The King Of Sword Volume 22

volume 22

Damn, thought Beng San. It can be runyam! The time in front of everyone this girl openly confesses to him? "Then what about, Hong-moi?"

"Seeing that everyone was angry and hated me, that night I ran away from Hoa-san, and I was about to follow to the king's city. I knew that to find Kwee Sin, you would have to go to the king's city."

"Why are you following me?"

"Ah, it's not happy in Hoa-san if everyone is mad at me, besides, I ..... ah, I can't bear to let you alone find Kwee Sin in the royal city. You will certainly be in danger, so I follow up to help. " The girl looked friendly, then continued, "Who would have guessed, on arriving here, the stallholder's demon husband and wife, when I bought food and drink, were presumably in a drink given intoxicating poison. I fainted not remembering anything else, and knew- I know you've been here to help me. Ah, Beng San-ko ..... really weird. Again you who are weak and don't know anything appear as a helper, helping people who have intelligence. Strange and magical ..... "

"Hong-moi, besides you, there's another girl in the trap of the criminals. I just saw Miss Thio Eng enter this shop and don't come out again. Let me find and help her." He then stepped into a room not far from that room and rightly so, in this room he saw Thio Eng fall to the floor unconscious, but his limbs were tied tightly and his mouth was gagged!

Beng San quickly untied the girl's handcuffs and removed the mouthpiece. But, who cares, so free Thio Eng jumped up and "plaque! Plaque!" Beng San's cheek was slapped twice from right to left! As Beng San stared in surprise, the girl, pointing her index finger, shouted.

"You don't have to help me! You don't have to care about my condition anymore, let me die and continue to love the stealth!" Coincidentally, Kwa Hong also entered this room and with overflowing anger Thio Eng pointed his index finger at Kwa Hong. This Hoa-san-pai girl's face turned very red, red with embarrassment and also with anger. I hope everything he said earlier has been heard by this girl in the green shirt! What's bothering is Beng San. Wow, damn it, he thought.

"Eh, eh ..... be patient ..... Eng-moi, we're talking in the front room ....."

Kwa Hong, who was still red-faced, jumped out of the room and Beng San, who was pounding, hurried out of the room, brainstorming how he should act to control this very difficult and difficult situation. Suddenly he heard a gust of wind, he quickly turned around and thought it was Thio Eng who had already jumped out and this girl moved her fingers poking her bloodstream. Of course this movement was too obvious for Beng San and if he wanted to, this young man would easily be able to dodge or repel. However, he deliberately remained silent, letting the hiat-to (bloodstream) in his body be blocked. He sighed and collapsed.

"Despicable woman, what about San-ko?" Kwa Hong snapped angrily and stepped forward. But Thio Eng had pulled out his sword that he had just found in the room, with a defiant attitude he stood facing Kwa Hong and said coldly.

"You're a shameless woman! You should stay at home obeying your father's orders as a devout child, eh, instead of running away and chasing men! A woman like you deserves to die at the edge of my sword!"

"Damn!" Kwa Hong also pulled out his sword which he had found in the corner of the room. "Do you care about my personal affairs? You guess I don't know what's in your heart. You're jealous! Yes, you're jealous and envious of seeing us love each other. Cih, shameless!"

"Shut your mouth!" Thio Eng got angrier, his face was a little red and a little pale. "A virtuous man like this, who cares? His mouth is too sweet, one day he loves a girl, another day he loves another girl. Like you, he has to die!"

Kwa Hong pale his face and glanced at Beng San. Could it be that Beng San also once expressed his love for this girl? But his heart was too hot, as hot as Thio Eng's heart and it was unavoidable that these two girls were already attacking each other, competing with swords like two tigers fighting over a rabbit! The sound of their swords and sparkling sparks echoed in the quiet room. Thio Eng is the lone student of Thai-lek-sin Swi Lek Hosiang, his ingenuity is of course great. Kwa Hong is the grandson of Lian Bu Tojin's student who has received training from the Hoa-san-pai leader himself, so his sword knowledge should not be taken lightly. Anyway, facing Thio Eng, he found the opponent too heavy and soon he got the fact that although his sword science did not have to admit defeat from his opponent's sword science, but in terms of Iweekang's strength he still lost a lot. Every time the two swords met, his hands trembled and the longer he went the more desperate he was by the girl in the green shirt.

Beng San felt his heart tormented instead of watching this battle. To his great surprise he had just listened to the conversation between the two girls and he really did not understand. Why are these two girls he likes and loves like fighting because of him? Beng San is still too green to be able to catch that these two girls actually love him and now they are competing out of envy and jealousy, or roughly speaking, to fight him. Even in his frustration Thio Eng has a lust to kill Kwa Hong and he does. Concerned, he saw how desperate Kwa Hong was and every moment the tip of the sword in Thio Eng's hand threatened his life.

"Eng-moi! Hong-moi! Stop it, don't fight!" Suddenly Thio Eng and Kwa Hong trembled backwards as their swords met each other and by that moment Beng San was already standing between them. Silently Thio Eng was shocked, and wondered why the young man was already free from the influence of his totokan. Was my bet less accurate so that the effect was also less lasting? Of course, he and Kwa Hong didn't know that they had both retreated trembling not because of the meeting of their swords, but because of the vibration of the air pushed by Beng San's hand that deliberately dissolved them.

Supposedly in his confusion earlier, imagined by Beng San when Thio Eng in the boat once cried in his arms as Kwa Hong did earlier, then his feelings whispered the allegation that made him immediately jump and prevent the fight. Indeed, he had not been affected by the beating because he was so stunned, he had stopped his bleeding and only pretended to collapse.

"Eng-moi and Hong-moi, don't fight ....." he said.

"What do you want to talk about? Let's talk fast, or do you want to help him with this?" snapped Thio Eng who was already impatient

"No, Eng-moi, it's not like that ....."

"Hemmm, San-ko, are you going to defend this green stealth?" Kwa Hong asked in a cold voice.

"No, not at all ...... ahhh ...."

Beng San shook his head, his face was very red and then turned green because he felt angry, sorry, embarrassed and confused. "You two don't get me wrong, I ..... I'm not biased ..... I love and like Eng-moi, also love and like Hong-moi. I'm not discriminating, I think you two are like my sister alone, then don't ..... don't fight ..... "

Instantly Kwa Hong's face turned pale, as pale as Thio Eng's. "San-ko ..... so you ..... you were .....?" Kwa Hong could not continue his words and tears fell.

"Satan, I guessed! You're fake! In that old boat .....? Ah, rude man!" Apparently Thio Eng was not as patient as Kwa Hong because he immediately moved his sword to pierce Beng San's chest. But this time Beng San didn't pretend anymore, he quickly dodged while saying.

What did I do on the boat? Eng-moi, I just feel sorry and love you, also Hong-moi I like and love, but I think of both of them as two good friends, or as my sisters who I will defend, ma'am ..... not ..... as a lover ..... "

"Ah, you're kidding me ....." Kwa Hong was embarrassed when he remembered how he had expressed his love so frankly, not only heard by Beng San, but also by Thio Eng. This thought made him very angry and automatically his sword was also moved to attack Beng San. The two girls whose hearts were disappointed now have only one heart, which is to kill the man they love and whom they now hate for not reciprocating their love. The two swords that used to clash with each other are now helping each other to race to take Beng San's life.

Oops, Beng San is giggling. Really dangerous love game. The love of these two virgins is as dangerous as the two ends of their swords. He had to release his ingenuity, once his hand moved he was able to snatch the two swords from the hands of Thio Eng and Kwa Hong. The two girls immediately stared because they didn't know how their swords had been snatched and now Beng San with a sad face returned their swords, holding them with the handle of the sword in front. Thio Eng and Kwa Hong seemed to get command and snatched their swords from Beng San's hands and automatically their swords attacked again! But back with a strange movement, knowing their swords had already changed hands. Again Beng San turned the sword upside down and said,

"My good sisters, have mercy on me. I really love you."

Suddenly the two girls burst into tears. "San-ko ..... I hope you ..... you are not only making fun of people's love ...... you have also made fun of people by pretending to be stupid and stupid, ....." After saying that, with a restrained sob Kwa Hong turned his body and ran away.

"She Tan's people ..... so you ..... since you were in the boat ..... have you made fun of me? Ah, how cruel you are ....." While crying Thio Eng also ran away from there with staggering and drowning.

Only Beng San stood staring, looking at the two swords in his hands, repeatedly taking deep breaths and becoming confused. What does that all mean? Did the two girls really love him? Ah, it can't be. Love him, love as a lover who faces him to be their husband? Weird! With both swords still in his hand, he imagined the face of a dumb girl, smiling at him with a face covered in sadness, then heard in his ear the message of the late Lo-tong Souw Lee that he should marry the kidnapper Liong-cu Siang-kiam if the thief was a woman, then also imagined the face of the beautiful Cia princess, the girl with extraordinary knowledge of the sword.

His heart ached when he remembered the two girls earlier. But what can he do? They love him, that's not his fault. There is no way he can balance the love of every girl And indeed his heart is still clean from this feeling. I guess it's only to that stupid girl that he can love, or ..... to the princess of the sword thief?

"Satan!" Beng San cursed himself to cast the shadows of all the girls. A pair of his booty swords he kept, made into one and hidden behind his cloak. "It's impossible to think of those girls, the most necessary thing now is for me to go find my sister in the royal city." The more he remembered, the more convinced he became that the young She Tan who came to Hoa-san-pai with Prince Souw Kian Bi was definitely Tan Beng Kui, his older brother. She still remembers her sister's face. Only one thing is very doubtful. If it was true that the young man was his older brother, how could he be a man of such a high position and be a friend of the Mongol Prince. He had to go to Tan Beng Kui or the young man and talk openly. Quickly Beng San then returned to the king's city,

When he arrived in the king's city, he heard news that shocked him greatly. He accidentally spent the night at the inn where he stalked the five brave men and heard the news that the four brave grandfathers were Kim-mouw-sai Lim Seng, Kwi-bun's master, Kang-jiu Bouw Hin, Bi-nam's master, Siauw-lim's student. -pai and two grandfathers of Phang warriors from Hun-lam, have all been killed by the royal soldiers led by Tan-ciangkun (Commander Tan)! So his own sister who had led the line bathed four valiant warrior figures! What exactly happened there?

As has been known in the front, Phang Khai and Phang Tui, the two grandfathers, failed to capture Kwee Sin and even they themselves were almost wretched if not helped by a secret helper. Once they realized and found themselves in the courtyard of the temple where they spent the night, the two became astonished and even angry at someone they thought had betrayed them. In the evening, the third, as promised, they visited the inn and had a meeting with Kang-jiu Bouw Hin, Kim-mouw-sai Lim Seng, and Mrs. Liong who was the mediator and confidant of Ji-enghiong and Ji-enghiong, namely two figures of struggle who became leaders of a secret movement or apparently became the head of a network of spies moving within the city of the king!

Bouw Hin and Lim Seng were already there first. Mrs. Liong hasn't come yet. To Bouw Hin and Lim Seng, Phang's two grandfathers did not want to share their experiences in the Kwee Sin building. Finally came Mrs. Liong who looked anxious and sad. All this is inseparable from the inquisitive eyes of Phang's grandfather. They saw how clear the eyes now looked glazed and there were traces of tears. Upon entering the room, Mrs. Liong immediately gave her message in a slow and hurried voice.

"Get out of here quickly, the situation is dangerous. Brothers Bouw Hin and Lim Seng hope to leave immediately to the headquarters of the warriors led by brothers Su Souw Hwee and Tan Yu Liang. Let's say that Ji-enghiong himself ordered them to rotate the troops towards south to join the large army of Commander Kok Ci Seng, and ji-wi Brother Phang-lopek please immediately find Tan Hok's brother's army and ask his troops to help the friends in the west who are suffering a great blow. Well, things are really bad here. " As she said that, the lady looked at the two Phang brothers with a look of regret.

Impatient Phang Tui said, "Of course we accepted all the tasks well and we will carry out as usual. But there is one thing we ask that Ms. Lee speak frankly and give a proper explanation." Hearing Phang Tui call her Miss Lee, the "grandmother" let out a restrained voice.

"Phang-lopek, what ..... what do you mean .....?" In her nervousness, this grandmother forgot about her disguise, her voice was not hoarse as usual but melodious and smooth, the voice of a young woman!

Phang Khai was now standing next to his brother, his voice sounding cool full of demands. "Miss Lee, you don't have to pretend anymore, we already know that you are a young lady who is the assistant of Prince Souw Kian Bi and tan-ciangkun. It's all okay and we won't care because in fact you work for our struggle. Will but what is the meaning of your betrayal to us and informing Kwee Sin of our threat to arrest him? Say, what does all this mean? Who are you really? A fellow warrior or a traitor, or an enemy spy? " Phang Khai's voice sounded threatening.

"Grandma's" body was shaking. "Phang-lopek, ahhh ..... no more chance. Too long to tell, also a secret ..... ah, you guys believe me. Go quickly and leave the king's city, I didn't have time to tell ..... I don't know next time, come on, you go .. "

"You have to explain first!" Phang Tui snapped, while the other two, Bouw Hin and Lim Seng, just stared in surprise. They did not know what had happened and seeing the attitude of the two Phang brothers, their suspicions also arose against Mrs. Liong who was now clearly a young lady She Lee.

"No ... I can't, I don't have time anymore ..."

"Then we will force you!" Phang Tui and Phang Khai move and confront the “grandmother” with swords in hand.

At that moment there was the sound of people moving outside and a loud shout was heard, "Catch the rebel spies!" The beam of a secret weapon flew into the room and a loud noise was heard followed by the extinguishing of the lights.

Phang Khai, Phang Tui, Bouw Hin and Lim Seng quickly pulled out their weapons and jumped out. But they were greeted by a very fast sword movement, rained down with secret weapons. Because it was so dark, they were very busy and some secret weapons had hit their bodies.

'Tan Ciangkun, are you here? Ha-ha-ha, it turns out you're faster than me. Kill all these spies! Ha-ha-ha, these rats don't know Prince Souw Kian Bi's cunning yet! "The person who spoke played his sword very well and the four fighters, although they had defended themselves, were not strong enough to face the pressure of the two swords and the rain. A few moments later they collapsed, badly wounded by swords and secret weapons. In the dark, the fallen Phang Khai and Phang Tui heard a melodious and subtle whisper, the voice of "Grandma Liong." 'For the sake of hearing this whisper, Phang Tui exclaimed.

"Ayaaaaa, damn ...., I'm really stupid ..."

Phang Khai exclaimed. "Wow ..... then it's worth it!"

The description was lit and it turned out that the four fighters had all been killed. Of course Beng San only heard the news of the deaths of four rebel spies at the scene. When he inquired with wonder, he heard that the one who revealed their secret was a very famous figure in the king's city, Lee-siocia. Beng San imagined the face of the beautiful lady who met Kwee Sin that night, then she also remembered mistress Liong. Secretly he thought hard, but also could not understand what it all meant. When he also heard that the leader of the raid who killed the four rebel spies was Tan-ciangkun, Beng San secretly became very sad.

"Hemmm, it turns out that my sister has become an accomplice of the Mongols, presumably an accomplice of the evil Prince Souw Kian Bi. It would be a pity if Han people like my sister and Kwee Sin became accomplices of the colonizers, like thousands of others who could be lured by wealth. and rank, how can the people be spared from the oppression of the occupiers? I must remind him. " so Beng San decided in his heart.

That night he was in front of the big building where Tan-ciangkun lived which was guarded by large tall soldiers. Beng San deliberately chose the time of night so that he could speak freely, and chose the time when the host had finished his task and was resting. He wondered if his sister was married and secretly had to admit that the building in which he lived was really luxurious and stately. Seeing Beng San loitering in front of the gate, a guard yelled at him.

Beng San even stepped forward to approach the guard and said kindly. "I hope you like to tell Tan-ciangkun that his younger brother Tan Beng 5an came to meet him."

The guard was stunned, looked more closely and then paid respect because he also saw the similarities in the face between this young man and his commander.

"Please Kongcu come in and wait in the living room, I will report Kongcu's arrival," he said.

Soon Beng San was welcomed in and the guard himself went out. Beng San entered the room with his heart pounding tense. He will face Beng Kui, the person he has always missed, whom he has always imagined and dreamed of. Her older sister!

"Is there any need for you to come here?" The arrogant and cold voice, more scary because the atmosphere in the room was dim and cold, was quiet again. Beng San looked up. He saw the man who was considered his older sister sitting in a chair facing a large table in an empty room, his clothes made of blue silk, his eyes shining and his mouth grinning like people mocking and looking down.

For a moment Beng San could not speak, standing upright in front of the table. Then after looking at each other, he said, "You ... aren't you my brother Tan Beng Kui? Am I not your little brother? Kui-ko, where are father and mother? What happened to me when I was a child." Beng San's voice began to tremble with emotion, his sister's cold attitude did not discourage him, did not drive away his emotion to meet his sister.

"I don't have a sister like you '" this answer sounded cold and shocked Beng San. "Go, you don't bother me."

Beng San became angry, his face turned red. "Why do you want to deny? Why do you want to lie and keep it a secret? I'm sure you're my sister Beng Kui. Kui-ko, have you forgotten? Aren't there two moles on your back? Did you forget that your father's forehead has scratches on the scars and forget how gentle our mother is? Kui-ko ..... "

"Shut up!" Beng Kui hit the table as he stood up. A pair of eyes radiated a fire of rage. "If I had a brother before, then my brother would have died in the flood. It is better to have a brother who died in the flood than a stupid troublemaker, a fool but being smart himself, letting himself be dragged into an evil rebellion. Come on, you go From here, I don't know you!

"But ..... but, I ....." Beng San stuttered, "..... I want to know where my mother's father is, ...." She almost cried because her sister's attitude was really in unexpected. I remember him when he used to be in Hoa-san-pai, his sister also spat when she saw him.

"Everyone is dead ... swallowed by the Huang-ho River ...;."

There were tears on Beng San's cheeks which were now pale. "Where ..... is he buried? I ..... I want to visit their tomb ..... want to pray ..... ah, mother's father ..,.,"

Now Beng Kui's voice also sounded hoarse and trembling, "Near Kiu-liong-kiauw in Shan-si ....."

Hearing his sister's voice, Beng San was even more moved. He stepped forward.

"'Kui-ko ..... my sister ...,. Don't you want to hug me .....?"

At that moment, a guard's voice was heard from outside, "Prince Souw came to visit Tan-ciangkun!"

"Go!" said Beng Kui. "You just messed up and ruined my position. I don't want to know you anymore. Go now, through this back door, don't you come again, if you're desperate, I'll catch you and punish you as a rebel!"

Beng San's heart suddenly became hot. He didn't think that his older brother was morally bad. "You ..... Mongolian dog, you've killed the brave people in the inn and you threatened to kill your own brother?"

"Shut your mouth and go! Who is willing to talk to all kinds of rebels! Go!"

With a hot chest as if about to be burned, Beng San stepped away through the door pointed out earlier. As soon as he got out, he arrived in the back garden and a guard was ready to escort him out. Arriving in a dark place, with his cleverness Beng San slipped and jumped in again, he immediately flew his body up on the tile and at another time he had peeked into the room where his sister had greeted his arrival. He saw Prince Souw Kian Bi laughing as he entered the room, greeted with respect by Tan Beng Kui. ''

"Ha-ha-ha, Tan-ciangkun, why are you playing with cats? Isn't he your real little brother and the one you've been looking for all these years?" The prince laughed. "How funny it is when I remember that even when he was a child, I used to see him. Ha-ha-ha, stupid but brave brother of yours, darling ..... he wants to be manipulated by the rebels."

"Hemmm, who would want to have a brother like him? Prince, only this time I forgave him for remembering the lineage but if next time he dares to appear, in my heart I already consider him a member of the rebels, not a brother again. Next time my own hand will use the sword to cut his neck. "

"Good! Of course I already know all your heart and loyalty to the government, Ciangkun. Now let's talk about the important thing. You certainly know that the effort with the troops to chase after Kwee-ciang-kun who was run away by the Pek-lian- The pie didn't work. I thought it was your stupid brother who changed his mind and ran away, uh, I wish he was still here. So it's clear that behind him there are Pek-lian-pai figures. So I then mobilized five officers to bring a team that strong, assisted by two cianpwe (brave parents), went after Hoa-san. The violent act of kidnapping Kwee-ciang-kun who had become an officer to Hoa-san, was enough to make Hoa-san-pai want to help the rebels. "

Tan Beng Kui nodded. "The Prince's actions are very good. But why not lead yourself or at least delegate to me to sort out the big business."

Souw Kian Bi laughed, grabbed the cup of wine brought in by the waiter and drank it once. "Ha-ha-ha, for that matter, the two cianpwe have been handled enough. More important is the matter here, which is happening in front of our eyes, Ciangkun."

"What's the matter?"

"Tan-ciangkun, we have really been played by the enemy. From the letters I found in the body of the rebel spy, it is clear that in this king's city is full of spy networks led by two people referred to as Ji -enghiong (Second Swordsman) and Si-enghiong (Fourth Swordsman). It turns out that these two spy figures have been here for many years. "

"I already know about the letter. But can the letters be trusted? Why isn't it mentioned who the person is and where the house is? Prince, lest the letter is just a ploy to confuse us."

The prince shook his head. "Hemmm, it's not as simple as my vision, Ciangkun. I used to think so myself, but after reflecting on and relating all the past events, I'm almost convinced that I know who Ji-enghiong and Si-enghiong are the leaders of the mata-rnata. that. "

"It's great then. Even if it's just a suspicion, it's better to arrest the person first, force him to confess. How difficult is it?" Tan Beng Kui said quickly with glee.

"Hemmm, I guess you still can't guess who they are? I'm really surprised that you who are usually this clever charity can't guess who Ji-enghiong and Si-enghiona are?"

"In this case I must admit my shortcomings, Prince. Who are the two rebel figures? Please feel free to inform and let me intervene in my own hands to arrest them."

"One of them is Kwee Sin."

"What ..... ??" Beng Kui's face changed once and he was really surprised to hear this.

"Prince, please don't play around!"

"No, Ciangkun. My guess can't be wrong, one of them, either Ji-enghiong or Si-enghiong, is Kwee Sin. And the other one, of course, is Lee Giok ....."

"Impossible!" Beng Kui jumped from his bench, then he laughed. "Souw-taijin is really kidding this time. Lee-siocia is the daughter of the already famous Lee aristocratic family, also she helps us. Where can she be accused of being a spy head? Ah, how can I believe this?"

"My accusation is not just careless, Tan-ciangkun, but based on calculations. So far all our secrets have been leaked so that the movement of the rebels can be faster and more threatening our position. But what happened this time, try Ciangkun to think. Kwee Sin disappeared, let's say kidnapped by the enemy -his enemy will but why is Miss Lee Jade seen disguised as a grandmother and meeting with two grandfathers who tried to kidnap Kwee Sin, then Miss Lee Jade even secretly disappeared from the royal city? And according to the investigation, Miss Lee Jade chased Kwee Sin the Hoa-san. "

"Is that so? But, it could be that Miss Lee Giok meant to help Kwee Sin out of the hands of the rebels."

Souw Kian Bi laughed. "Of course there is that possibility, but let's just see. I've sent the troops to follow and bring them both back to the king's city, if necessary to destroy Hoa-san-pai"

"Hoa-san-pai is a strong party, there are many, clever people there and Lian Bu Tojin herself has high magic. Where can it be destroyed just like that by an army?" Tan Beng Kul asked.

"Ha-ha-ha, you don't know who the two cianpwe are? One is Hek-hwa Kui-bo and the second is Siauw-ong-kwi Locianpwe. Ha-ha-ha, aren't they strong enough to destroy Hoa-san-pai? "

"Great! I'm really submissive to you, Prince. How can you get those two locianpwe to help us crush Hoa-san-pai?"

Souw Kian Bi laughed happily, he could rarely get praise from Tan Beng Kui who was usually very clever and did a lot of service. "Well I'll be honest with you, Hek-hwa Kui-bo can be withdrawn at the request of his student, Kim-thouw Thian-li ....."

"Hemmm, of course it's Kwee Sin's lover, isn't it? Good!"

"Apart from Kwee Sin's lover, Kim-thouw Thian-li and the Ngo-lian-kauw he leads, it must be admitted that he has done a lot for us, especially in terms of complaining about the sheep of the rebels. As for Siauw-ong-kwi Locianpwe, even if he is a strange hermit, but he comes from the north, of course he likes to help us, let alone cried by his student who wants to get a girl daughter of Hoa-san pai. "

"You mean the Wild King Giam Xin, Prince?"

"Who else but him?" Souw Kian Bi laughed. "That little stealth has gone crazy over Hoa-san-pai's student named Thio Bwee. Ha-ha-ha!"

Tan Beng Kui also laughed until the two people of this rank laughed out loud. Their laughter filled the room. Beng San with a trembling and surprised heart quickly left to follow Hoa-san. Hoa-san-pai is in great danger, he thought. He must quickly go to Hoa-san to help Hoa-san-pai from destruction. Also if what he heard from Souw Kian Bi earlier was true that Kwee Sin was a leader of the fighter spy force, he had to save her. Secretly Beng San was confused, also moved. Is Kwee Sin really a fighter? Even being a leader in the king's city, in the "tiger's mouth"? And that young lady Lee Jade? Is he really the leader of the fighters? Ah, it doesn't make sense,

Although his mouth cursed Kwee Sin who knelt in front of him with Bun Lim Kwi, but in his heart Pek Gan Siansu became very moved and also happy that this former student is now willing to surrender and willing to clear the good name of Kun-lun-pai. .

"You apostate disciple, return our swords!" said Pek Gan Siansu after hearing Bun Lim Kwi's words and hearing Kwee Sin's plea for forgiveness who cried in front of his temperature. Kweg Sin with tears in his eyes passed the sword he had received from his teacher, kneeling and with both hands he returned the sword.

Pek Gan Siansu held the sword with both hands, exerting his inner energy and "pletakkk!" the sword was broken in two. He threw a piece of the sword on the ground, saying, "From now on you are no longer Kun-lun-pai's student. Because you have been considered an outsider who tarnished Kun-lun-pai's reputation and complained to Kun-lun-pai against Hoa. -san-pai, then you are the chief's arrest and we want to take you to Hoa-san-pai. Because of your actions, Pato lost his beloved students who used to be known as Kun-lun Sam-heng-te! Because you are Kun's good relationship. -lun-pai and Hoa-san-pai split. Lim Kwi, be prepared, you and I will take this captive to Hoa-san-pai to atone for sins. "

Bun Lim Kwi, who has been traveling with Kwee Sin for some time, has heard the words of this former student of Kun-lun-pai, in a moved voice begging for forgiveness and reminding his teacher that in fact Kwee Sin did not do all the evil deeds, it was the people who did it. Ngo-lian-kauw people.

"He is already so low as to fall by the invisible seduction of Ngo-lian-kauw women, by itself all Ngo-lian-kauw acts which he does not oppose become his responsibility as well." That's just the answer of Pek Gan Siansu. Lim Kwi did not dare to argue anymore and the three went to Mi san.

Lian Bu Tojin, Kwa Tin Siong, and Liem Sian Hwa along with tosu Hoa-san-pai welcome the arrival of Pek Gan Siansu, Lim Kwi, and Kwee Sin.

"Lian Bu Tojin" said Pek Gan Siansu after they paid their respects to each other, "this rebellious former student has now come to hold Hoa san-pai accountable for all his wrongdoings. Please you take the decision and judge him, do you want to punish him or whatever, no there is another connection with us from Kun-lun-pai. So, with the arrival of him, I hope you like to end all hostility and like to accept my proposal to marry my student Bun Lim Kwi with one of your students. "

"Pek Gan Siansu, the marriage affair is a good affair and this can be discussed another day. Now the important thing is to judge the person who has been the source of all the riots to take precedence over this court." The Hoa-san-pai chief then signals with applause and orders some tosu to bring Kwee Sin into the "courtroom".

This courtroom is in the middle, is a wide space and is usually where the children of Hoa-san-pai's students who commit malpractices are tried and punished. Lian Bu Tojin was already sitting on a bench, Kwa Tin Siong and Liem Sian Hwa were standing to his right and left, then in a row Thio Ki, Thio Bwee and Kui Lok appeared standing behind the Hoa-san-pai chief. At the edge of the room lined the highest level Hoa-san-pai students and the situation there was horrible. As guests, Pek Gan Siansu and Bun Lim Kwi got side seats. Kun-lun-pai's grandfather's face looked gloomy, even Bun Lim Kwi. This is not surprising since the person to be tried is a former disciple of Kun-lun-pai.

By a tosu guard, Kwee Sin is brought in and told to kneel in front of Hoa-san-pai's chief. But Kwee Sin didn't want to, and just nodded respectfully, saying,

"I Kwee Sin pay my respects to the head of Hoa-san-pai. To Hoa-san-pai I do not feel any fault, therefore I had to refuse to kneel as a patient, I just like to face as someone to be questioned about the things that make misunderstandings and commotion "Kwee Sin's voice remained and was not nervous at all, just a look in his eyes that dared to oppose anyone there but he always avoided looking at Liem Sian Hwa.

Kwa Tin Siong was on duty on behalf of his teacher to ask questions. Hearing Kwee Sin's words, with a cool face he said, "Kwee Sin, you have kindly stated that you have nothing to do with Hoa-san-pai. Then try to answer and explain the questions that have happened all this time, which you are now about to ask. First, didn't Sumoi Liem Sian Hwa's father die in your arms or at least because of your actions? Second, when you were escorted here by two of your suhengs a few years ago, you conspired with Ngo-lian-kauw and even deceived us and ran away with Hek-hwa Kui-bo so that there was a clash between your suhengs and us on Hoa-san-pai's side. Isn't this hostile and caused by your cheating? Third, You then ran away to conspire with Ngo-lian-kauw, then you stormed into Hoa-san-pai, managed to kill two of my cousins and injured us with the help of Ngo-lian-kauw and Hek-hwa Kui-bo as well. Fourth, you became a magistrate in the king's city next to Ngo-lian-kauw, let us and Kun-lun-pai be hostile, kill-kill, deliberately you remained silent and let the hostility linger. Isn't this in line with the government's strategy and did you deliberately intend to complain about the sheep and destroy Hoa-san-pai? Well, try to answer these four kinds of accusations and then say how dare you say no to Hoa-sah-pai? " let us and Kun-lun-pai be hostile, kill-kill, deliberately you shut up and let the hostility linger. Isn't this in line with the government's strategy and did you deliberately intend to complain about the sheep and destroy Hoa-san-pai? Well, try to answer these four kinds of accusations and then say how dare you say no to Hoa-sah-pai? " let us and Kun-lun-pai be hostile, kill-kill, deliberately you shut up and let the hostility linger. Isn't this in line with the government's strategy and did you deliberately intend to complain about the sheep and destroy Hoa-san-pai? Well, try to answer these four kinds of accusations and then say how dare you say no to Hoa-sah-pai? "

Kwee Sin's face turned pale. But he stood up straight and his eyes shone with enthusiasm. "Once a worthy regret I redeem with my life. For the sake of the integrity of the relationship between Kun-lun-pai and Hoa-san-pai, let me at this time be Kwee Sin, a former student of Kun-lun-pai ..... "up to here his voice trembled with emotion," .... I'll be honest. Hoa-san It-kiam Kwa Tin Siong, let me answer and explain the questions you asked one by one. The first question about Liem Lo-enghiong's death, as I have said before, was that his death was not the cause of my actions at all. I didn't kill him, I never even met him. I dare say this under oath as a former student of Kun-lun .... "

"Don't mention Kun-lun-pai's name," said Pek Gan Siansu, calm but authoritative.

"I'm sorry teecu ....." Kwee Sin quickly said, his voice hoarse, then he faced Kwa Tin Siong again. "I dare swear as a man, for the sake of my honor and name, I did not kill Liem Lo-enghiong."

Kwa Tin Siong and the others had heard from Beng San about this, but since they thought it was still Kwee Sin who was the mastermind, Kwa Tin Siong continued to insist, "If you're so sure you're not the killer, of course Do you know who the killer was who used Pek-lek-jiu's punch? Liem-sumoi accuses that you killed his father because there were scars from Pek-lek-jiu's punch, reinforced by the allegation that of course you were embarrassed and angry to be seen by his father when you were out with the Ngo-chairman -lian-kauw. "

Kwee Sin's previously pale face turned red for a moment, then turned pale again. "Before, I didn't know who the killer was, only later did I find out that people did use my name with the intention of quarreling between Hoa-san-pai and Kun-lun-pai."

"Who is that?"

Kwee Sin looked hesitant but then said, "Miss Liem's father's killer is Kim-thouw Thian-li the leader of Ngo-lian-kauw with his men disguised as Pek-lian-pai members!"

Silent for a moment, Liem Sian Hwa's sobs were heard followed by his whispers.

"I have to eradicate Ngo-lian kauw ...."

But the silence was immediately broken by the voice of Kwee Sin who continued his testimony and now everyone is listening to him attentively.

"I can explain the evidence to answer the second accusation by swearing that when I came here accompanied by my two suhengs, I really meant to testify as I did today. However, Cuwi everyone here has known how I am about to end my life to atone for sins, helpless when snatched away by Hek-Hwa Kui-bo. What can I, a fool, do with my grandmother's ingenuity? my personal secret and I don't need to tell anyone. "

Pek Gan Siansu let out a snort with his nose. The grandfather was shocked to hear how his former student shamelessly admitted to having worked as an officer in the royal city, meaning working as a colonial dog. In the past he knew exactly how great Kwee Sin’s spirit was to oppose the colonialists and help the struggle of the patriots.

"Regarding the third question, I clearly admit that there is indeed an intention in my heart to take revenge for the deaths of two of my suhengs in this place. At that time I thought that the two suhengs were completely innocent, they came only to escort me and force me explained the sitting of the matter. Who would have thought ..... those two suhengku, virtuous strong men, met death here sadly.That is why I came to take revenge, assisted by the Ngo-lian-kauw side.In exchange for life My two suhengs managed to take the lives of two of Hoa-san-pai's students, isn't that right? " Up to this point, Kwee Sin smiled bitterly, he was clearly showing a very sorry attitude.

"Now the fourth question, I am indeed a magistrate in the king's city. Against the enmity between Kun-lun-pai and Hoa-san-pai, I cannot do anything because of my position as an officer. And for this too I have a personal secret. which I can't explain now, or later because I'll take the secret to death. Well, the brave people of Hoa-san-pai, I Kwee Sin have explained it all. "

plus occupying the office of officer in the king's city. Now we want to ask, what is your responsibility for all this? Remember, because of your low deeds, many have been sacrificed, both on Hoa-san-pai's side and Kun-lun-pai's side. And without any responsibility from you, I hope both parties will continue to intervene. "

With a gallant demeanor Kwee Sin raised his chest and said loudly, "Since childhood I was educated by Kun-iun-pai to be a man who upheld justice and truth." Up to here his voice trembled with emotion and he glanced at Pek Gan Siansu who was sitting motionless like a statue. "Of course I admit all my faults, namely that because of my relationship with Kim-thouw Thian-li there was a commotion and enmity between Kun-lun-pai and Hoa-san-pai. The brave people of Hoa-san-pai, I am Kwee Sin confess my sins and it is up to you what punishment you want to inflict on me. "

Returning Kwa Tin Siong whispered to his teacher, then received a sword from Lian Bu Tojin's hand, Hoa-san-pai's heirloom sword! In a calm and firm voice, Kwa Tin Siong said, "Your wrongdoing against Hoa-san-pai has caused many casualties in the lives of Hoa-san-pai's students, therefore it is like the legal obligation of kang-ouw, a life debt pays a life. between Kun-lun-pai and Hoa-san-pai, Suhu gives you relief and lets you pass the sentence of paying the life debt with your own hands. "

Kwee Sin looked at the sword, then accepted it and suddenly fell to his knees in front of Pek Gan Siansu. "Suhu, please teecu beg for Suhu's mercy for the last. Teecu who has sinned a lot against Suhu, beg for Suhu who carries out this punishment as teecu's atonement."

Pek Gan Siansu's face was a bit pale. In fact, in his heart, this grandfather is very fond of Kwee Sin, but because the fact proves that Kwee Sin has done wrong, he can not do anything but regret. "You are not my student anymore, I have no right to interfere in the affairs of punishment."

Hearing this, Kwee Sin stood up with tears in his eyes, then said slowly, "Kwee Sin is already too sinful, he should end his life ....."

The sword flashed at his neck

"Kwee-enghiong .....!" This shrill scream was heard accompanied by the flickering of a yellow shadow that turned out to be a beautiful girl in a yellow dress. But it was too late, the sword in Kwee Sin's hand had already cut his neck. The scream only startled Kwee Sin so that the movement of his sword was stopped and his neck did not break. But the wound on his neck was severe enough, making him collapse and roll over bathed in blood. The girl cried and bumped into him, hugging and lifting her upper body on her lap.

"Kwee-enghiong ..... you ..... you ..... ah, why do you follow the wishes of people who want to enjoy themselves? Kwee-enghiong ..... you listen to me, you listen to me. ..,. I'm Lee Giok, I love you, ah don't leave me ..... "The lady in the yellow shirt is none other than Lee Giok who we already know likes to disguise as Mrs. Liong, hugging the blood -stained head while crying. Then he looked fierce and angry, put Kwee Sin back on the ground then he jumped to stand up to face the people of Kun-lun-pai and Hoa-san-pai who were stunned to see it all.

"You cruel people! You blind people don't know people! You are the ones who forced Kwee-enghiong to commit suicide!"

Liem Sian Hwa was even more upset to see how now, in addition to Kim-thouw Thian-li, there was another beautiful girl who loved Kwee Sin and came and cursed, so he snapped, "Demons come and go to interfere in affairs we?" He stepped forward and drew his sword.

Lee Jade with fiery eyes looked at Sian Hwa. "Hemmm, you must be Kiam-eng-cu Liem Sian Hwa who used to be Kwee-enghiong's fiancé, aren't you? People who are drunk will take revenge, who are self-thinking, who are narrow-minded. People like you should be paired with the brave Kwee-enghiong mighty? "

"Cih, just open your mouth" Sian Hwa replied. "He was so contemptible to relate to the Ngo-lian-kauw chief, and humbled himself to be an accomplice of the colonizers, to be a traitor to the nation. And you still praise him. I hope you don't get too far in nature with people like him and Kim-thouw Thian-li! "

"Stupid! Stupid people like you!" Lee Jade cursed, tears streaming down his face. "Ahhh ..... you blind! This is Si-enghiong ....."

Suddenly Pek Gan Siansu who felt suspicious, about all the scenes, asked.

"Who is Si-enghiong (the fourth Swordsman)?"

"Miss Lee ..... eh, Siok-moi ..... me ....? Hearing this voice Lee Giok doesn't care about everyone and quickly kneels down, you be careful ..... they already know. .... have started to be suspicious ..... we already know them ..... be careful ..... quickly warn him ..... "

"Who?" Lee Jade asked, his voice trembling, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Ji-enghiong ...,."

"Who is he? Who is Ji-enghiong? You're quick to say, I myself until now don't know who Ji-enghiong is. Quick to say ....."

"He ..... he ..... ahhhhh .... "Kwee Sin could not continue his words because he had lost his life. Lee Giok hugged and sobbed, not caring that the blood from ieher Kwee Sin wet his face and clothes. Everyone was moved to see this and did not feel Sian Hwa's tears either get wet.

Pek Gan Siansu could not bear it. "Lim Kwi, take good care of Kwee Sin's body. Even though he is not my student anymore but ....." Lim Kwi who is basically compassionate and he really likes Kwee Sin, immediately, stepped forward to lift Kwee Sin's body . But Lee Jade snapped.

"Don't touch him!" He then stood up, his chest fluctuating ", his breath caught, his eyes shining, his face pale and horrible from Kwee Sin's blood.

so that he could safely and easily dig up the secrets of the army and be able to help and guide his comrades-in-arms moving outside the king's city! His services to the struggle have been numerous, he is a true patriot who does not hesitate to sacrifice his feelings, to sacrifice his lover, to sacrifice everything for his homeland and nation. And you ..... people who only remember their own interests, do not care about the struggle of the nation and even quarrel with each other between your own brothers, these ma-cam people of yours are now forcing him to commit suicide? Woe ..... woe ..... may Thian curse you all! "Lee Giok cried again and all the people who were there were stunned with pale faces and confused eyes. Pek Gan Siansu and Lian Bu Tojin were no exception who looked at each other with pale and sad faces. They still doubted the truth of all the statements of the lady they did not know. This description is so bizarre, so foreign that it seems quite impossible. Kwee Sin became the leader of the fighters in the king's city? And all of his underrated behavior was a probe for a fight?

But their testimony disappeared immediately after the next thing happened. Suddenly there were shouts, "Capture the rebels! Capture the rebel spies!" And there appeared a group of fully armed government troops, numbering a hundred more! Pek Gan Sjansu and Lian Bu Tojin were shocked to see that among the team was a beautiful woman over forty years old, carrying a multi -colored silk handkerchief and a grandfather in a yellow shirt. How they will not be surprised because the woman who is actually sixty years old is Hek-hwa Kui-bo, while the grandfather is the most famous northern figure, namely Siauw-ong-kwi The Little Devil King, the teacher of the young Giam Kin snake keeper. The young man himself also seemed to be smiling, wild eyes darted towards Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee. Next to her is a beautiful woman who is flirtatious, beautifully dressed and pretty. Kim-thouw Thian-li!

Upon seeing Kwee Sin's body lying bathed in blood on the ground, Kim-thouw Thian-li jumped closer. At first, people thought that he would cry and mourn the death of his lover, but who would have thought, after seeing that Kwee Sin was really dead, he then spat at the body while saying.

"Cih, you bastard! For years you cheated on me, I thought you were really loyal, I wish you were the leader of a rebel dog spy!" His legs were lifted and he kicked the corpse's face.

"Kim-thouw Thian-li situman betina, langan kauhina dia!" Lee Giok was furious, jumped up and hit the Ngo-lian-kauw chief. Kim-thouw Thian-li repulsed. "Plaque!" The two delicate arms met and the two staggered backwards. Secretly Kim-thouw Thian-li was surprised, did not think at all that this lady who could be Prince Souw Kian Bi's assistant turned out to have high intelligence as well, She deserves to be a spy leader as thought by Prince Souw Kian Bi, she thought .

"Hemmm, are you the one who has been secretly becoming Ji-enghiong?" Kim-thouw taunts Thian-li in a cold voice.

Lee Jade looked shocked.

"Did you say ba ..... how can kiaubisa know about Ji-enghiong?"

"Hi-hi-hi, despicable spy! We already know that the bastard Kwee Sin is Si-enghiong, and you are Ji-enghiong? You lead the rebel spies in the king's city."

Suddenly Lee Jade laughed happily. "Good, good! So you know now? That's right, Kim-thouw Thian-li, this Kwee-enghiong is the leader of a fighter spy who is indeed named Si-enghiong. So all this time he has been working for the benefit of the fighters. The dignitaries in the king's city are played, including you. Do you think he really loves your kind of stealth? Cih, he's not shy. And I ... I'm Ji-enghiong. Well, what do you want? "

No wonder Kim-thouw Thian-li's heart was angry hearing these taunts. With a cunning eye movement Kirn-thouw Thian-li looked to the side of Hoa-san-pai and Kun-lun-pai. "Dear Cuwi from Hoa-san-pai and Kun-lun-pai, this woman is a rebel leader, I and my friends were forced to capture her alive to take her to the king's city."

But meanwhile Liem Sian Hwa could no longer contain his anger. This is Kim-thouw Thian-li, the woman who not only took her father's life, but even her fiancé. Now hear this woman is about to persuade her teacher and Pek Gan Siansu.

He stabbed and cursed.