The King Of Sword Volume 7

volume 07

It was a lump of paper. When he picked it up, he found that the clumped-up paper contained a short, smooth handwriting that read: GO TO THE SMALL INN TODAY. There was no sign that he could recognize on the paper, whoever wrote it. But when his nose smelled the sweet fragrance on the paper, his heart pounded with hope. The scent of the paper reminded him of Coa Kim Li! Going to a small inn? Which inn? Kwee Sin looked ahead. In front of it there is a small town, of course that is where a small inn is meant. Why go there? Meet who? There was hope. Of course Coa Kim Li was at the inn. But why leave a message asking him to go there tonight? If that girl was really here, why not go see her straight away?

However, the answers to all these questions, which was the reality of what he got at the small inn in Leng-ki city, were completely beyond his initial expectations. He heard that his fiancé, Liem Sian Hwa, with Kwa Tin Siong, the eldest of Hoa-san Sie-eng, were at the inn! He was also excited to meet his fiancé and this swordsman Hoa-san-pai, but secretly he was suspicious. What was the meaning of the letter he received strangely on the way earlier? Who is the sender of the letter? What are Kwa Tin Siong and Liem Sian Hwa? If they really are, it's not strange because he knows that Hoa-san-pai's masters have high intelligence. But what does that mean? In such a secretive way they must have meant for him to visit them secretly and secretly too.

Because of this thought, Kwee Sin waited until the quiet night came and he secretly went to the inn, immediately looking for a way through the flower garden. However, you can imagine how shocked, surprised, angry and embarrassed he was when he witnessed the scene that made his blood boil. He saw Liem Sian Hwa sobbing in Kwa Tin Siong's arms. The fire of jealousy burned Kwee Sin's heart. Without thinking, he took out a silver comb that was a sign of his matchmaking with Liem Sian Hwa, he threw the silver comb towards two people who were hugging in the garden. Then he jumped and disappeared into the dark.

With a heavy heart and full of sorrow, full of disappointment, Kwee Sin at that moment also left the city of Leng-ki, continuing his journey to Kun-lun-san. He didn't rest that night, the whole night he kept walking, his heart full of regret.

As he was walking dreamily on the silent highway, as the night began to turn to dawn, he heard the sound of many horses galloping from behind. He quickly stepped aside and stood looking. The seven horses with their riders galloped fast and in a moment had passed them. These were men who looked dashing, three of whom were dressed in white. The one who ran the front horse was a beautiful and dashing woman. They only passed the road for a moment, but in the dim weather Kwee Sin could still recognize the woman.

"Kim Li...!" he shouted. However, his screams were swallowed up by the galloping of the horse's hooves. After all he still had time to see the woman turned and smiled at him, then continued to race her horse without signaling anything.

Kwee Sin was curious. There was no mistaking it, that woman was definitely Kim Li. Not only did he know that beautiful face, his sharp eyes shone, but he also knew Kim Li's sweet smile, the smile that had been dropping his heart for so long. He forgot his tiredness and sorrow, and quickened his pace in pursuit of the horsemen who were getting farther and farther away.

As stated earlier, Kwee Sin finally entered the hamlet of Kui-lin on the banks of the Yang-ce River, and he had time to prevent Coa Kim Li or Kim-thouw Thian-li from trying to kill Tan Hok. Such was the situation of Kwee Sin, the youngest champion of Kun-lun Sam-heng te, and how he got to know Kim-thouw Thian-li whom he knew as the mighty, beautiful, and attractive Coa Kim Li girl.

We return to the Phang Kwi wine stall where Kwee Sin reunites with Kim Li. After preventing Kim Li from killing Tan Hok, Kwee Si was like a buffalo as he was led by Kim Li to sit at the table and receive a dish from Phang Kwi who seemed to be very afraid of Kim Li.

"Drink, Koko, drink this wine and be happy. After I'm by your side, you don't have to mope anymore. An unfaithful woman like her you'd better forget about it." Kim Li persuaded as he filled the cup of wine in front of Kwee Sin, then lifted the cup and gave it to Kwee Sin. His demeanor was very attractive, his eyes looked lovingly and his mouth smiled sweetly.

Kwee Sin looked up. Did you know….?”

Kim Li nodded and only then saw that the girl was now carrying a small thin machete tucked in her back, the red shawl that had a beautiful fragrance hanging from her belt. Her clothes developed beautiful expensive silk and printed her body. Her long black hair was neatly tied, decorated with a lotus flower which was very strange in color, because there was red, there was white, there was blue, yellow and green, made of pearls, choice. She looks so beautiful with her red cheeks.

"In that case... you seem to be the one who sent me a letter...?"

Kim Li nodded again. "Seeing that the woman chosen by your teacher is not worthy of being your companion for life, I can't bear to just ignore it. You need to know with your own eyes."

"Why do you act in secret, not directly meet me?".

Kim Li held Kwee Sin's arm with an affectionate touch. "I was worried that if I showed up, you'd think I was jealous."

Kwee Sin took a deep breath and Kim Li coaxed again, "Never mind, Koko, forget about him. After we gather again, why bother? Let's have a drink!" Because of this girl's entertainment and sweet attitude, Kwee Sin was also entertained and soon the two of them were drinking to their heart's content while exchanging loving glances, in fact Kwee Sin had revived his joy, willing to serve the woman's jokes.

Neither Kwee Sin nor Kim Li never thought that all their actions had been snooped on. Tan Hok after getting help from Kwee Sin, even though it seemed that he had already left, he slowly creeped back quietly. He was very hurt by Kim-thouw Thian-li who had killed Tan Sam, but he was also very grateful to Kwee Sin for helping him. How disappointed, angry, and regretful he was when he saw how Kwee Sin, whom he now knew from his name, was a valiant young hero from Kun-lun-pai, falling in love with Kim-thouw Thian-li. The sight he saw in the wine stall made his heart tired and his sadness arose. He was about to ask for help from Kwee Sin, May the Kun-lun-pai youth have fallen to his knees under Kim-thouw Thian-li's feet, unable to resist the beauty of this dangerous woman! With a sad heart, Tan Hok left that place at night. His normally gloomy eyes were now wet with tears.

Since childhood, Tan Hok never knew his parents, living alone. Only after Tan Sam picked it up did he get to know a little of life's pleasures. Now Tan Sam is dead and he is powerless to take revenge. Even though Tan Hok is a student and friend of Tan Sam who is a Pek-lian-pai character and has extensive experience, this young man is basically stupid and honest, in fact his heart is full of grief he has suffered since childhood.

Like a kite cut off its strings, without a handle without a goal, Tan Hok walked wherever his feet moved. Sometimes he cries silently, sometimes he cries like a child.


The life of the common people at that time in China was very miserable. The state of government is chaotic, the officials only care about the contents of their own pockets without caring about the condition of the people at all. The dignitaries fought each other for power and position in their thirst for worldly rank and glory. The colonial government paid little attention to the condition of the people. The strong oppress the weak, the rich use their wealth to exploit the poor, the powerful use their position to strangle the little ones.

The people who were restrained by the shackles of the Mongol colonialism began to scream and fight. Everywhere there are rebellions and it is the people who suffer. All this was compounded by the arrival of a drought so severe that famine was rampant.

In the north of Shen-si Province the people suffer greatly from the dry season. The dry, cracked rice fields are impossible to cultivate. Small rivers lost their source, lakes looked bottom, trees lost their leaves. Humans and emaciated animals lack food, every day many people and animals starve to death. The people screamed, their wails soared into the sky, sympathizing with God. Every day people pray, ask for rain for protection, beg with helpless wailing. Elsewhere, even in big cities, the dignitaries and rich people feasted, raced to scatter wine and wheat, to the point of exaggerating that their grain rotted in the barn, having fun, not even a hair's remembrance of God! Dear, God is only made a place of escape for those who suffer. Unfortunately, God is only remembered by humans after they need help rather than worldly misery. It's even more unfortunate, in a state of suffering, people complain about why God left them, completely forgetting that God never leaves humans, on the contrary, humans are the ones who leave God far away, until they get lost and finally they lose God.

Like a person who throws away a torch and throws it away when it's still light, then fumbles around, looking for a torch when it's dark.

Many residents of this dry area have left their hometowns, flocking to flee to the south where the area is cooler when compared to the northern area. However, it is really worth pitying these poor farmers. In their new area they were considered a nuisance, and only after they were squeezed out of their horsepower were only able to get a fill-up. Many of the hamlets in the North are empty, abandoned by their inhabitants, so they are dead areas.

One morning, a young man who was tall like a giant entered a fairly large village. He was very surprised to see this village so quiet, many empty houses were abandoned by its inhabitants.

He was already very hungry, but did not see a restaurant. This young man was none other than Tan Hok. He thought that the residents had gone to the fields that early in the morning, so he went out again from the hamlet to go to the fields to meet the residents and ask to be fed. But what he saw in the fields made him shudder. The fields are dry, silent. Suddenly he saw things that made him shudder even more. The objects lying along the village road were none other than the corpses of people who died of starvation, some of which had a foul smell. With an anxious heart of fear Tan Hok distanced himself. He immediately ran towards the middle of the rice fields where he heard the sound of people screaming. When it was near, this young man stood like a statue,

There, in the middle of the rice fields, he saw an old man kneeling, crying and laughing uncontrollably. it was clear that the person had changed his mind. This old man was very thin, his hair was disheveled and his clothes were in tatters, his face was like a living skull. With both hands this old man gripped the dry ground and shouted.

"Thian (God), to whom should I complain? Who else can I ask for help if you yourself have closed your ears, closed your eyes to my suffering?" He burst into tears, then his eyes became violent and suddenly he burst out laughing. "Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Mother earth...... you give life. You produce food, you produce water. Now that you don't want to give water and food, what's wrong with eating you? Ha- ha-ha, all the foodstuffs come from the ground, it's impossible that the soil doesn't fill the stomach?" While laughing that person then eats the dry soil that he clenched earlier! It's heartbreaking to see this person. Eating dry soil while laughing and sometimes crying without shedding tears. Because his mouth has dried up, stuffed with dirt

The dry food that was devoured made him suffocate, gasp, gasp like a fish thrown ashore. He clutched his neck, squealed, spun around and tumbled!

Tan Hok quickly ran over to him and ...... he saw that the old man had lost his life. The old man died with his eyes wide open and his mouth full of dry dirt gaping open in a grin. Tan Hok was horrified and covered his face, not feeling the tears flowing between his fingers.

“Almighty Thian, why did I who have suffered so much have to witness all this……?” He knelt by the grandfather's corpse and wept.

Then he was able to control his heart, then he dug a hole in the field and buried the body of the old man. "Grandpa, hopefully your body will fertilize this land ....." he prayed. Then this giant youth also buried four corpses lying on the side of the road.

While he was burying the last corpse, he suddenly heard a loud noise and dozens of villagers came running towards him. They were carrying all kinds of sharp weapons agricultural tools. With threatening faces they came rushing in, shouting.

"The scavenger demon!"

"Kill this evil demon!"

Dozens of guns like rain hit towards Tan Hok who became astonished. But once, that shrug with his big and powerful arms, all the weapons bounced and flung, followed by screams of shock and pain. Tan Hok couldn't bear to use violence against these people who turned out to be pale skinny people who looked like hungry demons.

"You crazy demons come and attack me, why is that?" Tan Hok asked in his booming voice.

"You are a scavenger demon!" one of them dared to curse. "I've never eaten a corpse!" replied Tan Hok.

The people looked at him with concern, hesitating. "What did you do with the bodies?"

"I buried them. You see, this is the last one." He pointed at the hole he had dug where the last body he had put in.

The people looked into the hole. "Is his body still intact? Didn't he eat any parts?" So they wondered. When they saw that the corpse was indeed still intact, they then fell to their knees, some were crying, some begging for mercy. An old man who headed them said.

"Strong young man, please forgive us all. We have misunderstood......"

"It's a pity we hungry people ....." said the second person.

Tan Hok shook his head, then grumbled, "You jerks, just annoying!" He then continued his work, filling the hole with the dug out. Those people without being ordered to help. However, their weak bodies are not strong enough to be used for heavy work.

The grandfather who led the group said, "Many of our friends have starved to death and a week ago there was a crazy hungry person who liked to eat carrion because he couldn't stand his hunger. We thought you were the one...."

Tan Hok was also moved to hear this, even though he couldn't understand why the people were starving and why people were eating people's carcasses and even earlier he saw people eating dirt.

"If you're starving, why don't you eat?"

The people looked at each other, then they all looked at Tan Hok in surprise. Seeing Tan Hok's face imagining stupidity, the old geezer took a deep breath and said, "Young man, you told us to eat, what did we eat? The dry season is too great, the land is dry, the crops are exhausted. The only ones who have stored wheat are the princes and people. -rich people. Where do people like us have any savings? Everyone was forced to flee to the south, only us who had nothing were forced to live here."

"So there are dignitaries and rich people here?"

"There are no officials, not many rich people. The richest and the most miserly are Kwi-wangwe (Kwi wealth), the richest landlord here."

"Why don't you ask him to eat?"

"Uuuhhh asking for food? Young man, he is very stingy, don't ask him, he just doesn't want to give. We were kicked out and beaten by his dogs, four-legged and two-legged dogs."

"There's a two-legged dog?" Tan Hok was really astonished.

Again the people looked at each other, it seemed increasingly clear to them that this young man who was big and tall like a giant had excess strength but lack of brain.

"Young man, Kwi-wangwe besides keeping four-legged dogs, he is also protected by his bouncers, even the authorities in the nearby towns are all protecting him. Who dares against him?"

"Hmmm, I dare! Are you hungry? I'm hungry too. Let's go to the She Kwi dog house. I'll force him to bring out food for us."

Get those people excited. They know that this giant young man is a strong man and good at martial arts, but unfortunately his character is strange and a bit stupid. "Young people, the guard at Kwi-wangwe's house is very strong. Aren't you afraid?" The old man was still trying to scare him.

"I'm Tan Hok fearless. The late temperature said that one need not be afraid when defending the weak and upholding justice. She Kwi people have too much grain, you are starving instead, this is unfair. "Come, take me!"

Tan Hok's attitude and words raised the spirits of the hungry people and the group then headed to Kwi-wangwe's house. Along the quiet road the group grew in size and finally all the remaining twenty or so people in the village joined the group. These people who had given up hope grew their courage after they were defended by the young warrior Tan Hok. However, once they arrived in front of the large building belonging to Kwi-wangwe, the high-walled building and fence and saw four bouncers guarding the gates of the walls, their courage disappeared and these people hid behind Tan Hok.

Seeing this cowardly attitude, Tan Hok's patience disappeared. "Let's go ahead and state the will of your heart. What are you afraid of?" he exclaimed. The old man and his two friends ventured to approach the wall gate.

"Hungry dogs, what do you want all the fuss about here?" a bouncer yells while holding up his toya, his attitude is threatening and very arrogant

"We almost starved to death..." said the old man humbly, "We want to beg for mercy Kwi-wangwe, please help a little grain for life sustenance..."

"Hungry beggars, go away! Kwi-wangwe where do you have time to serve you? We have a big and busy guest. Go!"

"Have mercy on us..... let us be given a grain loan, later of course we will pay it with power ....."

Grandpa insisted. "Satan, won't you leave quickly?" the four bouncers became furious and at the same time they pushed the toya forward. Soon there was a bang-bik-buk sound followed by a scream of pain when the peasants were beaten. It's useless for them to try to fight back because those who in good health are unable to fight these bouncers, especially now that they are almost starving to death.

"How cruel! Guard dogs, don't bite people." Tan Hok jumped forward and once he moved his two accomplices, the four bouncers collapsed, some of their toyas were broken and some were thrown far away. Not playing surprised their hearts. Especially when they saw that the one who knocked them down so easily was just a young man whose body was like that of a giant.

"Please.....there's a bugger.....!" They screamed inside as they crept up.

Dozens of bouncers came out of the building in droves, some of them even dressed as Goan government soldiers. Some of them were carrying machetes, toyas, or swords and with a threatening attitude they charged out. The farmers who had been proud to see how easily Tan Hok knocked down the four bouncers who had bumped into them, now turned to fear and distanced themselves.

Tan Hok himself was not afraid at all. Instead he greeted them with a loud voice, "If you don't give grain to those who are hungry, I'll beat you guard dogs to death!"

Of course the bouncers and guards looked down on Tan Hok. While shouting cursing they lunged. A rain of guns rushed towards the big tall body, but soon there were clamoring screams and the situation became chaotic. His gangsters were busy attacking him from four directions, but this valiant young man was always able to protect his body from the threat of weapons by parrying or dodging. In fact, he was quick to instantly send counter punches that made several people lie down unconscious. Seeing more and more bouncers running from inside, Tan Hok snatched a toya and went berserk with this weapon. There were more and more people fighting in front of the building, the Kwi-wangwe.

"Brothers, that Tan-enghiong was ganged up in his defense of us. How can we stay silent? Let's help!" The farmer grandfather shouted loudly. Indeed, the farmers began to grow their courage seeing how brave Tan Hok was against the bouncers.

"Right..... right..... let's help Tan-enghiong.....!"

Dozens of skinny peasants with burning enthusiasm then stormed the bouncers who ganged up on Tan Hok. They no longer care about their own safety. Those who were knocked down, got up again and fought recklessly. Of course getting this help, Tan Hok became even more excited. The toys went berserk and one by one the bouncers were able to knock them down.

At that moment, from the inside of the building a voice was heard shouting, "Retreat everyone, let Giam-siauwya (Young Master Giam) chase away the intruders!"

That's Kwi-wangwe's voice. Hearing this order, the bouncers then withdrew while dragging the bodies of their injured comrades. Everyone including Tan Hok looked inside. They saw a middle-aged Kwi-wangwe, a small stature who was very luxuriously dressed, his left hand sucking a golden tipped huncwe, standing on the steps looking out. Next to him stood a strange young man. This young man's face is pale white, his eyes are wildly sharp, his nose is sharp. However, this handsome face seemed strange and contained something sinister, especially in his eyes. His clothes were all yellow and his right hand held a snake flute. At that time, this youth who was between the ages of twelve said with a laugh.

"Kwi-wangwe, let me put on a bit of an eye-catching show."

The ten-year-old boy then lifted his flute, blowing it. There was a strange shrill sound, rising and falling like ocean waves, getting higher and higher and piercing the ears. Tan Hok, who has studied advanced martial arts, was very surprised to know that the flute was blown with the great power of the khikang!

"Snakes.....!" The peasants screamed in fear. Tan Hok was shocked and quickly turned around to look. He shuddered to see countless snakes slithering towards the place, big and small and coming from all directions. At first there were only a few snakes, maybe the closest snakes in that place, but soon it became tens and finally hundreds of snakes came and from afar there were still many more coming.

When the enormous snakes had gathered and were squirming while aiming their eyes at the little refiner who had walked out of the wall gate, the sound of the flute suddenly turned into chaos and…..suddenly the snakes hissed and looked angry and then attacked the farmers! Immediately there were screams of pain mixed with screams of fear. The farmers tried to fight back, but in vain because there were too many snakes. Seeing this Tan Hok was furious. While grunting like a wounded tiger, this young man grabbed a toya stick and lunged at the group of snakes. He, pounding and hitting, crushed many snake heads. But the snakes were too many and there was no way he could protect the twenty-plus unfortunate people who were attacked by the snakes. Moreover, among the snakes, there are many small venomous snakes that are very agile. One bite of a snake like this kills its victim.

Seeing how the peasants had collapsed, Tan Hok was horrified and with great anger he saw how the more he killed the snakes, the more vicious the other snakes became and in the blink of an eye the peasants had all collapsed. Nobody lives anymore.

"Little devil at heart!" Tan Hok flipped and jumped with spree in hand, attacking the strange little refiner boy. He had absolutely no idea that the boy wasn't just any kid. He is none other than Giam Kin, the disciple of Siauw-ong-kwi, a great figure from the north who is very evil.

The attack with the toya carried out by Tan Hok was very powerful. But suddenly Giam Kin moved his left hand and a golden light flashed towards Tan Hok's face. Surprised this young giant. Quickly he used his left hand to smother the golden rays without canceling his attack with the toya held in his right hand. However, before his toya approached Giam Kin's body, he screamed in pain and his toya was thrown, then his right hand grabbed the golden yellow snake that had bitten his left hand. Pain, heat and itching all over his body. Just once squeezed crushed the head and body of the little snake, but the pain that overtook his body was unbearable. Sambii shouted Tan Hok turned around and quickly left the place.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, that arrogant person won't be sane anymore, got poisoned by Kim-tok-coa (Golden Poison Snake)!" Giam Kin burst out laughing as he blew his flute again. The snakes that had been feasting on the corpses of the farmers now fled in fear at the sound of the flute so that for a moment there was not a single snake there, except for the carcasses of the snakes that Tan Hok had killed earlier and the corpses of the poor farmers across the street. Kwi-wangwe and his accomplices, who had often witnessed the killing of these poor people, now shudder to witness this horrific incident. Kwi-wangwe respectfully invited Giam Kin into his building again and ordered his men to clean the yard, taking away the dead snakes and the corpses of the peasants.

Tan Hok ran as fast as he could. His body is so incredibly strong that even if he has been bitten by a very dangerous venomous snake, he can still run fast for dozens of distances. But in the end he tumbled down in the middle of a dry, cracked rice field, fainting. The sun with its full light shone on the body of Tan Hok who lay helplessly as if to burn him. It turned out that the golden yellow snake venom contained a very hot air so that Tan Hok's entire body turned blackish red, especially the bitten hands that turned black like charred.

At that moment, from the southern direction, above the dry and desolate path, there was the sound of people singing! It's really very strange to hear people sing in this dry death-ridden place. After seeing the person, he was a boy who was only a dozen years old. His clothes were tattered, more like the clothes of an abandoned bum. However, his arms and legs were clean-skinned. After all, it was clear that he was no ordinary boy. This can be seen from his strange-skinned face, which is greenish skin like the green of young leaves. His pair of eyes are also not ordinary human eyes because they contain a very sharp light, in fact they are too sharp so that they are not normal anymore. That greenish face with eyes as sharp as that would really make people shudder in fear and think that he certainly wasn't human. Especially when you hear the words in the song. Strange. The singing itself is already erratic, the rhythm is not a song, it is more appropriate to call it crazy or people are delirious from fever. And the words, just hear him sing.

“Heh stomach stop whining!

Aren't you ashamed of your feet?

Those who work hard never complain”

"You are useless, never work, your work is

just whining to be filled"

These strange words he sang along the way while hitting each other with two wooden sticks held in both hands to make the rhythm of his singing ragged. In addition to the greenish color of his face and a pair of extraordinarily sharp eyes, the rest of this child can be said to be handsome, his body is dense and strong.

This boy is none other than Beng San As has been told in the previous part of this story, by chance Beng San, a child victim of the Huang-ho River flood who does not know the name of his own descendants, has met Hek-hwa Kui-bo and received knowledge. Thai-hwee, Siu-hwee, and Ci-hwee which Hek-hwa Kui-bo intended to increase the "Yang" power in the child's body and kill him. However, without realizing it, he gave this child additional energy and even saved Beng San's life from the blows, Jeng-tok-ciang from Koai Atong. Then, by chance, Beng San met two strange grandfathers, namely Phoa Ti and The Bok Nam who adopted him as a student and these two strange grandfathers passed down or passed on two great kinds of martial arts to him. From Pho Ti, he inherited Khong-ji-ciang and Im-sin-kiam, while from The Bok Nam, he inherited Pat-hong-ciang and Yang-sin-kiam. As for Im-sin-kiam and Yang-sin-kiam these are two opposite parts of the Im-yang-sin-kiam Science which is a fraction of Im-yang Bu-tek-cin-keng, the highest martial art in the martial world which was once owned by the Sage Swordsman Bu Pun Su during the An Lu Shan rebellion (755), about five hundred years ago.

Im-yang-sin-kiam's knowledge is coveted by all martial arts figures from the four directions, who would have thought that it had accidentally fallen into Beng San's body! The funny thing is, Beng San, who had studied this science and practiced it every day until it was memorized correctly, never knew that he now had such great knowledge. Only this child knows that thanks to these exercises his body has become strong and light, in fact he now never suffers from any more disturbances and feelings of heat or cold in his body. Whenever he suffers from the heat of the scorching sun, his body automatically releases a chill against it and this automatic exertion of "Im" can only be seen from his face turning green. On the other hand, when it's cold, his face automatically turns dark red. a sign that the energy from the "Yang" air in his body is working. Only when the air is normal, his face turns white as usual too. Apart from this, without him noticing when he was stricken with anger, his face also automatically turned blackish red, on the other hand when he was happy, his face turned green!

At that time the air was very hot, so it was not surprising that this child's face turned green, a sign that the "Im" air was automatically working on his body. His stomach felt very hungry, since yesterday he did not concede anything. The empty hamlets are silent, the trees are bare dry. To hold back his stomach's hunger, he walked while singing reproaching his stomach which was always whining for content.

"Eh, those unlucky eyes. You see corpses everywhere. I've buried sixteen corpses, now they're in the middle of the rice fields. Beng San grumbled when he saw Tan Hok's body lying in the middle of the rice fields. Indeed, just like Tan Hok, this boy has seen many corpses lying on the roadside since yesterday, their hungry corpses. Since childhood, Beng San has been steeped in the lessons of ancient philosophies about virtue and humanity, so seeing the corpses lying abandoned, his heart could not bear and he buried every corpse he found, buried simply.

With a slightly irritated heart because his stomach was hungry, and always meeting corpses, Beng San deviated from the small path into the dry rice fields to approach the body of Tan Hok who didn't move like he was dead. After looking at Tan Hok's face and body, the boy took a deep breath and said, "Honey...... it's a shame that such a strong and tall person like a giant dies here. Strangely, why are people starving to death still big and strong? like this? Weird.....weird...." But Beng San then started to work, digging dry soil in the rice field. This work he did with the two small sticks he was holding earlier. Really great. People won't believe it if they don't see it for themselves. The two sticks of small twigs when he used to pry the ground, turned out to be like two strong iron crowbars. In a moment he dug the ground a meter deeper. Seeing that big tall body that was still good, Beng San felt sorry if he buried it not deep enough, so he deliberately dug deep. It turned out that the soil underneath was dry clay, but smooth and reddish in color.

After digging enough, he put down his pair of twigs and bent down, lifting the body up. Tan Hok's body was huge, weighing no less than a hundred kilos, but it was really surprising how a little boy could carry him so easily. Beng San was shocked when he felt how skin, Tan Hok's body was very hot. He was still a child, unable to understand very well how the dead were. Because the body was stiff and still not breathing, he assumed it was dead. Tan Hok's body heat is considered due to the scorching sun.

Beng San slowly and carefully put the big tall body into the hole. His mouth whispered "Go back to where you came from, serene and peaceful." He had heard these words before from a hwesio during the funeral ceremony.

Suddenly he was startled and jumped back, his eyes wide. If Beng San wasn't an extraordinary child who doesn't know fear, he would have run away to witness the horrific sight. The 'corpse' was moving and with wild movements and then sat up, his eyes bulging red, his mouth screaming.

"Hungry..... hungry.....! The soil produces all kinds of edible plants, why can't the soil itself be eaten?" And the "corpse" then grabbed the red clay and . . . devoured it very voraciously.

For a moment Beng San stood like. statue, his eyes widen in astonishment. At first he was horrified too. However, when he saw how the "corpse" was eating red clay as well as people eating roast beef, saliva filled his mouth. His stomach is very hungry now seeing people eat so deliciously, even though what he eats is only clay, his appetite arises. He began to look down at the clay he had dug up and now piled up outside the hole. Automatically he crouched, his hand took a lump of red clay and.... brought the soil to his mouth and kept biting.

"Wow, delicious...." Beng San in amazement continued to eat the clay. It doesn't taste good, but it's not bad either, because it's smooth and smells good. After entering the stomach brings a feeling of fullness as well. Until four lumps of dirt entered Beng San's stomach who became overjoyed that he was now able to fill his whining stomach earlier. He didn't know at all that clay was indeed a kind of fine clay and was not dangerous to eat, in fact it had the property of strengthening the body.

The "corpse" then ate a lot of clay, then the corpse sitting in the grave looked up, looking at Beng San with a pair of red eyes. Beng San smiled at him and nodded.

"Twako, so you're not actually dead yet? Thank goodness for that!"

Tan Hok suddenly let out a growling sound, then his body jumped out of the hole while shouting furiously, "I'm not dead, you're the one who will die!" Immediately this giant youth sent a hitting attack towards Beng San's head with his right hand while his left hand gripped his head. Beng San's green face.

Since inheriting high martial arts skills from his two high-ranking people, namely the two grandfathers of Phoa Ti and The Bok Nam, Beng San has never used this skill in battle. It is undeniable that he is very diligent in training himself, studying all the sciences carefully, but without knowing what the benefits of all these sciences are. Now facing the barrage of attacks from this gigantic youth who seemed to be out of his mind, he was shocked as well. However, the martial arts movements that were ingrained in his body worked automatically.

"Hisss, later, Twako. Life or death is none of our business. How can you decide?" While issuing an answer that contains this mystical philosophy, Beng San tilted his head to avoid the punch of Tan Hok's right hand, while he raised his right hand to deflect the grip of his opponent's large left hand.

"Plakkk!" Tan Hok's left hand which had big long fingers managed to grip Beng San's small hand so that five pairs of fingers clasped together. Beng San felt how from, Tan Hok's hands flowed heat beyond the fire. His body automatically welcomed this air with an incredibly strong "Im" air, so that his hand that was being gripped now felt cold.

The result was great, Tan Hok instantly stiffened his body. He was still standing with his left hand gripping Beng San's right hand, his eyes bulging red and now his whole body was shivering like someone had a fever. The hand that gripped Beng San's right hand seemed to be sticky and could not be pulled back, while from the child's hand flowed cold air that exceeded the ice hill. The longer Tan Hok's body, the more shivering, his red face began to lose color and suddenly he vomited black blood, also from the wound on his left hand which was now attached to Beng San's right hand black blood came out. Three times he vomited black blood and his once hot body turned cold now. His rosy, wild eyes turned calm.

"Ouch..... ouch..... cold.....!" Tan Hok, who was previously stiff, was now able to jump back. Beng San also jumped back while letting go of his hand. They were now standing face to face within three or four meters, looking at each other. After his hand slipped from Beng San's, the chill that pierced his heart disappeared. Tan Hok was secretly surprised, especially now that he remembered why he was there. Suddenly he looked left and right with fear because he remembered the snakes that had ganged up on him. Seeing that he was in the rice fields, facing a green-faced boy with sharp eyes whose hands contained an extraordinary coldness, Tan Hok looked back at Beng San, then glanced at the grave pit nearby.

"Little brother, who are you?" Demons or humans?"

Beng San laughed, his sharp eyes gleaming. "Ha-ha-ha, Twako, if one of us isn't a human, it would be you. I'm a human, but you... are you not a demon?"

Tan Hok, who understands high martial arts skills, just found out that this child is not an ordinary child whose hands contain Im's power which is extraordinarily strong. However, he did not know that it was this energy that had saved his life, which expelled the hot poison that had attacked his body from the bite of Kim-tok-coa's snake. Of course Beng San's side didn't know about this at all, let alone the healing he accidentally performed, even about the energies that were within him he didn't know what it meant.

"Strange little brother, why do you think I'm a demon?"

"You're so weird! I've been burying the bodies of starving dead people lying on the side of the road since yesterday. I found you lying dead here, not breathing anymore. I dug a hole to bury you. You came back to life, ate dirt, then jumped up and attacked me. And now, after vomiting, you talk like a sane person. A person with a giant body like you, can die and live again, really not like a human."

Hearing this, Tan Hok froze, then plopped down on the ground. Seeing the giant young man blankly massaged his chin, Beng San also sat in front of him. These two people sat speechless like two stone statues. Finally it was Tan Hok who turned his head and asked.

"Dear brother, what is your name? Whose child are you, which student and why did you come here?"

Being bombarded with these questions Beng San smiled mischievously, then answered in a volley of fire as well. "My name is Beng San, no one's child my teachers are dead and can get here because of my two feet walking."

However, it seems that Tan Hok doesn't serve his jokes, instead listening earnestly asking, "You don't have parents and your teachers are dead? So you live alone in this world?"

Bang San nodded. "I have always lived alone."

"No place to live?"

Beng San shook his head

"Ah, my good brother..... the same is true for us......" Tan Hok bumped into Beng San and hugged him while crying. Beng San was confused, then because he didn't know what to do, he started crying too! These two people were crying in the middle of dry rice fields and their tears were quickly sucked up by the thirsty earth.

"Beng San's little brother, I'm Tan Hok, just lost my teacher....." Tan Hok cried while hugging, "and I, uh, woe! You got poisoned!" Suddenly he held Beng San's hand and glared at him. "Your face is greenish, your body exudes a chill. You are hit by a blow that contains cold poison..... woe......"

Beng San smiled. "No, Tan-twako (Brother Tan). I'm fine."

"Really? You don't feel sick?"


"Strange..... strange...... I thought you were poisoned, some kind of snake venom or......"

He suddenly jumped up and his face changed. "Snakes! Ah, now I remember. That serpent-demon boy hurt me. He must be killed! Woe to those poor peasants..."

Beng San was completely clueless and was astonished at the fickle and strange demeanor of this giant. "Snake demon? Where is he?"

"He's a kid your age. I was leading the hungry peasants to ask for food aid from the wealthy Kwe tycoon. However, the farmers were attacked by his henchmen. I helped and a demon snake appeared, bringing hundreds of snakes to swarm the farmers, Many died. I attacked and….. I was injured by a golden yellow snake. Hey, we have to go there. I have to kill that demon!"

"Hundreds of snake tails! liihhhhh, how scary!" Beng San shuddered and looked horrified, then looked left and right, afraid that hundreds of snakes might come there.

"Don't be afraid, I'm here. I'll get rid of the snakes and their demons. Hey, Brother Beng San, are you coming or not?" Tan Hok stood up. "If you're scared, you just stay here, I have to get back to the village immediately."

Tan Hok had already started running. "Later, Twako. I'm coming!" Beng San immediately took the two sticks he used to dig the ground, then ran behind Tan Hok.

Very eager to immediately return to the village to help the farmers who were attacked by snakes, Tan Hok mustered his intelligence and ran very fast. He had forgotten that behind him was Beng San, forgot that if he ran that fast, a child like Beng San would be left far behind. After running to the outside of the village then he remembered and he quickly looked. What a surprise to see the child running around, arbitrarily but still behind him.

"Eh, you're still behind me?"

"Of course, didn't you invite me?"

Tan Hok is full of tension about meeting the snake demon, so he pays no attention to Beng San and continues to run into the village to the building where Kwi-wangwe lives.

In front of the Kwi-wangwe building the bouncers were sitting and busy talking about the tantrums of the peasants who were assisted by the giant youth. Of course they became very surprised when they saw the giant youth who yesterday had been injured and driven away by "Giam-kongcu" suddenly appeared in front of them with a green-faced boy.

"Fucking dogs, let's get Kwi-wangwe out and the snake demon!" Tan Hok cursed while holding the two bouncers and with one throw the two fell three meters away. The others quickly drew their weapons and some reported inside.

Meanwhile, when he saw the bouncers pulling out their weapons, Tan Hok was already furious. "Where are all the farm uncles? You killed them, didn't you? Watch out, feel my vengeance!" Tan Hok then went berserk, lunging at the bouncers who were now only defending themselves, not daring to attack because they were aware of Tan Hok's shrewdness. In a moment Tan Hok had been beaten by dozens of bouncers and there was a lot of noise inside the building because everyone didn't know that the giant young man had come again in a rage.

Suddenly there was a shrill whistle. The flute that was blown by Giam Kin, shrill high and played with a very extraordinary rhythm. Tan Hok's heart was pounding, knowing what the flute meant. His guess was right, soon there was a hissing sound and lots of snakes sliding down. Tan Hok though not very smart, but because he felt disgusted also saw a lot of snakes, then fight by rushing into the middle of the bouncers. This action was not based on ingenuity, but out of fear of the snakes» but profit for him. Giam Kin is confused about leading his snakes because how can his snakes be ordered to attack just one person in the middle and be locked up by the bouncers? It's good after the commotion, namely the invasion of the farmers,

Meanwhile, seeing the huge number of snakes coming swaying towards him, Beng San became disgusted and scared beyond words. He was not afraid to face people, but to face the many and very disgusting and terrible snakes, he was afraid too. When the snakes with bloodshot eyes and licking tongues rushed out at him, shouting, "Snakes... ...! Snakes.....!" suddenly his body slid up, into the middle of people who were fighting Like a bird flying, his feet stepped on the heads of those who were ganging up on Tan Hok, and as soon as his feet stepped on people's heads, he poked back here and there, through the heads of the people. the man's head finally he could jump on the roof tile. There he crouched with a trembling body, looking down.

Everyone, especially Tan Hok, was shocked and surprised to see Beng San's actions. Seeing the way the boy jumped imperceptibly, it was clear that he did not understand the science of high jumping. But why was his body so light that it seemed as if he could fly over people's heads?

Tan Hok didn't have time to pay attention to Beng San anymore because the beating of the bouncers was enough to bother him too. This time, too, Tan Hok managed to snatch a toya and went berserk. There have been several bouncers who collapsed by the kemplangnya toya.

Seeing this, Giam Kin became curious and worried as well. There was no way he could get his snakes to attack, because once the snakes invaded the Kwi-wangwe bouncers would be bitten too. He then shouted.

"Uncles retreat all, let my snakes consume it!"

The bouncers were really overwhelmed by Tan Hok. It's not his martial arts that is great, but his strength that is really difficult to deal with. Every time the toya in the hands of the giant youth was parried, of course many weapons bounced or were damaged. Hearing this order, they then jumped back leaving Tan Hok. Tan Hok understands that he will be attacked by a snake so he wants to go ahead and attack Giam Kin. Unfortunately, this strange child has blown his flute high and the snakes have started to attack. Another time Tan Hok was surrounded by very angry snakes, hissing hissing and ready to attack him. Tan Hok shuddered, crossing his toya, confused which one to attack first because he had been locked up in a snake fence.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, arrogant human. Turns out you're still not dead! Now I'll see. Ha-ha-ha!" said Giam Kin after releasing his flute. Then he began to whistle again, the sound of the flute high and ear-splitting.

Beng San, who was on the roof tile, saw all this happening, he was the one whose ears hurt the most when he heard the sound of the flute. He was so angry he shouted, "Evil demon, rotten demon. Your flute doesn't sound good. Listen, I'm better at distilling than your flute sounds like that dirty wind" Beng San imitated the sound of the flute with his voice. Unbeknownst to him, the khi-kang in his body was already very strong so when he imitated the shrill sound, the flute's sound was less powerful and less loud! There was now an extraordinary and strange sound, the sound of a flute mixed with the sound of Beng San's mouth imitating the sound of a flute. When he realized how after he had screamed his ears were no longer disturbed by the sound of the flute which was less than loud, he became even more excited and his screams grew louder.

I'm so sorry for those snakes. The sound of the flute is a command or encouragement for them, an impulse that cannot be resisted. Now these beasts heard the sound of a flute that was not as loud, a jumble of noise that was ridiculous. They are confused, do not know what to do, let alone their feelings are crazy. with this muddled "command". More and more chaotic, lunging at each other and finally the snakes became angry and then pounced on each other! They didn't care about Tan Hok at all anymore, busy biting their own close friends.

Seeing this, Giam Kin was furious. Assisted by Kwi-wangwe himself, he gave orders to the bouncers to gang up on Tan Hok again, while Giam Kin had already stepped forward to look at the boy who had imitated the sound of his flute and had disrupted his command over the snakes. However, Tan Hok, who was furious, seeing the Kwi rich man there, rebelled and quickly jumped at the rich man with his toya in hand.

"You stingy tycoon, taste this!" Toyanya flinched at the head of the rich man who backed away in fear. It's good that there are several personal guards who fend off the toya so that the toya deviates, doesn't hit his head, just hits his shoulder. But this thump was loud enough to make Kwi-wangwe wince and squeal. An instant later Tan Hok was beaten again by the bouncers.

Giam Kin can now see. the presence of Beng San on the tile. Anger is not playing. "Eh, rotten country boy, you dare to play around in front of your kongcumu?" He cursed while pointing his flute at Beng San.

Beng San was no longer green at that time, his face was usually white and handsome because the air was not so hot anymore. Now he was grinning at Giam Kin. "I'm not playing in front of you, but on top of you. What do you want?" He was not afraid of Giam Kin. That pale-faced child, what is there to be afraid of?

"Bastard, you eat this!" Giam Kin moved his hand and a golden yellow light flashed upwards, towards Beng San who was hanging out on the roof tile. Beng San who had tucked two sticks of sticks in his belt, while laughingly received this golden yellow light with his right hand. The light hit his hand and Beng San felt the thumb of his right hand hurt a bit like it was being stabbed by a needle. When he saw it he saw that what had been thrown was a small golden yellow snake which was now biting his thumb and the snake's body was wrapped around his arm. Secretly he was surprised, but basically he is naughty and doesn't want to show fear or pain in front of Giam Kin he laughs loudly and remembers his previous experience when he met Kwa Tin Siong and Kwa Hong who he cursed "kuntilanak", he remembered how he had eaten snake meat with the father and son. Now, seeing that his hands were wrapped around a pure yellow gold snake, to tease Giam Kin, Beng San without any further hesitation then….. bit the snake's neck. One bite will break the snake's neck.