Martial Arts Master Chapter 141-150

Chapter 141: Do Your Best

The sky was still dark, and the road lamps shone quietly. Lou Cheng woke up early in the morning as usual; in fact he was even ten minutes earlier. This was because he discovered while he was attempting to take off his clothes last night that it would be tough and time consuming to put on his clothes with his right arm inconveniencing him.

Sometime later, he was finally done with his preparation and washing. He sent a message to the sound asleep Yan Zheke 'complaining tearfully' about the hardships of the disabled, and slowly jogged to the lake side with the relaxed feelings of someone who had washed away yesterday's dust, the cold, refreshing that nurtured his lungs, and the silence where everyone was asleep except him. He persevered in the daily training that had become a habit in his life.

When he reached his old haunt, he saw that his master had already been waiting for him already. He hurriedly called him respectfully.

Geezer Shi nodded slightly, "Very good. A soldier doesn't leave the front line on account of minor wounds. You must remember your perseverance today, for it is the foundation that determines how far you will travel down the path of martial arts."

"Yes, master." Lou Cheng answered while holding the same belief himself.

At the same time, he roasted his master inwardly: Master, it's a bit weird that you spout such genteel words all of a sudden, you know!

Geezer Shi didn't add anything else and instructed, "You may only practice the still stance and the routine in moving stance that doesn't involve the arm for the next five days. This is to avoid worsening your injury further."

Lou Cheng nodded and asked curiously, "Master, does Lin Que really need to recuperate for a whole week and practice nothing at all?"

"Of course. Do you think that my experience all these years are all for nothing? Do you think I would make an error in judgment over such a small wound?" Geezer Shi said impatiently, "This is good for him, however."

"It is?" Lou Cheng was fully puzzled now.

Geezer Shi chuckled and said, "Lin Que is too stubborn and introverted. He is too tensed and doesn't know how to relax. Even if he figured out the meaning of 'withdraw', he would not be in the right state of mind to master and complete his understanding. Coincidentally, he was injured and had no choice but to stay away from martial arts for a whole week now, so he had to relax his mind and experience life without daily training passively. Of course, he wouldn't adapt well to idleness at the beginning, and he would feel empty and fidgety. However, he should be able to appreciate the value of 'stillness' after a few days. True danqi is a state where one can act or stay still, release or withdraw."

Master had a very accurate grasp of Lin Que's problem, I see... Lou Cheng quietly exclaimed on the inside. It truly was a lifetime's boon for everyone in the martial arts club to be able to meet such a good coach at the final stage of their youth and the most critical moment of improvement of martial arts. As for himself, he was the lucky one among the lucky.

While holding gratitude in his mind, he piously devoted himself into the practice of martial arts. First, he assumed the Yin-Yang Stance, Condensation Stance and other basic stances several times to remember the past and know the future. Then, he moved with strength and circulated through every movement he knew slowly, training the other parts of his body except his wounded arm.

At the end of his training, he closed his eyes and visualized the sound and image of dense thunder clouds. The visualization triggered a wriggle in his stomach and involved his throat in releasing a series of low, thunderous rumbles from his body. They acted in concert with muscles' movements, tensing up and exploding outwards non-stop to create soft, rhythmic shockwaves, training his bones bit and bit and indirectly affect the changes inside his bone marrow. This caused his bone marrow to create blood with an even stronger life force that circulated throughout his five viscera and six bowels. They complemented with the thunderous shockwaves directed into his body and sought to improve the strength and ability of each body organ. After the experience of delivering the 'Thunder Roar Zen' passively during the battle against Wei Shengtian, the still stance, visualization and set routine of this martial arts could be considered to have passed the entry phase completely. His training in this aspect was so smooth that he was like a fish in
water, and while he needed to wait until his arm recovers and
spend some time exploring and testing how to apply external shockwaves in actual combat, he had at least found his direction and opened the door to a new world.
The five viscera and six bowels, and his body organs were all precious treasures of the human body. They were both precise and delicate, and Lou Cheng had to control his training time precisely to avoid exceeding their limits and hurting them. In less than twenty minutes later, he stopped training and opened his eyes.

"Not bad. There's a bit of charm in your rhythm now. Practice yourself for the next half an hour. I'll be out enjoying my breakfast." Geezer Shi nodded, turned away and left at his leisure.

Lou Cheng thought for a moment before he began slow jogging around the lake and performed endurance training. After the torturous and desperate battle against Fearless Squad, he recognized keenly the importance of stamina and had consciously wanted to improve it further.

Lou Cheng had thought through this very carefully. While he had a reputation for having an abnormal or even bottomless amount of stamina, the extra energy was all provided by the Jindan. If one day the Jindan disappeared, wouldn't he be right back where he started?

Ultimately, one should not depend on external aid for long. Only the things he had completely internalized could truly be considered his own!

Utilizing the Jindan to improve himself was the true path to follow. He must not put the cart before the horse!

After running for ten minutes. Lou Cheng suddenly saw a familiar figure. Li Mao was standing on top of the stone scenery beside the lake and looking at the light ripples on top of the lake surface. It couldn't be that he was too burdened with self-guilt due to excessive anxiety and was planning to drown himself, could he?

Lou Cheng was shocked, and he took a few large steps forwards toward Li Mao until he was close before shouting loudly,

"Senior brother Li Mao?"

Li Mao turned around, and not a hint of self-blame could be found on his square-shaped face at all. Li Mao said in astonishment, "Cheng, why are you here?"

After observing Li Mao for a while, Lou Cheng confirmed that he was imagining things and smiled in return, "I train around here everyday in the early morning. This is the first time you showed up here though, senior brother Li Mao, so I should be the one asking you that question, right?"

A look of realization appeared on Li Mao's face before he mumbled to himself in a low tone, "As I thought, no one's success had come without reason..."

While speaking, he jumped off the stone scenery and smiled with a trace of bitterness, "When I thought that I'd be climbing up the preliminaries arena as a leading player next Saturday, I can't help but feel a little nervous. Last night I tossed and turned but wasn't able to sleep well, and I woke up way early in the morning. I was thinking to take in some wind beside the lake and calm down my feelings."

He cast a glance at Lou Cheng and asked curiously, "Aren't you nervous when you go on stage?"

"Of course I'm nervous. Why won't I be?" Lou Cheng broke into a laugh, "That being said, when I fought my first challenge tournament I was at Yanling, a place that I'm completely unfamiliar with. No one recognized me there at all, so there's no such thing as feeling embarrassed even if I lost. When I thought that way, I naturally feel a lot less nervous. When I pre-planned my match and won my first round, I gained a bit of confidence and was able to get used to the atmosphere of a challenge tournament gradually. Now, I can control myself to be suitably tensed only." "As for encountering opponents that are stronger than myself
- take Wei Shengtian for example - I would always tell myself one thing."

Li Mao had been listening to him with great interest, and he blurted out, "What is it?"

"I would tell myself: what's there to be nervous about? You should feel fortunate to be able to meet such a powerful opponent on the arena, and not the battlefield." Lou Cheng said concisely and comprehensively in what seemed to be lamentation.

Since the Dark Sect Ninth Pin case involved other matters, and Zhang Mingle had slinked off to somewhere and hid himself, the police was in the process of investigating further into the case. Later on, Director Xing called to inform him that he would need to go on court and provide a testimony regarding the time of the incident. At the earliest the testimony would happen on May, and it might even be delayed until somewhere in between his summer break. To avoid arousing suspicion, he hadn't even visited Wang Xu once at the hospital until winter break was over...

Li Mao was caught off guard by his statement, and he couldn't shake the feeling that Lou Cheng's seemingly ordinary words hid a whole lot of meaning behind them. It wasn't until a long while later before he inhaled and said, "I can't help but feel that you're more mature than I am. Sigh, this anxiety of mine has been a problem for me since a long time ago. I just can't shake it no matter what. I'm not sure why either."

"You don't know why?" Lou Cheng teased him, "And here I thought you'd tell me a sorrowful tale, something like a psychological wound caused by your teacher beating your palm for screwing up your exam. You know, like how the murderers always reveal their sad and tear inducing pasts every time Conan breaks a case apart?"

Li Mao couldn't hold back a laugh as he said, "I had given it a serious thought myself, but it really doesn't seem to be an external problem. I'm just the kind of guy who gets nervous easily. I thought that I had overcome much of my anxiety, but as it turns not much has changed at all when I'm actually in the middle of it." Lou Cheng thought for a moment before saying, "Senior brother Li, you shouldn't worry yourself over this too much. In my opinion, a chronic problem like this really can't just go away all in a sudden. You can only change it bit by bit over one challenge tournament after the other. Plus, it's pretty normal for you to feel extra nervous for next week's match. There's no need blame yourself. We are participating to hone ourselves through real combat and not for the results. When you seize the opportunity and grab a victory for yourself, you will slowly fall in love with challenge tournaments."

"That makes some sense... so I've become even more nervous because I was too anxious to see an improvement immediately?" Li Mao said thoughtfully.

Something flashed across Lou Cheng's mind, and he suddenly asked, "Senior brother Li, do you have a girlfriend?"

Why do you want to know? Li Mao cast a puzzled glance at Lou Cheng, but he answered honestly, "No, I don't. I had a crush for my desk-mate once in high school, but unfortunately she didn't like me and found someone else to be her boyfriend. I was never able to forget about this and walk out of the shadow. So I didn't dare to chase after and 'harm' another girl." At this point, he sighed and said, "The reason I joined the martial arts club at the beginning was mainly to find something to pass the time and distract myself. This way, I won't always recall the past when I'm idle. Sigh, those days are truly sorrowful, disappointing and painful."

"When half a semester had passed and I've almost recovered from the loss, I then participated in martial arts lessons with the purpose of insuring my future work life just like Jiang Fusheng, Li Xiaowen and the others. Hehe, it is getting harder and harder for university students to find a job these days. I have to prepare sooner and better so I won't land between a rock and a hard place."

"Back then, I actually felt nothing much for the martial arts club at all. This sentiment lasted until my anxiety lost us the critical match. When I saw Lin Que, Chen Changhua and everyone else's pained looks, and when I heard Coach Shi encourage me without any blame behind his tone at all, I finally fell in love with this place and its atmosphere. Since then, I really wanted to do a little something for the martial arts club and no longer be a burden to everyone." "For the past time I've been practicing hard because you guys have improved too quickly and greatly. I am scared that I will be left far, far behind because of a moment's idleness and not be able to amend the mistakes I've made back then any longer."

Lou Cheng could not help a sigh while he listened to Li Mao's heartfelt words.

Senior brother Li Mao was one of the more carefree and active special training members in the club, but who knew that he held so many burdens in his heart.

When he was done speaking, Li Mao seemed to feel a lot more relaxed as he asked doubtfully, "Why did you ask if I have a girlfriend or not? Are you going to introduce me someone?"

"No." Lou Cheng laughed in a low tone, "I was just going to say that senior brother Sun Jian's girlfriend was watching right next to him, but he isn't afraid of failure of embarrassment at all. You're a damned single, who would care if you embarrassed yourself or not? There's nothing to be nervous about!" Li Mao instantly looked like he wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. Lou Cheng clenched his fist and shook it slightly,

"Do your best, senior brother Li Mao!"

Before Li Mao could answer, he turned around and continued his endurance training.

Li Mao was lost in thought for a very, very long time before he finally tightened his fist and told himself,

"Do your best!"

… …

The weekend morning special training quickly passed by. After Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke had eaten lunch, they returned to their respective dormitories and took an afternoon nap to recover their spirits. When he was about to depart, he stood at the washroom and sorted out his appearance seriously. He was very looking forward to the next date.

Although he was very pleased to be able to practice martial arts, hold hands, watch movies and enjoy delicacies with Yan Zheke, it was a human's nature to be greedy. Plus, the fact that Yan Zheke said she needed time to get used to being in a relationship when she accepted his confession made him a little nervous. He was always hoping for their relationship to progress and become firmer than before.

I wonder if I can accomplish our first kiss today... Lou Cheng was lost in thought. He touched the chewing gum in his shirt pocket and his first gift to Yan Zheke!

Chapter 142: Teach Through Lively Activities

Since there was neither the time nor the opportunity to get out of the university, Lou Cheng had bought his gift through the website's official flagship store. During that instant he received the package he thanked internet shopping and express delivery for making the world so damn convenient.

Mm, I shan't act too eagerly and hold too much hope to avoid frightening Yan Zheke. If there's a chance I should give it a try, if there isn't then I will wait for the next time... Lou Cheng soundless encouraged himself as he stared at himself inside the mirror. Then, he took out a chewing gum, tore open the wrapping, pushed it into his own mouth and began chewing seriously.

While he might not necessarily have the chance to kiss Yan Zheke and he didn't have bad breath, it was still better to be prepared than not. It was always good to give a girl a perfect impression of a first kiss!

While chewing, Lou Cheng headed out of his dormitory, walked along the pedestrian street and arrived at the three buildings Yan Zheke was staying in. He sent her a message and informed her that she could come out now.

He took the opportunity to find a dustbin and spat out the chewing gum just in case his 'rapacious ambition' was so abundantly obvious that it made the girl wary and objectionable.

Yan Zheke had always been punctual, and Lou Cheng didn't need to wait long before he saw her walking out of the building. She was holding items that were relevant to martial arts training.

Since the weather was warming up, the girl wore a thin white sweater, an orange and pink overcoat on the outside, a black pleated skirt and leggings at the bottom and a pair of ankle boots around her feet. It was a different style from her usual student-like appearance, but it didn't appear overly mature either. She was brimming with youth as usual, and she had put on what seemed like a thin makeup on her face. Her white skin was touched with tinge of redness, and it made her tender and attractive. The color accentuated her eyes and made them look bright and spirited like the stars. Lou Cheng, who was only starting to get used to her beauty had his breath taken away again. He just stared at her stupidly and actually forgot to greet her. He had also neglected the slightly plump girl beside Yan Zheke.

Zong Yanru broke into a snort and moved closer beside Yan Zheke's ears. She lowered her voice and said, "He does look dumb. That being said, which boy wouldn't be when they see your current appearance?"

Yan Zheke turned her head and smiled faintly. She seemed to be very pleased and proud at herself for drawing such a reaction from Lou Cheng. However, she said, "Look at his dumb look... I knew I shouldn't have let you come down with me."

Lou Cheng, whose eyes were following the girl's movements was jolted out of his trance as he hastily inhaled, walked forwards and said with a little bit of awkwardness, "I was a little entranced just now..."

He was going to praise further and say that she was exceptionally beautiful today, but he suddenly noticed that there was another girl beside Yan Zheke and was afraid that the sensitive girl wouldn't be able to take it. Therefore, he had abruptly cut himself short.

Yan Zheke pursed her lips and did not answer Lou Cheng's praise directly. While holding a smile, she introduced her friend and said, "This is my roommate Zong Yanru. She is an exceptionally good girl, other than the fact that she's a little rowdy!"

She turned her head sideways and said to Zong Yanru, "He is Lou Cheng. You've already seen his dumb look just now~!"

Her words drew a faint blush on Lou Cheng's face. It also caused Zong Yanru failing to hold her mirth as she covered her mouth and laughed in a low tone.

Lou Cheng no longer felt as awkward and anxious when facing another girl as before, even if she was his girlfriend's roommate. Therefore, he openly and generously laughed and said, "Hello. You're that roommate with the same specialized course as Ke, aren't you?" "You know?" Zong Yanru looked at Yan Zheke with a little bit of surprise. Yan Zheke shook her head innocently to show that she had never told him about her before.
Lou Cheng smiled faintly and explained, "Ke would sometimes bring up her roommates, and I would always write them down on a little notebook during this time. I was thinking that if I failed my confession or if we had an argument in the future, I can persuade her indirectly and borrow a little power from everyone. She once told me that the girl who shares the same specialized course with her has the best temperament, and that she was natural, unrestrained and very warmhearted. Since she purposely emphasized that you're a particularly good person, I figured that you're the one she was talking about, so I ventured a bold guess."

He seized the opportunity and successfully obtained the nickname 'Ke'.

Zong Yanru was rather pleasantly surprised by this revelation. She didn't think that Yan Zheke would praise her before her boyfriend this way. It would appear that Yan Zheke sincerely thought that her temperament was excellent, and she thought that she was a friend that she could associate with for a long time.

She couldn't help but cast a glance at Yan Zheke and felt warmed on the inside. Who didn't like to hear praises, especially when it's the truth spoken behind one's back!

Yan Zheke didn't think that Lou Cheng would not only respond fittingly to the occasion, but also improve Zong Yanru's good impression towards her as well. For a time she was both proud and pleased, and she felt as if her heart was tinged with sugar.

She humphed and said in a tsundere manner, "If we had an argument in the future? I see that you're already planning to bully me in the future already?"

Okay, why is the girl's key focus different from what I expected... Lou Cheng was a little flabbergasted by the response, but he quickly recovered and laughed in a low tone, "I'm just afraid that I would make a mistake in the future, aren't I?" "Hmph, what kind of mistake are you planning to commit then?" Yan Zheke protested coquettishly.

Lou Cheng was immediately struck by the feeling that he should never argue with a girl. He restrained his laughter and said, "Something like getting hurt or forcing myself etc..."

After he said this, he swiftly changed the subject and looked at Zong Yanru, saying, "Since you are that roommate with the same specialized course of hers, then I'd have to thank you here for saving Ke from harassment during Valentine's Day. Otherwise, I'd have no choice but to cry myself to sleep at a corner."

The things that had happened during Valentine's Day was still as clear as ever when he recalled it. However, it felt as if a long time had passed since then.

Whenever he was together, with Yan Zheke, he could not help but feel that time passed swiftly, and that it was time to part ways in the blink of an eye. Valentine's Day was just ten days ago, but it felt so far away that it was as if a century had passed by. It was almost as if he had dated Yan Zheke for a century as well.

It was truly a wonderful feeling.

Seeing that the boy before her was honest and confident; calm and humorous, Zong Yanru nodded and gave him a high score inwardly. She thought that he was a good match with Yan Zheke, and so she made a shivering motion and laughed softly, "Save the thanks. Your conversation just now is so corny I'm about to die. I think I had better head back to the dormitory and focus on memorizing my foreign language text!"

After she said this, she waved a hand and turned away to walk towards the hostel. When she was about to reach the unit's entrance, she turned around for a look and saw Lou Cheng holding Yan Zheke's right hand, speaking and smiling in a low voice as they left together shoulder to shoulder. The girl was as beautiful as a flower, and the boy was collected and confident. They were an enviable couple.

"The sour taste of love..." Zong Yanru let out a laughing abuse before falling into deep thought. Then she let out a sigh and said, "I want to experience it too..."

I'm not asking much; I just want someone who can perform half as well as that guy before...

… …

Inside the martial arts arena, Yan Zheke had already changed into her white-colored, black-bordered Songcheng University Martial Arts Club uniform. Her black, low hanging hair had been tied into a ponytail, and she looked both refreshed and beautiful. It was yet another side of her beauty.

Lou Cheng felt great pride as he looked at her. However, he didn't dare to hug her right in front of everyone in broad daylight. After all, he had to watch out for her sensitive pride.

As for his own pride? Hehe, excuse me, but can pride feed my stomach? Is it more important than a hug? In this regard, a boy's skin would only get thicker and thicker to the point where they became utterly shameless...

He cast away the distractions in his mind and smiled faintly,

"Let's practice pushing hands and listening skill first. Your main advantage over a large majority of Amateur rank fighters is that you can enter into meditation. Therefore, you need to play to your strengths and avoid your weaknesses as much as possible. You should seek to foster your advantages, counter the enemy and win that way."

Yan Zheke pursed her lips and smiled, "Why do I feel like our roles had switched, and you're the coach now?"

"Am I not reiterating what you normally teach me, Coach Yan?" Lou Cheng said flatteringly, "Meditation brings two effects into real combat. The first would be the listening skill, and the second would be the mastery of one's muscles. You would be able to adjust your body in micro detail, and forcefully alter your center of gravity and borrow strength to do many things." Yan Zheke withdrew her smile and listened very intently to Lou Cheng's words. She nodded seriously and said, "So we should push hands to practice my listening skill, and then we train the '24 Blizzard Strikes' in real combat?"
"You are right, Coach Yan!" Lou Cheng lifted a thumb and beamed, "Once you've mastered these two aspects, they will aid you in the cultivation of your family martial arts too. At that time, you will not be completely hopeless even if you encountered an Amateur First Pin or Second Pin fighter at the peak of their stamina."

She would not be taken advantage of even when she encountered someone who fought like Chen Changhua too!

"Mm. Let us start then." Yan Zheke bit her bottom lip softly with shining eyes. She looked eager to begin.

Lou Cheng extended his left hand and placed his palm over Yan Zheke's. While feeling the tenderness and softness of her skin, he said, "Concentrate and try and enter into the concealment state of spirit and qi and maintain the feeling of half meditation. You cannot completely submerge yourself into meditation, or you will neglect external sensories..."
While explaining every bit of his own experience in this regard to Yan Zheke and racking his brain to explain it in a way that she could understand, he himself had gradually figured out some parts of his martial arts where things appeared right but were actually wrong. He had discovered many hidden problems he didn't realize before.

The saying of both the student and teacher benefit from lessons, and to teach through lively activities is probably referring to this... Lou Cheng thought elatedly on the inside.

While the girl might not have the Jindan and her attainment in meditation was small, her family had a long history and her knowledge and experience of martial arts were much greater than Lou Cheng's. After the first few failures, she gradually figured things out and found the key to enter a half-meditative state.

"Alright, can you tell me what my lower move is through the changes in my muscles, skin and pores?" Lou Cheng said in a deep and low tone.

Yan Zheke quietly 'listened' and answered, "You are going to whip out with your left leg."

"That's correct, but you are just a little off. I am not whipping out with my left leg. I am stepping forwards with my left leg and ramming my side towards you..." Lou Cheng corrected.

A similar conversation like this happened non-stop, and Yan Zheke displayed her talent in this area. While she could not compare to someone as abnormal as Lou Cheng, she quickly passed through the entry stage. The more she practiced, the happier and spirited she became.

Before they knew it, about forty minutes had passed. Lou Cheng suddenly heard a teasing laughter,

"Is this how you two do pair exercises? You're going to kill us damned singles with jealousy!" Yan Zheke and him turned to look at the direction of the voice at the same time. They saw Li Mao holding a bag carrying his martial arts uniform and shoes. He was just passing by. A great blush rose over Yan Zheke's face again as she hastily let go of Lou Cheng.

"We're training our listening skills." Lou Cheng said straight- faced without a trace of embarrassment to be seen.

"Yes, yes, I'll not disturb you guys from whispering sweet nothings to one another any longer. I'll head over to the other side!" Li Mao teased again before leaving with a great laugh.

With a slight blush and eyes looking downwards, it took Yan Zheke a while before she said, "Senior brother Li looks a lot more relaxed..."

"Perhaps he had gotten over certain things..." Lou Cheng guessed before suggesting, "Let us spar using the '24 Blizzard Strikes' now?" It's not feasible to train listening skill any longer. What if they trained to the point where Yan Zheke didn't want to date any longer?

"Okay!" Yan Zheke inhaled and cleared up her mind.

Lou Cheng only defended as Yan Zheke unleashed every move of the 24 Blizzard Strikes. He helped her to gain a deeper experience in borrowing strength continuously.

Although one of his hands was immobile, his footwork was very well maintained. He was always able to dodge the attacks landing towards his right and withstood a single round of Yan Zheke's brutal and blizzard-like attacks.

Meanwhile, Yan Zheke panted and said while holding her knees and bending her back a round later,

"The, the real 24 Blizzard Strikes, really, really is too exhausting. No, no wonder my cousin was only able to perform a full round back then." When she used the 24 Blizzard Strikes during the fight against Guo Qing back then, her skill could only be said to have reached the entry stage back then.

An idea flashed across Lou Cheng's mind as he said with a 'serious' face, "Are your muscles aching? Should I press them for a bit and help you relax?"

Yan Zheke rolled her eyes at him before letting out a humph,

"Maybe we'll talk about this once you've mastered the art of massaging first!"

Lou Cheng quietly took note and made plans to learn massaging in the future...

After resting for a moment, the duo took a bath, changed into their clothes and headed straight to the bus station without returning to the dormitory. Of course, Lou Cheng was the one carrying all the stuff, whereas Yan Zheke seemed to have put a little something on her face once more. Her white was tinged with redness, and her lips were bright and moist. Lou Cheng felt restless as he watched her.

If everything went according to the plan, then he would present the gift to Yan Zheke as a pleasant surprise when the movie had reached a point where the environment was a little dim inside the theater. Then, he would take advantage of her emotions and kiss her.

That kind of environment was relatively hidden from view, and he had purposely picked seats near the back so that no audiences would notice them. This should eliminate Yan Zheke's embarrassment and timidness to the max.

It was the perfect plan!

Chapter 143: The Happy Moments

The light had already gone out in the cinema, but Lou Cheng's heart was still thumping, driving him to take a constant glance at Yan Zheke. He was waiting for Fantastic Wizard's plot to slow down so that he would be able to give the girl a gift and kiss her without disturbing her mood.

Everything went as expected up until this point: There were very few people sitting in the two rows behind and around them, so they wouldn't need to worry about odd looks that would cause the girl to feel embarrassed. The movie also had a great plot with well-designed warm and humorous details here and there, which greatly amused the girl. Moreover, a dark and closed environment was suited for brewing a feeling of closeness…
In other words, everything was set and there was only one thing left to do!

As his thoughts ran, Lou Cheng's mouth felt a little dry. Puckering his lips, Lou Cheng reached into his pocket to check the gift, an act that he had repeated again and again throughout the day. It was a colored gold bracelet!

Having chosen and integrated those he thought reasonable ones from all the tips he read on the Internet, for the first time Lou Cheng developed his own idea about choosing and sending of first gifts between lovers.

It was a time when the lovers had just started dating and knew little about each other. So their aesthetic conception, hobbies, and interests remained secrets, which couldn't provide a reference for those anxious boyfriends and girlfriends.

Under such condition, for those who had known each other for a long time before falling in love, gifts that could recall all those good memories would naturally be the first choice.

While one could show affection to his or her lover with such kind of gifts that recalled their shared memories, Lou Cheng found it unsuitable for his relationship with Yan Zheke since they had just met again half a year ago and put their relationship on a more formal footing for ten days. But he did think about recording all their romantic conversations and experience in a little notebook and editing them into a special gift for Yan Zheke in their anniversary.

When the boys were still unfamiliar with their lovers' aesthetic, it was not suggested to buy something special or unique in their eyes, since most of the boys' awful aesthetic couldn't meet their girlfriends' standards. When receiving those "special" gifts, those girlfriends would usually have no choice but forever hide them somewhere as a souvenir.

As a result, it was suggested to buy your lover something classic but not old-fashioned as the first gift, which would at least a pleasant surprise instead of a shock. Besides, the gift should be a little expensive as long as you could afford it—you could choose those cheap but distinctive ones in the future, while the first gift should be memorable.

Thinking it over and over again, Lou Cheng realized he didn't know the size of Yan Zheke's finger, which made sending a ring impossible. Besides, since ring was usually a symbol of marriage, it was more proper for them to buy a pair in the future. Finally, Lou Cheng chose a bracelet with adjustable size. While gold was too vulgar and didn't suit young people, platinum with diamond was too expensive for Lou Cheng. So finally he bought a fashionable bracelet made of colored gold with pink as the main color, which strung six heart-shaped pieces of colored gold on it and looked very beautiful. Its price
was nearly one thousand yuan, Lou Cheng could afford it.

Though Lou Cheng had scanned the other buyer's comments on the Internet and drew a conclusion that this bracelet was pretty, whether Yang Zheke would like it still remained unsure. But Lou Cheng knew she wouldn't feel it ugly.

Lou Cheng put down the bracelet and again turned to look at Yan Zheke. The girl's pretty outline of lips and body shape couldn't be seen clearly in the dim screen light, which showed Lou Cheng another kind of beauty.

Yan Zheke's lip line was curved for smiling. Lou Cheng took a deep breath and slowly leaned towards the girl, getting ready to take out the gift.

Suddenly, Yan Zheke approached him and whispered, "What a funny plot, that owl was goofy but so cute." Lou Cheng was startled and immediately put the gift back. He noticed the girl had been watching the film with full attention and thus decided not to bother her.

Just wait a few more minutes till the plot wasn't that funny… Lou Cheng determined his mind and answered, "Yeah, the owl was silly but happy."

The girl was so close at hand that Lou Cheng could even smell her fragrance and feel her hair brushing his face. He soon got addicted to the closeness.

As they whispered to exchange idea about the plot, Lou Cheng again couldn't help but want to take the gift out.

"I'm worried about him, will he be killed…" Yan Zheke grasped Lou Cheng's right hand while fixing her eyes on the screen nervously.

"How could I bother her?" Lou Cheng felt so helpless and again put back the bracelet. "Oh, that's good." After a while, Yan Zheke exhaled and turned to Lou Cheng. "Cheng, you look so weird."

"I'm worried about him, too." Lou Cheng wanted to cry actually.

"Yeah, I'm so nervous…" Yan Zheke agreed with him.

While enjoying the communication, Lou Cheng kept looking for chances to send the gift. However, the film was so great that Yan Zheke was absorbed in it from the beginning to the end.

I'll never select such a high-quality film next time! Giving up his plan to kiss the girl, Lou Cheng began to enjoy the feeling of being ear to ear and temple to temple with the girl.

When the ending song started, Yan Zheke tried to sit straight and wait for the lights to be turned on. Then she felt Lou Cheng's right hand, which had been clasping hers, hold her back.

Concerning that her sitting straight might affect Lou Cheng's wound, Yan Zheke gave up and looked at Lou Cheng confusingly.

Lou Cheng took a deep breath and finally said the lines he had practiced so many times.

"Beautiful lady, you've dropped something."

"What?" Yan Zheke's confused expression was so cute and attractive that Lou Cheng almost forgot to take out the gift.

At this moment, all lights were turned on in the cinema. Lou Cheng stretched out his left hand and smiled.

"You dropped a bracelet." Saying like that, he grasped the girl's wrist and put the bracelet on it with great effort.

Yan Zheke was stunned. When she saw the gift clearly, she suddenly raised right hand to cover her mouth in surprise and excitement.

Noticing Lou Cheng's clumsy action because of his injured right hand, she put on a warm smile.

"So beautiful…" She withdrew her hand and took a clear look at it. Her face lit up with joy.

Being infected by the girl's emotion, Lou Cheng smiled. "I'm glad you like it."

Yan Zheke blurted. "Why do you send me a bracelet?"

She felt regret as soon as the voice came out. There was no need for lovers to ask or explain the motivation of their sending gifts to each other, or they would lose the faint happiness.

What shall I do? I'm so stupid…
I must have been affected by Lou Cheng!

Different environments provide different influence!

Lou Cheng was at a loss how to reply. "Just say it's nice and suit her well?"

Then suddenly an idea occurred to him.

"When I'm not with you, it could still grasp your hand."

Yan Zheke rolled her eyes at Lou Cheng with shame and vexation, and then took his hand in hers. "Let go for a meal, I'm hungry!" Noticing the other audience was about to leave, Lou Cheng totally gave up his plan as kissing Yan Zheke. Then he took the girl to a nearby restaurant named Stone Fish.

This restaurant was quite distinctive. The cooker here would at first flake a fish and cook the bone with seasonings such as pickled vegetable in some water to make soup. Then, he would serve each table a wooden barrel with well-chosen clean cobbles padding its bottom. Next, the cooker would burn the cobbles hot before pouring fish soup into the barrel, which could soon be ready to eat after a few minutes. The fish meat was fresh and smooth, and the soup was palatable yet a bit sour, which could work up an appetite.

The special cooking process greatly attracted Yan Zheke. She took the first chopsticks of fish, and then had a sip of soup. "Nice soup." She showed off to Lou Cheng. "Are you hungry? But you can't help yourself with your left hand. Beg me if you want my help~!"

Lou Cheng immediately pretended to feel so sorry for himself. "Coach Yan, help me for goodness' sake. I'm starving, please!"

Yan Zheke nodded jauntily. She put lots of fish meat into Lou Cheng's bowl and then gave him a full bowl of soup. After all these, she sat back and began to feed herself.

After a while, Lou Cheng raised his head and said, "I want some rice to mix with the soup, and it must be delicious."

"I think so!" Yan Zheke was so happy since they were kindred spirits.

The two of them didn't slow down until they had consumed three wooden barrels of rice, and then they began to chat and exchange ideas about all sorts of things.

"You still don't know Coach Shi's name, right?" Yan Zheke asked with a smile. She would occasionally rub the bracelet, which showed she liked it very much. Was it because the gift was so beautiful, or it was sent by her Mr. Right?

Lou Cheng felt so happy to see it since all his efforts paid off. He shook head and answered, "I don't know. I got injured that day and thus missed the chance to buy a ticket for Coach Shi with his ID card."

"I've volunteered to do so, but he refused. There may be something wrong with his full name!" Yan Zheke acted as if she was the famous detective Conan, an animated character.

"Should Coach Shi be a fugitive?" Lou Cheng blurted out.

"How could that be? Have you seen any fugitives having such a good rapport with the police?" Yan Zheke soon overturned such assumption, and then guessed. "I'm afraid that his full name was so vulgar or funny, so he didn't want us to know!"

"Quite reasonable, maybe it is Shi Erniu?" Lou Cheng was amused by this assumption. They kept chatting and laughing, and left the restaurant until 20 o'clock. This meal had only taken Lou Cheng 200 yuan since dishes here were inexpensive and of high-quality, which was quite friendly with Lou Cheng's wallet.

Lou Cheng didn't suggest going for a walk since they must catch the last bus and go back to the new school campus. Now he was waiting by the roadside with the girl for their hailed online car to arrive.

Suddenly, something occurred to him as he saw there was a flower store not far away.

Besides the gift, a bunch of flowers was absolutely necessary for an appointment… Finding that because of a traffic jam, there were still six or seven minutes remained before their online car's arrival, Lou Cheng pointed at a grocery behind them and asked the girl, "Do you want some snacks? I'll go for them."

He was sure Yan Zheke wasn't allergic to pollen through their daily communications. "Don't bother to do that, I still have a pile of them in my dorm, which were all your gifts!" Yan Zheke shook her head.

Lou Cheng did buy her lots of snacks through online shopping, but he felt they were not normal gifts.

"Uh, I'm a little thirsty. Just stand here waiting for the online car, I'll go for some water." Lou Cheng suggested purposely.

"Okay, hurry up." Yan Zheke nodded with a smile.

Following by the girl's eyes, Lou Cheng went into a store, bought a bottle of water, and then took a glance back. Seeing Yan Zheke was focusing on the online car, he rushed to the flower store tens of meters away at an extremely fast speed.

"Eleven roses!" Lou Cheng shouted as he took out his wallet, "simple packaging is OK!Please hurry up!"

As long as he got the bunch of roses in time! After paying for the roses, Lou Cheng hid the bouquet behind his back and ran back to where the girl was waiting for the online car. Yan Zheke was now staring at the grocery questioningly, realizing that Lou Cheng was too slow as if he really went to choose some snacks…
"You, why did you come back from that direction?" The girl asked in surprise.

Lou Cheng slowed down his breath and then smiled.

"Beauty, you've dropped something again."

"Your flowers!"

Leaving Yan Zheke no chance to guess, he immediately stretched out his left hand.

Yan Zheke was stunned. Her eyes twinkled as she burst out laughing. "It seems that I've dropped quite a lot of things today…"

Stretching out both hands to take the bouquet, she showed with pleasure and happiness on her face.

Lou Cheng answered with a smirk.

"Yeah, you've also dropped a boyfriend. Do you want to take him back?"

Saying like this, he gave his left hand to the girl.

"Humph, what a bore." Yan Zheke held the bouquet with her left hand, and then grasped Lou Cheng's palm with the right one.

It was the first time she clasped Lou Cheng's hand proactively. …

The two of them managed to catch the last bus at 20:45. Noticing the beautiful girl was holding a bunch of roses, quite a few boys kept gazing at them with mixed emotions as Lou Cheng took the girl by the hand and went to the back row, among which the two sitting in the same row even turned pale.

Keeping their appearance in mind, Lou Cheng led Yan Zheke, who was looking out of the window, to sit down in the second row from the back, and then asked with lowered voice,

"Have the two guys once tried to date you?"

Yan Zheke gave him a thumb, feeling annoyed but funny. "Dare you refer to it!"

Thinking for a while, the girl whispered, "We're in the same college. I've once refused one of them. He is a nice boy, but not my cup of tea." "I'm your cup of tea…" Lou Cheng said to himself proudly, and then smiled. "It seems that you're the unrequited love of the other guy, too."

"I don't know. He never mentioned it to me…That's OK anyway as they see us together. May they find their right ones." Yan Zheke whispered.

On the other side, the two boys exchanged looks and heaved a sigh.

When coming back to the new school campus, they were greeted by the night breeze, cool and refreshing.

It was not yet half past nine, and Lou Cheng was still unwilling to give up his plan as getting the first kiss.

"It's still early. How about going for a walk around the lake?" How he wanted to swallow the suggestion. What an awful excuse! They had already finished dinner and there was no need to go for a walk! Besides, was it still too early now?

Lou Cheng felt quite embarrassed and dared not to look at the girl. Through her hand that was still in his, Lou Cheng felt the girl's pulse quicken as she was trembling slightly.

"Are you cold?" He asked with concern.

Yan Zheke twisted her head and looked down, answering in a soft and faint voice, "I'm not cold… Em, taking a walk is fine with me…"

"Okay!" Lou Cheng felt pleasantly surprised. He never expected the girl would go with him!

It seemed she was satisfied with the date and wanted to stay a little longer with him. Keeping the girl's hand in his, Lou Cheng turned onto the road to the lakeside. They chatted and walked around the lake until there was no one else in the surroundings.

Lou Cheng's heart was thumping wildly. What excuse could he make for creating such an opportunity?

Feeling his mouth dry, Lou Cheng was at a loss what to say and lapsed into abnormal silence.

Yan Zheke didn't say a word, either, as if she was enjoying the silence and peace.

While Lou Cheng's heart was beating faster and faster, he heard the same beating sound came from Yan Zheke. He also "heard" the girl was still trembling.

Is she afraid that I'll act inappropriately? Or our appointment in the dark night made her sick? Lou Cheng swallowed and turned to look at Yan Zheke. He heard himself asking in tensely, "Is it too dark here?"

Again he wanted to swallow the question since there were streetlights everywhere!

Yan Zheke lowered her head in embarrassment, trying to hide her flushing face in the bright light. "Hmm," the girl murmured, which was like a cat scratching Lou Cheng's heart.

Holding his breath, Lou Cheng was attracted by the girl's beauty and could not help pulling her into his arms.

Will she be annoyed by the hug? I've done so before…
Resting in Lou Cheng's arms with struggling, Yan Zheke sheltered her eyes with eyelashes. Her lips quivered as if she wanted to say something, but she remained silence finally. Enjoying the fragrance of flowers and the girl's hair, Lou Cheng felt his blood boiling as he touched the girl soft body, which drove him to slowly bend down his head and approach the girl's lips.

"Don't refuse me, please…" He prayed

Yan Zheke blinked her eyes and then slowly closed them. Her face was still flushing.

Feeling the girl's smooth skin and soft mouth, Lou Cheng felt so excited and hurried to take the lips into his and sucked them awkwardly.

Yan Zheke made a faint groan in her throat and gradually relaxed her tightened body in Lou Cheng's arms. The bouquet she had been holding dropped on the ground.

Licking the two lips alternately, Lou Cheng felt as if he was sucking a jelly, which was more delicious than any other delicacy. It was such kind of a fantastic feeling beyond description. Kissing for a while, Lou Cheng imitated what he had seen in those novels as forcing Yan Zheke's mouth open and getting his tongue in, where he licked the girl's teeth, trying to knock in.

Having been clenching her teeth, Yan Zheke was still trembling but didn't push Lou Cheng away.

Having failed several times, Lou Cheng simply used Delicate Force and soon knocked the teeth open. When his tongue slid in, he caught something sweet and soft.

Yan Zheke groaned and withdrew her tongue in an electric shock. At the same time, she pushed Lou Cheng away with great force, gasping quickly for air.

Being attracted by the girl's flushing face and watery eyes, Lou Cheng again wanted to hug and kiss her. However, he saw the girl throw herself into his arms and bury her face into his shoulder.

"You pervert!" Yan Zheke was too shy to raise her head. She could only thump Lou Cheng between his chest and shoulder. Lou Cheng was also painting, feeling it more tired than defeating Wei Shengtian. He was now smiling and enjoying the girl's bashful reaction, feeling much satisfied and excited like a cat who had just stolen a fish.

Hey hey, the first kiss was so great!

After a long while, Yan Zheke calmed down but still dared not to raise her head.

"Let's go back."

"Wait for a minute. I want to hold you in my arms for a little more time." Lou Cheng answered gently, but his embarrassed expression gave him out.

It was actually because the kiss had provoked his physiological reaction, which couldn't be relieved for the moment. If they went back now, Yan Zheke would soon notice it and regarded him as a hooligan. Worrying about it, Lou Cheng felt himself innocent and poor. He had been focusing on the taste of Yan Zheke's lips without thinking about any other things! He had no dirty thoughts at all!

As an energetic young man, who was even more vigorous because of long-term martial arts training, Lou Cheng's physiological reaction was so easy to be provoked by only one kiss…
He bent, pulled his stomach in, and arched his bottom, trying to hide his lower body's reaction. Meanwhile, he recalled a sentence he had once seen in somewhere:

Just cherish the period when even a kiss could provoke strong physiological reaction…
In order to avoid the girl's suspicion, Lou Cheng silently prayed and then went into the state known as concealment of spirit and qi with the help of Jindan, visualizing a picture as freezing water to ice in his mind. But it was boiling water this time!

In Yan Zheke's dorm, Li Liantong, Zong Yanru and Shi Xiangyang had just come back. They had watched the Fantastic Wizard in the cinema and been discussing the plot all the way back to campus.

"Well, Ke hasn't come back yet?" Shi Xiangyang felt surprised.

Li Liantong giggled. "She's dating and there must be lots of things to do besides watching film and having a meal. Yesterday I told her that those boys like to invite girls to go sighting around the lake or in the woodland, where they're able to kiss and touch the girls since no one else is there."

"Having taken my advice, she must be more alert and won't let that guy succeed easily. He deserves it. Dare he not fawn over us!" While they were chatting, Yan Zheke entered the dorm with a bouquet in her hands, and her face lit up with happiness.

Noticing her flushing face and watery eyes, Li Liantong asked worriedly, "Ke, has that guy taken you to the lakeside or woodland for sightseeing?"

Dare you not live up to my instruction!

Yan Zheke's face colored deeper. She turned to avoid Li's sight while answering without any doubt,

"Of course not!"

Definitely not! We just took a walk there, not sightseeing!

Li Liantong looked at her in doubt, but was soon attracted by the bracelet on her wrist. "I remember that you didn't wear a bracelet when you went out. So it's his gift?" "Yeah." Yan Zheke breathed in relief and looked down at the bracelet, laughter appeared in her face and eyes.

"Just so so," Li Liantong commented, "but it's rare to see a straight boy has such aesthetic standard, really something."

Yan Zheke rubbed the heart-shaped decoration in the bracelet and nodded with a smile.

"Well, I like it."

Then she said to herself, "Anyway I love it, it's his affection that matters…"

Zong Yanru also smiled. "At least it was not ugly. You can gradually help him with his aesthetic standard from now on."

Yan Zheke kept smiling without any answer. Then she touched her lips unconsciously as recalling what she had experienced just now, which made her face flush again as if getting drunk.

As for Lou Cheng, he sent Yan Zheke a happy emoji after sending the girl to her dorm. Then he went back through the pedestrian walkway at a brisk pace.

Life is wonderful!

Chapter 144: Emergency in the Campus

By the time he returned to his dormitory at Block 7, the biting cold breeze had finally calmed him down. He was no longer that excited, agitated nor intoxicated.

When his mind was finally clear, he suddenly started to worry. Would Yan Zheke find that they were advancing too fast? Would she be unable to accept such rapid advancement and psychologically reject this relationship? Or would she feel that he's too impatient and misunderstood him as a guy who only focused on carnal desire, but not true passion?

He had thought of these questions before. His plan for the first kiss was to test the waters, yet when he achieved it, he started to worry about his gains and losses. He was afraid that he would destroy his own image in the girl's heart.

But he really could not control himself at that time...Furthermore, the girl in front of him was not just any other girl, but someone he loved a lot. When she looked at him shyly and revealed a seductive look, he just could not control his desires... Lou Cheng sat at a corner of a flower bed and allowed the chilly breeze to blow against him. He took out his phone, and started wondering if he should apologize to Yan Zheke.

Nah, apologizing after a kiss would be too irresponsible as a man. This would make the girl think that the guy only wanted to take advantage of her...

Yup, I need to show her that I'm a responsible man with a pleasant attitude, and that I want to treat her better...

Even though there were many discussions on topics like "Women shouldn't get married", "Men shouldn't trust women" and "One night stand is the new norm" all over the internet, Lou Cheng figured that he was a conservative man. Since he had not gone through too many sufferings in the society, and since he had held her hands and kissed her lips, he felt that he should be responsible for her for life.

While his thoughts were running deep, his phone beeped and showed a notification from QQ. Yan Zheke was "pissed" and replied to his previous smiley emoji: "I'm not going to talk to a pervert!" Seeing such reply, rather than being surprised, Lou Cheng was pleased. He noticed that his girl was shy and not mad at him.

He heaved a sigh of relief and "looked pitiful" as he replied: "I just couldn't control at that moment."

"At that moment?" Yan Zheke questioned and followed up with a "rolled eyes" emoji. "Humph, now that I think back, I feel that all these were part of a plan! Be honest, did you already have those bad thoughts when you asked me out for a stroll by the lake?"

"You can even see through this? Lou Cheng blushed and felt guilty. Fortunately, the girl was not beside him now.

He considered for a moment and decided to be honest with her. He confessed his thoughts to the girl, without hiding anything from her.

"Yes... Not only did I thought of kissing you when we were by the lake, I felt like kissing you when we were in the cinema as well. However you were too focused on the movie so I didn't bear to interrupt, and I didn't manage to get a chance after that... I guess guys tend to be more impulsive and anxious about such things. I keep thinking of getting closer to you. Moreover, you did mention you need more time to get used to having one more person in your life before accepting my confession. You also said you had not reached the stage of being crazy about me, didn't you?"

"I'm not trying to pressurize you, but I'm afraid that you'd leave me someday, and tell me that we should just be friends. Thus I want to get more assurance and more confirmation from you..."

After typing the reply from the bottom of his heart, he corrected some words to ensure that they accurately described how he truly felt.

He would always remember what Ming told him: In relationships, honesty is better than hiding secrets, and communication is better than cold wars. After sending out the reply, Yan Zheke kept silent for a while before she replied.


"Fool?" Lou Cheng was initially confused, then he realized what the girl actually meant.

Fool! If I'm not used or not prepared, do you think I'd let you kiss without pushing you away?

Fool! Do you need me to say it out that I like you before you can understand?

Fool! Stop filling your head with nonsense!

Lou Cheng was surprised and happy as he felt that he could understand what his girl was thinking. He hurriedly replied, "Yes, I'm a fool, a big fool! It's obvious that our relationship is getting better, yet I still worried about losing you and couldn't trust myself..."

"Humph, glad you understand." Yan Zheke used a "face palm" emoji and she added, "I'll forgive you this time round, Big Pervert. You'd better not anyhow kiss me next time!"

"Eh, does that mean I can kiss her as long as I don't anyhow kiss?" Lou Cheng chuckled. He was feeling was much more assured now. He immediately replied, "Sure sure sure, definitely will not anyhow!"

After they chatted for a while as well as confirmed the time and venue for tomorrow's treat with her dorm mates, Yan Zheke hurriedly rushed Lou Cheng to wash up as it was almost
10.30 p.m. She did not want him to sleep late and affect his morning training the next day.

While Lou Cheng whistled a tune on his way back to the dormitory, he was mocked by Cai Zongming as "Lecher riding on the crest of success" when he revealed his ground floor face. After he was done with the wash-up, he went to his bed and was ready to send Yan Zheke a goodnight message when he noticed that she had sent him three voice messages a few minutes ago.

"Eh?" Lou Cheng felt doubtful as he opened the voice messages and placed his phone near his ear, switching it to listening mode.

"Hais, Cheng, be my rubbish bin for a while. Just listen and don't reply."

Yan Zheke's soft clear voice was heard from the phone.

Her surrounding sounded pretty quiet and spacious, with some sound of the blowing wind.

"She's on the balcony..." Lou Cheng was certain about his judgment, as he continued to listen to the messages. "I'm terrified. When I gave up on resisting and chose to accept it, I felt really uneasy about my future..."

"Cheng, can we last? Are we able to hold on to each other's hand to withstand all the struggles and tests till we get old and sick, and still rely on each other?"

"I'm afraid. I'm afraid that if I give it my all and put my true feelings to this relationship, I'll end up being defeated by reality and I've to watch you leaving me painfully. If that's the case, my heart will ache badly, so badly that I could just die..."

"They always say that first love never lasts. I'm very worried. I'm worried that one day the person I marry isn't you. That'll be such a nightmare..."

"Alright, I'm done pouring out these negative thoughts... I never had such nonsense thoughts or worries. It's all because of you!"

Lou Cheng listened to her words quietly. Whatever random conversations going on in his room could no longer be heard. His heart and mind were clear as he started to tear.

He took a breath and without heeding to Yan Zheke's instruction, he replied,

"I'm afraid as well, and I'm also fearful of how the future will be like. However, if we don't even dare to take the risk, then wouldn't we miss each other? Risk it and work hard on it, then there'll definitely be hope!"

"I work hard on practicing martial arts and strengthening myself, so that I could get hold of my own destiny to seize that opportunity and hope in life."

"Even though I'm too young to say all these, but I'm going to say this. I'm confident with myself, and I'm confident with what I like. You're my destiny."

After a while, Yan Zheke sent him a scolding emoji and replied, "Thought I told you not to reply!"

"Go sleep, Pervert!"

Lou Cheng grinned and immediately replied, "Goodnight!"

"Goodnight, see you tomorrow~!" Yan Zheke seemed to have forgotten the awkward confessions and replies exchanged moments ago.

"See you everyday!" After sending this message, Lou Cheng patiently waited. He had a feeling that the girl would reply him something special.

He waited for 10 minutes before he finally saw a new message from Yan Zheke.

"Yes, I'll work hard as well..." He seriously stared at this message for a few minutes, before he revealed a smile and went to sleep.


The next day, he woke up early as usual for his morning training. He then went for the special training, bathed and changed before running to the entrance of the female changing room to wait for Yan Zheke.

The weather was unexpectedly cold today, and Yan Zheke wore a thick outer jacket that made her look like a cute teddy bear. The moment she saw Lou Cheng, she pretended to be annoyed and turned her head to another direction as she retorted. "Pervert! Big pervert!"

Lou Cheng kept quiet and laughed. He then used his left hand to hold her lean hand. "Yes yes yes, I'm your pervert, exclusive to you only!"

"What kind of description is that?" Yan Zheke had never thought that Lou Cheng could be that thick-skinned and was speechless for a moment. She immediately changed a topic and said, "Let me give you a heads-up about my two dorm mates. One is named Le Liantong, who we often called her Dirty Tong..."

While they were happily chatting and joking, both of them left the martial arts arena and walked towards the crowd at the school building. They decided to pass by the building, crossed the long bridge, walked along to pedestrian walkway at the dormitory area and finally meet Zong Yanru and the others at the Academy Cafeteria.

On their way, Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke noticed a big group of people gathered in front of them, and all of them seemed to be looking at the roof of a building. Out of curiosity, they joined the group and were shocked to realize an unknown man was standing outside of the seventh-floor window, staring towards the groundfloor.

"Someone's going to jump!" Yan Zheke said with a trembling voice and held on to Lou Cheng tightly.

This was her first time seeing such incident. Before Songcheng University opened its new school campus area, about one to two students were jumping off the building every year. After moving to the new area, there were no more of such incidents for almost half a year. In fact, someone said that the principal had sighed with relief and said that the Feng Shui was much better here. Never did he expect that someone was going to make the first jump today...

Lou Cheng's mood had changed instantly. He took a breath and said to Yan Zheke, "You stay away. I'll go over to take a closer look."

"Alright, be careful." Yan Zheke understood what Lou Cheng was thinking, so she urged him.

Just as Lou Cheng was getting closer, the man's face turned pale as he smiled and decided to plunge down.

"Damn it..." Lou Cheng cursed softly as he channeled his energy to his feet before leaping forward. He leaped to the right position based on his judgment and without caring much about his injury on his right arm, he extended his arms in the midst of all the screaming. Bam! Lou Cheng managed to catch the suicidal man. The moment he grabbed the man, his feet suddenly sank, causing cracks to appear on the cement ground where he stood. Yan Zheke looked upon them worriedly.

There was a strong rebound. He forcefully straightened his back, sank both his arms, and withdrew an inch before he jerked both of them outwards.

This caused the man who had plunged down from the building to be tossed out and onto the ground not far away. The man was filled with fear and bewilderment as if he had just woken up from a nightmare.

Lou Cheng exhaled. He felt that his sports shoes were about to split, and the injury on his right arm seem to have aggravated.

But no matter what, all these were not as important as a human's life. As he noticed that the teachers and security guards were joining the crowd, as well as the over-lookers were shockingly staring at the man and himself, Lou Cheng shouted,

"What is there to be afraid of, since you're not even afraid of death?"

He then turned around, walked off and joined Yan Zheke outside the second school building. This incident had secretly given him fame and honor.

Chapter 145: The Surprising News

"Are you alright?" Yan Zheke asked with concern the moment they met.

Lou Cheng swung his right arm, forced a smile and replied, "Everything is fine, just that the injury here seems to have worsened a little."

Yan Zheke found it amusing yet at the same time mad at him. She commented. "You didn't take care of it. You keep on injuring the same area. You should apologize to it!"

After witnessing that the man who wanted to commit suicide was successfully rescued, her mood was back to normal.

"I'm so sorry. I promise to treat you better from now on!" Lou Cheng "accepted her good advice" and apologized to his right arm. In fact, he was actually indirectly promising Yan Zheke that he would never act bravado and injured himself again. Of course, if he were to face a matter where a life was at stake, as long as he could help, he would still meddle with the matter.
"You'd better remember what you said!" Yan Zheke took a glance at the suicide scene at the first school building where everyone had gathered as she sighed and said, "Actually what you've said there is kinda inappropriate as well. When someone commits suicide, it's not about whether he's afraid of death or not, it's because they can't feel any happiness in their lives. They felt that their lives were filled with darkness, and to them, no matter how severe the warning you've given them, they only feel the more they should die. Forget it, we're also not sure why the man would want to commit suicide. Since you're just being kind and had done your best, you're already doing him a very good deed. There's no need to consider other things."

"Eh?" Lou Cheng was baffled and speechless.

Yan Zheke smiled softly, as she gently and elegantly explained, "Because my cousin has mild autism, so I often look at studies relating to psychology. Sometimes I'd initiate a discussion with professional lecturers, where I understand that psychological illnesses don't only come from one's heart and spirit. Sometimes they're produced from pathological changes. Verbal therapy is useless to them, and they need to seek medical treatment."

"I guess I understand what you mean." Lou Cheng answered as he nodded his head with his mind in deep thoughts.
"Let's not talk about the man. We don't know him anyway. Since you've saved a life and as the old saying goes 'Saving a life is more meritorious than building a seven-floor pagoda', whatever happened to him in the future is not something we should or can control." The attitude that Yan Zheke displayed was similar to the attitude she showed when they talked about Wang Xu.

Lou Cheng could not help but think that in term of interpersonal relationship with others, Yan Zheke might be more mature than him even though he had experienced many things and was rapidly maturing. She seemed to have already acquired herself with world view, values of worth and philosophy on life. "You're right, let's not bother about him and go for our lunch appointment. Your dorm mates are still waiting for us, so better not be late." Lou Cheng restrained himself from sighing with regrets and said.

Yan Zheke's eyes immediately became round like apricots. "Still thinking about eating? We should head to the hospital first. Didn't your injury worsen? "

"Just a little, it's fine. We can go after eating." Lou Cheng moved his right arm slightly to show her. "Moreover, this is the first time I'm treating your dorm mates, I can't possibly stand them up right? What if they badmouth about me in the future?"

"Humph, if you're good, there's no point for them to badmouth you. If you're bad, similarly there's no point for them to praise you. Furthermore, isn't it more important to treat me well and listen to me?" Yan Zheke reasoned with him and pouted.

"That's quite true..." Lou Cheng agreed. However, Yan Zheke was also a nice girl who did not wish to tarnish her own reputation, and to stand her dorm mates up was not a nice thing to do after all. She suspiciously stared at Lou Cheng and added, "You're certain it just got a little worse?"

"Of course! Afterall, I'm someone who has mastered meditation and can have inward vision." Lou Cheng said with the intention to boast about his abilities.

Based on his understanding of his own body and muscles, he was clear to the degree of his own injuries.

Yan Zheke smirked as she replied calmly, "After our lunch, I'll accompany you to the hospital."

"Yes, I'll abide to Coach Yan's instructions!" Lou Cheng grinned and answered. He was still feeling joyful that he had managed to save a life.

… As no students were allowed to be out of school except for weekends and holidays, the businesses at the "second to none" Chinese restaurant, the Academy Cafeteria, in the new school campus area was extremely good. Lou Cheng initially wanted to book a table but it was not allowed. Luckily, Zong Yanru had no class during the second period in the morning and had come over early to get a small room in the cafeteria. This helped them to skip the long queue.

Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke had arrived two minutes earlier than agreed time. The three ladies had already gathered at the location and were waiting for them.

"You've met Zong Yanru, so there's no need for me to introduce." Yan Zheke then pointed towards a small-sized and quiet-looking lady before she added, "She's Li Liantong. Don't be deceived by her innocent appearance."

Lou Cheng did not expect that a demure looking lady to be Dirty Tong. He was slightly taken aback, but he still managed a polite smile before introducing himself. "Hi, I'm Lou Cheng, Ke's boyfriend." "You don't have to say that. We all know about it." Li Liantong joked.

Yan Zheke ignored her and turned to introduce her last dorm mate to Lou Cheng. "This is Shi Xiangyang, the Surgical Killer."

Lou Cheng noticed that the Surgical Killer was pretty tall, almost his height. Her skin was slightly tanned with a healthy glow, while her eyes looked unfocused and blurry. He somewhat started to doubt about the girls' capabilities in giving nicknames, yet he smiled politely and greeted. "Hi, I believe all of you know about me?"

He took the chance of using Li Liantong's joke to self-mock, which instantly made Yan Zheke, Li Liantong and Zong Yanru giggled.

Shi Xiangyang obviously did not get the joke, as she replied blankly, "Yeah, we do."

"I'll sit beside Lou Cheng. He injured his right arm during his battle in the Challenge Tournament, so he's temporarily handicapped. I'll need to help him continue his daily life activities." Yan Zheke naturally and gracefully pulled Lou Cheng to sit down, as she prepared to take the food for him.

"Battle in the Challenge Tournament?" Li Liantong curiously asked, "You're one of the leading players in Martial Arts Club?"

"Yes." Lou Cheng answered honestly.

Li Liantong did not probe further. Based on what she remembered, their school's Martial Arts Club was very weak and the only strong fighter was Lin Que. Moreover, though the Martial Arts Club had made a big hoo-ha last semester, they were still defeated in the group competition. This meant that the other fighters were weak, and being the leading player did not mean anything.

Shi Xiangyang was also not interested in this topic, so she first helped Yan Zheke to order the dishes, then grinned and asked, "Lou Cheng, heard from Ke that you two were schoolmates in high school?" "Right, our classrooms were right next to each other." Lou Cheng said straightforwardly.

The only thing that he would mind, would be how this beloved girl would make him act foolishly...

Zong Yanru hurriedly followed up and asked, "Ke should be quite popular in your school, I guess?"

"That's for sure, don't you know..." Lou Cheng had initially wanted to tell them about the incident where many boys had walked pass Yan Zheke's class intentionally, but Yan Zheke reached over and pinched him quietly. So he had no choice but to shut up immediately.

"Then were you a little in love with her at that time?" Li Liantong looked curiously at Lou Cheng, waiting for some juicy gossip.

Lou Cheng smiled secretly and said, "Not just a little." Pfft... His reply caused Yan Zheke to shoot a glance at him, while the three ladies looked rather entertained. Shi Xiangyang laughed and mocked at him. "So you were secretly in love with our Ke long ago. Then have you joined the Martial Arts Club because of her? To purposely get close to her?"

"Well, you can't really say "purposely", you should say that I've "planned" it." Lou Cheng smiled gently, deprecating himself once more.

Oooohhhh... The three ladies gave a long approving sigh, which caused Yan Zheke to roll her eyes at Lou Cheng. She wanted to pinch him but he grabbed her hand and held it tenderly.

"Not bad." Li Liantong praised Lou Cheng for cooperating with them, and added, "So you managed to get Ke's contact number after that and started your pursue?"

"I didn't dare to reveal my intention at first. I just started off by chatting with her as an old friend." Lou Cheng chuckled and replied. Zong Yanru looked stunned and murmured, "No wonder Ke always looked at her phone..."

Before she could finish her sentence, Yan Zheke stretched out her hand and covered her mouth. Both of them broke into the fit of giggles.
The dishes were out one by one. They started to eat while chatting merrily. As for the juicy gossip, Lou Cheng would only reveal those he could say, and made use of others' curiosity to flirt with Yan Zheke as they recalled those sweet memories that they had. The lunch with her dorm mates was a heartwarming and a joyful one.

Finally, the three ladies were satisfied with his answers. They each took out their phones and replied their messages.

"Eh? Someone committed suicide just now! The first jump at new school campus area!" Li Liantong exclaimed loudly.

"What, what?" Zong Yanru and Shi Xiangyang asked, feeling astonished about what they heard. Li Liantong instructed. "Pak Choi, take a look at our class group chat. Ru, refresh the school forum and you'll see it."

Shi Xiangyang always loved to say that girls were fragrant, soft and fair. She was also a little white mouse and little white rabbit killer. Moreover, she often appeared lost, so Li Liantong gave her another nickname called Pak Choi.

"We happened to be at the scene on our way here." Yan Zheke then curiously asked, "Did it indicate the reason for jumping?"

"Why didn't you tell us earlier?" Li Liantong was focusing on her phone screen. "The man is from School of Management. According to his dorm mate, that man was from an average income family, but due to his greed, he borrowed some money from the loan sharks. The interest accumulated so much and eventually became too big a loan for him to repay. When he was forced to pay up the loans, he started to cheat money from his classmates, but that didn't help to repay the debts. Seeing that he had no other way, he thought of jumping off the building and commit suicide." "Pooi! This kind of people shouldn't even be alive on this planet."

Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke looked at one another. They never thought that it would be this kind of situation.

"Well, at least now his classmates can still get back their money and you've prevented his parents from taking on the heavy debts while suffering the loss of their son." Yan Zheke whispered into Lou Cheng's ear. She consoled him as she did not want him to feel unhappy for rescuing such person.

Lou Cheng sighed and said, "Just take it as I helped his parents..."

"Eh, he was rescued by someone? That's good, for every debt there is a debtor!" Li Liantong, Zong Yanru and Shi Xiangyang started their discussions about this incident.

… After a somewhat joyful lunch, Yan Zheke "supervised and sent" Lou Cheng to the school's hospital.

"Actually, you don't have to go with me. Your afternoon class is about to start, and the hospital might need me to go to town for an X-ray." Lou Cheng told his girl. He was worried about her.

Yan Zheke replied with a snort, "How can I not miss a single class in university? Yet I never thought that my first missed class ended up like this..."

Just then, Lou Cheng's cell phone rang. He took it out and saw a call from his master.

"Mas... Coach Shi?" He kind of guessed the reason for his call.

"Not bad huh, you can even save people now." Geezer Shi mocked at him. "So how's your arm? Is it okay?" That timing, that agility, he could easily guess that the person who saved that man was Lou Cheng—Since Lin Que was still resting and didn't attend the Martial Arts Club training for these two days.

"It got a little worse. " Lou Cheng answered honestly.

"Come over to my place, I'll give you acupuncture and some ointment. The doctors in the school hospital can only cure colds and flu." Geezer Shi taunted.

"Sure, where do you stay?" Lou Cheng did not fancy the trouble of going to the hospital in town for an X-ray as well.

After writing down Geezer Shi's address, he immediately told Yan Zheke about it.

"Alright, I'll go for my lesson then." Yan Zheke felt relieved and gave a gentle smile. "Bye bye, see you at the same old place tonight." Lou Cheng grinned and waved his hand.

By the old place, he meant Changqiaokou, a place where they would have dinner together.

Yan Zheke turned around and walked two steps before she suddenly turned her head. She smiled beautifully and commented.

"Cheng, when you were saving that man, erm, you were really extremely cool~"

She immediately turned her head and skipped her way to class.

"Really extremely cool..." Lou Cheng felt pleased with himself as he touched his chin and looked at his girl until she was too far to be seen. …

On the way back to the dormitory, Shi Xiangyang asked Li Liantong,

"Dirty Tong, what do you think of Lou Cheng? Is he suitable for Ke?"

Li Liantong thought for a moment before replying, "He's quite generous and humorous. Appears to be much more mature than other guys of his age. If you, Ru and me could get such a boyfriend, it'll be good enough. However, I still feel that he's not good enough for Ke."

"I think he's not too bad." Zong Yanru had a good impression on Lou Cheng.

Li Liantong shook her head and explained. "He's not good- looking enough, so he can't possibly earn a living with a face. As for his clothing and shoes, I've observed they're normal brands, so I won't say they're good. In other words, his family should be average, and I've heard that his results are average as well... It's not that I find him not good, but I just feel that Ke is a nice girl that deserves a much better guy."

"I thought so too, but you can't really categorize everything so clearly in a relationship." Shi Xiangyang said with a sigh.

Back in the dormitory, Zong Yanru packed Yan Zheke's and her textbooks before she hurried to the school building.

Li Liantong turned on her computer and started looking at the school forum with interest. She was interested to know if there were anymore updated news about the suicide incident. On the other hand, Shi Xiangyang lay in bed and decided to take a short afternoon nap, so that she would have enough energy for her lesson later in the afternoon.

After reading the forum for a while, something caught Li Liantong's eyes. She saw someone posted:

"Live video! Strong martial arts just make one looks terrific!" "Rescue video?" Li Liantong immediately played the video. She watched a silhouette dashed over in a split second to catch the suicider as he plunged down from the building. The silhouette was as agile as a fierce tiger.

At that moment, the silhouette's leg moved a little and caused cracks to form on the cement ground. Next, the silhouette used an unknown strength to throw the suicider off his arms as the man landed onto the ground safely.

Watching all these made Li Liantong popped her eyes, as she felt deeply impressed and she could feel the beauty of a strong physical body.

It was not that she had not seen a battle of a Mighty One with physical invulnerability, but abilities like blaze and lightning were too fictional, while battle scenes like breaking of rocks were too lack of impact, so she did not have much feeling about those.

However, what she had watched just now was a real life suicide. It was something that you could often hear in real life and could sometimes experience. The moment she saw a man actually catch hold of a suicider from such a height with his bare hands, she felt rather shocked as an average human being. This also made her respect the Mighty Ones.

"That's really awesome. Such manliness... I wonder which school he's from." Li Liantong moved her cursor, replayed the video and watched it excitedly.

Now that she watched again, she was stunned. That was because she recognized the clothes, and that pair of shoes! They were so familiar!

It's him?

Li Liangtong stared blankly at the video with her round eyes, even after the video had ended for some time.

… Lou Cheng arrived at the teachers' apartment which Geezer Shi stayed in. He noticed many plates and cups were placed in a mess, and there was junk all over the apartment. This totally fit the image of a lonely and lazy old man.

After he expressed "concern" with his master's living condition, and was about to call out for his master, Lou Cheng heard a hollow laughter from Geezer Shi, who then explained, "A few of my old friends came over just now, and I didn't have time to clean up."

"Old friends?" Lou Cheng casually asked.

"Yes, old friends who I've not seen for over ten years. Hehe, to break through the restricted region, he actually thought of searching the ancient cultivator's remnant to fix the pieces together, hopefully to comprehend it by analogy." Geezer Shi chortled before he added, "He mentioned that there might be Longhu Immortal's remnant nearby."

Lou Cheng was shocked upon hearing it. He almost could not hide his fear.

Chapter 146: Little Arguments

"Pursuing immortality by cultivation? Is there really such a thing?" Lou Cheng disguised his shock as surprise.

Geezer Shi pushed aside the junk on the sofa and said, "Of course there is. However, it's not the same as what you see on television, or read in novels. Neither is it as scary as the legends foretold. Hehe, in reality, a large majority of those legends were in fact describing top class physical invulnerability masters or restriction masters."

"I see..." Lou Cheng seized the opportunity to ask what had been confounding him this whole time. "Where do the differences lie?"

"They could be counted as fighters at the beginning, but since their point of origin is different from fighters, their recognition towards one's physical body, spirit, and the illusory soul is different as well, hence leading them onto a path different from ours. However, sigh, they ultimately failed to break through the threshold. Why do you want to know?" Geezer Shi said impatiently, "Give me your right hand." "I'm just curious, that's all." Lou Cheng smiled awkwardly before he passed over his right hand slowly.

Geezer Shi stretched out three fingers and placed it on top of his cunkou pulse. His half shut eyes glowed with a soft, blue glow as he pressed his injured parts and said, "It's okay. You'll not succeed in your attempt to become a one-armed hero, and you don't even need acupuncture and moxibustion treatment. Take this ointment and apply it to your wound when you get back, and you can tentatively train your exertion a week later."

"A week starting from today, you mean?" Lou Cheng asked in confirmation.

Does this mean that the remaining three and a half days of recuperation have been extended to a week?

"Aren't you asking a redundant question?" Geezer Shi shot him a glare and said, "Now get going and do whatever you're supposed to do." After Lou Cheng exited the teacher's apartment and this area, his complexion slowly darkened. The news from his master had caught him by surprise and had created a burden in his heart.

I wonder if that Longhu Immortal is the original master of this Jindan in my stomach...

I wonder if my master's friend would find out that there is an Immortal Cultivator legacy residence beneath Weishui Lake...

I wonder if they would find a clue and track it back to me...

"I had put stones into the black fish and tossed it back into the river. If it didn't rot completely or was eaten by other organisms, then the marks are pretty obvious. However, there're several tens of thousands of students in the new school campus area, and more than half a year has already passed since then. No matter how powerful a supernatural ability may be, they shouldn't be able to trace me from the black fish..." "I can't be nervous. I can't be panic and give myself away. I'll just pretend that I know nothing and live my life as usual!"

"Mm, I'll find a chance to squeeze the Jindan during these two days and see if I can awaken the Power of Frost. If it works, I'd have something that belongs to myself even if I was found out and had the Jindan taken away from me... they probably wouldn't do anything to me out of respect to my master..."

The reason he wanted to awaken the Power of Frost was not to enhance the power of his blaze. It was because his master's martial arts obviously belonged under the 'Unique Skill of the Ice Sect.' If he had the Power of Frost, then he'd be able to save a lot of time with better results when cultivated.

After making up his mind, Lou Cheng had almost regained his cool. With his current abilities, this was the best he could do in the face of such problems.

After putting away the ointment, he rushed straight to the third school building with his martial arts suit and other items that he had not put back into his dormitory, in his right hand. Right now there was still the chance that he might make it there in time.

As for the books and other items, he had told Little Ming to carry it for him a long time ago. As the saying goes, preparedness averts peril!

It was at this moment his cell phone rang with a melodious ring tone. He took it out and saw that it was a call from Cai Zongming.

"Damn, it can't be that the roll call was brought ahead of time? There should still be a few minutes left before class begins!" Lou Cheng decided to answer the call despite his surprise.

"Cheng, your awesomeness is through the roof this time!" Cai Zongming pelted Lou Cheng with these words immediately after he answered the call.

Lou Cheng looked utterly dumbfounded. "What has happened?" "You're still pretending? Someone had even posted a video already. I dare not make the same claim about others, but even if you've turned to dust I'll still be able to recognize you!" Cai Zongming let out a laugh while scolding him lightly.

"Video?" Lou Cheng roughly figured out what Talker was talking about now. He blurted out. "Is there really someone who would film videos even at a time like that?"

Cai Zongming laughed softly and said, "It's not like you've never surfed the web before. You should know that some people would take a few selfies and post it to weibo, talk or friend circle even after they got into an accident. It's their instinct to take photos and videos whenever something happens. However, I suppose that no one expected that someone would catch the suicider. The main focus was on the male student, while your figure in the video was a bit blurry and your face wasn't overexposed either. Those who aren't particularly close to you probably won't be able to recognize you. Hehe, should I reveal this as an insider?"

He continued in a very excited tone, "You're amazing, and I can't believe you could catch a person who jumped down from the seventh floor. Even I'm a little impressed and looking forward to practicing martial arts now! Cheng, you're probably famous in school now. I heard a lot of students talking about this along the way. They were all saying that you're super cool and smart, and they're filled with admiration for professional fighters. Alright, I'll cut it short here. Professor Qu is here, and he's probably going to do a roll call again. Hurry up. There aren't many people today. I don't think I can answer on your behalf this time."

At first, Lou Cheng was secretly felt rather pleased with himself. Then his expression froze when he heard the end.

"Taker, stretch your neck before me when I arrive later."

"What for?" Cai Zongming asked, puzzled by the bizarre request.

"That's because I'm going to strangle you!" Lou Cheng said through gnashing teeth, "If it wasn't because of your phone call I would've arrived already!" The teacher's apartment wasn't far away from the school building. With his current running speed and abnormal level of stamina, he should be able to make it to the third school building in just two or three minutes. However, it was impossible to run as quick while speaking on the phone!

Cai Zongming said after falling silent for a dozen or so seconds,

"Good luck!"

He hung up quickly after saying this.


Shi Xiangyang enjoyed a beautiful afternoon nap, and when she heard the alarm she sat up and tidied up for a bit before slowly climbing down the bed. She looked at Li Liantong who was watching a video and said, "Dirty Tong, it's almost time to leave already." "Alright." Li Liantong closed her computer and tidied her hair for a bit. Then, she picked up the books beside her and began to leave.

Shi Xiangyang looked at her in astonishment. "Aren't you going to wash and tidy a bit? Why are you in such a hurry?"

"I'm just a little confused, that's all." Li Liantong let out some dry laughs before setting down her books and rushing into the washroom.

Shi Xiangyang followed behind her and asked in puzzlement, "Why does Dirty Tong look super frightened?"

She shook her head and asked in concern after everything was done, "Are you okay, Dirty Tong?"

"Nothing! I'm fine!" Li Liantong said without any hesitation. Shi Xiangyang had always been a carefree person, which was why she didn't put it in her heart. However, on the way to the school building, she realized that Li Liantong kept looking like she wanted to say something with an extremely odd expression on her face.

"Dirty Tong, are you really okay?" Shi Xiangyang thought that something must have happened if even she could say affirmatively that the other party was acting weird!

Li Liantong opened her mouth for a moment before sighing. "You'll know later."

"I'll know later?" Shi Xiangyang was baffled. Her heart itched as if a cat was scratching against it, but Li Liantong revealed nothing despite her 'interrogation by torture' like a hardened warrior.

After they entered the classroom, the duo sat beside a student whom they were relatively close with. "Yangyang, have you seen that video?" the female student called Dong Mingshan gossiped and asked Shi Xiangyang.

"What video?" Shi Xiangyang was even more confused.

"Didn't someone jump down a building this afternoon? I don't know who caught the video at the time, but the male student who saved the suicider was so cool. Even I feel like attending the martial arts club and practice martial arts to strengthen myself!" Dong Mingshan said excitedly.

"Pooh, you're not there to practice martial arts but to find that boy who practiced martial arts, aren't you?" Shi Xiangyang mocked her before accepting Dong Mingshan's cell phone. She started the video.

"Wow, he managed to catch him even in this situation? I don't see any fire or lightning around him..." Shi Xiangyang then rewatched the video again. "He does look pretty cool, er..."

She suddenly froze. Abruptly, she turned around and looked at Li Liantong who had been unusually quiet until now. She finally understood why she was acting so strangely!

Was it him?


It was evening. Lou Cheng waited at Changqiaokou until Yan Zheke arrived. Then, he extended his left hand and grasped the girl's icy cold hand in his own, giving some of his warmth to her.

Yan Zheke cast him a glance with a smile that was not quite a smile. "Cheng, you're famous in our school now. There were a few girls in our class who praised that you look especially handsome when you're saving a life. They were guessing if he was a certain leading player in the martial arts club, or a mysterious expert who hasn't joined the martial arts club. Aren't you delighted and pleased by this?"

"I'm a little happy and pleased by this..." was what Lou Cheng was going to say, but he could shake the nagging feeling that it wasn't exactly the right thing to say. Therefore, he said with a smile, "I'll only be especially pleased and happy when you're the one who calls me handsome."

"Humph." Yan Zheke raised her head slightly with a smile in her eyes and said, "Lies!"

"On the contrary, it can't be more real than it is!" Lou Cheng was telling the truth. It's just that he didn't tell all of the truth.

He immediately thanked his good fortune when he saw the girl's happy reaction. He had the vague feeling that he nearly fell into a trap just now.

"Humph humph, I guess I'll believe you this time." Yan Zheke put on an 'I'm just pitying you' look before protesting coquettishly with a faint blush on her face. "I'm telling you, in the future you can't just kiss me however you want!"

"Why are we emphasizing this again?" Lou Cheng's mind twirled, and he put on a pitiful look and said, "But I want to get closer to you, always. I think that a kiss between couples is a wonderful thing. That's how I feel at least..." Yan Zheke humphed. "This is to teach you not to have a loose tongue!"

Lou Cheng immediately came to the realization. He understood that the girl wasn't protesting against normal kissing. The fact that she hadn't pushed him away back was clear proof of her acceptance.

However, she had kept her teeth tightly clenched all this time, and it was he who had opened her teeth with delicate force. Moreover, she had forcefully exited his embrace the second their tongues came into contact...

"I was wrong, Coach Yan. I was impulsive at the time." Lou Cheng hastily admitted his fault when he understood his mistake.

"Humph, if it isn't because you didn't forcefully hold me down and pulled away the second I pushed you, I'd have ignored you!" Yan Zheke pouted slightly before letting out a sigh. She said in a soft voice, "Cheng, I know that guys and girls have different cognitions in certain things. I hope that you can respect my feelings and, hmm, work on our relationship." I guess this is the first time we have a small argument ever since we became associated with each other... Thank goodness she spoke out her mind frankly and did not hold it on the inside. Otherwise, I would not even know where I went wrong. A small argument can easily balloon into a large argument..." Lou Cheng was somewhat grateful for this conversation. He also very much liked the fact that the girl worked hard to
communicate her thoughts rather than hold it on the inside and get angry. Hence, he said sincerely in slightly witty manner,

"There's no need to work on anything. Everything Coach Yan says is correct, and everything will be according to Coach Yan's will!"

Yan Zheke broke out in laughter at the joke, and her previous sigh vanishing completely.

"You must remember what you've said!" she broke into a slow run while pulling Lou Cheng's hand. "Let's get a seat quickly, or there won't be one later!" "Alright!" Lou Cheng ran with the girl into the canteen while he was filled with joy.


The next day morning, when the training was done and Geezer Shi had left, Lou Cheng purposely found a secluded place and began his plan to awaken his supernatural ability while facing Weishui Lake.

Chapter 147: Home Use Supernatural Ability

Pam pam pam. With just his left hand alone, Lou Cheng switched between abrupt explosive force and Fillip repeatedly to create fire non-stop and exhaust the hot current inside his body.

A full five minutes later, he finally sensed the depletion of the fiery hot current that had merged into the seams of his body. The Jindan beneath his stomach started to expand and contract, circulating slowly and splitting out traces of strength.

This energy was balanced between ice and fire. It swiftly soothed Lou Cheng's fatigue, but it did nothing to replenish the fiery current.

Lou Cheng understood very well that he had reached a critical point. While holding back his body's subconscious writhing and strange exhaustion, he continued to urge his supernatural ability and shook his left arm once more. He punched forwards and used abrupt explosive force. Pam!

There was a sudden hum in his brain mixed with the rapid and robust noise, and he automatically entered the bizarre state of inward vision. The Jindan that looked like a miniature starry sky was reflected into his vision.

There was a swoosh sound, and Lou Cheng saw a 'star' flying off the surface of the 'starry sky' and shaking out a small ball of 'blaze.' Then, he felt a slight burn in his palm, and his eyes were filled with fiery light. Scarlet color burned on top of the lake's surface.

The scarlet blaze struggled for a while before finally extinguishing.

Unlike the time he was fighting against Ye Youting, he was venting the energy, split away from the Jindan by expression of his supernatural ability. He was not punching and attacking an enemy with internal force through visualization. Therefore, the Jindan's performance this time was a little hyperbolic. When the burning blaze dissipated, the surface of the lake returned to normal once more. There were only a few dried branches and wilted leaves floating on the lake. Meanwhile, the Jindan abruptly contracted inside Lou Cheng's body and tossed out another ice crystal to achieve balance.

The ice crystal swiftly expanded into a cold current that rampaged through out his blood vessels and nerves, flowing through every corner of Lou Cheng's body.

During this instant, Lou Cheng felt as if he had been fully frozen and turned into an ice sculpture. Even his heartbeat had slowed down.

"Holy sh*t, the rebound effect is as scary as ever..." he thought sluggishly.

He didn't know how much time had passed, but he suddenly heard the thumping sound of his heartbeat, seemingly bidding the freezing ice goodbye like the thunderclap that woke up spring hibernation. It caused his frozen mind to recover to normality slowly. Then, Lou Cheng felt his heart beating strongly as it gushed out streams of blood filled with vigorous life energy, circulating them throughout his entire body and putting an end to the cold. Meanwhile, the marrow of his bones was working full force in cooperation throughout this process as well.

In less than a few dozens of seconds, Lou Cheng had completely escaped his frozen state and sensed the advantages of having a strong physical body. Moreover, he could clearly sense that his body constitution had vaguely achieved a certain level of improvement after resisting and merging with the 'frost.'

Now that he thought about it, he had probably undergone a similar change when he awakened his Power of Blaze. However, he had overlooked this because he succumbed to high fever and poor health.

No wonder my physical body has become stronger beyond my expectations! Mm, this is very normal. It'd be strange if my body didn't improve after adapting to the burning 'flowing fire'!

Lou Cheng's attention shifted, and he felt that his body was still weakened. A chill poured continuously out of his bones and caused him to shake non-stop. The thought of wrapping himself in a thick blanket was the only thing in his mind now.

This time, the experience only reminded him of the time he got sick when he was young rather than the time he felt like he was dying.

He took out the down jacket he prepared earlier and began examining himself to see if he had awakened the Power of Frost, or encountered the tragedy that was the cancellation of power between his Frost and Blaze.

While examining, he suddenly let out a surprised but joyful exclamation.

The cold current and hot current mingled with each other and merged into the seams of his body, forming a miraculous balance.

Lou Cheng inhaled and abruptly punched out his left arm. He activated abrupt explosive force once more and urged the Frost's cold current at the same time.


No thin ice could be seen on the surface of his fist, and no snowflakes could be seen flying around either.

Lou Cheng fell into deep thought rather than disappointment. After a moment of pondering, he abruptly sent his palm flying towards the closest, giant rock.

Pam! His palm pressed against the giant rock, and he slowly raised his hand away to reveal a sheen of ice cold frost in the shape of his left hand! Lou Cheng nodded thoughtfully as he watched the white frost swiftly dissolving. He had roughly figured out how to use the Power of Frost.

Right now, his supernatural ability wasn't strong enough to sustain external release just yet, but he could merge it into his own strength and cause his every strike to be covered in ice. He did not need an extra 'ignition' movement to trigger it.

Different supernatural abilities have different characteristics.

On its own, a frost like this wouldn't be too useful in actual combat. However, Lou Cheng believed that it would display a pleasant amount of effects once it was mixed with a similar force of the Ice Sect.

"Phew. Once my arm recovers next week, I'll report to master and tell him that I've awakened the Power of Frost. Hehe, I'll like to see his reaction and what plans he has for me..." Lou Cheng tightened the down jacket around him, carried his sack, shivered and walked towards the cafeteria. He was in desperate need of a glass of hot milk right now.

Right now, Lou Cheng didn't dare to attempt his second wave of awakening just yet. This was because the awakening thus far had only involved the surface of the Jindan. If he lost control again, then the interior of the Jindan might very well become involved. The might and rebound of the Jindan would be far stronger than it was now. It would be better if he waited until his physical body had reached a certain limit, and that his level of martial arts had stepped into Danqi State before making a decision.

Inside the cafeteria, Lou Cheng held a tray of porridge, steamed bun, egg and milk before walking to the table Yan Zheke and he normally ate together.

There was a pillar at the back of the table, and it created a relatively quiet and secluded environment.

He lay down his tray, picked up his milk and took a gulp right away. He could feel the warm stream flowing down his throat, comforting his stomach, and reducing the cold clinging to his body. "How comfortable..." Lou Cheng praised in satisfaction before bringing up and having some of his porridge.

It was at this moment he caught Yan Zheke walking towards him while holding a tray from the corner of his eyes. There were soy milk, deep-fried dough sticks and wheat steamed bun on the tray. The girl's peering figure looked just like a part of the cafeteria scenery.

"Eh? Cheng, are you done with today's training already?" Yan Zheke was extremely surprised to find a boyfriend at this time. Then, she immediately discovered that Lou Cheng didn't look well and hastily asked with concern and anxiety, "Are you sick?"

"No, I'm not sick." Lou Cheng's shiver had subsided quite a bit, and he laughed mischievously and said, "Let me tell you a secret."

He was especially warmed by Yan Zheke choosing the same table as he did at the same time. It wasn't just fate that enabled them to encounter each other in this canteen amidst an unending flow of students!

Yan Zheke put down her tray and sat beside Lou Cheng. She examined him doubtfully and asked, "What secret? You're looking very pale. Why don't I accompany you to the doctor?"

Lou Cheng moved beside her ears, lowered his voice and said, "I was trying to train my supernatural ability this morning, and I gave it a try beside the lake. Just when I was about to hit my limit, I suddenly awakened a supernatural ability related to Frost. The reason my face looks pale is because of the rebound effect, but it's much less worse than it was before, so it's not a big problem."

He could see that the girl's ears were starting to blush red under the harassment of his breathing. It looked both translucent and cute.

"You've awakened a supernatural ability again?" Yan Zheke's pink lips were parted in half to reveal a few of her pearly teeth. Her distinct black and white eyes were filled with astonishment and bewilderment, painting her in a cute and dumbfounded light.

"I don't know why it happened either... maybe it's because it obeyed the path of balance between fire and ice. It's unlikely that another awakening will happen in the future..." Lou Cheng explained a bit.

To be honest, he felt a little guilty every time he lied to the girl. However, the Jindan was directly connected to his life. Telling her this would only add pressure to her and make her nervous.

I hope that I can digest the Jindan soon and make this power mine for real as soon as possible. Then I wouldn't feel guilty anymore.

Yan Zheke had witnessed too many 'miracles' from her boyfriend, which was why she swiftly recovered from the shock. She blurted out and said, "Why did you go train your supernatural ability all of a sudden? Even if you do want to train it, you should at least train in front of Coach Shi. If the rebound effect was too severe, then there would at least be someone around to help you! If anything happens to you, I, I..."

While speaking, her eyes suddenly turned red. There seemed to be a sparkle on the surface of her eyes.

Lou Chen bit the bottom of his lips softly and extended his hands to hold the girl's soft hands. "I won't do it next time. I'll cherish myself greatly and think things over better!"

He had felt the burden of responsibility in that instant. His life no longer just belonged to himself and his relatives...

Yan Zheke inhaled and suddenly swung his hands away. She humphed and said, "Are you trying to freeze me? Your hands are so cold!"

"It's the remainder effects of the Power of Frost. I can help you remove some heat during summer." Lou Cheng smiled flatteringly. Yan Zheke was relaxed and asked curiously with a slight move of her eyebrows, "You don't need to 'ignite' anymore?"

"It's unnecessary for the Power of Frost. If I wish someplace to be cold, then it'll be cold." Lou Cheng said in a somewhat boastful manner.

Yan Zheke pushed over her fresh and hot soy milk and smiled through pursed lips. "Make it cooler then. It's too hot, I can't really drink it!"

"Alright~" Lou Cheng grasped the cup containing the soymilk gently and began circulating a weak cold current.

The insides of his body seemed to have undergone a change, and it was continuously producing 'Frost' while maintaining a miraculous balance with 'Blaze.'

A short while later, Lou Cheng let out a sigh of relief and removed his hand. A layer of frost appeared on the surface of the soy milk cup, but it immediately disappeared. "The temperature should be fine now..." He touched the cup, passed it to Yan Zheke and awaited her review.

Tan Zheke took a sip and felt her eyebrows soothed. She nodded and smiled. "This is just nice. Your new supernatural ability is pretty useful~!"

Lou Cheng did not think that his supernatural ability would first be applied to such a task, but the feeling of accomplishment wasn't diminished in the least. He had managed to make the girl happy at least!

"As long as you like it." He beamed and said, "Oh right, have you finished watching the video file Coach Shi sent yesterday?"

It was the information on weekend's preliminaries opponent.

"I've finished watching it. What about you?" When the matter was brought up, Yan Zheke immediately grew greatly interested. She was the first substitute in the line up, and she had a chance to go up the stage. Although Lou Cheng's trembling had stopped, he was still feeling a little weak. He smiled faintly and said, "Of course I've finished watching them. I've also found out something else."

Although he couldn't go on stage, he had put in even more effort than he would have if he had gone on stage himself because it involved Yan Zheke!

"What is it?" Yan Zheke asked curiously.

Lou Cheng laughed mischievously and said, "While 'Dream Squad' looks like an amateur rank team, their contestants are all the second and third generations of martial families. They have a high-ranked Dan Stage senior in the family, who is among the top fighters of Songcheng's martial arts circle."

Yan Zheke didn't react in fear or nervousness towards the high-ranked Dan Stage fighter. Instead, she asked with great interest, "And?"

She drank a sip of soy milk and bit a chunk of the deep-fried dough sticks. She looked like a kid staring at Lou Cheng and listening to a story.

"You may not believe this, but the reason they formed the Dream Squad and participated in the preliminaries was due to a case of jealous lovers. Jiang Dingyi and Feng Shaokun both liked the childhood sweet who grew up with them, Qian Ruoyu and argued with each other so much that they almost had a fall out. Meanwhile, Qian Ruoyu's attitude was extremely ambiguous, and she never declared her position even now. In the end, she dragged them both, summoned her friends and formed the squad and said that it was to see who could perform better in the preliminaries." Lou Cheng explained the matter.

Yan Zheke nearly spat out her soy milk, and she had to cover her mouth with her hand for a while before finally saying, "Who picks their boyfriend like this? She sounds like a little girl..."

"She's half a year older than you. You're the little girl here." Lou Cheng chuckled.

"Humph, maturity is decided by mental age, okay!" Yan Zheke wrinkled her nose and asked in puzzlement, "How did you know about this?"

"We have a local in our dormitory who is rather well informed. I had purposely asked him about this." Lou Cheng reported honestly.

He had done his homework for 'Coach Yan's' sake.

Yan Zheke's eyes turned into curves, and soft dimples appeared on her face. She looked sideways and said, "I guess you haven't forgotten your coach after all!"

Lou Cheng finished his steamed bun really quickly, drank his milk and continued, "The martial arts passed down in Qian Ruoyu's family originated from tai chi. In this respect, they're a little similar to your grandfather's family. Jiang Dingyi's grandfather is famous for his blade art, but because weapons aren't allowed in challenge tournaments unless the fighter had reached high-ranked Dan Stage, he created a martial arts on his own that applies blade art to his palm. Feng Shaokun is well versed in Tiger and Crane Double Form and Modern Blast Punch..." "I've watched the video and I believe that I can imitate their forms a little. I'll brief Coach Shi about this later so that I'll act as your sparring partner during the last half an hour of every day's special training. I'll get you used to their fighting style."

Yan Zheke puffed her cheeks and looked to the side with a faint blush on her face.


She no longer rejected sparring with Lou Cheng during their daily special training.

While the duo were speaking to each other and eating breakfast, their free time gradually approached its end. Suddenly, Yan Zheke looked at the cafeteria's big clock and exclaimed.

"It's almost eight. We're about to be late!" "Yeah..." Lou Cheng followed her gaze and noticed that it was already 7:54 p.m.

Yan Zheke flew into a rage out of embarrassment and pinched him softly.

"It's all because of you. I normally won't be late!"

Lou Cheng let out a mischievous laugh and only felt sweetness rather than pain. He pulled her arm and said, "Quickly, we can still make it!"

The duo hastily left and ran towards the martial arts club. They finally arrived with only several dozens of seconds to spare.

Yan Zheke panted and cast Lou Cheng a glance. She happened to meet Lou Cheng's gaze and immediately felt both warmth and happiness. She felt so happy even if they were just doing something as trivial as this together.


For the next few days, Lou Cheng lived his days in order of his working routine, with the added work of sparring with Yan Zheke. He had not heard from Geezer Shi about Longhu Immortal Den any longer, but he didn't dare to inquire recklessly about it either.

In the blink of an eye, Saturday had arrived. Songcheng University Martial Arts Club would be facing 'Dream Squad' at 3 p.m. at their home field.

Since they were only training for actual combat, and they had lost all of their professional rank leading players, Songcheng University Propaganda Department did not do any promotion at all for this competition or informed the teachers and students of the university. The number of audiences was predicted to be very low. Lou Cheng took a short nap and was just about to head outside Yan Zheke's dormitory and accompany her to the martial arts arena. Suddenly, he received a call from Geezer Shi.

"Brat, your master has something to do last minute and won't be able to attend this afternoon." Geezer Shi said absentmindedly, "You will be the coach today."

"Ah, I'm going to be the coach?" Lou Cheng was surprised.

Geezer Shi chuckled and said, "For this kind of competition, you can chain a dog as your coach and still participate. What are you afraid of? Alright, I'm hanging up, use your discretion and arrange a suitable entry order."

"Master, please don't be so irresponsible!" Lou Cheng was just about to say this when he heard the beeping tone from the other side of the phone.

"What the hell, how did a wounded person like me suddenly become the coach?" In a daze, he suddenly remembered something:

Could the reason that master didn't show up last minute be that his friend has found the abode of Longhu Immortal and invited him as a helper?

Chapter 148: Coach Lou

The more he thought about it, the more he thought he guessed right. However, guessing had no matter with dealing with this thing. "How could I involve in the thing among the experts of super physical invulnerability?"

I must be patient, keep cool, wait for the results and never trip ourselves up!

He breathed out, and threw this thing to the back of his mind. Then he packed up and intended to go out.

On the weekend, Zhang Jingye went to date with his girlfriend Wu Qian. Qiu Zhigao was said to exercise in the Strength Training Gymnasium of Martial Arts Club. So there only were Lou Cheng and Zhao Qiang in the little dormitory.

Seeing he was leaving, Zhao Qiang took his eyes back from the computer and laughed. "Cheng, how was your wound? Can you participate in the combat now?" "I can't even do the recovery training, not to mention the combat." Lou Cheng said with a wry smile.

"It was also because you save a life. Now you're Superman Cheng in our dormitory." Zhao Qiang said jokingly, "Since you won't play this combat, I don't watch it either. It's boring without your participating."

Lou Cheng was not surprised at all. The confrontation between fighters of amateur level had no way to attract everyone. But it still has a good point which my senior brother Li Mao won't be so nervous if surrounded by less audience.

"OK, you can be a "real" fan." Lou Cheng ridiculed him, put on the bag and walked out of the small room.

After experiencing the cold current boomerang, he found himself lacking a thermos cup. He usually would directly drink water in the drink fountain by the paper cups in the Martial Arts Club or in the school buildings. When he got to the dormitory, he only drank from a coverless ceramic mug. Yan Zheke had said that he lived roughly and lived up to the title of "Rough Guy." "Hey, Cheng, why go out so early?" Cai Zongming just came out from the bathroom.

"Not very early, I have to pick up my wife." Lou Cheng laughed happily.

Cai Zongming ridiculed. "God, now you even called her as your wife?"

"I learned it all from you?" Lou Cheng answered him with a smile.

Cai Zongming disdained him, "I knew that you leave in advance to take the opportunity to date with your girlfriend. Hey, looking back to that year when we were in pairs that we always did everything together. And now that group of guys said I was brutally abandoned by you."

Hearing the high-level self-deprecation of Little Ming, Lou Cheng couldn't help laughing. "There is no way for that. I am sorry that I ditch friends for a girl?"

He said it so proudly showing no shame at all.

Cai Zongming rarely was speechless and he had to underbragged. "Since you had a girlfriend, Cheng, you grow a thicker skin. Go, just go. I'll go to cheer up for you in the martial arts club later. At least, I'm a member who also has special training."

"Right, Talker, how's your special training?" Lou Cheng asked unintentionally.

Cai Zongming gave the expression of "I want to hit you" and said, "Cheng, we're all members of the special training, and we practiced together every day. Don't you feel sorry that you only think of concerning and asking me today?"

"I'm sorry..." Lou Cheng answered with a hollow smile. Cai Zongming showed a proud face. "After the special training which lasted more than ten days, I think that I'm back to the peak condition before and because of the stimulation from you, I also gradually drop into a peaceful mind and slightly touch the threshold of meditation. After one or two months, I may be able to do the concealment of spirit and qi and play 24 Blizzard Strikes. And I may directly reach the level of Amateur Third Pin in summer break which makes me able to go back to my hometown gloriously and brag myself in my small city."

"Good, in the next semester you may be able to be a substitute." Lou Cheng looked at his phone and checked the time. "I have to go now, see you later."

Heard of his perfunctory farewells, Cai Zongming snapped.

"Go to your f*cking date!"

… In the girl dormitory, Yan Zheke directly put on the martial arts suit so as not to change it in the male locker room. Although there was a small compartment for bath, it still would make the girl feel uncomfortable. The female locker room was given to the guest team.

Seeing her being ready, Zong Yanru asked curiously, "Ke, will your boyfriend fight this combat today?"

After she said that, Li Liantong who was playing games and Shi Xiangyang who was watching movies stopped their actions at the same time and they listened carefully.

"No way. How could he fight when his arm injury was not recovered yet?" Yan Zheke replied naturally.

Li Liantong blurted out and said, "Did his injury become worse because of the saving that day?"

Yan Zheke startled for a while with her black and beautiful eyebrows slightly wrinkled. "Do you guys all know about it?" Li Liantong and Shi Xiangyang glance at each other and sulked. "We're not blind. We met him at noon of that day. So how can we not recognize him in the video? We'll just be waiting for your honest explanation, but we have waited for a week. Humph, you never even mention it!"

"You girls don't talk about this topic so I have no chance to mention it." Yan Zheke said in injured tones.

I can't possibly directly show off how great my boyfriend is.
Right? How bad it is!

"I think it's because you have no time. You share all your spare time with him and when you come back to the bedroom, you'll continue to chat with him on the phone. You two want to date with each other all day long!" Li Liantong laughed. "Ke, ah, you have to grab hold of yourself. Don't lose your body to him so fast. For boys, the easier they get it, the less they would cherish it."

"Pooh! I don't talk with the dirty people!" Yan Zheke cursed jokingly. Recalling this period, it seemed that Li Liantong was right that I was really enjoyed in this kind of state instead of feeling resistant.

Meanwhile, I have to go to the special training of martial arts every day, go to classes and do homework seriously. So, the time to accompany with Cheng is quite limited and is forced out which makes me cherish it more unconsciously.

Shi Xiangyang interrupted. "Ke, since both your boyfriend and Lin Que were hurt, will you play today?"

"That depends on the condition of other members. So there's a chance of it." Yan Zheke said it cautiously so as not to curse Li Mao and other people.

Zong Yanru suddenly said happily, "Then we'll go to the martial arts club to cheer up for you! Maybe you can play this time."

Li Liantong and Shi Xiangyang agreed and imagined Yan Zheke as a Wonder Woman. While she was having fun with her roommates, she saw the message from Lou Cheng who said he had arrived. So she brought all her prepared things and went out of the dormitory quickly.

"They're a perfect couple..." looking at her back, Li Liantong sighed with emotion.

Zong YanRu quipped. "Dirty Tong, you didn't say that before!"

"That's because I don't know him too much before." Li Liantong said with a thick "face", "He reaches such a martial arts level when he's so young. His future will be really bright. And his character is also very nice and he treated his girlfriend even better. I can't agree more with the love relationship between Ke and him.

Outside the Third dormitory building, Lou Cheng saw the girl walked out happily. He smiled unconsciously, walked towards him, took the bag, and held her hand. The whole process went very smoothly and was trained for a long time.

Yan Zheke looked at him with a smile. "Cheng, Dirty Tong and my other roommates knew that the boy who saved a life was you. They kinda worship you a little."

"Hey, why this sentence sounds kind of weird..." Lou Cheng laughed seriously. "Because they have not seen the world."

After saying that, he quickly transferred the topic. "Coach Shi can't come this afternoon because he has something to do. So he let me take his place to arrange the game this afternoon."

"God..." Yan Zheke slightly opened her mouth with bewilderment which made her look cute. It seemed that she did not figure out what happened just now.

After a few of seconds, she can't help laughing. "Coach Shi is so capricious... Cheng, you're the real Coach Lou~!" "I'm not a real coach, for I'm also controlled by the Supreme Coach." Lou Cheng laughed.

As for the supreme coach, he is certainly not Coach Shi!

Yan Zheke turned back, coughed twice and pretended to be serious. "How do you plan to arrange it?
"I thought if senior brother Li Mao showed up at last, he would be more nervous because he felt he was burdened with the success of our Martial Arts Club. However, if he were the first player, he mostly would feel he have to play a good start. So it would be better to put him on the second turn which would give him the least stress..."Lou Cheng said his concerns and also felt very lucky that he had studied the videos of Dream Squad for his girlfriend, so as not to know nothing about their opponents.

"Good, we think the same." Yan Zheke praised him.

Lou Cheng laughed, "This is what people called "Great minds think alike". "Pooh!" Yan Zheke raised her head and closed mouth to show her disdain.

It was still early. The couple walked all the way slowly and took the opportunity to have a date. Sometimes they would also discuss their opponent. When they were approaching to the martial arts arena, Lou Cheng said surprisingly, "There're so many people today."

Students coming from everywhere are more than I expected!

Yan Zheke was also confused and laughed. "Does the Propaganda Department advertise it again at last?"

Both of them were blank and walked into the arena by holding hands. They saw there were some audiences on the seats of both sides.

"There're almost a thousand people, right?" Lou Cheng exclaimed. The number of students couldn't compare with the number of University Martial Arts Combat, but also was enough to hold a combat.

Yan Zheke said with concern, "If the audience became more, senior brother Li Mao might feel more nervous..."

They entered the male locker room with concerns, and they directly saw Sun Jian standing up. He ridiculed.

"Cheng, it's all your fault. You attracted so many students!"

"What wrong with me?" Lou Cheng asked with a muddled face.

Sun Jian laughed. "Did you save a student when he jumped from the building? Everyone was curious about who the hero was. So when they heard of there was a combat of Martial Arts Club on weekend, they came spontaneously." School didn't advertise there was a preliminary of Martial Arts Club on this weekend, and it also didn't hide the news. Because the combat needed the arena, people particularly put a notice on the door to tell the students who were used to practicing on Saturday afternoon not to come here. And the news traveled so fast.

"It's really all my fault ..." Lou Cheng never thought about this reason.

He could not help but look at Li Mao and found him sitting in the corner with a hot towel covering his face who seemed slightly nervous.

At that time, Lin Hua pulled Yan Zheke to the other side and whispered to her for a while.

Yan Zheke came back with a weird face, she whispered to Lou Cheng, "Sister Lin's menstruation came earlier because of nervousness, so she doesn't feel good today and asks me to replace her." "Well, can it even come earlier?" Lou Cheng asked surprisingly.

"Of course! It can be influenced by the mood change, stress, switching of habits and physical condition. For example, on the Valentine's Day, I was already very tired, but you still proposed to me which made me feel so happy that my period also came early that night!" Yan Zheke whispered.

Lou Cheng counted, and then he said, "It came early by so much?"

"That's because my period is shorter than usual people which only has 26 days." Yan Zheke said shyly, "You're the coach today. Arrange the start order now. Why bother to count this?"

Lou Cheng took a breath and looked at her. "Then you really have to play today."

Yan Zheke nodded slightly with some excitement and nervousness. "Ok!"

Lou Cheng shook her hand and whispered, "Don't be afraid. You should be confident since we pair exercised for a few days. However strong they are, I still can beat them with one hand!"

Yan Zheke looked at the deliberately arrogant face of her boyfriend. She could not help laughing and felt relieved a lot.

And then Lou Cheng clapped to attract the attention of several senior brothers and sisters.

"Be quiet. Coach Shi can't come today, so I'm appointed to replace him."

"What?" Sun Jian and others looked at him with a stunned face.

Coach Lou? He would probably be the youngest coach. He would probably be the youngest coach in the history of Martial Arts Club, even if he is the coach in only one combat...

In the female locker room, Qian Ruoyu who looked very sweet said,

"Lin Que in the other party can't fight this time, but Lou Cheng would probably fight with his injury. However, their team focused on practicing their skills. So if Lou Cheng planned to play this combat, he must be the last to play. It needs us to beat the previous two fighters as soon as possible and to deal with him at full strength in the end."

Chapter 149: Lin Que's Change

When she heard Qian Ruoyu's arrangements, Yu Qiao who had followed over to join in the fun suddenly interrupted in surprise, "Isn't Songcheng University's Lou Cheng famed for having unlimited stamina? If you can't beat him, then attrition warfare is useless..."

He was shot by two pairs of severe gazes before he could finish. His voice grew softer and softer before coming to a stop completely.

These two pairs of gazes obviously came from Jiang Dingyi and Feng Shaokun sitting beside Qian Ruoyu!

God damn it, am I insane? Why on earth did I get myself involved in some children's love affairs? It was a waste of my time and lifespan... Yu Qiao didn't dare to anger the two knights in shining armor, so he could only ridicule himself in helplessness.

He was just twenty-two years old and at the rank of Amateur First Pin. His father was the junior brother of Qian Ruoyu's father. He was not a bad person, but his nature was a bit fickle. Previously, he had accepted Qian Ruoyu's invitation and joined the team because he was intent to watch a live gossip show, but now he was filled with so much regret that his intestines had turned green.

With a solemn expression, Qian Ruoyu explained seriously, "I've asked for guidance from my family's seniors. They have all judged from the match videos that Lou Cheng must undergo recovery training during these two days. If he forced himself to go on stage his right side would be full of holes. If we target him on purpose and in succession, this match won't be hopeless."

"Mm, junior sister is correct. It is I who did not figure out the situation." while Yu Qiao answered 'sincerely', he added on the inside, 'a wise man submits to circumstances'!

To be frank, his junior sister was beautiful and of okay temperament. Her only problem was that she was a little spoiled. Sometimes she would be overly greedy, and sometimes she loved to pretend that she was an adult. Qian Ruoyu instantly blossomed into a smile seeing that she had successfully convinced senior brother Yu. She revealed the kind of youth and naivety that belonged to an eighteen years old girl and said beautifully, "Therefore, our vanguard must be a type that's well versed in ending things quickly."

When he heard this, Feng Shaokun volunteered himself and said, "You've all seen my Tiger and Crane Double Form. I won't give them the chance to roam around."

He was overall pretty handsome, with his slightly curved nose being the only flaw in his appearance. It made him looked a little arrogant and frivolous.

Before Qian Ruoyu could answer, Jiang Dingyi retorted, "You think you can end things quickly just because the enemy can't roam? The difference between Amateur First Pin and Amateur Second Pin isn't as huge as you think! The 24 Blizzard Strikes isn't some trash martial arts either! Let me be the vanguard, Ruoyu. I am tall and strong. The moment I find the opportunity to fight them head on, Seismic Palm would definitely end things quickly." He was almost 1.9 meters tall, and his muscles were solid enough to give him the appearance of half a steel beam. His temperament was calm and dependable, but he was a little introverted and didn't like speaking too much.

Feng Shaokun abruptly jumped to his feet and laughed coldly, saying, "Since when did you manage to end your battles quickly during the first few matches? It should be the other way around, isn't it?"

Due to the intentional or otherwise care of the organizational committee, the opponents they faced during their first two matches weren't strong so that they could gather their confidence and increase their strength in the process. But no matter how much the committee cared for them, they still encountered Professional Ninth Pin fighters during their second match. Jiang Dingyi decided to fight his opponent head on in attempt to exhaust his enemy, but was caught off guard by the enemy instead and defeated in one go.

Hearing Feng Shaokun's taunts, Jiang Dingyi also jumped to his feet and glared at him, saying, "Didn't you lose in the end as well?" Seeing that the two boys were about to start a civil war, Qian Ruoyu cut between them, held her head and said,

"I'll fight the first match..."

What an impossible situation!

… …

Meanwhile, the atmosphere was the complete opposite at Songcheng University Martial Arts Club.

"What the hell, we have to call you Coach Cheng today?" Sun Jian said with both annoyance and amusement.

Coach Shi is a little too irresponsible, isn't he?

Meanwhile, Lin Hua blushed for some strange reason beside him. It was bad enough she had to take the day off because she was experiencing menstruation, but it turned out the person she had to apply for a leave from was not the old and experienced Coach Shi, but the junior who was two semesters younger than her!

Since Yan Zheke was going to substitute her, she had purposely explained her reason to her. However, she had emphasized strongly that she shouldn't tell her condition to the boys. Now it would seem that her junior had transferred the word and applied leave for her already...

When she thought up to this point, she couldn't restrain her embarrassment and focused her gaze on the floor instead.

Li Mao removed the hot towel on his face and asked with some surprise, "Coach Shi really just left like this?"

Was he seriously not concerned about the outcome of this match at all?

"Yeah, we are participating to accumulate real combat experience anyway, so it doesn't matter who becomes the coach, right? It's the same even if we put up a dog as the coach!" Lou Cheng purposely ridiculed himself in attempt to help Li Mao loose a bit of tension.

Pu... The crowd immediately broke into laughter. Yan Zheke had even hit Lou Cheng once playfully.

When Li Mao saw that no one was paying too much gravity to the match, he inwardly let loose a sigh of relief and no longer tensed up as much as before.

Lou Cheng was just about to arrange the player order of the match when the locker room's door behind him was suddenly pushed open. Lin Que walked in while wearing a dark-colored fleece.

"Lin Que, why have you come?" Sun Jian asked in astonishment.

Lin Que said indifferently, "Isn't there a match today?" "But you can't fight, can you?" Li Xiaowen thought that Lin Que was going to force himself.

Lin Que stared at a corner of the locker room and said expressionlessly,

"I can cheer for you guys..."

Er... Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke were first stunned by this. Then, they smiled at each other as they both noticed the change in Lin Que.

"After last week's match, it seems that my cousin finally has a collective sense of honor!" Yan Zheke moved closer to Lou Cheng's ears, failing to control the excitement and happiness in her voice as she said this.

Lou Cheng said with slight puzzlement, "He already has a collective sense of honor before, hasn't he? Didn't he feel very sad and painful when we lost the competition last semester?" "Er, how should I explain this... in the past, he paid attention to the martial arts club for my uncle's sake, but to him, the only person in this collective is himself. When he wasn't attending a match himself, he couldn't care a little about the others. Mm, that is exactly how he looks down on you all~" Yan Zheke laughed in a low tone. The warm breath she exhaled brushed against Lou Cheng's ears and caused him to feel weak on the inside.

"Itchy..." Lou Cheng turned his head sideways and laughed in a small voice. Meanwhile, everyone else in the room was shocked by Lin Que's performance and was transfixed for a time, and could only stare at the miraculous sight before them.

Since when did the maverick, young swordsman Lin learn to cheer for his companions?

Yan Zheke laughed in a low tone, "That's payback for you speaking beside my ear like this every time!"

Lou Cheng laughed twice drily and didn't dare to continue down this line of talk further. He changed the topic and said, "During last week's match, your cousin and I worked together and went all out to obtain the ultimate victory. Perhaps it is because of that reason that he has gained a little bit of collective sense of honor. Hehe, how should you thank me?"

"Do we still need thanks between us?" Yan Zheke purposely opened her eyes wide and answered him innocently.

When he saw that Sun Jian and the others had turned around to look at him, Lou Cheng dispelled his thought to banter flirtatiously with Yan Zheke and said with a straight face,

"I will arrange today's player order. Senior sister Lin Hua injured herself a little while she was training, so Yan Zheke will be substituting her instead. She has never participated in any previous university martial arts tournaments or challenge tournaments. Therefore, Dream Squad must know nothing about her exact level of skill. In that case, she has the chance to surprise our enemy and come out with a win. Therefore, you will be heading up first, Yan Zheke."

Yan Zheke nodded and answered seriously, "Okay."

Her body trembled slightly more due to excitement than anxiety. Meanwhile, Lin Hua exhaled a sigh of relief and was very grateful for Lou Cheng's attentiveness.

While Guo Qing, Li Xiaowen and Li Mao were surprised by Yan Zheke's substitution, Lou Cheng continued, "Senior brother Sun Jian, you are the captain today, so you will be the one to hold the lines at the end. Hehe, the heavy burden is all on you."

He purposely said this so that Li Mao could feel a bit less nervous.

"No problem!" Sun Jian answered in an outspoken and straightforward manner.

Finally, Lou Cheng looked at Li Mao, "Senior brother Li Mao, you will be entering the arena second. Take the time to observe the enemy later." He refrained from saying consoling words that might make Li Mao relax at this moment. This was to avoid making him nervous due to special treatment.

"Mm." Li Mao was a lot less tensed than before.

After arranging the player order, Lou Cheng looked at the time and said,

"There is still a while before we enter the arena. Prepare yourselves. You may close your eyes and regulate your breathing."

His master had already talked about the opponent's situation this morning. He would combine his teaching and the enemy's exact player order and provide advice in secret later!

Lou Cheng had just said this when Yan Zheke picked up her bag and said hurriedly, "Senior sister Lin, Qing, please help me roll my hair together..." In a match that wasn't too important or one was confident in, a female fighter would normally go up the arena with a simple ponytail. In reality though, the best decision to make was either to keep a short hair length or wear their hair in a bun. This was to avoid their hair affecting themselves in intense combat or being targeted specifically by the enemy.
Yan Zheke's family had a long history in martial arts. Since she had already made preparations for the possibility that she might be fighting today, she had brought a complete set of complementary tools with her. Obeying the guiding principles of convenience over attractiveness, she quickly did her hair with Lin Hua and Guo Qing's help and stood in front of Lou Cheng.

When Lou Cheng saw the girl's white and delicate neck, beautiful lines and added traces of maturity after her hair was tied into a bun, he could not help but praise her, "You look so beautiful!"

Yan Zheke's countenance was more on the beautiful side, and her temperament was relatively cultured too. However, she looked to have bright eyes and white teeth after she tied her hair into a bun. "Do you mean I don't look beautiful ordinarily?" Yan Zheke humphed softly with joy in her eyes.

Lou Cheng laughed mischievously and said, "It is a different kind of beauty..."

Yan Zheke pursed her lips into a smile and didn't continue along that line any further. She extended a hand, helped Lou Cheng to straighten his collar and pat away the dust on his clothes before saying gently,

"You are the coach. You need to look more spirited, get it?"

"Understood, Coach Yan!" Lou Cheng answered with a smile before turning around to clap once,

"Let's head out. Between amateur fighters, one or two Pins of difference really isn't that big at all!" Once he said this, he walked to Lin Que standing next to the door, smiled and stretched out his fist.

Lin Que was startled for a moment, but in the end he tightened his hand and bumped fists with him. He said in a soft voice,

"Do your best..."

… …

The audiences inside the martial arts arena were very obviously disorganized. They had only started to cheer sparsely after they saw their home team appearing.

Knowing that no one here recognized her, Li Liantong waved like a mad woman at Yan Zheke and vented the pressure that she accumulated daily. When the home team approached their seats, Li Liantong finally said in astonishment, "Pak Choi, Ru, I don't think they have a coach, do they?"

In her impression, the martial arts club's coach was a white- haired old man.

Zong Yanru stretched her neck forwards for a better look, and suddenly she froze with startlement,

"Lou Cheng just took the coach's seat..."

"What? He's today's coach?" Li Liantong and Shi Xiangyang were both surprised by this.

… …

At the Dream Squad's seat area, Qian Ruoyu pouted slightly and said with a tinge of dissatisfaction, "Isn't Songcheng University Martial Arts Club looking down on us a little too much?"

Her own family seniors had emphasized repeatedly that Songcheng University Martial Arts Club's coach had a deep background and tremendous strength. They had told them not to do any crazy and keep cool. However, as it turned out that their opponent's coach had skipped the match entirely and let that Lou Cheng assume a coach's position instead!

They really think of us as kids, don't they?!

"Hmph, we have to show them what we're made of." both Feng Shaokun and Jiang Dingyi felt that they were looked down upon. They looked very eager to fight.

Chapter 150: The Clash of Two Girls

Since this was an official preliminaries match, the large screens within the martial arts arena all lit up in succession even though the match only qualified for recorded broadcast without backup. This was so that the audiences could clearly see the arena from many angles and the home team seats near the arena.

"Eh, where's our martial arts club's coach? I remember that it was an old man..."

"The guy sitting in the coach's seat seems to be a student..."

"No way, was there a personnel change? I'm sure I saw the previous coach when I walked by yesterday..."

"Look closer, I keep having the feeling that that student coach looks familiar..."

The spectator's grandstand was bustling with noisy and disorderly discussions, but none of them could enter Lou Cheng's ears. He was listening to Li Xiaowen's report on the opponent's active players and lineup order.

"Qian Ruoyu is first, Feng Shaokun is second, Jiang Dingyi is third..." Lou Cheng quietly spoke their names once in his head and let out a small sigh of relief on the inside.

Although there was no distinction between man and woman in a martial arts competition, and he understood and accepted that physical contact such as fists and legs between participants was perfectly normal, he still felt a tinge of dissatisfaction when he recalled that Yan Zheke would be gripping her opponent's wrist or be gripped by her opponent when using the listening skill. The fact that her first opponent was a girl was literally the best case scenario. When this match was over, her next opponent wouldn't dare to give her the chance to use the listening skill anymore.

- It was not a problem attacking an opponent's vital spots in a martial arts competition, but intentionally committing immoral acts was a different matter altogether. A fighter who does this would be rejected by the entire martial arts circle for ruining a fighter's image. While thinking, Lou Cheng pulled Yan Zheke to him and smiled faintly, "Do you want to win swiftly, or do you want to train your real combat ability further?"

When Yan Zheke sensed her boyfriend's firm and confident attitude, the slight tremble running inside her body subsided as she pursed her lips and smiled, "How should I fight if I want to win swiftly? And how should I fight if I want to train my real combat ability?"

"You've seen Qian Ruoyu's match videos before, and we've discussed about this too. She doesn't lack real combat experience, but all of the matches she fought in were either smooth victories or clean defeats. She had not encountered many situations that took her by surprise. Therefore, she will most likely make a mistake if you can give her a surprise." Lou Cheng coughed once and gave direct instructions in the manner of a coach.

Yan Zheke's beautiful eyes looked up once before she said, "So, the way to swift victory is to surprise her with the ability to pull back my center of gravity and do my best to create an opportunity to win? As for the way to train my real combat abilities, I should reserve part of my strength and trade blows with her, is that correct?"

"More or less." Lou Cheng smiled once and said, "However, it is a fact that anything can happen in real combat. The enemy may not necessarily give you the chance to familiarize yourself, and regardless of how much we've talked about this, ultimately you should rely on firsthand judgment and performance. Personally, I would suggest that you don't hold back at all."

It was at this moment the referee announced,

"The third round of the Songcheng division preliminaries, Songcheng University Martial Arts Club versus Dream Squad."

"Round one, Yan Zheke versus Qian Ruoyu!"

Lou Cheng seized the last opportunity to advise her just as Yan Zheke about to walk up the arena. He lowered his voice and instructed briefly, "If there are no available opportunities, then sell Qian Ruoyu an opening and allow her to use Tai Chi Hand Wrap on you. Try and compete listening skill with her!"

"I've observed her, and I find that she is very confident in her listening skills and is very eager to test it. However, it is obvious she isn't able to enter in meditation just yet. She is entirely reliant on the characteristic of her martial arts and the pushing hands training she performs daily. She is somewhat behind you in this regard and thus you can control her here."

"After defeating Qian Ruoyu, the next opponent to follow would be her knight in shining armor, Feng Shaokun. He would want to win back his beloved girl's pride and fight radically in response. This gives you the opportunity to unleash 24 Blizzard Strikes. When you've finished a full cycle, he would be at the end of his ropes even if he didn't go down to your attack. This is also the best opportunity for senior brother Li Mao to join into the battle."

Yan Zheke listened closely as her eyes occasionally flashed with insight. She seemed to be digesting Lou Cheng's words. While Yan Zheke's family had a long history, her accumulation of knowledge was far greater than Lou Cheng's, and she was able to speak clearly and logically when she analyzed matches and provided opinions in the past, they were ultimately all idle theorizing. She couldn't help but feel a little worried and distrustful of her own judgment and preparations when she actually had to step into the battlefield herself.
Unlike Lou Cheng who was an old hand and was capable of
analyzing calmly and handling the details, Yan Zheke's mind was currently a mess.

When Yan Zheke heard her boyfriend giving her his explanation vividly and carefully, she gradually grew a bit more certainty in herself and nodded slightly to his words. She gave him a faint smile, pursed her lips and was about to start walking to the arena.

"Ke." Suddenly, Lou Cheng called after her in a soft voice.

"Mm?" Yan Zheke turned her head halfway to look at him in confusion. Lou Cheng lifted the corners of his mouth and smiled gently, "This time it is my turn to cheer for you..."

He suddenly tightened his fists and shook them once,

"We'll win!"

Yan Zheke's eyes immediately turned gentle as she smiled beautifully,

"I think this is the first time someone cheered for me like this."

After she said this, she turned around and took step after step up the stone stairs. By now the tremble running in her body had stopped, and not a bit of hesitation could be seen from her footsteps at all.

When she went up the arena, and her figure was fully and clearly enlarged on the screens, both sides of the spectator's grandstand suddenly fell silent.

No one expected that Songcheng University Martial Arts Club's first player was such a beautiful girl. She was elegant and attractive, and had bright eyes, white teeth and a beautiful glow around her.

While Qian Ruoyu could be considered a known beauty who was tender, beautiful and brimming with youth, her radiance was immediately outshone the second she stood on the opposite side of Yan Zheke. She paled so much in comparison to Yan Zheke that she looked like a random passerby on the street.

"No way, there's such a beautiful girl in Songcheng University Martial Arts Club? And they're willing to let her go up the arena and fight?" Yu Qiao instantly betrayed Dream Squad and said this while feeling sorry for Yan Zheke.

Both Jiang Dingyi and Feng Shaokun both felt as if they'd been stunned by the girl's radiance even though they had fallen in love with Qian Ruoyu and became obsessed with her for many years. They asked themselves and figured that they might feel constrained and subconsciously give quarter if they were the ones who had to fight her. They might also be tempted to flaunt their abilities and show off their martial arts skills. Of course, these thoughts were all under the assumption that Qian Ruoyu was not watching from the sidelines.

Above the arena, Qian Ruoyu's heart immediately tightened the second she saw Yan Zheke. An unspeakable sense of danger assaulted her senses, and she felt as if she had already fallen into a disadvantage and her status was already on the verge of collapsing.

She gnashed her teeth furiously and planned to turn the tables through martial strength.

"You have three-minute talk time." the referee announced.

"I've seen your data before. It seems like you haven't participated in a ranking event or fought on an arena, haven't you? This is your first time fighting a real battle, isn't it?" Qian Ruoyu wasn't stupid. She used the fact that her opponent was a first timer and tried to make her nervous. While bouncing Lou Cheng's cheer and analysis inside her own head, Yan Zheke answered carelessly,

"Yeah, but all things have their upsides and downsides. At the very least, you don't know everything about me at all."

She smiled faintly and smoothed out the tension between her eyebrows completely.

So what if this is my first real battle? My boyfriend had easily taken out his opponent during his first real battle!

Right now beneath the arena, Lou Cheng hadn't walked back to the coach's seat and actually walked closer to the arena instead. He wanted to watch the match in close range.

To him, Yan Zheke's battle made him even more nervous than his own battle. He was worried that she might be hurt, wronged, or subjected to some unexpected incident. He could control every element in his battles, but now he could only watch and do nothing after giving her his advice. Everything else was on Yan Zheke's performance on stage now.

No one knew how she would perform on stage!

Lou Cheng hid his nervousness on the inside and wore a calm mask on his face. His wrapped his arms before his chest and stood right beside the arena, watching quietly.

"Wow, that coach looks a little cool..."

"I can't believe you have the mind to look at the coach. Which faculty does that girl belong to?"

"I remember running into her on the street one time and ran into an electrical pole because I stole a glance at her..."

"She seems to have a boyfriend; I often see her eating together with a guy at the cafeteria. Wait, I think that guy is the coach! God dammit, does he not understand the saying that one shouldn't lay a hand on their neighbors?"

"Maybe that was exactly what he was aiming to do!"

Before this, Yan Zheke didn't stand out despite her beauty because there were plenty of beauties among tens of thousands of students. There were also other girls who were no less beautiful than her. She also never hosted a welcoming evening party or showed herself off in anyway before, so she definitely couldn't be considered well known. Only those who were in the same faculty, martial arts club, dormitory and course would know that such a girl existed. As for the rest of the people, they would at best cast her a few glances when they encountered her on the road by accident. The second they turned their heads they would forget about her for homework and games.

"Lou Cheng sure knows how to put on a pose and act cool..." Li Liantong snickered and said to Shi Xiangyang.

Shi Xiangyang guessed, I think he's worried about Ke. His boyfriend power is at max right now!" While everyone was gossiping with each other, the three minutes talk time approached the end. Qian Ruoyu wasn't able to affect outstanding student Yan Zheke's emotions despite all of her efforts. In fact, she was angered by Yan Zheke instead for looking at her as if she was a dropout, and she planned to teach her opponent a good lesson.

Yan Zheke didn't know about Qian Ruoyu's thoughts. The reason she was examining her all this time was because she remembered Qian Ruoyu's melodramatic love affairs with the other two boys. She wanted to get a clear look of the party involved.

The referee waved down his right hand and shouted, "Begin!"

Yan Zheke had already made up her mind to reserve her strength, familiarize herself with the battlefield and get used to real combat as soon as possible. Therefore, after she had approached her opponent in a few steps, she twisted her back and started right off with a Mountain Blast Punch.

Qian Ruoyu exerted force into her two legs and punched out with her left fist. As if she was beating a drum, she aimed at Yan Zheke's wrist area.

Bang! Yan Zheke's strength was slightly weaker than Qian Ruoyu, and her body wobbled once after the clash. It was at this moment Qian Ruoyu relaxed her shoulders and exerted strength purely from her back alone. She turned her left arm into something like a hand wrap, moving and causing Yan Zheke's right fist to sway out of the way. She also pulled her until Yan Zheke subconsciously moved her center of gravity forwards.

Seizing this opportunity, Qian Ruoyu took half a step forwards and pressed her right fist rapidly. She aimed directly at her opponent's exposed opening at the center.

This tai chi fighting style immediately caused Yan Zheke's position to become precarious.

Yan Zheke's heart clenched, but thankfully she hadn't panicked due to long periods of training. Her back suddenly wriggled like a dragon turning on its back, forcefully pulling her center of gravity back to herself. Moreover, she seized the opportunity to use her left leg as a fulcrum, spin around and slip to Qian Ruoyu's right side. With her back facing towards the opponent, she barely avoided the forward punch.

It was difficult for her to observe the situation with her back against her opponent. Even if she were to use an elbow strike, she could easily fall into a counter attack. Without bothering to stay, Yan Zheke spun again and arrived behind Qian Ruoyu. She raised her right arm and cut downwards with her fist.

Cheng was very right about this. My opponent didn't give me the opportunity to get familiarize myself at all. She had forced me to use the method to pull back my center of gravity from the beginning...

Is this what a real battle looks like?

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