The King Of Sword Volume 25 (End)

volume 25 (End)

"Let them come! I will fight it, too, I think our comrades-in-arms will not remain silent. Pie packs are also ready. Indeed, this meeting I only used as a mask. The important thing is to gather strong people for me to persuade and together overthrow this weakening colonial government. "

"Sumoi and Suhu hope not to worry. It seems certain that a large line of invaders will come here, akah but all this has been arranged by him in the king's city, and Pek-lian-pai is also ready with the other fighting forces. Already able teecu imagine, Suhu, that at a time when we are celebrating the title of King of the Sword, the city of kings will surely experience great things! " Back this sad face is radiant and full of enthusiasm.

"Hopefully she succeeds ....." Li Cu said and immediately this beautiful girl's face turned red, as red as her shirt when she saw how Lee Giok looked at her with a teasing smile.

Suddenly there was a commotion from under the top, followed by the flickering of the shadows of people running up while shouting, "Wow, damn ..... damn right ..... where is the rule .....?" When everyone looked, it turned out that the one running around with a gasp was a grandfather with a stooped body and big eyes on one side. Although he ran while crouching, but both his legs were able to move very quickly. Cia Hui Gan immediately recognized this person and asked.

"Yok-mo (Medicine Devil), why did you come running around like being chased by a demon?"

"Hayaaa, it's the devil who chased me and even the king of demons, the devil himself ....." The grandfather gasped as he looked back in fear. "Think about it, Kiam-ong (King of the Sword), where is this rule? People force me to cure diseases, wherever I go I am constantly chased and my life is threatened ....."

"Yok-mo, you are a medical expert, it is only natural that people ask you for help," said Cia Hui Gan calmly.

The large eyes on the side widened. "What do you say?" My name is Toat-beng Yok-mo (Devil of Death Remedy), where can I heal people? I can cure him, but I have to take his life. "

The haunted face of the Sword King looked unhappy, then Cia Hui Gan said, his voice haughty, "Hemmm, everyone has the right to have their own opinion. Toat-beng Yok-mo, after what do you come running in fear to our place? "

"Kiam-ong help me next time.

Secretly Cia Hui Gan was surprised too. People like Toat-beng Yok-mo have high intelligence, not any kang-ouw figure can beat him, let alone make him scared like that. The swordsman let out a mocking snort. "Hemmm, you yourself are not allowed to help people but still not ashamed to ask for help from others! Yok-mo, if you come only to ask for help, you go again. I do not like to interfere in your affairs."

Toat-beng Yok-mo is a very smart person even though sometimes he seems to have an abnormal brain. He quickly said, "No, not just to ask for help, but especially to attend the fight for the title of King of Swords. Isn't it held today? Kiam-ong, I'm your first guest today!"

At that moment there was a snap, "Yok-mo, where are you going to run?" The voice was loud and hoarse, heard from afar but loud enough that Cia Hui Gan was shocked again. It is clear that the person who issued this snap is someone who has a very high Iweekang. And even more surprised and surprised when along with the snap from afar it flashed a red shadow and knew a young girl in a red dress snatched close. The rays of the sword flashed and rolled around the body of the Medicine Devil!

"Nice.....!" Cia Li Cu no longer felt like shouting praise because as a swordsman, the only daughter of the Sword King, of course she immediately knew this great sword science. Also Cia Hui Gan let out an amazed exclamation. He did not at all think that what the Drug Devil feared was just a young girl and seeing the movement of his sword, indeed the girl was really a great swordsman with her sword knowledge. This swordsman was so amazed that he forgot about the danger that threatened Yok-mo and just kept quiet.

What's bothering is Yok-mo herself. Fortunately he was a great figure who had a high level of martial arts skills, so even though he was rolled by a sword and very nervous, he was still able to save himself, dodging to and fro, then suddenly he fell down and rolled towards the back of Cia Hui Gan . Only then did this warrior realize that as the host, he had to prevent the murder of one of his guests. Suddenly he got a good thought. This lady's swordsmanship is amazing, it should be tried with her daughter's swordsmanship.

"Li Cu, stop this lady from messing up our place," he said. Li Cu's hand is already itchy. As a swordsman, he itches his hands to see other people's swordsmanship so well without testing it. As fast as lightning he jumped forward and snatched a sword from the hand of a servant. A red shadow flashed as Li Cu with a sword in his hand jumped towards the girl who was chasing Yok-mo earlier. They are now facing each other, as if measuring each other’s ingenuity and beauty with the clear rays of their eyes. Indeed, they are both the same age, they are both beautiful and strangely both are dressed in red! The only difference is, this Yok-mo chasing girl is a pair of beautiful eyes shining a light covered with tenderness and sorrow, instead of Li Cu's eyes full of passion and hostility. In terms of beauty,

"You're beautiful ..." Li Cu praised.

The girl moved her sword down and scribbled on the ground. There were some beautiful letters on the ground and when Li Cu read them, it turned out that the letters read, "You're even more beautiful!"

Cia Li Cu was stunned. Why does this person not speak, instead expressing his opinion in writing. In any case, he was amazed to see the movement of the sword when making the doodles, because it was all done with a high movement of swordsmanship.

"Bi Goat, have you caught the Drug Devil?" suddenly a hoarse voice was heard asking and knowingly there had appeared a thin little grandfather dressed all in white. The girl, who was none other than Kwee Bi Goat, turned to her grandfather and shook her head while glancing at Yok-mo who was still hiding behind Cia Hui Gan.

"Ha-ha-ha, it looks like the Sword King is protecting the Drug Demon!" said the grandfather who turned out to be Song-bun-kwi.

"Hemmm, Song-bun-kwi Kwee Lun. I think you're the one who showed up! It's only fitting that you show up there's a mess here. You know, we never protect the Drug Devil, just because he's currently my guest to attend the title fight King of Swords, then I have to be the host not to allow people to disturb my guests.Song-bun-kwi, did you come only to chase Yok-mo ?. In that case, I hope you go down the mountain again and just wait for Yok-mo at the bottom of the mountain. If you also attend the title fight, you will be my guest and please sit down! "

"Ha-ha-ha, Bu-tek Kiam-ong, after becoming the King of the Sword you turned out to be very arrogant. You are no different from people who are so high-ranking and forget their origins, turned into arrogant people who think they are the smartest , the biggest and most powerful. My arrival with my student is really to capture Yok-mo and everyone wants to win the title of King of Swords. Bi Goat, you continue your game, try the knowledge of the son of King of Swords! "

Bi Goat moved his sword, so did Li Cu who was getting ready. The movement of Li Cu's Sword is as beautiful as a heavenly angel dancing. In contrast, Bi Goat's movements are fast and hard, basing their movements on strength and violence as well as speed. Immediately these two girls attacked each other. There was the sound of tang-ting-tang-ting and fireworks scattering. Secretly these two girls were shocked and had to admit the cunning of their respective opponents. Meanwhile, Song-bun-kwi attentively watches the princess or her student play Yang-sin Kiam-sut's Sword Science facing the opponent's sword science which is really great and beautiful. Also Cia Hui Gan while leaving the waist watching in awe. Only this time since he became the King of the Sword did he see the knowledge of the sword that he did not know and was great, in fact, there are many signs that the gagu girl's swordsmanship has the same source as her own swordsmanship. Because of this he looked attentively, full of astonishment and full of inquiry.

"Heeei, Song-bun-kwi old devil bangka, do you want to buy yourself the title of King of Swords?" as soon as the echo of the voice disappeared, the man appeared. A grandmother who still looked pretty flirtatious, a grandfather with a long shirt and a mischievous laugh, followed by a beautiful woman dressed beautifully in make-up and a pale-faced young man. These are Hek-hwa Kui-bo, Siauw ong-kwi, Kim-thouw Thian-li and Giam Kin.

Seeing the appearance of Hek-hwa Kui-bo, Song-bun-kwi quickly ordered his daughter, "Bi Goat, back off you" Bi Goat quickly drew back his sword, jumped up and stood to his father's left. Meanwhile, Cia Hui Gan was busy receiving guests because behind these four people also appeared other guests. The higher the matahan goes up, the more guests come to the place. Large fighting parties were also present, represented by some of their heroes, some also brought followers up to dozens of students who needed to give voice and add spirit. Representatives from the Siauw-lim-pai party, from Go-bi-pai, Thai-san-pai, and other parties were present. Even Hoa-san-pai's chief, Lian Bu Tojin and Kun-lun-pai's chief Pek Gan Siansu, were pleased to be present as well. These two grandfathers have now become members of the fighters, but as kang-ouw figures of course they do not want to miss this opportunity, witnessing the fight for the title of King of the Sword. Only Thio Ki, Thio Bwee, and Kui Lok came with Lian Bu Tojin. Pek Gan Siansu was followed by Bun Lim Kwi. All these newcomers were surprised to see Lee Giok on the host's side, but because there were many guests there, also because their arrival was only in connection with the title fight, they did not get a chance to open their mouths. As for Lee Giok without hesitation, he greeted everyone with respect beside Li Cu. Only Thio Ki, Thio Bwee, and Kui Lok came with Lian Bu Tojin. Pek Gan Siansu was followed by Bun Lim Kwi. All these newcomers were surprised to see Lee Giok on the host's side, but because there were many guests there, also because their arrival was only in connection with the title fight, they did not get a chance to open their mouths. As for Lee Giok without hesitation, he greeted everyone with respect beside Li Cu. Only Thio Ki, Thio Bwee, and Kui Lok came with Lian Bu Tojin. Pek Gan Siansu was followed by Bun Lim Kwi. All these newcomers were surprised to see Lee Giok on the host's side, but because there were many guests there, also because their arrival was only in connection with the title fight, they did not get a chance to open their mouths. As for Lee Giok without hesitation, he greeted everyone with respect beside Li Cu. then they do not get a chance to open their mouths. As for Lee Giok without hesitation, he greeted everyone with respect beside Li Cu. then they do not get a chance to open their mouths. As for Lee Giok without hesitation, he greeted everyone with respect beside Li Cu.

The joy is Giam Kin. This time not only could he see his idol, Thio Bwee, but he also had the opportunity to admire so many beautiful girls that many times his mouth twitched, and his eyes were sold back and forth so that sometimes he was fought by the sight eyes Kim-thouw Thian Li.

Lots of true guests in Thai-san this time. There also appeared Ban-tok-sim Giam Kong, a large tall black Tibetan hwesio holding a large and heavy hwesio stick. Although Hwesio came from Tibet, he was already very famous in mainland China because he was also an anti -Mongol figure and his martial arts were great. Also his student, Koai Atong, was very famous, but strangely at that time Koai Atong did not seem to be present. In addition to this grandfather, Thai-lek-sin Swi Lek Hosiang was also present with his student, Thio Eng. As soon as he entered the room and met Bun Lim Kwi, who seemed to be wanted by the corner of his eye, the girl's face turned red, as did Lim Kwi's face. The presence of Thai-lek-sin Swi Lek Hosiang complements the big figures there because now all the number one figures are present. From the west, Song-bun-kwi. The number one figure from the east, Swi Lek Hosiang. Figure number one from the north, Siauw-ong-kwi, and figure number one from the south, Hek-hwa Kui-bo!

Seeing so many great figures present, Cia Hui Gan was secretly surprised and proud. This time far more heroes came from four corners to fight for the title of King of Swords. To fight them relying on ingenuity, he felt very heavy knowing that their level was not below his own level. But if this is a swordsmanship competition, he can feel confident of winning. He has known all the swordsmanship in the martial arts world and it seems that no one will be able to win his swordsmanship, Sian-li Kiam-sut. His heart was just a little restless when he remembered the swordsmanship movement played by the dumb girl earlier.

After the group stopped, Cia Hui Gan stood up and gave a short welcome speech. He welcomed all the guests and added information about the competition. "Siauwte is too old to play crazy to fight for the vacant title of King of Swords. Therefore siauwte wants to give a chance to the young and those who are still thirsty for the title. Siauwte has three kinds of rules. Participants must show their sword skills first to be judged , then siauw-te proposed a jago who if he would be able to beat him.On our side there are three levels, the first lowest level is siauwte students who are also servants in Thai-san, a total of twelve people.Participants who siauwte consider still low level , will be served by the twelve servants.If he wins, then he will face Siauwte's youngest student, Lee Jade. After being able to win Lee Giok, then will face his own son Cia Li Cu. It is a pity that the head student of Siauwte is not present here because he is on duty. -fika there is a young participant can defeat Li Cu, then defeat siauwte head pupil when he comes, then he is entitled to receive the title of King of Swords from us. Of course the cianpwe can also advance, and of course the opponent is siauwte himself. " then defeated the head disciple of siauwte when he came, then he was entitled to receive the title of King of the Sword from us. Of course the cianpwe can also advance, and of course the opponent is siauwte himself. " then defeated the head disciple of siauwte when he came, then he was entitled to receive the title of King of the Sword from us. Of course the cianpwe can also advance, and of course the opponent is siauwte himself. "

This speech is honest, short and also full of challenges so that it makes the hearts of some people present. But those who feel they are smart, become curious as well. Cia Hui Gan ignored the reaction of her guests, instead using the opportunity to express the true meaning of the meeting.

"Cu-wi, ladies and gentlemen. Fighting for a title is a stupid act and a title is empty, soulless. What does it mean that we all study skills for decades? Is it just fighting for an empty title? What does it mean if our skills are not used to do service against the homeland? Cuwi, now the homeland is in danger, the holy struggle is in turmoil, if we do not use our skills to serve the homeland and the nation, what a disappointment! "

"Cia Hui Gan! Don't mix the title fight with the rebellion!" Hek-hwa Kui-bo scolded in his loud and fierce voice.

Cia Hui Gan smiled. "Why not? As long as we are still stepping on the homeland, still breathing the air of the homeland, we must fight for its purity. Only then can we be called brave."

"What the hell is all this empty speech? I want to see how great Sian-li Kiam-sut from the Sword King is!" The person who said this was a tall, thin forty-year-old man, in his right hand already wielding a sharp glittering sword. He is Bhe Liong, a sword master of Bu-tong-pai's students who is rude and wants to win on his own. "King of Swords, you can rate this Bu-tong-pai sword game!" The sword was rotated quickly until it made a roaring sound.

Seeing only a few moves, Cia Hui Gan smiled and signaled to his twelve servants. "You guys serve this Bhe-taihiap."

Like an arranged line, with a nimble motion like a butterfly hovering so that these colorful waiters in their clothes looked like beautiful dancers, for a moment the people she Bhe were locked in the middle.

"Please, Bhe-taihiap," one of the prettiest waitresses said.

Bhe Liong was stunned, a bit embarrassed also confined by the beautiful girls who when close had posted a fragrant double. But because he wanted to show his skill and if possible win the title of King of the Sword, he twisted his sword and said, "Be careful!"

Bu-tong-pai's swordsmanship can be said to be high, and it turns out that she Bhe's swordsmanship is not low. However, he is now confined by Sian-li Kiam-tin (Angel Sword Line), the twelve servants move together and run around him. The swords in the hands of the twelve servants took turns attacking him, if he repulsed at the same time there were four swords repelling him, then even though Bhe Liong was stronger in energy and more agile in his movements, he soon became dizzy. Thirty moves later, his game was chaotic and a few strokes of the sword on his arm forced him to release his sword, jump out of the circle and return to Bu-tong-pai's entourage while exclaiming, "Very clever. I accept defeat!"

The guests laughed, but there were also those who praised the nature of this she Bhe person who, although rude but honest and not shy to admit defeat. After this she Bhe man, a few more people advanced, some were served by twelve servants, some were served by Lee Jade, but all of them were easily defeated.

Kim-thouw Thian-li whispered to Giam Kin. The pale-faced young man laughed and jumped forward to face Lee Giok who had just beaten a Thai-san-pai champion with difficulty. Grinning and grinning, Giam Kin said, "Mrs. Liong ..... eh, Ji-enghiong ..... eh, wrong again, Miss Lee Giok. I think you are a student of the Sword King! You deserve to be brave a lot "Hmm, it just so happens that we meet here, let me try your hand at it!" Saying so, he pulled out a sword in his right hand and a flute in his left.

The wind was blowing and Cia Hui Gan was already standing in front of the young man with a cool demeanor. "Giam Kin, I know you're a student of Siauw-ong-kwi! But if your arrival is just to disturb, I'm the one she Cia is not afraid to expel you. Only those who want to race the sword can fight."

"He-he-he, I want to be the King of Swords too!"

"But this match is limited to swordsmanship, and you're armed with a poisonous flute."

"Eh, this flute is just a complement.

"Ha-ha-ha, King of Swords! If you're afraid of my student's flute, don't you dare wear the title of King of Swords. If your student Lee Jade is afraid of facing my student, tell him to hide in the kitchen. Ha-ha-ha!" The naughty Siauw-ong-kwi whose character was mocking, made many people laugh.

Cia Hui Gan turned to Lee Jade and saw the rays of his student's eyes full of anger. "Lee Jade, he doesn't know much about the sword, but be careful with his flute."

"Teecu won't disappoint Suhu," Lee Giok replied as he twisted his sword. Giam Kin laughed again and immediately the two men fought excitedly. But it soon turned out that Lee Giok was not Giam Kin's opponent. For a moment he was very desperate and it was good that Giam Kin was a young man with a basket eye. Seeing Lee Giok's beauty, of course his heart could not bear to hurt this lady. If Lee Giok was not a woman, of course in a dozen moves Giam Kin had dropped his vile hand. Now Giam Kin was just grinning while teasing, uttering rude and impolite words.

"Ehm, is this Ji-enghiong's skill? If you're really an old and bad Liong mistress, of course my sword will cut your neck. But you ..... hemmm, it's a pity if your skin is bruised. If I were the King of Swords , I'll make you the Sword King's concubine, will you? Heh-heh-heh! "

"The bastard has a dirty mouth!" suddenly from Hoa-san-pai's side jumped out a young man who was none other than Thio Ki. The young man who was heartbroken because of his unrequited love by Kwa Hong since seeing the appearance of Lee Jade in Hoa-san before, has been very interested in this girl. Witnessing Lee Giok's prowess, especially hearing that Lee Giok is "Ji-enghiong", at the same time he was amazed and loved. In fact, the fact that Lee Giok openly confessed his love for Kwee Sin did not reduce his love. Now seeing this girl being played by Giam Kin, his heart became hot and he couldn't hold his patience either, with a sword in his hand he attacked and immediately attacked Giam Kin with a deadly attack. At that time, Giam Kin was urging Lee Jade and had sent a puncture intended to rip the girl's upper garment. Lee Giok was shocked and knew that he would suffer a huge embarrassment if the attack was successful and his shirt would be torn by the edge of the sword. So he felt grateful when suddenly Thio Ki jumped up and attacked Giam Kin so that this pale-faced young man had to withdraw his attack and angrily hit Thio Ki with a lightning kick. Thio Ki's skill was still far lost by Giam Kin, so the kick knocked him down. However, with determination Thio Ki bounced back and with a lame leg he crashed again, not giving Giam Kin a chance to urge Lee Giok. Lee Giok was shocked and knew that he would suffer a huge embarrassment if the attack was successful and his shirt would be torn by the edge of the sword. So he felt grateful when suddenly Thio Ki jumped up and attacked Giam Kin so that this pale-faced young man had to withdraw his attack and angrily hit Thio Ki with a lightning kick. Thio Ki's skill was still far lost by Giam Kin, so the kick knocked him down. However, with determination Thio Ki bounced back and with a lame leg he crashed again, not giving Giam Kin a chance to urge Lee Giok. Lee Giok was shocked and knew that he would suffer a huge embarrassment if the attack was successful and his shirt would be torn by the edge of the sword. So he felt grateful when suddenly Thio Ki jumped up and attacked Giam Kin so that this pale-faced young man had to withdraw his attack and angrily hit Thio Ki with a lightning kick. Thio Ki's skill was still far lost by Giam Kin, so the kick knocked him down. However, with determination Thio Ki bounced back and with a lame leg he crashed again, not giving Giam Kin a chance to urge Lee Giok. So he felt grateful when suddenly Thio Ki jumped up and attacked Giam Kin so that this pale-faced young man had to withdraw his attack and angrily hit Thio Ki with a lightning kick. Thio Ki's skill was still far lost by Giam Kin, so the kick knocked him down. However, with determination Thio Ki bounced back and with a lame leg he crashed again, not giving Giam Kin a chance to urge Lee Giok. So he felt grateful when suddenly Thio Ki jumped up and attacked Giam Kin so that this pale-faced young man had to withdraw his attack and angrily hit Thio Ki with a lightning kick. Thio Ki's skill was still far lost by Giam Kin, so the kick knocked him down. However, with determination Thio Ki bounced back and with a lame leg he crashed again, not giving Giam Kin a chance to urge Lee Giok.

"Thio Ki, you're backing down!" From her seat, Lian Bu Tojin scolded her student.

"Li Cu, you're facing that arrogant man!" Cia Hui Gan ruled his daughter.

"People she Giam! Even if you've defeated Enci Lee Giam, don't think you can be arrogant and already be the King of Swords. Look at my sword!" Cia Li Cu moved a sword he borrowed from his servant. His movements were so fast that the rays of his sword dazzled his eyes. Giam Kin quickly jumped back and turned his weapon as well. Her heart was pounding relentlessly witnessing the extraordinary beauty of her new opponent.

Meanwhile, Thio Ki and Le Jade retreated out of the battle circle. "Thio-enghiong, thank you for your help." said Lee Jade as he leaned over.

"Ah, it's okay, Miss. To guide you brave and noble, let me sacrifice my life Thio Ki will be willing! This outspoken statement of love made Miss Lee Jade blush and quickly retreat to near her temperature, and Thio Ki also retreated to his own entourage.

The battle this time was great. Although Giam Kin is the main student of Siauw-ong-kwi and his intelligence is high, but facing the Sword Science of Sian-li Kiam-sut from Li Cu, he is very busy. He has lost his pure sword knowledge, plus the beauty of his opponent makes him confused. In the fiftieth move, his flute had to be cut off and his right arm was scratched by a sword. Without hesitation, Giam Kin jumped back and ran towards his teacher. Cheers greeted the victory of this lady of the house. Siauw-ong-kwi turned pale and stood up to face Cia Hui Gan on his own to make up for the defeat of his students. But at that moment a red shadow flashed and Bi Goat the dumb girl was already standing facing Li Cu with a sword in hand!

"Good, it's crowded now!" Toat-beng Yok-mo clapped and cheered happily as he stepped forward to find a closer seat so that it would be nice to watch. He had often faced Bi Goat's sword science and was horrified by Yang-sin Kiam's greatness. -sut and now seeing Bi Goat about to compete against Cia Li Cu, he was overjoyed.

Cia Li Cu smiled and instead played sweetly on her face when she smiled. "Eh, little brother, do you also want to win the title of King of Swords?"

Bi Goat who understood people's words, shook his head, just pointed his sword at Toat-beng Yok-mo who instantly turned pale.

Back Cia Li Cu smiled. "Ah, so you're curious about Yok-mo? Listen, sweet sister. When this meeting is over, you can just go after him and you can just break his neck, where am I willing to interfere? But now that he's a guest," You can't disturb him. " In his heart Li Cu was very fond of and pity for Bi Goat, so his talk was sweet.

"Bi Goat, attack quickly, don't embarrass your parents." Song-bun-kwi was heard saying and many people were surprised to hear this. Only then did they know that this beautiful girl who was dumb, if not a child, would be a student of Song-bun-kwi. They were happy because as students of Song-bun-kwi who already knew her magic, the gagu girl was certainly very clever and this match would certainly be great.

But, who would have thought, as soon as Bi Goat moved his sword to attack and was repulsed by Li Cu, a loud voice was heard and Li Cu's sword broke in two! Many people hold their breath because if in a sword science match until a sword is broken, then that person can be considered a loser. Li Cu's face was a little pale and there was a restrained scream from his servants. But Bi Goat did not attack at all. This dumb girl with a calm face signaled with her hand for Li Cu to use a new sword. Li Cu's face flushed with embarrassment, but he secretly praised his opponent's gentleness. Now he knew that his opponent was using a powerful and powerful heirloom sword, so without hesitation he moved his right hand. A dazzling ray flashed as Liong-cu-kiam's short sword was pulled from its sheath. The long one still stays in the holster. Everyone was shocked and amazed, the old people were heard whispering, "Is this Liong-cu Siang-kiam?"

"Bi Goat, be careful not to fight with swords!" Song-bun-kwi exclaims to her son.

But where does Bi Goat want to believe that his sword will be defeated by the opponent's sword? He had attacked again and the two girls in red had just had a great fight. The longer the faster their movement until the two rays of the sword rolled away. What appears to be only two shadows of red is enveloped by two rolls of golden and silvery sword rays, one coil sparkling white, the other golden yellow. All the guests held their breath, 'amazed to see these two great swordsmen. Also Cia Hui Gan held her breath. The longer he went on the more stunned, then exclaimed.

"Song-bun-kwi, is this the Yang-sin Kiam-sut you managed to get?"

Song-bun-kwi blushed and answered. "Yang-sin Kiam-sut what? Still can't win your Sian-li Kiam-sut!"

"Trang! Tranggg!" The battle stopped, Bi Goat jumped back with a pale face. His sword is broken! Li Cu held up his sword, looked proud and said.

"You idiot, take another sword."

Song-bun-kwi is very angry with Bi Goat. His hand moved and knew he had taken the sword from a guest's waist without the guest knowing! This sword is already floating towards Bi Goat with his call. "Wear this!"

Everyone is shocked. The naked paw slid like an arrow and seemed to penetrate the chest of the dumb girl in the red dress. But easily Bi Goat bent his knees and grabbed the sword from below with both hands. They fought again, but only in three moves did this sword break into three po-tongs! Return Song-bun-kwi "picks up" the sword thrown at Bi Goat. Broken again. Many times Bi Goat changed swords by force of his father, but where is the sword that can hold Liong-cu-kiam's sword? The match was no longer interesting, more in the form of a demonstration of the sharpness of the Liong-cu-kiam sword.

"Bi Goat hasn't lost yet!" Song-bun-kwi snapped when he heard the voices of the guests so that the match was over and the dumb girl was declared defeated. "His sword is broken not because of the science of swords, but because his sword is a good loser. If he has fallen in a bloodbath, then it can be called a loser. Bi Goat, attack again, let it be with the handle of the sword or the head!"

Bi Goat is already very embarrassed because her sword has been broken many times. Now hearing his father's voice he became desperate and slammed forward with a sliced sword! Li Cu was shocked, not thinking that this dumb girl would be desperate. His ingenuity is not too far apart, so in the face of this desperate attack, he will certainly be wretched if he does not lead. Liong-cu-kiam in his hand moved up and down and he broke Bi Goat's sword again which was a piece and then added a counterattack. It was as if Liong-cu-kiam's arrow slid towards Bi Goat's throat. Fortunately, a feeling of love and pity had arisen in Li Cu's heart before, so this girl also forced herself to lower her piercing towards his shoulder.

"Plakkk!" The sword in Li Cu's hand trembled and the girl herself staggered back two steps with a pale face. His sword had been hit by a small black object that made his hand tremble and his sword almost slipped from its grip.

"Song-bun-kwi, don't play crazy!" Cia Hui Gan snapped angrily, thinking that it must be Song-bun-kwi who helped the dumb girl and sent a dark attack on Li Cu.

"Cia Hui Gan, don't make any accusations!" Song-bun-kwi replied angrily. The two parents were already standing and looking at each other with defiant and threatening eyes. The situation became tense. But suddenly many people exclaimed in surprise and astonishment and all attention was now directed to the shadow of a man who had just ascended to the place with a limp step. This man is still a young man, but his condition is terrible. His hair was unkempt, his face was green, his color was like a person being attacked by a great poison, his eyes were red, his face was bleeding wounds, his clothes were unkemptly tangled.

While everyone was stunned, they were made even more surprised and surprised when they saw Bi Goat let out a "uh-uh" sound and this beautiful gagu girl stood to greet the man, continued to hug him while crying!

Song-bun-kwi and Hek-hwa Kui-bo immediately got to know this person, even the others eventually got to know him as well. That person is none other than Beng San!

Indeed, he is Beng San. This young man has almost gone insane since the incident between him and Kwa Hong inside the royal army fort. Now, meeting Bi Goat who loves her so much that without hesitation showing her love in such a crowded place, her heart aches more like being stabbed, feeling guilty. Gently he stroked the dumb girl's hair, then said slowly and pushed Bi Goat to the side, "Bi Goat, you messed up ....." Then with one jump he stood facing Li Cu who looked with a pale face.

"You ... you thief of the sword! Give Liong-cu Siang-kiam back to me!" said Beng San, his red eyes looking sharp as if about to pierce the beautiful girl's chest with his gaze. Li Cu, who had been horrified, now turned angry when he heard that he had been abused by thieves. He no longer knew the young man he had seen only once at the top of Hoa-san-pai as a weak writer who dared to meddle in Hoa-san-pai's affairs with Kun-lun-pai.

"Fuck, you're probably crazy. Go!" Li Cu threatened with his sword, but once he stepped forward Beng San reached out to grab the sword. His sword would have been confiscated if Li Cu had not immediately pulled back his sword. He was shocked. This person's movements are fast and unexpected. I remember it was a dark cry earlier.

"Are you the criminal who wielded my sword earlier?"

Beng San nodded. "You can't hurt Bi Goat. And the swords, he's mine, return them now. I'm reluctant to use force against you." This speech is so loud that everyone can hear it. People who didn't know him laughed in amusement, thinking that he was really crazy. But Beng San didn't care and took another step. Now Li Cu did not hesitate. Of course this person is highly educated, so it would not be a shame if I attacked him.

"Banggat, you're looking to die yourself. Look at the sword!" His sword pierced like lightning. Bi Goat blushed and looked pale. However, Beng San managed to dodge by tilting his body slightly. Li Cu was curious and sent a series of attacks. However, seven times his sword struck, always on the empty spot as if this young man already knew where the sword was going to strike. He became more and more curious and wanted to attack to the death but suddenly Ciu Hui Gan jumped up.

"Young brother, who are you and why did you accuse my son of stealing Liong-cu Siang-kiam's sword from you?" he asked.

Beng San looked up. Cia Hui Gan was a great warrior, but he shuddered when he saw this greenish glowing face. Secretly he was surprised, because a person with a face like this is just a poisoned person or a person who has Iweekang who has reached the base of Im energy. Seeing a stout old man, Beng San immediately paid his respects.

"I think I am dealing with the Sword King Cia Hui Gan. You know, this son of yours has disguised himself as me and deceived my late teacher until Liong-cu Siang-kiam was given to him. Before he died my teacher told me to look for the sword thief, if he had met, if I have to kill a man and if ..... hemmm ..... "Beng San in his nervousness could not speak anymore, he felt very stupid and half-dead regret why he told this.

"And what about women ...?" Cia Hui Gan insisted, the swordsman's eyes shining. Only now did he see Beng San's original face, the face of a handsome and honest young man, imagining the subtlety of kindness.

Instantly the greenish rays covering his face disappeared turning fresh white as usual, then turning red once to black. Back Cia Hui Gan was shocked half dead. This is the face of a person who has Iweekang who has reached the base of Yang's energy! "If a woman ...." said Beng San "according to the deceased the temperature should be ..., uh, be my wife ....."

"Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha ..... the thief Lo-tong Souw Lee is really funny ....." said Cia Hui Gan.

Beng San felt his arm being held very tightly. He turned and it turned out that the one holding his arm was Bi Goat who looked at him with tears in his eyes. He patted Bi Goat's hand, then said quickly.

"Cia-enghiong, even if the late temperature ordered so, I ..... I will not take your daughter's wife ..... eh, not anyone either, eh ..... I just want to take back Liong-cu Siang- kiam ..... "He turned again and pushed Bi Goat away. The girl smiled and immediately resigned. This romantic show was watched by everyone and here and there people laughed, some were moved. It is clear that between the young man whose face changes like a chameleon and the girl who is dumb there is a great bond of affection,

Now Cia Hui Gan turned to her daughter, her voice cool when asked.

"Li Cu, you said you managed to snatch Liong-cu Siang-kiam back. How can this young man now accuse you of cheating?"

Li Cu stepped forward and scolded Beng San, "Crazy man, you dare accuse me. What's your name?"

"I ..... my name is Beng San ....." This young man was also nervous to face a beautiful lady like the angry angel. Suddenly Li Cu's face turned red "Dad ..... I .... I met Lo-tong Souw Lee. He ..... he thought I ..... I was his student named Beng San. Because I was dressed as a man and he ..... he is blind, he is clever and I ..... I am worried I will not succeed in snatching so I just let him think I am his student, and gave me a sword .... ".

"Hemmm, you're embarrassing!" snapped Cia Hui Gan, then this swordsman turned to Beng San. "Beng San, you heard it yourself. My son has already admitted, his actions are cunning. But you only know one and don't know two. The Liong-cu Siang-kiam sword is actually my right, because the sword used to belong to our sucouw hundreds of years ago, Ang 1 Niocu. After falling into the hands of the emperor, it was stolen by Lo-tong Souw Lee. If we now go back to snatching it from him, isn't that appropriate? "

"Can't! The temperature picked it up cleverly, your daughter picked it up with deceit. And I swear in front of the temperature ....."

"Hemmm, you can now snatch it back if you have the skills!" challenge Li Cu.

"Fine, you take care!" Beng San crashed forward, at the same time both his hands moved, the left one poking the right neck snatching the sword. Cia Hui Gan jumped back letting her son face Beng San. The girl was very angry and twisted the sword to slash Beng San's hand. But Beng San's movement was just a deceptive move, knowing that this young man had slipped behind Li Cu's body and once he moved his hand, Liong-cu Siang-kiam's long sword that had been hanging on the girl's back had been confiscated. !

Li Cu's face was pale. "Damn, today I'm Cia Li Cu going to fight to the death with you!" His short sword spun quickly was a roll of golden rays striking Beng San. Beng San also moved his sword and the two swords met, releasing dazzling sparks. The next time these two young men were already competing. What a surprise for all the guests when they saw how horrible this young man was, even though his movements were chaotic, and very bad compared to Li Cu's sword knowledge, but always the roll of Li Cu's sword ray could be held and hit again. Even with subsequent movements Beng San began to urge Li Cu with Im-yang Kiam-sut's very clever Sword Science and it turned out that the basis of their swordsmanship was one source, only a fraction of Im-yang Kiam-sut was more intricate and powerful.

Cia Hui Gan watched this battle with shining eyes and aroused admiration and love for Beng San. This young man is the one who can actually overcome his son, and will probably be able to defeat himself. Isn't the science the science left by Bu Pun Su. He had heard that Yang-sin Kiam-sut had fallen into Song-bun-kwi's hands and Im-sin Kiam-sut had fallen into Hek-hwa Kui-bo's hands. But why is this young man so skilled Im-yang Sin-kiam-sut? It is a pity that his son has had a choice of his own heart, which is his first disciple. Otherwise ..... "ah, this young man is really great!"

While Beng San and Li Cu were playing swords very carefully because they both knew the opponent's cunning while Beng San also felt embarrassed to hurt this beautiful girl, suddenly there was a commotion as if the mountain was erupting. Then from under the top ran a man chased by many people. Upon arriving at the place, it turned out that the person was Tan Beng Kui who suffered several minor injuries to his shoulders and arms. Blood soaked his clothes. As soon as he arrived at the place and saw Beng San still competing against Li Cu, Beng Kui jumped forward and snapped, "Beng San, dare you be rude here?"

Beng San was shocked and jumped back. Before he could answer, the pursuers had arrived at the scene and saw Prince Souw Kian Bi with dozens of other officers. This prince looked very angry and so when he arrived in front of Tan Beng Kui he cursed. "People are rude! So it turns out that you have betrayed us and it turns out that you who have been called Ji-enghiong? Good, good .....! You ran away here, ha-ha-ha! You think as Ji-enghiong you Have you felt that you are the smartest and your tactics have messed up the kingdom? Traitor Tan Beng Kui! At this time this peak has been locked by a dozen of my soldiers! You and everyone here, except the brothers who help the kingdom, will be exterminated! Ha -ha-ha! " Everyone was shocked, especially when he heard the cheers and saw that on the slopes of the mountain there were already a lot of state soldiers enclosing the place. This shock was not only due to the threat of the Mongol Prince, especially those who already knew Beng Kui were shocked to hear the fact that Tan Beng Kui was in fact Ji-enghiong who was famous as a warrior leader in the royal city!

When Prince Souw Kian Bi saw Lee Jade there, he laughed again, his laughter sound like a demon. "Ha-ha-ha-Ha-ha! Lee Jade, mistress Liong, it's good that you're ready to be killed here. I'll hand over your body to the soldiers, then you'll be chopped to pieces and given to the dogs! You used to claim to be Ji-enghiong to blink, I hope between you, Beng Kui, and Kwee Sin there is cooperation to head the spies in the king's city.You turn out to be the younger brother of Tan Beng Kui the bastard student of the Sword King.Ha-ha-ha, all grandiose nicknames will be shattered today. "

Tan Beng Kui who looked dashing and enthusiastic, stood with second. legs outstretched, eyes shining and he replied, "Prince Souw Kian Bi! You look down on the fighters too much. Do you think this time you will be able to destroy us? Huh, a human as low as you can destroy the strength of the people's struggle? You said at this peak is confined by your soldiers? Ha-ha-ha, do you think it's useless for me to fight for years in the king's city? It's not us you're going to destroy, it's you and your troops that will be destroyed. You see! " Beng Kui fired an arrow of fire, fired upwards and a blue ray darted into the air. Soon drums and trumpets were heard followed by cheers echoing the peak.

"Look, Prince Souw Kian Bi. Look carefully, tens of thousands of our friends are already trapped at the foot of the mountain, ready to attack your troops!" Not only was Souw Kian Bi looking up, but everyone was looking down and just right, like a big dragon snake it looked like the fighters had crawled up and had already started fighting under the mountain.

"And you never dreamed that at this time in the king's city there was also an invasion, Prince. You have nowhere else to go forward or backward. Ha-ha-ha!" Tan Beng Kui laughed and the prince snapped angrily.

"You're lying!"

But suddenly from below ran up a member of the government army. His face was pale and his breath gasped as he reported, "Report to the Prince. There is news that the king's city has been occupied by the enemy ....." In anger Prince Souw Kian Bi moved his sword and ..... this reporter collapsed with his chest pierced by the sword . This act seemed to signal the beginning of the battle. Tan Beng Kui had already taken the sword from the hand of a waiter, then with an unusually quick movement he attacked Souw Kian Bi. Dozens of the prince's followers also moved, but they were immediately greeted by Lee Jade, Li Cu, and twelve servants. The battle between Souw Kian Bi and Tan Beng Kui did not last long. In a moment, the sword in Beng Kui's hand managed to slash the screaming prince's neck and he collapsed. His followers also collapsed one by one. The battles below and on the mountain slopes intensified. All the guests stood up and became tense.

Beng San had been standing looking at his sister. Tears streamed down her cheeks. His hand holding Liong-cu-kiam trembled. What a brave sister. What a great thing. Suppose his sister, whom he had always considered a traitor, turned out to be Ji-enghiong, the leader of the fighters in the king's city! So Kwee Sin, Lee Giok and the others are his subordinates! And his sister turned out to be the head pupil of the Sword King who had more ingenuity than Li Cu. Great! This fact slapped his heart. If he used to look down on his sister, now he feels how low and humble he is compared to Beng Kui.

Now that all his enemies have been killed, Tan Beng Kui turns to Hek-hwa Kui-bo, Kim-thouw Thian-li, Siauw-ong-kwi, and Giam Kin. His attitude was threatening, "You four minions of Prince Souw Kian Bi, do you want to retaliate?" the challenge.

"Beng Kui, don't be rude!" takes Cia Hui Gan. "They are the guests attending the title fight."

Both Hek-hwa Kui-bo and Siauw-ong-kwi have become restless and nervous ever since. Facing a Tan Beng Kui or even Cia Hui Gan for them is certainly not scary, but because they used to help the government and now face the fighters, their guts have become small.

"The title fight has turned into a battle of government affairs, let us just go," said Siauw-ong-kwi who quickly left the place with Giam Kin.

"I'll just go, see you next time!" said Hek-hwa Kui-bo who quickly left followed by Kim-thouw Thian-li.

Beng Kui now faces Beng San. His face looked hard and angry. "Crazy boy, do you still want to follow the Sword King's fight anyway? Huh, a lowly man like you, who ruined the life of a good girl, you're worthless against Suhu and you're too dirty against Sumoi. If you're still curious, come on. Me! If you don't dare, you return the sword to Sumoi! " Beng Kui's attitude was very arrogant and he looked at Beng San very low.

The tears that flowed down Beng San's cheeks grew heavier when he heard his strong sister swear at him and talk about Kwa Hong's affairs. Her heart seemed to be squeezed. With a green face and a trembling voice he asked.

"Kui-ko ..... why did you put poison .....? Why did you do all that to me ..... you ..... you who turned out to be a patriot and this noble fighter ..... ? Why?"

"You idiot. You idiot! If it weren't for me, wouldn't you be a corpse in the castle now?" It was not me who put the poison, but Prince Souw Kian Bi. I was left alone because in my opinion, you were too lucky to be married to hear him. Who would have thought, you ... you left him. What a low! "

"Ouch ..... Beng Kui koko, I ..... I love another girl ..... I, I ..... became a victim of poison ....."

"Don't call me cocoa again. In short, do you want to win the title of King of Swords or not? Hurry before I run out of patience!"

Suddenly Beng San raised his chest and said, "I don't care about the name of the King of Swords. I don't like fighting with anyone either, I don't want to go to war with you. However, I have to take back a pair of Liong-cu Siang-kiam, I swear in front of the temperature. "

"Damn! Sumoi, please borrow your sword!" Li Cu handed the short sword in his hand. Holding the short Liong-cu-kiam, Beng Kui immediately jumped forward to attack fiercely.

Beng San was amazed to see his sister's movement which turned out to be much more powerful and powerful than Li Cu's movement. But because he didn't like to fight, he quickly dodged and continued to dodge or repel with a long Liong-cu Siang-kiam. Meanwhile, Li Cu approached her father and the girl's hand was very cold when she touched her father's hand. Cia Hui Gan whispered.

"Li Cu, I'm ashamed to be the King of Swords. This time, if Beng Kui's younger brother wants us all, he can defeat us with his pure Im-yang Sin-kiam suit sword knowledge. If he wants, he can easily defeat your suheng . Aaahhh, what a pity ..... "

"What's the matter, Dad? Why don't you intervene to help Suheng?"

"Hush, my time should be so low? Look, her sister is really weird not fighting at all, I don't know what that means." Suddenly he turned pale because something really extraordinary had happened. When Beng Kui's sword snapped in a lightning attack, Beng San deliberately shrugged his shoulders and only repulsed slightly. Beng Kui himself was surprised why Beng San deliberately received the slap of his sword? The young man's shoulders shrugged and peeled the skin followed by some of his flesh. Blood flowed profusely to wet his clothes.

"Koko, in terms of sword science, I admit defeat. You and your temperature deserve to be called the King of Swords. The proof is that my shoulder is injured!" exclaimed Beng San, but suddenly he made a very strange movement that killed Beng Kui's resilience. The sword in Beng Kui's hand was attached to his sword, it could not be moved or pulled back, then Beng San's left hand quickly made two punches towards his brother's right hand. Beng Kui felt his hand paralyzed and before he could stop it, Liong-cu-kiam's short sword had already moved into Beng San's hand!

Beng San then stepped back and with two swords in his hand, he looked at his sister with tears streaming down his face, then he ran away without saying a word.

Song-bun-kwi shouted, "Eh, Bi Goat, where do you want to go ??"

Just arrived at the mountain slope where there was no war going on on the other side, Beng San felt the wind blow by and knew Bi Goat was standing in front of him. The girl kept hugging him and crying, saying, "ah-ah-uh-uh" ruthlessly. Beng San's heart sank for a moment facing his lover.

"Bi Goat ..... my lover ..... adoration of my heart, don't ..... don't you chase me. Don't you prevent my departure ..... I'm too humble and too low for you, Bi Goat .... . "

Hearing this, the more Bi Goat cried and the tighter he hugged Beng San.

"Oh, Bi Goat ..... you broke my heart. Relax me, Bi Goat, I ..... I ..... ah, I don't even deserve to live in this world anymore ....."

Bi Goat seemed to be screaming but what came out of her mouth was just 'ha-ha-uh-uh, finally the girl became limp and ..... collapsed unconscious in Beng San's arms. Of course this young man was shocked. He quickly sat down on the ground while holding Bi Goat's head, shaking the lady's body, he called out anxiously, "Bi Goat ..... Bi Goat ..... don't die .....!" He was like a madman and cried like a child.

Suddenly the girl moved and a melodious voice was heard, "Beng San ..... if you go ..... I'd better just die .....".

Beng San was shocked as if stung by a poisonous snake. He turned to his right and left and saw to his left Song-bun-kwi standing with a very pale face. A glimpse of the eye-to-eye meeting between him and Song-bun-kwi, there is a similarity of understanding of what they both heard earlier.

"Beng San ..... Beng San, don't leave me ....."

"Bi Goat, you talk" Beng San jumped up and hugged the girl, forgetting all his heartache.

"Bi Goat, my child! Finally you can talk again! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Song-bun-kwi laughed out loud, then ..... cried. Ha-ha-ha, the devil is right too Yok-mo, after being shocked, you can talk again ..... "

"Father ..... if you don't keep Beng San by my side, I will not only be stunned again, I will die under your feet!"

"Yes, yes, that's good. Heh, Beng San! Do you love Bi Goat?"

"That's right, Locianpwe, but I'm too contemptible ..... I ..... I sinned and have ....."

"Stop! Where are the innocent people in this world? My sins are a thousand times greater than your sins! Don't care about those arrogant people. Come with us to Mount Min-san and live happily there. Ha-ha-ha, my son can "Talk, my son got a great husband. Soon I will cuddle my little grandson. Ha-ha-ha, she Kwee, do you deserve this much gift?"

Bi Goat held the hand of Beng San who agreed to be invited by the father and son. But they had just arrived at the foot of the mountain, in front of them stood three people blocking. These are Cia Hui Gan, Tan Beng Kui, and Cia Li Cu.

"Cia Hui Gan, do you want to block kanii?" Song-bun-kwi who was happy asked while laughing. "Do you want to talk again about the title of King of Swords?"

The Thai-san sword's face is red. "Song-bun-kwi, I'm the only parent taking the kids, they're the ones who have the business."

Meanwhile, Beng Kui had stepped forward to approach Beng San, then he was heard to say, "Beng San, you can't run away with a pair of Liong-cu Siang-kiam swords. The swords are ours, you must return them to me and Li Cu! "

Beng San saw how the attitude of his older sister was still arrogant and seemed to still look down on him, the attitude of a mighty warrior, a man and a knight who had proved his dharma devotion to the homeland, in short the attitude of a noble towards a person considered low.

Earlier he insisted on snatching the sword because he thought that in this world for his life only one thing was important. But now that he met Bi Goat, saw Bi Goat recover from gagu disease, saw Bi Goat and his father willing to accept him and he faced a new life full of happiness with Bi Goat, he did not want to strengthen the swords again. Once there is Bi Goat, he needs nothing more in this world. Calmly without saying anything Beng San lowered a pair of swords from his back.

“Ha-ha-ha, it’s so easy!” ’Song-bun-kwi laughed mockingly. "People take it relying on ingenuity, now to snatch it Back must also rely on ingenuity!"

Beng Kui and Li Cu looked at each other. In their hearts, these two young people have already admitted that they will not win the match against Beng San. After a moment of silence, Beng Kui said, "Beng San, you listen. That pair of swords is the condition and sign of my marriage to Li Cu sumoi. You return it to us and instead, I will shut up and not know you again."

Hearing this, Bi Goat and her father became angry. Where are the rules like this? People are supposed to behave well, but the answer will never be known. But Beng San immediately lowered Liong-cu Siang-kiam and said in a trembling voice.

"Beng Kui koko, accept this Liong-cu Siang-kiam as a donation for your marriage from your humble sister. But only as a deposit, three years later you must return it to me."

Beng Kui felt very annoyed but without answering anything he accepted the pair of swords and gave the short one to Li Cu. The two swords are exactly alike, only one is long and engraved with the letter "male" while the second is short and engraved with the letter "female". After receiving this pair of swords without saying thank you, Beng Kui immediately asked Li Cu to leave. Seeing this, Song-bun-kwi and Bi Goat became more and more nervous. How arrogant is the person who is praised as Ji-enghiong the leader of the fighters. Arrogant, arrogant and feel yourself the most thumbs up!

Cia Hui Gan also seems to be upset to see the attitude of the student or her future son -in -law. "Song-bun-kwi, you are the witness. From now on I Cia Hui Gan do not dare to use the title of King of Swords again, if anyone still questions the title of King of Swords, then let me admit that this young brother of my student is the one who deserves the title of King Sword. Goodbye until we meet again! " The legs of this sword warrior hit the ground and his body flashed away from there.

“Ha-ha-ha! My son-in-law the King of Swords "It's true my son-in-law the King of Swords and I will broadcast this to the whole world kang-ouw. Whoever does not want to accept it will crush his head!" Laughing and shouting, the grandfather invited Beng San and Bia Goat to continue their journey to Min-san.

While walking on Bi Goat's saniping holding his hand, there was a change in Beng San. His face was not as scary as before, the color of his face had changed normally, even a pair of eyes were shining happily. His older brother turned out to be a patriot, a young man with a fragrant name, who was admired and praised by the valiant people of the whole country. And her sister has had a matchmaker as beautiful and dashing as Cia Li Cu. He was happy to see his sister would live happily. He himself saw a bright spot in his life to come. Happiness for him was about to come like the sun peeking out from behind a dark cloud that began to be blown away by the wind. With Bi Goat by his side he is willing to move on, willing to go through hardships and willing to keep smiling and looking at a world full of thorns, full of the suffering of this life in terms of its beauty. Unbeknownst to him he tightened his grip. Bi Goat felt and this girl hugged Beng San's arm more tightly while glancing and smiling sweetly. when Beng San looked up, he saw the girl's cheeks adorned with two tears that descended slowly. Clear tears, tears of happiness.

This is the end of the story of the KING OF THE SWORD. But the story of the figures in KING OF THE SWORD is still far from over. Greater, more horrible, more touching events will emerge just as in the life of every human being there will always be things that give rise to the story. The world is full of events, human life is never calm like the ocean water that is calm for a while and then turbulent as well. We will find all the characters of this story in the new story of GOLDEN EAGLE, a beautiful story that the author deliberately created as a continuation of RAJA PEDANG. But it is also a story in its own right where we will follow the journey of life from Kwa Hong, a lady whose heart is broken and her feelings are crushed, will meet again with Beng San and Bi Goat, with Tan Beng Kui and Li Cu, with Thio Eng, Bun Lim Kwi and not to be missed are Kim-thouw Thian-li and others. See you again in GOLDEN EAGLE!

It's over