The King Of Sword Volume 21

volume 21

"Sin-ko (Kanda Sin), Kim-thouw Thian-li said in a melodious voice, "Tonight you must accompany me. At home it is very quiet, don't be busy with your work. You don't have to work hard, the princes to Hong Kong. Noon (emperor) himself is quite aware of how great your service to the government is."

"I have a lot of work, Li-moi (Li's sister). Let tomorrow afternoon when I come home from work, I'll visit your house. You're a leader of a big association like Ngo-lian-kauw, how can you be lonely?" Kwee Sin laughed and delayed his writing.

"Even if there are a thousand friends, who can compare to you?" Coa Kim Li said coquettishly then pulled his stool closer.

There was a knock on the bedroom door. Kim-thouw Thian-li quickly moved away from his seat again. When the waiter came in, Kwee Sin was already acting cool like before.

"Kwee-ciangkun, outside there is Lee-siocia (Miss Lee) please come to Ciangkun (Commander)," the waiter respectfully and without raising his face gave a report.

"Okay, ask Miss Lee to come into this room," answered Kwee Sin. The maid saluted and withdrew out of the room.

"Huh, Sin-ko, watch out if behind my back you dare to play crazy with that young lady!" suddenly Kim-thouw Thian-li said quietly, his eyes shining with jealousy.

Kwee Sin smiled bitterly. "Kim Li-moi what is this jealousy? You know I'm not..... not a hooker and you also know that Lee-siocia is someone who has the trust of all the commanders in the king's city, is also good at martial arts. My meeting with him Of course it's just work, why do you think it's nonsense? He's here, you're here too, you can see for yourself what he has to tell me!"

"Huh, let him be smart, who's afraid of him? And who wants to meet him? Seeing his young face, lest I have an appetite to scratch his face! I'll hide behind the door, watch out for you, just once you and him play crazy, you guys I'm going to kill him! With one swift movement his body flashed behind the side door. Kwee Sin breathed a sigh of relief, his face looking happy and smiling when the front door opened and a lady in yellow walked in.

"Miss Lee, what important news do you have?" Kwee Sin greeted this lady with a loud voice. "Were you sent by Prince Souw this time? Or was it Tan-ciangkun who sent you?"

The lady in the yellow dress was very well known in the upper circles of the king's city. Her name is Lee Jade, the daughter of a noble in the king's city. He was only nineteen, his antique face was gloomy and sorrowful, his eyes sharp and the hilt of a sword protruding from his waist. Even though he is still young, he is already famous as a person who is very instrumental in suppressing the rebels thanks to his high martial arts knowledge and brilliant brain.

Facing Kwee Sin's question, the lady sighed, looked at Kwee Sin with sharp eyes, then said slowly, "Kwee ciangkun, if Kim-thouw Thian-li is already here, why is he hiding and snooping around? he's out because I'm not here to have a stupid meeting after all!"

Of course Kim-thouw Thian-li was shocked. But she is also a smart woman. Calmly he emerged from behind the door and laughed. "Miss Lee's ingenuity is really great! It was indeed brother Kwee and I deliberately wanted to test your ingenuity which I have heard people talking about for a long time, I hope you are really smart. !"

Secretly the lady, Lee Jade was surprised as well. He was praised as clever, but the chairman of Ngo-lian-kauw himself had also proved that his brain was no less intelligent. It was true what he said earlier, he could tell that Kim-thouw Thian-li had just left the room because he smelled twice as sweet as he usually smelled when he met the chairman of Ngo-lian-kauw. Every woman of course has their own preferences about the fragrances she wears and the fragrances used by Kim-thouw Thian-li have a distinctive double.

"Kwee-ciangkun, my arrival is nothing but a warning to you. I got news that at this time in the king's city two Phang brothers from Hun-lam came who were looking for Kwee-ciangkun and wanted to force Kwee-ciangkun, dead or alive. , come with us to Hoa-san."

Kwee Sin's face changed upon hearing this news. "Miss, do you mean Phang Khai and Phang Tui A Pair of Dragons from Hun-lam?" he said in a half whisper. The lady nodded, her face looked even more gloomy then she turned around and said.

"My job is done, Ciangkun. I can't stay here long, worrying that I'll just irritate other people." Without even glancing at the sarcastic Kim-thouw Thian-li, this lady immediately left the room with light and fast steps.

"Hi-hi-hi, just heard that two old geezers from Hun-lam just came, don't you look nervous?" said Kim-thouw Thian-li.

“Li Moi, don't take those two old geezers lightly. The big name Phang-hengte (the Phang brothers) from Hun-lam I have heard for a long time. I'm not afraid, it's just the reasons why they want to arrest me that's disturbing."

"Sin-ko, why are you being so stupid? It's easy to guess. They must have joined the rebels and wanted to fight you, or maybe they were ordered by the shameless she Liem to ...".

"Li-moi, you promised not to mention his name!" Kwee Sin suddenly said, his forehead furrowed in displeasure.

"Hi-hi-hi, never mind. Just those two old dogs from Hun-lam why all the fuss? Let them come, I'm still here, what can they do to you?"

Phang Khai and Phang tui were two of the most famous grandfathers in Hun-lam. Of course hearing them being scolded by the old dogs by the woman, they couldn't contain their anger anymore. Simultaneously they jumped and burst into the room.

"Kwee Sin, we two Phang brothers from Hun-lam came to pick you up to Hoa-san!" said Phang Khai, glancing furiously at Kim-thouw Thian-li who was already standing with furrowed brows.

Kwee Sin also stood up and replied, "Ji-wi Phang-enghiong, with what purpose did ji-wi want to take Siauwte there?"

"Kun-lun-pai's apostate disciple. You became the culprit of the enmity between Hoa-san-pai and Kun-lun-pai. You must be held accountable for all your actions towards Hoa-san-pai!" said Phang Tui impatiently.

Kwee Sin sighed. Ji-wi Phang-enghiong, it's my personal business, please ji-wi as an outsider don't interfere. Since ji-wi is a prominent figure and Hun-lam, then siauwte let ji-wi go well."

"Demon, who is afraid of you? We have sworn to take you to Hoa-san, dead or alive. Tui-te (Tui's sister), you arrest him, let me guard this demon!"

Phang Tui stepped forward to hit Kwee Sin with Kim-na-jiu-hoat Science, his arms twitched and the right gripped towards the left shoulder while his left hand stabbed the blood path on the neck. Kwee Sin was forced to quickly shift his legs back and twist his arms to parry. Of course this young master Kun-lun-pai didn't want to let himself be caught just like that.

While making a mocking laugh, Kim-thonw Thian-li moved his hands and in his right hand was holding a small thin machete that was very beautiful in shape and handle, while in his left hand a long red handkerchief had slipped out. Phang Khai knew that facing this female head of Ngo-lian-pai he didn't need to be shy anymore so once he gave a grunt, he had already attacked with sword in hand. Seeing the sword light that struck him from three directions, Kim-thouw Thian-li was secretly surprised as well and understood that his opponent's swordsmanship was by no means to be taken lightly. Quickly he parried with his gojok

"Traagggg...!" Phang Khai jumped back a step while Kim-thouw Thian-li felt his hands shaking. No wonder Phang Khai. How can a woman who has such a graceful and delicate body have such great power of Yang-kang? He himself was a Yang power expert, uh, who would have thought that he was now facing a woman who was more powerful. He acted cautiously and put all his intelligence into pressing.

The swordsmanship of the two Phang brothers is the swordsmanship inherited from their ancestors. It was originally the same source as Hoa-san-pai's swordsmanship, but there have been a lot of changes. That's why in terms of Hoa-san-pai's business, these two old men didn't want to forget the source and wanted to help Hoa-san-pai. Like Hoa-san-pai's swordsmanship, Phang Khai's swordsmanship is very beautiful and fast, the only difference is that Hoa-san-pai's swordsmanship prioritizes Im's power, on the other hand the Phang family's swordsmanship prioritizes Yang power. The chairman of Ngo-lian-pai, Kim-thouw Thian-yi, was a student of Hek-hwa Kui-bo, of course his intelligence was great. Unfortunately, in recent years Kim-thouw Thian-li has lived a life of pleasure, always indulging in the pursuit of worldly pleasures, so he is lazy to practice and strengthen his inner strength. Now facing a swordsman like Phang Khai, even if he won't lose in a short time, it is also very difficult to achieve victory. The battle was getting more intense in the room.

Kwee Sin had also drawn his sword when the curious Phang Tui attacked him with the sword as well. At first Phang Tui was about to capture Kwee Sin alive, so he was empty-handed and used the knowledge he relied on, namely the art of capturing Kim-na-jiu. Who would have thought, Kwee Sin could always break this knowledge with Pek-lek-jiu blows, a kind of powerful Kun-lun-pai punching technique. Pek-lek-jiu's punches always pushed him back, even though he himself was in danger, so he used a sword. Kwee Sin was also a Kun-lun-pai swordsman, so this battle was formidable too.

Suddenly Kim-thouw Thian-li let out a very long whistle.

"Li-moi, don't harm them...." Kwee Sin rebuked then said loudly, ""Ji-wi Phang-enghiong, please end this battle and go ji-wi (you) safely!"

However, two seasoned masters like the two Phang brothers, once working where do you want to stop half way? They even pressed harder in their efforts to defeat the enemy immediately and be able to take Kwee Sin from there, both alive and dead! Unlike Kwee Sin, they didn't know what Kinri-thouw Thian-li's scream meant. Perhaps the whistle was a secret signal for the chief Ngo-lian-kauw to summon his men. Where the chairman is there, there must be a lot of loyal assistants hanging around, so by that time, dozens of Ngo-lian-kauw figures were already hanging around the building where KweeSin lived, ready to face their leader any time their leader called.

But this time, even though Kini-thouw Thian-li whistled three or four times, none of his men showed up. He became angry not playing but also nervous. Alas, he thought, may the two old men come with many friends and it seems that his men have been knocked down outside! He quickly took out a multicolored handkerchief, a silk handkerchief that smelled wonderful. At that moment, Phang Khai's sword had already grabbed his neck. Kim-thouw Thian-li threw his body to the left because he didn't have time to parry anymore so the sword slid over his shoulder. His left hand, which pulled out the handkerchief, moved quickly, a very fragrant smell swept over, Phang Khai smelled an extraordinary double smell, suddenly his head was dizzy, his eyes were clouded

"Woe..." He cried and tried to muster his Iweekang to fight the poison. But in vain, his body swayed and this mighty geezer fell to the ground with his sword still in hand! Kim-thouw Thian-li didn't stop there. Quickly he jumped near Phang Tui who was still fighting with Kwee Sin while fumbling with his handkerchief. Phang Tui also couldn't hold back, he fell over and collapsed.

Kim-thouw Thian-li had already moved his sword to slash the two dead, but Kwee Sin quickly shouted, "Don't kill them!" May Kwee Sin not be affected by the poison, why? It is not strange. Kwee Sin had been in contact with Kim-thouw Thian-li for years, of course he was well acquainted with this woman's secret weapons and knew how to resist them.

Kim-thouw Thian-li was angry. "These two old worms came to kill you, now you forbid me to kill them?" The sword is still swinging to be slashed. At that moment, a strong wind struck from outside, and two black rays shot swiftly across the two lamps in the room. Instantly the light went out and the room was pitch black.

"Eh, what is this...?" Kwee Sin exclaimed in surprise.

"Ouch.....!" Kim-thouw Thian-li groaned and fell down unable to move anymore. It turned out that the hiat-to (blood path) on his body had been hit by someone in the darkness and he collapsed without moving again.

Kwee Sin felt someone holding his hand. He quickly fanned the handle, but suddenly his hands went limp and powerless. He had also been hit by a very clever man in the dark, then he felt his body float and was on the shoulder of the person who carried him. Even though his body was unable to move, Kwee Sin's mind was still bright and he knew that he had been carried away by someone, had been kidnapped by a highly intelligent person. Time and again the person who was carrying him jumped high, through people's houses and finally jumped over the walls of the king's city, continuing to run out of the king's city at an astonishing speed.

As for Phang Khai and Phang Tui who had collapsed earlier with their hands still gripping the hilts of their respective swords, they felt a chill rush to their faces and Phang Khai first woke up from his stupor. He was surprised to find himself in the back garden of the old temple where he and his sister had been hiding while on duty in the king's city. He saw that Phang Tui was also lying on the grass. Their swords lay there too. Phang Khai quickly helped his sister and they both couldn't help but wonder how those who had been knocked down by Kim-thouw Thian-li's poison now suddenly found themselves in the temple garden in good condition.

"Ah, of course someone will help us," Rata Phang Khai was amazed.

"Twa-ko, could it be Kwee Sin who helped us! Several times he had prevented Kim-thouw Thian-li from killing us. I hope that young man still has the character of being loyal to the kang-ouw people, but why did he fall into the mud?" the humiliation of aiding the government and conspiring with a demon like that chief Ngo-lian-kauw?"

Phang Khai shook his head. "There's no way it was Kwee Sin who helped us. Instead, something strange happened. If Kwee Sin helped us, how would he know that we were staying at this place? Even though our place is our own secret. Besides, don't you see how That Kwee-Sin is afraid of Kim-thouw Thian-li? How can he help us?"

"It's strange." Phang Tui nodded frowning. "However, Twako, what made me almost die of curiosity was that girl named Miss Lee. You certainly know what I mean, don't you?"

"Of course. He can disguise himself after all, how can he change his eyes? Miss Lee is the one he is. Hmm, he has betrayed us, telling Kwee Sin about our intentions. Which kind of person can be trusted by Si-enghiong? It's very dangerous, because his betrayal clearly proves that he is a traitor, a Mongol stooge like Kwee Sin. Let's just see how I behave the day after tomorrow when we meet them."

Suddenly Phang Tui who had been pensive tapped his thigh. "Wow, why did I forget?"

"What do you mean?" her sister asked.

"Twako, it's clear that there was a clever person to help us so that when we fainted in the room of the Kwee Sin building we could be free from death.

Who do you think helped us earlier?"

"How would I know? I passed out too? Like you."

"Twako, it's been a long time since we heard that the two warrior leaders who served in the king's city, namely Ji-enghiong (second Swordsman) and Si-enghiong (fourth Swordsman) have very high knowledge. Haven't they helped?"

"Ah, what you say is true. Those who help us must be people who understand our situation and our task. Who else if not them? But which of the two enghiongs is it? And who are these people who are always working in secret?"

The two brothers were confronted with a secret and no matter how much they racked their brains, they couldn't figure it out.

* * *

In fact, their assumptions that it was two secret people from the leadership of the fighters who helped them were wrong. Their helper at that time was none other than Beng San himself. As is known, this young man, also snooped in the room and saw all what had happened. Beng San was secretly ready to help the two Phang brothers, but seeing that both of them were strong enough to fight Kwee Sln and Kim-thouw Thian-li, he felt bad about helping too. When Kim-thouw Thian-li whistled for his men, Beng San quickly flashed over and Ngo-lian-kauw's twelve men he knocked down with his shrewd fists before the people could see him! When he looked back, Beng San was surprised to see that two of the Phang brothers had collapsed. Quickly he took two pebbles and slashed them towards the light so that it went out. It was in that instant that Beng San quickly jumped in, knocking out Kim-thouw Thian-li and Kwee Sin, then at once he brought out the bodies of Kwee Sin and the two Phang brothers! This young man's intelligence was so high, his strength was so great that he could easily carry the bodies of the three people while running and jumping.

After placing the bodies of the two Phang brothers on the grass in the temple garden, Beng San then quickly took Kwee Sin out of the king's city with "extraordinary speed. Half the night he was running fast, not daring to stop knowing that Kwee Sin's loss was certain. will stir up the king's city and it is certain that Kim-thouw Thian-li will send his men in pursuit

After night turned to morning he was far from the king's city and then he stopped in a forest. Kwee Sin is taken down and immediately released from the blow. But Kwee Sin felt his body weak and could not stand up yet. With great amazement Kwee Sin saw that the person who kidnapped him was only a young man dressed as a student. Not playing amazed and surprised, especially when the young man was imprisoned in front of him while saying.

"Hope Kwee-enghiong will forgive me for forcibly taking you out of the king's city."

"Who are you? And what do you mean by bringing me to this place?"

Beng San smiled. "It seems that Kwee-enghiong won't recognize me, even if I mention my name. I brought Kwee-enghiong out of the king's city for nothing but the intention of taking you to Hoa-san-pai. Be aware that Hoa-san-pai and Kun-lun-pai almost held a great battle between their leaders, it's good that I still had time to stop them and I promised to take you to Hoa-san-pai. The problem of enmity between the two parties is that you are the culprit, then if you can confess frankly about everything that happened ago, I thought that enmity could be dispelled and it would turn out that it wasn't really you who committed the murders of Hoa-san-pai's people."

Kwee Sin was even more surprised. "How did you know about all that? Hoa-san-pai's side is sure that I killed Miss Liem's father, I also caused the death of two people from Hoa-san Sie-eng, why can you say that it wasn't me who did the murder -murder?"

"I have friends in Pek-lian-pai and it was from them that I heard the truth."

"Ah..... so you..... you're also a warrior..... uh, a rebel?" he asked stuttering.

Beng San smiled at the words of the warrior who was immediately replaced by a rebel. "That was your fault, Kwee-enghiong. You were lured by Kim-thouw Thian-li and fell under his influence so you helped the Mongol Empire, against the warriors you considered rebellious. It's a shame..... pity a valiant like you could fall into such a trap. I'm not a member of Pek-lian-pai even though I admire their struggle. I did this kidnapping of you just to prevent Kun-lun-pai from attacking each other with Hoa-san-pai."

Kwee Sin had recovered his strength and bravely stood up and said, "Okay. A man must be brave enough to take responsibility for his mistakes and actions. Come on, take me to Hoa-san-pai, so I will bear all the punishment that will be imposed on me. "

The two of them then walked towards Hoa-san-pai. Beng San secretly still admires Kwee Sin's attitude and regrets even more when he remembers how this Kun-lun-pai warrior collapsed under the influence of the beauty of an evil woman like Ngo-lian-kauw.

On the other hand, Kwee Sin never ceases to be surprised when he sees Beng San. A young man who is still green, seems gentle and like a literary master, how can he have such great intelligence? Especially now that they had gone on an ordinary trip, the young man didn't seem very intelligent at all. Was it really this young man who had kidnapped her? He almost couldn't believe it.

On the second night, when the two spent the night in a forest, Kwee Sin used his cleverness to jump into a big tree. "Hiante, this forest looks full of wild animals, we'd better spend the night in this tree just so we don't threaten our safety. You come up here." He deliberately wanted to test the cleverness of the young man he doubted. If his guess is wrong and it turns out that this young man has no intelligence, why should he give in and just take it to Hoa-san?

Beng San smiled and shook his head. "It's better to sleep down here. If Kwee-enghiong wants to sleep in a tree, go ahead." After saying that, Beng San leaned back against the tree and soon he was so tired, he fell fast asleep.

Kwee Sin was curious. Is it true that a boy like this has intelligence? Don't just be good at running fast. After he relaxed and gathered his strength before dawn he saw Beng San was still sleeping well under the tree. Kwee Sin then mustered his strength, using his already high-level ginkang jumped from the top of the tree, far to another nearby tree branch, then quickly without making a sound he ran all the way back to the king's city!

Approximately two li he ran. He suddenly stopped and stared wide-eyed ahead. Presumably in front of him, in the middle of the road, Beng San was already standing smiling and impassive.

"Kwee-enghiong, a man has promised why would he withdraw?

Kwee Sin's red face. It is clear that this young man's knowledge of ginkang is so far beyond his level that he does not know how the young man got there, even though he had been living in a slumbering state! However, because he was curious and it was his real intention to test whether this young man was worthy enough to force him to go to Hoa-san, Kwee Sin then shouted loudly.

"Young man, you forced me to go to Hoa-san, what are you relying on? As a brave man, of course I will not take back my word that I dare to take responsibility for my actions. However, I do not promise to obey your will, unless you are able to defeat I!" After saying that, Kwee Sin took out his sword which was still in its scabbard, who knows who sheathed it again when he was carried away by the young man.

Beng San was a bit shocked, but then understood. Of course, as a warrior, Kwee Sin felt ashamed when he visited Hoa-san-pai under the coercion of someone who was not known to what extent he was skilled.

"Ah, Kwee-enghiong why say that? I am indeed a person who has no intelligence, but in order to maintain the integrity of Kun-lun-pai and Hoa-san-pai, I have promised to find and bring you to Hoa-san-pai to account for it." all your deeds. If you were going to use rebellious violence, I was forced to forget my own stupidity!"

"Good! I really wanted to try how smart you are so you dare to force Pek-lek-jiu Kwee Sin to your heart's content." Kwee Sin moved his sword to attack.

At that moment a male voice was heard, "Miss, I don't want to fight with you......" The voice was followed by the appearance of a young man who ran quickly to the place. When this young man saw Beng San, he immediately stopped running and said excitedly.

“Brother Beng San……!” But what a surprise and joy when the young man turned to Kwee Sin. He was stunned for a moment, then stuttered out, "You..... you..... Kwee-susiok (Kwee's teacher uncle).....'"

Kwee Sin delayed his attack and turned his head. "Eh, aren't you Lim Kwi?" In the voice of this Kun-lun warrior, there is great sadness and compassion. This teacher uncle and nephew looked at each other questioningly, full of emotion mixed with sorrow, confused, not knowing what to say. At that moment a woman's voice was heard.

"Bastard Bun, where are you going?" And then came Thio Eng, the girl in green who was running fast after Bun Lim Kwi. Once there. without turning to look at other people, Thio Eng immediately thrust his sword into Bun Lim Kwi's chest. This young man was still stunned in his meeting with his teacher uncle, and indeed he was already very saddened by Thio Eng's pursuit, so it seemed that the sword thrust was ignored and would certainly hit the target.

"Traagggg'." Thio Eng's sword was bounced off by Kwee Sin's parry who didn't let his nephew's disciple he loved be stabbed by a girl. Thio Eng's eyes flashed as he looked at Kwee Sin, then he glanced at Beng San. This girl's face was shocked and surprised when she knew Beng San, but her heart was already too hot and angry that she didn't have another chance to rebuke Beng San.

"Who are you? Why are you interfering in my affairs with this enemy of mine?" Kwee Sin smiled mockingly. "Little lady, you have business to take care of, why are you so fierce to take Lim Kwi's life? You know, I am the teacher's uncle, there's no way I could just ignore him seeing you want to kill him."

For a moment the girl was stunned to hear this person claiming to be teacher uncle Bun Lim Kwi, then her eyes lit up. "Very nice.....!" He turned to Beng San and said, "Tan-koko (Tan's brother), isn't he Kwee Sin? And why are you here anyway?"

"Brother Eng, I... I want to invite her to Hoa-san-pai."

The girl remembered Beng San's promise to the chairman Kun-lun-pai and Hoa-san-pai, then she said exasperatedly, "I don't think it's good for you to be around these evil uncles and nephews. They are not good people. This Kwee Sin is not a good human either. -Okay. I'd better destroy them all!" Again his sword flashed and a very fast and fierce attack struck at Kwee Sin and Lim Kwi in succession. This attack was so great that Kwee Sin was forced to retreat while parrying hard. Thio Eng's sword bounced back.

"Dear Eng brother, don't... Don't be in a hurry, all matters can be negotiated! Your business with Mrs. Lim Kwi's brother is certainly well known to this Kwee-enghiong, we'd better listen to what he has to say."

"That's right," said Kwee Sin. "Miss, tell me first why are you desperately trying to kill my nephew Lim Kwi? What is the sin? Please explain, of course I will consider carefully. If someone is guilty, he must be prepared to accept the punishment."

Thio Eng smiled coldly mockingly, as if the light in his eyes was saying, "How can someone like you have fair judgment?" But his mouth said, "Hmmm, I really want to hear how your considerations have harmed my life. My father was killed by two of the brothers of Kun-lun-pai's disciple Bun, namely this evil father and uncle of Bun Lim Kwi, is it unfair that I now want to take revenge on him to atone for the sins of his father and uncle? You as his teacher uncle, of course you will defend him, but I Thio Eng am not afraid to die in an attempt to avenge my father!'

Kwee Sin frowned. "You are she Thio? What is your father's name? Is it Thio San?"

In his anger, Thio Eng became more and more convinced that his enemies were indeed these two people standing in front of him. "That's right, my father Thio San who was killed by two bastard Bun brothers from Kun-lun-pai in a forest." Kwee Sin suddenly became gloomy in his face. He remembered that incident, about ten years ago when he was fighting against Thio San, then suddenly appeared Coa Kim Li who lowered his evil hand to kill Thio San. "Ah, wrong..... you are mistaken, Miss..... you are so sure that Lim Kwi's father killed your father, did you see the murder yourself?"

In Thio Eng's eyes, a glimmer of doubt began to appear. "I..... I found my father lying dead in the forest, I cried and..... and I saw also two of Bun's brothers in the forest, I think..... who else killed father? People she Kwee, I won't believe your defense of your suhengs, unless you tell me who killed my father. Do you know who killed my father?"

Kwee Sin nodded. "Of course I know . . . ." He took a deep breath and his face looked very sad. "It's all my fault..... ah, how great my sin, all because of me......"

Thio Eng's beautiful face looks fierce. "Good, so you caused my father's death? Well, accept my vengeance!" Thio Eng attacked again. This time Kwee Sin didn't parry just dodged to the right.

"Brother Eng, don't be like that. Let him explain first." Beng San ran up to Thio Eng and grabbed the girl's arm. Thio Eng just snorted, but did not continue his attack and waited for Kwee Sin to give an explanation.

"Listen carefully to my story, nine ten years ago!u.....".

Kwee Sin then recounted all his experiences in the past when he helped his two suheng find a person named Thio San who they thought was a fraud. As we have seen, Thio San, a Pek-lian-pai figure, wanted to buy a horse from Bun Si Teng and asked that the horse troupe be escorted to a forest. However, upon arrival in the middle of the forest, the two Bun brothers were attacked by five members of Pek-lian-pai who were assisted by an unknown woman. Bun Si Liong was injured and Kwee Sin who heard this became angry and went to look for Thio San in Hek-siong san. He thought that Thio San was the one who deceived his two masters, not only looting twenty horses, but also injuring Bun Si Liong. Finally in the sion tree forest,

"I myself was injured by Pek-lian-ting which was released by Thio San around my neck, so I fell unconscious and was carried away by Kim-thouw Thian-li and maybe at that time Thio San was dead and left in the forest. the true story. The late Bun-suheng were both completely irresponsible and ignorant of the death of your father, Miss Thio. Your father was fought against by Kim-thouw Thian-li."

With his eyes red from holding back his tears, Thio Eng looked at Bun Lim Kwi who looked relieved and coincidentally this young man looked at him wistfully but his mouth was smiling. Thio Eng blushed, feeling that he had done too much for Bun Lim Kwi, remembering how Lim Kwi had treated him and how he had knocked out Lim Kwi with Giam Kin's help.

"Then..... then..... I made a mistake......"

"Almost, Miss. My life almost ended in your hands, dear to you, I am still alive thanks to the help of this dear Beng San brother ....." answered Lim Kwi.

Thio Eng turned to Beng San, surprised and nodded. "Well, would you have helped him, Tan-ko?"

"I found him lying down with a venomous wound, I just took him and asked someone else to heal him. Eh, my good brother, have you attacked him with that vile poison weapon?"

Thio Eng's face is getting redder. "Don't accuse indiscriminately! I'm a student of Thai-lek-sin Swi Lek Hosiang, where would you want to use poison? It's because of that little demon Giam Kin who attacked suddenly. Thank you for helping him, Tan-ko, otherwise ..... ah I certainly sinned by killing innocent people. Who would have thought that if it wasn't his father who killed my father? When I was a child..... I saw the corpse of Ayat lying in the forest, I cried and was helped by the temperature and I saw her father is in the forest too...." Suddenly the girl pointed the tip of her sword at Kwee Sin while yelling.

"May it be you human she Kwee who caused my father's death. You attacked him with the help of the female demon from Ngo-lian-kauw!" He was about to attack Kwee Sin, but Beng San grabbed his arm.

"Later, brother Eng, don't be greedy. You have heard before. This Kwee-enghiong is looking for your father to defend justice because his suheng was injured and a number of horses were stolen. I have heard that in fact your father, Thio San, is a true patriot, Which Pek-lian-pai figure is he trying to take the horse? All of this is slander on the part of the Ngo-lian-kauw who is trying or even serving to pit Pek-lian-pai against the Kun-lun side or the Kun-lun side with the other side. Hoa-san and the others."

"Young man, how did you know that?" suddenly Kwee Sin's voice sounded loud and full of investigation, a pair of sharp eyes looked like they wanted to visit Beng San's heart.

Beng San shrugged his shoulders, "Kwee enghiong, of course someone as stupid as me would know all this? Of course someone would tell, namely Pek-lian-pai's own people."

Thio Eng looked dissatisfied. "Tan-ko even though he was slandered, but it's clear that this person is not good, the proof is that he helped Ngo-lian-kauw and helped the evil party."

rigging and eventually some descendants will continue to be hostile to each other. It was precisely to prevent this from happening, so I at Hoa-san-pai the other day promised to look for Kwee-enghiong. Now that Kwee-enghiong is here, of course as a man Kwee-enghiong will dare to account for everything to Kun-lun-pai and Hoa-san-pai."

Thio Eng lost speech, grumblingly put back his sword. Kwee Sin became amazed. If he had wanted to test Beng San's intelligence, now his mind was open and he felt that he would make himself worthless as a man if he didn't dare to go to Hoa-san. However, if he went to Hoa-san, of course he would be in big trouble. In his doubts he turned to Bun Lim Kwi.

“Lim Kwi, what do you think?” Let your father and uncle represent you in this matter, give your opinion on how I should act?” Kwee Sin's voice trembled, a sign that deep inside he felt regretful.

"Kwee-sisiok, everything has been done, regret is useless without proof of your remorse. If Susiok likes to listen to your nephew's opinion, let's go face the heat in Kun-lun-pai, surrender all the blame and then obey all his orders. I, will accompany Susiok if Susiok has to face Hoa-san-pai. Remember, Susiok, all of this is for the good, not only for the good of Kun-lun-pai and Hoa-san-pai so that they don't continue to be enemies, but in essence for the good of the struggle. our nation who is trying to overthrow the colonial government." Bun Lim Kwi's words were lively, then this young man briefly recounted the meeting in Hoa-san-pai the other day that almost resulted in a full-blown battle had Beng San not intervened.

Kwee Sin listened in awe. Also Beng San was overjoyed to hear this. "Very good then, my brother Bun Lim Kwi! I have complete trust in you. You go with Kwee-enghiong to Hoa-san-pai. It's up to you if you want to stop by Kun-lun-pai first, anyway Kwee-enghiong should be able to end the enmity between these two major parties. I myself still have a lot of business to settle." Beng San's words came from an honest heart. Because he was really happy with the results of his efforts. Searching for Kwee Sin and bringing him to Hoa-san-pai has succeeded and he believes that Bun Lim Kwi will definitely protect Kun-lun-pai's good name and bring his former teacher uncle to Hoa-san. The second question, which is about the enmity between Lim Kwi and Thio Eng, also finished with the explanation from Kwee Sin that the killer of Thio Eng's father turned out to be Kim-thouw Thian-li. There are only two other issues that are no less important, even very important to him, namely, looking for Miss Cia who has actually held Liong-cu Siang-kiam, and the second is looking for Tan Beng Kui who she believes is her real sister.

Bun Lim Kwi agreed to Beng San's request and together with Kwee Sin he then left the place after blaming Thio Eng first and said, "Miss Thio, I am grateful to Thian that you have realized now that I am not your biggest enemy and..... and.....hopefully we will be able to meet each other again in better.....well......"

Before leaving, Kwee Sin said to Beng San, "Young man, actually I'm still curious. Who are you..... student? And where is your intelligence......"

Beng San hastily replied, "Ah, Kwee-enghiong, don't play games. Where do I have any intelligence? Never mind, goodbye, Kwee-enghiong, and if there is a match, we will definitely meet again."

Thio Eng, just watched as the uncle and nephew left, then he turned to Beng San "Tan-ko, I was surprised myself...."

"Hmmm, what else are you wondering? It's clear that young She Bun is very valiant, handsome, no longer your big enemy and he... ummm, he likes you, what else is there to be surprised about?"

Thio Eng's face turned very red, then turned pale. "Tan-ko, don't play games. Who cares about him? What I wonder is you. You are a young writer, you look weak and I know you are not good at anything. Why do you dare to die interfering in Kun-lun-'s affairs? pai and Hoa-san-pai, the business of the martial figures? Also, how did you manage to get Kwee Sin away from the king's city?"

"I used to work as a lackey in Hoa-san-pai, of course I'm not happy to see Hoa-san-pai hostile to Kun-lun-pai. As for Kwee Sin, it seems that he has realized his mistake and willingly he came with me Hoa-san, what's so strange? Brother Erig, now that you hear that your father's killer was not Bun Lim Kwi, but Kim-thouw Thian-li chairman Ngo-lian-kauw, what are you going to do?"

"Of course I will find that female demon from killing her!" replied Thio Eng with exasperation.

Beng San remembered how this girl had attacked him when he had previously helped Tan Hok without knowing this girl, and he also remembered how this girl was a student of Thai-lek Swi Lek Hosiang whom he had seen before helping the Mongol Prince Souw Kian Bi. Also when Thio Eng fought against Lim Kwi, wasn't this girl also assisted by Giam Kin? In order to find out his heart, Beng San purposely fished.

"Brother Eng, I think you are being reckless in looking for Kim-thouw Thian-li. I heard that he is the head of Ngo-lian-kauw who is in the king's city, of high position and great influence. How did you enter the king's city safely? I don't think it's good for you to indulge in your heart of revenge and desire for revenge. I think it would be better if you channeled your grudge, in a better way."

"Hem, hemmm, you really are a lectern. What other lectures are you going to give now? What better way do you mean?" Thio Eng looked sharply, but his mouth smiled sweetly and again Beng San felt his heart beating at this attitude and smile, remembering his previous experience with Thio Eng on the boat.

"Look, Eng-moi. I heard that your late father, Thio 5an, was a Pek-lian-pai figure, a warrior who was willing to sacrifice his life for the struggle of his nation. Therefore, it is only right that you as his daughter continue in your father's footsteps, follow help the warriors who are trying to liberate their homeland and nation from the clutches of the invaders. If at this time your enemy, Kim-thouw Thian-li is an accomplice of the Mongol government, then if you help the warriors, isn't that the same as you are against him? Well , think carefully, instead of taking your life in vain to the king's city and your attempts at revenge are not necessarily successful, you better help Pek-lian-pai and the other warriors."

The fine brow furrowed. It's easy for you to talk. The temperature won't let me get carried away in the war. Many people who sided with the government were evil, but also the warriors were not good people. That's the temperature. My late father would have died if he had not become a Pek-lian-pai character? Hmm, Tan-ko, I don't want to be dragged into the affairs of war and rebellion."

Beng San was disappointed. Know him now. Hopefully, Thio Eng will not take sides in the affairs of this struggle, in accordance with his orders. It seems that Swi Lek Hosiang has been persuaded by slippery people like Souw Kian Bi so he doesn't want to help the fighters.

"So you are desperate to go to the king's city?" he asked, worried.

"I want to find and kill my great enemy, then if I have a long life, I will participate in the fight for the title of King of the Sword in Thai-san. Tan-ko, especially I hope to see you again." He stepped forward and grabbed Beng San's arm, squeezed it with trembling fingers, then ran away quickly from the place. Beng San took a deep breath. He then ran quickly in the same direction as the padis. Indeed he had to return to the king's city to find the person who was considered his brother, and now he still had to keep Thio Eng from being afflicted by disaster in that dangerous place.

Beng San's sprinting skills were definitely of a higher level than Thio Eng's, so he was able to catch up with the girl in no time. He quietly followed behind at a distance not too far, but not so close that the girl wouldn't be able to see him. It turned out to him that Thio Eng took another route and one that was closer to the king's city. The road through the forest and the mountains is quiet and difficult. At the foot of a small mountain, on the side of a very quiet road, he was surprised to see a house that opened a wine stall. He saw the girl stopped, entered this stall and was heard ordering wine and food. Beng San gulped because he too felt thirsty to drink. But because he didn't want her to see him,

However, he had been waiting for two hours and still didn't see Thio Eng coming out of the shop. How long does it take to eat? He didn't dare to go near because he was afraid that Thio Eng would see him, but because he thought it was too long and so inappropriate, he got up and walked slowly towards the shop.

It turned out that the shop was empty, neither Thio Eng nor the shop keeper could be seen. He became suspicious and just as he was about to open his mouth, he heard someone's voice from inside.

"Woe to you! Are your eyes blind? He's a student of Thai-lek-sin Swi Lek Hosiang, right?" This voice is a woman's voice. Beng San became impatient because of his anxiety for Thing's safety. Immediately he shouted.

"Where's the tavern?" Saying so, he stepped inside and was about to continue entering the inner room from where he heard the voice earlier, He almost collided with two people coming out of the inner door, a man and a woman. Three pairs of eyes met and these three people changed their faces.

"Hmmm, maybe you guys are...?" Beng San said with a bitter smile, remembering his experience back then when two people claimed he was a child!

The two people are husband and wife who once recognized Beng San as a child, namely Hui-sin-liong Ouw Kiu, who is tall and big with a pale face and a mustache that crosses over with Bi-sin-kiam Bhe Kit Nio, this beautiful coquettish dandy. get to know Beng San immediately. Both of them were shocked, but Bhe Kit Nio still managed to shout while hitting Beng San.

"Oh, my son..... where have you been going all this time?"

"Ah, Beng San my son. You're finally home...!" Ouw Kiu immediately continued his wife's cry.

But Beng San laughed from the collisions and said angrily.

"I'm not your son. There's no need to play any more plays, because I already know that you and Hek-hwa Kui bo were deliberately trying to trick me. Tell me, where is the lady in green who ate here earlier?"

Ouw Kiu and Bhe Kit Nio looked at each other then Ouw Kiu shouted angrily, "You rebellious child'" His big and heavy fist flew towards Beng San's head. But very easily Beng San tilted his head evasively.

"Let's get rid of this bastard first. Suddenly Bhe Kit Nio loses his intimacy and draws his sword, continuing to attack Beng San fiercely. This woman who is nicknamed Bi-sin-kiam (Beautiful Magic Swordsman) is also good, even though her sword has already struck three moves in total, aiming at the neck, chest, and navel! At the same time, Ouw Kiu has sent another series of attacks that are very reliable, namely a chain kick which he named Ban-liong-twi (Kick Selaksa Dragons)! His two legs moved one after another -followed in a fast and strong kick. I don't know how many opponents have been knocked down by this kick skill that Ouw Kiu is very proud of and relies on.

The beating of these two husbands and wives who displayed their respective intelligences was clearly meant to kill Beng San who used to claim to be this biological child! Beng San became exasperated and angry. He thought that this husband and wife were very evil and fake, especially when he remembered that they had arrested Thio Eng, perhaps with malicious intent. After all, before studying martial arts, Beng San was a child who was diligent in studying mysticism and philosophy from the holy books, since childhood received advice and spiritual lessons, from the hwesio, so killing humans for him is a big taboo. When he saw that the attacks of the two people were so severe that it threatened his life, he used the Ilnnu Silat Khong-ji-ciang (Empty Hand) which he had inherited from Phoa Ti's grandfather, combined with the Pat-hong-ciang Martial Arts which he inherited from The Bok Nam's grandfather. In just a few strokes he had managed to knock Bhe Kit Nio's wrist so that his sword slipped, slashed and grabbed at his own husband. At that time, Ouw Kiu was busy with his kick skills, so his wife's sword violently grabbed his right arm so that it almost broke off the top of his elbow. Ouw Kiu screamed in pain, but continued his kick towards Beng San's stomach. This young man shifted his feet to the left, his hands moved and in one stroke Ouw Kiu's kick deviated and ..... hit his wife's stomach. Bhe Kit Nio screamed and his body was thrown backwards, then slammed down with a gasping breath! Ouw Kiu was surprised not to play, but also afraid to face the shrewd young man.

Beng San didn't care about them anymore, he quickly ran inside. In the slightly dark room he saw the body of a girl lying on a couch in a state of unconsciousness.

"Eng-moi...,.!" he cried, leaping forward. How shocked and surprised when he was close to the girl, he got the fact that the girl was not Thio Eng the girl in green at all, but another beautiful girl in red!

"Hong-moi.. I can't believe Beng San cried out in surprise. This girl is Kwa Hong, who knows when and how suddenly came to that place in a state of unconsciousness. freed him.After his blood path was free and his head was soaked with water, Kwa Hong regained consciousness.

"You... you...?" he shouted, surprised, surprised and also happy.

"That's right I am Beng San. Hong-moi, why are you here and why have you fainted?"

When asked this suddenly Kwa Hong burst into tears and Beng San immediately embraced her because the girl's body was still weak so she suddenly rolled over, of course she would fall under the couch if she didn't hug her. After feeling embraced by the young man, his cries grew louder and Kwa Hong hid his face in Beng San's chest. Of course Beng San became flustered, his heart pounding. He felt how awkward and "wrong" this scene was, but he didn't have the heart to separate himself either. Since childhood, he had really liked Kwa Hong, now that girl is shamelessly crying in his chest, who is the person who doesn't have a pounding heart? The pity mixed with affection pushed Beng San to stroke and caress the silky black hair.

"Come on, Hong-moi, why are you crying? You'd better tell me about your experience, he comforted.

"Everyone hates me... ah, everyone hates me..."

Beng San was even more surprised. "Eh, what are you saying, Hong-moi? Who said everyone hates you? Honestly I don't hate you, I... I... love and love you." Even if this statement comes from the honesty of his heart, it would not have been said if Kwa Hong's situation wasn't like that and he really wanted to cheer him up. However, these words brought about a great change in Kwa Hong. This girl snatched her head from Beng San's chest, her still wet and beautiful eyes stared intently, blinked then asked, "Is that true? Say it again, do you really like and love me?"

Suddenly Beng San's face turned red. Ah, he thought, why hesitate and be shy? Doesn't he really like and love Kwa Hong?

"Of course, Hong-moi. Of course I like and love you."

Strange! Suddenly Kwa Hong smiled widely, so that his teeth were white and neat even though his eyes were still red and wet. "Then I'm not sad anymore, San-ko. See I can laugh! People in the world can hate me, as long as you like and love. Hi-hi-hi, San-ko, funny, huh? I really like you, I love someone who is weak, stupid but strong. Eh, who knows, if you... you love me too." At this point, Kwa Hong lowered his face, which became very red.

Surprised Beng San. When he said love and affection, he didn't think about love at all, about the love of young people who ended up in an arranged marriage.

"This... this......" he stammered.

"San-ko, what do you want to say?" Kwa Hong has gotten off the couch, his body is not as weak as before, his strength is almost recovered. This girl affectionately held Beng San's hand.

"You... you haven't told your story yet, Hong-moi."

The girl pouted when reminded of this. "After the celebration at Hoa-san, father wanted to force me to like Thio-suheng. I didn't want to, even though the temperature was pressing on me. Then when dad yelled at me and asked why I refused, he would also angrily confess that I like you , Sanko!"