Martial Arts Master Chapter 161-170

Chapter 161: Combo Attack

That man in black martial arts suit, who was just worrying about having no equal, was suddenly cheered up by Lou Cheng's appearance. He pointed at the ground in front of him and said,


It was early spring, so Lou Cheng was still wearing a tight Cashmere shirt instead of exercise clothes when he took off the thin jacket, which limited his movements to some extent. Yet Lou Cheng didn't care too much about it since they were not fighting for Challenge Tournament but just to learn from each other.

It was more like the pair exercise he did in special training everyday, while the only difference was that they had a referee here, which enabled him to practice new kungfu trustingly.

Having seen enough news and reports to know different kinds of deceptions, Lou Cheng cautiously took out his cell phone and wallet, and put them into his casual pants' pockets, making them bulge. Then he gave the coat to a nearby little Taoist priest to check.

"Don't worry. They're all registered Taoist practitioners in Tiantong Taoist temple, how could they take risks to steal your belongs?" The man in black martial arts suit frowned. "It'll influence your leg movement."

"Nothing but just fighting to learn from each other." Lou Cheng laughed while warming himself up.

I wouldn't join in it if it were a Challenge Tournament for my right arm is still weak and can merely do some auxiliary exercises. Who dares to fight against a Professional-Ninth-Pin master with only one hand?

Besides, there were few audiences here who seemed to know neither of the two fighters. So Lou Cheng was indifferent whether he won the game or not, since he wouldn't get any sense of achievement or something from it. The man in black martial arts suit stopped persuading Lou Cheng and began observing his movements. Then he asked,

"My friend, may I know your martial arts level? Amateur or professional?"

Fighting to learn from each other meant a lasting game for both sides to test and observe each other's movements, skills and fighting style. Only when you knew your opponent's level could you decide how much strength you would devote to the fight, otherwise it wouldn't make sense if you fought a quick battle.

Lou Cheng didn't intend to hide his strength, so he answered frankly,

"Professional Ninth Pin."

Maybe… The man in black martial arts got more excited and laughed.


He had never expected Lou Cheng to be such a martial arts expert. Now he could have a good fight!

Seen from Lou Cheng's appearance, his qi and blood weren't active and powerful enough to make his temperament fierce and sharp, which showed he had just entered Professional Ninth Pin…
Having warmed himself up, Lou Cheng stood in front of the man in black martial arts suit, where it was about four or five meters between them.

Unlike those professional referees, the middle-aged Taoist priest just laughed and casually announced,

"Start!" Lou Cheng was about to quickly shift his weight and moved to the man's side in a flash, where he could make the most of Thunder Roar Zen. Then suddenly he saw his opponent bent and stretched his knees, shook his body, and then pounced widely at him as if riding an excellent horse, during which
period he stretched out the right arm and stabbed Lou Cheng with it.

Like a horse running widely, he pounced with lightning speed, which accelerated his punch, making it more powerful and horrible!

Though Lou Cheng always remained calm and cold-headed during a match, he was influenced by the man's force and there was a moment when he even thought the man might be invincible.

"Bravo!" Lou Cheng acclaimed in his heart. Immediately giving up the idea of dodging, Lou Cheng turned his toes inward, lowered his waist and acted as if sitting on an invisible chair! Crack! Slight cracks appeared on the stone ground as the violent force transmitted through Lou Cheng's feet, legs, waist, back and finally into his left arm, helping him to throw a powerful blast punch at his opponent. Meanwhile, Lou Cheng tightened the muscles in his hands, arms and shoulders in the
way he had practiced hundreds and thousands of times.

Thunder Roar Zen! To use the attack against attack, and going head to head!

The moment their fists collided, a bolt of lightning crackled through the thunder cloud that was visualized in Lou Cheng's mind and burst out a deafening sound.

Bang! Lou Cheng's tightened muscles stretched all together to make an outbreak of strength.

The first blow!

Bang! Both his and the man in black martial arts suit's fists paused for a second as if being blocked by something invisible, only awesome forces were rippling around them.

Crack! The man in black martial arts suit took a step back and broke a stone brick. He felt his mind buzzing and blood burning as if being knocked by an iron hammer, making his whole body uncomfortable.

Tremor force?

Was he able to master Tremor force?

Luckily I've devoted all my strength into the first blow and thus greatly weakened his attack, or the impact wouldn't be so mild!

While the man in black martial arts suit was still in astonishment, Lou Cheng also took a step back because of the man's horse-like impact, and then there was another network of cracks appeared around his feet. "Sure enough he was more powerful than me…" An idea flashed through Lou Cheng's mind as he took a deep breath and pounced back at his opponent, whose reactions and movements were slightly slowed down for the moment because of the shake just now. Taking this opportunity, Lou Cheng again flung his left arm and tightened his muscles.

The second blow of Thunder Roar Zen! Follow up a victory with hot pursuit!

Seeing all these, the man in black martial arts suit took a deep breath and stomp his feet. His temple suddenly swelled like there was a flame bursting within his body but soon diminished.

Being driven by force, he threw the right palm at Lou Cheng.


They exchanged punches, Lou Cheng kept using Thunder Roar Zen to attack his opponent, which was more like torturing the man in black martial arts suit both physically and mentally. Finally the man began tottering, feeling his blood burning and all his muscles, fascias and joints shaking.

"Again!" Lou Cheng shouted to himself. He then flung his right arm and threw it at the man like beating a drum, which movement he had been practicing every early morning.

It was another Thunder Roar Zen!

Knowing Tremor force of this kind requested the fighter to consistently keep every hidden muscle tightened, which would drain one's physical strength largely and thus could not be used in quick succession, the man in black martial arts suit kept calm and cold-minded as he clenched his teeth and visualized a giant fork croaking at the moon.

Coo coo coo! It sounded like his vital organs were moving and giving out loud sounds to eliminate the physical shock. Meanwhile, he raised the left arm to block Lou Cheng's right fist. Bang! A thunder burst in his mind and caused strong reaction of his blood and qi, which nauseated him. But there was still a strong idea supporting him.

The opponent must also be pushed to the limit.

"Bravo!" Lou Cheng again acclaimed in his heart and continued to attack the man with his left arm.

The fourth blow of Thunder Roar Zen!

Stunned in astonishment, the man in black martial arts suit could do nothing but gather his rest strength and drive all his muscles, tendons, five viscera and six bowels to resist the shock, and then struggled to raise his right arm.

Bang! The right arm was forced aside and all his five viscera and six bowels were seriously shocked, which made him lose control of his qi and blood. Now he could merely gather strength with his trembling muscles and joints. Haven't fallen yet?

Lou Cheng put on a serious look and tightened his right arm to throw a Seabed Burst Punch at his opponent's belly.

The fifth blow of Thunder Roar Zen!

Let me see how many blows you are still able to resist!

Bang! The man in black martial arts suit lowered his waist, stretched out both arms and crossed them to ward off Lou Cheng's attack. However, the outbreak of power in turn shocked him as he almost spat blood and got injured because of his burning qi and blood.

He felt like he was a big clock being knocked hard five times by someone with a striker. All his muscles, sinews, joints, blood, bones and even the five viscera and six bowels were shaking violently. Being unsteady on his feet, he faltered a few steps and almost fell.

Lou Cheng stopped. He found it so exciting to launch a combo attack of five blows of Thunder Roar Zen, and could even be described as being arrogant and unreasonable. "Still refuse to obey? Okay, another blow!"

Of course, Lou Cheng took advantage of his abnormal stamina when doing the combo attack, while other professional fighters could only strike at most three or four blows even if their qi and blood were at their best.

Feeling the Jindan within his body was expanding, shrinking and revolving, Lou Cheng saluted his opponent and said,

"Thanks for your instructions."

The man in black martial arts suit stabilized his body and was about to say something. However, his qi and blood were burning so wildly that he could hardly speak a word! Lou Cheng smiled and gave up talking with him. He took back his jacket, left the crowd and continued to visit Tiantong Taoist temple. About 10 minutes later, he received a message from Yan Zheke with a grinning face. "I'm coming out, come to pick me up!"

"Okay!" Lou Cheng felt even more happy and excited. He then put the cell phone back and turned back to the entrance of the side yard.

When arriving at the front hall, He saw Yan Zheke stepping out of the side yard with a young man in fashionable clothes.

Uh? Is the man her relative?

"Ke, shall we go climbing the mountain? The scenery there is quite wonderful!" Xie Tianque made an invitation blandly. Yan Zheke gazed around without answering, and then suddenly her eyes lit up as she saw Lou Cheng in front of the front hall. "My boyfriend's there," she said to Xie Tianque, "and you just go to invite someone else~!"

Leaving the young man no chance to reply, she waved goodbye to him and ran towards Lou Cheng with a cheerful clatter.

Lou Cheng took her hands in his and whispered, "Who's that guy?"

Yan Zheke replied miserably without looking back, "Son of my father's friend, whom I used to call brother in childhood. He came here along with his uncle this time, and made me so embarrassed!"

"Uh, a blind date?" Lou Cheng now had mixed feelings.

"What're you thinking about? I just came across him. But he had written a love letter to me two years ago, so I felt a bit of embarrassed and unhappy when I saw him this time. Why can't he just be my good friend…" Yan Zheke sighed and turned to look at Lou Cheng with a mischievous smile. "Cheng, are you jealous?"

"Nope." Lou Cheng hurried to deny, his face was flushing.

Yan Zheke laughed and said, "I'm still young and my parents don't want me to date during college. So I won't get involved in any blind dates in a few years. Then I'll bring you back…"

She came to an abrupt stop and looked to the side with a flushing face.

"Boyfriend…" Xie Tianque was stunned. Seeing Yan Zheke and Lou Cheng's figures clenching each other's hands and walking together towards the front hall, he felt so depressed and was unwilling to accept it. His childhood sweet was just taken away from him by another man!

"I've never expected Ke to find a boyfriend, for she's still a little girl in my mind." A low voice awoke him.

Turning around, he murmured to his suddenly-appeared father in bewilderment,


Xie Chengzhen was slender and elegant. He said with a smile, "I came out to pray in the temple and happened to see it. Tianque, why are you so upset? Are you still a real man? Ke found herself a boyfriend, but so what? As long as make the most of your strong points and keep improving yourself, she'll finally make a comparison between you two. Besides, you know how many boys and girls are still together after graduation from university?"

Xie Tianque nodded as if it reminded him of something. When he was about to make up his mind, he saw Xie Tianshu come back, who was in a black martial arts suit.

His brother was a typical martial mania, who went to fight to learn from each other with those Taoist priests the moment they entered Tiantong Taoist temple. But he was indeed a martial arts expert and Xie Tianque himself could never catch up with.

"What's wrong with you?" Noticing his brother's pale face, Xie Tianshu asked casually.

Xie Tianque sighed, pointed at the front hall and whispered, "Ke has found herself a boyfriend."

"Boyfriend?" Xie Tianshu looked at that direction and suddenly stunned. He blurted out. "That guy? I've just fought with him."

Xie Chengzhen and Xie Tianque were both surprised and looked at Xie Tianshu in bewilderment. Xie Tianshu took a deep breath and said again,

"I was defeated…"

Chapter 162: One Man Team


After a short moment of silence, Xie Tianque asked subconsciously, "Brother, how much strength did you use?"
He knew that when his brother fought to learn from another person, he would display different levels of strength accordingly to his opponent's power. The examples where he experienced a shipwreck in a ditch were countless—after all, controlling one's strength and level might be even more troublesome than fighting the enemy!

"I used my full strength…" Xie Tianshu gave a wry smile. "He's a Professional Ninth Pin fighter. How would I dare underestimate him?"

My brother still lost to Ke's boyfriend even though he went all out against him? He looked so young too!" A sudden feeling of despair descended upon Xie Tianque. It was as if he could only watch helplessly Yan Zheke leaving farther and farther away with her boyfriend. "How did you lose the fight?" Xie Chengzhen asked while staring at his eldest son. This question concerned him more.

Xie Tianshu sighed. "He launched five Tremor Punches in succession on me. I did not even have the chance to strike back."

"Five Tremor Punches?" Xie Tianque was shocked.

As an experienced and knowledgeable fighter who could often experience the power of Meteor force, Xie Tianque knew it clearly that even an expert at the peak of body refining state could at most blow four Tremor Punches, which couldn't enable them to defeat his brother!"

Only inhuman can blow five Tremor Punches at a stretch!

"Yeah, and I'm sure he was still able to punch two or three more times with spare stamina." Though Xie Tianshu was always confident and cold-minded, he couldn't help feeling upset and almost lose the courage to fight against Lou Cheng next time. Xie Chengzhen, who had been listening to him silently, asked as if he had recalled something.

"Was that a kind of Meteor force?"

"No, movements with Meteor force usually combined impact force and Tremor force, which is faster than his Tremor Punch. But his movements were more skillful and still had room for development." Xie Tianshu analyzed seriously.

Xie Chengzhen agreed with him. "What will be the result if he fights against Lin Que?"
Xie Tianshu thought it carefully and answered, "He hasn't reached the peak of body refining, yet Lin Que could combo three times with Meteor force and thus greatly shock him, which couldn't be resisted by his Tremor Punch. So Liu Que's likely to win him regarding hard power. Besides, Lin Que has already approached the door of Dan stage…"

Xie Chengzhen said nothing more. He turned to look at Xie Tianque, and said with a smile, "Tianque, still want to surpass him? You have to make a great effort and go through a lot of hard work."

"But it's more likely that I won't catch up with him however hard I learn and practice…" Xie Tianque opened and shut his mouth, failing to say something to show his determination.

There was nothing more depressing than knowing his rival in love was much more excellent than him!

Xie Chengzhen said with hands behind his back,

"Tianshu, go to light incense in Sanqing Hall with me."

Xie Tianshu nodded and strolled towards the hall with his father. When they were far enough from Xie Tianque, the brother took a glance back with a concerned expression. "Pa, don't push Tianque too hard." "Hard?" Xie Chengzhen laughed and said, "If he's just attracted by Ke's beauty yet doesn't fall in love with her, he won't be inspired and encouraged by today's experience, so there's no need for me to worry about his being unable to get up after this strike. However, if he takes this seriously and begins to drive himself harder and harder from now on, it would greatly benefit him no matter he will finally succeed in
pursuing Ke or not. There're so many good girls waiting for
him in the future, and he'll naturally let go the failed romance one day."

Xie Tianshu took a glance at his father and caught his sigh.

It occurred to him that his father had once gotten into the same situation with a girl he wanted but finally lost.

Xie Tianshu soon forgot it since he was not interested in romance. He was more concerned with today's failure and decided to drive himself harder.

While being defeated didn't hold any fear for him, he was afraid of losing the confidence to catch up with his opponent! Fortunately, my faith never leaves me. Sooner or later I'll compete with him again!

While Yan Zheke was looking to the side with flushing face, Lou Cheng was still chewing her words just now.

So she'll bring me home to see her parents after graduation?

Uh, see her parents…
Lou Cheng felt so excited but soon began to worry. What if Yan Zheke's family members were not satisfied with him?

Through their daily communication, Lou Cheng knew the girl was born in a martial arts aristocratic family, where those Dan-stage experts could even be ignored if they had few potentialities, not to mention an ordinary Professional-Ninth- Pin fighter like him. Alas… A sense of crisis and urgency suddenly came over Lou Cheng. It was an urgent need for him to refine his body to the peak of his present level and then knock open the door of Dan stage, so that he would be at least of Professional Seventh Pin by the time he graduated from school.

Only in this way could he get her parents' permission to marry her!
Ever since Lou Cheng got Jindan and advanced by leaps and bounds with its help, he had dreamed of getting one level up every year, becoming a mighty one with physical invulnerability and winning the five titles. However, he knew it clearly that there was still a big gap between his present level and what all those goals required.

At this very moment, he set an achievable goal for the first time since he became clear about what he truly wanted.

I'm going to reach the peak of body refining state within half a year! I'll join in the preliminaries and martial arts competitions among universities to get experience through fighting against strong opponents. And thus step into Dan stage within one or two years!

I'll make a name for myself in the university martial arts circle, and thus lay the best foundation for my entering the Professional Martial Arts Competition in the future!

I'll at least be of Professional Seventh Pin by the time I graduate from school!

Lou Cheng felt the road ahead became clearer after setting the series of goals and was thus greatly motivated. He must make the most of his four-year college life!

"Cheng, what're you thinking about?" Yan Zheke stretched out her hand and waved in front of his eyes.

Being immersed in the excitement of setting his goals, Lou Cheng blurted out. "I'm thinking about visiting my parents-in- law…" "Who are your parents-in-law!" Feeling shy and annoyed, Yan Zheke shook off Lou Cheng's hand.

Lou Cheng laughing without defending himself. "I'll grow up to be a man they're satisfied with and willing to trust with their daughter. So I've made a goal just now as becoming a Professional Seventh Pin fighter by the time when we graduate from school."

Yan Zheke was stunned, her eyes were sparkling.

Stretching out her soft hand, Yan Zheke grasped Lou Cheng's palm while still looking at the ground in shyness. "Don't push yourself too hard for too much pressure would hinder your improvement. Slowly, steadily, step by step, and you'll make rapid progress."

The girl continued, her face was still flushing. "I'll also make great efforts and try to be financially independent earlier after graduating from school, through which could I keep the right of self-determination while only taking my parents' opinion as a reference." Hearing Yan Zheke's words, Lou Cheng realized the girl was much more mature than him. Besides, he was pleasantly surprised by her willingness to make efforts for their future.

"Let's work hard together!" Lou Cheng took the girl's hand in a firm grasp.

When they arrived at Sanqing Hall, Yan Zheke smiled and said,

"I'll go to light incense…"

Seeing the girl's slim and graceful figure fly in the hall and pray in front of the statue of the Primeval Lord of Heaven, Lou Cheng felt a wave of happiness flooding him and put on a gentle smile unconsciously.

"Well, will that boy sell us to your parents?" Lou Cheng began to worry when Yan Zheke came back. Small and weak, he hadn't grown up yet…
Yan Zheke thought for a while and then answered, "He doesn't like talking about other people's business… To be on the safe side I'll ask my brother to explain to him. I won't contact him directly in case he might sense my guilty. The more indifferent I show to him, the less likely he'll view me with suspicion and thus tell my parents."

"It seems he's a good guy." Lou Cheng commented deliberately.

He should learn about this rival in love who would often see his girlfriend.
"Yeah, but he could be lazy sometimes, while his brother is quite better than him in this respect, who is a typical martial mania having devoted himself to martial arts. No matter where he goes, he'd like to fight with someone to learn from each other. Of course he's quite capable and powerful, only a little bit weaker than my brother, while they were both my model in my childhood." Yan Zheke answered casually. Lou Cheng was jealous. "And now?"

"Now…" Yan Zheke suddenly felt something was wrong. She curved eyes and brows to show Lou Cheng a big smile. "Cheng, I've just realized you're easy to be jealous!"

"Well…" Lou Cheng looked to the side with a flushing face. "Maybe I care too much about you…"

"I won't easily fall in love with anyone just because he was a martial arts expert." Yan Zheke complained.

Lou Cheng was excited and whispered, "So why do you like me?"

Yan Zheke's beautiful face straightened as she said,

"Because you're silly!" She couldn't help laughing after saying like this.

Lou Cheng also laughed and soon forgot his little jealousy.
Until this moment did he realize something.

"Is that guy fond of fighting against strangers to learn from each other? I think I've competed with him just now…"

"Ah?" Yan Zheke could not react in time.

"Remember that I've just learned Thunder Roar Zen? I'm eager to use it in actual combat and thus accepted his invitation as fighting against him." Lou Cheng explained.

He had already recovered from the arm injury and mastered Thunder Roar Zen, which he told his girlfriend the first time. He also told her that Coach Shi had been testing and assessing him to see whether he was qualified to be an acknowledged disciple. "Your hand…" Yan Zheke looked Lou Cheng up and down worriedly.

Lou Cheng hurried to comfort her. "Don't worry. I didn't use right hand until he was weakened and unable to attack back."

Yan Zheke suddenly realized that her boyfriend had won the fight, which made her pleasantly surprised and proud. "How many blows of Thunder Roar Zen did you throw at him?"

"Five!" Lou Cheng made a gesture, smiling.

They had been whispering sweet nothings to one another during the tour. When Lou Cheng came back to his dorm, he could still sense the fragrance of the girl.

Humming a song to himself, Lou Cheng clicked open his email to check the documents sent from Old Shi. It was the information on next week's preliminaries opponent.

Reading carefully, Lou Cheng spoke to himself,


This time his rival team was Mingwei Martial Art Club, also known as One Man Team. Its leading player was 24-year-old Peng Chengguang, who had become a Professional Ninth Pin fighter three years ago, and was now at the peak of his physical quality with abundant energy and stamina. He was such a perfect fighter that could rank in the top ten of Song Cheng's Professional-Ninth-Pins if there was such a ranking list.

Besides Peng Chengguang, Mingwei Martial Arts Club only had one Amateur First Pin and several Amateur Second Pin fighters, which could be undoubtedly called a small club. They had joined in three competitions up to now and won two of them, which were all owed to Peng Chengguang. When fighting against Azure Dragon Squad, Peng Chengguang even consecutively defeated two Professional Ninth Pin fighters and almost won the third round if his other team members could do better. It was why they were called the One Man Team.

Lin Que wouldn't recover and get back to practice until next week, so I'm the only one who could join in the competition…" It occurred to Lou Cheng that when fighting against Mingwei Martial Arts Club, he was the only Professional Ninth Pin fighter in Songcheng University Martial Arts Club, so they might also be called a One Man Team.

Which one in the two One Man Team would be the winner?

Since fighters would always seek to prevail over others, Lou Cheng was looking forward to the coming competition.

Chapter 163: Visualizing Blueprint

Just when Lou Cheng was watching Peng Chengguang's competition video, Yan Zheke sent him a message,

"Cheng, are you looking at the information?"

"Yeah." Lou Cheng "snickered."

"Me too..." Yan Zheke replied with a similar "snickering" emoji.

There was no need for additional words. Through their short exchange of words, Lou Cheng could feel the synchronicity and the tacit exchange of romantic feeling between them, which made him warm within.

His QQ chat window and the tournament video window were placed diagonally at each corner of his computer screen, as if they were customized and adjusted before. At this moment, he was rapidly typing on his keyboards as he sent a "sit up and listen attentively" emoji. "Coach Yan, what's your opinion on Peng Chengguang?"
Yan Zheke answered with her favorite "in deep thoughts with arms interlocked and hand supporting chin" emoji, "Peng Chengguang is currently in a period where his body refining state is at its peak. His body is in good condition. His qi and blood show no signs of weakening. There're no weaknesses in his strength, speed, techniques, and experience. He is someone who can keep calm during the critical period, mature enough to handle a tough situation and courageous enough to seize opportunities. Furthermore, his punches and kicks have started to display a slight sense of 'harvesting'."

"But he might have just one problem. The martial arts skill that was passed down to him is too way common..."

"Indeed, though the difference between Jiuyang Punch and Jiuyang Godly Punch is only one word, one's characteristic is like Heaven, the other like Earth." Thinking of it, Lou Cheng could not help but "roll on floor laughing". Mingwei Martial Arts School was indeed too small, and too common, especially from its name, which could be heard of anywhere. Lou Cheng remembered that there was one as well in Xiushan.

Peng Chengguang was an orphan adopted by the former owner of Mingwei Martial Arts School, and he was a disciple of the former owner. Unfortunately, due to serious injuries from a Challenge Tournament, the former owner had passed away young. Peng Chengguang was only 16 when he had to carry on the heavy responsibility of the martial arts school. Slowly, he made his way and achieved his success today, purely depending on Jiuyang Punch and still stance skill, which he paid to learn. Now, he had become Songcheng highly wanted Mighty One with a body refining state.

In these years, many large martial arts school and martial arts aristocratic family saw his potential. They wanted to make him their disciple, or invite him to join their forces. They were all rejected by him.

Many thought of him as the next Liang Yifan, and were waiting for the right time to seize the right opportunity, so he could succeed and soar into the sky. Though Lou Cheng felt that the knockoff of Jiuyang Punch was amusing, he would never look down at Peng Chengguang. While watching at Peng Chengguang's tournament videos, he discussed the details with Yan Zheke.

When it was near bedtime, he finally concluded a point:

Other than the Dan stage Mighty One Wei Shengtian, Peng Chengguang might be the next strongest opponent he met in battle, and this time, there would be no Lin Que to support him!

Next morning, while the sky was still dark, Lou Cheng arrived at the Old Meeting Place beside Weishui Lake.

Geezer Shi appeared five minutes later, and he whistled an awful and off-tune opera song while he approached Lou Cheng. "Went through the materials?" He said with a cheeky smile.

"Yes." Lou Cheng answered honestly.

"Confident to defeat Peng Chengguang?" Geezer Shi asked in a relaxed tone.

Though Lou Cheng was looking forward to this battle and did have the urge to win, he would not be arrogant and blinded himself. He answered in a low tone, "If Peng Chengguang was to go against my Thunder Roar Zen continuously, I have the confidence to defeat him."

Obviously, Peng Chengguang would not be such a fool. Based on his experience and the quality of his body, he knew that after getting a strike of Roar Zen, his body would become rigid. Moreover, it was not like he had no experience with such strikes in the past, so now, he would know how to stop Roar Zen at least once or twice forcefully.

Lou Cheng knew the quality of his body was not as good as his brother-in-law. It was especially obvious when using such skill where the initiator would depend on his tightened body muscles to launch an explosive strike, rather than, using the rebound force.

"Hey, that's like not saying anything!" Geezer Shi rebutted. He then took out two pieces of neatly folded paper and handed them to Lou Cheng.

Lou Cheng took and unfolded them. He was shocked to discover that the two pieces of paper were actually Visualizing Blueprint!

These were must-haves for fighters who wished to train for higher level skills!

The visualization for the fundamental Still Water skill, Thunder-Fire still stance, Brutal Blizzard and Mega Avalanche were rather simple. With his knowledge and Geezer Shi's explanation, he could swiftly get the idea and shape them in his mind. However, to obtain a higher level of visualization, these were insufficient. Fighters would either need these Visualizing Blueprints to help, or have a great sense of feeling with the nature to enter a higher level, else there were no other options!

The Visualizing Blueprints were in Lou Cheng's hands. One of them depicted a flat field covered with thick snow as written in calligraphy. The moment he saw it, he could feel a chill that passed through his bones, giving him the feel of an endless vast expanse of whiteness. The other showed a scene of an ice- bounded large river, drawn in details using a fine brush. The fine lines of the frozen waves were even drawn in the picture, making him feel the hidden force by the surging waves and the frightening feeling created by the ice-bounded river.

There was an instance where Lou Cheng felt his hands turned ice cold, as if he had touched a piece of ice that was frozen for almost hundreds and thousands of years. He almost wanted to jerk his arms away and drop the Visualizing Blueprints.

Ahem! Geezer Shi's cough had instantly pulled him back to reality, and he no longer felt the chill that pierced into his bones. "First take a look at the Freezing Cold Blueprint, get its essence and the charm it wants to bring out. Then, using the still stance to visualize what're the muscles, fascias, organs that would be affected and remember what kind of changes occurred. Next, without any visualization, try to get the feel again, so that during actual combat, you could visualize Frozen River Diagram. This would help in your Power of Frost, and together, you mix it with the tiny changes that occur to your body, you'd then be able to launch the Frost Force from Ice Sect." Geezer Shi explained and added, "Of course, this is just the very basic as compared to my Ice Spirit Force."

He cackled with laughter and said, "Even so, don't look down on this. It's not easy to master. Just to grasp the essence of the Visualizing Blueprint and feel the charm in it. You'll need to spend some time to understand it. Even if you've mastered meditation and can do inward vision, you may not be able to get it!"

"Slowly, no rush, try to master Frost Force within half a year. By then, I'll teach you the weaker version of physical invulnerability movements. Haha, without Frost Force, and if that Lin chap also failed to master his Meteor force, even if you guys have entered Dan stage, you guys could never defeat Peng Leyun. His Thunderclap Force is not a joke." Lou Cheng knew that secret skills like Frost Force, Thunderclap Force and Meteor force were not as simple as Flaming Force, which produced lesser impact. Thus, it was normal for them difficult to train. However, he did not quite believe what his master had said about it being difficult to grasp the fundamental of visualization.

A skill such as Ice Mirror usually required two to three years before one could master its basics. He had already managed to somewhat understand it by himself with the help of his advanced meditation skill. So what so difficult about this?

Yet, after a while, he had to admit that his master was right.

In the past, his visualization would never consider the essence and the charm of it, so he could never understand the difficulty in visualizing them. Now that he had experienced it, he had mixed feeling. Indeed, it was hard to grasp it, and certainly, it was not something that he could master within a day.

After taking a glance at the Visualizing Blueprints again, Lou Cheng somewhat understood the meaning of the mentioned essence and charm. For instance, his current visualization of Brutal Blizzard only had its form and aura. However, how brutal the blizzard was, and to what extent the brutalness was, it was not shown in his visualization.

He suppressed his anxiety through deep breathing as he continued his training today. He had only managed to experience the Visualizing Blueprint for 20 to 30 minutes.

After the training, Geezer Shi took back the Visualizing Blueprints and did not let him bring them home. This showed how rare and precious these Visualizing Blueprints were.

Time flew and soon, it was the weekend again. Many people were gathered outside the Songcheng University Martial Arts Club.

The tournament last week had given many students a good impression of the Club. Through words of mouth and self- advertising, there were twice as many spectators than before who came to support the club in the tournament.

Moreover, this was under the circumstance where there was no formal promotion of the tournament!

"Songcheng University martial arts aura doesn't seem as bad as what the rumors have said..." A muscular-looking man commented with his arms interlocked and placed in front of him. He silently stared at the entrance of the arena as he sighed and spoke to the partner next to him.

In such a cold and chilly weather, he only wore a black t-shirt with a pair of tight jeans.

With him, were three other friends. One of them had a Mohican-looking hair which gave people a deep impression. He chortled in reply, "So what? No matter how good their martial arts club aura is, can it be scarier than the aura that Yimo exudes?" "As if you've been to Yimo..." Another bald muscular man with beard on his face mocked.

"That's just an example. Anyway, our objective today is to observe Lou Cheng's battle and understand more about Songcheng University Martial Arts Club. After the Amateur Ranking Event, it's our turn to be here. Whether we have a chance advance this year, will depend on that battle..." The man with Mohican-looking hair chuckled and said with a relaxed expression.

They all had a green dragon head tattoo on their neck!

Chapter 164: I Want Victory

Dark clouds covered the sky. A spring storm was brewing. Songcheng University Martial Arts Arena had no choice but to turn on all its lights earlier than scheduled, lighting up the whole arena.

As compared to the previous week where many came unprepared, though the students did not bring along light sticks or trumpets to cheer the fighters on, many students were feeling excited about this year's match as they recalled last year's awful experience. Their hopes and joyfulness brought waves and waves of cheers, which gradually got louder and louder.

As they heard the cheers for Songcheng University, the leader of the muscular Azure Dragon Squad, Mo Zicong, could not help but sigh.

"When can we have such grand spectators at our home court, with such great atmosphere..." He and his three other team mates did not find a seat, but stood at the back at the highest point of the spectator's area, as though they were four pillars or four bouncers.

Deng Hua, the man with the Mohican-looking hairstyle, wiped off the relaxed look on his face. He smiled bitterly and said,

"That's what others have created, not something we can learn. Unless we're able to get into the preliminaries..."

They were Songcheng's local battle team, not as exclusive as Yimo's, neither were they like Songcheng University Martial Arts Club who naturally had thousands of students as supporters. They need to compete with other strong teams for supporters. Furthermore, Songcheng as a provincial capital already had two teams entering the third stage of the district contest, which meant that it had already gathered in most of the corresponding market. What remained were only a few slots for the strong teams in the preliminaries stage.

Azure Dragon Squad was formed from a combination of three martial arts schools, and they rented Songcheng city martial arts arena second lounge as their home court, which could contain thousands of spectators at the stand instead of the usual 600 to 700 spectators. This was also why many people would habitually come to watch a few matches during the weekends.

Therefore, they saw the importance of advancing in tournaments. This would mean more live broadcasts, more spectators and higher chances of getting the martial arts scholarship. After they lost to the Yimo Fearless Squad, they were left with no choice but to defeat Songcheng University Martial Arts Club!

Thus, they purposely took the opportunity that their tournament was held on a weekend to come to Songcheng University and observe Lou Cheng. Afterall he was a genius who had achieved a professional level within half a year. His two weeks rest due to injuries might have resulted in some changes. This tournament was not a critical one, so there would not be any live broadcast, only a replay later. It was also unknown to them when the TV station would broadcast so they might not see it in time.

... In the home team's locker room, Geezer Shi took a sip of wine before he casually advised Lou Cheng, Sun Jian, Li Mao and Yan Zheke,

"Last few points to note, Peng Chengguang indeed has potential. If he could master a better set of martial arts skills, he'd have no trouble entering Dan stage within a year. I'll consider him within Songcheng Top Ten Professional Ninth Pin fighters. However, I always feel that Top Ten Professional Ninth Pin fighters ranking is crap. When you guys were in school, aren't there rankings like Grade Top Ten and Class Top Ten? These are very normal ranking, but yet schools want to come out with this Top Ten consolidation. Do you think it's meaningful at all?"

Hahaha... Lou Cheng and the others found it amusing and instantly burst out laughing, which made the atmosphere more relaxed.

Even though they were also grouped by Coach Shi and were placed in the "poor students" category, since he's a Mighty One with physical invulnerability, who could refute his decision to do so? Geezer Shi was pleased with the effect his words brought. He happily added, "Sun Jian, Li Mao, you guys will fight first. In Mingwei Martial Arts School, regardless of Peng Chengguang, whether they're Gao Rao, Zhang Ying, Qu Yu or Liu Wei, their levels are on par with you. Just do your best and fight with no worries. Anyway, Lou Cheng would be the final fighter, so if we lose, we'll push the blame to him!"

Haha... Lou Cheng chortled as he raised his hand to protest. "Coach Shi, you're giving me a lot of pressure!"

Yan Zheke, who was beside him, covered her mouth and laughed gently. Li Mao was also feeling much more relaxed.

"Pressure?" Geezer Shi would never admit that he said it on purpose. Instead he laughed and added, "I remembered this is your first battle in home ground?"

Lou Cheng was stunned by his words as he solemnly nodded his head and replied,

"Yes!" Indeed, I've almost forgotten about it. This is my first time representing Songcheng University Martial Arts Club to battle at school!

Geezer Shi nodded slightly, pointed out and said, "Listen."

The locker room was instantly silent. Lou Cheng listened attentively as he heard the familiar cheering. It was the familiar waves of cheer that had once shocked him and left him with an extremely deep impression.

"Songcheng University! Songcheng University!"

"Songcheng University! Songcheng University!"

This time, they're cheering for us!

"Heard that?" Geezer Shi chuckled and asked. "Heard it!" Lou Cheng nodded strongly.

Geezer Shi then smiled and asked, "Do you feel the pressure?"

"Yes." Lou Cheng did not hide his fear as his body shivered. He could feel Yan Zheke's sleek hand slowly grabbing his left hand.

Geezer Shi's expression suddenly turned solemn, as he asked in a low voice,

"Then, do you want to win?"

Lou Cheng could hear the reverberation of the cheers in his ears and felt a warm gush of blood in his chest. He shouted,

"Yes!" ...

In the away team's locker room, Peng Chengguang sat on the long bench as he looked at his surrounding juniors and smiled.

"Why do you all look like you all have made mistakes?"

He was wearing a dark gray martial arts suit with a common- looking brush cut. His facial features were average-looking, but the edge of his face was sharp. He gave off a trustworthy vibe and looked extremely highly-trained.

Zhang Ying, who had a doll-like face, bit her lower lip. She said, "Elder Senior Brother, we, we often feel that we're a burden to you. Since Master passed away, you're one who has been supporting the martial arts school and helps us so that we don't have to return to the welfare center. However, we, we're not only unable to repay you, but we have always caused you to fail. For many years, we're unable to advance, or get the award for martial arts unique skills..." "Elder Senior BrotherSenior, if you had agreed to collaborate and join other teams, you might have already, already obtained excellent martial arts skills, and entered Dan stage. We're really useless, and will only be a liability to you, Elder Senior Brother!" Gao Rao, who had long limbs, started to self- depreciate.

Peng Chengguang raised his hand to stop them and said,

"Enough. I've promised Master to carry forward the martial arts school, so that I can give each of you a bright future. This is my choice, so it's not something you should be concerned with."

"Moreover, I can't just depend on myself to enhance the martial arts school, I need all of you to help. Unity is the strength, isn't it?"

"Don't worry much about this preliminary. Our current objective is to take this opportunity to strengthen ourselves. Obviously, if we win, it'll be great, but even if we lose, it doesn't matter. Once we have such experience, maybe next year, or the year after next, one of you may become a professional fighter. By then, as long as we're united and help one another, advancing will be easy! I'm still young. I can still wait."

Hearing Elder Senior Brother's words, Gao Rao stopped feeling guilty. Instead, he got worried. He added, "Elder Senior Brother, Lou Cheng from Songcheng University Martial Arts Club would probably be fighting today. You must be careful."

Upon hearing it, Qu Yu, who was beside him, disagreed as she rebutted. "Senior Brother Gao, Lou Cheng may be strong, but he's still weaker than our Elder Senior Brother. Our Elder Senior Brother has a body quality of a Professional Ninth Pin fighter!"

"But Lou Cheng mastered mercurial balance, and his stamina is crazy..." Liu Wei commented as he started to worry as well.

Peng Chengguang stopped his juniors from arguing as he grinned and nodded his head. He said,

"Lou Cheng is strong, definitely an opponent to be aware of. Facing with such a Mighty One, I should be modest and say that I'll be happy if I win, and this battle is also worth it if I lose. However, I can't bring myself to say it."

After he finished his sentence, he touched his left chest and added, "The stronger the opponent I meet, the faster it beats, as if it is telling me..."

He suddenly stood up, and said with determination,

"I want victory!"


After all the preparations, Geezer Shi allowed some free time for Lou Cheng and the others while they were waiting to get on the ring.

Lou Cheng should be closing his eyes to rest before doing some warm-ups for the battle, but he noticed that Yan Zheke had taken out her phone and was typing fiercely. Buzz! His phone rang in his pocket.

Curiously, he took out his phone and saw a message from his girl, who sent him a "pity-looking" emoji. She added, "I'm so mad!"

"Why?" Lou Cheng asked, with puzzled emoji.

"Just kidding..." Yan Zheke replied with a blushing emoji. "Just a little disappointed. I thought I have the chance to go in the ring today. I kept feeling that with my balancing and listening skills, I'm not any weaker than Senior Brother Sun Jian and Senior Brother Li Mao... (squatting down in a corner drawing circles) Am I getting arrogant? Complacent?"

If it was Little Ming, Lou Cheng would say "You bitch! Just won a match and you're getting all proud!". However, towards his girlfriend, it had to be said differently, "You're between an Amateur Second and Third Pin. Though you're on par with them regarding skills, you lack experience." "Okay, I'll gain more experience from next week's Amateur Ranking Event!" Yan Zheke replied with an "eyes shining brightly" emoji.

The 1st Annual Amateur Ranking Event was here again!

Lou Cheng unconsciously revealed a smile on his face as he asked, "Which Pin are you registering for?"

"Amateur Second Pin! One needs a goal to work for!" Yan Zheke replied with a "red scarf tied on the head and looking determined" emoji. She then added, "Eh, I think I've said something similar before, and just my goal was Amateur Fifth Pin at that time..."

"Yep." Lou Cheng recalled and said, "That time I felt that registering for Amateur Seventh Pin was too daring a move."

"In the end, now..." Yan Zheke commented with a "face full of tears" emoji. Before Lou Cheng could reply, Yan Zheke sent him another message:

"Faster close your eyes and rest! Stop looking at your phone! If you can't perform well later, humph, this week you don't even think of that!"

"You are the one who initiated the message..." Lou Cheng gave a silent judgment, then replied with a shocking emoji,

"Yes, Coach Yan!"

Seeing her boyfriend finally put down his phone and obediently closed his eyes to rest and meditate, Yan Zheke felt the sweetness in her heart. She grinned slightly, revealing the dimples on her face. Just as she was about to do the same, she suddenly noticed that the door of the locker room was opened and Lin Que came through the door.

"Cousin is so late today..." While she remained amazed by the fact that his cousin was late, she saw Lin Que gestured her to look at her phone. He was expressionless at the same time. Ay? See the phone?

Yan Zheke looked down and felt her phone vibrating as she saw the message sent by Lin Que.

"Last week at Tiantong Taoist temple, not only did Xie Tianque saw Lou Cheng with you, Uncle Xie saw the both of you as well. This week when he went to visit Grandpa, he casually mentioned about it."

"Your mom called me and asked if it's true."

"This..." Yan Zheke suddenly shivered a little. She felt as though her heart was going to stop beating.

Chapter 165: Lin Que's Cold Humor

Just when Yan Zheke suspected that all of the voices around her had disappeared, her phone once again vibrated and a message popped up.

"I told her that because you were irritated at Xie Tianque's meddling, you'd just grabbed a male classmate that was visiting to act as a shield. These are your 'lines'."

Ah! Yan Zheke, gasped and relaxed a bit. She could hear her heart pulsating nervously, and it seemed like her blood was about to rush out, bubbling up towards her face.

"Cousin! Couldn't you just have sent it as a single message? You've almost scared me to death!" She used characters to display how drained she felt.

Lin Que quickly replied,

"When I answered your mother's phone call, I felt the same way." "So you'll also let me experience it?" Yan Zheke didn't know whether to laugh or cry. All she knew was that her Cousin's cold humor was more than what an ordinary person could stand.

"..." She used the ellipse to express her emotion.

Looking out for her, Lin Que said, "If your mother puts a lot of value on this, she may directly fly over to see you. You need to be sure that everyone around you is on the same page, so you shouldn't be intimate with Lou Cheng in places where other people can easily discover you."

"It really is possible..." Yan Zheke thought about her mom's disposition and way of doing things, and gasped in surprise. "Cousin, you really have a lot of experience in this area to be able to think of that!"

Lin Que responded to her with only two words,

"I'm smart." Yan Zheke grinned and responded with lightning speed, "But I'm also not stupid! Every time we've taken an IQ test, my score's been higher than yours!"

"Love can make people stupid." Lin Que responded concisely, and then put his phone in his pocket.

"..." Yan Zheke restrained herself, as there all kinds of ways to deal with the situation turning over in her mind. She felt some fearful, some celebratory and some despondent.

A moment later, Lou Cheng had raised his spirits. He opened his eyes and stood up to practice his trick sets, starting to move his muscles and tendons to let them gradually enter their optimal state.

Looking at her boyfriend's delicate movements, Yan Zheke suddenly felt a small sense of melancholy.

Should I tell Cheng about this? For two people to be together, the most important thing is to be candid and to communicate. Hiding this from him doesn't seem right...

But if I told him, he'd surely blame himself and believe that he hadn't been good enough. By suggesting going to Tiantong Taoist Temple on a date in the first place, this would also add to the feeling of it being a "forbidden love" and would make him uncomfortable in his heart...

While she hesitated and struggled, Lou Cheng finished warming up. Turning his head to look at her, concerned, he asked in a low voice, "Ke, what're you thinking about?"

Yan Zheke pressed down all of her emotions down to the lowest level, flashed a slight smile and said, "Thinking about your evil deeds!"

"What evil deeds? I'm a well behaved little boy." Lou Cheng laughed as he sat down next to her. "You're getting more and more shameless, aren't you?" Yan Zheke laughed in a low voice.

Saying these words to Cheng, it's like my mood has turned around... In the past, I only concealed something from Mom and Dad and not lied to them, but now the first thing I was considering was to lie to them... Am I, am I not getting back on the right path...

After Lou Cheng bantered with Yan Zheke for a while, he found Lin Que had come. As he nodded his head in greeting, he unexpectedly sensed that the Brother-in-law wasn't quite the same compared to what he'd been in the past.

In the past, Lin Que had been taciturn, held everything inside, and had been grave and serious. But now, he had a greater sense of calm, peace, tranquility, and serenity!

"Has he accessed the borders of the Dan Stage?" Lou Cheng felt as if he had everything figured out and was already excited for his Brother-in-law. He had even more exciting ideas in mind, but he couldn't wait for him to widen the gap again! As a fighter, how could it be possible not to have a fighting spirit such as this!

As he turned this idea around in his head, Geezer Shi got up and clapped his hands.

"Alright, let's get out there!"

"Go out and wait for your opponents!"

Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke, Sun Jian and others looked at each other, extending their hands, putting them together, and speaking in unison.

"We'll win!"

... As they stepped out of the locker room, a deafening shout suddenly fell upon their ears.

"Songcheng University!"

All 2000 to 3000 voices melded together, created a resounding echo in the arena as if there was a storm inside.

Lou Cheng's body trembled in excitement, and then he heard a new rallying cry.

"Lou Cheng!"

"Lou Cheng... they all know my name?" Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke looked at each other, their hearts unable to not be overcome by the tide.

Immediately following, like a tsunami, came another cry. "Come on, Lou Cheng!"

Out of all their classmates that had come to the Martial Arts Arena to observe the fights, as long as they had not been drug along, more or less all of them would have taken a look at the statistics beforehand. From a few rounds of the preliminaries, the results had been that a leading player, a pillar, or a no ranked expert with splendid fighting accomplishments, had unexpectedly been added to the Martial Arts Club. As a result, naturally they were unable to contain their rallying cries in this moment.

This year's Martial Arts Club was dramatic!

It didn't matter if it was the preliminaries or the University Martial Arts Club meeting in the next half year!

Lou Cheng's head started to itch as the voices fell upon his ears. It was impossible for him to be any happier. It was as if he'd taken a straight shot of adrenaline, and all he wanted to was to charge into the ring and go 300 rounds with Peng Chengguang.
 He was willing to die for his friends!

He waved his hands reservedly, causing another surge of cries and even more warm welcomes.

It was similar to the feeling of being tipsy. He, Yan Zheke, and others sat down in the hosting team's seating area, and heard Geezer Shi say,

"Mingwei Martial Arts Club's order of heading out into the ring still hasn't changed. It's still Gao Rao in the lead, Zhang Ying second, and Peng Chengguang is taking the rear."

Gao Rao was an Amateur First Pin fighter, and Zhang Ying an Amateur Second Pin. Both of their boxing skills weren't bad, but the hindrance from the Jiuyang Punch was universal. There were also not any kinds of pressure chest movements or quick punch methods. The entire balance overall was mediocre.

Seeing the referee beckoning him from the other side, Sun Jian stood up and said to Lou Cheng with a smile, "Today there's no need to be on edge or scared about not having a chance to get out on the floor..."

Finished speaking, he raised his fists, bumped them together, and took a step towards the ring.

At this time, since the big screen displayed the list of names, the martial arts arena once again erupted and chanted four new words.

"Sun Jian!"

"Come on!"

Sun Jian felt his blood rush up upon hearing this, and his adrenaline started flowing.

He instinctively recalled the phrase "kick his sorry ass" from the last competition, and that kind of feeling of challenging an evil monster. Thinking like this put him in the best state of mind, but some things could only come out under specific situations, circumstances, and conditions. Now, trying to attempt it again, the time had already passed and it was hard to make it reappear.

However, he was still more barbarous than before, had a better understanding of boxing, and his pace was faster. He'd already climbed over the stone steps.

On the other side, Gao Rao left his seat, followed the "brilliant road", and headed towards the ring. Arriving quickly at the stone steps, he couldn't help but turn his head and glance at his Elder Senior Brother, sitting upright and unflustered.

This time, I won't hold back! He braced himself and gnashed his teeth angrily.

In the three previous rounds of the competition, he'd failed in all three. No matter how prepared he had been when fought Dream Squad, he'd still lost to Feng Shaokun, and in his heart he blamed himself. He did not wish to become a burden to his Elder Senior Brother once again, and he wanted to break out for the first time!

Climbing onto the ring, Sun Jian and Gao Rao took their positions, and the referee said with a serious look on his face,

"The fourth round of the preliminaries, Songcheng University Martial Arts Club versus Mingwei Martial Arts Club."

"Round one, Sun Jian versus Gao Rao!"

"Three minutes of talk time starts now."

Gao Rao closed his eyes, adjusting his body and mind, intending to block out any words from his opponent.

Sun Jian himself was a soft-spoken type and came from a strict upbringing and his cultivation in dirty words would rank one of the last men in the Martial Arts Club. He was pleased to see his opponent choose to ignore him, and decided to take the best use of the time to think over his striking tactics.

Tick tock, tick tock. Time passed quickly. The referee raised his right hand, and then forcefully waved it down.


Barely hearing what he'd said, but having prepared earlier, Sun Jian's thigh muscles tightened, and shot downwards. Using the energy to throw himself forward, he looked like a leopard pouncing on its prey.

Coming nearer, he turned his shoulder and threw out his right arm with the five fingers spread open, heading towards Gao Rao like a ferocious prey.

Flower-tearing and Willow-striking Hand! Gao Rao was cautious and didn't give his opponent a chance to catch him. He leaned his body to the left, and with his right fist slammed across, blocking across his waist.

It was when Gao Rao had almost blocked Sun Jian's Flower- tearing and Willow-striking Hand, Sun Jian's left fist seemed to have already stored up energy for quite some time. His muscles expanded and his left fist quickly shot out like a viper leaping up towards Gao Rao's abdomen.

While his right hand grasped nothing, his left hand landed true!

This was the plan of attack that Sun Jian had planned for quite a few days before!

Gao Rao was in a difficult position. All he could do was retract his left arm, make a fist and hammer it down to block hurriedly.

Bang! His block didn't have sufficient power, and he was hit to bounce back by Sun Jian's fist. Were it not for the fact he was able to pull back his underbelly in time, he was afraid he'd have been in an even more difficult position.

Sun Jian seized the opportunity to get a robust rebound. He plucked out his thigh, threw out his right foot with a crack, and launched into 24 Blizzard Strikes' Brutal Blizzard!

Seeing this, Peng Chengguang gasped.

"Little Rao's heart is too heavy. He wants to win so much that he's going to end up losing."

Facing the enemy to attack him head on was too conservative, which meant that he'd fallen right into the other move...

Zhang Ying, Qu Yu and Liu Wei listened in shock. It was evident that Elder Senior Brother wasn't merely talking about Gao Rao, but about himself and all the others.

Chapter 166: Faith Is Not Invincible

The figures in the ring continuously clashed with each other. Gao Rao fended off blow after blow from Sun Jian. The longer they fought, the more ferocious his opponent became.

He had watched the match videos of the members from Songcheng University Martial Arts Club, and he knew how terrifying the 24 Blizzard Strikes was once it was put into play. He had made preparations against it and considered how to avoid letting the enemy use his own strength against him. However, he was thrown into confusion due to his earlier passive response and now sought only to defend himself. He did not have the ability to unleash any explosive force at all.

Meanwhile, Sun Jian's 24 Blizzard Strikes had been revealed. Every punch was heavier, and every kick was more ferocious than the last. His strength had fallen below Sun Jian, and he could only focus on defending himself. This way, he no longer had the opportunity to execute abrupt explosive force or engage in a hand-to-hand fight.

If only Jiuyang Punch was a bit better and had moves that contained the explosive power of the Modern Blast Punch, or the irrational and violent moves of the Bear Form, then Gao Rao could at least challenge Sun Jian head on and directly interrupt Sun Jian's storm-like suppression. Unfortunately, the greatest feature of the Jiuyang Punch was that it had no feature at all. It had all kinds of moves including single whips, blast punches, and leg techniques. It had everything except the vital finishing move that would make it an amazing martial art!

"Must I keep waiting until his stamina is exhausted... I'm afraid that I won't be able to hold out much longer..." Faced with Sun Jian's Seabed Blast and Half-step Burst Fist, Gao Rao was worried and could no longer wait to escape from the current situation.

If I lost again, then I would be ashamed to see my big senior brother, to see the one who refuses to join other forces in order to maintain the prestige of our martial arts club, to see the one who is unwilling to be the disciple of the fighters of Dan stage in order to maintain the relationship with his master, and to see the one who always helps us and never complain! This is my great senior brother!

Even in my dreams, I want to help him! I can't drag him down again!

Feeling the burning desire and the impulse to overcome the present dilemma within his heart, he could no longer wait. He strengthened his back and thigh, and then his feet suddenly pushed against the ground.

Once the power rebounded, he flexed his knee, tightened his thigh, straightened his spine and twisted his waist using his full power. It helped him to activate his muscles so that his right arm could hit out suddenly like a ferocious and strong whistling steel whip.

This might be the strongest blow that he could produce!

Sun Jian took the opportunity to bend his back and move forward, mixed with borrowed power, and then he unleashed a Mountain Blast Punch with great effect.

Bang! A dull boom erupted on the ring. Gao Rao who was weaker shook a bit and finally managed to stay upright. However, at this time, he saw Sun Jian moving back half a step. It looked like he was staggering and was about to fall over!

Is he only pretending to be stronger, although he has already lost his balance?

Gao Rao felt so glad when he saw that. But just as he was going to stabilize his stance and begin to fight back, he saw that Sun Jian had rebounded forward like a spring bouncing off the ground!

He was so fast that Gao Rao only had time to raise his arms to defend.

That was the Catapulting Movement!

As Sun Jian approached Gao Rao, he opened his right hand with fingers like sharp teeth and ferocious claws while scratching his enemy's arm mercilessly. Gao Rao was planning to twist his arm to throw off the attack but Sun Jian stepped on the ground, rebounded in a flash and moved behind him. He took the chance to turn around and caught Gao Rao's arms with both hands.

With a twist, a lift and a lock, Sun Jian caught Gao Rao. At the same time, he raised his right foot to kick his knee which abruptly stopped his enemy's back kick so that his enemy couldn't fight back. Gao Rao could no longer stand, and he knelt down on one knee.

Gao Rao suddenly sobered up and understood that he had been tricked by Sun Jian.

The referee next to him raised his own right hand and announced the result loudly,

"Round one, Sun Jian wins!"

There was a buzzing sound within Gao Rao's mind. His heart was full of regret and bewilderment. Have I lost?

Did I lose again?

Did I drag Elder Senior Brother down again?

After Sun Jian released him, he staggered as he stood up and left the ring soullessly.

Sure, this is not an anime. Even if you have the will and the faith to win it does not mean that you can definitely obtain the victory...

It does not mean that if you recalled memories of past or cheered for yourself within your mind that you can beat the super enemy...

Sun Jian showed no interest in the emotions and the thoughts of his opponent. His whole body was filled with happiness and pride that his trap actually worked. The taste of victory was really good, and so was the feeling of unleashing ferocious blows!

He turned around and raised his fist to both the members of Songcheng University martial arts club and the audience in the stands.

Lou Cheng and other members all clapped and laughed while the audience responded with a warm cheer,

"Sun Jian!"

Gao Rao walked back to where the guest team sat and he couldn't even raise his head because he was ashamed to face Elder Senior Brother and the other junior brothers and sisters.

"At first you were too nervous while later you were too impatient." Peng Chengguang wasn't disappointed or angry, and he simply commented on the fight. "When you go home, you should think it over. As long as you understand and absorbed the fighting experience in this preliminary then hopefully you will grow further." Listening to the comfort and encouragement of his Elder Senior Brother and feeling his brother's relaxed attitude towards his failure, Gao Rao felt even more upset. He wanted to be severely criticized or punished by his Elder Senior Brother. It seemed only through this would he feel better and be able to relieve some of the guilt and self-blame in his heart.

"Elder Senior Brother, I'm not a kid!" He wanted to roar.

Peng Chengguang looked at Zhang Ying who stood beside him and whispered to her, "You have to take the initiative. Don't let him interrupt your rhythm and never give him chance to fight with you hand-to-hand. What's more, you have to keep cool and be patient because your enemy is brilliant and is good at setting traps."

Zhang Ying nodded and kept the words of Elder Senior Brother in mind. Then she turned and walked into the ring with her eyes staring at Sun Jian.

Well, to sum up, he is a polished scoundrel. Zhang Ying tied up her hair to a ponytail which always swayed back and forth, and with her born baby face, she looked like a high school student. When she stood in front of Sun Jian, she took a deep breath and told herself to stay calm.

"Round Two. Start!" The referee did not give them an opportunity to mentally prepare.

Gao Rao was a fighter of Amateur First Pin, so it seemed that Sun Jian defeated him easily, but in fact it wasn't. If at the beginning of the batlle, he had not suppressed his opponent and took the opportunity to use the 24 Blizzard Strikes, it would have been difficult to tell to whom the victory would go."

And experiencing such a fierce battle and using the 24 Blizzard Strikes would have consumed much of his stamina. It was obvious that Sun Jian's condition wasn't good. All he had in mind now was to force his opponent to fight with him directly so that he could create opportunities for the next fighter, Li Mao. Bang! As soon as he heard "start", he stepped forward to attack. His right arm straightened like a long spear with great power and hit towards Zhang Ying.

Zhang Ying had been prepared for his attack, so she dodged his right foot and flashed to the other side because she was trying to play it safe.

When she came to the side of her opponent, her muscles in her thigh stretched which extended her knee to kick a "whip kick" which could even make a sound like wind.

Sun Jian took a breath, while twisting his back and tightening the muscles in his leg, he side kicked with his left leg ferociously.

Bang! After the collision, Zhang Ying changed her position using the rebound with her toes lightly touching the ground. Then she once again started to attack and took control of the rhythm. Bang! Bang! Bang! They continuously fought with each other and sometimes they would also separate. Zhang Ying never gave Sun Jian the opportunity to use 24 Blizzard Strikes and fight hand-to-hand. She used to hit and run tactics as she hit him but stayed away.

After the continuous collisions, she found an opportunity. She blocked and pulled with her left hand before punching with her right fist at once.

Bang! Sun Jian right hand hit like a hammer which went straightly down and was just to block the punch. His body was shaken after this round of attack.

"Has he lost all his power already? Has his strength already decreased to this level?" Zhang Ying wanted to take advantage of this chance to attack him ferociously. But she recalled what Elder Senior Brother had said to her.

Keep cool, do not worry! Zhang Ying kept calm and then she twisted her back slightly. She stepped forward and closed in once again. At that time, she saw that he moved forward ferociously with the rebounding power and that this attack was as strong as when he was filled with power.

"Oh, he is really treacherous! I was almost fooled by him!" Zhang Ying felt a little angry, so she caught up with him quickly, raised her right hand, stabilized her waist and hip, and she was going to take the opportunity to hit him with a downward cut.

At the same time, Sun Jian stepped down and jumped out of the ring.

He jumped out of the ring...

Jumped out of the ring!

Zhang Ying looked at Sun Jian in confusion and she suspected that he was bewildered after too many battles. As Sun Jian stood firmly, he quickly pulled at his hair and praised his own intelligence.

When my attack which had been prepared for so long time missed my enemy, I knew that I couldn't fight anymore and I had reached my limits. So once my opponent attacks me once more then I would definitely lose the fight.

Since in the end, I will lose, why should I just stand there to be hit by my opponent, knocked by her or even injured by her? Why should I make myself look pitiful like a drowned rat?

I have to keep up my reputation and appearance before the audience!

Sun Jian wiped his hair, walking towards his own seat briskly.

Seeing this scene, Li Mao suddenly stood up and moved towards the ring. Because he didn't look as nervous as the two previous battles, his body was not as rigid as before. Lou Cheng and the other members did not say anything so that they would not put any more pressure on him.

"Take your time and waste all her energy, sh will definitely lose." Sun Jian held his fist and said to Li Mao with a laugh as he was going to meet Li Mao.

This time, Li Mao felt only a little nervous but did not lose his ability to think. After he heard what Sun Jian had said, he nodded and pounded his fist with his.

As he walked up along the stone steps, he gently breathed and adjusted his slightly tensed body.

Just like what Cheng and other members said, as long as I take away the burdens then my anxiety will decrease with increasing combat experience. It isn't a problem that I cannot overcome... My body is still a bit tense, so if I defend passively, it would be easy to go wrong. I better take the initiative to attack first and once I get through the hard beginning then I can really enter into a good fighting state...

Li Mao meditated "attack first" and then he came to the front of Zhang Ying.

Compared with the past, he was quite satisfied with his current state, at least his head was not blanked out.

On the other side, Zhang Ying was trying to use the time to recover her stamina. Because she had also consumed a lot enemy during the battle with Sun Jian.

She felt relieved after she had won a round, and now she could analyze the opponent's situation calmly.

My opponent is a fighter, called Li Mao. He is always very nervous. Although his symptoms certainly won't be so serious after the last combat since he has beaten Feng Shaokun, I still have a chance to beat him because Rome is not built in one day. I'll attack him first and let him feel worried at the beginning of this match!

"Round Three. Start!" The referee waved his arm.

As soon as the referee announced, Li Mao used his power and stepped forward by instinct. Zhang Ying pushed with her knees and moved forward ferociously. So these two fighters suddenly were close together. There was a burst of exclamation from the audience.

Neither of them could retreat and dodge the attacks given such a close distance. It would be too late!

Both of their pupils constricted. They clenched their teeth, twisted their waists and punched a fist towards the other party in a flash with their instincts as fighters.

Meeting on a narrow path means who dares wins!

Chapter 167: Peng Chengguang

With the same stomp on the ground, the same waist-twisting and arm-swinging motions and the same blast punch attack, both Li Mao and Zhang Ying gathered their emotional courage and left nothing behind in hesitation.


Their two fists collided, and in that instant, it was as if the two figures had become frozen in midair. Then Li Mao wobbled back, while Zhang Ying took half a step backward to cancel out the force before she finally managed to stabilize her form.

Although they were both Amateur Second Pin fighters, Zhang Ying was a girl and had fought a passionate battle earlier, and thus she was at a disadvantaged position when it came to absolute strength!

Li Mao's mind was still a little tense, so he couldn't think clearly. Relying on his fighting instincts, he swayed and swung, twisting his waist and bulging his thighs into the form of a flexible whip as he kicked out with his left leg. Pah! His left leg swiftly straightened and caused an explosion in the air.

Zhang Ying couldn't dodge away in time. She could only grit her teeth, tighten the surface of her feet, and reply with a whip kick.

Bang! Their legs hit and shook, and they both backed up a step. With his thoughts focused only on attacking, Li Mao sprang at Zhang Ying again without any adjustments. He swelled his muscles and raised his right arm, then punched out like swinging a hammer heavily on war drums.

"Again..." Zhang Ying's eyes shrank, as she quite regretted making that previous decision. At this point, she had no choice but to fight recklessly!

With the right leg slammed on the ground, she lifted her shoulder, clenched her fist and shot out just like a cannonball.

Bang! Another muffled sound. Failed to bear her opponent's strength, Zhang Ying fell her upper body backward with her right arm swung open and her center of gravity uncontrolled, while Li Mao just staggered a little—he was ready to attack again!

Suddenly, Zhang Ying remembered the video from a competition that she studied a few days before. A picture flashed in her mind.

"You can try this! It won't be worse, anyway!" She gritted her teeth, gave up trying to steady herself and attacking hurriedly. She tumbled backward, just like bending backward, but her right leg suddenly bounced up like a straight whip, hitting Li Mao unexpectedly.

Iron Bridge Moves! Dragon Turning Over Moves!

Zhang Ying learned this move from watching Lou Cheng's battle video!

Before one entered high-ranked Dan Stage, there were no complicated moves and changes for the reason that low-level fighters would just turn them into showy but not practical skills instead of completing them.

Therefore, the core elements for these stages of martial arts were visualization, the strength of the skills, the set of exercises for tempering different muscles, and the things people could not learn from watching battle videos. Of course, some moves and skills could be learned by watching the videos several times, such as the back step of unloading trick in a collision, Lou Cheng's Iron Bridge Moves, and Dragon Turning Over Moves.

Regarding the style, this move was simple and clear. The difficulty of this movement lay in their ability to control their own body's center of gravity. But understanding was not grasping!

Zhang Ying was not at Lou Cheng's level, but she also had never thought she would able to balance the body using the force to stand quickly. She simply relied on a girl's flexibility and sought the chance to resist her enemy. She bent over and kicked her leg like a whip beyond Li Mao's expectation. Li Mao decided to attack, his left hand was pumping out like a whip. At that moment, he saw a black martial arts shoe move straight to his chin in a roaring speed.

Failed to return to his stance or block the attack with his right fist, Li Mao got nervous. He ducked his head, curled into a ball and then dodged the move without too much thought, like a lazy donkey rolling on the ground.

Zhang Ying missed the kick and lost her balance. She fell to the ground, rolling twice.

At the same instant, both of them used Carp Jumping Moves, and then they stood up again.

At this time, the students came to themselves from former excitement. They applauded for the courage and determination of the two fighters in the strikes.

And after this, Li Mao was frightened and scared. Calming down and getting prepared, he continued to face Zhang Ying's attack.

Zhang Ying didn't have the will for attacking. She began using footwork and walked around her opponent. She tried to control the game to have the initiative of attack.

She just walked over to the side and punched with a tremendous power. Li Mao wasn't interested in gaining merits, but only in avoiding making any mistakes. He raised his right arm and blocked the attack, and then swung his arm to avoid the counterattack.

Zhang Ying moved behind him, lifted her thigh and kicked her toe to point at the bend in her enemy's knee, while Li Mao twisted his waist, turned back, and then swept with a whip kick.

Similar scenes were repeated over and over, the muffled sounds of the collisions and air blasts resounded from time to time. Two fighters—one of them displayed a good attack, the other one defended steadily. For now, it is hard to tell the winner. Instead of only taking defensive tactics in this process, Li Mao adopted a lightly and flexible style. Once he saw an opportunity, he would counterattack to ease the pressure from his passive position.

As time went on, he suddenly heard that Zhang Ying's breathing became heavy, and her flexible footwork seemed to have slow a little bit.

"Her strength has diminished to the point of a qualitative change?" Li Mao felt his heart flicker. He didn't immediately counterattack because he remembered that he was too anxious in the last game—he had started a fierce attack after noticing that Feng Shaokun was close to the limit, only to be nearly defeated by Feng Shaokun's Tiger and Crane Assault.

That previous experience was a lesson. Li Mao held his mind and would steadily and slowly promote the offensive and defensive trend.

After using one move to force back Zhang Ying, he took a step and raised his right arm and swung it as if it were a steel whip. Pah! It didn't disrupt Zhang Ying's footwork. Her right arm crossed her chest, beat in reverse, and sheltered this whip.

Li Mao obviously felt her weakness when they bumped into each other, so he didn't show her any mercy. He swung his arms so that they were like two steel whips. With his body forward, he was crazily beating and lashing her. The flapping sound was endless.

Zhang Ying had to bite the bullet and even use her arms to block the attacks a few times. Finally, she couldn't resist any longer, and with her arms spread out, it seemed that her body would be hit.

At this time, the referee next to them reached out his hand lightning fast and put it on Li Mao's shoulder, and dispersed his power with just one shake.

"Round Three, Li Mao wins!"

With the referee's announcement, the audience in the stand applauded loudly, not only cheering for Li Mao, but also to show respect for the girl who had fought so wonderfully.

Then, some students were whispering whether Li Mao's last few moves were the legendary Turtle Fist or not.

Li Mao didn't care about this. Even if his posture was ugly, it was good to win the game!

"This is the second victory I have won on behalf of the Songcheng University Martial Arts Club!" He gasped, overjoyed, and arose a thought:

"Martial art is so interesting!"

Zhang Ying released her grip, looking a little lost. She wanted to defeat Li Mao so that her Elder Senior Brother could meet Lou Cheng in his best physical condition—as to consume Lou Cheng's energy, after witnessing that he played three games in a row, she never thought of it again. "Well, with Elder Senior Brother's abilities beating Li Mao is a piece of cake, and that game won't affect the battle between him and Lou Cheng."

Once she changed her thoughts she felt better, and walked down the ring toward her Elder Senior Brother.

"Well done." Peng Chengguang didn't hesitate to praise her.

Zhang Ying looked delighted after hearing this sentence, but then had a strange feeling. Her eyes began to well up, almost shedding tears. The words she had prepared before only came out in three words, "Elder Senior Brother..."

Elder Senior Brother, I'm so happy to help you...

Peng Chengguang smiled confidently, without spectacle.

"Go back and leave the rest to me." After a high-five, he walked along the path then up the stone steps and boarded the ring.

Li Mao suddenly felt some apprehension when he looked at the well-known Ninth Pin expert, not because of nervousness, but due to it being the first time he faced a professional fighter.

Don't panic, I just want to dissipate his energy, I'm afraid of nothing!

Li Mao stabilized his mind, staring at Peng Chengguang as he posed.

This Ninth Pin expert looks more mature than his actual age...

Audiences shouted Li Mao's name once again, cheering for him. Now they didn't expect Li Mao could win this match after the last game, they only wanted him to consume the enemy's energy using two pins gaps to create an advantage for Lou Cheng. "Li Mao! Li Mao!" The roar of the audience swept across the arena. The referee waved his right hand.

"Round Four. Begin!"

Li Mao didn't dare to fight directly with the Mighty One, who was of Professional Ninth Pin—he moved with snake steps, flashed to the side of Peng Chengguang, closed his fist and cracked it into his opponent.

Peng Chengguang had been standing firmly, not attacking. At this time, his right foot suddenly stepped to the side of Li Mao while raising his right arm. He blocked the fist easily by lifting up his arm.

And because of his ingenious step he was in close to his opponent!

At this time, all the back muscles of Peng Chengguang connected as if they were one piece, just like a big snake jittered. His right arm was followed by an elbow. Bang! Li Mao blocked with his left palm in a hurry. He felt a vigorous hit immediately, and his hand abruptly hit his chest from the force of Peng Chengguang's power.

He felt like he was suffocating. Just then, he lost his center of gravity and toppled backward onto the ground!

Peng Chengguang used his elbow of the potential impact, and quickly popped up his arm and grabbed Li Mao's collar like the wind, using that force to help him to stand firm. He then withdrew his hand cheekily and smiled at him.

"If he didn't grab my collar, but pinched my throat, I'd have died already..." Li Mao stood there, listless. The referee announced the results.

"Round Four. Peng Chengguang wins!"

The shouts and applause in the martial arts arena stopped abruptly, with only a few sounds reverberating. The audience didn't expect for Li Mao to lose the game so fast without any fury! He looks like he is defenseless!

This Professional Ninth Pin is too strong?

Lou Cheng stood up suddenly. He looked at the ring and felt as if his whole body was on fire. He was eager to fight.

This is an expected adversary!

If only bullying those weaker than you all the time, what's the point to learn martial arts?

Peng Chengguang turned around and looked at Lou Cheng, squared away, and made the posture of invitation!

Four eyes contacted, as if to stimulate the spark and electricity in the middle of the air. The four fighters in Azure Dragon Squad held their breath and seemed to feel the churning emotions between Lou Cheng and Peng Chengguang. Lin Que took a breath—rare for him to express regret, he only hated that his injury had not healed.

Chapter 168: Mountain Blast Punch

It was not surprising that Peng Chengguang could take out the spent Li Mao in a single strike. Any Professional Ninth Pin fighter in their prime could have done the same thing. What was shocking was the ease at which Peng Chengguang took out Li Mao with plenty of energy to spare. It was awe-inspiring. The majority of the audience in the grandstand were casual viewers and did not fully understand the qualities of a professional. They were more stunned with the contrast between the previous and current match, and the effects of the one-shot kill.

Just moments ago Li Mao had battled against Zhang Ying like a clash between Mars and Earth before scoring a ferocious victory at the end of it. But now, he was taken out with a single move. It was only understandable that any person who didn't understand the gap between those at low ranks would be temporarily dumbstruck and speechless given the outcome.

During the rare moment of silence between today's matches, Lou Cheng exchanged a look with Yan Zheke and high-fived each other. He then walked towards the ring. During this process, he saw Li Mao returning with a slightly dazed look on his face. He seemed to be stunned by the outcome. The surrounding cheers were scarce and there was an indescribable stifled atmosphere.

Under such circumstances, Lou Cheng vaguely felt as if he had already been overwhelmed in spirit by Peng Chengguang.

He hadn't used his full strength and already won the match in a way that startled the audience. So how has it became like this?

In the Songcheng University Martial Arts Club's seating area, Sun Jian and his friends also sensed the weird atmosphere which had arisen.

Yan Zheke, in her white martial arts suit trimmed in black thread, suddenly stood up and yelled in her soft voice.

"Come on, Lou Cheng!" As her voice pierced the silence, Yan Zheke came to realize what she was doing and hurriedly sat down gracefully. Ignoring all the eyes looking on her, she acted as if nothing had happened.

"Come on, Lou Cheng!

Hearing the familiar voice imprinted in his mind, Lou Cheng looked back with a smile. He saw Yan Zheke sitting where she was as she gave him an innocent look with her beautiful blinking eyes. The girl clenched her fist and waved at him as if she was saying, "I'm quiet and well-behaved. That crazy woman was not me!"

While Lou Cheng was trying hard to keep a straight face, all the audience were gradually roused and began to cheer him on. Their voices were at first in a mess but soon became synchronized, finally turning into a roar echoing around the arena.

"Come on, Lou Cheng!" At this moment, Lou Cheng felt as if he was the main character being escorted by the big crowd in front and behind while walking step by step towards the ring.

As he passed Li Mao, he nodded and stretched out a fist.

"Good job!"

Li Mao greeted him with a fist bump and sighed.

"I'm sure you can defeat him!"

After they brushed past each other, Lou Cheng calmly walked up the steps and then towards Peng Chengguang. While the crowd was still cheering, Lou Cheng stopped in from of his opponent.

I'll enjoy myself in my home territory! Leaving no chance for them to exchange any words, the referee raised his right hand and announced,

"Final Round. Start!"

Voice fading, Lou Cheng, who had already adjusted his physical condition, quickly changed his center of gravity to move in an arc and pounced on his opponent.

At the same time, Peng Chengguang's leg muscles began bulging and wriggling as if they were alive, which accelerated him from a standing start to high speed as he rushing at Lou Cheng's original position. It seemed that he had intended to attack Lou Cheng immediately and to prevent him from using mercurial balance.

After the dodge and dash, Lou Cheng approached Peng Chengguang's flank. He slightly bent his body, pressed both feet on the ground and threw a Seabed Blast at Peng's waist with a burst of strength. Though the series of movements looked much like the fighting while roaming skill he had used in previous competitions with the help of mercurial balance, it was different from that.

It was not Seabed Blast but Seabed Shock!

When his opponent was still confused, Lou Cheng had already lowered the center of gravity in preparation for a full- strength strike!

Boom… Thunderclouds gathered in Lou Cheng's mind while his muscles and tendons in arms and shoulders were tightened to their extreme.

Peng Chengguang had just balanced himself when Lou Cheng's blow approached him. Having no time to do a side kick, he gathered strength in his shoulder and threw his right arm and fist towards Lou Cheng's fist like a hammer.

Bang! The moment their fists collided, Lou Cheng blasted out his strength as if detonating a bomb.

The first blow of Thunder Roar Zen!

Boom! Peng Chengguang was shaken and felt as if he had stepped on a landmine. A violent shock traveled from his right fist and soon spread throughout his body, shaking his skin, muscles, tendons, and bones, boiling his blood and even impacting all his vital organs!

Tremor Punch?

Is Lou Cheng able to master Tremor Punch?

Peng Chengguang felt so uncomfortable that he wanted to vomit while finding it difficult to gather strength, and soon realized he would immediately lose the game if he did nothing. Supporting himself with his spirit, he curled and then opened up his body, stomping violently on the ground. Crack! Fissures appeared on the ground around his feet and soon formed a spider web. With the help of his resilience, Peng Chengguang's muscles in his limbs and trunk all came to life and became like sinister flood dragons that exploded at the same time.

Without pausing, he twisted his back and waist to gather all his strength and then threw a fierce Swing Force at Lou Cheng!

Lou Cheng had just succeeded in attacking Peng Chengguang and was about to give him the decisive punch. Then suddenly he felt Peng Chengguang turn into an erupting volcano with tremendous power erupting from all over, which was the last thing he felt before being throwing away.
"What an incredible outbreak of strength…" Lou Cheng began to get nervous and hurried to adjust his muscles. Though having already rebalanced himself with the first step on the ground, Lou Cheng didn't stop but took two more steps, during which he kept gathering strength in preparation for greeting Peng Chengguang's pursuit with a back thrust! After turning around, Lou Cheng found Peng Chengguang standing where he was taking a deep breath instead of using the opportunity to pursue him.

Then he realized that Peng Chengguang might also be feeling uncomfortable because of his Thunder Roar Zen and had to calm down his boiling qi and blood.

Although he was eager to pursue Lou Cheng, he was unable to do so!

The moment their gazes caught, they yelled with one voice.


They were cheering for the excellent performances of each other!

On the stands, Cai Zongming, Qiu Zhigao, Zhao Qiang and the others had already arrived as a group of family and friends of Lou Cheng.

They were now tensely looking at the big screen and gasping at the collision just now.

In his previous strike, Lou Cheng directly attacked his opponent with Thunder Roar Zen, which seemed to be much gentler than Peng Chengguang's movements in the audience's eyes, while the latter had broken stone bricks, wriggled his muscles and blown his opponent away! Since none of Lou Cheng's friends and families were professionals, they were all shocked by Peng Chengguang and began to worry for Lou Cheng.

"Talker, Cheng's opponent seems to be quite powerful…" Zhang Jingye got nervous.

Cai Zongming was also worrying about Lou Cheng but tried to keep calm. "Is he more powerful than an Eighth Pin expert in Dan stage?" "But it was Lin Que who made the first move last time…" Qiu Zhigao replied automatically.

Cai Zongming smiled. "Peng Chengguang's not at Dan stage, either. Did his movements scare you? Cheng could easily do the same as him, such as breaking stone bricks! Besides, it is quite normal for a fighter to lose several Challenge Tournaments, even the Dragon King and Warrior Sage have once failed. There are so many martial arts competitions nowadays that no one can guarantee he will always meet someone only a little stronger than himself!"

Zhao Qiang knew little about martial arts and was thus convinced by Talker's words, which sounded quite reasonable. "So exciting!" Zhao Qiang put his mind at ease and again looked at the ring.

Lou Cheng was again fighting hand to hand with Peng Chengguang. This time he still controlled his center of gravity with Mercurial Balance and flashed to the left side of his opponent. He decided to make a feint and trick Peng Chengguang into striking first, while he would dash to Peng's back and take the opportunity to use Thunder Roar Zen. Thinking about this, Lou Cheng shook the right arm as if getting ready to punch, while his center of gravity changed at the same time and helped him to flash to Peng Chengguang's back like a ghost.

However, Peng Chengguang stood still without reacting to his movements as if he had already seen through Lou Cheng's trick.

Not daring to pause, Lou Cheng moved his center of gravity and flashed to Peng Chengguang's right side.

According to Peng Chengguang's performance in the previous competitions he had seen on video, Lou Cheng knew that he tended to make an absolute reaction to any attack, an ability Lou Cheng lacked. As a result, Lou Cheng was unable to find any opportunity to throw Thunder Roar Zen at him despite feints and mercurial balance… While moving at high speed, Lou Cheng began to realize what a big mistake he had made.

Maybe I should think the opposite. Since Peng Chengguang's Absolute Reaction is not perfect, it might work if I combined a real attack with a feint.

Having no time to think it over, Lou Cheng took a breath and hid his spirit in the state of concealment of spirit and qi. Visualizing mountain ranges covered with pure white snow in his mind, Lou Cheng dismissed all distracting thoughts while focusing on the visual imagery.


Giant bolts shooting down from the sky, causing an avalanche with millions and billions of tons of snow flooding down from the mountain. Lou Cheng shook his right arm as if getting ready to release this almighty force.

At this very moment, his Mega Avalanche progressed both physically and spiritually!

As Lou Cheng was performing these movements, Peng Chengguang suddenly tightened his leg muscles, destroying his shabby martial arts shoes, and threw a quick and fierce side kick at Lou Cheng.

However, just when it seemed that Lou Cheng's Mega Avalanche was about to be formed, he again moved his center of gravity and flashed to the back of Peng Chengguang.

Taking the opportunity as Peng Chengguang hadn't withdrawn his side kick yet, Lou Cheng lowered his waist to do a squat and compressed his muscles in both arms and legs. After all this he clasped his hands to form a giant hammer and thumped Peng Chengguang from the top right downwards to the left.

This blow was as powerful and destructive as a double attack of Tremor Punch!

This blow was known as the regular killer move of Thunder Roar Zen, which was named Mountain Blast Punch!

Chapter 169: Rude and Unreasonable

As if a giant in the legendary story, Lou Cheng brandished a "sledgehammer" downward, towering over his opponent as his mighty power flooded the arena. Gasps and shocking screams were heard from the spectators as they watched him while opponents like Gao Rao, Zhang Ying and other disciples from Mingwei Martial Arts School sprung up instantly from their seats.

They recalled seeing their Elder Senior Brother exerting his maximum strength to swing Lou Cheng out, causing Lou Cheng to temporarily lose his balance and forcing him to use the old method of wandering combat to steer himself away from danger. Yet, in less than a minute, the situation turned sour. Their Elder Senior Brother was cheated by the opponent's feint as he revealed his weak point, and soon he would be faced with an unavoidable Downward Splitting Strike!

How is it possible?

Hasn't our Elder Senior Brother been trained to possess near "Absolute Reaction", where he'll not be tackled by sneak attack or feint? They could not make sense of what was happening. All they knew was that their dream was soon to be a nightmare. They unconsciously clenched their fists and stood sternly, as they glanced at the ring with concern and hope.

Not only did they not understand, but the four Professional Ninth Pin fighters from Azure Dragon Squad were confused as well. They could not understand the attacks between the two fighters in the ring.

Others might only know that Lou Cheng depended on "mercurial balance" to avoid danger in seeking of opportunities. Yet, they could see through the surface and knew that it was Peng Chengguang who was hesitating whether to give a direct attack. Facing with Lou Cheng's attack, he either chose to dodge first and counterattack later, or to judge it based on his experience and analysis to seize the opportunity for a direct attack at Lou Cheng's fatal point. His purpose was to corner his opponent and made him gave up on attacking again.

Why was Peng Chengguang afraid of going head-on with Lou Cheng? Didn't he just crush the black bricks on the ground and forcefully swung Lou Cheng out?

Based on his strength, speed, agility, technique, experience and style, there was no reason for him to be afraid at all!

The fighters from Azure Dragon Squad looked at each other with fear. They somewhat sensed that something wasn't right.

Peng Chengguang was a fighter who had knocked them all out, so what on earth was he afraid of?

After he had swung Lou Cheng out, why didn't he pursue on and seize that opportunity to strike another attack?

At this very moment, Lou Cheng had completely forgotten the changes to the surrounding. He was unaware of the initial shocking screams and followed by the rowdy cheers from the spectators when they finally realized what had happened. His attention was all on Peng Chengguang, and Peng Chengguang's every movement was in Lou Cheng's eyes. Lou Cheng then fiercely struck Peng Chengguang with a strong determination to end this battle!

If Peng Chengguang chose to counter him with Scorpio's Tail Whip, then he would follow by Mountain Blast Punch to block Peng Chengguang's flying kick. Thunder Roar Zen only required fighters to come into contact, but did not specify the areas. Once it was launched, the impact would be explosive that shocked the opponent. Whether or not it hit the opponent's weakness, the effect would be the same...

However if Peng Chengguang gave up on his stance and decided to roll away to dodge the attack, then he would instantly store his energy to leap ahead. He would make use of that time when Peng Chengguang had not recovered to do something that would decide the winner...

All the possibilities that might happen flashed through Lou Cheng's mind as he hammered his opponent with strong determination.

Just then, Peng Chengguang did not fully retreat his side kick, but instead, he made use of it to shrink his neck and hopped to his right. This caused Lou Cheng's ferocious Mountain Blast Punch to hit his left shoulder instead of his right.

Just as his right foot touched the ground, he immediately pulled back his center of gravity as he instantly lowered himself in a half-sitting position. He curved his back slightly and channeled his strength, qi and blood to his Dantian (abdomen region slightly below the navel), and then the energy erupted and inside-out. As Peng Chengguang "spread open" his body, Lou Cheng leaped and aimed straight at his shoulder!

Peng Chengguang stomped his feet, spread open his shoulders and expanded his body muscles. He picked his shoulders to go against Lou Cheng's Mountain Blast Punch!


The moment both fighters came into contact, thunder cloud clapped loudly in Lou Cheng's mind and expanded his tightened muscles, creating a series of blasts that viciously shocked his mind. At the same time, Peng Chengguang instantly twisted his back as he wriggled and shook his shoulders.

Pam! Both Peng Chengguang's martial arts shoes split apart, like butterflies that spread open their wings. Whereas Lou Cheng was like a kite with a broken string that was thrown into the air as he landed a few meters away.

With just a simple move of lowering the body and a half- sitting position, Peng Chengguang had barely managed to block off the Thunder Roar Zen killer move under such hopeless situation!

However, he was not feeling good either. His joints, fascias and muscles appeared to be shivering. He could feel his qi and blood were crazily churning within him and his internal organs were shaking. Every part of his body was buzzing and trembling, totally out of his control.

Lou Cheng flopped to the ground. He got up and ran a few steps forward. First was to adjust his muscles and to recover his balance. Second was to store his energy for the next attack. Pam! He channeled his strength to his right leg as he crushed the bricks on the ground and took the chance to twist his body. Like a ferocious eagle, he pounced onto Peng Chengguang once more. Seizing the opportunity that his opponent had not recovered from his previous attack, he struck another Thunder Roar Zen!

I'll kill you while you're down!

His pounce brought him forward by a few meters. Lou Cheng tightened his right arm muscles and swung his body. He then stretched his fascias and threw out a violent Mountain Blast Punch.

The third blow of Thunder Roar Zen!

Peng Chengguang had not recovered from the tremble, so he dared not block the attack. With his shoeless feet, he stomped onto the ground and leaned backward. As if there were eyes at his back, he leaped backward and landed steadily a few meters apart. Lou Cheng did not give up on pursuing. He placed his left foot forward and crushed the bricks beneath his foot. Borrowing the rebound force, he once again pounced forward aggressively and bid his time for a Tremor Punch in his right hand!

Peng Chengguang stomped his feet again as he continued to retreat, and within a few seconds, he was a few meters apart from Lou Cheng.

The effect of his dodging technique was similar to the method Lin Que used to avoid Wei Shengtian's attack, just which the latter looked like an agile goat, while the former looked like a swan goose that flew backward.

Lou Cheng was not disappointed at all. His eyes were fixed on his target as he cleared his mind and stepped out his right foot. He continued to pursue his opponent with a series of attacks, not providing his opponent any chance of resting.

After retreating thrice, Peng Chengguang was already standing by the edge of the ring. He suddenly froze both his legs, like a dam that was built to suppress the flood. His body was instantly straightened.

During his second retreat, the tremble of his body was near recovering. The purpose of retreating for the third time was to seize the opportunity for a back thrust.

Peng Chengguang lowered his body as he tried to gather his qi and blood, as well as muscles together. When all were gathered as one, he first swung his right arm and evolved it into a spear. Together with his terrifying strength and the agility of his muscles, he aggressively struck an attack towards Lou Cheng, who no longer had the upper-hand!

Lou Cheng did not dodge the attack. Using the bravery he had with the thought of no turning back, he swung out his right arm. Loud thunder clap blasted through the air, as the arena shivered.

Bang! The two fighters collided. Peng Chengguang felt dizzy and his chest felt tight as his qi and blood churned again. However, his explosive attack just now had managed to offset a large portion of the collision, so his body did not tremble as badly as before.

On the other hand, Lou Cheng retreated three steps as he crushed the bricks on the ground one by one. That was how he managed to offset the heavy impact and stabilized himself.

Yet just then, Peng Chengguang had already followed up with a leap and he appeared in front of Lou Cheng. He then moved half a step before launching a Burst Fist.

For Peng Chengguang, he had already reached his limit after launching his explosive attacks thrice. Moreover, he had already gotten two to three Thunder punches. It was likely that he could no longer take it anymore. Not to forget that his opponent was very capable of feints, causing him unable to make any judgments. He could only depend on his eyes, ears and other senses to help him in understanding the situation. As a result, it would be tough for him to counterattack. He could only corner his opponent and made his opponent give up by attacking his opponent's weak points. Thus, he needed to get nearer to use hand-to-hand fight, not giving his opponent any chance to prepare for another Tremor Punch.

Bam! Lou Cheng balanced himself in time. He clenched his fist and pounded downwards, blocking Peng Chengguang's Burst Fist. However, the opponent slightly leaned towards his left foot sideways, and followed by a strike using his elbow. This forced Lou Cheng to give up on his thought of borrowing force as he spread open his left shoulder and used his hand to block the opponent's attack.

Pam Pam Pam! Bam Bam Bam! There were a series of collisions between the two fighters, at their palms, wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, and tip of their toes. Their attacks were rapid and one strike closely followed by another. It was very likely that a winner would be out soon at this instant.

The referee at the side was getting anxious as well as caution about the match. This was because every year, there would definitely be some matches that resulted in serious injuries or deaths because the referee could not be there to stop the fighters in time, and more than 70% of those matches were the hand-to-hand fight! The sounds of fists and kicks collision were loud and clear. Under such close distant fight, Lou Cheng did not have a chance to launch his Thunder Roar Zen, even launching kicks would be tough. Regarding strength, he was not as strong as Peng Chengguang. However, his mind was as serene as a frozen sea and he could remain calm when making a judgment. His every move was determined and strong. Furthermore, his Big or Small Hand Wrap was agile and violent, so instead of attacking frantically, he trusted that Peng Chengguang would soon be weakened.

Their hand-to-hand fight had finally reached a point where their movements started to affect one another. Both of them leaned sideways, followed by a strong collision.

Bam! Peng Chengguang's body swayed left and right. Lou Cheng, who seemed to be affected by the collision, moved a step back.


Peng Chengguang knew that he could not last any longer. He seized this rare opportunity, took a step forward and grabbed Lou Cheng's left arm which was placed at his back.

He knew that his Listening Skill was not as good as Lou Cheng's, so he gave up on catching him. Instead, while he was preparing to exert his strength to "tear" Lou Cheng apart, he noticed the tightening of his opponent's muscles as his opponent curved his body inward. This caused him to misjudge the situation.

At the same time, Lou Cheng sprung his spinal cord and moved his back. The right side of his body swung as he clenched his fist and threw a rapid violent punch. It was as if he had waited for a long time to blast out the attack!

Bam! Peng Chengguang hurriedly countered the attack. He could feel that his opponent was going erupt any time. Though the tremor given out was much weaker than before, it was still terrifying.

His body trembled as his qi and blood churned fiercely within him. Lou Cheng freed his left arm from Peng Chengguang's grasp and retreated. He then aggressively rotated his arm and gave Peng Chengguang another heavy hammering strike. Thunder Roar Zen!

Bam bam bam! Lou Cheng rotated both his arms and launched a series of attacks, causing Peng Chengguang to feel awful internally as his mind began to buzz.

Upon seeing this scene, Mo Zicong, the leader of Azure Dragon Squad, suddenly came to his sense as he blurted out,

"Tremor Punch!"

"Lou Cheng had mastered Tremor Punch!"

No wonder Peng Chengguang had to avoid going head-on with Lou Cheng. No wonder he did not grab the opportunity previously to pursue his opponent on with another attack!

"Tremor Punch?" Deng Hua and the other three fighters whispered in horror. At the same moment, Lou Cheng rotated his right arm again and tightened his muscles. With the clap of thunder reverberating in his mind, he outrageously pounded hard onto his opponent.

Another Thunder Roar Zen!


Peng Chengguang withstood the attack with difficulty. His body swayed and his eyes were filled with giddiness and blankness. He looked as if he was born with vertigo issue who had been through a rough rollercoaster ride.

Lou Cheng jerked his left arm and used it as a spear where he aimed towards his opponent. His arm stopped right in front of the opponent's throat, which prevented his opponent from raising the arms.

The referee heaved a sigh of relief before he announced it loudly, "Final Round. Lou Cheng wins!"

Lou Cheng exhaled as well. He smiled sincerely and said,

"You're very powerful. I almost lost..."

If Peng Chengguang had mastered a better skill, not great skills like Thunder Roar Zen or Meteor force, but slightly better skill like Mega Avalanche, Lou Cheng might lose in this battle.

Peng Chengguang's mind was still buzzing and he felt awful. He saw Lou Cheng opening and closing his mouth, but he could not hear what he was saying. Looking blank, he answered Lou Cheng with an immature reply,


Chapter 170: Yan Zheke the Great Detective


Facing with Peng Chengguang's reply, Lou Cheng was stunned as well. After such a fierce battle, he was feeling rather excited, which caused him to say some words from the bottom of his heart. This was perfectly normal. However, to repeat the same words for his opponent would be damn awkward and embarrassing!

He could only maintain his polite smile and replied,

"You're very strong."

This was true indeed. Last week when he was challenging himself at Tiantong Taoist temple with that Xie fellow, he had also depended on his last-minute reaction. However, his victory was also partially because the opponent did not have enough strength to counterattack. If today Peng Chengguang had gotten that Xie fellow's martial arts skills, it was very likely that he himself would lose in this battle. As Lou Cheng thought of all these and wanted to add on to his words, he instantly heard a buzzing sound in his ears. All of sudden, waves of loud and joyful cheers filled the arena.

"Lou Cheng! Lou Cheng!"

Even though most of the students did not understand the fierce exchanges of fists and kicks between the two fighters, neither could they sensed the horror of Tremor force, they could see how Peng Chengguang had split open the ground like a spider web through his explosive attack, and how Lou Cheng had cracked open the bricks from his movements. They had observed the terrifying tension during the hand-to-hand fight and had vividly seen the beauty in how Lou Cheng had finally rotated both his arms to attack his way to victory continuously.

That fierce battle that stretched the human muscles to the limit, that beauty of displaying the strength, that continuous pounding that made the spectators' heart pounded with excitement as it gradually shattered the masks of the spectators and demolished the walls that were built around their hearts. It fired them up as they finally vent out their emotions that were suppressed within them for days! For those students that were usually quiet and tamed, such outburst of emotions made them felt lost for a moment. When the referee announced the outcome of the battle, they appeared slightly bewildered as they paused and kept silent for a while. They then lost control over their emotions and roared the name aloud,

"Lou Cheng! Lou Cheng!"

The screams from the thousands of spectators turned into a storm, as if it could blow away the curved roof of the martial arts arena. Yet in the midst of this warm and enthusiastic atmosphere sat four people who seemed to be frozen from their skins to their bones and drenched from head to toe by the water from the Antarctica.

"How are we going to fight..." Deng Hua, the guy with the Mohican-style hair, was full of confidence when he stepped into Songcheng University. He was the only one who seemed relaxed. However, after watching the series of Thunder Roar Zen that Lou Cheng had played in the battle, his confidence had plunged. He finally became hopeless the moment their leader, Mo Zicong, exclaimed the phrase "Tremor Punch". Noticing him open and close his mouth, Mo Zicong and the others turned pale.
Facing Lou Cheng, attrition warfare tactic would be useless. However, based on his battles with Fearless Squad, it seemed that he was still incapable of sweeping off most of the Ninth Pin fighters from the ring. This gave them a chance. As long as one out of the four did his best in attacking Lou Cheng, even if that person couldn't defeat him, it would still help the teammates to deplete his energy for an easy fight.

By then, even if the strong Lin Que joined in the battle, he did not have infinite stamina. With pairing up attrition warfare tactic, they might have a chance of winning. As for the remaining fighters in Songcheng University, they could not even be bothered with them!

However, in only about two weeks' time, Lou Cheng had managed to master Tremor Punch. Without any tactic or skill to counter him, who would dare to go against him by then? If no one was there to go against him, how could they do their best to attack him? What was even scarier was that for a Professional Ninth Pin fighter like Lin Que, even if he did master a skill like Tremor Punch, he could at most launched it thrice or four times, which was insufficient for the opponent to feel helpless. As long as they were cautious and alert, they might still be to withstand them or dodge them. However, it would be different in Lou Cheng's case. Lou Cheng could spread open his arms and rotated them as he continuously launched his Tremor Punch onto the opponent. How many Professional Ninth Pin fighters could withstand that?

If Peng Chengguang could not withstand, anyone that was weaker than him would certainly be unable to withstand!

How could they battle like this?

Bam bam bam! Mo Zicong could almost hear the sound of the Tremor Punch echoed in his heart as he saw himself and his teammates were one by one pounded by Lou Cheng on the ring. No one could withstand more than three strikes.

How could they battle like this? They looked at each other and noticed each other's fear. Their feelings were totally different as compared to the relaxed feeling they had when they first arrived.

They never thought that they would observe their opponent's battle to the extent that they lost all their confidence and was fearful of battling him!

Just as Zhao Qiang, Zhang Jingye and the others had abandoned their goody two shoes student image and were cheering aloud, Lou Cheng exchanged glances with Yan Zheke who was at the martial arts club seats. He silently raised his fist to express victory but quickly returned to normal as he saw Peng Chengguang shaking his head.

Peng Chengguang bowed to his opponent before he staggered down the ring, and walked towards Gao Rao, Zhang Ying and his other juniors, who all appeared transfixed by the outcome of the battle.

Lou Cheng actually thought of questioning Peng Chengguang after bowing. He wanted to ask him why he did not want to collaborate with other martial arts schools and pursue the preliminaries reward of obtaining a rare skill, but he felt that his relationship with him was not strong enough for him to ask such question, so he bit his tongue.

"Lou Cheng! Lou Cheng!"

The joyful cheers reverberated in the martial arts stadium. Lou Cheng revealed his happiness and satisfaction. He did not consider much as he enjoyed the sweet taste of victory. He raised both his arms up high and clapped his hands to show his appreciation as he returned to their martial arts club seats. He then smacked his hand with Yan Zheke, Lin Que, Sun Jian, Li Mao and the others to celebrate his victory.

Just then, one of the students noticed that there were many crushed bricks on the ring ground, which reminded him of the school suicide video that was spread around recently. He recalled that the student fighter who rescued the man had also crushed the ground in the same manner.

He then looked at the figure of Lou Cheng and a thought struck him as he exclaimed loudly, "That person who rescued the guy was Lou Cheng!" "Him?" "Yes, if it's not Lin Que, it's definitely him!" The words spread fast across the spectators stand. Suddenly the cheers were greatly reduced in the martial arts arena as many of them took out their phones to check out the video. Many faces were flushed red as they looked agitated and respectfully at Lou Cheng. They then excitedly discussed the topic with their friends, causing the enthusiastic atmosphere to increase instead.

At Mingwei Martial Arts School seats, Zhang Ying, Qu Yu and the others were speechless as they could not believe what had happened. They suppressed their emotions and kept silent, looking as if they were more disappointed with their Elder Senior Brother's defeat than himself.

Peng Chengguang took a glance at them as he heard the cheers echoing in the martial arts arena. He smiled bitterly and said,

"What's there to be bitter about? What's there to be shame about losing to such opponent? This just encourages me to work hard and reminds me not to slack down so that I can be on par with him someday." He then turned his body and subconsciously glanced over to Songcheng University Martial Arts Club area.

By then, how much stronger will Lou Cheng be again?

Inside the locker room, after helping Lou Cheng to apply ointment and was passionately kissed by him several times when no one was around, Yan Zheke returned to her dormitory.

She had yet to mention to Lou Cheng that her mum might be coming to do a "spot check". She decided to think of a strategy first before discussing this matter with his boyfriend.

The moment she stepped into her room, she saw Zong Yanru and Shi Xiangyang were surrounding Li Liantong, who was watching her phone. She exclaimed and praised from time to time while watching the battle video. "That's really cool!"

"How can he have such a strong leg "

"Martial Arts Competition can indeed destroy shoes "

Hearing which, Yan Zheke rejoiced and blurted out,

"Dirty Tong, you're done recording the video?"

She had requested her dormitory mates to do a favor by recording the battle video, focusing only on Lou Cheng's battle!
This was because it was hard to say when the recorded video by the TV station would be broadcasted. Moreover, a battle between Lou Cheng and a strong opponent like Peng Chengguang would be meaningful to keep and remember. Thus, she would want to get such video first-hand, so that she could save it and give to her boyfriend as a gift. "Of course~ For your treat, we did not even focus on watching the tournament and each of us recorded a video for you!" Li Liantong replied, feeling pleased.

Yan Zheke was excited as she urged.

"Faster, let me look at it. Is the recording blurry?"

Li Liantong chuckled and said, "How can that be? I'm a talented videographer!"

While talking, Yan Zheke squeezed beside them and carefully looked at the recording as she recalled about what happened yesterday.

Last week her own virgin battle video was only broadcasted on Friday and she'd almost forgotten to record it. Luckily, Cheng remembered it and set the alarm. During his lesson, he gave an excuse of having diarrhea to leave class early as he hurriedly rushed back to his dormitory to record the broadcast via the internet. As she had lessons in the same school building at that time and was seated by the windows, she coincidentally saw Cheng ran rapidly to the dormitory zone. Out of curiosity, she messaged to him to ask him what happened, and yet his reply made her eyes almost filled with tears. She felt really touched,
so she decided to request Li Liantong and her other dorm
mates to help her took video of today's battle.

Seeing from the beginning till the end, Yan Zheke was really satisfied with the video. She then asked Li Liantong to copy it onto the computer while she shared with her about her mum, who might be coming to "spot check". She clasped her hands together, interlocked her fingers and reminded, "When my mum is here and I'm not in the room, just answered her honestly about anything except Cheng. Also, for this weekend, just tell her that I've gone shopping with Guo Qing."

Zong Yanru looked at her suspiciously and asked, "Ke, your mum will really come all the way here for 'spot check'?

Just because she suspected that you might have a boyfriend?" Yan Zheke looked at her with a stern face and nodded her head vigorously. "I feel that she will... Let me tell you. The unique thing about my mum is that she takes actions really fast! Either she doesn't come at all, or she'll come within these few days!"

If her actions were not so fast, she would not dare to elope when she was young!

"Kinda feel like I'm meeting an Empress Dowager soon..." Shi Xiangyang joked as she felt fearful about it.

After reminding her dorm mates, Yan Zheke pulled out last year's "Freshman Guide" from the bookshelves and flipped open the page that displayed the map of the new school campus area.

She sat down and took out a ruler. Next, she started measuring and drawing on the map. Her attentiveness and seriousness made her looked even more attractive. Li Liantong and the others stared at her blankly as they wondering what she up to was. Looking at the map and measuring the distance, Yan Zheke rolled her eyes and looked up as she murmured to herself,
"If mum were to come suddenly, most likely she would silently hide at a corner to observe the situation. However, she's neither familiar with the campus nor my class schedule. With her intelligence, she'll definitely not depend on luck to wait and observe, but would likely choose a place where she could see me to observe me in the dark secretly..."

"Excluding this condition, she could only choose three places to observe. First place would be the pedestrian walkway near the dormitory gate, since that's where she'll see people who returned from the cafeteria. Second place would be the entrance of the long bridge near the school building, because anyone who is returning to the dormitory and heading to the cafeteria would definitely walk pass there, so she would not miss anyone. Third place would be the exit of the martial arts arena..."

"She's a Professional Ninth Pin fighter. According to the statistics provided on the information she found, she would have a wide field of view." Yan Zheke gently bit her low lip and she seriously stared at the three dangerous places which she had indicated. She then looked satisfied as she nodded her head and commented,

"Yup, as long as Cheng is not dating me in these places, mum will never find out about him!"

Just as she was about to praise herself for her intelligence, she suddenly saw Li Liantong came beside her and gave her a weird expression before asking,

"Ke, why don't you just directly keep the distance away from Lou Cheng for a few days?"

Those assumptions, logic, the field of view, dangerous regions are too complicated!

Yan Zheke gave an "eh" sound, blinked her eyes and smiled innocently.

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