The King Of Sword Volume 4

volume 04

Phoa Ti suggested that the book be exchanged so that they could study together, but The Bok Nam, who did not want to be defeated by his best friend, did not agree. Finally, there was a quarrel and even an agreement arose between them that whoever has higher knowledge, he is the one who has the right to read the two books first. from then on they often complained about knowledge, for days. However, their level is the same. Even though Phoa Ti has studied Im sin kiam, but The Bok Nam has also studied Yang sin kiam so that their skills both make great progress.

This happened for twenty years, until they had become grandfathers and still no one wanted to budge. On that day, they again pitted their skills on a small road flanked by two ravines. As a result, their battle was so intense, both of them were injured and fell down into the abyss, one on the right and one on the left until finally Beng San came and they used this child to continue the "battle of intelligence".

"That's it, Beng San, my disciple," Phoa Ti closed his story to his newly adopted student, Beng San who was listening intently.

“Only now do I feel really sorry why there is such a competition. The Bok Nam is a good friend. Unfortunately, he allowed the desire to arise in his heart, the desire to be the smartest person."

"Temperature (teacher), have all this time the great figures from the four directions never came to take the book?" Ask Beng San.

“No, we are very close to keeping this a secret, because we know very well that if the four great figures appear to disturb us, we will be doomed. Only if we or one of us can learn Im yang sin kiam sut, may we be strong against them."

Beng San remembered Hek hwa Kui bo, so he said, "Temperature, recently teecu (student) met with Hek hwa Kui bo and…."

Suddenly Phoa Ti's face turned pale hearing this. with his hand just next to it he held Beng San's shoulder tightly, then he said.

"What ….? He …? Woe ……of course he has heard of that book thing. Otherwise, there's no way he'd show up…..please tell me about the meeting.”

Beng San briefly then recounted his experiences since he worked in the temple until he met these various bitter experiences. The teacher listened with a shake of his head. Then he said while taking a deep breath.

"There's no mistaking it, of course after me and The Bok Nam issued Im sin increasingly and Yang sin kiam to complain about intelligence. He, the kuntilanak, must have heard and suspected that we both kept the book of Bu Pun Su thai sucouw. Hurry up, it will be morning. You have to do your best so that the moves you learn can win The Bok Nam so that he likes to give the book Yang sin kiam to me. Hurry up don't be late. If one of the four demons appears, woe to you..."

Thus, Beng San continued his duties as the examiner of the two old men. The Bok Nam is really great. All the moves issued by Phoa Ti he can solve, even though the moves from Khong ji ciang martial arts are the moves created by Phoa Ti based on the book Im sin kiam. On the other hand, Phoa Ti can also solve all the moves issued by The Bok Nam, the martial arts moves of Pat hong ciang whose essence was taken by the she The person from his book, Yang sin kiam.

Beng San was a very smart boy. Until ten days he became an examiner and during those ten days he had trained himself with fifteen moves from Khong ji ciang and fifteen moves from Pat hong ciang! He saw how the two old men were getting weaker day by day because their wounds in the battle were really great. Especially now that in giving instructions to Beng San, they had to mobilize Iweekang's strength. The one who is happy is Beng San because to carry out all the lessons he has to carry here and there, it contains pure air from Yang Kang and Im Kang, so of course the two types of air that fill his chest are getting stronger and more manageable .

On the eleventh day he saw that his temperature was so weak that he fainted while giving him instructions. Beng San is confused. He dislikes Phoa Ti as much as he dislikes The Bok Nam. However, he felt sorry for Phoa Ti who had adopted him as a student, because Phoa TI's attitude was better and gentler than The Bok Nam's. Beside his still faint body temperature, Beng San sat pensively, racking his brains. He accidentally recalled all the moves that he had learned from both parties and suddenly he saw similarities hidden in the moves of the two parties, similarities which at first glance and played by silat skills seem seem contradictory, but in fact can be put together and can be adjusted.

Phoa Ti regained consciousness just before dawn. Beng San immediately expressed his opinion. "Temperature, last night Teecu was reminded of the strange similarities between some martial arts moves and Grandpa The. For example yesterday's move, how similar the movements are, just reverse it, if the temperature move uses the left hand, the grandfather's move uses the left hand. If at the time of hitting in the temperature stance, you must inhale, in the grandfather's stance, on the contrary, exhale. Isn't there an exact equation, just reversed?"

For a moment, the old man, who was in a bad state, was pensive. He suddenly let out a sound like a scream and…….he spit out fresh blood from the mouth! Beng San quickly massaged the old man's back. After a bit of a breather, the old man said weakly, “Ouch….you're great…..ouch, I'm so stupid, Beng San. You're right….you're right…..that's why you have to study the two books, not one at a time. Very nice ……! Now you go there, use the moves you practiced yesterday, only a moment, but enough ... you reverse the position of the hands and body, but you change your legs as you have learned from Hek hwa Kui bo, or you mess up as you please he heh he ... …let's see if he can still break the attack from his own corrupted jutsu……”

"If he can't break this move, then how's the temperature?"

“He….uhhhh…..uuhh….he has to hand over the book…..” Phoa Ti was very difficult to get the words out because his breath was very tight. "Hurry up and go..." This old man was about to throw Beng San's body like he had been into the ravine over there, but his strength was running out and he could only signal with his hand for Beng San to climb up on his own to The Bok Nam's grandfather. Beng San then climbed the cliff and was happy to find out that his body was light and it was easy for him to climb the cliff.

By the time he reached the top, on the path he used to walk, he was free. How hard would it be if he ran away from there? Neither Phoa Ti's grandfather nor The Bok Nam's grandfather can stop him anymore. The two old men were already too weak due to the severity of their injuries. But strangely, for once there was no desire on Beng San's day to run away. In fact, he really wanted to continue his duties as an examiner because he began to feel interested in silat. Especially because his heart's desire has been aroused by his hot story about the book of Im, which is sin kiam sut, which is contested by all silat experts, including the big four.

When he descended the abyss where The Bok Nam was, he saw that this old man was no better than Phoa Ti's grandfather. He greeted Beng San's arrival with wide eyes, then he forced a laugh.

"Ha, ha, ha, old geezer Phoa Ti doesn't have the strength anymore to throw you here, Beng San?" even though his mouth is laughing, but secretly he is grateful too. If Phoa Ti's grandfather was still able to throw Beng San, perhaps he himself would not be strong enough to accept the body. Just yesterday when he received Beng San, both his hands felt sore and sore from using too much of his already exhausted strength.

"It's not that he's powerless," said Beng San defending his temperature, "I'm the only one who wants to climb up, I don't like being thrown around like a ball."

Again The Bok Nam laughs and from this attitude alone Beng San knows that his temperature condition is worse than this big tall geezer.

"Well, what kind of duck claw art have you brought this time? It's better if Phoa Ti admits defeat and gives me the book."

At that moment Phoa Ti's voice was heard, a voice that was hoarse like a snoring pig, “The Bok Nam, a true warrior will not go back on his promise. If you can't break my moves, you'll have to give me the book…” Suddenly the voice stopped as if the speaker had been strangled.

The Bok Nam turned pale. "woe," he said. “Grandpa Phoa Ti was attacked….” Suddenly he groaned and his body, which had been sitting on his knees, fell to the ground. Beng San was very surprised because he had faintly seen a white light flashing. Now all of a sudden there stood an old man with a small stature as skinny as a living skull. This person was in his sixties, his face was as pale as a corpse and his clothes were all white as if he was in mourning. The man was laughing like a jerk. Beng San was really astonished because he didn't see that person floating in, how could he suddenly be standing there? When he glanced at The Bok Nam, this big tall geezer looked wide-eyed at the undead.

"Song …… bun kwi (Satan is mourning) …… .kau …… you are cheating… .., attacking the injured person…" but The Bok Nam could not continue his words because suddenly the tall, thin man with the corpse face once he moved, he got close to him and rolled over The Bok Nam's body, his hands looking around. For a moment his hands searched. In a moment he had found what he was looking for and pulled out a small book from the pocket of the helpless man. All this went so fast that Beng San could barely follow with his eyes. Seeing how cruelly and rudely the face of the corpse was playing The Bok Nam, anger arose in Beng San's heart. With shiny eyes he jumped forward and pointed his index finger at the corpse's face.

“Attacking and seizing the belongings of people who are sick, how can it be called a brave act? How shameless you are, Song bun kwi!' Beng San's attitude and words were like the attitude of an old man scolding a young person, so it looked very funny. However, Song bun kwi was wide-eyed and horrified, his eyes suddenly only looked white like devil eyes! Beng San shuddered in fear watching the face that wasn't like a human face anymore.

Suddenly the mourning demon laughed, followed by the sound of someone crying and finally he actually cried! But only for a moment her crying stopped and she said to Beng San, “Twenty years or more of not hearing people cursing and scolding me, not hearing people reproach me. Ha, good boy. People like you are new to be called people." After saying that, he moved his legs and a white light shot out from the abyss.

Beng San stared. This movement so fast that it seemed to disappear reminded him of Hek hwa Kui bo. Silently he shuddered. Why are there people with such great intelligence that they are like demons? He heard The Bok Nam complain and when he looked he saw the old man was breathing heavily. Touched with compassion. Beng San immediately knelt down, took out the medicinal leaf he often got from his temperature, squeezed the leaf and put it in The Bok Nam's mouth. The old man looked surprised, but ate the leaf and a red color spread to his already pale cheeks. Then he took a deep breath.

"Twenty years of insisting that I don't want to show my best friend Phoa Ti, now Song bun kwi has been taken ....., hmmmm, this is called punishment for the person who doesn't remember his best friend ..." He was panting and there were tears in his eyes. This was the first time Beng San had seen this stubborn grandfather cry and he was moved.

'Old man, twenty years the book is in your hands, of course you have learned all its contents. What's the harm in being stolen by others?"

Suddenly the grandfather looked excited, his eyes glowing. "You're right ……, Beng San, you're right… me sit down…. … Eh, the Mourning Devil's blow is great… .. ”Beng San helped the grandfather sit cross -legged like before before he collapsed over by Song bun kwi's long -range blow.

“Quickly kneel down, you are now my disciple. I will inherit all of Yang sin kiam."

Feeling sorry for this old man who he knew from his feelings could not live much longer, Beng San then knelt down and said.


“Listen carefully. The sin kiam only consists of eighteen main movements that can be broken down into hundreds of moves according to the talent and creativity of the person who has studied it. Well, you memorize them one by one."

“Wait a minute, The temperature. Teecu wants to see Phoa Ti's temperature there first. "

The Bok Nam was taken aback. “You became his disciple…..? ah, that's right my friend she Phoa. You must also inherit Im sin kiam, so recently completed that there will be a match for the Mourning Devil ....." After getting the grandfather's approval, Beng San then climbed up to see Phoa Ti's grandfather.

But he heard a strange voice that squeaked like the sound of people crying. When he reached the top he saw two shadows flashing on the small road and it turned out that Song bun kwi was competing against Hek hwa Kui bo! Song bun kwi was armed with a flute that made the sound of crying, while Hek hwa Kui bo was armed with his silk handkerchief. The battle was as exciting as two butterflies flying, but even though their movements were as light as flying, the wind from their blows snatched so hard that Beng San could not hold back. The boy rolled over and in fear he hid behind a large rock while lurking.

Soon the match took place because the two were fighting while running and for a moment disappeared from sight. Only the sound of the flute's cries could still be heard from afar. After the sound of the flute disappeared, then Beng San dared to appear and run down the abyss.

Her heart was pounding with anxiety when she saw Phoa Ti was already lying with her breath Monday through Thursday. It quickly crashes and helps, and it turns out that this grandfather’s condition is similar to The Bok Nam’s condition, badly injured by Hek Hwa Kui Bo’s blows.

“How is it, the temperature…..?” Beng San whispered when seeing the temperature opened his eyes.

“Ah, woe….. woe…. The book of Im sin kiam was taken away by Hek hwa Kui bo ....." Phoa Ti said weakly while closing his eyes, his face was very sad, "Beng San, my life will not be able to stay long in my damaged and heavily injured body. Hurry up and get ready, I want to pass down to you the contents of Im sin kiam which consists of eighteen points of movement….”

Beng San didn't want to argue much. Seeing that Phoa Ti's condition was worse, he quickly learned the swordsmanship that the grandfather had handed down to him. Of course he could only memorize it, could not train well because there was no time for him. But he can easily learn the essence of it. This is not only because Beng San is indeed an intelligent child but above all because he has studied Khong ji ciang's moves, the essence of which is indeed derived from Im sin kiam, so that it is easy for him to memorize the main points of movements whose essence he is familiar with. .

After all, to memorize the eighteen points of the movement well, he had to spend half a month. After that, the temperature was really bad. Actually Beng San couldn't bear to leave this temperature, so after graduation, even though his heart wanted to go to The Bok Nam to receive Yang sin kiam's inheritance, but he didn't want to go, guarded and took care of his temperature.

“Oh,…. I'm satisfied … Im sin kiam you have memorized everything….. dear …… it would be nice if you can memorize Yang sin kiam too.”

“The temperature, in fact the temperature of The Bok Nam has also raised teecu as a student and wants to lower Yang sin kiam, but…. Teecu can't bear to leave the temperature alone …… "

"Nice! Stupid boy, why didn't you tell me from yesterday? Let's go there quickly. Lekas… ..! Beng San couldn't argue and as he with a light motion climbed the cliff, he heard beneath his temperature a happy laugh.

The Bok Nam accepted Beng San's arrival with a frown. “Hmmmm, what kind of student are you? Why hasn't it appeared in so long?"

Beng San dropped to his knees. "The temperature, please forgive the old teecu did not come because the teecu have to memorize Im sin kiam of Phoa Ti temperature."

The gloomy face brightened. “Aha, I hope my friend Phoa Ti will also come to his senses. Who took the book?”

Beng San was secretly amazed as well. Without seeing this grandfather already knew that Phoa Ti was attacked by people and robbed of his book. “Hek hwa Kui bo robbed it, temperature. Then he recounted briefly what he saw when he came out of this abyss half a month ago.

The Bok Nam took a deep breath. "There will be a commotion in the world, kang ouw, with the seizure of the books. Hurry up, Beng San, you learn Yang sin kiam…., I'm barely strong anymore.”

Thus, this time Beng San learned Yang sin kiam from his second teacher. Maybe because he had memorized Im sin kiam, this time he learned the science easily. In just ten days he was able to memorize the eighteen points of the Yang sin kiam movement.

Meanwhile, on the eleventh day he found The Bok Nam was stiff in a cross -legged position, lifeless! Beng San was shocked and moved, crying sadly. Immediately he dug a hole in the abyss with both his hands. It's good that he has trained silat and the movements add a lot of energy in his body, he has been able to unite the air of Yang and Im in his body so it is not so difficult for him to dig a hole in the ground at the bottom of the abyss that is not hard. After burying The Bok Nam's corpse and kneeling for some time, the boy then left the abyss, descending the abyss on the other side to face his other teacher.

He saw the old man fall on his side as usual. "Phoa temperature, teecu has managed to learn…" he stopped his words because he saw the state of the temperature was still motionless. Quickly he jumped closer to her and…. "Temperature…" for the second time Beng San mourned the death of another person he loved and respected. Phoa Ti turned out to be dead as well, it seems he died not long ago because his body was still good.

As he did to the corpse of The Bok Nam, Beng San also buried the corpse of Phoa Ti at the bottom of the abyss. He paid homage in front of his temperature tomb, then he climbed the abyss out of it. He took a large stone and placed it on the side of the road as an identification mark. Without this sign it would be very difficult to find the abyss that became the graves of the two parents, only this child realized that he had lifted a very large stone easily! He was surprised to be together happily. Knowing that the lessons he learned from his two grandfathers were what brought great energy to his body,


A beautiful girl in plain clothes sat alone on a moonlit night behind an inn. The inn's small flower garden is also quite good and the situation would be very pleasant and beautiful if one did not hear the soft, stifled sobs. The girl who was crying slowly was none other than Liem Sian Hwa, the youngest of the four dashing people of Hoa san pai. It was strange to see this mighty girl cry. As a woman swordsman whose name is very well known, even though she is a woman, crying is something she doesn't want to do, it is very embarrassing for her.

Therefore, all the sorrows of his heart were held back while he traveled with his twa suheng, namely Kwa Tin Siong. Just tonight, when they spent the night in a small inn in the town of Leng ki, he got the opportunity that night to come out of the inn sitting in a lonely flower garden mourning his bad fate. Who wouldn't feel sad? His father was murdered and according to the evidence, the killer was none other than his own fiancé, along with a woman who was his fiancé's lover! His fiancé was the choice of his teacher and father, so of course he already considered him as someone who would be a protector or friend forever. Who would have thought, that man also killed his father. At the same time she lost her father and future husband, and instead he gets a big cunning enemy, the young Kwee Sin from Kun lun pai. He was not afraid to face Kwee Sin or anyone else to avenge his hurt, but remembering how precisely his own fiancé who was his great enemy, who killed his father, at the same time ruined the lofty dreams that had been filling his sleep. The beautiful girl's heart was broken and in the lonely garden she was able to pour out all her grief through tears that flowed profusely like the water of an overflowing river. at the same time, the lofty dreams that had been filling his sleep were in disarray. The beautiful girl's heart was broken and in the lonely garden she was able to pour out all her grief through tears that flowed profusely like the water of an overflowing river. at the same time, the lofty dreams that had been filling his sleep were in disarray. The beautiful girl's heart was broken and in the lonely garden she was able to pour out all her grief through tears that flowed profusely like the water of an overflowing river.

Quiet around the place. Sian hwa was so immersed in his tears and grief that he did not see or hear Kwa Tin Siong coming into the garden. The swordsman approached his sumo and rebuked softly

“Sumoi, hope you like to put your mind at ease. There's no point in crying and being sad, at least you need to be able to clear up the cloudiness. And believe me, sumoi. I always provide energy and life to help you. Surely the two of us will be able to uncover the secret of your father's death and avenge this."

Sian Hwa sobbed, his heart was getting sore and moved and with a sob he bumped into his older brother.

"Twa suheng…., Ah…., How bad is my fate, suheng…" Sian Hwa cried sadly on the chest of Kwa Tin Siong who hugged his shoulder and comforted him.

"Come on sumoi, let's go inside. If you see someone else crying alone here, it can lead to ridiculous guesses."

Suddenly Kwa Tin Siong pushed his classmate's body aside and his hand grabbed forward. "Coward bastard!" he snapped as he jumped forward. Sian Hwa who had been overwhelmed by his grief was less alert and did not hear and see him grab the thing, now he knew that there were bad people, he quickly jumped after his suheng.

But Kwa Tin Siong is back again. "He disappeared in the dark," he said. "Let's go in, sumoi." I don't know what was thrown at us earlier. "

Inside the inn room, under the light of the lamp, the two of them saw the thing. Sian Hwa let out a surprised cry. It was a silver hair comb. Comb his own hair which was used as a sign of his matchmaking with Kwee Sin! Now the hair comb is returned with the addition of a little writing on the paper that wraps the comb. Broke up because of being obnoxious.

Sian Hwa's face became very red, red with embarrassment and red with mounting anger. It was clear now that it was Kwee Sin, his fiancé who had grabbed him with his silver comb, who saw him crying in Kwa Tin Siong's arms! And his fiancé, who killed his father, who played crazy with Pek lian kauw, now accuses him of playing crazy with his own suheng.

With a suppressed sob, Sian Hwa ran into his room, leaving Kwa Tin Siong standing and the room. This swordsman breathed repeatedly, his heart pounding wildly, his mind crumpled. It was the first time since his wife's death that his heart and mind had been seduced by female matters, and that woman was his own sumo. Then he thought of his daughter, Kwa Hong. Secretly in this father's heart there was a big worry, not only worrying about his son now going with a strange person like Koai Atong, also worrying about his daughter's fate in the future. There was already a plan in his heart to tie the knot between his daughter and her eldest son, Thio Wan It. But now that she is facing the harsh reality of her sumo matchmaking bond, she feels worried. Worried that his son would also face disappointment in the engagement like his sumo.

That night Kwa Tin Siong couldn't sleep and when he met Sian Hwa the next day, he saw that his sumo was red in both eyes, a sign that even this sumo was not sleeping and was crying a lot. They couldn't get the words out because last night's events still scratched their hearts and feelings. Quickly after breakfast they continued their journey to Hoa san which was not far away, only a half day trip.

Lian Bu Tojin, the head of Hoa san pai who is now sixty years old, a tall, thin, long-bearded grandfather with a bamboo cane, sat on a bench while stroking his beard and looked at his youngest student who was kneeling in front of his feet. For a while he let his student sob. After seeing that Sian Hwa's crying had subsided a bit, he said in his soft and patient voice.

"Sian hwa, you calm your heart and use your mind. In dealing with all kinds of events, both happy and sad, you must be able to use your mind. Too much indulgence can darken the mind. The heart may be as hot as possible but the head must be cool so that the mind is not controlled by the heart and can consider things properly.”

"Teecu according to the temperature guide, however, she Kwee's human temperature is really disgusting. Just because teecu's father saw his shameless actions, why did he get to kill his father? Ah,…., Teecu please allow the temperature to find him and get this revenge. ”

Lian Bu Tojin smiled and nodded. “Young blood……, young blood…..! Sian Hwa, this matter of yours contains a dubious secret. Also, there's no point in you being my student. Haven't I taught you many times before that behind everything that happens in this world, there is a supreme power that governs everything? Even though what happened to your father was the right thing to do, according to the will of that power, the human being who did it was only a cause. Therefore, it is your duty to uphold the truth, uphold justice, eradicate crime and fraud, but never be influenced and ridden by the lust of hatred, the desire for revenge, because if this happens, it is no longer the enforcer of justice and the eradication of crime.

"Teecu handed over this matter to… temperature." Sian Hwa said weakly, struck by his temperature advice which of course he already understood very well.

"Now let your suheng tell you what has happened."

Kwa Tin Siong then told Suhunya about all his experiences since he intended to help Pek lian pai to oppose the colonial government, how he met Koai Atong who took away his son and about the attacks of those who claimed to be Pek lian kauw members against him and Sian Hwa. In closing, he said that Kwee Sin's condition is very suspicious, and it is very possible that Kun lun Sam hengte, namely Bun Si Teng, Bun Sin Liong, and Kwee Sin have also established relations with the Pek lian pai.

"Only one thing that teecu doesn't understand is about the relationship between Kwee Sin's brother and that very suspicious Pek lian pai woman, he really doesn't understand..." Thus Kwa Tin Siong closed his speech. In his statement earlier, he deliberately did not tell about the incident in the flower garden behind the inn. Kwa Tin Siong is a man with a lot of experience, so hearing that his sumo didn't even talk about this earlier, he didn't want to mention it either because he didn't want to offend Sian Hwa.

Chief Hoa san pai nodded and said. "Kwee Sin's condition is very suspicious. Now this is how good Kwa Tin Siong and Sian Hwa are. All matters concerning the friends, must be resolved in consultation, peacefully and fairly. Wait until Wan It and Kui Keng arrive, and you can go visit Kun lun Sam hengte to ask for an explanation directly from Kwee Sin. That way, everything will be able to be resolved. " Having said that, the head of Hoa san pai asked more about Kwa Hong who went with Koai Atong.

“That is Suhu, which is very disturbing for Teecu, Koai Atong is a person who behaves very strangely, like a small child or like a person with a slanted brain. Teecu doesn't know where the child was taken. "

Lian Bu Tojin smiled. "Don't worry. If Koai Atong is already wandering around here, it means that his teacher, Ban-tok-sian Giam Kong has left Tibet as well and is here. As long as your son claims that he is a disciple's grandson. Hoa-san-pai, I hope he won't be in any trouble because Ban-tok-sim Giam Kong certainly looks at pinto's face."

Soon Kwa Tin Siong and Sian Hwa are waiting in Hoa-san. Four days later, Bu-eng-kiam Thio Wan It came with his two children, the eldest Thio Ki, a twelve-year-old boy and the second Thio Bwee, a ten-year-old daughter and Toat-beng -kiam Kui Keng who also came with his eleven-year-old son named Kui Lok Si. These two Hoa-san warriors deliberately came with their children to face Lian Bu Tojin to introduce the children and give additional experience to their children who they hope will later become their successor Hoa-san warriors.

The meeting between the four Hoa-san Sie eng would have been very exciting if the newcomers had not heard about the accident that happened to Liem Sian Hwa and Kwa Tin Siong. Sian Hwa lost his father and Tin Siong lost his daughter. The two Hoa-san warriors, Thio Wan It and Kui Keng, greeted the sad news in accordance with their respective characters.

Thio Wan It with the nickname Bu-eng-kiam (Sword Without Shadow) is quiet and has a temper, but is honest and tough, in contrast to his short stature and round face, his clothes are always all black. With both fists clenched he said.

"Let's go find Kwee Sin, want me to beat that insolent cruel brat!"

Kui Keng the Sword of the Destroyer, his handsome face and small body, his attitude is always happy and his clothes are all white. He greeted the news with a laugh, "Sumoi's affair can slowly be taken care of, I think it's more important to find Twa-suheng's princess, who knows that crazy brat will bother Hong-ji. The affair with Kwee Sin is convoluted, maybe there is its relation to Pek-lian-pai, must be carefully investigated

Sian Hwa, who was trying to comfort his sadness, handed the discussion over to his three suheng, he himself then took Thio Bwee, Thio Ki, and Kui Lok and invited him to the lian-bu-thia (silat learning room) and said.

"Come on, girls, I'd like to see how far you've progressed under your fathers' care."

Sian Hwa's heart is also comforted to meet his lovely nieces and nephews. Thio Ki has a round face like his father, handsome and his demeanor already imagines valor even though he is only twelve years old, quiet and his chest is always raised.

The ten -year -old Thio Bwee inherited his mother's beauty, also very quiet and sweet, a pair of serious sharp eyes, a chin under his sweet lips that hinted at the hardness of his heart. Soon he was very happy to be close to his aunt who was often praised by his father as a great Hoa-san-pai female warrior iimu sword.

As for Kui Lok, Kui Keng's only child, eleven years old, has a character like his father, cheerful and somewhat mischievous, but also arrogant, this is easily seen from the shape of his mouth and intentions. These three children look dashing, fit perfectly to be descended from Hoa-san Sie-eng, four dashing people from Hoa-san-pai.

"Sweetheart," he said to the three children, "if Hong-ji- hadn't taken Koai Atong away and been here with you, how happy he would have been.

"Auntie, as Twa-supek's child, of course Hong's brother's intelligence is great, isn't it?" Thio Bwee asked his teacher's aunt.

Sian Hwa nodded. "Of course, but you too must have learned a lot about silat from your father. Please, Bwee-ji, show me."

Thio Ki loves his brother very much and this quiet young man can understand his brother's heart, so he then said to Sian Hwa while looking at Kui Lok, "Sukouw, of course my brother is ashamed because according to him, Kui Lok's brother must show his skill first." With these words, the twelve-year-old Thio Ki has shown his earnest attitude and holding the rules. Kui Lok is the prince of the third person of Hoa-san Sie-eng, so if the order or rank is calculated, it is still lower than those who became the sons of Thio Wan It the second person of Hoa-san Sie-eng. Secretly, Sian Hwa was not happy to witness this arrogant attitude, but because he also knew his hard and honest ji-suheng character, he just thought that Thio Ki's attitude was his father's legacy.

"That's right, Lok-Ji. Come on, you go ahead, you show what you've learned from your father," he said with a smile.

Kui Lok smiled and said humbly, but his voice was full of pride, "My intelligence which is still very shallow can be compared to the heir of ji-supek's intelligence (Uwak Guru ke Dua)?" But despite saying that, his left hand was already moving and knowing he had, pulled a short sword from his waist. Indeed, the three sons of Hoa-san-pai's warriors all carried swords on their backs and that is probably what made them look so strong.

Seeing this gesture, Sian Hwa smiled and asked in surprise. "You use your left hand to play the sword?"

Kui Lok's cheeks, which had been white, were a little red. "That's right, Sukouw, since I was a child it was better to use my left hand than my right, so my father deliberately practiced swordsmanship with my left hand."

"Left -handed ....." Thio Bwee said sarcastically because this girl was a bit annoyed to see the boy's behavior.

"But, Sukouw ....." continued Kui Lok quickly to answer the little girl's taunt, "even if the left hand, I hope it won't lose to the right hand ...., uh, I mean, my own right hand, of course. "

Sian Hwa smiled again. The girl was aware of the taunts, and she secretly regretted why her suhengs only practiced martial arts, seemingly paying less attention to character education so that these children were not good at controlling their feelings and were easily offended. "You play, let us see."

After paying his respects to Sian Hwa and glancing defiantly at Thio Ki and Thio Bwee, Kui Lok began to fight with his sword. He played a single sword and the way he played it was great, especially since he used his left hand so that it was the opposite of his original sword knowledge. Silently Sian Hwa noticed and was also impressed by the speed of this child's movement, the speed that is preferred in Hoa-san-pai's sword game. What is most impressive to his heart is the power used in every attack, so earnest and always deadly. It is not in vain that this child became the only prince of his suheng, Toat-beng-kiam the Sword of Destruction!

After stopping his sword game, Sian Hwa exclaimed, "Very good, Lok-ji, you didn't embarrass your father!" This girl even applauded in praise. Only Thio Bwee and Thio Ki were silent, not wanting to give praise. Of course Kui Lok knew about this, so while sheathing his sword he said.

“Hopefully now Brother Thio Ki and Miss Thio Bwee won't be so stingy with their intelligence anymore.”

"How can I fight you? You only use my left hand, and if I use my left hand, I can't do martial arts, otherwise if I use my right hand, I'm cunning, of course the right hand is better than the left," Thio Bwee replied with a frown.

Sian Hwa laughed. "Hi-hi-hi, Bwee-ji, don't talk like that. Lok-ji uses his left hand because since childhood he has trained with his left hand. His left hand is the same as your right hand, on the other hand his right hand is the same as your left hand. You showed your cleverness to your aunt, sweet child."

Thio Bwee did not dare to argue with his teacher aunt. This little girl then drew her sword and silat as fast as she could to show off her agility in front of her teacher aunt, especially in front of Kui Lok! And he did it! Indeed, in terms of agility, namely in terms of ginkang (lightening the body), this girl wins by a level when compared to Kui Lok. This is also not strange because as the daughter of Bu-eng-kiam (Sword Without Shadow) prioritizes ginkang, of course her father has trained his two children in this science and Hoa-san Kiam-hoat's Swordsmanship is very appropriate if played quickly. The little girl's body was bouncing back and forth like a swallow, and the sword was spun so fast that it was almost invisible.

After he stopped silat, Sian Hwa again cheered his praises, but as a Hoa-san-pai martial arts expert, of course this girl was quite aware that this little girl's intelligence was still unable to fight the swordsmanship that was played with her left hand by Kui Lok. Kui Lok's movements are more mature, and this boy's strength is much greater.

"Now you, Ki-ji, you play some moves to satisfy me."

Thio Ki is a very quiet and serious person. He saluted Sian Hwa and said, "If there is a mistake, please Sukouw for guidance." It was clear that these words were merely pleasantries or politeness because without waiting for an answer this child had already drawn his sword and at another time he had been playing with the sword at the same speed as his younger brother. Only this time, Sian Hwa saw that Thio Ki's intelligence was superior to his younger brother's, also when compared to Kui Lok, Thio Ki won in speed even though his strength was balanced, so if it was concluded that, among the three children, Thio Ki was the highest in level.

"Good, good! Wow, you guys are great!" Sian Hwa praises after Thio Ki stops sword fighting.

"Aaah, Sumoi! If you're too tall those kids, they'll get big heads." Suddenly, Kui Keng could be heard exclaiming happily while laughing. Kui Keng entered the room with Thio Wan It and Kwa Tin Siong.

"Kui-susiok (Master Kui's Uncle), your son Lok's brother looks down on me and Ti's sister!" suddenly Thio Bwee exclaimed.

Everyone was shocked, including Thio Wan It, but Kui Keng just smiled, a pair of glowing eyes. "Looking down how?"

"Finished, he deliberately showed off his ingenuity and played the sword with his left hand, isn't that insulting at all?" said the little girl.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! He's playing with his left hand because he's right-handed! Ha-ha-ha!" Everyone there laughed and Thio Bwee deliberately put on a surprised face.

"Aaah, so he's left

-handed? After eating, do you also use your left hand , Susiok?" Thio Bwee also asked.

"Ha-ha-ha, of course not. If you eat with your right hand and if you ... clean your body with your left hand. "Kui Keng laughed again, because this person was very happy. Kui Lok, who had been upset because of Thio Bwee's taunts, now laughed like his father and secretly when the girl looked at him, he stuck out his tongue mockingly!

"Never mind, all the children should go to Sukong (Grandpa Teacher)," said Thio Wan It. "Ki-ji, you are the eldest, you must be able to lead your two younger siblings. The three of you live well in Hoa-san, obeying Sukong's instructions and orders. We old people will be going down the mountain for about two months. ."

"Lok-ji, you have to get along with your two brothers, don't be naughty," Kui Keng ordered to his son as well.

After saying goodbye to Lian Bu Tojin, these four Hoa-san-pai warriors then descended the mountain, leaving the three children under the supervision of the head of Hoa-san-pai. When descending the mountain, Kwa Tin Siong explained to Liem Sian Hwa about the negotiator's decision. They said that in order to settle Sian Hwa's business with Kwee Sin, whose movements were very suspicious, they would immediately go to the eldest person from Kun-lun Sam-heng ti, namely Bun Si Teng who was a horse trader and lived in Sin-yang. .

"In accordance with the temperature message," Kwa Tin Siong closed his explanation, "we must not act recklessly against Kun-lun Sam-hengte who has always had a good name as the valiant warriors of Kun-lun. Therefore, before we take action. to Kwee Sin, we must first inform both brothers Bun Si Teng and Bun Si Liong about their sute Kwee Sin's misguidance. That way we have enough respect and look at Kun-lun-pai's face. "

Sian Hwa just nodded. Inside this girl's heart was not suitable, because she felt very angry and hurt her ex-fiancé, who besides having killed her father, had also insulted her greatly. If possible, he would like to meet him and continue to attack and chop Kwee Sin's body!

We postpone the journey of Hoa-san Sie-eng who wants to meet Kun-lun Sam-hengte and let's follow the journey of Kwa Hong, a girl with a lively and happy character, who is taken away by Koai Atong, a strange cunning person as has been said in the front.

While laughing, Koai Atong took Kwa Hong's hand and led him away from Kwa Tin Siong and Liem Sian Hwa who couldn't catch up with him. Kwa Hong felt how his body was floating with both his feet not touching the ground even though he seemed to be walking with the strange person's arms. At first he was afraid, but because Koai Atong laughed and said that they would play in a beautiful lake, he eventually became interested too.

Then it was discovered by Kwa Hong that the freak was not lying. Soon they arrived at the edge of a very beautiful lake, a small lake whose edges were full of wild flowers of various colors. Above the trees many birds are dancing and singing, while in the water of the lake full of shadows of flowers and trees, big and small fish jump. It's amazing how beautiful the place is, it makes Kwa Hong forget his worries that he has separated from his father.

"Very nice ..... very comfortable this place ....." he said.

"Good, huh? I also like to play here," said Koai Atong pranced. "Let's play chase, you can chase me, but those who are being chased can't go from around this lake!"

Kwa Hong is a smart boy. Earlier, he had been partnered with Koai Atong, who used his extraordinary sprinting skills. As a child pen| Dekar, of course he understands that this weirdo has high sprint skills, how can he be able to catch up with him? He laughed and said mischievously.

“Koai Atong, you want to outsmart me? Uhhh, do you think I'm as stupid as other people? Instead of you trying to outsmart me, it's better, you teach me the science of sprinting earlier."

"Sprinting? What is it? I can't..... I can't teach anything....." Koai Atong quickly said with a frightened face when he heard Kwa Hong ask to be taught sprinting. "You'd better get another one..... uh, you want that bird? Tell me which one you like, I'll catch it for you...!" He laughed, pointing up at the birds hopping on the tree branches.

"That little one, the one with yellow hair!" Kwa Hong pointed at a bird that was the most agile and agile among the birds. Not because he likes this little bird, but because this clever child deliberately chose the most agile bird so that Koai Atong could not catch it.

"Fine, you see, he can't run from me." Koai Atong then pushed his big body, soared to the top of the tree. All the birds scattered away in fear, including the little bird which had flown first very quickly. Kwa Hong was almost cheering mocking Koai Atong's failure but suddenly Koai Atong laughed loudly and his left hand was moved forward. It was very strange, suddenly the little yellow bird was like being pulled by a thread tied to its leg because this beast flew back towards Koai Atong with a weak movement! With ease and ease the strange man caught the yellow bird and jumped down, thrusting the yellow bird at Kwa Hong. Magnificently the bird stands on the palm of his hand,

Facing this show of high science which is like playing magic, Kwa Hong is dumbfounded. However, because he was smart, he didn't want to show his surprise, instead he laughed and took the bird that was standing in the palm of Koai Atong's hand. He thought that the bird was indeed unable to fly anymore, so he held it very slowly. Who would have thought, as soon as it was released from Koai Atong's palm and into Kwa Hong's grasp, the bird struggled and….. bn-wttt….. it flew away, so fast!

Koai Atong laughed heartily. Kwa Hong scowled. "Koai Atong, you have tricked me! In your hands the bird can't fly, why after I hold it then fly?"

"Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, how can a bird fly without a footrest? The soft palm of the hand, accompanied by a sucking air, of course makes him unable to fly, what's so strange.....? Ha-ha-ha! "

"Ah, you naughty! Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Kwa Hong was sullen and grumpy.

Seeing his friend angrily, Koai Atong quickly said, "Stop it, let me catch him again for you ....." He stood up, but Kwa Hong said.

"No, I don't like it anymore. Not playing games with you, I'm going back to dad."

"Waaah, don't be angry. We're not satisfied yet playing around here. Let's go to another more beautiful place. To the top of the mountain playing with the clouds? Or into the forest full of beasts? I know many beautiful places.... ."

"No," answered Kwa Hong who had the thought of leaving this person. He was starting to get a bad feeling, afraid that this madman wouldn't let him go. "If you can find yellow, gold scaled fish from this lake, then I'll want to play again.

Koai Atong looked towards the well. Many large small fish leaped, sometimes out far from the surface of the water, but none were scaly yellow eirias, all white or black. "Where are the golden yellow scaly fish?" he asked stupidly.

"Of course it is, in the lake. Or maybe you're not good at catching it? If you're not good at it, you're not worth being my friend to play with."

Koai Atong looks nervous. "Fine, fine..... I'll catch it for you. You wait and see." Suddenly his big tall body flashed towards the lake and ..... byurrr! Koai Atong has plunged into the water! Kwa Hong's face changed. Woe to him, may he be a water demon who is good at playing in water. This is a good opportunity, I have to leave this place. But before his feet moved, a feeling of shame and pity arose in his heart. Shame on yourself as if you want to deceive Koai Atong and feel sorry for the madman. He is so good to me, that he even wants to dive into the lake, to find fish, when am I so humble to deceive and leave him? Kwa Hong hesitated. This child has been heavily imbued with philosophies about virtue and especially about valor and justice by his father,

As he hesitated, suddenly a voice was heard, "Well, this is Hoa-san It-kiam's son!" And a man appeared who made Kwa Hong pale because he knew this man as the one who had kidnapped him Then two other people appeared dressed as pastors of the Tosu Religion, but unlike the usual tosu, on their hair there was a lotus flower decoration.

"Where's that crazy naughty boy?" asked one of the two tosu, looking to the right and left.

"Susiok both take care if he shows up, let teecu run away from this child first!" Said the kidnapper as he hit Kwa Hong.

"Koai Atong, come out quickly....! Help me.....!" Kwa Hong shouted as he jumped out of the way and ran towards the lake. The kidnapper, laughing loudly, chased after him.

"Where are you running to?"

Suddenly Koai Atong's head appeared from the surface of the water with both hands holding two fish. Seeing Kwa Hong being chased by people, his hands moved and the two fish with incredible speed snatched towards the kidnapper who was in no hurry to dodge again.

“Ouch….., auuuwww….aaaapppp”

The first fish hit his nose right and somehow because of the pain, the fish opened its mouth and ..... bit the kidnapper's nose and when the kidnapper complained, the second fish drifted right into ..... his gaping mouth, continued to enter up to his throat. Of course he became as confused as his bearded grandfather. With difficulty he was able to release the fish that was biting his nose and pull the fish out to two from his throat. His nose was bleeding and the kidnapper was swearing, especially when he saw Kwa Hong laughing and giggling at the funny scene. But seeing that Koai Atong had jumped up and now the strange man was laughing standing near Kwa Hong, the kidnapper did not dare to go forward anymore and even ran behind the two tosu who became his susiok (teacher's uncle).

The two tosu stepped forward to face Koai Atong. "Koai Atong," said one of them who had a large andeng-andeng (mole) on his right cheek, "please don't interfere and give this child, to us."

Koai Atong is still laughing with Kwa Hong completely unwilling to serve the two tosu. However, Kwa Hong, who knew that the two tosu did not have good intentions, seemed to be friends of the kidnapper, immediately said, "Koai Atong, don't listen to them. Just kill them!"

Koai Atong laughed again and moved his drenched body. Water from his clothes splashed and. grabbed at the two tosu. It couldn't be helped that the tosu clothes were exposed to water, instead their faces became wet and painful, because the splash of the water droplets felt like needles piercing the skin. They got angry and shouted.

"Crazy man, are you looking for success?" Simultaneously, the two tosu pulled out their belts, which turned out to be thorny joan-pian (limp whips), it seemed very scary.

However, Koai Atong only laughed and as soon as the two men attacked, he was already holding his arrow which was greenishly pointed. I don't know where he got this gun from. There was a loud noise and the two tosu let out a muffled cry because the joan-pian they had attacked earlier met with an arrow making their hands tremble. However, because they believed in their own intelligence, especially since they both advanced together, the two tosu did not flinch and immediately locked up, raining joan-pian strikes towards Koai Atong's body. This weirdo moves his arrows while laughing and sometimes he moves his body sending water droplets flying towards his two opponents. Kwa Hong clapped his hands giving his friend a heart.

"Come on, Koai Atong. They just brush their teeth"

The battle was very exciting. It turned out that the ingenuity of the two tosu was also very clever. The movements of their joan-pian were great, like two tails, snakes squirming and snatching. But all their attacks can be avoided by Koai Atong easily. On the other hand, even with his arrow, Koai Atong was not able to push his two opponents, in fact it seems that Koai Atong in his movements was too weak while his two opponents were getting faster and stronger in his attack power. This is not strange because the two people use martial arts that contain Yang's energy, on the other hand Koai Atong does have skills based on Im's energy which is more subtle and weak. But it just seems like he lost fast and lost hard,

In the fiftieth moment, suddenly the two tosu made a strange high-pitched sound and simultaneously they moved their left hands forward. Only visible light of various colors flashed towards Koai Atong. This strange person looked confused, he quickly turned his arrow while waving his left hand like a person facing the strikes of many small secret weapons. However, he still groaned when he felt itchy left shoulder.