Tat Mo Cauwsu Volume 14

Volume XIV

TAT MO CAUWSU has smiled.

"Indeed, Siauwceng also has a similar assumption," he said. "So if you really want to make this matter clear, let Siauwceng take Wie Siecu to meet his Pangcu...!"

But before Tat Mo Cauwsu's voice had finished, Ang Bie Tin had run out of patience, he knew it was impossible to persuade the priest.

He quickly let out a loud exclamation and his right hand had moved to grip the priest's shoulder.

The movement made by Ang Bie Tin was very fast and dangerous, because the five fingers of his hand contained tremendous power.

If people of ordinary intelligence were attacked like that, it would naturally become nervous. And if the attack hits its target, it will definitely make the victim's shoulders and pipe bones shatter.

With the destruction of the pipe bone, a person will be disabled, and the martial arts he has learned will disappear.

Seeing Ang Bie Tin's attacking manner had made Tat Mo Cauwsu have a bad impression on this fat person. "Hmm, he's bare-handed and so cruel, his opening attack alone willed my death!" thought Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Thinking so, Tat Mo Cauwsu quickly dodged Ang Bie Tin's attack.

As an Indian priest who has extraordinary intelligence, it is not difficult for him to escape the clutches of Ang Bie Tin.

Immediately Tat Mo Cauwsu tilted his shoulder, while his right hand also simultaneously moved to hit his opponent's chest.

Ang Bie Tin saw the way the priest dodged, while dodging has also launched a counterattack that made him very annoyed as well as shocked.

He quickly pulled his hand back to dodge to the side, because if he continued his attack, surely his own chest would be pounded by Tat Mo Cauwsu's hand attack.

"Do you also want to be a rebel?" scolded Ang Bie Tin in a very loud voice.

However, Tat Mo Cauwsu no longer wants to serve, as a compassionate person and always defends justice, he believes that Ang Bie Tin is not a good human being.

From the first move alone, Ang Bie Tin has issued a very vicious move, so that Tat Mo Cauwsu suspected him to be a bad person.

Tat Mo Cauwsu actually always avoids violent intervention, so since earlier he only threw and knocked his opponents and gave only minor injuries, if Tat Mo Cauwsu really wanted to, once moving    his hand    meant   that    several victims would fall, because it only depends on Tat Mo Cauwsu, who wants to use light or hard power.

But seeing that Ang Bie Tin had launched such ferocious attacks, he became displeased.

No matter how Tat Mo Cauwsu still managed to control himself, he only avoided Ang Bie Tin's attack.

Although Ang Bie Tin's intelligence is quite high, it is not as good as Keuki Takashi's or Ang Ie Sian Lie's intelligence, Cie Cie Lian.

Tat Mo Cauwsu effortlessly moved to and fro to dodge She Ang's fat attacks.

Ang Bie Tin who was served so by Tat Mo Cauwsu became more and more filled with rage and anger, he was very curious.

With a thunderous roar, it seemed that Ang Bie Tin had attacked even more violently.

But facing Tat Mo Cauwsu, Ang Bie Tin's attack power seemed to lose its efficacy.

At that moment, it seemed that Tat Mo Cauwsu had dodged Ang Bie Tin's attacks while glancing at Wie Siu Bun.

Tat Mo Cauwsu's heart was shocked, because he saw Wie Siu Bun was under great pressure and was threatened with no small danger under the attacks of Po Liang Cinjin's hudtim, where the tojin had launched deadly blows with his hudtim feathers.

At that instant Tat Mo Cauwsu thought that he could not waste any more time.

When viewing Ang Tin Bie next attack   to   be accompanied   by   personnel   lwekang   are   strong, not Cauwsu Mo Tat ranging from where he stood. He had put a thousand catties of strength into his legs, standing tall waiting for Ang Bie Tin's attack.

When the fierce onslaught of Ang Bie Tin came, with a very slow cry of Omitohud, it seemed that Tat Mo Cauwsu had waved his hands, he had made Ang Bie Tin's attack feel like hitting a strong fortress like a steel wall.

Tat Mo Cauwsu's body didn't budge at all when Ang Bie Tin's fist hit his chest.

He had channeled his lwekang power to protect his chest, so Ang Bie Tin's attack power was stuck there.

When the chubby short one was in shock, he had tossed his sleeve.

Immediately, Ang Bie Tin's body was violently repelled, coiled up by the force of Tat Mo Cauwsu's waving hand.

Under such circumstances, the fat man's body rolled on the ground several times, because if Ang Bie Tin tried to defend himself from the onslaught, he would be injured inside.

With such a roll, Tat Mo Cauwsu's wagging power had been successfully extinguished.

Taking advantage of such an opportunity, Tat Mo Cauwsu had jumped behind Po Liang Cinjin, who was urging Wie Siu Bun.

He reached out his hand to grab the tojin's shirt, which meant that Tat Mo Cauwsu was about to throw the tojin's body. But Po Liang Cinjin also had quite a bit of intelligence, because as soon as he heard a powerful attack wind behind him, he had dodged. Pulling back his hudtim, he turned around with his swiftness to attack Tat Mo Cauwsu.

If indeed Po Liang Cinjin had let Tat Mo Cauwsu grab his back, perhaps he would not have suffered so much.

Precisely because he dodged and even launched a precise attack with his Hudtim had made Tat Mo Cauwsu use his right hand which had initially failed to grab the tojin's back, turning around suddenly hitting Po Liang Cinjin's chest, so that the tojin's body shook violently backwards while issuing a very loud shriek... she backed away with a pale face and had vomited fresh blood several times.

Ang Bie Tin, who had managed to jump to his feet as well, did not dare to attack Tat Mo Cauwsu again, because now he knew that Tat Mo Cauwsu was a priest whose intelligence was far above his intelligence.

Therefore, upon seeing Po Liang Cinjin injured, he turned his body and jumped on his horse, to run away.

His mouth had also shouted in a very loud voice.

"Hard wind ..!" he shouted that meant encouraging his friends to run away. Tat Mo Cauwsu and Wie Siu Bun did not intend to chase their opponents at all.

The enemy's enemies had all jumped on the back of the horses that were near them. They didn't care at all whether the horse was their horse or not, the most important thing was as long as they could escape as quickly as possible.

They had witnessed that Tat Mo Cauwsu   had only godlike intelligence.

So they thought of escaping from the priest first.

Since Tat Mo Cauwsu and Wie Siu Bun didn't mean to hinder them, all of them were able to pass quickly.

Their wounded comrades were taken with them on horseback and the horses were rushed back into the city.

In the blink of an eye, the place that was once full of screams and cries of pain had become very still and desolate.

Only Tat Mo Cauwsu and Wie Siu Bun were left standing alone watching the dust rising from the galloping horses of the fleeing people.

After all the opponents disappeared from sight, Wie Siu Bun sighed.

"If there was no Taisu, my soul would have been in the afterlife," said Wie Siu Bun.

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled. "They are not good people..and they also dare to   die selling the government's name to bully me..!" said Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Wie Siu Bun sighed again.

"If you look at the developments that are happening now and a few moments ago, it seems that this matter is not a small issue.... We Kaypang side will certainly face a very difficult business...!"

Tat Mo Cauwsu had smiled again, he said in a loud voice, “Hmmm, but falsehood always has to vanish from the surface of the earth!”

"That's right Taisu ..... thanks for the help that Taisu has given! And we Kaypang side seem to have got a helping star that can really save us from being destroyed!"

Tat Mo Cauwsu had spoken condescending words.

They have continued their journey as well to enter the king's city.....

The situation in the king's city is still crowded.

Wie Siu Bun led Tat Mo Cauwsu to a long alley, and along the road was full of young and old beggars who were filling both sides of the road.

Some are standing sluggishly, some are lying down, some are sitting.

They generally saluted Wie Siu Bun, and Tat Mo Cauwsu knew that the beggars had filled the road to prevent outsiders from entering the area, because a meeting was held at the headquarters of the beggar party. At that time, there was a small beggar who greeted Wie Siu Bun, after saluting, the little beggar said in a very respectful manner, “Wie Tocu, Pangcu has been waiting for Wie Tocu for a long time. !”

Wie Siu Bun just said yes and led by the little beggar they had headed to an old temple that was in that place.

Around the temple there were a lot of beggars scattered about, some were sleeping, some were talking and some were standing watching Tat Mo Cauwsu and Wie Siu Bun with a very respectful attitude.

At that time, it seemed that a middle-aged beggar had come out to welcome Wie Siu Bun, apparently he had received a report from the beggars who welcomed Wie Siu Bun.

"Welcome Wie Tocu….and also to our helper master…sorry we didn't welcome out of town….!"

And the half-old beggar has fallen prey to Tat Mo Cauwsu.

The middle-aged beggar's position was apparently the same as Wie Siu Bun's position.

By saying a few humble words, it seemed that Tat Mo Cauwsu returned the beggar's respect.

From Wie Siu Bun, Tat Mo Cauwsu learned that the beggar's name was Lo Ping Siu, indeed he had the same position as Wie Siu Bun.

Accompanied by Lu Ping Siu, Tat Mo Cauwsu and Wie Siu Bun had entered the old temple. There were hundreds of beggars in the temple, they all stood up and saluted when they saw Wie Siu Bun and Tat Mo Cauwsu enter the room.

The Indian priest was busy paying the respects of some of the welcoming beggars.

Tat Mo Cauwsu was treated with great respect, because apparently these beggars knew that Tat Mo Cauwsu had very high intelligence and had saved Wie Siu Bun's soul.

The old temple that was used as the center of the beggar's headquarters is a temple that has been remodeled into a building divided into several rooms.

Tat Mo Cauwsu and Siu Bun had been invited to a room which was empty at the time, with a few chairs and a table. Lo Ping Siu had asked Tat Mo Cauwsu and Wie Siu Bun to sit down first, waiting for their Pangcu to appear.

During that time Lo Ping Siu, who had accompanied him, invited Tat Mo Cauwsu and Wie Siu Bun to have a conversation.

Meanwhile, Wie Siu Bun had also told his friend about several incidents where he was helped by Tat Mo Cauwsu. If not, according to Wie Siu Bun, of course they would not be able to meet again at this time, and Wie Siu Bun would have been destroyed, because the people who confronted him actually had very high intelligence.

Lo Ping Siu praised the greatness of Tat Mo Cauwsu incessantly, thus making the Indian priest very busy uttering condescending words. Not long after, in the room entered a small beggar, who was in his mid-teens. He stated Pangcu would come soon.

Wie Siu Bun and Lo Ping Siu quickly stood up to welcome their Pangcu, while Tat Mo Cauwsu also felt uncomfortable sitting all the time, he had also stood beside Wie Siu Bun.

From the inner room, you can see an old beggar between the ages of sixty, with a healthy red face and holding a bamboo stick in his right hand, a cupu2 of wine on his shoulder.

As he stepped in, his mouth had made a loud voice: "Congratulations! Congratulations

! It turns out that Wie Tocu is really good at work!”

Lo Ping Siu and Wie Siu Bun quickly bent their legs, kneeling before the old man, the king of the beggars.

"I have come to pay respects to the pangcu," said Lo Ping Siu and Wie Siu Bun almost in unison.

The chief beggar had awakened his two subordinates. Then turned to Tat Mo Cauwsu, clasped his hands together with the stick under his arm, he had said.

"Thank you for the help and assistance that Taisu has given to Kaypang.... With Taisu, Kaypang is like receiving a helping star that can save us! I, Sun Cie Po, express my gratitude on behalf of all members of Kaypang."

Tat Mo Cauwsu quickly got mad at the chief beggar's respect. "Pangcu is too humble, Siauwceng's meeting with Wie Siecu was just a coincidence, and coincidentally Siauwceng was able to do a little work to fix Wie Siecu's problems..." said Tat Mo Cauwsu.

After each of them issued small talk just to get acquainted, Pangcu Sun Cie Po had invited Tat Mo Cauwsu to sit in the seat of honor and Pangcu had also sat beside him.

Meanwhile, Wie Siu Bun and Lo Ping Siu sat on other chairs on the side.

At that time, Tat Mo Cauwsu had said in a patient voice: "During the journey there have been many surprising events...many said that Kaypang had dealings with the government.

Sun Cie Po was stunned for a moment, but Wie Siu Bun quickly recounted the events that took place outside the city gates a moment ago.

Sun Cie Po Pangcu was so gloomy, he knocked on the floor with the tip of his stick, he said, “This is how dangerous the She Auwyang person is, he always pits our beggar party against several groups! It seems that in this matter they are trying to undermine and weaken our kaypang, then they will launch an attack."

And while saying that, it seemed that Sun Cie Po   Pangcu had turned to Wie Siu Bun, he ordered the person to tell his experience.

Wie Siu Bun explained clearly what had happened to him. "Hmm," snorted Sun Cie Po Pangcu after hearing Wie Siu Bun's story. "Apparently things have become so great... At first I only thought that the She Auwyang people intended to infiltrate Kaypang members with the intention of using Kaypang's bright name to protect themselves from the pursuit of their enemies, but in this case we really have to be careful, because behind this incident tucked business which is quite a broad scope of plans from that She Auwyang person...!" and Pangcu kaypang's face became somber.

Tat Mo Cauwsu saw the light in the eyes of this pangcu kaypang, knowing that Sun Cie Po is a master who has very high intelligence. His lwekang must also be very perfect, because his eyes emit a very sharp light. Judging from the look on the face and attitude of this pangcu kaypang, of course he is a very patient and intelligent person.

But the affairs facing Kay Pang's side did not seem to be a small matter, because the beggar association scattered throughout mainland China was facing a threat from a man named Auwyang Siung Bun.

"Actually..." said Pangcu Kaypang, when   Tat Mo Cauwsu asked him who Auwyang Siung Bun really was. "She Auwyang's person is an old geezer who rules around the Ouwlam area and several other cities. He has many followers. , but in addition to his high intelligence and rarely people can match him, he also often does bad deeds, so that he has many enemies. Somehow, Auwyang Siung Bun has tied the rope of enmity with the number one devil today, namely It Cie Sin Mo (Devil) the magic fingers) Kwee   Bo   In,   that   intelligence   is much   more   higher  from Auwyang Siung Bun himself, so that Auwyang Siung Bun did not dare to face him and had fled from his residence, and then sneaked in disguised as a member of Kaypang in the area adjacent to where he was, which was controlled by the deputy head of Kaypang Kiong Siang Han. But the disguise was actually discovered by me, a good friend who happened to visit had given a hint, so I sent Wie Siu Bun to tell Kiong Siang Han about the disguise, because it could endanger Kaypang, where Auwyang Siung Bun intended to pit Kaypang against the other side. It Cie Sin Mo Kwee Bo In. But after I heard about Wie Siu Bun's experience, apart from being successful in influencing Kiong Siang Han, it also seems that Auwyang Siung Bun intends to seize the position of Pangcu Kaypang,   ! Hi! Hi! Things have happened that way, we should be able to

make quick preparations! Starting tomorrow we already have made preparations, by sending multiple couriers to meet representatives of pangcu in cabang2 kota2 area and the other, so that they are air-hati2 against menyelusupnya   children   fruit   Auwyang   Siung   Bun    addition

Then they too have to be prepared for a possibility…!” after saying so, this pangcu Kaypang had sighed.

Tat Mo Cauwsu also smiled a little, he said, "Judging from the way the Auwyang Siung Bun people surrounded us, they all have members who are quite average-minded, therefore, Pangcu must remember not to let the Kaypang members become victims of their violence! "

"Exactly! Exactly Taisu!" said Sun Cie Po. "Indeed I am also thinking of the best possible way to lure Auwyang Siung Bun into appearing to show himself! By dealing directly with him, we can prevent unnecessary casualties."

Tat Mo Cauwsu clasped his hands together, he mentioned the greatness of the Buddha.

"To eradicate falsehood, then please Pangcu just order Siauwceng, what task should Siauwceng do?" said Tat Mo Catwsu.

Pangcu Kaypang was so surprised, he quickly got up from his seat and had fallen for the priest from India.

"Thank you for being willing to help Taisu on our side

!" said the Pangcu later. "We dare not use the words "Orders", but we rely very much on Taisu's strength and help, so that our Kaypang does not suffer from the destruction of the she Auwyang people! Siung Bun succeeded in controlling Kaypang, of course danger to the public will arise, he will take advantage of Kaypang's solidarity to support him in doing many evil deeds ... besides of course he will sacrifice Kaypang to face It Cie Sin Mo Kwee Bo In ... his enemy !”

Tat Mo Cauwsu had nodded approvingly.

"Pangcu's mind was very broad at all .." he praised. "And Siauwceng promised with the available strength, willing to help Kaypang as much as Siauwceng could!"

Several times Pangcu Sun Cie Po thanked him. He has said again: “Hopefully with the light of the Buddha we can solve this problem. "

But just as Pangcu Kaypang said that, just at that moment, a strange sound was heard outside the temple, like the sound of a tin shattering and accompanied by the screams of several people. Even the most terrifying sound was the scream of death.

Pangcu Sun Cie Po's face turned grim, with a stampede, his body flashed out of the room to see what was going on.

Tat Mo Cauwsu was amazed to see the ginkang that Pangcu Kaypang had, because his body moved so fast that it seemed that his feet did not touch the floor, light and silent.

The three Wie Siu Bun with Tat Mo Cauwsu and Lo Ping Siu had also left after Sun Cie Po.

When they arrived outside, they saw that Pangcu was standing opposite someone.

Tat Mo Cauwsu was astonished, because he quickly recognized that the person who had come standing in front of Pangcu Kaypang was none other than Keuki Takashi, the Japanese expert who was good at his hands and feet.

Nearby Keuki Takashi seemed to lay three beggar bodies with broken heads and blood mixed with brains soaking the floor of the temple grounds.

Under these circumstances, Tat Mo Cauwsu could guess, of course the three beggars were victims of Keuki Takashi's palm blow.

Because of that, it looks like Tat Mo Cauwsu is furrowing his brows, so he wonders what this Japanese master is going to do by going to the Kay Pang gathering center.

Sun Cie Po has also seen the three victims of Keuki Takashi's lifeless blow, making Sun Cie Po stand for a moment with a trembling body from holding back the turmoil of anger in his heart. He had said to Keuki Takashi in a cold voice because he was suppressing his feelings of anger: "What do you mean coming to mess around here..?"

Being reprimanded instead of responding, Keuki Takashi was laughing out loud in a very loud voice, his voice sounded as loud as a broken can,   similar to a laughing sound as well as a crying sound, it was terrible.

After laughing enough, then he said, "I'm looking for Pangcu Kaypang. !!"

Sun Cie Po exclaimed, "I myself have held the post of Pangcu in Kaypang...there is a question whether you are looking for me


Keuki Takashi's face seemed to change, he looked at Sun Cie Po with very sharp eyes, then he said in a very low voice: "I brought a letter from someone to you..."

While saying that, Keuki Takashi had reached into his shirt pocket, this short Japanese sage had taken out a scroll of letters that was thrown in front of Sun Cie Po.

Sun Cie Po's hand movement was very fast, not to mention that the rolled up paper fell, he had managed to reach out to greet it.

Then he opened the letter and read the letters on the paper.

Pangcu Kaypang Sun Cie Po : Through this friend of mine named Keuki Takashi, I would like to convey that the challenge you gave me was well received! Please tell me, the day and tempo you set....! Regarding Auwyang Siung Bun who has entered Kaypang    as    his    refuge    under the influence of your big name, it doesn't matter, I understand what you mean in your letter, that all of Auwyang Siung Bun's responsibilities are taken over by you! However, I need to explain here, that after our meeting is over to determine who is above and who is below, Auwyang Siung Bun still has to account for his sins to me, I will still look for him to take our business into account...!


It Cie Sin Mo Kwee Bo In.

Reading the letter, Pangcu Kay pang's face had changed, he immediately remembered Wu Siu Bun's story, that Kiong Siang Han had been successfully influenced by Auwyang Siung Bun, and had sent a letter in Kaypang's name to the number one demon at that time, It Cie Sin Mo. Kwee Bo In.

Of course, this letter is a reply from It Cie Sin Mo Kwee Bo In to the challenge letter sent by Kiong Siang Han, who uses the name Sun Cie Po as his challenger.

While Pangcu Kaypang was looking for good words to explain to Keuki Takashi the actual events and affairs, at that time the Japanese expert had asked in a cold voice: "Do you want to give an answer to that letter? If there is a reply, I will look forward to it.. .!"

Sun Cie Po sighed.

"Actually in this matter there is a misunderstanding... there is a third person who wants to pit me against your best friend, namely It Cie Sin Mo Kwee Bo In...!" said Sun Cie Po later. Keuki Takashi had laughed coldly, he said in   a stiff Han language: "I don't know the matter, the most important thing is that you want to give a reply or not."

Sun Cie Po sighed again, he was not satisfied to see Keuki Takashi's attitude that was so cold to him, so he said: "Okay, I'm waiting for It Cie Sin Mo here... Tomorrow at twelve o'clock at night! But also tell him not to kill anyone Kaypang members who don't know what our problems are... go straight to me...!"

Keuki Takashi had laughed mockingly again, without saying a word he had already jumped up high.

The movement he did was not by using the lightening knowledge of the martial arts branch that is common in mainland China, because he jumped with stiff movements, but his body moved lightly and in the blink of an eye he had passed the walls and disappeared behind him....

Sun Cie Po sighed, he gave It Cie Sin Mo Kwee Bo In's letter to Tat Mo Cauwsu.

This Indian priest had read the letter and his brows furrowed deeply.

"If you look at it that way, it seems that the intelligence of the demon It Cie Sin Mo is indeed extraordinary because he can influence Keuki Takashi as his messenger ..!"

And Tat Mo Cauwsu had told of his meeting with Keuki Takashi a while ago where they had a great battle, and both of them still haven't been able to determine who won and lost, because Keuki Takashi's intelligence is also strange and perfect. Tat Mo Cauwsu did not tell about Ang Ie Sian lie Cie Cie Lian, because he felt embarrassed when he remembered the brave woman who took her clothes off.

Sun Cie Po was so grim on his face, he sighed with a somewhat confused mind.

"If you hear Taisu's story, surely It Cie Sin Mo's master demon skill is above Keuki Takashi's skill, isn't it Taisu?"

Tat Mo Cauwsu nodded hesitantly.

"That's more or less what I thought, because according to my vision Keuki Takashi is not easy to subdue, because he has a very high intelligence, not under my intelligence! If the Devil It Cie Sin Mo has intelligence that is only slightly higher than Keuki Takashi, of course he can't order Keuki Takashi as the bearer of the letter!"

Sun Cie Po thought Tat Mo Cauwsu's words were reasonable. But things happened that way, so Tat Mo Cauwsu suggested to Sun Cie Po to wait for the meeting tomorrow to come and try to give It Cie Sin Mo a true explanation and information. Hopefully the battle between life and death can be explained and canceled with the devil's understanding.

But according to Sun Cie Po, the ones who will be harmed are the members of Kaypang, who of course will lose a lot as a result of It Cie Sin Mo's ferocity if the demon appears tomorrow night at this temple.

Tat Mo Cauwsu is also worried, because he might be able to face Keuki Takashi but Sun Cie Po can he face It Cie Sin Mo Kwee Bo In? The question mark is still unanswered... and all the members of Kaypang who know that their Pangcu is facing no small difficulty, have moaned, and remain silent.

Even though there were a lot of Kaypang members gathered in the temple, but because they were only silent, it naturally made the atmosphere around the place very quiet. For example, if a needle falls to the floor, the sound of it falling will still be heard.

Wie Siu Bun was also a bit confused, because he knew Tat Mo Cauwsu had very high intelligence but was equal to Keuki Takashi, and if according to Tat Mo Cauwsu's estimation that It Cie Sin Mo Kwee Bo In's demonic intelligence was above Keuki Takashi, is this can be faced by Pangcunya?

Question marks like that made Wie Siu Bun very worried.

But Sun Cie Po finally ordered some beggars to provide a banquet table. Even though they were beggars, for the banquet it turned out that expensive vegetables had been produced, Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't know where they got all these food items from.

In the party there were quite a number of beggars who participated, so the situation became crowded again.

Tat Mo Cauwsu that night spent the night at the temple, getting a clean and orderly room located behind the temple. Tat Mo Cauwsu really wanted to wait until the time for the meeting between It Cie Sin Mo Kwee Bo In, because even this Indian priest was very interested in seeing what kind of devil could occupy the number one figure for today. XdwXkzX

It was late at night, almost the second drum. The condition of the old temple which was used as Kaypang's headquarters seemed quiet, because since that afternoon Sun Cie Po had ordered the beggar members to separate themselves from being in the temple, avoiding unwanted things.

Sun Cie Po only allowed a few beggars from the fourth level and above to be inside the temple, because they had high enough intelligence, so they could take care of themselves if needed.

As the second kentongan drew near, Tat Mo Cauwsu was already sitting in the center of the temple together with Sun Cie Po and other beggar figures, including Wie Siu Bun and Lo Ping Siu.

Everyone had been silent, so the room was silent, as if uninhabited, because the situation around the room had been wrapped in tension. The visit of the main Devil It Cie Sin Mo Kwee Bo In does give a rather scary impression, because Kwee Bo In has been bought with the words "Devil Number One" of course his actions will be terrible and very vicious.

The third gong had been hit sounded in the distance, the faces of all the beggars gathered in the room became even more tense. Only their eyes glanced at each other, but not a word was spoken from them.

But it wasn't long before the sound of the gong had passed, but in the midst of the silence there was a very long howl, mixed with strange squealing sounds resembling laughter and crying. Tat Mo Cauwsu and the others knew that the demon had appeared. The shriek that resembled laughter and crying was Keuki Takashi's shriek that was   well known to Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Tat Mo Cauwsu could immediately guess that the one who was coming was definitely at least Keuki Takashi with the one who made the howling sound, and the one who made the howling sound was probably the main demon It Cie Sin Mo Kwee Bo In.

The situation grew tense, and everyone had been waiting anxiously, while the howling of the screams grew louder and clearer.

Not waiting too long, it looks like two bodies have jumped over the walls of the temple walls, sliding in nimbly. Then the two figures had stepped into the temple room with wide steps without regard to the few beggars who stood as a welcome   guest. Their attitude is very arrogant.

When everyone saw the two people, everyone shuddered.

If it was Keuki Takashi, whom they had known yesterday, came to deliver a letter from Kwee Bo In. But it made them shudder in horror precisely at that time the person who was walking with Keuki Takashi was a person whose face and condition were very terrible. His head was bald and full of boils, besides that his skinny face was full of protruding flesh so that it looked very scary as well as that face had indeed been burned by fire. That person's body is also very terrible, his hands are short, his legs are long, so that the strangeness brings horror to the shape of the face that is not like that. Sun Cie Po was also thrilled when he saw the state of his one guest. But quickly Pangcu Kaypang laughed and stood up from his seat.

"Welcome to our place, brother Kwee!" he said as he clasped his hands together he had been eager to salute.

The one whose head was full of boils and baldness had let out that strange howl-like laughing sound, he signaled to Keuki Takashi, and the formidable Japanese sage obediently stepped aside.

Only then did the hideous bald head say in a very cold voice, “I have come to fulfill the challenge of Pangcu Kaypang Sun Cie Po. !”

Sun Cie Po smiled bitterly, saying, “Actually, I never felt like I was challenging you, brother Kwee. "

"Huh?" asked the she Kwee man coldly with an unsightly face, he seemed surprised. But then he continued, "Did you withdraw your challenge because you were afraid of me?"

Kwee Bo In said that with a very light and arrogant attitude.

Tat Mo Cauwsu since the arrival of this main demon has been paying close attention.

He saw that Kwee Bo In seemed to have intelligence that was not below Keuki Takashi, because apart from his footsteps that had left deep footprints on the ground, Keuki Takashi also seemed to be very obedient to him.

Sun Cie Po had clasped his hands together, he said: "It's not   appropriate   if   I   don't   invite   guests   to sit and be entertained first.... I'll explain later, that in this matter there is a third person who wants to pit the two of us...! "

Hearing Sun Cie Po's words, Kwee Bo In suddenly burst out laughing in a giggling voice, shaking the room.

"Hahahahaha...." his voice curled the hairs of the neck. "Do you mean Auwyang Siung Bun who pitted us against each other? That's Kaypang's risk, daring to accept him as a member of Kaypang, means the consequences must be accepted by Kaypang as well!"

“But Auwyang Siung Bun is not a member of Kaypang. "

explained Sun Cie Po.

"Not a member of Kaypang?" Kwee Bo In's voice sounded very loud. Then with a face that turned even more violent, especially with this scary face condition, which gave an unpleasant impression, he continued his words. "Do you want to play me? Don't you? Your previous letter stated that Auwyang Siung Bun had been accepted   as a member of Kaypang and that you were the one who wanted to share all his affairs with me.

challenge me to a power struggle"

“The letter was not sent by me. ”

"Oh, irresponsible Pangcu!" shouted Kwee Bo In in a voice resembling a scream, he had shouted in a strange voice, almost resembling a howl, apparently he had been overcome with anger. "Does now, after the time has come, do you want to withdraw? and cancel your letter, by passing it on to someone else?" "It's not like that...!" explained Sun Cie Po, his heart was pounding, because never in his life had anyone treated him with such rudeness.

"Then why are you talking so convoluted?" Kwee Bo In scolded in a voice containing anger.

"Sit down first, Kwee Hengtai, I'll explain later..." said Sun Cie Po patiently.

"I want us to determine who is on top and who is on the bottom," Kwee Bo In exclaimed in a serene voice.

"Okay brother Kwee, listen carefully! In fact, Auwyang Siung Bun had sneaked in under the cover of Kaypang member within Kiong Siang Han's territory, my people...he too, by force or persuasion, had succeeded in overcoming and influencing Kiong Siang Han, so that my person who represented me as the leader in the area, has written letter to you, on behalf of me...! In fact, I myself wanted to arrest Auwyang Siung Bun, because because of him, many Kaypang members had suffered   and   sacrificed their   lives. ”

Hearing this explanation, it seemed that Kwee Bo In was surprised and stunned.

But soon he guessed that all this must be just a game of Sun Cie Po, who wanted to cancel the meeting for various reasons.

"I don't care about all that, the most important thing is that today I'm here and I want to see your intelligence who dares to raise yourself as Pangcu of the Kaypang association   !   The matter of   Auwyang   Siung   Bun will   indeed   be resolved later, I will look for him and break his neck. !"

Kwee Bo In's words were very firm, and he didn't show a friendly attitude at all, he even pushed Sun Cie Po too much.

There is no other way for Sun Cie Po, because as a Pangcu, he can't be too complacent, because it can drop the prestige of the kaypang. Despite having to face death, he must defend his honor for the splendor of the kaypang.

"Okay!" he said then nodded. "What Kwee hengtai wants, I will certainly accompany it... but sit down first I want to entertain you!!"

But Kwee Bo In is really very strange in his behavior, and the title of devil on him seems very fitting. Because without saying a word he had jumped to the edge of the room, suddenly his hand had slid to one of the beggars who was standing there.

Without making the slightest sound, his hands worked quickly to launch a grip. Actually the beggar intended to avoid himself in such a state of shock, he was a fifth-order beggar and possessed a cleverness that was not arbitrary.

However, because Kwee Bo In's hand movements were very fast, the beggar couldn't move, knowing that his back had been grabbed.

Kwee Bo In's other hand has moved again, and like scraping something, he has grabbed the beggar's hair and scraped the beggar's head, his neck was severed and his skull was thrown rolling on the floor. It all happened so quickly and so quickly, while people were still stunned with their eyes wide open, suddenly the beggar's head, which had been cut from his neck without being able to let out a scream, had rolled on the floor....

It was terrible what happened, it made everyone shudder.

But Sun Cie Po when he woke up from his shock, had jumped in anger.

“You devilish bastard…!” he snapped. "My people have nothing to do with you, because instead you will compete with me for strength, why do you lower your hands down like that to my people?"

But Kwee Bo In, throwing his headless victim's body onto the floor, burst out laughing.

"If you want to procrastinate, then don't regret it if the number of victims increases!" he said in a sinister voice.

Tat Mo Cauwsu himself who saw Kwee Bo In's cruelty, had praised the greatness of the Buddha's name several times. Besides that, he was also very surprised, Kwee Bo In's movements were as fast as a demon's shadow. And the way he caught his captive was an extraordinary move, so that the beggar who occupied the fifth level alone was powerless to dodge, the devil's cleverness was truly extraordinary. So you can imagine that Kwee Bo In's other skills are far greater than what he showed.

While Keuki Takashi just smiled when he saw what Kwee Bo In was doing. Sun Cie Po could not contain the anger in his heart, he jumped into the middle of the room that had been prepared since this afternoon, which was emptied of chairs and tables, so that it was wide enough to be used as a field to pit intelligence.

"Fine !" said Sun Cie Po in absolute rage. "Come on! Come on! we're pitting intelligence!!"

Kwee Bo In is also not very well tempered, he has jumped with a light movement following the pangcu of Kaypang.

As soon as he arrived near Kaypang's pan, without saying much he had stretched out his right hand in a very quick motion for a grip.

But Sun Cie Po is a beggar who has very high intelligence, different from the level five beggar earlier. He had let out an angry snort and dodged himself by bending his body while his right hand thrust his stick into Kwee Bo In's stomach.

But the demon It Cie Sin Mo did not pay attention to the thrust of Sun Cie Po's bamboo stick, he allowed his stomach to be poked by the stick, while his hands had moved again to grip.

Sun Cie Po was shocked when he saw what his opponent was doing.

Even more shocked by this pangcu Kaypang, because he felt when the tip of his stick poked the devil's stomach, his hand became sore, and the devil's stomach was hard as steel, making a sound "Tokkk!" and the stick curled up, but it didn't give any result, while Kwee Bo In's two hands had slid to grab hold of his back.

Sun Cie Po realized that if he were to fall into the grip of the Devil, he would be woe to him.

So Sun Cie Po desperately darted to the side, he intended to stay away from the Devil first.

But Kwee Bo In didn't want to give him a chance to breathe at all, as soon as Sun Cie Po's body moved, the Devil immediately jumped after him, which made Sun Cie Po very desperate, because as soon as his feet touched the floor, the devil's ten fingers were already on the ground. near his back again.

Because of the urgency, Sun Cie Po became desperate, he was in no hurry to escape from the grip the only way for him was to parry with his stick.

He quickly turned his wand against Kwee Bo In's hands, "No!" It sounded so loud that the stick hit Kwee Bo In's hand.

But both of Kwee Bo In's hands kept sliding, while the stick had been broken in three parts!

Sun Cie Po's spirit seemed to fly away from his body, he groaned in his heart, and he felt Kwee Bo In's fingers stuck to the back of his shirt. "I'm done...!" he complained helplessly.

However, Tat Mo Cauwsu, who had been preparing for the first time, saw this situation, had a pair of chopsticks gripped in his hands.

The two chopsticks flew very fast in a straight line, grabbing Kwee Bo In's eyes. He grabbed the chopsticks very quickly, suddenly he was in front of Kwee Bo In's face.

The demon was so surprised, he quickly dodged to the side to save his eyeballs from the blow of the two ends of the chopsticks. But his movement had slowed the movement of his two hands.

Sun Cie Po desperately jumped back several spears, the face of the Pangcu of the beggar group had turned pale and cold sweat was pouring down his forehead. He complained, he almost got hurt in the hands of Kwee Bo In if not helped by Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Kwee Bo In didn't chase Sun Cie Po, he had turned his body, looking fiercely at Tat Mo Cauwsu.

"Pastor, here you are!" he said in a voice that contained anger and command.

Tat Mo Cauwsu had indeed decided that it was better for him to serve the demon. So he stood up from his seat and clasped his hands together.

"I'm sorry, Siauwceng wants to play some tricks with siecu's cleverness..." he said in a patient voice and still polite, even though Tat Mo Cauwsu was facing a vicious demon like Kwee Bo In.

Seeing Tat Mo Cauwsu's steady attitude and footsteps, Kwee Bo In's face showed a feeling of surprise, then he turned to Keuki Takashi who was standing quietly at the edge of the room, he said, "Is he the one you say is the holy priest?"

Keuki Takashi agreed, adding: "But his intelligence is not higher than mine!"

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled. "Indeed, we played a few moves. apparently

Keuki Takashi has told siecu everything!” said this Indian priest.

Kwee Bo In had laughed mockingly, his attitude looked down on Tat Mo Cauwsu, he snarled: "By any chance you are here, let me take care of you first!"

"Siancai! Siancai! Wouldn't it be wiser if matters were settled with understanding and also in a good way full of peace?" scolded Tat Mo Cauwsu.

"You're afraid?" Kwee Bo In scolded with aserancy.

Tat Mo Cauwsu clasped his hands together. "Siancai! Nothing can be confirmed by words

afraid and brave. Fear that can appear at certain times. But for someone who is afraid if he has no other way and is in a state of urgency at some point his courage can emerge, exceeding the previous courage!”

"I didn't come here to talk to you, donkey priest!" Kwee Bo In snapped in a very harsh voice, "Get ready to receive my attack!"

Since he had heard from Keuki Takashi that Tat Mo Cauwsu had extraordinary intelligence, then Kwee Bo In did not dare to be too careless.

But after saying that without waiting for Tat Mo Cauwsu's response, he quickly jumped up and launched an attack with his right hand.

Movement is doing seems ordinary, such moves martial arts "Yang Liu Dancing Above Water", but instead the attacks    were    carried out    by   Kwee    Bo    inclusive containing manpower strength lweekang incredible incredibly, wind berkesiuran and Tat Mo Cauwsu immediately suspect that this attack was not can be underestimated, because it can   bring disaster to him.

Tat Mo Cauwsu quickly shifted the position of his two legs, he had moved his joined hands, wanting to catch Kwee Bo In's hands.

Seeing the movement of Tat Mo Cauwsu, Kwee Bo In didn't take his hand back at all.

Let his hands be caught by both hands of Tat Mo Cauwsu.

But as soon as Tat Mo Cauwsu's hand almost touched the demon's short hand, that's when suddenly the hand seemed to have been stretched out longer than its original size.

Suddenly his fingers crossed Tat Mo Cauwsu's palms and slid toward the priest's face.

Tat Mo Cauwsu was so shocked that he let out a loud exclamation.

But as a highly intelligent priest, Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't get nervous at all by this situation, he quickly turned his back on his head that was pulled back, so that It Cie Sin Mo Kwee Bo In's fingers couldn't strike his face. His two hands that caught hold of the   devil 's wrist were filled with lwekang power, he twisted it, intending to break his opponent's hand.

However Kwee Bo In acted always swiftly, seeing his cunning wits with such an attack to no avail he had moved his other hand. When Kwee Bo In's hands were caught by both Tat Mo Cauwsu's hands about to be twisted, the attack of the other hand had come.

The attack he did was not a random attack, on his fist contained a thousand catties of power, so the wind of the attack sounded very loud.

Tat Mo Cauwsu also realized, if he continued to mean twisting the devil's one hand, of course his chest would be hit by Kwee Bo In's attack with his other hand. And Tat Mo Cauwsu also realized the danger that threatened him, so he canceled his intention to turn the devil's hand, he had moved his left hand to the side to block Kwee Bo In's fist, "Bukkk!"

The sound of the two hands clashing caused a loud vibration in the room, this showed that the impact was a strong and hard impact.

But Tat Mo Cauwsu's two horses were firmly planted on the floor, he didn't budge or move his legs from their original position.

Even following up with that, Tat Mo Cauwsu was speeding with his other hand.

Kwee Bo In had no idea that Tat Mo Cauwsu was really such a formidable opponent, he had quickly dodged to the side.

But Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't move just there, he had let out a slow cry and suddenly his hands hit together.

Kwee Bo In saw Tat Mo Cauwsu attack him in this way, which used time so quickly but Kwee Bo In also didn't want to budge, he didn't want to dodge the attack.

Using force, he blocked Tat Mo Cauwsu's two hands, which Kwee Bo In's short hands had blocked.

Thus, these two heroes who have extraordinary intelligence have been involved in a very fierce battle, quickly having missed a dozen moves.

But none of them seemed to be pushed or pushed.

If one launched an attack and attack, then the other accompanied with a counterattack.

That's how they took turns launching attacks and also bringing out their intelligence.

Keuki Takashi had been standing watching the course of the battle with interest.

Keuki Takashi secretly thought in his heart: "When he used to fight with me, it turns out that this rotten priest did not bring out all his intelligence, now he shows intelligence that is much more formidable than before. If at that time he used the intelligence like now, of course I can't face him...!” and secretly Keuki Takashi was in awe of Tat Mo Cauwsu.

But unlike Keuki Takashi, at that time Pangcu Kaypang Sun Cie Po had thought: "The intelligence of the two of them looks balanced, it's amazing....! Luckily today I have received the arrival of Tat Mo Cauwsu.. if not, of course kaypang will be destroyed by this bare-handed demon! now I have just opened my eyes and my mind that on a high mountain there is still a higher one... Hmm when compared to the intelligence of the two of them, then my intelligence is like nothing, in vain I have trained myself with a period of fifty years...." and Sun Cie Po watched the battle with wide eyes and a stunned attitude, in his eyes there was a gleam of admiration for the two men who were fighting with strange and extraordinary intelligence.

Everyone in the room, namely the other beggars, had felt themselves very small when they saw the cleverness of the two people who were competing, because they had seen that if they faced one of the two it would be in one or two moves. they will fall down... secretly they promised in their hearts to train as hard as they can in the days to come.

Meanwhile, Kwee Bo In, who saw that his opponent was able to face his attacks without the slightest pressure, also became more and more curious.

Several times It Cie Sin Mo Kwee Bo In has issued far more powerful moves, accompanied by stronger lwekang power.

The fact that Tat Mo Cauwsu can still deal with the devil's attacks well, even repeatedly Tat Mo Cauwsu has also counterattacked.

Every attack launched by Tat Mo Cauwsu was no less powerful than the demon Kwee Bo In.

But because these two people did have equal intelligence, they had fought equally as well. Attacks attack one after another, move after move   has   passed,   almost a   hundred more   moves they have missed but there is no sign that one of them will be pressured by it.     

This situation has made Tat Mo Cauwsu also very curious. He has overseen the silat methods and moves used by Kwee Bo In. When he saw how to attack Kwee Bo In always hit and aimed at the top, considering that both of his hands are short compared to the size of other adult human hands, the range that can be obtained from these two hands is very limited.

Tat Mo Cauwsu thus used a not so big advantage, but for Tat Mo Cauwsu it played no small role. By taking the weakness of the size of his opponent's two hands, Tat Mo cauwsu launched a series of attacks and did not stop grabbing the bottom, from the stomach to the feet, making Kwee Bo In immediately look a bit busy to parry or dodge.

The demon also knew that Tat Mo Cauwsu used his weakness to urge him, he became furious, until one day he pranced.

Then he had moved both his hands pushing hard towards Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Actually, at that time, Tat Mo Cauwsu wanted to launch a strong enough attack with the stance of "Siang Liong Cut Hay" or "A Pair of Dragons Emerged from the Ocean", but the pushing force carried out by Kwee Bo In was not playing fast, forcing Tat Mo Cauwsu to cancel his attack and quickly dodge.

Taking this opportunity, it seemed that Kwee Bo In had jumped back away from himself. "You are cunning!" he shouted angrily. "If you really have a high intelligence why don't you fight in a good way?"

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled patiently.

"Brother Kwee, if you want to see the high or low of martial arts, this is not the way, because by fighting, any method is used as long as it doesn't use deviant methods..." replied Tat Mo Cauwsu. You have used some slightly misguided moves, your lwekang energy has also begun to be trapped by misguidance, it can be dangerous for yourself if you can't immediately change and train yourself with lwekang from a straight and clean stream, because when the time comes, it is lwekang who is a bit perverted it will explode and injure yourself..."

Kwee Bo In was also shocked, he didn't expect   that the priest who was his opponent had very sharp eyes, until he found out about his lwekang, which was a bit   perverted. But his shock was not shown on his face, while laughing coldly he said:

"That is none of your business ! Alright, now that the She Auwyang person is nowhere to be seen, let me come back next time...!" After saying that, ignoring everyone looking at him, Kwee Bo In turned to Keuki Takashi, he said, "Let's go. "

Just then his words were heard, his body had moved very fast, suddenly he was above the walls of the temple grounds. Keuki Takashi had followed Kwee Bo In's movements, he had caught up with him quickly, after glaring at Tat Mo Cauwsu.

After the two people, Kwee Bo In and Keuki Takashi disappeared from sight, Sun Cie Po and the other beggars could breathe a sigh of relief.

Pangcu Kaypang quickly approached Tat Mo Cauwsu, he clasped his hands, saluting the priest.

"Thank you for helping Taisu save Kaypang from catastrophe!" said Sun Cie Po.

Tat Mo Cauwsu quickly spat out condescending words, not wanting him to accept words of praise. While Sun Cie Po had issued a pay, a sign made of iron, he gave it to Tat Mo Cauwsu.

"This Tiat Pay is a symbol of mine, so if Taisu encounters difficulties somewhere, just show this Tiat Pay (iron Pay) to any beggar, of course Taisu's needs will be met..." said Sun Cie Po as he handed the Pay to Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Actually Tat Mo Cauwsu wanted to refuse the gift, but he was afraid that he would offend the host, so he accepted it too. He tucked the Pay into his robe pocket while thanking him.

Sun Cie Po has ordered some beggars to tidy up the room and set the banquet table, this chief beggar has entertained Tat Mo Cauwsu again.

The few days Tat Mo Cauwsu had gathered with the beggars, he had discussed many matters with Sun Cie Po.

Especially for Pangcu Kaypang, he asked Tat Mo Cauwsu's opinion on the best way to solve Auwyang Siung Bun's problem.

"This matter belongs to the Kaypang family, sorry Siauwceng doesn't dare to interfere..." said Tat Mo Cauwsu humbly.

Pangcu Kaypang did not become less happy, he already understood Tat Mo Cauwsu's problem and position, but he still said: "If indeed one day Taisu happens to meet that She Auwyang person, please Taisu advise him, so as not to cause trouble, because by sneaking him into the ranks of beggars, it means that he has provoked havoc for our Kaypang society…”