The King Of Sword Volume 12

volume 12

“Hey, chameleon. Try showing a green face!" Laughing, or sometimes saying, "Chameleon, haven't seen your black face in a long time!"

Beng San only laughed when he was teased by Kwa Hong, but now he didn't dare to curse "kuntilanak" anymore after knowing that this child was the grandson of the beloved disciple of Lian Bu Tojin. Beng San was very patient with Kui Lok and Thio Ki. Several times these two children had deliberately sought out and challenged him, but Beng San did not want to serve him.

One day before dusk, because his work was finished, Beng San entered the garden with the intention of resting. He saw the four children were actively practicing silat. Usually when they practice silat, he only looks at it from afar, not at all interested because he knows that their intelligence is completely meaningless. Over the past few months, after the exercises he did have matured, he felt how easy it was for him to control the air and energy in his body and how easy it was for him to play the martial arts that he had learned. Especially Im-yang Sin-kiam-sut he can play easily and precisely. The use of internal energy can be arranged at will. All of this is the result of the breathing and samadhi exercises as taught by Lo-tong Souw Lee.

Since he had entered the park, Beng San did not want to go out again and instead sat on a black rock near the fish pond, watching them fight. At that time, Kwa Hong was playing sword. Once in a while, this little girl saw the arrival of Beng San and strangely enough, it suddenly came to her mind to fight even harder. He accelerated his movement so that his red-clad body drifted back and forth as a shadow of red, interspersed with the flashing of his sword that moved swiftly. After he stopped fighting, three of his friends applauded. Beng San no longer felt like applauding because he had to admit that Kwa Hong's game was really beautiful to look at. Kwa Hong turned to Beng San and his eyes shone happily,

"What does he know about martial arts?" said Kui Lok.

"Just like a monkey. Other people clap, he clap," continued Thio Ki.

He's praising me, what's wrong with that?” Kwa Hong said, slightly angry. The two boys immediately shut up and didn't want to reproach Beng San again.

Meanwhile, Thio Bwee has jumped forward and fought with a sword. Apparently like Kwa Hong or all the girls, Thio Bwee is not spared from the nature of wanting to be praised. The praise he received from his three friends had bored him, now there was Beng San there who had praised Kwa Hong, of course he also wanted to fish for praise.

Beng San silently watched. In Hoa-san-pai's swordsmanship moves, it turns out that Kwa Hong is much more proficient, faster and lighter in movement. However, in his attacking moves, he had to admit that this Thio Bwee was stronger, more vicious and more dangerous. After Thio Bwee finished playing the sword, again Beng San without hesitation joined in the praise, instead saying, "Good...... good.....!"

Suddenly another voice of praise was heard, "Well done, sweet little ladies'."

When the children looked they saw a man who was dressed beautifully walking towards the place smiling. Then, before the children could guess what was going to happen, this man had already jumped forward and in one fell swoop he had grabbed Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee with both hands and grabbed the two girls' waists. Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee certainly didn't stand still. They tried to struggle and revolt, but in vain, in the very strong confines of the man they were unable to break free. Kui Lok and Thio Ki were able to overcome their shock. In anger they drew their swords and charged forward.

"Rotten criminals, let them go snapped these two children while attacking with swords.

The man burst into laughter, his legs moved quickly in a chain kick and Kui Lok and Thio Ki's bodies were flung away, their swords slipping and gripping. While laughing the person then came out of the garden at a very fast pace. The two little girls were still struggling in the cramp. In a moment the man disappeared from there, leaving Kui Lok and Thio Ki who winced and groaned in pain as they crept up. Beng San's shadow is no longer visible, I don't know where the child has gone. But of course Kui Lok and Thio Ki didn't pay any attention to Beng San, instead they then with pale faces ran into Lian Bu Tojin's hut to report about the kidnapping.

You can imagine how shocked Lian Bu Tojin was, and especially Sian Hwa. "What kind of person is that?" asked Lian Bu Tojin, meanwhile Sian Hwa had already flashed out to give chase.

He's a man, his clothes are beautiful…,” said Thio Ki who was still nervous and pale.

"Still a young face, handsome dandy and smiling?"

When Kui Lok and Thio Ki confirmed, Lian Bu Tojin knew that the abductors of the two young students' grandchildren were none other than the young man who had harassed Sian Hwa and who claimed to be named Souw Kian Bi. Ah, it's dangerous to let Sian Hwa go after himself, he thought. This grandfather was aware of the sheer shrewdness of the She Souw, so he was forced to get up from his seat and immediately pursued himself, not only to take back two of his students' grandchildren, but also to keep Sian Hwa safe. When this old man came down from the peak, he saw that some of his students, namely the tosu who were on guard, were already lying on the ground because they were stuck with blood. This proves that the she Souw person entered Hoa-san-pai using force.

Lian Bu Tojin's guess was not wrong. The man who kidnapped Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee was none other than the person who had harassed Sian Hwa and claimed to be Souw Kian Bi. Who is he?

Souw Kian Bi is not a random person. He is actually the son of a Mongol prince who, apart from having high martial arts skills, is also very naughty. By using his power as a prince's son, coupled with his high intelligence, this noble child who uses the name Han, namely Souw Kian Bi spit out his lust. He was a philandering young man, famous for disturbing other people's wives and children. I don't know how much trouble he caused, and I don't know how much other people's children and wives he bothered. But who dares to oppose it? If someone is not afraid to face his position, at least people will be reluctant to make enemies with this prince who is high in martial arts.

His father was a Mongol nobleman, of course hearing about his son's highly reprehensible kick. So he called Souw Kian Bi, cursed him completely, then to keep his family name clean, he ordered Souw Kian Bi to work for the government. Because Souw Kian Bi was good at martial arts, he was then given the task of assisting the government in eradicating the rebels, especially in its efforts to eradicate Pek-lian-pai.

This was why Souw Kian Bi had arrived at the Hoa-san area, an area that was thought to be a hiding place for some of the Pek-lian-pai rebels. However, as a young man with low morals, in addition to carrying out his duties of leading a large army to crush the rebels, Souw Kian Bi never forgets his fun. Everywhere, especially in the villages, he used his power to kidnap beautiful women. Finally, as stated earlier, he met Liem Sian Hwa. The beauty of this young hero Hoa-san-pai raised his spirits and even though he had been kicked out by Lian Bu Tojin, his heart was still curious that he had not been able to meet Sian Hwa. Apart from this, also his entourage became suspicious of Hoa-san-pai by the fact that several Mongol troops had been crushed and killed in this area. So while investigating Hoa-san-pai's condition, Souw Kian Bi is looking for a chance to find Liem Sian Hwa!

When he entered Hoa-san-pai park and saw Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee, Souw Kian Bi thought of luring Sian Hwa out. If it weren't for this wit, he probably wouldn't have kidnapped the two girls. Souw Kian Bi is indeed very intelligent, so even though the two boys have studied martial arts, in the tightness of their hands they are powerless. Despite this, Souw Kian Bi was still able to walk very fast, descending from the peak through the north. He quickly jumped over the ravines, climbed the rocks, his body seemed light and comfortable through the difficult path. When he was far away he ran and looked back, from far away he saw the shadow of a small child chasing.

"Hemmm, I've kicked still dare to chase?" Souw Kian Bi thought curiously. He let go of Thio Bwee and quickly stroked the boy's bloodstream until he lay motionless. His right hand, now free to reach into his pocket, released an iron bullet. He waited until the shadow of the boy chasing him was a little closer, then cried out. Obviously, this cry was right on target because the child fell over.

Laughing, Souw Kian Bi squeezed Thio Bwee's body again with his right hand, then continued his run. Who is the boy he called earlier? None other than Beng San! Beng San who at the time Souw Kian Bi kidnapped Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee was also in the park, secretly chasing. Although the road is very difficult, but for Beng San who is not Beng San before, already has a very high level of intelligence, it is not a difficult road. But he deliberately did not want to follow Kian Bi, just followed from a distance to see where he took the two girls. He did intend to help Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee, but secretly so that people would not know that he was a man of intelligence.

When Souw Kian Bi attacked with a steel bullet, of course Beng San could clearly see the bullets coming. His hand easily grabbed, catching the bullet, but did he pretend to overthrow the body? so as not to be suspected by the opponent. True, Kian Bi was deceived and thought he had collapsed, did not check further. After Kian Bi continued his run, Beng San chased again, now being very careful not to be seen by the person he was chasing.

About twenty li away Kian Bi took the two girls away. Finally he arrived at a forest at the foot of Mount Hoa-san to the north. In this forest there is a large encampment, and is strongly guarded by the Mongol army. In the midst of flying the Mongol flag marked with a black dragon. The guards laughed when they saw this prince's son come and carry two tiny little girls.

"Ouch, Souw-kongcu, did you get two flower stalks that haven't bloomed yet? Unfortunately, the flowers are still in their buds," commented a head guard.

"Hush, shut up? You know what?" Souw Kian Bi snapped, but his mouth smiled as he lowered Kwa Hong and hit him too. "Here, you take these two little boys to a room in my tent, be careful not to run away or someone helps them. I use them to lure someone to come in later. Watch out, the guard must be strengthened on the front. you guys empty it, because there's no way the boys would run through the back roads full of swamps."

After handing the two children over to the guards who immediately took them to their intended place, Souw Kian Bi entered the largest camp where several commanders and important figures in the Pek-lian-pai eradication effort gathered. Meanwhile, it was getting dark as dusk passed and replaced by night. Inside the largest tent, there was also a great light, guarded by dozens of soldiers around him.

Souw Kian Bi entered the tent from the front, directly heading inside, where there was a wide room and here gathered five people around a table. Dishes of wine and food seemed to be bubbling up on the table, served by beautiful women. When Kian Bi entered, the men immediately stood up from their respective seats, except for a large tall black-faced man with a bald head and dressed like a hwesio. This big tall Hwesio was indifferent, even when Kian Bi entered the room he immediately chopped a large piece of meat and put it in his mouth, continuing to chew while making a sound like a pig eating. Near his bench rested a very large boat oar, made of bluish black metal. This hwesio is certainly not less than fifty years old, maybe already sixty, but his body was still strong, his smooth head did not yet look white, a pair of eyes as wide as a buffalo's eyes. The other four were Mongol commanders in charge of "cleansing" the area against the rebels, especially the Pek-lian-pai people.

"Souw-kongcu just arrived?" said one of the commanders. "Please sit down. Coincidentally, while eating we were negotiating with Lo-temperature to take a stance on Hoa-san-pai."

The big tall Hwesio linked to Souw Kian Bi, then let out a voice through his nose like a mocking person, then followed by a rough, hoarse and loud voice, "Souw-kongcu always goes to have fun with women. broken and declining. You are lost, Kongcu."

Souw Kian Bi laughed as he threw his body on a chair facing the hwesio. With a happy demeanor he received a cup of wine served by a sweet waitress lady while rubbing the waitress’s cheek, then she said.

"Losuhu, in my fun I never forget my duty. This time I managed to bring two grandchildren of Hoa-san-pai's disciples, it is necessary to provoke the Hoa-san-pai people to come and see how they treat us and Pek-lian- pie." He then explained his intention which was a ploy to keep Hoa-san-pai away from the rebels.

"Very good, Kongcu!" A commander exclaimed happily praising the intellect of this prince. Hwesio nodded too, but because his brain was not used to thinking about complicated things, he drank his wine greedily.

Who is this old hwesio? He is none other than Tai-lek-sin Swi Lek Hosiang, a great figure from the east who is highly educated. Like the great kang-ouw figures, such as Hek-hwa Kui-bo, Song-bun-kwi and Siauw-ong-kwi, also like the others he wanted to get Liong-cu Siang-kiam. As soon as he came down from his hermitage, he met a daughter who was mourning the corpse of Thio Sian, a Pek-lian-pai figure, then this hwesio who was attracted by the good talent in the girl, then took the child away with Thio Sian's corpse. The child was named Thio Eng, the only daughter of Thio Sian who since then he has been his student. This has been said in the front, that is, when Hwesio's grandfather who took Thio Eng's run was seen by Kun-lun Sam-hengte.

Tai-lek-sin Swi Lek Hosiang is a magician, but he is very honest and easily incited or persuaded by people. Finally he meets this prince named Souw Kian Bi. Souw Kian Bi who is very smooth and clever can immediately persuade Swi Lek Hosiang to help him. Indeed, he had previously known Swi Lek Hosiang who had been a friend of his uncle, Lo-tong Souw Lee. Of course the reader still remembers Lo-tong Souw Lee, the thief of Liong-cu Siang-kiam's sword. Indeed, Souw Lee was no ordinary man, but he was also a powerful Mongol nobleman and who did not like to see the behavior of his people oppressing the Han people. So Souw Lee stole a pair of Liong-cu Siang-kiam swords and fled.

In the conversation when the two met, Souw Kian Bi cleverly promised help to Tai-lek-sin Swi Lek Hosiang to find Souw Lee who is still considered his grandfather's brother, and even promised that he would give a high position to Swi Lek Hosiang in front of the emperor. This honest but less ingenious Hwesio fell into a trap, especially when told about the evil insurgents who disturbed the people, this hwesio immediately promised his help.

That is why this magician is now near Souw Kian Bi to help the Mongol government suppress the rebels. For this purpose, Swi Lek Hosiang went to Hoa-san where many Mongol soldiers had fallen victim to the onslaught of the Pek-lian-pai people. Thio Eng, who has become his disciple, he left in a temple in the city of Tiong Kwan.

"The dangerous one is Lian Bu Tojin," said Souw Kian Bi, glancing at Hwesio who was still hungry for meat and wine. "Hoa-san Sie-eng is really easy to deal with, Chief Hoa-san-pai is the one who worries, he's very clever ....."

"Hemmm, how strong is Lian Bu Tojin? Tosu that smell if it's really in favor of the rebels and disturbing, let (me) be his opponent!" Tai-lek-si Swi Lek Hosiang's voice thundered.

"I don't lack faith in Losuhu's ingenuity, but the old tosu can't be looked at with one eye. My inherited sword once met his bamboo stick broken in two. Wow, he's not kidding!" Souw Kian Bi said showing an attitude of great concern. He was very clever, his words and attitude deliberately burned the heart of the honest and innocent grandfather.

"Tell him to come! Tell the head of Hoasan-pai to come! Pinceng wants to see how smart he is!" Hwesio's voice got louder.

Suddenly a voice came from outside the tent, "Tai-lek-sin, there's no need for you to shout, pinto (I) has come!" This voice was soft and gentle, but sounded from within as if the speaker was in the room.

"Well, that's Hoa-san-pai ciangbujin (chairman)," whispered Souw Kian Bi, now he was really scared because people could be outside the camp without the guards knowing, that alone has proven how clever this person who came .

Tak-lek-sin Swi Lek Hosiang moved his left hand forward, towards the tent door. The wind blew and the door opened by itself. He said with a laugh.

"Chief Hoa-san-paikah is coming? Please come in, the door is wide open!"

Everyone looked at the open door. It was dim outside as the night was lit only by the stars. Calmly walked Hoa-san-pai's presiding grandfather, Lian Bu Tojin, walked in while leaning on his cane. Behind him, not only Liem Sian Hwa followed, but also Kwa Tin Siong, Thio Wan It, and Kui Keng. Evidently? Hoa-san Sie-eng is fully equipped to come there behind their teacher! How could the three Hoa-san-pai disciples appear at that time?

This is a mere coincidence. When Liem Sian Hwa and later Lian Bu Tojin chased the kidnappers of Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee, ran down from the peak, in the middle of the road Sian Hwa was overtaken by his teacher and that's when the appearance of Kwa Tin Siong, Thio Wan It, and Kui Keng who was towards the top. These three people had indeed come together to fulfill the promise with the upcoming Kun-lun-pai party at Hoa-san. They quickly heard from Sian Hwa that Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee had been kidnapped, so they quickly gave chase. Thus, now Hoa-san Sie-eng, complete with four people, escorted their teacher into the camp of the Mongol ranks based there.

Seeing Sian Hwa, the prince looked at him lovingly and smiled as he said, "Miss Sian Hwa, how happy I am that you have come to visit my residence...."

Sian Hwa was already itching his mouth to curse, but because the teacher was there, he did not dare to open his mouth before his temperature, but looked at him with glaring eyes full of anger. As for Lian Bu Tojin when he saw that Tai-lek-sin Swi Lek Hosiang was there, he immediately said.

"Siancai (pastor's call), may Tai-lek-sin Swi Lek Hosiang be the blade here. No wonder if this she Souw man dares to be rude and not look Hoa-san-pai ..... "After saying that he approached the big tall hwesio and continued his words in a cool changed voice," Tai-lek-sin, if you and your tennan friends want to be enemies of Hoa-san-pai, I am the one in charge. "Why did you let that human she Souw bother my student's two grandchildren?"

Tai-lek-sin laughed heartily. "Ha-ha-ha, Lian Bu Tojin tosu tua bangka. Have you ever heard of a useless human Tai-lek-sin like me getting his hands dirty interfering with the world? Just because the criminals are lazy, the rebels like Pek-lian- pie pollutes the atmosphere and disturbs the people and the government, forced limp to intervene.Hoa-san-pai forever has a clean name, unfortunately now conspiring with Pek-lian-pai, forced limp can't blame Souw-kongcu for disturbing Hoa-san's student grandson- pie! "

Lian Bu Tojin felt her chest very hot, but this grandfather could still be patient, his voice remained soft when he said.

"Well done, hwesio! It's obvious that you've become a government thug, it's none of the pinto's business. It's up to who will be the sycophant. completely unfounded. Hoa-san-pai has never been willing to collude with anyone, let alone Pek-lian-pai......"

"Lie slander!" Sian Hwa suddenly couldn't contain his anger. "Pek-lian-pai even fought against me, killed my father...."

"Sian Hwa, be quiet." Lian Bu Tojin reproached his student who immediately fell silent with a red face.

"Pinceng doesn't know the matter, but if you want to be clear, let Souw-kongcu explain." Hwesio returned to face the food on the table, eating and drinking without caring about the other people who were there. The guests now face Souw Kian Bi who is standing with a calm smile.

"Totiang, I just brought two of your student's grandchildren to play in our beautiful place and you Hoa-san-pai's party have come and said I'm evil. Instead, Hoa-san-pai conspired with Pek-lian-pai the rebels, killing dozens and even hundreds of government soldiers on duty. Which is more evil and despicable? "

"She Souw people, shut up your rotten mouth before I force you to shut it!" suddenly the famous Thio Wan It furiously snapped. "We from Hoa-san-pai have never colluded with Pek-lian-pai!"

Souw Kian Bi looked at him with a mocking smile "Hmmm, I guess it won't be as easy for you to open your mouth to be able to close my mouth, pal. Now listen to it first. Many government troops were trapped and died at the foot of Mount Hoa-sah, around the area controlled by Hoa-san -pai. If it wasn't for you Hoa-san-pai people in cahoots with Pek-lian-pai, how could that have happened?"

"You can gossip and say anything, the main thing is that we have never had anything to do with Pek-lian-pai. In short, you can quickly release my daughter, otherwise ....." said Thio Wan It who was very worried about his son's fate, Thio Bwee.

"That's right, free our children. Don't be cowards. Matters can be taken care of, if necessary at the edge of the sword, but don't disturb the little ones who don't know anything!" Only this time Kwa Tin Siong said, his voice was calm and steady and his eyes were full of threats.

However, Lian Bu Tojin thought differently. Now that this old man understood that the she Souw man turned out to be an important person in the Mongol government, it would be very bad for Hoa-san-pai to get involved in the Pek-lian-pai rebellion. If Pek-lian-pai were really a clean patriotic gathering, of course. Hoa-san-pai would love to join in. However, at that time he himself still had doubts about Pek-lian-pai who seemed to be hostile to Hoa-san-pai, so it wouldn't be good if Hoa-san-pai was considered to be in cahoots with the White Lotus Society. He then stepped forward, blocking the already heated two sides. If there is a battle, it seems that his side will suffer a loss, this Hoa-san-pai chief thought. He himself had a formidable opponent, namely Tai-lek-sin who he knows certainly has knowledge that should not be taken lightly. Four of his disciples were reliable, but what if they were locked up and robbed by hundreds of Mongol soldiers? Moreover, apart from Souw Kian Bi, the four commanders and those sitting there were probably not weak people.

"Tai-lek-sin, why are you silent? Were we deliberately lured to come to be invited to compete? Or make peace?

"I don't know anything. Talk to Souw-kongcu," replied the hwesio, laughing.

Even though he was reluctant to talk to the dandy young man, the chairman of Hoa-san-pai had to face him. "Brother Souw, tell me frankly what is hidden behind all your actions. It is clear that you kidnapped two of my students' grandchildren with the intention of luring us to come.

Souw Kian Bi kept smiling. "It's nice to talk to Totiang who is more patient and broad-minded," he said glancing at the angry Hoa-san Sie-eng. "The words of a Hoa-san-pai chief of course we can fully believe. Indeed how, Totiang, is there no evil conspiracy between Hoa-san-pai and Pek-lian-pai?"

"Nothing at all," the grandfather replied angrily.

"Good, then our allegations are wrong and of course the two children should be released right now. However, we will still doubt if Totiang did not make a promise first. Totiang promised and we released the two children and .. ... okay? "

Lian Bu Tojin furrowed his brows. What a slick young man this is, he thought. Dangerous slippery full of deceit. "What promise do you want from pinto?"

"Promise that Hoa-san-pai will not conspire with Pek-lian-pai to be against the government."

LianBu Tojin smiled. "Fine. Pinto promised that Hoa-san-pai would not conspire with Pek-lian-pai against the government."

Souw Kian Bi frowned. Why is it so easy for this chairman to promise? He racked his brains and suddenly he said again, "And promise that Hoa-san-pai will not be hostile to the government."

"She Souw people, why are you being so fussy? Hoa-san-pai has promised to comply with your request, promised not to collude with Pek-lian-pai against the government. That's all and it's over.

"Hey, Souw-kongcu. This old Tosu has promised not to conspire with Pek lian-pai, isn't that enough? Let's get the two girls out quickly," Tai-lek-sin said in a loud voice. Indeed, this is what the Mongol leaders wanted. They are very worried that the big fighting parties will cooperate with Pek-lian-pai. They tried their best to separate these parties from Pek-lian-pai so that the position of Pek-lian-pai would be less strong, and even if it were possible to split the parties so that they would attack each other. If now the chairman of Hoa-san-pai promised not to conspire with Pek-lian-pai, this would have been a victory for the government.

Souw Kian Bi is not a fool, It is not the government's intention to be hostile to every martial party, let alone a party as big as Hoa-san-pai who is strong. Just one enemy, Pek-lian-pai is enough of a headache, don't add a second enemy. He had to sacrifice his own feelings, even though he would love to be able to exchange his two captives for the thrilling Miss Sian Hwa, or At least he would like to get the two little ladies to cheer him up, but the interests of his duty must be put first. Moreover, it would be foolish to mess with Hoa-san-pai! Laughing he gave an order to one of the army commanders.

"Bring those two little ladies here."

The commander left quickly, entering the back camp. Soon he was back with a pale face and a nervous voice.

"Woe, Kongcu. The two birds have flown!"

Souw Kian Bi slammed his feet. "What are you saying?" Quickly his body flashed and ran to the place where the two children were being held. The others, including Hoa-san-pai's people, also followed behind.

Where did Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee go? Is it true that the two daughters who have been stabbed helplessly and locked in the detention room can escape? Indeed, the fact is that. But of course there are people to help him. This assistant was none other than Beng San who secretly continued to follow Souw Kian Bi's escape until he entered the camp of the Mongol forces. Using his speed and lightness, he was also protected by the darkness of the night, Beng San managed to break through the fence surrounding the camp without being seen by the guards. He also managed to listen to Souw Kian Bi's message to the guards. Hearing that the back of the camp was not well guarded, he came up with the idea of helping the two little ladies escape through the back of the camp.

You can imagine how surprised Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee were when they were in the room without being able to move, they suddenly saw the appearance of Beng San! The boy gave a signal so that Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee would not make a sound. What a funny thing. It doesn't have to be banned even though the two little ladies can't speak anymore. Then Beng San signaled for them to join, but how could they join if they could not move?

Seeing their situation, Beng San is suspicious. He had studied carefully about this blood journey, first taught by Lo-tong Souw Lee. Because of the urgency, without hesitation, he approached Kwa Hong and touched her neck. True to his suspicions, Kwa Hong has been hit by an incredible blow. Beng San complained. Even though he has learned about the bloodstream, but he himself has not been able to punch, let alone liberate. Outside the camp came the sound of soldiers laughing. Beng San was nervous and without thinking long he then grabbed the two little ladies and carried their bodies on his shoulders, one on the right and one on the left! With this load he slipped out through the back road. Without him realizing it,

That's right, as ordered by Souw Kian Bi earlier, this back road is completely unguarded. At first Beng San was overjoyed and also surprised why the soldiers were so stupid. But he had just run one li, he was very surprised because in front of him was a very wide swamp. He looked for a way not to go through the swamp, but after running there to the nnari, he could not find a better way. In addition to going through the swamp, he was blocked by a ravine that was impossible to pass because of its width, also faced a towering rock wall. Without carrying a burden, he would not necessarily be able to climb this rock wall safely, let alone carry the two children. It's really dangerous.

"Woe..." thought Beng San. He went awry. Return is not possible. also how? Finally he became desperate. Cautiously he entered the dark and terrible swamp, with its still water mixed with earth and grass. Only the sound of frogs filling the swamp sounded very scary. He became relieved when his foot stepped on a shallow place, only knee deep. He stepped forward, very careful because the bottom of the swamp was full of slippery rocks. To ten more ranges he survived because the place was shallow. Suddenly he slipped on a slippery rock. Beng San exerted his strength and adjusted the balance of the body. He survived not falling, but the two girls he was carrying were wet and dirty with mud. He walked on, forward intending to cross the swamp. But soon he realized why the soldiers had purposely not guarded the place. It is not difficult and dangerous to play this way. Soon he arrived at the muddy part of the water and the place was not shallow, it had reached his waist. It was very difficult to advance through this grass-covered mud, especially under so slippery. The most terrifying thing was to think about what was in the swamp, what terrible beasts were under the grass and in the mud. However, Beng San didn't remember any of this, but instead strode forward steadfastly. It was very difficult to advance through this grass overgrown mud, especially under the slippery slope. The most terrifying thing was to think about what was in the swamp, what terrible beasts were under the grass and in the mud. However, Beng San didn't remember any of this, but instead stepped forward steadfastly. It was very difficult to advance through this grass overgrown mud, especially under the slippery slope. The most terrifying thing was to think about what was in the swamp, what terrible beasts were under the grass and in the mud. However, Beng San didn't remember any of this, but instead strode forward steadfastly.

"Let go of me! I can walk on my own!" Suddenly Kwa Hong who was carried on his right shoulder moved and shouted. Also the Thio Bwee on his left shoulder started to twitch.

"Thank goodness you guys can move again," said Beng San as he lowered Kwa Hong off his shoulders. However, being unable to move, Kwa Hong's body was still limp and when he was lowered to stand in the muddy water, he would almost fall over if he wasn't grabbed by Beng San on the waist. Thio Bwee also asked to come down and be lowered carefully.

"Beng San, where are you taking us?" Kwa Hong asked, his voice a little angry because he had been so irritated and annoyed to see helplessly how his body was being hugged and carried by this boy. Of course he would have been angry and cursing at him if he wasn't in this state. In fact, he was secretly grateful that Beng San had come to help him. Why not his teacher aunt or teacher grandfather, or at least why not Kui Lok and Thio Ki?

"Where to? Of course back to the top of Hoa-san. If only we could get past this dangerous swamp. Heee...... be careful, Miss Bwee...!". Thio Bwee slipped and disappeared from the surface of the water. It turned out that he had stepped so deep that he could no longer prevent himself from sinking into the muddy water!

"Woe!" Beng San quickly charged forward and he was also hit by the deep place so that he disappeared from the surface of the water. Kwa Hong was shivering in fear and wanted him to scream if he didn't remember that he was running away from the enemy. He did not dare to move carelessly, afraid to suffer the fate of Beng San and Thio Bwee, but his heart was unbelievably afraid, anxious to see the loss of the two friends without being able to help him at all. It was very dark and Kwa Hong was already starting to cry. Suddenly the water in front of him stirred and Beng San's head appeared. This child swam into the shallows near Kwa Hong while dragging the unconscious Thio Bwee. Kwa Hong quickly shrunk down Thio Bwee's muddy face.

Take me ashore .. ,,. Take me home ..... "He cried in fear. During his life, only this time he experienced such a frightening incident. Who is not afraid to see around him only mud water overgrown with grass, thick darkness and around there, unknown to sure where there are very deep trap holes?

"It's better for you to carry me like before. Let me find a way out of this swamp...." said Beng San after successfully cleaning the mud and mouth, nose and eyes.

Out of fear and hoping for help, Thio Bwee without hesitation quickly embraced Beng San while saying, "Please, Beng San ..... please get me out of this place of hell ..." ', he just obeyed when carried by Beng San, unlike before, is now told to sit on his left shoulder. Thio Bwee was a little upset after sitting on that shoulder, sitting while hugging Beng San's head, still shivering with fear.

"Don't worry, Miss Bwee. I did come to help you," he said, his voice as calm as possible, but in fact he still doubted whether he would make it across this very dangerous swamp. "Miss Hong, you should also sit on this side of my shoulder." He thought that it would be better if the two young ladies sat on his shoulders so they wouldn't slip and fall into the deep pit like Thio Bwee had. If that happens, it is very dangerous. Just by chance in the murky water he caught Thio Bwee's body, otherwise, wouldn't Miss Thio's life be in danger of death?

"What...??" I don't want to!" Kwa Hong snapped, his anger was getting worse. However, he seemed to immediately remember that Beng San was trying to help him, so he immediately continued with a voice that was no longer fierce, "I can walk alone and also ... just carry Enci Bwee already heavy, I don't want to burden you anymore ...".

In the dark Beng san smiled. He wasn't angry because he was already getting to know Kwa Hong's character, even the character of all those who were at the top of Hoa-san. Even though Kwa Hong doesn't want to be carried on his shoulders, even if he doesn't want to be held by his hand, he is always ready to guard and protect this fierce girl.

Fine as you please, Miss Hong. Let's go again. Be careful...." he said as he walked slowly, groping with the tips of his feet before stepping on so as not to fall into the deep hole. Thio Bwee was still crying a little on his shoulder while hugging his neck, very scared and cold because he was wet earlier drenched from head to toe.

The sky was clear of clouds. "The full stars were scattered in the blue sky, bringing in so much light that it wasn't as dark as before. The three children could see ahead, though not very far away, but I tried to reduce the horror. Suddenly Kwa Hong complained.

"Ouch my feet..... is this itchy?" He lifted his left leg up over the surface of the water and . The leech was fat and round, it seemed that he had sucked a lot of Kwa Hong's blood.

"Hiiiiii..... what is that.....? Hiiii!" Kwa Hong shivered with disgust and he bumped into Beng San, embracing his neck in fear.

Beng San knew what the beast was. "Calm down, Miss Hong. It's a leech, a blood-sucking beast. It's already full of blood, when it's full it will release itself..."

Kwa Hong almost fainted by horror and disgust. "Throw it away ..... release it from my calf ..... huiii ....."

"If taken by force, the skin of your calf will be injured, Miss. Leave it for a while." Without hesitation Beng San held Kwa Hong's raised leg, looking at the leeches up close. True to his guess, the leech immediately let go of Kwa Hong's legs because he was full, fell into the water and disappeared. Kwa Hong ruffled the hair on his neck, he was scared once and without being asked again he immediately jumped on Beng San's shoulder, sitting on his right shoulder, his hand holding his neck.

"Wretched beast, disgusting beast, cursed ....." he cursed, but he still shivered with fear.

Beng San put his arm around the two ladies' legs so they wouldn't fall off his shoulders, then he took another step forward. After the two ladies sat on his shoulders, he moved more smoothly forward, not having to keep other people by his side like before. The water had now reached his chest. Woe, thought Beng San. What if the water gets deeper? Of course he can swim, but what about these two ladies? By swimming it would be difficult to bring them. He racked his brain for a reason to deal with this possibility. That's it, he thought, for a while I left them in the shallow end, then I swam through the deep looking for another shallow footing. Then I took them one by one across to that place. Then go search again. I think that's how we'll finally get to the other side. He was heartened and continued on his way, careful not to slip into the deep pit.



The sound of this call sounded loud, echoing through the middle of the swamp.

"Dad called me!" exclaimed Kwa Hong happily.

"That's my father's voice!" Thio Bwee also exclaimed.

"Hong-ji! Bwee-ji! Come back here, your father is waiting here!" Sian Hwa's voice was high and loud.

"Ah, everyone has caught up there Beng San, let's just go back. Father and aunt are already there, we are safe now," Kwa Hong urged.

"Right, let's take me there, Beng San. Dad is waiting there," said Thio Bwee happily. The worries and fears of the two daughters disappeared after they heard their father's voice.

Beng San hesitated. "But..... wouldn't it be better to just go ahead and wait at home? The way back is further..."

"Eh, you dare to argue? If you don't want to deliver, let me walk alone!" Kwa Hong slumped down from above Beng San's shoulders, as did Thio Bwee. These two children suddenly rose their courage. Beng San took a deep breath. He actually objected to going back for fear that he might get angry. However, I also don't have the heart to let these two ladies return alone. What will happen if Thio Bwee slips like that? What if Kwa Hong's leg was bitten by a leech like that? If one of these two ladies gets into an accident, won't the responsibility be bigger and heavier?

"Okay," he finally said. "Let's go back." He then took the hands of the two little ladies who did not refuse. Holding Beng San's arms in the middle, the three children crossed and returned to where they were.

"Dad .....! Wait, we're back there .....!" Kwa Hong shouted loudly towards the edge of the swamp. Suddenly they saw lights installed on the edge of the swamp so it was easier for them because now the destination looked real.

Once near the edge of the swamp, to their surprise they saw Hoa-san Sie-eng complete with Lian Bu Tojin and these Hoa-san figures with Souw Kian Bi the kidnapper, a big tall hwesio and several Mongol commanders? How could they get along like that after Souw Kian Bi kidnapped them? Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee were astonished, but also overjoyed. After arriving at a shallow place, they ran away from Beng San, to meet their respective fathers. Their clothes, even their faces are dirty with mud. Especially Bang San! When this child arrived at the shallow end, did he see that more than seven leeches were attached to his body, on his left and right legs and on his thighs and stomach! He was furious and if his face hadn't been muddy it would have looked red. He mustered the air in his body and at once the leeches were scattered, detached from his dead body! No one noticed this because even the leeches covered in mud were not visible.

"Damn, how dare you disturb my captive ladies?" Suddenly Souw Kian Bi jumped up and before anyone else could stop him, the prince had combed Beng San's hair and dragged him to the edge of the swamp while beating him as he pleased.

Beng San was furious, but when he felt how hot that person's punch was, he quickly put his inner strength and used Im's power to fight him. By that time, Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee had already jumped up and lunged at Souw Kian Bi, screaming.

"Don't hit Beng San!" Kwa Hong snapped.

"You evil kidnapped us, he's our helper!" Thio Bwee snapped.

Faced with the onslaught of two little ladies who wanted revenge, Souw Kian Bi was certainly not afraid. But he felt uncomfortable serving the little ones, so once again he slapped his hand on Beng San's chest and then jumped back.

"Bleeek!" The blow was so hard, Beng San bounced back, but he was not injured.

"He's Hoa-san-pai's lackey, no outsiders can disturb him!" suddenly Lian Bu Tojin said in an influential voice. At first, this old man was very angry with Beng San, who he thought was very presumptuous. First, it was presumptuous for daring to leave the peak of Hoa-san, second, it would be presumptuous for daring to try to help two of his disciples' grandchildren so that this brought shame on him. Should his disciple's grandson be helped by a lackey? Even though there was a complete Hoa-san Sie-eng and there he was too. So when he saw Beng San being beaten, this old man kept quiet with the decision that he would be treated later if he was injured. However, when he saw how his two grandsons attacked, this old man just remembered that no matter what, Beng San has served and shown a good personality in his efforts to help without considering the danger to himself who has no intelligence. So he issued the words to prevent the Mongols from attacking Beng San. Then he signaled to his disciples to leave the place. also Beng San walked on the back while lowering his face.

Moreover, Hoa-san Sie-eng or the two little girls, even Lian Bu Tojin himself didn't know how far away they were, Souw Kian Bi tumbled down and vomited blood, his face turning green like a poisoned person. Of course there was a commotion. Swi Lek Hosiang quickly checked and this old hwesio was shocked to death. It turned out that the prince's son had suffered severe internal injuries as well. He quickly gave treatment and couldn't help but wonder how Souw Kian Bi could suffer such an injury.

After the prince's son recovered three days later, Swi Lek Hosiang asked for an explanation. "Who hurt you?"

Souw Kian Bi himself didn't understand either. "I didn't fight with anyone. I just hit the filthy kid's chest….. ah, he's right! I already feel weird why when I hit his chest, I feel as if I hit something soft and it hurts my chest !"

Tai-lek-sin Swi Lek Hosiang shook his head. "Impossible. The boy doesn't seem to know anything, after all it's just a nod in Hoa-san-pai, time to have such a high level of intelligence? It's weird!"

"That's right, Losuhu. I remember now. That kid must have something extraordinary. Who knows if he inherited his intelligence from Lian Bu Tojin. He's his lackey, isn't he? Who knows secretly that stinky tosu grandfather passed down his knowledge. ...."

"Maybe, but it's still weird." Hwesio pondered as he remembered his adopted disciple left in the temple. The student, although only a girl, but also has an extraordinary talent in science. Is the dirty boy so talented that as small as he is already stored in energy that can fend off Souw Kian Bi's blows and even hurt him? It seems impossible!

* * *

Five months have passed since Kun-lun Sam-hengte promised to visit Hoa-san Sie-eng at the top of Hoa-san. Hoa-san Sie-eng is already gathered at the top of Mount Hoa-san, every day waiting for the arrival of three of Kun-lun-pai's disciples, especially Kwee Sin, with impatient hearts.

Kwa Tin Siong after seeing Beng San immediately recognized him as the strange boy he had met before in the middle of the forest. He immediately told this to his classmates, as well as to his temperature and expressed his suspicions. "Right now the times are chaotic, there is a lot of slander and secret enemies surround us. Who knows if this child is a spy who was deliberately released by the opponent to investigate our situation." Thus his words and his fellow students confirmed this insight. Only Lian Bu Tojin disagreed in his heart because of the identification letter from Lo-tong Souw Lee. Suddenly thinking until here, when he thought of Lo-tong Souw Lee, at the same time this grandfather also thought of Souw Kian Bi. The two she Souw. is there any relation? Souw Kian Bi is respected by the Mongol commanders, while he knows very well that Lo-tong Souw Lee comes from a Mongol noble family too. Ah, maybe his eldest student's suspicions are true, who knows if Beng San and Souw Kian Bi really have a game. charade! This old man frowned. That's a huge possibility. Beng San doesn't understand martial arts, why when he was hit by Souw Kian Bi he didn't get hurt? Doesn't that indicate that Souw Kian Bi was just pretending to hit him? Or is it Beng San who knows the roots of silat but deliberately pretends not to know? who knows if Beng San and Souw Kian Bi will have a play! This old man frowned. That's a huge possibility. Beng San doesn't understand martial arts, why when he was hit by Souw Kian Bi he didn't get hurt? Doesn't that indicate that Souw Kian Bi was just pretending to hit him? Or is it Beng San who knows the roots of silat but deliberately pretends not to know? who knows if Beng San and Souw Kian Bi will have a play! This old man frowned. That's a huge possibility. Beng San doesn't understand martial arts, why when he was hit by Souw Kian Bi he didn't get hurt? Doesn't that indicate that Souw Kian Bi was just pretending to hit him? Or is it Beng San who knows the roots of silat but deliberately pretends not to know?

"Your statement is well founded, Tin Siong. However, without evidence it is impossible for us to accuse Beng San of being ridiculous. He is only a child, we will see. If he is really an accomplice of a bad person, what can he do to us? " Hoa-san-pai's chief grandfather said. Furthermore, this grandfather then called Beng San and ordered the boy not to interfere in external affairs anymore and always stay in the temple and do his work properly.

The day that the heart has been waiting for has arrived. One day the sun had not yet risen high, a tosu came running to report that Kun-lun Sam-hengte had come to climb the peak of Hoa-san! Because the business at hand is a big one and because he doesn't want to see his students act presumptuous, Lian Bu Tojin himself is pleased to accept the arrival of the three masters from Kun-lun-pai. Liang Bu Tojin, followed by four of his students, welcomed him outside his residence, in a clean and spacious yard, a courtyard surrounded by large trees, very cool and comfortable to be used as a place for discussing this very complicated and important matter.

Kun-lun Sam-hengte comes walking with a steady step. Kwee Sin is handsome and his face is as white as it seems, his sword is hanging from his left waist. He walked in the middle flanked by Bun Si Teng and Bun Si Liong. The tall, big and stout Bun Si Teng really attracted attention, his sword at his waist and his bow tucked in on the right side. The black-faced Bun Si Liong walked with a strong stance, his face was radiant and his eyes shone like people were happy, his face showed more the joy of a person who is having fun than the seriousness of a person facing a big business. A pair of his weapons, a machete and a sword, hung on the right and left.

From afar, the three valiant men raised their hands in salute. They were somewhat dumbfounded, but also proud to see that the head of Hoa-san-pai himself welcomed their arrival. Kwee Sin when he met his fiancé's eyes and saw his fiancé's eyes were fiery but filled with tears, felt like his heart was being stabbed. He had heard from his suhengs that his fiance's father had been killed and the lady thought that he had killed her. The heat of his heart when he saw his fiancé cry on Kwa Tin Siong's chest then turned cold because now he could guess that the lady was grieving and comforted by Kwa Tin Siong. He felt very sorry for being in such a rush. also he was secretly embarrassed when he thought of his relationship with the beautiful Coa Kim Li.

"The three of us brothers came all the way to fulfill our promise to Hoa-san Sie-eng. Didn't expect that Hoa-san-ciangbunjin (chairman) would also welcome us. It's really exhausting to honorable parents," said Bun Si Teng on behalf of his entourage.

"Kun-lun Sam-hengte came, that's good. Indeed, Pek Gan Siansu's students are famous for their bravery and will not break their promises, they are also fair and honest. Pinto's parents are just witnesses in this matter, I hope you three deal with Pinto's students properly directly. " The grandfather then stepped to the side, letting the three Kun-lun heroes face his four students.

Kwa Tin Siong representing his entourage stepped forward and raised his hand in salute. "We are very relieved that Kun-lun Sam-hengte has fulfilled his promise and the criminal Kwee Sin has also been invited to come here to atone for his sins.

Bun Si Teng smiled while Kwee Sin's face became increasingly pale.

"Hope Hoa-san It-kiam likes to be patient and don't let my sister be accused of nonsensical slander. Before, I myself have checked Sute and it turns out that everything that is accused of Kwee-sute is just empty slander. Kwee-sute never did. the murder of Kiam-eng-cu Liem Sian Hwa's father as you said, "said Bun Si Teng, his smile hardened. Kwee Sin nodded to confirm his suheng's words.

"The tongue has no bones!" Sian Hwa suddenly snapped, unable to contain his anger any longer. "No thief confesses, denying is the easiest job. However, I don't want to slander anyone. The evidence is clear that my father was cowardly killed by Pek-lek-jiu's punches and Pek-lian-ting nails. , besides this there is still the main witness, namely my late father himself!"

Kwee Sin grew pale at the words and saw his fiancé's attitude.

"Let me swear in the presence of heaven and earth, if I kill your father, Thian may punish me with a horrible death!" exclaimed Kwee Sin with a pale face and a weak voice.

Kwa Tin Siong laughed mockingly. "How can a heinous murder matter of this magnitude be resolved with all kinds of oaths? Sumoi, so that the matter can be discussed from the beginning, please repeat your story about your father's death."

Sian Hwa loudly recounted everything that had happened to his father and himself, his eyes were sharp against the submissive Kwee Sin and the young man's face was briefly red and then pale. However, when he told the part of his father who was injured and left a final testimony that it was Kwee Sin and the Pek-lian-pai woman who killed him, Sian Hwa couldn't hold back her tears. When he finished saying all this, he waved his hand and "sraaattt!" his pair of swords had already been drawn out in both hands.

"Father was brutally killed. If this curiosity is not answered, I Liem Sian Hwa don't want to live on earth anymore!" Kwee Sin just looked up and looked sad, but he didn't pull out his sword at all.