Tat Mo Cauwsu Volume 15

Volume XV

TAT MO CAUWSU nodded, he expressed his willingness to advise Auwyang Siung Bun. Even though Tat Mo Cauwsu realized that this seemingly small request actually contained a big responsibility, because by agreeing to advise Auwyang Siung Bun, it meant that Tat Mo Cauwsu had to find the she Auwyang person, to advise him later or attack him...!

After gathering with the beggars for four days, Tat Mo Cauwsu said goodbye to continue his journey. Before leaving, Tat Mo Cauwsu reminded Sun Cie Po to be careful when dealing with Kwee Bo In or Keuki Takashi.

Sun Cie Po also nodded while stating that he was thinking about the best way to master Kwee Bo In and Keuki Takashi. According to Sun Cie Po, he wanted to avoid this temporary meeting with the two of them, because no matter how he admitted that his intelligence was not enough to deal with the two of them, If he mobilized his men, it would probably only result in disaster and no small number of casualties. So the best way is to avoid clashing with those two.

Glad Tat Mo Cauwsu heard that, he had praised Sun Cie Po's wisdom. "Indeed, giving up does not mean we lose, but giving in for the benefit and safety of many people, is a very wise action"

said Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Then the priest excused himself, Sun Cie Po and several Kaypang figures had escorted him to the south gate of the city.

Tat Mo Cauwsu traveled to the west, he wanted to wander and travel to increase his knowledge.

Most of all he wanted to travel through the entire mainland of China. Since in India he has heard about the beauty of the natural landscape and the atmosphere in the southern region, namely in Kanglam. So he intends to go to Kanglam for a cruise while seeing the beauty that is there.

Kanglam is a southern area that has the most beautiful scenery compared to all areas in mainland China. Because this southern area has very good weather, sufficient heat and also with attractive natural beauty. Kanglam girls are also known for their flexibility.

Tat Mo Cauwsu when he entered the southern area, he saw the trees growing fertile and very beautiful and also the many lakes in this area were very interesting with clear water. And the long meandering rivers have clear, clean water.

Everything he saw generally contained a beauty that was hard to forget.

Tat Mo Cauwsu was very happy to be in the area, because the air was not too hot and not too cold. That day, Tat Mo Cauwsu was on the outskirts of a fairly large lake. He saw the lake water was bluish and very clear.

Tat Mo Cauwsu stood there for a long time, his mind wandering thinking about his hometown. In India Tat Mo Cauwsu did not have any relatives, he had entered the Buddha's door since childhood and diligently studied the Buddha's teachings.

Tat Mo Cauwsu's father died of an infectious disease, while Tat Mo Cauwsu's mother died of childbirth. So as an orphan, his aunt has taken care of him. When he was four years old, Tat Mo Cauwsu was able to express his desire to enter the door of the Buddha.

And the aunt thought, by being in the monastery, of course Tat Mo Cauwsu would live a more organized and better life when compared to his care who lived in such poverty. So Tat Mo Cauwsu's wish to enter the path of the Buddha was fulfilled by his aunt.

Since then Tat Mo Cauwsu studied the Buddha's teachings and when he was in his teens Tat Mo Cauwsu received news that his aunt had died. It was a feeling of sadness churning in his heart for a while.

But as a Buddhist who already has a strong grip and spirituality, Tat Mo Cauwsu can overwhelm his sad feelings. He became more and more diligent in living the Buddha's teachings, until finally his teacher allowed him to leave the monastery to increase knowledge and do noble deeds.

But from one of the residents he heard that an envoy from Emperor Ming Ti had arrived, the Emperor of the Chinese mainland, Emperor Ming Ti had ordered his envoy to find out about Buddhism. So Tat Mo Cauwsu's heart was attracted to wander the mainland of China.

Because Tat Mo Cauwsu had no friends in the palace, and he couldn't meet directly the envoy of Emperor Ming Ti, finally Tat Mo Cauwsu decided to go on a solo trip to China.

With his strong determination, he finally arrived on the mainland of China.

All the events that were experienced on his journey were considered beautiful, because Tat Mo Cauwsu considered all of them, pleasures and miseries, just an experiment for his faith.

Remembering all that, Tat Mo Cauwsu took a deep breath. For almost two years he has been traveling on the mainland of China and he has had quite a number of experiences that make his soul more mature, wherever he sees, every event he experiences, always has something to do with the teachings of the Buddha.

"That's right," thought Tat Mo Cauwsu further. "If only Emperor Ming Ti's desire was to invite Buddhism to enter mainland China, of course the masters of mainland China, who generally engaged in evil deeds, could certainly be guided to take the straight path. and clean.... Buddhism seems to be indispensable. !”

(The incident   that Emperor Ming Ti sent his envoys to find out about Buddhism to Hindustan occurred years ago, and all of that is recorded in history books and the book 'Han History'. The envoy of Emperor Ming Ti of the Eastern Han Dynasty finally returned with two people. Buddhist priests, who spread the teachings of the Buddha, which is called Dharma).

After standing for a while longer on the edge of the lake, finally Tat Mo Cauwsu had sighed as he turned his body to leave.

But at that time his eyes saw something in the middle of the lake, so Tat Mo Cauwsu canceled his intention to leave, he had stayed where he was watching the black dot that was sliding over the water of the lake.

After watching for a long time, and the object on the water was coming closer, he immediately saw a big big boat that was gliding quickly towards him.

Tat Mo Cauwsu had been watching closely, because he was a little surprised to see the boat gliding fast on the surface of the lake water.

Although pedaled fast, but the boat could not slide as fast as it should. However, the boat he saw this time was actually gliding fast, as if flying over the surface of the lake water.

It was an oddity that attracted the priest from India.

For a moment Tat Mo Cauwsu stood in his place again, until finally the small boat quickly arrived near him.

The passenger of the boat was a fifteen year old girl.

Her face is beautiful, her hair is in a bun, she wears all white clothes, her kun is also white with a red belt around her waist. When he arrived at the pond, the girl had smiled and nodded at Tat Mo Cauwsu.

The priestess from India nodded back at him, while the girl with a very nimble movement had jumped to the shore, her movements like a swallow.

Tat Mo Cauwsu was amazed to see that at such a young age, the girl already has such high body lightening skills. He had sighed and praised: “Omitohud!” several times in a low voice.

"Taisu..! Will you accompany me to play the boat?" the girl had reprimanded him. His attitude was lively and very sweet, he also seemed not to care that this foreign priest was unknown to him, he greeted him as if he had known the priest for a long time.

Tat Mo Cauwsu was also pleased to see the innocent and open attitude of the girl. He saw it, the girl's eyes were clear and very beautiful, with a sharp nose and thin lips, her skin was also smooth white as well as competing with the white of the kun she was wearing.

"Little miss," said Tat Mo Cauwsu with a smile too. "Aren't you worried that your boat will capsize by riding it so fast?"

"Reverse? Don't be afraid Taisu, I guarantee there's no way this boat will capsize! Was Taisu afraid to go on a boat with me? Let's play a boat, of course it's fun! Instead of just standing there without any joy….” The lively and sweet manner and demeanor of the girl, who spoke without much custom, but was not impudent. It just shows that this girl has an innocent nature.

Tat Mo Cauwsu is also happy to be friends with this little girl, because the little girl who is still pure and seems innocent is not overwhelmed by cunning wits, is a pleasant companion.

"What about Taisu, you refused my invitation?" asked the little girl again.

"Will your parents not scold you if you always play with the boat?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu without giving an answer to the girl's question, he even asked that question back.

Asked about her parents, the girl's face turned gloomy, she had looked down for a moment, but then she lifted her head laughing again.

"My parents are both bad, they don't pay attention to me, I play everywhere they never look for it! Come on Taisu, let's play boats...!" take the little girl again.

Tat Mo Cawusu nodded slowly, he said: “Okay, but you have to be careful driving your boat, don't be like that the boat was launched so fast. ”

The little girl laughed amusedly, apparently she was laughing at Tat Mo Cauwsu's attitude which she thought was afraid and had a small soul. But this little girl was alone, she had no friends, so this priestess could add to her joy according to her estimation. Moreover, he saw that Tat Mo Cauwsu was a patient priest, even though he was a foreign priest.

With agile movements, the little girl had jumped onto the boat again, sitting on the edge of the boat.

The movements that occurred on the boat didn't seem to affect the girl, she seemed to have a steady body balance, she could sit quietly. Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't want to show his intelligence, he just said: "Close your boat first, with such a long distance it's hard for me to jump into it!" he said patiently. "I might fall in..."

The little girl laughed again, she pushed the boat closer with the touch of the tip of the paddle on the surface of the water.

Seeing the way the girl moved the boat, Tat Mo Cauwsu was surprised too, because in this way the girl had shown she was using a lwekang that was high enough to channel it into her paddle wood and had touched the surface of the water, so that the boat slid quickly to shore.

"This girl is still very young in age, but she has such high internal energy who knows who her parents are,

And I don't know who the teacher is. ?” thought Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Meanwhile the end of the boat had docked to the edge of the lake, Tat Mo Cauwsu stepped into the boat. He sat in the other corner of the boat, opposite the girl.

"Already?" asked the little girl laughing. "Already? What's up?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu in surprise.

"Is Taisu sitting well...?" asked the little girl. "Don't let this boat slide too fast, Taisu will fall into the lake water......!" and after saying that, the little girl laughed in amusement as well.

Tat Mo Cauwsu couldn't help but laugh too, he nodded.

"Already. ready!" he said.

The girl moved her paddle. But unlike fishermen in general, pedaling boats is by pedaling using the edge of the paddle wood that goes into the water, then pushing it so that the boat can slide, then this girl just moves the wooden paddle until it reaches the surface of the lake water, she seems to be beating hit the water of the lake with the wooden ledge of the paddle, and strangely enough, the boat seemed to be pushed by a very great force, was sliding very fast.

Tat Mo Cauwsu who watched the way the girl moved the boat, knew that this little girl had used her inner strength.

No wonder that this boat had slid as fast as it flew on the surface of the lake water. Tat Mo Cauwsu also just found out why the boat was coming so fast.

"But what is strange," thought Tat Mo Cauwsu. “A girl this small already has such a tall lwekang… a bit extraordinary too..!”

But even though his heart was filled with astonishment, Tat Mo Cauwsu had remained silent.

Meanwhile, the girl with agile movements has been moving the paddle, where she repeatedly tapped the paddle wood on the surface of the water.

Among the sounds of plakk, ploooookk, plaaaakk, then the boat was sliding very fast.

In the midst of the wind blowing, it's fun to play with a boat like that.

The little girl had turned to Tat Mo Cauwsu she laughed and asked: "Taisu, are you happy playing boats like this...?" he asked. "No!"

"Not ?" The girl's mouth popped out. "Why not cheer up Taisu?"

"You've been driving this boat so fast and so terrible..!"

"Taisu is afraid of falling into the water of this lake?" asked the little girl again.

"Yes. !"

"Don't be afraid, if Taisu falls into the lake water, I will help..."

"But later my robes are all wet.." said Tat Mo Cauwsu.

"I guarantee you won't get splashed!" finally the little girl had answered in an irritated voice.

"Hmm, why can you be so sure that I won't fall? Whereas right now I see the boat sliding so fast...?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu, he did it on purpose, because he wanted to know what the girl would say.

But the little girl was busy for a while with the slapping of the wooden paddle on the surface of the lake water. He had patted dozens of times,   until he finally said, "I have some kind of strange boat playing skill, not just anyone can use this method! Taisu has seen, boats glide without pedaling, right?" when he said that, the little girl showed a feeling of great pride.

Tat Mo Cauwsu had agreed while in his heart this priest was actually very happy, because he really wanted to know who the girl's parents really were. And he also wanted to know exactly where this girl came from.

At that time the girl had said again, while her hands were still busy moving the paddles that were pounded against the surface of the lake water.

"My mom and dad can do this, and I just two months ago could do it. ! But this boat

already able to glide fast, right?”

"So fast, I'm afraid that this boat will capsize. replied Tat Mo Cauwsu.

While in his heart he thought, "So fast he said it was "quite fast" while his mother and father could do it very quickly....how can a boat that usually glides faster than this move? Certainly like flying."

“My father and mother are very good at mastering boats, they can make the boat they are riding in addition to flying very fast, they can also make the boat jump   and can also slide up the waterfall. !”

"What ?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu somewhat surprised.

"Boats can climb waterfalls..." explained the little girl again.

"I do not believe. ”

“Don't believe it?” “Yes!”

"It's a shame my mom and dad aren't here, otherwise they would be able to show Taisu an example!" said the girl. “If the boat slides down from the top down with a waterfall curtain, maybe it can…… but if the boat hits the spilled water to go up, how can that happen?”

Hearing Tat Mo Cauwsu's question, the little girl laughed again.

"I'm not lying, Taisu, what I say can indeed be done by my father and mother."

"Then surely both of your parents have very high intelligence."

“Yes……they are indeed warriors who have very big names and are respected by friends and foes alike.” replied the little girl.

But responding to that, this little girl seemed to regret having talked too much, so she said later in a cheerful voice: "Never mind, we better have fun playing boats. Why should we talk about my parents?"

And with great enthusiasm the little girl was moving her paddle wood even faster patting the surface of the water.

Then it was immediately seen that the boat in which Tat Mo Cauwsu and the little girl was traveling was going faster and faster until the end of the boat was often lifted up from the surface of the water as if it were flying.

At least Tat Mo Cauwsu was amazed at the ability of this young little girl to master the boat.

"Indeed, when compared with other martial tokoh2, lwekang the girl is not how high, but the intelligence    to master    the boat    by   using lwekang a new thing the first time I've seen."

thought Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Tat Mo Cauwsu cheerfully accompanied the little girl to play with the boat.

Until finally one day from the middle of the lake another boat slid. The boat that had just arrived was not going so fast.

The little girl saw it too, after paying attention, she saw that the riders of the boat were two middle-aged men, aged between forty-five years.

"Let's play them!" said the little girl cheerfully.

“Don't.” prevented Tat Mo Cauwsu.

But the little girl paid no heed to it, she had patted the surface of the water with her paddle slightly tilted.

The boat had turned and slid again onto the boat of the two middle-aged men who were gliding toward it.

Tat Mo Cauwsu sighed.

"This kid doesn't understand danger yet! He still likes to play with other people... if those two people like to play with him, but if they don't? Or if that person's boat capsizes, isn't that a problem?"

Tat Mo Cauwsu had thought so intended to prevent the girl from continuing. But he saw that the little girl had been moving her hands faster than before. It could be seen that the boat that Tat Mo Cauwsu and the little girl were traveling on was getting faster and faster, tracking the arrival of the boat that the two people were on.

The two people in the boat who had just arrived at first showed a feeling of surprise watching the boat that was sliding towards it very quickly, he was also surprised to see that the passenger was a foreign priest with a little girl. What surprised them was that they saw the foreign priest sitting quietly. It was the little girl who had been moving her paddle sticks hitting the surface of the water, making the boat slide very fast.

She meant that she wanted to cut off the gliding of the two people's boats, so that they would be surprised. But when this girl crossed and laughed, one of the two boat passengers moved the paddle, he had hit the stern of the girl's boat.

The blow let out a roaring wind, the girl was shocked, if the blow hit the stern of the boat, beside the boat it could be damaged, it could also overturn and they, namely him and Tat Mo Cauwsu, could fall into the lake water.

The little girl let out a small exclamation sound as she quickly moved her paddle to hit fast.

The boat went faster. But the man's paddle was actually very long, he stayed with his strokes, so that the stern of the boat would be his target.

Tat Mo Cauwsu himself was shocked.

He saw the man hit the stern of the boat instead of using ordinary force. Behind the power of the blow it seemed to contain the strength of thousands of catties, so if the blow did hit the stern of the boat, surely besides the stern of the little girl's boat it would be damaged, it would also make the girl fall into the water.

Quickly Tat Mo Cauwsu held the two sides of his boat with both hands.

The lwekang's power was exerted in both hands, then while stomping and making a small exclamation sound, Tat Mo Cauwsu made his boat 'fly' gliding fast forward!

By itself the paddle's wooden stroke hit the empty place, he hit the surface of the splattered lake water and wet his own face...!

It's just that the man got angry, because he felt he was being played with.

Meanwhile, one of his friends had turned the bow of his boat after the girl's boat.

But the little girl didn't run away, she let the boat sit still waiting for the two of them. Earlier when the boat was 'flying' gliding up from the surface of the water, he assumed that it was the result of the sledgehammer slapping the wooden surface.

Of course this girl was more than happy to serve the two people, who wanted to be made fun of, she didn't even know that Tat Mo Cauwsu had been helping her secretly.

The two men had been rowing their boat toward the girl's boat. Their faces were thin three squares like the faces of rats, moreover with thin mustaches and long thin beards, their condition was unsightly. One of the people sitting at the end of the boat near the girl's boat, had said in a voice that was not pleasing to the ear:

"Little monkey...!" he said in a fierce voice. "Why are you toying with us?"

“Playing? I'm not playing at all

! Only you stupid langurs can't control your boat properly!” replied the little girl.

Hearing the girl's words, the two people became even more displeased. One of them had called the girl a rude little monkey, but now that they were being called as lutung2 just made them even more irritated.

No one had ever dared to be so rude to them.

But now a little girl has dared to call them langurs...! Then you can imagine the feeling of anger and anger of the two people.

The one who had been reprimanded earlier, shouted again in a cold voice containing anger: "You dare to speak so presumptuously and impudently, do you know who you are dealing with?"

The little girl smiled brightly and cutely, she said calmly not showing the slightest feeling of fear either: “I told you that you are an idiot! Why are you asking again? I clearly knew I was dealing with stupid langurs like you guys…!” and after answering like that, the girl moved her paddle, she had patted the surface of the lake water, meaning she    wanted to    leave the    two    people    ,   because her heart was satisfied with cursing and toying with the two people.

The boat slides fast.

But the two middle-aged people didn't want to let the girl walk away, they had made a cry almost in unison:

"Hey, don't go...!" and both of them were busy rowing their boat.

Seeing the girl's boat moving fast on the surface of the water, they became curious. The two of them had pulled out their lwekang, and had been pedaling with great force, with each stroke they made the boat glide as fast as it flew.

The girl was shocked to see she could not escape from the pursuit of the two people.

He quickly moved to beat the surface of the water harder.

Tat Mo Cauwsu felt sorry for the little girl's condition, he smiled.

And secretly Tat Mo Cauwsu was holding the two sides of the boat.

While issuing cries, he had channeled his lwekang power, so at that moment the boat slid very fast like flying on the surface of the lake water.

In a very short time the two men's boat had fallen far behind.

But the little girl didn't know that it was all Tat Mo Cauwsu's help that was done secretly, she guessed that it was all thanks to her sprinting strokes which had indeed been accelerated. "Look at Taisu…..isn't my intelligence very interesting? Doesn't Taisu feel like a boat is flying on the surface of the water?"

Tat Mo Cauwsu nodded.

“Yeah, yeah, you're really great, kid……!” replied Tat Mo Cauwsu with a big smile, glad he saw the little girl so happy.

But the two middle-aged men didn't seem willing to let go of the girl, they continued to pedal fast in pursuit.

"We have to leave them, Taisu! You see they had not been angry ...... their faces so scary   at all   !   We   must   avoid    ourselves    from   them."

"If you know fear now, why did you toy with them?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu.

"I don't think they're human beings who are quick to anger...!" replied the girl. “Ihhhh, if I knew they were a nation of angry humans, of course I wouldn't want to invite them to play around...! Wait a minute Taisu, let me stay away from them first, later after they can't catch up with us, then we can play with the boat again. !”

And after saying that, the girl had moved her paddle wood.

It seemed that he wanted to get away from the pursuit of the two people, but even though he had put his strength into it, he still couldn't make the boat go as fast as before without the help of Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Secretly Tat Mo Cauwsu himself had been thinking: “Let those two catch up, I want to see what they want to   do   .   And   that is   especially   so,   in order to be a lesson for the little girl, so on the other when not too naughty and not too idle to bully others! "

Thinking that Tat Mo Cauwsu had been silent so the girl panicked too, because even though she had moved the paddle sticks hitting the water surface quite hard, the boat could only slide fast, but not as fast as before when Tat Mo Cauwsu helped her.

"Strange... am I tired and exhausted?" muttered the little girl. “I can't make this boat go any faster. ”

Having assumed that her strength had been exhausted, this girl brought out all of her strength.

But the clapping of the paddles still could only make the boat glide within a certain speed limit.

While the two people who were chasing him, had used their lwekang power, channeled it into the oars, so every time they pedaled and pushed, by borrowing the power of the thrust, they had made their boat glide very fast.

The longer the distance between the girl and the man's boat was getting closer.

This situation made the little girl panicked even more until she was sweating because she was hitting the paddle too fast on the surface of the water.

In fact, Tat Mo Cauwsu felt sorry for the little girl's condition.

But this Indian priest intends to teach this little girl a lesson, so that next time she will not be too fun to prank people she doesn't know. So Tat Mo Cauwsu had just watched in silence. While the boat of the two men was sliding closer and closer to the girl's boat. Perhaps soon, the two men's boat would catch up with him.

"Woe to Taisu!" exclaimed the little girl somewhat panicked and nervous.

"Why ?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu pretending to be uneasy.

“They can certainly catch up with us……!” said the little girl rather panicked.

"If they can catch up with us just let it be, why should we be nervous?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu with a smile, "at least they just passed our boat?"

"It's good that Taisu said that.... if they catch up with us, woe to us! Taisu didn't see, they were angry! If later we hit our heads with a sledgehammer, of course we will be harmed! For me it's still better, maybe I can fight it using the martial arts I have! Or if I lose, I can just jump into the water and hide to hide from them! But Taisu? How will Taisu be?


Hearing the girl's words, Tat Mo Cauwsu secretly thought in his heart: "This little girl is very kind....

in such circumstances he still had time to think about my safety. !”

Thinking so, Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled and answered the girl's words: "You don't need to think about me, because if I had to fall into this lake, I could swim!"

Tat Mo Cauwsu deliberately said that, because he wanted to calm the little girl's heart. While the little girl had been busy moving her paddle, repeatedly she had said: "But if they dare to disturb us, my parents will certainly not understand....they will surely be beaten by my parents!" the time mumbled so , the girl seems so sure.

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled, while in his heart said: “This little girl is big hearted, she is very brave. But he seems to rely too much on his parents who are probably very famous. But how could his parents help him in this situation, aren't his parents here?"

At that time the boats of the two middle-aged men had slid very close, their faces showed a cynical and mocking attitude, even one of them had said: "Little monkey, don't expect you to escape from our hands!"

And indeed the boat had reached the side of the little girl's boat. That person had looked sharply at the little girl and Tat Mo Cauwsu in turn, then to the little girl he said in a loud voice: "The way you use the paddle wood to launch your boat is a distinct skill of the island master Cie Hung To, there are still what relationship do you have with Pai Cing Han?”

The little girl had laughed in a cold voice, she said in a bold voice: “You know my father? Hemm, if that's the case, why do you still dare to be rude to me?”

The faces of the two rat-faced men   changed, he looked at each other, then the person who had said that had said in a hesitant voice: "You are the daughter of Pai Cing Han?"

"Exactly!" replied the little girl with a dashing attitude because she knew the two middle-aged men were a bit nervous after finding out she was Princess Pai Cing Han.

But the other man said in a hoarse voice, "It's unbelievable that we've already chased him, just destroy it... we can deal with Pai Cing Han   later! Let's just say this daughter had an accident while playing a boat and drowned in the water of this lake! Good, isn't it?"

But the first one was still hesitating, he glanced at Tat Mo Cauwsu.

"This priest seems to be a foreign minister," he said then to the little girl. "Is he your father's guest?"

"No, he's my guest, I invited him earlier so he wants to play boat with me...!" innocently the girl gave the truthful information.

Hearing that, the two of them were relieved. They   had looked at each other and then smiled at each other meaningfully.

"Okay little miss, actually you have bothered us first, and we didn't hurt you, right? Later after you return to your father's place, are you going to tell your parents about this?"

"Certain ! Of course ! So that you will be punished!” said the little girl in a loud voice. Actually he answered like that with the intention of bullying the two people, but the people's response was quite different. In fact, if the girl gave an answer that she wouldn't take this matter too long and didn't even know who the two people were, maybe the business would end there... but with that answer, it actually made the two of them changed his face to be more unsightly.

The person who asked earlier laughed coldly, he said in a bland voice: "Hmmmm, if we have bothered you already, I'd better destroy you!"

The little girl seemed to know that she had a speech error, so she quickly said: "If you want to go now and don't bother me, of course later I will tell my father and mother that you are two very kind uncles...!"

But the two of them knew that this little girl only wanted to get away from them, so they didn't fully believe those words.

"We can't believe your words, it's better for you to be spent, destroyed and drowned at the bottom of this lake, so that we don't have to receive threats in the future!"

"Do you dare to harm us?" asked the girl in a half disbelieving voice, because she knew the two of them would know that her father and mother were famous people who were respected by all the experts in the martial arts jungle and also of course these two people would not dare to bump into their parents.

But the two of them had looked at each other for a moment, then it seemed that they had moved their oars, it seemed that they wanted to launch an attack using their oars. The girl was also surprised to see the attitude of the two people, she quickly exclaimed: "You guys..."

But his voice had not yet finished speaking, in fact the two pedaling logs had moved to grab. One of them had moved his sledgehammer towards the girl's head, while the other had moved it against Tat Mo Cauwsu's head.

The attack that the two men did was not a light attack, because they launched an attack using a fairly high internal power, the attack wind was very strong.

Tat Mo Cauwsu, who saw this, felt less than happy, because he saw that these two people were quite careless and cruel at heart.

Against a little girl like that they had launched an attack using a deadly move and their intention was of course to destroy the girl in order to keep her mouth shut.

At that time the wood that grabbed at Tat Mo Cauwsu had arrived very close, this priest because he really felt displeased with the two people, had stretched out his left hand, suddenly he was able to grab the edge of the pedal wood.

The person was shocked, he made a surprised cry and wanted to pull the paddle again. But even the slightest oars that were blocked by Tat Mo Cauwsu did not budge.

While his comrade who was launching an attack with his sledgehammer at the girl, having heard his comrade's surprised cry, he canceled his attack and quickly turned around. At the same time as he turned his head, Tat Mo Cauwsu was pushing while accompanied by a muttering voice: "Go away!"

Tat Mo Cauwsu's thrust seemed to be very slow, but the pushing force of this priest was very strong, without being able to defend himself any longer it seemed that the person's body was pushed back and as if pushed by   some invisible force, his body had staggered a few steps and then plunged into lake!

Water was splattered here and there because the person's body was crushed.

His friend so did not continue to hit the girl, he had been pedaling his boat while holding out his hand, grabbed his friend's hand,

By using the "Lee Ie Ta Teng" or "Meletik Cork Fish" movement, it appears that the body of the person who had fallen into the lake has jumped onto the boat as well, but his body is already soaking wet, although he did not suffer any injuries.

With expressions of rage the two men had been watching the Indian priest. In fact, one of them has rebuked: "Who are you, Taisu..?" reprimand them. “We Jie Liong Kim Hay (Two Dragons from the Sea of Gold) have never had a relationship with and have anything to do with you…, why are you interfering in our business?! Apparently you don't have low intelligence either!"

Hearing the mention of the two people's nicknames, the girl's face turned pale.

Jie Liong Kim Hay are the two masters who control   this lake ,   they have   indeed   been   across the place for a dozen years without ever meeting a match. Even the girl's father often told him about these two masters.

But seeing that Tat Mo Cauwsu was able to easily push his one opponent down, the girl became heartened again, she had laughed.

"Taisu, apparently you have   high intelligence ..." he said, "Good! Good! Beat those two Taisu, so they know the customs..."

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled at the words of this naughty girl.

“If they don't urge us, let them go!!” said Tat Mo Cauwsu. “But if indeed they did evil deeds, even if they asked for forgiveness, of course Siauwceng would not forgive him. !”

“Indeed they are two big bad guys who always do bad things! My parents actually wanted to find them, so we have come to this place!” The girl had said that on purpose, because she heard that Tat Mo Cauwsu only wanted to beat them up if they were criminals.

Jie Liong Kim Hay's face had turned furious, they were furious at the girl.

But seeing that the priest from India seemed to have high intelligence, they didn't dare to be careless.

At that time one of them had said: "Taisu, if indeed you and the Pai family do not have any relationship, don't interfere in our business!" Tat Mo Cauwsu had clasped his hands together, he remained seated.

"Siancai! Siancai! Even though I don't really know this little lady's parents, I can't witness any evil deeds just by hugging.

indeed gentlemen have no other business, please go. !”

But Jie Liong Kim Hay was both annoyed and curious, one of them had been thrown, and they thought it was because they weren't alert, so now where would they want to just walk away like the loser?

If this matter gets out, won't their famous names be spoiled and later the martial arts people will say that Jie Liong Kim Hay is a useless human being, they will also be looked down upon by the martial arts masters.

Thinking so, one of the two Dragons of the Golden Ocean had said in a cold voice: “We always treat people we don't know, we always give our opponents a chance to get out of our way before we intervene! But if Taisu is stubborn and tough, don't let Taisu regret us!”

Saying that, it looked like the two of them were getting ready, because their right hands had grabbed the hilts of the swords that were tucked above their backs, with a "Sringgg...!" sound. they have drawn out their own swords.

The little girl who saw this was laughing, she wasn't afraid, on the contrary, she was excited to see the commotion that was about to happen. "Look at Taisu, they are evil humans, we are a little wrong, they are certainly playing murder!" said the little lady in a loud voice.

Tat Mo Cauwsu laughed.

"Alright, I'll accompany you guys to play some tricks...!" said Tat Mo Cauwsu then in a patient voice. "And Siauwceng will also ask for teachings from you...!" After saying that, it seemed that Tat Mo Cauwsu took a prepared stance, and remained calm in his place.

While the two Jie Liong Kim Hays had been moving their swords in an extremely fast motion, two long silver rays had shot towards Tat Mo Cauwsu.

The little girl's eyes glazed over, she was also worried for Tat Mo Cauwsu's safety, until the little lady had let out a muffled scream.

But Tat Mo Cauwsu, who witnessed the two Jie Liong Kim Hay's who had so intervened, had launched such a sharp stab and stab, which of course made him angry too. But as a highly knowledgeable person, he did not want to lower his hard hand. This priest just stretched out his right hand, using his index finger, he had flicked his opponent's sword.

"Tringgg...!" the two swords at once had been successfully flicked. At which point the two swords seemed to have bounced hard, almost snatching back at their respective masters.

Luckily Jie Liong Kim Hay had ginkang and alert eyes, so they quickly tilted their heads while   exerting their lwekang   power on their hands to block the movement of the sword, thus avoiding the faces of those who almost fell victim to their own weapons.       

At that time Tat Mo Cauwsu had said in a patient voice: "You guys are indeed two evil-hearted humans, you have tried to harm us...!" he said. "And I think two bad humans like you should receive what they deserve. Sorry, Siauwceng will step in a little harder. !”

Jie Liong Kim Hay at that time was also very curious, they did not understand why this priest from India had such high intelligence. And now hearing the words of the priest, they became even more irritated. With a loud shout, suddenly their respective swords had grabbed with the power of the lwekang that shrouded their two swords, then the two swords seemed to flash towards the neck and chest of Tat Mo Cauwsu.

But Tat Mo Cauwsu still stood quietly in his place, when the two swords were close, he only dodged by moving his body a little. And at the same time, he also accompanied by moving his right hand.

The movements made by Tat Mo Cauwsu were very fast and difficult to see clearly by ordinary eyes.

With a “Bukkk...!” sound twice it appeared that the bodies of the two men had been hurled violently into the air, thrown out of their boats, and plunged into the water, so that the water splattered like a water flower which looked very beautiful.

The little girl who witnessed this incident made a loud cheering sound, it seemed that she was overjoyed. In fact, he had pranced a few times to show his overflowing joy, until the boat rocked and rocked.

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled, in a patient voice said to Jie Liong Kim Hay who was crawling on their boat again. Their bodies looked drenched, "You two go away, next time don't disturb good people again....... Siauwceng wants to spare your souls..!"

But Jie Liong Kim Hay, who had experienced the unfortunate event, became curious and gripped their swords firmly.

"Taisu, what's your title?" they asked.

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled seeing Jie Liong Kim Hay still seem curious like that.

"Siauwceng has the title Tat Mo Cauwsu...!" said Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Jie Liong Kim Hay was hearing the name Tat Mo Cauwsu for the first time, they had never heard of it before. So they still don't know who this Tat Mo Cauwsu is. They had let out cold laughs, one of them had said, “We were careless earlier, so we could be knocked down by Taisu. Alright, now we want to ask for a lesson from Taisu too. !”

And after saying that, surprisingly fast he had moved his sword towards Tat Mo Cauwsu again, while leaping towards him, his sword was moved to stab Tat Mo Cauwsu's heart. The other one from Jie Liong Kim Hay has also let out the roar of a lion, with a red face filled with anger, it seems he has also grabbed at Tat Mo Cauwsu while twisting his sword to protect his body.

Tat Mo Cauwsu got irritated too seeing the stubbornness of the two people. Letting out a chuckle, he flung the hem of his robes, while exerting some of his lwekang strength to smack the two of them at once, at once Jie Liong Kim Hay felt their bodies like being stabbed by an extremely powerful force, and that power had made a movement. they seem to be stuck.

One of the Jie Liong Kim Hay, who moved first and was stabbing his sword at Tat Mo Cauwsu, was hit first, his body bounced back and posed in the middle of the air three times and then slid down and his feet had quickly hit the tip of the head of the boat, so that his body had bounced again into mid-air, and while doing so, like an eagle, relying on the borrowed power of the spots on his toes earlier, he has snatched again at Tat Mo Cauwsu. The movement he did was very sweet, and had made Tat Mo Cauwsu praise: "Good.....!" then dodged from the blade of this one opponent's sword.

Meanwhile, the other Jie Liong Kim Hay, hit by the onslaught of Tat Mo Cauwsu's energy, has fallen back into the lake water.

See tikamannya back of the empty place, Jie Liong Kim Hay that one, whose body continues to glide snatching, has amend sword movement only    in a    few    seconds    it    alone,    his sword    had snatched berkesiuran will menabas Cauwsu Mo Tat's neck.

Now that it seems that Tat Mo Cauwsu's patience has   run out, with a slow exclamation, this priest from India has moved his right hand towards his opponent's chest.

Tat Mo Cauwsu's palm punch was not a random attack, because on his palm there was a thin layer of steam and red skin on his palms, then it indicated that Tat Mo Cauwsu had exerted his kinetic energy on his palms.

Jie Liong Kim Hay, who was one of a kind was shocked beyond measure when he saw the state of his opponent's palm, he realized what it all meant, namely a palm that could bring death to him, if only he was too late to dodge.

Quickly and hastily he pulled back his sword, then he mustered his strength, his feet stuck to the top of the boat, his body jumped into the middle of the air higher by borrowing the power of the spot on his boat, he struggled to avoid being hit by Tat Mo Cauwsu's palm.

But the punch of Tat Mo Cauwsu's palm had struck very close and fast, when Jie Liong Kim Hay's body was once again in the middle of the air, the priest let out a "Hmmm!" he slowly turned his palm as his fingers kneaded downwards, and his thumb touched the chest of his opponent. His touch seemed to slowly once, but the great end, because the thumb containing labor force sinkang it exceeded terrible of weapons anywhere,   by   issuing   a voice   screams   pathetic, it appears the body Jie Liong Kim Hay that a it has slid and splashed diair lake . He immediately fainted unconscious.

Jie Liong Kim Hay who was the other, quickly paddled his boat that was sliding towards his friend, and immediately helped him.

During that time Tat Mo Cauwsu and the little girl were just watching, and the little girl had laughed several times as well as mocking the two Jie Liong Kim Hay.

After receiving help from his friend, Jie Liong Kim Hay woke up from his stupor. But his face at that time was pale, because he was injured quite heavily inside, because almost part of his inner strength had been destroyed by the blow of Tat Mo Cauwsu's thumb.

With a red face the other Jie Liong Kim Hay, has been looking at Tat Mo Cauwsu savagely, with a vengeful voice he has said: “Hmmm, it's really good that Taisu lowered his hand so heavily to my friend... but we Jie Liong Kim Hay won't want to just come here..... later we will ask for more teaching from Taisu. !” and after saying

So, this Jie Liong Kim Hay had been pedaling his boat, which was speeding away from the place.

“Aha, the rotten monkeys have finally left too.” exclaimed

the little girl with a loud voice and clapping her hands, she seemed so happy that she also cheered with a loud voice and prancing body. But Jie Liong Kim Hay didn't serve the she Pai girl's ridicule, because they realized it was impossible to face Tat Mo Cauwsu. Their boat had been sliding on and on and soon disappeared from the sight of Tat Mo Cauwsu and the little girl.

At that time, Tat Mo Cauwsu had invited the little girl She Pai to play with the boat again.

The little girl She Pai cheerfully was also pedaling her boat gliding very rapidly on the surface of the lake water. As a priest who has high intelligence, Tat Mo Cauwsu realizes that it is actually not easy to launch a boat the way the little girl She Pai did, at least one must have highly trained skills. Several times this priest had praised the little girl, so that Miss She Pai was overjoyed.

They played boats in the lake for a long time, and when they were satisfied, Tat Mo Cauwsu and the little girl returned to land.

But just as they got ashore and the little lady of She Pai moored her boat, at that time someone heard someone say: "I thought they were going to land soon...!" It was a deep and hoarse voice.

"Yeah... they'll be landing soon, of course!"

answered another voice.

Tat Mo Cauwsu seemed to know the second person's voice, he felt like the voice of one of the two Jie Liong Kim Hay.

At that time, two bodies appeared that had just emerged from behind a group of trees that grew thickly on the edge of the lake. And what Tat Mo Cauwsu guessed was right, one of the two was the unharmed Jie Liong Kim Hay, and with him was an old man between seventy years of age with a beard and mustache growing long and white.

Jie Liong Kim Hay who had seen Tat Mo Cauwsu and the little girl She Pai pointed, "Look!" he said in a loud voice. "There they are...!"

The old man with the mustache and long beard had turned his head and looked very intently at Tat Mo Cauwsu, his demeanor was very calm, and also from his face there was an arrogant demeanor.

The she Pai girl turned pale, she thought that this Jie Liong Kim Hay must have invited another scholar. But he was brave, he was soon able to overcome his nervous feelings, the little girl quickly let out a loud laughing voice: "Aha, apparently the Dragon that has broken its horn and clucked has come back inviting a clown. !” she girl said

The pie, sneered in a voice that remained shrill.

Jie Liong Kim Hay's face turned bright red.

"Susiok (teacher uncle), that's the one who claims to have the title Tat Mo Cauwsu. !” Jie Liong Kim Hay said to parents

at his side, apparently his teacher's uncle.

The old man nodded slowly with   very sharp eyes he had clasped his hands in salute to Tat Mo Cauwsu, it seems he is not an ordinary old man, he has a very high intelligence, judging from his sharp eyes, it can be seen that he has lwekang very proficient. "Welcome to meet me Kim Liong San (Golden Dragon Dariaga

Mountain) Mrs. Bok Sun, it's great to meet a clever person like Taisu..!” his voice was deep and hoarse, he also kept an eye on Tat Mo Cauwsu with his sharp eyes.

Tat Mo Cauwsu immediately returned the respect of the she Bu, he had also clasped his hands together.

"Siauwceng is also very happy to meet you....do you have any business looking for Siauwceng?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu.

The old man, still with his haughty attitude and sharp eyes, replied with a hoarse voice: "Earlier these two nephews of my students have informed that they have been harassed by an Indian priest with the title Tat Mo Cauwsu, of course the priest they mean That's Taisu... even one of my student's nephews has been injured inside, most of his intelligence and martial arts have been extinct. Thus, I really want to be a she

Bu asked for directions from Taisu.   !”

Tat Mo Cauwsu remained standing quietly where he was, he watched with a patient attitude.

"Actually it only happened due to a mere misunderstanding……and that little matter doesn't need to be long drawn, Siauw ceng has also lowered his hand a bit hard to one of the nieces of the master's disciple, because he is too urgent….. Siauwceng I don't think it's necessary for us to insist on such a trivial matter."

But Mrs. Bok Sun has issued a grunting sound slowly, then he said in a voice still hoarse: "Since childhood I most like to learn martial arts, and always   feel   interested   if   heard   there is   someone   who has high intelligence, and was about to ask teachings. Even today the nature and This one hobby of mine has not disappeared, instead it has become more and more. Now I, the she Bu, have heard directly from the two nephews of my students, in fact they also have quite high intelligence, that Tat Mo Cauwsu has extraordinary intelligence, thus I'm very interested in she Bu, I want to ask you to learn some moves from you, Taisu. !” and after saying

I see, Bu Bok San has clasped his hands together in a salute, and he carried an attitude as well as defiance, inviting Tat Mo Cauwsu to start attacking.

Seeing this person's attitude, Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled.

“Master, you are too pushy…!” said Tat Mo Cauwsu later. "Actually I don't have the joy of messing with you... but since you really want to play some tricks, well I the poor priest will serve him."

And after saying that, Tat Mo Cauwsu watched the old man with a vigilant attitude, because he knew that this She Bu person was a martial artist who had very high intelligence. Therefore, Tat Mo Cauwsu did not dare to underestimate him.

Bu Bok Sun has raised her voice: "Sorry, that person she Bu is about to start...!" and saying so, his legs bent slightly, and suddenly he had moved his hands, from the palms of them there had flowed a mighty gust of wind.

But Bu Bok Sun didn't attack directly at Tat Mo Cauwsu like the others, because he had raised his right   palm slightly , then with both palms that seemed to overlap, he had pushed aside and then turned to hit the ribs of Tat Mo. Cauwsu.         

This attack launched by Bu Bok Sun was a very strange method. Because usually, if someone is launching an attack on his opponent, of course he will launch his attack directly at the target. However, this Bu Bok Sun had launched his attack using a rather strange method, where he hit the side and just turned again to hit Tat Mo Cauwsu's ribs. If such an attack was carried out by a person who had an absurdly high lweekang or sikang, that person would of course lose his attack power halfway through.

However, after Bu Bok Sun's attack, because her attack power was really strange and very strong, Tat Mo Cauwsu felt like his body was also being crushed by an extraordinary force. It was just as Tat Mo Cauwsu was about to jump beside him that was when he felt the sting of another invisible force. That's the great way of attacking from Bu Bok Sun.