The King Of Sword Volume 16

volume 16

"I just hope I don't bother you too much with this request for help," he said again.

"Disturbing you say?" The red lips pouted but grew sweeter. "You cute boy! Prestigious man!"

Beng San looked left and right, thinking that another man who was being rude was standing there and being scolded by this lady in green. But after realizing that he was alone with his shadow, he began to believe that he was the one being cursed at.

"Ceriwis? What is ceriwis? Bastard? I ...?" he asked in astonishment.

"Yes, you are rude and impudent! Dare to call a woman you do not know!"

Beng San looked up, even more astonished. He was indeed a philosopher, so when he heard the words that attacked him, he immediately retorted with joking philosophical words, "If people who don't know each other keep quiet and don't dare to call, how quiet this world will be! don't you know?"

"You insolent." The girl in green was getting angrier.

"Why insolent? I asked for help to be crossed there. I need to cross, you have a boat, isn't that appropriate?"

"You think I'm a girl who crosses people? You think I make a living crossing everyone?"

"I can pay any fees, I have money," Beng San answered honestly and misinterpreted people's words.

The pair of eyes gleamed, the lips that had been pouting slightly smiled, as if he was beginning to understand that he was dealing with a stupid young man. Or at least, that handsome face and well-built body, aroused his sympathy.

"You brought a lot of money?"

"Not many, I wish there were only a hundred silver tails."

The girl in the green dress let out a snort like mockery, then with just two paddles her boat slid like an arrow to the edge! Beng San was secretly shocked. That is a very strong hand movement, the movement of a high martial artist. Moreover, after he saw a sword with a beautifully engraved handle and sheath lying on the boat, he knew that the virgin in the green dress was not an ordinary person.

"You want to cross? Well, you jump in the boat!"

The distance between the boat and the land that Beng San stepped on was still one meter away, while the place was quite high, there were two meters. Beng San wanted to hide his cleverness, so he pretended not to be brave and said.

"Please bring the boat closer to here, so that I can easily get off. Jump and here, this high, how dare I?" He deliberately put on a frightened face.

The girl chuckled. A row of shiny white teeth dazzled Beng San's eyes. He glared at the sweetness of this girl's face.

"Hi-hi-hi, are you a boy or a girl?"

Beng San had a mischievous character policy in his childhood, even though he is now an adult, childish mischief is still with him. He was indignant at the words and in a sullen voice he answered.

"How did you see it? Boy or girl?" He pouted.

The green haired girl laughed again, now a little wider so that from above you could see her red mouth and a pair of dimples on her cheeks. Sweet right!

"When a man is afraid to jump from that place to here? A woman will also be brave. You shouldn't be a man or a woman, I think you're a sissy."

Beng San's stomach feels hot. He measured it with his eyes and finally had to admit that the play was a bit too much. Any man who does not understand martial arts, as long as he is not too timid, will certainly be able to jump into the boat.

"Of course I'm a real man!" he said annoyed. "Unlike you, whining woman, unable to find what she was looking for, has started complaining long and short. Of course I dared to jump in there!"

The girl lost her smile for a moment, looked back sharply and said, her voice sounding odd, "Then you jump!"

Beng San acted like a person facing heavy work. He put his money bag in his wide pocket, while he tied the package of clothes to his arm. Then he took a position and jumped down. How surprised he was when he saw the girl suddenly paddle her boat forward so that the boat seemed to dodge her leap! Of course, with his skill of lightening Beng San's body he would easily be able to jump towards the boat, but he had already decided to hide his skill. What can he do, he continues his jump and of course to ..... water. Before his body hit the water he had time to eat.

"Siauw-kwi (little devil)...!" He only heard the sound of loud laughter and high gushing water, his body continued to sink.

Even if he tried to hide his cleverness, perhaps Beng San wouldn't be so reckless as to let himself drown and be in danger if he didn't have the ability to play in the water. For him, playing in the water is nothing anymore after eight years he worked as a fisherman, every day just playing with fish and water. He had deliberately sacrificed himself to be drenched, not only to hide his cleverness, but also to avenge the girl's misbehavior. With pleasure, like a big fish, he dived straight under the girl's boat with the intention of overturning the boat from the bottom so that the girl too was soaked.

Suddenly he saw a fish that was about the size of a big, fat fish and as a former fisherman he knew this fish as a fish that was very tasty in its flesh, fat and without small spines. Quickly his hand grabbed and the fish he had already caught, his head he put in the package of clothes so that he could not move to escape again. Then he was about to catch the bottom of the boat to be overturned. But this movement he resisted when he heard the water above splashing and a green object diving. It turned out that the virgin in the green shirt had jumped into the water and dived with the movement of an expert in the water!

Beng San smiled mischievously. It's a good thing he hasn't rolled the boat, he thought. Suppose this naughty boy still has a heart of gold, now try to help him. True to his guess, when he was thrashing and acting like a person who is not good at swimming, drowning and about to drift, suddenly the girl's hand grabbed him and his hair had to be pulled up and pulled up! Beng San's already cold heart irritated him again. The bundles of her hair came loose and with her tangled hair she was pulled by the virgin like a person pulling the tail of a big fish.

"What kind of man are you? You can't even swim!" said the girl scornfully as she rose to the surface of the water. "Let's grab the edge of the boat and get on board," he ordered while he himself with a beautiful leap up into the boat.

"I..... I can't..... please...." Beng San pretended, now that his stomach was burning again and his brain was racking for revenge. The girl grumbled disdainfully, but she reached out and grabbed Beng San's shoulder and pulled the young man into the boat. Beng San was dragged up, he awkwardly tried to jump, but stumbled and was about to fall on the girl. The pack of clothes floated forward and automatically the big fish flew with its long tail slapping the green shirt girl's cheek.

"liiiihhh...,., what is this.....?" cried the girl in surprise, fending off. His cheek was not hit by the slap of the fish tail, but the water and fish slime from the tail floated up and couldn't be prevented from running down his face. The sweet fish slime entered his nose and mouth.

"Uiuhhhhh ....." The girl almost vomited and spat, then quickly dipped her face and head into the water from the edge of the boat until for the second time her head was drenched. Beng San held back his laughter, his stomach felt stiff from being amused.

The green dress virgin pulled her head back from the water, wiping the water from her face. His face was drenched, his cheeks were getting redder, his hair was wet in a mess. But strangely, he just got cuter! His eyes showed anger as he looked at the thigh-sized fish whose head was in a bundle of clothes.

"Where did the fish come from?" he snapped.

"Of course from the water, the fish from the mountains?" Beng San teases.

"Don't play games! You who almost drowned, how did you get fish in the water?" The girl looked suspiciously.

Ah, my fool, damn this time, thought Beng San. But his brain works fast. "I don't know, I was drowning, in my confusion I moved my hands and I knew I felt the package became heavy. I think this stupid fish was trapped by the rope of my clothes package and could not be released anymore."

The girl noticed Beng San's stupid face, then said angrily, "It's a stupid fish, like you, stupid man."

Beng San bowed, somewhat relieved. In order to completely eliminate the girl's suspicions, he nodded and said slowly, "Indeed he is stupid like me."

"The fish water was dirty in my face, now you have to pay. Now, you eat this fish raw!"

Beng San rolled his eyes. He should be angry at this naughty girl, but strangely, this sweet face should not be angry. It's hard for him to be angry, in fact he thinks this girl's attitude is very funny. He could not see the evil ray in those clear eyes at all.

"Ah, how can fish be eaten raw? " This fish is very delicious when it's grilled. I'm used to grilling fish like this. Moreover, the meat on the head and tail, waaah, tasty and delicious. My stomach is hungry, are you not hungry? If there's a fire here, I can grill this fish, it's good for both of us, it can relieve a hungry stomach." Beng San kept talking about the deliciousness of the fish meat. The girl listened and finally got interested.

He nodded and said, his voice still sharp, "You can roast, but be careful, if you're lying, if the fish isn't good, you have to eat it yourself until you're done with the bones. You know?" The girl then entered the head of the boat which was fitted with a bamboo room. Soon he was out again and how irritated and jealous Beng San's heart felt when he saw that the girl had changed into new clothes that were dry and delicious! Also the clothes she wears now are made of green silk.

"Eh, why haven't you grilled the fish yet?" he snapped seeing Beng San still sitting dumbfounded.

"How can I grill fish?" Beng San couldn't hide his irritated voice seeing that the girl had already changed into dry clothes while he was still soaking wet himself. "I see there is a fire in this boat, but there is no fire. And this fish must be scaled, it must be cut into pieces. You do it, I'll bake it later."

"Tch, no shame! You clean and cut yourself."

"Usually women do the work. Of course you keep a kitchen knife. I see you provide a place to cook, usually of course you cook yourself.

"I don't have a knife. Come on, hurry up, don't make me so impatient!"

Beng San became more and more annoyed. The girl had entered the room without carrying her sword lying on the boat, that alone was a sign that this girl looked down on him. Surely he thought a man as weak as he was, even with a sword, would be able to do anything to him? With a murmur he groped his sword on the floor of the boat. How is the content? Is it as beautiful as the handle and the sheath? Who knows? Her heart was pounding. Don't be one of the Liong-cu Siang-kiam!

But before he could touch it, the girl had already moved and suddenly the sword was in her hand, "What do you want with this sword?" he snapped.

"Your kitchen knife is weird, too long! What do you say? Of course to clean the fish and chop it up."

"Crazy! Where's the man cleaning the fish with a sword?"

"What's the use of this sharp object here? Of course you use it for kitchen tools, right?" Beng San pretended to be stupid.

"Stupid! Your eyes are so full of ink and letters that you don't understand the use of a sword." After saying that the girl moved her hand and "srattt!" a sword that was sparkling white so sharp had been pulled out of its scabbard.

"Ouch sharp! Very dangerous for a kitchen knife, it might eat your delicate little fingers!" The words about this finger were not meant to be praising at all, but suddenly the girl became a bit soft.

"Is it true that my fingers are small and delicate?" He extended his left hand to Beng San. Beng San held the hand, stroking his fingers like someone checking and appraising.

"It's small, smooth, nice claws, clean, soft and warm."

Suddenly the sweet face turned very red and slowly he pulled his hand back., "Cih, shameless!" he said, but the tone of these words was not angry at all, even the sweet lips smiled. "Well, times can be used to cut fish, let me grill it later."

Beng San accepted the sword and awkwardly held the hilt, then scraped the fish scales carefully, fearing that his fingers might get hurt by the sword. The green dress girl just watched while laughing amused at Beng San's awkwardness. Sometimes the girl would be pensive and stare at Beng San's handsome face, like a dreamy person. If Beng San accidentally looked up, two pairs of eyes met. The girl's eyes were half closed, her lips parted and only then did she realize and her face turned red when she realized that it had been a long time since they had seen eye to eye, looked away and at the corner of her lips imagined a smile. Beng San was also silent, his heart full of astonishment. He didn't understand the attitude of women, he couldn't guess what the hell was going on in the heart of this green dress girl.

"Excuse me ...... there are people like this awkward. Come here, let me clean the fish!" Finally the girl said while holding back her laughter.

Beng San gave his fish and sword. Deftly the girl in the green dress scraped the scales of the fish, dismembered them and dumped their entrails. His tiny slender fingers were so dexterous, making Beng San now who had his turn to watch in awe.

"Your clothes are soaking wet, isn't it cold? Why don't you change clothes?" While cutting the fish, the girl in green asked.

Beng San pouted. "All my clothes are wet, how can I change? It's the same, the replacement is wet too. Because of you...".

The girl laughed again, her eyes beaming as she looked up at the boy. "You already replied?"

Beng San was dumbfounded, thinking that his act of attacking with a fish tail earlier was discovered. But he pretended not to know and asked, "Reply to what? You put the boat forward, I almost drowned!"

"You've been cursing me as a little devil, isn't that already a response? Stupid, your clothes are wet, why don't you wring them out and dry them?

Beng San just realized. That's right, the sun has started to rise, the clothes in the bundle are all wet, if they are not squeezed and dried in the sun, when will they dry? Without answering, he then untied his bundle of clothes, squeezing the clothes one by one and then drying them on the roof of the boat room. Only now did he see these clothes he had received from the people of Pek-lian-pai, they were all very good, of silk in blue and yellow.

"Heee, I replaced you with cutting fish, why don't you help now? Let's make a fire."

"How? Where's the flint? '*

The girl looked nervous. "You're really awkward. Look, my sword can't just be used to cut fish." Once the sword swung, its tip touched a rock that had been deliberately placed on the edge of the boat. Large glowing sparks grabbed the oiled leaves, igniting. Beng San exclaimed in delight and amazement, then took the leaf, placed it in the anglo (fireplace) and made a bonfire with twigs and dried leaves that were also already available there, in a basket.

Not long after, the smell of fish meat being grilled pierced the nose. Delicious and savory. Luckily, the spices were already there, so it was easy for Beng San to make a fully seasoned grilled fish. The small, pointed nose of the lady in the green dress swelled and deflated.

"Ouch, it doesn't smell good ....."

"That's just the smell, not the taste!" . Beng San is proud. "Once you taste it, I'm afraid you won't get any."

"How arrogant!" The girl was getting witty and Beng San was overjoyed that his inner interpretation of this girl was correct. He had already guessed that a girl like this must have a good heart, witty, happy and sometimes fierce. More or less he could already guess because he was reminded of Kwa Hong's character and attitude back then.

When the grilled fish meat is cooked, even the thin silk clothes that have been dried in the sun are dry. Beng San is confused. "I'm about to change, but where? May I enter your room?"

"Do not!" The girl snapped. "Let me hide inside and you can change clothes here."

When the girl slipped into her small room on the boat, Beng San turned his back on the room, then took off his clothes which were also almost dry, that is, changing them with replacement clothes that had dried properly. After storing her clothes, repacking them, she squatted down to inspect her cooked grilled fish.

"Heee, Miss! Come out, I'm done!" he shouted. But when he looked, he felt how useless it was for him to shout out because the lady was already standing behind him!

"Don't shout, I already know!" replied the lady.

"How do you know I'm done getting dressed?" asked Beng San, the question naturally meaningless. However, the lady became very red in the face and she turned her face to the left. Without looking at the young man he said.

"Presumptuous! Do you think I...... is stalking you?"

Beng San laughed and suddenly his own face turned red with shock. "Ah, I didn't think that's nonsense at all, Miss. This meat is ripe enough, edible. Please."

The lady in green did not hesitate and sat on the floor of the boat facing Beng San after taking out an urn filled with tea and the two of them then ate the meat which was indeed delicious and tasty. During the meal and drinking tea, the two of them didn't say a word, only sometimes their eyes stared at each other without any particular meaning. Their stomachs were also full after the meat of the fish as big as the thighs had fallen into their stomachs, only fish bones were scattered on the floor. After washing his lips and mouth, only then did Beng San say.

"You're very kind, Miss, for helping me. Too bad you have a problem, you don't find what you're looking for yet. If you'd like to tell me what or who you're looking for, I promise I'll help you."

Suddenly the green dress girl widened her beautiful eyes, and at another moment her hand was already gripping Beng San's shoulder. The grip was very strong and this young man knew that an ordinary young man would crush his shoulder blades if this girl used her strength to squeeze. He was amazed and even more surprised by this attitude.

"Are you she (named descendant) Bun?" The girl snapped, her eyes on fire.

"No, I'm she Tan."

"Honey ....." The girl released her grip on his shoulder, fumbled with the handle of the sword and looked at the water at the edge of the boat like a daydreamer. Disappointment and depression re -imagined among the series of her sweet faces.

Beng San was astonished, as well as his heart pounding. When the girl moved her hand to grip her shoulder, she remembered that she had seen this move, had experienced an attack like this and suddenly remembered that the slim image last night, which had attacked her when she carried away Tan Hok, was very likely a girl in clothes. this green! Doesn't he know me? But he kept his cool, decided to continue playing, pretending to be stupid.

"If I'm She Bun, why?" he asked curiously. The girl suddenly pulled out her sword and "srrrattt!" The sword had grabbed onto the surface of the water near the boat and ..... a fish the size of an arm that had been swimming on the side of the boat had been cut in half, right between the head and the body.The two pieces of the fish's body floated in the water, drifting slowly into the waterways.

"If you were a she Bun, that would be what it would be..." The girl said again without looking. Beng San looked at the slashed fish. shudder. This girl is so sweet why can be so cruel Certainly contains deep curiosity, he thought. This lady's character is strange. Kind enough to want to take him to the boat, but sometimes cruel like before when he deliberately moved the boat so that he fell into the water. But again kind enough to jump in and dive to help him. A girl who is witty, funny, sweet, fierce and sometimes cruel. There is a point of similarity between this girl in green and Kwa Hong….. uh, yeah. He's on his way to Hoa-san right? Why are you talking to this girl in green now? Beng San looked ahead and was surprised to see that without him realizing it the boat had been sliding all along,

He looked at the girl who was still sitting pensively, looking sad and lonely. He felt sorry for her. Surely this girl has been looking for someone she Bun "for a long time?" which seems to be his biggest enemy. "Honey I'm not she Bun," he tried to comfort her.

The girl turned to him and slowly her depression dissipated. "I mean, darling, you're the one who said she's not good at martial arts."

Beng San didn't want people to talk about him. which he was trying to hide, then he immediately said, "Eh, why didn't this boat cross? I forgot. Miss, please cross me over there."

The green clothed girl smiled. "I forgot too." He immediately rowed, slowly but the boat glided fast like a shark, in a moment against the current the water had reached the other side. He stuck the oars in the ground and tied the boat with the oars which are now used as pegs. They looked at each other feeling that the time of parting had come.

Beng San grabbed his bundle of clothes, then turned to the lady who was still sitting on the floor of the boat. "Madam, I am very grateful for all your help. The help crossed me from especially ..... the help you gave when I drowned. Madam, the situation is chaotic, in my journey I saw war and death rampant. Why are you alone here in a boat? Where are your parents? I think for a teenage virgin like you, it is very dangerous to live alone here, you better go home and stay at home with your parents ..... "Words that come from a sincere heart from Beng San this sounds real, in a voice that contains as much honesty as the advice of an older person to a younger person.

Hearing this, the girl was dumbfounded for a moment, looked at Beng San with her face upturned, wistful, then suddenly tears started to fall and she burst into tears, lying face down on the board of the boat. in front of the girl. His voice trembled with compassion when he managed to open his mouth.

"Miss ..... why are you .....? Don't cry, ahhh ..... I'm sorry if I said rude to offend you ....."

The weeping of the virgin became more and more intense, until her shoulders swayed, she was so sad that she sobbed. Because of the great feeling of emotion and pity, Beng San unconsciously stroked the virgin's head again, issuing comforting words.

"I'm all alone..... ah, my fate is miserable....." The girl sat up, and in another moment she had plopped down on the chest of Beng San who was forced to hug her in confusion.

"Calm down .., .. shut up ..... Miss, don't cry. Ah, you made me sad ....." He couldn't continue his words, his throat felt blocked. Indeed, Beng San is basically a noble character, easy to pity other people.

Crying on Beng San's chest, the girl said softly, intermittently, "..... my mother is dead ..... my father was killed ..... I am an orphan, somehow ..... nothing homeless people ..... always accept people's insults ..... only you ..... only you are a good person to me ..... "

"Hmmm, pity...." and suddenly Beng San became so sad that tears rolled down his cheeks. He thought of himself, who was also alone, not knowing where his parents were. "Be patient, Miss. You are not the only one in this world who suffers like this. I am alone, I live alone in this wide world."

The two hugged each other, the girl was still sobbing and Beng San stroked the delicate and fragrant black hair. His heart is not compassionate. It was only this time that he experienced a situation like this that was so confusing, that it made his heart leap erratically.

"You're so kind..... you're so kind...." the girl whispered over and over again.

"You are a good person too, Miss. You are kind and worthy of pity. I will never forget you for the rest of my life. What is your name, Miss? Let that name always be in my memory and I promise to help you find that She Bun person as long as you like to tell the name. complete and how the person."

Suddenly the girl let go of Beng San's hug, sat away and wiped away the tears. Those good eyes turned red, her cheeks even redder.

"I didn't ask your name, you don't need to know my name either..."

"How is it? You have a name, don't you?"

"Just call me Eng..... never mind, you know me as a green shirt maiden named Eng who is miserable, alone. I know you as a kind she Tan person, and..... what a pity..... people She Tan who is kind but weak..... ah, if only you were good at silat..... go away, leave me alone......" She cried again.

Beng San stood up, took a deep breath. "Okay, Miss Eng. Or should I call it Adik Eng? I'm leaving, goodbye and hopefully we will meet again under better conditions." He got out of the boat and soon Beng San was walking away, not knowing how the girl in green was sitting looking at him from afar with sad eyes.

With the clothes and money the Pek-lian-pai gave him, Beng San was able to travel as a proper traveler. Sure enough, dressed like an educated young man, he didn't experience any disturbances along the way. Fifteen days later he arrived at Hoa-san area and a few days climbing the mountains, he finally arrived at the peak of Hoa-san which was the center of the Hoa-san-pai assembly. His heart fluttered when he saw that familiar place eight years ago. From afar he saw how the place had begun to be decorated. Lots of tosu erect big makeshift buildings. Many people work. Beng San deliberately took a detour. He was about to enter Hoa-san-pai from behind, headed to the flower garden where he used to play with Kwa Hong, Thio Ki, Thio Bwee, and Kui Lok. Are they here too? And what about chairman Hoa-san-pai? Ah, among Hoa-san Sie-eng, only two people live, namely Kwa Hong's father, Kwa Tin Siong and Liem Sian Hwa. How will they behave when they see me? Various thoughts and conjectures raged in Beng San's mind, making his heart pound with tension as he approached the flower garden behind Hoa-san-pai's temple. How will they behave when they see me? Various thoughts and conjectures raged in Beng San's mind, making his heart pound with tension as he approached the flower garden behind Hoa-san-pai's temple. How will they behave when they see me? Various thoughts and conjectures raged in Beng San's mind, making his heart pound with tension as he approached the flower garden behind Hoa-san-pai's temple.

Suddenly Beng San jumped behind the tree and slipped away. With a movement that did not make a sound at all, he moved to hide in a large tree with very thick leaves. He was not a man who liked to spy on others, but what his unusually sharp eyes saw forced him to hide and spy. In the middle of the lonely garden he saw a very beautiful girl sitting on a bench near a fish pond full of red lotuses in front of him stood a handsome young man who lowered his face. The girl's face looked bright, her lips smiling but a pair of eyes moved half-angrily.

Beng San secretly noticed the three people. The young man was a young man whose face was handsome, his eyes were sharp and his face imagined arrogance and joy at the same time, his clothes were beautiful but all white like a mourning person. His body shape was moderate and he looked stout with a fur hat on his head and a sword hanging from his waist. As for the beautiful virgin she faced, she was a virgin who had a tall, slender body, her movements were weak and graceful, but she had agility and strength that could not be separated from the eyes of an expert. His face was egg-round, his skin very white, reddish white and finely preserved, a pair of eyes like the eyes of a hong bird that could sometimes radiate warmth and delicacy but sometimes looked sharp piercing and fierce. Her clothes grew beautifully, but the base is red so it's easy to guess that he really likes the color red. Also this beautiful girl carries a sword that is mounted behind her back so that behind all this beauty looms greatness and valor. After taking a closer look, Beng San almost couldn't help but laugh. It was easy for him to recognize the young man who was none other than Kui Lok. His wide ears he will never forget. And who is this beautiful girl who looks spoiled if not the kuntilanak? Kwa Hong, it can't be anyone else. Where else can anyone have eyes like that? After looking closely, Beng San could hardly hold back his laughter. It was easy for him to recognize the young man who was none other than Kui Lok. His wide ears he will never forget. And who else is this beautiful girl who looks spoiled if not the kuntilanak? Kwa Hong, no one else can. Where else do people have eyes like that? After looking closely, Beng San could hardly hold back his laughter. It was easy for him to recognize the young man who was none other than Kui Lok. His wide ears he will never forget. And who else is this beautiful girl who looks spoiled if not the kuntilanak? Kwa Hong, no one else can. Where else do people have eyes like that?

Also the second girl who hid while lurking, which had aroused suspicion in Beng San's heart, after he looked closely, he felt sure that this girl must be Thio Bwee. This girl also has a slender solid body shape, her skin is smooth and not as white as Kwa Hong, but it cannot be said to be black. The skin is dark in color which even adds to its sweetness. Her face was also very beautiful, her nose imagining a hard heart. Like Kui Lok, this girl is also dressed all in white, but not plain white, but a flourishing white. On his back, like Kwa Hong, he carried a white -clad sword.

"Hmmm, like watching a play? Just a puppet," thought Beng San amused, what is going on with these naughty children?" Unconsciously remembering this, Beng San laughed loudly without making a sound, while pressing his stomach.

Kui Lok raised his handsome face and his mouth was always smiling mockingly said, "Hong-moi, I once again reiterate that I have always loved you, not as brothers and sisters, not as brothers, but as a man to a woman he loves. Hong-moi, I love…”

"Come on, Lok-ko, don't repeat it again," Kwa Hong said with a sharp look, then suddenly his eyes flashed mischievous as he said, "It's not good to talk like this, you stand up and I sit down. You sit on the grass so that I I don't always look up when I talk to you."

Kui Lok looked down. The soil is not clean, even if it is overgrown with green grass, it will certainly stain his clothes. But without hesitation he dropped himself sitting in front of Kwa Hong, on the ground. Because the virgin was sitting in front of him and he was sitting on the ground, it looked like he was kneeling in, in front of a higher level person! Kwa Hong's beautiful face looked radiant as he looked down, to that handsome and submissive, hopeful and obedient face. Instead, Kui Lok now looked up at the beautiful face above him.

"Lok-ko," Kwa Hong said with a sweet smile, "I don't like it when you meet every time you express your love. I'm getting tired of hearing that. I told you, now is not the time for me to think about it. You be patient because I can't say for sure who I will choose in the future. You yourself know, my father intended to set me up with Ki-ko, I also flatly refused.

"Okay, Moi-moi (Adinda), okay. I won't repeat it again, but let me adore you..... how beautiful you are, Hong-moi. twilight. I will feel that life is happy if I can look at your beautiful face, hear your sweet voice like...."

"Shhhhhhh...... there's someone.....!" Kwa Hong, who has sharp hearing, got up from his seat. Actually in this case Kui Lok would not lose to him, but because the young man was just drunk on love, he became less careful. The two of them jumped in one direction, namely the direction of the flower cluster and had a chance to see Thio Bwee's body running away with his hands closed in front of his face. The two of them stood dumbfounded, and both blushed.

"Alas, Enci Bwee saw and heard all that!" Kwa Hong slammed his right foot. "It's all your fault, Lok-ko! You know how much he loves you and now you're giving him a scene like this. Doesn't this mean you're torturing his mind?"

Kui Lok bowed and said in self-defense, "What is my power, Hong-moi? What is my power if there is no other woman in this world who breaks my heart?"

"You idiot! Enci Bwee is pretty sweet, good at martial arts, really very suitable to be... uh...... to be your soul mate."

"But you're prettier, Hong-moi. You're more..."

Again Kwa Hong slammed his feet in exasperation. "That's enough! You get out of here, Lok-ko. After Enci Bwee saw him, do you want others to see your shameful attitude earlier? I've said enough!"

Kui Lok took a deep breath, said weakly, "I only hope for your mercy....." then left with a weak body. Kwa Hong also took a deep breath, looking displeased and sitting uneasy.

All of this was seen and heard by Beng San, who faced all of this with an uneasy heart. He was amused and wanted to laugh out loud, but was also touched and worried. He, who in his life had never dreamed of the love of a young person, was now faced with a very moving sight. Ah, how confusing, he thought without moving in his seat, on the branch in the tree. Kui Lok is loved by Thio Bwee, on the other hand this young man loves Kwa Hong who doesn't seem to accept it! And according to what he had heard earlier, Kwa Hong's father actually intended to match Kwa Hong with Thio Ki. How convoluted romance tempts young hearts. While he was thinking how he should do next in that place, he heard the sound of people coming. He almost burst out laughing when from a distance he saw the entry of a young man rushing into the garden. This young man was tall and thin, his face was handsome and he imagined violence and arrogance, at his waist hung a sword and his armor was also all white as worn by Kui Lok and Thio Bwee earlier. At first glance, Beng San recognized him as Thio Ki.

"Oh, there will be many this time ....." Beng San smiled.

Meanwhile, Thio Ki hurried to Kwa Hong's seat, after looking to the right and left carefully, the young man immediately fell to his knees in front of Kwa Hong! The girl rolled her eyes at the young man who did not say a word in front of her.

"Eh, eh...... what are you doing, Ki-ko (Big Brother Ki)?"

"Kwa Hong-moi, don't you torture the hearts of our fatherless brothers and sisters."

Kwa Hong frowned. Ahhh..... what do you mean, Ki-ko? Was it my fault against you or against Mr Bwee?"

With a face imagining the hardness of his heart, even though he was kneeling, Thio Ki glared at the girl. "You know how much I love you and that Kwa-supek has also agreed to an arranged marriage between kan and me. And you also know that my sister Bwee-moi loves Lok-te (Lok's sister)."

Kwa Hong smiled mockingly, his brow still furrowed. "Hmmm, finished why? His voice is full of challenges.

"Don't break my heart and my sister's heart by playing love with Kui Lok."

Kwa Hong became furious, stood up and slammed his feet. It seems that his childhood habit, namely slamming his feet when he is angry, is still attached to Kwa Hong. "Ah, Mr Bwee after shamelessly stalking people, then running off to you begging for help?"

Thio Ki also stood up, facing the girl. His demeanor was harsh but his voice contained affection, "Hong-moi, my brother is no longer a father, I as his older brother become father's surrogate."

"Hmmm, what did he tell you?"

"He saw Kui Lok confessing his love to you here. Is that right? Remember, Hong-moi. I love you with all my soul and my sister loves Kui Lok with all her heart. Isn't it right that between us the grandchildren of Hoa-san-pai's disciples are intertwined this bond? You are with me and Kui Lok with Bwee's sister? Won't this bond strengthen Hoa-san-pai's position who is always disturbed by the enemy?"

"Ki-ko! It's nice of you to talk. Where matchmaking matters have rules for forced play? You are all stupid and the only thing you think about is romance. I... not even the tip of my hair ever think about it. I prefer to think about it." extermination of our great enemies. Tch, really don't know the three of you guys!"

"Hong-moi..... tell me the truth..... do you love Lok-te?"

"If I love anyone, what do you and everyone care about?" Kwa Hong snapped with both red cheeks and two tears running down his cheeks. "But I don't love anyone! Lok-ko can come here like crazy professing love, is it my fault? I don't love anyone myself, neither do you, not even Lok-ko. Well, are you clear now?"

Thio Ki turned a little pale in the face. "Is that so? So then it's Kui Lok who ruined all this. I have to find him to beat him!" Thio Ki swiftly turned around and left Kwa Hong.

For a moment Kwa Hong stood gazing, his eyes darted wildly and his face turned a little pale, then this girl ran out of the flower garden. Only Beng San is now pensive alone in the tree. He still felt the tension of everything he had heard and seen from his hiding place. Great, he thought. The affairs of these young people can lead to very great things! Considering Thio Ki's stubborn attitude, it is easy to predict that there will certainly be a battle between the brothers and sisters themselves, between Thio Ki and Kui Lok who is roughly fighting over Kwa Hong! There is still another bad possibility, which is that it is not unusual for Thio Bwee to be hostile to Kwa Hong because he is considered to have stolen the man he loves. Over and over again Beng San took deep breaths and said to himself.

"Well, you know now? Your heart is easily attracted to beautiful faces. Just down the mountain has been seduced by the girl named Eng, now see Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee your heart is pounding and very interested. Do you see their misery? See Thio Ki and Kui Lok , two strong young men, lacking nothing, now as classmates become hostile to each other. Because of a weak heart facing a beautiful face. "

But his attention was immediately attracted by the movement of the leaves on the trees. The movement is not by the blowing of the ordinary wind, but by the gusts of wind caused by the ingenuity of a person who moves very fast, passing not far in front of him. Once again he was surprised by the high intelligence of this novice. Ah, he has seen a lot of highly intelligent young people. The first time Miss Eng, the second time the young man is now passing by. He also felt that he had seen this young man, somewhere. A small young man with a very handsome face, his skin was pale white, his clothes were yellow. The pale face, the eyes that always looked down, the mouth that never stopped smiling wide, arrogant and haughty. Where has he ever seen this person?

With a heart full of suspicion, Beng San then sped away, quietly following the shadow of the man who ran fast forward. He followed the brisk young man, leaving the park and turning right and heading for a quiet slope. The slope is very beautiful, full of green meadows and here and there there are trees that bloom yellow and red. This is a large and quiet nature park, for Beng San even more beautiful than the flower garden he just left. Carefully he continued to follow the man. In this rather open place he had to be careful because what he was following was a highly intelligent person. He followed from a distance and had to stop to sneak behind a tree when the one he was following crossed an open place. Finally he saw the man stopped at a place full of flower trees and the man was lurking. Beng San quickly sneaked closer and now he could see what the young man in front of him was spying on.

It turned out that Thio Bwee, the girl who had listened to the conversation between Kui Lok and Kwa Hong, was sitting on a large black rock in that lonely place and sobbing sadly. Beng San became overwhelmed as well. He had known Thio Bwee as a child, and even once carried Thio Bwee and Kwa Hong when they were kidnapped by bad guys. He knew deeply what was troubling the young girl's heart. Who wouldn't feel sad and embarrassed to see the man she loves kneeling begging for the love of another girl?

"Dear lady, please don't cry, don't be sad. The world isn't just a palm wide and there are no less good and loyal men, better than that She Ku person...."

Hearing this voice, Thio Bwee's cries grew louder, but suddenly the girl looked up in surprise, looking at the young man who had appeared in front of her. He jumped to his feet and pointed his index finger at the person's face while snapping.

"Who are you.....? Insolent, presumptuous mouth? Get out of here!" He pushed away the handsome, pale-faced, smiling young man.

"We're people of the same class, Miss Thio, don't think that it's nonsense. I'm not a random person either. If you are the grandson of Hoa-san-pai's disciple, I am also a disciple of a magician. My name is Giam Kin, and the name of my teacher would be no less big by the name of your teacher grandfather, Lian Bu Tojin." The pale handsome youth said with an alluring smile. "I came with a pure heart, not mean to harm, just sorry to see your fate and want to comfort your heart, sweet lady. Believe me, I will be a better friend and more loyal in love than Kui Lok....."

"Shut up! Get out of here, otherwise don't think I'm outrageous. This area belongs to our territory from Hoa-san-pai, you entered without permission. Get out before my sword speaks!" Suddenly Thio Bwee became gallant and with a whipping movement once knew his sword had been drawn and was in his right hand, his demeanor arrogant and fierce, yet gallant.

As for Beng San, who had been silent for a while, he was stunned when he heard the young man mention his name. Giam Kin? Once he heard this name and once he saw that pale face, but when and where? He looked straight ahead, ready to help Thio Bwee who he thought would be in danger in the face of such a young man. But he also wants to see how smart Thio Bwee and especially the weird young man are.

Seeing Thio Bwee draw a sword, Giam Kin laughed mockingly. "Very good! Indeed, no matter how beautiful a virgin is, she is not worthy of being my best friend if she is not good at playing the sword. Sweet Miss Thio, let us play for a while. Let me see to what extent your agility in playing the sword, does it match the beauty of your beautiful face. that sweet...."

"Damn, look at the sword!" As soon as the shout came out of Thio Bwee's mouth, a roll of white light snatched towards Giam Kin's chest. Secretly Beng San was surprised and amazed as well. The Hoa-san Kiam-hoat sword knowledge played by this lady really should not be taken lightly. Similarly, it seems that Giam Kin's opinion because this young man quickly threw his body backwards and overturned several times. After escaping the threat of the sword and being able to stand up straight, the pale face looked even paler.


"Good! You're a really clever sweet lady. You deserve to be treated with a weapon too!" As he said this, the young man touched his waist and pulled out a strange object. This thing is not wrong, of course, a flute because it has holes, there is also a place for the blower, but it is shaped like a snake! Giam Kin holds on to the pointed part, which is the ecormular part by holding the handle of the sword.

"Ah, is he...???" Beng San suddenly remembered. He imagined hundreds of snakes coming to swarm him and Tan Hok when a pale-faced boy blew his flute. Here he is, Giam Kin the boy he once beat, a terrible boy, good at summoning hundreds of venomous snakes. Instantly hatred arose. This is the big enemy! Even as a child, he was very evil, with his snakes killing hungry peasants very cruelly. What else now. This kind of person should be his enemy. But Beng San didn't want to be presumptuous to intervene. He saw that Thio Bwee was not a weak person. It would mean looking down on him if he intervened now. Moreover, wasn't he trying to hide his cleverness? He quietly watched the match between Thio Bwee and Giam Kin, but always ready to help if the girl is in danger. However, he was sure that there was no way Giam Kin would want to harm this girl, let alone kill her. From his attitude earlier it was clear that Giam Kin was infatuated with Thio Bwee's beauty, where would he hurt or kill her?

The sword in Thio Bwee's hand is very clever. His movements were fast and violent and Beng San remembered when he saw this girl in her childhood had already shown her sword skills. But if the girl is clever, it turns out that Giam Kin is even more clever. The snake-shaped flute played as a sword was really great and strange in its movements, full of deceptive movements that were difficult to guard. Unsurprisingly when Thio Bwee is slowly desperately desperate, trapped by a roll of rays caused by the distilled motion of a snake. Beng San's guess is correct. Giam Kin did not mean to demolish Thio Bwee. If he wanted to, he would have been able to demolish the girl. Instead, he was just joking and his mouth was relentlessly smiling as he issued seductive remarks.

"You see, sweet lady. Am I not clever enough to be your best friend. Keep your sword and I Giam Kin is willing to admit defeat, even I like to kneel as long as you want to be my best friend ....." Hearing this, Beng San quietly felt geli. How funny it is that a man has fallen for the beauty of a woman's face. Funny and insane brain, deserves to be called crazy! Beng San is still too green to recognize a male character like Giam Kin. He thought that Giam Kin also fell in love and fell in love with Thio Bwee, did not know at all that the pale -faced young man had a basket -eyed character and would certainly "love" every beautiful and sweet woman, especially like Thio Bwee!

If Giam Kin's speech made Beng San laugh, on the other hand, it warmed Thio Bwee's heart. Despite her great desperation, the girl gritted her teeth, gripped the handle of the sword tighter and then attacked desperately while snapping.

"Student Hoa-san-pai never admits defeat before breaking his neck!"

The sword in his hand slid fast forward, vibrating, it was difficult to know which part of the opponent's body he wanted to stab at, the chest or neck. Giam Kin gasped in the face of this move. This is Poa-san Kiam-hoat's move called Kwan-kong-sia-ciok (Kwan Kong Holds the Stone). The tip of the sword in Thio Bwee's hand trembled and it seemed that this time he would have succeeded had he not faced an opponent as shrewd as Giam Kin. As we all know, Giam Kin is a student of Siauw-ong-kwi, he is a powerful person and the number one hero from the north. It is not surprising that Giam Kin has a very high silat knowledge. Facing Kwan-kong-ciok's attack, he only gasped and was shocked for a second, but he was able to calm his heart and had time to roll backwards. His body swayed back and forth like a pangolin and with a mind like this, the Kwan-kong-sia-ciok move played by Thio Bwee became a complete failure. Suddenly Giam Kin's body bounced towards his opponent and his snake whistle moved snatched from below towards Thio Bwee's feet. The attack from below was so dangerous, Thio Bwee had to jump up. Giam Kin laughed and attacked straight, sometimes attacking his legs, sometimes jumping up attacking his shoulders. Thio Bwee became increasingly desperate and overwhelmed. The only way for him is to issue his special sword art move to defend himself, which is the Tian-mo-po-in (Cloud Sweeper Lightning Umbrella) move. With this move, the beam of his sword flickered into a coil of light that protected his entire body.

"Ha-ha-ha, sweet lady. Where can I bear to cut your neck? I don't want to cut a single hair, let alone your neck. We'd better just play around with this and you like to accept me as your friend, isn't that very good?" With that said, with a strange movement the flute was able to hold Thio Bwee's sword, and these two weapons clung to each other and could not be released! Thio Bwee exerted his energy and tried to draw his sword, but in vain, his sword seemed to be rooted in the opponent's weapon. Silently Beng San who was watching this battle nodded knowingly and admiring the greatness of Iweekang from the pale young man.

"Ha, beautiful lady. You see, while our weapons are like this, they stick together and won't let go. Wouldn't it be nice if we imitated them...?" said Giam Kin in a very cheerful voice. His left hand moved from insolently stroking Thio Bwee's smooth skinned right arm!

The girl was angry, snapped loudly and hit her left hand. However, he had already lost his energy, so he let out a sudden snap of his sword that pulled at his opponent and slipped from his hand. However, this Hoa-san-pai student did not want to give up just like that. He rushed forward sending blows with his left hand while his right hand snatched his sword back. Thio Bwee is great, in such a situation he is still able to improve his position which has almost lost. This tightness was completely unexpected by Giam Kin who looked down on him, so as soon as he saw the very dangerous blows coming, he had to step back and his spoiled sword could be recaptured by Thio Bwee.

"At that moment two shadowy figures flashed and a scream was heard.

"Who dares to play crazy on Hoa-san?"

Giam Kin took two steps back and raised his head, smiling mischievously as he looked at the two newcomers. One is a man who is valiant, his demeanor is very cool, even though he is over forty years old, but still looks young and dashing. The one is a woman, not yet thirty years old, beautiful in simple clothes, also this beautiful face is cool and influential. With one glance, Beng San happily recognized that the man was Hoa-san It-kiam Kwa Tin Siong while the woman was Kiam-eng-cu Liem Sian Hwa, two of the famous Hoa-san Sie-eng.

The one who shouted earlier was Liem Sian Hwa, who was famous for his strong character. On the other hand, Kwa Tin Siong had sharp eyes, he could see that the young man, even though his face was pale and smiling all the time, was not an ordinary person.

On the other hand, Giam Kin watched the two people, then laughed and said casually, "Who dares to play crazy? No one plays crazy except the Hoa-san-pai themselves. Suheng is brave and handsome, his sumo is beautiful and shrewd, really awesome...." He laughed again and strangely enough, Kwa Tin Siong and Liem Sian Hwa's faces turned red as they glanced at each other. Kwa Tin Siong came up to Giam Kin and said.

"Friends in front of whom, from which party and what is the reason for playing with weapons with my nephew's students?"