Martial Arts Master Chapter 101-110

Chapter 101: Practicing Again and Again

It was 5:30 early in the morning. Lou Cheng woke up naturally, and the sky outside was still looking dark, covered in shiny stars.

He subconsciously checked his thermal lunch box and made sure there were no issues before going to the toilet to clear his bladder. He washed his face and rinsed his mouth.

After that, he switched on his phone, logged into QQ and held his lunch box tightly again. He closed his eyes, meditated and started practicing the 'Condensation Stance', seizing every precious second.

After about 20 minutes later, the beeping message tone sounded. Lou Cheng took out his phone and saw that it was Yan Zheke who sent him a "determined face with a red ribbon across the forehead" emoji. "The beautiful lady has woken up!"

This is what I've said before... He could not hold back from breaking out into a soft laugh. Then he quickly replied, "I am the one who woke up the earliest!"

They exchanged a few messages before Yan Zheke then went out for her morning training. As for Lou Cheng, he held back and kept mum about the fact that he had packed a lot of delicacies for her. Pleasant surprise, pleasant surprise. Where would pleasant be if not with surprise?

At 6:13 a.m., the bullet train had arrived at Songcheng North Station. Lou Cheng carried his luggage on his back, hugged his lunch box and moved towards the exit following the crowd. The sky outside was faintly bright and the damp winter breeze blew on his face as he stepped out of the station.

At this time, there was no online car-hailing, and cab drivers would be unwilling to drive him to Songcheng University due to the short distance. As for illegal taxi, they would charge him with a high fee. In the end, Lou Cheng decided to wait for the bus at a nearby stop. After a while, the bus came and he got on it. It was almost empty as there were only a total of five people on the bus, including the bus driver. Instead of getting himself a seat, he stood at the wide space near the back door with his feet apart. As he went into meditation, he could feel the pausing and bumping of the bus. He tried to stable himself as he took this opportunity to practice Yin-Yang Stance.

Martial arts live in daily routines!

The bus stopped and moved for a few stops before Lou Cheng finally reached the old school region of Songcheng University. He arrived at the bus stop familiarly and waited for the shuttle bus to come over and drive him towards the new school region.

While waiting, he placed his luggage and thermal lunch box at a clean area, took out his outer down jacket, and placed it on top of them. Dressed in fleece and long casual trousers, he slowly practiced his every movement as well as tricked set practice routine to train every part of his body, looking like the grandpa and grandma that usually practiced tai chi to strengthen their bodies. Towards the mocking and curious looks of the surrounding few people who were also waiting for the shuttle bus, he turned a blind eye. Six months was enough to change a person. When faced with martial arts, he no longer felt embarrassed or unconfident about exhibiting his skills in front of others.

At 6:40 a.m., the first school shuttle bus departed on time, and drove towards the new school region on the outskirt. Lou Cheng was acting out Big or Small Hand Wrap tactics in his mind, attempting to challenge himself.

The small ripples were seen on Weishui Lake as the breeze blew, the scenery of the surrounding trees and hills reflected on the water, the inverted image of the school buildings with lit lamps shown on the surface of the lake. These familiar scenes made Lou Cheng felt at ease, calm and a sense of belonging.

The morning mist filled the air, making the weather chilly. He walked into the cold spring breeze, along the pedestrian walkway that was filled with groups of people. It was about 7:20 a.m. and to many Songcheng University students, this was the final semester for them to self-study and prepared for the final examinations. Upon reaching Room 2-302, Building No.7, Lou Cheng took out his keys and consecutively opened the two doors.

He entered the small bedroom and realized that Zhao Qiang, Qiu Zhigao and Zhang Jingye were not in the room. However, the things were placed neatly and it was obvious that they had gone to the cafeteria for breakfast, in preparation for a brand new beginning of their independent study lives. As for the room next door, faint snoring sounds could be heard.

"Little Ming that fellow must have played the online game with them the whole night..." Lou Cheng silently judged as he put down his luggage. He then opened his thermal lunch box, took a pair of scissor, cut open the wrappers and poured the dishes into the different tiers of his lunch box.

"It's indeed still warm, and just microwaving it for a few minutes will do...hmm, but the braized quail egg can't be microwaved, I guess it's still edible to eat like this." He inspected the food and stacked them nicely back into the thermal lunch box. With an excited and nervous heart, he carried them out of his room and towards the One Cafeteria located near the female dormitory. He found the microwave and heated up the food. Then patiently, he sat at one of the tables and waited for Yan Zheke to return from her morning training.

While waiting, his mind ran wild and he could not calm down. His heart was beating faster as he started to feel nervous, worse than the first time he got to the arena.

What should I do later?

I'll just tell her that I've bought her sticky rice cake and want her to come over, for that's the easiest to take away and the least obvious to reveal my real intention...

When she sees others, I guess she'll be surprised? Then should I take that opportunity to say something?

Erm, what should I say then? If she were to say "You still remember what I told you", then I should reply "Whatever you say, I'll always remember them in my heart"... No, Little Ming said that before the girl makes the final decision, the guy shouldn't give an obvious hint, or the girl will feel pressurized and not at ease. This'll lead to a least wanted outcome...

What about changing the words and tone? If I reply with "Of course I'll remember the things you said", there's not only a hint but also some ambiguity, yet not very obvious...

Yeah, that's it. Gonna take note of my breathing pace as well, can't appear to be too panic and nervous. Need to be steady, calm and easy...


All sorts of thinking started to appear in Lou Cheng's mind as he imagined how he should respond in different scenarios. He continually deliberated and practiced his replies, to the extent that he even took into consideration of his breathing pace. In the end, he could not even sit still as he stood up and walked up and down. He imagined Yan Zheke was right in front of him as he kept practicing his sentences, aiming for perfection and to hopefully leave a great impression on the girl. At around 8 a.m., Yan Zheke finished her morning training and started to message him on the phone.

After he confirmed that she had taken her bath, Lou Cheng took a deep breath, "chuckled" and said,

"I've brought sticky rice cake for you, come and eat!"

Yan Zheke sent a "surprised face with mouth covered by a hand" emoji and added, "You seriously brought the sticky rice cake? Hee hee, not bad, you still remember Coach Yan! Just right I am really hungry now, where are you?"

"At One cafeteria, near the microwave." Lou Cheng replied, feeling excited. He then quickly placed the grilled eggplant, tamale bread, and sticky rice cake separately into the microwave, each warming them up for a short while before displaying them neatly on the cafeteria table. He stood behind these delicacies, looking at the entrance in the distance.

Thud-thud, thud-thud, his heart started pounding hard like a drummer beating his drum. He could feel his blood flowing fast into his head, which caused him to shiver a little. He then revised his speeches all over again.

After a while, a silhouette of his lover whom he kept thinking day and night appeared at the entrance. Yan Zheke dressed in a white woolen sweater topped with a long plain color down jacket, and wore a dark-colored pair of jeans with a pair of snow boots, attracting many passersby's attention.

She stood there and glanced around the area to look for signs of him, seemingly a little lost. Her tilted forehead was similar to that a dragonfly's, as her black hair flowed down like a waterfall, making her beautiful and mesmerizing. Her beauty dazed Lou Cheng that he had forgotten about his breathing pace, which he had earlier practiced on.

Finally, she found the microwave location and saw Lou Cheng by the side. The corner of her lips curled up as she grinned and lifted up her right hand, gesturing to him before she quickened her pace towards him.

Lou Cheng hurriedly stepped forward two steps and met her by the table. Just when Yan Zheke was about to speak, she suddenly saw a variety of delicacies displayed on the table beside her. There were Old Liu grilled eggplant, tamale bread, House Wang sticky rice cake, braized quail egg, as well as three other piping hot dishes placed in front of her.

Her mouth was half-pouted, half-opened, forming a cute O- shaped. She then raised his right hand and covered her mouth as she turned around. She swayed her long hair, showing her side-face to Lou Cheng. He noticed her sharp nose, healthy- looking face, fairly smooth skin, and long eyelashes that pointed downwards, blocking her eye.

After a short moment of silence, she turned her head. Her eyes shone like diamonds as she studied Lou Cheng.

Lou Cheng had heard before that eyes were the windows to the soul, where you could see through a person's feeling, but at this time, he could only see shock and happiness within Yan Zheke's eyes. As for other feelings, they were too complicated to be put into words. Yan Zheke put down her right hand, lowered her head, smiled and said,

"You really bring all of them here..."

"Yup, I've said that I'll need to thank Coach Yan for the help. Afterall, you are my life mentor." The moment Lou Cheng blurted out his reply, he regretted. "What the hell did I just said?

That's totally different from what I've practiced just now!

His mind went blank as he stood there frozen. He must not have presented himself well.

Just then, he heard Yan Zheke giggled as he saw her pursed lips and smiling eyes. She seemed amused.

Yan Zheke tilted her head again to the side, acted as if nothing had happened and said, "Let's eat together. It's too much just for me alone, and it won't be nice when it's cold."

"Sure!" Lou Cheng agreed, beaming with joy. The only regret was that the tables and chairs in the cafeteria were fixed together, so he could not act like a gentleman to pull out the chair for her.

Just as he was about to sit, he suddenly thought of something and hurriedly stood up. He was upset as he chanted.

"Chopsticks! Chopsticks!"

How can I forget about chopsticks!

Points are gonna be deducted again!

He dared not look at Yan Zheke, as he hurriedly ran towards the windows to get the chopsticks. He could hear the girl's soft giggling sound from his back. While grabbing the chopsticks, he did some mental preparation before turning around. To his surprise, Yan Zheke was giving him a beaming smile, and there was no sign of detest or dislike from her look.

He heaved a sigh of relief as a smile revealed on his face. He hurriedly returned to the table, handed the chopsticks to the girl and sat opposite her. Watching her delicately picked up a piece of eggplant, elegantly chewing it with her set of neat white teeth and her long black eyebrows revealing a sense of comfort and satisfaction, he was admiring another side of her. She was so beautiful.

Lou Cheng could not get enough of her as he kept peeping at her with every opportunity he had. To him, Yan Zheke's passion towards the food was equivalent to her affirmation towards him, and this gave him a great sense of satisfaction.

All of a sudden, Yan Zheke raised her head and stared at him.
She caught him peeping at her.

Subconsciously, Lou Cheng looked down. He grabbed his chopsticks, randomly picked up a pea and put it in his mouth, covering up his embarrassment.

On the other hand, Yan Zheke seemed to be getting a little warm as her face reddened. She looked down once again. A faint smile crossed her face as she spoke softly, "Coach Shi sent an email to all Martial Arts Club members, stating that martial arts lesson is starting the day after tomorrow when school reopens. As for special training, it'll start tomorrow as soon as everyone has arrived. If not, it'll start on the day after tomorrow, so it's to be confirmed. Have you seen it?"

"Ah?" Lou Cheng was confused at first, then he finally came to himself and said, "Saw it, saw it. He might discuss the preliminaries then."

A long-distance communication during the school break had caused the face-to-face interaction between Yan Zheke and himself seemed anxious and awkward. He was not sure what to speak about, but luckily, the girl initiated the conversation and talked about the stuff in the Martial Arts Club. This enabled him to go with the flow as he went on with other topics, not letting there be any awkward silence in their meeting. Unknowingly, Yan Zheke placed down her chopsticks. There was only residue left in the multi-tier lunch box, and of course, part of the food was eaten by Lou Cheng. However, he was too focused admiring the girl who sat opposite of him and too mesmerized with her smile, so he did not focus much on the food he ate...

"I've eaten so much... gosh, will I grow fat..." Yan Zheke gasped, feeling worried.

Lou Cheng hurriedly consoled her. "Nah, you've been practicing martial arts, which consumes a lot of energy. That's why you should replenish it."

Yan Zheke slightly nodded, took a glance at the thermal lunch box and commented. "This works so well? The braized quail egg is still warm, not cold at all."

"Works better than I thought." Lou Cheng grinned widely as if he was being praised. After chatting for a while, he packed his lunch box and sent Yan Zheke back to her dormitory.

The two of them walked side by side. Lou Cheng could smell the sweet light fragrance from her and this triggered his heart, making him felt as if he was in the Fairyland.

Not sure if the fragrance was from her shampoo or her body... his thoughts started to run wild as he, again, quietly studied the girl. He noticed the fair looking skin under her dark black hair, her tiny-looking ears, and her non-stop chatting mouth that kept rambling on.

Soon, the two of them had arrived in front of the entrance of Block 3 at Yan Zheke's dormitory.

Before bidding goodbyes, Lou Cheng suddenly thought of an idea as he hopefully yet anxiously tried his luck by asking, "Well, I did say to treat you to a big meal to thank you for the luck you brought to me, so when are you free?" Please don't go back on your words... Hope I can successfully date you out...

Yan Zheke tilted her head to the side, closed her lips lightly and smiled. She then replied, "Then you get to prepare a strategy, I don't want to eat any awful food."

"Strategy..." Lou Cheng looked dazed all of a sudden, then finally realized that the girl had agreed to a date!

His mind was in a mess as he felt ecstatic, and he quickly replied,

"Sure, sure, I'll do my best, no, I'll immediately come out with the strategy!"

"Alright, I'll go back first. I still yet to finish my winter break investigation report!" Yan Zheke left without turning back as she waved her hand and walked towards the Block 3 entrance. Lou Cheng stood outside the entrance. He was feeling very restless and joyful, as his eyes followed Yan Zheke's back until she entered the unit entrance.

Her hair is already as long as her sweater. Ah, what a great hair texture...

She seems to be about 1.65m tall with such a perfect ratio, and her legs are long and slim...


Just when his mind was straying off, he suddenly noticed the girl looked back!

This shocked him, and was afraid that the girl saw his "lecherous" look.

Looking him at a loss, Yan Zheke looked around before she broke into a sweet smile. A loud thud sounded in his mind. Lou Cheng stared blankly. This was the first time he deeply understood what the ancient Chinese poem meant by "Her charms dazzled many as she turned back and smiled."

It was till the girl left the unit entrance, did he started to wake up, feeling ecstatic and restless.

What should I do next?

Can I take this opportunity to try holding her hand as we are crossing the road?

He could not calm himself down and decided to return to consult Little Ming about it. When he entered the dormitory, before he could knock on the door of the opposite room, Cai Zongming popped out from the door, with a black hero head kerchief on his head.

"What's up?" Lou Cheng said, shocked by his sudden appearance. Cai Zongming replied with a "stern" look on his face,

"I, Cai Zongming, am f*cking displeased with your strength!"

Chapter 102: The Cross Talk Duo

Hee... Lou Cheng almost burst out laughing as he replied him with a popular internet slang,

"Duh, you're gonna bite me?"

Cai Zongming was filled with determination at first, but his spirit wilted immediately after as he replied sourly, "I'm just expressing my determination, got it? Determination! Wait till I join the special training this semester, and I'll rechallenge you before the summer break!"

"Great, I shall wait and see!" Lou Cheng did not pursue on with this matter but moved on with what's on his mind. He glanced left and right before he whispered, "Talker, to the balcony, I've something to consult you."

Cai Zongming took down the hero head kerchief on his head, gave an evil laugh and said, "Your goddess and you have a breakthrough, and you need my advice on what to do next?" "F*ck, how did you guess that?" Lou Cheng replied with a shock.

Cai Zongming tsk-tsked. "Look, you just don't carve the matter out into words. Your lecherous expression tells it all!"

Lou Cheng touched his face, smile forcefully and said, "Is it that obvious?"

While chatting, both of them arrived at the balcony. They had closed the glass door that led to the living room, isolating themselves from the rest of the world.

Just as Lou Cheng was about to start, Cai Zongming grinned cheekily and said,

"Well, feel like there's a need for some cigarettes whenever we're here to chat. How about this? You pretend to give me a cigarette, while I pretend to smoke." Hee... Lou Cheng gave him a despising look and pretended to take a cigarette from his pocket. He then handed "it" to him and added, "Come, Casanova, here's a 'cigarette' for you."

"Great!" Cai Zongming grinned and took "it". He placed "it" in his mouth.

Just when he was about to "light it", Lou Cheng smiled and added, "I've fire, I've fire. Let me light it up for you!"

"Not bad, you're pretty observant!" Cai Zongming praised and stretched his head forward, waiting for someone to light his "cigarette".

Lou Cheng tried to suppress his smirk as he stretched out his right hand and snapped his finger loudly in front of Cai Zongming.

Bam! A small fire appeared, and burnt Cai Zongming's two strands of hair.

"Dafug..." Cai Zongming blurted out. His eyes seemed as if he was still looking at that fire and said, "Bastard, you know magic?"

"Magic? Have you seen cool magic like this before?" Lou Cheng boasted as he snapped his finger again and again, creating several small fires.

Cai Zongming touched his hair on his forehead as his expression kept changing. He then blurted out.

"Cheng, I'll take back my words about challenging you before summer break. Bastard, how can you bully people with your supernatural ability?"

Lou Cheng smirked and asked, "Why take back your words?
Don't tell me you're getting cold feet?" "Why would I? This's a promise between men, so we're gonna keep our promise!" Cai Zongming promised, giving off a sense of righteousness and justice. "But you're gonna tie up one of your hands, to be fair!"

"Sure, sure, sure, I'll just fight you with one hand." Lou Cheng beamed with happiness.

By then, Cai Zongming had finally calmed down as he asked surprisingly and curiously, "When did you awaken your supernatural ability? Is it strong?"

"Thought you've seen the video on my battle with Ye Youting?" Lou Cheng questioned him back instead.

Cai Zongming saw the light and added, "That battle? If you talk about other battles, perhaps I can't remember, but I've got a vivid impression of that battle. Yeah, that lady is not bad looking... Anyway, you mean that your final fierce attack is your supernatural ability awakening?" "Yup, currently it's not strong, I'm gradually working on it. Now it can only be used to light a cigarette." Lou Cheng honestly stated the power of his supernatural ability.

As for how he could work on it, he was sure there would be a way. Perhaps he got to wait till he had the body quality of Professional Ninth Pin, before he tried to exert pressure onto the Jindan (the Golden Elixir) again. As long as he did not overdo it to the extent greater than that day at the Challenge Tournament, he was sure that he could slowly digest that Jindan (the Golden Elixir) into his body as one.

Cai Zongming touched his chin and took a glance at Lou Cheng. "Within this half a year, you seem to have gone through lots of changes... Just feel that what you've been through can't be explained with science at all..."

"Haha." Lou Cheng forced a laughter before he added. "I've dated Yan Zheke to go for a big feast a couple of days later. Casanova, do you think I have the chance to hold her hands?"

Because he had yet to prepare any strategy, nor booked any restaurant, nor fixed a date. "Hold hands?" Cai Zongming looked doubtful. "Which stage are you all at now? If you aren't clear about it, it'll be difficult for me to make a judgment..."

Lou Cheng pondered about it before answering. "During our free time, we can chat on QQ from morning till night. At times, we'll chat on the phone or via video calls. On my birthday, she even waited till 12 a.m. sharp to call and wish me. When I requested for a birthday song as a present, she sang. Today, I brought the food she likes for her. She seemed very surprised, happy, and had even promised to go with me for a big feast..."

The moment he finished his sentence, he looked at Cai Zongming, waiting for his comments and guidance. However, the Casanova just reacted with a half-opened mouth and a dumb face.

"Casanova?" Lou Cheng waved his hand in front of Cai Zongming.

Cai Zongming was taken a back as he said, "Why you guys proceed so fast? Do I miss anything in between? I recall you two are just friends before the break, even if both of you are to send messages on QQ everyday, things shouldn't advance that fast either. Moreover, with your personality, it's impossible for the relationship to improve by leaps and bounds..."

Seeing the old hand was surprised by how fast their relationship had progressed, Lou Cheng was ecstatic. He recalled and said,

"I feel that our relationship breakthrough started during the few days at Warrior Sage Challenge Tournament. Since both of us shared a common interest in martial arts, and also it was my first time participating in a Challenge Tournament, not forgetting the shocking experience I had in the later battles, our relationship had become stronger and better..."

Cai Zongming pondered and said, "No wonder... I always think your goddess will be hard to pursue, or else you won't need to try all means to please her and be prepared to fight a long-term war. Never thought that you could take advantage of the Challenge Tournament to win the girl's heart, what a lucky bastard you are!" Lou Cheng did not despise the way he put it, his eyes widened as he gazed at him instead. "You mean she likes me too?"

Cai Zongming smiled gently and answered, "Don't say it so directly. Women are complicated, all I can say is that she certainly has a good impression of you. As for to what degree, I'm not a mind reader, nor did I see her firsthand reaction there, so how would I know?"

"However being at this stage also means that this's a very dangerous period. To most of the girls, in particular for those who are more conservative, they'll need to be very careful when deciding whether to be in a relationship with a guy. It's better that you don't pressurize her too much, or it might lead to rebellious mentality, or worst, her good impression of you will decline. Even so, you can't stop flirting with her and can't stop presenting the best side of you. If you didn't do anything for the next one and a half year, you this bastard will end up becoming her bestie. By then, you'll only have the leftover girls to pick from.

"Now that you say this, I'm feeling anxious again." Lou Cheng commented, taking a breath of cool air. Cai Zongming jested. "Chill bro, you're almost near the finishing line. As long as you continue to perform your best, there's still chance! Moreover, you still have me as your strong backing, isn't it?"

"Why your words sound kinda disgusting... Strong backing..." Lou Cheng joked, trying to make himself forget the worries and feel better.

"I kinda start to understand. You goddess must have chosen to focus on studies while in junior high school, so no matter how outstanding her pursuers were, she wasn't bothered by them. If you tried your luck at that time, even with the same Warrior Sage Challenge Tournament experience, I believe there would be zero chance for you to win her heart. However, by the time she goes college, she'll feel that she's an adult and will no longer be very stressful about studies. Subconsciously, she starts to look forward to falling in love. That's when a crack appears in her inner defensive wall and just then, you appeared." Cai Zongming excitedly analyzed the situation.

Upon hearing, Lou Cheng was impressed by it and said, "What you've analyzed in the first half is exactly what Yan Zheke told me!" Student Killer!

Cai Zongming initially grinned, then followed by a sigh before he displayed an old hand look. He then added, "This's about meeting the right person at the right time."

"Then I shouldn't try to hold her hand when I date her out, or else I may give her too much pressure?" Lou Cheng went back to the main topic as he voiced out his concern.

Cai Zongming cackled and said,

"It's only your first date and you've already thought of holding hands? Are you planning to leave her an impression that you're a lecher? Holding hands is much more significant than kissing, and it's a critical stage that can transform quantity into quality. Once you manage to hold her hand, it means a relationship is established. Kissing is just a matter of time."

"Of course, if the both of you are just planning for a one night stand, then ignore what I've said." Lou Cheng was suddenly enlightened and he added, "I never know that holding hands can be so critical... Casanova, how do you think I should present myself on that day?"

"Just present yourself like you always do, and do things that please her as usual. You gotta know that she's nervous as well, so do your best to create a comfortable atmosphere." Cai Zongming paused all of a sudden, chuckled and whispered, "Also, I'll teach you another thing."

"What?" Lou Cheng answered excitedly.

Cai Zongming coughed twice and continued, "Since she'd already promised to go out with you alone on a date, the girl will look forward to it. If you really did nothing special for her, she might be disappointed. She'll be weighing the pros and cons of this relationship, and start to think if you haven't loved her deep enough. So you gotta do something, without making her nervous and stress."

"What I gotta do?" Lou Cheng immediately asked. Cai Zongming grinned and added, "Gotta find a chance to hold her hand! Oh, but don't really hold it. You must express your excitement and expectation, yet at the same time, your unfamiliarity, nervousness and act as if nothing has happened. Show her your upsetting look when you 'fail' to hold her hand twice and give up. Let her know your feeling so that you can make her feel nervous and stress without overdoing it."

"Even if within her heart, she feels that both of you are not yet to the stage of holding hands, and cause her impression of you to worsen a little after the matter, both of you can continue to flirt and work on the relationship since you have not successfully held her hand.

"After you're done with this, come back and observe her attitude. If there's not much change, then there's more than 70% possibility that you have succeeded. If she starts to become slightly colder towards you, this means the time hasn't ripe and you gotta work harder. So let's say it's the former, you should try to date her again after a period. If she agrees to go out with you again, this means she's ready, and you can just be brave to hold her hand when the time is right!" Lou Cheng stared at him in astonishment as he felt that Ming was really godlike. He listened and digested the details before he spoke. "Have you tried this move before?"

Cai Zongming spread out his hands.

"Of course not!"

Lou Cheng twitched the corner of his mouth and yelled. "Then how can you still teach me that!"

"Do you think I need such techniques to test a girl? Based on my judgment, experience, and standard, do you think I don't know when to initiate hold hands?" Cai Zongming questioned him as he felt pleased with himself. "Relax, I bet it on my 'Casanova' nickname that this move will definitely work. Of course, if the other party is too obtuse and doesn't realize your intention of holding hands, then I'm helpless. Also, you gotta learn how to observe the situation. If the ambiance and her reaction are good enough, then change your plan. Hold her hand for real." Lou Cheng frowned and asked, "Do you think a newbie like me can handle such a complicated stuff?"

"Well, just being your true self is good enough." Cai Zongming teased.

But my true self will be shaky, nervous and try to pretend that nothing has happened!

Lou Cheng did not retort as he kept silent in agreement and confirmed his plan. After which, he said, "Is Qin Mo around? I need to come out with a food strategy. He's from Songcheng, asking him directly is better than googling it."

"Still sleeping, you gotta wait till noon." Cai Zongming replied as he patted Lou Cheng's shoulder and gave him a you- can-do-it hand gesture. He then pulled open the glass door and returned to the living room.

Lou Cheng took out his phone and gave Geezer Shi a call. "Master, I'm back at the dormitory."

Geezer Shi pretended to reprimand him. "Finally bear to come back? Alright, since all are back, we'll begin our special training tomorrow at 8 a.m.. You'll wake at 5:30 a.m. and wait for me at the old place."

"Sure." Lou Cheng answered without any hesitation.

It's time again for martial arts practice from morning till afternoon...

But now I'm no longer an ignorant person!

Chapter 103: Two New Kungfu

For the entire morning, Lou Cheng spent his time changing and washing four new set of clothes each while chatting on and off with Yan Zheke. It was only when the bedroom next door had opened that he went in and found Qin Mo sleeping on the opposite bed of Cai Zongming.

Qin Mo was a local rich kid, but he wasn't as hedonistic as Tao Xiaofei. His indulgence had limits, and he had a relatively smart head up his shoulders. He wore a pair of gold rimmed spectacles and had a tall and thin figure. His countenance was clear and defined. He was the standard appearance of a cultured animal.

"Qin Mo, I need your help with something." Lou Cheng said with a beaming smile.

Cai Zongming, who was chatting with his girlfriend opposite to him turned around to look at him with a look of gossip.

Qin Mo pushed his spectacles and asked with slight surprise, "What is it?" "I've been here at Songcheng for half a year, but I haven't got around and learned about this place. I'd like to experience the local delicacies during this time. Do you have any good recommendations?" Lou Cheng used a random reason and clarified his intent.

Qin Mo's face was filled with sudden realization. "Yo, you're chasing after a girl, aren't you?"

"Why do you say that?" Lou Cheng replied with a question in surprise, On the other side, Cai Zongming could no longer hold back his smile.

Qin Mo chuckled and said, "If not a girl, are you looking to go out with a group of men then? Or are you planning to become a lonely gourmet? If that's the case, then allow me to hold five minutes of silence for you."

"Alright, alright, get to the point!" Lou Cheng let out a dry laugh and urged him. After pondering for a moment, Qin Mo said, "Avoid Jiuxi Street. That place was fine in the past, but after it became famous it has been a place to fool foreign tourists. I'm just going to say whichever spots I prefer; you'll have to select the right tastes yourself. There is some food that non-locals really
can't get used to..."

"Mm!" Lou Cheng put on the attitude of a young student paying attention in class and recorded the restaurant names, addresses, specialties and so on Qin Mo told him into his cell phone's memorandum.

About ten minutes or so later, Lou Cheng was filled with a sense of accomplishment as he stared at the numerous records and sighed. "I'll go on the internet later to check for reviews and confirm the tastes. Then I'll circle out two or three places and check them these few days."

"Check them?" Qin Mo looked a little confused.

Cai Zongming on the opposite side knew Lou Cheng very well, and he said after letting out a soft laugh, "He's saying that he's going to taste the food and make sure that his goddess will be satisfied with them."

Lou Cheng added with a little bit of embarrassment, "She and I come from the same place, and she likes the local specialties I enjoy too. Concerning taste, we should be pretty similar to each other. If what I'm fine with those places then there shouldn't be a problem."

"Plus, checking doesn't just mean testing the food. I have to know the surrounding areas as well. For example, I need to know if there's a cake shop in the area, and whether the cake shop has the kind of cake she enjoys, so she can bring it as her tomorrow breakfast. I may also need to check if there are cafes or quiet places to spend some time, if the theater is far away, if there are any movies suitable for girls recently and so on. At any rate, I need to familiarize myself a little with the surroundings so I wouldn't be taking her on a pointless trip if we really are to head someplace."

Qin Mo was stunned by what he heard. "So that's what you mean... Cheng, seriously, you're so earnest that I'm embarrassed to say I've chased a girl before!" Back at middle and high school, he had spent quite a lot of effort in chasing the girls he liked. But even then he was never as earnest as Lou Cheng.

Of course, this was mainly due to the differences in their behavior and attitude in dealing with things. It was not a question of the sincerity of one's feelings.

Student Xiao Ming turned on his taunt ability and mocked.

"He is what you call a diligent fool doubling his efforts to fix his own weakness!"

"As long as it can be fixed." Lou Cheng paid no thought to his taunt and chirped, "Didn't you always say that girls care a lot about intentions and attitude? My attitude is definitely in the right place, isn't it?"

Cai Zongming let out a 'heh' and said, "It is more or less, but the problem is that the other party doesn't know about it. What's the bloody point if your counterpart doesn't know how much effort and thoughts you spent!" "Er, I never thought about letting her know about this. I just want to see her satisfied with the food, enjoy a good time, and be happy..." Lou Cheng said after a momentary blank.

"Sigh, student Cheng, when it comes to chasing girls you can't just say and not practice, or practice and not say either. You have to let the other party know that you spend so much effort on her and touch her. Only then your efforts will be worthwhile." Qin Mo at the side shared the same opinion as Cai Zongming's.

Lou Cheng frowned and said, "But I can't tell her these directly. It just looks like so extremely shallow and false."
Cai Zongming scoffed. "Who told you to tell her directly? If it's too direct then it'll lose its hazy beauty and give the other party the feeling that you're forcing them to feel moved. You'll be adding pressure to her. Mm, when she asks you about something relevant, you can just mention indifferently that you've checked the spot for the date and it'll be okay. Just stop here and let her fill in the blanks with her own imagination. The imagined beauty is also the kind of beauty that can touch oneself the most." Holy shit, Mouth King, your theoretical knowledge seriously just doesn't stop coming!" The one who let out the exclamation wasn't Lou Cheng but Qin Mo.

Cai Zongming spread out his hands with an arrogant look on his face. "Not only do I have theoretical knowledge, but I also have practical experiences as well!"

Lou Cheng memorized the instructions firmly and opened the calendar on his cell phone. He was confirming the time he would check out the spots, and then set the day right for the date.

Suddenly, he was startled when he saw the date. "Thursday is Valentine's Day. S-shouldn't I express a little something?"

It doesn't look like right if I chose not to express anything.
This's a question of attitude!

There is no way to set the date on Valentine's day directly either. I have to practice martial arts in the morning, and I have class during evening and night. This is my own timetable, and Yan Zheke should be just as busy.

Even if I could muster the courage to skip class, the girl who enjoyed studying might not necessarily be willing to skip class!

And even if she was willing, we couldn't bloody get out!

Songcheng University's new school district was under close management, and after the official start of a term, they were only allowed to enter and exit the venue during the weekends. Normally, they would need a teacher identity card or a postgraduate, Ph.D. student's or final year student's student identification card to ride on the school bus. For the first half of the semester, they could at least buy a few more spare tickets during the weekends and save it for other times, but later on, this tactic was defeated by the dates and 'for use today only' letters imprinted on every ticket.

In reality, with his skill, it really wasn't a problem for him to get out of the university if he wanted to. he could do this just by finding a place where no one was looking, flipping over a wall and fence and resolving this. However, this didn't look like the right thing to do when bringing a girl out on a first date...

Cai Zongming mouth twitched once. "Just what're you trying to express? Just make sure you're prepared for your date!"

"If you're really worried, then select two or three dates with Valentine's Day among them and let the other party make a choice. After all, you have to match times with her, right? This way, she'll understand that you plan to date her on Valentine's Day. You have presented your attitude, and whether she chooses to come out on that date is her problem. Of course, you'll have to be more attentive and drop more hints on that day."

"Understood!" Lou Cheng couldn't help but feel that listening to the words of Casanova was superior to studying ten years of books!

Once he was done, he recalled another thing. "Mouth King, I brought up your request to Coach Shi. If you wish to participate in the special training, then you only need to meet up at the gathering tomorrow 8 a.m. at the martial gym." "Alright, I'll pull my socks up!" Cai Zongming said with purposeful pretension.

After a day of web inquiry, review reading and selection, Lou Cheng locked down about two or three targets. he planned to take the two days before the term began to check out the spots.

It was early morning, and the sky was dark. He put on Songcheng University's white martial arts suit with black borders and slow jogged to the quiet and secluded place he trained martial arts daily. He saw that Geezer Shi was already waiting for him.

"Show me your supernatural ability." Geezer Shi said straightforwardly.

Of course, Lou Cheng wouldn't rub his fingers and ignite his fire like a lighter. That would be way too 'low'. He suddenly moved his arms and activated abrupt explosive force. With a pop, a layer of blaze appeared on the surface of his fist. "That's it?" Geezer Shi's face was disdainful.

Lou Cheng sweatdropped and said, "Yeah. I'm still adapting and haven't raised its power yet."

"Maintain it. Let's see how long you can maintain this blaze." Geezer Shi muttered to himself.

The tiny blaze flickered under the cold wind. Lou Cheng had to spend tremendous effort to keep it from extinguishing instantly.

Before he knew it, Geezer Shi had fished out a cigarette and held it in his mouth. Then, he moved closer and lit the end of the smoke. He inhaled deeply before exhaling a puff of green smoke from his nose.

Then, Lou Cheng's blaze was gone... "This is all your blaze is worth right now to light up this cigar." Geezer Shi ridiculed him and said, "In actual combat, it can only display a certain level of effect in a surprise attack. I was originally planning to teach you how to combine your supernatural ability to imitate a physical invulnerability move, but now? Hehe."

"Combine supernatural ability to imitate a physical invulnerability move?" Lou Cheng replied with a question in surprise.

Geezer Shi said with slight disdain, "Many supernatural abilities are the weakened expression of a physical invulnerability move, so of course it can be imitated. That is why a supernatural ability user who can't use supernatural abilities are at best the level of Amateur First Pin or Professional Ninth Pin. But when coupled with supernatural abilities, they have the chance of defeating a Dan stage martial artist at Seventh to Eighth Dan.

While speaking, he suddenly took a step forwards and curved his right arm, striking out a ball of translucent, snow white force. He wandered across the ground, and wherever he went foliage turned to ice, and the surroundings became frozen. When his fist hit a tree, a sheen of silver instantly covered its body and extinguished all of its life force.

Lou Cheng was somewhat frightened and stunned by the sight. As compared with watching a televised battle between physical invulnerability martial artists, being able to watch a move like this at close range was even more realistic and stunning!

His master really was a physical invulnerability Mighty One!

"Cough cough cough!" Geezer Shi coughed intensely for a long time before he cast a pleased glance at Lou Cheng. "Is my Ice Spirit Force not very similar to the Power of Frost?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Lou Cheng subconsciously nodded.

Geezer Shi calmed down and snickered on the inside. So what if you surprise me from time to time? You'll still be shocked when facing my Ice Spirit Force! He muttered to himself irresolutely and said, "Let me observe your Power of Blaze for some time and see if there is anyway to train it and increase its strength. Alright, let us begin today's training. Today, I'll teach you two new kungfu. One is based on your great attainment in meditation, ability to perceive and listen and Condensation Stance. It is called 'Ice Mirror', the weak version of Ice Sect's 'Enemy Heart Freezing Move'. At its peak, this kungfu will enable you to sense the general changes in your opponent's muscles within a radius of two meters without touch."

"However, this kungfu is extremely hard to train. Do strive to master the basics in two or three years' time. Of course, you can't completely rely on it, and you should combine it with the feedback you obtain from your eyes, nose, ears and so on. After so many years, there are plenty of sects who have developed moves to counter it. There are exceptions that can hide, mix up or cancel out the activities you should be sensing too."

"There is also another new fighting style you need to practice, and it is called 'Thunder Roar Zen'. This is a kind of kungfu your master has created himself by combining 'Thunder Sect's' Lightning Force and 'Ice Sect's' Freeze Force. Its expression at body refining state and Danqi Realm is eruption and collapse. This kungfu is also what is commonly known as Tremor Force. When a blow is connected, the force behind it will erupt explosively, causing your opponent's body to tremble from outside to inside. It shakes the qi and blood and affects the five viscera and six bowels. It's not something that can be blocked normally."

"Before being a physical invulnerability martial artist, I once ventured into the war-torn zones and fought a life or death battle with a powerful enemy. I struck him with the Thunderous Zen Punch nineteen times in a row, and although he managed to block every hit in time, the shock still caused internal bleeding inside him. As a result, the longer we fought the weaker he became, and he ultimately died by my hands."

Lou Cheng grew excited listening to his words. "It's that powerful?"

Geezer Shi chuckled,

"I saw your competition videos. Didn't you encounter a kid who uses the Modern Blast Punch? He hadn't mastered his kungfu yet, and he only wielded the strength of a blasting artillery, but not the force behind a missile exploding upon contact. Otherwise, your stance would have been completely blown wide open, and you would not have been able to regain your balance as easily."

"It is unfortunate that the supernatural ability you awakened isn't frost. Otherwise, you could have mastered the killer move of 'Thunder Roar Zen', 'Severe Warning' beforehand. If that was the case, when you throw a punch at your enemy their entire body including their brain would become shaken. Your enemy would feel as if his mind was frozen by frost and show an obvious moment of stiffness."

"I'll try to 'awaken' the Power of Frost..." Lou Cheng quietly said on the inside. He was saying it as if awakening a supernatural ability was as easy as picking up a Pak Choi.

For the next period, he began learning the corresponding sets of practices, techniques of exertion and special visualization. Before he knew it, the time had approached 8
a.m. already. After finishing his breakfast swiftly, he hastily made his way to the martial arts gym.

The special training members and the newly joined Cai Zongming had already arrived at the venue. Lou Cheng swept a glance across the place, and he immediately spotted Yan Zheke beside Guo Qing. As the saying went, "men look good in black, and women look good in white." Songcheng University's white colored, black bordered martial arts suit seriously looked good on her and made her look full of vigor.

They both looked at each other and smiled with overflowing warmth. Lou Cheng walked up to Cai Zongming and the senior brother Li Mao who had paired up with him in an exercise last semester with light footsteps.

"Lou Cheng, you look like you're in good spirits." Li Mao greeted him.

Lou Cheng smiled and said, "Senior brother Li, you look a little stronger too."

Li Mao said with great pride in his success, "I haven't grown lax during the holidays, and I've mastered the 24 Blizzard Strikes taught to us. I believe I'm at the level of Amateur Second Pin now. I'd like to obtain more actual combat experience and strive to overcome my nervousness." "That's great!" Lou Cheng praised sincerely.

The club manager Chen Changhua beside Li Mao also smiled and said, "Very good. It'd seem that our Martial Arts Club has qualified successors to take on the mantle."

"Club manager Chen, I thought you have an internship to attend this term and can't show up." After the association at the district contest, Li Mao and Chen Changhua were no longer too estranged with each other.

Chen Changhua chuckled and said, "I've told the HR department of my company that I'd focus on preparing for April's Ranking Event and strive to be of Professional Ninth Pin in one go. To my company, this's no different from cutting down on costs, and when the chairman brings me along he can even hire one less bodyguard on his outings! This's the advantage of a hybrid talent!"

"Relax, Li Mao, I won't take away your chance to participate in actual combat. Lou Cheng, you'll have to train hard too." Lou Cheng left quite the impression on him, who was the new student busy with logistics preparation last year, right?

While the crowd was busy talking and laughing with each other, Geezer Shi walked in and surveyed the surroundings one time. He motioned for everyone to fall silent, coughed twice and said,

"There'll be no competitions this year. We'll have to find our own opportunities to temper ourselves in actual combat. Therefore, my plans are for our Martial Arts Club to form a team and register to participate in the preliminaries."


There was a buzz. Other than Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke who knew about this a long time ago, everyone else had lost their usual cool. Some people were surprised, and some were shocked.

They were actually going to use the entry competition into the professional martial arts circle as training! After a while, everyone calmed down and looked to be brimming with joy. They awaited Geezer Shi's latter words with high expectations.

Geezer Shi smiled slightly and said, "After a winter break, I can no longer grasp the full extent of your abilities quite accurately. Let's have a versus battle latter so I can figure out your limits. But before this, I'll announce the two leading players of the preliminaries."

"Two leading players?" The crowd looked towards Lin Que and Chen Changhua.

"First lead, Lin Que." Geezer Shi's voice was slightly louder.

No one was surprised. They all thought it was only natural.

Geezer Shi coughed once before continuing.

"Second lead, Lou Cheng."

Chapter 104: A Battle That Was Brought Forward

"Second lead, Lou Cheng."

When Li Mao heard this name, he subconsciously raised his hands and dug his ears. He had a feeling that he had just experienced an auditorial hallucination.

Lou Cheng?

The preliminaries' leading player?

He just couldn't connect these two at all!

It wasn't that he was disappointed by the fact that he wasn't able to become a leading player directly. According to his estimations, Chen Changhua, whose skills approached the level of Professional Ninth Pin was stronger than everyone else but Lin Que. Even if he was about to leave the Martial Arts Club, no longer taking up a chance for actual battle training and had informed Coach Shi about this beforehand, wasn't there still last semester's district contest leading player, senior brother Sun, Sun Jian?

He had not slacked off during the winter break either. He had practiced hard everyday and finally transformed all of his hard work and accumulated efforts into rewards. He now had the fighting level of Amateur Second Pin. Would senior brother Sun, Sun Jian really work by fits and starts?

If that was the case, then what other motivation would he have to participate in the special training?

Moreover, senior brother Sun, Sun Jian's girlfriend Lin Hua was not much weaker than himself. She had had a moment of enlightenment and mastered the Still Stance, and she used the winter break to chase up to their footsteps. It wasn't necessarily anything worth to be astonished about.

However, the second leading player of the preliminaries wasn't Chen Changhua, senior brother Sun or Lin Hua. It was Lou Cheng! If it was any other name, Li Mao would probably just accept it after a moment of surprise. While Jiang Fusheng, Li Xiaowen and Wu Meng had average talent, and their greatest objective in participating in this special training was to increase their rank within limits and gain more job seeking channels in the future, it wasn't like the story of a sudden awakening leading to the meteoric rise of a martial artist was uncommon. If they did experience such a thing, he would at worst let out a sigh, be envious for a long time and feel a sense of loss for half a year. Meanwhile, the two new first-year undergraduate students Guo Qing and Yan Zheke were rumored to be pretty talented, so it was not unreasonable to think that they might create some miracle.

But the name that was announced was Lou Cheng!

It was that Lou Cheng whom he first taught and pair exercised with. It was that Lou Cheng who normally gave him feint training!

As someone who personally witnessed Lou Cheng's growth from a bewildered newbie to an amateur fighter with a practiced form, Li Mao was most familiar with his strength. He was once rather surprised by Lou Cheng, but that surprise was practically nothing to the astonishment he was feeling now. The distance between a regular greenhorn to a fighter with practiced form, was much, much shorter than the distance between a fighter with a practiced form and the leading player of the preliminaries.

Right now, the strange silence in the surroundings confirmed that he hadn't heard incorrectly. He could not help but feel a moment of absentmindedness.

Was fiction more reasonable than reality?

He would not, could not, and did not dare to believe that the newbie who had just grown familiar with his form in his head had suddenly reached a height just second to Lin Que. Just how long had it been?

Wu Meng. Jiang Fusheng and Li Xiaowen were all very unfamiliar with Lou Cheng. They only knew that he was a fellow special training teammate and remembered in general how he looked like. Their daily interactions only went as far as a nod and a greeting. They did not know about his rank, and they were unfamiliar with the progress of his martial arts. Right now, they were feeling a lot more bewilderment than actual astonishment.

Was it that Lou Cheng?

Was it that Lou Cheng we normally meet?

Or was it some other guy sharing the same name and surname?

If it was the former, then how did he skyrocket from a body to a preliminaries' leading player?

Chen Changhua, Sun Jian and Lin Hua's feelings were in between their feelings and Li Mao's feelings. They stared straight at Geezer Shi, unwilling to believe that Lou Cheng, a guy who could not even enter the substitute list of the district contest more than two months ago, a guy who could only perform logistics and odd jobs, a guy who was completely lacking in presence would leap to become the leading player of their Martial Arts Club without having to fight for it at all! They just stared at Geezer Shi and waited with expectations for the words "I was just kidding" to tumble out of his mouth. It was to the point where they had forgotten that Lou Cheng was right beside them, and he could see their every move just by turning his head!

Lou Cheng looked at Yan Zheke amidst this unspeakable silence. She simply wrinkled her pretty nose at him, seemingly saying: Look! Look at the 'sins' you've caused!

The corner of his mouth lifted unconsciously, and he nearly could not hold back the smile on his face. He then cast a glance at Lin Que beside him, wanting to see if this captain of the Martial Arts Club had any opinion to share about his appointment as the second leading player. He wanted to see what his brother-in-law thought about him...

Perhaps it was because there was a delay in-between, and that the other party had the time to recover from his shock, Lou Cheng wasn't able to glean anything from Lin Que's face. He was as cool and as withdrawn as ever, looking as if he wasn't interested in anything but martial arts. "Cheng? How did Cheng become the second leading player all of a sudden?" The person who broke this unnatural silence was Guo Qing. She blurted out the exclamation and stared in astonishment at Yan Zheke beside her, seemingly wanting to get an explanation from the girl.

Very soon, she turned her head and looked for Lou Cheng through several figures. She wanted to confirm if the other party had grown three heads and six arms!


Geeze Shi coughed once and attracted everyone's gaze back to him. Then, he instructed casually,

"Lou Cheng, Lin Que. The two of you will do battle with each other. I'll be the umpire."

"Do battle? With Lin Que?" Li Mao, Sun Jian and the others finally looked towards Lou Cheng, unsure what kind of expression they should be wearing on their faces. It was as if they were saying, "This is for real!" Do battle? With Lin Que? At first, Lou Cheng was surprised. Then, he felt a tremble rippling through his body. He could not describe his feelings right now.

This day actually came earlier than he had expected it would!

After the Jindan had begun displaying its effects in his martial arts, he had often imagined that his strength would rise day by day, and that he would ultimately realize the embodiment of everything he admired as a man that he saw from Lin Que, back when he met him for the first time during the third or final year of his study. He had imagined that he would have the level to challenge Lin Que for the position of captain of the Martial Arts Club.

After he had finished the Warrior Sage Challenge Tournament and had a whole new level of recognition of his own martial arts level, he thought that if given half a year, and Lin Que hadn't broken through his limits and reached Dan stage, he was not without a chance of victory if they were to fight each other. When he began practicing 'Thunder Roar Zen' this morning, he thought again that if he had mastered the basics of this martial art, then challenging Lin Que would not be a pipe dream. The fighting style of this martial art was to shock the enemy, and its training method was to shock oneself. Through 'the sound of thunder,' he would send tremors throughout his bones, veins and five viscera and six bowels, and slowly train them. The purpose of this training was to pursue perfect unity of the force all over his body and obtain Absolute Reaction, thus building the most solid foundation for achieving Dan stage.

But he did not imagine that his master would make him fight a battle against Lin Que on the first day of a new semester, the first day of their martial arts special training, and without any prior preparation at all!

He closed his eyes and pacified the tremors rippling throughout his body. Excitement rose as his fighting will was raised.

This was a battle with the goal of his past! This was a battle against the tall, big and powerful image of a young fighter he once held in his heart!

To be honest, he was pretty worried that Yan Zheke would have a crush for Lin Que in the past, but he wasn't able to feel any sort of jealousy due to the fact that he was way behind Lin Que in every aspect at the time. Therefore, he could only feel a strong sense of envy, fear, reluctance to admit that he was inferior and a definite sense of shame at his own weaknesses. This feeling had mostly disappeared after he learned that Lin Que was his 'brother-in-law,' and the last of these feelings would also entirely evaporate during this upcoming battle.

No matter what the outcome might be, the fact that he was able to stand on the same arena as him and challenge him to a terrific battle was more than enough to bury his past sense of inferiority!

Lin Que's eyes seemed to brighten a little as he strode with wide steps up towards the arena. Lou Cheng subconsciously looked at Yan Zheke and found her looking at him as well with slight worry. "Worry?" Lou Cheng's heart became filled with warmth and even greater strength. Unhurriedly, he walked forwards and climbed up the stone steps on the opposite of the arena.

"You have three minutes time to talk with each other." Geezer Shi made everything look incredibly standard.

Then, a soft voice entered Lou Cheng's ears. It came from Geezer Shi, and he said, "Don't use your Power of Blaze. Let your master have an accurate grasp of the pure strength of your martial arts."

"Mm." Lou Cheng nodded and pursed his lips slightly. While looking at the relaxed but cool-looking Lin Que standing at the opposite side of the arena, he realized that this was the first time he examined him this way.

Lin Que was no longer a goal but his opponent now!

So how much did Lin Que know about his martial arts? While recalling, Lou Cheng abruptly realized that he didn't know enough about Lin Que's martial arts!

On the surface, he had watched all of the few battles Lin Que had participated in from the sidelines. There was no way he lacked in recognition of his skills. However, he discovered a huge problem with the close analysis. The martial arts Lin Que had displayed were either the most common combinations of the blast, pound, pull, tear, tug or stir moves, or the 24 Blizzard Strikes he had cultivated only after he arrived at the Martial Arts Club. But what about his martial arts passed down in his family?

He knew from Yan Zheke that their grandfather and grandmother were pretty powerful experts and that they possessed the inheritance of unique skills. So why had Lin Que never used them?

Although the fighting style of 24 Blizzard Strikes was also a combination of the pound, lash and other common moves, they grew a characteristic of their own and became split into different styles when merged with a different kind of force, exertion technique and visualization. For example, Huxing (tiger form tactic) was a traditional style Xingyi, and Blast Punch was a modern style Xingyi. The same went with Wuthering Eight Movements and Pulsating Quake. However, Lin Que's moves were absolutely common and standard to the max. He had not reflected the characteristics of his style on his martial arts at all!

Could it be that he hadn't cultivated his family's unique skills?

Impossible! On the first day his master taught them Yin-Yang Stance, he was already able to use a technique that changed his center of gravity to beat Chen Changhua. He had obviously reached the entry level of Solemn Silence and had a corresponding visualization while cultivating. He had great mastery over his own body, and he had a complete inheritance to inherit!

So why did he not use it?

Judging from Yan Zheke's worried look, could the unexpected twist of this battle come from his family's martial arts? While conjecturing, Lou Cheng was also analyzing Lin Que's weaknesses. However, since he wasn't familiar with the foundation of Lin Que's martial arts, the only weakness he could confirm was his stamina. Back at the district contest, Lin Que was only able to sustain a full round of 24 Blizzard Strikes.

But that was last term. Lin Que now...

Lou Cheng closed his eyes. He could vaguely hear his opponent's powerful, pulsating heart and the rushing sound of his blood.

According to Yan Zheke's explanation, his qi and blood had reached the height of exuberance, and he was at the peak of body refining state. The problem he had with his stamina must have been fixed quite a bit.

Since he did not understand his opponent, and he could not grasp his weaknesses either, he would 'emphasize his own self'.

And if he were to 'emphasize his own self', then he must exhibit all of his advantages to the max from the beginning as if he was in a life or death battle!

His thoughts rose and subsided back into his mind. Lou Cheng opened his eyes. There was serenity deep within his pupils, as if a layer of ice that had appeared on the surface of a lake. The balance of his body adjusted itself naturally and shifted continuously like mercury. Meanwhile, on the other side Lin Que never spoke a word. He looked like an old monk who was cultivating a silent vow.

It was at this moment Geezer Shi said with a cough,

"Begin! "

The crowd beneath the arena held their breaths and waited for the moment they got to 'recognize' Lou Cheng's skill.

With crisscrossing footsteps, Lou Cheng approached Lin Que meanderingly while shaking his balance non-stop, easily causing misperception among others. Suddenly, he saw Lin Que taking a step and a slide, instantly switching from a stationary state to a sprinting state. His movements were like the amalgamation of Ye Youting's leopard form and Zhou Yuanning's Wuthering Eight Movements. It was so quick that it was unbelievable, not to mention that the timing he chose was just perfect too. Lin Que had exceeded his expectations and appeared right in front of him, assuming a position where it would be difficult for him to exert force and get out of the way of an attack.

What insight, what judgment, what footwork!

Pop! Lin Que's right hand shot out, and it was a Half-step Burst Fist. The distance between them was short, the force exerted was strong, and the air seemed to shake under his attack. He gave Lou Cheng no chance of avoiding his strikes.

Lou Cheng did not wait until his body stopped moving forwards. With a sway of his balance, and with a bounce of his spine, his back twisted like a coiling dragon and forcefully shifted his position to the side, enabling him to avoid this punch with just inches to spare. If he hadn't readied mercurial balance from the beginning, there was no way he could avoid the blow all of a sudden with his current mastery of his body!

Ss... Li Mao and the others let out different sounds from their mouths.

They did not have a straight impression of Lin Que's level when he was attacked earlier. They simply thought that it was as it should be. However, they were shocked by Lou Cheng's near eerie movement.

One could imagine the level of his strength just from this one dodge alone!

Li Mao subconsciously looked at Cai Zongming beside him and smiled bitterly and absentmindedly, saying,

"Why do I feel that reality had turned a little fantasy?" "I thought so since a long time ago..." Cai Zongming lamented as he watched the arena.

Chapter 105: Lou Cheng, After the Winter Break

He pulled himself to the side of Lin Que and avoided the aggressive Half-step Burst Fist. Lou Cheng did not rush to attack. Instead, he readjusted his balance and tried to move elsewhere.

This life and death fight with the Dark Sect Ninth Pin helped him to understand a logic - killer moves often do not appear alone, they are executed one after the other, never giving the opponent a chance to retaliate. Just like how the "Poison Sting Force" followed immediately after the mind aura secret discipline.

No experts would relax after one killer move and not make any other preparations. If this was the case, it meant that Lin Que was sure that Lou Cheng would not be able to avoid his continuous shower of attacks?

After avoiding that one time, how would he react, what other moves had he prepared? With such a gap in our abilities, I can't afford to act thoughtlessly. I've to be careful.

Just as such a thought flashed through Lou Cheng's mind, his body already instinctively made a move. His back bounced, his spine curved, and with a tap of his foot on the ground, he bounced and moved behind Lin Que in ghostly speed.

A whish of wind whipped through where Lou Cheng had moved away from. Lin Que's right leg struck silently and anyone could hear the sharp whishing of his pants as he kicked.

The hidden killer move, Silent Leg!

Such a leg move gave Lou Cheng the chills. There would be no hint or sign where the legs would go next, so if he were not careful about where he moved to, the next time he saw the leg, he would take an unavoidable hit.

During the Warrior Sage Challenge Tournament, he used the Condensation Stance to lift his senses. Through the fine sound and movement of Jin Tao's thighs against his pant, Lou Cheng could predict where the "Tiger Tail Kicking Tactic" would land next, so he managed to block each move.

But now, there was no movement or sign before each silent kick. It was almost like the moves were paced randomly. If they were paced randomly, the energy bursts should follow the abrupt explosive force, tearing through like the wind, crushing through the air, giving off short but loud whishes. It was nothing like that. The moves were so silent that even the normal sounds of any move could not be heard, and there was nothing Lou Cheng could do about it!

Regardless of the skills and tactics Lin Que choose to use, they were all intricately linked to his powerful control of his body. This was not possible if he was not near achieving a Dan stage.

In a flash, Lou Cheng found the opportunity for himself. He moved first and was already behind Lin Que by the time Lin Que made his Silent Leg move. Thus Lin Que fell into an awkward position, neither able to avoid Lou Cheng's attack nor able to exert his force! Since this was a chance, how could he let it go!

Lou Cheng lowered his weight and steadied his legs. With this fleeting chance, he visualized majestic snow capped mountain peaks and lightning striking the heavy snow.


The heavy layers of snow started to crumble. The snow came tumbling down like ferocious white waves. With a move of Lou Cheng's spine, he shifted his right leg and kicked the floor so hard, sending the Lightning and Fire Stance and Mega Avalanche towards the arena.

Any movement on the arena would result in a crazy violent rebound. Lou Cheng's leg bounced off the floor, and like a dragon, his spine curved. In a flash, the strength from the legs was transformed into a force of the hand, pulling every strength of the body together!

The aggressive palm strikes and punches were not on the upper body. They were between the legs! After the grueling practices of the winter break, after the reflections of his problems through the Challenge Tournament, after the surreal life and death duels, Lou Cheng definitely improved quite a bit. Though he could not say that he no longer had any weaknesses, more importantly, he now knew how to release forces, how to use his surroundings to support his every move. Even more, he had gained a deeper and more in-depth understanding. Although there was not much change in the body's strength, his aura was stronger than it was during the Challenge Tournament. Even though he was not up to the level of Professional Ninth Pin, he had the strength and level to fight with one.

With a mad gush of strength from his back, he clenched his right fist. A downward cut with his fist smashed into the back of Lin Que's back. With the crisp and loud thud, he used the rebound force and kicked against the limestone surface. Little bits of the limestone cracked off and puffed up in the air.

Chen Changhua, Sun Jian, Li Mao and the rest were all shocked after seeing how the low profile and usually quiet Lou Cheng managed to avoid Lin Que's attacks with mysterious steps, and even found the opportunity to attack. Their eyes were all wide with shock. Even Cai Zongming, the buddy who had watched his match clips, was taken aback and took a deep breath. No matter how powerful the Professional Ninth Pins were in the video clips, they were just on screens. This fight with Lin Que, someone whom they see and practice with everyday, was another story. The feeling of battling him and being able to beat Lin Que was completely different from a stranger holding a Professional Ninth Pin!

Yan Zheke had seen how Lou Cheng had grown. She also "experienced" the Warrior Sage Challenge Tournament with him. Nonetheless, she only saw the actual match through video recordings after it happened, so she already knew his next steps and had a clear idea where he was heading. This time, it was different. Nobody knew who was going to win, she could not predict what was going to happen next. With a bubbling curiosity, she watched the match attentively.

When she saw how Lou Cheng grabbed the chance to retaliate, she did not seem relieved or happy. In fact, signs of worry flashed across her face.

Pam! Just as Lou Cheng made his fist move, Lin Que retracted his leg. Lin Que's back was facing his rival and he clearly did not have any time to make another move.

Suddenly, Lin Que's body stiffened and he sprung to the left. Right in front of Lou Cheng's eyes, Lin Que avoided the fist strike on his neck, and with a shake of his shoulders and head, explosive forces burst from Lin Que and went head on with Lou Cheng's fist.


When the two came into contact with each other, Lou Cheng felt that Lin Que used his stance to absorb his force, then he went with the flow of the force, slanted downwards and fidgeted. Lou Cheng's fist seemed to have hit a wad of cotton.

This is no good... Lou Cheng suddenly realized what was happening. He tried to readjust his balance and returned to his previous stance. Lin Que gave him no chance to do so. Like a long pole, with one end lowered while the other end lifted—as he leaned backward, the force traveled through his spine, his thighs tightened, and his left leg stretched out, giving a kick. Lou Cheng was not in time to move away. So he lowered himself again, and his left hand was thrown into action. He held on to Lin Que's leg like it was a chick being caught by an eagle.


His ice cold heart took a shocking blow. The strength of Lin Que's feet was greater than he imagined. It was surging with energy. Its strength was probably greater than Ye Youting's bursts. Ye Youting was known to have extraordinary strength. It almost felt like two Professional Ninth Pins giving a kick at the same time.

Would it be possible to borrow strength?

He absorbed half of my force earlier and reused it?

Such a horrifying and threatening borrowing skill! Within a split second, Lou Cheng flew backward and lost his balance. His left hand went numb with pain. He could only fall backward, without any stance, without any footwork.

Lin Que would definitely not let this chance slip away. For sure, he would strike when the iron is hot and continue to attacks in quick succession, just like how he beat Chen Changhua previously. Once Lou Cheng recovered from his shock, his Heart Lake also got back its icy cold state. Without much thought, based on his experience, he gave up on adjusting his balance and immediately lay backward. Riding on the momentum of his body, he kicked his left leg.

Iron Bridge Moves! Dragon Turning Over Moves!

Lin Que just got closer, and saw the leg striking him. Unfazed and without giving Lou Cheng any chance to borrow his strength, his spine arched like a dragon flying in the sky and bounced off to the side. That was a move that was impossible given his current position. The muscles of his right leg tightened again and were all ready to strike out one more time. When Lou Cheng's kick missed its target, his stomach turned a little and his chest tightened. He decided to give up on the strategy on borrowing strength. He curled up into a ball, and instead of retreating, he went full force ahead towards where Lin Que was standing.

As he got closer, as Lin Que's was about to do a whip kick, Lou Cheng's left hand hit and pressed against the cold hard ground. Bouncing back, he let the force travel through his hand and his back to his right hand. His right hand swooshed, throwing the Rocket-like Punch, going straight towards Lin Que's package between his legs!

He learned this from the Dark Sect Ninth Pin. He could not forget its impact and decided to replicate it, hoping that it will give him a chance to win.

Since it would not result in death or life-threatening injury, he did not consider that much before striking. He will leave it to the referee to decide!

This was a Challenge Tournament, not a performance! No time for hesitation! As he released his Rocket-like Punch, anyone could feel its force and it drew gasps from the audience. There was a hint of hesitation in Lin Que's eyes, but he did not choose to kick Lou Cheng's temples. That would have put Lou Cheng in the fine line between life and death. Instead, he took a small step back and aimed for Lou Cheng's fist, tearing through the air.

Bam! The two fighters hit. The moment they did, Lou Cheng adjusted his muscles to feel and absorb the strength. He straightened his back and in no time he was up. He swung his left fist towards Lin Que's chest with the force of the Mega Avalanche.

Lin Que also borrowed some strength and turned his body to one side. His right hand did a hook and pounded against Lou Cheng's fist.


Lou Cheng's left fist was swung back due to the force, but with a shake of his wrist, his fist made a nice curve and looped back to grab Lin Que's right wrist. This was a move from the Big or Small Hand Wrap!

I don't believe that you have reached the same meditation level, and have seen such powerful Listening Skills!

He had just grabbed Lin Que's wrist, Lin Que's body and shoulders twitched. With a shake of his left arm, he exploded with energy and shook off Lou Cheng's left hand. Like it was a slippery snake, Lin Que stretched and tried to do a Reverse Catch of Lou Cheng's fist.

Within inches, the hands of the two fighters continued to exchange blows. Every time they separated they tried to listen to each other's forces, and adjusted their moves accordingly. Their joints and ribs were often subjected to tug and pull. There was no time at all to use the other arm or their legs.

After a few rounds, Lou Cheng used his superior Listening Skill and successfully caught Lin Que's wrist.

Just as he was about to apply force, Lin Que took a deep breath suddenly. The skin pores of his wrists closed and opened, and his skin seemed to have expanded. It did not only lightly pushed Lou Cheng's fingers away, they also stopped him from using his Listening Skill.

At this moment, Lin Que's temples swelled, his left arm pulled lightly and within an extremely short distance, bam, a Forward Punch flew forward at lightning speed. His body looked like it just grew bigger in that few seconds!

Lou Cheng could not move away in time and also could not use his Listening Skill. All he could do was lean forward and quickly duck.


Lou Cheng was hit! He felt the force through and through, all the way to his bones. He felt like he was bombed and his body, shaken. From the blood vessels to the tendons and ligaments, from blood to joints, every molecule was in shock. In that very moment where qi and blood were all churning, there was nowhere to draw energy and force to retaliate. Lin Que saw the chance. He stepped forward and used his shoulder to hit Lou Cheng's Danzhong.

Geezer Shi coughed and said,

"Lin Que wins. "

Although Lin Que won, every other witness of this fight, like Li Mao, Guo Qing and Chen Changhua thought they saw a monster. They saw a miracle and were speechless.

The Lou Cheng they saw was not only professional-to-be level, but he fought just like a Professional Ninth Pin!

He just started practicing martial arts half a year ago, half a year...

Lin Que panted and looked at Lou Cheng coldly. For the first time in the day, he nodded his head and said, "Not bad. "

Near the bottom of the stage, Yan Zheke covered her face with both hands and looked at Lou Cheng with teary but proud eyes.

Chapter 106: A Weak Version of Lou Cheng

Lou Cheng's was experiencing mixed feelings. He was happy that he was able to fight Lin Que, something he'd wanted to do for quite some time. There was a satisfaction in meeting his match and being able to fight until his heart's content. However, he was also inflicted by a kind of feeling called 'f*ck my life.' Lou Cheng wanted to challenge Lin Que after mastering the 'Thunder Roar Zen,' but he was instead defeated by a similar martial arts force which had left his body shaking. The experience was pretty uncomfortable.

One should never underestimate a strong, mighty, youth with great talent and deep family roots.

As for the feelings of upset and the pain of defeat, he wasn't feeling them quite as strong this time. Could losing to your brother-in-law really count as a defeat? This was just a tactical victory!

Didn't his brother-in-law just label him as "pretty good"? This meant that he would get a "vote of approval" when he visited Yan Zheke's family one day and asked for their daughter's hand in marriage!

"There was a moment where I thought I could defeat you." Lou Cheng flattered Lin Que while pushing off the sting of defeat.

Lin Que nodded his head imperceptibly and then turned to go down the stairs of the arena. Looking down at Yan Zheke, Lou Cheng found the girl pursing her lips to cover her smile, while her eyes shone like stars. The moment their eyes met, Yan Zheke turned to evade Lou Cheng's gaze, her face flushing slightly.

'She seems to be satisfied with my performance.' Lou Cheng had all eyes on the girl. It was as if he had turned into a camera and was recording Yan Zheke's nice gestures frame by frame.

Noticing the concentration and adoration in Lou Cheng's eyes, Yan Zheke wrinkled her pretty nose and turned around with a ferocious expression, posing with her right hand in a Rocket-like Punch. Humph!

Lou Cheng could almost hear the girl's unsaid humph and then she complained, "How dare you try to use that skill on my brother!"

"Well… " Lou Cheng hurried to put his palms together and smiled submissively in hopes of begging her forgiveness.

"It's game over. Why are you still up there? Come on down!" The old man Shi's voice greeted Lou Cheng's ears.

"Pfft!" Yan Zheke could no longer keep her "fierce" look. Instead, she raised her eyebrows and put on a charming smile, showing her shallow dimples.

Entranced by her smile, Lou Cheng scratched his head awkwardly and felt himself in a hurry to leave, so he jumped down from the arena. Even though they had no idea what had happened, Li Mao, Chen Changhua, and other fellow members burst into laughter at Lou Cheng's funny behavior. Being the only person who had been watching carefully, Cai Zongming almost fell to the floor laughing.

The way Lou Cheng was advancing by leaps and bounds seemed almost miraculous, but this humorous incident helped to tone down their astonishment as they acclimated to his growing abilities. Afterall, it didn't matter how powerful he was, Lou Cheng was still the same freshmen they were all familiar with.

Watching Lou Cheng get back to his team, Li Mao allowed himself a wry smile. He then asked with surprise, "You were not this powerful in the last sparring exercise. How did you reach the level of Professional Ninth Pin overnight?"

Even though he was quite pleased with Li Mao's words, Lou Cheng stayed calm and modestly explained, "Brother Li, the last time we had a sparring match was before the district contest began. That was maybe three months ago? We all know that even three days is enough to change a man." "Even if it had been three years you could not convince me. Do you know how much effort it took me to improve from the level of Amateur Third Pin to Second Pin? Your massive progress has greatly discouraged me!" Li Mao exclaimed, only half-joking.

Lou Cheng smiled. "I think I have a knack for meditation and that is why I was able to acquire the method of visualization of the Yin&Yang Stance and the 24 Blizzard Strikes so quickly. They helped me enhance my control over my physical body and strengthen the effects of training. This way every single workout I did had the impact of five!"

The joking manner in which Lou Chang explained this process sounded like a slogan.

Lou Cheng's explanation comforted Li Mao and the others, they didn't need too many details after all. Once another round of sighs and a few more words of praise had passed, Chen Changhua said with regret,

"If only I had known, I would have applied for a graduation delay and requested to join your team. Having Lin Que and you as our lead players, we would have been able to qualify and made it to the National Championship… "

Not knowing what to say, Lou Cheng nodded in response.

Cai Zongming smiled blandly and asked in a lowered voice, "Cheng, remember our arranged competition before summer break? Maybe we could reconsider it… "

Without waiting for him to finish, Lou Cheng replied with a smile, "Again you want to call it off? Can't you keep to your commitments like a man?"

"Of course I can!" Cai Zongming said, immediately changing his tune, "but what do you mean by 'again'? I just want you to keep both hands behind your back instead of just the one during the competition!"

Lou Cheng found this to be funny. "Shall I bind my legs as well?" Cai Zongming gave a shy smile. "If you wish."

"Get out!" Lou Cheng replied in feinted angry tone.

Waiting for the crowd to calm down, old man Shi coughed and then asked,

"Any problems with Lin Que and Lou Cheng's being the leading players in the preliminaries?"

"No!" The crowd answered with one loud voice. From the chorus of voices, Lou Cheng could easily distinguish different hidden emotions. This made him quite proud and yet a bit embarrassed too.

Old man Shi nodded in satisfaction and said, "Let's continue with the competition. It's Sun Jian and Li Mao's turn to fight against each other." Again Lou Cheng fixed his eyes to the arena, along with his fellow members. This time he paid close attention to his senior Li Mao. In an excited flurry of fists and feet, Sun Jian and Li Mao fought fiercely. They came at each other with movements that included the 24 Blizzard Strike. The competition went on a long time without there being a clear winner.

"They haven't crossed the threshold of Solemn Silence, and their so-called 24 Blizzard Strikes were flashy but without substance… " Lou Cheng could not help but sigh. He used to think highly of the two senior brothers, but their performance today was greatly flawed.

One of the core skills for the 24 Blizzard Strike is a kind of meditation named the visualizing skill, which distinguishes the 24 movements from other martial arts skills. Another core is borrowing strength to enhance one's own aggressiveness and endurance. This might not work though if one hasn't mastered the Yin&Yang Stance and Condensation Stance. While the Yin&Yang Stance helps to get good control of one's body, Condensation Stance helps to improve one's listening skills and sensory discrimination. After about seven or eight minutes, the match came to an end when the two reached the limits of their strength. Li Mao lost the competition to Sun Jian in a single move, but Li Mao had shown signs of obvious progress and thus lived up to his title as Amateur Second Pin.

The one-on-one matches continued and Lin Hua defeated Li Xiaowen, and Wu Meng defeated Jiang Fusheng.

"Next up, Guo Qing and Yan Zheke. Step forward." Old man Shi stated as he swept his eyes over the team.

Turning his eyes to Yan Zheke, Lou Cheng found the girl chewing on her lower lip nervously. Suddenly Yan Zheke turned around to look at Lou Cheng.

The moment their eyes met, Lou Cheng made a gesture and mouthed words of encouragement. While doing all of this, he kept smiling calmly in hopes to comfort the girl and ease her tension. Smiling at him in return, Yan Zheke beautifully batted her eyes and then walked towards the arena.

In the three minute window for conversation, Yang Zheke stood still without saying a word as if she were preparing for the competition. As a close friend of Yan Zheke, Guo Qing naturally wouldn't bother her while she prepared. Looking at them nervously, Lou Cheng was concerned for Yan Zheke's safety and the results of the match. "What if she fails the match," Lou Cheng thought, "will it make her upset?"

He even didn't know what level Yan Zheke was at…
As soon as old man Shi announced the start of the fight, Yan Zheke kept her back low and went on the offensive with Snake Steps, though she looked unstable.

Guo Qing's face changed slightly because she didn't know Yan Zheke had already mastered Snake Steps. Not daring to attack blindly, Guo Qing immediately moved into a defensive posture. Yan Zheke took a step and 'slipped' to the left side of Guo Qing, and then lashed with her right fist. The girl's movement was bold and fierce, which was in deep contrast with her delicate and flexible posture. What a blend of delicacy and force!

Guo Qing's natural strength and strong arms protected her from being shocked by Yan Zheke's attack, quickly she retracted her left arm and gave her opponent a blast punch.

*Bang!* Colliding with Guo Qing's fist, Yan Zheke swayed for a moment but soon countered, pouncing weirdly while punching down on Guo Qing with her left hand.

"That's one of 24 Blizzard Strikes, the borrowing strength skill… " Lou Cheng was comforted to see her use it.

Yan Zheke had already crossed the threshold of Solemn Silence and mastered the Yin&Yang Stance. Now she had a chance to mix them together with the 24 Blizzard Strikes. Managing to borrow strength, Yan Zheke stayed on the offensive while her movements became fiercer. Guo Qing tried to attack back with 24 Blizzard Strikes, but she was out- matched since she hadn't mastered Solemn Silence. Gradually, Guo Qing was made impotent.

Guo Qing's family owned a martial arts studio from which she acquired a lot of combat experience. Noticing that she was losing Guo Qing roared and leaped at Yan Zheke, trying to break her continuous movement formed by the 24 Blizzard Strikes.

In response, Yan Zheke used her back muscles to shift her momentum and narrowly avoided Guo Qing's attack. Immediately she struck back with the 24 Blizzard Strikes, giving Guo Qing no time to relax.

Failing to avoid Yan Zheke's attack, Guo Qing could do nothing but struggled and wait for the announcement of her defeat.

"Yan Zheke wins!" exclaimed old man Shi. At this Lou Cheng raised his hands in celebration, while noticing that Yan Zheke was looking at him.

The beautiful girl was out of breath and her chest heaved as she gasped. Her cheeks were flushed red and her eyes sparkled much to Lou Cheng delight.

Looking at Yan Zheke's happy face, Lou Cheng made a congratulatory gesture with both of his hands. He then pretended to throw himself down at the girl's feet in admiration, expressing his respect and joy!

Yan Zheke smiled brightly, eyes curved and mouth tilted, showing playful pride.

Watching Yan Zheke walk down the arena stairs, Lou Cheng recalled the match and realized that she was actually imitating his fighting style. Perhaps this was because they had been spending more time together.

This made sense since they were both good at performing the same movements and skills. Other than the fact she lacked the same physical strength as Lou Cheng, there was little difference between them. Other than the obvious fact Yan Zheke hasn't used her ancestral martial arts skills yet!

So far it looked like Yan Zheke had already reached the level of Amateur Fourth Pin or even Third Pin if she uses her ancestral skills.

"Last fight, Chen Changhua and Cai Zongming." Old man Shi announced.

Cai Zongming's face changed. He turned to look at Lou Cheng and groaned,

"Must I fight against Chen Changhua, that abnormal ape? I just joined the team..."

Lou Cheng looked at him cordially and said,

"What a pity..."

Chapter 107: "The Girl Is Partial to Her Lover"

When Cai Zongming was closed in by Chen Changhua, Lou Cheng could not help but cover his eyes. He could almost imagine what would happen next.

Little Ming was in fact quite talented, but he had been working by fits and started all this time. Forget the fact that he didn't participate in the martial arts special training previously; he would often attend once or twice the martial arts lesson which were only taught three times a week. Under such circumstances, even if Geezer Shi had taught every student the front part of 24 Blizzard Strikes, it would only enrich his fighting style but not make him stronger. It would only improve his abilities as an Amateur Fifth Pin a little. The moment he ran into a professional-to-be expert like Chen Changhua, the outcome was imaginable no matter how deadly his mouth was.

As expected, Lou Cheng saw that Cai Zongming was pressed down by Chen Changhua. They rubbed together on the ground, looking tragically like a beautiful maiden who was being trampled down by a strong man. "Don't laugh, don't laugh..." Lou Cheng admonished himself again and again. Then, he put on a "sympathetic" attitude and welcomed the return of Cai Zongming.

"Damn, I feel like I was raped by my opponent." "Talker" Cai Zongming belittled himself mercilessly while still wearing a bewildered look on his face.
"I can't hold it any longer..." Lou Cheng covered his mouth and laughed softly to himself, enduring "Casanova's" aggrieved stare before he finally calmed down. Then, he said with a 'serious' face, "Now you understand why people practice day after day? With your talent, it shouldn't be a problem for you to rise to the level of an Amateur Third or Fourth Pin after a semester of special training. Have you made up your mind? Do you understand that you should train hard now?"

"Of course I know... Now I feel f*cking embarrassed that I want to quit our Martial Arts Club. After this battle, my handsome image has totally disappeared!" Cai Zongming sighed, giving the impression that his life had no hope. "Luckily, this's special training. Only a few of you guys saw this fight, or I'd be ashamed of myself!" Lou Cheng pretended to answer him seriously, "As the saying goes, news travels fast beyond your imagination. A person can pass messages to ten people and ten people can pass messages to a hundred people. There are more than ten people here..."

Cai Zongming stunned a little and said, " Please strangle me..."

At that time, Geezer Shi coughed a little.

"Good, after the special training of the last semester, you little boys have made significant progress. Some of you even have promoted several Pin, but you can never be too proud because this kind of progression is very normal in the Amateur Rank.

"Well, now I announce that the third leading player of this preliminary is Sun Jian. Sun Jian, you have to practice a lot to improve yourself to be of Amateur First Pin as soon as possible." "The substitute members are Li Mao, Lin Hua, Yan Zheke, and Guo Qing. And the rest students should keep practicing hard."

Hearing that, Lou Cheng could not help but look to Yan Zheke with his eyes full of joy to congratulate her being selected into the preliminary team.

Yan Zheke also looked back and she slightly lifted her chin to show her joy. The atmosphere between them became very tacit and warm with their keen eye contact.
Geezer Shi continued, "Starting today, I'll teach the rest of the 24 Blizzard Strikes. Guo Qing, your character isn't suitable for this playing style. In order to make full use of your power, I'll teach you a fist position called 'Mountain-moving Punch', which focuses on ferocity and strong power. Although 24 Blizzard Strikes is also famous for its ferocity, it mainly emphasizes the tiny points, especially the aspects of mind, state, and perception. All of these are your weaknesses. And we should strengthen our strong points and avoid the weaknesses, am I right?" "Coach Shi, I listen to your guidance!" Guo Qing answered excitedly.

Losing to Yan Zheke made her a little unhappy, even though she was very blunt and outgoing. Last semester, Yan Zheke was obviously not as good as she was, but now, just a few months later, her 24 Blizzard Strikes were so strong that they could beat her. How could she be happy?

Until Coach Shi said it was because she wasn't suitable for this playing style, she felt more relaxed and happier. Yan Zheke also quietly relieved when she saw that.

Lou Cheng had practiced a lot, so he achieved a professional level. Although he was skilled enough to be a teacher, he also listened very carefully because he thought that remembering the past could help him to know the future. He also listened to the additional lesson about the Mountain-moving Punch which Coach Shi taught Guo Qing. To learn more Kungfu could enrich his playing style. Maybe one day, he could beat the enemy with the Mountain-moving Punch. Practicing the still stance, tricked set, playing style, power, footwork... Time flew during such a dedicated atmosphere. At last, all the members started to do pair exercise. Except for Cai Zongming who was paired with Chen Changhua, all the pairs stayed the same as before. Lou Cheng changed his position with Li Mao, and now it was time to give hand to Li Mao to learn the rest part of 24 Blizzard Strikes.

During this process, he learned a lot. If you put your feet in others' shoes, you could recognize a lot of problems you have ignored before. Li Mao was like a mirror. Some of his weaknesses could help to reflect out Lou Cheng's bad habits.

Practice referred not only to exercise but also to "beat". By constant beating, one could force the impurity out of his body. This was one of the methods to achieve body perfection.

Around noon, Geezer Shi announced that the special training had finished. Then Lou Cheng and Cai Zongming came together and watched Yan Zheke nervously.

"What are you nervous about?" Cai Zongming asked contemptuously. Lou Cheng took a breath and said, "I want to ask her when she'll be free. And whether the 14th or the 16th is a better time for us to have a date... But the 14th is Valentine's Day. Would that be too straightforward?"

"Will it cause a bad reaction?"

Cai Zongming laughed and said, "There's nothing to be nervous about. However, if you asked her with your present mood, the effect might be better."

"Why?" Lou Cheng was confused.

In the romantic area, Cai Zongming is skillful enough to be my professor!

Cai Zongming said casually, "Just think about it: a mighty young fighter who behaved very calmly and ferociously on the ring like he can rebuke heaven, however, he felt nervous and shy to talk with you. Such an apparent contrast can make the girl feel that you are abnormally cute. I can bet that most of the girls like it!" "Oh my God, abnormally cute..." Lou Cheng thought it over and found that it really did make sense. However, he would not admit this to Cai Zongming.

Cai Zongming laughed proudly. "I am the old hand swaying the entire internet!"

Lou Cheng gained courage and walked towards Yan Zheke quickly. At the moment that he stood in front of her, Guo Qing snickered and said, "Here it comes again... You two can talk now. I'll not bother you anymore!"

In that instant, Lou Cheng thought he had blushed. So he ran the Condensation Stance by instinct to try to suppress his emotion. However, he saw that Yan Zheke also blushed, which made her complexion whiter and more luminous than usual. His mind bombed and drew a blank, which smashed the Condensation Stance he used just now.

Yan Zheke looked at him with her lovely eyes and she felt so shy. "Don't listen to Qing's nonsense..." "Okay, Okay." Lou Cheng nodded. He was so nervous that he blurted out his entire plan. "I'll pick out a few Songcheng restaurants, taste their food this afternoon, and choose one restaurant in the end. So when are you free, on the 14th or the 16th?"

After saying that, he wanted to slap himself in the face. "Casanova" had said that I should say it easily and casually when Yan Zheke asked. How could I directly say it out loud?

No matter how good the practice set is, the plan will fail if I misbehave under the actual situation!

Yan Zheke smiled softly with her faintly discernable dimple. She glanced at Lou Cheng, who was nervous from her soft smile and grave mouth. She seemed to think out loud. "On the 14th, on the 14th..."

Suddenly, she lowered her head to avoid the sight of Lou Cheng. Her ponytail also shook with her nodding head, and her crimson cheeks had not faded yet. Seeing this scene, Lou Cheng once again thought of a poem: The most was the head of attraction, like a water lotus very gentle.

After getting along with Yan Zheke for a long time, it seemed that my literary knowledge has improved...

When he was dispelling his apprehension by self-mockery, Yan Zheke said softly, "I'm afraid that I'm full of classes in the afternoon and evening on the 14th. But Saturday is available! I have nothing to do except martial arts training."

"Ok, Ok, Ok!" Lou Cheng was so glad when he found Yan Zheke didn't show an indifferent attitude.

Then, he thought of what happened before, he added, "In the last combat, I was not deliberate to play the last fist. I played it subconsciously."

Yan Zheke raised her head and smiled with her crimson cheeks fading away. "At first, I planned to pretend to be angry, but I just let it go. My grandfather has said you shouldn't consider any problem about restricting your power or whether you could play the ferocious style or not, and these problems are judged by coaches and supervisors. Otherwise, fighters on the ring can never compete with the one who has experienced serious fights."

"As long as you don't hit the opponents fiercely when they have lost resistance or obviously lost the competition. Except for this situation, others are acceptable and encouraged."

"Thanks for the guidance of Coach Yan!" Lou Cheng blurted out.

Hearing this sentence, Yan Zheke raised her right hand to cover her mouth. She chuckled with her eyes curving like a crescent. Lou Cheng also started to smile warmly after he realized this.

Coach Yan, who only belongs to me...

After this episode, the embarrassing atmosphere caused by Guo Qing completely dissipated. Lou Cheng casually mentioned. "Your cousin's playing style has changed a lot. Is that your family disciple?"

Yan Zheke nodded. "My grandparents come from Shushan Study. And they created several family Kungfu according to Unique Skill of the Fighting Sect and Yin-yang Magneto-optical Sword, such as Yin-yang Twist, which was derivated by the Swirling Star from Fighting Sect and Yin-yang Disorder Move from Yin-yang Magneto-optical Sword, and mixed Tai Chi. It can be considered as the basic move for a fighter in Danqi State and the body refining state for the kernel of family Kungfu. Without it, all the other movements would be too normal."

"Although my cousin is talented, he has been stuck in this movement for a long time. Not until he learned the 24 Blizzard Strikes could he comprehend this movement by analogy."

Lou Cheng suddenly understood. "No wonder your cousin didn't play your Family Kungfu before."

"Not exactly", Yan Zheke smiled and showed her clean and tidy teeth which looked very cute. "The final punch, called Meteor force, is a unique skill from the Fire Meteor in the Fighting Sect. It is similar to Modern Blast Punch, but it puts more emphasis on quick movements and does not give people the opportunity to avoid it. So when you get to a certain level, you even can use some methods such as opening and closing your pores to counteract the fist punching sound. And once you hit your opponent, you ignite the power to shake his body. After one gets into physical invulnerability, he can blast out fire directly with somersaulting air billow.

"However, Meteor force requires good physique. Before this fight, my cousin can play it out only once. If it wasn't in a critical situation, it would be more convenient to use 24 Blizzard Strikes. And now because he has reached the top of the body refining state, he might use it three or four times."

Lou Cheng heard it with interest. "Oh, that makes sense..."

Unconsciously, I have learned all the secrets of my Brother- in-law... haha, is this girl treating me better than her cousin?

Thinking of this, he remembered one thing and asked, "Have I said that I want to be your sparring partner? So what do you think if I tell Coach Shi to make us a group tomorrow?" "No. That would be so embarrassing!" Yan Zheke blurted out, and then she eased her tone, chuckled. "If you really want to be my sparring partner, then please spare one hour on Saturday and Sunday."

"Spare one hour on Saturday and Sunday? That means I could get along with her privately every weekend?" Lou Cheng felt so happy and he couldn't stop laughing.

"Okay, definitely, no problem!"

Yan Zheke turned around with her head slightly lower and she smiled. "Well, I'm going to take a bath, and you should go too. There's the stink of sweat on your whole body~"

"Uh-huh." Lou Cheng nodded and watched Yan Zheke walking into the women's locker room. He quickly went back and he felt so happy that he felt like he was walking on clouds.

I'm really happy today!

Chapter 108: Interviewed Yet Again

Returning to the men's locker room and entering the shower area, drenched in the spray of warm water, Lou Cheng couldn't help but hum a tune to himself as he washed away the exhaustion from his heart and mind.

He changed into some better clothes. He used a towel to dry his hair, and as he walked out, Cai Zongming was the only person left.

"Not bad, you're positively beaming." the impatient classmate Little Ming said.

"Hehe." For Lou Cheng, laughter had replaced every other response.
Cai Zongming tsked and sighed, "Man, in life this kind of purity only comes once. A burning fire from the bottom of one's heart, leaving you unable to consider any other kind of emotion. You have to treasure it completely! When you date again, it won't have that same emotion to it, so you can't hold back at all or have any reservations. Lou Cheng furrowed his brow, "Why do you say after dating again? If you take this kind of pure feeling and continue to preserve it for forever and forever, is that a bad thing? Or is that you don't want to have a girlfriend for the sake of marriage?"

Cai Zongming laughed, "Feeling these kinds of emotions isn't simple in any way. To get a grasp is the beginning, there's no shortage of conflict and twists and turns. This is an era brimming with temptation. To want your first love also to be your last, this is difficult! I'm only giving you a heads-up. Two people's interactions with each other aren't always beautiful."

"I believe that as long as both people work hard to communicate with each other, and learn to forgive one another, it's possible." Lou Cheng said with sincerity.

Cai Zongming mouth twitched, and he clapped his shoulder.

"I think there's something in the way of our communication here..." …

Leaving the cafeteria with a somewhat filled stomach, Lou Cheng checked the journey ahead of him as he stepped on.

After taking a window seat on the bus, he took out his phone as if he was the only person in the world and logged onto QQ.

"Have you left?" Yan Zheke sent him an emoji with its hands covering its mouth.

"Just got on." Lou Cheng replied with a gentle face emoji.

Yan Zheke didn't mention it again and sent an emoji with tears flowing and fists clenched, "I feel super tired today, even more than after training yesterday. My waist is sore and my back aches..."

Oh...Lou Cheng quickly sent an emoji patting someone's head, "Maybe it's because you got up so early to train." "That's right, I'm not only merely doing the special training..." Yan Zheke replied using a "Who am I, where am I, what am I doing" emoji.

Lou Cheng laughed upon seeing the emoji, and said with concern, "How about you stop getting up so early for more training? For the sake of your body, having four hours of special training is already enough. Having any more is actually not that good and will make you get injured from fatigue. I'm not saying that your body isn't good enough, I'm just saying you don't have the kind of abnormal endurance that I have and you're not able to take it. A half hour of still stances in the morning to raise your spirit, that would be best."

Yan Zheke used an emoji with its right hand to scratching its chin in thought and said, "This is true...Hey, I can get more familiar with my covers instead! Hmm, tomorrow I'll start to get up at 7 am, and do some still stance for a half hour in the dorm balcony. Otherwise, I'm really afraid that I won't be able to be able to listen to any afternoon or evening classes."

"Coach Yan, you really do accept advice readily."Lou Cheng praised, then turned around and said, "I've noticed my appetite has gotten bigger again. Today I ate 50 cents worth of rice, and it felt like I hadn't eaten anything at all...Although it's necessary to keep your stomach in check, I reckon after eating
1.5 yuans worth of rice I still wasn't full, and this isn't even counting the other food!"
Yan Zheke sent an emoji of someone crouching in the corner miserably, "Me too...I only ate enough food suitable for a delicate and fair maiden, but now, now I have to go to several windows in shame. I'll go to one and order 30 cents worth of rice, then go another and order 30 cents more, and finally I'll go another window and order another 20 cents worth. No less than 80 cents worth of rice, it's like I'm a total chowhound..."

"Then what am I? Two chowhounds? Some kind of food receptacle?" Lou Cheng replied, smiling from ear to ear and ignoring the looks and stares from those beside him.

While chatting, time flew, and he hadn't even raised his head to look out at the scenery going by. Arriving at the Songcheng University old campus, he hailed a car online to find the first order of business: Dingshang Sautéed Crab in Hot and Spicy Sauce Now it was getting later in the day, and the rush hour had already finished, so Lou Cheng did not have for long as he took his place in line.

Seeing that he was by himself, the waitress was slightly surprised and blurted out, "Sir, how many are with you? Do you need to wait for everyone and come back?"

"Just one." Lou Cheng laughed awkwardly, but not shrinking back in the slightest. After all, this was this was his "Divine Mission".

The waitress was unable to look at Lou Cheng in the face; it seemed like she was looking at a desperate single person. She didn't probe any further and said politely, "What kind of crab would you like? We have a few different kinds of quality. The cheapest is 99 yuan for half a kilogram, and the most expensive is 499..."

Lou Cheng was still fairly frugal. As he looked at the stickers on the water tank, he said, "The 199 yuan one, just give me two." According to what Qin Mo had said, this place was also half composed of a hot pot restaurant. You'd first order some glutinous rice, lotus root, and some spicy crab and toss it all into a hotpot. To cook all of the meat, boiling hot broth would be added to cook it, and you could boil some Steamed Shrimp
Dumplings, beef, handmade noodles, and other things. They didn't just depend on the crab to fill you up.

After ordering, he was led by the waitress to his seat. Along the way he sized everything up, taking in and observing the environment. According to what his classmate Little Ming had said, during the first time you take a girl out to eat, if you're not sure what her favorite kind of atmosphere, you at least need to find a place that's not too noisy, chaotic, or messy. Otherwise the great flavor of the food won't be able to counteract the terrible impression created by the environment, unless it was truly divine.

Right, two person and four person tables big difference with the larger tables was that on both sides, inbetween there was a block. This environment wasn't too bad...Lou Cheng nodded his head satisfactorily as he waited for the fresh spicy lobster to be brought over. In this moment, he ate happily. The crab was cooked fresh, the spiciness was ingrained with a little sweetness, and it really hit the spot. After cooking the handmade noodles in the hot pot, as well as the 'Vitality Meatballs', it could be considered a great meal.

"She should enjoy it..." Lou Cheng thought happily as he compared it to a different person's tastes.

After paying, he hurriedly went outside and looked through the surrounding stores as he still had to try out two other places. He was strapped for time and couldn't afford the luxury of casually and carefreely wandering around. Instead he ran, ignoring the staring of passerby as he glanced left and right.

It's commonly said that, if you run in this way, it's impossible to avoid running into other pedestrians or telephone poles, but he was all eyes. All of his energy was focused in his footsteps as he avoided everything just in time, running through flower shrubs and not walking away with the smell of flowers on him afterward. "Is this like some kind of alternative martial arts training? " he thought to himself, amused.

300 meters outside, behind the shopping area, Lou Cheng found a secluded coffee shop that seemed to have some character. He sat down and carefully sampled the beverages and pastries.

Yan Zheke has said before she didn't like coffee, but she seemed to love milk tea really, and there were several kinds offered here...Lou Cheng looked at all of the cups in front of him. Suddenly, he felt that there was a lot of pressure in his bladder.

He was delighted with the environment here. It didn't seem like a Starbucks at the main entrance of a shopping mall where there were tons of people and the seats were arranged in a way that there was no privacy, like a McDonalds or KFC. Those were absolutely not acceptable for a date, and this place also didn't feel the least bit pretentious. ...

100 meters to the left of the coffee shop, Lou Cheng discovered a cake shop.

He walked to and fro, looking out for different pieces of bread, and chose a few that Yan Zheke usually mentioned. After buying them, he immediately sat down and began to eat.

"The quality is really nice!" he patted his stomach with a sense of gratification.


Lou Cheng took the elevator to the mall's fifth floor and surveyed the posters of the newest movies that were showing. He asked the employees about the characteristics of each film, as well as whether it would be easy or difficult to purchase a ticket for each. "If it turns out we want to watch a movie then, I can directly give her a recommendation, make it seem like I'm confident and have my own opinions. It'll leave a good impression", he fantasized the scene playing out during the date.


Afterwards, Lou Cheng again researched the local bus routes nearby. This way he could avoid not being able to find a car online or a taxi. It wouldn't be acceptable to make a lady standing waiting with nothing to do, would it?

He had bustled around like this for the entire afternoon, running here and running there, While his stomach was ready to burst, his spirit was incredibly excited. Finally he'd chosen two other restaurants close to the Dingshang Sautéed Crab in Hot and Spicy Sauce that had the perfect flavor, and that they could go to afterward during the date.

… The next morning, Songcheng University's Martial Arts Club first class of the semester officially. The people who came weren't numerous, but they were all even more serious.

During the bitter training of the Ice Mirror's 'Thunderous Roar Zen', Lou Cheng, rather than training in the same way as the fellow members, instead acted as Geezer Shi's assistant. Other than his own physical training, he also would point out advice to his surrounding classmates.

When Geezer Shi told the group to go to the Strength Training Gymnasium to train, a sea of people came through the entrance. There was a man carrying a video camera on his shoulder, a female reporter holding a microphone, as well as staff members of the school.

"Hey, Cheng, do you see this? It's that reporter from last year! Shu...Shu Rui!" Cai Zongming eyes sparkled as he stopped training and slapped Lou Cheng's shoulder.

Lou Cheng past had followed him. Here he was looking the source of his own black history. This Shu Rui, whose name was carved in the pit of his stomach, didn't seem nearly as mature as she looked in her videos. Her dainty face had already been rid of any trace of seeming like a student, and her eyes glowed with energy and vigor.

Due to the weather, she had a black down jacket this time, which set against her skin made it seem all the more white and dainty. Her thigh high boots accented the curves of her long and straight legs.

"An interview..."

"There's a reporter for an interview!"

All of the voices of the Martial Arts Club Members remaining could be heard whispering together.

Shu Rui's gaze swept through the ranks of the Martial Arts Club, then brightened suddenly as she quickly headed over. She directly approached Lou Cheng and Cai Zongming, smiling sweetly as she said, "Fellow classmates, do you remember me?" "I remember." compared to the last time he'd accepted the interview, Lou Cheng wasn't that nervous or uneasy.

Cai Zongming followed suit, nodding his head. "I remember, that was my first time being on TV."

Shu Rui said with a smile, "Before I set off earlier, I looked through the footage one more time. I still have a strong impression of you two, so it only took a quick glance to recognize you both. How do you feel about accepting another interview today?"

"Sure." Lou Cheng answered concisely.

To be honest, he wasn't all that excited about an interview on the local TV station, but he had to take into account making sure not to have his teacher lose face.

"No problem!" Cai Zongming was always pumped. Shu Rui nodded, "Then I'll interview you one by one.
Classmate, okay if I start with you?"

She fixed her gaze towards Lou Cheng.

"Go ahead." Lou Cheng replied politely.

Shu Rui suddenly broke into soft and delicate laughter. "I can see that you've changed a lot! Last time when I interviewed you, you were incredibly nervous and stiff. But today, to a novel they'd say cool and collected."

"Because I've got experience now." Lou Cheng casually blurted out.

Shu Rui nodded her head slightly, "Then I'll start the interview proper. According to the information given to me by your Propaganda Department, your Martial Arts Club plans to join the preliminaries this time around. Did you know this information?" Upon hearing this, all of the Martial Arts Club members around them burst out in a din of sound. After listening to this, there was an indescribable excitement.

The Preliminaries? The Martial Arts Club would organize a group to join the Preliminaries?

"I know." Lou Cheng finally realized why the reporter had come.

Shu Rui gave an encouraging smile, "Then how do you feel about this? What kind of expectations do you have?"

"Hmm, I think it's a really good thing. There is no official match this semester, so to fill in the gap and get some practical fighting experience and training in, joining the preliminaries is the best method. That way we can exchange blows with real experts. We'll all surely be able to improve by a lot." Lou Cheng replied honestly.

Shu Rui furrowed her brow, feeling that this answer was a little strange. However, she couldn't say exactly what was strange about it, and could only reply teasingly, "Classmate, don't you think your response is a little too formal? It feels like you're the official spokesman for the Martial Arts Club."

"I'm a Martial Arts fan, but I also watch a lot of news and news reports." Lou Cheng explained humorously.

Shu Rui chuckled, "Fine, next question. When I was on the way I took a quick look at the list of names that your Propaganda Department gave me. I noticed a strangers name on there, called Lou Cheng. Last year, he at the start hadn't joined the district contest of the National University Martial Arts Competitions, but this year he's lept ahead and become the preliminaries leading player. Is there any story behind this?

"Do you know what kind of person Lou Cheng is? Is he a private person? Last semester did he or did he not join the Martial Arts Club. What level is his strength at, is he a Professional Ninth Pin?"

Lou Cheng faltered, and then forced a smile, "I can't really answer these questions that well." Beside him, Cai Zongming painfully kept himself from smiling.

Shu Rui furrowed her brows further, then relaxed and chuckled, "Fine, in that case can you point out to me who Lou Cheng is? I'll go and interview him directly."

Ha! Cai Zongming was unable to contain himself as Lou Cheng pointed at himself and helplessly said.

"I am Lou Cheng..."

Chapter 109: I'm Just a Good Person

"You are Lou Cheng?" Shu Rui's mouth opened wide. She would have spouted water out if she were drinking.

How does this average looking passer-by I interviewed last year suddenly become the leading player of Songcheng University Martial Arts Club for the preliminaries? He must be of Amateur First or Second Pin.

Am I wrong about him?

During my one year experience working at the TV station, Martial Arts Competition has been my main focus. I've met over 50 local martial artists, if not 100. The silly looking Lou Cheng appears nothing like them!

Other Martial Arts Club members began to wag their tongue. They didn't expect this easy going, amiable senior of great patience in giving instructions to be one of the leading players of the club. They knew they should never judge people by their appearance. Lou Cheng saw disbelief in the reporter's eyes and laughed. "Would you like to check my student identity card?"

"Ahh? Err..." Shu Rui was brought back from the shock. Realizing this could make a fascinating story, she showed a note of excitement in her voice. "No need. Who lies about this kind of stuff. The truth will come out easily during a small chat with Coach Shi. Lou Cheng, you seem to be a man of stories. Can we arrange an exclusive interview later?"

With no intention to expose himself in front of the camera, Lou Cheng found a pretext to refuse. "We are training now..."

"No problem. Lou Cheng, feel free to have the interview. It's a great propaganda for the school to have a martial arts expert!" advised a teacher from the Propaganda Department.

Shu Rui pointed at the Strength Training Gymnasium. "What about this? I'll ask Coach Shi first. If he doesn't grant permission, we'll wait for next time." "OK." Lou Cheng decided to ask his master to refuse the exclusive interview.

The group immediately moved towards the Strength Training Gymnasium, leaving Cai Zongming standing there in a trance, whispering to himself,

"What happened to the one-to-one interview?"

Entering the Strength Training Gymnasium, Lou Cheng picked up his pace to reach Geezer Shi before everyone else. He lowered his voice and said,

"Master, a reporter wants to interview me. Please help me turn her down."

Geezer Shi laughed. "What's wrong with having an interview? You'll have many of it if you keep up with your fast progress. It's important to learn to deal with the media. Your speed rising from zero will be dug out by someone at some point. Why not take this opportunity and explain yourself?"

Lou Cheng mused and nodded. "Fine."

On his way to the Strength Training Gymnasium with Shu Rui and the cameraman, he glanced at Yan Zheke unconsciously and saw her bright smile, beautiful eyes, and an encouraging gesture.

As warmth filled in his heart, his resistance to the exclusive interview seemed weakened.

"Lou Cheng, relax. Take it as a casual chat between two friends. Just a casual chat." Shu Rui was no longer a new recruit. She seemed professional and confident about the interview.

Lou Cheng was not nervous at all. It was just an interview with the local TV station which had a very limited coverage. He answered with a smile, "I'm very much relaxed. You can start." Shu Rui didn't have a chance to prepare this off-the-cuff interview in outline. She worked in her thought at high speed and improvised there. "You are a freshman, right?"

"Yes. I just joined the Martial Arts Club when you interviewed me last year," Lou Cheng added some information.

Shu Rui nodded. Hundreds of threads flashed in her head during this brief pause. She gave her second question. "Which level were you at prior to your training at the Martial Arts Club? You've made progress by leaps and bounds during these months, is that right?

"I was simply a martial arts enthusiast before. I knew nothing about Still Stance, styles or moves. My level? I don't think I could beat a goose before." Lou Cheng had learned a new phrase "the strength of a swan" recently, which was supposed to satirize some measurement units used to measure strength in some fictions.

Apparently, Shu Rui didn't get his humor, neither did the cameraman. Much puzzled and surprised, she said impulsively, "You were a green hand half a year ago? Not even of Amateur Ninth Pin?"

"That's right. I have practiced martial arts for about half a year," answered Lou Cheng genuinely.

A well-experienced reporter, Shu Rui returned to her normal state much quicker than the cameraman and made a sort of gasp. "So it took you a mere six-month to become the leading player of the club from a nobody? Err... What is your current level?"

"I haven't attended any ranking event but I'd like to think I'm close to the professional level. I plan to sign up for Professional Ninth Pin in April's Ranking Event," said Lou Cheng humbly.

"Half a year from a newbie to an expert of Professional Ninth Pin..." Shu Rui seemed thrilled by this big news, her eyes and brows filled with joy and excitement. "Are you the incarnation of a Living Buddha?"

"No." Lou Cheng shook his head to deny. "Then you must be highly gifted?" Shu Rui's voice turned light and quick.

Lou Cheng reflected on it and nodded slightly, "I noticed my talent in Solemn Silence when I first started my martial arts training here. It didn't take me long to enter a meditative state where my mind concentrates on one. Also, my endurance seems much better than average."

He gave some decorative details.

"You quickly achieved concealment of spirit and qi? Still Stance must be easy for you. Once you have mastered Still Stance, you can get twice the results with half the effort." Specialized in martial arts related interviews, Shu Rui had a thorough understanding of Solemn Silence's importance.

"Yeah." Lou Cheng smiled and added sincerely, "It's my fortune to have Coach Shi in the club. A true master, he has taught us many Still Stance styles and visualization in battle. His instructions helped me improve day by day and reached the Amateur Ninth Pin level before the district contest. But back then I was way behind the seniors. I couldn't even be a substitute."

Shu Rui smiled gently. "No wonder your name was not on the list. What happened next? How did you become the leading player of the Martial Arts Club?"
"I kept practicing through the first term until the past winter break. Because our pair exercise was ceased before the district contest, I had no way to tell my level. I was desperate for some actual battle experience when I heard of the Phoenix Cup Warrior Sage Challenge Tournament from Coach Shi. He helped me get an invitation and I attended the competition in Yanling." Lou Cheng didn't try to hide his experience in the Warrior Sage Challenge Tournament.

Shu Rui let her right hand rest on her lower belly and asked with interest, "Did you set a goal for yourself before the tournament?"

"Yes. I wanted to make it to the second round so it wouldn't be too humiliating!" Lou Cheng joked at himself. Shu Rui chuckled. "And then? How far did you make it?"

"The top eight. I learned a lot and improved fast from each match. I think I have become a real martial artist after that tournament, inside out." Lou Cheng added with a tinge of emotion.

"The top eight? Did you encounter any professional level contestant?" Shu Rui was obviously surprised.

It doesn't sound like an amateur level competition!

Lou Cheng answered frankly, "I fought three of Professional Ninth Pin. Win two and loss one."

"Wow! That's really impressive! You are more than just professional-to-be!" Shu Rui sounded amazed and impressed.

"You are flattering me. Luck was on my side in those two victorious matches. One of the Professional Ninth Pin experts hadn't had any real combat experience for a very long time before the tournament..." Lou Cheng went on to explain in short.

A series of questions and answers led this unprepared interview to the end in less than ten minutes. Lou Cheng had pretty much sketched his story.

"Thank you, Lou Cheng. I'll let you go back to your training.
Sorry for the interrupt," Shu Rui said cheerfully.

"No problem." Lou Cheng answered politely.

Shu Rui gave a little chuckle. "No matter what, thank you for your cooperation. I'll interview your Coach Shi."

Lou Cheng felt relieved and turned around to join his club mates. As he was passing by Yan Zheke, he heard her whisper, "That reporter is so pretty!" "She does have a good set of features..." Lou Cheng held his tongue before speaking out his thought and changed his answer.

"Pretty? I find her rather plain."

Yan Zheke sent one glare at him. "Hypocrite!"

"I'm honest with you. I guess she's just not my cup of tea," answered Lou Cheng sincerely.

Yan Zheke laughed in spite of herself. "Hah. Your aesthetic conception sounds quite special. Well, tell me what your cup of tea looks like?"

Lou Cheng looked at her and smiled. "Have a guess."

Yan Zheke waited for a second before spitting at him. She turned her face away. "Not a fan of your guessing game!" Under the watchful eyes of his club mates, Lou Cheng couldn't say more. He retreated into the team and continued with his training.

Songcheng TV Station.

Shu Rui reported Lou Cheng's story in brief to the head of her department.

Director Guo said in a muted voice,

"Don't air this interview yet. Wait for Songcheng University Martial Arts Club to have some good performance in the preliminaries. Last time we made a whole program but they didn't go far. Just mention their participation in the preliminaries in the news."

"Okay. I'll find more materials." Shu Rui saw this coming. Back to Newsroom Two, she answered a call from her boyfriend and chatted with her colleagues about what they saw and heard before turning on her computer to search for materials related to Lou Cheng's exclusive interview.

The first thing that came to her mind was the Phoenix Cup Warrior Sage Challenge Tournament. Lou Cheng barely said anything about it.

She typed in the title of the competition and added Lou Cheng's name in the search bar.

Many results were returned. She browsed the headings without clicking on any link.
"These few are from the Warrior Sage Challenge Tournament's official site... These... Hmm? Lou Cheng has a personal forum?" Shu Rui gave out a surprised shout. She opened the forum to check if it was real, seeing "Eternal Nightfall" and "Brahman" grumbling at the serious lack of Lou Cheng's news. A smile climbed on Shu Rui's face as it reminded her of her days being a fan. She cut parts of the interview, made a crude preview trailer and posted with her almost forgotten ID "Lush Gives Birth To Light".

"The preview of Songcheng TV Station's interview with Lou Cheng!"

She then uploaded the edited video and typed.

"Don't bother asking who I am. I'm just a good person!"

Chapter 110: The Full Moon Night

Yan Xiaoling, an art student didn't need to go through the national college entrance examination as other students did. She stayed in bed browsing the internet on her mobile while others left early and returned late for school. In the background was an old song called White Moonlight playing on his laptop.

Soon her responsibility half took charge and dragged her back to inspect the forum, making sure the site was not polluted by ads or scams.

"Preview of the Songcheng TV Station's interview with Lou Cheng... Preview..." Her eyes opened wide like a shocked cat as soon as the page was loaded.

She clicked on it before her head could think it through and played the video.

"Who is Lou Cheng? How skillful is he? Has he reached Professional Ninth Pin yet? "I don't have answers to any of these questions."


Joy gradually replaced the shock on her face. Yan Xiaoling murmured joyfully,

"It is Lou Cheng... It really is!"

"Ha-hah. How interesting! She asked who Lou Cheng was in front of Lou Cheng...

"He didn't have any martial arts training until half a year ago?"

The shock trailer was soon over. Yan Xiaoling felt unable to suppress her exaltation and astonishment. She quickly replied to Lush Gives Birth To Light's post. "Long live the good person!"

"It really is our Lou Cheng!"

"Hah! He is a caring boy!"

After three replies in a roll, she opened her QQ to inform Brahman of this good news.

"Hurry up! Check the first post on the forum. The first one under those topped ones!"

The words were not enough to express her excitement and joy. She switched to voice message mode and moved her phone close to her lips.

"Ha-hah! I'm so happy! Finally some news about Lou Cheng!" "He's so caring! So caring. So, so caring! It is so important that I have to repeat three times!"

"Unbelievably the Challenge Tournament was his very first actual combat. He has practiced martial arts for only six months. He's amazing, amazing, amazing!"

"I'm so happy right now! I'm rolling on the floor with my face buried in my hands! Don't you ask me how I can send you voice messages in this position!"


Those voice messages traveled far along with her exaltation and excitement. After a while, "Brahman" sent back an emoji of wiping cold sweat off. "You are such a nympho. I thought you were a pretty and cute fan..."

She also sent a voice message in her crispy young girl voice. "Little Changye, you liar! You sound like a little girl in elementary school. How could you trick me that you were a high school senior?" In a perfect mood, Yan Xiaoling wasn't bothered by being called a liar. She cleared her throat and put on a more serious voice as if a radio host. "You have to accept that some people are gifted with a naive voice. Wait to see me become a student of Songcheng University this fall!"

"Hmm! I'm waiting. I'll go and check the post first." Brahman opened the forum and clicked on the post.

As the video played, her facial expression slowly changed. She pulled her two braids hanging above her shoulders with excitement and quickly typed a reply to "Lush Gives Birth To Light".

"Too short... I want more!"

"My idol came to the Warrior Sage Challenge Tournament after only six months martial arts training with zero actual combat experience and made it to the top eight... No wonder he's so mysterious... I love him more!" There is no conflict at all between a mysterious, hidden expert and a talented youth with half a year training and a top- eight record!

Sharing the same excitement and joy with Yan Xiaoling, Brahman couldn't wait to spread it out.

Hmm... I'll share it with Uncle Pig Riding and Uncle Arena so they can learn something about my idol! They blamed for their defeat on a lack of actual combat... He has trained for only half a year!

Brahman hesitated if she should post it in the douche section or the Longhu Club forum.

The former one was probably better for Road to the Arena and Invincible Punch's face, but the limited number of viewers was obviously not satisfying for her...

After one second of serious thinking, Brahman decided to share it on the Longhu Club forum! Adults think about potential consequences. Kids seek for fun!

Soon a new post was published on the Longhu Club forum with the title

"My idol's latest news!"

Brahman tagged many in the post and introduced with her nose in the air: "Check it out! An exclusive interview with my idol! Allegedly he's only trained for six months..."

Soon Unparalleled Dragon King replied a shocking emoji: "Six months only... No wonder he's not in my database and no one seems to know anything about him... Only six months..."

Road to the Arena closely followed: "Speechless... I'll buy a piece of tofu and kill myself."

Invincible Punch sent an emoji of crying to faint in the toilet: "Master Road, I need no tofu. I'll just end my life in my toilet!" Pig-Riding Knight replied the sticker of Yao Ming's signature laugh: "Come on. Let's queue and die."

Comments flooded in rapidly, making Brahman's eyebrows dance. She copied and pasted some to share the joy with Yan Xiaoling.

"Beautiful World" commented: "He seems to have some talent. This kind of fighters always improve fast at the beginning thanks to their great potential's explosion, but soon they'll reach the bottleneck. His future is not yet bright."

"Outspoken" questioned: "What if he's a reincarnation of a living Buddha and will achieve physical invulnerability in a few years? Who can match him then?"

"Okamoto's Fan" joked: "I've made up my mind and I'll start my martial arts training. What if I also have some talents? Maybe a glare of mine can cause pregnancy and orgasm!"

"Wonton Seller" wrote: "I think I have just started admiring him... However talented, he couldn't defeat Professional Ninth Pin fighters in half a year without hard training. I love this hard-working genius!"


Lou Cheng came across this scene while browsing the forum and it muddled his wits. Watching on the side quietly, he felt great inside.

It is spreading too fast!


Shu Rui had no idea what was happening in the Longhu Club forum, but she saw Eternal Nightfall and Brahman's replies with great joy and excitement. She smiled and followed Lou Cheng's forum.

"Brahman" was trying hard to develop more fans for Lou Cheng. "Wonton Seller" was successfully induced and became a follower.

In a flash, Valentine's Day came. Following Cai Zongming's advice, Lou Cheng heated up and flirted whenever he could to deliver his intention without causing her too much pressure or burden.

Back to the dorm after dinner, he took out his mobile to reply Yan Zheke's message and start new topics.

However, he heard nothing from her.

One minute, two minutes, ten and 20 minutes passed and Lou Cheng started to worry. It never happened in the past. He usually knew exactly what she was busy with when she couldn't respond to his message in time. But this time he had absolutely no clue. "She told me she had dinner already... Could anything bad happen to her? But what could happen in school? Any reckless man won't be a problem for her considering her current martial arts skills... Did she fall in the lake by accident? She can't swim!" Standing by the window, Lou Cheng's head was filled with random possibilities. Tortured by his bad
conjectures, he could stay there no longer and shouted at Cai

"Talker, let's go!"

Cai Zongming moved his eyes away from his laptop, confused. "Isn't it too early?"

"Let's go now. It helps our digestion," replied Lou Cheng insincerely.

"Fine..." Cai Zongming frowned while turning off his laptop.

The two began their walk to the classroom building. Lou Cheng kept his eyes sharp, looking for anything unusual or suspicious but spotting nothing but loving couples which made him jealous. "Yan Zheke left with her classmates, so there would be some uproar in case any accident happened."

Abruptly his head clicked and his wild conjectures turned to an entirely different direction.

"Today is Valentine's Day..."

"Did anyone confess his love for her? What would her response be?"

"No reply from her for so long... Did she...?

Lou Cheng dared not continue this thought. His face turned gray and his heart felt plugged, sulking. He wanted to call and ask her but he understood it was no good. He didn't even know what to say once the call got connected.

Half an hour. An hour... Time quickly went by and Yan Zheke wrote him nothing. Sitting in the classroom, Lou Cheng didn't listen to the teacher. Lost and suffering, he checked on his mobile frequently every a few minutes. Cai Zongming curled his lips and cleared his throat, whispering,

"Having a fight?"

"Not really..." Lou Cheng found it hard to put his thoughts into words.

Cai Zongming smiled. "Relax. Conflict is normal. It's the time to play some communication skills..."

He continued on to explain his philosophy of dealing with girl problems but Lou Cheng was too lost to listen. No more than three out of ten lines reached his ears.


Ten minutes before the end of the class, a notification for Yan Zheke's new message flashed on his screen. She began with an emoji of collapsing to the ground. "Phew...
Finally back to my room."

Moody and rather bothered, he simply replied an OK.

He suddenly remembered what Cai Zongming just said that same content delivered differently would become completely different for girls; anger couldn't solve conflict but communication could; good communication demanded a good attitude.

After a long deep breath, he added, "What happened? You sound tired."

"Very! Physically and mentally!" Yan Zheke used the emoji of crying while making a fist. "Someone declared love to me after dinner. Candles and flowers in front of so many people... How embarrassing! I don't understand what is wrong with his head! He only wants to touch my heart but ignore my feeling? Who enjoys being watched like an animal? So embarrassing!" Lou Cheng was delighted, his anger and gloom fading away. "So... You said no?"
"Of course! Right in his face, ruthlessly!" Yan Zheke confirmed. "I ran away after refusing his affection. Scared of being bothered by him, I went to a classroom instead of my dorm. My phone was dying and my roommate was on the way with my charger but a phone call from School of Psychology came in about my cousin... Emm... After that call, my phone totally discharged..."

"Her phone had no power..." Lou Cheng felt relaxed inside out with a tiny portion of emotion still trapped in his heart. "School of Psychology?" He was puzzled.

"My cousin is studying in School of Psychology. We thought it might help his Mild Autism but it was not the case at all... Psychological services didn't seem to work... Sigh... Teachers called me over for this matter. I came back to my room, had my phone plugged in and immediately started my English test..." Yan Zheke added an emoji of panting and squatting. Lou Cheng came to a sudden realization. "You completed your paper early?"

"Yeah... I'm so exhausted..." After a pause, Yan Zheke showed her acute senses. "Cheng, you sounded a bit weird earlier."

Thinking about denying, but Lou Cheng eventually chose to be honest. "You didn't reply for such a long time... I was concerned and went off into wild flights of fancy. I was afraid you might have fallen into the lake or encountered bad guys... I became very worried and disturbed... I always phoned you..."

"Ha... You are so good at cursing me..." Yan Zheke chuckled. "Didn't know you are so easily disturbed and worried."

This message lit up Lou Cheng's last bit of emotion. He blurted out, unable to contain himself.

"Because I like Yan Zheke. I like Yan Zheke very much!" Regrets hit him right away.

I screwed up... What happened to no declaration of love before starting a relationship?

What about expressing love and affection face to face not by phone or through the internet?

Supposed to wait for two more days to use the tricked set on our date...

Damn it! I screwed up... Big time...

Nervousness, upset, worry and expectation all came at once. Lou Cheng heard his heart beating fast, more violent than ever.

Yan Zheke relapsed into silence again. The longer Lou Cheng waited, the more desperate he felt. "You... Aren't you gonna say something?" He took heart and asked again, waiting for his doomsday.

A dozen seconds later, Yan Zheke sent a shy emoji.

"Let me enjoy it for five more minutes first..."

The implied meaning hit Lou Cheng hard as if the most beautiful fireworks blasted in his heart, brilliant and bright.

This is a yes from Yan Zheke!

The most beautiful thing in this world is the girl I love happens to love me back.

Lou Cheng wanted to jump up high. Joy and flashes of fireworks went on and on in his mind. He looked out of the window, seeing the full moon becoming brighter and brighter.

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