The King Of Sword Volume 2

volume 02

Not long after, while running, he heard a laugh, "Hi hi hi hi hi!".

Beng San slipped into the bushes, hiding. But in vain, the woman who was already in front of the bushes said,

"Good boy, let's go out. This is the person who insulted you I have brought here. "

Beng San crawled out and K .he saw Kwa Hong was already there. The girl was confused, now looked at the woman and said nervously, "How can you bring me here?"

The woman just laughed, stroking Kwa Hong's delicate reddened cheeks. "You're beautiful, I'm the same as you, said the good boy…"

Kwa Hong is angry. Earlier he was riding a horse with his father quickly. Knowing there was a flickering shadow, he heard his father shouting and he felt his eyes sharp and knew now he was already in the forest facing a beautiful woman with Beng San. Thinking that this woman must be Beng San's teacher who wanted to retaliate, Kwa Hong showed his courage. Quick as lightning his little hand had pulled out his sword and pierced the woman's chest! Surprisingly, the one who was stabbed did not move at all and just looked at him with a smile.

'Krakkk!' Suddenly the sword in Kh's hand broke in two and the little girl herself let go of the handle of the sword because she felt like her palm was about to break. He jumped back and stared with wide eyes. Did he really see that his sword hadn't even touched the woman's body, because it could suddenly break on its own?

"Kuntilanak him, don't fight, you won't win against Kui bo!" said Beng San. Kwa Hong is very angry. He thought that Beng San spoke to the woman and cursed her as a kuntilanak again.

“Dirty child! You brought stealth to retaliate! ” he snapped.

At that moment, the wind was blowing and Kwa Tin Siong's body was flashing. This stout man held a naked sword in his hand, his gloomy face looking increasingly gloomy and full of worry. He breathed a sigh of relief to see that his son was still safe there, then he glanced at Beng San, only then did he notice the woman. He saw a beautiful woman, a pair of wild and strange eyes, her left hand fidgeting with a piece of silk handkerchiefs of various colors, beautiful and long. Seeing the rays of this woman's eyes, Kwa Tin Siong was secretly shocked. Not the eyes of ordinary people. It happened cautiously, once again glancing at Kwa Hong to see his son's condition. After gaining the conviction that his son was not injured, he was just a little scared, he turned to the woman.

"Toanio (mistress) and I Kwa Tin Siong never knew each other and therefore there is no enmity, so please ask if Toanio meant to bring my son here?" Kwa Tin Siong was very respectful because the way this lady had abducted her child without being able to do anything at all showed that she was dealing with a person who had extraordinary intelligence.

The woman smiled mockingly, looked indifferently, replied and said to Beng San. "You were insulted, let's reply!"

But where does Beng San want to respond? He did not feel any resentment towards the father and son. Moreover, Kwa Tin Siong is very kind to him while Kwa Hong is just annoying. Then he shook his head without saying anything.

Kwa Tin Siong was indignant, also seeing the behavior of this woman who did not care at all, clearly looked down on him, so he then said again respectfully, "Toanio, I Kwa Tin Siong has no enmity, also Hoa san pai has no enmity." He deliberately mentioned the name Hoa san pai so that this woman would no longer look down on him and behave like a kang ouw person dealing with fellow kang ouw people.

"Tosu smells like Lian Bu doesn't know how to fail, can't teach her students." The woman spoke as if to herself. But enough to make Kwa Tin Siong angry. Lian Bu Tojin was his teacher, also was the head of Hoa san pai, a ciangbunjin (party leader) who was highly respected by the whole kang ouw people. So this woman just called her name plus the name tosu bau segala? The sword in his hand trembled. Suddenly Kwa Hong who knew his father's angry attitude warned.

"Dad, I stabbed him earlier but my sword broke before I touched him!"

Kwa Tin Siong was surprised. Not surprised because his son's sword was broken. He knew that his son's intelligence was not that great, of course if he fought a clever figure it would not make sense. He was shocked to hear the confession of his son who had attacked this woman.

"Hong ji, don't be rude. Come here!" he told his son to approach him so that it would be easier to protect him in the event of a battle. But as long as Kwa Hong was about to move closer to his father, the woman was seen moving her silk handkerchief towards Kwa Hong who immediately stood silent like a statue. Kwa Tin Siong could hardly believe his own eyes. The tip of the delicate handkerchief did not seem to touch the child's body, but in fact the child had been hit in the bloodstream!

"Hi hi hi hi hi… .. Hoa san pai…." The woman laughed mockingly.

As patient as human beings are, if their children are harassed and the name of their party is ridiculed like that, they won't be able to resist either, Kwa Tin Siong exclaimed.

"Arrogant man, be prepared to face my sword!" as a gallant man of course he still restrained himself, unwilling to attack a woman holding only a handkerchief. But the woman answered subtly.

"Your bad sword and low Hoa san pai martial arts want to do anything to me?"

“Hemmmm, very arrogant. Then look at my sword! ” Kwa Tin Siong swung his sword and immediately attacked with a cunning move from Hoa san Kiam hoat, namely the Tian mo po in (paying lightning broom cloud) movement. His sword spun until it was a gleaming and flickering pay snatching towards the woman.

"Hi hi hi hi hi, kiam hoat (sword imlu) is bad!" The woman easily tilted her body and lowered her head to avoid the stabbing of the sword. But Kwa Tin Siong is a tough guy from Hoa san pai. His movements are very skilled, ripe and very fast. Seeing that his first attack would not succeed he quickly changed his movements without pulling back his sword. Now his sword is sliding with a movement called Kwan kong sia ciok (Kwan kong stone archery). Very quickly, his sword had slid to pierce the opponent's heart.

Kwa Tin Siong has begun to feel surprised and sorry to see that his opponent seems unable to dodge. It does not mean to kill people so its movement it holds and slows down as much as possible. But before the tip of his sword touched the opponent, just as Kwa Hong said earlier, he suddenly grabbed the bright light from the handkerchief and grabbed the sword and his hand. "Krakkk!"

A kind of miraculous power struck the broken sword in Kwa Tin Siong's hand. This she Kwa man maintained a great vibe, unwilling to let go of his stumped sword. As a result he bounced back five steps and vomited fresh blood.

"Hi hi hi hi hi…, Hoa san pai …… I haven't responded to attack you have retreated, people she Kwa. Now accept my attack! ” the woman stepped forward and moved her handkerchief Kwa Tin Siong felt that she was dealing with an extraordinary magician or an invisible countryman so she accepted fate, not strong against.

"Hek hwa Kui bo, don't disturb them!" suddenly Beng San jumped up and pulled the woman's back dress.

Hek hwa Kui bo turned around, smiled and scoffed, "what are they, you defend to the death."

"Don't kill, don't bother… otherwise I won't like you anymore!"

This threat seemed to be influential as well, evidence of the woman lowering her handkerchief. Kwa Tin Siong was shocked to death when he heard the name Hek hwa Kui bo mentioned by Beng San earlier. Hek hwa Kui bo is the name of one of the four greatest figures in the world of martial arts! According to her teacher's story, this one named Hek hwa Kui bo was attacked by an unusually beautiful woman and she was over fifty years old. But this woman… saw the shape of her body and face, probably not more than thirty years old! He looked more decisively and saw a black flower that he had not seen stuck in the hair of the woman's head!

"Don't kill, don't kill… .." Hek hwa Kui bo repeated. "Ah, good boy, next time they might bother and kill you. Let's go! ” suddenly the woman moved her handkerchief which slid towards Beng San. The tip of the handkerchief had involved the boy's wrist and Beng San felt his body floating in the air. He narrowed his eyes and heard the wind hissing at the edges of both his ears.

Kwa Tin Siong took a deep breath when he saw the woman flashing away carrying Beng San, then he channeled his breathing to regain his strength. It would have been good if he had reduced the force of his stabbing, if it had been done with all his might, of course now he was lying with a broken heart! After the mild wound in his chest had cooled, he stood up and opened the spot on his son.

"Dad, who is the secret woman?"

"Hushhh, don't be arrogant, Hong ji. He is a kang ouw figure who is even higher in rank than your sukong (teacher's grandfather). Let's continue our journey and don't ask too many questions. " The swordsman, who was very brave and rarely met his opponent, immediately asked his son to leave, apparently very nervous. Indeed, he felt restless and also strange. Why would a figure like Hek hwa Kui bo who for years had never appeared in the world of kang ouw now suddenly come down the mountain and disturb him? He had to hurry back to Hoa san pai and tell this to his temperature.

At that time, the state of government held by the Goan (Mongol) government was being disturbed by various popular uprisings that were no longer strong due to the oppression of the Mongol colonialists. Everywhere appeared secret groups that gathered forces to carry out insurgency and subversion against the colonial government. Among the dozens of these secret societies, Hoa sanpai's disciples were also members of one of the largest societies, the Pek lian pai (White Lotus society) whose goal was to overthrow the Mongol government. Kwa Tin Siong who pioneered the activities of his classmates, at that time was going to look for his sute-sute and sumoi-sumoinya scattered everywhere, in fact, he was looking to gather his three classmates because Hoa san Sie eng (Hoa san's Four Swordsmen) had to hold a meeting in Hoa san to discuss the issue of becoming a member of this anti -colonial association. when he arrived in the forest and experienced this great event, Kwa Tin Siong had just returned from Kwi nam hu to meet his son -in -law, Thio Wan To, who had promised to face Hoa san next month on the fifth. Also, he has met Toat beng kiam Kui Teng, his third son -in -law and has already got an appointment. Now he is heading towards the hamlet of Lam bi chung where his sumo parents (classmates), Kiam eng cu Liem Sian Hwa, live. After experiencing this great event,

In just three days, Kwa Tin Siong and his daughter had arrived at Lam Bi Chung hamlet. But what did they find in the hamlet where the fourth cock of Hoa san Sie eng lived? they find Liem Sian Hwa mourning the death of his father who was murdered a week ago. As soon as she saw the arrival of Kwa Tin Siong, the girl immediately collapsed and knelt in front of twa suheng (the oldest classmate) and sobbed.

As mentioned in the front, Kwa Tin Siong was the first of the four Hoa san Sie eng who had so far made Hoa san pai famous as a noble warrior. Liem Sian Hwa is the fourth and youngest figure. But even though she was the youngest, only twenty years old and the only woman among the four Hoa san pai warriors, her skill was only one level lost by this twa suheng. she is a beautiful, sweet, and very simple girl, understandably because Sian Hwa is the son of a poor man. His father, Liem Ta, is also a martial arts teacher who since his youth has been a traveling drug dealer while demonstrating his martial arts knowledge only to attract the attention of buyers. His martial arts is inherited from Siauw Lim's martial arts, but not so high, just for self -defense.

Sian Hwa lived in Hoa san for many years after she was escorted by her father and accepted as a student by Hoa san pai's chairman, Lian Bu Tojin who saw that the girl was very well-built, enthusiastic and smart. His father kept going around for medicine because it had become a habit of a person who likes to travel, of course he would not be happy if he had to stay somewhere. It is true that Liem Ta already has a small house in the hamlet of Lam Bi Chung where Sian Hwa was born, but because Liem Ta's wife had long since died, he could not stand living alone and often traveled abroad.

When Sian Hwa was fifteen years old, the chairman of Kun lun pai, Pek Gan Siansu, came to visit Hoa san with his student named Kwa Sin who was seventeen years old at the time. The meeting between the two leaders resulted in a bond between Sian Hwa and the orphaned Kwee Sin. Of course Liem Ta was informed and this nomadic widower after seeing the handsome and strong Kwee Sin, especially the son of Kun lun pai's student, immediately gave his approval.

Five years later they have graduated. Sian Hwa became a valiant warrior, becoming the youngest of the world -famous Hoa san Sie eng kang ouw. As for Kwee Sin, he also became a young Kun lun pai champion who is no less famous. He is also the youngest of Kun lun Sam hengte (Three brothers from Kun lun), along with two suheng people named Bun Si Teng and Bu Si Liong.

Such was the situation of Sian Hwa at a glance, and as valiant warriors, both Sian Hwa and Kwee Sin were in no hurry to get married, in fact, the two fiancés rarely met face to face. however, every time the two meet face to face, maybe once a year, the bond of love between them grows closer. And by the time this story happened, Liem Sian Hwa had returned to his home in Lam bi chung, while Kwee Sin as usual went abroad as a young warrior who aspired to liberate his homeland and nation from the oppression of the Mongol invaders.

One day Liem Ta returned from wandering. This time he didn't go too far so in half a month he was home. As soon as he came home, he was angry and called Sian Hwa. The girl immediately approached her father who looked unhappy and angry, full of surprise because usually her father loved her very much and was never angry.

"Sian Hwa, from now on, your relationship with the human she Kwee is broken up to here! Let me go up to Hoa san tomorrow to tell your teacher. Your engagement to the man she Kwee must be broken! ”

if a thunderbolt struck him at that moment, I hope Sian Hwa would not be surprised when he heard his father's words. her normally red cheeks were now pale. But as a gallant female warrior she was calm when asked,

“Why is my father so angry like this? something must have happened that made my father angry. ”

"Something happened?" Liem Ta snapped. "It's been too long, it's been too long for that person to deceive us, to deceive you! It's only fitting that until now there have been no provisions about your good day. Huh, I hope the man is playing crazy! ”

Sian Hwa's heart began to worry, a pair of black eyebrows moving.

"Dad, what really happened?" Her heart was really starting to feel bad because she had suspected that something must have happened to her fiancé, Kwee Sin.

"She Kwee's man is not a good person, Sian hwa. Even though he was a student of Kun lun pai, even though he was one of Kun lun Sam hengte but now he was lost. He rolled over with an evil woman, if I'm not mistaken the woman was one of the demon-led Ngo lian kauw group. His own eyes saw him play crazy shamelessly with that flirtatious and obscene woman. Come on, in short, I don't want my son to be the wife of a man who hangs out with a prostitute! ”

You can imagine how shocked and sad Sian Hwa's heart was. But he still held back his feelings and asked in passing, "It's weird why people can be so shameless, father? Where did you see them? ”

“Where else but in Telaga Pok! Playing boating, singing, drinking, uh ........… in short, too! ” This father swears and re-states that tomorrow he will go to Hoa san to ask Hoa san's chief to cancel Sian Hwa's marriage to Kwee Sin.

But the next day, Liem Ta canceled his trip to Hoa san because he saw that his daughter had secretly left that night. "Ah", he thought with a sad heart, "Pity you, Sian Hwa, you must have gone to Pok to watch with your own eyes. Better yet, you better watch for yourself so that your heart doesn't get curious… "

Liem's allegation is true. Unable to contain her heat, the girl left her house at night to Pok Lake, which was not far from her village, only a three-day journey. But when he arrived at the well, his fiancé was not among the many tourists. He asked here and there and while he was looking for evidence, suddenly a boatman with a long mustache approached him.

"Miss, who are you looking for?"

Sian Hwa is frank. "I'm looking for a friend, a beautiful woman who is traveling here with a young man who…" he refused to call handsome and added, whose face is white putih "

Suddenly the boatman looked serious and said slowly "Is the woman a member of Pek lian pai (white lotus party)…?"

Sian Hwa was shocked. At that time, where the country was in turmoil and many secret groups were seeking to overthrow the government, the name Pek lian pai was well known as a large influential group. As a warrior, of course, Sian Hwa sympathized with the Pek lian pai association, so you can imagine how surprised he was to hear the boatman's question.

"Hemmmmm… .." he hesitated, "maybe so. Did you see them? ”

"That handsome white-faced young man, hanging a sword on his back like Miss now, isn't he?"

"Ya .ya."

The boatman laughed. “Ah, newlyweds like them, where else can they go if they don't go to beautiful places? Coincidentally, when they cruise here, they always use my boat, Miss. Aahhh, really a suitable couple, friendly and love each other…. ”

"Ngaco!" Sian Hwa snapped angrily until the boatman looked frightened. "Just tell me, where are they?"

"The lady who wears a white lotus in her hair itu .and the handsome young man… ..yesterday she left here. According to what I heard from their conversation, the young man wanted to take the lady to the hamlet of Lam bi chung…. ..dan ”

Sian hwa did not continue his hearing, he flashed away and ran quickly to follow, back to Lam bi chung. He didn't see how it looked, the long -mustachioed boatman laughed mockingly.

How heartbroken Sian Hwa was when he could not follow the two people, the proof reached the hamlet of Lam bi chung, he did not see the two people and can imagine how angry and shocked he was when he saw his father had collapsed with severe injuries on his body! He came right in the morning and it turned out that his father was attacked last night.


“Who attacked him, sumoi? And what is…. Did your father die as a result of the attack? ” Kwa Tin Siong, who had been listening to his classmate's words, asked patiently. Kwa Hong told him to play outside the house because he felt it was not good for the children to listen to big business.

Liem Sian hwa shed tears. "Dad can only survive for a day, twa suheng. The wounds are heavy and… .and that’s what makes my heart ache so much. Dad suffered three kinds of wounds, the first was a stab wound near the neck, the second was a wound due to a nail with a white lotus flower head… .. "

"Hemmmm, pek lian ting (white lotus nail)…" Kwa Tin Siong was secretly surprised because that was the secret sign nail of the members of the pek lian pai association! "And the third wound?"

Suddenly Sian Hwa's face was very pale. "The third is the result of Pek lek jiu from Kun lun pai…"

Kwa Tin Siong almost jumped in surprise. "What ...?"

Sian Hwa said earnestly. "I've checked very carefully, suheng. Of course you still remember the temperature once said very clearly about the Pek lek jiu Kun lun pai, including the signs of the scars. I feel convinced that my father's chest has been beaten by people with the science of Pek lek jiu (Geledek Punch) from Kun lun pai… "

“And Kun lun pai's student who is the best at using Pek lek jiu is…. Kwee Sin! ” said the first master of Hoa san Sie eng while contemplating.

"That's right, twa suheng." Liem Sian Hwa cried again. “I have to take revenge….! The bastard she Kwee, if I haven't avenged your cruelty, I Liem Sian Hwa won't want to…. "

“Husshhh, wait a minute, sumoi. You calm down. It is not good to accuse someone without evidence. Moreover, brother Kwee Sin as far as I hear is a brave man. As the youngest of Kun lun Sam hengte, it doesn't seem to make sense for him to commit this murder. If the evidence is strong, what is the reason for him to do this? ”

“Twa suheng time can't predict it? He… .the fucking human she Kwee, after being seen by his father at Telaga Pok who, seemed embarrassed and afraid that his secret would be divulged by his father. He and… the stealth from Pek lian pai were… .of course chased here and killed my father… "

"Why so sure?"

"My own father said that, twa suheng. Dad can still tell this, even though it's very difficult for him to talk. " Sian Hwa wiped away the tears that flowed as he spoke about his father. "According to my father, that night my father was shocked and woke up from sleep because of a loud noise at the window. As soon as Dad jumped down, he collapsed from the stab of the sword pointing to his neck, and was still squirming when he was avoided by Dad. Then he hit him on the chest, so hard that he almost fainted. Before he fainted, he heard a woman's laughter from outside the window, and then felt pain in his waist from being pierced by the nail. Well still hear the words of a man who said that father should never insult a hero Kun lun!

Kwa Tin Siong was even more surprised. How could Kwee Sin do such a thing? Moreover, she, the woman who is said to be a member of Pek lian pai who is famous as a group of brave people, patriots of the nation! In fact he himself is now looking for three of his classmates to negotiate about joining the party and helping the struggle.

"Did your father see the man and the woman too?" he urged.

"No, twa suheng. Dad's room was very dark, there was no lighting. This also shows that the two people who came to attack the father were highly intelligent, able to attack in the dark precisely. "

"Does your father know Kwee Sin's brother's voice?"

"Of course not, Suheng. Dad rarely met him. Ah, twa suheng, why are you still hesitant? It can't be wrong that Kwee Sin's dog killed his father with the help of a stealth from Pek lian pai. Twa suheng, only the suhengs can help Siauw moi demand revenge for his father's death out of curiosity…. "

"Who is the person who does not hesitate, sumoi. Two things that are in stark contrast to conjecture and hearing. Young Jago Kun lun… and a member of Pek lian pai …… .ah, if you weren't the one affected by this, it would be hard to believe…. ”

Suddenly they were startled by the sound of screams outside the house. “No…! Go… ..! ' That's Kwa Hong's voice! Kwa Tin Siong jumped from his chair out the door, followed by Sian Hwa who also jumped very nimbly. It was as if they both jumped out and saw a Pek lian ting (white lotus nail) used by people to injure Sian Hwa's father stuck to the front door leaf! And Kwa Hong was no longer visible, only the sound of a horse's footsteps running away from the place.

"Quick, twa suheng, chase….!" Kwa Tin Siong jumped on his horse and Sian Hwa ran to his backyard to pick up his horse as well. At another time, these classmates were already chasing. For a while, Kwa Tin Siong was followed by Sian Hwa, a very good and preferred riding horse.

These two warriors are the oldest and youngest heroes of Hoa san Sie eng. In addition to their high martial arts knowledge, also in terms of horseback riding they are experts who are rarely compared. Moreover, Sian Hwa, who has been invited to roam by her father since she was a child, and since she was a child, this girl has loved horseback riding. After going through about five li, finally the sound of the horse's gallop they were chasing became more clearly heard, a sign that the horse was not far apart.

"Sumoi, you keep chasing, I want to cut the road ahead of him."

Although still very young, only twenty years old, but Sian Hwa's experience in the world of kang ouw is quite extensive. So a few words of twa suhengnya is enough for him to know what they mean. He knew that to catch a kidnapper, it was safer to use a tactic, which was to ambush from behind. If bluntly, it may fail because the abductor can use the abducted child to threaten. He just nodded and Kwa Tin Siong then kicked his horse, taking a detour to cut the road. It was good that he had figured out the road correctly in the area where his sumoan lived, so without a doubt, he knew the direction of the road taken by the criminal in front of him. The road turns to the right and twists a bit, so that if he cuts it through small gardens and forests, he will be able to get ahead of the villain.

Soon Sian Hwa was able to see the kidnapper. The horse that the kidnappers was riding was not a good horse, it looked very tired, especially when it was ridden by two people like Kwa Hong. The girl looked limp and did not move or speak anymore.

"Low bastard, where are you going to run!" Sian Hwa pulled out a thin kiam (a pair of swords) and sped up the horse's run.

The kidnapper, a small, wide-eyed man about thirty years old when he heard a woman's voice and turned around, he was shocked to see that only a beautiful young girl was chasing him, then he suddenly stopped his horse and laughed while pulling The machete.

"Aha, I think there's a sweet lady who wants to play with me," he said with a mocking smile. His voice indicated that he was from the north. With a very agile movement the man jumped down from the horse after lowering Kwa Hong which he rolled to the ground. The little girl seemed to be covered in blood, limp like a faint person. Calmly the man then stood to face Sian Hwa who came to race his horse.

"Despicable kidnapper, today your grandmother's sword will take your life to hell." Sian Hwa exclaimed and suddenly his body drifted away leaving the back of his horse still running. It was as if a lady's wallet bird had moved its sword and immediately attacked the kidnapper with the movement of a pair of swords that snatched! Ms. Liem Sian Hwa's kick is really great, nicknamed Kiam eng cu (Shadow of the Sword) and it doesn't disappoint that she is nicknamed that way because her pair of swords is actually a beam of rays that covers her body when she jumps while attacking.

"Nice ….!" The man inevitably praised the dexterity of this girl's movements. he quickly repulsed with a machete that rotated like an umbrella in front of his body.

"Trang…… tarang…!" sparks erupted here and there as the pair of swords met the machete. From the vibration in his hand, Sian Hwa knew that his opponent, although small in stature, was also very energetic. As soon as her feet were on the ground, this lady then stepped on the ground and her body slammed into the left side of the man, her sword slammed again. He has deliberately used his ginkeng to defeat the opponent with the speed of his movement. Who would have thought, this person also turned out to be very quick to rotate the body while slashing the machete to Sian Hwa's waist. Forced to repel Sian Hwa with his left sword, the right sword pierces his chest with the deceptive motion of Kwan kong sia ciok (Kwan kong archery rocks).

Now the man was shocked, he no longer dared to laugh. It turned out that this young lady was great with her sword skills, fast, agile and unexpected in her attacks. He quickly stretched himself backwards overturned and faced his opponent carefully.

An exciting battle ensued and at that moment Kwa Tin Siong appeared from behind the trees. The swordsman was happy to see that his son was only hit and did not have an accident, so he quickly jumped up and released the hit on his son's body first because he saw that his pair of sumo swords was able to withstand the strange and cunning movement of the machete from the kidnapper. After Kwa Hong recovered and he told his son to sit cross -legged and arrange his breath to clear his bloodstream, Kwa Tin Siong jumped onto the battlefield shouting,

"Sumoi hand this criminal to me!"

in fact Sian Hwa was never desperate by his opponent, but realizing how angry twa suheng was because this man had kidnapped his daughter, he jumped out and let twa suhengnya face the kidnapper out.

"Hold on, friend!" Kwa Tin Siong held out his sword to hold the opponent's machete. He exerted his energy until his opponent's machete was held and could not move anymore. His opponent was shocked and stared sharply.

"Who are you and as far as I remember, between me Kwa Tin Siong and you have never had any animosity. Why did you come and kidnap my son? ” Asked the swordsman who did not want to lower his anger.

The man laughed mockingly. "I… ..I just want to test how far the big name Hoa san Sie eng!"

Kwa Tin Siong frowned. "You already know our name, of course it's a kang ouw. I saw you use Pek loan ting, what is your relationship with Pek lian pai? Dude, I hope you don't play around and tell me frankly what you really want and what your big name is. ”

Suddenly, the man was heard whistling very loudly and his machete flashed to attack Kwa Tin Siong. Of course this swordsman is very angry. He never expected that people would behave so low, even though he was honest and respectful enough.

"Good, I wish you were just a cheating coward!" he shouted and once he resisted, he could make the man's machete bounce and then the urge of his sword, which at the same time attacked repeatedly for four or five moves, made the man retreat and unable to retaliate. Kwa Tin Siong's swordsmanship was great and it was not in vain that he became the first person from Hoa san Sie eng. His movements were steady and mature, his weekly energy was also high so that in just a dozen moves, the kidnapper had to jump here and there and repel as much as he could. Again he whistled loudly and this time suddenly from the east of the forest heard a kind of whistling that seemed to answer the kidnapper's whistle.

Hearing this, Kwa Tin Siong exclaimed, "Watch out, sumoi, a herd of kidnappers is coming!"

Liem Sian Hwa is ready. He told Kwa Hong to hide behind a large tree, while he himself then guarded there with a pair of swords in both hands.

There was a cry of pain and the kidnapper staggered backwards with a bleeding shoulder. It turned out that his shoulder had to be struck with a sword so that his skin and flesh were cut off. But he is still able to fight so that Kwa Tin Siong still has not been able to demolish it. At that moment the sound of many horsemen was heard. They were four men about forty years old, their movements agile and so far, the four of them jumped down and pulled out the machete.

Without much further ado Sian Hwa greeted them. Two people stalked him and the other two have now helped the kidnapper, stalking Kwa Tin Siong. Secretly, the two children of Hoa san pai's students were shocked. It turned out that these four newcomers even had higher intelligence than the kidnappers. Their machete is the northern machete, hard and energetic, its movements are also fast.

Sian Hwa and tin Siong, indeed, inherited the powerful Sword Science of Hoa san kiam hoat. Both deserve the nickname of Hoa san swordsmen and they in this riot battle have shown dexterity. However, their opponents who raided were also not just ordinary people, they had a level of skill that they lost only a little, but with the raiding battle, of course, they were superior and began to push. Fifty moves had passed, Kwa Tin Siong was still able to survive and counter the attack, but Sian Hwa began to get tired, began to lose his attack power and more repulsed and jumped here and there. That girl is great.

Kwa Tin Siong complained in his heart, wretched, he thought. This time me and sumoi are facing disaster. This is still not great, unfortunately, his son is also facing a great disaster. Who will protect him? Thinking up to here he tried to use other powers. Suddenly he cried out loudly.

“Aren't these cuwi (gentlemen) members of Pek lian pai? Know that Kwa Tin Siong from Hoa san pai has no enmity with Pek lian pai, in fact he wanted to join? ”

But three of his opponents laughed and one of them said mockingly, “Son of Hoa san pai, where is the entrance price for Pek lian pai? If we want to admit defeat then we let go and can study again. See you later, if you're good at it, you can enter Pek lian pai! ” the three laughed and attacked.

Kwa Tin Siong is a true warrior, where is he willing to follow the wishes of his three opponents? The stance of a swordsman, it is better to die than to bend the knee to receive insults. With trepidation he quickened the movements of his sword so that his opponents had to act cautiously and retreat, then he said.

"Looking at the cuwi attitude, we shouldn't be patriots who are anti-Mongol colonizers!"

The three just laughed again, and the kidnapper, who had been wounded in the shoulder, said, “Don't be too fussy about the struggle. Hoa san Sie eng is a big name, show that greatness. Ha ha ha! ”

now Kwa Tin Siong is really desperate. Moreover, after hearing his sumao shout angrily because his left sword came off and was thrown, he became more restless. His sumo now only fights with a sword, while his two opponents are more urgent while uttering dirty speeches. Indeed, Sian Hwa was in great desperation and even more so, this girl felt very angry because in addition to her left sword, the two assailants also teased her with rude words. He acted desperately and desperately and this brought woe to him. Because he was too eager to attack, he became careless and at one point, his right knee was kicked by an opponent. Sian Hwa screamed and collapsed, but he still twisted his sword while sitting so that his two opponents could not approach him.

Kwa Tin Siong, who was surprised to hear his sumo scream, also became careless and a machete stroke towards his waist almost made his body split in two. Fortunately he had dodged and jumped so that only his left thigh was injured, badly enough but not enough to knock him down. In any case, the situation of Kwa Tin Siong and Liem Sian Hwa is already in grave danger and at any time it can be certain that they will certainly be victims of the violence of their enemies.

At that moment people were heard laughing and singing. “Ha, ha, ha, ho, ho,” the man laughed as he approached the battlefield, “there are dogs fighting over bones! Mongol licking dogs are barking… heh he heh, I can't just keep quiet. He iiii! Let me play, wow, I'm really happy! ” there appeared a large tall man whose clothes were ruthless, fluffy like women's clothes with pieces of children's clothes. His attitude is also like a small child even though his face shows that he is certainly in his forties. Koai Atong, this is the figure we already know who appeared. With an arrow in his hand he stormed into battle. First he attacked the two men who robbed Sian Hwa.

"Heh, heh, heh, take my blow, you two buffalo noses!" his left hand then twisted strangely and pushed forward. The two men felt a gust of wind that smelled like rotten leaves. They were people who had a lot of experience, so they quickly dodged, but still the wind of the strange man's blow made them stagger backwards up to four or five steps! But Koai Atong did not continue to insist. Seeing his two opponents retreating in fear, while singing he stepped wide closer to the battlefield of Kwa Tin Siong. Also here he turned his arrow, several times repulsed the machetes of the three men, then his left hand pushed and fell one of them, namely the kidnapper. The two staggered backwards with pale faces because they felt their stomachs about to vomit out. Seeing the bad behavior, the four men then grabbed the horse and ran away from there, carrying the body of the kidnapper who fainted with squinting eyes and a green face. Their voices were heard from afar, "Koai Atong…. Koai Atong….! ”

Kwa Tin Siong breathed a sigh of relief. The wound in his thigh did not matter to him. He was too tense to hear the name "Koai Atong" earlier. Of course, he had heard this name as the name of one of the demons in the world of martial arts. He immediately bowed respectfully to the stranger and said,

"Big name .. Koai .. enghiong… it's been a long time siauwte heard it. Today enghiong helped siauwte's life both with sumoi and my son, it's a great kindness .. "Kwa Tin Siong did not dare to call that person Koai Atong which means son of the devil, so he changed it into Koai enghiong (Koai brave man). But the revered Koai Atong nodded, looked to the right and left and turned to ask.

"Eh, who are you talking to?"

Kwa Tin Siong sighed. "To you Koai enghiong .."

"My name is Koai Atong, where is all the noise, what is the noise? Honey, playing around in the crowd, they left. Really cunning. Eh, what is he? Your son? ” he pointed at Sian Hwa who was still sitting cross -legged and trying to correct his knee joint that had to be kicked earlier.

"No, he's my sumo, and my son ..." Kwa Hong suddenly appeared running. This child is very happy it seems.

“I am his son! Strange man, you're a thumbs up! ” Kwa Hong looked amazed and pointed his thumb up. "Only by twisting the left hand and bluffing can we drive the dogs away. Thumbs up! ” he then imitated the movement of Koai Atong's left hand which was rotated and used to push.

"Hahahaha,!" Koai Atong laughed out loud "You're good at dancing, aren't you? Good, huh? ” he then danced and twisted his hands while glancing and smiling until like a person who is good at showing off and spoiled. Of course this is just his attitude and seeing his condition he deserves to be called a crazy person.

Seeing the man dancing funny, Kwa Hong giggled while covering his mouth. Sian Hwa and Kwa Tin Siong did not dare to laugh because they knew the cleverness and strangeness of this kang ouw person. Koai Atong also stopped dancing.

"Strange man, you're really great. You have helped my aunt and my father. Thank you ?" said Kwa Hong.

"I'm not happy with them," Koai Atong grumbled. "They are Mongol dogs."

"Koai enghiong .." Kwa Tin Siong protested. "They are Pek lian pai people, what is a Mongol licker?"

"It doesn't matter if it's Pek lian pai or Hek lian pai, I don't like Mongol lickers."

"Koai Atong, you're right!" Kwa Hong exclaimed happily. "I don't like them either."

Koai Atong looked very happy, like a child meeting a good friend. “Good, we fit. Come with me to go play. I know a lot of great places! ” Koai Atong grabbed Kwa Hong's hand and before Kwa Tin Siong and Sian Hwa could stop, the strange man was already running very fast with wide steps while holding Kwa Hong.

“Koai enghiong wait…! don't take my son away! ” Kwa Tin Siong exclaimed as he chased. Sian Hwa also joined in the chase, but because Kwa Tin Siong's thigh was injured while Sian Hwa's knee was still swollen, the two could not run fast and for a while the shadow of the big man with Kwa Hong was no longer visible.

"Woe is me!" Kwa Tin Siong slammed his leg and looked very sad.

"Don't be sad, twa suheng. Even though it's very strange, I don't think that person will bother Hong ji. He was like a child getting a friend and inviting Hong ji to play. He is very clever, he must be able to take good care of Hong ji. ”

Kwa Tin Siong took a deep breath. "I'm not worried about him bothering Hong ji, also about guard, I hope he will be better than me because of his higher intelligence. I've heard a lot about Ban tok sim Giam Kong and his student, Koai Atong. Who is not horrified to hear their names? It is true that they do not belong to the wicked, but they are very strange and sometimes do the unexpected. How can my heart not worry? When can I meet my son again? When he said this last sentence, Kwa Tin Siong's face looked very sad, making his sumo emotional.

"Suheng, then, let me accompany you to chase him. It's impossible not to catch up, he often stops to play. If we persuade him without success, we can use violence. "

Kwa Tin Siong shook his head. “Free sumoi. We are still suffering from wounds. It seems that Hong ji also likes to play with that person. The proof when taken away was silent. Let's just add to the child's experience. We have a very important question now. I was hesitant and disappointed to see the kicking of the Pek lian pai people. "

Sian Hwa, whose mind was full of Kwa Tin Siong's situation, now remembered his own affairs. He gritted his teeth.

"That's right, Suheng. We almost became victims of Pek lian pai's violence. It is clear now that Pek lian pai is deliberately hostile to me and suheng, in short hostile to Hoa san pai. ”

Kwa Tin Siong nodded. "I think so too. There's no way they're bothering you and me by chance. Hemmmm, strangely, they have so many members, have so many spies, don't you know that Hoa san pai's students were sympathetic to them and intended to help? Sumoi, we can't be reckless. We'd better consult two suhengmu, then we ask for temperature advice. "

Sian Hwa agrees. "Then, let's go back to Hoa san, suheng, I also don't feel comfortable staying at home, I want to meet the suhengs and ask for help to repay my hurt."

The classmates then left the place and immediately they both traveled to Hoa san. If they are not classmates, nor are they in a state of grief in relation to their respective affairs, of course they will feel reluctant to travel alone. A man and a girl, even though the man is forty years old and the woman is only twenty years old, but the man is handsome enough that they are a suitable partner. Of course, it doesn't matter to them because since Sian Hwa was young, only ten years old, he has been Kwa Tin Siong's classmate. They traveled quickly because they wanted to get to Hoa san soon.


“Oops…. Oops, stop…. ..stop I can't breathe… .Kui bo, stop….! ” Beng San shouted with a gasp. Instead of playing quickly, his body was taken away until the wind choked his breathing and his hand that was wrapped around the end of the handkerchief was also very painful.

Suddenly Hek Hwa Kui bo stopped and as soon as he took off his handkerchief he grabbed Beng San's right hand and snapped. "Who did you ever learn martial arts from?" Strangely, if he had been sweet and flirtatious in front of Beng San, now he has turned crazy and his voice and eyes are full of threats.

Beng San is a tough and naughty boy where he is afraid? He exerted his energy and tried to pull her hand away, but to no avail, in fact, the woman's grip became tighter.

"I never learned martial arts" Beng San finally replied because his hand he was holding felt sore.

“Lie! If you don't confess, I will break your hand! ” he massaged harder until he heard the sound of "Kretekk…" on Beng San's hand. The boy winced in pain. It was good that the woman did not break the bones of her hand, but her hand hurt a lot. Surprisingly, the woman looked surprised and looked sharp.

"Little devil, if you have never learned martial arts, you will certainly have failed. Where do you get heat from your body? ”

Beng San was secretly taken aback. This woman is very strange, also her intelligence is like a devil. Probably really kuntilanak, not human. If humans, how can they possibly know everything?

"I was once tortured to eat a pill by a tosu bau named Siok Tin Cu Cu"

The woman released her grip and in surprise she looked at Beng San's face, then again she held the hand that had been gripped and now she examined the hand carefully. "Strange…. Strange… you were forced to take more pills by Siok Tin Cu? Then what? ”

"My body felt hot as if burned, then I fainted and when I regained consciousness, I felt very cold as if soaked in ice!"

"Lie….!" Hek Hwa Kui bo slaps and Beng San stumbles. But the boy woke up again, making Hek hwa Kui bo even more surprised. Why does this child have such incredible endurance? "You said your body was hot to the point of fainting, what about after realizing it became cold?"

now Beng San is angry. This woman or stealth is outrageous. With a twinkle he stood up and snapped, "You're really evil! Want to ask or want to disbelieve? If you don't believe, don't ask. Beat can hit, want to kill can kill, why make a mouthful, Ask everything, if you do not believe! "

Hek Hwa Kui bo was more surprised and amazed. He had never met such a strange boy. he himself was a great figure who was often admired and admired by people, but now he was even surprised and amazed at a child! There are indeed reasons for this. Hek Hwa Kui bo is a big figure who rarely wants to deal with the crowded world, let alone care about a child like Beng San. only, when he saw Beng san he saw a very bright red air rising from Yang Kang's air which was very strong from this boy's body then he understood that this boy was an expert Yang kang or at least in his body contained something that released the air . Because it has become his character not to like to see clever people in this world next to himself and his disciples, then his intention arose to kill Beng San. So he deliberately took Beng San away quickly to kill him, because the handle had a deadly power channel. What a surprise to see Beng San just gasping and not dying. Even more surprisingly when he squeezed Beng San's hand, there was an incredible endurance that prevented the boy's bones from being crushed. This is amazing! He himself is a member of Yang kang, time can't control the air in this child's body? so, then Hek Hwa Kui bo so eager to know the condition of Beng San. Even more surprisingly when he squeezed Beng San's hand, there was an incredible endurance that prevented the boy's bones from being crushed. This is amazing! He himself is a member of Yang kang, time can't control the air in this child's body? so, then Hek Hwa Kui bo so eager to know the condition of Beng San. Even more surprisingly when he squeezed Beng San's hand, there was an incredible endurance that prevented the boy's bones from being crushed. This is amazing! He himself is a member of Yang kang, time can't control the air in this child's body? so, then Hek Hwa Kui bo so eager to know the condition of Beng San.

In addition, there is also a sense of liking for this child. a strange boy who is very brave, even whose voice of restraint has made him obey, that is, when he was about to kill Kwa Tin Siong and his daughter. There was a very odd influence in this child's voice when he prevented it earlier.

"Good boy, how difficult is it to kill you? But I want to know first whose student you are? ”

"I'm not anyone's student," Beng San replied indifferently.

"What's your name?"

"Beng San."

"Who are your parents?"

“Oang tuaku…? My parents are… Huang ho (Yellow river). ”

Back Hek Hwa Kui bo sighed. Who would not be surprised to hear this strange answer. "Do not fool around! Where are your parents? What is she? ”

"My parents were eaten by the Huang Ho flood, I don't know who she is. Eh, kuntilanak, do you want to keep wondering? go! ”

Makin kagum Hek Hwa Kui bo. It looked so dirty Beng San's face was so hard for him to see the light of this child's face which was a bit greenish and a bit reddish. "You are so dirty. Go wash your face. ”

"I don't want to."

However, the end of the long handkerchief in Hek Hwa Kui bo's hand moved and Beng San's body was thrown away and fell into a creek not far from there. Beng San stuttered and thrashed. But then he got the fact that the water of the creek was very clear, so his excitement arose and he even took a shower without undressing! He no longer cared about Hek Hwa Kui bo. Soon he felt his body was cold. Beng San became frightened, worried that a cold like yesterday would attack him again. Quickly he crawled up from the creek. Apparently Kui Bo was still waiting there, looking at him with unblinking eyes.

After Beng San's face and body were clean of dust and dirt, especially due to the cold water making Im kang's air attack him again and his facial skin turned green, Hek Hwa Kui bo became confused. At all it is not a sign that in this child's body is contained Yang air, but rather, it is now full of strange Im air! No wonder, this is amazing! Hek Hwa Kui bo without feeling any more scratching the hair on his head.

Beng San is still irritated. Her body was cold right and her clothes were all soaking wet. All this is due to the actions of the kuntilanak. Then he approached and cursed.

"Kuntilanak fierce, you also have to take a shower!"

Hek Hwa Kui bo's face is red, red with shame! Indeed, strange people, being told to take a bath just came to the thought that it would be a shame if he had to take a bath in front of this boy.

"Rude, I'm clean enough. I don't need a shower. ”

Suddenly Beng San burst out laughing. It gets a chance to retaliate against this person or stealth. “Clean did you say? Ha, ha, ha! Your hair is full of rotten lice, still dare to say clean? ”

It is a taboo for Hek Hwa Kui bo if he is criticized by people, especially about his cleanliness or beauty. I don't know how many people have died at his hands just because of the mistake of his mouth stating that he is old, not beautiful and another reproach. Now he was very angry, but because Beng San's personality caused surprise and admiration, he did not immediately intervene, only asked in a cold voice.

“You said my hair is full of rotten lice? What is the proof? ”

Beng San was still laughing. "You were scratching your head, that's a sign that your hair contains a lot of rotten lice! I bet there are a lot of rotten fleas nesting there with their eggs… "

The handkerchief in Hek Hwa Kui bo's hand moved and knew the tip had involved Beng San's neck! It's good that this weird woman is just scared, if she uses energy, in a second her neck will break! But Beng San knew that his life was in danger, so he quickly mobilized and shouted.

"Killing a small child, huh, how can it be said to be brave? Defeating a new tough enemy can be said to be brave, but defeating yourself is even more brave! ” out of fear he uttered Kong Hu Cu's remarks mixed with his own words.

The end of the handkerchief slackened and Hek Hwa Kui bo laughed. "Who is willing to take the life of your rat? Let's prove it, you look for those rotten lice in my hair. If you don't have a single nose, I will cut off your nose, there is no need for me to take your life! ”

Beng San's heart was not surprised. Cutting his nose is more wretched than taking his life. What will happen if he next has to live without a nose, to be a scary and disgusting human being? And even though she was young, she knew that this kuntilanak woman would definitely prove her point.