in the future...

Sigh, a hero is conflicted when they're in love, and I'm that hero...

Yan Zheke's arms clinging around Lou Cheng's neck tightened slightly, and she pressed her body closer and sighed beside his ears.

"Oh, you femme fatale..."

"Ah?" Lou Cheng wore a dumbfounded look on his face. What on earth did she mean by that? Yan Zheke thought for a moment seriously before repeating,

"Oh, you homme fatale!"

It was only then Lou Cheng finally understood and broke into an involuntary laugh. He said,

"Ke, even the Queen Mother had given me her tacit approval.
Should we not date each other openly from now on?"

"No way~ You've only won my mother's approval. There're still my dad, my maternal grandma, my grandpa, my grandma and so many others' approval that you need to win. The revolution hasn't succeeded yet, so you still need to work harder, comrade~!

"What, I thought the Queen Mother was the most difficult of them all..." "Who gave you that misperception? I've always thought that my mum is the most accepting of them all~"


While their cheerful talk fluttered across the wind and scattered all over the night's path, Lou Cheng had finally reached the bus station with the girl behind his back. He put her down a little reluctantly and thought that he would've liked to walk on like this forever.

They still had three years. They'd worry about it when it happens!

The next day, in the early morning, Lou Cheng seemed to grow a little more mature than he was before. He stood on the spot and calmly comprehended the two visualization diagrams. This was the only capital he possessed that would allow him to settle down, get on with his pursuit and protect his relationship!

A moment later, he closed his eyes, gathered unto himself, cleared his mind and sketched the Frozen Ground Diagram in his head bit by bit. It was no different from what he did every day.

During this process, he had gradually put together the frost concept and 'brushwork' of the Jindan that was inscribed into his heart. He made it so that every snowflake seemed to have a life of its own, injecting a distinct iciness into the empty world.

One snowflake, two snowflakes, three snowflakes... The world slowly turned white, and a chilliness that threatened to freeze everything and bury all life threatened to emerge.

Lou Cheng's mind was already weary, but he suddenly experienced a bout of enlightenment and understood that he had reached the edge of success after a few days of accumulation and appreciation of experience! He forcefully endured the sense of fatigue and drew the final 'stroke'.

With a rumble, the 'drawn' Frozen Ground Diagram abruptly expanded and filled every corner of his mind. The bone- chilling cold came into existence and froze both life and the world itself.

A subtle change occurred inside Lou Cheng's body. Parts of his muscles were either tensing or trembling, his tendons and vessels were either relaxing or contracting, and the corresponding five viscera and six bowels were either wriggling or undulating...

Normally speaking, every action of the human body would have a fluctuation of their own no matter how small it might be. It was just that they were so weak that they would disappear in the next instant. However, at this moment, these fluctuations had ingeniously compounded upon themselves and transformed into a cold aura even normal people could sense that spread towards the surroundings! At the side, the leisurely-looking Geezer Shi suddenly froze as he looked over and muttered in astonishment,

"He succeeded in his visualization already?"

Lou Cheng's spirit was finally at its limits. He could no longer maintain the 'Remain in One' state and broke out of the trance. He opened his eyes and answered his master's question with joy,

"Mm, I've finally done it."

"Finally?" Geezer Shi was startled for a moment before he let out a sudden chuckle.

"Very good. You have slightly caught up with the paragon that your master is. Let's stop today. You'll hurt your mind if you force yourself to try any longer. Alright, you may practice on your own now." "Master is so great that even with the Jindan's support I cannot compare to him, I see..." Lou Cheng felt a shiver on the inside and withdrew the pride and joy he felt for finally succeeding in his visualization. He started to jog seriously.

It was only until he went far away when Geezer Shi swore inwardly.

"Goddammit, and here I thought I defied nature for having succeeded in my visualization in just a month back then!"

"Could it be that Longhu Immortal's remnants are beneficial in helping him learn the frost concept? But there is no such precedence..."

Chapter 179: With Power Comes Kindness

After running, bathing, changing his clothes and finishing his breakfast, Lou Cheng went back to his dorm before arriving at the entrance of dormitory three to wait for Yan Zheke to come out.

Yan Zheke had always been punctual, and sometimes she would even arrive slightly ahead of time. Within minutes Lou Cheng saw her appear at the unit doorway, holding a bag, and walking towards him with light footsteps.

As usual, she was in the white Songcheng University martial arts suit with black trim. However, it was the martial arts suit for reserves. She wore a pink white overcoat on the outside and looked like a beautiful white flower.

Lou Cheng went forward to welcome her. While taking her bag, holding her delicate hand, and smiling, he said,

"You seem to have recovered well. Your muscles aren't aching anymore, are they?" On the way back to the new school campus area last night, he brought Yan Zheke to the lakeside again, where he applied ointment to help her aching muscles and then kneaded them to ease her weariness. Obviously, he was striving to be a good boyfriend.

Her fragrance, tender skin, and gorgeous face had been attracting Lou Cheng during the process. Especially when he helped her take off her martial arts shoes and socks to do a foot massage. He felt as if he was undoing her clothes and hurried to kick the idea out of mind with his superhuman self-control ability. To make it up to himself, he gave her a passionate kiss.

"They're no longer aching." Yan Zheke said, smiling and showing her dimples, "I should call you massage master!"

"Hey hey, whenever you feel tired after special training or competition, you can come to me for this kind of physiotherapy." Lou Cheng tried hard to keep the big smile off his face.

By then, Yan Zheke would have finished all the matches, so there would be nothing for him to worry about or struggle with over his desire!

Just thinking of it made Lou Cheng full of anticipation for the days to come!

Yan Zheke rolled her eyes, giving Lou Cheng a stare, and then said with anger and shame,

"You're grinning like a lecher!"

Am I an idiot? Hum, you'll certainly do the "physio" in front of other people to show off our relationship!

"What?" asked Lou Cheng, looking at her in bewilderment.

If it was not because both his hands were occupied by the girl and her bag, Lou Cheng would be kneading his stiff face now. "Just look at yourself!" said Yan Zheke as she covered her mouth and chuckled.

While chatting and laughing, they rushed directly to the school bus station, where Guo Qing, Li Mao, and the others were waiting for them.

After getting on the bus and sitting themselves down, Yan Zheke noticed Lou Cheng's tired face and asked with concern, "Cheng, why do you look so tired?"

She stopped here because Dirty Tong's words suddenly came back to her, which made her face flush. Fighting back the laughter, she turned to look outside the windows. While feigning a casual voice, she asked, "You, did you sleep well last night?"

An image of Lou Chen's figure flashed through her mind, rushing to the toilet with his waist and back bent last night. She tried so hard to stifle a laugh that her body was shaking because of it. Oh, no! I've been corrupted by Cheng and Dirty Tong…

The girl's reaction and her question made Lou Cheng's thick- skinned face flush immediately.

Lou Cheng actually had an erotic dream last night, but he couldn't remember Yan Zheke's charming appearance when he woke up this morning…
Alas, after all, he was a strong young man with superhuman energy. Could he still stay calm under so much physiological stimulation yesterday?

Zheke's mother had warned him to behave himself since enough was enough. It now seemed to be a great test!

But to what extent was it enough?

Thinking about it, he lowered his voice and explained, "You wronged me, Coach Yan. The reason I'm so tired isn't that, but because I managed to cross the threshold of the visualization method today and overdrafted my mental power."

"Visualization method…" Being born in a martial arts aristocratic family, Yan Zheke naturally could understand what Lou Cheng's visualization method was. She hurried to turn around and asked in a surprised and cheerful voice, "Coach Shi acknowledged you as his disciple?"

He even showed Cheng the "visualization diagram"!

"Yes." Lou Cheng admitted it frankly.

Master, I never told anyone about it, but she guessed on her own. So I haven't broken my promise!

Yan Zheke rolled her eyes joyfully and twisted her lips into a smile. "From now on, you're a martial arts expert's disciple with a strong background, and you'll no longer be bullied by anyone." Even those venerable seniors will think highly of you!

"That's far from enough. Only through improving your own strength could you earn true honor and respect." Having just crossed the threshold of the visualization method, Lou Cheng was now full of confidence.

Looking at his black eyes, shining with confidence, Yan Zheke smiled and said, "It took my cousin three months to learn the rudiments of Meteor force's corresponding visualization method…"

Even if Cheng had been learning and comprehending the visualization diagram since his Power of Frost was awakened, it took him less than one month!

Thinking of it, she couldn't help letting pride and joy color her tone.

Lou Cheng didn't tell the truth, that he only spent one week, because he thought it was mostly due to the Jindan's help. So he just smiled and explained, "Maybe everyone has different talents. I'll soon master Frost Force with the help of my Power of Frost!"

Through saying these things, he didn't mean to show off his achievement but to share the good news with his beloved girl, thus strengthening her confidence.
According to what Little Ming, the Casanova, said about long-distance relationships, Lou Cheng identified with a point that was stressed on it. When facing the challenge of time and distance, relationship keeping relied not only on the emotion but also on the lovers' faith in each other. So they should give each other enough confidence in all aspects.

"Frost Force…" Yan Zheke repeated Lou Cheng's words in a low voice, and her face was lit up with unobtrusive joy.

Being discontent with merely holding Yan Zheke's hand, Lou Cheng entwined his fingers with hers while enjoying the moment of happiness. In a lover's eyes, any topics, even the most boring ones, became so interesting. After a while, Yan Zheke rolled her eyes wickedly and brought up the question again, out of curiosity. "If it's not for that reason you were so tired, you're admitting that you didn't sleep well last night? Did you dream about something strange?"

She blushed as soon as her voice faded. Turning to look outside the window, she couldn't help turning around secretly to see Lou Cheng's reaction.

She found herself getting more bold and cheeky after such a time together with Cheng, which was terrible!

Lou Cheng forced a hollow laugh since the question reminded him of how he got up to change his underpants after midnight. He decided to tell the truth in a flirtatious tone,

"Yeah, I had an erotic dream, about you and me…"

"Stop!" Yan Zheke pounded on his Leg with his own hand and turned her eyes away in a flurry, but her flushing ears gave her away. After a long while, she calmed down, faced Lou Cheng, and mouthed, "You Lothario!" "Didn't you raise the question yourself? Why are you so embarrassed? Girls are always weird…" Lou Cheng wanted to scratch the back of his head in confusion.

Noticing he had behaved himself, Yan Zheke nodded in satisfaction and said voluntarily, "Come a little closer, I'll knead your temple to show you my ability as a massage master!"

"Good!" Lou Cheng was suddenly struck by this pleasant surprise. He moved sideward to make room for her. Then, she began kneading his temple with her slender and nimble fingers, relieving fatigue.

"You're so skilled. When did you learn this?" Lou Cheng praised sincerely.

Yan Zheke raised her chin and replied with a little pride, "Yesterday when you gave me the message. It's so easy that I immediately mastered the essentials. No one is as stupid as you are!" "Yes, of course. You're the symbol of wisdom in our home!" Lou Cheng praised her dramatically.

The tender girl induced a feeling of well-being. How Lou Cheng wished the road to the old campus was longer instead of only half an hour's drive!

Yan Zheke's opponent this morning was Zhang Hengwang, the strongest in her group, whose fighting videos had already been spread on the Internet.

Lou Cheng felt lucky that Zhang Hengwang was not Yan Zheke's first opponent. When analyzing the fighting videos yesterday, Lou Cheng discovered that Yan Zheke was inexperienced in actual combat compared with Zhang Hengwang, making it easier for mistakes to happen.

However, after watching Yan Zheke's three matches yesterday, Lou Cheng was sure his girlfriend was no longer a rookie. Considering her strength, superior familial kungfu, and what she had learned from his analysis of the fighting videos, she had at least a 70 percent chance to win the match. Yan Zheke rolled her eyes joyfully and twisted her lips into a smile.

However, Lou Cheng had been worrying about her for fear of any accidents that would make her upset.

Just then, he saw three figures come towards him, whom he had once met but was not familiar with.

"Dream Squad?" Lou Cheng said to himself.

They were exactly Qian Ruoyu, Jiang Dingyi, and Feng Shaokun!

"What a coincidence." Qian Ruoyu greeted Lou Cheng with a charming smile.

Lou Cheng felt a little confused. "Yeah, I've never expected you to be here." They were all of Amateur First Pin and didn't need to enter the Ranking Event.

"We came to cheer for our junior sisters and junior brothers just like you and your girlfriend," Qian Ruoyu said, then laughed and turned her gaze toward Yan Zheke, in the ring. "I saw you by accident and came to say hello."

"I see…" Lou Cheng simply replied. He didn't want to talk more since he was unfamiliar with them.

Qian Ruoyu didn't pay much attention to Lou Cheng's attitude as she continued with a smile,

"Are you going to join the work-study program this summer break? How about doing a part-time job at my family's martial arts club? A nine-to-five job with considerable payment. And you only need to guide the students on their basic movements."

She was actually conveying an invitation from her father. Since Lou Cheng was a gifted fighter with great potential and strong background, there were many fighters and forces intending to court him.

Though one couldn't always turn enemies into allies, one more friend might provide you one more method, which was a universal truth that those cunning old foxes all knew clearly!

Lou Cheng knew he would soon reach the peak of body refining realm before summer break with the help of Thunder Roar Zen. After that, he needed to make preparations for knocking on the door of the Danqi State, which was quite expensive for him. So Lou Cheng had been looking for ways to make money—He still had some private money, which was used for dates with Yan Zheke and would certainly not be enough!

But Yan Zheke had to go back to Xiushan during summer break, so there was no need for him to stay at Songcheng.

He could also make money at Xiushan!

Thinking of it, Lou Cheng replied politely, "I'm sorry but I must go home this summer break. Given an opportunity next time, I'll be willing to take the part-time job."

"You're always welcome." Qian Ruoyu was still wearing her standard smile.

After they turned and walked away, Qian Ruoyu took a deep breath and said,

"I feel so stressed and self-abased when I'm around that guy…"

Chapter 180: Ranking Event

Rather than how Qian Ruoyu and the other two people were feeling, Lou Cheng was more curious about their triangular relationship. He wondered when there would be an emotional outbreak among them.

Turning his gaze back to the ring, he saw Yan Zheke finally creating an attacking opportunity for herself by pulling back her center of gravity twice in a row. She borrowed energy from her enemy and unleashed 24 Blizzard Strikes, fully suppressing Zhang Hengwang with Mega Avalanche.

Zhang Hengwang attempted to interrupt Yan Zheke twice, but each time his force would be cleverly dispersed by the girl using a partial technique from Yin-yang Twist. He could only watch helplessly as Mega Avalanche grew fiercer and more terrible, ultimately ending with a domineering force that blew apart its opponent's stance.

Seizing the opportunity, Yan Zheke visualized meteors crashing into the earth and combined all of the energy she had borrowed earlier with her own. Then, she turned sideways and shouldered Zhang Hengwang directly out of the ring. If she hadn't withdrawn her strength at the last second, the simple movement would have broken at least a few of her opponent's ribs.

"Yan Zheke wins!" announced the referee, who withdrew his hand after nearly interfering to stop the match at a critical moment.

Yan Zheke exhaled and found herself worn out. Her leg muscles were shaking somewhat involuntarily.
It was a hard battle. Though Zhang Hengwang had been at an unfavorable position from the beginning, he was tight in defense due to abundant experience and extraordinary strength, and could even attack back occasionally. When facing Yan Zheke's final attack with Mega Avalanche, he even got through one round of it before being defeated, which showed his persistence and thus cost the girl much energy.

While Zhang Hengwang was about to stand up with hand clenching his breast, intending to speak with the girl, Yan Zheke turned her gaze at the stand and caught Lou Cheng's eyes, and a big smile appeared on her face. Anyway, she had advanced in group competition, and there was only one match remained on her road to Amateur Second Pin.

Getting back her cell phone, Yan Zheke turned to walk upwards along the aisle. She'd only gone a few paces before she felt a sudden tightening and tremble in her leg muscles, which weakened her knees and almost let her collapse.
Before she could think about the situation, she saw Lou Cheng directly jump down from the top of the stand in eagle- pouncing movement, and then point his toes to change direction halfway and fly towards her. The whole process was breathtaking as combining the beauty of energy outbreak and charming martial arts skills together.

"Are you all right?" Lou Cheng steadied the girl and asked with concern.

Yan Zheke was stunned with a blank look until her boyfriend steadied her body. A beautiful smile gradually appeared on the girl's face as she looked to the side to hide her joy and pride. "Nothing serious, it took me too much energy. But you scared me! You just appeared in the blink of an eye!" She complained deliberately.

"I saw you almost lose your balance." Looking around, Lou Cheng found that quite a few people had noticed his magnificent feat and were now making gestures to show their admiration to him.

In their eyes, the guy was risking his life to save the beauty!

Just a piece of cake! Lou Cheng smiled proudly and suggested the girl, "Let's go back to the hotel for physiotherapy and recovery without waiting for them, since you still have an important fight this afternoon. Get through the last match and you'll get relaxed!"

"Okay." Knowing it was the best choice, Yan Zheke nodded without hesitation.

When she was about to move with the support of Lou Cheng, she saw the latter crouch down, pat his shoulder and said, "Come on, I'll carry you!"

Yan Zheke had intended to refuse him but finally swallow her words down since her muscles were still tightening and her boyfriend was determined. Rolling her eyes to look around in embarrassment, she lowered her head and let the hair down to cover her cheeks.

"You can't see me, you can't see me…" She murmured and leaned over Lou Cheng's back, supporting herself with elbows to avoid further physical contact.

Knowing the girl was shy, Lou Cheng kept chatting with her to divert her attention.

"I met Qian Ruoyu just now, and she invited me to do a part- time job in her family's martial arts club this summer break."

Yan Zheke was suddenly attracted as she forced a smile at the back of Lou Cheng's head and asked, "Do you want to go?" "Isn't it up to you?" Lou Cheng took the opportunity to ask her, "Ke, are you going back to Xiushan this summer?"

"Of course. I'm feeling a little homesick!" Yan Zheke's tone turned brisk as she knew Lou Cheng's decision. "I'll spend at most two weeks to visit my grandpa."

"Since you're going back to Xiushan, why should I stay at Songcheng like an idiot?" While carrying the girl, Lou Cheng kept walking fast and soon left No.2 hall.

Yan Zheke asked as if something occurred to her, "Cheng, you'll keep all the martial arts movements in your body and bones this summer, won't you?"

In other words, he would reach the peak of body refining state!

"I don't have to wait until summer break." Lou Cheng simply replied with confidence, and then began detailing his plan to the girl. "I've been thinking, since the remaining ten thousand yuan was not enough for me to enter Danqi State, I'll enter for some minor Challenge Tournament to get the bonus, or find a part-time job in martial arts club with my classmates' help…"

Realizing that Lou Cheng had already made arrangement and preparation for their summer break, Yan Zheke bit her lower lip to hide the smile yet her tender look still gave her out. At the same time, she unconsciously relaxed her arms, which were originally supporting her, and twined them around Lou Cheng.

Noticing the girl's action. Lou Cheng felt his heart thumping wildly as the girl's breast touched his back.

It was in the warm spring and Lou Cheng was wearing thin clothes because he was more energetic than ordinary people and thus easier to get his blood boiling. On the other hand, Yan Zheke had just finished a match and hadn't put on her pink white jacket yet.

Praying silently to calm himself down, Lou Cheng tried hard to divert attention to something more important as before. Ke had won four matches in the past one and a half day, which made her tire out. Now she was in need of a physio to restored at least 70 to 80 percent of her stamina…
As for the coming summer break, he didn't know whether his special training would stop during the International Labour Day for them to take a break… Since Little Ming's girlfriend would come to visit Songcheng, should he also go for a travel with Ke to surround tourist spots…
While thinking about all the bits and pieces, he kept chatting with Yan Zheke and finally made it to the hotel.

Having learned from past experience, this time Yan Zheke went for shower in the room of Guo Qing and her, leaving Cheng alone outside to wash his face and cool himself down. The poor boy was still reciting some tongue twisters to move attention from his physiological reaction.

Maybe it was because he had behaved well yesterday and was able to control himself at the critical moment, today Yan Zheke trusted him more. Though still being bashful, the girl directly lay down on the bed and was willing to change her posture as Lou Cheng kneaded different parts of her body.

Looking at her fine body lines and curves, Lou Cheng raised head to force his eyes away, finding that tongue twisters could no longer cool him down.

"Cheng, what're you doing?" Yan Zheke was laying her back against the pillowing.

Lou Cheng gave a wry smile.

"I'm reciting the Buddhist sutra. The form itself is emptiness, emptiness itself is the form…"

It took Yan Zheke great effort to stifle her laughter, and yet her body was still trembling.

"Continue reciting it, and I trust you!" "But I don't trust myself…" Lou Cheng cried piteously to himself as he exhaled and visualized thundercloud in his mind while tightening his muscles, and then he began kneading the girl's leg muscles with Tremor force!

He had found the new function of Thunder Roar Zen after the massage yesterday: control the kneading strength to lessen muscles ache in deeper layers!

Yan Zheke suddenly felt it and asked in surprise,

"Cheng, what kneading method is it?"

It was so strange!

"A normal method derived from Tremor Force. What do you feel about it?" Lou Cheng asked proudly.

"Thunder Roar Zen was originally a kind of kungfu used to build one's bones and viscera!" But he still had a strange feeling as turning a powerful kungfu into kneading method. Would his master give him a sound beating if knowing this?

"Tremor force?" Yan Zheke unconsciously opened her mouth to show the snowy teeth with a blank look.

Is it the Tremor force I know that can defeat most of the Professional-Ninth-Pin fighters?

Does he use it for massage?

Cheng is so creative!

Why do I feel so happy…
"Yeah, what's your feeling now?" Lou Cheng continued to ask her in order to determine the proper massage strength. Yan Zheke curved her lips and eyebrows, smiling.

"Just be a little lighter."

Or the other parts of her body instead of the muscles would be affected.
Devoting himself into controlling the kneading strength, Lou Cheng naturally stopped filling his head with nonsense. However, when he switched back the normal kneading method to restore his mental power, he saw Yan Zheke fall into sleep, which again induced his physiological reaction. As a result, he went to the bathroom to cool himself down three times during the whole process.

When Yan Zheke woke up, she saw Lou Cheng was still busying kneading her muscles, which warmed her heart and softened her voice. "Cheng, are you tired?"

He looked so tired… Tremor force was an energy-guzzling kungfu…
"Nothing serious," Lou Cheng struggled to say, "How about you? How much stamina have you restored?"

Yan Zheke got out of bed and slowly warmed herself up with a series of exercise action. Then she said in a pleasant surprise,

"I've gotten back to nearly the same physical state as this morning!"

"All right! I'll go for some food and you shall lie back on the bed." Lou Cheng felt all his effort paid off when he saw the girl's happy face, and then they only need to wait for Yan Zheke's body to recover itself.

Watching her boyfriend rush out of the door, Yan Zheke lay back against the pillows and smiled with shining eyes.

… At one o'clock they returned to the arena and got the result of drawing lots:

Yan Zheke vs He Lingling!

Though being exhausted due to mental power overuse, Lou Cheng supported himself with spirit and began searching for He Lingling's information.

"She seems to be a little stronger than your opponent this morning." He sized up the situation quickly while studying the relevant documents.

Yan Zheke, who was also searching with her cell phone, slightly nodded. "Since she majors in Dragon Style, she is good at catching and has built a strong and flexible backbone."

"Do not leave her any chance to catch you, for dragon claw's movements were mainly tearing and tugging and you'll easily get injured…" Lou Cheng began discussing with the girl. After a long while, when Yan Zheke got a basic understanding of He Lingling's fighting style, she sighed and told Lou Cheng, "Qing told me through QQ just now that though senior brother Sun Jian won his final match, he failed to advance in group competition."

"Good luck is really important in Ranking Event. My fairy is always lucky because of good character!" Lou Cheng commented.

Yan Zheke gave him a big smile. "You are going to enter for the April's Professional Ranking Event. What do you think about your luck? Shall I spare my good fortune with you?"

Lou Cheng laughed. "Coach Yan, may I brag?"

"Sure!" Yan Zheke's eyes were blinking in curiosity.

"Regarding the current situation, I'm actually the standard for the other fighters to measure their luck." Lou Cheng explained with a smile, "Those who'll get me as their opponent are really unlucky!" He was so proud and confident.

Since he had initially grasped Thunder Roar Zen and would master Frost Force by the end of April, it was impossible for him to fail the Ranking Event!

At 2:50 p.m., Yan Zheke appeared in the ring, where her last and the most crucial opponent in the Ranking Event was waiting for her.

Only if she won the match could all her previous effort make sense, or she had to start over again!

He Lingling was about Yan Zheke's height with a serious look. She took a deep breath and smiled.

"I thought the match would be a little easier…" "Anyone advanced from group competition is hard to handle." Yan Zheke was not deluded by her compliment.

I won't be careless and let you take advantage of it!

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