Tat Mo Cauwsu Volume 17

Volume XVII

Pai Cing Han didn't just parry, because as soon as Bin San Siucai pulled his hand back, Pai Cing Han even punched his opponent's armpit. The punch he did was a punch accompanied by the power of sinkang, if it hit the target correctly, it would obviously make Bin San Siucai be attacked by his inner strength.

The student could not allow himself to be punched, he quickly released his inner strength and tried to fend off again. Even though his movement was not as fast as Pai Cing Han's hand movement, but in reality he still managed to parry it, and while Pai Cing Han's hand was still sliding upwards from his armpit, Bin San Siucai had already jumped back three steps. The two people who each had high intelligence stood opposite each other. They looked at each other with sharp eyes. Bin San Siucai, who is always witty, has let out a laugh, while mocking: "Hmmm, we have played a few moves, of course you have seen that Bin San Siucai's intelligence is not below your intelligence, right? Come on, let's play a game. play a thousand more moves.!"

Pai Cing Han has been watching with glaring eyes, he said savagely: "Give me the heirloom book, or I will destroy you. !”

"If indeed you have the ability to destroy me, please....please you intervene......I will serve it......!" while defiantly so, again Bin San Siucai was laughing so hard that his body shook.

It was unbelievable that Pai Cing Han was furious and angry, so that his body trembled, and then with a snorting sound, he took two   steps forward , knowing that his hands had been clasped and then by bending his right leg slightly at the same time both palms had pushed, what a great force that slid out of the two palms, so that the thunder of the wind that hit Bin San Siucai.

Bin San Siucai was also surprised at the way his opponent attacked, because he knew that the punch called "Im yang kun" was a very powerful and well-known punch in the martial arts jungle.

Without hesitating, he had dodged and while jumping to the side, he had also countered a strike with his fist. Thus, the two of them were engaged again in an intense battle, their bodies flashing agilely and also causing a violent gust of wind, each of which was exerting their inner strength.

But after another thirty more moves, it seems that Bin San Siucai Lauw Ho Lun felt a strong urge from Pai Cing Han, which came one after another, making it difficult for him to breathe. Bin San Siucai quickly controlled his breathing, and after counterattack once, he had jumped back, and turned his body to run again!

"Where are you going?" Pai Cing Han snapped furiously and had chased after him again quickly.

Bin San Siucai let out a loud laugh, and he said: "Chase me if you have the ability!"

Hearing the ridicule, Pai Cing Han let out an angry cry and hurried his run to   catch Bin San Siucai. Thus they had chased after each other, while Bin San Siucai also lost his spirit, trying to escape from Pai Cing Han's pursuit.

When they were chasing each other like that and arrived near the surface of the forest, that's when Bin San Siucai saw someone sitting under a tree that was quite shady on the surface of the forest. He   saw it, the man was wearing a priest's robe, a foreign priest with a sharp nose and a thick beard on his chin, apparently sitting there resting.

The foreign priest had been watching the two people who were chasing each other, and when he saw the two people chasing each other towards where they were, the priest stood up from his seat.

Bin San Siucai was laughing when he got near the priest


"Taisu...look at me being chased continuously

by him, he wanted to rob my property.   !” said Bin San

Siucai laughed.

At that time Pai Cing Han had arrived at that place as well, he watched for a moment at the foreign priest, then shouted at Bin San Siucai.

"Quickly you return the heirloom book, or you really have to perish in my hands!" he snapped.

Bin san siucai laughed again, he pointed at Pai Cing Han, he said to the foreign priest: "Taisu look, how this person really doesn't know the rules he has been insisting on

want to rob my treasure.....! Hemmmm, such a person deserves to be handed over to the authorities!"

Without waiting for Bin San Siucai to finish speaking, Pai Cing Han had let out a furious snarl, his body   leaping up fast as his hands launched an attack on Bin San Siucai.

The attack made by Pai Cing-Han was an attack that could be deadly, because the wind from the attack was very strong.

The foreign priest seemed to be surprised, quickly his right hand was raised.

"Don't harm people       !" he said in a voice that was

was patient, and at that moment his raised hand hit Pai Cing Han's hand, making   a   very   strong clashing sound   .   Bin   San   Siucai   himself laughed hahaha hehehe when he saw that. "Don't intervene so carelessly. !"

When Pai Cing Han saw the clash of his hand with the foreign priest's hand, he let out a surprised cry, because he felt that the foreign priest's wrist was as soft as cotton.

As a martial arts figure who has very high intelligence, besides that he is also experienced, Pai Cing Han immediately realized that this foreign priest was not a random person and his heart was very high He pulled back his hand, and then with his eyes fixed on the priest, Pai Cing Han rebuked: "Who is Taisu, why interfere in our business?"

The priest clasped his hands together, patiently replied: "Siauwceng has the   title   Tat   Mo   Cauwsu. !"

"Oh, wish you...!" said Pai Cing Han while showing a more patient attitude than before. "You are the one who has taught my daughter the three tactics of "Sam Kun Pa Houw".....thanks for Taisu's concern for my daughter."

Tat Mo Cauwsu showed a feeling of astonishment. "Who is your daughter? he asked.

"My daughter told me that while playing on a boat with Taisu, Jie Liong Kim Hay had been disturbed, and my daughter said that it was fortunate that Taisu had intervened to clean up Jie Liong Kim Hay,... and had also passed down three strokes " Sam Kun Pa Houw". For that I Pai Cing Han thank you." Tat Mo Cauwsu had quickly returned Pai Cing Han's respect, then said hesitantly: "Then.....

Siecu must be Tocu Cie Bun To whose name is Pai Cing Han?" "Exactly. !"

“But……why did this master……say that Siecu was about to confiscate his treasures and possessions?” asked Tat Mo Cauwsu again.

"That's a mere lie.     !" said Pai Cing Han then. "He

has   robbed   the book of   inheritance of   mine   and   took him away.      Of course I have chased him to ask to   go home

to him. !"

"Hmmm, you could just turn things around!" said Bin San Siucai in a loud voice, followed by a loud laugh. "You have been urging me since earlier to hand over my goods and possessions to you, or else you will destroy me!"

Pai Cing Han's face was red with rage, his body was shaking violently.

"Taisu, he's a cunning one!" said Pai Cing Han then in a voice containing anger. "Let me take care of him first, then we can talk again!"

And without waiting for Tat Mo Cauwsu's answer, immediately Pai Cing Han stepped on his feet, his body was fast and agile and lunged at Bin San Siucai.

But Bin San Siucai Lauw Ho Lun had been running while avoiding Pai Cing Han's attacks, he was running around Tat Mo Cauwsu.

The Indian priest was not able to remain silent. When Pai Cing Han was about to throw a punch at Bin San Siucai's back, that's when Tat Mo Cauwsu waved his hand, a strong force of wind repelled Pai Cing Han's blow, causing Pai Cing Han's body to shake violently, forcing the She Pai person to take three steps back. . It was at that time that Tat Mo Cauwsu had also moved his other hand, knowingly he had grabbed Bin San Siucai's wrist, and very quickly he had managed to grab the wrist of the old student.

Bin San Siucai was shocked when he saw Tat Mo Cauwsu's hand was about to grab his wrist and he was even more shocked when he felt his wrist being grabbed without him having time to dodge. Bin San Siucai's intelligence is high, in a move like that Tat Mo Cauwsu is extraordinary.

“Master, now tell me the truth. is

Are you the one who took the heirloom book from Pai Siecu?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu while watching Bin San Siucai with sharp eyes.

Bin San Siucia was only surprised for a moment when Tat Mo Cauwsu grabbed his wrist, after which he let out another laugh, he said: "If that's true, what is Taisu going to do? If not, what else is Taisu going to do?"

Tat Mo Cauwsu had smiled in his patient manner.

"Sir, tell me the truth, if it is true that Pai Siecu wants to take your property and belongings, then I will give him advice, but if you lie, then you must eliminate that bad trait, because it can harm yourself. And if it is true You have taken Pai Siecu's heirloom book, return it!" Bin San Siucai had laughed loudly, suddenly he had moved his hand, he pulled it out of Tat Mo Cauwsu's grip. And while still laughing like that, suddenly he turned around, then ran really fast. He meant to stay away from Pai Cing Han and Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Seeing Bin San Siucai's behavior, Tat Mo Cauwsu immediately guessed that it was Bin San Siucai who had lied. So when he saw Bin San Siucai Lauw Ho Lun about to run away like that, the Indian priest had smiled, suddenly he had moved his right hand, with which he had hit Lauw Ho Lun's back.

At that time Bin San Siucai was running very fast, because he did have a high ginkang, but when he had just run a dozen spears, suddenly he felt the wind rushing from behind his back and then he felt a very strong punching force, he was shocked and lost his spirit. was about to run on, but just as he was about to muster up his strength to keep running, it was as if his body had been knocked back and fell backwards!

It turns out that Tat Mo Cauwsu has used a kind of knowledge from Yoga, because Tat Mo Cauwsu has indeed trained his Yoga skillfully, he can use his strength in addition to hitting hard to destroy the opponent, he can also use his strength to beat. With that, Bin San Siucai completely failed to escape. Just as he had jumped to his feet, Tat Mo Cauwsu was standing beside him.

Bin San Siucai looked at Tat Mo Cauwsu with curious eyes, he said: "Taisu.

want to play with me? Do you know who I am?” Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled faintly, he said: "Siecu seems to really want to play with Pai Siecu.. Please Siecu return the heirloom book from Pai Siecu that was taken by you earlier."

Bin San Siucai was exasperated, he had let out a mocking laugh. In the martial arts jungle, Bin San Siucai is a respected and respected martial arts figure, because indeed he has high intelligence, but now Tat Mo Cauwsu doesn't look down on him either. "Hmm, this foreign priest doesn't seem to know who I really am   !"

after thinking so, Bin San Siucai said: "Taisu, I Bin San   Siucai will   not back down against anyone . ,         

if indeed Taisu still wants to restrain myself, fine I will serve Taisu's wish. ”

Pai Cing Han at that time had stepped over and said to Tat Mo Cauwsu: "Taisu. Let me

who faced it. !"

But Tat Mo Cauwsu has rubbed his hands, "Let Pai Siecu, I will ask for your heirloom book back......!" said Tat Mo Cauwsu, then looked sharply at Bin San Siucai, while asking: "Does Siecu still not want to return Pai Siecu's heirloom book?"

Seeing Tat Mo Cauwsu's sharp eyes, Bin San Siucai felt his heart shake a little, but then he laughed coldly.

"It's true that I took the she Pai's heirloom book, what is Taisu going to do?" he asked in a very defiant manner.

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled patiently, he said: "Of course Siauwceng ca   n't do anything, just want to ask Siecu's willingness to return Pai Siecu's heirloom book!"           

"If I refuse?"

"Don't carry that attitude, Siecu.....because the one who   will have trouble is Siecu himself!" said Tat Mo Cauwsu patiently.

But Bin San Siucai is an old student who has high intelligence and extensive experience, he also never gets angry with anyone, therefore he is not at all afraid to deal with the priest from India. If he had seen Tat Mo Cauwsu sitting under that tree trunk, he had deliberately approached him, just to play with Pai Cing Han. But who would have thought that Tat Mo Cauwsu was a priest who had such high intelligence. Thus, Bin San Siucai was prepared to fight with this priest, who finally defended Pai Cing Han. 

"Well, if Taisu really wants to play with me, Bin   San   Siucai   Lauw   Ho   Lun wo   n't deny it. !"   

said Bin San Siucai. "Please Taisu give your hint


Tat Mo Cauwsu had been watching Bin San Siucai for a while, then he asked: "Do... you really don't want to return Pai Siecu's belongings?"

"Hmmm, Taisu doesn't need to interfere in that matter, but now Taisu just has to choose, if Taisu really wants to interfere in this matter, then Taisu will deal with   me, but if Taisu really doesn't want to get involved in unpleasant matters, I'm a She Lauw person, of course I won't refuses to mess with you, Taisu. !" Tat Mo Cauwsu laughed patiently. "Well if Lauw Siecu really wants that," said Tat Mo Cauwsu then

"Siauwceng is forced to play   with you a   few   moves."

And Tat Mo Cauwsu took a waiting stance, to receive the attack.

"Please. !" he said then.

Bin San Siucai turned to look at Pai Cing Han for a while, then he looked again at the Indian priest, then he unhesitatingly moved his right hand, hitting the Indian priest's chest.

His body flashed very quickly, where in his fist also contained a very formidable slang energy.

Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't move from where he was standing, he had let his chest hit by Bin San Siucai's fist.

"Bukkk!" Bin San Siucai's fist was so strong that it hit the priest's chest, if indeed Bin San Siucai hit a rock, of course the stone would be crushed and crushed. But in reality now, Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't seem to feel anything at all, even though his chest had been hit so precisely by Bin San Siucai's fist.

Smiling Tat Mo Cauwsu instead said: "Please Siecu choose the soft part. !"

Hearing the challenge is ridicule, Bin San Siucai that time was being shocked because just like hit cotton and soft chest Cauwsu Mo Tat does not give    power    of resistance,    so it    turned    angry.    He emptied his spirit and energy, that's when he let out a very strong yelling sound, accompanied by his hand that had been moved to hit again.

The wind blew loudly and again hit Tat Mo Cauwsu's chest, because the Indian priest did not avoid the onslaught at all. And again, Bin San Siucai felt how his fist hit Tat Mo Cauwsu's chest, only the chest was soft like cotton. For the second time he met with failure.

Tat To Cauwsu still stood quietly in his place without offering any resistance.

Bin San Siucai was embarrassed and curious his face turned very red. What's more when he glanced and saw Pai Cing Han was watching him with a mocking smile on his lips.

By draining all of his strength, Bin San Siucai had hit for the third time, this time his attack power was twice as strong as his earlier attack, the wind of the attack was also very strong.

"Bukkkkk...!" Again, Tat Mo Cauwsu's chest was hit hard, because the priest did not try to dodge himself at all.

But unlike before, this time Tat Mo Cauwsu's chest was harder than iron, so that as soon as Bin San Siucai's fist hit his chest, it hit hard, he suddenly let out a very loud scream, screaming in pain. His body had also bounced off several spears. In fact, when he saw Bin San Siucai attack again using such a huge force, Tat Mo Cauwsu had replaced the pure air that covered his chest. If at first Tat Mo Cauwsu used Im (soft) energy, he now uses Yang energy, which is hard. In that way, his chest was stronger than iron or steel, and indeed Bin San Siucai had attacked him so strongly, causing Bin San Siucai's bones to be broken, and his body was repelled in such a way.

Grimacing in pain, Bin San Siucai had stood up.

Meanwhile, Tat Mo Cauwsu had said: "Sorry, sorry....

Lauw Siecu has attacked too much beyond measure....

are you hurt?”

Bin San Siucai looked at Tat Mo Cauwsu with vengeful eyes. Meanwhile, Pai Cing Han with a satisfied smile said: "Quickly   return my book!"

Without saying much, Bin San Siucai had reached into his pocket using his unbroken hand, then threw the heirloom book he had previously confiscated to Pai Cing Han.

Pai Cing Han welcomed the book, which he then kept in his pocket.

Bin San Siucai after tossing the book of relic to Pai Cing Han, without saying a word, turned around and ran quickly to leave the place.

Tat Mo Cauwsu just sighed, he said slowly: "Actually, Lauw Siecu's intelligence is quite high, it's just a shame   he   likes to   play with   people!"

Pai Cing Han had approached and jura saluted the Indian priest to express his gratitude.

"Where is your daughter now, siecu?" asked   Tat Mo Cauwsu then.

“He was with his mother…!” but when he said that, Pai Cing Han's face changed, he was surprised himself, because he remembered that his daughter and his wife were in a tiger's den, where Bu Bok Sun and Lung Kie Eng were there, "Ahh, I just left them!" exclaimed Pai Cing Han, and without waiting for Tat Mo Cauwsu to ask again, he had turned his body to run to Jie Liong Kim Hay's headquarters.

Tat Mo Cauwsu was surprised to see Pai Cing Han's attitude, but he really wanted to meet Pai Ing Siu again, who he found witty and lively attractive, where Tat Mo Cauwsu intended to see how far Pai Ing Siu's practice of the three strokes he had passed down. . And Tat Mo Cauwsu also really wanted to pass on some more martial arts skills to the girl, if only Pai Cing Han granted her wish.

With a light movement, Tat Mo Ciauwsu had run very fast after Pai Cing Han. Since Ginkang Tat Mo Cauwsu was so proficient, it was easy for him to follow   behind Pai Cing Han.

When he arrived in front of Jie Liong Kim Hay's headquarters, Pai Cing Han's face turned pale, he did not see his daughter and wife, besides that he did not see a single human around the place. Feeling worried, Pai Cing Han seemed to have been running here and there while calling out for his daughters. But a moment later his face turned bright red.

"Hmmmm, surely Jie Liong Kim Hay's people who have taken advantage of the opportunity when I wasn't here to be rude to Siujie and my wife...!" Thinking so, in anger Pai Cing Han seemed to have approached the gate of the building that was made Jie Liong Kim Hay's headquarters, he was furious with worry.

Tat Mo Cauwsu just silently watched Pai Cing Han's behavior, he was also surprised to see that there was no human around the place, and did not understand why Pai Cing Han brought him to this place.

But because Tat Mo Cauwsu saw Pai Cing Han's attitude that seemed so nervous and confused, he just let Pai Cing Han approach the door of Jie Liong Kim Hay's headquarters building.

In a huff, Pai Cing Han used his right hand to hit the door of the building.

"Brakkk.....!" The door leaf was smashed because Pai Cing Han had hit it with a full shank.

With agile movements, Pai Cing Han's body had also jumped into the building. Meanwhile, Tat Mo Cauwsu had approached the gate of the building to see the situation inside the building.

It was very quiet and desolate in the building and there didn't seem to be anyone at all.

Pai Cing Han angrily shouted loudly: "Mrs. Bok Sun....get out!!"

No reply was heard. Again Pai Cing Han had shouted loudly, calling for Bu Bok Sun, but there was no answer.

Unbelievably, Pai Cing Han was furious, his body was shaking violently.

"If you don't want to come out too, let me burn this building...!" threatened Pai Cing Han in a loud voice.

At that time, a cold laugh was heard containing ridicule, from the inner room a body had jumped out, followed by several other figures.

It turned out that the person who jumped out was Bu Bok Sun, and was also accompanied by Lung Kiu Eng and several of Lung Kiu Eng's men.

"Pai Tocu, why did you come back angry like that? Didn't I give you the heirloom book you wanted?" asked Mrs. Bok Sun while making a mocking laugh at her, not showing any fear at all.

Pai Cing Han's face was bright red, he rebuked angrily: "Where are my daughter and wife?"

"How would I know? Pai Tocu... didn't they catch up with you?" asked Mrs. Bok Sun mockingly. “I don't have the time to take care of them…!”

"She Bu people...!" Pai Cing Han snapped in a voice containing incredible anger. "If you don't speak frankly about my daughter and my wife, I will destroy you all...!"

Hearing Pai Cing Han's threat, Bu Bok Sun burst out laughing. “Great! Great! You want to destroy us all? Ohh, what a well-meaning! I am she Bu people will not back down at all ! Earlier you had asked for the heirloom book that you said was yours, I had relented and gave it...... but now after getting the book you came back here angry like that even threatening us to be destroyed by you. ! Ohhh,

do you know the Kangouw rules?"

"Hmmm, if you don't want to talk frankly about the condition of my daughter and my wife, I will prove my threat, I will destroy all of you!" said Pai Cing Han.

Bu Bok Sun gave a cold laugh as she said then: "Okay, okay, what is your real wish? It seems that you are indeed looking for business with us. !"

Pai Cing Han couldn't contain his anger anymore, accompanied by a loud scream, he had lunged at Bu Bok Sun, he moved his hands very quickly, where he launched a very strong attack.

Bu Bok Sun, who had expected that Pai Cing Han would launch an attack on him, had already been prepared. As soon as she saw that She Pai's person actually launched an attack on her, she didn't stay silent, without waiting for the attack to arrive, she had jumped to the side, and accompanied Pai Cing Han's waist.

The attack made by Bu Bok Sun contains the power of a formidable energy, indeed his intelligence is very high. If not long ago he gave up   losing   to   Pai   Ching   Han   and    restore the heritage desired book Pai Ching Han, at that time he was injured in, power it could not gather properly, requires forty days to cure.

But now, since he didn't want to be so easily attacked by Pai Cing Han, he had launched a faster counterattack without waiting for Pai Cing Han's attack to arrive, hoping to seize the time. It should be noted that for a martial arts expert who has very high intelligence, a few seconds of time is very important. And Bu Bok Sun who was about to snatch victory from that time, had attacked Pai Cing Han's waist using all the strength she had.

Pai Cing Han saw that his opponent had dodged and instead had jumped to the side to counterattack without waiting for the attack to arrive, he became even more irritated. Without retracting his attack, Pai Cing Han just tilted his body and turned his hands, so he was pounding towards Bu Bok Sun again.

Immediately, there was a loud crash, Pai Cing Han's power had collided with Bu Bok Sun's attack power, a loud booming sound was deafening.

Bu Bok Sun's body shook violently, she took three steps back. While Pai Cing Han only felt his wrists tremble and tingle, but he didn't move from where he was standing, instead their energies collided with each other and when Bu Bok Sun's body was stumbling backwards like that, Pai Cing Han had used the opportunity to attack again! Bu Bok Sun is shocked, and she senses that she no longer has the chance to parry, the only way that can save her from Pai Cing Han's attack is to dodge. He had thrown his body onto the ground rolling there a few spears away.

Lung Kiu Eng who saw the threat to his Susiok, also could not stay silent, he quickly jumped beside Pai Cing Han, and in his hand was gripped by a machete, with that sharp weapon he had slashed towards Pai Cing Han's back. The movement he did was very fast, a cold wind whistled.

Pai Cing Han also knew that from behind him came a butt attack. Without looking back he had moved his right hand, he flicked the machete, so that there was a loud "Tringgg .....!" sound, and along with that, when the machete bounced, he quickly moved his other hand, past his armpits, he had struck with his palms.

The attack wind was very strong and immediately heard the screams of Lung Kiu Eng, whose body had bounced, writhing on the ground unable to get up immediately, because his chest felt like it was crushed by Pai Cing Han's attack.

Bu Bok Sun herself was standing with a fierce face looking at Pai Cing Han, she said fiercely: "Good! You push us too much! Then, let your daughter and wife perish with us!"

Pai Cing Han's face turned red from anger and shock.

"Tell me, are my daughter and my wife really being held by you?" he scolded. Bu Bok Sun has nodded while letting out a cold laugh.

"Right!" he said then. "If you really push us too much, we are not afraid to die, but your daughter and wife will soon meet death......!" and after saying that, Bu Bok Sun had reached into her shirt pocket, she took out a sounding arrow, which was shot into the air, whooshing with a very loud sound.

"Our people who are inside have prepared with sharp weapons in hand, to destroy your daughter and wife! The first arrow gave orders to them to get ready to destroy your daughter and wife, and as soon as I released the second arrow, it meant the soul Your wife and child can no longer be saved, once you enter our building, later you will only be able to meet two dead bodies from the two people you love."

Undoubtedly Pai Cing Han was angry and worried, he had said in a furious snarling voice: "Free them... I will spare all of you. !"

But Bu Bok Sun had laughed coldly, she was also holding an arrow in her hand which was ready to be thrown into the air again. If indeed the arrow was fired, surely Bu Bok Sun's men would consume the souls of Pai Ing Siu and Pai Cing Han's wife.

Pai Cing Han stood stunned where he was, he knew, there was no way he could rush to snatch the arrow. If he stepped forward to attack, surely Bu Bok Sun would be able to release the sounding arrow first. Thus, it also means that the safety of the soul of the child and his wife will be threatened with death. He had indeed suspected that his son and wife were being held captive by Bu Bok Sun, as soon as he arrived at Jie Liong Kim Hay's headquarters and did not see his wife and children, such suspicions were already in his mind.

Pai Cing Han wasn't stupid either to be so desperate to attack Bu Bok Sun because once Bu Bok Sun's arrow was released, his wife and child could both die. He also knows that Bu Bok Sun's threats are not empty threats.

“Alright,” said Pai Cing Han then. "What do you want?"

"Hmm" laughed coldly Bu Bok Sun.

"Do you still want your wife and children to return to your side alive?"

Pai Cing Han gritted his teeth and then angrily replied: “They're only a hair's end, hemmm hemmm, even if you run to the end of the world, I won't let go. !"

"Ha ha ha ha. !” Bu Bok Sun had laughed loudly. “I will

free them, but you must fulfill my two conditions. "

"Tell me your terms...!" said Pai Cing Han furiously.

“First, you must hand the heirloom back to me and promise not to bother me again…and also not to try to reclaim the heirloom. !” said Bu Bok Sun.

Pai Cing Han was silent for a moment, but finally nodded. "Okay," he said as he reached into his pocket to take out the heirloom book, which was then tossed to Bu Bok Sun. "Accept the book... and now tell me what is your second condition?"

Bu Bok Sun laughs.

"Easy...my second condition is not difficult! I just want you to promise not to set foot on mainland China in the future. If you really pass my condition, of course I will release your daughter and wife...!"

Pai Cing Han didn't reply immediately, his face red with anger.

He as a martial arts jungle figure who has a very famous name, of course he does not carelessly give his promise.

Once he gave a promise, of course he would not break it, it was impossible for him to lick the spit he had thrown away!

Therefore, although Bu Bok Sun's condition sounds easy, it is difficult for her to accept. Once he promised, it meant that during his life he would not step on the mainland of China, and could only stay on the island of Cie Hung To.

"How ?" asked Mrs. Bok Sun with a mocking grin.

Pai Cing Han slammed his feet, he finally nodded.

But before he said he agreed to the second condition from Bu Bok Sun, it was at that time that a figure flashed swiftly to Bu Bok Sun's side. Bu Bok Sun only saw the figure of a body flashing close to her, but she couldn't see clearly yet, that's when she felt her hand cold, and the sounding arrow in her hand had been snatched by the figure.

With shock and anger, Bu Bok Sun has looked at the person who snatched the voiced arrow, and he saw that it was none other than an Indian priest, who had been standing at the gate of the building.

"You...?" Bu Bok Sun's voice contains anger.

But he couldn't continue his words, because as soon as he saw that the arrow in Bu Bok Sun's hand could be snatched by Tat Mo Cauwsu, the Indian priest, it was obvious that Pai Cing Han had jumped near Bu Bok Sun, his right hand moved to hit very strongly. The power of the punch she used was very strong, and Bu Bok Sun, who was shocked and angry because her voiced arrow was snatched away by Tat Mo Cauwsu, did not rush to dodge the attack launched by Pai Cing Han, because of that, there was no mercy on Bu Bok's body. Sun was bouncing off while letting out a very loud scream, rolling on the ground.

Tat Mo Cauwsu had sighed.

"Hmmm, he has evil intentions to harm your daughter and wife, Pai Siecu ..... but his evil intentions have been thwarted, forgive his soul!" said Tat Mo Cauwsu.

At that time Pai Cing Han was actually about to jump at Bu Bok Sun to hit her too, but hearing Tat Mo Cauwsu's words he canceled his intentions, he didn't attack Bu Bok Sun.

The she Bu person had crawled up with a grimace on his face. While Pai Cing Han turned to Tat Mo Cauwsu as he said: "Taisu. I hope you are watching

this she Bu people, I will free my wife and children first. !”

Tat Mo Cauwsu agreed.

It was at that time that Pai Cing Han had set foot, his body had slid close to several of Jie Liong Kim Hay's men. With both hands moved, he had struck them. Some of Jie   Liong Kim Hay's subordinates who had stood stunned in their place were shocked to see Bu Bok Sun being knocked down by Pai Cing Han, so everyone was thrown, because they were hit by the attack wind launched by Pai Cing Han.

And ignoring Jie Liong Kim Hay's subordinates, Pai Cing Han had rushed into the building.

Tat Mo Cauwsu was standing by Bu Bok Sun, watching over the she Bu. Because if Bu Bok Sun managed to release her voiced arrow, Pai Cing Han would not be able to save the souls of his wife and children.

It wasn't long before Pai Cing Han reappeared with Pai Ing Siu and his wife. While the little girl when she saw Tat Mo Cauwsu, had issued a joyful cry as she ran to the Indian priest: "Taisu. Are you here?"

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled, he stroked the boy's hair, he said: "How have you learned "Sam Kun Pa Houw" well?"

Pai Ing Siu shook his head with a sweet smile. "Not .....   in a   time   that   is so   short   I   where

have   time   to   train   themselves   how much more   the father   has

invited me to come to this place. !" Tat Mo Cauwsu nodded as he said: "You will have to train yourself well in the future. !"

Pai Ing Siu agreed.

Pai Cing Han had invited Tat Mo Cauwsu, his son and wife to leave the building. Meanwhile, Bu Bok Sun and Lung Kiu Eng could only watch without saying anything. Likewise, when the heirloom book that was in Bu Bok Sun's pocket was taken back by Tat Mo Cauwsu, and handed over to Pai Cing Han, Bu Bok Sun couldn't do anything but just take a deep breath...


The name Tat Mo Cauwsu is getting more and more famous, all his actions in mainland China have been heard by many mainland Chinese experts, especially those who have high intelligence and have also lived in seclusion to pursue their knowledge. But the name Tat Mo Cauwsu is so famous, and also accompanied by interesting stories about the adventures of the priest from India, who is actually named Gunal Sing, it turns out to be a story that is like a fairy tale, because in him can be found various events and events, where he seems to have witchcraft.

In fact, Tat Mo Cauwsu mostly uses his martial arts skills which he mixes his use with the knowledge of Yoga that he masters well. Regarding magic, he only uses it when dealing with criminals who have heretical knowledge, thus the appearance of Tat Mo Cauwsu in mainland China is something that attracts the attention of martial arts figures in mainland China itself. Moreover, the people who tell about the supernatural powers of Tat Mo Cauwsu are generally the magic figures who are good at the Jungle Martial Arts in China, like Pai Cing.  Han, Tocu from the island of Cie Hung To, so the story of the adventurer Tat Mo Cauwsu is even more interesting. According to Pai Cing Han, who told martial arts figures who had intelligence as high as him, that Tat Mo Cauwsu was a priest whose intelligence was hard to match. Pai Cing Han also told that he had been with Tat Mo Cauwsu for several months, thus he had seen how the knowledge and intelligence of the Indian priest was truly extraordinary.

With so many martial arts masters, who are the magic figures, telling stories about the   greatness of Tat Mo Cauwsu's intelligence, naturally the name Tat Mo Cauwsu is getting more and more famous.

However, such a famous name makes Tat Mo Cauwsu a bit troublesome too, because quite a lot of martial arts figures who are interested in hearing the story of Tat Mo Cauwsu's adventurer then go down the mountain looking for the Indian priest, to complain about his knowledge. Although it was quite easy for Tat Mo Cauwsu to always knock down his opponents, he could not help but be constantly harassed by dozens of these powerful figures, making Tat Mo Cauwsu have to face various battles. Thus, with the fall of the Chinese mainland magicians in the hands of Tat Mo Cauwsu, it has made Tat Mo Cauwsu's name more famous and respected by the powerful figures on the mainland of China.

And there are also many people of the martial jungle who are trying to find traces of Tat Mo Cauwsu, to ask the priest from India to accept them as his students, to pass down the knowledge and magic of the Indian priest   .   But   as far as   the   Tat   Mo   Cauwsu   not yet willing to accept students because he planned, if there was time, he decided to open a door college silat, which is connected with the Buddhist study, and he will accept students for dididiknya, both martial arts and Yoga , will also be educated in religious knowledge from the teachings of the Buddha.

While traveling on the mainland of China, Tat Mo Cauwsu apart from researching every skill of the martial arts figures in mainland China, he also looked for a suitable place for him to build a building to be used as a place to teach and receive students, develop his knowledge and skills.

But so far, Tat Mo Cauwsu still hasn't found a suitable place in his heart, so he is still wandering around always encountering various stressful events, because quite a lot of Chinese mainland experts are trying to test his intelligence. But always Tat Mo Cauwsu managed to knock down opponents who made his name more famous. Besides that, Tat Mo Cauwsu also cultivated friendships with many Chinese martial arts figures, who had respect for the sacred priest who came from India, where his intelligence was so special, it can be said that during mainland China, almost no one could match him.

Because Tat Mo Cauwsu often fought with martial arts figures on the mainland of China, he was able to learn every skill and knowledge of martial arts from various schools. After researching it, he concluded that all the knowledge from the various schools had the same source and core, and almost the same core strength as Tat Mo Cauwsu's martial arts skills. It's just that the way to develop the martial arts itself is different, causing the number of movements and ways to do martial arts are different.

While he was traveling, Tat Mo Cauwsu also often took the time to write down any knowledge that he had successfully processed into a very great martial arts technique, which had been summarized and made into its essence, but contained extraordinary power. Gradually he has written it neatly, and finally after the book was completed it later became the most extraordinary book of martial arts in the mainland of China, commonly called Tat Mo Pitkip or Ih-kin and Swee-jwe. The book of martial arts created by Tat Mo Cauwsu is the book of martial arts that is most targeted by every character in the martial arts jungle on the mainland of China, in addition to the knowledge of punches,  Pure Tantian continues to the large veins in the back of the head, enabling one to reach the pinnacle of perfection in training one's lwekang power.

Years have passed, without realizing it has been seven   years since the priest from Thian-tiok (India) has been wandering in mainland China, and the name Tat Mo Cauwsu is getting more and more fragrant and respected by the masters of the martial arts jungle. !

O o odwo o O

SIONG SAN is a mountain that is not so high, but talking about the beauty of the panorama that is around the mountains, where the natural beauty with colorful flower trees and also with the air that is always warm throughout the season, is not inferior to the natural scenery   that found in the mountains of Heng-san, Kun Lun, and Cauwsan. Thus, Siong San is a mountain   that is quite busy visited by people who cruise and want to enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains.

At that time, the day was still early, and the fog was thinning in the warm morning sun, and the flower trees were blooming beautifully, it seemed someone was walking with slow footsteps and enjoying the natural beauty around the mountains.

That person is an old man, maybe seventy years old, has a long white beard, with a long and neatly twisted mustache, he wears a white shirt, is a thungsia (long shirt) wearing an ivory-colored skullcap. In his right hand there is a flute that is moved slowly to beat the palm of his other hand. His face was very patient, and he was really taking in the beauty of the natural scenery around the place. Several times he heard his slow praise, showing that he really admired the natural beauty of the place.

After walking for a while, he finally lifted his flute, brought it to his lips, then blew it slowly swinging, a soft and melodious rhythm emerged, singing the song "Hung Cing Hoa", the creation of the famous poet during the Shang dynasty, named Chou In Lie, who at that time held the rank of court poet, who always accompanied Emperor Chou Wang, to entertain him with all kinds of beautiful poems and also with songs that would accompany Tai Chi, Emperor Chou Wang's concubine danced before the Emperor. "Hung Cing Hoa" is indeed a song that has extraordinary beauty, and the old man who is on Mount Siong San has brought it well through his flute, he really soaked up the natural beauty of the mountain,

Finished singing the song "Hung Cing Hoa", the old man took a deep breath, then he muttered in a low voice: "Hi, hi, if only I could live so peacefully like the bwee flower tree, the ci tan tree, all of which Growing up so beautiful and away from the touch of human hands, in this calm and pleasant atmosphere, is really a very pleasant state. Should I live in seclusion

in this place. ?"

"Omitohud! Omitohud!" heard someone replying to the old man's words followed by the appearance of a person who has a large body piece, and he is wearing a priest's clothes, robes that are too big and spread out, fluttering in the wind. He was a priest in his fifties with a clean, radiant face, with a smile on his lips. "What Siecu said is a word that is not difficult to implement, calm your heart, clear your mind, and enjoy the beauty that exists Siecu will get what you want "

The old man who was holding the flute in his hand, had turned to the priest, he looked at him with an attitude that contained a sense of wonder, then asked: "Who is Taisu? Of course Taisu lives around this place. ”

The priest shook his head, he said patiently: "Lolap happened to pass by this place and heard the song   "Hung Cing Hoa" that Siecu brought earlier, it was so melodious and very interesting, so delicately moving the heart...! Lolap has the title Sam Liu Taisu, can Lolap know the name of the noble Siecu?"

The old man was swinging the flute in his hand, he sighed as he looked far away, he said later. "Mega has dispersed, the water has flowed, the wind has flown away, as well as myself Taisu, so I have used the name Yin Sui Hong, that's my name, Taisu...!"

The priest nodded.

"And from Siecu name, it is known that Siecu has extensive knowledge and understanding   will be   beauty." The pastor said.

"But sadly, even though my name is Yin Sui Hong, the truth is I can't live a calm life like Mega, Water and Wind...... where I am always overcome by endless turbulence, by bloodshed, by battle, by conflict. , and by all sorts of troubles in the martial jungle……!” and after saying that, again Yin Sui Hong took a deep breath, he looked far away, towards the cloud that was shifting slightly above the sky.

we must be able to see this reality and be able to adapt. !"

Yin Sui Hong pondered for a moment, as well as absorbed the priest's words, but suddenly he hit his thigh with his flute, his face brightened, then tucked the flute into his belt loop, clasped his hands, eagerly saluting the priest, Sam Liu Taisu.

"Thank you, thank you...!" said Yin Siu Hong then with a beaming face. "Taisu has opened my eyes and mind. Thank you for the words of advice Taisu!" and

Yin Sui Hong had bent his body three times.

Sam Liu Taisu had smiled, he kindly said: "Yes, it is the same with humans, not forever he will live in peace, will also experience turmoil at some time, not always happy, sometimes he will grieve, not forever he will sleep because one day he will wake up. And also not forever he will stay  self, because one day he has to move his hands and feet, he doesn't always have to look at beauty, because one day he has to look at the ugliness that exists. Therefore Siecu, Siecu will not always be able to taste the peace that Siecu expects, because one day Siecu must also be brave to face upheavals. Nor can Siecu yearn for glory if Siecu has not yet experienced suffering. It is also impossible for Siecu to expect perfection if Siecu has not been able to cleanse the heart of all the impurities that exist. !"

At length Sam Liu Taisu has already given an explanation. Again, Yin Sui Hong has clasped his hands together to thank him.

"Now I'm Yin Sui Hong realized that all that is called life. And indeed in a state of this moment, at a time when now we breathe, is the so-called life, regardless of yesterday and tomorrow. Life is when   it   now   is.   Thank   you very   Taisu,   thank   you......

My eyes have been opened wide, my mind has been opened by Taisu's advice.... and indeed this life must be accepted with the reality that is around us.   !" and with a   face

satisfied, Yin Sui Hong had been singing in a loud voice expressing the joy of his heart.

Sam Liu Taisu seemed happy to have been able to provide advice that Yin Sui Hong could accept, he just watched with a smile.

However, before Yin Sui Hong had finished with the chant, someone could hear someone hiss in a disdainful voice: "Cisss...the old man who is about to die is still imagining perfection and joy. !"

and with those words, a shadowy figure flashed very nimbly, his body moved so lightly and also landed in front of Yin Sui Hong and Sam Liu Taisu without making a sound. It turned out that she was a woman between the ages of fifty, her hair was in a bun and was given jewelry in several parts, besides that her face was still quite beautiful, the remnants of the beauty of her youth. At her waist hung a long sword, with her dress orange and wind red.

"You......Kie-san Nio-cu (Madam of Kie-san) Thio Su Ing?" asked Yin Sui Hong in a voice like surprise. The old woman, Thio Su Ing had laughed in a loud voice.

"I told you, wherever you go, I'll still chase you... don't expect you to leave my hands!" he said.

"An old fart who is about to die like you still wants to feel calm? Hmm, don't hope! Don't hope! Before you die, don't expect me to let you go!"

Yin Sui Hong's face turned sad, he said in a cold voice: "Our relationship has broken with each other, we don't have any relationship anymore, why do you always stalk me?"

"Ha ha ha...." laughed Thio Su Ing in a loud voice. "You are already not apa2ku again, you are also a man who has ruined my life!   I   love you,   but   you are   playing with   me,    and

now, when we are both old, you just want to separate yourself.    so before you are destroyed, don't hope

you can get away from me. !"

Yin Sui Hong sighed again. He turned to Sam Liu Taisu, he said in a voice that contained regret: "As Taisu can see.... this woman has been chasing me for more than ten years. also not infrequently he also causes business in the martial jungle by selling my name, so that many martial jungle people are looking for me, which makes frequent battles between me and the martial jungle people, and finally causes enmity between us... .! Hemm, like what Taisu said earlier, that nothing lasts forever, then the calm I just got earlier was more than happy enough, even though now I have to face upheaval again. ! "

And after saying that, without waiting for Sam Liu Taisu's reply, Yin Sui Hong had turned to Thio Su Ing, saying: "Well, now say it, what do you want?"

Thio Su Ing was laughing so hard that his body shook, then he said in a cold voice: "Hmmm, you're asking what you want? Fine! Fine! I have always said, that I want your soul!"

And along with those words, Thio Su Ing had touched the hilt of his sword and then pulled it out, he had moved his sword in mid-air, thus making a very loud buzzing sound, proving that he had proficient lwekang power.

Sam Liu Taisu had been watching with a confused look in his eyes, he had seen that Yin Siu Hong and Thio Su Ing apparently had a relationship with each   other, therefore, for a while he couldn't say any words, other than just watching. course.

While Yin Sui Hong had smiled bitterly, he said: "We have always fought hundreds of times, actually if I were to harm you, it would be as easy as turning my palm... but you are really ignorant and always push me like that. ! "

But yet again Sui Yin Hong finished with what he said, at a time when that was Thio Su Ing has issued a   voice   shout   aloud:   "Beware   of attack.    "

his sword had flashed rapidly, where the   sharp, gleaming blade had struck Yin Sui Hong's chest, the movement he did was not only fast but also a deadly move.

But Yin Sui Hong did have high intelligence, because of such a deadly attack, which came so fast and fiercely, he easily dodged it, his body soared to the right by five spears.

However, Thio Su Ing didn't just stand still, as soon as he saw his first stab fail, he quickly took two steps to the right, then his sword slashed obliquely towards Yin Sui Hong's stomach, that move is also a move that can be deadly. Thus, Yin Sui Hong couldn't believe it, because if he was too late to dodge, he would obviously end up in the hands of Thio Su Ing.

Quickly and nimbly he dodged, and then using the flute in his right hand, he tapped the sword slowly, and a "Tranggg. !" sound was heard.

and Thio Su Ing felt his palms sting, and his sword vibrated, because Yin Sui Hong's flute beat contained a formidable lwekang power.

Thio Su Ing let out a muffled cry, his body quickly leapt into the air several spears, while turning his long sword that flashed towards Yin Sui Hong.

The movement made by Thio Sui Ing was a sword stab by using the "One Hundred Blades" stance, making his sword vibrate very hard and the blade of the sword has changed to many targeting various parts of Yin Sui Hong's body, because the sword vibrates, and according to the name of the move. That is, "one hundred blades", then the blade in Thio Sui Ing's hand seems to have turned into a hundred, aiming for the bloody paths of his opponent's body!

Yin Sui Hong didn't feel horrified in the face of such a strange stab, because he already knew very well how high the intelligence possessed by the woman who had been his wife.