Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils Chapter 31-35

Chapter - 31 Win Or Lose, Success Or Failure, Striving Against Calculation of Men

The wheels of the carriage rumbled, they travelled day and night without stopping. XuanNan, Deng BaiChuan, Kang GuangLing and the rest are great heroes in the martial arts fraternity, but now they lost all their martial arts and became normal prisoners and got bullied around by others. Everyone roughly felt they are travelling in the south-east direction.

They travelled for 8 days, on the 9th day they travelled on mountain path early in the morning. As they travelled till afternoon, the terrain became steeper and steeper, eventually the carriage can no longer move up the steep slope. The disciples of XingXiu Sect ordered XuanNan and the rest to exit the carriage. They walk for an hour and came to a dense bamboo forest, the scenery is beautiful and serene, there's a large bamboo pavilion beside a mountain stream, the pavilion is elegant, a lot of time and effort must have been spent to build it, the bamboo forest looks like the pavilion, the pavilion looks like the bamboo forest, unexpectedly its difficult to differentiate between the bamboo forest and pavilion. Feng ASan was greatly impressed, he kept looking to the left and right, his bewildered.

Everyone had barely seat them properly in the pavilion when 4 people walk hurriedly up the mountain path. The front two men are XingXiu disiciples, when the carriage stop they went on ahead to scout or deliver news. The other two young men behind them wore country peasant clothes, they walk towards Ding ChunQiu, bow to pay their respect and presented a letter.

Ding ChunQiu unsealed the letter and took a look, he sneered: "Very good, very good. You still have yet to admit defeat and wish to fight till death, i will play with you."

The young man took a firework tube from his bosom, he ignited it, there is a 'Peng' sound and the fireworks flew up into the sky. Ordinary firework tube would have a 'Peng' sound, the firework will travel till mid air and there would be a 'Pai' sound, the firework would explode and scatter, but when this firework travel till mid-air, there is three 'Pai' sound. Feng ASan whispered to Kang GuangLing: "Elder brother, this firework is made by our Sect."

Soon after a group of people came up the mountain path, there is around 30 people, all of them wearing country peasant clothes and they seem to be carrying long bladed weapons. As they got nearer, everyone saw they did not carry any weapon but merely bamboo pole. Between two bamboo pole is a rope net, it allow someone to sit on it.

Ding ChunQiu sneered: "The host is taking good care of visitors, everyone don't be shy, please sit on it." Immediately XuanNan and the rest sat on the rope net. Two men lifted each bamboo pole and they quickly ran up the mountain path.

Ding ChunQiu took the lead, his big sleeves fluttering lightly as he travelled. Ding ChunQiu running speed was not hurried, but he seems to be floating like the wind as he travelled up the precipitous mountain path, his feet did not touch the ground, in an instant he entered the bamboo forest up ahead.

When Deng BaiChuan and the rest got hit by his [Great Energy Dissolving Skill], they were resentful, they felt this evil monster got lucky and injure them, they did not think they lost the fight, but when they saw his exquisite lightness martial art, its really true skill and not some cheap trick, they cannot help but gasp with admiration and pondered: "Even if he doesn't use his evil demonic skills, i am still not his match." Feng BoE praised: "The lightness martial art of this old devil is truly superb, respect, respect!" as he said this, the rest of XingXiu disciples all competed with each other to praise, they said Ding ChunQiu is peerless and without equal, a great master since ancient times and even Damo fall short against him, their flattery is really intense and unprecedented.

Bao BuTong said: "Hey you old chaps, the martial arts of XingXiu Sect is indeed better any other sect or school, no one has ever achieve it in the past and no one will ever achieve it in the future." The XingXiu disciples were excited, one of them ask: "In your opinion, what is the best skill from our Sect?" Bao BuTong said: "There is more than one, at least three." The XingXiu disciples were even more happy, they ask in unison: "Which three skills?"

Bao BuTong said: "The 1st skill is boot-licking skill. If this skill is not well trained, i am afraid you won't survive for more than 1 day in your Sect. The 2nd skill is horn-tooting skill, if you don't brag and exaggerate the martial arts of your Sect, not only would your Master despise you, your fellow apprentices would also despise you, you won't have any status in the Sect. The 3rd skill is shameless skill. If you don't kill your own conscience and be shameless, how can you master the divine boot-licking skill and divine horn-tooting skill."

As he finish his words, he knew the XingXiu disciples would be angry and indignant, they would all come and punch and kick him, but if he don't say it out loud its like having fish bone stuck in his throat, his not happy unless he spit it out, unexpectedly all the XingXiu disciples nod their head in silence. One disciple said: "Old chap you are extremely clever, you really understand the wonderful skills of our Sect. But this boot-licking, horn-tooting and shameless skills, its really difficult to train. Normal people are used to worldly life, they feel some things are good and some things are bad. If you harbour thoughts on good and evil, right and wrong, you would put in twice the effort but get half the result when training the shameless skill, you will fail at the most crucial moment. The foundation to these 3 divine skills is to distort the truth and be unable to distinguish right and wrong."

Bao BuTong was originally mocking and ridiculing them, he did not expect these people to regard their wrongdoing with equanimity, he had some doubts and cannot help but feel weird, he laugh and said: "The divine skills of your noble Sect is truly profound and matchless, i really admire it, i wish to invite great immortal to enlighten me."

When the XingXiu disciple heard Bao BuTong address him as 'Great Immortal', he felt elated and smug, he said: "You are not from our Sect, i cannot impart the secrets of these divine skills to you. But i have some superficial principles, there is no harm in sharing it with you. The most important principle is to praise your master as if his a god. If he fart......"

Bao BuTong interrupted and said: "then it must be fragrant. You have to inhale and exhale loudly, praise wholeheartedly......" the person said: "Generally speaking you are correct, but there are some minor flaws, you cannot inhale and exhale loudly, the correct way is to inhale loudly, exhale softly." Bao BuTong said: "Correct, correct, great immortal is correct in pointing it out, if you exhale loudly it shows you dislike your master's fart.....that his fart is not too fragrant."

The person nod his head and said: "Not bad, you are gifted and have the innate talent, if you enter our Sect you will have considerable achievements, its a pity that you took the wrong path and entered a heretical school. Although the skills of our Sect has infinite variation, but the fundamental skills are not too complicated, you only need to remember, kill your own conscience and you will more or less achieve success." As for 'distort the truth and be unable to distinguish right and wrong' its difficult to maintain when you are alone in the outside world, but when you join our sect you will automatically know its the proper thing to do and you won't find it difficult anymore.

Bao BuTong nod his head repeatedly and said: "Just one sentence from you, its better than studying for 10 years. I am really interested in your sect, i can't wait to join your noble sect, i wonder if great immortal can recommend me?" the person smiled and said: "If you want to join our sect, its really easier said than done, there are numerous challenging tests, i don't think you can withstand it." Another disciple said: "There's too many people here, it's not convenient to tell him. The one surnamed Bao, if you really intend to join our sect you have to wait until our Master is in a good mood, i can put in a few good words for you. Our sect recruits people from everywhere, your basics are not bad, if Master is benevolent and accept you as his disciple, you will have some achievements in the future." Bao BuTong said earnestly: "Many thanks, many thanks! The benevolence of great immortal, i will remember it for as long as i live."

Deng BaiChuan, GongYe Gan and the rest heard him making fun of these XingXiu disciples, they cannot help but feel happy and ridiculous, they thought: "There is really such shameless and despicable person in this world, he takes pride in bullshitting and boot-licking, its truly rare."

As they kept talking, the group entered a valley. The valley is full of pine trees, as the wind blew past, the trees sounded like big waves. They travelled a few li inside the forest and arrived at 3 wooden house. In front of a house, under a big tree, 2 men sat opposite each other. For the man sitting on the left hand side, there are 3 men standing behind him. Ding ChunQiu stood far away, he raise his head and look at the sky, his expression arrogant and haughty.

As the group gradually got closer, Bao BuTong suddenly heard a 'Gu' sound coming from Li KuiLei's throat, it seems he wanted to speak but he forcibly endured it. Bao BuTong turn his head to look at Li KuiLei, his complexion is snow white, expression extremely terrified. Bao BuTong said: "What you disguising as? The son of a ghost? Look at yourself, your so frighten!" Li KuiLei did not reply, apparently he did not hear Bao BuTong at all.

As they move closer, they saw a big stone slab between the two men, there is a chessboard on top of the stone slab, the two men are playing chess. Sitting on the right hand side is a short, thin and wizened old man, on the left hand side is a young gentleman. Bao BuTong recognize the young gentleman as Duan Yu, his interest wane and he pondered: "I am always rude to this young chap, today i met with a big misfortune and bump into him, he will surely ridicule and mock me."

He saw the chessboard was engraved on a bluestone, the black and white chess-pieces are all translucent and sparkling, both side made more than 100 moves. Ding ChunQiu slowly move closer to observe the chess match. The short old man grasp a black piece and made a move, suddenly both his eyebrow narrowed, it seems he spotted the wonderful variation in the situation. Duan Yu grasp a white piece with his finger, he muttered to himself and did not make a move, Bao BuTong shouted: "Hello, the chap surnamed Duan, you already lost, you are in the same boat as me, just concede defeat." The 3 men behind Duan Yu turn around and glared angrily at Bao BuTong, they are the 3 guards, Zhu DanChen, Gu DuCheng and Fu SiGui.

Suddenly, Kang GuangLing, Fan BaiLing and the rest of 'Eight Friends of HanGu', all of them struggle to stand up from the rope net and they move to within a zhang of the bluestone chessboard, they knelt down simultaneously.

Bao BuTong had a shock and said: "What are you people doing?" as he finish speaking the truth hit him, this short and wizened old man must be the Deaf Mute Old Man 'Mr Intelligent', his also the Master of the 'Eight Friends of HanGu'. But his the arch enemy of the Old Freak of XingXiu Ding ChunQiu, since his enemy is here how come his still leisurely playing chess? Moreover, his chess opponent is not some important person but a bookworm who don't know any martial arts.

Kang GuangLing said: "Senior you are still healthy and strong, the eight of us are extremely happy to see you." After being expelled by Mr Intelligent Su XingHe, the eight of them dare not address him as Master. Fan BaiLing said: "Master XuanNan from Shaolin also came here to see you."

Su XingHe stood up, he greeted everyone by raising his clasped hands and said: "The arrival of Master XuanNan, please forgive old rotten man Su XingHe for failing to receive you properly, i am guilty, i am guilty!" he gave a glance at the crowd of people and the turn his head to look at the chess match.

Everyone heard Xue MuHua narrate how their Master was forced to be deaf and mute, unexpectedly Su XingHe spoke, it seems his determined to risk his life and fight with Ding ChunQiu till death. Kang GuangLing, Xue MuHua and the rest cannot help but turn their head and look at Ding ChunQiu, they felt excited and worried.

XuanNan said: "You are too kind, you are too kind!" he saw how Su XingHe valued this chess match, he pondered: "This person is bogged down by too much stuff, painting, calligraphy, music and chess, no wonder his martial arts fell short against his younger martial brother."

Suddenly Duan Yu said: "So be it, i will make this move!" as he finish he made a move and place a white piece on the chessboard. Su XingHe was delighted, he nod his head, his expression favourable, he made another move with his black piece, Duan Yu already prepared the next 10 moves, immediately he made a move with his white piece, Su XingHe made another move with his back piece, both of them made 10 moves each, Duan Yu gave a long sigh, shakes his head and said: "Senior, your 'Zhen Long' chess formation is extremely profound and ingenious, junior cannot break it."

It seems Su XingHe won the chess match, but his expression was grieved and distressed, he said: "Gentleman, you thoughts are thorough and meticulous, these 10 moves neared perfection, but you fail to think one step deeper, what a pity, what a pity. Alas, what a pity, what a pity!" he said 'what a pity' 4 times, it seems his regret is really heartfelt and genuine. Duan Yu took 10 white piece off the chessboard and place them into a small wooden box. Su XingHe also took 10 black piece off the chessboard. The chessboard showed the original chess formation.

Duan Yu retreated to the side, he gaze at the chess formation, he was in a daze and thought: "This 'Zhen Long' is the same one i saw at WuLiang Cave. Mr Intelligent must be related to that fairy sister, later on i will secretly ask him, i cannot let anyone hear it else they will rush to see the fairy sister, isn't that blasphemous?" Fan BaiLing from 'Eight Friends of HanGu' is a chess fanatic, when he saw the chess formation, he knew his Master was not playing chess with the young gentleman, his Master deployed the 'Zhen Long' chess formation and this young gentleman tried to break it but he failed. He could not see clearly while kneeling, he stood up and stretch his neck, trying to understand the situation.

Su XingHe said: "All of you stand up! BaiLing, this 'Zhen Long' is extremely important and significant, come over here and look at it properly, it will be wonderful if you can break it."

Fan BaiLing was excited, he said: "Yes!" he got up and stood beside the chessboard, he focus his attention on the chessboard.

Deng BaiChuan whispered: "2nd brother, what is this 'Zhen Long'?" GongYe Gan whispered: "'Zhen Long' is a difficult chess problem. It's a puzzle set by someone, its not a chess match between two person, thus it often difficult to calculate when to attack or defend. Ordinary 'Zhen Long' have at least 10 chess-piece and at most 45 chess-piece, but this one have 200 chess-piece, the chess match is nearly over." GongYe Gang has limited knowledge on chess, he observe for a while and could not understand it, thus he did not bother to look at it anymore.

Fan BaiLing research chess intensively for over 10 years, his really an expert in the field, he saw this chess formation had opportunity to plunder, live, long life, counter-attack, endure attack, break out of encirclement, its really extremely complex and complicated. His was roused mentally and concentrated, after a short time he felt dizzy and light-headed, he only calculated the probability of survival for one of the white chess-piece at the lower right corner, but he felt his blood flow rolling and clashing at his chest. He composed himself and concentrated again, he calculated again, originally he thought the white chess-piece at the lower right corner was dead but it actually had chance to survive, but to do that he needs to kill the black chess-piece beside it but it involves numerous moves, he re-calculated again, suddenly all he saw was darkness, he stick out his tongue and spurted a big mouthful of fresh blood.

Su XingHe look at him coldly and said: "This chess formation is extremely difficult, your talent is limited, although your chess skill is not bad but you will not be able to break the chess formation, moreover there is this evil traitor Ding ChunQiu using his sorcery nearby, his trying to enchant and tempt your soul, its simply too dangerous, you still want to carrying on thinking how to break the formation?" Fan BaiLing said: "Life and death is pre-determined, determined to make an all-out effort." Su XingHe nod his head and said: "Then you carry on and slowly think through." Fan BaiLing gaze at the chess formation again, his body swayed and he spurted another big mouthful of fresh blood.

Ding ChunQiu sneered: "Desperately seeking your own death, why bother? This mechanism is made by that old thief, its originally used for tormenting people, it killed and injured many people, Fan BaiLing you are walking into a trap."

Su XingHe look askance, he glance at Ding ChunQiu and said: "What you address your Master as?" Ding ChunQiu said: "His an old thief, i call him an old thief!" Su XingHe said: "Deaf Mute Old Man is no longer deaf and mute, you must have known the underlying reason." Ding ChunQiu said: "Excellent! You break our pledge, your courting death, don't you dare blame me."

Su XingHe lifted a big rock by his side and place it beside XuanNan, he said: "Great Master please sit."

XuanNan estimated this big rock weigh at least 200 catties, Su XingHe is a withered, short and thin old man, he might not even weigh 80 catties but he effortlessly lifted this giant stone, his internal energy must be remarkable, if he did not lose his internal energy naturally he would be able to achieve the same feat but he might not be able to lift it so effortlessly and leisurely as if nothing had happen, he press his hands together and said: "Many thanks!" he sat on top of the stone.

Su XingHe said: "This 'Zhen Long' chess formation is created by my deceased Master. Master spent 3 years of his life blood before completing this formation, he long for a capable person in the present age to break the formation. I myself studied this formation meticulously for 30 years, but i cannot solve the mystery behind it." As he finish speaking, his gaze swept across XuanNan, Duan Yu and Fan BaiLing, he continued: "Great Master XuanNan is proficient in Buddhism, the essence of Buddhism lies in enlightenment. Years of painstaking work and cultivation, you might not be equal to some fated intelligent person who has a flash of enlightenment. The art of chess is also the same, 8-9 year old kid with overflowing talent can often beat a top ranking expert in chess match. Although i cannot solve the mystery behind the chess formation, but there are so many talented individuals under the heaven, it cannot be that none is able to break it. My Master had a wish when his still alive, if someone can break this chess formation it would fulfil his wish, although Master is no longer in this world, his spirit would be gratified if he knows of it."

XuanNan pondered: "This Mr Intelligent and his disciples, their habits seem to pass down, zither, chess, calligraphy and painting, all of them became fanatic, they spent their lifetime of intelligence and wisdom on these irrelevant stuff, thus Ding ChunQiu ran amok without obstruction and no one can control him, this is regrettable."

Su XingHe continued speaking: "My younger martial brother," he pointed at Ding ChunQiu and continued; "he betrayed our sect, he cause our Master to drown in hate and regret and pass away, he injure me till i cannot retaliate. I should have killed myself to accompany Master, but i recall that Master had an unfulfilled wish, if i cannot find someone to break the chess formation i cannot account to Master when i die, thus i endured humiliation and survive until now. All these years, i abide by the pact made by my martial brother, i cannot speak a single word, not only did i become the Deaf Mute Old Man, i even force my newly recruited disciples and followers to become deaf and mute. Sigh, 30 years, i achieved nothing, this chess formation still remains unbroken. This gentleman Duan, admittedly his handsome, natural and unrestrained........"

Bao BuTong interrupted: "This gentleman Duan is not necessarily handsome, natural and unrestrained is even more unlikely, moreover, how is handsome, natural and unrestrained related to playing chess? His lacking, his lacking!" Su XingHe said: "Its related, very much related." Bao BuTong said: "Old Mister your appearance, hei hei, i don't think you are handsome." Su XingHe fix his gaze at him for a short period of time, he gave a faint smile. Bao BuTong said: "You must be thinking that Bao BuTong is even more ugly and queer compared to you...."

Su XingHe ignored him and continued speaking: "The 10 moves made by gentleman Duan, its already exquisite to the extreme, i had enormous expectations, but he still lack 1 move and eventually he lost."

Duan Yu expression was ashamed, he said: "My aptitude is low, i cannot repay the great kindness shown by senior sir, i am really ashamed....."

Suddenly Fan BaiLing cry out loudly, he spurted fresh blood violently and collapsed backward. Su XingHe raised his left hand, there was 3 'Chi' sound, 3 chess-piece flew out and hit the acupoints on Fan BaiLing's chest, this stopped him from spurting blood.

Just as everyone was being startled, suddenly there is a slapping sound, a white grain flew in mid-air and hit the chessboard. Su XingHe look at the chessboard, he saw a small pine nut, its a freshly shelled pine nut and it landed on the 7th row 9th column, this is the crucial point in breaking the 'Zhen Long' formation. Su XingHe raised his head, on the left hand side of a pine tree 5 zhang away, he saw the corner of a yellow robe, obviously someone is hiding there.

Su XingHe was startled yet happy, he said: "Another capable person has arrived, old man is extremely happy." As he was about to respond with his black chess-piece, suddenly he heard a gentle sound, a small black object flew from his rear and landed on the 8th row 8th column, it happen to be the position which Su XingHe was about to place his chess piece.

Everyone cry out in surprise, they turn around but did not spot the shadow of the person. The pine trees on the right hand side are not tall, if someone is hiding in the trees he would be spotted easily, no one knows where his hiding. Su XingHe saw the small black object was a small bark off the pine tree, its landing position extremely accurate, he was secretly astonished. After the black object landed, another white grain flew out from the pine tree on the left hand side, it landed on the 5th row 6th column.

Another 'Chi' sound and a black grain hover up in the sky, immediately afterwards it drop straight down and landed on the 4th row 5th column. The black grain flew up in a spiral, no one knew where it originated from, the black grain zigzag up to mid-air and yet it landed accurately, this skill in firing hidden projectile is truly astonishing. All the spectators cannot help but admire it deeply and they cheered.

The applauses had yet to end when a clear and bright voice resonated from between a branch and leaf of a pine tree: "Gentleman Murong, you came to break this 'Zhen Long', please forgive junior monk for being bold." The branch and leaf rustled and there is a cool breeze, a monk stood beside the chessboard. The monk is wearing a gray cassock, his face seems to be emanating light similar to that of gems, his wearing a faint smile.

Duan Yu was startled, he thought: "The great devil Jumozhi comes again!" he pondered again: "Don't tell me the white grains are fired by gentleman Murong? This gentleman Murong, i finally get to meet him today?"

He saw Jumozhi press his hands together, he bow towards Su XingHe, Ding ChunQiu and XuanNan, he said: "Junior monk received Mr Intelligent invitation card while travelling en route, i overestimated my capabilities and came here to meet experts from all over the world." He said again: "Gentleman Murong, please reveal yourself!"

There is a clear and bright laughter, two people emerge from behind a pine tree. Duan Yu immediately felt his vision turn dark, ears ringing, bitter taste in his mouth, his entire body like oven. The person's figure is graceful, steps unhurried, he yearn for this person day and night, its Wang YuYan.

Her face revealed admiration and love, she gaze longingly at the young gentleman beside her. Duan Yu followed her gaze and look at the man, the person is around 27-28 years of age, his wearing a light yellow robe, a long sword hanging by his waist, he floated over, his appearance handsome, natural, unrestrained and elegant.

When Duan Yu saw him he felt half his body go cold, his eyes turned red, his tears nearly flow down, he thought: "Everyone says gentleman Murong is a dragon among human, its really a well deserved reputation. No wonder Miss Wang adores him greatly. Sigh, i am destined to suffer hardship and calamity my entire life." He felt remorseful, he sigh in despair, his unwilling to raise his head to look at Wang YuYan's expression, but he cannot resist and secretly sneak a glance at her. Her face is radiant and glowing, it seems as if her entire body is smiling, he has never seen her so happy before. The two of them walk near him but Wang YuYan ignored Duan Yu, she did not turn to greet him. Duan Yu pondered: "She never had me in her heart, previously when we were together, she only thought about her cousin."

Deng BaiChuan, GongYe Gan, Bao BuTong, Feng BoE, all four of them rush forward to welcome him. GongYe Gan whispered and reported the origins of Su XingHe, Ding ChunQiu and XuanNan to Murong Fu. Bao BuTong said: "This bookworm is surnamed Duan, he doesn't know martial arts, he lost when playing chess just now."

Murong Fu mingled and paid his respects to everyone, his speech modest and amiable, he made friends easily. The name 'Gusu Murong' shook the entire world, everyone did not expect him to be such an elegant and noble young man, everyone admired him, even Ding ChunQiu was polite and courteous towards him.

Murong Fu met Duan Yu at the end, he said: "Brother Duan, how are you." Duan Yu expression was distressed, he shakes his head and said: "Your good, i.....i am not good at all." Wang YuYan cry out in surprise and said: "Gentleman Duan, your also here." Duan Yu said: "Yes, i....i....." Wang YuYan said: "Gentleman Duan, you trying to find Ah Bi? My cousin already sent someone to escort her back to Suzhou. There is no one at home to take care of things and we really worry about it." Duan Yu responded weakly.

Murong Fu glared at him a few times and ignored him, he stood beside the chessboard, grasp a white chess-piece and made a move on the chessboard. Jumozhi gave a faint smile and said: "Gentleman Murong, although your martial art is strong, but i am afraid your chess skill is ordinary." As he finish he made a move with the black chess-piece. Murong Fu said: "I might not lose to you." As he finish he made a move with the white chess-piece. Jumozhi responded with another move.

Murong Fu already thought about this chess formation for a long time, his confident in breaking it. But this move from Jumozhi was beyond his calculations, the moves he prepared beforehand are completely useless, he have to think of new moves again, after a long time he finally made another move.

Jumozhi is extremely quick, he immediately responded. The two of them, one is slow the other is quick, they made a total of 20 moves, suddenly Jumozhi laugh out loudly and said: "Gentleman Murong, let us separate!" Murong Fu was furious: "You trying to stir things up! Why don't you try to break this chess formation." Jumozhi smiled and said: "Nobody can break this chess formation, its used to trick people. Junior monk is aware of his own ability, i won't waste my time and effort on such stuff. Gentleman Murong, you can't even break away from my tangling around the borders, you still want to break through and attempt to seize the throne?"

Murong Fu heart was shaken, all sorts of feelings well up in his heart, he kept thinking about the two phrase: "You can't even break away from my tangling around the borders, you still want to break through and attempt to seize the throne?"

His vision gradually turned fuzzy, the white and black chess-piece on the chessboard seem to turn into generals and soldiers, men and horses to the east and west, you surround me, i surround you, hopelessly tangling with each other and killing. Murong Fu hopelessly saw how his own white troops got surrounded by enemy black troops, he dash to the left and right but he can't break through the encirclement, he felt more and more anxious and said: "My Murong family exhausted its destiny and wasted all planning and schemes. I put in my utmost effort my entire life but everything is just a dream! My life is over, what else can i say?" suddenly he shout loudly, he draw out his long sword and slice across his neck.

During the time when Murong Fu was in a daze, Wang YuYan, Duan Yu, Deng BaiChuan, GongYe Gan and the rest all kept their eyes on him. When Murong Fu suddenly draw his sword to commit suicide, nobody expected this move from him, Deng BaiChuan and the rest immediately scrambled over to save him, but they already lost their internal energy and was a step slower.

Duan Yu pointed his index finger and shouted: "You cannot do that!" suddenly there is a 'chi' sound, the long sword held by Murong Fu flash, there is a 'dang' sound and the sword drop on the ground.

Jumozhi smiled and said: "Gentleman Duan, what a good move from the [Six Meridians Divine Sword]!"

Murong Fu had a shock when his sword was taken away, his finally snap out of his fantasy. Wang YuYan held onto his hand, she shake him repeatedly and said: "Cousin! You can't break the chess formation, but why so tense? Why commit suicide?" tears rolled down her cheek as she finish speaking.

Murong Fu said blankly: "What's going on?" Wang YuYan said: "Luckily gentleman Duan shot down your long sword, else.....else...." GongYe Gan said: "Young master, this chess formation enchants and enslave your mind and soul, there must be some illusionary technique in it, Young master please don't think about it anymore." Murong Fu turn his head and said to Duan Yu: "The move just now, is it really the sword move from [Six Meridians Divine Sword]? A pity i never see it, can you display another move and let me broaden my knowledge."

Duan Yu gave a glance at Jumozhi, his afraid that if he use another move from the [Six Meridians Divine Sword] Jumozhi would come over and capture him, this sword play is unstable, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't work, if the evil monk really attack he would have problems resisting, he was afraid and quickly move 3 steps to the left and stay far away from Jumozhi, in between them is Zhu DanChen and the rest of his guards, only now did he reply Murong Fu: "I.....i was hasty, it just happen by chance, its difficult for me to execute it again. You really didn't see it just now?"

Murong Fu expression was ashamed, he said: "My mind was muddled and half-conscious, similar to being possessed."

Bao BuTong shouted loudly: "Yes, it must be the Old Freak of XingXiu using his sorcery, young master you have to be extremely careful!"

Murong Fu gave a quick glance at Ding ChunQiu, he said to Duan Yu: "I fell prey to sorcery, i can't thank you enough for saving me. Brother Duan, you know the [Six Meridians Divine Sword], are you from the Dali's Duan family?"

Suddenly a voice floated from a distant place: "Who's from Dali's Duan family? Is it Duan ZhengChun?" the voice is from 'Overflowing with Evil' Duan YanQing.

Zhu DanChen and the rest countenance change. They heard another voice, its like metal rubbing against each other, the voice shouted: "Our boss is the genuine Duan from Dali, the rest are all fake." Duan Yu gave a faint smile, he pondered: "Ah, my disciple is here."

When the shouting of the 'Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea' ended, a person came up from the bottom of the mountain path with quick steps, his body movement is extremely fast, the person is Yun ZhongHe, he shouted: "The Four Great Evils pay a visit to Mr Intelligent, we sincerely come to attend your chess meet." Su XingHe said: "Welcome" as he finish speaking, Yun ZhongHe already floated in front of them.

After a while, Duan YanQing, Ye ErNiang, Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea, all three of them arrive together. Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea shouted loudly: "When our boss received the invitation card his extremely delighted, he postponed all his current affairs and quickly came down here to the chess meet, his martial art is unequalled under the heaven, his even better than me Yue LaoEr. If anyone of you is not convince, come over here and play 3 moves of chess with him. You people want to fight one or one, or everyone simply come at us together? How, why aren't you taking out your weapons?" Ye ErNiang said: "LaoSan, don't talk rubbish! We are playing chess, not using martial arts to fight, why the need for weapons?" Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea said: "You are talking rubbish, if we don't use our martial arts to fight, then our boss rush hurriedly over here for what?"

Duan YanQing gaze steadily at the chess formation, his in deep thought, after a long long time, his left crutch extended into the small chess box and touch lightly, the end of the crutch seems to have some kind of suction force as it attracted the white chess-piece, he place the white piece on the chessboard.

XuanNan praised: "The martial arts of the Duan family from Dali is really unrivalled under the southern sky, your reputation is well deserved and not empty."

Duan Yu knew Duan YanQing from the day he played chess against the Yellow-Brow Monk, Duan YanQing's internal energy is deep and profound and his chess skill is equally high, there's a possibility that he might actually break this 'Zhen Long'. Zhu DanChen whispered to Duan Yu: "Young master, let us go! Don't waste this opportunity." But firstly, Duan Yu is interested to find out if Duan YanQing can break the chess formation, secondly, he finally get to see Wang YuYan, even if the sky collapses he will never leave her, he absentmindedly agreed to Zhu DanChen's suggestion but he kept on walking nearer to the chessboard.

Su XingHe already know by heart all the countless changes and permutation to this chess formation, he immediately responded with a black chess-piece. Duan YanQing thought for a while and made another move. Su XingHe said: "Sir, your extremely brilliant, let us see if you can overcome this problem and find a way out." He made a move with the black piece, it sealed off his path. Duan YanQing made another move.

Shaolin monk Xu Zhu suddenly said: "I am afraid this move won't work!" previously he saw Murong Fu make the exact same move, afterwards he continued playing and eventually draw his sword and commit suicide. He feared Duan YanQing would follow the same path to his ruin, he cannot bear it and spoke out to advise him.

Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea was furious, he shouted: "Hey you little monk, you are not fit to comment on my boss chess move!" he gripped Xu Zhu's back and drag him over. Duan Yu said: "Good disciple, don't harm this little master!" When Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea arrived, he already saw Duan Yu, he felt really awkward and embarrass, its best if Duan Yu keeps his mouth shut but eventually he still blurted it out, he said angrily: "So be it, i won't harm him, why so anxious!" he dropped Xu Zhu on the floor.

Everyone saw how this barbaric and ruthless Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea actually take orders from Duan Yu, he didn't even refute when being address as 'good disciple', everyone felt really strange. Only Zhu DanChen and the rest knew the underlying reason, they laugh inwardly.

Xu Zhu sat down on the floor, his having second thoughts: "My master often tell me, the cultivation method pass down by our founder is discipline, calmness and wisdom. The < Shurangama Sutra> says: 'Assimilate discipline in your heart, discipline leads to calmness, calmness leads to wisdom.' We are blunt people, its difficult for us to assimilate discipline in our heart, thus founder Damo pass down an easier method, he let us learn martial arts to discipline out heart, but you can also use chess to discipline your heart. Martial arts pay particular attention to victory and defeat, chess also focuses on victory and defeat, but both of them are contrary to teachings on Buddhism, thus whether you practice martial arts or play chess you must ensure that you do not focus on victory and defeat. Reciting scripture, eating, travelling, its easy to forget about victory and defeat, but competing martial arts and playing chess its extremely difficult to forget about victory and defeat. If you forget about victory and defeat while competing martial arts or playing chess, then the match is already over. The < Dharmapada Sutra> says: 'The winner feels hatred, the loser feels ashamed. You will be agitated while pursuing victory, you will be calm if you don't not compete.' My martial art is poor, my chess skill lousy, when i compete martial arts with my martial brothers or play chess, i will suffer more defeat than victory, but my master praise me as i was not angry and i did not complain, i don't really care about victory or defeat. But how come when i saw this Benefactor Duan make a wrong chess move, i worry that he will suffer a defeat, i even spoke out and give advice? Moreover with my level of chess skill, how can i even advise him? Although his chess moves may be similar to gentleman Murong now, but afterwards it may be different, i don't understand all these, instead i just blurted out and insist it won't work, aren't i overestimating myself?"

Duan YanQing made another move, he thought for a while, he made moves after moves, his taking a long time to think, he made a total of 20 moves and the sun is inclining to the west, suddenly XuanNan said: "Benefactor Duan, your first 10 moves are correct and orthodox, but on the 11th move you start to deviate from the correct path, you stray from your original path from that point onwards and now its difficult to save." The muscles on Duan YanQing's face is stiff and rigid, his expression wooden and blank, a voice resonated from his throat: "Your Shaolin is a famous orthodox school, base on your orthodox method, how can you break this formation?" XuanNan sigh and said: "This chess formation seems to be orthodox yet unorthodox, it seems to be demonic yet not demonic, you cannot break it using pure orthodox method, but if you use pure unorthodox method it still won't work!"

Duan YanQing's left crutch hovered in mid-air, he trembled slightly, he dare not put down the chess piece, after a long time he said: "There is no path forward, the soldiers are pursuing at the rear, orthodox method won't work, unorthodox method won't work, this is really difficult!" the martial arts pass down by his family is the orthodox skill of Dali's Duan family, but he eventually deviated and became evil and unorthodox, the words by XuanNan stir up his emotions and mind, unexpectedly he became like Murong Fu, gradually he start to hallucinate.

This 'Zhen Long' has many changes and fluctuates irregularly, its effect is dependent on the person, a greedy person will fear losing his stuff, an angry person will fear his anger interfering with his work. Duan Yu was defeated because he had too much compassion, he refuse to abandon his troops, Murong Fu was defeated because he stubbornly held onto power and influence, his able to abandon his troops but he simply refuses to give up power and influence. The greatest regret and hate in Duan YanQing's life is his deformity, his forced to give up his orthodox martial arts, he had to change and practice unorthodox and demonic skills, he concentrated his attention completely and this made it easy for external demons to invade, thus his mind entered demonic path and he cannot control himself anymore.

Ding ChunQiu smiled and said: "Yes! Its easy for a person to enter demonic path, but its extremely difficult to turn over a new leaf, you entire life is doom to failure, failure, failure! Alas, what a pity, one wrong step cause a thousand hatred, if you want to turn back, i am afraid you can't do it anymore!" his speech is filled with pity and tenderness. XuanNan and the other experts knew Ding ChunQiu harboured malicious intentions, his trying to make Duan YanQing fire-deviate so that he can eliminate a powerful opponent.

Sure enough, Duan YanQing was expressionless and motionless, he said in a distressed voice: "I am the crown price of Dali Kingdom, but today i wander around and degenerated into such a state, i am really ashamed and cannot face my ancestors."

Ding ChunQiu said: "Even in the underworld, you still don't have the face to see your Duan family's ancestors, since you are ashamed why don't you commit suicide, its the proper conduct of hero, alas, alas! It would be better to commit suicide, it would be better to commit suicide!" his voice is gentle and pleasant, those with low internal energy already became drowsy and dazed when they hear his voice.

Duan YanQing mumbled to himself: "Alas, it would be better to commit suicide!" he raised his steel crutch and slowly drive it towards his chest. But he has extremely deep cultivations, he faintly felt something was amiss, there seems to be an inner voice within him that said: "Wrong, wrong, you will be in deep trouble if you continue to drive downwards!" however the steel crutch still slowly move inch by inch towards his chest. When he was exiled from Dali Kingdom and suffered serious injuries, he thought of committing suicide, but he met a peculiar event and manage to pull himself together, but now his self-control faltered and his buried desire to commit suicide surface again.

There are many martial art experts around, XuanNan is merciful, he wanted to speak out and advise him, but to shock Duan YanQing out of his trance would require internal energy equivalent to his, to be effective the voice have to be so loud that even the deaf can hear it, else not only would it be not beneficial he could end up harming Duan YanQing, XuanNan was secretly anxious, his hands are tied and he cannot do anything to help. Su XingHe is bound by the rules set by his Master, he cannot assist him. Murong Fu knew Duan YanQing is an evil person, its a good thing for him to fire-deviate and die and he would eliminate a great evil from the world. Jiumozhi rejoice in other people's misfortune, he smile and look on without lifting a finger. Duan Yu and You TanZhi both have deep and profound internal energy, but they don't know what Duan YanQing is trying to do when he lifted his crutch. As for Wang YuYan, although she is knowledgeable about martial arts of various sects and schools, but the evil technique employed by Ding ChunQiu to put Duan YanQing in a trance is not martial art, thus she doesn't understand it at all. Ye ErNiang is frequently oppressed by Duan YanQing, his extremely rude and bossy, she amassed the hatred for a long time and now she did not bother to save him. As for Deng BaiChuan, Kang GuangLing and the rest, they lost all their internal energy, furthermore they do not want to interfere in the tussle between Old Freak of XingXiu and the 'Number One Evil'.

Thus, only the Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea is anxious, he saw the crutch is only a few inch away from his chest, in a few moments he would seal off his own death acupoint, immediately he grabbed and lifted Xu Zhu and shouted: "Boss, catch this monk!" as he finish he threw Xu Zhu at Duan YanQing.

Ding ChunQiu push out with his palm and said: "Go away! Don't disturb this chess match!" the throwing force by Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea is extremely vigorous, Xu Zhu is shrouded by strong wind and he fly forward swiftly, but the palm by Ding ChunQiu is soft and flexible, Xu Zhu got redirected back and he bump straight at the Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea.

Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea caught Xu Zhu with both hands, he thought of throwing Xu Zhu at Duan YanQing again, unexpectedly Ding ChunQiu's palm contains 3 wave of hidden force, Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea suddenly open his eyes fully, his forced to retreat 3 steps, as he stabilizes himself the 2nd wave of force arrive. Both his knees soften and he sat down on the floor, he thought it was over, who would have imagine the 3rd wave of force crashing in. He cannot help but somersaulted, but both his hands still held onto Xu Zhu, he press down on Xu Zhu and roll over. He thought the palm by Old Freak Ding contains another 4th wave of force, thus he quickly push Xu Zhu forward to block the force.

But there is no 4th wave of force, Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea open his eyes and cursed: "Damn your grandmother is powerful!" he put Xu Zhu on the floor.

When Ding ChunQiu push out with his palm, he got distracted and he attention slacken a little, Duan YanQing's steel crutch stop in mid-air and did not move anymore. Ding ChunQiu said: "Its too late, its too late, Duan YanQing, i help you to commit suicide, just commit sucide!" Duan YanQing sigh and said: "Yes, what's the point in living? Its better to just commit suicide!" as he finish speaking his crutch move closer by another 2 inch.

Xu Zhu's compassion flare up, in order to free Duan YanQing from Mara (demon of temptation in Buddhism), he knew he have to disrupt the chess formation, but his chess skill is really low, its impossible for him to break this complex and complicated chess formation, he saw Duan YanQing stare stupidly at the chessboard, his really in a crisis, suddenly he had a bright idea: "I can't break this chess formation, but it easy for me to intentionally mess it up, as long as his concentration gets diverted he can be saved. If there is no chess formation, where is the need for victory and defeat?" he quickly said: "I will break this chess formation." He quickly move forward and took a white chess-piece from the small wooden box, he close his eyes and randomly put the chess-piece on the board.

His eyes have yet to open but he heard Su XingHe reprimand furiously: "Rubbish, rubbish, in your fit of anger you killed an entire group of white chess-piece, who plays chess like this?" Xu Zhu open his eyes, he look at the chessboard and blush.

It seems when he closed his eyes and made a random move, he put the chess-piece beside another white chess-piece which is already encircled by black chess-piece, there is no room at all for escape. Originally the white side and black side are mutually surrounding each other, both sides in a stalemate, if the black chess-piece move forward the white side can kill off all the black chess-piece with a single move, if the white chess-piece move forward the black side can kill off all the white chess-piece with a single move. This is situation is called 'live together' or 'two lives', 'i dare not move, my opponent dare not move', both side cannot move at all. Xu Zhu put his chess-piece within this big stalemate, he made the first move and offered a huge group of white-chess piece to his opponent, if his opponent don't take it, he will lose his black-chess piece, thus the black side definitely have to take it. In the art of playing chess, no one ever done this act of committing suicide. Now that the white chess-piece is dead, the white side is about to suffer complete defeat and be completely wiped out.

Juimozhi, Murong Fu, Duan Yu and the rest, when they saw this they cannot help but burst out into loud laughter. XuanNan shakes his head and smiled. Although Fan BaiLing is feeble and weary from the blood loss, he cannot help but said: "Are you joking?"

Su XingHe said: "My Master's order, anyone can enter and play this chess. Although this chess move by little master is wild fantasy, its still a legitimate move." He remove the white chess-piece which Xu Zhu sacrificed, then he made a move with the black chess-piece.

Duan YanQing gave a loud cry and snap out of his trance, he stare at Ding ChunQiu and thought: "Old Freak of XingXiu, you take advantage of my precarious position and employed your evil scheme, i won't take things lying down."

Ding ChunQiu glared at Xu Zhu, his eyes filled with venomous rage, he cursed: "Little bald thief!"

Duan YanQing look at the changes in the chess formation, he knew he escaped mortal danger all due to Xu Zhu assistance, he felt really grateful, he knew Ding ChunQiu resented Xu Zhu and is about to attack him, he pondered: "Shaolin senior monk XuanNan is here, i don't think the Old Freak of XingXiu has the guts to trouble his disciple, but if this old rotten XuanNan is muddle-headed and fail to protect him properly i cannot simply let this little monk die because of me."

Su XingHe said to Xu Zhu: "Little master, you killed your own chess piece, how will you respond if the black chess-piece move in 1 more step?"

Xu Zhu laugh and said: "Junior monk's chess skill is lowly, i randomly made a move just to save someone. I really cannot play this chess match, i hope senior will excuse me."

Su XingHe expression turns grave, he said solemnly: "My Master created this chess formation and respectful invited all the experts under the heaven to try and break it. It doesn't matter if it can't be broken, even if you suffer calamity its also your own doings. But if someone comes and intentionally mess up this chess match and taint the lifetime effort of my Master, although there are many people here, hei hei, even though old man is deaf and mute i will pledge my life and fight till death." His know as 'Deaf Mute Old Man' but he is neither deaf nor mute, currently his able to hear and even speak, but unexpectedly he still call himself deaf and mute, but when his speaking his beard flare up, his expression fierce and ferocious, nobody dare to make fun of him.

Xu Zhu press his hands together and made a deep bow, he said: "Old senior....."

Su XingHe shouted loudly: "Just play chess, why talk so much? My Master's chess formation is for your random amusement?" as he finish speaking he wave his right hand and send out a palm, there's a loud crashing sound, dust flew everywhere, a large crater appeared in front of Xu Zhu. The power in this palm is incomparably violent and fierce, if the palm landed a few chi closer, the tendons and bones in Xu Zhu would shatter and break, he would die a violent death.

Xu Zhu was so frighten that he heart thumped randomly, he shifted his eyes towards XuanNan, he hope his martial grandfather will take the initiative and save him from this predicament.

XuanNan's chess skill is not good, his internal energy all gone, what idea can he come up with? XuanNan stiffen his resolve and was about ask for leniency from Su XingHe, suddenly Xu Zhu took out a white chess-piece from the wooden box and place it on the chessboard. The tile he place it on is a new empty spot which appeared when the group of white chess-piece was sacrificed.

Unexpectedly, this move is logical and sensible. For the past 30 years, Su XingHe has seen the thousand variation and changes in the chess formation, he memorize all the counter-moves thoroughly, no matter what kind of moves his opponent make, they cannot escape his foolproof counter. But Xu Zhu started the match by making a random move and killed a big group of white chess-piece, it greatly violates the basic fundamental of chess, anyone who has the slightest bit of knowledge about chess would never make this move. The move is the same a drawing your own sword and committing suicide. But unexpectedly, when Xu Zhu killed a big group of white chess-piece the situation actually became optimistic, although the black chess-piece occupied a dominant position but the white chess-piece now have some leeway to manoeuvre, unlike previously where the chess pieces tangled with each other and have to guard against losses. Su XingHe never expect such a new situation in the chess formation, he was startled and pondered deeply for a long time, he finally responded with a move.

Previously, Xu Zhu was scared stiff by Su XingHe's palm, his martial grandfather did not speak out to help him and he was at a loss, suddenly a thin and soft voice entered his ear: "Put the chess piece on the 3rd row 9th column!" Xu Zhu did not bother to search for the person who gave this advice, he didn't care if the advice was correct or wrong, he simply took a white chess-piece, followed the directions given and placed it on the 3rd row 9th column. When Su XingHe responded with a move, the same voice entered Xu Zhu's ear again: "2nd row 8th column." Xu Zhu place a white chess-piece on the 2nd row 8th column.

When he made this move, he heard Jumozhi, Murong Fu, Duan Yu, all of them cry out in surprise. Xu Zhu raise his head, he saw looks of admiration and surprise on the faces of the crowd, it seems this move is really exquisite, as for Su XingHe his expression was joyous and full of admiration yet his also fretful and anxious, his long eyebrow kept moving up and down.

Xu Zhu felt suspicious: "Why is he suddenly so happy? Don't tell me i make a wrong move?" but he immediately had second thoughts: "Who cares whether its right or wrong, as long as i can respond with 10 moves and above it shows that i played the chess match properly and did not recklessly mess up the chess formation and dishonour his Master, after that he won't take offense anymore." After Su XingHe responded with another move, he followed the instruction of the person who is secretly helping him and made another move. As he play chess, he kept a careful look out to see if his martial grandfather is secretly instructing him, but XuanNan expression was anxious, it really doesn't seem like him, moreover XuanNan never open his mouth to speak.

The voice in his ear is obviously base on [Transmitting Voice in Secret] technique which requires high level of internal energy, the speaker will use his internal energy to send his speech into the ears of another person, even if there are bystanders nearby they cannot hear the speech at all, but no matter how soft the voice is the speaker still have to open his mouth. Xu Zhu furtively look at the lips of everyone, unexpectedly none of them are moving but he still heard the voice transmit clearly: "5th row 6th column and take the three black chess-piece!". Xu Zhu followed the instructions, he pondered: "This person can only be my martial grandfather, no one else. The rest of the crowd is not related to me, why would they help me? From among the experts, only martial grandfather did not take part, the rest of them took part and got defeated. Martial grandfather has divine skill, he did not move his lips and yet transmit his voice, i wonder when i can reach his level."

Who would have imagined that the person guiding him is the number one evil under the heaven 'Overflowing with Evil' Duan YanQing. Previously, Duan YanQing was too engrossed in playing chess and Ding ChunQiu took advantage of him, he fire-deviated and commit suicide, luckily Xu Zhu disrupted the chess match and save his life. He saw Su XingHe was very stern when reprimanding Xu Zhu, its very likely he has murderous intentions, thus he immediately transmit his voice and guide Xu Zhu to help him get out of trouble. Duan YanQing is skilled in ventriloquism, he don't need to move his lips when speaking, he use his internal energy to transmit his voice to Xu Zhu's ear, although there are many experts around they did not suspect this underlying trick.

However, after numerous moves, the situation changed greatly, Duan YanQing finally became aware that the secret to this 'Zhen Long' is to use your own white-piece to kill off a large group of white-piece, afterwards this will give rise to power. The chess formation incorporated the principles of 'Counter-attack and escape', you have to deliberately sacrifice your own chess piece and let your opponent take them, afterwards you can achieve success, however people will sacrifice at most 8-9 chess piece in a match, no one will sacrifice more than 10 chess piece in a single move, this move 'Squeeze yourself to death' is really weird and never seen before throughout all ages, even the most brilliant chess expert will never dare think of using such a move. For human, they always think about how to survive and live, nobody will deliberately think of how to die. If Xu Zhu did not close his eyes and make this random move, even after a thousand years, this 'Zhen Long' will still remain unbroken.

Duan YanQing has extremely high chess skill, previously he played chess with the Yellow-Brow Monk at Dali, he dominated the match and the Yellow-Brow Monk was unable to ward him off, currently, after removing a large group of white chess-piece the situation reversed, he no longer needs to worry about the life and death of that large group of white chess-piece, his no long blocked by his own troops, instead he can move around freely which is vastly different from previous situation where he got trapped in.

Jiumozhi, Murong Fu and the rest are unaware that Duan YanQing is secretly guiding, Xu Zhu chess moves are wonderful and brilliant, he captured two small group of black chess-piece in succession, everyone cannot help but cheer.

XuanNan muttered to himself: "Originally, this chess match is tangled in gains and losses, victory and defeat, thus no one can break it, when Xu Zhu made his move he didn't care about life or death, he didn't care about victory or defeat, unexpectedly he manage to break through this life and death situation and finally free himself......" XuanNan comprehended the principles faintly, however his still hesitant and unsure, he spent his entire life studying martial arts, however its different from the martial arts prescribed by Buddhism, suddenly he pondered: "Deaf Mute Old Man and the Eight Friends of HanGu indulged in miscellaneous skills, in the end their martial arts fell short against Ding ChunQiu, previously i make fun of them and say they deviate from their original path. But i spent my entire life practicing martial arts, i was not diligent in practicing Buddhist meditation, i am anxious about life and death, i am even worse and also deviate from my original path." As he thought of this, his entire body break out in cold sweat.

Initially, Duan Yu paid close attention to the chess match, but afterwards he just stare at Wang YuYan, he became even more dejected as he look at her, Wang YuYan's gaze never left Murong Fu. Duan Yu pondered: "Its better for me to simply leave, its better for me to simply leave! I will only suffer more misery if i stay here, maybe i will even vomit blood." But how can he willingly take his gaze off Wang YuYan? His in deep thoughts: "I will wait for Miss Wang to turn her head over to me, then i will tell her: 'Miss Wang, congratulations in meeting your cousin, today fate brought us together and we see each other again. I will be leaving now!' if she reply: 'Ok, please leave!' then i will simply leave. But if she reply: 'There is no hurry, i still have something to say to you' then i will stay and wait for her instruction."

However in reality, Duan Yu is fully aware that Wang YuYan will never turn around and look at him, she will never say: 'There is no hurry, i still have something to say to you'. Suddenly, Wang YuYan's head started moving slightly. Duan Yu heart start thumping madly: "She is turning her head over!" but she only gave a soft sigh and call out softly: "Cousin!"

Murong Fu's attention is focused on the chess match, he saw the white chess-piece had gained the upper hand, its currently advancing forward and pressing, he thought: "I can come up with these few moves easily. But the first move is always difficult, the first move is simply too weird, i will never be able to think of it." Unexpectedly he did not hear Wang YuYan calling him.

Wang YuYan gave another soft sigh and she slowly turns her head.

DuanYu's heart start jumping madly: "She is turning her head over! She is turning her head over!"

Sure enough, the pretty face of Wang YuYan turn and face him. Du Yan saw she is slightly depress, there is hidden bitterness in her eyes, he pondered: "After arriving with Murong Fu, her expression was always happy and joyous, how come she is not happy now? Don't tell me.....don't tell me she worry about me a little?" her gaze move to the right and interlocked with his, Duan Yu took a step forward, his about to say: "Miss Wang, you have something to say?" but Wang YuYan's gaze slowly move away and look at a distant place, once again her gaze return back to Murong Fu.

Duan Yu's heart plunged, he felt endlessly agony: "She did look at me, but it is 10 times worse than if she didn't look at me at all. She look at me but she still ignore me. She look at me but i never registered in her heart. She is only thinking about the affairs of her cousin, why would she even care about Duan Yu. Sigh, its better to simply leave, its better to simply leave!"

As for Xu Zhu, he followed the instructions of Duan YanQing and made another move, looking at the current situation, no matter how the black chess-piece responds it will definitely be taken by the white chess-piece, but if the black chess-piece takes a step back then the white chess-piece can rush out of this encirclement, at that time the white chess-piece will have the entire field and the black chess-piece will not be able to keep up anymore.

Su XingHe pondered for a long time, he smiled and made a move. Duan YanQing transmitted his voice: "7th row 8th column!" Xu Zhu followed his instruction, although Xu Zhu chess skill is poor but he still knows enough and his aware that the 'Zhen Long' is already broken, he clap his hands and smiled: "It seems its over?"

Su XingHe is smiling, he cupped his hands and said: "Little divine monk is talented and brave, congratulations."

Xu Zhu quickly returns the courtesy and said: "I don't dare, i didn't make this......" his about to say that he receives guidance from his martial grandfather, the voice transmitted into his ear again: "You cannot reveal this secret between us. You are still in danger, you have to be extra cautious." Xu Zhu thought it was another instruction from XuanNan, he immediately said: "Yes, yes!"

Su XingHe stood up and said: "My Master arrange this chess formation, for over 10 years no one is able to break it, little divine monk finally broke this 'Zhen Long', i really can't thank you enough." Xu Zhu don't understand the underlying reason, he said modestly: "Its just an accident, its all thanks to the elders here, old senior you really flatter me, i don't deserve your praise."

Su XingHe walk to the front of the three wooden house, he held out his hand to respectfully welcome the guest and said: "Little divine monk, please enter!"

Xu Zhu saw these three houses are really odd, there are no doors, he don't know how to enter or what his suppose to do when he enters, he stood at his location and is undecided. Suddenly the voice transmit into his ear again: "You finally open up a path on the chess match, its all due to a hard and painful battle. There is no door on the wooden house, just use your Shaolin martial arts to forcibly create a path." Xu Zhu said: "Please pardon my offense!" he entered into horse stance, he raise his right hand and strike his palm on the wooden board.

His martial art is limited, previously Ding ChunQiu wave his sleeve and he immediately collapsed, the XingXiu disciples captured him easily, his situation was really lucky and he manage to preserve his internal energy. But in front of so many martial art experts, his palm strength is really insignificant and not worth mentioning, luckily the wooden board is not strong, there is a 'KaLa' sound and the wooden board split open to reveal a small crack. Xu Zhu strike his palm 2 more times and finally manage to cleave open the wooden board, but his palm already felt painful.

Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea burst into loud laughter and said: "The hard and strong skill of Shaolin is really sloppy and ordinary." Xu Zhu turn his head and said: "Junior monk is the most useless disciple from Shaolin, my martial art is superficial, but it doesn't mean the martial arts of Shaolin is lousy." Suddenly the voice transmit into his ear: "Quickly enter, don't turn your head back, ignore the bystanders!" Xu Zhu said: "Yes!" he move forward and quickly entered the house.

He heard Ding ChunQiu shout: "This is the house of my sect, little monk how can you enter without permission?" immediately there is two loud slamming sound, Xu Zhu felt a burst of strong wind coming at him, its trying to drag him back out, but immediately after he felt two violent force bumping his back and buttocks, he cannot help but somersault straight into the house.

Xu Zhu narrowly escape death, just now Ding ChunQiu send out his palm and made a sneak attack, his trying to kill him, Jiumozhi use his [Controlling Crane Skill] to try and drag him out. But Duan YanQing use his crutch to block the palm from Ding ChunQiu, Su XingHe stood between Xu Zhu and Jiumozhi, his left hand dissipate the [Controlling Crane Skill], his right palm smack two times and send Xu Zhu into the house.

The power in the two palm is strong and violent, Xu Zhu body smash through a wooden partition and his forehead smash through another wooden partition again, he became dizzy and disorientated, he fainted, after a long time he finally stood up and touch his forehead, its already swollen and there is a huge lump. He look around, the house is deserted and empty. He tried to look for a door but the house did not have any windows or doors, there is only a hole made when he smash through the wooden partition. He stand around stupidly and finally thought of crawling out through the hole.

But suddenly he heard a deep and low voice of an old man coming from a wooden partition: "Since your here, why you still wish to go out?"

Xu Zhu turn his body around and said: "I invite old senior to give direction and point out the path."

The voice said: "You create your own path, nobody can teach you. My chess formation, no one can break it for over 10 years, you finally broke it today, what are you waiting for come over here!"

When Xu Zhu heard the words 'my chess formation' his hairs stood up and he cannot help but be terrified, he trembled and said: "" he heard Su XingHe narrate how the chess formation was created by his 'deceased master', but this voice, is it human or ghost? The voice said again: "Opportunity is fleeting, i waited for 30 years, i don't have much time to wait for you anymore, good child, quickly come here!"

The voice is kind and benevolent, evidently he did not have any evil intention, immediately Xu Zhu use his left shoulder to bang the wooden partition, 'KaLa KaLa', the wooden board had long decayed and rot, a hole open up immediately.

Xu Zhu gave a quick glance and entered, he was startled, its yet another deserted room, however a person is sitting in midair. The first thought that came to his mind was: "Ghost!" he was so frighten that he wanted to turn around and escape, but he hear the person say: "Sigh, its a little monk! Sigh, its a ugly little monk, difficult, difficult, difficult! Sigh, difficult, difficult, difficult!"

Xu Zhu heard him sigh 3 times and said 'difficult' 6 times, he concentrated and look at the man, he finally saw clearly, it seems there is a black rope around the body of the man, the rope is attached to a beam and his suspended in midair. But the wooden partition is coloured black, the rope is also black, thus he can't differentiate the rope immediately and he assumed the man is sitting in midair.

Xu Zhu's appearance is quite ugly, he have thick eyebrows and big eyes, his nostril tilted upwards, his ears fan out, his lips very thick, moreover his sustained injuries on his face when he smash through the wooden partition and this made him even more unsightly. He lost both his parents since childhood, the monks at Shaolin Temple are merciful and they adopted him, at the temple his either studying or practicing martial arts, nobody cared about his appearance. There is a Buddhist saying: The body is merely mortal flesh, whether this mortal flesh is good looking or not has no relations to Buddhist cultivation. Nevertheless, this is his first time hearing someone call him an 'ugly monk'.

He raise his head slightly and look at the man. His beard is 3 chi long but none of it grizzled, his face is like jade and without any wrinkles, although his quite old but he glows with heath and vigour, his elegant and poise. Xu Zhu felt ashamed: "Comparing appearance, we are heaven and earth apart." Currently he has no more fear, he bow to pay his respects and said: "Junior monk is Xu Zhu, i pay my respects to senior."

The man nod his head and said: "What is your surname?" Xu Zhu was startled and said: "There is no surname for a person who enters monkhood." The man said: "Before you enter monkhood, what is your surname?" Xu Zhu said: "Junior monk became a monk since childhood, i don't have a surname."

The man stare at him for a long time, he sigh and said: "You can break my chess formation, your intelligence and wisdom is obviously no small matter, but you appearance really cannot make it, sigh, very difficult. In the end i wasted my effort and even sacrifice your life in vain. Little master, i will present you with a gift, just take it and go!"

Xu Zhu listen to the tone of the old man, it seems he has an extremely important and difficult problem and he worry because no one can help him, the < Mahayana Sutras> says: 'Save all living things from suffering', Xu Zhu immediately said: "Junior monk's chess skill is really superficial, i did not break senior's chess formation. But if senior has any difficult problems to settle, although my skills are lowly i am willing to try my best and help you, as for the gift, i don't dare to accept."

The old man said: "You have such chivalrous heart, not bad. You chess skill is low, martial art superficial, all these are irrelevant, fate brought us together and you are able to come here. But.....but....your appearance is simply too ugly." As he said this he shakes his head repeatedly.

Xu Zhu gave a faint smile and said: "I can't control my appearance, even my parents can't control it. Junior monk is ugly and made senior unhappy, i will take my leave immediately." As he finish speaking he retreated 2 steps.

As Xu Zhu was about to turn his body, the old man said: "Wait!" his sleeves rise up and landed on Xu Zhu's right shoulder. Xu Zhu felt his body sink, the sleeve felt like an arm, its pulling his body. The old man ask: "Those who came here to break the chess formation, who are they?" Xu Zhu reported their identities to him. The old man muttered to himself for a long time, and said: "6-7 out of 10 martial art experts under the heaven are here. Great Master KuRong from Dali's Heavenly Dragon Monastery, he didn't come?" Xu Zhu replied: "Other than the monks from my Shaolin, the only other monk is Great Master Juimozhi."

The old man ask again: "For the past few years i heard there is someone called Qiao Feng in the martial arts fraternity, his truly capable, he didn't come?" Xu Zhu said: "No."

The old man gave another sigh and mumbled to himself: "I waited for so many years, even if i carry on waiting i might not be able to meet a well-rounded person with perfect qualities. In life things don't always go as planned, i just have to make do with it." He mumbled for a short while he finally seem to come to a decision, he said: "Just now you said you did not break the chess formation, then how come Su XingHe send you in here?"

Xu Zhu said: "Junior monk is ignorant, i closed my eyes and randomly make the first move, afterwards my martial grandfather XuanNan use his internal energy to transmit his voice to me and secretly help me to play chess." Immediately he narrated all the details on how he manage to break the chess formation.

The old man sigh and said: "Its fated, its fated!" suddenly his frown went away and he smiled: "Its fated, you close your eyes and accidentally break my chess formation, this shows that your affinity for fortune is deep, maybe you can handle my big problem. Very well, very well, good child, keel down and kowtow!"

Xu Zhu grew up in Shaolin Temple since childhood, everyday he meet his master, martial grandfather, great martial uncle, etc, all of them his elders, even among his peers, there are countless monks who are older than him or had better martial arts, thus he is used to obeying orders. As disciple of Buddhism, he have to be modest, when the old man ask him to kowtow although he don't know the reason but his still a senior in the martial arts fraternity, its natural to give a few kowtow, immediately he respectfully knelt down and kowtow 4 times, as he was about to stand up the old man smiled and said: "Give another 5 kowtow, this is the rule of our sect." Xu Zhu replied: "Yes!" and he gave another 5 kowtow.

The old man said: "Good child, good child, come over here!" Xu Zhu stood up and walk towards him.

The old man grab his wrist, he examined him from top to bottom. Suddenly Xu Zhu felt his artery warm up, a burst of internal energy rise up from his arm and rapidly rush to his chest, he cannot help it and immediately use the energy cultivation method of Shaolin to try and resist. The internal energy of the old man made contact with his own energy and withdraw immediately, nothing happen to him. Xu Zhu knew the old man is trying to test his level of internal energy, his ears turned red and he laugh bitterly: "Junior monk normally studies Buddhist scriptures, in my free time i love to play around, i never properly practice the internal energy cultivation method imparted by my master, old senior you must have found it laughable."

Unexpectedly the old man is very happy, he laugh and said: "Very good, very good, your Shaolin internal energy is shallow, it really saves me a great deal of trouble." While he was speaking, Xu Zhu felt his entire body turn soft, its as if he was submerge in a hot bath tub, the pores on his body all seems to be emitting heat, he felt relax and free.

The old man released his wrist, he laugh and said: "Its done, i used my sect's [Divine Skill of the Northern Darkness] and absorb all your Shaolin internal energy!"

Xu Zhu had a huge shock, he shouted: "Wh......what?" he jump up, as he landed his knees softens and he sat down on the floor, he felt his four limbs and all the bones turned completely limp and painful, he was dizzy, its as if the world is spinning, he knew this old man did not bluff him, grief and sorrow burst forth and tears stream down his eyes, he cried: "I.....i....have no quarrels or enmity with you, i didn't offend you, why must you harm me like this?"

The old man smiled and said: "How can you be so rude? You didn't address me as Master, still using words like 'you', how can you not have any manners?" Xu Zhu was frightened and said: "What? How can you be my Master?" the old man said: "Just now you kowtow 9 times, you formally became my apprentice and paid you respects." Xu Zhu said: "No, no! I am a Shaolin disciple, how can i take you as my Master? You use evil sorcery to harm other people, i definitely won't learn it." He finish speaking and struggled to stand up.

The old man laugh and said: "You really don't want to learn?" he wave both his hands, his sleeves flew out and landed on Xu Zhu's shoulder. Xu Zhu felt his shoulder is incomparably heavy, he cannot stand up anymore, his knees soften and he immediately sat down, he said: "Even if you kill me i still won't learn."

The old man laugh out loudly, suddenly his figure rise up, he somersaulted in midair, he landed and sat down, both his hands gripping onto Xu Zhu's wrist.

Xu Zhu was alarmed and said: "You....what you trying to do?" he felt two burning heat stream, its as if boiling water is rushing into his 'Huizong acupoint' at both his hands, he cannot help but shout loudly: "Ayo!" and he struggled furiously, but the two heat stream is like the Yangtze river and it surge forth, he cannot resist at all, it flow from his arm to his chest, it gathered at his 'Shanzhong acupoint'.

Xu Zhu is extremely terrified, he swing his hands, trying to fling off the person holding onto his wrist, when he swing, he felt his arm turn soft, he didn't have the slightest bit of strength, he felt really anxious: "After getting hit by his demonic sorcery, i lost all my martial arts and now i don't even have strength to wear clothes or eat a meal, from now on i am handicapped, what should i do?" his at a loss, he cry out loudly, suddenly he felt the heat gathered in his 'Shanzhong acupoint' all separated into 100 thin strand of heat and scatter to the rest of his acupoints throughout his body, he can't even make a sound from his mouth, he pondered: "Not good, i am going to die!" but he felt his four limbs getting hotter and hotter, instantly he felt his head spin, his underbelly and skull is about to explode, after a while he cannot hold it anymore and fainted.

He felt his entire body become as light as a feather, it seems as if his soaring on cloud and riding on mist, his roaming freely in heaven, suddenly his body felt ice-cold, it seems as if his submerged in the deepest sea, his having fun with playing with fish, suddenly his in a temple studying, and then his practicing martial arts diligently, but no matter how hard he practice he can never master it. As he start to feel anxious, suddenly it rained heavily, the raindrops landed on his body, but the raindrops felt hot.

Gradually his head start to clear and he became sober, he open his eyes, his lying down on the floor, the old man had released his wrist and is sitting beside him, the old man is covered entirely with sweat and the sweat drip continuously onto his body, the old man's cheek, head, neck, hairs, sweat seep out everywhere.

Xu Zhu sat up and said: "You....." he only manage to say one word as he was startled, the old man seems to have changed completely into a different person, originally his face was spotlessly white and handsome, but now his face is covered with countless deep wrinkles that intersect with each other, his thick crop of hair had all fallen off, his black long beard turned white. Xu Zhu first thought was: "I fainted for how many years? 30 years? 50 years? How come this person aged over 10 years?" the man in front of him look extremely old, if his not 120 years old, his at least 100 years old.

The old man squinted, he smiled weakly at him and said: "Success! Good child, you have deep fortune, you far surpass my expectations, go on try it out, smack your palm at that wooden partition!"

Xu Zhu don't understand the reason, he followed his orders and send out a palm, there is a 'Ka La La" sound, half of the wooden partition collapsed, its even more powerful than bumping the wall 10 times using his full strength. Xu Zhu was scared stiff, he said: "What....what is the reason?"

The old man is smiling broadly, his really happy, he also said: "What....what is the reason?" Xu Zhu said: "How come i am so powerful?" the old man smiled and said: "You have yet to practice the palm moves of our sect, at the moment, you can't even utilize 10% of your internal energy. Your Master practiced diligently and painstakingly for 70 years, how can it be ordinary?"

Xu Zhu suddenly jump up, he knew something bad has happened, he shouted: " 70 years of diligent and painstaking practice?" the old man smiled and said: "You still don't understand? You really haven't realize it yet?"

Xu Zhu faintly knew what the old man is referring to, but this matter is simply too abrupt and inconceivable, its really hard to accept it, he said: "Old senior imparte a set of divine art....a set of divine art to junior monk correct?"

The old man smiled and said: "You still refuse to address me as Master?" Xu Zhu lowered his head and said: "Junior monk is Shaolin disciple, i cannot deceive my ancestor and join another sect." the old man said: "You don't have any trace of Shaolin martial arts in you anymore, you still claim you are Shaolin disciple? Your body contains 70 years of Carefree Sect's divine skill, how can you not be the disciple of our sect?" Xu Zhu never heard of 'Carefree Sect' before, he said: "Carefree Sect?" the old man smiled and said: "Riding on heaven and earth, governing the 6 elements, roaming endlessly, that is carefree. Try jumping up and test it out!"

Xu Zhu felt really curious, he bend his knees and exerted force in his legs, he jump up lightly. Suddenly there is a crashing sound, he felt sharp pain on top of his head, light shine into his eyes, half his body penetrated through the roof and his still rising up, he quickly stretch out his hands to grab the roof and landed back on the floor, he jump up and down a few time before stopping, this kind of lightness martial arts is simply unimaginable, at the moment his not happy at all, instead he felt really scared.

The old man said: "How was it?" Xu Zhu said: "I....i became a devil?" the old man said: "Sit down here quietly and listen to my explanation. There is not much time left, i can only talk about the most important stuff. Since you refuse to address me as Master and is unwilling to change sect, i won't force you anymore. Little master, i beg you to help me on a big matter, you have to do something for me, can you promise me?"

Xu Zhu likes to help people, there are 6 Paramita in Buddhism, Dana is ranked 1st, when people meet with problems he should put in his best effort and help, he said: "Senior's order, i will do my utmost to fulfil it." when he said the words suddenly he remembers that the martial arts of this old man seems to be top ranking unorthodox evil skill, he quickly said: "But if senior orders junior monk to break the law and commit crimes, then i won't comply."

The old man laugh bitterly and ask: "What is break the law and commit crimes?" Xu Zhu stare blankly, he said: "Junior monk is a follower of Buddhism, harming others or inflict sufferings, i will never agree to do such stuff." The old man said: "If there is someone in this world that specializes in harming people, breaking the law and committing crimes, killing countless people, i order you to go kill this person, will you agree?" Xu Zhu said: "Junior monk will persuade him and give advice, ask him to turn over a new leaf and do good." The old man said: "What if he persist in his wrong doings?" Xu Zhu straighten his body and said: "Subdue the demon and eliminate the evil. But junior monk's ability is limited, i am afraid i can't shoulder this heavy responsibility."

The old man said: "Then you agree to it?" Xu Zhu nod his head and said: "I agree!" the old man's expression is joyous, he said: "Very good, very good! I want you to kill someone, his a great evil, his my disciple Ding ChunQiu, currently his known as Old Freak of XingXiu."

Xu Zhu gave a sigh, such a heavy burden, he personally witness how the Old Freak of XingXiu only need to say 1 sentence and killed 10 carriage drivers, his truly a great evil, even his martial grandfather XuanNan had all his internal energy dissolved by Ding ChunQiu's sorcery, he said: "Getting rid of Old Freak of XingXiu is a great achievement, but junior monk's martial art is superficial, how can i......" as he said this, his gaze interlocked with the old man, the old man's expression is mocking, at once he remembered, the phrase 'martial art is superficial' seems incorrect, he immediately stop talking.

The old man said: "Currently, with your superficial martial arts, you are not beneath the Old Freak of XingXiu, but you don't have someone to guide you, you can't use this energy properly, to exterminate him completely its indeed still not enough, but don't worry, old man already made arrangements."

Xu Zhu said: "Junior monk heard from Benefactor Xue MuHua, XingXiu Sea Ding.....Benefactor Ding's evil conduct, i only know senior was killed by him, but senior is still alive, then.....then its very good, very good."

The old man sigh and said: "This rebellious disciple is in cahoots with my martial sister, they suddenly revolted, i was beaten into a deep ravine, old man was caught off guard and almost died by their hands. Luckily my martial sister was troubled by her conscience, she stop him from dealing the final blow, and my eldest disciple Su XingHe played deaf-mute, he tempted Ding ChunQiu with various secret skills of our sect, old man struggled at death's door and survive for another 30 years. XingHe's aptitude is pretty good, but its a pity he was led astray by me, he got distracted and learnt zither, chess, calligraphy, painting, etc, all these trivial stuff, its impossible for him to learn my upper-level martial arts. For the past 30 years, i long to find a smart disciple who can concentrate, i will then impart my lifetime of martial arts to him and send him to exterminate Ding ChunQiu. But opportunity is fleeting, those who are smart had bad character, its like raising a tiger and bringing future disaster, but those with good character had insufficient comprehension. I am nearing my natural life span, i cannot wait anymore, thus i publicly displayed the 'Zhen Long' which i created years ago to look for a handsome and talented person. I already reach the limits of my lifespan, there is no time for me to teach martial arts, thus this last disciple of mine must be a handsome and smart youngster."

Xu Zhu listen to him mention 'handsome and smart', he knew his not smart, as for 'handsome' its completely out of the question, he lowered his head and said: "There are quite a few handsome people in this world, there are 2 individual just outside, the first one is gentleman Murong, the other is gentleman Duan. Junior monk will invite them in to see you, how is it?"

The old man laugh and said: "I use my [Divine Skill of the Northern Darkness] and pour my 70 years of internal energy cultivation into your body, how can i accept another disciple?"

Xu Zhu was alarmed, he said: "Senior....senior you really pass on your lifetime of energy cultivation to junior monk? Then.....then...."

The old man said: "Currently, its really hard to say if this is a blessing or disaster. Superior martial art is not necessarily a good thing. In this world, there are people who don't know any martial arts, they are carefree and without worries, they don't compete and struggle, they have less worries because they have very little? In the past, if i learn zither and chess, learn literature and painting, but don't learn any martial arts, then my life will be much happier." As he finish speaking he gave another long sigh, he raised his head and look at the hole in the roof made by Xu Zhu, he seems to be thinking about past events, after a long time he finally said: "Good child, Ding ChunQiu only know i have long died by his hands, thus he act without restrain. I have a painting here, it shows my former residence where i live in ease and comfort, the place is at Dali Kingdom's WuLiang Cave, go there and find the martial arts manuals which i have hidden, follow them and practice, your martial arts will be on par with Ding ChunQiu. But your aptitude is not very good, if you practice the martial arts of our sect i am afraid you will meet many obstruction and your progress will be sluggish, maybe you will meet numerous disasters and dangers as well. You should beg that woman staying in the cave and ask her to guide you. But if she sees your appearance, most likely she will refuse to teach you, you should request her help on my account......*cough*.......*cough*." As he said this he kept coughing repeatedly, his gasping for breath, he took out a small scroll from his bosom and stuff it into Xu Zhu's hands.

Xu Zhu felt really awkward, he said: "Junior monk have yet to complete my training, i receive my master's order to deliver letters, i should go back to the temple and report, in the future i also have to act according to my master's orders. If my master or abbot forbid, then i cannot follow the wishes of senior."

The old man laugh bitterly and said: "If this is the will of heaven, allowing a evil person to run amuck, then there is nothing i can do," as he said 'you' 2 times, suddenly his entire body trembled, he slowly stoop down, his hands pushing against the ground, it seems his about to collapse.

Xu Zhu was shock, he quickly extend his hands and supported him, he said: "Old....old senior, what happen to you?" the old person said: "I already pass on my 70 years of energy cultivation to you, i reached the end of my natural life span, child, you still refuse to call me Master?" as he said this his already gasping for breath.

Xu Zhu saw the old man's expression is pitiful and his gaze pleading, his heart soften and he blurted out 'Master'.

The old man was jubilant, he forcefully took off a gem ring from his left finger and tried to put in to Xu Zhu's finger, but he exhausted all his strength and can't grip Xu Zhu's wrist. Xu Zhu call out: "Master!" and he wore the ring on his finger.

The old man said: "Good.....good! You are my 3rd disciple, when you see Su XingHe, should call him senior martial brother. What is your surname?" Xu Zhu said: "I really don't know."

The old man said: "Its a pity your appearance is ugly, there might be some awkward or embarrassing moments, but you are the leader of Carefree Sect, by right the woman should not disobey your orders, very good, very good....." his voice became softer and softer, when he said the 2nd 'very good' it seems as if his whispering, suddenly he laugh heartily, his body tilt forward, there is a crashing sound as his forehead hit the floor, he was motionless.

Xu Zhu quickly supported the old man, he check his breath, his already dead, he quickly press his hands together and chanted: "Namo Amituofo, Namo Amituofo, i beseech Amituofo, Guanyin Bodhisattva, Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva, please guide this old man to his afterlife in Sukhavati."

He met this old man for no more than 1 hour, there isn't much relationship, but his body contains 70 years of the old man's internal energy cultivation, he faintly felt this old man is his closest kin, it can also be said that a part of this old man became him, suddenly sorrow and grief overwhelm him and he burst into tears and sob loudly.

After crying for a while, he knelt on the floor and paid his respects to the remains of the old man, he pray in silence: "Old senior, i called you Master, that is fake, please don't take it seriously. You are not aware of it but please don't blame me." He complete his prayer, he turn around and went out through the hole in the wooden partition, he leap lightly, he immediately flew past 2 wooden partition and arrive outside the house.

Chapter - 32 Nobody Can Control My Carefree Self

When Xu Zhu step out of the wooden house he cannot help but be startled, there is a huge fire pillar on the ground, numerous pine tree had collapsed and scattered disorderly over the area. He did not stay in the wooden house for long but the outside situation changed drastically, he assume these pine trees must have been knock down by someone while he fainted and he did not hear them while he was in the house.

Outside the house, the flaming pillar separated two groups of people. The Deaf Mute Old Man Su XingHe is standing on the right-hand side, XuanNan and the rest of Shaolin monks, Kang GuangLing, Xue MuHua, etc, all of them standing behind Su XingHe. The Old Freak of XingXiu is standing on the left-hand side, iron-head man You TanZhi and the rest of XingXiu disciples are standing behind Ding ChunQiu. Murong Fu, Wang YuYan, Duan Yu, Jiumozhi, Duan YanQing, Crocodile Deity of Southern Sea, etc, all of them standing at a distant place, they did not help either side.

Su XingHe and Ding ChunQiu, both of them are waving their palms and pushing the column of fire towards each other. The column of fire is leaning to the right, evidently Ding ChunQiu already gained a huge lead.

Everyone squinted and look at the burning pillar, none of them paid any attention to Xu Zhu who just came out of the house. Naturally, Wang YuYan is only worried about Murong Fu and Duan Yu is only worried about Wang YuYan, both of them are not looking at the fire pillar and they also paid no attention to Xu Zhu.

Xu Zhu move past their backs and went to the right-hand side and stood beside his martial uncle HuiFang, he saw the column of fire moving closer and closer to the right, Su XingHe's clothes seems to be inflated with air, its as if his only a boat and sailing rapidly against the wind, both his palms push forward continuously.

However, Ding ChunQiu's expression remain cheerful, as if nothing had happened, he wave his sleeves lightly, seemingly indifferent. His disciples praise out loudly:

"Divine Elder of XingXiu lifting heavy weights as if its feather, his divine skills unrivalled, he let you all broaden you horizon today."

"My Master is trying to give lessons to bystander, thus he slowly display his divine skills, else he would had exterminate this old man Su with a single palm."

"Who is not convinced, come forward and have a taste of Divine Elder of XingXiu's divine skills."

"All of you are timid and cowardly, there is no harm even if you join up and act together!"

"Since ancient times, no one can match Divine Elder of XingXiu! You are a mantis blocking a cart, courting disaster and digging your own grave."

Jiumozhi, Murong Fu, Duan YanQing, all of them thought: "If the few of us here join hands and attack Ding ChunQiu together, even though Ding ChunQiu is powerful, he still can't resist the combined assault of numerous top experts." But firstly, everyone valued their status and dignity, they will never join hands and gang up against a single person, secondly, the battle between Deaf Mute Old Man and Old Freak of XingXiu is an internal affair, its not convenient for outsiders to interfere, thirdly, they are suspicious of each other, they are afraid of getting back-stabbed and taken advantaged of if they join up together and attack, hence even though the disciples of XingXiu praise their Master up till heaven, Juimozhi and the rest only smiled and ignored them.

Suddenly the column of fire move forward and spit fire, it landed on Su XingHe, there is a burning stench, Su XingHe's beard was completely burnt off. Su XingHe exerted himself and tried to resist, he manage to push back the column of fire but the flame is only 2 chi away from his body, the flame lengthen and rattled, its like a large python opening its mouth and sticking out it tongue, trying to bite him. Xu Zhu is secretly alarmed: "I am afraid Benefactor Su is about to be burnt alive by Benefactor Ding, what should i do?"

Suddenly there are drum noises, followed immediately by two thumping sound, the gongs and drums rang out, it seems the XingXiu disciples concealed their cymbals, gongs and drums in their bosom, they took out these instruments and started playing songs to praise their Master awe-inspiring authority, some of them wave green, yellow, red and purple flags, they shouted loudly and rallied. Currently, two martial art experts are competing internal energy, unexpectedly there are bystanders cheering on with gongs and drums, such a weird event has never been seen before. Juimozhi burst into loud laughter and said: "Old Freak of XingXiu really have thick skin, his really one of kind since ancient times!"

Amidst the gongs and drums, a XingXiu disciple took out a sheet of paper, he recited loudly, its a parallel prose titled: "Praising Divine Elder of XingXiu Displaying His Might In Central Plains". Nobody knows how he found some rotten scholar to compose such praises, the contents are really flattering to the extreme, the song and praises mix in with the noises from the gongs and drums.

But these songs and praises are not completely useless, along with the internal energy of Old Freak of XingXiu, its like adding fuel to fire and aided his power. Amidst the songs and praises the column of fire intensified and move forward another half chi.

Suddenly there are numerous footsteps, 20 over men rush out from behind the house and they block in front of Su XingHe, these deaf and mute men are the ones that carried XuanNan and the rest up the mountain, they are the disciples of Su XingHe. Ding ChunQiu press on with his palm, the column of fire landed on the bodies of these 20 men, at once there is 'Chi Chi' sound, these men had their skin and flesh charred. Su XingHe wanted to wave his palm to push these men away but they are too far away from him and he did not have sufficient palm strength. These 20 men stood upright, their bodies are burning but they never move at all, but because they can't speak the scene is even more tragic and moving.

When the rest of the spectators saw it they were emotionally moved, even Wang YuYan and Duan Yuan cannot help but turn their head and look at them. The fire is raging and it wrapped around these 20 deaf and mute men. Duan Yu shouted: "You cannot be so cruel!" he extended his right hand, his about to execute his [Six Meridians Divine Sword] to attack Ding ChunQiu, however he don't know the proper method to channel the sword, his abundant internal energy just move around in circles inside his body and he can't fire it out from his finger. Duan Yu perspired profusely, he shouted: "Young master Murong, quickly stop him!"

Murong Fu said: "Brother Duan you are here, little brother don't dare to display his lowly skills in front of an expert. Brother Duan, please display a move from you [Six Meridians Divine Sword]!"

Duan YanQing arrive late for the chess meet, he did not see Duan Yu's [Six Meridians Divine Sword] when he use it to save Murong Fu, when he heard the words from Murong Fu he cannot help but feel excited, his look askance at Duan Yu, trying to see if Duan Yu really knows this divine skill, but he saw Duan Yu pointing and drawing with his right-hand finger, the stance is correct and reasonable but there is absolutely no internal energy at all, he pondered: "What [Six Meridians Divine Sword], it gave me a huge shock. It seems this young chap is only bluffing and swindling people. Although according to legend, my Duan family have this [Six Meridians Divine Sword] skill, but who succeeded in learning it?"

Murong Fu saw Duan Yu did not attack, he knew it was intentional and he just stood aside and quietly observe the situation.

After a while, more than half of the 20 deaf and mute men got roasted to death by the column of fire, the rest are seriously injured, they collapse one after another. Amidst the noise from gongs and drums, Ding ChunQiu wave his sleeve twice, the column of fire flew and rush towards Su XingHe.

Xue MuHua shouted: "Don't you dare harm my Master!" he threw his body in front of the column of fire. Su XingHe wave his palm and push him away, he said: "Its not beneficial for my disciple to die!" he gathered his remaining internal energy into his left hand and strike towards the column of fire. Currently, his internal energy is nearly exhausted, that palm strike from him only manage to obstruct the column of fire for a short while, he felt his entire body burning, he saw red everywhere, his completely engulf in flame. At this moment, his internal energy is on the verge of drying up, like a lantern extinguishing when it runs out of oil, he knew that when he die Ding ChunQiu will definitely rush into the wooden house, his Master fake death for 30 years but he still can't run from Ding ChunQiu's evil hands. His being roasted by the column of fire on his body, he felt great sadness.

Xu Zhu saw Su XingHe is in extremely critical condition, but Su XingHe still stood rooted to the ground and refuse to retreat a single step. Xu Zhu cannot stand by idly and watch anymore, he quickly move forward and grabbed Su XingHe's back, he shouted: "Its not beneficial for my disciple to die! Quickly step aside!" at this moment, Su XingHe so happens to wave his palm outward. This palm from Su XingHe is extremely weak and feeble, he did not expect any effect from it, however he refuse to sit by and wait for death, he struggled and fight to the death, unexpectedly an incomparably deep and profound energy arrive from his back, the energy is exactly the same as his Master's, as he push out with his palm the strength immediately multiplied. There is a 'Hu' sound, the column of fire move from his body and went straight towards Ding ChunQiu, the force did not end there, even the XingXiu disciples were drawn into the column of fire.

In a split second there is clanking sounds from the gongs and drums, everyone was thrown into confusion, the cymbals and instruments all drop onto the ground and roll around randomly.

Amidst the chants of: "XingXiu sect shaking Central Plains by force, my Master is unequalled in the present age." Various cries of pain got mixed in:

"Aiyo, holy mother of god!"

"This is terrible, XingXiu sect quickly run and save your life!"

"XingXiu sect is flexible, we will come back next time to promote our prestige!"

Ding ChunQiu had a huge shock, in reality, even with Xu Zhu's internal energy and the palm force from Su XingHe it might not actually beat him, but because Ding ChunQiu thought he would achieve victory soon, he became relax and complacent, he did not have any defences, thus he became flustered and lost control when the counter-attack came so suddenly. At the same time, Ding ChunQiu found that the internal energy in his opponent's palm is well-rounded, experienced and ruthless, its way beyond what his martial brother Su XingHe is capable of, but then again the energy clearly originated from the martial arts of his sect, could it be the spirit of his dead Master? The spirit of his Master came back and seek him for revenge? When he thought of this his mind became frantic, he can't gather his internal energy at all, the column of fire landed on his body and unexpectedly his powerless to repel it, his clothes, hair and beard all caught fire.

Amidst the shouting of "Divine Elder of XingXiu is in big trouble!" from his disciples, Ding ChunQiu anxiously shouted: "My iron-head disciple, quickly use your palm!"

You TanZhi immediately wave his palm towards the column of fire. There is 'Chi Chi Chi' sound, the column of fire met the strange coldness in his palm wind, the flame extinguished immediately, even the greenish black smoke faded away quickly, the only thing left is the charred pine wood.

Ding ChunQiu eye brow is burnt, his clothes tattered, he cuts a sorry figure, his secretly afraid of his Master's spirit harassing him again, he dare not linger and show off anymore, he shouted: "Let us leave!" his body flash and in an instant his already 7-8 zhang away.

His XingXiu disciples ran away desperately, they abandoned their gongs and drums, the disciple who is reciting the parallel prose: "Praising Divine Elder of XingXiu Displaying His Might In Central Plains" had yet to finish but the a huge portion of the paper is burnt off and scattered by the wind.

But suddenly there is an "Ah!" scream from afar, a XingXiu disciple is flying in mid-air and he landed on the floor, his motionless. Everyone look at each other in dismay, the Old Freak of XingXiu just suffered a crushing defeat, his shame led to anger, one of his disciple tried to console him with flattery words, but in his rage he killed him with a single palm strike.

XuanNan, Duan YanQing, Jiumozhi, etc, all of them assume the Deaf Mute Old Man Su XingHe use his flesh to tempt his enemy into a trap, he let Ding ChunQiu waste his energy to burn the 20 deaf and mute disciples, afterwards he concentrated his energy and release an earth-shattering palm strike and Ding ChunQiu was unable to resist and got defeated. The Deaf Mute Old Man is famous for his wisdom and martial arts, just now he and the Old Freak of XingXiu was engaged in a fierce battle, he easily strike down the thick and large pine tree, everyone was shaken to the core when they saw it, thus nobody found it strange when he finally display his divine skills and drive away the Old Freak of XingXiu.

XuanNan said: "Mr Su your divine skill is deep and profound, you drive away that old freak, he must be scared out of his wits after this battle and i think he won't dare to set foot in Central Plains anymore. You actions benefit the people, its really not a small achievement."

Su XingHe saw Xu Zhu wearing his Master's gem ring, he knew the underlying reason, he felt both sadness and happiness, he saw that 18-19 of his own disciples are dead, the remaining 1-2 suffered serious injuries and will most probably not recover, he felt deep sorrow but his also worried about the safety of his Master, he said a few parting words to XuanNan, Murong Fu, etc, he drag Xu Zhu's hand and said: "Little master, please come with me."

Xu Zhu look towards XuanNan, waiting for his orders. XuanNan said: "Senior Su is a highly respected person in the martial arts fraternity, just follow whatever he asks of you." Xu Zhu replied: "Yes!" and he followed Su XingHe and entered the wooden house through the hole, Su XingHe pick up a wooden board and block the hole with it.

Everyone present are all experienced and knowledgeable martial art experts, they knew this action from Su XingHe meant that outsiders should not go in and pry into his private matters. Duan Yu is the only person who is neither experienced nor knowledgeable about such stuff. But currently, Duan Yu is concentrating his attention completely on Wang YuYan, his not even aware that Xu Zhu and Su XingHe had entered the house, how would he have the mood to meddle in other people's affair?

Su XingHe held onto Xu Zhu's hand and they pass through the 2 wooden partition, he saw his Master lying on the floor, he stretch out his hand to check, he had pass away. He long anticipated such an outcome but he still can't hold back his grief, he knelt down and kowtow a few times, he sobbed: "Master, Master, in the end you still leave disciple behind!"

Xu Zhu pondered: "This old man is indeed Su XingHe's Master."

Su XingHe wipe away his tears and stood up, he support the corpse and lean him against the wooden partition so that his seating properly, afterwards he support Xu Zhu and also made him lean against wooden partition, Xu Zhu is sitting side by side with the corpse of the old man.

Xu Zhu pondered: "His making me sit beside the corpse of the old man, what is he trying to do? Don't tell me.....don't tell me....he wants me to die together with his Master?" he cannot help but feel a slight chill on his body, he wanted to stand up but he dare not.

Su XingHe arrange his tattered and burnt clothes, suddenly he knelt down in front of Xu Zhu, he kowtow and said: "Carefree Sect's unworthy disciple Su XingHe pays his respect to the new sect leader." This action from him frightened Xu Zhu so much that he was at a loss on what to do, Xu Zhu pondered: "This person has gone insane from his rage! His really insane!" Xu Zhu quickly knelt down and return the kowtow, he said: "Old senior paying such courtesy, you will really shorten junior monk's life."

Su XingHe said sternly: "Martial brother, you are the last disciple of our Master, you are also the leader of our Sect. Although i am the senior martial brother but i still have to kowtow to you!"

Xu Zhu said: "This.....this....." he finally realized that Su XingHe has not gone mad, but this made his situation even more awkward and embarrassing, he can only grumble secretly.

Su XingHe said: "Martial brother, you save my life, you fulfilled Master's wish, its only rightful that you accept a few kowtow from me. Master officially took you in as his disciple, he ask you to kowtow 9 times, did you kowtow?" Xu Zhu said: "I did kowtow but at that time i don't know i formally became his disciple. I am Shaolin disciple, i cannot join another sect." Su XingHe said: "Master obviously knew about it, he must have removed all your original martial arts and then pass on the skills of our sect. Master already pass on his entire lifetime of internal energy to you, correct?" Xu Zhu have no choice but to nod his head and said: "Yes." Su XingHe said: "The symbol of our sect leader, this gem ring, Master remove it from his finger and personally put in on your finger, correct?" Xu Zhu said: "Yes! But.....but i really don't know this is the symbol of sect leader."

Su XingHe cross his leg and sat down on the floor, he said: "Martial brother, you have extremely deep fortune. Ding ChunQiu and me, both of us long for this gem ring for over 10 years, but we never manage to gain possession of it, but you manage to gain Master's favour within an hour."

Xu Zhu quickly took of the ring and handed it over, he said: "Senior please take it, this gem ring, junior monk have absolutely no use for it."

Su XingHe did not take it, his expression grave, he said: "Martial brother, Master entrusted you something before he died, how can you shirk responsibility? Master gave this gem ring to you, he ask you to kill Ding ChunQiu, correct?"

Xu Zhu said: "Correct. But junior monk's martial art is superficial, how can i shoulder such heavy responsibility?"

Su XingHe sigh, he put the ring back onto Xu Zhu's finger and said: "Martial brother, you don't know the entire story, i will tell you briefly. Our sect is called Carefree Sect, as for the rules and regulations, the most senior disciple might not necessarily take up the post of Sect Leader, whoever has the strongest martial arts will be the Sect Leader."

Xu Zhu said: "Yes, yes, but junior monk's martial art is extremely disappointing."

Su XingHe ignored him and continued: "There are 3 disciples from Master's generation, Master is rank number 2, but his martial arts is better than our 2 martial uncles, thus he became the Sect Leader. Afterwards, Master accepted me and Ding ChunQiu as his disciples, Master set down a rule, all the miscellaneous skills he mastered, whoever wants to be Sect Leader have to compete in all these skills, thus we have to compete martial arts, zither, chess, calligraphy and painting. Ding ChunQiu have absolutely no understandings of these miscellaneous skills, there is no hope for him to become Sect Leader, unexpectedly he plotted against Master and push him into a deep ravine, he also inflict serious injuries on me."

Xu Zhu heard some of these details from Xue MuHua at the underground cave, but he didn't expect this matter to eventually involve him, he grumbled secretly and said: "Unexpectedly Benefactor Ding did not kill you at that time."

Su XingHe said: "Don't think that his humane and spared my life. Firstly, he can't break through my 5 element trigram, its a complex metaphysical formation, secondly, i told him: 'Ding ChunQiu, you plotted against Master, your martial art is also better than mine, but you never learn the most profound martial arts of Carefree Sect, the manual of [Divine Skill of the Northern Darkness], you want to look at it or not? The lightness martial art [Graceful Steps upon the Waves], you want to learn it or not? What about [Six Solar Palms Of Heavenly Mountain]? What about [Plum Breaking Hand Of Heavenly Mountain]? What about [Eternal Youth Never Ageing Skill]?"

"All these skills are the high-level martial arts of our Sect, even for our Master his bogged down by too much miscellaneous skills, he didn't manage to learn all these skills.' When Ding ChunQiu heard this, his so excited that his body trembled, he said to me: 'Hand over the manuals of these martial arts, i will spare your life today.' I told him: 'How can these manuals be with me? Only Master knows the hidden location of these manuals. Since you want to kill me, just do it.' Ding ChunQiu told me: 'The manuals must be near XingXiu Sea, you think i don't know?' i told him: 'Correct, its indeed near XingXiu Sea, go find it yourself if you have the ability.' He muttered to himself for a long time, XingXiu Sea spans several hundreds li, its really difficult to find these manuals, he told me: 'Fine, i won't kill you. But from now on you have to play deaf and mute, you cannot reveal the secrets of our Sect.'"

"Why didn't he kill me? He just want to leave me alive so that he can extort a confession. If he kill me, nobody will ever know the location of these martial arts manual. In reality, the manuals of these martial arts are not hidden at XingXiu Sea, they have always been kept by our Master and our 2 martial uncles. Ding ChunQiu live at XingXiu Sea, he must have searched through every single stone and pebble, naturally he didn't find the manuals of these divine skills. He came to trouble me numerous times, but i evaded him using mechanisms, metaphysical arts, etc. This time he tried to ask me again, but seeing the hopeless prospects he tried to kill me to vent his anger."

Xu Zhu said: "Fortunately senior......." Su XingHe said: "You are the Sect Leader, why you keep calling me senior, you should call me senior martial brother." Xu Zhu pondered: "This matter is extremely troublesome, i don't know when i can finally clarify this mess." He replied: "The matter on whether you are my senior martial brother or not, we will leave that aside first, even if you are my senior martial brother, you are still my senior." Su XingHe nod his head and said: "This is quite true. Just now you mention, fortunately i am what?" Xu Zhu said: "Fortunately senior exercise patience, you conserved your strength for that final push, thus at the crucial moment you finally made a surprise attack, the Old Freak of XingXiu suffered a huge defeat and left."

Su XingHe wave his hands repeatedly and said: "Martial brother, you are wrong, its so obvious that you use the divine internal energy imparted by Master and assisted me, you save my life, how come you are so modest and refuse to admit it? We are fellow apprentices, the position of Sect Leader is already decided, you save my life, i will never covet after your Sect Leader position. From now on you cannot regard me as an outsider."

Xu Zhu is very curious, he said: "When did i ever assist you? There's no need to even talk about saving your life." Su XingHe pondered for a while and said: "Maybe you did it unintentionally, nobody knows. To cut the long story short, you place your palm behind my back, the divine internal energy of our sect transmit into me and turn defeat into victory." Xu Zhu said: "Oh, so it is. Then its your Master who saved you, i didn't save you." Su XingHe said: "I say Master borrowed your hand and save me, you should at least admit this much?" Xu Zhu can't refute anymore, he nod his head and said: "This is just a simple favour, since you insist then i will just admit it."

Su XingHe said: "Just now your divine internal energy unexpectedly burst forth and caught Ding ChunQiu off guard and frightened him off. If its a real fight, even if both of us team up together we are still not his match. To kill Ding ChunQiu, firstly your internal energy must be stronger than him, secondly you must be proficient in the high-level martial arts of our sect such as [Six Solar Palms Of Heavenly Mountain], [Plum Breaking Hand Of Heavenly Mountain], etc, the martial arts combined with the internal energy will give rise to enormous power. I got distracted by numerous miscellaneous skills, i did not concentrate on learning martial arts, thus my martial arts cannot be compared against Ding ChunQiu, if not, Master only need to pass on his internal energy into my body and i can simply punish that traitor. Moreover, i have a martial aunt, her internal energy and martial arts are equally formidable, but i don't know what happen to her, unexpectedly she was hoodwinked by Ding ChunQiu and they join hands to attack my Master. This martial aunt is fond of handsome young man, previously Ding ChunQiu was an elegant young man and he manage to gain the love of this martial aunt. Some of Ding ChunQiu martial arts, like [Minor Formless Skill], was taught by this martial aunt. If we go and trouble Ding ChunQiu, this martial aunt will assist him and it will be difficult to get rid of him. For the past 30 years, Master and i thought of numerous methods but we simply can't find a suitable person to inherit Master's martial arts. Master health deteriorated with each passing day, this disciple is even more difficult to find, not only must he have extremely high comprehension, he must also be a handsome youngster, natural and unrestrained......"

Xu Zhu said: "Junior monk is ugly, i am definitely not qualified to be the last disciple of your revered master. Old senior, please go find a handsome, natural and unstrained youngster, i will pass on your revered master's divine internal energy to him."

Su XingHe was startled, he said: "The divine internal energy of our sect is interlinked with heart, arteries, qi and blood, if the energy is intact the person is intact, if the energy disappears the person will die. When Master transferred his divine internal energy into you he died soon after, don't tell me you didn't see it?"

Xu Zhu stamped his feet repeatedly and said: "What should i do? I really mess up the big plan of senior and your revered master."

Su XingHe said: "Martial brother, this is the burden you carry. Master arranged this chess formation, its purpose is to test the comprehension of a person. This 'Zhen Long' is simply too difficult, i painstakingly research it for over 10 years but i never manage to break it, only you martial brother manage to break it, your 'comprehension is extremely high', this phrase is really fitting."

Xu Zhu laugh bitterly and said: "Its not fitting. I did not break this 'Zhen Long'." Thereafter he narrated how his martial grandfather XuanNan transmitted his voice into him and secretly guided him.

Su XingHe is skeptical and said: "I looked at the expression of XuanNan, he already fell under the evil hands of Ding ChunQiu, his internal energy had long be sealed, its not likely that he can use the [Transmitting Voice in Secret] technique." Su XingHe pause and pondered again, he said: "But Shaolin is the number one orthodox school of martial arts, maybe XuanNan is deliberately trying to make things complicated, i am only a frog at the bottom of the well, its not possible for me to see through his exact thoughts. Martial brother, i send my people to dispatch invitation cards everywhere, i invited all the top experts under the heaven to come and break this 'Zhen Long', for all those who love playing chess, once they know there is such a chess meet they will definitely come. But for those who are too old, appearance.......this.....appearance not too handsome, or they are not part of the martial arts fraternity, then they are not invited. Young gentleman Gusu Murong's appearance is fine as jade, he has vast knowledge of martial arts techniques under the heaven, his the most ideal candidate, unfortunately he can't break the chess formation."

Xu Zhu said: "Yes, gentleman Murong is 100 times better than me. There is also gentleman Duan from Dali's Duan family, his also a fine elegant gentleman."

Su XingHe said: "Sigh, there is no need to mention this matter. I heard that Dali's Prince Zhennan Duan ZhengChun excelled in [Yiyang Finger], even more rare is that his romantic and elegant, countless maidens, virgins, middle-age pretty women, once they see him they cannot help but become infatuated and head over heels in love. I send quite a few of my disciples to Dali to invite him, unexpectedly his not at Dali and i don't know his last whereabouts, but his foolish and clumsy son came instead."

Xu Zhu gave a faint smile, he said: "This gentleman Duan, both his eyes always staring at Miss Wang."

Su XingHe shakes his head and said: "Regrettable, regrettable! Duan ZhengChun is frivolous and philandering, his known as 'Number One Romantic In Martial Arts Fraternity', but his son is not like him at all, extremely unworthy, his a disgrace to his father's reputation. He go all out and fawn upon that Miss Wang, but Miss Wang paid no attention to him at all, this is really infuriating!"

Xu Zhu said: "Gentleman Duan is devoted, he should be better than romantic loafers, senior how can you say its regrettable?" Su XingHe said: "He looks smart but his foolish and clumsy, he doesn't know how to handle women, we don't need him." Xu Zhu said: "Yes!" his secretly happy and thought: "So you want to find a handsome youngster to deal with women, this is good, then you will have no use for me, an ugly little monk."

Su XingHe ask: "Martial brother, did Master ask you to find someone? Or he gave you any map and so on?"

Xu Zhu was stumped for words, he felt this matter is somewhat wrong, he wanted to deny it, but he was instructed by eminent monk at Shaolin since childhood, he must not lie, moreover Buddhist monks are forbidden to lie, to do so is to break a huge rule, thus he stammered: "This......this........"

Su XingHe said: "You are the Sect Leader, anything you ask me i must answer, else you can immediately put me to death. But if i ask you anything, you can choose whether or not to answer, if you don't like to answer you can simply ask me to shut up and not ask random questions."

Since Su XingHe said it, Xu Zhu felt its not appropriate to cover up the truth, he wave his hands repeatedly and said: "How can i be arrogant in front of you? Senior, your Master gave this to me." As he finish speaking he took out a scroll from his bosom, he saw Su XingHe withdraw his body, his expression extremely respectful, he dare not extend his hands to receive the scroll, thus Xu Zhu open up the scroll himself.

As the scroll unfolded, both of them stare blankly at it, they simultaneously cry out in surprise, it seems the scroll is not a map, its also not a drawing of landscape or scenery, but a drawing of a pretty young maiden dressed in palace clothing.

Xu Zhu said: "Its turns out to be Miss Wang."

But the quality of the scroll's silk fabric is old and yellowing, its at least 30-40 years, the ink on the painting has also faded, clearly this painting is old and has been stored for many years, the painting is several times older than Wang YuYan, unexpectedly the painter is able to draw her appearance 10 years or even 100 years ago, this is simply unbelievable. The brush stroke on the painting is neat and lively, the figure is vivid and lifelike, its as if Wang Yu Yan is miniaturize and put into the painting.

Xu Zhu click his tongue in surprise, but he saw Su XingHe extending his right finger and tracing the brush stroke of the painting, he gasp in admiration for a long time, suddenly he seem to rouse from his dream-like state and said: "Martial brother, please don't take offense, elder brother's bad habit flare up again, when i see this ingenious painting of our Master, i suddenly had the urge to follow and learn it. Sigh, i am biting off more than i can chew, i want to learn everything but in the end i achieved nothing, i suffer a pathetic defeat against Ding ChunQiu." As he said this, he quickly roll up the scroll and handed it back to Xu Zhu, his afraid that if he look at the painting again he will be hopelessly mesmerized by the brush stroke of the painting. Su XingHe closed his eyes and calm down, he forcefully shakes his head, it seems his trying to forget the brush stroke in the painting, after a while he finally open his eyes and said: "When Master gave this scroll to you, what did he say?"

Xu Zhu said: "He said my internal energy already exceeds Ding ChunQiu, but my martial art is insufficient, i cannot subdue Ding ChunQiu, thus i should take this scroll and go to Dali's WuLiang Cave and find his huge collections of martial art manuals and learn them. But most likely i can't master them and i have to find someone to guide me. He said this scroll shows his residence where he live in ease and comfort, then it should be some famous mountains or great rivers, or some secluded and beautiful place, but how come its a portrait of Miss Wang? Could it be that he took the wrong scroll?"

Su XingHe said: "Master's actions are hard to fathom, you will understand it when the time comes. You have to obey Master's order, try to improve your martial arts and then get rid of Ding ChunQiu."

Xu Zhu stammered: "This.....this.....junior monk is Shaolin disciple, i have to go back to Shaolin Temple and report my mission. When i go back to the Temple, i will meditate and study scriptures, i will never come out again."

Su XingHe had a huge shock, he jump up and burst into tears and cried loudly, there is a 'Pu' sound, he knelt down in front of Xu Zhu, he kowtow as if his pounding garlic, he said: "Sect Leader, if you don't obey Master's order, then he died for no reason?"

Xu Zhu also knelt down and return his salute, he said: "Junior monk is a Buddhist, i am forbidden to be angry and to kill, previously i promised your revered master to get rid of Ding ChunQiu, but now i think its not appropriate. The rules of Shaolin are very strict, no matter what junior monk cannot change sect, or run amok and commit crimes." But regardless of how Su XingHe cry and plead, or try to enlighten, or even threaten and compel, Xu Zhu simply refuse to accept.

There is nothing Su XingHe can do, he felt dejected and hopeless, he said to his Master's corpse: "Master, Sect Leader refuse to obey your orders, disciple is powerless, i will follow you in death." As he finish speaking he leap up and flip upside down, his dive down from midair head-first, the top of his head smashing towards the stone floor.

Xu Zhu cry out in fear: "You cannot do that!" he quickly hug him. Currently, Xu Zhu's internal energy is deep and profound, his movement sharp and nimble, his abilities greatly exceeds his past self, Su XingHe could not move an inch when hugged by Xu Zhu.

Su XingHe said: "Why don't you allow me to commit suicide?" Xu Zhu said: "Monks have to be compassionate, i cannot bear to see you die." Su XingHe said: "Release me, i definitely don't want to live anymore." Xu Zhu said: "I won't release you!" Su XingHe said: "Don't tell me you will hold on and never release me for a lifetime?" Xu Zhu thought his words are quite true, he flip Su XingHe upright and put him down, he said: "Fine, i will release you, but i forbid you to commit suicide."

Su XingHe suddenly had a bright idea, he said: "You forbid me to commit suicide? Yes, i should follow Sect Leader's orders. Wonderful! Sect Leader, you finally agree to be our Sect Leader!"

Xu Zhu shakes his head and said: "I never agree. When did i ever agree?"

Su XingHe laugh out loudly and said: "Sect Leader, its useless for you to back out. You already gave an order and i already followed your order, from now on i will never commit suicide again. Who do you think Mr Intelligent Su XingHe is? Other than my Sect Leader, who dares to order me around? You can ask Shaolin's Master XuanNan, or even Abbot XuanCi, both of them don't dare to order me around."

While enroute, Xu Zhu already listen to XuanNan narrate the impressive standings of Deaf Mute Old Man in the martial arts fraternity, its definitely not empty words when Su XingHe said no one dares to order him around. Xu Zhu said: "I don't dare to order you around, but i am merely advising you to cherish your life, its purely out of good intentions."

Su XingHe said: "I don't dare to question your intentions. If you ask me to die, i will die immediately. If you ask me to live, i don't dare to not live. This life and death order is the most powerful authority. If you are not my Sect Leader, how can you randomly order me to die or live?"

Xu Zhu can't dispute it, he said: "Even if so, then assume that i said the wrong words just now, i withdraw it."

Su XingHe said: "You withdraw the order that forbid me to commit suicide, then you are asking me to commit suicide. Affirmative, i will immediately commit suicide." His method of committing suicide is really unusual, he leap up again, flip upside down, head smashing towards the stone floor.

Xu Zhu again quickly hug him firmly, he said: "You cannot do that, you cannot do that! I am not asking you to commit suicide!" Su XingHe said: "En, you forbid me to commit suicide again. I will respectfully comply with Sect Leader's order!" Xu Zhu put him down, he scratch his bald head, he really don't know what to say.

Su XingHe is nicknamed Mr Intelligent, this nickname is not for fun, his naturally eloquent, although he never spoke a single word for the past 30 years, but now that he start speaking again his still eloquent. Xu Zhu is still young, his simple and unsophisticated, he never dispute or argue with his martial brothers at Shaolin Temple, how can he be a match against Su XingHe? Xu Zhu pondered: "Withdrawing the order that forbid him to commit suicide is not equivalent to asking him to commit suicide. Not asking him to commit suicide is not equivalent to forbidding him to commit suicide." But Su XingHe has the gift of the gab, he forestall him with every phrase and sentence, Xu Zhu have no way to defend himself, he stare blankly for quite some time, he sigh and said: "Senior, i can never win this debate against you. But you want me to join your sect, i really cannot comply."

Su XingHe said: "Before we came in here, what did XuanNan instruct you? The words of Master XuanNan, you will comply or not?" Xu Zhu was startled, he said: "Martial grandfather ask me.....ask me.....ask me to listen to you."

Su XingHe is very pleased, he said: "Yes, Master XuanNan ask you to listen to me. I am telling you: 'You should comply with our Master's order, become our Sect Leader.' But since you are the Sect Leader already then you don't have to listen to senior monks from Shaolin anymore. Thus, if you comply with Master XuanNan's order, then you are our Sect Leader, if you don't comply with Master XuanNan's order, you are still out Sect Leader. Only by becoming our Sect Leader can you ignore Master XuanNan's order, or else how can you disobey your martial grandfather's instruction?" When Xu Zhu listen to this line of reasoning he thought it made sense, his rendered speechless for a while.

Su XingHe said: "Martial brother, Master XuanNan and the rest of the Shaolin monks, all of them are poisoned by Ding ChunQiu, their life will be in danger if we don't save them quickly, currently only you alone is capable of saving them. Whether or not to save them is entirely dependent on you."

Xu Zhu said: "My martial grandfather is certainly poisoned by Ding ChunQiu, as for the rest they are injured, but.....but my ability is lowly, how can i save them?"

Su XingHe smiled and said: "Martial brother, our sect forte is not just restricted to martial arts, medicine, divination, music, chess, calligraphy, painting, our skills are all encompassing. You have a martial nephew called Xue MuHua, he only has superficial medical knowledge, but everyone calls him Divine Physician Xue, his nicknamed 'Enemy of King of Hell', isn't it laughable? XuanNan is injured by Ding ChunQiu's [Great Energy Dissolving Skill], the square-face monk is injured by that iron-head man's [Frost Silkworm Palm], the thin and tall monk is kicked by Ding ChunQiu on the left side of his torso around 3 inch below, he injured his meridians........"

Su XingHe kept talking non-stop, he narrated all the ailments and the origin of the injuries of everyone. Xu Zhu is very impress, he said: "Senior, i saw you concentrating on the chess match, you didn't even look carefully at them or even diagnose them, how come you know so much details?"

Su XingHe said: "The injuries inflicted by martial arts are so obvious that you can easily tell it from just one glance. Only those who are naturally weak and poor in health, or those that suffer cold and heat diseases, they are much harder to diagnose. Martial brother, you have our Master's 70 years of divine internal energy, its greatly beneficial for treating injuries and illnesses. Great Master XuanNan's meridians contain poison, its a bit difficult to restore his internal energy, but its effortless to treat his injuries and save his life." At once he taught Xu Zhu how to channel his energy to massage the acupoints, and the method to expel the frost poison. He also gave detailed guidance on the techniques involved in treating XuanNan, and the techniques involved in treating Feng BoE, since both their poison are different the techniques involved are also different.

Xu Zhu remembered all the techniques taught by Su XingHe, but he only knows how to apply but not the reasoning behind it.

Su XingHe saw Xu Zhu demonstration of the techniques, there are no mistakes, his face revealed a smile and praised: "Sect Leader's memory is excellent, you understand everything at once."

Xu Zhu saw his smile is rather furtive, its seem as if he harboured malicious intentions, he cannot help but ask: "Why are you smiling?" Su XingHe immediately became solemn, he bow respectfully and said: "Elder brother don't dare to laugh or smile, Sect Leader please forgive me if i am not respectful enough." Xu Zhu is anxious to treat everyone's injuries, thus he did not pursue this matter anymore, he said: "Let us go outside and take a look!" Su XingHe said: "Yes!" he followed behind Xu Zhu and they went outside the house.

They saw a bunch of injured people sitting cross-legged on the floor, Murong Fu is channelling his internal energy to help relief the suffering of Bao BuTong and Feng BoE. Wang YuYan is attending to GongYe Gan's injuries. Xue MuHua is sweating profusely, his constantly on the move, whoever is in critical condition he will immediately go over and try to save him, but once one patient quieten down another patient starts shouting again. Xue MuHua saw Su XingHe coming out of the house, he felt great comfort, he quickly rush towards him and said: "Master, please think of a method."

Xu Zhu walk towards XuanNan, his eyes are closed and his channelling his internal energy, Xu Zhu simply stood beside and dare not open his mouth to speak. XuanNan slowly open his eyes, he gave a sigh and said: "I am really incompetent, i suffered under the poisonous hands of Ding ChunQiu and tainted out Shaolin's reputation, i am really ashamed. Go back and report to to the abbot and tell him....and tell him that i and martial brother XuanTong cannot return back to Shaolin Temple anymore."

In the past, Xu Zhu met this martial grandfather before, his always stately, charismatic and reliable, but now his expression is sullen, an attitude of desolation, his speech hinted at his intentions to commit suicide, Xu Zhu quickly said: "Martial grandfather, please don't be too upset, as practitioners of martial arts, our heart must not have anger, no eagerness to compete, no desire in victory and defeat, no desire in gains and losses......." he kept reciting non-stop, unexpectedly these words are the exact same words used by XuanNan to admonish him and now he recited it back to XuanNan, but suddenly he realize that it doesn't seem right and he immediately shut up, but he had already said quite a few sentences.

XuanNan gave a slight smile and sigh: "Your words are correct, but your martial grandfather lost all his internal energy, i don't even have the strength to concentrate on Buddhism anymore."

Xu Zhu said: "Yes, yes, disciple is naive, i am talking rubbish." As he was about to try and treat XuanNan's injuries, he suddenly recalled the suspicious smile on Su XingHe, his was alarmed: "He ask me to use my palm and smack my martial grandfather's acupoint of the top of his head, how would i know his not trying to harm me? If i really smack down with my palm and unexpectedly kill my martial grandfather, then what should i do?"

XuanNan said: "Go report back to the abbot, our Shaolin Temple will meet great catastrophe in the future, he should take extra precautions against it, be careful when travelling back, you are pure and honest, i am not worried about your Buddhist prohibition and Buddhist devotion, but from now on you must put in more effort on 'intelligence and wisdom', you should study attentively the 4 scrolls of . Sigh, its a pity that i can no longer guide you."

Xu Zhu said: "Yes, yes." He saw how XuanNan is still concerned about him, he felt really grateful, he said: "Martial grandfather, since our Temple will have great catastrophe, we need you to take care of yourself and go back to assist the abbot, together we will drive away the enemy." XuanNan force a bitter smile and said: "I...i am hit by Ding ChunQiu [Great Energy Dissolving Skill], i am already a handicapped person, how can i assist the abbot and drive away the enemy?" Xu Zhu said: "Martial grandfather, Mr Intelligent taught me a set of healing method, disciple is overestimating his ability but i wish to try it on martial uncle HuiFang, i ask martial grandfather for permission."

XuanNan is flabbergasted, he knew the Deaf Mute Old Man is the Master of Divine Physician Xue, the healing method imparted by him must be sensible, but he don't understand why Su XingHe or even Xue MuHua don't come forth personally and provide the treatment, he said: "The method imparted by Mr Intelligent is obviously ingenious." He gave a glance at Su XingHe and said to Xu Zhu: "Go and try it."

Xu Zhu walk towards HuiFang, he bow and said: "Martial uncle, nephew received orders from martial grandfather, i will treat your injury, please don't be offended." HuiFang smile and nod his head. Xu Zhu acted according to the method taught by Su XingHe, he carefully aim the spot below the left side torso, he wave his right palm and strike the spot.

HuiFang groaned, his body swayed, he felt as if there is a hole on his torso, all his blood and vital energy seems to flow out from this hole, his entire body felt empty, he can't control it at all, but the itch and pain caused by You TanZhi's frost poison instantly vanished. Xu Zhu did not use his internal energy to expel the frost poison, rather, he use his 70 years of to strike at the torso and open up a hole to drain off the frost poison. Its the same as someone who is bitten by poisonous snake, he will cut open his wound and try to squeeze out the venom. With this technique [Cutting Body With Energy Blade], obviously you cannot hit the wrong spot, but if your internal energy is insufficient and you cannot penetrate the meridians with a single strike, then not only will the poison not drain out, instead the poison will be forced into the inner organs and the patient will suffer a violent death immediately.

Xu Zhu felt unsure when he send out his palm strike, HuiFang sway and slowly stabilize, his frown and expression of pain gradually change into relax happiness, these changes occurred within a short period of time but to Xu Zhu it seems like a few hours.

After a while, HuiFang exhale, he smiled and said: "Good martial nephew, the power in that palm strike is not small."

Xu Zhu is excited and said: "I don't dare." He turn back and said to XuanNan: "Martial grandfather, is it ok if i go treat the rest of the martial uncles?"

Currently, XuanNan expression is extremely happy, but he shakes his head and said: "No! Go treat the other seniors first, after that we treat our own people."

Xu Zhu trembled in his heart, he quickly said: "Yes!" he pondered: "Others before self, this is the great compassion of Buddhism, the heart to save all living things." He saw Bao BuTong is in severe pain, his teeth clattering, he immediately walk towards him and said: "Mr Bao, Mr Intelligent taught junior monk a method to treat this frost poison, junior monk only learn it today, i am not proficient, but i will treat Mr Bao. Please forgive my offense." As he finish speaking he extended his hand and touch Bao BuTong's chest.

Bao BuTong laugh and said: "What you trying to do?" Xu Zhu raised his right palm, there is a 'Peng' sound and he landed the palm on Bao BuTong's chest. Bao BuTong was furious, he cursed: "Smelly mo......." but he did not complete the word 'monk', the frost poison which had tortured him for so long unexpectedly flow rapidly out of his chest, he swallow his words and dare not curse anymore.

Xu Zhu help the rest of the injured people to drain off You TanZhi's frost poison, afterwards he went to treat those injured by Ding ChunQiu. Some of these people had poison in their meridians due to Ding ChunQiu [Great Energy Dissolving Skill], Xu Zhu strike his palm at either the 'Baihui acupoint' on the top of their head or the 'Lingtai acupoint' at their solar plexus, their energy return back to normal and they can use it to slow neutralize the poison themselves. Some of them suffered internal energy injuries, Xu Zhu used his finger to prick their acupoints and dissolve the energy of XingXiu sect. Luckily his memory is extremely good, Su XingHe taught him various different kinds of medical treatment methods and techniques, unexpectedly he remembered all of them clearly, he implemented them accordingly and within the time taken to eat a meal he removed everyone's pain and ailments. The patients are all very grateful towards him, as for spectators they greatly admire the divine technique of the Deaf Mute Old Man, but when they thought about the fact that his the Master of Divine Physician Xue, they did not think that its odd.

Finally, Xu Zhu walk towards XuanNan, he bow and said: "Martial grandfather, disciple is bold, i want strike my palm on your 'Baihui acupoint' on the top of your head."

XuanNan smiled and said: "You gained the favour of Mr Intelligent, unexpectedly you manage to learn ingenious healing techniques, your affinity with fortune is really not small, go ahead and strike my 'Baihui acupoint'."

Xu Zhu bow and said: "Please forgive my boldness!" when he was at Shaolin Temple, his always look at XuanNan from afar, when XuanNan gathered the monks to explain martial arts theories, Xu Zhu will just stand together with the rest and he never get much chance to talk with him, but now he actually have to strike XuanNan's head, although its for the purpose of medical treatment but he cannot help but feel worried, he also notice that XuanNan's smile is rather unusual, he don't understand his intention, he composed himself and said: "Disciple have to offend you, martial grandfather please forgive me!" he took a step foward, his palm targeting XuanNan's 'Baihui acupoint', the force is neither hard nor soft, neither slow nor fast, he wave his palm and strike downwards.

Just as Xu Zhu's palm touch XuanNan's forehead, XuanNan suddenly gave a very odd smile, immediately after he gave a long cry and his body suddenly went limp, his body wriggled a few times and he lie prostrate on the floor and was motionless.

All the spectators cried out in alarm, Xu Zhu is so frightened that his heart thumped madly, he hastily rush forward and supported XuanNan. HuiFang and the rest of the monks also rush beside him. When they saw XuanNan, his face revealed a smile but his breathing had stopped, his already dead. Xu Zhu cry out in fear: "Martial grandfather, martial grandfather! What happen to you?"

Suddenly Su XingHe shouted: "Who is it? Stop there!" he arrive swiftly from the southeast corner and said: "Someone made a sneak attack behind, but his movement is very fast, unexpectedly i couldn't see him properly!" he grabbed XuanNan's wrist, he frown and said: "Master XuanNan already lost his internal energy, when someone made a sneak attack his completely defenceless and died." Suddenly he smiled, his expression was very odd.

Xu Zhu's mind is in a mess, he cried and shouted: "Martial grandfather, martial grandfather, why......" suddenly he remembered the furtive smile by Su XingHe when they are inside the wooden house, he said furiously: "Mr Intelligent, tell me the truth, how did my martial grandfather died? Did you intentionally try to harm him?"

Su XingHe knelt down and said: "Reporting to Sect Leader, Su XingHe dare not try to plot against Sect Leader. Master XuanNan unexpected pass away, its certainly due to sneak attack." Xu Zhu said: "Just now in the wooden house, you gave a weird smile, what is the reason?" Su XingHe was startled and said: "Did i smile? Did i smile? Sect Leader you have to extremely careful, someone........" he did not completely his sentence as he abruptly stop talking, his face revealed an extremely odd smile.

Xue MuHua cry out loudly: "Master!" he hurriedly took out a bottle of antidote from his bosom, he quickly took off the bottle stopper and pour 3 pills onto his hand and stuff it into Su XingHe's mouth. But Su XingHe already stop breathing, he did not swallow the pill. Xue MuHua burst into tears: "Master is poisoned by Ding ChunQiu and died, Ding ChunQiu this evil traitor......." his crying so badly that he can't speak anymore.

Kang GuangLing threw himself at Su XingHe's body, Xue MuHua quickly grabbed his back and forcefully pull him back, he weep: "There is poison on Master's body." Fan BaiLing, Gou Du, Wu LingJun, Feng ASan, Li KuiLei, Shi QingFeng, all 8 disciples stood beside Su XingHe, they felt anger and sadness.

Kang GuangLing followed Su XingHe for a long time, he knows all the sect rules and regulations, when he saw his Master kneel down in front of Xu Zhu and refer him as 'Sect Leader', he already knew 80-90% of what is going on, he closely examined Xu Zhu's finger, his indeed wearing a gem ring, Kang GuangLing said: "All fellow martial brothers, follow me and pay our respects to the new Sect Leader." As he finish speaking he knelt down in front of Xu Zhu and kowtow. Fan BaiLing and the rest was startled, they suddenly realize the truth and also follow suit and kowtow.

Xu Zhu is disconcerted, he said: "Ding....Ding ChunQiu that treacherous Benefactor, he killed my martial grandfather and also killed you Master."

Kang GuangLing said: "Kill that wicked traitor to avenge them, we ask Sect Leader to take charge of this important matter."

Xu Zhu is just a little monk without any worldly experience, as for his martial arts knowledge, fame and prestige, everyone present here are all superior to him, he thought: "I have to take revenge for martial grandfather, I have to take revenge for Mr Intelligent, I have to take revenge for that old man in the wooden house!" he shouted loudly: "I will definitely kill Ding ChunQiu....Ding ChunQiu this evil person.....this treacherous Benefactor."

Kang GuangLing kowtow again and said: "Martial uncle Sect Leader agreed to deal with that traitor and avenge my Master, nephew is extremely grateful towards Martial uncle Sect Leader." Fan BaiLing, Xue MuHua and the rest, all of them kowtow. Xu Zhu quick knelt down to return the courtesy and said: "I don't deserve it, i don't deserve it, everyone please get up." Kang GuangLing said: "Martial uncle, nephew have another thing to report, but there are too many people here, i invite you into the wooden house so that i can personally tell you." Xu Zhu said: "Ok!"

Xu Zhu followed Kang GuangLing and they are about to enter the wooden house, suddenly Fan BaiLing said: "Wait! Our Master contracted that old traitor's poison inside that house, Martial uncle Sect Leader and senior martial brother, its best that you don't go in, that old traitor is full of tricks, you cannot guard against him." Kang GuangLing nod his head and said: "You words are reasonable! Martial uncle Sect Leader's body is very precious, we cannot let him take the risk." Xue MuHua said: "The two of you just speak here. We will keep watch and guard against that old traitor's schemes." As he finish speaking he walk somewhere else, Feng ASan, Wu LingJun and the rest, all walk out to around 10 zhang.

Murong Fu, Deng BaiChuan and they rest, all of them saw the sect members move away. Although Juimozhi, Duan YanQing and the rest found it odd, but the matter did not concern them and they also left the area without consulting anyone.

Kang GuangLing said: "Martial uncle......." Xu Zhu said: "I am not your martial uncle, i am also not your Sect Leader, i am a monk from Shaolin, i am not related to your Carefree Sect." Kang GuangLing said: "Martial uncle, how can you not acknowledge it? The name 'Carefree Sect', outsiders will never know this name. If outsiders accidentally or deliberately hears it, than base on our sect rules, they will be killed without fail." Xu Zhu shivered, he thought: "This rule is too evil. If i don't agree to join their sect then it means they will kill me?"

Kang GuangLing said again: "Martial uncle, just now the techniques you displayed to treat everyone, its precisely base on the internal energy of our sect. Nephew don't dare to ask martial uncle how you join the sect and inherited the energy from Grand-Master. But maybe martial uncle manage to break Grand-Master's chess formation, my Master acted according to the orders of Grand-Master and accepted you and pass on the Sect Leader position to you. To cut the long story short, the 'Carefree Immortal Ring' is on martial uncle's finger, when our Master died he kowtow to you and also address you as Sect Leader, martial uncle you don't have to give excuse anymore. Its pointless for you to evade responsibility."

Xu Zhu look to the left and right, he saw HuiFang and the rest carrying the corpse of XuanNan to the side, he also saw the corpse of Su XingHe still kneeling on the floor and his face still revealed an odd smile, he heart ached and said: "I can't fully explain the situation now, now my martial grandfather is dead, i really don't know what to do, old senior........"

Kang GuangLing hastily knelt down and said: "Martial uncle you definitely cannot address me like this, you will really shorten nephew's life!" Xu Zhu frown and said: "Fine, please get up." Kang GuangLing got up. Xu Zhu said: "Old senior......" he just said these words, Kang GuangLing immediately knelt down again with a 'Pu' sound.

Xu Zhu said: "Sorry, I forgot, i can't address you like this. Please get up." He took out the scroll given to him by the old man and open it, he said: "Your Master ask me to rely on this scroll to try and learn martial arts and then punish Benefactor Ding."

Kang GuangLing look at the pretty lady in the painting, he shakes his head and said: "Nephew don't understand the undying meaning, martial uncle you should keep this painting properly and don't let outsiders see it. Since my Master said it, then i invite martial uncle to take his view into consideration and act accordingly. Nephew wants to report about the poison contracted by our Master, its called . This poison is formless and invisible, initially after contracting the poison, the victim's face will reveal an odd smile but they victim doesn't know it, after smiling 3 times the victim will die."

Xu Zhu lowered his head and said: "I am really ashamed, when your revered master contracted the poison, his face revealed an odd smile, but i gauge others with my own lowly character, i suspected he had bad intentions, if at that time i had candidly asked him about his smile, your revered master would have applied medical treatment immediately and it won't reach this stage."

Kang GuangLing shakes his head and said: "Once you contract this its difficult to save. This is one of the reason why Old Traitor Ding can go on a rampage without fear. Everyone knows about the famous [Great Energy Dissolving Skill], but you will only lose your internal energy temporarily, you will still survive, once the poison is cleared from your meridians you can channel your internal energy again. But if you contract this , you will close your eyes and never open them again."

Xu Zhu shakes his head and said: "This is really vicious! At time i was standing beside your master, i did not know how Ding ChunQiu manage to use his poison, my martial art is poor, experience low, how come Ding ChunQiu never poison me and spared my life?"

Kang GuangLing said: "Maybe he thinks your ability is lowly, not worth the effort to poison. Martial uncle Sect Leader, you are so young, how great can you be? Although the techniques you use to treat poison is good but they are taught by my Master, its really nothing, Ding ChunQiu won't bother about you." As he finish speaking he suddenly realize that his speech is really rude, he quickly said: "Martial uncle Sect Leader, i spoke frankly just now, you might feel offended, but even if you are offended i still feel your martial art is not good."

Xu Zhu said: "You are absolutely correct, my martial art is extremely poor, Old Traitor Ding.....sin, sin, junior monk spoke foul language, i violated the prohibition against foul language, its really unbecoming behaviour of Buddhist....that Ding ChunQiu Benefactor Ding really finds me not worth killing."

Xu Zhu is simple and unsophisticated, Kang GuangLing is not familiar with worldly affair, Ding ChunQiu sneak into the wooden house and eavesdrop on Su XingHe imparting techniques to treating injuries and poison, why would he not plot against Xu Zhu? Why would he spare Xu Zhu just because his martial art is lowly? The is transmitted using internal energy, the poison is shot onto the body of the victim, when Ding ChunQiu is in the wooden house, he already use his internal energy to flick the onto Su XingHe and Xu Zhu, afterwards he also flick the poison on XuanNan. Su XingHe is weary and exhausted after the fierce battle, XuanNan lost his internal energy, both of them contracted the poison. But Xu Zhu is equipped with 70 years of divine internal energy, the internal energy of Ding ChunQiu did not even reach his body and got repelled back, all the deadly poison reflected onto Su XingHe, Xu Zhu did not contract the slightest bit of poison. When fighting face to face with another opponent, Ding ChunQiu don't dare to use because he feared his opponent's internal energy might be formidable and reflect the poison back at him.

Kang GuangLin said: "Martial uncle, you are not right. Carefree Sect is the most sacred, we keep to ourselves and operate alone, aren't we free and leisurely? You are our Sect Leader, no one can control you in this world. You should shed your kasaya as soon as possible, grow your hair and take 17-18 young lady as wife. Why do you even care about Buddha or not? What prohibition against foul language, or prohibition against good language?"

As he spoke, Xu Zhu kept on reciting "Amituofo". Xu Zhu said: "In front of me, don't you ever say such blasphemous words against Buddha again. You said you have something to report to me, what is it?"

Kang GuangLing said: "Ayo, i am really old and muddle-headed, i didn't talk about the main point after talking for so long. Martial uncle Sect Leader, don't follow in my footsteps when you grow up. Terrible, terrible, i diverted from the main topic again, i didn't talk about the main point, damn it! Martial uncle Sect Leader, i request a very important thing from you, i hope you can approve."

Xu Zhu said: "What is this big thing that needs my approval, i am really not worthy."

Kang GuangLing said: "Alas! This is an important sect matter, if i don't seek approval from Sect Leader then who i ask for approval? The eight of us fellow apprentices, we were expelled by our Master, its not really our fault, its just that Master feared that Ding ChunQiu would try to harm us and he can't bear to cut our tongue or pierce our eardrum, thus he expelled us. Today, Master took back his orders and let us rejoin the sect but he did not report this matter to Sect Leader, we have yet to formally pay our respects and become his disciples thus we can't be considered as part of the sect, hence we hope to get permission from Sect Leader else we will still be lonely ghost without any sect till the day we die, we have no standings at all in the martial arts fraternity, its really unpleasant!"

Xu Zhu pondered: "This Sect Leader of Carefree Sect i definitely cannot take this position, but if i refuse their request they will definitely nag and tangle with me, i will just allow it and see how it goes." He said: "Since your Master already permit it, naturally you all are part of the sect, why worry?"

Kang GuangLing rejoiced, he turn his head and shouted: "Martial brothers, the Sect Leader has allowed us to rejoin the sect!"

When the rest of the 'Eight Friends of Hangu' heard it, all of them are excited, 2nd brother 'Chess Fanatic' Fang BaiLing, 3rd brother 'Bookworm' Gou Du, 4th brother 'Painting Expert' Wu LingJun, 5th brother 'Enemy of King of Hell' Xue MuHua, 6th brother 'Marvellous Craftsman' Feng ASan, 7th sister 'Flower Married Woman' Shi QingFeng, 8th brother 'Love Singing Opera' Li KuiLei, all of them rush over to kowtow and give thanks to the Sect Leader, but when they thought about their Master who can't witness them rejoin the sect, they cried bitterly.

Xu Zhu felt really embarrassed, ever single matter he handled further solidify his "Sect Leader" status, its getting harder and harder for him to break away from the responsibility. His a disciple of a famous orthodox school, Shaolin, but he ended up as the Sect Leader of some demonic sect, isn't it absurd? He saw Fan BaiLing and the rest are so happy that they are in tears, if he object to being the Sect Leader now it would really spoil the mood, thus he had no choice but to shake his head and force a smile. As he turn his head, Murong Fu, Duan Yu, Wang YuYan, the six 'Hui-generation' monks as well as the corpse of XuanNan, all of them disappeared, only the 9 of them from Carefree Sect are left in the pine forest, Xu Zhu was surprised: "Yi, where did everyone go?"

Wu LingJun said: "Gentleman Murong and the senior monks from Shaolin saw us talking endlessly, they parted and left!"

Xu Zhu shouted: "AiYo!" he extended his legs and chase after them, he wanted to find HuiFang and the rest and return back to Shaolin to report back to the abbot and his own Master; at the same time, he also have the intention to slip away and break away from the disciples of Carefree Sect.

He travelled swiftly for an hour, running faster and faster but he never saw the six 'Hui-generation' monks. He is equipped with 70 years of Carefree Sect's divine energy, his running speed is as fast as a fine horse, actually when he ran down the mountain ridge he already overtook the six 'Hui-generation' monks. He thought he was lagging behind and he kept on chasing, in his haste he did not notice the 6 monks around a corner of a mountain, after a few turns he already outpace them and left them far behind.

Xu Zhu kept on chasing until dusk, but he still did not see his martial uncles, he found it really strange and suspected that he must have took the wrong fork in the road and he backtrack 20 li and inquired information from passer-by, but nobody saw the 6 monks. Running back and forth, unexpectedly he did not feel tired at all, but its getting dark and he is getting hungry, he arrive at a restaurant at the outskirt of a small town, he found a seat and ordered two bowls of vegetarian noodles.

The vegetarian noodles did not arrive immediately and Xu Zhu glance around in all directions, suddenly he heard a clear and bright voice beside him: "Monk, you waiting for someone?" Xu Zhu turn his head, he saw a youngster wearing green robe sitting at the west seat beside a window, the youngster's skin is fair and clear, appearance very beautiful, around 17-18 years of age, the youngster is grinning at him.

Xu Zhu said: "Yes! I want to ask little gentleman, did you see 6 monks?" the youngster said: "I didn't see 6 monks, but i did see 1 monk." Xu Zhu said: "En, 1 monk, may i ask little gentleman where you saw him?" the youngster replied: "I saw him right here in this restaurant."

Xu Zhu pondered: "1 monk, then its not martial uncle HuiFang and the rest of the group. But i can still find out some information about this monk." He said: "Gentleman, may i ask about the appearance of the monk? How old is he? He is headed in which direction?"

The youngster smiled and said: "This monk has high forehead and big ears, his mouth broad and thick lips, his nostril tilting upwards, his around 23-24 years old, his currently waiting for 2 bowl of vegetarian noodles in this restaurant, he has yet to leave."

Xu Zhu laugh out loudly and said: "Little gentleman is referring to me." The youngster said: "Gentleman is just gentleman, why the need to add the word 'little'? I called you monk, i didn't call you little monk." This youngster's voice is tender and delicate, its melodious and pleasant to the ears. Xu Zhu said: "Yes, i should address you as gentleman."

While they were talking, the waiter had delivered the 2 bowl of vegetarian noodles. Xu Zhu said: "Gentleman, junior monk will start eating the noodles." The youngster said: "Green vegetables and mushroom, no oil and grease, how can it be tasty? Come, come over here, i let you eat some boiled pork and roasted chicken." Xu Zhu said: "Sin, sin. Junior monk has never touch meat and fish in his entire life, gentleman please help yourself." As he finish speaking he turn his body around and start eating the noodles, his unwilling to look at the how the youngster eats the chicken and meat.

Xu Zhu is very hungry, in a short period of time he finish more than half a bowl of noodle, suddenly he heard the youngster shouted: "Yi, what is this?" Xu Zhu turn his head and saw the youngster holding a spoon with his right hand, the youngster scoop some soup and was about to drink it when he suddenly found some bizarre object, the spoon stop around half chi from his mouth, his left hand grasping something. The youngster stood up, his right hand pinching the object and he walk towards Xu Zhu and said: "Monk, look at this bug, isn't it strange?"

Xu Zhu saw him pinching a small black beetle, this kind of beetle can be found everywhere, definitely not some strange object, Xu Zhu ask: "How is it strange?" the youngster said: "The shell of this beetle is hard and stiff, bright and glossy, it seems to be coated with a layer of oil." Xu Zhu said: "En, ordinary beetle are like this." The youngster said: "Really?" he drop the beetle on the floor, crush it with his feet and walk back to his seat. Xu Zhu sigh and said: "Sin, sin!" he lowered his head and resume eating his noodles.

He did not eat for an entire day, this noodle seems to be very fragrant and sweet, he even drank all the noodle broth, he took his second bowl of noodle and ate it, suddenly the youngster burst into loud laughter and said: "Monk, i thought you are a good monk with strict disciple, but you are really just a hypocrite!" Xu Zhu said: "I am a hypocrite?" the youngster said: "You said you never touch any meat and fish your entire life, but this bowl of chicken broth noodle, how come you ate it with gusto?" Xu Zhu said: "Gentleman you must be joking. This is obviously green vegetables and mushroom noodles, where is the chicken broth? I specially reminded the waiter, he cannot add the slightest bit of lard."

The youngster smiled and said: "You said you never eat meat and fish, but when you drank the chicken broth you savoured it with relish. Monk, let me add another spoonful of chicken broth to that noodle!" as he finish speaking he scoop the soup from the roasted chicken and stood up.

Xu Zhu had a huge shock, he said: " now you....already...."

The youngster smiled and said: "Yes, just now i added a spoonful of chicken broth in that noodle, don't tell me you didn't see it? Ayo, monk, quickly close your eyes, pretend you didn't see it, i will add a spoonful of chicken broth to you noodle, guarantee to enhance the flavour of the noodle, anyway you didn't add it yourself, Buddha won't blame you."

Xu Zhu was shock and angry, he realize the beetle just now was meant to misdirect him and divert his gaze, the youngster used this opportunity to add a spoonful of chicken broth into the noodle, when he drank the noodle broth its indeed exceptionally tasty, but because he never drank chicken broth before he don't know the taste, now that the chicken broth is already in his stomach, what should he do? Should he try to vomit it out? He really don't know what to do for the moment.

The youngster suddenly said: "Monk, the 6 monks you are looking for, see they arrive here!" he pointed at the door.

Xu Zhu was excited he quickly rush to the door and look at the street, but there's no monk at all. He knew he got cheated by the youngster again, he felt really unhappy, but monks cannot be angry and he forcefully repress his anger, he kept silent and return back to eat his noodles.

Xu Zhu pondered: "This little gentleman is so young, but he likes to play prank on me." He picked up his chopsticks and quickly ate another half bowl of noodle, suddenly his teeth bite onto a smooth and greasy object, he was startled and quickly look at his bowl, there is a big piece of fatty meat within his noodles, but half of it is gone, obviously he ate it already. Xu Zhu slam his chopsticks on the table, he shouted: "Suffering, suffering!"

The youngster laugh and said: "Monk, this fatty meat is not nice? Why are you complaining?"

Xu Zhu said furiously: "You trick me to go to the door, but you put a piece of fatty meat at the bottom of the bowl. my 23 years of life, i never touch meat and fish, but....all this is destroyed by you!"

The youngster gave a faint smile and said: "The taste of this fatty meat, isn't it 10 times better than vegetables and tofu? You are really foolish not to eat it."

Xu Zhu frown and stood up, he stick his right hand into his throat, he tried hard to vomit out the fatty meat but he can't do it, his thoughts are in a whirl, suddenly he heard a disturbance outside, a lot of people entered the restaurant.

He gave a quick glance, among these people are XingXiu disciples, he secretly cried out: "Ayo, not good, i will die if i get caught by Old Freak of XingXiu!" he quickly rush to the rear door, trying to escape the restaurant, but when he open the door and entered its actually a bedroom. As Xu Zhu was about to step out of the room, he heard someone shout behind him: "Shop owner, shop owner, quickly bring some wine and meat!" the XingXiu disciples already entered the parlor.

Xu Zhu dare not step out of the room, he close the door lightly. Suddenly he heard someone said: "Find some place for this big belly monk to rest." The voice is from Ding ChunQiu. A XingXiu disciple said: "Yes!" his footsteps heavy, he walk towards the bedroom. Xu Zhu was alarmed, he was at his wits end, he lowered his body and squeeze under the bed. His head went under the bed and bumped into something, a voice cried out softly: "Ah!" it seem someone was hiding under the bed. Xu Zhu was even more frighten, as he was about to withdraw the XingXiu disciple carried HuiJing and entered the bedroom, he put HuiJing on the bed and went out.

Xu Zhu heard someone whispering in his ear: "Monk, is the fatty meat tasty? What are you scared of?" its the youngster. Xu Zhu pondered: "You movement is quite nimble, you are even faster than me and hid yourself under the bed." He spoke softly: "There's a group of evil people outside, gentleman you definitely cannot make any sound." The youngster said: "How you know they are evil people?" Xu Zhu said: "I recognize them. They murder people without blinking an eye, they are not playing around."

The youngster was about to ask Xu Zhu to keep quiet, suddenly, HuiJing shouted: "There is someone under the bed, there is someone under the bed!"

Xu Zhu and the youngster was alarmed, both of them crawl out from under the bed. They saw Ding ChunQiu standing by the door, he is sneering at them, his expression very proud and yet malicious.

The youngster is so frightened that his face lost colour, immediately he knelt down and shouted: "Master!" Ding ChunQiu smiled and said: "Very good, very good! Hand it over." The youngster said: "Its not with disciple!" Ding ChunQiu said: "Then where is it?" The youngster said: "Its at Liao Empire Nanjing city." Ding ChunQiu revealed an ominous glint, he said in a deep and low voice: "You still trying to deceive me at this moment? I will make you life so miserable that you will be begging for death." The youngster said: "Disciple don't dare to lie to Master." Ding ChunQiu gaze swept across to Xu Zhu, he ask the youngster: "How come your together with him?" The youngster said: "I met him just now at this restaurant." Ding ChunQiu snorted: "Lies!" he stared ferociously at both of them and walk back out. Four XingXiu disciples rush into the bedroom and surrounded the two of them.

Xu Zhu was frighten and angry, he said: "So you are XingXiu disciple!"

The youngster stamped his feet and said fiercely: "Stinky monk, its your fault, you still dare comment on me!"

One of the XingXiu disciple said: "Senior martial sister, how are you?" his tone frivolous, his expression rejoicing in other people's misfortune.

Xu Zhu ask curiously: "How come?"

The youngster spit in contempt and said: "Stupid monk, stinky monk, obviously i am a woman, don't tell me you can't tell from a single glance?"

Xu Zhu pondered: "So this little gentleman is a woman, and she is also a XingXiu disciple, not only that, she is also their Senior martial sister. Oh my goodness, this is bad! She made me drink chicken broth and eat fatty meat, i am afraid she poisoned them."

This youngster is AhZi in disguise. Although she has endlessly glory and wealth in Liao Empire, but her natural disposition is active and restless, after living there for a long time she started to feel bored, Xiao Feng is often busy with official business and cannot accompany her to go hunting or play. One day, she felt moody and left the Palace alone to play. Initially she planned to return by evening but she met someone along the way, unexpectedly this person provoke her with words, he said that although she is pretty but she did not have any male companions, its unavoidable that she will be lonely. AhZi recalled her tender sentiments towards Xiao Feng, but he never reciprocate it, she felt indignant and immediately thought of killing the person to vent her anger, the person escape quickly and AhZi pursued him for a long distance, finally she managed to kill the person with poison, but she was very far from Nanjing, thus she made us of this opportunity and explore Central Plains. She wandered around everywhere, its really a lucky coincidence as she managed to meet Xu Zhu and Ding ChunQiu at the same time. She played a prank on Xu Zhu and made him violate his religious precept, its purely on the spur of the moment and she did not have any other evil intentions.

AhZi thought her Master is living comfortably at XingXiu Sea, he will never come to Central Plains, unexpectedly, her Master personally came to Central Plains to get back the [Divine Wooden King Tripod] and they so happen to meet at this small restaurant. She is scared out of wits, she berated Xu Zhu loudly to try to force herself to calm down but that is useless as her voice trembled endlessly, she quickly tried to think of an idea to escape: "The only option is to trick Master to go to Nanjing, i will let brother-in-law kill Master, this is the only way out for me. Other than brother-in-law, no one else can defeat my Master. Luckily i left the [Divine Wooden King Tripod] at Nanjing, Master will definitely try to get back this rare treasure."

As she thought of this idea she calmed down a little, but she is having second thoughts: "But what if Master get rid of all my martial arts and make me a handicap, after that he drag me to Nanjing, i am afraid this kind of torture is worse than death." In a split second her face lost all its colour again.

A XingXiu disciple walk towards the door, he smile happily and said: "Senior martial sister, Master is summoning you."

When AhZi heard the summon from her Master, its as if a mouse heard the purr of a cat, she is so frighten that her bones turned limp, she know that she cannot run away and followed the XingXiu disciple to the lobby.

Ding ChunQiu is seated alone at a table, there are food and wine on the table, the rest of the disciples stood far away with their hands straighten down, their expression reverent and respectful, they dare not breath heavily. AhZi step forward and call out: "Master!" she knelt down.

Ding ChunQiu said: "Where exactly is it?" AhZi said: "I dare not lie to Master, its indeed at Liao Empire Nanjing city." Ding ChunQiu said: "Where is it located at Nanjing city?" AhZi said: "The official residence of Lord Xiao, Lord of Southern Chancellery." Ding ChunQiu frown and said: "How come it fell into the hands of a Khitan dog?"

AhZi said: "It didn't. When disciple reach the north, i fear losing Master's treasure or accidentally damage it, thus i secretly buried it in the rear garden of Lord Xiao's residence. The hiding spot is extremely secluded, the garden is around 400 hectares, other than disciple no one else can find this [Divine Wooden King Tripod], Master you can put your heart at ease."

Ding ChunQiu sneered: "Only you can find it? Heng, little trash, you are really difficult to deal with, you trying to stop me from killing you! After killing you, i can't find the [Divine Wooden King Tripod] correct?"

AhZi shivered, her voice trembled with fear: "If Master refuse to forgive disciple act of willfulness and strip all my martial arts, pick off all my tendon and veins, break my hand and feet, then disciple would rather die immediately and will never reveal the Divine Tripod...the Divine Tripod....the location of the Divine Tripod." As she reach the end of her speech, she is so frightened that she can't even articulate properly.

Ding ChunQiu smiled and said: "You little trash, you even dare to haggle with me. My XingXiu Sect have such a powerful figure like you, i did not guard against you beforehand, its really an oversight for Divine Elder of XingXiu!"

One of the XingXiu disciple suddenly shouted: "Divine Elder of XingXiu sees the past and future, you know the [Divine Wooden King Tripod] will be stolen, thus you made use of AhZi and let the treasure undergo hardships so that it can be further refined and increase the magic power of the Divine Tripod."

Another disciple said: "All the things in this world, which one of them is not within the divine calculation of Divine Elder of XingXiu? Divine Elder is modest and dismissed his achievements, all disciples you cannot take it seriously!"

Another disciple said: "Divine Elder of XingXiu display his little trick and killed XuanNan a top expert from Shaolin, he also exterminate the Deaf Mute Old Man and his disciples, since ancient times, where can you find such person who achieve overwhelming victory? Little AhZi, no matter how crafty and scheming you are, you can never escape from the palm of Divine Elder of XingXiu. Stop trying to be stubborn and plead guilty." Ding ChunQiu smiled and nod his head, he twirl his fingers and listen.

Xu Zhu is standing in the bedroom and he heard everything clearly, he pondered: "Martial grandfather and Mr Intelligent are indeed killed by Benefactor Ding. Alas, there is no need to even talk about revenge, i can't even save my own small life."

The crowd of XingXiu disciples all gave their remark, they kept urging AhZi to quickly surrender and confess honestly, while they are threatening her, more than half of the speech is praising the prestige of Divine Elder of XingXiu, for every sentence that is directed at AhZi they have to add another 3 sentence to sing praises on Ding ChunQiu.

The greatest craving in Ding ChunQiu's entire life is to listen to other people flatter him, the more corny and sappy the speech, the happier he is, he is already flattered by his disciples for over 10 years, he firmly believes their speech and felt that their praises are true. If a disciple did not exaggerate the praise, he will feel the disciple is not loyal enough. All the disciples are fully aware of Ding ChunQiu's temper, whenever there is an opportunity they will do their utmost and make a huge fanfare in their praises, they know their life will be in danger if their praises are lacking. In reality, these XingXiu disciples are not born shameless, they are merely shaped by their circumstances, if they don't behave in a certain way they cannot survive, thus after a long time their habits became natural and they no longer feel any shame when flattering or singing praises.

Ding ChunQiu twirl his fingers in delight, his eyes are shut yet appears to be open, he is feeling smug and revel in the praises of his disciples. While fighting with Su XingHe, a huge portion of Ding ChunQiu's long beard got burnt off, now only a few remains, afterwards he secretly deployed his deadly poison the and poisoned Su XingHe to death, thus he can be considered to be the victor in his battle with Su XingHe, now that he has fewer beard he appeared younger by 10 years.

He plotted secretly: "AhZi that little girl, its difficult for her to escape the control of Divine Elder, tomorrow i will accept her back as a maid. But that little monk in that bedroom, i need to deal with him carefully, unexpectedly he did not die from my , later i will use my [Great Energy Dissolving Skill] and kill his dog life. I will then be able to get my hands on the Sect Leader's 'Carefree Immortal Ring', wonderful, wonderful!"

After the time taken to eat a meal, the praises gradually died down, however there is still some who delve deep into open discussion and kept on praising, Ding ChunQiu raise his left hand and the praises stopped immediately, the disciples said in unison: "The achievements and virtue of Divine Elder of XingXiu covers heaven and earth, disciples are simple minded, we are not worthy to convey your greatness." Ding ChunQiu smiled and nod his head, he said to AhZi: "AhZi, what else you have to say?"

AhZi suddenly had an idea: "In the past, i was my Master's favourite, its because my flattering and boot-licking skill stands out from the masses, i am different from this bunch of stupid people, 100 years later and they still keep on saying these cliches." She said: "Master, disciple secretly took your [Divine Wooden King Tripod] to play, there is a reason behind it."

Ding ChunQiu roll his eyes and ask: "What reason?"

AhZi said: "Master, previously you look older, your power isn't as great as your current younger self, you gained power with the help of the Divine Tripod and use it to practice your skills. But in recent years, anyone who come across Master will witness your peerless magical powers, this Divine Tripod is merely an object that gathers poison, compared to the achievements of Master, its like comparing firefly with the sun, they cannot be mentioned in the same breath. If Master is unwilling to discard this Divine Tripod its only because of past sentiments, nothing more. All these disciples make a big fuss, they claim this Divine Tripod is some important treasure, it will delay important matters if its lost, they are really silly and stupid, they really look down on Master's remarkable magical powers."

Ding ChunQiu nod his head repeatedly and said: "En, en, your words are logical, your words are logical!"

AhZi continued: "Disciple thought, the martial arts of XingXiu Sect is so strong, the other sects all cannot be compared to us, but Master is gracious and magnanimous, you don't want to argue with the lesser informed, its beneath your dignity to personally travel to Central Plains and teach these ill-informed people a lesson. But some of the people in the martial arts fraternity are arrogant, they knew Master won't bicker with them and they started boasting and flaunting, they claim they are some kind of top expert or famous martial arts family. But no matter how they boast they still don't dare to come to XingXiu Sea to receive a few moves from Master. Master's appearance and mine are similar, they thought you are some newly recruited disciple, but they didn't expect you to be the great founding father with unrivalled martial arts and peerless divine power. Everyone who practice martial arts all knows Master's skill is deep and unfathomable, but its just 'deep and unfathomable', nobody can describe how 'deep' it is."

Her voice is melodious, every single word registered deeply in Ding ChunQiu's heart, it really is much better than the loud and tasteless praise from the rest of the disciples. Ding ChunQiu is getting more and more cheerful, his smiling so broadly that his eyes became a single line, he cannot help but nod repeatedly, feeling very pleased with himself.

AhZi continued: "Disciple had a childish thought, Master have such remarkable magic powers, if you don't go to Central Plains and display a few moves these ill-informed people will never broaden their horizon, they will never know there is someone even better than them. Thus i had an idea, i want to invite Master to Central Plains and teach them some lessons. But if i just simply invite Master then its too ordinary, its not suited to the status of Master as the number one expert. Hence, disciple borrowed your Divine Tripod, the purpose is to urge Master to come to Central Plains and let everyone see you, the handsome youngster. Master is so young and handsome, you look like my younger brother, everyone calls you 'Divine Elder of XingXiu', its simply unreasonable. XingXiu Sect have such a handsome youngster like you, don't tell me they have no eyes?" AhZi is naturally smart and intelligent, moreover all female have keen eye on 'everlasting youth and good looks', she long noticed that her Master is worried about the effectiveness of [Eternal Youth Never Ageing Skill], the more he worry about everlasting youth, the more she have to compliment that he is youthful, thus she says that calling him 'Handsome Youngster of XingXiu' is much better than 'Divine Elder of XingXiu'. After she finish speaking, she noticed her Master's expression is favourable and enchanted, it seems her words hit the correct main points.

Ding ChunQiu chuckled and said: "So you are saying that you took the Divine Tripod purely out of filial piety and obedience." AhZi said: "Of course. But other than filial piety and obedience, disciple also have a selfish motive." Ding ChunQiu frown and said: "What selfish motive?" AhZi smiled and said: "Master please don't blame me, since i am a XingXiu disciple naturally i wish that my sect can dominate the entire world, isn't it impressive to walk on the street and gain everyone's respect and reverence? This is my selfish motive."

Ding ChunQiu laugh out loudly and said: "Well said, well said! I have many disciples in my sect, none of them can match your quick-witted mind. So it turns out that stealing my [Divine Woode King Tripod] is to display my might and prestige. Hei hei, you really have the gift of the gab, its a pity to just kill you, i will then have one less person who can talk to me and relieve my boredom, but if i simply just let the matter rest then......." AhZi quickly interrupted: "Although it may seem that disciple got off too lightly, but who isn't grateful to Master's great magnanimous spirit? From now on we will spare no effort and do our utmost, even if we have to get our bodies torn and bones crushed."

Ding ChunQiu said: "This kind of word is useful for fooling others, but you try this on me, you really think i am old and muddle-headed? You harbour evil intentions." AhZi quickly said: "To me, Master is a young urchin, 'old and muddle-headed' are the words used by the rest of the disciples to slander Master......."

As she spoke, suddenly there is a clear and bright voice: "Shop owner, prepare a seat!"

Ding ChunQiu look from the side of his eyes, he saw a young gentleman wearing yellow robe, a long sword hanging by his waist, his sitting at the edge of a table, Ding ChunQiu did not know when this young gentleman entered the restaurant, the young man is Murong Fu. Ding ChunQiu was listening to AhZi, his feeling extremely happy, but at the same time he also kept his focus on the movements of Xu Zhu who is in the rear bedroom, his afraid that Xu Zhu might climb over the window and escape, thus he did not notice that another person suddenly appear in the restaurant, if Murong Fu had made a sneak attack Ding ChunQiu would have suffered a major loss. Ding ChunQiu trembled with fear at this thought, his countenance changed but he calm down immediately.

Chapter - 33 Darkness Envelops Heaven And Earth, Star Shifting Movement

Murong Fu greeted Ding ChunQiu: "Please to meet you, life is really full of coincidence, we just parted for a short while and we meet each other again."

Ding ChunQiu smiled and said: "Fate brought us together." Ding ChunQiu pondered: "Although this man is my relative-in-law but i wounded a few of his important subordinates, would he let the matter rest easily? Gusu Murong family got hold of the collection of martial arts manuals which i taken from Wuliang Cave, along with their own ancestral martial arts, their martial art knowledge is extremely deep and profound, 'Returning you with your own move' they are famous far and wide, his hidden weapon skill in firing the chess-piece is really formidable. Previously he entered into trance while playing chess, originally i wanted to seize the opportunity and eliminate him, but he was saved by someone else. Although this little boy martial arts is high, but he don't know sorcery." He turn his head and said to AhZi: "Just now you said that if i stripe you of all your martial arts, pick off all your tendon and veins, break your hand and feet, you would rather die than tell me the location of the object, correct?"

AhZi is extremely scared, her voice trembled: "Master is magnanimous and generous, there is no take disciple's nonsense...serio.......seriously."

Murong Fu smiled and said: "Mr Ding, you are so old already, why lower your level and bicker with a child? Come come come, i give you three toasts, we will discuss literature and martial arts, isn't it good? Tidying you sect matter in front of an outsider, isn't it too damaging to your reputation?" he knew that in terms of relations, he should address Ding ChunQiu as 'Great Uncle in-law', but he simply refuse to address him as such.

Ding ChunQiu had yet to reply, a disciple shouted furiously: "You really have no respect for senior, my Master is the most revered supreme martial artist, how can he discuss literature and martial arts with a younger generation boy like you? Are qualified to discuss with my Master?"

Another person shouted: "Respectfully kowtow and ask for guidance, Divine Elder of XingXiu always love to help the underdeveloped, maybe he will give you a few pointers. But you want to discuss literature and martial arts with him, haha, aren't you afraid that people will laugh until their mouth becomes slanted? Haha!" he laugh two times, but his expression is extremely odd, after a while, he laugh one more time again, his voice is hoarse, after laughing his mouth is wide open and he did not make any more sound, his expression is still odd and mysterious, his smile is really comical.

The rest of the disciples knew this person contracted their Master's , everyone was overwhelmed with shock, this person is their fellow apprentice, they dare not breathe, they lowered their head and dare not look at their Master, they thought: "I wonder how he offended Master with his words just now, Master used such violent method to kill him? I have to carefully think about his words and refine them, i cannot repeat the same mistakes!"

Ding ChunQiu was furious yet fearful. Just now while talking to AhZi, he wave his sleeve, he secretly channelled his internal energy and send the poison at Murong Fu. The poison is colorless and odorless, the poison powder extremely fine, moreover the sky is already dark, the restaurant is dark and hazy, even with Murong Fu high level of martial arts he definitely cannot detect it, but Ding ChunQiu don't know what kind of method Murong Fu employed as he manage to transfer the onto his own disciple. Its not big deal losing one disciple, but Murong Fu did not move his hand or feet while talking and somehow he manage to transfer the poison powder onto another person, obviously the powder was not repelled by internal energy, even with Ding ChunQiu extensive knowledge he still can't figure out what kind of skills Murong Fu employed. Ding ChunQiu thought of the phrase: "Returning you with your own move!" The technique used by Murong Fu must be similar to 'Catching and redirecting hidden weapons', 'Catching and redirecting darts', 'Catching and redirecting arrows', Murong Fu must have caught the poison powder and redirected it back. But the powder is extremely fine, how can it not land on his body, and he immediately redirect it back?

Ding ChunQiu is having second thoughts: "But if we talk about 'Returning you with your own move', this should be return back to me, heng, its likely that this boy is afraid of Divine Elder, he don't dare to pull the tiger's whiskers." When he thought of 'pull the tiger's whiskers' he touch his beard, there is only 7-8 strands of burnt short-beard left, his felt vex and angry: "Later when i have time i will shave off this beard so that i can appear younger. Even with Su XingHe and XuanNan martial arts and internal energy they still died by Divine Elder's hand, Murong Fu is still wet behind the ears, how can he even fight with me?" He said: "Gentleman Murong, fate really brought us together." As he finish speaking his body floated forward, he wave his palm and hack down.

Murong Fu long heard of the evil reputation of Ding ChunQiu's [Great Energy Dissolving Skill], he slanted his body and dodge. Ding ChunQiu chop 3 times in succession, Murong Fu used his exquisite body movement to evade, he did not match palm with him.

Both of them fought faster and faster, the small restaurant is filled with tables and stools, the place is really cramp, there is simply no room for action, but both of them weave and move between the tables and chairs, unexpectedly they did not make any sound at all, they did not match palm or fist, even the tables and chairs remain intact and did not move.

All the XingXiu disciples stood plastered to the wall, nobody dares to step out of the door, their Master is current fighting a formidable opponent, if anyone abandons him then he is committing a huge offense and is not loyal to the sect. Everyone knows the situation is dangerous, if they get caught by the palm wind their life will be in danger, they pray that their body can turn into a thin piece of paper as they desperately plaster themselves onto the wall. They saw Murong Fu is defending rather than attacking, although his palm move is wonderful but because he is unwilling to match palm with Ding ChunQiu, his hands and feet seems to be tied and he is at a disadvantage. The XingXiu disciples secretly rejoice.

After numerous moves, Ding ChunQiu became aware that Murong Fu is unwilling to match palm with him, obviously he is afraid of the [Great Energy Dissolving Skill]. Since his opponent is afraid of the skill, it goes without saying that he must use this skill to subdue him, but Murong Fu's body movement is swift and unpredictable, its difficult to force him to match palm moves. After another few palm moves, Ding ChunQiu suddenly had an idea, his right palm wave horizontally and advance, but he pretended that his left hand is not as agile, he deliberately make an effort to cover it up so that Murong Fu won't notice it.

Murong Fu's martial art is exquisite, how can he not notice the slightest weakness in his opponent moves? Murong Fu slanted his body and made a half turn, suddenly he send out two palm strike, the power is very fierce, he is targeting Ding ChunQiu left torso. Ding ChunQiu snorted softly and retreated one step, unexpectedly he did not use his left palm to meet the palm strike. Murong Fu pondered: "The left torso of this Old Freak seems to have sustained some internal injury." Immediately he press on and did not give any leeway, although his attacks seems to be focusing on the right side, but all his internal energy is completely focus on attacking the left side.

After fighting for 20 moves, Ding ChunQiu left hand withdraw into his sleeve, he flip his right palm and formed a claw, he clawed at Murong Fu's face. Murong Fu tilted his body and spin past him, he stick out his fist and strike Ding ChunQiu's left torso. Ding ChunQiu is waiting for this fist for a long time, his opponent finally strike out with his fist, he cannot help but feel delighted, immediately he fling his left sleeve at his opponent's right arm.

Murong Fu pondered: "Even if the wind from your sleeve is 10 times more powerful, how can it even harm me?" he did not withdraw his fist, he channelled his internal energy to his arm and forcibly endure the sleeve's attack, there is a 'Chi' sound, unexpectedly Murong Fu's right sleeve was torn off. Murong Fu was shock, suddenly something seems to tighten around his fist, Ding ChunQiu had gripped his fist.

This move is beyond Murong Fu's anticipation, he suddenly realized: "This Old Freak is pretending to be injured, he is trying to tempt me, i fallen into his trap!" he felt remorseful: "I was arrogant, i belittled this world famous Old Freak of XingXiu." Currently its not possible for him to retreat, he poured his entire internal energy into his right fist and send it out.

Murong Fu did not expect the toxicity of the [Great Energy Dissolving Skill] to act immediately, the internal energy he sent through his meridians cannot be gathered in his right fist, it seems to have been dissolved by his opponent. Murong Fu secretly cried out: "Ayo!" he is fighting Ding ChunQiu for the first time, he concentrated his attention and did not give any chance to Ding ChunQiu to use his [Great Energy Dissolving Skill], unexpectedly he still can't avoid it. Murong Fu is trapped with no way out, if he channel his internal energy to resist, no matter how strong his internal energy it will all be dissolved and he will lose all his internal energy; but if he defend and withdraw his internal energy, all kinds of poison from Ding ChunQiu will also follow his internal energy pathway and enter his inner organs.

As he hesitated, suddenly someone shouted behind him: "Master set up this clever trick, this stinky boy trapped himself in a desperate situation." Murong Fu quickly retreated two steps, he stretch out his left palm and grab the chest of the XingXiu disciple.

The supreme consummate skill of Gusu Murong family is a technique that borrows force and redirect it back, its known as [Star Shifting Movement]. Outsiders are unaware of this technique, they only know about the brilliant skills of Murong family's 'Returning you with your own move', when dealing the killing blow the Murong family will always use the opponent's signature move or unique consummate skills, the Murong family knows everything and is proficient in all of them. In reality, there are tens of thousands of moves and unique consummate skills, no matter how smart you are you can never master every single technique, moreover for unique consummate skills you definitely cannot learn it within a short period of time. Murong family have this incomparably ingenious technique, [Star Shifting Movement], regardless of the martial arts used, all the force can be shifted and redirected back at the opponent.

For those adept in [Throat Sealing Sword], if they thrust their sword at Murong Fu's throat, Murong Fu will use [Star Shifting Movement] and the sword will end up thrusting their own throat, the weapon, the force, the technique, all of them come from their own move; For those adept in [Gate Breaking Knife], they will chop down with their knife but end up chopping their own arm. The weapon is their own, the technique and move is their own. As long as no one witness how Murong Fu use this [Star Shifting Movement], no one will suspect that these people died due to suicide. Murong Fu inherited the technique from his father, both father and son train painstakingly and secretly in the cellar of Canhe Manor, outsiders are completely ignorant about it, Gusu Murong family shakes the martial arts fraternity by force, but nobody knows their true martial arts.

The opponent's weapons, fists, kicks, they act and suffer for it, the sole reason is due to redirection. Its the same logic as punching a stone wall, the harder the force exerted, the harder the counter-force by the stone wall. However, its easy to redirect tangible objects such as weapons, fists and kicks, but its extremely difficult to redirect internal energy attacks. Although Murong Fu practice this set of skill for many years, but he is limited by his young age and he have yet to reach the pinnacle of this skill, thus he cannot use [Star Shifting Movement] on top experts like Ding ChunQiu to redirect the attacks back at him, however he made use of this good opportunity and displayed his [Star Shifting Movement] on the XingXiu disciple. He shifted and redirected, but its targeted at the XingXiu disciple.

Currently, Murong Fu is trapped by the [Great Energy Dissolving Skill], he tried to redirect his opponent's finishing blow, luckily the XingXiu disciple is eager to fawn upon Ding ChunQiu, he shouted and revealed his exact position. In an act of desperation, Murong Fu did not have time to think and he simply grabbed the XingXiu disciple and immediately shifted and redirected, he swapped position with him. This risky manoeuvre unexpectedly worked, Ding ChunQiu intended to 'dissolve' Murong Fu's internal energy, but as he transmit his poison he actually 'dissolve' the energy of his own disciple.

Murong Fu succeeded in a single attempt and escape mortal danger, he quickly made use of this good opportunity and did not give Ding ChunQiu any chance to think, he push the XingXiu disciple onto another XingXiu disciple. The internal energy of this 2nd disciple is immediately sealed by the poison of Ding ChunQiu's [Great Energy Dissolving Skill].

Ding ChunQiu saw Murong Fu redirecting his force and harming his own disciples, he is extremely angry, but he pondered: "If i protect these worthless disciples and release his fist, then it will be extremely difficult to grab hold of him again. My XingXiu Sect will suffer a huge defeat and Divine Elder of XingXiu cannot establish his might in Central Plains." Immediately he increase pressure in his fingers, no matter what happen he won't release Murong Fu's fist, poison transmit endlessly from his palm.

Murong Fu retreated a few steps, he quickly grab another XingXiu disciple and diverted the poison of [Great Energy Dissolving Skill] onto the disciple's body. In no time three XingXiu disciples had their internal energy sealed, they lie down on the floor paralyzed. Everyone was greatly astonish, they saw Murong Fu retreat towards them, all of them cry out in alarm and flee for their lives. Murong Fu shakes his arm, the three poisoned XingXiu disciples stick together and flew up, one of them bump against another disciple. The person cry out in alarm and his body instantly turns soft.

The remaining disciples could see it clearly, as long as their Master refuse to release Murong Fu he will just keep on borrowing force to harm others, inevitably their internal energy will be 'dissolved' by their Master and they might be the next victim, they panic but no one dares to escape and step out of the door, they scurried around like rats to avoid suffering from their Master's poison hands.

But the restaurant is simply too small, Murong Fu wave his arm and he manage to hit 3-4 XingXiu disciple. Ding ChunQiu saw his disciples dodging pathetically, no one have the time to praise him. He is angry yet ashamed, he pondered: "If i defeat Gusu Murong it will be a famous event that shake the entire world. By then, won't it be easy to find disciples who can boast and boot-lick?" Ding ChunQiu surveyed his surroundings, of all his disciples only two did not run around, one of them is You TanZhi, he is squatting at a corner with his iron-head between his arms, obviously he is very scared, the other person is AhZi, her complexion is pale, she is squatting at another corner and observing the fight.

Ding ChunQiu shouted: "AhZi!" AhZi is currently in a daze, unexpectedly her Master shouted at her, she stare stupidly for a while and said: "Master, Divine Junior of XingXiu displaying his immortal power......." she only complete half her sentence as she found it awkward, she laugh and could not carry on talking. Her Master is indeed displaying his immortal power, but he is injuring his own disciples, thus she don't know how to praise him.

Ding ChunQiu cannot control Murong Fu, he is feeling extremely vex, AhZi address him as "Divine Junior of XingXiu", although this name is pretty good but her smiling expression is obviously ridiculing him, he cannot help but feel angry and his lust for violence burst forth, he wave his left sleeve and brush away two chopsticks on the table, the chopsticks flew swiftly towards AhZi's eyes.

AhZi cried out: "Ayo!" she quickly extended her hands to smack down the chopsticks, however she is slower by one step, the chopsticks touch both her eyes, she felt itchy and numb, she quickly use her sleeve to rub her eyes, she open her eyes, all she saw was white shadows swaying, after a short period of time the white shadows gradually disappear and it was completely pitch-black.

She was scared out of her wits, she shouted loudly: " eyes....i can't see anything!"

Suddenly a burst of cold air entered her body, immediately after an arm wrap around her waist, someone hugged her and ran out of the restaurant. AhZi shouted: " eyes...." there is a crashing sound behind her, it seems to be clashing of palms, AhZi felt as if she was soaring on cloud and she flew up, she was in a daze and vaguely heard Murong Fu shout: "I cannot accompany you anymore. Old Freak of XingXiu, see you......"


AhZi felt the cold chilling her to the bone, the wind is rushing beside her ears, someone who is colder than ice is hugging her and running madly. She is so cold that her jaws hit each other, she moaned: "So eyes....cold, so cold."

The person said: "Yes, yes. We will flee to that forest, Divine Elder of XingXiu won't be able to find us." He kept talking and running at the same time. After a while, AhZi felt his footsteps stop, he put her down lightly, there is a rustling sound underneath her body, she is put onto of a pile of dried leaves. The person said: "Miss, is your eyes?"

AhZi felt sharp pain in her eyes, she open her eyes fully but she can't see anything at all, everything turn into black, she realize her eyes had been blinded by Ding ChunQiu's poison, she burst into tears: "I....i am blind!"

The person comforted her softly: "Maybe it can be treated." AhZi said furiously: "The poison of Old Freak Ding is so powerful, how can it be treated? You are lying! I am blind, i am blind!" and she continue to cry loudly. The person said: "There is a brook nearby, let us go over there and wash off the poison in your eyes." As he finish speaking he pulled her right hand and supported her up.

AhZi felt his palm is strangely cold, she cannot help but withdraw, the person released his grip. AhZi move two steps, she stumbled and almost fall down. The person said: "Careful!" and he grip her hand again. This time AhZi did not withdraw her hand and she allowed him to guide her to the brook. The person said: "Don't be scared, we are at the brook already."

AhZi knelt down and scoop the water with her hands to wash her eyes. The cool water touch her eyes and her pain gradually diminish, but her vision is still completely black, she can't see any light. In a split second she felt hopelessness, grieve, anger, helplessness, all kinds of emotions surge forth, she sat down and burst into tears, both her legs move up and down and beat the brook, she cried: "You are lying, you are lying, i am blind, i am blind!"

The person said: "Miss, don't be sad. I won't leave assured."

AhZi felt somewhat comforted, she ask: "You....who are you?" the person said: "I....i...." AhZi said: "Sorry! Many thanks for saving me. What is your honourable name?" the person said: "I....i....Miss you don't know me." AhZi said: "You are unwilling to even tell me your name, still lie to me that you won't leave me, i....i am blind, its....its better for me to just die." She started crying again.

The person said: "Miss you definitely must not die. I....i will never leave you. If Miss allow me to accompany you, i will always.....i will always be at your side." AhZi said: "I don't believe you! You are lying, you are trying to trick me not to seek death. I want to die, i am blind, what the point in living?" The person said: "I will never lie to you, if i leave you then i will die a horrible death." His tone is anxious, obviously he is sincere. AhZi said: "Then who are you?"

The person said: "I...i am JuXian, no, my surname is Zhuang, named JuXian."

The person who saved AhZi is the young master of JuXian Manor, You TanZhi.

AhZi said: "So you are Zhuang....senior Zhuang, many thanks for saving me." You TanZhi said: "I am very happy to be able to save you from the poisonous hands of Ding ChunQiu, there is no need to thank me. I am not a senior, i am only older than you by a few years." AhZi said: "En, then i will call you elder brother Zhuang." You TanZhi felt boundless joy, he voice trembled: "This...this...i don't deserve it."

AhZi said: "Elder brother Zhuang, i need to request something from you." You TanZhi said: "Don't need to request, Miss just give your instruction, i will disregard my life and do my best to fulfil it." AhZi smiled and said: "You and i are total strangers, why you treat me so well?" You TanZhi said: "Yes, yes, yes we are total strangers, i never see you before, you, you also never see me before. We...we are seeing each other for the first time." AhZi said dimly: "Seeing each other? I will never be able to see you." As she said this she cannot help it and her tears rolled down.

You TanZhi quickly said: "Its not important. Its best that you can't see me." AhZi ask: "Why?" You TanZhi said: " appearance is very ugly, if Miss sees me you will definitely be unhappy." AhZi smile sweetly and said: "You are lying again, i have seen all the weirdest people in the world. I have a slave, he is wearing an iron mask, he can never take it off, he is truly ugly. If you see him i guarantee you will laugh for 3 days and 3 nights. You want to look at him?"

You TanZhi is trembling: "No, no! I don't want to see." He cannot help but retreat 2 steps.

AhZi said: "Your martial art is good, when you carried me and run your speed is almost as fast as my brother-in-law, but you are a coward, you don't even dare to see an iron-head man. Elder brother Zhuang, that iron-head man is very amusing, i ask him to do cartwheel for you, i ask him to stick his head inside a tiger cage and let the beast bite his head. Then i ask someone to fly him like a kite, its really fun and interesting."

You TanZhi cannot help but shiver, he said: "I don't want to see, i really don't want to see."

AhZi sigh and said: "Fine. Just now you claim that you will fulfil whatever request that i have, it seems you are lying." You TanZhi said: "No, no! I won't lie to you. Miss what you want me to do?"

AhZi said: "I want to return to my brother-in-law, he is at Nanjing in Liao Empire. Elder brother Zhuang, please escort me there."

You TanZhi is stunned, he did not reply.

AhZi said: "Why? Your unwilling?" You TanZhi said: "No...its not that i am unwilling, but.....but i don't want......i don't want to go to Liao Empire." AhZi said: "I ask you to go look at the amusing iron-head man and you refuse. Now i ask you to escort me to my brother-in-law and you also refuse. Then i just have to travel alone." She slowly stood up, she extend her hands and move forward to find a path.

You TanZhi said: "I will accompany you! How can you go can you succeed like this?"

You TanZhi hold onto AhZi's soft and smooth hand and guided her out of the forest, he pondered: "If i can hold onto her hand like this and walk slowly, even if we are walking to the 18th level of hell i will also be happy."

They reach the main road and came face to face with a group of beggars. The leader of the group is tall and thin, his appearance refine, You TanZhi recognize him as Great Wisdom Hall-Master Quan GuanQing, You TanZhi pondered: "My Master injure these people, unexpectedly they did not die." He did not want to meet them and he quickly drag AhZi to get off the main road and walk towards wasteland. AhZi felt the terrain is uneven and bumpy, she ask: "What happen?"

You TanZhi had yet to reply as Quan GuanQing spotted them, he quickly rush over to block them and shouted in a stern voice: "Your behaviour is secretive, what you trying to do? are so strange-looking, what is that?"

You TanZhi was very anxious, he thought: "If he shouts out 'iron-head man' then AhZi will immediately know who i am, she will not pay attention to me anymore. She won't let me hold onto her hand and accompany her to Nanjing." He quickly made some hand gestures to warn Quan GuangQing not to reveal his appearance.

Quang GuangQing did not understand the meaning of his hand gestures, he ask curiously: "What you doing?" You TanZhi pointed at AhZi, he wave his hands, he pointed at his mouth and wave his hands again, after that he cupped his fists as a sign of respect. Quan GuangQing could tell that AhZi is blind, he vaguely understands that the iron-head man is asking him not to speak, as he was thinking about what to do the rest of the beggars had rush to his side.

One of the beggars pointed at You TanZhi's head and burst into loud laughter, he shouted: "This is so strange, this iron......" You TanZhi threw himself forward and strike out with his palm. The beggar raise his hands to block, there is a few 'Kala Kala' sound, the beggar's arm bone and ribs broke simultaneously, his body flew up a few zhang and landed on the floor, he died violently.

The rest of the beggars are shock and furious, five of them attack You TanZhi together. You TanZhi wave both his palms, he strike and slap randomly. His martial art is lousy, it cannot be compared with these beggars, but his palm moves everywhere and sounds of 'Kala', 'Kala', 'Ayo', 'Aiyo', 'Peng Peng Peng', 'Pu Pu', the five beggars all flew up and landed on the ground, they died one after another. Everyone was terrified, after surrounding You TanZhi and AhZi they dare not step forward to attack.

You TanZhi suddenly cupped his fists and salute Quan GuanQing, he pointed at AhZi and at his iron-head, he wave his hands.

Quan GuanQing saw him killed six beggars with just a few wave of his hands, his internal energy is extremely profound, such power is rarely seen, he can simply step forward and attack but he made a salute, Quan GuanQing don't understand his intentions, he copied You TanZhi and made hand gestures, he pointed at AhZi, pointed at You TanZhi's head, pointed at his own mouth and wave his hands. You TanZhi was overjoyed and nod his head repeatedly. Quan GuanQing had an idea: "This person's internal energy is strangely profound, but his scared that i will leak out his secret, it seems i can use this matter to control him and make use of him." At once he said to the rest of the beggars: "Everyone please keep quiet, nobody is allowed to speak." You TanZhi is very happy, he cupped his fists at Quan GuanQing again.

AhZi ask: "Elder brother Zhuang, who is it? Did you kill someone?" You TanZhi said: "Its some friends from Beggar Clan, we had some misunderstandings. Great Wisdom Hall-Master Quan is benevolent and righteous, he is a good person, i respect him alot. I....i accidently harmed a few of his brothers, i feel very apologetic." As he finish speaking he bow to the rest of the beggars.

AhZi said: "Is there good people in Beggar Clan? Elder brother Zhuang, your martial art is so high, why don't you simply kill them all and help my brother-in-law vent his resentment."

You TanZhi quickly said: "No, no, this a misunderstanding. Hall-Master Quan is my good friend, just wait there, i will clarify the matter with Hall-Master Quan." As he finish speaking he beckon Quan GuanQing over.

Guan GuanQing was baffled as this iron-head man recognize him, but it seems he does not have any evil intention, he followed and they move away 10 zhang.

You TanZhi saw that AhZi is far away from him, she definitely cannot hear him speak, but he is afraid that the Beggar Clan's members will hurt her, he dare not move further anymore and stop, he cupped his hands and said: "Hall-Master Quan, i hope you can help me cover up the truth, i will never forget your great kindness and virtue."

Quan GuanQing said: "The ongoing of this matter, i really can't make head or tail of it. May i know the honourable name of respected brother?" You TanZhi said: "My surname is Zhuang, named JuXian, i met some unfortunate incident and this iron mask ended up on my head, you cannot let that lady know of this matter."

Quan GuanQing notice that You TanZhi kept looking at AhZi while speaking, he is very caring and passionate, Quan GuanQing already deduced 70-80% of this matter, he pondered: "This young lady is pretty and elegant, this iron-head man must be in love with her, he is afraid of letting her know about his grotesque appearance." He ask: "Brother Zhuang, how come you recognize me?" You TanZhi said: "Your Great Wisdom Hall had a gathering to discuss who to nominate as Clan Leader, i happen to be nearby and heard someone address you as Hall-Master Quan. I accidentally injure some of your brothers today, really....its really my fault, i hope Hall-Master Quan can forgive me."

Quan GuanQing said: "Its just some misunderstanding, there is no need to take offense. Brother Zhuang, this object on your head, i will never speak about it, later i will inform my subordinates and they will also not speak about it." You TanZhi is so grateful that he is nearly in tears, he cupped his hands repeatedly and said: "Many thanks, many thanks." Quan GuanQing said: "But Brother Zhuang, if you walk hand in hand with this lady its unavoidable that you will meet some people, they will definitely make a huge fuss and shout it out, even if Brother Zhuang kills all of them it will be too late."

You TanZhi said: "Yes, yes." After saving AhZi his mind is drifting, he never consider such matters, after hearing Quan GuanQing logical deduction he did not have any idea on what to do, he stammered: "I...i will hide with her in some deserted mountain."

Quan GuanQing smiled and said: "I am afraid that lady will be suspicion, moreover if both of you become husband and wife, sooner or later she will know."

You TanZhi felt his chest heating up, he said: "Become husba.....husband and wife, i didn't think of that, its not possible, how am i.....worthy? But....but....that is really difficult."

Quan GuanQing said: "Brother Zhuang, you didn't abandon me and say that i am your good friend. Since i am your good friend, i will think of an idea for you. Let's do this, we will travel to the small town ahead and rent a carriage, you and that lady will sit in the carriage, just lower the curtains and no one can see you anymore." You TanZhi is very excited, his able to sit together with AhZi in a carriage, its even better than being an immortal, he quickly said: "Correct, correct! Hall-Master Quan's idea is great."

Quan GuanQing said: "After that we will think of an idea to remove this iron mask from Brother Zhuang, i assure you the lady will never know about this awkward matter. What do you think?"

There is a 'Pu' sound, You TanZhi knelt down and kowtow to Quan GuanQing, his iron-head knock on the floor and made a 'Dong Dong' sound.

Quan GuangQing also knelt down and return the courtesy, he said: "Brother Zhuang you pay such respect to me, how can i accept it? If Brother Zhuang don't mind why don't both of us become sworn brothers?" You TanZhi said happily: "Wonderful, wonderful! I don't understand anything, if i have such a resourceful elder brother like you to guide me then it couldn't be much better." Quan GuanQing burst into loud laughter and said: "Elder brother is older than you by a few years, i will be blunt and address you as younger brother from now on."


During the earth shattering battle between Ding ChunQiu and Su XingHe, Duan Yu's gaze never left Wang YuYan body at all, as for Wang YuYan she is always gazing tenderly at her cousin Murong Fu. Both their gaze never meet each other.

After Ding ChunQiu suffered a defeat and escaped, Xu Zhu and the rest of the Carefree Sect members had their own private meeting, Murong Fu and the rest left by themselves, thus Duan Yu involuntarily followed behind Wang YuYan.

As they travelled down the mountain, Murong Fu cupped his hands towards Duan Yu and said: "Brother Duan, its fortunate that we get to meet today, we will part now, hope to see you again." Duan Yu said: "Yes, yes. Its really a fortunate meeting today, we will part now, hope to see you again." But he still kept on staring at Wang YuYan. Murong Fu felt disgruntled, he snorted, turn around and walk away. Duan Yu is reluctant to part and also followed them.

Bao BuTong raise his hands and block in front of Duan Yu, he said: "Gentleman Duan, today you save my young master, many thanks." Duan Yu said: "No need to be so formal." Bao BuTong said: "We already offered out thanks, there is no more gratitude or debt. You keep staring at our Miss Wang, its really rude, now you still want to follow us, its extremely rude. You are an educated person, you should understand: 'Do not look at something contrary to courtesy, do not do something contrary to courtesy', you understand the meaning? I don't have any muscular strength on me now but i still have strength to curse people." Duan Yu gave a sigh, he shakes his head and said: "Since this is the case then its best that Brother Bao do not say something contrary to courtesy, i will not look at something contrary to courtesy."

Bao BuTong burst into loud laughter and said: "Now you are correct!" he turn around and followed Murong Fu. Wang YuYan is engross in chatting with Murong Fu, she completely ignored Duan Yu.

Duan Yu kept staring at Wang YuYan until her shadow disappear from the forest, he is still entrance, Zhu DanChen said: "Young master, let us go!" Duan Yu said: "Yes, its time to leave." But he still did not move, Zhu DanChen had to urge him 3 more times before he finally mounted the horse brought by Gu DuCheng. Duan Yu is riding on the horse but his eyes are still looking at the path taken by Wang YuYan.

After handing over the letter to Quan GuanQing, Duan Yu hurried back to report to Duan ZhengChun, as the chess meet is nearing, Duan Yu got permission from his father and Zhu DanChen and the rest of the guards accompanied him to the chess meet. Sure enough, he finally get to meet his sweetheart at the chess meet, but now he is distress and anxious, he really don't know whether meeting her is good or bad.

The group travelled for 20 li, on the main road a dust cloud is gathering as 10 riders gallop over, they are the three ministers of Dali, Hua HeGen, Fan Hua and Ba TianShi, as well as Cui BaiQuan, Guo YanZhi and the rest. The party gallop near them and they dismounted and salute Duan Yu. It seems the martial nephew of Cui BaiQuan had obtained some insiders information at Funiu Mountain, they know that Prince Zhennan is in Henan province and is nursing his injuries nearby at Funiu Mountain, thus they immediately came to visit, it so happens that Hua HeGen and the rest received orders from Duan ZhengChun to protect Duan Yu as he is afraid that Duan Yu might meet some danger at the chess meet, thus everyone met up and followed along. The group heard that Duan YanQing also attended the chess meet, but luckily he did not harm Duan Yu and everyone was relief.

Zhu DanChen secretly reported to Fan Hua and the other two minister on how Duan Yu met the pretty lady from Gusu Murong family, how he kept staring at her, how he seems to have lost his soul and tried to follow them, luckily the other party rejected Duan Yu. Fan Hua and the rest look at each other and smile, they pondered: "Young Prince inherited from his family and is also philandering by nature. If he can forget about his passion towards his own sister, Miss Mu, then its a good thing."

At night fall, the party had their dinner at an inn. Fan Hua narrated their journey in Jiangnan, he said: "Young master, the Murong family is very secretive, in the future if you meet them you have to be very careful." Duan Yu said: "Why?" Fan Hua said: "The three of us received orders from the Prince, we went to Suzhou's Basin of Swallow and investigated the house of Murong family, we were looking for hints or clues as to whether Shaolin Master XuanBei was killed by Murong family." Cui BaiQuan and Guo YanZhi were deeply concern, they ask in unison: "Did the three of you find anything?" Fan Hua said: "The three of us did not openly seek an audience, we investigated secretly, there is no male or female owner at Murong house, only a few servants and maids. There are quite a few large manor there but there is only one young lady called AhBi tending to the housework." Duan Yu nod his head and said: "En, this Miss AhBi is a very good person. You didn't harm her correct?"

Fan Hua smiled and said: "We didn't, we investigated for a few night, we searched every single corner of Murong family's manor, we didn't find anything unusual. Brother Ba suddenly thought of something, that foreign monk Jiumozhi kidnap Young master from Dali to Jiangnan, he said he wanted to offer sacrifice at Mr Murong's grave....." Cui BaiQuan interrupted and said: "Ya, that little servant girl at the manor, she refuse to lead the foreign monk to the grave, luckily she acted that way and Young master manage to escape from the evil hands of the monk."

Duan Yu nod his head and said: "AhZhu and AhBi, the two of them are really good people. I wonder what happen to them? Is AhBi still healthy and well?" Ba TianShi smiled and said: "For three nights, we hang around outside the window and saw Miss AhBi sewing a man's robe, Young Master, she is sewing it for you correct?" Duan Yu quickly said: "No, no. Mostly probably its for her Young Master Murong." Ba TianShi said: "Ya, i notice that little servant girl is infatuated and head over heels in love, always thinking about her Young Master Murong, the three of us entered the house and she didn't notice it at all. She kept mumbling to herself: 'Its useless, its useless, he won't care about me the least bit, what's the point in thinking about him?'" Bai TianShi's speech is directed at Duan Yu, reminding him not to follow his father's footstep, spreading his love everywhere, Bai TianShi emphasize AhBi's concerns toward her Young Master Murong, thus Duan Yu should not think too much about AhBi.

In reality, although Duan Yu had good impression of AhBi but it is not passion, Duan Yu sigh: "Correct, AhBi is correct, 'Its useless, its useless, she won't care about me the least bit, what's the point in thinking about her?'" AhBi long for her Young Master Murong, but Duan Yu misunderstood it and thought AhBi is advising him not to think about Wang YuYan, Duan Yu said: "Gentleman Murong's elegance is without equal, no wonder! Moreover they are cousins, they are childhood sweethearts who grew up together....."

Fan Hua, Ba TianShi and the rest look at each other in dismay, they pondered: "Its possible for the little servant girl and her Young Master to be childhood sweethearts, but how come they are cousins?" they did not expect Duan Yu to mix Wang YuYan into the issue.

Cui BaiQuan ask: "Minister Fan and Minister Ba mention that the foreign monk wanted to visit Mr Murong's grave, what is the reasoning behind it? How is it related to the death of my martial brother?" Fan Hua said: "I mentioned this matter so that everyone can analyze it together. When elder brother Hua heard the word 'grave', his hands immediately became itchy and said: 'Maybe there is something strange in that old man's grave, let us go dig it and check it out.' Brother Ba and i did not support his idea, Gusu Murong family is world famous, our Duan family digging their grave, its really a bit too much. But elder brother Hua said: 'We will secretly go in by digging an underground tunnel, who will know about it?' both of us can't dissuade him and thus we just followed his idea. The grave is located at the rear of the manor, its very well hidden and secluded, its really not easy to find. The three of us dug out way into the grave and we open the coffin, brother Cui, guess what we saw?"

Cui BaiQuan and Guo YanZhi stood up at the same time and ask: "What is inside?"

Fan Hua said: "The coffin is empty, there is no corpse."

Cui BaiQuan and Guo YanZhi open their mouth widely, they were speechless for quite some time. After a long time, Cui BaiQuan smack his thigh and said: "Murong Bo did not die. He ask his son to appear in public at Central Plains, he is several thousand li away and committing murder, he deliberately complicate the matter. My martial martial brother must have been killed by that evil Murong Bo!"

Fan Hua shakes his head and said: "Brother Cui you once told me that Murong Bo martial art is unmeasurably deep and profound, if he really wants to kill someone he can use other method, why must he purposely use 'Returning you with your own move' and let other people suspect he is Murong family? If he really wants the martial arts fraternity to know his power why the need to feign death? If not for elder brother Hua, who else can uncover this secret?"

Cui BaiQuan sat down, he is disappointed, he thought he knew the truth but the matter is still a complete mystery.

Duan Yu said: "There are thousands and tens of thousands of techniques from the various sects and schools, to master and understand the essence of every single skill, its really the same as flying to heaven, but he somehow had enough intelligence and wisdom, he understood all the martial arts thoroughly....."

Cui BaiQuan said: "Ya, my martial brother's move, [Splitting Heaven Soul Into Thousand], its a secret move of my Funiu Sect not passed on to outsider, how come he knows it, how did he use this move to kill my martial brother?"

Duan Yu shakes his head and said: "Naturally she knows it, but she does not even have the strength to kill a chicken, even though she knows the martial arts of various sects and schools but she cannot use them, she is kind and virtuous, she will never kill people."

Everyone look at each other in dismay, after a while, they slowly shake their head at the same time.


When AhZi was blinded by Ding ChunQiu, You TanZhi bravely dash in without concern for his own safety and escaped with her. Ding ChunQiu was slightly distracted, the strength in his finger slacken a little, Murong Fu made use of the opportunity and immediately executed his [Star Shifting Movement], Ding ChunQiu five fingers gripped his own disciple. Murong Fu's fist was released, he quickly leap out and laugh heartily and shouted: "I cannot accompany you anymore. Old Freak of XingXiu, hope to see you again." He executed his lightness martial art, he did not turn his head back and left quickly.

He manage to injure around 10 XingXiu disciples, he achieved overwhelming victory, he avenged his four henchmen who were poisoned by XingXiu sect, in the end he was even able to escape, he is really lucky, however his meridians still sustained minor injury. After meeting up with Wang YuYan, Deng BaiChuan and the rest, they live in at a small inn and recuperated their injuries.

After a few days, Bao BuTong and Feng BoE regained their strength, Murong Fu, Deng BaiChuan and GongYe Gan also recovered from their injuries. The six of them did not know the whereabouts of AhZhu, they miss her alot, thus they discuss and decided to go to Luoyang to find information about her whereabouts. Previously, Bao BuTong, Ah Zhu and Xiao Feng had a brief meet up, after that Xiao Feng mistakenly injure AhZhu but none of them found out about the matter.

They did not find the slightest bit of information at Luoyang, Murong Fu felt its not worth his time to spent so much effort on a little servant girl, thus he headed west to find out about the recent development in the martial arts fraternity, he also thought about gathering more henchmen so as to expand his plans in reviving his dynasty. On this day, the six of them travelled hastily, they miss the place where they can lodge for the night and they kept travelling till dark, however there are still on the mountain path, the road is rugged and the wild grass are getting longer. Feng BoE said: "I am afraid we took the wrong path, most likely we took a wrong turn." Deng BaiChuan said: "Let us find a cave or abandoned temple and rest for the night."

Feng BoE quickly dash forward to scout for a safe shelter, he surveyed the surroundings, the mountain path is precipitous, terrain rugged. Feng BoE can lie down anywhere and sleep soundly, but he have to find some place suitable for Wang YuYan and the task is really not easy. He ran for a few li and rounded a hillside, suddenly he some a light at the right-hand side of a valley, Feng BoE was excited, he turn back and shouted: "There is someone living here."

Murong Fu and the rest followed his voice and rush over. GongYe Gan said happily: "It seems to be a hunting family, they definitely should have at least a place for Miss Wang to sleep soundly." The six of them followed the light and walk quickly. The light is very far away from them, after walking for a while the light is still flickering, they can't see the house clearly. Feng BoE mumbled and cursed: "Damn his grandmother, this light is a little odd." Suddenly Deng BaiChuan said in a low voice: "Wait, young master, look this is a green lamp." Murong Fu focus his eyes and stare straight ahead, the light is indeed emitting green ray, its vastly different from common light which is either dark red or pale yellow. The six of them hasten their footsteps and rush towards the green light, they light became even more distinct.

Bao BuTong said loudly: "Demonic people are gathering here!"

For the five of them, base on their intelligence and martial arts they are not afraid of any sects or schools, but they immediately thought: "Today we are together with Miss Wang, its best not to stir up trouble." Bao BuTong and Feng BoE did not fight for quite some time, now that their internal energy is restored, their hands are itchy and they eager to fight, however they still manage to restrain themselves. Feng BoE said: "We travelled for an entire day, we are a bit tired, this stinky place is not good let us just retreat and go back!" Murong Fu smile faintly, he thought: "Unexpectedly 4th brother Feng changed his temper, its really rare." He said: "Cousin, that place is filthy, let us turn back." Wang YuYan don't understand the underlying reason, but since her cousin said it she happily complied.

They six of them turn around, they walk a few steps but suddenly a faint voice transmit from the ground: "Since you know demonic people are gathering here, you people are a bunch of lousy demons and ghosts, why don't you join in the fun?" the voice is suddenly high-pitch and suddenly low-pitch, it seems to break yet continuous, its extremely uncomfortable when they hear it, but they heard every single word clearly.

Murong Fu snorted, the other party already overheard Bao BuTong when he say 'Demonic people are gathering here', from the voice transmitted, the internal energy of the person is not shallow, but its also not first-class martial arts. Murong Fu wave his left hand and said: "No time to tangle with him just ignore him!" he retrace the route which they took to get here.

The voice said: "Little bastard, you dare to spout nonsense, you think you can simply wag your tail and run away? If you really want to run away you still have to kowtow 300 times before your ancestor before leaving."

Feng BoE cannot restrain himself anymore, he halted and said in a low voice: "Young master, let me go teach that wild person a lesson." Murong Fu shakes his head and said: "They don't know who we are, just ignore them!" Feng BoE said: "Yes!"

The six of them walk another 10 steps, the voice said again: "It doesn't matter if the male wants to run away, but this young chick have to stay and accompany your ancestor and relieve my boredom."

Unexpectedly the person dare to humiliate Wang YuYan, their countenance changed, they stop moving and turn around.

The voice said again: "Why? Obediently offer that chick to avoid your ancestor......." as he said the word 'ancestor', Deng BaiChuan gather his energy into his dantian and shouted: "Ancestor!" both their voice intermix and shook the valley. Everyone felt their eardrum humming, but they heard a miserable cry, its came from around the green light. The night is quiet, Deng BaiChuan's voice still lingered and did not disappear and intermix with the miserable cry, everyone felt absolutely horrified.

This shout from Deng BaiChuan used high-level internal energy to injure the other party. From the person's miserable cry, the injury is not minor, maybe he is about to die. The miserable cry stopped, but they heard a 'Chi' sound, a green fire rocket flew to the sky and exploded, half the sky turn dark green.

Feng BoE said: "Since we started it, we must carry it through, let us wipe out the nest of demons and ghosts!" Murong Fu nod his head and said: "Originally we wanted to maintain peace by yielding to them. But since we started it, let us just finish it till the end." The six of them rush towards the green light.

Murong Fu is worried that Wang YuYan might be at a disadvantage, he slow down and stay beside her, he heard Bao BuTong and Feng BoE shouting and cursing, both of them started fighting with the other party. Immediately after, under the glimmer of the green light, three shadow flew up, 'Pai Pai Pai' three sound and the shadow smash against the mountain wall, apparently they have been finish off by Bao BuTong and Feng BoE.

Murong Fu rush towards the green light, he saw Deng BaiChuan and GongYe Gan standing beside a huge bronze cauldron, their expression solemn. An elderly man is lying beside the bronze cauldron, smoke is rising from the cauldron, the smoke is fine like a line but straight like an arrow. Wang YuYan said: "Its Western Sichuan Jade Rock Cave, the sect of Mulberry Soil Elder." Deng BaiChuan nod his head and said: "Miss you are indeed extremely knowledgeable." Bao BuTong turn around and said: "How you know? This burning of fire to transmit information, its exists several thousand years ago, it might not be Western Sichuan Jade Rock Cave...." he did not finish as GongYe Gan pointed at the base of the bronze cauldron, hinting him to look closer.

Bao Butong bent his waist and look, the legs of the cauldron is emblazon with the word 'Mulberry', the word is formed by the shape of a few snake and centipede, the bronze is brightly coloured, it seems to be an ancient artefact. Bao BuTong knew that Wang YuYan is correct, but he still want to debate: "Even if this bronze cauldron is from Mulberry Soil Elder and his sect, how you know they didn't borrow it or steal it? Moreover there is a common saying: 'False cauldron, counterfeit and fake', nine out of ten cauldrons are fake."

Murong Fu and the rest thought: "This place is very far from Western Sichuan, don't tell me this is the territory of Mulberry Soil Elder and his sect?" They knew that Western Sichuan Jade Rock Cave Mulberry Soil Elder and his sect are mostly Miao and Qiang ethnic people, their conduct are different from martial artists of Central Plains, they are experts at poison and everyone is rather afraid of them, luckily they are detach from worldly affairs, as long as one do not intrude the borders of Sichuan they will not rashly offend people. Murong Fu, Deng BaiChuan and the rest are not afraid of the Mulberry Soil Elder, they just find that its boring to feud with demonic and poisonous freaks, moreover its very troublesome to tangle with them.

Murong Fu muttered softly to himself: "This is a wrong place to be in, its best to leave as soon as possible." The elderly man lying beside cauldron is breathing faintly but his pair of eyes are staring angrily at them, this man is the person who taunted them. Murong Fu nod his head towards Bao BuTong, the corner of his mouth signalling at the elderly man. Bao BuTong understood his intentions, he grab the bamboo pole with the green lamp, he flip the pole, with a 'Pu' sound he thrust the pole and lamp into the chest of the old man, the green light die out immediately. Wang YuYan cry out in alarm. GongYe Gan said: "The nobleman does not care about trivial matter, a great man have to be ruthless! This is called silencing a person to avoid future disaster." His right foot flew out and toppled the cauldron with a kick. Murong Fu held onto Wang YuYan's hand, he dash to the left.

They ran around 10 zhang, suddenly there is two 'Chi Chi' sound, a golden blade split the air, a knife and a sword came out from the bushes and chop towards them. Murong Fu wave his sleeves, his borrowed and redirected the force, the knife held by the person on the left chop towards the head of the person on the right, the sword held by the person on the right pierce the heart of the person on the left, in a split second Murong Fu finish off two person who made the sneak attack, his footsteps did not slow down the slightest bit. GongYe Gan praised: "Young master, excellent skill!"

Murong Fu smiled and continued travelling, he wave his right palm and hit an enemy head-on and send him rolling down the hill, he strike out his left palm, the enemy of his left cry out loudly and spurted fresh blood. Murong Fu suddenly detected a fishy smell, immediately after a fierce wind assaulted him, Murong Fu quickly generate his palm wind and reflected two unknown hidden projectile, he heard an 'Ah' cry, his enemies had been hit by their own vicious hidden projectiles.

They are heavily surrounded in the darkness, they don't know the number of enemies and they simply killed a few people, when they killed the 6th person, Murong Fu was secretly fearful, he thought: "The first three people are most likely from Western SiChuan Mulberry Soil Elder's Sect, but afterwards the other three people came from three different sect, we are making more and more enemies, this is really not good."

He heard Deng BaiChuan shout: "Everyone rush towards the 'Listening Perfume Pavilion'!" the 'Listening Perfume Pavilion' is a manor at Gusu Murong's Basin of Swallow, its located at the west and is the residence of AhZhu. Deng BaiChuan asking them to rush towards the 'Listening Perfume Pavilion', its the same as asking them to retreat west, he coded the message to avoid letting the enemy know about their movement.

When Murong Fu listen to his words he immediately understood the meaning, but the surrounding is pitch-black and there is no light from the moon and stars, its difficult to determine direction, he focused his attention, he heard Deng BaiChuan's heavy palm wind ringing two times behind him to the right-hand side, immediately he held onto Wang YuYan's hand and retreated three steps and lean against Deng BaiChuan. He heard another two 'Pa Pa' sound, Deng BaiChuan clash palm two times with the enemy again. From the sound generated by the clashing of palm, the enemy is an expert. Immediately afterward, Deng BaiChuan exhale and shouted 'Hei'. Murong Fu knew Deng BaiChuan is using the move [Earth Shattering Shock], the enemy will not be able to resist it. Sure enough, the person cry out in surprise, the voice sharp, but the cry seems to be sinking downwards underground, immediately afterward stones roll around and branches snapped. Murong Fu was slightly alarmed: "This person trip and fell into deep ravine. Luckily elder brother Deng hit the person into the ravine, else if we step empty air in this darkness it would be disastrous."

At this moment, a voice floated down from a high slope to the left: "Which experts came to disturb the Assembly of Ten Thousand Immortals? You really don't respect the Cave-masters of 36 Cave and Island-masters of 72 Island?"

Murong Fu and the rest gasp softly. They know about 'Cave-masters of 36 Cave and Island-masters of 72 Island', but all these 'Cave-masters' and 'Island-masters' are just some heretic groups that don't belong to any sect or school. Some of their martial arts are high, some are low, some are good while some are evil, they keep to themselves and do whatever they please, they don't communicate with each other and thus they can't do anything great, nobody thinks they are important. Some of them are scattered around East Sea, some at islands around Yellow Sea, some at Kunlun and living in seclusion at deep mountains in Qilian, they lie low and did not have any accomplishments, nobody paid any attention to them, unexpectedly they gathered at this place.

Murong Fu said brightly: "There are six of us here, we are friends, we are travelling at night and unaware of people gathering here, thus we accidentally offended you, we offer our apologies. In this darkness its easy to have misunderstandings, let us just dismiss it with a laugh, please grant us passage." His words are neither haughty nor humble, he did not reveal his origin, as for the killings he also offered his apologies.

Suddenly, 'Haha', 'Hehe', 'Hengheng', laughter surrounded them in all direction, more and more people join in the laughter. Initially only ten people laugh, but eventually more people join in and there is around 500-600 people laughing, some are nearby while some are a few li away.

Murong Feng listen to their laugh, they have vast numbers, they also mentioned about 'Assembly of Ten Thousand Immortals', he pondered: "We are really unlucky tonight, we accidentally gate-crash their gathering. I have yet to reveal my name, its best to walk away quickly so as to avoid irreparable damage. Moreover we are heavily outnumbered, how can the six of us handle several hundreds of them?"

Amidst the laughter, the person on the slope said: "You paint the picture in light shades, you dismiss the matter too easily. The six of you injure quite a few of our brothers, if we simply let you walk away, then what about the reputation of '36 Cave and 72 Island' ?"

Murong Fu calm down and look around, to his front and rear, left and right, the hillside, the mountain peak, the mountain cavity, the mountain ridge, there are shadows of people everywhere, in the darkness he cannot see their appearance clearly. Originally he don't know where they are, but they seem to suddenly emerge out from underground. At this moment, Deng BaiChuan, GongYe Gan, Bao BuTong, Feng BoE, the four of them gathered beside Murong Fu and Wang YuYan and guarded them, but they are surrounded by several hundred people, they are nothing more than a small boat in the vast sea.


Murong Fu, Deng BaiChuan and the rest, they encountered countless great battles and fights, but after seeing such situation they cannot help but be scared, they pondered: "These people are very weird, 8 or 10 of them are not a problem, but several hundreds of them gathering together is really not easy to deal with."

Murong Fu gather his energy into his dantian, he said brightly: "There is a common saying: 'The one who does not know is not guilty'. Cave-masters of 36 caves, Island-masters of 72 islands, i heard of your great reputation, i definitely don't dare to offend you deliberately. Western Sichuan Jade Rock Cave Mulberry Soil Elder, Gansu Young Dragon Cave Xuan HuangZi, East Sea Mysterious Dark Island Island-master Mr Zhang DaRen, i presume that you all are here. I am Murong Fu and i wish to make friends with you, its not my intention to offend you."

The surrounding crowd of people gasp in surprise, obviously they are shaken by the name 'Murong Fu'. The voice reply: "Are you the Murong Fu who specialize in 'Returning you with your own move'?" Murong Fu said: "I don't deserve it, yes its my insignificant self." The person said: "Gusu Murong family is not insignificant. Light the lamp! Everyone let us meet him!"

When he finish speaking, a yellow lamp suddenly rise up in the south-east corner, immediately after red lamp rise up at the west and north-west corner. In a split second, light rise up in all direction, some are lantern, some are torch, some are Kongming lantern, some are firewood, the light brought by various Cave-masters and Island-masters are different, some are simple, some are intricate. Originally nobody knows their hiding location but now light shine upon everyone's face, its truly a strange sight.

There are male, female, handsome people, ugly people, monks, priests, some wore long sleeves, some wore short sleeves, some are old man with long beard, some are women with hair rolled up, their clothing came in all shape and sizes, different from those from Central Plains, alot of them are carrying weapons but their weapons are shaped oddly, its difficult to identify them. Murong Fu clasped his hands and greeted in four directions, he said brightly: "Welcome, Gusu Murong Fu greet you." Some of the crowd return his greetings, some ignored him.

A person to the west said: "Murong Fu, your Gusu Murong family like to show off its prestige at Central Plains, so be it. But you come to this Assembly of Ten Thousand Immortals and run amuck without restrain, you really don't respect us at all? You claim to specialize in 'Returning you with your own move', then let me ask you, how are you going to return my move?"

Murong Fu look towards the voice, a big-head old man is sitting cross-legged on a rock to the west, his big head bald and shiny, not a single strand of hair at all, his face filled with blood, when gazing from afar he look just like a big red ball. Murong Fu cupped his fist and said: "Welcome! May i ask your great name?"

The person hold onto his belly and laugh, he said: "Old man is testing you, i want to see if Murong family is genuine talent or just someone with false reputation. I ask you a question just now: How are you going to return my move. As long as you answer it correctly, i don't care how others react, but old man will never trouble you again. Wherever you like to go, you can simply go!"

Murong Fu considered the current situation, he know he cannot resolve the matter by talking out of it, he must display a few of his moves, he said: "Since this is the case, i will trade a few moves, senior please make you move!"

The person roll on the floor and laugh, he said: "I am the one testing you, i am not asking you to test me. If you cannot answer, then quickly take back your 'Returning you with your own move' reputation!"

Murong Fu knit his brows, he pondered: "You just sit there motionless, i don't know your sect, i don't know your name, how would i know your most proficient move? How can i return it when i don't know your move?"

As he was muttering and thinking, the big-head old man sneered: "My friends from 36 Caves and 72 Islands are scattered all over the world, they don't interfere with on-goings in Central Plains. There is a fierce tiger hidden in the mountain but the little monkey dare claims to be king, you are boy still wet behind the ears, unexpectedly you go so far as to be some 'Northern Qiao Feng, Southern Murong', hehe! Laughable, laughable, shameless, shameless! Let me tell you, its not difficult for you to escape today, you just have to kowtow 10 times to every single Cave-masters and Islands-masters from 36 Caves and 72 Islands, a total of 1080 kowtow and we will let you baby dolls walk away."

Bao BuTong suppressed his anger for a long time, he can no long hold it in, he shouted loudly: "You invite my young master to return you with your own move and then ask him to kowtow. Your consummate skill, my young master can't learn it, hey hey, laughable, laughable, shameless, shameless!" unexpectedly he copied the big-head old man's speech pattern and tone perfectly.

The big-head old man cough and spit a mouthful of phlegm, it flew towards Bao BuTong's face. Bao BuTong slanted his body to avoid, the phlegm flew past his left ear, suddenly it turn around in mid-air and shot towards Bao BuTong's forehead. The force in this phlegm is not light, Bao BuTong hastily sidestep, he realized that the phlegm is targeting his 'Yangbai acupoint' between his eyebrow.

Murong Fu was shocked: "Its not strange that this old man's phlegm contained internal energy and targeted acupoints. The strange thing is that after firing the phlegm, unexpectedly it can turn around in mid-air."

The big-head old man chucked: "Murong Fu, old man don't want you to return me with my own move, if you can tell me the origin of this phlegm then old man will be convinced of your ability."

Murong Fu pondered quickly, ideas flew at lightning speed, but he simply can't recall it, suddenly he heard Wang YuYan's gentle and soft voice: "Island-master DuanMu, you completely mastered this [Going and Coming, Five Rice Divine Skill], its really not easy. But you must have killed quite a few living things in the process. My young master knows that its not easy to train, thus he is unwilling to reveal the origin in order to avoid incurring the jealousy of your friends. Don't tell me my young master will use this skill to deal with you?"

Murong Fu was shock yet happy, he never heard of this [Five Rice Divine Skill] before, unexpectedly his cousin is aware of it, but he don't know if its correct or wrong.

Originally, the old man had a blood-red face, but in an instant his face lost all its colour, however it turn back red again immediately, he laugh and said: "Baby doll talking rubbish, how can you understand it? [Five Rice Divine Skill] harms other for one's personal benefit, its vicious and dangerous, why would i even train it? But unexpectedly you know of old man's name, its really not easy."

Wang YuYan heard his reply, she knew she guess correctly, he merely refuse to admit it, she said: "Hainan Island Five Finger Mountain Scarlet Flame Cave Cave-master DuanMu, in the martial arts fraternity who don't know about you? Cave-master DuanMu, if that skill is not [Five Rice Divine Skill], then it must be some other wonderful skill derived from [Ground Fire Skill]."

The [Ground Fire Skill] is the elementary skill of Scarlet Flame Cave. The sect leader of Scarlet Flame Cave has always been surnamed DuanMu, this big-head old man is called DuanMu Yuan, when he heard Wang YuYan reveal his personal history and she gloss over the [Five Rice Divine Skill], he had favourable impression of her, moreover his Scarlet Flame Cave is just some small obscure sect, but unexpected she claims 'who don't know about you', his even happier, he smiled and said: "Correct, correct, this is just some insignificant skill derived from [Ground Fire Skill]. Old man said in advance, since young lady identified my origin then i will not trouble you anymore."

Suddenly someone shouted from afar: "Gusu Murong, your reputation is really well deserved!" Murong Fu raised his hands and said: "A novice is making a fool of himself before experts, i don't deserve your praise!" at this moment, a ray of golden light and silver light shoot out from the ground on the left-hand side, the sound is sharp and pure as it split the air. Murong Fu dare not be negligent, he generated a blast of wind with his sleeves and clash with it, there is a loud crashing sound, the ray of golden light and silver light roll back and retreat. Murong Fu finally saw it clearly, its two long belt, one of them is gold in colour, the other is silver in colour.

Two old men are standing at the end of the belt, the one wielding the golden belt is wearing silver robe, the one wielding the silver belt is wearing golden robe. The gold and silver sparkled brilliantly, its extremely gorgeous, ordinary people definitely don't wear these gold and silver robe, its must be some stage actor. The old man wearing the silver robe said: "Admirable, admirable, receive another move from us brothers!" golden light flickered, the golden belt arrive from the left, however the silver belt flew towards the sky and then drop down, directly attacking the top of Murong Fu's head.

Murong Fu said: "Both seniors...." he only manage to say these words, suddenly there is the sound of rushing wind, three sabres sweep up from the ground. Three men use their ground-fighting skill and they attacked Murong Fu's lower body.

Murong Fu's top, front, left, he is being attacked in all 3 directions simultaneously, he pondered: "My opponent call themselves Cave-masters of 36 Caves, Islands-masters of 72 Islands, they have many men, if they carry on tangling with me and i don't show them my power, i wonder when will this end?" He saw three sabres sweeping towards him, immediately he kick three times, every kick landed on his opponent's wrist, white light flickered and the three sabres flew up into the air. Murong Fu slanted his body to the side, his right hand brush horizontally and he executed his [Star Shifting Movement] skill and prod the golden belt, there is a 'Pa' sound, the golden belt and silver belt coil together.

The three men who displayed their ground-fighting sabre skills lost their sabre, they did not retreat, they shouted 'HeHe', they open their arms and hug Murong Fu's leg. Murong Fu's foot flew up, he move like the wind and kick the three men's chest acupoint in quick succession. Suddenly, a black-robe man with long arm and long leg jumps forward, he spread out his fan-like hand and smack towards Murong Fu. Murong Fu saw the move is steady and ruthless, obviously this man's martial art is much stronger than the others, he pondered: "This man must be the chief of the group, i must subdue him first to make it easier to negotiate."

Murong Fu leap up, he vaulted over the three men who are reclining on the ground, he strike out his right palm, directly attacking the black-robe man. The black-robe man sneered, he raise a blade horizontally and block in front of his chest, a green light sparkled in front of him, its an exceptionally sharp serrated-sabre, the edge of the blade is facing outward. If Murong Fu really landed his palm, he will be severing his own wrist. Murong Fu did not withdraw his palm move, when his palm is 2 inch away from the blade, suddenly he change his slapping move to a sweeping move, his palm follow along the edge of the blade and swipe downward, he scrape the black-robe man's fingers.

The edge of his palm is filled with internal energy, its sharpness is no less than the serrated-sabre, the force in it is sufficient to slice off fingers or break an arm. The black-robe man was caught off-guard, he cry out in surprise and hastily release the sabre, he flip his palm and meet it head-on, there is a 'Pa' sound, the two men clashed palm. The black-robe man cry out in surprise again, his body sway and he leap 1 zhang backward. Murong Fu turn his palm and grab the serrated-sabre, a burst of fishy smell assaulted his nose, he nearly vomited, he knew the blade is smeared with deadly poison, its extremely sinister and demonic.

Although he seize his opponent's weapon in a single move, but he saw 7-8 people raising their weapons, they block in front of the black-robe man and protected him, when he clash palm with the black-robe man, although the man's internal energy is inferior to his but its also quite strange, as for seizing of weapon the man is merely caught off-guard, if they really fight for real he would not be able to secure victory in just a few moves.

Under such circumstances, he can only show off his skills to display his might and then request to walk away freely, he shouted, he brandish the serrated-sabre and rush towards the crowd of people. Everyone shouted:

"Everyone be careful! This person is wielding the 'Verdant Wave Fragrant Dew Sabre', don't let him cut you."

"Ayo, Wu LaoDa's 'Verdant Wave Fragrant Dew Sabre' got taken away by this young chap, this is terrible!"

Murong Fu wave the sabre and move forward, the monks, priest, ugly men, pretty women, all of them scattered and ran, their expression extremely fearful, Murong Fu presumed this serrated-sabre must have some great history, but its simply too smelly, its known as 'Fragrant Dew Sabre' which is ridiculous, he pondered: "If i wield this poison-sabre, its not difficult to kill 10 or 8 Cave-masters or Island-masters, but i have no animosity or hatred with them, why the need to take their lives?" Although he brandish and wave the sabre around, he never injure anyone, he push down 1 person and kick down 2 person.

Initially, everyone was extremely frighten, but they saw the power of the sabre was not formidable, they calm down, in a split second, long sword and short halberd, soft whip and hard tablet, everyone attacked from all four sides. Around 10 people surrounded Murong Fu at the boundary, outside the boundary 300-400 people encircled layer upon layer.

After fighting for a short period of time, Murong Fu pondered: "When will it ever end if i carry on fighting like this? It seems i must start killing people." His sabre move is very tight, there is two 'Peng Peng' sound, he used the sabre's shaft to knock two person unconscious. Suddenly Deng BaiChuan shouted: "Shameless pervert, don't you dare alarm the lady!" Murong Fu shoot a glance, he saw 2 person leaping up and attacking Wang YuYan who is on top of a pine tree. Deng BaiChuan flew forward to rescue, he wave his palm to intercept them. Murong Fu was somewhat relax, but another 3 person leap at the pine tree, at once he understood their intentions: "They cannot beat me, thus they want to capture my cousin and coerce me, its really shameless to the extreme." But his surrounded by an entire group of people, he cannot get away, he saw 2 women grabbing Wang YuYan's arm and jumping down from the tree. A long hair toutuo with a golden ring on his head stick out his Buddhist monk's knife and place it horizontally across Wang YuYan's neck, he shouted: "Murong chap, if you don't surrender, i will chop your good friend!"

Murong Fu was stunned, he pondered: "These people are incomparably vicious, they will really injure my cousin, what should i do? My Murong family move around unhindered in the martial arts fraternity, how can we surrender? If we surrender, then how can we conduct ourselves with dignity in the future?" he hesitated, but his hands did not slow down the slightest bit, he smack out his left palm twice, 2 person got hit and flew out a zhang.

The toutuo shouted again: "You really won't surrender, i will slice off this precious and pretty head off!" his Buddhist monk's knife sway, the cutting edge of the knife flickered with green light.

Chapter - 34 Wind Gather Closely, Disordered Cloud At Misty Peak

Suddenly someone shouted at the waist of the mountain: "You cannot do it, you definitely must not injure Miss Wang, i will surrender to you." His gray shadow seems to fly down and rush over, his movement is extremely quick and agile. The people standing outside the encirclement cursed in unison, they move forward to block him, but he turn to the east and dodge to the west, he avoided everyone and threw himself forward. Wang YuYan saw everything clearly under the flame, its Duan Yu.

Duan Yu shouted: "Isn't it easy to surrender? For Miss Wang, if you want me to surrender a thousand times, ten thousand times i will also agree." He rush in front of the toutuo and shouted: "Hello, hello, everyone please let go, why are you grappling Miss Wang?"

Wang YuYan knew his martial art is sometimes on and sometimes off, more often than not its off, but he still disregarded his life and came forward to rescue, she felt grateful, her voice trembled: "Duan....Gentleman Duan, its you?" Duan Yu said happily: "Its me, its me!"

The toutuo cursed: "You....what thing are you?" Duan Yu said: "I am human, what thing?" the toutuo flip his hand and form a fist, with a 'Pa' sound he hit Duan Yu's chin. Duan Yu can't maintain his footing and tumbled to the left, his forehead bump against a rock, immediately fresh blood flow out.

When the toutuo saw his lightness martial art, he assume Duan Yu possess extremely strong martial arts, his fist technique is fake and he did not think it could hit him, after punching his right hand held onto the Buddhist monk knife and immediately execute three moves, these moves are genuine and intended to kill, unexpectedly his left fist manage to knock Duan Yu down with an empty move, he was stunned, at the same time Duan Yu's internal energy counter-attacked and his left arm felt numb, luckily the punch is light, the counter-force is not strong. The toutuo saw that Murong Fu is still rushing and killing, he shouted: "Murong chap, if you don't surrender i will really chop of this little girl's head. Great Buddha will never lie, will you surrender or not!"

Murong Fu felt really troubled, he cannot bear to let Wang YuYan die by the hands of these demonic people, but 'Gusu Murong' name is incomparably respected, he cannot cave in to other people's threats and surrender to heretic people, this will become gossip and everyone will ridicule him, moreover if he surrender he will mostly probably die as well. He shouted loudly: "Evil toutuo, you want young master to surrender, its very difficult. If you dare harm a hair on this lady, if i don't dismember you into thousand pieces then i am not human!" as he finish speaking he rush towards Wang YuYan, however around 20 people wielded their weapons and stab left and right, they block his front and attack his back, how can he break out in such a short time?

The toutuo said angrily: "I will kill this little girl, i will see how you going to deal with Great Buddha?" as he finish speaking he raised his knife, with a 'Hu' sound he chop towards Wang YuYan's neck. The two women holding onto Wang YuYan fear getting implicated, they quickly release their grip and jump away.

Duan Yu is struggling to get up, his left hand pressing onto the wound on his forehead, his expression really pathetic, he saw the toutuo really chopping his knife at Wang YuYan, but she just stood there motionless, maybe she is in shock or her acupoint is sealed, she did not dodge at all. Duan Yu is extremely anxious, in a moment of desperation his internal energy automatically became abundant and vigorous, he immediately executed his [Six Meridians Divine Sword], with a 'Chi Chi' noise, there is a ringing sound as his internal energy strike the Buddhist monk knife and shot it down.

Duan Yu quickly rush forward, he turn his hand and put Wang YuYan on his back and shouted: "Run for your life!"

The toutuo grab the knife off the ground, he roared ferociously and hack the knife at Duan Yu. Duan Yu was alarmed, he quickly pointed his right hand, there is a 'Chi' sound, his 'Shang Yang Sword' thrust straight at the knife, the knife was jolted off and drop on the ground again. Duan Yu executed his [Graceful Steps upon the Waves] and dash outward.

Everyone rallied and rush forward to block him. But Duan Yu slant left and tilt right, he move in a zigzag manner and rush out. All the Cave-masters and Island-masters send their weapons, fists and kicks at him, but Duan Yu dodge swiftly, he wasn't hit at all. For the past few days, all he ever thought of was Wang YuYan, even while dreaming he only saw Wang YuYan. At night, he chatted with Fan Hua, Ba TianShi and the rest at an inn, as he was about to go to bed, he kept thinking about Wang YuYan, how can he fall asleep? Thus in the middle of the night, when everyone was asleep, he secretly sneak out of the inn and followed the direction taken by Murong Fu and his party and chase after them. After the dramatic battle between Murong Fu and Ding ChunQiu, Murong Fu accompanied Deng BaiChuan and recuperated at an inn, thus Duan Yu did not spend much effort and manage to catch up with him. Duan Yu hid himself in another room, he did not step out of the room at all, he is separated from Wang YuYan by merely a few zhang, he felt really delighted. By the time Murong Fu, Wang YuYan and the rest left the inn and travelled on the road, Duan Yu followed them from a distance.

While travelling, he said to himself countless times: "After this road, i should not follow them anymore. Duan Yu ah Duan Yu, you really trap yourself and refuse to extricate, you really waste your time studying literature. You should act in the nick of time, its best to turn around and head back to shore, you should brandish your wisdom sword and severe your thread of passion, else you will sacrifice your entire life for nothing. There is a saying in Buddhist scripture: 'View sex as variable, distance away from it, as your desire wane, your heart will be free. Sex is variable, variable is suffering, suffering is not you. Loathe sex, loathe the reason for unhappiness, free yourself from unhappiness.'"

But to view Wang YuYan's 'sex' as 'variable', 'loathe and distance away from it', how can he do it? His footstep is extremely light and swift, he followed Wang YuYan at a distance, unexpectedly Murong Fu, Bao BuTong and the rest never detect it at all. Wang YuYan got up on the tree, Murong Fu handling the situation and meeting the enemy, Duan Yu saw all of it at a distance, when the toutuo wanted to kill Wang YuYan he automatically step forward bravely and surrendered on behalf of Murong Fu, but the other party simply refuse to accept his 'surrender'.

In a short period of time, Duan Yu carried Wang YuYan and rush out of the encirclement, he is afraid that they might chase after him and he ran for a few hundred zhang, he finally stop and relax, he put Wang YuYan down. Wang YuYan blush, she said: "No, no, Gentleman Duan, my acupoint is sealed, i can't stand." Duan Yu supported her shoulder and said: "Yes! Teach me how to unseal acupoint, i will undo it for you." Wang YuYan blushed furiously, she said bashfully: "No, no need! After 3 quarter hour the acupoint will automatically unseal, you don't have to undo it for me." She knew that to undo the acupoint, the 'ShenFeng acupoint' needs to be massage, the 'ShenFeng acupoint' is at the chest beside the breast, its extremely inappropriate.

Duan Yu don't understand the underlying reason, he said: "The situation is dangerous, we cannot delay, its best that you let me undo your acupoint so that we can plan on how to escape."

Wang YuYan blush and said: "Not good!" she raise her head, Murong Fu and Deng BaiChuan are still rushing and killing the enemy, she is concern about her cousin, she said: "Gentleman Duan, my cousin is surrounded, we have to go save him."

Duan Yu chest ached, she is only concerned about Murong Fu, he is completely dishearten, he thought: "I keep thinking about her endlessly, it will never end, Duan Yu will fulfil her wish and die for Murong Fu and settle this matter." He said: "Very good! Wait here, i will go save him."

Wang YuYan said: "No, this won't do! You don't know martial arts, how can you save someone?"

Duan Yu smiled and said: "Moments ago, didn't i carry you out?" Wang YuYan is aware that his [Six Meridians Divine Sword] is unpredictable, sometime it works sometime it doesn't, he cannot execute it freely, she said: "Just now you got are concern about my safety, you manage to execute your [Six Meridians Divine Sword]. You might not treat my cousin the same way as you treat me, i am afraid.....i am afraid....." Duan Yu said: "Don't worry, i will simply treat your cousin the same way as i treat you." Wang YuYan shake her head and said: "Gentleman Duan, its too risky, it won't work." Duan Yu stick out his chest and said: "Miss Wang, as long as you ask me to go take the risk i am willing to risk my life and limb to help out." Wang YuYan blush again, she said softly: "You treat me so well, i really don't deserve it."

Duan Yu is really happy, he said: "How come you don't deserve it? Deserve it, you definitely deserve it!" He is vigorous and in high spirits, he desire to rush in and fight the battle.

Wang YuYan said: "Gentleman Duan, i can't move at all, after you leave no one will watch over me, if some evil doer comes and harm me....." Duan Yu turn around and scratch his head, he said: "This....en....this......" Wang YuYan real intention is for him to carry her on his back, they will go over and assist Murong Fu, but she is too shy and dare not say it out directly. She hope that Duan Yu can understand her intention, unfortunately Duan Yu don't understand, he scratch his head and stamp his feet, he is really troubled.

They heard the rallying cry, 'Ping Ping Pang Pang', weapons clashing with each other, Murong Fu is duelling even more fiercely. Wang YuYan knew the enemy is powerful, she is really anxious, she cannot be shy anymore, she said softly: "Gentleman Duan, i have to trouble you again to carry....carry me for a while, we will go assist my cousin together, then......then......" Duan Yu suddenly saw the light, he stamped his feet and said: "Correct, correct! Idiot, idiot! How come i didn't think of it?" he squat down and carried her on his back.

When Duan Yu carried Wang YuYan for the first time, it was purely to save her and escape from danger, he did not have any other ideas, but now her soft body lay on his back, his hands hooked onto her legs, although they are separated by layers of clothes he could still feel her smooth skin, he cannot help but feel aroused, he immediately reproach himself: "Duan Yu ah Duan Yu, what is the situation now, unexpectedly you have such thoughts, you are really worse than a beast! She is clear as ice and clean as jade, incomparably respected lady, you have such bad intentions, its blasphemous, you deserve to be beaten, you really deserve to be beaten!" He raise his palm and heavily slap himself two times, he open up his footsteps and rush forward.

Wang YuYan was baffled, she ask: "Gentleman Duan, what you doing?" Duan Yu is naturally honest, moreover he respected Wang YuYan as if she is a celestial being, he don't dare to deceive her, he said: "Really ashamed, i had disrespectful thoughts towards you, i deserve to be beaten, i deserve to be beaten!" Wang YuYan understood his meaning, she blush so much that her ears turned red.

At this moment, a Taoist priest brandishing a long sword rush over, he shouted: "Damn it, this chap come again to stir up trouble." He executed a move [Poison Dragon Exit Cave] and thrust his sword at Duan Yu. Duan Yu automatically execute his [Graceful Steps upon the Waves] and avoided the attack. Wang YuYan said softly: "His second sword move will thrust from the left side, quickly rush to his right side and smack his 'TianZong acupoint'."

Sure enough, the Taoist priest miss the 1st sword-move and his 2nd sword-move [Clear Plum Blossom] thrust from the left side, Duan Yu acted in accordance to instruction given by Wang YuYan, he rush to the priest right side, with a 'Pa' sound he hit the 'TianZong acupoint'. This is the Taoist priest's achilles heel, although Duan Yu palm move is not heavy but the priest still spurted fresh blood and collapsed.

As the priest collapsed another warrior rush over. Wang YuYan is extremely knowledgeable, she gave instructions softly, Duan Yu acted accordingly and immediately defeat the warrior. Duan Yu achieve victory easily, Wang YuYan is whispering softly in his ear, her soft precious body resting on his back, he smell her sweet fragrance, although he is in a dangerous situation but he felt the scene is romantic, he never experience such beautiful encounter before.

Duan Yu knock down another 2 people, he is separated from Murong Fu by merely 2 zhang, suddenly the wind vibrated, two dwarf in green jacket leap up and arrive, two soft whip strike him simultaneously. Duan Yu evaded smoothly, suddenly one of the soft whip straighten up in mid-air and leap towards him, its incomparably quick. Wang YuYan and Duan Yu focus their attention on it, they cry out in surprise: "Ayo!" the two soft whip are not weapons, its a pair of live snakes. Duan Yu speed up his footsteps, he wanted to run past the two men, unexpectedly the two men have extremely fast and nimble footwork, they block in front of him and obstructed his path. Duan Yu ask repeatedly: "Miss Wang, what to do?"

Wang YuYan is knowledgeable about weapons and martial arts of various sects and schools, its extremely rare for her to not know anything about the opponent, but these two live snakes simply don't follow any martial arts logic, she is completely powerless in predicting which direction they will attack. The two men wearing green jacket jump high and lean low, their posture clumsy and ugly, but their speed is matchless, the two of them are Qiang ethnic people, they never practice any lightness martial art before yet they are naturally fast and nimble like leopard.

Duan Yu met with danger while he dodge repeatedly. Wang YuYan pondered: "The movement of the live snake is unpredictable, defeat the enemy by capturing their chief, we have to knock down the owner of the snake." But the movement of these men don't adhere to any footwork in manuals, their movement is the same as ordinary people who don't know any martial arts, they don't follow any method or logic, its extremely difficult for Wang YuYan to predict where they will move or attack. She ask Duan Yu to hit their 'QiMen acupoint' and seal their 'QuQuan acupoint', but its really strange, Duan Yu move his palm everywhere and they will immediately dodge it quickly, they are extremely alert and sharp, its really innate talent.

Wang YuYan pondered how to defeat the enemy, at the same time she look at her cousin, miserable scream and cries rang out in succession, around 10 people lie down on the floor, they are all defeated by Murong Fu technique in borrowing and redirecting force.

Wu LaoDa issued his orders loudly, of the people surrounding Murong Fu, three retreated and another three step up to replace them. These three are experts, one of them is a short man and he has astonishing body strength, he wave his two steel hammer and generated strong wind, his aura impressive and powerful. Murong Fu use the 'Fragrant Dew Sabre' and block one move, his arm was jolted and felt numb, the hammer arrive again and he immediately dodge, he don't dare to clash with it again.

Suddenly Wang YuYan shouted: "Cousin, use [Ten Thousand Golden Lamp], follow up with [Open Lapel To Block Wind]." Murong Fu knew his cousin is brilliant in martial arts knowledge, he did not waste time to think, his right hand drew three circles in succession, the sabre sparkled and generated light, but the 'Verdant Wave Fragrant Dew Sabre' emit green light, the move became [Ten Thousand Green Lamp] and not [Ten Thousand Golden Lamp].

Everyone yell out and retreated a few steps, at this moment, Murong Fu flick his left sleeve out and executed [Open Lapel To Block Wind], the short man so happen to execute his move [Splitting Heaven and Earth], his twin hammer pointing at the sky and smashing fiercely towards the ground. There is a loud 'Dang' sound, everyone's ear is buzzing, the left hammer of the short man hit his right hammer, the right hammer hit his left hammer, sparks flew in all direction. The power in his arm is extremely fierce, as the twin hammer collided with each other, there is a 'Ka la' sound, the bones in both arms automatically snap and he immediately fainted.

Murong Fu seize the opportunity and send out two palm, he help Bao BuTong to repel two strong enemy.

Duan Yu situation changed. Wang YuYan was concern about Murong Fu and she advice two moves, but one cannot concentrate on two things at the same time, inevitably she neglected the two enemy in front of Duan Yu. Duan Yu heard her advising her cousin, although her body is on his back but her heart is with Murong Fu, in a split second his chest ached bitterly, his footstep slow down, there is two 'Chi Chi' sound, the two poisonous snake jump at him and bite his left arm.

Wang YuYan cry out in surprise, she shouted: "Gentleman" Duan Yu gave a sigh and said: "Bitten to death by poisonous snake, its the same. Miss Wang, in the future please tell your grandson...." Wang YuYan saw the snake's body is a mix of greenish yellow, its stripe bright and distinct, the head of the snake is odd and triangular in shape, obviously the snake possess deadly poison, she momentarily panic and don't know what to do.

Suddenly, the bodies of both snake straighten and drop on the floor, they died immediately. The two green-jacket men jabber in Qiang dialect, they turn around and ran away. These two men have always been raising and worshipping snakes, not only did Duan Yu not die when bitten by the snakes, he even counter-kill the snakes, they assume Duan Yu must be snake god, they don't dare to linger and ran away quickly.

Wang YuYan is unaware of the miraculous effect of the 'Poison Bull Cinnabar Toad' consumed by Duan Yu, she ask repeatedly: "Gentleman Duan, how are you feeling? How are you feeling?" Duan Yu is feeling depress but suddenly Wang YuYan show concern for him, she kept inquiring repeatedly, he cannot help but burst with joy, he spirit rose, Wang YuYan kept on asking: "The two poison snake bite you, how are you feeling?" Duan Yu said: "Its somewhat painful, its nothing, its nothing!" he pondered: "As long as you care for me, i will beg to be bitten by poison snakes everyday" he open up his footsteps and rush beside Murong Fu.


Suddenly a clear and bright voice transmitted from mid-air: "Gentleman Murong, Cave-masters, Island-masters, everyone don't have any hatred or enmity with each other, why the need for this fierce battle?"

Everyone raise their head and look towards the voice, a Taoist with black beard is standing on top of a tree, he is holding onto a fly-whisk, as the tree branch move he also followed the momentum and move up and down, his expression natural and unrestrained. Under the light, he is around 50 years of age, his face revealed a smile, he said: "Everyone please give some face to poor Taoist, stop the battle for the time being, we will slowly resolve who is right and wrong ok?"

Murong Fu look at the person display of lightness martial art, he knew the person's martial art is truly capable, he said: "Sir come out to resolve the dispute, it couldn't be much better. I will stop fighting." As he finish speaking he swing the sabre in a circle and put it down but his right palm and left arm swell up faintly, he pondered: "That hammer wielding dwarf is really capable, my arm is still aching after getting shock by him."

Wu LaoDa raise his head and ask: "May i know your great name?" The person have yet to reply when someone spoke out from the crowd of people: "Wu LaoDa, this person amazing person, he....he....he is Jiao...Jiao....Jiao...." he said 'Jiao' 3 times and can't speak anymore, this person is stuttering, he is anxious and he cannot finish the sentence.

Wu LaoDa suddenly thought of someone, he said loudly: "He is Flood Dragon King....Flood Dragon King Taoist BuPing?" The stuttering person is happy that someone voice out his words, he quickly said: "Yes...yes....yes, he....he....he is...Jiao....Jiao...Jiao....Jiao...." his still stuck at the 'Jiao' word.

Wu LaoDa did not wait for him to finish struggling with the word, he cupped his hands at the person standing on the tree top and said: "Sir are you the world famous Taoist BuPing? I know your name for a long time, its like thunder piercing the ear, nice to meet you, nice to meet you!" While he is speaking, everyone stop fighting.

The Taoist smile and said: "I don't deserve such praise, i don't deserve such praise! Everyone claims that poor Taoist had long died, thus Mr Wu must have some disbelief correct?" As he finish speaking he jump lightly and descend from mid-air. When he jump off the tree, he will naturally drop down to the ground quickly, but he wave his fly-whisk, generating a gust of strong wind, the wind shoot towards the ground and repelled back, the wind supported his body and he descended slowly, the power of the fly-whisk in generating the counter-force is truly amazing.

Wu LaoDa blurted out: "[Relying On Void To Ride The Wind], excellent lightness martial art!" He barely finish his sentence and Taoist BuPing already landed on the ground, he smile and said: "Its purely some misunderstanding that led to this conflict. Why don't you give poor Taoist some face, convert an enemy into a friend?" His tone is amiable yet with a hint of imposing aura, its difficult to reject.

Wu LaoDa said: "Taking Taoist BuPing's golden reputation into account, we will write off this debt."

Taoist BuPing said: "Mr Wu, Cave-masters of 36 Cave, Island-masters of 72 Island, all of you are gathering here, is it for that particular person at Heavenly Mountain?" Wu LaoDa countenance change, but he immediately calm down and said: "Taoist BuPing what are you saying, i don't understand. All of us brothers are scattered all over the world, its rare for us to meet, everyone made an appointment to gather here and meet up, there is no other purpose. We don't know how Gentleman Gusu Murong manage to find us and make life difficult for us."

Murong Fu said: "I am only passing by, i really don't know everyone is meeting here, if i offended you i apologize for it." As he finish speaking he clasped his hands and bow in all four direction, he continued: "Taoist BuPing took the initiative to resolve the dispute and prevented me from creating a big disaster, i am utterly grateful. Hope to see you again, i will take my leave now." He know that there must be some major affair for these heretic people to gather here, Taoist BuPing mentioned 'a particular person from Heavenly Mountain' and Wu LaoDa immediately changed the subject, obviously the matter is a huge taboo, if he don't pull out and retreat its really a bit too insensitive as if he is trying to pry into other people's private matters, thus he cupped his hands, turn around and walk away.

Wu LaoDa cupped his hands to return the courtesy, he said: "Gentleman Murong, getting to meet such a renown hero like you, i am really honoured. The green hills will never change, the water will always flow, goodbye." Indeed his speech implied that he is unwilling to let Murong Fu linger here.

But Taoist BuPing said: "Wu LaoDa, do you know who is Gentleman Murong?" Wu LaoDa was startled, he said: "Northern Qiao Feng, Southern Murong! The world renown Murong family, who doesn't know them? After today's meeting, its really a well deserved reputation." Taoist BuPing smile and said: "Precisely. This kind of important figure, if you miss this opportunity wouldn't it be a pity? Normally if you tried to ask Murong family to help out its extremely difficult, luckily Gentleman Murong is here today but you all refuse to request for help, aren't you entering a treasure mountain and returning empty-handed?" Wu LaoDa said: "This....this...." his hesitating in his speech.

Taoist BuPing laugh and said: "Gentleman Murong's heroic reputation is known throughout the world, all of you suffered under Misty Peak Vulture Palace's Child Elder of Heavenly Mountain...."

Once he said 'Child Elder of Heavenly Mountain', everyone cry out in shock. Their voice revealed their agitated emotions, some of them panic, some of them are angry, some of them fearful, some of them in pain, some of them even retreat a few steps, their bodies trembled, they are extremely scared.

Murong Fu was baffled: "Who is this Child Elder of Heavenly Mountain, unexpectedly this person can create such terror?" he pondered: "The people i met today, Taoist BuPing, Wu LaoDa, all of them are quite capable, yet i don't even know about them, this Child Elder of Heavenly Mountain must be a even more amazing figure, the world is wide and my knowledge is really limited. Its really not easy for Gusu Murong to maintain its reputation in the world." As he thought about it, he became even more fearful.

Wang YuYan muttered to herself: "Misty Peak Vulture Palace's Child Elder of Heavenly Mountain? What is their sect? What is their martial art moves?"

Duan Yu turn a deaf ear to the words of others, but he heard every single word from Wang YuYan, he immediately recalled his experiences at WuLiang Mountain, at that time the Farmer God Clan received orders to seize WuLiang Palace, how 'WuLiang Sword' change its name to 'WuLiang Cave', the female wearing green cloak embroidered with a black vulture called him 'little white face' and brought him down the mountain, all of it due to the orders of 'Child Elder of Heavenly Mountain', but he have no answer to Wang YuYan's question, he said: "Very powerful, very powerful! I nearly got imprison by them till i become 'old white face', i would not be able to escape even till today."

Wang YuYan is well aware of the incoherent speech by Duan Yu, she just smile and ignored him.

Taoist BuPing said: "Everyone suffered the insults and torment of Child Elder of Heavenly Mountain, there is no joy in your life, if the heroes of this world knows of the deed they will undoubtedly be angry as well. Today, everyone rise up and rebelled, who doesn't want to lend a helping hand? Even poor Taoist, who is incompetent is also willing to draw my sword to uphold justice, Gentleman Murong is chivalrous, how can he sit back and doing nothing?"

Wu LaoDa force a bitter laugh and said: "I don't know how Taoist priest obtain the news, its all just rumours. Child-Granny can be quite strict in controlling us, but its for our benefit. We give thanks to her kindness, how can we rebel?"

Taoist BuPing burst into loud laughter and said: "So poor Taoist is just meddlesome. Gentleman Murong, let us go to Heavenly Mountain together and discuss with the Child Elder, we will say that friends from 36 Caves and 72 Islands are loyal to her, they are thinking of how to celebrate her birthday." As he finish speaking his figure move and he is already beside Murong Fu.

Someone cry out in alarm: "Wu LaoDa, don't let this ox-nose priest leave, we will be in trouble if he divulge this secret." Another person shouted: "Even this Gentleman Murong must be arrested as well." A thick voice said: "Since we started it, we carry it through all the way, let us go all out!" There is 'Ca Ca', 'Shua Shua', 'Qiang Qiang', the sound of weapons being drawn, everyone pull out their weapons.

Taoist BuPing smiled and said: "You people want to kill us to prevent the secret from leaking out? I am afraid its not easy." He raise his voice and shouted: "Hibiscus Fairy, Sword God old chap, the Cave-masters of 36 Cave and Island-masters of 72 Island conspired to revolt against the Child Elder, i happen to discover their secret, they want to silence me. This is really dangerous, save me, save me! Taoist BuPing is going to die!" his voice transmitted far away and echoed in four direction at the valley.

Taoist BuPing voice had yet to stop when a cold arrogant voice transmit from the western mountain peak: "Brother BuPing, just escape if you can, if you can't then just resign yourself to fate. These disciples and grandson of Child Elder are extremely unreasonable, at most i can convey information for you, i don't have the ability to save you." The voice is at least 3-4 li away.

The voice barely finish speaking when a melodious female voice transmit from the northern mountain peak: "Ox-nose priest, who ask you to meddle it other people's business? They already prepared everything in advance, once they revolt the Child Elder will be in big trouble. I will go to Heavenly Mountain now and talk to the Child Elder, see what she have to say about this." Her voice is even further than the male voice at the western mountain.

When everyone heard it their expression changed, these two are around 3-4 li away, they definitely cannot catch them, clearly Taoist BuPing had prepared everything meticulously, he arrange for support at a distant place. Moreover, from their voices, the two have deep internal energy, even if they manage to overtake them they might not be able to subdue them.

Wu LaoDa is aware of the origins of this male-female pair, he raise his voice and said: "Taoist BuPing, Sword God Mr Zhuo, Hibiscus Fairy, since the three of you are willing to assist us, everyone is extremely grateful. I will not lie in front of you experts, since the three of you already know the inside story its useless for us to conceal it anymore, i invite you to come forward and discuss together, how about it?"

'Sword God' laugh and said: "Its better for us to stand far away and observe the ongoing, if there are some unexpected disaster its faster and easier to escape. There is no benefit in associating with wicked people." The female said: "Correct, my friend Taoist BuPing, the two of us will keep watch for you, if not you will get shredded by them and no one will deliver information for you, then you would have died for nothing."

Wu LaoDa said : "The two of you are teasing us. In reality, our opponent is simply too strong, we are frighten and thus have to take extra precautions. Just now we did not reveal the matter candidly but we really have no choice, i hope the three of you can forgive us."

Murong Fu and Deng BaiChuan gave each other a glance, they thought: "This Wu LaoDa is not some minor character, moreover they have great numbers, but he is so courteous towards the three of them, obviously he is trying to prevent the secret from leaking out. This Taoist BuPing, Sword God and Hibiscus Fairy, they claim they want to help out and assist, but most likely they have other motives, its best to stay away from these wicked people." Both of them nod their head, Deng BaiChuan signal with his lips, indicating that they should leave now. Murong Fu said: "There are so many people here, not matter how big the problem you definitely can handle it, moreover you have Taoist BuPing and another two experts to help you out, in the present age who can resist? There is really no need for me to interfere, i will just be a hindrance. I will take my leave now!"

Wu LaoDa said: "Wait! Since this matter has been exposed, it concerns the lives of several hundred people. The honour and lives of our brothers from 36 Caves and 72 Islands are hanging on a thin line. Gentleman Murong, its not that we don't trust you, but you are too deeply involved, we don't dare to take the risk." Murong Fu said: "So you are saying you won't allow me to leave?" Wu LaoDa said: "I don't dare." Bao BuTong said: "What Child Granny, Child Uncle, we Gusu Murong family is ill-informed, this is the first time we heard of the name, obviously we are not connected to it. Just do whatever you want to do, we guarantee we will never leak out half a word. Who is Gusu Murong Fu, how can he not keep his words? If you try to forcibly make us stay, its not going to be easy, maybe its easy to keep Bao BuTong, but don't tell me you can make young master Murong or that Gentleman Duan stay?"

Wu LaoDa knows he is telling the truth, especially more so for Gentleman Duan as his footwork is very weird, he is carrying a lady on his back but his feet never touch the ground at all, he is floating around like a feather and goes wherever he wants, nobody can block him; there is no time to consider and he really don't want to make another powerful enemy by offending Gusu Murong family. Wu LaoDa glance at Taoist BuPing, his expression awkward, its seems he is trying to ask for some ideas.

Taoist BuPing said: "Wu LaoDa, for today's matter, you definitely have to kill her. If you fail to kill her, then its completely over. Gentleman Murong is such a powerful helper, he is standing right in front of you, why you still hesitate in inviting him?"

Wu LaoDa grind his teeth and made up his mind, he walk towards Murong Fu and bow deeply, he said: "Gentleman Murong, we from 36 Caves and 72 Islands suffered endless torment for the past 10 years, we led an inhuman life, we are going all out and risking our lives today to get rid of that old devil, i beg your heroic spirit to save us from this dire situation, we will never forget your great kindness and virtue!" he is begging Murong Fu for help, obviously he is being forced to do it, its not his original intention, but these few words are clearly sincere and honest.

Murong Fu said: "There are so many experts here, there is no use for me......" he already thought of his speech, he wanted to decline and not get involve in this mess, but suddenly he had 2nd thoughts: "This Wu LaoDa said: 'We will never forget your great kindness and virtue', there are no lack of experts in 36 Caves and 72 Islands. In the future i need to carry out a major plan, i worry about the lack of people, if i help them out today then when the time comes i can invite them to help me as well. There are several hundred experts here, its really an elite troop." As he thought of it, he immediately change his speech: "But there is a good saying, we should help one another along the way, this is my duty as a martial artist...."

When Wu LaoDa heard it his expression is happy, he said: "Yes, yes!"

Deng BaiChuan kept on shooting meaningful looks, he is hinting Murong Fu to quickly pull back, these people are not good people, its harmful to make friends with them. But Murong Fu just nod his head, indicating that he understood his intention, he continued: "I witness everyone's superior martial arts, all of you uphold justice and have a sense of loyalty, i really admire greatly, thus i wish to make friends with you all. Everyone is punishing an evil person, originally you don't need my help, but since we are friends, everyone should stick together through thick and thin, help each other out through trials and tribulations, Murong Fu is at your service."

The applause is like thunder, everyone cheered and clap. 'Gusu Murong' enjoys great reputation in the martial arts fraternity, just now everyone witness his skills and its indeed well-deserved, when Wu LaoDa ask him for help they did not expect him to agree at all, they expect him to swear an oath and not reveal the secret and that would be the end, they never expect him to agree immediately, moreover he is extremely courteous, saying things like 'stick together through thick and thin', 'help each other out through trials and tribulations', he is pledging his life to make friends with them, they cannot help but be pleasantly surprise.

Deng BaiChuan and the rest are equally shock. They have always obeyed Murong Fu's orders, even for Bao BuTong who likes to refute and debate he never say 'Not true, not true' to his young master, the four of them thought: "Young master promise to assist, obviously he has his own intentions, we merely don't understand it for the time being."


When Wang YuYan heard her cousin agreeing to assist the other party, the enemy turn into a friend, she said to Duan Yu: "Gentleman Duan, they are not fighting anymore, you can put me down!" Duan Yu was startled, he said: "Yes, yes, yes!" he bend his knees slightly and put her down. Wang YuYan cheek is slightly red, she said softly: "Many thanks!" Duan Yu sigh and said: "Sigh, eternity is exhausted, there will be continuous regret from now on." Wang YuYan said: "What are you talking about? Are you reciting poetry?"

Duan Yu was startled, he woke up from his fantasy, countless thoughts pass through him in an instant, after he put down Wang YuYan she would accompany Murong Fu and leave, they will be separated worlds apart and never see each other again, he will drift around the world, depress for 10 years and finally dying in regret and hate, thus he said 'eternity is exhausted, there will be continuous regret from now on'. When he heard Wang YuYan query, he quickly reply: "Its nothing...i...i....i let my imagination run wild." Wang YuYan immediately understood the meaning behind his poetry, she blush and thought of walking to Murong Fu right away, but her acupoint had yet to unseal, she can't move.

Taoist BuPing said: "Wu LaoDa, congratulations, congratulations, Gentleman Murong agreed to help, the problem is 90% solved, not to mention Murong Fu peerless divine skills, even his subordinate Gentleman Duan is also a top expert with abilities rarely seen in this world." He notice that Duan Yu expression was respectful when carrying Wang YuYan, thus he assume he has the same status as Deng BaiChuan and the rest of Murong Fu's subordinate.

Murong Fu quickly said: "This Brother Duan is a top expert from Dali's Duan family, i myself admire him greatly. Brother Duan, why don't you come over and meet these friends?"

Duan Yu is standing beside Wang YuYan, he peek at her, sniffing her sweet fragrance, although he don't dare to look straight at her, he is perfectly contented in looking at her jade white hands, he never hear Murong Fu calling him.

Murong Fu shouted again: "Brother Duan, why don't you come over and meet these friends?" He is determined to win over these brave heroes, thus he don't dare to be haughty towards Duan Yu. But Duan Yu is completely focus on Wang YuYan's hands, 10 fingertips, soft smooth and supple, how would he notice other people calling him?

Wang YuYan said: "Gentleman Duan, my cousin is calling you!" Duan Yu immediately heard her words, he quickly said: "Yes, yes! He call me for what?" Wang YuYan said: "Cousin is asking you to go over and meet some new friends." Duan Yu is unwilling to leave her side, he said: "Then are you going as well?" Wang YuYan was unsettled by his question, she said: "They want to meet you, not me." Duan Yu said: "If you are not going, then i am not going as well."

Although Taoist BuPing notice Duan Yu's exceptional footwork, he didn't regard him as some important figure, when he heard Duan Yu's reply he did not know it was due to infatuation, other than the lady he ignored everyone else in this world, he assume Duan Yu despise them and is unwilling to meet, he cannot help but feel resentful.

Wang YuYan notice everyone is looking at her and Duan Yu, she felt embarrass and fear that her cousin might misunderstand, she call out: "Cousin, someone sealed my acupoint, come over to support me."

However Murong Fu is unwilling to display his love relationship in front of everyone, he said: "Elder brother Deng, please tend to Miss Wang. Brother Duan, why don't you come over here?"

Wang YuYan said: "Gentleman Duan, my cousin is inviting you, please go over." Duan Yu heard her asking Murong Fu for support, obviously she regarded him as an outsider, in an instant his heart ached bitterly, he walk towards Murong in a daze.

Murong Fu said: "Brother Duan, i will introduce you to several experts, this is Taoist BuPing, this is Wu LaoDa."

Duan Yu said: "Yes! Yes!" but he thought: "I am standing beside her, why she never ask me to support her, instead she ask her cousin for support? Just now she wanted me to carry her but its due to the desperate situation, if her cousin can carry her then obviously she will choose her cousin, she will never allow me to touch her body." He said: "If she can lean on her cousin body, she will naturally burst with joy. Even for Deng BaiChuan, Bao BuTong, the subordinates of her cousin, she is much closer to them than to me. What about me? What about me? There is no relations between both of us, we are strangers who come together by chance, i am just some insignificant stranger, why would she care about me? She permit me to look at her a few times, but if she can sweep her eyes a few time at my lowly self then its considered my great fortune. She most probably still treat me as a gardener in her home, if i have any other wishful thoughts, i am afraid i will immediately exhaust my karmic reward....sigh, she will never want me to support her."

Taoist BuPing and Wu LaoDa look at Duan Yu lifeless expression, he is just staring at empty air and completely ignored Murong Fu's introduction, in addition his eyebrows wrinkled and he look worried, clearly he is unwilling to meet them. Taoist BuPing said: "Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you!" he stretch out his hand and grip Duan Yu's right hand. Wu LaoDa immediately understood Taoist BuPing's intentions, he flip his palm and hook Duan Yu's left hand. Wu LaoDa's martial art is overbearing, he openly display his hostility unlike Taoist BuPing, although both of them have the same intentions, they want to make Duan Yu suffer but they don't want to reveal any trace of it, they try to appear very friendly and warm-hearted.

Both of them held onto Duan Yu's hand, their 'LaoGong acupoint' on the hollow of the palm connected, the 'YuFu acupoint' connected, 'YuJi', 'ShaoFu', 'ShaoChong', all these meridians activated. In an instant, Taoist BuPing felt his internal energy draining out swiftly, he cannot help but feel startled, he hastily tried to shake of his hand. But currently Duan Yu's internal energy is extremely deep and profound, unexpectedly his palm is stuck onto Taoist BuPing's palm, his [Divine Skill of the Northern Darkness] already activate, he is absorbing his opponent's internal energy faster and faster. When Wu LaoDa grab Duan Yu's palm, he immediately channelled his internal energy and use his poison palm skill, he want to make Duan Yu suffer an unbearable itch and make him beg for forgiveness, then he will give him the antidote. Unexpectedly, Duan Yu is immune to poison after consuming the 'Poison Bull Cinnabar Toad', the poison on his palm is completely harmless against Duan Yu, but his internal energy is absorbed at lightning speed. Wu LaoDa cry out loudly: "Hello, are using the [Great Energy Dissolving Skill]!"

Duan Yu have yet to snap out of his day dream, he complain and sigh: "She don't want me to support her, i am born to this world, but where is the joy? Why don't i return to Dali, henceforth i should not meet her again. Sigh, why don't i go to Heavenly Dragon Monastery and become a monk, become a disciple under Great Master KuRong, everyday i will cleanse my body and mind, from now on my six senses will be purified and tranquil, untainted and incorruptible...."

Murong Fu is unaware of the true origins of Duan Yu's martial arts, he saw Taoist BuPing and Wu LaoDa are distress, their expression change greatly, he assume Duan Yu is deliberately striking back, he quickly grab Taoist BuPing's back and pull him off, his energy rush forward and retreat promptly, obstructing the suction force of the [Divine Skill of the Northern Darkness], he manage to pull Taoist BuPing off and he call out simultaneously: "Brother Duan, please be lenient!"

Duan Yu was startled, he snap out of his day-dream, he immediately use the method taught by his uncle Duan ZhengMing and withdraw his [Divine Skill of the Northern Darkness].

Wu LaoDa is using all his strength to pull outward, suddenly the suction is gone and he is released, he staggered and retreated a few steps, he finally manage to stabilize himself, his face and ears are red, he is frighten and angry, he shout repeatedly: "[Great Energy Dissolving Skill], [Great Energy Dissolving Skill]!" Taoist BuPing is more knowledgeable and experience, he notice Duan Yu's internal energy absorbing skill is different from the notorious [Great Energy Dissolving Skill], but he can't correctly identify them as he has never been hit by [Great Energy Dissolving Skill] before.

Duan Yu's [Divine Skill of the Northern Darkness] being mistaken as [Great Energy Dissolving Skill], it happened many times before, he smile and said: "Old Freak of XingXiu Ding ChunQiu is vile and repulsive, why would i learn his stinky martial arts? You really lack knowledge....sigh, sigh, sigh!" Originally he intended to tease Wu LaoDa, but he suddenly thought of Wang YuYan treating him as a stranger, he is infatuated and head over heels in love with her, speaking of 'lack of knowledge' he is 100 times worse than Wu LaoDa, he cannot help but sigh 3 times.

Murong Fu said: "Brother Duan is a direct descendent of the Duan family, his family is famous and upright, [YiYang Finger] and [Six Meridians Divine Sword] matchless under the heaven, how can he be mention together with the Old Freak of XingXiu?"

While he is speaking, he felt his right palm and arm swelling more and more, evidently its not due to the impact from the dwarf's twin hammer, he is bewildered and raise his hand, the back of his hand is glowing faint green, he smell some fishy stench, he immediately realize the truth: "Ah, yes, my arm came into contact with the 'Verdant Wave Fragrant Dew Sabre', the poison gas slowly diffuse into the skin." At once he flip the sabre horizontally, the back of the sabre facing outward, the edge of the sabre facing himself, he said to Wu LaoDa: "Mr Wu, i will return this honourable weapon back, sorry for the offense."

Wu LaoDa stretch out his hand to receive it, but Murong Fu did not release the handle, he was startled and laugh: "This sabre is a little strange, mostly probably it offended you." He took out a small bottle from his bosom, he open the bottle cork, he pour some fine powder on his palm, he turn his palm over and press in on Murong Fu's arm. In an instant the medicine penetrate the skin, Murong Fu felt a cooling sensation on his arm and palm, he knew the antidote has already taken effect, he smiled and presented the sabre.

Wu LaoDa received the sabre, he said to Duan Yu: "This brother Duan, are you a friend or foe? If you are a friend you should trust us completely so that i can report the truth candidly. If you are a foe, although your martial art is high but we will fight you to the death." As he finish speaking he look askance, his expression cold and imposing.

Duan Yu is troubled by emotional matters, how would he have Wu LaoDa's heroic spirit? He is dejected and said: "I have so much worries on my mind now, i can't push it away or solve it, where to find the mood to pay attention to other people's matters? I am not your friend, but i am also not your foe. I can't help you, but i also won't trouble you. Sigh, i am grieving for all eternity, the world is so vast and big but who will recognize my worth, my tears roll down in grief and indignation. Those who know me say i am depress, those who don't know me say i am bringing trouble to myself. The gains and losses in the martial arts fraternity, why would Duan Yu even care about it?"

Taoist BuPing notice Duan Yu is crazy and eccentric, he keep mumbling to himself, but after mumbling a few words he would secretly look at Wang YuYan, Taoist BuPing already guessed 80-90% of the matter, he raise his voice and said to Wang YuYan: "Miss Wang, your cousin Gentleman Murong already promise to assist us for the sake of justice, we will take part in this together and uphold justice, presumably Miss will take part as well?" Wang YuYan said: "Yes, since my cousin is with you, naturally i will also follow, i willingly follow your lead." Taoist BuPing smiled and said: "I don't deserve such praise! Miss Wang is too modest." He turn his head and said to Duan Yu: "Gentleman Murong is with us, Miss Wang is also with us. Gentleman Duan, if you can join us as well, everyone will be eternally grateful to you. But if Gentleman is not willing then please leave by yourself, how about it?" as he finish speaking he move his right hand, his posture sending off a guest.

Wu LaoDa said: "This...maybe its inappropriate....." he really disapprove of the idea, if Duan Yu leave, he might leak out their secret, he grip his serrated-sabre tightly, if Duan Yu take a single step he will immediately move forward and block him.

But Duan Yu pace back and forth in a circle, he said: "You ask me to leave, but where can i go? Although the world is big, but where will Duan Yu find safe shelter? I....i have nowhere to go."

Taoist BuPing smiled and said: "Since this is the case, then Gentleman Duan please come with us. When the time comes, you can just sit back without lifting a finger, don't help either side."

Wu LaoDa have some misgivings, Taoist BuPing look at him and cast a meaningful glance, he said: "Wu LaoDa, you are trifle in handling matters. Come, come, come! There are 36 Cave-masters and 72 Island-masters, poor Taoist been looking forward to the meeting but we never meet at all. From now on everyone will share the same enemy and hatred, you should come forward and introduce yourself to Gentleman Murong, Gentleman Duan and poor Taoist."

Wu LaoDa said: "This should be case." At once he call out everyone's name, one by one he introduce them. These people rule different region and territory, most of them don't even know each other, while Wu LaoDa is introducing them to Gentleman Murong, someone will frequently call out: "Ah, it turns out this so-and-so Cave-master." Or they will whisper: "So-and-so Island-master with shocking reputation, unexpectedly his appearance is like this." Murong Fu was secretly amazed: "How come these people don't even know each other? It seems they are meeting each other for the first time."

Among the Cave-masters and Island-masters, four of them got killed by Murong Fu in the chaotic battle, when the subordinates of the four sees Murong Fu, they despise him and felt indignant.

Murong Fu said brightly: "Just now i accidentally killed a few noble friend, i am terribly apologetic, from now on i will spare no effort and do my best to make up for my past mistake. But if someone is unwilling to forgive me, since we are fighting a common enemy we will put our differences aside for the moment, once the deed is done, please come to Gusu Basin of Swallow and find me, we will settle it once and for all." Wu LaoDa said: "Your words are correct. Gentleman Murong is very straightforward and honest! Even among our own brothers, we might have some complain and animosity, but we are facing a powerful enemy, everyone should put their minor differences aside. If anyone is short-sighted and refuse to take into account the big picture and try to take advantage of the situation to take revenge, then what should we do?" Many people say in succession:

"That person is obviously a horse that brings trouble to its herd, everyone should get rid of him."

"If we cannot deal with that Heavenly Mountain old witch, its hard for everyone to preserve their lives, there is no need to even mention personal hatred."

"How can there be intact eggs in an overturn bird nest? Wu LaoDa, Gentleman Murong, don't worry, no one will do such stupid thing."

Murong Fu said: "Very good, i offer my thanks. I wonder what errands you have for me, please instruct me."

Taoist BuPing said: "Wu LaoDa, since everyone is participating in this major event we need to work towards a common goal. You are the chief, please tell us the matter about Child Elder of Heavenly Mountain, how powerful is that old witch, what kind of shocking ability she has, tell us so that everyone can guard against her to avoid any surprise which we are not aware of."

Wu LaoDa said: "Yes! All the Cave-masters and Island-masters recommended me to organize this event, my ability and talent is shallow, originally i cannot hold such heavy responsibility, luckily Gentleman Murong, Taoist BuPing, Sword God Mr Zhuo and Hibiscus Fairy join in to uphold justice, thus my burden is greatly reduced." He still have some resentment towards Duan Yu, thus he did not mention 'Gentleman Duan' in his speech.

Someone from the crowd said: "Save those polite words, get to the main point!" another person said: "Damn your grandmother, we are going to risk our lives to kill someone, our lives are in jeopardy, all these empty talks, aren't you wasting our time?"

Wu LaoDa laugh and said: "Brother Hong spew such vulgar language. Sea Horse Island Island-master Qin, please stand guard at the south-east, release the signal immediately if you spot any enemy. Violet Rock Cave Cave-master Huo, please stand guard at the west...." he dispatch eight experts in succession, they guard the eight directions. The eight of them complied with the orders, they lead their subordinates and rush off to their designated guard point.

Murong Fu pondered: "These eight Cave-masters and Island-masters, it seems they are cruel and arrogant, violent and fierce people, unexpectedly they complied with the orders of Wu LaoDa, their expression vigilant and fearful, obviously the enemy is so powerful that they become extremely fearful. I promise to render my help, but i am afraid this problem is really dangerous and difficult."

Wu LaoDa wait for the eight group of guards to walk far away, he said: "Everyone please sit down, i will narrate our painful embarrassment."

Bao BuTong suddenly interrupted: "You bunch of people commit murder and arson, put poison and pillage, all of you fierce and vicious, terrible tyrants, what kind of painful embarrassment you have? It makes no sense, it makes no sense!" Murong Fu said: "3rd brother Bao, calm down and listen to Cave-master Wu's account, don't interrupt his words." Bao BuTong grumbled: "His words lack logic, i cannot help but speak out bluntly." Although he did rebut, but since Murong Fu already gave him an order, he dare not interrupt anymore.

Wu LaoDa force a bitter smile and said: "Brother Bao is correct. The one surnamed Wu, although my ability is lowly, but i am born stubborn, i take advantage of people, i don't allow others to take advantage of me, but who would have expect, sigh!"

Wu LaoDa gave a sigh, suddenly the person beside him also gave a long sigh, he is even more sorrowful. Everyone look towards the person who gave the long sigh, Duan Yu is looking at the moon with his hands behind his back, Duan Yu gave a long sigh and said: "The moon is so bright, a pretty lady appear before me; she is so elegant and attractive, i worry about how to express my feelings!" He is humming the chapter from the , the meaning is that the moonlight is bright, the beauty graceful, he find it hard to relax his thoughts and he cannot help but worry secretly. Most of the people around him are uneducated martial artists, how can they understand the meaning of this poem? Everyone glare furiously at Duan Yu, they blame him for interrupting Wu LaoDa.

Wang YuYan understood Duan Yu's real intentions, she afraid that her cousin might take offense and she secretly peek at Murong Fu, he is fixing his gaze entirely on Wu LaoDa, he never listen to Duan Yu recital of poetry, she breathe a sigh of relief.

Wu LaoDa said: "Gentleman Murong and Taoist BuPing , both of you are not outsiders anymore, i am not afraid of letting you know about this matter. We 36 Cave-masters and 72 Island-masters, some live in desolated mountains, some rule over islands, it may seem as if we are free and unfettered, but all of us are restricted by Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain. To be honest, we are her slave. Every year, she will send some people to heavily reprimand us, she will curse and berate us, no living person can withstand it. You must be wondering, we must be indignant to be reprimanded by her correct? But this is not the case, the more she curse us, the happier we feel....."

Bao BuTong cannot help but interrupt: "This is strange! Aren't you demeaning yourself?"

Wu LaoDa said: "Brother Bao you are not aware of the full details, if the people sent by Child Elder scold us severely, our crisis for that year can be considered over, all the caves and islands will organize a huge feast for several days to celebrate our well-being. Sigh, conducting ourselves like this, its indeed very demeaning. If the people sent by Child Elder don't curse our grandson as bastards, if they don't curse our 18 generation ancestors, our lives in the future will be difficult. You must understand, if she don't send people to curse us, she will send people to beat us, if you are lucky you get 30 strokes of rod, if your legs don't get broken in the process you will most likely organize a huge feast and celebrate."

Bao BuTong and Feng BoE look at each other and smile, both of them make huge effort to restrain themselves from laughing out, unexpectedly these people have to organize a feast and celebrate even after getting beaten, such strange incident has never been heard before, but Wu LaoDa's tone is mournful and miserable, the crowd around him also gnash their teeth in anger and curse, it seems this matter is not fake.

Originally, Duan Yu focus solely on Wang YuYan, while looking at her, he notice that she listen attentively to Wu LaoDa, thus he also listen to Wu LaoDa speak, after listening to a few sentence he cannot help but slap his palm and said: "Ridiculous! This Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain, is she a god or immortal? Devil or monster? She is so tyrannical, isn't she a bit too absurd?"

Wu LaoDa said: "Gentleman Duan is correct. This Child Elder push us around, she treat us worse than pigs and dogs. If she don't order her people to beat us with rod, she will often use whip to lash our back, else she will hammer in a few nails into our back. Island-master Sima, the scars you got from the lashings, please let our friends see it."

A thin and emaciated old man said: "Ashamed, ashamed!" he undo his garment, on his back there are 3 vertical stripe and 3 horizontal stripe, the stripe criss-cross and is bright red in colour, it is really nauseating just looking at it, they can imagine the pain and anguish the old man must have felt when he endured the lashings. A black man said loudly: "That is nothing. Please look at the nails on my back." he undo his garment, there are 3 huge iron nail, its nailed onto his back, the nails are rusted, evidently it has been a long time but unexpectedly this black man did not attempt to remove it. Another monk said hoarsely: "The injuries suffered by Island-master Yu, i am afraid it can't be compared with junior monk!" he undo his monk robe. A slender iron chain penetrate through his scapula, the chain goes downward and penetrate his wrist bone. He only need to move his wrist lightly and it will affect his scapula, everyone can well imagine the pain.

Duan Yu is extremely angry, he shouted: "Preposterous, preposterous! Unexpectedly there is such sinister person in this world. Wu LaoDa, Duan Yu is determined to help you, everyone will work together to purge this great evil."

Wu LaoDa said: "Many thanks to Gentleman Duan assistance." He turn his head and said to Murong Fu: "Everyone here endured some form of torture from Child Elder. We claim this is an 'Assembly of Ten Thousand Immortals', we are just exaggerating, in reality it should be 'Assembly of Ten Thousand Ghosts'. Our lives for these past years, i am afraid even the sufferings endured by ghost in hell can't be compared with us. In the past, everyone is afraid of her terrible methods, thus we simply suffer in silence, luckily god is fair, that old witch dominate us for a lifetime but she can also run out of luck."

Murong Fu said: "Everyone here is controlled by Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain and did not rebel, is it because of her superior martial arts which lead to defeat at every encounter?" Wu LaoDa said: "Obviously that old witch's martial art is extremely powerful. But nobody knows exactly how brilliant it is." Murong Fu said: "Deep and immeasurable?" Wu LaoDa nod his head and said: "Deep and immeasurable!" Murong Fu ask: "You say that old woman ran out of luck, how so?"

Wu LaoDa raise his eyebrows, his spirit rose, he said: "Its for this reason that we are gathering here. On the 2nd day of the 5th lunar month, Heavenly Wind Cave Cave-master An and i, Sea Horse Island Island-master Qin, etc, all nine of us take turns to present our offerings, pearls and treasures, thin silk and satin, exotic delicacies, rouge and cosmetics, we delivered it to Misty Peak Heavenly Mountain....." Bao BuTong laugh out loudly and ask: "That old woman is a granny, how come she still use rouge and cosmetics?" Wu LaoDa said: "That old witch is old, but she have quite a number of female servants under her, some of the young women need these cosmetics. But there is not a single man at the mountain peak, i don't know who they dress up for?" Bao BuTong smiled and said: "Maybe its for you to see."

Wu LaoDa said grimly: "Brother Bao you are teasing me. When we go to Misty Peak, our eyes are covered by black cloth, we can hear but cannot see, the people at Misty Peak, whether they are pretty or ugly, young or old, nobody knows."

Murong Fu said: "If that is the case, then the appearance of Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain, nobody ever seen it before?"

Wu LaoDa sigh and said: "Someone did see her before. But those who see her will meet a tragic end. The incident happen 23 years ago, someone got the guts, he secretly pull down his black cloth and glance at that old witch, he didn't have time to pull the cloth up as both his eyes were blinded by that old witch, his tongue cut off, both his arms chop off." Murong Fu said: "Its fine if his eyes are blinded, but why cut off his tongue and arms?" Wu LaoDa said: "Perhaps its to prevent him from revealing the appearance of the old witch, cut off his tongue so that he cannot speak, cut off his arms so that he cannot write."

Bao BuTong stick out his tongue and said: "Scoundrel, scoundrel! Ferocious, ferocious!"

Wu LaoDa said: "Cave-master An and i, Island-master Qin, etc, the nine of us were extremely scared while at Misty Peak. The medicine that old witch ask us to prepare 3 years ago, a few items are really rare, for example the egg of 300 years old turtle, 5 chi long deer antler, we really can't find it. We cannot fulfil her demands, thus we assume the punishment must be heavy. Unexpectedly when the nine of us hand over the items, the old witch send someone to pass on a message: 'The items are passable, you nine bastards, quickly grab your tail and get lost!' its as if we are granted amnesty from the emperor, we were overjoyed, immediately we left the mountain peak, its best to leave quickly, if that old witch detect some of the items are not complete and inquire then we will be in deep trouble. We reach the base of the mountain and remove the black cloth covering our eyes, but we saw three dead people. One of them, Cave-master An recognize him as an expert from Western Xia First-Class Hall, he is called Nine-Wing Taoist."

Taoist BuPing said: "Oh, so Nine-Wing Taoist is killed by that old witch, however its rumoured that he was killed by Gusu Murong family." Bao BuTong said: "Bullshit! Bullshit! What Eight-Tail Monk or Nine-Wing Taoist, we never heard of them before, this blood-debt is place on us again." His curse is directed at people who spread the rumours, he isn't scolding Taoist BuPing, but bystanders still felt rather uncomfortable when hearing it. Taoist BuPing did not take offense, he smiled and said: "A famous person will attract criticism, it's a natural way of life!" Bao BuTong said: "Bull......." he glance sideway at Murong Fu, he swallowed his words. Taoist BuPing said: "Brother Bao, how come you swallow your words?" Bao BuTong is having second thoughts, he shout furiously: "What? You cursing me, i am eating fart correct?" Taoist BuPing smiled and said: "I don't dare! Whatever Brother Bao likes to eat, you can simply eat."

Bao BuPing intended to debate with him but Murong Fu said: "In this world, praises and approval cannot be anticipated, we wholeheartedly want to preserve our reputation, instead we suffer slander, this is a very common matter, 3rd Brother Bao why the need to debate? Its rumoured that Nine-Wing Taoist possess extremely high lightness martial art, he is skilled in [Thunder God Shield], he rarely meets his match, ignoring the fact that he does not have any enmity with me, even if we did have some hatred i might not be able to beat him, he is known as the [Thunder That Shift The Nine Heavens] Nine-Wing Taoist."

Taoist BuPing smiled and said: "Gentleman Murong is too modest. Although Nine-Wing Taoist [Thunder That Shift The Nine Heavens] is impressive, but if Gentleman Murong also returns it with another [Thunder That Shift The Nine Heavens], then he will wait for death with his hands tied."

Wu LaoDa said: "There are two scars on Nine-Wing Taoist, both of them inflicted by sword. Hence, its rumoured that he died by Gusu Murong hands, but that is pure rubbish. Base on my observation, how can it be fake? If Gentleman Murong wants to kill him, obviously he will use Nine-Wing Taoist's [Thunder God Shield] to kill him."

Taoist BuPing interrupted: "Two sword wounds? Two scars? That is so strange!"

Wu LaoDa slap his thigh and said: "Taoist BuPing is indeed an expert, you immediately detect something fishy. Nine-Wing Taoist died at the base of Misty Peak, but he suffered two sword wounds, something is amiss!"

Murong Fu pondered: "What is so fishy about that? Taoist BuPing found it strange, but i really don't understand." In an instant he cannot help but feel inferior.

Wu LaoDa wanted to test Murong Fu, he said: "Gentleman Murong, do you think there is something fishy as well?"

Murong Fu is unwillingly to bluff his way through, he was startled and wanted to say: "I really don't know the underlying reason." Suddenly Wang YuYan said: "One of the sword wounds on Nine-Wing Taoist is likely to be on his right leg, between the 'FengShi' and 'FuTu' acupoint, the other sword wound must be on his back, his 'XuanShu' acupoint, his vertebra is slice in half with a single sword move, am i correct?"

Wu LaoDa's shock is no small matter, he said: "Miss you are also at Misty Peak? How come we....we never see....see you?" his voice is trembling, clearly he is extremely scared. He thought that since Wang YuYan is at the scene, then his future conduct inevitably will be known to her as well, he is afraid that the big secret is leaked out already, he have yet to mobilize the attacks but Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain already knows about it." Another voice transmit from the crowd of people: "How come you come we didn't see....see....see...." The speaker already suffered from serious stuttering, he is even more anxious and his speech is unclear. Murong Fu thought the person's stuttering is awkward, its really funny, but unexpectedly none of the 36 Cave-master and 72 Island-masters dare to ridicule him, Murong Fu presume the person's martial arts must be solid, or the person is very vicious and everyone is rather fearful of him, immediately everyone cast meaningful looks at Bao BuTong, hinting him not to offend this person.

Wang YuYan said indifferently: "Heavenly Mountain is located at western region, it is so far away, i never been there before."

Wu LaoDa is even more afraid, he thought: "Since you didn't witness it personally, then you must have heard it from other people, don't tell me this matter spread all over the martial arts fraternity already?" he quickly inquire: "Miss, who did you heard it from?"

Wang YuYan said: "Its just my own casual guess. Nine-Wing Taoist is an expert in the 'Thunder And Lightning Arts', when he fight with others he will definitely use his lightness martial art. He wield an iron tablet on his left hand, 42 move [Sichuan Road Tablet Art], protecting his chest, back, the top of his head and his left side, its really like an iron barrel, difficult for his opponent to attack, the only gap is on his right side, for a sword-wielding expert to injure him, he must attack his right leg, between the 'FengShi' and 'FuTu' acupoint. If the sword is thrust between these two acupoint, Nine-Wing Taoist will definitely raise his tablet to protect his chest, at the same time he will use his [Thunder God Shield] and make a move [Spring Thunder Moving Abruptly], chopping his opponent. Since his opponent is an expert, naturally he will seize the opportunity and chop his back. I guess this move must be from [White Rainbow Piercing The Sun], the move [White Emperor Beheading The Snake], or similar kind of moves to chop his 'XuanShu' acupoint on his backbone. Nine-Wing Taoist's martial art is strong, its not easy to use a sword to harm him, its best to use judge-pen or some other short weapon to hit his pressure point, but since its a sword, then this move is the most effective."

Wu LaoDa breathe a sigh of relief, its as if he is released from a heavy burden, after a long time he stick out his thumb and said: "Admirable! Admirable! The people under Gusu Murong is really extraordinary! Miss, your analysis is deep and logical, its as if you witness it personally."

Duan Yu cannot help but interrupt: "This lady is surnamed Wang, she is not....she is not Gusu Murong...."

Wang YuYan smiled and said: "Gusu Murong is my closest relative, there is nothing wrong in calling me part of Gusu Murong family."

Duan Yu vision turn dark, his body sway, his ears buzzing with the phrase: "There is nothing wrong in calling me part of Gusu Murong family."

The stuttering person said: "So it" Wu LaoDa did not wait for him to finish speaking and said: "The wounds on Nine-Wing Taoist are indeed as speculated by Miss Wang, one sword wound at the right leg between the 'FengShi' and 'FuTu' acupoint, the 'XuanShu' acupoint on his back chop in half....." but he is still worried, he inquire: "Miss Wang, you are certain that you deduce it using martial arts knowledge, you really didn't hear it from someone else?" Wang YuYan nod her head and said: "Yes."

The stuttering person suddenly said: "If you want to kill...kill....kill Wu LaoDa, then"

Wu LaoDa heard the person ask Wang YuYan on how to kill him, he is furious and shouted loudly: "What is your intention in asking that question?" but he immediately had second thoughts: "This lady is so young, its really unimaginable that she can deduce how Nine-Wing Taoist died base on martial arts knowledge, most probably she hid at the base of Misty Peak and witness someone using the sword moves. The implication of this matter is serious, there is no harm in probing further." He said: "Correct. May i ask Miss, if you want to kill me, how would you do it?"

Wang YuYan smile faintly, she move close to Murong Fu's ear and said softly: "Cousin, the loophole in this person's martial art is behind his shoulder the 'TianZong' acupoint and the 'Qing Leng Yuan' acupoint behind his elbow, you can subdue him by attacking these two points."

In the presence of several hundred experts, how can Murong Fu accept the guidance given by a young maiden? He snorted and said brightly: "Since Cave-master Wu is asking you, there is no harm in saying it out loud."

Wang YuYan blush, she felt ashamed, she pondered: "I wanted to fawn upon you, but i didn't expect to show off my ability in front of everyone, it overshadowed your manly authority." She said: "Cousin, Gusu Murong knows all the martial arts under the heaven, you tell Wu LaoDa about it."

Murong Fu is unwilling to pretend, thus he is unwilling to receive the glory base on her knowledge, he said: "Wu LaoDa's martial art is high, you want to harm him, its easier said than done? Cave-master Wu, we don't need to discuss this unrelated topic, please continue narrating what you heard and saw at the base of Misty Peak."

Wu LaoDa is determined to know if someone else is at the base of Misty Peak, he said: "Miss Wang, if you don't know the method to kill me then you might not know the sword moves that killed Nine-Wing Taoist, then your speech just now is just wasting our time. Please tell us truthfully, how you know about the death of Nine-Wing Taoist, this matter is extremely important, its not for fun."

Duan Yu fix his gaze and concentrate his attention on Wang YuYan when she move towards Murong Fu, he look at her actions towards Murong Fu, while she is speaking to Murong Fu he also concentrate and listen attentively. Duan Yu's internal energy is deep and profound, although Wang YuYan whispered softly to Murong Fu, he heard every single word clearly, at this moment, listening to Wu LaoDa's tone, it seems as if he is rebuking Wang YuYan for telling lies, Duan Yu respect her as if she is his sweetheart deity, how can he allow someone else to trouble her? Thus he did not say anything else, he move his right foot and executed [Graceful Steps upon the Waves], he flash to the east and spin to the west, suddenly he move to Wu LaoDa's back.

Wu LaoDa was alarmed, he said: "What you doing....." Duan Yu extend his right hand, he is already pressing down on the 'TianZong' acupoint behind Wu LaoDa's right shoulder, his left hand grab the 'Qing Leng Yuan' acupoint behind Wu LaoDa's left elbow. These two acupoints are indeed his Achilles heel, the weak point in his martial arts. Duan Yu is careless and clumsy, he doesn't know any martial arts at all, but firstly his footwork is strange and exquisite, in an instant he seize the advantage and arrive at Wu LaoDa's back, secondly Wang YuYan is extremely accurate in determining Wu LaoDa's martial arts, as Wu LaoDa flip his palm to attack his opponent but both his weak points are already controlled by his opponent, his opponent only needs to send a tiny bit of internal energy and he will immediately be crippled. Although Duan Yu possess strong internal energy, he cannot channel it at will, even though he manage to grab onto Wu LaoDa's weak point but in reality he cannot harm him at all. Wu LaoDa previously suffered under the hands of Duan Yu, he don't dare to flaunt his bravery in front of him. He force a bitter smile and said: "Gentleman Duan's martial art is marvellous, i am completely convinced."

Duan Yu said: "I don't know any martial arts, this is all due to the guidance of Miss Wang." As he finish speaking he release him and stroll back.

Wu LaoDa was startled and fearful, he stare stupidly for quite some time and finally said: "I am finally aware that this world is vast, Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain might not be the only one who possess superior martial arts." He kept glancing at Duan Yu's shadow repeatedly, he is bewildered.

Taoist BuPing said: "Wu LaoDa, you have people with such high-level ability assisting you, its really heartening." Wu LaoDa nod his head and said: "Yes, yes! Our probability of success increase by several times." Taoist BuPing said: "Since there are two sword wounds on Nine-Wing Taoist, then he is not killed by Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain."

Wu LaoDa said: "Correct! At that time when i saw these sword wounds, i had similar thoughts as you. Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain don't like to travel far away from home, normal people don't dare to come within 100 li of Misty Peak to make a nuisance. She rarely has to fully utilize her martial arts. Thus, within 100 li of Misty Peak, if someone is killed, then it must be done by her personally. We are well aware of her temper, sometimes we deliberately lure 1-2 experts to the base of Misty Peak, let that old woman satisfy her lust for killing. When she kill people she only use 1 move, where is the logic in leaving two sword wounds on her opponent?"

Murong Fu was startled, he pondered: "This Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain don't need a 2nd move to kill people, there is really such level of martial arts in this world?"

Bao BuTong is also sceptical, he is not reserved like Murong Fu, he ask: "Cave-master Wu, you say that Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain don't need to use a 2nd move to kill people, of course its easy when dealing with someone with ordinary martial arts, but if its a real expert, don't tell me she can also kill with a single move? Exaggeration, exaggeration! Its really hard to believe."

Wu LaoDa said: "If Brother Bao refuse to believe, there is nothing i can do. But all of us are willing to be insulted by Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain, whatever she says, we don't dare to say no, if she does not have superhuman abilities, which of the 36 Cave-masters and 72 Islands-masters here wants to be nice to her? How come for all these years, we are so docile and nobody dares to revolt?"

Bao BuTong nod his head and said: "Its indeed odd, everyone here might not be willing to be her slave." Although he felt Wu LaoDa's speech is logical, he still want to debate: "Not true, not true! You say nobody dares to revolt, but now aren't you revolting?"

Wu LaoDa said: "There is some reasoning behind it. At that time, when i saw the two sword wounds on Nine-Wing Taoist, i had some doubts, i look at the other two dead people, those two also did not die by a single move, obviously its due to a fierce battle, they are riddled with scars. Immediately i discuss with Brother An, Brother Qin and the others, this matter is simply too strange. Could it be that Nine-Wing Taoist and the others wasn't killed by Child Elder? But if they wasn't killed by Child Elder, then her subordinates at Vulture Palace, how dare they kill people at the base of Misty Peak and spoil Child Elder's reputation in killing people with a single move? I had several doubts and suspicions, when we travel for a few li, Cave-master An suddenly said: 'Maybe....maybe that old madam...contracted.....contracted.....'"

Murong Fu is aware that he is referring to the stuttering person, he thought: "So this person is Cave-master An."

Wu LaoDa continued: "At that time we are not far from Misty Peak, but in fact its actually a few thousand li away, when mentioning that old witch nobody dares to be disrespectful towards her, we always address her as old madam. Brother An said: 'contracted.....contracted...' these few words, everyone also know it without consulting each other: 'contracted illness?'"

Taoist BuPing said: "That child granny, how old is she?"

Wang YuYan said softly: "She can't be too young."

Duan Yu said: "Correct, since she is a granny then she can't be too young. But in the future, if you become a granny, you will still be young." But Wang YuYan listen attentively to Wu LaoDa, she pay no attention to him at all, Duan Yu felt dull, he pondered: "The words of Wu LaoDa, i better pay attention as well, if not when Miss Wang ask me about it and i can't answer then won't i be wasting a golden opportunity?"

Wu LaoDa said: "Nobody knows how old Child Elder is. We are under her control, at least 10-20 years, at most 30-40 years, only Cave-master of WuLiang Cave and a few others, they recently came under the control of Vulture Palace. In any case, nobody has ever seen her appearance, nobody dares to ask her about her age."

As Duan Yu listen, he recall that he know the Cave-master of WuLiang Cave, he look around, indeed Xin ShuangQing is leaning against a large rock far away, his head lowered in contemplation, his expression sorrowful.

Wu LaoDa continued: "We immediately recall: 'Man must die eventually', no matter how powerful Child Elder is she will eventually die and her body break down. Our offering is not complete but she did not punish us, its already unusual, moreover Nine-Wing Taoist died at the base of the mountain, unexpectedly he suffered more than one wound, this is even more suspicious. To cut the story short, something must be greatly amiss."

"We look at each other, nobody dare to speak, everyone knew that this is our only chance to take off our chains, but Child Granny is strict in governing us, nobody dare to suggest to investigate the incident. After a long time, Brother Qin said: '2nd Brother An conjecture is reasonable, but this matter is simply too risky, in my opinion, we should go back and quietly wait for news, after getting solid information it won't be too late to decide on what to do.'"

"Brother Qin's tried and tested method is appropriate....but...but we simply cannot wait anymore. Brother An said: 'This life-death talisman....' he don't need to say it, everyone understood. The old witch has a hold on our life-death talisman, we cannot rebel, if she dies due to illness and the life-death talisman falls into the hands of another person, won't we be the slave of the second person again? We cannot free ourselves and be trapped for eternity? If that person is cruel and malicious, or worse than that old witch, then won't we have to endure even more suffering and torment? We are like an arrow on the bow string, there is no choice but to fire. We are well aware that its exceptionally risky, but we must go and investigate fully."

"Among our group, in terms of martial arts and resourcefulness, Cave-master An is number one, especially his lightness martial art, its much higher than the rest. It was quiet at that time, the eight of us look at Cave-master An's face."

Murong Fu, Wang YuYan, Duan Yu, Deng BaiChuan, Bao BuTong, they don't know Cave-master An, they scan the crowd repeatedly, they want to know what kind of person Cave-master An is, who possess superior martial arts and stutters while speaking. Everyone suddenly recall, previously Wu LaoDa introduce the crowd to Murong Fu and Taoist BuPing, but Cave-master An is not among them.

Wu LaoDa said: "Cave-master An likes his peace and quiet, he is not fond of making friends, thus he did not introduce himself just now, please don't blame him! At that time, everyone long for Cave-master An to take charge and investigate the matter. Cave-master An said: 'Since this is the case, i will accept and go ahead to investigate.'" Everyone is aware that Cave-master An's speech is not that smooth flowing, its just that Wu LaoDa is unwilling to imitate his stuttering to avoid ridicule; this is also the reason why Cave-master An is unwilling to meet Murong Fu and Taoist BuPing.

Wu LaoDa continued: "We wait anxiously at the base of Misty Peak, time crawls, we are afraid that Cave-master An might meet some misfortune. We don't have to lie to each other, although we are worried about Cave-master An falling under the evil hands of that old witch, but we are more worried the old witch might make life difficult for us in her anger. But since the matter already reach such a state, we can only endure, if the old witch wants to punish us severely, there is no way for us to escape. After 6 hours, Cave-master An finally return to the designated meeting point. His expression is happy, everyone breathe a sigh of relief. He said: 'The old madam is sick, she is not at Misty Peak.' It seems he secretly return to Misty Peak and eavesdrop on the conversation between the old witch's maids, he found out that the old witch suffered serious illness, she left to find medicine and seek medical treatment."

When Wu LaoDa finish speaking, everyone immediately cheered loudly. They long knew about the news concerning the illness of Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain, everyone gathered here, the purpose is to discuss this matter, but hearing Wu LaoDa mention the incident they cannot help but cheer.

Duan Yu shakes his head and said: "Feeling happy upon hearing news about illness, you people rejoice in other people's misfortune!" his words is inter-mix with thunderous joyful cheers, nobody heard his words.

Wu LaoDa said: "We were elated when we heard this news, but we are worried the old witch is crafty, she deliberately fake illness to test us, the nine of us discuss, after two days we finally went up Misty Peak together to investigate. This time, i personally heard it for myself. That old witch indeed suffered serious illness, most probably its real. But we can't find out the location of the life-death talisman."

Bao BuTong interrupted: "Hello, old chap Wu, that life-death talisman, what stupid thing is it?" Wu LaoDa gave a sigh and said: "That thing is complicated and not easy to explain, i can't explain it to Brother Bao in a short period of time. In short, the old witch controls the life-death talisman, she can kill us any time." Bao BuTong said: "Then its an extremely powerful magic weapon?" Wu LaoDa laugh bitterly and said: "You can also say that."

Duan Yu pondered: "That Divine Farmer Clan Clan-Leader, goat-beard SiKong Xuan, he is extremely afraid of Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain's life-death talisman to the extent that he jump off the cliff to commit suicide, it seems this magic weapon is really powerful."

Wu LaoDa is unwilling to talk about the 'life-death talisman', he said to the crowd: "The old witch suffered a serious illness, its absolutely true. To free ourselves from disaster we have to gather our courage and fight till death. However, we don't know if the old witch has return to Vulture Palace. We have to figure out how to proceed from now on. Especially Taoist BuPing, Gentleman Murong, Miss Wang....Gentleman Duan, if the four of you have any brilliant idea please grant it to us."

Duan Yu said: "Previously, i heard that Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain is vicious and tyrannical, she humiliate everyone, i feel really indignant, i am determined to go up Misty Peak and debate with that old madam. But since she has fallen ill, its not the way of gentleman to take advantage of other's precarious position. Not to mention that i don't have any brilliant idea, even if i have some brilliant ideas i won't speak of it."

Chapter - 35 Beautiful Woman Become Old with a Snap of the Finger, Splendid And Fragrant In an Instant

Wu LaoDa countenance change immediately, he is about to speak but Taoist BuPing cast a meaningful look at him, he smiled and said: "Gentleman Duan is a nobleman, you refuse to take advantage of other people's precarious position, a capable person with great style, admirable, admirable! Brother Wu, we will assault Misty Peak, the number one priority is to know the real situation at Vulture Palace. Cave-master An, Brother Wu, etc, the nine of you investigated personally, after that old witch left, how many experts are still at the Palace? How are they deployed? I assume Brother Wu is thorough in your investigation, please tell us and let everyone know, how about it?"

Wu LaoDa said: "I am really ashamed, we look around at Vulture Palace, but nobody dare to pry further, we did our utmost to conceal ourselves, we fear bumping into someone else. But while i was at the Palace's rear garden, i accidentally bump into a little girl. This child is a servant or maid, she suddenly raise her head, i did not have time to dodge and we met face-to-face. I am deeply afraid of leaking out the secret, i rush forward to capture her. Those ladies at the Palace, all of them are instructed by that old witch in martial arts, their skill is no small matter, although its just a child but i am afraid she is very capable. I rush towards her, i am fully aware that i will most probably die....."

His voice trembled, obviously the situation at that time was extremely dangerous, he cannot help but shiver when he recount it. Everyone see that his still safe and sound now, obviously he must have adverted the danger at Misty Peak, although he is forced to pick a fight at Misty Peak to get out of danger, but everyone felt he is rather reckless to attempt it.

Wu LaoDa continued: "When i rush forward, i use all my strength, i executed [Tiger Claw Skill] with my pair of hands, a thought flash through my mind at that time: 'If i can't catch that child with this move and she yell out to attract reinforcement, then i will simply jump off this peak which is several hundred zhang high, commit suicide cleanly to avoid being captured by the female commanders of that old witch and suffer endless misery.' Unexpectedly....unexpectedly my left-hand landed on her shoulder, right-hand gripping her arm, she did not resist at all, in an instant her body soften and she lost all her strength, she don't have the slightest bit of martial arts. I was overjoyed at the unexpected turn of event, i was so stunned that my legs became limp and painful, i am not afraid of being ridicule by everyone, i scared myself, that child turn soft and collapsed, i am useless, i also turn soft and collapsed."

As he finish speaking, the crowd laugh out loudly, the mood became relax. Although Wu LaoDa chastise himself for being a coward, but everyone knows that he is actually very brave and strong, he dare to capture someone at Misty Peak, how can it be a simple matter?

Wu LaoDa wave his hand, his subordinate carried a black cloth-sack, step forward and place it in front of him. Wu LaoDa untie the rope binding the sack, he pull open the sack and revealed a person.

Everyone cry out in surprise, that person's figure is very small, its a little girl.

Wu LaoDa said proudly: "This baby girl, i captured her from Misty Peak." Everyone cheered:

"Wu LaoDa is amazing! You are a hero!"

"Immortals from 36 Caves and 72 Islands, Wu LaoDa is at the top of the list!"

The cheers are intermixed with squeaking and wailing, the little girl is rubbing her face and crying.

Wu LaoDa said: "After capturing this female doll, we were afraid the news might leak out if we delay any longer, thus we left Misty Peak immediately. We questioned this girl repeatedly, but its a pity, she is mute. Initially we thought she pretended to be deaf and mute, we tried all sorts of method to test her, sometimes we shout loudly behind her back to check if she is scared, we try repeatedly, she is really deaf and mute."

The little girl is weeping, 'Ya Ya Ya', sure enough its the noise made by mute people. A person from the crowd ask: "Wu LaoDa, she can't speak, but can she write?" Wu LaoDa said: "She can't write as well. We beat her up, submerge her in water, burn her with fire, starve her, we tried all sorts of method, it seems she is not stubborn, she really don't know."

Duan Yu cannot help but said: "Using this kind of despicable method to torment a little girl, you are shameless!" Wu LaoDa said: "The sufferings and torment we suffered under Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain, its 10 times worse, we are just paying it back, how can it be shameless?" Duan Yu said: "If you want revenge you should seek out Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain, torturing her little servant girl, how is it useful?"

Wu LaoDa said: "Of course its useful." He raise his voice and said: "Brothers, today we work as one, we will rebel against Misty Peak, from now on we share all riches and suffer all misfortune together, everyone will swear an oath with blood to confirm this matter. Is there anyone who is unwilling?" He ask twice, no one speak out. He ask for the 3rd time, a tall and sturdy man turn around, he did not say anything and ran to the west.

Wu LaoDa shouted: "Sword-Fish Island Island-master Ou, where are you going?" The man did not reply, he kept running, his movement is extremely fast, in a blink of an eye he already pass a mountain depression. Everyone shouted: "He is a coward, running away prior to battle, intercept him quick." Immediately around 10 people give chase, all of them possess high-level lightness martial arts, but they are quite far from Island-master Ou, nobody knows if they can catch up.

Suddenly there is a miserable 'Ah' cry, it came from the rear of the mountain. Everyone had a shock, their countenance change, the 10 people who are chasing also stop moving, they heard the wind blowing, a spherical object swiftly flew up from the rear of the mountain, as it reach mid-air it fall straight towards the crowd.

Wu LaoDa leap forward and caught the spherical object, under the light the object is bloodied and mutilated, unexpectedly its a severed head, he look at the facial feature of the head, both the eyes wide open, its Island-master Ou, Wu LaoDa voice trembled: "Island-master Ou..." he cannot imagine how Island-master Ou died within such a short period of time, a terrible thought came to him: "Don't tell me Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain has arrive?"

Taoist BuPing burst into loud laughter, he said brightly: "Sword God, Sword God, your reputation is indeed well-deserved, Brother Zhuo, your guard is really tight!"

A bright voice transmit from the rear of the mountain: "Running away prior to a battle, he should be put to death to avoid leaking out the secret. All the Cave-masters and Island-masters, please don't take offense."

Everyone rouse from their panic-stricken state, they said: "Luckily Sword God got rid of the traitor and prevent him from spoiling the matter."

Murong Fu and Deng BaiChuan pondered: "This person is known as 'Sword God', but isn't he a bit too arrogant and conceited. No matter how brilliant your sword art, how can you proclaim yourself as 'God'? I never heard of such person before, i wonder how brilliant is his sword art?"

Wu LaoDa is ashamed of being overly suspicious, he said loudly: "Brother, please take out your weapons, chop your sabre and thrust your sword at this little girl. Although this girl is young and mute, but she is still from Misty Peak, when your weapon is drenched in her blood you cannot reconcile with Misty Peak anymore, even if you have a change of heart you still cannot withdraw." As he finish speaking, he immediately raise his serrated-sabre.

A bunch of people shout in unison: "Correct, this should be the case! Everyone will swear an oath with blood, from now on you can only advance and not retreat, fight that old witch till death."

Duan Yu shouted: "You cannot do that, you must not do that. Brother Murong, please stop their savage act." Murong Fu shakes his head and said: "Brother Duan, their life and death is base on this single action, we are outsiders, we cannot meddle rashly." Duan Yu is boiling with righteous indignation, he shouted: "A man sees injustice, how can he shut his eyes and ignore it, Miss Wang, even if you rebuke me i still have to save her, but....but Duan Yu don't even have the strength to strangle a chicken, i am afraid its difficult for me to save her life. Hello, hello, Brother Deng, Brother GongYe, why aren't you helping? Brother Bao, Brother Feng, i will rush in to save her, you provide support, how about it?" Deng BaiChuan and the rest always take their cue from Murong Fu, since Murong Fu is unwilling to act they can only shake their head at Duan Yu, but their expression is apologetic.

Wu LaoDa heard Duan Yu making a big fuss, he thought: 'This person possess extremely high martial arts, its not easy to handle if he really wants to create trouble, the situation can change abruptly, its best to quickly end this matter', at once he raise his serrated-sabre and shouted: "Wu LaoDa will act first!" he swing his sabre and chop towards the little girl.

Duan Yu shouted: "Not good!" he extend his finger, he execute a move [ZhongChong Sword] and thrust it at the serrated-sabre. But he cannot control his [Six Meridians Divine Sword] at will, sometimes his internal energy is abundant, his power boundless and inexhaustible, but sometimes he can't even gather a tiny bit of internal energy, its entirely dependent on whether he is willing to focus completely on the task. Although he acted heroically to save the little girl, but ultimately its not the same passionate care he shower on Wang YuYan, as he thrust out the sword, his internal energy only reach his palm, it can't be fired out.

As the sabre was about to land on the little girl's body, suddenly a black shadow leap out from behind a rock, he wave his left palm, a powerful force knock Wu LaoDa away, the person's right hand grabbed the cloth-sack, he carried the sack along with the little girl on his back and rush quickly towards the North-west mountain peak.

Everyone shout in unison and chase after him. But the person's running speed is strangely quick, in an instant he already reach the jungle at the hillside. The various Cave-masters and Island-masters fired their hidden projectiles, but it hit the tree bark or got deflected by the branch and leaves.

Duan Yu is elated, his vision is sharp, he recognize the person, he met him at Su XingHe's chess meet, the person broke the incomparably complicated chess formation, sure enough, Murong Fu shouted out: "That person is a Shaolin monk, Xu Zhu." Duan Yu also shout: "Senior martial brother Xu Zhu, the one surnamed Duan will bow 10 times to you! Your Shaolin Temple is a giant among men, your reputation is indeed well deserved!"

Everyone saw the person push away Wu LaoDa with a single palm, his footstep nimble and agile, his martial art is truly solid, they also heard Murong Fu and Duan Yu identify him as a Shaolin monk, under the famous reputation of Shaolin Temple everyone became timid, they don't dare to approach unduly. But the implication of the matter is simply too serious, the little girl is rescued by a Shaolin monk, if they don't silence the male-female pair then their conspiracy will be leaked out and they will attract disaster, everyone bellowed their grievances and rush forward.

They saw the Shaolin monk rushing up the mountain peak, the mountain peak is high and reaching through the clouds, white snow covered the summit, to reach the top, even if you are a top expert in lightness martial arts you will still require 4-5 days of effort. Taoist BuPing shout: "Everyone please don't panic, that monk is going up the mountain peak, its a one-way dead end, he won't fly up to heaven. Everyone guard the mountain base access route tightly, don't give him any chance to escape." When everyone heard it they felt somewhat at ease, Wu LaoDa allocate the manpower, they guarded all the routes to the mountain peak. Out of fear that the people guarding the routes can't hold off the monk if he rush out, they deployed 3 rows of barricade at the routes, if the front barricade can't hold him off there is still the middle barricade, after the middle barricade there is another rear barricade, moreover there will be 10 experts patrolling around and they will provide additional support. Once the assignment is done, Wu LaoDa and Taoist BuPing, Cave-master An, Cave-master Huo, Island-master Qin, etc, all ten experts went up the mountain to track down the monk, their priority is to eliminate the Shaolin monk to avoid future disaster.

Murong Fu and his group are assigned to guard at the eastern route, to preserve their reputation they are invited to sit at the east, but in reality its just to prevent them from interfering with the matter. Murong Fu is sharp, he is aware that Wu LaoDa is still suspicious of him, he smile faintly and led Deng BaiChuan and the rest to guard the east road. Duan Yu naturally followed them east, he is not afraid of being branded annoying, he cannot help but praise Xu Zhu as a great hero.


The person who grabbed the cloth-sack is indeed Xu Zhu. He is scared out of his wits during the battle between Murong Fu and Ding ChunQiu at the small inn, during the time when You TanZhi rescued AhZi, Murong Fu free himself and escape, Ding ChunQiu went out to give chase, Xu Zhu immediately sneak out from the rear door. His only concern is to find HuiFang and the other martial uncles and listen to their orders, but he don't recognize the route, after the fierce battle between Murong Fu and Ding ChunQiu, he became a frightened person, he don't dare to go to small inn or small guesthouse anymore, he just rush randomly in the mountain and field.

At that time, the 36 Cave-masters and 72 Island-masters are gathering at the mountain valley, they all brought along their trusted aides and disciples, there's quite a number of people, thus Xu Zhu inevitably bump into some of them. Xu Zhu saw these people are martial artists, he wanted to inquire the whereabouts of HuiFang and his martial uncles, but their appearance is fierce and ferocious, he is afraid they are with Ding ChunQiu, he don't dare to inquire, he secretly eavesdrop on their conversation, they seem to be planning some sort of shady business, Xu Zhu is chivalrous and like to help those in distress, moreover Shaolin disciple is duty bound to assist, thus he followed them and eventually he saw and heard all the ongoing of the matter. He is unaware of the various grudge and resentment in the matter, just as Wu LaoDa was about to kill a completely defenceless mute-girl, his merciful heart was moved, no matter who is right or wrong, he definitely must save the little girl, at once he rush out from behind the rock, he grab the cloth-sack and ran away.

As he travel up the mountain peak, he gather his energy and rush straight ahead, the forest is getting denser, the shouting of his pursuers gradually die off. When he save someone its purely out of his merciful heart, he is determined to become a Bodhisattva, when living thing is in trouble he definitely have to save them, but now he recall that these people are martial art experts, their method cruel and vicious, he is no match against anyone of them, he pondered: "I have to run to a secret secluded location and hide, don't let them find me, only then can i preserve my life and the little girl's life." At the moment there is no time to consider other alternatives, he can't differentiate the route in his panic state, wherever there is dense vegetation he will simply run there.

Luckily he inherited 70 years of internal energy from the Carefree Sect's old man, his internal is abundant and vigorous, he ran for nearly 4 hours but unexpectedly he is not tired at all. He ran with full strength, originally his Carefree Sect's internal energy gathered at his left 'ShanZhong' acupoint, it slowly scattered to other acupoints all over his body, the obstructions clear up, he felt refreshed and invigorated, his physical strength increased. After rushing for another period of time, the sky turn bright, he is stepping on thin-layer of snow, it seems he is already half-way up the mountain. This place is in northwest high mountain, the summit is towering, snow cover permanent, the climate like cold winter. Xu Zhu compose himself, he look at his surroundings, his heart bounce randomly, he mumbled to himself: "Where should i run?"

Suddenly he heard a voice behind his back: "Coward, only think about running, i am so ashamed of you!" Xu Zhu is startled, he shout loudly: "Ayo!" he extend his leg and ran wildly up the mountain peak. After running for a few li, he finally dare to turn his head back, but he didn't see anyone pursuing, he said softly: "Lucky, no one is chasing."

As he finish speaking, a voice came from behind his back: "You are a man, frighten to such a state, you are a dog! Rat! Little bastard!" Xu Zhu's shock is no small matter, he extend his leg and rush forward again, the voice behind his back said: "Coward and stupid, you are really not a good thing!" The voice is around 2 chi from his back, its within his reach.

Xu Zhu pondered: "Terrible, terrible! This person's martial art is so powerful, its difficult for me to escape." He extend his leg, he ran faster and faster, the voice said again: "Since you are afraid then you should not try to be a hero and save people. Where you intend to run?"

The voice is just beside Xu Zhu's ear, his legs soften, he almost fell down, he stumbled and turn around, the sky is bright, sunlight penetrate the dense shade, but he can't see anyone. Xu Zhu assume the person is hiding behind a tree, he said respectfully: "Junior monk saw these people want to harm a little girl, thus i overestimated my ability and save her, i am not trying to show off as a hero."

The voice sneered: "You overestimated your ability, you will experience suffering."

The voice still came from behind his ear, Xu Zhu is startled, he hastily turn around, there is nothing behind him, where is the person? He assume this person's movement must be extremely fast, the person's martial art must be more than 10 times higher, even if there are 10 Xu Zhu they will all be dead if the person really wants to harm him, from the person' tone its only criticizing him for being coward and incompetent, the person does not seem to be the same group with Wu LaoDa, he compose himself and said: "Junior monk is incompetent, senior please give me some directions."

The voice sneered: "You are not my disciple, why should i guide you?"

Xu Zhu said: "Yes, yes! Junior monk is talking nonsense, senior please forgive me. They have many people, junior monk is not their match, i....i have to run now." When he finish speaking, he gather his energy and rush up the mountain peak.

The voice behind his back said: "This mountain peak is a dead-end, they are guarding at the base of the mountain, how can you escape?" Xu Zhu stare blankly, he stop moving and said: "I...i...i didn't expect it. Senior is merciful, please show me the correct path." The voice laugh grimly and said: "There are two path, one, you turn around and kill the enemy, butcher all those demons and ghosts." Xu Zhu said: "Firstly, junior monk is incompetent, secondly i am unwilling to commit murder." The voice said: "Then the second path, jump off the mountain, drop straight into the bottomless ravine, death ends all your trouble, Nirvana, free from all suffering."

Xu Zhu said: "This...." he turn his head back and took a quick look, everywhere is covered with snow, but there is only his footprint, there is no 2nd person, he pondered: "This person walk on snow and leave no traces, martial art is extremely high, it really reach unimaginable level." The voice said: "What this and that, what you trying to say?" Xu Zhu said: "If i jump down, junior monk will definitely die, but that little girl whom i saved will also die. Firstly, i did not save a person properly, secondly junior monk's Buddhist cultivation is shallow, i really cannot reach Nirvana, i will undoubtedly reincarnate and suffer for an entire lifetime again."

The voice said: "What is your relationship with Misty Peak? Why did you disregard your own life to save that person?" Xu Zhu quickly ran up the mountain peak, he said: "What Misty Peak, Vulture Palace, junior monk heard it for the first time today. Junior monk is a Shaolin disciple, i received orders to leave the mountain, i have no connections to other sects or schools." The voice sneered: "So you are saying you are a little monk that stand up bravely for what is right." Xu Zhu said: "Junior monk is telling the truth, but i am not acting heroically. Junior monk have no knowledge and experience, my conduct is rash, i have countless problems troubling me and i don't know what to do."

The voice said: "Your internal is abundant and vigorous, you are truly capable, but the inner power is not from Shaolin, what is the reason?"

Xu Zhu said: "This matter is a long story, its precisely one of my big problem." The voice said: "What long story, short story, i forbid you to avoid the problem, quickly tell me." The tone is severe, there is no room for him to evade the question. But Xu Zhu recalled Kang GuangLing saying that the phrase 'Carefree Sect' is a secret, definitely cannot let outsiders hear it, although the person behind him is a martial art senior, but he can't even see the person's appearance, how can he hastily reveal this big problem without careful considerations, he said: "Senior, please forgive me, junior monk really have alot of difficulties, i cannot tell you."

The voice said: "Good, since this is the case, quickly put me down." Xu Zhu is startled, he said: "Wh.....what?" the voice said: "Quickly put me down, what do you mean what, you are so long-winded!"

Xu Zhu listen to the voice, its neither male nor female, but its extremely old, he heard the voice said 'Quickly put me down', he don't understand the meaning, he stabilize himself and turn around, there is still no one behind him, he is really suspicious and fearful, the voice said: "Stinky monk, quickly put me down! I am in the cloth-sack, who do you think i am?"

Xu Zhu is extremely startled, he cannot help but relax his hand, there is a 'Pa' sound, the cloth-sack landed on the ground, 'Ayo' cry came from the sack, the voice is old and in pain, its precisely the voice he been hearing all along. Xu Zhu also cry out 'Ayo', he said: "Little girl, so its you, how come your voice is so old?" At once he open the cloth-sack and support the person out.

The person's figure is short and small, its a 8-9 year old girl, but her gaze is electrifying, bright and full of expression, as she look at Xu Zhu she had a dignified and imposing aura. Xu Zhu open his mouth widely, he is speechless.

The little girl said: "You didn't pay your respect when meeting a senior, so rude!" the voice is old and aged, her expression old and decrepit. Xu Zhu said: "Little...little girl...." the little girl shout loudly: "What little girl, big girl? I am your granny!" Xu Zhu smile faintly, he said: "We are in a dangerous place, stop fooling around. Come, go into this bag, i will carry you up the mountain. The enemy will come in a moment!"

The little girl look at Xu Zhu from top to bottom, suddenly she spotted the gem ring on his left-finger, her countenance change, she ask: "What....what is that? Let me see."

Xu Zhu did not want to wear the gem ring, but he is aware that the ring is an important object, he is afraid of losing it, thus he don't dare to keep it on his bosom, when the little girl inquire about it, he laugh and said: "Its not an amusing object."

The little girl stretch out her hand and grab his left wrist, she examine the ring carefully, she tilted Xu Zhu's palm, she look at it for a long time. Xu Zhu felt her tiny hands shivering, he incline his head, her eyes are brimming with tears. After a long time, she finally release Xu Zhu's palm.

The little girl said: "This 'Seven-Treasure Ring', where did you steal it?" her tone is severe, as if she is interrogating a robber. Xu Zhu is unhappy, he said: "Monks have to maintain strict discipline, how can we steal? Someone gave this to me, how can you say i stole it?" The little girl said: "Rubbish! You are a Shaolin disciple, how can he give this ring to you? If you refuse to tell the truth i will pluck out your tendon and peel off your skin, you will suffer all sorts of pain and misery."

Xu Zhu cannot help but laugh, he pondered: "If i did not witness it personally, just by hearing the voice, i will really be frightened by this little girl." He said: "Little girl...." suddenly there is a 'Pa' sound, his waist was hit by a fist, but the little girl is feeble and weak, he did not feel any pain. Xu Zhu said: "How can you hit someone? You are so young, yet you are so unreasonable and rude!"

The little girl ask: "What is your name?" Xu Zhu said: "Junior monk religious name is Xu Zhu." The little girl said: "Your religious name is Xu Zhu, en, Ling, Xuan, Hui, Xu, you are the 37th generation disciple. XuanCi, XuanBei, XuanKu, XuanNan, XuanTong, all these little monk, they are your martial grandfather correct?"

Xu Zhu retreat 1 step, he is amazed, unexpectedly this 8-9 year old girl knows his teacher and his generation, she even address XuanCi, XuanBei, etc, as 'little monk', but her style of speech is not like a little girl." Suddenly he recalled: "Its rumoured that the soul can reincarnate into someone else body...don't tell me....don't tell me some old senior ghost reside in the body of this little girl?"

The little girl said: "Correct or wrong, just reply, how come you didn't respond?" Xu Zhu said: "You are correct, but you call our abbot a 'little monk', its really too much." The little girl said: "How come he is not a little monk? I am same generation with his Master LingMen, how come XuanCi is not a little monk? What too much or too little?" Xu Zhu is even more startled, the Master of abbot XuanCi, Master LingMen, is an outstanding disciple from the 34th generation. Xu Zhu believe that a soul reincarnated into this little girl's body, he said: "Then....then...who are you?"

The little girl is furious, she said: "Just now you address me as 'senior', its still respectful and courteous, but why you keep saying 'you' now? If not for your meritorious service in saving me, granny will end your dog life with a single palm!" Xu Zhu heard her call herself 'granny', he is very scared, he said: "Granny, i don't dare to ask for your great name." The little girl's anger turn into happiness, she said: "Now its much better. Let me ask you first, this 'Seven-Treasure Ring', where you obtain it?" Xu Zhu said: "An old man gave it to me. Initially i don't want it, i am a Shaolin disciple, i really cannot accept. But that old man is close to death, i can't explain....."

The little girl suddenly grab his wrist again, her voice trembled: "You say that....that old man is close to death? He is dead? No, no, tell me first, what is the appearance of the old man?" Xu Zhu said: "His beard is 3 chi, face like polished jade, appearance elegant and handsome." The little girl is trembling, she ask: "How come he is close to death? His...his lifetime of martial arts...." suddenly her sorrow turn into anger, she cursed: "Stinky monk, Wu YaZi lifetime of martial arts, if he don't disperse his energy, how can he die? How can he die so easily?" Xu Zhu nod his head and said: "Yes!" although this little girl is young, but her manner is imposing and intimidating, Xu Zhu don't dare to voice his objection, but he is unclear about something: "What is disperse energy? Its so easy for a person to die, what is so difficult about that?"

The little girl ask again: "Where did you meet Wu YaZi?" Xu Zhu said: "You are referring to the elegant and handsome old man, the Master of Mr Intelligent Su XingHe, correct?" the little girl said: "Obviously. Heng, you don't even know his name, you still dare to lie, you claim he gave this 'Seven-Treasure Ring' to you, shameless, you are really brazen!"

Xu Zhu said: "You know Mr Wu YaZi?" the little girl said angrily: "I am questioning you, you cannot question me, i ask you, where did you meet Wu YaZi, answer quickly!" Xu Zhu said: "At a mountain peak, i accidentally solve the 'Zhen Long' chess formation and i get to meet that old man."

The little girl clenched her fist, she adopt a striking posture, she said angrily: "Rubbish! This 'Zhen Long' chess formation confounded countless wise and talented people for over 10 years, a little monk like you who is stupid like a cow, you can solve it? If you dare to talk big again, i won't be courteous to you anymore."

Xu Zhu said: "Base on junior monk's ability, obviously i can't solve it. But the situation at that time was dangerous, Mr Intelligent force junior monk to land a chess-piece, junior monk have no alternative but to close my eyes and randomly land a chess-piece, accidentally it landed on the 'live together' stalemate situation, i killed my own white chess piece and sacrifice them to the black side, unexpectedly the situation became optimistic, i manage to solve it under the guidance of another expert. All this by fluke, but junior monk act recklessly, henceforth my guilt is not small. Sigh, i really sin, Buddha have mercy." As he finish speaking he press his hands together, he chanted the name of Buddha.

The little girl is skeptical, she said: "Base on what you say, its somewhat logical....." she have yet to complete her sentence, suddenly a faint whistle transmit from the bottom. Xu Zhu call out: "Ayo!" he open the cloth-sack, he grab the little girl and stuff her into the sack, he carried the sack on his back and rush up the mountain.

After running for a while, the yelling at the bottom of the mountain became further and further, he turn his head around, a clear set of footprints imprinted on the snow, his voice is hoarse: "Not good!" the little girl ask: "What not good?" Xu Zhu said: "I am leaving footprints on the snow, no matter how far we run they will definitely find us." The little girl said: "Go up the tree and travel, you won't leave any track, its a pity your martial art is simply too low, you don't even know the slightest bit of lightness martial arts. Little monk, your internal energy is not weak, there is no harm trying."

Xu Zhu said: "Ok, i will try!" he leap up, he is in mid-air, unexpectedly his jump is 1 zhang higher than the tree-top, as he fall down his feet step on the tree trunk, there is a 'KaLa' sound, the tree truck broke off, the tree drop down along with Xu Zhu simultaneously. He is facing upwards while falling, he will definitely land on top of the cloth-sack, Xu Zhu is afraid of injuring the little girl, he hastily turn over in mid-air, there is a 'Peng' sound, his forehead bump against a rock, blood flow immediately. Xu Zhu cry out: "Ayo, ayo!" he struggled to get up, he is really ashamed, he said: " martial art is really weak, i am stupid and tense, it won't work."

The little girl said: "You rather injure yourself then land on me, at least you are respectful and courteous to granny. Firstly, granny want to make use of you, secondly i want to reward a younger generation, i will impart a leaping technique to you. Listen properly, when leaping, bend your knees slightly, gather energy in your dantian, as you feel the energy rise up, you have to relax your muscles and bones, only think about the 'YuZhen' acupoint...." at once she explain line by line, she taught him how to twist and turn in the air, how to leap horizontally and jump vertically, as she finish teaching she said: "Follow my method and jump up!"

Xu Zhu said: "Yes! I will jump alone first to test it out so that i won't tumble and injure you." He is about to put down the cloth-sack.

The little girl said angrily: "The skills that granny teach you, how can it be wrong? Test what crap? If you tumble again, granny will kill you immediately!"

Xu Zhu cannot help but shudder, he suddenly recall he is carrying a ghost that reincarnate into someone else body, all his hairs stood up, he want to fling the cloth-sack far away, but he don't dare, eventually he clench his teeth and followed the energy channelling method taught by the little girl, he exercised his internal energy, he focus his thoughts on the 'YuZhen' acupoint, both his knees slightly bent, he jump up lightly.

This time, as he jump up, his body ascend unhurriedly, although he have no support to rely on in the air he can twist and turn freely, he is elated, he shout: "It work, it work!" unexpectedly as he open his mouth, the energy leak out, he drop down, fortunately he drop straight down, he felt faint pain on the sole of his foot as it bump against the ground, he did not fall down.

The little girl scold him: "Little idiot, you have to mix your internal energy evenly if you want to speak. You didn't even master the first step, and you are trying the 5th and 6th step." Xu Zhu said: "Yes, yes! Its junior monk's fault." He followed the method and jump up again, he land on a branch lightly, the branch sway a few times, it did not break.

Xu Zhu is really happy, but he don't dare to open his mouth, he followed the method taught by the little girl and leap forward, he flew horizontally for a zhang and landed on the branch of the 2nd tree, he bounce off again, he landed on the 3rd tree, his breathing is smooth, his body light and he has ample power, he leap further and further. Afterwards, he can even cross over two trees in a single leap, he is travelling like the wind in the air, he cannot help but feel shock and excited. The forest is dense, he is flying by leaping off from the tip of the tree branch, there are no footprints on the ground, after the time taken to eat a meal he is already deep within the forest.

The little girl said: "Its done, come down now." Xu Zhu said: "Yes!" he jump down lightly, he support the little girl out of the cloth-sack.

The little girl saw his expression is full of joy and happiness, the joy is impossible to describe, she cursed: "Useless little monk, you only learn this superficial and tiny bit of skill, yet you are so happy!" Xu Zhu said: "Yes, yes. Junior monk's experience is shallow, granny, the skills you taught me are very useful...." the little girl said: "Unexpectedly you learn it with just one round of guidance, granny's divine eyes did not misjudge your talent, little monk your internal energy is not from Shaolin. Where did you learn your martial arts? You are so young, but how come your energy foundation is so deep and profound?"

Xu Zhu's chest ached, his eyes turn red, he said: "Mr Wu YaZi, just before he died, his....his 70 years lifetime of internal energy, he forcibly transmit it into junior monk's body, he say he use his [Divine Skill of the Northern Darkness]. Junior monk really don't dare to betray Shaolin and change sect, but Mr Wu YaZi don't allow me to explain, he absorbed junior monk's internal energy, although junior monk's internal is extremely shallow, its really nothing, but....but, junior monk really spent quite a bit of hard work to cultivate it. Mr Wu YaZi then pass on his martial arts to me, junior monk don't know if this is a blessing or disaster. Sigh, in short, someday junior monk will return to Shaolin, in short, in short........" he keep saying 'in short', but he really don't know what to say.

The little girl is dazed and did not reply, she spread the cloth-sack on a rock and sat on it, thinking deeply, she said softly: "It seems Wu YaZi really did pass on Carefree Sect's leadership position to you."

Xu Zhu said: " you also know the name 'Carefree Sect'." all along he don't dare to mention the phrase 'Carefree Sect', Kang GuangLing mentioned before, if outsiders hear the phrase 'Carefree Sect' they cannot be allowed to live in this world. Now that the little girl mention it, he can finally speak of it; he thought: "You are a ghost, not human, you have no means to kill me".

The little girl said angrily: "You think i am not aware of Carefree Sect? When granny became aware of Carefree Sect, Wu YaZi was not even aware of it." Xu Zhu said: "Yes, yes!" he pondered: "Maybe you are an old ghost from several hundred years ago, naturally you are much older than Wu YaZi old man."

The little girl picked up a dried branch, she is drawing on the snow ground, she kept drawing straight lines, after a while she completed a drawing of a chessboard with 19 horizontal and vertical lines. Xu Zhu is startled: "She want to force me to play chess, i am really in trouble." But after drawing the chessboard, she start drawing the chess piece, an empty circle is white chess-piece, a circle with a dot at the center is black chess-piece, the chessboard is filled with chess piece. When the arrangement is half complete, Xu Zhu recognize it, its the 'Zhen Long' chess formation which he solved, he pondered: "So you also knew about this 'Zhen Long'." He thought: "Don't tell me you also tried to solve it many years ago, you think bitterly and eventually died due to anger?" as he thought about it he felt a cold chill on his back.

The little girl complete the 'Zhen Long' chess formation, she said: "You said you solved this 'Zhen Long', what is the first move, demonstrate it for me to see." Xu Zhu said: "Yes!" he killed his own side with the first move and sacrifice a huge group of white chess piece to his opponent, at once the situation became optimistic, afterwards he followed the directions given by Duan YanQing and counterattack the black side. Sweat pour down from the little girl's forehead, she muttered: "Fated, fated! Who in the world would think of such odd method, kill yourself before attacking the enemy?"

When Xu Zhu solved the 'Zhen Long' the little girl pondered for a long time, she said: "So it seems that little monk is not talking rubbish. This move is called 'nothing less than complete destruction'. Wu YaZi pass on this 'Seven Treasure Ring' to you, tell me the entire process in detail, you cannot cover up the truth."

Xu Zhu said: "Yes!" he narrated everything from the start, how his Master dispatch him down Shaolin Temple, how he broke the 'Zhen Long', how Wu YaZi pass on his internal energy and ring, how Ding ChunQiu use his poison to kill Su XingHe and XuanNan, how he tried to find HuiFang and his martial uncles, etc, he narrated everything.

The little girl did not say a word, she let him finish speaking, finally she said: "Then Wu YaZi is your Master, how come you didn't address him as Master, why you address him as 'Mr Wu YaZi'?" Xu Zhu's expression is awkward, he said: "Junior monk is a Shaolin monk, i really cannot change sect." The little girl said: "So you are unwilling to become Carefree Sect Leader?" Xu Zhu nod his head repeatedly and said: "Absolutely." The little girl said: "Then its easy, give this 'Seven Treasure Ring' to me. I will replace you and become Carefree Sect Leader, how about it?" Xu Zhu is elated, he said: "This is exactly what i been hoping for!" he remove the gem ring from his finger and gave it to her.

The little girl's expression is fluctuating, she seem to be happy yet sad, she took the ring and put in on her finger. But her finger is tiny, the ring will fall off if she wore it on her middle finger or ring finger, eventually she put in on her thumb, she scrutinize the ring for a long time, finally she ask: "You said Wu YaZi gave you a painting, he ask you to go to WuLiang Mountain and find someone to teach you the higher level martial arts of Carefree Sect, where is the painting?"

Xu Zhu retrieved the painting from his bosom, the little girl open the scroll, she look at the beautiful woman in the painting, suddenly her countenance changed, she cursed: "He....he wants this **** to teach you martial arts! He....his on his death bed, yet he still constantly think about this ****, he draw her appearance so nicely!" her face is full of anger and jealousy, she threw the painting on the floor and step on it.

Xu Zhu call out: "Ayo!" he quickly snatch away the painting. The little girl said angrily: "You feel its a pity?" Xu Zhu said: "This is such a nice painting, obviously its a pity to destroy it." The little girl said: "The identity of this ****, that little thief Wu YaZi, did he tell you?" Xu Zhu shakes his head and said: "No." he pondered: "How come Mr Wu YaZi became a 'little thief'?"

The little girl said angrily: "Heng, little thief is deluded, its been 10 years already, how can her appearance be like this! Pei, even at that time, how can she be so good looking?" she is getting more and more angry, she stretch out her hands and wanted to snatch the painting to tear it up. Xu Zhu quickly withdraw his hands and kept the painting in his bosom. The little girl is short, her strength weak, she can't snatch it, she gasp for breath and cursed: "Little thief have no conscience, shameless and stinky ****!" Xu Zhu don't understand, since the old ghost that reside in this little girl recognize the beautiful woman in the painting, then both of them must have some prior hatred, although its just a painting but her anger is really hard to eliminate.

The little girl is still cursing viciously, suddenly Xu Zhu's stomach groan in hunger. He ran for almost half a day, moreover he rush wildly and jump about, yet he did not eat a single grain of rice, obviously he is very hungry.

The little girl said: "You are hungry?" Xu Zhu said: "Yes. I am afraid there is nothing edible in this snow peak." The little girl said: "Why no? There are a lot of bamboo partridge on snow peak, there are also sika deer and antelope. I will teach you a lightness martial art that allows you to sprint on flat ground, i will also teach you techniques to catch chicken and sheep....." Xu Zhu did not wait for her to finish, he quickly wave his hands and said: "How can monk kill? I rather starve to death than eat meat and fish." The little girl cursed: "Thieving monk, don't tell me you never eat meat and fish before in your entire life?"

Xu Zhu recalled the day he was tricked by that female at the restaurant, he ate fatty meat and drank half a bowl of chicken soup, he said bitterly: "Junior monk was deceived by someone, i ate meat and fish once, but that was unintentional, Buddha will not blame me. But you want me to personally kill the animal, i definitely cannot do that."

The little girl said: "You refuse to kill chicken and deer, but you are willing to kill human, that crime is even worse." Xu Zhu said in surprise: "How come i am willing to kill human? Buddha is merciful, sin, sin." The little girl said: "You still pray to Buddha, you are really funny. If you refuse to catch chicken for me to eat, after 4 hours, i will die, won't you be the culprit?" Xu Zhu scratch his head and said: "This mountain peak must have some grass or fungus, bamboo shoots, etc, i will go pluck them for you to eat."

The little girl expression is grave, she pointed at the sun and said: "If the sun reach the top of my head and by then i still did not drink fresh blood, i will definitely die!" Xu Zhu is extremely scared, he said: "You are perfectly fine, why the need to drink blood?" his hairs stood up, he cannot help but think of 'block-sucking ghost'.

The little girl said: "I have a strange illness, everyday at noon if i don't drink blood, the energy in my body will boil, i will be burnt to death, i will act violently at the verge of death, its not beneficial for you." Xu Zhu shake his head repeatedly and said: "No matter what junior monk is a Buddhist disciple, i have to maintain strict discipline, not to mention that i am determined not to kill, even if you intend to kill i also have to spare no effort to stop you."

The little girl fixed her gaze on him, although he is terrified but he is unyielding and firm, obviously he will not give in, she sneered: "You claim you are a Buddhist disciple, maintaining strict discipline, what are the disciplines?" Xu Zhu said: "Buddhist's disciple includes basic precept, the Mahayana precept, etc." the little girl sneered: "So much variations and pattern, what is basic precept, Mahayana precept?" Xu Zhu said: "Basic precept is quite simple, there are four categories, the first category have 5 prohibitions, the 2nd category have 8 prohibitions, the next one have 10 prohibitions, the last one is for monk initiation, there are 250 prohibitions. The 5 prohibitions are for everyone, do not kill, do not steal, do not engage in sex, do not lie, do not drink wine. For those who have taken the tonsure, they have to abide addition 8 prohibitions, 10 prohibitions and finally the 250 prohibitions, they are much stricter than the 5 prohibitions. In short, do not kill is the number one prohibition for Buddhist."

The little girl said: "I heard before, for eminent monks to achieve enlightenment, they have to maintain Mahayana precept, they are called 10 restrain, correct?" Xu Zhu trembled, he said: "Correct. Mahayana precept focus on sacrificing oneself to help people, its to make an offering to Buddha, sacrificing one's life to save all living things, but you don't have to really carry out the 10 items." The little girl ask: "What are the 10 restrains?"

Xu Zhu martial art is mediocre, but he is well-versed in Buddhist scripture, he said: "1st cut your flesh to feed the eagle, 2nd throw yourself to feed a hungry tiger, 3rd chop off your head to thank the heaven, 4th break your bone to extract the marrow, 5th pluck your body to light a thousand lamp, 6th pluck your eyes to give away, 7th skin yourself for scripture, 8th pierce your heart to show your resolve, 9th burn yourself and offer to Buddha, 10th sprinkle your blood to cover the floor."

As he say one line, the little girl will sneer one time. When he finish speaking, the little girl ask: "Cut your flesh to feed the eagle, what is it?" Xu Zhu said: "That is the early life of Sakyamuni Buddha, he saw a hungry eagle chasing a dove, he cannot bear it and hid the dove in his bosom. The eagle told him: 'You save the dove, but you starve me to death, aren't you harming me?' thus Buddha cut his own flesh to feed the hungry eagle." The little girl said: "The story of throw yourself to feed a hungry tiger, it must be similar?" Xu Zhu said: "Correct."

The little girl said: "Illuminating, Buddhist have such clear discipline, its really deep and profound, its more than just 'do not kill'. If you refuse to catch chicken or deer for me to eat, then you have to follow the example of Sakyamuni Buddha, sacrifice your flesh and blood for me to eat, if you don't do that you are not a Buddhist disciple." As she finish speaking she pull up Xu Zhu left sleeve, revealing his arm, she smile: "I can endure one day of hunger after eating this arm of yours."

Xu Zhu saw her reveal a dense row of teeth, it seems she want to bite down on his arm. This little girl is short and weak, there is nothing to fear, but Xu Zhu assume she is a female ghost that reincarnated into someone else body, her expression now is really terrifying, he cannot help but tremble in fear, he shout loudly and shake off her palm, he extend his legs and ran up the mountain peak.

In his frightened state, his shout is loud and clear, someone bellowed from halfway up the mountain: "They are there, everyone chase towards this direction." The voice is bright and ringing, its Taoist BuPing.

Xu Zhu pondered: "Ayo, not good! I shout out in fright and revealed our hiding location, what should i do?" he is really afraid of going back to carry that little girl, but he can't abandon her and run away by himself, he hesitated indefinitely and gaze downward at the mountainside, he saw 4-5 black dots moving up the mountain, although the distance is quite far but they will catch up eventually, the little girl will definitely die if she get captured by them again. He walk down a few steps and said: "Hello, if you agree not to bite me i will carry you and run away."

The little girl laugh out loud and said: "Come over here, i tell you something. The 5 people that are coming up, the first one is Taoist BuPing, the second one is Wu LaoDa, the third one is surnamed An, for the other two, one of them is surnamed Luo and the other is surnamed Li. I will teach you a few skills, knock down Taoist BuPing first." She pause for a moment, smile and said: "Only knock him down so that he can't harm anyone, you won't take his life, its not murder, it does not violate your precepts." Xu Zhu said: "Knocking down a fierce opponent to save someone, that should be the correct way. But Taoist BuPing and Wu LaoDa martial arts are really high, how can i knock them down? Although you are skilled, but i can't learn the moves in such a short period of time."

The little girl said: "Idiot, idiot! Wu YaZi is the Master of Su XingHe and Ding ChunQiu. The martial arts of Su and Ding, you personally seen it before, the disciples are already like that, you can well imagine what the Master is capable of. He pass on 70 years of internal energy which he painstakingly cultivated to you, how can Taoist BuPing and Wu LaoDa be compared with you? You are only extremely stupid, you don't know how to use it. Bring that cloth-sack over, hold it with your right hand, open the sack, gather energy to your left arm, slap your left hand on your opponent's lower back...."

Xu Zhu followed the method and learn it, the hand movements are really easy, he is unsure how these simple hand techniques can knock down those martial art experts.

The little girl said: "Immediately after, point your left forefinger at this spot on your opponent. Wrong, wrong, you have to gather energy like this, you must point it at the correct spot, there cannot be the slightest bit of deviation. When fighting with enemy, you have to be calm and cool, if you make any mistake, not only would you be unable to knock your enemy down, instead you will hand over your life to the enemy."

Xu Zhu followed her guidance, he commit it to memory diligently. These few hand techniques can be executed at one go and flow smoothly, although there are only 5-6 moves, but inside every move, the body movement, footwork, palm move, execution method, all of them extremely odd and strange, how he should stand with both legs, how he should tilt his body, its extremely complicated, at the same time when executing the move, internal energy have to be gathered on the palm, the energy will allow the moves to be executed. Xu Zhu practiced for a long time, but he can't master it properly. His comprehension is not high, but his memory is fantastic, the method and technique taught by the little girl, he remembered every single word, but he really cannot execute the entire set of moves flawlessly at one sitting.

The little girl corrected him repeatedly, she scold: "Idiot, Wu YaZi pick you to become his martial art successor, he is really blind. He wants you to learn martial arts from that ****, that **** like to dress herself nicely, she is cold and ruthless, its fine if you are a handsome and elegant young man, but you are a ugly little monk, i really don't know why Wu YaZi select you."

Xu Zhu said: "Mr Wu YaZi said it before, he wanted to find a romantic and handsome youngster as his successor, its a pity....the rules of Carefree Sect are really weird, you are the Carefree Sect Leader....." he did not carry on speaking, but he complete it in his heart: "You are an old ghost possessing a little girl, you are not good-looking as well."

While speaking, Xu Zhu already practiced twice, the first time his left palm move too fast, the second time he pointed his finger at the wrong spot. However he has unwavering determination, he want to keep on practicing, suddenly he heard the sound of footsteps, Taoist BuPing rush up the hill as if he is flying, he laugh and said: "Little monk, you run very fast!" both his legs push off from the ground and he leap towards him.

Xu Zhu saw the force is fierce and violent, he turn around and ran. The little girl shouted: "Act according to the method, you cannot make any mistake." Xu Zhu did not have time to think, he open the cloth-sack, gathered internal energy into his left arm and smack his palm at Taoist BuPing.

Taoist BuPing cursed: "Little monk, unexpectedly you dare to fight with your Taoist grandpa?" he wave his palm to meet it. Xu Zhu did not wait for the palms to clash, he extended his leg and hook him. Its really strange, his leg really hook onto him, Taoist BuPing stumble forward, Xu Zhu move his left hand in a circle, he gathered energy and smack his opponent's lower back. This time its even more strange, Taoist BuPing who disregarded the 36 Cave-masters and 72 Island-masters, unexpectedly he can't endure the palm, his body sway and he fall straight into the cloth-sack. Xu Zhu is elated, immediately after he pointed his finger at the 'YiShe' acupoint. This 'YiShe' acupoint is located at the center of the back, beside the spleen, Xu Zhu did not learn any martial art in hitting pressure point, in his haste his finger targeted the wrong spot, he hit the 'YangGang' acupoint which is above the 'YiShi' acupoint.

Taoist BuPing cry out loudly, he crawl out from the cloth-sack, tumble a few times backward and roll down the mountain.

The little girl call out repeatedly: "What a pity, what a pity!" she scold Xu Zhu: "Idiot, i ask you to hit the 'YiShe' acupoint, he will immediately be immobilize, who ask you to hit his 'YangGang' acupoint?"

Xu Zhu is startled yet happy, he said: "This method is really useful, but junior monk is simply too stupid, although i hit the wrong spot, but i still manage to scare him off, isn't that a cause for joy?" At once Wu LaoDa rush up the mountain, Xu Zhu carry the cloth-sack and step forward, he said: "Come over here and test it."

Wu LaoDa saw Taoist BuPing was defeated in a single move and roll down the mountain, he is really astonish and surprise, he is vigilant, he raise his 'Verdant Wave Fragrant Dew Sabre' to guard his body and move forward, he executed a move [Coiling Cloud On Mountain Wu] and chop towards Xu Zhu's waist. Xu Zhu quickly dodge it and shout: "Ayo, not good! This person is using a sabre, i....i cannot handle him."

The little girl shouted: "Come over here and carry me, jump up the tree!" at this moment Wu LaoDa already chop three times in succession, luckily he is secretly afraid and don't dare to press forward excessively, these three sabre-moves are all empty moves. But Xu Zhu ran away like a rat, his situation desperate and critical, he heard the call from the little girl, he felt really happy: "Jump up the tree to escape, i learn this technique before." As he is about to rush over to carry the little girl, Wu LaoDa attack in quick succession, the sabre is fast like the wind, it chop towards his fatal points. Xu Zhu shouted: "Not good!" he gathered his energy and jump, his body rise straight up, he appears to be flying and he landed on top of a pine tree.

This pine tree is 3 zhang high, Xu Zhu jump up effortlessly, Wu LaoDa had a huge shock. Although Wu LaoDa martial art is strong, but his lightness martial art is ordinary, he definitely cannot climb up such a tall tree, however his attention is not on Xu Zhu but on the little girl, he shout loudly: "Damn monk, just stay on the tree top forever, don't ever come down!" as he finish speaking he extend his legs and rush towards the little girl, he stretch out his hands to grab the back of her neck. He still wants to capture this little girl and let everyone chop her and drink her blood, swear an oath with blood, thus no one can have any second thoughts and back out.

Xu Zhu saw the little girl got captured again, he felt really anxious, he pondered: "She ask me carry her up the tree, but i just jump up on the tree top by myself, she imparted this lightness martial art to me, isn't this an act of ingratitude from me?" he jump down from the tree top. While jumping down, the cloth-sack he is holding so happen to face downward, he easily covered Wu LaoDa's head with the cloth-sack, his left finger pointed at his opponent's back, his finger still did not hit the 'YiShe' acupoint, its a few inch lower and hit the 'WeiCang' acupoint.

Wu LaoDa felt a gust of wind on his head, afterwards he can't see anything, in his panic he brandish his sabre around but he chop empty air, at that time Xu Zhu hit his 'WeiCang' acupoint. Wu LaoDa did not become paralyzed, but both his arm felt numb, with a 'Dang' sound, the 'Verdant Wave Fragrant Dew Sabre' drop on the floor, his left hand loosen and he release the little girl. Wu LaoDa is anxious to remove the cloth-sack covering his head, he turn over and roll on the ground.

Xu Zhu carry the little girl and jump up the tree top, he said: "Dangerous, dangerous!" the little girl's complexion is pale, she cursed: "Useless thing, the skills that i taught you, you mess it up twice." Xu Zhu felt really ashamed, he said: "Yes, yes! I hit the wrong acupoint." The little girl said: "Look, they come again." Xu Zhu look downward, he saw Taoist BuPing and Wu LaoDa coming up the mountain, moreover there are addition 3 men, they gesticulated at a distant, they don't dare to come close.

Suddenly a short fat person gave a shout and rush forward, when he is about 1 zhang from the pine tree he roll on the ground, he seems to be surrounded by a circle of light, as it turns out he is brandishing a pair of hatchet to guard his body, he rush to the base of the tree, there's two 'Zheng Zheng' sound, his twin hatchet hack the tree roots. This person is strong, the axe sharp, it seems after a dozen or more chops and this big pine tree will be chop down by him.

Xu Zhu is really anxious, he shouted: "What to do?" the little girl said coldly: "Your Master pointed a way for you, he ask you to look for that **** in the painting and beg her to teach you martial arts. You go beg her! If that **** teach you, you can easily knock down these 5 pig-dog." Xu Zhu said anxiously: "Sigh, sigh!" he thought: "In such dangerous situation you still have the mood to compete with that lady in the painting." There's two 'Zheng Zheng' sound, the twin hatchet chop the pine tree again, the tree sway continuously, pine needle rain down.

The little girl said: "The internal energy in your dantian, first channel it to the 'Tou Ju' acupoint on your shoulder, afterwards send it to the 'TiangJing' acupoint on your elbow, afterwards send it to the 'YangChi' acupoint on your wrist, at the 'YangHua', 'YangGu', 'YangChi', circulate 3 times in these three acupoints, afterwards send it to the 'GuanChong' acupoint on your ring finger." While speaking, she stretch out her finger to point the various acupoints on Xu Zhu's body. She is aware that Xu Zhu will be completely helpless if she just mention the name of the acupoints, thus she have to point it out personally.

The internal energy he received from Wu YaZi circulated in his body, he can simply channel anywhere he likes, there is no obstruction at all, after listening to the instructions given by the little girl, he followed accordingly and channel his internal energy, he heard two 'Zheng Zheng' sound, the pine tree sway again, he said: "I finish channelling!" the little girl said: "Pluck down one pine cone, aim it at that fat person's head or solar plexus, shoot it out with the internal energy you gathered at your ring finger!" Xu Zhu said: "Yes!" he pluck one pine cone and hook his ring finger around it.

The little girl said: "Shoot it out!" Xu Zhu right thumb loosen, the pine cone on his ring finger shoot out immediately. There is a 'Hu' sound, the pine cone shot out violently, the force is incomparably fierce and powerful, but Xu Zhu never learn any hidden weapon skills before, he don't know how to aim properly, there is a 'Pa' sound, the pine cone buried deep within the soil and vanish without a trace, the spot is a least 3 chi away from the short person, although the power is fierce but it has absolutely no effect at all. The short person is frightened, he stare stupidly for a while, he whirl the hatchet and chop the pine tree again.

The little girl said: "Stupid monk, shoot it out again!" Xu Zhu felt really ashamed, he channel his internal energy and shoot out another pine cone. He pray for it to hit, but his wrist trembled, eventually it landed 5 chi away from the short person.

The little girl shakes her head and sigh, she said: "The pine tree on the left side is too far from here, if you carry me you can't jump over there, the situation is desperate, run away and save yourself." Xu Zhu said: "What kind of speech is this? How can i fear for my own life and abandon you? No matter what i am determined to save you. If i don't succeed then i will just die together with you." The little girl said: "Stupid monk, i am not related to you at all, why the need to die together with me? Heng heng, they want to kill both of us, i am afraid its not easy. Pluck down 12 pine cones, hold 6 pine cones on each hand, afterwards channel your internal energy like this." She taught him the method to channel the energy.

Xu Zhu remembered it, he did not have time to execute as the pine tree sway violently, immediately after there is a loud 'Ka La Ka La' noise, the tree collapsed. Taoist BuPing, Wu LaoDa, the short person and the other two person cheer loudly, they rush forward simultaneously.

The little girl shouted: "Toss the pine cones out!" Xu Zhu internal energy surge forward to his palm, he wave his hands everywhere, he toss the 12 pine cones simultaneously, 'Pa Pa Pa Pa' sound, 4 people turn over and collapsed. The short person was not hit by the pine cones, he shout loudly: "Oh my god!" he dump his twin hatchet and roll down the mountain. The 12 pine cones shot out quickly, the power violent and unyielding, the pine cones arrived together with the sound, there is no time for the 4 people to dodge it.

After tossing out the pine cones, Xu Zhu is afraid the little girl might be injured if they fall down, he hug her waist and landed lightly, the snow covered ground is dyed dark red, blood flow continuously from the 4 people, Xu Zhu cannot help but feel startled.

The little girl cheered, she struggled to come down from Xu Zhu's bosom, she leap towards Taoist BuPing, her mouth pressing on the wound on his forehead, she suck the blood wildly. Xu Zhu is startled, he shout: "What you doing?" he grab her back and lifted her up. The little girl said: "You killed him, i suck his blood to treat my illness, what is wrong with it?"

Xu Zhu saw her mouth is dripping with blood, she laugh maliciously while talking, he cannot help but feel scared and put her down slowly, his voice trembled: "I....i killed him?" the little girl said: "How can it be fake?" she bend over and resume sucking the blood.

Xu Zhu saw Taoist BuPing had an egg-size hole on his forehead, he trembled with fear: "Ayo! I hit the pine cone into his head! This pine cone is so soft and light, how come it can break through his skull?" he look at the other 3 people, one of them was hit by 2 pine cones on the heart, another person was hit on the throat and nose by the pine cones, both of them died, Wu LaoDa was hit on his abdomen, he is still panting and groaning, he did not die.

Xu Zhu walk towards him, he paid his respect and said: "Mr Wu, junior monk accidentally injure you, its really not intentional, but the sin is grave, i am really apologetic." Wu LaoDa breathe deeply and cursed: "Stinky monk, are.....are you joking? Quick....quickly kill me with a single sabre. Damn your grandmother!" Xu Zhu said: "How can junior monk joke around with senior? But...but...." Suddenly he recall that he killed 3 people with a single move, it seems Wu LaoDa might not live as well, he already broke the number one Buddhist precept that forbids killing, in his panic state he trembled from head to toe, tears stream down his eyes.

The little girl had her fill of fresh blood, she stood up and saw Xu Zhu clumsily bandaging Wu LaoDa's wound. Wu LaoDa can't move at all, but he curse viciously. Xu Zhu kept on apologising: "Correct, correct, its indeed junior monk's fault, i am really sorry. But you curse my parents, i am an orphan, i don't know who my parents are, thus its useless for you to curse. Since i don't know my parents, naturally i don't know my grandmother, i don't know my 18 generation ancestors. Mr Wu, your abdomen must be very painful, naturally your temper will be bad, i won't blame you. I just toss without much effort, i really didn't expect these pine cones to be so powerful and overbearing. Sigh! This pine cones are really demonic stuff, probably they are some other variety and different from normal pine cones."

Wu LaoDa said: "Your grandmother is so powerful, what is so different about these pine cones? When you die you will walk up mountains of blades, get deep fried in oil, get banished to 18th level of hell, stinky thief monk, your....*cough* *cough*, your internal energy is superior, you killed me, Wu LaoDa's skill is inferior, i die without complains, but you come here and say....*cough* *cough*...all these sarcastic remarks? What pine cones are demonic? Your body possess incomparably powerful internal energy, but you don't have to be so strong...strong...vicious...vicious and overbearing...." he can't continue, he cough repeatedly.

The little girl smile and said: "Little monk you are really lucky today, granny originally don't intend to pass on this divine skill to anyone, but you are sincere and honest, you are willing to risk your life for granny, you fulfilled my requirements and i can safely pass on these skills to you, moreover the situation is desperate, granny needed your help and you are forced to execute the moves."

Wu LaoDa heard this mute girl open her mouth to speak, he open his eyes widely, he felt really amaze, now he finally recall that someone was speaking to Xu Zhu previously, but the situation was desperate and he did not have time to think properly, he didn't expect the voice to come from the little girl, but now he personally witness and heard it, he cannot help but stare foolishly, after a long time he finally said: " what human are you? You are mute, but how come you can talk now?"

The little girl sneered: "You think you are qualified to ask who i am?" she took out a porcelain bottle from her bosom, she took out 2 yellow pills, she gave it to Xu Zhu and said: "Let him consume it." Xu Zhu said: "Yes!" he thought its best if these pills are for treating injuries, but it doesn't matter if they are poison, Wu LaoDa is almost dead, its better to let him die quickly so as to avoid pain and suffering, he delivered the pills to Wu LaoDa.

Wu LaoDa suddenly detect an extremely intense and spicy smell, he cannot help but sneeze a few time, he is startled yet happy, he said: "This....this is Nine Revolution, 'Nine Revolution Bear Snake Pill'?" the little girl nod her head and said: "Not bad, you are extremely knowledgeable, you can be considered an outstanding member from the 36 Caves. This 'Nine Revolution Bear Snake Pill' is especially effective for the treatment of external injuries, it can return the dead and prolong life." Wu LaoDa said: "Why save my life?" he is afraid of losing this golden opportunity, he did not wait for the girl's reply and swallowed the 2 pills. The little girl said: "Firstly you help me before, i have to give you some minor reward, secondly i still have some use for you in the future." Wu LaoDa don't understand, he said: "I help you before? The one surnamed Wu intend to kill you, i never have any good intention towards you."

The little girl sneered: "You are open and candid, you can be considered a real man...." she raise her head and look at the sky, the sun has risen to the top of her head, she said to Xu Zhu: "Little monk, i have to practice my skill, stay beside me as my protector. If anyone come to disturb me, just use the skills i taught you, grab some mud or stone and throw them out."

Xu Zhu shakes his head and said: "What happens if i kill someone again? I....i refuse to do it."

The little girl walk to the edge of the mountain, she look downwards and said: "No one is coming, since you refuse then don't do it." At once she cross her legs and sat down, her right forefinger pointing at the sky, left forefinger pointing at the ground, she gave a 'hey' sound, two faint stream of white smoke came out of her nostril.

Wu LaoDa is startled: "This...this is, [Eternal Youth Never Ageing Skill]....." Xu Zhu said: "Mr Wu, you consumed the pills, is your injury better now?" Wu LaoDa cursed: "Stinky thief monk, bastard monk, my injury is better or not, does it concern you? I don't need you demonic monk to shed crocodile tears and curry favours with me." But he felt the pain on his abdomen diminishing, he knew the 'Nine Revolution Bear Snake Pill' is a wondrous medicine from Vulture Palace, it can even revive the dead, maybe he can preserve his own life, unexpectedly this little girl is capable of practicing this divine skill, he is bewildered, he heard someone mentioned before, the [Eternal Youth Never Ageing Skill] is the supreme martial arts of Vulture Palace, you have to use the highest level of internal energy as the foundation, only then can you practice it, although this little girl came from Vulture Palace, but she is only 8-9 years old, how can she practice to such a state? Or perhaps he heard wrongly and this little girl is practicing some other skill?

The white smoke that came out of the little girl's nose surrounded her head, it lingered and did not disperse, gradually it became denser and became white fog, the fog covered her face completely, immediately after the joints in her body made 'GeGe' noise, similar to popcorn. Xu Zhu and Wu LaoDa look at each other in dismay, they don't understand the reason. After a long time, the popcorn noise gradually soften, the white fog also gradually disperse, the little girl is inhaling the white fog continuously, when the white fog is completely absorbed the little girl open her eyes and slowly stood up.

Xu Zhu and Wu LaoDa rub their eyes simultaneously, they feel there's something wrong with their eyes, the expression on the little girl is somewhat peculiar, but they can't vocalize the cause of it. The little girl look at Wu LaoDa and said: "You are indeed extremely knowledgeable, you even recognize this [Eternal Youth Never Ageing Skill] of mine." Wu LaoDa said: "You....who are you? Are you the disciple of Child Elder?"

The little girl said: "Heng! Your guts is really not small." She did not answer his question, she said to Xu Zhu: "Carry me with your left hand, grab Wu LaoDa's lower back with your right hand, use the method which i taught you, channel your energy and jump on top of the tree, afterwards climb several hundred zhang up the mountain peak."

Xu Zhu said: "I am afraid junior monk don't have this level of skill." But he still complied with her orders, he carry the little girl with his left hand, he grab Wu LaoDa's lower back with his right hand, its already very strenuous, how can he jump up the tree top? The little girl scold him: "What aren't you channelling your internal energy?"

Xu Zhu laugh apologetically: "Yes, yes! I was flustered for a moment, unexpectedly i forgot." He channel his internal energy, its really strange, Wu LaoDa immediately became lighter, the little girl is completely weightless, he jump up on the tree top, afterwards he use the method taught by the little girl and step forward, he leap from one pine tree to another pine tree which is several zhang away, its as if he is walking on level ground. This step from him already reach the next treetop, but its simply too easy and he was shock, due to his shock his internal energy withdraw back into his dantian, his footing became heavy and he immediately fall off the tree, luckily he did not release and drop off the little girl and Wu LaoDa. When he landed on the ground, he immediately jump up again, he is afraid the little girl will scold him, thus he simply rush up the mountain peak without saying a word.

Initially, he is not skilled with channelling of internal energy, sometimes his foot is slightly obstructed and sluggish, after his internal energy circulate a few times, unexpectedly it became smooth and unhindered as if he is breathing normally, he did not need to focus and the energy will naturally flow all over his body. He is running faster and faster, his speed in running up the mountain is nearly as fast as running down the mountain, he can barely restrain his footing. The little girl said: "You are practicing [Pure Energy of Northern Darkness] for the first time, you cannot use it excessively if you want to preserve your own life, you may stop now." Xu Zhu said: "Yes!" he dash forward a few zhang, he slow down the momentum and leap down from the tree.

Wu LaoDa is really amazed, he felt admiration and a bit of envy, he said to the little girl: "This....this [Pure Energy of Northern Darkness], you taught it to him today, unexpectedly its already so powerful. The martial arts of Misty Peak Vulture Palace, its really deep like an ocean. You are just a child, but you are...*cough**cough* amazing."

The little girl look around, they are surrounded by densely packed rows of trees, she sneered: "Within 3 days, you lot of dogs might not be able to find this place, correct?" Wu LaoDa said gravely: "We already suffered a crushing defeat, this....this little monk is equipped with [Pure Energy of Northern Darkness], he is protecting you with his full-strength, even if everyone finds you there's nothing they can do to you." The little girl laugh coldly, she did not speak, she lean against a tree truck, close her eyes and fall asleep.

After this burst of running, Xu Zhu is even more hungry, he look at the little girl, afterwards he look at Wu LaoDa and said: "I have to go find something to eat, but you have evil intentions, i am afraid you will harm this little friend of mine, i can't put my mind at ease, its best if i take you along." As he finish speaking he stretch his hand to grab Wu LaoDa's lower back.

The little girl open her eyes and said: "Idiot, i already taught you how to hit pressure points. He is lying down motionless, don't tell me you still can't hit it properly?" Xu Zhu said: "I am afraid i will really hit wrongly and he still can move." The little girl said: "His life-death talisman is in my hands, he dare to act rashly?"

Wu LaoDa cry out in alarm when he heard the phrase 'life-death talisman', his voice trembled: "" the little girl said: "Just now you consume how many pills?" Wu LaoDa said: "Two pills!" the little girl said: "Vulture Palace's 'Nine Revolution Bear Snake Pill' is incomparably miraculous, why the need for 2 pills? Moreover, you are bastard, worse than dog and pig, you think you deserve to consume 2 of my miracle pills?" Cold sweat pour down from Wu LaoDa's forehead, his voice trembled: "The....the other pill" the little girl said: "How is your 'TianChi' acupoint?"

Both his hands trembled, Wu LaoDa quickly undo his clothes, on his chest beside his left breast, a dark blood red spot appeared on his 'TianChi' acupoint. He cry out loudly: "Ayo!" he almost fainted, he said: " are you? come you know the location of my life-death talisman? You let me consume the 'Tendon Breaking Bone Decaying Pill' correct?" the little girl smile faintly and said: "I still have some errand for you, i won't activate the poison immediately, there's no need to panic." Wu LaoDa's eyes are protruding, his entire body trembled, he cry out 'Ah Ah Ah', he is speechless.

Xu Zhu had seen Wu LaoDa's panic expression many times, but he never seen such fear in him before, he said: "'Tendon Breaking Bone Decaying Pill', what is it? Is it poison?"

Wu LaoDa facial muscle is twitching, he cry out 'Ah Ah' again, suddenly he pointed at Xu Zhu and cursed: "Stinky thief monk, plague monk, your 18th generation ancestors, the male are all cuckold, the female are all prostitute, you will not have any descendant, your son will not have buttocks, your daughter will have 3 arms and 4 legs....." his curse is getting more and more strange, his saliva flew everywhere, he is really angry, eventually his cursing affected his wound and cause him great pain and he finally shut up.

Xu Zhu sigh and said: "I am a monk, naturally i won't have any descendant, since i don't have any descendant why would i care about missing buttock or arm?" Wu LaoDa cursed: "You plague thief baldy, you want to have no descendant so simply? Its not so easy. Your next 18 son, 18 daughter, all of them consume the 'Tendon Breaking Bone Decaying Pill', they will cry in anguish in front of you for 99 days, they can neither live nor die. Eventually you will also consume the 'Tendon Breaking Bone Decaying Pill', get a taste of the feeling." Xu Zhu is startled, he ask: "This 'Tendon Breaking Bone Decaying Pill', it is so powerful and venomous?" Wu LaoDa said: "All your tendon will break off, at that time you can't open your mouth, you can't move your tongue, afterwards.....afterwards...." he knew he had consume this number one most yin and self-harming poison, he can't continue, he felt coldness from the bottom of his heart, he thought of banging his head on the pine tree to kill himself.

The little girl smile and said: "Just be obedient and listen to me, i will not hasten the process, even after 10 years the poison will not activate, why the need to be so scared? Little monk, go seal his acupoint, just in case he start acting mad and bang his head on the tree to commit suicide."

Xu Zhu nod his head and said: "Correct!" he walk to Wu LaoDa's back, he use his left hand to search for the 'YiShe' acupoint, he probe carefully, after confirming the location he hit and sealed the acupoint. Wu LaoDa groan, he fainted immediately. At this moment, Xu Zhu have some basic experience in channelling the [Pure Energy of Northern Darkness] in his body, in fact he don't have to target critical acupoints, he can simply jab any spot on his opponent and easily inflict serious injury. Xu Zhu saw Wu LaoDa faint, he is flustered and immediately knead the 'RenZhong' acupoint and massage the chest, he manage to wake him up. Wu LaoDa is extremely weak and in poor health, he breathe softly, how can he even summon the energy to curse?

Xu Zhu saw Wu LaoDa woke up, he left to find food. There are truly a lot of elk, antelope, bamboo partridge, wild rabbit, etc, but he is unwilling to kill them. He search for a long time but did not find any edible stuff, he have no choice but to jump up the pine tree and pluck the pine cones, he extract the pine nut and ate it. The pine nut is fragrant and sweet, but its simply too tiny, he ate over 200-300 pine nuts in one sitting but he is still hungry. His hunger is somewhat relieve and he did not eat anymore, he filled two pocket-full of pine nuts and gave them to the little girl and Wu LaoDa.

The little girl said: "Its really hard on you. But i cannot eat vegetarian food during this 3 month. Go and unseal Wu LaoDa's acupoint." At once she taught him how to unseal acupoint. Xu Zhu said: "Oh right, Wu LaoDa must be very hungry as well." He followed the instructions given by the little girl and unsealed Wu LaoDa's acupoint, he grab a handful of pine nut and gave it to him, he said: "Mr Wu, please eat these pine nuts." Wu LaoDa glare ferociously at him, he pick up the pine nut and ate it, after eating a few nuts he cursed: "Thief baldy!" he ate a few more pine nuts and curse again: "Plague monk!" Xu Zhu is not angry, he pondered: "I injure him till he is within inches of his life, no wonder he is angry with me."

The little girl said: "Just go to sleep after eating the pine nuts, don't make any sound." Wu LaoDa said: "Yes!" he don't dare to look at her, he quickly finish eating the pine nuts, he lie down and sleep. Xu Zhu walk towards the edge of a big tree, he sat on the tree roots and lean against the tree to rest, he pondered: "I should not sit too close to that old ghost." He is exhausted after several days of running, not long after he fall into deep sleep.

He woke up the next morning, but the sky is gloomy, black clouds hang low. The little girl said: "Wu LaoDa, go catch a sika deer or antelope, you have to catch it before 9-11 am, it has to be alive." Wu LaoDa said: "Yes!" he struggled to stand up, he pick up a dried branch and use it as a crutch, he prop it against the ground, he sway and walk slowly. Xu Zhu wanted to support him, but he presume that Wu LaoDa must be hunting, he chanted: "Amituofo, Buddha is merciful!" he said: "Deer, sheep, rabbit, wild chicken, all living things, quickly stay far far away, don't let Wu LaoDa catch you." The little girl pout and smile coldly, she ignored him.

Xu Zhu kept on chanting Buddhist scripture, Wu LaoDa sustained serious injury but nobody knew what kind of method he use, unexpectedly its not even 9am and he drag a small sika deer and return. Xu Zhu chant the name of Buddha repeatedly.

Wu LaoDa said: "Little monk, quickly light a fire, we will roast venison and eat it." Xu Zhu said: "Sin, sin! Junior monk will never help you commit such wrongdoing." Wu LaoDa flip his hand, he pull out a shiny sparkling dagger from his boot, he is about to kill the deer. The little girl said: "Wait." Wu LaoDa said: "Yes!" he put down the dagger. Xu Zhu is elated, he said: "Yes, yes! Little girl, you are benevolent and kind, you will definitely have good fortune in the future." The little girl smile coldly, she ignored him, she close her eyes to rest. The small deer call out 'Mei Mei' repeatedly, several times Xu Zhu thought of rushing forward to release it, but he don't dare to do it.

The shadow of the branch is getting shorter and shorter, the sky is gloomy, the shadow is extremely faint, its really hard to distinguish. The little girl said: "Its noon." She carried the small deer, lifted the deer's head high, she open her mouth and bite the deer's throat. The small deer call out in pain, it struggle constantly, the little girl bite on firmly, 'Gu Gu' noise came from her mouth, she suck the deer's blood continuously. Xu Zhu is startled, he shouted: " are too ruthless." The little girl did not take notice, she focus on sucking blood. The small deer movement is getting weaker and weaker, eventually it went into a brief spell of spasm and died.

The little girl had her fill of deer blood, she finally dump the dead deer, she cross her legs and sat down, one finger pointing at the sky, one finger pointing at the ground, she practiced the [Eternal Youth Never Ageing Skill] again, white smoke flow out of her nose and surrounded her head. After a long time, the little girl withdraw the smoke and stood up, she said: "Wu LaoDa, go and roast this venison."

Xu Zhu felt loathing in his heart, he said: "Little girl, presently Wu LaoDa obey your orders, he is serving you wholeheartedly, he won't dare to harm you anymore. Junior monk will take my leave now." The little girl said: "I cannot permit you to leave." Xu Zhu said: "Junior monk is anxious to find my martial uncles, if i can't find them i have to return to Shaolin Temple to report on my mission and ask for further instructions, i cannot delay anymore."

The little girl said coldly: "You refuse to listen to me, you want to leave by yourself, correct?" Xu Zhu said: "Junior monk already thought of an idea, i will stuff a monk robe full of dry grass and leaves and make a huge cloth bag, i will carry it and run away, deliberately let everyone see it, they will assume you are in the bag, they will surely chase after me. Junior monk will lure them far far away, you and Wu LaoDa can then seize the opportunity to go down the mountain and return back to your Misty Peak." The little girl said: "This idea is not bad, i thank you for thinking of such a plan for me. But i don't want to run away!" Xu Zhu said: "That its fine! You can hide here, the forest is dense and the snow thick, they can't find you, after 8-10 days they will certainly scatter and leave."

The little girl said: "After 8-10 days, i would have regain my internal energy when i was 18-19 years old, how can i allow them to walk away freely?" Xu Zhu is curious, he ask: "What?" the little girl said: "Look carefully at my appearance now, compared to two days ago, you spot any difference?" Xu Zhu concentrate and look carefully, her expression seems to have aged a few years, she's a 11-12 year old girl, she's no longer 8-9 year old, he mumbled to himself: " seem to have grown by 3 years within these 2 days. But...but your body is still the same." The little girl is extremely happy, she said: "Hey hey, your eyesight is quite good, unexpectedly you can tell i grown by 2-3 years. Stupid monk, the body of Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain is the same as a little girl, obviously she can't grow up."

Xu Zhu and Wu LaoDa had a huge shock, they said in unison: "Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain! You are Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain?"


The little girl said proudly: "Who do you think i am? Your granny's body is like a little girl, don't tell me you are all blind, you can't tell?"

Wu LaoDa open his eyes widely and gaze at her for a long time, the corner of his mouth trembled, it seems he want to speak but he is unable to say it out, after a long time he suddenly fall down on the snow ground, he whimpered: "I...i should have known it, i am the number one big idiot under the heaven. I assume you are a servant girl from Vulture Palace, a little girl, who would have are Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain!"

The little girl said to Xu Zhu: "Who do you think i am?" Xu Zhu said: "I thought you are an old female ghost that reincarnated into someone else body!" The little girl's expression became grave, she shouted: "Rubbish! What old female ghost that reincarnated into someone else body?" Xu Zhu said: "You appearance is that of a little girl, but your wisdom and voice is that of old grandmother, you call yourself granny, if you are not an old female ghost that reincarnated into someone else body then what else can you be?" The little girl laugh and said: "Little monk is indulging in fantasy!"

She turn her head and said to Wu LaoDa: "At that time i fell into your hands, you didn't take my life, now you really regret it, correct?"

Wu LaoDa turn over and sat up, he said: "Correct! I went up 3 times to Misty Peak, my eyes are covered, i didn't see your appearance. Wu LaoDa is really blind...i...i assume you are a mute girl."

The little girl said: "You heard me speak before, among the demons and ghosts from 36 Caves and 72 Islands, there are quite a few people who heard my voice as well. Granny was captured by you people, if i don't pretend to be mute maybe you people can recognize my voice." Wu LaoDa sigh repeatedly, he ask: "Your martial art is godlike, you don't need 2nd move to kill someone, how come you let me capture you and don't resist at all?"

The little girl burst into loud laughter, she said: "Previously i thank you for helping me, this is it. At that time a strong enemy is arriving, granny is unwell, its hard for me to resist, as it turns out you use a cloth-sack to carry me down the mountain, granny avoided calamity. Should i give my thanks?"when she finish speaking she suddenly revealed an ominous glare, she said strictly: "But after capturing me, you said i pretend to be mute, you employed various evil methods on your granny, its really a great crime, if not for this case i could have spared your life."

Wu LaoDa leap up, he knelt down and said: "Granny, one who does not know is not guilty, at that time, if Wu LaoDa knows you are our revered Child Elder, i will never dare to disrespect or offend you." The little girl sneered: "You are fearful but not necessarily respectful. You gathered the demons of 36 Caves and 72 Islands, all of you determined to revolt against me, how you explain this?" Wu LaoDa kowtow repeatedly, his forehead knock against the mountain rock, he knock a few times and his forehead is already dripping with blood.

Xu Zhu pondered: "So this little girl is Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain. Child Elder, Child Elder, i thought she is surnamed Tong grandma, who would have expect, this 'Tong' refers to child, she is not surnamed Tong. This person's martial art is so deep and profound, she is crafty and cunning, everyone fear her like a tiger, these past few days i assisted her, she must be laughing at me for overestimating my capability. Hey hey, Xu Zhu ah Xu Zhu, you really are an extremely stupid monk!" He saw Wu LaoDa kowtow endlessly, he did not say a word and turn around to walk away.

Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain shout loudly: "Where do you think you are going? Stop moving!" Xu Zhu turn around and press his hands together, he said: "For the past 3 days, junior monk did countless foolish things, i have to take my leave!" Child Elder said: "What foolish things?" Xu Zhu said: "Your martial art is so marvellous and divine, you dominate the entire world, junior monk did not recognize the famous person in front of me, on the contrary i even tried to save you. You are not willing to mock me, junior monk is very grateful, but i am really ashamed, so ashamed that i can't show my face."

Child Elder walk to Xu Zhu's side, she turn around and said to Wu LaoDa: "I have something to say to this little monk, you go somewhere else." Wu LaoDa said: "Yes, yes!" he stood up and walk north-east, he hid himself behind a pine tree.

Child Elder said to Xu Zhu: "Little monk, for the past 3 days, you really did save my life, its not some foolish thing. Child Elder Of Heavenly Mountain never say thanks to anyone in my entire life, but you save my life, granny will certainly repay your kindness in the future." Xu Zhu wave his hands and said: "You have superior martial arts, why you need me to save you? Obviously you are teasing me." Child Elder said solemnly: "I say you save my life, then it is exactly as stated, granny don't like others to refute my words. The internal energy i practiced, its indeed known as [Eternal Youth Never Ageing Skill]. The power of this skill is strangely formidable, once you mastered it you will be immortal, but there is a great disadvantage, you will revert back to a child every 30 years." Xu Zhu said: "Revert back to a child? Then...then isn't that good?"

Child Elder sigh and said: "Little monk, you are loyal and honest, you save my life, moreover you have extremely deep relationship with my Carefree Sect, it doesn't matter if i tell you the matter. I start practicing this skill when i was 6 year old, i revert back to a child when i was 36 year old, i spent 30 days to recover. I revert back to a child at 66 year old, i spent 60 days to recover. This year i am 96 year old, i revert back to a child again, i need 90 days to recover my internal energy." Xu Zhu stare widely, he said in surprise: "What? are 96 year old?"

Child Elder said: "I am the senior martial sister of your Master Wu YaZi, if Wu YaZi did not die he would be 93 year old, i am older than him by 3 years, don't tell me its not 96 year old?"

Xu Zhu open his eyes widely, he carefully examined her figure and complexion, she doesn't look like 96 year old at all.

Child Elder said: "This [Eternal Youth Never Ageing Skill], originally its an incomparably mystical internal energy cultivation method. But i train it too soon, i start practicing when i was 6 year old, several years later the formidable power of this internal energy became apparent, but my body can't grow up, i will forever look like an 8-9 year old child. If i start practicing this skill at 17-18 year old, i will revert back to 17-18 year old every 30 years, then it would be simply fantastic!"

Xu Zhu nod his head and said: "So it is." He heard his Master mention before, in this world some people have incomparable huge bodies, they are larger than adult when they are 7-8 year old, but some people are dwarf, even till old age they don't reach 3 chi, his Master said its due to the imbalance in the 'San Jiao', if the person practice first-class internal energy skill as soon as possible, then there is hope for cure, he said: "This internal energy of yours, are you training the Hand Meridian 'Shao Yang' of 'San Jiao'?"

Child Elder is startled, she nod her head and said: "Correct. You are just a little monk from Shaolin, unexpectedly you have such knowledge. Its said that Shaolin is the chief of martial art studies, sure enough there is some truth in it."

Xu Zhu said: "Junior monk heard my Master mention the principles of Hand Meridian 'Shao Yang' Channel before, my knowledge is extremely shallow and superficial, i am just guessing randomly." He ask: "This year you revert back to a child, what happens?"

Child Elder said: "When i revert back to a child i will lose all my internal energy. After practicing for 1 day i would regain the internal energy when i was 7 year old, the 2nd day i would regain till 8 year old, on the 3rd day i would regain till 9 year old, every day is equivalent to one year. Every day at noon i have to drink fresh blood, only then can i practice the skill. I have a mortal enemy who is fully aware of the secrets of my martial arts, she knows the exact day i revert back to a child, she will surely seize the opportunity to kill me. Granny cannot show my weakness and run away to hide, thus i instruct my subordinates on various kind of tactics to resist the enemy, granny is entirely focus on practicing my skills. Unexpectedly that mortal enemy of mine have yet to arrive but Wu LaoDa and his gang broke into Vulture Palace. My subordinates focus entirely on guarding against that mortal enemy, if not base on Cave-master An and Wu LaoDa three-legged cat skills how can they simply enter Vulture Palace? At that time i was training for the 3rd day, i was captured by Wu LaoDa. I only possess the internal energy of a 9 year old child, how can i resist? Thus i pretend to be deaf-mute, i was put in a cloth-sack and brought down the mountain. Afterwards i didn't get to drink any fresh blood, i am still stuck as a 9 year old child. When you revert back to a child, its like snake shedding its skin, everytime it shed its skin it grows up, but if it gets captured halfway while shedding skin, then there would be great danger. Luckily my internal energy was not deep during the first few years in practicing the skill, i can still survive without drinking blood for a few days, but if i delay another 1-2 days and still don't drink fresh blood, then i can't practice my skill and my energy would swell and crack open, i will surely die. This is the reason why i said you saved my life."

Xu Zhu said: "Presently you regain the internal energy when you are 11 year old, if you want to return to 96 year old, then you will have practice for 85 day? Then you have to kill 85 sika deers or antelopes or rabbits?"

Child Elder smile faintly and said: "Little monk can deduce so many things from one case, you are getting smarter. Within these 85 days, every step is difficult and dangerous, i have yet to fully regain my internal energy, Taoist BuPing, Wu LaoDa and those demons and clowns, naturally its easy to defeat them, but if my mortal enemy hear of this news and rush over to trouble me, granny can't resist, i definitely need you to be my protector."

Xu Zhu said: "Junior monk's martial art is extremely low, if senior can't handle the enemy, then naturally junior monk is also completely helpless. In my opinion, senior should run far away to avoid, after 85 days you will fully regain your internal energy and there is no need to fear anymore."

Child Elder said: "Your martial art is low, but Wu YaZi already pour his entire lifetime of internal energy into you, you just need to learn how to utilize it, then you will be good enough to spar with my mortal enemy. Let us do it this way, i will impart subtle and profound martial arts to you, you will use these martial arts to protect me against my enemy, this is called 'both side get benefits'." She did not wait for Xu Zhu to agree and said: "You are like a descendant of a rich man, your ancestors pass down a vast fortune, your foundation is extremely solid and deep, you don't have to accumulate wealth anymore, you only need to learn how to spend the money. Its easy to spend money, difficult to accumulate wealth, you will have some minor achievements if you train for 1 month, if you train for 2 month you can forcibly spar with my mortal enemy. Remember this mnemonic, the first line is 'Naturally flow with heaven....."

Xu Zhu wave his hands repeatedly and said: "Senior, junior monk is Shaolin disciple, although senior's martial art is incomparably marvellous but junior monk absolutely must not learn it, please pardon my offense." Child Elder said angrily: "Wu YaZi already completely wipe off your Shaolin martial arts, you still claim you are a Shaolin disciple?" Xu Zhu said: "Junior monk will return back to Shaolin, i will start over again and train it." Child Elder said angrily: "You resent my heretical school, you disdain learning my martial arts, correct?"

Xu Zhu said: "Followers of Buddha, we have to be merciful and save all living things, we pay particular attention to staying away from greed and lust, having a clear and bright heart. As for martial arts, admittedly its beneficial for Buddhist mediation if you train it to a very high level, but there are 84 thousand methods in Buddhist cultivation, you don't have to focus solely on martial arts. My Master told me, if you are too engross in martial arts, then it becomes a dharma-graha, it hinders your cultivation, its not good."

Child Elder saw him looking down with drooping eyebrow, he resembles a little eminent monk, he is extremely old fashion and inflexible, how should she handle him? After a while she thought of a plan, she shouted: "Wu LaoDa, go catch 2 sika deer, slaughter them immediately!"

Wu LaoDa is hiding far away, Child Elder did not have sufficient internal energy, her voice cannot travel far, she shout 3 times and Wu LaoDa finally manage to hear it and agreed. Xu Zhu is alarmed, he said: "Why you need to slaughter the sika deer? You already drink fresh blood for today correct?"

Child Elder laugh and said: "You force me to slaughter them, why the need to ask me?" Xu Zhu is even more baffled, he said: "I...i force you to slaughter?" Child Elder said: "You refuse to assist me to resist powerful enemy, i will definitely be tortured till death. Please think, will i be worried or not?" Xu Zhu nod his head and said: "That is true, 'blame and detest', one of the 7 sufferings in life, granny seek to break away from it, you have to get rid of your anger and sentiments." Child Elder said: "Hei Hei, you trying to enlighten me? Its too late now. I cannot vent this grievance of mine, i can only slaughter sheep and deer, kill all these animals to vent my anger." Xu Zhu press his hands together and said: "Buddha is merciful! Sin, sin! Senior these deer and sheep, they are really pitiful, please spare their lives!"

Child Elder sneered: "I can't even keep my own life, who is going to pity me?" She raise her voice and shout: "Wu LaoDa, quickly go catch the sika deer." Wu LaoDa replied and agreed.

Xu Zhu pace back and forth without any ideas, if he leave now he is unsure how many innocent sheep and goat have to die by Child Elder's hands, she kept emphasizing that he killed them, but he is unwilling to stay and learn martial arts from her.

Wu LaoDa's skill in catching deer is really brilliant, after a short time he grab a sika deer by its antler and drag it over. Child Elder said coldly: "Today i already drank the deer blood. Kill this stinky deer with one chop and throw it into the mountain stream." Xu Zhu quickly said: "Wait!" Child Elder said: "If you listen my instructions i can spare this deer. If you leave now, naturally i will kill 8-10 deer every day. Whether i kill more or kill less, its completely base on you. In order to save all living things, the Great Buddha said: 'If i don't go to hell who will go to hell?' Just accompany old lady for a few days, its not some arduous task like going to hell, unexpectedly you have the heart to let these group of deer die, how can you claim to be a merciful disciple of Buddha?" Xu Zhu heart turn cold, he said: "Senior is correct in lecturing me, please release the deer, Xu Zhu will listen to your instructions!" Child Elder is elated, she said to Wu LaoDa: "Release this deer! Scram far far away!"

Child Elder wait for Wu LaoDa to walk far away, she impart the mnemonic and taught Xu Zhu how to utilize his energy. Child Elder and Wu YaZi are martial brother and sister from the same sect, their martial art approach is completely identical. Xu Zhu followed her method and practiced, its extremely easy, his progress is rather quick.

The next day Child Elder practice her [Eternal Youth Never Ageing Skill], after biting the deer's neck and drinking its blood she will apply medical powder on the deer's wound, she release the deer and said to Wu LaoDa: "This little master dislike killing, from now on you cannot eat meat, you can only eat pine nut, if you eat venison, heng heng, i will slaughter you and avenge these sika deer and antelope."

Wu LaoDa verbally agreed, but he secretly curse Xu Zhu's 19 generation and 20 generation ancestors, in any case he already curse viciously a few days ago, he did not have any new trick in cursing, he knows the Child Elder treat Xu Zhu very well, when he thought of the grim outcome of the 'Tendon Breaking Bone Decaying Pill', he don't dare to be rude towards Xu Zhu in his speech.

This went on for a few days, Xu Zhu saw the Child Elder no longer kill the sheep and deer, even Wu LaoDa also went on a vegetarian diet, he felt extremely happy, he pondered: "She kept her promise strictly, how can i not do my utmost for her?" Thus he put in great effort in his training, he don't allow the slightest bit of negligence or laziness. However there are changes to the Child Elder's appearance, within 5-6 days, she transform from a 11-12 year old little girl into a 16-17 year old young maiden, but her figure is still the same, she is still short and small. In the afternoon, the Child Elder completed her training, she said to Xu Zhu and Wu LaoDa: "We stayed here for a long time, i figured those demon and bastard will come and search here. Little monk, carry me to the summit, your right hand will still carry Wu LaoDa so as to avoid leaving any trace on the snow ground."

Xu Zhu said: "Yes!" he stretch out his hand to carry the Child Elder, but he saw her appearance is tender and beautiful, her eyes sparkling, she became a pretty lady already, he is startled and withdraw his hand, he stammered: "Junior...junior monk don't dare to offend." Child Elder ask curiously: "What don't dare to offend?" Xu Zhu said: "Senior you are a young lady, you are not a little girl, and women should not have direct contact, especially more so for monk."

Child Elder laugh happily, her jade face revealed joy, her cheeks turn red, her gaze sweet and beautiful, she said: "Little monk talk rubbish, granny is a 96 year old woman, you are just carrying me for a while why so tense?" as she finish speaking she want to lean on his back. Xu Zhu is alarmed, he said: "You cannot do that, you cannot do that!" he extend his leg and ran away quickly. Child Elder executed her lightness martial art, she chase after him.

Currently, Xu Zhu's [Pure Energy of Northern Darkness] is already 30-40% complete, Child Elder only regain her internal energy till 17 year old, her lightness martial art is greatly inferior, she only chase a few steps and Xu Zhu move further and further away. Child Elder shouted: "Quickly come back!" Xu Zhu stop running and said: "I will hold your hand and jump up the tree top!" Child Elder said angrily: "You are so old fashion and inflexible, you can't even accommodate the circumstances, if you want to learn the highest level martial arts it would be difficult, difficult!"

Xu Zhu is stumped for words, he pondered: "The << Diamond Sutra>> says: 'All those with appearance, all of them fabricated' It doesn't matter if she is a little girl or young lady, their appearance all fabricated." He muttered: "Buddha say: 'When a person grows up, he is not really growing up, his body and muscles is just bigger.' Buddha say: 'Big lady is not really a big lady, she is just known as a big lady...." he walk back slowly.

Suddenly something flash in front of him, a white figure stood in front of Child Elder. This person seems to be present yet not present, moving forward yet backward, entire body dressed in white clothes same as the colour of white snow, the figure is indistinct and hazy.

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