The Strange Swordsman of Kanglam Volume 16 (End)

Volume 16 (End)

The old beggar she Thio laughed giddily, then said: "In terms of age does not matter we are friends and can negotiate martial arts, that's a happy affair. Therefore, I, as an old beggar, can get a friend like you, right. - really happy, but it's you yourself, do you not feel disgusted and look down on me this poor beggar?"

Bin An quickly clasped his hands in salute as he said. "Thank you for the award given by Thio Locianpwe, if indeed Thio Locianpwe said that, of course I dare not deny it!"

The old beggar she Thio laughed

He laughed again, then he said: "Good... Good...! It's really exciting! And since I'm older than you, then you just need to call me Toako, no need to use Locianpwe at all! You certainly agree Hiante (sister)?" Bin An nodded. But just as he wanted to answer, at that time a voice shouted: "Temperature! Temperature!" and followed by a red shadow running toward him.

Bin An who has very sharp eyes, can immediately see that the red shadow is a girl who is running towards him, behind him seems to be chasing several figures.

Meanwhile the old beggar she Thio had said in a surprised manner: "Hey, hey, who dares to be so rude to my student?"

And Thio Jiauw It's body had jumped very lightly, landing on the girl.

"Siong-jie, who dares to insult you?" he shouted. The girl in red had arrived near the beggar,

in his hand he held a sword that gleamed in the sunlight.

"The temperature... the three people have insulted me, you must beat him to vent my anger...!"

And just as the girl in the red dress said that, the three pursuers had arrived. They are three people whose way of dressing is rather extraordinary, namely wearing clothes like hwesio, but they maintain hair, and also the three of them are emaciated, when running around they come very fast and agile, they are like floating bamboo poles, judging from the way they look. When they ran, it was obvious that the three people had high ginkangs.

The beggar's eyes narrowed, he had blocked the three people. "You impudent humans, dare to insult my students, heh? You need to be beaten!" said Thio Jiauw lt.

The three chasers had restrained   their footsteps, stopped running in unison, and one of the eldest, perhaps fifty years old, while the other two were over forty, had also glared at the beggar she Thio while yelling. :

"Old beggar fart, apparently you are the teacher of that shameless female demon! Fine, the student must be beaten, the teacher must be beaten!"

And without much more to say that person had stretched out his hand to attack Thio Jiauw It.

Thio Jiauw lt furrowed his brows, he snapped viciously. "Humans don't know death!" he said in a voice that

cold, and he held out his hand.

In fact, that person's intelligence is not low, but by the hands of Thio Jiauw It, his body has been thrown very hard.

But he immediately jumped up. The two friends who were stunned for a moment because they were shocked to see this, now woke up with anger.

They had let out a shriek and charged forward, while the other one, who had been sent flying too, had also come crashing down again.

Thio Jiauw lt let out a mocking snort when he saw himself being beaten by the three of them like that.

"Hemm, the three of you must be beaten really until my heart is satisfied ..!" he said. "The three of you have been   insolent to my students, and now boasting with behavior like this then you need to get the punishment commensurate with your actions...!" 

Thio Jiauw It didn't just say that, because he made a loud yelling sound accompanied by his fast moving hands. Where he has moved his hands accompanied by a very strong sine energy.

The ending was extraordinary, because the three of them had easily been knocked back by Thio Jiauw It.

One of the three, who was older, had said angrily: "We Sam Sing Cie Sian (Three Golden Fingered Kingkong) will not end this until here... we will pit our souls against you, you old beggar!"

It seemed that, even though they had been blown away by Thio Jiauw It, in reality they had no fear, they rushed back in unison.

Thio Jiauw It laughed mockingly, seeing the attack of the three people, he let out a long whistling sound, then used both hands, speeding with very agile body movements.

This time, Thio Jiauw It had used an extraordinary skill, without mercy the bodies of the three Sam Sing Cie-sians had bounced and collapsed on the ground. In fact, they could not get up, because their bones had been broken and they fell almost unconscious.

After groaning for a while, they finally managed to stand up.

"Why are you chasing my students?" snapped Thio Jiauw It in a cold voice. One of the Sam Sing Cie Sian has answered with a grimace in pain, in his waist.

"That student of yours... that female demon.... she's been bothering us, she's trying to steal our stuff." explain the person.

Thio Jiauw It's face changed, he laughed mockingly. "Although   my student   's   own   teacher   beggar

poor like myself, I thought that my disciple had no soul

such a lowly person, he certainly will not enter other people's property!"

"But instead we caught him dismantling our pauwhok ..!" said the oldest person from Sam Sing Cie Sian.

Thio Jiauw It has turned to his disciple, he asked: "Siong-jie, is what he said true?"

The girl in red nodded.

"They're three bad guys, so I meant to play with him, but not to take his stuff." replied the girl.

The beggar had laughed mockingly at Sam Siang Cie Sian, he said: "Well, you hear yourself, you three are shameless humans, you want to use the power of the three of you, to insult a girl who is my student! it seems that you are not a good human race!"

Sam Siang Cie Sian's face had turned bright red, then they almost together asked: "What is your name, old beggar fart?"

When he asked that, the eyes of the three people seemed to exude an extraordinary hatred. "You want to know my name? I am the poor old beggar she Thio and his name is Jiauw It!" replied Jiauw It while making a cold laugh.

"Thio... Thio Jiauw It ?" exclaimed the three people Sam Siang Cie Sian in a surprised manner. "Was it Thio Jiauw It who once served as the head of Kaypang?"

Thio Jiauw It nodded in approval and he smiled mockingly.

The three people, Sam Sing Cie Sian had looked at each other and then turned their bodies, without saying a word, the three of them had run very fast to leave the place.

Their hearts were also filled with great fear after knowing that the person who so easily knocked them down was none other than Thio Jiauw It whose name was so well-known in the martial arts forest as a martial arts figure who was powerful and had very high intelligence.

Thio Jiauw It didn't chase, he let the three people go. And then turned to his disciple, he said: "Siongjie, quickly pay respects to my friend, Mrs. Bin An who is famous as Kang Lam Koay Hiap!"

The girl in red had turned to Bin An, watching the young man with sharp eyes, he seemed to hesitate, because he saw that the young man's age was not far from his age.

"Siongjie, hurry up and salute!" Thio Jiauw It commanded again, "Why do you consist of sculpting there?"

Reluctantly the girl in red had approached Bu Bin An, clasped her hands together and dared to salute, he said. "Siauw-moay Siangkoan-ctt hereby salutes you, Toako."

Mrs. Bin An quickly dodged to the side and said: "Don't be too civil, don't dare to accept Miss's honor."

Thio Jiauw It laughed heartily, he said to Bin An: "Miss Hiante, this is my only disciple... for several years he has followed me everywhere, even willing to live in a quiet place like the Himalayan peaks."

"Toako is so lucky to have students as beautiful and smart as Siangkoan-cu Moay-moay!" Bin An referred to the girl as Moay-moay, i.e. sister, because their ages didn't differ much.

Hearing Bin An's praise, the she Siangkoan girl's face turned red.

Meanwhile, Thio Jiauw It has told his students that Bu Bin An's intelligence is very high, not below his intelligence.

"And you will certainly be able to ask for instructions from Mrs. Hiante!" said Thio Jiauw It.

Bu Bin An quickly humbled herself, while Siangkoan-cu herself had been busy telling her experience of why she had clashed with Sam Ready   Cie Sian, the three Kingkongs who had golden fingers.

"They are three criminals who have high intelligence, criss-cross as they wish to oppress people around this place, so when I found out about them, I immediately looked for them and wanted to give them a beating.

But unfortunately I can only find out where they live in an inn that is used as their nest, where the owner of the inn is also under their control, which is to tell them if there are guests who have enough money, so they can extort and rob things... and when i arrived at the room  they, Sam Sing Cie Sian was not in his room, they were out, I immediately checked their respective bundles... but just as I opened them, they had come... so we had fought and the battle had made me very desperate... Their intelligence is above mine, because the three of them were ganging up on me, so naturally I couldn't keep fighting with them and quickly ran away. It's good to meet the temperature, if it's too late, of course they will mistreat me...!"

After hearing his student's story, Thio Jiauw It burst out laughing. He said: "Hmmm, you are a naughty child..."

Meanwhile, Mrs. Bin An, while listening to the girl's story, was smiling, but secretly she noticed the girl who had a beautiful and attractive face.

Siangkoan Cu once turned around and saw Bu Bin An was watching him like that, his face had turned red.

After talking for a few more sabbaths, Bu Bind An said goodbye to continue his journey, Thio Jiauw It held him for a conversation and looked for a place to spend the night, but Thio Jiauw It's request was rejected by Bu Bin An, arguing that he still had needs. other.

"Well, Mrs. Hiante... hopefully another time we can meet again..!" said the beggar.

Bu Bin An had paid respects to Thio Jiauw It and Siangkoan-cu, then continued on his way, while Thio Jiauw It and the girl Siangkoan-cu had watched the young man leave.

After the image of Bu Bin An disappeared from their eyes, Mr. Jiauw It told how he had tested Bin An's intelligence, and in a few moments he had managed to see that Bu Bin An's intelligence was extraordinary.

"That young man has extraordinary intelligence and at such a young age he already has such high intelligence...!" after saying that, Thio Jiauw It with a big smile had said:

"And it would be nice, if you could go with him to ask him for instructions, because I'm too old and your teacher can't always accompany you... Mrs. Hiante is very suitable to be your bodyguard!"

Siangkoan-cu's face turned red.

"Temperature is just kidding...!" he said in an embarrassed manner.

But Thio Jiauw It has shown a serious attitude.

"I'm already old and I've had my fill of traveling to various places to know human nature. And for decades I've also trained my intelligence during that time no one has ever been able to beat my intelligence, only Mrs. Hiante who can match my intelligence well.

"He is young, I see he has a good character as told by your teacher friends, that Kang Lam Koay Hiap Bu Bin An is a young warrior who always takes the path of justice... he is also handsome and has such high intelligence, if only you are matched and you can be his wife, that is your good mate, where you can be a very good wife while learning high martial arts from her ...! this business!"

The she Siangkoan girl's face turned redder, she said: "The temperature is just teasing me!" and he has run away from his master.

Thio Jiauw It burst out laughing, he said: "Bad boy, it's hard to get a husband as great and handsome as that!" and he had chased after him, to catch up with his disciple, while the sound of his booming laughter still sounded faintly, until at last it disappeared, and the place became silent again.


BU BIN AN, who at that time had continued his journey, when it was getting late, he arrived at the town of Kanglun, which was not far from Kang-ho. Kang-lun city is not as big and crowded as Kang-ho city, but the population is quite dense.

Bin An looked for an inn but when he was on the highway and passed a restaurant, his nose had smelled the aroma of various dishes, his stomach rumbled.

Bin An immediately decided to grip his stomach first before looking for an inn.

He immediately entered the restaurant and immediately ordered several kinds of dishes.

The waiter at the restaurant respectfully served him, and immediately Mrs. Bin An's order was prepared. Because he was really hungry, Bin An immediately "brushed out" the dish, instead adding some vegetables and two bowls of rice.

While Bin An was eating heartily, suddenly someone said in a low voice: "Ah, what forest monkey has come here so hungry?"

Bin An glanced, he saw that the person who said those words was a man aged over thirty years, dressed as a student and sitting at a table near the window, three tables apart from where he was sitting.

But then Bin An continued to eat, he remained silent not serving the ridicule even though he knew that the ridicule was directed at him.

The student let out a bland laugh, he waved his hand for the maid.

When the maid approached him the student said in a voice containing ridicule: "There is a very, very bad smell in this room... probably because a hungry forest monkey is also in this room."

The waiter was of course surprised, he had shown an attitude of incomprehension.

"What... what does Kong cu mean?" asked the waiter.

The student has pursed his lips at Bin An, he said: "You didn't see the forest monkey? Hi, hi, what do you have eyes for?"

The servant who saw the student pursed his lips at Bin An, had turned to look at Bin An, the servant's heart became uncomfortable, because he immediately realized that the student was mocking Bin An, he was afraid there would be a commotion.

"Kongcu... this. r.. this..!" he said in a stuttering voice.

The student laughed coldly.

"I have said that this room smells bad then you have to get rid of the jungle monkey, my appetite has decreased with the jungle monkey, in this room ..!" while saying that, the student glanced.

Incidentally, Bin An also glanced, so that he could see the gaze of the student's eyes, So Bin An stood up from his seat, put his chopsticks and bowl over to the student.

"Brother," he said with a big laugh. "This restaurant turns out to be a restaurant that has a chef who is very clever, out of three dishes, it may not be inferior to the Emperor's palace. Until a hungry forest monkey came to this restaurant, to join in tasting the special cuisine of the chef of this restaurant. But unfortunately, apparently The food supply in this restaurant is not sufficient to cover the forest monkey's hunger, causing him to want to eat Kau-pek (white dog) which is fat and does not like to eat because of his curvaceous body..!"

And without waiting for the student's answer at which time the student showed a cynical attitude when Bin An spoke, suddenly Bin An's right hand was stretched out and immediately lifted the student's body, he slammed the student's body hard on the floor, saying: "And you- The pack is the most delicious when it is smashed so that the meat is tender!"

The student was shocked when his body was lifted into the middle of the air, and he was even more shocked when his body slammed so hard on the floor, his eyes became watery and also his head suddenly lay eggs, because he had kissed the floor, causing his head to bulge and from his nose blood red quite a lot,

Because of the pain, the student let out a loud scream. He was the son of a dignitary who served in this city, by relying on the power of his parents, he always acted arbitrarily.

Earlier, when he saw Bin An, who was only wearing simple clothes, he suspected a villager who was stopping in this city. So, as was his habit, he mocked him and intended to ask the waiter to kick Bin An out.

But who would have thought that the student had been hit by the stone, Bin An was not only a highly intelligent person, he was also a martial arts figure who had become the leader of various martial arts schools. That way, he was so shocked when he was slammed like that.

"You... impudent youth... are you looking for death?" snapped the student as he crawled up, "Ouch... ouch... I will order someone to arrest you, to be beheaded..."

But before the student finished his sentence, Bin An had snorted with a mocking voice, then stretched out his hand and gripped the shirt on the student's chest as he said: "I told you,   before cooking, Kauw-pek must be slammed first, so that it becomes soft, it really needs to be made soft..!" and he slammed again.

The student just screamed in pain with a very loud voice, instead he shouted: "Help....

please.... catch the bad guys! Catch the bad guy..!" The restaurant waiter was confused, he did know who the student was, so he interrupted and saluted Bin An.

"Kongcu... forgive and forgive Wang Kongcu... Wang Kongcu is. is the son of Tiehu in this city!"

Hearing the servant's words, Bin An had let out a cold laugh, he said: "I don't want to know if he is the son of Tiehu or the son of the Emperor, all I know is he is a Kauw-pek who needs to be beaten!" and again Bin An stretched out his hand, gripped the student's steel, lifted the body of the person he was about to slam again.

Of course, the student became very frightened, he screamed for help.

Bin An did not care, he slammed anyway.

Instantly the body of the student, Wang Tiehu's son was slammed down again, so hard, he groaned in pain.

At that moment there was the sound of very busy footsteps and several state soldiers had entered the restaurant with a fierce attitude. Many restaurant guests immediately got rid of themselves when they saw that there was going to be a commotion.

The soldiers of that country were the subordinates of Wang Tiehu, and they had received a report from one of Wang Kongcu's acquaintances, that Wang Kongcu was being beaten half to death by someone, and the son of the ruler of the country was suffering from being slammed and was likened to Kauw- pack.

"Where's the criminal?" shouted some of the country's soldiers, "Where is the man?"

And while shouting like that, the soldiers of the country have pulled out their respective machetes with a fierce attitude. At that time Wang Kongcu was curled up on the floor in pain and fear, when he saw the arrival of the country's soldiers, he woke up his spirits, with a grimace in pain, he had already pointed at Bin An while shouting: "That's the criminal, catch the forest monkey. ..capture and evict to receive punishment..."

Without much further ado, the seven or eight national soldiers charged towards Bin An. They had moved their machetes, one of them had snapped threateningly: "Just surrender well, otherwise you will perish at our hands...!"

Bin An let out a mocking snort, seeing Wang Kongcu's behavior, he immediately knew that the son of the ruler of the country was a handsome young man who often caused trouble and relied on his father's power to act arbitrarily.

Moreover, now seeing the arrival of the country's army, who had threatened with their sharp weapons, made Bin An even more unhappy.

Without saying a word, Bin An's body flashed as he swung his right hand, and "plakkk!" one of the country's soldiers had his face covered and the eyes of the country's soldiers dimmed, his head was dizzy, and his body fell to the floor while making a scream of pain.

The country's army comrades became angry and moved their respective machetes to attack Bin An, but Bin An did not look down on the attack. His body was very agile, tired of flashing here and there, and his hands were working. So the bodies of the country's soldiers had "flyed" and were slammed down one by one, criss-crossed on the floor, bruised, and moaning in pain, because their blood path of "Mo-lie-hiat" was tired.

If a person is punctured by the blood of his "Mo-lie hiat", it will cause the victim of the stroke to suffer great pain, and also be unable to move his limbs.

With that, the country's soldiers curled up on the floor without being able to move their limbs, only groaning in pain.

The student who became the son of Wang Tie hu was originally excited to see the arrival of the country's soldiers who were his father's men, but his spirit seemed to fly away from his body when he saw Bin An so easily take care of the country's army.

Bin An had turned to the Wang Kong cu, and said in a cold voice: "Hmm, my work was interrupted by the arrival of the country's soldiers, where I haven't finished yet to tenderize Kauw-pek meat! Hu! Hu! now I will keep it up..!" while saying that, it seemed that Bin An had stepped closer to Wang Kongcu.

Wang Kongcu's body trembled with fear, and his knees went limp he had knelt down

"My... my Taihiap... I... I don't dare insult you again...!" he said while asking for forgiveness.

But Bin An let out a mocking laugh. "Now   you   say you will   not do evil   

again,   because   you are   the center   of fear   and   not   helpless,

but once you have the chance hmmmm, hmmm, a cruel and evil hearted human like you, how can you be trusted with your sincerity?"

Not playing with Wang Kongcu's fear he returned to his knees nodding his head, until his forehead hit the floor several times making a loud sound.

"I swear I won't commit any more crimes... I mean I won't commit any more crimes!" he said.

But Bin An didn't care about the attitude of the student, who was the son of a state official who was originally so arrogant and arbitrary, he stepped closer to Wang Kongcu, saying: "Kouw-pek is generally only soft if it has been slammed dozens of times. time...!" and his hand reached out to grip it again, whereupon he lifted the body of Wang Kongcu, who was screaming for mercy, then Bin An slammed him so that the student's body slammed into the floor so hard that he almost fainted, because his eyes were dark and cloudy.

Bin An laughed mockingly. "Hmmm, soon my Kauw-pek will be soft and freshly cooked!" stretched out his hand again, to grip Wang Kongcu's body, to slam it too. Wang Kongcu himself was very scared while shouting for mercy to Bin An.

Bin An ignored him lifting Wang Kongcu's body high, which he was about to slam down.

But before he moved his hand to slam Wang Kongcu, that's when someone heard someone yelling viciously: "Hold on!"

Bin An glanced, he saw in the doorway stood an old tojin, but still had a fresh body and also a healthy red face, he was looking savagely at Bin An.

Seeing the tojin, which was suspected by Bin Aa to be Wang Tiehu's accomplice, he let out a   cold laugh , his hands were moved and he had slammed Wang Kongcu's body, until the young man's body slammed hard and roared in pain, wriggled twice, then passed out unconscious. self.

The tojin's face turned a dark red because of anger, he threw the hudtim that was blocked in his right hand, then he quickly moved the hudtim into his left hand, his right hand had pulled out his long sword.

"Sring...!" The sword was pulled out emitting a very sharp light.

"Idiot young man you dare to torture our Wang Kongcu? Hemm, it seems that you are tired of living...!" and the tojin's body jumped towards Bin An, while moving his sword to stab at Bin An.

Bin An mana jeri faced the tojin, when he saw the flash of the tojin sword he dodged to the side, Bin An's movement was fast and agile, so that the stab of the tojin sword hit an empty place.

But the tojin apparently not only used a sword as a weapon, but also used his hudtim as a weapon, where as soon as the stab of his sword fell into an empty place, he accompanied it with his hudtim speed, which grabbed Bin An's head with the fur of the hudtim gathered together.

Seeing the way the tojin attacked, Bin An knew that this tojin had decent intelligence, without wasting any more time Bin An stretched out his left hand, knowingly the team's hud feathers had been blocked, once Bin An squeezed it, the hudtim feathers crumbled, and scattered everywhere.

Tojin's face changed. and let out a surprised cry, because he did not expect that a young man as young as Bin An could have such high lwekang strength, once squeezing the hudtim's feathers were crushed. And it must be known that the tojin had attacked with his hudtim which turned hard like iron.

But who would have thought, so easily Bin An had destroyed the fur of his hudtim. After being stunned for a moment, the tojin let out an angry shout: "Pinto Ko Sun Tojin will ask for a lesson from you, impudent young man...!" and finished with his words, it seemed Ko Sun Tojin had moved his sword which was rotated very fast, the hilt of his team's hood was also used repeatedly to punch the blood path in Bin An's body.

Ko Sun Tojin is one of the third-year students of the Ceng-shia-pay school door. a school door- consisting of all students from followers of the To religion.

Thus, the students at the school door are tojin2 who study the To religion and martial arts, the swordsmanship from the school door is not under the swordsmanship of Kun Lun Pay, because indeed the Kiam-hoat from the door of the Ceng-shia-pay school is a clever kiam hoat. once. Moreover, Ko Sun To Jin is a third-rate student, so he has reliable intelligence.

Unfortunately, now he is dealing with Bin An, a martial artist who has extraordinary intelligence, so that Ko Sun Lojin's intelligence seems to have nothing else. Tojin's sword has been rolling fast, flashing here and there quickly and the light of the sword always flashes to the deadly parts of Bin An's body.

But Bin An always dodged it easily, and after passing ten moves. Bin An had moved his hands, his left hand had snatched the hilt of the hudtim tojin, while his right hand had flicked the tojin sword, causing a loud sound.

And not only that, once flicked, the sword immediately broke.

The Tojin was very surprised, his face turned pale when he jumped back. Ko Sun Tojin has sufficient intelligence and usually for ordinary masters, it is difficult to deal with him. And now, a young Bin An had easily knocked him down, and snatched the hilt of his hudtim, whose feathers had been crushed, even his sword had been flicked broken. Thus, Ko Sun Tojin was shocked and surprised.

He could hardly believe what he saw that a young man like Bin An could have such high intelligence.

Even though he learned his knowledge while still in his mother's womb, there was no way he could have such proficient inner strength. " thought Ko Sun Tojin. And while

thinking so, Ko Sun Tojin had been staring intently at Bin An.

"What's your name, you impudent young man?" snapped Ko Sun Tojin, "Aren't you afraid of facing punishment from Wang Tiehu?"

Bin An laughed coldly.

"I am a forest monkey who is hungry and wants to eat white dog meat!" replied Bin An in a cold voice. "But unexpectedly, not to mention that the white dog was made soft for cooking, another buffalo has come!"

Ko Sun Tojin's face turned red, he was aware that the words "buffalo" that Bin An said were directed at him.

"Hmmm, you are too arrogant, young man, you think I have given up on defeat, huh?" and along with his words, Ko Sun Tojin had lunged with his bare hands, because his broken sword and hilt of his hudtim had been thrown to the floor.

But Bin An dodged nimbly, he didn't give Ko Sun Tojin a chance to attack him at all.

When Ko Sun Tojin's blows came again and again, Bin An said coldly: "Hmm, you stupid bull, still stupid buffalo, who is good at butting!" and after saying that, Bin An was incredibly fast moving left and right with a very nimble jump, and he had moved both hands to hit the tojin.

Bin An's two hands hit right, his left fist hit Ko Sun Tojin's nose, while his right hand, using his palm, hit Tojin's shoulder.

Ko Sun Tojin let out a loud shriek, whereupon his nose immediately leaked red blood, and his body had stumbled backwards onto the floor.

Quickly Ko Sun Tojin crawled to his feet, he roared curiously, and had lunged at Bin An again to complain. Seeing the two tojin's hands throw a punch at him, Bin An laughed coldly.

"Silly buffalo, you always ask to beat it!" said Bin An mockingly.

And when Ko Sun's body had lunged close, Bin An didn't dodge the tojin's two hands at all, instead he had stretched out his hand to greet the tojin's fist, As soon as Bin An snapped and kicked him, the tojin's body was thrown into the air, then fell down on the ground.

Bin An has said: "Quickly you go, I'm still busy trying to tenderize my Kauw-pek meat...!"

Ko Sun Tojin writhed with pain, his waist felt like it was about to break from the slam. And he crawled up, then after looking at Bin An for a while, he shuffled away from the place.

Wang Kongcu, who had been watching with pounding hearts, how Ko Sun To jin attacked Bih An, prayed in his heart, so that the tojin, who was his father's subordinate, could win but unfortunately, the person who was expected to help him, it turns out that Bin An can be knocked down easily.

In fact, when Ko Sun Tojin was expelled by Bin An, he had just passed away, causing Wang Kongcu to be even more frightened, his body shivered hard at the thought of the suffering he would also receive, so he couldn't hold back anymore he opened his mouth, crying loudly like a child who did not get anything. toy...!

Bin An laughed coldly, he walked over to the son of the prince of the country, stretched out his hand and gripped the clothes of the prince of the country, which he lifted and then slammed.

"Bukkkk!" Wang Kongcu's body had slammed into the ground again, and he screamed in pain the second time Wang Kongcu fell unconscious.

Bin An had sat back in his chair, he waited until Wang Kongcu woke up from his stupor.

At that time, Wang Kongcu fainted not too long ago, he woke up while screaming in pain and crying in fear.

At that moment, Bin An seemed to have risen from his seat, he approached again.

Wang Kongcu was terrified, he knelt down and prayed for mercy while crying loudly.

Bin An did not care, he had stretched out his hand, gripping about to slam, but this time it was only a mere threat, because as soon as he lifted the high body of the son of the ruler of the country, he asked in a cruel voice: "Do you have the courage to do something arbitrarily next time? ""

Wang Kongcu said with tears in his eyes: "No... don't dare... forgive me Taihiap, I don't dare anymore..."

Bin An released his grip, Wang Kongcu's body slammed down slowly.

"Go..." Bin An snapped in a cold voice. Like    obtaining    something    that is   encouraging,

Wang Kongcu without saying anything else has defied

feet, ran away from the house.

Bin An ordered food from the waiter again, to continue his thirst. The waiter treated and served Bin An with a very respectful attitude, because he had seen how Bin An was a young swordsman who had high intelligence, the other waiter had cleared the chairs and tables that were overturned due to the commotion.

While preparing the food for Bin An, the waiter had said in a low voice:   "Taihiap... you have to be careful... usually if someone gets into a fight with Wang Kongcu, of course you will have unpleasant affairs...!"

"You mean?" asked Bin An then smiled very calmly.

"Wang Kongcu's father Wang Tichu spoiled him a lot, whenever his son was noisy with other people, he always wanted to interfere and tried to use power to oppress people who were noisy with his son, then it would be nice, if after eating, Taihiap left this place !"

"Thank you for your kindness!" said Bin An with a smile and reached into his pocket, presenting the maid with three tails of silver. "If necessary, his parents must be beaten too!"

The waiter was shocked. "Taihiap!"

"Never mind," said Bin An, smiling when he saw the waiter's face turn pale. "You don't need to worry, if indeed the evil Tiehu sends his people, then I will beat Tiehu himself, so that he will give up...!"

And without bothering the waiter who stood stunned in his place with a pale face, Bin An had eaten again. When Bin An was eating, suddenly outside the restaurant there was a noise.

"No... it's not that we don't want to accept your arrival, but of course it will disturb the peace and appetite of the other guests, the voices of several waiters who are very busy preventing someone from entering the dining room.

Bin An glanced, then called a servant who was close to him, asked: "What's going on outside? Or did the Tiehu She Wang people come to look for business with me?"

The waiter said he wanted to take a look outside, not long after he returned to report to Bin An, there was a beggar dressed in rags and lewd, forcing him to come in and eat at this restaurant.

But along with the old beggar, who according to the servant was probably eighty years old, was a beautiful girl dressed in red.

Bin An was reminded of Thio Jiauw It and Siangkoan Cu.

"Tell them to come in, let me invite them and treat them!" said Bin An.

The servant looked hesitant, but he did not dare to disobey Bin An's orders.

At that time outside there was still a commotion outside, punctuated by the giggling sound of someone, who was known to Bin An, because he had heard the sound of giggling.

The waiter who was ordered by Bin An to invite the special guest quickly returned accompanied by an old beggar and a beautiful girl, namely Siangkoan Cu and Thio Jiauw It!

"Toako, indeed I had guessed, that the special guest who made these friendly waiters eat so unruly busy must be you!" said Bin An as he rose from his seat and invited his friend   , along with his friend's student to sit at the table with him.

Seeing Bin An, was not playing happy Thio Jiauw It. he was prancing.

"You mate, we can meet again here!" said the old beggar with a laugh.

While Siangkoan Cu turned red, he looked down in shame.

So, these three people had eaten with Bin An and had ordered many kinds of vegetables for Thio Jiauw It and Siangkoan Cu. They chatted happily, Dan Bin An had told of his experience earlier, which had beaten Wang Kongcu, which he slammed like slamming Kauw-pek, to make it soft.

Thio Jiauw It and Siangkoan Cu laughed happily, then asked Siangkoan Cu: "Toako you said earlier that Wang Tiehu would not want to understand what happened to his son and would send his people to look for a commotion with you... of course there will be exciting crowd."

Bin An nodded.

"If that Tiehu really doesn't know himself, and sends his men here, we can beat him together!" said Bin An. Thio Jiauw It laughed loudly, then said: "Counts heat up my blood... and as an exercise to smack people..."

The three of them had laughed loudly again. Many guests, who were worried that there would be a commotion in the dining room, had left.

While chewing chicken thighs, Thio Jiauw It had asked Bin An: "Hiante, is there something I want to ask you?"

"Please Toako, what question is Toako going to ask?"

"But don't be angry, okay?" said Thio Jiauw It with a serious attitude.

Bin An laughed.

"Why should you be angry?" he asked. "How old are you this year?" "Twenty-six years!"

"A mature enough age to have a mate...!" said Thio Jiauw It.

Bin An was taken aback. he was stunned for a moment.

"What do Toako's words mean?" asked Bin An, and then glanced at Siangkoan Cu.

The old beggar she Thio was laughing heartily, then he said: "Look, I see you are mature enough, of course you must have a mate, right?


"I guess, it's still too early to talk about Toako!" "It's not a matter of timing, but if you don't mind, I'd like to mess with the affair to match it!" said Thio Jiauw It.

"Ha?" Bin An was surprised.

Again, Thio Jiauw It burst into laughter, while Siangakoan Cu blushed, looking down in shame with a red face.

"Listen Hiante, I have a female student, who is also not far from your age, I'm old, and can't stay with my stupid student forever, so I'm always worried that if one day I go to the grave, there will be the person who insults my student who has no intelligence means that.

"Although I have just met you and tied the knot of friendship but I have seen you are a good young man, And I have heard quite a lot from friends that Kang Lam Koay Hiap is still single, not yet married. So if indeed you don't laugh and want to, I I really want to experience being a matchmaker to double my student's match with you...!" and after saying that, Thio Jiauw It burst out laughing again.

Bin An was surprised. he quickly stood up from his seat, clasped his hands together to salute the old beggar.

" dare I accept such an honor?" he said.

"Why?" asked Thio Jiauw It who stopped laughing and looked at Bin An with narrowed eyes. Bin An quickly said very carefully: "I'm a wild person, I don't have any intelligence that can be relied on by being trusted by Toako who wants to give your student to be my soul mate, it really is a great fortune. for me, but I dare not accept it!"

Thio Jiauw It's face became serious when he said: "You don't talk too much. Now just tell me, are you willing or not to take this student of mine as your wife?"

Bin An's face turned red, he glanced at Siangkoan Cu, who at that time was also raising his head slightly glancing at him.

Two pairs of eyes clashed, and the girl seemed surprised to have lowered her head deeply with flushed cheeks, feeling very hot.

Bin An himself could not help but turn his face red. "Actually Toako, I don't know myself

why to get lucky like this, to receive a special offer from you Toako...! But since the matter of marriage is about Siangkoan Cu Moay-moay himself, will he agree, while it is clear to me that I don't even dare to hope for it."

Thio Jiauw It had laughed.

"If indeed you have agreed, this disciple of mine will certainly agree, I have asked him first, it is impossible for me to make an offer, like this to you Hibante if indeed my student does not like you..." and after saying that, Thio Jiauw It laughed bitterly. laugh again.

Bin An felt his cheeks heat up unbelievably, while Siangkoan Cu himself had lowered his head even more while smiling, his face radiated a light of happiness and joy.

So the double mate affair that was carried out by the beggar Thio Jiauw It has been completed.

But when Thio Jiauw It wanted to say more, just to explain about the situation of his students who had strict and violent customs, so that Bin An could treat him patiently, at that time there was a commotion outside the restaurant.

Thio Jiauw It has furrowed his brows, he said: "Maybe Tiehu she Wang is tired of sending his people... so that those people will become Kauw-pek again... Let's take a look outside, don't damage all the furniture in the house eat it !" while saying that, Thio Jiauw It had jumped to head out of the dining room.

Bin An agreed while reaching into his pocket, he placed twenty taels of silver on the table, as payment for the food items they had finished.

Together with Siangkoan Cu, with smiles they had headed out of the room.

Outside, it looks like more than a hundred troops from the country's army. They are the ones who make the noise. And with them were seen several rotten people (silat experts), each of whom had sharp weapons in their hands. There was also Ko Sun Tojin, who didn't dare to stand too much in front, he seemed to be still timid.

"Where is he the villain? Where is he the villain?" shouted the busu.

Ko Sun Tojin had pointed to Bin Atn, saying: "There he is...!" The busu let out a loud scream: "Catch the criminals! Catch the criminals and they charge while moving their sharp weapons.

Likewise, the country's soldiers, had rushed to attack the three Bin An, with Thio Jiauw It and Siangkoan Cu very noisy.

Apparently Wang Tiehu who received a report from his son that the one who had persecuted his son was a martial artist who had high intelligence, Tiehu immediately sent several rotten people accompanied by over a hundred troops from the country's army. With such an amount of power, the Tiehu was confident that he could catch the person who had wronged his son.

Bin An turned to Siangkoan Cu, he said: "Siangkoan Moay-moay, let's beat them up, to cheer up ..." and Bin An has jumped, both hands have worked, slamming the soldiers.

Meanwhile, Siangkoan Cru, who was overjoyed, also beat up the country's troops. Moreover, Thio Jiauw It, who had jumped to and fro, while emitting his laughter for a while, his hands moved to and fro, and many of the country's soldiers that he had thrown, fell unconscious on the ground, unable to move anymore, and many had their arms and legs broken. as a result of a heavy blow. Ko Sun Tojin when he saw the development of such a situation, he became really scared.

The Tojin had twisted his body, meaning to escape.

But Bin An had set his feet, his body had jumped swiftly, suddenly the tojin was behind him. Bin An quickly reached out his hand, hitting the tojin's back.

"Evil Tojin, you really need to be beaten...!" and the punch of Bin An's palm stopped on the tojin's back very hard, making a loud sound and the tojin's body had fallen while making a scream of spewing fresh blood, and then passed out unconscious!

Likewise, the busu, who had been beaten badly and fell unconscious by Thio Jiauw It, two Siangkoan Cu, all of them generally fainted and were knocked unconscious from the hands of the masters who had extraordinary intelligence such as Thio Jiauw It, Bu Bin. An and Siangkoan Cu.

In the blink of an eye, the country's soldiers and the busu as well as Ko Sun Tojin had been criss-crossed in a battered and unconscious state, the rest of the country's army troops had fled, to save themselves.

Thio Jiauw It, Bin An and Siangkoan Cu laughed happily, they gave each other a signal, then the three of them left the place.

The three of them never parted again, wandering off together. Until finally a year later, Bin An's marriage to Siangkoan Cu took place. Because Bin An is a martial arts figure who has become a leader from various circles and sects, on his wedding day, he received a visit from many martial arts experts who all came to congratulate Bin An and Siangkoan Cu the couple.

And after marrying Kang Lam-Koay Hiap Bu Bin An with his wife, they still continue to travel, to practice their intelligence to do good deeds above justice, while Thio Jiauw It because he feels he is too old and wants to spend his old days on the top of the Himalayas, has returned the top of the mountain.

The name Kang Lam Koay Hiap is getting more and more famous too, and is respected by experts from various circles.

This is where the story of "Kang Lam Koay Hiap" ends.