The King Of Sword Volume 20

volume 20

Bun Lim Kwi's body moved and his mouth sighed. Everyone looked on intently. Beng San was happy when he saw how stiff his body was now starting to become limp, the blackness disappeared and the longer the face became pale. Then the body stopped moving and Lim Kwi looked like a person sleeping soundly, only his breath was a bit short of breath.

Lian Bu Tojin then approached and checked her wrists and heartbeat.

"Wretched .....!" Tosu shouted in surprise, his face turning pale. "That's right Giam Kin!" Out of anger, this tosu issued an insult.

"How are you, Totiang?" Beng San exclaimed in surprise and surprise.

Grandpa shook his head and looked sadly at Bun Lim Kwi.

"It's not good, it's not good ..... the snake venom doesn't cure, it only adds to the pain. I guess it's not Ngo-tok-coa ....." suddenly the grandfather stopped talking, his face getting pale as he whispered, " ..... ngo-tok (five poisons) .....? Ah, maybe it has something to do with Ngo-lian-kauw, not the medicine snakes given but dangerous poisonous snakes. "

If Beng San was shocked, it was Thio Ki and Kui Lok who were now very happy. "Beng San, quickly take him away from here, there is no place to bury the bodies of the Kun-lun people!" Said Kui Lok.

At that moment, Kwa Tin Siong and Liem Sian Hwa appeared. The guests who saw, Lian Bu Tojin resigned, then said goodbye and at the top of Hoa-san was already lonely.

"How are you, Temperature?" asked Kwa Tin Siong who had heard about the events that happened to Bwi Lim Kwi.

"We were deceived by Giam Kin," replied the grandfather. "The two snakes are not medicine snakes after the poison is used, it can easily make him worse."

"How's it going now? Totiang, Kwa lo-enghiong, please give me a clue," said Beng San, looking very nervous. Kwa Hong was moved to see Beng San's attitude, but the girl was silent just holding back the tears that were about to come out of her eyes.

"There is no medicine in this world that can help him ..... unless Thian intervenes on his own ....." said Lian Bu Tojin.

"There is only one way ....." suddenly Kwa Tin Siong said. All eyes were on this Hoa-san-pai jago, but Kwa Tin Siong looked with a distant gaze towards the foot of the mountain to the north.

"Ah, he ...?" Kui Lok and Thio Ki said in a laughing tone.

"Dad, it's not possible ....." Kwa Hong said worriedly looking at Beng San. As for Lian Bu Tojin, she just shook her head. "Kwa-enghiong, who is he? Who can help Lim Kwi and what do you mean by one way?" Beng San insisted, but Kwa Tin Siong just shook his head. Beng San immediately urged Lian Bu Tojin.

"Totiang, please have mercy and give guidance. Who is he that Kwa-enghiong meant and who can help Lim Kwi?"

"No, no ..... it's impossible to be helped again ....." said this grandfather as well.

Seeing that Kwa Tin Siong and the chairman of Hoa-san-pai seemed to want to hide the name of the person who could have helped Lim Kwi, Beng San then turned to Kwa Hong, "Brother Hong, will you give me an explanation?"

Thio Ki and Kui Lok were heartbroken to hear the young man mention Kwa Hong's younger brother. In their opinion, this young man should not call his sister, he should call her lady.

"Actually, it's not because Dad and Sukong don't want to tell, San-ko. But there's no point in coming to that person, it's even very dangerous. You know, at the foot of this mountain to the north there is a very strange magician, famously called Toat-beng Yok-mo (Satan of Medicine and Remedy), his name has just explained that he is a medicine expert until he is called Satan of Medicine, however, the name Toat-beng is also clear that he has one passion, which is to take away people's lives. According to the news, he can cure all kinds of diseases, but as soon as the person is cured, he then intervenes to kill him. Because of this, Father and Sukong do not want to mention his name. "

"Is he crazy ...?" Beng San exclaimed angrily and surprised.

Kwa Tin Siong took a deep breath before saying. "We don't really know what it's like, Beng San, and we don't want to try to plant animosity with the kang-ouw people. He doesn't bother us and we don't care about him, but about his healing skills is already very well known in the kang-ouw world. "

Lian Bu Tojin nodded. "He is as famous as Bu-tek Kiam-ong Cia Hui Gan, both are descendants of great figures of the past. If Ciu Hui Gan is still a descendant of the sword goddess Ang I Niocu, then he is still a descendant of Yok-ong ( Raja Obat) unfortunately ..... hemmm, he has such a vile and strange habit. "

Beng San did not say anything, then approached the couch and looked at Lim Kwi's body which was still unconscious and drowned.

"Beng San, where are you going?" asked Kwa Tin Siong and everyone looked at this young man.

"Where else, Kwa-enghiong? To the foot of the mountain on the north side to ask for Toat-beng Yok-mo's help.

"San-ko! He will kill you!" exclaimed Kwa Hong, his face pale. The girl's attitude was so interesting that her father turned around and looked surprised.

Beng San turned to Kwa Hong and smiled bitterly. "What can be done, but I will work so that he properly cures Lim Kwi."

"Beng San, what is he and do you have a relationship with Kun-lun-pai so you are determined to sacrifice your life to help him?" Lian Bu Tojin asked, this grandfather's eyes looked amazed.

"Totiang, helping others with selfish gain for self-interest is not help in name. Human beings must help each other and what is the meaning of help without sacrifice?" After saying that, he walked away while picking up Lim Kwi's body, he deliberately weighed his steps so that he seemed reluctant to pick up the body.

All eyes followed him, Kwa Hong's eyes wet with tears. Lian Bu Tojin shook her head, took several deep breaths and said full of praise.

"Siancai ..... siancai ..... during my life only this time pinto saw people with good character as him ..... you all look carefully and remember well, he is a person who deserves to be respected, he is deserves to be called a gallant man! " After saying that, this grandfather crouched down and entered his hut.

* * *

The foot of the mountain on the north side is very beautiful scenery. Full of growing trees and green grass, there flows a small river whose water is very clear, full of black rocks of various shapes. In the view from the slope, it is seen how beautiful and fertile the land at the foot of this mountain, cheering Beng San who went down the slope very quickly.

However, when he reached the foot of the mountain, he felt the hair on his neck stand up. The situation is beautiful, but very scary. So lonely. The silence surpassed the silence of the grave. The leaves of the trees swayed in the wind, the flowers filled the twigs, the green grass that had never been trampled on seemed lush and fat, the sound of water crackling was like the sound of a song that never stopped. However, the silence was terrifying. Not a single bird was seen flying, not a single animal was seen running, not even a single cricket sounded. A beautiful place, yet as if it were a dead place, a cursed place where the air of death always threatens the living!

For a moment, horror gripped Beng San's heart. Immediately he was able to control himself and stepped forward calmly and quickly. From above he had seen a wooden hut among the trees near the river and now he was directing his steps towards the hut. The closer he walked to the hut, the more evidence he got that caused the area to be so quiet. Along the way, much of which was already covered by green grass, he saw a multitude of bones scattered, skeletons of large and small stars as if all the inhabitants of the forest had been killed by a terrible catastrophe. Closer to the hut, he began to see human skeletons that were dry, damaged and still new. Beng San pressed his heartbeat and walked straight to the front door of the hut. He saw smoke coming out of the window of the hut and a very strange smell pierced his nose, an unusual smell, called fragrant there was an unpleasant odor, like the smell of cooked medicine.

"Teecu Tan Beng San begged to meet the gentleman Locianpwe of Yok-ong's lineage, Beng San exclaimed without mobilizing his khikang, in a normal voice.

There was a giggle in the hut. "Hi-hi-hik! There are no descendants of Yok-ong (King of Medicine) who are virtuous here. Those who are Demons of Medicine, are not virtuous at all! Hi-hi-hik!"

The voice was creepy to hear in that lonely place.

"Teecu begs for the help of locianpwe Satan Medicine to help the lives of teecu's friends who are injured and poisoned."

The voice of laughter returned as before, fed the hoarse words, "There is no Life-Saving Medicine Devil here, there is a Life-Saving Medicine Devil (Toat-beng Yok-mo)! Hi-hi-hik!"

Annoying Beng San, he also felt restless. It is clear that the person inside is someone who has the nature to play with people's lives as well.

"Then let Teecu please meet Toat-beng Yok-mo to talk."

The closed door of the hut suddenly opened with a creaking sound and a bald-headed hunchbacked grandfather came out carrying a steaming pot. The pot was made of iron and underneath it was red hot, but the grandfather held the pot just like that, even though you can imagine how hot it was. From here alone, it can be known how clever this ugly grandfather is. The big eyes on one side, on the other side were narrow like a meram, looking at Beng San who was still standing in front of the door while leaning on Bun Lim Kwi's unconscious body.

"Hi-hi-hi, desperate young man. You already know I'm the Life-Giving Devil, still desperate to meet. Do you want to give up your heart and the heart of your friend who almost died of the poison to add to this pot?"

He moved the pan until the contents jumped up. Beng Sarnbergidik when he saw the contents of the pot were bluish red pieces of meat. Are they really human hearts?

"Toat-beng Yok-mo locianpwe, I came to ask for your help in treating my sick friend," said Beng San.

"Stupid! Who wants to cure? I want to take your heart and the heart of your friend, want to see who dares to stop the Life -Giver Satan?" The man laughed.

Beng San twisted his brain. It was clear to him that this person, if not an extraordinary person, must be a person with a slanted brain. Looking at his attitude and words, of course this person is very arrogant and relies on his own ingenuity. So he decided to warm his heart.

"Hemmm, I guess I'm the wrong address. You're not Yok-mo as the kang-ouw people are rumored. You're just a murderer, not at all just treating people. Don't pretend to use and falsify Yok-ong's descendants. No. shy.

The wide right eye widened while the left one narrowed, his mouth grinning to show the remaining three teeth on the top and bottom.

"Young man, I'm a descendant of Yok-ong and I'm Toat-beng Yok-mo. How difficult is it to treat this person? He was exposed to centipede poison used by people on the tip of a secret weapon. Of course he was injured in the back. Then ...." directing his gaze to Bun Lim Kwi's face, then added again with the poison of the Red Snake, great, not only did the poison enter his stomach, it also entered the body through the wound. Hih, he'll be dead in three days! "

Until Beng San opened his mouth to listen to these matching words. He began to believe that the man in front of him was really an expert in medicine. At a glance, he was able to reveal the secret of Lim Kwi's illness. But this clever young man deliberately showed a mocking smile.

"Ah, you're just stupid. Everyone can talk as much as they like about people's illnesses. But I still do not believe that you can cure the disease. Moreover, the disease due to poisoning is so great, while people with normal colds I doubt if you can treat until cured ! "

This hunchbacked grandfather slammed his legs, very angry. "Son of a bitch! Don't get sick like this, I can bring the dead back to life!"

"Uhhh, who believes this talk? If you can prove it, can cure this friend of mine, I want to kneel before you and admit that you are really a descendant of Yok-ong who is as clever as a god. But if you are not becus, you are nothing but a peddler. the empty ones are empty.

"Bring him in, bring him in ..... open your eyes and see how in a short time Toat-beng Yok-mo cured him completely!" snapped the grandfather as he crouched down into his hut carrying the pot.

Secretly Beng San smiled happily. His mind has succeeded. Immediately he stepped into the hut without hesitation. The hut was quite spacious and bright because the roof could be opened so that sunlight could shine in. But very dirty, full of bones, dry leaves, roots piled on the table, on the floor and everywhere. In the corner there is a bamboo couch.

"Put it here!" Beng San lowered Lim Kwi's body on the couch and stood a little farther away to give the stranger a chance to examine. However, the grandfather did not do a direct inspection at all, he opened the clothes on the young man in a rude way, that is, tearing the clothes worn by Lim Kwi just like someone tearing thin paper. This grandfather also rudely turned Lim Kwi's body so that the young man's body was bent over. For a moment he examined the wounds on his back, then removed a package from his wide shirt pocket. It turned out to be a package of long needles made of gold and silver. After looking attentively for a moment, the grandfather then stabbed seventeen needles in the neck, both shoulders along the back and between the ribs.

Beng San looked intently and was amazed at the way the grandfather pierced the needle so fast, energetically and accurately about certain blood vessels.

Then the hunchbacked grandfather took three steps backwards, then from there he jumped forward using his index finger to poke the back of Lim Kwi's head, stepped back again, jumped to poke another blood path many times. He moved faster and faster so that in just a few minutes he had seen almost all the blood vessels that were not pierced by the gold and silver needles on the back of Lim Kwi's body. After half an hour of poking around, he gasped from the top of his head steaming steam. With a sigh, he removed the needles, then turned Lim Kwi's body on his back.

Beng San pounded in amazement. Lim Kwi's face was starting to turn red, his breathing was not as weak as before.

After resting for a while, the hunchbacked grandfather used his needles to pierce and stab as before in seventeen places, now in front of Lim Kwi's body. As before, he stared constantly with fast movements.

After finishing and removing all the needles, the grandfather gasped in front of Beng San, then said hoarsely, "Hi-hi-hik, you see? His illness is cured, soon all the toxins in his body will be out!"

Beng San, still not believing, but suddenly heard Lim Kwi sighing and vomiting. What he vomited was only poisonous liquid and his whole body seemed to be blowing hot. Surprisingly, the sweat that came out of his body was a bit blue, that's the poison that came out with his sweat!

Calmly, the grandfather then crammed three green pills into Lim Kwi's mouth, pushing him with his index finger until the three pills continued to enter his stomach. Less than an hour later, Lim Kwi was calm, his face red and his eyes open! He looked surprised, but when he was about to sit up, he turned and narrowed his eyes.

"Brother Bun Lim Kwi, you just fall down first. You have just been healed by the doctor of the god Toat-beng Yok-mo, a descendant of Yok-ong!" exclaimed Beng San excitedly. But his joy vanished for a moment instead of surprise when he saw that his grandfather was holding a sharp and pointed sword while laughing,

"Eh, eh ..... what do you want with that sword?" Beng San asked and felt horrified.

"Hi-hi-hik! My name is Toat-beng Yok-mo. Satan is a Life-Taking Medicine I treat to fight disease, not to cure or. Whoever is cured by my medicine, I have to take his life with my sword. I used to treat, now I take away life, hi-hi-hik, your life and his life. "

"Good grandfather, why is that? Treating the sick gives help and it has become the duty of every human being living in this world to help each other! As for the matter of taking lives, I think this is not a human matter. Only Thian ordered Giam-lo- ong (King of Death) has the right to take human life. You have helped my friend from the danger of death, why want to kill him? "

"Hi-hi-hik, I've never healed anyone and let them live. He's no exception."

"Don't, Locianpwe. Let me be his successor. Don't kill him."

"Hi-hi-hik! Strange, weird ..... but coincidentally. I need people's hearts, and his heart is less clean after being attacked by poison. Your heart is cleaner and better, good! Can be replaced, can be exchanged. He can "Live, you are his successor and you must give it to me. Eh, young man, in all my life I have never wanted to change myself to represent the dead. Do you really want to replace this person to take his heart?" The tip of the sword was already pointing at Beng San's chest.

Beng San calmly said, smiling, "A man's words will not be taken back, Locian-pwe. I have worked hard to help him, so I will not do Half-Half. If you really need a heart, let me represent him. "You must promise to let go and not disturb this man and you may take my heart, if you can."

Last words from Beng San. This was apparently not noticed by the grandfather who was already surprised and also excited. "Okay, okay ..... I promise I won't bother this person. Well, be prepared to give me your fresh heart!"

"Take it yourself if you can!" Beng San replied, all the nerves in his body were tense, ready to fight this grandfather with all his strength and ability.

"Hi-hi-hik, weird, crazy young man ....." His sword swung upwards like a frightened person. Suddenly Bun Lim Kwi jumped off the couch and attacked the crouched grandfather with great blows.

"Old demon! You can't kill my helper!" It turned out that from his movements, this young Kun-lun-pai had recovered completely. The attack was great and the crooked grandfather had to jump back while giggling and laughing.

"Hi-hi-hik, isn't my treatment very effective?"

"Brother Bun, don't attack him. He's your helper, he's already treated you," Beng San said.

"I know, but he's an evil stealth, trying to kill you. I can't just hug!"

"Hi-hi-hik, son of Kun-lun-pai, hi-hi-hik. Let me try to get to where the greatness of training from Pek Gan Sian-su the white-eyed one is!" While saying so this grandfather put down his sword and jumped out. "Come on, come here young man Kun-lun-pai, can you try it, hi-hi-hik!"

Bun Lim Kwi, who had realized and saw how much this grandfather wanted to kill Beng San, immediately intervened to help. Now he jumps out to serve that strange grandfather. Beng San pounded and ran out.

"Evil demon, I am not willing to be represented by this brother. If you want to kill and take my heart, you try. Dying in battle is nothing and you are only brave if you kill someone who can fight you. This brother is not good at martial arts, how do you have a face to kill him just like that? "

"Hi-hi-hik, young man. You were like a baby yesterday afternoon who was still red daring to try me? Hi-hi-hik, you welcome this." Even though his crouch and movements were like a weak old man, but suddenly the grandfather had sent an attack that was unusually fast. Lim Kwi is shocked, but as a student of Kun-lun who has matured his skills, he is quick to dodge and responds with an attack that is no less powerful.

Beng San looked anxiously. He knew that even though Lim Kwi was smart enough, he would not be able to win over the grandfather who turned out to be an Iweekeh expert and a very clever totok expert. He himself felt suspicious and doubted whether he should help Lim Kwi or not. Confused he faced this incident and could not quickly decide how he should act. He did have to help Lim Kwi as had been ordered by the young man's late father, but by fighting this crooked grandfather, wasn't that an unwise act? The grandfather, however, had helped Lim Kwi, without hesitation he wanted to admit that the grandfather had taken Lim Kwi's life from the clutches of death. If now they fight that grandfather, Doesn't that mean a lowly person who doesn't remember people's kindness? But on the other hand, if you think about it again, the grandfather wanted to kill him and Lim Kwi fought to help him, should he now just keep quiet to see Lim Kwi desperate? Really Beng San became very confused and this young man decided to help Lim Kwi when the young man's safety was threatened.

Bun Lim Kwi is really already fully determined to defend Beng San at the stake of his life. Earlier when he regained consciousness, he heard all of Beng San's defenses against him and he could immediately draw the conclusion that after he collapsed in a match with Thio Eng in the forest, he must have been helped by Beng San and taken to this demon doctor's house. He was deeply moved to hear how willing Beng San was to represent him to die at the hands of the demon's grandfather and Lim Kwi was secretly amazed at his teacher's correct view of Beng San. Indeed, the young man is extraordinary. Even though he doesn't have martial arts skills, but his talent is great and his kindness is noble. So now he wants to repay that kindness, if necessary he is willing to sacrifice, die at the hands of his crooked grandfather to help Beng San. Lim Kwi understands that his opponent is tough,

The battle intensified. The grandfather always laughed and seemed to be playing Lim Kwi. With curiosity, this young man then took out the Pek-lek-jiu (Lightning Hand) blows that he inherited from his teacher. His hands were snatching, his bones were cracking and the wind was blowing hot!

"Hi-hi-hik! Is this Pek-Iek-ciang-hoat from Kun-lun-pai?" The grandfather laughed mockingly and slapped Lim Kwi's two hands with open arms. Two pairs of hands meet and cling to each other, can no longer be released. The two men, a young man and a hunchbacked grandfather, are now complaining about Iweekang's energy. For a moment, Lim Kwi felt how his palms were shaking and getting colder and colder. The Pek-lek-ciang-hoat energy he had was getting weaker and almost dispersed. His condition is very dangerous because as an expert, this young man understands that after his energy is depleted, he will be severely injured in his body, a wound that may take his life. Will still he exert all his energy and act desperate.

"Yok-mo, don't kill him .....!" Beng San approached the two men who were fighting fiercely, then patted Lim Kwi on the shoulder twice, saying, "Brother Bun, he is your helper, don't attack him!"

Even though it was only two slow applause, Beng San actually exerted Yang's energy from his body. This tremendous energy channeled through Lim Kwi's shoulders, directly towards both of his arms. The results are great. The two pairs of arms that were attached to each other came loose as if snatched away by an invisible force. Lim Kwi could not defend himself and collapsed on the floor, fainting! Earlier he exerted all Iweekang's energy and after suddenly his energy did not get the target, he ran out of energy and fainted. As for the hunchbacked grandfather, he was pushed back, staggering.

"Ayaaa .....!" exclaimed the grandfather in astonishment and astonishment. At that moment there was a loud squeaking sound and suddenly a white shadow flashed towards Toat-beng Yok-mo! The shadow turned out to be the shadow of a teenage girl dressed in all white who used a shiny sword to directly attack her crooked grandfather.

Toat-beng Yok-mo let out a loud growl and only by rolling his body on the ground was he able to save himself from the girl's unusually great attack. The girl continued her attack which made Beng San stand staring because the movements were Yang-sin Kiam-sut played so brilliantly and close to perfection!

As for Toat-beng Yok-mo, who had not lost his surprise due to the extraordinary power attack, is now even more surprised to see this girl's sword science. He did have an enemy that he hated so much from the beginning, namely Song-bun-kwi and now that he saw the girl attacking him, he knew that if Song-bun-kwi appeared he could be wretched. Screaming loudly like a wild animal, the grandfather jumped away and left very quickly.

The girl stood up straight, not chasing, put her sword back and turned her body to look at Beng San. Also this young man stood staring at the girl in the white dress. Both seemed fascinated. Earlier, Beng San did not know this girl because of her all -white clothes. Now that they were face to face, he clearly saw that pair of eyes, a pair of eyes that he would never forget for as long as he lived. That nose, that mouth ... Bi Goat, the dumb boy!

"Bi Goat ..... ??" Beng San half ran closer.

The girl who was still a little hesitant after hearing this voice then ran to Beng San. Now that they were facing each other, Beng San who felt overwhelmed and happy held the girl's shoulders.

"Bi Goat ..... it's true you're Bi Goat" he said with a hunting breath.

The girl smiled, seeing her teeth lined up neatly and gleaming, but those two beautiful eyes were watering with tears. Then Bi Goat crashed and hugged Beng San's neck while crying on the young man's chest!

"Bi Goat ...... ah, we didn't meet here ..... why are you so sad? Why? And you ..... are you mourning? Bi Goat, what happened ..... ? " Beng San asked in a trembling voice. This is the person who has been a dream flower, who has never left his memory, a person who since childhood has been willing to sacrifice for him. Seeing this girl sobbing so that the clothes on her chest were wet by the girl's tears, Beng San was very moved and could not hold back the two tears.

"Bi Goat ...... good boy, darling ..... don't cry ....." Beng San was more moved when he remembered that this girl could not speak, so he then stroked the long black hair . Beng San's heart is ruthless. He suspected that something great must have happened and that the girl was wearing mourning clothes. As I recall, Bi Goat paiing likes to wear red clothes, why now dress all white? Is her father, Song-bun-kwi dead? Remembering this, he became more sad and moved and hugged the girl lovingly.

Bi Goat stopped crying, then took a white handkerchief from his inner shirt pocket and gave the white silk handkerchief to Beng San. On a white silk handkerchief there was a writing, the letters were beautifully embroidered on black thread and read:

You drifted ... the

river took you far away, either

dead or alive.

I mourn for you .....

until we meet again, either

in this world or in the hereafter.

Reading this article, Beng San was more moved. He hugged Bi Goat, he hugged the head to his chest, whispered his mouth to his ear, "Bi Goat, what a pity your heart is ..... how holy your love is ....." For a long time these two young people were silent, the residence was full of happiness , enjoying the turbulent happiness in each other’s hearts. Beng San seemed to forget about Bun Lim Kwi who was still unconscious on the ground.

Suddenly Bi Goat broke free from the hug, holding both of Beng San's hands, laughing with his eyes still wet with tears, he looked at Beng San from top to bottom, many times as if still not believing that he had actually met Beng San! This childish attitude further touched Beng San's heart, reminding him that this girl could not speak. However, it also dispelled the tension of the feeling of emotion earlier, making him remember his condition. Then Bi Goat, laughing, signaled to Beng San to stay there and he himself immediately ran into Toat-beng Yok-mo's hut. I don't know what was done inside, but when he came out of the camp, it turned out that he had changed his clothes! The small lump that had stuck to her back turned out to be a beautiful red flowered dress that she was now wearing as a statement that her mourning was over! The two men again held hands and looked at each other.

"You're beautiful, Bi Goat ..... you're great ....", only so Beng San could say softly. Bi Goat could not speak, but the fingers of their hands that squeezed each other were enough to represent the words, expressing feelings of the heart that can only be understood and felt by both of them.

"Bi Goat, how can you come here and why are you hostile to Toat-beng Yok-mo?" Beng San asked.

Hearing this, Bi Goat was as surprised as if she had just remembered something important. He pulled his hand away and scratched with his index finger on the ground. Apparently he wrote a few letters in place of his words.

"We live on the slopes of Min-san. I have to chase after Yok-mo. We will definitely meet again. Goodbye!" That was the sound of the writing and before Beng San could speak, the girl hugged his neck once, laughed and ran away from there. For a moment, the eyes were no longer visible.

"Bi Goat .....!" Beng San was about to chase but suddenly he heard people complaining. When he looked, it turned out that Bun Lim Kwi had regained consciousness and stood up.

"In-kong (Mr. Assistant), thank goodness that Thian is still protecting us ..." said Bun Lim Kwi while standing respectfully. "There was a brave man who helped me, where is he now and who is he?"

Seeing the young man's respectful attitude, Beng San nervously replied and said, "Brother Bun, I really hope you don't call me your helper. It's only right that people living in this world help each other, then what does it mean for us to need help? Let's talk about help, there's no end. Let's say I help you, then Yok-mo helps you too, then you also help me from an-caman Yok-mo, who was once the female warrior student Song-bun-kwi helped us. Beng San ..... eh, Tan Beng San. "

Bun Lim Kwi looked surprised. "Song-bun-kwi's student .....? It's really weird, how does his student want to help me ...." '

Beng San didn't like to talk much about Bi Goat, so he immediately turned the conversation around, "Brother Bun, I found you lying in the woods with a severe injury to your back. Who hurt you?

Bun Lim Kwi sighed, looking very sad. "I myself don't know, but obviously it's not him ....."

"Who is he?"

Returning, the young Kun-lun-pai took a deep breath. "Dear brother Beng San, I really thank you and I will not keep a secret from you. After me and the temperature left Hoa-san, the temperature continued to return to Kun-lun and I ..... hemmm, Frankly, I want to find my ex, Kwee Sin. Suddenly, a lady in a green shirt appeared and attacked me at the top of Hoa-san. She accused my late father and uncle of killing his father and insisted on retaliating against me. Ahhh ..... "Lim Kwi sighed, looking very sad. "I don't want to be hostile to him, I've given up ..... he kept pushing, I ran, he chased. I had to defend myself. After that someone attacked me from behind in the dark, someone because I collapsed do not remember anymore. Know -I know you're already here.

Beng San frowned and his heart was secretly relieved that it was now not Thio Eng who carried out the dark attack using a secret weapon containing such a vile poison. He loved Thio Eng, he felt sorry for the lady, because he was happy to hear that it was not the girl who committed the deceitful and vicious attack.

"Of course there are third people who cheat," he said. "Brother Bun, I saw you lying in the forest. I took you back to Hoa-san and Lian Bu Tojin has been trying hard to help you, using the snakes given by Giam Kin. Alas, the snakes are not Ngo-tok- coa that contains poisonous drugs, on the contrary, after being treated with the snakes, you get worse. It turns out that the evil Giam Kin has deceived Hoa-san-pai. "

Bun Lim Kwi was also surprised to hear this. "Ah, it's a very accurate view of the temperature ..... actually Hoa-san-pai is a place for good people. I who am considered an enemy are still trying to help ..... hemmm, this fact strengthens my heart's desire to find Kwee Sin until he can. He is responsible for explaining all these complications, including my affair with Miss Thio Eng .... "

"But I'm the one who promised to look for Kwee Sin ...."

"No, brother Beng San. You have done too much good for Kun-lun-pai and we are very grateful. But to find Kwee Sin is my responsibility because he is a former student of Kun-lun-pai as well. I am just asking for guidance. -Your instructions. "

Beng San was stunned. He didn't know that Lim Kwi remembered his temperature message to listen to Beng San's advice. He himself considered Beng San to be only a young writer with a noble heart and who had already given him help with the stakes of his life. Of course, Beng San wondered why a brave young man Lim Kwi was not shy to ask for his guidance.

"Brother Bun, I am a weak and stupid person. What can I give you a clue? I just hope you are careful. The dark attack on you has proven that you are being targeted by dark enemies. Kwee Sin has reportedly sided with the colonial government that is about to be overthrown. by the fighters, then looking for him is the same as entering a tiger cave and a dragon hole. Especially if it is known that you are the son of Kun-lun-pai's student who is about to capture Kwee Sin, of course you are in danger. "

Bun Lim Kwi nodded and paid his respects. "I will always remember your advice. Hopefully, Thian will give me a chance to repay all your kindness, brother Beng San. Allow me to continue my journey now."

Beng San became more and more fond of this very polite and humble young Kun-lun-pai. Secretly he justified himself wanting to fulfill the last message from this young man’s father. They parted and Beng San didn't hold him any longer because this young man was still always nervous thinking about the departure of Bi Goat who was chasing Toat-beng Yok-mo. He himself faced many important matters. In addition to having to find Kwee Sin, he is also obliged to recapture Liong-cu Siang-kiam and there are still people he suspects are his sister and who are now apparently Mongol accomplices as well. Moreover, now that Bi Goat appears who is chasing a dangerous person like Toat-beng Yok-mo, he must help and protect the dumb girl.

Quickly Beng San ran after Bi Goat. But for hours he did not see the shadow of the girl or the shadow of Toat-beng Yok-mo. Of course the two chasing people had taken another path. Beng San is disappointed. His longing for Bi Goat was still thickening, the meeting that was only for a moment was not enough for him. I have to go there he thought. Must go to Min-san. He remembered Song-bun-kwi and became hesitant. Isn't the magician always his enemy? Even mean to kill him if he can't seize Im-sin Kiam-sut? However, he is not what he used to be. He is not afraid, if necessary he will fight Song-bun-kwi, as long as he can meet Bi Goat!

"Ah, I still have a lot of work to do. Why do I always remember him? After all the tasks are done, I will look for Bi Goat," After criticizing himself, Beng San stopped trying to find and chase Bi Goat. The matter of recapturing Liong-cu Siang-Kiam is not a matter that is too urgent, there is no need for him to hurry. But the matter of finding Kwee Sin is the most urgent, then the matter of kakakfiya, Tan Beng Kui. And he understood that to find these two he must dare to enter the king's city.

Kwee Sin reportedly worked together to help Ngo-lian-kauw, who was a Mongol accomplice, while the person he thought was his brother came to Hoa-san-pai with Mongol Prince Souw Kian Bi. After setting his heart, Beng San then began to investigate to find Kwee Sin.

* * *

The people's struggle in the form of uprisings here and there against the colonial government is becoming more and more widespread. The Goan government established by the Mongols began to falter. Throughout the interior there were always guerrilla wars waged by peasants under the leadership of brave men. These revolts were like a fire that grew bigger and bigger, spreading closer and closer to the king's city. Because of this, the Goan royal family was very worried and could not sleep well. The guards around the king's city area were tightened, and spies were spread throughout the city and village. People with high intelligence who could be drawn on the side of the Mongol government by fishing for wealth and high position,

It was quiet that night in a hamlet on the southern outskirts of the king's city. It's not really late at night, it's not yet nine o'clock. But the situation was very quiet and tension as usual enveloped all the places near the king's city. This is not surprising because since the rebellions, great things have always happened around the city of the king. It was as if there was a confrontation between the security officers and the fighters who were both secretly doing their respective duties. A kind of secret war between government spies against fighter spies. The secret warriors were very brave and I don't know how many Mongol dignitaries and officers who knew they had been found dead in their respective rooms.

Two human shadows flickered very quickly in the darkness of the night. With a high ginkang these two men jumped towards an old and shabby house, but big enough. Suppose this house is an inn as well as a simple rice stall, as a place to stay for merchants and tourists who want to enter the king's city. The two shadows entered the house in a strange way, namely through the back by jumping the fence. Outside a window they stopped and knocked on the window slowly three times. From inside there was an answer to a double knock and then the window opened. The two people once jumped and drifted in.

The room was quite spacious. In it sat three people, a forty-year-old man dressed as a soldier, a thin, pale-clad beggar man about fifty years old, and one was a hunchbacked, white-haired old woman.

As for the two newcomers, it turned out that they were two grandfathers dressed like farmers with wide farmer's hats. The great thing was the ba'ang brought by the two men. It turned out now under the light of the lamp that these two peasant grandfathers were each plucking the hair of a human head! Once inside, the two laughed and threw two people's heads on the table.

The three people immediately got up and looked at the two heads attentively. They knew the two heads as the heads of two Mongol government officers who were in power in a nearby town. as soon as the grandmother got up and grabbed the two heads, put them in the basket and said, "I'll get rid of this dog's head first." Having said that he slipped back and disappeared.

The soldier and the beggar approached the two newly arrived farmers. "Surely these ji-wi (two brothers) are Phang's two brothers from Hun-lam, aren't they?" asked the beggar.

The two grandfathers of the farmer nodded and the eldest replied, "True, siauwte is Phang Khai and this is my brother Phang Tui. In a hurry, we can't choose a more valuable identification, please forgive me."

The grandmother who had gone back with two heads, now she has come back, she grumbled, "The chief officer or the chief of staff is the same, can reduce the number of enemies quite well. Unfortunately, ji-wi is too reckless. Ji-wi is a famous figure in Hun Lam, why don't you come here in disguise? "

Phang Khai smiled at the grandmother, then periodically, "I have long heard that Si-enghiong's confidant (the fourth swordsman) is a brave and cunning young woman. You disguised as a grandmother, very nice, but how can a grandmother have a pair of eyes like this? "

The grandmother looked shocked. "Ah, Phang-lohiap is really sharp-eyed. Is my disguise imperfect?" The grandmother's voice, which had been hoarse and trembling like an old man's voice, now turned loud and like a young woman's voice.

Phang Khai laughed. "Ah, no, not at all, Miss. I just want to say that disguise is even more dangerous and suspicious because it is inappropriate. Forms and sounds can be disguised, but what about the color and radiance of the eyes? Never mind, suppose dogs The Mongols knew of our arrival, what were we afraid of? At least if we could not eradicate them, we would lose our lives! Haven't we given up our precious lives to our homeland and nation a long time ago? Ha-ha-ha! "

The soldier who had been silent now rebuked, "I can't accept Phang-twako's words. Indeed, for a fighter, death no longer means the origin of the struggle. But Phang-twako must remember that our task in this struggle is somewhat different from the task. fighters fighting against the enemy.If we were on duty in that field, of course I the fool would not hesitate to risk my life.But in our present position we are on duty as spies, gathering evidence and in this case, serving Si -enghiong, of course we have to do everything in secret so that our movement is not exposed. One person caught can endanger all members of the movement. Isn't it a disaster like this? '

Phang Khai and Phang Tui looked sharply at the "Mongol army", then Phang Tui nodded. "That's right," he said in amazement.

Phang Khai suddenly said, "Brother, forgive me!" And knowing he had sent an attack, three blows in a row struck his neck, chest and abdomen. people dressed as Mongol soldiers. The man was also surprised because he knew how clever this old farmer was, but as fast as lightning his hands were rotated in a circle to fend off, he could even grab Phang Khai's right wrist while shouting, "Phang-twako please don't play around!"

Phang Khai withdrew his hand while laughing out loud. "Aha, I wish Bouw-enghiong disguised as a soldier. Ouch, your disguise is really great, of course it can outwit the enemy!"

The man laughed. Indeed he has a tan Bouw Hin Bi-nam jago nicknamed Kang-jiu (Steel Hand). If Phang Khai had attacked him to fish his knowledge Kang-jiauw-ciang (Steel Claw Hand) had just been released, immediately Phang Khai could know who the real comrade-in-arms disguised as the enemy's army was.

"Good, Phang-twako is really smart", said Bouw Hin with a laugh. "But Phang-twako certainly doesn't know him yet." He pointed to the beggar earlier. ”Let me introduce him to ji-wi Phang-twako. This is she Lim. "

"Aha, isn't Lim Seng nicknamed Kim-mouw-sai (Golden Feathered Lion) and Kwi-bun?" said Phang Tui

The beggar stood up and leaned forward. Ji-wi Phang-enghiong is really sharp-eyed. "

The lady disguised as a grandmother said, "I'm sorry, I can't introduce myself. I don't know what important matter ji-wi wants to convey to Si-enghiong?"

"Hemmm, this matter is very important. We have to meet Si-enghiong in person," said Phang Khai.

The "Grandma" frowned, then shook her head. "Did Phang-lopek never hear from his friends that it is very unlikely that people will meet Si-enghiong? Si-enghiong, like Sam-enghiong (the third warrior) are secret figures who are not allowed to meet their comrades in this king's city, because it is very dangerous.Once the enemy reveals the personal secrets of Sam-enghiong and Si-enghiong, all our efforts that are fighting underground in this king's city will be ruined.All interests please Lopek let me know because I am the only person who can contact Si-enghiong. "

Phang Khai sighed. "I've heard of it, but this is a very important matter." He looked hesitant.

Seeing this doubt, Kang-jiu Bouw, Hin who was dressed as a Mongol soldier, said, his tone was firm, "No one should expect to meet Si-enghiong, in fact I have never met him, let alone seen him or know who he is. If there is a matter concerning the importance of the struggle, ji-wi Twako will quickly inform Mrs. Liong. If you insist on meeting Si-enghiong, it is better that you take the news away again. " Although her words were harsh, but also funny, the real grandmother was the disguise of a young lady called "mistress Liong".

Phang Khai becomes! Her face is red. "I'm sorry I was hesitant. In fact, I have a lot to say. First of all, about the meeting between Hoa-san-pai and Kun-lun-pai at the top of Hoa-san. We both attended the meeting and ..... "

Mrs. Liong smiled, strange to smile because a grandmother her age had white teeth lined up neatly. "Phang" lopek doesn't need to tell this. Know that Si-enghiong himself was also present at the meeting. "

The two Phang brothers were stunned and looked at each other. They were two peasants who at the meeting had a place as guests of honor, but did not see anyone worthy of being Si-enghiong, the fourth leader of the spy force in the king's city. Maybe he was hiding among a group of unimportant guests so hard to recognize, they thought.

"Ah, then we don't need to raise it again," said Phang Khai. "Now it's a matter of two. I want to tell you about the position of our comrades-in-arms. Our brothers Su Souw Hwee and Tan Yu Liang have now made progress in expanding the insurgency movement along the Huang-ho River. Thio Si Cen has crossed the Hui River and Tan Hok's brother's army had approached the king's city from its movement along the Yang-ce River. However, I got word that the Pek-lian-pai movement west of the king's city had received a severe blow from the enemy's army and needed immediate help. "

Mrs. Liong nodded. "We already know most of your news. The Pek-lian-pai movement to the west of the king's city was deliberately used as bait for the enemy to mobilize to the other side. When the time comes, our troops from the south and east will attack."

Phang Khai was amazed. "Ah, I never thought that you could work so perfectly. It's really exciting. Finally, please tell Si-enghiong that the arrival of the two of us in addition to delivering the news and accepting new assignments, also that we decided to find out the residence of Kwee Sin, the deviant disciple of Kun-lun-pai. Please let us know where we can find it. We believe that Sam wi (the three brothers) will certainly be able to give a clue. "

The mistress smiled and looked sharply. "Of course we know where the Kun-lun-pai student who is now a government aide and works with the Ngo-lian-kauw people is. However, at a time like today, where the energy of all the people is needed for the struggle expel the invaders, how can Ji-wi still have a chance to interfere in all personal affairs? '

"Confused ...... confused opinion like that!" Phang Tui who had earlier let his sister speak on behalf of the two of them, now spoke earnestly. "Hoa-san-pai and Kun-lun-pai kept fighting until there was no time to help us. It's all because Kwee Sin is alone. We both think that if we can catch Kwee Sin, die or live and bring him to Hoa-san, of course both Hoa-san and Kun-lun will end their enmity and when the two groups have reconciled and like to help us, isn't this job also a very useful job for the struggle? "

Mrs. Liong nodded while two of her friends also stated the truth of Phang Tui's words. So ji-wi insists on catching Kwee Sin first? "

When the two farmer's grandfathers nodded, Mrs. Liong then said, "All right then. Kwee Sin's residence is in the building to the five west of the Naga bridge intersection, the house on which there are dragon carvings. Please ji-wi be careful because always he was with the highly intelligent Ngo-lian-kauw leader.Ji-wi first worked on ji-wi's heart, after that we met again, three days later at a time like this and located here as well and that's when will present new tasks for ji-wi. Well, goodbye. "

They parted and quietly left the house. Only mistress Liong and Kang-jiu Bouw Hin, dressed as soldiers, came out normally, from the front door without anyone being suspicious. As the two Phang brothers jumped into the dark out of the wall surrounding the house, they saw bams flashing near them. They were shocked, but the shadow whispered, "Good to see you again, ji-wi Phang-twako." Apparently the shadow was the beggar, Kim-mouw-sai Lim Seng who quickly jumped to the left and disappeared in the dark. The two Phang brothers were amazed because the ginkang from She Lim's people turned out to be great as well.

* * *

The five secret people who gathered and held a secret meeting that night had no idea that their movements had been stalked by Beng San ever since. This young man, in an effort to find Kwee Sin, has also arrived in the king's city and happened to spend the night at the modest inn. Last night by chance he who was in his room heard the rustle of the wind that could only be heard by someone who had Iweekang as tall as him. He was shocked to know that someone was using ginkang magic to move outside the house, so he hurried out of his room quietly and saw two flashing shadows, the shadows of Phang's two brothers. Thus, he secretly watched and listened to all the conversations that the five men had. His heart was amazed when he received the fact that the five people were fighters, brave people like Tan Hok who were willing to sacrifice their lives for the nation's struggle to drive out the invaders. However, his heart was even happier because he accidentally got a clue where he could find Kwee Sin.

The next night Beng San was following the journey of the two Phang brothers who were heading to the Kwee Sin building house as had been pointed out by Mrs. Liong last night. He knew these two as honored guests at Hoa-san-pai, so he secretly did not want to disturb them.

"Anyway, taking Kwee Sin to Hoa-san-pai is my job," he thought. "I made a promise and I have to keep that promise."

With their tall ginkang, the two Phang brothers were able to enter the courtyard of the building easily. They jumped over the fence and were happy because it turned out that the building had no one to guard it. Another time they were peeking into a room where sat a handsome and dashing man, over thirty years of age, whose handsome face was haunted and majestic, was writing something on the table. Not far from there sat a beautiful woman in luxurious clothes, looking at the man with a smile and speeding his body with a fan. The man is none other than Pek-jiu Kwee Sin, the youngest of Kun-lun Sam-hengte, Kun-lun-pai's young master who has caused a riot between Hoa-san and Kun-lun.