Tat Mo Cauwsu Volume 18 (End)

Volume XVIII (End)

THEN he had dodged with movements like a staggering drunken man, his body was swaying left and right incessantly, and at that time he had also used his flute several times to parry. The flute was so fast that it hit repeatedly, making Thio Su Ing's sword seem to vibrate and often almost slipped from his grip.

Thus, these two people continued to fight each other with their strength and intelligence, especially Thio Su Ing who had used his swordsmanship, where he used Kiam-hoat, his most special swordsmanship.

The sword beams rolled towards Yin Sui Hong. Although it seemed that he could not defeat Yin Sui Hong, in reality it was clear how desperate he was, so with his recklessness, he forced Yin Sui Hong to be careful, because Yin Sui Hong did not want to be destroyed or harmed along with his opponent. Sam Liu Taisu who saw the course of the battle, sighed. He finally clasped his hands together while praising the greatness of the Buddha: "Omitohud! Omitohud! Stop it. Stop it!"

But Thio Su Ing, who was revolving his sword, completely ignored Sam Liu Taisu's shout, he continued to aggressively launch his stabs and slashes at his opponent.

Yin Sui Hong when he heard Sam Liu Taisu's shout, quickly said: "Okay Taisu......!" then he moved the flute rapidly, like a chirping, where the flute repeatedly hit the sword of Thio Su Ing, so that a loud clatter was heard.

This time Yin Sui Hong had moved seven parts of his lwekang power that was channeled into his flute, so that the flute was very strong, even though it hit Thio Su Ing's sword, the thing that shook was the opponent's sword, and forced Thio Su Ing to jump backwards to justify his sword grip.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, it seems that Yin Sui Hong has set foot, his body has jumped backwards, he quickly approached Sam Liu Taisu, then said: "Taisu .... apparently that woman must be removed. !"

But Sam Liu Taisu has shaken his head several times, while he said: "Omitohud... patience... patience. !"

and then turned to Thio Su Ing, saying: "Madam. Can you hold yourself back for a moment?"

Kie-san Nio-cu Thio Su Ing's face turned bright red, he snapped: "Bald donkey, are you going to interfere in our business?" Sam Liu Taisu was not angry by Thio Su Ing's shout, with a smile full of compassion, he said: "If the madam continues the madam's battle with Siecu, of course the loser is the madam herself...... still below several levels of that Siecu's intelligence. !”

Kiesan Niocu's face turned bright red with anger, he waved his sword: "If you really want to feel the sharpness of Kie Niocu's sword, then accept this attack......!" along with his words, Kie san Niocu seemed to have moved his sword, he stabbed very quickly into Sam Liu Taisu's chest. The movement he does is a stab that can be deadly.

But Sam Liu Taisu remained calm in his place, he clasped his hands together, and that's when Thio Su Ing's sword pierced the sleeve of the priest's robe. But strangely enough, the sleeve of the robe made of cloth seemed to   have turned into a sheet of iron, because when the blade of the sword stabbed at the right time, a "trang. !" sound was heard.

and the blade couldn't penetrate the sleeve at all.

It turned out that Sam Liu Taisu had applied his lwekang to the sleeves of his robes, so that the sleeves of his robes had been enveloped by the power of his inner strength which made the sleeves turn like iron plates, which were not penetrated by sharp weapons.

If only Thio Su Ing had a higher lwekang than the priestess, maybe he could break the lwekang covering the sleeves and make a hole in it, but in reality, Sam Liu Taisu's lwekang is taller than that Kie-san Niocu. Thus, he was completely powerless to penetrate the sleeve of the robe using the blade of his sword. He repeatedly attacked, repeatedly blocked the blade by Sam Liu Taisu using the sleeve of his robe and after the stab from Kie san Niocu failed to pierce him, because the blade was like hitting a very hard iron plate, it actually made his hand tremble and his wrist. like being paralyzed by the reversal of the stab force, forcing Kie san Niocu to repeatedly jump backwards with painful palms.

When Kie san Niocu stabbed again with a much stronger and determined stab, at that time Sam Liu Taisu had stretched his hands slightly, then when the madam's sword grabbed close, he clasped his palms together, the opponent's sword was clamped by both his palms and the sword it couldn't slide any further, stuck in the palm of Sam Liu Taisu!

It was the lwekang who was already high and very proficient, because even though Kie san Niocu had pulled back his sword with all the strength of the lwekang, he was not successful. Likewise when he pushed to continue his stab, the sword didn't budge at all.

Sam Liu Taisu has been smiling patiently, as he said: "Madam, calm your heart, be patient. Listen up

Lolap's words used to be. !"

But Kie-san Nio-cu has sounded a savage scream: "Let go of my sword... let me pit my soul against you, bald-headed donkey.....!" and with all his might Thio Su Ing drew his sword, but still the sword did not budge.

Sam Liu Taisu had laughed patiently, said: "Madam, there is no use in you following your wrathful lust!" But Kie-san Niocu's face was red, he was very curious, he had pulled his sword back several times, still not budging from the priest's palm.

When Kie-san Niocu was pulling too hard, that's when the priest suddenly loosened his palm clasp.

Because it was so sudden, and also at that time that he was using a very strong force to pull the   sword back, by itself, had made Thio Su Ing's body lose its balance, almost falling backwards.

Fortunately, Kie-san Niocu quickly concentrated the strength of the lwekang on his legs, thus his body was like a piece of wood that was about to sway and then stand up again.

Sam Liu Taisu has said "Sorry sorry didn't mean

Lolap wants to hurt you, madam. !"

But Kie-san Niocu had let out a loud snapping sound, curiously he launched another stab with his sword.

Apparently Sam Liu Taisu had been impatient to see the madam's stone head.

"Well madam......you can't be spoken to properly......!" said Sam Liu Taisu, and when the sword came, that's when Sam Liu Taisu moved his right hand, and used his index finger, to flick.

"Tringgg........!" His opponent's sword had been flicked very hard, using lwekang power on his index finger, and the end was great, because Kie San Niocu's sword had been broken in two! Kie-san Niocu's face turned bright red and pale alternately. He was shocked and furious, but now he only gripped the slashed sword, rendering him unable to attack again.

Sam Liu Taisu had smiled, in a patient voice he said, "Madam... it's useless for you to vent your anger, even though madam always stabs and attacks her with deadly moves. Therefore, madam must also understand, that all it will not bring any benefit to the madam herself. If indeed the madam succeeds in destroying the Siecu, it means that a soul will float away, which only adds to the sin of the madam.   !

What for? Wouldn't it be better if you two were good friends?"

Thio Su Ing's face turned red with anger and curiosity, with a hoarse voice filled with anger, he had said to Yin Sui Hong: "Good! It seems that you are relying on this bald priest to deal with me! from you, but next time, I will definitely look for you to reconsider our affairs……!” and after saying that, Thio Sui Ing had set foot, his body lightly floated into mid-air and dashed away from the place, leaving behind Yin Sui Hong and Sam Liu Taisu.

While Yin Sui Hong took a deep breath, he seemed to be grieving.

“He still doesn't want to understand…!” he muttered in a voice that contained sorrow.

Sam Liu Taisu had smiled patiently, he asked, "May Lolap know the real origin of the affair between Siecu and the madam?" Yin Sui Hong looked doubtful, but after a moment of silence, he nodded: “Yes, Taisu is worth listening to, I'll ask Taisu later for instructions. !"

Sam Liu Taisu had been watching Yin Sui Hong, the priest had said in a patient voice: "If it is indeed a private matter, then there is no need for Siecu to tell it."

Yin Sui Hong had slowly shook his head, then sighed.

"In this case, I actually feel that I have chosen the wrong life partner.... that wife named Thio Su Ing, is a female warrior who has high intelligence. When she was a girl, she was a beautiful girl, and when I met her, With her, she is a female warrior who is highly respected by the martial arts masters. Our acquaintance began with a battle for knowledge that was won by me, and since then Thio Su Ing fell in love with me. And indeed I love him very much. But Besides me, it seems that many other youths have a crush on Thio Su Ing, where they feel displeased with our relationship and try to hinder it, but we can deal with them well, overcoming the problem without falling victim."

telling the story up to that point, Yin Sui Hong had taken a deep breath, he was looking far away, as if he was also reminiscing about his past events.

Sam Liu Taisu was just watching.

"And," continued Yin Sui Hong later, "We too have been married, for decades we have been husband and wife,    we can    only devote all our time to               and our attention to training our martial arts which is gaining very fast progress. But so far, we are not blessed with offspring. He has let us down. Our life feels empty, quiet and there is no other joy, apart from only practicing martial arts to deepen our intelligence.... Until finally, between the two of us, there are often quarrels which are often started by children's problems... But in the end the fights spread to other fields , where every day we fight and finally we often use our martial arts to fight. Of course I always relented, even though my wife always launched a reckless attack whenever she was in extreme anger....and such incidents happened dozens, if not hundreds of times, Finally I feel that there is no match between us anymore... living in constant quarrels is no small torture, so I have decided to separate. But Thio Su Ing, that wife of mine, remained as she was, always wanting to fight with me, but also not wanting to be divorced…… Therefore, I was in a very difficult situation. If indeed every day I have to fight and even compete in martial arts, serving my wife's temperament, what's the use of all that...... and after being able to endure another ten years, I finally decided, to make a firm decision, I left my wife. I always wanted to fight with me, but also didn't want to be divorced…… Therefore, I was in a very difficult situation. If indeed I have to fight every day and even compete in martial arts, serving my wife's temperament, what's the point of all that...... and after being able to endure another ten years, I finally decided, to make a firm decision, I left my wife. I always wanted to fight with me, but also didn't want to be divorced…… Therefore, I was in a very difficult situation. If indeed every day I have to fight and even compete in martial arts, serving my wife's temperament, what's the use of all that...... and after being able to endure another ten years, I finally decided, to make a firm decision, I left my wife. I

trying to hide in a quiet place and my wife will certainly not know my tracks, because I intend to pass my old days in peace. But apparently my wife can always follow in my footsteps, so she is just like my shadow, where I am, there she is also. So every time we met, we always fought, even in the end we were like two people   who were fierce   enemies   . !” And Yin Sui Hong took another deep breath, his face gloomy beyond play.

Sam Liu Taisu sighed too, he felt sorry for the fate of the she Yin person. But this priest was silent, wanting to hear the story of the She Yin person.

"And as Taisu saw, earlier we met again……and like a great enemy, my wife has attacked me with martial arts moves that can be deadly. And that's how I always serve her, trying to give her understanding.. .... in fact he has always been stubborn, from his feelings of love for me, apparently now has turned into a feeling of anger and revenge, hurt, and also hate.

him, that what I did before was only for the benefit of both of us, so that we could find peace with the separation, without the need to be followed every day by endless quarrels. !"

After telling the story up to that point, Yin Sui Hong looked at Sam Liu Taisu and asked: "Then according to Taisu's point of view, what should I do to realize my wife, even I want us to remain good friends even though we have separated, don't become a pair of enemies who are like have endless grudges. !”

Sam Liu Taisu took a deep breath.

"It was only due to the actions Siecu that do everything themselves follow your heart first Siecu ...... why leave it? Is not it good if Siecu trying to give meaning to her. The problem   child,   if   indeed   you   tokh   no   longer possible to obtain offspring , it's your fate .... and you can just pick up children, and educate them well. Thus, the void in both of your lives will be filled properly!"

Yin Sui Hong lowered his head deeply, he sighed again, his face still gloomy.

"In this matter, as I said earlier, that I admit that the fault is in my hands. In the past, because I did not think the consequences would end like this, where we became two people who seemed to be involved in endless enmity!"

"If that's the case, why doesn't Siecu try to explain to the madam, so that she will understand your predicament?" asked Sam Liu Taisu.

Yin Sui Hong took a deep breath.

"As Taisu has witnessed, how difficult he is to understand...and every time we met, of course he never gave me a chance to explain to him, and he always launched deadly attacks!"

Sam Liu Taisu was silent for a moment, as if in thought, until he finally said, "Or did Siecu never think that you two could reconcile?"

Yin Sui Hong took a deep breath.

"Indeed, since my separation from my wife I have not remarried, and so is my wife, she has not remarried...... but I think, we are the same old age, we have been separated for more than twenty years, and I think .....to refer to, that's something we really can't do...... we're ashamed of ourselves......

and that's something I don't think is possible, Taisu.   !"

Sam Liu Taisu had laughed as he said, "If that's the case, Lolap can't say anything either. !"

Sui Yin Hong sigh, he looked up at the sky, then murmured softly: "Yes, everything went   so   fast .......   now   we   equal   each   has old .......

whereas   I'm   almost   seventy   years   old……and   him.     he

it has been almost sixty years ! The age is not young anymore, and soon we will go to the grave….. why do we have to continue this meaningless trajectory? Why ? Wouldn't it be better for us to use the rest of our time to take students, pass on all our intelligence to the student, so that he becomes a useful human being for fellow human beings. ”

"That's a good thought..." said Sam Liu Taisu. "If indeed Siecu and the madam can have the same thought, surely things can be settled well. Indeed, due to your advanced age, you are both old, the matter of reconciliation does not mean much, but being able to live together in peace and harmony, isn't that a joyful, happy affair, being able to spend the rest of your life together to do something good? By taking a student and lowering all of your intelligence, Lolap thinks of course that student will become a master who has strong intelligence. !"

Yin Sui Hong had clasped his hands together, he eagerly saluted, as he said, "Alright. Taisu

has given me enough advice, and maybe in the future I will try to find my wife, to try to give her understanding, thanks if she can accept the reality!" And after saying that, Yin Sui Hong said goodbye to pass to the patient and possessive hweshio. high intelligence.

Sam Liu Taisu just watched the old man's departure with eyes flashing compassion, because this priest knew, the grief that was wracking Yin Sui Hong's heart. "This is an aspect of a bit of life's journey.......and it can't be denied anymore, planting something will reap its fruit, planting watermelon will get its fruit,   planting    chaos,    will    get trouble. !"

After muttering so, Sam Liu Taisu slowly walked out of the place as well.

The priest had headed to the top of the mountain, he did come to Mount Siong San to enjoy the natural beauty of the mountain.

Dimly he heard splashing water, the priest immediately guessed at a waterfall at the top of the mountain. He immediately quickened his pace and indeed not far from where he was, there was a waterfall, although not so high, but it added to the natural beauty around the place, which was very calm, the air was cool and also the flower trees that grew a lot in that place broadcast fragrant smell........

However, as a highly intelligent hweshio, Sam Liu Taisu immediately heard the sound of something rather strange. It sounded faint, but he could tell it was the cracking sound of the stones being crushed by the impact of something very hard. After standing there for a while listening to the strange sound for a while   , Sam Liu Taisu   finally realized that the sound of the rocks breaking came from behind the waterfall.         

As soon as Sam Liu Taisu stepped on his feet, his body jumped nimbly towards the waterfall.

The water that fell down was like fine white silk, the sound of the waterfall hitting the rocks below also sounded louder and louder when Sam Liu Taisu arrived nearby, but the sound of the rocks breaking could be heard more clearly.

Sam Liu Taisu watched with sharp probing eyes, looking around the place. And finally, he saw behind the curtain of the waterfall a shadowy figure was moving his hands, hitting the big rocks and making a loud sound of the rock breaking.

Sam Liu Taisu approached a few steps, then jumped through the curtain of the waterfall, he arrived at a fairly large place, which was a rocky place.

The person behind the waterfall curtain turned out to be a foreign priest, who was tall and had a sharp nose.

Meanwhile, the foreign priest, when he saw the arrival of Sam Liu Taisu, had turned and smiled kindly, then clasped his hands together respectfully: "Who is Taisu...? Of course there is something that Taisu wants to convey to Siauwceng..... .?" he said in a patient and friendly voice.

Sam Liu Taisu didn't answer immediately, because his eyes widened at the sight that was in that place, namely the stones that had been partially crushed into powder and some were broken small pebbles. To Sam Liu Taisu's surprise, because with such a sight, he could draw the conclusion that the foreign priest, who was between the ages of thirty and over, possessed excellent punching skills. What's more, Sam Liu Taisu still had time to see how the foreign priest just hit with his bare hands to destroy the stone. Thus, of course the foreign priest was not a random person.

After awakening from his stupor, Sam Liu Taisu quickly clasped his hands together in return of the foreign priest's salute.

"It just so happened that Lolap passed by this place and was attracted by the natural beauty around this place," said Sam Liu Taisu later. "And unexpectedly will meet a magician like Taisu...!"

The foreign priest had smiled with a low-key attitude, then said: "Surely Siauw-ceng is spending his free time here! As Taisu said, that this place does have a beautiful view... It's really nice to live in such a beautiful place like this. . !"

"Who is Taisu??" asked Sam Liu Taisu after watching the foreign priest for a while.

The foreign priest had clasped his hands together again, he replied with a salute: "Siauw-ceng comes from Thian tiok (India), and his name is Gunal Sing. But these friends on the mainland of China gave Siauwceng a title as Tat Mo Cauwsu!"

"Tat Mo Cauwsu?" asked Sam Liu Taisu with his eyes wide open. "A very famous person, who recently has shocked the martial arts jungle with all his actions to defend the truth....! Lolap didn't think he would meet such a liehay and magic person in this place, supload is Lolap's very good mate   . !"

"Taisu is too praising...!" Tat Mo Cauwsu quickly lowered himself.

Sam Liu Taisu had shown a serious attitude, he said: "In fact, Lolap has heard a lot about Taisu's actions. and

especially in recent years, where many warriors of the martial jungle feel admiration and respect for Taisu…..! It has been a long time since Lolap had the intention to meet with Taisu, to exchange ideas, but so far he has not had the opportunity to meet Taisu. ”

Tat Mo Cauwsu was humble again, then he said: "It's really nice in this place Siauwceng can meet people who both embrace Buddhism, and of course we can have a happy conversation."

Sam Liu Taisu nodded.

"Yes, as Lolap said that Lolap wanted to exchange ideas with Taisu. So this time's opportunity

where Lolap can meet Taisu is a very happy thing,   Lolap has the   title   Sam   Liu Taisu. !''

In this way, the two priests, one foreign priest from India and the other a priest from mainland China, had met and were very happy to exchange ideas.

First of all they are talking about is a matter of religion, to    see the    similarities    and    kelainan2    contained in Buddhist study Buddhism in India and mainland Tionggoan.

And they can see how much they have in common with their views for their religion which is indeed the same, only the difference is that Tat Mo Cauwsu has a much broader knowledge and also has a really deep view for that religion. And Sam Liu Taisu himself realized that he was very grateful to have met this Indian priest, because didn't Buddhism originate from the country of Tat Mo Cauwsu?

Finally, Sam Liu Taisu asked more questions to Tat Mo Cauwsu, where there were still many lessons of the Buddha that Sam Liu Taisu did not understand. But after Tat Mo Cauwsu presented and gave his in-depth interpretations, Sam Liu Taisu's thoughts and views were opened. How amazed Sam Liu Taisu was for this priest from India, who, although much younger than him, had such deep knowledge of their religion.

"Does Taisu also study Chinese martial arts?" asked Sam Liu Taisu then, glancing at the shattered stones that Tat Mo Cauwsu had smashed earlier.

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled.

"Indeed, apart from Yoga and fighting skills from mainland India, Siauwceng has also changed the martial arts that are adapted to the mainland of China....! Fighting skills from Siauwceng land are fighting skills mixed with the skills to master the science of yoga....And Taisu do you mean the martial arts in terms of bare hands or sharp weapons?"

"Both. !" "Ohhh, that is a matter that is too broad to be expressed, Siauw ceng will try to express it in a nutshell. The knowledge of fighting like that, namely with bare hands, is much better than the knowledge of fighting with sharp weapons then

Therefore, in this case, it must be considered carefully, as Taisu certainly knows, mainland China generally relies on fighting skills using sharp weapons, which are considered superior to fighting skills using bare hands. However, we in India are more concerned with the science of fighting with our bare hands, which is accompanied by the practice of Yoga. However, after many years of Siauw-ceng wandering the mainland of China, Siauw-ceng has succeeded in researching all the essence of the martial arts in this country, which Siauw-ceng then turned it into a kind of martial arts that might be learned by these mainland Chinese masters in the future. . !"

"So Taisu means, the science that Taisu created is more concerned with barehanded punching......?" asked Sam Liu Taisu.

"That's not entirely true either...!" replied Tat Mo Cauwsu. "In punching, without being accompanied by proficient inner strength training, it will certainly cause someone to be in vain to learn the art of barehanded punching...... Thus, Taisu must understand that the priority is internal energy training, then cultivate it. becomes a kind of power that seeps into us, so that we are free to use it. What is called soft, we can change to become hard and what is hard we can change to become soft.

which Siauwceng will broadcast. "Can Taisu give an example?" asked Sam Liu Taisu later, his face exuded a feeling of admiration. He did admit that the masters on the mainland of China at that time, were more concerned with sharp weapons, which were considered more powerful than barehanded punching. And Sam Liu Taisu also knows, as an Indian priest, of course Tat Mo Cauwsu has knowledge of Yoga and a kind of fighting skill that comes from his country, but he did not at all expect that the priest from Thian-tiok actually has such a broad view of The ins and outs of martial arts on the mainland of China.Thus, it was implied in Sam Liu Taisu's heart that he wanted to try how high Tat Mo Cauwsu's inner strength was. Indeed, Sam Liu Taisu had heard a lot about the name Tat Mo Cauwsu from the martial arts masters, both for the Indian priest's magic, which was really great and his fighting skills, which he mixed with the knowledge of Yoga. But at all Sam Liu Taisu did not think that Tat Mo Cauwsu actually traveled on the mainland of China to see all the martial arts knowledge found on the mainland of China to be processed and mixed with his intelligence to create a kind of great knowledge.

At that time, Tat Mo Cauwsu nodded, saying: "If Taisu really wants Siauwceng to set an example, then Siauwceng can do it...... but of course Taisu will accompany one or two   moves.!"

"In what way do we fight?" asked Sam Liu Taisu Tat Mo Cauwsu shook his head.

"No," he replied, "We're just messing around with a game   that is   interesting.   Please   Taisu   sit   here." while saying that, Tat Mo Cauwsu had pointed to a rock.

Sam Liu Taisu was not fussy having sat in the place appointed by Tat Mo Cauwsu, while Tat Mo   Cauwsu had sat in front of him.

"Please Taisu attack yourself Siauw ceng with all the strength that is in Taisu. !” said Tat Mo Cauwsu again.

Sam Liu Taisu was taken aback.

"This. ohh, that's impossible!" said Sam Liu Taisu.

"Is Taisu worried that later Siauwceng won't be able to take Taisu's attack?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu with a smile.

"Look," said Sam Liu Taisu later. "Lolap will hit with five parts of Lolap's power. !"

"Yes!" nodded Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Sam Liu Taisu had taken a deep breath, expelled his spirit and exerted his inner strength which was channeled into his two palms. He exerted five parts of his lwekang power.

"Take care of the attack....!" said Sam Liu Taisu, who had pushed his palms against Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Tat Mo Cauwsu remained sitting still in his place without moving, without parrying.

"Bless...!" Sam Liu Taisu's two palms seemed to hit a pile of cotton when the two palms hit Tat Mo Cauwsu's chest once.

Sam Liu Taisu was shocked beyond measure, he quickly pulled his hands back. Tat Mo Cauwsu still sat quietly with a smile, then said: "This is what is called soft science, from the hard we make soft…… As Taisu knows, a human's chest is protected by flesh, ribs and also contents. But if we don't train well for that part of the body, we certainly can't accept a violent blow to it that can cause great damage.... By using the knowledge that Siauw Ceng has created, from hard to soft, then Siauwceng managed to make all parts of Siauwceng's chest able to receive a blow, no matter how strong it was, without the need to provide any fighting power at all, the impact power will disappear by itself. !"

Sam Liu Taisu was dumbfounded for a moment, but finally nodded, curiously said, "Alright, Lolap will try it one more time...!" and with the completion of Sam Liu Taisu's words, this priest had moved his hands again, he had struck with nine parts of his inner strength.

Tat Mo Cauwsu still didn't move from his seat, he waited for Sam Liu Taisu's two palms to strike calmly.

"Bukkkk!" Sam Liu Taisu's impact hit Tat Mo Cauwsu right in the chest, and made a loud crashing sound.

Sam Liu Taisu was shocked to death, originally he expected Tat Mo Cauwsu's chest to be soft like before, like a lump of cotton, but to his surprise, as soon as his two palms hit hard, he felt his palms like hitting an immovable rock, very hard, even more so than iron fortifications. Both his palms also hurt unbelievably. What made Sam Liu Taisu even more shocked, his body suddenly "fly" from his seat, bounced off the waterfall curtain, fell outside with a bang.

Fortunately Sam Liu Taisu has high intelligence, as soon as his body hits the ground, he immediately moves his right hand to pat the ground and his body jumps up. He also quickly jumped behind the waterfall curtain, while clasping his hands together to salute Tat Mo Cauwsu.

"It's really amazing!" said Sam Liu Taisu then. "Indeed, we from mainland China are familiar with the terms Im and Yang, but that soft and hard power can't be used as well as Taisu has done. hard as a sheet of iron…… really amazing.!”

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled.

"Yes, indeed Siauwceng has learned, generally these martial arts masters on the mainland of China use their lwekang to hit with violence, where they practice the knowledge of internal energy as well as training gwakang power (external energy). They forget something small from the lesson, but it has a very big meaning, namely that they do not channel the lwekang power they have learned to seep into the body, so that every second, every time we want it, our bodies will naturally be made soft or hard, protected by the power itself. ......! What is called black to turn white, and what is red to green, are the right words for the science that Siauw ceng trains." "What does Taisu mean by the words black turns white and red turns green?" asked Sam Liu Taisu not understanding.

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled.

"If we close our eyes, we don't necessarily sleep, but if we open a pair of eyes, it doesn't mean we are awake either. That was the meaning of what Siauwceng had said earlier. One sees black, but the black color does not really exist, there is only white. And if you see red, actually there is only green. That is the perfection of the science of energy in Siauwceng's creation. That way, we can do whatever we want

makes our bodies soft, hard, light, heavy. And all of that can be done any second we want."

Sam Liu Taisu thought for a while, but finally he pranced.

"Exactly!" he cried with joy and admiration. "What Taisu said is correct! If the black can become white, and the red can become green, then it must be a very meaningful thing in internal energy training, and Taisu certainly wants to mean that we have perfected inner strength training so that we manage to channel it into our whole body, it will make our opponent confused, where he sees empty, but actually contains and if he sees full, actually empty. ! Isn't that what Taisu means?"

"Not entirely correct. !" replied Tat Mo Cauwsu.

"Can Taisu give you another hint?" asked Sam Liu Taisu. "The meaning of Siauwceng's words, does include things that are empty, but besides that, what is prioritized is "Empty but contains, contains becomes singular". That is the true meaning. By relying only on empty but filled tactics, filled but empty, that is not perfect. It must be understood, if indeed an opponent has a really high intelligence, then we blindly use such tactics, which will be destroyed is ourselves. But if we perfect it, which is empty but contains and contains being single, that is the perfection of inner strength training, where all the trained inner energies are adept and good, will be distributed evenly throughout our bodies, thus, from head to toe, all limbs we will be able to control as we please, and if needed in certain moments, even a strand of our hair can be used to become a weapon that destroys the opponent. !"

Sam Liu Taisu had clasped his hands in salute again, he expressed his immense admiration for Tat Mo Cauwsu. And in his heart, Sam Liu Taisu admitted that what he had heard so far about the Indian priest was not wrong, where Tat Mo Cauwsu was really a powerful Indian priest.

As before he had felt, how easily, without moving his hands or feet, and also with a body that did not move in place he could be made to bounce in such a way by Tat Mo Cauwsu, even though Sam Liu Taisu on this Tiangoan land had already is a martial arts figure who has very high intelligence. "There's one more thing Lolap wants to ask, Taisu..........

namely martial arts with sharp weapons..... can Taisu give you your instructions?" asked Sam Liu Taisu again.

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled again, patiently this Indian priest said: "Regarding martial arts that use sharp weapons, either swords, machetes, or other sharp weapons, all of that is actually a lesson not far from what Siauwceng said earlier.

someone already has perfect inner strength, of course using any weapon will have the same meaning, even if we use a branch as a substitute for a sword, it will not be less great if we use a real sword. !"

Sam Liu Taisu has often tried to deepen his skill in using sharp weapons, and he has learned eighteen kinds of sharp weapons, including the science of releasing secret weapons. However, his knowledge and skill in using these sharp weapons is just as bad if he uses both bare-handed punching skills, so that in the end Sam Liu Taisu rarely uses sharp weapons. Whenever facing his opponent, he uses both bare hands, which is an amazing skill. Also Sam Liu Taisu often uses tree branches or twigs as a substitute for a sword, where he uses his internal energy to be channeled into tree branches or twigs in his hand to face the opponent's sharp weapon.

"Taisu means, by using a twig in hand and we channel our lwekang power into the branch, so that it is as shrewd and sharp as an ordinary sword?" asked Sam Liu Taisu.

Tat Mo Cauwsu shook his head.

"Not entirely correct anymore," said the priest from India. "For a martial arts expert who does have a rudimentary lwekang, he often uses the lwekang to be channeled into the object he holds, to become a powerful weapon. All of this can be done by all silat masters who do have sufficient lwekang to carry it out. But what Siauwceng means here is a very sharp sword, it can slash and cut something that it can cut or cut, but if you have to cut an iron plate or a piece of stone, of course the sword itself will become semplak or damaged. The saying that sharp is soft and soft is sharp, is a appropriate words for this matter.

Again, Sam Liu Taisu was confused by Tat Mo Cauwsu's words.

"What does Taisu mean?" asked Sam Liu Taisu. "Words are sharp, but the sharpness of a sword doesn't mean anything

can be called strong. Try Taisu prove it, wield a sword, slash this stone, and what will be the consequences……! It is not the hard stone that will break, but the sword itself that will break, like a soft object hitting something hard. But now let Taisu see, Siauwceng will show, that what is soft is sharp, that is, from   something soft, will have a sharpness that exceeds the sharpness of a sword...." and after saying that, Tat Mo Cauwsu opened his windshield, the strap of his sword, which consisted of of an ivory yellow cloth. Sam Liu Taisu had been watching the angkin Tat Mo Cauwsu and wondered what the Indian priest was going to do.

While holding the wind, Tat Mo Cauwsu said: "Try Taisu and see!" and know Tat Mo Cauwsu

had moved his right hand, which was blocking the end of the angkin, where the angkin which consisted of a piece of cloth, which had a limp and soft nature, knew that it had become erect and stiff, said Tat Mo Cauwsu: "This is what is called soft becomes hard, In this way, we can use softness to crush something hard. But most importantly, soft is sharp, look at it!" and after saying that, Tat Mo Cauwsu had stomped his hand, his wind had become weak and fluttering was moved by Tat Mo Cauwsu's right hand, where the Indian priest seemed to be dancing, his wind had been drifting here and there, and suddenly it had grabbed towards a stone the size of  big enough, without making a sound, the wind had grabbed the rock and cut it into two big pieces! That's amazing! The wind is like being the sharpest weapon in the world, where splitting the stone is like splitting "tofu" with a sharp weapon! Not making a sound at all, just suddenly the rock had snapped and fell causing a noise.

Sam Liu Taisu stood dumbly in his place, he didn't expect that Tat Mo Cauwsu's intelligence was so great.

What he said was soft was sharp, in fact he had actually proven it before the very eyes of Sam Liu Taisu himself.

"And now Taisu look again...!" said Tat Mo Cauwsu, he had moved the wind, which also grabbed another   large rock. The wind was very weak, fell on the rock, stuck to the rock. But when Tat Mo Cauwsu pulled his windpipe back, nothing happened, the stone still didn't split like before.

Sam Liu Taisu watched intently at the stone, there was no abnormality in the stone.

Smiling Tat Mo Cauwsu stepped closer to the stone, he pouted his mouth slightly, blowing it. Instantly the rock swelled, had crumbled into a fine powder, some of which had been scattered everywhere.

The performance that Sam Liu Taisu had witnessed made this priest look like he couldn't believe what had happened. For a long time he stood staring at the pile of ashes from the crushed stone.

"Look Taisu, it's impossible for something hard to win over something soft. Anything can be mastered as well as possible, if we have succeeded in perfecting the practice according to empty but filled words, filled with being single. And Taisu has seen the proof, right? with a single power Siauwceng has used a angkin were so limp and indeed ordinary human point of view has no meaning, it can destroy the   hunk of   rock   that is   big    and    loud    it was. "

Sam Liu Taisu was speechless for a while and just stood there dumbfounded until finally he clasped his hands together, saluted Tat Mo Cauwsu over and over again, he also said with a heart filled with incredible admiration: "Taisu has opened my eyes..... ...today I have managed to find something very valuable! Thank you Taisu! Thank you Taisu.” So Tat Mo Cauwsu and Sam Liu Taisu talked for a while longer. And Tat Mo Cauwsu also stated that he wanted to find a place to build a temple, which would be used as a place to receive students and broadcast his lessons, both his martial arts and Buddhism.

Hearing Tat Mo Cauwsu's words, suddenly Sam Liu Taisu had dropped himself, kneeling before Tat Mo Cauwsu.

"If indeed Taisu doesn't laugh, and also doesn't mind, Lolap Sam Liu Taisu is eager to make Taisu a teacher.    This is the sincere intention, Taisu,   and

it would be an immeasurable joy if only Taisu would grant Lolap's request. "

Tat Mo Cauwsu had stretched out his hand, waking Sam Liu Taisu from his knees.

"Don't say that, Taisu, the intelligence that Siauwceng possesses may not mean much to Taisu... According to Siauwceng's vision, Taisu already has a very good foundation, has intelligence that is not low, if he gets good training, it's obvious Taisu will be able to achieve perfection from the knowledge that Taisu has. !”

"Indeed Lolap really needs instructions from Taisu, in order to achieve that perfection……and also besides convincing martial arts, Lolap also wants to devote the rest of Lolap's life to further deepening the teachings of Buddhism that Lolap is indeed following. !"

Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't answer immediately, he raised his head, watching the sky, then he hummed in a low voice: "Snowflowers fall to earth, finally melt, humans are born and finally return to earth......... in this world? Only one, virtue!"

And after humming so, Tat Mo Cauwsu had laughed as he said to Sam Liu Taisu: "Well, I accept your wish. !"

"Temperature....!" Sam Liu Taisu had dropped to his knees before Tat Mo Cauwsu, not playing with joy, and at that time, the happiness in his heart was as if he had obtained something very precious.

Apparently Sam Liu Taisu didn't care that he was much older than Tat Mo Cauwsu, because he had proven that, even though Tat Mo Cauwsu was much younger than him, his martial arts knowledge and his views in Buddhist studies, surpassed him by several levels. And indeed Sam Liu Taisu also believed that Tat Mo Cauwsu deserved to be his teacher.

Likewise with Tat Mo Cauwsu, he does not question the age problem. The problem he had considered was caused by time alone and had no compulsion to hinder the relationship of a teacher and disciple. And indeed Tat Mo Cauwsu also saw that Sam Liu Taisu was a person who had good enough talent to be trained to learn   martial arts and the same religion they shared, namely Buddhism.

And later on, Sam Liu Taisu was known as the first disciple of Tat Mo Cauwsu, the student who helped his teacher a lot, to build the Siauw Lim Sie temple, and was the only disciple of Tat Mo Cauwsu who fully received all the lessons from this powerful Indian priest.

After appointing the teacher and student, Tat Mo Cauwsu discussed with Sam Liu Taisu the intention of Tat Mo Cauwsu who would choose Mount Siong San as a place for them to build a temple. And after researching the entire state of the mountain, he chose a place near the waterfall.

Tat Mo Cauwsu and Sam Liu Taisu supervised the construction of the temple, where the construction of the temple was directly supervised by Tat Mo Cauwsu and Tat Mo Cauwsu. It took almost a year, and finally the construction of the temple was completed.

Because Tat Mo Cauwsu already has a very fragrant name in the martial jungle, and he is also admired and respected by the brave people of the martial jungle on the mainland of China, many people have come to help, besides congratulating Tat Mo Cauwsu. When the temple was inaugurated, and Tat-Mo Cauwsu negotiated a good name for the temple, many brave people had proposed various names, but in the end Tat Mo Cauwsu chose a name for the temple consisting of the three letters "Siauw Lim Sie" ( Lesser Jungle temple).

Tat Mo Cauwsu chose the three letters, namely Siauw Lim Sie for the name of the temple based on the place where the temple was built, near the waterfall there are very few trees, and there are only large mountain stones.

But the meaning of the name used by Tat Mo Cauwsu for his temple has a very deep meaning. With the words "Less Jungle", Tat Mo Cauwsu meant that nothing was perfect in this world, so even though he was a powerful martial artist, he still felt that his temple was a gathering place for martial arts people,   and   apart from   broadcasting religious   lessons.    and martial arts, of course Siauw Lim Sie also has many shortcomings. And the word "Lim" is taken from the word "Bu-lim", which means martial arts jungle, because Siauw Lim Sie besides broadcasting Buddhism, indeed all of Siauw Lim Sie's students study martial arts, and of course will also be involved in the martial arts jungle.

Since then Tat Mo Cauwsu has accepted many disciples, and has required every disciple of Siauw Lim Sie to shave his head, shave his head into hweshio. All religious lessons were given by Sam Liu Taisu, and if there were indeed difficult lessons, then Tat Mo Cauwsu himself provided guidance.

The Siauw Lim Sie Temple as the gateway to martial arts schools and also broadcasts Buddhism, is growing rapidly. And on the mainland of China, a great university door has been born and will later become the door of a college that is most respected by all the martial arts masters on the mainland of China. !

In fact, the martial arts created by Tat Mo Cauwsu which was later written entirely in the form of a book, which was   named Tat-mo Pit-kip, which was divided into four parts, namely Kiu Yang Cin Keng, Kiu Im Cin Keng, Ih Kin and Swe Jwe, was a the silat books that make all the champions of the martial arts jungle drool to have them, because anyone who can learn the martial arts contained in the book, will certainly become a master without a match.

With the establishment of the Siauw Lim Sie school, the martial arts on the mainland of China also underwent many changes, because the martial arts champions on the mainland of China followed the teachings broadcast by Tat Mo Cauwsu, who prioritized straight knowledge and was also free from error. .

X dwXkz X

The sound of a waterfall falling on a rock caused an irregular rhythm that morning, and the sound of birds chirping, and the sun shining very warmly, made the scenery around the place, which is on the western peak of Mount Siong San, very attractive and comfortable. . It also provides peace for anyone who is there, even more so with a temple that was built majestically and very spacious beside the waterfall, which has three main buildings and dozens of small houses. The color of the temple consists entirely of red, as is the case with the main door of the temple, which is red and decorated with gold water paintings. The voice of the priest who  the middle of Liam-keng and the knocking of the bokkie wood is comforting to hear.

The waterfall that rumbled down was right behind the temple, and in the backyard and front of the temple there were also quite a number of flower trees, which apparently hadn't been planted that long. Awesomeness radiates from the majestic temple, that's why Siauw Lim Sie, a temple that has been built for one year and takes a lot of labor, as well as the mutual cooperation of the brave people of the martial jungle who helped build the temple. Now, when the temple has been inaugurated as the residence of Tat Mo Cauwsu, the forerunner of the door to the Siauw Lim Sie school, the temple is a source of broadcasting martial arts and Buddhism in mainland China....

On a calm morning like this, not far from the Siauw Lim Sie temple, a fat priest with a strange appearance was standing looking at the temple. He was a priest with a bald head and wore his clerical robes torn here and there, torn like a beggar's garment full of patches. In his right hand he holds a Sianthung, his priestly scepter, which is engraved on one end in the shape of a dragon's head.

As a hweshio, who wears such ragged Khashe (priestly clothes), it is indeed a strange situation for the priest, because he is also very close to Siauw Lim Sie, whose entire population consists of followers of the Buddha. It was amazing in a place like that to have a hweshio dressed like that.

The hweshio was probably almost fifty years old, his face was normal, just because he was fat, everything was round. The flesh of his round cheeks, round chin, and eyes that are like puffy squints, as well as his big pug nose that widens to the left and right, this hweshio doesn't have a mustache or beard at all.

For a long time the ragged hweshio stood watching the Siauw Lim Sie temple building, finally he laughed coldly, "Hmmm, amazing, amazing, a good enough place for me to   live   in!"

He had walked towards the door of the temple. After getting close, suddenly he moved his Sianthung towards the door of the temple.

"Tukkk .." the knock slowly, as well as he moved his   Sianthung   without   using   force. But the ending was terrific. The door swung open and released its hinges, and was thrown to the ground!

The door to the Siauw Lim Sie temple is made of very thick wood, which is made from a kind of teak wood, besides being large and heavy, it is also firmly attached by dozens of hinges, but with one knock like that, the strange hweesio can make the door leaf which was originally locked into a lock. burst open and had fallen off its hinges, which was a shocking thing.

"Hahahahaha.........!" The strange hweshio had laughed loudly, his laughter seemed to echo around the place, and since it was a mountainous area, the priest's laughter seemed to echo in response.

"Tat Mo Cauwsu......come out to meet Lolap, Lu Siansu!"

The voice was so loud, it startled several of   Siauw Lim Sie's disciples, who rushed out to see what was going on.

The sight they saw, of the broken temple door lying on the ground, and a strange priest in tattered clothes screaming like that, made them stand stunned.

But one of them, who quickly came to his senses, had jumped near the strange priest, he asked: "Who is Toa Suhu...?" he scolded. "Why damage the temple door?"

The strange priest laughed strangely, and had said in a sarcastic voice, "Go call Tat Mo Cauwsu, say he has to meet me Lu-Kak Siansu...!" Seeing the ragged-clothed priest's impudent attitude, the priest who rebuked , a thirty year old hweshio had furrowed his brows.

"Toa Suhu... If indeed Toa Suhu wants to face our Cauwsu, of course you must obey the good rules, behave in this way."

"Oho, you are too fussy. !" said the strange priest,

and has moved his Sianthung...Slowly the movement he did, but great in finish and effect for the young hweshio. His body had bounced and bounced, collapsing on the ground spewing fresh blood, groaning in pain.

Some of the young hweshio fellows were shocked and angry. They immediately jumped near the ragged clothed hweshio.

"Toa Suhu, why are you causing trouble here?" Some of them snapped almost simultaneously.

But the strange hweshio had laughed in a long and strange voice, like the sound of an owl, then he said: "You don't call Tat Mo Cauwsu so quickly to see me? Are you really tired of living?"

Earlier they had seen how great the Sianthung the priest was who once moved his staff and sent their fellow teacher flying and seriously injured like that. So hweshio Siauw Lim Sie carried a cautious attitude.

"What does Toa Suhu really want?" they asked. "I want to meet Tat Mo Cauwsu... call him out! Or do I need to come in without an invitation again?" answered the hweshio in a cold voice.

"Well, since Toa Suhu has been causing trouble here, and injured a brother and sister of ours, we must arrest you..." said one of Siauw Lim Sie's disciples who immediately came forward to grab the strange priest's arm.

Meanwhile, Siauw Lim Sie's other disciples had dispersed to lock up the priest.

But the strange priest had laughed loudly again, then turned his Sianthung, so when the staff was spun in a very strong, unforgiving wind, without having a chance to dodge, Siauw Lim Sie's disciples, totaling eight people, had scattered flying. and all of them were injured spitting out fresh blood!

"Demon science......!" muttered the two Siauw Lim Sie disciples who were the least injured, instead one of them had run with the remaining strength he had, to enter the temple, to report the commotion.

The strange priest had let out a long laugh that echoed in the place, then followed by his words: "Tat Mo Cauwsu don't you want to come out to meet me......? Or do you really want all of Siauw Lim Sie's disciples? injured and killed at the tip of my stick?”

But just as the strange priest's words were finished, it was then that several priests seemed to rush out. They were Siauw Lim Sie's disciples from the second level. The frontmost path of the second-level disciple of Siauw Lim Sie, appeared to be Sam Liu Taisu. Earlier he had received a   report   that there was a commotion   outside the   temple by the behavior of a strange priest, who had a very ruthless and cruel nature, who had stirred up.     

When he arrived in front of that strange priest who called himself Lu Kak Siansu, Sam Liu Taisu had clasped his hands in salute.

"Omitohud! Omitohud! Who is Toa Suhu. why

wreak havoc here?" asked Sam Liu Taisu in a patient voice.

Lu Siansu had sounded his ear-splitting laugh then he said in a mocking tone: "I want to meet Tat Mo Cauwsu, not you!"

Sam Liu Taisu had smiled patiently, he said: "Cauwsu is in the semedhi room, can't be disturbed..... sorry, Toa Suhu is certainly disappointed with this...! Lolap Sam Liu who will represent him to receive instructions from Toa Suhu, so that later you can pass it on to Cauwsu. !”

"Hmmm.....!" snorted the strange priest, "What do you think I am who is welcomed by all humans like you. Go!"

While yelling so, he had moved his wand, which grabbed at Sam Liu Taisu.

But Sam Liu Taisu has high intelligence. Before he appointed a teacher at Tat Mo Cauwsu, Sam Liu Taisu had indeed had high intelligence, thus now that he has become a student of Tat Mo Cauwsu, he automatically made rapid progress in his martial arts. Seeing him snatching the strange priestess wand, Sam Liu Taisu had tilted his body to the right, and then flicked his index finger.

"Tukkk!" it had been flicked so hard that it tilted.

The strange priest actually moved his clerical staff by using a very formidable internal power.

Just like earlier, Siauw Lim Sie's students could be knocked down with the movement of his stick. But now, when the wand could be retracted and tilted by the flick of Sam Liu Taisu's index finger, the strange priestess was really shocked, she made a muffled cry, and quickly pulled her wand back.

But Lu Kak Siansu not only pulled back his wand to remain silent, he had moved his wand again towards Sam Liu Taisu.

Snatching him Sianthung the strange priest was very strong, because he used energy in several times stronger than before.

Sam Liu Taisu who in just one move has seen that Lu Siansu's intelligence is indeed very high, he has acted cautiously.

When the stick was about to arrive, Sam Liu Taisu dodged it. His body jumped to the side, and along with that, he had struck with the palm of his hand.

However, a palm strike from Sam Liu Taisu hit an empty spot. Lu Siansu could dodge it easily. Even though his haphazard wand failed to hit the target, he didn't stop there, the stick that grabbed Sam Liu Taisu's head would continue to blow.

"Toa temperature, you are outrageous....!" said the impatient Sam Liu Taisu, then he sparred very nimbly, his hands fumbling. Three times in a row Sam Liu Taisu dodged, and after that he managed to hit Lu Kak Siansu's back hard.

But the punch of Sam Liu Taisu's palm was like hitting oily flesh, like hitting an eel's body, it was incredibly slippery, his palm skyrocketed, and the attack power disappeared by itself.

Lu Siansu laughed loudly, he spun his wand.

"You naughty priest who seeks death!" Kak Siansu Lu said, "I told you, you call Mo Tat Cauwsu, your soul will not experience a disaster.       But you do not

self awareness.     !” and his words were followed by his wand

which moved very fast, roaring like a hurricane that rolled against Sam Liu Taisu, enclosing the body of this priest Siauw Lim Sie.

Sam Liu Taisu was also surprised to see Lu Siansu's great intelligence, he didn't think at all, a priest dressed in rags like this could have such formidable intelligence.

But because he had been so badly attacked by the spinning of Lu Kak Siansu's stick, who had spun his stick using his high and skillful lwekang power, Sam Liu Taisu also couldn't stand still, he put up resistance.

Through a dozen moves, Sam Liu Taisu immediately realized that   his opponent had   won   one   level of   skill,   so Sam Liu Taisu had lost his spirit and put all his strength and intelligence.

They fought fiercely, the longer Sam Liu Taisu fell under the wind and was pressed, this priest Siauw Lim Sie's breath had also been rushing, where he seemed to be very tired, had used excessive force.

Lu Siansu attacked while laughing non-stop, it seemed that he was getting more and more excited.

At that time the other Siauw Lim Sie disciples stood watching the battle with their hearts pounding. They couldn't help it, because just standing outside the arena, ten more spears apart, they could still feel the intense gust of wind from the spinning of Lu Kak Siansu's stick.

When Sam Liu Taisu was being pushed like that, someone heard someone say: "Why do you have to fight like ?" and followed by the sight of an Indian priest who was over forty years old, stepping closer to the battle arena. That's Tat Mo Cawsu coming from the door. the Siauw Lim Sie college.

"Temperature!" shouted Sam Liu Taisu, overjoyed to see the arrival of his teacher. His fighting spirit rose again.

But Tat Mo Cauwsu, who had stepped into the battlefield, had waved the hem of his robes at Lu Kak Siansu's staff. Incredibly, the stick that was grabbing at Sam Liu Taisu with a thousand catty's strength, had been hit by a bounce, and even escaped from Lu Siansu's grip, where Lu Siansu's palm had been broken, causing a painful feeling. Lu Siansu was shocked beyond measure, he let out an exclamation and jumped back, watching Tat Mo Cauwsu with wide eyes.

Sam Liu Taisu was standing beside his teacher, the great teacher Siauw Lim Sie.

Tat Mo Cauwsu clasped his hands together, patiently said: "Omitohud... what does Taisu want?"

Lu Siansu watched Tat Mo Cauwsu for a moment, then let out a cold laugh snort.

"Are you Tat Mo Cauwsu?" he asked in an unpleasant rebuke. Even though he had felt a strong tug on Tat Mo Cauwsu's sleeve, he didn't even flinch.

Tat Mo Cauwsu nodded patiently.

"Right.... does Taisu need anything from Siauwceng?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu with a patient smile, not a hint of anger or displeasure on his face that this strange priest had messed up his temple.

Lu Siansu burst out laughing.

"Good! Good! Finally accomplished what I mean! I came here to meet you to complain about knowledge. !" said Lu Siansu.

Tat Mo Cauwsu clasped his hands together.

"Siancai! Siancai! Has Taisu thought carefully about Taisu's intentions......?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu. "With my coming here of course I have considered it well beforehand. !" replied Lu

Siansu with an angry attitude. "Hmmm, Tat Mo Cauwsu is the founder of Siauw Lim Sie but I don't believe that you have such high intelligence and magic as the stories of my friends!"

"Siauwceng really doesn't have any intelligence... and there's also nothing worth fighting for. Now try to answer Taisu........!" And said that at that point Tat Mo Cauwsu looked at Lu Kak Siansu with sharp eyes and a serious face, so that Lu Kak Siansu, who was originally looking at Tat Mo Cauwsu with a defiant attitude, didn't dare to resist Tat Mo Cauwsu's gaze for too long. haunted, so he lowered his head.

"If it's true that we will have a match, and Taisu wins, what's in it for Taisu?"

"Lots! I will be your leader!" answered Lu Kak Siansu quickly. "And all the people of the martial jungle certainly know that Tat Mo Cauwsu only has an empty name, and Lu Siansu is actually the number one expert in the martial arts jungle. !"

"Good !" said Tat Mo Cauwsu patiently. "If indeed Taisu wants to lead us, please, we welcome Taisu's presence with both open arms and happy hearts. !

And Siauw Lim Sie is also always open to anyone who truly bows down to carry out the teachings of the Buddha..... Regarding Taisu's wish, for Taisu to become the number   one expert in the martial arts jungle, it has now been achieved! Taisu is an unrivaled master. Many of Siauwceng's students were injured, and Siauwceng admitted defeat. !” Lu Siansu's face turned red.

"You want to insult me, huh?" snapped Lu Siansu angrily.

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled patiently.

"We don't have any problems and enmity, as followers of the Buddha, of course Taisu also knows, there's no point in sowing seeds of enmity... also aren't we both followers of the Buddha's teachings? Why just want to be called a master? number one, have to fight each other risking souls?"

"But I want you to accompany me to play some tricks, so I can see how high your intelligence is so praised by the people of the martial jungle! Take this blow of mine...!" and without much further comment, Lu Siansu had moved his left and right hands simultaneously, he had attacked violently, using the full strength of the lwekang's power. Earlier he had felt the throbbing of the tip of the arm. Tat Mo Cauwsu's shirt, which made his stick slip out of his grip and his palms shattered, so that now he attacks with great force, intent.

Tat Mo Cauwsu was very patient, with a compassionate face, he praised the greatness of the Buddha.

"Siancai...Siancai......" he said. "Don't follow the whispers of a bad heart, Taisu...!" and that time Lu Siansu's two hands had grabbed close to his body, Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't dodge at all, just stretched out his hands, suddenly grabbing Lu Siansu's wrists. Like being clamped by iron pins, Lu Siansu felt an excruciating pain in his wrists, and he couldn't continue the blow. Even when he was   about to pull out When his hands returned, he was completely helpless, even though he had used all his strength, his hands did not budge in Tat Mo Cauwsu's grip.

Lu Siansu's face turned bright red, he was curious as hell   .

"Release your grip!" he snapped.

Tat Mo Cauwsu replied, "Okay!" and he released his grip.

But as soon as Tat Mo Cauwsu's grip was released, Lu Kak Siansu's body was thrown into the air.

But Lu Siansu has high intelligence, he poses several times in mid-air, when his body slides down, he has arrived first with both feet on the ground, so he doesn't have to roll over.

"Brother Taisu, what Taisu did is useless. !" said Tat Mo Cauwsu patiently.

"Hemm, accept my attack again.. if I lose at your hands, let me Lu Sis will make you my teacher!" and along with those words, Lu Siansu had lunged again.

But Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't move from his spot at all. When Lu Siansu's hand that contained death arrived, he let it hit his body.

Surprisingly, it wasn't Tat Mo Cauwsu who was bounced off by the powerful and deadly blow, it was Lu Kak Siansu himself who was bounced very hard, his body floated in the air, and slammed on the ground.

Lu Siansu's guts started to burst, but he was very curious.

Several times he repeated his attack, but again and again he had to be slammed hard.

Finally, with determination, Lu Kak Siansu had twisted his hands like a tyrant, and then accompanied by a rapid leap of his body, he had lunged with both hands, attacking fiercely. It was an attack that was a blow to pit souls, one that could kill both parties.

Tat Mo Cauwsu clasped his hands together while praising the greatness of the Buddha, then said patiently: "Taisu has   learned enough   that   Siauwceng has   given. !" and the timing of the onslaught launched by Lu

Sis Siansu almost arrived at the target, at that time Tat Mo Cauwsu quickly moved half around, and knowingly he was behind Lu Siansu who was gliding in the air, Tat Mo Cauwsu quickly stretched out his hand to grip the priest's shirt on the back.

Tat Mo Cauwsu's grip was so strong, and Lu Kak Siansu's body, which was floating in mid-air, was stuck, didn't go down, didn't even slide.

Lu Siansu was shocked   beyond measure , he tried to move his hands to brush backwards.

But his heart was even more shocked when he felt all his strength seemed to disappear from his body. Weak Lu Siansu's guts broke and his heart shrunk. There is no hope of being able to put up a fight. He became silent, hanging in the middle of the air in the grip of Tat Mo Cauwsu's hand.

Meanwhile Tat Mo Cauwsu had thrown Lu Kak Siansu's body, accompanied by his words: "Return to the straight path, Taisu. !"

Lu Siansu, who had lost all his strength, expected his body to be slammed hard on the ground. But in fact his body glided well and also he fell on both feet first, not crashing at all.

Unbelievably fast Lu Kak Siansu had twisted his body, jumped near Tat Mo Cauwsu, then bent his legs to kneel in front of Tat Mo Cauwsu.

"Cauwsu-ya (great teacher), accept apostate disciples to the way of the Buddha. !" said Lu Siansu.

"The Buddha is all-loving and merciful, if you sincerely want to return to the path of the Buddha, then the Buddha's door is wide open for you!"

Lu Siansu was not playing happily, he nodded his head repeatedly, until his forehead hit the ground very hard. Earlier he had felt the greatness of the Tat Mo Cauwsu, which only a few moves had made him powerless. Now Lu Kak Siansu really submits to the greatness of the Indian priest, who became Siauw Lim Sie's great teacher.

Thus, Lu Kak Siansu has been appointed as a disciple of Tat Mo Cauwsu. Although Lu Kak Siansu's intelligence is higher than Sam Liu Taisu, but because he was accepted at the Siauw Lim Sie college to become a student at this school later than Sam Liu Taisu, he automatically became the Sute (college brother) of Sam Liu Taisu. In terms of martial arts, Lu Kak Siansu did win by the same level as Sam Liu Taisu, but in terms of Buddhist studies, he was far behind by Sam Liu Taisu. To get rid of his past memories, where Lu Kak Siansu used to do a lot of cruel and cruel deeds, he was also a bad hweshio, then after being accepted as a disciple of Siauw Lim Sie, Lu Kak Siansu changed his title name to Sin Ceng Siansu which means a priest who new.

And later Sin Ceng Siansu was a prominent figure from Siauw Lim Sie, who had done many noble deeds, making Siauw Lim Sie's name very famous and fragrant.

The days have passed, and Siauw Lim Sie continues to grow with more and more students, as well as Siauw Lim Sie's martial arts knowledge that spreads more and more widely.