The King Of Sword Volume 14

volume 14

The convicts, whose faces were wild and savage, stepped forward. Beng San looked left and right and found himself completely trapped, there was no escape or escape. He became confused and finally got angry. Shouldn't he just give up on being the prey of these savages? No, he had to fight! His training in silat has advanced a lot, whenever he is free he never forgets to train himself. Perhaps now this is a test for him whether he has been training himself hard enough or not.

Suddenly there was a loud scream. White light flashed from right to left. Among the savages there were several people who fell and several sticks of secret weapons stuck in tree trunks.

"Ah, it's Pek-lian-pai who's coming.....! Comrades, run.....!" cried the head of the savage mob. They ran away, dragging those who had fallen down. For a moment there was no longer a bad person in sight, only here and there were spikes with white lotus-shaped heads. That is Pek-lian-ting (White Lotus Nail), a secret weapon and a member of the Pek-lian-pai association. Beng San was overjoyed. Of course Tan Hok and his friends came to help him. He glanced left and right, then called out.

"Tan-twako....., I'm Beng San here.....!"

From the dark forest, dozens of people emerged. There are men, there are also women and their clothes are simple. The men look dashing, some are scary. The three women among them were beautiful and dashing, half old but still beautiful and agile in their movements. They immediately approached Beng San, one of whom asked kindly.


"You called Tan-twako earlier, who are you referring to?"

Beng San saw that the questioner was a man of forty years old, dashing and cool. "I mean the leader of the Pek-lian-pai troupe named Tan Hok, he is my best friend."

There were exclamations of astonishment and surprise among the dozens of Pek-lian-pai. The leader himself immediately let out an exclamation of joy. "Aha, I suppose your name is Beng San? Of course we know Tan Hok well who leads the Pek-lian-pai group from the south. hesitate to chase away the man-eating robbers.”

Beng San immediately saluted and said, "Many thanks to the brave brothers and sisters. I am more convinced now that Pek-lian-pai is indeed an association of strong people. However, Twako, how come those of you who don't know me have helped me? and this is good to me?" Beng San felt very embarrassed because some of the Pek-lian-pai's people had already brought him bread and drinking water.

"You eat first, we will tell you in detail later. Not only because you know brother Tan Hok why we helped you, but there are more important things. Eat first, Brother Beng San."

Since his stomach was really hungry, Beng San shamelessly then ate the dish voraciously. After being in the midst of these brave men of Pek-lian-pai, he felt safe and was not afraid of Song-bun-kwi's threats. However, after taking Pek-lian-pai's nails from that place, the Pek-lian-pai members one by one left the place like demons. Their movements were fast and silent so a group like this in battle could serve a much larger number of enemies. Now only the troop leader had spoken to Beng San, who was still sitting facing the boy.

"Where did the friends go?" Beng San asked after eating, because the silence of the place was really scary, especially after it got darker.

"Ah, it's our custom to not be in groups, always ready to attack the enemy, the Mongol armies that pass near this area," the Pek-Lian-pai leader said.

Beng San nodded and handed back the empty water and bread bowls. "Thank you again, Twako..... uh, what's Twako's name?"

"My name is Ciu Tek," the person replied, curtly.

"She Ciu.....? Then this Twako is still a family with the famous leader Ciu Goan Ciang?"

The person looked nervous, but because of the darkness, it was difficult for Beng San to see his face. "Aaahhh..... a person like me, how can I be compared to Ciu Goan Ciang? Eh, Beng San brother, you already know about Ciu Goan Ciang, have you met him and where is he now?"

"Everyone, from merchants to farmers, praises Ciu Goan Ciang's big name. Of course I've heard that name mentioned. But I've never met him face to face and of course I don't know where it is. Ciu- twako, you said earlier that there was something very important that was the reason you and your friends helped me. What was that very important thing?"

"It's very important to you, Little Brother Beng San. But before I explain, I want to be sure first so as not to disappoint the two magicians. My dear sister, please take off your top shirt, I want to help Beng San take off his tattered clothes. , which he did because he wanted to hear immediately what the leader of Pek-lian-pai had to say.

With a torch he lit Ciu Tek lit up Beng San's chest and shoulders. Suddenly he looked happy, laughed and pointed his index finger at Beng San's shoulder. "Good, you are their child! Ha-ha-ha, there's no mistaking it now. That mole mark on your shoulder! That's right, you are Beng San, the son of a powerful husband and wife!"

Beng San became dazed, then put his clothes back on. "Ciu-twako, what did you say? Whose child am I? Please explain, don't play games." Beng San's voice was hoarse, he could barely make a sound because of the great emotion. His heart was beating wildly to hear that he was their child! Who are they?

"Brother Beng San, answer first. Aren't you a child who fell victim to the Huang-ho River flood and doesn't know who your parents are anymore?"

Beng San nodded, moistening his lips with his tongue. "I..... I have forgotten everything..... I was stranded by the waves of the flood, then wandered around and worked in the temple..... I don't remember who my mother and father are anymore. Good Ciu-twako, please explain quickly , what does all this mean?"

Ciu Tek held Beng San's shoulders and said happily, "Beng San's brother, kionghi (congratulations)! You will meet your parents again. They have been looking for you everywhere for a long time. I didn't expect to find you here. Ah, I'm so happy!"

Beng San almost fainted from shock, wonder, and joy. Too great, too good news, to be hard to believe. Is it true that he will meet his parents again? What is the face of his mother's father? He had completely forgotten. His memory was swept away by the raging flood. Even she herself, she forgot.

"Ciu-twako...... where..... where..... are they.....?" With great difficulty Beng San asked this question, with a stuttering voice and tears in his eyes.

"Be patient, Little Brother Beng San, they are not far from here. Wait for me to inform them and tomorrow morning you will meet your mother and father." Ciu Tek signaled with a whistle. A friend of his appeared, an agile and narrow-eyed female Pek-lian-pai member, carrying a sword on her back.

"Kui-moi, you deliver my letter to Ouw-taihiap husband and wife, tonight," said Cin Tek who immediately scribbled a piece of paper and gave it to the woman. The woman just nodded to accept the letter and not long after that from far away came the galloping of a horse.

"Ciu-twako, so I she.....she Ouw? Ciu-twako, tell me about my mother and father, I had completely forgotten. And how did I get carried away in Huang-ho? Ah, good Twako, tell me, I can't wait." Like a child, Beng San shook the arms of Ciu Tek who smiled and looked at him in tears.

"My dear brother, you are the only son of a husband and wife who are very intelligent. Your parents are a pair of warriors who are difficult to compare to nowadays. Your father's name is Ouw Kiu, famous by his nickname Hui-sin-liong (Flying Magic Dragon) Your mother's name is Bhe Kit Nio whose nickname is Bi-sin-kiam (Beautiful Magic Sword)."

Beng San listened with his heart pounding with pride. Ah, may his parents be brave warriors, well known in Pek-lian-pai circles too. What a shock and amazement when Tan-twako hears about this, he thought. Hmm, his parents are no less famous than Hoa-san-pai's children's parents. Beng San silently raised his chest towards Thio Ki, Kui Lok, and two little girls, Thio Bwee and Kwa Hong. He didn't feel defeated by them!

"Ciu-twako," he said in a trembling voice, "if my mother and father were so famous and shrewd, why did I get carried away by the flood?"

"At that time a great flood was raging along the Huang-ho River, your parents were busy helping the victims. It was because of their busyness that they became negligent and you who were young played near the songai and were dragged by the flood and disappeared. They couldn't do anything about it. did you know that you've disappeared......"

Beng San was pensive. Her tears dripped down. He himself had no memory of any of it. As he recalled, he had been a lackey in Hok-thian-tong. For him, life begins with the Hok-thian-tong floor which he mops (washes) every day. He could only turn his memory back until that time, when he was a lackey at the temple, treated very well by the hwesio at the temple. He couldn't remember the time before that. And now that the temple has been consumed by fire, no hwesio can be found so that the beginning of his life that he can remember has also been swept away from reality, now it is not swept away by water, but swept away by fire! It was completely unexpected that in this place he would meet his mother and father! It was unbearable for Beng San to cover his face and burst into tears.

"Sleep, Little Brother Beng San. Sleep well and tomorrow you will meet your mother and father."

But where is Beng San going to sleep? He wouldn't sleep for fear that he might wake up and find himself that this was all a dream. Even now he was repeatedly pinching the skin of his own arm to say he wasn't sleeping. Sometimes he could hardly believe it. Will he meet his parents? Ah, too good, too extraordinarily good fortune, to even believe it. He couldn't wait for the morning to come and this was the first time in his life that Beng San knew what it meant to wait. The night was very long for him.

Finally dawn broke. The voices in the forest had changed, no longer the sound of night birds, crickets interspersed with the roar of wild animals, a scary voice added to the restlessness of Beng San's impatient heart, but had turned into the sound of morning birds chirping beautifully, adding to the joy of the heart. Beng San saw that what he had been waiting for had finally arrived.

Ciu Tek took out the rest of the venison that he still kept, then roasted and gave some to Beng San. However, Beng San politely refused, stating that he was not hungry. Indeed, he was just hungry to meet his parents, the others didn't care anymore.

Finally, as the sun began to shine through the leaves of the tree, from a distance came the sound of the hooves of horses and soon two people appeared. A tall, forty-year-old man with a pale face, slanted eyes and a mustache that crossed his horse jumped down from his horse, followed by a beautiful woman dressed in beautiful clothes, about thirty years old. These two people smilingly approached Beng San and Ciu Tek. Beng San immediately stood up, looked at the two people, alternately. His neck was buttoned, as if a suffocating air from his chest filled his throat.

"Beng San brother, that's what they are, your father and mother. Welcome," said Ciu Tek with a smile. "It's fine you are with your mother and father, I have to go." Ciu Tek immediately left the place without getting an answer, as if Beng San didn't hear him, because this kid was astonished to stand looking at the two people who had just arrived.

“Beng San, ahhh….. you've grown so big….. ah, until you called me….. almost eight years you disappeared….. ah, let me see the mark on your shoulder, Beng San . Are you Beng San my son? Is it true that you have a mole on your shoulder?" The woman said in a stuttering voice and rubbed her handkerchief in her teary eyes.

The man stepped forward, his voice hoarse. "There's no mistaking it, this is our child. Let us prove the mark. Beng San, please take off your clothes...."

Beng San's whole body trembled. I don't know what he was feeling at that moment, he didn't know himself. As in a dream his hands unbuttoned his shirt so that the shirt was exposed and exposed his chest and shoulders. A small andeng-andeng (mole) adorns his left shoulder. Seeing this the woman then bumped into him and embraced him.

"Ah, you're right Beng San my son...." He kissed Beng San's cheek and neck. This child felt embarrassed and embarrassed. He shouldn't feel ashamed, whispered his conscience, right? She's my mother, though? and he looked at the beautiful face that was thickly powdered and smelled of perfumed oil, looked at the pair of eyes that moved wild and flirtatious, the mouth covered in red paint, beautiful in shape and always smiling but a little too wide, his tiny pointed teeth showed when smile.

"Beng San, my son... come here, son... let your mother hug you..."

Beng San shuddered, but he forced himself to step forward and let his mother hug and hold him. When he felt how warm tears were falling down his cheeks, his heart was moved and he didn't feel like he was crying too.

"Father..... Mother.....??! Why..... why.." His lips whispered, his heart full of compassion when he was hugged by his mother and his head was caressed by his father's hands who were approaching as well.

"Why? What do you want to ask, Beng San.....?" Her mother asked.

In fact, Beng San's heart was screaming in disappointment, why his father was not as brave as Kwa Hong's father and why his mother was like this..... a dandy, not at all as majestic as he described last night But his mouth certainly did not dare to shout this inner voice and he only whispered.

"Why did Mom and Dad let the child languish until he was nine years old?"

"Leaving to stray? Ah, you don't know, Beng San. We've been looking for you desperately, instead mobilizing all of Pek-lian-pai's friends to look for you," said his mother, Bhe Kit Nio. "Ah, your clothes are so dirty, they are already torn. I brought clothes for you, my son. Let me change you into new clothes." He trotted over to his horse and took out a dress of beautiful light blue silk for Beng San.

Unintentionally Beng San blushed. "Come on, Mother, let me put it on myself." He accepted the clothes and ran to hide behind a big tree, he quickly put on the clothes, but did not throw away his old clothes. He just put the new clothes on over the old clothes. After he reappeared, his mother said.

"Ah, take a look. How handsome our son is...." While laughing this young mother ran and hugged Beng San's neck again.

Beng San found out how his father had been silent all this time. Apparently his father was quiet and could not talk much. He felt bad for being left alone. Since then, only his mother has been talking. In fact, his mother is very good at talking. He thought of Kwa Hong. Indeed, by comparison, Kwa Hong was much more articulate than Kui Lok or Thio Ki. Even the quiet Thio Bwee was also more articulate. Are women supposed to be more articulate than men?

"Father, I once met Tan-twako, the leader of Pek-lian-pai. Why doesn't he know that I am your son?"

His father looked confused. "Tan-twa-ko.....? Who is that..... ah, remember me. You mean Tan Hok?"

"You know, Beng San," his mother continued quickly. "Tan Hok is the leader of the southern branch of Pek-lian-pai, so separated from us. Your father and I are related to the northern branch of Pek-lian-pai. Indeed, we recently met Tan Hok and it was from him that we learned about you and suspicions arise that you are our son. And it turns out to be true, thanks to the sianli (goddesses) in heaven'"

Hmm, the contents express gratitude to the goddess. Presumably his mother is a devotee of Kwan Im Pouwsat, thought Beng San. He was still not used to this situation, the state of being a mother and father, so he felt awkward and still he felt himself a stranger.

"Now tell me all your experiences since you were swept away. by the Huang-ho River, my son," his mother said as she sat next to him, holding his hand in a loving manner. Beng San was also touched to see his father's attitude of silence, only making a bonfire and grilling the meat that seemed to have been deliberately brought. This very small thing didn't go unnoticed by Beng San. Why was his father grilling the meat? Shouldn't his mother have done it? Why did his mother seem to ignore him and why did his father seem so scared of his mother?

"Beng San, why are you daydreaming? I want you to tell me about your experience."

Just as he was about to start his story, Beng San suddenly remembered that he was in a very dangerous situation. He remembered Lo-tong Souw Lee's message. Because he understands about Im-yang Sin-kiam-sut and knows where Lo-tong Souw Lee is, he becomes threatened, wanted by the magic people in the world of kang-ouw. If he told all of that to his parents now, wouldn't that be the same as putting all this danger on his parents' shoulders too?

"I don't know how it started, I don't remember anymore," he began to recount his experience, "I suddenly found myself in Hok-thian-tong Temple being a lackey serving the hwesio there." He took a deep breath as he remembered the burning temple again. "I don't remember anything else, all I remember is that I was swept away by the flood of the Huang-ho River and that my name is Beng San."

"Poor to you, my son ....." Bhe Kit Nio hugged him and his eyes filled with tears again. Beng San was surprised how easily tears flowed from his mother's eyes. "Then what's next, son?"

Meanwhile, Ouw Kiu was already sitting there, listening to Beng San's story while holding the end of the twig used to stab and roast meat. His gloomy eyes stared more at the flesh in the fire, rarely looking at Beng San's face, and even seemed to avoid seeing Beng San's incredibly sharp eyes.

Beng San then recounted in a low voice all his experiences, even boasting that he had been appointed as a disciple and heir by the late Phoa Ti and The Bok Nam who died in the abyss.

When he told the story until here, his father seemed calm, but his mother cried out in surprise.

"What??" You were taken by a disciple of Thian-te Siang-hiap? Then you become his heir and inherit Im-yang Sin-kiam-sut?" His mother's eyes widened at him, her eyebrows raised and her mouth opened. Again Beng San felt that this mother in all her movements was too far-fetched. He was more proud His father's attitude of being quiet and as if he didn't care, should be the attitude of a mighty man, even though his father's face is scarier than valiant. However, he was proud that his mother also knew the name Thian-te Siang-hiap and knew Im-yang. Sin-kiam-sut.

"Ah, I've only just learned the theory, Mother, the practice is far from perfect. I'm still practicing it, just at the beginning."

"Good, my son. Ah, you are my lucky son, my lucky son!" His mother hugged him and kissed his forehead. Again Beng San felt his cheeks red and hot, his heart embarrassed and embarrassed. "Go on, son, carry on with your speech."

"Ah, Mother, you said I was lucky and had good luck. On the other hand, after receiving the inheritance of that knowledge, my life was like cursed. I was used as a struggle between bad people, it's actually a few times I was killed because of this inheritance, Beng San said sorry.

"Ehhh.....?? Who dares to bother you, who dares to kill you? You bastard, I'll crush his head later!" The young madam clenched her left fist while her right hand touched the hilt of her sword. His demeanor was menacing and gallant. For a moment Beng San's heart was comforted. He was proud to see the attitude of the person who became his mother, who was so fierce to defend him.

"Ah, Mother..... that's the misfortune..... all this time the ones chasing me and, threatening my safety are people who are worthy of being called devils, great figures who are very powerful and highly intelligent, very difficult to fight... .."

"Hmmm, who are they? Tell me!" suddenly Ouw Kiu, who had been silent for a long time, let out a hoarse voice. Again, Beng San felt proud because even his father seemed angry to hear that he was about to be disturbed by people. Only now did he feel how good and happy it was to be father and mother, to have someone protect and defend him!

"First is Song-bun-kwi, second is Hek-hwa Kiri-bo, and many more, maybe everyone in the kang-ouw world is going to catch me because they want to take Im-yang Sin-kiam-sut." Beng San looked sharply at his parents, he wouldn't be surprised to see them shocked and worried. But what a surprise when he saw his father nodding and his mother laughing loudly!

"Ha-ha-ha, Beng San. Only people like Song-bun-kwi and Hek-hwa Kui-bo you think are great? Ah, I thought it was the devils of hell that bothered you. If it was only them, if your mother wasn't strong enough against it, they must have been crushed by your father! Don't worry, my son. You don't know that your mother and father are not weak either, let alone your father. Hmm, I hope our partner is no less famous. It's a coincidence that we can find you soon, or else, ahhh..... very dangerous. You must immediately inform us of Im-yang Sin-kiam-sut. Under the leadership of your father, you will make rapid progress and will be strong in helping us face your enemies."

But Beng San was still hesitating. Is it true that his parents will be able to face Hek-hwa Kui-bo or Song-bun-kwi? He didn't want to drag his father or mother so that their lives would be threatened as well. He shook his head and said, "Let it be, Mother. Let me alone understand that damn science, so that Father doesn't threaten his safety."

"Hmmmm, it seems you don't believe in your father's intelligence. Let another time you will see the evidence for yourself. Now you continue your story."

Beng San then recounted his experience when he was helped by Lo-tong Souw Lee and then received the exercises from the blind old man and received explanations on how he should then train himself to learn Im-yang Sln-kiam-sut which he had memorized by heart. that.

"Ahhh..... you met him instead? Is Liong-cu Siang-kiam still with him?" her mother asked, looking surprised and astonished.

"Still there. How did you find out about Liong-cu Siang-kiam and do you know Lo-tong Souw Lee?"

"Hi-hi-hi, stupid boy. Who doesn't know about the Liong-cu Siang-kiam that grandfather stole and shocked the whole country? And about Lo-tong Souw Lee himself..... ah, he's a good friend your father!"

"Father's best friend?" Beng San looked at his father who was looking at the roast beef with a gloomy face again. "But he is very old, and even blind, while Father..... Father is still young..."

"In friendship one doesn't see the difference in age," argued his mother, "your father is Lo-tong Souw Lee's best friend. If he wasn't a good friend, wouldn't your father have gone looking for him to reclaim Liong-cu Siang-kiam like the other characters? Because good friend, your father was reluctant to do that. Now it's a coincidence, Beng San. If Lo-tong Souw Lee has been so good to you, to our son, it is only right that we defend him from the threats of the kang-ouw people. I suggest that the three of us go If you visit him, you can deepen your knowledge of Im-yang Sin-kiam-sut under your father's tutelage while we together keep the blind old man safe." The boy's mother touched his father's shoulder and asked, "Eh, what do you think?"

Ouw Kiu turned and smiled wryly at his wife. "Okay, okay....."

"Beng San, you tell me where is that blind old geezer hiding? We're going to go visit him right now."

Beng San hesitated. Is it true that his parents will be able to protect Lo-tong Souw Lee? If it's not true, then visiting him is the same as provoking danger for the blind grandfather. He had to look at the behavior, not to jeopardize Lo-tong Souw Lee's safety as well as the safety of his parents.

Suddenly Beng San was very surprised. His ears heard something, his feelings were touched and he knew that there was a smart person nearby. Before. he could speak, suddenly heard a snarl.

"Sin-afternoon-hiap (Pair of Magical Swordsmen) Leave your child to me!"

And suddenly there it appeared! Hek-hwa Kui-bo in a very threatening manner. Beng San stared wide-eyed in shock and worry. His mother immediately jumped up to him and hugged him. "Don't be afraid, just watch your dad beat him up," he whispered.

Ouw Kiu, Beng San's father, stood idly, looked at Hek-hwa Kui-bo and said.

"Hek-hwa-toanio, please don't disturb my son." Saying this Ouw Kiu clasped his hands together in salute. Hek-hwa Kui-bo let out a sarcastic voice and suddenly his body floated up and both of his hands were already hitting, pushing against Ouw Kiu's chest. Ouw Kiu calmly opened his arms and his palms greeted the grandmother's attack. There was a loud sound and ..... the grandmother's body slid back and then staggered, her face turned pale. Meanwhile, Ouw Kiu was still standing straight, smiling calmly, as if nothing had ever happened. With a terrible shriek, Hek-hwa Kui-bo's body flashed and disappeared from there. It was quiet again and Beng San looked at his father in admiration, his eyes bulging and his mouth agape. So easily his father defeated Hek-hwa Kui-bo. Though the grandmother was feared by the whole world kang-ouw. You can imagine how high his father's knowledge was. So happy, amazed and proud, he ran to his father, hugged his father's waist while sobbing. Only this time he hugged his father who just stroked the hair of his head.

Now Beng San did not hesitate to take his parents to visit Lo-tong Souw Lee. The three of them took a quick trip along the Huang-ho River while taking in the scenic beauty. Indeed, the valley of the Huang-ho River makes for a very beautiful nature excursion when the water is not raging. But when the rainy season comes and the river rages, all the beautiful sights will disappear and turn into a terrible state. With joy this mother and son are traveling. Beng San's heart was calm and serene. His father was so clever, of course his mother too. what is he afraid of?

Even when the three of them one day, a few weeks later, suddenly came face to face with Song-bun-kwi, Beng San was still fine and smiled mockingly instead. "Eh, Song-bun-kwi, if you still dare to bother me now, then you can boast of being a master. Come on, you're fighting my father and mother. Sin-afternoon-hiap!" His father and mother were nicknamed Sin-siang-hiap or A Pair of Magical Warriors, because didn't they both use nicknames with magic letters? His father was called the Flying Magic Dragon, his mother was called the Beautiful Magic Sword, so the two of them got the nickname A Pair of Magical Swordsmen!

Song-bun-kwi stood dumbfounded, as if surprised to see the child he had been looking for so unexpectedly that he could meet him on the bank of the Huang-ho River and be so comfortable and calm, not running away like he used to. Meanwhile, Beng San turned to his parents and was amazed when he saw that his parents looked very pale in front of Song-bun-kwi. Even more surprised when he saw his father's body trembled, his legs shivered. His mother was also pale and only touched the hilt of the sword without pulling it out.

"Sin-afternoon-hiap? Ha ha ha, Sin-afternoon-hiap?" Song-bun-kwi let out a mocking voice and his body flashed forward. At once he had sent two strikes towards Ouw Kiu and Bhe Kit Nio. The two husband and wife quickly dodged, but still they were caught by Song-bun-kwi's blows until they were thrown several meters and rolled far away. May they deliberately use the Pangolin Descending Science, to roll their bodies far away, then both jump up and ..... run away!

Beng San was surprised that Can was angry. But his anger was even greater. He lunged forward cursing, "Old devil, how dare you hit my mother and father!"

Song-bun-kwi dodged and was about to catch Beng San's hand, but what a surprise when the hand slipped down and suddenly Beng San hit his thigh! He felt as if his femur was about to break and was cold as ice. He was very surprised, knowing that he got hit by Im-sin-kiam from a boy! that. Not playing with his heart. If the child had been more mature in training, it was very possible that his thigh would be broken! That's great, this kid shouldn't be messed with, he thought. Then he went berserk with strange blows frantically. I'm so sorry Beng San. It is true that he has inherited very high knowledge, but precisely because the knowledge is too high, before he trains it perfectly, his martial arts skills are very limited. Facing a great figure like Song-bun-kwi, how can he match him? In just a few dozen moments he had collapsed with his blood trail, unable to move anymore because his accomplices were paralyzed! While laughing, Song-bun-kwi grabbed Beng San's body and carried him away from the place, continuing to run along the bank of the Huang-ho River until he came to a riverside area with high and steep cliffs. Beng San was still unable to move an inch, but he secretly put forth his inner strength and tried to free himself from the blow. kept running along the bank of the Huang-ho River until he came to a riverside area with high and steep cliffs. Beng San was still unable to move an inch, but he secretly put forth his inner strength and tried to free himself from the blow. kept running along the bank of the Huang-ho River until he came to a riverside area with high and steep cliffs. Beng San was still unable to move an inch, but he secretly put forth his inner strength and tried to free himself from the blow.

"Heh, demon boy!" Song-bun-kwi said with a laugh. "Finally you fell into my hands too. Now you give Im-yang Sin-kiam-sut to me and tell me where the thief Lo-tong Souw Le is hiding."

Beng San is only paralyzed by his accomplice, but he uses his five senses, can also speak. But towards Song-bun-kwi he didn't want to open his mouth, so he just looked and shook his head.

"Stupid boy, do you love Im-yang Sin-kiam-sut more and love the dead blind grandfather more than your life? Look down at that, the water of the Huang-ho River is very deep and swift below it. will throw you there!" He held Beng San's body so that the boy's face was facing downwards, looking at the rushing water and terrible waves. From above, the water looks like boiling water. Suddenly, out of nowhere this feeling came from, Beng San was terrified at the sight of the water. This was the first time in his life that he had felt such a dread that suffocated his chest. All the hair on his body bristled and his face turned pale green. He saw the turbulent waters like a thousand faces of a very frightening demon, which was about to pounce on him, will wash it away. He was so scared that he didn't hear Song-bun-kwi's threats and persuasion that he didn't answer at all, just staring at the water below.

"Little devil, then you must die. So that your spirit doesn't become a curious demon that bothers me, hear why I killed you. First thing because you don't want to reveal the secret of Im-yang Sin-kiam-sut and Lo-tong Souw Lee's hiding place, secondly because you know the secret of Yang-sin-kiam that I have. Well, become a demon of the Huang-ho River!" Song-bun-kwi then threw Beng San's body down! .

Beng San let out a horrible shriek from fear. And at that moment there was another shriek, a high-pitched shriek from the crimson shadows that flashed swiftly into the place. Another moment, the red shadow that turned out to be the dumb boy's Bi Goat had thrown a reel of rope down. With a special motion, the rope that slid like a snake managed to wrap Beng San's body at the end so that Beng San's body was suspended in the air, not slamming into the water and rocks. It was no coincidence that Bi Goat had brought a rope with him, because Song-bun-kwi had invited him to wander along the river bank, on the high cliffs to look for bird nests and they needed a long rope to find this nest in difficult places.

"Bi Goat, you insolent!" Song-bun-kwi screamed and with a single grab he had snatched the end of the rope and with one thrust Bi Goat's body had fallen backwards. Song-bun-kwi then stretched out the rope so that Beng San's body was now floating in the raging water. Beng San was still screaming in fear, especially now that he was being toyed with by the choppy water. He thrashed, without realizing he had been freed from the hammer and now he was trying to swim screaming. But of course this effort was in vain because the rope still tied his waist tightly. When he looked up while panting, he saw Bi Goat kneeling as if crying in front of Song-bun-kwi, his index finger pointing downwards, towards the water where Beng San was toyed with death.

“Bi Goat…… please……”” Beng San screamed as loud as he could and his voice was very loud.

Bi Goat now jumped to his feet, tugging at his hair and slamming his feet in front of Song-bun-kwi who just laughed and shook his head. Then Song-bun-kwi looked down and shouted, his voice mustering with the power of the khikang over the sound of the water and being heard by Beng San.

"He, little devil Beng San! How do you give up? If you want to fulfill my request, I will raise you and not be swallowed up by the water!"

Beng San was afraid, really scared, even unnaturally afraid, maybe because as a child he had experienced this kind of fear when he was swept away by the flood of the Huang-ho River. However, the warrior spirit still resides in his body. He didn't like breaking his promise, the promise to the dead Phoa Ti and The Bok Nam, that he would stick to Im-yang Sin-kiam-sut's secret, as well as his promise to Lo-tong Souw Lee that he wouldn't tell the old man's hiding place. It is better to die than to break one's own promise. Such is the stance of a warrior, a warrior. Beng San wasn't afraid of death, but now he was really scared. Every shoot of the water waves was a demonic claw that wanted to strangle and grip him.

"Song-bun-kwi, you can ask for anything, but those two are impossible!" he answered over the sound of the water.

Song-bun-kwi was furious, lifting the rope and releasing it again until Beng San's body sank into the water, lifting again, releasing again. Time and again, Beng San's body rose and fell in the roar of the sound of rushing water. He was afraid half-heartedly, afraid and also stuttering hard to breathe. Somehow, now for him there was no Song-bun-kwi anymore, no one, all he remembered was water, water, water! He felt swept away by the incredibly hard water, was afraid and suddenly he thought of his father, of his mother, of his brother!

"Father.....!" She screamed at the thought of her father's face.

"Mom...!" Again she screams when she gets the chance, which is when Song-bun-kwi pulls the rope up.

"Brother..., Brother Kui..." She screamed again.

At that moment, Bi Goat was also crying loudly, trying to prevent Song-bun-kwi from torturing Beng San. However, Song-bun-kwi cursed and kicked him instead. Bi Goat repeatedly looked down and when he saw how Beng San screamed with a frightened face every time his body appeared on the surface of the water, he let out a high-pitched scream and then….. Bi Goat jumped down. The river water spurted high when the body of the Bi Goat fell on him and was swallowed by the boiling water.

Even though at first he was cursing and kicking Bi Goat, but when he saw the boy recklessly jump down, Song-bun-kwi became confused and shocked. The safety of her child is very dangerous, threatened with a terrible death. He quickly moved the rope he was holding and the tip that was wrapped around Beng San's body immediately fell off. Then with a strange movement the mine slid towards the falling Bi Goat. Right after the body of this red-shirted boy appeared on the surface of the water, wrapped around his waist and once the Bi Goat's sandals flew back to land!

But when Song-bun-kwi looked down, Beng San's body was gone. Of course the child after not being bound by the rope anymore, was carried away by the very swift water. Bi Goat wept, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand, his clothes soaking wet.

"Already, shut up. He is a bad boy, if he is not removed from the face of the earth, he will only cause a commotion. Does your body hurt? Aren't you hurt?" Song-bun-kwi who suddenly felt sorry for his son, approached Bi Goat and carried him, embracing him. Bi Goat just cried on his father's strange shoulder. Slowly Song-bun-kwi who carried his son away from there, like a person daydreaming. He was relieved to think that Beng San, the son who was second only to him to understand the Martial Arts of Yang-sin Kiam-sut, must now have drowned at the bottom of the Huang-ho River.

Was Beng San really dead as Song-bun-kwi expected and expected? It seems that this powerful grandfather forgot that a person's life and death depends entirely on the will of the Almighty. If God doesn't want someone to die, let alone he is threatened with death like Beng San, even if that person is threatened with death by raining fire, he will be safe and escape from the danger of death that threatens him. On the other hand, if God has willed the death of a person, even if he will run to the end of the world or take refuge in a steel building, death will still take his life without being able to be negotiated or extended in the slightest.

It seemed that Beng San was already helpless, and indeed this kid was at his wits end. Like a person who has changed his memory, Beng San is carried away by the water and every time his head pops up on the surface of the water, far from where he was drifting earlier, he screams for his father, mother, and the one he calls Kui-ko (Kui's older brother). . Finally, from being tired and drinking a lot of river water, Beng San didn't remember himself anymore and suddenly when he came back to his senses, he found himself lying in a small boat. His body was lying there, completely naked and wrapped in a warm blanket. When he glanced, he found his tattered clothes hanging out on the side of the boat and at the head of the small boat sat crouched an old man with a broad hat, his thin face full of vivid streaks, signs of much suffering. The man sat motionless, his eyes glazed over to the surface of the water, watching his fishing line move slowly, carried away by the calm flow of water in that section. Nearby were three fish the size of a calf that were dead, but still fresh.

Beng San was silent, reminiscing. At first he thought of the great, horrific sinking water and at the same time he imagined again the face of an old man dressed as a farmer, who had sharp eyes and a smiling mouth, the face he loved so much, the face of his father. Then followed the face that caused affection in his heart, the face of a majestic woman, sweet black skin, long black hair tied behind the neck, a face with sad and gentle eyes, who always spoke softly and lovingly to her, her mother's face! And he imagined the face of a naughty boy, who often teased him but who had been his friend to play with since childhood, the face of his older brother named Tan Beng Kui. And he himself was named Tan Beng San! Now he remembers everything In fact, he remembers the shape and type of the village, there is a small lake near the river, a lake with lots of fish, and often he and his brother are invited to fish in the lake by his father. Only the name of his mother and father and the name of the village he did not know.

Beng San's heart pounded at the thought of all this. He did not know that he lost his memory by the waters of the Huang-ho River and now he has regained his memory, by the waters of the Huang-ho River as well. What made Beng San excited was because now he was reminded of Ouw Kiu and Bhe Kit Nio who claimed to be his mother's father! How could this happen? Are they really his parents? Or are the shadows of the peasant man and the majestic-looking woman his real parents? And Tan Beng Kui?

Beng San was still confused, then his fists stared at Bi Goat. It was the naive little girl, who was crying and trying to help her, even then she recklessly jumped into the water to help her, without concern for her own safety. Remembering this, imagining Bi Goat's face crying for him, alternating with his father's face, his mother's face, and his sister's face, Beng San couldn't help but complain and two hot tears rolled down his cheeks.

"Hey, you're awake?" The fisherman heard his complaint, stood up and approached. The little boat rocked as the fisherman walked. It turned out that he was an old man in his fifties, with a thin body, his face sunburnt and full of freckles, his eyes were droopy but occasionally bright, his toothless mouth imagined the inner serenity of a man who had eaten a lot of the world's acids and salts.

Beng San immediately got up from his sleep, wiped his tears and dropped to his knees, "Dear Grandpa, it seems that you have helped me out of the water."

The old man grabbed Beng San's shoulder. "I thought you were a big fish, caught in my fishing line. I was so excited, I thought I had a very big fish, when I pulled..."

"You're disappointed because it's only me..." continued Beng San, unable to contain his words because he saw that the angler's attitude was funny and witty.

"Ha-ha-ha, it's not like that. I'm even happier, firstly because I accidentally can save someone from death, secondly, I will get a good friend to work with fishing. Uh, brat, what's your name and why are you want to compete with the fish in the water, wandering in the waters of the Huang-ho River?"

Seeing the old man's attitude and hearing his witty words, a good thought slipped into Beng San's brain. Why not? It would be safe for him to be near this grandfather, disguised as a fishmonger, every day on the boat looking for fish. He could hide himself from Song-bun-kwi and the others. Of course, none of them thought that Beng San, the son who inherited Im-yang Sin-kiam and who knew Lo-tong Souw Lee's hiding place had become a fisherman.

"Good grandfather, my name is Sihuw-kui (Little Devil), alone in this world. If you will take me as your servant, ah, good grandfather, every night I will pray to the river gods so that you are given a long and healthy life. lots of luck."

The old man laughed, his mouth was toothless. "Ha-ha-ha, who needs a long life? About fortune, as long as you really want to help me, of course a lot of fish can be lifted into the boat."

The grandfather was an old fisherman named Gan Kai, an old widower who also lived alone, he didn't even have a house to live in, his house was a small boat! So it is very appropriate for Beng San to live with this grandfather Gan, because in addition to ensuring his life, he can also hide and at any time can practice martial arts very diligently. visit Lo-tong Souw Lee, then he will look for his parents, as well as his brother. He no longer knew the names of his parents, nor did he know the names of the hamlets anymore, but as long as he explored the riverside hamlets around the Hok-thian-tong Temple, would he not be able to find them?

* * *

Everyone who remembers the past, reminisces about the past several years ago, will get the impression of how fast the passage of time. The author himself every time reminisces about his childhood that has been decades ago, always feels as if that period just happened yesterday, seems to still be looming in his eyelids when he plays with other children, looking for fish. small fish in the river, or sleeping on the back of a buffalo, or playing in the rain!

Indeed, time passes very quickly, to the point that it is not felt by humans in the world. Likewise with the course of this story. We just followed Beng San's experiences. let's leave for a moment, uh, suddenly eight years have passed very quickly!

During that time, China was in constant turmoil. Even this chaos affected the living conditions within the palace. The ruling princes fought each other for power, conspired with each other with bu (military) dignitaries, bringing each other down so that in a period of approximately twenty-five years (1307-1332) the Goan (Mongol) government had changed. king eight times! As this story unfolded, the last king to occupy the throne was Emperor Sun Ti. It was under the pressure of Emperor Sun Ti that the livelihood of the indigenous (Han) people was very oppressed and unbearable. And a rebellion began here and there. The largest and most famous of these was the White Lotus Party (Pek-lian-pai) which at first was just a revolt of the peasants in the north who could no longer endure the oppression of the local aristocrats and aristocrats. Over time this party became stronger and even followed or entered by brave people in the world of kang-ouw so that it was a unit that was greatly feared by the Mongol aristocrats. Small rebellions here and there broke out, one was crushed and two grew, and since Emperor Sun Ti ascended the throne, this emperor had never known what was called peace and security in China. Many warriors and heroes have their names written in gold ink on the pages of history, for example Liu Hok Tung, Kok Ci Seng, Thio Se Cheng, Tan Yu Liang, and many more brave people who led the people to drive the Mongol invaders from their homeland. Thirty years or more these rebellions have been going on, getting more intense day by day, so that finally, as recorded in the history of the rebellion, it was this rebellion that finally overthrew the Mongol rule that had plundered mainland China for almost a hundred years.

As mentioned above, eight years passed very quickly and at that time the situation was still full of chaos caused by the rebellions against the Goan-tiauw government.

One sunny morning, in one of the peaks of the Cin-lin-san Mountains, in front of a cave called the Snake Cave, a young man was kneeling in front of a very old grandfather. If you just saw it, people would think that this old man had wide eyes, but after a long time of looking and seeing that the grandfather's eyes never blinked, people would know that he was a grandfather who was blind. Her long white hair splayed over her shoulders, her face and body were just skin wrapped around her bones. As for the kneeling youth, it seemed that he was deeply moved.

"Locianpwe please forgive me profusely that teecu has left Locianpwe all these years. It turns out that Locianpwe is still here and in pain," the young man said as he looked at the emaciated body with pity.

The old man swayed his body, like dry hay in the wind. His mouth twitched for a while, then he heard him say slowly.

"Ah, good boy, how happy my heart feels to finally hear your voice. Finally you come too, I almost can't hold it anymore ....." The old man then sat cross-legged and groped the young man's shoulder. He groped a few times and then the old man said in admiration, "Great..., I wasn't as strong as you before now, ah, if only I had the chance to see..... uh, I mean to hear you playing Lion- cu Siang-kiam in the Swordsmanship of Im-yang Sin-kiam-sut, even death I will be satisfied. Play it, play it just this once, to lead my very far journey..." The old man then took out a pair of shiny swords the light, gave the pair of swords to the young man.

The youth's pair of eyes flashed sharply when he saw this pair of swords. He received the pair of swords, examined them carefully and then asked, "Locianpwe, is it true that this pair of swords is called Liong-cu Siang-kiam, a pair of swords that has been fought over for decades by valiant people in the world of kang-ouw?"

The blind old man smiled. "Beng San, have you forgotten again? Haven't you seen it before, even used it when you faced Song-bun-kwi and Hek-hwa Kui-bo? This is Liong-cu Siang-kiam, the sword left by a pair of powerful swordsmen , namely the powerful swordsman Sie Cin Hai hundreds of years ago. This sword originally belonged to a famous swordsman as a sword king. Therefore, at this time only you, Beng San, have the right to use it, because only you are the expert heir to Im-yang Sin-kiam-sut. Come on, stand up, and you play Im-yang Sin-kiam-sut for me..!" The old man gasped for breath, seemed tense and excited, a feeling that gave a great blow to his already very weak body.

The young man after heaving the two swords, the long one in the right hand and the short one in the left, then rose to his feet, jumped some distance into the wide area in front of the cave, then he silated very quickly and swiftly. The pair of swords flashed to the right and left, front and back, and up and down like two dragons playing in the sky!

Suddenly Lo-tong Souw Lee's face? the very thin one turned pale. His arms were extended, secondly, hands seemed to be gripping the front and he shouted, bitterly, "Heeeeeee, that's not Im-yang Sin-kiam..... that's..... that's..... ah, you not Beng San..... woe to you, you are not Beng San.....!"

There was laughter, the winds of sword strikes stopped and Lo-tong Souw Lee heard nothing more, a sign that the young man had gone far. "Beng San..... in vain I waited for years...... ouch, my blind eyes...... woe......" This old man staggered, his face grew paler, he hugged his chest and collapsed face down in front of the cave. From the peak of Cin-lin-san, the shadow of the young man very quickly and lightly seemed to float down from the north direction. He couldn't see the pair of swords with him anymore because he had hidden them under his long outer robe.

Approximately three hours. Next was another young man, who was dressed simply, his long hair was tied up, his face was white so that his machete-shaped black eyebrows looked even blacker, a pair of sharp eyes that shined brighter than swords and had a strange dignity, his body was straight, his chest broad, his shoes sharp. already perforated so old, seemed to climb the peak calmly. From his steady and unhurried footwork it could be seen that this young man who had just come to climb the peak of Cin-ling-san was a man of inner peace. At first glance, he was an ordinary young man, did not appear to be carrying a sharp weapon, so unlike a young kang-ouw, nor did he carry a fan or birthmark indicating that he was a young man of literature.

Finally, with steps that never slackened but were not hasty, this young man arrived in front of the Snake Cave. When his eyes met the grandfather's body lying face down in front of the cave, his legs moved and his body flashed. Suddenly he knelt by the old man's body and lifted him up, propping his neck and back on his left arm while his right hand brushed the dust and dirt off the pale, scaly face.

"Grandpa Souw...... Grandpa Souw..... what are you doing?"

The old man wiggled his bulging eyes, his lips twitched and finally he said in a sobbing voice, "Ah..... Beng San..... now you're right Beng San..... why am I so stupid ....?" Grandpa is sobbing!

Beng San was shocked. When he picked up this grandfather's body, he saw that Lo-tong Souw Lee was not injured. "What is it, Grandpa Souw? What happened...,.?"

"Ah, Beng San. I'm stupid..... a coward uses my blind eyes to deceive me..... Liong-Siang-kiam's sword has been taken by the person who claims to be you...... he is also highly skilled ..... still young..... unfortunately I don't know what it looks like, only when I hold her shoulders...... she..... she has great inner strength......"

Beng San can control his heart. "Never mind, hope you calm down and don't grieve, Grandpa Souw. What is the meaning of just a pair of swords? I don't really want it......"

"What.....?", Suddenly the old man said loudly. "Those pair of swords are yours! Do you understand? I purposely hid for years, deliberately held back the life that was not at home in this old and dilapidated body, deliberately waited for you to come to hand over the pair of swords. Now the sword is stolen and you ... , you said you don't want it? Let me go, let go.....!" The old man struggled and Beng San was forced to lower him again to the ground.

Beng San felt very sorry. He felt he had spoken arbitrarily and presumptuously. "Oh, forgive me, Grandpa Souw. I didn't mean to hurt your heart and feelings.