The King Of Sword Volume 1

volume 01

“Five colors blind the eyes….!” A deep, hoarse voice reads a prayer.

“Five colors blinds the eyes…….!” Following a high-pitched voice, a child's voice desperately trying to imitate the first tone of voice.

"Five deafening sounds………!” Again, the little boy's voice repeated the words.

These voices followed each other and were completely uttered by a hoarse voice imitated by the child's voice, the complete words of the To-tek-keng book are as follows:

Five colors blind the eye,

Five sounds deafen the ear

Five tastes spoil the mouth

Pursuit of pleasures corrupts the mind,

Precious things make

delinquency this is what the wise man is,

Prioritizing the affairs of the stomach

Irrespective of the affairs of the eyes,

He is good at choosing this to throw it away,

If these voices are heard from a temple of the To Religion, it does not need to be noticed anymore because it is natural for a tosu to give lessons from the book To-tek-keng to his students . Or someone to a literature teacher teaches the verses of the book to his students. But strangely, the two voices that followed each other were heard from inside a dense forest, a forest that is rarely visited by humans and became a nest of tigers, large snakes and other wild animals. Even if there are human beings, they must be human beings who are robbers.

If we look into the forest to find out who it is who taught the To-tek-keng verses to the little boy, we will feel very surprised. It turned out that the one who read the verses of the book was a tosu in a yellow shirt, hanging a sword on his back. This Tosu was tall and thin with a thin mustache, about fifty years old, his hair was pulled up in a bun and he rode a lanky horse that walked idly and seemed to be very tired. Behind this horse walked a ten year old boy, his clothes were full of patches, his hair was tied back, his face was a bit pale white and his eyes were big. This child is so poor in clothes that he does not even wear shoes. Near the left ankle there was an ulcer the size of his big toe so that he limped a bit. However,

The verses read by Tosu above are the twelfth verse. If the tosu is counted, he reads from the first verse aloud, but slowly, the child has been imitating him for a long time.

In the twelfth verse where there are words about the gentleman prioritizing the affairs of the stomach, the boy after finishing imitating this verse to the end, immediately said. His voice was loud, loud and high.

"Totiang, that gentleman is right. I also want to be a gentleman, prioritizing the affairs of my stomach which is already very hungry. So I hope Totiang will give me dry bread or money as soon as possible, I don't want to worry about other matters anymore. ”While saying that, the boy no longer walked behind the horse, but ran to accompany and pull the tosu's right leg.

However, the tosu seemed not to have seen the boy earlier, nor did he feel like his legs were being squeezed. He opened his mouth again and shouted in a loud voice.

“The thirteenth verse reads……………”

“I don't care what the thirteenth or three thousandth verse says !” The boy screamed. "My stomach is hungry and Totiang has promised to give me dry bread and money!"

Tosu looked stunned, as if he only now knew that the voice that had imitated him had made another sound. He put off reading his book and looked at the boy with shining eyes. He had just met the boy outside a village near this forest. At that time he was resting and eating dry bread. Then came the child he knew approached, apparently eager but did not make a sound.

"Do you want dry bread?"

The boy just nodded.

"Heh-heh-heh, my dry bread has run out in the shop there?" He asked again, When the boy nodded again, Tosu became nervous as well.

"Are you crazy?"

"No, Totiang, I'm just lazy to talk,"

This answer makes the tosu be surprised. This was the first time he had met a little boy who was talking to himself like this.

"You want some dry bread and money?" Again he asked as he rode back on his thin horse. The boy nodded again.

"Fine, but you have to imitate reading the contents of the book To-tek-keng while walking behind my horse."

Thus, the tosu began to read the book from the first verse to the twelfth verse. At first this child was very interested because this child was actually an extraordinary child who had read ancient books and even almost memorized many books of Buddhism, namely when he worked as a servant of the Hok-thian-tong temple, but after hearing about " put the stomach first”, so that the child remembers his hungry stomach and demands a promise.

Who is that strange and neglected child? His name is Beng San, According to his own admission, about the names of his descendants, he himself did not know, This child was a victim of a natural disaster, namely the great flood of the Huang-ho river which consumed the entire contents of his village. Almost the entire village was destroyed by the flood, houses disappeared, rice fields were damaged, humans and animals were almost killed and all washed away. This child was swept away but it seems that God is still protecting him so he can be caught in the rubble of the house and carried to the side in a state of unconsciousness. This happened when he was five and six years old. When he regained consciousness, this child was at the edge of a forest on the bank of the Huang-ho river. He only remembered that his name was Beng San, that his mother and father were swept away by the flood,

Beng san was lost and fate brought him to the front of the Hok-thian-tong temple in the city of shan-si, he was very interested to see the temple, very fond of looking at paintings and beautifully carved statues, then the head of the temple, a hwesio who worshiped, felt sorry for and loved him and from then on Beng San was accepted as a servant or a servant. The hwesio in the temple on average have a high personality and almost all diligently study the holy verses hwesio get the fact that the children who are servants in the temple are not only diligent but also very intelligent, they give lessons in reading and writing and so on for three more years Beng San in "jejali" philosophies and sacred verses that are very high. Of course he just memorized all the essence of the essence. Not a little boy like him,

After being over nine years old, Beng San began to feel uncomfortable living in the temple. Several times he asked to stop but all hwesio forbade him and they wanted to attract Beng San to be a hwesio candidate. Beng San did not like it and one night this boy ran away and the temple. He lived a long, desolate life. You can only eat if someone takes pity and gives food or just gives a job and then is given money or food. What is very strange about this child, he never wants to utter a word of begging! Perhaps he was influenced by the lesson of the hwesio who expected alms from the benefactors, but never begging. That's why Beng San also didn't want to ask at all when he saw the tosu eating dry bread, even though his stomach was really hungry.

And who is the tosu? Not just anyone, but someone named Siok Tin Cu. He is a leader of the Ngo-lian To kauw (Religion To Five Lotus) religious association based in Ki-lok. As a third level tosu, of course, his knowledge is very high. And as a Ngo-lian To-kuaw figure who valued mystical lessons (hoatsut), of course he was known to be a very dangerous man.

Siok Tin Cu did not invite or lure Beng San into the forest without a specific purpose. As soon as he saw the child, he could guess that this child was an orphan, and well -boned, so it was very appropriate to be used as a test material for his knowledge. Even if this child dies, no parent loses his child, no one is harmed then he will not bear the sin, so the mindset of this heretical shepherd, let's go back to the forest to see what will happen next.

In the front, it has been narrated that Beng San no longer imitated the shouts of Siok Tin Cu who recited the verses of To-Tek-keng, but instead shouted to demand the promise of the tosu to give him dry bread or bread buyer's money. They had arrived in the middle of a very lonely and wild forest. Siok Tin Cu smiled and jumped down from his horse. His movements were so light as if his body was lightly hairy.

"Boy, since when have you not eaten?" This question was said softly as if this old man felt sorry and wanted to help.

"Since two days ago," Beng San replied briefly, without inviting a voice to ask for mercy.

The Tosu raised his eyebrows, then burst out laughing looking so happy! "Good, good, then your stomach is completely empty. This means clearing the air in your body and strengthening your endurance like someone who has a whistling exercise. Good, good boy, now, you eat this, let me see how effective it is!" The tosu took out a yellow pill that smelled bad, "Open your mouth."

Of course Beng San would not obey this order. He took a step back looking angry and said. “Totiang, you promised to give dry bread or money, why now tell me to eat medicine? I'm not sick and don't need medicine!”

“Heh-heh-heh, once you eat there's no meaning anymore, Eh, kid, I'm Siok Tin Cu not a fool. You know, these pills are made by me or the instructions of kauwcu (religious leaders). For a dozen years, I made it from the essence of all rottenness that invites the Thai air and the benefits are amazing. I have made three of them but until now have not dared to swallow them. I have to try people first, you with an empty stomach are very good to be used as guinea pigs! If you die, there's no one to lose, if you live…… well, I'll reward you with dry bread or money, Heh-heh-heh!'

As long as the boy's wide eyes grew wider, not from fear but from anger. "Tosu stink, have you forgotten the sacred sayings that, who has not cleansed himself from evil deeds, and who does not care about virtue and righteousness, he is not worthy to wear yellow clothes?"

Siok Tin Cu was at first surprised and surprised because these words were sacred words in Buddhism (in the Dhammapade), but he immediately laughed. "Inevitably you have to call this medicine!"

“Not willing …… ..! You stink! ” Beng San took two small stones from the ground and piled the two stones on Siok Tin Cu. But Siok Tin Cu just laughed and once he moved his left hand, the end of his sleeve "blew" away the two stones, making Beng San unable to move anymore. The "dead" are the two pairs of the child's limbs, but from the neck upwards the child is still "alive" and can still move the neck and all the facial limbs.

"Tosu is evil, tosu smells, what do you want me to do?" he shouted many times.

"It's okay, I just want you to swallow this medicine" The foul-smelling yellow pill was brought close to Beng San's nose, making the boy want to vomit.

"It stinks like you, I don't want to!" he shook his head to the right and left away from the drug.

“Heh-heh-heh, naughty boy. I have to open your mouth.” The tosu's left hand held Beng San's chin and this child felt how a very strong force forced how a very strong force forced his mouth open. He pretended to obey, but when Tosuini was careless about cooking the medicine into his open mouth, Beng San moved his head down and bit the Tosu's left hand.

“Ouch……..!” because he didn't expect it at all, Tosu's little finger was bitten so hard that it bled.

"Plakkk!" he slapped Beng San's cheek. So hard was this slap, such a pain that Beng San accidentally opened his mouth releasing his bite.

“Plaque! Plaque! Plaque! Plaque! Plaque! ” many times the tosu slapped Beng San's face from right to left, and sincerely, Beng san from right to left, and sincerely, Beng San did not complain, but the pain made his eyes water, After the boy almost fainted from pain and dizzy, the tosu just stopped slapping. Beng San's face became swollen and his cheeks turned blue, strangely, from this it was not felt by the angry tosu, not a word did the boy complain or complain, really showing an extraordinary stubborn character, imagining guts and impressive perseverance.

"Let's swallow this!" Siok Tin Cu forced the half -unconscious Beng San to open his mouth and stuff the foul -smelling pill into Beng San's mouth.

This child in his determination, even though he was dizzy and half unconscious, was about to spit out the pill but Siok Tin Cu closed his mouth and pushed the pill with his index finger up to Beng San's throat. Finally, the drug entered Beng San's stomach without being prevented!

"Heh-heh-heh, I want to see the consequences ……." Siok Tin Cu moved his hand to free his totokan and Beng San collapsed sitting on the ground, lowering his face sitting on the ground, lowering his face because he still felt dizzy and shook his head. He narrowed his eyes as his cheeks swelled large on the right and left. What a pity for this child, his face became like a ripe pumpkin.

Suddenly Beng San twitched his limbs, the skin of his body probably getting redder and redder like boiled shrimp. The redder his skin became, the more erratic his behavior became, swaying like a snake scalded with hot water.

“Hot……… hot………..!” finally unbearable also his mouth never complained, just said “hot…… hot…. many times. His skin turned dark red almost black and from his body a thin steam appeared as if all the water in his body had boiled. Beng San's body jumped back and forth like crazy, hit a fallen tree, stood up again, staggered, and crawled until it hit the tree again. Then he jumped to his feet and ran!

"Heh-heh-heh, I want to see how long you can last." Siok Tin Cu also ran to follow the boy who was crazy about the heat, leaving his horse tied to a tree. Not far away, Beng San ran because he wasn't even two li, he hit a tree again and rolled over, he couldn't get up anymore, he just rolled and rolled.

Siok Tin Cu knelt down and examined carefully. He sorted and examined all parts of Beng San's helpless body, his mouth constantly praising.

“Hmmm, his body is full of miraculous heat. This is the essence of the air essence which if it can be nurtured and channeled with the power of Iweekang it will become a special kind of yang-kang, strong and hot, Very good! Let me see what he broke." He examined Beng San's stomach and chest.

“Hemmm, hemmmmm…… very dangerous, the entrails are all blistered, the lungs are full of hot air evaporating, the heart is shriveling…… if this child had not had an empty stomach, not full of pure air and his bones were not clean, he would have died from just now. With Iweekang on my body, will I be able to withstand this kind of heat……? Hmm, very dangerous……” Tosu was so engrossed in checking that he didn't know and didn't feel that the bag slipped and fell. When Beng San's body moved, the medicine bag was accidentally crushed by the boy's body and could not be seen from above.

“Hmmm…….. the consequences are very dangerous. Do you think I will be strong?” Tosu stood and pondered. He horrified the consequences if he got into the strong drug and finally he could not hold back. He touched his waist without feeling and he was surprised because he didn't get the medicine bag there. Confused he searched, but in vain. He remembered that, without a doubt, he had taken a pill from the medicine bag which he immediately put back into his waist. Don't get left in the saddle, he thought. He quickly ran away from Beng San and ran to the place where he had left his horse. Here looking here and there, opening the grass and reeds around it, unloading all the provisions from the horse's side.

Meanwhile, Beng San was still shaking. “Hot……., hungry….., hot….., hungry…….,” he said. His hands were shaking, he tried to open his eyes, but as soon as he opened his eyes the tears were flowing from the heat and the pain. Suddenly his shaking hand caught a small bag. The two hands pulled and with one pull the bag shattered and he held two mops. Because Beng San's mind was almost unusable due to the severity of his suffering, the two pills were immediately stuffed into his mouth and swallowed!

At that time, there were small people singing, children's songs, when they arrived at the place, it turned out that the singer was a tall man but his black face was not at all mustache or beard, smooth as a face children. His eyes also shone stupidly and honestly like a child's eyes, even though he was already forty years old. The funny thing is that her clothes are fluffy and even her shoes are fluffy shoes like the ones that women usually wear. In short, a weirdo who has the nature of a child dressed like a girl and

Only crazy people should be like him. He stopped singing and stood looking at Beng San who was still rolling.

After Beng San swallowed the two pills he was like a worm exposed to hot ashes. Rolling over there, bobbing here, squirming and foaming at the mouth.

“Ha-ha-ho-ho-hoh, you playing pangolin?” The person who had just arrived with a happy face then fell down and rolled over, waddling like Beng San while laughing with joy.

"Let's race, who can roll faster!" he said to invite Beng San to play the race. Of course Beng san who was not aware of it all completely ignored.

“Eh, you don't want to race? You impudent, talk to you shut up!” The person jumped up and approached Beng san. He saw Beng san's eyes. He saw Beng San's eyes narrowed because his face was foaming.

“Eh-eh-eh, demon. Are you even mocking?" the man was furious, thinking that the dying Beng San was mocking him. "I kick you" the old man kicked slowly. Unintentionally he kicked the blood path thi-thait-to on the back of Beng San this boy was suffering, his body seemed to be about to erupt because it was full of air which, as if his blood path was opened by the kick he suddenly jumped up, very high and without he realized that his right hand slapped the person.

"Plaque!" after slapping it, it rolled over. The great thing is that weirdo got slapped. His body was thrown and collapsed rolling while moaning. It turned out that the man was very clever. The slap made by the child earlier, although unintentional but full of energy that and supposedly will destroy the head of an ordinary person. But the strange man just rolled over and quickly got up again. He was very angry.

"Eh, Satan, Eh Devil, are you calling for a fight? Come send a fatal blow, huh? How dare you play with Koai Atong! ” Fast as a magician, knowing in this right hand there is already a green arrow. He advanced to hit Beng San who was rolling, his left hand hitting with the palm of his hand open, while his right hand used the arrow to stab.

With right Koai Atong's left hand hit Beng San's chest while the tip of the arrow stuck in his shoulder. Seeing his opponent did not dodge his opponent at all did not dodge or parry, Koai Atong was very surprised and quickly returned his arrow. Great! Beng San, who was hit and injured by an arrow, suddenly stopped moving, only from his mouth there was a hissing sound like a raging snake, his face that was black and red slowly turned green, and his whole body turned green! The hiss in his mouth didn't last long, immediately stopping like a deflated ball out of air.

“Die….., woe……. I kill people who don't fight back with a Jing-tok-ciang (green poison hand) punch!” after saying so, the strange man quickly ran away from the place, his running was not playing fast like just flying.

This strange person named Koai Atong is really not an ordinary person. Even though he looks like a child and his clothes are like crazy, but because of his strangeness, he is called Koai Atong (son of the devil). He was the lone disciple of Ban-tok-sim Giam Kong (the heart of a hundred Poison), a hwesio from the west of Tibetan origin. Giam Kong's big name is famous all over the kang-ouw world as a figure that people are very afraid of. Also, the name of this lone student is enough to make many martial arts experts shrink because of his greatness, the most feared of these two teachers and students is their punching science based on Im energy called Jing-tok-ciang. The knowledge of this green poison blow is so powerful, it invites the deepest essence of Im's energy so let alone the blow, the air of the blow alone is enough to produce poison that will kill the person it strikes. As a great figure with high martial arts knowledge. Giam kong ordered his stupid student not to use Jing-Tok-ciang carelessly, let alone use arrows whose tips were already cooked in green poison, or else they would be forced to or face heavy enemies. Because of this, Koai Atong was scared to see the impact of his blow, plus the arrows pierced Beng San and his attack was only driven by anger because he was hit so hard. He thought that the little Beng San had high intelligence, so when he attacked he used his deadly blows and arrows. Understandably, Koai Atong's way of thinking is still like a child so he doesn't think

Long… Siok Tin Cu was very confused as he searched where he left his horse but couldn't find the medicine bag. He led his horse back to where Beng San was. What a shock when he saw the child was not moving, lying on the ground with his face and body green! Surprised, he let go of his horse and approached the boy, after examining for a moment he let out a cry of surprise!

“Ayaaaaa…..! why did this child die like that??” he was really shocked once and repeatedly shook his head. The effect of the medicine is Yang energy, if this child were to die because of the medicine, his body would be charred, why is this child's body now cold to death?

Siok Tin Cu shot a horrified look. Luckily he tried the medicine on this unknown kid. If he himself swallowed it. How terrible.

"I made a mistake, he thought," I have to report to me immediately, "because seeing the terrible consequences of his medicine, he was not so disappointed to lose his two pills. If one like this is dangerous, the other two will also be useless. Let it be found by others and swallowed, most people who swallow it will die like this child. Somewhat horrified by the consequences of his own actions, the tosu hurriedly got on his horse and raced the skinny horse away from there, leaving Beng San's body lying in the middle of the forest.

"Hong-Ji, you be careful. The forest is dense, there may be many tigers.

The answer was only the loud laughter of an eight-nine-year-old girl who was very agile running fast into the dense forest. The one who reprimanded also smiled, a smile, a small smile that for a moment illuminated his gloomy face. He was a man about forty years old, handsome and dashing, but this gloomy face seemed to have no light of the joy of life, this handsome man had become dark and gloomy since he was left dead by his beloved wife three years ago, leaving he lives alone with his only child named Hong.

Kwa Tin Siong is a swordsman, the eldest disciple of Hoa-san-ciang-bunjin (chairman of Hoa-san-pai) Lian Bu Tojing, His name in the world is kang ouw quite famous as the oldest person than Hoa-san Sie-eng (four swordsmen) Hoa-san), not only famous because these four Hoa-san warriors are very intelligent, but more famous for their actions that always uphold justice and valor. Known as the protector of heinous criminals.

Liang Bu Tojin, the head of Hoa san pai is over sixty years old and even though he has many students, his special intelligence, convinced that Hoa-san Kiam-hoat's sword, has only been passed down entirely to his four disciples who are known as Hoa-san. the eldest is Kwa Tin Siong with the title Hoa-san-it-kian (Hoa-san's single sword). The second person was Thio Wan It nicknamed Bu-eng-kiam (the sword without shadow) The third person named Kui Keng was nicknamed Toat-beng kiam (the sword of death) while the fourth person was a twenty year old girl named Liam sian Hwa with the nickname Kiam -eng-cu (shadow of the sword) Kwa Tin Siong is forty years old and already a widower, his two sutenya, namely Thio Wan it is thirty-five and Kui Keng is thirty-five and Kui Keng is thirty, both of them are married. Only the fourth person from Hoa-san Sie-eng, namely Liem Sian Hwa, is unmarried, still a twenty year old girl but has become Kwee Sin's fiancé, the youngest of the three Kun-lun warriors.

Kwa Tin Siong is highly respected and revered by his classmates for his broad views and serious attitude. He was brave, honest, and a loyal follower of Khong-cu's philosophical teachings. very.

Kwa Tin Siong had to chase his horse to walk faster into the dense forest. Kwa Hong used to ride in front of him, but every time the boy got tired of riding a horse, he would jump down and run fast. He would not worry about his son, because even though he was only eight or nine years old, Kwa Hong already had martial arts skills. which is decent. Since the boy was able to walk, he had educated him so that now Kwa Hong has a fast and agile movement, also has enough self -care knowledge has enough self -care knowledge.

"Hong-ji (Hong's son), don't be too fast, you'll get lost!" again his son flashed into the dark part of the great forest. He advanced his horse and suddenly his horse let out a loud neighing sound and then stood on his hind legs, his nose hissed looking very frightened, Kwa Tin Siong was vigilant, knowing that there were wild animals in that place. Because it was difficult to calm the horse, he quickly jumped down and tied the reins to a tree. Suddenly the horse struggled violently, the control broke and the horse ran helter-skelter. Almost at that moment, there was a rustling sound from above and a large snake wrapped its tail on the tree trunk above, slinging its head towards Tin Siong.

Not in vain Kwa Tin Siong became the oldest person from hoa-san sie-eng.even though his eyes had not seen, his ears had caught the gusts of wind from above. Quickly his legs moved and he was already laughing as he drew his sword. At another time his sword was already flashing upwards.

Kwa Tin Siong the snake was wounded by the sword, blood dripped. The snake was in pain and angry, quickly it grabbed again as if crashing towards the candidate to bite it.

Tin Siong was amazed to see a very large snake whose scales looked very greenish yellow, growing beautiful and clean. tilt your body.

"Cesss"! The sword stabbed with lweekang's power was able to pierce the neck of a snake protected by hard skin, before the snake could attack the field it was pulled back and a slash made with full force made the neck break! His head was thrown down while the tail that was wrapped around the tree branch was slowly released so that finally his long and large body fell with a thud on the ground as well.

Tin Siong took a deep breath feeling that it was a pity that a snake with such a beautiful skin had to be killed. This kind of flower snake is delicious in its flesh and its skin will sell for a high price if it is sold in the city, he thought. He thought of his son, and thought of his horse that had run away. His son had to be found first and with this in mind the warrior then ran after him in the direction that Kwa Hong's shadow had flashed earlier.

Meanwhile, Kwa Hong who was running happily had been in the darkest part of the forest. indeed, this child has been the happiest since childhood when playing in the forest. Since childhood he lived with his father in hoa-san and the big forest was arguably the place he played.

Lately when his father took him down the mountain, he often missed the big forests, missed the forest animals he loved so much, so now looking at the forest, of course he was like a bird, of course he was a big tree, very happy his heart.

He was so happy that he forgot himself and forgot that he was far away from his father and only felt tired of his legs when he sat under a big tree. As long as her eyes were beaming and shining, her small mouth was laughing as Kwa hong plucked the two red flower stalks she set above her head on either side, adorning her long black hair.

Suddenly he exclaimed in surprise and quickly jumped to the side and on the other hand when his right hand was already wielding a short sword, this is the sin-coa-hiat-bwe movement (the magic snake extends its tail) a swordsmanship movement as an [opening when facing a heavy opponent. His movement was very fast and his hand that drew the sword was almost invisible, suddenly the short sword that had been hanging on his back was in his right hand, tightly gripped by the hilt, while the sword was crossed in front of his chest. What caused this little girl to be shocked? His face was pale and he stood like a statue, all the joy in his face gone.

Not only him, if there were other people there, even his father, would be shocked to death to see what Kwa hong saw. Where in the world is not a dream, it is clearly seen by him that it happened. At first he exclaimed in surprise because he saw a large snake under a tree, about twenty meters away on the other side. And now, knowing that the snake "got up" stood up and jumped towards him.

Kwa Hong almost ran away in fear and horror if he didn't hear people laughing, but when he heard that what was laughing was the "standing snake". Then arose the soul of a knight whom his father had revealed to him with a sword held tightly in his hand he snapped.

"Where did the demon dare to bother me?"

"Ha-ha-ha, it's like that. Your legs are shaking like a person with a fever, why are you still acting strong. Ha ha ha! ” it turned out that the snake after being close had no head anymore and .. from the neck of the snake erupted the head of a boy, a boy with wide eyes and a greenish white face. This child is none other than Beng San.

As we know, Beng San is lying under a tree in a state that is considered lifeless by Siok Tin Cu. Indeed, at that time this child was like dead, his face was bluish green, there was no more breathing and no more heartbeat. However, it turned out that Siok Tin Cu was wrong. Miraculous things happened in this unfortunate child. or rather we say not unlucky because by chance he escaped a catastrophe that would take his life as a result of swallowing three poison pills from Siok Tin Cu, three poison pills containing a miracle hot air, extract from the Thai air. . By the time Beng San was found by Koai Atong, his life was on the verge of death. Then, by chance, Koai Atong, who had a bad brain, hit him with Jing tok ciang's energy, and even wounded him with an arrow whose tip was smeared with green poison. This blow and poison quickly spread all over his body through his bloodstream and there was a great duel between the Thai air from the three pills and Im kang's energy from Jing tok ciang's blow and the green poison. It was in the two opposing and wrestling conditions that Siok Tin Cu saw Beng San as if he was dead. This blow and poison quickly spread all over his body through his bloodstream and there was a great duel between the Thai air from the three pills and Im kang's energy from Jing tok ciang's blow and the green poison. It was in the two opposing and wrestling conditions that Siok Tin Cu saw Beng San as if he was dead. This blow and poison quickly spread all over his body through his bloodstream and there was a great duel between the Thai air from the three pills and Im kang's energy from Jing tok ciang's blow and the green poison. It was in the two opposing and wrestling conditions that Siok Tin Cu saw Beng San as if he was dead.

Indeed, it seems that God has intended that the child's life has not yet come to return to the afterlife. All night long the two miraculous airs fought in his body and as usual when poison met the opposite poison, it became extinct. Even instead of putting his life in danger, Beng San's body unknowingly contained these two airs which had been normalized by the mingling, bringing forth tremendous power.

Thus, the next day Beng San came to his senses, as if he had just woken up from the dead. He felt his body icy cold until his teeth clenched. He remembered his experience, when he was stuffed with pills by Tosu who claimed to be Siok Tin Cu. Remembering this he became angry and jumped up. How surprised he was, when his body popped up to more than a meter. It felt like her body was as light as a feather! But he didn't pay attention to this anymore because he was immediately attacked by a chill that was not playing great. He remembered that when he was stuffed with pills by the tosu he felt like his body was being burned, why is it now cold on the other hand? Beng San shivered and ran here and there looking for shelter. He thought that the air in the forest was extremely cold.

He happened to see a snakeskin or snakeskin shell hanging from a big tree. At first he was surprised, thinking that it was a snake animal. However, after seeing that it was just a daja shell, he immediately climbed a tree and took the sleeve. May a huge snake have shed its skin there and its dry sheath hung there. Beng San is a smart kid. He needs a blanket and this snakeskin sleeve may be used as an emergency blanket. Immediately he wrapped himself in the long and wide snakeskin sheath. Sure enough, he felt a little warm and this feeling was so comfortable that he forgot his hungry stomach and fell asleep again wrapped in snakeskin. Of course he didn't know that the warmth that came to him was natural. First,

That is why Beng San not only avoids the danger of death, but on the contrary he gets a tremendous advantage, namely that his body contains a miraculous air due to the mixing of the very strong Yang and Im air. The only thing up to that point was that he was constantly changing attacks, but it didn't bother him that much anymore because his body had become normal and seemed invulnerable. Only his skin was still unable to resist so every time the heat hit, the skin on his body, especially the skin on his face turned red like boiled shrimp, but every time the cold hit, his face turned green.

Kit returns to the meeting of Beng San and Kwa Hong. Kwa Hong's horror and fear disappeared after finding out that what he thought was a snake demon turned out to be a boy who was only a little bigger than himself. At first he was about to laugh out of amusement, but how could he laugh when he said that the boy was insulting him? he is said to be shivering in his legs like a sick person, but still has a stout appearance. What's adorable about those words is that it's true. His legs were shaking and his body was shaking. Who wouldn't be afraid if they thought they met a demon?

“Little devil, why are you kidding and scaring people? If I don't think you're invisible, where am I afraid of people like you? ” Kwa Hong snapped, frowning. With an attitude that showed that now he was not afraid at all, Kwa Hong put his sword back behind his back and moved his head so that his long hair dangled back.

Seeing the valiant and fierce attitude of this little lady, Ben San giggled and showed a row of strong and white teeth.

"Eh, why are you laughing?" Kwa Hong was curious and angry, his hands clenched into fists, his eyes shining with the thought that he had been laughed at.

Beng San didn't answer, in fact his heart got more amused and his laughter got louder. Usually he saw girls as gentle creatures, now seeing Kwa Hong's sword-carrying gesture he felt very funny.

“Hey, donkey head, why are you giggling?” Kwa Hong snapped again, now stepping forward.

With his mouth still smiling widely Beng San asked back, "I'm laughing or crying using my own mouth, why are you making a fuss?" and he laughed again, laughing out loud on purpose.

Kwa Hong was hit and irritated even more. "You think you have a pretty face, don't you? Laughing like a monkey. Your face is really ugly, you know?”

Beng San was getting more and more amused, his eyes were shining even though they still looked slanted because his cheeks were still swollen, making his face look like a frog's face. At that moment, the cold air had started to leave him, replaced by the heat that made his previously green face turn red.

Seeing this change, Kwa Hong laughed amusedly, her laughter was free and she looked more beautiful when she laughed because from both her cheeks suddenly appeared sweet dimples. "Hi hi hi, you're so bad, your face changes color, hihi hi like a chameleon ..!"

Hot also Beng San's stomach laughed like this, he replied with a loud laugh, beating Kwa Hong's laughing voice. "Ha ha ha, your face is also bad, don't play like a kuntilanak."

Kwa Hong stopped laughing. "Kuntilanak? What is that?"

Instantly Beng San also stopped laughing because he himself never knew what kind of kuntilanak was! "Kuntilanak yes kuntilanak..."

"Like what?"

"Like.. ah, never mind, so bad, like you are!"

“Hong-Ji, you be careful. The forest is dense, probably a lot of tigers.

"Lie!" Kwa Hong snapped. "I'm pretty sweet, everyone says so, dad says so."

Beng San smiled mockingly, “Sweet beauty? Puuhhhh! Maybe now, but back then when you were born you were toothless and shriveled, that's bad!"

Kwa Hong slammed her legs, she was spoiled and everyone who saw her would praise her beauty and sweetness, nowadays there are people who slander her like this. where does he want to receive it?

“Your mouth stinks! I am beautiful now, then and in the future, still beautiful."

“Beautiful and sweet too, if you are fierce and arrogant, who likes? Fierce and arrogant like… like…. ”

"Like what?" Kwa Hong challenged.

"Like .. Jui bo (kuntilanak)…"

"Kuntilanak again. What is the kuntilanak like?”

"It's like you" Beng San replied firmly because he himself had never seen what a female demon that people often mentioned was like.

Kwa Hong is angry. "You're like a chameleon!"

“You are like Kui bo!” Beng-san replied.


"Kui Bo!"

“Chameleon, chameleon, “Chameleon”.

"Kui Bo, Kui Bo, Kui Bo!"

The two children, like all children in this world usually do when they get into an argument, retaliate with a smack. Kwa Hong lost his voice and saw Beng San scoffing at him while laughing, became even more angry.

“Chameleon, frog, monkey! You said I was like a kuntilanak, what's the reason?"

"You are arrogant and very arrogant. The little-brained girl still pretends to carry a sword everywhere. I don't think you can kill a single frog with that sword! Huh, arrogant. ”

"Sraatt" knew the sword was already in Kwa Hong's hand which heightened his anger. “Slaughtering frogs? I can slaughter chameleons like you! ”

The sword is moved. “Syeettt… syeettt!” two swords flashed and… the snakeskin sheath that wrapped Beng San's body was torn from top to bottom and fell down, in the blink of an eye Beng San was standing .. completely naked in front of Kwa Hong! Indeed, when using the special blanket, Beng-san took off his sweat-soaked clothes and now he hung the clothes on a tree trunk. At that time, nine years old for a girl was old enough to make Kwa Hong scream and turn around and turn his back on Beng San, his mouth cursing.

"Lizard! Chameleon! Monkey.. shameless you…”

Beng San was also shocked and embarrassed. He never thought that with his sword the boy was able to cut the snake's sheath in such a way that the tip of the sword almost cut the skin of his stomach. He quickly ran, grabbed his clothes and quickly put them on.

“You who are shameless, you who are impudent!” Beng San was furious. "Playing with swords. If it hit me in the stomach, won't I die?"

"Mampus is also your own fault," Kwa Hong replied while twisting his body. Now he sees Beng san in dirty clothes butut and patches. "Huh," he joked, "I think it's just a beggar."

“Kuntilanak! I've never begged you for anything."

At that time, Kwa Tin Siong had already run to the place. He heard this last quarrel and came and went he rebuked his daughter.

"Hong ji, you can't insult people, you can't quarrel. The beggar is our brother. ” Hoa san pai, whose mind was always full of the words of Khong Cu's lesson, advised his daughter with a complete statement that read: "In all corners of the ocean, all human beings are brothers."

Beng San, who was naughty and brave, laughed and clapped. "Good, good! Satisfied, satisfied! So you must always remember that if you don't want to be insulted by others, don't insult others."

As mentioned in the front, since he was a child, Beng San was crowded with ancient books by the hwesio in the Hok Thian Tong Temple, among them also the books of Su si Ngo Keng that he had memorized, so he still memorized a lot of the words of the prophet Khong Cu. What he said earlier was a complete statement that reads: "Do not do to others what you do not like others to do to you."

Seeing Beng san's attitude, Kwa Tin Siong frowned, then was astonished. Moreover, seeing Beng san's bad clothes and seeing the snake skin casing there, he thought that Beng San must be a student of a clever man. He is in a hurry and has big business, it is not good if bad things happen with other characters. So he took Kwa Hong's hand and said.

“Mari, Hong ji. Let's go. I killed a big snake, we can eat its meat before continuing the journey. "

Kwa Hong didn't dare to argue, only looked at Beng San with fiery eyes and pouting mouth. Kwa Tin Siong smiled, before turning to look at Beng San who was standing with his legs spread apart. Again, Kwa Tin Siong was surprised to see how the swollen skin on his face had turned a little green, even though it had been so red. He was surprised and because he did not see the poisonous air emanating from the little young man's body, he did not suspect that this child had learned a kind of magic that was indeed possessed by many kang ouw figures at that time.

Hearing people talk about "meat" and about "eating", Beng San's stomach immediately revolted again. Her stomach twisted and she could no longer hold her legs as she followed the father and son from afar. Suddenly he approached while smelling the smell of smoke which is very fragrant and savory. After getting close, he saw how Kwa Tin Siong was helped by the ferocious girl who was burning pieces of meat. The snake was seen lying not far from there, a very large snake that must have a lot of meat. Beng San swallowed several times. When the father and son ate roasted snake meat, Beng San turned his body, not wanting to look.

"Dad, look at that beggar who came again." Suddenly Kwa Hong said loudly.

With a hot stomach Beng San turned and looked with squinting eyes.

Kwa Tin Siong smiled and said to Beng San, "Good boy, are you hungry?"

Beng san is arrogant but honest. He nodded at the question issued with that friendly and subtle demeanor.

"You want to beg for snake meat?" Kwa Hong scoffed.

"No!" Beng San snapped and turned his face away again.

Kwa Tin Siong was secretly amazed to see the arrogant child. That is a masculine attitude that is rarely found in children, let alone dirty children. Subtly he asked.

"Good boy, would you like some snake meat?"

Beng San turned around for a moment and with a hardening of his heart he answered, subtly not snapping like when answering Kwa Hong earlier.

"No, lopek (old uncle), I didn't ask."

Again Kwa Tin Siong was stunned. The answer this time is the answer of a good boy who understands etiquette and politeness. He could see the heart of the boy who seemed to have great arrogance, even though he was almost starving and didn't want to beg. What a wonderful child, he thought.

"Good boy, can I know your name?"

"My name is Beng San, the child of a flood victim, no parents, I don't know what she is anymore." At the same time, he answered because he didn't like being bombarded with further questions. Again Kwa Tin Siong was stunned. It's a pity for this child, it seems that since childhood he was forced to live alone.

“Beng San, I am Kwa Tin Siong and this is my son Kwa Hong. You don't ask for food, but I give you, you want, don't you?" The old man took two grilled pieces of snake meat and gave them to Beng San. The boy accepted without expressing his gratitude as he saw Kwa Hong looking at him with a mocking smile. As soon as he received it he returned it to Kwa Hong.

"Never have I received an unwilling gift," he said simply.

"Hong ji" Kwa Tin Siong scolded his son. "Don't be rude. This meat is your father's, not yours! ” it persuaded Beng San to like to accept it and Kwa Hong no longer dared to smile mockingly like before.

After making sure that the gift was willing, Beng San immediately ate the snake's flesh. Oh, it's delicious, it's delicious, it's delicious. Beng san ate voraciously and in the blink of an eye, the two pieces of meat were gone. Kwa Tin Siong who was secretly glancing was moved. He knew that if he gave continuously, the child would be offended by his honor, so since both he and Kwa Hong were full, he stood up and said to Kwa Hong.

"Hong ji, let's continue our journey. We have to find my horse that ran away. " Then to Beng San it said.

“Beng San, since we no longer need snake meat, I will give you the rest of the snake meat, as well as the remaining salt and spices. you bake it yourself. Well, goodbye good boy."

Seeing this attitude Beng San immediately dropped to his knees. “Kwa Tin Siong lopek, you really are a noble. I, Beng San, will not easily forget you and hopefully someday I will get the opportunity to repay your kindness."

Once again Kwa Tin Siong gasped. Not playing this child, has a personality too. He nodded his head and silently recorded Beng San's name in his heart. And before they parted between Beng San and Kwa Hong, there was another “eye fight”, both of them were fiery and exasperated.!


after the father and son left, Beng San had a big party. He held as much snake meat as possible and it was still hot, he couldn't wait, he just kept eating it. While eating, he smiled when he remembered Kwa Tin Siong's good attitude, but he grumbled when he remembered Kwa Hong.

"Kui bo..." he said out loud. “Kuntilanak…. Beautiful, sweet, flirty and fierce. Kui bo, Kui Bo, Kui boo! Well, I'll scold you until you're satisfied, what now Kui bo!"

Suddenly, from the top of a big tree, a female voice giggled, "Hi hi hi hi!"

Beng San jumped to his feet, turning right and left. He thought Kwa Hong was coming back. But he did not see the shadows of the people. It became nervous, assuming Kwa Hong came again and disturbed him or hid.

"Kuntilanak you! Kui bo, what's the need to come to bother me?"

The laughter sounded again like before, now right above Beng San's head. The boy quickly looked up, looking at the tree above him, among the leaves and branches of the tree. However, a bird was not visible and the laughter was still heard there. Suddenly the voice moved to another tree, also heard at the top continuously, "Hi hi hi hi!"

Beng San is a brave child. But at least he had lived in the temple and had heard superstitious stories from some Hwesio people, so now he began to feel the hair on his neck growl. In any case, he hardened his heart. Is there a demon in broad daylight? Said a hwesio, kuntilanak only appears at night !.

“Hi hi hi hi hi!” and now Beng San was really startled because suddenly in front of him stood a beautiful woman. The woman laughed, looking at her neat white teeth. Her dress is like the dress of a picture of a goddess on the temple wall, all silk and beautiful. He held a long silk handkerchief, his face sweet and his eyes wildly fierce as well as containing a strangely creepy gleam, like not the eyes of a healthy person of his brain. Is this kuntilanak?

The woman laughed again and then asked. “Good boy, do you like Kui bo (kuntilanak)? Is it true what you said earlier that Kui bo is beautiful, sweet, flirty and fierce?

The woman's voice was subtle but her eyes were really creepy, making Beng San even more frightened. This boy gave his heart and asked.

"Who are you ...?"

“He he he, good boy, you've been mentioning Kui bo. I am Kui bo and my name is this” the woman was like a magician suddenly holding a black flower in her hand.

“Your name… that black flower…?”

Beng San gaped at the sight of the woman sticking the flower stalk in her hair. Since the flower is black and the hair is also black, this hair ornament is not very obvious.

“Yes, I am Hek hwa Kui bo (Black Flower Kuntilanak). You say she's a little little girl like me? Hi hi hi hi, you are so kind, good boy…”

The woman laughed again, seemingly delighted. Instead Beng San was shocked. How could this woman know all she said to Kwa Hong?

"I can't believe it," he said. "According to people saying, even though the kuntilanak is beautiful, it likes to eat.." Until here Beng San turned pale. Why would he be such a fool to mention that? What if this is a pure kuntilanak and the meat will be eaten?

“Exactly, I really like eating raw meat, especially snake meat…” The long silk handkerchief sped up and… the tip of the handkerchief had pulled out a piece of meat from the snake's body, and instantly this piece of meat was pulled and received by its red-lipped mouth, then chewed well and eaten! Beng San looked horrified as he watched the woman eat raw snake meat, still had blood on it.

"You believe now? I'm Hek hwa Kui bo, just as beautiful as the girl earlier, right? just as good…”

Beng San thought of Kwa Hong and pouted. The girl had insulted him. "If it's the same with him I don't like it," he said half dreamily, "That kid is fierce and insults me. If you're the same as him, just go away, don't come near me."

For a moment the woman was stunned. What came out of this boy's mouth were new words for him, words he was not used to hearing. Usually no one is rude, let alone said rude to him, always pretentious, always sweet. And this boy dared to drive him away! This made her happy, and she laughed again.

“You were insulted by that child? Let me bring him here so you can repay him! ” suddenly the woman's body disappeared from there. Somehow, it was not seen by Beng San. he was getting scared, his neck bullu stood all over. Now he just wants to believe that what he faced earlier was really a kuntilanak stealth.

"Ouch, woe... he might come back.." he said alone and this fear made the effect of the green poison and Im's air increase in his body, making him cold and his face greenish. Fear made Beng San immediately run away from the place. But where should he go to hide himself? The forest is huge, there are trees everywhere. He didn't know where the exit was.