The King Of Sword Volume 19

volume 19

"He was already impatient to see his teacher want to negotiate peacefully. Now with the fire and oil lit by Giam Kin and Souw Kian Bi through their venomous mouths, this Hoa-san-pai master lady leaps forward while pulling out her sword.

"Damn Souw Kian Bi! Who's scared? Hoa-san-pai is never scared, let alone a human like you!" , This lady really also hates Souw Kian Bi who once insulted her before.

Souw Kian Bi smiled while the other guests throbbed tense and happy. This Mongol prince shrugged his shoulders. "Sweet lady, we are all now dealing with the issue between Hoa-san-pai and Kun-lun-pai, why did you choose me to be challenged? If you are not brave against Kun-lun-pai, don't look for another enemy. Ha-ha-ha ! "

"Rotten devil, who's scared? Can the people of Kun-lun-pai move forward, I Kiam-eng-cu Liem Sian Hwa won't step back!" A pair of her swords were ready in both hands and her beautiful face turned red, her eyes fiery.

Beng San glared at Giam Kin and Souw Kian Bi. His heart longed to punish the two men, but he calmed his heart, then spoke again loudly

"Ji-wi Locianpwe, please enjoy listening to my words to the end!"

Pek Gan Siansu and Lian Bu Tojin were indeed very impressed by Beng San's speech earlier, so they immediately signaled with their hands, preventing the people from storming themselves. Lian Bu Tojin even scolded Sian Hwa, "Sian Hwa you sit back, don't be bold ahead of the door!"

The situation calmed down again and Beng San continued his words in a loud voice.

"Ji-wi Locianpwe as the ciangbunjin-ciangbunjin (chairman) of the big party, should act appropriately and in accordance with the noble words. Matters between the two Ji-wi parties should be handled using suffocation, that is, peacefully and investigate the real situation. As long as it is found who is "wrong", then the wrong one admits his mistake, won't everything be fine? Murder cannot be solved with another murder, because it will become more and more protracted, resentment and resentment will pile up endlessly. "

Again the two grandfathers nodded and all the guests now began to pay attention to Beng San. Who is this young man? Strange and brave even though he doesn't seem to have any martial arts skills at all.

"Earlier there were some brothers who alluded to the fact that the source of this problem was Kwee Sin, the youngest person from Kun-lun Sam-hengte. This opinion is wrong! Pek-lek-jiu Kwee Sin does have weaknesses and faults, but it is not he committed the murder of Liem-taihiap's father! "

The atmosphere became crowded again, but with the hand gestures of the two party leaders, the atmosphere was calmed down.

the valiant have nothing left to plant their share in the struggle, to donate a drop of sweat, a drop of blood, if necessary even a piece of his life for the homeland. Time in a time like this, Ji-wi Locianpwe want to bring their students to fight and be hostile to each other? Where is the soul of the knight Ji-wi Locianpwe? Where is the patriotic soul if Ji-wi (you) who claim to be the warriors of the nation do not try to defend the homeland but instead fight and kill each other? Of course, Ji-wi even worked together to develop and drive out the enemy, eh, who are we, Ji-wi even worked together unknowingly to destroy and unknowingly even helped the people's enemies by obeying their wishes. to donate a drop of sweat, a drop of blood, if necessary even a piece of his life for the homeland. Time in a time like this, Ji-wi Locianpwe want to bring their students to fight each other and be hostile to each other? Where is the soul of the knight Ji-wi Locianpwe? Where is the patriotic soul if Ji-wi (you) who claim to be the warriors of the nation do not try to defend the homeland but instead fight and kill each other? Of course, Ji-wi even worked together to develop and drive out the enemy, eh, who are we, Ji-wi even worked together unknowingly to destroy and unknowingly even helped the people's enemies by obeying their wishes. to donate a drop of sweat, a drop of blood, if necessary even a piece of his life for the homeland. Time in a time like this, Ji-wi Locianpwe want to bring their students to fight each other and be hostile to each other? Where is the soul of the knight Ji-wi Locianpwe? Where is the patriotic soul if Ji-wi (you) who claim to be the warriors of the nation do not try to defend the homeland but instead fight and kill each other? Of course, Ji-wi even worked together to develop and drive out the enemy, eh, who are we, Ji-wi even worked together unknowingly to destroy and unknowingly even helped the people's enemies by obeying their wishes. Ji-wi Locianpwe wants to bring their students to fight and be hostile to each other? Where is the soul of the knight Ji-wi Locianpwe? Where is the patriotic soul if Ji-wi (you) who claim to be the warriors of the nation do not try to defend the homeland but instead fight and kill each other? Of course, Ji-wi even worked together to develop and drive out the enemy, eh, who are we, Ji-wi even worked together unknowingly to destroy and unknowingly even helped the people's enemies by obeying their wishes. Ji-wi Locianpwe wants to bring their students to fight and be hostile to each other? Where is the soul of the knight Ji-wi Locianpwe? Where is the patriotic soul if Ji-wi (you) who claim to be the warriors of the nation do not try to defend the homeland but instead fight and kill each other? Of course, Ji-wi even worked together to develop and drive out the enemy, eh, who are we, Ji-wi even worked together unknowingly to destroy and unknowingly even helped the people's enemies by obeying their wishes.

Yes, it is their will that we hit each other and therefore we become weak so that it will be easy for them to control us! "

Now there are many more guests. Giam Kin, Souw Kian Bi and his friend who had been looking at Beng San, stood up, their faces were red and pale. These are very dangerous words, the words of a rebel against the Mongol government!

"Know, Ji-wi Locianpwe," Beng San continued, regardless of the attitude of the guests. "Ji-wi has to be played by the Ngo-lian-kauw! Ngo-lian-kauw who arranged all this, who disguised as Pek-lian-pai and who pushed Kwee Sin into the mud abyss. Ngo-lian-kauw who did all the murders in disguise, so in this case, neither Hoa-san-pai nor Kun-lun-pai is wrong. Ji-wi should be hostile to Ngo-lian-kauw! "

The faces of the two grandfathers changed. "But ...., but why doesn't Kwee Sin want to admit wrong and instead go with the Ngo-lian-kauw people? Why did he do all that? Beng San, if you try to clean up Kwee Sin, you are less successful, "said Lian Bu Tojin shaking her head with suspicion."

"Toyu, it's true that my former student Kwee Sin went astray, but now I don't consider him my student anymore. If you like to reach out" to Kun-lun-pai and invite us with you to attack Ngo-lian-kauw, believe me, I myself will not hesitate -doubt to crush the head of a rebellious man named Kwee Sin! said Pek Gan Siansu nervously.

"Good then." Lian Bu Tojin exclaimed happily. "Pek Gan Siansu, listen to your abilities, pinto declare that from now on Hoa-san-pai does not consider Kun-lun-pai as an opponent, even as a friend to jointly eradicate the evil Ngo-lian-kauw and capture Kwee Sin!"

Those who agreed to make peace between the two parties cheered, but those who wanted a split became angry and disappointed.

"This boy is really good!" Souw Kian Bi snapped angrily. "Ji-wi ciangbunjin (two chiefs) of Hoa-san-pai and Kun-lun-pai who are old why is it so easy to be deceived and lied to by a child like this? Ji-wi must remember that this child is nothing, why Believe it or not? It's good for him if it turns out that his words are all lies, won't ji-wi be laughed at by the whole sky? Two big and famous leaders were sniffed by an unnamed boy. Especially hearing this boy's words I should have arrested him or killed him. I should have suspected him of being a rebel! Ji-wi Lo-cianpwe, I don't want to act like that here out of respect for him as Hoa-san-ciangbunjin's guest. He must be able to prove it by bringing Kwee Sin here so that all his words can be matched with Kwee Sin's confession. Isn't this a fair name? "

In these words is contained a great threat. Indeed, everyone knew that Souw Kian Bi was a Mongol, so he had the right to brand anyone a rebel. The two grandfathers looked at each other, Pek Gan Siansu asked, "Young man, you were talking about the brave man who left letters and orders, who is he?"

Beng San, who already felt overwhelmed, could not back down, answered honestly, he is she Ciu. "

Hearing this, the two grandfathers turned pale and they quickly bowed in respect. Instead, Souw Kian Bi swore and shouted, "Watch out for anyone who feels guilty, I Souw Kian Bi have heard and seen everything. Come on, brother Tan, let's go!"

Beng San boldly looked at them, especially at the person she Tan who he believed was his older sister, Tan Beng Kui. However, this she Tan person looked at him with glaring eyes, then spat in an insulting manner, rolled up his sleeves and went to follow Souw Kian Bi. Guests who did not agree with Beng San's words and who had even helped the Mongol government against the rebels, looked on with a threatening attitude, some even imitating Souw Kian Bi's actions to leave the place without saying goodbye.

Pek Gan Siansu took a deep breath. "This young brother is apparently more brave and courageous than us parents ..... ah, Lian Bu toyu, I really feel sorry that my arrival is only a distraction from your birthday celebration. About my marriage proposal earlier, let me put it off for a while, Later, if you agree, you can let me know. About Kwee Sin, I, the parents, would be grateful if this young man was able to prove everything he said and bring Kwee Sin as the main witness. Lim Kwi, let's go! "

Mrs. Lim Kwi, the brave young man, nodded. But just as the teacher and student took five steps, a green shadow suddenly hovered followed by a loud bang.

"People she bun! Debt of life pays life!"

Great was the movement of Bu Lim Kwi and Beng San looked in awe. It seems that this young man doesn't care about the green shadow that grabs towards him, but knows "traanggg .....!" Glowing sparks dazzled the eyes as the sword in the hand of the lady in the green dress bounced off her repulsion, using the sword that had hung at her waist. He did this repulsion with his right hand while his left hand still held Kun-lun-pai's heirloom sword! The sword clash did not stop there because the woman in the green dress, Thio Eng, had continued her attacks five times in a great and powerful manner. The sound of swords met up to five times and the last meeting was so strong that both Thio Eng and Bun Lim Kwi staggered backwards! All this is going very fast,

Seeing that these two young men had staggered backwards, Beng San got the opportunity to act without showing his ingenuity. He ran and stood in the middle between them.

"Eng-moi (Eng's younger brother) ..... hold the sword."

"Tan-ko (Tan's sister), you stay away and don't interfere, this is a matter of heartache that has been hidden for years!" Thio Eng's face was still fierce, his lips were bitten and his eyes were shining with a fire of anger.

"No, Eng-moi. Are you trying to ruin all your efforts? Eng-moi, remember, you're a guest here, it's not appropriate for you to do whatever you like without looking at the host's face."

Thio Eng was struck by these words. Since he was a child, he was educated by magicians, of course he knew the rules of kang-ouw and what Beng San said was very true. Earlier, when he heard that the young student of Kun-lun-pai was named Bun Lim Kwi, the son of the late Bun Si Teng, he could no longer contain his anger. His father, Thio San, was killed by Bun's two brothers and this is their lineage, this is his great enemy. He was so angry that he forgot that he and the young man, his great enemy, were Hoa-san-pai's guests, so he shouldn't have attacked him there. But Thio Eng was too angry, also curious because five times his great attack could be repulsed by his opponent. His anger had peaked so much that he didn't pay much attention to Beng Sen's warning.

"I'm sorry, Tan-ko. This time I'm not listening to anyone but my own voice. Hey, she's Bun. If you're not a coward, let's fight until one of us dies here!" his challenge urged back.

Bun Lim Kwi replied sadly, "Miss, I don't know you ..... how can you be my enemy .....?" The young man's voice was calm and very patient, and a pair of eyes looked at Thio Eng's face full of regret, full of grief so that for a second Thio Eng's heart was pounding.

"Your father killed my father '" Thio Eng attacked again

"Brother Eng, don't fight here. You're a guest ...!" Beng San tried to persuade.

"But Thio Eng, who is very angry, has already sent a lightning punch to Bun Lim Kwi's chest.

Suddenly Beng San's eyes glazed over when a figure of red shadow snatched from outside. The movement of this angry shadow was incredibly fast, just like an eagle. As the red shadow hovered, it released a pair of weapons that sparkled like fire, once a pair of swords were moved, they repulsed Thio Eng's sword that was stabbed towards Lim Kwi's chest and Lim Kwi's sword that was about to repel.

"Trang ..... tranggg .....!" Thio Eng and Lim Kwi exclaimed in surprise as they jumped back. It turned out that the sword in their hands had been broken by the strange repulsion of this red shadow. Meanwhile, with a quick movement almost impossible to follow with the naked eye, the red shadow had already stored his pair of swords back into the large sword sheath on his back. A pair of eyes shining sharply a tiny mouth with fresh red lips, a beautiful face like an angel but also very arrogant and containing horrible hardness of heart, a beautiful girl the same age as Kwa Hong, dressed all in beautiful red of long red silk waving, her shoes also red growing kemala stone with both ends of the shoe fitted with steel. tapered. A lady in an incredibly beautiful red dress,

"That's right. Guests can't underestimate the host and do as they please!" Her voice is melodious and delicate, but it contains high arrogance like the voice of a princess against her servants! Then this red-robed virgin jumped lightly, knowingly already in front of Lian Bu Tojin, yelled and said.

"My father was busy not being able to visit Hoa-san. Therefore, I, representing the Cia family from the south, deliberately visited to congratulate Hoa-san-pai. In addition, he also told me to tell all the brave people who gathered today. in Hoa-san-pai, that as the last holder of the title of King of Swords, father set the day of the King of Sword title race one year later counted starting this month, in the middle of the full moon, at the top of Thai-san. Lian Bu totiang! " The voice of this beautiful girl besides being arrogant, was also very loud and clear, making all the guests stare in amazement.

"Ayaaa, perhaps the son of Bu-tek Kiam-ong (King of the Irresistible Sword) Cia Hui Gan? Bagiis, pinto has wanted to get acquainted with his sword science for a long time!" these words were followed by the leap of two bald-headed grandfathers. These are two hwesio people who are sitting in the living room of honor and who have been sitting quietly ever since. As told at the front, in the living room of this honor in addition to sitting the leaders of the big party, also sat these two hwesio, two peasant grandfathers and three tosu. The seven grandfathers had been sitting quietly and watching while listening, but as soon as the lady in the red shirt appeared, they seemed to pay close attention. Now the two hwesio jumped and knew they were standing in front of the lady while moving their respective long and heavy steel sticks.

The lady moved her small black eyebrows, her eyes darted and she smiled. A very sweet smile but his eyes were as sharp as a knife. He noticed the position of the feet and the way the two Hwesio held the cane, then said.

"It seems that Hwesio Hitam and Hwesio Putih reprimanded me. You two were knocked down in five moves by my father, what has that got to do with me? Who wants to watch your exhibition of black and white sticks?" His voice was still loud, full of ridicule and did not look into his eyes at all.

The two hwesio were secretly shocked. Five years ago they were demolished in just five moves by Bu-tek Kiam-ong Cia Hui Gan. At that time, of course, this virgin was still young, why now just look at it and know? These are highly educated hwesio, fugitive figures from Siauw-lim-pai who have a high level of tong-kat knowledge. Indeed, because of the greatness of the science of the stick, they were both nicknamed Hek-tung Hwesio (Hwesio Black Wand) and Pek-tung Hwesio (Hwesio White Wand). Because of this nickname, Hek-tung Hwesio deliberately made a stick out of black steel metal while Pek-tung Hwesio made a stick out of steel metal. white. They already know Lian Bu Tojin who considers them people of the same level because their martial arts knowledge is very high, so they were given a place in the living room of honor.

"Ha-ha-ha, Miss. You're so arrogant. I guess you're relying on your father's ingenuity to sell stunts here. Pinceng (me) both don't want to fight a little boy, but considering that you're the only daughter of the Sword King, of course your sword skills are great. We are. want to try to beat the sword "? your sword in five moves anyway. Do you dare to face us? "Said Pek-tung Hwesio. It was clear that this hwesio only meant to atone for the insult first and only wanted to defeat the lady in five moves so that if this happened, at least he could clean his face.

The lady smirked. You two old hwesio bangka are just scary names, sticks like this are just to scare dogs and small thieves. Why am I scared? But my coming here is not to serve all kinds of shameless old hwesio. "This lady is really fierce, thought Beng San frowning. The time against the two old hwesio has no respect at all? Ferocious and rude!

The two hwesio were very angry, but as parents they were able to hold back their anger, ashamed to vent their anger in public. Good, then! "Said Pek-tung Hwesio." Try to serve us for five moves, Miss' "

Just as these words had been uttered, the two very heavy long sticks were already floating upwards, snatching out a roaring sound. Beng San was shocked and horrified as well. All the guests were horrified and even Lian Bu Tojin exclaimed.

"Please Ji-wi (two brothers) forgive a young man!"

Didn't think at all that this speech was received angrily by the lady. His eyes were fiery and his hands were moving. "Srattt." Everyone was dazzled when the lady had now pulled out a pair of swords that were so sharp that their rays gleamed. Then the lady blinked, her voice was heard, "Lian Bu totiang, don't look down on young people!" Then it dances! Yes, dancing between the strokes of the two sticks. His movements are beautiful, not like people fighting, but like people dancing. His sword played into two rolls of rays like flowers, his red belt rolled like life, his body moved beautifully. Beng San stared. For him who already has a very sharp eye, understand that even though the lady emphasizes movement for beauty, '' but precisely in this beauty lies the greatness and ingenuity of the science of the sword. Only with a beautiful bend of the waist could a slap of the white wand towards his body be avoided, and only by expanding the sword in both hands and leaping nimbly upwards, the slap of the black wand against the wind. To add to this incomparable beauty, the lady in the red shirt still adds with an attractive sweet knotted smile. a sloppy black stick about the wind. To add to this incomparable beauty, the lady in the red shirt still adds with an attractive sweet knotted smile. a sloppy black stick about the wind. To add to this incomparable beauty, the lady in the red shirt still adds with an attractive sweet knotted smile.

"Heee, where's the rule for two men to assault a woman?" Beng San shouted without stating that they had fought for ten more moments. He's being stupid.

The lady in the red dress laughed. "Two hwesio buffalo! You want to knock me down in five moves, now it's a dozen moves. I hope I'm not as stupid as you when my father knocked me down in five moves." Suddenly a pair of swords moved very fast after colliding with each other emitting blazing fire. The fireworks snapped at the faces of his two opponents who became shocked and even more nervous when they knew the pair of swords had slid close to their necks. Quickly they threw themselves backwards and ..... "trang! Tranggg!" Their crutches turned out to be broken when they were nervous and did not exert energy.

The lady in the red shirt pointed at Lian Bu Tojin after without being able to follow again with her eyes she had put back her pair of swords, then said loudly, "Goodbye!" His body disappeared, all that was visible was a red shadow darting out of the place.

The two hwesio turned pale. They threw the rest of the stick on the ground, then hurled it at Lian Bu Tojin and came out with a wide step.

Meanwhile, after stopping to watch this match, Pek Gan Siansu, who had said goodbye, then invited Bun Lim Kwi to continue his journey, leaving the place. Thio Eng with angry eyes immediately chased after him, leaving without saying goodbye.

Lian Bu Tojin took a deep breath repeatedly, not even caring anymore when Giam Ki also laughed and acted out with a long step. Kwa Tin Siong worked hard to continue the celebration, and all the dishes could be shared even though the party was not as festive as before.

Kwa Hong was astonished to see that there was no longer the shadow of Beng San that had caused a stir. This young man has disappeared and ran somewhere. Curious, Kwa Hong immediately searched all the way to the back, to the place where the young man was staying, but what a surprise when he saw that the package of the young man's clothes had also disappeared!

"Ah he's so weird ...,." think this virgin is disappointed, weird and dashing. How brave he was ..... hemmm, unfortunately he is not good at martial arts ..... "He daydreamed imagining how amazing it would be if a young man with that much courage had martial arts skills as well. When he was disappointed he was about to leave Beng San's room , he was attracted by the hard piece on the table.He quickly picked up the paper and it turned out there was his writing, his handwriting clear and beautiful, Beng San's handwriting.


Quickly Kwa Hong brought the letter to his father and showed it to him. Kwa Tin Siong's face changed. "The boy is weird, his kick is unpredictable. How could he possibly bring Kwee Sin here?" Anyway he showed the letter to his teacher who took a deep breath.

"It's true that Beng San is an amazing boy. We Hoa-san-pai today are indebted to him who managed to prevent a fight. If he could bring Kwee Sin here, his kindness would pile up. But ..... can he succeed?"

"Very doubtful, Suhu," said Kwa Tin Siong, also Liem Sian Hwa and Hoa-san-pai's disciples did not believe that Beng San would succeed in bringing the great enemy to Hoa-san. But suddenly Kwa Hong said, his voice was loud and his eyes were shining.

"I feel confident that one day he will come here with Kwee Sin!" All eyes were on him, especially the eyes of Kwa Tin Siong who seemed to be about to penetrate his son's chest. Kwa Hong blushed and left without saying goodbye again.

* * *

What caused Beng San to leave Hoa-san-pai quietly, simultaneously without saying goodbye? Many things caused him to be in such a hurry. It turned out that during the party he had experienced things that shook his heart and confused his mind. At first, her meeting with Souw Kian Bi's friend, the tall and strong young man she Tan was great enough to shake her feelings because she strongly suspected that the man was her older brother, Tan Beng Kui. But why if it is true that the young man is his sister, did not know him and even saw him and then spat in a very flashy and insulting way? This needs research.

The second is Thio Eng and Bun Lim Kwi. He had promised the late Bun Si Teng to keep an eye on the young man, now he could suspect that Thio Eng would certainly try to kill Lim Kwi. He can't let Lim Kwi be killed without doing something. Especially if the one who wants to kill is Thio Eng, the girl who ..... ah whom he likes and whom he pity '' his fate. This question also requires him to intervene and find a solution.

The third thing that really shook his heart was the appearance of the lady in the red dress She Cia earlier. No, not at all because of her beautiful face more than any woman he had ever seen, not because of her body shape and her dances. Not at all! But when the lady pulled out a pair of swords, the sword gleamed like fire, a long one, which made the eyes glare, was ..... Liong-cu Siang-kiam that people stole from Lo-tong Souw Lee's hand! So this jeiita girl is the thief? Beng San's heart was pounding when he remembered this. He had to snatch the pair of swords and ... his cheeks turned red and his face felt hot when he did. remembered Lo-tong Souw Lee's message that he had to look for the sword thief and that if the thief was a woman, he has to take her as his wife! He took Miss Cia's angel -like wife? "Great"

The fourth thing that is no less important is the issue involving Kwee Sin, the youngest champion of Kun-lun-pai. It must be admitted that this person is the mastermind of all the hostile events. He feels confident that if he can take Kwee Sin to Hoa-san-pai to hold him accountable for all the accusations leveled against him, all hostilities will be settled. He still believes enough, seeing Kwee Sin's attitude when he comes to Hoa-san-pai, that the hero still has enough knightly nature to hold him accountable for all his actions or at least the actions that people expect of him.

These four things, and all four of them are just as important, make Beng San not want to waste time on Hoa-san for a long time, even though in his heart he feels heavy to have to leave Hoa-san ..... uh, actually, leaving Kwa Hong so only! He was already quite happy that the little effort expected of Ciu Goan Ciang and Tan Hok and all the fighters, namely to prevent Kun-lun-pai and Hoa-san-pai from fighting, had so far achieved good results.

We follow the journey of Bun Lim Kwi who left Hoa-san with his teacher, Pek Gan Siansu. When they reached the foot of the mountain, Lim Kwi suddenly fell to his knees in front of the temperature and cried! Pek Gan Siansu stopped, looked at his student and with a sad face this old grandfather shook his head, stroking his beard.

"Lim Kwi, I know that even though you have been silent all this time and have never disobeyed all my orders, but in fact you have kept the scars of your heart that make you suffer a lot. My student, now in this lonely place you express your heart, be honest with your teacher. (knight) must always be able to keep one thought, word and deed. Only one of these three does not fit, he should not be called enghiong. All this time your words and deeds have obeyed me, but I am very worried that your thoughts are different. "

"Forgive the ungodly teecu, Suhu. Indeed, it has been hard for teecu to force himself to be devoted to Suhu, but what power, heart and mind teecu is always tempted, always imagine the faces of father and uncle who have been killed. After hearing all that has been said The person in Hoa-san earlier, teecu argued that if this heart block had not been implemented, teecu would always worship falsely, that is, not continue into the heart. "

"Hemmm, it's better to be honest. You're not a child anymore, you're an adult and of course you have the right to have your own opinion. Now .say me, what are you going to do? Are you going to follow your heart's lust to invade Hoa-san- pie and challenge the Hoa-san-pai people? "

The grandfather frowned at his white eyebrows.

"Teecu never dared to violate the line taken by Suhu. Teecu agreed to the peace line, even teecu would not argue about the marriage proposal proposed by Suhu earlier. But ..... Suhu, should the deaths of father and uncle be silenced. and left alone? Will their souls be at peace just seeing teecu clasping hands? "

"Hemmm, young man ...... how far you think about the spirit! If I'm not mistaken, the spirit of your father and uncle still feel sorry for why they were dragged into hostile lust and murder. I think they will regret even more if I can see you continuing their mistakes for the rest of your life. But, I won't insist on preventing and damaging your heart, my student. Now tell me honestly, what are you going to do? "

"Teecu had heard a lot about Kwee-susiok (Kwee's teacher's uncle) and teecu thought that only Kwee-susiok would be able to explain all this. If it was from Kwee-susiok's own mouth ....."

"Hemmmmm, don't call Kwee Sin's teacher uncle. I don't recognize him as my student anymore! "Pek Gan Siansu's words sounded loud.

"All right, Suhu. Teecu wants to hear from Kwee Sin himself what happened when his late father and uncle went up to Hoa-san. If it's true that father and uncle were wrong, that is to help Kwee Sin who is hostile to Hoa-san-pai, then teecu's heartache will be transferred to Kwee Sin. "

"Hemmm, you want to ask him to compete?"

"If necessary, what can I do, Suhu. If he wants, I want teecu to take him to Hoa-san-pai so that all the questions will be resolved and it will be known who is wrong and who is right."

"Ha-ha-ha, you're going to race with the amazing boy writer just now? Heh, you're not going to win, Lim Kwi!" Chief Kun-lun-pai laughs and it seems that his heart is happy again to hear the decision taken by his student. He used to feel very nervous, afraid that Lim Kwi would want to be hostile to the Hoa-san-pai people directly.

Bun Lim Kwi looked at his teacher, in disbelief.

"Lim Kwi, don't take the young writer lightly. I'm old, I have a lot of experience. A person like him is not an ordinary person. His courage and attitude clearly show his extraordinaryness. He is not an ordinary human being and believe me, when you meet him, you can listen to all his advice. I agree to your plan, let me go back to Kun-lun and wait for your news there. I hope you will not deviate from the path of truth and be able to behave forever as an enghiong of Kun-lun-pai whose great name you must hold high. " After saying that, Once in a while, this grandfather disappeared from there, leaving Lim Kwi who knew he had lost the heirloom sword that he was still holding. He immediately knelt down and quietly felt very impressed. His teacher was old, but his knowledge was still so extraordinary that he took back Kun-lu-pai's heirloom sword and left without him feeling it and he couldn't follow it with his eyes. After kneeling to pay his respects, the young man got up and took a deep breath. I still have to learn a lot to be able to reach levels like temperature, he thought.

Then he remembered Kwee Sin. Where should he look for that person? He heard a lot about Kwee Sin, his former teacher's uncle. The news always appeared with Ngo-lian-pai, in fact he had many connections with the Mongol army. There is more news that Kwee has been appointed by the government to be a high-ranking officer of the Mongol army. Ngo-lian-pai or Ngo-lian-kauw is a secret party that does not have a specific headquarters, so it will not be easy to find the nest of this party. It is better to look for news or information about Kwee Sin in the center of the Mongol army. Where else but in the king's city? Bun Lim Kwi knew the danger if he dared to enter the king's city, but he was determined to find Kwee Sin, so regardless of all the threats of danger, he was furious to go to the king's city.

But just as he came out of the wooded area at the foot of Mount Hoa-san, a green shadow flashed with a snap, "She Bun, get ready to atone for your father's sins!" And in front of him stood a beautiful girl in a green dress who had attacked him at the top of Hoa-san! The girl now with a rather pale face had stood facing him with a sharp sword across her chest, a sword whose tip had been slightly bent by the sword of the lady in the red shirt earlier.

Bun Lim Kwi took a deep breath, his handsome face turned gloomy, "Miss," he chanted as a sign of respect and his voice contained great sadness, why is Miss hostile to me? What is my sin and what is the guilt of my late father who is no longer in this world? "

Thio Eng, the girl, bit her lip nervously, her eyes radiating a ray of anger. "Two Bun brothers from Kun-lun-pai killed my father when I was a child."

"Miss, if my father and uncle killed your father, why are you hostile to me? What's wrong with me in this?"

"I want to take revenge on your father and uncle but they have failed, you are his son who must be responsible for revenge. She Bun, don't say much. I've been patient enough, draw your sword and let's continue the battle!" He was furious and the sword in his hand was shaking.

Lim Kwi suddenly felt weak. Somehow, looking at this lady's face, seeing the dim and gloomy rays of her eyes full of grief, the hardness of her heart melted like a candle near a fire. There is a feeling of pity in his heart, there is even a feeling of love that arises because of the similarity of suffering. He considered this virgin in the same fate, her father was murdered, living a life of revenge. He smiled bitterly, feeling how much the same fate as this lady would but he blamed Thio Eng's attitude. If he thought like this lady and then hated the children of the enemy who killed his father, of course he would not be willing to be nominated as the mate of a girl who is still a descendant of the enemies of his father's killer! He also remembered that all issues, as well as his own issues, must be thoroughly investigated. If it's true that her father and uncle killed the girl's father,

"Miss, if my father and uncle really killed your father, it is certain that your father did something bad. My father and uncle are the two oldest people from Kun-lun Sam-hengte whose name is pure and undefiled."

The rather pale face of this lady now turned very red, her eyes gleaming. "What do you say? It doesn't matter if they are Kun-lun Sam-hengte or the warriors from heaven, if they have been hostile to my father, the fault must be in the hands of your father and uncle! Father is a great patriot, a warrior. Who among the A fighter who has never heard of Thio San's big name? The fault must lie with your father and uncle. Kun-lun Sam-hengte? Huh, the youngest proof is that he is not a good person either! " After saying this, his sword moved to attack the young man.

This attack is great, fast and powerful. But Bun Lim Kwi was able to jump to the side and dodge. "Hold on, Miss ....." But the angry lady became more curious and attacked even harder. Lim Kwi understand that face? This lady, whom she already knew how to play a great sword, would be very dangerous if she were empty -handed. He had to pull out his sword, which also had its tip, and repel it. Fireworks glowed as the pair of swords met.

"Miss, I ..... I know what is in your heart. Your situation is the same as mine. I know your suffering, your revenge ....."

Thio Eng held up his sword, listening with a look of surprised eyes. "Miss, believe me, I don't blame you if you take revenge. I do too. My father was killed. But, give me a chance to sort out my business. You've heard everything in Hoa-san before. Let me find susiok .... "Uh, look for Kwee Sin as much as you can so that the murder of his parents can be solved. After that, well ... after that if you want to get your revenge on me, please. I'll give you my head."

"Cih, who is willing to listen to your conversation".

"That's right, Miss. I don't know ... my heart doesn't allow me to be angry with you. I feel sorry for you who are unlucky. I can feel your suffering. If your heartache can be satisfied because of my death as my father's atonement, let me sacrifice. But wait until I do. finished taking care of my own business. "

"Lie! You're just looking for an excuse to break away from me. Hemmw, she Bun people, don't expect me to fool you. Or you're a coward ..... don't dare face my sword!"

In any case, Lim Kwi is a young man. He is very patient, and it has become the basis of his character to be honest and patient, daring to give in. But because he was now urged in such a way by this lady, moreover because he was considered a coward, his masculinity stood out. He quickly moved his sword to repel and said.

"Miss Thio, I really don't want to fight with you. Don't force me!" But Thio Eng continued to be desperate and in a short time the two young men were playing swords brilliantly. Thio Eng's attacks are really very dangerous. As a student of Swi Lek Hosiang, of course his skill is very high, his swordsmanship is ripe and also the swordsmanship that comes from this east coast region has its own style, has its own specialties. His sword game is fast, agile, nimble and contains undulating energy, like the waves of an ocean breaking on the east coast!

But Bun Lim Kwi is Kun-lun-pai's youngest student who is very much loved by his teacher. Almost all of the swordsmanship possessed by Pek Gan Sian-Su was passed down to his student so that in the game of Kun-lun Kiam-hoat it can be said that at that time Bun Lim Kwi became the second person in Kun-lun after his own teacher. Even the level of swordsmanship possessed by his uncle and father, as well as that possessed by Kwee Sin, was still as low as his. Of course he still needs a lot of combat experience to mature his knowledge. His style of play is calm and strong like a rock on the seashore, but also sometimes if he wants he can launch a deadly attack. Anyway, facing Thio Eng he can't bear to make a deadly attack, just defend and protect his body, sometimes fishing and bullying to reduce the pressure of the opponent. He was so saddened by this girl's stubbornness that he couldn't seem to stand it anymore. Bun Lim Kwi knew that it was useless for him to persuade, so he decided to knock this girl down without hurting her badly or if possible leave her running. The first one, which is to demolish without injuring seems easier to think of than to do. This girl's level of intelligence is arguably balanced with her own level, where could she possibly knock it down without getting hurt? After thinking so, Lim Kwi decided to leave him alone. It doesn't matter if he's branded a coward or scared, because it's not because he's scared,

"I'm sorry, Miss Thio, I can't serve you any longer!" Her sword flashed fast and the lady's sword was repulsed so hard that it bounced. Thio Eng was shocked to feel his palms hurt. Good thing he was still able to keep up so that his sword didn’t come off the grip. By the time he was in control of his situation, the young man had jumped far and wide.

"She Bun, where are you going to run to?" he snapped angrily and quickly he chased after. From the sword match these two young men are now doing a fast running race also in this science both have a balanced level. Thio Eng is very difficult to catch up with his opponent, also very difficult for Lim Kwi to keep the distance between him and his chaser. The girl seemed to be his shadow, constantly following, wherever he ran or jumped. There was an hour they chased. Lim Kwi began to feel uneasy. He entered the woods and deliberately took a very difficult mountain road in the hope that the girl would finally let him go. However, with enthusiasm Thio Eng continued to chase.

Feeling unable to run away from the girl, Bun Lim Kwi turned his body around and persuaded her again.

"Miss Thio, why are you determined to kill me right now? Don't you feel sorry for me who also has the same kind of heartache and advice as you? I ask for three months, Miss. Give me three months so that I can finish my own business first, after That, I will look for you and it is up to you if you want to avenge your father's hurt. "

Thio Eng was also shocked to hear this. This young man is clever, not necessarily he will be able to win if they fight. Also the proof was, even though he had mobilized all his skills to run fast, until so long he had not been able to catch up. If this young man is a balanced match and does not necessarily lose if he fights, why not fight and even promise to be killed three months later? Isn't this weird? But this thought only briefly filled his head, soon replaced by the resentment he had endured since he was a child. His anger came again. His sword moved to attack followed by a snap.

"Don't say much, one of us has to die!"

Bun Lim Kwi felt so sad that he was a bit late to dodge. The sword that pierced his neck now slammed into his shoulder. Lim Kwi's shirt was torn with skin and some flesh. Blood began to flow profusely wetting his clothes. Back Thio Eng was stunned, but soon he attacked again even harder. Lim Kwi was ready and his sword was fending off. Again these two men fought fiercely until their bodies disappeared wrapped in a roll of two sword rays.

The two men so fiercely focused their attention on the tip of their respective weapons, unaware that a shadow figure was approaching. After seeing who was fighting, this shadow released a handful of objects then with lightning speed he shouted the small objects in the grip towards Bun Lim Kwi.

This young man could not defend himself against this dark attack because the objects turned out to be very fine needles that when hovering towards his body did not make a sound. Knowing he felt his back was hot and itchy, his body stiff from unbearable he rolled over and his sword slipped from its grip!

Thio Eng was surprised to play. He still had time to pull back his sword and with wide eyes he saw how Bun Lim Kwi had fallen on his back in a horrible condition. The handsome young man's face turned blue and black, his body stiff and motionless. When the girl looked up, she saw a young man standing in front of her smiling. This young man is none other than Giam Kin! Thio Eng knows now that Giam Kin secretly helped him and attacked Lim Kwi with a strange secret weapon.

"Miss Eng, are you satisfied now to see your enemy lying in front of your feet? Well, don't waste any more time, you'll cut his neck right away!" said Giam Kin with a big smile. But what a surprise it was when he saw the lady with a frown and fiery eyes.

"Why did you interfere in my affairs? Why did you kill him?"

"Eh, Miss. Isn't he your enemy? I saw you weren't strong enough to beat him, so I helped you."

"Who's willing to help you? Who needs your help? Besides, you're attacking cowardly!" The girl angrily jumped up and ran away.

Giam Kin stood glued to his place. He grinned, shy and curious. Finally, he angrily turned towards Lim Kwi's body which was still lying there, spat at him and muttered, "Damn!" With a depressed heart Giam Kin then left from there as well. He was attracted to Thio Eng's beauty, but unlike other girls, he did not dare to be reckless towards Thio Eng. In addition to this girl having a pretty clever skill, she also has to remember the girl's teacher, Thai-lek-sin Swi Lek Hosiang who should not be taken lightly.

Not long after Giam Kin left, Bun Lim Kwi's body was moving and he was heard moaning slowly. At that moment Beng San ran fast in an attempt to chase Thio Eng and look for Bun Lim Kwi.

"Damn, it's too late ...!" he said when from a distance he saw the body of Kun-lun's student lying there. He quickly checked and was surprised to see how the whole body of this young man was blushing, his breath was short. Beng San was a young man who had inherited great knowledge, but he was not a physician. However, after getting the fact that on the back of this young man there are fine needles that stick, he can suspect that of course Bun Lim Kwi was exposed to a very dangerous poison. He pulled out the seven fine needles, and carefully wrapped the needles in his shirt pocket.

"Too much Thio Eng. Is it true that the lady was upset to use such a violent and despicable secret weapon?" He was curious, then without hesitation Beng San pressed his lips to the wounds on Lim Kwi's back, then kissed him hard. The blackened blood could be sucked out and spit out, but only managed to remove the toxic blood that was around the wound. Immediately Beng San used his ingenuity. Clinging to Bun Lim Kwi's shoulders with both palms of his hands, he held his breath exerting his inner energy, using Im Yang's energy alternately to push the toxic air from Bun Lim Kwi's body. Because? he did not know whether the poison belonged, Im or Yang, he did not know what energy to use to fight it.

It's good that the miracle air in Beng San's body is really great. As he used Im's energy, a lot of black blood flowed out of the wounds on Lim Kwi's back. Finally, this young man's face was no longer blue and his breath was a bit relieved. But he was still stiff and unconscious.

Beng San remembers the snake Giam Kin gave to the chief Hoa-san-pai,

"Ah, why am I so stupid? Hoa-san isn't too far away, if I take her there and ask Lian Bu Tojin to give the snakes to help, won't Lim Kwi be able to help right away?" Without hesitation, he then leaned over Lim Kwi's body and used his skill to run very fast up to the top of Hoa-san.

Upon reaching the top, he immediately walked as usual towards Lian Bu Tojin's residence. He saw that there were still a few guests at the party. In order not to attract people's attention, Beng San used his skill to jump and sneak towards the back and enter the building from behind. Some tosu people saw him and rebuked in surprise.

"Beng San, where are you from and ..... uh, Who is that ...,.?" The tosu were surprised, especially after they got the fact that the person Beng San was carrying was none other than Bun Lim Kwi, a student of Kun-lun-pai who had come with Pek Gan Siansu.

"Please the Totiang calm down and please call Lian Bu totiang, tell me Beng San please meet, there is a very important matter."

The tosu immediately reported to Lian Bu Tojin who was still sitting in the front room waiting for the guests to finish. The old Tosu heard the report, immediately resigned and headed back, letting Kwa Tin Siong and Liem Sian Hwa serve the guests. But Kwa Hong who was near him when there was a tosu gave a report, immediately followed him. This was seen by Thio Bwee, Kui Lok and Thio Ki who immediately followed from behind.

"Beng San, why is he ...?" I.ian Bu Tojin reprimanded with surprise after seeing Bun Lim Kwi lying on a couch in a very poor condition.

"Good Totiang, I beg your mercy Totiang. Please help Bun Lim Kwi who teecu (I) found is already lying in this situation on the hillside. Seeing his condition, teetu thinks he was hit by a poisonous weapon and ..... teecu remembered Giam's gift Kin. Aren't those little snakes poison-repellent ttlar? "

Lian Bu Tojin did not answer and she quickly examined Bun Lim Kwi's body. As a leader of a large fighting party, of course, this grandfather understood the science of medicine. His face changed as he examined the young man.

"He has been exposed to a very dangerous poison," he said. "Pinto itself doesn't have a poison repellent that will be able to fight this poison."

"Totiang, didn't Giam Kin gift the poison repellent snakes?"

The grandfather nodded but seemed hesitant. "Hemmm, pinto has heard of Ngo-tok-coa's effectiveness, but has never proven it himself. Indeed, Ngo-tok-coa people say they can cure all kinds of diseases due to poisoning, but pinto has never seen the reality, even the snake is new now pinto This young man is really great and his condition is very dangerous, if he doesn't get the right medicine, he won't be able to hold out for two weeks. " Tosu looked hesitant and worried.

"Totiang, then, please Totiang give Ngo-tok-coa to teecu to treat Lim Kwi," Beng San said nervously.

"Well ...... it should be so ....." said the grandfather.

Suddenly Thio Ki said in an unhappy voice, "Sukong, he is the son of Kun-lun-pai's disciple, a great enemy. His wounds or death are none of our business from Hoa-san-pai!"

Thio Bwee and Kui Lok agreed, but Kui Lok continued, "This is a sign that Thian will always punish the bad guys. Kun-lun-pai is already too bad for us, so he is a disciple of Kun-lun-pai who also suffered the same bad fate. This. Sukong, he is our enemy, there is no need for us to help him. "

But Kwa Hong, who has been very passionate about the Hoa-san-pai's hostility towards Kun-lun-pai, seems to have a different mindset. Somehow, this girl already has great sympathy for Beng San and goes against her voice when she opposes this young man.

"Teecu doesn't agree with Suheng's two," he told Hoa-san-pai's great-grandfather.

"Even though he is our great enemy, but he was injured in Hoa-san, of course outsiders will think that we hurt him in such a vile way."

"What's the matter with all the slander? The point is we don't do dark attacks to run out of things. Let others accuse!" Thio Ki shrugged with his attitude.

"Moreover, Beng San has always shown his attitude in favor of the Kun-lun-pai. In the past, many years ago he also showed an attitude of defending Kun-lun, even now he desperately wants to help the people of Kun-lun. Sukong, we must be careful of this man and don't listen to him! " said Kui Lok.

All the speeches of his students' grandchildren were also effective in Lian Bu Tojin's heart. With a sharp look in his eyes he asked Beng San, "Beng San, why do you always side with Kun-lun? Why do you bother to help Lim Kwi, this Kun-lun student?"

Beng San was very angry to hear Thio Ki and Kui Lok's words earlier. He became more angry after hearing Lian Bu Tojin's question which was clearly affected by the words.

first because I always remembered the things I mentioned earlier, second time, I hope Totiang also remembers Bun Si Teng's last message to me near his death. The message of the deceased is a sacred message that must be appreciated, as long as the message is for good. Well, should Totiang decide immediately, does Totiang like to help him or not? "

Grandpa's face turned red. He was struck by the young man's words. Turning to his students' grandchildren he said softly, "Take that Ngo-tok-coa ....."

Thio Ki, Thio Bwee, and Kui Lok did not move from their places, instead looking angrily at Beng San. But Kwa Hong immediately ran and soon he was back carrying bamboo tubes filled with two small snakes. Lian Bu Tojin received the two tubes and said to Beng San.

"These are the two Ngo-tok-coa, beng San. Pinto just used the usual way to take this snake venom and then drank some of it and rubbed it on his wounds. But because Pinto has not yet declared himself the efficacy of Ngo-tok-poison. coa, then the result pinto does not dare to bear. "

"Totiang," said Beng San respectfully and gratefully, "Lim Kwi's condition is bad. If Totiang likes to try to treat him, that alone is a great kindness, about his history is only up to Thian."

Lian Bu Tojin then opened the lid of the tube, catching the snake on the back of her neck. "Open his mouth," he said to Beng San who quickly opened Lim Kwi's mouth. By pressing on the neck and back of the snake's head, a yellowish liquid came out of the snake's mouth and teeth, dripping into Lim Kwi's mouth. Kwa Hong had come with a cup of water which was immediately used by Lian Bu Tojin to drink so that the poison could enter his stomach. After the venom was depleted and released, the snake became limp and could no longer tickle. The second snake was removed and as before, the venom was removed, the rudder cup with his hand Lian Bu Tojin rubbed the venom on Lim Kwi's back. The exertion of energy in it can push this toxin into the body through the small wounds. Once finished,

Beng San was very grateful. From his grandfather's breath, he knew that Lian Bu Tojin had spent his entire week and he was amazed at his grandfather's kindness. He no longer cares about the three grandchildren of Hoa-san's students who look at all of them with sullen mouths and gleams of angry eyes at him. Only Kwa Hong sincerely helped with the treatment and secretly thanked this lady.