The King Of Sword Volume 11

volume 11

But Lian Bu Tojin calmly moved his bamboo stick. There was a loud sound eight times when the arrow always hit the bamboo stick wherever it was moved. Indeed, Hoa-san-pai's sword knowledge is great. It was clear to Kwa Hong and his friends that his teacher's grandfather only played the Tian-mo-po-in (Cloud Sweeping Lightning Umbrella) move from Hoa-san Kiam-hoat's Sword Science. But the way he moves is so perfect that eight kinds of attacks from Koai Atong can be thwarted! Then there was a slow call from the grandfather "Koai Atong, keep this Jutsu from Hoa-san." The bamboo stick moved slowly and ..... the arrow slipped from Koai Atong's hand, thrown upwards.

But Koai Atong showed his cunning. He was able to roll his body away from the circle of bamboo sticks, then his body jumped up and knew he was holding the arrow again. He made a sound like people crying then ... ,,. He ran away Lian Bu Tojin laughed and shouted at Koai Atong, "Atong, give my regards to your teacher Giam Kong!"

After Koai Atong left, this grandfather changed his face. Now cool and earnest. He faced Kwa Hong and his friends, and then heard him say, his voice holding back his anger.

"Kwa Hong, how does the third ban sound from Hoa-san-pai?"

Kwa Hong's face changed, a bit pale. If his teacher's grandfather had called his full name, not Hong Hong as usual, it could mean that his teacher's grandfather was really angry.

After bowing he said while bowing his face, "The third prohibition reads: Every student of Hoa-san-pai cannot learn martial arts from outside Hoa-san-pai without the permission of his teacher.

"Hemmm, well you still remember. But, why did you learn that vile Jing-tok-ciang from Koai Atong?" The old tosu's voice became more and more angry, making Kwa Hong shocked and scared. He was most afraid of his teacher's grandfather. But he also wondered why this old man was angry, even though he was usually very patient.

"I ... I confess, Sukong. Ready to receive punishment!" The girl fell to her knees in front of her teacher's grandfather. The other three children saw this to be scared and they immediately fell to their knees and said almost together.

"Teecu also pleaded guilty and was ready to accept punishment."

Seeing the grandchildren of his students kneeling accepting punishment and the attitude of children-obedience to the rules of Hoa-san-pai, an attitude that is already well known from the students of Hoa-san-pai.

"You know," he said, his voice still cool, "what's the punishment for a student who violates the third ban?" The four children nodded.

"The offender must throw the knowledge he learned outside Hoa-san-pai, if necessary his body is damaged so that the knowledge cannot be used. It's good that you are not good at using Jing-tok-ciang, if you are good at it, pinto (me) will not hesitate break your left hand! " It was obvious how pale and trembling the four children were to hear this.

"Hong Hong, your audacity to learn from Koai Atong is still not dangerous compared to your act of persuading your classmates to learn as well. That act is very bad." Even though he was scolded, the clever Kwa Hong was relieved to hear the way his grandfather called his name. That meant that his teacher's grandfather was no longer angry with him.

"Teecu doesn't persuade, Sukong. They really like to learn after seeing Koai Atong hit a tree."

"That's right, Sukong. Teecu who is guilty, wants to learn, was not persuaded at all by Adik Hong," Kui Lok said quickly.

"Teecu was also not persuaded," continued Thio Ki. Thio Bwee was silent, just glancing at Kui Lok.

"Stop it," said the grandfather. "You children must remember well. Actually for me who is the leader of Hoa-san-pai, learning martial arts from other groups is not a very bad thing. But why are there rules and prohibitions in Hoa-san-pai?

It is nothing but to protect and prevent the children of Hoa-san-pai's students from deviating from learning heresy. If that happens, if Hoa-san-pai's students learn heresy and then deviate and commit evil deeds, won't that ruin Hoa-san-pai's good name? "

"Sukong," said Kwa Hong, who now had his courage. "Does Koai Atong's martial arts include heresy?"

The grandfather took a deep breath and stroked his beard. "Indeed, to be honest, in this world there is no misguided knowledge. All knowledge is good depending on the user of knowledge. Knowledge can be good if used for good. On the contrary, even very clean knowledge, when used for evil, can be dirty and bad science. "

The four children looked at each other and did not understand what their sukong meant. This grandfather also seemed to understand, so with a smile he said again, "Let me explain. For example, the science of bun (literature), who said that the science of reading and writing is bad? But still good and bad depends on the user of science. This science is good when used. to make beautiful poems, write high knowledge, etc. But isn't it a very bad and evil knowledge when people use it to make slanderous letters, make false reports, etc. as it is today often do people? "

Only then did Kwa Hong and his friends understand. Indeed, at that time, most people were not good at reading and writing. A letter of defamation alone is enough to take the life of an illiterate person. Especially in the great cities and especially in the cities of kings, the art of writing became a more powerful weapon than a dozen swords and more evil and vile than venomous snakes.

"Well, is it clear now? The science of writing alone is so evil, let alone martial arts. I don't want to say that the science taught by Koai Atong is evil, but the nature of Jing-tok-ciang is very dangerous. The science of punching has no mercy. , once used, if the recipient is less strong, it can take his life. If before I was not strong enough to withstand the blow, am I not now lying dead? Ha-ha-ha! "

Kwa Hong and his friends were shocked and just opened their eyes to the difference between Hoa-san-pai martial arts and Jing-tok-ciang. From the words of his teacher's grandfather, they knew that Hoa-san-pai's martial arts did not have to be defeated by Jing-tok-ciang, even though Jing-tok-ciang looked extraordinary and miraculous.

"You who are diligent in learning our own martial arts, who are diligent in practicing. If your martial arts have reached a level equivalent to the level of Koai Atong, you will not be defeated by him." This grandfather took a deep breath and said again, slowly as to himself, "Unfortunately ..... until now there are no bones good enough to be the heir of Hoa-san-pai ..... which as good as Koai Atong alone does not exist ..... "After saying that, with a sad face this grandfather left the park.

Kwa Hong, Thio Ki, Thio Bwee, and Kui Lok were encouraged to listen to Lian Bu Tojin's remarks earlier. They then practiced vigorously, whenever the four of them could be seen practicing silat in the park or in lian-bu-thia (silat practice room) under Lian Bu Tojin's own guidance. Of course in a few months they made tremendous progress. With friends practicing, they seem to be racing to surpass their friends and this is what accelerates their progress.

However, a striking oddity occurred. This can only be known by Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee. Girls are of course more delicate in their feelings and know how to distinguish the attitudes of boys. Both Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee can see that in addition to racing in training, there seems to be another race between Thio Ki and Kui Lok, which is a fun race or grab the attention of Kwa Hong, the cheerful little girl, star -eyed and a bit fierce! Kwa Hong faced this reality with pride and his demeanor became increasingly spoiled, arrogant, and somewhat playful of the two boys. On the other hand, Thio Bwee, who is quiet, often looks depressed when he sees Kui Lok playing with a face in front of Kwa Hong, looking for flowers, making toys from grass and so on.

Time passes quickly. The children were left by their parents at the top of Hoa-san-pai for more than four months. When Hoa-san Sie-eng came to the top of Hoa-san, the children were happy, but it turned out that their parents still did not want to leave Hoa-san.

Kwa Tin Siong and his three classmates told Lian Bu Tojin about their meeting with Bun's two brothers, and even told him that Kun-lun Sam-hengte would be coming to Hoa-san in five months.

Lian Bu Tojin stroked his beard and shook his head. "It was not expected at all that such an unpleasant thing would happen," he said. "For decades, my relationship with Kun-lun-pai's chairman Pek Gan Sian-su was a brotherhood. In fact, we wanted to strengthen the relationship by pairing our students. Who knows, even malape-taka arises because of this."

With tears in his eyes, Sian Hwa said, "Forgive teecu Suhu. Teecu has caused grief in Suhu's heart, but ..... what is the power of teecu? Teecu's father was killed by ..... by ..... that bastard. .... "

Lian Bu Tojin raised her hand. "You're not wrong Sian Hwa, you're not wrong. Even the door actually felt guilty. The door that paired you with Kun-lun-pai's student, who knows ....." The grandfather repeatedly took a deep breath.

"This question will of course be made clear soon after Kun-lun Sam-hengte arrives here in five months, Suhu. Kwa Tin Siong is comforting." Let five more months teecu together come again and gather here to face Kun-lun's students -pai. "

"You go home, but leave the children here alone. Aren't you coming in five months? I want to see for myself their progress, especially guiding their character. Tin Siong and you, Wan It and Kui Keng, are certainly willing to leave the children. Your son is here for another five months, isn't he? "

"Of course, Suhu. In fact, Teecu thanked Suhu himself for guiding them," the three students answered in unison.

"Suheng, don't worry, I'm here to accompany them," said Sian Hwa. The happier their hearts were, Lian Bu Tojin was also very happy to hear that Sian Hwa, who no longer had a family, was going to wait in Hoa-san for five months.

Thus, Kwa Tin Siong, Thio Wan It, and Kui Keng descended from Hoa-san to return to their respective homes while Sian Hwa lived in Hoa-san with his nephew's students. This girl who was suffering from inner stress comforted her heart by training silat to her nieces. It was a little comforting to see the happy and lively children. What’s more against Kwa Hong, Sian Hwa loves him dearly.

* * *

At the time of a small war between a group of Pek-lian-pai people led by Tan Hok against the Mongol forces that resulted in the destruction of the Mongol forces at the foot of Mount Hoa-san, some of the Hoa-san-pai tosu reported it to Sian Hwa. Indeed, this girl is considered the smartest person among the tosu. Lian Bu Tojin herself was meditating and could not be disturbed at all, so to Sian Hwa they talked about the war at the foot of the mountain. Hearing this, accompanied by five tosu head who are already highly intelligent, Sian Hwa then ran down from the top. To his nieces and nephews, he advised them not to leave the park and just play in the park.

The arrival of Sian Hwa and five tosu at the battlefield was too late. Tan Hok and his friends, including Beng San, had long since left the place chased by other Mo-ngol forces of larger numbers and who as we have come to know, were lured to suffer destruction at Pek-tiok-kok.

Liem Sian Hwa only got the newly excavated land, the place where the bodies of Mongol soldiers were buried by Beng San and who were later assisted by Tan Hok and his friends. Seeing a Pek-lian-pai flag on the tree, anger arose in Sian Hwa's heart. In any case, Pek-lian-pai has now become his biggest enemy. Isn't his father killed by Kwee Sin's Pek-lian-pai people? Out of anger, he snatched the flag from the tree and tore it to pieces. A tosu approached and said.

"Sumoi, why did you tear up the Pek-lian-pai flag? Isn't that the flag of the people who fought against the Mongol forces?"

"Pek-lian-pai group of bad people! If I saw them here earlier, I will fight and exterminate them all!" exclaimed Sian Hwa in an angry voice. "Suheng, don't you remember that my father was killed by Pek-lian-ting's nails. belongs to Pek-lian-pai? How can I not be his enemy? "

"Good, good! Pek-llan-pai is indeed evil, it should be eradicated! Suddenly a voice was heard and when Sian Hwa looked, it turned out that the speaker was a handsome young man, always smiling and his clothes were beautiful. The girl's face it instantly turned red because the radiance of this young man's eyes was so sharp, shining not hiding his admiration when he looked at him.The young man then paid respect, nodding while raising both hands with such a subtle attitude that there was no chance for Sian Hwa to be angry.

"I'm sorry, Miss. I'm Souw Kian Bi and I feel very much in line with Miss's opinion earlier. Indeed Pek-lian-pai is a group of bad people".

Liem Sian Hwa can't possibly be angry with a person who is sweet and respectful even though his heart is not happy to see this person's audacity. Forced by politeness he retaliated and said briefly.

"I have nothing to do with Tua, this also does not know the Lord. I'm sorry that I didn't have time to talk any longer." This lady turned her body to leave.

Souw Kian Bi stepped forward. "Take it easy, Miss. What's wrong if we get to know each other now? Is Miss Hoa-san-pai's student?"

The five tosu who accompanied Sian Hwa were not happy to see a young man daring to rebuke their sumoi. He thought the young man was rude. One of the tosu scolded.

"Sumoi has nothing to do with you, young man. Please don't bother any further." While saying so, the tosu moved his sleeve to push the young man aside because the man was blocking the way. Of course he exerted energy to show his ingenuity and to intimidate the young man. The young man did not repel or dodge at all, but when the sleeve of the shirt touched his chest, it was not the young man who was pushed, but the tosu that was thrown. Tosu exclaimed in surprise and became angry.

"Eh, are you kidding?" he snapped, clutching at his shoulder.

"Suheng, don't ...!" Sian Hwa warned the tosu because the girl saw that this young man was not a random person, as evidenced by the movement of his legs when pushed earlier. But too late, Tosu's hand was thrown. Only this time it was thrown so hard that it hit a rock and bleed.

The other four tosu became very angry. "Fuck, dare you knock down our brother?" Simultaneously, these four tosu hit the young man with their fists. Souw Kian Bi, the strange young man, just smiled without repelling, just bowed his head to avoid the blow that threatened his face. Something very strange happened. The fists of the four tosu were clearly visible on the young man's body until a bak-bik-buk sound was heard, but the tosu cried out in pain while holding their swollen hands. They feel like hitting steel, not people's bodies!

Sian Hwa couldn't hold back his patience anymore, because besides feeling very surprised. Even though the skill of the four suhengs was not really high, but receiving a blow with the body of four people at once like the young man and making the beater himself swollen his hands, really proved that the young man was highly educated. Without a doubt it is. then drew his sword, jumped close and snapped.

"Arrogant man, dare you play crazy in front of me?" He crossed his sword to his chest and challenged. "Let's get your weapon out, I want to see how smart you are!"

The young man who claimed to be named Souw Kian Bi was smiling and the look in his eyes was more and more imaginary? "You're great, Miss, great. You deserve to be my best friend. Beautiful and strong, hemmm ....."

Of course, Sian Hwa's face became even redder. There is no woman in this world who does not like to be praised by a man, especially praised for his beauty. So is Sian Hwa. But in addition to this sense of pleasure, there is also a feeling of anger because he thought the man was rude.

"Who is willing to be your friend? Let's take out your weapon, otherwise, don't blame me if I run out of patience ....".

Souw Kian Bi laughed, his teeth were white and neat. "You want to play with the sword? Oh, that's great. Our introduction would be less friendly if it wasn't through the tip of the weapon. Well, I'm ready, you show me your sword knowledge, Sweet Lady." The young man was now holding a very beautiful sword because the handle of the sword was decorated with kumala stones. In addition to the beautiful shape of the sword, it also looks very sharp until it sparkles in the sunlight.

Seeing that his opponent was already armed, without uttering another word Sian Hwa immediately jumped forward with his very agile and fast movement. A pair of swords in both his hands let out a roaring sound as it rained down on Souw Kian Bi with deadly attacks. The pair of swords vanished into two rolls of rays that enveloped his body, very unusual to look at.

Souw Kian Bi let out a shocked exclamation witnessing the greatness of the girl's swordsmanship. He quickly turned his weapon to protect himself so that many times he heard the sound of a sword meeting a sword. Five minutes ago, Souw Kian Bi just repulsed and protected himself, then suddenly he jumped back and shouted.

"So this lady is Kiam-eng-cu Liem Sian Hwa, the youngest person from Hoa-san Sie-eng? She deserves to be so cunning and beautiful!" He smiled again, a charming smile with a gleam of admiration.

Sian Hwa's face turned red again "Don't say much, you've knocked down five of my suhengs. You can try to knock me down, you should only brag!" Again this girl crashed forward while playing with her pair of swords.

Souw Kian Bu quickly repulsed again while laughing. "It would be nice if I could tear down you, Miss, tear down your heart especially once. What a pleasure ....."

"You bastard!" Sian Hwa intensified his attack and this time Souw Kian Bi had to release his ingenuity to protect himself from the deadly threat. The girl was very surprised when she got the fact that this young man who claimed to be named Souw Kian Bi turned out to have a very strange swordsmanship, but also very clever. All his attacks could be repulsed easily, in fact every time his sword clashed with his opponent's sword, he felt his palms tremble a sign that the energy in the young man was not inferior to him either. Silently he sighed and poured out all his energy and ingenuity. He would be very embarrassed if he lost to this young ceriwis.

On the other hand, Souw Kian Bi was also very impressed to see the sword of his opponent's girl. Not in vain this girl was nicknamed Kiam-eng-cu (Shadow of the Sword) and became the youngest of the famous Hoa-san Sie-eng. His affection for this girl, which had arisen because of Sian Hwa's beauty, increased. It is this love that makes Souw Kian Bi not want to use his skills to bring down Sian Hwa. He deliberately wanted to make this girl collapse on his own because he was tired and in addition he also wanted to show off his skills in order to really capture the heart of this beautiful and strong girl.

Meanwhile, the tosu who had been knocked down by Souw Kian Bi, became more and more worried to see how even the famous sumoi of the brave had not managed to knock down the opponent with a pair of swords. They secretly negotiated, then one of the five tosu ran up to the top to report the matter to Lian Bu Tojin.

One can imagine how angry and shocked the Hoa-san-pai chief was, never before had any of Hoa-san-pai's students dared to disturb him while he was meditating. This time the tosu forced him to wake up from his samadh and told about the invasion of a young man who was rude and skilled in his martial arts. Despite being angry, the old tosu stroked his beard and held his breath to suppress his anger until he calmed down and was patient again.

"You said his name was Souw Kian Bi?" This grandfather remembers but does not feel he has an enemy ber she Souw. Lest fellow jai-hwa-cat (obscene criminal), he thought. This is dangerous, if Sian Hwa is really defeated by the criminal, his students will be ruined. He immediately got up, dragged his wand and said, "Get the door there."

When Lian Bu Tojin arrived at the battlefield, she held back her startled cry. Sian Hwa is already in great desperation. Her left sword had come loose and now the girl with a gasp defended herself from the attack of the handsome young man who was smiling and uttering teasing words. It was obvious that the young man's intelligence was higher, in fact he would very easily be able to overthrow Sian Hwa if he wanted to. When Lian Bu Tojin secretly noticed the swordsmanship the young man was playing, she nodded. That is the science of the northern sword that has a high level. Also, the movements of the young man showed that his inner energy was very strong. Sian Hwa was desperate. Suppose the one against this young man is not Sian Hwa, but Kwa Tin Siong, it will probably be balanced and more numerous.

"Sian Hwa, step back. Young people have business to negotiate with pinto!" Lian Bu Tojin's call, although slow, but contains a very influential energy. Of course, it was difficult for Sian Hwa to retreat because he was trapped by his opponent's sword. If it wasn't for his opponent who stopped this match, he himself would not have been able to escape. With a giggling sound, Souw Kian Bi shook his sword and "tringgg .....!" Sian Hwa's right sword was detached as well, thrown into the air.

Lian Bu Tojin moved her wand and knew the flying sword was already attached to her bamboo wand. Meanwhile, Souw Kian Bi stepped forward to approach Sian Hwa with a grin and said, "Sweet lady, are you still not now? Do you want to admit defeat to me? Do you still think it's inappropriate for me to be your best friend?"

Sian Hwa felt very embarrassed. With anger that made his chest seem about to explode, he dashed forward, slamming his right fist into the young man's chest. Souw Kian Bi quickly dodged while laughing and said, "I love your delicate hand when it touches my chest, Manis." Again he dodged when the second shot came and now while dodging he used his left hand to block Sian Hwa’s right wrist. This movement is very fast and once you see it, Lian Bu Tojin knows? that the young man was also very skilled in the science of capture and the science of gripping a kind of Eng-jiauw-kang. Sian Hwa was shocked because it was useless for him to try to release his hand.

"Young man, don't be rude. Let go!" Suddenly Lian Bu Tojin stepped forward to prevent the young man's lack of teaching towards his students.

But Souw Kian Bi just laughed. Where does he want to look, to this old grandfather? While his left hand was still holding Sian Hwa's hand, the sword in his right hand moved towards Lian Bu Tojin's chest and he snapped.

"Tosu smell don't interfere. Roll you!"

But this time he miscalculated. His sword that slid towards the chest of the old tosu suddenly met with a bamboo stick, his sword trembled and ..... "krakkk!" the sword broke in two, his own body shivering, his grip on Sian Hwa's hand slipped and he was still staggering backwards five or six acts. His face became very pale.

"You ..... who are you .....? ' he looked at the old grandfather with wide eyes.

Lian Bu Tojin did not answer, just stood up straight while looking sharply. Souw Kian Bi rolled his eyes, looking the grandfather up and down. It was probably the long beard and the bamboo stick that caught his eye and made him able to guess who was facing him.

"Ah, suppose Totiang is Lian Tojin himself? I shouldn't be able to fight him. Suppose the honorable chief of Hoa-san-pai himself intervenes!" This speech is a great satire. It is actually very embarrassing for Lian Bu Tojin, a ciangbunjin (leader) from a big party has to step in to face a young man like Souw Kian Bi! Inevitably, both of my grandfather's cheeks turned red. This young man was not only skilled in his martial arts, but also very sharp in his words.

"She Souw's people," he said patiently, "my students are coming down the mountain, so no one is welcoming you, so I have to come here by myself. I don't know what's the reason, so you're messing around here?"

Souw Kian Bi laughed mockingly. "Who's messing up?" I passed by here, met this lady, interested and wanted to be friends, what's wrong? Well, next time he will still be my best friend ..... "After saying that, the young man turned his body and left." Sian Hwa who was still very angry quickly grabbed his sword that had been hit and fell, about to chase. But his teacher prevented him.

"Don't chase, Sian Hwa. I see that person is not a random person. It's clear that he's from the north. But why did he come to disturb Hoa-san-pai? Hemmm, we have to be careful, there are more and more secret enemies. want to be our enemies. " This grandfather then invited all his students to climb to the top of Hoa-san again while ordering his students who became tosu to from that time on to do strong guard day and night, but not to dare to intervene to attack outsiders.

If at the foot of Mount Hoa-san this strange thing happened, at the top of Hoa-san something strange also happened. At the time of Kwa Hong, Thio Ki, Thio Bwee, and Kui Lok were practicing martial arts in the flower garden. Between Thio Ki and Kui Lok, there was clearly a race, not only for the advancement of martial arts, but obviously both of them were competing to be sweet to Kwa Hong. They both have almost the same character, namely strong and resilient, but both are also very arrogant. Maybe this arose because they felt they were the sons of Hoa-san-pai's warriors. Even the taciturn Bwee Thio also looked haughty nature and feel as if they are children of the brave that is different from other children. Only Kwa Hong is a person whose character is still agile, fierce but not arrogant.

At that moment, it was Kui Lok's turn to fight with a sword witnessed by three of his friends. Kui Lok really has a very good talent. During these few months his skill has improved a lot, when he fought not only his sword movement was steady and strong, but also very fast. Of course he fought with a sword with his left hand, because he was better at using his left hand than his right hand. After he finished fighting, Kwa Hong cheered.

"Very good Lok-ko (Lok's sister), your skills have really advanced!" he praised honestly. Also Thio Bwee nodded justifying Kwa Hong's compliment. However, the compliment did not please Thio Ki.

"Unfortunately, the sword is played with the left hand, so of course it is less powerful and less accurate as if it is played with the right hand," Thio Ko said with a gesture as if someone who is better at judging the game of lower-level people.

This speech was received by Kui Lok with a red face. He felt insulted and rebuked for his left -handed nature. "Even with the left hand, I don't think I'm defeated by the right -handed sword game," he replied, looking at Thio Ki's face full of challenges.

"Phuah .....!" Thio Ki scoffed, throwing a face.

"Phuah .....!" Kui Lok also let out a mocking voice.

Thio Ki bled, feeling the handle of the sword on his back. "Then let's prove, who is smarter, the right hand or the left hand!"

"Really? All right, but it's you who's challenging, brother Ki, not me!" Kui Lok replied, his sword ready in his left hand.

Kwa Hong watched the incident with beaming eyes. "Very well done!" he cheered. "It's great to have a brotherhood party." What is meant by pibu (martial arts competition) is a competition to determine who loses and who wins. "Instead of arguing every day about your level of intelligence, it's better to decide with evidence."

The two boys were now facing swords in their hands. Thio Bwee rolled his eyes wide, full of concern.

"Don't!" he shouted pleadingly. "What if someone gets hurt? Sukong will be very angry."

Kwa Hong laughed and stepped between the two young giants. "You guys are already eager to attack each other," he teased, "don't do that, ah! We're classmates. It's time to play skewers with swords."

"Finish how to determine Who is superior?" Kui Lok asked.

"Leave it alone, Hong-moi (Hong's younger brother). Lok-te (Lok's younger brother) is very arrogant, he doesn't want to give in to me who is older," said Thio Ki.

"Where can classmates hit each other? If sukong is known, do you think I'm not to blame? I don't want to! If you guys fight, get away from here so that I don't get carried away," said Kwa Hong.

The two boys looked at each other. They want to show in front of Kwa Hong that they are brave and not inferior to others. Now that Kwa Hong doesn't want to see them complain about intelligence, why do they continue? Akarntetapi if you do not go looking elsewhere, can also be considered afraid or cowardly.

Kwa Hong who saw their doubts then laughed. "Stop it, save your sword. If you want to determine who is better, it's easy. You use a harmless twig, I will provide ink. The end of the twig is given ink and the twig is played like the tip of a sword. Whoever is first exposed to the ink of his shirt is the one the loser. "

The proposal was supported by Thio Bwee who of course also did not want a real battle between his brother and Kui Lok. The two children agreed and each looked for a soft twig. Immediately they wet the ends of each twig with ink and they started competing, witnessed by Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee. Kwa Hong acted as his referee. Tak-tok-tak-tok the sound of the two twigs collided and the two young men moved quickly to lead the opponent sending a puncture to stain the opponent's shirt with ink at the end of the twig.

"Hey, Ki-ko! Can't strike the eye!" Kwa Hong exclaimed. As a referee, he must be fair. According to the agreement, each can only attack the shirt to mark with ink.

"Lok-ko, can't kick!" He exclaimed.

At first, he seldom shouted for a ban, but the two young men became more and more curious and hot because they had not been able to defeat their opponents. The more often they commit violations and the more often Kwa Hong shouts forbidding. Even now, Thio Bwee is also shouting because he is worried about seeing the two young heroes start using serious attacks that endanger their opponents. The contest to complain about that ingenuity turned into a heartfelt brawl. Kwa Hong was angry and slammed his leg.

"You're cheating! You didn't keep your promise. Already, don't fight again '" But which two young men whose stomachs are already hot want to stop? They attack even harder. Kwa Hong shouted angrily.

Suddenly, the shadows of people flashed and the two young men suddenly collapsed and rolled over. They were not hurt because they had just been pushed to the side, to their surprise they crawled up. Also Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee looked surprised ..... it turned out that Koai Atong was already standing there, grinning and saying.

"You can't upset Mr. Hong!" Then he turned to Kwa Hong and said, "Mr. Hong, I came back to invite you to play like before. Come with me to the forest over there, I saw a very beautiful young deer. I will catch the animal for you. " He stepped forward to hold Kwa Hong's hand.

"No, Koai Atong. I don't want to go. Sukong will be angry later." Kwa Hong dodged.

"Don't be angry, let me be responsible if I'm angry." Koai Atong wanted to force, once his hand grabbed him he was able to hold Kwa Hong's wrist.

"No, no, I don't want to ...... They quarrel. It seems that Koai Atong doesn't want to use violence against Kwa Hong whom he loves as a good friend, so they quarrel and pull each other. If Koai Atong wants to use violence, of course easily he will be able to bring Kwa Hong away.

At that moment, from outside the park walked in a boy. Far behind, several tosu people were seen running around shouting.

"Son of a bitch, you can't go in there!" It seems that the child who entered earlier was able to leave the tosu who are now chasing him.

This boy is none other than Beng San! As told in the front, Beng San reached the foot of Mount Hoa-san and met Tan Hok and his friends, the members of Pek-lian-pai. After parting from Tan Hok, he immediately climbed the mountain to the top. Some tosu people forbid him to go up, but Beng San insists on meeting the head of Hoa-san pai. This child when blocked then ran to sneak up quickly. the tosu were far behind and continued to chase. Finally he entered the flower garden.

Seeing how a little girl was attracted to a big tall man, Beng San's heart became curious and angry. He did not know Kwa Hong, nor did he know Koai Atong even though he had met these two people. With a wide step he approached Koai Atong who was still clinging to Kwa Hong, holding Koai Atong's arm while saying loudly.

"An grown man dragging a little girl, it's really inappropriate. What a shame!"

Beng San's voice was so loud that it rang in my ears. Not only was Koai Atong shocked, but also Kwa Hong, Thio Ki, Thio Bwee, and Kui Lok were shocked, turned and looked.

Suddenly Koai Atong released his grip on Kwa Hong's arm, his body shivered, his red face turned pale once, his eyes glazed wide, his mouth gaped and he stood like a person with a fever. His right hand with a trembling forefinger pointed towards Beng San, his mouth making an unkind sound, but still able to be caught by the children.

"Ssseeeee ..... sssssetannn ..... devil .....!" Suddenly he jumped away from there, then ran as hard as he could, shouting, "Satan! He is an evil spirit ..... alive again ..... oh devil ..... forgive me .....! " For a moment, Koai Atong's shadow was no longer visible.

Of course Beng San looked surprised. He did not know that previously unconscious from swallowing pills made by Siok Tin Cii, he was beaten and injured by Koai Atong who used Jing-tok-ciang and the old boy thought he was dead. Of course now all of a sudden Beng San with his blackish red face standing in front of his grandfather who has a childish character makes Koai Atong scared to death and makes him run around, not daring to go back to Hoa-san!

Kwa Hong and his friends were also shocked to see a boy standing there, his clothes com-pang-camping, his feet bare, his hair tangled and his face blackish red. Beng San's face turned red because he was angry to see Koai Atong pulling Kwa Hong's hand. His face was red and black, his eyes were as sharp as a tiger's eyes, he was really a strange child and deserved to be considered a demon.

But Kwa Hong immediately recognized Beng San. He stepped forward and noticed that Beng San's face, meanwhile, had begun to change, disappearing from red, black into pure white, but slowly turning green. This was because a pair of Kwa Hong's eyes already knew him, and he felt a little embarrassed to face these four beautifully dressed and dashing children.

"Eh, is this you? You ... a chameleon?" Kwa Hong scolded with an amused laugh. After hearing Kwa Hong's voice, Beng San only remembered that this little girl in red was the one who used to quarrel with him in the forest. He smiled and said.

"I wish you were here ..... kuntilanak!" Kui Lok and Thio Ki blushed. They looked at Beng San with glaring eyes, angry when they heard how this filthy boy was cursing Kwa Hong kuntilanak. Really rude! At that time, the tosu who were chasing Beng San, four in number, had arrived there and they were shouting.

"Don't let that little criminal get away! It's forbidden to come in here!"

"I want to meet Lian Bu Tojin," Beng San protested.

But Kui Lok and Thio, who were already very angry, saw the tosu being angry with the filthy child, became more courageous. The two then stepped forward and cursed, "Rotten filth, let's get out of here!"

Beng San calmed down, looking at Kui Lok and Thio Ki who stood arrogantly in front of him. "I don't want to go if I haven't met Lian Bu Tojin."

"Damn! You asked to be beaten?" Thio Ki snapped angrily.

Beng San laughed and shook his head. "Who asked to be beaten? I didn't! I want to meet Lian Bu Tojin."

"How do you want to meet sukong? Sukong is too noble to meet all the filthy filth. If you don't run away from here quickly, I'll beat you!" said Kui Lok fiercely, •

Beng San gasped in surprise. "Are you the grandson of Lian Bu Tojin's student? Ah, then I'm wrong. People say Lian Bu Tojin is the chairman of Hoa-san-pai, he's a noble man, and that Hoa-san-pai's people are brave people. The little student is so fierce. "

Kui Lok and Thio Ki are the descendants of brave people, so speech is a slap in the face to them. "You are rude!" Thio Ki defended himself. "You dare to swear kuntilanak to Hong-moi. You are rude!"

Beng San turned to Kwa Hong with a small laugh. "He is indeed a kuntilanak. Just ask him, we know each other as chameleons and kuntilanak. Isn't that right, kuntilanak?"

Kwa Hong slammed his small leg. "Chameleon! Your monkey lizard! I'm not a kuntilanak! '.

"I'm not a chameleon, lizard or monkey either!" Beng San protested angrily.

"But your face changes like a chameleon, you enter the sheath of a snake like a lizard, you look as ugly as a monkey!" Kwa Hong scolded with a red face of anger.

"You're also fierce and your face is as bad as a kuntilanak ....."

"Plakkk!" Kwa Hong's hand floated and Beng San's left cheek was slapped. Beng San staggered back. At that moment, Kui Lok and Thio Ki had crashed forward and rained hard blows on Beng San's body. Beng San staggered and collapsed. This boy did, as long as he left Lo-tong Souw Lee's hiding place, obeyed his grandfather's orders and never wanted to use his skills. So when he was slapped and then beaten, he just kept quiet, "stored" energy in his body and allowed himself to be beaten. He felt the skin of his chest and face ache.

"I want to meet Lian Bu Tojin, don't hit me ..." he said.

But the two young heroes did not want to forgive him again. Thio Ki hit again as Beng San tried to stand up, a hard blow to Beng San's neck made the boy fall. Kui Lok then hit him, occupied his chest and hit Beng San's face with both hands. Beng San's cheeks were swollen from this blow.

"Come on, you apologize and promise to get out of here!" said Kui Lok breathlessly, stopping his blow.

Beng San just shook his head. "I want to meet Lian Bu ...." He couldn't continue his words because Kui Lok hit his nose until he bled.

"Lok-te, let me replace you!" Thio Ki pulled Kui Lok away and grabbed Beng Sang's hair, pulled the boy to his feet and hit him on the chest.

"Blukkk!" Beng San's body was thrown up to two meters more. Thio Ki chased, tugging at Beng San's hair again and beating him even harder. Beng San's torn clothes were getting more and more damaged, torn here and there.

"Already, Ki-ko, Lok-ko, don't hit again!" Kwa Hong stepped forward to prevent. He couldn't bear to see Beng San being beaten like that. Also Thio Bwee advanced to prevent his sister. But the tosu with a big laugh praised the ingenuity of the two young kongcu and said to organize.

"Keep beating! Keep beating until he wants to apologize."

"Let's quickly kneel down mihta ampun shouted Kui Lok and Thio Ki alternately while hitting continuously.

As patient as people are, especially a small child like Beng San, if they are pressured like that and tortured, they end up not being strong enough to hold back. The pain in his body was nothing to him because he had often suffered from pain. But the pain in his heart was heavier to bear. His once green face had now begun to turn blackish red, a sign that he could no longer contain his anger. At that moment, Kui Lok was holding his left hand, while Thio Ki was holding his right hand, both of them hitting from right to left while snarling forcing him to kneel to apologize. Unable to control his anger again, the miraculous power in Beng San's body worked, the air in his body made his face turn black and he resisted the blows from right to left. Suddenly there was a scream of pain, Kui Lok collapsed after hitting, followed by Thio Ki who also collapsed after hitting Beng San's neck. The two children collapsed and fainted with squinting eyes and foaming mouths!

Not surprisingly, Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee. They saw clearly how the two young heroes were hitting, why did they fall unconscious with squinting eyes? The tosu also saw this and those who believed in superstition became frightened.

"He's a real devil ...... he's an evil devil ..... woe .....!" The tosu quickly took out their weapons, each ready to assault Beng San.

"Supek, don't intervene!" Kwa Hong jumped to prevent. "Let Sukong decide this matter later."

The tosu are still threatening. Beng San secretly recorded Kwa Hong's defense of himself in his heart. In any case, this little kuntilanak is not evil, he thought. He was silent, just shrinking the blood that had flowed from his nostrils and cleaning up his torn clothes. Coincidentally, at that time, Lian Bu Tojin and Sian Hwa came to enter the park. They were surprised to see the noise in the park.

Sian Hwa let out a startled cry and quickly examined his two unconscious nephews with squinting eyes. Lian Bu Tojin also looked surprised. After checking for a while, the grandfather asked in a surprised voice.

"They fainted from their own blows," he turned to Kwa Hong and Thio Bwee. "What has happened here?

Many of the tosu had blocked Beng San from entering and Kwa Hong narrated the origin of the incident. That Beng San forced to climb to the top to enter the park and how Koai Atong who was about to take away Kwa Hong was shocked and ran away in fear when he saw Beng San's demise. Then Kwa Hong told how Thio Ki and Kui Lok were angry because Beng San didn't want to go beat him.

"Chameleon ..... eh, this boy is not an opponent, Sukong. Teecu has prevented the two suhengs from hitting him, but they just kept hitting him. Eventually, somehow, both of them even collapsed on their own like that." Having said that, Kwa Hong turned to Beng San who was now standing with his face turned white again, recovering clean with his thick black eyebrows and tiger -like eyes.

Lian Bu Tojin approached two of her students. By massaging their backs several times, the two children regained their sanity, waking up with flushed faces. Lian Bu Tojin looked at them with a cool face, making the two children bow in fear. Then Lian Bu Tojin approached Beng San, for a few minutes he stared at the boy's face and was very surprised to see the incredible ray of eyes from the filthy child standing in front of him.

"Who are you, young man?" Grandpa's question was subtle but influential while his sharp eyes penetrated his heart. This was felt by Beng San when he looked up. He quickly lowered his gaze so that the grandfather would not be able to read the secrets of his heart.

"Teecu's name is Beng San," he answered simply.

"What is the name of your descendant?"

"..... hereditary name? Hemmm, she (hereditary name) teecu (me) is ..... Huang-ho (Yellow River)."

"What?" Lian Bu Tojin frowned. "In this world, where is there a person named Huang-ho's descendants?"

"Teecu only knows that teecu was swept away by the Huang-ho River, so teecu no longer knows who the parents are and who she is, teecu decided to use the name of Huang-ho's descendants only. So teecu's name is Huang-ho Beng San."

Lian Bu Tojin nodded, stroked his beard and quietly praised the attitude of this child which from his words showed that he was a child who knew manners.

"Why is Koai Atong running away, looking at you?"

"Who, that's Koai Atong, Totiang? Teecu doesn't know him» "

"The big tall man who ran away was scared to see you. Haven't you ever met him?"

Beng San shook his head. "Teecu doesn't feel like he's ever met that person."

Back Lian Bu Tojin stroked his beard, while Sian Hwa, Kwa Hong and his three friends, as well as the tosu who were there, listened in surprise. This boy is really weird.

"When you were beaten by these two naughty boys, in what way could you regain the energy and air of their beating? Have you ever learned martial arts? "

Again Beng San shook his head. "Teecu doesn't know, can't do martial arts"

Lian Bu Tojin turned to Kui Lok and Thio Ki who were standing while bowing. Grandpa's eyebrows furrowed. "You naughty children are really shameless. Robbing and beating a child who is not good at martial arts? Does that include a brave deed? It's really embarrassing for you. And tell me, why did you faint?"

Kui Lok did not dare to answer, Thio Ki also just glanced at him. After Lian Bu Tojin snapped and urged, Thio Ki answered softly.

"I don't know, Sukong. I know teecu already realized. For some reason teecu can faint.

Sian Hwa felt sorry for his niece’s students, so he said.

"Temperature, can't it be because they are too angry, they don't regulate the energy and the air of anger suffocating to the chest so that when they hit, the force of the blow bounces off by the air suffocating in the chest itself?"

Lian Bu Tojin nodded. "Maybe so. But this is one of the most extraordinary things." He turned to Beng San. "Did your body hurt when you were hit? I'll try to check, maybe you're seriously injured, then I'll treat you until you recover." without waiting for an answer Lian Bu Tojin put out her hand and touched Beng San's shoulder. The boy felt how from the soft palms came a kind of terrible energy that attacked his shoulders. He was shocked and almost exerted himself. It's good that he's a smart guy. Although he has no experience, but his understanding of high martial arts that he learned from Lo-tong Souw Lee is enough. He understood that he was being tested, so he immediately gathered his spirits, forcing himself to be silent so that the air in his body would not move.

Lian Bu Tojin got the fact from the touch of her hand on the child's shoulder that the child was indeed empty, had no inner energy, so her suspicion that her students' grandchildren had collapsed by the extraordinary use of inner energy disappeared. He laughed as he let go of his hand.

"Ha, you're fine, not hurt. Beng San, now tell me, what do you want to come to Hoa-san looking for a door."

"Teecu came with a letter from Totiang's old friend. Here is the letter." Beng San handed over Lo-tong Souw Lee's letter saying the words as ordered by the grandfather. Indeed, the old grandfather ordered him not to say his name in front of Lian Bu Tojin.

Lian Bu Tojin smiled and accepted the letter. Hoa-san-pai's grandfather's heart was beating hard as he glanced at the name of the sender of the letter, but his already high inner strength made his face still smile, not showing the state of his heart at all. Who wouldn't want their heart pounding when reading Lo-tong Souw Lee's name? Souw Lee's big name is known to all kang-ouw people after his shocking deeds, that is, after he stole a pair of Liong-cu Siang-kiam swords that were fought by all the brave people in the martial arts world. He himself, as the head of Hoa-san-pai, of course felt ashamed to take part in fighting other people's inherited weapons, especially with Souw Lee he used to be a very good friend when he was young. Calmly Lian Bu Tojin read the letter.

"This boy is an orphan," wrote Lo-tong Souw Lee, "I feel very sorry for and love him. Probably because of knowing me, his soul is threatened by bad people. Please protect him until I die and he is free from the threat of people who are about to forcing him to bring them to me. "

Lian Bu Tojin nodded. He understood the meaning of Lo-tong Souw Lee. Apparently this child is loved by the grandfather and since this child is acquainted with Souw Kian Lee, it is very possible that the kang-ouw people will kidnap him and force him to show where Lo-tong Souw Lee is hiding.

"Beng San, have you known the author of this letter for a long time?" he asked, tucking the letter into his cloak pocket.

"Not long ago, Totiang, it's only been a few months," Beng San answered honestly.

"So you don't know the place, huh? Good, you don't know the place," said this Hoa-san-pai chief, startling Beng San. But this clever child immediately knew what Lian Bu Tojin meant. Of course this grandfather warned him so that he would not admit to knowing the hiding place of Lo-tong Souw Lee to anyone as well. Then he nodded and lowered his face.

"Do you like learning silat? I see you are talented to learn silat. You can learn from the tosu students pinto."

Beng San thought. What does it mean to learn other martial arts? The sciences that he has memorized are not yet mature for him to practice. Also, if he learns Hoa-san-pai's martial arts, it means he is a student of Hoa-san-pai and there is a danger that his secrets will be known when he moves in playing martial arts.

"Teecu is more happy to study ancient sayings and philosophies, in this case ask for Totiang's guidance."

Lian Bu Tojin moved her eyebrows in surprise. Where in the world does a teenage boy want to study mysticism?

"Have you studied mysticism?" He asked.

"Teecu used to work as a kacung in a large temple and the good losuhu from the temple sometimes taught teecu to read ancient books."

"You're so good. Beng San, from now on I will give you the task of keeping the pinto hut clean and in your free time you can study the philosophy of the To Religion. "

Beng San dropped to his knees and thanked him. Lian Bu Tojin nodded and invited the boy into his hut to give instructions on his work duties. As Beng San stood up, he turned to Kwa Hong and smiled kindly. He has not forgotten how Kwa Hong defended him when he was beaten by two of Hoa-san-pai's little students. He also glanced sweetly at Thio Bwee who had been trying to stop Thio Ki. But he saw how the two pairs of little cock's eyes looked at him with hatred.

* * *

One month after Beng San worked at Hoa-san. He worked hard, not only keeping the hut where the chief Hoa-san-pai lived clean, but also the flower garden was clean and well maintained after Beng San was there. The only thing that made him often feel tortured was the attitude of Thio Ki and Kui Lok. These two children still hated him, and whenever there was an opportunity, for sure, these two children mocked him, cursed and called him a rotten filth, a little demon, and so on. The quiet Thio Bwee never insulted her, but the look in the girl's eyes was always cold and always avoided her, as if looking down on her.

Only Kwa Hong did not change his attitude. This girl remained fierce, nimble and flirtatious as before, but never insulted her at all. Only sometimes when meeting Kwa Hong likes to flirt.