The King Of Sword Volume 5

volume 05

Oops, cheating ..... oh, cheating ..., and the big tall people who have the soul of these children and then cry! But while crying he attacked! even more powerful so that both opponents had to play backwards a lot because it was not dangerous to play Koai Atong's kick that was like a child being angry.

Kwa Hong was very worried to see that his friend was crying and seemed in pain.

"Tosu-tosu stinks! Grandparents want to die! Shameless, cih, shameless. Already playing keroyokan is still cheating!" Kwa Hong swears until the two men turn red.

"Shut up, son of a bitch!" snapped his grandfather with a fly on his cheek

'' You who are silent, tosu bau! Ahhh, when I grow up, I'll rub your mole on that cheek, I'll replace it with buffalo dung! "Kwa Hong cursed and this cursing made Koai Atong who had been crying laugh out loud.

"Ha-ha-ha, right! Replace it with people's shit, it smells even more!" But after he laughed, his attack was less strong and he had to be pushed back again. Kwa Hong sees this becoming more and more worrying. Koai Atong can be cunning, but he is less inquisitive and like a child, his two opponents are very cunning.

At that moment, the kidnapper secretly approached Kwa Hong. He thought that the boy was bothering his two siblings, and seeing that the stranger was desperate, he got a chance to catch Kwa Hong. Once close he hit the boy. Kwa Hong, who had learned a lot of martial arts, quickly slammed himself backwards until the collision missed and ..... suddenly Koai Atong moved his left hand from a distance by pushing. Without further ado, the kidnapper's body was thrown into the well water!

Koai Atong laughed heartily, and Kwa Hong was amused to see how the unfortunate kidnapper was once again swearing while swimming to the edge and crawling up in his soaking wet clothes. But Kwa Hong, who was a bit smarter than Koai Atong, immediately remembered the strange man's left hand movement.

"Koai Atong, use your left hand, turn around and hit ....." He remembered how clever Koai Atong's left hand, which had beaten back the kidnappers, had just been shown again when he pushed the kidnapper's body into the well.

As the newcomer remembered, Koai Atong stopped his laughter and said, "Wow, yes, I got hurt. Eh, This is my blow, buffalo nose tosu!" He twisted his left hand with a funny movement like a person ... slipped the car, then pushed the two keys forward.

The two tosu still did not suspect that this strange and funny movement was Jing-tok-ciang's punch movement, so as soon as they were pushed, they let out a startled shout, staggering back with pale faces and shortness of breath.

"Wretched .....!" They shouted and quickly they fled as if being chased by a demon. Even though the one who chased them was none other than the kidnapper who was even more scared to see his snipers fleeing.

"Chase, Koai Atong. Catch!" exclaimed Kwa Hong many times. But Koai Atong just laughed, then squatted down while clapping with joy, like a child rejoicing in winning a game.

"Good, huh? Good, huh?" he said to Kwa Hong. "It's a pity the fish were eaten by the monkeys. The fish were pure golden yellow scales earlier."

"Come on, I'm bored. I want to go back to my father.

“Why come back? How am I done? Eh, Enci ... what's your name? "

Kwa Hong was also amused to hear the man call her enci (older sister), a person the same age as his father called enci. Really crazy

"My name is Hong, she's Kwa."

"Don't come back first, Mr. Hong. I'm still happy to play with you. Let me show you the top with the chicken cengger flowers. It's great." Koai Atong persuaded like a whining child.

"No, I've been gone a long time, I'm afraid my father is looking forward to my return."

"Are you afraid of your father scolding? Don't be afraid. If he dares to be angry, I'll hit him!"

Suddenly Kwa Hong looked at Koai Atong with a fierce face and fiery eyes. "What did you say? You want to hit dad? Do you dare hit him? I'll kill you!"

Koai Atong looked surprised and quickly he said softly, "Ah, no ....., no, Mr. Hong ..... I do not dare ....."

Even though he was young, Kwa Hong now understood that this person was not normal, he felt like a small child, smaller than himself. Then he said in an angry, frightened voice.

"In that case, take me back to my father quickly. If you don't want to, I don't want to be your friend anymore."

Oh, well, well, Mr. Hong, well. Come on .... "Koai Atong held Kwa Hong's arm and like before, he ran very quickly back into the forest where they had left Kwa Tin Siong and Sian Hwa. However, once they arrived at the place, they could not met the two people who had been gone for a long time.The day had turned into dusk and Kwa Hong was restless.

"You're wrong! Why did you ask me to go? Now what? Where should I find my father?" This little girl slammed her legs so that Koai Atong was also confused and scared.

"How good is it? It's your father's fault for not wanting to wait here," he defended himself.

"Are you blaming dad? We'll follow soon. You should be able to take me to meet dad, otherwise, watch out ...!"

Koai Atong nodded. "All right ...... let's follow your father."

They came out of the forest, but were forced to stop because night had come. Kwa Hong felt confused and anxious, wanting to cry, but he understood that if he cried, it would even make Koai Atong confused, he held back his feelings and acted as if he was the leading brother while Koai Atong was like his brother.

"I want to rest and sleep under a tree here, you make a campfire and keep it here," he said. But Koai Atong is so stupid, that making a campfire alone is not enough. Kwa Hong had to give instructions on how to make a fire from two hard -rubbed sticks. Of course, with Iweek's high energy, Koai Atong's rubbing a few times has managed to cause a fire. This strange man cheered happily at the sight of the fire and if he hadn’t been with Kwa Hong who prevented it, of course he would have made an enormous fire that would have burned the whole forest!

With Koai Atong guarding nearby Kwa Hong felt safe and the boy immediately fell asleep. The next day, very early in the morning, Kwa Hong regained consciousness because he felt very cold. When he saw, it turned out that the strange man had also "fallen asleep snoring while sitting against a tree. Suddenly Kwa Hong felt scared because in his sleep, the childish nature of the strange man disappeared, he looked like a half-old and scary man. The fear made KwaHong get up immediately and walk slowly leaving Koai Atong still asleep.However, he did not know what the character of this strange man really was and the longer Koai Atong's behavior became more and more frightening. Who knows if his evil nature will arise,

He walked for a long time until he came outside a hamlet when the sun had begun to rise. Kwa Hong began to feel hungry in his stomach. Oops, how should he find food? Hunger was almost unbearable that morning, his stomach twisted and it hurt. She almost cried. He began to regret why he left Koai Atong. If there was a strange person, of course he could tell them to find food.

Suddenly Kwa Hong was startled when he heard a very strange high-pitched voice. He turned frightened to the left, but saw nothing. The shrill voice got closer and closer and finally he saw a pale white-faced boy coming walking slowly while blowing a flute shaped like a snake. The boy's clothes were yellow, his clothes were too long on his arms and back to almost touch the ground. His face was handsome, his eyes were shiny, his eyebrows were black, adding to the pale face becoming more and more pale. Kwa Hong was stunned to see the strange child. He had not seen anything when the boy was still far away, but after the boy came closer, Kwa Hong almost screamed in horror. Behind the boy walked hundreds of small large snakes that seemed to be very orderly.

Kwa Hong was horrified not only because he saw so many snakes, but especially because he saw how the young man seemed unaware that behind him there were hundreds of snakes following him, still stepping gracefully while distilling.

"Run .....! Hurry up and run ...... there are many snakes behind you .....!" Kwa Hong shouted while the boy himself then jumped towards a large tree and climbed the tree in fear. Up in the tree he was still shouting for the boy to run away.

But the boy did not run but slowly now he turned his direction towards the tree! The snakes continued to follow him and now all these disgusting beasts had gathered under the tree. From the top of the Kwa Hong tree he could clearly see the movements of the snakes and he almost screamed in amusement and disgust. Kwa Hong's body trembled. Never in his life had this resilient child suffered from such fear at that time. It was only now that he saw that the boy, who was only a year or two older than him, was not chased by snakes at all, nor was he disturbed at all, rather it was more to say that snakes were his pets. The proof, now the boy was standing surrounded by snakes within a meter.

Suddenly the boy stopped distilling, looked up and laughed mischievously at seeing Kwa Hong hiding there. Then he blew his flute again and ..... the snakes were now crawling towards the tree and scrambling they were trying to crawl up!

Kwa Hong's heart was not scared, amused and disgusted. "Heeeiiiii!" he shouted to the boy. "Tell them to go .....! Drive them away, don't let them climb the tree .....!"

But the boy with a pair of eyes emitted a ray of mischief, even amplifying the sound of his flute and the snakes were like crazy in an attempt to crawl up the tree. Some of them, who seemed to be used to climbing trees, had managed to climb, squirming closer to Kwa Hong.

This child almost fainted from his disgust. Her body felt stiff and her limbs felt paralyzed. He hugged a tree branch and looked at the snakes crawling up with a pale face. But Kwa Hong's heart was as hard as steel, he didn't cry, even though his disgust and fear made him want to scream. Especially when a snake with black scales and a bit long has managed to crawl close and now, the snake is licking towards his feet.

Kwa Hong narrowed her wide eyes and set foot towards the snake. But the snake even crawled towards his feet. Feeling cold and writhing in the left calf!

Unstoppable in horror and disgust, Kwa Hong screamed and ... fell down from a tree branch!

At that moment, the shadows of people flashed and Kwa Hong's body was already in Koai Atong's shelter!

This strange man with his high ginkang jumped and was already past the group of snakes, then he was about to take away Kwa Hong.

"Hey, wait a minute, don't run!" the boy was heard snorting and ..... strangely, Koai Atong stopped and bowed respectfully to the boy.

"Mad man, why are you so impudent? Do you think I can't help him, when he falls from a tree?" The boy looked angry and scolded Koai Atong.

"I'm sorry, Young Master, I'm sorry. This is my best friend, I thought it would be a disaster, so I helped him. I'm sorry ...."

Koai Atong seems to be very timid and respectful, like a small child meeting another child who is more of a hero.

The white-faced boy smiled mockingly. "Do you want to be hit again by the temperature (teacher)?"

Kwa Hong couldn't hold back his patience anymore. Now that Koai Atong was there with him, he was no longer afraid to face the snakes. Moreover, he felt very annoyed because apart from the child who had disturbed him, the child's attitude towards Koai Atong was really outrageous, in addition to his surprise to see how much Koai Atong seemed to be very afraid and respectful of the white-faced boy.

"You bastard don't know how to fail!" he shouted, pointing his index finger at the boy's face. "Criminals like you must be exterminated!" While saying so, Kwa Hong attacked with both hands because his sword was broken when he attacked Hek-hwa Kui-bo before.

"Mr. Hong, don't ... Koai Atong stopped and held Kwa Hong's arm. This made Kwa Hong bleed more and more. He grabbed his arm and snapped.

"You can be afraid of him, but I'm not!" And he kept leaping forward, hitting towards the boy's chest.

The pale-faced boy just smiled mockingly, his snake-shaped flute moved forward and knowingly Kwa Hong's body became stiff and unable to move anymore. In a flash, and with an unexpectedly quick movement, the white -faced boy had hit him!

Koai Atong stepped forward and once patted Kwa Hong on the shoulder, this strange man had freed his gaze. "Mr. Hong, don't fight Young Master ..." the strange man prevented again.

But a child with a strong character like Kwa Hong, how can he just be like that after he feels insulted by people? He was very angry and desperately went forward to attack again.

"Eh, girl, you're still not cured?" The pale-faced boy moved his flute again. But suddenly the flute deviated to the left and Kwa Hong's body was also pushed back as if it was driven by an invisible energy. The boy stepped back and said.

"Temperature ..... he who attacked teecu ....."

When Kwa Hong was standing up straight, he saw a medium-bodied old man, dressed modestly like a farmer in a long-sleeved shirt, was standing there smiling. This old man's eyes moved wildly to and fro. What surprised Kwa Hong was the attitude of Koai Atong who suddenly fell to his knees, while the boy was also standing hunched over. The grandfather seemed not, looking at the others, turned towards the group of snakes behind the child and his left hand moved. Kwa Hong didn't know how it happened, so fast was the movement of the end of the old man's sleeve, but knowing that a large snake had wrapped the end of the sleeve, the snake's head was held and ..... the old man greedily bit the snake's body, take the meat and eat the bloody meat with great gusto! The snake writhed in his hand, squirming. This scene was so horrible for Kwa Hong who stood looking with wide eyes. After consuming three lumps of meat, the grandfather threw the snake that had bitten and tried to run away from it. The other snakes were silent and no one dared to move. Once again in the same way, with the end of his sleeve, the grandfather caught a green -skinned snake that seemed to be very venomous, and ate the flesh of this live snake as before. The grandfather threw the snake that had bitten and tried to run away from it. The other snakes were silent and no one dared to move. Once again in the same way, with the end of his sleeve, the grandfather caught a green -skinned snake that seemed to be very venomous, and ate the flesh of this live snake as before. The grandfather threw the snake that had bitten and tried to run away from it. The other snakes were silent and no one dared to move. Once again in the same way, with the end of his sleeve, the grandfather caught a green -skinned snake that seemed to be very venomous, and ate the flesh of this live snake as before.

After throwing the rest of the snake, the grandfather turned to Koai Atong and asked, "Crazy big boy, where is your teacher?"

"I ... I don't know where, Locianpwe. I'm about to go back to find the temperature ..."

The grandfather no longer cared about Koai Atong, then looked at Kwa Hong with sharp eyes moving wildly. Kwa Hong was horrified, but this resilient child looked back with clear eyes.

"Big boy, who is your father?"

"My father's name is Kwa Tin Siong, nicknamed Hoa-san It-kiam," Kwa Hong replied.

The grandfather snorted. "Huh, Hoa-san-pai's student. What's the matter? But you're big, your bones are good."

Suddenly he turned to the white-faced child.

"Kin-ji, next time you can't disturb this big-tempered child. Shameless, you!"

"Excuse me, Temperature ....."

"Let's get rid of all these worms!"

The white -faced boy named Kin immediately blew his flute and all the snakes crawled away. Just clean the place for a while, even the two snakes that had lost some of their flesh had now crawled away into the bushes.

"Koai Atong, why are you carrying this child?" the grandfather snapped again at Koai Atong.

Koai Atong nodded his head. "Mr. Hong ..... he's a good friend of teecu, I want teecu to follow up with his father in Hoa-san ...,."

"Fine, you don't hurry to go what are you waiting for?"

Koai Atong paid his respects many times and said, "Thank you, Locianpwe ..... thank you ....." He then stood up, grabbed Kwa Hong's arm and took him away from the place. Kwa Hong repeatedly asked about the strange grandfather, but Koai Atong did not want to answer. After they ran ten li further, Koai Atong let go of Kwa Hong's hand and stopped, gasping for breath.

"Ouch ..... almost ..... almost wretched ....." Maybe because of fear and horror, people who used to behave like children are now a bit more normal.

"What's the matter, Koai Atong? Who is that grandfather? Who is the boy who keeps the snake?" Kwat Hong asked.

Koai Atong repeatedly took a deep breath and sat on the ground. "He is Siauw-ong-kwi, the greatest figure (from the north, very cunning and vicious. You saw earlier that his food is just a live snake. The boy is his student, very cunning, even though he is still young but his intelligence is not inferior to mine! His name is Giam Kin. Be careful when you meet two, that man. "

After his fear subsided a bit, Koai Atong's childish nature resurfaced. He began to laugh and said, "Those snakes are so fun, aren't they? If we can distill like him, wow, that's fun!"

Kwa Hong giggled. "What's fun? Disgusting. Hih, only demon children play with all kinds of snakes. Eh, Koai Atong, now let's quickly take me to Hoa-san. If you don't want to, I'm not willing to be your friend anymore."

"Heh-heh-heh, Enci Hong. Of course I'm fine. Let the temperature get angry because I haven't come back in a long time, at least my ass will be beaten. Come on, let me carry you!"

Very quickly Koai Atong carried Kwa Hong on his back and this strange man then used his skill to quickly run towards Hoa-san. Secretly, Kwa Hong was even more horrified when he remembered the incident earlier. If Koai Atong, who is already so clever, is afraid of the old man, how great is Siauw-ong-kwi's skill? And the white -faced boy, is he really more clever than Koai Atong? Of course he didn't know that it was impossible for a boy named Giam Kin to be smarter than Koai Atong, just because Koai Atong was so afraid of Siauw-ong-kwi, he said so.

At that time, the power of the Mongols who occupied mainland China began to wane. Everywhere there was chaos and small uprisings that undermined the power and authority of the Goan government. Large rivers such as the Yang-ce River or the Huang-ho River, which were once commercial transportation centers, are now full of river pirates and robbers. These plows and robbers are so brave that, if in the past they only disturbed small boats that were not guarded strongly now they do not hesitate, to plow large boats that are guarded, even their Goan big boats dare to sometimes disturb them.

Towns and hamlets located along the Yang-ce River, did not escape the interference of these plows and robbers. Therefore, the situation is now quiet, the traders no longer dare to travel alone, the escorts no longer dare if not guarded by a strong group of piauwsu (goods guards). Even the traveling dignitaries, always carry a fully armed force.

The hamlet of Kui-lin on the banks of the Yang-ce River, including Hu-pek Province, was once a large and prosperous hamlet, famous for its large and abundant fish production and rich forest products. Usually in this hamlet many traders from other areas visit so that on the banks of the river many big boats are tied and on land there are many horses and chariots. But lately, Kui-lin's hamlet has also become very quiet. No out -of -area traders dared to come on a dangerous journey. The merchants in Kui-lin itself, in addition to experiencing loneliness, also often get harassed by criminals so that they flock to those who have enough capital and then move to big cities.

So it is a bit surprising if people see a liquor stall that sells all kinds of food every day opened by the river in the hamlet. But in fact it is not strange because the owner of the shop is Phang Kwi the one -eyed, a figure who is affected in the world of criminals so that as a group of people he was never bothered by robbers and pirates who became his own friends. In fact, almost all the subscriptions of these liquor stalls are made up of mere criminals.

One quiet morning, Phang Kwi was still sound asleep snoring, his shop had not opened. It's only six o'clock and usually if it's not eight o'clock after the sun rises, Phang Kwi doesn't want to open his shop yet. It's been half a year since he opened a shop and no one has ever dared to disturb him. Not only afraid of the hard fist from one eye, but also afraid. if the one eye reported to their heads that they were all well known ole Phang Kwi. Once there were three pirate members who did not want to pay after eating or drinking in the shop. Phang Kwi did not want to serve them, only reported to the plow chief he knew well. The three members of the plow were beaten by their own heads and Phang Kwi got his money. Since then,

But this morning, while Phang Kwi was still asleep, the door was knocked on! Six rough horse riders got off their horses in front of the stall. They swore because of the bad roads and because of the cold air. One of them, the leader, was a red -faced, tall man with a large machete and a bag of piauw hanging from his waist. He is the one called Ang-bin Piauw-to (Red-faced Piauw Knife), a robber leader who is famous for his cruelty and martial arts.

"Dor-dor-dor-dor-dor! Open the door, Phang Kwi, lazy turtle!" one of the members of the group slammed the door while cursing.

Phang Kwi was shocked in his room. After waking up and listening intently, the shopkeeper grumbled at length.

"Bastard ...... devil of reason ...... This morning is disturbing people who are sleeping well. Ask the devil to destroy his head!" With a wide step and a frown, Phang Kwi headed to the door of his shop and opened the door. But his frowning face was greeted with laughter by the six people.

"Ha-ha-ha, the lazy tortoise she Phang just popped her head!"

"Hey, old Phang, there are great gentlemen coming. You don't come quickly, what kind of person are you?"

"Phang Kwi, you wash your face first and wash your hands, then take out the warm wine '."

Phang Kwi began to lose his frown, especially when he saw the red -faced leader of the group. Immediately he nodded and said.

"Ahai, I hope Ang-twako came to visit. Please come in and sit down.

Hey, guys, are you okay? Where are the gifts for me? "

"By what? The Middle Ages are so hard. But wait a minute ....."

"Sssttt, Lo-tan, shut up!" The red face snapped and the speaker did not continue his words.

In large numbers they entered the liquor stall and Phang Kwi was busy serving them, warming the liquor and warming up several kinds of cakes. Of course he was not so angry because these were his good friends, the "fighting" friends when he was still Ang-bin Piauw-to's men and helpers in the forest. Indeed, Phang Kwi was not a good person in the past, apart from being a member of Ang-bin Piauw-to being a robber, he was also a member of a river plow.

"Where's the fish meat?" The red face asked when he saw that the only dish served was dry bread and some kind of cake. "I hear your area produces good fish."

"Wow, it's hard right now, Twako. The fishermen only look for fish for their own stomachs. I can only buy if I order first. "

“Is that time? Let's find it by the river! "Three members of the robbers immediately went out and soon there was a commotion on the riverbank as the robbers rudely snatched the fish that some fishermen had just caught. A young fisherman trying to. defending his right to get a bribe so he collapsed in a bloodbath.The other fishermen became frightened and they could only take a deep breath and grit their teeth while helping their friend as the three men went carrying the big fish laughing.

Meanwhile, Phang Kwi approached Ang-bin Piauw-to in a whisper.

"Ang-twako, what did Lo-tan mean?"

Ang-bin Piauw-to smiled. "Actually, it's not a secret, it's just not good to talk about outside your shop. We are waiting for a group of traders carrying two cars in large numbers to pass by. They will pass by this hamlet, either during the day or in the afternoon.

Shining Phang Kwi. "Great. But why do they dare to travel at a time like this? It's really weird. Of course there are strong guards ....."

Ang-bin Piauw-to let out a mocking voice. "Huh, what does the escort of five piauw-su (guards) Pek-coa-piauwkok mean?"

"Anyway, please Twako be careful. If people have dared to travel at a time like now, of course they have a mainstay."

"Stop it, if you're afraid don't come. If you want to help, of course you get a share."

"Who's scared? With Twako here who's scared again? Ha-ha-ha!"

The three robbers who had already placed the fish came and the group of robbers became even happier eating and drinking while enjoying the tender and savory fish meat. At that moment, there was the sound of a horse's footsteps and a funny -faced old man was seen coming down from an old donkey as well. The donkey was old, it had no more hair because it was eaten by the left ear gudig, the right ear was very long, its back was also crooked like the rider. Near the donkey stood a tall young man like a giant, stupid -faced and glazed -eyed.

"Heh-heh-heh, it smells so delicious Gurih, delicious ...!" The grandfather crouched down and walked into the liquor stall first, but the young man did not seem as happy as the grandfather. Seeing that among the seven people who were eating and drinking there was one standing to greet him, the grandfather knew that the one standing was definitely the owner of the shop, so he immediately said.

"Hey, friend. Hurry up and prepare the fat fish, cooked like you're eating it. Wow, it smells so delicious. Quick, for two!"

Phang Kwi looked on with an annoyed face. Looking at his clothes, it was clear that the grandfather and the young man were poor people, especially when it was seen that the grandfather was riding only an old donkey, not loaded with anything on his back anymore. Now that Phang Kwi was feasting on old friends, and he had already drunk a lot of wine, of course his courage increased and his courage peaked.

"Don't beg here, I have nothing to give you!" he said as he left his waist.

The stupid-faced, glazed-eyed young man suddenly threw a bag on the table. His voice crackled and the grandfather, laughing, opened the bag. "We're not begging, heh-heh-heh, we're buying, buddy."

Not only were Phang Kwi's eyes wide-eyed, but also Ang-bin Piauw-to's six pairs of wide-eyed friends that his grandfather opened turned out to contain pieces of gold and silver!

"Old man, the fish are gone," said Phang Kwi, still puzzled.

"Old friend, if it's not a reproach, let's sit down to eat with us. There's a lot of fish here." Suddenly Ang-bin Piauw-to said kindly to the grandfather.

The grandfather closed his bag again, put it in the pocket of the young man's shirt and, laughing, he then advanced to the robbers' table and sat down near Ang-bin Piauw-to. The tall young man sat next to him.

"Heh-heh-heh, you guys understand the rules. It's true that meeting on the street should greet each other, but meeting at the dinner table should offer each other food. Hah-hah-hah!" Without hesitation, the grandfather then "brushed" the fish and wine dishes that were served. Also the young man with his fluff, as if he had never eaten such delicious food, emulating his grandfather's actions earlier. once because of the two people, even though one was old and thin and hunched over while the other was a tall young man, the roots but the food intake was not different, both were very fluffy.

"Let's have another drink, old friend." Ang-bin Piauw-to kept filling the cup of wine in front of the grandfather. Phang Kwi who knew what his friend meant, while smiling also filled the cup of wine in front of the young man, so that the grandfather and the young man without them knowing had been "beaten" by a gang of robbers. The more he drank alcohol, the happier and more he laughed, but on the other hand, the young giant became quieter. Meanwhile, the robbers are increasingly lyricizing each other and smiling at each other knowing that with the "bait" of fish and wine they will get "big fish".

What made them angry were the two people. Even though I've had a lot of alcohol, I haven't collapsed or gotten drunk. However, Ang-bin Piauw-to was patient and invited the grandfather for a chat.

"Cake, you and this young man are coming from where to where? I think we should have gotten to know each other."

"Heh-heh-heh, of course, of course. We've eaten together yet. I don't know each other yet. I'm she Tan named Sam, and she's my maid named Hok, she doesn't have a she (hereditary name) so I just gave her my she-ku, then she now his name is Tan Hok. We don't have a specific place to live, the blue sky is our roof, the earth is our floor, heh-heh- heh ..... "

All the robbers laughed. The way my grandfather and his assistant lived turned out to be the same fate as them. "What's your job, Kek?" Ang-bin Piauw-to asked again.

The grandfather named Tan Sam laughed again. "Heh-heh-heh, angler ..... that's right, we're anglers. If not anglers, where can I enjoy fat fish?"

Ang-bin Piauw-to's red face changed, now it was a bit pale. There is a suspicion that it is possible that his grandfather and his assistant were famous river pirate figures. Who knows? But he was hesitant, because if he was a river pirate, it was impossible for Phang Kwi not to know him. But if he is a river plow, does he want to act on land?

"Tan-lopek, then, are you looking for a fortune along the Yang-ce River?" He tried to investigate.

The grandfather nodded. "Not only in Yang-ce, in Huang-ho, or even in the ocean, on land, wherever there are big fish" of course I will come for fishing. Isn't that Hok-ji (Hok's son)? "The grandfather patted his assistant's shoulder while giggling. Tan Hok, the giant young man, just nodded silently.

"Then," continued Ang-bin Piauw-to eagerly while his men listened intently because they knew what their head was thinking, "of course you are well acquainted with Lui Cai Si Bajul Besi, with Kiang Hun Si Naga Sungai, and Thio Ek Sui Si Cucut Mata Merah? " The three most famous names of plow heads are mentioned by these robber heads.

But the grandfather looked at him with narrow eyes as if listening to people joking. "Are they really human or clowns? Why is their name so weird. Bajul Besi? Wow, I've never seen it, haven't even heard of it. tailed = villain) I often see, but iron bajul? No, I've never seen it this old. Then the second River Dragon? Surprisingly, about these dragons no one seems to have ever seen the original. I've seen pictures- the picture and the statues, but if we meet only in ... dreams! As far as I can hear, the dragon is only in the sea, if there is a river dragon, it seems to be only ... eels! " The grandfather was laughing,

"Then what's more? Cucut Mata Merah? Ha-ha-ha of course the fish never got prey, too hungry and cried until his eyes were red. -heh ..... eh, Hok-ji, have you ever heard of the iron bajul and the like? "

Tan Hok, who had never uttered the words since his arrival, now looked at the ceiling of the room and pointed as he said, "That's ... a little crocodile."

Everyone looked up and burst out laughing. The so -called little crocodile is none other than a lizard that crawls above. Suddenly the lizard, probably because he was surprised to hear people laughing out loud, released feces and ..... coincidentally, the lizard's droppings fell into the Ang-bin Piauw-to wine cup!

"Damn ...!" Ang-bin Piauw-to cursed angrily.

"Ha-ha-ha-heh-heh, red-faced friend, the little crocodile gave you a present. Heh-heh-heh! Tan Sam laughed out loud until tears came out.

Suddenly, there was a loud laugh, Tan Hok's laughter that had been gloomy ever since. His laughter was loud and sudden, but his eyes remained glazed. "The little ones give weird big gifts."

Ang-bin Piauw-to angrily took a piauw weapon. This weapon is small, one dimmer long, the tip is pointed, the head is round with red ronce-ronce. As soon as his hand was moved, the weapon floated upwards towards the lizard.

"Oh, it's good, what's floating it." The grandfather pointed with his finger 1 at the piauw that was floating to grab the lizard. "Cappp '." The pointed weapon stuck, not in the lizard's body but in the pian, a few centimeters away and a very large animal fear and shock •

"Ha-ha-ha, no keha ...... no need .....!"

Everyone was amazed, especially Ang-bin Piauw-to. The distance between where he is sitting and the lizard will not be more than five meters, why is the call not right? Usually, at a distance of a hundred steps, he never piauwnya not hit the target, let alone the target does not move like the lizard. His friends thought he was drinking too much. But Ang-bin Piauw-to himself did not feel that way. Maybe I'm too angry, he thought. He took the second piauw and "serrrrr ..... cappp!" the piauw returned to stick the pian and this time the lizard's tail was carried away by the piauw stuck to the board, while the lizard itself, which had been stunned, ran away and disappeared.

"Ha-ha-ha!" Tan Sam laughed non -stop since he had just pointed at the lizard. "The little crocodile became a small stump, ha-ha-ha, a perfect fit. Unfortunately he still ran with four legs, if with two legs it's even funnier!"

"A small crocodile has its tail hooked by a large one, it's normal!" said Tan Hok as if talking to himself, his face still stupid and his eyes glazed.

Two angry robbers are not kidding. It was clear that the grandfather was mocking, and the boy was even insulting. A small short -bodied robber gripped Tan Sam's shoulder, while another large -bodied robber, but not as big as the young giant's Tan Hok, raised his large fist to hit Tan Hok's head. The grandfather and the young man seemed helpless and would certainly be wretched if they were attacked earlier, but Ang-bin Piauw-to snapped.

"Back off you guys'" When two people. his men retreated, with a mocking smile he said, "These two are our great guests, do not be disturbed first." In these words is contained a taunt or insinuation that it is not yet time to "intervene". Then he turned to Tan Hok and asked.

"Young man, did you mean that I was a big crocodile? Did you?"

Silent for a moment, the herd of robbers glared at Tan Hok who looked stupid, while Tan Sam just smiled while rolling his eyes. Tan Hok's correct answer is unexpectedly correct by people who of course expect a "yes" or "no" answer. But with his loud voice the giant young man answered.

"Red -faced master, do you feel like a crocodile or not?"

"Of course not!"

"If not already, why is there still a fuss?"

Phang Kwi, the owner of the stall, couldn't hold back his burst of laughter, but for a moment he stopped laughing like a cricket when Ang-bin Piauw-to glared at him. The robber's head turned towards Tan Sam and said.

"Grandpa Tan Sam, you're laughing at my act of shouting lizards with piauw, why?"

Tan Sam laughed again, laughing freely. "Besides the lizard being funny losing its tail, I also wonder why you didn't point its head, but its tail!" Silently Ang-bin Piauw-to became so embarrassed that his face became even redder. No one else knew that his second call had actually failed. Earlier he pointed at the beast's head, strangely for some reason this time he always failed. It is not the head that is affected but the tail.

"She Tan's parents, are you also good at shouting with piauw?"

The grandfather looked confused. "What is that Piauw?"

All the robbers laughed out loud Ang-bin Piauw-fo took out his two piauw sticks from the bag. "This is what is called piauw. You know, my nickname is Ang-bin Piauw-to, because I'm good at chanting piauw and playing martial arts with a machete."

The grandfather and the young man took the piauw one by one, looked around and seemed amazed. "Hok-ji, can you shout this piauw?" the grandfather asked his assistant.

"Is it hard to shout? Just throw!" he said. Back the robbers laughed out loud.

"Bet ..... bet ..... said several people at once.

"It's okay .....!" Tan Sam chuckled. "Let's bet on this piauw. How much is the bet?"

Ang-bin Piauw-to wanted to make fun of the two people, so with a smile he took out a small amount of silver kept in his pocket, and put it on the table. "It's just mine, let's get your silver out. Let me fuck you two."

"Good." The grandfather took out the same amount of silver, put it on the table, and looked at the robber's head. "Rape what do you mean?"

"We put a leaf on the wall, at a distance of fifty steps we each threw a piauw towards the leaf that was targeted. You and your helpers each shouted once, if one of you can hit the leaf, it is considered , even if the other one misrepresents. I only cried once. "

"Agreed!" The grandfather, looked happy and winked at the giant youth with a clear face showing confidence to win this competition. "You call first."

A palm -sized leaf was taped to the wall of the stall and a distance of fifty steps was measured. The robbers and shop owners happily stood to the right and left, a bit far from the target. After removing his piauw, the robber's head smiled and said.

"Look at my cry!" His right hand moved and the piauw then slid like an arrow, so fast that it was almost invisible, the tofu had stuck in the middle of the leaf. The applause of his friends welcomed this skill and Tan Sam began to plonga-plongo, looking at each other with his assistant.

"Waaah, how can a coincidence get in the middle of it ....." iat complained. The robbers laughed.

"Stupid grandfather, where is the correct speech? Indeed, Twako is nicknamed Ang-bin Piauw-to, a hundred times he cried for sure a hundred times!" said one of the robbers. "Come quickly and tell your piauw, and you too, young clown!"

Tan Sam looked at his assistant. "Wow, cialat (wretched). The shout happened to hit the middle of it. Hok-ji, let's shout together, luckily, it didn't hit the leaves either, as long as it hit the stump's legs!" The grandfather laughed again, then counted, "One ..... two ....." His attitude was very funny, shouting with his right hand but his right foot in front, so did the young giant.

"..... three .....!" The two piauw slid forward, but there was laughter when the robbers saw the two piauw sliding in a spin, not straight and hitting the wall far to the left and left of the leaf.

"Ouch .....!"

"Aaauuuuuhhh .....!"

Two people standing on the right and left of the place moaned and they both jumped with one foot because the other foot was hit by an inverted piauw! Luckily, it only hit the piauw's head, so it only bulged, but it was enough to cause pain. And strangely, the ones hit by this piauw were two people who were about to attack Tan Sam and Tan Hok! The two were angry, but because his friends laughed at him and thought that it was only because of the stupidity of Tan Sam and his helper who did not just throw piauw, they had to hold back the pain and hold back their anger.

Ang-bin Piauw-to laughed heartily as he put the money on the table.

"Wait a minute!" said Tan Sam's grandfather "Let's bet again. I'm curious if I can't win yet!"

The robber's head looked at him in surprise. This grandfather's brain has slanted, he thought, "Okay, how much is the bet?

“All the silver on the table is challenging Tan Sam.

"Good, needs to be added?"

"If you like, if you still have it, take it all out."

Now the robbers were busy taking the silver out of their pockets because they wanted to get a share in this bet so that for a while on the table a lot of silver was collected. Even Phang Kwi drained all his silver. Seeing the large amount of silver, Tan Sam had to spend some of his gold pieces because his own silver was not enough.

"How's the match?" Tan Sam asked. "Is it still like before!"

"It's okay to answer Ang-bin Piauw-to who feels confident of his victory. "But, old man, won't you be sorry? You're not at all good at shouting piauw."

"Who said that? Your bad piauw" once, but I already know the secret now. Snatched towards the target, deviated to the left. If you want to hit the target, to be precise, just shout to the left with a certain distance, time will not hit? "The robbers laughed again at this strange theory.

"Well, you see. I'm starting!" said Ang-bin Piauw-to while swinging his hand.

"Wait a minute!" Tan Sam prevented it.

"I want to see your piauw first, is it the same as the piauw you gave me."

"Of course the same!" replied the robber's head angrily, showing his red -faced piauw.

"Ah, it can't be the same, later you can admit my complaint as your piauw, damn it." While saying dernikian the grandfather pulled the ronce-ronce of red thread on his piauw until the piauw turned bald and bad. Of course the robbers were stunned and laughed amused. The piauw used by the robber's head did not have fins, so to straighten his path he was given the ronce-ronce as a balance. Now that the grandfather has taken off his rings, how can he cry well?

"Good, you're smart, old man," Ang-bin Piauw-to said mockingly. "Now it's clear, my bald piauw is yours. Well, who called first? And did your helper also come"

"I don't have to, I'm alone enough. I have to say it together, you and I are just fair."

Confident of his victory and thinking that he was dealing with a stubborn old man, Ang-bin Piauw-to did not argue much. "It's good to be together," he said mockingly as he got ready. New leaves were already mounted on the wall and the two men were ready. Surprisingly, if Ang-bin Piauw-to aimed at the target of the leaf, it was that the grandfather did not face the leaf, did not even see it at all, but the right side of the targeted leaf. While laughing, the robbers removed themselves far away so as not to be hit by the lost grandfather's piauw again.

"I counted to three, just released," said the grandfather. His opponent nodded with a mocking smile.

"One two Three.....!!" ;

suddenly became pale and all his friends also simultaneously stopped their laughter after looking clearly towards the leaf which was now glued by the piauw. What do they see?

It turned out that the piauw that stuck to the wall penetrating the leaf was a piauw that did not have a red beronce, while the piauw that deviated to the side was a beronce piauw! Strictly speaking, the right thing about the leaves is the one that slipped out of Tan Sam’s grandfather’s hands!

"Ha, that's great! A good and accurate greeting. We won!" Tan Hok complimented and his large hand immediately reached out to pick up the pile of silver on the table that had been staked. The robbers just stood stunned, confused not knowing what to do or say.

"Sraaattt!" Suddenly there was a twinkling light and Ang-bin Piauw-to knew he had pulled out a large machete from his waist. This machete is so sharp that its rays sparkle when inserted.

"Do not take!" exclaimed the robber's head and the ray of his machete snatched towards Tan Hok's hand which was stretched out to take the silver earlier. It seemed that the giant young man was startled and pulled his hand away. Luckily for him, because the machete slid constantly and "cracked!" the table was torn in two, piles of silver scattered falling to the floor.

Tan Hok and Tan Sam stood stunned, but the robbers laughed. "Twako, to fix this boy, just leave it to me," said the perarnpok member who was about to attack Tan Sam. "I have to repay it for my feet."

"That's right, Twako, this old dog is part of me too!" said the robber whose leg was hit by Tan Sam's piauw earlier. Ang-bin Piauw-to just smiled and stepped back, then picked up the silver scattered on the floor.

"Ah, don't ... don't kill them here. My shop won't sell again. Phang Kwi prevents you from worrying.

"Shut up!" snapped the robber's head and Phang Kwi retreated in fear.

The two robbers with grinning mouths approached Tan Sam and Tan Hok with a very threatening attitude. Tan Hok seemed calm because of his stupidity, he didn't seem to understand that he was threatened. But Tan Sam looked scared.

"Hey, what do you guys want? And the silver ..... I won why was it taken .....?"

"We will kill you and your helper!" snapped the robber facing him.

"Ouch ..... why is that? Don't ....." the old man sighed, then looked at Tan Hok. "Woe, Hok-ji, you haven't reached hell yet, you've met the life-destroying demons on earth ....."

Seeing this fearful attitude, the two men grew happier and more arrogant.

“Are you scared? Let's hurry and apologize '"

Tan Sam glanced at his assistant. "Hok-ji, there's no other way, let's respectfully apologize." He then leaned forward and raised both fists to the front of his chest, followed by Tan Hok.

Something strange happened. The two robbers facing his grandfather and his assistant suddenly staggered backwards as if their bodies had been blown away by a strong wind from the front! Everyone was shocked and the two robbers got even angrier. Indeed, in this world only fools dare to be arrogant and boast of their own ingenuity. The more arrogant he is, the more stupid he really is, stupid for thinking that in this world they are the only smart people. Had these two people not been so arrogant, it seems their ignorance would not have blinded their eyes.

"Damn, don't play around. Once our hands move, break your heads!" snapped the robber threatening Tan Hok. "Come on your knees to ask for forgiveness, then we will think about reducing your punishment!"

Tan Sam glanced back at Tan Hok. "What can I do, Hok-ji, let's get on our knees." The two then knelt in front of the two men and prayed.

"Wow .....!" ... -.. ,,

'Ahhhhh .....! "'

The two robbers seemed to be poked in the steel water of their hearts. They staggered backwards, collapsed and vomited fresh blood.

"Woe !!" Ang-bin Piauw-to just realized that the two strange people actually had intelligence and the way they stalked and then knelt while sending the attack was proof that they had a high sinkang and Iweekang! However, also because of his arrogance, the head of this robber relied on a large number of friends, he pulled out his machete while giving a signal.

"Keroyok! Kill these two dogs!"

His friends, also assisted by Phang Kwi, pulled out their weapons and were surrounded by his grandfather and assistant. Now Tan Sam doesn't want to pretend anymore. He laughed and shouted.

"Evil robbers disturb the people, if not Pek-lian-pai members like me, who else will exterminate them?" His hands moved and white rays flickered. Screams of pain were heard when the robbers, except Ang-bin Piauw-to and Phang Kwi who were able to avoid being hit by Pek-lian-ting (White Lotus Nails).

Ang-bin Piauw-to was even more shocked to hear that the Pek-lian-pai group was rebelling to overthrow the Mongol colonial government. Yet he relied on his own ingenuity, his machete spun quickly and he attacked Tan Sam's grandfather. As for Phang Kwi, he advanced with his ruyung to attack Tan Hok.

It is true that the condition of the young man is very impressive and astonishing. His movements are not like people who are good at martial arts, they only have footsteps based on low martial arts knowledge. But the energy of this young man is extraordinary, both external energy and internal energy. Ruyung in the hand of Phang Kwi who grabbed him, he bounced with his left hand as hard as he could and ..... the ruyung was broken! To his surprise, Phang Kwi, who had a higher level of martial arts, was less quick to dodge until Tan Hok's hard blow like an elephant's rumble hit his shoulder to the point of breaking his bones. Phang Kwi was thrown and moaned, grinning in pain.

Unlike Tan Hok, the grandfather turned out to have incredibly agile movements. Faster than a machete strike. Until the shadow of the grandfather disappeared, he was chased by a machete. Twenty moments had passed since the attack on the robber's head, a loud voice was heard, a machete was thrown against the wall and the robber's head was stretched backwards, his face was pale because he had suffered a wound on his chest by this clever grandfather's slap.

At that moment, suddenly a wind blew from outside the stall and there was a flash of shadows that carried a very fragrant smell and at another time Tan Sam and Tan Hok were confronted by a very beautiful woman. Her face was delicate white with a pair of reddish cheeks, her eyes emitting a sharp clear light hinted at deep understanding, her red lips sometimes hinted at authoritative violence, but more often she smiled charmingly, in short a beautiful woman with a beautiful body shape. It is difficult to estimate how old he is. Seeing his fresh face and solid body shape, it would have been appropriate for him to be eighteen years old. But looking at the rays of his eyes, it seems that he is much older than that. The dress that covered her body was made of fine silk in red, yellow, green and blue, interspersed beautifully. His very small shoes are red with an iron -plated base. A small thin machete hung on his back, from the front only the handle could be seen protruding behind his right shoulder, while his left hand held a red silk scarf as well.

The arrival of this woman was very fast and this alone showed that she was a highly intelligent person. Tan Hok and Tan Sam were stunned when suddenly the beautiful woman pointed her delicate pointed index finger at their faces while snapping.