The King Of Sword Volume 6

volume 06

“The Pek-lian-pai people are really arrogant, relying on their own intelligence to insult other groups. Hmmm, if you don't get hit, your head will get bigger!" Just as her smooth, melodious voice stopped, her slender body had already flashed towards Tan Sam. In an instant she had sent three kinds of attacks to the old man, namely stabs to the eyes with two fingers of the left hand followed by a punch with the right hand towards the chest and the left foot kick flew too!

Tan Sam did not dare to play around like when he faced the rough robbers earlier. From this woman's movement, it is known that she met a formidable opponent who had strange and vile martial arts moves. He quickly dodged and parried, dissolving the three kinds of attacks. What a surprise when he felt his forearm feel hot and itchy as he warded off the blow of her right hand. On the other hand, the beautiful woman herself was surprised and surprised to see that her three attacks could be dispelled by this grandfather.

"Miss, hold on. Why are you hostile to the Pek-lian-pai?" asked Tan Sam who was curious. However, his face turned pale when he saw that the woman had taken out an object which turned out to be five lotus flowers of five colors on one stalk. These five kinds of lotuses are made of hard metal and their stems are the hilts of weapons.

"Eh..... I wish..... Ngo-lian-kauwcu (the head of the Five Lotus Religion)..." was only at this point Tan Sam could say because the strange weapon in the form of the five lotuses had been moved towards him. Tan Sam tried to dodge, but suddenly his head became dizzy, his eyes glared and one of the five lotuses hit his shoulder. This old man groaned and fell on his back, his face turning black and his breathing stopped.

Seeing his teacher dead, Tan Hok, the big tall young man, was shocked. “Female demon…… You kill people?”

The woman smiled and her rows of white teeth gleamed like regular pearls. His clear sharp eyes squinted and moved quickly to explore Tan Hok's tall, big and strong muscular body, seeming to imagine admiration.

"Eh giant boy, what's your name?" This question was asked with a smooth, flirtatious voice.

"My name is Tan Hok and I have to avenge death......"

"Never mind, you just come with me to be my student. Of course someday you will become a great hero who has no equal.."

"You demon!" Tan Hok lunged furiously, his big fist smashed into the woman's head. But with a calm demeanor the beautiful woman raised her left hand to parry. A pair of arms met. It was strange to see, the woman's arms were small and thin skin smooth but nevertheless. met Tan Hok who was big and strong, muscled as if stuck together. Tan Hok felt his strength was gone, he tried to pull his arm back, but to no avail. Instead the woman's hand touched his hard chin, then hand This right slide continued downwards. On the other hand, when Tan Hok's body fell limp because his blood flow was finely but the result was extraordinary. Tan Hok tried to move his body but all the veins in his body would not obey his will, he remained weak and helpless.However, he can move his eyes and mouth, so he then curses uncontrollably.

As for the robbers, when they heard Tan Sam's grandfather mention Ngo-lian-kauwcu's name, they were both shocked and overjoyed. Ang-bin Piauw-to immediately led his already injured men to kneel before the women! that beautiful.

"Ah, may it be Kim-thouw Thian-li (Golden Headed Angel) who saves our humble and foolish lives. The seven Siauwte thank Thian-li..."

"Enough, enough, don't talk too much," the woman interrupted, waving her hand. This was indeed Kim-thouw Thian-li, the head of the Ngo-lian-kauw association, a woman of high intelligence. She was in her thirties, but she still looked like a teenage girl. As the only student of Hek-hwa Kui-bo, of course his intelligence was great.

"It's better for you to catch this rude mouth so that he doesn't curse like that," he said, pointing at Tan Hok who was still cursing at him.

"Okay Thian-li. Let me kill this bastard!" said Ang-bin Piauw-to, quickly pulling out his machete that was stuck in the wall.

"You don't have to kill him, just chain him up so he doesn't curse anymore. Force him to become my student."

Ang-bin Piauw-to was astonished, but of course he did not dare to argue. He took a whip and began to whip the big tall body that was lying on its side. Meanwhile, Kim-thouw Thian-li then took the nails, nothing was left behind instead he snatched Pek-han-ting's bag of nails from Tan Sam's corpse. Smiling with satisfaction he kept the nails in the bag under his shirt, then he returned to Tan Hok who was being beaten. The head of Ngo-lian-kauw was even more amazed when he saw the head of the robber panting with sweat while the whip had been destroyed, but the body was not injured at all, only his shattered clothes showed a very strong body.

"Hmmm, thick skin, huh? Try to let me whip him!" He took the whip with only the hilt left in Ang-bin Piauw-to's hand, then slapped the hilt gently towards Tan Hok's back. This time the big young man groaned in pain.

"If you don't accept being my disciple, I'll beat you again until you can't take the pain anymore," said Kim-thouw Thian-li, while the robbers looked on in surprise.

"You'd better kill. Want to kill quickly kill, why are you still fussing?" Tan Hok cursed in a weak voice because he felt a great pain but his eyes still glared bravely.

"You impudent, asking to be killed what's so difficult?" Ang-bin Piauw-to, who had become furious, raised his machete to slash at Tan Hok's neck. However, Kim-thouw waved her shawl and….. the machete was thrown from the rob chief's hand.

"Don't be presumptuous!" Kim-thouw Thian-li snapped, her clear eyes flashing a gleam. The robber's head was startled and he quickly knelt down.

"You and your friends must obey my orders.

"We obey, Thian-li," replied the robber head. "From now on, think of us as Thian-li's men.

Kim-thouw Thian-ii laughed sweetly. "Okay, I want to see if you guys are loyal enough. Not far from here, at the top of Mount Hek-niauw-san, there is a temple. The Hwesio-hwesio in the temple is Siauw-lim-pai's disciple. You go over there and do this. ....." This woman then took the head of the robber away from Tan Hok and whispered while handing over some Pek-lian-ting fruit that he had collected earlier. The head of the robber nodded, then with his friends he left the shop. Phang Kwi didn't come because he wasn't Ang-bin Piauw-to's subordinate anymore.

Kim-thouw Thian-li glanced at the shopkeeper. "Why haven't you gone with the others yet?"

Phang Kwi quickly saluted "Sorry, Thian-li, I am the owner of this shop, not Ang-bin-twako's subordinate..."

"Hmmm, then hurry up the old man's corpse. Bury him far away."

Phang Kwi was furious, but he didn't dare to argue. It was good that the grandfather's corpse was neither big nor heavy, so he immediately carried him on his back. After Phang Kwi left the woman knelt down to approach Tan Hok. Her smile grew sweeter and her eyes gleamed strangely. He touched Tan Hok's broad and strong chest.

"A strong and valiant person," he said slowly half whispered. "Tan Hok, why are you so stubborn? You come with me and you will live a life full of pleasure. I feel sorry for you...."

Tan Hok is a young man who besides being green, is also honest and stupid. He couldn't understand the hidden meaning in the woman's words and demeanor, he thought that she really felt sorry for him. This reminded her of the fact that her teacher, the only person in the world who had anything to do with her had died, so her eyes got wet and she cried!

Kim-thouw Thian-li caressed the young man's cheek, and said, "Don't grieve, sweet child. Let me heal you and you come with me." His thirsty fingers touched the shoulders and back and in another moment Tan Hok had recovered his strength and was able to move as usual. But when he saw the woman put his arm around him and was about to help him up in an affectionate manner, he also felt that this was inappropriate and inappropriate. So he struggled and ran away.

"Tan Hok, let's come with you to my place. From this moment on you will not only be my student, but also a ..... friend, 'my good'," said Kim-thouw Thian-li with a smile and eye-catching flirtatious glance.

Tan Hok didn't understand what he meant, "I can't go with you, nor do I want to come. You've killed my teacher, how can I be your disciple? Let alone be a good friend. From now on, you are my enemy."

Kim-thouw Thian-li was shocked and disappointed. "Idiot! I pity and like you, want to help you. Don't you want to accept it?"

Tan Hok repeatedly shook his head. "Can't..... can't..... now I lost to you, next time maybe I can win to avenge what you did to the temperature.....'

From disappointed the woman became angry. "Bastard, you'd rather die. If you incriminate your teacher, well, you follow him to hell!" After saying that, Kim-thouw Thian-li attacked with a death blow. Tan Hok, who considered this woman his greatest enemy, was already prepared and quickly parried. Kim-thouw Thian-li was curious and launched a barrage of attacks. This woman's level of intelligence is already higher than Tan Sam, how can Tan Hok be against her? Only three moves this young man was knocked over by a kick. Kim-thouw Thian-li stepped forward, moving her shawl to hit Tan Hok's head.

"Kim Li, hold on.....! Don't kill people...!" suddenly there was a loud noise from outside the stall and a handsome and dashing young man jumped in. Kim-thouw Thian-li resisted his attack and quickly the fierce face returned full of smiles and sweet glances. He immediately turned and greeted the young man's arrival with joy.

"Kwee-koko (Kwee's brother), have you followed here? Ah, I'm beating up a bad guy!" With swaying steps, she pulled the woman over to the white-faced youth with a smile, then grabbed his arm.

The young man turned to Tan Hok, his face showing embarrassment because the woman's loving attitude was shown in front of other people.

"Go and change your way of life, be a good person," he told Tan Hok.

With his eyes still glaring with anger, Tan Hok left the stall. His heart was hot and angry with the woman who besides having killed her teacher, injured her and also slandered herself against the white-faced young man who helped her. On the other hand, even though he thinks that this handsome young man is not a good person, Tan Hok is an honest person and knows people's manners, so he feels he owes his life to the young man who he knows is a descendant of Kwee.

After Tan Hok left, Kim-thouw Thian-li took the young man's hand while leaning on him. He invited the young man to sit at the table.

"Kwee-koko, why are you following here? And don't be so gloomy all the time, isn't there Siauw-moi (Adinda) by your side? Hey, food stallion! Hurry up, have the best wine and cook whatever meat you have. Hurry up!"

The young man seemed to have lost his enthusiasm and complied and was invited to sit side by side on a chair facing the table. His handsome face was gloomy, but his eyes shone slightly when he faced the friendly and loving servant Kim-thouw Thian-li.

Who is this handsome white-faced young man? No other person, he is the youngest person from Kun-lun Sam-hengte whose name is Kwee Sin whose nickname is Pek-lek-jiu (Glass Hand)! This is Kim-eng-cu's fiancé, Liem Sian Hwa, Hoa-san's student.

Even though the youngest of Pek Gan Siansu's disciples, the master of Kun-lun-pai, but Kwee Sin has high intelligence, he has inherited the famous Kun-lun swordsmanship in the martial world. He is only twenty-two years old and since childhood, Kwee Sin, who is fatherless, has lived at the peak of Kun-lun, serving his temperature. Because of this, he became the beloved disciple of the head of Kun-lun-pai. Only sometimes the teacher who is old and treats Kwee Sin like his own son gives Kwee Sin an opportunity to go down the mountain and expand his experience in the crowded world.

Kwee Sin's acquaintance with the chairman of Ngo-lian-kauw was not long ago. It happened a few months ago when Kwee Sin was descending the mountain to fulfill the task assigned to him by his temperature, namely to find out the state of the busy world about the rebellions against the Mongol government. Pek Gan Siansu, the chairman of Kun-lun-pai, in his youth was also a warrior, a patriot. So now hearing about the movement of brave people against the rule of the colonial government, his spirits were awakened, he became very happy. However, he was too old to go down the mountain on his own, he was already over seventy years old, so he then ordered his disciple to go down the mountain to investigate.

"After you go down the mountain to investigate, don't forget to stop by your future mother-in-law's house in Lamb-bi-chung." Chairman Kun-lun-pai's message to his disciples. "I'm old, want to see you married this year too."

Kwee Sin became red in the face. His handsome white face always turns red every time people talk or remind him of his fiancé, Liem Sian Hwa. Red with embarrassment, embarrassed with happiness every time he thought of his fiancé's face, which was simple, vibrant and valiant. He himself is a warrior spirit, so he has a very famous fiancé whose name is a lihiap (woman warrior), a prominent person from Hoa-san Sie-eng who is admired and respected, of course he feels very happy. He had already imagined how one day with Sian Hwa by his side, they would be a pair of warriors who would become defenders of truth and justice and uphold the good names of Hoa-san-pai and Kun-lun-pai. Their children will certainly become great warriors too.

After getting ready, not forgetting to bring his sword that had made him famous for so long, this young man descended the mountain full of joy. He headed on south and east, exploring the big cities, listening and seeking information.

He had heard a lot about the patriotic movements of secret societies that sprang up like mushrooms in the rainy season, especially about the actions of Pek-lian-pai who were the most persistent in resisting the colonial government. So it is not surprising that he felt sympathy for the association and wanted him to establish a relationship. However, this Pek-lian-pai association turned out to be very secret, it was not easy to know who the leader was and where he could meet the members.

One day Kwe Sin arrived in Sinyang and he visited the residence of his two suhengs, namely Bun Si Teng and Bun Si Liong, the first and second persons of Kun-lun Sam-hengte. While he was walking comfortably and arrived at the crossroads outside the village where his suhengs lived, from afar he saw a black horse ridden by a middle-aged man dressed in white coming racing from the east. At that very moment, from the north also came galloping a horse ridden by a boy in his twenties, between thirteen and fourteen, who was stout and strong. Kwee Sin was very surprised to see the arrival of these two horses that ran like flying at the same time. The bend in the intersection from the east and north was covered by a thicket of trees so that the two horsemen of course could not see each other's arrival, and probably couldn't hear the other's hooves either because of the noise of the horse's own hooves. Kwee Sin who came from the south saw this clearly and his heart was worried that the two horses would meet and collide at the crossroads.

The thing he was worried about happened. The two horses galloped very fast and soon they were approaching the crossroads. After coming within close range, Kwee Sin called out, “Watch out……”

The two horses were at hand and it was impossible to prevent another terrible collision. The two horsemen, a middle-aged man dressed in white and a young man on a white horse, also saw the threat of this danger.

"Ouw-ma (dark horse), ride...! The middle-aged man shouted and suddenly his horse let out a loud neigh and his body jumped high over the white horse that was running fast. But as high as the horse's sudden jump, even if it can step over a horse, it seems that between its four legs it will certainly kick the rider on the white horse, the boy. Kwee Sin was horrified and powerless to help, his eyes wide open and his heart pounding.

It was only a moment. The black horse jumped over the white horse, its four legs almost touched the white horse's back and safely jumped over the horse that broke under it. Dust was billowing high and..... Kwee Sin didn't see the boy on the white horse's back again

"Woe...!" he cried, thinking that the boy must have been hit by a horse's kick and thrown dead or at least badly injured. But he immediately gaped in amazement and astonishment when he saw that the boy had turned out to be very clever when another horse had jumped on his horse, had hung himself under the horse's belly and now safe and sound he had turned himself back on the horse's back. But the boy seemed surprised too. He held the reins of his horse and stopped the horse his face was a little pale. But the middle-aged man just turned his head, laughing giddily, continuing to whip his horse, racing faster and faster.

"Idiot, stop you!" Kwee Sin jumped up to catch the black horse rider.

"Kwee-susiok (Uncle Teacher Kwee), don't go after him'." Suddenly the boy shouted. Kwee Sin was shocked and stopped running. He turned and looked at the boy more closely.

"Eh, may it be you, Lim Kwi?" He ran over to her with joy. "No wonder you're so good at riding a horse, I wish you'" The boy jumped down and saluted. He was indeed Bun Lim Kwi, the only son of Bun Si Teng, the first master of Kun-lun Sam-hengte! As a horse trader, of course Bun Si Teng and his younger brother, Bun Si Liong, besides having high martial arts skills as descendants of Kun-lun-pai, have also studied horse keeping and horse riding. Bun Lim kwi of course also studied this science, so thanks to his knowledge of riding a horse, he escaped from a terrible death.

"Lim Kwi, where are you from and why do you look sad? Also, why did you stop me from chasing that bastard?" Kwee Sin asked a barrage of questions.

"Kwee-susiok, there is indeed a connection between your questions. Uncle Bun Si Liong was seriously injured by a Pek-lian-pai member, I went to Twi-ciu to buy medicine for uncle. seeing his intelligence and all-white clothes, it seems that a Pek-lian-pai member is also hostile to us..."

"Ahhh...." Kwee Sin said curiously. "If he really is hostile towards your family, why did you even prevent me from chasing and beating him? Was ji-suheng's (Second Senior Brother) injury very serious?"

"Kwee-susiok, Pek-Lian-pai's members are very shrewd and while my uncle is injured, it wouldn't be good to expand hostility with them." The answer of this ten-year-old boy secretly amazed Kwee Sin. What a broad-minded child, he thought.

"How's the wound, ji-suheng?"

Bun Lim Kwi took a deep breath.

"It's too hard, thanks to the clever healer. I'll let Susiok hear about the problem from father later...."

"You're right, let's go to your house quickly, I want to see Ji-suheng." The two then quickly entered the village where Bun Lim Kwi and his father lived.

The Bun family's house is quite large, in fact it has a very large backyard, because there were built large stables for their pets and merchandise, namely horses. As a horse trader, Bun Si Teng has succeeded and he has more and more horses. Almost all the brave people who need horses, or horse traders from other regions, always come to see him because apart from the Bun family being honest and never overvaluing their horses, their horses are always the horses of choice because Bun Si Teng is clever in choosing horses. In front of the fairly large building, there are several shady tree trunks, bringing a shady and pleasant atmosphere to the courtyard of the house. Several fat chickens were busy pecking at the grain and bran scattered in the yard so that the atmosphere in the shady place was safe and peaceful, not imagining anything sad. Only for a moment Kwee Sin can feel . This serenity of the atmosphere was because he immediately rushed into the building when he remembered his ji-suheng state as he had heard from Lim Kwi.

The arrival of Kwee Sin and Lim Kwi was greeted by Mrs. Bun Si Teng, Lim Kwi's mother who hastily asked, "How is Kwi-ji (Kwi's son), did you get the medicine?"

Lim Kwi nodded and the madam just saw the appearance of Kwee Sin behind her son. He immediately greeted him with a sad face and Kwee Sin immediately expressed his desire to see the injured Bun Si Liong. The three of them entered the inner room and in Bun Si Liong's room, this dashing man lay on his back with a pale face while Bun Si Teng, his older brother, sat by the bed with a gloomy face.

"Ah, you came, Kwee-sute? What a coincidence!" said Bun Si Teng, his face slightly radiant as if he had received new hope.

"Siauwte heard about Ji-suheng's injury, how is he?"

Kwee Sin approached the bed. Bun Si. Liong opened his eyes and looked at Kwee Sin, smiling sadly.

"We're disappointed, Sute..... it turns out that Peklian-pai is not a good person....."

"Let us count with them later, Ji-suheng. What you need now is to seek treatment first so that you get well soon," comforted this fellow teacher. He found out that apart from suffering a blow that injured the inside of his chest, this suhengnya also suffered serious injuries to his shoulders and stomach due to the secret nail weapon which is famously used by the Pek-lian-pai association, namely Pek-lian-ting. Mrs. Bun Si Teng was busy cooking medicine for her sister-in-law and Bun Si Teng then briefly told Kwee Sin about the incident.

"A few weeks ago a person came here claiming to be Pek-lian-pai's envoy who needed twenty good horses. Liong-te and I (Liong's younger brother) felt sympathy to hear Pek-lian-pai's good name as an association of the patriots, gladly selected twenty horses at the lowest possible price.Even when that man, who claimed to be named Thio Sian, expressed admiration for seeing my own steed, I heard that he was willing to hand the horse over to him as a token of friendship.

The she Thio man asked the two of us to like to take horses into the forest thirty li away from here. Because I wanted to get acquainted with the characters of Pek-lian-pai, I and Liong-te myself set out three days ago to take the horses there. What a wretched......" Bun Si Teng who was tall like the ancient hero Kwan In Tiang clenched his big fists and gritted his teeth. Kwee Sin listened attentively.

"Just as we entered the forest with twenty horses, suddenly five people dressed in white and white appeared and they attacked us with Pek-lian-ting nails. Of course we could have saved ourselves from this dark attack and before we could when they asked why they did that, they had come forward to gang up. Liong-te and I were forced to fight. The five men were armed with machetes and their martial arts skills were quite skilled. However, Liong-te and I were not afraid and were able to serve them well. well, even with our combined swordsmanship we can push them."

Kwee Sin clenched his fists and was very interested. He was quite aware of the shrewdness of his two masters, especially if they combined their swordsmanship, it would not be easy to defeat people, even with beatings.

His twa-suheng, Bun Si Teng, is very good at swordsmanship and coupled with playing a big bow in his left hand, he is a man who is hard to compare. As for the black-faced Bun Si Liong, in his right hand he holds a sword while in his left hand he holds a machete. His swordsmanship is mixed with machete so that his movements are very difficult to predict the opponent.

If these two people merge into one, it's not playing strong. "Then what, Twa-suheng? How did Ji-suheng get hurt?" asked Kwee Sin curiously.

"Painful indeed!" Bun Si Teng pounded the table. "Pek-lian-pai's people are cowardly and evil. After we started to press, suddenly a woman's laughter sounded, her laughter was loud and sweet, but she couldn't see the person. You know, even though your Ji-suheng is strong per-kasa, always very afraid and nervous when dealing with women. Hearing this laughing voice, he seemed very nervous so when from an unknown place came grabbing Pek-lian-ting's nails, he was not fast enough and was injured by a nail. "

"Ahhh.....!" Kwee Sin exclaimed, both curious and astonished.

"The nails that were grabbed this time were removed by people with high knowledge," said Bun Si Teng explaining. "When I parried the spikes with my sword, my palms *tooed. Seeing my sister injured, I turned my weapon and went on a rampage recklessly. For the time being they couldn't interfere with Liong-te. However... again the woman's voice called out for the five gangsters to press on me, then the woman who was hiding told the gangsters to push from one direction, from the front only so they wouldn't surround her.

Then it seemed that he himself was raining Pek-lian-ting nails on me. I became very desperate, even in a dangerous situation. One of the bandits got a chance to attack the injured Brother Liong. Liong-te was still able to fight back, but again a nail cut him, this time in his stomach and the first one hurt his shoulder. These wounds, which turned out to be poisonous, left him paralyzed so that he was hit in the chest."

"Bastard...!" Kwee Sln said excited

"Seeing that my brother's condition was in danger, I charged towards my brother and managed to knock the assailant down with my bow. Whether he's dead or not, but at least his head must be cracked!" Bun Si Teng was excited. "Then I made the decision to save Liong-te, because the enemy was too strong. I managed to snatch Liong-te's body and I ran home. They took the horses and when the next day I took some of the disciples to visit the forest, there it was already there's not a single Pek-lian-pai member."

Kwee Sin patted his thigh angrily. "Ah, if I knew that, I wouldn't have let that brat go away just like that!"

Bun Si Teng looked on in surprise. "Who do you mean, Sute?"

Kwee Sin then told about the horse rider who had almost harmed Bun Lim Kwi. Hearing this Bun Si Teng's brows furrowed.

"Hmmm, then they are not only trying to take the horses, they are also deliberately trying to antagonize my family. Ah, you happened to come, Sute. I've done some research and heard that the human named Thio Sian is in the village of Hek-siong-san not far from here. . I was going to look for him there to make calculations. Now you happen to come and it makes my heart a bit relieved to leave the house. Who knows while I'm away, they'll come to make a mess while Liong-te is still not well. You can represent me on guard at home."

"Twa-suheng, I think Twa-suheng will take care of the house, let me represent Suheng to find the evil Thio Sian in Hek-siong-san. It's clear that Pek-lian-pai is cheating, if Suheng himself goes there, lest they set a trap because they already know you. But if I go, they don't know me yet, so it would be easier for me to move around. I just hope Suheng can give you a clear picture of what she Thio looks like."

Hearing Kwee Sin's words, Bun Si Teng nodded his head. It is undeniable, Kwee Sin's words are absolutely true. In addition, he already believes in the intelligence of this sutenya which is not much different from his own intelligence. After all, keeping at home is an obligation that is no less important, it is also very dangerous because in addition to having to protect his wife's children, he must also protect his sister who is sick.

"Okay, Kwee-sute. But you have to be really careful because even if it's about martial arts skills you don't have to worry about facing them, but they are cunning and very cheating. It's easy to get to know She Thio people. small long and above his right cheek there is a red mole. He speaks in a northern tongue."

After receiving an explanation from his master, Kwee Sin Jalu went to do his job, looking for the big enemy of his master in Hek-siong-san village. The hamlet was small, but it wasn't easy for Kwee Sin to find Thio Sian. It seems that no one knows this person in Hek-siong-san.

Finally he got information about this person from an arak stall owner. "A tall, thin man with a small mustache and a red mole on his right cheek? Ah, right, he once bought wine here, in fact I saw him passing here heading east."

Hearing this information, Kwee Sin thanked him and quickly gave chase to the east. To the east of this village there is a small forest. Without hesitation Kwee Sin entered this forest, even though it was already getting dusk. The black clover tree forest looks dark. He saw that the forest was silent, not even a forest animal could be seen.

Suddenly he smelled smoke and saw smoke rising high from the left. Sneaking around he approached and excitedly he saw a man facing a bonfire. This man matched Thio Sian's self-image and was even more delighted to see this man alone, with no one else there. Kwee Sin bravely and bravely then jumped up and stood with his hands on his hips.

"She Thio people, be prepared to reckon with your cowardly and underhanded deeds!" he snapped, pulling out his sword.

The tall, skinny man smiled, then stood up quietly.

"It was hard for you to look for me in Hek-siong-san, then chased here on the testimony of the wine seller. Can meet after I burn these dry leaves. Eh, dashing young man, what is the need for you to look for me Thio Sian? "

Kwee Sin was shocked. May the person he is looking for know beforehand of his arrival. Really dangerous. Secretly he glanced left and right to see if this person had set a trap. He felt trepidation too, but as a warrior he didn't want to show this.

"Don't pretend," he said mockingly. "You have dared to deceive Kun-lun Sam-hengte, deceived my two suhengs, even injured my ji-suheng with cowardly beatings. You know, I Kwee Sin won't let someone like you insult Ji-suheng like that!"

The man smiled and then flinched. "Eh, I wish it was Pek-lek-jiu Kwee-enghiong who came. It's been a long time since I've heard of Kwee-enghiong's big name, and I, stupid Thio Sian, have also been very lucky to meet the two dashing Bun brothers..."

Kwee Sin's heart ached. "She Thio people, don't pretend to sell sweet mouths. Watch out for my sword!" He felt that he was being played with and worried that he might be framed so he quickly launched an attack.

"Eh, uh, really hot-blooded!" That person easily dodged Kwee Sin again with his sword so that he couldn't help but pull out a machete and parry.

"You want to test your intelligence? Alright, there's no problem in a quiet place we play, let us fulfill the requirements of introduction by competing first.

At other times, the two of them had an exciting match. Kwee Sin secretly has to admit the greatness of his opponent who has a very fast and strong machete. It was hard for him to put all his strength and intelligence, but still he was unable to push his opponent. He was getting restless. If there was just one more friend against him, he would be in misery and would not be able to win. So he started to make left-handed punches, which were very powerful Pek-lek-jiu punches.

"Ayaaa..... you really want to take the lives of innocent people?" Thio Sian looked surprised and quickly dodged. "Let's talk first."

But where will Kwee Sin stop? In fact, he attacks more and more with his sword and punches. Suddenly Thio Sian also attacked with his left hand, hitting long range punches to match the Pek-lek-jiu of the young champion Kun-jun-pai.

By that time it was getting dark. The battle had lasted almost a hundred moves. Thio Sian repeatedly asked to be stopped, but Kwee Sin did not want to care. Suddenly a small red shadow flashed towards Thio Sian. This man was surprised to parry with his machete. The shadow turned out to be a handkerchief and Thio Sian let out a startled cry, his body stumbling backwards.

“Aaahhhhh….. you….. you allied with him……?” He groaned and suddenly his left hand threw some Pek-lian-ting at Kwee Sin. This attack suddenly came. Kwee Sin had tried to avoid himself, but a Pek-lian-tin nail stuck precisely in the blood path near his neck. His eyes darkened and Kwee Sin groaned softly and then collapsed!

When Kwee Sin opened his eyes groaning in pain, he was surprised and shocked to find himself lying on the bed in a room that smelled good. His neck felt hot and sore, until his head was throbbing. But he forced himself to sit up. The bedroom door creaked open, then closed again. Kwee Sin turned his head and….. his eyes widened when he saw a very beautiful young woman enter the room with a sweet smile.

"You..... who are you.....?" Kwee Sin was about to jump down. The woman took light and quick steps, suddenly was on the edge of the bed, then froze and said, in polite and melodious words.

"Please Taihiap calm down and don't be surprised, let Siauw-moi explain.."

“But….. but it's not at all worthy of us… to be here……”

"Sssssttt......" It was so sweet when the woman put her index finger in front of her mouth and her lips made this sound to prevent the young man from making noise. "Taihiap, don't make a fuss, if you hear the innkeepers and guests, we will even get embarrassed. Listen to Siauw-moi talk...." The woman with a polite but very sweet attitude pulled then sat on the bench in front of the bed. while gesturing with his hand for Kwee Sin to lie back down. "You lie down, your wound still hasn't healed and needs to rest."

Because his head was throbbing and dizzy, Kwee Sin was forced to obey and lay down, even though his heart felt very bad. He's a dashing man, how can he be in the same room with a beautiful girl now? Truly disgraceful and defamatory!

"Taihiap, I was forced to bring you into this inn. You were badly injured by Pek-lian-ting's nails. You fainted, your injuries were severe, hitting the main blood vessel in your neck. Without prompt and proper treatment, your condition will be very dangerous. . In the silent forest, how, I can help you? That's why I was forced to take you to this inn, renting a room."

"But..... but......," Kwee Sin protested, "why only roommate? Whereas, you and I..... male and female, it's really inappropriate......"

The woman's face became very red, especially on her cheeks, making her look even more beautiful. "Sorry, Taihiap. I..... I have to admit that we..... we are husband and wife....."

"Ahhh!" Kwee Sin was startled and was about to get up, but his neck hurt so bad and he fell back down.

"I had to, Taihiap. If I didn't admit that, it would certainly raise suspicions. I confessed to being a husband and wife on a cruise, then you had an accidental fall from a horse. After I confessed that we were husband and wife, no one noticed or suspected anything.

Kwee Sin was silent. He felt the truth of this woman's words. He glanced and saw the woman shrugging her forehead with a red handkerchief. Suddenly he remembered and he forced himself to sit up.

"You... were you the one who attacked and knocked down Thio Sian and helped me?" He looked sharply, hesitating. The woman blushed again, while nodding, smiled and said slowly, "We should help each other. -help, let alone face a big villain like that Pek-lian-pai character. When I saw a Pek-lian-pai fighting against you, I without hesitation sided with you, Taihiap. Don't know, what is the name of the noble Taihiap?"

While sitting Kwee Sin quickly raised both hands in salute.

"Ah, I wish Miss. was my savior. Thank you very much, Miss for helping and saving my life. I am a fool named Kwee Sin and may I know the big name of Taihiap (Miss Swordsman)?"

"My name is..... Kim Li, she (surname) Cou. Kwee-taihiap, since I already confessed to being husband and wife, in order to dispel people's suspicions, I hope you don't mention lihiap... just say my name, and .....and if I may I prefer to call you Kwee-koko (Kwee's brother)......"

Kwee Sin's heart was pounding, but at that moment his neck hurt so much that his head was throbbing. He closed his eyes and groaned softly. The woman, who was none other than Kim-thouw Thian-li or Ngo-lian-kauwcu the head of Ngo-lian-pai, immediately approached. He gently and tenderly put his palm on Kwee Sin's forehead and said sweetly.

"You're starting to catch a fever, Kwee-koko. But it's okay, you go to sleep, let me cook you some medicine."

This woman very carefully took care of Kwee Sin. His attitude was full of love and affection, for two days and two nights he never left the room, never slept.

Even though he was suffering from a fever, Kwee Sin still remembered all this and secretly he felt very touched and grateful. Never in his life had he had someone so kind to him, not even his own fiancé, Ms. Liem Sian Hwa, had never been so sweet and loving. Kwee Sin is a young man who is still green in the face of women's temptations.

He had not been able to distinguish between pure love and the affection that was conceived in the heart of a woman like Kim-thouw Thian li. It is undeniable that even though he is young, Kwee Sin has a lot of experience in the world of kangouw, but regarding love, he is really still green and his heart is still clean so he considers her attitude as a truly pure love.

After all, Kim-thouw Thian-li really fell in love with this young Kun-lun-pai master. Seeing the clean and honest attitude of Kwee Sin, who is always polite and never wants to violate decency, this woman feels ashamed and afraid of herself to be too flirtatious. However, with his cleverness in persuading, he succeeded in bringing a sense of emotion to Kwee Sin's heart and this young man's heart began to regret why he was not married to a girl like Coa Kim Li!

On the third day, Kwee Sin had recovered. He then thanked Coa Kim Li or who was actually nicknamed Kim-thouw thian-li.

"Little brother Kim Li," she said tearfully, "I feel indebted to you. If I am Kwee Sin unable to repay your favor, then Thian will be the one to repay it. Now that we have to part, I will continue my journey and I will not dare to disturb you again."

Kim-thouw Thian-li smiled sweetly, but her eyes showed her sorrow, "Kwee-koko, why do we have to separate? What's wrong with us traveling together? Koko, I... for some reason, in my life I have never I have a….. best friend like you. I… it would be very difficult for me to part from your side.”

Kwee Sin was even more moved, especially when he saw two clear tears falling from those beautiful eyes. He held both of Kim Li's hands and his voice trembled, "Kim Li, believe me, I also have feelings like you. You are the only woman who has been very good to me in my entire life. valiantly traveling with a man. Your reputation will be tarnished. Second...."

"Kwee-koko, what do you think about it? We brave people don't need to listen to the barking of dogs on the roadside!"

Kwee Sin smiled bitterly. "You're right, but like it or not, we have to avoid false guesses. Besides that, secondly... I have to be honest with you. Kim Li moi-moi, I... I... actually already….. already engaged……”

Strangely, the woman didn't look surprised or disappointed at all. Indeed, for someone like Kim-thouw Thian-li, the man she likes is still a boy, whether he is not engaged or married or has become a father. However, with his intelligence, he can make both cheeks turn red.

"Who..... who is she, Koko? Surely a beautiful and mighty girl?"

"About her beauty, I can't say she is very beautiful, at least..... er, not as beautiful as you. About her intelligence, of course she is shrewd because she is the youngest person of Hoa-san Sie-eng."

"Ahhh, he's Kim-eng-cu Liem Sian Hwa.....?"

"You already know him, Kim Li"

"Who doesn't know that the youngest person from Hoa-san Sie-eng is Kiam-eng-cu?" The red lips were puffy. "Hmmm, I thought the angels and heaven were magic!"

Kwee Sin's red face. He remembered that Kim Li had very high intelligence, perhaps not inferior to Liem Sian Hwa and who was clearly not inferior to himself. The proof, the shrewd Thio Sian was also knocked down by this woman. According to Kim Li's confession, he could kill Thio Sian in the forest and leave him alone.

"She's just a simple girl....." she finally said to get rid of her


"So you're going there now? Where is your fiancé's house, Koko?" "In Lam-bi-chung. I was forced to stop there to fulfill the temperature message, after a short stop I will return to Kun-lun."

"Good! The purpose of my trip is also through Lam-bi-chung. Can we travel together, Koko? Nearby is Pok-yang Lake, it's very beautiful especially at the beginning of the chun (spring) season like now. Kwee-koko, if then, let's go. I won't bother you, if you stop at Lamb-bi chung, I will distance myself!"

Kim Li's overjoyed attitude made Kwee Sin unable to refuse anymore. Especially when he remembered that he would really love to travel with this girl. If he had raised an objection earlier, it was only because he wanted to protect the girl's good name, then now hearing that the girl was about to go on a trip along with him, he was overjoyed.

"Li-moi, where are you actually going?" he asked seriously.

But the girl just laughed, laughed sweetly while slapping Kwee Sin's arm. "A lot of people ask what do you want? Better hurry up and get going!" Kwee Sin laughed happily to see the girl running behind to find the maid and told her that they were about to leave the inn.

And indeed Kwee Sin's guess. The journey he took with Coa Kim Li was truly heart-warming. How much different it would be from the journey he had taken alone before he met this girl. Before they left the village, Kwee Sin first stopped at Sin-yang, to the houses of Bun Si Teng and Bun Si Liong. Kim Li didn't want to come along and waited outside the village. This is actually considered a coincidence by Kwee Sin, because he himself also feels embarrassed and ashamed of his two brothers when they know that he is going to continue his journey with a beautiful girl.

Bun Si Teng and Bun Sin Liong who have recovered, feel happy and relieved to see the appearance of Kwee Sin. At first these two Suheng people were very worried because this Sute had not appeared for several days. Bun Si Teng had instead followed into the forest and you can imagine how shocked and surprised he was when in the middle of the forest he found the corpse of Thio Sian crying by a girl aged nine or ten! While he was dumbfounded and surprised because he didn't see his sute near that place, there was a loud noise, followed by a flash of a tall, large shadow and another moment when the corpse and the little girl had disappeared from there. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bun Sin Teng was startled and ran after the flashing shadows, but he only saw from a distance a big tall hwesio holding the little girl while holding Thio Sian's corpse, walking with wide strides will still be as fast as flying! Seeing the hwesio's left hand carrying an oar, Bu Si Teng turned pale because. he had heard of a magician who became the number one person in the eastern world, namely Tai-lek-sin Swi Lek Hosiang. Is it true that the hermit who had not descended the mountain for decades now suddenly appeared there?

After hearing the story of Kwee Sin who had succeeded in knocking down Thio Sian with the help of a female warrior named Coa Kim Li, the two Bun brothers breathed a sigh of relief.

"It's a pity that we are faced with a very bitter and disappointing reality. The Pek-lian-pai that we used to think of as an association of brave people with patriotic spirits, is now just a gathering of bad people. Sute, you have to give a report. What is clear is to the temperature, so that the old man will calm his heart and will not blame us if we don't help Pek lian-pai," said Bun Si Teng to his sute

After stating that he would return to Kun-lun-pai as soon as possible and stop at Lamb-bi-chung as his temperature ordered, Kwee Sin left Sin-yang hamlet, walking swiftly out of the village to meet his new friend, Miss Coa Kim Li. However, he was surprised and disappointed, also nervous because he did not see the lady who had been sitting waiting for him under a tree.

"Ow, woe. Where has he gone? I might be left behind. Maybe he's upset because I was at Suheng's house for too long...." He sat under the tree with a frown. Suddenly a laugh came from behind the tree. Kwee Sin quickly jumped up and looked, his face shining with light.

"Kim Li .....!" I was so happy to see that the lady didn't leave him, Kwee Sin grabbed his arms and almost hugged him. Kim Li smiled and his eyes were shining.

"Kwee-koko, why were you moping under the tree earlier?" Kim Li teased.

"I thought you had left me."

"Eh, so you're sad if I leave?"

"Sad.....? Of course..... uh, I... I...»..." Kwee Sin just felt that he had been baited without realizing it, provoked out his feelings.

Kim Li laughed, grabbed Kwee Sin's arm and said, "Never mind, let's continue our journey." Kwee Sin smiled, just letting his hands be held so that the two of them walked hand in hand, like lovers. Before he knew it, Kwee Sin had started to collapse, falling into the trap that the beautiful girl had set. Too clever Kim-thouw Thian-li to captivate with her beautiful face or too green Kwee Sin in the face of the cunning tactics of beautiful women?

After going through a journey full of joy for Kwee Sin, the joy of life that he was feeling for the first time, they finally arrived at Pok-yang Lake and the two of them, like a newlywed couple, cruised on a boat in this lake. Often times Kwee Sin was surprised to see that this girl turned out to have such a big influence everywhere. When they were about to enter the lake area, there was a group of soldiers who intercepted the travelers, then checked carefully. Indeed, this area is known as an area of rebel leaders, so the Mongol government held a careful guard. However, when they saw Coa Kim Li, they saluted and did not disturb the girl with Kwee Sin. In his astonishment Kwee Sin asked why this girl seemed to have power, but Kim Li just smiled and said,

Because Kim Li was good at answering and keeping questions, he was good at seducing, Kwee Sin didn't push any further. They cruised to their satisfaction in the very beautiful Pok Lake. Kwee Sin didn't know at all that his movements in this lake were known by his future father-in-law, Liem Ta, Liem Sian Hwa's father! And as stated earlier, Liem Ta came home angry and declared in front of his daughter that the engagement with Kwee Sin was terminated!

When Kwee Sin expressed his wish to Kim Li to visit the village of Lamb-bi-chung, to the house of his future wife, Kim Li smiled bitterly and said

"Teacher is on the same level as father, his words must be obeyed. You want to obey your teacher's message, you go and stop by the Liem family's house. But I can't go there too. Goodbye, Kwee-koko. Hope you don't forget Coa Kim Lee!" After saying that, as soon as she jumped the girl disappeared from in front of Kwee Sin. This young man was very sorry and wanted to pursue, but he knew that there was no way he could chase after Coa Kim Li who was more intelligent than him. Disappointed, deprived of joy and laziness he went alone to Lamb-bi-chung. Still expecting to see Kim Li return to Po-yang, he did not leave the lake before waiting three days. Only then did he go to Lamb-bi-chung after on the fourth day he still had not seen Kim Li again.

However, what did he find in the house? The house is closed and there are no occupants. There were still signs of mourning on the door of the empty house. You can imagine how shocked his heart was when he received information from the neighbors that his future father-in-law, Liem Ta, had been visited by criminals and killed while Liem Sian Hwa was away!

It has been stated in the front that Liem Sian Hwa breastfed Pok-yang to prove with his own eyes what his father said about Kwee Sin and a woman. It was a pity that he didn't meet the two of them and when he came home, his father was already injured and dead.

We return to Kwee Sin who became shocked and very sad. He received further information that Liem Sian Hwa after the death of his father then went with a man who was valiant called suhengnya. Kwee Sin could guess that Liem Sian Hwa must have gone with one of his three suhengs, namely people from Hoa-san Sie-eng.

"In any case, I have to find him," thought Kwee Sin. "Poor Sian Hwa, I have to express my regret and comfort her." In this thought he imagined Sian Hwa's face. But how surprised the girl's face gradually turned into Kim Li's smiling and seducing face! He quickly exerted his strength to drive away Kim Li's face and his cheeks turned red. Ah, if only I hadn't lingered with Kim Li on the way, if I could have arrived at Lamb-bi-chung a few weeks earlier, I wish I could have prevented the murder of my future in-laws!

Kwee Sin's heart grew heavier as he continued his journey away from Lamb-bi-chung. At first he was already disappointed and depressed because Kim Li left him like that without telling him where and when he could meet the girl again. Now added to the sad events that befell his future wife's family, Kwee Sin's heart became sad and he then decided to just go back to Kup-lun-san.

One evening he arrived outside the town of Leng-ki. On the road it was very quiet not a single human in sight. Kwee Sin walked with his head bowed. In the past few days his face looked thin and a bit pale. Suddenly he heard something grabbing his way. As a young master who is highly intelligent, this young man's body is always in a state of readiness. He quickly tilted his body and his hands automatically parried, snatching the object. Before looking at the object he could knock down, he frantically jumped in the direction from which it had grabbed, his eyes searching intently. However, there was no visible human around the place which was already getting dark. Now his attention was directed to the object that grabbed him earlier.