The King Of Sword Volume 13

volume 13

Bun Si Teng stepped forward and said, his voice contained mockery.

"Good! Is Hoa-san-pai going to punish people without giving them a chance to defend themselves and without valid evidence and surviving witnesses?"

"It's clear that this Kwee Sin killed my father, I must take revenge!" snapped Sian Hwa.

"It's easy for people to talk! If Kwee-sute is reluctant to fight, will we just let people kill our Sute without sin?" Bun Si Teng fingered the hilt of his sword, ready to fight. Also Bun Si Liong fingered the hilt of his machete and sword. In short, the ishe Bun brothers will not let their sute be killed by someone just like that. They came to prove Kwee Sin's personal hygiene, not to take their sute to death!

"Kun-lun's man is arrogant! It's clear damn she Kwee played crazy with a bitch and conspired" killed Sumoi's father, still to be defended? If so, it is the duty of the brave to eradicate the hordes of bad guys! ”Thio Wan It drew his sword and jumped forward.

"Bastard, who's afraid of Bu-eng-kiam?" snapped Bun Si Lion. With anger overflowing, Sian Hwa had already faced Bun Si Teng, while Thio Wan It was already glaring at each other with Bun Si Liong. The battle seemed unavoidable.

"Twa-suheng, Ji-suheng ..... don't ..... ah, siauwte who became the cause of all this ...., Ji-wi Suheng, save your sword ....." Kwee Sin spoke with a voice containing a restrained sob.

Kwa Tin Siong also went ahead and arrested two of his classmates who were about to intervene. "Ji-sute, Sumoi, hold your weapons! Not necessarily if this affair ends in a battle for no apparent reason. We hold on to justice and truth! Then we should give Kwee Sin a chance to defend himself and give evidence. " Despite being very angry, Thio Wan It and Liem Sian Hwa had to retreat when they were arrested by their twa-suheng. "

"Kwee Sin!" said Kwa Tin Siong" in a loud and firm voice. "You have well heard all my sumoi statements accusing you of murdering his father and conspired with the evil woman from Pek-lian-pai. How do you answer? If you did, what was your responsibility and if you didn't, what was your defense statement? Remember, it's clear that before he died, Sumoi's father openly stated that you and a woman attacked and injured him.

Kwee's face was very pale, both eyes were a bit wet and red holding back tears. He understood that he had been slandered. Of course he believes that Hoa-san Sie-eng won't want to slander him if there is no basis. He knew that he had been slandered by those who hated him, whoever they were. How should he answer?

"Hoa-san Sie-eng," he said, not daring to go directly to Sian Hwa, "what else can I say? I swear that I don't feel that I committed the murder of Miss Liem Sian Hwa's father at all. As the youngest person from Kun-lun Sam-hengte, I will never lie. I didn't commit the murder and you believe it or not, it's up to you. I only wish for Hoa-san-ciangbunjin's wisdom and justice." He stared at Lian Bu Tojin who had been standing on the outskirts for a while, lowering his face.

Hoa-san It-kiam Kwa Tin Siong laughed softly. "Ha-ha-ha, again Kwee Sin who is nicknamed Pek-lek-jiu, the youngest person from Kun-lun Sam-hengte is famous for being brave, running and hiding behind his oaths. She Kwee people, no need to swear loudly -loud. Instead you answer my questions to be clear."

Kwee Sin was actually upset to see Hoa-san Sie-eng's very insulting attitude. But he did not want to see this question get hotter, so he answered calmly.

"Ask, Hoa-san It-kiam, I will answer."

"At first, Sumoi's father, Liem-lopek, saw you with a beautiful young woman having fun at Telaga Pok-yang, which angered him. Is it true that at that time you were having fun with a beautiful woman from Pek-lian-pai in Pok-yang well? "

Kwee Sin's face turned red, then pale and red again. He lowered his face and bit his lip and for a long time could not answer! All eyes were on him, even Lian Bu Tojin, who had been submissive, was now glancing at him. Moreover, Sian Hwa, this girl looked with a pair of fiery eyes.

Kwee Sin is really confused. How should he answer? There is no denying that he used to have fun at Telaga Pok-with Coa Kim Li! And of course at that time, very unfortunate for him, Liem Sian Hwa's father saw him with Coa Kim Li and went home angrily. How should he answer? To frankly admit that he was having fun with a beautiful young woman, of course he was very embarrassed. But neither is his character to lie. Due to being in this trapped state, Kwee Sin could not answer, just looked down in confusion and embarrassment.

"Kwee Sin, how do you answer? Why are you silent?" Kwa Tin Siong asked in a mocking tone.

"Kwee-sute answer, don't shut up!" Bun Si Teng also reprimanded his sutenya for being upset at Kwa Tin Siong's attitude.

After repeatedly taking deep breaths, only then could Kwee Sin answer without lifting his face, "It's true that I was at Telaga Pok-yang a few months ago..."

"Having fun with a beautiful young woman, Pek-lian-pai members urged Kwa Tin Siong.

"With a girl friend..."

"Who is he? Let's be honest, isn't he the one you asked to kill Sumoi's father?" Kwa Tin Siong insisted again, full of anger. Kwee Sin was silent.

"Kwee-sute, why don't you just shut up. Who is that woman?" Bun Si Teng asked, his voice full of disappointment.

"I can't say who he is, I told my friend, enough. However, he and I didn't conspire to kill anyone either."

"Hah!" Kwa Tin Siong was furious now, convinced that this young man must have killed Sian Hwa's father. "You went on a trip with a lowly woman from Pek-lian-pai, seen by the future mother-in-law who became angry at the despised behavior of her future son-in-law. your unseemly behavior then followed with that lowly woman and….. and killed her……”

"No '!" Kwee Sin shouted loudly. "Not at all"

"Otherwise tell me who that bitch is!!" Sian Hwa also shouted angrily, his sword had been drawn again.

Kwee Sin took three steps back, his face very pale. Bun Si Teng and Bun Si Liong looked at each other, then they approached his classmate. "Sute, this matter is not a trivial matter. However, you must dare to bring the woman to be a witness that you did not commit murder and ...".

"Doesn't Suheng believe me?"

"I will fight the person who accuses you of doing evil, Kwee sute. I fully trust you, but if you are not given a living witness, of course Hoa-san Sie-eng is still curious ....."

"Ha-ha-ha, Kun-lun Sam-hengte is really good!" Thio Wan It quipped. "A woman's madness and committing heinous murders, her sisters want to defend. Wow, rich and brave alone. If necessary, Hoa-san Sie-eng is able to eradicate to its roots!".

"It's great that we're Kun-lun Sam-hengte, even if it's just the three of us, we won't back down even if we're robbed here!" Bun Si Liong also issued mocking words. Both sides are already hot and when they get a little encouragement, they will definitely fight with each other.

"How about it, Kwee Sin? If you want to deny it, you must be able to mention the name of the woman who became your lover, which was seen by Sumoi's father. If you hide her name, it means that she is really a Pek-lian-pai and you and her killed Sumoi's father. ." Kwa Tin Siong urged.

Kwee Sin's face was very pale. He didn't want to tarnish the name of Coa Kim Li, a beautiful and strong girl, especially one who had broken his heart. Elsewhere, corner, his heart is also deeply pitying for his ex-fiance whose father’s death, killed by people who seemingly deliberately wanted to slander him. And all this is his own fault. If he hadn't been obsessed with Coa Kim Li, this probably wouldn't have happened. Now he is not only ruining Liem Sian Hwa's livelihood, he is also a threat to Coa Kim Li's name. More than this in fact, now he is the source of bloodshed, the source of enmity between Hoa-san-pai and Kun-lun-pai. This last thing was even more powerful and heartbreaking.

"Hoa-san Sie-eng!" finally he said in a loud voice. "Once again do I emphasize that I did not kill Miss Liem's father! But you do not believe and urge me to carry the name of an innocent person. Suheng everyone! Kun-lun-pai do not be hostile to Hoa-san-pai, and all the dangers of this hostility Heee, Hoa-san Sie-eng, if you don't believe me and want to see Kwee Sin die, be content now and don't bother Kun- lun-pai in this affair! " As fast as lightning Kwee Sin moved his sword, slammed into his own neck!

"Trang!!" the sword was thrown away, Kwee Sin's body disappeared and instead there wrapped a person's head.

"Stealth female, don't run!" suddenly Lian Bu Tojin exclaimed and her flashing body disappeared as well.

Kwa Tin Siong and his three classmates were shocked to look at the head that had just rolled, and how angry they were when they saw that the head was the head of a Hoa-san-pai tosu that had somehow been beheaded and thrown into the place.

"Damn the Kun-lun people!" Kwa Tin Siong snapped. "She Bun's two people, now what do you want to say? Kwee Sin the bastard was conspiring with a bad guy, the proof is that he was helped and even Hoa-san-pai's student was killed. You are certainly not good human beings and are also conspirators!" With rage, Kwa Tin Siong attacked the two Bun brothers, assisted by Thio Wan It, Kui Keng, and Liem Sian Hwa. Hoa-san Sie-eng's four brothers went on a rampage and attacked Bun Si Teng and Bun Si Liong.

What a pity for these two Bun brothers. They really don't know anything and even when Kwee Sin was about to commit suicide, they were helpless. Kwee Sin's curiosity disappeared.

The way it disappeared was so miraculous that it was invisible to them. It is clear that Kwee Sin is helped by clever people. But who is his helper and why throw the head of a tosu Hoa-san-pai? They can't clean themselves either. Of course the Hoa-san-pai people will consider them a conspirator. Bun Si Teng and Bun Si Liong had to draw their weapons and defend themselves. However, because they were attacked by four people and the prisoners were stronger, in addition to the fact that they could not fight vigorously because they felt guilty, Bun Si Teng and Bun Si Liong were finally desperate, and suffered injuries. But the brave people of Kun-lun-pai with their high martial arts knowledge still continue to fight, or more accurately called to do persistent and strong self-defense.

At that moment, Kwa Hong ran over to where Beng San worked. With a gasping breath Kwa Hong pulled Beng San's hand that was sweeping the floor. "Beng San, let's see. Father and everyone are fighting with the Kun-lun-pai people. Of course there will be a fight!"

Beng San was shocked. This child had heard from Tan Hok about the evil attempt by Ngo-lian-kauwcu nicknamed Kim-thouw Thian-li to divide Pek-lian-pai, Hoa-san-pai and Kun-lun-pai.

"Why are they fighting. Why are they fighting?" he asked, still indifferent because he thought it was none of his business, especially considering what he could do about it?

"It's said that a Kun-lun-pai, aunt Sian's fiancé, killed aunt Sian Hwa's father. Now he's come with two more people and bickering with dad and all the teacher uncles. Sukong is there too. Let's see!"

"Miss Hong, you have to see for yourself. I was forbidden by your support from here, if I dared to go out I would get angry too." Beng San continued, his job, didn't care anymore.

"Beng San, where are they fussing watching you? Come on, you accompany me out to watch."

Beng San shook his head and looked at Kwa Hong, admiring the gleam of such sharp yet delicate and beautiful eyes. "Miss Hong, why do you always come to talk and play with me? How many times have you been scolded by your father? Better. You are like other children, stay away from me because I am just a lackey and you are forbidden to come near me."

"What's wrong with that? If I like to play games and talk to you, who forbids? Let dad be angry, let support rage, I'm not afraid!" This little girl puffed out her chest and head erect, her eyes shining.

Beng San held out his hand. Kwa Hong, very moved. "Miss Hong, why is that? It's not good for you to be scolded by your father and your sukong ...... why are you so kind to me a boy, a rotten bastard, why is your attitude not like others who always insult me?"

For a moment the pair of little virgin eyes stared at Beng San's face, then said softly, "I don't know..... I feel so sorry for you, Beng San....." The two just held hands and looked at each other without understanding what they were talking about. feel. Then came the mischief of Kwa Hong who broke the wisdom of the silence with a laugh. "I guess it's because you're like a chameleon that's why I like playing with you, hi-hi-hi......"

"Kuntilanak!" Beng San replied cursing. He was upset when he was cursed by a chameleon. Kwa Hong laughed as he released his hand. At that moment, Kui Lok, Thio Ki, and Thio Bwee were seen running. Their faces are a bit pale.

"They've been fighting!" said Thio Ki breathlessly. "Aunt Sian Hwa's ex-fiancé disappeared strangely, a supper who became a tosu was killed, his head was thrown in front of su kong. Sukong chased a bad person. Great ..."

Without waiting for the story to end, Kwa Hong was already running out to watch, followed by the three children, the tosu Hoa-san-pai were also seen running around carrying sharp weapons. Hoa-san-pai's situation is chaotic.

After being left alone Beng San pensive. He heard the sound of sharp weapons clashing, and his ears, which had already had extraordinary hearing, heard the terrible blow of the guns. He knew the problem. They were fighting, killing each other without them realizing that they were being pitted against each other by the Mongol government who used Ngo-lian-kauw as an accomplice. Ah, do people need to kill each other just according to the lust of anger? Killing each other because of slander, even though they are fellow countrymen? There's no way I could just sit back and watch my countrymen kill each other, even though both parties are brave people who already have big names as warriors! Beng San threw down his broom and sprinted to the battlefield.

He saw how the two men who had fought so bravely had been bathed in blood and were terrified by the raids of Kwa Tin Siong, Thio Wan It, Kui Keng, and Liem Sian Hwa. On the ground lies the head of a tosu Hoa-san-pai. The situation is really awful. It was easy for Beng San to guess who the two brave men were, they must be the Kun-lun-pai people as told by Kwa Hong. He saw Kwa Hong standing a little farther away from Thio Bwee, a little pale and just watching. But Kui Lok and Thio Ki clapped and cheered when the two were hit by a gunshot by one of Hoa-san Sie-eng.

In Beng San's heart there was a curiosity. Why play keroyok? He could judge the level of six people fighting. When the battle is done one on one, then it will be balanced and crowded. He saw that the swords in the hands of Kwa Tin Siong and Liem Sian Hwa were very dangerous, and that in some places the bodies of the two Kun-lun-pai were wounded.

"Hoa-san Sie-eng...... don't continue fighting. Kun-lun's people are innocent!" suddenly Beng San couldn't hold himself back anymore, screamed and jumped into the battle.

Everyone was shocked to see this, but the ones who fought continued to fight. Kui Lok and Thio Ki were furious to see Beng San's attitude. The two of them were already very jealous of Beng San when they heard Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee's praise of how Beng San "valiantly" had followed and helped the two little virgins when they were kidnapped. Now that they saw Beng San screaming, they got a chance to vent their anger. These two little masters then lunged forward towards Beng San.

"You rotten bastard! What are you yelling at? Let's go back to your work'" The two little geeks then beat Beng San, followed by several tosu people who also didn't like Beng San. It was strange when these two children and some tosu hit Beng San. Kui Lok and Thio Ki screamed in pain and their right arms broke their bones when they hit Beng San's body. The tosu who hit him less hard, also pranced in pain because their hands had become red like burning, and swollen!

Paying no heed to them, Beng San immediately walked towards the battle arena. The two Bun brothers had collapsed in a bath of blood and Beng San bumped into them while shouting.

“They're innocent….. ah, bloodshed is only because of slander! What a fool, eyes like blind.” Beng San sadly wiped the blood that was pouring out of Bun Si Teng and Bun Si Liong's chests. "Two valiant warriors have to give up their lives just because they indulge in lust, just because of slander..."

Bun Si Teng and Bun Si Liong have not been killed, but they have been badly injured and only their mighty souls made them collapse without the slightest complaint of pain!

Seeing Beng San's attitude and words, Kwa Tin Siong was shocked and astonished. Especially when you see how the grandchildren of Hoa-san's students, namely Kui Lok and Thio Ki, suffered from broken bones in their hands, while some of the Tosu's had swollen hands. He grew more and more suspicious of his suspicions that Beng San was not a random child and probably from the enemy side. Now it was evident how sad Beng San was for the fall of the two Kun-lun-pai and his erratic words.

"Beng San, what do you mean by these words?" Kwa Tin Siong snapped as he approached with a sword in his hand.

Beng San who saw that the two Kun-lun-pai couldn't be helped anymore, immediately stood up straight. His eyes shone with frightening sharpness and his face turned blackish red. He slammed his feet on the ground and said.

"Hoa-san Sie-eng, don't you see that you have killed innocent people? You have been slandered. Kwee Sin is not a sinner, he did not kill Miss Llem Sian Hwa's father. All of this was indeed arranged by the Mongol government. with the help of Ngo-lian-kauw! Kwee Sin only had a small mistake, namely he was knocked down by the beauty of the head of Ngo-lian-kauw. What killed Miss Liem's father was Ngo-lian-kauwcu's accomplice disguised as Kwee Sin and as Pek's men. -lian-pai. Ah, what a shame people are so gullible!"

"Lie! You little boy know what? You side with Pek-lian-pai and Kun-lun!" Kwa Tin Siong snapped angrily.

Suddenly Bun Si Teng and Bun Si Liong moved, Bun Si Liong burst out laughing and then... stopped breathing, his face was still smiling. Bun Si Teng breathlessly reached out, embracing Beng San.

"I'm're right're right. What's your name...?

“I am Beng San,” said Beng San who was already kneeling near Bun Si Teng.

"You have cleared the names of Kwee-sute and Kun-lun-pai. Thank you. How stupid I am ..... ha-ha-ha, not only Kun-lun Sam-hengte is stupid ..... even Hoa-san Sie-eng is stupid, just follow your lust ..... Beng San, good boy, you are an amazing child ..... you promise that later you will observe my only son ..... Bun Lim ... .. Kwi ..... "The strong man became weak and his spirit followed his brother's spirit.

Hoa-san Sie-eng stood dumbfounded. They were still struck by Beng San's statement, feeling doubtful. At that moment, the shadows of people flashed and Lian Bu Tojin was already standing there. "Ah, he's great..... not overtaken by me....." Suddenly this old man let out a surprised cry to see Bun Si Teng and Bun Si Liong's bodies lying in a bath of blood in a lifeless state as well.

"What..... what happened.....?" he asked, looking at his four students.

Hoa-san Sie-eng couldn't answer, still confused and very worried, if Beng San's statement was true. That means they kill innocent people!

"Beng San, are you here again? What are you doing here?" Lian Bu Tojin snapped again when he saw Beng San kneeling in front of the corpses of the two Bun brothers.

"Locianpwe, these two gallant men of Kun-lun-pai have been robbed and killed by your gallant disciples!" said Beng San in a loud voice. Then he repeated what he had said in front of Hoa-san-pai's chief. The grandfather changed his face when he heard the statement, but he asked fiercely.

"Boy, how do you know all that?"

"I met the Pek-lian-pai people and they told me all that."

"It's a lie then. Pek-lian-pai's people are mean and lying!" cried Kwa Tin Siong hopefully. Of course he didn't expect Beng San's statement to be true, because if that was the case, it would mean that Hoa-san-pai's side had done something inappropriate to Kun-lun-pai.

Lian Bu Tojin groped his long beard. "This matter is very complicated and very secretive. This boy's statement may very well be true, but it is also not impossible that he was used by Pek-lian-pai to mess with us. After all, you guys have been in a hurry to kill two Kun-lun- This pie. The situation is already like this, it's really not fun. Pinto himself is still unsure who is right and who is wrong. Kwee Sin is helped and taken away by an evil female demon, Hek-hwa Kui-bo. It is clear that there are parties who are wrong. in cahoots with Kwee Sin, but....." Suddenly the old man shouted, "Hey, boy, where are you running to?" His body flashed forward and in another moment this geezer was already holding the arm of Beng San who was about to run away.

"I just want to go. Besides Hoa-san-pai isn't good at killing innocent people, Hek-hwa Kui-bo has come, I can get hurt..." Beng San argued.

"Are you looking for Hek-hwa Kui-bo?" Lian Bu Tojin asked in surprise.

"All the bad guys are looking for me"

"Why?" This Chief Hoa-san-pai had already guessed that there must be some strange secret in this suspicious boy, so he wouldn't let it go until he could figure out the secret.

Of course Beng San didn't want to talk about himself, let alone about Im-yang Sin-kiam-sut. But he's a smart kid, can relate issues, so in a hushed voice he says.

"Old Tosu, have you forgotten Lo tong Souw Lee? Who wouldn't be looking for his hiding place? Hek-hwa Kui-bo would be delighted to hear that Totiang and I know where she Souw's old geezer lives!"

Lian Bu Tojin quickly let go of the hand he was holding. "Hush, you're crazy. Who knows where that person is hiding?" This old man looked left and right, seemed very worried. Who wouldn't worry about knowing where Lo-tong Souw Lee was hiding? All the evil people in the world are looking for the hiding place of the sword thief Liong-cu Siang-kiam, and if he is thought to know his hiding place, it's not impossible that all the characters of kang-ouw are enemies!

Beng San smiled. "Totiang, I just brought the letter to Totiang, I guess it's not strange that people who have written letters know each other where they live, right?"

"Hush, don't be crazy! Pinto doesn't know where he's hiding!"

"Then let me go find him, Totiang. I don't like living in Hoa-san anymore."

"Go, go quickly!" The old man is now insisting that the boy go away, because if he is left there talking about Lo-tong Souw Lee, he might get involved in the struggle for Liong-cu Siang-kiam.

Beng San turned to the children who were watching all this from afar, then he waved and said, “Miss Hong, Miss Bwee, goodbye!” He then turned around and ran down the top of Hoa-san-pai. Everyone stared at the shadow of this strange child until it disappeared behind the boulders. Lian Bu Tojin took a deep breath.

"Ah, it's really unfortunate that something like this happened. Hurry up and bury the bodies of these two Kun-lun-pai disciples. Pinto must be brave enough to take responsibility for Pek Gan Siansu's question..." shook his head, very curious that at that age he had to deal with the bloodshed that took place between his students and the disciples of Kun-lun-pai. Then he left his disciples, entered his hut for contemplation. As soon as he entered the hut, he had another disappointment in the absence of Beng San. The boy was so diligent and very astute in studying To's philosophies. The strange boy, and the boy's actions secretly aroused his astonishment and admiration. A little boy who works as a lackey, formerly dared to risk his life to help Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee. Earlier, he had dared to criticize Hoa-an-pai and utter strong words. If the child becomes a smart person, he will not be surprised.

* * *

Beng San walks fast day and night. Only when he was almost no longer strong because he was tired then he paused. He intends to go to Shan-si, to hide in the Hok-thian-tong Temple where he used to work as a kacung. He must be able to hide himself for several years, said Lo-tong Souw Lee's message. Once his body is really strong and he has trained the martial arts well, then he can show himself. And the words of the blind grandfather's order were absolutely right. The proof is that every time he shows up, great things will happen. He had better return to the Huang-ho River district and hide in the Hok-thian-tong temple. He imagined the temple owners who were on average very patient and kind.

About a month later he arrived on the banks of the Huang-ho River. From the bank of the river to the north, about thirty li more is Shan-si where there is a temple to which he is going. He was very tired and it was getting late. Beng San was looking for a nice place by the river, under a tree. He gathered dry leaves and twigs to make a campfire later in the night when the air was cold and when many mosquitoes would bother him. Some of the dried leaves he made into a mattress on which he slept.

Her hungry stomach didn't care. Beng San was lying under a tree, reminiscing about his experiences during this journey. There was something very memorable in his heart, that wherever he went, he always saw the peasants being enthusiastic against the Mongol government which had made the people miserable. He began to hear the big names of the people's leaders being mentioned. The most famous and often heard of is the big name Ciu Goan Ciang who according to the farmers has god-like intelligence, and even has magical knowledge. Secretly Beng San recalls all that and recalls what he heard from Tan Hok, linking all the events between Hoa-san-pai and Kun-lun-pai in relation to the atmosphere of rebellion against this Mongol government. Beng San is a little boy who has only studied philosophy and mysticism since the beginning, but recently studied martial arts. But about politics he did not understand at all.

"I wouldn't have bothered with all that business if I had been in the spacious Hok-thian-tong Temple building," he thought and he recalled when he was a child working as a boy in the temple. The atmosphere inside the temple is just calm, secure and peaceful. If you see outsiders, of course only those who come to pray, that is, those who come with good intentions, with pure hearts and intentions to beg for mercy from the Almighty through the gods worshiped by each immigrant. What a pleasure, he thought of his life. will be at peace and he will be able to continue his exercises in peace

So tired and hungry, by the time the sun set, Beng San had fallen asleep. He slept so well, not knowing that he had slept half the night, that the near-full moon had risen high and that he had forgotten to make a bonfire. Little did he know how dangerous it would be for him to fall asleep without a bonfire out in the open like that, near the Huang-ho River again whose territory was still wild close to the great forests.

He got up patting his thigh. In the torn part of his pants, the mosquito bit his thigh and sucked the blood as much as he could. "Fucking mosquito!" Beng San sat up when he heard the sound of mosquitoes buzzing around his head. Reminded him that he had not made a bonfire. He glanced at the pile of wood and leaves that were clearly visible in the light of the full moon streaming through the gaps in the tree leaves. But what a surprise when besides this pile of wood he saw another item that made his heart feel like it stopped beating. A pair of glittering items like lamps. A pair of eyes…..and it was immediately apparent to him that the protruding eyes were the eyes of an animal the size of a young ox, with striped skin! What a huge tiger!

Beng San shivered. Even though this kid already has high intelligence in his body, he still doesn't really realize this. Of course with his intelligence, he wouldn't have a hard time fighting this tiger or at least, it would be easy for him to save himself by jumping up a tree. His intelligence allows him to do these things. But he was already paralyzed, his composure was gone. He couldn't really blame him, who wouldn't be shivering in confusion and fear when he woke up from his sleep to face a tiger of this size standing only three meters in front of him!

The tiger had been stalking him ever since. Now seeing the boy move, he immediately roared and jumped, pounced at Beng San. Beng San was stupefied and couldn't move, dazed like he had been struck by magic. Only his wide open eyes stared at him, horrified because he seemed to have seen the sharp fangs and the horribly curved nails.

But suddenly the tiger's body stopped in mid-air, instead it fell backwards, swaying! and bathe in blood. Right in his chest stuck a piece of wood almost through his back. Who "sate" this tiger? Beng San looked left and right, back and was surprised when he saw a red shadow appear. The little girl dressed in red, the dumb named Bi Goat was in front of her. Beng San was dumbfounded, but he immediately smiled kindly. There's no way he wouldn't be happy when he met this boy, a cute little girl who was confused, who caused affection, pity and emotion, which made him feel like protecting, wanting to defend him.

"You ...?" he scolded as he stood up. But if Bi Goat used to smile happily and invite him to play, now his attitude is much different. This little girl looked full of fear and worry, her face which was usually almost always reddish was now quite pale. He pointed his left index finger at the tiger's carcass, his right index finger towards his back slightly upwards, then he pointed at Beng San's chest. Then he jumped and kicked the carcass of the dead tiger. Beng San looked confused, also amazed at how every little foot kicked the tiger, the carcass of the big tiger must have been kicked forward. How terrible this little leg power is »he thought.

"Bi Goat's sister, you want to tell me; what? I'm so grateful for your help. You killed the tiger, you're so clever!"

However, Bi Goat seemed impatient because Beng San didn't understand the meaning of his hand movements. He slams his feet, grabs Beng San's hand and is pulled away, taken away.

"Eh, eh, where do you want to take me at night?" Beng San was stunned and refused.

Again Bi Goat pointed behind him and at that moment there was a high-pitched sound like someone crying from afar. Instantly, Beng San's face turned pale. Unfortunately, Song-bun-kwi may be nearby. Perhaps this Bi Goat had signaled that Song-bun-kwi was nearby and told him to go into hiding. Of course this little girl was about to say that because of the tiger's roar, Song-bun-kwi would follow there and Beng San would be harmed.

Before Beng San could confirm his allegation, Bi Goat had pulled his hand away and asked him to run very fast to the north.

"Right, to the north. Thirty li from here there is a big temple, we can hide there," he said as he ran fast. But suddenly Bi Goat dragged him and jumped into ... the river. The little girl, of course, had memorized her father's extraordinary movements, she was dumb but very clever. After the two children plunged into the Huang-ho River, only Beng San knew what Bi Goat's heart meant. This girl asked him to hide under the reeds that grew by the river. Fortunately, Bi Goat was not late in his action because they had just hid behind the reeds and immersed themselves in the river water, there were already white shadows flashing and Song-bun-kwi was standing like a statue looking at the carcass of a tiger and Beng San's former bed.

"Hmmm, killing a tiger with? pointless punch (mountain arrow). Good Bi Goat. But why run away? Hmm, there's someone else here, who.....?" Heard the grandpa's wide footsteps and then walked towards the north, the steps were wide the road seemed to be slowly but soon disappeared from there.

Beng San was about to get out from behind the beams, but suddenly the neck of his shirt grabbed him and he was pulled back behind the beams. It turned out that it was Bi Goat who before he protested, the small palm of the girl's right hand had silenced his mouth. Beng San was surprised, also amused. He felt like a child in front of this girl. However, soon he got the realization of how clever this girl was and how reckless and stupid she herself was. Like a demon, the curious Song-bun-kwi had come again to the place earlier, standing like a statue looking at a tiger. He shuddered and felt the hair on his neck growl! If he had let out a voice and his mouth had not been silenced by the dumb girl's hand, ah, of course the Mourning Devil would have gotten it. He turned to look at Bi Goat gratefully, but how shocked and surprised he was when he had lost the little girl. I don't know where the Bi Goat who was next to him went! While he was confused, suddenly someone pulled his shoulders down until his head sank into the water. He stuttered, but again a small hand slipped a reed that had a hole in his mouth. Beng San is also a smart kid, so he can immediately catch the meaning of Bi Goat's strange actions. Of course he was told to hide with his whole body in the water and the reed stalks could be used to breathe. So he sucked in the air from the stalk that was sticking out and hiding among the reeds. Excitedly and gratefully he held Bi Goat's left hand. The two children as they soaked in the water holding hands, their hearts pounding with tension and anxiety. In the water Beng San did not know what had happened above, if he knew he would have shuddered with horror because a few seconds after his head sank in the water, the Mourning Devil used his hand to grasp a crushed stone, then shouted the fragment of this stone around him, too. to the surface of the water and into the beams! If the heads of the two children were still hiding in the beams, they would have been hit by a rock fragment that was powerful enough to penetrate the scalp! In the water Beng San did not know what had happened above, if he knew he would have shuddered with horror because a few seconds after his head sank in the water, the Mourning Devil used his hand to grasp a crushed stone, then shouted the fragment of this stone around him, too. to the surface of the water and into the beams! If the heads of the two children were still hiding in the beams, they would have been hit by a rock fragment that was powerful enough to penetrate the scalp! In the water Beng San did not know what had happened above, if he knew he would have shuddered with horror because a few seconds after his head sank in the water, the Mourning Devil used his hand to grasp a crushed stone, then shouted the fragment of this stone around him, too. to the surface of the water and into the beams! If the heads of the two children were still hiding in the beams, they would have been hit by a rock fragment that was powerful enough to penetrate the scalp!

After soaking for about an hour, then Bi Goat dared to come back to the surface of the water. He then signaled Beng San to jump out of the water. Soon they were standing by the river, soaking wet and looking at each other. Suddenly the little girl smiled in relief. Not playing cute after smiling. Beng San's heart felt like it was being squeezed. Wanted him to hug Bi Goat, wanted him to carry him, to carry him like a child. The stupid little girl who had saved his life, who even though was dumb but was incredibly smart and now smiled so sweetly. Suddenly he saw Bi Goat shivering with cold.

"Poor you, Bi Goat. Are you cold? Let me make a bonfire."

Bi Goat immediately grabbed his arm and shook him. His brows furrowed and he shook his head. Beng San remembered and he felt ashamed of himself. Ah, how did he lose to this girl who was so much younger and still so grumpy? Why is he being so careless? If he made a bonfire, it would be like telling Song-bun-kwi his place. Even if the old man was far away, even the slightest sign would be enough to call back the shrewd grandpa.

"How good? You're cold, Bi Goat."

The little girl just shook her head, then signaled to Beng San to continue traveling north. "You're coming with me, aren't you? Bi Goat, you're coming with me, aren't you?"

Bi Goat nodded, jumping near the sandy river, the tip of his shoe moving like a dance. Beng San looked up and was surprised when he saw the beautiful capital letters made by the movement of the tip of the shoe. The letters read: Must reach the temple before sunrise.

Beng San held Bi Goat's shoulders, looking at the face full of admiration. "You're great! Don't be silly, you're good at writing with your feet! He-bat, Bi Goat, you're great .....!"

The little girl just smiled, then took Beng San's hand and asked her to run fast. When these two children ran, Beng San felt how cold Bi Goat's palms were and the child looked really cold. No wonder because the clothes were soaking wet plus running around in the cold air past midnight that night. Beng San made sense. He himself cannot suffer from cold because with the air in his body he can channel heat to make his body warm. He secretly exerted his inner strength, through Bi Goat's palm he channeled heat into Bi Goat's body to dispel the cold.

Suddenly Bi Goat let out a "Uhhh!" and let go of his grip, instead leaping back with a startled face. Seeing the movements of her accomplices, this little girl was ready to face the battle, her clear eyes staring at Beng San's face full of suspicion. Beng San understood that this little girl was wrong. Secretly he was amazed. Apparently, the hot air distribution was also felt by Bi Goat. It turns out that this boy is already well versed in the air in the body, can feel the attack of energy inside!

"Bi Goat, I'm fine, just want to help you warm up," Beng San said. Bi Goat continued to stare, nodding and looking very impressed. It seems that only now has this little girl discovered that Beng San has intelligence. He then took Beng San's hand again and didn't fight back at all as the young man walked along, channeling the heat he received happily because soon the little girl felt warm, not suffering from the cold anymore.

The day had become bright when these two children, hand in hand, arrived at the Shan-si border. Kelen-teng Hok-thian-tong stands outside a hamlet, just two li away from the Huang-ho River. With joy and hope, Beng San invited Bi Goat to run to the place.

How surprised when he finally arrived at his destination, he saw that what were once large, old and strong temple buildings, were now just piles of rubble. The buildings had turned to ashes, had been consumed by the fire! The surroundings were silent, not a single human could be seen. Looking at the state of the place, it seems that it has only been a few weeks since the Hok-thian-tong Temple caught fire. Beng San stood dumbfounded.

Bi Goat, who had been looking anxious since before because they had not yet found shelter, now looked at Beng San who looked sad. He immediately pulled Beng San's hand away and pointed at the rubble, as if asking.

"Woe is me, Bi Goat," Beng San said slowly. "I think something great happened with the Hok-thian-tong Temple. Ah, what happened to the hwesio and where did they go?" Basically Beng San is indeed a person who has a heart full of personality, for a while he has forgotten his own situation, forgotten the threats that surround him and put pity and care for the fate of other people.

With an ah-ah-uh-uh-uh sound, Bi Goat pointed his index finger at Beng San's chest and his own chest, then pointed back. It was clear that he seemed to be warning Beng San of the danger threatening them. Only then did he realize the threat of great danger in the form of Song-bun-kwi, which after the night turned to morning it would certainly make it easier for the old man to find them. He remembered that not far from the temple there was a hamlet and he had already met some of the elders in the village, namely when he had been a shrew of the Hok-thian-tong Temple. Of course they would like to give him a place to hide. After thinking that Beng San then grabbed Bl Goat's hand and invited him to run to the village.

It was still early and the village was very quiet. This surprised Beng San's heart because in the past the farmers in the village had already woken up, in fact they had left for the fields before sunrise. Now why hasn't a house opened its door yet? Holding Bi Goat's hand, Beng San ran along the quiet village road. Let alone the human, a dog was not seen there. Creepy silence. Beng San seemed to have a feeling that terrible things must have happened in this village, like what had happened to the Hok-thian-tong Temple. He immediately headed to the house of Sam's grandfather, the owner of a small shop in a familiar corner of the village. Grandpa Sam was an old widower, very friendly and kind to him.

He knocked on the door, which was still closed. Usually, Sam's grandfather opened his shop early in the morning, now the door to his house is still closed. Beng San couldn't wait any longer, wanting him to immediately meet Sam's grandfather to inquire about the state of this desolate village, and about the fire of Hok-thian-tong Temple.

"Tok-tok-tok!" For the fourth time he knocked, now quite hard

There was no answer from inside and suddenly there was a loud squeak from afar, Beng San's face turned pale, Bi Goat held his hand and he quickly pushed Beng San away so that the boy staggered. Bi Goat with an anxious face pointed his index finger as if driving Beng San away and at that moment the door of the house opened and ..... Beng San jumped back with wide eyes. Hundreds of snakes stormed out of the newly opened door of the house!

"Woe! Bi Goat, back off ....." he shouted as he jumped away again. He had this experience with snakes before with Tan Hok and he still shudders when he remembers it. Now again he was confronted by hundreds of disgusting snakes.

Bi Goat turned his body, not at all seemingly afraid of the line of snakes. He let out an ah-uh-ah-uh-ah sound and pointed his index finger at Beng San, then towards his back from where there was still a faint squeak of cries.

Damn right, thought Beng San. From behind chased Song-bun-kwi, and the front blocked this line of snakes. How can he run away from Bi Goat again? Maybe Bi Goat won't be bothered by Song-bun-kwi, but these snakes? Once again Bi Goat signals for her to hide and this girl pulls something out from behind her shirt. With the object he took in his hand, Bi Goat stepped forward and ..... with pleasure he walked between the rows of snakes that this girl approached and then remained motionless, even the one in front quickly got away, seemingly feeling very scared. Beng San was stunned and he only saw a shiny object in Bi Goat's hand. Presumably that's what scared the line of snakes.

The high-pitched voice became clearer and louder and now Beng San didn't have to worry about Bi Goat anymore. In addition to the little girl who has an object that protects her from the snakes, Bi Goat also has a high enough intelligence so that you don't have to worry about being harmed by people. Moreover, Song-bun-kwi has come close, who dares to disturb him? Thinking so, Beng San then said.

"Bi Goat, goodbye!" And he kept running north and away from that place. After leaving the hamlet, he saw several Mongol soldiers behind the farthest house. Surprisingly, the soldier immediately; sneaked and hid himself when he saw Beng San running past. Beng San didn't care and ran all the way to the bank of the Huang-ho River, then ran along the river bank to the west.

After he had run a dozen li away and started to loosen up his running thinking that he had escaped from Song-bun-kwi's threat, he suddenly heard the screeching sound close behind him! Beng San was shocked to death and he sped up again. He was almost out of breath and he was gasping for air when around a bend he saw a convoy of wagons. There are seven carts in total. carts carrying sacks of grain. This convoy of wheat carts is wheat which is a "tax" from the farmers, collected by the local authorities to be sent to the city, paid to the superior officials. The farmers usually cry when they see this cart parade because that is where they have worked for half a year, the result of their sweat every day.

Beng San saw dozens of Mongol soldiers guarding these seven grain carts and in each cart there was a coachman. Because of the shrill cry d! His back was getting louder, a sign that Song bun-kwi was getting closer. Beng San didn't think much of it. Silently he slipped between the wagons and unnoticed by the guards, he jumped into the wagon hiding among the sacks of wheat that were almost as big as him, full of good and clean wheat. He peered from inside the wagon and saw that the cart was being driven by a boy his age, who wore a wide caping (peasant hat) covering his face. This boy seems to be shaking from sleep. It's easy to get rid of the cart because the cart he is driving is the third cart so the horse pulling the cart does not have to be controlled anymore

Suddenly after the procession had gone two or three li away, there was a clatter outside and the wagons came to a halt. Song-bun-kwi's fiercely influential voice was heard.

"I'm looking for a boy - black-faced, sometimes white, sometimes green. Is he coming with you?"

There was a dirty swear word in response and one of the guards shouted, "Old crazy bangka, let's go don't bother us'"

However, this speech was followed by a terrible scream, followed by a second and third scream. Then there were people begging for mercy followed by the laughter of Song-bun-kwi's grandfather, laughing like someone crying.

"Mongol dogs dare to be rude to me? Want to know who I am? Song-bun-kwi here I am!" Again there were cries of fear and begging for mercy.

"Forgive me, Locianpwe, forgive us ..... there is no boy here that Locianpwe meant earlier ....."

"Huh, who believes the mouth of a Mongol dog? Let me check it myself!" Song-bun-kwi removed the wagon tents one by one, but didn't see Beng San. The seven carts only contained many sacks of wheat, piled up to fill the carts. Angry and disappointed Song-bun-kwi left there while making a high-pitched sound like someone crying.

The guards of the grain carts hastily helped three of their friends who were killed by Song-bun-kwi's blows, were put into the carts and the convoy immediately continued on its way. Where did Beng San go? How could Song-bun-kwi not find it? If only Song-bun-kwi had not been in such a hurry, perhaps in the third cart he would have seen a sack of wheat that was somewhat different from the others because it contained not wheat but a human, Beng San! This very clever child had already gone into hiding. He found an empty sack there, so he immediately entered it and closed it from the inside. Among the tens of sacks of wheat at first glance it would not be able to see the difference. He breathed a sigh of relief when Song-bun-kwi was gone and the carts were on their way again. However, he did not dare to leave this group immediately, knowing that Song-bun-kwi's character would not give up just like that. He quickly figured it out and got out of the wheat sack.

Beng San's guess was right. Before the carts had gone three li, suddenly there was another shrill cry, and soon the group stopped.

"What can we do for Locianpwe? Is there any need for Locianpwe to return?" heard the head guard ask in a trembling voice.

"Open all the cart tents, I want to check again!"

The guards were busy opening the wagon tent. Song-bun-kwi scrutinized it intently. In the third cart he stopped and suddenly he grabbed a sack of wheat. As soon as he lifted the sack of wheat, it was clear that there was not wheat in the sack, but a moving human!

"Ha-ha-ha-hi-hi! Beng San devil boy, where are you going to run to?" Laughing happily, Song-bun-kwi carried the sack full of humans and ran as fast as flying away from the group.

The guards looked at each other in surprise. How is there a man among the sacks of wheat? In a hurry they continued their journey and for a while the guards looked back with horror and fear. Song-bun-kwi's big name really scares everyone from any group.

Suddenly the third wagon deviated from the convoy. The horse turned left and crossed in the middle of the road.

"Bastard, the coachman seems to be asleep!" snapped the head of the guard as he ran over and restrained the horse that was about to run wild. When he looked, he was very surprised to see that this third wagon did not have a coachman! Where did the young coachman go? It was still shrunken, shielding his face from the sun.

All the guards became confused and wondered, then they turned pale when the head of the guard exclaimed, "Woe, lest the one taken away Song-bun-kwi is him!"

Their worries are evident. At that moment there was a long squeak. Before they could negotiate what they should do, Song-bun-kwi had come carrying a sack, which earlier, he threw the sack that now contains the human corpse towards the guards, then Song-bun-kwi's body swarmed to and fro. A few minutes later when this grandfather left, there were no more human beings alive. All the guards and chauffeurs, even all the horses pulling the carts, fell lifeless. Such is the cruelty of the heart of Song-bun-kwi the Mourning Devil!

What happen? Where did Beng San go? If only Beng San knew, let alone seen what the consequences were, rather than what he had done, he probably wouldn't have liked to use his wits. Just now after surviving Song-bun-kwi couldn't be found when he was hiding in the wheat sack, he felt certain that the demon grandpa would return. So he quickly made a decision using tactics. From inside the wagon he crept forward and once pounced he caught the young wagon coachman, gagged his mouth and bound his accomplices. Then he put the coachman in a sack and he himself sat down in the coachman's seat, wearing a wide-brimmed hat over his face. With his heart pounding wildly, Beng San watched from behind his hat when Song-bun-kwi came back and took away the sack of wheat containing the coachman. He felt very lucky that the demon grandpa had not opened the sack in that place. After the old man left, Beng San quickly looked for an opportunity and quietly slipped down from the wagon, then ran into a thick and wild forest on the bank of the Huang-ho River.

Fearing that Song-bun-kwi might be chased and captured, Beng San ran to infiltrate the wild forest. After the day became afternoon, then he stopped. He was once, tired and hungry. It seems that disaster still surrounds him. Just as he was about to fall asleep, he heard a noisy voice and when he opened his eyes, he was surrounded by a dozen large tall men who looked cruel and evil. Everyone was holding a big, sharp, sparkling machete!

"Eh, eh ..... what's up ..... what do you want .....?"! Beng San stuttered and crawled to get up.

"Heh-heh-heh!" One of them, who was wide -mouthed and had a thick mustache, laughed heartily, from his mouth dripping saliva, disgusting. "Friends, this skinny boy's meat should be good for wheat and wine friends too. Heh-heh-heh!"

"What ..... ??" Beng San jumped back, his face pale. "You humans want to eat human flesh? Are you demons?"

"Now is the time for people to eat people, heh-heh-heh, is it weird if we want to eat you, kid? Every day in the city, in the village, you see, people eat people, ha-ha-ha, people are eaten away. the meat by someone else. Heh-heh-heh!"