The King Of Sword Volume 3

volume 03

"Let's hurry!" Hek hwa Kui bo snapped while sitting on the grass. Beng San had to kneel behind him and start looking for rotten lice among the black hair, smooth and clean and smelling of flowers. Where are the rotten lice among the hair that is kept so fast and clean?

"That's fine," he grumbled, an unfair bet. If there weren't bedbugs, you cut my nose. What if there are bed bugs? I have nothing, my nose is the thing I love the most, if that's what I bet, what's your bet? Are you also risking your nose?”

Hek hwa Kui bo no longer felt his sharp nose feel. There's no way he could sacrifice his nose. He thought about it then said with a mocking laugh, “The most valuable thing to me is my intelligence. I bet my intelligence. Every time you get bed bugs, I give you a martial art."

"Huh, what is martial arts for?" Beng San said.

The strange woman looked up and her eyes lit up. “Stupid child! If you accept just one kind of my martial arts, do you think that people like the father of Hoa san pai's child can annoy and insult you?"

Beng San racked his brains. That's right. This woman is shrewd. It would be nice if he could have the shrewdness of this woman. He is alone in this world, many times people have insulted him. Never mind the townspeople who often chase him away like a dog when he doesn't bother them. The proof is what just happened, Siok Tin Cu's smelly tosu insulted him, then Kwa Hong...

“Fine,” he said, and soon his fingers were pulling something out of Hek hwa Kui bo's hair.

“got one…!” he said happily half cheered. Hek hwa Kui bo gasped in surprise, quickly turning around. He saw that between the index finger and thumb of Beng San's hand was pinched by a disgusting reddish black tick. He has many legs and his way is slanted. Hek hwa Kui bo's nape hairs on the back of his neck. A woman like her, who has never said that she had head lice since she was a child, even though she has not seen it yet, how can she tell the difference between head lice and shirt lice? At all he never dreamed that he was tricked by this brat. Beng San, who was feeling helpless and hopeless at the sight of the clean hair, secretly came to a sense. On his clothes there are a lot of fleas, this he knows very well, and he also knows where the fleas are most happy to hide. Because the dress is just one, never washed so many lice and out of habit, he very easily took a shirt lice and pretended to take it from Hek hwa Kui bo's hair. Even though this woman was proficient in her martial arts, because she was sitting with her back to Beng San and had not expected this ruse at all, she fully believed. His face was a little pale and his eyes widened when he saw the little tick being pinched by Beng San's fingers.

"Woe, where do rotten lice come from? What a shame. Let's kill quickly and look again! ”

Beng San laughed and stuffed the bed bug into his mouth. When he bit his teeth there was a “tesss!” sound. and he spat out the carcass of the bedbugs. Hek hwa Kui bo shrieked in horror.

"Damn right, where did he come from in my hair?" suddenly he felt his head itch a lot and he was forced to scratch again, “Let's keep looking, until it's really clean. Hell….”

"Uh, later. don't forget the bet. Got one already."

Hek hwa Kui bo glared. "Who forgot? Crap right. I owe you a martial art. Let's continue until my hair is clean. Later how much you can just count how much I owe you."

Beng San searched again and just like before, he picked up the shirt lice and shouted in joy. Hek hwa Kui bo is squeaking even more “How can there be so many? Woe, lest it lay eggs!"

Beng San laughed. This clever boy was quick to say. “I didn't see the eggs, maybe they all hatched… already two, Kui bo. Do not forget."

“Who forgot? Let's find it again soon! ”

“Kui bo, I'm not worried you forgot just worried you broke your promise. Some say that tying a buffalo is to its nose, but humans are tied to its speech. Once spit out the spit will not be licked back, once spit out a word, until death will not be denied. That's a dashing human and…!”

“Chatter! What kind of snotty kid do you want to teach me a lesson? I will not forget, nor will I break my promise. Let's get rid of the fleas quickly, it's itching all over my head! ” and seeing the second rotten flea, Hek hwa Kui bo's head itched more and more.

At first Beng San wanted to get as many lice out as possible, but when he remembered that the martial arts he was going to teach him would not necessarily be fun, he turned around worried that it would be troublesome. So after getting three bed bugs, he stopped and said.

"It's finished, it's clean. Now I'm willing to bet my head that you don't have any lice in your hair at all."

Hek hwa Kui bo breathed a sigh of relief, then straightened his hair that had been tangled by the child. Then he looked at Beng San and suddenly laughed and giggled. Beng San is worried that this kuntilanak woman is going to cheat on him.

“Hi hi hi hi hi, I owe you three martial arts skills? What was your name, boy? ”

"My name is Bang San."

“Boy, I will teach you three kinds of martial arts and if you can inherit these three martial arts, ten Hoa san pai students will not be able to win you. Eh, you said you were stuffed with drugs by a tosu that made you all hot? Is it true that you have never studied silat?”

"Never in my life."

"Try to hit the palm of my hand, when you hit it blows air from your mouth."

Beng San obeyed because he thought that this was how he learned silat. He hit the woman's palm with his left hand while blowing air from his mouth.

"Plakkk! Hek hwa Kui bo felt his palms scorched with heat. That light was Yang Kang's energy that came out of Beng San's fist.

"Hmmm, now you hit again with your left hand while holding your breath."

Beng San complied, smacking his left fist against the palm while holding his breath. Hek hwa Kui bo felt his palms receive a chill that was stronger than the heat earlier. He was secretly surprised. How in this child's body there are two kinds of air Yang kang and Im kang without the child himself knowing. And how can a child who has never studied silat have these two types of air and not die from it? In the body of every human being, basically, there are already two kinds of contradictory air, but not as great as this.

"Listen carefully. I will teach you three kinds of martial arts. However, there are conditions. First, you must not admit Hek hwa Kui bo as your teacher.”

Beng San scowled. “Who wants to claim you as a teacher? This condition fits my mind.”

“Secondly, you have to stay in this forest before you memorize the three kinds of martial arts. Depends on your brain. If you're shrimp-brained and frozen, you haven't memorized it in ten years, you can't go out. As soon as it comes out I'll kill you if you don't memorize it."

Beng San immediately protested, “What rule is this? I don't want to. If so, never mind, who is crazy about martial arts? I don't have to study."

Hek hwa Kui bo laughed mockingly and his handkerchief twitched. "You may not study, but I will take your life. You think I'm a person who likes to lick his own spit? I have promised, you must receive three kinds of martial arts lessons and you must also meet those conditions or ……… may die.”

Beng San is a naughty and brave boy, but he is also very smart. Now he was more or less familiar with the character of this kuntilanak who always proved his words, so he then said, “Well, studying your silat or not is the same! What's the point? I thought that even your martial arts would mean nothing to me!”

Hek hwa Kui bo got burned in the stomach. "Tarrr!!" his handkerchief flashed and made a loud noise, the tip of which went over Beng San's head and hit a nearby rock. How shocked the child was when he saw how the edge of the stone was chipped and crushed as if it had been hit by a large, powerful hammer with great force.

"You say it's useless? Is your head harder than that rock?” said Hek hwa Kui bo glaring.

Beng San was amazed and a desire began to arise in his heart to have this kind of skill. but he showed indifference to the greatness of the woman. He even took a deep breath and said,

"What is the meaning of shrewdness in martial arts if I can't learn it anyway? I've never studied silat, how can you now learn your silat if you don't lead it yourself?”

hek hwa Kui bo giggled, “You can do it, you can do it. I have three kinds of martial arts that are easy to learn, even by a moron like you. First, is the science of whistling (Samadhi) called Thai hwee (big fire) to bring forth the inner power of Yang kang. In carrying out this knowledge your body will feel very hot like burning, you must be able to withstand this. second, is the science of breathing called Siu hwee (maintaining fire) to make the Yang kang air in your body enter all blood vessels and make your body immune."

"What does all this mean?" Beng San reproached. “Where do people have to learn to be strong and stand up to being hit, what if I was only told to be the subject of a beating? I teach you how to hit a rock like before."

Hek hwa Kui bo laughed, “You idiot. The two kinds of lessons are the essence of all martial arts lessons. The third, is the science of punching which I call Ci hwee (remove fire), consists of three punching moves that contain Yang kang air. Well, you pay attention now to all my instructions and study carefully. I'm just willing to give you the opportunity to study one day and one night, after that you have to study on your own. "

Thus, this strange woman deliberately lowered the way of meditating and breathing exercises that were merely to increase the power of Yang kang in Beng San's body. This act is actually very cunning and evil. For others, it is possible that these sciences will bring extraordinary energy in the body. But as it was known in Beng San's body at that time, an incredible hot air was flowing, which would certainly burn his heart as a result of swallowing three pills made by Siok Tin Cu. If only he hadn't been hit by Jing tok ciang and hit by green poison due to Koai Atong's attack. Hekhwa Kui bo did not know about Koai Atong's attack, but this magical woman was quite aware that the three Yang tan pills had strangely been held back by the kind of Im air that was in Beng San's body. Seeing this, even though she couldn't force Beng San to confess, this woman had a guess that this Beng San must be a disciple of another magician. This he did not like very much. It is Hek hwa Kui bo's character not to give in to others. Siok Tin Cu is his disciple's grandson, because the tosu teacher, head Ngo lian kauw, namely Kim thouw Thian li (golden head goddess) is his only student. When he heard that the Yang Tan swallowed by this boy did not kill him, Hek hwa Kui bo's heart arose, so he now deliberately teaches these two kinds of knowledge to enlarge and strengthen the Yang air in this child's body so that the Im's defense in his body loses. This he did not like very much. It is Hek hwa Kui bo's character not to give in to other people. Siok Tin Cu is his disciple's grandson, because the tosu teacher, head Ngo lian kauw, namely Kim thouw Thian li (golden head goddess) is his only student. When he heard that the Yang Tan swallowed by this boy did not kill him, Hek hwa Kui bo's heart arose, so he now deliberately teaches these two kinds of knowledge to enlarge and strengthen the Yang air in this child's body so that the Im's defense in his body loses. This he did not like very much. It is Hek hwa Kui bo's character not to give in to other people. Siok Tin Cu is his disciple's grandson, because the tosu teacher, head Ngo lian kauw, namely Kim thouw Thian li (golden head goddess) is his only student. When he heard that the Yang Tan swallowed by this boy did not kill him, Hek hwa Kui bo's heart arose, so he now deliberately teaches these two kinds of knowledge to enlarge and strengthen the Yang air in this child's body so that the Im's defense in his body loses.

Of course the clueless Beng San didn't harbor any suspicions and with great diligence and thoroughness he paid attention to all of the woman's hints. This boy has a very bright brain and is very bright. It was only half a day before Hek hwa Kui bo gave instructions, he already understood well how to do Thai hwee, Siu hwee, and Ci hwee exercises.

Secretly hek hwa kui bo was shocked and amazed. He had never seen a child as intelligent as this brain. However, Hek hwa Kui Bo is a strange one. This does not cause affection for him, but he hates and envy him even more. He himself didn't have this kind of intelligence.

"Well, you can diligently train yourself with these three kinds of knowledge. Never dare to come out of the forest if you do not have the knowledge that I teach. If you violate, I will kill you!”

After saying that, in a flash this woman had vanished from in front of Beng San. This child is relieved. Maybe he will guard outside the forest, he thought. But if it takes two or three days, will he be patient to keep it up? Also this forest is so big, if I came from another direction, how could he know? With this thought, he was comfortable not wanting to train himself, instead immediately chose a place to sleep that was safe and comfortable, namely on top of a very large tree.

On the next day, he also did not train himself, but took a walk in the forest, choosing a place with lots of fruit trees so that it would not be difficult for him to find if his stomach felt hungry. For two days Beng San just wandered in the forest unwilling to train himself. And on the third night, a very dark night, he walked out of the forest, taking the opposite direction so as not to be noticed by Hek hwa Kui bo. The forest was so dense that it was only before dawn that he could get out of the forest.

But what a surprise when suddenly he heard loud laughter and giggling, the sound of kuntilanak laughing! And before he could see where the voice was coming from, suddenly the man himself had flashed and was standing in front of him with the long handkerchief twirling around in a very threatening manner.

Beng San is afraid to play, but he is smart. Quickly he said “Hek hwa Kui bo, my stomach is very hungry, yesterday it was full of wandering in the forest looking for no food. I'm lost here… "

Hek hwa Kui bo glared at him, "Aren't you going to run?"

"Three kinds of knowledge I have not memorized perfectly, how can I dare to die leaving this place? a man promised…” He did not continue his words because he had intended to run.

Hek hwa Kui bo laughed oddly, his eyes gleaming. "You just study well, in a few days it won't be difficult to catch forest animals to eat."

Beng San re-entered the forest and he heard from afar the woman grumbled, “Child endures the test…”

Now Beng San was convinced that there was no way he could leave without the strange magic woman knowing. His life was in danger of death if he dared to go. He had no other choice but to start studying the three kinds of knowledge. At first he did Samadhi to confirm the knowledge of Thai hwee as he had learned from the woman. And sure enough, it was only half the night that he sat in meditation, when he felt an intense heat build up in his stomach, getting hotter and hotter until he couldn't hold it in anymore and fell down unconscious! When he came back to his senses, he was suffering from an extreme cold, it was as if his body had frozen.

He remembered all his experiences in the forest when he met Kwa Hong. Such is the suffering. Why is it now that after starting to train himself with the knowledge he learned from Hek hwa Kui bo, it seems that this strange disease has reappeared?

Beng San has fortitude and recklessness, endurance, inner and outer is very strong. Even though he suffered a lot of torture from this first practice, he continued on. For the first three or four days, every time he whistled for at most one night he would collapse unconscious. But on the fifth day he didn't faint anymore, he didn't know that as a result, his face became more and more red and finally turned black like kwali's ass. But he who has never seen the reflection of his own face, does not know this!

A month later he started with a second lesson. When he began to practice breathing according to the science of Siu hwee (save fire), he felt that the heat he got from the first science gathered in his navel, then moved to his chest and his left chest felt sore like a needle. It was desperate to continue and finally the great pain disappeared and a month later, he just felt as if something was pressing in his chest.

The third month he uses to train himself with the science of punching called Ci hwee (emitting fire). The science of this punch consists of three movement moves. The first movement hits both hands with open fingers towards the ground in front of his feet, then the second movement hits forward and the third movement hits upwards. These movements are performed with the transfer of the left right leg, one in front of the other behind. It's very simple, but it's very difficult to do.

It was good that Beng San had paid close attention and he was finally able to perform these moves well after practicing day and night for a month. Every time he made blows with his fingers spread apart, he felt his chest tighten slightly, as if the pressure had eased a bit. He didn't know that it was because there was an air of Yang kang coming out, thereby reducing the pressure of that miraculous air that was now gathering in his chest and threatening the work of his chest.

Four months passed when Beng San ventured out of the forest. He did not know where the limits of perfection in studying the sciences were, so he was just playing around. If later he meets Hek hwa Kui bo and he is tested he will play his best. If it is stated that it is not perfect, how about it later. For four months he had felt like he was condemned. His body never felt good again, he was always attacked by a heat that sometimes made him like crazy. With these exercises, Hek hwa Kui bo has increased Yang kang's air in his body and if in the past Im kang's energy due to Koai Atong's attack was stronger, now that he has practiced Yang kang's strength, which is stronger in his body, he no longer gets cold, but always hot. He is like someone who always suffers from a fever,

It seems that the fate of Beng San must have suffered greatly in his childhood. It's kind of weird what he's going through all this. the three pills made by Siok Tin Cu were actually enough to kill three people and Yang kang's air power from the three pills were all contained in Beng San's body. He should have died because of this, but who would have thought that by chance he was attacked by Koai Atong who had a slanted brain so that his body entered Im kang's air which was even stronger than Yang kang's air. And now, Hek hwa Kui bo who didn't know about Koai Atong's attack and intended to kill him by strengthening Yang's air with those exercises, turned out to only add hot air so that he could compensate for the cold air from the green poison. And therefore, even though his face turned black and his chest burned,

How happy Beng San was when he did not see the appearance of Hek hwa Kui bo. After coming out of the forest, his heart was pounding with joy. He really didn't see the woman's shadow. In addition to his excitement, he also felt very irritated.

"Evil kuntilanak demon," he grumbled. "I have been tricked. Was told to study stealth for months and he apparently wasn't guarding here. You idiot, if you know this, who wants to be a monkey in the forest for months?" while cursing Hek hwa Kui bo in his heart, Beng San continued on his way. Since he was in a mountainous area and there were no hamlets or passersby in sight, he walked around aimlessly. However, all of his experiences created a desire in his heart to learn the true and high level of martial arts so that he could prevent others from insulting him. When he thought of Kwa Hong, he was still very angry.

On the third day, when he was very thirsty and he drank water, he was shocked to death when he saw his face in the water. Oh woe, why did his face turn black like a demon? Beng San couldn't believe it then moved to clearer water to see his own face. But still, his face clearly looked as black as kwali's ass.

"Woe .... ah, my face is like this ..." no longer feels this child is crying without making a sound, only tears are flowing freely.

After racking his brains, he was self-deprecating. “Ah, why do I have to cry? Why be sad? Judging people is not based on the color of their faces, say the poets. There are others who say that facial features do not reflect the state of the heart and character. I can be bad, can be black, why dizzy? Shy ….? Shame on whom? Huh,…..!” and suddenly he heard a chattering sound. When he looked, he saw some distance away, on the tree there were two black langurs, the pair of animals sitting and fondling each other, seemed to get along and love each other.

Beng San laughed, “My face is as black as a langur's face. Who said ugly face? Look at that, for them it would be ugly if their friend's face was white not black. Black or white what's the difference? Good and bad, where is the dividing line?” Beng San had unintentionally brought out ancient sayings and philosophies that he had read in the Hok thian tong temple when he was still a pawn of the temple. However, although these words of course could not be understood by a child who was only ten years old, at least at that time it was a consolation for him, dispelling his sadness and disappointment at the sight of his black face like a monkey's face. After being satisfied with drinking and washing his face, he continued his journey.

One morning he arrived on the slopes of a green mountain. As he was walking very carefully on the small, very quiet road, he suddenly heard the voices of two people talking clearly in front of him. He looked up but saw no one. He walked fast and arrived at him on a small road. To the right and left of the road there is a long and steep ravine. And it was in this place that he heard the voices of two men talking very clearly, but not visible! Even though the day was bright, the sun had risen high, but the hair on Beng San's neck also stood out in horror. How could there be two people talking in front of him, as on his right and left but not seeing the person! He stood like a statue and listened to the two voices of the person in charge on his right and left.

"Phoa Ti, if you don't fall into the trap here, once you know my punches, Pat hong ciang's martial arts skills (martial arts of the eight directions of the wind), you will surely die!" Thus came a voice from Beng San's left, a voice carried by the wind from the left without anyone being seen.

Immediately a voice from the right answered "Ha ha ha, she The people, from here you can smell your stinky mouth. If I had been a little careful and didn't fall here, with my martial arts knowledge of Khong ji ciang (empty air martial arts) that I haven't released, you would have died first."

Beng San was so confused. The voice from the left was small and shrill, while the voice from the right was large and hoarse. What voice if not the voice of the devil or the devil? The time when there is a person, can not be seen while his voice is so clearly heard by him. Or maybe that kind of cruel kuntilanak, only this time it's a man. Beng San, who had had bad experiences with Hek hwa Kui bo, became frightened and immediately ran away.

Suddenly from the right there was a hoarse voice, "Who's upstairs?"

Beng San quickened his pace. Suddenly from his right side grabbed a kind of very strong and unbearable air Beng San's body slipped into the fight on the left side of the road! The boy's body rolled down. Fortunately for him there were no rocks there and the ravine turned out to be soft ground so that even though his body was sick, he did not suffer severe injuries.

"Ha ha ha!" there was a high-pitched voice laughing, now very close. “You're really good at it, Phoa Ti, even when you're badly injured you can still knock people down. But you would be embarrassed to see that what you knocked down was only a ten year old child. Ha ha ha ha!"

Beng San quickly looked up and saw a tall, red -faced man sitting at the bottom of the ravine. It's really funny to see a person with such a big body but his voice is incredibly high and small like a woman's voice. The man was very old, his face was full of wrinkles and he seemed to be badly injured, the proof was that it was difficult to move his legs.

Suddenly there was a clear voice, a hoarse voice without seeing the person until Beng San forgot the pain in his body and listened attentively.

“She The people, you don't need to scoff. If it's true that you still have the duck claw martial art called Pat hong ciang, you come here, let me see it."

The big man answered loudly, "You are the only one who comes down here if you still have the knowledge of Khong ji ciang martial arts, who is afraid to face him?"

No answer is heard. For a long time there was no sound anymore and Beng San just sat while massaging his sore leg when he rolled over earlier. Then the tall man said again.

"Hey, Phoa Ti, where are you?"

"Here!" came a hoarse answer.

"Why don't you come down here? Are you afraid of me?”

"Red face, don't sell rotten talk. You just come here, are you not good enough?”

this time the big tall man who was sitting in the abyss did not answer, for a long time. Suddenly he waved his hand to Beng San. The boy immediately approached. How surprised he was when suddenly his hand was grabbed by the man who whispered, "Do you see how it is?" before Beng San knew what he meant, the man suddenly moved his hands and shouted, "Hey, Phoa Ti, you accept the child you hit."

Beng San almost screamed in surprise when suddenly his body floated up like he was flying fast. It turned out that he had been thrown by someone so hard that his body crossed the small path above the ravine and immediately his body flew down the ravine on the right side of the road without him being able to stop it anymore. Beng San thought that his body would surely crumble, so he closed his eyes, accepting fate. However, suddenly his body stopped floating and when he opened his eyes, he found that he had been held by a very strong hand. He was lowered and when he looked he saw that the one holding him back was a very tall, thin man.

Like the great grandfather earlier, this grandfather was seriously injured, the evidence was that he could not move his legs either, in fact this grandfather just lay down on the bottom of a ravine full of green grass. Now Beng San understood that these two strange old men were talking to each other from their respective places, one at the bottom of the ravine on the left side of the road and the other at the bottom of the ravine on the right side of the road.

It's really strange, how come from a place so far can have a conversation with someone on the other side? Especially when he recalled his experience earlier when he was thrown from the next abyss and accepted into this abyss, he shuddered. Alas, he thought, these demons would be no less strange and formidable than Hek hwa Kui bo.

When the old man moved his right hand that was supporting Beng San's body, the boy rolled onto the grass. Beng San started to pay attention to this geezer. A very old grandfather, at least sixty years old, his body thin like a dried lizard, his legs could not move, even his left hand was pregnant.

The pregnant hand immediately whispered “Eh, poor boy. How's the big guy doing?"

Secretly Beng San felt irritated as well. No matter how clever these two strange people were, he felt that they had been played like a ball, thrown here and there, then he replied with a frown. "No worse than you. I can't stand sitting still. "

Suddenly, this tall skinny man with a pregnant left hand burst out laughing with his hoarse and loud voice ringing in Beng San's ears. “Ha, ha, ha, ha, The Bok Nam! May my blow just make you helpless in that abyss. Ha ha ha ha!"

From the other side came an answer, “There's no need to be so fussy when the kid is already talking nonsense. If you still have intelligence, come here, I'm not afraid!"

Hearing this, the tall skinny man named Phoa Ti fell silent. Suddenly his eyes shone strangely as he looked at Beng San. “Good,” he said slowly, his eyes never leaving Beng San's body, “Your bones and blood are quite good. You can be the tester and decider between me and The Bok Nam.” After saying that he shouted again.

“Hey, she The people. A gallant doesn't need to pretend. You're hurt can't get out of the abyss, so am I. However, we are still tied, no one has lost or won yet. Now there's a witness to this stupid boy. Let's have a battle of wits through this brat!”

From there it took a long time for the answer which was the question, "What do you mean?"

"Ha, you're stupid like this boy. I will teach him some Khong ji ciang moves, then he will come to you, attack you with that move, I want to see if you can solve it. Similarly you can bring down Pat hong ciang, the knowledge of the duck claw to him, I want to break. Who is not able to break as soon as the attack, he can admit defeat witnessed by the demons of the abyss. How? ”

There were happy cheers from over there. "Nice! That's right, a bird that wants to die has the most beautiful voice. Even you who are almost capable are able to utter good words. Let's hurry, you can bring down your knowledge of Khong ji ciang the chicken claw. ”

Beng San who heard this can of course catch their intent. In fact, in his heart, he also felt happy because he wanted to be taught these two kinds of knowledge that must be great, but because in fact his desire to learn martial arts only because he was angry with those who had insulted him, then the desire was not that great. Now in a state of rage at the two grandfathers who toyed with him like a ball and now about to use him to fight, he became more and more irritable and said loudly.

"I don't want to learn duck claw and chicken claw!" Having said this, he was about to get out of the ravine, climbing up the cliff which was slippery by wet grass. However, just over a semester tall, he felt like his body was being pulled by someone and he couldn't be held back any longer and he was thrown down. He turned his head, saw no one nearby except the pregnant grandfather who was still lying on his side but fell four or five meters from where he was. He climbed again, bounced back even harder than before. Three or four times he bounced without knowing why. The old man laughed mockingly and Beng San's heart grew hotter. Now he was climbing again, but his face turned to look at the old man. Until almost two meters he climbed and saw the old man moving his right hand towards him and….

Not playing angry. He approached the grandfather and snapped. "You parents insult children, aren't you ashamed. Having a knack just to annoy children, can this be considered dashing?”

Suddenly the old man reached out his hand and suddenly Beng San's neck was clamped. “Stupid child, devil child. If you don't want to help us complain, you can stay here with me when I die."

Beng San is a smart kid but he's also stubborn. Threatened to death this child is not afraid to even challenge, “Smelly grandfather, you want to kill me? Hemmmm, if you want to kill you can kill, if you two stinky old men are not afraid to die, am I afraid to die too? You're old and don't look for a bright path, the elders want to cultivate sin, just feel it later in the hell of hell!"

Phoa Ti was taken aback and his grip on the boy's neck loosened. His eyes widened in shock and surprise. "What? Are you a child so small that you're not afraid to die? Well, it seems that you have more misery than pleasure."

"Happy what? Life is just a game for people, even now they are victims of the madness of two old men who are about to die,” answered Beng San.

Suddenly Phoa Ti laughed out loud the sound of his laughter was so loud that it echoed over the abyss.

“Hey, she Poa people. You're laughing and don't send the kid here to show off your duck claw skills. Have you tilted your brain?"

“Ha, ha, ha, The Bok Nam. This kid wasn't stupid or crazy at all, in fact he was crazier than crazy. What a strange child, and you are not a tenth of these children. heh heh heh!"

Beng San just gaped at the strange behavior and was even more surprised when he saw the stump geezer suddenly cry! At the bottom of Beng San's heart lay a great compassion, which was brought to life by the lessons in the temple by the Buddhist priests. Now seeing the old man crying, his eyes no longer became red and he touched the arm that was left next to him.

“Old man, why are you crying sadly? Are you afraid to die?”

“Have you dared to live, why are you afraid to die? What I fear is not death, but… .ah, on the other side of a death full of secrets… ”

A child as small as Beng San, who knows all these feelings? He could only feel that this old man was truly agitated and grieving. The feeling of pity in his heart grew thicker.

“Grandpa, what can I do to help you! Say maybe I can help… ”

However, Phoa Ti was still crying and Beng San was on his knees consoling him. Suddenly the old man stopped crying and his face showed great hope.

“Good boy, you can help me! What scares me in the face of death is The Bok Nam. He was also injured and wanted to die. I can't meet him on the other side of death if I can't beat him. Then you help me, son, help me so that I can win this battle and get a bright face."

Beng San was astonished. But seeing those pleading eyes, he couldn't bear to refuse, "Okay, I'll try. But how?"

Instantly the old man got up his spirits. Even though he couldn't get up anymore, his right hand made passionate movements. "You pay close attention. I will pass down three shrewd moves from my martial arts knowledge Khong ji ciang. Look at this, my two fingers are the foot movements you have to do in the first move." The old man then bent his three fingers and raised his index and middle fingers like a pair of feet. The two fingers, like a pair of feet, moved back and forth in a very regular manner.

"Well, you do this footwork first, the first move is called the Khong ji khai bun stance (with an empty air opening the door)."

Sincerely trying to help this old man, Beng San watched carefully, then he stood up and imitated the movements. At first, of course, it was stiff and wrong, but he diligently studied with the old man's instructions. Then he was told about his hand and body movements. The old man looked very excited, repeatedly praising, “Clean bones, good talents….” This compliment boosted Beng San's spirits and made the old man tireless. After being able to do the first move well, he got instructions on how to breathe in doing this move and how to store air in the body. Then he was taught a second technique called Khong ji twi san (empty air pushing up the hill). The third move is called Khong ji lo hai (empty air disturbs the ocean).

"Phoa Ti, where's the young cock?" many times the voice on the other side asked.

“She Tek people, your end is near. Wait until tomorrow morning, you will definitely be finished by my three moves from Khong ji ciang."

The next morning, Beng San was fed by Phoa Ti. What do you eat? Only three young leaves! But strangely, as soon as he ate the leaves, Beng San felt his stomach full and his energy full, making him even more amazed. It turns out that this grandfather brought a lot of leaves like this.

"Good boy, now you go to the other side and you can show these three attacks. if he can't solve even one of these three moves, then he's lost.” Beng San nodded and was about to climb the cliff but suddenly the old man grabbed his arm and said.

“Too slow…….too slow….be prepared!” once his hand pushed Beng San's body he floated through the small path and slid into the abyss on the left.

“The Bok Nam, please accept the arrival of our examiner.”

When Beng San felt how his body was being held by two hands, he began to feel his body light and comfortable, the heat in his body that always bothered him somewhat lessened. So he was overjoyed and as soon as he was released and stood in front of the big tall old man sitting on his knees, he said.

"Good old man, is it true that Phoa Ti's grandfather said that you were almost dead?"

The big old man whose voice was shrill rolled his eyes and snapped, "If that's true, I'm not the one who died, he was almost dead!"

"You're right, that's why I want to make a proposal to you?"

"Hmm, what do you mean?"

“If you two are so close to death, why not do one last good deed? That old Phoa Ti wants you to admit defeat. Do it, you just give in, admit defeat and let me out and get out of here. Haven't you done so much to lighten your sins?" it is strange to hear a ten year old child speak like this, but it is not strange to know that he grew up in the temple, from the age of five to nine.

Of course, The Bok Nam's grandfather, who does not know the origin of this child, is dumbfounded at this remark. but only for a moment he was stunned, then he laughed shrilly and suddenly he had grabbed Beng San's shirt by the chest.

"What did you say? Don't try to persuade and deceive me. I don't want to die before subduing that old geezer she Phoa! Come on, you take out those three duck claw tricks, I want to see how bad it is!”

Beng San's heart also irritated. Because this big old man showed a rude attitude, in contrast to Phoa Ti who cried for his help, at the same time he then sided with Phoa Ti's grandfather. He excitedly then took out the moves one by one with the best possible movement. Surprisingly, this time every time he moved he felt his chest was less pressured by the heat in his body that had arisen after he had trained himself for three months with the martial arts he had learned from Hek hwa Kui bo. So he became even more excited and continued the three moves until they were finished. After finishing playing the three moves that he practiced a day and night, he then said with a satisfied face because he saw The Bok Nam's face looked shocked and amazed.

“Ha, how can you break these three skillful attack moves from old man Phoa Ti. Never mind, it's better to admit defeat." It should be noted that the movements of these three moves are indeed great and strange, when playing these three martial arts moves, Beng San only uses his right hand while he tucks his left hand between his waist straps. This is because the one who teaches only has one right hand and when yesterday he was practicing this silat skill, Beng San always made the wrong move and was awkward because he was not allowed to use his left hand.

However, it was Phoa Ti who advised him to tuck his left hand in his belt so as not to interfere with the perfection of his movements. It is precisely the absence of a left hand that is the core of Phoa Ti's shrewdness, because people or opponents are confused by the right hand that moves like two hands, sometimes like the right hand but sometimes it replaces the left hand position. And this is also why it was given the name Khong ji ciang (empty air martial arts), because it is in the "emptiness" of the left hand that lies his shrewdness.

For a while The Bok Nam didn't say anything, his eyes narrowed without blinking but his brain was spinning, looking for weaknesses in the three moves earlier. Finally he gave a shrill laugh.

“Ho, ho, ho, old man Phoa Ti. Where can all this duck claw skill be used to bully me? Easy way to solve it. Well, you take a good look at the stupid boy. The first move I destroy with this move!” The old man's hand, right in the face of the first attack move from Khong ji ciang, even while responding with an exterminating and deadly motion

"You understand?"

Of course Beng San didn't understand! He shook his head and his wide eyes grew wider.

"Oh, you are stupid. Let's pay attention and follow my two hands."

"How is it possible to sit cross-legged in the face of people's attacks just by moving both hands?" Beng San denied it.


“Stupid, idiot, who are you cursing? It's good to curse people's children!” Beng San was furious.

Suddenly the old man grabbed his shoulder. Beng San felt as if his shoulder blades were about to shatter and the pain pierced through to his heart. But he defended and said mockingly.

"Once you kill me, it means that you lost to Phoa Ti's grandfather and because you lost, you killed me."

The grip was released again. "You are stupid. Of course accompanied by the movement of both legs. Well, look at these lines!” with his forefinger The Bok Nam scratched the ground while explaining the location of the two feet and their movements in the move. "The first move to fight the first move of this duck claw martial art is called ..."

"Skinny chicken claw move!" Beng San continued mockingly.

"It's called the Nam hong jip te (south wind entering the earth) stance," said The Bok Nam, ignoring the ridicule. "Let's study it carefully and later show grandpa if he can afford she Phoa, tell him to break it again."

Thus, Beng San was forced once and with an angry heart to start learning the Nsm hong jip te move. After memorizing correctly, he was instructed to learn and practice the movements of the second jutsu named Tung hong tong hwa (east wind vibrates flowers) and the third jutsu See hong cam liong (west wind kills dragons).

What makes Beng San feel happy and enthusiastic is how even these movements make the pain in his chest less and now he gets the fact that the longer it feels the easier it is to train with these difficult moves. like Phoa Ti, this tall grandfather was amazed at the way Beng San trained himself.

"Silly boy, your bones are clean, your talent is great, dear your brain is stupid!"

The three kinds of moves that broke Phoa Ti's three attack moves at the same time countering this also took a full day plus half a night before Beng San could move well.

"I am hungry!" near midnight he stopped and lay on the ground, his stomach sore and hungry. He did not ask for food, as usual he did not want to beg. Unfortunately, unlike Phoa Ti's grandfather, this big old man was silent, and Beng San didn't see this old man eating anything, so he just kept being hungry.

The next day, the third day back he was thrown out by The Bok Nam and received by Phoa Ti’s grandfather.

"How ….?" The skinny old man asked excitedly. “Can he break my three attacks?”

Beng San just nodded, his body limp.

"Why did you?"

“Hungry…” replied Beng San swallowing his saliva.

"The old man doesn't have a heart! Phoa Ti swears. "It's time to tell children to practice martial arts without being fed."

"He himself did not eat," Beng San defended, then accepted some leaves and ate them. When he was full he then said.

"The Bok Nam's grandfather fought your three moves with three moves that simultaneously broke your moves and turned into attacks three times."

Phoa Ti frowned. "So fast?" he shook his head in disbelief. "Try to play his skinny moves."

Beng San then moved the three moves that he had just learned with movements that were already fast and very good, in fact every time he did these movements he felt his body light and comfortable. After he finished his silat and sat down on the grass he saw Phoa Ti take deep breaths and shake his head. “Great…, that old fart great….”

Until the sun was up high, Phoa Ti just sat there and took deep breaths.

"How? Can't you break the three attacks?" Beng San who felt pity asked. Seeing this grandfather's condition as pressed, he wanted to help, so he also poured out his thoughts and memories, memorizing the six kinds of moves he had learned from the two old men. However, because he doesn't have basic intelligence, of course he doesn't see how Phoa Ti's three grandpa moves were defeated by The Bok Nam's grandfather's three moves.

Towards dusk, after repeated mocking questions, did Phoa Ti wake up from his daydream and see hope shining on his face. "Could ….! Got it now….!” He said he was happy and he quickly gave three more martial arts lessons to Beng San who was ready to wait.

Beng San's heart was ecstatic and Phoa Ti's heart was amazed at this time, in just half a night Beng San was able to play these three moves well! This child actually has extraordinary talent so that his accomplices are agile and precise in doing all the movements of martial arts.

"Tomorrow morning you can go to Grandpa The," said Phoa Ti happily.

“Later, good old Phoa Ti. I've promised to help you, and I've done everything you want two old geeks. However, it is appropriate that I hear also why you are enemies, even on the edge of the grave they are still competing in knowledge?"

The grandfather took a deep breath. "Quickly you get on your knees, only as my student you can hear this. quickly before I change my mind again. "

Because he liked this grandfather, Beng San did not mind becoming a student, so he paid his respects. "Teecu Beng San, from now on became a student of Phoa Ti temperature," he said. Apparently the grandfather did not pay much attention to the evidence that he was not surprised to hear that this child did not mention she (hereditary name). Then he told his condition and the condition of The Bok Nam who until death did not want to give in to him.

**** *

"The Bok Nam's grandfather and I were previously two very close friends and we were both in the world of kang ouw twenty years ago known as the Thian te Siang hiap (Pair of Heaven and Earth Warriors)," said Phoa Ti's grandfather. with the story. Then he continued his story as follows.

These two comrades have a very high skill in martial arts. The Bok Nam is a figure from the south, has studied all kinds of southern martial arts, on the other hand Phoa Ti is a martial arts expert from the north who has also studied all northern martial arts. After the two met and became very close friends, the two then exchanged martial arts knowledge, teaching each other until the two eventually became a pair of martial arts champions who are rarely matched in the world of kang ouw. Because these two people exchanged martial arts, then in terms of their skills can be said to be equal.

When they were still victorious, in the world of kang ouw no one dared to oppose Thian te Siang hiap, of course there were exceptions, namely the great figures of martial arts who rarely appeared in the world who at that time until now were known as the four datuk martial arts from west, east, north and south. They are Hek hwa Kui bo as a stealth from the south. From the north is Siauw ong kwi (Little King Demon) which is very rarely seen by other humans. The number one hero from the east is Tai lek sin Swi Lek Hosiang, who as his nickname Tai lek sin (Angel Geledek) is a feared figure. The fourth person as the king of the western figures is Song bun kwi (Demon of Mourning) whose real name, like the others except Swi Lek Hosiang, is unknown.

These four people have never entered the crowded world for decades, but it must be admitted that among the great figures of martial arts, no one has ever dared to bother them and they are always still considered the four great figures who are irresistible.

It was only twenty years ago, these four great figures came out of their hermitage or hiding place to fight over a swordsmanship textbook left by the great teacher Bu Pun Su (No Wisdom) Lu Kwan Cu the magic warrior in the five hundred years. ago. This powerful swordsman Bu Pun Su is the original heir of the incomparable martial arts, namely the book of Im Yang Bu tek cin keng and five hundred years ago, this magic warrior, before he died left a book of swordsmanship named Im yang sin kiam sut. This book never fell into the hands of others because it was kept in a cave in a hidden hill. After the hill collapsed twenty years ago, then the large rocks that covered the cave fell down and the cave was visible.

Finally, by chance, a silat expert from the criminal group got this book. his intelligence is still too low to be able to learn this magic swordsmanship, but Lui Kok, this arrogant martial arts expert, boasts and shows off his invention in the world of kang ouw. This is tantamount to seeking ill on his own for Lui Kok. Start the martial arts masters fighting over this book. it is not strange. Who among the martial arts masters has never heard of the great name of the powerful warrior Bu Pun Su Lu Kwan Cu? Even the four great figures from the east, west, north and south came out of their hiding places when they heard that Bu Pun Su's book of swordsmanship had been found. In fact, no matter what big business happens in Kang Ouw's world, it is impossible to attract the hearts of the four great figures.

However, the arrival of the top four was too late. The book in Lui Kok's hands has been stolen by someone else and Lui Kok has been killed. No one knows who killed Lui Kok and who took the book. Disappointed, the top four returned to their respective places, of course, during that time they always heard if someone appeared with the book they wanted to have.

Who killed Lui Kok? None other than Thian te Siang hiap, those two friends. They took the book and killed Lui Kok. Coincidentally, the book consists of two volumes, namely the Im sin kiam section and the Yang sin kiam section. Knowing that the big four, whom they feared so much, were also looking for the books left by Bu Pun Su, they then divided the books into two, one holding a volume and they had been silent all this time, never taking out the books.

It has become the character of every human being in this world, always feels heavy and loves himself, does not want to lose and hopes that he will be the smartest, most noble person, and so on. This character is also shared by The Bok Nam and Phoa Ti. Silently they studied the contents of the book, The Bok Nam studied the part he kept, namely the Yang sin kiam part, while Phoa Ti studied Im sin kiam.

For years they studied each other's books but how disappointed they were that between the two books there was a very close relationship. Only knowing Yang sin kiam without studying Im sin kiam, they will not be able to get the essence of the great lesson of Im sin kiam sut. It is true that each of these books has made rapid progress in their martial arts skills, but they cannot learn the skills of the Im sin kiam sut they want without the other book.

Thus, a competition began to arise between those who had become close friends. And this has become human nature. Many events in life have happened, where two people who were close friends, can break their friendship because of the struggle for wealth, position, intelligence and love. Even though all of that is just a result, a result of the nature of wanting to be happy alone and wanting to win alone, in short, the egoistic nature that sticks in every human being.

At first it was Phoa Ti who came to his friend and asked to borrow a book. However, The Bok Nam doesn't want to give it, only wants the book in Phoa Ti's hand to be given to him first to borrow, then he will lend the book.