Martial Arts Master Chapter 131-140

Chapter 131: Shut Up

Lou Cheng knew that he was completely inferior to Wei Shengtian regarding speed, agility, and dexterity of mercurial balance. Naturally, he would not shift the battle into the other side's advantages. He was planning to learn from Lin Que just now, putting on a stance, neutralizing and countering Wei Shengtian's attacks. He tried to adapt flexibly, unleash his advantage of being in a perfect condition and having an abnormal amount of stamina, and wait for the opportunity to shift the balance of victory to show up.

Wei Shengtian had just experienced an intense battle earlier and got rammed into fiercely by him. He had also used his full power three to four times. Just how long could he maintain his current level of strength?

Pam! The air erupted, and Wei Shengtian swung his right fist right onto Lou Cheng's prepared stance, causing his arms to tremble and his body to shake.

It was at this moment Lou Cheng turned his back rapidly, borrowing the punch's strength and exerting the force of his body and his joint bones all at once. He immediately spread out and followed up with a toss!

This was Swing Force he learned after the battle with Jiang Guosheng. After his exploration and guiding from Geezer Shi, he finally succeeded in the use. Today, he would give Wei Shengtian a "surprise."

Wei Shengtian suddenly felt that his body seemed to be severely hit by one side. He was about to lose the center of gravity and fall to leave.

He put down his gravity center. The spine was like the dragon creeping. Feet were like nails, tightly tied in place The upper body swung with the potential to the side of the flash, and then back like a spring. He twisted waist to use punches, fast and ruthlessly collapsing to the lower abdomen of Lou Cheng.

All of a sudden, he broke Swing Force, filling the dignity of the territory of Dan stage! Of course, this was also because it was the beginning of Lou Cheng and the body was at a disadvantage. He had long been psychologically prepared. In his mind, he visualized Brutal Blizzard. Borrowed from the other side of the rebound back of the power, he put down the gravity center, held down the feet. He then made his right hand clenched, closely pounded, and accurately hit Burst Fist of Wei Shengtian.


Among the dull sound, Lou Cheng's body shook. He smartly walked back a few steps, like Lin Que, trying to pull away again.

He had worried that Wei Shengtian would use the big move to disrupt his rhythm, but only to find that Wei Shengtian's body seemed to have stagnation, and actually stiffed in the original place.

The residual effect of "Meteor force"?

Declining physical condition? Many thoughts flashed. Lou Cheng's back foot suddenly forced to bring the body inertia changes, ferociously pre- flutter!

I'll kill you while you're sick!

A thunderbolt flashed in Lou Cheng's mind. Silver Serpent Strike, shaking the snow peaks of ten thousand years, creating a white torrent which could swallow all. "They" went through the waist of the turnover, the feet of the top, the influx of the left arm, and pushed like a violent punch.

Just after hitting one punch, Lou Cheng saw Wei Shengtian was smiling, with his essence and his whole body strength received together and held into a human body big dan.

With Big Dan boomed, Wei Shengtian's muscles were bulging and his martial arts suit turned into skin-tight clothes. Dark black skin tightened like a stone's surface, Wei Shengtian seemed to have turned into a tall and mighty giant spirit statue, with some visible traces appearing below the foot. He clenched his right fist, and suddenly hit the horizontal pound. His cohesion of strength and momentum seemed to find the only hole to vent, which promoted his crazy attack, frying along with the air.

Lou Cheng dwindled his sight, he understood that he was cheated by Wei Shengtian!

As an expert of Dan stage, he even had to play a trick, deliberately pretending to consume to a certain extent and his body appearing some troubles!

Although despicable, I have to admit that he was very accurate at grasping his own mentality, and knew that I was waiting for this opportunity.

In match against, there's no despicable but only outcome.

The winner has justice! Striking his own attack, Lou Cheng could not stop temporarily, otherwise the result would be even more terrible. Sometimes when two parties seemed to be stalemated with legs against legs, they were subject only to some bruises. When either party might emerge with fear, become less determined and showed the retreating force, he would end up with broken bones.


The two did not change strokes, and stroke together. Lou Cheng felt his fist painful and bones cracked. He did not dare to resist under the fear of breaking the arm. He could only choose homeopathic by that majestic vigorously lift, severely thrown not far away.

Bam! He had just fallen to the ground, Wei Shengtian had been rushing to step, not giving him any chance to adjust the recovery.

Seeing this scene, Yan Zheke's clenched fist loosed. Martial Arts Club of Songcheng University all made a sigh. The results would soon appear. Lou Cheng failed, and Wei Shengtian won. Two strong fighters of Professional Ninth Pin failed to defeat an expert of Eighth Pin in Dan stage by the wheel war!

The audience immediately burst into cheers, full of catharsis cheers!

Shadows shrouded the body, Lou Cheng knew that he was about to lose, but he did not give up any struggle and had the idea of admitting failure. Just like life and death, who would give up like that?

Not to shed a tear until one sees the coffin; refuse to be convinced until one is faced with grim reality!

He adjusted the muscles and fast rolled back, but the speed of the body tumbling couldn't match Wei Shengtian's steps into the attack. Seeing he was about to get caught, he soon would encounter a leg.

At this point, Lou Cheng seemed to step on a stone. Suddenly, an idea flashed. His left hand grasped the ground a grasp, facing Wei Shengtian.

A full hand of small stones came out, right straight to his face!

He did not have time to force the ground, but here was Lin Que and Wei Shengtian's final collision position. The ground had long been broken and split!

Sometimes life really needs a little luck.

This is also considered Lin Que's "victories"!

Flying stone hit face, don't believe the hype, Wei Shengtian seemed to go back to the previous fighting years as a small bully. But he did not dare not to escape and block. Because under Lou Cheng's force, those flying stones would penetrate the eyelids and make him blind. Was it worth for the preliminaries?

Wei Shengtian instinctively stopped. He lifted his left hand, blocking in front of his face to block the flying gravel.

Grasping this opportunity, Lou Cheng moved forward in no hurry to play Carp Jumping Moves, but familiarly used Rocket- like Punch to straight between the opponent's legs!

Wei Shengtian was experienced. He had long been prepared, sinking his body and pressing his right hand quickly, like a hammer hitting down.

Bang! Just a collision, Lou Cheng leveraged waist, coming up. While Wei Shengtian coldly smiled, with his left arm already hanging down, Burst Fist hitting out.

Waiting long for you trying to stand straight! However, Lou Cheng didn't try, he directly jumped up. His body horizontally stretched. He dangerously escaped from the fist coming to his lower abdomen. And then White Crane Wing Spreading, his hands tapping, hit to Wei Shengtian's Temple.

Wei Shengtian took a breath, the strength of a "close". His arms quickly pulled back, blocking at his head.

Hands clapping with the sound muffled, Lou Cheng changed his move from hitting to pressing, to leverage over Wei Shengtian's head, with his body fell to Wei Shengtian's back.

Just when Lou Cheng hit the ground, he bounced his back and pedaled a few big steps forward. Once again he avoided Wei Shengtian's reflexive leg, and homeopathically swiveled at the force of the feet and balanced the situation!

This change was completely beyond the presence of the vast majority. So they stared and only inertially cried with the voice gradually weakened. Yan Zheke's hands lifted, virtually clutching her face, surprised and delighted. She could not believe this.

At that time, Geezer Shi coughed a little. "This little bastard has a little crazy thing..."

His words awakened the other members of Songcheng University Martial Arts Club, and they issued a cry loudly:

"Good job!"

At the same time, the audience came to realize the situation and got sober while angry. They burst out a tsunami-like abuse, for Lou Cheng's shameless Blowing Sand into the Eyes and Crotch-grasping Movement.


"F*ck you!" "You attack behind him!"

For their roar, Lou Cheng automatically filtered. Only Wei Shengtian was in his eyes.

This time, he did not block, but directly marching footwork, ferociously rushed past. Because in the next two or three hands, he "listen" to the opponent's body of disharmony, and he really felt Wei Shengtian's hidden weakness!

Wei Shengtian had fought to this far with his force out broken for so many times and had encountered Lin Que's "Meteor force", it was normal for him to get affected. Otherwise, Lou Cheng would doubt that he had entered the Inhuman Stage of Dan, which was of professional fourth or fifth Pin level!

The Jindan (the Golden Elixir) in Lou Cheng's body was expanding, contracting, and then slowly turning. It separated the ice and heat flow, healing his whole body, so that his physical strength could maintain the best state, so was power! In the face of the counterattack of Lou Cheng, Wei Shengtian's face was as deep as water. He didn't show timid, with back force, using the same flutter to give a positive hit!

Click! The two sides had just got close, Lou Cheng stepped and split a brick. Avalanche-like violent forces rebounding with his spine peristalsis, he created a record of Downward Cut with Fist.

Pam! The ground cracked at the feet of Wei Shengtian. His right arm opened, the giant hammer side stroke!


In the sound of the collision, Lou Cheng's body shook, and later he used a step back. But this time, he was clearly aware that the power of Wei Shengtian much weaker than the beginning!

He trampled on the ground and rebounded forward with a suddenly strong force, to strike the Seabed Blast and hit straightforward to Wei Shengtian's abdomen. 24 Blizzard Strikes!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Wei Shengtian didn't lose a half step. The two in the square continuously did some collisions. In the beginning, Lou Cheng felt it difficult to rely on the withdrawal of small skills to barely support. He felt like a wrought iron which was constantly compressed and quite hard. The body had a similar internal shock experience.

But consisted for a minute later with a shaky body, he slowly pulled back, because the opponent's power was really weakened!

All of the audience did not notice this, only to see Wei Shengtian suppressed Lou Cheng by Disorder Double Pounds and Wind Chasing Rapid Strike. It seemed that he was able to win at any time. So once again there broke out the cry. Firstly the audience roared,


Then they answered themselves, "Invincible Wei!"

"The Yimo Invincible Wei!"

Under the momentum of the horrible home court, Lou Cheng felt that Wei Shengtian suppressed him to a certain extent. The muscles and fascias were in the external force of the "hit" under the passive taut, and passively got "close" and "pressure".

"This..." His eyes squinted. Following this feeling, his mind immediately visualized thunder clouds all over and the picture and sound of thunder shaking.


There seemed to have the sound of thunderbolt inside Lou Cheng's body. Lou Cheng crashed out his right fist suddenly, just when he contacted Wei Shengtian's Hammer of Repulse, his taut muscle fascia opened up, like lighting the gunpowder. Thunder Roar Zen!

Passive Thunder Roar Zen!


Wei Shengtian felt himself like an ancient clock which was severely knocked. The body surface suffered forceful burst of "fluctuations" and "buzzing", which led to a shock of the bone marrow blood, muscle and fascia shock, turning over the uncomfortable internal organs once again.

He almost spat out old blood. The body was stiff there, and the audience was still calling "Invincible Wei"!

Stirring residual effects inside the body of his opponent with one successful strike, Lou Cheng immediately moved forward desperately and snuggled up with the crazy avalanche force.

Bang! This time, Wei Shengtian was difficult to shrink the whole body momentum to deal with. He could only barely set up his arms blocked, and got a hard hit by Lou Cheng!

Lou Cheng's eyes was deep into the water and the water turned to ice. Not the slightest mood swings, slightly rebound, and then he hit again.

Bam! He seemed to hit the stone. Wei Shengtian stumbled back.

A chance can't be lost for two times. Lou Cheng stepped to catch up. He took the enemy's left arm, pulled back, and hit sideways!

He did not burst out of the full, but with Delicate Force. Suddenly Wei Shengtian flew out, flying to the edge of the ring not far away.

"Yimo!" "Invincible Wei!"

The audience looked at Wei Shengtian falling down inch by inch, like watching the film's slow motion. The sound gradually stopped.


Wei Shengtian hit the ground, the audience went silent.

The referee raised his right hand and announced loudly,

"Second Round. Lou Cheng wins!"

Hearing this sentence, Lou Cheng breathed out. All sorts of emotion in heart crashed out. He looked back at Songcheng University Martial Arts Club, looking at Yan Zheke, clenched fists, and suddenly waved up. I won!

I did it!

Yan Zheke jumped up from the seat, using the same fist cheering.

After venting the tension and pressure of the battle, Lou Cheng recalled just now. Suddenly he put up the index finger, putting it in front of the mouth, and looked around the audience in a circle proudly and slowly.

Shut up!

Shut up you all!

Chapter 132: Show the Other Cheek

The audience in the Yimo Martial Arts Arena couldn't speak anything just like their vital points were touched when they saw the shut-up gesture by Lou Cheng. They all became as silent as clay puppets, so there was an eerie and extreme silence surrounding the whole arena.

The invincible Wei Shengtian of Yimo lost... He was beaten!

Although he had lost an attrition warfare against two strong Professional Ninth Pin fighters, how could he not beat two Professional Ninth Pin fighters if he was known as invincible in Yimo?

After a brief silence, the audience came to themselves. They realized they were looked down and provoked, and so they immediately exploded into a storm of angry roars as they flung all kinds of classic swears and abuses such as f*ck, bullsh*t and s*cker.

Lou Cheng put down his fingers. He was delighted with the extreme silence where no one out of ten thousand people dared to respond to him just now. He also didn't care for the abuses he was experiencing right now. The fiercer they scolded, the more they exposed their earlier meekness and accentuated the earlier silence. It was as a famous saying goes: the enemy's abuses and slanders is a sign that you have achieved great

No wonder master said that it was awesome to fight until all the audience fell silent and was unable to speak.

So awesome!

Li Mao, Sun Jian, Lin Hua, Guo Qing and other members who sat on the seat were surprised for a while, but not until the referee officially announced the result that they all stood up with hands up, ignoring the audience, cheering loudly. They were so glad that they lost the usual calmness and even looked a little crazy.

They had been suppressed for too long time! Not to mention Lou Cheng himself on the ring, even as onlookers, they were suffering from that fight. Lou Cheng had been beaten down several times and he was in the abyss of despair. However, he struggled to fight against his opponent once again and again and ultimately grasped the opportunity for him to win the game. At last, he beat his opponent who was considered as an invincible Lord.

When they finally relieved from the nervous atmosphere, they felt so relaxed and excited just like having eaten ginseng fruit that thousands of pores in their body had opened and breathed comfortably!

The more difficult the battle was, the more excited and happier you would feel when you won!

While Coach Shi has encouraged them in the locker room, they were also fuming in anger with their fighting spirit soaring a lot. They still held no hope to beat away the impenetrable fortress of the Fearless Squad. Even though there were two strong fighters of Professional Ninth Pin, they were still afraid of their opponent because he was of Professional eighth Pin and even reached to the Dan Stage. However, Lou Cheng and Lin Que, they together really created a miracle!

How much they had denied themselves at first made how surprised they were now!

Yan Zheke cheered for him with her clench fists and she cried out all the apprehension, tension, uneasiness, expectation, surprise and excitement and all kinds of emotions just like she won the fight. Her cheeks became red because of excitement and her eyes became so bright that made her more beautiful and attractive.

After seeing Lou Cheng showed the shut-up gesture to all the audience, she suddenly restrained her ecstasy. She looked at Lou Cheng so gently and her sight was as clear and tender as water. She also smiled with her sweet dimple and felt a kind of peace which seemed like there was only Lou Cheng and her in the whole world.

At that time, she vaguely heard that Coach Shi was whispering something. He seemed to say "They really win the game... I just plan to give them some encouragement..." "Uh, did he say this was a small target just now?" Yan Zheke thought to herself.

Lin Que, who also cared much about the result and had been staring at the ring during the fight, sipped his mouth and loosened his clenched fist.

While in the studio, the commentator, He Xiaowei and the TV host looked at each other and couldn't speak a word. They had seen the embarrassment on each other's face. And every word they said before was so different from the reality as if the words were mercilessly slapping their face.

After a brief stagnation, He Xiaowei became serious and he said like nothing happened,

"For the rest of our time, I'll analyze what happened just now. Through this replay scene, we can clearly see that Wei Shengtian has been hit hard, and his body seemed to shake a little. It's reasonable to believe that hit by Tremor force which exploded like bomb brought a lot of impact to his body, making his blood boil over and influencing his vital organs.

"Of course, Tremor force should not have caused such a big impact to an expert of Eighth Pin and in the Dan stage, but I've been aware of one thing before. Director, please replay the scene when Wei Shengtian was fighting with Lin Que..."

"As we have watched, Wei Shengtian also appeared still in this fight, but resolved it by his ability as a fighter in Dan stage. In the last fierce collision with Lin Que, he was certainly hurt and his internal organs became unstable, which made him weaker as the fight went on. Ultimately, he was influenced by the Tremor force from Lou Cheng which also affected his internal injury. So at last, he gradually lost his energy and failed.

"While Lou Cheng played this combat very vicious and calm, he almost seized every opportunity whether when he was in the disadvantage position or so close to winning. Of course, he was lucky enough to fall down on the place where some gravels were left in the last fight. "As for the question about whether this action civilized or not, I only say it once, martial arts itself is the most uncivilized thing. Every movement of it is created to kill or hurt the opponents rather than play a game. If a fighter doesn't know how to use the environment, he'd better go back home to nurse
his child."

"All in all, this is a victory that we should congratulate. This victory is due to a little luck but due to most of his ability.

Hearing of these, the TV host was stunned and looked at He Xiaowei as if he were a monster. It seemed that he felt unbelievable and his eyes were asking, "You didn't say that just now! How can you slap your own face!"

He Xiaowei looked him back casually and cursed in a low voice "Too young, too simple".

Do you think it's easy for me to become a well-known commentator? This is an impetuous society. If you want to become famous, you have to be extreme. You have to talk extremely to shock the audience!

How many people scolding and ridiculing you means how much fame you have, and fame equals to money!

Even though I've seen something, I'd still say the opposite. If you comment in a straight and narrow way, how could you stand out from those ordinary people?

There even is a song which sings about it, called Exaggeration.

As for self-esteem, is it more important than money? If you gave me several million, I'll curse myself to die in a minute. If you don't understand how to roll with the punches, how would you be a good commentator?

And that's why you're just a local TV host, while I'm famous across the country! While he was thinking these, he still kept commenting.

"Now, Fearless Squad should be nervous. It seems that Lou Cheng should be at the end of his rope after he played so fiercely just now. But if the following fighter, Dong Yi of Fearless Squad, really thinks so, he would then definitely lose. According to the statistics, Lou Cheng owns great physical strength, and maybe he has such kind of talent!"

In the personal forum of Lou Cheng, the living posts had broken out. Yan Xiaoling and Brahman constantly posted to show their excitement, joy and pleasure. As for the content of posts, they were all about meaningless modal articles and all kinds of praising sentences. They hoped to use all the appreciative words to praise Lou Cheng, and they particularly liked the shut-up posture.

After watching so many posts, Yan Xiaoling suddenly realized. "Wait a minute, I remember that somebody updated a post just now which said if Lou Cheng won the game, he'd send resource torrent. And there's a man said that if Lou Cheng won, he would celebrate it by streaking around!"

It had been a long time for the Unparalleled Dragon King to reply and he wrote: "Having watching such a wonderful game which has twists and turns, now I'm waiting for the streaking video!"

"Hoping to watch it online!" Nie Qiqi also said happily. There was nothing happier than to see Lou Cheng beat a powerful enemy and have something fun to boo.

Even some IDs who always kept silent also said that they were waiting for the streaking.

After a while, the Okamoto's Fan wrote: "I'm the man who has said that he would send the resource torrent. As soon as the fight is over, I'll update it!" "Di, student card." Yan Xiaoling said with adding highly colored details, "I find the guy who said he was going to streak, come out now! @ All Good Names Are Taken by Dogs."

"All Good Names Are Taken by Dogs" said weakly,

"... I, I'll go to the bathroom to streak around, and there will be no live show!"

"Despise you." All the people replied the same.

In the dormitory of Lou Cheng, Cai Zongming and other roommates also couldn't help but cheer loudly and celebrated heartily.

People all knew how strong his enemy through the consecutive two matches was, who was considered as an invincible fighter. However, Cheng still beat him down. Even though the process was full of danger and he was so close to lose, but at last he still won the match.

The more dangerous the process was, the better the taste of victory was!

"I even couldn't recognize Cheng on the ring. He's so great..." Cai Zongming said.

Qin Mo agreed and said, "Thinking of a fighter who can slap me to die always treats me so well, now I feel unreal and unbelievable..."

When Wei Shengtian was kicked out of the ring, the members of Fearless Squad were silent and they seemed to have collective illusions. Over ten seconds later, Dong Yi threw away his jacket, stood up suddenly, and walked towards the ring leaving his members in bewilderment.

At that time, Wei Shengtian who majored in Bright Stone Style had stood up, rubbed his chest, floated around to the ring stone steps. He stopped Dong Yi and whispered, "Be careful, he has unlimited stamina. It seems that he didn't lose any energy at all."

Dong Yi startled for a while and looked up to the ring. He did not know why, but his feelings suddenly welled up in his heart.

Ever since Fearless Squad was set up, people were mostly concerned about and discussed Wei Shengtian, the invincible fighter in Yimo, or Qiu Yang, the talented young fighter. Few of people would talk about me. In the game I had participated, it was indeed difficult for me to play an important role.

But this time, because Wei Shengtian was beaten down, and Qiu Yang was injured and our opponent was so powerful, it is me that can take the burden to save our team from losing this fight! He took a deep breath, nodded to Wei Shengtian, and then proudly stepped on the stone steps.

I'm also a fighter of Professional Ninth Pin! I'm better than any fighter of the same level with me!

When Wei Shengtian just returned to his seat, Qiu Yang asked him with concern,

"Brother Wei, are you okay?"

Wei Shengtian shook his head. "I'm okay, only got some minor injuries. Not serious."

"Do you think that Brother Dong can beat Lou Cheng?" Qiu Yang asked anxiously. Wei Shengtian watched the ring for a while and paused to say,

"I don't know…"

Seeing Dong Yi has got on the ring, Yan Zheke sat down and looked forward to the second fight of Lou Cheng.

Among all the people in this arena, only Coach Shi and I know how great his stamina is. So as long as he was not injured in the last fight, then he would also be full of energy and has a fair chance of winning this fight.

"Do we really can win the fight with Fearless Squad..." she whispered to herself.

Geezer Shi agreed, "That depends on the dignity of the other party." …

On the ring, Lou Cheng stood still and waited for Dong Yi to close in step by step.

At this moment, he was full of energy and was confident of his ability.

Chapter 133: Build Character

At Songcheng University martial arts club seating area, Li Mao, Guo Qing and the others once again returned to their seats, as they continued their discussion in whispers and were still excited over what had just happened.

"Do you think Cheng would be able to defeat Dong Yi? Would he continue to fight as hard?" Sun Jian asked as he glanced over the ring, feeling hopeful and worried.

Li Mao did not look at him. Instead, his eyes were fixed on Dong Yi who was on his way to the ring. His voice sounded slightly agitated as he replied him, "I believe the hope is high. I've been to Cheng's private forum and have seen his particulars as well as his past battle videos. Surely, he does have a talent in his stamina. As long as he's not injured from the battle with Wei Shengtian, I doubt the battle has just depleted little of his energy. Facing an opponent like Dong Yi, who is still full of energy, Cheng is indeed at a losing end, but the vibe he's giving off has no doubt suppressed his opponent..." "Did you seriously go to see Cheng's tournament videos?" Sun Jian asked, feeling shocked upon hearing.

To be honest, after knowing that Lou Cheng had shot up like a shooting star, and had become the leading player in the Martial Arts Club overnight, he had also done his research on him. However, in one ear and out the other, he had only searched for a general understanding. Afterall, Cheng was his team mate and not his enemy, why should he waste his time to research on him in details?

A bitter smile was shown on Li Mao's face, as he said, "Well, I'm just curious, can't I?"

Anyone in his shoes will be curious about it as well!

He saw how Lou Cheng gradually grew from a total greenhorn to a beginner who was skilled in martial arts with his own eyes and seemingly in one night, Lou Cheng had become a fighter who was much stronger than him. How could anyone not be curious about him? How could anyone not want to be clear about the reasons? Keeping oneself in darkness would not help him to recover from the shock!

Sun Jian did not pursue on further as he grinned to himself and murmured, "Pray hard that Cheng still has energy left after defeating Dong Yi, so he can help me to deal with Tan Ming..."

Then I'll have much more confidence to win this tournament!

They were initially hoping to win just the first one or two rounds before heading home, but now it seemed like there was a high possibility for them to win the whole tournament. In their opposing team, Qiu Yang got injured, so they were left with one fighter of Professional Ninth Pin. Moreover, in their own team member, they had Lou Cheng, who was popular for having a great stamina. Though it was not certain that they could win, but at least this had increased their chance of winning from zero to about 40% or 50%.

Yan Zheke, who sat in front of them, was silently praying and supporting Lou Cheng. She got irritated when she overheard the discussion behind her. "Isn't everyone kinda being too confident about Cheng?"

Usually, when she heard them praising Cheng, she was so happy that she couldn't hide her smile. However, now that Cheng was facing a strong opponent and the outcome was unknown. Couldn't they just keep a low profile and stop forecasting Cheng's victory in case it backfired?

Wait... this... this... Is this about "what caring too much will hurt"?

She couldn't take it any longer. She turned around, joined her hands together and revealed an apologetic smile as she requested,

"Please stop saying it~ Build character. We get to stay low profile and build our character!"

Sun Jian, Li Mao and the others were stunned as they suddenly realized what she meant. They followed her gesture and covered their mouths, showing that they understood. At the same time, they were silently jealous of Lou Cheng. The gesture and expression that her girlfriend had displayed in front of them were way too cute!

The gamblers who were watching the live broadcast on television were paralyzed on the sofa. Their expressions were stoned and transfixed.

The leader's eyes stared in bewilderment as he murmured,

"Counting on mother nature to earn a living isn't a bad thing either..."

What's the point of analyzing the strength and the trend!

Just at this moment, the young chap who had suggested from the start to buy the opposite of what He Xiaowei had predicted, suddenly spoke up, "Big Brother, no problem. That 'poison milk' (someone whose forecast always backfire) commentator just sided with Songcheng University Martial Arts Club!"

This is it! That mysterious power that could protect us!

Upon hearing it, the other gamblers were "revived," as they started to focus their attentions on the tournament again.

Even though Lou Cheng was on a winning streak and was full of confidence, it did not mean that he would look down on a Professional Ninth Pin fighter. Seeing Dong Yi gradually came to the ring, the opponent's particulars started to appear in his mind.

This average looking guy with an average built was 28 years old this year. He was the oldest fighter with the lowest profile among the leading players in Fearless Squad. His grandfather was from a well-known martial arts aristocratic family in Yimo, and was believed to come from the Shangqing Sect. Even the "Rolling Thunder Palm" skill that was handed down from the older generation was one of the killer moves derived from the "Thunder Sect." However, generations after generations, the old had replaced the new, and the Dong family had declined for many generations. What's remained was the only grandson, Dong Yi. Many rumors that were spread could no longer be proven.

Dong Yi did not open a martial arts school, but had become a high school teacher instead. In his free time, he would participate in all kinds of challenge tournaments and had won many money awards. Thus, he need not depend on salary for a living. This time round he was invited by Wei Shengtian, and was attracted by the vision of division advancement as well as the hope of reaching Dan stage. Thus, he decided to join the Fearless Squad.

His Rolling Thunder Palm was characterized with "speed" and "violence." Comparing with Wei Shengtian and Qiu Yang, he had adopted a different style, where his moves were agile and swift. As long as he seized the opportunity, he could break a rock with his palm in a split second. Such terrifying ability could produce an explosive effect in a short period, and the power was comparative with those strength fighters. Moreover, within the Rolling Thunder Palm skill, there was also a killer move called "Thunderbolt Blast," which is similar to the sound attack in "Lion Roar." With thunder in the abdomen, the fighter would produce a loud roaring sound from his mouth that would vibrate the opponent's eardrum and
caused dizziness.

One would not be able to defend against such attack if one's martial art skill was not up to par. The only way to go against it would be to pay attention to it and prepare oneself in advance. When met with such attack, the fastest method would be to gently bit the tip of the tongue to stay awake, to prevent oneself from being attacked after that. However, if one got distracted and tried to defend against such attack, the strength of one's fists and kicks might decrease. This caused one neither to be able to focus the attention nor to go all out, thus weakening one's capability.

Hence, under some circumstances, like an old saying always said, some martial art skills were more threatening when you did not use them.

Lou Cheng's Power of Blaze actually had a similar effect as well. However, it was a pity that it was not as strong as Dong Yi's "Thunderbolt Blast". Afterall, trained fighters usually had thick skins. As long as the fighter had prepared in advance, the chance for the fighter to subconsciously move his hand away when burnt was very low and thus, the fighter would not be distracted, unless he could strengthen the power and
temperature of his Power of Blaze.

Such a Professional Ninth Pin fighter was not an easy opponent... and Lou Cheng was very clear about it. He would not position himself higher than other Professional Ninth Pin ones just because he had defeated Wei Shengtian in a continuous battle, not mentioning the fact that he was just lucky in previous battles. If he were to look down on opponents who were on par with him or just slightly weaker than him, he knew he would definitely lose to them.

For there were many well-known fighters who lost their battles due to their arrogance, and even some who had lost their lives because of their pride.

Lou Cheng gently shook his arms to check if they were working fine. After a fierce fight with Wei Shengtian, even though his energy was still full, his arms were bruised due to the impact. Furthermore, he was mentally exhausted. He had depended on his emotional outburst and pumped up feeling to maintain his tip top condition.

The Jindan (the Golden Elixir) could remove his weariness and maintained his physical energy, but it could neither heal his wounds nor get rid of his mental exhaustion. Afterall, how could he not rack his brain while fighting a strong opponent like Wei Shengtian?

From focusing on staying calm and decisive in making judgment, to paying attention to overcoming anxiousness and fear, all these had depleted most of his mental energy.

In such case, his thinking and judgments would be delayed, causing him not only to be in a trance, but also slow down his reaction, which was a taboo in Martial Arts Competition!

As for Thunder Roar Zen, he was being forced to use it due to the "help" of Wei Shengtian. Even so, he had taken the opportunity to attempt it, which allowed him to explore on it. However, if he wished to go beyond the threshold, he would still need time to explore, try and practice. Just like what his master had said, a breakthrough was a process, not an end point.

He felt pumped up yet calm and stable as he saw Dong Yi reached the ring and stood on the other side of the referee.

Dong Yi suppressed the mixed feelings within his heart, as he listened to the cheering waves,

"Dong Yi!"

"Show him your strength!"

As before, the cheering contained a threat, but yet it was a level weaker than the previous one. Dong Yi could hear the hidden fear and uneasiness from the crowd within the cheering.

"Am I now their lifesaver?" Dong Yi shut for a moment before opening his eyes fiercely. There was only Tan Ming, who was of Amateur First Pin, left behind him. If he weren't able to defeat Lou Cheng or even cause injuries to him, the outcome of this tournament would be obvious.

Though Fearless Squad was strong, there was no turning back now!

Just then, the referee, without giving Lou Cheng any time to recover, shouted,


At this instant, Dong Yi had visualized a bolt of lightning in his mind as he channeled his energy to his legs and rapid like lightning, he pounded onto Lou Cheng.

Lou Cheng had already done adjusting his body as he made use of his mercurial balance and exhibited his strength—a strength that had won many Professional Ninth Pin fighters. Just then, he wriggled his back as if he was balancing a ball in his body and mysteriously dodged the opponent's attack. In a split second, he appeared beside Dong Yi. However, his opponent's movements were too fast that he could not pull his distance apart in time.

Under such circumstance, Dong Yi chose not to turn his body as he stomped his foot and threw his left elbow out, swiftly and ruthlessly, to attack his opponent.

Lou Cheng, using his left foot as a support, quickly straightened his back. He channeled his energy to his right arm and immediately suppressed his opponent's elbow, to block off that fierce attack.

However, at this moment, Dong Yi used his blocked elbow as a pivot and sprung out his forearm. With a jerk, he aimed towards Lou Cheng's groin. His movement was smooth, continuous and unusually violent.

Bam! It was not known when Lou Cheng placed his left hand there as he blocked the attack. There was no sign of panic on his face. This was all thanks to his hard work for carefully studying Dong Yi's tournament videos with Yan Zheke in the past few days!

In today's society, Martial Arts Competition was a hot topic and the battle videos were usually spread very fast due to the presence of internet. Being in the era of the great explosion of information, as long as a fighter had fought before in a few battles, it would be easy for other fighters to get hold of his details. Thus, many killer moves and strong moves of that fighter had no longer been a surprise.
This was not something fighters in the past could imagine, as to them, it was only logical to use one single move to defeat the whole world. They might use one move to defeat all the strong enemies in the south today, and tomorrow when they arrived at the north, the enemies there would be new to that same move again.

Moreover, Challenge Tournament was a life and death battle that includes a referee. Besides reducing the percentage of getting killed or handicapped during the battles, the presence of the referee also helped to remove the psychological fear within the fighters. Other than this, it had few differences from a real life and death battle, and that was why it could attract many strong fighters to participate in. With these two factors, the fighters today could have fought much more battles than the fighters in the past, and in every battle, they had no secrets to hide. They had to continuously explore their opponents' moves and create new counter-moves to defeat their opponents.

Being under such great pressure caused by seemingly brutal environment, and for battles against fighters of equivalent standards, today's fighter would definitely be more challenging than the ones in ancient!

Dong Yi understood the circumstance he was in, so when he couldn't succeed with a single strike, he immediately took the chance to retreat. He withdrew his left arm to prevent Lou Cheng from using Big or Small Hand Wrap, for he knew that Lou Cheng would take advantage of that move to use his strength, which was his listening skill.

Seeing Dong Yi retreat, Lou Cheng quickly followed up with a sliding step. He tightened his thigh muscles and threw a low kick towards the opponent's ankle. He was planning to use the violence and craziness of Brutal Blizzard, together with the strong vibe he used to defeat Wei Shengtian, to entirely suppress his opponent!

Chapter 134: Solemn and Stirring

As Lou Cheng's low kick was drawing nearer, Dong Yi had no chance to retreat but to twist his back and pull back his leg. He then forcefully straightened his leg and kicked out, which went head-to-head with Lou Cheng.


When the two legs collided, Lou Cheng immediately sucked in his abdomen and pushed his knee, as he channeled the energy from rebound impact to his thigh, and then to his abdomen, which straightened his back.

He had used Dong Yi's leg as the base to prepare himself for a second attack. Using his right fist, he threw a rapid and fierce punch towards the opponent!

After rounds and rounds of battle, especially after his fierce fight with Wei Shengtian where he managed to create energy through relaxing, he had a better understanding of his 24 Blizzard Strikes. Never did he know that he could use such fantastic method to prepare his subsequent attacks, and indeed, Brutal Blizzard did give him a feeling that he could attack continuously!
Dong Yi initially wanted to take advantage of the situation to dodge the attack by furthering himself from Lou Cheng, and used agile dogfighting techniques which he specialized in to counterattack. However, before he could do all these, Lou Cheng had already rapidly followed by a series of attacking moves, which were both crazy and barbarous. There was no way Dong Yi could intercept.

Out of no choice, he hurriedly lifted his left arm and retreated his right foot as he stomped onto the ground. He stabilized himself before he turned his back suddenly, which shocked his joints and generated a swing force.

Bam! The fist hit Dong Yi's arm. The impact had caused Lou Cheng's body to sway. However, since the opponent had counterattacked him hastily, as an experienced fighter, Lou Cheng stomped his right foot, wriggled his back and forcefully pulled his body back. He then took advantage of the situation. With a jerk, he threw out his left fist like a spear and shot a piercing lightning strike, which forced Dong Yi to give up dodging the attack but use his palm to suppress it instead. This allowed Lou Cheng to fight heartily as he followed up the attack with his 24 Blizzard Strikes. He repeatedly borrowed strength and launched his next attack. As his punches and kicks grew fiercer and fiercer each time, the cheering noise from the spectators became softer and softer. It seemed like they were too terrified even to breathe.

Dong Yi swayed under the Brutal Blizzard attack and he was certain that he would soon be defeated if this was to continue. He then noticed that his opponent now was also growing weaker and could be easily defeated as well.

Things can't go on like this!

He twisted his back and stomped his feet, producing a violent whirlwind force to the ground. At that instant, the ring shook, like the houses that shook and swayed in heavy thunder, where faint colliding sound could be heard in the echoes.

Dong Yi's shoes split open. He fiercely pushed his palms forward, like a heavy thunder, and slammed them onto Lou Cheng. Since Lou Cheng had been borrowing energy, his energy now was at his peak and was fearless of anything. With the "Lightning and Fire Stance" and "Mega Avalanche" in his mind, he bent his legs and lowered his center of gravity. As if an unstoppable force, he waved his right arm and threw a Mountain Blast Punch. He had decided to use an attack move to counter the opponent's attack and went head-to-head with the opponent, without any sign of retreating at all.


One fist against two palms, causing Lou Cheng's and Dong Yi's bodies to sway back and fro. It was a tie.

Just then, Dong Yi moved his abdomen and opened his mouth. A sudden lightning bolt appeared as he yelled.


The sound of Thunderbolt Blast roared, so loud that it rocked the sky! Lou Cheng never thought that Dong Yi could launch such a strong move under this circumstance, and his brain was in buzz at once. Waves seemed to have appeared in his frozen Heart Lake, creating a whirlwind and constantly breaking the "layer of ice" that was originally there.

This made him dizzy as he felt a rusty metallic taste from his throat. He could no longer keep his balance as he staggered backward.

Luckily he had never looked down on Dong Yi from the start and remained cautious about his opponent. At this critical moment, he bit the tip of his tongue.

The piercing pain caused Lou Cheng to wake at once as he quickly recovered his balance. He then continued to retreat and hopefully to distant himself from the opponent, to dodge from the constant attacks.

On the other hand, Dong Yi, who had perpetually used his killer move, was not feeling any better. He retreated awhile before advancing. With a dash that was as swift as lightning visualized in his mind, he moved his back, leaped a few steps, and then appeared beside Lou Cheng.

He used his right palm as a knifehand and aggressively struck towards Lou Cheng's throat.

As Lou Cheng had just recovered his balance, he had no time to cope with the strike. All he could do was to shift his shoulders, raised his right arm and blocked that strike.

Bam! The moment the knifehand struck Lou Cheng's arm, Dong Yi turned his left hand into a shape of a bird's beak as he silently poked towards Lou Cheng's weakest point on his waist.

The right hand acted as a distraction, while the left hand silently attacked the opponent!

This was indeed the most vicious killer move! If the opponent managed to hit that weak point, Lou Cheng's kidney on that side would be considered useless!

Just then, the Lou Cheng's Heart Lake was once again "frozen." His pores suddenly opened as he felt danger from the opponent.

Though he had yet to master his "Ice Mirror," but after several days of tough training, he had managed to raise his perception of Condensation Stance. Together with his skilled meditation, he could somewhat stimulate the sense of "Absolute Reaction."

Even so, Lou Cheng had only managed to open his pores. He still did not have the perception of how and where the enemies could attack from.

Without thinking, he tightened his right thigh and launched a ferocious side kick towards Dong Yi's groin. He had decided to attack to defend himself! Of course, Dong Yi would not sacrifice his life for Lou Cheng's kidney. Seeing the situation, he gave up on launching "Hidden Thunder Palm" as he lowered his center of gravity and barely used his left palm to block Lou Cheng's kick.

Taking advantage of the situation, Lou Cheng withdrew his kick, turned his body and swept out his left leg.

Bam! Like a soft whip, he straightened his left leg and kicked towards Dong Yi's knee joint, forcing the opponent to use his leg to block the attack.

They collided and rebounded. Once again, Lou Cheng borrowed energy, took advantage of the situation and struck out the "Brutal Blizzard." This had helped to pull back the situation.

Ever since Dong Yi had started using "Thunderbolt Blast," till now when everything was back to normal, all the spectators seemed to have sat through a rollercoaster ride. Every time before they could cheer and dance for Dong Yi, they were forced to swallow back their cheers again with the change in situation. Yan Zheke, who was sat at Songcheng University martial arts club seats, did not show much reaction. As compared to the battle between Lou Cheng and Wei Shengtian, this vicious fight was nothing.

It was as if she was certain that Lou Cheng could resolve such situation at ease.

Of course, she would feel worried, anxious, terrified, but all these were natural and uncontrollable. Her body shivered slightly as she unconsciously interlocked and grasped her hands tightly, looking as though she was praying.

Behind Yan Zheke, Sun Jian, Li Mao and the others heaved a long sigh of relief. It was till now that they had finally returned to themselves from that shock.

After a long fierce fight, Dong Yi had once again felt that Lou Cheng's strikes were becoming fiercer and fiercer. He had an illusion that his opponent could never stop. He forcefully took a deep breath. A thunder seemed to blast within his body and jerked his abdomen.


Another Thunderbolt Blast split open the clear sky and slowed down Lou Cheng's movement.

However, as compared to the killer move which he had accumulated earlier on, this move which Dong Yi had just struck was not as strong and did not cause Lou Cheng any dizziness.

He was clear about this. Thus, his main purpose was not to injure his opponent, but to dodge aside and use Thunderclap Steps to keep a distance from his opponent.

Lou Cheng took a deep breath, sprang his back and leaped forward. Together with the crazy strong vibe he had when he defeated Wei Shengtian, he displayed a strong determination in pursuing his opponent. Though Dong Yi was faster than Lou Cheng, the former did not have the ability of mercurial balance and was not as agile as the latter when switching moves. As the ring space was limited, Dong Yi was also unable to run straight. Every time he tried to change his direction or position, the distance between Lou Cheng and himself would draw nearer.

"I can even feel the weariness though I've just entered the ring. Yet he is still looking energized after battling two rounds of fierce battles..." Dong Yi was stunned. He knew he could no longer escape as he saw Lou Cheng ferociously chasing after him. In his eyes, Lou Cheng was like a terrifying god statue that could swallow his spirit and this frightened him.

Being frightened could only slow one down. Lou Cheng leaped a big step forward and got hold of Dong Yi. He lifted his left hand and struck a Downward Cut with Fist towards Dong Yi's neck.

The spectators, as if they had sensed the danger, went dead silent when they saw the scene. Noticing that a punch was heading his way, Dong Yi quickly shrank his field of view. Instead of blocking the punch with his hand, he tightened and sprang from his back as he forcefully dodged to his left.

At the same time, he rapidly used his left hand to strike towards Lou Cheng's right chest.

All these changes happened in an instance. Lou Cheng had never expected Dong Yi to give up defending himself totally, so he was not in time to terminate his attack halfway. He could only purposely missed his attack by shifting his body to the left, and allowed the opponent's palm to brush against his chest and strike the inner part of his right arm. Yan Zheke jumped from her seat when she saw what Lou Cheng was doing.

While her heart was aching for her lover, Lou Cheng's left fist had ferociously struck Dong Yi's right arm.

Clank! Dong Yi's shoulder blade dented in as his bone fractured. Enduring the pain, Lou Cheng pressed on in advancing his attack. Taking advantage of the situation to recover himself, he jerked his left arm and attacked towards Dong Yi's temple. To determine who would win the battle, one needed to act fast!

Bam! Using one of his hands to block Lou Cheng's left fist, the referee took a glance at the miserable Dong Yi who had given up before he raised his other hand and announced aloud,

"Lou Cheng wins!"

It was till then that Lou Cheng recalled what had happened just now. He used his hand to cover the injury on his right arm and asked, feeling puzzled,


It was only a preliminary, and not the final stage to advancement. Why did he choose to fracture his bone in order to injure his opponent slightly? Why?

Dong Yi forced a smile, sighed and said,

"That's the only thing I can do..."

The spectators finally understood the reason behind what had happened. All of a sudden, they shouted in unity,

"Dong Yi! Dong Yi! Dong Yi!"

Their voices contained a sense of disappointment, but yet at the same time, with a strong sense of affection.

Dong Yi was creating an opportunity for their last player!

"Dong Yi! Dong Yi! Dong Yi!" Listening to the cheering that filled the arena, Lou Cheng did not make any gesture this time. Instead, he was touched by this solemn and stirring atmosphere, at the same time, enjoying it.

Being able to "beat" these arrogant spectators to the extent that they could only cheer solemnly, he felt somewhat satisfied with himself.

He was kind enough not to inform Dong Yi that he had reached his limit. He had depleted most of his energy, and if Dong Yi were to press on for another round of attack, he might just give up on winning.

At Fearless Squad club sitting area, Tan Ming stood up and walked towards the ring in bewilderment.

Just then, Qiu Yang who was behind him yelled. "You go find the tournament supervisor to report your injuries and request for a change in player. Substitute to take over."

Tan Ming turned around, looking stunned and replied softly,

"But I, I'm not injured..."

Qiu Yang had already walked in front of him. Using his left hand as a support, he slanted his body to block to the camera while he used his right hand to throw a punch towards Tan Ming's abdomen secretly.

The punch caused Tan Ming to bend forward from the impact, and he heard Qiu Yang whispered,

"You're injured now..."

The pain allowed Tan Ming to understand the situation as he recalled this guy in front of him had a famous nickname at Yimo.

"Mad Dog!"

"Mad Dog" Qiu Yang!

Chapter 135: "Fall Asleep"

"Dong Yi! Dong Yi! Dong Yi!"

The audience cried out his name in unison and the entire arena brimmed with sadness. Tears were springing to his eyes when Dong Yi heard those screams, he bore the pain and lifted his uninjured left hand, waved at the audience, turned around and left the ring desolately.

He had been longing for these cries and attentions for such a long time…
Unfortunately for him, these cries stemmed from his failure instead of victory.

Also luckily for him, his effort was rewarding because he had injured Lou Cheng's right arm, which enabled him to fight with only one hand in the following matches. He had laid a solid foundation for his squad winning in the finals. At least he had done his job and lived up to the expectation. "Dong Yi! Dong Yi!" Cheers for him grew fiercer and louder as he stepped out of the ring while waving goodbye. Lou Cheng quietly watched him leave and could not help sighing in his heart.

Despite that I could not understand his plan and choice, I respected his resolution, determination, and courage. It was not like every warrior would have his gut.

Lou Cheng slightly moved his right arm to see how serious his injury was. There were no bone fractures. It was just the part that was hit had swollen up. That attack must have hurt his fascia and muscles, incapacitating him to pull any strength from his right arm. In another word, it would only take a short time for him to recover, but the problem also lied in here. "A short time" would mean quite a few days, so his right arm was busted in the upcoming match.

Never mind, I'll just do my best. Even with one disabled arm, I won't let an Amateur First Pin fighter take me down easily. The least I could do was expending his energy as much as possible and creating an opportunity for Sun Jian to win the entire match. Among amateur fighters, the difference of their abilities wasn't big between one rank.

At this moment, Lou Cheng noticed the third participant from the Fearless Squad stayed put. He was supposed to rush to the ring, leaving Lou Cheng no time to catch a breath. How strange! It seemed like he was discussing something important with Qiu Yang.

Has he already given up the match? Or does he realize that I have the infinite strength? So there is no point for him cutting short of my recovery time.

Ridiculing himself optimistically, Lou Cheng did not waste this opportunity. He closed his eyes, concentrated on the concealment of spirit and qi and soon meditated. His body was in a state where he was about to fall asleep.

He tried to recover as much as possible before the third round. Like a nebula which constantly expanded and shrank itself, Jindan (the Golden Elixir) slowly turned, revealing to Lou Cheng a view of his inner body. His every thought either subsided or flowed high into the sky. Right now, nothing left in his heart but silence.

Yan Zheke was relieved upon seeing Lou Cheng could still move his arm. She fell back to her seat, pouted and complained,

"How could he do that?"

It's not an important match. Even if he loses the game, his squad is still likely to qualify for the knock-out stage. Why does he act like a maniac and hurt Lou Cheng at the price of getting himself a severe fracture?

Cheng only takes ten days at best to recover from his injury, but Dong Yi's injury is a lot more serious. As the saying goes, if one's bones and sinews are hurt, he or she might need one hundred days to recover. Although Dong Yi is a strong fighter who has an incredible recovery capability, still he is human. He can no longer fight without taking 50 or 60 days to recover from such a severe injury. And by that time, the knockout would already finish.

Is he a fool to miss the following five matches just to win this round?

Where do his hostilities and hatred come from?

Suspicious and angry, Yan Zheke felt painful at Lou Cheng's suffering. Meanwhile Geezer Shi commented in a downcast and lamented way.

"There're so many stubborn people in this world, and sometimes we as spectators can't understand what he values."

"Considering the Fearless Squad's strength and its warriors' fighting styles, without today's move, Dong Yi would lose his last chance to be remembered by others. When Qiu Yang and Wei Shengtian recover, with these two taking care of everything, he might not be able to step into the ring."

"Being ignored for so long, he is dying to prove himself."

"Perhaps this is also one of the spirits a fighter should have."

Wei Shengtian worked on Bright Stone Style but Lou Cheng withdrew his strength meanwhile pulled a Delicate Force, so Wei Shengtian's injury wasn't bad although that strike looked harsh. What really tortured Wei Shengtian was his internal organs which had gone through turbulence. He had to rest for a few days, allowing the body to return to his level of play.

Yan Zheke was born in an aristocratic family of martial arts, so she understood Dong Yi's choice and slightly nodded her head to show her reluctant recognition.

Still, she did not like Dong Yi since it pained her to see Lou Cheng got hurt. …

Inside the studio, the television presenter of Yimo was stunned by Dong Yi's resolution when he decided to exchange injury for injury and the sadness filled in the auditorium. After a moment of silence, he started talking in a hesitant tone. "He doesn't have to do this… Xiaowei, what do you think of this?"

He Xiaowei smacked his lips and said, "This match… was fierce. Without knowing the background, I'd take it as a decisive match where two squads fought for a qualification place in Songcheng city division."

"I admire Dong Yi's courage but I can't understand his choice. Judging from Fearless Squad's position in martial arts circle, they're still likely to qualify in the knick-out stage after losing this match. And they've already defeated another biggest hit, Azure Dragon Squad. The disparity between them and their following opponents is big. So losing this battle would only make their squad look bad for a moment. But now, Dong Yi has to skip all the matches in group competition. Will he be able to participate in the knock-out competition in May? That has to depend on how he recovers. And I have to say it's definitely not a bargain for him." "Of course, without Dong Yi in the following group competitions, the Fearless Squad is still a rookie defeater. Remember their away match with Azure Dragon Squad, Qiu Yang won two matches in a row and Wei Shengtian took care of the last round. Dong Yi only pretended to be a coach and cheered for his pals."

Wei Shengtian led the Fearless Squad and they had no coach.

There were two powerful rivals in Lou Cheng's group. Fearless Squad in Yimo had one player in Dan Stage and two of Professional Ninth Pin while Azure Dragon Squad in Songcheng had four of Professional Ninth Pin. Many people guessed these two teams might get the qualification place in the end. If their strength was assessed in a lateral comparative way, they would enter into the second stage of the knock-out without any troubles in Xiushan division. And in some divisions, many squads had only one Professional Ninth Pin fighter lead the team. If a squad like this was placed in a good group, then it was very likely to get qualified and participate in the knock-out competitions.

And there were two average squads in their group as well. They were Hongluo Squad and Songcheng University Martial Arts Club, and both squads had two Professional Ninth Pin fighters. The rest four squads were rather weaker because two squads had only one of Professional Ninth Pin while the other two were all amateurs who came here to widen their view and experience more because there were no restraints in signing up
for preliminaries.

That's to say, even if they lost their match with Lou Cheng's squad, Hongluo was the only enemy left who had the power to compete with them, let alone Hong Luo was their last opponent. Although He Xiaowei exaggerated when describing Fearless Squad as a Rookie Defeater in the following matches, yet he was right about it.

The television host agreed. He was also incapable of understanding Dong Yi's choice and could only lessen the awkwardness by saying, "No matter what, Dong Yi has demonstrated his courage and spirit. He was a real warrior. Xiaowei, what's your opinion on the following matches?"

He Xiaowei chuckled. "Although Lou Cheng's right arm was busted, he has mastered the mercurial balance, plus his infinite stamina, I bet he'll not fear for an Amateur First Pin fighter. He'll exhaust his enemy. Suppose he reaches to his limit at the half time, there're other warriors from Songcheng University Martial Arts Club to replace him. If you let me predict, the failure rate of the Fearless Squad will be around 99%."

When He Xiaowei finished this line, the facial expression of the television host suddenly became odd upon receiving a message from the director.

"Xiaowei, Tan Ming, the third warrior of the Fearless Squad, was replaced by a substitute, claiming he suffered from an acute disease and could no longer fight anymore. "

He Xiaowei chuckled at once. "Did he freak out? Did he?"

The television host soon added, "His substitute is Qiu Yang."

He Xiaowei paused for a while and said,

"Interesting..." Those gamblers who was watching live broadcasts was thrilled at this good news, and they were about to go around spreading it.

Good news! Good news!

That narrator just supported Songcheng Martial Arts Club, and that guy is famous for cursing somebody by foretelling his victory.

His support immediately works. The trend is reversed in the ring.

Right now Lou Cheng's personal forum exploded again with numerous posts. Before that, most posts read like "God bless him," "Is he a fool?" or "Lou Cheng beat another Professional Ninth Pin fighter!" "All Good Names Are Taken by Dogs" sent the first post: "What the heck, won't they be ashamed of their behaviors?"

"Shameless! I'm so angry but I have to keep smiling. Lou Cheng winning two matches in a row is enough for me." Eternal Nightfall Yan Xiaoling replied after him.

The Unparalleled Dragon King said weakly, "According to rules, it's normal to see somebody come off the bench, otherwise what's the point of having substitutes… However, having an acute disease is indeed a bad excuse…"
Rules were set to decide under what conditions a substitute may step into the ring. The coach could not change players on a whim. If that was allowed, then there was no need to choose three leading players and decide their order. They could just decide who was the first to go and place their leading players on the bench to arrange orders flexibly.

So the supervisor of this competition would be the decision- maker, confirming leading players' physical injuries and mental breakdown. Normally, identity changes only took place when there were no alternatives. Nie Qiqi bitterly replied, "Even if they win this match by despicable means, judging from the progress Lou Cheng and Lin Que made recently in martial arts, they'll defeat those men in knockout after group qualifications. Our anger can only be vented by blocking them at the gate of getting a qualification place!"

"… I still want to say, kick that crazy dog's ass!" Brahman blurted out.

Humph, kids did not have to think about reality anyway!

"F*ck, I'm expecting Lou Cheng's triple victories!" Cai Zongming cursed in his dormitory in Songcheng University.

Other roommates all swore at the Fearless Squad, and it took them a while to calm down. Zhao Qiang gave a push to his black-rimmed glasses and said, "Lou Cheng successfully pushed the entire Fearless Squad over the edge. It doesn't matter now whether he wins or loses. His failure is worth it." Little Ming looked at him with a groan.

"But I bet on him…"

Although the money was not much, it cost him 200 Chinese yuan!

In the arena where people from Song Cheng Martial Arts Club were seated, Yan Zheke showed no anger as one of the puzzles in her heart had been solved. She turned to Geezer Shi and said, "Shame on them."

She was neither angry nor surprised but she was disappointed. She felt sorry for Lou Cheng as all his sacrifices were wasted for nothing. These injuries and pain Lou Cheng had to suffer were wasted for nothing.

Geezer Shi let out a 'heh' and said, "Put it in a nice way, the Fearless Squad has an abnormal craving for victory."

People standing beside and behind Geezer Shi, such as Li Mao, loosened their clenched fists. They sighed with complex emotions. Lin Que closed his eyes and seemed to heave out a breath lightly.

"Qiu Yang! Qiu Yang! Qiu Yang!"

When Qiu Yang stepped into the ring, all the spectators, who immersed themselves in desperation and sadness a minute ago, gave him a thunderous cheering. His name echoed in every corner of this arena.

Standing in the center of the ring, Lou Cheng fell asleep. He could feel everything around was driven away from him. Although he sensed the surrounding noises became louder, he failed to hear anything. After a moment, he suddenly opened his eyes as he sensed something. A refreshing boy was climbing up the flight of stairs into the ring.

"Qiu Yang?" Lou Cheng blurted out in astonishment.

Qiu Yang, puzzled as well, frowned his eyebrows slightly and said, "You just found out?"

You should have known it when the supervisor of the match started to check Tan Ming's physical condition.

"I fall asleep…" Lou Cheng answered silently.

Of course, he could not speak out this line because he thought others might take him as a weirdo.

"Yep." He, still wearing a mysterious smile, gave no explanation and took a light breath, which sobered him up a lot.

Chapter 136: Qiu Yang Is in Bewilderment

Lou Cheng snatched a few minutes off during the break, so that he wouldn't think or act slowly in the next match. As a result, he didn't know his next opponent was replaced by Qiu Yang until the game started, when there was no time for him to recall Qiu Yang's fighting style in advance.

Fortunately, Qiu Yang was such kind of a fighter with strong personal characteristics, whose previous performance had left a deep impression on Lou Cheng. Now in the face of Qiu Yang, Lou Cheng could naturally recall many of his key movements and thus made some preparation.

Qiu Yang's nickname was Mad Dog, which was referred to his frenzied fighting style. He seldom made defensive movements or dodged in a match, instead, he liked taking the offensive in the face of opponent's attack and seizing every chance to win at any costs, even if he might get severely injured. This method was known as "injury for victory."

Though it sounded more like a street brawl style that only required fierceness and courage, actually it was of high martial arts standard if being closely analyzed.

Since competitions between martial arts experts were usually fast-paced and full of uncertainty, one could seldom snatch a last gasp winner through "injury for victory." When facing your opponent's final blow, which was unavoidable but not fatal, did you think giving up the defense and attacking his vitals until the referee came to stop you was quite a good plan for winning the match? No way, there was no such chance for you!

As an underdog under that condition, you would have no chance even to touch your opponent's vitals. Your stupid plan could only offer him an opportunity to hit and weaken you in advance, and even screech your counterattack to a halt!

Taking the competition between Lou Cheng and Dong Yi for example, even though Lou Cheng's side kick had forced Dong Yi to give up using Hidden Thunder Palm as a killer move, the key point was not the kick itself but Lou Cheng's perception of his opponent's movement in advance. If Lou Cheng hadn't given the kick in time, even if the kick was to hit the opponent's weak point, Dong Yi would at most cursed him for being dumb and returned Lou Cheng a poke in his waist's acupoint. This would cause Lou Cheng so much pain that he could not gather any strength or give a single kick.

If that plan did not work out, Dong Yi had already laid a hand on Lou Cheng's waist and as long as he were to exert force on it, how could anyone do a side kick under that condition?

As a result, attacking your opponent's vitals in exchange of his compromise required not only courage, bravery and fierceness, but also the careful consideration, rich experience, good timing and a sense of perspective. Only fighters of high martial arts standard could manage it.

With only courage, bravery and fierceness, you could merely fight like a teenager punk and was unable to be a professional expert's match. Any professional expert would give you a hell of a licking within minutes.

To directly face your opponent's attack while striking a fatal blow, it still required good timing, enough strength, accurate judgment and strong will. Then your opponent would be forced to retreat for self-protection under your "injury for death" attack.
 What if your opponent was crazy and kept attacking you under that condition? Don't worry, the referee would stop him in time and declared you as the winner, since it was clear that you would be the only one alive on the ring if the match continued.

Another method known as "injury for injury" was similar to this. For example, Dong Yi's final poke had not only perfectly mixed his sense of perspective, judgment, timing, and courage together, but also taken advantage of Lou Cheng's lack of mental preparation. Had Lou Cheng studied Dong Yi's crazy fighting style and characteristics in advance, he would have made the full preparation with mercurial balance, and was thus likely to avoid Dong Yi's attack while giving him a fatal blow.

In general, unless a fighter's life was in danger, the referee wouldn't call the game even if it might finally destroy both sides. The worst-case scenario was, when both sides were well- matched in strength and were likely to be maimed or even perish together in the competition, under which condition the referee would stop the fighters and declare that the match was a tie. There were precedents for this. Sometimes there could be wrangles. Someone might say, "I've newly mastered Iron Crotch, and could thus resist any kind of attacks at my crotch." Or " I've just entered Vajra Realm, so no fatal attack could destroy me." Considering all these cases, the referee would ask them to show and prove their abilities, and then make the judgment based on reality.

A referee seemed to play a main role in the competition, but he was not almighty. Every year there were always some cases in which a referee could not stop the fighters in time to avoid casualties. Though the possibility of such case was relatively low, even lower than that of a traffic accident, the organizer would always buy every fighter life insurance in official competitions.

Meanwhile, police would fully investigate each case that had caused fighters' death or disability to make sure there was no back-room dealing or willful negligence, or else the case would be called a murder.

As for competitions between fighters of physical invulnerability, referees were unable to interrupt them because of strength gap. Some referees even dared not stay on the ring. They knew that those powerful experts were unlikely to be killed or badly injured in a fight, so they needn't worry too much about them.

All in all, Qiu Yang wouldn't remain in the martial arts circle if he purely relied on fighting like a mad dog. He must be not only fierce and brave, but also have a sharp observation and good judgment as a superb fighter.

So anyone who looked down upon him because of his nickname must end up being beaten up!

Apart from these, Lou Cheng also noticed that, according to all the known information, Qiu Yang had defaulted in competition several times. Each time when his opponent was one realm or two ranks higher than him, Qiu Yang would always choose to abstain himself!

In other words, Qiu Yang had a clear understanding of his fighting style and its disadvantages. Once he met someone much stronger than him, he would easily get badly injured, while nothing could save him then. So he was always a rational "Mad Dog."

When those thoughts were still flashing across Lou Cheng's mind, Qu Yang had already placed himself and made a preparatory stance. Then the referee raised his hand to start the match.

As if hearing the starting gun of a race, Qiu Yang slightly bent to create power and pounced at Lou Cheng as swift as an arrow, with a mad expression in his eyes. Qiu Yang's movement was full of vigor and seemed to contain the power to tear and destroy everything.

Lou Cheng had already mapped out his strategy for this match, which was, keep moving and dogfighting in mercurial balance. For most fighters who attacked madly regardless of their own safety, their first several attacks were usually fierce and powerful. However, the opponents' delaying tactics would soon discourage them and weakened their morale, which finally led to their failure. Qiu Yang had proved it repeatedly in his previews matches. Facing Qiu Yang's attack, Lou Cheng didn't use the mercurial balance to dodge instantly. In Lou Cheng's opinion, once he cringed and shrank under such condition, he might be afraid of Qiu Yang subconsciously from now on, and thus got his morale weakened. Then the fight would be completely one-sided while
Lou Cheng himself would be utterly routed. As a result, before
taking the strategy of guerrilla hit, he should get a head-on fight with Qiu Yang at first to stop his momentum.

Lou Cheng stood still with eyes fixed on Qiu Yang's approaching figure, his mind settled as frozen water. All of a sudden, Lou Cheng twisted his waist and back, tightened his leg muscles, and then aimed a kick at Qiu Yang's knee.

It was a quite normal but appropriate move, which was a good choice for Lou Cheng since he couldn't gather strength with his right hand for the moment.

On the other side, Qiu Yang, who was quite worthy of the nickname "Mad Dog," neither kicking back to resist Lou Cheng nor changing his own attack direction. Instead, he came to an abrupt jump to avoid the kick, which was usually not recommended for fighters of his level. Like a ferocious eagle, with one leap Qiu Yang was over Lou Cheng's kicking leg, and then strengthened out his right arm, ready to hit Lou Cheng's temple. At the same time, he bent and made a stance with his legs, getting ready to give Lou Cheng's chest a series of kicks. Now Lou Cheng's whole body was under threat from Mad Dog's frenzied attacking, which made him unable to emerge unscathed!

If Lou Cheng could gather strength by his right hand, he would have more choices. For example, he could block Qiu Yang's kicking leg with an arm while raising elbow to protect his face, and thus defused Qiu Yang's offensive and attack back at the same time. If the strategy worked, Qiu Yang would immediately rebound so Lou Cheng could take the opportunity to launch his forceful offensive.

However, since Lou Cheng hadn't withdrawn his kicking leg yet, he could merely take defensive movements with one arm and one leg, and were thus very likely to be injured.

At the crucial moment, Lou Cheng suddenly fell backward, turned on his right side and kicked the right leg, lacing fiercely into Qiu Yang, who was still in the air and could not change direction for the moment. Iron Bridge Moves! Dragon Turning Over Moves!

After the series of movements, Lou Cheng not only succeed in preventing his temple and chest from Qiu Yang's attack, but also managed to turn the tables and attack back!
Supporting himself with left hand, Lou Cheng had infused great strength in the whip kick, which was with an awful lot of force and producing a sharp airfriction noise. Knowing he was unable to parry the horrible kick, Qiu Yang wriggled his spine to force a change of his flying direction, and kicked out both legs to block Lou Cheng's attack.


When Lou Cheng borrowed strength from the kick and jumped to his feet, Qiu Yang landed a few steps away and again pounced on him without hesitation. What a crazy Mad Dog.

Taking advantage of being in a proper place, Lou Cheng shook his left hand and shot it at Qiu Yang's face with lightning speed. Qiu Yang again wriggled his spine, which was like a flood dragon struggling to free itself while driving Qiu Yang to slide to the right and then come behind Lou Cheng. Without pause, Qiu Yang clenched his fist and gave a swift and violent punch on Lou Cheng's spine.

During this process, Qiu Yang kept standing on a well- designed position on Lou Cheng's right, so Lou Cheng was unable to ward off his punch with an injured right hand.

At this moment, Lou Cheng changed his center of gravity to bounce to the right, and thus left the original position to avoid Qiu Yang's Dragon-capturing Fist.

Lou Cheng had already adjusted all his muscles after using Iron Bridge Moves and Dragon Turning Over Moves, now he was in the state known as mercurial balance.

Lou Cheng wasn't careless about Qiu Yang's punch. Of course, he could twist his waist and turn round to withdraw his leg, but Qiu Yang might take the chance to lower his body and attack him with shoulder or even use Crotch-grasping Movement. Though all those movements were quite dangerous for an attacker, they suited Qiu Yang's style well!

Seeing Lou Cheng dodged him, Qiu Yang stomp his feet to shake the ring and continued pouncing on Lou Cheng with the help of reaction.

Lou Cheng again changed direction swiftly as if having a ball within his body. Instead of keeping escaping, this time Lou Cheng brandished his left arm and launched a hand-to-hand fight with abrupt explosive force

The moment he approached Lou Cheng, Qiu Yang visualized a venomous snake's mouth in his mind and attacked back directly with his loosely clenched right hand.

"Poison Punch? Tear Force!"

Bam! With a sharp snap, there was flame spouting out from the surface of Lou Cheng's fist, which soon licked Qiu Yang's right hand.

They both sniffed and withdrew their hands. While Lou Cheng seemed to get a bite on his arm, Qiu Yang felt as if being burned. But they had already been prepared for this and thus kept making movements unhurriedly, leaving the opponent no opportunity to make use of.

Watching the competition outside the ring, Geezer Shi and Yan Zheke were now both confused. They didn't know why Lou Cheng should use the Power of Blaze since it couldn't affect his opponent temporarily.

"Is he taking the opportunity to forge and improve his supernatural ability?" Geezer Shi looked at Lou Cheng with serious eyes.

Geezer Shi's guess was close to Lou Cheng's plan. Though he's slightly refreshed now, his mercurial balance wouldn't last long since it required much concentration, so he had to make another plan in advance. In the new plan, Lou Cheng intended to use the Power of Blaze frequently and thus kept pressurizing his Jindan to awaken it for the second time!

—After forging his bone and vital organs bit by bit with Thunder Roar Zen, Lou Cheng had been enhancing his physical quality rapidly, while all the training and exercise in the winter break had also helped him a lot. Finding himself able to ride out the first boomerang, Lou Cheng knew it only required two or three weeks for him to cross the threshold of Thunder Roar Zen, so it wouldn't do much harm to him if he used the method in advance.

However, after the series of guerrilla hit in mercurial balance, Lou Cheng hadn't gotten any chance to use abrupt explosive force or spout out blaze since Qiu Yang wouldn't be cooperating!

If Lou Cheng was foolhardy enough to try the strategy without thinking it over, he might be soon defeated before he was able to squeeze the Jindan. While Qiu Yang and all the audience had no idea what Lou Cheng was worrying about, they were getting more and more desperate since Lou Cheng hadn't shown any signs of weakness yet. He seemed to be always energetic and could keep taking a lot out of Qiu Yang with guerrilla hit in mercurial balance until the latter was exhausted!

Seizing the moment when he came close to Lou Cheng, Qiu Yang narrowed his eyes and visualized a biting snake pouncing at its target in his mind. Qiu Yang's body shook as he bent his spine in an arc, which immediately bounced to drive him to pounce at Lou Cheng in a speed much faster than the standard of body refining state. Then he clenched right fist to "bite" Lou Cheng fiercely.

Lou Cheng had a deep impression on this killer move when he first saw in the game video, so instead of dodging blindly, he shook his left shoulder and raised an arm to ward off the punch. At the same time, he held his center of gravity, getting ready to twist waist and kick leg to block Qiu Yang's next killer move.

Bang! The moment their fist collided with each other, Lou Cheng noticed his opponent, who couldn't punch with his injured left hand, had exposed a big gap in his defense.

As for Lou Cheng, though he could hardly gather strength with his injured right arm, it was not necessarily impossible!

Enduring the pain and probable outcome as aggravating his injury, Lou Cheng was still able to punch once or twice!

As the thought crossing Lou Cheng's mind, without hesitation, he tightened the muscle of right arm and made a Forward Punch at Qiu Yang's belly.

Meanwhile, Qiu Yang also kept his crazy eyes firmly on Lou Cheng's belly.

I've been waiting for this opportunity to use my left hand! No one knows I could still gather strength with it though it may take great effort. So I'd take advantage of this and win the competition!

I've been restraining myself from using it to let your guard down!


With a Burst Fist he threw a punch at Lou Cheng's belly.

Though both fists were swift and headed the opposite direction, they brushed past each other and continued shooting at the target since Lou Cheng and Qiu Yang were different in height and body shape.

Bam! Bam! Blocking the two fists with his hands, the referee took a deep breath and announced,

"Draw!" Draw? Qiu Yang found it the most confusing competition he had even joined in. How came his well-designed trap ended up a draw?

Lou Cheng was also stunned, realizing that Qiu Yang might have made the same decision as him at that moment.

Luckily, I was brave, determined, and still longing for victory at that moment. What if I had hesitated…
That's OK anyway. Qiu Yang and I will be sent off because of this draw, while we still have reserve fighters, Fearless Squad had none!

In other words, we won the whole competition!

We win!

Chapter 137: Leaving with Heads Held High

The referee took two breaths, retracted his hands and said,

"Any questions? "

Qiu Yang had already escaped from the messy situation. He saw himself and Lou Cheng with fists still clenched and raised. Thoughts flew through his mind and he started to understand what had happened.

Just as he was trying to flip out from the trap, his opponent managed to capture the chance to do so too.

Qiu Yang felt awkward. He was annoyed and wanted to vent his anger. He wanted to shout, but he was in no position to do so. He was the reason why things turned out this way. He made a mistake. He was too careless. While he was being arrogant about setting up the trap, he overlooked the fact that his opponent had the same ability as him. They both went numb in their useless right hands. Without a reason to blame Lou Cheng, and without an excuse, Qiu Yang was close to punching the referee, but he held back. He did not do so because he knew that the difference in their abilities was too great, and he had no chance of winning. All he could do was to swallow his pride.

"I'm fine. "

At the same time, Lou Cheng also understood what was going on. He sighed at the fact that his thinking was starting to slow down and how he had not reacted in time. He tried to hide his smile and said,

"I'm fine too! "

Of course he was fine. If they had continued fighting, his brains would probably be so fried he would not be able to react to anything. To be able to tie, and have a shot at victory, was the perfect situation!

He could not ask for more. Each person must know their limits! As he was talking, he felt a sense of pride. Lou Cheng felt that he had won this fight, because he had the Jindan in his tummy. Even if the strong punch struck him, it might just change and evolve to protect him from any injury.

However, that said, who knows, maybe the Jindan would evolve and its energy would cause him to burn or freeze internally, Just like that dead fish.

He was ecstatic when he beat Wei Shengtian. Compared to those explosive feelings, Lou Cheng's level of joy for his match was much lower, simply because he could not be excited even if he wanted to.

Although his body could still go on, he was mentally worn out, just like any other fighters who had gone through a marathon of tough fights. Who would still have that energy, that strength to rejoice and celebrate their victory?

Enjoying it silently was sufficient!

Such a long drawn, difficult but magnificent match. ...

The spectators of the match did not react immediately. They were trying to understand what had happened, why there was a tie all of a sudden. Some of them missed the crucial turning point due to distance or because the referee had blocked their view. The others could not see clearly because the two fighters were too close to each other. Their fists and moves were so quick that no one could see anything.

It was only until the big screens in the arena played and replayed what happened in slow motion, from every angle possible, did the spectators realize what happened. They found out that both sides chose to move the arm that was already hurt and through it catch the rival's weak point, ending the match with both sides badly injured.

Punching the stomach would probably not cause death, neither would it result in anyone being paralyzed. In fact, the fighter could move back or retracts their torso or tummy in time, and avoid the worst impact possible. However, even after doing all this, if they were hit, they would immediately fall to the ground. It would hurt so bad that most would curl into a ball, and that gave the referee the chance to stop the match. But for the home team, a tie meant that they had lost the match—a match that they were so confident of winning!

The spectators fell silent again. The oppressing silence froze whatever passion and expectation that was left among them. It was like a dog had swallowed all remaining desire to roar and celebrate.

Disappointment, angry and emotions of dissatisfaction were quickly brewing amongst them.

Lou Cheng enjoyed this silence. He felt that it was comparable to the cheers of home ground spectators. Then he heard the referee declare,

"Tie, both fighters please leave the ring."

He let a breath out and saw an unwilling Qiu Yang trying so hard to keep calm. Qiu Yang put his fists together and bowed. He turned away and walked down the ring without any word. This person trying to be intelligent but end up being hurt by his own intelligence probably will be vexed for quite some time.

Just thinking about this, makes me feel happy. You guys were just asking for it when you sent such a "reserve"!

Ay, I'm no saint. I'll be furious when rivals try to make me to. Especially when they insult my family or the girl that I like, I'll remember, and take my revenge. I'll feel the need to take revenge, the need to retaliate to vent my anger, and of course, I'll gloat when my rivals fail in their attempt to ambush me.

I'm such a person. Someone with a lot of shortcomings, someone who can't tolerate insults, someone whom some may refer to as a petty person.

Yes, since I've sort of reflected, I shall continue to enjoy this moment!

Haha, feels so good! Qiu Yang's left arm was hanging and his right fist was tightly clenched. He took two deep breaths to hold his anger and urge to burst out in. He bit his lips, walked down the steps and did not dare lift his head up. He felt that he had let his master and seniors down.

The referee massaged and stretched his arms and his legs. He signaled to Songcheng University Martial Arts Club and announced loudly,

"The third fighter."

"Huh?" Sun Jian was still immersed in the shock and joy of the earlier match tie, so he was a little flustered upon hearing the referee. After a couple of seconds, he regained his composure, pointed to him and said loudly,

"I still need to fight? "

"Yes, the rules are as such." The referee replied. "Alright..." Sun Jian stood and went down the steps, walking towards Lou Cheng who was returning from his match.

Seeing that they were about to meet, he lifted his right hand and wanted to give Lou Cheng a high-five to celebrate.

Lou Cheng wanted to respond, but as he moved his right arm, he could feel pangs of pain rolling through his muscles. His left arm was in an awkward position, so he could not help but give up the high-five.

He could only manage a small and bitter smile for Sun Jian.

It dawned on Sun Jian what was happening. He made a fist out of his right hand and gave Lou Cheng a thumbs up. He said,

"Superb! Total respect for you! "

"Sounds like you didn't really believe in me last time..." Lou Cheng thought to himself. He nodded his head and smiled. He teased Sun Jian.

"This should mean that you have battled right? "

Sun Jian was thrown into deep confusion. "So does this mean I have fought or not?"

Lou Cheng returned to where the Songcheng University Martial Arts Club was seated. Yan Zheke was already standing and waiting for him to walk over. She went up and asked in a very concerned tone, "Are you alright? How badly are you hurt? "

"It was alright at first, but it seems to be quite bad now." Lou Cheng answered honestly.

At the same time, he saw Li Mao, Guo Qing and Li Xiaowen applauding him and giving him the thumbs up. Even Lin Que was nodding his head in approval. Yan Zheke glared at him. Filled with emotions and glimmering eyes, she said,

"What are you trying to prove! "

She stretched her two hands and started to check Lou Cheng's injuries through his clothes.

Lou Cheng bit his lip as he hurt and said in a low voice, "If I didn't do it, I'd have lost... I was at my limits. If Qiu Yang had held on a little longer, and did his killer move again, I wouldn't be able to block it."

Yan Zheke's eyes widened. They widened so much that her pupils were clearly surrounded by the whites of the eye. She asked curiously, "This's your physical limits? "

"I meant mental limits. If we were to only talk about physical strength, I'd probably be able to battle another round." Lou Cheng chuckled. "In fact, Dong Yi and Qiu Yang, both lost at not understanding me well enough. If Dong Yi had held on another round, I wouldn't be able to oppress him any further. He needn't hurt himself more just to inflict a small injury on me. As for Qiu Yang, he was too brash. If he had lashed out guerrilla hits for another minute, I wouldn't be able to carry on. Too bad, they all felt that they were unable to reach my level, so they used other more provocative methods."

There must be a difference between these two fights. That was that Dong Yi might not have been able to withstand one round of Lou Cheng's "Brutal Blizzard" attack. No one could tell who would win. If Qiu Yang had a little more patience and not attacked carelessly, Lou Cheng would have lost.

Yan Zheke pursed her lips and smiled. She said, "Not having the same amount of information can also be an advantage. In any case, you haven't shown where your limits are. We can use this to muddle up and confuse your future rivals. "

After saying what she needed to say, she heaved a sigh of relief. "You didn't hurt your bones too badly. On the whole how would you recover, we'd have to ask Coach Shi."

Geezer Shi chuckled and said, "Are you both done whispering sweet nothings? Now you remember this old man here?"

Yan Zheke turned red in a split second. She shook her head furiously and looked away, with her neat white teeth biting her lower lip. Amidst the bashfulness, there was a tinge of happiness. Lou Cheng could only laugh dryly and had nothing to refute.

Pleased with his humor, Geezer Shi looked at Lou Cheng and said,

"Your facias and muscles are all injured. You'll have to rest for quite a while. Let's just head to the locker room first and we can do a detailed check there."

"Mas... Coach, you can tell just by looking?" Lou Cheng was shocked. "Is this X-ray vision?"

Geezer Shi said harshly, "Haven't you heard about the Enemy Heart Freezing Move? You're within 5 meters from me. Plus you've used your right arm, and pulled along every muscle and facia there. If I can't feel anything, all my years of martial arts training would be rendered useless!"

Oh, so it was due to the advancement of the "Ice Mirror"... Lou Cheng was enlightened, and started to be more fearful of the high ranking fighters.

Geezer Shi stretched his hand out and quickly hit where Lou Cheng was injured. This scared Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke so much that they both turned purple, but neither was quick enough to stop him.

As waves of ice cold blasts traveled into his body, the pain started to subside. Although Lou Cheng still felt weak, at least he felt more normal.

"Thank you, Coach." Lou Cheng tried his very best not to call him Master.

When Yan Zheke finally realized what happened, she said, "Coach Shi, why didn't you say anything?" Scary as hell!

At this moment, Sun Jian stood next to the referee and watched the referee raise his hand to declare,

"Final round, Songcheng University Martial Arts Club wins! "

The declaration stunned Sun Jian. He could not help but think,

"All I did was pose?"

Upon the announcement of the competition results, the spectators seem to regain life. Some cheered their team members on, others went crazy and were shrieking in disappointment. Some were so upset, they ranted at everyone. They were blaming everybody, the team they supported, Songcheng University Martial Arts Club, everybody. The scene was in a mess. Almost hysterical. Not everyone can accept defeat gracefully!

Seeing the situation, staff and crew members immediately rushed to the side of the Songcheng University Martial Arts Club. They hurried them along and said, "Quickly return to the locker room. Five minutes. Only five minutes. Wash up, change and leave here immediately. Before the rest of them leave the arena! "

Lou Cheng and the rest were intending to celebrate this tough victory in the locker room. However, upon hearing the instructions, with no further words, after Sun Jian returned to the team, they all went back to the locker room. They hastily showered, changed into their normal clothes and followed the staff members out a side door and boarded a mini bus that was already waiting for them.

It was not until the bus had driven a good distance away from the arena, did the team heave a long sigh of relief.

Such an away ground is completely horrifying! And, this horrifying away ground is also the one that they've defeated till all went silent.

While joy flowed, Sun Jian gave a bitter smile and said,

"What a pity. I didn't manage to have a proper match."

Geezer Shi who had just checked Lou Cheng's injury, said humorously,

"You'll have the chance. These two rascals will not be recovering so soon!"

"As Lin Que forcefully used the Yin-yang Twist, his joints are injured and his body is suffering from shakes internally. Don't talk about competition, he can't practice at all next week. He has to take a good rest. At least three weeks before he can fully recover. As for Lou Cheng, at first, his injury could be healed in a few days, but since he forced the last punch, his wound was aggravated. He needs at least two weeks before full recovery." "The next round would be at home ground. The rivals are not difficult to deal with. Sun Jian, Li Mo, and Li Hua as leading players. Yan Zheke and Guo Qing to stand by as substitutes."

Chapter 138: Quick-Witted Geezer Shi

Geezer Shi had just made his announcement when he felt Yan Zheke sitting straight all of a sudden beside him. Her eyes sparkled with bright light, and she seemed a little excited, moved and nervous.

If anyone wasn't feeling well at the last moment, then she'd be able to enter the stage as the order dictated!

Seeing this, Lou Cheng said in half jest and puzzlement,

"Mas... Coach Shi, only my right arm is hurt, and I can still fight. It's not a problem for me to bully an Amateur Pin fighter, not to mention that I could hold my own if I encountered a Professional Ninth Pin one too."

Previously, he had put both his mind and body completely on the powerful enemy that was Fearless Squad and did not pay attention to the last two rounds of opponents. He thought that they wouldn't be too weak no matter how weak they were, and they had to be at least a team of Amateur First Pin fighters. Otherwise, wouldn't it be the same as asking to be humiliated by participating in the preliminaries?
Geezer Shi chuckled. "Our last two rounds of opponents are weaker, and they're perfect for Sun Jian and Li Mao to fight and temper themselves. It doesn't matter even if we lose anyway, we're here to increase our actual combat experience and not gunning for advancement after all. You should give the others a chance to grow stronger, don't you think? Plus, with your kind of temperament and lust for victory, can you really hold yourself back and not use your right arm if you went up the ring at a critical moment?"

His words pricked at Lou Cheng's guilty conscience, and he could only reply with dry laughter.

Geezer Shi continued to speak sincerely and earnestly, "Plus, after going through two weeks and five rounds of actual high- level battle, you need some time to gravitate yourself, digest your learnings and avoid becoming fickle and impatient."

"One other very important reason is that your martial arts style is still at a stage where it's not defined. Every intense actual combat you go through will influence you significantly, causing you to nurture certain combat habits. To a fighter, the best habit is no habit at all, and to achieve this you need to gravitate your mind after accumulating a large amount of experience in a short time. You need to stay away from combat for a while and examine things from a different point of view. You need to analyze your problems, and overcome your habits."

Geezer Shi used the word 'gravitate' twice, and his words made a lot of sense to Lou Cheng. He could not help but feel that a fighter with a good master could avoid walking a lot of crooked paths along their journey of growth.

These words made Yan Zheke and the others look pensive. They were all connecting his words to their own respective circumstances and getting some realization out of it.

It might not be a good thing to walk too hastily!

Geezer Shi smiled pleasingly on the inside as he watched everyone reflecting on his own teachings. "Today's the day I teach you what 'an old dog still has a few tricks' means, brat!"

"If I allow you all to take the field as you please, it's not like it's impossible for this team to advance to the next stage. What should I do if we qualified for a division and entered the second stage of the preliminaries during the latter half of the year? Isn't it the same as beating my own face?"

There was a momentary silence inside the vehicle. Everyone recalled the earlier matches against as they saw Yimo's bullet train station approaching closer and closer to view. It seriously was a difficult victory.

"We had to lose two of our leading players before we barely snatch victory from Yimo's hands. What a desperate and difficult match." Li Mao could not help but lament.

Guo Qing nodded in agreement. "I know, right? Lin Que and Cheng are both really awesome; they literally did the impossible! A-although it feels a little like we're running away in the end there..." "That's not the right way of describing it!" Sun Jian immediately retorted and pretended that he was performing an opera. "This is what we call playing hero at Changban Hill, going through one million enemy troops seven times and withdrawing collectedly as planned!"

His words immediately caused the crowd to break out into laughter, and the atmosphere immediately turned cheerful and filled with the joy of victory.

Inside the television station live broadcast room, the local host's face looked as gray as death. No matter how hard he tried he simply could not disguise his dismay and disappointment. He could only smile stiffly and say, "Xiaowei, can you explain to us the final tie?"

He Xiaowei said in great delight, "This is my battle to attain my formal title!" "Didn't someone spread rumors and say that I'm a Poison Milk? Look, did Fearless Squad not lose today? Earlier, I had even predicted that they had a 99% chance of losing! That's why I say that feudalistic superstition is not good. Watch out for thunder strikes on your head if you dare spread anymore rumors, bastards!"

"Alright, let's come back to the topic at hand. We'll watch the slow motion of the final segment of the match. Doesn't it look like both parties are very in sync with each other? They both ignored the consequences and used their injured arms and thus, gave way to an outcome where no one wins!"

"However, what I want to say is that there is some difference here even though their movements looked like the same. Qiu Yang had purposely created the chance to use his left hand, whereas Lou Cheng had adapted to the situation after a sudden flash of inspiration. This means that Qiu Yang had been laying down a careful trap with his injured arm from the very moment he set foot onto the arena, waiting for Lou Cheng to fall into it. However, hehe, it was exactly because he was too confident that he neglected that the possibility that his opponent would risk everything and fight him with all his might. As the saying goes, this is a case where a leaf before the eyes blots Mt. Tai from view, and to go for wool and come back shorn." "I dare say Fearless Squad must have severely underestimated Songcheng University Martial Arts Club when they first encountered their challenge. They must have thought: "We have a bonafide Eighth Pin Dan stage and two great Professional Ninth Pin experts right here. How could we possibly be scared of a bunch of kids who are still wet behind their ears? It's nothing even if we do not have Qiu Yang!"

"The result is as you've all seen. Even with Qiu Yang's addition, they still lost to Songcheng University Martial Arts Club and were thoroughly discredited. Of course, we can't fully blame them. Who would have thought that Songcheng's Lou Cheng would have such an abnormal level of stamina? With him around, it's like having two, three, four, five Professional Ninth Pin fighters or even more! At the very least, I've never seen the limits of his stamina."

"His presence transformed Songcheng University Martial Arts Club into an inferior version of Azure Dragon Squad. They're a strong contender and have a strong chance to advance in this group. It's not all that impossible for them to take down Fearless Squad who had underestimated them after a grueling round before this one." He Xiaowei was absolutely enjoying his moment, when suddenly he noticed that the host was looking at him with strange eyes. The director, cameramen and lighting technicians in front of him were looking at him with strange eyes too. They were the eyes that were speaking of a strong intent to whip and kick his ass...

This is the Yimo TV Station's office building. Almost everyone here supports Fearless Squad. The folkway here is intrepid, and a random passerby might have the martial arts level of an Amateur Pin...

Holy sh*t, even if I possess the Thirteen Royal Defenders Broad Training I may not be able to walk out of this building if I keep talking like this. A wise man submits to the circumstances!

He put on a bashful smile and forcefully steered the direction of his speech around.

"This is not the end of the world for Fearless Squad, and it's better to suffer setbacks earlier than late. Suffering a setback during a group competition is better than at the knockout stage. As long as they learn their lessons and stop underestimating their opponents, with their strength and foundation Fearless Squad is still the hot team to advance in this division!"

He Xiaowei finished saying this in one go, and he let out a sigh of relief on the inside when he saw the light nods and easing gazes of the director and host.

Thank goodness I'm resourceful. Thank goodness I'm a veteran!

The gamblers before the television had all become paralyzed on the spot as they muttered words like "to the rooftop", "Sha County Grand Hotel" and so on.

Meanwhile, Lou Cheng's fans had gone crazy inside his private forum. Excited, they began thread chatting instead of replying inside a thread. "Hahahahahaha, I only need to maintain my smiling expression now!" "Eternal Nightfall" Yan Xiaoling the moderator started the ill-advised trend.

Nie Qiqi followed right behind her: "You know just how excited I'm listening to my barbell-like laughter! A story of defeating the strong and creating miracles is always so exciting!"

The Brahman's words permeated even greater joy:

"That'll show you to be shameless! That'll show you for looking down on my idol! Mad Dog you say? I think Husky is a better name!"

"I'm a little shocked we actually won. It's only been more than a month, and my idol can solo three fighters already..."

The Unparalleled Dragon King did his best to maintain his rationality and analyzed seriously amidst the crazed atmosphere, saying: "This doesn't mean that Lou Cheng is the king of Professional Ninth Pin fighters. While he is good at judging, grasping opportunities, has brief flashes of inspiration at times and a seriously amazing combat talent, the most fundamental reason of his victories is that he is at the stage where his growth advances by leaps and bounds, and he is a newbie to martial arts. There're many aspects of his skills that
aren't fully formed yet, and he'd show us new things and new changes almost every match. Therefore, his competitors are unable to predict his level of skill through previous videos and data. It's reasonable to think that this factor plus his ridiculously abnormal stamina could give those experienced experts a hell of a time."

Since they were thread chatting, his analysis was separated into several threads so they could be displayed properly at the title.

"We're not listening to the analysis today, we only want to celebrate! Let's drive! Let's drive! All old hands who wish to drive earlier, stand up!" Yan Xiaoling said rowdily.

The Okamoto's Fan said with a mischievous laughter, "We'll be on the road ASAP. Please avoid this forum if you're an underage girl. It's better if you preserve your pretty and cute image!" "Hmph! Who in this internet world could always be pretty and cute where old hands are everywhere? Why don't we tear off our fake masks and face each other naked, no, frankly at the worthy, celebratory moment where Lou Cheng defeats a strong opponent?" Yan Xiaoling answered with the great spirit of self-deprecation.

"Alright, I'm posting ASAP then!" The Okamoto's Fan immediately promised.

A short while later, he posted a thread: "An old hand is on the road, presenting his beautiful young wives and harem!"

"Di, sawatdee ka!" This Poor Monk Names Himself Randomly took the first post.

"Heya, student card!" Yan Xiaoling also appeared in here.

Many introductory replies later, the Unparalleled Dragon King popped up: "Go to hell! It's the first episode of Calabash Brothers!"

Yan Xiaoling quickly replied, "Go away! You're not a true driver!"

A long while later, the Brahman sought out Yan Xiaoling amidst the reverberations of celebration and sent the message: "Little Changye, I think we should watch out for people from Yimo bombing our forum with trash post. They all look so agitated... in the past, the Longhu Club's and Shangqing Sect's fans had often bombed each other's forums."

Yan Xiaoling replied 'maturely':

"Let them. It's not like our forum has many users anyway, so it's not a problem if we're affected for a day or less."

If it happens, then I could just find software and delete the whole lot of them! That's what I thought, but hell I'm still much angry. When our Lou Cheng gets better bit by bit, climbs higher and higher up the ranks and earns more and more fans, we'll see if anyone dares to bully our forum anymore! They 'll have to consider the price they have to pay if they wish to bomb our forum!

Inside the home team locker room of Yimo martial arts arena, the atmosphere was terrifyingly oppressive. No one dared to speak in fear of triggering the wrath of Mad Dog.
Qiu Yang's expression was dark. Gone was the usual refreshing and clean look in his eyes, and replaced with danger and irritation instead. He looked like he could not wait to fight someone and vent his anger. Meanwhile, Wei Shengtian sat quietly on the long bench looking like a volcano that was about to erupt.

A few minutes later, Wei Shengtian abruptly stood up and let out a sigh. "Today's loss is on me. I've underestimated our enemy; underestimated Songcheng University's Lou Cheng and Lin Que. It would've been fine if I had arranged Brother Dong to start the match."

"Let's head out, comfort the audiences and receive our interviews. If a single defeat is enough to break us, then why the hell are we even practicing martial arts and participating in the preliminaries? We may as well head home and sell sweet potatoes instead!"

"Brother Dong is still treating his wounds in the emergency ward. Don't disappoint him."

Once he said this, Wei Shengtian strode towards the locker room's exit and faced his failure straight on.

Qiu Yang exhaled and followed after him. The reason he admired Wei Shengtian wasn't that he was stronger than him. Despite being the arrogant wildman he was, he wasn't one to dismiss his responsibility at all! …

Inside Songcheng University's cafeteria.

Lou Cheng put down the tray holding ointments and bandages and looked at his bulging, bandaged right arm. He made a joke to Yan Zheke.

"I can't quite feel settled. I've always thought that a bunch of vets staffs the school hospital..."

Yan Zheke was sitting at the opposite side and holding her chin with one hand. She broke into a laugh and said,

"You've scolded yourself too, you know?"

"Oh, you're right." Lou Cheng grabbed the diced chicken meat before him with his left hand and served it into his mouth, boasting. "My right hand may not be able to do some delicate work now, but my left hand is not unskilled." With the minute control he had over his body muscles, it was not a problem for him to forcefully use his left hand to maintain his daily life.

Yan Zheke did not change her posture as she pursed her lips and smiled with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Here I was thinking that I can force myself to help you serve you meals or feed you rice if it's inconvenient to use your left hand. But since you're this good already..."

"Ugh..." Lou Cheng immediately had the impulse to ram his head against a wall. "Why am I so stupid!"

He swept a glance across the plate and purposely used his chopsticks to hold the shelled peanuts inside the Kung Pao Chicken. The shell peanuts fell off his chopsticks after the first attempt, and the same thing happened when he tried a second time.

"Look, I can only hold something that's slightly easier to hold." He stared expectantly at Yan Zheke. Yan Zheke rolled her eyes cutely at him and looked towards the cafeteria ceiling. She restrained her urge to laugh and said 'cruelly', "Grab the food that you can hold with chopsticks then, or should I pass you a spoon to use?"

"..." Lou Cheng was actually speechless for a moment.

Dimples appeared on Yan Zheke's cheeks when she saw his stunned expression. She grabbed a shelled peanut with her chopsticks and held it beside his mouth. She did not dare to match eyes with him and simply stared at the chopsticks.

Lou Cheng's joy surfaced as he opened his mouth and ate the food. After biting carefully and swallowing it he praised. "It's one hundred times tastier than usual!"

This was the taste of happiness!

"Your reaction is way too exaggerated!" Yan Zheke half laughed and abused. Then, with a slight blush on her face she let out a smiling sigh. "In the past, I'd always like those people who posted that they're most fed up with couples feeding each other inside a cafeteria while I was going through weibo and forums."

"I never thought that I'd have such a day myself..."

Chapter 139: Before I Knew It

Lou Cheng was happy when he heard Yan Zheke's sigh. He laughed mischievously and said, "This isn't what you call an intimate couple feeding each other. This is called showing care to a disabled person, okay?"

While speaking, he moved his right shoulder slightly.

"Pu..." Yan Zheke was amused by Lou Cheng's antics. "You sure know how to make fun of yourself!"

"A bout of self-deprecation everyday makes life both sunny and beautiful." Lou Cheng said wittily.

As the time they associated with each other grew longer and longer, he felt that he was able to express his natural qualities before the girl better and better. He no longer felt as uncomfortable as before and was always able to act humorous and speak scintillating witticisms at the appropriate occasions. Yan Zheke covered her mouth with her left hand with charm adorning her countenance as she giggled in a low tone. "Let me shower you with a little more sunlight then~"

She extended her chopsticks and broke a braized meat ball in brown sauce in half with it. Then, she moved the small piece of the food beside Lou Cheng's mouth.

This time she no longer avoided his gaze. Her eyes were clear, and a faint smile adorned her countenance. She looked like a small pond a person's heart could drown itself in.

Lou Cheng was so enraptured he nearly couldn't move his eyes away. He ate the small piece of braised meat ball in one gulp and stuffed his own mouth to the brim. He didn't know if it was a figment of his imagination, but he seriously felt as if the food was much tastier than usual.

Yan Zheke watched Lou Cheng's cheeks wriggle continuously as he chewed. She wore a faint smile on her face as she propped one side of her cheek with her left hand. She felt that this was even more interesting than eating herself. After Lou Cheng was done eating the meat ball piece, he brazenly lowered his voice and said with a faint smile, "I've received and felt your sunlight. It has shone all the way into my heart!"

Yan Zheke broke into a laugh and turned her head away. With a slight blush, she protested coquettishly, "You are acting so sappy right now! Are all boys this sappy after they start dating another girl?"

"This I have no idea. This is only my first time dating, and it's not like I've watched how other people date before." Lou Cheng chuckled and answered, "Come on, you should devour your food too. Don't just show care to the disabled person."

While the aftertaste of the girl feeding him was lovely, it would be a great sin if she became hungry because of this!

Yan Zheke laughed at his words yet again, her voice both soft and gentle. Then, she picked up a coca cola chicken wing and ate with delicate bites. Lou Cheng felt as if time was passing like the wind amidst feeding, eating and chatting. It was as if the dishes and full bowls of rice had reached the bottom in just the blink of an eye.

It was at this moment he remembered something and said on purpose, "Coach Yan, you might actually have the opportunity to go on stage next week."

"Ah?" Yan Zheke was surprised at first. Then she joked in amusement. "Oh my, you're cursing senior brother Sun Jian and the other two that they would get injured, you know?"

Lou Cheng retaliated with a look of 'grief'. "Do I look like such a person?"

"Yes, you do!" Yan Zheke gave a sure answer before breaking into a lovely and beautiful laughter.

Lou Cheng also broke into a laugh of his own, and he waited until the girl's laughter had subsided before saying seriously, "Actually, I'm a little worried about senior brother Li Mao. I don't know if he can overcome his own anxiety. If the situation turns serious, he might just break under the pressure and quit before the name list is turned in."

"That's true..." Yan Zheke recalled what happened last semester. "I wonder if it'll be effective if we arrange senior brother Li Mao to receive psychological therapy..."

Lou Cheng gave it a thought and said, "I think we'll only be putting greater pressure on him and make him doubt himself even more if we get him to attend a therapy session at such a time. Plus, it's not like a week of therapy is going to do anything. In the end, it's up to him whether he could walk out of his anxiety."

"Mm. Coach Shi probably has a plan in store. It's not like he doesn't know about this." Yan Zheke muttered thoughtfully. Suddenly, she exclaimed in a soft voice. "In that case, I might be going on stage... What do I do? What do I do? I'm suddenly feeling a little nervous..."

Lou Cheng laughed mischievously and said, "It's normal to experience moderate anxiety. It could even bring out your abilities even more."

After he said this, he exposed his real scheme. "How about this: why don't we meet tomorrow afternoon to continue out actual combat training?"

Yan Zheke said worriedly, "But you're hurt."

"I've only injured an arm. I'm still more than capable to act as a sparring partner!" Lou Cheng patted his chest with his left hand exaggeratedly. "I can't possibly fail to restrain myself from using my right arm when sparring with you now, can I?"

"Who knows~" Yan Zheke purposely dragged her sentence when she answered him. After pondering for a moment, she said, "Alright, then you should watch out yourself."

"Got it." Lou Cheng beamed with joy. "You should head back to your dormitory, take an afternoon nap and restore your vigor when special training is done tomorrow. I'll come and look for you at 3 p.m., and we will train at the martial arts club for one hour... Oh right, I heard that 'The Fantastic Wizard' is a pretty great movie. Why don't we find a cinema at the city center and take a look? When we're done it should be around 6 or 7 p.m., and it'll be the perfect time to eat dinner at that Stone Fish restaurant I mentioned before. It has amazing reviews."

This was the dating plan that he had come up with a long time ago. If he lost to Fearless Squad, then he would use the excuse of relieving his mind of worries and ask Yan Zheke out to watch a movie and eat at Stone Fish. If he accidentally completed his small goal, then of course he would use celebrating his victory as an excuse instead.

At any rate, there were all the reasons in the world to invite Yan Zheke out on a date!

Yan Zheke revealed a little of her pearly white teeth as she listened to his plans. "What a coincidence, my roommate said that we'll be having a collective event tomorrow and head out to watch 'The Fantastic Wizard' together."

"Ah..." Lou Cheng felt as if someone had smacked his head with a stick upon hearing this. His mind spun quickly as he tried to ponder a way to bewitch the girl to his side.

It was at this moment Yan Zheke let out a humph, looked sideways and said,

"But since you're a disabled person right now, I guess I have no choice but to disappoint them. Reluctantly."

"Alright! Coach Yan is both beautiful and kind!" Lou Cheng was overjoyed by her answer and praised her.

There was no need to check out the spots for this date. They were all locations he had checked out last time!

After he was done praising, he asked in passing, "You seem to share a pretty good relationship with your roommates."

"Yeah, there're dormitories with good and bad relationships everywhere. You guys should be the same as well, right?" Yan Zheke asked back with relative curiosity. Lou Cheng nodded. "The roommates we share in our two little dormitories aren't the kinds who fuss over minor matters too much, and their habits are still acceptable. We fit each other well. On the other hand, there're two weirdos in the big dormitory next to ours. One guy would find someone to voice chat if whenever he's free everyday, not caring if his roommates are resting or not. Another guy had terrible hygiene habits, and he wouldn't wash his clothes even though they're worn so long and the stink is about to permeate to the
air. Therefore, they're always arguing with each other over there."

Yan Zheke smiled faintly and said, "It's almost the same here at the girl's dormitories, although girls might have a more meticulous mind, pay more attention to details and care about more things. I always head out early and return late, and I seldom stay inside the dormitory unless it's sleep time. Surprisingly, my relationship with them is better this way."

They chatted about this for a little while. Yan Zheke knew that Lou Cheng hadn't recovered from his fatigue yet, and she urged him in concern to return to the dormitory and rest. She planned to finish the homework she had accumulated last week. By now it was evening, and the sky was already dark. After sending Yan Zheke to the entrance of the three buildings, Lou Cheng chatted with her for a little while longer before finally parting reluctantly and watching her walk to the dormitory's main entrance. Suddenly, he saw Yan Zheke turning around
and smiling beautifully at him while bathed in lamp light,

"Cheng, you did really well today!"

After Yan Zheke was done doing her cutesy, encouraging posture, she hurriedly turned around and ran into the unit's passageway like she was escaping.

Lou Cheng was stunned by the sight and came to himself only after a long time had passed. He could not hold back the smile on his face.

She's saying that I did an excellent job beating a powerful opponent this evening!

Inside the passageway, Yan Zheke pressed the two hands that had been warmed by Lou Cheng onto her own cheeks. As she experienced the heated blush of embarrassment and happiness on her cheeks, she scolded herself on the inside. "Why had I shouted it out for real! It's so embarrassing!"

When she thought this, she suddenly realized something. Earlier, she had fed Lou Cheng with her chopsticks before eating her own meal!

"D-does this counts as an indirect kiss?" Yan Zheke subconsciously came to a stop at a corner of the passageway. Her eyes looked both vexed and embarrassed.

Lou Cheng returned to his dormitory with light footsteps, recalling every moment of his interaction with Yan Zheke along the way.

Suddenly, he said to himself with delight, "I don't think she changed her chopsticks, and she ate her food with the same chopsticks after she fed me... this is an indirect kiss!" The moment he thought this, Lou Cheng immediately felt that the meal earlier had become one hundred times, no one thousand times sweeter!

"Er, isn't this thought a little too indecent..." Lou Cheng worked hard to put himself into serious mode, but he just couldn't help but recall the memory.

Yan Zheke returned to the bedroom and found that all of her roommates were around. Therefore, she inhaled silently, gathered her courage and said,

"I can't watch the movie tomorrow."

Why is it?" Li Liantong turned away from the report on top her study desk and asked in surprise. After a moment's hesitation, Yan Zheke ultimately decided not to lie and be frank. "I'm going on a date with my boyfriend..."

The more she said, the lower her voice became.

"A date? Boyfriend?" Shi Xiangyang, who was playing with her cell phone while lying on the bed immediately sat up and asked in surprise.

Li Liantong and Zong Yanru, the third girl who was playing games on her computer stood up in unison too and asked with a look of gossip,

"You have a boyfriend now?"

"Since when did you have a boyfriend?"

Yan Zheke's embarrassment was out of control as she was stared at by their shiny eyes. She barely managed to maintain her cool and answered normally, "I-it was during Valentine's Day. I didn't announce it because our relationship isn't quite that steady yet until now."
"W-was it that boy who stopped you at our dormitory entrance?" Zong Yanru and Yan Zheke studied the same specialized course, and it was she who had accompanied Yan Zheke back home that day. She was a natural and unrestrained character who cared little for trifles, and she was the lubricant of good relationship within their small dormitory.

"Of course not!" Yan Zheke bit her bottom lip softly before saying, "He's a squadmate from the Martial Arts Club, and a former high school schoolmate."

"I told you that it's only a matter of time since you always visit the martial arts club both day and night. Now it has turned into an actual reality!" Li Liantong joked and prodded further. "How does he look like? Is he very handsome?"

"No, his countenance is a little normal. I guess he looks clean and easy to the eye." Yan Zheke said honestly. Li Liantong suddenly convulsed with laughter after she thought of something. "There's something I'm not sure if I should say."

"If it's too dirty then no thank you!" Yan Zheke said without hesitation.
There were only two girls in her dormitory that were under the economic and trade faculty, whereas the other two girls were under clinical studies. While Li Liantong never had a boyfriend, she was both dirty and rotten in the yaoi sense. She was very capable of spouting shocking words at times. However, she would turn dignified and pure once she was in the presence of outsiders.

Li Liantong laughed mischievously and said, "Since his countenance is normal, then he must have a lot of essence on the inside~"

She emphasized on the word 'essence' greatly, causing people to get the implied meaning the second they heard it. "Pooh! Hello Dirty Tong, goodbye Dirty Tong!" Yan Zheke let out a laughing abuse.

Meanwhile, Shi Xiangyang said in grief and indignation, "I can't accept that a beautiful and cute girl like Ke is kidnapped by another boy just like that! There are plenty of boys in our specialized course who are probably going to cry like hell after this. The last time Ke gifted me a textbook they were so shocked they thought I was a god! They would come to me and make discreet inquiries about you from time to time!"

Her sexual orientation was normal, but she had a soft spot for beautiful things including beautiful girls, and her catchphrase was who wouldn't like a girl white, fragrant and soft?

"Our university's boys would probably be heartbroken by this news as well. The goodies had escaped from the family!" Zong Yanru also joked before asking further with curiosity, "Ke, just what kind of a boy is he?"

Yan Zheke thought seriously before breaking into a smile, "He's kind of a dumb guy, a very dumb guy... but, I guess I can say he's considerate and gentle. Sometimes, he could be very humorous and charming too. He is more attentive and more serious than others..."

While talking, she recalled the fresh cream cake Lou Cheng gifted her, how he might have looked when he was checking the spots, and his dumb look when he purposely covered up his effort.

While she was reminiscing, Li Liantong suddenly brought a mirror before her and laughed mischievously. "Ke, your current appearance is seriously the model of a girl who has fallen head over heels in love! As expected, the women in love are always beautiful!"

Yan Zheke looked at the mirror in astonishment, and she found that the corner of her mouth had lifted before she knew it. Her cheeks were faintly blushed, her eyes looked like they held stars in them, and when she looked around she exuded gentleness and hid happiness inside her heart. She looked as if she was embarrassed or happy, and she was so beautiful that she caught even herself slightly off guard. Is this how I look right now?

But it's only been ten days since Cheng confessed to me. It's only been ten days since I try to accept him...

Chapter 140: How to Show off without Being Present

While Yan Zheke was staring blankly at herself inside the mirror, Shi Xiangyang climbed to the edge of the bed and held her chin with one hand, half praising and half teasing Yan Zheke, "Now I finally understand what they call a 'radiant look'!"

Meanwhile, Li Liantong laughed mischievously, "You'll fully understand what it means by a jade-like belle means when Ke receives the juice of love for a little while longer."

Yan Zheke abruptly woke up from her reverie and blurted out, "I would still accept your praise even though I'm embarrassed by it, but for goodness sake please explain why do you have to use a term as weird as 'juice of love'!"

"Is it very strange?" Li Liantong chuckled in a low tone, "You need to familiarize yourself with popular science for a bit. You may be able to test it personally very soon." Li Liantong's dirty talk caused Yan Zheke's face to turn bright red, but she immediately changed the topic by attacking Li Liantong herself, "Dirty Tong, look at you. Why are you so dirty even though you have such a pure and innocent appearance?"

"I call this storing up on theoretical knowledge." Li Liantong said with a straight face.

Yan Zheke continued, "So who among the two boys who chased you do you fancy?"

"None of them!" Li Liantong abruptly came to realization, "Ke, don't you try changing the topic to me. You have to bring your boyfriend out and show us just who is it who managed to capture your affection! You can't keep a horse or a donkey penned up forever!"

"Yeah, yeah! I can't believe your boyfriend hasn't treated us to a meal yet! This is unacceptable as your boyfriend! God knows what he did to capture your affection!" Zong Yanru joined in on the fun as well. She was a little plump, but she wasn't ugly looking. Although she was born in an estranged family, it nurtured a generous and caring temperament in her instead.

Shi Xiangyang immediately slapped the bed plank and echoed, "I want to see my love rival directly. I want to know on what basis he kidnapped our white, soft and sweet Ke!"

Shi Xiangyang was a tall girl with slightly tanned skin. She looked a little muddle-headed without her spectacles, but when she put on her spectacles, picked up a surgical knife and faced little white mice and little white rabbits, she looked a little like the cruel killer Li Liantong described her to be.

Yan Zheke could not beat back the rioting girls, and so she could only surrender and promise them,

"Fine fine fine, I'll bring him over to meet you all and treat you to lunch when there's time."

... Lou Cheng took out his keys with his left hand and opened the main door of his dormitory. The living hall was empty, but the smell of alcohol was in the air.

"A weekend communal meal, and an online gaming session along the way?" he made guesses about the reason behind the invitation familiarly and strolled back to his own small dormitory.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of the doorknob being turned swiftly and felt a flash through his mind. He immediately took a few steps backward.

It was at this moment Cai Zongming and the others opened the dormitory's wooden door. Zhao Qiang, Qin Mo and the others jumped out and sprayed randomly at the front while holding spray ribbons used during birthday celebrations. The ribbons nearly landed beside Lou Cheng's feet and covered his entire head.

"Welcome back for triumphing over the opponent, our great expert!" Cai Zongming cast a sneaky glance at Lou Cheng and said, "Surprise?" "Surprise, not!" Lou Cheng let out a laughing abuse, "why did you guys think of doing this?"

Thank goodness my senses were acute and I backed away in time. Otherwise, I would have to bath yet again!

This was a slightly difficult task considering that one of his arms were hurt!

Cai Zongming pointed at Qin Mo and said, "We were going to congratulate you verbally after asking about your injury over the phone, but Qin Mo insisted on doing this and make things more lively and grandiose. We're free anyway, so we decided that we would just throw a surprise."

He wore the helpless look of an adult fooling about according to the kids' wishes, but Lou Cheng remembered clearly that student Little Ming was the one who looked the proudest and created the biggest havoc! Surprise, he says!

"I'm not fooling around. I'm showing my gratitude to Cheng for winning me respect in front of my friends!" the cultured animal Qin Mo immediately retorted.

"What do you mean?" Cai Zongming asked in astonishment.
He obviously hadn't heard Qin Mo bringing this up earlier.

Zhao Qiang and the others looked curious and waited for Qin Mo to answer their doubts.

Qin Mo laughed mischievously and said, "Allow me to drink a mouthful of hot shit and explain things from the beginning."

Pu... Lou Cheng nearly broke into laughter. He felt keenly that Qin Mo's temperament was pretty great and sociable even though he did not share much interactions regarding entertainment with his roommates as a rich kid.


During the afternoon, after they were done watching Lou Cheng and his team's difficult and desperate battles, everyone in the dormitory felt as if they had exhausted all of their energy as well.

Qin Mo took out his cell phone, snapped a blurry television image, started QQ Talk and shared it with his friends boastfully, saying,

"Congratulations to my awesome roommate for obtaining victory and defeating three opponents on his own!"

When they were done playing a few rounds of games online, he picked up his cell phone once more and checked if there were any replies. He saw many people liking his post and asking what type of match was it.

When he posted a general 'preliminaries group stages' answer, he noticed that a friend who often butted heads with him replying and saying, "What kind of great fighters could you university students possibly have? I know a true young expert who's rather famous in the entire Songcheng martial arts circle. When he was pressed down by three big men last time, he only needed to shake once to send them all flying out of the way. He's great, isn't he!" "Zeng Xiao'er, you boast better than my own singing! My friend has beaten a Professional Ninth Pin before!" Qin Mo could not help but boast back.

Zeng Xiao'er's real name was Zeng Xiaowen. He had an elder sister in the family and could be considered a proper rich kid.

Zeng Xiaowen immediately replied with a 'loud laugh' and said, "Stop boasting already, animal. There's no way a fighter who could beat a Professional Ninth Pin is obscure. Tell me his name; maybe I know this guy? Should I ask the expert I know to spar with him?"

"Why not. His name is Lou Cheng. Go check him out yourself if you think you're so good!" Qin Mo put on a brave front and said.

Zeng Xiaowen was drinking afternoon tea with his friends, and when he saw the reply on his cell phone he let out a chuckle, looked up and asked, "My brother loves to talk big the most, and he says he knows a super awesome young expert. Can you help check if it's real?"

The young man with a sharp countenance sitting beside him smiled and said, "A super awesome young expert? I should know if he's in Songcheng's circle then."

Zeng Xiaowen chuckled and said, "Didn't I tell you? He loves talking big the most. If this guy turns out to be some random amateur fighter, then there's no way you'll recognize him."

"Tell me, what's his name? Maybe we can spar for a bit." the young man with a sharp countenance smiled calmly.

Zeng Xiaowen took a sip of tea and said, "He's called Lou Cheng or something. I've never even heard about him!"

However, the young man with a sharp countenance was stunned on the spot. A long while later, he finally asked, "Songcheng University's Lou Cheng?" "Er, yeah, sure. My brother is from Songcheng University, and he says that Lou Cheng is his classmate." Zeng Xiaowen observed his friend's expression and said, "Is he really that good?"

The young man with a sharp countenance nodded heavily, "He's very good."

"How does he measure up to you?" Zeng Xiaowen asked again in astonishment.

Right now he was at the young age when he was receiving education, and the mature Danqi State experts would at best act amiably around him as a show of respect to his father, and the ordinary ones would not mingle with him. Among all the fighters whom he shared a good relationship with, the person before him was the absolute best!

The young man with a sharp countenance recalled the competition that had just ended not long ago, the hand gesture that shut up every person in the arena, and the fact that the other party had only practiced martial arts for half a year. Although he was reluctant to admit it, he ultimately nodded, "He's stronger than me..."

"He's stronger than you..." Zeng Xiaowen sucked in a chilled breath.

He no longer dared to reply to Qin Mo's follow-up questions and bring up the topic of sparring any longer.


"Haha, I'm shaking with joy the second I imagine the beaten look on Zeng Xiao'er's face! Cheng, you're awesome now. You can be considered famous even in the whole Songcheng martial arts circle!" Qin Mo said in a carefree tone.

Before Lou Cheng could say anything, Qiu Zhigao immediately asked in puzzlement, "How did you know what happened on the other side? You even know about the details of the conversation..." Qin Mo laughed, "They're not the only two people drinking afternoon tea at that time. Most of Zeng Xiao'er's friends are my friends too. They sold him the second they looked away!"

Although he was reluctant to admit it, Lou Cheng himself felt a little pleased on the inside. After a moment's pondering, he asked, "Who is that young fighter Zeng Xiao'er know of? Maybe I know him too."

"He's called Pan, Pan Chengyun." Qin Mo said honestly.

Lou Cheng frowned and shook his head, "He sounds a little familiar, but I probably don't know him..."

His roommates did not fuss over this question either. Cai Zongming chuckled, "Cheng, they say it's time to give you a new nickname. I personally find Iron Lungs, Four Lungs, Eight Lungs and the like are too average. I suggest the nickname 'Perpetual Motion Machine'!"

Lou Cheng was startled for a moment before he mulled over for a bit, "Perpetual Motion Machine... it's not bad, but something just doesn't feel quite right..."

"What do you mean? Perpetual Motion Machine has infinite stamina, right?" Cai Zongming explained, but he made the hand gesture of a piledriver with a dirty smile on his face and said, "You are forever in motion!"

"Get out, you dirty fellow! I don't know you!" Lou Cheng let out a laughing abuse.

While chatting and laughing, the main entrance suddenly opened to reveal Tang Wen returning from outside.

"Tang Wen, hadn't you gone to sit for the makeup exam for calculus?" Qin Mo asked in astonishment.

Tang Wen said with a dazed look, "Yeah, the exam is over. It was all the knowledge stuff Professor Zhang told me yesterday afternoon. He didn't accept my gifts..." "Professor Zhang is truly a model lecturer." Zhao Qiang exclaimed with a sigh of admiration, "He does not intentionally stop others from passing with their results."

An expression that was uglier than a cry suddenly appeared on Tang Wen's face,

"But I still don't know how to do it..."

Lou Cheng and the others were immediately stunned by the reveal. They looked at each other and could not find a proper point to ridicule or comfort him.

After returning to his small dormitory, Lou Cheng put his cell phone in place properly and typed swiftly on the keyboard with his left hand. He shared his moment of limelight even without being present with Yan Zheke.

Yan Zheke 'covered her mouth and smiled sneakily', saying, "That's awesome. You're a person whose name would flood the screen now, Cheng!" After chatting for a few lines, she brought up her roommates' request, "Those girls said they want you to treat them and see if you have three heads and six arms!"

"I'll have to disappoint them then. Right now I am just a one- armed hero..." Lou Cheng was extraordinarily pleased that Yan Zheke was willing to share their relationship with her roommates, "As for when we'll be having this meal, please decide the date and time for us, Coach Yan!"

"Let's make it Monday afternoon then." Yan Zheke used a pitiable round eye emoji and replied, "You have no idea how badly they teased me!"

Lou Cheng hastily consoled her and listened to her grumblings. It was only when she had gone to work on her homework that Lou Cheng opened the web browser to check the praises on his own forum.

Suddenly, he was stunned when he opened the forum. That was because all of the threads were abuses aimed towards him, saying that he was a 'thrash who played dirty', a 'disgusting lecher who did not have a shred of fighter honor at all', a 'nasty character who happened to achieve his dreams for a time', an 'immoral character', and that his 'arrogance would soon conclude badly' and so on...

"The forum's been flooded?" Lou Cheng was not unfamiliar with this. While he was a little angry, annoyed and worried for his own fans, he quickly calmed down and closed the web page rationally.

Arguing with these fellows was not only a waste of time, but also a pollution of one's feelings as well. Plus, they were only venting for a short while. Once it was over, he could help bump some quality threads to the front page.

The best way to humiliate them in return was to grow stronger and defeat more and more opponents. He would make it so that they could only look up to him! He would make it so that their spat salivas could only land back onto themselves!

When he calmed down once more, Lou Cheng recalled every detail o today's match and analyzed his own countermeasures from an observer's point of view. He inspected his own mistakes and habits, and gradually he felt that he had gained something entirely new. For example, he learned that attacking an opponent's groin wasn't bad or ineffective, but if he attacked there whenever the opportunity presented itself, he would easily fall into the enemy's trap.

When he and Yan Zheke bid 'good night' to each other, he felt that he had grown stronger again.

My enemy's hatred is the best praise I can receive!

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