Tat Mo Cauwsu Volume 16

Volume XVI

BECAUSE he launched his attack in a way that deviated from the side first, so when Tat Mo Cauwsu was about to get out of the way, there was already a very strong force waiting for lwekang Bu Bok Sun. And the lwekang's power has hindered the movement of Tat Mo Cauwsu. But as a priest who has very high intelligence, he was only surprised for a moment, but he quickly mastered the situation. Tat Mo Cauwsu's incredible speed has set his feet, his body has soared into the air, and he has moved his hands, his left hand will grip the head of Bu Bok Sun, while his right hand has grabbed and will smash the piepe fracture in Bu Bok Sun's shoulder. The movements he did were one after another and very tough.

The little girl She Pai had jumped back, to watch the battle of the two people who had the same great intelligence.

Meanwhile, Jie Liong Kim Hay, who was alone, stood a dozen spears apart from the arena. Time and again his eyes glanced at the little lady She Pai with hateful eyes.

But the lady didn't care, because the little girl was busy watching the battle that was going on between Tat Mo Cauwsu and Bu-Bok Sun.

The winds of attack from the two people who were fighting had been alternating so strongly, that the dust on the edge of the lake had flown. What's even more extraordinary is that the small pebbles that were in the battlefield, had bounced back and forth, because of the strong winds of attack that rolled up from the two people who were fighting.

Move after move had passed very quickly and without realizing it had been more than twenty. And in a time like that, Mrs. Bok Sun also seems to wonder too, because he usually does not see   a counter   that is   so   formidable   as   Tat  Mo Cauwsu. Usually no more than a dozen moves he will succeed in knocking down his opponent. In the martial arts jungle, Bu Bok Sun, who has the title Kim Liong San, is a martial arts figure who has a very well-known name and he is a grandson who is respected by both black and white masters. Just as his two nephews, Jie Liong Kim Hay, have been able to have a good name in the martial arts jungle, moreover, he has intelligence several times higher than his two nephews.

Thus, it seems that Bu Bok Sun is getting more and more serious in concentrating all of her shinkang power. Kick after move, the power that slid from the palms of his hands accompanying the blows he did grew stronger. Meanwhile, Tat Mo Cauwsu has also repeatedly had to exert his inner strength, in order to deal with the pressure of his opponent.

After ten more moves, finally Tat Mo Cauwsu had managed to get a chance to break through the weakness of his opponent, he had launched successive attacks towards Bu Bok Sun's chest, because it was precisely the center of his opponent, namely the chest, that was empty.

Seeing her weakness being the target of her opponent's attack, instead of being shocked, Bu Bok Sun gave a cold laugh, she had said in a mocking voice: "Hmm, now that we have indeed met a worthy match...... how exciting!" and at that time Bu Bok Sun had put her right foot, her body soared into the middle of the air, along with which her left leg had floated kicking towards Tat Mo Cauwsu's waist. Tat Mo Cauwsu dodged to the right, and he stretched out his right hand, with a quick movement he tried to Tat Mo Cauwsu's method is not an ordinary block, because if he manages to block the ankle of his opponent, of course Bu Bok Sun will suffer greatly where the ankle bone will be crushed,

But Bu Bok Sun is also not a weak person, seeing her kicks won't work, she has pulled her leg back, she absolutely doesn't want to let her foot get grabbed by Tat Mo Cauwsu's hand. That's how, they had hit and gripped each other repeatedly, but both of them did have the same high intelligence, so they weren't under any pressure.

However, the match between these two people finally reached a more serious level, where the two of them didn't jump and jump like they used to, they both stayed silent in their respective places, only their hands moved.

This way of fighting they rely on the tremendous power of the cassava to knock down their respective opponents. But Tat Mo Cauwsu who saw Bu Bok Sun was really tough, didn't want to waste any more time, he let out a loud snarling sound, and that's when he concentrated his true strength, where his palms immediately gave off steam and also his palms turned red. , he had made a snapping sound and his left hand flicked towards the eyes of Bu Bok Sun, when this opponent dodged, the palm of his right hand had moved. "Wutt...!" The wind of the attack was very strong and that's when Bu Bok Sun's body seemed to have staggered with a face that turned pale and not to mention that he was able to fix the horses of his two legs,

Bu Bok Sun staggered back repeatedly until one more spear.

Her face was also pale and when she opened her mouth, “Uwaah, uwaaah!!” twice Bu Bok Sun had vomited fresh blood, her face had also turned pale, her body was shaking.

Jie Liong Kim Hay's face had also turned pale seeing his teacher uncle being so badly injured, they quickly jumped over to him, and asked in a worried voice.

"Susiok," he said. "Isn't your condition too bad?"

Bu Bok Sun shook her head slowly, then she shrunk her bloodied lips, she then smiled bitterly at Tat Mo Cauwsu.

It's really encouraging that this time I was able to meet a truly formidable opponent. though

this time I had to fall at Taisu's hands, but I was satisfied. !”

Tat Mo Cauwsu clasped his hands together, he had saluted, with a face showing regret he said: "Actually I didn't mean to lower my hands so hard on you, sir,      but in reality I had to...... sorry Siauwceng... ..

sorry Siauwceng. !”

After saying that, Tat Mo Cauwsu reached into his robes, he took out a small vial, inside were dozens of blood-red pills.

The priest from India has issued two items, and has been passed to Bu Bok Sun.

"If you really don't mind taking it, please, sir, swallow this pill to restore your health

........!” said Tat Mo Cauwsu. "Now you swallow one, and tonight you will swallow another!"

Bu Bok Sun has seen that Tat Mo Cauwsu is a priest who has extraordinary intelligence, and earlier he had fought dozens of moves, thus he obtained the fact, that Tat Mo Cauwsu's intelligence was several levels above. If Tat Mo Cauwsu had wanted his soul earlier, it was as easy for the priest as the priest turning his own palm. But in reality Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't do that he just lowered his hand lightly which only hurt him. So he did not suspect that he received the pill given by the priest, he had accepted it and swallowed one, while the other he kept in the pocket of his robe. Then he saluted, saying: “It really amazes me to have the opportunity to witness Taisu's amazing skill.

“Siecu is too praising. !” said Tat Mo Cauwsu.

After saying that, Bu Bok Sun invited Jie Liong Kim Hay to leave. Miss Pai has been laughing at Tat Mo Cauwsu, saying: "Taisu is very clever....

Taisu's skill is great.    ! Will Taisu teach me

one or two of Taisu's skills. so I can beat

rancid criminals later?” Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled.

"If you heard from Jie Liong Kim Hay's words, your parents are very well-known experts, they certainly have very high intelligence. Siauwceng doesn't dare to act presumptuously when passing knowledge on to you, miss. !”

"Okay," said Miss Pai. "If Taisu doesn't want to pass on your knowledge, will Taisu give me instructions about the mistakes of my knowledge?


And without waiting for a reply from Tat Mo Cauwsu, this cheerful girl has already started silat. His pair of tiny little hands had been moved quickly and his body was moving very nimbly. He brought martial arts from the south, where he silat with great enthusiasm.

Tat Mo Cauwsu watched the little girl who was fighting with a smile, until finally when the girl had finished her movement and stood in front of her, this priest from India had said patiently: "You lack practice, miss.     the martial arts you have is actually a

very high knowledge, every move has its own greatness, but you have just mastered the skin, have not mastered the contents so that you can only bring each move only for the beauty of the movement, and cannot be used to deal with those who have high enough intelligence.... ......But it's not that difficult, if you have trained yourself for another three or four years, surely you can make great progress

most importantly, you have to train the lwekang too. Remember the words of the martial jungle: "The sharpness of the machete, the sharpness of the sword, and the sharpness of the spear, all of which will be broken by the forefinger of the hand" and these words prove that the power of the lwekang is far more important than any sharp weapon! If in the future Miss has a meaningful lwekang, then every move from your silat knowledge will have no small benefits, and will also have amazing prowess. !”

The girl has clasped her hands in salute. "Thank     you so     on     the instructions     that     are given     by

Taisu,.   and I will certainly train myself better   in time

future time. !”

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled, and he nodded as he stretched out his right hand, stroking the little girl's hair patiently.

"To reduce my intelligence, of course it is difficult for you to accept, miss ... because you don't have the basics yet. But to give you the theory, I will give you two or three moves of intelligence that you can learn, so that later you are not easily disturbed by bad people. you mean it, even though it's only three moves, but it's very useful for you. !”

The little girl She Pai's heart was ecstatic, she had repeatedly expressed her gratitude.

Tat Mo Cauwsu has passed down three palm strokes. Even though it's only three moves, each palm stroke has eighteen fragments, thus, the three moves have fifty-four changes in total. Like what Tat Mo Cauwsu had said, that the girl had no foundation, thus she couldn't immediately train herself with the moves Tat Mo Cauwsu had shown. This little girl only memorized the theory of the three palm strokes that had been passed down by Tat Mo Cauwsu. In fact, he had remembered as best he could every move the Indian priest made.

Towards the afternoon, at that time the birds were chirping as if wanting to return to their respective nests, Tat Mo Cauwsu had finished giving his instructions. The she Pai girl had managed to memorize all of what was revealed by the Indian priest.

But Miss Pai was apparently still not satisfied, she had done the moves again with agile movements.

Tat Mo Cauwsu looked at him with a smile, he saw that there were no more mistakes in the movements that the little girl made. All that remains is mere practice, because all the movements and theories of the three strokes, which are called "Sam Kun Pa Houw" or "Three strokes against the tiger" have been carried out by the girl well.

By relying on these three barehanded skills, if in the future Miss Pai has managed to train her well and perfectly, of course she will be able to face high-skilled heroes and she will be a girl who is difficult to knock down by moderately intelligent masters.

"Now that it's getting late, Siauwceng thinks we've had enough playing around all day... well, miss, we'll just part here. ! Where are you going home?" said Tat kata

Mo Cauwsu.

The girl was smiling. "Taisu doesn't need to worry, I can go home alone to meet my parents. But Taisu, wouldn't it be better, if only Taisu was willing to meet my parents, to get to know each other?"

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled patiently.

"If there is a match, next time we can meet again, I don't think it's necessary to bother your parents... well, little miss, goodbye. !''

Just now Tat Mo Cauwsu said until the words “stay”, his body had shrunk up and disappeared like a shadow from the face of the little lady She Pai.

Actually the little she Pai girl wanted to say something more, but the powerful Priest had already left so quickly.

Finally, feeling dissatisfied, because she couldn't get together and play any longer with Tat Mo Cauwsu, who was very intelligent, Miss She Pai had regretted herself. But this little girl has been running nimbly to the east, she passed a not-so-large village, and also passed a fairly large meadow, then arrived at a small building consisting of stone walls. The distance he traveled from the outskirts of the city to the small building, was quite far, but the girl was able to get over it quickly, only   taking more or less an hour.

He knocked on the door of the house, which seemed to be built in a secluded place, then from inside came a woman's answer: "Siu-jie-kah?"

"Mother.... Siujie (Siu's son) has come home. !" The door of the house opened, and from the inside came out a middle-aged woman with a frown on her face, but exuding affection, had rebuked: "Bad boy, where have you gone one day to play?"

The little girl laughed with her spoiled attitude, she hugged the middle-aged woman, she said with a spoiled laugh: "Mother, will I be scolded by father?


"Since this afternoon father has been asking you, I said you will soon be back, of course you go and meet your father ...!"

The little girl She Pai agreed, she ran inside. In the living room he saw a man in his fifties, Pai Cing Han's father, enjoying his hot tea.

The father only glanced slightly at his daughter, while Siu-jie had embraced her father.

"Thia (father), Siu-jie has returned, you old man certainly won't scold, right?" asked the little girl.

Pai Cing Han had said slowly after taking a deep breath.

“Bad boy, where have you been playing all day? You know, don't you, that we stay here only for a few days? Why did you go so wild without telling us first, that your mother was so worried?”

Siujie smiled smugly, he said: “The child has met an extraordinary magician….and the child has also experienced a very great event, father. !”

"Try to tell me. !" said Pai Cing Han patiently. Pai Ing Siu spoiled him, Siujie, had told him about his experience earlier. Pai Cing Han's face changed when he heard the mention of Tat Mo Cauwsu, he furrowed his brows, as if he was deep in thought.

Pai Ing Siu was surprised to see his father's attitude, he looked for a moment and stopped talking then asked:

“Father, is something wrong? Will Thia be angry with Siu jie for being so naughty?”

Pai Cing Han stroked her daughter's hair, in a patient voice she replied: "Son, now that you are big enough, you are indeed a naughty child, since childhood you always carried your wild ways. But that was when we were on the island of Cie Hung To, it was still not a problem that needed too much attention. But now you have to remember that we are not in Cie Hung To, nor are you a child of one or two years old, who if we are naughty we can smack his ears. Then you must listen to your mother's advice and prohibitions, if your mother does not allow you to go far, you must not play too far. As you said earlier, if indeed you experience a disaster at the hands of Jie Liong Kim Hay, even though we, your father and mother can beat Jie Liong Kim Hay to death, What does it mean ? You have wreaked havoc in their hands. !”

"Alright Thia... next time Siu-jie won't do anything naughty again. !" replied the girl.

"Regarding Tat Mo Cauwsu, the priest from India, I've been hearing a lot lately from the stories of some of the martial arts friends....he is an extraordinary human being. even then it is very extraordinary and hard to match. It's very strange, you can be friends with him...!"

Siujie had continued his story, he also explained that he had received the “Sam Kun Pa Houw” punching lesson from Tat Mo Cauwsu. The little girl She Pai actually brought the three moves in front of her father and mother.

Pai Cing Han's face turned bright as he nodded. "Good, that cleverness is quite great, it's true what has been

the Indian priest said that if you have a solid foundation, of course you can have much greater and meaningful intelligence. But you must remember, you must be more concerned with the martial arts of our Pai descendants,   you must not be lazy to train yourself. As father said earlier, that you are growing up, and you must be diligent in practicing yourself, don't just play around..!”

Siujie had agreed.

"Now go you clean up and eat, then sleep, maybe tomorrow morning we will continue our journey..." said Pai Cing Han.

Siujie had passed away from his mother and father's presence.

Pai Cing Han was still sitting where he was, pondering.

"That Indian priest is great.... he is an outside expert who has high intelligence, in a short time he has been able to make a name in the Chinese mainland so famous and amazing... if there is a chance, I would love to meet him, to play -play with him to see for yourself how high his intelligence really is." And after thinking so Pai Cing-Han sighed repeatedly. Then he turned to his wife, who was sitting embroidering her daughter's clothes.

“Hujin,” he called in a patient voice, “If we continue our journey tomorrow, I hope you can take good care of Siu-jie, because I think the time has come tomorrow for me to meet Kim Liong San Bu Bok Sun, to ask him to return the family's book of miracles. The pie that was stolen and fell into his hands!”

His wife, Pie Hujin, had nodded with a smile. "Yeah, we didn't expect that Kim Liong San Bu

We can find Bok Sun traces here        !” answer

the mistress.

Pai Cing Han had risen from his seat, he went to the back room of the house, then approached the door of a room at the back of the house. He knocked on the door of the room, from inside had appeared an old man aged sixty years, his body was thin and tall. He asked Pai Cing Han if there was anything he could help with.

Pai Cing Han shook his head.

"No, we're leaving tomorrow......thank you for the kind heart of Hengtai for giving us the opportunity to stay at your house...and this," Pai Cing Han reached into his pocket, "as a token of our gratitude , hope Hengtai accept it.       !” while saying that, it looks like   Pai

Cing Han had handed over twenty tails of silver to the owner of the house. He really only lived alone in his house, and when Pai Cing Han with his wife and children stopped at his house, saying they wanted to stay at his house, this kind-hearted owner of the house gladly agreed. It has been four days since Pai Cing Han with his wife and child lived in the house, and in fact they are looking for traces of Kim Liong San Bu Bok Sun, to urge him to return the heirloom book belonging to the Pai family that had disappeared. Pai Cing Han had heard from his friends in the martial jungle, that the heirloom of the Pai family was in the hands of the Kim Liong San Bu Bok Sun.

And indeed Pai Cing Han had also heard that Bu Bok Sun was wandering around the area, which was why he and his wife and child had come to this place. And it turns out that what he heard was not wrong, he had heard from his own daughter, that Bu Bok Sun was in this place.

That night Pai Cing Han slept very soundly, and as soon as the sun began to show itself, Pai Cing Han with his wife and daughter left the house. They had entered the city and cleared their stomachs in a restaurant.

That same day Pai Cing Han had investigated about Bu Bok Sun and Jie Liong Kim Hay.

From a drug house owner, he obtained information that Jie Liong Kim Hay lives in the southeast of the lake's edge, that place is rarely visited by people, both residents and people from out of town who want to cruise in the lake because they are afraid and the horror of Jie Liong Kim Hay's ferocity, and the owner of the medicine house knew where Jie Liong Kim Hay lived, because the two dragons from the Golden Sea often bought certain kinds of medicine. According to the story from the owner of the medicine house, that Jie Liong Kim Hay also has a lot of subordinates so that where Jie Liong   Kim Hay   lives   ,  is a closed area and the place is used as a base that is always firmly awake day and night, so that anyone who gets lost in that place will certainly be in misfortune.

After hearing enough information from the owner of the medicine house, that same day Pai Cing Han with his wife and daughter headed to the southeastern part of the lake outside the city. And it's true what the owner of the medicine house said when Pai Cing Han arrived at the southeast of the lake it was very quiet. Not a single human was seen wandering around the place.

But when Pai Cing Han with his wife and daughter arrived inside the small forest that was in that place, while they were walking slowly, from the thick tree clumps had jumped three well-built men with a machete in each hand gripped.

Their demeanor was also fierce, which they had watched with terrifying eyes. One of them had snapped: “Stop. !”

Pai Cing Han had stopped his footsteps, he had been watching the three people, then he asked in a cold voice: “What do you want?”

"What do you mean wandering around in this place?" snapped the person. "Do you know what this place is?"

Pai Cing Han let out a cold laugh. "Hmmm," he said in a cold voice.

“I know this place is the residence of Jie Liong Kim Hay, right? We   want to   meet   with   them. ”

"Do you want to find death?" shouted one of the three. Pai Cing Han was laughing coldly, he said in a cold voice: "You must take us to meet them!"

"Who are you?" asked the person who was starting to hesitate. "Say, I'm Cing Han pie."

Because he guessed that one of them would go to report his arrival.

But that person had said in a loud voice: “Our two leaders are busy and don't have time....can't accept you guys..! Go back to your place. !”

But Pai Cing Han who saw the attitude of the three people, was impatient, suddenly his body had jumped and his hands were working. With ease, he had taken turns gripping the backs of the three, and using a bit of his inner strength, he had thrown the three of them away.

The movement was very fast, because before the three of them knew anything, suddenly their bodies had been thrown and slammed one by one on the ground so hard that they let out groans of pain.

Pai Cing Han didn't just act there, his body had jumped to and fro with very light movements, and his hands had also worked quickly, suddenly the three people's bodies had been successfully thrown back into the air, where the three people's bodies were slammed again. hard.

"If you don't want to take me to see Jie Liong Kim Hay, let me keep on slamming the three of you, will you not die by suffering pain...!" And after saying that Pai Cing Han stepped on his feet again, he moved to launch his grip to lift the body of one of the three people for him to slam down too.

But that person was really scared, the three of them simultaneously shouted: "Sorry, we will immediately obey Kiesu's orders."

Pai Cing Han stopped gripping and he said savagely, "Get up quickly, take me to meet them!"

The three people, without further ado, agreed and took Pai Cing Han with his daughter and wife to a place, which was a very large building, which was the only one in that place. One of them had stepped into the inner room of the building. Not long after, from within the building appeared a middle-aged man. He was one of Jie Liong Kim Hay who was not injured in the hands of Tat Mo Cauwsu and named Lung Kiu Eng. His face was also a bit pale, and he had quickly crossed his arms in salute to Pai Cing Han as soon as he saw the sage.

“Sorry....sorry Siauwte is late to welcome....

Why didn't Pai Tocu inform him beforehand that he would be visiting here?”

Pai Cing Han laughed coldly.

“I have no business with you, Jie Liong Kim Hay, but I want to meet Bu Bok Sun where

where is he now?”

Lung Kiu Eng's face changed when he heard Pai Cing Han looking for Bu Bok Sun he said doubtfully: “Our teacher uncle... right now.... is currently confining himself for forty days to train his synchronic strength. Too bad the Tocu Pie didn't come right

its time...! Sorry.... Sorry Siauwte who will represent to welcome Pai Tocu...! Please come in, we'll talk later inside. !”

But Pai Cing Han showed a ruthless attitude, he said: "Quickly call out that She Bu person!"

Lung Kiu Eng's face changed, he clasped his hands furiously.

"I'm sorry, really can't Bu Bok Sun Siok see Pai Tocu..." said Lung Kiu Eng with a face showing regret.

“If he doesn't want to come out, then I'll be the one to come in and drag him out…!” said Pai Cing Han in a voice that remained fierce.

Lung Kiu Eng's face turned unsightly, he was completely wrong. Because Lung Kiu Eng knows that Pai Cing Han is a martial artist who has very high intelligence, thus, it means that he cannot possibly match the intelligence of Pai Tocu. But right now, Bu Bok Sun is also injured and is taking care of her wound which took forty days to recover her pure spirit. Thus, it is impossible for Bu Bok Sun to be disturbed by her calm, because if her attention is distracted, it will certainly cause her harm, where the wounds in her body due to the onslaught of Tat Mo Cauwsu's internal energy will get worse and difficult to heal again.

"Are you still not going to tell the she Bu person about my arrival?" said Pai Cing Han in a cold voice. Lung Kiu Eng had gone awry, he had forced himself to laugh.

“Ah, Pai Tocu certainly wouldn't be so hasty, would it? Let's go in first... we'll talk about it slowly. Bu Bok Sun Susiok's problem can be solved later

finish well…..now let Siauwte entertain you…!” and when he said that, Lung Kiu Eng had glanced at Pai Ing Siu, the little girl who became Pai Cing Han's daughter. Actually, at first he thought that Pai Cing Han's arrival to this place was only to avenge his daughter's heartache, where he had insulted her in the middle of the lake yesterday. But if you pay attention to Pai Cing Han's attitude and words, it seems that the real business is not the business   that is related to the little girl.

Pai Cing Han seemed to be impatient he had already taken two steps.

"If you still don't want to call Bu Bok Sun for her to come out, then let me call her myself!" he said.

Seeing this, Lung Kiu Eng was confused, he stepped in trying to block Pai Cing Han.

However Pai Cing Han moved his right hand, he had scrambled his sleeve.

The speed did seem like ordinary speeding, but the power of the hand was so strong, that Lung Kiu Eng's body seemed to stagger back three steps with a pale face.

But Lung Kiu Eng is one of the Jie Liong Kim Hay who has quite high intelligence, and has been around for quite a long time in the Kangouw circle, so he doesn't want him to just give up. He had tried to laugh, he said: "Pai Tocu, you visiting our place,   this   is   an   honor   for   us      to

Thus   we   say a   lot of   thank   you.       but

should be, if there is a response that does not please Tocu, please just let me know. !”

Pai Cing Han had let out a cold laugh.

He had walked steadily toward the door of the building. At that time there were twelve tall, sturdy men standing in front of the door with their hands ready to be held by their respective machetes.

Lung Kiu Eng had jumped in front of Pai Cing Han shouting: “Pai Tocu, hold on…!” he stretched out his right hand, to grip Pai Cing Han's shoulder.

Pai Cing Han did not stop his footsteps, he stagnated, bent his body slightly, at that time his right hand had accelerated backwards, slightly tilted to his left side, the wind from his palm was rushing strongly against Lung Kiu Eng.

It was at that time that Lung Kiu Eng let out a muffled exclamation, and he felt his chest tighten, he quickly pulled back his hand that was about to grip Pai Cing Han's shoulder. Quickly, he threw himself away to dodge Pai Cing Han's hand.

But Pai Cing Han's speed has struck so strong. Although Lung Kiu Eng had moved very quickly to escape, but in fact his left shoulder had been hit and at that time Lung Kiu Eng's body had staggered back a few steps. His face was pale and he winced in pain. As a martial arts expert who has no low intelligence, indeed Lung Kiu Eng is not afraid to fight with anyone. But he had often heard of the great knowledge and intelligence of Tocu from the island of Cie Hung To. Therefore, he had acted very carefully. But in reality he was still attacked like that, by himself, he had known that he was indeed no match for the Tocu of the Cie Hung To island.

Pai Cing Han had snorted and walked steadily towards the gate of the building.

The twelve men of Lung Kiu Eng had pulled out their respective machetes.

But Pai Cing Han didn't pay any attention to them, he walked on, and his hands were moved in succession, very fast. Immediately, there was a succession of screams, and it seemed that five bodies had been thrown into the air, then slammed onto the ground, so that the five people who had been slammed like that could not immediately get up again, only curled up in pain on the ground.

Pai Cing Han didn't move until that time, at that time two machetes had snatched up towards him, and Pai Cing Han quickly dodged himself. He never underestimated the intelligence of his subordinates Lung Kiu Eng.

After he managed to dodge from the slash of the two machetes, Pai Cing Han seemed to move his hand again, surprisingly three bodies had been thrown away again. The rest of Lung Kiu Eng's men didn't dare to rush forward, they only shouted with loud voices, but they all backed away when Pai Cing Han stepped towards the gate. Lung Kiu Eng at that time had jumped in front of Pai Cing Han, he clasped his hands together, he said in a half pleading voice: “Pai Tocu. I hope you

Don't cause chaos in this place!”

Pai Cing Han laughed coldly.

"Are you going to call that she Bu person to come out to see me or not?" asked Pai Cing Han.

“But my teacher uncle is really in a difficult situation to tell…..!” said Lung Kiu Eng.

"Hmmm, fine, let me drag him out!" said Pai Cing Han. "Get out of the way!"

While saying that, it seemed that Pai Cing Han had moved his right hand and he was waving in a very fast and powerful motion.

Lung Kiu Eng tried to fend off by moving all the strength of the lwekang power he had. But how can he match the strength of the cassava that Pai Cing Han has? mercilessly again his body had bounced and collapsed on the ground, his hand bones had been broken.

Pai Cing Han walked on, and had climbed the third door step, precisely from the inside had appeared someone, who said in a hoarse voice: "Who is looking for me?"

Pai Cing Han raised his head, he saw Bu Bok Sun standing in front of him with a slightly pale face, but he still showed an arrogant attitude, and looked at Pai Cing Han with very sharp eyes.

"Oh, I wish Pai Tocu..!" said Bu Bok Sun later. "What business do you have to insist on meeting me?" "Very nice !" cried Pai Cing Han while looking back at the she Bu. "Finally you came out too! I really wanted to ask you something.

Pai family heirloom book derivatives which lately has become a bone of contention among the people pugilistic ...... and the last news that   I heard,   the book of   inheritance   that   are   in your hands. !”

Bu Bok Sun's face changed, but it was only for a moment because then she laughed bitterly: "That's right, indeed the heirloom book that is being fought over by the people of the martial jungle is in my hands, but the heirloom book is not an heirloom book belonging to the Pai family. !"

"I came to take the book home. Whether you admit it or not, the heirloom belongs to the Pai family, I still want to take it home...... quickly hand over the heirloom   book . !"   

But Bu Bok Sun laughed coldly, saying: "Pai Cing Han, you are a person who has a famous name in the martial jungle... don't you feel ashamed if you admit that the book that is not yours as your book?"

"I don't care about all that. The most important thing now, are you going to hand over the heirloom to me or not?"

"Not !" Bu Bok Sun firmly replied.

“Fine, I will take it myself……!” said Pai Cing Han.

"Yes, as long as you have been able to destroy me."

replied Mrs. Bok Sun.

But while saying that, his heart thought: "Pai Cing Han is Tocu Cie Hung To who has high intelligence, if indeed I wasn't in a state of injury like now, maybe I could have fought for two hundred moves with him. But now I'm injured in

in the body……my shin energy has been partially extinct. !”

Not to mention Bu Bok Sun was thinking completely, that's when Pai Cing Han had said: "Okay, okay... now let's start...!" and Pai Cing Han had his arms raised up to his chest, where Pai Cing Han apparently couldn't wait to start launching attacks on the She Bu people.

“Hold on. !” said Mrs. Bok Sun.

"What else do you want to talk about? Isn't there anything else to talk about?" asked Pai Cing Han in a cold voice.

Bu Bok Sun turned to Pai Ing Siu and said: "That little girl is your daughter, isn't it?"

"Right....!" Pai Cing Han nodded, his heart was surprised to hear Bu Bok Sun talking about his daughter.

"To be honest, at this time I can't accompany you playing games, because I have been injured in the body by someone's attack .... and your daughter also witnessed the incident. If you really want to play with me, come forty another day, of course by that time my wound has healed, where we can play to our heart's content. !”

"Hmm, I don't care about that, the most important thing is that I want you to return the Pai family's heirloom book. !"

"Are you really not ashamed to urge someone who is hurting like me?" asked Mrs. Bok Sun indignantly.

Pai Cing Han laughed coldly. "But you cunning human, I don't believe you.... it's possible that after forty days you've lost track, going somewhere! So right   now I want you to hand over the Pai family's heirloom book to me. !”

“Okay, you're too pushy!” said Bu Bok Sun in a cold voice.

"Thia. !" shouted Pai Ing Siu a moment later the second time

that person is getting ready to complain about knowledge. “What Uncle She Bu said is true, he was the one who was injured by Tat Mo Cauwsu Taisu. !”

"I know. !" replied the father.

Bu Bok Sun laughed coldly.

"Hmmm, I didn't think that Tocu from Cie Hung To was a lowly human, who only usually looked for opportunities to knock down his opponent when the opponent was in a weak state. ! If you really want to

to complain about knowledge, you are certainly willing to wait forty days for my health to recover. !”

"But I didn't come here to complain about knowledge, I also don't have the taste to compete with humans like you.. I just came here to take home an heirloom book belonging to our Pai family!"

Bu Bok Sun was already overwhelmed, she had indeed seen it there was no way she could escape Pai Cing Han's insistence. Finally he nodded.

"Good...!" he said later. "If that's the case, I can't keep denying it."

And after saying that, Bu Bok Sun concentrated her lwekang, she spread her palms, and prepared to await Pai Cing Han's attack. At that time it looked like Pai Cing Han was also getting ready, he took two more steps forward, then he grabbed his right sleeve. The movement he made caused a very strong wind that swirled, and had also struck the deadly part below the solar plexus of   his opponent.

But Bu Bok Sun even though he was injured internally by Tat Mo Cauwsu, but he is a martial figure who has high intelligence, it is not easy for him to just give up, even though he knows Pai Cing Han is not an easy opponent.

Bu Bok Sun quickly dodged herself with a very nimble movement, and with her loud cry, she had lunged back forward, her legs having taken a chain kick.

But Pai Cing Han is moving so fast, he has also repeatedly urged Bu Bok Sun.

The she Bu person had let out a scream several times, as he was about to get hit by the attack, but he still managed to dodge.

Under these circumstances, Bu Bok Sun secretly also complained, because she realized that at least she could only serve her opponent in dozens of moves.

But because his opponent was pressing continuously, he forced himself to exert internal strength, and several times he urged Pai Cing Han, so that the opponent retreated and he could control his breathing.

However, Pai Cing Han is a Tocu Cie Hung To who has very high intelligence, so there is no way he can be pushed around so easily by Bu Bok Sun, especially since she Bu's person is injured. With a twisting motion, Pai Cing Han suddenly grabbed both of his hands.

A strong wind was rushing towards Mrs. Bok Sun, and at the moment that Mrs. Bok Sun's breath had been ragged, she also felt how much her strength had diminished.

“At the most I can only receive ten more moves from him… after that I'll be hit by a fall…!”

Thinking so, Bu Bok Sun has lost her spirit, and she has put all her strength into trying to put up an even stronger fight. However, in fact, his energy has decreased a lot, he has been pushed so hard by his opponent.

Pai Cing Han saw that Ms. Bok Sun was not lying, she was hurting inside, because the resistance given by the She Bu was not that strong and the She Bu's body often wobbled, as if it was about to fall.

But Pai Cing Han didn't want to waste this opportunity, he wanted Bu Bok Sun to return the Pai family heirloom that he wanted.

That was why, repeatedly Pai Cing Han had moved his hands, successively he had launched much stronger and more intense attacks on his opponent who was starting to run out of energy.

Bu Bok Sun desperately dodged herself, if she had to, she would just block it.

But the she Bu person's breath had repeatedly choked as if his throat was blocked, making it difficult for him to straighten his breathing. That way, Bu Bok Sun has to try her best to be able to expedite her breathing. He had moved his hands to parry while straightening his breath. In this way, he was able to slow down the arrival of Pai Cing Han's attack, and using only a few seconds of time he quickly straightened his breathing.

Another ten moves had passed, and Bu Bok Sun had concentrated all of her remaining strength into putting up a fight.

Pai Cing Han kept on urging him, getting louder and louder.

Until finally Bu Bok Sun was pushed helpless again, when Pai Cing Han on one occasion had moved his right hand, he slammed into Bu Bok Sun's head.

Bu Bok Sun complains, “I'm done for this time. !” And he

closed his eyes.

Seeing that, Pai Cing Han resisted the sliding of his hand, he snapped: "Are you still not willing to hand over the Pai family heirloom?"

Mrs. Bok Sun opens her eyes, she oversees Pai Ching Han moment, then he sighed, he said in a voice containing despair, "OK.     I'll hand

that book.      !” and after saying that, Bu Bok Sun reached into

In his pocket, he handed Pai Cing Han a fairly thick book, measuring an inch wide.

Pai Cing Han was overjoyed, he welcomed with his right hand, to accept the book.

But just as Pai Cing Han's finger touched the book, that's when Pai Cing Han felt the wind blowing by his side, a very cold breeze, and suddenly the heirloom book in Bu Bok Sun's hand had been snatched by someone, so Pai Cing Han was stunned. in place for some time.

Pai Cing Han was furious when he realized what had happened, because he saw a man dressed as a fifty year old siucai (student), standing with both hands playing the heirloom book. His face also looks very cheerful showing a wide smile.

“An excellent heirloom book that has claimed many victims..!” said the old student.

"Who are you?" snapped Pai Cing Han in a cold voice. “Give me back the book…!”

The old student turned his head slightly squinted at Pai Cing Han, then said with a laugh, "You must be Tocu from Cie Hung To, am I not right?"

"Not wrong..!" replied Pai Cing Han angrily, “Quickly return the heirloom book, otherwise I will break your neck…!”

Bu Bok Sun who witnessed this was also stunned, she had looked at the old student with   sharp eyes, finally with a stuttering voice she asked: "Aren't you... Bin San Siucai (Student from Mount Bin San)?"

The old student nodded quickly, he was still laughing and said: “Yes, that's right… indeed I am Bin San Siucai Lauw Ho Lun. I didn't think that there were people here who knew me too...!” and after saying that, Bin San Siucai burst out laughing again. Pai Cing Han couldn't help but be patient, he said in a voice filled with anger: "Quickly return the heirloom...!" and Pai Cing Han not only said, he had stepped on his feet, his body had sped up very fast, and his right hand had been moved to fly towards the heirloom book that was in the student's hand.

But Bin San Siucai apparently has high intelligence, because as soon as he saw Pai Cing Han move towards him, he quickly jumped out of the way.

But Pai Cing Han as a martial arts figure whose name shakes the martial jungle, which is easily avoided. As soon as his hand on the   heirloom escaped, he immediately used his palm to hit the shoulder of Bin San Siucai Lauw Ho Lun.

The energy he used was very strong, even though Lauw Ho Lun managed to dodge himself again, his arm could not help but be shaken by the hurricane of the blow, until he felt pain. At that time Bin San Siucai was laughing again, then with an arrogant attitude   he said: "It's not wrong what the people of the martial jungle say, that the tocu from the island of Cie Hung To has amazing intelligence!"

And Bin San Siucai said as he put his right foot, suddenly his body took a stance like he was about to turn, along with mana, his body had soared as far as about four spears, meaning that he was about to leave that place.

Pai Cing Han let out an angry cry. "Where are you going to run to?" and Pai Cing Han's body had also flashed after the Bin San Siucai.

They are people who have high Ginkang, so as soon as they move, their bodies are like shadows. He quickly chased after each other.

Bu Bok Sun sighed, she suddenly saw Pai Ing Siu and Pai Cing Han's wife. Bu Bok Sun's face suddenly brightened.

“Aha, this is a good opportunity,” thought Mrs. Bok Sun, and without wasting any more time, she had jumped over to Pai Ing Siu and her mother.

Pai Ing Siu and his mother when they saw Mrs. Bok Sun approaching them, had a bad feeling about the she Bu, especially when Mrs. Bok Sun had moved her right hand, where she had stretched it out to grab Pai Ing Siu's arm.

Even though he was young, since he was three years old, Pai Ing Siu had been educated by his father, he was quite intelligent. And besides that, this little girl has a very strong heart, so when she saw that Bu Bok Sun was about to grab her arm she jumped aside to dodge.

"Hmmm, where are you going, kid?" snapped Bu Bok Sun in a loud voice, and had advanced again after him, while moving his hands when he arrived near the little girl, he intended to grab the little girl's arm.

However Pai Ing Siu had moved his right hand to strike.

"Bukkk....!" Mrs. Bok Sun chest hit didihantamnya indeed   Mrs.   Bok   Sun   at   once   not   trying to   evade. But the right hand of Mrs. Bok Sun has extended gripping the wrist Pai Siu Ing.

Pai Ing Siu was shocked when he felt his wrist hurt so bad, he also let out a loud exclamation. But at the same time, he remembered the moves taught by Tat Mo Cauwsu, namely "Sam Kun Pa Houw", so he immediately moved his other hand while lowering his body, carrying out the moves he got from the Indian priest.

Incredibly, Pai Ing Siu's wrist, which was originally gripped by Bu Bok Sun, was released, because Bok Sun felt the blood path of "Kie-me Hiat" hit hard. Even though the punch can't kill it, in fact the knowledge of "Sam Kun Pa Hauw" is a very powerful punch, where even though it's only in the form of three moves, it has a target that can be deadly. Fortunately, Pai Ing Siu is a little girl whose inner strength is not that much, by having her spot on Bu Bok Sun's "Kie me hiat" blood path, it is not lethal. But it has made Bu Bok Sun stagger with her hands feeling weak and powerless. This is what causes the grip to be released.

After being stunned for a moment, Bu Bok Sun shouted angrily:   “Where are you going?” His body was also very agile to catch up to Pai Ing Siu who was running towards his mother.

Pai Cing Han's wife is a beautiful and gentle woman, she does not study martial arts, so she is now seeing her daughter being chased by Bu Bok Sun like that, where her daughter's safety is being threatened, she is very worried. When Pai Ing Siu arrived near him, he immediately embraced him. Bu Bok Sun at that time had arrived, and with a smirk she said: "Hmmm, I have to take you mother and child ..!" and both hands stretched out simultaneously, his right hand stabbed the path of Lu Yang's blood and the path of Ku lim's blood on Pai Ing Siu's body, while his left hand stabbed the path of the blood of Siang Hong on the body of Mrs. Pai, so there is no mercy anymore the mother and child have been knocked down and can't fall. move again.

Bu Bok Sun burst out laughing, then turned to Lung Kiu Eng, saying: "Squash these two people!"

Under normal circumstances, of course Lung Kiu Eng would be very happy to arrest the mother and daughter, but now that he knows that the mother and child are the wife and child of Pai Cing Han, a martial arts figure who has very high intelligence, his heart is shrinking. .

“Susiok… won't it be dangerous… this… this will certainly bring about a tremendous amount of anger towards Pai Cing Han… of course… will certainly lead to unpleasant affairs…!” while saying that, Lung Kiu Eng has been watching Bu Bok Sun with doubtful eyes.

Bu Bok Sun snorted, and then laughed coldly, saying: “Simply and don't need to ask too many questions, I will be responsible for everything that will happen in the future...


Lung Kiu Eng did not dare to disobey his uncle's orders, he immediately signaled to his subordinates, and together they arrested Pai Ing Siu and his mother.

Mothers and children who had been captured was brought into their headquarters, and Mrs. Bok Sun hopes, if indeed Pai Ching Han regained the book heirloom     from     the hands of     Bin     San     Siucai,     then     he     wanted to use women and children as goods ransom and   he is confident that Pai Cing Han certainly loved his wife and children more than the heirloom book.


PAI CING HAN who was chasing Bin San Siucai at that time was filled with tremendous anger, he had lost his spirit and chased quickly, but Bin San Siucai also had a very high ginkang, so he could run fast without being overtaken by Pai Cing Han.

Their bodies flashed from the area, in a short time had gone through dozens of lies, and also Pai Cing Han had been chasing faster and faster.

Bin San Siucai several times had shouted in a loud mocking voice to Pai Cing Han: “Aha, aha, let's race to compete for running speed, do you really have a perfect ginkang? Come on, chase me

....!” and while mocking so, Bin San Siucai Lauw Ho   Lun has run even faster.

Such pursuit continued, until it finally appeared that Pai Cing Han had managed to shorten their distance, which was only about four spears apart.

At that time they were in a forest of grass fields on the right side of which there was a fairly wide forest. And Bin San Siucai has been running towards the forest.

Seeing this Pai Cing Han was worried that he would lose track of his prey, he had lost his spirit, while letting out a loud yelling sound, knowingly Pai Cing Han had set his feet, his body was like a ball spinning in mid-air, twisting, and when it landed on the ground , he was hit again, his body bounced back into midair, twisted again, then slid less than a spear apart near Bin San Siucai.

The student was also surprised when he felt the wind rushing on the side of his body, he had moved his left hand, striking towards Pai Cing Han.

But when Pai Cing Han descended, he had prepared his strength, where as soon as Bin San Siucai attacked him, he parried with his right hand, the impact of the two hands was very strong, Bin San Siucai's body shook violently, but he only took one step back, and pulled back the hand his left.