The King Of Sword Volume 23

volume 23

"Vile demon, you have killed my father. Feel my revenge!" His sword flashed piercing. Kim-thouw Thian-li laughs and dodges, quickly pulls out a machete and retaliates against Sian Hwa.

Meanwhile, Pek Gan Siansu dar »Lian Bu Tojin awoke their spirits after hearing and seeing for themselves the fact that Kwee Sin was truly a fighter leader, coupled with Lee Giok's valiant and patriotic attitude. The two grandfathers exchanged views and made the same decision, namely to defend Lee Giok for the sake of their appreciation for Kwee Sin's struggle. Now seeing that Sian Hwa has fought against Kim-thouw Thian-li and this is impossible for them to stop or prevent considering that Sian Hwa will certainly be desperate for revenge, also seeing that the clash between them and the government can no longer be prevented, then the two step forward forward, ready to face all possibilities. Thio Ki and Kui Lok also jumped forward to help their teacher's aunt.

"Demon Ngo-lian-kauw, you are our father's killer!" they shouted as they strode forward. Kim-thouw Thian-li is still laughing and confronts the three by playing his machete.

"Lian Bu Totiang, did you just let your students rebel?" Hek-hwa Kui-bo jumps forward in front of Hoa-san-pai's chief. His leap was amazing, as if his legs weren't moving but he knew his body was already flashing in front of Hoa-san-pai's grandfather. Everyone who saw this was amazed and also shocked. But Lian Bu Tojin with his cool demeanor and the heirloom sword that Kwee Sin had used to commit suicide in his right hand, looked at the young -looking grandmother as he said.

"Hek-hwa Kui-bo, it's good that you're twisting the facts. It's you who allowed your student Kim-thouw Thian-li to commit slander and quarrel between Kun-lun-pai and Hoa-san-pai, letting your student kill the student -Hoa-san-pai's student and you always even help him. Now you come pretending to rebuke the pinto. Heh, even if you are cunning, but your evil will certainly not lead you to happiness and safety. "

but still all the power of Hoa-san Kiam-sut's Sword Science seemed to be swallowed up by the cold air of Hek-hwa Kui-bo's Sword Science. However, Lian Bu Tojin is a priest who prioritizes a holy and clean life, so the resilience in his body is very strong and it is not easy for Hek-hwa Kui-bo to tear it down quickly.

"Heh-heh-heh, sweet ladies, let's play around for a while!" Giam Kin apparently jumped forward and with a ceriwis attitude once stretched out his hands to catch Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee. The two girls snapped and cursed, while dodging and pulling out their swords and then eagerly they slammed Giam Kin.

Meanwhile, Bun Lim Kwi had been looking at Giam Kin, so when he heard Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee swearing and mentioning the pale-faced young man's name, his blood immediately rose. So is this a man named Giam Kin, who cowardly once attacked and demolished him when he fought against Thio Eng in the past? His life almost drifted away because of the evil pale -faced young man.

"Suhu, he's the one who almost killed teecu with his treacherous attack. Teecu wants to retaliate," he whispered to Pek Gan Siansu Chief Kun-lun-pai nodded, saying slowly.

"We should now help Hoa-san-pai face the bad guys."

Excitedly, Bun Lim Kwi drew his sword and stabbed Giam Kin who was serving the two Hoa-san-pai girls deliciously while teasing them with his rude and dirty talk.

"Both ladies please back off, let me punish this dirty -mouthed man!" Bun Lim Kwi snapped as he twisted his sword. But because they are so angry with Giam Kin, where do Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee want to leave him? Thus Giam Kin was immediately besieged and robbed three times. Giam Kin is very busy. Even though he was very clever but was robbed by these three people, moreover, Bun Lim Kwi's martial arts knowledge was great, immediately he was desperate and busy fending off here and there.

"Hemmm, cheating ..... cheating .....! I saw Kun-lun-pai's sword science defending Hoa-san-pai?" This voice came from the mouth of Siauw-ong-kwi who stepped forward to help his student. But suddenly a white shadow flashed and Pek Gan Siansu was already standing in front of him with Kun-lun-pai's heirloom sword in hand.

"Slow down, Siauw-ong-kwi. Let the boy be the same boy, the old bangka like you, his opponent is also the old bangka like me!"

Siauw-ong-kwi rolled his eyes and laughed. "Ha-ha-ha, since when did Kun-lun-pai become the rebels' aide?"

"Since people like you help the invaders oppress the people," Kun-lun-pai replied calmly.

"0-ho, Pek Gan Siansu, does that mean you're challenging Siauw-ong-kwi?"

"Pinto doesn't challenge anyone. However, Siauw-ong-kwi, Pinto has always known Siauw-ong-kwi's name as a weirdo who doesn't like to break speed, a major figure in the north who doesn't have a lot of mud, evil. dragged into the trap of the invaders, in fact you let your student be vile and evil without punishing him. Your student fraudulently tried to kill my student, now you want to help him as well. Where can the door be silenced? "

"Good Pek Gan Siansu, there is a difference of understanding between us, you are a servant of the rebels and I am a servant of the government. Come on, come on ..... let's play for a while, my hand has been itching for a long time to feel the sharpness of Kun-lun's sword- pie! " These two immediately moved and the two competed. Pek Gan Siansu's sword is undoubtedly very great in its movement, strong and even though it is moved slowly, but the ray of its sword alone is enough to knock down a strong opponent. On the other hand, Siauw-ong-kwi is a most cunning figure from the north. His martial arts were strange, at the core of the science of capture, which, being the basis of Mongol wrestling, he now played with both ends of his long sleeves so that it seemed as if Siauw-ong-kwi was playing with a pair of swords. Don't underestimate this pair of sleeveless tops.

Kim-thouw Thian-li who saw how the two sides had clashed with each other immediately whistled loudly and the government forces simultaneously moved to storm up while shouting in a commotion. The tosu Hoa-san-pai saw this without waiting for another order to immediately attack and there was a pretty great little war at the top of Hoa-san-pai. But it turns out that the situation is very unfavorable for Hoa-san-pai. The number of government troops is not only larger, they are also selected troops deliberately sent by Prince Souw Kian Bi, a force that consists of soldiers who are kosen and machete experts, better known as Barisan Golok Maut. In a moment, a dozen Hoa-san-pai tosu people collapsed with machetes and their situation was very desperate.

The battle conditions faced by the Hoa-san-pai and Kun-lun-pai champions were also very bad. Facing Sian Hwa assisted by his two nephews, Thio Ki and Kui Lok, the head of Ngo-lian-kauw, Kim-thouw Thian-Ii turned out to be much more cunning. The game of the machete, although cunning and strange, still has not been able to overpower the swordsmanship of these three Hoa-san-pai students, but after Kim-thouw Thian-li took off her red shawl that contained poisonous air, at a very unexpected moment she snorted red shawl. The fragrant smell spread. Thio Ki and Kui Lok, who were still inexperienced, were less quick to dodge and collapsed, rolling in a state of unconsciousness. Liem Sian Hwa who became very angry took the opportunity, while Kim-thouw Thian-li laughed with glee and ordered some soldiers to capture these two young men, quickly jumped high after having managed to overthrow the body avoiding the poisonous air, then from above he used, Hui-liong-jip-hai's deceptive motion ( Dragon Flying Into the Ocean), his sword moves quickly to attack his opponent. Not in vain this lady was nicknamed Kiam-eng-cu (Shadow of the Sword), her movement was so fast, that the shadow of her body and the ray of the sword became one. Kim-thouw Thian-li was shocked, quickly repulsed with a machete and tilted his body trying to save himself. But still, the tip of Sian Hwa's sword had suddenly grabbed his shoulder so that the shirt on his shoulder was torn and his smooth white skin? and blood gushed out. quickly jumped high after having managed to overthrow the body to avoid the poisonous air, then from above he used, the deceptive movement of Hui-liong-jip-hai (Dragon Flying Into the Ocean), his sword moved quickly to attack his opponent. Not in vain this lady was nicknamed Kiam-eng-cu (Shadow of the Sword), her movement was so fast, that the shadow of her body and the ray of the sword became one. Kim-thouw Thian-li was shocked, quickly repulsed with a machete and tilted his body trying to save himself. But still, the tip of Sian Hwa's sword had suddenly grabbed his shoulder so that the shirt on his shoulder was torn and his smooth white skin? and blood gushed out. quickly jumped high after having managed to overthrow the body to avoid the poisonous air, then from above he used, the deceptive movement of Hui-liong-jip-hai (Dragon Flying Into the Ocean), his sword moved quickly to attack his opponent. Not in vain this lady was nicknamed Kiam-eng-cu (Shadow of the Sword), her movement was so fast, that the shadow of her body and the ray of the sword became one. Kim-thouw Thian-li was shocked, quickly repulsed with a machete and tilted his body trying to save himself. But still the tip of Sian Hwa's sword had suddenly grabbed his shoulder so that the shirt on his shoulder was torn and his smooth white skin? and blood gushed out. his sword moved quickly to attack his opponent. Not in vain this lady was nicknamed Kiam-eng-cu (Shadow of the Sword), her movement was so fast, that the shadow of her body and the ray of the sword became one. Kim-thouw Thian-li was shocked, quickly repulsed with a machete and tilted his body trying to save himself. But still, the tip of Sian Hwa's sword had suddenly grabbed his shoulder so that the shirt on his shoulder was torn and his smooth white skin? and blood gushed out. his sword moved quickly to attack his opponent. Not in vain this lady was nicknamed Kiam-eng-cu (Shadow of the Sword), her movement was so fast, that the shadow of her body and the ray of the sword became one. Kim-thouw Thian-li was shocked, quickly repulsed with a machete and tilted his body trying to save himself. But still, the tip of Sian Hwa's sword had suddenly grabbed his shoulder so that the shirt on his shoulder was torn and his smooth white skin? and blood gushed out. But still, the tip of Sian Hwa's sword had suddenly grabbed his shoulder so that the shirt on his shoulder was torn and his smooth white skin? and blood gushed out. But still, the tip of Sian Hwa's sword had suddenly grabbed his shoulder so that the shirt on his shoulder was torn and his smooth white skin? and blood gushed out.

"Fuck, feel my revenge!" Kim-thouw Thian-li exclaimed loudly, quickly giving the medicine powder to his wounded shoulder, then with an overflowing rage he attacked Liem Sian Hwa with murderous lust. Sian Hwa twisted his sword to defend, himself, but realizing that he lost his energy and was confused in the face of the strange and vicious science of the machete. the captives, bound their handcuffs and taken back by some enemy soldiers.

Kwa Tin Siong also saw how his two nephew's students were captured. However, he could only be restless because since the great battle began, Hoa-san It-kiam Kwa tin Siong had stepped forward and was attacked by five officers of the enemy forces alternately. Many opponents had fallen by his cunning sword, but being robbed by so many tough opponents, he also became desperate and powerless to help the two captured nephews.

Now seeing how much his sumo was pushed hard by the violent Kim-thouw Thian-li, he was very worried. As he shouted loudly his sword rotated like a roaring wave, two of his assailants collapsed and the others were forced to retreat in terror. This opportunity was used by Kwa Tin Siong to jump and hit Kim-thouw Thian-li.

"Sumoi, don't worry, let's kill this female stealth!" he shouted and his sword, which was still covered in blood, struck hard.

"Hi-hi-hi, a shameless sumoi and suheng!" While fending off Kim-thouw Thian-li laughed at me-reka. "Outside confessing sumoi and suheng, in the mouth swearing at Kwee Sin obliquely, but how is this? Ha-ha-hi-hi-hi, shameless, thick face? Who doesn't know that you guys have been playing crazy for years? In front of the teacher be pious, he said classmate, but behind the teacher? Hi-hi-hi, only an empty room to witness the dirty love of sumoi and suheng! " The words uttered by Kim-thouw Thian-li were so loud and loud that it was heard by everyone there. The faces of Kwa Tin Siong and Liem Sian Hwa turned pale from their anger. Liem Sian Hwa almost fainted from his anger so that the movement of his sword became even slower and finally he staggered and fell unconscious, Kwa Tin Siong snapped, "

"Ha-ha-ha, shame on you? You guys love each other, who doesn't know about this? Haiii .....! Lian Bu Tojin, you old tosu bangka is blind, don't know your two students are playing crazy behind you?" But he was forced to stop his words because of the great attack made by Kwa Tin Siong.

Kim-thouw Thian-li's loud speech was great as a result. Lian Bu Tojin who was then competing fiercely against Hek-hwa Kui-bo, momentarily trembled his body and when he looked towards Kwa Tin Siong, he was less hard to fend off the silk handkerchief attack driven by Hek-hwa Kui-bo. "Plakkk!" The tip of the handkerchief hit his chest and Lian Bu Tojin staggered backwards with a pale face, but while holding his breath the grandfather was still able to continue to jump near Kim-thouw Thian-li who was still urging Kwa Tin Siong with a machete and with a mouth that uttered insulting words. about him and his sumo.

Lian Bu Tojin moved her left hand to hit forward. Kim-thouw Thian-li tries to dodge, but it's too late "Dukkk!" His back was hit, his body rolled over and fell motionless. Red blood flowed from this woman's mouth. Lian Bu Tojin with her eyes narrowed at Kwa Tin Siong.

"Tin Siong, is it true that you ..... you ..... is it true what the stealth said earlier? Is it true you ..... you love Sian Hwa?" he asked, his normally gentle voice now stiff and hoarse and his anger peaking.

Kwa Tin Siong throughout his life never lied to his temperature. With his head bowed he replied, "Teecu is indeed in love with Sumoi, Suhu. But pure love ..... not as the stealth meant ....."

Suddenly there was a mocking laugh. "Ha-ha-ha, love between a strong man and a beautiful woman, where can it be clean? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, Kwa Tin Siong is also smart! From his sumo, he can't be an old virgin .. ... ha-ha-ha-ha-ha widower and old virgin, it's a match! " No wonder this insult came out of Giam Kin's mouth. "Blukkk!" In his anger, Bun Lim Kwi used Giam Kin's opportunity to break his attention to hurl this insult, successfully hitting Giam Kin's shoulder with his left hand. This is Pek-lek-jiu's blow and assuming that other people who are hit will surely collapse bina-sa. But Giam Kin is a person who already has high intelligence. This blow really knocked him down, but as he fell he managed to pinch a handful of fine needles towards Bun Lim Kwi.

"Jiwi Lihiap, watch out!" It's good that the needles weren't handed to the two ladies who joined Giam Kin, so they weren't threatened by the evil secret weapon. Meanwhile, Kwa Hong who also heard the insulting remarks from Kim thouw Thian-li earlier, now stood with a pale face and stared at his father who was reprimanded by Lian Bu Tojin and at his teacher's aunt who was still unconscious,

As for Lian Bu Tojin, when he heard the confession from Kwa Tin Siong and then heard Giam Kin's words, his body became limp. "Huaaak? Fresh blood sprayed from his mouth, this is the result of the blow of Hek-hwa Kui-bo's silk scarf earlier. Then this old man moved Hoa-san-pai's heirloom sword and stabbed it towards Liem Sian Hwa's body lying on the ground.

"Temperature .., ..! Forgive Sumoi ...." Kwa tin Siong crashed forward, blocking his sumo body. Lian Bu Tojin was startled and held her sword, but because she was injured her movement was less strong and the sword was still sticking towards her neck. Kwa Tin Siong had to fend off with his left hand. "Crakkk!" Hoa-san-pai's extremely sharp and powerful heirloom sword mercilessly cut off Kwa Tin Siong's left arm as far as his wrist! Kwa Tin Siong was still squatting, leaning on Liem Sian Hwa's body with his right hand, stood up and walked away staggering with a limbo step. But very quickly he ran down the mountain.

"Dad ...!" Kwa Hong shouted and wanted to chase, but suddenly he collapsed and rolled over. Apparently in the chaos, as long as everyone was paying attention to the event, Giam Kin had jumped forward and knocked him down. This incident is like, a sign that the battle is starting again. Bun Lim Kwi moved his sword to attack Giam Kin, assisted by Thio Bwee and they returned to fight.

"Dare you hurt my student!" Hek-hwa Kui-bo who had advanced to help Kim-thouw Thian-li who was wounded by Lian Bu Tojin's blow, now drifted forward to attack Hoa-san-pai's chief. But Lian Bu Tojin has already suffered a great internal wound, now this grandfather is even sitting cross -legged and narrowing his eyes. It seems that Hoa-san-pai's grandfather has suffered too much grief because of the problems of his students so that now he is deliberately waiting for his opponent's death blow without wanting to defend himself.

At that moment, there was a roar of cheers around the battlefield and suddenly appeared hundreds of mighty men led by a great tall man. Everyone was shocked, even Hek-hwa Kui-bo himself to the point of holding back his blow. But after looking and seeing that those who came were people who were usually called fighters or who were considered rebels by the government, Hek-hwa Kui-bo let out an insulting snort and he continued his blow.

"Lian Bu Tojin, get ready to fail!" His sword pierced his chest while the end of his silk scarf pierced the crown of Lian Bu Tojin's head. Two deadly attacks that will presumably end the life of Hoa-san-pai's chief. But at that moment two black rays snatched. "Trang!" The sword in Hek-hwa Kui-bo's hand was struck to the side while a second black ray snatched towards his left elbow, making his left hand limp and Iweekang's air channeled towards the shawl disappeared and his shawl turned limp like a regular cloth. Simultaneously the strike of two black objects that turned out to be only two pebbles had paralyzed Hek-hwa Kui-bo's deadly attack and saved Lian Bu Tojin's life!

Hek-hwa Kui-bo is shocked and very angry, quickly twists his body and he is confronted by a young man who is none other than Beng San. The young man smiled at her.

"Have you been okay all this time, Hek-hwa Kui-bo?"

Hek-hwa Kui-bo is stunned and hesitant. He seemed to know the face of this young man, but if he remembered the extraordinary intelligence of this young man, he was hesitant and felt that he had never known a young man with such great intelligence.

"Who are you?"

"Hek-hwa Kui-bo, did you forget me? Remember the lessons of Thai-hwee, Siu-hwee and Ci-hwee ....."

"Ah, you Beng San little stealth ....." Hek-hwa Kui-bo angrily remembered Im-yang Sin-kiam's book. "Good, you give me Yang-sin Kiam-sut!" Along with this outburst he then attacked with his sword. Beng San dodged and saw that the grandmother attacked him with the Im-sin-kiam Sword Science, of course he could easily dodge. Akah but because he himself was unarmed, it was also difficult for him to retaliate against his great grandmother so he just played backwards, dodged to the right and left, jumped back and forth.

Meanwhile, the group of brave people who were apparently led by Tan Hok had attacked the government forces until the duel became more and more numerous. But now the situation has changed completely. If earlier the tosu Hoa-san-pai fought in vain and many of them perished, now the situation is reversed. Not only did the Pek-lian-pai members who came on average have valor and ingenuity, but their numbers were much larger and the government forces were severely oppressed and desperate. Soon many Mongol soldiers collapsed and others began to lose heart.

A great and exciting battle was the battle between Pek Gan Sian-su and Siauw-ong-kwi. These two great figures really have great intelligence. They have no personal animosity, but as is often the case, when two great figures fight and show off their skills, they do not want to give in to each other. They fought from the beginning until now, never stopped and have released their skills up to two hundred more moves. In any case, Pek Gan Siansu's knowledge is a knowledge that is sourced from the pure and original knowledge of the descendants of Kun-lun-pai, so the basis is very strong. On the other hand, Siauw-ong-kwi got his skills from a collection of various martial arts and for him there is no choice whether martial arts is dirty or clean in nature, all learned from a young age and from this collection of martial arts he created his own martial arts that is vicious and cunning, namely with both weapons at the ends of his long sleeves. Probably because he lost the pure source of his intelligence, then after two hundred moves, slowly Siauw-ong-kwi began to be overwhelmed by the light of Pek Gan Sian-su's great sword. He had to secretly admit that Kun-lun Kiam-sut's Sword Science was really clever.

"Ha-ha-ha, Pek Gan Siansu, Kun-lun's swordsmanship is really not just nonsense. I saw the rebel line had invaded, I had to dislike serving you any longer. Later in the next meeting we will continue to determine who he really is King of the Sword! "

"Siauw-ong-kwi, you're praising me too much. Your ingenuity is also a lot smarter than before. In the meeting in Thai-san later, I hope pinto won't be strong enough to face you." Kun-lun-pai's grandfather's words are indeed honest. Earlier he was able to overwhelm his opponent with his purer and stronger sword knowledge, but in terms of energy and tenacity, if the battle continued, he would surely be defeated by Siauw-ong-kwi who was a dozen years younger.

Siauw-ong-kwi then rushed towards his student. Giam Kin who at that time was desperate by Bun Lim Kwi assisted by Thio Bwee. Once he grabbed the end of his sleeve, Siauw-ong-kwi made Lim Kwi and Thio Bwee's swords bounce backwards, even Thio Bwee staggered a few actions while Lim Kwi, who was more knowledgeable, only shook his hand. But it was enough to give Giam Kin a chance to jump back and follow his teacher away.

Hek-hwa Kui-bo is still chasing Beng San with Im sin-kiam's Sword Science. More curious because he has not been able to demolish the youth? this. In fact, not to mention, the tip of his sword has never even kissed the tip of the young man's shirt who nimbly jumped back and forth with relentless movements like a frightened person, but each jump is a perfect and precise twist to avoid Im-sin's attacks. Kiam hoat. The people who were there were busy facing their opponents, so no one paid attention to the arrival of Beng San. Now that they have a chance to watch, they are surprised and also worried to see the young man being chased by Hek-hwa Kui-bo.

Pek Gan Siansu is a big figure with sharp eyesight. Seeing Beng San's condition, he did not doubt at all that of course this strange young man had great intelligence, but because he was aware of Hek-hwa Kui-bo's violence, he immediately said, "Ha-ha-ha, really It's funny. Hek-hwa Kui-bo with his sword chases a young man. Shame on you! "

Since Hek-hwa Kui-bo himself knew that the young man was an heir of Im-yang Sin-kiam, now seeing that the fighting had stopped and the soldiers had fled in disarray, what's more Siauw-ong-kwi had left too, he feel there is no hope of having to rage alone. "Boy, if you really have the skills, we'll meet in Thai-san later!" she said nervously and once flashed, the grandmother had gone to follow her student and the others, who had already run away.

Great as a result of that battle. Too many, more than forty tosu Hoa-san-pai, lay dead or injured. There were also several dozen wounded Pek-lian-pai and the soldiers left the bodies and wounded friends of more than seventy people. The place was full of corpses and wounded people, blood stained the grass and the ground, horrible. Lian Bu Tojin was still sitting cross -legged with his eyes closed, badly injured and also had a severe internal shock. Kwa Tin Siong and Liem Sian Hwa are nowhere to be seen, already running down the mountain. Kwa Hong, Thio Ki, and Kui Lok were captured, taken away by the enemy. Only Thio Bwee is now kneeling in front of Hoa-san-pai's grandfather while crying. The day really suffered great blows, blows from the outside and from the inside. Bun Lim Kwi stood near his teacher, lower your face in grief. Pek Gan Siansu stroked his beard and looked at Beng San who also stood confused because he didn't know where the other Hoa-san-pai students had gone.

"Beng San's brother .....!" This call was the voice of Tan Hok coming running. Beng San was also happy and the two hugged each other.

"Thank goodness you and your friends came in a hurry, Tan-twako, otherwise ....."

Tan Hok looked at the unfortunate bodies across the ground, taking a deep breath. because of Kun-lun-pai's student who collapsed under the influence of women's beauty ... "He pointed at Kwee Sin's body.

"Don't" you talk anytime! " Thio Bwee suddenly jumped up and looked at Tan Hok angrily. "Do you think you and the Pek-lian-pai people are patriotic and brave? Uncle Kwee Sin even though he looks guilty, but in fact he did all that in order to carry out his duty as a fighter. He is a leader in the royal city, famous with the name Si-enghiong ..... "

"What ..... ??" Tan Hok rolled his eyes. "He ..... he is Si-enghiong? Si-enghiong and Ji-enghiong are the people who lead our movement there ..... the people of Ciu-taihiap's faith! Is this true ..... ? "

Pek Gan Siansu said, "Siancai ..... siancai ....." he took a deep breath. "How proud this old heart is to hear that Kwee Sin is a great fighter. Proud and sad and ashamed that he has been so blind that he cannot recognize his own students! Ah, Kwee Sin ..... Kwee Sin ..... no worth the door to be your teacher ..... "

Suddenly Thio Bwee exclaimed “Eh, where is he? Where is Ji-enghiong ...? "

Tan Hok was even more surprised. "What? Ji-enghiong is here too? Where is he?" Everyone was looking around and remembering, but they had never seen Miss Lee Giok or the one called Ji-enghiong by Kim-thouw Thian-li.

"Is Ji-enghiong really here? Who is he?" Tan Hok asked again in surprise, while Beng San was also stunned to hear the revelation of this secret, he really wanted to hear his statement as well.

Lian Bu Tojin stood slowly, then looked at Tan Hok and his friends standing behind him. Seeing Beng San hugging Tan Hok, the head of Hoa-san-pai asked, "Beng San, who is this master?"

Beng San yelled. "Totiang, he is a mighty friend of teecu. His name is Tan Hok and he is the leader of the patriotic Pek-lian-pai guerrilla force."

Lian Bu Tojin nodded, "Ah, I guess. Tan-enghiong. Thanks for your help. Apparently Tan-enghiong knew two leaders in the royal city called Ji-enghiong and Si enghiong. "

"Of course you know, Totiang. Only? Know the name, but the two figures are including my superiors. If Si-enghiong is a student of Kun lun-pai, it's very exciting and at the same time our view of Kun-lun-pai has changed. but ... who says he is Si-enghiong? "

"Undoubtedly, the government forces had raided here to arrest Ji-enghiong and Si-enghiong. Si-enghiong was ... a student of Pek Gan Siansu, Kwee Sin. As for Ji-enghiong, according to the confession, he was a lady a young man named Lee Jade who is now going nowhere because he apparently disappeared during the battle.

Hearing this, Tan Hok immediately and his friends respectfully lifted Kwee Sin's body and treated and cared for him respectfully like a leader. Also the tosu Hoa-San-pai took care of the corpses and the wounded. In this case, Lian Bu Tojin proved his personal nobility by ordering his students to also take care of the corpses of Mongol soldiers, even treating the wounded and letting them go safely.

Beng San, who did not see Hoa-san-pai's students, asked Thio Bwee, "Brother Bwee, why didn't I see Hong-moi and your two brothers Thio Ki and Kui Lok? And where did Kwa-lo- go? enghiong and your teacher's aunt? " Asked like this, suddenly Thio Bwee cried again and could not answer.

Lian Bu Tojin who replied, "Beng San, today Hoa-san-pai was destroyed. Kwa Hong, Thio Ki, and Kui Lok were captured by the enemy and captured. As for Kwa Sin Tiong and Sian Hwa, eh, they also ran away in the chaos earlier . '"

Hearing this, Beng San's face changed. "Hong-moi was captured by the enemy? Also Thio Ki and Kui Lok's brothers? Ah, damn let me try to help ....." Beng San ran down from the top.

"Lim Kwi, you help him!" whispered Pek Gan Siansu.

"Brother Beng San, wait!" Lim Kwi's body sped after Beng San. Tan Hok also jumped and chased. "Beng San's brother, wait ...!"

But strangely, even though Beng San seemed to be just running normally while the two people who were chasing him jumped and used the science of running fast, Beng San's body disappeared for a while and they did not know where he was running. Tan Hok and Lim Kwi had to return to the top.

"Lian Bu totiang," said Tan Hok in a voice comforting the grieving -looking old man. "Please Totiang don't worry. Beng San's younger brother is not an ordinary person, of course he will try his best to help the captive Hoa-san-pai students.

If he doesn't succeed, trust me, I will mobilize friends to go and help them. It is now clear that Kun-lun-pai's disciple has become the leader of the fighters, the late Kwee-enghiong. And now that Hoa-san-pai has been hostile to the invaders, there is no other way but to pursue Kwee-enghiong's ideals. It would be nice if from now on Hoa-san-pai and Kun-lun-pai helped the people's struggle. "

Listening to the speech of this spirited Pek-lian-pai guerrilla leader, Lian Bu Tojin and Pek Gan Siansu sa-Jing looked on. Lian Bu Tojin took a deep breath and said.

"Actually, since the people rebelled against the oppression of the colonial government, all of us members of Hoa-san-pai have felt sympathy and even Pinto himself has ordered the students to help the struggle. Who would have thought Pato had to be tricked by the cowardly Prince Souw Kian Bi I once kidnapped two of my students' grandchildren. However, with today's invasion, it is clear that they are hostile to us and we will now mobilize all our forces to help the struggle to drive the Mongol invaders out of the country. "

"Good, Lian Bu toyu!" exclaimed Pek Gan Siansu excitedly. "I myself have to atone for my mistakes and stupidity for not being able to know Kwee Sin, from now on Kun-lun-pai will also join the fighters.

Tan Hok's heart was not happy to hear this. He immediately stood up respectfully and told the state of the struggle, how far the people's front movement had progressed and which part needed the help of the two militant parties.

* * *

By traveling fast and tirelessly Beng San chased the government line that had captured Kwa Hong, Thio Ki and Kui Lok. But even though he had managed to follow the line of only a few dozen people left, he did not see the three young Hoa-san-pai students captured. He became surprised and also suspicious as well as feeling very anxious when thinking about their fate, especially when he thought about Kwa Hong.

That night he continued to run fast, but he could not yet catch up with those who were carrying the prisoners. He suspected that Hek-hwa Kui-bo and his disciples, who had escaped from the prisoners, would have escaped so quickly. To dispel his doubts, he caught a soldier who was hanging out with his friend while carrying a wounded friend. The soldiers were astonished and frightened when in the dark a black shadow flashed and knew that someone had disappeared without a trace and left no sound!

"Am ..... forgive me ....." The soldier sobbed when he felt how his body was taken to jump high and placed on the branches of a tree that was not very tall and swayed almost unable to hold his body. He thought that he must have been kidnapped by the devil because his captors had not spoken since before, nor had his face seen because apart from the darkness, he had also been unable to move his head to look and see the face of the person who was squeezing him.

"Hemmm, do you still want to live? You've helped sinners, kidnapped three young people from Hoa-san-pai, now you want me to leave you here to fall and perish! Ha-ha-ha!" Beng San exerted his Iweek making his voice sound big creepy and piercing his ears.

"Forgive me ..... I'm just an ordinary soldier, just obeying orders.

"Let's say, who took the three young men away? Quickly admit, otherwise I will take your life little by little!"

The man became more and more convinced that what was bothering him was of course the devil, because now the voice sounded loud and shrill, far different from before, and the voice was not visible to the person either.

"They ..... they were brought by Giam kongcu and his entourage ....."

"Where is it?"

"To the headquarters in Tiang-bun-kwi ...,?.

"Where is Tiang-bun-kwi?"

The soldier was so frightened that he could not think that if the devil asked, he would also know where the prisoners were taken. But he was too scared to use his common sense.

"To the west of the king's city ..." he held back his screams as he felt his body fall. He didn't know that Beng San pulled him and brought him down. He knew the next day he was sane from his fainting and was under a big, tall tree. Of course he increasingly believed that last night he was harassed by the devil so he ran away as fast as possible from the place!

Meanwhile, Beng San became excited after hearing that the three prisoners were taken by Giam Kin's entourage to Tiang-bun-kwi. Immediately he did a chase that night as well. The long journey did not make him weak in spirit, he only stopped snoring when his stomach was hungry and could not be maintained and only stopped snoring for a while to relax his leg veins. The next day, by nightfall he arrived at Tiang-bun-kwi.

Beng San was shocked and worried when he saw the condition of Tiang-bun-kwi. This hamlet outside the king's city turned out to be a very strong headquarters, becoming the care center of the king's city as far west as. During his investigation he heard that there were gathered at least ten thousand government soldiers who patrolled every day to prevent the invasion of the enemy from the west. And Kwa Hong and his two suhengs were brought to this strong base!

No matter how great the news he heard about Tiang-bun-kwi, Beng San was not afraid. To help the three, especially Kwa Hong, he was willing to sacrifice his life. After the day got dark, he managed to infiltrate into a large fort and hide behind a high and dark cloud. He heard a commotion and saw many soldiers coming and going and very busy, as if something important had happened. Then followed the sound of trumpets and drums. The voices heard by Beng San state that there were great guests coming to visit the fort. There was a horse's foot from outside and ... Beng San's heart was pounding when he saw that it was Tan Beng Kui with Prince Souw Kian Bi, preceded by a guard carrying a flag of greatness and accompanied by a fully armed guard. Several officers led by the fort commander himself welcomed the arrival of Souw Kian Bi and Tan Beng Kui. Looking at the way they paid their respects to these two immigrants, it can be seen that in addition to Souw Kian Bi who held his position as the Mongol Prince, also Tan Beng Kui had a high and important position. Beng San was heartbroken to see that his older brother was respected as a Mongol government official who in his eyes was the opposite, namely as a servant or dog of the colonial government.

Seeing how the group entered the room after getting off the horse, Beng San carefully then jumped on the tile in front. After searching carefully from above, he finally knew that the group was sitting in a large, very bright room. He dismantled the tiles and finally, the young man was able to peek down carefully. He saw many people in the large room and was surprised to see that Hek-hwa Kui-bo and Siauw-ong-kwi were also in the large room. Not to mention Kim-thouw Thian-li and Giam Kin who are now relatively close to the Ngo-lian-kauw chief, the proof is that they sit nearby and Giam Kin often smiles at the still beautiful Ngo-lian-kauw chief.

"I would like to thank Ji-wi Locianpwe who helped crush the rebels and succeeded in killing Kwee Sin, who turned out to be Si-enghiong, the rebel leader. The services of Ji-wi and the brothers will certainly be rewarded," said Prince Souw. Kian Bi.

"It's a pity, Ji-enghiong who turned out to be Ms. Lee Giok could not be caught or killed," said Beng Kui.

"The despicable woman had secretly run away unnoticed while the great battle was going on. Otherwise, how could she have escaped my hands?" Hek-hwa Kui-bo snorted.

Siauw-ong-kwi laughed out loud. Kui bo, you yourself were then bothered to face a crazy young writer, where did you have a chance to catch the girl who secretly became the leader of the rebels? Ha-ha-ha! "

"Old devil, don't be arrogant. Facing a crazy young man, where am I willing to intervene? On the other hand, you barely had time to hold your breath holding Kun-lun-pai's chief's sword!" Hek-hwa replied Kui-bo angrily.

"Never mind, things that have happened don't need to be discussed either," said Tan Beng Kui, his voice firm. "Even though she as Ji-enghiong is very detrimental to us, after she ran away, what does it mean for an enemy like the young lady? Anyway, we can now mobilize troops to go and arrest her parents. By detaining her parents, won't the lady finally surrender? "

Prince Souw Kian Bi slammed the table angrily, shocking everyone. "Damn right! Who would have thought that in the king's city there are so many rebel spies roaming around. Tan-ciang-kun, I haven't told you yet. After my suspicion arose that Lee Giok was Ji-enghiong, I immediately told my men to go and arrest the old man she Lee, but it turned out that her house was empty. She and her family had fled the royal city that night as well. "

Tan Beng Kui let out a startled cry. "Aihhh, I guess so? Damn right, then of course there are rebel accomplices in the king's city who have informed them in advance.

"All our efforts failed!" Prince Souw Kian Bi frowned and his voice was full of regret. "The invasion of Hoa-san-pai killed many soldiers and resulted in a new enmity on the part of Hoa-san and Kun-lun. This is really not good at all, especially if you look at the results can only capture three children of Hoa-san-pai's students who doesn't mean anything. "

"Apart from the three young men, we are still capturing two Pek-lian-pai members," said the commander who led the Mongol forces, his tone of voice full of service.

"Huh! What do you mean two anjihg Pek-lian-pai? Let's get them all here! Justify them right now, I want to check it myself!" exclaimed the Mongol Prince who was in charge of the effort to exterminate the rebels in an angry voice. Everyone who was there, except Hek-hwa Kui-bo and Siauw ong-kwi with their disciples who lived quietly, became nervous also to see the anger of the influential prince. The signal was issued and some soldiers left in a hurry to evict the prisoners.

The first to be dragged into the room was a small, skinny man with sharp eyes. His face was badly injured. Both his arms were handcuffed behind his body and he was pushed in by four soldiers.

"Get on your knees!" A soldier pushed him while pressing his neck to force him to kneel in front of Souw Kian Bi and Tan Beng Kui along with the officers sitting there. The man stumbled and almost collapsed, but he was able to control himself so that he did not fall, and stood upright in front of the prince and his friends. Her eyes were wide open looking full of hatred, her small thin body was upright, her chest was raised swollen, she didn't look scared or respectful at all.

"Force this damn thing to get on its knees!" Tan Beng Kui snapped. Two soldiers stepped forward and they started hitting and pressing to force the man to his knees. But all their efforts were in vain. Until the man collapsed because he couldn't stand the blows, he still didn't want to get on his knees!

"Ha-ha-ha, let him be," Prince Souw Kian Bi laughed in amazement. "You're really strong. What's your name?"

While biting his lip to hold back the pain, the man who had been able to get up and was now sitting on the floor because he could no longer stand, answered in a harsh and firm voice.

"I'm Gouw Bun, a member of the Pek-lian-pai squad. Now I'm a prisoner, I want to kill, I can kill!"

Back Prince Souw Kian Bu laughed. "She Gouw, you are really brave and deserve to be a soldier. You are at most forty years old, of course you left your family. What. You do not want to live and get a noble and luxurious position? Remember me, can forgive you and even make you an officer if like to testify about two people you call Si-enghiong and J1-enghiong. "

"Huh, do you think we Pek-lian-pai people can be compared to Han people who already like to be the ass licking dogs of the Mongol colonizers? We are real men, have dared to fight for the homeland and the nation is not afraid to die , You are of course Prince Souw Kian Bi, the famous Mongol Prince who opposed our struggle. Now that I am Gouw Bun, you can kill me. Just remember, and your minions and dogs, the people's struggle will finally win and human beings like you eventually it will be wiped out! "

Souw Kian Bi is not angry. his handsome face turned red.

"Take him out, torn into four with four horses!" his orders to the guards. Beng San who was listening on the roof was horrified and his heart wanted to help. He had heard of the prince's heinous methods of punishment, including the punishment being torn into four pieces.

This punishment is done by tying the two arms and two legs of the person to four horses which are then whipped so that they run in the direction of four directions. In this way, people's bodies would be torn into four pieces that were pulled in four directions by the strong horses. How could he allow this to happen to a mighty patriot? I have to help him, thought Beng San with a pounding heart. He understood that to help the man. not difficult at all, but to successfully escape from the dangerous place is still very doubtful, especially if the magic people inside it all come out and block it.

Suddenly he saw a light flashing in the room. Gouw Bun's body, which had been dragged by the guards, collapsed without moving with his left chest pierced by the sword, while Tan Beng Kui was seen inserting his sword again, which was not at all stained with blood, then he sat back calmly. Beng San is loose. It's not a great play on her sister's movement. Pulling the sword directly to attack and right to pierce the heart was done so quickly and precisely that he himself until the glare of his eyes looked, especially seeing how the sword was not stained with blood at all, it was really an extraordinary swordsmanship movement.

"Great ..... great ..... that's great swordsmanship!" Siauw-ong-kwi was heard praising.

"It's like the deception of my sword! Hem ..... Tan-ciangkun, who taught you that movement?" said Hek-hwa Kui-bo. Secretly, Beng San was also surprised because he had already felt how the swordsmanship movement had similarities, at least in essence, with his swordsmanship, Im-yang Sin-kiam-Sut.

"Ah, the science of swords collected from the streets, where is the price of getting Locianpwe's attention?" replied Tan Beng Kui humbly to Hek-hwa Kui-bo. This grandmother was still curious and wanted to ask again but she was preceded by Prince Souw Kian Bi who asked in an unhappy voice.

"Tan-ciangkun, why did you kill him? Don't you like to hear that I sentenced him earlier?"

Tan Beng Kui smiled and pointed at Souw Kian Bi. "Please, Taijin, forgive me. I couldn't contain my anger at the arrogance of the rebel demon's attitude, so I dared to step in to vent my anger. I'm only satisfied if I've killed him with my own hands."

Souw Kian Bi smiled too. "You seem to hate the Pek-lian-pai people. Ha-ha-ha ....." Then the prince's guards gave the order to take the body away and drag in the second person.

Beng San's heart was hot and sore. He was disappointed to see the fact that his older sister was hostile to the fighters he considered rebels. Seeing his own older sister heard of the violent killing of such a mighty and patriotic Pek-lian-pai, really made Beng San feel curious, disappointed and angry. If you can't change your mind, I think I will be your enemy, he thought, looking at his older sister who was sitting next to Souw Kian Bi to see the second person who had been dragged in. This man was young, less than thirty years old, his body was big and strong, his face was strong. Judging by his body and face, it was really very different from the first person. But what a difference this person's attitude is from the previous one. Once dragged in, This man had complained and without further command he fell to his knees in front of Prince Souw Kian Bi. Seeing this attitude alone, Beng San's stomach was fed up.

"What's your name and what are you going to say after you're captured?" asked Prince Souw Kian Bi, seemingly happy to see the attitude of this prisoner.

"I am Bhe Ti Gi, I ... I beg your pardon Taijin ..... I am a former trader in Kwi-bin, I ... I just follow in Pek-lian-pai, It's okay ..... I beg your pardon ..... "The man then cried in fear.

"Despicable coward!" Beng San cursed in his heart and wished he had slapped the man's face. But Souw Kian Bi laughed and asked, his voice was soft.

"Bhe Ti Gi, it's easy to forgive. But you have to tell about your two leaders in the royal city, Ji-enghiong and Si-enghiong. What do you know about them?

With a beaming face full of hope the man raised his face and said.

"Of course I know about them, Taijin! But, after I testify, will I really be forgiven and set free?"

"Sraaattt!" The beam of the sword dazzled his eyes as Beng Kui drew his sword and snapped, "You bastard! You bastard with a snake's tongue! You don't have to gossip, if you know about them both, tell me quickly. There is no need to mention forgiveness!" The vibrating sword in his hand made the prisoner turn very pale.

Hemmm, he really hates fighters, thought Beng San. But this time he was not angry because he really hated Bhe Ti Gi who was treacherous and cowardly.

"Am ..... sorry ....." Bhe Ti Gi trembled all over his body, "I ..... I know about Ji-enghiong and Si-enghiong ..... indeed since those many years famous as secret leaders in the royal city.Many of them told us about the state of defense of the government forces.But none of us all knew that Si-enghiong was Kwee Sin a disciple of Kun-lun-pai while 'i-enghiong was The lady named Lee Giok ... "

" Well, it's better to be honest, "said Tan Beng Kui, holding up his sword again.

"Tell me now where Miss Lee Giok or Ji-enghiong ran, answer and don't lie!"

"Servant ..... servant who knows .....?" I'm just an ordinary member ..... I don't know and I beg your pardon ..... "

"Hemrnm, why are rats like this served again, Taijin? They shouldn't be pardoned, it's better to be punished so that all Pek-lian-pai members who listen will be scared," said Tan Beng Kui in a cruel voice.

Souw Kian Bi laughed and gave orders to the guards.

"Give a gift a hundred times as much!"

Bhe Ti Gi sighed and begged for forgiveness, but the guards rudely forced him to lie down, then heard a thumping sound repeatedly interspersed with screams of pain from the prisoner.

"Stupid! Why hit like a starving man with no more energy? Hit hard, on his back!" Tan Beng Kui snapped.

Pity also Bhe Ti Gi. If the blow was continued a hundred times, of course he would not be able to stand it. Now because of Tan Beng Kui's reprimand, the executioner who carried out this sentence hardened his blow so that he screamed like a slaughtered pig accompanied by the laughter of the officers and soldiers. Only forty times had his spine been broken and he sprained his ankle and stopped twitching. Souw Kian Bi ordered the second body to be removed from there, then told the guards in a loud voice.

"Bring in three Hoa-san-pai1 students" '

Beng San's heart pounded at this command. Just saw. torture of Bhe Ti Gi himself, there was also a feeling of pity in his heart, but he held back because he understood that helping Bhe Ti Gi meant great danger to himself. While the purpose of his arrival at the place was to help Hoa-san-pai's students, especially Kwa Hong, he patiently turned his face away from the torture. Now hearing that Hoa-san-pai's disciples were about to be brought in, he looked intently and prepared to help. He had considered that in a place like this it would not be possible for him to help the three at once, so he decided to help Kwa Hong alone first, and then plan to help Thio Ki and Kui Lok.

The three young men, Kwa Hong, Thio Ki and Kui Lok, were ushered into the room. Like the others, they were handcuffed with both their arms behind their backs. But these three men were gallant, stepping forward with their heads bowed and their chests swollen while a pair of their eyes looked sharply ahead, full of a defiant attitude. Secretly, Beng San was amazed to see the attitude of these three Hoa-san-pai students. And her heart was pounding when she saw Kwa Hong's pretty pale face, a pair of eyes that were usually radiant and clear now glistening with rage. Kwa Hong, you are so strong and beautiful, his heart whispers and his desire to help this girl is growing, he needs to risk his life.

Presumably because they knew that these three young men did not belong to the rebels and were made up of strong men, the guards did not act as harshly as the others before. The three of them stood upright in front of Souw Kian Bi with an arrogant and brave attitude.

"Ha-ha-ha, Hoa-san-pai's students are really arrogant! Hemmm, I'll see later if you're lying headless, can you still be arrogant like this now," said Prince Souw Kian Bi in a voice mocked to hide his offended feelings oieh the attitude of these three young men. "And I also want to see if the old bangka Lian Bu Tojin who broke his promise can help you. Ha-ha-ha!"

"Humans are low -minded!" Kwa Hong's voice was heard cursing, his voice was very loud. "Who's afraid to die? Hoa-san-pai's student's son isn't afraid of mat't and if you're the despicable one who wants to kill us, please, please. There's no need for you to mention our teacher's big name. It was you who insulted, first You have kidnapped me and my saint and you used that to force the temperature to promise not to help the fighters. live as a lowly human being like you!

It was almost as if Beng San applauded praising hearing the speech and seeing Kwa Hong's mighty attitude. Souw Kian Bi hit the table in front of him until a loud voice was heard.

"Wild woman. Here you still want to be gallant? Hermm, the death penalty is still too light for you after you dared to utter such a rude speech earlier. See later, I will make you more contemptible than the most contemptible. I will give you. as a toy for my lowest-ranking army team. Ha-ha-ha! " Prince Souw Kian Bi's laughter was creepy and Beng San saw how Kwa Hong's face became pale and the girl's body shivered, but still the girl looked at the prince with squinting eyes.

Beng San shuddered when he heard the prince's speech and saw how the soldiers standing in the back row were laughing and whispering to each other with a very rude attitude. Also he saw Kui Lok and Thio Ki turn pale. Thio Ki turned to Kwa Hong, then said.

"Sumoi, speak a little softly, remember that we have been in the hands of the enemy. Let me lay down my life for your safety." Then this young man said to Souw Kian Bi, "Taijin, we three students of Hoa-san-pai are not afraid to face the death penalty. But, for the sake of humanity, do not inflict such a despicable and low punishment on my sumoiku. You can punish me, you can. chopped up my body, but, release this sumoiku. Let my body be its replacement. "'