The King Of Sword Volume 8

volume 08

"You think I dare not eat it? Ha-ha-ha!” Beng San laughed at Giam Kin, who stood dumbfounded to see how the naughty boy actually bit the snake to death. However, he immediately became overjoyed because suddenly Beng San's face turned green. Beng San He himself didn't know about this, only he felt how hot the snakebite was so his body automatically exerted a strong "Im" force, so that his white face turned green. This was misinterpreted by Giam Kin. Even though this child understands that Whoever was bitten by the Kim-tok-coa, of course, would die with a reddish charred body like burning, but he considered that the greenish marks on the naughty boy's face were enough to prove that the snake venom had spread through the strange boy's body.

"Hi-hi-hi, you're about to die there's still a lot of behavior. Let me hasten your death!" After saying that, Giam Kin pushed up his legs and his body jumped onto the roof tiles. The snake flute in his hand flew towards Beng San, hitting his head.

Beng San pulled a pair of wooden sticks from his belt, still crouching he parried from right to left. The pair of twigs in his hands made a scissor-like motion towards a flute.

"Krakkk!", the flute in Giam Kin's hand was broken in half and the child's body was thrown back down! Unknowingly, in his excitement when parrying earlier, Beng San used two kinds of power on his pair of branches, with the combined movement of Im-sin-kiam and Yang-sin-kiam. Let alone a new flute in the hands of a child like Giam Kin, if the one who attacked him was a silat expert who used a sword or toya, it would be broken too.

"Rotten scum, stinky beggar, you broke my flute! Watch out for you..... temperature, teecu's flute is broken.....!" Giam Kin ran away crying.

Because of being scolded Beng San became angry. What's more, he saw that the boy was incompetent, he thought, having only been repelled once the flute had broken. Without thinking he then jumped down and chased after Giam Kin. Giam Kin has the ability to run based on high ginkang, so he runs very fast. Beng San, who has never studied the science of running fast, but because outside of his consciousness he has been treated with Im and Yang energy, the power is very powerful and miraculous, then he automatically has a light body and runs very fast. So this chase was very crowded and soon the two children had left the village. Several times the angry and curious Giam Kin purposely stopped and attacked suddenly, but every time Beng San can block his attacks and every time their arms collide, Giam Kin groans and his arms are swollen! He became frightened and ran even faster, being chased by the screaming Beng San.

"You kneel first and then I'll let you go!"

"Bastard, who wants to beg for mercy? My teacher will crush your head!" replied Giam Kin who ran on.

They chased after twenty li, finally Giam Kin couldn't take it anymore and he was grabbed by Beng San's shoulder from behind. "Where are you going, snake demon?"

Giam Kin fought back and hit, but his punch was parried and Beng San slapped him in the cheek. "Plakkk!" Giam Kin fell to the ground, feeling how the slap made his eyes dizzy and his head dizzy.

"Come on, beg for mercy and promise not to play with evil snakes next time!" snapped Beng San while shrugging.


"You deserved a beating!" Beng San got angry and beat Giam Kin on the head and body. The child was screaming and crying.

"Temperature, please...... temperature, please.....!" Suddenly he let out a loud whistling sound. Beng San didn't care and continued to beat.

"You vicious demon! With your snakes you have killed many people. Immediately promise not to play with snakes again, or..... I will beat your head to pieces!" Beng San snapped at him.

"Heh, rude boy, don't play with my students! This voice was heard from far away. Beng San looked left and right but didn't see the person who was speaking. "Devil," he thought. "The serpent demon boy his teacher is also a demon and a demon." he was not afraid and was about to hit anyway.

The wind was blowing behind him and when Beng San turned his head, suddenly there stood a man who was over fifty years old. This man is just medium in body, his clothes are too big so it looks funny. Moreover, his sleeves are very long covering his hands. His face looks patient, thick eyebrows and a pair of sharp eyes. Beng San who guessed that this person must be his opponent's teacher, immediately stepped forward and struck. But that person moved his left arm and suddenly both of Beng San's hands were already involved in the ends of his arms, as if they were shackled and couldn't be separated.

This extraordinary grandfather was a powerful man, one of several figures who were considered to rule the martial world, called the Siauw-ong-kwi (Little Demon King). For the northern region, this name is very feared by people. Indeed, this Little Demon King's intelligence is very great, especially his knowledge of using the ends of his sleeves that can catch, stab, and slash more powerfully than selected weapons. Beng San who is still a child, even though he has tremendous power and very high martial arts skills, he has all of them beyond his consciousness so that he can't manage and use it properly. Like a brilliant diamond, Beng San was a raw diamond, not yet polished. So, of course, facing a great figure like this Siauw-ong-kwi, he was completely helpless.

Siauw-ong-kwi turned to his student and when he got the fact that Giam Kin wasn't hurt at all, just a bump and a lump, he breathed a sigh of relief. He looked at Beng San once again with eyes now imagining admiration and astonishment. It is fitting that in the heart of this great figure there is admiration for the boy whose face is now charred blackish red due to anger in Beng San's heart so that his face is red and black. His student, Giam Kin, when compared to other children of his age, was already an extraordinarily intelligent and intelligent child. Moreover, they already have very high intelligence when compared to their peers. Why is Giam Kin now defeated and beaten by this black-faced boy?

"Who are you?" he asked without removing the hem of the shirt that bound Beng San's two wrists. However, the bond wasn't so tight that Beng San didn't experience any pain either, only this boy was furious.

"Ben San!" he answered bravely while looking at the grandfather's face with bulging eyes. This boy's face is scary too then. Even though his face is handsome, his eyes are wide and his eyebrows are black like swords, but if that face is blackish red and his wide eyes are bulged, of course this face will scare everyone in the dark night!

"Your face is like a demon!" Siauw-ong-kwi laughed mockingly.

"Indeed I am a devil!" replied Beng San, now grinning because he didn't say those words in anger, but meant to tease the old man. However, Siauw-ong-kwi was not angry, instead he laughed loudly and admired this child even more.

"Whose child are you?"

Without hesitation Beng San replied, "I am Devil Huang-ho's son." Siauw-ong-kwi shook his head. This boy really is very strange and extraordinary courage.

"Who's your teacher? Certainly not a demon either, right?" he asked.

Beng San had never lied, except when he was playing games. Now he was playing this shrewd grandpa teacher Giam Kin playfully. He was secretly angry with this old man who still shackled his hands with the ends of his sleeves. He thought this old man was evil, and what was wrong with lying and playing with a bad guy? When he was educated at the temple, he was always taught not to lie, not to deceive and harm others. Now he, if he really lies, will not harm this grandfather, on the contrary, he is the one who is made to lose, is shackled without being able to escape.

"My teacher is very clever, if he comes, one touch your head will shriek!" Siauw-ong-kwi burst out laughing. Of course he dared to mock because in this world, who was the person who would be able to knock his head off with a single tap? Meanwhile, those whose intelligence can be increased in line with him are only a few humans.

"Ha-ha-ha, how can you be sure he will win over me?"

"Even though my teacher is a demon, he is very shrewd and gallant, it's not like you old geezer to only attack and shackle a small child!"

Siauw-ong-kwi's face turned red in sarcasm. In this world, it was rare for anyone to dare to refute his words, let alone utter ridicule and innuendo like this brat!

"Foolish boy, who is your teacher?"

"senile grandpa!" Beng San cursed back. "Let go of my hands first, then I want to tell."

"What if I don't take it off?"

"Let me kill you, I will not introduce my teacher's big name to a cowardly grandfather who dares only to small children."

"Temperature, why serve that crazy monkey? Just smack his head, it's over!" suddenly Giam Kin exclaimed seeing his temperature conversing with Beng San.

Beng San laughed mockingly. "The teacher is a coward, the students are even more cowardly. If you really dare, let's just kid and kid fight fists, let your teacher compete with my teacher."

Siauw-ong-kwi is a great figure in the martial world, of course, apart from having high knowledge, he is also very mentally strong. But now facing Beng San and hearing his innuendos and ridicule, his stomach felt hot as well. Several times he was called a coward. If the person who said these words was a kang-ouw character, of course he wouldn't want to forgive him again. Against Beng San he was overwhelmed. The more he intervened, the lower this boy's view of him would be. If you think about it, it's a shame that he, such a big character, shackled a boy who was still running noses.

"Bastard boy, who's a coward?" He moved his hand and at the same time Beng San's hands slipped from the hem of the shirt. "Well, you've been released, come on now, bring your teacher who smells like dog dung! Who is that geek who is your teacher?"

Beng San had been thinking about this all along. Actually he had a lot of teachers, he thought. First of all, of course, the hwesio at Hok-thian-si Temple in Shan-si Province who became his teacher because they had taught him about reading and writing. Then he had learned three kinds of knowledge from Hek-hwa Kui-bo so that the grandmother could also be called his teacher. After that, the last and the ones who had acknowledged him as a disciple, were his two tempers namely Phoa Ti and The Bok Nam. But Beng San is a smart boy. He did not want to mention the names of these two teachers because he knew that they had a secret, namely to keep a pair of Im-yang-sin-kiam books that Hek-hwa Kui-bo and Song-bun-kwi had stolen. If he mentions Phoa Ti and The Bok Nam, lest this strange old man will force him to bring him to the two dead people and his tail will grow long. So he made up his mind and answered.

"My teacher who you think reeks of dog dung is called Song-bun-kwi!"

Siauw-ong-kwi's face changed when he heard the mention of this name. But only for a moment because he immediately burst into laughter. "That old geezer in white clothes is your teacher? Huh, don't lie. He who almost went crazy because of his stupid son, where has another student? If it's true, I'm not afraid of..."

"Siauw-ong-kwi, he's not lying, he's really my disciple!" Suddenly a voice was heard from far away. This sound like thunder sounded from far away, but suddenly a wind blew and before the echo of the sound disappeared, the person who had spoken earlier was already standing there. This is Song-bun-kwi, the old man in white clothes whose face is still bright red even though he is already seventy years old. This is the Mourning Demon, a great figure from the western world who is greatly feared by people, not only because of his high intelligence, but especially because of his merciless cruel heart.

Siauw-ong-kwi's hands moved quickly and suddenly Beng San's arms were already in his grip. "Song-bun-kwi, do you want to appear in the world? If your intentions are bad, I will kill your disciple first, then I will send you to hell!" said Siauw-ong-kwi threateningly.

Song-bun-kwi made a sound similar to that of a woman crying like the one Beng San had heard when this strange human came to snatch Yang-sin-kiam from The Bok Nam and then fought Hek-hwa Kui-bo. Suddenly the grandfather's body flew towards Giam Kin. This kid who had a lot of experience in the world of kang-ouw knew that this crying grandfather was an opponent, so he slapped him with a punch with his right hand.

"Kin-ji (Kin's son), don't!" shouted Siauw-ong-kwi, but it was too late. Giam Kin's right fist had already lodged itself into Song-bun-kwi's stomach and..... that little hand seemed to have been stuck in his stomach, it couldn't be pulled out! Giam Kin stood with wide eyes and his body stiff and unable to move. It turned out that he had been "captured" by the strange human stomach.

"Heh-heh-heh, Siauw-ong-kwi. Back then on the snow peak of Mount Altai-san we had a match for two days and two nights, at least a whole day I would be able to beat you. I don't have time to serve you bad people. Demon boy The name Beng San isn't my student, but I need him. Let's throw him at me, exchange him for this incompetent student of yours. One...... two..... three.....!"

Siauw-ong-kwi who understands that humans like Song-bun-kwi never play games and that his words should be taken as a final decision, he quickly threw Beng San's body at the old man. At the same time, Song-bun-kwi's stomach swelled and Giam Kin's body was thrown towards Siauw-ong-kwi.

Beng San flew towards Song-bun-kwi and this grandfather easily caught his arm, then while making a crying sound this grandfather carried him away like he was flying fast away from that place. As for Siauw-ong-kwi when he received Giam Kin's body, he was shocked and cursed.

Song-bun-kwi evil demon!" He saw that Giam Kin's body was half dead, namely the right side. It turned out that when he threw this child, from the stomach, the grandfather flowed the punch through Giam Kin's right hand and that made Giam Kin's right side become crippled and dead! This is the cruelty of Song-bun-kwi's heart which is indeed extraordinary. Siauw-ong-kwi even though he is a strange person who doesn't care about evil, still doesn't want to hurt Beng San when he throws the child.

Seeing the condition of his student, quickly Siauw-ong-kwi put his palm on the left palm of his student and with his Iweekang exertion he "pushed" the air of Song-bun-kwi's punch from the right, out of the student's body. After trying for about five minutes then he succeeded. Giam Kin's condition returned to normal and while shaking his head the sweat on his forehead Siauw-ong-kwi complained.

"It's very dangerous that old fart devil ....." Then without saying much he then took his students away from there. The old geezer is now very smart, he thought, lest he have got the source of Im-yang. He was worried and promised to investigate this and if his suspicions turned out to be correct, he should try to seize it.

* * *

At the top of Tai-hang-san is a wide plain. The land is fertile but as made by humans, the land is not overgrown with trees, but is covered with short green and fresh grass. It was on this grass that Beng San was lowered by Song-bun-kwi after traveling hundreds of li away.

"Grandpa Song-bun-kwi, I'm not your student and I confessed in front of Siauw-ong-kwi just to scare him. Does a mistake just leave you confused and don't know what to do with me?" Beng San reproached the geezer in an annoyed voice. Indeed, his heart sank and he was annoyed to see the old man along the road silent and did not tell him why he had been brought to such a far place.

For some time the old man in white looked at him with wild eyes, the eyes of an insane person. Suddenly he laughed with a crying voice. "Hi-hi-hi, you're afraid I'll kill you?"

With a steady voice Beng San replied, "No! Why should I be afraid? You won't kill me!"

Song-bun-kwi's eyes were wide with threat. "Kid! Don't play games in front of Song-bun-kwi. A human life to me is no different from an ant's life, let alone your life...!"

"Just the life of a little ant, right? Thank you!" Beng San taunted bravely. "But I'm not kidding. You told yourself you wouldn't kill me."

"What? I told you? Satan, say it clearly, don't play riddles."

Beng San kept laughing teasingly. "It's not a riddle. You want to try to guess it? There's no way you can. Guess what, there's a person who is all big on his own, who is that?"

Being carried away by Beng San's excitement, or perhaps because Song-bun-kwi was too old to match the saying that an old person returns to being a child, Song-bun-kwi cheered, "Ah, that's easy. That's it. Big people are giants themselves. Come on, isn't that right?"

Beng San pursed his lips. "Uuuhhh, totally wrong! That's not the answer."

"Ah, then the northerners. His body is bigger than the southerners."

Beng San still shook his head.

"People from Shan-tung! Up high!" said Song-bun-kwi. Still Beng San shook his head again.

"After what person? Accept my defeat."

"A big man himself?" said Beng San. "It's you, or me, in short everyone!"

Song-bun-kwi gaped, then got angry "Don't play games, don't trick me."

"Who's kidding? You're a big man yourself, and I am and everyone grows up on their own. If you didn't grow up on your own, who raised you? Did someone blow your nostrils while plugging other holes in your body to make you swell and grow?" Beng San chuckled and Song-bun-kwi suddenly laughed as he nodded his head.

"Now it's different. Thian (God) made all our limbs perfect arms. But why does Thian make our noses with two holes facing downwards. Come on, if you're really smart, answer it!"

Song-bun-kwi frowned. Wow, this is a strange thing, he thought. To bring up the name of Thian. After racking his brains, he finally answered in a solemn voice. "The nose has two holes, hopefully Thian wills it to balance, there is a left of course there is a right as a representative of Im and Yang. By facing down the hole, then humans can use it better for kissing, because if the hole is not below, Of course it's hard to tell the difference between smells." He stopped and thought again, but couldn't continue.

"Just that?" Beng San urged, his smile not encouraging the guesser.

"Yeah, what's up? I guessed right this time, didn't I?" asked Song-bun-kwi hopefully.

"Really? You're being stupid!"

Song-bun-kwi looked up, disappointed. "So it's wrong again? After all, what is the answer?"

"Listen carefully," Beng San said in the manner of an adult telling a child. "Thian gave the nose with the two holes facing downwards with a very good intention. if your nose was given a hole facing up, on a rainy day and you were raining, wouldn't the rainwater flood your nostrils making you choke on your breath and runny nose constantly? Well, that's why your nostrils are facing downwards.

Beng San laughed and Song-bun-kwi after imagining the person with the nostrils facing up in the rain, then laughed and chuckled as he said, "You're right..... you're right....."

"Now another very serious one," said Beng San, his face solemn, his now white face exclaiming, his eyes flashing mischief but his brow furrowed. "A riddle concerning the secret of Thian!"

Song-bun-kwi was taken aback and looked at him in astonishment, in disbelief, "Brat, human child named Beng San, don't talk crazy. I myself don't dare to intrude on Thian's secret."

"I mean it, Song-bun-kwi. If you can answer this one riddle, then you have met the secret of Thian!"

"Eh, strange boy. Quickly get out your great riddle."

"Grandpa Song-bun-kwi, you yourself are an old fart and soon you will certainly experience the same thing, namely death. As Song-bun-kwi (Mourning Demon), you must already know what it means to die, and have often I've seen a family that died. Well, now the puzzle is like this. Why is it that people who die before being put in a coffin are always bathed first! Well, think about it, because you yourself will die and be bathed yourself."

Song-bun-kwi now really put his brain to work to find the answer to a riddle that sounded very strange. He connected these answers and riddles with Buddhism, with the teachings of the Prophet Locu and the Prophet Confucius. After gathering the materials he remembered, he then answered.

exposed to a splash of water will certainly wake up again. Seventh, indeed since ancient times the corpse is washed clean before being put in a coffin and buried, therefore until now people have to continue this habit and this is what is called obeying the rules." At this point Song-bun-kwi stopped because all his understanding had run out, drained. to answer the riddle.

Listening to this answer, Beng San's eyes gleamed more and more, seemingly overjoyed. When the grandfather stopped, he urged. "Only seven answers? Are there more? Can you add more if there are any!"

"It's finished. Of course one of my seven answers is correct. Come on, tell me whether any of the answers match!"

Beng San laughed. "It's true what the ancient scriptures say that looking for something must be sought in a place that is close first, then look to a place far away. Otherwise and immediately look for a place far away even though what you are looking for is close, you will stray further away than you are looking for. Well, so do you, Grandpa Song-bun-kwi. That answer is close and simple, but you go a long way and give a long-winded answer."

"Isn't anything suitable?" asked Song-bun-kwi anxiously.

"It's not that it doesn't fit, it strays far from the intended answer to the riddle. All wrong!" .

Song-bun-kwi's face slightly changed, now full of curiosity. "Is it true that everything is wrong? Demon boy, then let's say what the right answer is. If you cheat, your brain will be shattered in one slap!"

"Who is willing to deceive you? Listen carefully, Song-bun-kwi. The riddle reads like this: Why is it that people who die before being put in a coffin are always bathed first? Now, the answer is, simply, this: The dead . before being put in a dead petl is always bathed first because HE CAN'T BATH BY HIMSELF! If he could bathe himself, of course no one would bathe him, and that way he's not dead. Well, isn't that right?"

Song-bun-kwi turned pale his red face, his hand was raised to slap Beng San's head, but suddenly he twisted his hand, not hitting Beng San's head, but hitting a rock near Beng San. The rock exploded and shattered. Beng San was not afraid, only shocked and amazed.

"Son of a demon, child of a demon, child of a demon'" Song-bun-kwi cursed, then burst out laughing while clutching his stomach. "Beng San, you said earlier that you knew I wouldn't kill you. In fact you said I told you myself. Now, now to my riddle, you answer it. Why did I bring you here?

"You kidnapped me all the way here because you wanted something from me, wanted something to do with the Yang-sin-kiam book you snatched from The Bok Nam."

Hearing this answer, Song-bun-kwi sprinted several meters away in surprise. Then he drew near again, his face conjuring his astonishment. "Demon boy, how did you know?"

"You told yourself, Grandpa, not through your mouth but through your actions. People like you, if you want to kill me why bother bringing me all the way here? because you haven't killed me yet, instead brought me all the way to this place, it's the same as telling me that you won't kill me, but want something from me Remembering that I am Beng San in my life I have never had anything to do with you, except our meeting when you snatched the book of Yang-sin-kiam back then, of course that you brought me has something to do with it."

Song-bun-kwi looked on in awe. "You are an extraordinary boy. You are very clever. Talking to you is the same as talking to an old man. Let me be honest with you. In the world of kang-ouw there is a famous pair of swordsmanship called Im-yang Sin-kiam. and this one was created by the Sakti Swordsman Bu Pun Su hundreds of years ago as a fragment of the Science of Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng. Of course Im-yang Sin-kiam attracted the attention of all the martial arts figures who tried to get it. Finally I found out that The pair of books are in the hands of Phoa Ti and The Bok Nam who are known as Thian-te Siang-hiap.I know that lately they are contradicting themselves, so I take the opportunity to look for them. Finally I managed to snatch Yang-sin-kiam from The Bok Nam as you witnessed at that time. Unfortunately, before I could get Im-sin-kiam from Phoa Ti's hands, I was preceded by Hek-hwa Kui-bo who had beaten Phoa Ti and snatched the book." Up here Song-bun-kwi took a deep breath, looking disappointed and sorry.

Beng San nodded.

"Unfortunately I still haven't been able to beat him so he can run with the Im-sin-kiam book. Trying to snatch the book from his hands is not easy, nor is he stupid and won't show himself. Well, then I remembered you, Beng San You were there with Phoa Ti and The Bok Nam. You must have inherited the martial arts from them. Who knows Im-sin-kiam you have inherited from Phoa Ti. Now you have to reveal Im-sin-kiam's secret to me, Beng San."

Beng San frowned. Even though he is only a dozen years old, he is smart and has often faced bad people. lately so that makes him alert and careful. "Old geezer why are you so greedy? You already got Yang-sin-kiam, why still want to get Im-sin-kiam anyway?

"Stupid boy, don't you know? Yang-sin-kiam is indeed great and it's hard for any other character to be able to defeat me. But unfortunately, Yan-sin-kiam is powerless when he meets Im-sin-kiam, on the contrary Im- sin-kiam is powerless against Yang-sin-kiam. Like fire and water, it's only useful if the two are united and work together. Hey, Beng San good boy, you tell me how Im-sin-kiam's lesson you received from Phoa Ti. "

Beng San shook his head. Dear, Grandpa Song-bun-kwi. I can't." He didn't want to answer frankly because this kid is a bit difficult to tell lies. By "I can't" in his heart it meant that he couldn't reveal the secret, not that he couldn't tell the contents of Im-sin-kiam !

Song-bun-kwi looked at him with wild and piercing eyes, as if to see Beng San's heart. Suddenly he snapped, "Stand up!"

Beng San stood up and suddenly the old man attacked him with a hard fist clenched into his chest. This attack was carried out in earnest but the movement was deliberately slowed down so that it was easy to follow. However, if left alone, Beng San's chest would certainly shatter if hit by that blow.

Beng San had studied Yang-sin-kiam diligently. His body already has endurance and automatic movement. Especially after his eyes saw that the attack was "a move from Yang-sin-kiam, he easily knows how to fight and serve him. To serve Yang-sin-kiam's attack, it is most appropriate to use Im-sin-kiam's stance, because thus all attack power is always paralyzed, will also open weaknesses. However, Beng San does not want to be stupid. By gathering enthusiasm he "closes" his thoughts and memories of Im-sin-kiam, and devotes his memories to Yang-sin- kiam so that in the face of this attack, he used the appropriate Yang-sin-kiam tactics to escape. Since he had memorized all of Yang-sin-kiam's movements, then it wouldn't be too difficult for Beng San to dodge the attack as he already knew where the attack was going and how it would progress. Of course if the old man used speed, it would be very difficult for the inexperienced and untrained Beng San to deal with it.

After attacking as many as three moves, all of which Beng San was able to dodge with ease, Song-bun-kwi became even more amazed and curious. The three kinds of moves that he used earlier, even though he did it slowly which he did on purpose, but not necessarily a martial artist who would be able to solve it. Only people who are well acquainted with the new Yang-sin-kiam Martial Arts can solve it as easily as Beng San did. From awe and wonder he became very curious and then he continued his attacks in a row, releasing all the Yang-sin-kiam moves, all of which only had eighteen basic moves. Actually, both Yang-sin-kiam and Im-sin-kiam each of the main moves can also be divided into three so that the total is fifty-four moves. However, because he only wanted to see if the boy really had memorized the Yang-sin-kiam moves, this old man only took out the basic moves. Amazingly, the eighteen basic moves were easily dodged and broken by Beng San!

The attacks carried out by Song-bun-kwi were not merely to see if Beng San really had memorized Yang-sin-kiam, but his hidden intention was to provoke this boy in a state of urgency to use Im-sin-kiam. After he saw that all of Beng San's moves to evade those attacks were also Yang-sin-kiam's moves, he just believed the boy's statement earlier that Beng San had only inherited Yang-sin-kiam.

His heart was so heavy. Suddenly he burst into laughter, then burst into tears.

"Ha-ha-ha-hi-hi-hi! Your guess was wrong, Beng San. I brought you here to kill you. You memorized Yang-sin-kiam, this is not good. I'm the only one who knows Yang-sin -kiam, then you have to die right now! Too bad you're incompetent Im-sin-kiam...." This old man raised his hands up and Beng San was ready to save himself as best he could. Suddenly, a red shadow flashed and suddenly there was a girl who was about ten years old, Beng San, standing in awe. Not because the boy in the red shirt was so cute and tiny, with a pair of star-like eyes with long black hair hanging from his shoulders, but he was stupefied with admiration at his insanely fast movement. The boy stood looking at him and smiling! His smile made the sun seem to shine brighter. Not only the lips and teeth play a role in this smile, even the eyes and nose are smiling. Beng San couldn't help but reply with a big smile.

Song-bun-kwi lowered his hand and sighed. "Foolish brat, just annoying parents." He then turned and looked at the girl in the red dress, then moved her hands, the ten fingers of the hands were also moving. The girl smiled again, glanced at Beng San, nodded at Song-bun-kwi and then jumped away, quick and nimble like a swallow.

"Insolent, of course it was the shepherd boy who invited him to play all the way here!" Song-bun-kwi groaned and sure enough from afar he heard the sound of a buffalo croaking. "Bastard, have to kill them all!" Once Song-bun-kwi flashed this old man was gone.

All of this incident made Beng San sit dumbfounded. little girl| the strange and apparently dumb one, who moves so fast, then this strange old man. Truly he was astonished and so amazed that he forgot that he had not escaped the threat of great danger from the crazy old man. He only heard the sound of buffalo squawking a few times followed by a horrific scream, then silence. Suddenly she smelled a sweet smell and... when she looked, behind her stood Hek-hwa Kui-bo, the still beautiful old woman, with her multi-colored silk handkerchief playing in her left hand.

"Kui-bo...!" Beng San couldn't help but cry out to hide his surprise.

The woman smiled sweetly. "Good, good boy. Do you remember me being your teacher?"

“You are not my teacher,” Bene San replied, his voice cold.

Hek-hwa Kui-bo looked up sharply. In her heart, this woman was very surprised to see this boy still not dead when he deliberately taught three kinds of knowledge to master Yang-kang's energy.

"Hey ungrateful brat. Didn't I teach you science before?"

"It's true, you gave me Thai-hwee, Siu-hwee and Ci-hwee lessons. But that doesn't mean you're my teacher because I never appointed you as a teacher. Nor do I know what use those lessons are for." .

Hek-hwa Kui-bo's pair of eyes lit up and his smile widened. His heart was very happy because now he felt sure that this child did not know his bad intentions when he handed down the three kinds of knowledge. "Good boy, you don't know that the lessons I impart to you are the lessons that form the basis of advanced martial arts. I like you, Beng San, and I like having students like you. That's why I came here also because of my feelings for you. You are in danger, if the demon Song-bun-kwi comes back, you will certainly be killed. Therefore, come with me and go now."

Without waiting for Beng San's answer, Hek-hwa Kui-bo caught the boy's hand and at another moment Beng San felt himself floating like when he was carried away by Song-bun-kwi. He didn't fight back and just surrendered, knowing that even fighting would be pointless. After all, he didn't know what this woman really meant yet, though he also felt that he was indeed being threatened by Song-bun-kwi. Presumably taking Hek-hwa Kui-bo away would not necessarily be as dangerous as if he were with Song-bun-kwi.

Suddenly Hek-hwa Kui-bo grabbed Beng San's hand while jumping behind a large rock on the side of the road. This granny hid behind a rock while holding Beng San's hand tightly.

"Kui-bo, what's wrong...?" Beng San's voice stopped when the grandmother's other hand tapped her neck from behind. Beng San was angry and his heart swelled. He could not move, could not make a sound, could only hear and see. At that moment he heard a shrill sound from far away, a pitiful cry. He immediately recognized this voice as it got closer and closer. Nothing but the strange voice of Song-bun-kwi! In a moment this strange old man had passed that road, near the rock without looking left or right. His face was gloomy, his face was submissive and his thin little body was like a hunchback. After this grandpa passed? far out of sight, Hek-hwa Kui-bo grabbed Beng San's hand again and patted the back of his neck releasing a fist.

"Kui-bo, why are you afraid of Song-bun-kwi?" Beng San sneered to vent his anger in his heart. He was aware of the nature of this grandmother who did not want to be said to be afraid, so he said that on purpose.

"Stupid, who's afraid? I don't have time to play with that old fart. Come on!" Hek-hwa Kui-bo then carried the boy away again, now he was deliberately heading in the direction where Song-bun-kwi had come. It was clear that he was deliberately trying to distance himself from Song-bun-kwi.

"Kui-bo, what is it?" Beng San pointed at the slope of the mountain they were walking on.

"What if it wasn't the old fart's hand?" replied Hek-hwa Kui-bo coldly, instead he chuckled and said. "The old bastard wants to die still likes to play games with killing people. Heh-heh-heh!"

As he looked closer and clearer, Beng San shuddered. What he had seen piled up and being swarmed by black birds on the slopes was none other than the carcasses of a dozen buffaloes and the bodies of three shepherd boys who were just as young as him. There was no mistaking it, of course in his anger Song-bun-kwi had left him for a while to kill the three shepherds with their buffaloes. How cruel the Mourning Demon's heart was.

"Old bastard Song-bun-kwi!" Beng San didn't feel cursing.

Hek-hwa Kui-bo laughed, his still strong teeth flashing white for a moment. "What did you say? Violent? Hi-hi-hi, there's no meaning to that. In the past, decades ago, to snatch a bride he killed the groom, the entire family and all the guests present on the night of the wedding party."

Beng San widened his eyes, Horrified he imagined. "Why were all the guests killed."

"You idiot! Song-bun-kwi is not as stupid as you. Of course to keep their mouths shut."

Beng San shuddered. These two people, Song-bun-kwi's grandfather and Hek-hwa Kui bo's grandmother, besides being on the level of intelligence, seemed to be on the same level of cruelty. He began to think about Hek-hwa Kui-bo himself. Why did this demonic woman take him away? Is it really just to help him from Song-bun-kwi's threat? Impossible! How can such a vile person have good intentions?

Beng San is shocked when he remembers that it was Hek-hwa Kul-bo who stole the book of Science Im-sin-kiam! Woe, he thought. This evil human would certainly not be much different from Song-bun-kwi. Of course will try to get the contents of another book from him.

That's right, he guessed. When they arrived at a quiet place, in the middle of a forest full of old trees, Hek-hwa Kui-bo let go of his hand, smiled and looked at Beng San.

"Beng San, I know that you have become the heir of Phoa Ti and The Bok Nam, have studied two kinds of martial arts, Yang-sin-kiam and Im-sin-kiam. You are indeed a good boy and deserve to be a student of a smart person. That's why I really want to lead you further so that one day you become an unrivaled hero in this world. Now, try to deal with these attacks of mine with the Yang-sin-kiam you've learned from The Bok Nam!" Without waiting for Beng San's answer, Hek-hwa Kui-bo, who was eager to immediately see Yang-sin-kiam's Martial Arts, immediately attacked the boy with moves from Im-sin-kiam's Martial Arts, whose book he had stolen from Phoa Ti. .

Even though he was desperate, the clever Beng San knew that he was going to be provoked. He was quick to deal with these attacks with the same skill, namely Im-sin-kiam, and deliberately closed all his memories of Yang-sin-kiam Martial Arts, as well as the other way around than he did when he faced Song-bun-kwi.

But Hek-hwa Kui-bo was not disappointed, instead smiled sweetly and said, "Aha, you want to use Im-sin-kiam first? Well do it perfectly so that I can guide you if I'm wrong."

Having said this, he continued to attack with Im-sin-kiam until he played all eighteen points of Im-sin-kiam. Hek-hwa Kui-bo secretly marveled at Beng San's movements, which, though poorly trained, were very perfect.

"Come on now you use Yang-sin-kiam, I want to see if it's also as good as the Im-sin-kiam you learned!" he cried while urging again with Im-sin-kiam.

But Beng San still faced him with the same martial arts. Several times Hek-hwa Kui-bo yelled at him, but he still didn't want to change his martial arts skills. Finally Hek-hwa Kui bo became irritated and stopped attacking.

"Eh, stubborn boy Why do you still disobey my orders?"

"Are you just weird? Kui bo. I can, that's all."

"Didn't you learn Yang sin-kiam from The Bok Nam".

Beng San didn't want to answer this question, instead his answer distorted, "I can only serve you with the previous one, the others can't".

Damn it, thought Hek hwa Kui-bo. Then this kid is only studying Im-sin-kiam. Ah, fortunately I took him from Song-bun-kwi, otherwise Song-bun-kwi would be able to drain Im sin kiam from this child. In this world where can anyone else but himself know Im-sin-kiam?

"Little devil, then you must die before my eyes." Hek-hwa Kui-bo then raised his hand to hit Beng San's head. How could this kid just accept death? He quickly threw himself back then jumped and ran. Hek-hwa Kui-bo let out a chuckling laugh and chased after him. A few jumps were enough for Hek-hwa Kui-bo to catch up with Beng San. Once again he hit now with his silk handkerchief which grabbed Beng San's head. The tip of the handkerchief threatens the path of the blood of death. In the following seconds, of course, Beng San would not be able to escape from the grip of death if only at that moment there was no loud cry.

"Hold on!" The tip of the handkerchief was blocked by a flute and the two of them stumbled backwards. Hek-hwa KuH bo was surprised to see his opponent's shrewdness but he became even more shocked when he saw that it was Song bun-kwi who parried his handkerchief with the flute! Woe, he thought. If this child is snatched away by this grandfather again, it means that Im-sin-kiam will fall into Song-bun-kwi's hands and if this happens, it will not mean Im-sin-kiam in his hands. Furiously he lunged again, moving his handkerchief to crush Beng San's head, who stood dumbfounded to see that Song-bun-kwi was already there helping him.

"Plak! Plakk!" Twice the tip of the handkerchief meets the tip of the flute.

As the two of them stumbled backwards again due to the tremendous force of each other's forces, Song-bun-kwi leaped forward and his flute stabbed into Beng San's neck. This boy couldn't defend himself anymore, how fast was the thrust.

"Ahhh, hold on!" Hek-hwa Kui-bo moved his long handkerchief and again Beng San's life was saved, this time by Hek-hwa Kui-bo's handkerchief. And the two of them fight again. It was a strange match. Maybe people won't believe it if they don't see for themselves. Where in the world are people fighting over a child, not fighting over the child but first…killing him!

Several times Hek-hwa Kui-bo and Song-bun-kwi were surprised and surprised to see how each of them always wanted to attack Beng San, but because of misunderstanding and suspicion, they thought that each of them was going to make Beng San opener to each other. each, they earnestly and fiercely attack each other so that a very great battle ensues. This battle is a continuation of the battle when they fight over a book that each can snatch it from two grandfathers Phoa Ti and The Bok Nam.

Meanwhile, seeing how the two strange and cruel old men were attacking each other, Beng San took this opportunity to run away. Just now he had run not far, Song-bun kwi already snapped.

"Demon child, where are you running to?" As fast as lightning his body floated and his flute attacked from behind.

But again the tip of the handkerchief in Hek-hwa Kui-bo's hand thwarted this attack. "No one else, I will kill him!" snapped Hek-hwa Kui-bo while looking at Song-bun-kwi with wide eyes.

"You?? Killed him? Why do you want to kill him?" as if this grandfather's mind had just opened and he asked in surprise.

"He can't live under the same sky as me. Maybe it's useful for you, it's not for me!" replied Hek-hwa Kui-bo angrily. But this grandmother also asked in surprise, "And you... why do you want to kill him anyway?"

Song-bun-kwi smiled smugly, feeling ridiculed. She thought that this grandmother already knew that Beng San only studied the Yang-sin-kiam Martial Arts and had stolen this knowledge. "That demon boy can't live on the same surface of the earth with me, it's useless for me to be left alive!"

Surprised and shocked Hek-hwa Kui-bo heard this. On the other hand, he thought that Beng San was only studying Im-sin-kiam and that Song-bun-kwi had already passed this knowledge on, why is this old man now speaking otherwise? He was clever, so suddenly he burst out laughing.

"Demon boy, he tricked us!" Saying so his body shot forward to catch up to Beng San.

Song-bun-kwi wasn't a fool either. At first glance he seemed to be awakened. If Hek-hwa Kui-bo didn't need the child and wanted to kill him, of course the boy admitted that he only studied Im-sin-kiam and lied to him that he only studied Yang-sin-kiam. Alas, he had to catch the child! He also sped forward and now the two magicians were racing to fight for Beng San, not to kill him like before!

I'm so sorry Beng San. Even if he unintentionally and realized he had inherited a pair of extraordinary sword skills, but as a child facing these two magic people, what was his power? He fled quickly, slipping among the giant, very old trees.

Suddenly his foot tripped over a tree root and his body rolled over. Beng San felt like he had fallen on something soft and when he breathlessly looked, he found that he had fallen onto the lap of an old man sitting cross-legged with narrowed eyes. This old man was dressed in all black, so he was barely visible and on his back was the hilt of a pair of thin swords. This grandfather's beard is extraordinary, very long to his stomach, his ears are wide like elephant ears, his body is thin and his mouth is completely toothless, there is not a single tooth, it looks very old.

While Beng San was dumbfounded and forgot that his two pursuers were very close behind him, the old man said, his voice soft as soft as a whisper.

"Son, you hold this pair of swords, with your left hand play Im-sin-kiam and right hand play Yang-sin-kiam, of course you can hold them".

Beng San was desperate to face the two magic people who were chasing him. Even fighting recklessly he had no hope. But now that he heard this grandfather's whisper and his hands suddenly held a pair of swords, his heart became bold and big. Especially when he saw that the pair of unequally long swords were gleaming like fire.

At that moment, almost at the same time, Hek-hwa Kui-bo and Song-bun-kwi arrived in front of Beng San. The good thing is that they are now not racing to kill him, but racing to catch him, so both of them don't want to use each other's powerful weapons.

Seeing that the two people had already arrived and their hands stretched out to grip him, Beng San jumped up. However, what a surprise when his body could not be separated from the old geezer's body. There was a whisper behind his head, "Fight them calmly, use Im-yang Sin-kiam, I will push you with strength and control the speed of your movements."

Too many times Beng San had met big characters with strange characters and high intelligence, so this old geezer's situation, even though it was very strange, was not very surprising, Beng San and this clever boy could immediately suspect that this old man was also a man. so he obeyed all the instructions. As soon as he heard this whisper he then prepared his pair of swords, and with the movements of Im-sin-kiam in his left hand and Yang-sin-kiam in his right, he played the sword silat that he had memorized completely with both hands. The result was extraordinary because there were shocked cries of Hek-hwa Kui-bo and Song-bun-kwi jumping back. Their hands were almost slashed by the swords that gleamed and gave off a very hot and cold air.

Beng San felt how both his shoulders were pressed by the old man's palms and how deep within his arms it felt like there was a gentle force that radiated to his hands. His enthusiasm grew and he smiled mockingly when he saw his two opponents already moving the flute and handkerchief. His two swords moved with clever moves from Im-yang Sin-kiam, the left sword met Song-bun-kwi's flute while the right-handed sword collided with the tip of Hek-hwa Kui-bo's Handkerchief. There was a loud noise and Hek-hwa Kui-bo shrieked in surprise while Song-bun-kwi jumped back. It turned out that the tips of Hek-hwa Kui-bo's handkerchief and the tips of Song-bun-kwi's flute had been slashed by the swords.

"Liong-cu Siang-kiam (Pair of Dragon Mustard Swords).....!" Hek-hwa Kui-bo exclaimed.

"Ayaaaaa! Then it's Lo-tong (Old Boy) Souw Lee.....!" Song-bun-kwi shouted in surprise as he looked at the old geezer who was standing behind Beng San.

Hek-hwa Kui-bo let out a sinister laugh and then said.

"That's right! Eh, Song-bun-kwi, it seems like we're the two of us who are always lucky. Let's beat him up and we'll share whatever we get later evenly and fairly."

"Good! Kui-bo, with Liong-cu Siang-kiam and Im-yang Sin-kiam-sut we will conquer the world. Ha-ha-ha!"

The two then moved the flute and handkerchief, charging forward with incredibly fast movements. The handkerchief made a rattling sound like a whip while the flute made a terrible weeping sound. Beng San was also thrilled to face the awesomeness of the two people. The pair of swords in his hands almost fell apart had there not been a miraculous force flowing in through his shoulders which the old geezer held.

"Good boy, remember..." whispered the grandfather behind him, "we must be able to drive them out..... not only for your safety, let alone mine, but for the sake of..... for the safety of the world... .. Don't fall into the hands of these two demons....." The old man was forced to stop his words because the two people had already started with their powerful attacks.

Beng San moved the two swords in his hands. He had never fought, nor was the Im-yang Sin-kiam-sut Sword Silat limu that he had only practiced and memorized in theory, had never been used for combat. It is undeniable that this child is very talented and his movements in playing all the Im-yang Sin-kiam moves combined are extraordinary and precise. But facing two veterans like Song-bun-kwi and Hek-hwa Kui-bo, of course he's a cucumber against two durians! If he had to fight them himself, even if he was given a pair of Liong-cu-kiam swords, in just one move he would surely fall down lifeless again.

It's good that in this match Beng $an did not advance alone, or it can be said that he was "used" by the old geezer, his knowledge of Im-yang Sin-kiam-sut was used. Beng San only uses Im-yang Sin-kiam and of course without realizing it himself, he also uses the power of Im and Yang, two energies that are already lodged in his body. The two things that he possessed, Im-yang Sin-kiam's martial arts and Im Yang's power, were now being used by the old man who pushed him so that the pair of swords in Beng San's hands flashed forward and swooped like two powerful dragons playing on the ground outer space. Time and again the handkerchiefs and flutes in Hek-hwa Kui-bo's and Song-bun-kwi's hands flipped over when they met the sword. The two people were shocked not to play. They know that this child however they never thought at all that the boy could play Im-sin-kiam and Yang-sin-kiam combined so that those who only understood part of the swordsmanship of the couple became busy and overwhelmed. They understood that of course in this case it was not Beng San who was credited, but the old geezer. Indeed, the old man had very high intelligence. But if there was no Beng San there who added to the greatness of the old man with Im-yang Sin-kiam, the two magicians were sure that they would both be able to defeat him. however they never thought at all that the boy could play Im-sin-kiam and Yang-sin-kiam combined so that those who only understood part of the swordsmanship of the couple became busy and overwhelmed. They understood that of course in this case it was not Beng San who was credited, but the old geezer. Indeed, the old geezer had very high intelligence. But if there was no Beng San there who added to the greatness of the grandfather with Im-yang Sin-kiam, the two magicians were sure that they would both be able to defeat him.

Beng San was really confused when he saw that the movements of the two old men were changing, even then he didn't recognize them at all. This is indeed the case, because the two people deliberately did not play the Im-sin-kiam and Yang-sin-kiam Martial Arts that Beng San knew well. If he himself had to face the moves that were completely foreign to him, of course he would fall over by himself because of his dizziness. It's good that with the "guidance" of the grandfather through channeling the air on his shoulders, he can still quickly and precisely play Im-yang Sin-kiam to deal with all the opponent's attacks, even counterattack with no less force.