The King Of Sword Volume 10

volume 10

“You stay at home taking care of our work, Lion-te. Let me go to Kun-lun. I will invite Lim Kwi to let the child stay and study there, led directly by the temperature. I'll be right back with Kwee-sute."

Thus, the next day, Bun Si Teng and his son, Bun Lim Kwi, set out for Kun-lun-san to find Kwee Sin and entrust Lim Kwi to Kun-lun-san to receive all martial arts from Kun-lun-pai's own chief. , namely Pek Gan Siansu.

* * *

Stay away, rotten filth, stay away! ”

The sound of the hooves of many horses pounding, was preceded by the shouts and grunts of the riders. The village people who were walking towards the fields, quickly ran out of the way so as not to get caught by the horses that were running fast on the small village road. It turned out that this line of horses was an army of state soldiers who were dressed cool and fully armed. The great height of the horses, and the great height of the riders. While laughing, these Mongol soldiers used whips to playfully whip left and right at the villagers who had distanced themselves until some were in pain and fear and fell into the ditch of the rice fields! An old man was pushed by a horseman's leg and the old man fell backwards into the muddy ground. When he crawled up, his emaciated body was covered in mud, frightening. All this incident was greeted with laughter from the soldiers.

A young woman screamed as she was struck by a strong hand and knew she had been on a horse, hugged by a rude soldier. The woman was thrashing, screaming while the soldier who arrested her was laughing teasingly, her demeanor was rude and there was no politeness at all. In front and behind, the other soldiers laughed happily.

Frightened and disgusted, the young woman finally collapsed on the soldiers' laps. that. After the woman fainted, there seemed to be no more joy for the soldier so the woman's body was then pushed off the horse, falling with a thud on the dusty ground.

"Satan! The devil is cruel!" A boy ran to help the woman.

"Little shit, stay away from you!" A soldier swings his whip.

"Tar! Tar!" The whip struck the face of the boy who stood up bravely and his eyes bulged. The double lashes seemed unheard of for him and he looked at the soldiers running off their horses clenching their small fists. The woman was still sobbing in front of him. In the end, only a thick layer of dust was left by the soldiers, which numbered more than thirty people.

"Damn ...!" The filthy -clad child, Beng San cursed and woke the woman, "Stop it, Cici, don't cry and go home. It's better you didn't kidnap them. "

The residents who saw Beng San's attitude, were surprised and also amazed. "Son, you're so brave," a grandfather said with a nod. "If only our young men were like you, it would not be difficult to liberate the country from vile colonizers like them ....."

Beng San was still panting with anger. Only recently did he witness the violence of Mongol soldiers when they were in action in the villages. Another farmer walked by his side and told how the soldiers were even more cruel if they spent the night in a hamlet. They plundered foodstuffs, confiscated all valuables, kidnapped village girls and people’s wives, killed young men who dared to fight. In short, the small people experience the hell of the world if the arrival of these soldiers. Moreover, they are usually greeted by local dignitaries and local landlords who use their power to oppress the farmers who are already very poor.

“Bastard,” thought Beng San. "When I'm strong, I beat them."

After leaving the village, Beng San ran fast, chasing the cavalry. It was already near the foot of Mount Hoa-san and coincidentally the cavalry line was in line with him. By noon he entered a large forest at the foot of Mount Hoa-san.

He heard a noise from inside the forest. As he approached, he could clearly hear screams of pain mixed with screams of anger interspersed with the sound of sharp weapons clashing. It was clear that there was a massive battle going on in the middle of the forest. Beng San quickly slipped between the large trees, approaching the battle scene while lurking. The neighing of many horses reminded him of the ranks of the Mongol soldiers. Alas, he thought, surely the Mongol demons would be disturbing the people near the forest here again. However, why were the people in the big forest? Ah, maybe the hunters. He quickly sneaked into the middle of the woods and finally saw a great battle going on in the open. That's right, he guessed. The Mongol soldiers were fighting against a group of people who behaved gallantly and were generally good at martial arts.

The duel war was great. Many Mongol soldiers had collapsed bathed in blood. However, they were well-trained soldiers and on average very strong, so that dozens of brave people were also pushed aside, some of whom were even injured. Suddenly there was a loud signal and the Mongol soldiers took out hand arrows and simultaneously attacked with their dangerously struck arrows. This sudden attack threw the brave men into chaos and three people fell to the ground.

"The Mongol dogs taste our vengeance!" Suddenly there was a loud shout and a big tall young man appeared with six other people from the southern direction. They came and kept attacking. The attack on this big tall young man and his friends was great. The rest of the brave men who had been ganged up had revived their enthusiasm when they saw reinforcements coming. The duel was raging and now the Mongol soldiers who were in disarray were being hit from left to right. They were already starting to get scared and were trying to run away. However, every time a Mongol soldier managed to jump onto the horse's back and escape the horse, of course he was struck by several secret spikes and fell from the horse's back.

Beng San, who was stalking and watching all these matches, became excited and his heart pounded when he saw the big tall young man. "He is Tan Hok," he thought happily. "He really is valiant."

Tan Hok's football is really great. He was the biggest of his friends and the machete in his hand raged like a dragon. The corpses of the Mongol soldiers collapsed and in a short time, after the arrival of Tan Hok and his friends, the soldiers could all be demolished. Some of the soldiers were able to escape with their strong and precise horses, though they did not escape the wounds, yet they did not suffer the same fate as their comrades who were lying lifeless in the forest.

"A large army of enemies will certainly be following here, we must leave quickly. Gather the dead comrades. Hurry up, brethren!" Tan Hok gave the signal and from his hiding place, Beng San looked on in awe. Now the giant young man does not look stupid anymore, but is agile and respected by his friends. All those dashing people are working. Some buried the bodies of their friends, some took care of their injured friends, some collected looted weapons, some collected the big tall horses that the soldiers had ridden. As for Tan Hok himself, he put up a small flag on a tree trunk, the flag of the Pek-lian-pai assembly, a small flag with a white lotus on it!

"Tan-twako .....!" Beng San jumped out and called.

Everyone was shocked. A Pek-lian-pai member quickly jumped up to Beng San and shouted, "Mongol spy, catch him!"

However, Tan Hok immediately exclaimed, "Ah, aren't you Beng San's little brother?" He ran over and prevented his friends from catching Beng San, instead immediately introduced, "This is the prodigy Beng San, my very brave little brother. Eh, Beng San brother, where did you suddenly appear in this place?"

"Tan-twako, I just saw all this happening. I don't know why you and your friends intercepted and killed these soldiers even though I know how cruel and evil they are. However... if you and your friends , just burying this comrade's own corpse here, you have committed two kinds of mistakes.

All the members of Pek-lian-pai were shocked to hear this. Time for a little boy to advise the Pek-lian-pai people? But Tan Hok, who had seen a lot of strangeness in this child, patiently said, "You-explain, Brother Beng San. What are the mistakes?"

"First, you violate humanity if you don't want to bury the bodies of these soldiers. Didn't you bury all the bodies of the hungry people lying on the side of the road before?"

Tan Hok took a deep breath. "Another one. They are the corpses of my miserable people, who are starving from the blackmail of the invaders like these Mongol dogs. On the contrary, they are the great enemies of the people, why should I bury them?"

"Tan-twako, you're wrong. What you hate is what they did. Now that they're dead, there's nothing they can do about it, are corpses still hated?"

"You are indeed strange. In war, if one has to bury the corpse of an enemy, one can run out of time to bury it! In war it is like that, my brother, let alone the corpses of the enemy, the corpses of one's own friends sometimes? There is no time to take care of it. And what was my second mistake?"

"If you don't bury these corpses and leave them scattered here, you will cause harm to Hoa-san-pai. Aren't the corpses of these soldiers at the foot of Mount Hoa-san? would think that Hoa-san-pai did it……”

"I've already put a small flag here," said Tan Hok.

"After all, what happened at the foot of Mount Hoa-san, of course Hoa-san-pai will be involved. If they are buried, there will be no trace of it and Hoa-san-pai will be free from suspicion." Saying this Beng San then began to dig a hole to bury the bodies of twenty more people.

As for Tan Hok and his friends, they were amazed to hear Beng San's words earlier. Finally, they must also justify the speech. Aren't there people who deliberately want to tarnish the name of Pek-lian-pai and complain about Pek-lian-pai with other groups? It would not be good if the colonial government would be hostile to Hoa-san-pai because of the war at the foot of Mount Hoa-san this time, making Hoa-san-pai a disaster because of Pek-lian-pai's actions.

"Brothers, let's help Brother Beng San bury the carcasses of these colonial dogs!" said Tan Hok in a loud voice. They immediately intervened and in a moment the bodies were all buried. Suddenly one of them ran up and said.

"A team of Mongol dogs has arrived!"

They all listened and sure enough, from far away came the great hooves of horses. Tan Hok immediately consulted with his friends.

"We fished them into the Pek-tiok-kok Valley (White Bam-bu Mountain Valley). Quickly gather the horses!" Eventually this decision was taken and en masse they left the place.

“Brother Beng San, you must come with us this time!” said Tan Hok while holding the child's hand. Since Beng San was very interested and in awe of this troupe of valiant men and wanted to see what they were going to do with the pursuers, the enemy army, he simply complied and ran with the others.

Beng San's heart was relieved to see these valiant people run away from Mount Hoa-san and climb a small mountain that was bare and many of the rocks were high and pointed. The hooves of horses from behind were getting closer and closer and when they had started to climb the hill, from above they could see a cavalry of at least sixty men chasing them from behind! Seeing this, Beng San was secretly worried. The rest of Tan-Hok's friends, including the giant youth himself, were only twelve people. How will you be able to fight against sixty enemy soldiers?

The road traveled by Tan Hok's entourage was very difficult, there were many potholes and it was impossible for horses to pass. Tan Hok led his friends to jump through this road and after reaching a rather high place, only Beng San knew that the horses that had been looted had not been brought to that place, somehow hidden somewhere by Tan Hok's friends. And this boy now understood, or so he thought, that Tan Hok and his friends chose this path so that the cavalry could not catch up with them.

However, when they reached a higher place, Beng San was surprised to see how the large team behind them had now dismounted and chased them while jumping and running. Seen from above, the sixty were like ants crawling up!

"Tan-twako, they started chasing without horses! said Beng San very worried.

Tan Hok just smiled. "Don't worry, Little Brother Beng San. We Pek-lian-pai people are used to facing multiple enemies. There aren't a hundred enemies chasing us and we...are with you and we are thirteen. Afraid of what?

Beng San silently calculated. Thirteen against sixty more. That means one against five enemies! How can this giant still talk so well? Beng San was astonished, as well as amazed.

"Don't count me, Tuako. Against one person, I don't necessarily win, how about against five people?"

Tan Hok just laughed. "You'll see. Watch and learn the ways the Pek-lian-pai crush their enemies."

"Srrrt! Srrrt!" Several arrows flew from behind. An arrow almost hit Tan Hok's body, it's good that this young giant quickly parried it with a machete. He looked startled when he felt his palms shaking.

"Friends, hurry! And be careful, the arrow shooter is very cunning. Run while seeking protection. Hurry!" He pulled Beng San's hand and led his entourage. They had almost reached the top of the hill. Earlier, the arrows from behind were still attacking, but because the journey was winding, the enemy from behind could no longer release the arrows in a hurry.

They arrived at a large rocky area with many caves. Tan Hok brought his friends into a big cave which turned out to be a rock tunnel and Beng San was surprised when he found out that the group was on the way to ..... back down! In the middle of the tunnel were holes between the rocks and from these they could spy on the enemies outside.

"Ah, it's true that the troops stopped, did not pursue," said Tan Hok after scouting. "Certainly led by experienced sages. We must lure them to Pek-tiok-kok. Come on, friends, hurry. We use the ingenuity of the enemy to deceive them." While running Tan Hok took Beng San's hand into the dark tunnel, followed by his friends. Soon they arrived in a clearing, out of the tunnel which was a large cave.

"Attack them while shouting, if they fight, pretend to lose, let them chase us," whispered Tan Hok to his friends. "Maybe on our part we fall victim, but remember, what is the meaning of our sacrifice if we can finally destroy them.

Everyone nodded in agreement and the group crept up again because when they came out of the tunnel they were already below the enemy's position. They saw the enemy ranks positioning themselves on the slopes, not pursuing any further. This was the ingenuity of the leader of the line, because if they had continued to chase, they would surely have become victims of the Pek-lian-ting rain (White Lotus Nails) which Tan Hok's group would certainly do. It's easy to brush them out of the tunnel, attack without being able to be attacked again and because the roads are narrow, the enemy will surely be in chaos and many victims. The leader of the Mongol army seemed suspicious, so he ordered his troops to stop and he just sent a few scouts to creep closer to the rocky area to investigate.

Suddenly they heard cheers and Pek-lian-ting spikes flew from behind! The line was shocking. The leader himself was also surprised, because no matter what Pek-lian-pai's rebel troupe that was being chased about earlier he would never have guessed that the one being chased would suddenly appear behind him!

No more time to use arrows, so this leader shouted to give orders to fight. Especially when he saw that only a dozen opponents appeared. "Attack! Kill the rebels!" he shouted.

Tan Hok and his friends went berserk. This giant youth had knocked down at least five people and this one-sided battle only lasted a quarter of an hour. Beng San by Tan Hok was told to hide some distance away so as not to be hit by a disaster. Tan Hok suddenly gave the signal, "Retreat! Run...... the enemy is too strong!"

Tan's friends ran away, apparently in a state of panic. The leader of the Mongol nation laughed, "Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, Pek Lian pie rats, kill you all. Let's chase".

Despite the seeming chaos, in fact, the group of Tan Hok's friends fled in an orderly manner. They dispersed until the enemy became confused in their pursuit. And when there were a couple of isolated enemies, suddenly the pursued emerged from his hiding place and knocked down one or two of the enemies with Pek-lian-ting. And finally, because it had been arranged in advance, all the people who had fled in chaos and were actually plotting to confuse the enemy, had gathered again and fled to the south.

The leader of the line was furious to see how his men were being played. A member of the Pek-lian-pai who could be demolished, he chopped it with his large machete, then he gave a signal to all his ranks to pursue and exterminate the Pek-lian-pai entourage which consisted of only a dozen people.

Beng San watched all this in awe. He also ran alongside Tan Hok as the group ran south, being chased and shot at. Three of his friends fell and were hit by arrows. They did not die, only badly injured. Beng San wanted to help them, but Tan Hok stopped him, and even approached the three and said.

"Brethren, continue our investigation!"

The three of them smiled broadly, with their pale faces nodding and with their bodies bathed in blood they secretly prepared Pek-lian-ting and machetes in hand. While running, Beng San couldn't resist the urge to look back at the three injured friends. Two people were wounded in the chest by arrows, one was badly injured in the thigh because the arrow had hit and pierced his thigh.

"Brother Beng San, don't look. They will die as true knights, they will fall as national flowers, as patriot heroes of the homeland."

"What? They're going to die? And you just shut up ...?" Beng San couldn't hold back his screams and he was now on strike really not wanting to run anymore. Tan Hok smiled and signaled to his friends to run away. He himself said, "Do you want to see their bravery? All right, let's keep an eye out from here." He took Beng San to the back of a large rock and knelt there, peering at the three people lying there.

"Look, Adik Beng San. Look and always remember the bravery of the Pek-lian-pai people, the true patriots whispered Tan Hok.

The line had arrived at the place where the three members of the Pie Pek-lian were lying. Suddenly the three jumped up and shouted, Pek-lian-ting. There were screams of pain and some of the stalking pursuers collapsed. The commander was furious. His arrow snapped and one of the three Pek-lian-pai fell with his neck pierced by an arrow. The two went on a rampage, were robbed and although they managed to injure two opponents, but they themselves collapsed with their bodies destroyed by the weapons of the assailants. Beng San covered his face, horrified.

"Twako, why weren't they taken away earlier? Why did you have the heart to let your own friends die like that?"

Tan Hok pulled Beng San's hand, invited him to run after his friends who had run away first. Behind them, the soldiers cheered and the chase continued.

"Did you hear that, Beng San? The deaths of our three friends were not only a loss because they were able to knock down some enemies, it was also a continuation of our lure strategy. Since we left our friends wounded, of course the soldiers thought we were really scared. and fled in chaos, not conducting a strategy. In a war strategy, the sacrifice of three friends is nothing, even if necessary, the sacrifice of three thousand heroes is still incalculable for the sake of the homeland and the nation. Did you hear? keep chasing. Let's hurry, Pek-tiok-kok is close. "

The so-called Pek-tiok-kok or White Bamboo Mountain Valley is a mountain valley full of dangerous ravines and here and there there are clumps of white bamboo. The road in this area is very dangerous, sometimes very narrow, can only be passed by one person with deep gaps on the right and left that are also full of clumps of white bamboos. It's beautiful, but it's also very dangerous. Connecting the narrow road flanked by the abyss is a narrow road flanked by high rocks on the right and left. Tan Hok led Beng San to run fast through the narrow road and every time there were whistling sounds on the right and left of the road, a sound came from inside the abyss. That was the voice of their friends who had already arrived at the place and formed a secret line! Tan Hok and Beng San then climbed the reef, using a large mine that was already installed by their friends. On the rocks, on the right and left, are guarding several friends.

Because the Pek-lian-pai members were also running throwing their machetes along the road, the pursuers became even more eager. They felt sure that the Pek-lian-pai they were chasing were scared to death and even tired, as evidenced by their machetes scattered on the road. Excitedly they entered the White Bamboo Mountain Valley, preceded by their commander wielding a large machete. The line is a very long procession when entering this slope, because the road is narrow. After all the soldiers had entered the mountain valley, just as the experienced warriors had calculated, suddenly there was a loud noise and from above the rocks flanking the narrow road, rolled down the large rocks that had arrived on the road. - emit a frenzy.

"Damn, we're stuck! Back off!" The commander exclaimed with a pale face. The line became chaotic. Fearing a dark attack on the narrow road, they collided with each other and ran up and down to return through the narrow road. But suddenly in front there was smoke rolling up and ..... the clumps of bamboo on the right and left of the abyss had been burned by people! The fire licked high into the narrow path so that it was no longer possible for people to pass through it. The line was already confined, in front blocked by large rocks, behind blocked by fire.

While they were confused, suddenly grabbed Pek-lian-ting's nails, as well as large stones rolling from the top of the rock. Screams of pain were heard, the soldiers began to fall and the situation grew even more frantic. The commander tried to give orders for everyone to be calm and showered arrows at the opponent. However, because the opponent was invisible while they were out in the open with no protection at all, the soldiers were confused. Even more so when the rain of fire attacked them, namely burning logs that were thrown at them. A clump of burning bamboo was thrown from above, hitting the troop commander's body. He was screaming and jumping to and fro, his clothes on fire, as well as his hair and beard.

Beng San, who was peering from the top of the rock, was amazed. Really great. Only nine people were able to eradicate dozens of enemies. But in addition to his admiration, he also felt horrified and shivering. How can a fellow human being commit such a massacre? Beng San knew well enough that the Mongol soldiers had evil habits towards the people, as he had seen recently. But in the face of such a war of killings, seeing people roasting arrows, people burning alive, and seeing people scared half-dead, he couldn't see any longer and Beng San threw up his face.

This war will only last a moment. The guerrilla tactics employed by Pek-lian-pai's members were formidable and none of the Mongol soldiers could escape death. On Pek-lian-pai's side, only seven people including Tan Hok and Beng San were still alive. Others were killed by arrows, some were even burned when he was busy burning bamboo to trap the enemy. Tan Hok and his friends then scattered to leave the place.

"Where are you going, Beng San?" Tan Hok asked when he saw this child was a bit pale and looked sad.

"I want to go to Hoa-san," Beng San replied shortly.

"Just come with me. I'll include you as a member of Pek-lian-pai...."

"No.....! No I don't want to be a murderer!"

Tan Hok looked surprised, but only for a moment. He knew that this boy had been horrified to witness the killing of these enemies. He took Beng San's hand. "Okay, if you don't feel strong enough to go to war. Let me take you to Hoa-san. After what happened here, it's very dangerous to travel alone in this area. If you meet a soldier, you will be arrested, beaten and forced confess where the Pek-lian-pai people are. Come with me, take the secret path to Hoa-san."

Beng San complied and his sullen and gloomy face was understandable to Tan Hok. So the giant young man along the way told him about his condition, telling about Pek-lian-pai's condition.

"Since childhood by my teacher, I have been involved in the struggle against the Mongol colonial government. My teacher who is no longer named Tan Sam is a famous figure in Pek-lian-pai. You know, Beng San, Pek-lian-pai is an association the patriots whose members are scattered throughout the country. " At length, Tan Hok told the story of Pek-lian-pai's kick and the bravery of its members who did not back down and were willing to sacrifice their lives to defend the nation. Beng San, who had read a lot of ancient books, also heard a lot about the history of the heroes, so he was amazed too and his sympathy for Pek-lian-pai grew.

"After all, the war of killings hurts my heart," he said as a commentary. "Killing one or two criminals is still acceptable to me. But those tens of people, even if they are all Mongols or accomplices of the Mongol government, is it possible that so many people are all evil?"

Tan Hok laughed out loud. "In war, there is no term evil or not evil. There is no personal enmity. Of course I don't hate any Mongol soldier myself on the basis of personal feelings because why would I hate someone I don't know at all? Of course if they weren't Mongol soldiers, I will not bother them. But in war, they are our enemies. The enemy of the people who must be exterminated. If we don't kill them, they will surely kill us."

A child as small as Beng San who has never heard of state politics, and nationality, how can he understand this? All he ever learned was about humanity and about a philosophy of life which generally denounced violence and did not condone killing. After all, the spirit of Tan Hok in the story aroused great joy in Beng San's heart, especially after the young giant explained about the occupation and the misery of the people because they were blackmailed by the invaders, namely the Mongols.

"It's amazing to remember," said Tan Hok, among others, that our nation is a large nation, which has a large number of people. On the other hand the Mongols are a nomadic people who have no particular place to live, also its people are few. But what about the nation, we are even colonized and enslaved by the Mongols? In fact, if our people all rise up to fight, every Mongol will at least face thirty of us! "

"Why don't all the people want to rise up to fight" asked Beng San, his eyes began to open and he was surprised by this fact.

Tan Hok took a deep breath. "Unfortunately, many of us are easy to play, there are still many who are drunk on self-pleasure without caring about the miserable condition of the common people. Our clever people are even many who are Mongol accomplices, in fact many traitors like this are deliberately hostile to Pek- "Lian-pai to help the colonial government. This heinous and shameless act is done only for the pursuit of worldly pleasures for one's own self. It is not ashamed to sell one's own nation to the colonialists. It is really disgusting".

Tan Hok Latu told Beng San about the people and groups that were deliberately used by the Mongol government to oppose the rebels.

"Among them, the most boring is the Ngo-lian-kauw. The leader is Kim-thouw Thian-li. He is the one who has killed my teacher and I swear for the sake of homeland and justice, one day I will surely be able to kill stealth That obscene bitch! " Remembering Kim-thouw Thian-li's actions before, that is, after killing his teacher, and then about to kill him as well, he turned red and his hatred deepened.

"I have gathered information about Ngo-lian-kauw as well as all the shameless actions of Kim-thouw Thian-li. The prostitute was deliberately used by the Mongol government to fight Pek-lian-pai. She is really cunning and evil , smooth as an eel and a lot of tactics. "

"Hearing her name, Kim-thouw Thian-li (Golden Head Angel), she must be a good woman. Her name is Thian-li (Angel), how can it be evil? Also, a woman alone, what is the power of Pek-lian-pai who so many have members made up of mighty men? "

Tan Hok smiled bitterly. "Actually it's just a name she chose herself, to me she is more worthy of being called a female devil than an angel. There is no denying that she is indeed beautiful. Kim-thouw Thian-li is the only student of the notorious Hek-hwa Kui-bo cruel....."


"Have you heard his name?"

"Already..... already...." replied Beng San who of course already knew the grandmother well.

"Don't think that Kim-thouw Thian-li even a woman is powerless against Pek-lian-pai. She is cunning and besides many Ngo-lian-kauw members, she is also assisted by the authorities in every place because she has the power of the emperor. his own actions. His actions are very slippery and fraudulent. Recently he has been trying hard to damage Pek-lian-pai's good name with malicious acts that he deliberately did while leaving Pek-lian-pai's marks. Of course he meant this. was to damage Pek-lian-pai's name, to keep Pek-lian-pai away from the people and instead he deliberately wanted to pit Pek-lian-pai against other major parties. In short, he made every shameless effort to weaken the struggle. against the Mongol government.In fact, I have received information from Pek-lian-pai's investigators that he has succeeded in his attempt to disrupt the good relations between Kun-lun-pai and Hoa-san-pai."

Beng San was shocked. He had heard "about the big parties in the martial world from Lo-tong Souw Lee, even now he brought Lo-tong Souw Lee's letter to chairman Hoa-san-pai, "Why is he bothering Hoa-san-pai anyway. and Kun-lun-pai?"

"Now all over the country, the brave people are rising up to fight the invaders and many are joining forces with Pek-lian-pai. To prevent this, Kim-thouw Thian-li damaged relations between the big parties to quarrel on their own," especially so that they are hostile to Pek-lian-pai. Unfortunately, a young warrior from Kun-lun-pai has been seduced by her, overthrown by her beauty. " Tan Hok, who had heard from Pek-lian-pai's investigators, had even seen with his own eyes how his assistant, Kwee Sin, was captivated by Kim-thouw Thian-li's beauty, and told him what he knew. How Kim-thouw Thian-li with the help of his men disguised as Pek-lian-pai people and committed various crimes,

"Of course he meant to complain about the sheep between Hoa-san-pai and Kun-lun-pai," he closed his story, "but that's not all he meant. He wanted to complain about the sheep between the two big parties with Pek-lian-pai, and once he attacked two brothers, Bun, the disciples of Kun-lun-pai in disguise as Pek-lian-pai people. "

Beng San was very interested. "How cruel and evil that woman is."

"That's why my friends and I always keep our eyes on him. Watch out for him if he falls into Pek-lian-pai's hands!" Because they walked while talking, it didn't feel like they had arrived at the slopes of Hoa-san. Tan Hok then told the boy to continue his journey.

"You keep following this small path and near the top there is the building of Hoa-san-pai. From here on no one will dare to disturb you again. I must return to my friends. Beng San brother, goodbye and good luck. Later we will meet again."

Beng San saluted. "Tan-twa-ko, who knows someday I'll be able to help you too." They parted ways and with Tan Hok's stories still flashing in his mind, Beng San climbed Hoa-san's peak. But soon this shadow disappeared when he saw the beautiful natural scenery from the peak of Hoa-san. The air is very fresh too. He took a deep breath and felt that he would feel at home in this area.

* * *

It's been a long time since we left Kwa Hong, the little girl with the only son of Kwa Tin Siong, the little boy who was lively and happy. As mentioned earlier, Kwa Hong was escorted by Koai Atong to Hoa-san-pai following his father. Even though Koai Atong is about the same age as Kwa Tin Siong, about forty years old, this person is indeed not normal in spirit and his character is sometimes or often like a child of Kwa Hong's age. It is because of this character that Kwa Hong feels very happy to travel with a friend who is suitable and kind and funny. Besides this, Koai Atong's shrewdness is a guarantee for his safety.

Just as in big martial arts parties such as Kun-lun-pai, Go-bi-pai, Siauw-lim-pai and others, also at the top of this Hoa-san Hoa-san-pai is the center occupied by Hoa-san-pai's students. These are the tosu-tosu who, apart from studying martial arts, study mysticism which was revealed by the Prophet Locu. Under the guidance of Lian Bu Tojin, the head of Hoa-san-pai, these tosu usually have great patience and can maintain the good name of Hoa-san-pai as worshipers.

Kwa Hong's arrival excited the tosu who were guarding outside. Of course, they knew Kwa Tin Siong's only daughter, who often took her son to visit Hoa-san. However, these tosu were also surprised to see the person who came with Kwa Hong, a big tall man who was forty years old but was grinning and running around beside Kwa Hong a little boy!

"Supek (Uwa Guru) everyone! I came after father. Where are the teacher's father and aunt?" Kwa Hong came and shouted at the tosu.

Three old people approached Kwa Hong with a smile, "Your father and your teacher aunt are not here, haven't come back yet. It's good that you go immediately to your teacher grandfather Hong Hong." The tosu used to call Kwa Hong as Hong Hong and they really loved this little and always happy boy. Indeed, among the grandsons of Lian Bu Tojin's disciple, only Kwa Hong stayed at the peak the most because he was very spoiled by his father and often went on wanderings with his father. While running and laughing Kwa Hong was about to enter a large building in the form of a temple to face his sukong (his teacher's grandfather).

"Enci Hong, don't leave me! I'm coming!" Koai Atong also ran after him.

"Hong Hong, why are you bringing this idiot? Eh, crazy person, don't be rude. You can't come in!" The three tosu, of course, wanted to ban Koai Atong who wanted to enter the temple. They stepped forward blocking and extending both arms blocking it.

"I want to go with Enci Hong ... look around the temple!" Koai Atong protested and ran away. The three tosu moved their hands to hold it. Koai Atong moved strangely and ..... knowing he was able to sneak in, escaped from the capture of the three tosu. Of course, these three tosu looked at each other with their mouths wide open. They could not follow Koai Atong's movements, did not know how the man could escape from the clutches of the three people and knowingly had sneaked in. From their surprise they became embarrassed and angry.

"Brain tilt, slow down. You can't come in!" they snapped as they ran after him. Now they decided not to be weak anymore, if necessary the madman should be beaten. But as they advanced to grab and hit, without looking back Koai Atong moved both his arms backwards. At the same time, he repulsed the hands of the three tosu and ..... the three tosu stumbled and collapsed! This is seen by some other tosu people. They became angry and with the first three tosu who had gotten up again, now there were seven tosu chasing Koai Atong angrily.

The Tosu-tosu simultaneously stopped chasing when they heard a soft voice from inside the temple, "Don't disturb him. Let Koai Atong go inside!"

That was the voice of Lian Bu Tojin chairman Hoa-san-pai. Of course the tosu did not dare to argue, especially after hearing that the old man who seemed to have a slanted brain was Koai Atong, a kang-ouw whom they had heard of as a highly knowledgeable person but with a child-like character! They just shook their heads and sighed when Koai Atong who heard Lian Bu Tojin's voice now turned to them, grinning and sticking his tongue out like a naughty kid mocking other children!

The only person that Kwa Hong was somewhat afraid of was Lian Bu Tojin. This teacher's grandfather was very patient, spoke softly and was never fierce. However, for Kwa Hong, the gaze of his teacher grandfather was very sharp and directly penetrated the hearts of people, sometimes flashing and making his heart shrink. So now he knelt respectfully in front of his teacher grandfather who was sitting cross-legged on the floor with a thin mattress. Koai Atong who entered the room while looking around and grinning, after seeing the old man with the long beard, immediately fell down on his knees next to Kwa Hong.

Lian Bu Tojin stroked his long beard, his tall thin body sat cross-legged, his bamboo stick that made his name so famous was on his left. Her lips smiled and she nodded happily.

"Good, Hong Hong, you've come. Uh, Koai Atong, thank you for your effort to bring him here. How about your teacher?"

Koai Atong looked up. "The temperature ..... somewhere right now. Teecu begs Totiang to apologize to the temperature if the temperature gets angry and hits Teecu. Teecu shouldn't get to Hoa-san."

Lian Bu Tojih patiently nodded his head. "Of course, don't worry. Your teacher Giam Kong Hwesio won't be angry if he finds out that you brought my disciple's grandson here. If you come back and meet him, convey my regards to him." Koai Atong just nodded. Kwa Hong really wanted to ask his teacher grandfather about his father, but in front of that grandfather, for some reason, his mouth was difficult to open. Grandpa who had eaten his fill of the salt of life, one glance could guess what Kwa Hong was thinking.

"Hong Hong, your father with both susiok and sukouwmu went down the mountain. I think soon, in a few days to come. Back there there is a brother of yours, the children of both susiokmu. You go there to play with them."

Kwa Hong's face suddenly glowed with joy. "Mr. Bwee there?" When the grandfather nodded, Kwa Hong got up and ran backwards through the side door. Koai Atong who was still on his knees, looked at Kwa Hong's run, then he said.

"Totiang, allow teecu to play here for a few days with Enci Hong."

Lian Bu Tojin smiled but her voice was firm when she said, "Atong, you can play with the children here for three days. It can't be more than three days. Your temperature will certainly be waiting for your return."

While nodding, Koai Atong then ran happily after Kwa Hong who went to the flower garden behind the temple. Arriving at the garden, the wide and beautiful flower, Koai Atong saw Kwa Hong having a happy conversation with three other children, namely two handsome boys and a beautiful girl like Kwa Hong. Even though Kwa Hong looked the youngest among them, it was clear that the other three children admired and respected him, as seen from the way they listened to Kwa Hong's words who were boasting of all his great experiences, of course with the addition of here and there, to make it more spooky and interesting.

As we already know, the three ordng children are none other than Thio Ki and Thio Bwee, the sons of Thio Wan It, and the other is Kui Lok the only son of Kui Teng. The three children are still in Hoa-san waiting for their parents while deepening their martial arts under the care of Lian Bu Tojin herself. Since Kwa Hong is the daughter of the first person of Hoa-san Sie-eng, especially since Kwa Hong travels more often and more than they do, plus her cheerful nature, makes the three children greatly admire Kwa Hong.

Suddenly Kui Lok pointed his index finger at someone who was running into the garden. "Eh, where did the madman come from?" All the children turned and saw a big tall man running over laughing. The clothes and shoes of this big man developed as much as women usually wear. Of course he is Koai Atong who is very happy to see the flower garden is so beautiful and there are many friends to play with too.

Kwa Hong laughed. "He's not a crazy person. He's the Koai Atong that I just told you about. He's amazingly clever, he's funny and good at playing games. He, Koai Atong, come here. Lots of friends here!"

While jumping up and down Koai Atong accelerated his run, congklang like a big horse. "Wow, Enci Hong. I like it here, lots of beautiful flowers. That old Tosu has given me permission to stay here for three days. Hurray, we can play as much as we want!"

Thio Ki and Kui Lok looked on with furrowed brows, while Thio Bwee looked on with somewhat horror and disgust. How could they toy with a lunatic like this?

Ignoring the attitude of the other three children, Kwa Hong said happily to Koai Atong, "Eh, Atong, you first met these friends who are all their own people." He called the names of the three children one by one. With a pair of rolling eyes, Koai Atong looked at the three children one by one. Thio Bwee stepped back in horror.

"When parents play with children?" Thio Ki scolded while looking sharply at Koai Atong. He did not trust this tall man who in his opinion was certainly not a good man.

"That's right, Ki-ko (Big Brother Ki). I don't want to play with him either. Iiiihhh, grandparents want to play with small children!" Thio Bwee strengthened his brother's opinion.

But Kui Lok suddenly said While looking at Kwa Hong, "If Brother Hong is already his friend, why can't we? Koai Atong, I like to play with you."

Thio Bwee turned to Kui Lok. A pair of fiery eyes. Usually this child is quiet, but for some reason, he seems to be very angry with Kui Lok. "You are always different from other people. Not only your hands, but also your mind!"

Kui Lok's face turned red hearing this insinuation. He knew that Thio Bwee was teasing his left hand.

Kwa Hong laughed, not at all angry that his friend was being reproached. "I didn't even like him back then, but after seeing how shrewd Koai Atong is, and how kind and obedient he is, I became fond of him. Hmm, the three of you facing his left hand alone won't be able to beat him. your father."

"Lie .., ..!" exclaimed Thio Bwee angrily;

"I do not believe.....!" said Thio Ki curiously.

Kui Lok was also shocked by Kwa Hong's speech. He hesitated, frowning and shaking his head. "Ah, I don't think it's possible ..." he finally said.

"You don't believe it? I think your two fathers advancing together are still unable to fight against Koai Atong. You know? He once helped teacher's father and aunt. That's great. He beat shrewd criminals just by twirling his left hand like this. ...." With agile and funny Kwa Hong then twisted his left hand for a while while biting his lip, then shouted, "die .....!" his left hand pushed forward towards the trunk of a large tree growing there. Some of the leaves of the tree fall from the stem.

"Ah, Enci Hong, lack of strength..... lack of strength.....! Your movements are beautiful enough, but that punch doesn't contain any energy yet. Look at this, Iho!" Koai Atong then twirled his left hand as Kwa Hong did earlier, moving his hand slowly forward, towards the tree earlier. What a great result. The tree, which was two meters away from where he was standing, didn't seem to be swaying but suddenly all its leaves fell from above like rain. When all the children looked, it turned out that the tree had suddenly become leafless again! Kwa Hong smiled with joy and pride when he saw how pale-faced Thio Ki, Thio Bwee, and Kui Lok looked. Even Kui Lok stuck his tongue out in amazement and admiration!

"Well, isn't he great and funny? , If you are kind to him, you can also learn his knowledge, like me. Soon we will become people who are more shrewd than father. Isn't that great?" said Kwa Hong.

"Heee, who made all the leaves of that tree fall? Alas, the tree will die!" This exclamation was accompanied by the appearance of three tosu from the garden door. When the three tosu saw Koai Atong, they were even more angry. They were none other than the tosu-tosu that Koai Atong had knocked down earlier. One of them, whose eyes were crossed, stepped forward and pointed his index finger at Koai Atong while yelling.

"This madman is here? Hong Hong, don't let him here. Of course he's the one who damaged the tree. Ah, woe, Hoa-san-pai, the arrival of a crazy demon!"

Kwa Hong saw Koai Atong grinning and taunting at the three tosu with his mouth and eyes played with, his eyes glazed over and his mouth was sometimes slashed or his tongue was removed and stretched out towards the three tosu. Holding back his laughter at Koai Atong's "mischief", Kwa Hong quickly said, "Sam-wi Supek (Uwa Guru Ber-iga) please don't be angry. Koai Atong has got the consent of the sukong (teacher's grandfather) to play here for three days . "

The three tosu frowned and. murmured, "Crazy people are allowed to disturb the garden, ruin the flowers and ruin the character of the children. Woe .....! Let it be, pinto (I) will pray for three days to the gods so that he is cursed ..... ! " said tosu with ju-ling eyes while inviting his friends. go.

After witnessing the divinity of Koai Atong, in the hearts of the three children there was a desire to learn the art of punching earlier. "Koai Atong, you are really good. Teach me the punching technique!" said Kui Lok approaching.

"We want to learn it too," said Thio Ki with his still arrogant attitude. Thio Bwee was silent but secretly he decided that if everyone studied, he would not be left behind.

Seeing how much the kids all now love him, Koai Atong is overjoyed. Indeed he was old, yet his soul was indeed abnormal, his nature like that of a child who of course felt proud and loved when other children admired him, He laughed and said.

"Want to learn? Yes, yes, but it's not easy. Let's use the trees in this garden as an opponent in training. Take a good look at how the left hand moves, where the right hand is and how the legs are positioned. Here's how. " Koai Atong then gave instructions which were followed by the three children. At first Thio Bwee was still shy, but then seeing how Kwa Hong also gave clues, he became interested and followed as well.

"It's good, it's good. You grandchildren of Hoa-san-pai's students are indeed talented," said Koai Atong happily. "Now let's try hitting those trees. You guys have a good look." Koai Atong approached a large tree and with all his strength he pushed with a Jing-tok-ciang punch. However, at that moment, someone's shadow flashed from behind the tree and there stood Lian Bu Tojin, his left hand holding his bamboo stick while his right hand straightened to welcome the push of Koai Atong's left hand.

"Atong, don't damage the tree..." said the old tosu.

Koai Atong, who has a childlike character, is basically not a good person, so every time he is confronted, he will certainly use his intelligence to achieve victory. So as soon as he felt how much Jing-tok-ciang's punch was welcomed by the old man's hand, he mustered up his strength and continued the punch with a gust of death filled with Jing-tok-ciang (Green Poison). The two hands meet and stick together. Koai Atong's left hand turned green. However, Lian Bu Tojin just stood there smiling while looking intently. He was aware of the character of someone like Koai Atong, which was certainly not far from the character of this old boy's teacher, his best friend, Ban-tok-sim Giam Kong. From his nickname alone, Ban-tok-sim means Hearts of Thousands of Poisons. You can imagine how the character of the teacher Koai Atong.

Kwa Hong and his friends are the children of the Hoa-san-pai martial arts masters. As children who have been acquainted with the intricacies of high-level martial arts since childhood, of course they know what is going on between Koai Atong and their sukong (teacher grandfather), namely a battle of intelligence or, more accurately, a battle of inner strength. They looked on with changed faces and shining eyes.

There were two minutes Koai Atong and the chairman of Hoa-san-pai were standing straight while stretching their arms. Finally Lian Bu Tojin said slowly.

"Koai Atong, you have advanced a lot." As soon as these words were finished, Koai Atong's body was suddenly pushed back up to five steps without Jagi being able to prevent it. His face became very red and suddenly Koai Atong took out a green arrow. This is a powerful and powerful weapon.

Lian Bu Tojin saw this and laughed. Of course he couldn't think of his friend's disciple as an enemy or equal opponent. "Aha, Atong, you want to show arrows martial arts? Please, please, so that you can later report to your teacher that the chairman of Hoa-san-pai even though he is old is not weak right..."

This speech was a consent for Koai Atong who was still hesitant to attack the grandfather. Suddenly he cried out loudly and his body flashed forward. At the same time, the arrow in his hand has made a series of attacks up to eight times as many. The arrow turned into a coil of green light snatched towards the grandfather himself. Kwa Hong and his friends looked on worriedly.