The King Of Sword Volume 17

volume 17

Now Giam Kin raised both hands respectfully, but his attitude was still full of playfulness and mockery. "I'm a young man named Giam. I fulfilled the temperature order to attend Hoa-san-pai's birthday and look around. Who knows up here there's nothing. Coincidentally met the little lady of Hoa-san-pai's student, wanting to get acquainted in a good way ..... "

Liem Sian Hwa was very angry, but Kwa Tin Siong gave the sign with a wink, then said again, "Young woman she Giam, what is the name of your noble teacher?"

"Ha-ha-ha, people of Hoa-san-pai, you have sharp eyes. Indeed, my teacher is a noble man, little by little he is still the king of the north ..... ha-ha-ha ....."

If Liem Sian Hwa became more and more irritated, it was Kwa Tin Siong who became really shocked. He quickly nodded, saluting while saying, "What do the people of Siauw-ong-kwi ...?"

Giam Kin smiled again as he rolled his eyes. "You also dare to call my temper the Little Devil? Watch out, Hoa-san It-kiam, if my teacher hears you won't be mad again!"

Kwa Tin Siong smiled sourly. "I don't think Siauw-ong-kwi locianpwe will be as short-sighted as you, young man. You came too early, the celebration will be held another week. Please come on time and in the meantime please don't play around and scare the students of Hoa- san-pai. Didn't you come with good intentions? "

"Very good, of course, I mean very good. It's too early in the morning, let me come again a week later. See you again, sweet lady." Giam Kin then turned his body, blowing his flute strangely. Suddenly Kwa Tin Siong, Liem Sian Hwa, and Thio Bwee widened their eyes in surprise when from nowhere came small big snakes following behind the strange young man. More and more until Giam Kin was followed by dozens of snakes like ducks following his shepherd!

"Great ..... very dangerous he is ...." Sian Hwa had to admit.

Kwa Tin Siong took a deep breath. "It's been a long time since I've heard the name of his teacher, Siauw-ong-kwi. Only now have his students been so cunning, let alone his teacher. What is the will of Satan the Little King from the north by sending his mundane here?" Then he turned to Thio Bwee who was standing with a pale face. "Bwee-ji, what are you doing here alone? How can you fight him?" Kwa Tin Siong's voice contains love and attention, even though it sounds cool and fierce.

"I ... I'm practicing, Supek. He came and talked rudely, wanting to get to know me. I ... I then attacked him."

Hemmm, thought Beng San who heard this answer. Romance is a mess! To the extent that Thio Bwee dared to lie to his supek. After thinking like that, his body sped away to chase after Giam Kin who was no longer visible, only his strange flute voice still sounded faint.

Giam Kin walked freely while blowing the flute. Her heart is happy. He had seen Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee. Hoa-san-pai's student's granddaughter is beautiful and sweet, he thought. Especially Kwa Hong! No loss I represent the temperature to Hoa-san. I have to get one of them. Suddenly the young man delayed his flute, then danced and jumped among the snakes which were now confused and running back and forth. Surprisingly, the snakes were trampled, some were even trampled to death, no one dared to bite Giam Kin. Like a madman, this handsome, pale-faced young man was dancing and laughing, it would surely cause horror and horror to those who saw him.

"Giam Kin, you're really crazy!" a rebuke was heard, a loud voice and echoed throughout the place.

Giam Kin was shocked, stopped his dance and looked towards the voice. Her eyes widened in surprise and her mouth gaped when she saw a man standing not far from there with both legs spread wide and both hands apart. -What but a pair of eyes as sharp as the devil's eyes!

"Ssseeeee .... tan ,,,, you, devil ....." Giam Kin stuttered.

The man laughed. "You and your words deserve to be called demons!"

In shock and nervousness, Giam Kin then blew his flute. The snakes, which had been chaotic, suddenly became angry and stormed towards the black-faced man. Large and small snakes, most of which are extremely dangerous venomous snakes, hiss and sway to attack. The black-faced man moved his hands forward and ..... like the dry leaves swept away by the snakes rolled into one and thrown backwards, not a single one could approach him! Giam Kin let out a horrible scream and his body floated forward, at the same time this young student of Siauw-ong-kwi sent a deadly attack with his snake flute, stabbing his neck and stabbing his heart in a row.

"Heh-heh-heh, naughty and crazy boy, don't you dare mess around here again." The man said slowly, with just one bounce he made the flute deviate and Giam Kin's body staggered. Before Giam could defend himself, the man's hand was floating and the "plaque" on Giam Kin's right cheek had been slapped. Giam Kin screamed, feeling his cheeks burning and on those cheeks there was a clear picture of blackened fingerprints! While cursing and shouting, Giam Kin jumped up and ran away from the place without looking back, followed by the laughter of the creepy black-faced man.

After Giam Kin went away, the face that had been black like the ass of the crockery slowly turned white and returned to normal. Beng San smiled to himself. He had deliberately used the air in his body that contained Yang-kang to bring a black color to his face so that Giam Kin would not recognize him and he had deliberately scared the crazy young man so that he would not dare to bother Thio Bwee again. After seeing Giam Kin leave, he jumped and his body sped towards the top of Hoa-san.

On the other side of the summit, two young men faced each other with red faces. These are Thio Ki and Kui Lok. Thio Ki who has a hard -hearted character after his meeting with Kwa Hong in the park, immediately chased and looked for Kui Lok. These two young Hoa-san-pai heroes are now face to face in a lonely place, their attitudes threatening.

"Thio-heng (Thio's brother), do you need to find me here just to reprimand that nonsense?" Kui Lok asked in a mocking tone.

"Of course!" replied thio Ki angrily. "Kui-te (Kui's younger brother), we are still considered classmates and since I'm older, it's only right that I warn you if you deviate from the truth! It's really not right if you try to persuade and seduce Hong-moi, no This should be done by a Hoa-san-pai student! "

Kui Lok smiled mockingly, deliberately laughing sourly. "Heh-heh-heh, how nice of you, Suhengl In this world, where does anyone have the right to forbid me to be sweet to Hong-moi? Ha-ha-ha, you yourself are always pretentious and sweet to Kwa Hong. Why can't I? ” Kui Lok challenged.

"Am I different?" Thio Ki snapped. "I love him and ..... and ..... Kwa supek seems to agree that I should marry Hong-moi '"

Kui Lok laughed mockingly. Are you the only one in this world who can love? About Kwa-supek's agreement, hemmm ..... we'll see later, Suheng. I don't think Hong-moi himself agrees, and you're not officially engaged yet. "

The hard-nosed Thio Ki could no longer control the anger of his heart aroused by jealousy, "Kui Lok! In short, from now on I forbid you to confess to loving Hong-moi, I'm sorry you're being too sweet!"

Kui Lok is a child who is usually naughty and happy. But in this matter he also did not want to give up and became angry. "Thio-heng, you're so outrageous. Do you have any right to forbid me? You're a suheng from Hong-moi, so am I. Our hopes are still half-baked. Let's race honestly, who can finally break Hong-moi's heart , he's the lucky one. Why are you being so rude and trying to win on your own? "

"Enough! There's Bwee-moi there who is expecting you, you're even disturbing the person who is the light of my hope. In short, I forbid you to approach Kwa Hong"

"Eh-eh-eh, nice to talk! If I keep close to him, what do you want?"

Thio Ki drew his sword. "I have to forget the brotherhood!"

"Good! She Thio, do you think I'm afraid of you?" Kui Lok had also drawn the sword with his left hand. Two young ifu people are already facing each other with drawn swords, ready to attack each other, stab each other and kill each other. This is how young people are when they are intoxicated with love. Forget brotherhood, forget vigilance and shamelessness. Yes, shameless. Didn't Kwa Hong blatantly state that this girl didn't choose one of them? However, they still fought for it in preparation for sacrificing their lives.

"Good ...... good ..... Brothers Thio Ki and Kui Lok, hurry up and dance with the sword, let me watch it, it must be beautiful to see" Beng San appeared from behind a tree while clapping and laughing.

Kui Lok and Thio Ki, who were already tense and ready to attack each other, became surprised and looked on. They saw a handsome young man dressed in blue silk like a young student. Of course they did not know Beng San whom they used to know as a child dressed like a filth. But because they were indeed young Hoa-san-pai heroes who were arrogant and felt themselves the bravest and most cunning, they immediately felt unhappy with the arrival of this stranger.

"Who are you? Why do you want to come in here?" Thio Ki asked frowning. also Kui Lok looked sharply with his eyes glazed over to show his displeasure.

Beng San laughed, his face beaming. "Brothers Thio and Kui seem to have forgotten me again. Even though we haven't been apart for ten years. I'm Beng San."

Thio Ki and Kui Lok looked at each other, for a moment the enmity between them disappeared. It was clear that they were surprised to see Beng San who had now turned into a young man with a strong body and a handsome face.

"Uuuhhhhh ...... Beng San .....?" Thio Ki said in an insulting voice.

"Hemmm, are you here? Do you want to come here? You're spying on us, huh?" said Kui Lok, threatening.

"Ah, no. I came and saw you want to play sword, I really want to see it. You used to be very smart, especially now, of course your sword game is beautiful."

Back Kui Lok and Thio Ki looked at each other and both became suspicious. Of course Beng San had heard their quarrel earlier!

"Have you been stalking us for a long time? Did you hear what we were talking about?" Thio Ki demanded.

Beng San smiled. "I don't know, I guess you're talking about the wind or the birds." He deliberately said so without mentioning Kwa Hong's name, while Hong's words could mean wind or even the name of a hong bird!

The hard -hearted Thio Ki became arrogant. "Beng San, you are so rude. Why do people like you dare to show up here without permission? You deserve to be beaten."

"That's right, Suheng. Let's just hit this bastard and let him get out of here!" said Kui Lok who remembered how before with Thio Ki he had beaten Beng San. The two young men stepped forward and their hands floated to slap his cheeks and hit his shoulders. However, as the young heroes of Hoa-san they are not willing to kill the weak, only to hit to punish and to drive away Beng San.

"Eh, eh, eh ..... why play punch? I'm not guilty of anything ....." Beng San staggered backwards after being hit by a shot. Of course the attacks made not to kill him were not felt at all by him, but he pretended to be in pain and staggered backwards.

Thio Ki and Kui Lok didn't care, insisting on beating Beng San until the young man ran away. Beng San pretended to raise both hands to protect his head and face while shouting, "Don't hit ...... don't hit!"

"Ki-ko and Lok-ko, who did you hit?" Suddenly Kwa Hong was standing there. The virgin's face was a little pale, especially when she saw that in the hands of Thio Ki and Kui Lok were still holding drawn swords. Indeed, when beating Beng San, Kui Lok was still holding the sword with his left hand while Thio Ki's right hand was also still holding the sword. Kwa Hong's arrival was actually because he felt very anxious, afraid that the two young men might risk their lives, so seeing them holding swords, he became very worried. Only he wondered why the two young men even beat a young man who looked weak and not good at martial arts.

Thio Ki and Kui Lok with red faces from gasping and then jumped back. After the two jealous young men retreated, only Beng San dared to lower his hands from his face. He looked at Kwa Hong, instead the girl looked at him. Two pairs of eyes met, from Beng San's side full of admiration. Now he can clearly see Kwa Hong's condition. Truly beyond what he often imagined. Pretty and strong. A pair of eyes that are clearer than goldfish eyes, shiny black hair, long eyebrows that are small and black on a reddish white face, a small nose, a sweet mouth, ah ... no kidding, now Kwa Hong the kuntilanak it has turned into a beautiful virgin. On Kwa Hong's side, the rays of this girl's eyes slowly shone,

"You ..... you ..... uh, the chameleon .....!"

Beng San frowned. "That's right," he said coldly, "and you kuntilanak are still fierce ...."

Thio Ki and Kui Lok stepped forward, about to hit again. But Kwa Hong, who already knew what they meant, immediately took the lead.

"Aha, Beng San. Is this really you? Eh, Ki-ko and Lok-ko, did you forget? He's Beng San. Hi-hi-hi, it's really Beng San ...!" Immediately Kwa Hong stepped forward and held Beng San's hand, observing the young man's face which for a moment turned a bit red.

"Hi-hi-hi, you're Beng San who can change your face. True, you've become ... a person now. Ah, I almost know if I don't see your eyes. Where are you from? Where are you going? There's a need what came here? "

Beng San was also confused by the question from the sweet mouth.

"I ... I came on purpose, heard that Hoa-san-pai was about to celebrate a hundred years. I came all the way here, saw two brothers Thio and Kui dancing swords. They didn't seem to know me, and thought I was a bad person then I want to be beaten. It's good that you come in a hurry ...... uh, Miss Hong ....... ".

Kwa Hong laughed. He was relieved that the two suhengnya did not complain about their lives. He's a very smart man. Of course, the two people were about to fight, the evidence was that they had drawn their swords. If only facing a weak person like Beng San, it is impossible for the two young heroes to draw their swords. Of course as long as they were about to fight, Beng San suddenly came, made them angry and hit him.

"It's good that you're coming, Beng San. Have you met your father? With sukong? They must be surprised to see or come. It's good that you want to come, so don't forget the old relationship." Kwa Hong spoke kindly and his two classmates looked on with jealous and envious hearts. Kwa Hong has never shown such a sweet attitude towards them.

"Ki-ko and Lok-ko, it's time you guys don't know him" Look at that pair of eyes, where is anyone else with eyes like him? You should know him and not hit him. He has come a long way to attend a celebration, to be a guest, time has to be beaten? You are really reckless, if you hear father or sukong, don't you get angry? "

Suddenly he stopped talking because he heard footsteps approaching, and soon Thio Bwee, Kwa Tin Siong, and Liem Sian Hwa appeared. The three of them had just returned from the place where they met Giam Kin. Because a young man had just made a fuss, now seeing that the three children of Hoa-san-pai's students were standing facing another foreign young man, Kwa Tin Siong immediately became suspicious and quickly approached while looking sharply.

"Who is this strange young brother?" he asked.

Kwa Hong ran over to his father holding his father's hand with a spoiled attitude. "Ki-ko and Lok-ko, don't tell Dad first! Dad, take a good look, and Auntie too. You also take a good look at Enci Bwee, pay attention to her and try to say, who is she?"

Kwa Tin Siong and Liem Sian Hwa looked on intently, but the two from Hoa-san Sie-eng could not recognize the handsome, burly-bodied young man dressed like a student. Too many problems and affairs that complicate the mind make them can no longer remember Beng San at all. But not so with Thio Bwee. Like Kwa Hong, this girl was once helped by Beng San, even though she never remembered Beng San, but I guess she can't just forget this young man's face.

"Aren't you ... Beng San's brother?" he asked hesitantly because even though he still knew this strange sharp-eyed young man, he was still hesitant to see this young man as an educated man. He did not remember that the old Beng San, who was badly dressed, had been a literate man since he was a child, much smarter than himself or the other Hoa-san-pai students. Because of that, his sukong, Lian Bu Tojin, loved Beng San and made him his cousin and was given a lesson about To's mysticism.

Kwa Hong laughed. "Mr. Bwee still remembers." He praised and Beng San also smiled as he paid tribute to Thio Bwee.

"Ah, that's right ..... you're Beng San .....!" Kwa Tin Siong also remembered now after hearing Thio Bwee's words, also Liem Sian Hwa remembered and looked in awe when Beng San nodded to pay his respects to them.

Kwa Tin Siong remembers the events of the past, when Bun's two brothers from Kun-lun-pai were killed in Hoa-san-pai and how Beng San's attitude defended Kun-lun. Although this boy's words used to be suitable for his situation, namely that Ngo-lian-kauw who slandered so that the two big parties were hostile, but this boy's attitude used to be suspicious. Why defend Kun-lun-pai while the boy is staying in Hoa-san?

"Beng San, you used to leave us, now what do you come here for?" Kwa Tin Siong asked, his voice hinting at suspicion. Kwa Hong looked at his father with a frown and he turned to Beng San, his eyes full of concern. But the young man smiled at her meaningfully, asking the virgin not to worry. Then he pointed to Kwa Tin Siong and said.

"Kwa-enghiong, I apologize as much if my arrival is a nuisance to Lo-enghiong. In fact, my visit to Hoa-san has two purposes. First, because I miss Lian Bu totiang and Lo-enghiong, secondly, secondly , because on the way I heard that Hoa-san-pai was about to celebrate her birthday, so I deliberately came to congratulate and watch the crowd. Anyway, I still haven't forgotten the kindness of Lian Bu totiang who had been willing to accept me. to be a boy here. "

This speech was clearly very humble, the two young men of Hoa-san-pai listened while being arrogant. Just a former kacung, what needs to be served? Kwa Tin Siong and Lienn Sian Hwa listened with pleasure to witness the very polite demeanor of Beng San, while Thio Bwee and Kwa Hong looked on with beaming eyes. Where can these two virgins forget when Beng San carried them one on both shoulders while crossing the swamp? And now Beng San has become a handsome and strong young man, even for Kwa Hong, in the depths of his small heart he admits that compared to his two suhengs, in terms of good looks Beng San is much more victorious! In his previous association with Beng San, he looked at Beng San as a naughty girl looking at a boy he thought was naughty too. But now, the look in the eyes is the look in the eyes of a teenage virgin towards a man. Of course much different.

"It's good that you still remember us, Beng San. But you arrived a little too early in the morning. A new celebration was held a week later. Let me be here in the meantime. Let me take you to face the temperature."

In droves they all returned to the summit. Only Thio Ki and Kui Lok were dissatisfied. Firstly because the affair between them had not been resolved, secondly they felt jealous and jealous of watching Beng San the naughty boy as a guest, let alone seeing Kwa Hong's smiling and sweet attitude towards Beng San.

Beng San was moved to see that Lian Bu Tojin, Hoa-san-pai's kind-hearted old grandfather now looked very old, his face wrinkled a sign that in his old age this grandfather was suffering from great inner pressure. Beng San can guess that the cause of all this must be the conflict with Kun-lun-pai. He quickly dropped to his knees in respect.

"Noble Totiang, teecu Beng San come face and pay your respects, may Totiang always be happy and live a long life."

Lian Bu Tojin, the head of Hoa-san-pai, looks taller and thinner than eight years ago, the butut bamboo stick he always holds and his left hand caressing his long beard and which is now almost all white. He nodded and smiled calmly.

"Ah, Beng San, you reminded Pato of what happened earlier." He took a deep breath. "Apparently you're more vigilant than pinto. If only pinto had listened to you when you were little ..... ah, you're right, indeed Hoa-san-pai has become dirty, planting animosity. You'd better get out of here, otherwise, I hope you get dragged too. " Tosu took a deep breath repeatedly and seemed to grieve. Beng San felt very sorry.

"Totiang, it's not good to be sad in old age! Teecu remembered the words in To-tik-king that read:

"I suffer because I have a self. Suppose I don't have a self, what suffering can I experience?"

The old Tosu laughed. Nice! Sentence in utterance number thirteen! That's right, Beng San. Disasters befall human beings simply because human beings are always selfish. Because human beings are selfish, they always want to win, always want to be happy on their own, enjoy themselves without caring about other people's circumstances. Do you remember a few sentences in statement number twenty-three? "

Beng San thought and connected the sentences in the words that he had memorized well with the situation faced by tosu in. He then replied, "What does Totiang mean by the sentence that reads:

Strong winds will not last all morning,

heavy rain will not last all day.

Who is the cause of this celestial body in heaven and earth?

If heaven and earth cannot do without ceasing, how

much more a man?

"Ha-ha-ha, very good, Beng San Ah, indeed you are more right. A thousand times better to study philosophy and understand, be aware, and follow the essence of sannya adapted in life, than to learn all sorts of rough science like martial arts that only brings catastrophe and sheer enmity ..... Again he took a deep breath.Then his face lit up again when he asked, "How, good boy, how is it with Lo-tong Souw Lee? Is the old magician still strong against the will of nature? "

"There is no eternity in this world, Totiang. Lo-tong Souw Lee has returned to its original place, a few months ago."

"Aaahhh, that's where the ultimate goal of life is. Who's strong against him? Whether he's a king or a bastard, it'll all end the same. Contradictory? A deadly battle? The loser will die, is it that the winner won't die too? Temporary question, if it's like Lo-tong Souw Lee, where are the victories and defeats? Aaahhh, if people remember this ..... "

Beng San felt how deeply these words meant and he who since childhood paid attention to philosophy, was pensive. The situation in the room became quiet. At this point, Beng San faces alone, because all of Hoa-san-pai's students understand that without being invited they should not disturb the grandfather at all.

"Is this your coming just to see us?" suddenly the grandfather asked after realizing from his reverie.

"Teecu heard the news that Hoa-san-pai was about to celebrate his hundredth birthday, so teecu deliberately came to congratulate him and also to watch the crowd."

"Not being commemorated means disrespecting the founder of Hoa-san-pai. Being reminded will inevitably provoke the coming of turbidity. In this murky time, every event provokes the coming of another event that is always iriemusingkan. Beng San, pinto has a hunch that in the celebration a week later this will surely bad things will happen. The conflict between us and Kun-lun-pai is getting more and more heated by the students of both parties. I heard rumors that Pek Gan Siansu himself will come. the parents will certainly be able to make the calculations peacefully.You are a child of deep understanding, Beng San.Pinto is so glad you came, you stayed here and you witnessed our efforts the parents find a peaceful way.By your presence in here,pinto feels calmer. "

Beng San was shocked. What is it that brings this feeling in Lian Bu Tojin's heart? He was very proud and grateful, so without hesitation he said, "To-tiang, believe me, the stupid teecu will surely help and support this noble stand of Totiang".

"Beng San, have you inherited Lo-tong Souw Lee's skill?" This question was suddenly asked and when Beng San looked up, he was shocked to see a pair of old eyes shining sharply at him inquisitively. Damn, he thought. He wanted to hide his cleverness, and he couldn't possibly lie to this grandfather.

"Since childhood, teecu loved to study philosophy and it seems that during teecu's gathering with Lo-tong Souw Lee, all the advice and sayings of the old man have been well studied by teecu". The answer was deviant and he pretended not to know about the meaning of the question, which of course meant martial arts lessons.

"You didn't study martial arts?" The nature of this question excites Beng San. He doesn't have to lie anymore now.

"Teecu used to learn one or two kinds of shots, but it's not worth mentioning in front of Totiang."

The grandfather took a deep breath. "You're right. Martial arts should not be talked about, because it only causes a commotion. If Hoa-san-pai had not developed martial arts before, I hope that even now Hoa-san-pai would not have an enemy."

From that day on, Beng San was allowed to live in Hoa-san, and even got the honor, to, live in the same house with Lian Bu Tojin. This grandfather really likes to talk to Beng San who is also very diligent and does not forget his previous job, which is that he diligently cleans his grandfather's residence, serving all the needs of Lian Bu Tojin. One day Lian Bu Tojin who saw Beng San washing the floor of his house, took a deep breath, stroked his beard and said.

"Sweetheart, you don't like the science of sitat, Beng San. If you like it, pinto will certainly be happy and relieved to attract you to be a pinto student. You meet the conditions to be the best student, you know devotion, you know personality, you know your loyalty and vision. That's right, your vision is far and wide. Pinto really hopes for your help in facing the trials of the next few days. I hope your views and words will be able to help a lot to ease the tension.

"Teecu will try as hard as teecu, Totiang," said Beng San, an answer that came from the bottom of his heart.

Meanwhile, Thio Ki and Kul Lok's attitude is still very arrogant towards Beng San. Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee are sweet, but also look down on them. Of course this is because the four of them feel that they are Hoa-san-pai's students who have high martial arts, while Beng San is a young man? Weak and "just good at cleaning the floor" said Thio Ki. In fact, Kui Lok once expressed his concern that Beng San, who was good at licking, would persuade Lian Bu Tojin to lower his knowledge.

"Ha-ha-ha, if he's good at licking and manages to persuade, without having the basics of martial arts, where can he practice?"

Sometimes when Beng San was in the park, these four Hoa-san-pai students practiced martial arts in earnest. It's great their swordsmanship, each has its own style and has its own abilities. Apparently they deliberately showed off their skills in front of Beng San and this young man was smart enough to show an amazed face. Even one day, after seeing Thio Ki and Kui Lok playing swords, he said.

"Ouch ..... ouch, to the point of glare, dizziness ..... great sword dance of brother Thio and brother Kui! Great, like lightning snatches!"

Thio Ki and Kui Lok were also happy to hear this praise. Although they sometimes still feel jealous and jealous of Kwa Hong's sweet attitude towards Beng San, but they do not dare to hit again because Kwa Hong threatened so.

"If you dare to disturb Beng San, I will report to sukong. You know, sukong loves him very much!"

The emergency building erected by the Hoa-san-pai tosu is almost complete. The specified time is less than two days away. Beng San always intervened to help the tosu so that the tosu also felt like this polite, humble and light -handed young man. The evening of the day before the dark of the moon had appeared, was a very large and beautiful red ball. Beng San had just taken a shower after a busy day helping the tosu decorate the front yard.

"Beng San, why are you hiding?" suddenly he heard a voice.

It turned out that Kwa Hong came, then the girl whispered, "Where is sukong?" This girl is most afraid of Lian Bu Tojin.

"Totiang is inside, whistling," Beng San whispered back.

Kwa Hong put a finger in front of his lips, then signaled for Beng San to come out. When he got outside he said, "Beng San, since you came you have been busy with sukong or with the supek decorating the top. You don't care about me at all. Why?"

Beng San smiled. He stared at that great face, a face that was now a bit sullen looking at him, a pair of clear glowing eyes looking intently.

"Miss Hong ....."

"What are all the ladies? I've said it several times, I just call you Beng San, you can't wear all kinds of ladies!"

"Done, how?"

"Everyone calls me Hong Hong, so should you."

"Okay Hong Hong ...... about your question earlier, as a guest of course I have to serve totiang and help the tosu here. About you ..... don't you already have three good friends? I ... I'm stupid and weak, where do you like to talk to me? "

"Humble! Always humble, where is your old mischief? I prefer you like before. Brave and arrogant! Eh, Beng San, do you know?" The girl approached and spoke in a whisper, "Facing this centennial celebration, sukong and father advised us all to ciak-jai (eat vegetables taboo for soulful goods). Wow, I'm half dead. It must be a month full of ciak-jai, where am I strong "I saw there ... there was a very fat rabbit. Come with me there, I caught the rabbit, you roasted it, I ate it."

Faced with a virgin like this, where can one be cold and silent? So did Beng San. His former mischief arose. If only this girl was obeyed, she could be told to shave her own head!

"How delicious you are! If you want to eat meat, go and catch it yourself, you cook it yourself. After it's cooked, you just call me and give me a share. As a guest, I deserve to receive your meal."

"Eh, a lot of objections, you idiot! It's not because I can't grill on my own. I'm asking for your help because if I find out about sukong, I won't get angry. Aren't you the one who grilled the meat and not me? You help me, I'm so tired ) .....! "

Beng San smiled teasingly "If I don't want to .....?"

The sweet mouth frowned. "If you don't want to, I'll swear at you ..... man ....." He stopped and didn't continue his swearing. Beng San knew that he would be cursed by a chameleon, so he laughed.

"Miss ..... uh, Brother Hong. You're weird. I have three good friends here, why don't you invite them? Why did you invite me to conspire. Invite those three."

"Huh, you know what? The three of them don't have the guts."

"No guts? What do you mean?"

"Where do they dare to violate the ban on sukong? Come on, don't go around talking. Do you want to or not?"

Of course, it's impossible to say "no" to the insistence of a virgin like Kwa Hong. "All right ..... all right ....." Beng San said and at the same time Kwa Hong held his arm and pulled him to make him run very fast.

"Eh ..... eh ..... how is this ..... uh, Miss ..... eh, Hong Hong, I'll fall later ....." Beng San shouted softly.

"Hurry up a little why? Are you a man or a woman?"

Beng San's heart was pounding. He remembered a girl in a green shirt named Eng. Why are Eng and Hong's opinions the same? Eng used to ask like that.

"You just see for yourself. Am I a man or a woman?" his reply was the same as before when he answered Eng's question. The girl in the green dress used to say that she was not a man not a woman, but a sissy. What will Kwa Hong say?

Kwa Hong laughed, then poked Beng San's hand again and was asked to run through the hidden place. "Of course you're a man, but weak men outnumber women."

"You don't like it? You're disappointed to see me as weak as a woman?"

"No ...... no .....! I even like to see you weak like this. Intelligent men always behave, act smart and brave themselves. Cih, boring even. If you are smart of course you will too. change your behavior, of course act and be arrogant like ..... like ..... "

"Like Kui Lok and Thio Ki?" Beng San connected.

Kwa Hong let go of his hand. They stood facing each other in the light of the full moon, looking at each other.

"Why did you say that?" demanded Kwa Hong.

"It's easy. You only see those two people here, of course they're the ones you're comparing. But you're wrong, sweet Brother Hong. There are many intelligent men in this world who aren't arrogant like them."

"Try again ....."

"Repeat what?"

"Your mention of me earlier ....."

"Hong's sweet sister?"

Kwa Hong laughed happily, his eyes glowing at Beng San. This young man was amazed and amazed at the innocence of this girl's heart. Still like a child, so happy to be praised. He doesn't remember at all how unhappy Kwa Hong was, he even looked angry and bored when praised by Kui Lok and Thio Ki. Now the laughing girl looked at him, her face turning red and her eyes shining.

"Beng San, aren't you lying?"

"Lying about what?"

"That I'm sweet ..... is that right?"

Beng San was amused. Strange indeed are women, sometimes like children, at times even like mothers. "Of course you're sweet, you're so beautiful, Hong Hong. When I saw you, I almost didn't know you anymore."

"You used to say I was like a kuntilanak .........."

Beng San laughed on hold. "It's over, you also ate me like a chameleon. Is my face really like a chameleon? Let's tell!"

Kwa Hong stopped walking, turned and looked at Beng San.

"No, you used to be really bad, worse than a chameleon! But now ..... hemmm, if only you were good at martial arts, I hope you are more brave and handsome than Lok-ko or Ki-ko".

Beng San's face turned red and he also received such frank praise from Kwa Hong. Im girl is really surprised and honestly not playful. They ran again.

"Let's hurry a little, afraid of the night" said Kwa Hong as he accelerated his run.

"Well, that's him ...." Kwa Hong's sharp eyes had already seen several rabbits running around infiltrating the grass clump. Quickly he chased. But the animals, even though their legs were short, were able to run very fast and agile. Crashed here, infiltrated here, intercepted here and ran there. Kwa Hong while laughing like a small child chasing a rabbit picks the fattest.

Beng San became happy to see this too. His childish nature arose and he joined in laughing and chasing here and there. But the fattest rabbit ran into the middle of the forest, chased by Kwa Hong. Beng San also chased after him. The rabbit is very fat and still young and has clean white fur. Of course the meat is soft and tasty.

Under a large tree Kwa Hone managed to catch a rabbit, held by two ears. The girl laughed happily, holding the thrashing beast.

"Well, get this fat one. Beng San, you bring it and you're in charge of slaughtering and grilling it!

Laughing, Beng San kissed the rabbit. Suddenly there was a loud roar until the ground they were treading on seemed to tremble, the leaves of the Tree swayed and the dry ones fell scattered. Kwa Hong turned pale and drew his sword.

"Beng San ... hurry up, you can climb this tree '" He pushed Beng San's body towards the trunk of the tree, he himself guarded Beng San's safety with a sword in his hand.

"Why do I have to climb a tree?"

"You're fussy! There's a tiger ..... let me fight it, but you ..... you have to climb a tree. It's hard to fight and protect you at the same time ....." The girl whispered, her eyes still looking at the horde of reeds The barriers are already starting to move.

Beng San smiled amused and also amazed accompanied by thanks. No matter how fierce, this girl turned out to be kind to him. One person is about to face a tiger, while he is told to save himself in a tree! Which girl is this brave? As Kwa Hong was concentrating on the horde of reeds, the girl did not see how easily, while carrying the rabbit, Beng San had been sitting on a tall tree branch for a while.

Kwa Hong's allegations were proven. A tiger emerged slowly from the herd of reeds. Beng San was surprised to see it. A huge tiger, about the size of a calf.

"Be careful you ...... Hong-moi (Hong's younger brother) .....!" These words came from Beng San's heart. This young man had never faced a tiger that looked so horrible, of course he became very restless. Although he already knew that he had a high supply of knowledge and great energy, but because he had never faced a beast of that size, he was worried about Kwa Hong's safety.

Kwa Hong raised his left hand towards Beng San in order to calm the young man down and not worry. His heart was relieved to hear Beng San's voice from above, a sign that the young man was already in the tree. However, it seems that the movement of his left hand is a signal for the tiger to move. With a great growl, his body, which had been a bit hunched over, now jumped high towards Kwa Hong with a great deal of energy.

"Watch out .....!" Beng San exclaimed, all the veins in his body tense and he was ready with a rabbit in his hand to intervene to help in case the girl was in danger. However, he was relieved when he saw how with a very agile movement the girl was able to jump to the side and the body of the large tiger passed quickly crashing into the empty space. The girl's sword flashed, but slipped unable to pierce the tiger's stomach because the tiger's long tail bit and repulsed!

With a horrible rage the tiger had turned and crashed again, more terrible than before. However, as soon as he saw Kwa Hong's movement, Beng San's worries disappeared. Now he even looked amazed. He got the fact that the girl's movements were really agile and very fast, and from those movements he could get the fact that she was clever. Kwa Hong was not defeated by Thio Bwee nor Kui Lok and Thio Ki. However, after being attacked four or five times, Kwa Hong was not able to stab the tiger either, his stab always missed because the tiger quickly dodged, or repulsed with his claws and tail.

"Fuck his back leg .....!" Beng San who started to worry again gave advice.

The tiger jumped again, the girl who seemed to be aware of Beng San's shout, did not jump to the side to dodge like before, but instead broke forward, down the body of the tiger that was jumping high to hit her. Then, before the tiger's body reached the ground, this girl had already moved her legs upside down, her sword flashed and ..... the tiger collapsed with her right hind thigh torn by the sword! He groaned, trying to stimulate again but because of the wound his movements became less rapid. Kua Hong easily dodged and sent repeated chats towards both hind legs. After the beast collapsed helpless because his hind legs were almost broken, Kwa Hong easily stabbed his neck and stomach. The tiger let out its last roar, his body jerked and then stopped moving. He died bathed in blood in front of the feet of the mighty virgin!

Beng San slumped down, then clapped. "Great ..... great ..... you are so brave, Hong Hong ....."

"You called me Hong-moi ....."

Beng San recalled. That's right, in his anxiety earlier he mentioned Hong's sister to the girl. Her face flushed.

"I'm older, it's appropriate to call you Hong-moi. Yes, right?"

"Of course you can. You did well. If you didn't remind me to attack his hind legs, it would probably take a long time to knock him down. Eh, where's the rabbit?"

Beng San picked up the rabbit that had been squeezed between his thighs as he clapped. The girl laughed and wiped the sword on the tiger's fur. "Let's go home, it's almost dark and my stomach is getting hungrier because of the fight."

"The carcass of the tiger ..... the meat is delicious and can add strength to the body. Also, the skin is also very beautiful, it's a pity if it's just left to rot here."

"Bring it if you want. But ..... too much meat, it won't run out. If you want to see it, won't my secret be revealed?"

"Don't worry, you killed him because he was attacked by a tiger, I ate his meat."

"And I'll get the part secretly." Kwa Hong laughed. "You're so smart, Beng San ..... eh, it's not good if you call me little brother but I just called your name. You said you're older, how old are you? I'm eighteen!"

Beng San laughed. "I'm at least two years older than you. You should call me sister."

"Hemmm, San-ko (San's sister) ..... hemmm, it sounds good too. All right Beng San koko, bring the tiger carcass. But the meat is too much, it will be eaten away by you with my help secretly."

"Don't worry, I can make the rest of the jerky. You have a lot of salt, right?"

"I can steal it from the chef's kitchen!" Kwa Hong laughed mischievously.

"Aha, I see you're only advanced in martial arts. I think all your sukong's advice about virtue was never obeyed, the proof is that you want to steal salt." The two laughed again and Beng San immediately carried the tiger carcass after handing the rabbit to Kwa Hong.

"Eh, I don't think so. You're strong too, this tiger's carcass weighs at least fifty kilos! Kwa Hong looked amazed. Beng San staggered, looked heavy. Just remembered that he was about to hide his cleverness. He almost forgot that Kwa Hong didn't praise him. He acted quickly and looked very heavy carrying the carcass.

"Wow, it's so heavy ..."

Kwa Hong smiled, "But you're strong holding it. Hemmm, I hope you're not as weak as I thought. It's a pity you didn't study martial arts."

"You said it's better I can't do martial arts," Beng San warned.

Kwa Hong shrugged his shoulders, a sweet movement in sight.

"That's not what I mean ..... I don't know, what I don't like is the arrogant and frivolous attitude, considering oneself the smartest and strongest. This is the attitude I don't like, the attitude that many kang-ouw people have."

"You're right," Beng San nodded, "and perhaps the same attitude, the attitude of wanting to win on its own and not wanting to give up in the slightest, which caused riots and animosities between one faction and another. . "

The two young people felt more and more compatible. Beng San's character who is simple, honest, patient and sometimes can also have a sense of humor can balance Kwa Hong's character who is agile, happy and sometimes hard and sometimes soft and full of warmth. Not surprisingly, in those few days they seemed more and more familiar in association. Kwa Hong, who has an open heart, openly shows his love of hanging out with Beng San so that of course the two young men of Hoa-san-pai, Kui Lok and Thio Ki, feel like their chests are about to explode with the heat of his heart. However, Beng San is a guest of Hoa-san-pai, it always seems like they like Beng San, also Kwa Hong always "protects" him. On the other hand, Thio Bwee was relieved to see that Kwa Hong was obviously not paying attention to Kui Lok,

* * * *

Beng San gets the truth of how appropriate Tan Hok's words are when he tells about Hoa-san-pai's situation in his enmity with Kun-lun pai. Not only did he see the large number of Hoa-san-pai tosu gathered on the mountain, approaching a hundred in number, but on the eve of the centennial celebration of Hoa-san-pai, a succession of Hoa-san-pai's disciples came who stay away from Gu-nung Hoa-san. Three days before the festival, the entire Hoa-san-pai members, numbering close to one hundred and twenty, had gathered there! Hoa-san-pai's situation is really haunting. Tosu-tosu in white uniforms take care with their pious and gallant demeanor. The small road leading to the summit, decorated with paper flowers, is guarded every quarter of a kilometer by three tosu at the side of the road, are the pillars of life. This was held not only to pay homage to the guests, but rather especially to "show teeth" to guests who came with certain bad intentions.

As a large party that is already famous all over the world kang-ouw, this time Hoa-san-pai held a massive preparation. Long before that, the tosu had been busy shopping, preparing all the groceries and drinks for the guests. Hundreds of new benches were made and arranged in the front room. This room became very spacious due to the extra emergency. This very spacious room is subdivided, for the guests of honor on the inside facing out, for the female guests on the left, somewhat enclosed, and for the younger ones on the right. Behind this third most spacious place, long benches are provided to place other guests who are considered followers only. The host took his place in a room close to the inner wall, near the guest of honor,

According to the news brought by the mountain foot guards, two days before the party began, many guests had come to the foot of Mount Hoa-san. They stayed in the villages, awaiting the arrival of the appointed day to climb the summit. Of course, the tosu are among them who are in charge of investigating who will come, friend or foe!

That day, early in the morning, guests were seen flocking to the top of Hoa-san. A great many and the tosu Hoa-san-pai who guarded along the way to the top, representing their chief, saw in surprise how the other parties came complete with the chosen pupils. Even the Khong-tong-pai, Bu-tong-pai, and Bu-eng-pat parties that came with dozens of students each were a strong force! Lian Bu-Tojin did not want to show himself first, in fact he deliberately forbade Kwa Tin Siong, Liam Sian Hwa and his students' grandchildren to go out first before the guests were complete. This grandfather is very careful. He wanted to see his students and grandchildren show up and be lured by the opposition to disrupt his association's birthday party. After the front living room was full of guests, then Lian Bu Tojin accompanied by Kwa Tin Siong, Liem Sian Hwa, Kwa Hong, Thio Bwee, Thio Ki and Kui Lok, came out from inside to the seats provided for the host. . The guests immediately stood up to pay their respects which was returned by Kwe Tin Lian Bu Tojin as a person of higher rank, only nodding and only raising both hands in return for the respect of the guests sitting in the honored part.

Even though Lian Bu Tojin has just left, this grandfather already knows who his guests are. Earlier, Kwa Tin Siong peeked from inside and told his teacher about the guests who were mostly known by the first cock of Hoa-san-pai. What really surprised Lian Bu Tojin and Kwa Tin Siong was the absence of the Kun-lun-pai people. In fact, they saw that Khong-tong-pai and Bu-eng-pai, two parties that always showed an attitude of defending Kun-lun-pai, were fully present there. Secretly, they are also happy with the presence of Bu-tong-pai's jago-jago, because this party always shows a good attitude to Hoa-san-pai and Kun-lun-pai.

There are many famous martial arts heroes present in the room. The name Hoa-san-pai is already too famous so that this time it can attract the arrival of martial arts champions from all over the country. But the most important things mentioned here are just a few people. Among them was the leader of the Khong-tong-pai entourage, a short, fifty-year-old fat man. He was the first student from Khong-tong-pai named Liu Ta, an Iweekeng expert and machete expert. Because he was too trusted by his old teacher, Liu Ta often acted on behalf of Khong-tong-pai without his teacher's knowledge.

On Bu-eng-pai's side, the group is led by two famous Bu-eng-pai heroes, namely Ang Kim Seng who is tall and thin over forty years old and his sister, Ang Kim Nio who is pretty flirtatious over thirty years old. . These siblings are famous as swordsmen from Bu eng-pai. As well as Khong-tong-pai's side, these siblings are more inclined to help Kun-lun-pai than Hoa-san-pai.

Beng Tek Cu, a tall big-eyed tosu is a figure of Bu-tong-pai, fifty-five years old. His people are honest and hard-hearted, but his intelligence is high and his name is feared by bad people because this tosu Bu-tong-pai never takes pity on criminals. He became a friend of Kwa Tin Siong, so in the affair between Hoa-san and Kun-lun, this big tall tosu and his entourage sided with Hoa-san-pai.

There were still many great figures present at the meeting, but it would be too long to mention them one by one. It is worth mentioning that only those who sat in the living room of honor, namely the leaders of the three groups mentioned earlier to honor the big name of the party they represent and there are a few more grandparents, namely two hwe-sio, two farmer grandfathers and three tosu. These are the great figures of the kang-ouw world who know Lian Bu Tojin personally, so they do not represent any party. However, because they belong to people of skill and level, they are welcome to sit in the living room of honor.

Among the many guests talking to each other like the sound of honey bees being disturbed, guests began handing out donations and token items to congratulate Hoa-san-pai. A low voice laughed with joy when Lian Bu Tojin agreed to accept the gift items given by the guests to Hoa-san-pai. The grandfather stood in the middle of the room where a long empty table was set up, flanked on the right and left by Kwa Tin Siong and Liem Sian. Kwa Hong and three of his classmates helped to receive the gift items and arrange them on the table. Almost all guests brought a gift item. So now they are standing in a long line. Everyone who had time at the table, saluted Lian Bu Tojin, congratulated and handed over his donations.

Kwa Hong was surprised and amused when he saw Beng San also standing in the queue. This young man was wearing his cleanest clothes, his radiant face looked very strong and handsome, that is in Kwa Hong's view.