The King Of Sword Volume 18

volume 18

Earlier this young man was sitting in the goat classroom, which is a large place where there are long benches where guests who are followers of the group gather. Uh, now suddenly he's in the queue carrying a big parcel! Kwa Hong was surprised and amused to wonder what the young man had brought for Hoa-san-pai? Also Thio Bwee saw this young man and there was an amused smile on the girl's lips. In Thio Bwee's eyes, even though Beng San was a young man whom he liked because he was always polite and kind, especially when he was a child, he had helped him, but still Thio Bwee saw him as a useless youth, a weak and helpless young man. know that you are silat.

In contrast to the two girls who saw Beng San standing in the queue of gift givers feeling funny and curious to know what kind of gift items he brought in the big package, it was Thio Ki and Kui Lok who looked at him with suspicious, envious and jealous eyes. . In just a few days, these two young men knew how much Kwa Hong liked to hang out with Beng San, how the girl's face always glowed when talking to the "village boy". How Kwa Hong seems to prefer talking to Beng San than with them. If only they hadn't been at the banquet and if they hadn't been afraid of their sukong, it seems that these two young men would have kicked Beng San out of there. In their opinion, Beng San should not be present in this room,

But Beng San himself didn't seem to care about Mund Hoa-san-pai's grandchildren, no matter how they looked at him. He himself smiled and beamed his face looking left and right at the kang-ouw figures who were now mostly gathered there. Only now did he get the chance to meet them, who wouldn't be overjoyed? From someone nearby, he had received information one by one about the guests who were considered guests of honor. In fact, his close friend, a student of Bu-tong-pai, seemed so happy to tell stories that he leaked the party's secret that Bu-tong-pai helped Hoa-san-pai, on the other hand also told how Khong-tong-pai and Bu-eng- pai has always helped Kun-lun-pai against Hoa-san-pai. Also he tells the greatness of each character who he considers to have supernatural powers like the gods! Apart from being happy that he had the opportunity to see the kang-ouw people, his heart was also happy when he heard that Kun-lun-pai's side was not present. Wouldn't it be that the speeding wouldn't happen and he wouldn't have to go to great lengths to prevent it?

When it was Beng San's turn to hand over his contribution, this young man with a solemn face saluted by standing in front of Lian Bu Tojin while saying, "With a sincere heart and respect I congratulate Hoa-san-pai who has reached the age of one hundred years. Hoa-san-pai will pass hundreds more years and give birth to mighty patriots, defenders of the people who are just and wise. May Totiang be willing to accept these priceless memories. " He opened the package and heard a sigh from Kwa Hong as the girl saw the contents of the large package. Apparently the contents ..... tiger skin is large and very beautiful. The tiger that was killed yesterday in the forest!

Hoa-san-pai's chief's face glowed with happiness. "Thank you, thank you ....." As a person, the host, he returned the guest's honor with Kwa Tin Siong, while Thio Bwee received the tiger's skin, placed on the table. When Beng San returned to his seat, his keen ears caught the cries of surprise and amazement from the guests.

"Who is he? Being able to take a tiger skin that big without hurting him... ummm, he seems smart too..." Beng San secretly smiled and found it funny. The tiger that killed him was Kwa Hong and he had carefully closed the wounds of Kwa Hong's sword stabs so that at a glance it looked as if there were no scars, as if he had caught him with his bare hands, or killed him with a fist. course!

Suddenly there was a commotion in front. People looked up and stared in surprise. A young man who was none other than Giam Kin, lingered inside. The man did not surprise the guests, only what he brought with him caused a stir. This young man came with a large snake that wrapped around his body. A thigh -sized snake that looks fierce! Beng San looked on angrily. It was clear that the young man was deliberately pretending to attract people's attention. With a smile, the young man approached the table and pointed at Lian Bu Tojin.

"Lian Bu-totiang, I represent the temperature come to congratulate and accept this kind of gift of mine." Everyone was shocked and thought that the young man, this would present the big snake. But Lian Bu Tojin with a calm face returned his respect and said.

"Ah, brother Giam is too shy. Thank you for the congratulations."

Giam Kin reached into his robe pocket and pulled out two clogged bamboo tubes. There was a very fishy smell when he uncorked one of them, "So that Totiang knows what's in it, I'll open it and show you." He tapped on the bamboo and out came . . . a small, wild red scaly snake. With an expert movement he grabbed the snake's neck and lifted it up high. He said, clearly his words were addressed to all the guests like a drug dealer propagating his medicine.

"Hope Lian Bu totiang doesn't think I'm giving a priceless eye mark. Although there are only two small snakes in a bamboo tube, but I think compared to all the donations on this table, my gift is the most valuable. This pair of snakes is called Ngo-tok-coa (Five Poison Snake), can be used to cure five kinds of dangers due to poisoning. beautiful to look at but useless, how can it be compared to these snakes of my gift? "

Proudly he handed the two tubes to Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee one by one. His movements are free and shameless, but because he is a guest who gave Hoa-san-pai's birthday present, even with a red face and a frown, Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee accepted it as well. As for Kwa Tin Siong, he represented his warmth and expressed his love.

Giam Kin then turned to the right and left, seemingly looking for a seat that was already full. A tosu Hoa-san-pai immediately approached and while crouching the tosu said.

"Young master, please sit over there there is still an empty seat." He wanted to escort Giam Kin to sit in the room on the right where the young guests had gathered. But Giam Kin frowned when he saw how the place was the seat of people who were not "top people". He shook his head and said with a laugh.

"Just leave me there, I've brought my own seat." Then he stepped out into the guest room of honor!

Liu Ta, the leader of the Kho-tong-pai troupe, seemed to know this young man as he immediately stood up and smiled respectfully. However, what stood out the most was the attitude of Ang Kim Seng and Ang Kim Nio, two great Bu-eng-pai. Ang Kim Nio glanced around with a flirtatious smile while Ang Kim Seng even quickly stood up and motioned for Giam Kin to take his seat.

"Sit down, Ang-twako. Sit down, let me sit on the place that I have brought myself. He then unwounds the snake around his waist and then he rolls the big and long snake and twists and turns so that it is a mound higher than the benches on the ground. It was on this mound or circle of the snake's body that he sat, looking proud and obviously doing all this to attract attention and provoke praise!

It's no wonder the hearts of Hoa-san-pai's people saw the young man's attitude. Thio Ki and Kui Lok had already clenched their fists and they had secretly promised that if the demon youth dared to go crazy, they would face him first. Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee were also furious, with a sharp gleam snatching them away silently cursing the young man. But Kwa Tin Siong and Liem Sian Hwa looked calm, especially Lian Bu Tojin, this old man smiled looking happy. In fact, in his heart, the teacher and two of his students are always wondering why Kun-lun-pai's side hasn't shown up yet. Not only were the hosts surprised, the guests were also amazed, even the young guests were very disappointed. In fact, they went up to Hoa san not only to pay homage to Hoa-san-pai, but was especially interested in the hope of seeing a great match between Hoa-san-pai and Kun lun-pai. They all already know that there is animosity between the two fighting parties, so once this is an open meeting, of course there will be an open match to determine who is stronger.

Giam Kin looked left and right like someone was looking. He secretly watched the guests and looked for a black-faced youth. He breathed a sigh of relief when he couldn't find the black-faced man, but he still felt a sense of uneasiness that was masked by his cheerful attitude. In fact he was worried that the "black-faced demon" would appear here.

"Ah, how come I don't see anyone from Kun-lun-pai?" suddenly Giam Kin said, his voice loud and heard by many people, especially by the guests of honor who were present there. All eyes were on him because this question had been on the minds of all the guests and the hosts for a long time, but no one dared to ask as much as Giam Kin did.

Ang Kim Seng laughed, then replied, also he deliberately exerted his energy so that his voice sounded loud, "Giam-taihiap, do you also really want to watch the crowd? Of course they will come!"

"It is said that the chairman of Kun-lun-pai also wants to come to congratulate? Is this news true?" Giam Kin asked again, not caring about the displeased eyes of a tall, large tosu sitting nearby.

"There is indeed the news," replied Ang Kim Seng, "and even the students of Kun-lun-pai have already told me.

"Ha-ha-ha, Ang-twako. You seem to be Kun-lun-pai's best friend!" Giam Kin openly rebuked laughing.

Ang Kim Seng also laughed. "Kun-lun-pai is the biggest party in this world, the biggest and strongest party, also famous as a place for mighty warriors. Who is the person who is not friendly with them?

It was clear that this conversation between Giam Kin and Ang Kim Seng was one that grazed the calm and the guests simultaneously stopped their conversation and listened with tense hearts. Kwa Tin Siong himself started glancing at the seats of the guests of honor. As for Thio Ki, Thio Bwee, Kui Lok, and Kwa Hong already openly looking at Ang Kim Seng with sharp eyes.

Suddenly Beng Tek Cu, tosu and Bu-tong-pai who had been fed up with Giam Kin's behavior, berdin and his bench. He is indeed a fierce and honest man, in his heart he is pro to Hoa-san-pai. Now hearing the insulting conversation about Kun-lun-pai's affairs, he could no longer hold back his patience. As people talk to themselves, this big tall tosu who is old but still looks young raised his head and said loudly.

"Who licks and makes fun of the big and strong, is no different from a dog flea whose life relies solely on the body of the dog it is riding!"

Hearing this loud speech, all the guests were silent and all looked towards the guest room of honor. No one thought that from this room would be lit a fire that would burn the celebration. Giam Kin laughed amusedly as if he felt how funny those words were. Ang Kim Seng jumped up from his seat, looked at Beng Tek Cu while asking.

"You dare compare me to a dog flea?"

Beng Tek Cu turned to him, as if he didn't care, then asked, "Do you feel like a dog flea or not?"

"Of course not!" Ang Kim Seng was angry, his face had become very red, his eyes were bulging.

"If not, fine! I'm not cursing anyone, just saying that if anyone licks and makes fun of the big and strong, he's like a dog flea. If you're not a dog flea, then never mind, why the fuss?” There was laughter here and there.

"Hi-hi-hi ..." Kwa Hong covered her mouth with her hand to hold back her laughter.Of course this girl already knew that Bu-eng-pai's side always won Kun-lun, while Bu-tong-pai's side helped her side. Moreover, he knew Beng Tek Cu as his father's best friend, so he was happy and amused to see how the tosu, who was angry, rude and honest but good at arguing, was playing Ang Kim Seng.

"One zero ..." said Beng San. This young man has since shown the lightness of his hand, without being asked has helped here and there, sometimes helping the tosu who serve food and drink to the guests, sometimes helping to tidy up the donations on the long table when he heard Kwa Hong laugh. He himself also felt amused so he accidentally said, "One zero ....."

"What's one zero?" Kwa Hong asked quietly without paying attention to his father's glance that wanted to prevent him from talking about such a fussy thing.

"The big black tosu won one, the tall and skinny one lost and didn't win anything, so their position became one zero for the big tall tosu," replied Beng San.

Meanwhile, hearing Beng Tek Cu's words, Ang Kim Seng got angrier, but of course he would be on the wrong side if he started cursing. He held back his anger and pretended to be calm, asking.

"Eh, the rude tosu. Don't know who you are?"

"Ang Kim Seng sicu (a dashing person) as a big hero of Bu-eng-pai, of course doesn't know pinto (me) Beng Tek Cu from Bu-tong-pai."

Ang Kim Seng looked very surprised and he felt sorry that he didn't find out first who this big and rude tosu really was. May the character of Bu-tong-pai! Beng Tek Cu's answer hit his opponent at the same time because that answer was also a very sharp satire. Knowing the name of Ang Kim Seng and his party is a sign of how sharp Beng Tek Cu's views and knowledge are, on the other hand if people don't know Bu-tong-pai's character, it can be said to be outrageous and narrow-minded.

"Two zeros..." said Beng San too, but before Kwa Hong could speak, this young man had already left to help the tosu refill the wine for the guests.

Meanwhile, Ang Kim Seng tried to hide his embarrassment.

"Ah, I hope Bu-tong-pai ....." While saying that, he sat back down and invited Giam Kin to talk. His attitude was like retaliating, looking down on Bu-tong-pai. Beng Tek Cu just felt this, his face was red, his heart was hot, but for no reason, he could not do anything. The tension between these two people is growing, and everyone knows that if there is a little bit of basis and reason, of course these two people will challenge each other.

At that moment, the tension caused by the characters of Bu-eng-pai and Bu-tong-pai instantly disappeared with the entry of a girl dressed in all green who was beautiful and dashing. This Dara is still very young, wearing an all-green dress that is simple in cut but concise, the hilt of a sword protruding behind her back He entered the room alone and this was what drew people's attention, especially the attention of the young guests. Without looking left or right the girl immediately approached Lian Bu Tojin and saluted politely.

"Noble Totiang, teecu representing the temperature of Swi Lek Hosiang congratulates Hoa-san-pai and conveys this eye mark." Apparently, the girl brought a donation item in the form of a dove toy made of beautifully carved silver, with kumala eyes.

Lian Bu Tojin smiled wide, looked very happy and accepted the donation. "Ha-ha-ha, really this old pinto received a great respect that is very proud of the heart. Thai-lek-sin Swi Lek Hosiang is willing to remember Hoa-san-pai's birthday, it's really heartwarming "Thank you, good boy. Blessed is Swi Lek Hosiang to have a student like you. Hong Hong and Bwee-ji, ask this lady to sit together." As a student of Swi Lek Hosiang, it would have been appropriate for this lady to be given a seat in the guest of honor, but Lian Bu Tojin saw how inappropriate it was for this beautiful young lady to have to sit in the same room with men, especially where Giam was. Kin. Because of this, he deliberately told Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee to invite the lady to sit together, thus he was able to keep the big name of Thai-lek-sin Swi, Lek Hosiang, also in addition he was able to keep this young lady out of sight or rude speech containing rudeness. Secretly this grandfather was already able to judge the character of a young man like Giam Kin.

Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee had heard of the big name Thai-lek-sin Swi Lek Hosiang, so now meeting her student who is so beautiful and the same age as them, of course they can accept it with joy and for a while these three ladies talked to friendly and familiar. It was only to the astonishment of the two Hoa-san-pai ladies when they saw how this lady in the green dress often looked at the guests, the rays of her eyes flickering inquisitively as if she was looking for someone among the guests.

Suddenly there was a shout from the front gate guard.

Pek Gan Siansu from Kun-lun-pai is coming .....! "

Simultaneously the noise from the guests stopped. Faces become tense, eyes stare outward intently, chest palpitations. Especially Hoa-san-pai's disciples, they were prepared to face any eventuality. They thought that Pek Gan Siansu, the head of Kun-lun-pai, must have come with many of his disciples from Kun-lun-pai. However, they were all disappointed when they saw that what appeared was only a very old grandfather, he was almost eighty years old, his beard was long white to the stomach, his eyes also looked white like old eyes, his body was tall and thin, his mouth was smiling with a friendly smile. and calm, his right hand carries a long bamboo stick. Behind him, with his face down, walked a tall, well-built young man with a handsome face. This young man would not be more than twenty-four years old. He walked behind the old man carrying a sword placed on his outstretched arms, like a man carrying a tray, On his own waist hung a sword puja. It could be assumed that the sword he was carrying must be the Kun-lun-pai's heirloom sword, and it seemed that the old man had sent this young man to carry it.

With a very sweet attitude, Pek Gan Siansu walked into the room, nodded to the right and left to the figures he knew, then with a subtle step he continued to approach Lian Bu Tojin who had been standing from his seat during the day, standing upright to greet , his delicate demeanor his face beaming friendly but a pair of eyes looked full of the hostility of a big party leader.

"Pek Gan Siansu, welcome to Hoa-san-pai. Your arrival is really a great relief to pinto," said Lian Bu Tojin as he raised both hands to his chest and bowed.

"Ah, you're very good, Lian Bu toyu," said the old grandfather with a smile and returned the respect. "Not only you, I also feel free to meet face to face with the head of Hoa-san-pai. Allow me to congratulate Hoa-san-pai."

"Thank you ...... thank you ..... and please sit down, Siansu. Please sit down and your escort as well. And tell all your students to come in, pinto please let them sit down and receive a simple and modest meal from Hoa -san-pai. "

However, even though Kun-lun-pai's grandfather was still smiling, he didn't want to sit down, he still stood there and the handsome young man was still standing behind him, bowing with the heirloom sword.

"Thank you, Lian Bu toyu. I came only with my youngest disciple. I came with no bad intentions, why should I come with Kun-lun-pai's children? Lian Bu toyu, it's been too long you and I keep quiet seeing the stupidity of our children. I think now is the time for us to act.

The atmosphere became tense again, the people were silent, speechless, all attention was paid to the two old grandparents who were now standing facing each other. Lian Bu Tojin was still smiling, but her eyebrows were moving.

"Pek Gan Siansu, what kind of action are you going to take?"

Pek Gan Siansu turned his head to the left, his long beard twitching. "Toyu (a friend in To), usually things like the one I want to talk about are carried out in a closed room or in a family environment. However, considering the situation between our two parties, which have had misunderstandings and clashes, I think it would be better if this conversation is witnessed by the brave people present here. It is precisely because of this need for witnesses that I deliberately chose this auspicious day."

"Say what you mean, pinto is listening attentively," Lian Bu Tojin said when he saw the old geezer pause for a moment.

Pek Gan Siansu took a deep breath. "Lian Bu toyu, for decades you and I have been best friends until we once strengthened our relationship by pairing our students with each other."

"Unfortunately, that's why it was the marriage that caused all the fuss," Lian Bu Tojin said while taking a deep breath full of regret.

"Everything is already determined by the Almighty Thian," Pek Gan Siansu irienghibur. "But for people who have eaten a lot of the acid of life like us, remembering the old things is not the right thing to do. It is better for us to look ahead than to look back. Don't you think so, Toyu?".

Suddenly tosu the guard at the gate said loudly.

"Souw-kongcu (young master Souw) and Tan-kongcu are coming ..... '

Lian Bu Tojin looked up, as did all the guests. Entering were two young men who were beautifully dressed and gallant. One of them is Souw Kian Bi, a Mongol prince who once seduced Liem Sian Hwa, then kidnapped Thio Bwee and Kwa Hong, then was able to persuade Lian Bu Tojin to give his promise not to help the Pek-lian-pai rebels. This has been said in the front, which happened almost ten years ago. Although since then there has been no relationship between Hoa-san-pai and this Mongol Prince, but it is not surprising when Souw Kian Bi also came to attend the Hoa-san-pai festival.

Seeing the person who once kidnapped her, Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee blushed, furious. Also Liem Sian Hwa looked on with a ray of hateful eyes. Upon entering, Souw Kian Bi immediately turned his eyes inwards, towards the beautiful women. Her mouth was smiling and her eyes looked wild. Suddenly he saw the girl in the green shirt sitting with Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee, he looked shocked and shouted happily. . ".

"Heeeee..... Miss Thio Eng! You here too.....?"

For the people of Hoa-san-pai, it is not strange that Souw Kian Bi knows the lady in the green shirt whom they now know as Thio Eng. Wasn't Souw Kian Bi also at the Mongol headquarters together with Thai-lek-sin Swi Lek Hosiang, the lady's teacher?

Thio Eng, the green dress lady we met when she met Beng San and claimed to be Eng, just nodded stiffly at Souw Kian Bi and said, "I represent the temperature."

"Ah, where's your temperature now? Those years old hwesio never appeared. And you ..... hemmm, are big now and ..... beautiful ...."

There was the sound of people laughing here and there and Souw Kian Bi blushed, realizing that in front of so many people he had acted too freely and maybe a bit cheesy! He quickly pulled his friend's hand and invited him over to Lian Bu Tojin, rebuked him and congratulated him. Lian Bu Tojin thanked him, then Kwa Tin Siong invited the two young people to take a seat. Knowing that Souw Kian Bi seemed to represent the Mongol Government, Kwa Tin Siong gave him a proper seat, near the guest room of honor.

Kwa Hong sat on his bench in a daze. His pair of eyes never stopped staring at the face of the young man who became Souw Kian Bi's friend. That person really looks like Beng San, he thought in amazement. He wanted to talk about this with Thio Bwee, it would be right for him to see Thio Bwee hugging the green shirt girl's arm while saying.

"Eh, good Cici Eng, I wish we were still one lineage! So you're also named Thio's lineage?"

But the girl in the green shirt, Thio Eng, did not greet Thio Bwee's attitude happily, instead she just lowered her face and frowned.

"Mr. Eng, who is your father .....? '" Thio Bwee in his excitement urged.

"Father.....father is dead, so is mother, I am an orphan." .

Thio Bwee was moved and hugged the girl's waist. "Ah, sorry for you, Enci Eng. My father also passed away, but my mother is still there, in Gi-nam..."

Kwa Hong, who didn't invite Thio Bwee to talk about Souw Kian Bi's young friend whom he thought looked like Beng San, immediately turned his neck to look for Beng San with his eyes. But wherever he looked with his eyes, there was no Beng San in sight.

Where did this young man go? Indeed Beng San went into hiding! This young man experienced things that shook his heart. The first time he saw the appearance of Thio Eng who he knew as Miss Eng boating, he had quickly removed himself so as not to be seen by her. His experience with Thio Eng touched him and he also felt embarrassed to meet face to face in such a public place. Then the appearance of Pek Gan Siansu with a young man carrying an heirloom sword, made his heart feel quite tense. This was his duty and this was why he had come to this place. He had to keep Hoa-san-pai from getting into more violent clashes with Kun-lun-pai, and this was also why the leader of the rebels, Ciu Goan Ciang, left two letters for the heads of each party, to reconcile. Now that the two leaders are facing each other, the words have begun to offend the issue. Beng San despite hiding behind others, he plugs his ears listening attentively and is ready to act as a mediator when things get hot. Then came the Souw Kian Bi. His heart was warmed to see Souw Kian Bi that he had known, and to see the rude attitude of this ceriwis and basket-eyed man. But soon his heart stopped beating when he saw the young man who was Souw Kian Bi's friend. He rubbed his eyes and his face slowly turned pale and would have turned green if he had not quickly exerted his inner energy to fight the air that was creeping into his face. the words are already beginning to offend the issue. Beng San despite hiding behind other people, he plugs his ears listening attentively and is ready to act as a mediator when things get hot. Then came the Souw Kian Bi. His heart was warmed to see Souw Kian Bi that he had known, and to see the rude attitude of this ceriwis and basket-eyed man. But soon his heart stopped beating when he saw the young man who was Souw Kian Bi's friend. He rubbed his eyes and his face slowly turned pale and would have turned green if he had not quickly exerted his inner energy to fight the air that was creeping into his face. the words are already beginning to offend the issue. Beng San despite hiding behind other people, he plugs his ears listening attentively and is ready to act as a mediator when things get hot. Then came the Souw Kian Bi. His heart was warmed to see Souw Kian Bi that he had known, and to see the rude attitude of this ceriwis and basket-eyed man. But soon his heart stopped beating when he saw the young man who was Souw Kian Bi's friend. He rubbed his eyes and his face slowly turned pale and would have turned green if he had not quickly exerted his inner energy to fight the air that was creeping into his face. Beng San despite hiding behind other people, he plugs his ears listening attentively and is ready to act as a mediator when things get hot. Then came the Souw Kian Bi. His heart was warmed to see Souw Kian Bi that he had already known, and to see the rude attitude of this ceriwis and basket-eyed man. But soon his heart stopped beating when he saw the young man who was Souw Kian Bi's friend. He rubbed his eyes and his face slowly turned pale and would have turned green if he had not quickly exerted his inner energy to fight the air that was creeping into his face. Beng San despite hiding behind other people, he plugs his ears listening attentively and is ready to act as a mediator when things get hot. Then came the Souw Kian Bi. His heart was warmed to see Souw Kian Bi that he had already known, and to see the rude attitude of this ceriwis and basket-eyed man. But soon his heart stopped beating when he saw the young man who was Souw Kian Bi's friend. He rubbed his eyes and his face slowly turned pale and would have turned green if he had not quickly exerted his inner energy to fight the air that was creeping into his face. Then the Souw Kian Bi appeared. His heart warmed to see Souw Kian Bi whom he had known before, and to see the impudent attitude of this cheerful and easy-going man. But soon his heart seemed to stop beating when he saw the young man who became Souw Kian Bi's friend. He rubbed his eyes and his face slowly turned pale and would have turned very green if he hadn't quickly put his energy into fighting the air that was creeping up his face. Then the Souw Kian Bi appeared. His heart warmed to see Souw Kian Bi whom he had known before, and to see the impudent attitude of this cheerful and easy-going man. But soon his heart seemed to stop beating when he saw the young man who became Souw Kian Bi's friend. He rubbed his eyes and his face slowly turned pale and would have turned very green if he hadn't quickly put his energy into fighting the air that was creeping up his face.

"Oh my God ..." he whispered inwardly. Isn't the memory wrong! That is the face of Kui-ko (Kui's older brother), the face of his older brother Tan Beng Kui, his older sister .....! And just now the receptionist also shouted Tan-kongcu's name for that person. Really? Beng San became dizzy. Her sister's face is often imagined since she was thrown into the river by the former Song-bun-kwi. Even though he knew his sister's face when he was a child, the face of the young man who was now sitting calmly in the chair was no longer wrong. But really? What if he's wrong? It's not impossible that there is another Bershe Tan whose face is similar to his sister's face!

After this small disturbance subsided, namely the arrival of Souw Kian Bi and his friend, everyone's attention was again diverted to the two leaders who stood facing each other. Indeed, Pek Gan Siansu and Lian Bu Tojin were still standing, in that place. Kwa Tin Siong and Liem Sian Hwa were also still standing behind his temperature, while the young man, who was acknowledged by Pek Gan Siansu as his youngest student, was also still standing there motionless like a statue. The handsome face of this tall and strong young man was even a bit pale, his eyes dim. Apparently Souw Kian Bi could immediately feel the tension of this atmosphere, so he didn't do much anymore and immediately turned his attention inside.

The noble Pek Gan Siansu opened his mouth. "Lian Bu toyu, as I said earlier, everything in this world, no matter how great human beings try, the decision is taken by the Almighty Thian. The proof is, you and I two parents strive for good, for the closer relationship between us by mating students- Our student. But what power, it seems Thian wants something else. Anyway, let's not run out of effort, my friend. Therefore, in addition to congratulating Hoa-san-pai on her birthday, I also want to make a good proposal to you. in order to soothe the heat and to reconnect the friendship that was almost severed by the kicks of our students. " He stopped and took a deep breath.

Lian Bu Tojin nodded. "Your remarks are welcome. But about the proposal you want to propose, hemmm ..... let's have a look first. What is the proposal, Siansu?"

Kun-lun-pai's grandfather looked at the young man carrying the heirloom sword, then he smiled and said, "Lian Bu totiang, this young man is my youngest student, he is the only child of my late student Bun Si Teng ....." He paused to gather strength to dispel the memory that his student Bun Si Teng had died in this place. "He is my only heir and he is the one I handed over the Kun-lun-pai heirloom sword, later to replace me. My youngest student is named Bun Lim Kwi, twenty-two years old. Lian Bu totiang, if you still like to see my face , still like to remember the old relationship and still have good intentions to reconnect the cords of friendship, I came to propose to you that a marriage bond be held between this student of mine and one of the granddaughters of your female student. "

Quiet in that place. Everyone looked on with a tense heart. Great was this proposal, and at the same time the chief of Kun-lun-pai was like a submissive and surrendered kaJah, paving the way for peace. The young man's face, Bun Lim Kwi, was also very pale and slowly two drops of tears flowed out from both eyes which he narrowed. It's a great suggestion from his teacher. Just imagine, Bun Lim Kwi is the only son of Bun Si Teng who was killed in Hoa-san-pai in a match against Hoa-san Sie-eng! And she, her only son, was about to be married to the son of her father's murderer! His two hands holding the heirloom sword trembled.

All this was seen by Beng San from his hiding place. He was approaching and he was not moved. The last message from the late Bun Si Teng rang in his ear when he was about to take his last breath. How are those last words? ............. you promised that later you will observe my only son, Bun Lim Kwi ..... "Even though Beng San never made that promise, but in his heart he never forgot the last words that were the message.And now he saw Bun Lim Kwi standing there, behind Pek Gan Siansu as his grandfather's disciple, as the sole heir of Kun-lun-pai! And he saw Bun Lim Kwi to be used as a means of reconciliation between Kun-lun-pai and Hoa-san-pai. was told to marry the son of a great enemy who had killed his father. And secretly sympathy in Beng San's heart poured out to the big tall young man, feelings of pity and even admiration. He saw Bun Lim Kwi as a young man who was very devoted to his teacher, a good young man and also able to control his heart. She was moved to see two tears flowing from Bun Lim Kwi's eyes.

Lian Bu Tojin's face also changed. It seems that this grandfather was very worried, shocked and confused by the unexpected proposal from Pek Gan Siansu. For a long time, this grandfather only looked at Pek Gan Siansu who was still standing upright holding his bamboo stick. Then he looked at Bun Lim Kwi who was still bowing while holding the heritage sword. Lian Bu Tojin's heart was also touched. It is clear that even though his heart is broken, the young Kun-lun pai is subject to the decision of his teacher, a good and obedient student. Finally this Hoa-san-pai chief looked towards his students, then after seeing the hard glare glowing from the eyes of Kwa Tin Siong and Liem Sian Hwa, he said to Pek Gan Siansu.

"Your proposal is great, Siansu. Pinto really never thought that the efforts for peace that you have made have come so far. For that good purpose alone, pinto is obliged to thank you. However, the matter you are proposing is no small matter, and There are many friends who are sitting as witnesses here, and it would be appropriate for us to ask for their advice and consideration. But of course I must first ask the opinion of my two students, because they are are the ones who are directly involved in matters of conflict with you. "

"Alright, Lian Bu toyu, you talk about this matter, I'm still waiting patiently." The old man then took two steps back and stood leaning on his cane. Bun Lim Kwi also stepped back and used this opportunity to wipe two teardrops from his cheeks with the end of his sleeve.

"Tin Siong, Sian Hwa, what do you think?" Lian Bu Tojin asked his two students in a loud voice. Indeed, this grandfather deliberately wanted to negotiate this proposal openly so that many witnesses would see that Hoa-san-pai never had any bad intentions.

"Suhu, teecu in this big affair just leaves all decisions to Suhu. Only teecu expects Suhu's relaxation to remember that Hong-ji has teecu planned about her future husband." With this subtle speech, Kwa Tin Siong did not agree that his only daughter would be the link between the two parties and become the mate of Prince Bun Si Teng!

"Temperature, teecu feels very bad if you repeat the rotten affair that was once the cause of insult to our Hoa-san-pai. Aren't we healed after what happened to teecu? Kun-lun-pai's people can't be trusted. Who knows what if the marriage affair will only ruin the livelihood of a lam student from Hoa-san-pai as he has suffered? " Up to this point, tears flowed from Liem Sian Hwa's eyes.

Lian Bu Tojin took a deep breath "You see Pek Gan Siansu, Pinto can't just decide on your proposal, you have to listen to the other party's explanation." He turned to Beng Tek Cu, "Beng Tek Cu toyu, you as my best friend, try You give your opinion about Kun-lun-pai's proposal so that Pinto's heart doesn't waver."

Beng Tek Cu, the tosu, the tall and honest character of Bu-tong-pai, immediately stood up and heard a loud and hoarse voice.

"Pinto is an outsider, but since Lian Bu Toyu has already respected Pinto's opinion, it's better if Pinto expresses his opinion honestly and frankly. It's up to anyone who disagrees with Pinto's opinion, anyway for Pinto, this opinion comes from an honest heart . and not biased." Until here this big tall tosu glanced at Ang Kim Seng and Ang Kim Nio

"Beng Tek Cu toyu, keep going" Lian Bu Tojin urged. “Pinto, who has heard all about the Hoa-san-pai and Kun-lun-pai issues from Lian Bu toyu, can draw the conclusion that all of the main issues at the root of the problem are Kwee Sin. It was clear that he conspired with Ngo-Jian-kauw's side to riot, killed Liem-lihiap's parents and so he dragged Kun-lun-pai into enmity with Hoa-san-pai's side. It was because of him that two of Bun's brothers from Kun-lun-pai died in the match at Hoa-san, and the enmity dragged on."

"What match?" suddenly Liu Ta, the master of Khong-tong-pai stood up and reproached, his voice a little high not befitting his short stout body. "The two Bun-enghiongs came alone, bringing their sute Kwee Sin up to the top. Riding alone means having good intentions, but suddenly they were killed here. is it dead?"

"Liu-sicu'" Lian Bu Tojin rebuked, ahead of Beng Tek Cu who was already looking with bulging eyes. "Pinto, I hope Liu-sicu will be patient. Of course, as a guest and witness, Sicu has the right to express opinions, but wait for your turn and time'" Lian Bu Tojin's words were full of subtlety, but in this subtlety was hidden reproach and violence. All this was done by chairman Hoa-san-pai, in addition to maintaining the prestige of his party, as well as to prevent clashes between Beng Tek Cu and Liu Ta.

Liu Ta turned red, nodded and sat back down. Beng Tek Cu also blushed and continued, "I have already said, Pinto's opinion comes from an honest heart, no matter whether it is accepted or not by those who listen. Pinto repeats again, the main point of this enmity matter happened because of Kwee Sin. When According to Lian Bu totiang, Kwee Sin was helped and taken away by Hek-hwa Kui-bo, the teacher of the head of Ngo-lian-kauw. -Lately we have all heard of his efforts to help Ngo-lian-kauw. Therefore, according to Pinto's opinion, Pek Gan Siansu’s proposal to end the enmity with a matrimonial bond between Kun-lun-pai’s pupil and Hoa-san-pai’s pupil is a very perfect proposal and can be praised and respected. But of course the wound in Hoa-san-pai's heart will not be healed if in addition to this good proposal, Kun-lun-pai does not take firm action against his former student. Kwee Sin. Therefore, the Hoa-san-pai side should make it a condition that Kwee Sin must be able to be brought to Hoa-san-pai by the Kun lun side, dead or alive, and only after that should negotiations be held on the matrimonial bond. Well, the door has spoken, it's up to you! "He sat back down wiping his sweat with the end of his sleeve. But of course the wound in Hoa-san-pai's heart will not be healed if in addition to this good proposal, Kun-lun-pai does not take firm action against his former student. Kwee Sin. Therefore, the Hoa-san-pai side should make it a condition that Kwee Sin must be able to be brought to Hoa-san-pai by the Kun lun side, dead or alive, and only after that should negotiations be held on the matrimonial bond. Well, the door has spoken, it's up to you! "He sat back down wiping his sweat with the end of his sleeve. But of course the wound in Hoa-san-pai's heart will not be healed if in addition to this good proposal, Kun-lun-pai does not take firm action against his former student. Kwee Sin. Therefore, the Hoa-san-pai side should make it a condition that Kwee Sin must be able to be brought to Hoa-san-pai by the Kun lun side, dead or alive, and only after that should negotiations be held on the matrimonial bond. Well, the door has spoken, it's up to you! "He sat back down wiping his sweat with the end of his sleeve.

Liu Ta jumped to his feet, looking at Pek Gan Siansu. "Siansu, I hope you parents let me speak to clear Kun-lun's good name that has been tarnished in black by arrogant people!"

Pek Gan Siansu's face had become gloomy ever since, his heart was disappointed that his good intentions did not get a good response. He had already had a storm in Kun-lun with his student Bun Lim Kwi before coming to Hoa-san. He has used many words to persuade Lim Kwi to obey his wishes and want to be paired with Hoa-san-pai's student in order to improve and relieve the tension. The chief of Kun-lun-pai knew how difficult this was for Lim Kwi but because of his obedience and devotion, the young man finally bowed. Whoever is here back he faces contradictions that will presumably have bad consequences.

Now seeing that his side was being helped, of course he could only nod and say, "That's fine, Liu-enghiong, I just hope you don't forget the good intentions I brought all the way from Kun-lun."

"Lian Bu totiang," said this Khong-tong-pai figure as he pointed to the head of Hoa-san-pai. "Let's hope Totiang doesn't listen to those who heat up the atmosphere. Pek Gan Siansu has come with a very noble meaning and an attitude that has been very submissive. If we want to talk about the root of the conflict, I do not agree at all that in this case Kun-lun- pie is to blame. People can blame Kwee Sin, but it must be remembered that Kwee Sin is no longer recognized as a disciple of Kun-lun-pai by his boss. If you think about the matter of heartache, which one is more heartbroken "? Two of Kun-lun-pai's disciples are blatantly killed in Hoa-san by Hoa-san-pai's disciples. As for Hoa-san-pai's side that was killed, was anyone killed by Kun-lun-pai? All this is because of one person, Kwee Sin who is not a Kun-lun-pai person. So, in my opinion, this very noble proposal from Pek Gan Siansu is appropriate if it is accepted by Totiang so that the enmity ends up here only. "

Ang Kim Seng, who was already unhappy with Beng Tek Cu, continued Liu Ta's talk in a loud voice.

"Obviously Hoa-san-pai's biggest enemy is not Kun-lun-ipai but Kwee Sin and Ngo-lian-kauw. Why doesn't Hoa-san-pai go and catch Kwee Sin himself and fight Ngo-lian-kauw? is there Hek-hwa Kui-bo? He laughed mockingly as he glanced at Beng Tek Cu.

Beng Tek Cu is a tosu, meaning a person who embraces the To Religion, but basically he is hard -hearted, honest and fierce, so hearing this talk he simultaneously stood up and said.

"Who talks about fear and courage? If you think Hoa-san-pai is afraid, she can prove it, don't worry Hoa-san-pai, pinto doesn't know fear either!

We negotiate about cengli (rules), not wanting to win alone or quarrel with groups. It is clear that Kwee Sin is the youngest of Kun-lun Sam-hengte, so it is clear that he is a student of Kun-lun-pai. If he commits a crime, even though he is declared not a disciple of Kun-lun anymore, it is only natural that Kun-lun-pai should be responsible and punish him. Or maybe Kun-lun-pai is just silent if his name is tarnished by a deviant student? Hemmm, we from Bu-tong-pai have a special rule, which is that if a student goes astray and commits a crime to tarnish the good name of Bu-tong-pai, no one else should act, we ourselves from the leadership will punish him! "

"Wh-tong-pai which can be compared to Kun-lun-pai?" Liu Ta snapped as he rose to his feet, his eyes wide.

"It can't be, especially with Khong-tong-pai and Bu-eng-pai, we from Bu-tong-pai are far ahead in terms of keeping the rules!" Beng Tek Cu snapped while puffing out his chest, defiantly.

"Beng Tek Cu arrogant man! You think I'm afraid of Bu-tong-pai", Liu Ta snapped and stepped forward.

"Khong-tong-pai's master is a bouncer, who knows fear? You only fear when you lose!" Beng Tek Cu mocked.

"Vice Bu-tong-pai is arrogant! This is better settled at the edge of the sword!" Ang Kim Seng and Ang Kim Nio shouted as they stood up and touched the handle of their swords. The situation has become very tense, even now the followers of each side are ready to fight as soon as they get the orders of their respective leaders. Pek Gan Siansu and Lian Bu Tojin looked worried. In the depths of the hearts of these two grandfathers, in fact, they did not want the enmity to continue at all. They are people who in addition to having high martial arts knowledge, also have a strong inner knowledge, then of course a broader view and do not like the use of violence, especially to the point of involving and dragging other groups.

Suddenly there was a loud laugh. The one laughing at this is Giam Kin. This young man was standing up, the snake he had been sitting on was now crawling and circling around his body "Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, that's really good! I've never seen a martial arts party hold a celebration without a martial arts show! Lian Bu totiang and Pek Gan Gan Sian-su! We are strong men, unlike women, we don't know how to talk a lot, we are better at using fists and swords. Any business? "The winner is the right one, the loser is of course wrong! Ha-ha-ha!".

Souw Kian Bi, the handsome Mongol prince, also stood up and applauded. "Exactly! Giam-taihiap's speech is the speech of a male. It is better to hold a competition, the space is wide enough! All are divided into two groups, the Hoa-san-pai side and the Kun-lun-pai side. Each produces a male. take turns, then a match is held. The loser must admit his mistake. Isn't this very appropriate for us people who are used to carrying swords? "

Most of the young people present were happy and of course they agreed that a pibu (a contest of intelligence) would be held, so from here and there there were cheers of approval. For people who are used to playing swords to get things done, of course they don't like to hear a lot of grandiose words. Especially when the state is in such a state of chaos, where the law seems to no longer apply and the only law they know is that who wins is right, and who loses is wrong. The law of the jungle always reigns in chaos.

Pek Gan Siansu and Lian Bu Tojin went all wrong. They were also the leaders of a large martial arts party. Of course, it is difficult for them to step back, it is difficult to express skepticism in the face of a competition of skill. In the world of kang-ouw it is clear that whoever retreats in the face of pibu, he is considered afraid and cowardly! Moreover, now that Thio Ki and Kui Lok have jumped forward with their hands touching the handle of the sword, they both raced to say, "I am the first champion to defend the good name of Hoa-san-pai!" And Bun Lim Kwi who used to be grim-faced, now looks radiant, his wide eyes are shining and he looks at his temperature with eyes full of begging to be given permission to defend Kun-lu-pai's good name!

Suddenly a young man ran out of the group of followers at the back. This young man is none other than Beng San. Seeing such a dire situation, this young man could no longer hide himself. He did not care what the crowd looked at him, nor did he restrain his heart from looking at the two people who at that moment issued a cry of surprise. One is Thio Eng. As soon as the girl in the green shirt saw Beng San running towards the two leaders who were tense, the girl shouted.

“Brother Tan……” He was able to hold back his astonishment immediately and didn't continue his words, only looking with wide open eyes at Beng San who was stumbling and running towards the two geezers."

The second person who cried out in stifled astonishment was the young friend of Souw Kian Bi. This young man got up from his seat when he looked at Beng San. Of course the actions of these two people were not conspicuous because at that time, all the guests were also paying attention to Beng, San, especially after this young man shouted.

"Ji-wi Locianpwe (both brave parents), please hold on! I have two things to give to Ji-wi (both masters)!" Beng San, who was still trying to hide his cleverness, deliberately ran away in a daze and gasped.

Pek Gan Siansu looked surprised, and Lian Bu Tojin smiled, saying softly.

"Beng San, what do you want to give us?"

Meanwhile, the guests looked at each other and asked each other questions. Who is that young man dressed as a writer? What does that stupid kid want? Beng San nervously reached into his shirt pocket and took out two folded papers. This young man was smart enough not to mention Ciu Goan Ciang's name. He knew that there were many government spies and he remembered that Souw Kian Bi was a Mongol prince, so he said.

"Ji-wi Locianpwe, when I was about to go up to Hoa-san, in the middle of the road I kept these two letters for Ji-wi from a gallant man. His message was that I should give this letter to Ji-wi to prevent fighting and enmity. Please Jiwi accept and read it. " he handed a letter to Lian Bu Tojin and a tagi to Pek Gan Siansu. Of course the two parents were surprised, but they calmly accepted the letters. Even Lian Bu Tojin herself was very surprised because Beng San had never mentioned about this letter.

The faces of those who had been astonished became more and more surprised and turned red when they had opened the folds of the letters. Pek Gan Siansu turned his white eyes to Beng San as he said. Young man, what do you mean by this joke? "

Also Lian Bu Tojin became utterly astonished after opening the letter, instead immediately rebuking, "Beng San, why are you toying with us like this? Say, what do you mean by messing around?"

Beng San was very surprised, even more shocked when he saw the two old men turning the letter to him and after he looked at it, it turned out that what the two old men were holding was a piece of paper with no writing on it! There are only traces of writings that can no longer be read because the ink writings have disappeared, washed away by the water into a blank sheet of paper! His clever brain worked quickly and he knew now that this was because of his meeting with the girl in green! He had fallen into the water and of course, ah, what a fool, the letter had been soaked in water and the ink had been washed away! If other people were in Beng San's situation, perhaps he would be at his wits' end and be confused. However, this is not the case with this young man. A second later he has overcome his situation and can make sense. Seeing the two leaders looking at him curiously and questioningly, he laughed out loud.

"Ji-wi Locianpwe certainly wants an explanation, doesn't he?"

"Explain what you mean by this play!" Pek Gan Siansu scolded.

“Beng San, you speak up,” Lian Bu Tojin said.

Again Beng San laughed. "Ji-wi? (both of you) are mystics, don't you know the meaning of the gallant person who gave the letter? The paper is blank and clean? What could be more perfect than blank and perfect? If Ji-wi could empty the heart and clean thoughts, may all the complexities of the world-will be solved easily. Didn't Prophet Locu and Prophet Confucius both recommend that we in dealing with all things be able to empty our hearts and minds?"

Pek Gan Siansu and Lian Bu Tojin looked at each other, then nodded. They seem to open the eyes of each other's hearts. Indeed, they had been too obedient to the feelings of the heart and the way the mind, so they could hardly control the situation. The two now simultaneously raised their hands towards their respective followers and defenders as they spoke.

"Let this young man talk to the end!" What they did was because here and there there were voices of ridicule and reproach to Beng San, who was considered a madman.

Beng San was relieved. He has already taken the first step and it seems to have succeeded. Then he said again, his voice loud, "Ji-wi Locianpwe, thank you if ji-wi is willing to listen to my next words. But first I warn you that maybe what I'm about to say is not pleasant to hear, isn't the Prophet Lo- cu never said that.

Honest words are not pleasant to hear,

pleasant words are not honest.

People who understand don't want to fight.

those who like to bicker do not understand.

People who know are not arrogant

who are arrogant do not know.

The wise man is not stingy,

he contributes as much as he can

but he becomes richer.

He gave as much

as he could , but he overdid it.

The path the sky takes is

always profitable, never detrimental.

The path taken. The wise always give,

never take.

Again the two old men nodded and Lian Bu Tojin with a smile said softly, "The poem in To-tik-keng is the last part."

Beng San was even more pleased to see that Lian Bu Tojin was able to smile and Pek Gan Siansu's face was as patient as before.

"Ji-wi Locianpwe almost forgot the qualities of virtue and almost allowed violence to happen which is so unfortunate. Didn't Prophet Locu ever condemn violence?

In life, humans are weak and weak,

when they die they become stiff and hard.

All living things when they grow weak and weak

when they die they become dry and brittle (break easily)


STRONG is the friend of death,

WEAK is the friend of life.

This is why hard weapons are easily damaged

Hardwood trees are easy to fall and break.


The strong will fall to the bottom,

the weak and weak will continue to blossom at the top.

The old men returned to each other long and nodded. Indeed, all these words To-tik-king said Beng San to remind them matched their hearts before they were heated up by the younger people.

"Heee! Are we being told to listen to a drug dealer's boast?" a young man sitting in the back, who had been "hot" earlier now shouted mockingly.

We want to be made sissy who don't have masculinity! "Giam Kin laughed insultingly." Matters are to be discussed through all sorts of rotten poetry by a dirty writer. Do both sides no longer have the guts to rely on their own ingenuity? "

"Ha-ha-ha! That's right. '" Souw Kian Bi added oil in the fire. "I don't understand which is actually not brave, Kun-lun-pai or Hoa-san-pai!"

Hearing these mocking voices, Kiam-eng-cu Lien Sian Hwa had exhausted his patience. This lady has a deep hatred for Kun-lun-pai. This is not strange because this lady feels very hurt for her ex-fiancé, Kwee Sin, who she thinks has killed her father, then instead kills two of her husbands, Thio Wan It and Kui Keng.