The Strange Swordsman of Kanglam Volume 15

Volume 15

BU BIN AN sighed, "They each have very high intelligence," thought this young man. "Unfortunately, they rely on their intelligence for their own interests, namely trying to seize the position to determine who is the most concentrated among them... If only they wanted to use their intelligence to do good deeds to help common people who are in trouble, of course they will will be highly respected by everyone..!”

And again Bu Bin An sighed. The other masters had also looked at the battle with their eyes wide open in concern, they witnessed the two men's formidable swordsmanship. What amazed them even more was the way Kuo Lin Siang fought in which the short stature, who was known to be very airheaded, had used a short blade, but could well counterbalance Bun Cie Sun's long sword attack.

The battle between Bun Cie Sun and Kuo Lin Siang lasted for more than a hundred moves and once, Kuo Lin Siang managed to grab Bun Cie Sun's sword with his forked blade, he kicked it while emitting a very loud yelling sound.

But Bun Cie Sun was not nervous, when he saw his sword being hooked and grabbed by the fork of his opponent's blade and felt the extraordinarily strong lashing force, he didn't immediately try to let go of the hook but instead followed the rotation of his opponent's forked blade which rotated in a wide circle.

And after three rounds of sudden Bun Cie Sua let out a sudden snarl as he thrust out his sword, stabbed straight at his opponent's chest.

Because indeed Bun Cie Sun had a fairly strong lwekang, even though his sword was being stuck with the hook of his labwan blade, yet the moment he pushed it, the sword would pierce Kuo Lin Siang's chest.

In fact, such a stab was a very dangerous stab, because it came so suddenly and they were too close. Thus it had taken Kuo Lin Siang by surprise and let out a suppressed cry. Quickly he jumped back, pulling back his short knife. But Bun Cie Sun, who had calculated everything, had actually put his inner strength into "sticking" the knife with his sword, so Kuo Lin Siang wanted to take the short knife back in vain.

And in such a situation if he did not release his short knife to jump backwards, it would mean that he would be hit by Bun Cie Sun's stab. But Kuo Lin Siang was of course not willing to let go of his magic knife.

Bun Cie Sun's blade continued to stab Kuo Lin Siang's chest, and when it was a few more minutes apart, at that time Kuo Lin Siang had loosened his grip on his hooked knife and used his other hand to strike the opponent's sword by channeling his Iwekang power, so without needing to When he touched the opponent's sword, he had managed to make Bun Cie Sun's sword tilt.

At the same time, his right hand, which had released the grip on his hooked knife, hit his opponent's shoulder, so Bun Cie Sun also had to raise his sword.

As soon as Bun Cie Sun pulled back his sword, Kuo Lin Siang's hooked blade, which was still attached to his blade, was also attracted, At that moment Kuo Lin Siang stretched out his right hand, to grip the knife again, while concentrating his internal energy and turning the short blade, to grabbed his opponent's sword.

The movement made by Kuo Lin Siang was very fast and strong, he did it only for a few seconds, And from the side that was attacked and pushed, now he has even managed to change his position, so the attacker again is stomping the opponent's sword that has been caught on the knife while hand his left which was used to smack the opponent's sword, then continued to hit Bun Cie Sun's stomach!

That one palm strike, contained a lethal lwekang power, and it also seemed that Bun Cie Sun didn't have time to dodge anymore. because he must protect his sword from being seized by his opponent.

In this state, Bun Cie Sun emptied his spirit and he mustered up his inner strength, then planted his body soaring into the air so that his opponent's palm blow could be avoided. And his sword was still gripped in his hand, unable to be seized by his opponent.

Curiously Kuo Lin Siatig had moved   the hooked knife to strike again but failed again.

Bun Cie Sun, who saw the situation as it had happened, when his body slid down had pulled his sword back suddenly so that he managed to release his sword from the grip of his opponent's short blade.

Kuo Lin Siang and Bun Cie Sun both stood looking at each other with full alertness, And they got ready to attack each other again.

Both of them are heroes who have extraordinary intelligence, thus, once they have involved themselves in a decisive battle, the opponent is defeated or indeed he will be the victim of the opponent's weapon.

Therefore, before fighting again now both of them were considering how to start their attack. Thus immediately seen, the two just stood still with weapons gripped in each other's hands, ready to be moved.

After looking at it for a while, Kuo Lin Siang finally said in a cold voice. "Let's start again, accept this attack of mine..!" and suddenly his forked knife had flashed and stabbed again at Bun Cie Sun.

Kuo Lin Siang did a stab accompanied by great internal strength because he wanted to be decisive in this attack, in order to find out who he was more concerned about or to beat his opponent who was more manly.

But Bun Cie Sun didn't just stand still, seeing how his opponent attacked him, he turned his sword, his sword radiance rolled around his body, there was no way Kuo Lin Siang's short blade could break through Bun Cie Sun's defense.

Thus it seemed that several times Kuo Lin Siang had stabbed, several times he had to pull back his short knife.

When Kuo Lin Siang was about to stab again, it was at that time that a shadowy figure flashed into the middle of the battle arena. Then along with mana, the shadowy figure had stretched out its hand, flicking towards the short blade in Kuo Lin Siang's hand.

"Tringg...!" the short knife had been flicked and made a loud sound.

And what was great was that as a result, the short blade vibrated violently, almost slipping out of Kuo Lin Siang's grip, causing the demon, who normally was never surprised by anything, to now let out a shriek of surprise and tighten his grip on the blade, then jump backwards, glaring. towards the bodies that had interfered in the battle. Bun Cie Sun had also stopped spinning his sword, he saw a young man standing near them with a friendly smile.

"Boanpwe Bu Bin An, I hereby hope that Jiewie Locianpwe will just end this battle because it could endanger the lives of both of you..!" said Mrs. Bin An with a friendly smile.

Bun Cie Sun's face has shown a happy attitude, he said: "Indeed Lohu (I am an old man) also thinks so, there is no point in continuing the battle using sharp weapons, because sharp weapons, without eyes... can at any time harm people who use it. The purpose of the meeting that we hold is not even to fight, only to exchange ideas about martial arts, and then form a gathering of brave people ..!"

But unlike Bun Cie Sun, Kuo Lin Siang had said savagely: "You impudent young man.. you are so presumptuous to interfere in our affairs! If you don't hurry back, I will rip your neck and send you to hell...!"

Mrs. Bin An carried a patient attitude, she said in a calm manner: "Patience Locianpwe, in this case we really can't just play carelessly fighting using weapons, didn't Bun Locianpwe have told you that this meeting was held, not for fighting, but for fighting. to negotiate martial arts, exchange ideas and also form an association of brave people, why has Locianpwe forced Bun Locianpwe to fight using sharp weapons?"

Kuo Lin Siang's face turned bright red, and he said fiercely: "Hmm... you are too fussy, you impudent young man!" and along with his words, it appears that the short knife in his hand has moved, he wants to use one of his hooks to grab Bu Bin An's neck.

But Bu Bin An still smiled patiently and said in a calm voice: "Patience, don't be so angry," and her hands were moved, knowingly using her index and middle fingers, she clamped Kuo Lin Siang's short knife.

Bu Bin An's clamping force was as strong as the short blades did not budge. Curiously Kuo Lin Siang had pulled the knife back,   but didn't budge. When he pushed to continue his stab, the short knife couldn't move at all.

It's no joke and curious about the devil's ferocious heart, with a very loud yelling sound, he empties his spirit and repeats his urges.

It was at that time that Mrs. Bin An had moved her hand with it still clamped like that, she had twisted it and stomped it-very loudly, and the short knife had been snatched away.

Kuo Lin Siang's face turned bright red and stood there furiously stunned

This was the first time he had experienced his opponent's forked knife being snatched away by his opponent. In fact, his opponent was a young man like Bu Bin An.

As for Bin An, after taking his opponent's short knife, he smiled as he handed it to Kuo Lin Siang, then said: "I'm sorry Locianpwe, please take back this knife of yours..." With his face still bright red, Kuo Lin Siang had greeted his forked knife, and when he had grabbed the hilt, he suddenly slashed towards Bu Bin An's neck.

Bin An did not expect that Kuo Lin Siang would do such a thing, he had made a sound of exclamation and stomped his feet, his body twisted backwards and then landed on the ground.

In this way, he managed to save himself from being hit by Kuo Lin Siang's short knife.

But Kuo Lin Siang himself, who was furious because he felt insulted by Bu Bin An where the knife had been snatched by the young man, As soon as he saw Bu Bin An was about to distance himself, he had instead continued his slash again, his body jumped towards Bu Bin An, when The young man had just landed on the ground, suddenly Kuo Lin Siang's short knife had grabbed his neck again.

Bin An was also resentful that Kuo Lin Siang had pushed him too much.

At first he only meant to separate Bun Cie Sun who was fighting with Kuo Lin Siang, but he didn't expect that Kuo Lin Siang didn't talk much anymore to attack him in such a powerful and deadly streak.

Seeing Kuo Lin Siang's bare hands, then Bu Bin An didn't hesitate anymore. When he saw Kuo Lin Siang grabbing a hooked knife, Ba Bin An didn't step back from where he was standing at all, only his right hand was stretched out to poke Kuo Lin Sianbg's eye, while tilting his shoulder slightly so that apart from Kuo Lin Siang's hooked knife, he was able to avoid it as well. he hit back. Kuo Lin Siang was again shocked, because he realized the threat that was not small to the eyeball, he had dodged it quickly his body jumped to the side, and as a master who had high intelligence, Kuo Lin Siang did not want to waste time, when his body moved. to avoid the flick of Bu Bin An's finger at the corner of her eye,

Kuo Lin Siang was only as tall as Bin An's chest, so when he slashed like that, he could do it freely.

The hooked knife grabbed at an angle, so that if the hit on Bin An's waist failed, it meant that the hook could grab Bin An's wrist, which was sliding, and it would hit him in the eye!

Seeing how desperate his opponent was to attack, Bin An let out a very loud exclamation, he pulled back his hand which was originally about to hit. and his right leg had moved swiftly and forcefully kicked towards Kuo Lin Siang's wrist.

"Tukkk!" The wrist was kicked so hard that it vibrated and the short blade with the hook was released from Kuo Lin Siang's grip, even Kuo Lin Siang himself had let out a muffled cry, and his body stumbled backwards with a pale face.

When the hooked short knife slides down to fall to the ground, Bin An has stretched out his right hand to greet the knife.

"Kuo Locianpwe," said Bin An then with a smile, "Surely Locianpwe doesn't push me too much anymore, right?" While asking that, Bin An had handed back the short knife, he then lowered his head. He was amazed to see how Bin An at such a young age could have such high intelligence, where in just one or two hits he was easily knocked down.

Bun Cie Sun himself looked in awe at Biqn An, then said: "If you look at Kongcu's intelligence, surely Kongcu is an extraordinary young figure in the martial arts jungle... May we know who Kongcu's title is?"

Bin An was silent for a moment, a bit confused as well as he looked for a title for himself, then carelessly he said "I am the young one with the title Kang Lam Koay Hiap...!"

"The strange swordsman from Kang Lam" cried Bu Cie Sun with a beaming face. "Excellent title!"

Bin An actually mentions his title carelessly, in that short time, he only remembers Kang Lam which is an area with beautiful natural scenery, with beautiful girls and the attitude and way of life of the residents who are gentle and gentle, patient and friendly.

Therefore, he has chosen the name of the area to be used as his title, while the words Koay hiap (weird warrior) is used, because he does not want to be too proud of himself as Taihiap, or the great warrior, so he uses the title.

Thus, all the dashing people who were in the place immediately heard that the tough and intelligent young man was none other than Kang Lam Koay Hiap.

Bun Cie Sun himself had invited Bin An to sit near his chair, and likewise the brave people began to arrive to congratulate Bin An, welcome to meet and express their admiration for Bin An's extraordinary intelligence.

Bin An blushed. Moreover, after that they held a martial arts negotiation, Bin An had knowledge of high-class martial arts and was very proficient, in addition to his extraordinary intelligence, even though he was still young, finally he was appointed as the leader of the dashing people who were in that place. .

No one was against this decision, all of them agreed that Bin An was appointed as their leader, because they had seen how Bin An could face Bun Cie Sun and Kuo Lin Siang who had easily been separated and in one or two strikes had knocked Kuo Lin Siang down. .

Kwang le Liu and Sin Coa Tung Hiap also agreed to appoint the young man as their leader, and on one occasion, the two experts who had high intelligence, had asked Bin An to play around with some moves. It turned out that Bu Bin An was able to knock down the two heroes, in just fifty moves, he could knock down Sin Coa Tung Hiap and Kwang le Liu.

Thus, the brave people who were there became more convinced that Bin An was a young warrior who was valiant and had very high intelligence.

And they have made an absolute decision, henceforth Bin An is their leader and will manage all their actions in the martial jungle.

Five days Bin An gathered with the brave men, and finally he excused himself. Bin An's attempt to reject his position as leader of the brave men, arguing that he was still too young, had failed completely, because all the strong men had appointed him, but as their leader, so when Bin An parted with the the brave man, he separated as a leader of the people who have high intelligence.

And Bin An also intends to wander, wandering in the martial jungle to use his intelligence to do good deeds, to help fellow humans who are in trouble.

Regarding his title as Kang Lam Koay Hiap, it has been widely circulated, because the brave people who have returned to their respective places, have told a lot about the valor of Kang Lam Koay Hiap Bu Bin An.

And as a token of identification for Bin An, he has made a Pay (a deer-shaped badge with a triangular tip), which is engraved with a dragon flying in the clouds. That's the Pay of power that is recognized by the brave people as a great pay, so that if they see Pay, they will obey whatever they are ordered to do, even though Pay is held by someone else and Bin An represents him to do an important task, of course. those brave people will help as much as they can.

Because of Bin An's actions in the martial arts jungle who did many good and noble deeds, helping people who were in trouble, besides that, many also resolved the disputes that existed among the martial arts jungle masters, both from the Pek-to sect, thus the name Bin An. the more famous, Kang Lam Koay Hiap Bu Bin An is increasingly respected and respected even though he is still so young...!"

The wind blows slowly and coolly. The clouds didn't seem to cover much of the clear sky, and the vast grassy field outside Ku-ming's village was desolate. Only occasionally saw a farmer passing by to go to their fields that morning.

But in the silence like that, suddenly there was a very loud scream from a woman, a scream for help, followed by the sight of a body running around the field.

She is a woman aged twenty-five or twenty-six years, her face is quite beautiful, her simple clothes show that the woman is a person who is not very wealthy, especially with her disheveled hair, and her dirty face, maybe she is one of the residents of villages near the area.

The woman had been running all the time screaming, and from her eyes there were so many tears flowing, she seemed very tired and filled with fear.

Behind him was a man who was over thirty years old, well built and had a thick beard, chasing him. He ran fast and tried to catch the woman,

Maybe she was worried that she would be caught by the man, causing the woman to scream as loud as she could while running fast, even though she was very tired, yet she still forced herself to keep running, trying to avoid the man's pursuit.

But the well-built man managed to catch up to him quickly, when their distance was getting closer and the woman was scared beyond play, the man had said in a scary voice: "Where are you going, sweetie stop .. stop, let's accompany your Toaya!" and he chased faster too. The woman was getting more and more scared, and after running for a while longer, finally she had exhausted her strength, her body had tumbled down on the ground, while emitting a scream that contained extraordinary fear,

The big man had arrived at the place very quickly. Not wasting any more time he bumped into the woman while letting out a long laugh, filled with satisfaction, he hugged her tightly, saying:

"Sweet, where are you running...? Didn't your Toaya say earlier, you don't need to run like that which will tire you out? Haven't you fallen into Toaya's hands too? Hahahaha... hahaha!"

And the tall, sturdy man tried to kiss the woman's face.

The woman tried to struggle, but she couldn't resist the strength of the man's strength, her face was flooded with tears, she shook her head trying to avoid the man's kiss, she was screaming between tears and intense fear:

"Toaya... don't bother me... don't bother me..!"

But the man who was big and tall while laughing hahahahaha, continued to also try to kiss the woman. In fact, his right hand began to brazenly try to undress the woman.

It seems that the big man doesn't care that they are in such an open field, but the loneliness in that area makes the man want to fulfill his desire in that place, namely to rape the woman. Of course the woman was scared to death, she tried to struggle with all her might, but failed, her upper clothes had been partially torn off. While sobbing, she begged him not to disturb her.

But apparently the man had been overcome by his animal lust, he did not heed the sobs and pleas of the woman, who begged not to be disturbed by his honor, he continued to also try to strip her of her clothes.

Suddenly, when the man was trying to wrestle the woman from the right side of the field, a shadowy figure flashed very nimbly, where an angry cry was heard, and not to mention that the big tall man knew what had happened, suddenly he felt a pain in his back being grabbed by something.

And following that, immediately the man felt his body lighten up in the middle of the air, then separated from his embrace of the woman, his body also floated into the air, then slid down and slammed down very hard, making a loud thud, and also the sound of a scream. loud shrill containing pain is not playing.

Angrily, the big tall man had crawled up, his eyes widened at the person who had slammed him, he saw a handsome and well-dressed young man standing watching him.

The tall man had also glanced at the woman who almost became his victim, he saw that the woman was inching away from where she was while adjusting the location of her clothes. "Human beast...!" cursed the young man in a cold voice, "You want to shamelessly disturb that woman's honor and a human like you should be punished according to your evil deeds."

But the big tall man was not afraid, instead he had jumped to his feet while making a yelling sound that resembled a roar of anger:

"Insolent youth who doesn't know death, apparently you don't know who your Toaya is, right? Hmmm, you're the one who has to die...!" and while saying so, the man's body has jumped quickly lunging at the young woman who helped the woman, while swinging both hands, about to beat the young man.

Bin An easily dodged to the side, when the man's body was flailing from missing its target, the young man's hand was stretched out, to grip the man's shoulder again.

Then he kicked it, the man's body was like a kite with a broken string, floated in the middle of the air, then slid down heavily on the ground, making a loud thud, his eyes glazed over and he felt like his spine was about to break. , with a whimper in pain he tried to stand up.

The young man had laughed mockingly, then he said: "If you don't want to get up quickly, hmmm, I'll beat you up! And later if you don't get rid of your bad character who likes to annoy women, I will destroy you...!"

The man with the big height had his guts broken, he was frightened beyond play, because the young man had easily managed to slam him, so that he was completely helpless, even though he had a large body shape and strong strength.

With pain, he crawled up to get up, then asked: "Who are you... what is your name...?" he asked in a stammering voice.

The young man smiled mockingly, he said: "You are asking my name, do you mean that you will avenge me in the future? Don't dream of a friend, because if we meet again someday, and you still have an animal character like this, at that time I didn't just beat you up. like now, I'll take your soul...! Listen, I'm she Bu and my name is Bin An, with the title Kang Lam Koay Hiap... Well, now hurry up and leave this place before I change my mind..!"

The big man realized that he couldn't possibly fight the young man, who seemed to have very high intelligence.

But he was very cunning, because of that while laughing he had stepped up to him, saying: "Okay.. I will remember it well, that you are she Bu and your name is Bin An, with the title Kang Lam Koay Hiap ....! And I too I will immediately tell my friends, so as not to do the evil things I have done, so that we leave our filthy world and will not disturb women anymore."

When he said that the tall man had smirked, and his hand was moved, that's when a short, shiny blade flew towards Bin An, because the tall man wanted to ass. Since he had stepped closer to Bin An at that time, maybe they were only a spear apart and the tall man was sure that his ass would work.

Bin An still smiled standing in place without trying to dodge the knife attack. The woman who almost became a victim of the ferocity of the big tall man who was about to vent her animal lust, so let out a horrified scream when she saw the knife grabbing at Bin An and Bin An didn't try to dodge at all.

When the knife had come close, that's when Bin An had opened his mouth, and suddenly he had bitten the tip of the knife.

With his right hand, Bin An took the knife from his mouth, and he moved his hand slowly, so the knife quickly grabbed the big tall man.

"Here, I'll return it!" said Bin An.

The knife grabbed too fast, the big tall man could only see a flash of light flashing, and then felt how much his arm hurt, because his knife had stabbed deeply into his arm, and from where the wound was bleeding profusely.

The tall man's face turned pale, without saying a word, he had twisted his body and spread his legs wide to escape.

Bin An just watched with a smile, he didn't chase after him and let the big tall man leave the place. The woman who almost became a victim of the ferocity of the tall man had approached Bin An and knelt down to express her gratitude.

"Next time you have to be careful... don't be alone in a place like this!" said Bin An when he heard the story of the woman, who said she was ambushed by a tall man who had bad intentions towards her in this field, while he was heading to his house.

After expressing her gratitude again, the woman left the place with a small jog, so that she could get to her house quickly.

Bin An sighed, he had witnessed such incidents dozens of times, many women were almost raped by men with low and depraved characters like the big tall man. And dozens of times, Bin An has always had to intervene to beat men like that, some were beaten to a pulp, some were beaten until they broke their arms and legs, and some were injured.

Indeed, during his wandering in the martial jungle, Bin An witnessed many unfair incidents, and in the end, Bin An turned his hand to fix the problem. He is a young warrior who has very high intelligence, so all the problems he faces can be solved easily. 

Not infrequently Bin An has to deal with martial arts masters from the hek-to circles, namely the black road, criminals who want to commit their crimes, but during that time Bin An can solve them well.

Because every time Bin An has been knocked down, of   course he tries to give understanding to the criminals, so that they return to the right and straight path, to live well...! Both criminals and white people, both those with moderate intelligence and those with high intelligence, all have respect and disdain for Kang Lam Koay Hiap Bu Bin An, whose name is increasingly being spread in the martial arts jungle.

And Bu Bin An has also become a young master who is highly respected by old masters from various circles, Bin An has also been invited by several Siauw Lim Sie figures, to express their gratitude and admiration for Bin An, because Bin An has saved their students.

And Siauw Lim Sie himself admits that Bin An's intelligence is very high, even the Siauw Lim Sie college knows how small Bin An was once entrusted to the door of the college, and is now able to have such high intelligence, as well as a leader. from the brave people of various sects so grateful and amazed, In fact ciangbunjin Siauw Lim Sie once offered to Bin An, to give this brave young man the opportunity to learn the science of Siauw Lim Sie's mainstay, the legacy of Tat Mo Cauwsu, so that youth's intelligence it's more perfect.

This special offer was given by Siauw Lim Sie, because Mrs. Bin An is indeed famous as a young warrior who always does deeds and actions in the way of justice and honor to defend people who are in trouble.

Of course, the special offer given by Siauw Lim Sie was not wasted by Bu Bin An, where he had learned various great skills from the university door and his intelligence became higher and more proficient. However, as a young warrior with such a well-known name, many black masters were curious and several figures from the black circle had been looking for traces of Bu Bin An, to test the young man's intelligence.

Not infrequently among them there is also an intention to destroy Bu Bin An, because they hold a grudge against Bin An because of their students or relatives who perished at the hands of Bin An.

Thus, it is not uncommon for Bin An to also have to deal with experts who have high intelligence and are extraordinary strangely, but because Bin An does have martial arts skills that are difficult to explore, he can deal with all of them well.

Even with incidents like that, where Bin An always managed to overthrow the villain, made his name even more famous.

But even though the name of Bu Bin An with his title Kang Lam Koay Hiap has been so well known and respected by every martial arts expert, this young man has never been arrogant or arrogant, in fact he is friendly towards anyone, and tries to do good deeds. contains humanity for the benefit of the people.

Bin An also remembered that he had neither parents nor relatives, so he lived alone. It's just that his luck is very good, where he can have such high intelligence.

And with such good luck, he wants to use his intelligence to do as much good as possible.

For four years Bin An has been wandering in the martial jungle, and during that time his name is getting more and more respected. And there are also many young people who, because they are too amazed to hear the big name Kang Lam bKoay Hiap, have tried to find him to ask for a teacher and ask to be appointed as his student.

However, Bin An felt he was still too young, he always refused requests from people, because he wanted to be free first, to wander and do noble deeds. If he accepts students, of course he will be bound and at least he must share his attention to educate his students.

Bin An had planned, when he was forty years old, that's when he would resign from the martial arts jungle, to live in seclusion in a quiet and serene place, and accept several students, to inherit his intelligence, so that the disciple would later can use this intelligence to do good deeds for the benefit of many people.

As a young warrior who has a very famous name like Kang Lam Koay Hiap Bu Bin An, causing him to be involved in many events, Bu Bin An has traveled from one city to another, from one village to another, and he has explore the entire mainland of China.

In fact, there is an intention in his heart to visit the Himalayas, where in the mountains according to martial arts figures, there are magic champions who have high intelligence, who live in seclusion in that place.

But not to mention Bin An realizing his heart's intention to go to the Himalayas, several magical people from the mountains have involved themselves in searching for traces of the tough young man, which eventually caused a rather extraordinary upheaval in Kang Lam Koay Hiap.

On that day Bin An was traveling on the surface of a fairly dense forest in the Kang-souw area, he intended to go to the city of Kang-ho, a city famous for being quite busy for Kang-souw's number.

At that time it was nearing noon, the sun was also shining its scorching rays, the wind was blowing with a stinging heat on the skin. At that time Bin An paused to wipe the sweat off his face, but suddenly saw something rather extraordinary.

Under the scorching sun, in the open air a figure fell. When Bin An approached closer, he saw a beggar with a thin body and dirty face with irregular beard hair and mustache, dressed in patches here and there with various materials of mind, sleeping with a grinding sound. which is quite loud.

What made Bin An so surprised, was that the beggar didn't seem to feel the heat of the sun, which was shining hard at that time, and the beggar seemed to be sleeping very soundly, as if he was sleeping on a soft and comfortable bed.

Bin An approached and watched the beggar. he saw that the beggar's right hand had been used instead of a pillow, and in his sleep the beggar seemed to smile.

After looking at it for a while, Bin An continued on his way, But just after he took a few steps, the beggar had squirmed. "Hi, hi, how comfortable!" said the beggar in quite a loud voice, and he had jumped up and sat and watched Bin An.

The young man delayed his steps, he turned his body and looked at the beggar. He saw clearly, that the beggar was apparently an elderly beggar, who may have been in his eighties.

"Uncle, why are you sleeping under the hot sun like that?" asked Bin An then, "Wouldn't it be better if uncle slept under a tree trunk in the forest, so that uncle didn't have to overheat like I just saw...?"

The beggar smirked and said: "How comfortable, the air is so cool and makes my sleep very sound...! Why do you reprimand me like that, young man?"

Bin An was surprised to hear the strange beggar's words, then he said: "It's up to uncle, I just want to give advice, it would be nice if uncle sleeps in a cool place ..!"

But the beggar had smirked again, then said: "Your heart is good enough, young man, come here. Will you come with me to chat? I've had enough of sleeping for a day, and now all I need is a friend to chat with ..!"

Seeing the beggar's attitude, Bin An immediately guessed that this beggar must have a strange temper. He was already so old, but his movements were agile and fresh, it didn't look old at all. And also, judging by the way he was dressed, it seemed that the old beggar was a martial artist who had no low intelligence.

"Good !" said Bin An then nodded and stepped closer to the beggar, he had said again later: "What if we chat under a tree trunk in front of the forest, of course it's more fun, where we can chat freely without suffering from the heat under the hot sun?"

The beggar shook his head, he said: "No, it's quite cool and comfortable here too... sit down!"

Seeing this beggar's character which is indeed a bit strange, Bin An is not fussy anymore, he has sat in front of the beggar.

"What is your name ?" asked the beggar, grinning at Bin An.

"I'm the young one named Bu Bin An, ..!" explained Bin An.

But suddenly the beggar's face changed, he watched Bin An more closely, then he asked: "So... you have the title Kang Lam Koay Hiap?"

Bin An nodded.

"Yes, it's just a title given by the friends of the martial jungle." replied Bin An with a friendly smile.

"Hmmm, I didn't expect to meet a young swordsman with such a famous name... it's really my good fortune...!" said the beggar.

Bin An smiled as he asked: "Who are you beggar uncle, you seem to be a rather extraordinary person...!" "A rather extraordinary person? Ohh, good to hear, good to hear...!" said the old beggar with a laugh, and his demeanor had also changed, just as he is now looking intently at Bin An, and he continued: "Indeed, what is extraordinary is you, someone who is young in age, but already has a name so famous, has a high intelligence, is really a young master who can inspire everyone's admiration. It has been a long time since I have heard the old beggar Thio Jiauw It of your name and title, and according to some friends of the martial jungle that you have amazing cleverness!

But I'm interested because I hear stories from my friends, that in the martial arts jungle there appears a young champion who has high intelligence, so I want to take the time to look for you, to play around with some breakthroughs, to prove the truth of what my friends say!"

Bin An furrowed his brows, then he said with a laugh: "What your best friend said must be an exaggeration, uncle.... actually I only understand ordinary martial arts, there are no specialties whatsoever!"

Thio Jiauw It was laughing out loud then he said: "Well... we don't need to talk about whether what my friends say is true or not, we don't need to question it. Now it's a coincidence that we have met, and of course you don't mind playing games. One or two moves with me, right? Surely you too will not disappoint me, where I have so far taken the time to come down from the Himalayas and look for you, then this meeting is really very happy. " Bin An watched Thio Jiauw It for a while, until finally he said: "Uncle, if you really only want to exchange ideas about martial arts, it will certainly make my heart happy, but if I have to complain about the power of science, that's why I don't dare because of the competition that is going on. happens, even if it's just a game,


Thio Jiauw It laughed again, in fact he was indeed a powerful figure who had deliberately descended from his dwelling place on the peak of the Himalayas.

He is the former Pangcu of Kaypang descendant of the seventy-first, and for a dozen years he handed over his position to the new pangcu, then went to a place in the Himalayas to live alone there, to practice his knowledge and perfect his singkang.

Only once did he meet his best friend who visited him. And it was precisely from his friend that he heard that recently in the martial jungle there had emerged a young warrior who had very high intelligence and had even been appointed as the leader of various martial arts jungle champions.

As a martial arts expert who from his youth always loved to learn the science, of course Thio Jiauw It's heart was itching to hear about the greatness of Kang Lam Koay Hiap Bu Bin An.

He had deliberately gone down the mountain, to find Bu Bin An to invite him to complain about his intelligence

For almost a year, Thio Jiauw It has been traveling around the cities on the mainland of China, who knows now he might meet Denan Bin An in this place, thus making him happy. "Whether you like it or not, you have to fulfill my expectations, don't disappoint me.... you have to accompany me with some moves to show me how high your intelligence is...!"

Mrs. Bin An thought for a moment, then she thought in her heart: "Indeed I should play a few moves with him, to see how high his intelligence is. Indeed, judging by his condition, it seems that this beggar is a powerful figure who has very high intelligence, And it wouldn't hurt if I had to play a few moves with him, to increase my experience."

After thinking that Bin An finally nodded: "Okay Locianpwe," he said, he had changed his nickname, from uncle to Locianpwe, which is the name for the older group of people of the martial jungle.

"Boanpwe can only obey Locianpwe's will to give Boanpwe some tricks!"

Thio Jiauw It was happy to hear that Bin An accepted his "challenge", he nodded, he said: "Can we start now?"

Bin An watched the beggar, then asked: "In what way does Locianpwe want to compete with Boanpwe, only to do what Locianpwe wants!"

Hearing Bin An's words, the elderly beggar became offended, he said in a displeased tone: "You should be from the young group who said how you want to receive teachings from me, not me who decides! Because if it's me who decides, it's clear You will easily be able to destroy me with my stored knowledge!" Now tell me, what skills do you rely on, bare hands, or using sharp weapons? I'm just going to accompany you, to see how high your intelligence is!"

Bu Bin An smiled, she said patiently: "What if we just play with barehanded punches? In this match, if we use sharp weapons, of course it won't be so good because sharp weapons don't have eyes, maybe Boanpwe can also be harmed by it

!" Bin An purposely said that, to bring back the joy of the beggar, who had been offended earlier.

Thio Jiauw It nodded, then said:

"Fine, fine, we're going to mess around with a hundred Juruqs with our bare hands!"

After saying that, Thio Jiauw It jumped to his feet, then said: "Let's get started..!"

Bin An had also stood up.

"Boan pwe is ready to take Locianpwe's lead," he said.

The beggar she Thio laughed, he said: "I will give up three moves, as a young level, I give you the opportunity to attack me as much as three moves, After that I will use my intelligence ..!"

Bin An did not apply shejie anymore, he clasped his hands together, he said: "Boanpwe will start soon."

And indeed, along with his words, Bin An had moved his right hands to start attacking, his fist slid to hit the beggar's chest. But Thio Jiauw It had jumped aside to dodge himself, while in his heart he thought "this young man's punch was normal, nothing special."

Just now the beggar thought up there, he was surprised himself, because when he dodged to the side, Bin An's fist had turned into a grip, namely his five fingers had spread out, and quickly followed the direction of the beggar's dodge, intending to grip the pie-pe-kut bone. the beggar she Thio.

That was the attack method that the beggar didn't expect, he was also surprised to see the speed of the arrival of the grip which suddenly separated only a few dim from his shoulder.

But as a powerful figure who has very high intelligence, such a situation does not make the beggar act doubtfully. quick and seemingly effortless, he had managed to escape by shrugging his shoulders.

This method is proof that his lwekang has reached a very high level by using his inner strength, he can shrink and expand his body flesh at will.

"One move has passed.,.!" said the beggar with a laugh.

"Yes, Boanpwe will attack with a second move..!" laughed Bin An he pulled back his hand that failed to hit the target, then took three steps to the side, then his body was nimbly tilted to the right, took two more steps, accompanied by his left and right hands moving simultaneously, he also shouted:

"Watch out for attacks!" and this time Bin An launched his punch in earnest using one of the strangest moves, namely Kim Tiauw Cie Kun (Golden Eagle Finger Punch), which swooped towards the dangerous path of blood in the beggar's body.

As the name suggests, Bin An's hands are like the claws of an eagle's claws grabbing violently and very quickly, besides every movement of the direction he is aiming for is extremely strange.

The beggar made a muffled cry, because he, as a martial arts expert who had reached perfection and had great experience, knew that this move was a very dangerous move.

And he also knew that Bin An's cassava was not under him, it was known from the attack winds launched by the young man.

So for this second attack, the beggar Thio Jiauw It couldn't play anymore, he had released his internal energy, which was channeled into his two legs, which stood upright like a rock, then his body swayed like a gangling with both legs still standing in place. .

With such a strange way of dodging like that, Thio Jiauw It was able to save himself from every stroke of Bin An's fingers.

"The second attack has been completed   now   live   one   moment   longer." said the beggar she Thio then.

Bin An agreed. Dban was fast and he had launched a third byang. This time he struck in a way that was no less strange, in which both his hands were bent, so that his range was shortened, but instead his body was thrust forward. His movement was like the attitude of a blueang about to grip its prey. Kembalt the beggar Thio Jiauw It was so surprised, he let out another astonished cry, because three times in a row he had witnessed three different and strange kinds of attacks.

However, this really pleased the beggar's heart, he was so happy to get an opponent who has high intelligence like this.

As long as he wandered in the martial jungle before living in seclusion, there was hardly anyone who could match his intelligence. But now seeing his opponent who was young and possessed such high intelligence, Thio Jiauw It's fighting spirit was awakened.

With a squeaky laugh he stomped his feet, his body leapt into the air and convulsed.

In that way he had managed to annihilate Bin Ap's attack. When both of his feet landed on the ground, the beggar quickly got stuck, he shouted: "now you accept my attack .. .. !" and when his body jumped like that, the beggar quickly moved his hands to attack Bin An.

The punch made by Thio Jiauw It was a strange punch, not an ordinary punch, because it had a strangeness that could obscure the opponent's eyes, besides that his fist had a very strong sine of strength, he also shook his hand, so that his fist was like had turned into dozens of fists that shot towards Bin An at full speed.

In those three strikes, Bin An also knew that his opponent was not an ordinary opponent, therefore, he had lost his spirit, and he became interested in further fighting with the beggar.

When the emitter's fist grabbed at him in such a strange way, Bin An didn't flinch at all, he had stood up straight, waiting for his opponent's attack to arrive, then swarmed with both hands.

His shampooing was of course accompanied by a tremendous amount of shank strength, actually Thio Jiauw It wanted to take his hand back when he saw Bin An parry so strong, but he was too late.

Immediately there was a very loud banging sound, as their hands collided with each other.

What surprised Thio Jiauw It's heart was the power of Bin An's parry, where the beggar's body seemed to be hit by a tremendous wave of force and had almost made him stagger because his horses had both legs crushed.

However, because he did have a perfect shank, when the horses of his two legs were almost crushed, that's when he had concentrated his energy on strengthening the position of his legs, then he had jumped into the middle of the air, along with the force of the pressure of his legs, he pushed using both palms on Bin An, where he has used the power of eight parts of his shank.

Bin An did not flinch, he remained standing where he was and parried with both palms of his hands.

Again, the two pairs of palms met and their shins clashed fiercely with each other. The bodies of the two swayed, but they didn't back down, only the two pairs of palms remained pressed against each other.

Bin An and the beggar have also mobilized their respective strengths to overlap each other.

Because they are evenly matched, naturally none of them is crushed by the strength of their opponent.

Such an attack, it seemed that both of them were still concentrating their lwekang power which was channeled in its entirety into the palms of each hand, slowly from their bodies a thin steam rising into the air.

This way of fighting is not an ordinary battle, because they have fought using tremendous internal power. Just once, they were pressed, meaning death.

For the beggar Thio Jiauw It, in fact it was encouraging, he was satisfied to receive such formidable resistance from his opponent, his fighting spirit was awakened and he continued to lose his spirit.

Bia An had also concentrated her strength and she was trying to stem the strength of her opponent's cassava.

Thus, these two people exerted their internal strength on each other, until finally because they used too much force, the two pairs of feet of these two men sank into the ground, initially only a few dim, but eventually had sunk in and down to a dozen feet.

Of course, this way of fighting is a way of competing that can bring no small danger, at any time it can harm and can also kill them.

But just when the situation was critical for these two people, because they had been involved in the pressure of the extremely strong slang energy, the beggar Thio Jiauw It had pulled his hand back, and his body had also jumped backwards a little.

"Enough!" he shouted.

Bin An took a deep breath and wiped his sweat, he also pulled his feet out of the ground, then said: "Locianpwe's intelligence is amazing... thank you for the instructions Locianpwe gave..!"

Thio Jiauw It is a powerful figure who has aged, where he is a very experienced person with only fighting a few moves, he has proven that Bin An's intelligence is not below him. If they did continue the battle, it would mean that the two of them could crash together.

So he felt very sorry for Bin An if the young man got into an accident, that's why the beggar had ended the battle with satisfaction and admiration.

"No kidding.... when I was your age, I didn't have that kind of intelligence! You are a very great young man, later if you study your intelligence further until you are proficient, maybe in the martial arts jungle, you are the only smartest person !"

"Lociaopwe is too praising...!" said Bin An condescendingly. "I speak the truth," said Thio Jiauw It. "And one day you may be an unrivaled master, it really amazes me... and if you don't reproach, I intend to tie the knot with you...!"

Bin An quickly clasped his hands together, he saluted.

"Thanks for the honor that Locianpwe bestowed, Boanpwe being so young, it's definitely not appropriate to act so impudent, because Boanpwe only deserves instructions from Locianpwe !"