The King Of Sword Volume 9

volume 09

The battle was exciting and great. When Beng San was desperate, suddenly the grandfather behind him shouted loudly and ..... his long beard waving up to his stomach moved snatched forward making the sound of the wind whistling and this hair that had been very fine seemed to have turned into a steel whip that snatches towards both of his opponents! As the day began to get dark, Beng San saw his two opponents sweating and whitish steam blowing over their heads. He heard his grandfather behind him gasping for breath, the hands gripping his shoulders began to tremble. Grandpa's breath began to blow in his head, it felt very hot. He himself is not tired, understand because since the battle began, he seems to always "use"

Song-bun-kwi started laughing mockingly. "Heh-heh-heh, Lo-tong, you're already out of breath, you might end up breaking later."

"Souw Lee, you're too old to die, it's better to give up and die with a whole body than to die with a crushed head." said Hek-hwa Kui-bo.

These two figures wanted to talk to and persuade him, not because they felt very impressed with this old man who was still very clever. Indeed, no matter how evil and cruel the heart of a kang-ouw character may be, it is magical and strange, but the characteristics of the kang-ouw people still remain with him, namely admiring and appreciating the bravery and shrewdness of people.

"Song-bun-kwi! Hek-hwa Kui-bo:....! This grandpa is panting. "Before I break my neck, don't expect you to get Liong-cu Siang-kiam and Im yang Sin-kiam-sut. Without the two you are evil enough and have spread too much cruelty in the world."

Song-bun-kwi let out an angry bellow and his flute pressed harder and harder. Also Hek-hwa Kui-bo twirled his handkerchief which gave off several kinds of shining colors, enclosing Beng San and the old man. Beng San suddenly felt how cold the two grandfather's hands on his shoulders were. He didn't understand why, didn't know that in his wits the old geezer was clever, using Im's power to profit from the battle.

Beng San began to understand what the old man meant when he asked him not to give in. He now knows that the Im-yang Sin-kiam-sut Martial Arts that he learned from his two deceased teachers, was really missed by the kang-ouw figures, just like this pair of swords. He understood that the two old men who were now ganging up on him were bad people who, if they could seize knowledge and the sword, would become even more vicious and evil. Now I can already imagine the cruelty of their hearts two great figures in the martial world who do not hesitate and are not shy to gang up and urge a child and an old man!

"Song-bun-kwi and Hek-hwa Kui-bo, you guys are really vile and evil!" Just as Beng San said these words, the grandfather behind him let out a loud scream then collapsed on his back, his mouth bleeding, his eyes glaring and unconscious.

Beng San's face turned blackish red. He was startled and turned around, his face turning black with anger. He thought that the old man must have fallen because of the blows of two of his opponents. He didn't know at all that the magic geezer behind him had collapsed because of him! When he had cursed at Song-bun-kwi and Hek-hwa Kuibo, before he knew it, Beng San, who was furious, had channeled "Yang" in his body, turning his face red and black. The Yang energy in his body is indeed formidable, unnatural. It was this force that hit the old man through the hands placed on his shoulders. The old man was using Im's power, so the blow of Yang energy from Beng San's powerful body was unbearable for him, making him fall and faint. If the tremendous power from Beng San's body had come out when the old man used Yang's power, of course, this grandfather's greatness would have increased and it was very possible that the two of them could expel Song-bun-kwi and Hek-hwa Kui-bo. But, what can I say, the child really doesn't understand his own situation and doesn't know how to take advantage of the strength and intelligence that he has by chance.

Fortunately for him that the two magic people in front of him did not have the intention to kill him at that time, because both of them needed it. Hek-hwa Kui-bo with his hideous laugh was already advancing towards him.

"Kui-bo, take it slow'" Song-bun kwi called out and also crashed forward, pushing Hek-hwa Kui-bo's body. The old woman was furious, with a loud scream she turned around and attacked Song-bun-kwi with her handkerchief. Of course Song-bun-kwi didn't want his head to be threatened with destruction by the tip of that powerful handkerchief. Quickly his flute was moved to parry and at another time these two people were already fighting each other. If earlier they were united in facing a pair of swords in the hands of Beng San who was assisted by Lo-tong Souw Lee's grandfather, now they are fighting one another. To fight for Beng San and a pair of Liong-cu Siang-kiam swords.

The match was getting more and more exciting and terrible, while the weather was getting darker and darker. Song-bun-kwi and Hek-hwa Kui-bo indeed have the same level of intelligence, moreover, they have received the Im-sin-kiam and Yang-sin-kiam books, respectively. Time and again they exchange knowledge to knock down the opponent, but always in vain. The one who was astonished was Beng San. Sometimes he couldn't see the two people who had disappeared into their scrolls of light, but sometimes he could see them clearly because they were fighting with incredible movements, very slowly like people playing games. Finally he couldn't see them at all when the sun was hiding and the weather was turning black. Only the swish of their blows were still heard, and felt.

Suddenly Beng San felt someone grabbed his hand from behind, then he was slowly pulled back. When he looked, in the dark he still saw the body of the old man who had now stood up and asked him to leave that place. Beng San understands what Grandpa's heart means. Of course, seeing the two magic people fighting each other on their own, the old man invited him to use this opportunity to escape in the dark. It was true that he suspected, not long after that he felt like his body was flying while his hand was still being held by the old man. He was secretly amazed. It turned out that this old geezer in running fast was not inferior to Song-bun-kwi nor Hek-hwa Kui-bo.

Beng San heard angry shouts from Song-bun-kwi and Hek-hwa Kui-bo. Soon he heard them cursing and told him to stop. However, the sound of the two people chasing after him was getting farther and farther away, they seemed to have lost their way, not knowing where Beng San and the old geezer had gone. Only then was Beng San relieved after their voices were no longer heard. Also the old geezer didn't run too fast anymore, only took Beng San for a walk through the big forests.

"Is the moon out, good boy?" asked the old man, pausing and looking up.

Beng San was stunned. Can't see for yourself? Why do I have to pay? "No, just the starry sky."

"Hernmm, take a good look at where is the Kak-seng Star (Trump Star)?"

"I don't know which one is Sis-seng's star," replied Beng San.

"Then where is Bi-seng (Tailed Star) located?"

Beng San was even more confused. His eyes stared at the countless stars in the sky. "Which one is Bi-seng I don't even know."

The old man lowered his face and took a deep breath. "You really don't know anything yet. Ah, never mind. Just tell me what stars do you know?"

Beng San immediately pointed up and said, "Those Gu-seng (Buffalo Stars) stars I know!" Indeed, once he heard from a hwesio in the Hek-thian-tong Temple about this Buffalo Star, a group of six stars resembling a buffalo's head with horns.

Grandpa looks happy. "Good! Can you show me where is Gu-seng?"

"Tuh, there!"

"Huh, I can't see. You-hold my hand and show me where it is."

Beng San's heart pounding.. May this grandfather be blind! He looked at the old man's face. At first he thought that the old man had very slanted eyes, he didn't know it was always open, a blind man! There was pity in his heart, but also his admiration grew. An old geezer is blind, but he is not shrewd! He then took the old man's right hand and pointed it at the group of Gu-seng Stars.

"Hmmm, then we have to go right," said the old man as he took Beng San's hand and ran again. "Beng San, you come with me. Let me rub the raw diamond, here!" Beng San didn't understand what he meant and was about to ask, but the old man had already run away again very quickly. Knowing that this old man wasn't as bad as Song-bun-kw or Hek-hwa Kui-bo, he didn't argue much and obeyed and was taken away as soon as possible.

* * *

"Beng San, I don't know what your previous sins were against Thian, then you have had bad luck for this small, being the struggle for the characters of kang-ouw. Hmm, I am the little one and I am the old fart, there really is no difference, hated and hated by those who always dissatisfied . . . . ” that was the old blind old man said to Beng San .

They sat opposite each other on smooth black stones on high peaks, so high that it was as if one could touch the stars in the sky with one's hands. This is the grandfather's hiding place called Ban-seng-kok (Peak of a Thousand Stars), one of the peaks in the Cinling-san Mountains. But the peak of Ban-seng-kok is a hidden peak because it is surrounded by ravines that are impossible for humans to cross. Only Lo-tong Souw Lee the old boy had found his secret passage by crawling through the deep abyss. It is not surprising that this old man used Ban-seng-kok as a hiding place or a place of meditation. This peak is amazingly beautiful, full of wild trees, flowers of various kinds, the air is moderate and the air is clean. After traveling for five days and five nights, Beng San and the old man arrived at this place at dusk last night and tonight they sat outside the small hut where Souw Lee lived. Beng San was amazed to see a very beautiful sight at this time of night. The sky was so clear that he could see the stars that filled the sky. When he heard the old man's words, Beng San woke up from his thoughts.

"Grandpa Souw Lee, people are fighting over your great sword market, no need to be surprised anymore. It's just weird why they seem to want to kill you. As for me ...... ah I don't know why they desperately want to fight for lessons that aren't does that make sense? "

"It's meaningless for you to say, Heh-heh-heh, Beng San. In this you are blinder than my eyes. I followed when you faced Song-bun-kwi's clang, then you faced Hek-i hwa Kui-bo. You are very clever has deceived them. Your ingenuity attracts me. Indeed, it is not wrong that Phoa Ti and The Bok Nam bequeathed Im-yang Sin-kiam-sut to you." The old man nodded and Beng San widened his eyes in surprise.

"Grandpa Souw, how do you know all that?"

The blind old man laughed again. "Who doesn't know that Im-sin-kiam and Yang-sin-kiam fell into the hands of Thian-te Siang-hiap? Just never thought that now they have fallen into the hands of that pair of demons! Song-bun-kwi. The wind of his movements and the wind of your hands even though they are weak can be heard by me and I know that you are playing martial arts that I have never heard of before. After you spoke, I only knew that it was Yang-sin Kiam-sut. It was so great. " Again he nodded. "Then you were taken away by Hek-hwa Kui-bo. I followed secretly and after seeing the female demon's attitude towards you, only then did I find out that the two people had actually taken the books, one one."

“That's right,” Beng San took a deep breath. "They took the book and killed two old men, Phoa Ti and The Bok Nam. To me, what are these two sciences for? If you are hungry you can't fill your stomach, if you are thirsty you can't satisfy your throat. !"

The blind grandfather laughed heartily. "Hah-hah-hah! Know Beng San. Two or thirty years ago, I myself would have forced you to give me those two sciences. Maybe I would have forced you, if necessary, to torture and even kill you."

Beng San got angry. Turns out he was wrong. He thought that this grandpa was good, unlike Song-bun-kwi or Hek-hwa Kui-bo, this is how he talks!

"Huh, Grandpa Souw. I think your heart is literate, you don't know it's as blind as your eyes. You who have high knowledge and you don't know what all that is used for, still want other knowledge by forcing other people? Hmmm, what does it actually mean have sky-high martial arts?"

"Ho-ho-ho, stupid boy. If I didn't have high martial arts skills, would I not have died in the hands of Song-bun-kwi and Hek-hwa Kui-bo? If I didn't have good martial arts skills, was it not in the past? already dead? High martial arts skills guarantee our safety, Beng San. In the world of kang-ouw, knowledge is the most important thing to have, because only with high intelligence can we avoid death at the hands of others."

"Uhhh'." Beng San reproached. "How can there be such a rule? Old grandpa, how can you live or die depending on martial arts? You who are highly skilled in martial arts, if you die of old age, can you change your skin to be young again? Wrong, Grandpa Souw. According to the scriptures, The ancient book I've read and studied, life and death is not up to us to decide. If Thian wants our death, even if we have a million double lives, we will die anyway, we don't have to wait for someone else to kill us. , if there are tens of thousands of people trying to kill us, it won't work.

"Oh, my God.....!" The old man caught Beng San's hand with both his hands shivering. "Good boy..... how did you know all that?"

This speech full of astonishment and admiration made Beng San ashamed. "From the hwesio-hwesio in the Hong-thian-tong Temple. Since childhood I have been a servant in the temple and received a multitude of philosophy lessons from the ancient scriptures."

The old man took a deep breath and shook his head. "How strange. A small child learns the science of the mind and gets its essence to be used in life. Old farts like me and others, study kebatinan to get the power to enhance martial arts skills. It's really misleading.... really lost....." She then put her arm around Beng San and burst into tears!

Of course, a child as small as Beng San didn't really understand what he was really thinking and what this grandpa's words meant. He thought that the old man had done something wrong and now felt sorry for him, so to comfort him he quoted another ancient saying, "Grandpa Souw, once the temperature told me that repenting and being sorry for one's own mistakes are virtues. regret instead of being proud and boasting."

The old man was more moved and then rubbed Beng San's head. "Good boy..... good boy..... I hope that in the past few weeks you will enjoy repeating all the lessons you have learned from those tempers (teachers) at Hok-thian-tong Temple. Phoa Ti and The Bok Nam are right when choosing you as heir. Unfortunately they don't have time to pass down the basics of silat. Beng San, you must follow my words, you must persevere in whistling (samadhi). All of this is to strengthen your inner body and balance the higher arts what you have. Otherwise, you will be harmed, the inside of your body will be destroyed."

At first Beng San was not very interested, but because the old man meant well and indeed in this world he was alone, to please the blind old man he agreed. Thus, starting that same night, Beng San took out all his memorization of ancient scriptures, instead he received instructions from the magic grandfather about samadhi, breathing exercises, Iweekang, khikang, and others related to martial arts.

There was a big change in the blind old man after every day he heard philosophical words from ancient books spoken by Beng San. He seemed calmer, his face always lit up and he repeatedly stated that now he was willing to die, not afraid to die anymore. Beng San did memorize a lot of books that he had read at the Hok-thian-tong Temple. In addition to Buddhist scriptures such as the Dhammapada and others, he also reads and memorizes the contents of the Upanisads and the Su-si-ngo-keng books of the teachings of the Prophet Confucius.

About a hundred days later, Beng San had learned all the knowledge that the blind grandfather had handed down to him. Of course, what he learned and memorized was only the theory, as for the practice, only little by little he practiced under the guidance of Souw Lee's grandfather. That morning Souw Lee's grandfather said.

"Beng San is a good boy. All my understanding of the inner science connected with martial arts, about siulian, Iweekang and khikang, I have all taught you. All you have to do is diligently train yourself. Thanks to Im-Yang's air in your extraordinary body, plus talent and perseverance, you will certainly make rapid and great progress, much greater than myself. From today on, you must go leave me. "

Beng San was shocked. He was starting to feel at home living in that quiet place with Souw Lee's grandfather. Why are you being asked to leave now? Beng San almost burst into tears as he said.

"Grandpa Souw, why did you kick me out? What did I do wrong? Good old man, let me be here with you..."

Grandpa Souw Lee stroked Beng San's head. "Good boy, there are many similarities between us. You must leave me, for your own good, as well as for my progress. I want to meditate on my former disobedience, cleanse my mind and heart. And you, you are still young, you must seek progress in Your life. If you stay here, it's very dangerous. You know, a lot of bad guys are very good at looking for me.

"Why, Grandpa Souw Lee? Why are they looking for you?"

Souw Lee pulled out a pair of swords. "Because of this, this pair of Liong-cu Siang-kiam. For this era, this pair of swords is a powerful sacred sword and rarely gets a match. This sword was formerly the heirloom of a great swordsman named Sie Cin Han who was nicknamed the Foolish Swordsman. You see the long one On this and on the handle there is the letter JANTAN, well, this is what the warrior wears. The short one with the letter FEMALE was used by the famous female warrior nicknamed Ang 1 Niocu (Miss in Red Shirt). However, this has been happening for hundreds of years. ago. Then, after several generations, this pair of swords disappeared. Many kang-ouw figures searched, but no one knew where the swords disappeared. Finally I was the one who got them, I searched from the emperor's palace warehouse!"

"Ah .....!" Beng San exclaimed in surprise and amazement.

"Since then I've always been wanted by kang-ouw figures. The others don't mean anything to me, but people like Song-bun-kwi, Hek-Hwa Kui-bo, Siauw-ong-kwi and Tai -lek-sin Swi Lek Hosiang, they are very dangerous. That's why I finally hid here. I've also heard about Thian-te Siang-hiap who has got Im-yang Sin-kiam and wants me to find them to snatch him. But Thian punished me, it seems that my sins are too many. I am too old to be blind, but I have not been freed from this world. " The grandfather took a deep breath and he looked up as if with blind eyes he was looking for Thian above!

"Grandpa Souw, let me accompany you here. I love living here and I love serving you."

Again Souw Lee stroked Beng San's head. "I can't, Beng San. It would be very dangerous. After I was seen by Song-bun-kwi and Hek-hwa i Kui-bo who had thought I was dead because of old age, would they and the others just be like that before taking Liong-cu this afternoon? Ah, of course they will appear and I don't want to see you carried away, especially if you are wanted by them."

"Where are you going?" I'm alone ... "Beng San's voice sounded sad and confused.

don't ever show it to others, you keep it a secret. Never be known to others until your practice is perfect. If you disobey this message of mine and let your secret be known, ah… will face a thousand and one kinds of disasters."

Beng San hesitated. "Grandpa Souw, I don't know that chairman Hoa-san-pai. What if I don't like living there? What if he doesn't want to accept me?"

It's impossible he won't accept you. He is a good man and my letter will guarantee you. You can work anything there. Or, if you don't like being there after you see the situation, you can just go down the mountain, but don't show up in public. You better go back to being a kacung in Hok-thian-tong, hiding while training yourself to be really strong. After that, you can come here. I told you about the Snake Cave on the slope. Well, that's where you find this sword. While this is before you're strong, you can't carry this sword and also I need to take care of myself. Later, I will give you this sword. Well, you go, Beng San. Put Hoa-san-pai I already explained to you.

Beng San is sad. But what power? He had to fulfill this grandfather's request. He came as a guest, if the host had kicked him out, what could he do? After receiving a letter written in scribble by this blind grandfather, Beng San then left that place, through the secret path that the grandfather had shown him.

* * *

After coming out of Lo-tong Souw Lee's hideout, Beng San then went on a quick trip. Coincidentally, he passed by the hamlet where the wealthy Kwi lived where he and Tan Hok had faced a snake attack by Giam Kin. He was amazed to see that the village, which had been very quiet three months ago, was now completely empty. Kwi-wangwe building house? has become burnt debris. He guessed that this must be Tan Hok's doing, who was very angry with the stingy rich man. His conjecture was only partly correct. Indeed, when Beng San used to chase Giam Kin, Tan Hok continued to rage. No matter how brave he was, he would have been badly beaten by the multitude of bouncers, had a group of Pek-lian-pai not come rushing by who happened to be passing by. Of course these Pek-lian-pai members know Tan Hok who is a disciple of Tan Sam, a Pek-lian-pai figure. They immediately attacked and helped Tan Hok so that the landlord and the rich man and his accomplices who always practiced oppression and cruelty could be exterminated, their property confiscated and their house burned. Tan Hok then went with this group to leave the village.

Looking at the rich Kwi's mansion which has become a pile of rubble, Beng San remembered Tan Hok. He was very fond of the young giant who was honest and strong, especially those who were like him, had no parents and no place to live. Finally he sighed and left the place

Suddenly a red shadow flashed in front of him, Beng San widened his eyes when he saw a girl dressed in red standing there, a friendly smile from her eyes shining like the morning stars. Beng San was wide-eyed not from admiration to see this tiny little girl now, but from anxiety and fear. He knew that this boy had something to do with Song-bun-kwi, whether it was his student or his son or his servant. But what is clear, three months ago this boy appeared, then also appeared Song-bun-kwi.

"Who are you? What's your name and what did you come here for?" Beng San asked, his voice soft because there was no way one could be so fierce towards such a sweet boy who smiled kindly with his eyes shining brightly.

The boy in red smiled widely and Beng San immediately remembered Kwa Hong's face. Even though there is a big difference between Kwa Hong and this child, Kwa Hong is very fierce but this child is friendly and full of smiles but when they smile they are the same. Just as cute, even the shape of her face is almost the same. Especially their clothes. It seems that the two children have the same preference for the color red.

Asked by Beng San, the boy just laughed, then he took Beng San's hand, pulled him to a tree. Indeed, around the house of the Kwi property, there are many colorful flower trees. Most of these trees were also burned, but the large tree to the right of the building still stood tall and at that moment at the top of the tree there were many yellow flowers. After arriving under the tree, the girl let go of Beng San's hand, then with a smile she pointed up, towards the flowers. With his tiny, clean fingers he gestured for Beng San to get him some flowers!

There was a stinging feeling in Beng San's heart by the movements of these fingers. He was moved. Indeed, when he first saw this girl Song-bun-kwi signaling with his hand, he had already guessed that this child was dumb. Now seeing this child asking him to "talk" with hand gestures, he became deeply moved. But besides this emotion, he was also amazed because he had seen for himself how this girl was very clever, her movements were fast like a bird and to take a flower on a tree like that of course she would be able to do it herself, why now ask her to pick it? After all, seeing that pair of eyes looking at him with demand, with that gentle and extraordinary glow, he couldn't resist. He nodded with a smile, then like an ape, Beng San climbed the tree up. His movements were light and he found it very easy to climb the tree. In a moment he had reached the top and plucked a flower which he considered the freshest and best.

A pair of the boy's eyes shone as he received a flower from Beng San's hand. Deftly she put the flower on her black hair, then she put on the style in front of Beng San, turning back and forth as if to show off, her beauty with the floral decoration on her head. Then after spinning in front of Beng San, he stood facing Beng San, and a pair of eyes asked what Beng San thought after he wore flowers.

Beng San couldn't help but smile. How happy he would be if he had a sister or a friend as sweet as this, this spoiled, whose attitude and gestures were so touching. He then smiled and raised the thumb of his right hand high to indicate that the little girl really was a thumb.

The little girl understood this movement, made a laugh-like sound as she held Beng San's hands, then asked Beng San to dance around under the tree. Instead of playing with the little girl's joy, she danced with agile movements so that Beng San would not want to join in the dancing and laughing. In his life he had never felt joy like this time and he did not feel two tears dripping down his cheeks. Extraordinary joy and happiness brought an unbearable necessity.

Suddenly the girl stopped, looked at Beng San with her clear eyes, full of wonder and question. Then he raised his fingers up, gently wiped the two tears from Beng San's cheeks, then he shook his head slowly as if to say that Beng San shouldn't cry. In this strange situation, where not a single word came out of the mouths of the two children, Beng San seemed to be able to understand everything, as if he could see the little girl's heart and mind, that the girl could too. feel their misery, their silence, even they are the same suffering and there is a compatibility that makes both of them feel sorry for one another.

From far away came a high-pitched, shrill cry. The little girl in red turned pale, her hands were cold and shivering and she quickly grabbed Beng San's hand, leading her to run towards the former building which had become a pile of rubble. With a sudden movement the girl pushed Beng Sang's body through under the pile of charred wood while pointing at the boy to hide. Beng San was confused at first, but as the shrill voice got closer, he understood what it meant. Song-bun-kwi is coming! Quickly he then snuck under the wood and charcoal, hiding under the debris. But basically he is a steadfast and naughty child, in hiding he lurks outside.

The shrill voice like someone crying was getting louder and louder and stopped, suddenly a man was standing in front of the girl. Song-bun-kwi with a displeased look on his face! Her face was red and her eyes were bulging, her hands were moving their fingers while looking at the little girl's face. The girl seemed timid, shaking her head over and over again. The flowers on top of her hair swayed along and this seems to have caught Song-bun-kwi's attention. With one tug he had grabbed the boy's hair and pulled the twins. The child bounced and of course would have been slammed hard if he didn't move quickly, so he just staggered and was shocked. His eyes flashed a sorrowful gleam as the flower was crushed in Song-bun-kwi's hands. It seems that Song-bun-kwi is interested in something. He looked up at the ground ignoring the girl again. Suddenly he slammed his feet. So hard was the slamming of the feet that Beng San who was ten meters away felt how the ground beneath him was shaking and the wood above him was falling down.

The old man looked even more angry. Pointing down again he spoke with a flick of his finger, apparently scolding the girl or asking something. The boy shook his head again, waving his fingers. Suddenly Song-bun-kwi grabbed his hair, shook it until the boy's hair fell apart, after which the head was hit hard. The boy fell down, but quickly jumped up. The boy's eyes filled with tears, his mouth made a sound ah-uh-ah-uh.....

It was almost unbearable for Beng San. His anger was running high and had he not remembered Lo-tong Souw Lee's teachings, he would have jumped out and defended the girl. Let him be beaten to death as long as he can curse Song-bun-kwi for his cruelty to the child, he is satisfied. He gritted his teeth, bit his lip until it hurt.

So angry, Song-bun-kwi forgot that the girl was dumb, and he snapped, "Beng San, where is she??" Again he threatened with his hand to slap the child.

Suddenly, the boy nodded his head and seemed to have completely lost his fear. His eyes flashed a fiery glow, his mouth was half-open, his breath was panting, his hands were clenched into fists and he bravely stepped forward to challenge, the old man. His mouth made an ah-uh-ah-uh sound, but the tone was different from before, now full of challenges!

Beng San was amazed at first, now he was gawking at how the old man suddenly became weak, dropped to his knees and hugged the child while sobbing! And the girl lost her anger, hugged the grandfather's head while crying silently. It was a very touching sight to see the old man kneeling and hugging the dumb man while crying, making an awkward sound, but Beng San also heard faintly. "..... you're like your mother..... just like your mother....." And the girl who was grabbed and hugged by the old man, who was so angry that he was about to fight, now cried and hugged the old man's head lovingly Dear.

Bi Goat, tell me where the demon child is," Song-bun-kwi said while stroking the head of the dumb girl. The boy shook his head. The old man then pointed his index finger at the ground as if to urge the question that there were footprints. Beng San over there.

All of this was spotted by Beng San and with a pounding heart he stalked off. The girl named Bi Goat then waved her hand, then pointed towards the south. The old man stood up, looked at that face intently full of inquisitiveness, he didn't seem to believe it but the boy resisted his gaze steadfastly and bravely.

Beng San silently watched. He saw the old man out of the corner of his eye watching Bi Goat. The boy turned and looked at the flowers on the tree, apparently remembering when Beng San picked flowers for him earlier. But this glance was enough to make Song-bun-kwi suspicious. His body flashed and his flute spun. Flowers and leaves flew scattered and when the old man's body had returned to the side of the Bi Goat, the tree had been bare and if Beng San was hiding in it, it would have been obvious. The old man nodded to Bi Goat and continued his journey while holding the dumb boy's hand.

Beng San shuddered. It's not as clever as the old man. If only Bi Goat had glanced at the place he was hiding, just once, of course Grandpa would be able to find him. He knew he was wanted. It was not only Song-bun-kwi who sought and needed him, nor did Hek-hwa Kui-bo. According to Lo-tong Souw Lee's conjecture, everyone who hears that Beng San has inherited Im-yang Sin-kiam-sut and knows where Lo-tong Souw Lee is, will surely arrest this child. Not only to force him to reveal the secret of Im-yang Sin-kiam-sut, but also to force him to reveal the secret of the blind grandfather's hiding place. Luckily the dumb boy turned out to be very kind, and deliberately protected him. Beng San secretly thanked Bi Goat. Also he was very sorry for the stupid child who seemed to be treated cruelly and harshly by Song-bun-kwi, in fact, according to him, the child was forbidden to play with anyone. The proof is, in the past when the child was invited to play by some of the shepherd's children, Song-bun-kwi was angry and the shepherds and their buffaloes were all killed! Beng San took a deep breath and secretly he promised himself that if he had the skill against Song-bun-kwi, he would help the gagu boy.

Of course Beng San didn't even know that his reflection was actually funny? Why? Because the child, named Kwee Bi Goat, is none other than Song-bun-kwi's child. Not a student, not an adopted child, but the biological child of his own wife who had died, as long as Bi Goat was less than three years old.

Song-bun-kwi is actually a she Kwee named Lun. Kwee Lun or nicknamed Song-bun-kwi (Mourning Devil) got his nickname since the death of his wife, the mother of Bi Goat whom he loved very much. As Hek-hwa Kui-bo once said to Beng San, this Kwee Lun once kidnapped a bride and in his vicious act he even killed the groom and all the guests who were there! It was this bride who later gave birth to Bi Goat. However, because this woman has always been sad and desperate since she was kidnapped by Song-bun-kwi, after giving birth to a child, her health became very bad. Finally, when Bi Goat was less than three years old, this young mother left her child, free from the suffering of the world.

Kwee Lun is very much in love with his kidnapped wife, also he is very much in love with Bi Goat. However, as soon as his beloved wife died, his cruel and evil traits resurfaced. In fact, sometimes when he thinks of his wife, he hates Bi Goat. As soon as his wife died, he blamed this on Bi Goat and he almost killed his own son. The three -year -old he beat, he slammed and he choked to death. But he immediately remembered his wife's message to take good care of Bi Goat, so he immediately stopped this cruelty and even treated Bi Goat. If he had not treated, the child who had been beaten and slammed would have died. Bi Goat did not die, but maybe because of surprise, or also because of illness, this child then became dumb!

Beng San, who was completely ignorant of this history, only thought that the stupid Bi Goat had been tormented by the cruel and evil Song-bun-kwi. After Song-bun-kwi went far away, Ban Beng San dared to come out of his hiding place and continue his journey . He walked on west and was in great agony. There was a time when this teenage boy didn't eat for two or three days and could only fill his stomach if someone took pity on him or if he could get fruit in the wild forest. The good thing is he has a strong body and his movements are fast so that sometimes he can catch small forest animals to fill his stomach. Meanwhile, he never forgets to train himself with the knowledge he learned from Lo-tong Souw Lee.

Beng San is so clever that he keeps his secret so that no one will ever know that this child has extraordinary knowledge. Everyone who met him only thought that he was an abandoned filthy child and deserved to be pitied. Beng San suffered many insults and ridicule, but this boy accepted them all patiently, knowing as he had heard from Lo-tong Souw Lee that all the sufferings of life are the best combination for a person, it is an exercise. a very precious spiritual. Meanwhile, the air of Im and Yang in him became more and more strong and orderly and just as Souw Lee taught, the more diligently he studied,

* * *

It is unfortunate that the misunderstanding between Hoa-san Sie-eng and Kun-lun Sam-hengte is growing with the events that took place between them.

As is well known, after reporting all the events that had happened to him in front of his teacher namely Hoa-san-pai chairman Lian Bu Tojin, Sian Hwa and his three suhengs went down from Mount Hoa-san to look for the three fellow disciples of Kun-lun-pai to protested Kwee Sin's actions. According to their teacher's instructions, four of Hoa-san-pai's disciples immediately went to visit the eldest person of Kun-lun Sam-hengte, namely Bun Si Teng in Sin-yang.

The four of them were greeted by Bun Si Teng and his younger brother Bun Si Liong who had recovered from his injuries. These two Bun brothers have already met Sian Hwa, and even though among the other three Hoa-san heroes is the new Kwa Tin Siong they have seen, but two others, Thio Wan It and Kui Keng, have heard his name. Because the visitors were Hoa-san's famous heroes, the two Bun brothers greeted them with respect, but seeing the guests' faces that seemed to contain something dissatisfied and angry, they became surprised and acted cautiously.

Bun Si Teng and Bun Si Liong immediately welcomed their arrival and paid their respects. Bun Si Teng said.

"Ah, may Hoa-san Sie-enghiong (Four Brave Men from Hoa-san) come to visit our poor hut. Welcome! Sian Hwa sister, please have a seat." "Liong-te, quickly tell your soso (your brother-in-law) to accompany Sian Hwa's sister."

"Don't bother, Ji-wi don't bother. We came to ask for justice and ask him to settle a big matter, not to come drink alcohol or talk nonsense!" The speech was issued by Thio Wan It, the second person from the famous Hoa-san Sie-eng.

The two Bun brothers frowned. How disrespectful this guest is, thought Bun Si Liong as he looked at the short fat man in black with disdainful eyes. However, Bun Si Teng, who was older and more experienced, could immediately guess that something terrible must have happened for these valiant people to act like that.

"The four of you have come all the way with important business? Of course we are always ready to help you. Please Sie-enghiong tell the two of us immediately," said Bun Si Jeng, still friendly.

Bu-eng-kiam Thio Wan It who was already very impatient because of his anger over his sumo business, immediately stepped forward and said harshly.

"Nowadays, Hoa-san Sie-eng is confronted by Kun-lun Sam-heng te as valiant men who want to settle a curious business! Our arrival is due to the very unseemly and vile act of the youngest of the Kun- lun Sam-hengte. Kwee Sin must be held accountable for his actions and Ji-wi both must also be held accountable and can immediately bring Kwee Sin to us!"

These words were like a thunderbolt for the two Bun brothers. Bun Si Teng who was more patient pressed his chest and his face was a bit pale, while Bun Si Liong had already touched the handle of his sword and machete while making a growling sound like a wounded tiger, his sharp eyes swept the four guests. It's good that Bun Si Teng signaled to his brother to be patient and he himself then said.

"Everything can be taken care of, all curiosities can be judged, but it must be explained first why Sie-wi (Lord of the Four) is so angry. Our sute, Kwee Sin, we don't want to brag, but Kwee-sute is already famous in the four corners of the sky as a valiant man who never abandoned the qualities of a knight.Who has never heard the name of Pek-lek-jiu Kwee Sin the youngest disciple of Kun-lun-pai who always upheld justice and defended the truth? Now Sie-wi come and say that our sute did a very unworthy and despicable act. Hemmm, of course it is hard for us to believe. There is no Kwee-sute's unworthy act! "

Liem Sian Hwa couldn't contain his anger. "A person who associates with a female demon from Pek-lian-pai, after being seen by my father and then with the demon came to kill my old and helpless father, do you consider this proper and not vile?"

Bun Si Teng sighed, then looked at each other with his sister. Bun Si Liong was very angry, his mouth was already moving to protest and swear. But this brave man has a very funny nature, which is that he is very afraid when dealing with women. If it was not Sian Hwa who issued the accusation but the person among the lady's suhengs, of course Si Liong would have cursed and was angry. Now he was just standing with both hands clenched, both eyes glaring, but not glaring at Sian Hwa, except at the three Kwa Tin Siong! Bun Si Teng has been able to control his heart as well. He now faced Kwa Tin Siong, who had been silent for a while and only looked with sharp eyes full of inquiry.

"Hoa-san It-kiam, your name in the world kang-ouw is already famous as a brave and fair warrior. I just hope now you will also behave like a fair person. My brother Kwee Sin has been subjected to very serious accusations. Every accusation must be accompanied by evidence- evidence and basis. Without basis and evidence then the accusation is a very vicious slander. What is the evidence and basis of the accusation against Kwee-sute? "

Hoa-san It-kiam Kwa Tin Siong took a deep breath before answering.

"Brother Bun, I also feel very sorry for what happened to my sumoi. If you are curious because your Sute was heavily accused, what about us? Our sumoi was hit by an even more severe and terrible disaster. Therefore, we must dare to give a fair account. Must have the courage to defend the right and punish the wrong. This attitude has become our duty as brave people, right? Anyone who does something wrong must be punished, whether he is someone else or his own brother. On the other hand, whoever it is as long as he is on the side of the truth, we must defend him. Isn't that the same as what you have learned from your temperature?"

Bun Si Teng nodded his head. "You're right. Hoa-san It-kiam, We wouldn't even defend our own sute if he was really at fault. Only we really doubt whether our sute is guilty, because we believe, even believe that Kwee-sute is not such a bad person and vile. He has also made a big name in the world of kang-ouw. Therefore, I hope you explain the grave accusations and provide the basis or evidence."

Kwa Tin Siong smiled bitterly. "A person who already has the same level of intelligence as us, if you have done something, how can you find the evidence? Sometimes events without evidence are clear enough, clear enough to draw conclusions and decide who is at fault. Well, listen carefully. One day, a few weeks ago, Liem-sumoi's father, Liem Ta lopek, came home angry and told Liem-sumoi that he saw Kwee Sin traveling with a pervert from Pek-lian-pai, and Liem -lopek stated that he wanted to break the match between Liem-sumoi and Kwee Sin. Liem-sumoi was curious and secretly went to Telaga Pok-which is where Kwee Sin was seen by his father. Unfortunately he couldn't see it with his own eyes, but from the knowledge of the boatmen there he got the evidence that it was true that Kwee Sin and a woman had been there for several days. With a heavy heart Liem-sumoi returns home and finds that his father has been severely injured. Before he died, Liem-lopek still had time to state that the one who attacked him was Kwee Sin assisted by a beautiful woman.

"Curious...... curious.....!" Bun Si Liong was screaming. "There's no way he was Kwee-sute. No way! Where's the proof that it was Kwee-sute who did the murder?"

"Twa-suheng!" Kui Keng leapt forward. "Why is Suheng still keeping information? Just explain it all. Eh, Kun-lun Sam-hengte, don't try to cover it up. The mistake is clear because according to your sute error, Liem-sumoi's statement, Liem-lopek's body has nails -Pek-lian-ting nails and the marks of Pek-lek-jiu's punches! So, what else can I say? Pek-lian-ting's nails must be the nails that the stealth woman from Pek-lian-pai removed and Pek's punches. -lek-jiu..... hmmm, isn't Kwee Sin's nickname Pek-lek-jiu?"

"Lies! Not that evidence" Bun Sin Liong slammed his feet. "Anyone who has studied Pek-lek-jiu can certainly use it. Is it just sute? As for Pek-lian-ting nails, I want to believe that Pek-lian-pai is against you, because Pek-lian-pai is also against us. But about Kwee-sute, I still don't want to accept that he is accused!"

"Ha-ha-ha, it seems Kun-lun Sam-heng-te wants to win alone! It seems that he only relies on his own valor and does not look at others. Suheng, Sute, and Sumoi, it seems that this matter can only be settled at the tip of the sword! " said Thio Wan It mockingly as he fingered the hilt of his sword.

"Very well!" Bun Si Liong roared while pulling out a pair of weapons, namely a sword and a machete. Did the four of Hoa-san Sie-eng come to gang up on the two of us? Don't think we're scared! Kun-lun Sam-hengte never backs down in the face of anyone's beatings!"

"0-ho arrogant! We Hoa-san Sie-eng are not swindlers! To face you two alone is enough with my sword. She Bun people, if you have the skills, come out!" Thio Wan It said mockingly and as soon as his legs moved, his body sped out.

"Well, I want to know Bu-eng-kiam's skill!" exclaimed Bun Si Liong who jumped out as well.

Everyone chased out and it turned out that the two good guys had a great match. The sound of clashing sharp weapons clanking loudly followed by sparks flashing, the movements of these two masters were agile and agile and very strong. Among the scattered dust flashed the tips of swords and machetes looking for life.

Thio Wan It, in accordance with his nickname, Bu-eng-kiam (Sword Without Shadow) is very fast-moving. The sword is rotated so fast that it disappears from sight and for an opponent with a high level of knowledge, this sword can only be guessed from where it comes by hearing the sound of the wind alone. The movements of Thio Wan It, who plays Hoa-san Kiam-hoat's Sword Science, can be likened to a swallow that snatches here and there, the changes in its movements are very unpredictable.

On the other hand, Bun Si Liong is the second student of Kun-lun-pai. Of course, his intelligence has reached a high level as well. As with Hoa-san-pai, Kun-lun-pai is also very famous for his swordsmanship. So facing and competing now are two swordsmen from two parties representing Hoa-san-pai and Kun-lun-pai. Thio Wan It only uses a sword, a long, thin sword that can bend when moved quickly and powerfully. As for Bun Si Liong, he was armed with a pair, namely a sword and a machete. This is the specialty of Bun Si Liong. The two different weapons will confuse the opponent, as if robbed by two people who do not have the same weapon.

Thio Wan It was fast and agile, his sword flailing. Bun Si Liong is calm and strong in his position like a powerful bull that is ready to wait for the opponent's attack to be repelled and responded with attacks that are no less powerful. The sword in Thio Wan It's hand threatened all parts of the body. However, Bun Si Liong's pair of weapons that rarely move can always be deflected, then if there is a good time to reply with a stab or stab. Seen at a glance, Thio Wan It seemed to be dancing around Bun Si Liong who stood firm and shifted his feet to follow the movement of his very agile opponent.

The fierce and exciting battle was watched by everyone with pounding hearts. A balanced battle like this cannot end without taking casualties on one side, it can only be decided by laying down one of them. Whereas in this matter, neither Thio Wan It nor Bun Si Liong had anything to do with it, there was no wrongdoing. The person directly involved, Kwee Sin, hasn't been spoken to yet, but the two have been playing their own fists. This is not true. That is the way of thinking of Kwa Tin Siong and also Bun Si Teng.

"Dark affairs have not been made clear, there is no need to add murky with other bloodshed," said Kwa Tin Siong, looking at Bun Si Teng.

This eldest Kun-lun Sam-heng-te nodded. "That's right. This matter must be investigated, it won't be right if you indulge in lust and hurt."

The two people seemed to have reached an agreement, jumped forward and restrained each other's sister. The two champions who were competing were forced to retreat with their chests up and down, wide eyes and defiant attitude.

"I still haven't lost!" Thio Wan It said curiously.

"I haven't lost either," said Bun Si Liong.

"Then let's continue until one of us dies!". said Thio Wan It.

"Come on, go ahead!" challenge Bun Si Liongi

Kwa Tin Siong and Bun Si Teng were busy preventing the two hot -bellied heroes from competing again. "The main issue is Kwee Sin, before he was found and questioned, it would be very bad if we attacked other people," Kwa Tin Siong told his sutenya while being patient and forcing his sutenya to put his sword back.

"Liong-te, be patient," said Bun St Teng to his sister. "Keep the weapon back. This matter can't be solved just by taking up arms. Kwee-sute's self has been exposed to a great slander and we have to clean this up." He then turned and faced Kwa Tin Siong.

"Hoa-san It-kiam, frankly, I won't doubt all of your stories. The only thing I doubt I can't even accept is that my sute did all those things. It's absolutely impossible."

"Hemmm, brother Bun. The sumoiku affair whose father was killed by this man would probably not be satisfied if only you gave me the conviction that your suit is impossible to do. It's over, because this is about your good name, what are you going to do next? We're still looking at Kun- lun Sam-hengte, looking at the face of Kun-lun-pai ciangbunjin (the head of Kun-lun-pai) then we are in no hurry and recklessly seek and judge ourselves to Kwee Sin. "

Bun Si Teng nodded his head. "Alright. We'll look for Kwee-sute and within five months the three of Karm Kun-lun Sam-hengte will go to Hoa-san. We have to clear Kwee-sute's name in front of the chairman Hoa-san-pai himself."

"Good. Five months after today, Hoa-san Sie-eng will be waiting for the arrival of Kun-lun Sam-hengte at the top of Hoa-san," said Kwa Tin Siong, who immediately took his three classmates away, leaving the place.

Bun Si Teng and Bun Si Liong after their guests left, sat down with heavy hearts. "I wonder why something like this happened," said Bun Si Teng. "We have to follow Kwee-sute to Kun-lun."

"Indeed, this matter must be made clear, because it involves the name and honor of Kwee Sin," said Bun Si Liong, his black face turning black with anger.